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Title Family Secrets
Author Helen (Roswelllostcause)
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Catagory everyone
Rating PG For now
Disclaimer I own nothing at all.
Summery Liz learns secerts that change not only her life but all her friends lives too.
Author's note This is the first fic I've ever posted so please give me some feedback. Post VLV

Prolog Santa Fe New Mexico

Lisa Janes was getting ready to go to work as her teenage daughter was getting ready for school.

"Mom why can't I go on the trip with the rest of the class?"
"Katie we have been over this a dozen times. It cost to much."
"Mom I'm the only one not going."
"Katie you are not the only one not going."
"Maybe not. Can't you call my dad so I can go?"
"Katherine Lynne Parker I will not call your father. I haven spoken to him in years. Besides he has a family to take care of."
"I know. But aren't I part of his family?"
"Honey you can go on the next one I promise."
"Yeah right."

Katie left in anger. Lisa didn't know what to do with her any more. She finished getting ready for her job as a police officer and when to work.

A couple hours later Katie was entering her math class as the bell rang. Her teacher stopped her at the door.

"Katie you need to go to the office. Something has happend."
"What is it is it my mom?"
"I don't know. I was just told to send you to the office."

A few minutes later Katie walked into the office and saw her mom's parter Jim Thomas waitting for her.

"Jim what happend?"
"Kate it's your mom."
"What is it? Is she ok?"
"Kate there is no easy way to say this. Your mom was shot. She didn't make it. I'm sorry."
"Come on Katie I'll take you home."

Part 1 Two weeks later-Roswell

Liz Parker was watching the ten o'clock news when her father came in.

"Hey Lizzie how are you doing?"
"I'm ok dad."

Jeff Parker sat down with Liz. Just then the story changed to one on a police officer killed two weeks before.

"There is still no arested in the murder of Sana Fe police offficer Lisa Janes." said the news woman

Jeff when white in schock this was the frist he had heard about it. Liz looked over to him.

"Dad are you ok?"
"Liz I'm fine."
"Dad you just got this really weird look on your face when they started to talk about that police officer that was killed."
"I'm fine honey."

Jeff left and Liz when back to watching the news. The next morning Liz woke to her parents fighting.

"Jeff it's time to tell Liz."
"Nancy what am I suspot to say to her? That after she was born we split up for a while and I when out with someone else, and had a daughter with her?"
"Yes Jeff tell her the truth. She has a right to know she has a younger sister."

Liz didn't know what to do. If what she heard was true than her father had an afair years ago. Liz finished getting ready and when out to breakfast and didn't let on she had heard them.

"Good morning Liz." said Jeff
"Morning Mom, Dad."
"Liz there is something we need to talk about."
"Liz when you were a baby your mother and I had some problems and we seperated for a time."
"What are you saying dad?"
"Lizzie during that time I saw someone. A woman I cared for."
"Dad What are you trying to say?"
"Liz you have a younger sister. Her mother was that cop killed a couple weeks ago."
"What? You had a kid with someones else and never told me?"
"Liz I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."
"You lied to me my who life!"
"Liz calm down."
"No! I won't clam down. Your my father you are suspot to keep me safe and not hurt me. But you did hurt me!"
"I didn't mean to Liz."
"I don't want to hear it. I'm never speaking to you again!" Liz yelled leaving.
"Liz come back here!" Jeff yelled after her.
"Jeff let her go. She needs time to deal with this and clam down." said Nancy.


Part 2

Liz walked down main street to the park still angery. She couldn't believe her father had lied to her. When she got to the park she sat on a bench to think. A short time later she heard someone come up to her but didn't look up.

"Liz are you ok?" asked Tess
"Since when do you care Tess?"
"Mind if I join you?"
"I don't care."
"Liz I know we aren't close friends. We really aren't even friends, but I would like to help if something is wrong."
"It's personal. Between me and my parents."
"Liz what happend?"

Liz looked at the other girl couldn't believe that this girl who she could brealy stand was acting like she really cared. But she knew she had to talk about what happend and if alien that ruined her love life wanted to listen than it was better than nothing.

"I had a fight with my dad. But you wouldn't understand that."
"Maybe not. But I'm willing to listen."
"Tess how would you react if someone you thought you could trust lied to you, your whole life?"
"I don't know. I would be angery I geuss."
"That's how I feel right now about my dad."
"Liz what happend?"
"My dad basicly told me he had an afair when I was a baby. Oh and I have a sister."
"Liz did you try and talk about this with your dad?"
"No. I was too angery so I just left."
"Liz you should go home and talk to your dad."
"I know. But U'm not sure if I'm ready to."
"Liz give him a chance to explane why he hide this from you."
"Maybe I'll go home in a little while."
"Ok I'll see you later."
"Thanks Tess."

(Yeah I know Tess being nice to Liz like that. But there is a reason.)

Ten minutes later Tess walked into the Crashdown. She saw Mr. Parker talking to Max and Isabel. Looking like he was trying to find out where Liz ran off to. She when up to them.

"Mr. Parker, Liz is fine she'll be home when she is ready to talk." Said Tess
"Ok see you kids later." siad Mr. Parker
"Ok Tess what is going on? Since when do you know anything or even care about Liz?" asked Max
"Max it's not my place to say anything. I saw Liz in the park and she was upset so I desided to see if she was ok."
"Did she tell you anything?" asked Max
"Max it's not my place to say. Liz will tell you when she is ready." said Tess

Just then Liz walked into the Crashdow. Max started after her. But Isabel grabbed his arm.

"Max, let Liz come to you when she's ready." said Isabel kindly

Part 3

Katie had trailed Liz from the park to the Crashdown. She saw the girl Liz had been with talking to two other kids. Then she left now wasn't the time to try and talk to Liz. She was still too angery. Katie when back to her apartment it wasn't the best place in the world but it could have been worse too. She was sitting thinking when her neighbor turned up his stario. It was Matlica the one group she could not stand.

"Damn why can't he keep it down?"

Katie got up and when to pound om her neighber's door.

"Hey could you turn it down?" she yelled
"What do you want?" asked the guy in the apartment that looked a Bettles rejected in her opion.
"Would you please turn down your music?" asked Katie nicely
"Maybe. Who are you?"
"I'm Katie I moved in across the hall last week."
"I'm Michael."
"Now Michael would you please turn down your music?"
"Yeah sure."
"So your parents don't like it?"
"Actully I live alone. My mom died a couple weeks ago and I don't know my dad."
"That sucks."
"Yeah sure does. But I came to Roswell because I heard my dad was here."
"So you going to find hime?"
"I don't know. Maybe. I should go."
"I'll try and keep my music down."

Michael watched Katie enter her apartment across the hall. He couldn't put his finger on it but she reminded him of someone. He glance at the clock.

"Shit Mr. Parker is going to kill me."

Michael grabbed his jacket and ran out the door. He arived at the Crashdown a short time later. He found Liz finishing getting ready for her shift.

"Sorry I'm late Liz."
"Don't worry about it Michael. I'm not going to tell my dad. In fact I'm not evan speaking to him."
"What's going on?"
"We had a fight earlier. Now if you don't mind we both have a job to do."

Liz when out into the diner and Michael when into the kitchen. The next severl hours when by fast. Liz watched the last ofthe custermers leave.

"Liz what's wrong?" asked Michael
"Nothing I want to talk about. But thanks for caring."
"Liz you have been there for us whenever we have gone though whatever alien crazyness at the time. Now something is going on with you and you don't want any help."
"Michael it's a family matter. Something between me and my dad."
"Liz you know I've always thought of Max and Isabel as my family even Tess to a degree. But what you don't know is I have also stared to think of you as part of my family."
"Wow. Michael I'm touched. I'll talk to everyone later."
"Ok later."
"Michael thanks, for caring. Even if I don't act like it right now I'm greatful for it."
"No problem. Oh I got a new neighber."
"Yeah it's this teenage girl."
"A teenage girl?"
"Yeah about our age maybe a year or two younger. Why does that mean something to you?"
"Lizzie will you talk to me now?" asked Jeff coming up to her.
"No." said Liz
"Liz come on talk to me."
"Fine. I hate how you lied to me my whole life. I hate how you hide the fact that I have a sister!" Liz yelld
"Liz I'm sorry."
"Yeah right."
"Elizabeth don't use that tone with me. You may be angrey with me but I'm still your father."
"Yeah well I'm going to my room so leave me alone. Michael call everyone and tell them to meet at your place at eight." said Liz
"Ok" said Micheal in shock of what he just heard.


Part 4

At eight Liz knocked on Michael's door. Michael opened the door and she walked in. She saw everyone waitting for her.

"So Liz why did you call this meetting?" asked Isabel
"Well I don't know if anyone besides Michael noticed that I'm not getting along with my father." said Liz
"I've noticed that you have been advioding him all day." said Maria
"Yeah well there is a reason."
"Liz what is it?"
"This morning my dad told me he bascily had an afair when I was a baby and I have a sister."
"I can see your not happy about this Liz." said Kyle
"Kyle I'm not."
"Liz have you talked to your dad about this?" asked Maria
"No I'm not speaking to him."
"Liz you need to find out more about your sister at lest. Don't you want to meet her?" said Isabel."
"I know and I do want to meet her and maybe even be friends with her. Alex you haven't said anything are you ok?"
"Yeah just trying to take it all in. But you know I'll be here for you always Parker." said Alex
"Liz I really think you should go home and talk to your dad." said Max
"I know Max but I'm not sure I can. The last he tryed to talk to me about this I just yelled at him."
"Liz babe we will always be here for you to talk to." said Maria
"Maria I know that. I think I'll and try and talk to my dad now."
"I'll give you a ride Liz." said Max
"Thanks Max."
"I'm coming with you." said Isabel
"That's fine with me." said Liz
"Liz are you ok?" asked Alex
"Yeah I just don't know if I will fully trust my dad again."
"You ready to go?" asked Max
"Yeah. Tess thanks again for the talk ealier."
"Hey no problem glad I could help." said Tess

Max, Liz and Isabel when to the Jeep and drove to the Crashdown.

"Liz are you ok?" asked Max
"Yeah it's just I know my dad isn't happy with me right now."
"He loves you Liz. Just talk to him." said Isabel
"Thanks guys. I'll see you tomarrow."

Liz got out of the Jeep and when up to the apartment. She found her dad in the living room. She took a deep breath and sat down next to him.

"Dad I'm ready to talk if you still want to."
"Lizzie your speaking to me?"
"Yes I'm sorry for the way I've been acting."
"Liz I don't blame you for being angery. I should have told you about your sister years ago. Do you want to see a photo of her?"
"Yeah that would be great. What's her name?"
"Katherine Lynne Parker. Her mom called her Katie."
"She's pretty."
"I think the two of you look like sisters. She's sixteen in case you were wondring."
"Can I keep this?"
"Yes. I love you Liz. I bearly know Katie. I met her eight years ago."
"Dad do you think she will come here?"
"I don't know. I hope so. I do know she's an emasapatied minor. She may come here it cost less than Santa Fe would."
"I love you dad."
"I know you do honey. Now get to bed you have an early shift tomarrow."
"Night dad."
"Good Night Lizzie."


Part 5

Liz woke Sunday morning and got ready for her shift at the Crashdown. Liz when down and found her dad setting up the kitchen.

"Hey dad what's going on?"
"Eddie called in sick. I already called Michael he's going to get here in a few minutes."
"I'll go set up out front."
"Ok honey."

Liz had just finished taking the chairs down when there was a knock on the door. She looked over and saw Michael. She when over to let him in.

"Hey Michael."
"Hey Liz give me five to get the kitchen ready."
"Yeah sure. I have a few things to finish out here anyway."
"So Liz did you talk to your dad yet?"
"Yeah. My dad and I talked last night. He doesn't know much about my sister. But he told me what he knew."
"That's good. So what did he tell you?"
"Her name is Katie and like you she is an emasapated minor, and she's sixteen."
"Do you know where she lives?"
"No all I know is she use to live in Santa Fe. I do have a photo of her you want to see it?"

Liz pulled the photo out of her pocket and showed it to Michael. Michael looked at it and knew who it was right away.

"Liz that's my new neighber."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes she came over and yelled at me about my music yesterday."
"she's in Roswell."
"Liz she will be in at some point I bet."
"Michael thanks."

Liz when and opened the doors and fliped the sign over to read open. Fifteen minutes later a teenage girl with short brown hair came in. Liz knew who it was right away. She took a deep breath and walked over to her.

"Hi welcome to the Crashdown Cafe." said Liz
"Hi I need to see Jeff Parker."
"Ok I'll get him."
"Wait Liz? Do you know who I am?"
"I think so. Your Katie right? My sister."
"I'll go get him. Why don't you sit down? Do you want anything?"
"Yeah a coke would be great."
"I'll be right back."
"Thanks Liz."

