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Rating: NC-17. An M&L STORY
Author: Sapphire99
E-mail: J4CasaRa⊕

Characters in this story are based on the television series "ROSWELL". It is copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox and Jason Katims. No infringement is intended in any part by the author, however, the ideas expressed within this story are copyrighted to the author.

"One More Time" by Laura Pausini
"From this moment" By Shania Twain, from the album, Come on over.

SUMMARY: Max, Liz, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Alex and Tess leave Roswell for spring break in Las Vegas, where something unexpected happens. If you want to learn more, keep on reading. *happy*

A quick run down of the players in the story:

Max = King Zan
Liz = Queen Deanna
Isabel = Princess Vilandra
Maria = Lady Issella
Michael = Lord Rath
Commander Hyksos, head of the high guards/ royal body guards, and one of Zan's trusted advisors.
Neferset, leader of the resistance/rebellion. The Royal mother of King Zan and Princess Vilandra.
High Priestess Khentkaues, priestess of Antar. Best friend to her royal highness, former queen Neferset
Tess Harding = Lady Avana, cousin to Kivar.
Kivar, declared himself king of Antar, once friend of King Zan

Horpais, planet of the skins


Roswell, New Mexico

Maria and Liz entered Liz's bedroom arguing.

"I'm not coming, Maria." Liz said as she walked to the bathroom to get ready for bed. "And you can't make me." She called out from the bathroom.

Maria walked over to the bed and sat down. "Come on Liz, it's spring break and Michael is treating the gang to a trip to Vegas with the Dupree money, you have to come." She pleaded.
"No, I don't." Liz called out through her toothpaste filled mouth. She brushed furiously, taking her frustration on Maria out on her teeth. "Besides how are we going to get a parents to let us go to Vegas?"

"Liz, you can't do this to me, I can't go to Vegas alone." Maria got up from the bed and stood at the bathroom entrance. "Don't worry about the parents, Max is taking care of that angle."

"Maria, I really don't want to go to Vegas." They've been having this argument for the past few days. "I told you, according to future Max, Max and I were married in Las Vegas, and since Max and I can never be together, I'd rather not ever see that state."

"Liz, the marriage thing never happened." Maria said in exasperation. "It's times you made new memories in Vegas, come on Parker all the cool kids are doing it." Wheedled Maria.

Liz sighed. "Maria, I told you..." Maria cut her off before she could complete her thought.

"I need a gal pal to hang with. "Maria ignored the interruption and continued her pleading. "Who am going to pal around with if you're not there? Isabel, the ice princess or Tess, the home wrecker?" She cajoled. "Please, Liz." She clenched her hands together, and pouted. "Pretty please."

"Okay, I give up." Liz threw her hands up in surrender. "But if I snap, and go insane from being in Vegas, it's on your head." Liz walked out of the bathroom, and stood arms crossed, glaring at her friend.

"Thank you, thank you." Maria hugged her in delight. "You won't regret it, I promise."

"Then why do I feel like something bad is going to happen?" Liz said mournfully

"It's just negativity talking." She brushed Liz's concern away. "Imagine doing Vegas at eighteen." She said excitedly. "Got to go, have plans to finalize." She released her friend and ran out the door. "See ya!"

Las Vegas, Nevada

The gang were able to go to Las Vegas without any hassle. Their parents thinking that they were all at a school sponsored trip to Florida for five days, thanks to a little alien magic on the part of Max.

Max, Michael, Maria, Liz, Alex, Isabel, Tess, and Kyle followed the bellhop into the room. "Here you go, the presidential suite, four bedrooms, two downstairs two upstairs, four bathrooms, a jacuzzi, and a bar to the left." After depositing their luggage in the middle of the livingroom, he moved towards the door. "If there is anything I can help you with, please don't hesitant to contact me." Maria walked over and gave him a tip, he looked down at the generous tip. "I mean anything at all." He smiled and left the room.

"I can't believe we're actually here!" Maria shrieked, and ran up the second floor. "This is where I belong."

"Let's see if the porn channel works. " Kyle grabbed the remote control and started channel surfing.

"Let's check out the sound system." Alex turned on the stereo, and started fiddling.
"Come on everyone, gather around." Called out Michael. Everyone walked over to Michael. "IDs out." Everyone took out there Identification cards,whereupon Michael changed all their birth dates to make all them twenty-one years old. "Here you go, mad money for each of you." He handed everyone one thousand dollars a piece. "Don't spend it all in one place, it has to last the duration of our stay. Meals and amenities are of course are on me. We meet up together at the hotel restaurant later tonight." He surveyed the seven people lined up in front of him, like a general inspecting his troops. "Now go out and there and be the underage party machine that I know you can be."

Kyle, Ales, Isabel, Tess, and Maria made a beeline for the door. Liz who was about to follow their lead was stopped by Max. "I'm surprised to see you here, didn't think that this would be your sort of town."

"I can say the same thing about you." She said with a smile.

"I'm really here for Michael, he needed to blow off some steam." Max shoved his hands in his pocket. "Vegas kind of gives me the creep, depressing city."

"I'm here because Maria, she needed a gal pal." Liz fidgeted. " Yea, Vegas is depressing. I don't know why people would want to get married in this town, let alone at a Elvis chapel." She laughed nervously.

"Not me, not in this life time." Max said with a laugh.

"Neither would I." Liz she said with a forced laugh. Her heart broke as she heard his words, she wanted to scream out, we were married in Vegas.

"Break it up you two." Michael said as he walked up to the pair. " Come on Max, we have some gambling to do." He put his arm around Max's shoulder and dragged him towards the door. "See you around Liz." Michael called back.

"See you later." Max called back as he walked out.

"Yea." Liz raised her hand in a little wave. She walked over to the mirror and stared at her reflection. "Liar, liar." She said huskily. "You would love to get married in Las Vegas, if it meant you were with Max." Liz turned around and walked out the door.


"I'm cashing out, we've been at this for hours." Max said as he gathered up his chips. "Besides it's better to leave while you're still ahead."

"Come on, Max, one more round." Finagled Michael.

‘No, I'm going to get some fresh air, see you later." Max walked away from the black jack table, cashed his winnings and walked out the casino. As he stepped outside he saw a couple in wedding finery getting out a cab and walking toward the hotel. Time seemed to stand still as everything went into slow motion. As Max stood transfixed, the couple morphed into he and Liz.

He was wearing a black tuxedo. Liz was wearing a short sleeved white, full skirted wedding dress, complete with long elbow length gloves and veil. They were laughing. He lifted her up into his arms and twirled around. "I love you, Max." Whispered Liz, before they stopped and kissed passionately.

"Excuse me sir, you're blocking the entrance." A voice called out. "I need to bring these bags in." Max started from his reverie. "Sorry." He said Huskily. He stepped out of the bellhops way. What the hell was that? He thought to himself. Your losing it Evans, the girl has made it abundantly clear that she doesn't want to be with you. Stop obsessing. He hailed a cab.

"Where to Mac?" Barked the cabby.

"Anywhere, I just need to go somewhere to forget." Max responded. "Do you know anywhere like that?" He asked ruefully.

The cabby laughed. "No. But this is Las Vegas, there is bound to be somewhere you can lose yourself."

Max huddled in the back seat of the cab starring aimlessly outside. "Just drive around, and when I see something I'll tell you to stop." The cabby pulled away from the hotel.


Liz, Maria, Isabel, Tess, Michael, Alex and Kyle stood made up to the nines, awaiting the last member of their party

"Where is he?" Isabel asked in irritation." Max, knew that we were all going to meet up to night for dinner." She turned to Michael. "Why the hell did you let him go off alone?"

"What was I suppose to do Isabel, put him on a leash?" Michael shot back. "He's a big boy."

"Children, children." Alex said placidly. "Max knows where we will be, I say we go have dinner and if he shows, he shows."

"I second that." Said Kyle. "All those in favor say I."

"I" Said Maria, Tess, and Alex.

"Maybe something happened to him, Max is never late." Liz said in concern.

"Come, Liz, the guy has alien superpowers, I'm sure his okay." Consoled Maria. "I say we go, if he doesn't show up at the end of the evening, then we worry." She hooked her arm through Liz's and pulled her toward the door.

"Okay, let's go." Isabel concurred. She and Michael followed the rest of the gang out the door.


After eating their fill of lobster and prime ribs, the group talked and danced, courtesy of the live band on stage. They all sat after a rather strenuous round on the dance floor. "Admit it Liz, you've been having fun haven't you. "Maria grinned at her friend.

"Yea, it's been fun." Liz agreed. "I wonder what happened to Max."She said worriedly.

"He's probably back at the hotel room by now." Maria took her compact out and touched up her lipstick. "I have my cell with me if you want to call the room."
"Maybe I should." Liz reached for Maria's hand bag.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a real treat." Everyone at the table turned and faced the stage as a familiar voice drifted over the crowd. They gaped in surprise at Michael standing on the stage resplendent in his evening finery. "You are about to hear an amazing talent." Arm extended he pointed toward their table. "I present to you, Maria Deluca."

Maria got up on stage, giddy with joy as she was about to fulfill one of her life long dreams, signing in Vegas.

Alex and Isabel and Kyle and Tess took to the dance floor, leaving Liz alone. She looked out in pride at Maria. A hand tapped her on the shoulder, she turned and found Max standing behind her. He extended his hand out in an offer to dance. She smiled and took his hand. He led her to the dance floor.

Nothing I must do
No where I should be
No one in my life to answer to but me
No more candlelight
No more purple skies
No one to be near, as my heart slowly dies

Max stared down at Liz as they moved as one to the music. Liz looked up into his eyes, but quickly looked down, afraid that he would see all the longing in her eyes. It felt as if a hand was squeezing her heart. She hated the distance between them, hated lying to him. It's so unfair her heart cried out, why must I give him up?

If I could hold you one more time
Like in the days when you were mine
I'd look at you till I was blind
So you would stay

Max pulled Liz's body closer to his body until no space separated them. Her arms went around his neck. His stomach tightened the way it always did when he was close to her. He inhaled, smelling the strawberry shampoo that she always used. How he missed having her in his arms. He railed at the fates that brought her into his life, only to take her away. Friends she said. She wants to be friends, his heart cried out in pain.

I'd say a prayer each time you smiled
Cradle the moments like a child
I'd stop the world if only I could hold you
One more time

Max loosened his hold on Liz, pulling back until he could see her face. He loved looking at her. They stopped dancing. He slowly traced her face with his fingertips He slid his hand around her neck, dipped his head and titled it to one side, and set his lips on hers. Her eyes drifted shut.

I've memorized your face
I know your touch by heart
Still lost in your embrace
I dream of where you are

He brushed his lips back and forth over hers. Then his tongue, warm and moist traced the outline of her lips until she parted them. His tongue went deeply into her mouth, with one sure long thrust. He made love to her mouth. He explored, discovering and savoring the innermost hollows of her mouth. Her heart accelerated like a drum. Her breast tightened in sexual arousal. She wanted him. She whimpered against his mouth, as he continued to kiss her ardently. Both were oblivious to fact that they stood on a dance floor.

If I could hold you one more time
Like in the days when you were mine
I'd look at you till I was blind
So you would stay

Breathing heavily, Liz broke off the kiss. Her heart was beating so hard she felt as if it was going to jump out of her chest. "I....I " She stammered.

"I'm sorry." Max fought to regain control. "I just missed you, missed us. " He smiled ruefully. "Especially after the flash I got this afternoon of you and I jumping out of a cab after getting married in Vegas."

I'd say a prayer each time you smiled
Cradle the moments like a child
I'd stop the world if only I could hold you
One more time
One more time

Both were oblivious to the fact that the song had ended, that people were clapping asking for more, prompting Maria to sing another song. They stood in the back of the dance floor in their own little world.

Liz looked at him in shock. Maybe this is a sign that I should tell him, she thought to herself. "Max....Max, it really ha...." She stammered.

"What were you going to say?" Max inquired, looking at her searchingly.

"Nothing." Liz said nervously. She stepped back, putting some distance between them. She needed to regroup. She couldn't believe that she had almost blurted out the truth. After all these months, and she almost caved in after a kiss.

"Liz, please don't do this. Tell me what you were about to say?" He repeated. He grabbed an arm, preventing her from moving further. For some strange reason he felt that what she was about to say was important to their future. As he touched her everything moved as if in slow motion. The scene changed.

Liz and he were on her balcony at Roswell. But it he looked different, he was clad
completely in leather, and his hair was longer than he normally wore it.
"Will you dance with me?"
"I want to have my wedding dance."
Max smiled and held out his hand to her.
Liz took his hand and they started dancing
I shall believe, played in the background as the
pair moved as one to the music.

Max clutched at his chest, it felt as if a giant weight was on it. All the pain and sadness that he had felt from the dancing couple weighed down on him. "Max? Max?" Liz waved her hand in front of Max's face, trying to awaken him from his stupor. Max started, realizing that he had been staring at her and that Liz had been trying to get his attention for the past few minutes. "I'm sorry, Liz." He said huskily. What the hell was wrong with him? Why did he keep getting these strange visions? These feelings? "What were you saying?"

"Nothing." She repeated. She had to get out of here. "I guess the song got to me." She said trying to throw him off the track.

Max just stared at her, his eyes screaming his disbelief. "What did you think I was going to say, that our marriage happened in an alternate reality or something." She said in jittery voice. She brought one hand to the tendrils that rested on her shoulders, twisting at her hair nervously. Her heart began to beat furiously. Max wasn't a fool. His tightly tuned instinct where she was concerned was warning him that something was terribly wrong.

Head titled slightly, Max continued to look searchingly at Liz. She's hiding something he thought to himself. The only time Liz played with her hair was when she was anxious about something. He had to get to the bottom of this. "Liz, I just had another flash of you and I dancing on your balcony." He murmured. He stared in fascination as all the color drained from Liz's face. Before he could say anything else, Maria, Michael, Tess, Kyle, Isabel and Alex walked up to them, breaking the spell.

"I can't believe that just happened." Maria was still on cloud nine. "They loved me up there." Maria shrieked.

"Maria." Liz grabbed and hugged her friend as if she were a lifeline. "I have to get out of here, please." She whispered in Maria's ear as she held her. "You were terrific." She said out loud. She pulled back from Maria but continued to clutch one of her hands in hers.

"I'm really beat." Maria faked a yawn." How about we call it a night?"

"That sounds great!" Liz called out a tad too loudly, causing everyone but Maria to stare at her. "I'm pretty tired." She said quickly, ignoring the looks that she was getting from the group.

"It's only twelve o'clock in the morning." Isabel said in shock.

"Well I'm not tired." Said Tess. "You guys could go back to the hotel if you want, Kyle and I are staying here."

"Alex and I will stay too." Isabel looked questioningly at Alex.

"Definitely, too early to call it a night." Alex agreed.

"I'll go with you girls." Said Max.

"There really isn't any need to." Liz quickly interjected. "Stay here and enjoy yourself." She had to get away from Max before she cracked, he hadn't taken his eyes off of her this entire time.

"But I insist." Max persisted.
Michael looked from Liz to Max, there was definitely something going on there. "I'll go too." Maria looked at him in surprise. "I have about two dozen DVDs that I want to go through before we leave, no time like the present to start."

"Really, there's no need." Liz insisted.

"Oh, no, we insist." Max said dryly. "Besides I'm dying to see Braveheart for the fifteenth time." Max and Michael walked off the dance floor towards the door. "This isn't over." He said softly to Liz as he walked past her. "I'll go hail a cab." He said aloud.


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Max opened the door with the key card, and moved aside to let Maria and Liz pass.
Liz rushed inside pulling Maria with her. She made a dash for the bedroom that she and Maria were sharing. Max grabbed an arm before she could rush by. "We‘ll talk about it tomorrow morning, okay?" His tone made it a statement rather than a question. "Sure, sure." She stammered. "Well, good night guys, see you tomorrow." The minute Max released her arm Liz practically ran up the stairs to her bedroom, dragging Maria in her wake.

Max and Michael stood in the middle of the living room astonished at the speed in which Liz exited the room.

"Okay, this better be good." Maria said as soon as she entered the bedroom "Here we are in freaking Las Vegas, and we're hiding in our room."

"He got a flash!" Liz paced back and forth in the room.

"Who got a flash? " Maria asked in confusion.

"Max! He got a flash." Liz said in exasperation, as if Maria should have known who she spoke of. "Two flashes actually." She muttered.

"Would you stop pacing? I'm starting to get a pain in my neck." Maria called out in exasperation from the bed where she sat.

"What do you think the flash meant? " Liz ignored her, and continued to pace."If the future was changed, then why would Max see a flash of our wedding? Does this mean that we're destined to get married?" She ran her hands through her hair in frustration. "Does it mean that I can tell Max the truth without fearing the end of the world?" She was almost hysterical. "But then again future Max was very adamant that I had to make present Max fall out of love with me in order to change the future? Wouldn't he know better? Can I really take the chance?"

"Chica, calm down." Maria got off the bed and walked over to Liz. She grabbed hold of her friend forcing her to stop her pacing. "Deep Breath, deep breath." Maria took deep breaths hoping to encourage Liz to do the same."Liz, honey calm down, okay?" Liz nodded yes.

"Liz, I think you should just tell Max about what future Max told you." Liz tried to pull away, but Maria wouldn't let her go. "I think it's important that he knows how important it is that the four of them stay together, not to mention how powerful the Granolith really is."
Liz stared at her friend, she so desperately wanted to tell Max the truth, to be able to have him in her life again. She wanted to tell him that she never slept with Kyle that it was all a set up. That she would never hurt or betray him that way. She'd made the same arguments that Maria was making countless of times to herself. That Max had a right to know about the Granolith's power that he had to know how important it was for the four aliens to remain together. But how could she tell him about the Granolith without telling him about future Max? She couldn't forget how desperate future Max had been. How convinced he was that the only way to prevent the end of world was for Max to fall out of love with her. Wouldn't he know best? Afer all he lived through the events that led to Tess leaving Roswell and the group. Did she have the right to second guess him? Should she tell Max the truth? If she did tell him, wouldn't she be betraying the faith that future Max had in her? Or was she betraying present Max by withholding the future Max visit. She felt so confused.

"Liz? Liz?" Maria waved her hand in front of her friend's face, trying to awaken her from her stupor. Liz started, realizing that she had space out and that Maria had been trying to get her attention. "I'm sorry, Maria." She said sheepishly. "I was mulling over what you said." Liz walked over to her bed and sat down. "I don't know what to do Maria." She covered her face with her hands fighting for control over her emotions. "The bottom line is that no matter how much I want to tell Max, I can't take the chance that Tess will leave." Liz fought back tears. "It's not only Michael and Isabel lives that are at stake. It's the fate of an entire planet. A small town girl's love life doesn't really matter." She said despairingly.

"The hell it doesn't." Maria said softly. She walked over and sat next to Liz. "Girl, In case you haven't notice, the future has changed, Max and Tess are friends now."She placed her hands on Liz's shoulders, forcing her to look at her. She gasped at the look of pain and despair she saw in her friend's eyes. "Oh Chica." She pulled Liz into her arms and hugged her tightly.

"I don't know what to do." She held tightly to Maria. "It felt so good to be in his arms again Maria." She lifted tears filled eyes to her friend. " I've missed him so much. I'm so tired of being strong, of being brave." She said in a small voice.

"We'll figure what to do, I promise." She couldn't bear to see her friend like this. This wasn't fair. Liz deserved to be happy, to have the man that she loved in her life. And she is going to get that, Maria said mentally, even if I have to go a few rounds with Miss Tess, call me destiny, Harding myself. /I] "We'll figure out something." She repeated aloud as she rocked her friend gently in her arms.

After a few moments Liz pulled herself out of Maria's arms and dried her tears. "Thanks for coming back to the hotel with me, I know there are a million things you would rather be doing." She smiled at her friend.
"What are friends for?" Maria returned the smile.

‘Well, that was certainly entertaining." Michael took off his suit and jacket and threw it on the couch. "For a moment there Liz looked like she was auditioning for the fifty-yard dash." Hands shoved in his pockets, Michael walked over to the door and leaned against it, almost appearing to be blocking Max's exit. "So, what's going on between you and Liz?" He queried.

"I have no idea." Max said under his breath. "Nothing." He said louder.

"Come on Maxwell, you could have cut the tension between you two with a knife. " Michael walked over to the entertainment center and rifled thru the collection of videotapes and DVDs. "Granted it was very dark on the dance floor, but I could have sworn that I saw you with your tongue down Liz's throat. " He took out a couple of the DVDs.

"To tell you the truth, Michael, I have no idea what just happened." Max flung himself on the coach.

"Really?" Michael snorted.

"Not about the kiss, I know what happened there." He said in exasperation. "I'm speaking about what happened before the dance." He proceeded to tell Michael about the flash he had. "It was weird Michael, it was as if it was a memory flash of something that actually happened. Like residual memory from somewhere."

"You saw you and Liz in wedding finery getting out of a cab. It sounds like a day dream to me." Michael walked over to the couch. "A vision of what you want to happen. It's no secret how you feel about the girl."

"It wasn't a daydream Michael. It was something more. " He tried to impress on his friend what was going on. "And it's not an isolated incident, I had another flash while we were on the dance floor. "Max got up from the couch and paced back and forth. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. " It's almost as if going to Vegas has triggered something in me." He walked back to the couch and sat down. "And it's not only the visions that are driving me nuts. It's . . . "

Michael's chuckle interrupted Max.

"What's so funny?"

"Sorry. It's just that I dragged you to Vegas with me in the guise of spring break so that I could put some demons to rest, and you go and pick one up yourself. Man are we messed up or what?" He shook his head. "You were saying Maxwell?"

"It's not only the visions. It's the way Liz reacted when I told her about my vision. She acted as if she knew something that I didn't. She started to say something, but when I pressed her, she pulled back as if afraid of something." Max threw the couch pillow across the room in frustration. "Damn it! What the hell is going on? "

"Well if you think Liz is keeping something from you why don't you just ask her." Said Michael.

"Did you not hear what I just said?" He snapped. "Every time I press her she clams up." Max got up from the couch and started pacing back and forth. "It never used to be like this between us. We always told each other the truth, never kept secrets from each other." He removed his suite jacket and threw it on the chair that stood in the corner of the room, his tie soon followed. "Now all I keep getting are half truths and out right lies. It's as if everything changed that night I saw her in bed with Kyle."

"You know I never understood why you didn't just go to Kyle and force him to tell you the truth. You and I both know that he's no match for you."

"Oh yes, beat up Kyle to make him tell me the truth. That would be really mature." Max said derisively.

"The hell with being mature, you walk in and you find your girlfriend in bed without another guy, you don't ask question, you kick ass!" Said Michael.

"You don't think I didn't think about it? Contrary to some beliefs I am not a machine." He looked at Michael as he said that.

"You'll never let me forget that I once called you that will you?' Michael broke in.

Max ignored the interruption. "Besides I don't believe anything happened. I know Liz, I think better than she knows herself. She would never sleep with a guy without being in loved with him."

"Michael, when I saw Liz and Kyle in bed together I wanted to go in there and lose it on someone or something. I've never felt so much pain and rage as I did that day. To tell you the truth I was afraid to go in that room. I was afraid that if I started hitting Kyle I wouldn't be able to stop. Given the fact that we're stronger than humans you can understand my fear. " Just thinking back to that day brought pain. He walked back and collapsed on the couch.

"It's been several months since it happened. Why haven't you gone to Kyle and ask him what the hell is going on between him and Liz? Hell you saved his sorry ass after he got himself shot. I say he owes you." Michael was indignant on his friend's behalf.

"Because this isn't about Kyle, it's about Liz." Max sighed, and leaned against the couch cushions. "Liz, speech to me before the whole Kyle incident contained a kernel of truth to it. I'm not being arrogant when I say that I know that Liz loves me, it's just a fact, just like I will always love her. Her visit made me realize something." Max stared sadly into space. " Liz deserved to have a normal life, something that I can never give her." He laughed bitterly. "Let's face it, we're probably going to spend a large part of our lives looking over our shoulders for evil aliens and government agents who are out to destroy us. How can I condemn her to such a fate? She deserves better. " He said softly "If she wanted a way out, how could I blame her? But now I'm getting the impression that there is more to this breakup than meets the eye. I'm starting to think that something else is and involved, and if that‘s true, I have to get to the bottom of it."

"For what it's worth I agree with you. I might not be Liz's biggest fan, but even I have to admit that her having sex with Kyle doesn't sound right. " Michael got up from the couch and walked over to the mini refrigerator near the bar, he took out a carton of orange juice and the tabasco sauce and made himself a drink. "Besides after reading her journal I know for a fact that the girl is totally in love with you. "

"After you did what?" Max sat up straight on the couch. "You read Liz's diary?"

"Busted," Michael said under his breath. "I'm the one who stole her journal that time it was missing." He confessed.

Max got up and walked over to Michael stood. "Why in the hell would you do something like that?" He asked angrily.

"Cool it Maxwell. " Michael said without heat. "I just had to find out whether or not she could be trusted."

"That still doesn't give you an excuse to invade her privacy like that." Max snapped.

"Hey, wait a second!" Michael got angry. He pointed at Max with his orange filled glass. "You're the one who put us at risk by saving her life. I had to make sure that she was on our side. " Michael explained. "I was protecting us!"

"Damn it Michael!" Yelled Max.

"Look it's in the past okay Maxwell, let's move on. " Michael walked over to the couch and sat down. "Going back to the what started this conversation, the girl who wrote in that journal was totally ga-ga over Max Evans. I can't see her giving it up to anyone but you." He took a swig from his glass. "And the way she sneaks looks at you in class while you aren't looking makes' me doubt that her feelings has changed, so there is definitely something else going on."

"She sneaks looks at me?" Max had a sappy smile on his face.

"Maxwell!" Michael cried out in exasperation.

"Sorry." Max said sheepishly. "Back to the subject, I have to find out why she is lying to me. "

"You could always get Isabel to dream walk her." Mused Michael.

"That's not an option, I could never invade her privacy like that. " Max threw him a dirty look.

Michael sighed in frustration. "Maxwell you know what your problem is? You play too much by the rules." He walked over to where Max stood and put his arm around him. "Contrary to popular beliefs, good guys don't finish first. It's those who are willing to play down and dirty who succeed. You want Liz back? You listen to uncle Michael and do whatever it takes, steal and cheat if you have to."

Max pulled away from Michael. "Thanks." He said sarcastically. "But I'm not going to ask Isabel to dream walk Liz, and neither are you." He gave Michael a stern look.

"Okay Einstein let's hear your brilliant idea." He smirked.

"I don't know yet, but I'll think of something. " Max mused.

"It's your funeral." Michael Shrugged.

Max walked over to the couch and put his feet on the coffee table. "What are you in the mood for?" He asked to change the subject.

Michael shook his head in amusement, always taking the high rode he thought to himself. He walked to the entertainment center and popped a DVD in the player. "Brave heart of course." Michael said with a laugh

"Jeez Michael, how many times can you watch that movie?" Max let out a long suffering sigh.

"I'm still trying to get an accurate body count. " He defended his obsession, walked over and flung himself on the couch.

A depressingly cheery voice chirped out from the radio, jarring Liz out of her sleep. Eyes still shut, Liz blindly searched for the radio so that she could shut it off before it awoke Maria.

Liz stretched and got off the bed, she had set the clock early to ensure that she left the suite before Max awoke. She walked to the dresser and pulled out a red, midriff baring, short sleeved sweater, and black form fitting slacks. She walked into the connecting bathroom and took a shower. She quickly dressed, and left a note on the night stand table near Maria's bed, telling her that she had gone sightseeing.


Did we get married?
We eloped to Vegas, we were nineteen.
Oh, so we didn't have a real wedding?
Oh, no we had the best wedding, you called Alex,
Isabel, Maria and Michael and had them meet us in Vegas
We danced all night

Max sat up in bed sweating, gasping for breath. A dream, he said to himself, it was only a dream. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. That's the third dream/ vision that he had about he and Liz. Why did it seem so real? Why did he look so different in the dream? Long hair and leather? Never. What was happening to him? What did these visions mean? He had to speak to Liz.

He got up, took a shower and went in search of Liz. He walked upstairs to her bedroom, and knocked on the door.

Maria pried open her eyes, and peered at the clock radio on the night stand, "Eight-thirty." She asked groggily. "Who freaking gets up at eight-freaking-thirty in the morning while on vacation?"

"Liz, I know you're in there." The knock got louder.

"I should have known." Maria groaned.

"Liz? Liz?" Max continued to knock.

Maria got up, threw a robe over her pajamas, and fumbled her way to the door. She opened it a crack, "She isn't here."

"Where did she go?" .
"She left a note, something about sightseeing." Maria made as if to shut the door. Max quickly put a foot in, stopping her attempt. "Then I guess, I'll speak to you." He forced his way in.

"By all means." Maria stepped back into the room. It didn't look like she'd be getting much sleep today. Maria walked over and collapsed on the chair by the window. Yawning and stretching she made herself comfortable. "What do you want to talk about?" She asked.

Max sat down on the chair opposite her. "Something's going on with Liz, and I'm sure you know what it is." He got straight to the point. "And you're going to tell me."

"I am?" Maria laughed.

"Yes, you are." Max got up from his chair and walked over to her. He placed both hands on the armrest, locking her in. "We both know that Liz is hurting. And if you care about her the way I know you do, you'll do everything in your power to stop her pain." He stared searchingly into her eyes. " The two stared unblinkingly at each other for a long moment.

Maria sighed. "What do you want to know?" She quizzed.

"Why did she pretend to sleep with Kyle?" That question had been haunting him for months.

"You know that she didn't sleep with Kyle?" Maria asked in relief.

"Yes." He confirmed. "My question is why?"

"Because she was protecting you, protecting all of us."

"What?" Max pulled his hands off the armrest as if he had been burned. He straightened and moved away from Maria. "What are you talking about?" He asked in confusion. "Why would Liz faking sex with Kyle protect me? Protect us?"

"Trust me Max, she did it for you." Maria got up from her chair and went to stand in front of Max. "She would do anything for you, even sacrifice her own happiness."

"Maria." Max ran his hands through his hair in frustration. "You're not making any sense." He stared at her as if she had lost her mind.

"Look, I can't tell you anymore without breaking Liz's trust. All I can tell you is that she had a very good reason why she did what she did, and it broke her heart do it." She stared pleadingly into his eyes. Hoping against hope that he would read between the lines and come up with truth. She took his arm, trying to lead him out the door, Max didn't budge.
"Maria, please don't be cryptic, if you have something to say then say it." He turned and put his hand on her shoulder, he desperately wanted to get to the bottom this riddle.

"I told you all I can." She pulled away from Max. "She's my best friend Max and I can't betray her trust. I've told you all I can." She walked to the door, and opened it. "Please leave." After looking at her searchingly, Max moved toward the opened door. "Just remember that she loves you, and would do anything in this world for you, even give you up." Maria called out after him.

Max stopped and turned back to face Maria. "Thanks you, you've given me a lot to think about." He walked out the door.

Maria leaned against the close door, she hoped that she had done the right thing. But she couldn't bear to see the pain in Liz's eyes anymore. "I just have one more thing to do." She said softly.


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Later that morning, Maria walked downstairs and found Tess in the living room doing her nails. No time like the present, she said mentally to herself. "Hi Tess! How's it going?"

"Fine." Tess didn't bother looking up.

"How was your evening out?" Maria forced herself to continue in a cheerful voice.

"Fine." Tess repeated.

"You're not going to make this easy are you?" Maria sighed.

"What easy?" Tess lifted her head and stared at Maria in confusion.

"I called the spa and found out that they have a few openings, and I thought it would be great if you and I went and got ourselves pampered." The things I do for Liz, she said mentally to herself.

Tess looked up in surprise. "No offense, Maria, but since when did you give a damn about me?" Maria had made no secret that she hated her, and now she was acting friendly.

Maria sat down next to her. "Since we're always going to be around each other, I thought it would be good if we got to know each other a little better. I know we got off on the wrong foot, what with you trying to steal my best friend's boyfriend and mind warping him into having sex dreams about you and all. But I think we can get past this, and put the hostility behind us." Maria forced a smile. The old adage, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, ran through her head. Well Tess, sweetheart, I'm about to keep you real close. You have to be accepted into the group to stay in Roswell, then accepted you will be .Even if it kills me. "So what about it Tess? Do you want to go to the spa with me?"

"You want to be friends?" Tess asked incredulously.

"Look I'm not saying we're going to be picking china patterns or anything." She said in exasperation. " I just thought that we should make an effort to lose the animosity between us." She leaned forward trying to press her point. " The eight of us... nine, counting Sheriff Valentin, are all we have standing against us and the rest of the world. I think it's in our best interest if we got along better."

Tess studied her for a moment, could this possibly be real? Should she accept the olive branch that Maria was offering. "Why not? Let's do it." She finally conceded

"Great." Maria said with force cheerfulness. You owe me big time, Liz.

Liz spent the morning and most of the afternoon wandering aimlessly around, in a vain attempt to avoid the confrontation with Max. To tell or not to tell, that is the question, she gently mocked herself. Betray future Max or betray present Max with her silence. She felt like pulling out her hair in frustration. Liz finally made her way to the hotel suite only to find a party going on. Isabel, Alex, Tess, Kyle, Michael, Maria, and what looked to be a bridal party filled the living room.

"What's going on?" She pulled Maria to the side.

"The abridged version." Maria laughed. "Isabel met this bride while she was out. She helped said bride get a stain out of her dress, and ended up being one of the bride maids. She then volunteered to have the reception here, and basically begged, bullied . . ."

"And in my case bribed." Called out a passing Kyle

"us all to be here." Finished Maria.

"Just what I need, a wedding to remind me of the one I'll never have." Liz sighed. "Where's Max?" A quick glance around the room failed to reveal his location.
"No, idea." Maria looked around. "I think he went out to get something."

Liz couldn't help the sigh of relief that seeped out. "Any idea when he might be back?" She queried.

Maria sighed. "Look Liz, you can't avoid the guy forever, sooner or later you have to deal with him."

"I know you're right." Liz let out a heavy sigh. "But I just need time to regroup and think about what to tell him."

"You could try the truth." Murmured Maria. As she spoke she saw Max walking through the front door."Max just walked in." She said to Liz.

Max searched the room and made straight for where Liz and Maria stood. "I'm going to get something to eat." Liz quickly moved away and headed to the table full of food. Thankfully it was surrounded with people. She hoped that would prevent Max from pressing her for information.

"She's not going to make this easy, is she?" Max asked Maria as he watched Liz.

"No she's not." Maria shook her head sadly. "She's too afraid."

Max looked searchingly at Maria, then walked over to Liz. "You can't keep doing this you know." He whispered in her ear. Liz ignored him and stared at her plate full of food as if fascinated. "You can't avoid me forever." He walked away from her.

"Gather around everyone. It's time to throw the bridal bouquet." Isabel called out to the room. "Come on single ladies, line up." Tess, Maria, three other single females, and the maid of honor gathered in front of the bride. "That means you too, Liz." She pointed to Liz.

"I'm eating." Liz gave a fake smile and stuffed a piece of cake in her mouth hoping to dissuade Isabel. Isabel moved toward her, Liz backed away. "I really don't want to." Isabel ignored Liz's objections. She took the plate out Liz's hands and dragged her to the little group.

"Go ahead, Brandy." Isabel called out to the bride. Brandy walked up the stairs, and threw the bouquet toward the group. In horror Liz saw the bouquet head straight toward her upturned face. In self defense she raised her hands and ended up catching the bouquet. All the color drained out of her face, and she heard roaring in her ears. She forced herself to act normal as people around her laughed, and talked. She smiled and bid the happy couple good-bye as she died a bit inside.

"Well, I've done my duty." Kyle said as he headed toward the door. "I'll see you guys later."

"Wait up. I'll go with you." Alex hurried to catch up with Kyle. "Maybe some of your good luck at the tables will rub off of me."

"I'm going to get some real food." Michael also headed for the exit. "Those little sandwiches that Isabel served did nothing for me." He turned back to look at Maria. "You want to come with?"

"No. Tess and I are going to the spa." Maria called back.

Michael looked at her in amazement. "Since when did you and T..."

Maria gave him a quick kiss to shut him up. "Later." She went over to Tess and grabbed her arm."Come out let's go, the spa awaits." She turned to Liz "Want to come?" She asked. Her face hurting from smiling, Liz shook her head in no. "See you in a bit." Maria walked out the door.

Liz looked around the now empty room, and headed upstairs to her room. Once inside the darkened room she collapsed on the nearest bed. She looked down at her hands and realized that she still held the bouquet. She felt like laughing hysterically, she of all people had caught the bridal bouquet. Who said the fates didn't have a sense of humor? The only man she wanted to marry was forbidden to her, and she had caught the frigging bridal bouquet. Rage filled her and she saw red. She threw the bouquet across the room with all her strength. It fell against the wall in a dull thud. "This isn't fair!" She cried out in pain.

"What's not fair?" A voice called out in the dark.

"Max." She gasped as a light went on. "What are you doing here?" She said breathlessly. She froze in place, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

"You didn't think you could escape me that easily, did you?" Arms crossed across his chest, he sat facing her. "Liz, what's going on?"

"Nothing." She denied.

"The same nothing that has been going on for these past few months?" He grimly suggested. "Why have you been avoiding me?"

"I haven't been avoiding you." She forced a laugh. "I'm on vacation, so I went sightseeing." She grumbled defensively.

Max got up and walked slowly to where she sat, he knelt in front of her."Liz, no more lies, please." He framed her face with his hands. "Why did you push me away?"

"I told you, I wanted a normal life." She whispered. "To date normal boys."He removed his hands from her face. He leaned in closer to her, and softly traced her lips with a finger. She shut eyes afraid to look at him, afraid of what he would see in her eyes.

"That's what you told me, but you haven't gone out on one date since we've been apart." Max alternated between caressing her face and tracing her lips. "I love you, do you know that?" He asked huskily. She nodded her head in a yes. "Please look at me?" Liz opened her eyes.

"Do you love me?" He asked gently. Looking into his soft amber eyes, Liz found she couldn't lie to him. She nodded in confirmation. Tears shimmered brightly in her eyes. He leaned closer until she was forced to lay back on the bed. He laid on top of her, and brought his lips to touch hers. "Open up for me." He whispered.

Liz parted her lips, and his tongue pushed in. He kissed her hungrily, desperately, as if he hadn't eaten in days and she was his meal. She moaned in his mouth. She had miss this so much. She circled her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He sank his lips into hers, his tongue roaming freely in her mouth. She moaned. One of his hand moved and covered her breast, he squeezed gently, massaging, as he continued to kiss her ardently. Liz trembled, running her fingers restlessly through his hair. There was a growing ache between her legs. Her nipples became almost painfully tight. How could something so right be so wrong? She thought to herself.

Breathing heavily, Liz broke off the kiss,"We can't do this." She shook her head, trying to clear it after the mind numbing kiss.

Max remained pressed against her. "Why?" He asked huskily.

"Because you and I can never be." She said sadly.

"Why can't we?"

"I...I can't tell you." She stammered.

"Not good enough." He rasped, suddenly losing all patience. He moved off of her and started pacing the floor. "I want to know what the hell is going on. Why did you push me away? Why did you set it up so that I would find you in bed with Kyle? How did you know that I would be back that night? What were you going to say to me when I told you about the flash I had of you and I in wedding clothes? Why did you act like you knew something that I didn't after I told you about the second flash?" Max spat out the questions in rapid succession. Hardly taking a breath in between questions."If we have to, we'll stay up here all night, but this ends today. No more lies! No more evasions!" He stopped in the middle of the room.
"I'm not up to this right now." Liz held her head in her hands. Her head felt so heavy she was surprised that her neck didn't snap from the weight. She got up and walked over to where he stood. "Max, drop it. Please." She said pleadingly.

"I can't." He said starkly." He framed her face in his hands. "You're my life, Liz. You're my heart, my soul. I would do anything in this world for you. I thought you knew that." He said gruffly. "Why are you doing this to me? To us?" He asked sadly. "Why are you pushing me away?"

"Because you asked me to." Liz said brokenly.

"I what?!" Max's hands fell to his side, and he pulled back in shock. That was the last thing he had expected her to say.

"Yes." She nodded. "I think we should both seat down for this." Liz stepped over to the bed and collapsed. Still in shock, Max followed her instruction and sat down on the bed opposite her. "This is going to be hard, and probably unbelievable." Liz laughed ruefully. "So please don't say a thing until I finish." Max nodded his head in agreement.

"That day you came to my house and serenaded me on the balcony, I wasn't alone. You." She pointed toward Max. "I mean the future you, used the Granolith to travel fourteen years from the future. You." Liz shook her head as if to clear it. " He told me that our love and marriage caused the end of the world." She stared at Max with tear filled eyes. "At nineteen we eloped to Vegas and got married at an Elvis chapel in Vegas." She said gently.

"What?!" Max gasped out again.

Liz ignored the interruption. "He told me that because of our love, Tess left Roswell. This left you, Isabel, Michael vulnerable. The four of you have different powers that balance each other out. With Tess gone, you weren't as strong as you should be, and therefore you were defeated." Liz clasped her hands together, needing something to hold on to. "Isabel and Michael were both killed battling your enemies, the world was ending. You came to me hoping that by changing the past, you would prevent the future from ever happening. He said that it was imperative that Tess doesn't leave the group." Liz looked down at her clasped hands, this part was so hard for her to say. "I tried everything to push you away, I set you up with Tess. I said hurtful things to you about wanting a normal life, and not willing to die for you. But nothing seemed to work, until Maria told me about her seeing Courtney and Michael together, that's when I had an idea."

"So you set it up so that I would find you in bed with Kyle." Max said hoarsely.

Liz nodded her head. "Future Max told me that you were going to show up that night." She gave him a sad smile."That was the only thing that I could think of at that time to push you away from me. " She looked down at the floor. "I died a little that day, the pain and disappointment in your eyes. " She bit her lips as tears fell unchecked. " I had no choice."

"I know." He said thickly, his voice filled with emotion.

Max got up from the bed knelt before Liz. "I'm so sorry." He pulled her into his arms. "I'm sorry I put you through this, I had no right to ask that of you." He could feel tears forming in his eyes. "It's my fault all this happened."

"It's not your fault." Murmured Liz. "He . . . you didn't have a choice. Michael and Isabel were killed and there was a war raging." She held him tightly. "Going back in the past was the only way to change the future."

"It is my fault." He insisted. Max pulled out of her arms so that he could see her face. "I'm the reason why Tess left Roswell, or would have left Roswell."

"We were the reason why." Liz corrected him.

"No, I alone am to blame." He said huskily. "Liz, when I heard about my supposed destiny, being a king, being once married to Tess, and having to go back and save a world. I felt overwhelmed. I wanted to lose it on someone or something." He clasped her hands in his. "I kind of blamed Tess for coming into our lives, disrupting everything. If it hadn't been for her and Nasedo, I would never have learned about my past, and my future obligations, and you would never have walked away from me on that mountain." He smiled ruefully. "I could barely be in the same room with Tess, let alone having her touch me, albeit in friendship. I made her feel like an intruder, like an outsider. What's worse, I encouraged Michael and Isabel to do the same. I can understand why she would have felt unwanted and leave." He finished remorsefully.

"But future Max said that you had to fall out of love with me so that Tess could stay." Liz said in confusion. "He said that the moment the future was changed he would leave, and after you saw Kyle and me together he left. I don't se . . . " Max placed a finger on her lips, preventing her from continuing.

"When did he leave? The minute I saw you and Kyle or did he leave sometime afterwards?" Quizzed Max.

"Sometime afterwards." Liz said thickly. "We spoke for a while, and then I asked him to dance with me. We were dancing to 'I shall believe,' and he just disappeared in the middle of the dance." Liz smiled sadly.

"Liz, that night after I left your house, I went to the park. I must have only been there for about a minute or two when Tess showed up. She asked if she could sit down, and I said yes. We talked and for the first time I didn't look upon her as a plague, but as a person. For the first time I didn't recoil in distaste when she touched my shoulder in comfort." He said in dawning insight. "That must have been when future Max left."

"But I'm sure you must have hated me when you saw Kyle and I in bed together." She with difficulty.

"Liz, when I saw you with Kyle I was angry, hurt, upset... pick a word, but at no time did I fall out of love with you." He brought his one hand up against her face, Liz covered the hand that was against her face with her hand. "I don't think anything could ever make me fall out of love with you." He smiled. "It's the moment that I stopped treating Tess like a leaper that changed the future, not because I had fallen out of love with you."

Liz looked at him in hope, half afraid to believe that what he was saying was true. "You think that letting Tess in is enough to prevent the future from repeating itself?"

"I do." Max nodded. "In our time apart I've gotten closer to Tess. Not in a romantic way, she could never be you." He smiled. "But as a friend. I've actually gotten to know her, and she isn't the evil person that I made her out to be. She just wants what all of us want, to belong. To fit in somewhere. I've made it clear to her that she and I can never be together, that we are of the past, and she's accepted it." He kissed her hands. "Had I continued on the path that I was on before future Max visited, Tess would have left Roswell for good. But because of you, of your sacrifice, things are different." He pressed her hands to his chest. " I'll talk to Michael and Isabel and impress upon them how important it is for us to treat Tess as part of the group." He smiled happily at her. "There is nothing keeping us apart, Liz, except . . . " He voice trailed off and his smile dimmed. He did not want to broach the subject, but he knew that it was necessary.

"Except what?" Liz probed.

"Liz, at any given time I'll face aliens and/or government agents trying to destroy me." He clasped her hands to his chest. "I can't promise you safety or normalcy." He said sorrowfully. "If you are with me, you will always be in danger. As much as I love you I don't have the right to ask you to share my fate." He finished woefully.

Liz pulled her hands out of his hands, "Max, I love you." She framed his face with her hands. "If loving you means facing aliens, government agents or past wives, I say bring it own." She kissed him lightly on the lips. "What I can't live without, and will not live without is you." She smiled mistily at him.

A huge smile broke upon Max's face. "I love you." He said with his heart in his eyes. Liz leapt into his arms in joy. They ended up sprawled on the floor with Liz on top. "I love you! I love you!" She covered his face with kisses. Laughing Max wrapped his arms around her and returned her kisses. "I love you too." He said huskily.

Max rolled over until he was on top. He leaned down and brought his lips to hers. He traced the top lip with his tongue, then did the same to her full bottom lip. He then plunged his tongue in her mouth. He kissed her thoroughly, hotly. She was pressed against the strain of his groin, and thought she would die from the answering want. She wrapped her legs around his waist, crossed her ankles behind his back, holding him in place. He pushed his hips down against her. She cried in frustration, her body moved, trying to soothe the unbearable ache. He unbuttoned her sweater, while her hands were busy unfastening the buttons on his shirt. She desperately wanted to feel his bare skin, as much as he did hers. His fingers slowly kneaded her breast, he found the turgid nipple and rubbed it through her bra. She moaned and arched against him. He unfastened the front fastening of her bra, it loosened, he pushed the sweater and the bra out of the way. He brought his hand on her bare breast, he alternated between the right and left breast as he gently rubbed and pinched the nipples. She whimpered under his mouth. She broke the kiss, gasping for air. He bent his head and closed his mouth over her nipple. She went weak, she arched against him, she couldn't get enough of his sucking. She moaned in ecstasy, she ran her hands wildly under his open shirt. She reached down and reached for his belt buckle.

A door opened and then slammed shut. "I tell you Liz, I was born to be pampered. I had the best time. You should have came." Head down, fiddling with the strap of her watch that had come loose, Maria walked into the room. "Whoa!"She quickly turned so that she faced the door, her back to the writhing couple on the floor. "Sorry, didn't know the room was occupied."


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"I'm so sorry." Maria repeated. "I'll go downstairs, and you guys can just call me when you're done." She gestured with her hands toward the door. "That is if you're done. I mean if you don't need the room for the whole night. If you do need it, I'd understand. I could always find someone to bunk with. Tess, Isabel or even Michael." Maria stopped as she realized that in her embarrassment she had been talking nonstop. "I'll stop babbling now." She stepped to the door. "Bye." She shut the door quickly behind her.

A pregnant pause followed Maria's exit. Max and Liz had frozen in place as they listened to Maria's rambling. They pulled apart and started adjusting their clothing. "I'm sorry." They both said together. They looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Maria must have a radar when it comes to you, me and sex." Liz gasped out between her laughter, as she recalled the time Maria had walked in on them when they were similarly engaged in Michael's apartment.
They got off the floor and sat on the bed, facing each other. "You know, I'm kind of glad that she did interrupt us before things got too far." Max said after his laughter had subsided.

"You are?" Liz asked in surprise. "I thought you wanted to make love with me." She murmured. Max placed a finger against her lips. "I do, very much so." He whispered. "But we have a room full of people, who at any moment could come in. Your first time should be special, not a quick fumble on a floor."

She pulled his finger away from her lips, "It will be special because I'll be with you." Liz said softly.

He smiled lovingly at her. "Thank you." He kissed her hand.

"For what?" She asked huskily.

"For loving me, for trusting." He framed her face with his hands and kissed her gently. "Give me a little time to make plans, okay?"

"Okay." She smiled happily at him.

He couldn't resist leaning over and kissing her. He kissed her incisively, ardently. She leaned closer into him, giving into the kiss. They kissed long and hard before the need for air forced them apart. "I better go, before I give into temptation." He kissed her quickly on the lips and got off the bed. "I'll go tell Maria that it's safe to come back to the room."

He went downstairs and found Maria sprawled on the couch flipping through a magazine. She straightened up when she saw Max. He walked over to her, and sat down beside her. They sat in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes, neither knowing what to say after their embarrassing encounter. Finally Maria couldn't take it any more."Look, we can either sit here and pretend that I didn't just see what I saw, or we can acknowledge it, I can apologize and we can move on." She turned on the couch so that she could face Max. "So, what is it going to be?"

Max shook his head and grinned. Maria would never change, straight to the point never let them see you sweat, Maria Deluca. "Okay. You walked in on us."

"I apologize. I had no idea that you guys were in the room together." She smiled cheekily at him."Apology accepted?" She quizzed.

"Accepted." He said laughingly.

"Whew! Glad that's over with." Maria wiped nonexistent sweat off her brow. "I guess this means that you and Liz are finally back together." Maria probed.
"Yea, it does." Max confirmed.

His words gave Maria leave to act the way she had wanted to act the moment she saw her two friends together. "I'm so happy for you guys." She shrieked. She lunged forward and hugged Max. "It's about damn time!" She released him and then hit him against the head with her hand. "What took you so long?"

"Ouch!" Max rubbed his head. "What was that for?"

"For waiting so long before forcing Liz to tell you the truth. You should have known something was up when she pushed you toward Tess, and faked sex with Kyle." She lectured in a stern voice. "Liz cried herself to sleep countless of times. She wanted to tell you the truth but was terrified that telling you, and being with you, like she so desperately wanted, would cause the end of the world. How you could for one moment believe . . . "

Max put a hand on Maria's mouth preventing her from continuing. "Maria, I didn't press for the truth because I thought Liz wanted a normal life. A life away from aliens, and government agents. I had no idea that she was being pressured into acting the way she did." He removed his hand from Maria's mouth. "I wanted her to be happy, safe, and I thought that meant having me out of her life." He said hoarsely. "I made a mistake. It won't happen again. I'll fight for her, and our love with everything in me, always." He looked searchingly into Maria's eyes. "Am I forgiven?"

"You're forgiven." She couldn't stay angry with him. "Hurt her, and you deal with me, remember that." Maria couldn't help adding.

Max clutched his chest and pretended to be terrified. "The wrath of Maria, oh no!" They both burst into laughter, relieving any tension that was between them. "Thank you." Max bumped her shoulder gently with his. "Thanks, for helping Liz and I get to this point."

"I didn't only do it for you, you know." She muttered.

"I know. You're a great friend." He smiled.

"I know." Maria laughed and patted herself on the back. "So, what are you going to do about Tess?" She changed the subject.

"Tess knows that I don't have romantic feelings toward her. I think that as long as I, and the rest of us treat her as a member of the group, she will choose to remain in Roswell." Said Max.
Maria nodded her head in agreement. "I think so too. In fact I've already started on my make her feel like one of us campaign." She smiled. "I guess great minds think alike."

They chuckled. Max put an arm around Maria's shoulder. "I'm going to need your help with a surprise that I'm planning for Liz. You game?"

"Of course I am." She giggled.

The two put their heads together and started plotting.

Later that night

Max and Tess sat at a café in the hotel.

"Thanks for coming." Said Max.

"You said it was important." Replied Tess .

