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Title: Upside down/ Je t'aimais je t'aime et je t'aimerai
Author: Anna (NanaFrench)
E-mail: annanas77⊕
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Roswell, it belongs to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, UPN….
Rating: I think PG-13 but I am not used to American strict rating. Also, I am not sure how my story will evolve, depends on you!
Category: Max/Liz
Summery: This is an AU fan fic, Liz is raised as Max's sister by the Evans' since her parents death when she was eight, but slowly, Liz and Max relationship will be turned upside down. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are aliens.
Author's Note: As you can see, I am not an English speaker. This is my first fan fiction, moreover in English! I would like to thanks Beth, Liz, Kazza and Kim who help me with my English and gave me direction to improve it. I really wouldn't have been able to continue without their help!
Also, I would like to say thank you to all the writer who gave me the want to write as ShellSueD, Jasper711, Linda, Anne, Fanatic101…
I would really appreciate all feed back.
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Have you ever fell like crying over nothing, like strangling anyone who dare saying a word to you, like going very far somewhere no one knows you, so you can start over again. This November afternoon, Liz Parker was in that state of mind. There wasn't any particular reason, she had just came back from Kyle Valenti's, Mister Popularity, her very newly ex-boyfriend. She had no idea why she had dump him, he was steady and loyal, always very nice to her, very hot… but this afternoon, while she was in Kyle's arm, watching Shakespeare in Love (after half an hour making puppy's eyes to Kyle) Liz fell into one of her 'I have to find my soulmate' moods. Without giving a second thought to her decision, or even letting Kyle understand what was happening, she broke up with him.

Lately she had several crisis like this, but usually there was someone to calm her down, to make her see that Kyle took very good care of her, to remind her that she'd rather be with someone who wasn't her soulmate than be alone. The thing was, that afternoon, at Kyle's, Max wasn't there.

Liz sighed when her thoughts went to Max Evans. They had known each other forever, or so it seemed. Their parents were best friends, inseparable from the time they were in high school. They almost lived together when Liz was born.


One day, when she was four, the Evans and the Parkers were on a road, crossing the desert when they saw naked six-year-old children. They were to afraid to move or to take Diane Evans hand. That's when Liz got of the car. The instant she made eye contact with Max, she had his trust. He slowly walked to Liz and hesitantly took her hand, Isabel followed.

For four years, they saw each other almost everyday. Whereas Isabel felt immediately at home in the Evans house Max would cry during endless nights. Only Liz could calm him down and make him feel at home. So ever since they met they where very close. With some time, Liz and Isabel became very good friends and then they all met Alex and Maria who where also Max and Isabel's age. All of them were in the same grade because of Liz skipped kindergarten and started first grade the same time as the others. When the gang was in third grade, they met Michael and Tess, who were siblings. Immediately Max and Isabel recognized them, but never grew apart from Liz.

The day of her eighth birthday, Liz and her parents were coming back from visiting her grandmother's grave when a truck came out of nowhere and crashed into their car. Liz's parents died instantly.

Liz was critically injured and the doctors were seriously worried about her condition. That's when the four aliens agreed to tell her the truth about them so Max could heal her. Tess wasn't too happy about that but Max didn't give her to much of a choice. That, and the fact that Liz came and live with the Evans, had her and Max growing closer, if that was possible. They were each other's strength.

Liz came back from her reverie and walked into the house in the search
of Max.



At first she went to the TV room where Max usually was at this time of the day. When she didn't find him there she had a look in the kitchen, no Max there either. Sure that he was at home, she went upstairs to his bedroom. The door was opened a crack, and she could see Max and Tess making out on his bed.

Liz felt her heart brake at the sight, even if she didn't knew why. She was supposed to be happy. How many times did she had try to convince Max that he should go out with Tess? Told him that it didn't matter that he wasn't in love with her, she was his destiny and a whole planet depended on their relationship.

She went into her room and let the tears broke free. She felt stupid and was angry at herself for crying like that, but she couldn't help.


A few minutes later she heard a knock on her door and her sister's voice.

"Liz? Would you like to go with me to the mall today? A new Esprit has been opened and they are some great opening promotions!"

