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Author: Lizwell Zuri8223⊕

Catergory: Mainly M/L, All CC, AU

Summary: Through a summer of fun and a series of misadventures the group is able to redefine the meaning of the love of your life, "The One"

Part 1

Maria’s POV

The One

Yeah I know, the one what? To everyone else it means exactly that, nothing but if you were to ask Liz Parker what it meant to her you’d probably get something like:

The perfect one, the love of your life, some mythical male creature who knows all your hearts wants and desires and will fall all over himself to make them true for you.

Of coarse the mythical part is debatable. And that’s where Liz and I disagree. She actually believes there’s someone like that out there for her, while I know differently.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a pessimist or anything like that but if there’s one thing I’ve learned through all my years of bad dates and hopes being dashed it’s

Guys are dumb.

Completely and utterly clueless as to what girls want. And Liz expects me to believe that there’s some guy that could possibly know all the unique facets of Maria Deluca’s personality. Give me break.

There is no such thing as a soul mate ‘the one’ there is no perfect relationship. The perfect relationship only comes when the two parties involved decide they want to make it work for the best and are willing to put up with all the in between shit to get to the perfect relationship moments.

I guess that’s why Michael and I work so well together. I used to expect certain things from him and always got my feelings hurt when he didn’t deliver. Now I’ve learned to expect nothing that way everything else is a pleasant surprise…in more ways than one. Michael can be a real sweetie sometimes when given the opportunity. He listens to the things I ask of him and I try not to ask too much. That way we’re both happy.

Liz on the other hand is still searching for ‘the one’ even though she’s in a loving relationship with Kyle, although I’m not sure she’d agree with me on that. But we’ll get into that one later.

I think that’s why she persuaded me into taking this summer job, just another stop on the way on the search for ‘the one’. I pray to God she finds him for her sake and for mine. I don’t think I can survive another search mission.

It’s morning; though you can barely call it that seeing as how the sun has just risen I’m willing to bet less than five minutes ago. I guess Camp Sunrise really takes their name seriously, waking us up at the crack of dawn. If it weren’t for the fact that I really wanted this job, needed this job, thought that I could have huge amounts of fun doing this job I’d be taking my aching body back to bed. Instead of standing under another freezing cold shower faucet “Cold water again!” I say knowing full well who was responsible for said lack of heat

“Yeah it’s a bitch.” A fully dressed Isabel chimed as she primped her hair in the mirror.

I’m thinking Yeah I’ll bet “It wouldn’t have to be if someone wouldn’t have used all the hot water…”I chatter through clenched teeth.

Isabel Evans was the first person in our cabin, if not the entire camp, to wake up so that she could be first to have access to the one and only shower stall available in the female out house. While Liz and I take the extra time to sleep in she’s busy using the little bit of heated water we have. She claims she needs the extra time for her hair and make up, talk about vain. But I’m still too tired to bother melting down the walls of the ‘ice princess’ “Maybe If you’d get up a little earlier you would be able to enjoy the benefits of a nice hot shower.” She chimes with that told-you-so tone “Catch you girls at breakfast.” She said flashing that sickeningly sweet smile. How anyone could be cheery this early in the morning is beyond me. Once I’ve had my coffee maybe…but until then Isabel is definitely not on my list of people to see.

“Let it go.” Liz offered. Now she’s someone I could deal with in the morning. I guess that’s one of the reasons we’re best friends. Her mellow attitude rubs off on me and that’s especially good at times like these “Besides all we have to do is make it through half a day of training before the real fun begins.”

Always pointing out the positive, what would I do without my Liz “Good.”? I say as I attempt to slip on my bathing suit free form sand. “Because the way I’m aching right now I could use a little R&R.” why do I even bother I think as I clean the sand out of the straps of my suit.

“Mmm can’t burn the candle at both ends. You know they set these curfews for us for a reason not for you to go running off with Michael all night.” That’s one thing about Liz she’s cool to hang with but she’s always trying to be the voice of reason but then again I’m always getting us into trouble so I guess in the end it balances out to good clean fun.

