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Please read if your any fan of Roswell.. Everyone is in this but Tess. It takes place just before her arrival..

Max & Liz the cherishing. 1

Liz and Max went home from school to Max's house. No one was there. They went
into Max's room. Liz plopped down on Max's bed and Max shut the door.

Liz threw herself back and laid down, her hair flowed all around Max's pillow.

Max looked at her lying on his bed.. "That's where Liz belongs." He thought then
he berated himself for the thought. " Get a grip Max." He said to himself.

"MMMMM, I like the smell of your pillow." Liz said.

Max raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"It smells like you." she said.

Max smiled but stood firm in his spot near the door. Careful not to let himself get too out of control, Or to give himself time to get to far.. Absurdly he thought of Superman and how he would loose his powers if he and Lois Lane well...mated.

"Max" Said Liz,"Can you come over here.. I want to ask you about something I have been wondering about."

Max came nearer. Slowly he sat down beside her where she lay on his bed.

To Max's shock and surprise Liz, began to lift her shirt. Max felt his mind spin and his heart pick up a few paces. She stopped right above her stomach, Just as she had the first time she showed her stomach to him.

"Did you ever wonder.." she began.. "Did you ever wonder, what would happen if you touched me here again? Where you healed me.?

Max, smiled at her.. "No, I hadn't thought of that... did you?" he asked.

Liz felt a little embarrassed.. and said "I thought about it.. and I have no idea what could happen, but I was sort of afraid.. it might be.. you know, intense." Max knew the exact spot on her stomach where his handprint had been. The place where the bullet went into her, and he almost lost the only one he had ever loved before she even knew. It pained him a little to think how much time he wasted. All that time he could have been touching her sweet face. Holding her close to him,and kissing her with all of his heart. Finally he said.. "It might be." realizing how long he had been silent he added. "Intense, that is."

"mmmmm, Liz replied, and turned her face away."

Max put his hand gently to Liz's face, he stroked her hair. Max brought his face into hers.

"Liz," He whispered." You have to look at me."

She smiled and remembered. She turned to look at him. They gazed into eachother's eyes.

Max slid his hand to her stomach. He felt Liz tremble under his palm. But she smiled at him. So he continued the connection.. He waited breathlessly, as he began "see her" and then attempted to reverse the connection so that Liz would be able to "see him" at the same time. Max closed his eyes and waited for
"the Liz show."

And as he kissed her saw into her soul..but this time there was so much of him there. He saw all the little things that he does that set Liz's heart afire.

Max couldn't believe it, this girl he had loved so long from afar...he was in her soul..and now he kissed her all the places she longed to be kissed. Every kiss, and every gentle touch, every passionate embrace was perfectly matched to the moment of desiring it. Max moved to kiss Liz's neck and his warm breath on her
skin, made her turn to flame and powerless all at the same time. Time didn't seem to exist anymore, there was nothing but the caressing of two souls.

But then something broke through their blissful moment....a sound.. the sound of Michael's voice..

Part 2

"Hey, Hey YOU TWO!" Michael said loudly.

Michael had popped through the window with Maria right behind.

I don't think they hear you." Maria chided

Neither Max or Liz wanted to hear it..and could not break away from eachother. "We really have to make a rule about using our powers to get into windows." Max thought.

"Michael go away!" he said between kisses.

Liz knew right there and then that she and Max has gotten so melted together with eachothers needs and wants, that Max wasn't speaking from just himself.. he was always so cautious and she knew he was getting carried away, because she was.....

"Hey we're standing here, cool it you two." Michael persisted..

Liz put her hand to Max's cheek and looked him in the eye..

Max let out a frustrated sigh, he knew he had to stop and listen to Michael. He still didn't want to move too far from Liz.. so he just slid over and laid his head down beside hers.

Liz became aware that she and Max had gotten quite untidy... wrinkled clothes, messed up hair,and just a bit flushed.. Max sensed her embarrassment and threw his arm around her to make her feel a bit more secure.

"Michael, this had better be good." Max said.

"It being good is totally up to you Maxwell." Michael replied.

"Funny" Max said although completely unamused.

"It looked good from here." Added Maria.

Michael shot Maria a look and then turned back to Max and Liz...Max had already started playing with Liz's hair. "All kidding aside, if you two can untangle yourselves for JUST a while, I think I may have found something important." Michael said.

Just as Liz sensed Max really had begun to abandon all restraints on himself.....
"Really Michael...can it wait?" Max said, as he stared at Liz..and she felt that all the passion in him was starting to boil.." Liz was excited and a little scared at the same time....She could usually count on Max to keep the pace down... He never really let things get to out of control no matter how much they both wanted it too.

"If it could wait, would I be here?" Michael asked

"Can anything ever WAIT with you Michael." Max asked..

"OK" Maria interrupted.. "I saw it too, and what ever it is... I am not sure it's going to still be there when we get back. Clearly you guys are having a nice time, A nice enough time that we would have split once we saw that.. instead of breaking in your window..If it weren't important."

"What did you see?" asked Liz..

"We aren't sure" Michael told them.

Part 3

Max hardly ever was cold.. to anyone… but the length at which Michael & Maria were dragging out getting to point was beginning to get to him… Max started thinking about how he wanted to continue what he was doing with Liz… Maybe it was the fact that he connected with her by touching her stomach…but he wanted
this, and he was feeling rather liberated…he wanted things to progress and he knew in his heart that if he were interrupted his mind would get hold of him and he would start judging whether it was the right time or not. And he really didn't care at this point, he wanted Liz. He hardly cared at all about what Michael was saying.

And rather bluntly Max said… " Can you two get to the point!

Liz recognized that tone, in Max's voice… She had only heard it once, but it had chilled her soul, when it was directed at her… The time Max was angry that she called him down to the hospital and Kyle was there. She knew now, that he had only done it, because he didn't want any trouble. And Kyle's friends had beat him up, just for talking to her.

Liz closed her eyes and turned her face down into Max's neck. She didn't like hearing his beautiful deep warm voice turn cold. But this time it was different. Because she could sense the fire in him.. and the fire was for her. And the frustration of routinely being interrupted was really getting to him.

All he wanted was a moments peace…...time to let himself be free.... free to love Liz… from the whole Alien thing… free to just be a Man…and show his love.

Liz brushed her face against Max's neck, and felt his heart soften again..

"I'm sorry, guys.. I , I didn't mean it…I just, we just need a little privacy."

"Well judging from the fact that you guys left school the same time we did, you've had plenty of it. You two must be at this for HOURS now!" Michael retorted." Look its dark out!"

Max and Liz looked at eachother in astonishment.. They truly had not realized any time had gone by at all.

"So if you would, SO KINDLY, get yourselves dressed an come with us, We'd appreciate it." Michael said in his all too famous sarcastic tone.

"We are dressed, Michael, don't embarrass Liz that way." Max told him.

Maria walked over to the bed and stretched out her hand to Liz and said.. "It's OK Sweetie, you know I don't listen to him."

Liz gave her hand to Maria and released herself from Max's embrace as she got up.

She straightened herself out, and turned back to look at Max who was just lying there in his bed, looking at the ceiling.

Finally Max got up and, the four of them hopped out the window, and walked toward Maria's mothers car.

They all got in and Maria started to drive out to where her and Michael had witnessed, what ever it was, they witnessed.

"We were, just going for a drive, you know?" Maria started to tell them.. "And I looked up in the sky and saw, what I thought might be a shooting star.. I was going to tell him to look at the shooting star, but then it started changing directions.. I thought I was flipping out, you know? and then I heard Michael say.. "Do you see that!" and I knew I wasn't the only one who saw it."

"Not only that." Michael added, it seemed to get brighter as it got closer, rather then burning out the way shooting stars or meteors do. So we tried to follow it, but …."

"But" Maria, finished "We lost it, so we thought if we got you guys we could all split up and cover more ground."

"Where, is Isabel?" Max asked

"We don't know where she is, but I know she's off with Alex somewhere." Maria told him.

They drove up to the spot, Maria & Michael last remembered seeing the object.. and got out of the car..

Max turned to Liz and said, "Why don't you and Maria stay here, Michael and I will go.."

"We'll search too Max, I mean Maria did see it…" Liz replied

"OK, But stay together." Max, said as he squeezed her hand. He and Michael
picked different directions and walked off.

Maria and Liz started off in the opposite direction, and began to search……

Part 4

"If it was a meteor or something , Maria it may have completely burned up." Liz told Maria.

"Speaking of burning up, don't think your gonna get off not telling me what, was going on back there with you and Max." Maria said.

"Maria" Liz whined.

"Liz, that looked pretty steamy.. back there? Your not gonna let me in on the dirt?"

"Ok, we thought we might reconnect, through the spot, where Max healed me." Liz began.

"You did?" Maria asked "Woha, this is interesting.. Then what happened."

"Well, it's kind of personal.. but the whole thing was amazing.. he was.. Oh God Maria driving me crazy. It was all very sexy, but uh spiritual at the same time… Everything he did… just doing, everything I wanted, everything he wanted until it all became the same know?" Liz said.

"Geez Liz, you lost me honey.. But what would have happened if Michael and I hadn't walked in?" Maria asked.

"I, think, things would have gotten pretty far.." Liz said honestly.

"Phheew, Liz sweetie, you and Max should take it easy. I thought you told me Max didn't want to rush things.. Cause you know, none of really know what would happen."
Said Maria. " I mean geeze, that's the one defense I have against Michael's advances.
"You know how he is..always in a hurry "

"I know… It was just so wonderful….amazing…Maria… HE is so amazing… and I could tell… this time he was ready…our souls were so connected. I think it was the way we connected… Max….God….Maria, He is so beautiful…. How could I not want to?….Knowing that he would never hurt me….What is it all about anyway.?. Knowing
that there is one person only for you…the one you can completely trust, to never harm you, and always love you..and then to be able to express that love physically, soulfully"

"Lizzy your babbling." Maria said.." But ok Granted I will give you… he is a beautiful guy.. and I also believe he would never ever hurt you. I know most girls make the mistake of trusting the wrong guy.. and then they get what they want and leave… I know
that's not Max… That is not the issue here Liz.. What I am worried about is accidents, you know.. and the fact that we really don't know how far is far… all the regular rules may not apply. I mean, well I don't know what I mean… It's just that … Max, Michael and Isabel… there Aliens Liz..Aliens and everything that may come along with that. So just try to take it easy."

"I know." Liz gave in.

"Now maybe we should split up for just a bit… cause I don't see anything…and we are taking too much time…You have on a watch.?" Maria asked.

Liz nodded yes.

"Let's just split up for like 10 minutes and meet back at the car." Maria said.

"Ok… I kinda promised Max, we wouldn't…" Liz said

"Just for a few." Maria assured.

"Ok." Liz agreed

Ten minutes later Liz was back at the car…alone…no sign of Maria…Five more minutes went by… and still no Maria… and then another TEN. Liz was starting to panic..

Off in the distance Liz saw Max heading back toward her…It would be a few minutes before Max got up to the car… also off in the distance but to the left of Max was Michael….also returning….

Liz's heart was in her throat..she was scared… she tried to reassure herself that Maria must have just lost track of the time…

Max reached the car. Michael's large strides, brought him upon them only moments after..

Max reached out both his hands for Liz, to take.. "Liz, what's wrong? You look so frightened." he asked

Although, she was still scared for Maria, Max's voice soothed her.. She took a breath and said.."Max, don't be mad at me..Maria and I separated. It was only supposed to be for a few minutes... But Maria didn't come back.. Max put his hands on Liz's upper arms and pulled her into him...Then he wrapped both arms around her and rocked her a little.. "It's all right Liz, we'll find her." he comforted. Liz's face was buried in Max's shirt and she breathed in the sent of him.. Then, she mused at the fact that Max could heal her with his touch..without even using his powers.."Oh Max,I could never be without you... how would I survive?"
Max was moved and squeezed Liz tighter.
Suddenly Liz thought of poor Michael..
She and Max released their hold and looked at him...There Michael was pacing around in a circle, with his head turning every direction, trying to catch sight of Maria returning.. and growing more anxious by the second..
Liz walked up to Michael and put her hand on his arm.."We'll go look for her" She tried to comfort.

"Do you know which way she went?" Blurted Michael.

"I do." Liz said trying to sound as sure as possible, so as not to worry him further.

"I am gonna look for her. But one of us should stay here and wait for her." Michael said.

"I don't want us to separate again." Max stated firmly.

"I'll write a note!" Liz exclaimed.
Then Liz through her self into the back seat of the car, legs hanging out the door, and searched the Jetta for a pen and something to write on.. Quickly she fished out what she need and wrote..Big on a torn piece of paper..MARIA, WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU STAY HERE!! DON'T MOVE! LIZ
She whipped it under the Windshield wiper.

"Ready" she said. and bounced off to Max's side and the three of them headed off in the direction Liz last saw Maria go.

Part 5

Maria awoke to complete darkness...and a throbbing bump on her head...
She put her hand to her head and every part of her ached as she moved..."Ohhhh,oh man."
"I knew I should have gone back for Liz.. as soon as I saw that light." she said to herself. Maria saw a glowing light that seemed to go in and a steady pace...It flashed but as if it were on a dimmer switch...It was totally her and she tried to climb down to it by herself.. Unfortunately, she as she stepped down the side of a steep rocky slope.. She fell into
what she guessed was a ditch in the side..

"Well, that'll teach me....always keep a flashlight, or a handy dandy alien at your side...So have some light and don't fall into any holes." She out loud as she tried to brush herself off of the dirt.. and keep a sense of humor about it.."

She tried very hard not to think about the fact that she couldn't see anything, didn't know if it was even safe to move...and wasn't sure if anyone would ever find her..

"Okay...remain calm....If I move I might fall again...If I don't... I may turn into that skeleton guy in "Goonies"... what's his name.....ah... I was too young when I saw that, I can't remember.. ANY WAY he's a dead skeleton man and I shouldn't be thinking about him. It will only SCARE me..
but it's too late, I am scared already..and I am alone in the dark... Great, just great.

"Why did Michael have to go ahead and be an Alien anyway...if he wasn't. We would have chalked this up to just another Roswellian incident and gone home."

"Wait, thats No good, then Max wouldn't be one and Liz would be gone..and I would really be all alone...All right wait, I think I am Panicking...yup...I'm Panicking..
MICHAEL!!! HELP!!!!!!!" Maria yelled.

Liz directed Max and Michael as far as she could..Once she was no longer sure she stopped..

"What, what is it?, Why did you stop?!" Michael asked Liz urgently.

Michael's tone made Liz a little afraid to tell him, but she did it anyway."This is as far as I know for sure."

"Women! You know, you tell them to do something and they do the opposite. Why did you two split up any way...Wait don't tell me it was Maria's idea.. Great...She's your friend which way do you THINK she would go?" Michael vented.

"Michael." Max reprimanded

Liz was a bit hurt for Maria...that Michael would suddenly speak of her as if they weren't all that aquatinted.. Liz knew that wasn't the case and she had seen it with her own eyes...In fact it was the very thing that caused her to confront Max about why they weren't together.. Liz stared wide eyed at Michael.. she was waiting for him to take it back...When there was no reply, she looked to Max...

Max looked at Liz, and she realized that Max's reprimand was, enough to make Michael
think about what he said... Getting Michael to retract it was a whole other matter. So Liz let it go.

"What we have to think about right now is, Maria.. Let's walk a little more..maybe we'll catch a clue as to which way she went."
Max said. Maybe if we had a flashlight we could see her footprints, or something Liz said. Max, smiled at Liz for giving him an idea.. Max bent down to the ground and picked up two Rocks.. He concentrated and made the rocks glow brightly... He handed one to Liz and one to Michael...then he just held his own hands together.. and made light for himself...They searched..

Meanwhile; back in the ditch Maria, was trying to find a way to climb out by her self.
She scrubbed her foot around in the dirt hoping to find a rock or something she could get a footing on..

Part 6

Maria scrubbed her foot around in the dirt to find something to get a footing on.
She found a rock and jammed her foot on top of it. She pulled herself up and tried
to climb out of the ditch. The rock she put her foot on Slipped loose from the dirt it
was imbedded in and folded under foot.

Gravity pulled Maria down and she dropped another 3 feet.
"Ah ahhhhhh," Maria yelled out. She landed with a hard thump, that pushed the
wind right out of her lungs.."Uhhhhhg" she breathed. Tears welt up in Maria's eyes "Oh, I am in trouble now." She thought.. She could see nothing... "where am I? This is the deepest ditch ever...I must have fallen in a hole. or did the earth swallow me up..?I am really hurt now..." She tried to speak.. "Michael...Michael...oh please hear me..."

Above ground, Michael, Liz and Max walked along searching for anything, that might lead them to Maria..

All of a sudden Michael stopped in his tracks....He pivoted on one foot and whipped his head about to look at Max and Liz. And as if his thoughts were far far away he said.."Lets try this direction."

Max looked Michael in the eye and knodded his head in agreement.. Liz held out her the glowing Rock Max made for her..It looked so pretty with the light coming out of it.. The quartz in the stone, was tinged with pink and she wished Maria was there to see it.

Michael, stopped at the edge of a steep ditch, he could not see down it at all, not even with the "Rock light" Max made. A wave of dread came over him, as he realized how dangerous the grounds were around there.. Michael put his head down and shook it from side to side.. "Tell me she didn't fall." he muttered softly..

Liz rushed up to Michael's side and put her hand on his back.. but didn't say anything. She couldn't as she had a bad feeling that Maria had fallen.

Max was stooped down looking in the dirt and dry patches of grass...
"What's this..uh..doing here...?" Max said as he put his hand gently to the ground.
He picked up a little daisy made of pink gems, now only semi attached to a bobbie pin. He turned to Liz..."Is this Maria's?"

Liz looked at the hairpin, and acknowledged that it was with just a poor doe eyed look upon her face.

Michael sped over and snatched from Max's hand.."Give it to me" he said. Michael
held it up in front of his face... Just as he did this he got a flash of Maria's fall...
He shook and looked at Max & Liz. "She fell."

Part 7

"Do you know where" Max asked Michael.

"Right here." Michael said flatly.

"Give me your jackets" Max told them.

Michael looked at Max perplexed like, but obliged him anyway.

Max took off his own jacket and twisted it up .Then he took Michael's and Liz's and did the same. He laid them all on the ground end to end and then used his powers to fuse the jackets together.. and make a sort of rope. He twisted and pulled the jackets with his hands emitting light...until the jackets were as rope like as possible.

Liz, marveled at Max's beauty in the glow of his "OWN" light. She held her breath and the sight of him burned into her memory.. She recognized the fact, that she could never love any other.

"Are you gonna be able to fix that?" Michael asked Max.

"I wouldn't count on it." Max said a little guiltily.

Michael just stared him directly in the eye.. "I liked that jacket." he said bluntly.

Max's mouth twitched a little at the side.. "Sorry" he said.

"You could of told me, I could of given you my jeans, instead or something." Michael said

"God, I am glad I didn't." Max said while holding in his laughter.

Michael looked at Max and squinted one eye at him. "It was broken in they way I like it." Michael said

"I'll get you a new one and break it in with my powers.." said Max.

Michael raised his eyebrows slightly. "Can't argue with that." He said as he fastened the new rope to a tree, and secured it using his own powers.. It sparked a little and Michael jumped back fearing it might flame up. When he saw it was fine he started to climb down it.

"I swear, this Girl is going to get me in more trouble..." He complained as he went down the rope.. "She is gonna owe me big for this." He said..

Max and Liz looked at eachother..knowing he was only covering his true concern for Maria..

Part 8
Michael climbed down and down.. When he got to the bottom of the rope he stood and held it steady for Liz, and then Max.

"Maria" Liz called out

"Liz???? Liz over here."

The three of them rushed over to Maria..
"Maria are you hurt???" Liz asked?

"Yeah" Maria said It seemed to Liz that Maria seemed short of breath..

Liz turned to Max and said..."Max I can hardly see her."

Max felt around the walls of the ditch..and began Lighting all the large rocks he could find...
The illuminated stones looked like planets among a star field. They gave off a dim light, but it was enough to make out Maria's condition a little better..
"Maria, you look pretty hurt" Liz told her.
"I don't think I am getting up anytime soon." she answered.
Maria wished and longed for Michael to come closer and comfort her.. but he just stood above her tall & stern looking.
"What hurts Maria?" Max asked
"It's hard to breathe and my ankle is killing me." she said.
Max bent down to Maria and hovered his hand above her ankle.... Max felt a firm grip go around his wrist...he snapped his head to look up, and see what was going on. He looked up into Michael's face..
"Let me do it." Michael said Max backed off imeadiatly.. and stood up next to Liz..Liz grabbed on to Max's arm and waited.Michael bent down to Maria.. He saw that her eye's were a bit teary with pain.. He realized how brave she was...and that she looked really hurt and without a whimper out of her. He realized it must have been scary not knowing if they would find her.. and it suddenly occurred to him that she was doing it all for him..So he could know what was out there for him.. Without any regard to the fact that it may mean he would go some where else, some where another planet or something...A wave of admiration came over him... He held his hand in the air above Maria's rib's and began to heal her..
When he saw she was breathing easier, he was relieved that there hadn't been any sparks. He then moved to her ankle and did the same thing.. Michael wondered why he had been able to do it...and tried very hard not to attribute it to his feelings for her.. but could not fully convince himself. He picked her up and held they made their way back to the rope.

Liz took a Last look at the stones Max had lit up... "Max" she said as she motioned her head toward the stones.. "It's beautiful, it's like a work of art."
Max smiled and caressed her hair and face..
"Thankyou." Max said so softly that Liz knew he utterly flattered..

Max climbed up first and then assisted Liz..
Michael tied a loop in rope as if to make a swing and had Maria sit in it...Max pulled her up. Then he threw the rope back down for Michael to climb up..
Once Michael reached the top. They had to decide whether to continue the search, or take Maria home.

"What do you think we should do?, Take her home?" Michael asked..

"No, no I am ok really, You helped me Michael...thankyou.." Maria told him.

They started out again.. But Maria we obviously still injured. Michael watched Maria struggle as she walked...
"No, no that's it..I am taking you back to the car." he told her..

Maria was about to protest, but Max interjected before she could say a word.. "That's a good idea, you take her back to the car.. Liz and I will look for awhile. We have all had a rough night..If something doesn't turn up soon, we'll try again tomorrow."

Michael pulled Maria's arm around his shoulder and lifted her a bit, to walk her back..
The foursome separated into two's and soon Michael and Maria were out of sight..

Liz walked a bit ahead of Max with her head up looking for anything.. Suddenly, she felt Max's grip around her upper arm. It sent a flame through her... He pulled and she turned around. Max put both his hands on Liz and pulled her till she was up against his chest and said. "I thought we'd never get rid of them.."
Liz gave Max her sexiest smile...and he wasted no time at all accepting the invitation to kiss her.. His pulse raised and he pressed his lips against hers.. Max breathed in Liz.... He pulled her tighter and tighter to it seemed to him there was no way he could get close enough to her.. Liz was a little stunned...but sunk into him quickly.. passion was consuming them...Max pulled her closer and tighter running his hands along her back.. trying to press her close enough to satisfy him..... None of it seemed to be enough... He wanted more....

Part 9
Max kept one arm wrapped around Liz's waist, as he used his other arm to try and
ease them both down to the ground.. They kissed eachother hungerly......and Liz
bent to Max's will.... They ended up on the ground easily.
As Liz and Max kissed Liz had her little fists clenched and pulling on the sleeves of
Max's T-shirt.. Anything between them seemed Like too much distance..even his
shirt..So Max just reached down and pulled it off himself...Once it was off he
kissed Liz more...Liz felt his Behr arms and chest against her...and just could not
wrap her mind around what was happening...She knew she was young and she
never ever thought she would be this far this young....But how could she resist
him? She loved him so much and she knew he loved her..maybe more than anyone
had ever loved.... Max used one hand to undo the buttons on his Lizzie's shirt.. He
carresed her face with his other hand and stared her in the eyes, to be sure she
wanted him to continue... He let her shirt fall open he ran his hands just on the top
of her shoulders...and then kissed her neck. Liz was breathless... Their hearts
pounded together..and the energy of their love engulfed them both... Max moved his
and down to Liz's stomach and she quivered.. He stopped to look...."Liz" he said
in a confused but passionte tone... "Your stomach." "What is it??" She asked.."
"My's back."..he told her.

Part 10

"My hand print.. It's back." Max told her

Max stared down at the hand print on his cherished Liz.. he began to worry...

"Liz, I am sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen.." he said.

Liz was puzzled.

"Max it's ok.." she said lovingly.

Max felt afraid.. "No, it's my fault.. I.. I ..Feel too much.. I want too much.." he said.

"Max, no." she said

Max interupted, and with a fearful tone in his voice he said."No, I don't know what this could be doing to your body.." He put forehead to hers and closed his eyes..
"Liz, your everything to me... I can't.. I can't risk injuring you....I know it's because my emotions are too powerful and intense... It's making the handprint reappear..." He was feeling completely guilty..

" not hurting me...if fact I have never felt so good in want you to touch me...I don't see how I could ever be without your touch.." She reassured him..

She kissed his lips and took hold of his hand and placed it over the handprint on her stomach..She could feel his hand trembleing.

"Max, it's ok...your not going to hurt me..I's ok.. I love you Max." she whispered..

Max's heart swelled with love...
"I love you." he said. He let his hand make full contact with the print on Liz...and kissed her hard. Then he felt them connect.
"Uhhhhhh.." she gasped.
Liz felt as if her soul lifted slightly out of her body and get pulled to Max's. It was heavenly....

"Liz...Liz!!! are you ok?" Max asked evenmore fearful then before..

Liz opened her eyes..
"Liz!" Max said..
She could tell he was so scared..
"Liz I think you blacked out." Max told her.

"Did I?" she asked.. feeling tierd but very good at the same time.

"Liz, I'm sorry.." he said.

"Max,stop it..I am fine..fine.. I feel better then ever. Max the handprint.. I think it's just a link.. to our souls...It just means.. I am yours..." she told him.

Max's eyes were teared up a little.. He was so moved and so sure she was right..but still so afraid to hurt his little Liz..

He put his head under her neck just above her breast..and stayed there motionless. Liz carresed Max's head..She laced her fingers into his..They rested there together...

