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Title: The Rebellion
Author: ChrissyP47 aka Piper aka Shannon
Rating: I have no idea
Disclaimer: I do not owe any of the characters of Roswell. No infringment intended.
Summary: Takes place during Departure, but is basically a future fic.

~Part 1~

Liz held onto the pendant as she walked towards the doors of the Crashdown. Immeditaly her instincts took over and she forgot all logic. She turned around and walked over to the driver side of the jeep. Looking right at Max.

"I can't let it end this way." Liz said looking right at Max.

"Liz..." Max started, but she cut him off.

"Max please... I don't want just the pendant as a reminder of you." Liz looked down at the ground feeling her entire body tremble. Shaking she looked back up into his eyes. "Make love to me tonight."


The four aliens walked into the granolith chamber and stared at it. The only had minutes left before it was time to go. Max couldn't keep shaking the feeling that something was off. That he should stay, but seeing Tess in pain because of his one dumb mistake with her, he knew he had to go.

Max raised his hand to the granolith and used his powers to open it.

"It's now or never." He said surprised at himself that he was able to form the words he was making. Max heard Isabel give a wimper, but he didn't dare turn and look at her. One look at his crying sister and he might have given up and stayed.

Tess was the first to climb in followed by Michael and then Isabel.

"Come on Max." Tess said and extended her hand out to him. He took it, but looked back swearing he heard Liz's voice. Liz. The love of his life. He brushed it off figuring his mind was getting to him and he climbed inside.


"MAX!" Liz cried from outside the pod chamber. They couldn't hear her. It was too late.

"Michael! Isabel!" Kyle and Maria yelled together while banging on the rock. They kept trying, but Liz knew it was too late. They had found out too late that Tess killed Alex and they had gotten here too late. There was nothing left they could do. Liz felt tears spring into her eyes and she didn't brush them away.

"Max." She said barely above a whisper. Then something happened. The ground began to shake and there was an explosion.

"Nooooo!" Maria cried out and Liz grabbed Maria and they both began running down the side of the rock. Kyle close behind them. They turned around just in time to see the small ship carrying Max, Michael, Isabel and a killer, lift off and disappear. They were gone.

~Part 2~

Max stood silent looking out the window of the palace over looking his kingdom. His kingdom. It had been 8 years since he had arrived on Antar and somehow he still couldn't get over the fact that it was all his. Well, as beautiful as Antar was there wasn't much there. The war, the rebels that had been fighting against Kivar and his skins to keep Max on the throne had moved there movement to Earth in an attept to be closer to their king. Of course they left for Earth the same time Max and the others had left for Antar. That left Max stuck. Stuck on Antar while thousands fought for him millions of miles away. He was also millions of miles away from Liz. Max tried not to think of Liz too much. Otherwise, he would be like Michael. A mess.

"Maxwell I'm telling you. I need to get out of here." Michael said while pacing in the hallway.

"Michael, we have discussed this." Isabel started while eating a piece of fruit. "We're kind of stuck here." Isabel took another bite of her fruit and straighten out her long purple gown. Max had been amazed the first time he saw his sister all dressed up like a princess. She fit the part perfectly.

"I believe I was talking to the king, Isabel." Michael said rudely.

"Well, I'm answering for him." Isabel spat back.

That was all they seemed to do was fight, Max noted. It had been like this for 8 years and Max was at the breaking point. Not that he ever bothered to stop them. He hardly ever talked anymore, but he was always there to make sure Isabel and Michael didn't draw blood.

"Maxwell, are you even going to say anything?" Michael asked.

"Yeah Max. Quite being poor hurt king and step up." Isabel announced taking another bite from her fruit.

That was all Max needed to hear and he decided to tell them what he had been thinking for the past few months.

"I'm going back." Max announcned and started heading down the hall towards the transports without looking at either one of them.

"WHAT!?" Isabel exclaimed glancing at Michael before they both trailed after him.

"Finally. The king makes a decision. Well I for once am following your orders." Michael through in. Before reaching the hanger Isabel spun Max around and they were face to face.

"Max. We agreed as much as we all want to go back we have to stay here. It's our duty to the people of Antar. You can't turn your back on that just because your heart is broken." Isabel said with so much emotion Max thought his sister was going to cry right in front of him.

"Iz." He said calling her by her childhood name. "This is more than me just missing Liz. Our people are fighting a war down there and I feel powerless up here. I want to do something Iz, I want to help my people and the only way to do that is to go back. I know Michael is with me, so what about you? Are you with me?"

Isabel stayed silent for a moment and Max knew he had gotten to his sister. She took another bite of her apple-like fruit and then threw it on the ground.

"I'm with you."


Liz paced back and forth in her studio apartment while Kyle and Maria just sat on her bed.

"Liz how long has it been?" Maria asked trying to hide the worry in her voice.

"2 months." Liz said aggrevated, but worried at the same time.

"2 months with no word from Kivar. God. This cannot be a good thing." Maria said standing up off the bed.

"Don't you think I know that Maria!" Liz yelled and Maria sat back down, hurt. "I'm sorry Maria I didn't mean to yell at you, but I have no idea what Kivar is up to."

"Could he be planning an attack?" Kyle asked finally saying something. He had been silent for almost an hour.

"No. If it was that I would know. It's got to be something else. Something big." Liz said as she continues to pace.

It's the end of the world. Started playing from the small radio Liz had in her studio apartment.

"Can you turn that off?" Kyle asked. His second question of the day.

"I second that." Maria said. Liz looked of at the radio and held up her hand sending a blast of energy at it destorying the radio into thousands of little pieces.

"God Liz! We asked you to turn it off not kill it!" Maria exclaimed jumping off the bed again as she stared at her best friend. "Liz you need to calm down before you lose total control."

"Maria's right." Kyle said jumping to defend Maria. Before Liz could respond there was a knock at the door. "Does Kivar usually use the door?" Kyle asked standing now next to Maria.

"No. And it can't be Serena. She would use our knock. Get ready." Maria and Kyle both jumped into attack mode as Liz walked up to the door and peaked through the eye hole. "Oh. My. God." Liz said in complete shock.

"What? What Liz who is it?" Maria asked but Liz didn't answer. Instead Liz flung the door open and standing on the other side of it was Max, Micheal and Isabel.

~Part 3~

Max just stood there looking at Liz. After 8 years she looked even more beautiful than she had the last time he saw her. Max really didn't think she could get anymore beautiful, but she did somehow.

"Are the three of you crazy?" Liz demanded standing in the doorway.

"Huh?" Max asked coming out of his trance realizing that Liz looked almost pissed off to see them.

"Get the hell in here." Liz said definetly angery. Max and the others walked in while Liz looked out into the hallway. "Were you followed?" Liz asked looking right at Max. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to speak. After 8 years this wasn't the welcome he had expected.

"Followed?" Was all he managed to get out.

"God I hope not." Liz replied and she started pacing. Max had never seen Liz so nervous. He finally realized that Maria and Kyle were in the small studio apartment and the both looked worried.

"Not exactly the welcome we were expecting." Michael finally said trying to bring up some form of humor. There was none to be found. Liz finally turned back and faced the three of them. She was different then she use to be Max noted. Her hair was up in a bun, but it still came down to her shoulders. She was wearing black pants, and black haulter top and a black leather jacket. She seemed so different, but at the same time just the same.

"Are the three of you stupid?" Liz finally asked not angery, but still she sounded. Upset. Before Max or anyone could say anything Liz looked up and the ceiling and worry filled her face. "Damnit!" Liz yelled.

"You've got to be kidding. He's coming now!" Maria exclaimed from behind Max. Liz just nodded.

Who is coming? Max thought to himself and was going to say something but Liz started pushing him, Michael and Isabel into a closet.

"Get in there and I swear to god if you make one sound I will kill all three of you with my own hands." Max nodded understanding and Liz forced the three of them into the closet and locked the door with her powers. Her powers? Max could feel Isabel and Michael behind him and he thought about looking back at them, but instead he put his eye to the key hole and looked out to see Liz and what she was doing.


Liz stood infront of Maria and Kyle as the bright light began to form right before there eyes. Two months without hearing from Kivar and he decides to show up just at the same time Max and the others come back from Antar. Liz pushed away her thoughts of Max and cleared her mind. She would deal with that later. Right now she had to deal with Kivar.

Within a minute Kivar was standing in front of her in all his glory. Liz understood why a lot of woman loved him. He was well built with thick dark hair, but his eyes. It was as though they were empty. Souless.

"Miss me sweet heart." Kivar said with a smile.

"Always." Liz replied sarcastically.

"Well, the whole gang is here. Long time no see." Kivar said looking over at Maria and Kyle.

"To what do we owe this pleasure?" Liz said trying to get him to tell her what was going on and then to get out.

"I just wanted to see you." Kivar replied running his hand down Liz's cheek. She didn't flinch. Kivar was a disgusting pig who wanted her. Badly, but she never faultered.

"Cut the crap Kivar why are you really here?" Liz asked bitterly.

"I discovered that the royal family decided to take a little trip. Here. To Earth. So where are they Liz?" Kivar asked finally getting down to buisness.