Katie sat down and waitted nerviously for the father she didn't know. Liz returned a few
minutes later with the coke.

"He'll be right out."
"Liz I don't want to take your place. I just need to know my father. Now that my mom is gone he's all I have left."
"No he isn't. You have me too. I was angery at first but not at you I don't even know you. It was at dad, and I want to get to know you."
"You want to get to know me?"
"What did you think? I wouldn't want you in my life? Katie we were robbed of growing up together. We have a lot of time to catch up on."
"I would like that."
"Liz will you give me some time alone with your sister?" asked Jeff coming up to them.
"Yeah sure dad. Later Katie."
"See you Liz."

Liz when to take care of the other custermers that had come in. She saw Maria run in andchange.
"Sorry I'm late Liz." she called out.
"It's ok. We have been slow all morring."
"Liz is that who I think it is talking to your dad?"
"Yeah my sister Katie."
"Have you met her?"
"Yeah she's nice and a little scared I think."
"Liz she will be ok."
"I know."
"So why is space boy here?"
"Eddie called in sick. So my dad called him. Oh and get this Katie is Michael's new neighbor."
"That's good. I think."
"Well to me it's good. Maria I want to get to know her."
"That's good Liz. You should. By the way Max Evans just walked in."
"Go talk to him."
"No way Maria."
"Go Liz. I think you should tell him everything."
"I'll talk to him but there is no way I will tell him everything."
"You want to get back together with him again."
"I do but I don't want to cause the end of the world."
"So you choose to be unhappy for the rest of your life?"
"Liz your pathic."
"Thank you. Now I'll go see if Max wants anything."

Liz walked over to Max who was sitting in his normal booth.

"Hey Max."
"Hi Liz. Could I get some orbit rings and a coke?"
"Sure anything else?"
"No thanks.""
Max are you ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine."
"Ok I'll be right back."

Liz had just taken Max his coke when Katie came up to her.

"Liz I'm going to go. Come by after work. We can talk then if you want."
"Ok, your right across from Michael?"
"Ok see you later."
"Bye Liz."
"I'm not angery at you just dad."
"I would be too if I were you."
"I'll come by around three this afternoon."

Part 6a

Liz finished her shift and when up to her room to change. There was a knock on her door a short time later.

"Come in."
"Liz you know he didn't mean to lie to you." said Nancy
"I know mom."
"Katie is going threw a hard time right now. Just be there for her."
"I'm going over to her place to talk to her."
"Are you going to forgive your father?"
"Mom do you think I should?"
"That is up to you. He didn't want to hurt you. I forgave him a long time ago. But it doesn't mean I forgot what he did."
"Why did you forgive him?"
"I love him Liz. There is an old saying that saids sometimes you hurt the ones you love the most."
"I know mom. I should go I told Katie I would be over around three."
"Ok honey tell her she's welcome here anytime."
"I will mom."
"Here take the car."
"Thank you mom. I love you."
"I love you too. No go on."

Liz took the keys and gave her mom a hug. Then when down and got in the car. She drove to the apartments Michael lived in. She parked the car and then when up to Katie's apartment and knocked on the door. Katie opened the door a minute later.

"Hi Liz come in." said Katie
"Hi Katie thanks."
"Liz your uncoftable aren't you?"
"Yeah a little."
"It's ok. Liz your my sister but we don't even know each other."
"Katie I do want you in my life. It's just I don't know."
"It's ok Liz why don't I start? I'm sixteen I gre up in Santa Fe. My mom was a cop. Uh I'm not crazy about school."
"When's your birthday?"
"May 7th"
"Ok um Katie when do you start West Roswell?"
"Don't worry I'll show you around. But I'm going to pull a big sister thing with you. Michael goes to West Roswell when he shows up anyway. I don't want you to ride with him on that bike of his."
"Don't worry I don't even like motorcyles."
"Do you have any friends back in Santa Fe?"
"Not really. Most of the kids didn't like me. They kinda thought I was a freak."
"Don't worry about it."
"Liz tell me a little about yourself."
"Uh ok. Well I'm seventeen. I work at the Crashdown as you know. I've had two kind of steady boyfriends. Max and Kyle. I like school. Scienice is my favriot class."
"What are your friends like?"
"Uh well you met Michael. He's a friend. My best friends are Alex and Maria they are alway there whe I need them. Kyle will do almost anything for me no questions asked. Isabel is great once you get to know her. Max is the best, but he is also one of my ex-boyfriends."
"Your still friends with him?"
"Yeah but we had a rocky period right after we boke up but were ok now."
"Liz can I ask you something?"
"Yeah sure go ahead?"
"Are you close to uh dad?"
"Most of the time. I was really hurt he didn't tell me about you. I was also really angery but none of that is your fault."
"My mom told me I had a sister when I was little."
"I wish I had known then."
"Liz you want something to drink?"
"Yeah what do you have?"
"Coke, water and jucie."
"Coke would be great."


Part 6b

Liz followed Katie into the small kitchen and sat down at the table.

"Liz will you tell me what dad was like when you were little?" asked Katie as she pourd two cokes.
"Uh sure. I felt he was way over protective of me. But he just didn't want me to get in any trouble that's all."
"So have you been in any trouble at school or with your parents?"
"Uh yeah. Last year Max and I got cought making out in the eraser room at school and our mom's got called in. That same day we both got detetion which by the way was the first time I ever had detetion. Then that night I snuck out and spent the night with Max in the desert, not that anything happend."
"Boy my my thought I was wild staying out all night."

Liz and Katie talked more and Liz felt a bond starting to form between her and Katie. Liz told Katie about herself and her friends leaving out anything that had to deal with aliens. That was one part of her life that she was going to keep Katie safe from if at all possible.

"Liz is something wrong?"
"No Katie. I'm going to be honest with you. My friends and I kinda just got out of major trouble."
"What did you guys do?"
"Uh cut out of school early and when to Vages."
"I'm not even going to ask why."
"Katie I had no intened of going at first, but at the last minute I just had to go with them."
"So it's not like you all had planned to elope right?"
"No way. I wouldn't do that!" Liz said then mumbled under her breath "Not in this timeline anyway."
"Liz growing up I was always getting into some kind of trouble. I knew that you were like never in any trouble. I didn't know you and still had to live up to who you were."
"I'm sorry. I didn't know I was doing that to anyone."
"Don't worry Liz. I probley would have been in trouble even if we knew each other then. We are opistes you walk the straight and narrow most of the time I don't think before I do things."
"So what? Does that mean we can't be friends? Because Max and Michael are best friends and they almost never agree on anything."
"No of course not. Liz I want to be friends with you."
"That's great. Uh my mom told me to tell you that you are welcome anytime you want."
"Thanks. Uh dad gave me a job at the Crashdown. I start after school tomarrow."
"You may want to read up on the crash a little. Turrist are always asking about it."
"I have some."
"If you get a tough question come to Maria or me. Uh you will meet Maria tomarrow."
"Katie were you close to your mom?"
"Not really. I fought with her most of the time. In fact the day she was killed we fought over some stupid field trip I wanted to go on and she wouldn't let me. She said it cost too much."
"Dad would have given you the money to go."
"That's what I told her. But she wouldn't call him because it would have taken away from you."
"And she didn't want to do that."
"No she didn't."
"I'm sorry I had thing easier than you."
"Liz don't worry about it. It's not your fault."

Liz looked at the clock and saw it was almost five thrity.

"Uh Katie I need to get home for dinner and to finish my homework."
"Ok. I'll see you at school tomarrow."
"Yeah I'll meet you in the parking lot."
"That will be great."

Liz and Katie when to the door. Liz opened the door to leave when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Liz thanks for coming over."
"Your welcome."
"Liz what is West Roswell High like?"
"I think you will like it."
"Ok bye see you in the morning."
"Katie see you in the morning sis." said Liz with a smile.
"Sis I like being called that."

Before leaving Liz wrapped Katie in a hug then left.

Part 7

As Liz left the building she saw Michael pull up on his bike. She waitted for him to stop so she could talk to him for a minute.

"Hey Liz." said Michael
"Hey Michael."
"Have a nice visit?"
"Yeah. Uh Michael I have to ask you something."
"What is it?"
"Promise me you won't ever let Katie get on your bike. I know you handle it really well but I don't want to risk her getting hurt."
"Not a problem. Liz you really care about her don't you?"
"Yeah I do. Thanks Michael."
"Liz how much did you tell her about us?"
"Not much. Nothing relating to our 'not of this earth' activies."
"It's not safe to let her in on that stuff."
"I know."
"See you tomarow Liz."
"Bye Michael."

Michael when into the buliding and Liz head for home. Nither noticed the two shadowy people watching them from the alley.

"Kavar that is the girl that has Max's heart. The guy is his second Michael."
"Nicholas you think that girl could help us get the granilith?"
"Yes we get the girl. Liz is the key to everything."
"Get her and bring her to me."
"Yes Kavar. Max will do anything to save his true queen, to bad he's to stupid to relize who she is."
"The girl doesn't relize who she is either. But in a matter of time her memory will return and we will use her for our cause."
"So Kavar what do you know about Liz?"
"Nicholas as you know queen Teva, uh Ava's older sister wasn't cloned the same way as Zan, Ava, Vilandra and Rath. She was sent as completly human. She also lived longer than the others."
"That's right. But if I remember right they had differn't fathers."
"That's right. Teva's father was very loyal to Zan's father."
"while Ava's was loyal to whoever payed him enough."
"Right he betrayed his own daughter and stepdaughter to me. Which lead to the death's of almost all of the Royals."
"I forgot what was Ava's place in all this?"
"She was to marry Jox Rath's cousin one of the Goveners."
"None of them remember any of this?"
"Nope. They have some memories but not all of them are real. Those memories may start to surface."
"Kavar we'll give the little Queen one night of peace before we turn her life upside down."
"Very well. Teva will be ours in the matter of time."

Kavar and Nicholas disapeard into the shadows once again.


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Part 8

Monday morning Liz arrived at school early and waitted for Katie. Katie arived a short time later and they walked in together. Liz took Katie to the office to get her class asignments as well as her locker.

"Katie all your teachers are great I had most of them last year."
"Hey on the bright side you have lunch with me and my friends."
"That's good I can't wait to meet them."
"Wow you have Ms. Hardy for bio I had her last year she was great."
"Well she better not expect me to be a sicence nerd like you because sicence isn't my strongest class."
"Just do your best and if you need help let me know. Don't worry ok?"
"Alright Liz. Just always be here for me if I need you ok?"
"I will Katie."
"Hey Parker. This the other Parker?" asked Alex coming up to the girls.
"Hey Alex. Yeah meet my sister Katie. Katie this is one of my bestfriends Alex Whitman." said Liz
"Nice to meet you Alex. Liz told me a lot about you." said Katie
"All good I hope."
"Yes. So you spent a month in Sweden?"
"Uh, yeah it really changed how I look at life."
"Really? I wish I could go on a trip like that someday."
"You should. So Katie you like Roswell?"
"Yeah it's ok. Still getting use to all the alien stuff in this town."
"Good, good. So Liz do you like haveing a sister?"
"Yeah, Alex I do. Can we talk more at lunch? I want to make sure Katie makes it to herfirst class ok."
"Ok later Parkers."
"He's nice Liz."
"Yeah he is. Come on you don't want to be late on your first day."
"Wouldn't want that."

Liz laughed and lead the way to Katie's first class. Before Katie knew it was time for lunch and she had started to feel at home at West Roswell. She and Liz walked into the quad where Liz's friends were sitting. Katie got nervous as they aproched the table.

"Hey Parkers." said Alex
"Hey Alex." said Katie
"Hi guys. Uh this is Katie. Katie meet Max and Isabel Evans, my other bestfriend Maria DuLuca. You already met Michael."
"Hey Katie how's it going?" asked Michael
"Good." said Katie
"Uh that's Kyle Valenti and Tess Harding." said Liz
"Nice to meet you all." said Katie
"Take a seat girlfriend." said Maria with a smile.
"It's ok Katie none of them bite." said Isabel

Katie aqnd Liz sat down at the table. They all talked until the bell rang to return to class. When the final bell rang Liz met Katie in front of the school and they headed to the Crashdown to start work. They were met by their father who had a uniform for Katie complet with antia and alien apron.

"Lizzie?" asked Jeff
"Yeah dad?"
"Give Katie a hand today ok."
"Yeah sure. Dad I'm sorry about how I have been acting the past few days."
"Liz it's ok you were upset."
"Thanks dad."
"Now both of you get to work."

The two girls when out into the diner. There were only a few customers so Liz helped Katie get the hang of taking orders. Maria showed up about half an hour before the dinner rush came in. As the rush died down Max, Isabel, Alex, Micahel, Tess and Kyle came in and sat in their normal booth.