Liz took a deep breath in attempt to clear her throat from tears and answered quietly "No thank you Isabel. I'm tired today, I'll see you later. Have fun."

Isabel bit her bottom lip, she really regretted what she had said earlier that day and she didn't want Liz to shut her down. Even if the Ice Queen wouldn't admit it, she considered her sister her best friend. At lunch they had an argument over Kyle Valenti. Isabel knew that Liz didn't love him and thought it was stupid that she wasted her time with such a jock. Liz told her to mind her own business and Isabel left without saying good bye, angry at

She knew her sister, she would give her some time and then she would


When Isabel went and get Liz for dinner, this latter answered that she wasn't hungry, that she needed some rest. Isabel told herself that this might be more serious than she had first thought. Usually, when Liz didn't eat, it was the sign that something was wrong. Just after her parents died, she had a serious problem with anorexia, then last year, after the gang discovered Max and Tess' destiny…


Isabel's thoughts was interrupted by her mother who wanted dinner to start.


Max was immediately worried when he heard that Liz didn't want come down for dinner. Usually, even if she wasn't very hungry, she would always come to eat with them, with him.

Minutes passed, Max got more and more worried.

For a desert, Diane had made her special apple pie which he knew Liz were fond of. He excused himself and went up to get her.

Her first reflex when she heard knocks on the door was to get up and open it for Max. He hadn't said a word, but she just knew it was him. But when she got up she caught the sight of herself in her full length mirror, and she knew that even if she needed him right now, she could let him see her in this state. He would ask questions about her tears. He wouldn't understand. Even she didn't understand.


She didn't open, ok. But that didn't mean that he had to leave, so he just sat down in front of her door and waited. It wasn't the first time that she shut him out, but he always stuck around until she gave up and confided in him. It was also true the other way around.

One night last year, the four aliens had felt a strange need to go somewhere in the desert. The feeling scared Max and Isabel to death so Liz decided to go along with them. They listened to their feeling and arrived at a place in the desert. That night, they discovered the pod chamber. Still listening to their feeling each alien went to a pod, the one they had been in and touched it. At that moment, a woman appeared out of nowhere, they instinctually knew it was Max and Isabel's mother, even Liz. She told them something that none of the five would ever forget :

"If you are seeing me now, it means that you are alive and well. I take this form because it will be familiar to you, and it will help you to understand what I am about to say. You have lived before. You perished in the conflict that enslaves our planet but your essence was duplicated, cloned, and mixed with human genetic materials so that you might be recreated into human beings."

At that point they were all crying.

"My son, you were the beloved King of our people. I have sent with you your young bride, with your sister, and your best friend, also your second-in-command. Our enemies have taken control of our planet. Learn enough to use your skills, your knowledge, your leadership to combat the enemy so that you can come back and free us. You have to come back with your wife so you can give our planet the heir of the throne. And that I may once again hold you both in my arms. I live for that moment. Help us. I love you." (That must be familiar to you, isn't it?)

Liz drove the others back home because none of them were steady enough to be behind the wheel. Tess was rather happy about that, all her life she had wanted a relationship with Max Evans, and now she would have it. Isabel and Michael didn't know what to think, they were sad for their friend and brother, but exited to know about their home planet. Max was devastated.

For days they didn't speak about anything else, that's when they finally told Alex and Maria the truth. Maria totally flipped out and Alex asked them which drug they were on.

Only Liz saw how much this really upset and confused Max. At first he shut everybody out, then, slowly he let her in again. She was his oxygen, he didn't know what he would have done without her, he was so lost. With that Tess and Max didn't get closer but Max and Liz did. During all of this Liz had stopped eating, and Max didn't notice because he was too focused on himself. When he discovered it, he felt very guilty and pled with her to eat again. She did it for him.

Thinking about Liz and eating Max came back to reality, he went down stairs and took some dessert.



Max and Liz shared a bathroom which connected with both their bedrooms. Liz didn't let him come from the normal door, so Max came in her room from the bathroom with one plate of apple pie, a bottle of whipped cream and two spoons.

Liz couldn't help but smile at the sight while she moved over on her bed to make room for him.

They began to eat, in silence. After a few minutes Max couldn't take it anymore.

"Did Kyle hurt you?"


