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Title: Groveling Time
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters they belong to the WB, I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Rating: R(for now)NC17 later
Category: M/L(do I write anything else)
Spoilers: Maybe, what could happen. Who knows?
Summary: Max knows the truth, but can he get Liz to forgive him?
Author's Note: I just can't let Max treat Liz the way he has in the show and then have her forgive him that easily. No, I am going to make him grovel for forgiveness. So any of you out there that can forgive Max with the explanation of it's all a mind warp for all his current actions this isn't the fic for you. I am very upset with the character of Max so be for warned! Any feedback is appreciated. Okay that was a little harsh - I still love the dream of Max & Liz so don't worry dreamers this IS the fic for you guys.

Part 1

Max Evans and Liz Parker stood outside the pod chamber along with their friends Michael,
Maria, Isabelle and Kyle in a tight embrace. Maria was holding onto Michael as if he would
vanish if she ever let him go and Kyle had his arm wrapped around Isabelle in a comforting
matter. The six friends had just watched their once considered friend Tess explode in front
of their eyes. None knew exactly how to feel as emotions were running extremely high. They
knew the truth behind what Tess had done, not only to Max, but to the entire gang. Especially
their friend Alex who had paid the ultimate sacrifice for Tess to continue her deception.
They felt betrayed, anger, humiliated, guilty and in some small way a touch of sadness that
they weren't able to help Tess overcome and change her ways.

Liz's emotions were still running high with everything they had just discovered. Still knowing
that it could have turned out so differently and she could have lost the true love of her
life forever if her and Maria had shown up just a few more minutes late. She looked up to
see Max's face as he looked back at the pod chamber entrance. Max turned to see Liz's face
and slowly leaned down to gently place a soft kiss of sincere love and full of apology upon
her lips. With her emotions still so high she kissed him back. Their embrace was tender and
full of all the emotions they shared toward each other. When their lips parted slightly from
each other, but still touching slightly Max whispered. "Thank You."

He gave her another tight squeeze and then pulled away and began running his hands over her
face, then down her arms and began to search for any injuries she might have encountered
during the explosion. When he was satisfied she sustained no injuries he turned to the rest
of his friends and his sister. "Is everyone okay?" He asked once again taking on the roll of
being responsible for everyone.

Michael only nodded to his best friend without releasing Maria who had her head buried deeply
into his chest. Kyle also nodded and slowly pulled his arm away from Isabelle knowing that
she too needed her brother at this emotional time. Isabelle took a step toward her brother
and gave him a slow sympathetic smile. She of all people knew how hard it was going to be for
her brother to accept what he had done and said to all his friends and to her. Everything
that had happened was still fresh in her memory, but she understood why it had happen. She
slowly raised her hand to Max's arm and slowly caressed downward. "Are you okay?" She spoke
softly and her voice was of concern for her brother.

Liz pulled away from Max to allow him this time with his sister. She also knew what Tess had
done to Max and what had gone down between the two siblings. Once she had pulled away from
Max, everything emotion she had felt since last summer started to flood her mind. Yes, she
was happy that she now knew the truth behind all the deception and what her true place was
with Max. But, could she just forget and forgive everything that had happen. Especially all
that had happen since the future version of Max had come a visiting. She watched as Max
embraced his sister and the two siblings began their reconciliation. As she stood watching
them the hurt feelings once again began to surface and even though she knew she loved Max
more than life itself she just didn't know if she could ever really forget everything that
had happened.

Max slowly pulled away from his sister. "It's time to go home. We've got a lot to discuss."
He stated as he turned his attention toward Liz. Even though his words were spoken to the e
ntire group they were directed personally toward Liz.

Liz nodded acknowledging he was correct. They did need to discuss quite a bit before their
relationship could even begin to move forward. Her next action shocked Max. She turned
toward Kyle and asked quietly. "Could you take me home?"

Kyle looked up to Liz, then over to Max and then quickly back to Liz. He knew she of all
people had suffered the most of what had transpired between Max and the deception that Tess
had made. He wasn't surprised by Liz's action. He knew how much Liz cared for Max, but he
also knew what a strong independent individual she truly was. He almost felt sorry for Max,
because deep down when everything was finally settled, he had a feeling it was going to take
a lot of groveling on Max's part to get back with Liz. "Okay, let's go." He then turned to
Max and stated. "We'll meet you guys back at the Crashdown."

Max watched in horror once again as Liz started to walk away from him and down the hill from
the pod chamber entrance. The feelings of that day last May when she had first walked away
and he let her came flooding over him. In that instance he knew he should have gone after
her then and now there was no way he was ever going to let her walk away from him again.
He immediately stepped in front of Liz and Kyle. "I'll ride with you." He wasn't asking
permission, he was stating a fact that he was going to go with Liz.

Liz needed a few minutes to get herself together before she spoke with Max and that's why
she had asked to ride back to town with Kyle. Now she had to think quickly. "Don't you need
to stay and fix the jeep?" She asked hoping Max would begin to see the logic in her
statement and in so give her the few minutes she needed to think.

"No, the jeep is gone. Isabelle, do you want to ride with us?" Max knew if he let Liz get
away now that she would once again pull away from him and he wasn't about to let that happen
again. He always knew she was the one for him and now with the new information they had
just gotten there were no more doubts about how truly deep his feelings for her are.

Isabelle looked over to Michael. "Go ahead Isabelle, we'll take the jetta and meet you guys
there." Michael stated while still holding onto Maria. Isabelle nodded and started to walk
toward her brother, Kyle and Liz. She suspected what was going down between Max and Liz, but
she thought the least she could do would be to help her brother out. After all she was still
his sister and she still wanted him to be happy. Secretly she was pleased that Liz was the
once that was meant to be with Max all this time instead of Tess. She liked how Liz seemed
to stick up for herself and didn't follow Max like a puppy dog. The more and more she got to
know the real Liz Parker, the more she liked and respected her.

When they arrived at Kyle's car Max was determined to sit next to Liz. "Isabelle, you can
have the front seat. If you want it?" Max hoped he wasn't being too obvious about wanting to
sit next to Liz on the drive back to town. Of course, the other three passengers knew
immediately what Max's true intent.

Isabelle almost let out a laugh when Liz made the suggestion that Kyle let Max drive home
since he was probably really stressed. Kyle took one look at Max and knew when to back down
and there was no doubt in his mind now was one of those times. "I'm find Liz, don't worry.
Besides I've seen Evans driving and I'd rather not have him driving my car." Max gave Kyle
a slight nod thanking him graciously and climbed into the back seat. Liz on the other hand
gave Kyle a look that stated thanks a lot. She took a deep breath and then slowly climbed
into the back seat next to Max. She was very careful not to look or touch him, because her
emotions and feelings were still very high. And she didn't trust herself not to melt in his
arms if she even looked in his direction.

Max on the other hand knew exactly how Liz was feeling. He had seen and felt her feelings
when they had kissed up at the pod chamber's entrance. As soon as Liz was situated in the
car, he made his move. Without even thinking twice about it, he put his arm around her
shoulder and began to pull her body closer to his. He knew she wanted time to think about
everything that had happened and he also knew he would make up for every harsh word and
action that had caused her any pain in the past. But, he was determined not to allow her
time away from him in the mean time so she would even begin to think they wouldn't be able
to learn to trust and love again. He knew in his heart Liz was the only one for him and he
would do everything in his power to let her know that he was sorry until the day he died.
But, he needed her too much to take the chance she would step away from him again. He
quickly put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him and whispered. "I'm

When Liz first felt Max put his arm around her she wanted to pull away, but being in the
tight confides of the back seat of Kyle's car didn't give her a lot of room to maneuver.
Then when he leaned down and whispered his apology in her ear, she felt her resolve starting
to crumble. She wanted to accept his apology, after all she did love him and wanted more
than anything to be with him. But, she couldn't just let everything go that had transpired.
Tears started to swell in her eyes as the inside turmoil brewed onward inside her body
between her heart and her mind. Her heart wanted to forgive and forget, but her mind wasn't
ready. She raised her tear filled doe eyes to meet Max's. "Max. Please." Was all she could
find her voice to say.

She only spoke two words, but both carried so much meaning and Max knew without a doubt
everything she meant with only those two words. His name spoke of love, unconditional,
undeniable love that she still had for him. The please was for the time she needed to heal
so she could hopefully find it in her heart to forgive him. "Liz. I know I don't deserve it,
but I need you right now. Please."

His words tore at her heart and she knew that Max had also been through so much. She melted
right then and allowed herself the comfort that Max was so willing to give her. In doing so,
she also knew she was giving him the comfort that he needed desperately. Both knew all was
not forgiven and they had a long road ahead of them to get back where they were. But, for
right now they allowed each other the comfort they both desperately needed. Liz let the
tears fall as so did Max. They held each other tightly in silence the rest of the ride back
to town.