"It is. I wanted to talk to you about us."

"You and I?"

"Yes." Max took a sip of the drink in front of him. "Tess, I wanted to thank you for being a friend these past few months."

"You're welcome." She smiled, and covered Max's hand with hers.

Max looked down at the hand that covered his, and gently removed his hand. "But I also wanted to make sure that you know that you and I can only, and will only ever be just friends." He said gently. "I hope that our friendship didn't give you any false hopes."

"You're getting back to together with Liz, and you're asking me if it's okay." She guessed.

Max looked at her as if she had lost her mind. "Tess, I don't need your permission to be with Liz. We aren't married, and we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend." He said forcefully. "You don't have any claim to me."

"I know." Tess gave him a sad smile. "I guess having been told all your life that you're meant to be with someone, that he was your destiny has made me kind of possessive." She took a deep cleansing breath, and exhaled. "The truth is that the moment I saw you and Liz together, I knew that I was fighting an uphill battle. Deep down I knew that she was it for you. The love of your life. It just took me a while to admit it to myself." She shook her head sadly. "I tried everything to you, even taking advice from Liz and trying conform to your ideal woman." She shook her head remembering how pathetic she had been. "I even used mind warping to get to you."

Max stiffened in anger as he remembered how she had manipulated him, sent him sexual thoughts about the two of them together, and how that had almost destroyed his relationship with Liz. " Let's don't go there, okay Tess?" Max said in an annoyed tone of voice. "I have moved past the incident, but I don't think I will ever forget how it affected Liz."

"I'm sorry. It was pathetic, and desperate." Tess looked down at the table in shame. "I know that I never once apologized for what I did." She forced her self to look up at him. "But I am now, and I hope that you accept my apologies. "

"Apology accepted." He forced himself to say.

"Thank you." She gave him a sad smile."I know that what we had in our past life is over, and I've accepted it. It's just sad when you have to let a dream go." She said hoarsely. " I hope that we can continue to be friends, at least." She looked hopefully at him.

"Of course we can." Max assured her. "You, Michael, Isabel and I will always be connected. You're part of the group, an important member. I hope that you know that." He said earnestly.

"Thank you." She smiled mistily at him. "It means a lot to me. You guys are the only family that I have." Tess took a sip of her drink, in an attempt to regain control of her emotions. "I hope you and Liz are happy together."

"Thanks." Max smiled at her. "We will."


Early the next morning.

A knock sounded outside Liz and Maria's door. "Liz?" Max called out cheerfully.

"Liz?" He knocked again. "Come on Liz, it's time to get up."

"What?" Eyes still shut, Liz yawned, turned and snuggled deeper into the bed.

"Liz?" He knocked harder on the door.
Maria pulled a pillow off her bed and threw it at Liz. "Hey, Giget, Moondoggy is calling. Get up already so I can go back to my beauty sleep." She turned so that she faced the door. "Come on in Max.."

He walked in and made a bee line for Liz's bed. "Come on sleeping beauty, it's time to get up." He pulled the covers off of her.

Liz pried her eyes opened and peered groggily at the clock/radio next to her head. "It's eight o'clock in the morning." She glared at Max.

Max grinned back at her."We have a lot to do today."

"Are you insane?" Liz pulled the covers up over her head again. "It's too early, come back later." She snuggled back into bed.

Max pulled the covers off, swooped down and picked Liz up from the bed. He deposited her in the middle of the bathroom. "Be ready in thirty minutes." He shut the door close before she could say anything.

"I'm seriously considering homicide."She called out grumpily.

Max opened the bathroom door again, "Oh, and bring a change of clothes, you might get wet." He shut the door and moved away.

"No judge would convict me!" She threw a towel against the door. "It would be justifiable homicide."

"Thirty minutes." He called back, as he stepped to the bedroom door.

"Normally I don't go for the neanderthal method." Said Maria who had observed the entire incident, "but I liked your technique." She grinned at him.

Max winked at his co-conspirator, "Don't make me come back in here, Liz." He called out before going out the door.

Max and Liz spent the morning, and the early afternoon exploring the MGM Grand Adventure Park. They sped through an outer space adventure on the Lighting Bolt indoor roller coaster; raced along swirling white water rapids in the Grand Canyon Rapids, and got soaking wet in the process; Fought to catch their breath in the Over The Edge ride; Bumped and banged their way in the Parisian Taxis Bumper Cars, and rode anything that caught their fancy.

They strolled hand in hand through the park.
"Having fun?" Max queried.

"The best." Liz said as she popped the last piece of cotton candy into her mouth.

They stopped in front one of the numerous tables spread out throughout the thirty-three acres theme park. Max leaned over and kissed her quickly on the lips, he licked at the corner of her mouth. "You had a piece of cotton candy there."

A smile curved her lips and she reached over to kiss him. Her lips parted when they met his; he slid his tongue into her mouth, and explored her sweetness. The kiss got progressively hotter, as the couple kissed passionately. Liz slipped her arms around his neck, and held him pressed to her body. Max wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her to him so that she could feel his hard erection against her soft belly. She moaned into his mouth, sucking on his tongue. She pressed herself to him, flagrantly urging him on.

"Get a room!" A voice called out, reminding the young lovers where they were.

Max set Liz on her feet, "I think we should seat down." He said shakily as he tried to regain control over himself.

Liz nodded in agreement still reeling from the effect of their kiss.

Max pulled out a chair for Liz and took the chair opposite of her. They sat in comfortable silence as they both fought to regain control.

"Liz?" Max broke the silence.


"The flash I had of you and I in wedding clothes is driving me crazy." He shook his head as if trying to clear it. "Why would I be getting visions of something that hasn't happened yet?" He mused. "Before that day, I only received visions of things that had occurred in the past. Do you think it might be a new power?"

"Maybe, maybe not." Liz said pensively.

"What other explanation could there be?"

"It could be some kind of side effect of future Max tampering with time." Liz huddled in her chair, her brow furrowed in thought. "The past is immutable, right?"
Max nodded his head in agreement.

"Therefore everything we do is recorded in the past." She stated.

"Yes." Max agreed.

"So what happens when someone tries to change history?" She questioned.

Max shrugged his shoulders indicating that he didn't know.

"There are four laws of time." She held up four fingers. "But we're only concerned with number two and three. Number two says that no one is allowed to interfere with his or her time line."

"To prevent a time traveler from wiping himself out by changing his own history." Max guessed.

"Exactly." Liz nodded her head. "The third rule of time says that Blinovitch limitation effect must not take place."

"The Blinovitch limitation effect?" Max gave her a puzzled look.

"The Blinovitch limitation effect is a physical, real limitation which prevents time travelers from interfering with their own history." Liz explained.

"You're thinking that this Blinovitch limitation effect somehow came into play as a result of future Max trying to change his past?" Max shook his head ruefully at how strange it was that he was talking about a future version of himself.

Liz nodded her, chewing on her bottom lip as she got deeper into her subject. "The Blinovitch limitation effect has two manifestations. One of which prevents time travelers from changing their own past, and the other which prevents a traveler from meeting himself. " Liz warmed to her subject. Ever since future Max's visit she had been obsessed with finding out all that she could on time travel. It was a joy to finally be able to talk aloud about it with someone.

Left hand cradling the side of his face, Max watched Liz in pride. He loved watching her mind work. Loved the way she chewed on her buttom lip when she was deep in thought. How her brows furrowed. He loved everything about her. He gave thanks everyday that she had come into his life.

"In its first form, the effect is simply a time loop. Which means that a time traveler attempting to change his own history, for better or worse, will simply create a time-loop, where his actions in the past are pre-destined and in fact have already happened." Liz stopped when she noticed Max had been silently staring at her for the past few minutes. She lowered her eyes in embarrassment to the table. "I know, I'm a geek." She said sheepishly.

"You're not a geek." Max protested. "You're a brilliant, beautiful, thoughtful, kind, generous angel." Max picked up her hand and gave it a kiss, and gazed lovingly into her eyes. "My, angel." He said lovingly. "Besides I like my women brainy."

A smile curved her lips, a joy unlike any that she had ever experienced filled her heart. Max always made her feel loved and special. "Thank you." She said huskily.

"You were saying." Max prompted her to finish her theory.

"The Blinovitch limitation effect in its second form, manifest itself as a force which prevents time travelers from interfering directly with their own past selves. The force which intervenes may take any known form, manipulating chaotic and quantum variables in a weak manifestation, and manipulating explosive energies in a more violent manifestation."

"So you think that future Max has created some type of time loop because of his visit, thus making me see something that has happened in another reality, but hasn't happened yet in our reality."Max said as he processed the information.

"Exactly." She nodded. "I know it sounds crazy, but that's why I think you had the vision."

"Are you kidding?" He laughed. "Anything that says you and I get married doesn't sound crazy." He leaned over and kissed her quickly. "We better be going, we don't want to be late for the last ride of the day." He got from the table and held out a hand to Liz. She took it and stood up.

"Which ride is this?" She asked.

"The skycreamer." He said nonchalantly. He put his arm around Liz and started leading her in the direction of the ride.

"The skyscreamer." Liz repeated incredulously. " Liz stopped dead in her tracks. "Isn't that the ride that takes you 250 feet into the air?

Max nodded his head in a yes.

"And then drops you down at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour?" She asked in dismay.

"The one in the same." Max said cheerfully. He took her hand and dragged her with him.
"I'm not going." She shook her head. "Have you lost your mind?!"

Max only laughed, "Come on Liz, you'll love it."

"I'd have to be insane to get on that ride. " Liz protested as Max continued to drag her. "That's an accident waiting to happen." She dragged her feet forcing Max to stop.

Max turned around to face her, "Where's the girl who didn't blink when she found out that aliens were living among her, where's t...."

"Are you kidding? I might not have shown it, but I was freaking out inside." She interrupted.

Max ignored the interruption and continued, "Where's the girl who faced a band of elite alien hunting agents, to help save me?" He didn't wait for an answer but started pulling her in the direction of the ride again.

"Max, I'll make a terrible ghost." A still protesting Liz called out. "And make no mistake Max Evans, I die and you're the first person I'm coming after. I'll make the three ghosts that visited Scrooge look like amateurs." She warned as she reluctantly followed Max.

Max merely put his arm around her and laughed.

I can't believe I'm taking instructions on jumping 250 feet to my death from a woman with a lollipop in her mouth. Liz said mentally, as she listened to the instructor. "How safe is this thing?" She was compelled to ask as the instructor gave them instructions on what to expect, and what to do when they were up the tower.

"A few close call, but no casualties." The instructor said.

At Liz's look of horror, the instructor laughed. "Just kidding." She winked at Max.

Max and Liz were strapped into full-body harnesses and hung from a cable, lying horizontally, facing the ground. Another cable pulled them back and up, 220 feet above the ground. "I can't believe I'm doing this, I can't believe I'm doing this, I can't believe I'm doing this." Liz kept on muttering to herself. "This is insane." She shouted to Max.

"1, 2,..." Max started counting. "3." Max pulled the ripcord.

"Oh my G....." Liz breath left her in a scream, as they plummeted toward the earth at speeds up to 70 mph, and then swung past the gawking faces below.

TO BE CONTINUED.............

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Max and Liz swung back and forth like a pendulum, as they got progressively closer to the ground. The swinging finally slowed down, announcing the end of the ride. They removed the foot bar so that they had a foot hold, and finally the ride ended.

"Get me out of this thing?!" Liz cried out as her feet finally touched the ground.

Liz's harness was removed and she heaved a sigh of relief. She felt like kissing the ground in thanks. "I can't believe I let you talk me into that." She grumbled

"What did you think of it?" Max asked as the couple walked away from the ride.

"I can't really say. I think my brain may have shut down during the free fall due to fear overload." Liz said. "I can remember you pulling the rip cord and then us swinging up the far arc, but not much else." She shook her head, she couldn't believe that she had actually let herself be strapped to that contraption.

"But did you like it?" He persisted.

"Yes and No." Liz was finally able to laugh. "Going up wasn't bad. It was exhilarating to be up so high. However, when my body tipped over into a head first dive toward the ground, I think I lost the loving feeling."

"But would you do it again?" He probed.

"I must have suffered some type of brain damage, because I think I would." She shook her head and grinned. At his pleased look, she quickly interjected. "Not this minute, mind you, but maybe in the distant future."

"That's my girl." Max hugged her to him. "I knew you were adventurous at heart."

"More like a lunatic ready for the mental ward for even considering a repeat." Liz said under her breath. "So, what's our next stop?" Liz asked.

"When in Vegas? Gambling of course." He grinned at her.
"Sounds good." She giggled. "Since I just gambled with my life and sanity by getting into that ride from hell, it's only fair that I gamble away some money."

"Great. We'll go back to the hotel and visit the casino." Arms around each other they strolled out of the park.

Hand and hand Max and Liz walked into the casino. Liz looked down at their clasped hands in joy. She loved holding hands with Max, his big hands cradling her smaller hands. She felt cherished and protected. They stood at the entrance and surveyed the room. "Any idea what you want to do first?" Max asked.

"Not yet. Let's just walk around. When I see something I want to do, we'll stop." Liz said as she gazed about.

Max nodded in agreement. The couple wandered about a bit, stopping once and a while to observe players in action.

"The slot machine." Liz called out suddenly.

"Then the slot machine it is." The couple exchanged some paper money for quarters, and wandered around the room until Liz spotted two empty machines next to each other. She walked over to the machine and started feeding it quarters. Max sat down at the empty slot machine next to her.

After spending five dollars in quarters with no luck, Max decided to quit. He looked over and saw Liz studiously shoving coins in and pulling the lever. He smiled indulgently at her. She looked so adorable he thought to himself. "Are you ready to go?" He asked.

"Nope, I'm going to beat this machine." Liz continued to shove quarters in. "The machine is due for a pay out. I can feel it." She continued to shove coins in and pulling the lever. "And I plan on being here when it does." Max stepped over to her and stood silently behind her. He shook his head and chuckled when the machine continued to yield nothing.

After feeding the machine twenty dollars in quarters and getting nothing in return, Liz took it personally. She huddled closer to the machine and started muttering threats and warnings to the slot machine.

"Liz, you do realize that it is an inanimate object, right?" Max laughed.
Liz ignored him and continued shoving quarters and pulling the lever. Max shook his head at Liz's stubbornness.

Liz shoved another quarter into the slot and pulled the lever. Pictures began whirring, then one by one clicked into place. Liz jumped up in joy as bells began to ring and quarters flooded the bottom of the slot. She shoved a bucket in front of the slot machine and watched in glee as quarters poured in and over flowed. "I won! I won" She threw herself into Max's arms, and gave him a smacking kiss on the lips. "Congratulations, sweetheart." He said as he hugged her.

People around Liz offered her their congratulations, and a casino worker came over to take her coins to covert it into dollar bills. When everything was counted, Liz had won two hundred and fifty dollars.

After collecting her winnings, Max held out an imaginary microphone in front of Liz. "Liz Parker, you've just beaten the slot machine, what do you want to do now?" He kidded.

"Pinball!" She cried out.

"Pinball?" He raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"Yep." She turned until she faced him. "I'll have you know that you are looking at the pinball champion of Roswell, New Mexico." She grinned up at him.

"Is that a fact?" He laughed.

"Yes, it is. Thank you very much." She patted her herself on the back.

Max glanced at his watch quickly. "Okay, lead on champ, but we only have an hour remaining before our next stop, thanks to your fight with the pinball machine." Max put his arm around her shoulder and led her toward the door. "So no obsessing, okay?"

"I do not obsess." She protested.

"Liz you were like a maniac back there with those quarters." He chuckled as they walked out of the casino. "I don't think you have the temperament to be a gambler."


"Maria is going to kill me." Max muttered under his breath as he bundled Liz into the elevator. "Come on, we're behind schedule." He impatiently pressed the button to their floor a few times, as if that would get them to their destination quicker.
"So, what's our next stop?" Liz pressed.

"You'll find out soon enough."

"But can't you tell me now." Liz wrapped an arm around his neck and pressed her body against his. "I'd make it worth your while." She smiled seductively.

Max shook his head and refused to say more. Before Liz could do or say anything more, the elevator door opened on their floor. Max breathed a sigh of relief, pulled away from Liz's embrace, grabbed her hand and quickly led her out the door.


Maria paced back and forth in front of the suite door. "Where in the hell are they?" She mumbled as she checked her watch for the fifth time. She glanced down the hall and saw Max and Liz rushing toward her.

"Sorry we're late." Max said the moment he reached Maria's side.

"You were supposed to be here half an hour ago." Maria glared at him.

"Don't blame me." Max raised his hands in a sign of surrender. "Blame your gambling and pinball maniac friend." He pointed to Liz. "The woman refused to go before she beat the slot machine and kicked my butt in pinball."

"It was a matter of pride." Liz defended herself.

"Never mind." She waved off their explanation off. "Max, I wasn't able to pick up the package, it wasn't ready when I checked."

Max gave her a worried look. "Will it be ready in time?" He inquired.

"It should be." Maria assured him. "I spoke to the manager, and he guaranteed it."

"Good." Max sighed in relief. "Any other problem?"

"Yea, just one." Maria over to Max and the two proceed to have a whispered conversation for a few minutes.

"Okay, I'll take care of it." Max said aloud.
Liz glanced back and forth between Max and Maria as they had their tete-a-tete.

"Guys?" Liz held up a hand. "Remember me?"

"I have to go, sweetheart. I'm leaving you in Maria's capable hands." Max stepped over and kissed Liz quickly on the lips. "I'll pick you up at your room in about three hours." Max stepped over to the door of their suite and opened it. "Have fun." He called out from the threshold.

"We have to hurry to if we want everything done." Maria grabbed one of Liz's hand and led her to the elevator.

"Maria, what in the world is going on?" Liz asked as she was being pulled.

"You'll find out soon enough." Maria said cryptically.

"I'm starting to feel like a freaking yo-yo."Liz felt like stomping her feet in frustration, as she was a led away destination unknown once again.

TO BE CONTINUED.................


Maria and Liz stepped out of the cab and in front of a building that said Atlantis Health and Beauty Spa. "We're here."

"A spa?" Liz asked in bewilderment.

"Part of Max's make this an unforgettable day for Liz crusade." Maria beamed.

"I can't believe he did this." Liz was touched at Max's thoughtfulness, and got teary eyed.

"Liz, you know it, I know it, hell! the entire world knows that Max Evans is ga-ga over Liz Parker." She chuckled. "Why are you surprised?" She put an arm around Liz's shoulder and led her through the door. Once inside, Maria rubbed her hands like a mad scientist about to loose her creation out into the world. "Let's get to it." She told the attendant.

Liz, under the supervision of Maria spent the next two hours being pampered. Her arms and legs were waxed. She relaxed in an Aroma therapy Hydro Bath, where underwater jets joined forces to relax her body. She napped while her body was rubbed with sweet smelling oil, and her masseuse worked magic on her body. Relaxed while her therapist gave her a facial, and gabbed with Maria while she received her manicure and pedicure.

Finally it was time to head back to the hotel. "What did you think?" Maria asked.

"A girl could get use to this." Liz said as she and Maria walked arm and arm out of the spa.

"Don't I know it." Maria chortled. "I love being pampered. Hell, I was born to be pampered."

"So, what's next?"

"Back to the hotel." Maria hailed a cab. "Where you're to get ready for the rest of the festivities." A cab stopped in front of them and the two girls stepped in.

"Come on Maria, you have to tell me what Max has planned for rest of the evening." Liz pressed.

"My lips are sealed." Maria pretended to zip up her lips.

"Maria, a hint. Please." Liz pouted, and clasped her hand together in a pleading gesture.

"Sorry, you just have to wait and find out." Her lips curved into a wicked grin.

"And you call you're self my best friend." Liz grouched.

"Love you too, babe." Maria smirked. "But I'm not telling you anything."

The Maria and Liz arrived at their hotel suite.

"I need to know where I'm going in order to know how to dress." Liz said as they walked through the door. "So you have to tell me." She persisted.

"You don't have worry about that." Maria said. "Everything you need for tonight is laid out on the bed for you." Maria led Liz to the stairs. "Have fun." She gave her a hug, and waved her upstairs.

She found three boxes on her bed. She opened the largest box and found an off-white two piece gown. The top was sleeveless, lightly sequined, finely embroidered, and the attached skirt was organza and floor length. The second box contained matching sandals, and the third a strapless lace bra and panties. Also on the bed was a single white rose with a card which simply said, I love you. Now and forever. Max. Liz brought the rose to her nose and inhaled its sweet scent. Her heart started to race in anticipation. She and Max were finally going to be together. She had fantasized about this night for so long that she could hardly believed that it was actually here. She undressed and prepared for the evening.

The time finally arrived for their special evening.

"Liz?" Max knocked on Liz's bedroom door.

"Come in." She called out.

He opened the door and saw Liz standing in the middle of the room. "You look absolutely breath taking." He said thickly.

Liz curtsied. "Thank you kind, sir." She looked him up and down. "And may I say you look very handsome yourself." Max wore a black tuxedo, complete with vest.

Max bowed elegantly. "Thank you, my lady." He walked over to her and held out his hand, "Are you ready?" He murmured. She put her hands trustingly into his. "Yes." She softly replied. The couple walked out the room, and then out of the hotel suite.


"Where are we going?"
Max shook his head. "You don't give up do you?" He smiled. "It's a surprise." He stopped
in front of the elevator. "Which reminds me." He pulled out a piece of cloth from his pocket. "You have to be blindfolded."

"What?" She chuckled.
"Trust me."
"Always." She said huskily. Max smiled down at her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. he turned her around and covered her eyes with the cloth, tying the ends at the back of her head. Arms around Liz to help guide her, Max entered the waiting elevator. During the elevator ride Liz fidgeted and playfully tried to remove the blindfold, only to have Max stop her. Bing.

"Our stop. Max herded Liz out. "We're here." After walking a bit, they stopped.

"Don't move, I have to check something." Max opened a door and glanced quickly around to ensure that everything was ready. "Max?" Liz called out impatiently, she was anxious to see what was going on.

"I'm here." He came back to where she stood, and took both her hands in his. Walking backward he led her to their destination. He removed her blindfold and stepped back. "You can open your eyes now."

Liz opened her eyes, and stared in awe at the scene before her. She circled the area in amazement. She stood on a large rooftop terrace overlooking the lights of Las Vegas. The terrace was filled with roses. Roses of every color and size where strategically placed in vases around the area, making it look like and smell like a rose garden. In the middle of the terrace stood a table set for two. The table was complete with candlelight, crystal champagne glasses, and silver plated covered dishes. Near the table sat an ice bucket with sparkling cider cooling. A small table on the side contained additional dishes.

Liz stood speechless, not able to utter a sound as tears streamed down her face.

Max walked over to her and too her hands in his. "I wanted to put into words what you mean to me, and I thought nothing could do it better than flowers." He gently wiped at her tears. "After all every sentiment is expressed in one form or another by these blooms." He waved his hand to the flowers. "Come with me." He took her hand and led her around the terrace.

"Red roses means, love; I love you Liz more than you can ever know, you mean everything to me. The red rosebuds mean, loveliness; you are the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen. The pale colored roses, mean friendship; you're my best friend Liz." He framed her face with his hands. "The pink roses stand for happiness; knowing you, loving you and being loved by you has made me the happiest man on this planet, on any planet. The coral roses stand for desire; I hunger for you, to be with you, to be a part of you." He said huskily. " And the mixture of red and white roses means, unity and harmony; you are the other part of my soul Liz. My soul mate. Having you in my life gives me balance. I love you, now and forever." He gently kissed her lips.

"I love you, Max." Liz pulled the hands cradling her face to her lips and kissed them. "So much. The day you saved my life is when my life truly began. You're the answer to all my prayers, and dreams."

Max choked back his tears. What did he ever do to deserve her? He thanked the fates for bringing her into his life. He turned his face and kissed the hand she held against his face. "I love you." He fought back to regain control over his emotions. "Our dinner awaits, my lady." He took her hand and led her to a chair, and took the chair across from her. They sat down to their meal. "Sparkling cider for the for my lady?" Max asked as he unscrewed the bottle.

"Thank you." Liz replied. She took a sip of the cold drink that he had just poured. "Perfect." She smiled.

"How did you have time to do all this in such a short time? " She waved her hand around the terrace.

"Maria and I were up into the wee hours of the morning calling around. Good thing Vegas is a city that never sleeps." Max took a sip of his drink. "While you and I were in the amusement park, Maria went around making sure everything got here on time, and when you and Maria were at the spa, I took care of the rest." Max took a bite of his meal. "Which reminds me, don't ever let me get on Maria's bad side. That woman is scary. I saw her bully, cajole and threatened people to make sure everything got done on time." He chuckled.

Liz laughed. "Yea, Maria can be pretty scary when she wants something."

After eating their fill of the delicious meal, Max cleared off the table and replaced the dishes with the covered dishes from the small table.

"I don't think I have any room for desert." Liz protested as Max placed a covered dish in front of her.

"You have to try it, it's specially made just for you." Max encouraged.

"Okay, but just a small taste." She didn't want to disappoint him.

Max smiled his thanks and removed the cover.

"What in the world?" Liz looked up from the dish in front of her and glanced up to Max. Instead of the desert she had expected, she found two roses joined to form a single stem.

Max picked up the roses and handed it to her. "Two roses joined to form a single stem means,
will you marry me?"

TO BE CONTINUED.................

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Liz gasped in shock.

Max knelt down on one knee in front of her.

Liz's heart started racing, in anticipation of what was about to happen.
"Elizabeth Barrett Browning, said it best, so I've decided to borrow her words to express, what you mean to me." Max took her hands in his, and gazed lovingly into her eyes.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.

I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,--I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!--and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

"Liz Parker, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He said cleared his throat nervously."I know that we're only eighteen and too young to get married yet. So, I'm asking you to marry me after we graduate college. Will you?" He asked huskily.

"Yes! yes to both questions." Liz pulled her hands out of his, and threw herself into his arms. She held him tightly to her, as tears streamed down her face. "I love you, so much." She said thickly through her tears.

"I love you." Max said his voice full of emotion. He pulled away, wiped the tears off her cheeks. He framed her face with his hands, and gently pressed kisses upon her lips, her cheeks and her eye lids. "My life is meaningless without you in it."

"Mine too." She whispered through her tears.

"I have something for you." Max pulled out a ring box from his suit pocket, and opened the lid, revealing two rings nestled within."They're Claddagh rings." He said softly. "Legend has it that back in the 16th century a young lovelorn jeweler from Galway, Ireland named Richard Joyce was kidnaped by pirates. Thinking of the girl he left behind he designed a ring to express how he felt during his captivity." He pointed to the symbols. "The heart in the center of the design represents love, the hands that surround it represents friendship, and the crown at the top represents fidelity." He lifted the smaller ring out the box. "Claddaghs are worn on the left hand, facing inward, if your heart is spoken for." Max lifted her left hand. "With these hands, I crown your heart with my love." He said huskily as he pushed the ring on her finger, facing inward. He brought her hand to his lips and gently kissed the ring on her finger. "I love you, Liz Parker, now and forever." His eyes were bright with tears.

Liz reached over, and picked up the other ring from the box. She reached for Max's left hand. "With these hands, I crown your heart with my love." She pushed the ring, facing inward on his finger. "With all that I am, all that I have . . . and all that I will be, I promise to love you for the rest of my life." She brought his hands to her lips, and kissed the ring on his finger. Her eyes were bright with tears.

Max got up from the floor, and held out a hand to Liz. He snapped his fingers toward the portable CD. "Dance with me." He said as the music began to play.

Liz put her hand in his. Max pulled her into the middle of the room, and pulled her close to his body. Their bodies moved against each other in rhythm with the music.

From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on

"So, whatever happened to Richard Joyce? " Liz asked as she stared joyfully at her ring.
"He returned five years later to find out that the woman he loved hadn't married, he promptly gave her the ring, and they got married." Max replied.

From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for your love I'd give my last breath
From this moment on

Max looked down at Liz and realized that he held his entire world in his arms. How did such a small girl gain so much power over him? /I] "I love you."

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can't wait to live my life with you,
Can't wait to start

She smiled gave him a brilliant smile. "I love you too." She brought a hand up and caressed the side of his face. "So much." She said tenderly. Liz put both her arms around Max's neck. She never wanted to leave the haven of his arms. If this is a dream, please don't ever let me wake up. She said silently to herself.
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment onn

Liz shut her eyes and held her breath as Max twirled her around. She let out a relieved sigh when she came up against his hard lean body again. "What's wrong?" Max looked down at her in concern.

"You disappeared . . . I should say future Max disappeared," Liz corrected herself, "on a similar turn. One moment we were dancing and then he was gone." She looked up at him, her eyes filled with sadness as she remembered. "I knew that meant that my plan had worked and that I had lost you forever."

You're the reason I believe in love
And you're the answer to my
prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you

"Oh Liz." Max hugged her closer to him as they swayed to the song. "I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'll never leave you, I promise." He kissed her gently on the forehead. "If you want to get rid of me, you'll have to beat me off with a stick." He chuckled.

"Then you'll be around forever because I'm never going to let you go." She said softly. Max lowered his head, his mouth meeting hers. He played ever so softly with her lips, coaxing them to part. He pushed his tongue into her mouth. She moaned as his tongue roamed freely in her mouth. Her hands locked around his head and she arched into his body, as they continued to kiss

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment on

I will love you
I will love you as long as I live
From this moment on

The song ended, but the couple were oblivious to that fact as they continued to kiss. Lack of oxygen finally forced them apart. "I think it's time we left." Max gasped out, as he fought to regain control.

"Why?" Liz asked as she nuzzled his neck. "No one can see us." She ran her hands over his body.

"Because . . . "Max trailed off and groaned when Liz probed his ear with the tip of her tongue, a tremor ran through his body. He pulled her closer to his body, cupping her bottom, he pushed his hips up against her, letting her feel how hard he was. He pulled his hands off her bottom and backed her up until she was pressed against the wall. He caught her mouth with his and kissed her wildly, as their tongues battled. She moved her hands underneath his suit jacket, she tugged impatiently at the vest and shirt until her hands touched his bare skin. She ran her hands over his chest, slightly rubbing his nipples with her finger tips. Her actions excited Max further. He gathered her skirt up in his hands until he found her panties. He groaned as he traced the edge of her panties. She squirmed in excitement. He pushed his hand into her panties until he cupped her heated flesh. He slowly worked a finger into her wetness. She strained against him, moaning. "Yes, Max, please."

Max broke off, coming to his senses. This was Liz, she deserved more for first time, then a quick bang up against the wall. Their first time together should be special. "I'm sorry." He pulled his hand from under her skirt, and pulled away. Breathing deeply, he fought for control.

"What's the matter, why did you stop?" Liz asked in bewilderment, as she too, tried to regain control. She ran her hand gently through his hair.

"Room." He gasped.


"I have a room reserved for us." Max was finally able to speak coherently as he regained control.

"You do?" She asked excitedly.

"Yes." He looked down at their disheveled state laughed ruefully. "Let's make our selves somewhat presentable so that we can get out of here." The couple rearranged their clothing, and left the rooftop terrace for their room.

SONGS USED:"From this moment" By Shania Twain & Bryan White from the album, Come on over.

TO BE CONTINUED............


Max and Liz arrived in front of their hotel room. Max unlocked the door with his card, pushed it open, and swung Liz up into his arms. He crossed the threshold, and kicked the door shut behind him.

"We're finally here." He spun around with her in his arms. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and laughed exhilaratingly, as the room spun about her. Max finally stopped and set her down on the floor. "Oh, Max." Liz said as she looked around the room. Red rose petals were scattered across the queen sized bed, and a big beautiful bouquet of red roses stood in a glass vase on one of the night stand tables.

"Happy?" Asked Max.

"Deliriously, happy." Liz leapt into his arms. "I can't believe you did all this for me." She fought back tears. "The clothes, flowers, spa, the park and now this."

Max held her tightly to him. "You deserve nothing less than the best." He said tenderly.

"I already have the best." She pulled out of his arms and brought her hand to caress the side of his face. "I have you." She said softly. Her eyes filled with unshed tears.

Her words made his knees weak. He never thought that he could love someone so much, and be beloved so much. He turned his head and gently kissed her palm. "Thank you." He whispered. "Are you nervous?" Max asked Liz as he removed his tuxedo jacket and tie, and threw them on one of the chairs in the room.

"I should be, but I'm not." Her face curved into a big smile. "I feel like I've waited a life time for this moment to come." She said huskily.

"Me too. " Max whispered.

Max lowered his head, his mouth brushing against hers, coaxing her lips to part. They kissed deeply, their tongues entangled. His mouth slid from hers, tracing the curve of her neck with his tongue. Liz reached over and unbuttoned his vest. Max shrugged it off his shoulders. She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed the shirt aside so that she could have free reign. Her hands began a sensuous quest, caressing, rubbing his bare muscular chest. The need for air forced the lovers apart.

Max reached behind Liz and unzipped the top of her dress. "Lift your hands up for a moment." Liz left her exploring, and lifted up her hands so that Max could remove her top. He pulled the top off and let it drop to the floor.

His fingers fanned her breasts until the crest hardened. Groaning, Liz reached for his mouth again. She explored the inside of his mouth, his cheeks, his teeth. Her mouth slid away from his, as her lips followed a heated path from his strong corded neck, to his chest. She licked his nipples. His eyes closed as passion consumed him, he shivered and threw his head back in ecstasy.

Liz cupped his face in her hands and pulled his head down to her. Max slowly opened his eyes,
Brown eyes dark with passion clashed with dark brown eyes darkened with hunger. He reached for her lips, his mouth was on hers, probing, demanding, devastatingly possessive as if he couldn't get enough of her. The kiss went on and on, becoming deeper, hotter, even more intimate. Not breaking the kiss, he unzipped her skirt, and pulled down until it laid pooled at her feet.

She stood clad in her lace bra and panties. Max stood back and studied her for a long moment, his eyes moving over her lovingly. Her small waist, the curve of her hips, the soft curves of her breast. She was finally going to be mine, he thought to himself. He took the cuff links off and pulled his shirt off, and let it, along with the cuff links fall to the floor.

He scooped her up into his arms and carried her effortlessly to the bed. He sat her on the edge of the bed. He knelt in front of her and slowly removed her sandals.

He stood and reached for his belt buckle. Liz thwarted his attempt. "I want to do it." She slowly unfastened his belt, released the snap, and pull down his zipper. She pushed the pants off. He stepped out of his pants, until he stood in boxers and socks. He tugged his socks off with his toes.

Liz slid back on the back until she laid in the middle of the bed. Kneeling on the bed Max unhooked the front center of her bra. He then pulled her panties down. Liz thought that she would be embarrassed or nervous about being naked for the first time in front of a man. But she wasn't. This was Max, the man she loved, the man she wanted to belong to.

Max gazed reverently down at her body. "Beautiful." He said huskily. He reached over, stroked and slowly explored her. He ran his hands down her body. His finger traced the outline of her nipples, until the crest hardened. She shuddered helplessly under the assault to her senses. He lowered himself over her. Her arms opened wide to receive him. She wanted to absorb him inside of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hungrily. She took his tongue into her mouth and sucked on it. He cupped her breasts in his hands; Intense pleasure washed over her. His mouth slowly moved away from her, biting, sucking at her lower lip, before he slid away from her mouth. Max moved lower until he found her breasts. He closed his lips around the tip of one breast, and sucked the pointed nub hard into his mouth. Liz arched off the bed. The pleasure, and heat was almost unbearable. Liz felt as if she was coming apart. Max moved his head to the other breast, giving it the same loving attention that he had given its partner. Licking, and suckling like a starving man, who had been given a last meal. Liz couldn't get enough of his sucking. She never wanted him to stop. She ran her hands wildy down this body as he continued his onslaught.

Her hand went down his chest, lower, and lower until it found its way into his boxers. She curled her hand into his groin, fondling, petting the bulbous head of his penis, until he thought he would go mad. Max groaned, and his body jerked, as his groin tightened painfully at her caressing hands on him. He ran his fingers down her belly to the junction of her thighs, to what he had been dying to touch for so long. He stroked her hidden curls. He then slid his fingers between her feminine folds, then over to the small bud that sprang to life the moment he touched it. Her breath hissed out, she cried out at the overpowering sensation. He slid a finger into her soaking heat. Her body clenched around his finger, as he slid it in and out of her wetness. She let out a keening scream, as she felt herself coming apart. She thrashed about.

"Please, Max." Liz moaned. He got up and pulled off his boxers. He took a condom package from the box on the night stand table, tore the package open with his teeth, and put the condom on. He placed his hands on either side of her head. He held himself stiff above her, fighting for control. His body screamed for relief, telling him to rush, to sink into her wetness as fast and as hard as possible. "Max." She sobbed, she wanted, needed relief from this sweet ache. She put her arms around his back and pulled him to her. He came down over her slowly. He caught her mouth with his, kissing her languidly, wetly. He slid between her legs. He gently and slowly, entered her hot, wet sheath, inch, by hard inch, probing, pushing until he saw her biting her lower lip. He eased back. "Liz?" He questioned her gently. She shook her head and urged him on. "I don't want to hurt you." He said softly.

"Please, Max, I want you so much." Her voice ached with want and need. She took the decision out of his hand. She pulled him roughly toward her. He rushed into her, unable to stop himself. She cried out, their eyes met at the instant he took possession of her. He stilled his movement.

"I'm sorry, Liz." He thickly.

"It's all right." She said softly. She pulled him closer, as the piercing pain quickly gave way into unimaginable pleasure, that grew and grew with each downward thrust of his body.

"Please don't stop." She pleaded, as she lost herself in the pleasure of having him inside of her. Gripping her bottom in his hands Max kept his thrust slow, and deep, gritting his teeth at her tight walls clutching him. Liz arched her hips, and wrapped her legs around him, forcing him to go faster. He heard her heavy breathing, her panting, as he thrust wildy into her. His face became a blur, as shattering burst of pleasure exploded all over her body like fireworks.
Liz shuddered into oblivion, just as she heard Max's harsh cry as he reached his climax.

She opened her eyes. She felt invigorate, reborn. Max was lying on top of her, a dead weight now that his passion was spent. She ran her hands down his body gently, awed at what had just happened.

"Are you okay?" He asked near her ear, his voice drowsy with pleasure.

"A little sore, but other than that I feel wonderful." Liz shifted a little, trying to get more comfortable.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize how heavy I was getting." Max said apologetically.

"It's okay." She was loath to separate from him; she loved having him inside her.

Max moved off, and pulled slowly out of her. He took the condom off. He paled at the sight of her blood it. He threw it in the wastebasket near the bed. He got up and pulled his pants on. "I'll be right back." He walked to the bathroom.

He came back a little while later. "Up you go." He gathered a drowsy Liz up into his arms."Where are we going?" She asked groggily. " You'll see." He kissed her gently on the forehead. He walked to the bathroom, and gently deposited her in the tub, which was filled with bubbles. Liz sighed at the pleasure of it.

Max sat down on the floor next to the tub, as she soaked in the warm, soothing water.

"I'm sorry." He said contritely. He hated that making love with her had caused her pain.

"Max, please stop worrying, it's part of nature." She smiled softly up at him. "Being with you. Having you inside of me more than makes up for the momentary pain and discomfort."

Max reached into the water and gently ran his down her belly, to her feminine folds. Heat radiated from his hand as he used his healing powers to heal her. She felt the residual soreness between her legs leave. "Thank you." Her face curved into a grateful smile.

"No need for thanks, I did it for purely selfish reasons." He said as he gazed lovingly at her.

"Oh?" She lifted an eyebrow in inquirer.

"I hate to see you in any kind of pain." He simply.

"I love you." she said, her face radiant with joy.

"I love you too." He said huskily. Liz pulled him to her, and caught his lips, she kissed him deeply and ardently.

Max laughed and pulled away from her. "None of that now. Healing, remember?"

Liz pouted prettily. He smiled, kissed her quickly, and got up. "I'm going to go back and make the bed, I'll be back in a bit."

Max helped Liz out the bath after her bath, and dried her with one of the big fluffy towels in the bathroom. He wrapped her in another towel, and carried her to the bed. He took the towel off laid her on the bed. She murmured in protest at being separated from his warmth. He took his pants off and joined her in bed. She cuddled against him, automatically seeking his warm body. He pulled the sheet at the foot of the bed and cover them with it. He gathered Liz into his arms, and gently stroked her hair while they laid curled under the sheets, until sleep finally claimed them.


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Liz stood at the window, clad in Max's shirt. She took a sip of her tea. She had risen an hour ago when the bright sunlight had invaded her sleep. She had drawn the curtain, shielding a deeply sleeping Max from the sunlight. She stood gazing dreamily out the window. She still couldn't believe that the nightmare of the past few months was over. That she and Max were finally together, no more lies, and no more heartbreak. She turned around and gazed loving at Max. Her eyes traveled down his length, drinking in every detail. His handsome face, the way his eyelashes laid against his cheeks. His muscular chest, his well defined abs. Her eyes traveled to the sheet which covered the lower portion of his body.

Her stomach tightened, and she felt a pleasant ache between her legs as she thought of what laid underneath. Smiling mischievously, Liz set the tea cup on the table with the covered breakfast that room service had just delivered. Breakfast could wait, she said mentally. She padded softly to the bed, and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. She shrugged out of it and let it fall to the carpet.

She gently pulled the covers down to the foot of the bed, until she exposed the lower half of his body. His penis rested in the nest of curls, flaccid against his thigh. She shivered in anticipation of what was to come, as moisture started to flow between her legs. She worked her way until she was between his legs. She stroked and fondled him, and watched in fascination as he became swollen and engorged.

Max was dreaming that he was chasing after Liz through a meadow, when he felt a growing ache in his groin. He groaned softly at the sensation. His dream slowly faded, and he drifted upward as his body forced his sleep away. He heard himself moan as he felt himself grow hard and erect.

He slowly opened his eyes, savoring the unbelievable sensations that were going through his body. He forced his eyes to focus and saw a dark head between his legs. "Liz, what are you doing?" He asked rather stupidly. "Having breakfast." She said as she went back to what she was doing.

She cupped him in her hands and lifted him to her mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue over the top of the velvet head, she traced all around beneath the ridge, then slipped into the tiny opening in the center before she slipped down to capture the whole head into her mouth. She then licked and sucked until he was pulsating wildly.

His body clenched and Max almost came off the bed at the unbearable ache between his legs. "Stop, please." He croaked out. He felt as if the top of his head was going to explode. He didn't think he could take anymore.

Liz looked up at him and gave him a wicked look that clearly said that she had no intention of stopping any time soon. Looking directly into his eyes, she ran her tongue down the entire length of his penis.

"No, more." Max whimpered out. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her on top of him. He moaned as her pointy nipples stabbed into his chest. Calling on control he didn't know he had, he fought to gain control over his climax. He had no intention of leaving Liz behind.

"My turn." He said gruffly. He turned her quickly onto her back.

His mouth captured hers, his tongue thrusting in. Tongues entangled as they kissed deeply, wildly. Max rubbed his leg, which was placed between her legs, against her mons. Liz felt almost light headed at the unbearable ache between her legs. She rubbed her herself against his leg, drenching his leg with her warm liquid. A thick moan sounded from his throat.

Max broke the kiss and slowly made his way down her body. His rough tongue sucked avidly at the nipple of one breast. She caught his shoulders feeling every lick, every pull on her nipple in the juncture between her legs. He moved to the other nipple, and sucked harder, deeper. He moved lower, as his hands replaced his mouth. He made his way down the plane of her stomach, kissing, licking, biting until he reached her curly mound. He pulled her legs apart, slid his hands under her bottom and brought her to him. His mouth and tongue was everywhere as he tongued and sucked at her slit.

She arched widely at his thrusting tongue, "Yes . . . No . . . stop . . . more." Liz thrashed widely about. "Please I need to feel you inside of me." She pleaded.

"You started it. You should be the one to do the work." Max said gruffly. He turned on his back. He lifted her up and slowly lowered her onto his erection.

Liz moaned, gripping his side tightly she set the tempo. Up and down she moved. Max cupped her breast, playing with her nipples as she rode him. She rode him until they both climaxed. Groaning she slumped over him.

"What a wonderful way to start the morning." Max said once he was finally able to regain the use of his vocal chords. He hugged her tightly to him.

"Yea." Liz agreed. She didn't think that she could ever be as happy as she was right now. "I love you."

"I love you" He said as he hugged her tightly to him.

"How about some breakfast?" Asked Liz.

"Would love it." Max smiled wickedly, as he deliberately misunderstood her words. Remembering her comment about breakfast earlier, he nibbled her neck and explored her body with his hands. "I would love some more breakfast."

Liz giggled as she half heartedly rebuffed his advances. "You're insatiable." They kissed passionately and where about to give into their passion once again, when Liz pulled away. "Food . . . real food." She reminded him breathlessly. Max groaned into her hair as she laughed. "Okay." He said as he reluctantly moved away.

"Get some clothes on before I forget myself again." He said as he pulled away from her. Liz got out of bed and wrapped the sheet around her. "Wouldn't want you to get any ideas." She said teasingly. His heart lurched in his chest at the love and joy he saw shining in her face.

Liz stopped midway to the bathroom and threw the sheet back at him. "I'll let you scrub my back if you promise to behave." She dashed for the bathroom.

Max laughed and jumped out of bed. Overtaking her, he swooped her up into his arms. "Always happy to obliges, ma'am." He tipped an imaginary cowboy hat. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and giggled as they walked into the bathroom.

TO BE CONTINUED...........


Clad in bathrobes Max and Liz sat at the table eating breakfast.

‘‘I knew there was a reason why I kept you around." Liz popped a piece of the blueberry pancake that Max had just warmed up with his powers. "Delicious." Liz licked her fork. "For some reason I feel ravenous this morning." Liz gave him a wicked grin.

"I could tell." Max chuckled remembering this morning's excursion.

Liz suddenly leaned forward until their she was face to face with Max. "Look deep into my eyes." She said dramatically.

"Okay." Max complied. "What am I looking for?"

"Do you think anyone could tell?"

"Tell what?" Max gave her a puzzled look.

"That we spent most of the morning making love."

"Um, no." Max shook his head in amusement.

"I don't appear different at all?" Liz pouted, you would think such a milestone would leave some sort of trail.

"Wait!" Max pulled back and pointed to her forehead. "I do see something."

"What?" Liz reached up and touched her forehead as if searching for what he was pointing to.

"Right across your forehead are written the words, Liz Parker and Max Evans just had sex." Max said dramatically.

"You bum." Liz playfully hit him.

"So what do you want to do for the rest of the day?" Asked Max as he took another bite of his tabasco topped pancakes. "We have a day and a half left in Las Vegas."

"I would love to see the King Tut's Tomb exhibit at the Luxor." Liz said.

"The Luxor it is."

"But first." Liz got up from her chair and sat down on Max's lap. She grinned, ran a finger through the syrup on the plate, and carefully smeared it out on his lips. Tracing the outline of his lips with her tongue, she licked the syrup off. "Delicious." She said huskily. They both knew that she wasn't talking about the syrupy.

Liz nibbled on his neck as her busy fingers untied his bathrobe. Her lips trailed kisses down his chest. Max groaned and lifted her head up, and caught her lips with his. He parted her lips and kissed her hungrily, thirstily. Her soft moans were lost in his mouth as she felt his hands untying her robe.


Several hours later

Max and Liz strolled hand in hand through the King Tutankhamen's tomb exhibit. They wandered through the stone chambers that housed the statues of the gods. Examined the wooden boats that were intended to carry the young king on his voyage. They Marveled at the replica of the gold-plated sarcophagus and the shabtis, figurines made of semiprecious stones symbolizing workers to help Tut with his duties.

"Can you imagine ruling an entire kingdom at the age of nine?" Liz mused.

"But he died so young." Max sadly shook his head as he thought of the boy king. "Dead at eighteen."

"Excuse me." A figure hurried by, bumping into the couple. Liz shivered, and rubbed her arms where goose bumps had formed.

"Did you feel that?" She asked Max.

"Feel what?" Max looked at her searchingly.

"It felt as if a cold wind just rushed by."
"No, I didn't feel anything." Max looked around trying to discover the source of her discomfort.

"I guess I must have just imagined it." Liz shrugged her shoulders. "Let's go look at something else." She took Max's hand and pulled him with her.


In a darkened corner away from the couple, two figures stood huddled together talking furtively.

"It's done." A voice spat out.

"They've consummated?"


"How could you tell?"

The taller figure shot the shorter figure an exasperated look. "By the scent marking, I could smell him all over her."

"Then the awakening will begin." The other voice said fearfully. "We have to do something before this gets too far."

"Don't you think I know that?"

"Does he know?"

"Yes, his on his way to earth as we speak. Needless to say he is not pleased at the state of affairs." A pointed look was thrown at his companion. "And he knows who is to blame for this debacle."

"I did all I could." The voice whined.

"Obviously it wasn't enough." The voice snapped back. The figure raised a hand toward his companion sending the other figure slamming against a wall. "Pray to the goddess that I am able to rectify the situation." Ptolemy, Kivar's right-hand man and best warrior, looked down at the figure on floor with disgust, before stalking off.

Max and Liz sat at their table enjoying their meal, and the beautiful view from the glass walls of the restaurant. Liz suddenly sat up straighter in her chair. It felt as if every hair on her body was standing on ends. She rubbed her arms as if trying to get warm, as a feeling of dread started to spread through her body. She shook her head trying to throw off the feeling. She glanced at Max wondering if he felt it too, but he looked relax, unaware of the darkness creeping closer. Liz shivered, and looked around at the crowd, searching for what, she didn't know. But something sinister was out there, watching them. Her stomach lurched and she felt as if she wanted to throw up.

"Is something wrong?" Max looked in concern at fear he saw on her face.

"Max, I think we should get out of here."

"What's the matter?" He could feel her anxiety.

"Please, let's just go." She said urgently.

Max nodded his head. He motioned for the bill, and threw the money on the table after getting it. The couple then hurried out of the restaurant.


"Did you hear that?"


"She knew we were here."

"I'm going to have to use another method to get to them now." Ptolemy gave his companion a vicious look. "I should just kill you now and save Kivar the trouble." He shook his head in disgust. "My greatest pupil, and also my greatest disappointment."

Head down in shame and fear, his companion refused to meet his eyes.


Max turned on the light and shut the door of their hotel room. Liz kicked off her sandals and sank gratefully to the bed. "How are you feeling?" He sat next to Liz and put his arm around her.

"Better." She leaned her head gratefully against his shoulder. "I'm feeling shaky, but the urgent dark feeling is no longer there."

"Do you want something to drink?"
"Some water please."

Max got up, walked up to the mini refrigerator and pulled out a small bottle of water. Liz thirstily took several sips once he handed it to her.

"What happened back there?"

"I don't know." She shook her head. "One moment everything was fine, and the next I felt as if I was suffocating in darkness." She hugged herself and rubbed her arms as if trying to get warm. "What the hell is going on?"

"I wish I knew." Max ran his hand thru his hair in frustration. "You've never felt anything like this before, right?"

"Never." She shook her head.

"We'll figure out what's going on." Max hugged her to him. "I promise." He kissed the top of her head. "Let's get some sleep."


King Zan stood nervously in front of the aisle awaiting the arrival of his bride. "What's taking her so long?" He whispered to Lord Rath of Khonsu, his best friend and second in command. "Do you think something happened? Should I send the guards?"

"Relax my friend. She will be here." Rath chuckled to himself. How the mighty has fallen he thought mentally, the mighty king Zan, leader of an entire world, brought down by a slip of a woman.

Music swelled announcing the arrival of the bride. Zan breathed a sigh of relief. The temple doors opened, a sea of faces turned to gaze at the vision walking down the aisle. Clad in a long pale gold, jewel studded gown, Lady Deanna walked slowly down the aisle, her eight attendants trailed behind her, carrying her twenty-five feet veil and train. She looked neither right nor left, but kept her eyes, which shone with joy, trained at the altar where Zan, clad in dark gold stood waiting for her. When Deanna reached Zan, he took her hand, and the couple moved as one to face the priest and priestess.

They repeated the words spoken to them by the priest and priestess. Drank the wine and consecrated sweet cakes they were given. They walked back down the aisle through the herbs and flowers that were scattered before them. Deanna bowed her head as Zan put the royal crown on her head, making her his queen. Finally the long ceremony ended and the couple put their seals on the documents which recorded their union. The king's mother nodded her head and threw gold dust on the couple signifying her blessing and approval.