"You look so upset… If it isn't Kyle, what is it? Please, talk to me"

Liz could bear the pained look on his face, she had to say something, but she didn't want to talk about her break up.

"Max, I promise you nothing is wrong, I am just tired ok?"

Max wasn't convinced but decided not to push for now. Moreover, it may be selfish but he really needed to tell Liz about that afternoon. And out of nowhere he said

"I am going out with Tess"


"Yeah, since this afternoon..."

He sighed and continued

"I wanted to thank you for keeping remind me my duty, and you know, I think she isn't to bad after all!" He said with a smile. But he didn't dare look at Liz. Even if it was stupid, he was feeling as if he was cheating on her. He missed the devastated look on Liz's face.

Liz felt that she wouldn't be able to hold her tears much longer.

"I am really happy for you Max" and a little to keep she add "um.. I am really tired now, I see you tomorrow".

Max was a little hurt but left.

When he went into his room he heard her on the bathroom, throwing up all the pie she had eaten and then taking a shower. He wanted to help her so
much. If only he knew what was wrong…


Taking her shower, the realization hit her. She, Liz Parker was in love with her brother.


When he came in the bathroom and heard her crying, Max decided to let it go and take his own shower. When he got out of the shower and heard her sobbing, he did the only thing he could do.

He opened her door and saw Liz small and fragile body in the middle of the bed. Without thinking, he laid down near her and took his angel in his arms. She made no attempt to speak, but she moved closer to his body. Soon, her sobs had stopped and Liz drifted into sleep in Max's arms.


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Part 4

When Max woke up the next morning, the first thing he noticed was Liz's smell. Then, he realized that she wasn't in his arms anymore. He opened his eyes and she was nowhere to be seen. Immediately he panicked. The night before she really worried him, and now she disappeared. Excuse-me? Disappeared? Max realized how stupid that sounded.

A little calmer he went down to have breakfast.

"Hi honey"

"Hi mom. Mmm, smells good…hmm…have you seen Liz?"

"Oh yes, right, she had to go to the library before first period so she had Philip give her a ride. She asked me to tell you"

Library before first period, rrright. Max knew Liz better than anyone else and she was definitely not the last minute type. So there was only one explanation about her going to school early. She didn't want to see him. Just the thought of that made him feel sick.


Max had to wait for Isabel to be ready to get to school, picking up Tess on his way. The first thing he saw when he parked was Kyle. He was about to take him by the collar and yell at him for doing anything to his Liz, but then he saw a very sad looking Kyle walking toward him.

"Hey Kyle, what's up?"

Tess asked with a wink. She had this way to flirt with every guy just in front of Max, in hope to make him jealous, but even if he should be, that didn't have any effect.

Kyle gave a brief glance to Tess "Hmm.. Hi Tess" Then his eyes came back to Max "Can I talk to you in private for a minute?"

Just at that moment Alex showed up, he put his arm around Max's waist and fluttered his eyelashes, he pup his free hand on his hip and asked Kyle with a very feminine-sensual voice "May I know what you want to do in private with my man?"… More fluttered eyelashes and then everybody, included Kyle burst into laughter.

Quickly Max got serious again and remember Kyle wanted to talked to him, he made his way up to the school, knowing Kyle wasn't far behind. He was about to go into school when Kyle stopped him.

"Hey man, I don't think inside the school is a very good place to talk in private, except if you want to go in the Eraser Room"

Max smiled half a second before remembering the topic at hand : Liz, and he grew very serious as he replied "I wouldn't do that to my sister".

At the mention of Liz all smile on Kyle's face faded away

"I don't think she would mind"

"What are you talking about?"

Max was beginning to be slightly confused, which Kyle picked up very quickly

"You don't know, do you?"

Max sighted, now he was getting irritated

"She dumped me yesterday"

"She what?"

"Hmmm, listen, I wanted to talked to you to know why she did that, obviously you don't know… I'll talk to you later"

With that he left a very mixed feeling Max and turned to go to class.


Max was really really confused. Why didn't she come and talk to him? Why did she seem so sad? Why did she dump Kyle? He was good for her and took good take of her… But Max couldn't help and be happy about that. Maybe he stood, a chance. No he was being stupid, he was her brother, her alien brother and… it hit him. TESS! Could that have anything to do with this? No, Liz didn't care, she was happy about that…

Max continued rambling in his head making his way to his class.