Surprisingly Michael and Maria were already at the Crashdown upon their arrival. Maria seemed
to be back to normal and was already getting everyone a drink when they walked through the
doors. The cafe had been closed up for the night already and the group sat in silence for a
moment just treasuring that they had looked into the devil's eyes and survived. Maria walked
ad just sat down and placed drinks in front of everyone. "So Max, glad to have you finally
back to normal. You are you again right?"

"Yes, Maria. Thanks, it's good to be myself again." Max looked around to all the faces that
had tried to help him and that he had let down so much in the past months. Shyly he stood
and addressed them as a group, knowing that he would need to address them individually at
another time. "I just wanted to say that I am sorry for everything I or rather that Tess
had me saying lately. I know a simple apology isn't enough to make up for my actions, but it
's a start and I hope my true friends will understand and try to find it in your hearts to
forgive me eventually."

Isabelle knew this was coming. She knew her brother very well and knew he would be experience
a major dosage of guilt for his actions. "Your right Max in most cases a simple apology
wouldn't have been enough, but I know you and you weren't you. I know our lives have never
been normal, so.... I'm just glad to have you back and let's leave it at that." Isabelle
then turned her attention toward Liz, then to Maria, then to Kyle and then back to Liz. "I'm
just glad we have good enough friends that care enough about us to watch our backs. Even
when we don't realize what's really going on. You guys are always there for us. Thank you
just doesn't seem like strong enough words for what I'm feeling right now."

Maria and Liz both stepped over to Isabelle and the three girls embraced each other. At that
moment an unbreakable bond was formed between the three girls and they knew no matter what
had happened and what ever they face in the future. They would be there for each other.
"We'll always have your back. Just like we know when it comes down to it you'll always be
there for us." Liz stated simple.

"Friends through thick or thin." Maria added.

"Sisters, blood or not." Isabelle corrected and then the tears of joy started flowing
between all three of them while they embraced for yet another hug.

"Okay, okay enough of the water works all ready." Michael said getting a little impatient
about all the female hormones flying around the room. He then winked at Maria and said.
"Seriously though, Isabelle's right. Thanks!" Maria knew how difficult that simple thanks
was for Michael to actually say. She gave him a bright smile and winked back at him to let
him know she accepted his gratitude.

"Yeah, what about me? I helped out too and I'm diffidently not into sister bonding." Kyle
stated with a fake pouting face.

Michael and Kyle looked at each and both began fake crying. "Man, I love you like a brother."
Kyle joked and then pretended to wipe his fake tears away.

Max watched his two friends making jokes at the girls and just sat there rolling his eyes.
Michael took him by surprise though when he was pulled him up from his seat and hugged him.
"I'll always be there for you man." Michael said in his still girlie joking voice. Then
pulled away and slapped Max on the back. "Good to have you back Maxwell."

Max nodded knowing that at that moment Michael had forgiven him completely and no matter how
much they argued they would always be there for each other. Max turned toward Kyle and held
out his hand. "Thanks." He then looked over to Liz who was still laughing with Maria and
Isabelle about Kyle and Michael's brother bonding joke. "For..."

Kyle took Max's hand and knew exactly what Max wanted to say. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I might
have been pulled into this without asking, but I got your back too, your royal pain in the
butt highness!" Then without thinking he asked Max. "So do you still remember everything
that was planted in your memory or did that all kind of disappear when Tess...."

At this question everyone stilled immediately. Liz found herself tightening her grip on
both Isabelle's and Maria's hands. She wasn't sure if she was ready to hear the answer to
this question and before Max had a chance to answer Maria spoke up. "Kyle! A little
sensitivity goes along way, you know!" Kyle looked over to the expression of horror
that appeared on Liz's face and immediately regretted his untimely question.

Kyle was not the only one that saw Liz's expression and Max immediately felt the guilt
rising inside him. He approached Liz slowly not wanting her to be any more upset than he
knew she already was. He thought about trying to explain how the memory implants made his
mind feel, but he knew that discussion was for another time and should be in private.
Before he reached Liz, he stopped at Maria and held his hand out to her, without answering
Kyle's question.

Maria looked at Max's outstretched hand and then looked him in the eye. "I think if you want
to reestablish your girlfriend status, I'm going to need a little more than a simple hand
shake." Then took Max into her arms and gave him a giant friendly hug. It only took Max a
second to return her friendly hug and couldn't help the smile that spread across his face.
He simply loved Maria to death. Yes, Isabelle was his sister by blood, but Maria was after
all his 'girlfriend' sister.

After the two of them pulled apart, Max looked once again in Liz's direction. He knew of all
people in his small 'family' Liz was going to be the hardest one to forgive him. But, the
most important one also. "Liz, I...."

Liz held out her hand. She wanted Max to know that while she was still very hurt she had
forgiven him as a friend. But, right now friendship was the only thing she would be able to
offer. "Friends." She offered and gave Max an awkward smile.

"Just friends?" Max replied trying to make a slight joke as he accepted Liz's hand. It was a
small step, but a step in the right direction only.

Flashes of the night he came into the back of the Crashdown and how their passion had
exploded filled her mind. When she finally came back from the flashes she looked up into
Max's eyes and then quickly adverted them to the tile floor of the Crashdown. She went to
pull her hand away. Her body was in a total conflict between what her heart wanted, but
her mind unwilling to let go just yet and forgive Max completely. "Guys, I'm really tired.
Maria would you mind locking up, I'm going to hit the hay. I'll talk to you guys later. Good
night." With that she made her retreat swiftly toward the swinging doors. Just before she
walked through them she turned back to the three remaining pod squaders. "I'm glad your all
okay." Then she disappeared behind the swinging doors.

Isabelle rubbed her hand down Max's arm knowing he felt dejected by Liz's abrupt departure.
Michael also knew and placed his hand on Max's shoulder. "Give her some time Maxwell. She's
strong, she'll be able to handle this."

At Michael's words Max turned toward his friend. "She's scared Michael. The flashes are just
reminding her of that fact."

"Flashes? When did Liz have flashes?" Maria inquired. Max just threw her a look and the
realization dawned on her what had just happened between Max and her best friend. Now
understanding why Liz so quickly made her exit. "I'll go talk to her."

"No, it needs to be me. Guys thank you for everything, but I think it would be best if
everyone went on home." Every single one of his friends wanted to interject their feelings
regarding the matter, but when it came down to it. They all knew Max was right. Liz and Max
needed privacy to talk out everything that happened.

"I'll make sure to take care of Mom and Dad so you won't have to worry about them." Isabelle
confirmed and with that good bye's were said all around.

Max knew he couldn't go after Liz the way she had left and decided to take his normal route
to her bedroom. He began his climb up her balcony, trying to figure out exactly what words
would express how truly sorry he was and how much he loved her. Right before he reached the
top he could hear her sniffles and the sounds of her tears broke his heart. He slowly
peaked his head over the edge of the balcony and the sight of her took his breath away. She
had changed into a soft purple tank top and a pair of boxer sleepware shorts. She sat with
her journal opened in front of her, but she wasn't writing in it. She apparently was
rereading some of her older entrees and she was crying softly as the old memories of what
she had written brought back all the emotions she was obviously conflicted by. Very softly
he spoke her name "Liz."

"Max?" Liz whispered as she desperately tried to wipe away her fallen tears.

"May I?" He hadn't climbed over the edge of the balcony and wasn't going to step over the
already fragile boundaries.

"Max, could we please talk tomorrow? I'm really tired." Liz stated knowing she was neither
physically nor emotionally ready for this moment.

"Liz, neither of us are going to get any sleep tonight unless we at least talk about....well
, everything." Max stated as he took that finally leap of faith and climbed over the last
barrier between them. He quickly knelt down in front of the lawn chair she was still sitting
on and continued. "Liz, I know I've said and done a lot of things that hurt you and I wanted
you to know how sorry I am. I never meant to hurt you."

Never meant to hurt you. Those words rang throughout her mind and that was the final
statement that finally let the angry and hurt she was trying so desperately to control snap.
"Never meant to hurt me Max? You destroyed me!" She screamed at him. "I know you are not at
fault completely here. I know I played a big part in what transpired between us, but I only
did what YOU asked me to. How could you have done that to me? We were married for Christ
sake for over twelve years! Apparently I didn't mean as much to you as you did to me! You a
sked me to give up everything that meant anything to me and for what? So you could be with
that hussy of an alien bitch! Why couldn't YOU think of a better plan than to destroy me,
us, everything? Alex died Max! He was supposed to dance at our wedding! He was supposed to
still be alive! I know it wasn't YOU personally, but it was YOU!! And you want to know what
hurts more than anything? You believed I would have actually slept with Kyle. WITH KYLE!!"