The happy couple walked back down the aisle and outside the temple doors to the bright sunshine that shone down from the two suns of Antar. A large crowd had gathered before the area across from the temple. King Zan lifted Queen Deanna's hand and kissed it, causing the crowd to go wild, as they roared their approval of the couple. The couple walked to the waiting vehicle that would take them back to the palace and the reception.

Once in their vehicle Zan turned and looked at Deanna. "You're king and husband commands that you kiss him." He said in his sternest voice, but his twinkling eyes belied his seriousness.
"Sorry, Queens don't take orders." She giggled, and playfully eluded the kiss.

"Then your king humbly begs for a kiss." Zan laughed. Deanna's face curved into a smile. Her hand came up behind his head to bring his mouth down on hers. They kissed long and passionately.

Suddenly the scene grew dark, the couple were outside. The sky darkened, and wind whipped furiously causing their clothing to flap wildly in the breeze. "This will never be." A figure cloaked in darkness suddenly appeared between the couple separating them. The figure held up its hands holding it pressed against the couple's chest. Pain radiated through Zan and Deanna's body, as unbearable heat entered their bodies.

Clutching their chests, and gasping for air, Liz and Max sat up in their bed.

"Zan!" Liz cried out.

"Deanna!" Max cried out at the same time.

Max reached out and turned on the lamp on the night stand table. He looked down at his bare chest and was astonished to see a red outline of a hand print on his chest. He quickly glanced at Liz and found a similar mark on her chest. "What the hell is going on?" He rasped out.

Liz shook her head in stunned disbelief. "How can a dream leave a mark, and why did I call you Zan?"


A floor below Max and Liz's room.

"Damn it!" Ptolemy slowly got up from the bed.
"What happened?" His companion asked.

"They awoke before I could finish." He waved a hand bringing the bottle of water on the table to him, and drank thirstily.

"Were they dreaming?"

"Yes." Ptolemy glared at his associate. "They were dreaming about their wedding. They are remembering."



"I don't know how we can get wounds from a dream." Max pressed a hand to Liz's chest using his powers to heal the wound. He then did the same for his mark. "I think it's time we talk to Michael and Isabel. Something strange is definitely going on." Liz and Max got off the bed and quickly dressed.

Once they arrived at the suite that their friends were sharing, Max used his powers to unlock the door. "You get the girls, and I'll get Michael." He stepped to Michael's door, and quickly let himself in.

"Michael, wake up." He shook his shoulders.

"Maxwell?" Michael said groggily, he peered at the clock. "It's two o'clock in the morning. I just put my head on the damn pillow. What the hell is going on?"

"We've got trouble." Max got straight to the point. "Meet me in the livingroom."

The group gathered in the livingroom, where Max and Liz proceeded to tell them the events of that night.

"The dream was so real. It was as if Max and I were on Antar getting married." Liz shook her head. "But that's impossible, right?" She looked up in confusion from her seat on the couch. "I'm human, how could I be dreaming of Antar?" She shook her head as if to clear it. "And then the scene changed, and everything got dark and cold." She shivered. Max hugged her to him, and rubbed her arms to warm her up.

"A figure appeared. He put his hands against our chest. There was such excruciating pain, it felt as if we were being burned from the inside out." Max took up where Liz had left off. "I felt this urgent need to get up, and I awoke to find a hand print on my chest, and the same with Liz."

"What the hell?" Michael exclaimed. "Were you able to see his face?"

"No, but he felt familiar." Muttered Liz.

"What do you mean he felt familiar?" Asked Isabel.

"I mean, I got the same feeling from the figure in the dream, that I got from this evening at the restaurant."

"What?" Max looked at her in surprise. " The urgent, dark feeling?"

"Yea." Liz said huskily.

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" Maria broke into the fray.

They explained, earning them incredulous looks from their friends.

"You're telling me that you can sensed evil?" Michael asked skeptically.

"I don't know what I'm feeling." Liz got up from the couch and started pacing. "All I know is that I'm getting warnings of danger."

"You said warnings, did it happen more than once." Isabel inquired.

"Yes . . . no . . . I don't know." She said shakily. "But at the Tut exhibit, a man ran past us and I felt a chill." Liz stopped pacing and sat back on the couch next to Max. "I blew it off, but now I'm not so sure."

"Something is definitely happening." Max got up from the couch and faced the group. "I think we should go back to Roswell. If anything is going to happen, we need home court advantage." Max looked around at the faces before him. "Where are Alex, Tess and Kyle?" Noticing for the first time that the other members of their group were missing.

"Kyle and Alex are probably still in the casino. " Said Maria. "Kyle has been lucky at the tables, and Alex has been hanging with him, hoping that some of his good luck would rub off."

"I saw Tess this morning and she said something about shopping and night clubs." Said Isabel.



Two guards stood behind Kivar as he stood in the middle of the hotel room, surveying the occupants.

"The last time I heard from you." Hands clasped behind his back, Kivar paced back in forth, anger radiated from his every movement. "You had intercepted future Zan after he had used the granolith, killed him, and replaced him with a shape shifter. Preventing him from warning his present self about our plan, and had the shape shifter convince Deanna that they had to be apart to prevent the end of the world." He stopped in front of Ptolemy's protege. "You gave me a glowing report about their distance and how it was playing right into our hands. What went wrong?"

"I don't know." The figure stood, hands clasped, looking straight ahead.

"Not good enough! I asked what went wrong?!" Kivar shouted, the veins in his neck standing in attention.

"She must have gotten to him."

"Thanks to Zan's mother, that bitch Neferset, rebels are out in full force as word spreads like wild fire in Antar of the return of Zan and his slut Deanna. I can't afford to be away from Antar at this time, yet I'm here." He said softly, and calmly. Lulling those who didn't know him into thinking that he had calmed down. He walked up until he stood toe to toe with his prey. "It was your job to make sure that that never happened, wasn't it?" He ran a hand gently down the side of his prey's face, then suddenly reached and grabbed the jugular. "You have one earth minute to convince me not to kill you, Avana."

"Because you need me." She rasped.


"I'm the only one who can get close to them."

"How? Thanks to your failure the prophecy has been fulfilled and Deanna can sense the evil within."

"They haven't reached their full power yet, and I still have their trust."

"So? You still won't be able to get close to them without her radar going off." Kivar applied a little more pressure. "Thirty earth seconds remaining."

"As Tess Harding, I have the trust of their friends and families, and can use that to get to them."

Kivar removed his hand and stepped back. "I'm listening."

She waved a hand toward the closet door, causing it to swing open. "First victims." The closet revealed an unconscious Kyle and Alex.


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Kivar waved a hand and brought a chair to him, he sat and motioned for Tess to continue.

"I've made a thorough study of Zan since I've been here, and his weakness is the same that it was when we were on Antar."

He nodded slightly. "His compassion."

"Exactly." She had to laugh. "He even felt compelled to tell me personally about him and Liz. I of course played the understanding, pathetic Tess card. By the goddess he is so stupid, how he was King of Antar, I'll never know. "

Kivar chuckled in agreement.

"They are recalling their past." Interjected Ptolemy. "With remembrance comes the reawakening of his powers, of all their powers, Vilandra and Rath included. How do you plan to circumvent that?"

Tess glared at Ptolemy. "Your majesty, while it's true that Zan and Deanna are recalling their past. The last time it was checked they were recalling their wedding, nothing yet to trigger anything. We have time."

"You'll be in charge of setting everything up of course." Kivar shot her a pointed look. "I want everything done in no more than two earth days." He stood up from his chair. "I can't afford to be away from Antar much longer. " He walked up to Avana, and kissed either side of her face. "Well played cousin, glad I didn't have to kill you." He chuckled. "I have a few things to do on board the ship. I'll meet you both in Roswell in two days." Kivar nodded to Ptolemy, and with that he and his guards left.

Ptolemy eyed her. "Great save with King Kivar."

"Thank you." She smiled and patted her self on the back. "I've always known that I was brilliant."

Ptolemy made a rude noise. "Don't underestimate Zan and his people Avana."

"The man is a fool. He should be no threat." She waved off his warning. "You forget that I've lived with these people for a year and half. " She shook her head in disgust. "None of their powers have been developed. They are pathetic." She chortled. "If the Antarians could see their precious royals now, they wouldn't be fighting for their return."

"Zan may be an eighteen-year old earth boy now, and have limitations on his power. But once the awakening happens, and he remembers his past life, he will have all his old powers back, multiplied, thanks to Neferset's manipulations. Not to mention, Deanna's powers."

"I don't fear him or his powers." She spat out defiantly. "Believe me these people are idiots, they are no threat."

"Then you're a fool." Ptolemy eyed her in disgust. "One should never underestimate his enemy, Avana. To do so is to breed failure. Neither Kivar nor I were a match for Zan, the only way we were able to defeat him was because we caught him off guard. "

"You forget yourself, Ptolemy." Tess shot him a sharp look. "I'm a lady of the court as well as a warrior." She walked up to him until she stood in his face. "You're just a hired hand. Now that I've regained Kivar's favor, I don't need to cower in fear of you. "

"As you say, my lady." He bowed mockingly. "I am merely your instrument." His voice was deceptively polite.

"Damn it!" Isabel slammed down the phone. "No flights to Roswell until tomorrow morning" She told the other the occupants in the room.

"I keep getting the feeling that the dream is real, and is trying to tell me something important." Said Max.

"Me too." Liz nodded in agreement.

"But if the dream is real, and you and Liz shared a past, where does that leave Tess?" Asked Michael.

"I don't know, but it is definitely something we have to address." Max ran his hand through his hair in frustration. "Another question to add to the mix."

"Question is, do we, or do we not trust her?" Isabel watched her brother curiously.

"Well, you know what my vote is, I've never trusted her." Maria pipped in.

"But what about what future Max said? He said that you needed Tess in order to combat your enemies. We can't discard what we were told." Interjected Liz.

"Future Max?" Isabel and Michael asked at the same time.

"What are you talking about?" Isabel asked curiously.

Max and Liz proceeded to tell them about future Max's visit.

"Un-freaking-believable." Michael could only say in stunned surprise.

"How can you be sure that he is who he claimed to be?" Isabel finally found her voice.

"He knew things about Max before it happened." Liz offered as proof.

"Yes, but we have shape shifters, and mind rapers running around on earth as part of our alien among us group. How can you be sure?" Pressed Isabel.

"I agree with Isabel." Mused Michael. "It just seems ridiculous to me that Max's great plan to save the ‘end of the world' was to have Liz fall out of love with him."

"Does seem ridiculous when you say it." Liz said dryly.

"You would think that Max would come to Isabel or me, and warn us about our enemies, or specific dates that we should be aware of." Michael said.

"It does sound absurd." Max frowned trying to make sense of the information that he was processing.

"You think it was a set up?" Liz grew chilled, yet hot at the same time. Could she have been duped? Could all the pain and heartache that she had gone these past months been for nothing? Just part of an elaborate plot by their enemies? She shook her head. No. It couldn't be true. "We're basing all this theory on a dream."

"A dream that both of us shared." Max inserted. "A dream so vivid that we were left with wounds that needed to be healed."

"But I'm human. I can't be Antarian. I've had physicals, had blood drawn. If I wasn't human, it would have been discovered years ago." Liz argued.

"How do you explain the feelings that those dreams arose?" Max pressed. "I actually felt everything that these people were going through."

"I wish there was a way for us to discover what's going on." Liz sighed.

Isabel pursed her lips thoughtfully. "There might be a way to find out."

Everyone turned to look at her.

"Remember how Tess kept pressing Max to let her try her memory retrieval techniques?" The group nodded. "Well I've been trying to do that on my own. By going into a trance, I am able to recall some things about our planet." Everyone looked at her in amazement. "Nothing concrete, mind you. Things are kind of fuzzy. I get impressions then anything else. But I believe that if we combine our energies together, we could get clear images." She gazed intensely at the group. "That is if you guys are game."

"I'm willing to try it." Said Max.

"Me too." Liz nodded her consent.

"Then let's get to it."

"We don't know how long we'll be at this, or how deep of a trance we might have to go into. I think we should seal the doors and windows just to be safe." Said Max.

"How about Kyle and Alex, it's getting late. I'm sure they'll be up soon. Suppose they return and try to get into the room?" Questioned Maria.

"They'll just have to wait. We can't take any chances." Max was adamant.

"Let's do it." Agreed Michael.

Liz put the ‘do not disturb' sign on the door.

Max, Isabel and Michael used their powers to seal the door and windows of the suite. The group sat in a circle in the middle of the living room, holding hands. A bright pulsing light enveloped the room as the group fell into a deep trance.


The wedding reception of King Zan and Queen Deanna

"Are you happy my son?" Asked Neferset as she danced with Zan.

"Very happy mother." His eyes constantly searched for his bride. He smiled as he saw her dancing with Rath.

"You love her very much, don't you?"

"She owns my soul mother." He said huskily. "I can't imagine life without her."

"Oh my dear boy." Queen Neferset eyes filled with tears as she watched the love shining from her son's face.

"Tears from you, mother." He gently wiped a tear away with a finger. "I don't think I've ever seen you cry, except at father's passing on ceremony."

"I've cried many tears for you my son." She whispered softly. "You had so much responsibility thrust upon you at such an early age, with the unexpected death of your father." She smiled mistily up at him. "In my bid to make you strong and powerful, to protect you from our enemies, I feared that I neglected the man. Because of my error, I feared that you would never let yourself find love."

"Nonsense." He chided. "You made me into the person I am today, mother." Zan stopped dancing and pulled her to a corner of the room. "The king and the man that I am is because of your tutoring." He kissed her softly on the cheek. "No more tears this is a celebration, okay?"

She smiled brightly up at him. "Okay." She waved him off. "Go to your bride. I'm sure you'd rather be with her then this old woman."

"You old mother?" He laughed. "You don't look a day over two hundred cycles." Zan lifted up her hand and gently placed a kiss upon it, before leaving to find Deanna.

Following the intricate patterns of the dance, Zan and Deanna's feet and body moved to the music.

"I was starting to think that I was never going to wear you down." He smiled down at her. "I knew that I had won your heart, but I thought that I would never win your hand. Why did you make it so difficult?" He probed.

"I didn't think you were serious."

"What?" Zan gave her a wounded look. "I made a complete fool of myself in my pursuit of you."

"You, make a fool of yourself?" Deanna rolled her eyes in disbelief. "I would like to see the day that the mighty king Zan acts foolish." She laughed.

"So what finally convinced you?" He pressed.

She got serious, and reached up to gently caress his face. "I finally found my other half, and I wasn't about to let him escaped, even if he was my king." She said huskily. "I couldn't imagine life without you."

Zan kissed the hand caressing his face. "Me neither." He said hoarsely.

She smiled up impishly at him. "Besides you're way too attractive to be left on your own for too long." She giggled. "I'm doing you a favor by nailing you down." She sassed.

Zan chuckled. "Oh really?"


"Who knows what sort of trouble you could have gotten into if you weren't taken off the market." She smiled prettily at him.

The music changed and the couple moved to the new steps.

"When do you think is an appropriate time to sneak out?" Deanna changed the subject.

"Why do you ask?" Zan played dumb and gave her an innocent look.

"Oh no reason." Deanna worked a hand beneath his robe and ran a caressing hand down his chest.

Zan groaned and pulled her hand away. "Deanna, behave yourself. " He pulled her closer to his body so that she would have no room to work her torture.

"What's the matter?" She gave him a wide innocent stare, and forced her hand between their bodies, so that she could continue to torture him.

"Isis and Osiris, help me." He rasped.

"The gods can't help you today." Deanna's face curved into a wicked smile.

"Two can play at that game, your majesty." Zan stopped dancing, and swung her up into his arms. "Eat and enjoy yourself, I have some things to take care of." He called out to the crowd. The guests clapped and laughed as they watched the royal pair make their escape. "Well played!" Deanna wrapped her arms around his neck and laughed exhilaratingly.

"They are so in love." Vilandra said enviously as she stood next to her mother and watched the couple leave the ballroom.

"Don't worry, my love. Your day will come." Neferset hugged her daughter to her.



Neferset slowly drew her arm away from Vilandra's waist, she swayed as if she had received a blow. "No." She whimpered. "It's too soon."

"Mother?" Vilandra grabbed Neferset's arm and led her to a darkened corner of the room. "What's the matter?" She asked. But her mother did not respond. Neferset stood still as a statute, as if she were in a trance. "Mother?" Vilandra looked around the room, trying to find the nearest exit. It wouldn't do for the court to see her mother like this. She put an arm around her to lead her out the room.

"I'm okay." Neferset suddenly regained her composure. She pulled away from Vilandra. She turned her back to her daughter and took a deep cleansing breath. When finally she felt composed enough, she turned to face Vilandra.

"What is it? " Vilandra gasped out, her mother's eyes screamed of sadness and sorrow. Before Neferset could respond, a voice intruded on their conversation. "Your royal highness, I must speak to you."

Vilandra and Neferset turned around to face a tall woman on indeterminable age. She was dressed in a long black robe, and had long pure white hair which fell straight as a ribbon of white satin, nearly touching the floor.

"High Priestess Khentkaues." Said Vilandra.

"Princess Vilandra." Khentkaues bowed her head in greeting. She turned to face Neferset. "It is time."

"I know old friend." Said Neferset.

She turned to Vilandra. "Something has come up which needs my immediate attention. I must go." She hugged Vilandra, and kissed her on both cheeks. "I love you, daughter, always remember that." She whispered in her ear.

"Mother, you're scaring me." She searched her mother's face. For some inexplicable reason she felt as if her mother was telling her good-bye, as if one of them was about to go on a long journey. "Tell me what's going on."Vilandra grabbed hold of one of Neferset's arm.

"Nothing that you need concern yourself with." Neferset pulled away from Vilandra. She nodded to Khentkaues and the pair stepped over to the large double gold doors in the corner of the room.

Vilandra looked after them curiously, and then slowly followed the fast disappearing pair. Khentkaues and Neferset did not speak until they reached the lower level of the palace. A level that Vilandra didn't even know existed. Once there, Neferset, and then Khentkaues pressed their hands against what to the unknowing eye appeared to be a wall. Lines slowly appeared, until an entrance appeared. Neferset and Khentkaues quickly entered. Vilandra snuck in before the door disappeared. She entered a large room, which appeared to serve as both a lab and a temple. She hid behind a statue of Amen-RA, and watched as the pair went to a table set in the middle of the room. She strained to hear what they were discussing.

"The prophesy is about to unfold." Khentkaues said simply, with no preamble. "A family will fall, a king betrayed by one he holds dear, a planet will mourn, the evil within exposed, but like RA he will rise and triumph over his enemies, and Maet will come to the lands." She repeated the words as if in a trance.

"I know. I had the vision again." Neferset 's stomach tightened in protest as she uttered those words."I had hoped for more time." She said sadly.

"You knew this day would come, Neferset." They had developed a deep and abiding friendship over the many cycles, and were not merely a former Queen and high priestess, but also close friends.

"Knowing something is going to happen is one thing, my friend, but being confronted with it is quite another." Neferset said softly. "How am I supposed to say good-bye to my children?" She lifted anguished eyes to Khentkaues. "How am I supposed to sit back, and do nothing as they are murdered?"

Vilandra bit on a clinched fist muffling her cry of outrage at what she was hearing.

"With their death, comes Maet." Khentkaues put a consoling hand gently on Neferset 's shoulder. "Peace and order for our planet, our entire solar system. They will rise again, Neferset. Stronger than before, and this time prepared to face their enemies."

Neferset took a deep breath, drawing on extra reserve of strength that she didn't know she had. "Bast has spoken. So it will be written, so it shall be done." She stood erect, every inch the great Queen and warrior that she was. "How are things going on your end?" Neferset moved away from Khentkaues. She waved a hand over her garments, changing her formal dress into trousers and a loose top. It was time to get to work.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Isabel gasped and pulled her hands away from Max and Michael, breaking the deep trance that the group had fallen into.

"What's the matter, Isabel?" Asked Max.

"How can you ask me that, Max?" She looked at him incredulously. "Our mother knew what was going to happen to us, and she did nothing. Absolutely nothing to prevent it." Isabel stood up and went to the bar, she opened the small refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water. Her hands were shaking so badly that more water dribbled down her mouth then actually went in. But the small amount that did go in helped cool her parched throat. "What kind of monster is she? What kind of people are we, that we have her for a mother?"

Max got up from the floor and walked over to his sister. "Isabel, we don't really know why she did what she did." He put an arm around Isabel's shoulder to comfort, and to try to calm her down.

"I'm sorry. Nothing can justify standing by and doing nothing as people you profess to love dies." She raised tears filled eyes to her brother. " How could she, Max? How could she?" She murmured.

"The only way we will find out is to finish what we started. We have to finish this Isabel."

"I don't know if I can Max." She pulled away from him, and pushed her long blonde hair out of her face. "I'm afraid of what we might discover. " She said brokenly.

"We have no choice but to continue. Knowledge is power, and right now we have none. Something is out there Iz, waiting to destroy us. We need to finish what we started." He pleaded with her.

Michael got up and walked up to Max and Isabel, to add his voice to Max's pleading. "We are basically blind right now, Isabel. We know nothing, and our enemies are out there. We owe it to ourselves to find out everything we can that could help us fight."

Isabel stared at the two closest people in the world to her, her brothers. She couldn't let them down. They were right. This had to be finished, no matter how painful it might be. "Let's finish this." She said determinedly.

They turned as one and walked back to where Maria and Liz had sat on the floor, silently watching and waiting for Isabel to come to the conclusion that they all had, they needed to know about the past in order to protect their future. The group held hands once again, a blinding light filled the room, and they flashed back to the past. This time determine to remain until all questions were answered.

Antar, the day of the fall

Khentkaues and Neferset stood in the underground lab/temple discussing what was about to happen.

"Everything is set." Khentkaues walked over to a wall that contained several pods. "The human genetic materials have been gathered, all that is needed is their essence." She pulled out some tubes from a cooling unit near the pods and started mixing.

"Good." Neferset walked over to a corner where a big computer monitor stood, she punched in several numbers and letters into the computer. "The warriors are in place. Most of our equipment has been moved out of the palace and into our new base of operations. Our allies will meet us there."

"Have the probes been put in place?" Asked Khentkaues.

"Yes, everyone on this planet, and in our system will know of the treachery that happens this day." Neferset pressed some buttons, transferring the pods to another location.

"The space ships are ready, and the protectors who will be accompanying them have already been selected." Said Khentkaues.

"I wish we could send more than two protectors, but we don't want to alert our enemies." Said Neferset as she worked to complete her task. "Or the earthlings, for that matter. If they find out that there were aliens among them, they would not rest until they had exterminated them. They aren't as tolerant of the unknown as our brethren the ancient Egyptians were. We want to draw as little attention as possible."

"What in the name of all the gods is going on here?" Vilandra couldn't stand it anymore, and came out of her hiding place.

"Princess Vilandra, finally decided to join us I see." Said Khentkaues as she faced Vilandra.

Vilandra was momentarily distracted. "How did you know that I was here?"

"We set this place up so that no one can come into this room without either Khentkaues, or myself knowing about it." Said Neferset.

"What's going on?" Vilandra walked further into the room, until she stood next to the pair.

"What do you think is going on?" Asked Khentkaues.

"I couldn't hear everything, but I heard enough to know that my mother is planning to sit back and watch me and my brother die." Vilandra spat out. She clenched her hands into fists, trying to contain her rage and disappointment in her mother. "How could you mother?"

"Vilandra, we each have our own special powers, in my case my gift and curse, if you will, is the ability to see the future." She said sadly. "Trust me when I say that this must play out."

"Do you hear what you are saying?" She asked in disbelief. "You are planning to seat back and watch your son, and your daughter be murdered?" She shook her head in disbelief. She hardly recognized the woman standing in front of her.

"I know. Unfortunately I have no choice." Neferset said briskly as she met her daughter's gaze unflinchingly.

"There is always a choice mother." Vilandra snapped. "We make our destiny, we choose our own fate, you taught me that." Vilandra turned her back on Neferset, unable to look upon her any longer.

"I know, but not at the expense of our people." She turned Vilandra around, forcing her to face her. "We have obligations as royals. It is our job to protect and care for the people we rule." She tried to catch her daughter's eyes, but Vilandra refused to look at her. "This is bigger than you, Zan and I. The fate of an entire world. An entire race, and a solar system depends on these events unfolding." Neferset put a hand under her daughter's chin and lifted her head forcing her to meet her gaze. "The ruling five planets cannot continue on this path. If the ruling five planets don't unite, and end the hostilities once and for all, we will all be destroyed. We need something to unite us. And this is it." She looked pleadingly into her daughter's eyes, trying, hoping to get her to see things her way. But all she saw were pain, anger and disappointment. "Your sacrifice will bring Maet to our world, our solar system." She moved her hand away from Vilandra's chin, and lifted one of Vilandra's hand to press it against her chest. "This isn't final. You will be reborn and with that rebirth will come Maet." She kissed her daughter's hand. "We will be reunited again, my daughter."

Vilandra pulled her hand away from Neferset, she couldn't bear to have her touch her right now. "So that justifies sitting back and letting some unknown assailant destroy us?" She wanted to shake her mother in her frustration. She felt like she was in a nightmare. If there was one thing that she was absolutely sure of in this world, it was her mother's love for her and Zan. Yet here she stood condoning her and Zan's death. "Tell me when and how this is suppose to happen? What should we look for?" She grabbed her mother's arm. "In the name of Ra, give us a fighting chance, the chance to decide our fate." She pleaded.

"I'm sorry. I can't. " Neferset pulled away from Vilandra.

"I don't even know who you anymore." Vilandra said brokenly, fighting back tears of pain. "If you won't do something, then I will. I refuse to stand by and watch my brother or myself either for that matter, die. No matter how good or noble the cause is."

"Vilandra, you can't stop this." Neferset said softly.

"Watch me." Vilandra pulled away from her mother and stepped to the wall where she knew the door was. "There is always more than one solution to a problem. You also taught me that." She pressed her hand against the wall trying to get the door to appear. But as hard as she pressed, nothing happened. She turned back to face Neferset and Khentkaues. "Let me out of here."

"Vilandra, you can't interfere." Khentkaues called out to her.

"Let her go. This is how it has to be. One day she'll understand and forgive me. At least I hope so." Neferset said sadly under her breath. She raised a hand toward the wall, causing the door to reappear. "Let's finish this." She turned back to the task at hand.

Vilandra walked quickly out the door determined to prevent this so-called prophesy from taking place. There was no way that she was going to stand by and do nothing. She would go down fighting. She navigated the different levels until she reached the ball room. She walked quickly in, ignoring the people who tried to get her attention. She searched the crowd until she spotted Rath, standing in a corner talking to Lady Issella, his girlfriend and Deanna's best friend. Forcing herself to slow down, and not scream out in rage, Vilandra walked up to the couple. "I need to speak to you both." She forced a smile for the benefit of those in the crowd who followed the every movement of the royal family. She didn't dare act out of sorts, for fear that she would alert whoever it was that was out to destroy her and her brother.

Having grown up together with Vilandra made Rath privity to her every mood. He sensed at once that something was wrong. Without saying a word, he led the way out the ball room. Once outside the door, Vilandra hurried them along until they reached her bed chamber. "I won't be needing you today." She said to her attendants. She waited impatiently until the four servants left the room.

"What's the matter?" Asked Rath.

"You won't believe what I just found out. Zan and I are suppose to die today, and my mother knows about it and plans to do nothing." She started to laugh hysterically. She felt as if she was living someone else's nightmare.

Rath stared at her as if she had lost her mind. "What in the names of the gods are you talking about?" Rath inquired.

Issella walked over to Vilandra, she put an arm around her and led her to one of the couches in the room. "Take a deep breath, Vilandra and start from the beginning." Interjected Issella.

After forcing herself to calm down, Vilandra quickly filled the couple in on the conversation she had over heard between her mother and the high priestess.

‘This isn't happening." Issella shook her head as if trying to clear her mind of what she had just heard.

"Believe it." Vilandra said bitterly. "It's true."

"We need to get to Zan and Deanna immediately." He reached for his communicator. "We also need to contact the royal body guards. In celebration of his wedding Zan gave most of them the day off, only a couple are currently on duty."

"We can't. We have to do this on our own." Vilandra got up and stopped Rath talking into the communicator. "We don't know who the betrayer is. The only people I trust right now are the ones standing in front of me. We have to find a way to prevent this from happening."

"Vilandra, they are Zan's personal bodyguards, they are extremely loyal to him. We will need their help."

"And my mother loves me and would never let harm be fall me. Your point is?"

"Point made." Rath said as he put his communicator away. "Let's go, Vilandra. Issella, you stay here. Your powers aren't strong enough, and we have no idea what we are about to face."

"There is no way you're going without me." Issella stepped over to the door, blocking their exit. "I'm not going to let you go out and face whatever is out there alone."

"Issella." Rath moved until he stood in front of her. "This is dangerous. We might not come back."

"I might not be as strong as you, Vilandra, Zan and Deanna, but I love each of you, and I'm not going to sit idly by twiddling my thumbs as you go off to face danger."

He pushed a long blonde curl behind her ear. "Issella, we all could die this day."

She looked up at him, her big green eyes shining with unshed tears. "So be it. Some things are worth dying for."

Rath lifted one of her hands and kissed it. "You are one amazing woman." He said huskily. He forced back his emotions. Let's go." He said. Vilandra quickly used her powers to change their wedding finery into clothes more suitable for battle, as the trio raced to find Zan and Deanna.

TO BE CONTINUED................

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Las Vegas, Nevada; Avana And Ptolemy Set Their Trap

"The entire floor has been cleared of earthlings. So whenever you're ready we can start your little show." Ptolemy said from his seat near the window.

Tess glanced at her wristwatch. "Kyle and Alex should be waking up soon." Using her powers, Tess caused bruises and abrasions to appear over her face and body. "How do I look?"

"Like you've gone a few rounds with a prized fighter and lost." He said.

"Perfect." Her face curved into a smile. "You're up."

Ptolemy raised a hand, breaking objects in the room, until it looked like a major fight had taken place there. "Your little pawns are being directed to the designated spot." He walked out the door.

Tess glanced at her watch again, then walked to the middle of the room where she collapsed in a heap on the floor.
Kyle and Alex walked down the hall in search of an elevator that would take them to their suite. "I can't believe we spent all that time gambling." Said Alex. "And I don't have a damn thing to show for it. I guess I should be happy I didn't lose my shirt." He complained bitterly.

"You should have listened to my advice and not play that last hand." Said Kyle, as he happily fondled the bills in his hand. He was up five hundred dollars. "You were up, but you got greedy."

"Help me. Please help me." A voice called out from the room they had just passed.

Kyle and Alex stopped and walked back to where they had heard the voice. The door was slightly ajar.

"Help me." A voice rasped out.

"Did you hear that?" Asked Alex.

"That voice sounded familiar." Kyle pushed the door further open. "Oh my God." He ran into the room, Alex right behind him. "Tess?" He dropped next to the body on the floor.

"Kyle?" Tess gasped. She forced her bruised eye lids open.

"Tess, please speak to me."

"Kyle." She coughed, spiting out blood. "They just attacked without any warning." She tried sitting up only to groan in pain and fall back to the floor. "Wanted to know where Max, Michael and Isabel were, I wouldn't tell them. Let them think I was here alone."

"The skins?" Kyle asked as he cradled her in his arms.

"Yes." She gasped out.

"Alex, call the room. Get Max here quick."

Alex desperately searched the wrecked room for the phone. After what seemed to be a long search, he finally found the phone under the bed. Hands shaking, he quickly dialed the number to the suite. If the skins were able to do that to one of their alien friends, what chances did the humans stand? "Damn it." He slammed the phone down. "No answer." He turned to look at Kyle and Tess. "What do we do?"

"Leave a message on the voice mail. Tell them that Tess has been hurt and we're taking her to the hospital." Kyle picked Tess up into his arms.
"No hospital." She gasped. "Can't go. They'll find out what I am."

"Tess, you need help." Kyle said. He had grown to care very much for her, and was terrified that he was going to lose her. He laid her gently on the bed.

"Roswell, pod chamber." She managed to gasp out. Only to go into another coughing fit.

"How? Our flight isn't until tomorrow morning." Said Alex.

"Can use . . . " Cough . . . "powers to change our tickets." Tess rasped out.

"Are you sure you're strong enough?" Kyle asked in concern from where he knelt by the bed.

"Have no choice." She managed to croak out.

"I'll leave a message on the voice mail, telling Isabel and the gang what happened and where we are going." Alex picked up the phone and left the message after no one picked up.

"Let's go." Alex and Kyle helped Tess off the bed. Arms wrapped around her waist they walked to the door.

"I think not." Ptolemy walked into the room. Waving a hand he sent Tess flying across the room and against a wall, she hit it with a thud, and laid silently on the ground. "No." Kyle cried out and ran toward her, only to be flung aside like a piece of feather. His head hit the floor and he lost consciousness.

Ptolemy looked turned to look at Alex, who stood frozen in the middle of the room, like a deer caught in the headlights, not knowing what to do. "Your turn." He smiled and waved a hand, throwing Alex across the room, he too lost consciousness.

Tess slowly got up. "You enjoyed that a little too much, Ptolemy." She stretched trying to ease some of the aches away.

"It had to look convincing." He reached for his communicator. "Four for Roswell, New Mexico." He said into it.

Tess got up and waved a hand over her body causing the bruises to disappear. "Now, knowing our dear deposed ex-king Zan, he will rush as soon as humanly possible back to Roswell, and right into our trap."


After leaving the ballroom Zan and Deanna walked to the royal chambers. The long simple silver robe that Deanna had changed into for the reception flowed about her. Her long dark hair fell gracefully down her back. She wore no jewelry, except a simple white gold diadem with the royal cobra symbol encircling her head. Zan wore a similar colored robe over his breeches. A top his head he wore a simple band of white gold with the royal hawk symbol on his head.

"You're excused for the rest of the night." Zan said to the two members of his royal bodyguards stationed outside the chambers.

"Yes, your majesty." They replied in unison.


"We won't be needing you tonight." Zan told the attendants who waited in the room to help the couple disrobe. The servants nodded and filed out the door, leaving the royal pair alone. Zan and Deanna left the sitting room and walked into the bed chamber.

"I can't believe that we actually did it. We're married." Deanna said. She flung her hands up in the air and turned around and around. She was giddy with joy.

Zan grabbed her, and stopped her spinning. "So, your majesty what do you want to do with the first day of our married life?" He asked.

Deanna wrapped her arms around his neck, and gave him a quick kiss. "How about a quick dip in the pool?"

"The pool it is." He agreed.

Deanna gave him a huge smile, pulled out of his arms and walked to stand near the large sunken pool which sat to one side of the room. Potted trees made it look like a miniature oasis. Several limestone benches with big soft couches sat between the trees.

Zan took off his robe, and was about to reach for his breeches when Deanna pointed to something in the pool and gasped. "Oh, my goodness would you look at that!" She backed away.

Zan walked quickly to the pool and peered inside, trying to find what had disturbed her. All he saw was pure blue water staring back at him. "I don't see anything." Suddenly, without any warning, he felt a shove from behind. He turned and looked at Deanna.

"What are you doing?"

Deanna batted her eye lashes, and gave him an innocent look. "Me? Nothing. I'm just standing here waiting for my hero to tell me it is safe to go into the pool."

"Really?" Zan turned, and before she could move, he scooped her up into his arms and walked down the first couple of stairs into the pool.

"Zan, don't you dare throw me in." She squealed as he held her over the water.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't." He held her suspended over the pool as he awaited her response.

"Because you love me . . . ," she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Because you love me more than anything on this planet." She held on tighter to his neck.

"True, but that still isn't reason enough." He brought her body closer to the water, causing the edge of her robe to deep into the water.

"Because . . . " Deanna reached up and pressed a hot yearning kiss onto his mouth. Groaning, he explored her mouth leisurely, drinking in her sweetness. The kiss ended a long moment later. "And there is more where that came from." She grinned up at him, positive that she had persuaded him not to throw her in. "Is that reason enough for you?" Deanna asked breathlessly.

Zan returned her smile. "Impressive, but . . . " He dropped her into the pool. "Not persuasive

Deanna came up sputtering, peering up at Zan between the hair that had fallen over her face. Arms wrapped around himself, Zan laughed hysterically at the shocked on Deanna's face. She lost her temper. "You think this is funny?"

"Yes." He gasped out between his laughter.

"I'll show you funny." Catching his legs, pulled him in, sending him splashing face forward into the pool. Surprised, Zan grabbed her and dragged her further down under the water with him. They came up sputtering.

"By the gods, when I get my hands on you, I'm going to . . . " Deanna swore as she spat out water.
"Oh, I'm shaking." Zan said in mock fear.

Deanna laughed and brought her hand against the water and sent water spraying into his face. The couple played in the water for a long while, before walking out of the pool.

"This is just about the most perfect day in my life." Deanna said as she walked out of pool. She stepped over to the huge widow that covered an entire side of the room. She pointed to the setting suns. "Oh, look." The suns' rays caused the lake outside their window to sparkle like precious gems.

"I ordered it just for you." Zan walked behind Deanna and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him so that her back pressed against his front.

"Astonishing." Deanna acted duly impressed. "What else can you do?" She titled her head back until she could meet his eyes.

"Anything that my wife desires." He said huskily. It felt so good to be able to use the word wife. "You just merely have to ask and it shall be yours." He lowered his head and caught her lips with his. He kissed her long and deep.

When the kiss ended, Deanna pulled away, and turned around until she faced Zan. She smiled up at him and teased him. "Can you catch a deer with gold horns for me?"

"Yes." He lifted her hand and kissed her bonding band.

"Can you slay the two- head man eating mare from Dora for me?" She teased.

"You have only to ask, my Queen." He gave her a courtly bow.

Her voice became serious. "Can you promise to love me for the rest of your life?"

"Yes." Zan framed her face with his hands. "You have my love, my soul for now and all eternity, Deanna."

Tears silently rolled down her cheeks. She covered his hands with hers. "Then I have everything that I could possibly ever want." All the love she felt for him shone in her eyes. "And I'll never let it go." Zan felt humbled by what he saw in her eyes. He never thought he would love and be loved so deeply. "I love you, so much." He said huskily.

"I love you too." Deanna whispered.
He swung her up into his arms and sat down the bed. Her legs straddled his hips. Desire knifed through their bodies, sharp and insistent. Their mouths met hungrily. They kissed long, hard and deep. Her knees grounded into the mattress as she shifted for a better position. She ground herself against his hardness. He unhooked her robe, exposing heaving breasts, that rose full and creamy over the silk cups of her bra. His mouth came on them hungrily. He slid the silk straps off her shoulders. Still impeded by the scrap of silk, he slipped his hand into the cups, cupping her breast in his hands. Her heart was beating so loud that she could hear the pounding in her ears.

Her eyes shut open when she realized that the pounding she heard wasn't her heart, but someone knocking on the sitting room door.

"The door." She gasped. "Someone's at the door.

"I don't hear a thing." Zan caught her lips in another searing kiss.

Hammering followed.

A pounding that would not go away.

She pulled her mouth away from his lips. "Someone's knocking on the door." She repeated.

"They'll go away." He reached for her mouth again. Thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

The pounding grew louder.

Deanna pulled her mouth away from his. "Zan, it sounds urgent. The person isn't going away."

Zan grew still, and listened to pounding. "Damn it!" He picked her up and deposited her on the bed. He climbed from the bed and headed to the sitting room. "This better be an emergency or someone's head is going to roll for interrupting us."

Zan opened the door. "What in the name of Ra is the matter?" He shouted.

"Your majesty." A figure threw himself on the floor at Zan's feet.

"His dying, your majesty and you're the only one who can help him."

"Ptolmey?" He said incredulously. What was his boyhood friend's right-hand man doing here?

"Lord Kivar needs your help. On the way to your wedding he was attacked. He lies gravely ill. All the healers have tried, but failed. I fear that if you don't come quickly he shall life end."



"Kivar's hurt?" Zan stepped back from the door way. "Get up." He ordered Ptolemy. He stepped back into the room, and motioned for Ptolemy to follow him. "Tell me everything." Zan walked to a cabinet in the corner of the room and reached for a pitcher and poured some cool fruit juice into a glass. "Drink." He said as he handed the glass to Ptolemy. "Sit." He motioned to a couch.

"Thank you, your majesty." Ptolemy took a seat and gratefully guzzled the refreshing liquid.
"How bad is it?" Zan stood arms crossed over his bare chest as he studied Ptolemy.

"Very bad. Six healers have seen him already, and all have said the same thing. No hope of recovery." He turned desperate eyes up to Zan. "You are the greatest healer on Antar. You are his only hope, your majesty."

Deanna slid out of bed, grabbed a robe from the closet and slipped into it. She walked over to the door that Zan had recently exited. She opened it a crack and listened in on the conversation taking place.

"I know that you and Lord Kivar had a falling out, and that you've drifted apart these last few cycles." Ptolemy put the glass down, got up from the chair and genuflected. "But he needs you now. In the name of the friendship that you once had, I humbly beg that you help him, your majesty."

"Of course I'll help him." Zan said. No matter how strained their relationship currently was, he could never turn his back on his boyhood friend. He went back to the bed chamber where Deanna awaited. She had changed into trousers and a vest, while awaiting his return.

"I have to leave." With a wave of his hand over his pants he changed his trousers, and grabbed a top from the dresser.

"I know, I heard. Kivar's injured." Deanna watched as her husband dressed. She had strange feeling that something was wrong, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She knew how close, Zan and Kivar had been, and although her husband put on a brave face, she knew how devastated he had been over the deterioration of their friendship.

"I'm going with you." She said suddenly.

"You really don't have to Deanna. It shouldn't take long."

"No, I have to go."

Zan turned around and faced Deanna. "What's wrong?"

"Why do you ask?" She asked.

"You have your something is wrong voice." He said. "You also have a pensive look on your face."

"I can't fool you, can I?" She chuckled.

"No. I know you too well." He walked up over to her, and took her hand. "What's troubling you?"

"I don't know. That's just it. Something feels wrong, but I don't what it is. All I know is that I don't want you to go to Kivar alone."

"Something to do with Kivar?" Zan asked

"I don't know." She repeated, she shook her head as if to clear it. "Maybe you shouldn't go to him." She said suddenly.

"I can't Deanna. Kivar, Rath and I grew up together. We did everything together. We learned to ride together, hunt together. Yet I turned my back on him when he came to me two cycles ago. I can't do it again."

"Beloved, you did what you had to do. You couldn't bail him out every time he got into trouble. He had to learn to stand on his own."

"But at what cost?" He said sadly.

"Zan, he made the decision to visit the gambling halls. You bailed him out every time he got into trouble. You couldn't spend your life fixing his mess." She reached up and framed his face with her hands, as if to force the information into his head. "You offered to pay his debts if he would take a job in one of your companies, but he didn't want to sully his hands with honest labor."

"Then why do I feel guilty?" He asked ruefully.

"Because of your big heart." She reached and kissed him on the lips. "Now, let's go save your friend." She pushed back her misgivings, Zan needed to do this in order to move on. They went back into the sitting room where Ptolemy waited, and together the three of them left the royal chambers, and the palace to go help Kivar.

Hyksos, commander of the royal bodyguards, also called high guards, had just placed his head on the pillow to get some much needed sleep when a knock sounded at his door. "Damn it, this better be good." His amber eyes narrowed in annoyance. Not taking time to dress, he arose naked from the bed. He was tall, and although not broad and thick, he possessed a defined hardness to his well muscled body that larger men lacked.

"Yes." He snapped as he pressed a button on a side panel unlocking the door.

"Commander." Two of his guards said in unison as the door was opened.

"What is it?"

"Commander, we thought you should know that the King has released us from duty, no one is standing guard in front of the royal chambers." Said the taller of the two men.

"You left the king alone, unguarded?" Hyksos asked incredulously. This isn't happening he thought to himself. His guards did not just leave the King and Queen of Antar defenseless. They knew better. He had ordered that two guards be stationed always at the royal chambers to ensure the King's safety.

"It was his orders, commander." His companion stammered out, afraid of his commander's response. Hyksos did not suffer fools gladly.

"Damn it, Zan." He muttered to himself. He motioned the guards to wait for him and stepped back into this chambers. He quickly dressed, grabbed his gauntlet, neutralizer and communicator from the table near his bed, and ran from the chamber, the two guards following behind.

Vilandra, Rath and Issella finally arrived at the royal chambers.

"Where in the name of the gods are the guards." Rath said as three friends stood in front of Zan and Deanna's chambers.

"Let's knock, maybe their still inside." Issella said hopefully.

"I say we dispense with formalities." Vilandra put her hand against the identifier next to the door. Her palm print was recognized, Rath and Issella followed suit, and they were allowed into the room. "Zan? Deanna?" She called out as she walked into the room.

Rath went to check the bed chamber. "Nothing." He reported back.

"Any idea of where they might be?" Asked Issella.


"Let's check to see if they left the palace." Said Issella.

"What's going on here?" Asked a voice from behind the trio. Zan, Vilandra and Issella turned to face Hyksos and his men.

"Nothing that concerns you, commander." Vilandra said in a cold voice.

"With all due respect princess, if it concerns the safety of the King and Queen of Antar, then in concerns me." He replied.

"Well this time it doesn't." She snapped.

"My job princess Vilandra, is to protect the king and his queen, with my life if necessary. I don't care what you are feeling, or going through right now." He said angrily. "All I want to know is where Zan and Deanna are."

"You forget yourself commander."

"I answer only to the king, not to you." He turned his back on her and faced Rath and Issella. "If you know something, you should tell me now." He said to them.

"We just got here, Hyksos." Replied Rath. Regardless of Vilandra's feelings on telling anyone about the prophesy. He knew and trusted Hyksos, and felt that they needed him and the royal guards to prevent whatever was about to happen. "We have reason to believe that an assassination attempt will be made this eve on Zan."

"We need to know where Zan and Deanna are." Hyksos pulled out his communicator and contacted the guard tower. "Did the King and Queen leave the palace?" He asked the guard who answered.

"Yes commander they left with Ptolemy, Lord Kivar's servant." She reported.

"We have our suspect." He said to the people in the room with him. "I want thirty of the high guards waiting for me in front of the palace immediately, and tell the rest to be on stand by." He ordered into the communicator. "The minute we leave I want the palace to be shut down. No one leaves, or comes into the palace until I get back. Understand lieutenant?

"Yes, commander." She answered.

"I want all information on Kivar, his friends, associates, and his current location downloaded into my computer in my cruiser immediately." He said into the communicator.

"Being done as we speak commander."

"Let's go." He said to the gathered group. Hyksos snapped the fingerless gauntlet on his left hand, and led the way out the door.


Zan and Deanna entered the room where Kivar laid. Zan was shocked to see how terrible Kivar appeared. His face was gaunt, his breathing shallow. "Zan." He gasped out. "Thank you for coming. I didn't think you would."

Zan went in and sat next to his old friend. Memories of their childhood flooded his mind. He couldn't let him die. "Do you know what caused this?" He asked

"Don't know. I think I was exposed to some sort of chemical." He croaked out.

Zan had no fear of contamination. His healing powers were legendary. The only thing he could not do is bring a person back from the dead. As long as there was still the thread of life remaining he could heal.

"Relax old friend. Everything will be all right. I won't let you die." Zan said as he knelt by Kivar's bed. He placed his hands on Kivar's chest, closed his eyes. He left the physical world, went out seeking out his own body and into Kivar's body. A white light flowed through him, out through his hands and into Kivar's body. Zan worked his magic, repairing the damage to Kivar's body. He saw flashes as he healed. "No." He suddenly gasped out. Dark, malevolent feelings started to fill him. He started to shake. A wave of dizziness hit him. He swore as he pulled his hands away from Kivar.

Deanna standing near the door rushed forward, she pulled him further away from Kivar. He fell backward with a thud. "What's the matter?" She cradled his head in her lap.

"Get away from me." Zan Rasped.

"What? What's wrong?" She cried out.

Zan pulled away from her. "Deanna, get out of here now." He croaked.

"Zan?" She said fearfully.

Zan forced himself off the floor, and moved backward until he leaned against a wall. Deanna followed his lead and got off the ground to stand in front of him

"What's wrong?" She repeated.

"Poison." He closed his eyes and tried to force the poison out through his pores to rid himself of the toxin.

"Don't bother, Zan." Kivar got off from the better, hearty and healthy. He smirked at the pair before. "A little something I picked up from planet Horpais. I ingested a virus, and through your healing you picked it up. It is slowly draining your powers. Thank you by the way for healing me."

"You took a chance, that I wouldn't come." Zan said hoarsely.

"Not really, I had the antidote here just in case. Besides I know how much of a bleeding heart you are."

"Give me the antidote." Deanna waved a hand and threw Kivar across the room, where he slammed against a wall. "You know you're no match for my powers. Make no mistake, Kivar, I'll kill you if I have to."

Kivar picked himself up from the floor and laughed, he dusted imaginary dirt from his clothes. "True, I'm no match for you, or Zan when he is healthy. But even you can't take on an entire squad." He pressed a button on a communicator in his hand, suddenly the room was filled with forty men and women with gauntlets and neutralizers, led by Ptolemy. All facing the couple who stood against the wall." He laughed at Deanna's look of hatred. "Just a small taste of the people I have with me. You could probably be able to escape, but what would happen to your poor, defenseless, Zan?" He pursed his lips and made a kissing motion in Zan's direction.

An alarm suddenly went out throughout the planet. A voice blasted throughout the planet. "Global shield has been violated. I repeat global shield has been violated. Global shield has been violated."

"Ah, right on schedule, I see." Kivar chortled.

"Why?" Zan croaked out, as he fought to gain control over his body. He had to gain control for Deanna's sake and the sake of his people. He had to find a way to fight the poison. "You've left us defenseless. Open for enemy attack."

"Isn't it obvious? I hate you Zan, always have, always will, and today is the day I destroy you, and everything you hold dear." He taunted.


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"We were friends." Zan gasped out. The poison was painful, draining him of his strength and energy. He started to cramp and sweat.

"Friends?" Kivar spat out. "We were a lot of things to each other, but friends was not one of them." He paced back and forth in front of his preys. He had no qualms about speaking his mind, he knew he had time. No one knew what was happening, and no one would come to rescue the hapless twosome. "You had everything handed to you on a gold platter, an entire world to rule. Antar, one of the richest and powerful planet in our system. Wealth and power were your birthrights. What did I have?" He spat out."Nothing! Nothing, except my title, and family home. Almost no money to speak off. Gambling was the only way to survive."

"I tried to help you." Said Zan."I gave you money to pay off your debts."Zan reminded him. As he spoke, he went within himself, going through his own blood stream to follow the path of the poison.

"Oh yes, the great King Zan, helping his pathetic, well connected, but cash poor friend."Kivar stopped his pacing and bowed mockingly to Zan. "Thank you, oh great one for using your great wealth to help this poor soul. But what happened when I really needed you. When I lost my family home in a wager. When my creditors demanded payment, where were you?"

"I offered to pay your debts if you would take a job at one of my companies." Zan, studied the chemistry of the compound. He broke down the chemicals to analyze them so that his natural healing abilities would develop an antidote for the poison.

"Why should I have to labor for money? You could have wiped out my debts without making any sacrifices. It was a fortune to me, but inconsequential to you. You should have paid it regardless. But now you will pay with your very life, and those you care about."

"Fine you hate Zan, and you want to destroy him for whatever wrong you feel that he did to you. But why destroy Antar?" Asked Deanna.

"My dear soon to be ex-queen. I'm not destroying Antar. The Horpais, the skins as they are vulgarly called on Antar, have agreed to help me overthrow Zan, in exchange for entry into our markets." He chuckled. "Imagine denying them access to the great wealth of Antar just because of some ridiculous human rights violations. So what if they deal with slave trafficking. Everyone needs to make a living." Kivar walked back until he stood next to his henchmen. "By the way Zan, you should know that you were a real challenge for the Horpais scientists. It was extremely difficult to come up with a virus that would affect you, especially given the fact that as a healer you also have the ability to neutralize poison."

"Why did it affect Zan?" Deanna Inquired.

"It is self-replicating. As fast as he heals himself, the poison replicates and creates a new
problem. Not even Zan is strong enough to overcome that."

Deanna assessed the situation, there was no way she and Zan could get out of here alive. She checked the room, trying to find an escape route, but to no avail. Kivar's guards pretty much had them hemmed in. They could try going through the wall that they were leaning against, but they would never be able to blow a hole in the wall before the neutralizers hit them. If Zan was stronger, he could put up his shield, but given the condition he was in, she doubted if he could generate much energy to form his shield. Oh Zan, my love. I'm so sorry that our time was so short , she thought to herself.