Fourth period. Just before lunch. Biology. With Liz.

When he entered the classroom, Max immediately spotted her; she was sitting at their usual biology table.

She was so beautiful. She seemed deep in her biology book. He couldn't help but smile at the view she made. His scientist…


"Oh. Hi Max."

"I couldn't get a hold of you today. Are you ok? I mean after last night…"

She shut him off too quickly

"I'm ok."


He didn't want her to continue to avoid him and to read her biology; he wanted her to talk to him, about anything, just to hear the sound of her voice.

"You seem pretty excited, what’s it all about?"

She couldn't help but smile

"To day we are finally going to go from theory to practice."

Maw raised his eyebrows questionably.

"We are going to look at human cells ourselves, with microscopes. I took this class almost because of that!"

He looked at her shinning face as she spoke, he could have kissed her right there, in the middle of the biology classroom.

Ms. Hardy didn't seem to will to help him.

"Hello everybody, open your books page 45 please."


Max was watching Liz intently when she looked at him and held his gaze; he blushed but couldn’t look away. Then he recognized in her eyes the sparkle she had when she had a question she was afraid to ask but couldn't not ask.


She smiled at him for knowing her so well.

"I…" She looked down, then right through him again, after a deep breath she blew out, "have you ever wondered about your cells?"

Max swallowed hard. He wasn't a great fan of things that reminded him that he was different. Different from her.

From the minute she took his hand and accepted it, he was waiting for the day when she'd realize who he was and that she wouldn't want to have anything to do with him anymore.

But one look at her face and he couldn’t say no.

"I'm all yours, do whatever you want with my body". She blushed at what his words implied, and smiled shyly to the microscope.

"I just have to take some of your saliva."

As his chest was tightening, Max did as he was asked. A few moments later he heard a gasp from Liz.

"Oh my god Max, you have to look!"

As his heart rate was multiplied by three, he took a look at the microscope, his cells were glowing and you could clearly see by eye view that they were reproducing.

Max sat down with a blank expression. How freaky was that. How will she be able to look at him without wanting to puke after this? He loved her so much. How could he live without her love? Even if it was only a sisterly love.

Liz watched as different expressions crossed Max's face. What has she done? Would he hate her?

As the bell rang Liz had Max clear everything so there wouldn't be any evidence of the experiment they had just done. Then she helped him put all his stuff in his bag before taking his hand and leading him out.

They made their way to the jeep. Liz's grip on Max 's hand was tightening. She directed Max to the passenger’s side and positioning herself in the driver's one she began to drive.


As they approached their destination Max recognized where she was heading to. It was their place. No one knew about it. Not even Michael or Isabel.

They discovered it when Max was teaching Liz how to drive. It was an amazingly beautiful, strange and calming place. Out in the desert, there was this gigantic tree, surrounded with flowers. The kind of flowers that needed to be regularly watered. This place was for them, the incarnation of a miracle.

They practically lived there after the destiny thing.

And she was heading to their "secret garden" as she liked to call it.

She stopped and they both got out of the jeep. And simultaneously they ran into each other’s arms

Their voiced were fused as they stated:

"I am sorry."


They looked at each other questionably and Liz began.

"I shouldn't have done that. I should have known it would upset you. But of course, as usual I was selfish and you let me do that to you because you are so sweet and never tell me no and I…"

He took her in his arms, grabbing her gently by the shoulders.

"Liz, stop please. You are the most selfless person I know. It's me who should apology, I shouldn’t react like that. You shouldn't have to take care of me."

At this point he looked deep into her eyes. To her it seemed as if he was looking right through to her soul. But then he looked away.

"If you decided that you didn't want to have contact with me anymore I would understand. I just want you to know that I will never hurt you willingly."

Her heart broke at the sadness and vulnerability in his voice.

"Max look at me, please…Max…"

When he didn't she took his face in her soft hands and made him look at her

"Max, I know all that, and I definitely don't want to walk away from you. You don't understand that I need you more than anything. More than you could ever imagine." Then she whispered the words that went right through to his heart. "I love you, do not ever doubt that, and do not ever forget that".