So here I am trying to make excuses for myself “I already told you I was helping him…”

“…Clean the kitchen yea I know. I take it that’s the part of the reason your muscles are aching.” She finishes for me

But then I’m thinking whom am I hiding, from this is Liz we can dish “No.” I assume she knows what’s up “My aching is part of the reason why we had to clean the kitchen in the first place.” Michael’s the camp cook so every now and then we like to take advantage of all those hours alone in the vacant kitchen. Every night after role call the two of us disappear creating a little ‘trail mix’ of our own. You’d have to be a complete dunce not to realize where we’d gone of to, but Liz I don’t know if she doesn’t recognize these things because she really is a dunce or she just chooses not to acknowledge them. My guess would be the latter. And here comes that look again. You know the same look your mom gets when she’s about to lecture you The fact that my 18 yr. old best friend can get that look is spooky.“ Will you lighten up Its the summer before we start college, the summer before the rest of our lives, it was just a little harmless fun. Besides I know you and Kyle got yourself into something, disappearing all lunch hour yesterday.”

“Oh please the most Kyle and I do is fool around anyway…occasionally.” Liz says

At first when I heard this I was shocked but then knowing Liz I’m not surprised. She may be my best friend but she still strikes me as kind of prude. “Are we talking about the same Kyle here four year high school sweetheart?” I ask although I knew we were talking about the same person but Liz and Kyle always seemed so in love voted Homecoming king and queen at our high school four years in a row I had just assumed…

“Of coarse who else would I be talking about?" She says, “Are you done with the shower?” Liz is attempting to avert the attention like she always does when she has something she thinks she needs to hide. But I’m going to get this out of her if it’s the last thing I do…at least this morning

“Sure.” I say humoring her. I throw my robe over my suit and sand filled flip-flops and clear out the shower for her but I haven’t forgotten what we were talking about “ So you and Kyle have never…”

“…Had sex. No, I’m a virgin okay” she finishes for me. Prude. Just as I suspected. It’s a harsh truth I have to live with that my best friend is a prude. Actually I guess I should have known but then due to the excitement about prom and graduation Liz and I never got to have this talk. And my virginity got lost somewhere between prom and graduation. Not that I regret it who knew sex could be so addictive. Especially when you’ve got a boyfriend with unlimited access to all types of foods there are just so many news things to explore…

But this isn’t about me my best friend is having a crisis. “I just don’t think Kyle and I could ever be together, you know at least not like you and Michael.” Liz says

Okay so what Michael and I have is pretty special but we’d only got there by emulating what we thought to be the perfect relationship with her and Kyle “So what are you guys gonna do when you get to college?”

“I guess he’ll probably loose interest and we’ll break up.” Oddly enough Liz didn’t seem to be that bothered by the thought of loosing Kyle “But for now I guess it’s nice to have a boyfriend…for summer.”

What was going on here? The world was just not right if Liz and Kyle weren’t happy together. I hate even thinking this but maybe its time for her to move on to someone else, besides college was not he time to get all attached anyway. “Forget that we can’t have you moping around all summer ‘fooling around’ with Kyle we start college next year and you have to be a woman by the time you get there.”

“Maria what are you saying.” She knows I have plans for her

“I’m saying it’s time to begin operation ‘de-virginze Liz.’ Now think who are we looking at as potential candidates?"

“Maria I think I’m just waiting for the one.”

“The one what?”

“That special person the one I’m in love with and want to share myself with mind body and soul. Remember we talked about this when we were younger.” She says

And I’m like this child, this poor delusional child. I used to think like that until Michael and I experienced the joys if the sexual intimacy. “Liz chica as sweet and romantic as was.” Also incredibly naïve “Nothing like that exists in the real world.” That was Liz problem she needs to get herself of piece of ass.

I can see it’s gonna take a bit of convincing as she whines “Maria.”

“Don’t ‘Maria’ me. I’m gonna make sure you have fun this summer. Now there’s got to be at least one person here you’ve thought was cute.”

“What about Kyle?” she says

And I’m like now you care about Kyle “We’ll deal with him. Let him down easy or something. Now HOTTIES.”

She takes a moment to ponder this then says “Well I guess that guy what’s-his-name the good swimmer…”

“ You mean Max.” I think that’s his name

“Yeah that’s it Max is pretty cute.” I’m thinking good finally getting Liz to get rid of some of her reserves

The ‘ice princess’ must make her princess known. “You mean my brother.” Isabel says, “Forgot my shampoo.” She says as if that gives her the right to make herself a part of our private conversation. I’m wondering how much she’s heard “Don’t bother with Max he already has a girlfriend and trust me Tess has got him whipped.” She added before leaving.