Part 11
Max lay there, with his head resting on his cherished Liz...He felt so sorrowful, but yet so full of love...He was reminded of what Michael had said to him in regards to Michael was afraid that just being who he was would hurt her.. Max knew just how Michael felt...Liz was so precious....So beautiful.....he would die rather than let something hurt her...He prayed that his fears we unfounded..And yet there was something about Liz... the way she comforted him.. he felt somewhere deep down.. that it was ok.. that it was going to be ok.. Max sighed and said.. "Michael will come out looking for us soon.. we had better go." Liz agreed.. Max moved his body in attempt to get up... and Liz wrapped her arms around him tightly and squeezed..."I love you Max, I love you." she kissed his cheek tenderly. Max gave Liz's lips the gentlest carefully, he touched her face.. "I love you,Liz. I always have, I always will."
Max pulled the two sides of Liz's shirt together...and buttoned the buttons over her stomach.. "Will you be able to hide this from your mother?" Max asked, refering to the handprint.. "Cause, I can try to get rid of it." he added.
Liz did her upper buttons.."It's not a problem..If she sees it.. I'll just tell her I got a temparary Tattoo or something..Beside's I like it there.. It reminds me of you... It will make me feel like you are always there. Even when I go to sleep in my lonely bed at night." She told him with a giggle.
"I wish,I could sleep in your bed at night..and wake up beside you every morning..just to be near you.." Max said..
"I wish that too Max." Liz replied..
Once Liz was all fixed up Max stood..He put his hands out to lift her to her feet..and then proceded to look for his shirt..
"Where the heck did I throw it?" He asked..
"I won't be able to convince Michael I was still searching with out it." He mused.
"Here it is!" Liz said.. and then she ran off with it..
Max laughed and chased her.. "Come on give it back Liz."
"nope!" Liz said abruptly. "I like you without it!" She laughed.
Max chased her down, she held it behind her back.
"Give it." Max said.
"Not unless you pay the toll." she teased
" much?" Max said kiddingly
Liz puckered her lips and stuck them out ridiculously far. Max laughed and kissed her..She gave the shirt. Max restored it to his body..
They walked on.. till they got to where they remembered Maria's car to be..
"Wasn't it here?" Max asked.
"I am sure of it." Liz said.
Max held his hands together and made a light. He saw the tire marks in the dirt..
"They drove away.. and from the depth of the tire marks.. It looks like they drove off FAST!" Max told Liz.

Part 12
Max and Liz stood and stared at eachother.
"What could have made them run off like that?, Without us??" Liz asked

"I don't know.... but I don't like it." Max said stiffly.


"DRIVE, DRIVE!!!" Maria Yelled
"I AM DRIVING!" Michael shouted back.

Maria pointed in the sky and bounced excitedly in her seat.. "THERE IT IS!!!
GO! GO!" she continued.

Michael sped and turned, the car fishtailed out a little.

"SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN!... she screamed.

"WOULD YOU SHUT UP.. I am TRYING to drive!"
Michael said as his heart pounded out of his chest.. He gripped the stearing wheel.. He
clenched his teeth and he hit the Gas petal with all of his Weight.

"Quick, quick.. it's moving... Maria was pointing..she was totaly blown away.. with the fact that they might be chasing a relative....She thought only for a moment of the time she and Michael shared...their childhood dreams of knowing their fathers..
Maria...steadied her eyes on the object..They couldn't loose it.. If she could not have her dream... Michael should...

"NO..No .. turn the other way!!" She yelled out..

"Would you MAKE UP YOUR MIND?" He asked.
"OH my GOD! it keeps changing directions.."
she cried.

"I swear to God , if this is just a hellecopter...." he bitched.

Maria snapped her head around to look at him... "Michael, It's Glowing FREAKY WEIRD! its not a hellecopter.. Okay!"
"We are in ROSWELL you know... you are and ALIEN you know... DO YA THINK YOU CAN get this into your skull???? she said and then flipped her eyes back to the object in the sky..

Michael squinted his eyes at her and hung his mouth open a bit... Then he shut it quick and knodded his head determined to focus on the job at hand..

"I just hope we have enough gas!" He finally added... "It's not like we have the kind of power that things toteing."


Liz stood next to Max.. and looked up at him.... Max looked down and saw his little Liz's eyes looking confused and concerned.
He through his arm about her and began to walk her along the tire tracks..
"I guess we will just follow these as far as we can." he told her.

And they began to do so..

Part 13

Max and Liz walked along side the tire marks
trying to follow Michael & Maria..

"God I hope they are okay." Liz said..

Max took Liz's hand...He looked at it as he interlaced his fingers with hers...He put his head down.. and became very solom and serious..

"Liz... I want to tell you something.." he started.. "I got scared back there.. really scared."

Liz brought their interjoined hands to her face and kissed his hand.. "I know Max... I could feel everything.. It's alright I promise you."

"No, I know... I just want to say...I just want to tell you... that No matter what.. no matter what happens.. you always have to believe.. you have to know I love you.. and that.. that I would never willingly leave your side..and if any of this ever puts you in danger.. I will come for you... Loving you has made me realize that nothing...not time or space...could ever keep us apart..." he said at barely a whisper.

"Max, I do know....and you should know that everything your saying now...I feel the same way. Anything.. that you would do for me, I would do for you too."
Max kept his head down..he was so full of emotion he could hardly look at her.. After hearing what Liz said.. he thought that just the glimpse of her beatuiful face would send him to tears.. and he didn't want that.
They walked along closely together. Max felt the love between them..and he wished to God he wasn't an alien.. He wished that they could just be together forever..two souls suspended in heaven..entertwined and carressing..two souls in love...among the stars..
Liz, could sense his desire and without knowing the words of what he was feeling she knew..somehow she knew...
and she said.. "That's what we are Max.. that's what we are."

Max heart filled with they joy of having such a bond...having someone to which he finally belonged... Then he heard the familiar sound of his own JEEP.

Beep beep went the horn.. and Isabel drove up to them, with Alex at her side..

"Did you guys see that?" Alex asked.

Part 14

"Did you guys see that." Alex asked..

"No, but Michael and Maria did." Liz answered

Isabel fliped her head about..."Well where are they." she asked..

"Guess" says Max

Isabel rolled her eyes. As she knew what that meant.. Michael has taken off, in search of whatever it was...and once again done it without them.."GET IN." she told them...
Liz immeadatly obeys..Max helps his Liz climb in to the back and then gets in himself..
Alex watches to see that everyone is in place and then says to Isabel. "You may proceed, ma'lady."

Izzy gives Alex her sly grin and hits the gas as hard as she can..

"Iz." Max says sternly

"I just love doing that." she tells Alex.
"I know you do....thats why I wear my seatbelt." He says with a smile.

Max and Liz sat in the back of the jeep, crumpeled together..they were exausted.. and Max was tierd in more ways then one.. He was tierd of chasing things and of being chased..He just be normal..but he figures he had better get filled in on Alex & Iz's story and tell them what happened to Maria... "What happend with you guys." he asks.. "Nothing. We saw that light.. and then we went back to the house to find you guys. But you were already we must have gone after it." Isabel tells her brother.
"What happened with you?" Alex asked.
Max and Liz exchanged a look..and then Liz said "Maria fell down a hole..we had to get her out."
"My God, is she alright?" Alex blurted.
"oh yeah, she's fine.. Uh, Michael healed her." Liz added

"Michael?!" Isabel said with surprise."Wow...that IS something."

"you think?" Liz asked...

"Well did she catch on fire?" Isabel asked..
"NO." Liz answered.
"Then YEAH, I think." Isabel replied.
"IZ......" Max said...
Isabel smiled wickedly at Alex,as he understood her mistichifus side.
Isabel drove rapidly and they followed the terrible tiretracks Michael and Maria left behind...

"You think we'll catch up with them?" Alex asked..

"Maybe"...Isabel said "If Michael hasn't already Hitched the nearest UFO home." she said half kidding half concerned..

Meanwhile Michael and Maria's chase stops when the light they have been following..
suddenly stops and appears to land..
"Holy Crow! Do we walk up to it?" Maria asks.
"Isn't that the mistake all those "Abducties" MAKE...NO, we sneak up to it." he said

Part 15

Isn't that the mistake that all those "ABDUCTIES make? No, we sneak up on it." He said

Maria straigntend herself out and then wondered why.. "What do you think your about to meet his parents?" she said to herself.
"What if they are not freindly?" She asked him.
"Did I say they were?" he remarked.
Maria srunched up he face and turned her head to the if to tell him to shut up.
"Would you get down.. already.?" he said
She lowered her self a bit..
Michael put one finger to his lips to indicate that they should be silent.
He picked a direction and pointed.. They went in the direction of his choosing..
"Maybe, we should, we are getting close." Maria whispered to him. Michael got down lower and started to crawl.. Maria was surprised by the thought that he looked so much like a lion that way.. and then she followed suit.

Back at the Jeep..
Isabel drove as fast as she could, without bouncing everyone out of the jeep. She liked being able to drive fast..Off the road..without worrying about on comming traffic. She kept cool, but once in a while she let the thought slip in.. That maybe Michael had gotten himself and Maria in a lot of trouble.. When ever this happened she hit the gas harder..
Isabel hit the gas and then felt the steering wheel shake and the tire pop.
She hit the breaks and brought the jeep to a halt. Max and Liz bounced in the back seat.
"Isabel... would you please be more careful." Max pleaded.

"Minor Set Back." Isabel said flatly and hopped out of the jeep.

Max was still feeling sad, and he cradled Liz to himself. He caught the sent of her hair and kissed the top of her head gently..Then he let his head rest on top of it.. He really didn't want to be chasing after anything..He was so, so tierd.. he just wanted to hold Liz and have her hold him..To just rest in the light of their love..It was the only thing that saved him..That gave him a reason to breathe each day..Liz..his Liz..
But he was worried about Michael and Maria and certainly wanted to find them and know that they were safe.

Isabel put her hand over the tire and repaired it.

"And I didn't have to get my hands dirty...What a woman!" Alex commented.

Isabel smiled and hopped in the jeep. Soon they were off and away.

Michael and Maria crawled as close as they could to the object..behind what ever cover they could find.

Soon they ran out of things to hide behind, and had to make a decsion. They crouched behind a rock..
"Michael, I can't even make out what shape it is it's so bright." Maria said
"What if it's like radio active, or something" She added.
Michael looked at the bright object and then Maria again..
"You don't have to come with me." he told her.
"Well of course I am going with you." She said.
"Ok then lets just go for it." he said.

Michael and Maria stood up to walk toward the object. A blast of light came out of it and tossed Michael and Maria like RAG dolls back about 5 feet. "Ugggghhhh!" They both yelled.

Part 16

As they drove along..Max's eyes driffted to they skys....he thought about how he used to wonder as to what was "out there" for him.. but now..he didn't wonder didn't matter anymore. He began to think that all the longing in his heart...all his life, was mearly the longing for Liz..the more the thought of it.. the more he knew it was true.
All he ever wanted was this Love.. what ever else he was didn't matter...should he find out....fine.. but he worried that being what he was might cause difficulties for Liz...he didn't care if he got hurt..he only cared if Liz got hurt....but there was something else.. deep down.. and it was the comfort that Liz would never hurt him either. The love she gave to him that made him whole...the love he saw in her eyes, the love he saw in her soul... and it was for him..and nothing else mattered. He gave his precious Liz a little squeeze as he held her in his arms. With all of his heart he hoped that nothing would ever get in the way of them being together .. because he knew that nothing would ever keep him from Loving her. Liz sighed in his arms and he felt her warm breath against him..his melancholy did not leave him..but his longing to be alone with her again grew. Without warning..Isabel and Alex both yelled out at the same time... "LOOK!" Max turned his eyes to look and he saw a bright light.. and he had to turn way.. Isabel slamed the breaks...What ever it was it was begining to take off... To Max's terror.. Liz jummped out of his arms and out of the jeep...
"Chase it! she said... "I see Maria's car over there..I'll go and see if they are alright."
"No" Max said almost pleading..
"Go!" she said and started running.."I'll be alright..just come back for me Max...come back for me." she yelled back as she ran.
Isabel didn't want to waste anymore time on Max & Liz's goodbye.. and she knew if she let it go on any longer Max would end up chasing after her.. and then she would end up chasing Max..and then they would loose the damn thing.. So she just hit the gas..
Max watched Liz run until he could see her no longer..
"Why does she have to be so brave?" He said out loud but by accident.
"Thats just Liz." Alex told him.
Max slumped in the back seat alone..He wished Isabel had let him out..he didn't WANT to chase the freaking thing anyway.

Liz ran to bodies of Michael and Maria.. her heart caught in her throat.."God please let them be alright." she prayed..

Part 17
Liz reached Michael and Maria. She didn't know who to run up to first..finally she decsided on Maria as Maria had already been injured earlier and might be in worse condition.. Liz knew there wasn't much logic in here choice but she would be stuck in her own tracks forver if she didn't go up to one of them first..
Maria was on her side with her face turned down to the ground. Liz went over to her. Filled with trepedation, Liz turned Maria over slightly. "Maria" Liz said, and she heard her own voice quiver. Suddenly she realized how absoultely terrified she was.
What had she been thinking. Max should have been the one to come here. What was "She" going to do? She didn't have any healing powers. She shook her head in disgust at her self.. She shook Maria again.. "Maria." "UHHHHH" Maria groaned.
Liz looked and decided that Maria looked ok.
She turned her attention to Michael.
Liz shook Michael a little. There was no answer.
"Michael!" she said and shook him harder.
Fear struck her.. She put her hand to Michael's mouth and felt no breath from him.
She imeadiatly put her head to his chest but the only pounding she heard was that of her own hear. Liz's mind filled with Panic. She felt like she was drowning. She had no clue what to do. So she just started doing the CPR she had learned in swimming classes.
"Come on Michael." She coached between breaths
"Don't, Don't do this to us... WE NEED YOU."
She pleaded with him.
Over and over Liz heard herself saying
"Oh God, Oh God."
She breathed into Michael and pounded on his large chest.
She had a panicy thought that she was too little to have any effect on him. He pictured herself as a tiny little bug tring to give a giant CPR.. She had things compleately out of perspective.. but she was scared.

Finally Michael breathed.
Liz put her head to his chest and heard a heartbeat.
Michael came to.
"Liz" he said wearly "I always knew you liked me but what are we going to tell Max about this?"
Liz sighed releif.
"Oh thank God." she said. Then she raised her hand to hit him.. but missed on purpose because of what he'd just been through.
"I am glad you can joke while your half dead!" she said.
"Aliens, so damn resiliant." he said dryly.
Michael popped up on his elbows.
"Maria, where is she?!" he questioned.
"I think she is fine, we had better check though." Liz said.
Michael was still a bit weak so he didn't get to his feet, he just sort of slid over to Maria.

Meanwhile Back in the Jeep

Isabel drove insanely fast,to try and keep up with the flying object.

"I hate to be the voice of reason..." Alex yelled over the sounds of the engine and blareing wind.
"But how are we going to catch this thing?"
he finished
"I don't really think we will." she informed him. "but maybe we will see something important..before we loose it all together."
Alex gave a firm nod. "What if?'s important, that IT doesn't see us?" He asked
"I mean what if its actually something we should be HIDING you from?" he asked.
"We are taking that Risk." Isabel said.
After a long silence Max's voice came from the back of the jeep. "Why?"

"Why what Max?" Isabel asked

"Why are we taking that risk?" Max finished

"I don't know why Max!" Isabel said defensively. "Because we don't know who we are? Or where we are from??!

Max knew who he was..he was a man or er alien in love. "What if I don't want to know anymore? What if the best way to PROTECT ourselves if to Stay away from situations like these? If every time something Weird happens and we are does that NOT create suspicion?" Max said desperately.

"He has a point." Alex contributed.

"Max I don't have time to debate this with you. I am TRYING to maneover a SPEEDING vehicle right now.!" Isabel shot back.

Max sat back and shut up.. he sat there like an angry child with his arms folded steaming silently.

He turned his head and watched the speeding trees and rocks pass...

But truely his heart was breaking...he had this horrible nagging fear..that following through on this would drag him from Liz.
He just wanted the world to stop.. he wanted everything to stop.. He wished for Liz..
He grew angry at his situation. Why? why should he have to have a broken heart? Why did it matter that they dropped out of the sky...? Maybe just maybe they dropped out of the sky so he could be with his soulmate..Thats what he began to believe anyway..Liz is all he ever wanted. It was like all this time, he was lost..lost on this earth. It seemed to him he would forever wonder this earth like a ghost until he told Liz..Until he told her "what" he was, and until he showed her his soul. And the wonderful part was..she loved what she saw.. Max wanted the jeep to stop..he thought for a moment he might use his powers to MAKE it stop..but he controlled his anger and sat..stewing as the jeep sped along.

Alex looked back at Max and then at Isabel.
"Isabel," he said sweetly."Maybe, we should take a less visable approach to chasing this thing."

"You too Alex?" she said.

Back by Liz, Michael and Maria

"Maria?" Michael and Liz said

"I am.. ok.. I am ok. are you?" Maria said.

"Yeah..I had a close call.. but Liz pulled me through it." Michael said and then looked at Liz.."Thanks by the way."
Liz just nodded.

"It must have been the fact that you healed me eariler..there must have been a residuale effect from it..Because I am fine." Maria told them.

"What happened to you?" Liz asked

"It felt like a electical shock." Maria said.

"I guess I really blew it! I almost got us both killed with that plan." Michael said

"Michael,no." Maria said..

"It looks like I may never know who I am." he added.

Maria looked at him with loving understanding eyes.
"Michael, maybe the problem is you keep chasing rainbows uh UFO's because you think it will tell you who you are..when you should be looking inside yourself to find out who you are." Maria said.

Michael looked at Maria and wondered why he never noticed her before...where had she been that he just never saw her. He'd been in the crashdown a million times while Max pined over Liz.. and Maria had been nothing more than the other waitress to him..and some girl from school..And then he thought of it.. .It wasn't that she had been missing.. It was him..he was off in space..

Liz looked back and forth at Michael and Maria.. and was moved but really sorry to be present during this private moment between them.

Natures first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So Dawn goes down to day
Nothing Gold can stay
-Robert Frost
posted on 31-Aug-2001 4:29:50 PM
Part 18
Isabel thought about how both Max and Alex were doubtful about chasing this thing..She felt her foot easing up on the gas more and more..Apparently she had reservations of her own, tucked away somewhere inside.. She,let the jeep slow more and more until there was no possible way to catch up with the thing again.

Alex looked at her. He knew she was confused and he put her hand on her leg.. "Its ok, we could never of caught it anyway." he comforted

"Yeah..just don't tell Michael okay?" she said

Max,watched the light dissapear in the distance.. And as he heard Isabel say Michael's name his heart filled with regret. Michael.. Michael, wanted this so badly. It was important to all of them but Michael had so much of himself invested in this. He suddenly felt selfish and ashamed for forcing his will on Isabel and inadvertantly on Michael too. "I'm sorry Isabel, I was acting like a child." Max said clearly embarassed.

"Yeah well, don't be too hard on yourself Max,I am the one who let go of the gas petal." she said.

"It's really ok you guys...There was nothing to see..we followed it..and it went back off in space..It's really not like we were going to get any closer to it.." Said Alex.
Then he looked around the jeep mockingly.."Unless this thing has a Thermo Nuclear Engine you've been hiding from me." he quipped

Isabel gave Alex one of her big smiles. He always knows how to make her feel better. She thought about the time she dreamwalked him. And saw for the first time that there was someone in the world who understood her..And he didn't even know "What" she was yet.

Max felt horrible about himself. He was locked in a circle of self depricating thoughts. Through the middle of his stomach he felt like there was a hole. "What kind of freind am I." He thought. "I never, think enough about what Michael needs..and I am always so hard on him. I always expect so much of him..and now I let him down." Max closed his eyes on that thought and tried to hold in the pain.

Isabel had already turned the jeep around and started speeding back to where she dropped Liz. She was still worried about Michael and Maria and would be until she saw with her own eyes that nothing had happened to them.

Liz led Michael and Maria to were Isabel left her off. They stood and waited..Michael was uncharacteristly holding Maria's hand.
But it was because she looked weary.
"Uh ya know guys..I don't think I am feeling all that well." Maria said
"What is it?" Michael asked.
"I feel kinda weird.. all tingely but numb too..something isn't right." She said.
Michael wrapped his arm around Maria and supported her weight.

"Maybe,your dehydrating or something." Liz suggested

"I don't know." Maria said.

"Damn it! I think were going to have to get her back.." Michael said as he reached in his pocket and tossed Liz the key's to the jetta. "Liz, start the car."

Liz went to the jetta, got in and tried to start it.. "Oh no, It's Dead." She said.

"What do you mean dead?" Michael asked.

"I mean it's the battery is shot or something." she told him.

"Damn it!" He yelled.

"Max,Isabel and Alex are supposed to come back for me." Liz told him.
"Isn't that what people always say about UFO's, that their cars get fried?" Liz asked.

"Yeah it is." Michael said.

"Isabel and Alex are with Max?" Maria asked."

"Yeah they are still chasing the object." Liz said. "Maria, are you ok.. you don't look so good."

Maria began to feel really she was drunk with a fever or something. Her knees started to give out..And Michael bent and lifted her up again...
"I wanna lay down.." Maria said.
Michael didn't know if he should let her.
"I wanna lay down. " Maria repeated when he didn't put her down..
"She sounds funny." Liz said. and with that Maria passed out.

Part 19
Michael felt Maria's body slump in his arms.
He held her up and tried not to loose it. Slowly and gently he laid her down on the ground.
Liz ran over and kneeled beside Maria.
"What is wrong with her?" Michael asked,but Liz didn't have an answer for him. Liz put her hand to Maria's forehead and it was hot.She looked around for the Jeep but didn't see anything. She got up and went inside the jetta to look for the bottle of water she saw earlier. As she started to bring it over to Maria.. she began to think of Astronoughts..and how they undergo physicals for traces of any forgeign bactaria and such before they return to regular societly. "Maybe something about that object made her sick." Liz said
"maybe I shouldn't give her this maybe it's infected too..since the car obviously was."Michael just stared..Liz didn't know what to think of his stare..Maybe this was Michael's look of helplessness.. she thought.. He always masked what he was feeling with that.. that solid stare. Michael touched Maria's forehead and he felt that it was hot."I don't know how to heal a fever." Michael said Liz looked around.. "Does Max?" She asked.
"I don't know." Michael said.

Luckly moments later Isabel pulled the jeep up right beside them.
"What's Up?" She asked in a concerned tone.
"We think Maria got sick from that object?" Liz told her.
"YOU GOT NEAR IT?!" Isabel asked.
"Looks like we got a little to near it!" Michael said
"I think she is dehydrateing..but I don't think it is safe to give her this water, It may also be contaminated." Liz told them
Max,Isabel and Alex piled out of the jeep.
Alex moved to go to Maria's side..and Isabel grabbed him.. "Maybe you and Liz shouldn't go near her. We don't know what is wrong." Isabel said.
"But what about you then?" Alex asked.
"Michael isn't sick..I think Max and I will be fine. Just stand back a little. Isabel told him.
Alex did what she suggested but he didn't like it and he felt a bit helpless and inferior about it.
" there anyway we can get her somewater? She is burning up." Liz said..
Max nodded his head.. and looked around for a plant..He found one with lots of green leaves on it and took off a bunch..
He went over to Maria and sat her up a bit and leaned her against his leg. He opened her mouth a bit and held the leaves over it.
He used his powers to change the molecular structure of the leaves and bring out the H2O held within them..Eventually, the leaves turned compleatley to water and all of it poured into Maria'a mouth..
He could feel that she was very hot, and looked to Isabel for council.
"What do you think we can do?" he asked her.
"I guess we can try to heal her.. but it's a little difficult without knowing what we are healing." she said.
Michael took Maria from Max's hold and lifted her. He carried her over to the jeep. "Let's get her home." he said."Maybe we can find something out at Milton's." Maybe people have gotten sick before." he added.
"Liz,to be sure you and Alex don't get sick you guys better take Maria's car home." Isabel said.
"The Jetta's dead." Liz told her.
"Well then I guess you guys will have to stay here." she said.
Alex and Liz looked at eachother in shock.
"Well there isn't enough room in the jeep and we can't have you sqwished up with Maria. I don't want to risk either of you two's health." Isabel said plainly
Liz could not behr the fact that she had to stay behind..Maria was her best friend..Alex's too. and she really needed to be comforted by Max.
Max didn't want to leave Liz..especially not with that thing flying around out there.
Max walked over to Liz and squeezed her, they breathed together. He let all his love surround her, and she felt it. It was so warm and safe in Max's arms. She kept her face in his chest,wanted to stay there forever. Max didn't want to let go either.He felt like an eternity had passed since she ripped herself from his arms. He didn't like that feeling at all. He felt her arms go about his waist and lock. He absorbed all of Liz's sorrow and fear for Maria. He tried to take it all away from her and replace it with his love. "Liz, we'll take care of Maria...I will be back for you." Max moved back a little so he could see Liz's face.. and kiss it. He kissed her face and then her lips. "We'll take care of her." he said again.
"I know." Liz said tearfully.
"Max,come on!" Michael urged.
Max released Liz, turned and got in the jeep.
Michael was already in the back with Maria held in his arms. Isabel was already in the drivers seat waiting.

Alex put his arm about Liz's shoulder and they watched the jeep drive away.

Part 20
Liz and Alex sat down on the dirt.. feeling helpless and lost. They both wanted to be with Maria.. and Liz wanted to be with Max and Alex with Iz.. but they both decided it would be a good time to talk.
"So how is it going with you Liz?" Alex asked.
"Oh my God.. so good Alex. How is it going with Isabel?" Liz asked.

"It's progressing.. it's progressing.
Slowly.. but it's progressing. " he said.

"Progressing huh? Well that's good.. Ya know Isabel, does't let people in that easily.. you can be sure your the only guy who knows. Ya know." She assured.

"Yeah, I know..I think I have the market on that aspect of her life." He said with a smile.

"So Max is treating you good?" Alex changed the subject back.

"If you want to know the details..I never dreamed it could be this wonderful.. Alex you know I tell you everything I would Maria.. (just about).. But I don't know how to keep my hands off of him...I just love him so much.. I can't get enough." She said with a laugh.

"Yeah well thanks for the gory details Liz..Ya know what Maybe we better think about getting Maria's car started." Alex said.

Meanwhile Isabel rode up to the UFO center with Max Michael and Maria in tow.
"So here we are." she said

Michael was torn between going inside and staying in the jeep with poor sick Maria.
He just sat there with a perplexed look on his face.

"It's alright Isabel and I will go. You stay here and take care of Maria." Max said and hopped out of the jeep.

Isabel took one more concerned look at Maria and turned to go inside.

Max walked up to the front door.. Although he did have the key he didn't have it on him so he just used his powers to undo the lock. Max and Isabel went inside and up to Miltons private data base..

"How should we look this up? Siteings or Illness?." Isabel asked Max.

"We'll try em both.. everything is cross referenced. Milton is pretty good at that." Max told her.

Isabel punched siteings into the computer..
She tried to match up the list of descriptions to the thing she and Alex had seen..
"Here...bright glowing lights.." She said as she clicked the mouse on it.

Max read aloud. "Glowing lights and wittnesses. Click that."

Isabel followed directions. She read the entry to Max..
"Some wittnesses to the glowing light pheonomonon experienced flu like symptoms but at an excellerated strength. Some victems even came close to the illness was so powerful. Some attribute this to radiation and some believe it is an Alien virus used to try and inflict disease on the human race. Either, assumption may be valid but the true problem is caring for those afflicted with such an illness."
"Great, just what we needed to hear." she said after.

"So what did they do for the people who got sick?" Max asked.

"Hold on. Let me read ahead." Isabel said.
After a short pause Isabel continued.
"Nothing, they let them suffer it out." She said.
"Oh thats just great!" Max said angrily
"Yeah, but Max... none of these peoples friends had our powers." she said.
"What do you think we can do?" Max said.
"Maybe we can figure out how to double Maria's antibodies or something like that.. I don't know your the one dating the science student you tell me." Isabel said.

"Maybe we can make them double or make them bigger or something. Iz.. lets get over to the library." Max said.

"Why lets just do it, we can do that." Isabel said.

"Because we have to be sure it's safe to do that.. I mean, what if Maria's body can't handle it.. we have to check that it would be safe." Max said.

"Max.. doing this would be unprecidented, how can we find books on it." She told him.

"Iz, I don't know I just want to play it safe. He told her.