Max wanted to reach out to her and tell her in his heart he never truly believed it was possible.
But, then he knew he had listened to what his eyes had seen instead of what he knew was true
in his heart. He knew Liz was only getting started and that she needed to let out all this
anger. Until she got rid of all the anger that she had bottled up inside of her they would
never be ever to forgive and begin again. So he held his head down and let her continue.

Liz took a deep breath and knew Max wanted to defend himself, but as she saw he wasn't going
to say anything in his defense she continued. "Every since that night you put my emotions
on some kind of never ending roller coaster ride. First you hate me, then you need me so
we're friends again. Then you start acting like you could forgive me and we could still be
together. We go to Prom and I confess to you all my insecurities regarding your former
relationship with that...that bitch in heat and what do you do? Less then ten minutes later,
I walk out to find you and there you are KISSING HER! It was my PROM MAX, MY PROM!!!! How
do you think that made me feel?"

Max couldn't take the pain he had caused her any more. He quickly grabbed her into his arms
and tried to help soothe the wounds he had inflicted on her. "I'm so sorry Liz. I didn't
know what I was doing. I would have never been that cruel to you on purpose, you have got
to believe me." He tried to plead his case desperately wanting her forgiveness.

Liz's blood was still boiling and as Max held her she started to receive flashes from Max.
Only these flashes were not clear, they were playing in her mind almost as if they were
being erased as she received them. They were fading flashes as if they were memories, but
the memories were being wiped out as they played on. Liz stood in Max's arms as she received
the memories of what Tess had implanted in Max's mind. In doing so she knew she was taking
the false memories away and in a way curing Max completely from what Tess had done to him. T
he only problem was that Liz herself had to lay witness to them as they played and then
disappeared. After all of them had vanished. Liz couldn't remember any of them. They were
now completely erased from her mind as well as Max's. The only thing left of the flashes of
the implanted memories she could remember was the unbelievable amount of pain they had
caused her heart. Liz pulled away from Max's embrace and as hard as she could. Liz Parker
slapped Max Evans across his face.

Max could feel what Liz was going through and knew what she was doing. He knew she was
taking all the implanted memories from him and erasing them by using her connection to him
and her new power. So when she pulled away and slapped him, he stood and accepted it. Once
again feeling guilty of the pain and heart ache he had caused her. If he had known what she
was going to do, Max would have tried to stop her. But, now that it was done he knew without
a shadow of a doubt how deep her love for him ran and he never loved her more. He was so
grateful for her selfless act that he couldn't help himself when he grabbed her face with
both of his hands and kissed her deeply.

The kiss was deep and full of passion. All his true feelings poured into her soul. At first
Liz tried to pull away, but as Max sent her flashes of their love for each other the anger
began to subside. She began to kiss him back briefly. Before she knew what was happening Max
had her body pinned against the brick wall on her balcony. Their kisses confirming that
there was no going back and nothing nor nobody was ever going to come between them again.
The passion between the two of them was growing with each flick of their tongues. Hands
began to wander and caress up and down each other's bodies. Their love was driving them
onward through their passion for each other. Liz found herself pulling at Max's shirt and
ran her hands up and over his chest under his shirt. Max held the back of her neck with one
hand as his other began to caress along her stomach, nudging the edge of her tank top upward.

Liz's moans were driving Max's urges forward. His mouth left hers, kissing and sucking down
her neck. Both knew this was moving too fast, but neither wanted to stop. Liz needed Max as
much as Max needed her, but as she felt his hand to move slowly up. She knew if they didn't
stop now, they wouldn't be able to stop if Max touched her now very aching breast. "Max, we
have to stop." She moaned out as she continued her caresses of his chest. As hard as she
tried to control her movements her body seemed to have a mind of its own. Even as she stated
out loud the need to stop she moved her hips in a rhythmic sensual gesture.

Max heard Liz and was about to stop his investigation of her body when he felt her body move
against his. This movement made Max suck on her neck even more. His lips ventured back up
to hers and before capturing hers once again, he moan out. "We should...stop." And then he
recaptured her lips in another soul searching kiss. He moved his hand from around her neck
down to her hips in hopes to steady their movements and let his control get under check so
he could stop the on slaught of urges that was driving him. But, once his hand moved to her
hips it continued down until he felt himself lifting her off the ground. Her legs wrapped
around him instinctually opening her body up for Max to move even closer to her. Liz gripped
his shoulders as she continued to move her body into Max's.

Without any control left in his body Max began his own thrust into her center. Max's erection
was more than apparent to both of them as he moved in sync completely with Liz's rhythm. His
hand made it's way to it's destination and both groaned into each other's mouth as Max
started to caress her breast. His touch was soft and gentle at first. Feeling the entire
breast, as if putting her body to memory by touch. He then began his tortures treatment on
her nipple which became harder with each twist and turn. It didn't take long before Liz felt
her entire body begin to heat with an impending explosion from within. As Max continued his
exploration of her nipple and continue to thrust into her center, her first true orgasm hit
. It ripped through her entire body, leaving her surprised and shaken all at the same time.
She moaned out. "Oh My God..Max...Maxxx!" As the organism took over all her senses. She
felt the warm liquid escape her lower body which left her completely immobile.

Max held her tight as she rode out the new sensation that crashed through her body. Slowly
he released her legs from around him and allowed them to set down on the ground again. He
kissed her softly and then finally pulled away. "Tonight is only the beginning Liz. I told
you once before I was coming for you. I love you Liz Parker, I always have and I always will
. Tomorrow is the day I will begin to prove just how much I mean those words. Tomorrow and
every day after that."

Still feeling the after effects of her orgasm, Liz could only whisper his name. "Max."

He kissed her once more on her forehead. "Sweet dreams, my love. Good night." And with that
he headed over to the balcony edge. Swung himself over and started his descent down. Nothing
could remove the permanent smile that was planted on his face this night.

Liz crawled threw her window and climbed into bed trying to figure out what had just happened.
One minute she was angry as hell at Max and the next minute she couldn't control her own
actions. Not to mention what it felt like when his hands had touched her. Her whole body
screamed out for his touch. And then his words, his promise for a future and not just a
future, but a happy future. She had no idea what to feel, but as she fell into a deep contented
sleep her last thoughts were how much fun it would be to make Max grovel just a little bit

End Pt 1

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Title: Groveling Time
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

The next morning Liz awoke to the smell of flowers surrounding her. She slowly opened her
eyes to a sight that took her breath away. Her room had been transformed into a botanical
garden of sorts. There were lilies, hiathens, carnations, daffodils, tulips, mums, lilacs,
an assortment of wild flowers and all different colors of roses, plus quite a few Liz didn't
even know the names of splashed all over her room. Just about covering her dresser, desk
and floor. On the night stand right next to her bed lay a dozen white roses with a note
attached. Liz slowly opened the note and read the words written from the man's heart that
she was head over heels in love with.

My Love,

The first day I saw you.
I knew you were the one.
I'll love you for all eternity.
My heart and soul you've won.

Forgive Me, My Love.

Liz couldn't stop the tears that rolled down her cheeks. She knew last night that her heart
had already forgiven Max. Her mind wanted to forgive him, but could she forget everything so
easily. She knew Max was not going to back down this time and a small part of her couldn't
wait to see what he had planned next. Her father's voice from outside her bedroom door
pulled her away from her thoughts. "Liz, honey are you up?" He opened the door slightly, but
when the smell of all the flowers in gulfed his nose, the door was opened wide. His eyes
were as wide as they could be without actually popping out of their sockets. Jeff Parker
then took a look at his daughter that still had tears streaming down her cheeks. "Let me

She only nodded and then jumped out of her bed and threw her arms around her father's neck.
"Oh Daddy!!" sniff sniff "I love him so much." sniff sniff "I want to forgive him daddy."
sniff sniff "But, I just don't know if I can." sniff sniff "Forget everything." sniff sniff

Jeff's heart broke for his daughter. He had no doubt how Max felt about his only daughter
after he bear witness to his serenade last fall. And he saw how his daughter's face lit up
when Max was around. Liz never told him nor her mother what had happened between the two of
them, but it had devastated his daughter completely. Jeff was never the kind of father that
wanted to control his daughter, but it was very hard for him to hear the tears that she was
crying and not feel slightly angered toward the young man that apparently won his daughter's
heart and then broke it. He pulled his daughter back from his chest and looked her right in
the eye. "Honey, I'm not sure what all went down between you and Max. But, I can give you
some advice from my heart. If you truly love someone, I mean truly love that person. Then
you will find it in your heart to forgive that person. Besides what did Grandma Claudia
always tell you. If it isn't complicated, then he is probably isn't your soulmate."