"Katie go take their order." said Liz
"I don't know Liz."
"Go they will keep it smiple trust me."
"Ok I'll go."
"Sure that was a good idea Liz?" asked Maria
"Yes she really good already."

Katie walked up to the table.

"Hi guys. What can I get for you.?" asked Katie
"Hey Katie I'll have some orbit rings and a coke." said Isabel with a smile.
"Cherry coke and a piece of astriod pie." said Max.
"Same as Max." said Michael
"A Will Smith orbit rings and a sprite." said Kyle
"Ok Tess, Alex anything for you?"
"Yeah orbit rings and an ornge soda." said Alex
"Astriod pie and a cherry coke." said Tess
"Ok be right back with those drinks."

Katie walked off to get the drinks. Max watched the girl make the drinks. He knew Liz hadn't told her anything about them but, but they knew even less about the young girl.

"Max something wrong?" asked Isabel
"No it's just we don't know anything about Katie."
"Give it time she will open up when she is ready." said Alex
"I know. She's a nice kid and Liz shouldn't have to lie to her about us."
"Maxwell it's to dangerous. We can't let her too close right now. Nicholas is still out there somewhere and Kavar could show up at anytime." said Michael
"I know but she's just a kid." said Max
"Max I don't want her involed if at all possible, and I don't want Nicholas and the rest of the Skins to find out about her." said Liz joinning the group.
"Liz we won't get her in this mess if we can help it." said Isabel
"Thank you." said Liz
"Here you guys go be right back with your food." said Katie
"Thanks Katie." said Kyle.

Liz looked at her watch and when over and flipped the sign on the door from open to closed. About an hour later everyone but Maria and Katie had left. When they finished cleanning Maria and Katie when home and Liz when up to her room. As she enterd her room she felt something hit her and everything when black.


Part 9

Liz woke to voices talking and a major headack. She looked around and found herself on a bed in
a small room with nothing else. She heard the door open and a light came on. She closed her eyes
agested the bright light that had entered the dark room

"Your awake." came a familure voice.
"Oh god Nicholas." said Liz
"Nice to see you again Lizzie."
"What do you want with me?"
"Max will do anything for you. So we will offer him a deal you for the gandilith."
"What makes you think he will make the trade?"
"Well I got news for you Lizzie Tess isn't the real Queen."
"What? If she's not then who is?"
"Well you will find out soon enough. First there is someone I think you should meet."
"Who is that?"

Nicholas opened the door and a twenty something man stepped into the room. Liz met his eyes and saw evil in them.

"So Nicholas she's awake." he said
"Yeah meet Liz Parker. Liz meet the man that killed Max in his last life and took his throne Kavar."
"Oh god." said Liz
"Liz so your the girl that holds Zan's heart in the plam of your hand." said Kavar
"I don't know what you are talking about. Max doesn't care about me."
"Don't be so sure little Queen." said Kavar
"What do you mean by that?" asked Liz
"Nicholas let the little Queen get some rest. We will start restoring her memories in the mornning."
"Right sir. Sleep well Lizzie." said Nicholas
"Why won't you answer me?"
"You will find out soon enough." said Kavar

Liz watched Nicholas leave with Kavar. She knew she was in trouble but wouldn't let Max give these evil aliens the gandilith for her. All she knew was Max better not do something he would regret to save her.

Part 10a

Isabel woke to a ringing phone. She rolled over and looked at the clock it read six fifteen A.M.
Who would be calling at this hour she wonderd. She picked up the phone.

"Vilandra so nice to hear your voice."
"Nicholas what do you want?"
"Get Max. I have a surprise for the two of you." said Nicholas

Isabel grabbed the other cordless phone and puonded on Max's door then when in.
"Isabel what is going on?" asked Max
"Nicholas is on the phone." she told him tossing him the phone.
"What do you want Nicholas?" asked Max
"Well Max you should have taken better care of your Queen, and I'm not talking about that blonde
bimbo." said Nickolas
"Who are you talking about?" asked Isabel
"Here I'll let you hear who I have."
"Max! Isabel! Don't give him anything I'll be fine." came Liz's frighted voice.
"Liz!" Both Max and Isabel said
"Max I lied in the fall. I'll die to protected you. I'll do anything for you. Isabel don't let him give up
the grandilith for me they will only use it to destroy earth."
"That's enough. Now Max it's the granilith or your girlfriend here will never see her family again." said Nicholas
"I have to discuse this with the others." said Max
"Very well. I'll call you after school on your cell. I got that number as well as your home from your
grilfriend here." said Nicholas hanging up.
"Isabel call the others we have to meet before school."
"We will save Liz Max."
"I hope so Iz. But I don't understand what he ment by Liz being the real queen and Tess not being it."
"Let's worry about that later. I'll call Valenti right now."
"I'll call Michael so we can meet at his place."


Part 10b

Ten minutes after Nicholas hung up the phone Liz sat on the bed crying. Nicholas had mind raped her for Max's phone numbers. Just then the door opened and a woman walked in with a tray of food.

"You need to eat." she said softly
"Thank you." said Liz
"Liz don't worry it's not posioned. They won't kill you. Your too imported to them."
"Great. By the way do you have a name?"
"You can call me April.'
"April are you really with them?"
"If you mean do I believe what Kavar saids it doesn't matter. He's my brother I have no choice.
Besides if I tell you anything Nicholas will just find out and tell Kavar which wouldn't be good for
either of us."
"Will you help?"
"I'm sorry I can't. I must go."

Liz watched as April left.

"I blew that."

Liz picked up the fork and started to eat. Half an hour later the door opend and Kavar walked in. Liz tensed up as he came up to her and sat down. She watched as he placed a hand on her face. She pulled away.

"Don't worry Little Queen. I won't hurt you." Kavar said gently
"Yeah right. I'm to believe the alien who killed my friends a life time ago."
"Liz there is a lot you don't know. You have a past you don't remember. My goal with you is to get you to remember that past."
"Like I would ever let you in my head."
"You want to know why I call you "Little Queen" don't you?"
"Why don't you just tell me?"
"You wouldn't believe me. That's why I want you to remember your past."
"Why should I believe you? You could just plant fake memories memories."
"Uh you really are the smart one of that little group aren't you."
"Yeah so?"
"Little Queen we can do this the hard way or the easy way. Your going to remember the past
weather you want to or not."
"Then it has to be the hard way because like hell I will do this willingly."
"Very well just remember this was your choice."

Kavar got up and walked out of the room. Liz knew her friends would be meetting soon to come up with a plan to rescue her.

"Max don't do anything you will regret to save me." Liz said to herself.

Part 11

Max paced in Michael's apartment. Maria, Alex, Kyle, Tess and Isabel sat facing him.

"Max why did you call this meeting and where's Liz?" asked Maria
"Maria, Isabel and I got a call this morning." said Max
"Who was it?" asked Kyle
"Nicholas. He has Liz." said Isabel
"Oh god." said Maria
"What does he want with Liz?" asked Alex
"We aren't clear on that Alex. But we have to find her." said Max
"Max is she even alive?" asked Michael
"Yes we spoke to her for a minute she's scared but ok for now. I know it's a long shot I'm going to try and dreamwalk her." said Isabel
"Your getting better at doing that to people when they are awake aren't you?" asked Tess
"A little. My hope is Liz will let me in." said Isabel
"Isabel please try. I can't lose my bestfriend." said Maria
"We'll find her Maria." said Michael pulling her close.
"We can't do anything for Liz right now right? So we should go to school and try and act normal." said Kyle
"Kyle's right Max. We have to go." said Tess
"How do we explane to Katie why Liz isn't in school?" asked Isabel
"We'll think of something." said Michael
"I feel bad for the kid. She just gets her sister in her life and this happends." said Alex
"Alex, Liz doesn't want Katie in this mess." said Michael
"Let's get going." said Tess
"First I want to make sure we're all agreed that giving up the grandilith is not an option. Liz made it clear we can't give it to Nickolas." said Max
"Agreed." said Michael and Tess
"Max, Kyle, Alex and I don't really have a say but as much as it hurts do what Liz wants, even if it may means she dies." said Maria
"Ok let's go." said Max
"I'm going to stay and see if I can get in Liz's head." said Isabel
"I'll stay with you." said Alex
"Lock up when you leave. Uh there's a yearbook on the book case." said Michael
"Thanks." said Isabel

After everyone had left Isabel layed down on the couch with the yearbook opened to the page with Liz's photo. Alex sat holding her as she reached out to Liz.

*Liz's Mind

{Isabel looked around and found herself in a baren room with nothing but a bed. She saw Liz
sitting there.

"Hi Isabel I knew you would try this." said Liz
"Are you sleepping?"
"Nope wide awake. I let you in."
"Liz do you know where you are?"
"No what you see is all I have seen. Unless you count metting Kavar."
"Kavar is on earth."
"Oh god."
"No kidding. Isabel does anyone know I'm missing?"
"Not outside the group. What do you want us to tell Katie?"
"whatever you can with out getting her into this mess if possible."
"Isabel you should go. Kavar could be back at anytime and I don't want him to find you here,
when he does this memory thing to me."
"Why is he going to do that?"
"Aparently Tess isn't the Queen of your planet."
"Nicholas implied that on the phone."
"Isabel becareful. I know you care but it's to dangerous. Tell Alex I'll be ok."
"Ok Liz and you becareful. I don't want to lose one of my best friends."
"I will Isabel. Now go I think someone is coming."
"Bye Liz."}

Isabel woke from the dreamwalk and looked at Alex.

"Is she ok?" asked Alex
"Yeah for now. We have more trouble than Nicholas. Kavar is here and has plans for Liz."
"Come on we have to fill everyone in at lunch."
"Isabel Liz is stronger than she looks. Besides she has been in worse spots than this one."
"What do you mean?"
"It's not my place to say. Isabel just know your life is more imported to her than her own happyness. For anything more you will have to talk to Liz."
"OK we find Liz then I find out what this all means."
"Let's get to school Princess."


Part 12

Liz sat on the bed thinking. She knew that Isabel was her only link at this point to the outside
world. Just then the door opened and Kavar came in. She moved as far as she could from the evil alien leader as she could. Which wasn't very far.

"Now Liz what makes you think I will hurt you?" asked Kavar
"Well for one thing your evil!" Liz yelled
"To bad you think that. It's time for you to start remembering the past."
"Like I will ever let you touch me."
"You don't have a choice."

Kavar grabbed Liz's arms and pinned them behind her back with his powers, then placed both
hands on her head and forced her to look into his eyes. Liz foght the contetion she felt forming but he was too strong for her. He was in, in no time.

"You shouldn't fight this it will only make it harder for you."

Liz couldn't hold him off any longer. She winced as he dug through her mind. Then the memories started. Memories she didn't even know she had.


{"Ava stop your just going to get in trouble again." said a nine year old Teva
"Teva don't be such a wimp." said a six year old Ava
"Ava you don't want to upset mom."
"Like I care. Teva your the one who is engaged to the crowned prince."
"Ava I haven't even met Prince Zan."
"Everyone knows Zan is like the nices guy big sister."
"I know. But I have to leave in a week to live in the place. I turn ten tomarrow and the offical
engagement begins."
"But look on the bright side Teva, you won't have to live with my dad any more. He has never
liked you much."
"Yeah but I'll miss you and mom."
"We'll miss you too honey. But King Zath and Queen Raya will take good care of you."
"Mom I don't want to go."
"Honey this was aranged when you were born. Your father was a very high ranking officer in the Place gaurd before he died."
"I know mom. But I never even met Prince Zan."
"That's why you are going next week. So that you and Zan can get to know each other."
"He's older than me isn't he?"
"Yes he just turned 12."
"Mom why doesn't Jath like me?"
"Teva honey Jath just never trusted anyone from earth and that's where your father was from. But your father proved to be very loyle and trustworthy. That was why when you were born it was aranged that you would marry Zan."
"I will do my best to make everyone proud mom."}

*End of memory

Kavar relested Liz and looked at her and knew she rememberd part of her past childhood.
"I think that's enough for now. Just be warned that memories will start to come on their own now. I just opened the way for them."
"How do know that was real?"
"You mean other than week didn't meet until two weeks before you died?"

Liz just stared at Kavar. He left then and Liz was alone with her thoughts. She glaced at her watch and saw that luch was just starting at school.


Part 13

Katie walked out into the quad with her lunch and right over to Liz's friends.

"Ok where is my sister?" asked Katie
"Katie what do you mean?" asked Isabel
"Well Liz isn't in school today and as far as I can tell no one has seen her since last night."
"Maybe she's sick." said Kyle
"I don't think so. I called the Crashdown before shool Liz isn't home. So who wants to tell me the truth?"
"Katie how much did Liz tell you about our ativities?" asked Max
"She metioned a trip to Vages that you all got busted for."
"Ok so nothing. Come on let's go somewhere else to talk." said Max
"You want us to come?" asked Maria knowing what he was going to say to Katie.
"Maria why don't you come everyone else stay here."
"Ok let's go." said Katie

Max lead the way to the eraser room and the three when in.