Max and Isabel checked around to make sure they didn't leave anything out of place, and hurried out.

Michael sat holding Maria in the back of the jeep. He was worried, but tried to convince himself he wasn't. He had just begun wondering what in the hell was taking Max and Isabel so damn long when they came out the UFO center doors. Max used his powers to relock the door. Max got in the drivers seat this time and Isabel into the passangers.
"What happened? DID YOU FIND OUT ANYTHING?" Michael asked.
"Yeah." Max said as he started up the jeep.
"So then why are you starting the jeep.. lets fix her." Michael said
"Fix her??!" Isabel said. "Michael she's not a toy."
Michael gave Isabel a look.
"Whatever...make her better. WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING?" Michael said.
"To the library." Isabel said.
"Why?!" Michael asked loudly
"Max needs a biology lesson." Isabel said.
"Then shouldn't we be looking for Liz for that?" Michael said coyly
"Funny...Shut up." Max said.
"What... I didn't say anything.. get your mind out of the gutter Maxwell. She's a science student isn't she. Michael defended.

Isabel laughed because she knew Michael really ment it the inuendo way..and most likley only just recalled that Liz was into science about a second ago. She let it slide anyway.

Alex popped his head out of the hood of Maria's mothers car..
"I don't know how to fix this thing...Holy H R Puffenstuff.. Liz the thing look it's back.

Liz looked up in the sky and saw the light way off in the distance.. She started hoping that it wouldn't come their way.

Part 21

Alex popped his head out from under the hood of Maria's mothers car.. "I don't know how to fix this thing...Holy HR Puffenstuff.. Liz the thing it's back." Alex said

Liz looked up in the sky and saw the light way off in the distance... She started hoping that it wouldn't come there way.

"Alex if that thing made Maria sick.. maybe we should hide or something." Liz said.

"Uh Liz that thing is moving really fast.. I think we better do more than hide.. I think we better RUN!!!!" Alex said

Alex and Liz began running as the thing drew nearer and nearer.. They ran for the trees.
The light came nearer faster and faster only this time it was emitting a loud noise.

"Alex we better get as far away from where Maria and Michael saw it land as possible, it may be trying to return to that spot." Liz yelled on the top of her lungs..

"Liz...just run...we are in alot of trouble here.. shut up an run!" Alex yelled out.


Max drove up to the Library. He stopped the jeep. "I'll be right back." He said. Max slid his tall lean body out of the jeep and started looking for a good point of entry to the library.. Going through the front door of the UFO center was no problem..he was supposed to have the key anyway. But the library was another problem.. He wasn't sure if there were camera's inside. He never thought to look before because he never thought he would have to break in the library before. Max chose a basement window and unlached it with his powers. He figured that if there were any locked doors on the way up he could get by em. He sat on the ground and put his legs in the window, then he grabbed the top of the window and swung the rest of his body through it. "Easy enough." It didn't show from under his clothes but Max was really quite athletic.
He didn't really have any moments of clumbsiness and accidents were few and far between. He found the stairs and made his way to the main part of the library.

Michael sat out side with Maria and Isabel.
He was still holding Maria..and once in a while when she didn't make any sounds for a while.. Michael would secretly panic and shake her a little so she would. He did it this way so that Isabel wouldn't catch on that he was scared. But the truth was Isabel was a scared herself.. She had read in Milton's computer entry that some people came near death with this illness.. She didn't dare tell Michael this unless she had to.

Max grabbed about 3 books on biology and checked around for a camera.. To his dismay he found one. "Great. Now I have to find where they record the tapes." he thought.
Max looked around and found a door marked employees only.. A wave of the hand and he was in.. there on a table was the servalance and recording equiptment. Max opened up the recorder and took out the tape. He replaced it with a blank on he found lying nearby. Next he took the tape and the books, and headed for the basement. This time he was carefull to avoid all cameras. In no time at all he was relocking the basement window and walking back to he jeep. He felt kinda proud of himself.

"What's this?" Isabel asked of the tape.
"Tape of me stealing books." Max said.
"Very good.. couldn't you have thought to disable the camera before you got recorded?" she said matter of factly.
"Sorry. who wants to fry it?" Max asked and he began to drive.
"Michael's specialty." Isabel said.
"Nice...I got my hands full." Michael said.
"I'll handle it then." Isabel said..
"After all we don't really need to explode it." she added.
"Would you just do your job." Michael said.
Isabel looked at the tape and flipped up the little plastic protective cover. She placed her finger on the tape and desintergrated it leaving only the casing. "There we go..neatly done." She said proudly.
"Thanks." Max said..
"Where are we headed now." Michael asked.
"My house..we'll take Maria to my room." Max said.
"I suppose after you we help Maria.. your gonna want to return these books." Isabel said.
"I was thinking." said Max in his little sly joking tone. "I could be the best cat burgerler ever! But yeah were gonna return the books." Max said.
"Do we ever get to rest?" Isbael asked.
"Not when you live with a man with a concience." Michael told her.Then he said to Max. "Well lets hurry up.. Jimminy.. Maria's getting worse."

Max became more serious and determined..and starting thinking hard about what he was going to do to help Maria. He was making great time.. 25 min. but he already missed Liz.

"Alex!!" Liz screamed.. "We gotta find somewhere to hide.. I can't run anymore!"

"Run Liz! Keep running we'll find somewhere to hide." Alex yelled back.

The light seemed to be chasing them now.

Part 22

They got Maria back to Max's room and Michael put her on the bed.. and then he decided he would just lay beside her.
Max sat in his chair and looked at one of the books.. Isabel took one of the books and looked at it as well.

Max was trying to figure out if he should take and antibotoic approach.. He could use his powers to make Maria's antibodies think they had a serious battle to fight. The way an antibotic works.. But he began to worry that it might make her immune to antibotics. So he scratched that idea.. Then he thought he should just try to go after the illness himself..and destroy it.. but.. it would
take a conciderable amount of concentration..
He might have to connect to Maria a little more than he would like to that way. Not that he had anything really against it if it would help her.. but he thought it might be a little akward for her,Michael and himself.

Maria lay on the bed and opened her eyes.. She was delerious.."Where am I?" she looked at Michael. "Michael.. Hi.. I love you but do you really think we have to go to ZarnacK?? I a mean what if your not related to them anyway???"
"MAX!" Michael said.
"Max, Oh god do something please...this I can't take." Isabel said.
Max was embarassed for Maria.. poor Maria she didn't know what she was saying.. and not only did she just proclaim love for Michael.. but Zarnack? Oh brother, he knew Michael and Isabel would take offense to for himself he was ammused by her choice of planets. Pluto Mars you expect those but .. Zarnack.
Max finally decided that he would do a little of both.. He would beef up maria's antibodies and give the virus a shove down.. this way.. he wouldn't change her system too much and she could fight the sickness herself like a normal flu.. Max went over and sat on the opposite side of Maria than Michael. He was glad Michael was there..when he helped her so he would see that Max wasn't getting too deep into Maria's subconcious. Max held his hand over Maria.. he began to heal her.. For a moment but just a moment...he had a flash of Michael in a suit holding a daisy out for Maria.. "I know that didn't happen." Max thought and he had to laugh at the sillness of it.
"What???! What the hell did you see!???" Michael asked
Max did his little mouthy thinginy he is famous for. "UH nothing. She's delerious.. it doesn't make much sense."
"What!!!" Michael persisted
"Some cartoon." Max lied.
"Oh okay." Michael said.
Max continued to heal Maria the way he had planned. When it seemed he had given her the boost she needed he gave the molecular structure of the virus a shove.. then he stopped.
"I think she will be able to fight it easy on her own now." Max said.
"You guys can stay here. I'll go back for Liz and Alex." Max said.
"No, I'll go with you.I don't want to just leave Alex out there." Isabel said.
She tried to but the book she was holding down inconspiculosy.. but Max saw.
"Bring it." he said.
"ugggh." She said as she picked it all of a sudden seemed heavier than it was and she dragged it.
"We'll return it once we get Alex and Liz." Max added.
"You'll stay here?" Isabel asked Michael.
"Yeah." Michael said
Michael waited for Max and Isabel to exit before he put his arm around Maria,and closed his eyes.

"Alex... Alex.. we have to find a place to hide.. it's after us." Liz yelled
Alex who was ahead of Liz, ran back and grabbed her hand.. he dragged Liz and looked for somewhere for them to hide. He gave up and just chose a large shrub..He jummped behind it and pulled Liz down." The light streaked through the sky.. the noise it made was unbehrabel. Alex and Liz covered their ears.

Part 23

As Max and Isabel drove closer to where they left Liz and Alex they saw what was in the sky and the heard the horrible sound it was making.
Both Max and Iz were terrified.
"Max, oh my God.. we left them alone out here with that thing. Oh my God." Isabel said.
Max felt just as badly as Isabel but.. tried to comfort her anyway..
"Their fine, their fine.. we'll get them and go home." he said.
As the thing came nearer to Alex and Liz they got up from behind the shrub and tried to run.. Suddenly a huge flash of light went off and Alex and Liz were thrown clear.

Max and Isabel got out of the jeep and ran toward the object and stared at it there hovering in the sky.. It did a slight back up and then shot upwards.
Max and Isabel turned their attention to Liz and Alex..both running to their loves.

"Oh my God, it's my fault.. I said we should leave them here." Isabel cried.

"Isabel, get a hold of yourself and help Alex.. I'll take care of Liz." Max scolded.

Max ran up to Liz and slid into her on his knees. He looked at her. His eyes moved back and forth in fear... He didn't even take the time to think about it the way he had with Maria. He put his hand right back on the spot on her stomach desperate to connect with his lover. "Liz.. Liz.." he said and his voice was a whisper from the depths of his heart. He turned her face toward his and kissed her lips. She opened her eyes slightly. This time Max was the one who gasped..."Uhhhh,,,Liz..." he was in. Max could see his sweethearts soul..her beautiful soul and he wasted no time in making her well. He wanted to be sure Liz would be ok..and his fear would not let him be cautious. As Liz began to recover, she felt all the power of Max's soul.. All his love and concern pulling her out of illness. She felt his soul pulling her's nearer and she went. She went willingly. "Auhhhhhh, Oh Max..I am ok Max." she said Max threw his legs back and was now lying half on Liz. He began to kiss Liz feverishly. His heart rose in his chest..and filled with joy at having her move beneath him. "Oh, she's ok.. she's alive.. she's so full of life." He thought as he kissed her and moved his hands all around her body. He grabbed and squeezed her upper arms to show himself that she was really there. He kissed her more and the connection seemed even more intense then eariler.. "Max." she said. "Oh Max." and kissed him. She felt the intense connection and his soul was so powerful that she was amazed by his strengh.


Max stopped and looked over at Isabel. Her eyes were filled with tears and Alex was still lying on the ground not moving.

Part 24

MAX!!!MAX!!! Isabel Screamed " I DON"T THINK THIS IS WORKING!"

Max stopped and looked over at Isabel. Her eyes were filled with tears and Alex was still laying or the ground, not moving.

Max and Liz got up immediately though it felt painful to tear apart from one another.
Liz realized how much more gradually the seperated when Michael and Maria came in on them.
Max and Liz stood over Isabel who was knelt at Alex's side..
"Max, I don't know what to do." Isabel said sobbing.. "Its not working."
"Try again" Max said forcefully

Isabel held her hand above Alex's heart. Max realized.. that Isabel needed to give more of her self. She was probally the most talentled of them all when it came to useing their powers. But she never really had to use them on a person. She had to give more..
Max knelt down beside Isabel and gently held her hand and guided it so that it was touching Alex's chest. He held her hand down and said. "Try now Isabel."

Isabel tried again.. Alex began to come to. "Wha.... What happened." He said.

"That thing tossed some kind of engery at us, and Max and Isabel healed us." Liz said

Isabel looked positively shaken.. He sat up and gave her a little hug. "Thanks honey." Alex said.

"We're going home." Max said.
They all got in the jeep. Max drove and Liz sat beside him.
He was very solom and staired straight ahead most of the time.
Isabel and Alex held hands in the back seat.
Liz looked at Max as he drove. Once in a while he would look back. She knew something was troubling him.
Liz shifted in her seat and her foot kicked one of the biology books that was on the floor. "What's this?" She said as she picked it up and began to thumb throught it.
She looked back at Isabel.. but could see she was emotionally drained.. so she looked back at Max.
Max felt Liz's stare. He looked at her.. "Max whats with this?" She asked again. "I took them from the library to cure Maria." he said "Why did you need this?" She asked to get him to further explain.
"Well that sickness she got..We went to Milton's and found out it was a virus..I didn't want to make any mistakes so I went to the library to get them." He said. "So she's ok??" She said "Yeah she's fine. she just has a slight case of the space flu." he said dryly.
"And what about me and Alex?" She asked.
"You won't have the flu..." Max said and that's kinda of what I am worried about."
"Why, what do you mean?" Liz asked. She noticed that Max was still staring straight ahead and that he seemed concerned.
"Well, I wanted to help Maria fight it on her own... because I thought if I I healed her a certain way, I would make her immune to antibotics..and I couldn't have it, that she would always need one of "US" to help her."
"Wait.. so you didn't do that to me?" she said.
"I saw you there unconicous and I just had to have you well... I.. I......... ....couldn't .....wait." Max fumbled out.
"You couldn't wait?" she repeated with a smile.
Max smiled back "No"
"But I think it was different for Maria.. because Michael had just healed her earilier.. so I think thats why she was ok after the thing attacked...just sick. You and Alex.. were almost gone. So we had to treat it as more of an emergency situation."he said.
"Oh." Liz said.
"Uh, how do you feel?" Max asked..
"I feel good.. like I am full of energy." She said.
Isbael spoke softly as if she was lost in thought..
"Max, you don't think, that that thing could be from our home planet.. That disease dispensing machine.. You don't think that those are our people? Do you?" Isabel asked.
"I don't think so Iz." Max comforted.
"Because, if this is who we've been looking for.. I don't think I want to know." She added.
"If we're here Iz.. It only stands to reason, someone else could be here too. Don't worry Isabel.. they aren't our people." Max spoke these words to Isabel but didn't fully believe it. In fact all this time he had concidered him self shipwrecked with no one out looking for him and no way of getting home. He found it hard to believe that there were others.. even though he knew..he was from somewhere else.

Max drove on and they finally reached town. They drove passed the Library and Isabel sat up in her seat. "Max.. the books." she said

"Forget it Iz.. I'll bring them back tommorow when the library is open.. It will be easier that way. They will never notice." Max said.

When they reached home..they went in through the window.. They found Michael and Maria still resting upon Max's bed. Michael had fallen asleep with Maria in his arms. Maria looked sweaty and sick but she looked better than before.

"I'll call Maria's mom and tell her she's staying at my house.. and that she is sound asleep so I thought I'd just call and ask if she could stay." Liz said.
"That sounds like a good idea. That way we can keep and eye on her." said Max..
"I am not going to move Michael either.. I'll just let them sleep there."

Isabel was so drained. Alex looked at her..
He didn't realize she cared so much. "Come on I'll walk you to your door." He said and
Isabel and Alex retreated to Isabel's room.

"Everything is fine here." Max said to Liz.
"I'll take you home."

Liz smiled up at Max.. "I don't want to go home." she said.

Max grew serious again.. "Liz.. I don't know for sure.. that you'll be able to fight sickness on your own.. now that I've done what I've done." he said

"Well, I feel great..." She ran her hands from his waist up to his chest. " I feel better than great."

Max was still worried but he pushed it aside and gave in to her. He felt her hands carressing his chest and folded..He had to kiss her.. He brought his hands up to her face.. " I was afraid, I lost you again." he said. "and then he gently kissed her lips"

"If your going to do that can you take it out side?" Maria said from her haze..

Liz turned her head and looked.
"Do what Maria?" She said with a laugh.

"Smoke that cigarette.. I hate smoke!" Maria said.

Max and Liz looked at eachother and laughed
"Oh she's gone." Liz said.
"She'll be alright though." Max added.
Max laughed again and led Liz to the window.
"It's ok Maria we'll "smoke" outside." He said jokingly.

Max drove Liz home and they both climbed the fire escape.
He kissed her on the balcony. But Liz pulled him toward her self as they kissed.

They stumbled inside and didn't stop kissing all the way to the bed.
"Maria was right." Liz said.
"What?" Max asked between two long wet sucktiony kisses.
"We are smoking." she said.
Max laughed..but he was becoming more and more consumed by passion... He had so many scared during the night he just wanted to feel alive.. and he just wanted to feel that way with Liz.
There was nothing he liked better then to feel Liz's body beneath his.. To look in her eyes and see her soul and to feel all her love surround him. "This is it.. he thought..
I have to have her... I need her.. I love her." He kissed her and touched her and more.. and the more he did this the more he wanted to. Liz felt so full of energy and love.. she put all her fears away like packing up her old dolls in a box. She wanted the unknown.. and she faced it.. the unknown.. Was love.. love with a man who was "not of this earth." Max tugged on Liz's shirt..he wanted to take it off her..she let him..but when he went to throw it.. the fact that he had hardly been in her room turned out to be a problem.. He swung his arm out an knocked over her lamp..
"CRASH" It shattered with a loud noise.
"LIZ!!!! WHAT WAS THAT?" Came the questioning tone of Liz's mother's voice.
"Nothing.. Mom.. I got it!" Liz shouted back.
"DID YOU BREAK SOMETHING?" Liz's mother asked and from the sound of it she was right out side the door.
Max looked over at the door.. he mouthed the word "Locked?" at Liz.
"No." she whispered and shook her head.
Max hopped up and used his powers to lock the door. Click.
"Lizzy? did you just lock this door???"
Open it right now."
"Uh I locked earlier Mom, when I was changing into my pajama's." liz said and then began searching for her pajamas.
The door handle twisted.. and Max and Liz froze in their tracks.

Part 25

Max and Liz looked at eachother as the door knob turned..
Click left Click right...shake shake.. still locked.
Max knelt down and repaired Liz's lamp and quickly returned it to its place.
"LIZZY! I said open this door.. young lady." Liz's mom said.
"ALLRIGHHHHHT MOM, I am coming." Liz whined.
Liz was jumpping up and down and waving her arms about sliently...
Max nearly laughed...Liz nearly laughed.
Liz pointed to the balcony.. and Max silently crept to it.
As Max started down the ladder.. he saw Liz start to change into her pajama bottoms.. He tried as hard as he could not to look.
When Max's head was properly hid.. Liz opened the door to her Mom.
"Liz what is going on in here.?" her mother asked.
"Nothing. What could be going on?" Liz returned.
Liz's mom looked her daugher up and down..She looked innocent enough.. but she knew she heard something... Mom's thoughts secrectly drifted to the balcony..How she thought it was a bad idea to have Liz's room ajoined to it.. and how she never should of let her husband talk her into taking the other room just because it was bigger..
Liz was getting older and that balcony..was an invitation to boys.. But it wasn't boys that worried her.. it was Max Evans.. She may have been a mom but she was not blind to the fact that he was probally the most beautiful boy she had ever seen. But there was something about him, something about his eyes.. that made her trust him. God knew she let Max get away with murder.. when he brought Liz home from having her out all night in the desert.. Yet.. she knew that nothing major had really happened.. She could trust his eyes... Maybe even more than Liz's.. She also wasn't blind to the fact that Max and Liz weren't to hormonal teenagers..but that they were certainly in Love.. It was that she could see the Max that made her trust Max more and at the same time Liz less.. She thought that when she was Liz's age.. if she had a beatiful boy like that so in love with her.. What would she do?? What would she want to do? Then she noticed Liz's shirt half hangging from the nightstand.. "Lizzy whats gotten into you? I usally don't have to tell you to clean up after yourself. put that shirt in the hamper."
Liz looked at the shirt and said. "OOP, sorry Mom."
"Liz.." mom said more calmly.. "what broke in here? I heard a crash."

"Nothing broke mom.. I just dropped my um..
umm..What was that again." Liz said realizing that at times she was the worst lier in history..Like the day at the crashdown when she lied to Valenti about Max being there.. She should of said yeah there were kids from school there but left when they saw she was fine. That would have been more believable than.. "I didn't know them they must have been some tourists." and saying that only sounded more suspicous.. strangers fleeing the scene.

"What what did you drop Liz??" mom said as she moved toward the balcony..

Liz knew Max would still be hanging on the ladder to say goodnight to her.. He wouldn't just run off.

"I dropped a few of my knic knacks..thats what you call them again.. kic Knacks.. but none of them broke. While I was trying to reach for a book." Liz finally muttered out.
Mom moved closer to the balcony door..

Part 26
Liz mom went out to the balcony and looked down the ladder. Nothing .. there was no one Max as she had suspected. Liz peaked over herself and at first she was relieved that Max was not there and then she was disapointed..He didn't say goodnight. How lucky and unlucky for her.
Liz's mom was satisfied. "Okay well it looks like eveything is allright here. Make sure you keep this locked she said.. and Liz sensed a double meaning… but let it slide innocently .
Goodnight Liz honey.. Liz;s mom said. She still felt so distant from her daughter. Liz got into bed and her Mom shut the light for her…she closed the door to Liz's bedroom behind her.
Liz tried to settle down and go to sleep but she was still riled up and wished Max had stayed to at least say goodnight.
Down beneath Liz's balcony Max watched the light go out… He figured 2 more minutes and it should be safe to climb back up.. But Max was feeling far from safe.. This time he had the idea of seduction burning in his blood. He would go back up and seduce Liz.. It was what he wanted… the connection they remade through his hand print.. had him burning…. He wanted more of it..and he just couldn't help it.. He would leave it up to Liz now.. but he would try to get her to want it too.
Max climbed back up and let himself in..
Liz heard a click and knew it was Max opening the locked door with his powers. Her heart raced with anticipation… "he didn't leave without saying goodnight" she thought "Max?" she asked…
"Its me." He said softly.
Max moved to Liz's bed and got in it.. She turned to look at him.. He took her in his arms..
His voice was warm and deep and he said.. "Liz, let me…. Let me show you my love…."
I want to show you how I feel… I want you to feel it too….
Liz tried to speak but Max did 't let her.. He touched her face.
"Before you answer… let me finish… I know it's scary.. but I can make it easier for you.. I could use my powers to make sure nothing unwanted happens.. and I could make you more comfortable…. I can not only touch your soul but … I can make your body feel .. my love… "
Max was the sexiest.. she had ever seen him…
"Let me show you Liz" he moved to kiss her neck and she felt his heart pounding within his chest. He kissed her neck and made his way to her lips and when he got there he kissed her with everything he had.
Liz's heart raced… and she stared amazed at her beatiful man. "Will you??" max asked
"How could I refuse you anything ever Max?" Liz asked him.. "I love you" she finsihed
Max kissed her . he was happy, scared and excited. "Liz… oh Liz."
Max began to use his powers to make Liz's skin feel wonderful where ever his hand was touching her.
"Max… your going to kill me with passion." She told him as she crumbled under his touch.
Max went to move his hand to where his handprint was on Liz's stomach… to connect them.. but before he could there was a knock at the door.
"Liz .. is everthing alright?? Liz's dad called from outside the door. "Your mother said she heard noises earlier."

Max stopped and kept his body so still. Yet his heart beat hard in his chest and his breath was so rapid.. he thought for sure it could be heard through the door. And maybe even all the way to his home planet..
Liz put her hand on his chest to calm him. She knew that Max was so reved up an ready to go. But she also knew it wasn't going to happen tonight. Not here in her room.

"EVERTING IS FINE.. I AM JUST REALLY TIERD" Liz shouted out ot her dad.
"OKAAAAAY. You know your Mom.. goodnight Lizzy" her dad said. As he turned away from the door.

He thought of eveything his wife said to him and he thought about a conversation with Amy Deluca..… "Watch out for those WINDOWS." She said.. "Boys can climb in them you know!" But it was the way she said it that made him think that maybe she caught one.. trying to climb in to Maria's window… It was the fact that she was so frazzeled when she said it.. and how it seemed so left field of what they were talking about… He thought about turning back and knocking again.. "stop being ridiculous.." he told himself..Amy is always frazzeled.. and his wife had gotten so over anxious ever since Liz started looking more like a young lady than a child. it was probally nothing…

Max's body was warm and his pulse was charging… Liz knew… he wanted this more then ever before.. especially the way that he asked her.. but she knew she couldn't now.. she knew her parents were near by and the slightest noise would send them running in.. and the kind of pleasure she was getting from Max's touch.. She didn't she could keep quiet.. Max looked in Liz's eyes.. "I know he said. You don't have to tell me.

The heat of Maria's body was so intensely hot that it woke Michael up..
"Frig.. she's still burning up. What the Hell am I gonna do?" he said.

Part 27
Max let Liz loose, and slid out of the bed. He walked toward the balcony.. Liz got up and followed.
"Max..wait.. I am sorry" she said.
Max turned around grabbed Liz and pulled her to him.. He kissed her long and hard.
He tried to put all his emotions into his kiss..Liz felt everythign his desire..his regret and his longing.. she was knocked off her feet.
Max stopped kissing her when both of them were out of breath .
"Max.. I am really really sorry." she breathed.
Max smiled at her and touched her hair.. he pulled her in for a gentle hug..
"I know Liz." he said.
He knew she was sorry and he had made her that way. He felt some satisfaction, in that he had moved his love to want him so.. and he realesed her and made his way down the ladder.

Back at Max's house Michael was worrying about Maria. He got up and knocked on Isabels door.. sure he was interupting a Make out session between her and Alex.. Much to his relief when he opened the door they were sitting face to face indian style apparently just talking. He was glad Isabel was taking it slow.. cause he knew her forever and he knew she needed that. Alex seemed like a good guy to him.

"Isabel, Maria is burning up." he said and shook his head toward Max's room.

Isabel and Alex got up and came to his side.
All of them piled into Max's room.

"I thought we took care of this." Isabel said.
"I'll get her some water." Alex volunteered.
"No, I'll go.. my parents aren't really aware that you guys are here." she said.
Isabel retreated to the kitchen to get some water for Maria.. she silently wondered if Asprin would be of help.."The don't exactly make medicine for space born illnesses." she said to herself. But then she wondered if they did. Nassa must know something..and if Alex could hack his way into the FBI's computer base. Maybe he could get into Nassa she pondered as she filled the glass.
She rushed back to the room with the water.
Max popped in through the window. Michael gave him a funny look and Isabel wondered why. Then Alex looked at him funny.Max sensed that they seem to know he was frustrated. Isabel wondered what was going on between them all and brushed it off as a guy thing.
"Alex, could we hack into Nassa and find out if there is somekind of remidy for this...whatever virus, Maria has?"she asked
"That is a really good Idea Isabel, but it's too risky.. they would be all over us in minutes." He said
"Why, you got into the FBI didn't you?" She asked.
"Yeah, but I used Topolski's lap top..they didn't know it wasn't her." he told her.
"Oh, I forgot that." she said
"Is Maria, worse?" Max asked.
Michael looked down and poor Maria..his heart fell.
"She is, She's worse." Michael admitted to them and to himself.