Listening to her father repeat what her grandmother had told her so many months ago made Liz
smile. "That's part of the problem Dad. Max is my soul mate. I know he loves me and I love
him, but I'm just scared that sometimes love just isn't enough to conquer all the
complications that arise. What if I forgive him, give him my heart and soul and then I lose
him again. I can't survive it a second time. I just can't." Liz spoke the truth to her
father. She stated exactly how her heart felt. If she let go of the anger and forgave Max,
then lost him again. She knew deep down she wouldn't survive. She knew she would literally
die from a broken heart.

Jeff Parker was at a total lost for words. He had no idea what he could say that would make
all the pain his daughter had obvious experience go away. Just as he was about to tell her
no matter what she would always have him and her mother, Maria came crashing into Liz's
edroom. "So how it go last night?" She was saying before she even realized the state of Liz's
room or that her father was still standing there holding his daughter in his arms. "Oh my
gosh!! Did Max do all this?" Maria exclaimed out as she took in the sight of all the flowers
that were placed all throughout the room. She then noticed her best friend. "Liz, babe are
you okay?" She asked with sincerity.

Liz pulled away from her father and proceeded to throw her arms around her best friend.
"Maria, what am I going to do with him?" She then turned to her father. "Dad, thanks for
being here, but I really need to speak to Maria privately." Jeff was glad that he was able
to give his daughter the little bit of comfort that he did. He also knew right now she
needed her friend more so he excused himself and left, closing the door behind him.

Maria hugged her friend tightly and then stepped back. "Well, you have three options as far
as I can tell. One, you tell him to go to hell and walk away for good. But, I don't think
that is a very good option considering we both know how much you love him so I guess that
only leaves us option numbers two or three. You forgive him and live happily ever after. Or
you make him grovel at your feet for everything that he and his future self did to you and
then you forgive him and live happily ever after. I myself prefer option number three. It
might be fun to watch a once and future king grovel for a short time any way." Maria joked
as she watched the light bulbs going off in her friends mind and knew she had already opted
for option number three too. "Of course, if he continues doing this kind of stuff." She
waved her hand around to all the flowers in the room. "It's going to be really hard to stand
your ground for very long."

"I just have to be strong. And under no conditions can I allow him to kiss me like last
night." Liz confirmed her plan to proceed with option three.

"Soooo, he kissed you last night. Okay spill girlfriend." Maria edged her on for all the
gory details.

"Let's just say I'm like a puppet in his arms and when he kisses me, I melt completely."
Maria laughed at her friend's predicament especially because she had her own boyfriend from
above and knew exactly what Liz was speaking about. Not to mention Maria didn't even have
any of the other aspects involved with being the chosen one of the king to add to the
already major pressure in their relationship. Liz saw Maria smiling at her and continued.
"I'm serious Maria. I have to keep him at arms length, no touching, no kissing and more
importantly than any thing I cannot be alone with Max under any circumstances."

Neither girl had noticed that Max was outside Liz's bedroom window. He had spent a good
portion of last evening changing strands of grass into the most beautiful flowers he could
think of. Then very quietly placed them throughout her room as Liz slept. Max had heard
everything that Liz had said to Maria. He was more determined then ever to win Liz's trust
once again. Especially after what had occurred between the two of them last night. There was
no way Max would be able to give her up ever again. It was almost like his body craved her
now. That's the reason for his early morning visit. He didn't mean to ease drop on the two
irls, but after what had been said he thought it would be better not to interrupt them and
let his presence be known. So he very quietly and quickly went back down the fire escape and
decided to go ahead with his next plan of action.

A few minutes later Liz's father was knocking on her bedroom door once again. "Liz, Max is
here. Do you want to see him or not?" Liz's father wasn't quite sure which way to proceed.

Liz's eyes widen. She instructed her father to send Max in and then turned to her best friend.
"Maria, you have to promise me not to leave me alone with Max until I'm ready for what ever
it is I want to do about him. Promise me."

"Okay okay, I promise. Now get dress, Moondoggy is waiting." Liz rolled her eyes and then
quickly started rummaging throughout her closet for an outfit to wear, while Maria went to
let Max know she would be out in a few minutes. Maria then leaned over to whisper in Max's
ear. "Nice touch with flowers. Do you think you could teach Michael that trick?"

"The flowers were nothing. I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve still to play." Max
stated seriously, letting Maria know he intended to win this time at all cost.

"Care to share?" Maria questioned.

"I've got a feeling you'll know soon enough." Max retorted and then he lost all interest in
conversation with Maria as Liz appeared in the hallway. Max's eyes roamed hungry over her
entire body before landing and remaining locked on her eyes.

Maria saw how quickly Liz's resolve was weakening so she decided to help her friend out at
least this one time. Marie had no intention of trying to keep Max and Liz apart, but she did
feel Liz deserved a little acknowledgment from Max how sorry he was first. She quickly
stepped in-between her two 'girlfriends'. "So, are we all meeting downstairs?" She inquired
to Max.

Max had to admit Maria was good and she was quite obvious in her attempt to delay his pursue
of his lady Liz. "Uh well, I called Kyle and asked him to meet us here and then I figured
we could all head to my house since my parents are going to be out of town until tomorrow
night. That way we could all have some privacy to discuss everything." Max had already made
a decision that Liz would be staying with him tonight, no matter what he had to do to make
that decision come true. Maria nodded and then looped her arm with Liz's and started to walk
out of the Parker's residence with her friend. But, Max was one step ahead of Maria this
time. "Maria, Mr. Parker asked if you could help him downstairs for just a minute before we
head out." Max had made an arrangement of flowers for Maria in just a mere moment and gave
them to Mr. Parker when the two passed in the hallway. Max told Mr. Parker they were from
Michael and he would send Maria down to get them as soon as he saw her.

When Liz heard her father needed help she immediately spoke up. "Does he need me too?"

Max shook his head no. "It's a surprise for Marie." He then gently touched Liz's arm to
hold her back. "Go ahead Maria, we'll wait for you in the back." Maria looked back at her
friend and once Liz gave her the slight go ahead, Maria bounced off to see what her surprise
was." Max made a mental note to let Michael know what he had supposedly done for his
girlfriend as soon as he seen him. Max knew that Kyle wasn't due to arrive for a while and
he also knew that now he and Liz were truly alone once again. He had seen Mrs. Parker leave
earlier and Mr. Parker was now down in the cafe opening it for business. As soon as Maria
was out the door, Max made his move. "So, did you like my surprise?" He asked without releasing
his touch from her arm.

Liz tried to be as strong as she could with the feel of Max's touch against her now very
warm skin. He was sending a tingling sensation throughout her body and all he was doing was
touching her arm. "Max, the flowers were beautiful, but...."

"Not half as beautiful as you are." Max interrupted now slowly caressing her arm with his

Liz pulled her arm away from Max's touch. She knew she was about to cave if she didn't put
distance between her and Max immediately. "Thank you for the flowers, they are lovely. But,
Max we still have a lot to discuss." Max took a step toward her and Liz quickly took a step
back. She pulled the pendant out from around her neck. "I know you gave me this, when you
thought you were going home." Max took another step forward, Liz once again stepped back as
she continued to speak. "But, I think you should keep it, until you know without a doubt the
person you want to give it to. Especially now that we know what it represents."

Once again their feet moved and then again. "Liz, I gave that to you because you are the one
for me. I have no doubts in my heart. I want you to have it. I need you to have it." Their
bodies continued to move, Liz's backward and Max's forward until Liz found she had backed
herself up into the back hallway of her house. "I need you Liz." Max said softly as he
brought his hands up to cup Liz's face.

"But..." That was all Liz got out of her mouth before Max captured her lips in a soft gently
kiss. Max had no intention of letting Liz give back the pendant that certified her as his
chosen mate. And if he had to play dirty in order to make her feelings for him to surface
over and over again, that is exactly what Max intended to do. The minute she felt Max's lips
upon hers, her inner battle began to weaken again. She found herself wrapping her arms
around his neck, urging him to deepen the kiss. His tongue swiped across her bottom lip
begging her to open herself up to him. Liz complied with his request and soon they're
tongues were dueling, mimicking the act of love. Liz couldn't help the moan that escaped
deep in her throat. As Max's mouth left hers and began it's sensual journey down from her
ear to her throat, he was rewarded with yet another moan from Liz. "Max! Max!" She could
only exclaim his name as she felt his hands traveling down her body.

Before their make out session got too over heated this time though, Maria stood at the end
of the hallway holding her flower arrangement in her hands as she cleared her throat. Max
pulled away from Liz and looked shyly down to where Maria stood. Liz's eyes we still glazed
over with the passion that Max had replaced her blood with as it coursed it's way through
her body. It took her a moment to get her body under control. Max turned back to Liz and
whispered in her ear. "We'll continue our talk later." Liz could stare into his eyes, too
afraid to speak as her body still craved Max's touch and wanted more immediately. Max then
moved his attention back to Maria. "Nice flowers."