"Now Max, Maria talk. What is Liz involed in?" asked Katie
"Katie there is no easy way to say this." said Max
"Katie there really was a crash in 1947. Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess were in it." said Maria
"What are you saying aliens are real?"
"Uh, yeah. Michael, Isabel, Tess and I are hybrits alien DNA mixed with human DNA. We were in these pods until 1989. Well to make a long story short there is an evil race called the Skins who are out to kill us and they have kidnapped Liz to get to us." said Max
"Ok. How did Liz, Kyle, Alex and Maria get involed in this?"
"Well Liz got shot a year and a half ago and Max saved her life." said Maria
"So my sister almost died and didn't tell me?"
"Liz wants to keep you safe. Shemay have only known you a few days but she doesn't want anything to happen to you." said Max
"Ok uh I need time to get a grip on this."
"Katie you can't tell anyone about this you don't understand what will happen if you do." Said Max remembering what happend in the white room.
"I won't."

Max left. Maria looked over at the young girl.

"You sure your ok?" asked Maria
"Yeah Maria I'm fine." said Katie

Maria left. After she was sure Maria was gone Katie pulled out a cell phone.

"Serena it's Katie. I found them. Yeah Roswell New Mexico. No they don't know I know who they are. Bad news is Kavar has Liz. You will? Ok bye."

Katie hung up the phone. Serena was the only one who could help her new friends now.

"Never thought I would find the royals so soon. Kavar has Liz, she will soon know that she and not Tess is the Queen of another planet."

Katie left the eraser room and when to class. She knew that Serena would meet Liz on the dream plain as soon as possible. She hated that she couldn't tell Liz everything about herself but she had to make sure she had the right group.


"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot

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Part 14

Liz layed on her bed thinking about what she started to remember of her life as Teva. She still had a whole lot mor questions than answers. She closed her eyes and found herself on the dream plane.

{"What am I doing here?" asked Liz
"I brought you here Liz." came a vocie

Liz turned to face a woman she had never seen before.

"Who are you?" Liz asked
"You don't have to fear me Liz. My name is Serena and I'm going to help you."
"You've heard my name before?"
"Uh yeah I have."
"Liz, Kavar has opened your mind to your past life."
"Explane something to me how can I be an ailen if I didn't come out of a pod?"
"You were part human back then one quarter if I remember right. So you could not be recreated the same way as the others. You had to be born as human. So a couple was choosen that was desended from our home and from the same bloodline that your father had come from. We found the perfect match in Jeff and Nancy Parker."
"So what I was given to my parents?"
"Yes Liz. They love you, to them you have alway been and will be their daughter. They know you were once the Queen of another world."
"How do they know?"
"Liz until we found them I was in charge of keep your essence safe. The Parkers wanted a child so badly and I helped them askeng only they keep you safe and teach you to be a kind and caring person."
"That explanes things a little. But why don't I have any powers like the others?"
"A block was put on them the day you were born. It lasted until the day Max Evans saved your life, and since then they have slowly grown. You saved Max when Lonnie and Rath tryed to kill him. That was all you all you got from Isabel was a boost of power to reach him."
"How do you know about that?"
"You met Tess's dupe right?"
"Well she is more like the real Ava was than Tess will ever be."
"I don't understand something Ava was my sister in the past. But why was everything being made to look like Tess/Ava is the Queen?"
"It was set up like that to protected you. But Nicholas figered you out."
"Great runt boy."
"Yes I must go little Queen. But we will meet again soon."
"Serena thank you."
"Take care my Queen."}

Liz opened her eyes in her room. She got off the bed and started to pace. She need to clear her thoughts but had no way of doing that. Just then the door opened and Nicholas walked in.

"What do you want?" Liz asked
"Well it's time to call your friends again. Let's see if Max will give us the granilith." said Nicholas
"Nicholas hate to tell you this but Max won't I'm positve. No wait I enjoyed telling you that."
"Teva's whit is starting to show."
"Yeah well aparnetly that's just who I am."
"Yeah well you were a fisty little Queen. Who did everything you could for Zan."
"Max won't give you anything for me, he may have loved me once but not any more."
"Lizzie I wouldn't be so sure if I were you. Zan died trying to save you but then again you may not remember that yet."
"I know one thing you won't kill me. You can't work the granilith without me."
"Yeah your right about that let's call Max now."

Liz sat on the bed as Nicholas used her cell phone to call Max.

"Max you make your desion?"
"Your not getting the grandilith." said Max
"Max you know you won't see your little girlfriend again if you don't."
"Nicholas you weren't going to let her go anyway. Now let me talk to her."
"Fine. Talk to loverboy Lizzie.'

Liz took the phone from Nicholas.

"You ok Liz?"
"Yeah. I'm fine."
"We had to tell Katie about us."
"I understand that."
"Have they hurt you?"
"No. Max there is something you need to know. But I can't tell you myself. So ask the only other person who was at Crashdown other than Michael that day you let me into your life."
"How do you know Maria will talk?"
"Max tell her you need to know what really happend the night of Gomz."
"Ok Liz becareful."
"I will Max."

Nicholas placed his hand on the phone and took it away from Liz.

"Max you will never see Lizzie again." Nicholas said hanging up.
"I told you he wouldn't give it up."
"Too bad you don't know where the granilith is."
"It's not my fault Max didn't tell me anything."
"Lizzie remember there is no way out of this room."
"Nicholas no one but my father and mother are aloud to call me Lizzie. It's Liz to scumbags like you!" Liz yelled
"I'll be back later."


Part 15

After Nicholas left Liz leaned back on the bed. She had finally met the Serena that Future Max had metioned. Serena had told her that Nicholas and Kavar had been telling her the truth.

"I'm an alien that's just great." Liz mumbled closing her eyes.


{Teva walked into the palce. She was met by a woman who took her to meet the King and Queen. The nerves ten year old stood before her King and Queen.

"Your highness." said Teva lowering her head.
"Teva please look up at us." said Queen Raya kindly.

Teva raised her head and looked at the King and Queen. She saw kindness in the Queens face and relazed a little.

"Teva I know your scared. But don't worry honey you are safe here." said Raya
"Queen Raya I'm not scared of living here. I'm scared of being away from my family." said Teva softly.
"Teva your not the first to be scared of leaving your family and won't be the last." said King Zath
"Thank you for your kind words."
"Serena will show you to your room so you can get settled in. You will meet Zan and Valandra
latter." said Raya
"Come little one." said Serena.}

*End of memory

Liz opened her eyes and stared at the wall. The memory was a nice one of the Queen. She had
been so kind she rememberd and really tryed to make her feel at home in the palce.

"I still can't believe that they were telling me the truth." LIz said out loud.

Liz heard the door open. She looked over and saw April come in with her dinner. Liz took the tray from her.

"April what does Kavar want with me?"
"I don't know Liz. I'm sorry I can't help you. But I will tell you that you were a loved Queen
because of your kind heart. I only wish your and Zan's rain had been longer."
"You liked me then?"
"Both you and Zan, Max. There were some of my race that tought Zan was a good King. But Kavar wanted to bring him down and did. Your going to remember more in time. Inclueding your last days and what Kavar did to you. I can't speak what he did. Liz, Kavar is stong, but with the help of your friends you can stop him."
"April I don't remember any of this. I want my life to go back to normal."
"Liz I should go. Just remember what I said."

Liz just nodded. When she was alone she thought about the bits and pieces of memories that had popped up. The ones that weren't very detailed or clear.

Part 16

Katie was filling drinks for an order when Nancy Parker came up to her.

"Katie have you seen Liz?" asked Nancy
"Uh I think she is studing with some friends, Mrs. Parker."
"Call me Nancy. Katie do you know where?"
"Not sure other than it's not Maria's. She had go somewhere for her mom today."
"Ok I'll let you get back to work."

Nancy left and Katie took her coustmers their drinks, and when to pick up their food. Michael put the food in the window.

"What did Mrs. Parker want?" asked Michael
"Uh to know where Liz is."
"What did you tell her?"
"That Liz is studing with a friend other than Maria."
"Ok. Uh Katie you seem to have taken the news well."
"Yeah well it's not the wrose news in the world."
"There's wrose news than your sister being kidnapped by aliens?"
"Yeah there is. Besides Michael Liz can take care of herself. I just feel bad about lying to her mom like that."
"We can't tell them the truth to dangerous. We better get back to work."

Serena watched Katie though the Crashdown window. What she had to do now was the last thing she wanted. It had been seventeen years since she had seen Jeff and Nancy Parker. Now she had to tell them that Liz's alien past had cought up with her. She walked around to the alley and then knocked on the apartment door. Nancy opened the door.

"Hello Nancy it's been a long time."
"Serena what are you doing here?"
"May I come in? It's safer to talk inside."
"Yes of course."

A few minutes later they sat in the livingroom.

"So Serena what brings you here?"
"Nancy it's about Liz."
"Your not here to take her a way from us are you?"
"No I wouldn't do that. But her past has cought up with her. the evil aliens have kidnapped Liz."
"Why? She doesn't know anything."
"Nancy she knows mor than we think." said Jef walking in with Katie.
"She knows about aliens on earth but not of her non human status at lest not as of last night anyway." said Katie
"She's starting to remember her past, because Kavar the leader of the Skins has awaken those
memories." said Serena
"Serena what can we do to help Liz?" asked Nancy
"Nancy, Jeff it's best you let me handle this. It will only put you in more danger. You know Liz
wouldn't want that." said Serena
"Serena bring her back to us. She may be an alien Queen but she is still our daughter." said Jeff."I will I promise." said Serena.
"Katie I want you to stay here tonight. You can stay in Liz's room. Just don't go though her stuff
ok?" said Jeff
"Ok dad. I would never do anything like that any way." said Katie
"I'm going to go. I'm going to try and find out where they are holding Liz." said Serena
"Serena becareful." said Nancy
"I will. But if I don't make it out it will be ok as long as Liz is safe."
"How did they find Liz?" asked Jeff
"I'm not sure. But Liz will be ok."
"Yes she's a strong kid." said Nancy
"I'll make sure Liz comes home to you." said Serena leaving.

Jeff and Nancy watched as the alien woman left. They both knew something like this could happen one day, but they both loved Liz more than anything.

Part 17

Liz paced in her room. She still didn't believe she really was the alien Queen. Tess was in for a
surprise Nasedo had lied to her. Destiny was a lie.

"Score one for the soulmate." Liz mumbed.

She hated Kavar. He was more evil than anyone she had ever met.

"Kavar almost makes me like Pam Troy." said Liz out loud.
"Talking to yourself isn't good Little Queen." said Kavar entering the room.
"Shut up." said Liz
"Little one you aren't happy are you?"
"You win the prize. I'm not happy. Why should I be? You scumbags kidnapped be and are holding me agested my will. I don't give a damn what planet your on this is illegal!"
"Look here Lizzie unless Max tells me where the grandilith is you aren't leaving here so shut you
mouth and do as I say. Your nothing now. I'm in charge of everything."
"Your never going to win. Max will make sure of that."
"I killed him once and I will do it again. You on the other hand I think I'll keep for myself."
"Like hell you will! I would rather be dead than live in that kind of hell with you!"
"Liz I did it before. But then again I only kept you alive then to keep the people happy. That is
until they tryed to over thow me. Then I made them watch you die a slow and painful death."
"GET OUT! You going to do nothing but troment me so GET OUT!"

Kavar grabbed Liz's wrists and pulled her close to him. She had no choice but to look the six foot alien in the eye.

"Now liston here you little brat you can't tell me what to do understand?"

Liz nodded and fought back the tears in her eyes. Kavar relested her shoving her to the floor then left. Liz got up rubbing her wrists.

"Whoever said aliens are little green men sure got their facts wrong." Liz mumbed


Part 18

Liz layed down on the bed. She strated to cry. She had never been so scared in her life. It wasn't long before she cried herself to sleep. As she slept another memory came in the dream. It was of her first meetting of Zan.


{Teva walked in the garden trying to feel at home in the palce. But it was so differnt from the home she had left earlier that day. She turned a conner and saw a boy and girl arguing. Even though she knew she shouldn't she watch them. She knew they had to be the Prince and Princess.

"Lonnie come on you know Teva arrived today. Can't you be nice to the girl? Try and put yourself in her place. Being away from home for the first time and in a place of strangers."
"Zan your the one who is going to marry the girl. Why should I care about her?"
"Lonnie come on you know she will need a girl friend to talk to."
"Zan I'll think about it ok?"
"Thank you."
"Zan don't look now but I think your girlfriend is spying on us."