Part 28
Max popped in through the window. Michael gave him a funny look and Isabel wondered why. Then Alex looked at him funny. Max sensed that they seemed to know he was frustrated. Isabel wondered what was going on between them all and brushed it off as a guy thing. "Alex, could we hack into NASA and find out if there is some kind of remedy for this... whatever virus Maria has?" She asked
"That's is a really good idea Isabel, but it's too risky.. they would be all over us in minutes." He said
"Why, you got into the FBI didn't you?" She asked.
"Yeah but I used Topolsky's lap top .. They didn't know it wasn't her." He told her.
"Oh,I forgot that." She said
Max was looking over at Maria
"Is Maria worse?" Max asked
Michael looked down at poor Maria...his heart fell.
"She is, She's worse." Michael admitted to them and to himself.
Max walked over to Maria..she was twisting and turning.."It looks like she is dreaming." He said. Max felt so sorry for her.. It was his desicon after all, to not completely heal her.
"It must be my fault." Michael said. " I didn't do it right when I healed her ribs and ankle."
"No, Michael.. That has nothing to do with it. I should have healed her the whole way..I was being too cautious." Max replied
"Well, what are we gonna do now?" Michael asked.
"We are going to have to heal her." Max said, as he thought of the vision he had earlier (of Michael holding a daisy) when he was trying to heal Maria of the illness..
Then Max..said very commandingly to Michael.. "You are going to have to do it."
Michael, was leery..."Max this is Maria's life we are talking about. You better do it."
He retorted..
Max looked at Michael straight in the face. "Michael, I didn't want to tell you.. but I got in to Maria's subconscious before..and I think you would prefer it. If you did it." Max said. "Max, I don't care..I mean yeah "that" bugs me.. but, She's in this position because of me, and if you can get her out of it..You should do it. We shouldn't be taking chances with my powers just because.. I'm with her."
Michael spewed.
"Michael, you can do it." Max told him
"Max, NO I can't! Just do it Max." He said
"Michael, I think Maria would prefer it.. If you do it." Max said.
"Alright..everyone just relax." Alex interrupted. "How about we let Maria decide."
"Incase you hadn't noticed ALEX, she is delirious." Michael snapped
Alex merle looked at Isabel and said
Isabel turned her head to the side and huffed
"Yeah okay."
Isabel shoved Maria a little and lay down next to her. She didn't need a picture cause Maria was right there.
Isabel put one finger on Maria and touched her for a second. Then she drifted off to sleep. She walked right into Maria's dream.
Not much was making sense in there because.. Maria was delirious..
"Great! What a mess." Isabel said.
Isabel walked past..a little dog.. that yapped happily at her ankles..
"Aww, he's cute." She said In fact a lot of things were awfully cutsie in Maria's dream...
all that was missing was one of those big eyed puppy pictures from the 70's. "I had no idea, what a girlie girl Maria really was." Isabel thought.. as she entered a room with Puffy fuzzy pillows.. and big giant oversized flowers in terra-cotta pots.
She found Maria there.
"Hi Isabel. What are you doing here?" Maria asked her.
"Your asleep and your sick.. I am here to find out who you would rather have heal you Max or Michael." Isabel said rather emotionlessly.
"You what?" Maria said. Maria got up and picked up a watering can and began to water her giant flowers.. and then the flowers got even bigger. For some reason the whole scene made Isabel think of the song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" Just because everything was overly colorful and oversized. It just seemed psychedelic. "Okay.. I know your delirious, But try to concentrate on me..I am dreamwalking you.. Max and Michael are fighting over who will heal you." Isabel said
"They BOTH want to heal me?" Maria said flattered.
Damn it! Isabel thought.
"Uh, yeah.. Michael wants to do it.. but Max doesn't know if he is capable." Isabel lied.
She didn't want to hurt Maria's feelings.. and the thought of Michael not wanting to do it might hurt her. If it was necessary to tell her the truth later she would.
Maria turned to another pot of giant flowers and Watered them and they grew.
Isabel watched and tried not to be distracted. Then she saw Maria walk over to a fish bowl of sea monkeys. They were really cartoon like and sickeningly fact they were so cute that it made Isabel sick. They actually looked more like little teddy bears with fish tails.. but with cute faces. Isabel wondered how she knew they were supposed to be sea monkeys.. but somehow she knew.
"Hello are you .. you want some food?" Maria said as she dumped colorful flakes into the bowl.. that seemed to resemble cupcakes.
"OH MY GOD, I have to GET out of here! Listen to me Maria! MAX OR MICHAEL??"

Part 29
"They both want to heal me?" Maria asked flattered.
Damn it! Isabel thought..
"Uh yeah Michael wants to do it.. but Max doesn't know if he is capable." Isabel lied
She didn't want to hurt Maria's feelings.. and the thought of Michael not wanting to do it might hurt her. IF it was necessary to tell her the truth later..she would.

Maria turned to another pot of giant flowers and watered them and they grew.
Isabel watched and tried not to be distracted. Then she saw Maria walk over to a fish bowl of sea monkeys. They were really cartoon like and sickeningly cute. fact they were so cute it made Isabel sick.
They actually looked more like little teddy behrs with fish tails. but with these cute faces. Isabel wondered how she knew they were supposed to be sea monkeys.. but somehow she knew.
"Hello are you? You want some food?" Maria said as she dumped colorful flakes into the bowl that seemed to resemble cup cakes.
"OH MY GOD, I have to GET out of here! Listen to me Maria! MAX OR MICHAEL??" Isabel asked

Maria's teddybehr sea monkeys gulped down their cupcake fishfood and grew larger.
Maria smiled at them.."You cute little guys you.. I just love you." she said to them

"Maria, Max or Michael?" Isabel asked again

Maria reflected... "Well tell Max thankyou and that I care about him too. But that Michael just needs encouragement. and maybe this is just the thing he needs." Maria said

"I know." Isabel said. Not knowing how she would get Michael to agree. "I know he needs encouragement Maria.. what to suggest I say to him." Isabel asked.

"Bring him here. I'll talk to him" Maria said

Isabel figured she could do that. It might be a little difficult to get him to go, but once he was there.. she would be out of the loop and it would be between Michael and Maria to work out amongst themselves. Isabel would definitely not tell Michael how cute everything was in there or she would never get him in. "Okay, I will be back here with Michael in just a bit." Isabel told Maria

Isabel left Maria's dream and returned to Michael, Alex and Max.

"What happened?" Michael asked

"She wants to talk to you." Isabel said to Michael. She delighted somewhat in the reaction on his face. Isabel held back a smile as she realized that Maria was definitely more than Michael had ever bargained for.

Max rolled out the sleeping bag and directed Michael to lay on it.

"And just how am I supposed to fall asleep?" Michael asked.

"Don't worry about that. I will take care of it." Isabel assured him.

Michael lay down and Isabel walked over and touched him. Then she walked back to Maria and touched her. She laid down herself beside Maria and dream walked Michael in.
Isabel took Michael down the halls of Maria's dream to the room she found her in earlier. Isabel tried not to laugh as she observed Michael's face in reaction to all the cute things there.

Similarly Alex was holding in a chuckle as he asked of Max. "Lizzy giving you a hard time?"

"No, her father is, and her mother.. and everyone in general keeps getting in the way." Max said with a silly far away stare in his eyes.

"Don't worry to much my friend. Your day will come." Alex said

"Uh, Yeah but yours BETTER NOT." Max offered.

Alex laughed. "When have you ever had to worry about Isabel? All I can say is you better treat Liz right.. I am one of her best friends you know. I may not have any GLITZY powers like you.. but I would still find a way to kick your ass if you hurt her." Alex said.

Now Max was laughing. "I appreciate what good friends you and Maria are to Liz. I couldn't ask for any better for her. But lucky for you you will never have a reason to try." Max said

"Well Good." Alex said
"Good" Max said.
and they both looked over at Maria and wondered how Michael was doing in her subconscious.

When Michael and Isabel arrived in Maria's dream room.. Maria's back was turned..
"Maria." Michael called.
Maria turned around and she was holding a big fuzzy bunny doll. When she saw Michael it vanished from her arms. The room completely changed to an out door Paradise.

Isabel looked around and said to Michael "Oh my God, she doesn't like you too much. It's Paradise."

Michael was shocked. He heard what Isabel said. He saw how Maria changed from a Happy child to a beautiful young woman before his eyes. And he saw how beautiful her dream was.
Michael saw the environment change but he didn't believe it had anything to do with him.

"Michael, your really here." She said
but Maria wanted to let him know that it did.
"It's wonderful here isn't it? And it's because you're here." She said

"Wow this is weird." Isabel said out of the side of her mouth. "It's like Maria has powers." Iz finished.

Michael walked up to Maria and Izzy stayed behind.
Michael stood before Maria and was confused by how she looked a little different in her dream.. She seemed free, and spoke softly to him. She looked so pretty and he thought for a minute.. that he must be seeing her soul.
"Michael, I want you to heal me. I know you can. Look at what you've done here. You made my room into Paradise." she said

"I didn't do it Maria, you did this." he told her.

"No, Michael you did this to my heart.. that's what you see here." Maira said

Michael's jaw dropped open. He felt the walls around his heart crumble. The complete awe of the situation.. The whole breathtaking scene and Maria's words were just too much for him.

"Okay.. I gotta go and heal you now." he said
He wrapped his big arms around her and Maria returned the embrace. The Sun of her dreams began to set and the sky turned unbelievable colors. It then stayed a wonderful deep purple,indigo blue, and pink.
Michael slowly released her and returned to Isabel. Isabel led him away and out of Maria's dream. She was careful not to look at him or Speak of what she saw.

Michael and Isabel woke up and found Max and Alex, standing there waiting for them.

There was poor Maria asleep on the bed. Her ethereal body was sweaty and clammy. Very unlike the Astral one he had just seen.
Isabel got up from the bed and moved to be beside Max and Alex.

Michael got up and sat beside Maria. He raised his hand.. and looked back at Max as he became hesitant.

Part 30
Michael turned his head back toward Maria and placed his hand on her. He tried to connect.
"Michael." came Max's voice softly from behind
"What!? Max!" Michael said already sounding frustrated.
"Michael..try to wake her up, and look her in the eyes." Max coached.
Michael took his large hand and tapped Maria's face. When she didn't awaken, he swatted both sides of her face. It wasn't hard enough to hurt her, just not a fun way to be woken up.
"huh?" Maria woke up even more confused than ever. She thought she was had just been with Michael on some tropical island. Where were they now?
Michael took the opportunity to look in her eyes before she closed them again. Michael stared hard into Maria's eyes. "This isn't going to work." he thought. "I am not getting anything." Michael said to himself. But then he started to see Maria and her mother. Little Maria she was a cute and pretty little girl. There she was sitting at a diner table with her mother, "who God looked just like Maria does now." Except for the clothes. "MY God she was young." They were looked so sad. But he could feel how sad Maria was. They sat teary at the table as Amy tried to say cheerful things to her child. "Everything will be just fine, honey." Amy said to Maria. "I will figure out a way to support us. I won't let you down sweetie." Michael felt Maria's little heart swell up with sorrow and worry, and funny there was some bravery there too. It was alot for Michael to take, he had to finish soon. He concentrated on the healing and shook off the connection. When he broke, he saw Maria staring back at him. They stared eye to eye. Michael's eyes had softened and he was feeling alot of emotions some of them were about Maria some of them were Maria's. It was all very weird. He wanted to kiss her, but remembered that Max, Alex, and Isabel were in the room and refrained. "save it for later" he thought.
He turned and looked at the other three. "Every things alright?" Max asked.
"Fine" Michael said.
"I think it's time we all got some rest, then. Tomorrow we'll get Liz and talk about this thing we saw." Max directed. They all nodded in agreement. "Maria, Liz called your mother and told her you were staying at her house and that you were already asleep. So it's probably best if you don't go home." Isabel informed.
"Should I go to Liz's" Maria asked.
"she's already gone to bed. And besides that I think her parents are about ready to put a cement wall where her balcony is." Max said
Everyone whipped their heads about and looked at Max.
"What did you do, Max?" Isabel asked.
"Nothing. I just knocked over a lamp and scared them. It's best if Maria just stays here. You can sleep on my bed." Max said Isabel slowly relinquished her stare at Max and turned to Alex. "Come on, I'll walk you out." And Isabel led Alex out Max's bedroom door and continued on to sneak him out the door.
Max looked at Michael and Maria and suddenly felt lost in his own room.
"I uh,uh I think I will go and sleep on Izzy's floor. It's warmer. Uh her room is over the boiler room. And if I am going to sleep on the floor." Max said trying to find a way to excuse himself from the room.
Max looked at Maria, and she looked confused. "Uh, nicer carpet too." Max said as he made his little "Yikes" face and left a little fumbley.
With that Michael simply lay down beside her and wrapped his arms around her. He had, had enough emotions for the night and decided to save the kissing for another time.
He did kiss her cheek, to let her know it was okay to rest and they closed their eyes.
Max went into Isabel's room. She was not back yet. He stole one of her pillows and tossed it to the floor. He was tired and he figured Isabel would have his presence figured out easy enough and decided there was no reason to wait for her to explain. Max lay down and wrapped his arms around the pillow and put his head on it. He wished it was Liz. He closed he eyes and drifted away. Soon he was Dreaming.

Natures first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So Dawn goes down to day
Nothing Gold can stay
-Robert Frost
posted on 31-Aug-2001 4:32:48 PM
part 31

Max began to dream. In his dream he felt an overwhelming loneliness. Something he had not felt since before he and Liz connected souls. A Pain struck his heart and seemed to rise up his throat to his eyes. He tightened his jaw to restrain tears as he wandered around in the desert of his dreams. Everything was dark there. There were no stars, there were no lights, there was no Liz. He was all alone. Then suddenly there was an object coming from the sky towards him. Max stared at it. The thought came to him that it was coming to GET HIM. Get him and take him away from Earth. To Take him away from Liz. He started to run. Max ran fast. He always did and it was no different in his dream. But the faster he ran, the faster it came after him. The object landed and swarms of elongated gray men came out and grabbed at Max. "NO,NO!" he yelled. He fell to the ground and the cold hands of the gray men pulled at him and dragged him across the ground. Terror filled Max, he trembled and clutched at the dirt trying to hold on. The dry dirt just flew about and hit him in the face, leaving nothing to hold on to. He was so frightened he could no longer see. His body scraped the ground, and he pressed his face down into the dirt trying desperately for any traction he could get. He knew he was being dragged towards a space craft that would never alow him to return. "NO! NO! " Max yelled.
"LIZ, LIZ! I have to stay with LIZ! I WON'T GO!! I WON'T!" he shouted.
Instantly two hands grabbed at his wrists.
Human hands. Liz's hands. He clasped his hands around her wrists and she pulled.
"Max! It's okay I have you Max." she said.
The subzero hands of the aliens let go and disappeared. He was safe now. Max and Liz embraced one another. Max felt his heart pound hard against Liz's body as they held tight. The stars returned to the desert sky.
"Liz." Max said and clutched at her.
"Max." Liz said "your okay."

And with that BOTH of them awoke from sleep.

Part 32

Max actually jumped up and felt around at everything around him. The pillow, the floor, and the bottom of Isabel's bed, just to make sure he was really home. The dream had seemed so real, that he still wasn't sure that it hadn't occurred. His breath was heavy and hard and his pulse still raced.
Liz, sat up in her bed. The name "Max" came uncontrollably from her lips. Just then the cell phone rang. She jumped up and answered it. "Max, is that you?" she asked without ever hearing the voice begin on the other end.
"Liz, yeah it's me. Are you okay?" asked Max
"I am okay. Are you?" she replied
"Yeah, I think so..... Liz, did you have a nightmare?" He asked quietly
"Well, sort of.. Why did you?" She asked
"An understatement." Max said dryly
"Max, I dreamed that I was pulling you away from a bunch of gray aliens. It was horrible." she told him
There was a silence on the other end of the phone that worried her.
"Liz, that's what I dreamed too." he finally said.
"Oh my God. You see what happened to me was I heard you say my name and I ran out into the desert and there you were. Being dragged away. So I grabbed on and pulled you back." Liz said
"Liz, I think we shared a dream. Only when mine got really bad I called out your name and that's when you appeared and pulled me back." he informed.
"Do you think this has to do with what we did earlier? How we reconnected through your handprint? she asked
"I don't know. I think it might...I am so sorry Liz." Max said
"Max, come on. Don't be sorry. We're connected and there is nothing about that I am sorry for." She said
"Not even the nightmares?" Max asked
"Not even that." Liz stated.
"But it was pretty horrible can't believe there are things in my subconscious like that." He continued. "Max, now stop it. As awful as the nightmare was.. it's wonderful that I was able to come into your dreams and pull you out. We are connected Max..and I Love you. I would want to be there for you no matter what. Good or Bad." She insisted
"Liz?" Max said
"Yes?" She replied
"I want to hold you. Can I come over?" Max said
"Yes, of course. But not in my room. Meet me at the front of the crashdown." she said with a slight smile on her face.

A bit later Max pulled up infront of the crashdown, and slid out of his jeep. His hands still trembled a bit, because during the whole ride over he feared looking up at the sky.
Liz,was already standing in front of the crashdown worrying about her poor Max's state of being. He walked toward her. She admired his tall, lean form as he approached.
As he came nearer she saw his sweet face and the fear in his beautiful eyes. She opened out her arms and welcomed Max into them.
Max folded himself about her,and sighed relief. Liz squeezed him tight. Slowly they loosened the hold to a gentle embrace, and rocked slightly together. Max kept his face buried in Liz's hair. He enjoyed the scent of her hair, and softly kissed her. He started feeling better. This was what he needed to remain in Liz's arms. To have her lay next to him all night. He knew that's what would make his soul right again. He wanted that more then anything. To just lay next to Liz. Because being with her made him feel like, they were encompassed in love, and that there was nothing else in the entire universe but their Love. In fact it made him feel that the entire universe was their love.
"Liz, I just want to stay next to you tonight. How can we stay together?" he asked.
Liz thought about it. But couldn't figure a way. So she kept on thinking.

Part 33
"Liz, I just want to stay next to you tonight. How can we stay together?" Max asked.

Liz thought about it. But couldn't figure a way. So she kept on thinking. Then she remembered the travel alarm clock grandma Claudia once gave her for her birthday.
Liz loved the clock, it was very pretty in a silver casing. but remembered asking Grandma Claudia.. when she would ever need such a thing. Grandma Claudia said to have faith that she would. Liz thought about how the Crashdown would have to be opened at around six am. So her parents always got up at 5:00.

"We could go somewhere, but I have to be back by like 4:30. I'll take the travel clock my grandmother gave me. We'd better stay close."
Liz said.

By now it was already extremely late. But Max still wanted to spend what was left of the night with Liz in his arms. He couldn't imagine going back to sleep without her by his side, after that horrible nightmare.

"I don't care what we do.. just so long as your in my arms." Max told her.

"So lets just go back to your house and sleep in your room." Liz said.

"Michael and Maria are there." Max said

"Huh? Why? Okay never mind. Time is running short. Liz babbled.

"Just go get your clock." Max said.

Liz climbed up to get the clock. She found it easily, as she was sentimental about things and kept all her treasured items in one place. She returned to Max who was now waiting in the Jeep.

"We'll just sleep in the jeep behind the Movie Theater. It's close enough to your place. I don't want to get you caught and grounded. I couldn't take being apart from you that long." He said with a slight smile.
Liz smiled back

"We only have about 2 hours now. I hope that will be okay. I know it's cold, but I promise to keep you warm." Max said.

They drove off and parked behind the theater. Max and Liz hopped in the back seat of the Jeep and held each other. Max was so tired now from his nightmare. In truth he was exhausted the whole time and the nightmare took even more out of him. But now he could rest, even if it was just for a little while. He could rest easy now. Now that Liz was in his arms.
Liz set her little clock, and the two of them drifted off blissfully to sleep.

When the clock went off, Liz and Max arose and hurried back to her home. Liz had been a little worried that the alarm may not go off. But somewhere inside she knew Grandma Claudia would be watching over her, and not let her down.

Max lead her to the balcony's ladder and kissed her. He felt peaceful now. There was so much comfort in her kiss for him. He helped her to the first rung of the ladder and watched her go up. When she arrived at the top she looked down at him.
Max was reminded of Cireno. When Cireno said that, He could feel his soul rise up to Roxanne on the balcony and move her. And how her name rung in his heart like a golden bell over and over again. That's how he felt every time he looked up at Liz on her balcony.

When Liz vanished from site, Max turned and walked back to his jeep.
But now it was already different. The fact that he could look up so easily when Liz was above him. And now that he knew he wouldn't see her when he looked up. He couldn't do it.
He thought if he looked up for even a second, that object from his nightmares full of gray men would appear.
Max kept his head down low. As he got in the jeep, as he drove home, and as he climbed into Isabel's window. Never before had he observed the ground so closely. In fact he had stared up at the stars most of his life.
Isabel woke for a moment when she heard Max climbing in.
"I wondered, where you were." She said.
Max nodded his head.
"You worried me a little." She added.
"Sorry." He said
"Here's a blanket." She said and tossed it at him.
Max retreated back to the pillow on the floor next to Isabel's bed. He threw the blanket over himself and laid down. Isabel went right back to sleep. But Max could not. He only half slept. He kept one eye on the window. Thinking that maybe the gray men might pile in it and take both him and Isabel away.
He like part guard dog part frightened child. He waited for the sunlight, when it finally appeared, he drifted off in and out.

Alex was having a sleepless night as well.
There he sat on his computer. Trying to find out everything he could about UFO's. He tried to sort through the crap.. and figure out the truths. But if you had asked him just a little while back he would have thought it was all crap. Now he was in love with an Alien and friends with 2 others. And he had to find out, what to expect and how to protect Isabel.

Part 34
Alex was having a sleepless night as well.
There he sat at his computer. Trying to find out everything he could about UFO's. He tried to sort through the crap.. and figure out the truths. But if you had asked him just a little while back he would have thought it was all crap. Now he was in love with an Alien and friends with 2 others. And he had to find out, what to expect and how to protect Isabel.

Alex wandered into a UFO chat room..
Someone was in there telling a story to everyone there about the Alien abduction he suffered through.
It was truly frightening and Alex started shaking in his shoes.
He didn't know if the guy was telling the truth or what.. all he knew was..he knew that it Could defiantly be true! That there was no longer the luxury of doubt. No longer could he just brush everyone off as nut cases. Now that he knew.
The guy telling the story started to write:
And the Gray beasts pulled at my skin and took out what appeared to be some sort of needle and....
The chime of an Incoming Instant Message almost sent Alex's heart out of his chest.

KyleCometQB: Whittman Whatta ya doing in a UFO chat room????

"damn it Kyle, scared the crap outta me." Alex said out loud.

TheWhitt: Nothing just goofing around? How did you find me?

KyleCometQB: Your still on my Buddy list from when Liz put you there.. when we were together. Whatta ya doing in there???
TheWhitt: I don't know.. you never checked em out before.. We do live in Roswell. It's sorta town history.

KyleCometQB: I been in there plenty. I used to go in to see if anyone would collaborate on my Grandfathers stories.. But all they ever talk about are the Gray or Green guys.

TheWhitt: Yeah, I think I am poisoning my mind in here. What you doing up so late?
and if you don't mind my asking, What are your Grandfather's stories?

KyleCometQB: Insomnia, all the late nights pineing over Liz and envying Max..(kidding)
ok sorta.. I am not sure I should tell you the stories.

Alex thought he should try and make Kyle comfortable about it.. After all Kyle's stories from his grandfather would surely be the ones Alex was looking for. The ones about Nacedo, the ones that really did have to do with Isabel.

TheWhitt: I would really be interested. All this stuff I heard in here seems like garbage.

KyleCometQB: No man, you might just think he was crazy. No one ever listened to him but me (when I was a kid).

Alex, knew alot of time had passed since he ever hung around with Kyle, Liz and Maria together.. and that was only a few times around the crashdown. He tried to think of something to say to make Kyle feel confident that he wouldn't think he was crazy.

TheWhitt: Okay, Kyle.. I'll let you in on a secret. I kinda of believe that all this stuff is possible. You know government coverups.. It's possible isn't' it. Your Grandfather was the Sheriff of Roswell, I am going to believe him over anyone else for sure.

KyleCometQB: All right, but since I have you over the barrel here.. Answer this first.
How is Max treating Liz?? Is he being good to her? Is she happy with him?

"Oh jeeze." Thought Alex, "I never realized he had it this bad for Liz." What do I say not to hurt his feelings but make him understand Liz is a gonner for Max.

TheWhitt: Max is really good to Liz. Don't worry about her. I think this is one of those meant to be things. It was inevitable it's just too bad that you had to be caught in the middle of it.

Alex hesitated before he hit reply. He read it over. And then again. And then he finally hit the enter. "God, I hope that didn't hurt too much" he thought.. Wondering how he would feel if someone wrote that to him about Isabel. Then he didn't wonder anymore. He knew he would be crushed. But at least it was worded nicely. Not harshly.

KyleCometQB: Yeah. "Everybody loves Maxwell"
I have to admit even I don't hate the guy. Anymore anyway.
Okay here is one of My Grandfather's stories.
There was this guy see and his name was Hubbel and he came to my grandfather with a story that this woman had been killed. And he had this picture. Of this woman with a handprint on her. Apparently this handprint was the cause of the woman's death. The handprint apparently came from this Alien who could shapeshift into other things. (you know like the American Indians sometimes speak of in their stories) My grandfather said that, the idea came into their culture because of the Alien. Apparently.. this Shapeshifter, he killed people, and fairly often.
And then one day. My Grandfather saw a light in the sky.. he followed it out to the desert and he saw another person there.. at least at first he thought it was a person.

Part 34
KyleCometQB: So my grandfather goes out to the desert and he sees this guy and he asks the guy if the he drove out there because he saw the light too. And the guy says no he didn't see anything.
Well my grandfather says to him.. "Well what are you doing out here in the desert?" And before the son of a b*tch could answer.. this light comes darting out of the sky towards the both of them.. They both run, but wouldn't you now it.. Just like the stories my grandfather had heard from some of the people on the reservation.. This son of a gun.. he changes into a freaking coyote right before granddads eyes.

TheWhitt: HOLY *%$#!

KyleCometQB: Right! Tell me about it.
So then the damn thing runs off leaving my grandfather out there in the desert. So my grandfather knows this is bad, really bad, and he runs to the squad car.. just in time to put in a call to his deputy saying where he is.
Are you sitting there saying.. this guy is nuts?"

TheWhitt: Not at all, I am soiling my self, I am so scared.

KyleCometQB: Okay then, The freaking thing from the sky is right above granddad.. and he tries to start the car.. and the car is fried. Won't even make a clicking noise, Completely dead! He was glad he made the call first cause the CB went out too. Well what ever happened next My grandfather doesn't know.. because all he remembers is being revived by his deputy and some other cops. He was pretty sure that they hadn't taken him aboard or anything as, He pretty much knew the time before it all happened and the deputy knew how long it took him to get there. So that was a relief.
But he was deathly ill for a few weeks after that.

Alex, shuddered.. that whole scenario was way to familiar to him. He knew what Kyle's grandfather had told him was all true. It all coincided with what had been happening to them.

TheWhitt: Did they know what the illness was..

KyleCometQB: The doctors said it was the most serious Flu they had ever seen.. but that there had been a few people recorded with bad flu's like that since 1947.

TheWhitt: Your kidding me,1947?

KyleCometQB: Mysterious, isn't it!

TheWhitt: Even a 4 year old could make that connection.
So your grandfather turned out alright though?

KyleCometQB: Other than I reputation for being insane..sure.

TheWhitt: Kyle, I really want to say, I appreciate you sharing this story with me.