Damnit. He knows they're here.

"It's news to me that the royals came back. So they obviously can't be here." Liz spat the words to Kivar. She hated being around him for too long. He made her skin crawl, but she had to stay strong.

"Do you think I am stupid!?" Kivar yelled and slapped Liz hard across the face. "I know that pathetic King would do anything for you and I know he is coming here for you and you can bet that I am going to find him and end this war once and for all!" With that Kivar disappeared. Liz kept her hand to her face as she heard Max and the others break out from the closet.

"Liz. Liz! Are you ok?" Max asked grabing her by the arms.

"Yeah nothing I can't handle." Liz said pulling away from Max and standing over by Maria and Kyle.

"We're fucked." Kyle said.

"No you think, Kyle." Maria said fighting back tears.

"Ok, the two of you please don't start fighting on me now. We need each other." Liz told the two of them. The both nodded in agreeance. Liz turned back and faced Max, Michael and Isabel. "Ok. I realize this must be incredibly confusing for the three of you and I'm sorry were not being very friendly about having you back, because trust me we are happy to see you again, but..." Liz paused before continueing. "It's been a long 8 years."

"Liz, we came here to help. We need to know what's going on?" Max asked his eyes focused on hers. Liz took in a deep breath and tried to come up with a plan.

"We'll have to go to the rebel base, but we can't go now. We'll have to leave tomorrow morning. Early. Maria." Liz turned and faced her best friend. "You take Michael back to your place. Use the fire escape. It's late so no one will see you."

"Come on Space-boy." Maria grabbed Michael by the arm and took him towards the window, towards the fire escape.

"Wait. We have know idea what is going on?" Michael asked.

"Maria will explain everything to you back at her place." And with that they both disappeard.

"Ok. Kyle you take Princess Isabel here back to your place." Liz walked over to the front door with both Isabel and Kyle behind her. "Take the stairs and be careful."

"We will Liz." Kyle replied and both Isabel and Kyle disappeared down the hallway. Liz waited a moment and then shut the door. She turned around and finally noticed that she was alone with Max. It suddenly hit her that he was back after 8 years of being gone and standing in her apartment. She tried to brush her feelings for Max away as she made her way to the bed and sat down. Max sat down right beside her.

"I suppose you want to know what's been going on?" Liz asked.

"That would be nice." Max joked and Liz couldn't stop a smile from coming across her lips. She hardly ever smiled anymore and it felt good to do it again.

"Well..." Liz began. She left Max's arm brush against hers for just a second, but it was a enough to make her feelings for Max come up again. After 8 years she had always wondered what would happen if Max came back. If he would still love her like he had promised he would. Deep down she hoped so, but right now he entire life was about the rebellion and if she paused for a moment to think about Max she was afraid she wouldn't be able to go on. She would just colapse and Liz wouldn't let that happen. She stood up suddenly unable to have Max that close to her. She walked into the kitchen and paced a bit. She was doing that a lot lately. "I don't know where to start Max. A lot has happened that past 8 years." Liz finally said not looking at him.

"Well." Max stood up and walked over to her. "Why not let me start?" Liz could feel his words on the back of her neck he was so close to her now.

"Ok." Liz said not turning to face him. She felt tears inside of her that had been locked away coming out, but she tried as hard as she good to keep them back.

"Tess killed Alex." Max stated with little emotion. Liz almost felt disappointed by what he had said.

"Oh. Yeah Kyle, Maria and I found that out right before you left." Liz took in a deep breath. "We just didn't make it to you in time."

"Liz, Tess is dead." Max responded.

"I knew that too." Liz tried to move away from Max, but he put his hands around her keeping her in place. Her back still to him, they were pressed closly to each other. Liz took in another breath, trying to control her breathing. "Kivar told me that the skins killed her before your child was born. I'm sorry."

"Yeah." Max breathed onto the back of her neck. Liz felt her entire body tremble and he finally pulled away from her and went back to sitting on the bed. "That was pretty much all the happened over the past 8 years. We just lived at the palace." There was a pause before Max spoke again. "I missed you, Liz." Liz finally turned around to see Max.

"I missed you too." She decided to go and sit back down by him on the bed. She felt cold not touching him. Even the smallest touch from Max kept her warm and alive. "I wish my past 8 years had been as uneventful as yours."

"Liz what happened?" Liz could feel Max's gaze on her.

"After you left, we all tried to go on with our lives like normal. That didn't seem to work out that well. The rebels came here followed by Kivar and his skins. That's when I met up with Serena and she showed us how to use our powers." Liz said.

"So you and Kyle have powers?" Max asked.

"Well, Maria, Kyle and I have powers. You see-" Liz started to explain, but Max cut her off.

"Wait. How did Maria get powers? I mean I know you and Kyle were changed because I healed you and him, but Maria?"

"If you would let me talk then I could explain it to you." Liz said.

"Oh. Ok." Max replied.

"Maria didn't have powers for a long time, but I had to heal her so-" Liz started again, but was yet again cut off by Max who this time jumped up off the bed.

"Wait! So Maria got like hurt. Like one of the skins hurt her and you had to heal her. I will kill whoever hurt Maria." Max exclaimed becoming suddenly very protective and feeling very responciple.

"Calm down Max and sit down." Max listened to Liz and sat back down. "If you kill the person that hurt Maria then you would be killing Maria." It looked like Max was going to interupt again, but Liz put her fingers over his mouth. He quickly got quiet. "Now, Kyle and I were practicing our powers with Serena and Maria all of a sudden lost it. She started screaming about how she felt defenseless because she didn't have powers and couldn't do anything. She went into the kitchen grabbed this huge knife and stabbed herself with it. I had to heal her. I had never been so mad at Maria in my whole life, but its nice to have a little extra fire power." Liz said taking her fingers away from Max's face so that he could talk.

"Oh." Was all Max could say.

"Yeah. So basically the past 8 years have been us fighting against evil skins. Doing what we can to help the rebellion." Liz finished, satisfied to finally be able to tell Max what she had been doing for the past few years. Of course Liz left out a few details, but she really wasn't ready to explain any of that yet.

"So what about Kivar?" Max asked.

"Oh, that." Liz stood up and began walking around the room. "He found out about us and he knew that I was an important part of the rebellion. He comes by trying to get information out of me and I try to get things out of him. I'm the only person in the rebellion that has any contact with him and its a blessing. It lets us know what he's up to so we can stay on our toes."

"Oh. Yeah. That makes sense." Max sounded a little unsure when he said those words and Liz felt herself give a little laugh.

"Don't worry Max. I'm not sleeping with the enemy." Liz laughed a little more and she watched Max straighten his back which only made Liz want to laugh even more, but she held back as much as possible. Liz rubbed her face and then looked at the clock. "It's getting late and we need to get up early tomorrow."

"Right." Max added. Liz walked into the closet and pulled out a white laundery bag which she threw at him. "What's this?" He asked.

"Some of your clothes. Your mom gave them to me awhile back hoping I would run into you again." Liz walked over to her dresser and pulled out her pajamas. "You can get dressed out here. I'll be in the bathroom." And with that Liz disappeared into the bathroom.


Max opened the bag after Liz went into the bathroom and he pulled out a pair of his old pajama bottoms. After changing he just sort of sat on the bed. He was trying to process everything. Liz. His Liz was fighting in the rebellion. Fighting for him to be king. It was all too weird. He glanced around the room and realized how small it really was. The only furniture was Liz's bed, her dresser, refridgerater a small tabel with her TV on it and a light stand next to her bed with a lamp and a phone.

"So do you want me to sleep on the floor?" Max yelled to her so she could hear him in the bathroom.

"Max, I think we know each other well enough to share the bed." She yelled back.

"Right." Max said to himself. He pulled back the sheets of her bed and climbed in. Something about her bed just felt right. It felt so perfect. He closed his eyes and they immeditly shot open when he heard the sound of the bathroom door opening. He turned his head and watched in awe as she came out of the bathroom. She was dressed in purple flanel pajama bottoms and a black tanktop.

"Your on my side of the bed." Liz told him as she crossed her arms.

"Huh? Oh." He realized what she was talking about and he shifted over to the otherside. Max watched as Liz walked over to her dresser and faced a mirror she had on her wall. He watched as she reached up and pulled some pins out of her hair. She bun fell and her hair went down to the small of her back. It was so long and it covered the little bit of bare skin that wasn't covered by her tank top. Max wished more than anything that he could run his hands through that long hair, just like he use to. There was only one thing keeping him from doing just that. 8 years. Those 8 long years apart had changed Liz. Not that she didn't look the same and act the same, but she seemed so guarded now. She felt so closed off. Max wanted to open Liz back up again. To tell her how much he loved her and that he never stopped loving her, but something about Liz was wrong. She was hidden from him. He knew he would be able to get to her later. Or at least he hoped he would, but for now. He just watched. She turned back and their eyes met. Max could have stayed like that forever. Just looking into Liz's eyes. Liz moved her eyes from his and turned the lights off. He couldn't see her anymore. Max sighed and shifted down a little bit in the bed, pulling the covers up a bit to cover his bare chest. He felt Liz climb into the bed next to him and his entire body trembled. His Liz Parker was laying next to him and so badly he wanted to touch her, but he didn't. She was turned on her side and facing away from him. He again sighed and laid on his back just staring up at the ceiling.