Tess. Did she just say that Max was dating Tess? So apparently max has been taking care of business because seems to me like the type of girl who needs a whole-lotta-man to keep her satisfied. So Max was dating ‘Serge’. That’s what we all call her you know. Her parents own this camp, which is why she is Head Mistress and walk around treating her like her own personal army. So we call her ‘Serge’ short for Sergeant. Funny thing is she and Max didn’t so cozy from what I saw. Isabel and her are like best friends, ‘Ice Princess’ and ‘Serge’; of coarse she is going to stick up for her. Do I look like I care?

“No matter.” I tell Liz “She can also be dealt with.”

She rolls her eyes at me as steps in the shower. Just as I hear the stream of water start for her shower the camp alarm sounds signaling ‘The Lost Swimmer drill’. I swear that stupid drill is something this camp invented just to tick me off. “Shit!” I mumble as I throw on a pair of pair of sneakers and head for the lake.

* * *
Liz’s POV

I’m trying to be positive about his whole camp-counseling thing but if this is what it’s going to be like just tell me now so I can quit. Trudging around in towel wet and cold a little after the crack of dawn is not my idea of fun.

Okay, so maybe I could have avoided this whole thing if I’d gone to bed earlier. But who’s idea was this whole ‘lost swimmer drill’ in the first place, definitely not a friend to camp counselors anywhere.

At the sound of the bell all counselors are to head straight to the lake as fast as they can and proceed to look for said ‘lost swimmer’ which in actuality is a can. It’s supposed to sharpen as our awareness as camp counselors, one of the many tortures we’ve had to endure in this weeklong training session. What happens if you’re not prepared to jump in the lake, you say? Here at camp sunrise any time is the right time for a ‘lost swimmer drill’ so you should always be prepared. Sucks for people like me who thought that they could find five minutes in the morning to take a shower. Luckily I was able to throw on a robe over the cold wet towel. At least I’ll present for the drill but I refuse to get in the water

This is almost over. ‘Hell week’ as my friend Maria has so appropriately named it, is almost over. Then on to the real fun. This morning after breakfast we get our assignments for the summer. Then freedom who knows what we’ll do for the rest of the weekend, but whatever it is will be fun. That’s what makes bearing one more lecture or ‘lost swimmer drill’ from Tess Harding worth it or ‘The Serge’ as they call her.

I can see she’s gonna give me a hard time. Tess doesn’t like me good only knows why. As I see my fellow counselors dutifully jumping in the lake. Tess comes over to me with her sunglasses and her neatly pressed khaki shorts “Why are we no prepared for the lost swimmer drill this morning?”


We aren’t doing anything. Maybe it’s because WE didn’t get a full night sleep in the big house, free from field mice and mosquitoes. WE didn’t wake up to a nice carpeted floor and a hot shower. In fact WE didn’t do anything together all week Tess. If I recall correctly it was YOU telling ME and everyone else what to do. But I really want this job, plus I think it can be fun so I hold my tongue and say “I over slept.” With a painted on smile. I’m getting good at this Mary-sunshine act.

“Well let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.” She says

“Certainly not.” I say.

Then as if rescuing me from this conversation “I found it!” Max declares holding up the red and white can as he climbs out of the lake. The way the water runs down his body making his swimming trunks stick to his legs I can see he’s definitely not lacking. I find myself thinking that maybe Maria’s ‘operation de-virginize Liz’ could work.

Tess must have seen me looking because she shot me the iciest glare then proceeded to signal the end of ‘lost swimmer drill’.

Once me and all my disgruntled and soggy counselors were lined up. Tess went off on some spiel about how we should all be prepared for the arrival of the campers as of Sunday evening and then dismissed us for breakfast. But not before casting me one more icy glare. Girly must really take me ogling her goodies I.e. Max, seriously. At the moment I was too cold and wet to care. Therefore while I everyone else scurried to breakfast I headed back across the road to the cabin to dry off and change.

Visions of a wet glistening Max dancing in my head. Tess can glare all she wants Max is totally drool-worthy. Everyone thinks of me as innocent little Liz Parker, if only they knew…

* * *

Max’s POV

“Max we need to talk.” Tess says as she dismisses everyone else for breakfast. I’m the ‘lucky’ one that gets to stay behind and ‘talk’ with Tess. She probably wants to talk about our ‘relationship…’

Spare me okay.

I’ve had it up to my ears in relationship talk some people just can’t get a clue. Tess being one of them. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m completely insensitive. I talked to Tess before we even got here to Camp sunrise, told her how I felt, how I thought we were headed in different directions… Gave her what I felt to be more than ample time to deal with our break up so we would both be able to enjoy our summer…separately.