Jim Valenti woke up and was headed for the bathroom when he saw Kyle's lights on in his room. He peaked his head in.
"Come on son, get off that darn computer and go to bed. You shouldn't be on that thing all night." He said to Kyle

"Okay Dad.. I am getting off." Kyle called back.

KyleCometQB: Listen Alex, my dad just caught me on here and he wants me to turn in. I'll see ya okay.

TheWhitt: Okay Kyle.. thanks a lot.. and don't worry I don't think its Crazy.

KyleCometQB: Bye
TheWhitt: Bye

Alex shut down his computer, knowing there wasn't any information on there better than what Kyle could tell him.
"I gotta get some rest." He said to himself as he stumbled towards his bed and plopped down on it. He would take what little time there was left in the night to sleep.

When the morning came Alex woke and his thoughts went immediately to Isabel. He could not wait to be with her again. To know she was safe. But he knew he would have to wait, he couldn't hover over her, he knew she wouldn't like that.

Isabel was sleeping quietly at home with Max on her floor.

Max, was still semi awake. As he had gotten all the sleep he could while still in Liz's arms. Sleeping without her there, just wasn't going to happen for him.
Max figured enough time had passed and he had better get Maria and Michael out of his bedroom, before Mom got they're calling him for breakfast or something. Max got up and went to his room. Michael and Maria were still asleep. Max shook Michael, and Michael woke Maria. Silently Max pointed to the window and Michael and Maria snuck out.

The morning seemed cold. Max wanted so badly to be at Liz's side again. He lay down on his bed and just plane old pined away for her. He thought about the warmth he felt in his heart when ever she was in his arms. He relived the whole time they spent in his room in his mind. He basked in how they were so connected. He started realizing how fast things were happening, how much had happened in such a short time. And he started to wish for the future. A future where, all this madness was behind them, and he could lay in bed next to his Lizzy. And she would be his, and they wouldn't have to separate at night. They would wake up together in the morning, never cold never wanting for each other. Then he thought about what he was, and began to pray that it would not interfere with his dreams of Him and Liz coming true.

Michael and Maria walked along together. Michael figured they better go to Liz's house cause that's where Maria's mom expected her to be. She was weak and cold, he could see that. And he put his large arm around her shoulder and rubbed it a bit, to try and warm her. Maria realized she had been sick, and her heart rose a little to realize that Michael had spent the entire night at her side. Caring for her. She smiled and then with her puffy lips she placed a kiss on his cheek. "Thank you." she said.
"For what?" Michael asked
"For taking care of me." she told him.
"You don't have to thank me Maria." Michael said
"No?" she asked
"No, cause I took 20 bucks out of your purse for services rendered." He said.
Maria swatted him.. "YOU DID NOT!" she yelled.
"I did not." he offered
"I knew it." she said
"But that's because you only had 10." he said in his own unique manner of joking
"You jerk!" she cried
"Maria." Michael said
"Oh, your still kidding." she said embarrassed.
"You don't have to thank me, I got you in this mess, you don't owe me any thanks for getting you out." he told her
"No, maybe not.. but I want to." She said with smile.
Michael pulled Maria closer and kissed her. They walked the rest of the way in total silence. Maria walked blissfully, while Michael spent the rest of the time, wondering what other troubles he would get this girl into. And was he endangering her life, just being around her.

Part 35
Michael and Maria arrived at Liz's house.. Michael helped Maria to the ladder. He was going to let her climb up alone but thought better of it. Remembering she had been so sick.
"You start up it, I will follow you" Michael said.
Maria put her hands on the sides of the ladder and climbed.
Michael followed closely behind her so that Maria was always protected from falling.
Once they reached the top. Michael decided to undo the lock for Maria so that she wouldn't have to bother Liz.But Liz saw them there and he didn't have to. Liz let them in. "How are you feeling Maria?" liz asked
"I am okay now." Maria assured. "I'm going." Michael told them and started to walk off.
Maria reached for Michael's arm and he stopped."Thanks again Michael." she said and climbed up on her toes to plant a kiss on his lips.Michael always dumbstruck by Maria's public displays of affection. nodded his head and walked off. Liz and Maria watched as he climbed down the ladder until the last tuft of his fluffy hair was no longer visible. Maria and Liz looked at one another.
"Alien men, Whoo Hoo, if you know what I mean." Maria teased
"Maria!" Liz said with a laugh and swatted at her.
"But I do know what you mean." She said with blushing face.
Maria walked over to Liz's bed and flung her self on it letting out a big sigh.
"Oh, my God, Maria your swooning!" Liz said.
"Oh, and your not? Miss Pink face! Maria tossed back.
"I so AM. Have you gotten a look at Max? I still can't believe that he feels the way he does about me!" Liz gushed
"Liz.. the boy has it bad! Everyone says, I don't know what I am talking about.. but tell me. When have I ever been wrong about a person?" Maria asked
"You haven't really." Liz said.. "Except for maybe Michael, you said he was creepy."
"I wasn't wrong about Michael, I was merle masking my true feelings. Pure attraction." Maria defended.
"Okay, you win then.. no I can't think of a single time you were wrong about a person." Liz said
"Good! With that settled what do you say I go take a shower and you try to find an outfit of yours that won't be to short for me.. I had a rancid fever last night and would love to get out of these scanky clothes!" Maria said.
"You got it." Liz said. Maria got up and walked toward Liz's bathroom. "And Maria?" Liz said.
"Yes Liz?"
"I am glad your okay." Liz said
"You know I am not leaving you yet Babe." Maria reassured her.

Michael walked down the street, headed back to his apartment. He still harbored a foreboding feeling with in him. He marched on down the street and felt like there was somewhere else he should be.. Somewhere, where he could find out more.. but he just didn't know where that place was.

Max got ready for work, and headed down to the UFO center.
Milton had already opened the doors up, there was really never any action in the place this early. So Max walked in expecting to find no one around. But there stood Alex, staring at the Peru exhibit.
"What are you looking at Alex." Max asked as he came up behind him.
Alex jumped almost a full foot in the air, as he had been staring so intently.
"Woah! Max. Geeze don't sneak up on me like that." Alex said
Max reflected for a second and said. "I didn't."
"Okay, sorry I guess I am just jumpy." Alex gave in.
"Alex, I am sorry that, ALL this.. all this freaks you out." Max apologized.
"No,no Max.. I would do anything for Isabel..for any of my friends really." Alex said
"I know that, You've proved it time and again already..and I appreciate that. What has you so worried about this exhibit?" Max said
"Well,I brought it up to Isabel and she got mad, right before Michael got sick that time. In here. I think it looks like the writing we think is from your planet. Doesn't it look familiar to you? Alex asked
Max stared wide eyed at the writing.. amazed that it had gone unnoticed by him all this time. Half gasping he said
"It does."
"Max, does Milton have any idea what this stuff is supposed to mean? I mean does he know of anyone who might have some sort of translation to this writing??? Obviously some one some where thinks this has something to do with Extra terrestrials.. OTHERWISE it wouldn't be here in the UFO center." Alex said
"I don't know, I guess I can ask him." Max said a little shook up. He stared at the writing and felt like he was being hypnotized.. he totally spaced out. Somewhere inside him he felt like he could read what it said.. like he had some feeling of what it was saying.. yet no Words would come to him.
Alex shook Max a bit..
"Max!" he said
Max shook of the feeling and looked at Alex..
"Alex, I think your really on to something, there is something familiar about this to me." Max said.
The answer Max gave Alex made Alex shudder. He knew, he'd been right about it. But was it a good idea to keep pursuing this thing?? Or maybe what this writing said would reveal what ever danger to Isabel there was and Alex would finally know what or who he was protecting Isabel from.
Max could tell that Alex was shaken by his answer. Oddly enough out of the 6 of them.. Alex and Max seemed to have the same feelings about the whole Alien thing. Both of them wanted to know and didn't want to know. Wanted to protect and didn't really want to search for answers all that much anymore.. but still continued to. Max looked at Alex who was once again staring at the exhibit, and realized that he had gained an amazing friend. Alex had never once, been afraid of them.. only afraid for them. Max turned to look at the exhibit himself. Always he had a sworn promise in his heart to protect Isabel, Michael, and Liz. He found himself adding Alex and Maria to that list. If he had to sacrifice himself to do it.. He would. Deep down inside.. he knew that promise was returned by each and everyone of them.
"Max!" Alex said and pointed to a picture on the wall.
"What?" Max asked
"Look closely!" Alex exclaimed.

Part 36
"What are we looking at Alex?" Max asked.
"Look there.. isn't that the symbol from the pendant?? There really small but it's there." Alex said as he tapped his finger hard into the picture on the wall.

Max squinted up his already small eyes and peered at the picture on the wall where Alex was pointing.
"Could you uh... move your finger?" Max said
Alex suddenly realized how overexcited he had become. He looked at his obstacle finger.. almost as if to say "what is that doing there?" and removed it from Max's view.

Max, looked closely.. "It could be." he said
"Don't you have like a magnifiying glass around this place!" Alex exclaimed
"Maybe... Somewhere." Max answered

Alex and Max spilt up searching the museum for a magnifier.
Neither one could come up with one.
"Wait!" Max said loudly..
"I got an idea." He added.
Max ran to Milton's quite extensive but nicely color coded library. He searched rapidly through the books until he came upon one on sightings in Peru. Quickly he snatched it up and flipped through the pages until he found the same picture that was displayed on the wall..
"Alex" Max called out
Alex hurried over and looked down into the book.
"Jackpot!" Alex said
Max and Alex both looked at each other.
"COPIER!" They said together and headed up the stairs to Milton's secure library..
Max stopped at the door and turned to Alex..
"Wait here okay.. cause Milton might come back any minute, and he is funny about people coming in here." Max said
"Yeah, okay, No problem..just hurry up." Alex answered.

Max opened the door and rushed to the copier..
He place the book face down and set the machine to enlarge the picture.. It took him a few tries to get it clear.. and sometimes when he tried to enlarge it.. The stupid machine got a different part of the picture..Max tried to remember that it's like a mirror thing when you copy and tried to figure out which corner of the glass to put the book on to get the right part.. It turned out to be a whole trial and error process. And he knew Alex must be going nuts outside the door. Finally he got it. Max took all the wasted copies he made and double checked 3 times that he had everything before he left the room.
"You got it?" Alex asked and Max thought he almost looked like a crack addict trying to get some drugs. Max had to laugh.Max shut the door handed Alex the book and looked down at the good copy.
"well is that it??" Alex persisted
Max was silent, a slight fear overtook his heart and he suddenly felt like all the little alien models in the place were staring at him. And that they would come alive at any moment and grab at him the way they had in his nightmare. "If it isn't it's a hell of a coincidence." Max offered
Alex sighed painfully.
"This could be either really Good or really bad Max" He said
"I know." Max agreed
"What now?" Alex asked
"We find out what it means before we tell any of the others." Max said
"Yeah." Alex said nodding his head up and down like a spring headed car toy. "I agree with that..we say nothing till we know more... wait how are we going to know more?"

Max took the book from out of Alex's hands and pointed to the name of the author on the cover.
"Maybe from THIS guy." he said

Alex and Max stared at one another.. Neither one knowing just how they were going to find this guy.
"We may not need to." Max said.
"What? Max your talking in circles here." Alex said
Max flipped open to the back cover of the book. There he saw what he needed and smiled. He held up the book for Alex to see and there was a picture.. A picture of a funny looking man, small and dark haired.. but not scarey looking .. more Peruvian looking than any thing else.
"But, I thought we agreed not to tell Isabel yet." Alex said

Max smiled "No not yet.. but if we need to." He said.

"Max, I don't think Isabel can change a dream.. how can she make him dream the answer?" Alex inquired

"She can't change a dream but she can ask questions. And that means she can quite possibly get answers." Max said.

"But aren't you a little worried that he will see her? I know she can't be seen unless she talks to you.. but she would have to talk to him." Alex worried

Max thought about it.. "Okay we won't do that unless we can find no other way. Not a word to Isabel before then." Max said to Alex.

Then Click, click the door to the UFO center opened up letting light cut through the darkness. From out of the light Stepped Max's Angel.. Liz.. two steps behind her Maria.. Wearing a skirt that seemed a little to short for her.. luckily the shirt was sleeveless. Max saw his pretty Liz and already his heart picked up pace. Liz smiled at Max. That was all she was there for, just to see him. She figured it would be hard for him to work today with that horrible nightmare he had. And then having to be faced with all these creepy alien things in the UFO center. Poor Max.
She thought at least for a little while she could spend time in there with him. Before Milton came, just so he wouldn't have to be alone in there.
"Alex? what are you doing here?" Maria asked
"Just catching up on my UFO Knowledge... gotta stay informed you know." Alex offered.
"Uh huh.." Maria said
"Yeah, and Max found me the right book!" He said taking the book from Max's hands.
"So I am just going to go right over there, and read some of it." Alex said and started right off walking to the distant corner he pointed out.
"It's awfully dark!" Maria called to him
"It's OKAY.. It's OKAY.." Alex said and put his head down. He folded up the copies with one hand and shoved them deep into his pocket. He would be sure to get rid of them later when no one was around. "Never thought I would be in the market for a shredder." He thought to himself as he patted his pocket to be sure the papers where there.

Liz walked to Max who was still on the stairs. He naturally gravitated down them and straight to Liz. She reached out
her hands for him and he took them. They smiled at one another and Maria knew she was no longer seen or heard.
"Okay.. I am going to go stop by my mother's shop.. be back in ten." She said
Liz lead Max by the hands to Milton's color-coded book section.
"Hi Max." she said coyly
"Hi" he said. He held on to her hands he guided them behind his back and let go. Then he wrapped his arms about her. He kissed her in-between each little smile of joy. Slowly he backed her up to the bookshelves. Max felt so happy and playful. It was the way she came into the UFO center..looking like and angel there to save him. Just as she had in his dream.
"I haven't said hello to your neck yet." he said and began kissing her neck.
Liz melted.
"If you keep that up. I might pass out." she said.
Max smiled, so proud of himself...he kissed her neck a little more, until he felt her body weaken in his arms.
"I haven't said hello to your eyes" he said and kissed each one softly.
She giggled.
"I think I miss your lips.. I better go over and say hello to them again." he said and kissed them.
"they miss you too." she added.
Max kissed Liz everywhere on her face, smiling the whole time. Liz blushed, smiled and giggled the whole way through it.. Max was so pleased by the fact he had her giggling. He found it arousing to have her wriggle around in his arms. And it kind of tickled him too. He began to giggle a bit himself.
"I can hear you!!! Would ya please." Alex called out from the distance.
It only made Liz giggle more. But Max suddenly got more serious. He looked in Liz's eyes and his own darted back and forth searching in hers. She saw the passion in them.
It startled her to think he could have so much of it for her. She wasn't giggling anymore instead her breathing became shallow. Max touched her face and and hair and steadied her face for a kiss. He brought his lips to hers for and almost kiss... he breathed heavily lips behrly touching and pressed his mouth to hers. Liz grabbed on tightly to his body.. to steady her self. she wondered momentarily if Alien men.. had the power to make women weak.. because it certainly seemed that way. Liz once again was thrown, by Max's passion.. She knew that he worried that his intense emotions were to much for her.. she would never let on that she sometimes found it hard to stand when he kissed her. Max was becoming consumed by his own passion. Each and every time he had Liz in his arms... he felt this way.. Like he could not get enough of touching her and kissing her. To feel her breathe with him, to feel their hearts pound together. To feel the love glow between them. He pressed he against the shelves a little more and the books began falling out the other side. Each one made a loud noise as they hit the ground.
"Okay! DO YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE?! Alex called out.
"YES!" Max called back
"How about me EVANS?" Asked Milton.

Part 37
"How about me Evans? asked Milton.

Max was absolutely mortified. Caught by Milton.. kissing and touching Liz. Max realized it was a crazy and quirky job.. but he never wanted to appear unprofessional. His desire for Liz just always got the better of him. Max stood there with a stupefied look on his face. He didn't know if Milton's next words would be "your fired." Max didn't want to be fired. He needed Milton's database on a number of occasions already. And he was just plain embarrassed by the whole thing. Max's lips parted to try and utter an apology but Liz interrupted.
"I am soo soo sorry.. Please.. don't blame Max it was ALL MY fault. I made it really difficult for uh resist..
Don't blame Max.. I won't do it again." She said praying she hadn't messed things up for Max.

Max looked at Liz and then back at Milton.. Max stood there he searched for something to say even now.. His mouth moved and nothing came out. Milton looked back at Max and seemed to be amused. Max stupidly wondered for a second if Milton was an alien, the way that he had so quietly come upon them, and bypassed Alex all together.

Milton smiled at the cute and pretty little Liz. " It's all right young lady. He's not in that much trouble. I was young once too you know." Milton said

Max sighed relief.
"Thank you so much.. and I apologize again." Liz said..
"Evans! Don't let it happen again!" Milton said shaking his finger at Max.
Max shook his head back and forth.. still in shock... "no,no, I won't." he said.

Liz pointed in the general direction of the door. "I should..... Uh, I should go now." she said

Milton nodded affirmation. And Max guided Liz toward the exit.
"Sorry" She said again with a wave to Milton
Milton waved and smiled and turned to walk away. "ahhh youth." he said with a laugh.

Max guided Liz all the way past Alex and too the front door.
Alex looked up from the book and saw that Liz was completely flustered and red.
"Oh my God...." he said and buried his face right back into the strange Peruvian text.

"Liz, thanks for taking the blame." Max said.. "but it really wasn't your fault."
" was.. but I would have taken the blame even if it wasn't." She said
"It's not your fault..I can't resist you." Max said with the tiniest smirk upon his face. He ran his hand down her hair. Then he rocked on his feet closer to her and away again.
"Oh, I almost forgot!!" Max said, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.. "Read, it later when you.. start to miss me." He said.
Liz smiled brightly.. "what's this?" she asked.
"Later.. when you start to miss me.... sometime today I hope." he said smirking once again.
"Then I guess I will have to read it the second I step out this door." She said.
"Well, That's what I would have to do." Max said.
With that she kissed him on the lips and backed out the door, he didn't move from it until it closed entirely.. He didn't want to miss seeing even a smidgen of her.

Liz sighed deeply, as she stood in front of the UFO center, unfolding the paper and read.

Nothing feels more right to me, than holding you in my arms. And nothing makes me happier than to touch my lips to yours. Always I wondered where my home was, until I looked into your eyes, and found it there. I never need to wonder anymore where I belong. I know where I belong. I belong with you.

Liz felt as if joy exploded from her heart and lit up her entire face and body. She smiled broadly.. she wanted to run right back in and hug him.. But she knew she shouldn't.
Liz turned back to the door of the UFO center, wanting to run in. She put her hands up on the door and just stood there smiling.
Inside the center, stood Max.. somehow he knew she had already read the note. All his fears about "if" she would like it faded away and a smile came to his face.
Something about giving Liz happiness made him proud of himself. It's all he wanted from his life. To be the one who made her happy. Max took a deep breath and started straightening up the place. The secret little smile remained on his face the whole time.

Meanwhile Alex turned the pages of the book on Peru. If only I had some sort of "key" to decipher at least one of these symbols. Something.. there must be something. Alex thought to himself. His eyes searched the pages. But he realized he didn't even know where to begin. All he knew was that the symbol from Isabel's pendant was there in the book, but without at least knowing what it represented how could he know what it meant. Alex looked for any kind of universal symbol of something.. "Universal.." he thought.... Isabel's necklace did resemble a galaxy to him.. Perhaps.. it was a galaxy.. Perhaps it was even the Milky way.. This galaxy.. the destination.. of Isabel... Max and Michael.
Maybe that's what it was?

Part 38
Maria finally showed back up at the UFO center, where Liz was standing out side.
"Nice glow, do I want to know what happened?" asked Maria
Liz laughed her little giggle.
"See any stars?" Maria asked with a laugh.
Liz nodded her head giggling.
"Girl, Look at you, your glowing. I don't know what I am going to do with you.. I swear one day your going Super Nova!" Maria said.
"It's Max.. need I say more?" asked Liz.
"No. Let's go shopping... It's time Max see you in a new outfit." Maria said.
"Maybe you need some new underwear too." Maria added.
"MARIA!" Liz exclaimed in a way that told Maria to cut the teasing.
"Okay,okay.. still lets go." Maria said and she and Liz.. went off to spend the day shopping.

Inside the center Max spent the day, sort of cleaning up and loitering around looking for something to do. He would go over and help out Alex, but after what had happened with Milton catching him and Liz, he figured he better not.

"Evans! I am going over to the crashdown for lunch. Watch after the place for me... and Make sure no one wanders up to my data base.. I am downloading some new information and I don't want anyone accidentally leaning on it and shutting it down or anything.I'd lock it but I keep loosing my key." Milton said.

The idea of keys to the data base missing worried Max a little. He didn't need any to get in.. but what if someone who did.. wanted to snoop around. It was full of crap but it also was full of things that had given him information he needed. He didn't think it was safe to have keys floating around.
"Maybe we should call a lock smith and change the lock." said Max.

"See that's what I like about you Evans... you understand the value of information. Go ahead and do that..I think your right..lets get a lock smith in here to change that lock." Milton said as he walked out the front doors pointing back at the office door.

Alex and Max looked at each other.
"I'll check out what he's downloaded and then see if he has anything on Peru." said Alex.

"Okay, I think Michael's shift started.. I will tell him to ring my cell when Milton looks about done with his lunch." Max said.

Alex went up to the data base and Max called Michael.
"What's going on that you want me to watch Milton?" Michael asked.

"Nothing... he just said he's downloading new information, Alex wants to check it out. See if there is anything good."
Max said quietly

"Max, tell me what's going on." Michael persisted
immediately Max regretted ever coming up with this plan.

"Michael, I told you nothing is going on.. Milton said he's downloading new information, and Alex wants to see what it is. Maybe it's on the that thing we saw in the sky the other night or something." Max said

"What's Alex doing there if nothing is going on?" Michael interrogated.

"Michael.. he just showed up here.. so did Liz and Maria.. they just stopped by there is nothing odd about that. I swear Michael.. cut the cr*p and just watch Milton.. and ring me when he looks like he's done" Max exclaimed.

"Yeah okay." Michael said

"Okay bye." Max said with a sigh of relief. More often than not Michael drove Max crazy. He loved him like a brother and would die to protect him.. but he drove him crazy.

Max walked passed some of the gray alien models. It gave him the creeps in a big way. Now that Alex was up in the office and no one else was around Max started to get nervous and remember his nightmare. Then he walked passed piece of artwork depicting the crash.. and he thought of his situation and then he thought of Liz.
Max fumbled around for a piece of paper. He found one and a pen and began to write.

Dear Liz,
This can't be earth that I crashed into. Earth is not like this. I swear it must be heaven. Because I fly whenever we kiss.
PS I know it's silly.

Max looked it over: Satisfied he folded it up and put it in his pocket. He tried to think of a nice romantic way to give it to her. When his cell phone started ringing. He realized he didn't know how much time had passed. It must have taken him longer to come up with that then he realized.

Max ran up the stairs to get Alex.. but Milton came in the door just as he reached the top. Max hid his hand with his body and changed the internal shape of the lock. Click, he locked Alex inside. Desperately hoping Alex would hear it and hide.
"Was the locksmith here already? Are you checking out the new lock?" Milton asked.
"Uh yeah! He was!" Max said.
"Well where are the keys? I want to get in, and check out my downloads." Milton said.
Max wanted to buy Alex some time. "Uh I put them down in the back..I'll go get them." He said.
Max slowly walked down the stairs and headed for the back. When he reached the back he took his house keys from his pocket used his powers to change them to fit the lock that he had just altered. He brought the keys to Milton.
"How much do I owe the guy?" Milton asked.
"Oh, I called a good friend of my fathers... he did it free of charge." Max explained.
"Wow and fast too.. it pays to have you around here Evans. It really does." Milton said as he stuck his hand out for the keys. Max dropped them into Milton's hand and uttered a prayer that Alex would know to hide. Milton climbed the steps and approached the lock. Just then Max realized he should have made it so that the key wouldn't work. But then Milton would have wanted to call the locksmith back..and the locksmith didn't exist. Max sweated it out as Milton unlocked the door.

The door lock clicked. Alex had to think fast.

Part 39
Alex hit the first bookmark on the Milton's list and started downloading the first thing he found. He figured if Milton came in and saw the downloads were done. He could spend the rest of the day at the desk, exactly what Alex would be hiding under.
Alex popped under it and pulled in the chair. Milton walked in and saw that the computer was still downloading.
"Darn it I was sure it wouldn't take longer than lunch to download this stuff." Milton said out loud. Milton turned around and when back down to where Max was.
"Max I have been thinking of switching around the Area 51 display.. would you go down to the basement and get the box marked Area 51. There is some stuff in there I might want to display." Milton asked.
"Sure." Max said. Area 51.. yuk.. that gave him the creeps. He thought perhaps.. someone who came to earth with him.. was held there. Along with the possible space craft wreckage. Or maybe it was just the gray uglies trapped in Area 51 and not his kind. Maybe he just shouldn't think about it at all. Maybe he should be thinking about how the heck to get Alex out of that room and past Milton without being seen. Max found the right box and picked it up. He carried up. Just holding felt ominous to Max. A box marked Area 51. Area 51 it's self a prison a box for Aliens. A place to do experiments on Alien beings.. Precisely where Max might end up if ever discovered. Max's heart began to hurt. The longing for normalcy returned. He wasn't sorry he was on earth.. that was where Liz was... he wasn't sorry about his powers that's why Liz lived. He was what he was. He would only be sorry if it ever in anyway hurt Liz. He couldn't live with that. Max closed his eyes and gripped the box tightly. He sighed for a moment and then recovered his strength. He carried the load on his heart and continued toward the spot Milton was pointing him toward.
Max stood in the middle of the Area 51 display... with creepy doctors doing autopsies on Alien bodies. Max prayed it wasn't his fate as well.

Alex popped his head out the door. All he had to do was get down the stairs and disappear into the museum. He didn't even have to get out the front door just down the steps without getting caught. Alex revved him self up for it. He looked and saw that Milton was tucked away in the display with his back turned and Max was partially blocking his view should he turn around. Alex decided the best course of action was to go down 3 of the steps and then slide his tall body through the opening under the banister. That way he would be on the ground as soon as possible. He stepped down the three steps and saw Max look over his shoulder.
Max saw what Alex was about to do and thought he better get Milton talking so he would be distracted.
" you really think there is an Area 51?" Max asked
"DO, I really??? are you kidding me Evans? Do you know anything about me at all? Of course I do. I think that is where they are holding the wreckage. Did you know that some witnesses to the Roswell incident actually saw a strange metal that bent back when you bent it. Have you not been listening to a word I say around here Max?" Milton said.
"No, No I been listening.. I just don't know how much of it YOU believe." Max said.
Alex took the opportunity to hop down the stairs.
"Listen to this story Max.. the day that the Incident happened there was this guy.. a regular guy and he walked into the hospital as he had hurt his hand pretty bad. There he ran into a girl who he had gone to high school with. She was a nurse. She saw him and ran right up to him, distraught.. she told him that she had seen something and that she had to tell him about it. Just then two men in suits walked up and took her away." Milton paused for effect
"What happened to her?" Max asked truly concerned.
"This guy had gone to school with her.. Knew her his whole life.. and she just disappeared after that.. her and her entire family." Milton said
"That's really creepy Milton.. are you sure it's true?" Max asked.
"The guy still lives here in Roswell.. He is still haunted by the fact that, that happened. He saw two men take her away..If she had told him anymore they probably would have taken him too. He did an interview with "In Search of" you know the show Leonard Nemoy did way back in the late 70s early 80s. You ever seen it?" Milton said
"I don't know." Max said
"Ahhh, I think your too young for that show. It's still on in reruns sometimes.. on cable." Milton explained
Milton took the scalpel out of the Doctor's hand and gave it to Max.
"Here hold this a second." He said
Max held the cold scalpel in his hand. He looked down at it and his eyes widened. A shiver went up his arm. Milton stuck his hand out and Max gave it back to him.
Milton tried to arrange it so that it looked like the Doctor was cutting into the Alien. Max didn't like that.
"Uh.. I am going to get a drink of water." Max said to Milton.
"Sure, go ahead. Come right back." Milton said.
Max turned and put his head down and his hands into his pockets. Unfortunately he knocked the note he had written to Liz out of his pants pocket. He walked away unknowingly.