Zan turned and met Teva's eyes. She turned away so he couldn't see yer blush. He walked up to her.

"Hi I don't think we have met yet. I'm Zan."
"Hi I'm Teva."
"Nice to finally meet you."
"Yeah I know what you mean."
"I'm Valandra but you can call me Lonnie." said Lonnie joinning them.
"Nice to meet you." said Teva
"Teva we know your scared being away from your family, but you need to remember that your family is growing to inclued us. We may be strangers now but I do want to get to know you." said Zan.
"Prince Zan I would like that."
"It's just Zan. Let go get ready for dinner."}

*Memory Ends

Liz didn't wake insted she found herself on the dreamplaine.

*Dream Plaine

{Liz looked around and found herself in the desert.

"Why am I here?" Liz asked
"Good question Liz, but this isn't one I can answer." said Isabel
"Isabel? What are you doing here? Your not dreamwalking are you?"
"No Liz I'm just as cofused as you are."
"Wait a second Isabel there is someone else here. Serena show yourself." said Liz
"Hello my Queen, Princess. I know your wondering why your here. First of all Isabel my name is Serena and I knew you long ago." said Serena
"Serena why are we here?" asked Liz
"Liz you met her before?" asked Isabel
"Yeah just here on the dreamplaine." said Liz
"Ok the reason I'm here is Liz's memory of her past has started to come back to her, bucause of Kavar. But she hasn't rememberd much yet. Just bits and pieces up until she met you and Max for the first time. It's time for all you to remember your real pasts Isabel. Nichoals and Whitaker lied to you."
"What do you mean?" asked Isabel
"What Serena is saying is Valandra never betrayed Zan. She was tricked I believe but I can't be sure, that part is still very fuzzy." said Liz
"That is true she was tricked. Isabel we will meet in person tomarrow and we will start to restory everyones memory. I promise it won't hurt unlike what Kavar did to Liz." said Serena
"Liz it hurt?" asked Isabel
"Uh does sledge hammer to your head sound painful? Because that is what it felt like."
"Are you ok now?" asked Isabel
"I'm fine, and it may have been so painful because I was trying to fight to keep him out of my head which didn't work."
"Liz becareful ok? I don't want to lose you. Besides Katie needs you." said Isabel
"I will Iz I promise." said Liz
"Girls it's time to go back to the real world now. Isabel we will meet tomarrow and I'll tell you everything I know." said Serena
"Bye Iz. Make sure Max talks to Maria. Ask about the visitor I got in October. She will know what it means."
"Ok Liz. why do you want us to know about that?"
"It will expalane everything. Why I broke up with Max. By the way I would do anything for you, Max and Micheal."
"Ok. Maria will explane everything."

A minute later Liz opened her eyes and found herself back in her prison. She began to wonder if her parents knew she was missing.


Part 19

Wednesday morning Serena walked into West Roswell High. She went into an eamty class room to wait for Liz's friends to show up. She had sent notes to each of them to meet her here.

"What's going on? Who are you?" asked Max
"Max my name is Serena, I'm a friend. I see the rest of your friends are here. It's good to see you again Katie."
"Hi Serena." said Katie
"Katie you know her?" asked Tess
"Uh yeah. Can we go some where else to talk? This isn't the place to talk about this. We don't want the wrong people to hear." said Katie
"Where can we go?" asked Alex
"The pod chamber." said Isabel
"Good idea. I'll explane everything to you there. Why Kavar has kidnapped Liz." said Serena

They devided into groups and drove out to the pod chamber. When everyone was there they entered and Max turned to Serena.

"OK explane yourself." said Max
"Max as I said my name is Serena. I'm from your home. I was sent here to keep my eye on you and your friends. As well as make sure the Queen was kept safe. Tess is not the real Queen. That would be Liz." said Serena
"How can Liz be the Queen if she isn't an alien?" asked Micheal
"Well she's part alien. Max you were drawn to her from a young age weren't you?"
"Yes." said Max
"You all have memories from the past and I can help you remember them. Kavar has done that to Liz. Now the reason Katie and I know each other is her mother was part alien. A very small part. Now Alex, Maria and Kyke are 100% human but are very imported to Liz so that is why I have inclued them in this." said Serena
"Serena our Portector told us that the four of us. Max, Tess, Michael and me are ment to be together." said Isabel
"The destiny you were told is a lie. Your true destiny is to find your true soulmate and be with them. Max and Liz truely are soulmates. They were in the past and still are now."
"Were do I fit in this?" asked Tess
"Ava was Teva's half sister. She was to marry a Govener of a large area." said Serena
"Why don't we remember any of this?" asked Max
"It was agrange that way. I can now help you to remember the past. You will all start to remeber the past in flashes expept Max who will only regain part of his memory until he is reunited with Liz."
"Then let's get on with this." said Michael
"Michael don't be in such a hurry to find out about the past. It's not always full of good things." said Katie.
"She's right." said Serena
"Let's do this." said Max
"Wait before we start Max you have to asked Maria what she knows about the night of Gomez." said Isabel
"Right. Maria what really happend between Liz and Kyle back in October?" asked Max
"The night of Gomez?" asked Maria
"Yes you know Liz's visitor? The one she only told you about?" asked Isabel
"Ok, uh, ok Max first ask Kyle about what you saw then I'll explane everything." said Maria
"Kyle I want the truth. Did you really sleep with Liz?" Max asked
"Uh as much as I would love to say yes I can't. No max I didn't it was a set up. Nothing happend other than we talked. She didn't tell me why she wanted to set you up." said Kyle
"Ok Maria spill. Why did she set me up?" asked Max
"Uh ok. This is only what Liz told me. But anyway, Liz got this visitor from the future. Max it was you. Any way you asked her to help pesent day you to fall out of love with her, because the world was coming to an end. The world was coming to an end because that little blonde trap left town because you and Liz got married. Long story made short. Liz set you up to save the world and Isabel and Michael's lives. She gave up her happyness for all of you and you have done nothing but treat her like drit." said Maria
"Oh god Maria! Why didn't she tell us? I mean she deserves to be happy and not worry bout the end of the world." said Isabel
"Tess here's the deal. You don't leave without telling us how to find you got it? And if Max and Liz want to get back together they can and you leave them alone or I'll bring the world to an end by killing you got it?" said Michael
"Yeah." said Tess
"It didn't work." said Max
"What do you mean Max?" asked Katie
"If Liz's goal was to make me stop loving her it didn't work. I never stopped I love her even more now." said Max
"Ok now we need to com up with a plan to get Liz back. I think I know where she is being held." said Serena
"Where Serena?" asked Katie
"Katie you aren't getting involed then you all ready are. Liz I believe is being held at the old abondon motel." said Serena
"How do we get her out?" asked Alex
"Alex, Maria and Kyle you aren't coming. It's to dangerous." said Max
"Max we want to help. Liz is our friend and we will do anything for her." said Alex
"Alex, Max is right, I know you care about Liz. But she wouldn't want you to get hurt trying to save her. So help her by helping to keep Katie safe for her." said Isabel
"We can do that." said Kyle
"For Liz, I'll do anything. Space Boy becareful." said Maria
"I will Maria." said Michael
"Come on Parker lets go and let them get to work." said Alex

Maria, Alex, Kyle and Katie left. Serena talked with the pod squad about how they were going to regain some of their memories.

"Now I want each of you to join hand with me and let your minds go blank. I will pull your memories out so that they will start to come to you." said Serena
"Ok let's do this." said Max

After joining hands Serena started to bring their memories of th past out of the depths of their minds. After a minute the memories started.

*Memory Tess

{"Teva please don't tell mom I broke it."
"Ava no way. You got to tell her."
"Fine but it's your fault!"}

*Memory Isabel
{"Zan you have to stop sneaking out like that."
"I won't get cought Lonnie so stop worring."
"Zan you are hopeless."}

*Memory Michael
{"Zan you like that girl don't you?"
"Yeah Rath I do. She's smart and nice."
"You going to kiss her?"
"Rath I don't know maybe."
"Go for it! She likes you."}

*Memory Max
{"Teva are you happy?"
"Yeah Zan. I wasn't at first but now yeah."
"I'm glad. Teva I care about you a lot. I wasn't happy about it at first but I'm glad I'm going to have you as my wife."
"Zan it's been three years since I came here a scared kid. But you made it feel like home from the start."
"Teva your beautiful."
Zan leaned in and gently kissed Teva for the first time.}

*Memories end.

"Wow that was intess." said Michael
"Yeah that was." said Tess
"Max your kind of quit." said Isabel
"I remember the first time I kissed her Iz. We were talking and then I kissed her and our souls touched for the first time."


Part 20

Kavar opened the door and walked out of the old Desert Inn motel. He knew that Serena had
arived in Roswell. She would bring the others soon to try and rescue Liz. A short time later April
came out.

"Kavar let Teva go. She won't help you and you know it." said April
"Liz will do as I say or she will die."
"She isn't the same as she once was."
"Maybe not but I won't let her go."
"You are evil Kavar. I can't believe that I'm your sister."
"April you've gone soft on me."
"No I haven't Kavar. You don't even know me. I'm not like you. Your cold hearted stealing that girl from her family."
"April if you betray me you will die, sister or not."
"Let Liz go. She isn't Teva any more she is just a kid."
"She was a kid when she died the first time too."
"I hope she never remembers what you did to her before you finally killed her."
"She is going to remember everything."
"I can't believe you could do this to her. She had a normal life going for her and then you come
along and destory it."
"April I mean it you cross me and you die."
"Get a life Kavar, and leave that poor girl alone."
"That girl is the once and future Queen. But she will never marry Zan in this life it will be me or
she get's to watch me kill all those humans she cares the most for."
"You will never win. Zan will not stop until he kills you if you harm Liz."
"He will die before I let him that close to me."
"Some how I don't think you will win this time."
"Believe what you want. Find Nicholas I need to talk to him."
"Yeah sure."

April when to find Nicholas

Part 21

Katie, Alex, Maria and Kyle after leaving the pod chamber when back to Katie's apartment.

"Katie are you ok?" asked Alex
"Yeah Alex I'm fine." said Katie
"God I can't believe Kavar is here." said Maria
"Maria, Max will do what ever it takes to save Liz he loves her." said Kyle
"Trust me I know he loves her. That's all I heard for months. Even after he thought something
happend between you and Liz, Kyle he still loved her. He has since he first layed eyes on her.
Wow it seems now that they have been in love for more than a life time." Said Maria
"Maria how long have you been friends with Liz?" asked Katie
"Forever, I think we met in kindergarden. I don't remember."
"Liz cares about you. She would do anything for you. The one thing that hurt the most after she
found out about you was she was robbed of being your sister for sixteen years." said Alex
"Really she wants me around?" asked Katie
"Katie, Liz has always wanted a sister or brother. Not to boss around but to talk to about things.
Like when she had a fight with a friend." said Maria
"I know she would have talked to you about why she broke up with me last year. I knew deep
down she wasn't in love with me but I was still fooling myself that we could work things out if not for Max. I know now Max or no Max it would have never worked between us." said Kyle
"Do you guys want anything?" asked Katie
"Uh yeah. Whatever you got is fine." said Alex
"Yeah that would be great." said Maria
"Yeah whatever is fine." siad Kyle
"Ok I'll be right back." said Katie
"Do you want any help?" asked Maria

Maria and Katie when into the kitchen. Katie started to pull plates out of a cupboard and place
them on the table.

"Katie you sure your ok?" asked Maria
"Yeah. Don't worry Serena is on our side. She knows everything about their pasts. She was there back then. She took care of Max, Isabel and Micheal from the time they were babies and Liz from the time she arived at the palce when she was ten."
"Do you know who Nasado was?"
"The Protector? I'm not sure Serena could answer that. But what I do know is he didn't like
humans. So he didn't like Queen Teva who was part human, that's Liz now."
"Liz really was Queen? Not Tess? Boy I would love to see the look on Tess's face when she
remembers that."
"Actully it would be better when she remembers Ava and Teva were sisters."
"That would be good too. So Liz has two sisters not just one?"
"Yeah uh Liz is still the oldest in any lifetime. I don't know much because I wasn't there. I only
know what Serena told me which isn't much."
"Kavar has Liz how will they get her away from him?"
"They can do it Maria. You know Liz loves you like a sister. Your her best friend she is the same person she has always been."
"I know it's just I'm worried about her."
"She is stronger than we think. She can stop Kavar when she and Max get back together.
"Destiny was a joke. I don't believe this! Space Boy and I just might work things out."
"Fate over rules destiny Maria. Isabel may not adimit it but she cares very deeply for Alex. I
believe she will be heartborken if anything bad ever happend to him."
"Come on let's take this food out to the guys. We can finish this girl bonding later."
"Ok Maria."