While Kivar and Deanna were talking, Zan had managed to diminish the pain from a agonizing, throb to a dull ache. He had not stopped the poison's deadly trail, but he had slowed it down, and gained some control over it. He hoped that it would give him time to do what he must do to protect his people, and Deanna.

"Enough talking." He nodded to his soldiers. They pointed the neutralizers at Zan and Deanna. "Good-bye Zan. Good-bye, Deanna. Can't say I'll miss you. Have fun in the underworld. Fire!" He yelled.

Hyksos, Vilandra, Rath, Issella and the royal bodyguards arrived outside the building where Zan and Deanna were being held.

Hyksos scanned the building. "King Zan and Queen Deanna are against a wall in the far corner of the room, and forty other people with weapons are also present."

"We have to find a way to get to them." Vilandra said anxiously. "Are there any other entrances to the building aside from the front door?"

"Only one entrance." Said one of the guards.

"Can we blast a hole next to Zan and Deanna?" Asked Issella.

"Too risky, some of the breaking pieces might hit them." Said Hyksos.

"We have to do something, sooner or later Kivar is going to start blasting away." Said Rath.

"We can blast an opening behind Kivar's soldiers, we have to use as little force as possible, we don't want to take the chance of either Zan and Deanna getting hurt." Hyksos pushed a button on his gauntlet, activating the translucent energy shield. "Let's go."

Using the blaster from the land cruiser they used a low beam to blast a hole in the wall. Arm Shields up and neutralizers set on maximum strength the group rushed in.


A hole appeared on the back wall, sending mortar flying around. Kivar's soldiers turned to engage the group that had come through the wall in combat.

"Damn you!" Kivar glared at Zan. He started shooting with his neutralizer.

Zan threw up an energy field up in front of him and Deanna. The energy blasts just bounced off Zan's shield. Kivar pulled one of his lackey's to him. "Shoot!" He ordered him. Both started shooting at the shield.

"I won't be deprived of my revenge." Ignoring the battle going on around him, Kivar reached for his communicator sending out a call a call for reinforcement, and ordering the battle ship orbiting the planet to start shooting. "Your loyal buffoons won't be able to help you, or stop my plans. Things have progressed too far for that. You will die, Zan, and Antar will be mine, even if I have to destroy parts of it to get it." He snarled. "I just ordered an attack on the planet. The first attack is on the fleet of ships. They won't even be able to get anything off the ground before the attack begins."

"Attention people of Antar, we are under attack. I repeat the planet is under attack. All citizens are ordered to proceed to the shelters. I repeat. The planet is under attack. Please proceed to the shelters." The emergency system announced to the Antarians.

Zan looked at Deanna in anguish, he knew what he had to do, he had to protect his people. As their sovereign he had a duty to defend them. His life and that of his beloved for his people. "I'm sorry, Deanna. The poison is still in my system, it would take much more time then we have to fight it. I can't leave the planet unprotected." He said sadly to Deanna.

"I understand." She looked up at him with tear filled eyes.

"I'm sorry I have to ask this of you, but I'm not strong enough to this alone."

"I'm your queen, what happens to you happens to me. Besides what would my life be without you in it?"

"Beloved, once we use our life energy to replace the global shield we will life end. I know I promised you forever. I'm sorry I won't be able to give that to you. I wanted to grow old with you. To have children with you. I'm sorry that we only had one day as husband and wife. But I
want you to know that I've lived more these past few cycles of knowing you, than I've lived my entire life. Loving you has made me whole." He said huskily.

"Don't be sorry." There were tears in her voice, and tear marks on her face. "Our life together might have been short. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've never been more alive."

Zan turned to face her. "I love you Deanna, in this life and the next. You are my soul mate. My other half, now and forever. Where ever we may go, my soul will search for yours."

"I love you, Zan. Knowing you, being loved by you, and loving you are the best things that have happened in my life. You are my soul mate. My other half, now and forever. My soul will always search for yours." She took one of his hands and clutched them to her heart.

He gently pushed her hair back behind her ears, and framed her face with his hands. Their lips met. Her mouth opened for the entrance of his tongue, her hands cupped his face to hold him still. They kissed desperately, passionately, as they said their good-byes.

"Damn it!" Kivar kept on shooting, but he still couldn't penetrate the shield. Zan shouldn't be this strong, he thought. The poison should have rendered him powerless by now. The scientist who gave him this so called poison, had a lot to answer for.

"After we life end, the shield will be good for ten days, more than enough time for our people to rally, and our allies to come and help the planet." Zan said after the kiss ended.

Deanna and Zan linked hands. "Concentrate Deanna." Zan said as he closed his eyes.

A blue green light came out from their bodies, oozing out from their pores and orifices. The light field the room, and grew, and grew and grew until the entire planet was covered with an energy field.

Everything seemed to happen at the same time.

"No!" Kivar screamed as he saw his plan for revenge falling before his eyes. The shield which protected Zan and Deanna slowly disappeared, and the couple fell to the floor in a heap, as their life energy left their bodies.

Rath and Issella started fighting their way to the couple on the floor. Ptolemy intercepted Rath. "Let's see how good the King's second in command is." He pulled out a light sword. Rath pulled out his sword and the two started fighting. They fought fast and furiously. Lunging, advancing, and plunging. Ptolemy advanced on Rath, lunging. Rath leaped back but the blade caught his chest, slicing his shirt, and opening a wound on his chest. Blood started to pour. Sensing victory, Ptolemy pulled out a blade hidden in his boot and plunged it into Rath's chest. "I guess you're not that good." Rath fell lifeless to the floor.

Issella screamed and ran at Ptolemy, her only thought to destroy him. "Sorry, Lady Issella, you're not in my league." Ptolemy raised a hand, throwing her across the room. Issella's head hit the stone wall, cracking open. She laid like a broken doll on the floor.

"No!" Vilandra screamed as she saw her brother and wife fall to the floor. She ran toward them. Barely paying attention to what was going around her. She had one goal, to get to her brother. To help him.
"Princess, look out." A voice yelled out a warning.

Vilandra turned, and the knife that was set to plunge in her back plunged into her stomach instead. "Hello, Vilandra." A voice said as the blade sank deep into her soft flesh. Vilandra looked down in shock at the blade handle, and then raised stunned eyes up to her assailant. "You too, Avana?"

"I guess you royals are truly stupid when it comes to choosing your friends." She said as she twisted the knife deeper. "Bye-bye friend." Avana chuckled, and walked to stand with her cousin..

"Retreat, our work is done here." Called Ptolemy, as he and Kivar left the room.

Vilandra dropped to the ground.

"My Princess." He whispered sadly.

"Hyksos, I'm sorry. I should have given our love a chance." She reached up and gently traces his lips with her finger. "I do love you, you know."

"I know." He said hoarsely, fighting back tears. He kissed her softly on the lips, as her last breath left her body.

Hyksos slowly got up and surveyed the room. He had failed his King, Queen and now he had lost the only woman he had ever loved, his princess. How could this have happened?

"Pick the bodies up, they deserve a decent burial." He said to his men. This battle might have ended but there was still a war to fight. He would avenge their deaths.

As shrieks of agonizing pain, lost, and death filled the room, something unexpected happened to the group of people gathered in the hotel suite at Las Vegas, Nevada.


Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel eyes snapped opened , their eyes were blank, like the eyes of the dead. A light filled the room, and once it disappeared High Priestess Khentkaues and Hyksos stood in the room. "We don't have anytime to lose." Khentkaues stepped into the middle of the circle where the group had gathered, in her hands she held the Papyrus of Ani (the Antarian book of the dead). She opened the book and started reading the ancient letters and symbols.

"I am the ocean Lit by the flame, I am the mountain, Peace is my name, I am the river touched by the wind, I am the story I never end. Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the dead, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy. Thou art the Lord to whom praises are ascribed in the nome of Ati, thou art the Prince of divine food in Anu. Thou art the Lord who is commemorated in Maati, the Hidden Soul, the Lord of Qerrt, the Ruler supreme in White Wall. Thou art the Soul of Ra, his own body, and hast thy place of rest in Henensu. Thou art the beneficent one, and art praised in Nart. Thou makest thy soul to be raised up. Bring forth the souls of those who were slain through treachery so that they may be avenged, and like the goddess Bast has proclaimed, bring forth Maet to your people."

A blinding kaleidoscope of colors filled the room, hovering above the bodies that sat on the floor. Suddenly, the lights were sucked into the bodies, becoming one with them. Each person arose from their stupor, blinking, as life slowly came back into their eyes once again.

They slowly got up from the floor. They gazed at each other in amazement and awe, as memories
and feelings of their past lives flooded them. What they meant to each other, how much they had gone through together. The five came together, and hugged each other tightly. They were no longer merely Max, Liz, Michael, Maria and Isabel, they had awoken from their slumber, and regained their past, they were now Zan, Deanna, Rath, Issella and Vilandra re-born.


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"Deanna." Zan reached out and touched his hand to her check in wonder.
"Zan." She turned her head into his touch, rubbing her face against his hand.

"I knew we would be together again." He said huskily.

"Your majesty, I'm sorry to interrupt." Said Hyksos. "But we have things that we must discuss."

"Hyksos." Zan turned to him. "It's good to see you again, old friend." They clasped each other's forearm in greeting.

"Good to see you too, Zan." Hyksos' face curved into a smile. "It's been too, long."

Zan nodded slightly to the silent figure standing near Hyksos. "High priestess Khentkaues."

"Your majesty." She smiled and bowed her head in greeting. "Good to have you back."

"It's good to be back." Zan looked around at the other occupants of the room. "Let's all take a seat."

Everyone waited until Zan and Deanna sat before taking seats. "What has been going on during our absence?" He asked Khentkaues and Hyksos.

"Kivar has seized power thanks to his army of skins. But it is a hollow victory. None of the four planets recognize him as ruler." Reported Hyksos. "And the army which is still loyal to you, is attacking every chance they get. He has no rest. Confusion and chaos reign. Kivar's money is practically gone, especially since her royal highness was able to hide most of the royal family's wealth."

"Which means he won't be able to support his army of mercenaries for much longer." Zan smiled at his mother's brilliance. "Where's my mother now?"

"She's on Antar leading the rebellion." Said Khentkaues.

"Why aren't the four planets supporting Kivar?" Vilandra asked Hyksos.

Emotions flared into his eyes as he looked at Vilandra, but was quickly gone as he regained control. "Unbeknownst to Kivar, your deaths were recorded, and broadcast to the Antarian people, the ruling planets and our allies that fateful day." He certainly didn't need a recording to remind him of that day. For the past ten Antarian cycles he has been reliving those events over and over in his mind. The only reason he hadn't gone mad was because he had learned of the prophesy and Queen Neferset's plans. "Zan and Deanna's sacrifice to protect the planet, and the loyalty that you, Rath and Issella showed that day, had a unifying effect on everyone. The fact that Kivar is a terrible manager also helped our cause. He has turned one of the richest planet in the system into a planet barely getting by. And where Antar leads, the four ruling planets follow. Their economy is suffering as a result of the chaos on Antar. All provinces on Antar have reported poor crop production. If things are not remedied soon, Antar will face a famine."

Zan sat silently, his blood boiling as he listened to Hyksos's words. His people, his planet suffering because he had stupidly trusted the wrong person. His beloved, his sister, and friends killed because of a man he once called a friend. He would not rest until Kivar and his henchmen were destroyed.

"How about the people?" Asked a stunned Deanna. "The Lords and Ladies of the provinces surely have food in storage."

"The people are suffering. Many are ill nourished." Hyksos reported sadly.

"By the gods." Rath swore. He had no idea that things were that bad.

Zan got up from the sofa and turned his back to the occupants of the room. He took deep breaths, as he fought to control his rage. By the gods Kivar had a lot to answer for. Thanks to Kivar's treachery he had spent fifty earth years, the equivalent of ten Antarian years on this planet, while his people and his planet were suffering. He will make Kivar pay for this. "Where's Kivar now?" Zan turned to face the other occupants of the room. His eyes were cold, devoid of emotion.

"He is on earth?" Said Hyksos.

"Earth?" Said Issella.

"He knows that all of you are alive, and has come to make sure that you never regain your memories or powers." Said Khentkaues. "He has come to destroy you again."

"This is his last chance. Rebels are out in full force in Antar as word spreads of the return of the royal family." Added Hyksos. "He either destroys you once and for all, or lose Antar forever."

"Then Kivar is in for a treat. Because we're back and determine to get our world back." Zan voice was cold, and his eyes were dark with hate.

"Looks like we have a message." Vilandra said as she noticed the blinking light on the phone, near where she sat.

"I hope it's from Alex and Kyle, I'm really worried about them now that we know for sure who Tess really is." Said Issella, as she stood with her arm around Rath's waist.

"Damn!" Vilandra slammed the phone down. "The bitch strikes again." Everyone in the room turned to face her. "Alex, left a message saying that he and Kyle are going back to Roswell to help Tess who was attacked."

"Looks Kivar is trying to repeat the past." Said Zan. "He expects me." He glanced around at the room. "All of us to run back to Roswell to help Tess. And just in case we found out that Tess is a conniving witch, they took Alex and Kyle as collateral."

"Not to mention the other people we care about, all of whom are located in Roswell." Interjected Deanna, reminding the others of their foster parents.

"He is planning, and hoping that our compassion, and the love that we have for our foster parents will lead us into his trap." Zan nodded.

"We're in a no win situation." Said Issella. "We can't let Alex, Kyle or our foster parents get hurt. We owe them for taking care of, and loving us these many years."

"We also have a planet, and people waiting for us to come back." Said Zan. "I don't mean to sound callus, but we owe it to the people of Antar to survive, and return."

"We do have an advantage this time around." Said Rath. "Kivar doesn't know that we've regained our memories, and he also doesn't know that we've regained all our powers."

"True." Said Issella.

"And in Zan and my case, thanks to Neferset, our powers are a bit enhanced." Said Deanna.

"The question is, how do we play it to our advantage?" Mused Vilandra.

"Hyksos, do we have any spies within Kivar's organization." Asked Max.

"Yes, we do."

"When is he or she scheduled to report in?"

"He is due to report in another six earth hours."

"Perfect. Our flight to Roswell isn't due to leave in another ten hours." Zan glanced at the watch on his wrist. "We'll go to the ship, and once we have his report we will plan our attack."

"Where is the ship stationed?" Ask Rath.

"Since earthlings now have the ability to see ships when it neared them, we had to disguise the battle ship and hide it in Lake Mead, in the Mojave Desert in Nevada." Said Hyksos

"Thank you." Zan put his arm around Deanna and held her tightly to his side, and transferred them out the room, and onto the space ship.

"What in the names of the gods just happened." Said a stunned Rath, echoing the thoughts of the other occupants in the room.

"Looks like Zan is exhibiting some of his new powers." Chuckled Khentkaues.

"Since us other lowly Antarians have not mastered that power." Hyksos said dryly. "You'll need the transporters that Khentkaues and I have to get on board ship." He handed out black wrist watch like objects to Rath, Vilandra, and Issella.


Several hours later aboard the Antarian battle ship

After freshening up in her quarters, Vilandra wandered about the ship. She finally stopped in front of the officers recreational room.

His ice princess was here.. Hyksos watched Vilandra walk into the room. Her head held up high, chin up in the air, every inch the royal princess that she was. The officers got up and stood at attention, and bowed their greetings. She acknowledged them with a nod of her head. "At ease." She said to the group. She searched the crowded room until she spotted who she was searching for.

"Gentlemen." She said to Hyksos and the two senior officers who sat with him. "Would you excuse us please? I need to speak to commander Hyksos for a moment."

"Of course princess." They got up, bowed and left the table.

"What can I do for you, Princess?" He said with a small grin on his face.

"Must you do that?" She said as she sat down at the table.

"Do what?"He gave her an innocent look, as if he hadn't a clue of what she was talking about.

"Depending upon the infliction in your voice, you can either make princess sound like a caress or a curse."

"Again, I repeat, what can I do for you?"

"I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to see if . . . " She stammered, and trailed off as she felt countless of eyes boring into her. "Can we go somewhere private to talk?" She asked.

"As you wish." Hyksos got up from his chair and held out a hand to her. She looked at the hand, then into his eyes, and then put her hand in his. "We won't be disturbed in my quarters." The twosome walks out the room. The eyes of everyone in the room starring after them, wondering what was happening between their commander and their princess.


Zan entered the quarters that he and Deanna would be sharing to find Deanna standing in front of the panel of windows, looking pensively outside.

"What's the matter?" He walked up and stood behind her.

"I look at my face, and a stranger stares back at me." She said sadly.

"Deanna." He said tenderly.

"The hair coloring, and eyes are the same." She said hoarsely. "But the features are different. I'm different. No longer me."

"Deanna, it doesn't matter how we look like, what matter is what is inside."

"I just feel lost." She said.

"Come with me." He took her hand and stepped over to the floor to ceiling mirrors that covered a wall, in the large suite.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"I want you to see what I see when I look at you." As she watched his reflection in puzzlement, he waved a hand in front of her top, causing it to open. He pulled it down her shoulders, and off her arms, and threw it over his shoulder. He then unhooked the front fastener of her bra, and pulled the bra off. Deanna watched Zan's hands brush upwards over her rib cage to cup her breasts. She had always been upset at how small they were. "Perfect." He said huskily. His words melted her insecurities away. Watching him touch her, seeing her body's reactions to the sensations that his touch was stirring in her was erotic. She arched her back so that she leaned up against him. The pressure of his hands had hardened her nipples into tight nubs that stabbed his palms. She moaned as she saw him rub her rigid pointed nipples between his fingers, sending a pool of liquid to gather between her legs. He fingered both together and she convulsed in long hard spasms.

"See, Deanna?" He said hoarsely. "See how are beautiful you are? Especially when I am loving you."

She had never thought herself as beautiful. Pretty, yes, but beautiful, never. But looking at him, Seeing the way his soft amber eyes darkened in passion as he touched her; how his skin flushed with color made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, as she watched her self-giving pleasure to the man that she loved.

He came from behind her and knelt in front of her. "I love to taste you." He lifted a breast and slid his thumb back and forth over the taunt nub. His mouth covered the other nub. He suckled furiously. Watching him do this, watching how flush she became, gave a new intensity to the feelings whirling inside of her. She arched responsively at every lick, at every bite he took of her nipple. His mouth left her nipple, and his tongue traced, hot circles over the swell of her breast. All the while his fingers kept playing and squeezing the other nipple. He switched position, tonguing and sucking the other breast, and fingering the other. Her body jolted at the rush of sensations that filled her.

Zan's mouth left her breasts, and slowly worked down to her quivering stomach, until he was kneeling before her. He unsnapped her pants. Using both hands, he pulled her pants and panties down, sliding them down her hips, legs and ankles. He put both hands on her waist and lifted her free of her clothing. He set her back on her feet.

She leaned over and braced her hands against the mirror, he pulled one of her legs up and brought in over his shoulder. Deanna closed her eyes, knowing what was coming. Her body shuddered in anticipation. Her juices were already dripping from between her legs.

"Don't close your eyes, Deanna." Zan ordered. "I want you to watch me, to see how beautiful you are. How much pleasure loving you gives me." He said against her turf.

She opened her eyes. Starring at their reflection in the mirror. "Look at me." He repeated.
She looked down to where he knelt between her legs. Looking into her eyes he heightened her pleasure by telling her precisely what he was going to do to her. And then he did it.

He ate her. He buried his face between her legs and ate her. He licked at her, he nipped at her, sucked her as he slid his tongue up and down between her cunt lips. He then thrust his tongue deep within her velvet cleft. She screamed and bore down on his tongued. Her body melted at each thrust into her tight hole. She was dripping wet.

Ohhhhh . . . this was pleasure, unbearable pleasure, Deanna thought to herself, as she writhed against him. "Zan," She sobbed, "Zan, please, please . . . "
Her cries so wild and plaintive quickened his blood. He was hungry and she was his feast. He needed to be inside her. He couldn't wait for the niceties of a bed. He pulled her leg off his shoulder and laid her on the floor, he waved a hand over his clothes causing them to disappear. He then followed her to the ground. He grasped her thighs, pushing them open. He knelt between them and thrust his penis into the soaking heat of her cleft. Her inner muscles clamped down on his penis, to slow down the invasion. He pushed deeper until he was in her to the hilt. He groaned at the sensation. She enveloped him like a hot, moist glove. She moaned and writhed on the floor, as he slowly withdrew, and slowly drove back into her. Her head rolled on the floor at the speed and intensity of the sensation. He kept driving into her, harder, deeper, faster. His hands cupped her breasts in his hands and he reached down and caught her lips with his, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She tasted herself on his lips, a musky, bittersweet taste.

He pulled his mouth away. "Come for me." He said hoarsely as he continued to thrust into her. His fingers pinched the nipples that he held. "Now." He ordered, as he pinched harder.

Deanna screamed, she convulsed around him, as wave, upon wave of pleasure filled her, shaking her to the depths of her being. Her rippling climax brought him over the edge, and he shouted his release, as he ejaculated in a long, wrenching spew o sperm, flooding her. Depleted, he collapsed on her.

Finally the earth slowed to its normal pace, leaving the two lovers spent. Weak and damped by a sheen of sweat, Zan moved off of Deanna and cradled her in his arms.

"It's amazing." She said huskily.

"What's amazing?" Asked Zan.

"That you can see straight to my heart, and know exactly what I need." She snuggled closer to his warmth.

"Any more concerns about your looks?" Asked Zan.

"None." She said contentedly.

"We better get up."

"Why? It's early." She wrapped an arm around his waist.

He gave a low chuckle and lifted the arm that held him down. "We have a meeting to go to. "

"I thought that the informant wouldn't be checking in for another hour."
"No, it was pushed up. In fact I came in to tell you that when we got distracted."

Deanna sprang away from him. "You're joking right?"

"Nope." Zan lay on the floor with his folded underneath his head.

"You mean to tell me that there are people out there waiting for us to show up to start a meeting?"


"Zan, I am going to kill you." Deanna jumped off the floor and stood glared down at him. "What will they think?"

"That we are making up for lost time." He gave her a wolfish grin.

She gave him a fulminating look and made a dash for the bathroom.

"What any help scrubbing your back?" He called out after her.


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In another part of the ship

Vilandra and Hyksos walked into his quarters.

She glanced around the room, taking in the couches, table, and the bed in the corner of the large room. She walked to the long bank of windows, and stood staring sightlessly at the water outside. A beautiful statute. Dressed in red trousers and a knee length robe like top, neither moving, nor speaking.

Hyksos, took a seat on the couch across from where she stood. His eyes darkened with a sense of pleasure as he took in her beauty. So tall, and beautifully rounded in all the right places. Her long blond hair cascading down her back like spun gold. How he had missed her, and what they had had. He silently vowed not to lose her again. He remained silent, knowing that she would begin to speak when she was ready, and not a moment before then.

"I grew up always knowing that I was different, not of the earth, an alien." Vilandra said without turning around. "I accepted it. I even enjoyed all the perks that came with being ‘not of this earth'. Never being sick, having superpowers." She laughed hollowly. "Then about a year ago I found out that I was a royal princess from another planet. That I, my brother and our best friend had to go back to save said planet. To say I was shocked, would be an under statement." She ran a restless hand through her hair. "I didn't have any memories of this planet, or the people that I had to save. I had made a good life here on earth. To everyone, I was an all around American, eighteen-year-old school girl." She wrapped her arms around her body as if cold. "But now I can no longer hide who and what I am. I now have memories of the life I had before I was Isabel Evans. I now not only remember people, places and things, I also relived my own death. All this at the ripe old age of eighteen." She finally turned to face Hyksos. "The people who I thought would feel the same way as I do, just shake everything off and embraced their past lives as if nothing had happened. As if they had just awoken from a dream, and now were free to go on with their real lives." She clenched her hands into fists. "I'm so angry at Zan and Deanna right now. They just seem to accept this so easily. They don't even call each other Max and Liz anymore. It's Zan and Deanna. How come it's so easy for them, and not me?"

"I don't think it was easy, or is easy for either one of them. You know your brother is always taking everything upon himself. He blames himself for Kivar, and right now his sole goal is to make Kivar pay for his betrayal. I don't think he is even taking time to process the awakening."
Said Hyksos.

Her eyes welled up with tears, and she looked at him pleadingly. "Who am I, Hyksos?"

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I look into the mirror and I see a stranger staring back at me." She whispered brokenly. "Am I Isabel or I am Vilandra? I feel so lost." She walked over to a couch and collapsed as if she could no longer support her weight. "I remember being Vilandra Semerkhet, of the house of Khasekhemwy, royal princess of Antar, daughter of Queen Neferset the first and King Amos, the third, may his soul rest in peace; and sister to King Zan the second, ruler of Antar. But I also remember being Isabel Evans, adopted daughter of Melissa and John Evans."

"Oh, my princess." He walked over to where she sat and knelt in front of her. "Vilandra is Isabel, and Isabel is Vilandra." He took her hands in his. "Your essence, that which made you
who you are, was mixed with human DNA. Isabel is Vilandra, and Vilandra is Isabel. You're the same person that you've always been. My brave, courageous, never let them see you perspire, princess." He said huskily, he kissed her hands and then let them go.

"Thank you." She smiled softly at him. "What should I call myself, Vilandra or Isabel?" She asked.

"Anything you want." He moved a bit away from her, and held out his left hand. "Good day. My name is Hyksos Mastaba, of the house Menes, second son of Lord Korusko and Lady Meresan.

"Good day. My name is Vilandra Isabel Semerkhet, of the house of Khasekhemwy, royal princess of Antar, daughter of Queen Neferset the first and King Amos, the third, may his soul rest in peace; and sister to King Zan the second, ruler of Antar." She grinned at him, as peace seem to come over her.

"I am pleased to make your acquaintance." His face curved into a smile.

"Likewise." She leaned over and hugged him tightly in thanks. Her nerve ends tightened, sending out electrical signals throughout her body, as memories rushed through her. She remembered being held by him, of being loved by him. He had touched parts of her that no other being had ever touched in her past life or the present one.

"Do you remember everything that I taught you?" Hyksos whispered against her ear.

"What?" She gasped out, as she jumped back away from him.


"Oh . . . oh." She stammered as she felt her skin flush with color.

"What did you think I was talking about." He titled his head and watched her curiously.

"Fighting. I thought you were talking about fighting." She said quickly.

"Of course you did." He smiled wickedly at her. He didn't believe her for a minute. "Let's find out shall we." He walked over to a chest in the room and pulled out what looked to be two sword handles, minus the blade. He walked over to where Vilandra sat and threw her one of the handles.

"What are you doing?" She asked in confusion.

"Seeing if you remember." He pressed a button on the handle and a blade made of white light came out. "Get up."

Memories flooded her. She grinned and slowly got up from where she sat.

He stepped back until he was a good distance from her. "Put in his foot." He called out.
She advanced. "Traverse." He called out. She took steps in a lateral direction. "Slip." He called out. She took little short steps first laterally, and then backwards. "To gain the place." He called out. She came within striking distance of him. He nodded and grinned. "Good." He lunged at her and called out, flying back." She moved back immediately. "Quarte." She parried his sword, then followed it by a reposte. "Good, you're ready to begin."
Hyksos and Vilandra circled each other slowly, seizing each other up. The blades sizzled as they attacked each other, the light crackling each time they hit. Hyksos spun around, meeting a lateral cut. Hyksos and Vilandra's swordplay took them around the room as they lunged, parried and thrust. Each time barely missing the other. Finally Hyksos called a halt to their play. "You haven't forgot a thing." He said, as he wiped sweat from his face. He threw her another towel.

"That's because I had a good teacher." She was breathing heavily. Her body still not use to the activity.

"Really." He walked up until he stood right in front of her. "Do you remember what else I taught you?" He said huskily.

"I... I " She stammered as she looked up at him.

He seized her wrists and folded her arms behind her back, effectively wrapping her in his embrace. His warm breath caressed her face a second before he caught her lips with his. His mouth was firm and hot. Her mouth opened up under his. His tongue probed deep, and a deep shudder of pleasure went through her body. Held against him as she was, she was flooded with memories. His kisses were deceptive, arousing her faster than anything. It had always been that way. He just had to kiss her and before she knew it, she was wild for him, losing control. She hadn't known such intense pleasure existed until their relationship had progressed from teacher and pupil to that of lovers.

She put her hands between their bodies and pushed him away. "Enough." She said as she pulled her mouth away.


Note: I know it is a M&L story, but felt that I had to tell the tale of Vilandra (Isabel) and Hyksos.


"What's the matter?" Hyksos asked hoarsely. "Don't you like it? Or is it because you like it too much." His perceptiveness alarmed her. It had always been like this. Him knowing her better than she liked, better than she wanted.

"Let me go." She started to struggle in his hold, to her surprise he released her immediately.

"What went wrong between us Vilandra?" He prompted.
"Nothing went wrong." She forced a laugh. "We ran our course. That's what happened."

"Don't play games with me, Vilandra." He snapped. "I'm at the end of my patience. Everything was going fine until the night we made love."

"I don't know what you mean." She studiously avoided looking at him.

"That night we spent together was wild and hot, we couldn't get enough of each." He stepped over to her. He put a hand under her chin forcing her to look up at him. "We wrecked the bed." He said huskily. "Then the next day you came to me and told me that it was over. " Her withdrawal hadn't made any sense to him and had cut him deep like a knife. He knew , he knew with every fiber of his being that she had felt the same way that he had. That she had loved, and wanted him, just as much as he did her.

She pulled her chin out of his hand and tried to move away. Hyksos grabbed her arm and stopped her from retreating. "Vilandra." He let go of her arm and framed her face with his hands. "Tell me what went wrong so I can fix it. Please." He softly kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, before moving to her lips. He slowly traced her outer lips with his tongue, before coaxing her lips to part. With a groan of angry frustration she punished him by sinking her teeth into his lower lip before she gave him her complete surrender. Fusing her hungry body to his. He kissed her hungrily, desperately, exploring her mouth thoroughly. Her body became achy, and over heated as they kissed. She knew if he persisted she would give into his seduction. Something she couldn't let happen. She pulled away, and out of his arms. She moved until she had a couch between them.

"Okay, I'll tell you why I ended our relationship." She said finally. "I was losing myself."


"All my life I've strived for control. To be disciplined. Then you came into my life, and everything changed. I no longer was in control. Not of myself, and certainly not of you. You made me feel things that I never thought I would. I lost myself in you. But you're not controllable. You dominate."

"Let me get this straight. You broke up with me because you wanted a doormat?"His voice was both angry and incredulous, making it plain that he considered her answer ridiculous.

"I didn't say that."

"It sounded that way to me." Hyksos shook his head in disbelief, and ran his hand through his hair. He was so controlled it was one of the few gestures of irritation she could ever remember him making. "But the truth is, you would destroy a weaker man. Walk over him and make him your lap dog. You need someone who is just a powerful personality as you are. You only have to look at your so-called relationship with Alex Whitman to see that."

"You've been spying on me?" She flared.

"I was protecting my king, and his family." He corrected her. "After we learned that Avana had infiltrated your group, and was claiming to be Max's Antarian bride. I sent warriors to monitor the situation. To make sure that she didn't harm any of you before you could remember, and regain your full powers. I received a report on everyone that came into contact with the group. Alex Whitman just happened to be one of those names."

"And of course you paid special attention to him once you found out that I was dating him." She glared at him.

"If you can call it that." Hyksos laughed.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Vilandra snapped.

"It means that Isabel Evans treated Alex Whitman like her little lap dog. She pulled him in when she wanted, and pushed him away whenever she found something better to play with." He said mildly.

"That's not true. I never treated him like that. We were equals." She squared her shoulders, determined not to let him turn the conversation back on her, like he had in the past. But in her heart she knew that he was right. She had treated Alex badly. She knew that she would have never been happy with someone she could control so easily. But she was damned if she was going to admit it to him.

"Really? You and Alex were never equals in your so-called relationship. The poor boy was always at a disadvantage. " Said Hyksos. "You and I both know that you would never be happy with someone like that. You need someone you can't walk over. Someone to force you out from behind your ice princess facade. Someone to drive you wild, to make you lose control. Someone like me."

"You know a damn lot don't you?" She snapped, enraged at his unshakable self-confidence.

"Yes. I do." He navigated around the couch until he had her backed against the wall. "I know for a fact that we belong together. You belong to me, and me to you."

"Belong to you?" His arrogance was astonishing. "Do you have a bill of sale that I don't know about?" Vilandra looked him up and down. "Where's your receipt?" She mocked.
"Yes, belong." Hyksos barked. "I've been in love with you for as long as I could remember. I was ten years older and had to wait until you grew up. I used to pray to the gods every day that you didn't find and fall in love with another man. I saw you and I knew that you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew that you were going to be the woman I bonded with, the mother of my children. My soul mate. When you finally grew up and started looking at me the way a woman looked at a man she was interested in, I knew that my prayers were answered. And then you pushed me away."

She was so stunned that she could barely speak. Hyksos, one of the strongest, most arrogant man that she knew, was standing in front of her with his heart on his sleeve. Tears washed across her eyes and stayed there."Hyksos, I . . . "

"Commander Hyksos. You wanted to be informed when the messenger was going to report. It's time." A voice said over the intercom in Hyksos quarters.

"I'll be right there." Hyksos called out. "We'll finish this later." He said to Vilandra.

"Later." She nodded her head in agreement. They had a lot to talk about.


The royal guards dressed in their black and red uniforms, fell behind the king and queen as they hurried down the hallway of the ship to the briefing room.

"Maybe we can sneak in." Deanna said as she walked swiftly down the hall. "I can't believe you did this to me. " She muttered. "We're going to be late and everyone is going to know what we've been up too."

"I'm sure they won't even notice." He tried to placate her.

"If they do, you're a dead man." She warned.

They finally arrived at their destination. The door opened. "King and Queen in the room." A voice called out. Hyksos, Vilandra, Rath, Issella, the high guards, and other senior officials stood up and turned to face the door. It was evident that everyone knew what had detained the King and Queen. The stares from the sea of faces awaiting them made Deanna want to hit Zan. Her cheeks became warmer as she caught Rath's smirk, Hyksos knowing grin, Vilandra's look of disbelief and, then there was Issella's thumb's up motion.

"Let's begin." Zan and Deanna walked to the head of the table and sat down.

Kyle and Alex stood tied against a pole in an unexplored part of the cave where the alien pods were kept.

"Why would someone tie us up and drop us here?" Alex asked again. "This makes no sense. We are on the lower end of the tandem pole when it comes to people in the know. Why would they capture us?"

"Its alien related so of course it doesn't make sense." Said Kyle. "I'm more concerned about Tess, than I am about us right now. I have no idea where she is and I'm afraid that whoever did this to us must have harmed her."

"I just hope Max and the rest of the gang got our message, and are hurrying to rescue us as we speak." Muttered Alex.

"That's what I'm counting on." Said a voice from a darkened corner of the cave.

Kyle and Alex moved their heads and squinted trying to put a face to the voice.

Two figures moved closer. "Tess?" Kyle gasped. "Thank heaven you're all right?" In his relief at seeing her in one piece, her words did not register.

"Earthlings can't be that dumb can they?" Tess asked her companion.

"Uh, Kyle, I don't think she's on our side." Alex said grimly.

"Tess, what's going on?" Kyle asked in confusion.

‘I guess he must have received too many hits to the head from playing football." Avana ignored him and continued to speak to her companion. "Whatever brain cells he had are no longer functioning."

The soldier shrugged shoulders in a whatever gesture. He hadn't spent much time with these humans so he had no idea of their mental capacity, or lack thereof.

"What does it look like, idiot?" She walked over until she stood in front of Kyle. "I've set a trap for Max, and the rest of his moldy crew, and you and the other prisoners that I've captured are the bait." Avana/Tess turned to face the entrance. "Bring them in." A group of soldiers walks in pushing in front of them, a terrified and confused Amy Deluca, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, and Mr. and Mrs. Parker.

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"What's the matter?" Hyksos asked hoarsely. "Don't you like it? Or is it because you like it too much." His perceptiveness alarmed her. It had always been like this. Him knowing her better than she liked, better than she wanted.

"Let me go." She started to struggle in his hold, to her surprise he released her immediately.

"What went wrong between us Vilandra?" He prompted.

"Nothing went wrong." She forced a laugh. "We ran our course. That's what happened."

"Don't play games with me, Vilandra." He snapped. "I'm at the end of my patience. Everything was going fine until the night we made love."

"I don't know what you mean." She studiously avoided looking at him.

"That night we spent together was wild and hot, we couldn't get enough of each." He stepped over to her. He put a hand under her chin forcing her to look up at him. "We wrecked the bed." He said huskily. "Then the next day you came to me and told me that it was over. " Her withdrawal hadn't made any sense to him and had cut him deep like a knife. He knew , he knew with every fiber of his being that she had felt the same way that he had. That she had loved, and wanted him, just as much as he did her.

She pulled her chin out of his hand and tried to move away. Hyksos grabbed her arm and stopped her from retreating. "Vilandra." He let go of her arm and framed her face with his hands. "Tell me what went wrong so I can fix it. Please." He softly kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, before moving to her lips. He slowly traced her outer lips with his tongue, before coaxing her lips to part. With a groan of angry frustration she punished him by sinking her teeth into his lower lip before she gave him her complete surrender. Fusing her hungry body to his. He kissed her hungrily, desperately, exploring her mouth thoroughly. Her body became achy, and over heated as they kissed. She knew if he persisted she would give into his seduction. Something she couldn't let happen. She pulled away, and out of his arms. She moved until she had a couch between them.

"Okay, I'll tell you why I ended our relationship." She said finally. "I was losing myself."


"All my life I've strived for control. To be disciplined. Then you came into my life, and everything changed. I no longer was in control. Not of myself, and certainly not of you. You made me feel things that I never thought I would. I lost myself in you. But you're not controllable. You dominate."

"Let me get this straight. You broke up with me because you wanted a doormat?"His voice was both angry and incredulous, making it plain that he considered her answer ridiculous.

"I didn't say that."

"It sounded that way to me." Hyksos shook his head in disbelief, and ran his hand through his hair. He was so controlled it was one of the few gestures of irritation she could ever remember him making. "But the truth is, you would destroy a weaker man. Walk over him and make him your lap dog. You need someone who is just a powerful personality as you are. You only have to look at your so-called relationship with Alex Whitman to see that."

"You've been spying on me?" She flared.

"I was protecting my king, and his family." He corrected her. "After we learned that Avana had infiltrated your group, and was claiming to be Max's Antarian bride. I sent warriors to monitor the situation. To make sure that she didn't harm any of you before you could remember, and regain your full powers. I received a report on everyone that came into contact with the group. Alex Whitman just happened to be one of those names."

"And of course you paid special attention to him once you found out that I was dating him." She glared at him.

"If you can call it that." Hyksos laughed.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Vilandra snapped.

"It means that Isabel Evans treated Alex Whitman like her little lap dog. She pulled him in when she wanted, and pushed him away whenever she found something better to play with." He said mildly.

"That's not true. I never treated him like that. We were equals." She squared her shoulders, determined not to let him turn the conversation back on her, like he had in the past. But in her heart she knew that he was right. She had treated Alex badly. She knew that she would have never been happy with someone she could control so easily. But she was damned if she was going to admit it to him.

"Really? You and Alex were never equals in your so-called relationship. The poor boy was always at a disadvantage. " Said Hyksos. "You and I both know that you would never be happy with someone like that. You need someone you can't walk over. Someone to force you out from behind your ice princess facade. Someone to drive you wild, to make you lose control. Someone like me."

"You know a damn lot don't you?" She snapped, enraged at his unshakable self-confidence.

"Yes. I do." He navigated around the couch until he had her backed against the wall. "I know for a fact that we belong together. You belong to me, and me to you."

"Belong to you?" His arrogance was astonishing. "Do you have a bill of sale that I don't know about?" Vilandra looked him up and down. "Where's your receipt?" She mocked.

"Yes, belong." Hyksos barked. "I've been in love with you for as long as I could remember. I was ten years older and had to wait until you grew up. I used to pray to the gods every day that you didn't find and fall in love with another man. I saw you and I knew that you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew that you were going to be the woman I bonded with, the mother of my children. My soul mate. When you finally grew up and started looking at me the way a woman looked at a man she was interested in, I knew that my prayers were answered. And then you pushed me away."

She was so stunned that she could barely speak. Hyksos, one of the strongest, most arrogant man that she knew, was standing in front of her with his heart on his sleeve. Tears washed across her eyes and stayed there."Hyksos, I . . . "

"Commander Hyksos. You wanted to be informed when the messenger was going to report. It's time." A voice said over the intercom in Hyksos quarters.

"I'll be right there." Hyksos called out. "We'll finish this later." He said to Vilandra.

"Later." She nodded her head in agreement. They had a lot to talk about.


The royal guards dressed in their black and red uniforms, fell behind the king and queen as they hurried down the hallway of the ship to the briefing room.

"Maybe we can sneak in." Deanna said as she walked swiftly down the hall. "I can't believe you did this to me. " She muttered. "We're going to be late and everyone is going to know what we've been up too."

"I'm sure they won't even notice." He tried to placate her.

"If they do, you're a dead man." She warned.

They finally arrived at their destination. The door opened. "King and Queen in the room." A voice called out. Hyksos, Vilandra, Rath, Issella, the high guards, and other senior officials stood up and turned to face the door. It was evident that everyone knew what had detained the King and Queen. The stares from the sea of faces awaiting them made Deanna want to hit Zan. Her cheeks became warmer as she caught Rath's smirk, Hyksos knowing grin, Vilandra's look of disbelief and, then there was Issella's thumb's up motion.

"Let's begin." Zan and Deanna walked to the head of the table and sat down.


Kyle and Alex stood tied against a pole in an unexplored part of the cave where the alien pods were kept.

"Why would someone tie us up and drop us here?" Alex asked again. "This makes no sense. We are on the lower end of the tandem pole when it comes to people in the know. Why would they capture us?"

"Its alien related so of course it doesn't make sense." Said Kyle. "I'm more concerned about Tess, than I am about us right now. I have no idea where she is and I'm afraid that whoever did this to us must have harmed her."

"I just hope Max and the rest of the gang got our message, and are hurrying to rescue us as we speak." Muttered Alex.

"That's what I'm counting on." Said a voice from a darkened corner of the cave.

Kyle and Alex moved their heads and squinted trying to put a face to the voice.

Two figures moved closer. "Tess?" Kyle gasped. "Thank heaven you're all right?" In his relief at seeing her in one piece, her words did not register.

"Earthlings can't be that dumb can they?" Tess asked her companion.

"Uh, Kyle, I don't think she's on our side." Alex said grimly.

"Tess, what's going on?" Kyle asked in confusion.

‘I guess he must have received too many hits to the head from playing football." Avana ignored him and continued to speak to her companion. "Whatever brain cells he had are no longer functioning."

The soldier shrugged shoulders in a whatever gesture. He hadn't spent much time with these humans so he had no idea of their mental capacity, or lack thereof.

"What does it look like, idiot?" She walked over until she stood in front of Kyle. "I've set a trap for Max, and the rest of his moldy crew, and you and the other prisoners that I've captured are the bait." Avana/Tess turned to face the entrance. "Bring them in." A group of soldiers walks in pushing in front of them, a terrified and confused Amy Deluca, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, and Mr. and Mrs. Parker.



The parents who were being pushed and prodded into the cave with weapons in their backs, all started speaking at the same time.

"Could someone tell me what the hell is going on here?" Asked Amy Deluca.

"I demand an explanation for this outrage!" Yelled John Evans.

"Tess, why are you doing this to us." Said Melissa Evans. "You're friends with our children."

"Just let us go and we promise not to tell anyone." Said Nancy Parker.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Screamed Jeff Parker.

"Never trust a bottle blonde." Alex muttered under his breath

"Shut up." Avana raised a hand in Alex's direction, causing him to scream in pain as an invisible weight slammed into his body.

"Temper, temper, Avana." Ptolemy appeared suddenly in the middle of the cave. "Kivar would not be pleased if you damaged the merchandise. We need all of them alive to lure Zan and company here. Each of them is important in his or her on way to the royal family and inner circle."

"I know that!" She snapped as she lowered her hand. "That's the only reason that I haven't killed these idiots yet."

Amy Deluca, Jeff Parker, Nancy Parker, and John and Melissa Evans watched in stunned silence at what they had just witnessed.

"What the hell just happened?" Asked Jeff Parker.

"Did you see that?" Asked Amy Deluca.

"Could someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?!" John Parker yelled out, no longer able to keep his silence after what he had just seen.
"Tie them up." Ptolmey ordered the guards, ignoring the questions being asked.

"What do you want from us?" Inquired Melissa Evans.

Again the parents were ignored.

They were tied with energy ropes to the poles set around the cave.

"Looks like you have everything well in hand." Said Ptolmey. "I have a few things to check on before Kivar makes his appearance. I leave them in your capable hands." He then pressed a button on the transporter at his wrist. "One to transport." The non-aliens gathered in the cave watched in astonishment as he disappeared from their view.

"I demand to know what's going on here." Amy Deluca yelled out. "What sort of trick are you people pulling here?"

"Amy, maybe you shouldn't antagonize them." Said Melissa Evans.

"Goons come into my home and take me hostage and I should worry about not pissing them off?" Amy said incredulously. "Who the hell cares if I upset them!"

"In case you didn't notice we're tied up and currently powerless to defend ourselves. I think it is in our best interest not to get on their bad side." Nancy seconded Melissa's advice.

"Tess, what the hell is going on here? What have they done to you?" Kyle came out of his stupor, finally finding his voice. He refused to believe that Tess was acting on her own accord. They must have drugged, or brain washed her in someway. The Tess that he had gotten to know, and cared about would never act this way, he thought to himself as he tried to reconcile his feelings about Tess with what he was seeing with his eyes.

"Nothing happened to me." She stared at him as if he was an annoying fly that she wanted to squash. "By the gods! Are you that dumb? I am who I've always been. Lady Avana of the house of Narmer first cousin to Kivar Narmer, King of Antar."

"What are you people talking about?" John Evans interrupted in frustration. It appeared that everyone in the room knew what was going on except him and the other parents.

"Tell me, was any of it real? The Christmas dinner that you prepared for me and my dad; all the talks we had; the laughs we shared. Were all those lies?" Kyle asked hoarsely.

"Yes to all of the above." She said simply, no remorse in her voice.
"Why?" Kyle asked in a spent voice. "Just tell me why all the pretense? Why didn't you just kill Max, Isabel and Michael. Why waste all this time pretending to be friends?" He couldn't believe that he had been played for a sucker all these many months. He had opened his home to her. His heart to her, hell, he had even given up his bed and room to her, and this is how she repaid him. He felt like a grade a fool.

"What do you mean kill Max and Isabel?!" Melissa Evans started to struggle with her binds. "What do you want with my children?"

"I don't owe you an explanation, but your stupidity did amuse me during my stay here. So I guess you deserve some sort of explanation." Avana reached over and ran the back of her hand down Kyle's face. Kyle jerked his face away in revulsion. Avana grinned. "Good you're learning that I‘m not your friend." She stepped away from him, and leaned against the wall across from where he was tied up. "I didn't kill the royal fools because the plan was to seduce poor gullible Max into returning back to Antar with me. Once on Antar he would be publicly executed, putting to rest once and for all the rebellion. As long as the Antarian knew their precious king was alive, and out there somewhere, they would never give up their fight. Unfortunately that bitch Deanna was also brought back from the dead." She said bitterly. "She wrapped Zan around her finger and made him immune to my considerable charms. Now that they‘ve consummated their relationship, and the awakening is about to happen, I have no choice but to act quickly. "

"Zan? Deanna? What are you people talking about?" Interrupted d Nancy Parker, forgetting her advice earlier to Amy.

"Who cares." Interjected Melissa Evans. "All I want to know is what she wants with my children."

"What the hell do you mean that Max was to be executed?" John Evans broke in.

"Obviously she's out of her frigging mind." Muttered Amy.

"Could someone please fill us in on what you people are talking about?" Said Jeff Parker.

"Who is Deanna?" Alex asked in a perplexed voice.

"Oh right you don't know." Avana chortled. "I must admit I didn't find out until much later who Deanna was. Once I did find her, I sent out my men to kill her. Everything went like clock work. Two men pretend to argue and pull out a gun. Liz Parker, also known as Deanna, once queen of the planet Antar, was supposed to be an unfortunate victim of a random shooting. Unfortunately the two idiots that I sent out failed to take into account Zan, or Max's, as you earthlings know him, presence. Zan interfered and saved her from the gun shot wound. Had I known sooner I could have eliminated her, without Zan being the wiser. Unfortunately once she came into his orbit, and their connection made. I had to find a way to break them up without him getting suspicious and thus triggering any defense mechanism that Neferset might have set up when she engineered them. Thankfully those fools are no longer part of my crew." A smirk came over Avana's face and a maniacal gleam entered in her eyes. That look caused Kyle and the rest of the people rooted to her words to shudder. Her eyes were cold, and evil emanated from her face. No one had to ask what had become of these two soldiers. Everyone knew by just looking into her face that the men had suffered greatly before their death.

"You tried to kill Liz last year?" Kyle was horrified.

"Liz was never shot. I was there that day. It was only ketchup." Jeff Parker shook his head, forcing the words pass lips that were frozen in shock at what he had just heard. "Her name is not Deanna. She's an eighteen-year old girl from Roswell, New Mexico. I don't where you are getting all these crazy ideas from, and frankly I don't care. All I want is for you to let us out of here and for you to stay away from our children."

"Now why would I do that?" Avana chuckled. "You're the bait I'm using to get them here." Her laughter ended as abruptly as it began. "I am tiring of this conversation. Believe what you want. It makes no difference to me." She motion to the guards to follow her, and they all left the room.

As one, all the parents turned to look at Kyle.

"Since you seem to be the person, aside from the nut who just left here who is in the know, I suggest you start talking." John said to Kyle.

"You won't believe it if we told you." Declared Alex.

The parents all turned and gaped at Alex. "You know what's going on too?" Asked Amy.

"Darn! I should have kept my big trap shut." Muttered Alex.

"I'd like to hear the part about Max being King of a planet." Said Melissa.

"And my daughter being his bride from that planet." Interjected Nancy.

"What the hell did she mean by they consummated?" Inserted Jeff.

Meanwhile, on Board the Antarian Battleship

King Zan, Queen Deanna, Princess Vilandra, Lord Rath, Lady Issella , Commander Hyksos, the high guards, and other senior officials sat and listened as the spy within Kivar's organization reported in.
"Avana and Ptolemy are in Roswell, New Mexico. They have Kyle Valenti and Alex Whitman. Avana and some of her soldiers have recently captured Jeff and Nancy Parker, John and Melissa Evans, and Amy Deluca." Lieutenant Kindale reported. "Everyone is being held in the mountains, at the pod chamber."

"Have any of our foster parents been harmed?" Asked Vilandra.

"All seem to be fine."

"Where is Kivar?" Asked Zan.

"Kivar, is not on earth. He is still aboard ship. His ship is stationed behind the planet's moon."

"What type of ship is it?"

"A Horpais, class C war ship." Replied Lieutenant Kindale.

"Good." Said Captain Semerkhet. "Our ship is bigger and we have more fire power. There is no way he can out run us or out gun us."

"Were you able to place the data probe on board ship?" Asked Hyksos.


"Good. We then can keep track of Kivar and his people's movements on the planet, and aboard his ship." Said Rath.

As the conversation flowed back and forth, Deanna sat silently. Something didn't feel right. She could almost taste it. She closed her eyes, concentrated and let her senses flow. Suddenly she sat up straight in her chair. "Someone on board ship isn't what he appears to be." She cried out. The room quitted and everyone turned to look at her. "We have a traitor among us."


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In one smooth motion, Hyksos jumped from his chair pushed a button on his gauntlet activating the translucent energy shield, and pulled out his neutralizer. He moved to stand beside Zan and Deanna. "To you your King and Queen." He ordered his men. The guards formed a sem-circle around the royal couple, as neutralizer's out, they surveyed the occupants of the room. "Lieutenant Kindale we have a leak. Go dark. Don't contact us until we contact you." He said to the screen. Kindale's image disappeared. "Computer, Shield armor up. Initiate Herodotus protocol 10." He called out.

"Ship armor activated. Herodotus protocol 10, engaged. All communication abilities jammed. Complete lock down. Everyone is confined to their present location unless authorization given by King Zan, Commander Hyksos and Captain Semerkhet." The ship's computer voice replied.

"Where?" Hyksos scanned the room as he awaited Deanna's response.

