Title: Calling All Angels
Author: Meredith
Category: M/L with a little of everyone else.
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Author’s Note: I have about 15 pages of this fic written so I will much likely post a part every other day. Everything has happened up to The End Of The World. Alex is very much alive and Tess is good.

Calling All Angels

August 12,2008

I'm Liz Parker and nine years ago today I died but then the most amazing thing happened I came to life. Max Evans, what can I say about him other then he was the love of my life and always would be. The day I left Roswell (September 8, 2001) was the day my world came crashing down around me. I remember everything about that day. I was so excited because it was Max's 18th birthday and I had found him the prefect present. I had everything worked out I was going to kidnap him and take him to my parent's cabin in the woods. I was going to tell him that I never slept with Kyle and about Future Max then I was going to seduce him. But I never got the chance because when I got to his house he was making love to someone else and that someone else was...

TESS: "Liz I'm home."

Liz looked up from her writing place to watch her best friend for the last six years come though the door of their apartment. It still amazed her that out of everyone Tess was the only one she kept in touch with. She hadn't been back since that night. No one knew where she was or why she left not even her parents. They had tried to find her in the beginning but having spent the last two years of her life with aliens taught her a thing or two about covering her tracks. They finally gave up. She didn't want to be found and until she did there was nothing anyone could do.
The night she left she wasn't thinking clearly, she wanted to get away from everyone and everything, especially Max. So she packed everything she could fit in a suitcase, emptied her back account and brought a one way bus ticket to Texas. She got her GED and was taking courses at the local college when she ran into Tess. Liz was surprised that her and Tess got along so well but once they got pass the whole destiny thing they became really good friends. The girls were there for each other and always would be.
Liz had made Tess promise not to tell the gang where she was and because she thought she was doing the right thing she never did but laterly she wondered if she had made the right choice after all. Liz and her had talked about that night and she had told her repeatedly that she must have made a mistake because Max loved her and would never sleep with someone else. She never told her who the other girl was and Tess never asked.

LIZ: "Oh, hi Tess."

TESS: "Hey what are you doing?"

LIZ: "Just thinking, so how was work?"

TESS: "Same oh, same oh. There something we need to talk about."

LIZ: "Okay, what's up?"

TESS: "Liz I think it's time to go back."

LIZ: "Go back where?"

TESS: "Roswell"

LIZ: "You're kidding right? I mean you of all people should know why I can't go back."
I wonder what she would say if she knew who the other girl was. Would she be surprise to know that it was Maria who was having sex with Max that night? or would she have guessed?

TESS: "It's been seven years. Its time to go back home."

LIZ: "What makes you think they want to see me and why after all this time are you bring this up?"

TESS: "Liz, just trust me."

LIZ: "You know I would do anything for you but I can't do this."

TESS: "But you have too, please."

LIZ: "Not until you tell me why."

TESS: "I can't. Not now but I swear to you once we get to Roswell I'll tell you everything."

LIZ: "I don't know if I can. I'm not brave enough."

TESS: "Liz you're the bravest person I know. You can do this, I know you can."

LIZ: "I never told you this but Maria was the girl."
It felt so good to finally be able to tell someone.

TESS: "You mean she was the one with Max?"
How could that be. As far as she knew Max and Maria were just friends nothing more, nothing less.

LIZ: "Yes."

TESS: "Oh Liz, honey that must have been horrible for you."

LIZ: "It was."

TESS: "I just can't believe it. Max and Maria it doesn't make sense."

LIZ: "I still can't believe it."

TESS: "But Maria..."

LIZ: "I know what I saw. I just can't figure out why? Maria and I were best friends and had been since we were babies and Max, Max and I were in love or at least I thought we were. When I saw them, I lost part of myself that I can't get back and if I go to Roswell it'll happen all over again and this time I won't make it."

TESS: "Running away won't change what happen. Don't you think it's time to forgive them? Don't you think they have suffered enough?"

LIZ: "It was never about them suffering. I left because I didn't have a choice. It was leave or pretend that it never happen and that was something I refused to do. You have no idea what I went through."

Tess's heart went out to her friend but there was no other way. If she was going to keep Liz safe she needed the help of the other aliens. She didn't know how she knew that there was an evil alien looking for Liz or that if he found her, he would unlock pure evil from deep within her soul and everyone would powerless to stop it…

TESS: "You're right I don't know what you went through but you'll never be able to go on with your life unless you forgive them. I'm not saying forget it happened but at least try to get pass it. Otherwise you'll be running for the rest of your life and you deserve better then that."

LIZ: "I know but I really don't think I can do it alone."

TESS: "You won't be alone, you'll have me."

LIZ: "I'm just so scared."

TESS: "I know."

LIZ: "But your right. If I want a life then I have to go back and face them.