Just knowing that Max was laying next to her almost sent Liz off the edge. Nights when she was alone and she wasn't fighting or in the rebel base she would let her thoughts drift to when Max would return to her. She played out every possible scenario and this wasn't something she had never imagined. Her and Max just laying in bed together. As much as Liz wished to be closer there was one thing that held her back. 8 years. 8 years can change people and even though her feelings for Max never really changed she wasn't sure if he still loved her like he promised he would.


Max getting up from Liz on her bed and walking to the door.

"This is finally goodbye." Liz said as he walked away. He turned back and faced her.

"I promise Liz I will love you always and forever." He said through his own tears.

"And I promise I will love you always and forever." Liz cried and then he was gone.

~End Flash~

Liz would have cried remembering her last time with Max, but she wouldn't let herself do that with him so close to her. She could feel his body laying right next to him and on impulse she turned over and looked at him.

"Max, what is Antar like?" She asked.

"It was beautiful." Max answered without looking at her finally turning to meet her gaze he continued. "It is so green and the flowers seem to just grow everywhere. They are so full of color and life. I can't wait for the war to be over. Then maybe you can see it for yourself." Liz wasn't sure if Max was just asking her to go to Antar sometime or to fo to Antar with him. It didn't really matter he still asked her to go to Antar.

"I would love to go to Antar." Liz shifted her body closer to him and rested her head on his chest. She felt him exhale and then take in a deep breath as he put his arm around her pulling her closer to him. Liz knew that she had a job to do with the rebellion and she knew that Max may not love her the same and that they may never ever be able to be together again like she so desperatly wanted, but for one night she planned to forget all of that and sleep in the arms of the one she loved and missed so very much.

~Part 4~

Maria opened the door to her apartment and they both walked in.


"Yeah Michael?" Maria asked turning on the lights and throwing her coat on the couch.

"This is my apartment. Like this is where I use to live, all my stuff is still here." Michael said taking note that it looked exactly like it had when he left.

"Yeah, well I couldn't just let this place get sold to someone else. This is our place, Space-boy." Maria said throwing her arms around Michael.

"Do you know how much I missed you?" Michael asked, breathing his words onto her neck.

"As much as I missed you." Maria said tenderly. Michael pulled back from her neck looking right into her eyes.

"You know I love you so much." Michael added.

"I love you too Michael." Michael leaned forward and placed a desperate, passionate kiss on her lips. He didn't think he was going to survive if he didn't kiss her. He wasn't sure how he had gone this long without it. The feel of her tongue playing with his, the wet heat of her mouth. He so desperately wanted to be closer to her. He didn't know when but somehow they had ended up on the couch. He continued to kiss Maria like he had never kissed her before. It had been too long. Too, too long. He ran his fingers through Maria's now short hair and he felt her hands run up under his shirt and rub along his bare back. He couldn't hold back the groan that escaped his lips. "I guess you missed me." Maria said breaking there kiss only for a moment. Michael didn't bother to respond he just kissed her again and swore to himself he was never leaving her again.


Isabel sat on the couch of Kyle's apartment. They had pretty much come to his place in silence and right now he was in the kitchen and left her in the living room. Alone.

"So?" Isabel asked.

"So?" Kyle responded finally coming out of the kitchen to see her.

"Liz said a lot has been going on." Isabel said trying to keep the conversation going.

"Yeah, I'm sure they will explain everything to you tomorrow, your highness." Kyle said making his way towards the bedroom. Isabel stood up and blocked his path.

"You don't have to do that. Act like I am some princess or something." Isabel stated making eye contact with him. He leaned in closer to her and for a moment she thought he was going to kiss her. The thought sent all these feelings through her body. Feelings she didn't even know she had. Finally he spoke.

"You know. You are a princess." He whispered.

"Well, usually I am, but right now I am Isabel Evans and you and Kyle Valenti. Can't we just have that right now." Isabel whispered trying to control her breathing.

"Sure. Isabel." Isabel felt her body tremble at his words and then he pulled away from her.

"I'm going to sleep on the couch so you can have the bed. We need to get some sleep because we are going to be up early tomorrow." Kyle spun around and was again face to face with Isabel. This time so close that she was sure if she moved one inch his lips would be on hers. "Oh and your highness, your going to have to get use to that again. Everyone is going to refer to you as 'your highness.'" Isabel nodded not trusting her voice. "Goodnight Isabel." His last words lingered on her face as he walked over to the couch and she retreated to his room for bed.

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Liz climbed out of bed not wanting to leave her spot next to Max, but she knew she had to. Liz walked into the bathroom showered and changed into her clothes; black pants and black top. Here usual clothes, not what she would normally wear if she was going to the rebel base, but she didn't feel like getting all dressed up in case a fight broke out or something similar to that. Liz walked up to her dresser and stood in front of her mirror. She put her hair up using a bunch of hair pins and with the help of her powers she put all of her hair up in a bun. She loved having her hair down, but she knew she needed to keep it out of her face. Again just in case. Liz heard a sound come from behind her. She turned to see Max turning over in her bed and mumbling something. Liz couldn't stop the smile from forming across her face, Max looked absolutly at peace when he slept. She had never really seen him asleep before and he looked perfect. Liz pushed her feelings for Max deep down inside of her and turned back to her mirror. Then another sound came. A soft knocking on the door. The knocking came again and again, in a pattern.

"Serena." Liz walked over to the door and opened it not surprised to see Serena standing there. "What are you doing here?" Liz asked.

"I wanted to see if the rumor was true." Serena walked in and glanced over at Max sleeping on the bed. "I see it is true." Serena smiled. Liz smacked her. Liz and Serena had come to be really good friends over the past few years and Serena always gave Liz a hard time about Max. "So when you comin' back to the base?"

"We'll be leaving soon. Why don't you go get Maria and Kyle and make sure they get down there. Max and I will be there soon." Liz told Serena as she turned back to the mirror.

"Sure I can do that." Serena headed to the door and turned back. "Celeste misses you." Liz froze in her place.

"I miss her too." Liz admitted.

"Yeah I know you do. I'll see you at the base." And with that Serena was gone.

"Who was that?" Liz heard Max's sleepfilled voice.

"Serena. You better get ready." Liz said never looking at him.


Maria heard a knock on the door and had to crawl out from under Michael's arm. Who would dare bother her and her space-boy. Maria quickly got her robe and went to the door. She opened it slowly and there stood Kyle, Isabel and Serena.

"Oh my god! I forgot." Maria said quickly remembering they were suppose to go to the rebel base.

"Maria how could you forget?" Kyle asked standing in the doorway.

"Michael and I got side-tracked." She nodded towards the door and Isabel smiled.

"Well, you both have 15 minutes to get ready. I told Liz I was taking you all to the rebel base and if she beats us there she'll have the whole frickin' base out looking for us." Serena told Maria.

"I know. 15. We'll be ready." Maria ran into her bedroom and jumped onto Michael. "Michael get up." She started slapping him and he woke up instantly.

"What?" He asked mad that she woke him.

"We're late, we got 15 minutes to get ready now get your cute butt in gear, Space-boy." Maria told him getting up and franticly looking for things in her room.

"Alright. I'm up."


Liz and Max walked together in the parking lot of Liz's apartment complex.

"So where are we going?" Max asked.

"To the rebel base." Liz said reaching a small black sports car.

"I know that, but where is the rebel base?"

"I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." Liz said climbing into the car. She didn't look at him and it was like a forced attempt at humor. Max could feel the tension coming off of Liz as she started the car and they began on their journey. Max didn't say anything the whole way. He was trying to figure out a lot of things in his head, like if Liz was still in love with him or if she was just being a good friend, and why is she so upset, what did Serena say. Max's mind was racing that he didn't notice that Liz had gone into some tunnel and everything went dark.

"Liz, how can you see where you are going? It's completly black." Max asked her.

"This is part of the rebel base and we have special lights in here so that only those who are certified can see. That's why you can't see anything." Liz told him. Her voice seemed a little better more real, but even though he couldn't see her he knew something was up with Liz. There was something she wasn't telling him. Suddenly they stopped. "We're here." Max heard Liz get out the the car and then he felt his door open. Max couldn't even see his own hand in front of him, but he felt Liz take his hand to help him get out of the car. The connection was made and a flash hit Max hard.


Max getting up from Liz on her bed and walking to the door.

"This is finally goodbye." Liz said as he walked away. He turned back and faced her.

"I promise Liz I will love you always and forever." He said through his own tears.

"And I promise I will love you always and forever." Liz cried and then he was gone.

End Flash

Max wasn't sure if the flash had come from her or from him, but it practically knocked him off his feet. He knew Liz had seen it because she didn't move for a moment then he felt himself being lifted out of the car.

"Come on they are expecting us."

~Part 6~

"So explain to me again how you ended up with powers." Michael asked again. Maria just rolled her eyes as they were all walking in the rebel base.