"Not here." Deanna closed her eyes concentrating. "In the lower deck, in the engine room."

"You could sense evil that far away?" Issella was awed at Deanna's new abilities.

"It appears that my powers get a boost every time Zan and I make lo . . . " She trailed off as she realized that she had almost blurted out to a roomful of people that her powers increased each time she and Zan made love. "I think we should speak to high priestess Khentkaues about our powers, and why this is happening." She said in an aside to Zan. He nodded his head in agreement. "The person is in the engine room." She repeated in a much louder voice.

Zan, Commander Hyksos and Captain Semerkhet manually opened the door of the briefing room. "The five of you remain here to protect the queen." Ordered Zan, as he, Rath, Hyksos, the other five high guards in the room, and Captain Semerkhet crossed the threshold.

"You're not going without me." Deanna followed the group out the door, her guards trailing behind her.

Zan stopped and turned to face her. "We don't know what kind of threat we might be facing. It's too dangerous for you."

"Dangerous for me, but not for you?" She questioned. The group near the couple stared at the wall as they pretended not to hear the argument taking place.

"Deanna." He sighed. Why did he have to fall in love with such a difficult, stubborn to the bone woman? He thought to himself.

"You're not going without me." She stared him down, daring him to contradict her. "Besides you need me to point this person out."

"Here." Zan removed a neutralizer and shield gauntlet from one of the guards and handed it to Deanna. Why fight a losing battle? He motioned the queen's bodyguards to follow them. "Vilandra, you and Issella stay here and mind the fort." The group hurried to their destination.
As Hyksos went to his destination he wondered to himself whether the fates had blessed him or cursed him by giving him monarchs that refused to sit idly by, but instead insisted in jumping into the fray.


At the same time, in the engine room aboard the Antarian battle ship

"I'm finally aboard the ship." A voice said into a communicator. "Something is definitely going on. Movement on the upper level is limited to only high ranking officials. It will take me sometime to get up there."

"Can you confirm the location of the royals?" Ptolmey responded from the other end.

"Negative. I do know that no one fitting their description was scene boarding the ship."

"You're repeating the same information that my soldiers gave me." Ptolmey snapped out. "They could have been transported in and out. I want confirmation!"

"I can . . . " The communicator suddenly went dead. "What in the name of the gods is going on?" The voice frantically pushed buttons trying to reconnect.

The owner of the voice moved out of the corner she was hiding, and mingled with the other denizens of the engine room. She slowly walked to the door and tried to get out. "Access denied. All personnel confined to this area." The computer voice called out, causing everyone in the room to look up from what they were doing. Mumbling could be heard as people wondered why there was a lock down. She stepped away from the door. She was trapped. There was no other way out.

Shields firmly in place, the group manually opened the doors to the engine room. The guards entered first. "Hands up and backs against the wall." Ordered one of the high guards.

The occupants quickly did what they were told. The target of the search moved to the darkest corner of the room she could find, hoping against hope to avoid detection. Once the guards moved aside and allowed the other members of their parties into the room, the informant was stunned to find the former king and queen of Antar among the guards. I guess the question of their whereabouts has been answered, she thought to herself.

"Who?" She saw the King mouth to the queen. She saw the queen look in her direction. She realized at that moment that she was caught. She decided there and then, not to go down without a fight. Meri shape shifted to a seven feet, four hundred pound wildebeest, complete with twelve inch razor claws. Running she threw people out of her way, causing serious damage to those unluckily enough to be in her path, her one goal the royal couple. The guards raised their neutralizers, preparing to shoot to kill, but Zan acted quicker. Raising his hand, he used his power to send the beast flying across the room and into a far wall. He then quickly threw a blue-green body shield over the beast. Stunned at the quickness of the attack the creature reverted to its original form, a five feet, 3 inches, multicolored humanoid, with short green hair, and black on black eyes. She laid, spread eagled against the wall.

"Is she what you sensed?" Zan asked Deanna.

"Yes." She confirmed. "I'm not getting any other signal."

"Good." Hyksos said in relief.

"Computer code yellow. Med-tech section authorized to be opened, everything else to remain as previously ordered." Called out Captain Semerkhet. Zan and Hyksos called out their consent.

"Get the wounded to the med- tech, and call the healer on call." Ordered captain Semerkhet. The wounded were quickly hustled out. "All nonessential personnel clear out." Ordered Semerkhet. The people reluctantly left, all wanting to see how the confrontation would play out, but none dared to disobey their captain.

"You'll get nothing out of me." The shape shifter spat out defiantly.

"I beg to differ." Said Hyksos as he moved close. "Our methods are thoroughly effective. Have no doubt, if you live, you will talk."

"Do your worse. You'll get nothing out of me." Meri spat at him, sending saliva into his face.

"There are other methods aside from torture." Zan strolled until he stood face to face with his would be assassin. He reached out and covered the top of her head with his hand. He left his body, and went seeking out, until he entered her mind. "No!" Meri screamed as he invaded her thoughts. Imagines flashed from her mind to his. As her thoughts came to light, she shape shifted to the shape of the people she had killed during her tenure with Kivar. Men, women and even children did not escape her wrath. The room at large gasped as one when she shape shifted to an older Zan. A Zan complete with long hair, and dressed in a black leather vest and pants. Deanna finally had confirmation that the future Max/Zan that had visited her those many months ago in Roswell, New Mexico was an imposter.

Zan removed his hand when Meri collapsed and her mind ceased to yield any more information.

"Kivar and Ptolemy are trying to figure out where we are?" He turned to face Deanna and the rest of the group. "They have people keeping an eye on our hotel suite in Vegas, but it appears that the spell that Khentkaues placed about the suite is holding firm. Ptolmey has his suspicions, but doesn't want to bring it to Kivar's attention until he is sure. " He smiled suddenly. "Avana is sure that her plan is working. Ptolemy is sure that she is over confident and underestimating us. Avana was placed in charge much to Ptolemy dismay. Ptolemy sent his spy to investigate."

"Dissension in the ranks." Mused Rath.

Zan nodded his head in agreement.

"Maybe we can use it to our advantage." Interjected Hyksos.

"Exactly what I was thinking." Smiled Zan.


Roswell, New Mexico

"Where to begin?" Alex let out a long sigh. "I didn't believe it myself when Liz first told me. But I soon became a believer once I actually saw with my own eyes the things they could do."

"Like what?" Asked John Evans.

"Like the ability to heal gun shot wounds." Interjected Kyle. "If it wasn't for Max, and his alien powers, I would have died last summer."

"What?" Gasped Nancy Parker, although she had seen a man disappeared before her eyes, and had seen Alex cry out in pain when Tess raised her hand, she had been hoping that everything was a mass hallucination of some kind. But to get confirmation from Kyle that what she had witness was real, that aliens were among them, was mind blowing. "Did Liz really get shot that day at the Crashdown?"

"She wasn't shot. Why isn't anyone listening to me?" Interrupted Jeff Parker. "I was there. It was ketchup stain on her uniform." He refused to believe that aliens were among them. That was only a fairytale wasn't it? Things said in Roswell to drum up the tourist trade. No way was it for real.

"She did get shot that day, and Max brought her back from the brink of death." Countered Alex.

The parents could only gawk at him.

"I always knew that Isabel and Max were hiding something." Said a stunned Melissa Evans. "I had no idea that it was something this big."
"What about Liz being his alien bride?" Nancy asked in a shaky voice.

"I have no idea why Tess would say what she did." Said Kyle. "You and Mr. Parker are Liz's biological parents. Tess is probably just trying to rattle our chains for some warped reason."

Nancy and Jeff quickly glanced at each other, and then away again.

Melissa Evans noticed the furtive look between the couple. "What aren't you telling us?" She asked Nancy.

"Liz isn't our biological child." Said Nancy. "She was adopted."



Everyone except Amy Deluca stared at the Parkers in jaw dropping shock.

"But . . . " Melissa finally regained her composure, she cleared her throat. "But you were pregnant eighteen years ago. I attended your baby shower."

"Yes I was." Nancy confirmed. "But I lost the baby."

"Where did it happen?" Asked Melissa.

"In Albuquerque." Interjected Amy.

"You knew about this?" Melissa gawked at her.

"I was there." Said Amy. "I was having problems with my parents, and since I've known her family forever, I moved in with Nancy's parents in Albuquerque."

"I started to hemorrhage while I was visiting my parents. By the time I reached the hospital it was too late, my baby didn't make it." Nancy said hoarsely. "They let me hold her briefly before they took her away." She bit her lip, fighting back tears as the memory of that fateful day flooded her. "She was so beautiful. She had the softest skin. She didn't have much hair, but what she had was so feathery soft. I wanted her. I wanted her so much." She trailed off unable to continue.

"I'm so sorry." Melissa fight back tears at the pain she heard and saw in her friend's face. She knew a lot about wanting, and planning for a child that was never to be.

"We were devastated. We had such hopes and dreams for her." Jeff took up the story where his wife had left off. "Then the doctors told us that Nancy would never be able to bear any more children." He took deep calming breaths as he fought for control of his emotions. "Nancy fell into a deep depression. I really thought that I was going to lose her too. That not only was I going to have to bury a child, but a wife as well." He fought back tears. "All she would do was sit in her old room at her parent's house, rocking back and forth in an old rocking chair that her mother had given her for the baby." Jeff lifted anguished eyes to his audience as he relived the past. "I was at the end of my ropes, nothing seemed to be able to reach her, not me, not her parents, not Amy. It was if she had given up the will to live. Then a miracle happened." He smiled softly. " I was sitting on the front porch about two weeks after we lost the baby, when this strange man walked up to me. He called me by name, even though I'd never met him before. He introduced himself as Wadjet. He told me that he knew about the lost that my wife and I had suffered and that he wanted to help." Jeff laughed humorlessly. "I told him that no one could help me. He looked at me as if he was looking into my soul, and then told me to take him to my wife. For some strange reason I felt compelled to obey him, so I took him to Nancy. He walked up to her and took her hands in his. He looked into her eyes as if he was searching for something. Whatever he was searching for he obviously found because he smiled mysteriously, and said that he would be back in an hour with a gift."

"He came an hour later with two little girls in his arms." Nancy picked up the story where her husband had left off. "He said that he had been waiting for us, and that he had a little girl who needed a home, and that we were chosen to take care of her. He then put Liz in my arms. The moment he did that, I fell in love."

"We both did." Interjected Jeff.

"He had us sign papers and told us that he would take care of the adoption. He only had one stipulation, and that was that for the first six years of her life, he be allowed to visit. The summer she turned six years old he disappeared and we never heard or saw him again." Said Nancy.

"You said two little girls." Interrupted Alex. "What happened to the other child?"

"I took her." Said Amy.

"What?!" Alex, Kyle, Melissa and John said together. Things were getting stranger by the minute.

"Are you telling us that Maria is adopted too?" Alex asked incredulously.

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Said Amy. "I was there when he gave Liz to Nancy and Jeff. He turned to me and said, she's for you. I looked into her green eyes, and I couldn't say no. I took her in and made her mine. I moved back to Roswell a year later. Everyone thought that she was my biological child, and I never dissuade them. For all intent and purposes, she was mine. It was no body's business but mine that I didn't give birth to her."

"Did you say that the man was called Wadjet?" Asked Melissa. "It can't be." She said under her breath.

"Yes, Wadjet." Nancy looked at her questioningly. "Why do you ask?"

"Before I tell you, let me tell you how John and I found Max and Isabel." Melissa said with an odd expression on her face. "It was the summer of 1989. We were sitting at home when it felt as if someone, or something was calling to us. We had a sudden urge to go to the mountains. We got into our car and started driving, no real destination in mind. After driving for about an hour, we stopped our car. Why we did that, I have no idea. A few moments later Max and Isabel appeared. One moment nothing was there, and the next they were standing right in front of our car. We got out and took them in. We drove back home and were going to call the police when two men came to our door. One introduced himself as Heru, and the other Wadjet." Melissa laughed ruefully at the gasps that Amy, Nancy and Jeff let out. "Heru called us both by name, even though we had never met him before. He took our hands in his and looked at us searchingly, as if he was looking for something. He smiled mysteriously, and said the same thing that Wadjet said to you six years ago, that we were chosen."

"He said that he was their guardian, and that he wanted us to adopt them. We were so happy to finally have children of our own that we didn't really ask a lot of questions. He gave us adoption papers to sign. I checked the papers and everything looked on the up and up. From that day on Max and Isabel were our children." Inserted John. "They left saying that their work was done now that all their charges were placed."

"Liz was placed with Nancy and Jeff; Maria with me; Michael with Joanne and Mark Guerin, and Max and Isabel with John and Melissa." Amy said softly. "Except for the Guerins who were killed in a car accident last year, all of us our here today, almost exactly eighteen years to the day when Wadjet first appeared."

"Do you know who Wadjet and Heru were in ancient Egyptian mythology?" Asked Melissa.

"No." Everyone said in unison.

"Who were they?" Asked Nancy.

"Wadjet, was a divine being symbolized by the cobra, also known as the guardian of the crown. Heru, was a divine being symbolizing the living king or Asar reincarnated, he was more commonly known as Horus. Asar was the divine being ruling immortality and symbolizing immortal man, more commonly known as Osiris, lord of the dead." Said Melissa.

Alex, Kyle the Parkers, Evans and Amy Deluca looked at each other in shock, as they tried to process what they had just found out from each other.

"What do you think it means?" Alex finally asked the question that everyone was thinking.

"I think that for whatever reason we were chosen to take care of these very special young people." Said Melissa.

"But why us?" Asked Amy. "Why were we chosen by their protectors?"

"I have another question, why were Liz and Maria placed when they were babies, and Max, Isabel, and Michael not until they were six years old?" Asked Kyle.

"That I don't know?" Said Melissa.

"Maybe that's why Max, Isabel and Michael had powers since they were children, and Liz and Maria don't have any powers." Mused Alex as he tried to make sense of everything he had just learned.


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Aboard the Antarian battle ship

"Do you need anything more from the prisoner?" Asked Captain Semerkhet.

"No. I have enough." Said Zan.

"Transfer the prisoner to lock up." Semerkhet ordered one of his crewmen.

"Back to the briefing room." Zan led the group out of the engine room.

"I'll meet you later."Deanna stopped in the middle of the hallway, causing the rest of the members in the party to halt. "I have something to do first."

"Is something wrong?" Asked Zan.

"I just have an errand to run." She replied.

Zan studied her face for a long moment. Something was definitely wrong with her. "Give us a moment." He took hold of Deanna's arm, and led her further down the hall so that they could get a bit of privacy. "What's the matter?" He asked her.


"Deanna, I know you remember." He reminded her. "I'll ask again, what's the matter?"

"I have to do this myself." She said.

"Do what?" He inquired.

"I need the shape shifter to tell me who ordered her to impersonate you."

"Deanna." He reached out and hugged her to him, to console her. "You didn't know. Your powers hadn't matured yet, and you had no defenses against Meri and her cohort."

She pulled out of his embrace. "Someone tricked me, Zan." She looked up at him, her eyes dark with anger. "Someone used our love to manipulate me, so as to destroy us." Rage consumed her as she as she thought of all the heartache she had gone through. That she had put Zan through. The look of anguish, and pain in his eyes when he thought that she had betrayed him with another man was ingrained in her soul. "That person caused me to hurt you, caused us months of pain and misunderstanding. That, I will not forget, nor forgive. That person will pay for what was done."

"Okay." He knew that she had to do this for her own peace of mind. He pulled her into his arms, leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. "I'm always here for you, remember that."

"I know. Always." She squeezed his waist, then stepped out of his embrace.

They parted company. Deanna and her guards went down to lock up. Once there they walked to the only occupied cell. They found the prisoner awake, and lying on her back on a cot in her cell.
Meri turned to look at her visitors. "Ah, the queen bitch coming for a visit. What can this lowly prisoner do for you?"

"You are speaking to the Queen of Antar. You will show respect." Barked out one of the burly high guards. He pressed one of the several buttons located in a panel outside the cell, sending electrical shock into the chamber. Meri screamed in pain and jumped off the cot as if to attack her tormentor, only to fall to the ground, writhing in agony.

"That's enough." Deanna motioned the guard away from the panel. "I'll handle this alone." She crossed her arms in front of her chest and stared unblinkingly at the prisoner. "I only have two questions to ask you. Who ordered you to impersonate King Zan, and why?"

Meri slowly got up from the ground and sat on the cot. "And why should I tell you?" She asked insolently.

"Because your response will determine whether you die quickly or a slow, agonizing death." Deanna stepped closer to the impenetrable Antarian glass shielding that contained the prisoner. "And I'll handle it personally."

Meri got up and stepped closer to the glass. She looked at Deanna up and down, and laughed. "Little girl playing grown up. You haven't seen more than eighteen cycles. You don't have it in you, your majesty." She drew out the last word mockingly.

Deanna reached out and pushed the second button in the panel. A red laser beam came out of the wall, slicing off one of Meri's hands. She screamed in agony and dropped to the floor as blood spurted out of the wound. "My hand! You cut off my hand, you vicious little bitch!" She screamed.

"I'll work my way down your body if I have to." Said Deanna. "Now talk."

Meri glared at her. Her eyes blazing with a combination of fear, respect and hatred. "Fine. I'll talk." She now knew that Deanna was a woman of her word. She cut a piece of cloth from her blouse with her teeth, and wrapped it around her wound like a tourniquet in an attempt to stop the blood loss.

"The name. " Deanna held a hand over the panel in a threat. "Now!"

"Lady Avana." Spat out Meri. "We were meeting in the pod chamber, like we always did, thanks to you and your pathetic band of idiots allowing Avana into your group, when we discovered that Zan." Deanna looked at her sharply. "Sorry, King Zan." She bowed her head mockingly. "Had made use of the one time, time travel ability of the granolith. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for him, he was weakened by the space/time reef. We attacked and were victorious." Meri got up from the floor and walked closer to the glass, and despite the pain she was feeling at the lost of her hand, she was smiling. "His last thoughts were of you. His precious beloved. How he had now left you defenseless and clueless about your enemies." She searched Deanna's features hoping to see some sign of pain on her face. But she saw none. Deanna stood straight and tall, her face expressionless as she listened to Meri's venom laced words.

Enraged at her calm, Meri decided to pour more salt to her wound. "After he was killed, Avana decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to separate the two of you. So, she came up with the idea that I would impersonate King Zan to get you to break up with him, and then have you push him into her arms. You have to admit it was brilliant. You playing matchmaker for your true love and his would be killer." She chortled. "It was so easy to manipulate you. To get you to jump through hoops. You loved him so much that you'd do anything he asked of you, even give him up. You were so pathetic. Crying on my shoulder after you went to him and told him that you wanted a normal life. But my favorite was when you set it up so that he would find you in bed with your ex-boyfriend." She smirked. "The pain and disappointment on King Zan's
face. The anguish on your face. It was all I could do not to fall down laughing. And when I tried to push you to reunite with your old boyfriend by saying how he had become a great guy, your poignant little speech almost sent me into convulsions." She imitated Deanna's voice. "You're the love of my life, Max, there could never be another you. I almost lost my dinner. " She sneered. "Oh, and the last dance request, was a riot. I want to have my wedding dance." She mocked again. "The moment Avana signaled that she was in the park with Zan, I transferred off your balcony. Nice touch wasn't it?" She leered.

"Are you finished?" Deanna's voice was deceptively calm.

"Yes." She snapped, disappointed that she had failed to get a rise out of Deanna.

"Good." Deanna pressed the last button in the panel, and watched dispassionately what was taking place on the other side of the glass door.

Meri grasped her throat, gasping for air as the oxygen was slowly sucked out of her cell. "You said my death would be quick if I answered your questions." She wheezed.

"I guess, I changed my mind." Hands clasped behind her back, head tilted to the side, Deanna watched impassively as Meri slowly asphyxiated.

"Looks like Ammut will have another heart to feed on this eve." Deanna turned and left the room, her guards trailing behind her. She took the elevator up to the briefing room. She arrived at her destination, and stepped in. The occupants turned as one to face her. They made to get up. "Stay seated. I'm not staying. I just have one thing to say." She looked around the silent room. "No one touches Avana but me. She's mine." She turned and walked back out the door. Leaving a room full of stunned people behind her. Everyone turned to look at Zan as if looking for him to clarify what had just happened.
Zan quickly ended the meeting. "Everyone has their assignments. If there are any questions Rath and Hyksos can answer them. I will be in my quarters until it's time." He got up and hurried out the room.


Zan entered the quarters that he and Deanna shared. He found her standing stiff as a statute in front of the panel of windows, staring sightlessly into space. It appeared as if the slightest whisper would snap her into a thousand pieces. He walked up slowly behind her and stood silently, waiting for her to acknowledge him when she felt ready.

After several long minutes she started to speak. "Do you know, I never realized the many different shades a person goes through while she slowly asphyxiates." Her voice was cold, devoid of any feeling.

He didn't respond, waiting for confirmation of what her bodyguards had told him.

"I killed her, Zan." Her voice was brittle.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tightly to his body. "What happened?"

"She admitted that she and Avana killed you. The future version of you. She then started taunting me, mocking me and our love. Something inside me just seemed to shut down. I felt numb, and all I could think of was that I wanted her dead. So I reached into the panel next to her cell, pressed a button, and just like that she was gone." Her body relaxed against him, she felt drained after admitting what she had just done. She who had never hurt a living thing in her life, had just killed a living being.

"You did what you felt you had to do." He consoled her.

"I feel like such a fool. I played right into their hands, and if it wasn't for our trip to Vegas we would still be apart. I didn't even put up a fight." She said bitterly.

"But you did fight, Deanna."

"How?" She turned around in his arm until she faced him, raising hopeful eyes to him. Wanting some sort of confirmation that she hadn't been their gullible dupe.

"Those visions that I had. I think being in Las Vegas, the place where we supposedly got married was too much pain for you to bear, so you reached out for me, and it manifested itself into visions. The visions all had to do with one thing, our wedding. Something that Kivar and his cohorts were desperately trying to prevent us from remembering, and thus regaining our memories and our powers. The first vision was of you and me getting married. The second was of you dancing to the wedding that you thought would never be, and the last vision was of you talking wistfully about our wedding." He kissed gently on the forehead. "Our love is strong Deanna. No one and nothing can come between us. Not even the manipulation of the pathetic excuse for a living being that is Avana."

"I want her dead, Zan." She clutched him to her. "Dead. I want to see her die. I want to feel her die. I want to kill her. I want her dead. What type of person does that make me, Zan?" She lifted tears filled eyes to him. "I just killed one person and I am planning on killing another."

"Feeling hate, and wanting revenge doesn't make you a bad person, beloved. You have every right to feel the way that you do. Kivar, Avana and Ptolemy took a lot from you, from all of us. The reason why you feel pain at wanting their deaths is because unlike any of them, you have a heart filled with compassion and goodness." He ran his hand gently through her hair. "No matter what you have to do because of these people, they will never be able to take that away from you."

She buried her face in his chest and hugged him tighter, "Hold me. Never let me go."

"I never will." Zan held her and cursed Kivar, Ptolemy, and Avana for hurting her like this. For taking away her innocence, and causing her to take a life. He remembered his first kill, and how sick he had felt to his stomach at taking the life of another living being. He didn't think that it was possible to hate another living thing as much as he hated Kivar at that moment. It was because of his treachery that all this was happening. Because of him that his beloved Deanna had taken a life. Because of him that they had lost so many cycles of their lives, and because of him that his planet and people were suffering. He swore at that moment to make Kivar suffer as much as possible before killing him. "Anna bahebek, Deanna." He said as he held her.

"I love you too." She closed her eyes, and let his love and his touch remove the memories of Meri and Avana from her thoughts.

Author's note: In Egyptian religion, Ammit (sometimes called Ammut) was the eater of the dead. He eats people's hearts after they have been weighed in the hall of judgment and found wanting. Ammit/Ammut is depicted as part crocodile, part hippopotamus, and part lion.



Aboard Kivar's ship

Ptolemy sat before a flat screen suspended in the middle of the table."Their flight is due to leave Las Vegas in two hours, have you seen any activity yet?" He asked the figure on the screen.
"None." Reported one of Kivar's foot soldier. "Room service came to their door about twenty minutes ago. As per your orders, no one has attempted to enter the suite for fear that they would be detected by Deanna."

"Keep checking and report back to me the moment they depart Las Vegas." He ordered.

"Yes sir." He signed off.

"Where in the name of the gods are you Meri?" Ptolemy muttered as he reviewed his notes, and punched letters into the computer.

A bing sounded at the door signaling someone demanding entrance into his quarters. "Who is it?"

"Crewmen Bower." The voice replied.


"Sir." The crewman bobbed his head in greeting. "King Kivar wants your report, and has sent me to collect it. Lady Avana has already submitted her report."

"Tell King Kivar that I will have my report in about ten minutes. I am currently gathering the last bit of information that I need."

"Very good sir. I'll report it to his majesty." The crewman left.

A buzz sounded on his computer. Ptolemy quickly turned his attention to the screen. "Diona QDLS beta 37." A fuzzy picture appeared on the screen.

"Meri?" Ptolemy quickly worked on clarifying the picture. Meri's face appeared clearly on the screen.

"Why did you leave so abruptly earlier?" He questioned suspiciously.

"Someone was coming, so I had to leave." She replied.

"Harmachis87-30-19-21." He said quickly, trying to ascertain if she it was indeed Meri, and not a shape shifter impersonating her.

"Harpocrates97-40-29-31." She responded just as quickly with the code that they had agreed to verify her identity.

His face curved in a slight smile. Good he thought to himself. It was her."What were you able to discover?"

"The royal couple and the inner circle are not on aboard the Antarian ship."

"Are you positive?" He pressed.

"Positive." She confirmed. "I was able to get to the upper level by assuming the identity of a person who had clearance."

"What about all the activity that you reported earlier?" He asked. "Particularly, the added security to the upper level. Why is it that there is no admission to the upper level unless there is clearance?" He asked.


"Preparation for what?"

"Hyksos and High Priestess Khentkaues are due to arrive on earth within the next day."

"Hyksos is coming to earth?" His brow furrowed as he processed the information. "He must have gotten word of the fact that we are here, and is coming to protect his precious King and Queen; Or it could mean that Neferset feels that the time is right for the return of the royal family." He mused.

"Can't say sir." Meri replied.

"Are you sure that nothing else is going on?" He pressed. "Something doesn't feel right."

"That was the only information I was able to obtain."

"I was so sure." He murmured. "How about the data probe? Were you able to place it on board?" He inquired


"Why not?" He snapped.

"It is an Antarian Class A battle ship." Meri informed him. "The design makes it impossible to plant a data probe without it being detected within a nanosecond of being placed."

Ptolemy swore aloud. "Keep me informed."

"Meri, out." The screen went dead.

"Damn it. Avana can't be right." He slammed his hand against the table.

"Ptolemy." Kivar's face appeared on the screen. "I'm still waiting for your report." He barked.

"I'll be right there."


Las Vegas, Nevada, The hotel suite

"Well done, Lady Metis." Zan said from a chair in the hotel room where the group had gathered to implement their plan.

The shape shifter smiled, and shape shifted from Meri's form to her true form, a small multicolored female humanoid with red hair, and green on green eyes. "It is an honor to be asked to help your majesty." She bowed her head. "Please accept my apologies for Meri's betrayal. I have related the information to my high lord father and lady mother, they both ask that I extend their apologies and that of our people for Meri's deeds. Your majesty was the only world who offered our group sanctuary after the war which almost decimated our people. We want you to know that the blood oath that we signed with your majesty was not forsaken. Meri is an aberration, an out cast in our people."

"We accept your apology, Lady Meti, and that of your people." He got up from the chair, and stepped over to her. "I have been informed by the commander of all that you and your people have done to help our cause. It will not go unrewarded." He held out a hand to her in thanks.

She took his hand. "Thank you." She smiled.

"I think Hyksos might have some more things for you to do." Zan released her hand and moved to speak with Rath.

"Are you ready?" Asked Vilandra.

"I'm ready." Deanna sat on the floor, eyes closed, and legs crossed. She brought up a mental picture of Nancy Parker in her mind. She opened her mind, focused and went searching. Let me in. She said silently. Finding an opening, she slipped into Nancy's mind. Nancy's eyes widened in disbelief at what she heard and felt. "Liz?" She mouthed the word. "Yes, it is I. Please don't say anything. Speak to me only in your mind." Deanna quickly responded. "Please don't be afraid of me. I'll explain everything to you very soon."

"I am not afraid." Nancy answered her back. "I already know you're different."

"How did you . . . " She stopped. "We will talk about this later. I just want you to know that we're coming to help you."

"I knew you would." She replied in relief. "Please be careful, I couldn't bear if anything happened to any of you."

"We will be fine."

"What do you need me to do?" Nancy asked in a determined voice.

"I need for you to be my eyes." Replied Deanna.

"I can use your eyes to see."

"Okay." Nancy forced back her cry of surprise.

"Turn your head slowly so as to not draw attention to yourself, and scan the area. I need to see exactly where you are."

Nancy slowly moved her head around, taking in as much as information as possible to relate back to Deanna/Liz. Deanna verbally related the information to the portable computer that sat in front of her, so that it could create a map to aide them in their attack.

"Can you tell me anything about the number of guards?"

"There were originally fifteen guards, but five more came with this man called, Ptol . . . "She stumbled over the name.

"Ptolemy." Supplied Deanna.

"That's it." She confirmed. "They spoke of this other man, Kivar, and said that he would be coming soon, and that more guards would be coming with him."

"Good. I have to leave now."

"Please be careful, honey." Said Nancy. "I love you."

"I love you too." Said Deanna. "Tell no one of our conversation. You don't know who might be listening."

"I won't."

"We will be there soon." Deanna withdrew from Nancy's mind.


Meanwhile, upstairs in the Las Vegas Suite

High Priestess Khentkaues sat on the floor of one of the bedrooms, in the middle of a circle of lit candles. Her long pure white silky hair spread out behind her. She filled a gold dish on the small table before her with sacred oil. She lighted fire underneath the bowl. Smoke rose from the fire. She threw gold powder into the rising smoke, causing a spiral of sparks to shoot out.

"To you goddess Isis, she of countless names, who are one and all things. Watcher, protector and goddess of magic. Your humble servant comes before you. This house has been defiled by evildoers. The time has come for us to confront them, and right a wrong that was done. I ask for protection for my charges. My king, my queen, my princess, Lord Rath, commander Hyksos, and Lady Issella, so that what the goddess Bast has proclaimed, shall be fulfilled."

Gold vapors rose in soft bellows and hung over the bowl, as if waiting.

High Priestess Khentkaues repeated her words three more times. A blinding gold light filled the room, and when it receded a winged figure of a woman appeared. The woman wore a crown and had a face of a cobra. "The defender of the crown at your service." She hissed.

"Goddess Wadjet." Khentkaues quickly genuflected. She was stunned that the defender of the crown stood before her. She never thought that one of the gods would actually appear in person. "You honor your servant by appearing before her."

Wadjet titled her head to the side and grinned, showing her fangs."Why the surprise, Khentkaues? We've met before."

"We have my goddess?" She asked in surprise.

"Rise, High priestess Khentkaues, and sit." She ordered. Khentkaues got up from the floor. "Maybe you know me as someone else." She passed a hand over her face and body, her wings and cobra face disappeared as she morphed into a man. "High guard Ua Zit, at your service."

"Ua Zit, another name for Wadjet." Khentkaues eyes widened in astonishment. How could she have not seen it? "You and another protector accompanied the royal family to earth ten cycles ago." She said in a dazed voice. "But why?"


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"To understand, I have to tell you a story. Since I am going to say this only once, I need Neferset here." Wadjet held up a hand. "Neferset come to me." She cried out.
After countless hours of working, King mother, Neferset was finally free to get some much needed rest. She had just placed her head on her pillow and closed her eyes, when she felt a hand grab, and pull her. Her eyes snapped open. She screamed as she found herself wrenched from Antar and dropped unceremoniously in the middle of a hotel bedroom on planet Earth. "What in the name of all the gods is going on?!" Neferset cried out. In one smooth motion, she jumped from the floor and threw up an energy shield around herself. She then slowly scanned the area. She gaped in surprise when she saw Khentkaues and High guard Ua Zit staring back at her. "But you're dead." She said as she stared in wonder at the high guard.

"Greetings, Neferset." Wadjet transformed from high guard Ua Zit to her god form.

"Goddess Wadjet." Neferset dropped her shield and made to bow, but was stopped by Wadjet. "Just take a seat." She motioned to a space next to the high priestess.

"What is going on? Why is a god pretending to be a deceased high guard? " Neferset said in an aside to Khentkaues.

Wadjet smiled exposing her fangs. "Lord Horus, took the form of high guard Heru, and I the form of high guard Ua Zit, ten cycles ago to protect the king, queen and their inner circle. Once we placed them with their chosen earth parents, we faked our deaths, so that you would not look for us."

"But why?" Neferset repeated the same question that Khentkaues had asked when she first learned of Wadjet's impersonation. Why would the gods get directly involved with the lives of mortals?

Wadjet sighed. "What I am about to tell you has never been told to a mortal until today. But since things are about to come to a head, it is only fitting that you know why you are a player in this fight." Wadjet snapped her fingers causing a chair to appear behind her. She sat. "Once upon a time, there was a mighty god who grew restless with his life in the heavens. He wanted to do more with his existence than merely be worshiped. He wanted to do something worthwhile. He told Amen- Ra, the king of the gods of his plan, and was given permission. He then asked his wife to accompany him. She loved him greatly and agreed to leave with him. The two leave the heavens and together they created the Lycopolis star system, and made Antar their base. They took the form of humanoids. He called himself Usire and she called herself Eset."

Neferset and Khentkaues gasped in shock. "The first king and queen of Antar." Neferset said in wonder.

"Yes. Their true names were Osiris and Isis." Confirmed Wadjet.

For the first time since their youth, Neferset and Khentkaues lost their composure, and gawked at the cobra goddess, unable to utter a sound. Osiris and Isis were their forefathers? That was unbelievable.

"Osiris grew and became a mighty king. He went about the job of civilizing his people. He taught them everything about surviving, agriculture and animal husbandry. He gifted them with powers, and while he didn't make them immortal he gave them a very long life span, two thousand cycles. He gave them control over their bodies so that they could decide when they wanted to bear children. He gave them a code of laws to live by and showed them the proper ways in which to worship the gods. Antar became a mighty world under his kind and gentle rule. His subjects gladly worshiped the ground on which he walked. Osiris and Isis had several children in their humanoid form, who although mortal, had powers which far surpassed those of the powers he gifted to the Antarian people. When Antar was civilized, Osiris left to bring his teachings to the other worlds that he and Isis had created. While he was away, he left his wife, Isis, in charge. She ruled the planet in the same fashion, and was just as loved as her husband. But Osiris had an enemy, his bitter and jealous brother Sutekh." Wadjet hissed the name. Her tone clearly indicating to the occupants, how much she despised Sutekh.

"The god of chaos." Muttered Khentkaues.

"Sutekh was a lazy, malevolent god who felt that he was owed everything, and didn't have want to work for anything." Hissed Wadjet. "Sutekh plotted to destroy his brother. But nothing could be done while Isis ruled the country. Her authority was unquestionable, just like that of her husband. Upon Osiris' return to Antar, an evil plot was put into motion. Sutekh secretly acquired the measurements of Osiris and began having a beautiful box built to fit the measurements. When the box was finished, Sutekh waited until Isis left Antar for a visit to the heavens. He then had a great feast to honor Osiris. Having absolutely no evil in him, Osiris suspected nothing. When the feasting was done, Sutekh had the box brought out. He offered it as a gift to anyone whom the box fit. One at a time they tried to fit into the box until it was Osiris' turn. He laid in the box suspecting nothing. The lid was then slammed shut, nailed closed, molten lead was poured in the seam to seal Osiris in. The box was thrown into the Nilena river. Osiris was never seen again walking in the land of the living. Sutekh then seized Osiris' throne on Antar." Said Wadjet.

"I never had any idea. I just assumed that lord Osiris was always the god of the underworld." Khentkaues was stunned.

"We never wanted mortals to know about our difficulties." Said Wadjet.

"How did he become the lord of the underworld?"Asked Neferset.

"The box was born by the river to the town of Byblos, where it became enclosed in a tamarisk tree. This news reached Isis and she was grief stricken. She set about trying to find the body of her husband. She knew well that the dead could not rest until they have had a proper funeral. Isis, discovered the box and brought it back to the land of the gods. She hid the box in a secret place, and returned back to Antar to look after her children who were being cared for by my sister, Nekhebet." Said Wadjet.

"The goddess Nekhebet, responsible for wild birds, creator of life, death and rebirth. Also, the motherly protectress of the Kings and Queens of Antar." Interjected Khentkaues.

Wadjet nodded confirmation and continued with her story. "One night, while Isis was away, Sutekh stumbled upon the box. Blinded with rage at the sight of his brother, Sutekh ripped Osiris into fourteen pieces and threw the pieces out of the heavens and into the four corners of the Lycopolis galaxy. Isis learned of this new crime, and vowed to find the remains of her husband. After searching for many moons, she found all fourteen pieces and put him back together again. Osiris was then resurrected as the king of the dead in the underworld. After his resurrection, Isis and Osiris had one other child, Horus, who unlike his Antarian brothers and sisters, was a god. One day, Osiris appeared to Horus in a vision, and asked him to avenge the wrong that was done to him by Sutekh. Horus tracked Sutekh down and a battle ensued. Sutekh was forced to flee Antar, and Horus' mortal brother took the throne. The battle between Horus and Sutekh took to the heavens, and has been raging ever since. Victory is elusive and the battle turns first to one side, then to the other. It said that the five ruling planets of the Lycopolis galaxy hostilities is a manifestation of what is taking place in the heavens between Horus and Sutekh."

"May I speak freely, my goddess?" Asked Neferset.

"You may."

"I'm sorry to interrupt goddess, but where do we come in?" While she sympathized with what had happened to Isis and Osiris, and was grateful for the father and mother of her people for giving them life, they were gods, her and her people weren't. Being used as a pawn in a game of gods did not seat well with her.

Wadjet smiled at her impatience, and bravery at being so blunt to a god. "I am getting to that. It is written that one day, a king and queen of Antar would be born who embodied all that Osiris and Isis stood for. Their love would be legendary like that of Osiris and Isis. Like Osiris this king would be greatly loved by all his people. But he too would be betrayed by one he holds dear. He will rise like Osiris and avenge his death. On that day, the final battle between Horus and Sutekh will also take place. Once these two battles are over, and Horus and the Antarian king and queen have destroyed their enemies, Maet, universal order and harmony will come to the Lycopolis galaxy, and Osiris will finally be able to walk in the land of the living once again."

"My visions of my children's death, and rebirth." Neferset muttered.

"Yes. The goddess Bast sent it to you so that you would prepare the way." Affirmed Wadjet.
"It is an honor to be chosen by the gods to help bring Maet to our galaxy and help lord Osiris gain peace." Neferset said reverently.

"It is we who are honored to count you among our disciples." Unheard of before, the goddess Wadjet lowered her head in thanks to a mortal. "When Bast revealed to you what was to happen to your children and their friends, you did not wail against your fate nor theirs. You did not curse the gods, or renounce them. You simply accepted, and did what was ordered. This greatly impressed us. King Zan and Queen Deanna gave up their lives to protect their people. Sovereigns who put the people first and themselves second are rare in this universe, and should be protected and revered. Princess Vilandra, Lord Rath, Lady Issela and Commander Hyksos have shown tremendous loyalty to the crown, such loyalty is rare, and also impresses us."

A whirling wind of gold suddenly filled the room, and a huge hawk appeared next to Wadjet.

"Showing off as usual, I see." Wadjet laughed.

The hawk changed shape and became a falcon headed man. Horus, the Antarian sky god, the symbol of divine kingship, and protector of the ruling king. Son to goddess Isis and Osiris, lord of the dead, grinned at the occupants of the room. "But of course Wadjet."

Neferset and Khentkaues almost keeled over in their shock. Two gods in their presence. They didn't think that they could ever get use to gods walking among them. They both got up and quickly bowed a greeting. "Lord Horus." They said in unison.

"The battle is about to begin." Horus said into the silence.



"When?" Asked Neferset.

"This day, one way or another this matter will be resolved for once and for all." He replied.

"Are you going to help us deal with what is about to happen?"

"We have done all that we can, and are allowed to do." Replied Horus. "The rest is up to the fates."

"But both of you helped us before when you pretended to be high guards and took the children to their earth parents." She said in confusion. "Why then and not now?"

"They were protected so as to ensure that they reached adulthood to fulfil that which was prophesied. We cannot directly influence the outcome. I am merely an observer, and a guarantor if you will, that Sutekh does not disobey." Answered Wadjet.

"With all due respect goddess, you can't just tell us that we are pawns in a war between gods, and then tell us that we are alone." Neferset forced herself to say calmly, while inside she was raging. "You have to help us."

"We already did." Said Horus.

"What do you mean?" Inquired Khentkaues.

"How did you think you were able to increase their powers?" Wadjet answered her question with a question of her own.

"The moment I found out about the prophesy, Khentkaues and I worked nonstop, using magic and science to discover a means of protecting them, making them stronger then before." Responded Neferset.

Wadjet and Horus laughed. "Do you really think that you can tamper with what the gods have created without our help?" Asked Wadjet.

"What are you saying?" Asked Khentkaues, as she and Neferset exchanged confused looks.

"Your manipulations would have failed without our in put." She replied. "We increased their powers, not your magic." She pointed to Khentkaues. "Nor your science." Wadjet pointed to Neferset.

Khentkaues and Neferset tried to digest what they had just been told. Wondering what implications that it had for Kivar.

"What does that mean exactly?" Asked Khentkaues.

"Not now. It's time for you to leave." Wadjet said to Neferset.

"Can I at least see them? It has been ten Antarian cycles, fifty earth years, since I last saw them." Neferset pleaded.

"So be it." As she spoke, Wadjet created a window against one of the walls, allowing Neferset to see downstairs. Neferset stared in wonder at the picture before her. She held out a hand, gently caressing the glass, as is if she were caressing her children. She smiled when she saw Zan, with an arm around Deanna, laughing at something Issella said to him. She grinned when Vilandra playfully punched Zan and Rath on their arms. Her children. "They are so beautiful." She said huskily, as tears silently rolled down her cheeks. "Please come back to me." She kissed her fingers and pressed it against the glass. She turned to face the other occupants of the room. She and Khentkaues embraced silently, each knowing that life would never be the same after today. "Protect them the best way you can, old friend." She whispered in her ear.

"You know I will." Replied Khentkaues.

Neferset turned to Wadjet. "I'm ready." With a wave of her hand Wadjet sent Neferset back to Antar.

"It's time I left, too." Said Horus.

Wadjet nodded a goodbye.

Horus vanished.

Khentkaues stared at Wadjet.

Wadjet turned back into high guard Ua Zit. "I'll be here in case I am needed."


"I still don't like this plan." Hyksos said for the fifth time. "We have word that Kivar has gathered a formidable contingent at the caves. To just waltz in there is sheer lunacy."

"We have to let them think that we haven't regained our memories." Said Deanna.

"So you get on a plane to Roswell, and deliver yourselves to your enemies." His voice was filled with disbelief.

"Enemies who don't know that we have regained our memories and our powers." Interjected Rath.

"Hmm." Mused Hyksos. "I still don't like it. But at least I'll be there if anything goes wrong. You'll board the plane, and I'll be transferred on board by the ship's computer."

"You can't be seen anywhere near the plane." Interjected Zan. "You're supposed to still be on Antar remember?" Reminded Zan. "I'm sure Kivar will have spies on board the plane. If they see you, and report back to Kivar, Ptolemy will know that the transmission by Meri was a lie. Any element of surprise that we might have had would have been ruined. We have to make them believe that we are totally clueless as to what is awaiting us on our return. The best way to do that is to board our scheduled flight to Roswell."

"Kivar and his people are holding our foster parents and friends as hostage." Said Deanna. "We can't take any chances with their lives."

"Can I speak to you privately, Zan?" Hyksos asked calmly and politely, while inside he felt like yelling and breaking things. He must have angered the gods in a past life, he thought to himself. What else could explain what he was currently going through. After many cycles of fighting for the return of his king and queen, and the woman he loved, they stood in front of him, telling him that they planned on handing themselves to their enemies on a silver platter. He tried desperately to hold back his anger.

"Clear the room." Zan ordered the guards who were watching. The guards filed out the room, and into one of the bedrooms in the suite.

"This is crazy, Zan." Hyksos snapped the moment the guards left. Their years of friendship allowing him to speak freely. "I know that you want to get Kivar. I do too. I want to make him pay for all the time he took away from all of us." He glanced quickly at Vilandra, and then away again when he said that. "But at what cost?" He asked. "You, all of you." He looked around at the other occupants of the room. "Have a world that has been waiting for you, fighting for your return. You can't jeopardize it all in the name of vengeance or a misguided sense of loyalty to these earthlings. Let me and my men do our job. We can go in and rescue the hostages, and put an end to Kivar for once and for all." He beseeched them.

"I understand your concern." Replied Zan. "But we have to do this. It is because of me, of all us in this room that these innocent people are being used as pawns. They've cared for us, protected us during our stay on earth. What kind of people would we be if we now turned our backs on them?"

"I am not asking you to turn your back on them. I am asking you to trust me enough to bring them back to you." Hyksos said in frustration.

"It's not about trust, Hyksos." Inserted Deanna. "You know that Zan, all of us here." She waved a hand encompassing the room. "Trust you with our lives. It is a matter of duty, obligation and love. We owe them our lives, Hyksos. We can't leave their safety in the hands of others. I gave Nancy my word that I would come for her. I cannot, and will not go back on my word." Her eyes were dark and filled with determination.

Hyksos looked at each of their faces hoping against hope that someone would see things his way, and put an end to this lunacy. But all he saw on their faces was grim determination.
"We have to do this Hyksos." Said Rath.

"We all do." Issella replied in a quite voice.

"I don't want to sound unfeeling, but the need of the many far out weighs the needs of the few. You have a whole planet to worry about." He sighed.

"It is the way it has to be." Zan said firmly.

"How am I going to protect you?" Lamented Hyksos.

"We can take care of ourselves, Hyksos." Zan said dryly.

"Too many things could go wrong, Zan. Kivar could order that the plane be shot down." He replied. "He could even order his men to kill you on board the plane."

"He won't." Zan said confidently

"How can you be so sure?" Hyksos pounced, sure that he had found a flaw in their plan.

"Because I know him. Kivar is on earth because he wants to take care of this matter personally. Shooting down a plane is too impersonal. Besides, there is always the chance that we could be transferred out before the explosion. No. He wants this matter to end, once and for all, and to do that he must handle this personally."

"How about the caves?" Hyksos turned their attention to the other part of the plan that didn't sit well with him. "There are countless of hidden passages in that cave. You can't just walk in there and expect to come out alive, and I can't bring my soldiers in without Kivar shooting them down one by one." He said with disgust. "Recent reports indicate that he has brought down nearly a hundred of his soldiers to the planet surface. He is preparing for a war. He isn't planning on any of you leaving there alive. His soldiers could be hiding anywhere in those caves. How do we get to them?"

"We aren't going to get to them. We are going to make them come to us." Deanna and Vilandra said togther.

"How do you plan on doing that?" He asked in exasperation.

"We're going to frighten them out." Said Vilandra as she and Deanna exchanged a look.

"Really?" Hyksos was clearly skeptical.

"We are going to enter their minds and send them such visions that they will gladly offer themselves to us." Deanna's voice and eyes were cold as she thought of all the suffering that have happened because of these people.

"What visions could you possibly send these people that would frighten them that much? They are ruthless killers! They fear nothing." Hyksos said in frustration.

"They will see each of their victims as they were when they were being killed." Replied Vilandra.

Hyksos, Rath, Issella, and even Zan shivered at the looks they saw in Deanna and Vilandra's eyes.


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"You can do that? Send them such visions?" Asked Hyksos.

"Yes." Said Vilandra.

Deanna nodded yes.

Every hair on Hyksos' body stood up. "My troops and I will meet you at the appointed hour near the caves." He said after he finally regained his composure after what he had heard.

"We need to leave in the next fifteen minutes to make sure we catch our flight." Rath informed the group. They nodded in agreement.

Deanna pulled Zan to a corner of the room, so that they could have some privacy.

She took both his hands into hers. "I just wanted to tell you, in case anything goes wrong today. That I love you. Always have and always will." She brought his hands up to her lips and kissed each one in turn.

"I love you too." Zan pulled her into his arms, and kissed the top of her head. "You mean everything to me Deanna. I was only half alive until you came into my life." He pulled away from her and looked into her eyes. "Words don't exist that could express what you mean to mean." He softly kissed her eyelids, her nose, her cheeks before catching her lips in a gentle kiss. "Nothing is going to go wrong. We will be victorious." He said with confidence.

"You sound so sure."
"I am." He smiled. "We're together, and there is nothing that you and I together can not accomplish. We will be victorious because we still have a lifetime to live. I told you once that I would grow old with you. Have children with you, and I intend to keep that promise."

"I'll hold you to that." Deanna smiled mistily.

"You do that." He hugged her tightly to him. He didn't care what he had to do, he would keep his promise. He had failed her once, he would not do it again. "Anna bahebek, Deanna."

"Anna bahebek, Zan." She closed her eyes and inhaled his scent. She held her world in her arms, and she vowed that they would have all the dreams that Kivar and his cohorts had taken away from them in their last life. "I love you, Zan." She repeated this time in English. "So much."

Hyksos took the opportunity to pull Vilandra into a bedroom in the lower level of the suite.

"Please be careful." He said the moment he had her alone.

"I'll be careful." She was touched by the love and concern she saw in his face. "Hyksos, you were right, you know."

"About what?" He pretended not to know what she was talking about. He needed to hear her say it.

"I do love you." She admitted. "Always have and probably always will. I owe you a better explanation then the one I gave you. The truth is I didn't break up with you because I couldn't control you. I broke up with you because I was afraid. "

"Afraid of me?" He asked incredulously. What could he have possibly done to make her fear him?

"Not of you, but of what you made me feel." Vilandra moved away from him and sat on the bed. "When my father died." Her voice broke, as she thought about her father, King Amos. He had lavished his small family with love and affection. They had been so close, she could do no wrong in his eyes. It was as if a part of her had died the day he had been killed. All that power, snuffed out in a stupid, senseless accident. How could the gods have been so cruel as to take him away from his family?

"Vilandra? Vilandra?" Hyksos called out again.

"I'm sorry." Vilandra started when she realized he had been trying to gain her attention for quite some time . "A part of me shut down the day my father passed on. I became terrified of letting anyone in. Afraid of losing anyone again. I grew fiercely protective of those already in my life and played the ice princess to the hilt to keep everyone else out. But you wouldn't stay out. You pushed your way pass my defenses, and before I knew it, I had fallen in love with you." She lifted tears filled eyes up to him. "Then we consummated our relationship, and I felt as if I had lost a part of my soul. I became terrified and so I bolted. I threw you, and our relationship away because I was afraid that one day I might lose you too. And I couldn't stand that."

"Oh Sweetheart." Hyksos knelt in front of her. "You'll never lose me."

"How can you promise that?" She asked through her tears.

"I can't promise that I won't life end. We are not immortal. We must all past to the after life. All I can promise is that I will spend the remainder of my days loving you. All one thousand and nine hundred and sixty cycles. You know me Vilandra. Nothing. No one, can take me away from you without a fight."

"Same old, Hyksos." She smiled. "You even still look the same." She traced his features with a finger, memorizing his face with her finger.

"I should." He laughed. "My thirty-fifth birthday took place two days after you were taken away from me. The aging process is now nearly at a stand still." He reminded her. "I on the other hand have a lot to look forward to with you. Seventeen more cycles before you see your thirty-fifth birthday. You are beautiful now, I can't imagine what those other cycles will bring. I'll have to beat the men of Antar off with a stick once you've matured fully." He said mournfully.

She laughed and threw herself into his arms. It felt as if a great weight had been lifted off her heart, after finally confessing to Hyksos. She was tired of being afraid, tired of pushing love away because of her fear. "I love you." She said huskily.

"I love you too." He held her tightly in his arms. They held each other, happy to be together again. Knowing that they had taken the first step toward reuniting "Please come back to me." He said huskily. "I lived once through your death. I don't think I could do it again."

"Nothing, and no one, can take me away from you again without a fight." She repeated the words he had said to her earlier. She pulled away and they kissed hungrily, sealing the vow with a kiss.