Max got a cup from the watercooler and drank. With in a few seconds he drank all that the tiny little cup would hold. Then he filled it again and drank more slowly. He looked around for Alex.

Milton moved around admiring his new display from every angle. Then he saw the piece of paper on the floor. He picked it up, thinking perhaps it was something he had tucked away in the box and forgotten about. He opened it up and read.

Dear Liz,
This can't be earth that I crashed into. Earth is not like this. I swear it must be heaven. Because I fly whenever we kiss.
PS I know it's silly

"What the?????" Milton uttered.

Part 39
After reading the note suspicions now raced through Milton's mind. What kind of love note was this? An Alien Love note? Wait Max works here maybe it's some kind of reference to this place. Still that doesn't make sense. I just don't understand...I found it , read I will just have to ask him about it. Milton decided.

Max returned from the watercooler, he immediately noticed the odd look on Milton's face.
"What? What's the matter?" Max asked perplexed.

"Evans, I found this note.. you must have dropped it.. it was obviously meant for your girlfriend. I hate to ask you this Max but questions will persist in my mind if I don't. What were you talking about when you said you crashed into earth?" Milton questioned

Max held his breath for a moment.. What could he say? If he said it was just a joke, Not only would Milton strongly disapprove .. he might also remain suspicious. Max stalled by saying. "Well this is embarrassing."

"Why did you write that Max? Alienology is my life's work.. you know I won't be able to trust you if you don't have a proper answer for me." Milton persisted.

"Well, like I said it's kind of embarrassing Milton. It really doesn't have anything to do with Aliens.. although I can see how you might think that...
You see Liz says I am so good to her.. that she thinks I am really an Angel. So it's kind of this little romantic thing between us.. that I am her angel sent to earth .. to be with her.... So if you wouldn't mind, I would still like to give it to her." Max said and extended out his hand.

Milton laughed.. "My God.. I have been told I am crazy before.. but this time.. I would agree with them. Sorry Max, I am sorry to have to press you into revealing your "Love Secrets" By the way, I commend you on The art of Romance.. and that's a sweet little girl you found for your self.. You keep being her "Angel." Milton said with a smile and returned the note to Max's hand.

"Phew that was close." Max thought and replaced the note into his pocket, this time making sure it was all the way down.

Alex had long since returned to his seat in the corner with the Peruvian text. He tried to commit to memory everything that he read in Milton's downloads. There were other people who had seen the object that night.. but he would talk about that later with Max. As much as he cared for Isabel, Alex knew that Max was the most level headed of them all. And the mention of other people seeing the object might send Isabel and Michael into a panic. But it wasn't so much THAT other people had seen it. It was THE people who had seen the object. The people who had seen it... Alex tried not to think about it...tried not to think about who they were.. but he couldn't help but worry. What if they had been observing the whole time. What if, they had seen them following around the damn thing. What if, they had gotten the jeeps and Maria's plates. What if, they know exactly who we are. What if, the rumors about what Max "did" to Liz resurfaced, and they put 2 and 2 together. Max Evan's Jeep.. Maria Deluca's mom's car following an object all around the Roswell desert. Alex put his head down into his hands and held it there. "Damn it! The g damn AIRFORCE!" He said "What about them?" Max asked from behind.
To be continued.
what about em?" Max asked from behind

Alex turned around and looked up at Max Pie eyed.
"The Airforce Max, They tracked the object we saw the other night." You were right we shouldn't have been following it."

Max dropped his hands to his sides and looked around in every direction..He suddenly felt trapped. He looked back at Alex "Do they know??? Did they SEE us?" Max asked.

"Well there was no mention of ANY witnesses to the object.. but I am not sure that they would report something like that. Theses are reports that Milton shouldn't have.. ya know... But there no telling if there are more reports.. reports that "DO" include us.. But here is the thing.. Maybe they don't right down the names of the witnesses.. JUST IN CASE." Alex said and then paused.

"Just in case... they have to make those people DISAPPEAR." Max finished.

"Yeah" Alex said and quickly turned his eyes away from Max. He didn't want Max to see the fear in them. But there was no hadn't it from Max. Max knew better. He knew Alex was afraid..he knew that for Alex just coming to the realization that Aliens did exist opened the flood gates to all kinds of conspiracy and paranoia. And then there was that nurse that Milton was just talking about.. He hoped Alex hadn't heard that.

Alex peered up and realized that Max knew just what he was thinking from the look on Max's face.. and that Max was scared too.

"Max, it's not just THAT, I am worried about." Alex said to him.

"Its not just a bunch of teenagers who followed a light around the dessert." Alex started

"It's that 4 of them were in the Crashdown the day of the shooting." Said Max distantly. He was remembering that day.. the day he touched Liz. The day he healed her bullet wound.. and healed his own soul by touching hers.

Alex looked back at Max.. his eyes now wide with fear. No use trying to hide it anymore. Max knew that Alex was already looking to him, for some kind of answer to the problem. And so well he should.. Alex wasn't an alien.. he wasn't at the crashdown that day and by all rights shouldn't even have to be in this kind of trouble. But just as Max came to Liz's rescue. Alex came to his.. and gave him his blood. To Max, Alex was entitled to some sense of safety. But how would he provide it for him?

"What are we going to tell the others?" Alex asked.

"Nothing for now.. We need to keep a lower profile." Max said

"How do we get Michael, to do that? He is sure to want to go looking for that thing again tonight. And we're cool just so long as it doesn't actually show up." Alex said

"I'll figure out some way to get Michael to hold off." Max said

"Max, come on. What could possibly hold off Michael?" Alex asked.

Max thought about it .. and really could only think of ONE thing that could.

"Maria" He said.

Natures first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So Dawn goes down to day
Nothing Gold can stay
-Robert Frost
posted on 31-Aug-2001 4:35:38 PM
Part 40

"Maria?" Alex asked.

"Well as I see it .. I have only two options.. I can tell Maria what's going and that she needs to stay on Michael. Which could turn out very badly." Max paused

"And Maria could spew.. if Michael pushes too hard to go looking for it. And then he will really go off half cocked." Alex said
"Or I could do something.. I won't be very proud of.." Max said
"What's that?" Alex asked
"Make Maria sick again." Max said sorrowfully.
"You can do that?" Alex asked
"Well, it's not like I ever have before. But yeah I am pretty sure I can." Max said
Max and Alex looked at each other for a few short moments.
"Give her the cold!" Alex said.
"Yeah I think so." Max resigned
"Don't worry Max.. I know Maria a long long time and she'd forgive you for it." Alex added knowing that Max traditionally played the role of healer. And doing this to someone..much less Maria had to be hard for him. It wasn't like she was some stranger or someone out to hurt them.

"Thanks I hope so." Max said
"Trust me on this one Max. You can even tell her about it later... when this is over. I promise you Maria will forgive you. I can promise you that." Alex said
"I guess, I am going to have to. And I'll have to do it before it gets dark and Michael starts out looking for it again." Max told Alex
"Liz and Maria will be on their shifts in a little while." said Alex
"I know.. it will have to be then.. Sometime before Michael gets off and Maria gets there." Max considered
"You're sure you can do this?" Alex asked
"With my powers yes.. with my conscious No." Max said
"She'll forgive you Max. She will." Alex reassured.
Max nodded his head half hopeing half knowing that Alex was right. Still it didn't change the guilt he was feeling. He had all this guilt about deceiving Michael, making Maria sick.. hideing it all from Isabel and Liz.. Still it seemed like the only thing he could do. And it was for Michael's own good. After all he couldn't have him looking suspicious in front of the Airforce. Max couldn't face what he was about to do without Liz. He wanted to tell her. He didn't like having any secrets from Liz. He felt like a secret was this invisible barrier between them. He couldn't have that. He would have to tell. For the same reason that he had to tell her "what" he was in the first place. Because he loved her."

Alex resolved himself to spending the whole day at the UFO center. and then going to the crashdown with Max to make Maria sick.

Milton walked past Alex. "Wow,son've been here all day .. You've got the hunger alright. Try not to over do it though..You'll burn yourself out. Take it from me. I 've been there." Milton told him.

Alex looked up from the book. "Yeah I think I may be over doing it a bit." he answered.

"Well, we're closing up now." Milton said.

"Yeah okay.. I am just waiting for Max." Alex said.

Max, Alex and Milton all walked out of the UFO center doors.
"Goodnight Milton." Max said
"See you tomorrow Evans" Milton said.

Alex and Max headed across the street to the crashdown. A dark cloud seemed to come over Max. Alex sensed it and slapped him on the back and kept his hand there as they crossed the street.
"If it keeps Michael outta trouble she'll thank you for it later." Alex said

Max said nothing what was really on his mind now was telling Liz about it first.
Max and Alex entered the crashdown. Liz felt it. she looked up and saw Max. That was all she could see just Max. Max walked steadily towards her.
He put out his hand and touched her arm.
"Liz can I talk to you privately for a minute?" He asked.

"If this is payback for getting us caught at work.. I am more than willing to risk it." She said

Max laughed. "No really." He said

"Okay, sure." she said and looked around for Maria. She caught Maria's eye and Maria merely put up her hand and said. "Got your back babe."

Liz smiled ant lead Max through the swinging doors to the back room. When they got in the back room Liz immediately threw herself into Max's arms and kissed him.
"I warn you.......There is no one around to catch us so it could be a while." She said.

Max smiled as he held Liz in his arms. He found her so cute and sexy at that moment and he wanted badly to kiss her. But he thought it was only fair to tell her what he was about to do to Maria first.. Just in case, she wouldn't want to kiss him after that.

"Liz, I really HAVE to tell you something." He said

"What is it Max?" She asked

"Liz.. I .. have to do something, I don't want to do and I have to do it now." He said

"Max what are you talking about." She asked

"The Airforce was tracking that thing we saw in the sky and for all we know they may even have seen us. I have to keep Michael from running after it again tonight.. Even if he just goes back to the place it landed. It would be bad. I have to keep him away. At home. Safe." Max said.

"Well what are you going to do?" Liz asked

"Well, I talked about it with Alex and decided That the only thing to do is Make Maria sick. So Michael will stay with her instead." Max said

"Sick, what kind of sick?" She asked
"Just sick enough to keep Michael home with her." Max said
"Like throwing up sick?" Liz asked

Max's eyes widened. "No, I don't want to torture her!! Just give her a cold. Well just the symptoms of a really bad cold. No fever of anything but just bad enough that Michael will think she has the alien sickness she had yesterday." Max explained.

"You do know the girl packs Echinecia?" Liz said with a laugh.

"I don't think it's going to help her in this case." Max said.

"You're going to render it useless?" She asked

"I don't need to, no." he told her
"I had no idea you could do that." she said
"Its not like I ever have." He reassured. "Would you? .. Do you still want to kiss me?" He asked
Liz looked into Max's eyes.. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Max of course I do." She said
"Your not disgusted with me?" He asked
"Max, oh my God no. I know your doing it to protect Michael and keep him out of trouble. To keep us all out of trouble. Believe me.. Maria wouldn't blame you and all and neither do I." she said
"I thought about asking her but Alex said she might cave and tell Michael." Max stared at his precious Liz..Now just waiting for the conversation to end so he could kiss her. He stared at her mouth and moved little closer to it.
"You're sure you still want to kiss me?" He said.
"Maybe for just a little while.... Michael's shift does end soon and you gotta make Maria sick before he leaves. And then I will be working the crashdown all by myself." she said

"Oh sorry" He said now breathing a little harder."But Alex is going to help you out. I will be convincing Michael not to try and heal Maria again. I will tell him I knew this would happen." Max said

"Really , You think of everything. Don't you?" She said
Max put his forehead against hers. Her breathing began to match his.
"Right now all I can think of is kissing you." he said.
Smile to smile Liz and Max touched lips. Max's heart filled up. She still wanted him. Even with what he was about to do to her best friend. She wasn't repulsed by him. She still Loved him... Max ran his hands from Liz's waist up to her hair and back down again. As he kissed her, he let his heart flow with love for her and he hoped she could feel it too. He brought his hands back up to her face and held it. He kissed her. Then he steadied her face so he could look her in the eyes. "Thank you for being okay with this.. I was afraid that you ..." Max started to say, but Liz interrupted him.
"Max, I am always here for you. You're doing what you have to do.. it's really not all that terrible , besides I know you.. I know you don't want to hurt Maria.. In fact you probably feel worse than she will. Now kiss me once more.. Michael's shift is about to end." Liz said

Max smiled and kissed Liz again. He squeezed her tightly in his arms. Everything about her made him happy. So long he waited to have her love him too. So long that he couldn't help but try to keep this moment a little longer. He hugged her more resting his face on her neck. The scent of her skin
drew him in more and he kissed her neck and ear lobe. He was driving Liz wild. she couldn't' take much more of it. She really thought she might either burst into flames or drag him up to her room. She had to say something.
"Max, Max.. Maria you gotta go take care of the Maria situation." she said.

Max stopped kissing and breathed his warm breath on her neck that was moist from his kisses. Then he caressed her skin with his face. It only made her more crazy.
"Max." she said breathlessly.
"Okay yeah.. I better." he said
He let her loose and the two of them headed toward the front of the crashdown.
"Michael!! I swear. I don't know why I bother to talk to you at all .. PLEASE.. right now I don't even want to see your face." Maria said.

Max and Liz looked at one another..

"Oh God they're fighting." Liz said

part 41
Max decided there was no time to waste with Maria and Michael's argument unfolding before their eyes. There was nothing to do but get Maria sick and fast.

Max walked past Maria looking as if he were headed for Alex. He bumped into Maria.. and used his powers on her to make her ill..

"I am sorry Maria. I am really sorry." Max apologized

"Max.. No biggie.. geeze." Maria said thinking Max seemed awfully apologetic. "Man he IS sensitive." she thought.

Max walked on past her and to Alex. Max eyed Alex to tell him he should get to Maria's side, she was going to need him.

Alex hopped to it ran over to Maria, lifting up his finger pretending he was going to over to tell her something.
"Maria, I almost forgot." Alex started but never had to finish, as Maria's knees buckled and she began to fall.
Alex caught her in his arms. Customer's all turned to look.

"Maria? Are you okay??!" Alex said a little too loudly and looked back for Michael.

But that was all it took to get Michael's attention. Michael ran to Maria just as Max had hoped for.

"I got her." Michael said as he lifted Maria up.
Max and Liz both ran to them to show concern.

"Maria,are you all right?" Liz asked.
Max's eyes were sorrowful..He hoped Michael couldn't tell the difference between his regret look and his concerned look.

"I don't feel good." Maria said groggily.

Max put his hand to his head. He could not stand what he had done to her. Liz saw his pain and squeezed his arm.
Max felt immediate relief from her touch. But only moments later Max began to resent Michael's impulsiveness as being the cause of his guilt. Max took that resentment and tucked it away.. he felt a vicious circle coming on. He didn't want to resent Michael.. it was his choice to make Maria sick.. his.. maybe if he was smarter he could have avoided this. He tried to remind himself that Maria was in no danger and that it wasn't that bad. The main thing was Michael would be out of harms way.

"Michael, why don't you bring Maria up to my room." Liz said.

Max followed and Liz and Alex stayed behind.

When they got up to Liz's room Michael laid Maria on the bed. Maria was out cold.

"Max,this is my fault.... I can't do this anymore with her.. I get her into one bad situation after another.. I get her sick with some weird alien disease and then when I try to cure her I fail." Michael said.

Michael's words couldn't have felt more like a spear going through Max's heart if it actually had been. Max knew what Michael was getting at.. and this action of making Maria sick could be the thing that turned Michael away from Maria. And the self-doubt and negativity Michael was feeling about himself was all caused by Max's actions. Max was sick, Maria surely wouldn't thank him for this. He thought.

"Listen Michael." Max said and then stumbled through his own harsh thoughts about himself for something to say to remedy this situation.
"Maria, needs you know..more than ever...I knew this would happen...It happened to me when I first began healing... it sometimes it looks like they are fine and then they get sick again... but its just cause it gives them the boost they need.. she will be all right.. we just need to watch over her and let her rest. This isn't your fault Michael.. it's not.. you healed her just fine." Max said

"But you healed Liz of a near death bullet wound and she was 100% after that." Michael said.

The corner of Max's mouth turned up just a little bit.

"I had a lot of practice." Max said

"Yeah sure.. how?" Michael said..

"Lets just say.. I never met an injured cat, dog or bug I didn't heal." Max said shyly. He had been lying about the after effects..but he wasn't lying about helping animals and even bugs. While other kids were taking magnifying glasses to Ants.. Max was healing them. Life always seemed so precious to him.. but most especially Liz's. He wondered to himself if every animal and bug he had ever healed was in a sense a preparation for the time when he would need to heal her.

Michael looked at Maria
"Maybe I should get her some water or something." he said.
"That sounds like a pretty good idea to me.. but you stay here with her.. I will get the water." Max said

Michael bobbed his head up and down absently and resumed looking at Maria. When he felt that Max had exited the room he petted her hair away from her face with his big hand.

Max went down to the crashdown to get Maria some water and to tell Liz everything was okay. When he got there he saw that the crashdown was empty except for Liz and Alex, he freaked.
"Where is everyone?? Great don't tell me I killed your father's business by making Maria sick.. Everyone thinks she's Typhoid Mary now!" Max said piling up the guilt points all in his corner. "Good job Max.. Give Michael a complex about himself, make Maria sick, kill Liz's lively hood. What else can you do wrong today." He thought

"No, Max.. the tables turn over that way sometimes. It comes in waves.. even the restaurant business in general is like that. If it's too nice a day people don't come in.. If its too rainy a day they don't come in.. different times of day different times of the year.. Its normal Max I promise you.. No one thought Maria had typhoid. Just a little dizzy spell." Liz reassured him.

Max looked into Liz's eyes with a pleading look in his own. He wanted to be sure what she was saying was true.

"Watch in a little while.. like 2 people will come in.. then a group of 5.. another couple.. It's always like that." She said

Max nodded his head never breaking the gaze in her eyes.
Her eyes seemed to smile at him and he knew she was telling him the truth and not just trying to spare his feelings. He was relived.

Alex knew he should stick around because Liz might need him to work, but he didn't want to be right on top of Max and Liz.

"I'll just brush up on the menu.. in case I have to wait tables.." Alex said taking a Menu and heading for the booth closest to the door.

"We'll just be in here. Call me if anyone comes in." Liz said

Max and Liz went into the back room. Liz smiled at Max.. and ran her hands up from his stomach to his chest. He smiled faintly back at her.

"Liz, I really hated doing that..and Michael.. Michael just blamed himself for it.. and that only made me feel worse." Max told her.

"Max" she whispered sweetly.. "Its okay.. its going to be fine."

The pain in Max's heart lifted slightly.. He looked at his pretty Liz.. He may have been the one with the powers.. but she was the Angel now. His angel of mercy.. forgiving him for things he just couldn't forgive himself for.
Liz's eyes were watery and Max knew she felt his pain and understood it.. and him fully.. He brought his hands to her face and stared in her eyes much like he did the first time he let her "see" him. All his emotion seemed to just poor out of him, like invisible tears.. and he just let Liz see everything...he let her see .. he wanted her to see.. And she did..and the more of Max's soul she saw, the more she loved him. When she didn't think it was possible to love him anymore than she did.. She did.. Max let everything out and by the end of it.. Max and Liz were crying and smiling from the intense connection they just shared.. Max got a sense of overwhelming relief.. He slid his hand in through the spaces of the buttons of her uniform to the spot on her stomach.. Passion overcame them both.. and Max kissed her feverishly..

Meanwhile, Alex looked out the front window of the crashdown.. He saw off in the distance a very small light in the sky. That seemed to be doing some odd directional changes.
"Oh no.. not again." he said. And then took note of Isabel peeling around the turn in the jeep heading toward the crashdown.

Part 42
Alex thought about how he would keep Isabel at bay. What could he do. He and Max decided that they wouldn't tell Isabel and Michael about the Airforce. Maybe there was some way of convincing her to leave well enough alone.

Behind the swinging doors in the back room. Max and Liz continued kissing. Liz felt Max's hand on the spot on her stomach, and knew no one else on earth could feel like this. Here senses were reeling and Max could feel it to, through the connection. He took a breath and smiled at her. He was now enjoying the fact that he had Liz, boiling over with passion. He took it a step further now and teased her lips with and almost kiss. He brought his lips near to hers and danced around them. Liz's breathing got heavier.
"No, fair." She whispered. Max laughed to himself as he could feel it was making her want him more. But in turn Liz could also feel that, he was enjoying teasing her. "Come on Max." She said... He smiled and pulled her closer and kissed her. Each kiss elevated their passion for each other. Max put his hand out behind Liz searching for the wall. He backed her up into it. Once he had her pressed against it, he kissed her harder. Again both Max and Liz were feeling that they wanted to take this as far as they could. But, also somewhere inside.. they both felt a little fear. Liz dismissed her fear.. so in turn did Max. Intervals of breathing, kissing and touching sent both of them into a blissful passion. "Max this is amazing.. your amazing." she said.. and then kissed him some more. Max felt himself sigh out in amazement over her passion for him.. He couldn't believe she felt this way about him.. it blew his mind away. Yet he knew it was all true.. because he could feel it. But in such away..that he almost thought he could reach out and touch her love for him..As if it were a tangible thing.. Max's emotions started to run high. "Liz. oh Liz." He said and kissed her near her collar. Her top button had come loose and just seeing that was making him crazy.

Michael came down the stairs and saw Max and Liz there.

Max turned and looked at Michael
"Oh God. Maria's water. I'm sorry." he said

"You know she's really sick up there.. and you two are down here making out." Michael said as he walked over to some stacked glasses and took one.
"I wouldn't care.. but I thought you were getting her some water." He added as he filled the glass up with water.

Max felt bad.. "I'm sorry... I'll... I'll take it to her." Max said.

"NO!" Michael said loudly. But then he softened his voice and said "Just forget it.. I'll take care of her."

"Michael, I'm sorry..." Liz said
"yeah." he said very softly and with a seemingly disappointed tone and headed up the stairs.

Liz stared wide eyed at Max.. "Will he stay mad?" she started "I'll apologize again.. for us." Max said.
"Well, we did a good job getting caught this time. And this time we really did get someone angry at us." Liz said.
Max closed his eyes and put his forehead to Liz's. He felt so said that he had forgotten all about Maria.
"Max she's all right.. we know that.. he doesn't" Liz told him.
Max sweetly kissed Liz's head. He wondered how it was that she was able to make him feel better, all the time. It was like everything she said made his heart sing.

Out in front of the crashdown, Isabel pulled up the jeep and jumped out. She came flying in the front door.
"Where's Max and Michael?" She asked

"Isabel, I know what you want to do. And I don't think it's a good idea." Alex said

" don't understand. I let that thing go and now it's back.. what if?" She said but Alex interrupted

"Maria, is sick again." He said

"Oh, I'm sorry." Isabel said concerned.

"Michael is taking care of her right now.. I think you should let him do that." Alex said.

Isabel felt stopped in her tracks..
"okay.. yeah, your right. I'll just get Max." She said

"Isabel." Alex said sternly.

Isabel was floored by Alex's tone with her. She flipped her hair about a little and got a bit of an attitude with him.
"What!? Allexxx." she said

Alex was a little taken back but fought hard not to show it.
"Isabel.. you just can't go after it." He said

part 43

Alex and Isabel stood locked eyes in a standoff.
Alex didn't want Isabel going any where near those back doors where he knew Max and Liz where.. have any chance of running into Michael. It was his job to keep Isabel out of is.. and Max's to take care of Michael.. Alex would do everything he could to make sure he kept up his end. And he had to be able to handle Isabel.. if he wanted this thing between them to work out.

Back behind those doors..
The corners of Max's mouth were turned up ever so slightly.
Liz touched his face, as she looked in his eyes.
"Max, why do you worry? Your so hard on your self... your not perfect Max... and you don't have to be perfect for me to love you." She said softly
Liz's words sunk deep into him. He knew he wasn't perfect.. but.. he did think he had to be. "You should know by now.. that I can see you exactly for who you are.. because of all of this..." she said and looked down at her stomach. Max's gaze naturally followed.. Some of the buttons where opened from where his hand had been.. and he could see his silver hand print there.. He suddenly found it really sexy...something of him... on her body.. there on her tummy.. in a really sexy place...He got a little transfixed on it. "And that, I know who you are..and what you are..and I love you.... I have never seen anything so beautiful in all my life.. as your soul.. and I never expect to."
Once again Liz said things that he just didn't think were possible.. He just never thought that anyone would ever know him for what he was. And to have it happen was one thing.. to have it be Liz was more than he could ever of hoped for. He looked into her eyes..and searched them. A little light of realization went off in his eyes.
"Liz, the reason my soul is because it loves you." he said
Liz, panted a bit and her eyes filled with water.
"no, no don't cry" Max said.. "no.." He said and took her in his arms and rocked her gently. Then he lead her over to the sofa and sat her on it. He sat next to her. He touched her hair.. A single silent tear streamed down her cheek as she could no longer stop it. He caressed it away.
"Max. I don't want anything, to ever come between us. I don't care about the dangers..I can handle anything so long as we are together." She told him..
"Its the same for me Liz." He said.
"But if we're not I can't handle anything at all..." she said
"Shhhh, we won't worry about that now... just let me kiss you." He said. He moved in to kiss her.. and placed a long slow kiss on her lips. Each kiss became deeper and deeper.. For Max touch.. was always an intense thing.. If he were to touch someone.. he could experience so much.. He could feel himself flow out through his hand.. and he could take in from the other person what ever it was they were feeling... Because of this immense reaction, he reserved his touch. He didn't just give it away because it was like giving part of himself away. Sure he healed animals.. but that was out of compassion for their pain... in situations when they were suffering. But..he could make everything in his heart and soul come through in his touch.. And the fact that he held it back for so long.. made it that much more powerful when he did touch....To him,and to Liz. Max touched her upper arms where the uniform didn't cover her skin.. He squeezed her arms and felt the contact his skin and hers. He kissed her. He wanted as much contact with her as he could possibly have. He guided her back on he sofa..until she was almost laying down,with him half on her. They kissed more and more..till Max could hardly breathe. They had to stop to rest and regain themselves... Max caught his breath and touched Liz's face again.. "liz." he said softly.. Just to say her name, and confirm she was there.. and he wasn't asleep having a really good dream. She giggled a little very softly. And they just sort of lay there smiling at one another.

