*This is dedicated to Linda and Anne. You guys are such great writers. You inspired me to write. **

Title: Maybe…
Author: Lena a. k. a Dreamergirl (roswelldreamer)
Disclaimer: If I owned them things would be a lot different. But I don’t.
Subject: POV (you have to read to find out, but my name should give you a hint) J

Life. Its supposed to be this beautiful and wonderful thing. And it is…for most people. I used to love life, I mean come on I was a straight A student, had 5 best friends, a love of my life, and I had nothing too dangerous to worry about (except of course the FBI and the skins….). That is until one girl came in and changed my life forever. I still have straight A’s, but I only have 2 best friends and barily anything to worry about, except maybe the end of the world. But I have to keep that to myself you see. So it takes everything I have not to cry all of the time and to be strong. Especially when I see him. When I look him in the eyes I see love and hurt. You see I made him believe I betrayed him, when in reality I could never betray him, I love him way too much.

Well lately I just can’t stop thinking about what it felt like to be in his arms and to feel his lips against mine, or the look in his eyes where I saw his love for me. But mostly I just miss him. Him looking at me with undying, passionate love and me returning the intensity of his gaze, or even the look of longing in both our eyes. And to know we would have made love, it just kills me.

Maybe, just maybe, I should tell him this, tell him I would die for him and if I could I would take away all of the pain I have caused him to feel and tell him I feel exactly the same as he does. And maybe I should tell him that when I look into his eyes I can feel his pain, because I know his soul. And maybe I should tell him why I made him believe I betrayed him. Or maybe I should just go talk to Maria. She will know what to do. And then I will do the right thing. I will tell Max Evans, that I, Liz Parker, did not sleep with Kyle Valenti. Even if I do not tell him why I lied to him at least he will know the truth. The truth that I love him and always will. Always and Forever. J

The End

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