"Michael, I already told you. I took a very large very sharp knife and stabbed myself with it. Right in the stomach and Liz had to heal it. Hence I got powers." Maria said to him with this funny grin.

"I cannot believe you did that." Michael said, somewhat angery that Maria could have died.

"Hey at least you weren't there Michael. I think that was the worst half hour of my life." Kyle commented from behind them.

"All because Maria couldn't live without powers." Serena threw in.

"It was 6 years ago can we just drop it now." Maria said finally aggrevated at this conversation.

"Where are Max & Liz?" Isabel finally said. She hadn't said much all day.

"They should be here any minute." Serena said as they continued to walk around the rebel base till they finally got back to where they started, the main entrance. "Well, that was the rebel base."

"I still can't believe how much this place looks like the palace. It's kinda creepy." Isabel added.

"Yeah well we wanted it to look as much like home as possible. Made it easier for those who didn't take the journey real well." Serena told them.

"So when do we get to meet the leader we all heard so much about? I wanna meet the chick who is running this opperation if she is going to end up being the queen." Michael asked finally calming down. Maria, Serena and Kyle just started laughing. "What did I say that was so funny?" Maria was about to say something when the main door opened. In walked Max and Liz and the entire base turned silent, as the leader walked in.

"Well, its about time!?" Serena yelled with a smile. "We've been waiting."

"Whatever Serena." Liz replied back walking down the main steps with Max right behind her. "We would have been here sooner, but someone forgot to tell me that we went back to our old door code. It took me 20 minutes to get the door open." Liz said to everyone, but she directed it at Serena.

"Hey, I may be a high ranking offical, but I'm not perfect." Serena said defending herself and she tried to keep a straight face, but then she just busted out laughing.

"Serena, you never take anything seriously." Liz said shaking her head. "Max this is Serena, one of our very high ranking officals here. Unfortunitly, Serena has the maturity of a two year old." Liz said jokingly.

"You only wish you had it as good as me." Serena said back and shook Max's hand. "It is so nice to have a true leader in our presence." Serena smiled at Liz and Liz jokingly punched her.

"Very funny." Liz said and then looked around her. "Hmmm... everything seems normal. Serena you didn't get into any trouble while I was gone?" Liz asked actually being serious this time.

"Not any more than usual." Serena started to walk in one direction leaving everyone behind.

"Serena, what did you do?" And Liz ran after her.


Max just stood there, he was still somewhat in shock. He wasn't use to the idea of Liz being involved in the rebellion. Something just was.... something just felt off. He watched as Liz ran off after Serena and he tried to bring his attention to the group conversation that was going on around him.

"So you never answered my question, Maria?" Michael asked.

"Unless it involves you giving me a ring I'm not answering any questions." Maria teased.

"Very funny Maria. I asked who the leader was."

"Yeah." Max jumped in taking interest in the conversation. "Who is this 'leader' that is rumored to be my next queen?" Max asked.

"How did you find out about that?" Maria asked suddenly serious.

"A little bird told me, who cares? Who's the leader?" Max asked staring right at her.

"Max, I admire you, you're smart, you know things and you can tell things about people. It just kills me that you don't already know, but in the interest of not getting myself killed, if you don't already know. I can't tell you." Maria told him. Max was ready to comment, but they all heard Liz's voice and everyone turned around.

"Damn it Serena, this is serious." Liz started yelling at Serena as Serena jumped up on one of the tables with a radio and a microphone in her hand.

"Liz, you really gotta relax." Serena said with a mischieveous smile.

"Serena get down, what are you doing?" By this time the rest of the gang was over by Liz and everyone who was out and about the base was staring at Serena.

"Liz, I'm living. I can't stand these rules anymore." Serena said jokingly doing her best impression of an over acting drama queen.

"Serena, do you realize what is going on? We're at war, Kivar knows the royals are back and..." Serena immeditly turned on her radio and music began to come from it. "Oh my God. Serena!" Liz yelled, but it was too late. Serena was already doing her thing.

"Listen baby, ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't wide enough baby." Serena started. Everyone in the base started laughing and Maria jumped up on the table with Serena and grabed the microphone.

"If you need me call, no matter where you are no matter how far." Maria sang.

"Do they always do this?" Max asked Kyle.

"You should have seen them when they pull out the dance music, it is hilarious, Serena swings from the ceiling, very entertaining." Kyle smiled and Max just shook his head.

"Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough to keep me from gettin to you baby." Maria and Serena chorused together. Serena jumped down from the table and grabed Liz by the arm.

"No way Serena. I'm not getting up there." Liz stammered trying to get away.

"Come on Liz. You only live once." Serena told her, pulling her onto the table.

"Cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough to keep me from gettin to you." The three girls sang together laughing and dancing on the table. Michael turned over and whispered to Max.

"I bet you in a thousands years you never pictured this." Max turned and looked at Michael. He was right. Max never pictured his returned to be like this. It was almost better.


"Ok. Now that Serena has that out of her system can we get down to business?" Liz asked the group. They all nodded in agreeance. "Good." They all stood around a huge table in one of the main rooms. Liz was about to start when she heard a familar voice from behind her.

"Nice preformance today." Liz spun around and there stood Cera.

"Cera, nice to see you today. It's been awhile." Liz said not enjoying the fact that Cera was still alive. Liz respected everyone in the rebellion. They all played an important part, but Liz was positive that if Cera just disappeared they would all be better off.

"Right right, So the royals are back. Boy that should make things interesting. I hope you don't screw things up Liz." Cera stated rudly.

"Could you be a little bit more positive there, Cera?" Maria snapped in Liz's defence.

"I could, but that would take away all the fun." She turned and looked right at Liz. "Liz, this rebellion means more to some of us then I think you realize and if you screw this up I swear on my life I will make you pay." Cera glared at Liz and Liz glared right back.

"Cera, get the hell out of here." Liz finally replied back calmly.

"Yeah, don't you have some bathrooms to clean or something." Maria said smiling at Cera. Cera took the hit and retreated from the group.

"God, Serena I thought you were going to take care of her." Liz complained to Serena.

"I was, but. Well, she's hard to get rid of." Serena explained trying to hide the fact that she forgot to 'get rid' of Cera.

"Well we don't have time to worry about it now so let's get started. Kivar knows the royals are back and......" Liz started when yet again she was interupted by the voice of a little girl.

"You're back!"


Max was trying to consintrate on what Liz was saying, but everytime he looked at her and tried to focus on what she was saying his whole mind would blank out and Liz was start going in slow motion. He was finally snapped out of this thoughts when he heard the sound of a little girl.

"You're back!"

He spun around to see a girl about 8 or 9 who looked like a little version of Liz. The little girl ran up to the group and he watched as Liz picked up the girl and lifted her into the air.

"Yeah, I'm back." Max smiled watching Liz with the little girl. Must be someone's daughter that Liz is friends with. Max thought with a smile. His smile quickly faded.

"I missed you so much mommy." Max felt as though he had been stabbed in the heart. Over and over again. He looked at Liz with as straight of a face as possible. Her face had gone pale even though she still was wearing a smile.

"I missed you too." Liz said to the little girl and gave her a little kiss on the forehead. Liz shot a look at Max. Her eyes were filled with pain and guilt.

"Oh honey you got so big." Maria said walking over to Liz and the girl. "Would you just look at you." Maria took the girl from Liz's arms and held her. Maria then shot a look to Max and she tried to smile at Max. "Why don't you come with Auntie Maria and then I can introduce you to some of my friends, while your mom talks to her friend Max?" Maria asked the girl with the biggest smile she could make.

"Ok Auntie Maria." the girl said with a cute tone in her voice.

"Ok. Come on Celeste." Maria put the girl down and flashed a look at Liz. Then Maria and the girl walked away with Michael, Kyle, Isabel and Serena right behind them. Max stood there unable to move as Liz came and stood next to him. She found someone else. She's with someone else. How could I have possibly thought that after all these years she would still be mine? Max watched as Liz's daughter was walking next to Maria with this bounce in her step. He felt like crying, he also felt like screaming at Liz at the same time for not telling her, but instead he stood there looking as the group finally finding the streght to speak.

"So, that's your daughter?" Max finally got out.

"No." Liz replied.

"No." Max repeated not knowing where this conversation was going and never turning to meet her gaze.

"No Max, that's our daughter."

~Part 7~

Our daughter.

The words lingered in Max's head. He was having a hard time registering what Liz had said, but then he was immeditly sent back to the one memory he clinged to. The one memory that was always in his mind and in his heart.

Liz held onto the pendant as she walked towards the doors of the Crashdown. Immeditaly her instincts took over and she forgot all logic. She turned around and walked over to the driver side of the jeep. Looking right at Max.

"I can't let it end this way." Liz said looking right at Liz.

"Liz..." Max started, but she cut him off.

"Max please... I don't want just the pendant as a reminder of you." Liz looked down at the ground feeling her entire body tremble. Shaking she looked back up into his eyes. "Make love to me tonight."