Rath and Issella stood in the middle of the hotel suite.

"Once again we are about to go head first into danger. What is it about us and danger?" Joked Issella. "It's like we have some sort of magnetic attraction."
"Issella..." Rath cleared his throat.

"I know, Rath." She interrupted him.

"In all our time together I never once said it, have I?" He looked at her sadly, as he realized how much his silence must have hurt her. "Not during our time on Antar and not during our time on earth."

"I know how you felt. " She smiled bravely, and then lied. "I don't need the words." She didn't want to burden him when they were about to go and face their enemies.

"You, my beautiful, brave, Issella deserve more than this coward." Rath smiled, and took her small hands into his. "You came, you saw, you wanted, and you wouldn't let anyone stop you until you got what you wanted, not even this cowardly fool." He chuckled. "My beautiful force of nature. You got under my skin when I wasn't even looking. I wish that I was good with words like Zan or Hyksos are. You deserve someone charming, who is in touch with his feelings. Not this big lumbering fool who is afraid of saying three little words." He let go of her hands, and cupped her face with his hands. "But you have me, now and forever, Issella." He looked deeply into her eyes, his eyes screaming out what he had been afraid to verbalize, until today. "I love you, Issella. More than words can ever say. " He said hoarsely.

"Oh Rath." Issella pulled her hands out of his hands, and threw herself into his arms as she started sobbing. "I love you too."

"I wanted to make you happy. Not cry. What did I do wrong?" He asked in a perplexed voice.

"I'm happy you big lug." She clutched him tightly. "People do cry when they are happy, you know." She pulled away from his arms. "I want to hear you say it again."

He wiped the tears off her face. "" He said in between kisses.

"It's time to leave." Zan said softly, reluctant to break into what was going on between his two friends, but knowing that they had a schedule to keep to. Hyksos and Vilandra came out from the bedroom. The friends looked at each other, studying each others features, as if trying to imprint each others faces in their minds in case something went wrong. All six had a lot to live for.

"We have lives to live, and a planet waiting for our return. We will succeed because failure is not an option." Said Zan as he gazed around the room, at his love, his sister, his friends. "Nothing less than victory." Said Zan.

"Victory!" The other occupants of the room cried out.

"Let's do this then." Said Zan.
The sixe friends walked out the door, to their date with destiny. Leaving the rest of the occupants of the suite to do their part in this battle.


In the Lycopolis Star System, on the planet Antar

Her royal highness, Neferset, mother of King Zan and Princess Vilandra, stood facing her troops.

"This day, we clean our planet of the plague which have invaded it. We are fighting for our freedom. We are fighting for our people." She raised a fist into the air. "We are fighting for our King and Queen. To victory!"She cried.

"To victory." The thousands of voices repeated.

Meanwhile on board Kivar's ship

"It took you long enough." Kivar snatched the disk out of Ptolemy's hand and shoved it into this computer.

"I was trying to get final confirmation on their location and the whereabouts of Hyksos and Khentkaues." Ptolemy took the seat across from Kivar.

"And?" Kivar lifted his eyes from the report he was studying and looked sharply at Ptolemy.

"Hyksos and the high priestess are reportedly on Antar with Neferset, and the royal pair and inner circle are apparently clueless as to our trap and still in the hotel suite in Las Vegas."

"If I was the type of person who said, I told you so, I guess this would be the time." Avana swerved her chair around to face Ptolemy.

"Avana." He acknowledged her.

"In the flesh." She gave him a cheeky grin.

"I thought you were still in Roswell."

"The prisoners are well guarded, so I decided to personally deliver my report." She said with a smirk. "Nice that you finally decided to join us." She couldn't help sending that dig.
"It looks like your plan is working, doesn't it?" Ptolemy gave her a fulminating look. "But looks are often deceiving."

"Not this time." She snapped back. "I told you that these people are idiots and easily led, and their actions are proving me right." She finished smugly.

"And I told you that it is foolish to underestimate your enemy." Ptolmey voice was low and calm, no one listening to him would suspect the dislike he had for the person he was conversing with.

"You are worrying for nothing Ptolmey." Snarled Avana. "You are just borrowing trouble."

"And you are acting impetuously." He retorted.

"You're just upset and jealous that it is my plan that is delivering Zan into our hands today."

"Jealous?" Ptolmey scoffed. "I never let emotions rule me, like some people do." He sent her a pointed look.

"Enough, children." Kivar broke into the fray, his voice reeking with amusement. "There is place for both of you here. It is a time to celebrate our impending victory, not fight among ourselves."

"This is too easy, Kivar." Ptolemy's face was expressionless, not showing the rage he felt at Avana's superior attitude. He ignored her and focused solely on Kivar. "We know that there is an Antarian battle ship on earth, why aren't they doing anything to protect their precious charges?"

"My dear Ptolemy. I can't believe you've forgotten golden rule number one, know thy enemy. I know Zan like I do myself. Aside from his love for Deanna, his two biggest weaknesses is his nobility and his compassion. We have his earth parents and his friends. There is no way that Zan or Max, or whatever he is calling himself these days, is going to sit back and watch harm befall them. No, he is too noble for that." Kivar leaned back on his chair and smiled. "He will personally come to guarantee their safety, and that means coming to Roswell, and the pod chamber. The place is like a honeycomb and we have a hundred soldiers hiding in there." He chuckled. "There is no way that he, and his people are going to come out of this alive, even if they are being helped by the people on board the Antarian battle ship."

"Neferset, Khentkaues and Hyksos are not stupid people, Kivar. I find it somewhat hard to believe that they are totally clueless as to what we are doing, and have left the royals completely defenseless." Argued Ptolemy.

"Ptolemy, you are worrying needlessly. Believe me when I say that I do not fear anything that Neferset, Khentkaues or Hyksos could conjure up." His face curved into a grin that had Avana and Ptolemy wondering where this unshakable confidence came from. "That will be all." He waved a hand toward the door, dismissing Avana and Ptolemy.

After Ptolmey and Avana left, a figure in a long robe and hood materialized out of the wall. "Hello Kivar."

Kivar jumped out of his chair and whirled around to face the voice. "I didn't know you were here."

"I am always close by." The figure walked deeper into the room. "Have you been taking what I have been leaving for you?"


"How are you feeling?"

"Stronger then I've ever felt. I've never had such power."

"Good." His voice was full of satisfaction. "In a couple of earth hours we will both have what we have been fighting for so long for."

"I know what I want, but you never did tell me what it is you want." Kivar got up and walked over to the small bar in the corner of the room, and poured himself a drink.

"It is no concern of yours." The figure replied curtly. He moved until he stood next to Kivar.

Every hair on Kivar's body stood up at the close proximity to the figure. He quickly moved back, and causally wandered over to his desk.

The figure smiled, knowing that he had disturbed his companion.

"Why are you helping me?" Kivar sat down behind his desk, and peered intently at the figure trying to see behind the veil of darkness that clung to his companion.

"I have my reasons." The figure glided across the room until he stood before the desk where Kivar sat.

A ring sounded. Kivar pressed a button on the desk. "Yes." He barked.

"Sire, we just got confirmation that all five have just boarded the airplane to Roswell." Said a voice over the speaker.

"Thank you." He signed off.
Kivar smiled and raised his glass. "Let the games begin."

His companion nodded in agreement. He glided back to the wall where he had materialized from, his robe billowing behind him. "Foolish mortal." He muttered under his breath.

"Did you say something?" Inquired Kivar.

The figure ignored him and vanished thru the wall.

Kivar shrugged, no one ever said it would be easy being in partnership with Sutekh, lord of chaos. He was just happy that he had a god on his side. He pressed a button on his console. "Tell my personal guards we will be leaving soon." He barked out.

"Yes sire." A voice responded.

"Soon, Zan. Very soon." His face curved into an evil grin.


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Roswell, New Mexico, the mountains

The bright New Mexico sun beat down relentlessly on the heads of the five friends as they stood at the base of the mountain.

"Are you ready?" Asked Deanna.

Vilandra nodded, yes.

Deanna and Vilandra held hands. They brought up mental pictures of their friends and families in their minds' eye. They focused and entered the prisoners' minds. Everyone's eyes, except Nancy's widen in disbelief at what they heard and felt. "Don't say a word and listen to us. If you need to respond, speak through your minds." Said Vilandra. "We need you to close your eyes."
"Don't open it for any reason. No matter what you hear." Interjected Deanna.
"Why?" Asked Jeff.
"Just trust us." After giving the warnings Deanna and Vilandra withdrew.

***********Hyksos raised a hand, stopping the column of soldiers at his back. "We can't go any further without being within the rage of their spy glass." Said Hyksos. The men took their positions as they prepared for what was to come.

"The moment we receive the signal you and your soldiers will be transferred closer to the mountains, and surround Kivar and his men." Captain Semerkhet said to Hyksos via the communicator.

"Okay." The communicator went dead.

Hyksos used his communicator and contacted the high he had left in the transport chamber. "If anything goes wrong down there, I want you to transfer the royal family and inner circle to the ship."

"But sir, the king ordered that we not intervene." Replied high guard Andrea.

"I'll deal with whatever his majesty wants to do to me. But our primary goal is to protect the King and his family, even if that means bringing down his wrath." His voice dared her to contradict his order.

"Yes sir!"

On board the Antarian battle ship

Captain Semerkhet sat on the bridge, as he ordered his crew to take off. The computer's voice could be heard echoing throughout the ship, informing everyone that the ship was about to take flight. The ship quickly shot out of lake that it had been hiding in. The incredible speed that it was capable of making it merely a blur to anyone on earth who might have seen it, as the ship shot into the black space.

High Priestess Khentkaues, priestess of Antar, sat in her quarters. After chanting the ancient spell of invisibility to ensure that the occupants of the earth were blinded to what was taking place in Roswell, and to ensure that no unsuspecting earthling wandered to mountain that day. She searched furiously thru her ancient tombs trying to come up with a spell to guarantee victory for those she was charged with protecting. After finding nothing. She slammed the books shut and went to the transporter room so that she could join the group in Roswell.

Roswell, New Mexico, the mountains

Kivar stood hands clasped behind his back, Ptolmey and Avana at either side of him.
"The men are positioned thru out the caves." Reported Ptolmey

"Today I finally eliminate that thorn at my side." Kivar smiled.

"Sire, the spy glass just caught sight of the five of them at the base of the mountain."

"It begins." Kivar's face curved into a smile. Finally victory would be his. Zan and his people were unknowingly about to deliver themselves into his hands. He had fantasied about this day for so long that he could hardly believe that it was actually here. Maybe he shouldn't kill him right off as he had originally planned. Maybe he should play with him a bit. He chuckled silently. Thinking of the many forms of torture he could use on Zan. Yes, he would definitely make it last longer. Maybe he should order his people not to kill Deanna, Vilandra and Issella, it would be a shame to life end those beautiful ladies. He could use them for his pleasure, or if they prove too difficult to manage, sell them to the Horpais slave traders. An ex-queen, princess, and lady of the court would surely bring in a tidy sum. He smiled as he thought of all the ways he would humiliate and degrade his enemies. He relished returning back to Antar, as the undisputed King of Antar.

"King Kivar." A lieutenant walked over to him.

"What?!" He barked as he was forced out of his reverie.

"We just got a report that the rebel force has engaged our troops on Antar."

"It was to be expected that she would make her move while I was gone." Said Kivar. "Once we eliminate Zan and the people get wind of it, that bitch Neferset won't be able to do anything to stop us." He waved the soldier away. "No one will dare challenge us once they learn who our benefactor is." He muttered under his breath.

"Our benefactor?" Queried Ptolmey.

Kivar ignored him.

The battle in the heavens

Amen-Ra, king of the gods, went into a rage when he found out that not only had Sutekh killed a god, he was now trying to usurp his position, and become king of the gods. He threw his support behind Horus. Amen-Ra gave Horus an army and told him he could ask any of the gods for help in his fight.
Knowing how treacherous, Sutekh could be. Horus went to Thoth, the god of wisdom and magic and enlisted his aid. Thoth used his magic to turn Horus into a sun-disk with splendid outstretched wings. The goddesses Nekhbet and Uazet in the form of uraeus snakes ( the sacred serpent of Antar) joined him at his side.

Horus searched the heavens until he came upon the army of Sutekh. When he finally spotted his enemy and his army, he flew straight at the sun to look down upon his enemy and his conspirators. The glare was so fierce that it confused and disoriented Sutekh and his people, they could not tell friend and foe from each other. They attacked one another in their confusion. When the battle finally ended, Sutekh's army laid dead or dying. Horus searched the bodies for Sutekh but to no avail.

"Horus, we have word that Sutekh and his other army are hiding in the rivers of the gods." Reported goddess Nekhbet.

Horus and his warriors disappeared and went after Sutekh.

Roswell, New Mexico, the mountains

Rath and Issella created a vision so that it appeared that the group were walking up the mountain to the caves, when in reality they had stop between a group of rocks. Zan created an energy shield around the group, and a clear energy field around the prisoners inside the cave to protect them.

Vilandra and Deanna knelt on the ground, facing each other as they held hands. They left there physical bodies. Letting their energies flow, they entered the minds of the occupants of the cave, getting pictures of the those they had killed. It was an exhausting process, and what they saw both saddened them and hardened their hearts against their intended victims. They were more determine than ever to make these killers pay. Once they had gathered the images, they then replicated them, and set about turning the memories they had gathered into reality.

Inside the caves.

The two soldiers stepped inside the chamber where the prisoners were being kept, to relieve the guards that had been guarding the prisoners for the past few hours. "Anything to report?" Asked one of the new guards.

"None. They've been sleeping for the past twenty minutes." He replied as he and his companion left the chamber.

After the two guards left, the two remaining guards went around checking the prisoners. "Earthlings are a lazy bunch aren't they?" He kicked Kyle's leg, getting no response. His companion turned to make a comment, when he froze in place. All color draining out of his face. The soldier started to tremble, his eyes were blue pools of horror, his mouth opened in a silent scream. He tried to find his voice to yell out a warning, but nothing came out. He backed away in terror and ran out of the chamber as if a demon chased him. Icy fingers of fear ran down the spine of the remaining guard. He pulled out his neutralizer from his belt to face the nameless threat that had sent his fellow soldier running out of the chamber. Slowly he turned around to face the threat. What he saw caused him to lose control of his bowels. There, suspended in mid-air were grotesque, misshapen heads of people that had apparently died violent deaths, the bodies hovered beneath the severed heads, swaying. Jagged wounds, burn marks and slashes stood in vivid relief against the bodies of countless men, women and children. Their hands, and feet were smeared with reddish black substance that appeared to be blood. The countless faces were frozen for all eternity in the agony of their deaths. A figure came closer, a young girl of about ten cycles old. So close that he could touch her and smell the stench coming from her decomposing body. He recognized her. He and a companion had used her for target practice for fun. "No. You're dead. You're dead!" He shouted. He looked around, and recognized some of the other figures. He backed away in horror as he realized what he was seeing. He bolted and ran for his life.

The shrieks and screams of countless voices could be heard as more people started to see the ghostly figures. Soldiers scattered throughout the caves trying to outrun the figures, but all to no avail. Every passageway held more of the ghouls. People ran faster and faster, pushing cobwebs and spiders away, pushing friends away, stumbling over rocks as they tried desperately to out run the innocents they had slain. In their fear and rage at what was happening to them, they attacked one another. Firing neutralizers madly throughout the caves, gunning down comrades. Many soldiers collapsed in fright at what they saw. People behind them trampled over the bodies, in their terror not even realizing what they were stepping upon. Those who came down the same passageway later, didn't even recognize the bloody carcasses as the remains of fellow comrades.

Eyes tightly shut, Kyle, Alex, Jeff, Nancy, Melissa, John and Amy, cringed every time they heard the unearthly screams of the people in the caves. The terror, and horror in the voices caused every hair on their bodies to stand straight at attention. What could have caused these harden killers such fear? Wondered the captives. Fear at what they might see, and the warnings whispered by Liz and Isabel kept their eyes shut. Even after the screams diminished they were too afraid to open their eyes.

"It's safe to open your eyes now." Said a voice.

The group opened their eyes and saw soldiers dressed in red and black leather facing them. "We've come to take you away."

Kivar, Avana and Ptolemy pushed and shoved people out of their path as they fought to reach the opening of the cave. They breathed sighs of relief as they saw the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Kivar glanced behind him and saw the apparitions still chasing them. Terror filled him. Would they never out run these demons? Would these figures follow them into the desert until they collapsed in exhaustion and then consume their souls? Kivar's question was answered, a moment later. As he and his men slipped and slid down the mountain toward what they thought was freedom, neutralizer fire greeted them. Kivar, Avana and Ptolemy ducked, and leapt behind rocks to protect themselves. "It's a trap, turn back!" Ptolemy yelled to the soldiers running out of the cave. "It's a trick, turn back!" Kivar called out. A few listened and jumped behind rocks for cover. But the majority caught in a grip of madness at what they had just seen, continued to run out of the cave, and right into the blast of the neutralizers. People jumped over bodies that fell before them, and continued to run, trying to outrun the ghouls which were still inside their heads. Those who made it down the mountains were met with soldiers and royal high guards who meted swift justice to them.

Kivar, Avana and Ptolemy watched in horror as the majority of their band of soldiers were dispatched before their eyes, leaving them virtually alone behind the stones.

"I guess if I were the type of person to say I told you so, this would be it." Ptolemy mutter bitterly, for once his control deserting him. He had tried to warn the cousins, had tried to tell them that something was wrong, but they had scoffed at his concerns. Now he was about to pay for their arrogance with his life. The ultimate price.
"Three to transport." He called into his communicator.
"We can not sir." A crewmen replied.
"Why not?" He snapped.
"The computer is refusing to accept any orders to transport. Something is jamming us."
"Can't you override it?"
"We are trying, but...." The crewmen trailed off.
"What's the matter?"
"Why aren't they transporting us to the ship?" Cried Avana.
"What's going on up there?" Ptolemy called out into the communicator.
"Tractor beam." Came back the faint reply, static almost making the words barely discernable. "The Antarian" The communication ended.
"What just happened?" Quizzed Kivar.
"They have our ship." Ptolemy was seething with rage. He had lived nearly two hundred cycles, and now was about to life end because of these two idiots beside him. He cursed the day he had agreed to work for Kivar.

"We're trapped." Wailed Avana.
"Really?!" Ptolemy replied sarcastically."Our only choice is to go back into the cave." Said Avana.
"And do what?" Growled Ptolemy. "Wait for them to come and get us? No. We have to try to make a run for it."

"But the prisoners. We can use them as a bargaining chip. They won't harm us if we have them."
She said in a voice filled with panic.

Ptolemy looked as if he wanted to strike her. "Engage your brain for a moment, Avana! Do you really think that prisoners are still in the cave? They've probably been transported out by now."

"Well we can't just sit here! We are sitting ducks." She snapped.

"I told you what we have to do, we have to make a run for it. Don't you agree, Kivar?" He turned to look at Kivar, only to see him slowly disappearing before his eyes. "What in the name of the gods?" He swore. He and Kivar had the same powers, and limitations. Since when did Kivar have the ability to transport without a transporter? Since when did any Antarian have that ability? Kivar had obviously been holding out on him. No wonder he had been silent during the conversation between him and Avana. He thought bitterly, the bastard had a way out. While he was trapped.

"Kivar, you have to take us with you." Avana cried out.

"Now why would I do that?" Kivar smirked and disappeared entirely.

"I can't believe he just left us like that." Avana was in shock.

"Believe it, sister. We are on our own." Ptolemy clamped a hand on Avana's arm. If he didn't need her he would have crushed the life out of her. How he loathed her and Kivar for putting him in this position. "The minute I finish speaking to the soldiers, I want you to use your mind warping ability to hide us as we make a run for it." Rising a little behind the rock, Ptolemy yelled to the men to fight. Calling them cowards for running from illusions. Use to obeying, the remaining soldiers got up and drew their light swords, they ran to engage the soldiers and high guards who had climbed the mountain in combat. While the soldiers fought, Avana used her mind warping abilities to shield her and Ptolemy, as they ran down the other side of the mountain.

"Going somewhere?"Avana and Ptolemy stopped when they found themselves surrounded by Rath, Issella, Vilandra Deanna and several high guards.


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"Thank God you're here!" Avana yanked her arm away from Ptolemy. "I was so afraid that they would kill us before you came. They told me that if I didn't do what they wanted they would kill Kyle and Alex. So I had to pretended to go along with them."

Ptolemy looked at her in disbelief. Was she really that stupid? Did she really think that they were going to fall for her little ploy?

Rath Snorted.

"I guess this is the point where we jump in and say you poor thing, and take you to our bosoms to console you." Issella's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"You have to believe me! " Avana cried, as she scanned the faces around her, desperately trying to get them to believe her. "Look what they did to me." She pushed back her shirt sleeves, exposing her forearms. On her arms were bruises, burns and welts. "Both arms and my back are covered with marks like these."

"Looks to me like you got exactly what you deserved." Laughed Issella.

"He is the enemy." She pointed to Ptolemy. "Not me. I was just his innocent puppet."

"Why you vicious, conniving, little bitch!" Before anyone could get to him Ptolemy lunged at Avana, and started choking her. "I've had enough of you and your cousin." Avana turned several different shades as she fought for breath. "I should have done this a long time ago." He squeezed harder.

"As tempting it might be to let you kill her." Rath motioned to two high guards who pried Ptolemy away from Avana. "We can't."

"Did you really think that we would fall for your little miss innocent act?" Deanna asked in disgust. "We know everything Avana."

Avana glared at her. "It was worth a try. I had to see if stupid, gullible Liz Parker was still around." She said through clenched teeth, her soft warmth turning to harsh coldness.

"I've waited a long time for this." Deanna lifted a hand and sent Avana flying backwards several feet into the air. Avana landed hard on the ground, the breath leaving her body in a loud whoosh. She got up and raised a hand to retaliate, but thought better of it when she saw the guards.

"Go ahead." Deanna motioned the guards away. "No one is going to stop you. I'll give you a freebie." She raised her hands, away from her body.
Avana hurled bolt, after bolt of energy balls at her foe. Deanna easily deflected the blows. Avana trembled in fear as she realized that she was out of her league in this fight. "Is that all you have?" Deanna circled her prey. "Go ahead. Try to hit me again." Deanna stopped in front of Avana goading her; Avana shook her head and backed away like a frightened rabbit. Deanna continued to advance forward. "You and your cousin took ten cycles of my life from me. You killed Zan, and replaced him with a shape shifter to trick me. To get me to hand him over to you. You used my love against me." She lifted up a hand, slamming Avana against a wall of rocks. Avana cried out in pain as her body slammed against the unforgiving surface. Deanna placed her hand against Avana's heart and starting sending searing heat into her body. She looked into Avana's eyes, seeing her reflection, and she realized at that moment that she was letting this thing control. Letting Avana turn her into someone that she didn't recognize. Someone that she did not like. Someone that she did not want to be. Deanna lowered her hand and stepped away. "Get her away from me." She said hoarsely.

"Not before I do this." Vilandra took out a steel blade from her utility belt, and plunged it into Avana. Avana screamed in agony as the blade sank deep into her flesh. "Bye-bye friend." She repeated the words that Avana had spoken all those many cycles ago when she had plunged a knife into her body. Vilandra twisted the blade in deeper. "Be thankful that it's only your shoulder, and not your heart." She spat out. She pulled the blade out, and stepped away from a howling Avana. "Take her." She ordered the high guards.

"Make sure that no healers come near her." Issella called out after the retreating guards. Let the witch suffer. She deserved more than pain for all the suffering she had inflected upon countless of people.

"That was beautiful." Issella and Vilandra high five each other.

Vilandra, Deanna, Rath and Issella turned to Ptolemy, who stood between four high guards. His hands were encased in Yambonian steel, preventing him from using his powers.

"Where's Kivar?" Asked Rath.

"I don't know." Replied Ptolemy.

"Really?" Rath stepped closer to the prisoner. "Maybe a little pain will jog your memory." He pressed a hand against Ptolemy chest, slowly heating up his internal organs.

Ptolemy yelled in agony. He fell to his knees between the guards. "Believe me, If I knew I would tell you." He gasped out. This was where his association with Kivar had landed him. How he hated the bastard. "He disappeared."

"Disappeared how?" Rath held up a hand in threat. "Your ship is captured and the transporters are jammed."

"Apparently one of Kivar's powers is the ability to transport without a transporter." He stared stoically into space. "If you are going to kill me, then do it." He said dispassionately.

Rath, Deanna, Vilandra and Issella looked at each other as they realized the ramifications of what they were just told. Kivar had somehow found a way to enhanced his powers. They had to get to Zan, and warn him. "Take him aboard the ship and put him in lock up." Rath ordered the guards.

"Computer, locate King Zan." Deanna spoke into her communicator.

The computer replied with the pertinent information. "Come on." Said Deanna. The four friends, with the remaining high guards rushed to find Zan.


Kivar cursed as he landed several yards away from mountains. He had yet to master this new power of his. He looked around seeing no one around. At least he had escaped. Too bad he couldn't say the same for Ptolemy and Avana. He chuckled. Stupid fools, they had actually thought that he would save them.

"Hello Kivar." A voice said from behind him.

Kivar whirled around to find Zan, Hyksos, Khentkaues and a group of high guards standing behind him.

"How did you get here?" He gasped.

"I could ask you the same thing." Replied Zan. "Since when can you transport without a transporter?"

"I have many secrets." Kivar smirked.

"The day has finally arrived for you to answer for all that you've done." He looked up and down at the man he had once called a friend.

He looked around at the small army behind Zan. "The great and noble king Zan needs an entire army to fight one poor helpless Antarian. My, my, my, how the mighty has fallen." Kivar's mouth twisted sardonically.

"I don't need an army to send you to the underworld where you belong." Replied Zan, power and confidence emanated from his tall form.
"Zan! Kivar has somehow found a way to enhanced his powers." Deanna called out, as she and her group materialized next to Zan.

"I know." Zan kept his eyes firmly on Kivar as he stepped away from the people at his back and moved closer to Kivar. He threw up a protective energy shield between him and Kivar and the spectators.

"No!" Deanna and Hyksos protested Zan's action.

"Let's to this then." Kivar lifted a hand toward Zan, wrapping him in energy shackles, he then launched himself at him.

Zan simply disappeared.

Kivar found himself landing face first, hard to the ground. He turned around and found Zan levitating several feet away from him. Black fury emanated from Zan's eyes. Kivar quickly jumped up to his feet.

"My turn, I believe." With blinding speed, Zan ran toward Kivar, his hand glowing red he slammed it against his chest. Kivar screamed in agony as searing heat entered his body. He used his power and disappeared, appearing several feet away from Zan. He looked down and saw a hand print burned into his chest. He tried to draw breath into his burned lungs. Zan lifted a hand sending Kivar flying against a pile of rocks. The crack was loud in the unnatural silence, as his body slammed against the unforgiving surface. Kivar struggled to his feet once again, his eyes glazed, wildly seeking as he searched for his nemesis. When he finally found him, he raised a hand and tossed an energy bolt toward Zan. Zan simply vanished, and reappeared behind Kivar. "Looking for me." His voice was cold, deprived of feeling, his eyes were dark with the promise of retribution. In his hand he held a round white ball of pure energy, he flung it into Kivar's body. Kivar screamed in agony as unimaginable pain raced through his body. Cuts appeared spontaneously over his entire body, and it felt as if his very blood was boiling. He fell to the ground, breathless, shocked at the incredible power coming from Zan. He looked up to see Zan hovering above him. He laid prostrate, bleeding, lacking the energy to return any blow that Zan might send his way, yet he smiled mockingly at his opponent. As if he knew something that his opponent didn't know. "You think you've won? That I've lost? That it's over?" Kivar spat out a mouthful of blood and pressed a trembling hand to his bleeding chest. "You have no idea who my benefactor is." He tried to draw oxygen into his battered body, gasping in pain. The effort to even breathe, exhausting. "It's not over." He wheezed.

"Yes it is." Zan's voice was filled with a mixture of hate and sadness. Hate for the man who had tried to destroy him and everything, and everyone he cared about, and sadness for the childhood friend that he had lost. "Good-bye, Kivar." Zan called forth a final energy blast. But as he went to use the energy bolt, a whirling gale of sand, like the funnel cloud of a tornado, limited only to his area, came out of no where and picked him off the ground, and sucked him in. Invisible hands slammed into him repeatedly. Clenching his teeth against the pain, Zan tried to use his powers. But whatever he used turned against him. He cried out in agony. The protective shield that he had thrown to protect Deanna and his people disappeared.

"No!" The group cried as one. Vilandra, Hyksos, Issella, and Rath tried to move toward the storm, only to be flung back like paper dolls. They picked themselves off the ground and stood frozen in place, not knowing what to do. The rest of the spectators stood like deers caught in the glare of headlights unable to move.

"No."Deanna screamed. "I'm not going to lose you." She used every ounce of her energy, her power, and fought her way to Zan.

"No!" Zan screamed as he saw Deanna fighting her way toward him. He resumed his struggle against the invisible hands squeezing the life out of him, all to no avail. "Go back Deanna. Go back. Please." He gasped out.

"You can't have him." She threw herself into the sand storm.

"No!" The rest of the group, Hyksos and the high guards tried again to enter the storm, only to be flung back again.

"It's Sutekh doing." High guard Ua Zit said grimly to Khentkaues as he studied the storm. "He created a protective spell to protect Kivar and to ensure Zan's failure. If ever Zan moved in for the kill, the spell would be activated. Zan's life force, and now Deanna's is slowly being drained from them. And if Zan tried to use his power to escape, his powers would be turned against him."

"Can you do anything?" Khentkaues asked, her voice filled with horror. She mentally ran rapidly through all the spells that she knew, trying to think of one that might help her counter this magic. But realized quickly that any magic she used would only be used against Zan and Deanna.

Wordlessly, high guard Ua Zit walked into the sand storm. The helpless spectators gasped in shock.

Ua Zit came out of the storm carrying a body in each hand. The storm vanished the moment the bodies were no longer in it.

"Give him room." Hyksos cleared people back. The spectators formed a loose semi circle around the high guard and the two people he held in his arms. He laid the bodies on the ground.

Vilandra dropped near the bodies. "Zan? Deanna? Come on. Open your eyes. Wake up." She pleaded.
"What's going on?" Asked Kyle, as he, Alex, Nancy, Melissa, John, Jeff and Amy strolled up with the guards that had taken them out of the caves.

"Oh my God! What happened?" Exclaimed Alex.

"Why aren't they breathing?" Nancy asked fearfully.

"CPR. We can do CPR." Melissa pushed her way to their side.

"CPR will not work." Answered high guard Ua Zit.

"You're their protector." Melissa said as she recognized Ua Zit as the man so long ago who had given Max and Isabel into her care. "Can't you help them?" She asked anxiously.

"Khentkaues." Vilandra got up from the ground and grabbed the high priestess' arm. "The book of the dead. You can use it to bring them back to life."

Khentkaues stared at her mutely, lifting anguished eyes to her.

"Why are you just standing there?" Snapped Issella. "Do something."

"Get the damn book!" Vilandra screamed out as she shook the high priestess.

"She cannot help them." Replied Ua Zit.

"Who asked you?" Snapped Vilandra.

A collective gasp was heard when High guard Ua Zit turned into the cobra goddess Wadjet.

"Goddess Wadjet." Vilandra said in relief. "Thank the heavens you are here. You have to help them."

"I cannot."

"What do you mean you cannot?!" Vilandra and Issella yelled out in unison.

"You are a god. You can do anything." Cried Issella.

"Help them." Ordered Vilandra, refusing to accept what she had just been told.

"Zan and Deanna are beyond my domain. They are in the land of the dead. Beyond my power." Said Wadjet.
"Goddess Wadjet." Hyksos interjected, trying to be diplomatic, even though inside he was coming apart. "Please find a way to help them. We need them." His voice was thick with unshed tears.

"Please." Pleaded Rath.

"Beyond your power?" Vilandra cried incredulously. "Gods are supposed to be omnipotent how can you have limitations?"

"We are all powerful." Wadjet nodded. "But each of us have our domain, mine is the land of the living. I can do nothing for those who dwell in the land of the dead."

"Can't you intervene on their behalf?" Begged Rath.

"No. No. No." Vilandra shook her head as she backed away from the bodies. "I don't accept this. I won't accept it!" She walked over until she stood toe to toe with Wadjet. "You gods took away my father and now you're taking away my brother, and one of my closest friends. You're supposed to be the defender of the crown. Defend it! Save them! What use are you if you cannot protect your charges?!"

"Vilandra." Khentkaues inserted herself between Vilandra and the goddess, afraid that the goddess might strike back in anger. She dreaded the task of telling Neferset about the lost of her son and his wife. She didn't want to have to tell her that her daughter had also died. "Calm down." She pulled Vilandra away. Hyksos quickly put his arms around Vilandra.

"What is she going to do? Kill me?" She struggled in Hyksos' arms. "Who cares? She and her people already took my father and my brother away from me. I don't care what they do to me."

"I care." He said as he held her, preventing her from leaving his arms. Vilandra struggled until she turned around in his embrace. She started hitting any part of his body she could reach. "I want them back Hyksos. I want them back!" She broke down, collapsing in his arms. Hyksos fell to the ground, cradling Vilandra in his arms. "I do too." He rocked back and forth with her in his arms, as he too wept at the lost of his sovereigns and friends.

"No, she can't be dead." Nancy extended a trembling hand and touched Deanna/Liz' face. "Liz." She whispered. "Please come back to me. Please." She moaned. She couldn't bear to lose another child. She didn't think she could survive that pain again.

Melissa stroked Zan/Max's face with a trembling hand. "Max? Max?" She sobbed. "Please open your eyes, sweetheart. Please open your eyes for me." Jeff and John stood behind their wives, tears rolling down their cheeks as they gaped in horror at the bodies of their children.

Issella, sandwiched between Rath and Amy Deluca sobbed. "This isn't fair. This isn't fair." Rath pulled her into his arms as he too wept. Amy laid her head against her daughter's head trying to console her.

Alex and Kyle could only stare in stunned horror at the bodies, unable to utter a sound, at the senseless lost.

Kivar who lay on the ground wounded, and unable to move, gave a short bark of laughter as he took in the scene around him. He knew that he was dying, but at least he had lived long enough to see Zan and Deanna die. If he could have gotten up and dance, he would have.

Wadjet turned her eyes toward him. Her gaze was filled with anger and retribution. Gold beams shot out from her eyes and into Kivar's body. He screamed in agony as he was slowly roasted alive. After several moments of pain and suffering, Kivar finally life ended. All that remained behind was scourged earth, and a few ashes.

"Lord Rath, we just got a report from Antar. The planet has been freed of the Horpaisians' victory is ours." A voice called out from Rath's communicator.

Kivar was dead, Avana and Ptolemy captured, and Antar cleared of Kivar's mercenaries. They had won the war, but at what cost? King Zan/Max and Queen Deanna/Liz were dead. Weeping and wailing could be heard as everyone mourned the lost of a friend, a son, a daughter, a brother, and a king and queen. The lost of two people who had meant so much, to so many.


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Meanwhile, in The Antarian Underworld, The Hall of Maat

Zan and Deanna found themselves standing before the doors of the hall of Maat, waiting their turn to be judged in the hall of the dead. Both were dressed in pure white, and on their heads they wore the Pshent, the ruby and white diamond double crown of Antar. In the center of the crown was the symbol of the royal cobra, the defender of the crown and the royal hawk.

"Why? " Zan asked huskily. "Why did you do it? You knew what was going to happen. Yet you entered the sand storm anyway."

"You're my soul mate, Zan." She turned to face him. "Your fate is my fate." She took a deep, shaky breath, as if to stave off her impending tears.

"Oh beloved." He held her close to his body. "I'm so sorry. " Tears shone brightly in his eyes. "We were supposed to return to Antar; renew our vows, and live a long and happy life together ruling our planet." He stroked her hair, his heart breaking that they would never have the life that they had planned. Twice fate had cheated them out of their dreams.

Deanna moved out of his arms so that she could see his face. "Dead or alive, I don't care. As long as we are together."

Zan cupped her face in his hands. "I don't know what I ever did to deserve you. But I thank the gods every day for blessing me with you." He kissed her gently on the lips. "Where your soul goes, so will mine."

She reached up and curled her arms around his neck hugging him tightly to her. "So will mine." She repeated.

A man with the head of a jackal appeared suddenly before them. "I am Anubis, guide of the dead in the underworld." He said in greeting. "I have come to lead you to the hall of Maat so that you may be judged."

Deanna and Zan pulled apart. They smiled and nodded to each other, making a decision. Zan held out a hand and Deanna took it. They turned and faced Anubis. "We wish to be judged together." Said Deanna.

"So be it." Replied Anubis. "What happens to one shall happen to the other." The threesome entered the hall of Maat.

A woman wearing an ostrich feather in her head greeted them. "I am Maat, goddess of truth, justice, and balance. These are my scales." She sat before the scales and looked at Deanna and Zan. "Your hearts, conscience, will be weighed against the feather of Maat." She pulled the feather out of her hair, immediately another feather sprouted out, she placed the feather on the scale. "If you are found to be worthy, you will walk forever in the Fields of Peace with your king, Osiris. If however, you are found to be unworthy, your heart will be eaten by the demon Ammut. If that occurs, your soul shall be forever damned, and you shall be sent to the Realm of Suffering."

"I am Thoth, the god of wisdom, magic and writing." An ibis headed man greeted them. "I shall record the decision."

"It is time." Goddess Maat held out her hands for their hearts.

Anubis put a hand on each chest, to collect the hearts.

"Hold." A voice called out.
As one, everyone turned around to face the source of the voice. They saw a tall, gold colored, bearded man walking toward them. He was dressed in a robe, in his hands he held gold scepters, the symbols of supreme power, the flail and crook, on his head he wore the Atef crown. A white crown, with red jeweled feathers. By his side stood a beautiful winged woman. She wore a tight, pure white gown, and on her head was a gold crown in a shape of a throne. For the first time ever, Osiris, the god of the dead and agriculture, and his wife, Isis, goddess of magic and the moon, had left the throne room, and came personally to greet the dead, instead of waiting for them to be judged and brought to them. A look passed between Osiris and Anubis. Anubis lowered his hands and stepped back

"Greetings, King Zan and Queen Deanna." Osiris called out.

"Lord Osiris." They bowed their head in greeting. "Goddess Isis, we are honored." They said in unison. Zan and Deanna exchanged looks. Why, weren't they allowed to be judged? Why would Osiris come personally to greet them? What did this mean?

"There is something you must . . . " Osiris stopped abruptly as warmth washed through his body. Osiris and Isis locked eyes. A silent communication occurred between them. They both smiled identical smiles. He turned back to face the two people who stood silently, staring questioningly at him. He motioned Deanna and Zan to stand beside him and Isis. "There is something that I want you to witness." He finally completed his sentence.

The foursome watched as Anubis led Kivar into the hall of Maat.

Kivar glanced over and saw Zan and Deanna standing to the side, he failed to notice Osiris and Isis, since they had made themselves invisible to his eyes. "Well, Well. Looks like neither one of us survived our last encounter." He chortled. "I know where I am going. But at least I have the pleasure of knowing that you won't be ruling Antar." He spat out at Zan. "My lord Sutekh granted my hearts desire, and now my immortal soul shall be forever content, no matter what is done to me here."

Zan and Deanna remained silent not dignifying his ranting with a response.

Like Deanna and Zan before him, Kivar was greeted by each of the gods, and explained the ritual. He was led to the scales of Maat. Maat removed the feather from her hair and placed it on the scale. Anubis reached in and removed his heart and placed it on the other side of the scale. Kivar was found wanting, and condemned to the Realm of Suffering. Thoth recorded the decision. "It is time for you to be sentenced." Said Thoth.

"In a moment." Said Osiris, as he and Isis reappeared.

"Lord Osiris." Kivar gasped in shock. Given the type of life he had led, he knew that he would never meet Osiris face to face. What could possibly cause Osiris to come down to greet him?

"Kivar, your eternal suffering." Osiris waved a hand toward Zan and Deanna. Kivar watched in puzzlement as Zan and Deanna disappeared before his eyes.

"I don't understand." He said in confusion. Deanna and Zan had gone to the Field of Peace, so what? He had expected that they would be going there. Why would Osiris say that they were his eternal suffering?

"Zan and Deanna will not be remaining in the underworld. They will be brought back to life, to live the life that they were fated to live before your interference. They shall rule Antar, and have a long and happy life together, unlike you."

"No." Screamed Kivar. "Sutekh promised me this. You can't take it away from me. He's not supposed to win. He promised!" Kivar fell to his knees, clutching his head as he moaned. "Sutekh promised me. He promised me." The wardens of the Realm of Suffering came and dragged him a way. "He promised. He promised." He wailed.

Roswell, New Mexico

The group comprised of Antarian soldiers, high guards, seven earthlings, and the royal inner circle, stood transfixed, not knowing what to do, or say after the senseless loss they had just suffered.

A voice from a communicator broke the silence. "Commander Hyksos, her royal highness wants to speak to you. She wants to know the status of King Zan and Princess Vilandra." High guard Andrea reported sadly, as she and the other occupants of the Antarian battle ship watched the image of their slain king and queen on the viewing screens set throughout the ship.

"I'll speak to her." High priestess Khentkaues said to Hyksos. She owed it to Neferset to tell her personally about Zan and Deanna's death. Her heart felt heavy, as she tried to come to grips with the fact that she had failed in her duty to protect them. She had promised Neferset that she would take care of her children for her, and she had failed, Neferset's son was gone. "Transfer her to my frequency." She said into her communicator.

Captain Semerkhet transferred down to stand next to Vilandra and Hyksos. "Queen Vilandra, the soldiers need for you to say something." He said softly.

"Don't call me that!" She moaned. She didn't want to take her brother's place.

"You have no choice, your majesty. " He didn't mean to be cruel, but his crew was despondent after hearing, and seeing what had happened. They needed to hear something from their new monarch. Some sort of validation that all their struggles weren't for naught. His heart felt heavy. The victory hollow. They had spent ten cycles fighting for the return of their king and queen, only to have them life end right before their eyes. The fates were cruel.

"I can't take his place." Vilandra said as her grief threatened to overwhelm her. She knew that the captain was right. That the people needed a word from her. That she had to be strong for them. But she couldn't. Not right now. The wound was too fresh. For her entire eighteen years on this planet, all she had, had been her brother and Rath, and now Zan was gone. It felt as if a part of her had died with him. If she answered to the title queen, then that would mean that Zan and Deanna were truly dead. She couldn't deal with that right now. "I can't." She sobbed.

A whirling wind of gold appeared and when it disappeared Horus, the Antarian sky god appeared.

"That will not be necessary." A voice reverberated throughout the desert. Everyone looked around, searching for the voice. Wadjet and Horus smiled at each other. Every mortal jaw dropped open in shock as lord Osiris and goddess Isis suddenly materialized out of nowhere.

"Father." Horus clasped his father's forearms in greeting. "It is good to have you among the land of the living again."

"It is good to be back." Osiris grinned. "You have avenged my death by defeating Sutekh. Because of this, I am free once again to walk the land of the living."

"Now you can take your rightful place by Amen-Ra's side."

"No. I will not." Replied Osiris.


"You will take my position at Ra's side, my heir to inherit the position of king of the gods when Amen-Ra steps down. I will remain in the underworld to guide the souls. But I will visit you often." Osiris looked at the bodies on the ground. "It is time that you take back your lives." He held out his two hands, lifting the bodies from the ground and up toward him. "Arise Zan, king of Antar, and arise Deanna, queen of Antar." Beams of pure white light went into their bodies, sending their souls back where they belonged. Deanna and Zan awoke gasping for breath. Osiris put the couple upright on their feet. Zan and Deanna stared at each other in awe as they realized that they were once again alive. Free to live the life that they had dreamt about. "Deanna." Zan stared in wonder at her face.

"Zan." Tears shimmering in her eyes, she reached up and slowly traced his face with her fingers in wonderment.
"So, when is the wedding?" He grinned down at her.

Deanna stared up at him shock. "Wedding? Are you asking me to marry you? Here? Now?"

"I'm not asking you, my queen. I'm telling you." He had promised himself that if he ever had a second chance, he would grab life with both hands. Why put off till tomorrow, what he could do today? He wanted to start living their life as soon as possible. And renewing their vows, was one of the first steps. "Deanna. Marry me, and be my love forever." Zan said huskily.

She tried to appear stern. After all he had ordered her to marry him in front of a group of gawking spectators, who were still trying to catch their breaths at the miracle they had just witness. But she couldn't manage it. She gave up and threw herself into his arms. She laughed with joy as she hugged him to her. She pulled back and started peppering his face with kisses. "Yes . . . Yes . . . Yes." She said between kisses. The quick kisses quickly turned to more passionate ones, as they gave into their passion. So wrapped up were they in each other, the twosome didn't even notice the cheering and applauding taking place around them. After a long while, the cheering and applause finally penetrated the thick fog that they were in. Holding her tightly to his body Zan transported them to their quarters on board the Antarian battle ship.

"You really shouldn't have done that." She said between kisses.
"You're right." His tongue swirled inside her mouth.
"They're waiting for us." She ran her hands through his hair, bringing him closer to her.
"I know." He nuzzled her hair aside, so that it fell over one of her shoulder. He bent his head and kissed her nape, and nipped at her throat. His fingers quickly worked at the buttons of her shirt. He opened it slowly, pausing to kiss and lick each bit of newly exposed skin. He slid the shirt off her shoulders. He unsnapped her bra, sending it falling to the floor. His hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs skimmed over nipples, that were hard and aching from her desire. Deanna sucked in her breath as waves of sensation swept through her. "Zan, the people." She moaned.
"Anytime you're ready. Just say the word." He traced her lips with his tongue, coaxing her lips to part. He buried his tongue inside her mouth. She drew on it voraciously, as they kissed passionately. They broke apart, gasping for breath. She pulled his shirt apart, causing buttons to fly throughout the room. She pushed it off his shoulders, and to the floor. She rained kisses down his chest. She licked and bit his male nipples. He moaned, the sound a mixture of ecstasy and pain as his arousal strained the seams of his pants. He fell to his knees in front of her. His hands unsnapped her pants, pulling them down her legs. She stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. Zan rested his damp forehead against her damp stomach as he fought for control. They really shouldn't be doing this. They didn't have time for this. He took great gulps of air. "You decide. Do we stop or continue?"

She grinned and yanked her panties off in one swift motion.
He unzipped his pants and brought her down right on top of him as he knelt in the middle of the floor. He plunged into her. They gasped together, as he filled her, and she enclosed him in honeyed warmth. They moved together as they sought fulfilment. She wrapped her legs around him, drawing him deeper. He rewarded her with harder, deeper thrust. They writhed against each other, kissing, clutching, rubbing, until the world shattered for both of them and they cried out their fulfillment. After a long while, sanity, along with even breathing returned to the couple on the floor. They stared at each other and burst out laughing. They came apart and tried to fix their clothing. "I don't have any buttons on my shirt." Zan said as he went to button his shirt. This caused another round of laughter. They fell into each other's arms, and laughed and laughed. They had left four gods and a group of people waiting for them in Roswell. But they didn't care. They held each other, and reveled in the joy of being alive. In the joy of being together. In the joy of having a future.



Meanwhile on the earth's surface, in Roswell, New Mexico

The group tried to regain control over their emotions after Zan and Deanna disappeared.
They had gone from grieving and crying to cheering and applauding in such a short period of time that they were emotionally spent. They slowly divided, each forming a little sect. The gods stood to one side, with only Khentkaues brave enough to stand near them. The parents stood clustered together in a far corner as they grappled with all that they had learned that day. Kyle and Alex wandered about, getting under foot as they marveled at the wonderful alien gadgets they discovered. Vilandra, Issella, Rath, Hyksos and Semerkhet stood together as they went over what needed to be done before they left earth.

Khentkaues conversation with the gods was interrupted by a voice coming from the communicator. "Khentkaues, what is going on? Khentkaues? Answer me!" Neferset called out desperately after not receiving a response to her questions. "Where are you? Why aren't you responding?" She yelled.

Khentkaues finally realized that she held the communicator in her hand. She excused herself and moved away so that she could converse privately. "I'm here."

"Khentkaues." Neferset breathed a sigh of relief. "What is going on? Why doesn't anyone want to tell me anything about Zan and Vilandra?"

"Everything is fine, Neferset." She silently thanked the gods that she didn't have to give Neferset bad news.
"Are you sure? I had a premonition." Pressed Neferset.

"Everyone is doing well. We just had a little scare for a moment there."

"Scare? What happened?"

"You won't believe this, but Lord Osiris and goddess Isis are here with us as we speak." Khentkaues changed the subject, deciding it would be best that she tell Neferset about Zan and Deanna's death when they were back on Antar and she could see for herself that her son was all right.

"Really? I take it means that Horus and our group on earth were successful." Neferset said in relief. "Thank the gods. This is finally over."


"Let me speak to my children."

"Zan and Deanna are back aboard the ship, but Vilandra is here."

The confrontation between her and Vilandra ten cycles ago was still fresh in her mind. The disillusionment and pain on her daughter's face after she discovered that her mother knew that she and her brother were about to be killed and wasn't willing to help or protect them was etched for all time into her brain. Would her daughter still hate and resent her? She thought to herself. There was only one way to find out. "Give her the communicator." She said bravely. She was never one to run and hide from difficult situations. She always faced things head on.

Khentkaues walked over to Vilandra and handed her the communicator. "Your mother wants to speak to you."

"Vilandra?" Neferset said hesitantly.

"Mother. It is good to hear your voice again." Vilandra voice was a mixture of joy and relief. Joy at finally hearing her mother's voice after all these cycles, and relief that her brother and Deanna were alive.

"Good to hear you too, honey." Neferset said in relief. "We have a lot to talk about when you get back home."

"Yes, we do." She said huskily."Mother?"

"I love you." She said softly.

Thank the gods, her daughter didn't hate her. "I love you too, honey." Her voice was filled with unshed tears. "Neferset out."

Meanwhile, the parents were having their own conversation as they tried to deal with their current situation.

"They may look the same . . . but there is something definitely different about them."Said Melissa.

"I agree. They seemed older, wiser beyond their years somehow." Observed Nancy. "They're not ours anymore." Her voice was filled with heartache.

"I can't believe that all this was going on. A battle, running from government agents and aliens and we didn't know a damn thing." Amy said gloomily. The time in the caves had been very informative. Alex and Kyle had filled them all on what had been taking place with their children the past two years. How could they have been so clueless? Amy sighed.

"How powerful are they, do you think?" Asked John. "I didn't see Max or Liz using that wristband thing that that guy Ptolemy used in the cave."

"I have no idea. But even their own people were surprised at what happened. So maybe that isn't part of their normal powers." Said Jeff. "We are definitely not in Kansas any more." He let out a long sigh.

"Where do we go from here?" Nancy searched the faces of her fellow parents, searching for answers, only to see the same helplessness that she was feeling reflected back at her.

"That my friend is the $64,000 question." Melissa let out a long drawn out breath.

"I think that question has already been answered. We are no longer needed." Amy said dejectedly. "Do you see anyone here talking to us? Neither one of our children has even acknowledged us." She glanced around at her friends. "Face it. It's over."

After her conversation with her mother ended, Vilandra joined Hyksos, Rath, Issella and Captain Semerkhet and saw about making sure that no remains of the battle that had just taken place remained behind. The remains of those killed were disposed of, the prisoners sent to lock up, and their few wounded soldiers were sent aboard the ship to the healers. The pods and the equipment that Kivar and his people had left in the cave were removed. No one coming here in the future would ever know that aliens had occupied this area.

No longer occupied with their task, Vilandra and Issella sent furtive glances toward their earth parents. Hyksos and Rath who stood next to them shook their heads in exasperation at the looks.

"What are we supposed to say to them?" Asked Issella.

"How about, hi! I'm an Antarian, who was in hiding on your planet. Thank you for taking care of me. But it is time that I go home now." Said Rath.

"Cute." She glared at him. "Because of us they were captured and used as pawns in a sick mad man's game. They must hate us now."

"You'll never know by just standing there." Said Hyksos. "Sooner or later you will have to speak to them."

"If you're taking votes, I vote for later." Vilandra muttered.

"Vilandra." He sighed.

"At least Deanna and Issella have an excuse. They didn't know what they were until a short while ago. But Zan, Rath and I have known that we were different the moment we came out of those pods. Yet, we told them nothing. I don't see them ever forgiving us for that." She said sadly.