"Why can't I Alex??" Isabel asked him.
"Because it will get you no where and you know it." Alex answered.
Isabel looked puzzled.
"Look.. what happened when Michael and Maria got near it?
What happened when Liz and I got near it.. It's not friendly Isabel.. they are not going to get off that thing and say.. HI! we're here to tell you who you are. Obviously there is life on other planets.. You're proof of it.. So why should we believe you're the only proof of it.. I don't think these are your people Isabel.. and I think you should stay away from it." Alex said as firmly as possible.
Isabel, stopped to think.. she looked confused and then just plopped into a chair.
"Look.. I am sorry.. I know you want to find out about yourself.. but you have to see this is not a safe way to do it." Alex added.
She just looked up at him with a wounded look in her eyes.
He reached out and touched her shoulder.
"It's not like there's no hope Isabel.. I know you'll find out someday.. but this is just not the way to do it." He consoled.
"I know.. I but why do I feel so hopeless?? Even when I was going to go out and chase it again just felt so.." Isabel said but was stopped by her own tears..
"It's okaaay. There will be other chances.. better chances." Alex told her.
Isabel quickly wiped her eyes. She used her powers to dry up any trace of them.
"Wow." Alex said
"No one can ever accuse me of drippy mascara." She said.
"No..and I can see why not... This is a trick someone should have taught Tammy Faye Baker to do." Alex quipped.
Isabel laughed..

Upstairs, Michael sat next to Maria where she lay on the bed.. Something in the sky through Liz's window caught his eye. He got up and moved closer to the window to try and get a look.

Part 44
Michael climbed out to Liz's balcony.. He noticed her telescope and used it to track the object in the sky.. It was faint but he was always looking.. So that's why he saw it in the first place. He turned back and looked at Maria inside... with his mouth half hanged open.. He wanted to tell her about it but she was out cold.Michael figured, she didn't look that bad so he would just go down and get Liz to check on her every once in a while, during the time he was gone. He climbed back in and headed out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the crashdown's back room.
Max and Liz were on the sofa, and Max was still half laying on top of her. He took his finger and touched her lower lip.Then he placed a kiss on her lips. He heard Michael pounding down the steps. He stopped kissing her.. and helped her with buttons over her tummy.

He and Liz both sat up. Max looked up just as Michael reached the bottom of the steps.

"Max that things out there again.. we gotta go." Michael said.

"We're not going anywhere Michael" Max said firmly

Michael cocked his head to one side. "No? Fine you stay here with your girlfriend and I'll get Isabel." Michael said.. Then he noticed her through the window in the door sitting and talking with Alex. "good she's already here." Michael said and went full throttle towards the door.
Max jumped up and got directly in his way.
"You're not taking Isabel, and you're not going anywhere." Max said.
"Max, I understand.. you DON'T want to go.. your into your little tristy thing.. and you want to make it with Liz.. that's fine with me.. but I am going." Michael said.

Max felt himself boiling with anger.. Michael constantly made him nuts..but this was too far. This was about Liz.
Max gritted his teeth.. and slapped Michael's shoulders back.
"YOUR NOT!" He said
Now Michael was angry.. if there was anything that made Michael angry it was hitting him in anyway. He hated that.. maybe because of Hank. He wasn't sure.. He just knew it made him very mad. "Max you can't stop me." He said.
"Can't I?" Max said.
Now they blared at one another eye to eye. Michael probably had the most intimidating stare of all of them. But Max wasn't scared or intimidated.
"Sure, you can do what ever you want to, you can heal Liz tell her everything.. but I can't do this." Michael finally said
Once again Michael hit a sore spot with Max... He's really asking for it. Max thought. Max's eyes narrowed.. He was thinking about where on Michael's jaw he should land the punch. Instead he put his arms up and shoved him.
"If you can tell me that you wouldn't regret it if she wasn't standing here, with us right now...Then.. I don't think I want to know you." Max shouted at him.

Michael immediately regretted his words. He didn't want Liz dead, and now that he knew her.. and had read her journal.. he knew that Max was lucky to have her.. and that he was happy to have her as a friend. Michael just looked dumbfounded at Max then he turned back and looked at Liz. She looked like a little deer.. wide eyed and scared as hell shivering. He knew it was because he and Max were fighting over her.. and he knew it was killing her.
"No.. I can't say that..I would regret were right to do it." Michael said, but he still wanted to go. Michael shifted on his shoes, like he was going to try and walk past Max. Max moved in his way again.
"Max, just get out of the way." He said
"NO, Michael!! You complain that I saved Liz.. yet I have taken the full responsibility of everything that has happened since then. And you were right, you ARE responsible for Maria's getting sick in the first place.. So now YOU go upstairs and YOU take care of her." Max said angrily. His teeth were still grinding.. and he had this mad look in his eye that Michael had never seen before..
So now YOU go upstairs and YOU take care of her." Max said angrily. His teeth were still grinding.. and he had this mad look in his eye that Michael had never seen before.. The fact of the matter was it scared him. He didn't think he would ever be scared of Max.. but he was..but he would be damned if he showed it. He squinted at Max.. said nothing , turned and headed back up the stairs.

Max watched him go.. and when he was out of site. .Began pacing back and forth angrily. Liz watched him as he walked.
"Why does he have to do that??! Why doesn't he think??" Max asked. Liz knew it was rhetorical and that she shouldn't answer. Max walked the floor mad as hell. He kicked anything that was in his way. And had his hands clenched into fists. "God he Pisses me off so badly." Max went on.
"What the hell is the matter with him..always in a hurry.. doesn't he know, that we have to think about everything we do. That we have to follow through when we do, do something. To take the responsibility for it.. and not compound the problem. He just thinks.. oh well now that this is screwed up, lets keep going with it. Damn it, How are we supposed to make it here ... if he keeps running headlong into danger." Max said and walked up the cement wall swung up his arm and rammed his fist into it. His hand went right through the wall. Liz jumped and was startled to see the cement broken open. "hhhhhheeea" She gasped.
Max looked at the wall, and then his hand. "Oh sorry." He said and waved his hand over it instantly repairing the damage. "My god, Max I knew you were strong but..." she said. "Oh." he said and gestured with his head back at the wall. "You like that?" He asked with a smirk.
Liz wasn't sure.. it scared her a little but. she kinda did like it. She blushed and looked down. Max strode over to her, very cocky like. "The strength of Superman Liz, Only I can't fly.. but he then he can't heal." He said. She'd really never seen him so confident. She liked her sweet Max.. but this new confidence sure did look good on him. "That strong huh?" She asked. "Yup." he said. "really" she said "Really." He said and gave her his sexiest smile. "That's pretty strong." She said.. "I know." He said and grabbed her by the arms and pulled her up to him. Once he had her where he wanted her.. he kissed her hard. Liz kissed back. Eventually Max picked her up in his arms and laid her down on the sofa.

Outside the crashdown cafe about a half a block down. Kyle walked down the street. He looked up in the sky and saw strange movement from a light there. "Wwwhat the?" Kyle uttered.. "OH NO, I am not going to be the ONLY one who's seen this.. so everyone can call me crazy.. I gotta find someone." He said and ran directly toward the crashdown and through its doors.

part 45
"Alex, Isabel.. get out her.. You gotta see this" Kyle yelled out.
"What is it Kyle??" Isabel asked trying to remain calm and convince herself maybe he only saw a two headed snake instead of, what she knew he was going to say.
"There is something in the sky.. YOU GUYS gotta get out here NOW! Kyle exclaimed
Alex and Isabel looked at on another.. at a loss for what they should do. Both of the me pensively got up and went outside with him.
Kyle pointed up at the sky.. and said.. "Look you see it??"
"See what? I don't see anything." Isabel lied.
"There... there you see it don't you Whitman?" Kyle said now even more excited than before
"Uh, I don't see anything." Alex echoed
"damit.. looook!!" Kyle shouted and pointed
Unfortunately for Alex and Isabel the thing got really bright for a moment and they found it hard to maintain their "don't see it" Alibi
"How can you say you didn't see that?" Kyle said almost jumping up and down.
Isabel looked at him with her patented "Your a geek look"
"Yeah its probably a shooting star, its very nice thanks" she said
"You think? Isn't that weird behavior for a shooting star" Kyle questioned.
Isabel just shrugged at him.. trying to look as uninterested as possible.
"Come on you look at that. Its not a shooting star. " Kyle insisted.
"Maybe its a plane." she said.
"It's not a plane give me a break." he said.

Isabel was doing her very best to appear unaffected. "Well maybe it's one of those stealth thingies. Don't they do alot of testing out in deserts where they think no one is watching." Isabel said trying to get Kyle off the UFO track.

"Are you kidding me? Sure they fly Stealths but do you really think they have em all lit up like a light bulb?" He persisted.

"I don't know Kyle.. Your living in this town WAY too long." Isabel said.

"Come on Alex back me up here. I know you have your suspicions about this stuff, you told me so your self." Kyle said

Isabel shot Alex a look.. like death rays were coming out of her eyes.

Alex squirmed.. "Uh, Ah, Uh" Then he hit Kyle on the arm and whispered.. "Come on Man I am trying to make points with her.. don't blow it for me."

"DO YOU NOT SEE THAT???" Kyle said loudly wondering how the conversation could be about anything other than the object in the sky.
"Am I the only one who is not blind here?? There is definitely something in the sky. How can you even stand there and act like nothings going on." He asked.

Alex began to worry that they would not be able to convince Kyle alone. Maybe if he had more people out there saying it was nothing he might be convinced.
"I'll go get another opinion." Alex told him.

Alex ran inside to the swinging doors and stopped just short of crashing into them. Thinking better of it he opened the door only slightly with his head turned away as he called out to Max and Liz. "Guys Kyle is outside.. FLIPPING OUT.. he's seen the thing.. its out there and I need your help convincing him its nothing."

Max and Liz were very involved in what they were doing and almost didn't hear Alex at all.
"Tell him it's Nothing!" Max called back

"Okay.. I tried that. He's wigging, and The last thing we need is him and his father running out after it. Come out here and help me handle him." Alex insisted

Max and Liz looked at one another..
"well this is a very disappointing turn of events." Liz said to Max
"Your not kidding,the things I had planned for you." Max teased
"Ahhh!" Liz said and slapped is arms with her hands.."You like seeing me suffer." She exclaimed.
"No, its just the opposite.. I like to see you happy." he said
"And I guess I would have been a lot happier if Alex didn't just come in here." She said.
"You know it" Max said with his cutest half smile he so often dawned when teasing her.

Max and Liz straightened each other out, took a deep breath and each others hand, and headed for the double doors and through the front door where they found Isabel and Alex and Kyle all looking upward.

"What are we looking at?" Max asked.

Kyle turned and saw Liz and Max
"Oh so glad you could join us." He said snidely..realizing it had been a few minutes since Alex went in to get them.

"Do you see it?" Kyle added pointing.

"See What?" Max said

That really weird light in the sky!! The one moving in the crazy directions. " Kyle exclaimed

"Kyle I am sure it's nothing. Why don't you come inside and I will give you some camamile tea. " Liz said

Kyle narrowed his eyes to his meanest look.. and directed it at Liz.

"Liz, I don't want any camamile tea AND DON"T talk to me like I am crazy?" he said

Max decided it was time to take a new tactic with Kyle, as this was not going to work.

"Well, what is it? Do you think we should report it to someone? " Max asked

"Report it!! What so everyone can say I'm Crazy! YOU report it." Kyle said

"I am not reporting it. " Max said with a laugh

"So what do we do then?" Kyle said suddenly very confused

"Stare at it." Alex said.

"I am not staring at it. Isn't that exactly how all those alien abduction stories start out??" she said and then began to shake her head around in a way that demonstrated bubble headedness "OH LOOK A LIGHT.. let me stand here and stare at it like a deer in headlights.. So they can take me away." She said mockingly

Isabel's words "so they can take me away" Struck a bad chord in Max. He was reminded of his nightmare. When the object came after him and the grey uglies tried to drag him away. Max made sure that his face showed nothing and made his best effort to laugh at Isabel's comment.

Kyle was still confused.. There he was standing with a group of people, and the dynamic was that no one wanted to see it, no one wanted to report it, and no one wanted to
wanted to look at it anymore.

"Maybe we should just pretend this never happened." Alex suggested

"Good idea" Isabel agreed and went inside.

Liz was still worried that Kyle would wander off and follow it. So she turned and looked at Max apologetically, knowing what she was about to say would surely end any chance of continuing their Max out session for a while.
"Kyle, come inside and I'll buy us all burgers and fries" She said.

Kyle looked around at the group, remembering there once was a time he hung around here with Liz,Alex and Maria. But with Max and Liz together now, he just didn't see himself hanging with them.

"Nahh, I'll just go." he said.

"And a Milky way shake." she added.

Some flicker of hope that Liz still wanted him around went off inside him. "Okay" Kyle said.

Alex opened the door and held it open for Kyle and went in after him. Liz looked at Max and he nodded an approval to her. Getting Kyle inside was a big step. Max knew how bad it would be if the Airforce was watching.. to have Kyle out there.. after all he did have a relationship with Liz once.
Max lead Liz inside.. as he had never once let go of her hand.
Kyle sat down with Isabel and Alex followed suit.

"I'll put in an order for all of us." Liz said thinking how much she didn't want Kyle and Max in the same room. And how it was so necessary to have it that way now.

Max let Liz's hand go and was still undecided as the what to do with himself. Should he sit with them or would it be easier to keep Kyle around if he didn't. Max decided if he stayed too close to Liz that would be even more uncomfortable for Kyle . So he committed to sitting with them.

Alex and Isabel sat across from each other and Kyle was next to Isabel. Max ended up next to Alex and across from Kyle. He also knew it was leaving Liz in the awkward position of having to pull up a chair between Max and Kyle.

Liz walked up to poor Jose, who had been bored out of his mind in the kitchen. He was trapped there earlier as he fervorantly was trying to avoid the make out session between his bosses daughter and her boyfriend. Liz handed in the a dupe. Finally something to do.. "I was beginning to think that people preferred Michael's cooking to mine. This place is so dead. He said to Liz

"5 Burgers, 2 orders of Saturn rings and 5 fries." She said.
Liz turned away and walked over to get the drinks. She knew just what to get everyone. She started the Milky Way Shake.
It had been so long since she made one the way that Kyle liked em. With extra vanilla.
While the shake was mixing Liz got cherry cokes for Max and Isabel. She put Tabasco in them. Knowing that they probably wouldn't do it in front of Kyle, for fear of being questioned
A blood of alien smoothie for Alex and she was almost done.

Alex, Isabel and max all sat at the table staring blankly at it. Kyle was still fired up from what he saw. And Alex, Isabel and Max were still fired up THAT Kyle saw it.

Liz approached with the drinks.
She could not resist the temptation to serve Max first.Just to show him, he was the one she was thinking of.

"Here you go." she said placing the cup before him. Max moved his hand to touch her's before she removed it from the glass. Their eyes met and she smiled at him.

She served Alex, Isabel and Kyle. Kyle took a sip of his Milky way shake. "Wow Liz, thanks just the way I like it." He said

Max felt a tinge of jealously He tried to suppress it. But his eyes told Liz he was unhappy. Liz gestured towards his cherry coke. Max sipped it and discovered that there was Tabasco in it already. He looked up at Liz. She was smiling over their little secret. Max smiled back.

Isabel took a sip of her cherry coke too and immediately realized that there was Tabasco in it. A little less than she liked, still it was sweet of Liz to think of it.

Liz returned to Jose for the food. Once he produced the order she took it back to the table. She handed out everything and then pulled up a chair. She sat down in it and moved her leg close to Max's.. She could not resist wrapping her foot around his ankle, so that they could feel close, even though they couldn't show affection above the table for fear of driving Kyle away.

"Ahh This is nice.. I have been waiting for a moment like this for a long time... Now that I have you here with out that crazy Michael..I feel free to ask some questions.. What the hell is going on with you guys?" Kyle asked.

part 46
Max looked at Liz, He wasn't sure what Kyle meant by that.
Liz knew Kyle was always talking about something other than what they thought. She learned that from the journal incident.
"What do you mean exactly Kyle?" She asked.

"You know.. the way none of you would admit to seeing that thing out there. What was that about? And why are you guys always so mysterious about everything?" Kyle said.

Isabel took the opportunity to step in with her charm.
She ran her hand into her hair and smiled at Kyle.. "You think I'm mysterious?" She said in her most flirtatasious tone.
Alex kicked her under the table. She turned and squinted at him.. and then brought her attention back to Kyle. She was hoping if she paid attention to Kyle it might get him flustered enough to through him off track.

Kyle looked at Isabel, smiling at him.. and it through him off alright.. He wasn't saying that they were mysterious in an attractive sort of way. He was saying that, they acted weird. But, hey a pretty girl like Isabel smiling at him.. what ever.. sure go with it. Kyle smiled back with a tiny tight lipped grin. "Sure, Isabel...but then what's not mysterious as a girl as pretty as you being in this town?" He complimented. Max looked around from Isabel to Kyle to Liz. He wasn't thrilled about Isabel flirting with Kyle. It was always pretty gross to see your sister flirting with someone, plus he felt bad for Alex. Max looked at Alex to see how he was holding up. Liz looked at Max, but all she could think about was the entangled legs they had going under the table. Liz rubbed her leg against Max's. He felt and it warmed him. He turned his gaze right back to Liz.
Liz's eyes held that look in them again. The one that told him she was enjoying all this secret caressing. But not only was Liz enjoying it.. she just could not help it. She had to be touching Max, it was chemical. If she wasn't touching him. She wasn't living. Both their heart rates went up. Alex knew Liz enough to know what was going on just from her face. She looked like she was containing a giggle and she was turning pink. Alex looked up and rolled his eyes. Great.. Now Isabel is going to have to do all the work distracting Kyle.. this should be fun for me. He thought. But just when he thought everything was shot to hell for the night. A large shadow cast over the table..
All of them looked up to see what it was.
"What the hell is going on here?" Michael asked.
Kyle, never liked to admit it to himself but Michael spooked him. He had never felt that way before.. until that time that he followed Liz out the that motel and Michael threw him Clear across the room. He remembered thinking.. geeze.. Why isn't this guy on the football team? Kyle had been on football fields full of aggressive guys all out to tackle him. Never before had he felt aggression like what he caught from Michael. And now Kyle didn't like the fact that Michael was staring at him like he was an intruder that needed to be tossed out. Kyle shifted in his seat. No one really ever scared Kyle. He grew up pretty unafraid. There was a certain amount of protection in knowing your father was sheriff. But, Michael. Michael was a whole other story. Max knew that this was bad.. he couldn't have Michael making.. Kyle leave. The whole point of this was to keep Kyle there. Max looked at Liz.
"What's going on here.. is just a snack.. you want to something to eat?" Liz said and held up her plate for fries to him.
"Dinner, and I wasn't invited?" He said.
"Well, what about Maria?" Max asked.
"Sound asleep for like an hour.. Thanks for your concern." he said with a hint of sarcasm in the last sentence.
"Why don't you eat with us then? Liz asked


Part 47

"She just has a little cold that's all." Liz explained.

"Miss Herbal remedy.. is down with a cold.. .that's odd." Kyle said.

"Yeah well I guess that stuff is crap.. ever think of that?' Michael said rather nastily

"Always worked for her before." Kyle said.. letting Michael know that.. Maria was no stranger to him.

Michael almost said well this time it didn't … and thought better of it. After all .. why didn't it work for her.. because it was an Alien sickness.. pointing out the anomaly to Kyle was probably not a good idea.

"Whatever" Michael said.

Liz was still holding the fries up to Michael.. She was beginning to feel rather silly about it.. So she said " "How about I get Jose to make you something.. What would you like??? A burger.. Scrambled eggs???

Michael took a fist full of her fries.. and said "Nahhh I don't want anything" as he chewed on them.

Liz didn't know how to take that.. Were the fries enough or did was he still mad about everything.

Max wasn't confused he knew Michael was still brooding .. but he also knew he would get over it..
Max and Michael looked at one another… Michael had that look again.. Like he was thinking…he should get out of there .. Like some one had lit a fire under his feet… Kyle looked just like the kind of thing to keep Max from confronting him again.. Michael could walk out… and what would Max say? How could he get in his way if it would cause a scene in front of Kyle.

"Ya know what.. I am just going to head out." Michael said with an almost evil looking smirk.

"Don't do that!" Liz said and nearly jumped up out of her seat.

"No.. you don't look too busy here.. you can watch over Maria.. like you said she just has a little cold.. So I will be on my way now. " Michael said in an almost obnoxious tone.

Kyle was a little weirded out by the whole situation.. And began to assess it. Maria was sick.., Michael was looking after her. Liz looks absolutely freaked that Michael might leave.. Isabel is flirting with him.. Max and Liz are obviously playing footsie under the tabel. Alex was so quiet. Kyle wondered.. how the heck he got there.. but he had to admit to himself.. that for the moment that the idea that something else was going on was intriguing..

Michael headed for the door… Once he was out of it Max got up and followed. Him..
"Now that's odd.. Kyle thought to himself.. If liz was playing footsie with him me I wouldn't be going after matter what was pissing him off.

Max got out side and caught Michael by the arm..
"your not going anywhere Michael." Max told him

"your going to hold me prisoner in the Crashdown all night Max?" Michael asked him.

"Michael, come on I thought we settled this." Max said

"Max, why don't you just go back to the Crashdown.. and let me do my own thing." Michael said.

"Michael listen, I didn't mean to come off so harsh before.. Its just when you bring up my healing Liz What am I supposed to have done. You know how I feel about her. How could I have done anything else.
But heal her." Max asked.

"You didn't have to tell her about us." Michael said

"Michael, come on Let's be realistic. What was I going to say. I didn't heal you. You imagined the whole thing. ?" Max said

Michael scratched his head in a way that made him closely resemble a monkey.

"No, I know, It had to be done. But I also think this should be done. Max we should be following this thing." Michael said

"I just think that too many people could be watching it.. and that some of those people might start watching us." Max explained

"Maria being sick maybe my fault. But this is also your fault." Michael said.

"How is it my fault? " Max asked.

"If you hadn't gotten involved with Liz. I wouldn't have gotten close to Maria." Michael said

"Hey now. That's not fair. You kissed Maria before I kissed Liz… Liz called me out on that." Max said

"Yeah well, I wouldn't have been any where near her if it wasn't for you." Michael said.

"Aren't you happy with you involvement with Maria?? " Max asked

"Too personal Max." Michael warned.

Max shoved at Michael in a brotherly way. "You are." He laughed. "Or you would have just said no." Max said

"Shut up Maxwell."

"So then in a sense you should be thanking me right now." Max said

"Pushing it Max." Michael replied.

Both of them turned around and headed back into the Crashdown without making any mention of it.

"Why is Kyle in there sitting with you guys?" Michael asked.

"Oh he saw the light in the sky and Liz convinced him to come inside and try to forget about it." Max said

Michael stopped dead in his tracks. "What are you kidding me? How is he going to be convinced to forget about it?" Michael questioned

"Yeah it kinda makes you wish that Flashy thing in Men in Black actually existed. We could use it right now." Max joked.

"This is serious Max. How are we going to make him forget it." Michael said.

"Michael take it easy. It's under control already. Kyle doesn't really want to have seen it. OR even admit to seeing it. He won't report it to anyone. We double teamed him.. and So long as we keep him here and calm him down..It will be okay." Max told him.

"Well then we better get back there. Before he tries to steal Liz back from you." Michael said

"Not a chance my friend." Max said

"Why what makes you so special?" Michael joked.

"Oh don't' you know.. I am Super Max." He said in his most believable tone.

"Yeah Okay and I am Spider Mike. Lets just get inside." Michael said.

Upstairs in Liz's room Maria woke up and saw where she was., and that she was still in her uniform. She looked at the clock an realized she was still supposed to be working.
"What the heck happened?" She thought.. The last thing she remembered was bumping into Max and then Alex running up to her. She got up from the bed and was a little hazy. She headed for the stairs to get back to work. One misstep and she was tumbling down them. She was too confused to even yell out and SLAM she was at the bottom.

"What the heck was that?" Isabel asked.

Kyle was the first one out of his seat and headed for the back. Liz Isabel and Alex followed. Jose popped his head in. "its okay Jose." Liz said.. so he went back to the kitchen.
Kyle went straight up to Maria to see if she was okay.
"Oh my God, Maria." Liz uttered.

Alex was scared. . If Maria was really hurt he knew one of the 3 would be able to heal her.. but not with Kyle in the room.

part 48
Max and Michael walked back in the Crashdown to find the table abandoned. They looked at one another and then headed straight to the back to look for the others.

"Oh my god.. should we move her?" Isabel asked.

Kyle was feeling for her pulse.

Michael pushed Alex and Isabel aside.

"She has a pulse… she's breathing." Kyle said.

"Get outta the way Kyle." Michael yelled.

"We better call and ambulance." Kyle said.

"Kyle come up front with me." Liz said

"What? We better get an ambulance! Whats up with you guys?" Kyle said in a panic.

"Get outta my way Kyle." Michael said and scooped Maria up and put her on the sofa.

"Kyle, come up front with me." Liz said and pulled him through the doors.

Alex saw what was going on and followed them out. He positioned himself infront of the doors so that Kyle would not be able to pass back through them.
"Liz call a paramedic. She fell down the stairs." Kyle yelled

"Okay Kyle.. you have to calm down. Maria, she is going to be fine. You really have to relax now, before you give your self a heart attack."

"Liz, she fell down the stairs, and she was behrly breathing. You didn't even get near her." Kyle insisted

"Okay , Kyle" Liz began her lie. Which she was extradordanrly bad at.. but she had to find away to pull this one off. "Kyle..why do you think that Michael wanted you out of the way.. He has been training as a paramedic and he needed you out of the way, because you were panicking." She said.

"Liz, You need to realize, the key word in what you just said.. is TRAINING! Even if he can help her.. we still need real paramedics.

Michael was healing Maria and Isabel was helping him. Maria woke up . 'What happened now?" She asked.
"You fell down the steps. We think." Isabel said concerned.
"Do you feel okay." Max asked.
"yeah, Uh my ankle hurts a bit." Maria said

Max took the opportunity to wave his hand over her ankle and healed Maria of the sickness at the same time.
Michael looked at Max wondering way he healed Maria.. and didn't let him do it.. After all that insisting the last time.

"Reflex." Max said when he caught Michael's glance.

"Maria.. Kyle is outside he saw that you fell… you have to show him your fine before he calls the paramedics."

Maria felt fine now.. "Yeah sure." Maria straightened out her clothes and headed for the front. She pushed the door and bumped Alex. Alex saw her and stepped out of the way. Maria looked and saw that Kyle and Liz both had their hands on the phone receiver.. Liz trying to pull it away from Kyle.
"Kyle.. I am telling you your over reacting" Liz said.
"Liz, I can't believe this you must be out of your mind.. that's your best friend in there." He said.
"Whats going on?" Maria asked
Kyle looked up and to his utter shock there stood Maria.. Completely fine. "Maria your okay." Kyle said.

"I'm fine.. I think I had a little too much Nyquil. Fell down the last few steps." Maria said

"Nyquil?.. since when do you take any thing like that? What about the ehcenacia and stuff?" Kyle asked.

"I didn't have any .. but Liz's mother had Nyquil in the cabinet. So I took some. Guess I don't know how to handle the stuff." Maria said.