Max climbed out of the jeep looking right at her. He placed his hands in her hair and his eyes locked on hers. he kept running his hands through her hair, he loved how soft it was and could never get over the feel of it.

In the next instant she forced her lips onto his. Opening her mouth to let him into her. Liz loved the taste of Max and there kiss grew with more passion then ever. His tongue danced with hers as they continued to kiss in the street, then Max pulled away.

"Liz. We can't." Max said breathless. He was surprised he had even been able to form any words after that kiss. It was like nothing he had ever experanced.

"Max." Liz breathed her words on his face as she brought her lips close to his again. "You're the only. The only one I will ever want to be with. There will never be another you and I can't let you leave without giving you the one thing that will just be for you." Liz paused a minute and then continued. "Me. You're the only person I will ever give myself too. I love you."

Just hearing those words was opening Max's heart. He never thought he would hear Liz say those words again to him. Ever, but here she was proclaiming her love to him and giving herself to him. The thought of having Liz, claiming her as his own sent shivers down his spine. Max rubbed his hand down to the small of her back and pressed her body closer till their lips met again. This time the kiss started off sweet, but as soon as Max felt Liz open her mouth to him and immeditly dove into her. His tongue filling up her mouth as she tasted her. He broke the kiss keeping their foreheads against each other.

"Liz, I love you." Max said and then she put her finger to his mouth.

"Max, please." Her eyes begged for him to make love to her and he couldn't say no to her eyes because he wanted too. He took her hand as they walked over to the alley next to the Crashdown and climbed up the fire escape to Liz's balcony. Liz took his hand again and dragged him over to a corner of the balcony. "Do you remeber this spot?" Liz asked with a grin.

"How could I forget?" He wrapped his hands in her hair and kissed her, standing in the same spot that they had had their first kiss. Liz broke the kiss and took his hand again as she led him inside her room. The lights where dim and her bed was perfectly made. "Liz?" Max questioned her not only with his words, but with his eyes. She rubbed her hands along his shoulders and the shivers ran down his spine again. Then his hands went to her body. First to her sides then they roamed down to her hips, back up and around to her back. She felt so warm under his hands and that drove him practically insane.

Liz ran her hands down Max's back and using his back she forced herself closer to him. She could feel him hard against her and it drove her insane. She place her lips on Max's again forcing her tongue back into his mouth so she could taste him. Liz felt light headed just kissing Max and she slipped into a world of just the two of them. Finally, Max broke their intense kiss and Liz realized she was laying on her bed with Max on top of her.

"Liz... I want to do this so much it hurts, but Liz. We may never see each other again." Max said looking into her passion filled eyes.

"Max we will see each other again. I know it. Somewhere in my heart I know you will come back to me someday, but I can't wait that long to have you." Liz told him her breath heavy as she confessed what she felt in her heart.

"Liz." Max breathed onto her as he kissed her neck. Liz threw her head back to give him better access to her. He made his way up to her lips again and then he pulled back and looked at her right in the eyes. "Liz, I have to ask one last time, Are you sure?" Max asked begging with his eyes for her to say yes.



Not wanting, but having to, Max climbed out from under Liz's sleeping body. He put his clothes back on and sat on the bed just watching the sleeping Liz. He didn't want to leave her like this, but he didn't want to wake her either. He slowly made his way to the door when he heard Liz call him name from behind him.

"Max." Max stood frozen at the voice of the only girl he had ever truly loved. The only girl he would ever love again. She claimed his heart and it was breaking at the thought of having to leave her, for possibly forever. "This is finally goodbye." Max spun around and met her gaze.

"I promise Liz I will love you always and forever." Max told her as tears began to trail down his face.

"And I promise I will love you always and forever." Liz said beginning to cry and Max walked out of her room. Forever, his heart breaking.

Breaking away from his thought of Liz her turned and faced her.

"Liz, why... how..I." Max was at a loss of words as he looked at the girl, now woman that he loved so very much. He noticed the tears that were brimming Liz's eyes and he watched as she tried to force them back inside of her. Max couldn't figure out why she was so guarded. He needed Liz again, but he was afraid of all that she might be keeping from him.

"Max, I don't know what to say." He watched as Liz began to rub her forehead. "Max, I should have told you last night, but I didn't I'm sorry. I was just scared of what you would think." Max watched as one single tear fell from Liz's eyes as her face fell. Max took a step closer to embrace her, but then she backed away brushing away her tears. "We have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in." Liz said almost comanding him. He knew he had broken down her wall, but she threw it back up again. Liz walked away from him, grabbed Serena and pulled her into a room where they both disappeared. Max just stood there. He didn't know what do to. Suddenly he felt an arm on his shoulder and turned to she Maria standing next to him.

"Max.." Maria opened her mouth to say more, but stopped for a moment and started again. "Liz really closed herself off. I can tell just by looking at you that you still love her and I know she still loves you, but Max. I don't know what to do to get her to open back up again." Max could see pain and hurt in Maria's eyes and he hugged her.

"Maria, I love Liz. I'll find away to make her see that and come back to me. I will. I made a promise to her that I have to keep."

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~Part 8~

Liz pulled Serena into one of the main meeting rooms. Liz hadn't meant to freak out of Max, but everything was happening too fast. First, he came back after 8 years of being gone and now he knew that she had had his daughter. That they had a daughter. Liz sighed as she rubbed her forehead. She promised herself that she would talk with Max. Later. Now she had to focus on the millions of lifes that she was now in charge of.

"Ok, Serena I need your help."

"Ok. Here's what you are going to do." Serena walked over to Liz and took both her hands in her's. "You're going to go back out there and talk to Max."

"Serena!" Liz pulled away from her so-called friend and started pacing around the room. "I have more important things to deal with right now! Your my advisor. Advise, or I'll find someone else!" Liz ordered. She hated having to pull rank on Serena or anyone else for that matter, but she knew if she wasn't stren with Serena now, that she would keep bothering her about the Max thing and Liz did not have the time to worry about the man she loved. If she even thought about Max a moment longer she knew she would not be able to function and she needed to focus on the rebellion now. Liz watched as Serena straightened her back and stood at attention.

"I'm sorry........ your highness." Serena said with a tone Liz had never heard before. Serena sounded hurt and was out for blood now. She knew how much Liz hated being addressed by the title that she would soon have to embrace. "Want me to call the others in here?"

"Yeah." Liz barely said scratching her head. Add apologizing to Serena to the list of things do to. Serena disappeared out the door and a moment later all 7 of them were standing in the room.


You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Max thought as they all piled into the room. He had about a million questions running through his mind that he wanted to ask Liz, and he planned to ask her every single one of them, but for the time being he tried to focus as Liz started there little 'meeting'.

"Ok. So we need a plan. Kivar already knows about the royal three being here, as he so nicely acknowlegded earlier." Liz said rubbing her face again in memory of Kivar slapping her there. "I think we are done hiding and we should snap into action." Max watched Liz in awe as she continued, giving orders and acting like... a leader. It's not possible. Max thought. Liz can't be the leader. "Damn it!" Max snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Liz in frustration.

"What?" Maria questioned.

"The plans. I have the plans to the skin's base, but they're at the apartment. I need to go back there and get them." Liz stated.

"No way!" Serena spoke up. "You can't go back there. Katana and I will go there and get them."

"Ok, you'll have to go tonight, you'll take the..." Liz started to explain what routes to take to get there when Maria cut her off.

"How in the hell did you get the plans from Kivar?" Maria asked angery.

"I... well, it doesn't matter how I got them I just got them." Liz said defending herself. Another thing for Max to ask her about, he noted. This is going to be a long conversation.

"I don't buy that." Maria told them, but Liz ignored the statement.

"We need to come up with a plan in the mean time. Till Serena and Katana can get the plans." Liz looked at the group making eye contact with everyone, but Max and Maria. "I'm open for suggestions."

"Why don't you just go sleep with Kivar?" Maria whispered to herself, but Max and Michael heard her. Max glared at Maria and Michael put his arm around her. There was a moment of silence then Maria spoke up this time. "Why don't we try that connecting thing we've been doing for the past few weeks?" Maria asked giving up on pushing Liz.

"What connecting thing?" Isabel asked.

"Oh, I can answer this one." Kyle said proud that he was going to be able to explain something. After all, he was the one who had come up with the idea a while back. "A few weeks ago we were trying out our powers and we found out that if Maria and I connect to Liz and send our power into her we are stronger. If the 6 of us connect its possible that we could be stronger than any of Kivar's forces."

"It's worth a shot." Liz said. "Let's go." They all started to leave the room, but stopped at the sound of Michael's voice.

"Wait. No one ever answered my question. Who is the leader of this lovely rebellion?" He asked. Max turned all his attention on anyone who would give him that answer, knowing that whoever this 'leader' was he was suppose to marry her after the war was over.

"Are the three of you tense?" Serena asked completly taken back that they couldn't tell.

"Serena lay off." Liz threw in her voice full of fear and worry. "Don't worry about that right now, Michael. We need to focus on getting our jobs done so we can end this stupid war and Kivar doesn't kill the three of you." Liz turned to leave, but stopped dead in her tracks.