TESS: "So you'll come home with me."

LIZ: "Yes, I'll come to Roswell with you."
She knew she would regret it later but maybe it was for the best. Besides what's the worst that could happen.

TESS: "Good girl, now go get packed. We leave tomorrow."

LIZ: "Tomorrow, you're joking right?"

TESS: "No. We leave tomorrow."

LIZ: "But why?"

TESS: "Cause it has to be soon."

LIZ: "There's nothing wrong with Max is there?"

TESS: "No nothings wrong with Max."

Knowing that Max was safe; relief flooded through out her body only to be replaced with something she hadn't felt in years. FEAR. Fear of seeing her friends, fear of seeing her parents, but mostly fear of seeing Max. After all this time the thought of Max brought tears to her eyes but she refused to give in. She hadn't cried over Max in years and she wasn't going to start now. Max and her were finished and they had been for along time and going back wouldn't change that. She would go back she her family, face her friends, and get over Max once and for all.

With her mind made up Tess went in her room and dialed the number she knew by heart.

TESS: "Hey Isabel it's Tess."

ISABEL: "Oh hi. How you doing?"

TESS: "I don't have a lot of time. I called because I need a favor."

ISABEL: "Sure okay."

TESS: "I need you to tell everyone to meet me at the Sheriff's house say around five. Can you do it?"

ISABEL: "Yeah but I don't know if I can get all of them to come on this short of notice."

TESS: "Just tell them that it is real important."

ISABEL: "Okay I'll tell them. Tess is something wrong?"

TESS: "Isabel I don't have time to explain right now. Look I don't have to go. Don't forget to tell them, ok."

ISABEL: "I won't...bye."

TESS: "bye"
With that taken care of all she had to worry about was getting Liz to tell them about Future Max and the whole "sleeping with Kyle" thing. She didn't even know about it until a few years ago when Liz got drunk and blurted it out. She was so shocked to know that Liz had satisfied everything for Max, Michael, and Isabel's lives and that it was her entire fault. That her leaving brought upon the end of the world and it was then that she realized that she never loved Max Evans, she was only in love with being in love and that she had strong feelings for Kyle. She made a promise to herself from that moment forward she would do anything in her power to keep Liz safe as she know Liz would do for her.


ISABEL: "Well that was weird."

ALEX: "Isabel, honey who was that?"

ISABEL: "It was Tess. She's coming home and called to tell me to make sure everyone was at the Sheriff's house tomorrow at five."

ALEX: "Really, why?"

ISABEL: "She wouldn't say."

ALEX: "You think something's wrong?"

ISABEL: "I don't know but I have a bad feeling about it."

ALEX: "You better call Max."

ISABEL: "Yeah Okay."
God please let nothing be wrong. I really don't think Max can take another disaster not when he is just starting to get over Liz. As far as I'm concern it's a good thing we havn't heard from her in years cause if I ever saw that "bitch" again I would be tempted to seriously harm her in more ways then one. How dare her leave my brother like that. He didn't deserve it, neither did Alex or Maria. Maria and I have gotten really close over the years. We tell each other everything. More then once I've been there when she cries over her and it takes so much of my will power not to say anything. Max on the other hand refuses to talk about her and every time I bring her up, he changes the subject.

ISABEL: "Max it's Iz."

MAX: "Oh hey. What's up?"

ISABEL: "Well, Tess just called and she coming home and has called an emergency meeting tomorrow."

MAX: "Why would she do that?"

ISABEL: "I don't know, she wouldn't tell me. She told to make sure everyone was at the Sheriff's house tomorrow at five and that it's real important so not to be late."

MAX: "She didn't say anything else?"

ISABEL: "No...do you think it has something to do with us being aliens and all?"

MAX: "No we haven't had any problems since...well since Liz left and that was seven years ago."

ISABEL: "Yeah but Max what if..."

MAX: "Look Isabel I'm sure everything is fine don't worry about it. Besides we'll know soon enough."

ISABEL: "Okay then...Oh could you call everyone for me? I'm late for my doctor's... I mean my hair appointment."
I have got to be more careful. If Alex found out that I told Max I was pregnant first he would be so hurt.

MAX: "Iz are you ok. I could have swear you said doctor's appointment a minute ago."

ISABEL: "Max don't be silly. Why would I have a doctor's appointment? Its not like I'm pregnant or anything."

MAX: "Uh okay."

ISABEL: "Thanks Max. I'll see you tomorrow, bye."