"If that is the way they feel, then you will deal with it. But you can't stay here hiding. You've done everything that you could possibly do to avoid them. It's time you . . . " He glanced at the three people standing with him. "All of you go and speak to your friends and foster parents. They must be reeling with all that they've learned today."


In another part of Roswell, New Mexico, a father searched frantically for his son.

Thinking that he would surprise his son, Jim Valenti went to meet the arriving Florida field trip group. He was stunned when those in charge told him that they had no record of Kyle being on the trip. Neither did they have any record of Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex and Tess. He searched futilely for them. Where in the world could they be?


Kyle glanced at his watch. "Damn!"
"What's wrong?" Alex looked.

"I should have been back from Florida four hours ago. My dad is probably going crazy trying to find me."

"Thank goodness my parents are out of town." Alex said in relief.

Kyle reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, turned it on, pressed a number and was connected instantly to his dad's cell phone. Jim picked up after the first ring. "Yes?!" He barked.

"Hi dad!"

"Where the hell are you? !" He yelled into the phone. "I've been searching all over the damn place for you?"

"It's a long story." Kyle let out a long sigh.

"You told me that you were in Florida. Imagine my surprise when the head chaperon told me that they had no record of you being in Florida. Neither did they have a record of Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex, and Tess. What the hell is going on here?" He spoke rapidly, not pausing for breath.

"I can explain. If you would just . . . " Kyle started to say, only be cut off.

"Of all the irresponsible, reckless, underhanded thing to do. Lying to me, telling me that you were going to be on a school sanctioned trip, and then sneaking off to God knows where. I want your butt home now! I swear when I . . . "

Kyle winced and moved the phone away from his ear as his father continued to rant. He got an unholy gleam in his eyes. He covered the mouth piece with a hand. "Michael?!" He called out. Rath looked up from the conversation he was having and raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Yea I said Michael. Deal with it. That's who you will always be to me. I need you to do me a favor."

Rath sighed and walked over to him. Vilandra and Issella deciding that it was time that they confronted their problems also joined him. "What do you want, Valenti?"

"Is there any way for you to get my dad over here?"

"Captain Semerkhet." Rath motioned him over.

"What could I help you with Lord Rath?" Quizzed Semerkhet.
"Can we transfer Jim Valenti here?"

"Don't see why not. The wristbands were only being used as a precaution against the Horpais ship interfering with our single. With the capture of the ship we no longer have to worry."

Rath's face curved into a devilish grin. "Computer locate Jim Valenti?" He said into his communicator.

"He is in Roswell, New Mexico in front of John and Melissa Evans home."

"Is there anyone around?"

"Negative. The block is deserted."

He switched his communicator to the transporter room. "Crewmen, transport Jim Valenti to our coordinates."

"Yes sir."

No sooner had the words been spoken and Sherif Jim Valenti was transported. "You even had the gall to have me sign a damn permission slip so that you could skip town and . . . " He trailed off when he realized that he was no longer in front of the Evans' home, but in the middle of a desert. His jaw dropped open as he stared at the sight across from him. There standing in the middle of the desert was a woman with a head of a cobra, next to her stood a man with the head of a falcon, next to him was a gold colored man, and next to that man was a winged woman. The snake noticed him staring at them and grinned, exposing her fangs. "Oh my God!" Jim's cell phone fell unnoticed to the ground. He backed slowly away, only to bump into a body. He froze, afraid to turn around, fearing what he might find behind him. He put a hand to his gun, preparing to pull it out. "Hi dad!" A chipper voice said behind him. He whirled around.

"Kyle! Thank God." He grabbed his son, clutching him like a life preserver. He glanced about, noticing for the first time the other people around, and that some of them were familiar. "Michael! Maria! Isabel!" He squinted at the group in the corner. "Jeff? John? Melissa? Nancy? Amy?!" He called out in surprise. "What in the world is going on here?"

"We will try to explain everything." A voice said from behind Jim. He whirled around to look at the source of the voice. He stared in surprise at what he saw. Max, Liz and a group of five guards dressed in red and black leather like material stood behind him. Max was dressed in a black knee length tunic and matching trousers. Liz wore a sleeveless dark red tunic and matching pants. The tunic extended below her hips, and was gathered at the waist. "Max? Liz?" He said hesitantly. They looked like Max and Liz, but he couldn't help but notice that there was something different about them. An air of power clung to both of them. They looked way more mature than their eighteen years. What the hell was going on?


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"What's going on here?" Repeated Jim.

"You wouldn't believe it if we told you." Said John Evans, as he Melissa, Amy, Nancy and Jeff walked over to the group which surrounded Jim. The parents were sick and tired of waiting and had decided that it was time that they received answers to their questions. Whatever those answers might be.

"I'm sure you all have many questions." Zan smiled softly as he studied the group standing before him. What an understatement. "You must be hungry and tired. Our personal guards will escort you to our ship, where you can bathe, eat and change clothing before we have our discussion."

"Captain Semerkhet." Deanna motioned the captain to her. "Please see to it that they are comfortable."

"Of course your majesty." He bowed.

"We have a few things to take care of down here. But we will be joining you shortly." Deanna, Zan and two of the five high guards moved away from the group and toward the gods and the high priestess. Hyksos who had been having a discussion with two of his men, followed the royal pair.

The group of parents, Kyle and Alex stared after them, knowing that things would never be the same again.

"We will meet you all back at the ship later." Vilandra glanced quickly at the group, avoiding any eye contact, as she and Issella moved away. Anything to delay the confrontation. There was no way that she was boarding that ship without Zan and Deanna. They were in this together, and would speak to their foster parents together. Rath let out a long drawn out breath, as he followed Vilandra and Issella. This was shaping up to be a very long day.

Captain Semerkhet studied the nervous group of earthlings before him. "You won't feel anything during the transport. No discomfort of any kind." He promised.

"The first humans to explore an alien ship." Alex rubbed his hands together, relishing this new discovery. "Beam me up Scotty." He said excitedly.

Kyle groaned. How in the world did he get dragged into this mess? One day he was a normal teenage boy, enjoying life. The next moment he was pulled into the alien among us club. Whom had he pissed off to get saddled with this crap? Now his cells were about to be scattered to God knows where as he was beamed up to an alien craft.

"Are you sure it is safe for us -- you know, um--hu--?" Nancy trailed off not wanting to offend them.

"What she wants to know is if it is safe for us humans?" Amy asked anxiously.

Captain Semerkhet raised an eyebrow, and his lips twitched slightly as he fought back his amusement. "We are humanoids you know. If we are able to survive it, so will you." He assured them.

"Let's just get this over with." Kyle let out a long suffering sigh.

This time Semerkhet did smile. He pressed a few buttons on his communicator, setting the coordinates. "Twelve to transport." No one had anytime to prepare themselves, one moment the group was standing in the middle of a desert and the next moment they stood in the middle of a huge room. The group studied their surroundings. The three walls that surrounded them were richly covered in blue and gold cloth like wall paper. Their gazes drank in the luxurious furnishings that compromised what was obviously a waiting room of some kind. They gawked at the long bank of windows that revealed the black space around them. It was one thing to know that you were on board a space ship, it was quite another to be staring down at the planet that you were just on. Alex walked over and knelt at one of the plush gold tone coaches that sat underneath the bank of windows. "This is unbelievable." He said in astonishment. "I never thought — never dreamed, that I would ever get to see the earth from this view."

"I need a drink." Jeff, Jim and John said together as they sat down. Kyle, Nancy, Amy, and Melissa followed suit and took seats before their legs gave out from under them.

"What kind?" A voice inquired.

"What?" John looked up from staring out at the window.

"The computer asked what kind of drink did you want?" Said Captain Semerkhet.

"A stiff scotch." Interjected Jeff. No sooner were the words spoken and a tray, with a glass filled of scotch appeared hovering before him. "Oh my God." He grabbed the glass with a shaking hand and guzzled it down. They were definitely not in Kansas, anymore. Maybe if he clicked his heels together like Dorothy, he would awaken and find out that this was all a dream. Heavens help him, he actually closed his eyes and clicked his heels. He slowly opened his eyes only to see that he was indeed on board a space ship. "Another scotch." He said aloud. "A scotch here too." Said John. "Whisky for me." Said Jim.
"This is the waiting room to your suite." Said Captain Semerkhet. "These doors." He pointed to several doors throughout the room. "Leads to sleeping quarters, wherein you will find doors which leads to the bathing chambers. Your attendants will see to your needs." Jim, Jeff, John, Melissa, Amy, Nancy, Kyle and Alex finally noticed the group of smiling people in uniform that were standing across from them. "If there is anything that you desire just ask one of them. If you have any questions, or need anything that they cannot provide, just ask one of them to contact me." Semerkhet smiled and moved to the door, the high guards following behind him.

"Captain, are all Antarian ships furnished so extravagantly?" Inquired Alex. "I've never seen anything like this on any of those science fiction shows."

"Not all of them." Semerkhet smiled. "This is the king's personal ship." He walked out of the sliding door, leaving a group of gawking people behind him.

Earth, Roswell, New Mexico

Zan and Deanna joined the gods and high priestess Khentkaues, while Hyksos, Rath, Vilandra, Issella and the remaining high guards stood to the side, waiting for them. "Greetings Lord Osiris, goddess Isis, Lord Horus, goddess Wadjet. We are honored that you have graced us with your presence." They said in a chorus.

The gods and goddess' nodded their heads in greeting, but remained silent.

Zan and Deanna exchanged a glance."While we are honored and grateful for your interference and help on our behalf. We are somewhat perplexed as to why the gods would personally get involved in this war." Said Zan.

Osiris grinned, admiring his candor and bravery. His scepters disappeared as he lifted his hands palms out, he pressed them against Zan and Deanna's foreheads. With his hands he silently imparted all the information that was given to Khentkaues and Neferset by goddess Wadjet. Like Neferset and Khentkaues before them, Zan and Deanna were rendered speechless at what they discovered. Osiris and Isis their forefathers? Their battles with Kivar ordained, and part of a war that had been going on for thousands of cycles. By the gods this was unbelievable. They merely stared at the gods, unable to find the words to express their surprise.

Osiris turned to Zan. "Before we leave, I wanted to tell you that your wish has been granted."

"My wish?" Said Zan.

"You'll find out when you arrive on Antar."
"A gift?" Asked Zan.

"A thank you." The gods disappeared.

Zan and Deanna exchanged looks. A gift from the gods? What could it possibly be?

The moment the gods vanished, Hyksos, Rath, Vilandra, Issella moved toward Zan and Deanna. "What did they say?" Asked Issella

"Nothing really." Replied Zan.

"What are we going to do about our foster parents?" Asked Vilandra, getting to the subject that really concerned her.

"I guess we can no longer avoid it can we?" Sighed Issella.

"No, we can't."

Vilandra, Issella, Rath, Zan and Deanna regarded each other silently, each dreading what was about come, but knowing they had no choice. They owed it to these people who had cared for and loved them all these years. "We'll need your help Khentkaues."Said Zan. As one the group turned to look at Khentkaues. "You and our mother or the only two people who can fill in the holes."

"Of course." She bowed her head slightly.

On board the Antarian battle ship

After showering and changing into outfits that were left in their rooms, the group returned to the waiting room. Klye and Alex talked as they enjoyed the hearty meal served them. "Man, but this is the life." Mumbled Alex as a servant quickly removed his empty plate and put another plate in front of him. "I'm seriously considering hitting Max for a loan." Kyle said as an attendant poured him some fruit juice. The parents nibbled half-heartedly at the plates of food in front of them, as they nervously awaited the return of their children.
"What do you think is taking them so long?" Asked Nancy.
"Avoiding us." Amy had left the table and sat down on some cushions that she had spread on the floor. Legs folded beneath her, she closed her eyes and took deep breaths as she tried to calm her nerves.
"Maybe they are just as nervous as we are." Interjected Melissa.
The door slid opened. Zan, Deanna, Vilandra, Rath, and Issella, Hyksos and Khentkaues walked in. The attendants bowed in respect as Zan and Deanna moved passed them. "Thank you. You are excused." Motioned Zan. The group of servants filed out.

"I know that you must have a million questions to ask us." Zan said as they sat down at the table.

"That's an understatement." Jim mumbled. Unlike his other fellow parents, he had at least known that Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael were different. But the others were getting everything dumped down on them at once.

The parents looked at each other. They had so many questions that they wanted to ask that they didn't know where to being. "I guess I'll start." Said John Evans. "Where are you from?"

"We are from the planet Antar. Our solar system is called the Lycopolis star system. There are twelve planets in our system. There are five ruling planets, Antar our home world, Bari, Cabrus, Deverra and Enki. The five planets are protectors of the system. We are light years away from your world." Said Zan.

"If Liz is an alien . . . " Said Jeff Parker. Zan raised an eyebrow at that word. "Sorry, not of this earth, as you and your friends are, then why didn't her doctors find anything abnormal about her all these years?" He asked the question that had been haunting him ever since he learned that his precious daughter was supposedly an alien queen.

"Because we planned it that way." Said Khentkaues.

The group turned as one to look at her.

"Salutations. My name is Khentkaues. I am the high priestess of Antar." She nodded her head in greeting. "In order for the people of Antar to have hope and to continue to fight Kivar's tyranny, it was necessary that they be told that their royal family was alive. We knew that once Kivar discovered this, he would stop at nothing to get to them. In order to protect them we separated them. Deanna and Issella, or Liz and Maria as you call them, were sent with one protector, and Zan, Vilandra and Rath, or Max, Isabel and Michael as you call them, were sent with another protector. Deanna and Issella were removed from the incubation pod as infants, thus ensuring that their Antarian half remained dormant. The importance of the pods is that they stimulated the Antarian home world and gave them the nutrition they needed to guarantee that their powers came out. Since Antarian children start getting their powers in their sixth year, Zan, Rath and Vilandra were kept in the incubation pods until their sixth birthday."

"How were the girls supposed to come into their Antarian powers then?" Probed Melissa.

"Zan had the power to correct that. His form of healing abilities not only give him the power to heal, but gives him the power to change people too. He can gift them, if you will, with certain powers if he wants to."

"So you are saying he changed Liz when he saved her when she got shot?"

"Yes and no. She was already Antarian, so he started to bring some of that out of her. However, given the fact that she was his chosen mate, another method was used to give her, her power. He unconsciously used the taja , in essence, he transferred power to her when they shared themselves with each other."

John, Nancy, John and Melissa shifted uncomfortable in their chairs as she confirmed what they had suspected all along, their children were having sex. It didn't matter that they were king and queen of a planet. They were still their babies.

"Why are you here?" Nancy quickly changed the subject.

"We perished in a coup attempt in our home world." Said Deanna.

"If you died how can you be here now?" She was confused. "Did those weird looking beings bring you back?"

"No and yes." Said Khentkaues

The group turned once again to the high priestess.

"Their essences were mixed with human genetic material to create the people you see here before you. Their physical appearance is a combination of what they originally looked like and their human donors. Their memories and their full powers and potential remained dormant until such time as they were ready to accept them. They were merely shells of their former selves until the awakening."
"The awakening?" Quizzed Melissa.
"When they would start to remember their past. Once that occurred their souls would cry out from the underworld to be avenged. They would become like the dead, spiritless, until such time as their souls returned to their proper place."
"And how would that happen?" Interjected John.
"The Papyrus of Ani, the Antarian book of the dead."
"Your species can bring people back from the dead?" Amy asked in awe.
"It is a very ancient practice. Done rarely, and only when the gods allow it. Goddess Bast had prophesied their rebirth, and gave me, her servant, the power to bring it to fruition by reading from the ancient text." Explained Khentkaues.

"Are you saying that who and what they were on earth no longer exist?" Interrupted Jeff.
"Their memory of their time on earth is still with them, however, they are who they were before they came to earth."

Her words shattered the whatever hope that the parents had had. Confirmation that their children were gone forever. Shock and pain drained the color from their faces.

Melissa brought a trembling hand up to her head, pushing back her hair from her face. "Why were we chosen?" She whispered in a strained hoarse voice.

"You were chosen because of your ancestors." Said Khentkaues.
"Our ancestors?" Quizzed Amy.
"Our people have been visiting earth for thousands of cycles. Observing mostly. Until the Ancient Egyptians. They intrigued us. We wanted to see what would happen if we introduced our culture into the mix. They took to it as you would say— a duck to water." She smiled. "We taught them about our gods, and gave them some of our basic technology, allowing them to prosper and creating the many things that you still find fascinating about the ancient Egyptians. Each of you are decedents from the original people that we first contacted." She observed the stunned faces around her. "We knew that they could be trusted, after all they never told anyone about aliens as you call us, visiting them. Over the years we followed their decedents seeing how they were doing. They always impressed us. When we needed to send our most precious cargo, our royal family, we chose their decedents as their protectors." She smiled at each of the parents. "We are profoundly grateful for your help, and you shall be rewarded."

"So that's it?" Melissa let the question hang between them for several seconds before she added, "We've done our duty, and now we are expendable? You no longer need us, so you pat us on the head and thank us and go on your merry way? I don't think so. You aren't getting rid of us that easily." She spat out.

Shock drove everyone in the room to turn to her.


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"No. I won't accept it." She got up and backed away from the table.

"Melissa." John said hoarsely. He followed his wife, he tried to take her into his arms, but she shook her head and moved away from him. His heart ached at the pain he saw in his wife's eyes.

"Don't you care about us at all?" She searched Zan and Vilandra's face.

Vilandra muffled a sob, a hand lifted in appeal, then fluttered limply in a gesture of hopelessness as Melissa stared fixedly at her awaiting a response. What could she possibly say to the woman who had been a mother to her all these years? She deserved so much more then merely words. But that is all that she could give her. In Melissa's eyes the issue was clear cut, but it wasn't. She had a world and people awaiting her return. She could do nothing but leave.

"Of course we do." Zan got up from the table and went to Melissa. "We love you. You have been the best mother that anyone could ever ask for. I remember the night I first saw you. I was so terrified, so lost, and you gathered me in your arms and told me that everything would be all right, and I knew at that instant that I was safe." He smiled down at her. "That I had found a home."

"We both did." Vilandra got up from her chair and joined Melissa and Zan.

"Then how could you seat calmly there, and tell me that you're leaving, and expect me to accept it." Melissa's voice trembled as she fought to speak through her tears. "You're my children. I can not imagine never seeing you again. Never holding you again." Tears ran unchecked down her face. "You can't ask that of me."

Tears rolled down Vilandra's cheeks as she looked at her foster mother. She felt like a grade A heel.

"If I had the right to, I would ask you to come with us." Zan grimaced at the pain he was causing her. His eyes were filled with love and anguish at her suffering. "But how could I ask you to leave your home, your life, your planet to join us. It would be unfair to you." He hated what was happening. Hated causing her pain. She had done nothing but love and care for them for the past twelve years. She deserved better than this. "The last thing that I would ever want to do is hurt you. But I have a planet and people who need me. I can't stay."

Wild hope took root in Melissa's heart. She searched his eyes, not quite daring to believe what she saw there after having lived through these past hours of despair. "Ask me." She said softly.


"I said ask me." She repeated.

He gazed into her eyes, and what he saw there caused him to catch his breath. She couldn't possibly mean what he thought she meant? "Come with us."
"Yes." She smiled mistily.

Her answer caused Zan and Vilandra, and many of the other observers in the room to gap at her astonishment. They must have heard wrong. She didn't just volunteer to leave her planet to follow them. "We're going home to Antar." Vilandra said the planet's name, thinking to impress upon her foster mother the significance of her words.

"I know exactly where you're going." Said Melissa. "I repeat. I'm going with you."

"But why?" Zan finally forced out.

"Because you're mine. You're my babies." She said simply, as if that explained it all. As Zan and Vilandra continued to gawk at her in silence, she stepped over to them and took their hands in hers. "When I found out that I could never have children I cried myself to sleep for a month. I prayed every day for a miracle. But nothing happened. Until one night, twelve years ago. John and I were taking a drive in the mountains when I saw the two of you wandering into our headlights." She smiled mistily at them. "I knew then that my prayers were answered. Whatever name you're called or whatever planet you're from. One fact remains. You are my children, and I love you both dearly." She let go of their hands, and put a hand against the side of each of their faces. "I would do anything for you."

"I..." Zan swallowed and fought back his tears. Unlike his sister he had always thought that the moment his foster mother found out that they were aliens she would reject them. That she could never— would never love people who were different from her. Yet, here she stood, confirming to him— to everyone that she loved him, loved them, despite who and what they were. He felt humbled. He didn't know until he had heard her words how much her love and acceptance meant to the boy still inside of him. The six year old who had clung to her like a life line when she had gathered him into her arms that cold night so long ago.

"What about your family? Your work?" Questioned Vilandra.

"I'm coming with her too." Said John, he moved to stand next to his wife, and put an arm around her shoulders. Melissa smiled gratefully at him. She leaned against his shoulder, thanking him silently for his support. "You guys are the only family that I need. If possible we will visit, if not, then so be it. I just know that I can't lose you."

"And as for work, I'm sure we can find something on Antar to occupy our time and our minds." Said John.

Zan finally found his voice. "Thank you." He said thickly. " But I can't ask that of either of you. Knowing that you were willing to do this for us is enough. I'll always cherish that, and I will always love you both for it."

"Zan." She smiled at the startled look he gave her, at having her finally call him by his Antarian name. "I'm not asking for your permission. I'm telling you that I am going with you." She stared mutinously, daring him to oppose her.

Zan threw back his head and laughed. "I am a king to everyone but the women in my life. You and my mother will get along famously. You are a lot alike." His stopped laughing and got serious. "There is one thing I must tell you and ask of you before I can allow you to come with us."

"What's that?"

"The Antarian time and that of the earth are different. One Antarian cycle equals five Earth years. We move at a slower pace then earth. Our life span is longer and we age differently then Earth beings."

"How long is your life span?" Quizzed John.

"Two thousand cycles. When we reach our thirty-fifth cycle, our aging slows to a snail pace."

Gasped could be heard throughout the room from the Earth group.

"What does that mean? Does it mean that we can't come with you?" Melissa said anxiously.

"You can. But I must ask that you allow me to change you both so that you will be in tune with the Antarian cycle."

"What would it mean to us?"

"It would mean that you would age with us, at Antarian speed. However, because you are not Antarian, it would also mean that you would never be able to live permanently on Earth again after you are changed."

"Does that mean we can't visit our families?" Asked John.

"You can visit, but you cannot stay on earth for more than fifteen days at a time. You must return to Antar every fifteen days in order to be rejuvenated. If you do not return, your body would start to age at a rapid speed to accommodate for all the cycles you spent on Antar."

"I'm willing to do it." Said Melissa.

"So am I." Said John.

Zan searched their faces, studying every movement to make sure that they understood what they were getting themselves into. What he saw in their eyes must have convinced. His face curved into a huge grin, and he clasped both their hands. "Antar, and its king would be blessed to have you both." He reached and hugged them. "Thank you for all you've done. For caring so much." He said huskily to them.

Vilandra hugged and kissed both of them. "Thank you for loving us so much." She said through her tears.

"I'm coming too." Nancy looked hesitatingly at Deanna. "That is if you want me to." She said haltingly, afraid of rejection. "You probably have parents waiting for you on Antar, and I'm not asking you to call mom or anything — but I just need to be in your life. To be part of your life, if would let me."

"Of course I want you with me." Tears blurred Deanna's dark eyes. She got up and went around the table to where Nancy sat. The two embraced. "There is nothing wrong with having two mothers."

"I'm going too." Declared Jeff.

"I guess you aren't getting rid of any of us, because I plan to tag along too." Laughed Amy as she and Issella hugged.

Zan, Deanna, Vilandra, and Issella were overwhelmed by the display of love and acceptance that was coming from their foster parents. They felt blessed to have so many people love and care for them as they did. Thank yous were said as the group of parents and their children laughed and hugged each other. Rath couldn't help but wish that his foster parents had lived to see today. He wondered what their reactions would have been had they been here. He would like to think that they would have done the same thing. Rest in peace mom and dad, and thank you for everything, he said silently as he thought of Joanne and Mark Guerin.

While all this was going on Kyle, Alex and Jim sat silently watching. "I guess this is good-bye." Jim said after things finally settled down. The group turned to face him. "Yes it is." Zan smiled sadly. "It was an honor knowing you, Jim Valenti."

Jim got up from his chair, "Likewise." He looked around at the faces of the gathered group. "It was an honor to know all of you. Who would have thought that when my quest began about two years ago to prove that you were an alien and disprove that my father was crazy as everyone claimed he was, that I would find not one alien, but a group of aliens, and befriend them? You've all made this past few years unbelievably special. I am going to miss you all greatly."

"We're going to miss you too." Said Rath. "I didn't want to trust you. I was sure that you were setting us up. But Zan and Deanna took a chance and believed in you, brought you in, and you proved them right." Rath and Jim hugged. "Thank you for looking after us, and protecting us. It has been a privilege knowing you."

"We have something for you." Deanna opened a draw and removed a small chest. She stepped over to where Jim stood, and handed it to him.

"What is it?" He stared curiously at the chest.
"A thank you from all of us." She said.

Jim opened the chest, and was rendered speechless by what he found. Kyle strolled over to his father to see what had caused him such surprise. "Oh my God." Kyle gasped out. The chest was filled with a fortune in precious gems. They were rich. "I don't know what to say." He finally got out. "Thank you seem so inadequate. I have no idea how I can possibly explain all this on a sheriff's salary." He mused.

"We'll think of something." Kyle inserted quickly, afraid that his father might stupidly refuse the gift. No way was he going to let that happen.

"You won't have to. All the appropriate papers have been filed. As of this evening a long lost cousin died and left you all his wealth. You are now a very wealthy man Jim Valenti." Zan grinned happily at him.

"What am I going to do with all this?" He said in awe. He couldn't believe that he no longer had to worry about money ever again.

Alex walked over to Deanna and Issella. "I guess this is it." He said sadly.

"I'm going to miss you so much Alex." Deanna hugged him.

"You were the best." Issella pulled him into her arms for a bear hug.

"I don't know how I am going to get along without you guys. Who is going to listen to my jokes? Give me the inside track on the workings of the female mind?" He lamented.

"You'll be fine." Said Deanna.

"Will we ever see each other again?" He asked.

"I'm sure we will some day." Issella assured him.

"What are you guys going to do about school? Don't you think people will notice when you suddenly disappear?" He asked in concern.

"No one will look for us. As we speak every record of Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Maria Deluca, Michael Guerin and Liz Parker are being erased and destroyed. You, Jim, and Kyle are the only people who will remember us." Deanna informed him.

"You can do that? Remove people's memories?" His jaw dropped open. "What else can you do?"

"Come and visit and find out for yourself. " She smiled mysteriously.
"Maybe I will." He grinned back.

"Alex." A voice said from behind him.

"Isabel —I mean Vilandra." He corrected himself.

"I just wanted to say good-bye, and to— I need to apologize." She said haltingly.

"Apologize for what?"

"For using you. For leading you on. You deserved better than that."

"No need to apologize." Alex took her hands and squeezed them in affection. "I knew exactly what I was getting into. I knew what was going on. Knew that there was no future for us. But it was great to dream and pretend." He let go of her hands, and hugged her. "I'm going to miss you."

"Likewise." She whispered. "Take care, my friend." Alex disentangled himself from Vilandra's embrace, and wiped his tears away. He was going to miss her; He was going to miss all his friends.

Hugs, kisses and tears were shed as goodbyes were said all around. Kyle, Alex and Jim were returned to earth, as a chapter ended in the lives of Max, Liz, Michael, Maria and Isabel, or as they were now known as, Zan, Deanna, Rath, Issella, and Vilandra and another one began.


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Vilandra stood in front of a long bank of windows gazing silently outside, behind her Zan, Deanna, Issella and Rath entertained their foster parents. Hyksos strolled up to where she stood. He stood behind her and studied her reflection on the window. "Anything the matter?" He questioned her.


"Then why the pensive look?"

She turned around to face him. "Just thinking?"

"About what?"

"About home." Her face curved into a small smile. "I still can't believe that we are actually about to go home. I keep remembering the way it looked the last time I was there. The smell, the way the people looked. I keep wondering about the changes that have taken place."

"There have been a lot of changes. But nothing that can't be handled." He smiled down at her. They turned and gazed in comfortable silence out the window.

"Hyksos?" Vilandra stared straight out the window, avoiding any eye contact with him.


"People often say things in the heat of the moment that they later regret saying."

"That's true." He nodded.

"Is there anyone waiting for you back home?" She said quickly before she lost the courage.

"As a matter of fact there is." Said Hyksos. "She is what has kept me sane throughout these past ten cycles. "

Vilandra inhaled sharply. It felt as if someone had slammed a fist into her stomach. It had been ten cycles and she knew that she didn't have any right to expect him to wait for her all this time. But a small part of her had secretly hoped—dreamed, that he had waited. She bent her head and shut her eyes, she took a deep breath. "Tell me about her." She forced out, even though her heart was breaking into a million pieces as she heard his words.

"She is one in a billion." He gazed at her reflection in the window. "Beautiful, courageous, bold, and loyal. To know her is to love her. I've never met anyone quite like her."

"She sounds like a real paragon, too perfect to be real" She couldn't help the bitterness that seeped into her voice. Why was he torturing her like this? Did he really think that she really wanted to hear about the woman he had spent the past cycles with? She lifted her head up high. She refused to let him see how his words were affecting her. All signs of emotion left her face. They didn't call her the ice princess for anything. She felt his eyes boring into her, but ignored him.

"Oh she is far from perfect." Hyksos chuckled. "She is also wilful and arrogant. Many a times I've wanted to strangle her."

"Look I wish I could stand here all day and listen to you talk about your lady love. But I have things that I need to do." She finally turned around to face him. Head held erect. She tried to push her way past him.

Hyksos clamped a hand on her forearm, preventing her from leaving. "I call her my ice princess." But her given name is Vilandra."

She pulled her arm away from him and silently stared at him in shock.

"There hasn't been anyone while you were gone." He chuckled. "Unless you count the video images I have of you."

"But it has been ten cycles." She said when she finally found her voice again.

"What can I say, no one else could drive me crazy like you do." He cupped her face in his hands. "You're a hard act to follow Vilandra."
"I don't know what to say?" She said hoarsely. "I–thank you." She flung herself into his arms and hugged him tightly to her. She felt like she was home again.

A weary Zan and Deanna entered their quarters. It was finally time to depart for Antar. Their operatives were back on board ship, the plans to ensure that their foster parents' disappearance were explained was finalized, and personal effects and mementoes were gathered and brought on board.

Zan pressed a button on the audio-visual monitor on the wall of his quarters, Captain Semerkhet's face appeared on the screen."We are ready to leave Captain."

Semerkhet nodded. "All personnel to their post. We are ready to depart." His voice could be heard throughout the ship.

"How long before we reach Antar?" Questioned Zan.

‘Traveling at maximum speed, we should be in Antar in twenty-six hours." Replied Semerkhet.

"Thank you." He turned off the monitor.

"We have a lot of work to do." Zan said as he sank onto one of the seats in the room. "Before we land we should familiarize ourselves with the current state of Antar. Hyksos spoke of possible famine. We need to know how bad it is, and what are our options."

"I know." Deanna suppressed yawn, as fatigue threatened to overwhelm her.

"If you want I can start and you can get some rest." He looked at her in concern.

She smiled. "No we are in this together. It wouldn't be fair to you. Besides the sooner we take care of these matter the quicker we can put all this behind us and start living our lives again."

He leaned down and gave her a quick short kiss on her lips. "Let's get started."

The two sat at the desk set in a corner of the room. Buttons were pressed and two compartments on the surface of the desk opened, and two computers rose out from the openings. The two worked in comfortable silence as they read and discovered things about their planet. Zan swore as he studied his computer screen. "The farming industry is having severe problems. Production is down to almost nonexistence. It looks like we will have to import grain in order to sustain the people."

"The energy industry appears to be doing a little better." Responded Deanna as she punched letters and symbols into the computer. "Production of Apis crystals is still continuing, albeit at a slower pace than usual. "

Zan studied his screen. "This is far worst than I had originally thought. Major businesses have been destroyed, or shut down. Bridges, entire infra structures of some countries are destroyed." He punched some keys on the key board as he studied his screen. "Damn him! What has he done to my planet?!"

"What a mess." Deanna rubbed her temples as she tried to fight off a tension headache.

Zan swore as he got up from his chair. He started pacing. "Maybe they should have just let him take the planet. Then they wouldn't be suffering the way they are now." He stopped pacing and held his head in his hands. "What am I going to do? I can't fix this?"

Deanna got up and moved to stand in front of him. "Zan, the people fought because they love you. Because they know that under your leadership, they will prosper. That they will be safe. They fought because they believed in you. You can't betray them by letting Kivar make you doubt yourself like this."

"It's all my fault." He looked at her with anguished eyes. "If I hadn't trusted Kivar. If I had only seen what he really was in time. None of this would have happened. My people —our people, wouldn't be suffering as we speak." His voice was filled with unshed tears. "They trusted me, and I failed them Deanna. I failed my people."

"Beloved, It isn't your fault." She took his hands in hers. " Kivar is the only person to blame for this."

"I should have seen this before it happened. How can I trust my judgment anymore? I should have known what type of person he was."

"How? You aren't a seer. You had no way of knowing."

"I can't afford to make mistakes, Deanna. I'm not the only one that suffers for my mistakes. An entire world suffers along with me."

"You are going to make mistakes. You are not infallible. Mistakes are part of life." Her heart broke at the pain she saw in his eyes. A thousand deaths would not be enough for Kivar. Damn! him for doing this to him. "We can fix this, Zan. I believe in you. It's time you started believing in yourself." She reached up and framed his face in her hands. "I won't let him win. I won't let you doubt yourself. We are going to beat this, beloved. We are going to rebuild our planet."

He studied her for a long while, as he digested her words. He covered her hands with his. "What did I ever do to deserve you?" He called upon reserve strength he didn't even know he had. It was time he stopped bemoaning about what had happened.

"I don't know." Her face curved into a smile as she saw the pain in his eyes slowly receding. "Born under a lucky star I guess?"

"Maybe." He turned his face and kissed one of the hands against his cheeks. "Thank you for not letting me wallow in self pity."

"What are wives for?"

"Is that what they're for? I was wondering." He grinned.

She stuck her tongue out at him and pulled away. "It's time we got back to work your majesty." Zan hit her playfully on her bottom as she walked past him.

"Let's get to work." He sat back down at the desk.

The two spent countless of hours studying records. They studied each problem individually, and came up with and discarded various ideas. Finally they completed their task. Exhausted, their bodies and minds crying out for rest, the two left the desk and trudged into their sleeping chambers. Too tired to even undress, or call for servants to help, they lay on the bed, arms wrapped around each other. Deanna fell asleep the moment her head hit her pillow. Zan spent several minutes listening to the sound of her even breathing, as he thought of the daunting task before them. He thanked the gods that they had sent him a worthy mate to help him. He was filled with pride at her intelligence, and strength. They had a huge task in front of them, but he knew that he could face anything with her at his side. Before sleep claimed him, he couldn't help but wish that he could wave a magic wand and fix the problems his planet faced. If only the planet could go back to the way it was before Kivar's attack. He yawned, and gave gratefully into sleep. If only.

TO BE CONTINUED.............


Whispers in the outer chamber awoke the couple on the bed. Zan sat up. "Computer, lights on." He blinked at the sudden brightness. "Computer, how long before we reach Antar?"

"Ten hours, and twenty-two seconds." Replied the computer.

Deanna yawned and stretched like a cat. She moved closer to Zan, and wrapped her arms around him from behind. She laid her head against his shoulder. "Almost home." She said softly.

"Yes." Joy swelled up inside of him as he thought about his planet and his people. Home, his heart shouted. We are going home. He turned and quickly kissed the tip of her nose. "Time to get up." He pulled out of her arms, and stood beside the looking down at her.

Deanna laid sprawled on the bed. She yawned and pushed her hair away from her face, her eyes still blurry from sleep glared up at him. "You know, that habit of yours of waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed is really annoying." She grouched. She hated getting up from a warm bed. How in the world did she end up with a man who did? Who said that the gods didn't have a sense of humor? "I'll be up in a minute. My body needs time to process the fact that it is time to get up." She yawned.

"Deanna." He laughed. Without any warning he swooped down, picked her up, and threw her over his shoulder.

"What do you think you are doing?" She yelped.

"Helping you up."

"Put me down now, Zan." She warned.

He ignored her and strolled to the bathing chamber. "I'm going to take a shower and I need a back scrubber." One arm hooked under her buttocks restrained her, while the other hand reached for the shower button.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." She started pinching every body part she could reach from her precarious position, preventing him from turning on the water.

"Behave yourself back scrubber." He slapped her twice on her bottom before setting her on her feet.

"Ouch." She rubbed her rear end. "That wasn't fair." She grumbled.

"And your pinching attack was?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I was defending myself." She pouted.

"So was I." He grinned, reached over and unbuttoned her top, he pushed it off her shoulders, and onto the floor.

"What do I get in return for being your back scrubber?" She followed his lead and unzipped his tunic. She pushed it off his shoulders and arms, where it landed with a dull thud on the floor.

"Money?" He offered.

"Forget it. I know from experience that the pay is lousy." She drew down the zip on his trousers, and pushed down his silk shorts and pants down his legs.

He stepped out of pants and underpants. "What can I possibly offer a queen in payment for her services?" He crossed his arms over his chest and pretended to think.

"I'm sure if we put our heads together we can come up with something." She grinned wickedly at him, as she finished undressing. She reached down and cupped him in her hand. He filed her hand, hard and throbbing, smooth as silk. "Coming." She stepped into the shower, and sent him a come hither look. He laughed and quickly followed.

She pressed a button turning on the water, and set it on the proper temperature. "Now about my payment." She reached for the bathing gel, and a sponge.

After a long and enjoyable time in the shower, Deanna and Zan, dressed and entered the waiting room to eat the delicious meal that the servants had prepared for them. No sooner had they finished their meal when there was a bing at their door. They looked at each other and sighed. Time to get back to work "You may enter." Zan called out.

"Your majesties." The crewman bowed.

"Crewman." They acknowledged him.

"The video conference call that you ordered before you retired, has been set, and slated to begin in thirty minutes."
"Thank you." Said Deanna.

He bowed and exited the room.

"You will have to take the conference call for me. It is with the governors, mayors and council men and women of our world. Our foster parents have to be prepared for their life on Antar. I'm going to have to start the process now so that they will be ready by the time we reach our planet."


"I need to know the asset and liability of each country, state and province."

"All right."

"You have to be very firm with them. From what I recall some of the governors in the southern countries believed that because I didn't visit a country as often as I would like, that it meant that I didn't know what was going on in my land." His voice was filled with contempt for their arrogance.

"Will do."

"We have to start calling in our loans. I've gathered information on the worlds that owe us money. I've gone through the list and have pulled out the list of those who have the currency and goods to repay us. All the information is in my computer. A video conference call is scheduled with them after the meeting with the Antarian officials. I should be finished by that time with our foster parents. If I'm not done, I need you to stall for me. I know these people, and how to deal with them. I'll be monitoring everything from the infirmary, in case you need me for anything and . . . "

"Zan." Deanna interrupted him by placing a hand over his mouth. "Do you trust me?" She pulled her hand away so that he could speak.

"With my life." He answered unhesitatingly.

"Then let go. Trust me to be a full partner and let me handle this." She said softly.

"I'm doing it again aren't?" He said sheepishly.

"Yes you are." She smiled tenderly at him.

"A control freak to the end. After what happened, it is going to take me a while to let go." He got up from the chair and pulled her up with him. "I'll see you later." He kissed her quickly and left their quarters. Two guards fell in step behind him, leaving two other high guards guarding the royal chambers.

Zan and his guards entered the infirmary where Nancy, John, Melissa, Jeff and Amy waited.

"Good morning." He greeted them.

"Good morning." They called back.

"Leave us." He ordered the healers and technicians from the room. He waited until everyone had filed out the room before he turned to face the remaining occupants. "Before we begin, I need you to know what you are getting yourselves into." He leaned against a wall, crossed his arm and studied their faces. "This process is irreversible. If you do this, you can never live permanently on earth."

"We know." Said Nancy.

"You can visit Antar without this procedure."

"How long a visit?"Asked Melissa.

"Two weeks' maximum per visit, per earth year. Your body would not be able to survive longer then two weeks at a time on Antar without suffering some type of damage."

"We want to live on Antar not visit it." Said Jeff.

"The transformation will be painful for all of you, as your bodies change to that of the Antarian physiology."

"Painful?" Rasped Amy.

"I'll send you to sleep before it becomes too intense." He promised. "But . . . "

Melissa glanced at her fellow parents, and walked over to him and stood before him. "We talked about this before we went to bed last night. We've all made up our minds. We want to do this, and there is nothing that you can tell us to make us change our minds."

"You should also know that our planet has been severely damaged as a result of the war that has been going on. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get it back to its former glory."

"We aren't coming for the scenery. We're coming because the people we love and care about are here." Inserted Nancy.

He gazed around at them and was humbled by what he saw. Fierce determination in all their faces. They were determined to do this. Ready and willing to give up everything they knew for them. He fought for control of his emotions, and won. "Thank you." He said huskily. He motioned to a guard to let the healers and technicians back into the room.

Amy, Nancy, John, Jeff, and Melissa were led to the beds set out throughout the infirmary, and made to lie down. Zan walked over to Nancy, and laid his hands on her chest, he closed his eyes. He left the physical world, went out seeking out his own body and into her body. A white light flowed through him, out through his hands and into Nancy's body. Zan worked his magic, changing her cells to match that of the Antarians. A cry was torn from her throat as pain and heat raced through her body as it was altered. Zan removed his hands, from her chest and placed them on her head, commanding her to sleep, he then withdrew, and went down the row of beds, until he had converted all of them and sent them to sleep. Drained, he sat on a bed and took deep breaths, as he tried to regain the energy he had just expended. From his position on the bed he ordered the healers and technicians to monitor the foster parents' vital signs to ensure that they were going through the process without any incident.

In the meantime

Deanna, two high guards trailing behind her, entered the briefing room. "Stay seated." She ordered the occupants of the room. "King Zan is otherwise occupied. I will be handling the meeting." She took a seat at the head of the long table and looked around at her audience. "Computer, screen on." She said aloud.

The big screen suspended in the middle of the room came on and revealed the group of governors, mayors and council men and women of Antar that had been gathered. "Greetings." She greeted them.

"Your majesty." They bowed their heads in greeting.

"Where is King Zan?" Asked one of the Mayors.

"He is otherwise occupied." Responded Deanna.

The group on the other side of the screen glanced at each other and fidgeted. "Maybe we should wait until the king is not occupied so that we can speak to him." Said a governor.

"You dare question me?" She glared at the screen.

"No your majesty, I just thought that . . . "

"I'm not asking you to think" She interrupted him. "Just listen and follow."

"Sorry your majesty." He bowed in apology.

"Let's begin." They spent a long time discussing what was wrong with the land, and Deanna gave them a list of things that she and Zan came up with last night. "Before you leave I just have one more thing to say." She said to the group.

They stared at her questioningly.

"The king and I have reviewed all the information before us, and we've come up with a plan to help our people during the grain shortage. Effective immediately each storehouse in each country, state and province will be opened, and the grain and vegetables will be distributed among the people in proportion to their need. I have spoken to her royal highness, Neferset, and overseers will be sent to each of your homes to ensure that our orders are followed."

The Antarian governors, mayors and council men and women stared at her in shock.

"You can't do that." The same governor who had spoken earlier sputtered out.

"Why?" She raised an eyebrow in inquiry.

"Because there are countries which are richer than others, why should my country be made to be like all the others? I worked hard to ensure our wealth. I shouldn't have to beggar my country for the less fortunate ones."

"Governor Semu, everything on the planet is owned by the crown. It is not your country, it is mine, you merely supervise it for me."

"But . . . " He stammered.

"Governor, since you obviously have a problem following orders, I'm relieving you of your position. Lord Mesemneter will replace you." She turned to Rath. "Contact our people on the planet and inform them of the change."

"But he is the lord of the shape shifters." Governor Semu protested.

"Your point?" She stared coldly into the screen. "He has been loyal to the crown, and that is what I need. When I give an order, I expect it to be followed, not questioned. Governor, you are excused from the table." Her voice dared anyone to cross her. "Does anyone else have anything to say?"

Silence greeted her. No one dared to say anything else. "The king and I will be in touch before we land. That will be all." The screen went black. Clapping could be heard behind her. Surprised, she whirled around and found Zan standing behind her.

"How long have you been there?"

"Long enough for me to learn never to cross you." He chuckled, she was his match in every way. He did indeed have a partner. He walked over and took the chair next to her as they prepared for the next meeting.

Zan, Deanna and their associates spent several hours going back and forth with the representatives from the planets of the Lycopolis star system as they went about trying to fix the problems on their home world.



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A quick run down of the players in the story:

Max = King Zan
Liz = Queen Deanna
Isabel = Princess Vilandra
Maria = Lady Issella
Michael = Lord Rath
Commander Hyksos, head of the high guards/ royal body guards, and one of Zan's trusted advisors.
Neferset, leader of the resistance/rebellion. The Royal mother of King Zan and Princess Vilandra.
High Priestess Khentkaues, priestess of Antar. Best friend to her royal highness, former queen Neferset
Tess Harding = Lady Avana, cousin to Kivar.
Kivar, declared himself king of Antar, once friend of King Zan



Her royal highness, Queen mother Neferset, flanked by two fierce looking high guards, entered the space traffic control tower. "At ease." She waved a hand, silently ordering the uniformed men and women who had jumped to attention to resume their positions. She walked over to Admiral Raneferef. "Anything to report?" She questioned the tall, dark haired man who stood behind a long row of chairs set in the middle of the room. In those chairs sat space traffic controllers who scrutinized their screens in minute detail. Checking out every space ship that approached Antar before deciding whether or not to grant them entrance to the planet.

Raneferef bowed in respect. "Nothing concerning the royal family, your royal highness." He quickly scanned the information on the palm PC that his assistant handed him, affixed his signature to the document and handed it to his assistant. "But we have been very busy today." Ever since word had spread throughout the star system about the return of the king and queen of Antar, the planet had been inundated with requests from other worlds to allow their delegates to land to pay their respects.

"Hmm." She muttered, forcing back a scream of frustration. This waiting was killing her. What was taking them so long?

"A ship has entered our star system." A voice called out. Neferset and Admiral Raneferef quickly moved toward that voice. Silence spread out throughout the room as the occupants held their collective breaths.

"Global shield?" Questioned Neferset.

"Are up and at maximum." Replied lieutenant Alexander.

"Are you able to communicate with the ship?" Questioned the Admiral.

"They are not responding to our hail." The lieutenant pressed several buttons on the console.

"How about visual?"

"Faintly." He replied. "It is partially hidden behind the planet Hermopolis.

"Is it the battleship Sekhem?" Neferset's heart raced as she waited for confirmation.

"We are being hailed." He responded instead.

"Put them through." Ordered Raneferef.

"SHEN 1369 SOBEK. 3099." A voice called out. "SHEN 1369 SOBEK. 3099."

"It's them." Neferset said hoarsely as she unconsciously squeezed the admiral Raneferef's arm.

"This is the battleship Sekhem." Captain Semerkhet's face appeared on the viewing screen. The usually stoic captain had a huge grin on his face. Forgetting protocol and procedure, he simply said. "We are home."

Neferset closed her eyes and savored the feelings that those three simple words brought with them. The ordeal was finally over. Her children were home.

Forcing himself to act normal in the face of such monumental occasion, the guard punched information into the computer in front of him verifying the code given. "Credentials checked."

Loud cheers erupted in the room as people jumped out of their chairs hugging each other.

"By the gods! What in the...?" A guard stared in shock at the screen she stood in front of. "Your royal highness! Admiral Raneferef!" She cried out urgently as she sank back in her chair, frantically pressing buttons on her console.

"What is it lieutenant?" Neferset walked over to stand next to lieutenant Suva.

"The global shield just went down." She reported. Silence filled the room as her words were heard.


The celebrating space controllers quickly returned to their seats.

"Get it back up!" Ordered Raneferef who took the empty seat next to Suva.

"I can't. Something took over the control."

"We are getting energy readings off the chart Admiral Raneferef!" Cried out another space traffic controller.

"Something just enveloped the planet." Reported a despondent Suva.

"By the gods! Haven't we suffered enough?!" Neferset gestured for Suva to move out of the way, and quickly planted herself in the seat that Suva had just vacated. "Any reports from the planet?" She said as she pressed buttons on the console changing to a different screen.

"We are getting reports of a beams of gold lights shooting throughout the planet." Reported Lieutenant commander Theban from his position on the other side of the room. "It's as if we are under attack."

The room became deathly silent as the occupants of the room took in the information. Had Kivar left a booby trap of some sort to destroy them? Could the fates be this cruel?


Zan and Deanna's living quarters

Zan sat at his desk staring at the pictures of Antar on his computer screen, even though the scenes were already seared on his brain. His insides twisted in one giant knot. It tore him up to see his people and world in pain. So much lost, so much destruction because of a mad man's greed.

"Zan?" Deanna called out as she walked into the couples's living quarters.

He ordered the computer to shut down and got up from his chair. "Yes, my love?" He forced back his dark thoughts and flashed her a wide grin as he walked over to her.

Not fooled for one moment by his act, Deanna put her arms around his waist and hugged him.
"We can do this."

Zan hugged her tighter to him and pressed a kiss on top her head. Silently thanking her for her strength and faith.

A ring sounded, interrupting the couple. Zan sighed and moved away from Deanna, he pressed a button on the panel on the wall, turning the privacy mode off. "Yes?" He called out.

A translucent image of Captain Semerkhet's face appeared in the middle of the room.
"Your majesty we may have trouble." He reported.


"As we approached Antar a golden light appeared out of no where and encased the planet."

"News from the planet?"

"Dead silence for several minutes, then we were ordered to land at Mount Buhen."

"The indoor landing bay at the military base." Deanna said softly. "Was a reason given?"

"None your majesty."

"Computer get me my mother on the line." Zan ordered the computer.

"Unable to comply, no incoming message being accepted on Antar." Said the disembodied computer voice.

"Damn it!" Zan walked quickly behind his desk and sat. He rapidly pressed several buttons, hoping to contact his mother via their private channel. "Nothing!" he slammed a hand on the desk in frustration. "What in the name of all the gods is going down there?!"

A bell rang. "Enter." Called out Deanna.

Hyksos and Rath entered the room. "All communications to Antar is down." Reported Hyksos.

"We know." Deanna sighed and went to stand near Zan.

"Zan, at this time I am advising that we move away from Antar."


"An unknown light encases the planet for several minutes, communication goes down, we are ordered to land at an impenetrable fortress miles away from no where, and then communication goes back down again. Something is up."

"Do you think it is a trap of some sort?" Asked Rath.

"I don't know." He said truthfully. "But I rather be safe then sorry.

"Aside from the lost of communication and where we are ordered to land, is there any other sign to lead you to believe that we might be in danger?"


"We are landing."

Hyksos gritted his teeth. "Zan, you owe it to your people and your planet to survive. We should land on a planet of one of our allies until we can determine what is going on."

"Run away with my tail firmly between my legs." Zan laughed humorlessly.

"Zan." Hyksos sighed.

"No, my friend. I am through running and hiding." Zan stood up from his chair and observed the people gathered before it, his family and friends. "It is my people down there, my world. I want back what is mine."

Hyksos dragged in a breath. "Zan."

"I've made my decision." Zan cut him off.

Swallowing his curses, saving them for later when he was alone, Hyksos inclined his head. "Yes, your majesty."

"Captain you are cleared to proceed home." Rath said to Captain Semerkhet.'s image.

"Yes, my lord." The captain's image disappeared.

Hyksos turned toward the door, barking orders to the computer as he walked out. "Computer, have all my lieutenants meet me in the briefing room immediately. Priority one."



"Your majesty, we've landed." Said Semerkhet. "We are ready to disembark whenever you are."
"Thank you, Captain." Zan nodded and pushed away from the desk, as Deanna walked out of their sleeping chambers.

It was time. Zan and Deanna looked over at each other, checking to make sure that everything was in place as they prepared to leave their quarters and join their friends and adopted families.
Zan was dressed completely in black, the only color was supplied by the gold and red insignia of the intertwining royal cobra and hawk over his heart. Deanna was dressed similarly, except her outfit was red, a gold diadem with the symbol of the royal hawk and cobra also encircled her head. They nodded their approval at each other and walked out their quarters. The ten high guards that had been waiting in front of their door, encircled the couple. The group reached the departure waiting room, and entered.