"Who's the leader, Liz?" Max asked and the whole room went silent. Liz turned and looked right at him, as if no one else was even there.

"I am."


"Ok. Explain it to me again." Michael said and everyone groaned.

"Michael I have already explained it twice." Serena said annoyed.

"I know you have, but I want to get this right, you want us to pump all our energy into Liz and then she is suppose to use it. Isn't that dangerous?" Michael questioned. Max was only half paying attention, but then he thought about what Michael was saying and there was no way he wanted to put Liz into any kind of danger. Even if she was hiding her entire being from him.

"If Liz could get hurt, we shouldn't take that chance." Max said. The first thing Max had said since Liz so nicely put that she was the leader of the rebellion. The leader and his future wife. The thought almost made him smile. Almost. They were going to be forced to be married and forced to live together, which Max would love to spend the rest of his life with Liz, but not if she was going to stay closed off and never love him again. He couldn't put himself through that kind of torture.

"Liz is stronger than she looks." Serena winked and Liz and then smiled at Max. "Ok, let's get this over with. Now like I was saying this piece of metal here is the strongest metal made on our planet. Almost indiscrutable. Almost." Serena pointed to a little hole made on the sheet of metal. "That little hole was made when Maria, Kyle and Liz were connected together." Serena continued to explain, again, about how they were all going to connect, send their energy to Liz and then she was going to send it at the metal trying to make a bigger hole. Max was having a hard time consintrating. He was processing this whole thing in his head, trying to block out the fact that Liz was now his 'destiny', she had had their child and she was completly closed off. Now he was going to have to send his energy into her which might be extremly dangerous. "Are we ready?" Serena asked the group.

"Yes." They all said except for Max who just nodded.

"Ok. We'll start out slow. Everyone stand in a line, Maria at one end, Kyle at the other. Michael you stand next to Maria, Isabel stand by Kyle, Liz by Michael and Max by Isabel." They all followed Serena's instructions and soon were standing in a line. "Ok. Good. Now we can begin. I want everyone to listen to me carefully. It might take sometime, but I know we can do this." Liz closed her eyes and focused on her own energy for a moment and was preparing her body for the energy she was going to have to take in. "I want everyone to clear there mind and focus just on my voice and your own power inside." Liz continued to do as intructed and knew what the next part was coming. The part she was half dreading, half not. "Ok. Michael take Maria's hand and start the connection." There was silence for a moment and then almost a clicking sound was made and a note of music was formed signaling that their connection had been made. "Ok the two of you focus on building up energy while Kyle and Isabel connect." It took a little longer, but then Liz heard the click and the new note of music in the air. It was her turn now and she focus all her being on what she would need to do. "Ok, Kyle and Isabel focus on building energy together. Max. Liz." That was all Liz needed to hear. Without opening her eyes she reached for Max's hand. As soon as her hand hit her's a click louder than the others sounded through the room and the note of their beautiful music rang out above the others before settling and mixing with everyone elses. "Well that was interesting." Serena commented and Liz tried to keep her focus, ignoring the fact that for the moment her and Max were one. "Ok, Liz you and Max know the drill, start building your energy and everyone continue to do the same." Liz continued to build energy inside her and she felt Max building his own. She could also feel what he was feeling. Or she thought she did. She wasn't sure if it was her love for Max that was keeping them together. That had formed the connection that now held them together or if it was his love for her. Whatever is was it was making their connection stronger and their energy stronger. "Ok. Now. Listen carefully to me. After you do this I want you to focus. Not on me. Not on the things you might be feeling, but on your energy. Once you are all connected as one you need to take all your energy and send it through the connection to Liz. She will hold it till she can't hold anymore and send it out to the wall. You all know what to do. I'll be talkin to you when its over. Now Max take Isabel's hand and Liz take Michael's and." Serena paused. "Good luck." Simultaniously Liz took Michael's hand and Max took Isabel's. Liz had never felt anything like it. The sound of music they had been making before grew as the 6 of them became one. The Liz felt it. The warmth of good energy from Maria. Liz felt her body warm up a degree or so, when Kyle's much weaker power entered into her. Then a strong form came into her. Isabel. Another blast of energy that nearly took her off her feet. Michael. It was almost too much to hold and Liz hadn't even gotten Max's yet. Suddenly she was hit with a blast that was like nothing she had ever felt before. Max's power. It was so powerful and so pure. Liz just wanted to swim in it, but she felt herself losing controll. She focused a little longer, holding on as long as she could as their power grew then her eyes shot open and all she saw was the wall in front of her. She took everything inside her and sent it out, feeling the warmth disappear. There was a sudden white light that blinded Liz's vision completly. The white took over and she felt her knees getting weak as she let out everything she had finally she couldn't hold it anymore and she saw darkness creeping in the sides of her eyes. It continued till the black covered her entire vision. The last thing she heard was the sound of Max's voice.


~Part 9~

It was the most incredible feeling in the world. Max didn't even have words to describe everything he was feeling. He was one with the people he cared most about in the whole world and the whole feeling was breath taking. He heard a large explosion, but still kept his eyes closed, still consintrating. He then felt something. Something was wrong. Max could feel the connection breaking as he left Liz's hand sliping away from his. In and instant the connection broke and Max's eyes shot open and Liz's frail body crumbled to the ground.

"Liz!" Max dropped himself to the ground at her side. "Liz.. Liz wake up." He lifted his gaze off of Liz for a moment to see Maria next to him.

"Serena, get over here." Maria called out. Her voice shakey from the fear that ran through her. The same fear Max was feeling right now.

"Oh... I don't believe it! Look at this!" Everyone turned around to where Serena was standing. She was standing over by the metal next to the enormous hole that was now in it. "Look at this, you could fit a good sized car through this hole." Serena exclaimed.

"Serena!" Serena turned and looked at them and Maria looked at her and then back at Liz.

"She'll be fine. She probably just passed out." Everyone looked at her this time. "Alright let's take her to the infermary."

Max took Liz's body in his arms and followed Serena down the hall, while everyone trailed behind him.


Cera ducked down a corner when she saw them all come out of the small room. She grabbed her small cell phone dialed a few numbers and waited for someone to answer. More like the one person who would answer to answer.

"You were right. They are here." She spoke into the phone. "They are going back to the leaders apartment tonight.... no, Serena and Katana are..... I'm not sure what they are up to. They were in some room for awhile locked up..... no they just came out.... I don't know, but the leader was hurt. They carried her away." Cera had to pull the phone away when he started screaming at her. "I'm sure she's fine..... fine I'll find out.... Yes sir....yes....yes.... yes." The phone conversation ended with a click and Cera put her phone away. "God, I hate Kivar sometimes." And with that she walked back out of the corner and went back to her job.


They all sat in the little hospital room in silence. Max was sitting right next to Liz, holding on to her hand. Maria was on the other side of Liz with Michael right behind her. Kyle was seated in the corner and Isabel sat right by him. After while Serena finally came back into the room and they all turned and looked at her.

"Don't worry, she strained herself with all the power and passed out. She'll be fine. The doctor said she should be waking up in alittle while." Everyone let out the breath they were holding. "I mean its not the first time Liz has passed out."

"Wait if you knew this was dangerous then..." Max started, but Maria cut him off.

"That's not what she's talking about." And Maria gave a little giggle. Max looked at her wanting her to press on while Serena left the room again. "When Liz was in labor.... " Maria gave another giggle. "She wore herself out and passed out right in the middle of giving birth." She continued laughing and this time harder.

"And this is funny how?" Max asked not quite getting what Maria was saying while he felt like knives stabbing him in the heart just thinking about Liz having to go through the whole thing alone.

"What Maria is trying to say, but can't get around to it is, it wasn't so funny that Liz passed out. It was funny listening to all the things Liz said about people." Kyle said because Maria was laughing too hard. Maria calmed herself down and started talking again.

"You should have heard what she said about Tess. She called her...."

"Something that shouldn't be repeated." Liz said as she started waking up. Everyone immeditally got up from where they were and came over to her.

"Are you ok?" Maria asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. My head just hurts a little." Liz replied looking over at Maria.

"Are you sure your ok?" Max asked and Liz turned to look at him.

"Yes." Was all she could say and then she turned to look at Serena. "Well... what happened?"

"It worked." Serena started. "The 6 of you connected made a hole in that metal the size of a car."

"Wow." Liz said shocked. "That's a good thing."

"It's getting late, maybe you should rest." Maria said. Liz smiled at her best friend. Liz knew now she was fine, but she didn't want to argue with her.

"Yeah. Can I go back to my own room though?" Liz asked.

"Sure. I'll help you." Max said as he helped her get out of the bed and started walking her to her room.

"Serena." Liz said and Serena looked at her. "You and Katana leave as soon as you are ready."

"We will." And with that they all retreated to there rooms for the night.

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~Part 10-a

Isabel sat on the edge of Maria's bed while Maria continued to talk about nothing.

"... really I mean the whole thing makes sense if you think about it." Maria said.

"Huh?" Isabel responded. She hadn't been paying any attention and felt bad. She really did, but right now her mind was miles away.