With that neither of them could talk, so they just stayed in each other arms until Liz's cell phone rang.

"I guess we have to go."

"Come on, let’s go."

He took her hand as she answered her phone.

"Hi Isabel, I am glad you're calling, we need to talk to you, all of you…Max and I."



The ride was pretty quite. Both had the feeling that something terrible was about to happen and they wanted to enjoy each other and get strength from each other’s company.

When they arrived at Michael’s the sight of all the cars told them that everybody was already waiting for them.

Liz’ heart rate was worryingly increasing as the feeling she was about to lose Max was getting stronger.


Isabel was getting really worried, Max and Liz hadn’t arrived yet. From the tone of Liz’ voice they had something important to talk about.

She looked around her in the room filled with everyone she knew and cared about. Light chatter and Tess’s complaining was all she could hear. Her eyes fell on her new boyfriend. The word itself filled her with happiness. They hadn’t told anyone yet. It happened out of nowhere and she didn’t feel like she was ready to share their secret.

They heard the bell and the room went quiet. Tess jumped up in an exaggerated fashion and ran to the door.


Liz couldn’t bring herself to look at Max while he opened the door of the jeep, nor when he led her to Michael’s.

Max felt his heart being ripped away, although he didn’t know that his heart hadn’t been ripped away yet, it would come later.

Even if she told him it didn’t matter, it did. He was another species, he wasn’t a man. He had always dreaded the moment she would understand that. Anyway, he couldn’t regret her seeing the sample of his cells. She had the right to know. To know that he was nothing more than a monster.

She should never have told him she loved him, it was a huge mistake. How could she be disappointed that he didn’t say it back? Of course he didn’t love her. He was in love with Tess, his destined mate, his wife. She… she was at most his sister…no, she wasn’t even his sister. She was his parents’ best friends’ human pain in the ass orphan daughter whom he had to take care of. She was just an annoyance to him.

She felt like crying until all the water in her body would be out, but she couldn’t do that to him, he didn’t deserve a crying annoyance. That’s why she couldn’t bring herself to look up; she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her sobbing in if she took one look at his rejecting eyes.

They were at the door; he wanted to take her in his arm so badly, to tell her he loved her, that everything would be ok. Only, he knew that even if she didn’t show it, she would be disgusted by him touching her, now that she understood who he really was.


Liz sat on the floor as everybody was settling down by couple. Max had opened the door making sure he wouldn’t touch her a bit –it hurt so badly. She should have known he would hate her now, how could she have been so stupid- and the instant the door was open Tess was in Max’s arms kissing him as if they haven’t seen each other for days. Now she was on his lap.

Maria was also on Michael lap while Isabel sat very close to Alex. Liz suspected that something was up with those two, she really hoped so. She was a little hurt that Isabel wouldn’t tell her anything, but she understood. She was the human pain in the ass.

All eyes were on Max, he looked so uncomfortable. She couldn’t help but speak up “ Don’t look at Max, today I’ll do the talking, if my fearless leader doesn’t mind.”

Everybody gave a little laugh at that while Liz was mentally kicking her self for the my as Max’s heart was continuing to tighten.

She explained their discovery. The three aliens seemed pretty happy to know more about themselves. Well, Michael and Isabel were the only ones. Their significant others showed it was ok with them.

Tess was delighted with the news. She had a good reason to make a show in front of Liz. She thought Max and her were way too close, and she had every intention of changing that. She began to kiss Max breathlessly, and then she told him how great it was that they were different from other people, that it was normal because they were royalty. So superior to the human being.

Max was so absorbed in his self-pity that he didn’t really notice Tess’s attempt of seduction, or Liz’s exit of the room. Only once she was gone did he realize. He understood how hard it might be for her to be so close to him.


Once safely in Michael’s bathroom, Liz let the tears fall freely, before slapping herself for being so stupid. She would have time for that once she was in her own room. She washed the tears and joined the others in the living room.