"Your not kidding." Kyle said releasing his grip on the phone. Liz silently put it back on the receiver.

Meanwhile in the back.

"What's going on here Max? Why doesn't Maria seem sick anymore" Michael asked.

Natures first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So Dawn goes down to day
Nothing Gold can stay
-Robert Frost
posted on 31-Aug-2001 4:51:45 PM
part 49
Max looked back at Michael.. "I don't know." Max said
Isabel looked on silently.
"You healed her didn't you Max?" Michael said.
"Yeah her ankle." Max said.
"Max, what's going on?" Michael asked
"Max stared back at Michael as blankly as he could. "Nothings going on." Max said
"You said I healed her. Only she didn't seem fine until you healed her ankle." Michael said

Oh man I've given him a complex.. Max thought.. just when has really begun to be able to use his powers with out blowing things up. "All I did was fix her ankle." Max said straight into Michael's face.
Then he turned away.. feeling a little uncomfortable with how well he was able to lie. It came with always having to protect himself when he was caught using his powers. He thought about all the times he had to lie to his mom. All the times he lied to teachers. Sheriff Valenti ect. Isabel was so much better at hiding her powers than him. She never seemed to get caught. So he had to make up for what he lacked in concealing himself with learning how to lie really well. His one saving Grace was that he NEVER lied unless it was to hide his powers or protect someone he loved. Right now he was doing it to make sure Michael's self confidence wasn't undermined. Max knew how much Maria was helping him gain the confidence he needed. She seemed to be just what he needed. Michael never felt loved before. Hank was always beating on him. At least Max and Isabel felt loved by their adoptive parents, even if they did have to hide what they really were. Max figured it was Maria's love and encouragement that was helping Michael improve his powers. He remembered the first time he noticed this was when Michael couldn't get a vision from the key.. and when Maria stood next to him and told him to try again.. He was able to. Max felt that he was going to owe Maria big for this mess.. Especially if he couldn't get Michael to believe him.

Michael decided, to believe Max… he really wasn't sure if he should.. but he did.

Meanwhile in the front of the Crashdown.

Kyle approached Maria to be sure what he was seeing was true.. that she was completely fine.
He found it hard to believe but there she was looking as if nothing had happened to her at all.

"Are you sure your okay?" Kyle asked

"Yeah.. I am fine.. still a little groggy from the Nyquil but I am fine." Maria insisted

Kyle felt completely stunned.. and now just wanted to leave and go home where things were normal.
"Yah know what.. I am going to go home now…" He said
Liz looked at Alex .. Alex took the cue… "I'll drive you" Alex offered.
Kyle just wanted to get home as fast as possible so he thought about it and said
"okay lets go!"
Alex looked at Maria and realized the Jetta was dead.. so he would have to get keys from Isabel or Max to the jeep. He popped through the double doors and found the three of them there.
"Did Kyle believe Maria?" Isabel asked
"Yeah no problem.. he just wants to go home I said I would drive him." Alex told her.
"Okay.. I'll go with you." Isabel said as she pulled the keys out of her pocket and handed them to Alex.

Alex and Isabel went to the front and got Kyle….

Everything and everyone seemed so surreal to Kyle at the moment.. He felt as if he had stepped into one of those twilight zone episodes where everyone is acting like things are normal when they aren't. He was suddenly sorry he said he would let Alex drive him.. he just wanted to get away from these people now.

Alex and Isabel walked to the front door and Kyle stood dead in his own tracks… Isabel waved him on.. and he hesitated.. but followed anyway.

When the three were out the door. Maria and Liz looked at one another and signed relief.
Max and Michael returned from the back. Liz decided to send Jose home and close up the Crashdown for the night.

Everything did seem eerily quiet now.

Michael walked to Maria and put his arm around her shoulder and walked her out…to take her home.

Alex, Isabel and Kyle were in the jeep driving toward Kyle's house…

Max and Liz were finally alone.

Part 50
Max and Liz were finally alone

Liz shut the lights in the Crashdown. Max stood closely to her, swaying his body in what ever direction
she took. Max and Liz were almost dancing when she turned from the light box and faced him. A huge
smile came to her face as she saw the face of her handsome love. Max pulled off her ping pong
Antennas and the pony tail holder from her hair and tossed them to the floor. He played with her hair
and ran his hands through it. She smiled even bigger and turned a bit red...knowing that Max was
Admiring her face. There was a feeling between them.... something they both felt and only they felt. It was love.. but so much more than that... love, desire, passion, and this crazy heavenly feeling.. like they were existing on some other plane of reality.. where there was only them.. nothing and no one else but them, together, alone. "This has to be what heaven is like" Liz said to him. "Your my heaven Liz." Max said. He wrapped his arms around her and her body melted into his. His warmth engulfed her in everyway.. she felt all his love surround her just the way his arms surrounded her. And it seemed to them both, that there was something almost divine protecting them and their love. Max caressed his face against hers and kissed her. They kissed slowly for a while. Liz opened her eyes for a moment and saw this beautiful boy kissing her the expression on his face while he did this.. gave her butterflies in her stomach. His face looked as if kissing her was something he needed like a person needs air. Beautiful Max kissing her.. like his life depended on it... and it did. Max needed to kiss Liz.. he needed to hold Liz.. He felt it in his heart.. not being able to do this would be kill him.. kill his heart.. kill his soul.. There was no way he could survive life..without looking into her eyes.. Kissing her lips.. or having her to confide in.. Max knew this and he put this feeling into every kiss and every touch he gave to her. It was funny in a way because Liz didn't know how she would survive kisses of such got to the point where she didn't want to stop ever... but felt like she had to or they would most certainly end up doing something they shouldn't. She decided to wait.. until he was ready to stop.. Out of sheer need to express himself, Max continued on kissing Liz... he kissed her neck. She started to collapse in his arms.. he loved that... his heart burned for more.... his body burned for more.. but he knew it was time to stop, before things got out of hand.. but could he..

Part 51

"Alex, can you stop here? I want to get a soda." Isabel asked. Alex pulled over tot he convince store. Kyle groaned to himself.. He just wanted this night to be over already.

Isabel went inside and got a cherry coke and some tobasco to put in it. Which she did in the store
rather than infront of Kyle. She tucked the bottle away in her pocket.. She took a gulp and exited the store.. Maybe it was the sugar rush.. but she suddenly wanted to drive. "Scoot over" She said to Alex and he did. She started up the jeep and headed for Kyle's.


Max was trying to think of a way to stop kissing Liz..even though every part of him wanted to continue. "Oh I almost forgot." He said and pulled out the note he had written to her. "Milton, actually got a hold of this.. if you can imagine.. but it's for you..I hope you like it. Liz opened up the folded note and read it.

Dear Liz,
This can't be earth that I crashed into.
Earth is not like this.
I swear it must be heaven.
Because I fly whenever we kiss.

PS I know it's silly

So much for the breather.. I am in trouble now.. Max thought as he saw the expression on Liz's face change as she read it.. A hunger seemed to come over her.. Her eyes were filled with desire as she put the note away.. She moved her hands to his chest and rubbed it. "Thank you Max...your so sweet to write this." She said. Then she went for his top button on his shirt and opened it. She kissed his chest right where she had undone his shirt. Max really wasn't expecting this, and he got a sort of kick out of it. Sometimes Liz did things that he didn't expect her to do.. it was both surprising and exciting to him.
She opened the next button and kissed him there. She kissed open one more button .. and Max brought his hand to her chin and lead her face back to his. He kissed her lips. He gave her long deep
kisses, which each one Liz returned more intensely. They grasped at one another.. but standing there
they still didn't feel like they were close enough to one another.. Liz tried to get closer to Max.. and
squeezed him tightly but then she let out a giggle.."What?" Max asked. "Groucho Marx" She said.
"What?" Max said still kissing her... There is this joke.. where.. Groucho is holding this woman.. and she
says.. closer... closer.. "Uh huh.." Max said.. kissing her face and neck.. "And he says.. if I get any
closer.. I'll be standing behind you." Liz said.. Max laughed a little but was too consumed with passion
to stop. "I am sorry I just thought of it.. cause.. I wanted to get closer to you.. and it made me laugh.." Liz said "Its funny. I want to get closer too." Max said and then shut her up by kissing her lips again.. "Oh.. oh my god.." she uttered softly.. Max decided he wanted to return to the sofa. So he picked her up and carried her there, kissing her all the while.

But little did they know..

"Look the light is back!!!" Kyle shouted out.
And Isabel looked and SLAM!!.. She rammed the jeep right into a telephone poll

Part 52

And Isabel looked and SLAM!!! she rammed the jeep right into a telephone poll.
Isabel felt the pain and sting of hitting her body against the steering wheel.. She was stunned..
Although the poll had been right in front of her.. she felt as if she didn't know where it came from.. It
was the initial shock of hitting something with such force.. You really don't know the power of a car
until you smash into something with it... Achy and in pain Isabel looked over at Alex and then back at
Kyle. Kyle's head was bleeding and his arm appeared to be broken. Alex was muttering something like..
"Isabel the poll." She assumed he didn't realize it was too late for that statement.
Alex was moving around and groaning.. Isabel shot a look back at Kyle his eyes were shut.. and she
needed Alex.. she would have to risk it.. She needed him.. so she put her hand out over Alex and
healed his injuries.. She thanked heaven that he had been wearing his seatbelt. Alex opened his eyes
and looked at Isabel.. She looked scared. "Isabel, are you alright? Are you hurt?" he asked. "I, I am
sorry.. I don't know how I did that." She apologized.

"Never mind that." Alex said.. "Are YOU okay?"
"I think." she said.. and then winced in pain.. "Oh.. my chest." she said.
"Fix it.. " Alex said in a panic.
Isabel waved her hand over herself and healed herself.
"Oh God.. What are we going to do about Kyle?" Isabel said
"What do you mean?? You have to heal him." Alex said
"I don't think thats a good idea." She said


Max placed Liz on the sofa. He laid her down and moved gently on top of her. He didn't put all his
weight on her.. because he didn't want to crush her. But Liz pulled him closer, she wanted to feel that
he was there.. as close as they could possibly be. Max undid Liz's uniform and put his hand on the
hand print on her stomach and began kissing her. Liz kissed back... Max kissed her... and gasped for air
as he began to see things.... Liz was imagining something.. and at that very moment too.. He was able
to see what she was imagining while she was imagining it.. He was taken back.. by the fact that his
little innocent girl..could think such things.. and think them about him. Liz imagined what it would be
like if they began to make love.. She had no idea.. what that would be like or what it would feel like..
but she was imagining it all the same.. and Max..Max, could see and feel how it made her feel. Even
though they were only kissing.. Max was sort of getting the experience of what it was like to touch
her.. in places she'd never been touched.. and he had never touched her. Max kissed Liz their tongues
touching and hands moving about eachother. Yet the experience they were having in their minds and
souls was something much more than what they were actually doing.. They were in sense making
love... waves of passion and release again and again.. Liz was embarrassed some of the time.. she knew
what she was thinking and she knew it was affecting Max..but after a while...she wasn't imagining it
alone any more.. Something happened.. now she could see what Max was imagining.. and they were
imagining it together. She would think of something and he would build on it. She wondered if they
should stop. He wondered if they should stop too. Because it all seemed so real.. Max.. stopped and
tried to take air into his lungs. "Should we stop?" He asked.

Michael and Maria walked along the Roswell streets. Michael has his arm around Maria's shoulder.. They
didn't say much at first.
"So your okay?" Michael asked
"I am okay." Maria replied
"The Cold?" Michael asked
"Seems good." Maria answered

Michael started to wonder again.. if he should believe Max or not, about healing Maria. He wondered if
he had messed up that badly that Max had to step in and heal her for him. Michael started to get
really confused. He really thought that when he healed Maria and saw her childhood that he had.
made a real connection, and he thought he had done a good job healing her. Maybe he just didn't
know what he was doing or how to do anything right. After all there was no one to teach him. He
could ask Max, to teach him. But for some reason he couldn't bring himself to do that. Perhaps it was
his pride. Hell he knew it was his pride, but refused to admit it to himself. "Are you okay?" Maria asked
noticing the concerned look on his face. "Huh...WHAT? Yeah." He muttered
"Michael what the heck happened to me? I remember Alex walking up to me to ask me something, then
I woke up in Liz's bed and then when I tried to get back to work I fell down the steps. I feel okay then
I don't feel okay.. What do you think that thing.. did to me?" She babbled out.
"I don't know.. how should I know?? maybe you should ask Max." He said angrily

"What do you mean your not going to heal him? Isabel he's hurt!" Alex said sternly.

part 53
"Should we stop?" Max asked
"I don't want to, do you?" Liz said
"What if it gets..what if we can't later.." Max said
Max started thinking about how lonely he had been for so long..and how lonely his body was for Liz..How nicely she seemed to fit to him. When he held her, her head fell right under his neck.. her tummy near his.. How much he loved the feeling of having her close. Liz could feel what Max was feeling.. The intimacy between them was so intense, that Liz just couldn't' even think of stopping now. She wanted to know what would happen next. She wanted to feel whatever Max felt. Because everything she had seen of him so far was so beautiful. Besides at this moment, her acutal virginity was not in danger of being lost.. Just that of her mind.. Her soul and mind was entering territory it had never been, but she was going there with Max, and with Max she felt safe and comfortable. And she wanted to know him in that way.. She was so attracted to him.. so connected to him, that every part of her longed for more. Max inturn was realizing that everytime He felt what Liz felt about elevated the excitement a level, and that was happening rapidly. He was starting to ache in a way that he could not keep surpressed anymore. He ached for more. He started imagining what it was like, what he would do to make Liz feel pleasure. Where he would Kiss her.. where he would touch her.. but his fantasy was deeper than just sex. His fantasy was soulful.. that of two souls.. two engeries merging together and exploding into one light.. sustained in a moment of ecstasy till they slowly became two once again.. but now with an unbreakable bond between them. Now they knew the full extent of each others love, soul, mind.. Liz was taken to where Max brought her.. she just flowed into his fantasy and experienced it herself. It was wonderful.. it was heaven.. it was everything she could have ever wished for.. It even felt physical but it wasn't' technically. They stopped kissing and lay there on the sofa in each others arms. Listening to the sound of their hearts.. which were beating in time with one another.

"Isabel, How can you even think of not healing Kyle. That's cruel. Isabel he's bleeding." Alex said.

Isabel turned back to Kyle and healed his bleeding head. "I just mean his arm.. I am afraid to heal his arm.. what if he remembers breaking it.. We don't know when he became unconscious.. before or after he broke his arm" She explained

"How will he remember breaking his arm?" Alex asked.

"If he was awake how would he not realize it.. He's an athlete..he plays football. Alex I am sure he knows what it feels like to break something. IF it happened while he was awake, he knows it happened." She said.

"Isabel, we can't leave him like this.. It's just not right." Alex argued
"HOW WILL I EXPLAIN IT ALEX?!" She said strongly.

"We will have to make him think this whole thing never happened." Alex said

"And just how are we going to do that?" She asked.

"You fix his arm, fix the jeep.. we dump him in his bed and the whole thing was a dream. With a bonus.. maybe he will even think the light was a dream.. Too bad we can't get one of his drinking buddies to collaborate on the story." Alex said..

"Yeah sure what are we gonna just pull one of his friends outta their beds and dump him in Kyle's room. IT would never work.. Kyle would remember he was with us..and know we did something to him." Isabel said

"One of Liz's big complaints about Dating Kyle was that he sometimes drank too much." Alex added.

"What would we do put a bottle of Jack's in his hand to make him think he was drinking? We would get him grounded for a year if his dad caught him.. And that's another thing.. we're going to break into SHERIFF VALENTI'S house and dump Kyle there." She said

"Well its better than a broken arm and a weird light in the sky." Alex said

"What about the Sheriff?" She said..
"Don't forget the drinking buddy." Alex said
"NO WAY.. forget it .. that's not even an option.. NO BUDDY.. we involve no one else.. Kyle will just have to think he was drinking alone.. Maybe he will realize he should lay off the alcohol from this anyway." She said

"So we're going to do it then?" Alex said

"No, forget it .. too risky." She said

"Come on Isabel, it will be fun.. our very own caper.. come on." Alex tried again.

"The Sheriff's house?" She said and sighed.

"Yeah." Alex said.

Isabel turned back around to Kyle and healed his arm. "Alright but if he wakes up before we get there.. your knocking him back out." She said.

Natures first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So Dawn goes down to day
Nothing Gold can stay
-Robert Frost
posted on 31-Aug-2001 4:55:39 PM
Isabel and Alex pulled up to sherif Valenti's house with Kyle passed out cold in the back seat of the jeep.
The plan was to get him in the house and make him believe that he had gotten stone cold drunk and dreamed up all the events of the night... Hense taking care of the whole "seeing the thing in the sky thing and the whole accident problem." Being minors made it a bit difficult to get alcohol in town.. not impossible but difficult. Isabel had already stopped at the nearest 7-11 and bought a liter bottle of coke. She had a choice really. She could wave her hand over her ID and change it. Or she could change the bottle of coke into a bottle of Jacks. She decsided that the coke option was less likely to give her trouble. Just incase someone was around that might recognize her and call her Mom and tell her she was carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels out of the 7-11.

Alex dragged Kyle out of the jeep and dragged him up to Kyle's bedroom window. It was lucky that Alex had dropped by there once with Liz, way back.. Or they might open the wrong window and end up face to face with Sherif V.
Isabel popped open the window with her powers and Alex climbed inside to be able to pull Kyle in the window.
Once they were all safely inside. Isabel changed the bottle.
"Hey, what if he doesn't taste any Jack's in his mouth.. won't he become suspicious?" Isabel asked.
"Guess we'll have to give him a shot." Alex said
"He won't be hungover either." Isabel said.
"Well you only just healed his cut and arm... his head should hurt from the accident No?" Alex gave in.
"I guess so." Isabel answered.
Alex propped Kyle up and Isabel opened the bottle.
"Open his mouth." She said.
"You do it!" Alex answered.
"This was your idea." Isabel said
Alex brought his hands to Kyle's mouth. He hesitated serveral times before he finally was able to bring himself to open Kyle's mouth.
"God, Thank God he didn't need mouth to mouth... he'd be dead for sure with you around." Isabel said.
"Thanks.. thanks very much thats very nice." Alex replied
"Just make sure he doesn't choke on it." She said as she took the bottle and poured some into Kyle's mouth.
"And just how do I do that?" Alex asked
"I don't know tilt his head back.. HURRY!" She said as Kyle began to choke.
"chhhaaa chaaa"
"Oh my god.. oh my god do something." Isabel said.
Alex tilted Kyle's head back and everything was fine. Okay thats enough drinkning for him.
"Okay now mess up his hair and pull out his shirt." Isabel said.
"OH MY GOD.. I am not." Alex insisted.
"Oh my God.. I'm not... so you are." Isabel said.
"Fine.. I'll pull his shirt out." Alex started saying as he lifted his index finger at her... "ONLY, ONLY because I rather you DIDN'T! BUt you are messing up his hair." Alex said.
"Deal!" Isabel said.
"Deal" Kyle answered.
"What?? HOLY CROW!" IS HE AWAKE??" Alex whispered excitedly
"shhhh, no... I dont' think so.." Isabel whispered softly.
"Hit me." Kyle said with his eyes still shut and his head flopped to the side and a bit of spittle dripping out the side of his mouth.
"Does he want us to hit him? Or is he saying we hit him? Maybe he remembers the accident." Alex said.
"shhhh." Isabel said.
"damn.. 16 hate that Hit me." Kyle said
"Ohhhh it's good he thinks he's playing black jack." Isabel laughed
"Jack Daniels Kyle not black Jack..." Alex said teasing Kyle.
"Shhh.. let him think it..... at least he won't remember us that way.. He'll think he was playing cards with some guys.." Isabel said.
"Hit or stand? Kyle" Isabel said to him.
"Stand.. stand." Kyle uttered fluttering his eye lids a bit.
"Oh no.. he's coming to." Alex whispered.
"Have another drink Kyle... Isabel said putting the bottle back near his mouth.
"Noooo more.. my head hurts.." Kyle said keeping his eyes shut and turning his head away.
"We're okay." Isabel whispered.
"Hey wasn't it funny when Billy took that flashlight and made everyone think there was a light in the sky tonight?" Alex said.
"ALEX!" Isabel mouthed at him
"yeah funny." Kyle said
"Hit or stand Kyle?" Isabel said.
"look I got the queen of hearts and the king of hearts... It's Max and Liz." Kyle said sounding really weird.
"Oh God, more than we need to know about Kyle's subconcious." Isabel said
"Forget them...we're having a good time drinking Kyle right?" Alex suggested.
"Queen of hearts.. doesn't belong with the joker.. she belongs with the king right. thats why I can't have Liz." Kyle said flopping over and curling up on the floor.
"Oh jeeze....Kyle your not the joker.. you're just a different King...not the king of hearts.." Isabel said out of sheer panic that he would say more. She hoped what she said would stop him from going further.
"Thanks youuu, nice.. but what is the king of clubzzz any way?? no one knowzzz." Kyle said.
"Christ." Isabel said out of frustration.
"Max and Liz.. Max and Liz.. King and Queen of Hearts." Kyle chanted.
"God Isabel.. how much did you give him?" Alex said.
"I don't know.. I thought he could handle it.. I thought he does this all the time...." Isabel defended.
"Maybe he milks em." Alex said.
"Max and Liz, Max and Liz.. King and Queen of Hearts." Kyle chanted again.

and then.. there was a knock on the door.

"Kyle are you in there?? where have you been all night??" Sherrif Valenti asked.

"Quick in the closet." Isabel said.
Isabel and Alex fled to the closet and shut the door.

"You got the Jack's?" Alex asked.
"I thought you had it." Isabel said.
"Oh no." they said togetht.

and the door to the bedroom opened.

To be continued.

Max and Liz the Cherishing part 62 or 55

Alex and Isabel hid in the closet trying to be as quiet as possible.

Sherrif Jim Valenti opened the door and saw his poor son flopped over on the floor apparently from drinking.

"Oh kyle." he said and walked over and propped his son up... "This has got to stop Son.. you have to stop drinking over Liz... you'll get over it.. I promise.." Jim said

Alex and Isabel exchanged a look. "oh my god..he's done this before." Alex said.

"Kyle.. listen to me.. can you hear me? This has to be the last time, son..I know it hurts.. God knows I've been in your shoes.. being left.. not even knowing why... You have to tell your self it just wasn't meant to be.. and move on.." Jim said unsure as to if Kyle heard or understood a single word.

"Queen of hearts..queen of hearts.. I'm not the king." Kyle said..

"Oh jeeze...Kyle stop that." Jim said.

Jim looked over and saw that his son still had a picture up of Liz and himself. "It's time you stopped looking at this." Jim said and then picked up the picture and shoved it under Kyle's bed.
"She's just a girl Kyle... you have to stop this now.. or I promise you next time you will be grounded." Jim said.
"not just a girl.. dad.. not just a girl..Liz wasn't just any girl to me.. I don't get it.. I don't get it.. it just changed all of a sudden.. all of a sudden it was Max.. he's the king now.. not me. And the worst part of it is.. I try to hate him.. but I can't even do that.. because the only thing to hate is the fact that Liz loves him. It was my freinds that beat him up.. if they didn't she might of let it pass and stayed with me.. so instead.. I hate my freinds and don't even want to see them any more.. I don't have Liz.. I don't like my friends.. I don't know where I fit in anymore." Kyle babbeled.

"Say what's the name of this show?? Everybody Loves Liz?" Isabel whispered
"From the sound of it.. Everybody loves Maxwell." Alex whispered back
"Well gotta love Max.. brother you know." Isabel whispered
"Gotta Love Liz..Best freind ya know." Alex said softly.

"I didn't mean to drink dad.. I don't even know how it happened..I don't know.. how.. I don't... " Kyle muttered.

"Poor Bastard." Alex said.
"I feel bad we did this too him Alex." Isabel said.

Jim's heart went out to his son's. He could understand where Kyle was coming from. He'd seen his son with little Liz. He was so happy with her, and everything seemed fine. She seemed to be happy with Kyle as well. Jim just didn't know what to tell his son... He tried to think up something.
"Maybe you just didn't know her as well as you thought you did son. Maybe it's all for the best." Jim said.
"Then why do I feel so crappy?" Kyle asked from his stuper.
"Because your drunk and your down.. and drinking only intensifies your emotions. Thats enough of this now Kyle.. I'll get some extra pillows to prob you up with and the basin incase you get sick. " Jim said..

"thanks dad." Kyle said.

"An Kyle, I'll sleep on the couch tonight with the door open.. so I can hear you if you get sick." Jim said

"Thanks dad." Kyle said.

Isabel looked at Alex...
"great how are we going to get out of here now Mr. Caper?!" Isabel whispered angrily.


"What do you mean I should ask Max?" Maria said
"Nothin forget it." Michael said and started stomping off.
"I don't understand what would make you say that??? " Maria asked
"Nothing I 'm just saying he knows more about that healing junk than I do." Michael
covered. He didn't want to start telling Maria about all his insecurities and was sorry
he ever let his mouth spew the way that it had. She was sure to ask him more
questions.. and then he would have to tell her. He doesn't think he didn't do a good
enough job of healing her.. and Max had to step in an bail him out. Because he was
an alien.. and he even sucked at that.
Maria was mad she thought Michael was trying to make some kind of insinuation that
she was into Max and not him. She couldn't see any reason why he would say that
or act that way. Maybe she'd said she wanted what Max and Liz had once to many
times. She started to think it was her fault he stayed at such a distance.
"Listen Michael..I don't get why you would say that.. but if you dont' think I am into
you.. you're wrong...If I wasn't into you.. I wouldn't be kissing you.. I am not one of
those people who just... hangs out with someone to pass the time.. I dont' use
people till something better comes along....I'm with you because I wanna be." Maria
tried to comfort

Michael nodded his head.. he wondered if she was crazy or something. Why did she
dig him?? He couldn't even use his stupid powers correctly.. If she was ever in
danger.. which she surely would be if she continued to hang around him..he couldn't
even heal her right or use his powers to protect her.
"Lets hurry it up.. I gotta get home." Michael said.
Maria through her hands down at her sides in frustration.. that was certainly not the
reaction she had expected to get.
Maria and Michael finally approched her house. He stopped infront of it.
"Okay.. thats it.. go in.. see ya." Michael said.
"See ya? No good night kiss, no I am glad you're okay now honey?" Maria asked
"Yeah all that.. whatever...Glad you feel good.. bye." Michael said.
Maria just looked at him astonished. He turned around and walked off. Maria couldn't
believe he hadn't kissed her goodnight.. and as he got further and further down the
road.. she couldn't believe that he didn't even look back. She didn't know why
Michael was shutting down.
He shut down.. He couldn't feel all of this for her if he couldn't protect her in his
eyes. And after all he'd seen of her, everything in her dreams that moved him so..
everything that he saw when he connected to heal her. He tried to forget it all. He
just shut it all out and walked and kept walking. He didn't think about anything. He
just watched his boots take step after step over the grey pavement. He never once
looked up at the sky.. He some how had forgotten all about that light in the sky. It
never even occured to him to look up.. because he was feeling so down.

Meanwhile back in Kyle's closet.

Isabel pinched Alex as they heard the sounds of Kyle gagging. She was mad.. she
never wanted to do this in the first place.

To be continued.

Natures first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So Dawn goes down to day
Nothing Gold can stay
-Robert Frost