"Nevermind. It wasn't important." Maria paused and went and sat down next to Isabel. "Are you ok?"

Isabel couldn't help but smile at Maria. They had never really been close, but Isabel could tell Maria was trying to make everything easy on her, but it was a lot to take in. Never in a million years had Isabel pictured her closest friends fighting in the rebellion to keep her brother on the throne. Or that Elizabeth Parker, the good little small town girl, was the now leader of this rebellion.

"I'm fine. I'm just really tired. It's been a long day." Isabel rubbed her neck and then straigthen out her dress. She would have to remember to borrow clothes from Maria or Liz. She couldn't really fight in a war in a gown.

"Well..." Maria started but there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Isabel offered and she went over to the door and found Michael standing on the other side.

"Oh. Hi Isabel. I didn't know you were staying in here with Maria." Michael said and Isabel noticed that he was disappointed.

"I was, but you know. I think I'm going to go bunk with Max tonight. I'm sure he won't mind." Isabel said making her way out the door.

"Are you sure?" Maria asked still worried about Isabel.

"Yes, I'm sure." She sad with a smile as Isabel brushed her hair over her shoulder. Once she was out the door and herad it shut her smiled faded. "I'm sure." She whispered to herself and started walking. She wasn't sure where she was going, but she walked around. Isabel wasn't going to go to Max's room, she knew better. Max was a mess right now with everything he was dealing with. With Liz acting so shut down and her being the leader and her having their daughter.

I'm an aunt. Isabel thought to herself. She continued to walk, smiling at those who passed her. All of them bowing to show respect to the Princess Vilandra.


Isabel turned down a hallway Serena hadn't taken them down. She knew she could get in trouble for just wondering around, but at this point she could have cared less. Her mind had brushed along the one topic she dreaded.

Vilandra. That name held so much meaning for Isabel now. She knew she wasn't Vilandra, just a part of her was. It was like this horrible itch in her mind that she couldn't scracth. Vilandra was a part of her, no matter what anyone said and after returning home Isabel remembed some or the horrible things this 'Vilandra' had done. Things no one knew about. Only she knew these horrible things and she kept them secret deep inside of her.

Isabel hadn't noticed where she had gone, but suddenly she found herself in this huge room. It was beautiful and it had these huge glass windows that reminded her of home. They looked out to on what she guessed was the desert and out into the night sky. It was absolutely breath taking.

"No one's suppose to be here."

Isabel jumped, startled by the voice that came from a man sitting on a bench in front of the windows.

"Sorry, I..... Kyle?" The man sitting on the bench turned around and indeed it was Kyle.

"You're not suppose to be up here Isabel." He said harshly and turned back.

"Oh I know, but..." She walked over to the bench and sat down next to him. "I don't really have anywhere else to go."

"I thought you were staying with Maria." Kyle said not looking at her.

"Oh, well I am... or was." Isabel scooted closer to him. "Michael came by and that kind of left me out." She start rubbing her hands together. She wanted to make conversation, but Kyle just seemed different. He wasn't the same guy she had left in Roswell 8 years ago. He was different. "This place is really beautiful."

"Yeah." Kyle said and they both stared out at the stars.

"What is this place?" Isabel practically whispered taken away by the beautiful stars she could see.

"It's a look out point. We use to use it, but after awhile I was the only one who came up here and now it's sort of an unspoken rule that I'm the only one up here." Kyle told her and Isabel noticed that he sounded different. Different than the Kyle Valenti she had known.

"Oh. I'm sorry. Look if you want me to go.." Isabel stopped dead sentence when Kyle's tortured glare met hers.

"No. It's fine. I've been up here long enough today." Kyle stood up and started to walk away. Isabel suddenly felt weird and she didn't move. She just stared out at the stars. "Hey."

Isabel spun around to look at him.

"Yeah." She spoke.

"Look, my room is huge if you need a place to stay. I usually sleep on the couch anyway so the bed is all yours if you like." He told her. Isabel smiled.

"I'd like that. I'd like that alot." And with that, Isabel got up from the bench and they both headed back to Kyle's room in silence.


"This room is incredible." Isabel had been amazed by Maria's room, but Kyle's room was different. Maria's room had been girlie and bright, but this, Kyle's room was dark. A lot like her own back on Antar. The sheets were a deep blue silk and the whole room seemed just so dark. Like how she was most of the time. Her room definitly showed that she had secrets deep within her and Isabel could tell that, just like herself, Kyle had things to hide.

"Alright the bed is all yours." Kyle said ploping down on the couch. "You plan on sleeping in that gown." He asked.

"No." Isabel told him and with a smile on her face she changed her gown into a beautiful white nightgown.

"Impressive." He said.

"I try." Isabel added while climbing into the huge bed. "Can I ask you something?"


"What has it been like since we all left? And I don't want to hear about the rebellion and the fighting. I want to know what it was like for you?" Isabel asked him with actual emotion. She wanted to know. Something just wasn't right about the way Kyle acted.

"Well.." Isabel couldn't see him because of the light being out, but she could hear him and she knew he had sat up. "Honestly?"

"Honestly." Isabel answered back.

"It's been pretty bad." She heard him move again and suddenly he was sitting next to her on the bed and she could finally see how horrible he looked. Isabel hadn't paid much attention when she first got back, but now that she was really seeing him she could tell he was lost.

"Things just never went back to being the same." He started bringing her out of her own thoughs. "Liz fell into this hole. She was lost and completly gone. I think Liz always figured Max was never coming back and she just excepted that and when she became leader she just focused completly on that. Forgetting anything, or anyone else really existed. It was different for Maria." I paused and shifted a little. "She knew Michael was coming back for her and that's how she lived her life. Each day was a new day that brought her closer to him again. She was happy. For the most part."

"Yeah, but what about you?" Isabel pressed on. She didn't know why, but she felt like she needed to find out what was wrong.

"The one person I truly cared about, hurt me more than anyone else in the entire world had ever hurt me. How do you think I was." Isabel could feel his pain in his worlds.

He still hangs on to Tess. Tess was a forgotten name on Antar. They all forgot about her betrayal and basically brushed it off as being just Tess. No one really cared. Deep down Isabel had never really trusted her, Michael didn't care about her and Max. Max loved Liz. He had forgotten entirely on what Tess had done and focused on his precious Liz. Isabel never in a million years would have guessed that anyone had cared, but she forgot about Kyle. Kyle had been the closest to Tess and he cared a lot for her. Isabel had totally forgotten about that.

Isabel moved over closer to Kyle.

"Listen Kyle. What Tess did, that was horrible. She took so much from all of us, but she's...." Isabel paused not really sure of what to say. "All of us still care about you and you can trust us. None of us is going to do what she did." Isabel could see Kyle tense up and for a moment she wished you could read his thoughts, or connect with him or something to find out what he was thinking.

"What she did." He repeated tonelessly. "I'm going to go to bed now Isabel. Night." He got up from her bed and walked away. Isabel felt defeated, but she knew she had gotten to him just a little bit. Hopefully, she would get to him more later and get him to trust her with whatever it was the plagued him.

"Night." Isabel laid her head down on the soft pillow and soon was fast asleep.

~Part 10 B

Max walked back into his room and heard the door slide down with a whoosh. He loved his planets advances in technogy, but every time I door slides down behind him he would always just.

Max climbed onto his bed and laid on his back staring up at the ceiling. He had wanted to talk to Liz after he had taken her to her room, but he left instead. She said she had to get ready for bed and get some rest and her understood that, but Max wanted to talk to her so bad.

With his thoughts locked on Liz he reminded himself of what it had been like at home.

So lately
Been wonderin
Who will be there to take my place
When I'm gone
You'll need love
To light the shadows on your face

Max spent so many sleepless nights wondering if his love. The only girl he had ever loved still loved him or if she had moved on after he left. It plagued him at night sometimes remembering the way she felt, the way she smelled and there was nothing he could do about it then. They were so far apart, but now he felt like he was even father from her and she was two doors down.

If a greater weight shall fall
Have it fall upon us all
Than between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own?

When Max left Antar he could have never imagined that things would have changed so much. He couldn't live without Liz, but from the looks of it she was doing fine. Surviving. Running the rebellion, being a leader, fighting for him. She was doing fine. Or so he guessed.

If I could
Than I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high
Or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

Max wished for nothing more than to be able to be with Liz. To have never left her. To be by her side, fighting in the rebellion. Leading together. He never wanted to leave, but had to. Or he thought he had to. Tess was pregnant and needed to get home, but they didn't need to go with her. They did anyway. Max left Liz anyway even though he couldn't bare the thought of never seeing her again.

And maybe
I'll find out
A way to make it back someday
To watch you
To guide you
Through the darkest of your days

Now he was back. He had escaped Antar and the lonelyness of not being with Liz. He was here now to be with her and take care of her, but she was so closed off now. Max didn't know how to break through to her. She had their child. A beautiful little girl and she was to be Max's future queen, but she wouldn't talk to him. It was as if she was scared. Scared of something.