"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot

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Part 22

Liz paced in her room what she was starting to remember from the past wasn't what she expected. She remembers falling in love with Zan even though she fought it at first, then he kissed her for the first time. It was in that moment that she fell deeply in love with him. She rubbed her eyes as she felt anouther memory start to creep in. She layed down as it became clear to her.


{Teva paced nervously in her room. She was bearly forteen and she was about to get married to a prince. Just then there was a knock on her door.

"Come in."
"Teva honey you look great. Just like a princess." said her mother
"Mom in a few hours I will be a princess."
"I know your scared."
"I am but in the past four years I have also learned to love Zan."
"That's great honey. Queen Raya really likes you."
"Mom she has been so kind to me. I hated leaving you and Ava, but now it's not so bad."
"That's good honey. I should finish getting ready, besides Pricess Valandra want's to see how your doing."
"I will I still don't believe you made friends with her."
"Yeah I know she was hard to get to know at first but she soften a little after a while."
"I'll go and send her in."
"Thanks mom."

Teva watched as her mother left and a minute later Lonnie came in.

"So Eva you ready?" asked Lonnie using her and Zan's privet name for her.
"No but it doesn't matter. Zan and I are getting married today weather we want to or not."
"I thought you loved my brother?"
"Lonnie I do. But I'm not reasy to get married to him."
"I know but you look great!"
"You think so?"
"You bet."

Teva looked down at her slik and lace dress. She also had a gold and diamond terra on.

"Zan isn't going to know what hit him when he sees you."
"Thanks Lonnie so how is Zan doing?"
"He's a nervous reck like you. Rath is trying to calm him down."
"Rath?! that guy doesn't know the meanning of the word."
"I know but it's fun to watch him try."
"Hey at lest I don't have to marry Rath."
"Don't remind me of my up coming wedding to him Eva. He may be Zan's best friend but I don't
know why he was picked fpr me."
"Lonnie he's not all bad."
"I know and I do like him."
"I know but you don't love him."
"Well it's just about time."
"I know."}

*Memory ends

Liz sat up that was such a good day. Lonnie didn't love Rath but she didn't love anyone else either. She wanted to find love, but couldn't change her destiny.

"Well Isabel it took you a lifetime but you just may have finally found true love." Liz said out loud.

Liz was bored out of her mind. It would be hours before Isabel would even atempt a dreamwalk. She heard the door open and looked over to find Kavar there.

"What do you want?" asked Liz
"Liz I'm surprised your friends haven't tryed to find you yet."
"How do you know they aren't working on a plan? You don't so I'm not worried."
"Lizzie they won't find you here. They would never think to look for you here."
"Kavar, Max is going to find me I know that in my heart."
"Using your heart is what makes humans weak."
"No it's what makes humans strong and knowing that love can and does change everything for the better. I love Max Evans enough to give him up if I have to."
"You haven't changed any little Queen, you are still very strong minded."
"Really? Good! I'm glad. Your nothing but a big bully and I hate you. I may not remember what I felt about you in the past, but I bet I hated you then too!" Liz yelled spitting in Kavar's face.
"You little bitch. You were trouble then and even more now."
"Good your not going to win this time. This time we will win."
"Little Queen you will not win. I'm to powerful to lose to you and your little friends."

Liz stood up and stared the evil alien in the eye and spit in his face.

"Now get the hell out of here! I don't want you any where near me!"
"I'll leave for now but it won't be the last you see of me."

Kavar left and Liz fell on the bed crying. She may have been able to stand up to the evil alien for a minute but she was still very scared of him.


Part 23

Max walked out into the desert and stared out he could think of nothing but Liz. Serena came out a short time later and came up to him.

"Max she will be ok. Liz is a lot stronger than she looks."
"I know Serena. It's just I don't understand how time travel is possible."
"Well with the power of the grandilith and the right knowlage of science it would be possible to
creat a tempary tear in time."
"Why would that future version of me go to Liz and make her brake her own heart?"
"Well Max he couldn't go to you. You can't incouter yourself in another time or risk no longer
exsting at all."
"When you go after Liz I'm going. I have to. I have to tell her I love her and we will work things
"Max I would never try and stop you. You were stubbern back then and your the same even now. Zan loved Teva very much. But they didn't know what to think of each other at first. They became fast friends I remember. She was ten when she left her mother, sister and stepfather to live in the palce. You were twelve. You fell in love with her within a week. But it took you two years to show her that you loved her. You had been at a party for your father's brithday you two snuck out to the gardens where........"
"We shared our first kiss. I remember that. We became almost insepable after that."
"That's right. You were so close back then. But that hasn't really changed has it?"
"We are close but not real close."
"You love Liz don't you?"
"Yes I have been in love with her since I saw her for the first time when we were kids."
"You may not have remembered her, but your heart did."
"Serena I have to help Liz. I would do anything for her. Infacted I risked my life, Michael's and
Isabel's to save Liz's life when she was shot a year and a half ago."
"I heard about that. Liz told Ava the story who told me."
"I couldn't let Liz die."
"That wasn't the first timeyou saved her life. About a month after that first kiss Teva was swimming and she was pulled under. You dove in and pulled her to safty saving her life. After that the only time she your side was when she was in her room or with your sister."
"I still don't remember much else besides that kiss."
"Give it time Max. You will."
"Thanks Serena. When are we going to save Liz from that monster?"
"Very soon. You will need to be there with her when she remembers her lsst few days before
Kavar killed her. He really hurt her back then and I wouldn't put it past him to do it again. Teva
was the most love Queen ever, even more loved thatn your mother."
"Everyone loved her?"
"Yes they did, and Kavar used her for his own gain."
"Will she be ok until we get to her?"
"She is strong Max she will be able to fight him a little longer, but not much. She was very strong minded and I bet she is still like that."
"Yeah she is. She can be very detrimed when she wants to be."
"Max with her remembering being Teva she will remember how to block Kavar and Nicholas out of her head. the only reason they got in all those years ago was she gave up after Zan and Ava were killed."
"Why did she give up?"
"Her heart was broken. She loved Zan more than anything and Ava was her sister and the only
family she had left at that point."
"I'm going to make sure history doesn't repeat itself."
"Why don't we go back in and work on a plan to save Liz?"
"Ok. Serena will Kavar kill Liz?"
"Not until he gets what he wants from her."
"What does he want from her?"
"I'm not sure. But he thinks it's imported."
"How imported?"
"Max, weather Liz knows it or not she has knowlage in her head on how to work the grandilith. He needs to get that from her."
"Serena helping her is all I want."
"I know. My job here was to make sure she stayed safe and I failed. Now Max let's go in and talk about how we are going to get Liz back. One thing you should know is Liz's parents know about her. They have always known about her. But they son't know about anyone else."
"Serena it's doesn't matter to me who knows I just want to get Liz back."
"Ok then let's get a plan to get your Queen back."
"Serena what was your job on our home planet?"
"I geuss it would be called a nanny here. I took care of you, Michael and Isabel from the time you were babies, and Liz from the day she came to the palce until the day she married you."
"I love her."
"You did then too."

Max and Serena when back into the pod chamber to work on a rescue plane to get Liz back from the evil aliens.


Part 24

Kavar paced in another part of the old motel. He knew Teva had been smart and strong, if he
hadn't killed Zan and Ava in front of her she would never have let him in her mind. But she had
given up after they died in her arms. Now Liz was getting stronger and had even more people she cared about and loved.

"Kavar she won't be able to last long." said Nicholas
"She is almost as strong as she was when she held a dying Zan."
"True but she won't fight as much if we take that human half sister of hers."
"Nicholas use that girl to make her help us? That just might work."
"So when do we go after the girl?"
"Right sir."
"Nicholas that girl is all we need to brake Liz."
"Kavar when I return with the girl where do you want her put?"
"Put her with Liz for now."
"You sure that's a good idea?"
"Don't worry Nicholas they won't be able to get out of that room."
"I know. So Liz joins our side or has to watch her sister die?"
"That's the plan."
"I'll get going."
"Good I'll go check on the Little Queen."

Kavar watched Nichols leave to find Liz's sister. Then when to Liz's room and walked in. When she saw him she flinched.

"Little Queen what are you scared of?"
"I'm not scared." Liz said with her voice braking.
"You never could lie well. Your scared of something. I'm not going to hurt you."
"Yeah right I'll trust you when Roswell has a blizzard!"
"Liz you will do what I want or you will lose those you care about the most."
"What do you mean?"
"I will kill your friends if you don't do what I want."
"I don't know what you are talking about."
"Liz it's your choice."
"I will never betray my friends to you."
"I think you will change your mind Little Queen."
"NEVER!" Liz yelled
"We'll see Little Queen."

Kavar left and Liz started to cry. She was so scared. She reached over and grabbed a book off the table she opened it and found it was written in an alien langue she couldn't read. As she held the book she closed her eyes and got a flash.

{Kavar beatting a woman}

Liz dropped the book she knew who the woman was. It was Max and Isabel's mother. She knew
that Kavar had killed her before he came to earth after them. Liz desided to see what kind of
powers she had so she could fight back. She knew about that thing she did when Max was in New York. Liz looked down at the book and tryed to move it with her mind. She raise one hand and after a minute it when flying across the room.

"Ok I can move a book. Next step is to try and move something bigger like an alien."

An hour later Kavar returned and Liz closed her eyes and tryed to mind warp him.

"It won't work Little Queen."
"What do you mean?" asked Liz acting inoccent.
"The mind warp you were trying. It won't work on me."
"Maybe that won't work but this should."

Liz raised her hand and trew Kavar across the room and ran for the open door. She ran down the hall and out the motel door. As she turned to head to town she felt something hit her and she fell to the ground in pain.

"Shouldn't have done that Lizzie. You just asked to be put in a lot of pain."
"Got to hell!"
"Now is that how your parents tought you to talk? I don't think so."
"Go to hell."
"Come on brat." yelled Kavar

When Liz didn't get up Kavar grabbed her and pulled her to her feet, then dragged her back to the room and locked her in. Liz flopped down on the bed in defeet. Half an hour later April brought a tray in.

"How are you doing Liz?"
"Like you care."
"Liz you almost made it."
"Yeah and I could have if the mind warp had worked."
"Liz, Ava was always beeter at then Teva. Teva was better at freezing time."
"Freezing time?"
"Yes. You don't remember how to do it do you?"
"No I don't."
"Give it time my Queen, and you will. Teva was one of three people with that power. Kavar is
another. The third was King Zath."
"So I figer out how to do it and I will get away?"
"Should work but I can't promise anything."
"Thank you."
"I should go."

April left and Liz poked at her food. She had no way of even knowing how she would even go
about trying to freeze time, but she also knew that she didn't have a lot of time to learn to do it

Nicholas watched as Maria, Alex and Kyle left Katie's apartment tp head for their jobs or other
after school activies. It would only be a short time now before the young girl joinned Liz as bait for Max. Nicholas walked into the building and waitted for Katie to leave her apartment. One hour later Katie walked out and Nicholas walked up to her.

"Well, well so your Lizzie's sister." Said Nicholas
"Let me geuss Nicholas one of the scum bags that kidnapped my sister." said Katie
"Good you've heard of me. Well your coming with me."
"In your dreams runt boy."
"You can come willingly or the hard way."
"Let me see. The hard way."

Katie took off running. But didn't get very far. Before she was knocked down and everythhing
when black. Nicholas picked her up and carried her to his waitting car. When he reached the old
motel he carried Katie to the room Liz was locked in, and left her with Liz. As he left Liz started to yell at him.

"What did you do to my sister?"
"She will be fine when she wakes up."
"What did you do to her?"
"I gave her a choice come willingly or the hard way. She choose the hard way Lizzie."
"Get out and leave me alone with my sister."

After Nicholas left Liz knelt next to her sister and placed a hand gently on her forhead. Katie
mourned at the touch.