Maria smiled at the two of them. "Yea, Max. You must be rubbing off on Michael after all."
She stated knowing good and well that the flowers were a decoy from Max to get him some
alone time with Liz. As she looked at her friend she understood completely what Liz was
talking about earlier. She had absolutely no self control when Max was involved. This plan
of theirs was going to be a lot more difficult than Maria had first thought. She had
absolutely no idea how absolutely right her thoughts were.

She didn't know that Max now had the inside information as to how to win over Liz's heart
back. "So, I guess we should get going. Kyle and Michael should be here any minute. Shall we
"He motioned toward the door as he placed his hand on the small of Liz's back unwilling to
release his touch on her completely.

It wasn't long before Kyle had arrived and they headed out toward the Evan's residence.
Maria noticed Michael's motorcycle was already in the driveway. The alien king and his three
human friends walked inside the Evan's home to be greeted by a banner that hung over the
stairway saying "THANK YOU" and Michael and Isabelle yelling "SURPRISE!"

Maria, Liz and even Kyle stood in the doorway with their mouths hanging open. Isabelle
immediately went up to her three friends and began pulling them all inside her home. "We
just wanted to do something for you guys to show all of you how much we appreciate
everything you have done for us." Max and Michael both were wearing huge smiles across their
faces as they witnessed how their friends took their surprise. Isabelle continued to pull
on Kyle's arm, as Michael took Maria's and lastly Max reached for Liz's hand. "Come on, we
have something for you guys." Isabelle said as they made their way into the kitchen. Each of
companions and went to the counter. Isabelle picked up a beautifully decorated cake and
turned around to their friends. "Michael baked it, Max iced it and I decorated it." She
walked over to Kyle. "Don't worry, no tobasco sauce in it, just lots of good old fashion
sugar." She joked as she handed him the cake.

Maria ran over to Michael and threw her arms around his neck. While planting sweet kisses on
his neck, cheeks and lips she exclaimed. "I can't believe you baked me a cake!" Michael
just wrapped his arms around her waist, enjoying the feeling of still being able to hold her.

Kyle accepted the cake gratefully. "It looks almost too good to eat." He then raised his
eyebrow to his friend. "I did say almost. Let's dig in!"

Isabelle laughed at Kyle's antics as he promptly placed the cake on the table and clapped
his hands together in a gesture that stated he was ready to weap the rewards from his new
found friends. Liz also had a huge smile on her face. She walked up to Max and whispered
quietly so only he could hear. "Thank You." Max nodded his acceptance of her thanks. Then
Liz turned to the others. "This is really great guys, thanks. It means a lot to all of us."

"So, where's the knife. Let's dig in." Kyle stated with quite a bit of enthusiasm in his
voice. Isabelle walked over to the cake and swiped her hand over the cake, cutting six
perfectly sliced pieces. "WOW! I love this magic stuff!" Kyle exclaimed and then added.
"Plates, forks, come on people the cake isn't going to wait all day."

Max couldn't hold back the laughter and headed to the kitchen cabinet to get them all a
plate. While Isabelle made her way over to their utensil drawer and withdrew six forks.
"So who wants the first piece?" She asked as she placed the first slice one of the plates
Max had retrieved.

Liz looked over at Maria and both girls said at the same time. "Kyle."

Kyle smiled at the two girls and stated. "What? I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast this
morning." The entire group started laughing and it felt good. Really good to be able to
laugh again. After everything they had been through together, they were still young and full
of life.

Max watched as his friends enjoyed eating their cake and laughing and joking. This is what
life was all about, he thought to himself. This is how it should always be. Even though a
part of him knew that life for the six of them wasn't always going to be easy. He knew as
long as they stuck side by side together they could accomplish any goal set before them. He
watched as Liz's laughter filled his mind and contemplated his next move. He knew physically
she wouldn't be able to resist him as he had already proven that. Now he needed to find a
way emotionally to connect with her forever to him. A smile broke out over his face as the
next plan of action came to his mind. No one noticed it though as they were all laughing and
smiling, except Maria.

She shook her head and looked over at her best friend. 'Poor Liz, she won't know what hit
her.' Maria thought as she watched Max, watching Liz. She then turned to Michael. "The cake
is delicious. Thanks!"

Liz then added. "I can't remember tasting such sweet frosting. It's to die for." She swiped
a finger full of frosting off her plate and began to lick it off slowly, before placing her
finger inside her mouth and sucked it slowly in and out. Liz heard Max's plate slip out of
his hands and shatter on the floor. She knew exactly what she was doing, because she knew
without a doubt that Max had been staring at her as if she was his next meal. With the
knowledge she immediately thought of a plan to make him suffer just a little bit.

Max watched as Liz first licked the frosting from her finger and then when she began to move
her finger in and out of her mouth and sucked the remaining frosting that laid upon it, he
lost it. Without even realizing it Max dropped his plate. The only thing that brought him
out from his trance state was the sound of the plate as it broke a part on the kitchen floor
in front of his feet. "Max, are you okay buddy?" Michael asked as Max quickly dropped to
his knees to begin to pick up the mess he had just caused.

Maria walked over to Liz and whispered. "You are sooo bad, girl!"

Liz nodded and whispered back. "Do you think I went a little too far?"

"No, I think he could use a little more of that, don't you? Time to play!" Maria stated as
she gave her friend a slight nudge toward Max who was still cleaning up his mess.

Liz felt a little guilty about Mrs. Evan's plate that had been broken. But, then again she
knew Max could always fix it. So she dropped down in front of Max whose hands were full of
frosting and cake. "Can I help?" She asked as she reached for Max's hand. Slowly she brought
his hand to her mouth and moved her mouth over one finger, licking and slowly sucking it
clean. This act caused Max to let out a groan and when she removed his finger from her mouth,
Max found himself falling backward unable to keep his balance. Liz smiled shyly as she
stood up slowly. "I guess it would be easier if you finished the job yourself."

Kyle spit out the piece of cake he had just put into his mouth when he witnessed and heard
what Liz had just stated to Max. Isabelle tried to hide the laugh that was dying to come
forward by turning her head. She looked over to Maria and noticed she too was losing the
battle to hide her laughter. Max couldn't believe Liz had just done what she did in front
of everyone. His first instincts were to pull Liz into his arms and end this game once and
for all. But, he knew he couldn't do that while being watched by all his friends. In fact he
knew Liz knew he wouldn't be able to do anything and knew that is exactly why she was able
to get away with what she had just done. Max quickly swiped his hand over the cake and plate
mess. Leaving only a nice clean put back together plate lying on the floor. He picked it up
and walked over to the sink and began to wash the rest of the cake off of his hand while
trying to get his body back in some semblance of control. He smiled at the remembrance of
what Liz had just done and knew he was going to love getting even with her. "I think it's
time we talked seriously about what went down at the cave yesterday and what we know as the

Max turned around to see all his friend's and sister nodding their heads to show their
agreement "We now know what the granolith is really supposed to be used for. Isabelle,
Michael and myself have all discussed the possibility and we wanted all of you to know that
this is where we consider home to be and without any further unforeseen forces. The three of us
have decided that this is the planet we will continue to live on." All three pod squaders
watched their human friends reaction to the bit of information the Max had just informed

Maria spoke up first. "But, by any further unforeseen forces, you mean that maybe someday
the three of you may have to go back?" This is what Maria feared more than anything. She
knew that Michael loved her, but she also knew if he was called forth for duty. Michael
Guerin would take his place in the stars.

"We don't know what is going to happen in the future. Well, not this future any way." Max
tried to joke, but realizing that no one was in a joking mood any more, his tone took a
serious one. "We have all experienced so much, but I would be lying if I said that nothing
else will happen. The only thing I am sure of is that together as a group we are stronger
and can overcome whatever the fates have in store for us in the future. There may come a
day when we have to return to a planet from which we were originally from, but then again
that day may never come." Max put the cards on the table as honestly as he could.

"So you can give us now. That's what your saying." Maria stated as she looked over to Michael,
understanding completely what he had tried to tell her not to far in the past.

Max walked over to Liz and pulled the pendant out from it's place under her shirt and began
to rub it as he looked into Liz's eyes. "For some that is correct. For other's I can promise
now and forever." Tears begun to form in her eyes as she understood his meaning. If Max
ever had to leave Earth for whatever reason he intended to take her with him.

"Hey, can you guys please explain the pendant's significance for those of us that are kind
of slow in alien relationships. I mean does it really mean you chose Liz as your mate and
does that mean she has to be your mate now? Or does Liz get a chance to decline if she wants?"
Kyle asked feeling stupid for asking, but wanting to know at the same time.