If a greater weight shall fall
Have it fall upon us all
Well I hope there's someone out there who
Can bring me back to you

Max had found his way back to Liz physically, but emotionally he wasn't there yet. He needed something, anything. Some way to get through to her. To love her again, and have her love again.

If I could
Than I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high
Or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

Once he had her back he promised himself he would never let her go. He's be with her everywhere and they would be one. They way they were suppose to be. No matter what anyone said Max was destined for Liz and no one could take that away from him.

Run away with my heart
Run away with my hope
Run away with my love

Liz had his heart, hope and love. She had his very soul. Their souls were one and he would make her see that again even if it took a lifetime he would make Liz know that again.

I know now
Just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart
In your mind
I'll stay with you for all our time

Max never stopped loving Liz for a second because he knew she still loved him. And even when they were light years apart he was still with her. He gave a little bit of himself to her and she gave him a little bit of herself and it lived within him now and forever.

If I could turn back time
I'll go wherever you will go

Max wished for more than anything to go back and keep himself feom leaving her so that he could be with her forever. As impossible as it was he always wanted to be with her and to have never left her.

If I could make you mine
I'll go wherever you will go

He wanted her to be his again. He needed to make her his.

With that in mind Max got up off his bed. He was sick of thinking. He needed to talk to Liz now and make her see again the love they always would have.

~Part 10 C

Michael moved next to Maria on the bed after Isabel left. He hadn't meant to chase her away, but at least this left time for him and Maria to be alone. He couldn't stop staring at Maria. She just looked so good to him. Her short hair seemed to bounce with every breath she took in and let back out again. She just looked so good and he brought her arm up to caress her arm. He moved closer to her and leaned his head nearer to her.

"Do you think Liz is ok?" Maria asked out of the blue.

"Umm.." Maria's question wasn't exactly what he had expected. "Yeah I'm sure she is fine." Michael went to kiss Maria, but she stopped him.

"Are you sure? Because she hasn't really been herself lately." Maria spoke.

"Maria, I'm sure she is fine. Max was going to go talk to her. The two of them just need to talk. Or do something or they are both going to explode in front of everyone and I don't think that would be very pretty." That got a giggle out of Maria which made Michael smile. "Enough about Max and Liz. What about us?"

"What about us?" Maria asked with a smirk. A smirk that quickly disappeared when Michael's lips found hers and they both laid down on her bed.

~Part 10 D

Liz held her daughter close in her huge bed. A little while after Max had left, Serena and Katana had come in to say they were heading off and probably wouldn't be back till the afternoon. Moments after that Celeste came in. The rebel base kind of gave Liz the creeps, but the one good thing about it was her beautiful daughter.

"Are you going to be leaving again soon?" Her daughter asked sadly.

"Yes." Liz had to reply. "But not for as long I hope. You know how much I hate to be away from you." Liz looked at the little girl in her arms and smiled as a smile crossed her daughters face.

"How much?" The little girl asked.

"Ummmm...." Liz pretended to think about. "This much." And Liz streched out her arms as far as she could and then stopped. "Hmm... I can't strech far enough to show you." The little girl giggled and Liz smiled even more. Celeste was the one person in the whole world that Liz was open to right now. She was so afraid of what everyone else thought, but her own daughter didn't care how well she would lead, or if she would make a good queen, or if she made the right desions. All Celeste cared about is how long she would be gone.

"I'll miss you." Celeste said in her sad voice again. Liz kissed the the girl on the top of her head.

"I'll miss you too." Liz closed her eyes and pressed her daughter closer hoping to have, for once, a peaceful nights sleep, until she heard a knock on the door. Liz got up from the bed and walked over to the door. "Maria, I told you I would talk to you about, Max!" Liz exclaimed in shock to see Max standing on the otherside of the door.

"I'm sorry to bother you Liz, I just really needed to talk to you right now." He said urgently. Liz felt this tingle in her spine and she knew it was from being so close to him. Since they had connected earlier, everything she was near him she got this tingle. That scared Liz. She loved Max, but too much was at stake right now to risk her teenage love on. She wanted to be with him, but she knew she couldn't. Not with the rebellion. Not with him having been gone for 8 years and not to mention....

"Mommy?" The sleepy voice sounded from the bed.

"It's a bad time." Max said. He turned to leave, but Liz didn't want him to go.

"No Max wait." Liz knew this was a mistake, but she had to take the chance. "Celeste, honey. I need to talk to my friend Max. Is it ok if we see each other tomorrow?" Liz asked looking at her little girl.

"Ok. But you owe me breakfast." The little girl smiled and skipped out of the room, down the hall and into her own room.

Liz watched until Celeste was out of her sight and then she closed the door and it went down with a whoosh. It was then that she was aware that she was suddenly alone with Max. Again.

"So, you wanted to talk." Liz finally said sitting back down into bed. Max sat down next to her and stared at the floor like he was thinking of something or thinking of something to say.

Max stared at the ground. When he had left his room he had had a million questions to ask her and now he couldn't think of a single one. Seeing her daughter, their daughter, had completly blanked out his mind. Max had so much guilt for not being there. Being with Liz, when their daughter had come into the world. And what a beautiful daughter they had. Celeste, looks just like Liz. Max noted when he watched her. Every movement she made was like a little Liz running around.

"Max? Max? Are you there?" Liz asked and he finally looked up at her.

"Sorry." Was all he said.

"Was there something you wanted Max?" Liz asked. Max stared into her eyes looking for one of the questions he wanted to ask her.

"How did you become the leader?" That was definitly not one of them, but it was too late now.

"Oh." Was the first thing Liz said. It wasn't exactly what she had been expecting. "Well.... God, it seems like forever ago that I did, but it really wasn't that long ago." Liz shifted a little bit closer to Max and then thought about how to word her story. "Well, it was right after you guys had left. I had gone to the doctor that day..." Liz paused for a moment. Did she really want to tell Max that the day she had become part of the rebellion was the same day she found out she was pregnant with his child? "I wasn't feeling very well."

"I got back to the Crashdown and the place was a mess. Like someone had been in there ya know?" Max nodded and Liz continued feeling her own emotions catching up with her. She never really thought about what had happened that day and now she was reliving it so that Max would know. "The next thing I knew I was being attacked. Some skin. There were two of them. One of them jumped me from behind. A called out for someone even though I knew there was no one there." Liz also skipped over the part where she called out for Max. Some how she thought that if she was in trouble and called out to him he would just appear.

"After that everything was a blur. I kind of remember turning around, but I don't know how I ended up on top of the skins back. I just remember pulling at the release in his back and the next this I knew I was sitting in a pile of dust." Liz took in a deep breath and rubbed at her eye where a tear was starting to form.

"I stood up and there was Serena. She had killed the other skin that was in my home and that's when she told me I wasn't safe anymore. That Kivar and his skins knew who we were and we had to go." Liz didn't stop the tear that fell down her face this time.

"That was also when she told me that those two skins had killed my parents." Liz had tears falling from both of her eyes now.

"Liz, I..." Max didn't know what to say. He never thought in his wildest imagination that something this horrible had happened to her. In that moment no words needed to be said. Max placed his hand on her face and with the simplest movement of his thumb her brushed away her tears.

With just the touch of his hand Liz wanted to cry even more. For one of the first times since she had come her she was actually thinking about it. Yeah, she thought about all the events that had lead up to her being here, but she never let it sink in. She was afraid that if one more word was spoken she was going to break down because for the first time since she became part of the rebellion she felt weak and she couldn't do that. Liz couldn't break down and that's why she couldn't be with Max again. Even if she wanted to. She would let her emotions control her and then Kivar would strike. Liz could never live with herself if something happened to Max just because she loved him.

"You better go." Liz barely said above a whisper.

Max reluctanty removed his hands from Liz's face and slowly stood up. Liz following right behind him as he went to the door.

"Goodnight Max." He took one step out and the a whoosh the door to Liz's room closed behind him.

And I’d give up forever to touch you
’Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be
And I don’t wanna go home right now

Liz placed her hand on the cold metal door still feeling Max's touch on her face. It wasn't that she didn't want to be near him. She was controlling her actions right now and she couldn't stop it.

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
And sooner or later it’s over
I just don’t wanna miss you tonight

Max opened his door and walked in still feeling Liz's presence around him. Her touch, her smell, and the emotions he felt coming off of her was the worst part. All he felt from her was fear and not fear of him, but something else. Max leaned against the cold metal door wishing he had his Liz in his arms again.

And I don’t want the world to see me
’Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

Liz felt her own love for Max taking over as she tried to make her way from the door. She kept her hands still on the cold metal while all the time looking at the button that kept her from running into his arms.

And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
And you bleed just to know you’re alive

The tears slid down her cool face as she was faced with the truth that she loved Max more now than ever before, but her fear kept him from her. She was so scared of what could happen to him that she didn't feel alive anymore. She felt dead from fear.

And I don’t want the world to see me
’Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

Max and Liz both simultaniously stared at the button that controlled their doors to open. Both of which then let fear take over and they reluctantly walked away and climbed into bed. Max staring at the ceiling wishing Liz could get past her fears and Liz wishing she could feel something other than fear as she cried herself to sleep.