Max, Isabel, Tess and Liz were getting in the jeep to head home when suddenly all their nightmares became reality. They saw several cars surrounding them and heard:

“FBI! »

“Everybody out, hands up, slowly…. ”



This couldn’t be happening. It just wasn’t possible. He didn’t care about being caught, but Isabel … and Liz. Sweet Liz who was just about to go away from him, to be safe from him. And there they were. Trying to calm down a bit, he thought about what he could do, maybe if he went to the FBI agent without fighting and make them believe he was the only alien and that the others didn’t know anything about him, it would be ok, they would be safe. Taking a deep breath he opened his mouth to speak.

This couldn’t be happening. It just wasn’t possible. It was her worst nightmare coming true. People taking Max from her. Ok he didn’t love her, he may even hate her, but it wasn’t important to Liz, she didn’t him in her life, or at least to know that he was happy with his life, if her in his life wasn’t making him happy. She had to make them understand that he would never do anything to harm anyone, that it was quite the opposite, she … wait a minute, how the hell did the FBI know about Max, Isabel and Tess? And if they knew why didn’t they manage to take the four aliens together? Something was wrong. And if it was…why the hell Max was about to say something with an air of determination on his face?

In a quiet but authoritative tone she stated, “Max.”

“Max.” He didn’t need his brain to know whom this voice belonged to. He looked at her and saw her glaring at him. How could he blame her, he was the one who put her in this mess. He was about to tell everything he thought he had to say so Liz would be safe when he heard from the inside of the car:

“I don’t see anything.”

“What do you mean you don’t see anything?”

“There is nothing, no drugs, no guns, nothing. It can’t be them.”

The four teenagers watched in disbelief as the agents put down their guns and the one who they suspected was the chief, walked towards them, smiling.

“I can’t express how sorry I am for this mistake, we must have scared the hell of you. I am really really sorry. We have been informed that Billy Bonjo, a well known man by our services was in NM and the car description we’ve been given is a lot like your car.”

The four teenagers relaxed a bit.

“You should head back home soon, I heard it’s going to rain cats and dogs tonight.”

With that, all the agents returned to their cars.

“Sorry again.”

With that, they pulled away.

Silence followed their departure, interrupted by Isabel’s sobs. She had been so scared. Max rushed to his sister and let her cry in his arms. Soon Tess reached them in their hug.

Liz wrapped her arms around herself and cried silently so the others wouldn’t notice until Isabel let go of Max and rushed toward her. Maybe at least one of the Evans children didn’t hate her.


Max and Liz told their good-byes to Tess and Isabel. Max wasn’t keen on letting Isabel sleep away from him that night but their parents knew about this sleep over and they didn’t want to alarm their parents something had happen to change their plans.

When Liz saw that Max was reluctant to let Isabel go, she deduced that he didn’t want to be alone with her in the jeep so she told him she would walk. Rejected, he couldn’t help but agree, and her heart broke for the thousandth time of the evening with his acceptance of her leaving.

Max drove as slowly as he could so he could keep an eye on Liz without forcing her to be with him in the jeep. Only it was beginning to really rain, worried about her health he stopped and got out of the jeep.

Liz heard Max calling her name; he wanted her to get in the jeep. How could he be so sweet when she was such a pain in the ass?

“I am ok, I’ll walk.”

“Liz, it’s out of question, you are coming in the jeep, if you want you drive and I walk.”

“NO ! I mean what are you …”

He interrupted her; he didn’t want to hear this.

“It’s ok, just come.”

With that they both headed to the jeep and drove back home without a word.


Four a few months life was pretty miserable for Max and Liz.

He hated himself for not being human.

She hated herself for being there.

Liz ceased having any contact with any member of the gang, as well as with food. Everybody was beyond worried for her but they didn’t know what to do.

She was avoiding Max as much as he was avoiding her. She because she wanted to let him live his life without having to worrying about the brat she was, him because he didn’t want her to have to live with a monster like him.

Liz knew little about school gossip, she didn’t care. She had continued to be Maria’s confident and was helping Isabel and Alex in their relationship. It made her feel better to help her friends with their love life, as she knew she would never have one.

Being so closed up, she didn’t hear Pam Troy claiming to every one that now that Max Evans had dumped Tess Harding he would be her next target.

The weather continued to be strangely rainy in New Mexico as Liz’s eighteenth birthday was getting closer and closer.