"Kyle!" Isabelle shouted at him. As she saw the look that set upon both her brother and Liz's
faces. The room became extremely quite and Isabelle saw that no one was ready to face any of
the facts. So as calmly as she could she tried to explain the pendant to Kyle. "Look Kyle,
the pendent is from our home planet. From what we've learned it signifies that the one for
whom the king, Max here, chooses to give it to is the one that the king chooses as his mate
. In accepting the pendant from Max, Liz accepted her place as Max's mate."

"But, Max didn't know what it meant when he gave Liz the pendant nor did Liz know what she
was accepting when she accepted it." Maria interrupted Isabelle's tale.

"Your correct Maria, but the thing is, that pendant isn't a person it is an object. An
object that obviously accepted the king's choice and Liz's acceptance of that choice. You
see the pendant is the key to who ever it is given to and to whom ever accepts it to operate
the granolith safely. If or when that time ever comes that we need to operate it that is.
Only the true chosen mate can activate the granolith. That's why when Tess tried to use the
granolith, it somehow sensed she was not the chosen mate and rejected her because she didn't
have the key. I guess there is some kind of self destruct force to prevent just anyone from
using it. So when the granolith registered Tess not being the true chosen mate...."

"It blew her up when she was inside." Kyle added coming to terms with just how important
the pendant around Liz's neck was and why now Liz was so important to all the pod squaders.
"So no matter if Liz knew the meaning behind accepting the pendant or not, it doesn't matter.
She accepted it and in doing so, she is like the key to you guys being able to go home if
you ever need to, right?"

"Okay wait, how does Liz having the pendant mean Liz is the chosen mate? I mean what if say,
I take the pendant from Liz. Then can I operate the granolith?" Maria inquired now that the s
ubject was at hand she wanted to know exactly what her best friend was up against. "I mean
for that matter, what if another one of your guys enemies come to Earth. Knowing that Liz
has the pendant, what's to prevent them from killing Liz, taking the pendant and them having
control over the granolith?" As Maria continued to think out loud, the more and more she
grew concern for Liz's well being.

"It's not just about having the pendant in your possession. It has to also accept the holder
of the pendant as the one that the king relinquished it's power to. Meaning in order to
activate the granolith the individual not only has to have possession of the pendant, but
the granolith also has to accept that the individual with the pendant is also the individual
that the king chose." Michael added.

"So Tess thought that since she was once Max's chosen bride that the granolith would accept
her even though she didn't possess the actual pendant. Which of course it didn't. But, my
question is what's to make the bad aliens not come after Liz now. I mean if they find out
that Liz has accepted the pendant. Won't they know how important she is and try to nab her
to use her to control the granolith? Or even worse, what if they find out she has the
pendant and don't know that they need her in order to operate the thing. They kill her and
take the pendant away?" Kyle's imagination was only starting.

"Stop it." Max commanded, he knew everyone was just trying to help them with all that had
happened, but he also knew this discussion was getting a little out of control. He could
sense how all the possibilities were taking their toll on Liz and he needed to stop it.
Max turned to Liz. "Before we go any further on this conversation I need to speak to Liz in
private." Liz wasn't sure if she was ready for this conversation. She knew eventually her
and Max would need to talk about it and everything else that had happened between, but she
still needed more time. She looked over to Maria for some back up help, but that plan was
soon laid to rest when Michael wrapped his arm around Maria's waist preventing her from
coming to her friends rescue. Max saw the look Liz passed to Maria. "Please Liz. We do need
to talk about this and I really think this should be just the two of us first."

Liz shyly looked down at the floor and only nodded her head. It was now or never. Then the
light bulb went off in her head and she quickly walked to the stairs leading to Max's
bedroom. "Are you coming or not?" She inquired when she noticed Max had not moved as of yet.

Max gave her a small smile and quickly fell into step behind her. Maria plopped down on the
couch and under her breath she whispered. "She is so going to cave."

End Pt2

posted on 17-Sep-2001 5:30:42 PM
Title: Groveling Time
For Disclaimer and Summary see Pt1

Pt 3

Once inside Max's bedroom, Liz moved to the far side of his room while Max carefully closed
his door. As soon as it closed he took one step toward Liz when she held up her hand. "Stop
right there." Max stood frozen in place awaiting her next words. "We need to have some ground
rules before we can even begin to talk." Max nodded for her to continue. "First, I want you
to promise to stay on that side of the room. I need to be able to think clearly and I can't
do that when you touch me. Second, no look into my eye soul mate type looks and..."

"Liz, I get it. Now will you please tell me what your feeling and what I can do to help you
trust and love me again?" Max stated as he walked over to his bed and sat on the edge of it.

Liz plopped down on the computer chair across from the bed. "What I'm feeling Max? I have so
many emotions running throughout my body right now I don't even think I can state them all."

"I'll start if that would be easier for you." When he receive a grateful look from Liz, he
said the most natural feeling in the world to him. "Love, that's the first emotion I feel
when I look at you."

"Love? Love is the first emotion you want to discuss?" Liz couldn't believe how hard he was
going to make this on her. To Liz, love was the one emotion she felt they really did not
need to discuss. She knew Max loved her and she was 99.9% positive Max knew she still loved

"Okay tell me what emotions you are feeling right now and we'll work through them together."
Max probed hoping Liz would finally begin to really open up to him.

"Okay you really want to know exactly how I'm feeling. Betrayed, angry, sad,
happy*cough*horny*cough*excited, and love. That's about sums it all up." Liz turned her head
shyly away not believing she had just said that to Max. Part of her hoping he didn't hear
her confession, but part of her hoping he did and would want to kiss her soon. Sitting this
close to Max was causing that old familiar feeling inside of her body to grow to a point
where she was literally aching for his touch.

Max sat there thinking about all the emotions Liz had just confessed. Betrayed, he could
diffidently identified with that one. Angry, sadness, happy, excited and love all those same
emotions that Liz felt he could diffidently identify with her. Wait what did she say in
between happy and excited? Did she say horny? Then Max's mind wandered back to the kitchen
and could almost feel sucking the frosting off his finger again. "Horny? Did you say one of
your emotions that you are feeling is horny?" Max asked out loud without even realizing he
had actually said the question out loud.

Liz turned about ten shades of red. She couldn't believe of all the emotions she poured out
of her heart, the one he picked up on was that she admitted she was horny. "Max! You are
such a guy. I mean you are supposed to be this great leader and all you heard me say in that
entire confession was that I feel horny. Fine if that's the one emotion you want to discuss,
then I'm game. Yes, Max your presences makes me want you to hold me, kiss me, touch me, make
love to me. Is that what you want to hear? Okay I admit it. My body actually craves you!
You make me HORN...."

Her sentence was never finished as Max's lips were on hers before she even new what hit her.
Max had sat there and listened to her say all those words about her wanting him to touch
her, kiss her, make love to her and all reasonable senses left his brain. All he could see
was her lips and the need to take them with his overwhelmed him completely. The next thing
he knew he was kissing those beautiful full lips of hers and pulling her body up flush
against his. He lifted her up and spun her around until he felt the edge of his bed. Slowly
he gently eased them down on his bed without removing his lips from hers. As he slowly began
kissing his way down her jawline to the sensitive area at the base of her neck that he knew
drove her crazy. "Max...Max, please. Ground rules." Liz moaned. She knew her body was caving
quickly and if she didn't get Max to stop now there would be no stopping them.

Max stopped his sweet torture and lifted his head to look her into her eyes. She was still
pinned underneath him and Max refused to lose the feel of her body. But, he tried to regain
some semblance of control so they could finish talking first. "Liz, I.." He tried to come
up with the words that would make her understand how sorry he was and that he needed her, no
more like craved her. Liz started to shift from her position of underneath him. She moved
her hips slightly meaning to move out from her current position, but as her hips moved her
lower body came in direct contact with his now more than obvious erect state.
Max groaned immediately then stated in a husky voice. "Do you have any idea what kind of
power you have over me?"

Liz tilted her head to look down at Max's body that had hers completely pinned underneath
his and then looked back up to Max's face. "Apparently not much considering I'm the one
pinned to your bed." She gave him a small smile, teasing him slightly for losing as much
control as he had. Once again she tried to move, only to find her hips moving into the
growing familiar bulge that was in the front of Max's jeans. She heard him moan again and
then she felt Max thrust his hips down to meet her center. Which unsighted a groan from
within both of them? Both Liz and Max stared into each other's eyes and without any further
words spoken they both began to move in a rhythm together. Max cupped her head in both of
his hands and willed her to open herself up to him. He needed her to see how he truly felt
for her. He needed her to know that she was the one and only one that would ever make him
complete in every way. As Max's feelings flowed throughout her body, she felt humbled by
the amount of love he held for her. It was not only obvious that he physically needed her,
but the love from deep inside him was almost too much for her to handle.