"It is time." Zan said to the occupants of the room.

Melissa, Nancy, John, and Jeff stared silently at one another, no one knowing what to say as a chapter in their lives ended, and another one was about to begin. It was now time to live the decision they had made.



With a gentle thud, the battleship Sekhem landed in the landing bay. The retractable ceiling quickly closed behind them. The emergency doors opened and a large group of armed guards swarmed out, some dropping to their knees weapons held high, others spread throughout the massive room blocking all exits as they scanned the room, while others searched the occupants. A hush fell in the room as the group of waiting officials froze in place, none daring to move. All knowing that the high guards were ruthless when it came to protecting the royal family. Their motto was to shot first and ask questions later.

Her royal highness, Queen mother Neferset stepped away from her own guards so that she could be seen. "Everything is alright."

The high guards ignored her words, and did not stop until they were assured that that was indeed the case. Once convinced that there was no threat, the high guards contacted the ship telling them that it was okay for the passengers to disembark.

Soon afterwards, the immense door of the battle ship swung open on its hinge. A hush fell upon the waiting group as they waited for a glimpse of the king and queen of Antar. Her royal highness, Neferset, and high officials stood at the head of the red carpet that had been set out for the disembarking passengers. The stairs drop out to the ground, signaling that the people on board were about to descend

Captain Semerkhet and two of his lieutenants began the procession. Five high guards followed with John, Melissa, Nancy, Jeff, and Amy. High guards dressed in red and black leather, neutralizers strapped to their belts and shield gauntlets strapped to their arms preceded the foster parents. The small group of trusted officials who had made the trip to earth to retrieve the royal family followed. High Priestess Khentkaues came next. The royal party stepped slowly. Lord Rath and Lady Issella followed. Another group of high guards followed. These were commander Hyksos' highest ranking lieutenants. Immediately after them was Princess Vilandra.

Vilandra was followed by King Zan and Queen Deanna. Bringing up the rear was Commander Hyksos and two of his captains. Clapping could be heard as each member of the procession stepped down the stairs and walked down the red carpet. The clapping became deafening as Zan and Deanna appeared in the doorway. The couple slowly made their way down the stairs and to the waiting dignitaries. Introductions were made and pleasantries exchanged. Finally it was time to leave. Leaving the dignitaries behind, the group exited the building to find several vehicles awaiting them. All bore the gold and red insignia of the intertwining royal cobra and hawk on the doors, announcing to everyone that the vehicles belonged to the royal family. John, Melissa, Nancy, Jeff, and Amy craned their necks, anxious to get their first glimpse of the alien world they had just landed on, they were soon disappointed. There was nothing to see except the front of the building they had just exited to the right of them, and a huge steel like wall which prevented them from seeing anything else. They tried not to gawk at the vehicles in front of them. While called airo-barges, they did not resemble boats in anyway, instead they looked like sleeker, flatter, remodeled limousines of earth.

Seated in the plush interior of the airo-barge, John, Melissa, Nancy, Jeff, and Amy watched in amazement as the vehicle took flight, and sped off towards the steel fencing that surrounded the fortress. Two huge steel doors swung open as they reached them, and without a pause their vehicle flew out into the late afternoon sun.
"Was that woman really suppose to be Zan and Vilandra's mother?" Asked Melissa Evans as she thought of the woman they had just met. The tall, statuesque blonde with her long hair pulled back in a ponytail, red leather pants and vest, set off with a long train like robe, did not look like she was old enough to be anyone's mother. "She barely looked out of her teens." Inserted Nancy Parker.
"Jeez, don't these people age?" Muttered Amy Deluca.

For security reasons the royal family were divided, Zan, Deanna, Hyksos, Neferset and two high guards rode in one vehicle; while Vilandra, Issella, and Rath rode in another.
"Mother what is going on?" Zan asked the moment their vehicle flew out the gate.
Zan did not want to hear that. "Our ship saw a light of some sort enshroud the planet, then communication went down. How could nothing have happened mother?"
But Neferset refused to answer any questions no matter how hard Zan and Deanna pressed. A heavy silence filled the vehicle as the group traveled to their destination. They had been traveling for several minutes, when a loud noise erupted, startling the occupants of the vehicle. The noise grew louder and louder the closer they got. The air-barge lowered, the two cars filled with high guards which sandwiched the vehicle containing the royal couple, also lowered, hovering above ground, the cars swept past the line of people who had gathered.

"Our people are welcoming us home." Zan's voice was unsteady as he said the words, Deanna swallowed a lump in her throat. So touched and moved by the display of love that greeted them, it was a while before they noticed the buildings that they passed. Zan tensed and sat up straighter as he stared out of his window, Deanna and Hyksos also sat forward. The buildings, dwellings and roads they passed were perfect. Standing straight and tall with no marks on any of them, totally unlike the scenes that they had witnessed via the computers on board the ship. What was going on?

"What in the name of the gods is going on here?" Zan said in a strangled voice.

"Your wish." A voice said in the car. Zan dragged his eyes from the window to find that the high guard that had been seating across from him morphed into Osiris. His jaw dropped open, and for a moment he could not utter one word, no matter how hard he tried. He could only stare in wonder at the scene before him.

"He loves to shock people. " The other guard chuckled as she morphed into Isis.

"My lord. Goddess Isis." Zan finally crocked out.

The other occupants finally picked up their jaws from the floor, and inclined their heads in a show of respect.

"The light enveloping the planet, that was you?" Asked Zan.

"Yes." Osiris confirmed. "You are man a after my own heart Zan. You always put your people before yourself. That is a rarity."

Zan shifted uncomfortably in his seat and blushed, embarrassed at such praise.

Osiris grinned. "All is at it was before Kivar betrayed you multiplied by tenfold." He reported.

"I don't know what to say." Zan voice was filled with wonder. "How can we possibly thank you?"

"Take care of Antar, and be the rulers that I know that you are." He turned to include Deanna in his gaze. "That is all the thanks that I need or want. " Osiris and Isis started to fade away.

"Wait!" Cried out Deanna. "Will we see you again?"

They reappeared. "We will be back for the wedding." He teased. "We are invited aren't we?"

"Of course you are." Deanna gulped, gods invited to their wedding? As if a state wedding wasn't nerve racking enough.

"My Lord, what will you do now that you are no longer confined to the underworld?" Neferset was the only occupant in the vehicle who hadn't been surprised at Osiris and Isis' presence. The moment she had realized that Antar was not being attacked, but being repaired, she had known that the gods were involved.

Osiris chuckled. "Do a little bit exploring." Upon that final note, the god and goddess disappeared.

Zan turned moist eyes to Deanna, the ordeal was finally over, they were home and their people and world were safe. Deanna's heart flipped over at the look of joy in Zan's eyes. He was whole again. She reached over and clasped the hand that laid on the seat between her. Zan smiled at her, squeezed her hand gently, and ordered the top down on their airo-barge. As they drove between the people that lined their route as far as the eye could see, the royal couple smiled and waved.

With tears of joy rolling down their cheeks Issella and Vilandra took in the scene playing out before them. Rath's eyes also shone suspiciously as he took in everything.

The earth visitors watched in awe at the scene outside their windows. Tall topaz colored stone and marble buildings all toped with topaz crystals, spiraled to the sky. Moving walkways wound their way from building to building. Gardens of brilliant colored flowers and trees were spread throughout pools of blue water. Men and women, clad in beautiful and unusual clothing standing on streets of topaz crystal cheered and waved as their procession made its way down the streets.

They were definitely not in Kansas anymore.

TO BE CONTINUED.......................

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In wonder, the earth visitors watched as their traveling vehicle crossed a bridge and left the city behind. They passed through what would be called the suburban in their homeland. Majestic homes were cradled among hill tops, shaded by trees and carpeted with grass and flowers. Like the occupants of the city, people lined the crystal paved streets, cheering and waving at their procession made its way between them.

"We've entered the palace grounds." High Priestess Khentkaues seating across from John, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, and Melissa informed them.

They craned their necks outside their windows, eager for the first glimpse of the place they would be calling home.

Khentkaues fought down her amusement. "We have a while yet to go before we actually reach the palace."

"What do you mean?" Nancy inquired.

"Palace Esete, named after the first queen of Antar, sits on over eighty-thousand hectares."

"200,000 acres" Gulped John.

"312.5 miles" Melissa said a the same time

"Why would anyone need that much space." Sputtered Nancy.

"Palace Esete is not only a palace. It is a compound that also contains various temples, lodgings for the priests and priestess of the temples, as well as government buildings and assorted storehouses.

Jaws dropping to their feet, the earth group stared in silent wonder as they flew.

They passed by countless of buildings, through a line of free-standing, three-dimensional white marble statues of gods and goddesses; lakes and gardens spaced throughout. They went through an avenue of ram-headed sphinxes which led to various white marbled temples dedicated to various deities such as Amen-Ra, king of the gods; Osiris, Lord of the underworld; the god Aker, the double lion god, the guardian of the sunrise and sunset; god Osiris, King of the Dead; goddess Maat, the Goddess of Truth; goddess Isis, the great mother-goddess; goddess Wadjet, the defender of the crown; and the goddess Nekhebet, motherly protectress of the Kings and Queens of Antar, scattered throughout the area.

"Palace Esete." Khentkaues said to the foster parents.

The air-barges lowered, and headed through the opened front gates of the palace, passing by the throng of people who had gathered to see the returning monarchs, as well as reporters and cameras whose job it was to record this historic day.

The wheels unfurled from beneath the air-barges. The vehicles lowered, and with a slight thump, the air-barges touched the ground underneath it, and grounded to a halt. Liveried servants rushed out to open the doors. John, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, and Melissa were the last to disembark. They gawked as they alighted their vehicle. The castle gave new meaning to the word huge. Built by the first king of Antar, the massive white marble rectangular shaped building, consisting of high defensive walls topped with towers, spread out as far as the eye could see. The towers were topped with amber crystal cornice that stretched far into the sky. The magnificent banners with the intertwining royal cobra and hawk floated in the calm winds. Nothing was taken from the magnificent surroundings as the castle was made part of the mountain that it sat upon. The rows of tall windows which peppered throughout the front of the castle reflected the afternoon suns. As the group moved closer to the building they were able to see fine craftsmanship of the castle. The marble columns in the front and the doorway were engraved with gold hieroglyphics. John, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, and Melissa were awed by beauty of the Antarian castle.

"I can't believe that anything this beautiful actually exist." Melissa breathed reverently.

"It's like we stepped into a fairytale." Amy dared not blink, afraid that if she closed her eyes for even a second, the palace would disappear and she would awake to find this all a dream.

"Someone pinch me, so that I can be sure this isn't a dream." Said Nancy

They followed the procession led by the royal family and strode through the palace and into their new life.

High guards boxed the royal family in, preventing them from being jostled by the eager crowd as they made their way towards the palace doors. The doors swung open to the sound of trumpets. Standing straight and tall, looking neither left nor right, Zan and Deanna entered the palace, walked through the maze of corridors, through a covered courtyard of amber crystal, through a hypostyle hall with gigantic columns until they finally reached the throne room.

Slowly, methodically, Deanna and Zan paced down the aisle lined on both sides of people of all shapes, sizes, color and manner of dress, to claim what was theirs. They stepped up the golden steps to the dias and stood before the thrones, facing the crowd below. Neferset and Vilandra walked up the stairs, Neferset to stand next to Zan and Vilandra next to Deanna. The room was so quite that one could hear if a pin dropped.

High Priestess Khentkaues, with two priestess trailing behind her, each carrying a glass container in which sat the crowns of Antar, approached the dias. The ruby and white diamond double crowns, on which appeared the symbol of the royal cobra, the defender of the crown and the royal hawk sparkled.

Khentkaues stepped forward and began a prayer, invoking blessings and expressing gratitude for the return of the royal family of Antar.

When the prayers ended, Neferset motioned one of the priestess to her. Arms raised, the young priestess, knelt before the dais, Neferset walked down the steps, and removed the crown from its container. Zan lowered his head, and his mother placed the double crown upon his head. "His supreme majesty King Zan, the second, supreme ruler of Antar."

Vilandra motioned the other priestess to her, she reached in and removed the other crown. Vilandra placed the crown upon Deanna's head. "Her supreme majesty Queen Deanna, the first, supreme ruler of Antar." As one Deanna and Zan sat down on the throne. As if some signal had been given, the crowd began to clap as one, as they welcomed the King and Antar home.

Zan held up a hand, silently ordering the crowd to silence. "People of Antar, we thank you for your loyalty, and faith in us. Lord Osiris has blessed Antar by restoring our planet to its former glory. We shall not disappoint him, and we will prove to him that his faith in us is merited. Like RA, Antar and it's people have risen and triumphed over its enemies, and Maet, peace and order has come to our planet." Clapping started again. Again Zan held up a hand for silence. "This is a new era for Antar and the Lycopolis star system." He looked intently at the representative from Bari, Cabrus, Deverra and Enki. "It is time that the five ruling planets lead instead of fighting amongst themselves. We are stronger together, than apart." The group responded with a great round of applause, and shouts of approval. Zan smiled at the crowd before him, then his face darkened. "Before we can move towards our future we have some unfinished business to conclude. Bring the prisoners." He ordered.

Several of the high guards appeared in the throne room, in between them stood a shackled Avana and Ptolemy, their hands .hands encased in Yambonian steel, preventing them from using their powers.

Eyes dark with anger, Zan turned his attention to the two people before him. "Lady Avana, cousin to Kivar, and once trusted friend of the royal family, you and your cousin conspired against the crown. By your hand princess Vilandra was killed. On your head is the blood of countless people who were sacrificed in your zeal for power. Such are your crimes that no mercy can be shown."

He turned his gaze on Ptolemy. " Ptolemy, hired assassin. Right hand man to Kivar, who plotted to obtain the throne Antar. By your Lord Zan was murdered. By your hand or orders Antarians were murdered." Zan paused to regard Ptolemy. "No mercy can be shown." A deathly silence filled the room as all the occupants held their collective breaths as they wanted for the judgment.

His eyes dark and filled with fury, Zan passed his judgment on Avana and Ptolemy. "For your crimes against the people of Antar, for your crimes against the crown, you are hereby sentenced to death via live burial. Your names shall be stricken from all Antarian records. No child shall ever be named Avana, nor Ptolemy." His eyes cold, and devoid of feeling, Zan watched as Avana collapsed and started wailing as her fate was handed down to her. Like most evil people, Avana proved to be weak when faced with her own mortality. The high guards led her away. Head held high Ptolemy, stood tall, saying nothing, silently cursing the day he agreed to join forces with Kivar and Avana. His only consolation was that both Kivar and Avana would be suffering right along with him in the Realm of Suffering. He too was led away.

Many in crowd shivered in horror at hearing the sentence, buried alive, slowly asphyxiating, but all watching concurred with the King's judgment. The weights of their crimes justified the sentence.

Deanna watched as Avana and Ptolemy were led away, once they disappeared she turned to face the crowd. "People of Antar, we have suffered together, now is the time we celebrate together. Today is declared a day of thanksgiving. A banquet will be held tonight to celebrate our new future. Every man, woman and child is ordered to drink, eat and be merry." The applause was deafening, and many in the crowd were crying in relief and joy. Deanna smiled as she waited for the applause to end. "Be happy Antar for we are united and whole again."

"So it is written, so it will be done." The royal scribe said as he recorded the King and Queen's words.

Zan got up and held out a hand for Deanna, she took it and together they stepped off the dias to begin the their future.


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In Zan and Deanna's Quarters

"Mother has gone to visit our foster parents." Vilandra marched into Zan and Deanna's quarters, Hyksos trailing behind her.

"And you didn't stop her?" Issella shot up from the couch where she sat with Rath.

"What was I suppose to do Issella, seat on her?" Snapped Vilandra.

"If all else failed, yes." Issella barked back.

Vilandra throw her a dirty look.

"Children, children" Zan called out before the situation could escalate. "I'm sure everything is fine."

Deanna and Issella threw him an incredulous.

"Zan, the gods know I love your mother, but she can be a pretty...uhm..." Deanna searched for a tactful word to describe the former queen. Neferset was a force to be reckoned with on Antar. Immeasurable help to you if she was in your corner, an enemy to be feared if she wasn't. "Intimidating person." She finally choose a word.

"That's certainly an understatement." Issella muttered under her breath. She was still half terrified of Neferset.

Zan threw back his head and laughed. "I know that mother can be a bit unnerving at times, but she has one of the biggest hearts that I know. She would never do anything to harm our foster parents." Zan sighed at the anxious looks on Deanna and Issella's face. "Since we are all dressed for the banquet, why don't we go see for ourselves how everyone is faring."

Palace Esete, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, John, and Melissa suite of rooms

All round the room, Jeff, Nancy, Amy, John, and Melissa resplendent in their evening finery, sat in various stage of repose in the sitting room of the suite that they had been given, as they tried to assimilate all that they had heard and seen that day..

Bare feet propped in Jeff's lap, Nancy slowly sipped her drink. "I still get chills whenever I picture that crown being placed on top of Liz's, I mean, Deanna's head." She shook her head. "It is going to take some time getting use to this." She took another sip of her drink. "Liz being Deanna, and a queen of an entire world."

"Our son being the king of a world." Sighed Melissa as she absently rubbed the back of John's neck as she spoke to him. "And our daughter a princess."

"I only have to deal with mine being a lady of the court." Amy laughed ruefully from her reclining position on the couch. " I can't get use to all the bowing and scraping." She turned her head to face the other occupants in the room. "I guest now I have an idea how the British people feel."

A bing sounded at the door.

"Who the hell could that be?" Amy looked about the room.

"Only one way to find out." John got up from the couch. "Who is it?" He called out as searched for a door handle on the door.

"Neferset." Called out a voice.

Nancy, Jeff, Melissa and Amy all jumped up from their seats. "Oh damn." Cried out Nancy as her remaining drink spilled on her outfit. She rubbed furiously at the stain. "This isn't the way I wanted to meet the warrior princess."

John froze. "Ah... one moment." He threw a desperate look at his fellow occupants. "Does anyone remember how this damn door opens?" He whispered.

Melissa ran a hand through her hair, and desperately ran her hands down her clothes, trying to shake loose some of the wrinkles that had formed on her clothes. She swore. How does one deal with a former queen who not only was the biological mother of your adopted children, but a freaking warrior who had fought to liberate her world from a tyrant?

"I think you have to press a button or something." Said Amy.

"I think you just call out *open*." Said Jeff. No sooner did he say the word open, and the door slid open revealing the nervous fivesome to the curious gaze of the people who stood on the other side of the door.

"I figured that we'd take the initiative and introduce ourselves."Said Neferset as she led the way into the room.

"Ah, that's nice." Melissa muttered as she studied the strangers who now filled the room.

"If we wait for our children to do it, it will take forever." Neferset smiled and motioned to the group of people who stood beside her. "May I introduce you to Lord Anuket Tutan and Lady Nora Tutan." Neferset gestured with a hand towards a tall man with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes, and a petite dark haired woman with dark chocolate colored eyes. "These are Deanna's parents." She walked over to where Nancy and Jeff Parker stood and took each by the hand and pulled them with her. "Nancy and Jeff Parker, Deanna's foster parents." Neferset moved back to give the foursome privacy, as she moved over to Amy.

"It is an honor and pleasure to meet you." Lady Nora stepped over to Nancy and clasped both of Nancy's hands in hers.

"Likewise." Said a nervous Nancy.

"Thank you for taking such good care of Deanna." Nora let go of Nancy's hands and pulled her into a hug. "Thank you so much." She whispered tearfully.

"It was our pleasure." Nancy returned the hug. "It was a joy having her in our lives."

Anuket and Jeff turned away from their wives and faced each other."Thank you." They said in unison. They laughed, breaking the ice as they shook hands.

"Let me take care of that for you." Nora pointed to the stain on Nancy's dress.

"I'd really appreciate it." Nancy brightened.

Nora waved a hand at the stain causing the mark to disappear instantly.

"Greetings." A tall, willowy strawberry blonde woman stepped toward Amy. "I am Lady Benitta Henen-Su, Issella is my daughter." She took Amy's hands in hers and brought it to her heart. "My eternal gratitude for the love you gave her." Benitta let go of Amy's hand and gestured toward the tall sandy blonde haired man beside her. "This is my husband and Issella's father, Lord Thomas Henen-Su."

"We are forever indebted to you." Thomas kissed both of Amy's cheeks.

"As am I." Amy sighed in relief. This was going a hell of a lot better than she had thought it would.

"I guess I should start off by giving my name." Neferset stood before John and Melissa Evans. "Her royal supreme highness, Princess Neferset Semerkhet Khasekhemwy the first, former queen of Antar." She grinned. "A mouthful, I know."

"You got that right." Melissa said before she could help herself. "I can't believe I just said that."

Neferset threw back her head and laughed. She threw her arms around Melissa and hugged her. Melissa stood stunned for a moment, not knowing what to do. "Thank the gods for you." Whispered Neferset.

Melissa loosened up and tentatively returned the hug. "Thank you." Breathed Melissa.

Neferset pulled away and held Melissa's hands in hers. "When goddess Bast revealed my children's fate to me, I thought that I was going to lose my mind." She unconsciously tightened her hold on Melissa's hands. "For days all I did was seat in my room and stare at their video image. I lost my husband, and now was being asked to give up my children." Tears rolled silently down her cheeks as she remembered that fateful day. "I wanted to crawl somewhere and die. But I couldn't do that. I had to be strong." She let go of Melissa's hands and wiped the tears off her face, as she forced back the memories. "I prayed that the people who would be called upon to care for them would take good care of them." She took Melissa and John's hands in her hands. "My prayers were more than answered when they were given into your charge." She smiled mistily at them. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"You don't have to thank us." John said hoarsely, touched by the warmth he saw in Neferset's eyes. "It was a joy having them in our lives."

"They were a blessing." Melissa echoed her husband's words.

"Even when they were going through the terrible teen years?" Teased Neferset.

"I have to get back to you on that one." Joked Melissa.

The threesome hugged each other in joy and gratitude.

The room was soon filled with laughter and tears as the Antarians and Earthlings got to know one another, and reminisced about the children that had all brought them here.

A bing sounded interrupting the celebrating occupants.

"Open." Called out Amy.

All eyes turned as the door to the suite opened.

Zan, Deanna, Vilandra, Hyksos, Rath and Issella entered the sitting room and studied the occupants.

"Is everything alright?" Quizzed Deanna.

"Everything is great." Nancy beamed from the couch that she and Lady Nora shared.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Asked Nora

"Ah, no reason." Stammered Issella.

"I think they were afraid that we would stumble without their wisdom." Neferset cast a quick knowing glance at the group.

Issella smiled sheepishly.

"Don't worry, us old folks know how to behave." Neferset put her arms around Zan and Vilandra and kissed each on the cheek. "Let the celebration begin." She moved way from the pair and took a crystal glass from a serving tray.

The others in the room followed suit.

"To new beginnings." Zan raised his glass in a toast.

"And new friends." Neferset said as she too raised her glass.

The group spent next hour enjoying each other.


Zan, Vilandra and Neferset stood in a corner to get some privacy.

"Thank you mother for making them feel welcome." Said Zan.

"I could never do anything less, these extraordinary people have earned my eternal gratitude and loyalty for taking care of my family for me." She said hoarsely.

"Are we okay?" Neferset searched her children's eyes. This was the first opportunity that they really had to talk about what had happened so long ago. Her part in the prophesy.

"We understand mother." Zan said huskily. "We know that you had no choice."

Neferset stared beseechingly at Vilandra. "Forgive me." She croaked. Throughout the past ten cycles, all she could see when she closed her eyes at night was the pain, anger and disappointment in Vilandra's eyes when she had learned about her fate. "Please." She begged.

"Oh mother." Vilandra drew her mother into her arms. "Of course I forgive you. You did what you had to do for the good of our people and our world." She kissed her mother's cheeks. "I love you mom. Always and forever."

"And I love you too." Neferset hugged her tighter. "Both of you." She held out a hand to Zan, he clasped it firmly. She silently thank the gods for the return of her family.

The door opened silently, a liveried servant, bowed and announced the arrival of the guests.

"Come, Melissa and John, we will lead the way to the ballroom." Neferset put an arm around each of them. Lady Benitta and Lord Thomas escorted Amy. Lord Anuket took Nancy's arm; and Lady Nora took Jeff's arm. Arms linked, Issella and Rath, followed. Bringing up the rear were a beaming Vilandra, with Hyksos glued to her side, and a laughing Zan and Deanna. The high guards standing outside the room, fell behind the royal couple.


Within minutes of the arrival of the royal family, guests began filling the mammoth, high ceiling, many pillared golden ballroom. Women curtsied gracefully and men bowed as they paid homage to the royal family. As each guest passed through the receiving line, Nancy, Jeff, John, Melissa and Amy were formally introduced. Before long, their heads spun with all the names and faces they were introduced to.

After what seemed like hours, the last guests were finally greeted. Zan and Deanna looking resplendent with their royal garbs, led the way to the formal dinning room for the first leg of the festivities.

The royal family, followed by high dignitaries and representatives of the other planets of the Lycopolis star system mounted the platform they would dine and sat facing the gathered crowd below. Below was a sea of smaller tables filled with lords, ladies, government officials and non-noble men and women who chosen as representatives from each country, state, city, town and village of Antar. Zan signaled for the meal to begin. Servants brought platters of food, wine and drinks, until the tables were overflowing, while musicians played in the background.

There were endless toasts to the king, queen, princess, king mother, earthly visitors and good people of Antar. Deanna glanced at Zan who sat beside her. She saw the man near him whisper something to him, and heard him laugh. Her heart leapt at the joy and peace she saw on his face. He was whole again, this king of hers. He was once again where he was born to be. She said a silent thank you to the gods for their blessing. Without glancing her way, Zan felt Deanna's gaze on him, he reached for the small hand that rested on the table, and clasped it in his. Their hands remained entwined throughout the entire meal. The simple touch, a silent testimony to their connection to one another.

After dinner and a brief respite in which people freshened up, the group gathered once again in the ballroom. While musicians played in the background, Zan and Deanna and the rest of the royal family circulated through the throng, graciously inclining their heads, bestowing smiles and exchanging words with the gathered crowd. Finally the time came for the first dance of the evening. Zan with Deanna on his arm led the way to the center of the ballroom. Zan pulled Deanna into his arm, the music and words flowed around them as they moved as one.


Lost in the song and each other, the couple forgot about the watching crowd as the words seeped into their souls.

"Do you remember?" Zan asked softly.
"Yes." Deanna traced the line of his jaw, as memories came flooding back.
"I had taken my horse out for a ride and lost track of the time. By the time I arrived home, the ball being given in your honor was in full swing. I dropped Senbi off at the stable, and slipped off to the beach."

Zan smiled softly down at Deanna and gently traced her features with his fingertips, as if a blind, trying to memorize her features.


Deanna smile up at him and kissed the hand tracing her face.

"Perugina was my last stop in my visit of the Eastern countries. I was tired and after greeting my host and hostess, I got Rath and my sister to cover for me and snuck out to the beach. I stood on a rock and stared at the sea, admiring the ocean, and envying the freedom of the ocean animals."

"And then I saw you." Zan smiled down at her as they turned to music. "A beautiful sea nymph. The breeze off the ocean causing your hair to fly all about, and water lapping at your bare feet."

A smile touched Deanna's lips, and her eyes lit and remembered. "I remember turning from the ocean and our eyes locking. My heart started beating so fast that I thought that it was going to leap out of my chest. I stood rooted to the spot and simply gawked at you."

Hands entwined, their bodies swayed to the seductive tune.


"I saw you shiver and walked up to you and offered you my jacket." Zan chuckled. "I held out my jacket to you, you backed away shaking your head so vigorously that I was surprised that it didn't fly off your shoulder in protest of the abuse."

"I was stunned to be standing face to face with the king of Antar." Deanna playfully hit him on the shoulder as she defended herself.

"I couldn't take my eyes off you." He said huskily, his voice hoarse with emotion. " I felt as if someone had punched me in my solar plexus, and I couldn't breathe." Zan pulled Deanna closer, his eyes loving and warm. "I knew then that my life would never be the same again, that I had met my soul's mate."

"Oh Zan." Deanna whispered, drowning in him. Memories poured through her, the first shared look, their first touch, their first kiss, leaving her weak. How she loved this man of hers. "I love you so much."

"And I you." He said unsteadily. "With all my heart and soul.


The pair continued to move. Each turn, each movement, each touch, revealing the love and passion they had for one another. No one joined the pair on the dance floor, as the crowd stood mesmerized by the royal couple. No one looking at the couple could doubt the love, affection and commitment between the pair.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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The wedding day of Zan and Deanna had finally arrived. The couple had decided to wait until everything was settled in their star system and home world before renewing their vows. Shortly after their return, the leaders of the ruling five planets of the Lycopolis galaxy had entered into a peace treaty, finally bringing Maet, universal order and harmony to their galaxy. Antar was thriving, its people and land blessed with an abundance of health and wealth. Everything was perfect. Even the weather had decided to cooperate.

the two suns of Antar shone brightly, as a perfect spring day emerged, neither too warm, nor too cool, but the perfect mixture. Outside the temple, the courtyard and as far as the eyes could see was teaming with humanity, as people gathered to view the wedding on the giant screens set throughout the area, and hopefully catch a glimpse of the royal couple as they left the temple in the open carriage that it was rumored they would be in.


In a large anteroom of the temple, sixteen groomsmen in various stages of repose watched in amusement as Zan paced back and forth, trying to rid himself of his nervous energy, while the six gathered high guards pretended not see or hear what was taking place.

"What time is it?" Zan asked for the umpteen time.

"Five minutes past the last time you asked." Hyksos didn't bother looking at his wristwatch as he answered Zan, he had been answering the same question for the past hour.

Zan strode back and forth, and raked a hand through his hair, by the gods, this waiting was killing him. He hadn't seen Deanna since late yesterday afternoon when his mother and foster mother had taken her away from him. He had not wanted to be separated from Deanna, truth be told, he had thrown quite a royal tantrum hoping to avoid such an occurrence. He had pointed out to his mother and foster mother that that was an earth tradition. When that hadn't worked, he had reminded them that Deanna and he were already married cycles ago, and that the tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding, therefore did not apply to them. But they had refused to listen. His foster mother was not taking any chances. He had then threatened, cajoled, and whined, all to no avail. Which was why he stood in the anteroom wanting to climb the walls. He was a king of an entire world for crying out loud! That should have counted for something. He raked a hand through his hair again. By the gods, this waiting was killing him. He had to see her, to touch her. Zan stopped his restless pacing and flung himself on a coach.

"Think he has finally calmed down?" John asked Jeff.

"I wouldn't hold my breath." Interjected Hyksos.

"Who would have thought that a slip of a girl could bring a man to his knees like this." Mused Lord Dyan Serapis a childhood friend of Zan, and a groomsman.

Zan got up from the couch and started pacing again, in his own world, oblivious to what was taking place around him.

"It's frightening." Lord Necho, another groomsman, shuddered as he took in the sight of his once self assured friend.

"That's why I avoid commitments." Inserted another groomsmen.

"Taking bets on how soon he will be asking the time." Called out Rath. "Any takers?

"What's the prize?" Queried Jeff.

"A bottle of vintage wine from my family's vineyard."

"I'm in." Could be heard throughout the room.

Once everyone had chosen a time, the occupants perched on their seats expectantly, alternating between watching wall clock and Zan.

Without breaking his stride, Zan called out, "What time is it?"

Groans and laughter could be heard in the room as the losers good- humorously complimented the winner.

Finally realizing that he had been the brunt of their joke, Zan stopped in mid stride and turned to face his friends. "It warms my heart to know that I was able to provide amusement for my family and friends." He bowed mockingly. "Thank you so much for your help and concern."

"Anytime, anytime." John said as he set up a time to pick up his bottle of wine. "After all, what are family and friends for?"

"I don't know. But I'll be sure to let you know once I find out." Zan replied sarcastically.


IN THE MEANTIME, At the Palace Esete

Deanna sat in front of the vanity mirror of the dressing-room of her bedchamber, starring sightlessly at her reflection as she reveled at the arrival of this day. She and Zan were going getting married again. They were finally going to get the chance to live the life that Kivar had tried to take away from them. She tried to say her prayers to the gods, but all she could say were thank yous. "We're getting married Zan, married." She whispered to her reflection.

"Show time." Issella called out as she bounced into the room, balancing a cloth bag in one hand and a tremendous basket of long-stemmed white roses in the other.

Deanna whirled around to face her, a huge grin on her face. "It is, isn't it?"

"I've been chosen by your groom to deliver these." Issella handed the basket of roses to Deanna and placed the bag on the vanity. "So, what does it say?" She pointed to the attached card.

Deanna placed the basket of flowers on her lap, and took a deep breath of the fragrant flowers. She smiled as she pulled out the card and read it to herself.
"To my beautiful bride, you have filled my life with more love and joy
that I could ever imagine.
Love, always and forever.
"Always and forever, Zan." Deanna whispered.

"That is so sweet and romantic." Issella sighed as she read the note. " I wish some of that would rub off on Rath."

"He is getting better." Deanna reminded her friend.

"True, I nearly swallowed my tongue when he got down on bended knee, no less, and proposed." She held up her left hand up, admiring the diamond and emerald ring that adorned her ring finger. "And he certainly choose well." Issella smiled at the bright sparkle of her ring. "Enough about me." She picked up the cloth bag from the vanity, and pulled Deanna out of the chair that she was seating on. She plopped down on the pillow laden sofa across the room, and pulled Deanna next to her. "I was asked to give this to you." She handed the bag to Deanna.

Deanna lifted an eyebrow in question. Issella smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Deanna turned her attention to the cloth bag, and slowly opened it. She took out the jewelry boxes, and read the note that was attached on the largest box. "For my, Queen. Your something new. Zan." She read out loud. She gasped as she opened the boxes and pulled out a set of padparadschad sapphire and diamond tear drop earrings, matching tiara, tear drop necklace and bracelet. "There aren't any more padparadschad sapphires left on Antar or any other planet in the Lycopolis star system." She stared in awe at the jewelry spread out in front of her. "How did he do it?" She held up the earrings, admiring the orangy, pink red, molten lava color of the sapphires and the sparkle of the diamonds.

"For you?" Issella laughed. "Zan, would find a way, his love for you is beyond hope."

"He is amazing, isn't he?" Deanna smiled through tears. "I never thought that I would ever meet someone like him."

"Nothing but the best for my best friend."Issella bumped her gently with her shoulder.

Deanna put her head on Issella's shoulder. "I'm glad that you're here to share this special day with me."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." Issella's forced back her happy tears. "Especially since it is because of me that this is all happening."

"What?!" Exclaimed Deanna as she pulled away from Issella and turned to face her.

"I was the one who forced you to go to Las Vegas while we were on earth, remember?" She gave Deanna a cheeky grin. "If it wasn't for my wheedling, none of this would have happened." Issella patted herself on the back. "Issella always knows best."

"She knows how to nag well." Deanna corrected her.

"I think I should get a statute made in my honor." Mused Issella.

"You're getting to be the maid of honor instead." Retorted Deanna.

"Or your first born named after me." She ignored Deanna's interruption. "Issella the second has a nice ring to it."

"What about if we have a boy as our first born?"

"Doesn't matter." She threw Deanna a wicked grin. "He would be a future king, no one would dare tease him for having a female name."

"Or, you can get this as a reward." Deanna pulled one of the pillows from the couch and playfully hit Issella with it. A pillow fight ensued as they laughed, and beat the stuffing out of the pillows.

"Your majesty?" A voice called hesitatingly at the door.

A laughing and disheveled Deanna and Issella stopped in mid swing and turned sheepishly to face the door, where two servants stood, waiting for their monarch to acknowledge their presence.

"Yes?" Deanna pushed back her hair from her face, and held her head up high, trying to be as dignified as one could be under the circumstance.

The waiting servants bowed. "Good day, your majesty, Lady Issella. It is time to begin our preparation."

No sooner were the words spoken and Neferset, Lady Nora, Nancy Parker, Melissa Evans, Lady Benitta, Vilandra and Amy Deluca entered the room. Soon a laughing group of females crowded around Deanna as she was pushed and prodded as her makeup and hair were done to perfection.

Finally, the time arrived for the bride to put on the wedding gown. Deanna stood as her attendants helped her dress. The wedding gown was everything a wedding gown was supposed to be, spectacular and extravagant. The gown was an ivory, off the shoulder, satin creation. The form-fitting bodice, hugged Deanna's bosom, then tapered to a narrow waistline. The ivory satin skirt, trailed behind some twenty feet. The gown was intricately beaded and embroidered with a pale-gold floral print. A top her upswept hair, sat the padparadschad sapphire and diamond tiara, which embellished the classic, twenty foot tule veil. Underneath she wore a white petticoat, hose and blue garter. The brocade shoes were dyed to match the dress. The padparadschad sapphire and diamond tear drop earrings, bracelet and necklace and a lovely bouquet of cascading roses completed the ensemble.

"You look like what every woman would wish to look on their wedding day." Nancy breathed reverently as she took in the breathtaking sight. Nora stared in silent joy at the lovely you woman her daughter had turned into. When she finally found her voice, her voice was thick with tears of joy, she hugged her daughter, careful not to wrinkle her gown. "I've never seen you look more beautiful."

"Thank you, Mother."

Melissa, Lady Benitta, Vilandra, Issella and Amy all took turns complimenting the bride.

Deanna stood serenely as her attendants smoothed the gown in place and adjusted the train, silently wondering what Zan would think when he saw her walking down the aisle. Had this moment been worth waiting for? She hoped so. She hoped that he would remember every detail of this day for the rest of his life, just as she knew she would.

Neferset walked over to Deanna, her eyes tearing. "You look enchanting, my dear. Thank you for making my son so happy." She whispered through her tears. Deanna, her eyes also starting to fill with tears, reached over and hugged Neferset. "Thank you for having such an extraordinary son. I promise to love him for the rest of my life."

"That's all any mother could hope and wish for a child." Neferset kissed both her cheeks.

"Let's see -- you have something new, your gown and jewelry..." Issella paused as she checked off what she had just read on her list... "You have something borrowed, Nancy's great-grandmother's lace handkerchief. You have something blue and old, the lace garter that your great-grandmother wore at her wedding." Issella checked everything off her list and smiled as she looked at Deanna.

Someone knocked at the door interrupting the women. "Your majesty, we must leave now it order to get to the temple on time." The high guard reported once she was allowed to enter the room. "Reports are there are crowds of spectators everywhere." Despite the presence of the high guards and soldiers, it took the wedding party twice as long as it should have to get to Temple Osiris, as the party was hopelessly caught in the tangle of spectators who had come out to witness the wedding. Zan was ready to climb the walls and Rath, Hyksos, Jeff, John and the rest of the groomsmen were hard press not to gag him and tie him to a chair when a priest arrived and informed them that the bridal party had arrived.


The temple was packed, as guests throughout the star system came to see King Zan and Queen Deanna reaffirm their wedding vows.

Music began to play as thirty thousand guests watched as one by one, the sixteen bridesmaids drifted down the aisle. The music then switched to the Antarian wedding march. Zan and the assembled crowd turned and faced the back of the gold temple doors.

The high guards formed a cordon on each side of Deanna as she climbed the marble stairs and approached the closed temple door, behind her trailed four attendants who carried her train and veil. The temple doors swung opened, the high guards fell back. A mass of faces watched in awe at the vision that seemed to glide down the long aisle. No other bride had ever been so lovely. Deanna walked down the aisle, confidence in every line of her body. She smiled and nodded her head at the familiar faces in the crowd, faltering only once when she saw Osiris and Isis in the front pew, she quickly regained her composure and continued her march down the aisle. When she reached the altar, Zan took her hand and the couple moved as one to face High Priestess Khentkaues and High Priest Khnum. Deanna tuned and handed her bouquet of flowers to Issella.

The priest and priestess' voices echoed throughout the temple as they prayed to each divine being, expressing gratitude and invoking sundry blessings, before finally starting the marriage ceremony. Deanna and Zan repeated the words spoken to them by the priest and priestess. Drank the wine and consecrated sweet cakes they were given. They walked back down the aisle through the herbs and flowers that were scattered before them, and back up the aisle to once again face the altar.

Finally the time arrived for the exchange of the rings. "A ring is an unbroken circle, a symbol of unity and love. Having neither beginning nor end, it mimics the continuous cycle of which we are an element of." High Priestess Khentkaues took the gold bands, which were inscribed with the royal cobra and hawk, and placed them atop the ancient book she was reading from. "May these circles of gold reflect the circle in which you stand, to be a constant reminder to you both of the pledges exchanged."

High Priest Khnum removed the rings from the book. "Like a star should your love be constant. Like a stone should your love be firm." He handed the rings to Khentkaues.

"As you have stated your desire to be united, one with the other, take these rings and place them upon each others finger, as pledge and testimony to your love and commitment to each other." Khentkaues handed Deanna and Zan the rings that were just blessed.

The ancient words of love and commitment fell around the couple like a blanket of love. Eyes shining bright with love and commitment, the couple exchanged the vows they had written together. Deanna's voice shook slightly as Zan the gold band on her finger, and Zan had to swallow hard to fight back his emotions as Deanna slipped the wide gold band on his finger. Finally their hearts sang, the culmination of all they had gone through together. They had agreed not to wear any wedding rings until today's ceremony, wanting today to be a true celebration of the start of their new life. After the exchange of rings, Zan removed the tiara on Deanna's head and replaced it with the double crown of Antar, marking her as his queen.

"These promises you have made by the Sun and the Moon. With the vows you have sworn by the goddesses and gods, to be full partners and lovers for eternity. I now pronounce you be husband and wife." High Priestess Khentkaues and High Priest Khnum recited together.

Finally the long service was over, the couple went with their entourage inside a side door of temple to put their seals on the documents which recorded their union. When the wedding party returned, the king's mother nodded her head and threw gold dust on the couple signifying her blessing and approval. The whole congregation rose to applaud the happy couple's walk down the aisle, as the groomsmen and bridesmaids fell in step behind the pair. The couple made their way to the bright sunshine outside to the cheers of the gathered crowd outside the temple gates. Deanna and Zan paused on the marble steps of the temple to acknowledge the gathered crowd. Raising Deanna's left hand, Zan brushed a kiss across her knuckles, causing the crowd to go wild, as they roared their approval of the couple. Air travel was suspended due to the ceremony, and to ensure that everyone who had gathered had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the royal couple, it was decided that the antique golden horse drawn carriage would be the means by which the couple departed the church. Zan entered the carriage, and he and two attendants helped Deanna get settled in. Once Deanna was settled, Issella handed her the bouquet of flowers. With a nod from Zan, the carriage driver directed the four winged white horses through the wrought iron gates and proceeded down the streets towards Palace Esete, as a cordon of high guards fell in step behind them. The couple smiled and waved at the crowd as they slowly made their way to their destination.


The ballroom at Palace Esete was filled to overflowing, as Deanna and Zan circulated through the mass, accepting congratulations and thanking those who had come to celebrate their wedding with them. The couple made sure to say a special thank you to Osiris and Isis for their presence and gratefully accepted the god and goddess' blessing. Finally the time arrived for the couple to dance the first dance.

Zan grinned and held out a hand to Deanna, "May I have this dance, your majesty."

Deanna returned the grin and curtsied gracefully, "Yes, you may, *my* king."

The couple made their way to the middle of the ballroom floor, as the musicians began to play and the singer began to croon.

Lying here with you
Listening to the rain
Smiling just to see the smile upon your face
These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
These are the moments
I'll remember all my life
I found all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more

Looking in your eyes
Seeing all I need
Everything you are is everything to me
These are the moments
I know heaven must exist
These are the moments I know all I need is this
I have all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more

I could not ask for more than this time together
I could not ask for more than this time with you
Every prayer has been answered
Every dream I have's come true

And right here in this moment is right where I'm meant to be
Here with you here with me
These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
These are the moments I'll remember all my life
I've got all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more
I could not ask for more than the love you give me
'Coz it's all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more
I could not ask for more

Drawing Deanna close, Zan smiled down at her as the words flowed around them. "Are you happy?" He asked.
"More than mere words can say." She pressed a hand against his cheek, as she silently thanked the gods for giving them a second chance at their love.
The day swiftly drew to a close, as the guests indulged in fine food and wine. Finally arrived for the couple to depart for their honeymoon. The couple dressed in their going away clothes, Deanna in a calf length short-sleeved cream silk tunic adorned with red floral print, and matching slender silk trousers, and Zan in a black tunic and black trousers, stood on the hovering platform above their guests heads. "Thank you for coming and helping us celebrate our day with us." Deanna said to the upturned faces.
Zan also thanked the guests. "Now it's time for us to say goodbye, and do our own celebrating." With that he put his arm around Deanna, held her tightly to his side, and transferred them out the room.

"Your brother is going to be the death of me." Hyksos muttered to Vilandra, as he forgot to breathe as he watched his monarchs disappear without having any idea where they were going. He found a quite corner and pulled out his communicator to start a search. Before he could say a word, a voice greeted him when he turned on his communicator. "A message was left for you commander." Reported a lieutenant.
"Who is it from?" He asked.
"From King Zan."
"Forward it to me."
Zan's face appeared on the mini screen. "Don't worry Hyksos, I took high guards with me." He laughed. "Not even I would tempt the fates again. Stay and celebrate old friend." With that the transmission ended.

"He is going to be the death of me." Hyksos repeated. Vilandra laughed, took his communicator away and pretending to search his body for a place to put the communicator. Her caressing hands slipped under his jacket.
He groaned and pulled her hands away, "Vilandra what are you doing?"
"Celebrating as ordered?" She gave him an impish grin, as her caressing hands worked their magic.
"Two can play at that game."He swung her up into his arms and made a beeline for the nearest door. Vilandra wrapped her arms around his neck and laughed exhilaratingly, it was good so good to be alive.

Leaning against the terrace wall, her back to the crashing waves below, Deanna sipped fruit juice from a crystal glass, as she watched her sleeping husband through the opened crystal floor to ceiling double doors, of the limestone villa. They've been on Mykhayl for three days, yet she hadn't seen anything beside their bedroom. They've been caught in a world of their own since arriving on Zan's private island, spending the days and the nights loving and rediscovering each other. She smiled to herself, thank goodness they had a full staff to see to their needs or they would have starved to death. The staff saw to it that a tray was left at their door every meal time. She looked down in wonderment at the rings on her left hand, the gold band and the magnificent ruby and diamond engagement ring that encircled her finger. It had been a year today that she, Zan and the rest of their friends had regained the memory of their past lives, and now they had come full circle. She and Zan were married and finally had the honeymoon that they had been denied in their past lives. Who would have thought that a trip to Las Vegas, USA would have been the catalyst that would have started all of this. Talk about your unexpected.
On the bed, Zan shifted restlessly, as he unconsciously searched for Deanna. On the terrace Deanna noticed. She smiled and put the empty glass on the table near her, and walked back into the room. She slid into bed, and leaned over and brushed the hair off of Zan's forehead, as she kissed him. "Hey, sleepy head wake up." She shook his shoulder. "You promised to show me your island, remember?"
Zan pried his eyes opened, stretched, yawned and pulled Deanna on top of him. "No good morning kiss?"
She laughed, kissed him quickly and rolled off of him. "You have your kiss, now it's time to go exploring." Deanna made as if to get out of bed, but Zan pulled her back to him. "I love that idea..." He nibbled her neck and explored her body with his hands. "I love exploring."
Deanna giggled as she half heartily tried to control his exploring hands. "Your insatiable." Zan took Deanna's lower lip between his and teased it lightly with his tongue, Deanna sighed as closed her eyes, and wrapped her arms around his neck.. They savored each other with their lips and tongues as they as they gave into the kiss. As was usual with them the slightest touch, sent them aflame. The kiss went on and on, becoming deeper and hotter as passion threatened to consume them once again, when Deanna pulled away. "Sightseeing." She reminded him breathlessly. "Remember?"

Zan groaned into her hair as she laughed. "Okay." He reluctantly moved away. "You better go and get some clothes on before I forget myself again." Deanna got out of bed and made a dash for the bathroom.
Hands folded behind his head Zan stared up at the ceiling as he contemplated all that he had been blessed with.
Deanna appeared in the bathroom doorway, naked, with only a wash towel in her hand.
"Are you going lay on that bed and let me scrub my own back?" She said with a grin.
By the gods he loved that woman. Zan, jumped off the bed and made a dash for the bathing chamber, he scooped a giggling Deanna up into his arms and kicked the bathing chamber door shut with his foot.

Several hours later, Zan landed the cruiser on the sandy beach. "This is paradise." Deanna opened the door and let herself out of the vehicle. She and Zan and spent the past several hours exploring the island. She took off her sandals and walk toward the crystal blue water which spread out before her in all its glory.
Zan walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "You haven't seen anything yet." He kissed the top of her head. "Come on." He pulled back and caught Deanna's hand in his. They made their way down the beach, past the rocks and trees, through a gap in the rocks and into a cove. "Oh my." Deanna breathed in awe, as she took in the scene before her. Exotic flowers and bushes of every color and shape, stretched out as far as the eye could see, as exotic birds sang their separate songs in the towering trees.

"Isle Mykhayl was my father's last gift to me before his unexpected death." Zan moved away from Deanna, through the trees. "When he gave it to me, he told me that it was my retreat, a place to get away from everything, to regroup and get my center back. I used to spend hours here, alone, dreaming of what, I had no idea."
"I don't remember you ever coming down here before." Deanna said softly.
"There was no longer a need." Zan turned back to Deanna and moved toward her. "I found what I was looking for."
She lifted an eyebrow in question.
"I found you." Zan framed her face with his hands, and fastened his mouth over hers in a kiss that was so gentle that it was all she could do not to cry. "I knew the moment I met you that my life would be changed forever." His voice filled with emotion. "I was finally complete. I had finally found the missing piece of my soul." Adoration shone from his face. "When I am with you, Deanna, I feel the most wonderful . . ." he savored the word. "Freedom."

Deanna's throat swelled with emotion and she swallowed. What had she ever done to deserve this man? "I..." Emotions rose, until it was too difficult to control, tears started to roll gently down her cheeks. She brushed them aside. "Thank you." She whispered.
"For what?" He smiled at her.
She trailed her fingers along the side of his jaw. "For loving me, and trusting me with the most precious thing in this universe." Deanna placed her hand against his chest. "Your heart." She reached up and cupped his face with her hands, and his heart nearly stopped at the wealth of emotion he saw in her eyes. "You're my life." She whispered. "My soul."
Zan took the hand against his jaw in his hand and brought it to his lips. "Thank you." He drew her into his arms and held her tight as they both reveled in their love.
"This is for you." Zan pulled away and took out an envelope from his pocket.
"What is it?" Deanna looked at the offered envelope.
He handed it to her. "It's my wedding present to you. I hope you like it."

She slowly opened the envelope, and tears she had thought were gone, reappeared. "I can't believe you're giving me Isle Mykhayl."

"This is now our private paradise, a place where we can come and leave the world behind, and concentrate on what is really important, our love. Anna bahebek, Deanna." He said huskily.

"I love you too." She threw herself into his arms, and held him tightly as she cried.

Zan pulled back, wiped the tears off her face. "Hey, this was suppose to make you happy, not sad. Why are you crying?"

"I'm crying because I'm so happy!" She clutched the deed to her chest. "I can' t believe this! Only you would think to give me an island as a wedding present." She kissed him. "This is the best wedding present that anyone could have ever asked for." She confided. "What did I ever do to deserve you?" She shook her head in amazement at all that she had been blessed with. "You know that we are going to live happily ever after, don't you, Zan?" She didn't need to be a seer to know their fate, she knew it in her heart, their love was a gift from the gods. "We can't escape it. It's our destiny."
Zan's heart filled with emotion. For the rest of his life he would be thankful for the gift he had been given. "I can't think of a better fate than having you in my life." He drew Deanna to him and kissed her with all the passion and love in his heart.

The gods were indeed kind. Throughout Deanna and Zan's long life together, the birth of their twin sons, and daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren, they remained the best of friends and the greatest of lovers.
A promised destiny fulfilled.


I hope you enjoyed my story. It was originally suppose to be a short story, but it seemed to have a life of its own, and didn't want to end. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my story, and a special thanks to those who were kind enough to leave feed back. I have enjoyed writing it, and sharing it with you. K J. Lerebours (what the hell, thought I finally leave my name) :-)

Song used: "I Could Not Ask For More" by EDWIN McCAIN

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