"Katie, it's Liz. You need to wake up."
"I'm right here. I'm not going any where."
"Where am I?"
"The old motel outside Roswell. How do you feel?"
"My head hurts but other than that I'm fine."
"We'll ge out of here I promise Katie."
"Liz promise me you won't betray your friends, even to stop Kavar from killing me."
"Katie I'm not going to lose you to them. I won't let them kill you. You have part of my life only a few days, but I love you. Your my sister and your stuck with me got it?"
"Yeah. Liz are you ok?"
"Yes. By the way what do you really know?"
"What do you mean Liz?"
"I know you know something about aliens and who I use to be. So spill it."
"OK your right. But I only know what Serena told me."
"What did she tell you?"
"Your name was Teva and you were Queen until Kavar killed you."
"That much I know. I also know that Teva and Ava were sisters."
"Yeah well Teva was older and wasn't happy at first about marring Zan. But she grew to love him after a while. She was still scared of being queen one day. But almost nothing came between her
and Zan after they kissed the first time. Then he saved her life when she almost drowned."
"I don't remember that. I remember hours before I married him."
"Cool. What I know is that a month after the wedding King Zath was murderd. Zan was crowned
king a short time later."
"How long have you known this stuff?"
"A while. Liz I wasn't there I only know what Serena told me. Serena was there when you meet
her ask her anything you want to know. My job after my mom died was to help keep an eye on
you and the other to help keep you safe."
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Liz I didn't want to disroupt you life. You had just found out you had a sister and I didn't want to scare you off."
"Katherine Lynne Parker you are my sister and your stuck with me for the rest of you life."
"Thank you Liz."
"OK let's talk about this more later. I uh want to try something and I need your help."
"What is it Liz?"
"Uh I was told that Teva could freeze time so I want to see if I can do it."
"Liz how do you plan to do that?"
"I have an idea. Will you help me?"
"Yeah sure. this won't hurt will it?"
"Katie it shouldn't. If we are going to get away from here I have to be able to do it."
"Becareful Liz."
"I will Katie."
"So what do you want me to do?"
"I need to think about how I want to do this. I haven't done it before in this life so I need time to think."
"Ok just let me know."
"Thanks. Uh Katie did Max and Isabel ask Maria about what really happend the night of Gomez?"
"Uh yeah."
"So everyone knows everything."
"Yep. You don't have to worry about that any more. Michael told Tess if she leaves or does
anything to brake you and Max up he would kill her."
"So Max want's to be with me still?"
"Liz Max will do anything for you he loves you."
"I love him. Katie I will do anything for Max."
"From what I heard you were the same way back on that other planet too."
"Great have changed from the last life to this one."
"Liz so what? You died too young then."
"How young?"
"Serena said you were only 23, Max was 25, Michael was 26 and Isabel was 24."
"We all were so young."
"Yeah I know. Kavar wants to make sure you all die young again. Liz he will stop at nothing to get what he wants."
"I know. But Kate he can't ever get the grandilith. He will only use it to destroy earth."
"How do you plan to stop them Liz?"
"I'm not sure. But it will have to be done soon."
"Katie I won't let him hurt you."
"Liz don't worry about it. We will get out of this."

Just then the door opened and kavar walked in. Liz looked at Katie then at their capter.

"Liz here's the deal you get Max to give me the grandilith and I won't kill your sister. You don't you get to watch this young lady die a very painful death."
"Like hell I will help you or let you hurt my sister." said Liz
"You have to choose your sisters life or the grandilith. It's your choice."
"Let me think about this."
"Very well you have one hour to choose your sister's life or the grandilith."
"Ok you'll have an answer then."
"I'll be back then."

Kavar left and Liz got up and paced.

"Liz I won't let you do it. My life isn't as imported as the grandilith."
"Katie I can't lose you. I just got you in my life. Maybe it won't come to that but I'll tell him I will
talk to Max."
"It's not a goood idea. Liz Serena is helping Max and the other to come up with a plan to get you out of here."
"Kate I'm going to talk to Max."
"Liz I hope you know what you are doing."
"Me too Kate. Me too."


Part 25

Max walked into the Crashdown after he had left the Pod chamber. He knew it was time to tell the
Parkers the truth. To save Liz he had to tell them who he really was. He saw Jeff working on the books. He walked over to him.

"Mr. Parker can I talk to you?" asked Max
"Sure Max what about?"
"Not here too meny ears."
"Max it's about Liz isn't it?"
"Uh yeah kind of. Can we go upstairs?"
"Ok Max let's go."
"Thank you sir."

A few minutes later max sat in the Parker's living room.

"Ok Max what did you want to talk about?"
"Mr. Parker I know Liz has been kidnapped. Because of who she is."
"What do you mean?"
"Mr. Parker Liz was kidnapped by aliens to get to me."
"Max are you saying you are the once and future king of that planet?"
"Yes sir I am."
"Max, Liz loves you."
"I love her. I'm going to do everything I can to get her back."
"I know. Max bring her home safe. I'll do my part to help cover with your parents."
"Thank you sir."
"I know you won't betray the others but I have an idea about who at lest one of the others is. Your
sister Isabel is like you isn't she?"
"Yes sir. She is. Our parents don't know about us. The only adult besides you who knows is Shariff
"Max you and Isabel should think about telling your parents. They know your "special" they also
love both of you. When all this is over you really should talk to them."
"Yeah I will. But first we have to get Liz home."
"Max she trust you doesn't she?"
"With her life sir."
"She knows your secret doesn't she?"
"When did you tell her?"
"The day after the shooting in the Chashdown in September of 99."
"She was shot wasn't she?"
"Yes, I saved her life."
"Thank you Max."
"I couldn't let her die, and I woin't let them hurt her."
"I trust you Max. When are you going after her?"
"We will."
"Max if you talk to Liz before you rescue her tell her I love her."
"I will. I should go."
"Keep an eye on Katie for me ok?"
"No problem. Liz already made us promise to look after her."
"Thank you."
"Mr. Parker I promise I will bring Liz home safely."
"I know you will Max. See you tomarrow."
"Bye Mr. Parker."

Jeff watched Max leave he knew that Max would bring Liz home. He loved her too much to lose her.

Part 26

Liz watched Katie sleep while she waitted for Kavar to come back. Just then the door opened and
kavar walked in.

"What is your answer Little Queen?"
"I can't promise anything. But I will talk to Max."
"Very well. We will call in the morning."
"Liz I won't hurt that girl until I know what Zan, uh Max desides."
"Just don't hurt my sister."
"That girl won't be hurt."
"Thank you."
"Sleep well Little Queen."
"Stop calling me that!"
"Is that what you really want?"
"What I really want is to go home but that isn't going to happen anytime soon thanks to you!" Liz yelled
"You should keep it down you don't want to wake your sister."
"I'm not worried."
"Your not worried? Well I'll go and leave you alone."

Kavar walked out and Liz let out a breath she didn't relize she had been holding.

"He thought I was a sleep?" asked Katie sitting up.
"Yeah are you ok?"
"Yeah how long was that?"
"About ten minutes. Did you feel like any time pasted?"
"It didn't feel like anytime pasted. So you froze time for me. Will you be able to do it any longer?"
"I don't know that was hard. I will have to do that to at lest Nicholas and Kavar, both who are a lot
stronger than you."
"Liz you can do it."
"You sure?"
"Yes Liz your a good person. Your also a lot stronger than you think you are."
"I hope your right Katie. Mind if I lay down for a while? I got a major headach from that."
"Go a head. Liz it's because you never did that befroe isn't it?"
"Not in this life anyway. Most likely that's what caused the headach. Let me get some rest ok?"
"Yeah you need to build up your stranth."

Liz closed her eyes and fell to sleep. Katie covered her with a blanket.

*Dream Plaine

{Liz found herself in the Crashdown sitting at a table. She looked around expecting to find Isabel
and maybe Serena there but not who she saw with Serena.

"Yo Cornball!"
"Ava what are you doing here?"
"I'm on my way back to that cornball town of yours Liz, or should I call ya sis?" said Ava with a smile.
"How are you Ava?"
"Good. So Liz Serena tells me uo got yourself in a mess."
"Yeah let me say Kavar not a nice guy."
"Liz Max, Iisabel, Tess, Michael and I will be coming after you tomarrow." said Serena
"Serena I hope whatever you got planned can get two out. Kavar had Katie kidnapped to get me to talk Max into giving him the grandilith"
"Don't worry Liz we will get both of you out. I promise."
"Uh Serena? I'm starting to remember what kind of powers I had then."
"The time freeze?"
"Uh yeah. I could on;y hold it for about ten minutes on one person."
"It will take time. But you should be able to hold it long enough for us to get away from there but not much longer."
"I hope so."
"Yo Liz take care of yourself. I'll see you soon." said Ava
"Bye Ava."
"Good night my Queen."}

Liz woke and stared into the dark room. She didn't know what to think. Ava trusted Serena so Liz
knew she had to. She was her only hope for the others to save her.

"Liz you awake?"
"Is something wrong?"
"No just thinking."
"Uh Liz are you upset about something?"
"No just coming to trems with the fact that my whole life has been a lie."
"No it hasn't. Liz you are the same person you were a year ago. Your a smart caring person who
would give up her own happyness for her friends. I mean it Isabel was schooked when she found
out what you did for her."
"Well I couldn't have lived with myself if she and Michael had died just because I married Max."
"Don't worry Liz we will get out of here and everything will go back to normal."
"Yeah normal for this town anyway."
"Liz were you surprised by what you learned over the last few days?"
"Not as surprised as when I was brought back from the dead by Max last year."
"Why didn't you tell me about that?"
"I didn't know you knew about aliens."
"Liz I have been to Roswell before. I came a few times as a kid."
"Yeah it was how I met dad for the first time. I saw you with Maria and Alex. I was hurt that you didn't even know I was alive."
"If I had known I would have been part of your life."
"I know. Liz you know it wasn't for the fact that Jeff Parker is you father in this life we wouldn't really be sisters."
"Katie I don't care what people say going by the facts, we are sisters. I love you Kate your my sister and you can't get rid of me."
"I feel the same way Lizzie."
"Let's get some rest tomarrow we have to be ready to get out of here."
"Their coming tomarrow?"
"Liz will you be able to do that time freeze thing to Nicholas and Kavar by then?"
"Not for long but yes, I will be able to hold them."
"Good see you in the morning."
"Night Katie."


"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot

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Part 27

Tess sat in the Valenti's living room thinking about what she had learned that day. Kyle came in a few minutes later.

"Tess are you ok?"
"I'm fine Kyle."
"You seem upset. You want to talk about it?"
"Buddha boy my life has been a lie. Nasado lied to me. I don't know why I'm surprised he didn't really care about me anyway. He was just doing his job."
"So uh listen I know this is hard for you. But I'll always be here to help you."
"Thanks Buddha boy."
"How about some ice cream complet with tobassco sauce?"
"Ok Kyle thanks."

Kyle and Tess walked into the kitchen and made their ice cream one with tobassco sauce and one with out. Then when to bed to get ready for tomarrow when the reusce of Liz and Katie would take place.

When Isabel got home from the Pod chamber she called Alex. He picked her up and they drove out into the desert.

"Isabel are you ok?"
"Yeah Alex I am."
"So you got everything worked out to get Liz out?"
"Yeah hopefully by this time tomarrow she will be home safe and sound."
"You guys can do it. I believe in all of you."
"Alex would you have done what Liz did if you had been in her place?"
"I don't know. Liz and Max's relationship is differnt from ours."
"I know. I still can't believe that Liz would give up her happyness to save my life like that."
"Your her friend. She put her life on the line in the past for you. She has done so much for you."
"I know, and I've done nothing to help her. I've taken things she had no contral over out on her. She was working for Whitaker and I let Max blame her for people finding out she was dead just because she worked there."
"But you had your own issues back then too. Whitaker told you stuf about your past you didn't want to believe."
"Alex thank you for being here for me. I'm going to make things up to Liz when we get her back."
"That's a good idea. You should get some rest you have a lot to do tomarrow. I'll stay with you if you want."
"Thank you Alex."
"Anything for you Princess."

Michael and Maria sat in Michael's apartment talking.

"Maria how long did you know about what Liz had you tell us?"
"Uh since Max was in New York."
"Ok since the rumors about Liz and Kyle were going around."
"Yeah. Your not mad I didn't tell you sooner?"
"No you were being Liz's bestfriend and it wasn't your secret to tell. I geuss I should be a lot nicer to Liz since she saved my life."
"Yeah that would be good."
"Besides she never did tell anyone I was the one who took her jurnal last year."
"Shit. I can't believe I just told you that."
"Why did you do it?"
"I wanted to make sure she could be trusted. I know it was stupid and I shouldn't have done it."
"Michael why did you give it back to her? I mean it has everything about you guys in it."
"Well I trust her to keep it safe. Maria she wrote about all that stuff to help her deal with what had
happend to her. It was crazy I mean a normal teenage girl gets shot and saved by an alien and her life is never normal again."
"Yeah but you were pissed when Max told her your secret."
"Yeah but she has done so much for us since then."
"Yeah she has. Don't worry Space boy Max won't hear about it from me."
"Thank you."
"Thank me by bring my bestfriend home ok?"

Max layed in his room thinking about Liz abd everything that had happend to them since he saved
her life. Everyones lives had changed that day Liz was shot at the Crashdown. They had a counselor at school turn out to be an FBI agent. In the end who may have been on their side, but they would never know because she was dead. Then a deputy turned out to be an alien hunter who had almost killed Max. Oh of course there had been the time Liz was kidnapped by Nasado. Then a congresswoman turned out to be an alien. Then there had been Cortney. A skin who didn't want to kill them. Yeah she wanted Michael as her king but she killed herself to provent Nicholas from finding the grandilith. Max didn't even want to think about the dupes, the gambarmam scare or the fact that there are relitves of their human DNA doners out there somewhere.