MAX: "Bye"
That was the first in a long time he said her name aloud. He missed her so much it hurt. He was beginning to think he would always miss her. No one really knew what happen that night. It was like she was there one day and gone the next. I remember everything about that day. It was my birthday and we had a party at the Crashdown. Everyone was there including Liz and she never let on that anything was wrong. That's why it was so surprising to wake up the next morning and her not be there. If only I wasn't with Maria that night maybe I could have stop her. The police thought she had been kidnapped but when they found out that half of her closet was missing and her bank account had been emptied they declared her a runaway but I knew that Liz would never leave me or her family. So I started thinking that maybe the skins had taken her to get to me but when I never heard from them I had no choice but to accept that she had runaway and she was never coming back. The hardest part was knowing that she had left and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. There wasn't a day that went by when I didn't ask myself "why did she leave" and "why didn't she ever call". It was a long time till I realized that I might never know the answer.
I hope what ever Tess has to say isn't too serious. Everything was just starting to get back to normal. Michael and Maria have been married for a year and Isabel and Alex just six months. He didn't need this right now. They didn't need this right now. August 14, 2008
Outside the Sheriff's House 5:00pm

TESS: "Liz get out of the car. We're going to be late."

LIZ: "No, no I can't do this. I'm sorry but I can't go in there, it's too soon."

TESS: "You can do this and you will and what do you mean too soon, it's been seven years. It's long over due."

LIZ: "What...what if Max and Maria are together."
How could I have been so stupid to agree to this. Some things are better left alone.

TESS: "Liz, Max and Maria aren't together. Michael and her are married and so are Isabel and Alex."

LIZ: "WHAT? They got married! When I left Michael still had Maria at arm's length and Isabel and Alex weren't even going out."
Up until now I never wanted to know what went on in their lives. When Tess and I first moved in together she would sometimes mention them but every time she did I would always change the subject or get up and go in my room. After awhile she got the idea and stopped bring them up.

TESS: "Well things change, people change. Michael stopped pushing Maria away and Isabel and Alex fell in love."

LIZ: "Are they happy?"

TESS: "Why don't you ask them yourself. Now come on."

LIZ: "Tess I'm scared, real scared."

TESS: "I know you are sweetie but sometimes you just don't have a choice."

LIZ: "But I have a choice. I can turn this car around and go back to Dallas and forget that this day ever happened."

TESS: "I am only going to tell you one time. GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW!"
Tess moved to get out of the passenger seat when Liz reached over and stopped her.

LIZ: "I'm sorry Tess. Please don't be mad at me. I can't do this without you."
The thought of going in there by herself made her sick to her stomach.

TESS: "Liz, I'm not mad at you. I'm with you every step of the way and always will be."

The girls reached across the seats and hugged each other. Each thankful that they had found one another. Tess thankful because she finally had a family and Liz thankful because she found a friend in the one person she least expected.

TESS: "I love you, Liz."

LIZ: "I love you too. Best friends?"

TESS: " Best friends."

A few seconds later the girls got out of the car and looked around and what they saw, to most people, would have been a small town but to Liz and Tess it was home and they were just starting to realized that it always would be. Each taking a deep breath they walked up to the front of the house and rang the door bell not knowing what was in store for them but that it would change their lives forever.


Inside the Sheriff's House 5:00pm

MAX: "Isabel where is she?"

ISABEL: "How should I know."

ALEX: "Max calm down. I'm sure she'll be here any minute now."

MARIA: "Did she say what she wanted to talk about?"

ISABEL: "Maria I already told you. She just said for us to meet her here at 5:00."

MICHAEL: "Guys its just 5:10 lets give her until 5:20 and then we can start worrying."

The next few minutes went by in total silence. They all stood up when they heard the door bell rang but Kyle was the first to say "I'll get it."

It's been so long since I last saw Tess, I wondered what she looks like. Before she left he thought things were going pretty good for them and that she was finally starting to get over Max. Boy had he been wrong. The day she left was also the day he realized that she was never going to love him the way he loved her. He remembered it so clearly. It was the Fourth of July and he had taken her to a party in the next town. She had been down all week so he thought it would do her good. They had a great time and not wanting it to end he took her to a place where they could be alone and talk. Well one thing lead to another and they ended up having sex. When it was over he wanted so badly to tell her how he felt but before he could she started crying saying that things were never going to work out between her and Max and that she didn't belong here. Before the night was over she told him that she applied to University Of Texas at Dallas and that if she got in she was moving. Later that week her acceptance letter came and it was decided that at the end of the summer Tess would move to Dallas. Her last day in Roswell they threw her a party and that was the last time he every saw her. That was a little over six years ago. He knew that Isabel and her talked on the phone ever now and then and once Isabel had given him her number but he never called her. He was too afraid that if he did she would just break his heart all over again.

Opening the door, Kyle was surprise to see that the girl he let get away so many years ago was now a woman and that the lady to right of her was Liz Parker, the girl he thought was lost to them forever.


Natures first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So Dawn goes down to day
Nothing Gold can stay
-Robert Frost