Max watched as Liz slowly closed her eyes and knew she now understood how much she meant to
him. Their bodies continued there motions, but at this point neither seemed to be aware of
what was happening to their bodies physically. They were both drawn to the depths of their
love emotionally to even notice what was happening physically to them. Slowly their rhythm
stopped and they continued to embrace one another emotionally. "Now you know why I can't
lose you Liz. You mean everything to me. I love you, Liz Parker. Please forgive me."

Liz leaned forward and gently placed a kiss on Max's lips. "You know I already have, because
I love you Max. I just need some time to deal with everything we've learned. I may have
accepted the pendant and I do love you..."

"But..." Max stated before Liz had the opportunity to say it herself.

"I'm not sure if I'm ready for what all that means. As much as I want to be with you. I'm
just not sure if I'm ready." Liz slowly stroked the side of Max's face. "Emotionally, I know
you love me and I love you just as much, but we are so young still. Not to mention how our
bodies are acting physically. Are we really ready for that kind of a relationship? I mean,
you kiss me and I melt." Max gave her a slight grin that let her know, he knew just what she
was saying. "Stop smiling like that. Are you so sure that you are positively ready for every
thing that comes with the knowledge of the pendant?" She threw back at him.

The grin left Max's face and he thought seriously about what Liz had just said. He lifted
his body off to her side, but pulled her closely as to not lose too much of the physical
contact his body was screaming for and then said. "I've always known you were the one for
me. I might not have known the significance of the pendant when I gave it to you. But, if I
had known I would have given it to you anyway. Don't you see Liz, it's always been you and
you alone."

"What about Tess? She may have manipulated your mind to think you loved her enough to give
the pendant to her instead." Liz retorted back, lowering her eyes as she did.

"Liz, I told you once before that Tess could never be you and I meant it then and I know
that for a fact now. No matter how much she tried to force my mind to believe I loved her.
My heart could never let go of you. That's why I know for a fact I would never have given
the pendant to Tess. I know in my heart, I would have never chosen her as my mate, not even
in while I was under her control. My heart would never have allowed me to betray you like
that." Max said reassuring Liz. "I know you need to time, but I also know without any doubt
that I want you, all of you. But, I can wait until all of your doubts about us are put to

"It may be awhile. Can you understand that? As much as I want to be with you Max. I can't
forget everything completely yet and let you in my heart. I wouldn't survive if I let you
in completely and lost you again." Liz stated honestly as she sat up. She turned her head
slightly so she didn't have to look Max and started to pull the pendant over her head.

"Don't Liz." Max stated as he stopped her hands from removing the pendant from around her
neck. "Nothings going to change the fact that I have already made my choice. Your the one,
even if you take this off, the choice has already been made and accepted. I'll die before I
lose you again." He sat up and engulfed her within his arms. "I can wait for you forever as
long as I know that we have a chance. That someday you will forgive and forget and allow me
to love you the way we were meant to love each other."

"Max, I just don't know. I think it would be better if you held onto this until we have
everything resolved. I want nothing more than to commit myself to you Max, but right now I
don't know if I can do that. That's why I think it would be best if I gave this back to you,
especially now that we know what it means when you give it to the person who you chose." A
single tear ran down her cheek when she once again began to lift it over her head.

Before she got it even a third of the way up, Max grabbed her hands to stop her. "My choice
has already been made, you already accepted the pendant. We can't go back, we can't change
the choices that we have already made. Now we can either go forward and embrace the choice
we both made and accepted with a life that is full of love, honor and respect. Or you can
choose to ignore what we know is a fact and cause both of us to live miserable lives." His
words came out a little more harsh then he had intended, but he knew it was the truth. They
couldn't undo what had already been done. Now they had to decide what they were going to do.
Max only hoped that Liz would be able to forgive him completely and accept her new place as
his chosen mate. "Liz, I'm sorry. Last year when I had found out who I was, it was very hard
for me to accept it and I know it's got to be even harder on you. I never meant for your
life to be turned upside down like it has been. But, no matter what the future holds for
us, you are the key and we can't change that."

Liz pulled her hands away from the pendant and let it drop loosely around her neck once again.
She looked Max directly in the eye and stated. "I don't want to change my decision. I want
to be with you forever Max, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for everything that comes with
that decision."

Max immediately thought she was frightened about their enemies and what the other members of
their group had begin to talk about down in the living room. "I won't let anything or anyone
hurt you Liz. I'll die protecting you first."

Liz shook her head quickly. "No, no I trust my life with you Max. I'm not worried about what
or who we may face in the future. I mean yes, it is a little scary, but I have complete
faith that my knight in shining armor will protect me." Liz said jokingly.

"Then what is it Liz? Be honest with me and just tell me so I can help." Max reached over
and begun to caress Liz's arm gently.

Liz closed her eyes at the feel of Max's touch. How was she supposed to tell him that she
wanted him now more than ever? But, at the same time she wasn't sure if she was ready for
their relationship to go where they were heading. She needed his touch, but his touch and
the power it held over her was what scared her the most. She felt her body moving in closer
to Max's as he continued to rub her arm. It was like an unknown force within her body took
over and she no longer had a choice but to be with Max. Her arms encircled around his neck
and she brought her lips as close to Max as they could get without actually touching. "Max."
She whispered his name before she grazed her lips to his. "I want you to touch me." Her voice
was soft and throaty as she moved even closer toward him and she moved her lips down to his
neck. "I need you to touch me."

She felt herself being laid back down on Max's bed and relished the feel of Max once again
kissing her. It was more like a primal urge to be with him. She couldn't control what her
body was doing any more than she knew Max could control his. She felt his hand slowly moving
down her body to the hem of her shirt where he began to slowly draw circles on her stomach
with his thumb. "Liz, I need you too." He whispered out as he continued his ministrations on
her stomach and kissed her neck gently.

"Max, we can't do this. It's too soon." Max stopped all movement when Liz spoke her words to
him. He knew she was right and he knew he should have never lost control like he did again.
He had no idea what was coming over him, but he couldn't stop this need to hold her, kiss
her, become one with her that was driving him to this point.

He slowly began to sit up again. "I'm sorry Liz. I have no idea what's come over me tonight.
It's like I can't keep my hands off of you."

"I feel the same way. It's kind of like when we were searching for the orb. And it's tearing
me in two. My brain is screaming that what's happening between us is moving way to fast.
But, my body is screaming for you to touch me, kiss me, make love to me. Why is this
happening? It's like I'm almost being controlled."

"Your not the only one here, but can I ask one favor before we go any further in this
conversation?" Max's voice sounded almost desperate as he asked his question.

"You know you can. What's the favor?"

"Could you please not say anything in area of wanting to make love or that your horny until
we have discussed our situation completely? When you speak those kind of words to me, these
urges that we are both feeling right now. I don't know how much longer I can keep my hands
off of you." Max pleaded hoping Liz would understand what he was trying to say. He knew if
Liz mentioned wanting him to make love to her again, there was no way he could stop himself
from doing just that and he knew she wasn't ready just yet.

Liz, began to giggle slightly, then tried to hide the chuckle in her throat until she finally
burst out into a fit of laughter. "We are so pathetic." She was almost in tears from laughing
so hard. "Most teenagers wouldn't think twice about these kind of urges and here we are having
the most normal urges in the world for our age and we are trying to decipher them as if they
are so abnormal."

Max couldn't help the smirk that came across his face as Liz continued to laugh. "Well, Liz.
Look at it this way, if I were a normal teenage boy, you would have lost your virginity a
long time ago."

At Max's confession Liz stopped her laughing. "Aren't we a bit confident there? How are you
so sure that if you were normal I would have wanted you to make love to me?"

"Liz." He whispered out trying to control his body upon hearing those few little words come
out of her mouth again. "Because no matter who we are our souls would have found each other
and we would have still been together. Now can we please just change the subject before my
body starts to crave yours again. Because the next time I lay you down on my bed, I have the
feeling I won't be able to control these so called urges."

Liz raised her eyebrows upward. "Is that a promise or a threat?" She asked as she moved
closer to him.

"Now who's making this hard on who?" He retorted back.

Liz had no idea what was possessing her, but she couldn't help her next statement. She let
her eyes slowly roamed down his body until they landed on the extremely noticeable bulge in
the front of Max's pants. "I think it's already hard."

Now it was Max's turn for his eyes to widen with surprise. Did she even know how hard it
truly was for him at this moment in his life? Both his physical and emotional state was at
it's breaking point. But, the force that was driving him continued to drive him forward with
their sexual banter. "You have no idea how hard."