"Our lives will never be dull." said Max to himself

He hoped Liz was going to make it till morning and then until they got her out sometime tomarrow.


Part 28

Thursday morning Liz paced in her room while she waitted for Nicholas to show up to call Max. Katie watched her from the bed and worried about Liz.

"So Liz what are you going to say to Max?"
"Uh that he has to choose between our lives and the grandilith. Which is the truth."
"Liz please don't do this."
"Katie if all go according to plan we will be home safe later today."
"Hope your right Liz."

A few minutes later Nicholas walked into the room with Liz's cell phone.

"Lizzie time to call lover boy."
"Great runt boy." said Liz
"Call me that again and I'll hurt the brat got it?"
"You hurt my sister and I'll kill you myself got it runt boy? Oh and don't think I can't I remember a lot about being Teva thanks to your slimball boss."
"Ok let's call Max."

Nicholas diled Max's number and waitted for Max to answer the phone.

"Max Lizzie has something to say to you."
"Nicholas put her on."

Liz took the phone from Nicholas and put it to her ear.

"Liz you ok?"
"Yeah. Um we have a small problem. They got Katie. They will kill her unless I get you to give them the grandilith."
"Liz tell them it's a done deal."
"Liz if everything goes to plan you and Katie will be home in a few hours."
"Liz I'm going to have Isabel dreamwalk you when we get off the phone. Let her in."
"Liz by the way I will never stop loving you no matter what you do, and thank you for everything you have done in the past year and a half."
"Max you sure about that?"
"Yes Liz Parker. You are my destiny and you can't get rid of me."
"Ok Max I'll tell them your answer."
"See you soon."
"Bye Max."

Nicholas grabbed the phone and hung it up looking at Liz.

"I will only tell Kavar what he desided."
"Fine he will be in here soon." said Nicholas

Nicholas left and Liz lied down with a pillow on the floor and relaxed and let her mind blank out so Isabel could get in.

*Liz's mind

{"Liz are you ok?" asked Isabel
"Yes. I wish everyone would quit asking me that."
"Uh Liz is Katie ok?"
"Yes she's fine. So how are we getting out of here?"
"We will come and pretend to be giving up the grandilith. Um hopefuly you and Katie will be turned over to us."
"Isabel if you guys can knock them out then I will be able to freeze time for them for long enough for us to get outta here."
"You remember what kind of powers you had?"
"Yeah. I even tryed to escape once. It alsmost worked too."
"Liz becareful. I don't want you to get killed."
"I will Iz."
"By the way Liz, thank you for saving my life."
"No problem."
"See you soon Liz."
"Ok Iz see you soon."}

*End of dreamwalk

Isabel woke and looked at Max. He looked troubled.

"Max we will get them both back."
"I know Isabel."
"Max she is so scared for Katie."
"I could tell Iz. But from her tone I could tell there was something differnt about her from the last time we talked."
"That is probley because she now remembers her powers. She will be able to freeze time for them for a short time."
"She didn't tell me."
"She didn't want Nicholas to find out. Max she may not have said it but I know she loves you."
"I know I could hear that in her voice."
"Come on let's go meet the others and get this show on the road."
"Yeah sooner we start sooner Liz will be safe."
"Max I know you don't want to see Liz hurt but she can take care of herself."
"I know Iz. But I don't want her in danger."
"Look Max Liz will be ok a little longer."
"Let's go to Michael's and meet everyone."

Part 29

It had been four hours since Isabel's dreamwalk. Liz waitted for a sign that her friends had started their rescue plan. Liz and Katie both turned when they heard the door open. They saw April walk in.

"What is going on?" asked Liz
"Your friends are here." said April
"They are?" asked Katie
"Yeah. Liz I'm going to help you. It may get me killed but at lest I'll be doing something I believe in for once."
"April what do you plan to do?" asked Liz
"Well after Nicholas and Kavar are frozen I'll wipe out their memories of the past few days."
"Like a mind worp?" asked Liz
"Not really. A mind worp means you change a memory or make them see something that is not there or see something that never happend. What I do is erase the memories for good. They never remember. A mind worp can be broken out of." said April
"Ok." siad Katie
"Why did you change your mind?" asked Liz
"When Kavar told me he would force you to marry him Liz."
"Like hell I would." said Liz
"He did before. Liz after he killed Zan, the next day he forced you to marry him. Your people knew you hated him and didn't want to. But you did it to try and protected your child, but Kavar killed him before he had a chance to live."
"Why don't I remember that? asked Liz
"You will but that is something you needed to know."
"Was he killed before or after he was born?"
"After, right after her drew his first breath. You and Zan chose to name him Zack after Teva's father."
"Why are you telling us this now?" asked Katie
"Because after today you may never see me again. I'm going to have to disapear."
"Let's get out of here now." said Liz

Just then the door opened and Kavar and Nicholas came in with the four alien hybrits Liz had never been so happy to see in her life. Kavar grabbed Liz and placed a hand on her head and held her in place with the other one.

"Come any closer and I'll kill the little queen." said Kavar
"Let Liz go Kavar." said Tess
"Well if it isn't the little brat Ava, or should I say Tess. Why should I listen to you? You aren't anything you never were anything."
"Tess becareful." said Liz

Liz watched as Tess tryed to do a mind worp but she fell to the floor.

"TESS!" Liz yelled
"Liz we don't have a choice we have to give him the grandilith." said Isabel
"No Isabel you can't!" said Katie
"Kavar I'll take you to the grandilith but first you have to let Liz and Katie go." said Max
"You hava a deal Max." said Kavar
"Max don't do it!" said Liz
"Liz we don't have a choice. He will kill you if we don't." said Max
"I'll let the girls go." said Kavar shoving Liz to the floor.
"Liz!" yelled Max
"I'm fine." Liz said.

Liz saw Michael send a blast at Kavar and Nicholas as soon as Katie was out of the way. Both were knocked to the floor. Then Liz when to work and froze them in place.

"Let's go I won't be able to hold them long." said Liz

Michael picked up Tess and they made their way out of the old motel. As they made it out the door Liz fell to the ground.

"LIZ!" yelled Max
"Max I can't hold it much longer."
"Come on." said Max picking her up.

Max carried Liz to the jeep and tossed Isabel the keys. Katie climbed in after them. Michael Tess to another car that Serena was waitting in. They pulled away as Liz lost her hold and slipped unconcious. Max handed a cell phone to Katie and gave her Maria's number.

"Tell her to Meet us at the pod chamber."

Max held Liz the whole way to the pod chamber.

Part 30

Liz came to right after they ariver at the Pod chamber.

"Max?" Liz asked
"I'm right here. Are you ok?" asked Max
"Yeah. How's Tess?"
"Liz, Kavar killed her. He riped her mind apart we can't do anything for her."
"She and I hated each other and she gave her life to save mine." said Liz wipping tears from her eyes.
"Liz she wouldn't want you to be sad she would want you to be happy, and don't worry we will get Kavar for what he has done."
"I know."

Just then Maria, Alex and Kyle showed up. Maria ran to Liz and hugged her.

"Liz are you ok?" asked Maria
"Maria I'm fine. No will you let me breathe?"
"It's ok."
"Glad your ok Parker." said Alex leaning agested a rock tapping his fingers.
"Thanks Alex."
"Liz you look good for someone who was held prisoner by evil marshins." said Kyle
"Yeah it's nice to see you too Kyle."
"My dad will be out here soon."
"Liz we should get you home soon." said Max
"I know."
"Liz are you ready to face your parents?" asked Isabel
"Yeah I'm not even mad at them for hiding the fact that I'm an alien Queen from me. I know that it was for my own safty."
"Your right Liz it was." said Serena joinning them.
"Serena so we finally meet in person."
"You have grown so much since I last saw you."
"Yeah well that happens. When did you last see me? Seventeen years ago?"
"Yes. It was."
"Serena can I ask you something?"
"Go ahead."
"Was I right to trust April?"
"Liz, April may be Kavar's sister but she is nothing like him. She was very loyal to Zan and Teva. Anything she told you about the past is true."
"Thank you Serena."
"Don't worry my Queen."

Half an hour later Valenti showed up.

"Liz are you ok?" asked Valenti
"Yeah Shariff I'm ok."
"Good. I'll take care of things for Tess."
"Thank you. Come on Liz let's take you home." said Max
"Yeah uh, Liz thank you for what you did last fall." siad Michael
"You mean for saving your life?" asked Liz
"Yeah didn't know you cared."
"Look Michael the way I saw it was if I didn't and Maria found out I didn't save your sorry butt then she would have babbled me to death."
"Liz I wouldn't have done that. Maybe just hired someone to kill you or something." said Maria
"Maria I was kidding." said Liz
"I know so was I Lizzie."

Part 31

Liz, Max and Katie walked into the Parker's apartment and saw Jeff and Nancy waitting.

"Lizzie." said Jeff
"Daddy I'm so sorry I was such a brat." said Liz hunging him.
"Your safe. Liz we're sorry we didn't tell you what we knew about your past." said Nancy
"Mom I don't care about that. I love you both. You too Katie. I may haved had another life on some other planet but you are my family now and I won't give you up for anything."
"Liz we feel the same way about you." said Jeff
"Max I love you. I don't want to lose you again. Promise me you won't leave me and I promise I won't push you away again." said Liz
"Liz you can't get rid of me. I have loved you since I first layed eyes on you. I have and always will love you." said Max taking her hand.
"Max promise me you will never hurt her. I know you love her but I can't let you hurt her ever." said Jeff
"Mr. Parker I promise I will never hurt Liz. She has and always will be my Queen, and no one can ever take her place in my heart." said Max

Liz leaned up and gave Max a soft kiss on his cheek. Max pulled her into a hug and held her.

"Liz we'll finish this later. You should spend time with your family."
"Thank you Max."
"See you tomarrow Liz."

Max left and Liz sat down to talk to her parents for a while. After dinner Liz when and sat on her balcony to look at the stars.

"Yo cornball."
"Hey Ava come on up."

Ava climbed up the fire eascpe and walked around on the roof.

"I heard about Tess. She risked her life for you."
"Yeah uh, Ava do you remember anything about you know the past?"
"Yeah. Kavar was one big cornball, but you and max were cool."
"Tahnks I think."
"Look Liz last time I was in town I didn't remember anything from that other life. If I had then I would have told you."
"I know."
"I know you needed Tess to fight the skins. So tell Max I'll be around if you need me. You can reach me all you got to do is put you mind to it."
"Thanks Ava. So how long are you staying?"
"Not to long but I'll stay until they barry that cornball double of mine. But I promise you I ain't never going to be to far away to help if I'm needed."
"Thanks do you have a place to stay?"
"Yeah don't worry about me."
"Ok I'll see you."
"Bye Liz get some sleep."

Ava climbed back down and disapeared into the night. Liz knew that Ava was right after a few minutes she when into bed.


Three days had past since they had said their goodbyes to Tess. Ava left town the day after and no one had seen Serena since they had rescued Liz. But Liz knew they hadn't seen the last of her. Liz and Max spent most of their waking hours together and both rememberd almost their whole past lives, from the time that they were kids until their deaths with only a few fuzzy memories left.

"Liz I promise I won't let history repeat itself. I won't let Kavar hurt you like he did in the past." said Max
"I know you won't. I'm sorry I lied to you for so long."
"Liz you did it for the right reasons. Besides Isabel told me if I didn't forgive you she would give me nightmares for a week."
"Oh really? I have to remember to thank her for that."

Max leaned in and started to kiss Liz softly on her neck and slowly worked his way to her lips. When he reached them he placed a hand behind her head and slowly deeped it, which she returned. They broke after a minute and looked each other in the eye. They both knew they had a long way to go to set things right but they also knew they would do it together.

"Max did you know Kyle has been hanging out a lot with Katie?"
"You let him alone with your sister?"
"Max I when out with him for a while. He's not a bad guy."
"I know."
"Max I really want Katie to be happy. She missed out on a lot growing up."
"I know you do. Maybe we can do something as a group sometime soon."
"Ok but I like these moments alone too."
"I know you do Liz."
"Max I know you want to protected me but it's time for you to go. My mom still sees me as her little girl and I don't want her to worry about me."
"Ok I'll go but I don't like it."
"I'll see you tomarrow Max."
"You better."

Liz watched as Max left. Nothing would ever be the same between them again, but was fine with that. She had been board with her life until the day Max risked everything to save her life that September day. Now she didn't think she could ever return to her so called "normal" life again. No matter what happend she kne she would be able to get through it with her friends by her side.


"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot

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