"Can I see? I...I mean..Max, I know we both aren't ready know. But, I would like to
give you what you gave to me last night. I need to give you that same kind of pleasure, but
I need you to stay enough in control for both of us to not let us get out of control. Do
you understand?"

"Liz, you don't have..." His words were halted when he seen the look in her eyes that told
him, she needed to do this as much as he wanted her to do this to him. Max stood up and
without saying another word he started to undo his pants. He felt her eyes watching him with
great interest. This would be the first time he would expose himself completely to her and
he could see her scientific mind going into over load. He knew he should feel slightly
embarrassed by her actions, but he was far to gone to feel anything but love for the woman
that sat before him. He slid his jeans down to his ankles leaving his boxers still in place.
His straining erection tented forward. Trying not to frighten her completely he sat down on
the bed beside her, placing one hand over the front of him to cover himself. "Are you really
sure?" He asked one more time.

Liz didn't hesitate when she reached to feel what her body was screaming for since the first
time she had felt it rub against her body the night before. "Lay back Max." Max did as she
instructed. She traced her finger over the tip of him and was rewarded with a deep moan from
Max in response. She crawled up next to him and kissed him lightly, then lifting her
lingering lips close to his stated seductively. "I want to see you Max."

"Liz, if we do this, there is no going back. You understand." Max was dying to have her
touch upon his manhood, but he also knew once he knew her touch. He would never be able to
live without it.

"I know." Was all she said before she reached down and pulled his boxers downward letting
Max's erection spring forward for her to see. At first she simply traced it's length softly
from tip to base as if she was studying it and then asked. "Max, how...I mean what do you
like?" She asked innocently which earned a large smile from Max. Her innocence was almost
too much for him at this point. He reached down to grab her hand gently and then slowly
wrapped hers around himself. He slowly began to stroke himself along with Liz's hand until
he found the rhythm that was perfect for his body. Slowly he removed his hand from hers and
allowed her to continue the rhythm that he had set.

His hand came around her back and began to rub her back slowly, knowing he needed to touch
her just as much as she needed to touch him. His body was in overload of sensations with the
feel of Liz's hand pleasuring him so completely. He soon found the hooks of the confining
bra and without a second thought he unhooked it. Liz didn't stop her strokes when he undid
her bra, instead she quickened the pace just a bit. "I need to touch you too Liz." He
groaned out as he slowly began to lift her shirt. Liz paused her actions just long enough
to allow Max to remove her shirt. When her breast were exposed to him he reached up and very
gently caressed over the top of her breast, then slowly cupped the entire breast in his hand
. "God Liz, you are breathtaking to me." Then he sat up just enough to place a small tender
kiss on the tip of her nipple.

Liz threw her head back as she felt his sweet kiss on her nipple. When he took her nipple
completely in his mouth and began to suck gently, Max was rewarded with a soft moan that
escaped her mouth. She felt her body begin to waiver and she wanted nothing more than to
lay back on his bed and allow him to ravish the rest of her body. Max knew Liz was losing
her control by his actions, but he couldn't stop now if he tried. The only thing he could
think to do is to have her finish the job she had begun. Maybe if he felt the release his
body was screaming for he wouldn't have the driving urge to take her and make her his
forever right then. He reached over and found her hand. Once again he brought her hand back
to his now very hard, erect penis and began the stroking rhythm again. Once he knew Liz was
on board to his plan, he brought his hand back to the other breast that he was not suckling
on. Between fondling one breast with one hand and completely lapping up her other breast
with his mouth and the stroking sensation that Liz continued it didn't take very much time
for Max to be ready to release his seed.

"Liz..Oh God...Liz..I'm cumming! He moaned out as his warm liquid squirted out onto her hand.
Liz continued to stroke him until she was sure ever last drop he had to offer had completed
it's journey.

"Max, you are so beautiful when you lose control." She whispered as she brought her lips
down to take his without removing her hand from his manhood. "Thank you for letting me do

Max's arms engulfed her in a tight embrace. "I think I should be the one thanking you right
about now." He kissed her forehead gently and then asked. "Are you okay? I mean..I could...."
He knew how is body had been screaming for release and somehow he knew she had to been
feeling the same need. He wanted so badly to help relieve the need he knew she was feeling,
but he didn't want to presume she would be ready for him to give her that kind of release
freely. Yes, she had felt a sense of release last night, but it came without them intending
it to happen.

"Max..I want to...I just don't trust myself right now." Liz's body was almost in shear agony
wanting Max to touch her some more. But, she wasn't sure if she would be able to control
herself and not continue in the quest to finish completing becoming one with Max.

"Do you trust me Liz?"

"With my life."

"Then trust me now. I promise to stay in control enough to not go further than we need to
right now." Max spoke from his heart. Even if it killed him, he would not allow himself to
take advantage of her. He was determined to be just as selfless as she had been for him. He
leaned over her and began to kiss her deeply as she leaned back on his pillow. His hand
reached down and found her wrist. "First things first. Let's get you cleaned up some." With
a wave of his hand the iridescent substance that was upon her hand was quickly removed. He
then moved his hand down to the front of her pants. Slowly he unbuttoned and then unzipped
them. It took every bit of control not to attempt to remove her pants and panties completely
, but he knew if he exposed her completely to himself, he wouldn't be able to remain in
enough control not to take her completely. He dipped his hand inside until he felt the her
center. Liz's eyes slid closed and allowed the sensation of Max's touch to take her to what
she could only imagine heaven to feel like.

Max watched Liz's response to his touches as he explored her lower body. He rubbed his finger
over the protruding nub and then slid his fingers downward to discover the opening that was
slick with her wetness. He slipped one finger inside her and was rewarding with another moan.
Slowly he started a rhythm of sliding his finger in and out of her sweet heat. Liz was losing
control quickly and her body responded to his touch by moving in the same rhythm as his hand
was. He slipped another finger inside of her as he began to message the small nub with his
thumb. It was when he brought his mouth back to her breast and began to once again suck her
nipple in his mouth, release it slowly and then sucked it back in again that Liz could tell
she was going to fall very quickly. Her head began to move slightly from side to side as her
hips raised and fell to the stroking Max was continuing with his fingers and thumb.
"Max...Max don't stop, please." She pleaded as she started to feel the impending orgasm
arise inside of herself. Her entire body began to spasm as the first wave of her orgasm hit.
She moaned out his name over and over and she continued to ride the wave he was enticing
throughout her entire body.

He slowly climbed over her body until he reached her panting lips that were still whispering
his name again and again. "You take my breath away. I love you Liz Parker and someday I am
going to marry you and make love to you every chance I get." He slowly removed his hand and
once again hugged her tightly.

When her body finally began to calm from the blissful state Max had put her in moments
before she slowly opened her eyes. "That felt wonderful. Thank you for...."

Max placed a finger to her mouth stopping her from saying anything further. "Once again I
think I should be thanking you. You are the bravest, smartest, most beautiful woman I have
ever known in my life. I can't even imagine where I would be right now if it wasn't for your
love." He placed a soft sweet kiss upon her lips and then moved his body to the side of her
. Being on top of her, with her naked breast pressing against him was more than enough to
cause his lower anatomy to become hard once again. Heck who was he trying to fool, he was
hard again the moment he first felt her sweet heat with his fingers. "I wonder if the rest
of the gang is still downstairs waiting for us?"

As soon as Max spoke of their friends Liz sat up quickly. "Oh my God. I can't believe I
forgot that they were downstairs this whole time. I can't believe you allowed yourself to
lose that kind of control with the down there!" Liz was starting to get up to grab her shirt
when she looked back over at Max's once again state of erection. "Max?"

He followed her gaze. "Liz! Please, it's going to be hard enough to get back in my pants
without any extra help from you."

Smiling, she simply stated. "Apparently, very hard."

"Liz! Stop okay or I won't be responsible for my actions." Max exclaimed finding it extremely
difficult to get his body under so semblance of control with Liz eyeing in such a hunger

"I'm sorry. I just...does it hurt?" She asked sincerely curious to how the male organ worked.

Max rolled his eyes in contempt and then thought he should be completely honest with her
from here on out. As he pulled his boxers over his manhood, he said. "Liz, I am always in
this kind of state when you are near me. I guess by now I'm just use to it." Then Liz could s
ee Max thinking of something important as his eyebrows furred together.

"What?" She asked with concern.

"I was just thinking, no matter what Tess did to me. I know that my body would never betray
you. Since I was old enough to have an erection, anytime you were close to me I was always
semi hard. Then when we got together I had this permanent hard on, that I just learned to
live with. But, now that I think about it. My body never responded to Tess ever. That no
matter how much she controlled my mind, she couldn't control what my body felt. I never
thought about it until now, but that's probably why she had to implant that false memory of
her and I together. Because she probably knew the truth. The truth that I wouldn't actually