I think that’s the key, separately. And not just from Tess from all girls to see if I can find out whom the real Max Evans is. I mean I’m going to college next year and I’m guessing the same crap I used to pull with girls in high school just isn’t going to fly So I need to learn to be honest with my self and everyone else.

Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts. According to my friend Michael I’m a Casanova at heart who hasn’t got a shot in hell. So we’ll see.

Anyway, here it is close to a month later and Tess still thinks there is something to ‘talk’ about. When the truth of the matter is no amount of talking on earth could save this relationship, it ‘s over plain and simple. I really want to hit my sister Izzy for giving her that false sense of hope. But what are best friends for, right? Unfortunately her being one of Tess’ best friends has also worked adversely to being a huge pain in my ass.

I guess I knew Tess and I’ relationship couldn’t last when it started being all about the sex. If I were your typical high school aged guy I would have just kept my mouth shut and milked it for al she was worth. At least that’s what Michael would have done and he’s told me several times but contrary to popular belief I do care about Tess’ feelings I couldn’t bring myself to do that to her so I ended it. Maybe someday Tess will understand why…

I’ve never really been able to say no to a girl so if she wants to talk most likely I’m just going to stand her and endure. “What about?” I say. I was really asking for that one.

Here we go another lecture from the ‘Serge’. Yeah I know ‘Serge’ that’s what they call her you know, short for sergeant. It’s cruel yet oddly appropriate just about everyone knows about her little nickname except for Tess. Thank goodness she can’t read clues or else the rolling or my eyes might indicate my lack luster for the impending conversation.

Then as if on cue saving me from my doom an angel scampers past the two of us. Okay so maybe ‘angel’ was a bit mellow dramatic but I’ve always had a sixth sense for telling girls exactly what they want to hear. Michael says that makes me a Casanova/Playboy and I’m beginning to think he’s right.

Perhaps it was because I wanted to be anywhere but standing there talking to Tess
But I’m telling you at that moment I felt if there were angels on earth this girl would have definitely been one.

Damp hair, warm brown eyes, skin glistening with beads of moisture, her robe was drawn to her petite body revealing her subtle curves as she hurried off leaving her robe belt at my feet.

This was this was too easy. Of coarse I’m going to take the obvious way out and return the belt.

“We’ll talk later.” I shot Tess, grab the belt and then I’m off in the direction of my angel…

There was only one place she could be headed to, cabin row, however since I didn’t catch her name or really even see her face I have no idea which cabin she’s staying in. With a body like that I don’t think I’d recognize her face even if I did see it.

Okay so maybe Michael’s right I really am a playboy.

So I’m standing there with a fluffy pink robe belt in may hand, in the middle of cabin row. It was like she disappeared almost like an angel…

Seemingly out of nowhere I here Shaggy’s Angel coming from one of the cabins. I follow the sounds of the music and there she is, my angel. I peek through the screen to her cabin

I’m thinking too weird. I didn’t think anyone else from around here listened to reggae. She must not be from around here. Those same subtle hips swaying to the beat of the music. Uh-oh looks like she’s going to drop the robe.

Yeah, drop the robe.

Drop the robe.

No, no what am I thinking put some clothes on so I can come in and talk too you

Okay so now what? I should probably just drop the robe belt and go before she has me suspended for voyeurism.

Too late she dropped the robe.

Perky breasts

I should probably go.

Narrow waist.

She can’t be from around here.

And she’s still dancing; I thought I was the only one who danced in the nude. Once my little sister caught me, scarred her for life I’m sure that put and end to that real quick.

Oh no I could scar my angel for life.

I don’t believe this I’m a voyeur. No, don’t turn around put on some clothes.

Yes that’s it she’s putting on a T-shirt, a camp T-shirt. What’s this no bra I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take the came sunrise logo seriously again.

Floral panties, vast improvement. There’s always been something comforting about white cotton panties with faded yellow daisies on them. Living in a house with two sisters I’ve seen them enough times so that’s good in a completely platonic type of way. Too much excitement for one day.

Jean cut offs finally, fully clothed. Who is this girl? She’s turning around. Liz Parker. I don’t believe I was just peeping Liz parker do a little strip tease. Belching and armpit farts Liz Parker. Long story one not really worth telling. All I have to say is it’s astounding what can be hidden underneath camp shirts and jeans al these years.

“Hey Max!” she says noticing me. “You scared me.”

Speak, idiot “Umm, sorry…I just wanted to return this.” I say holding out the robe belt.

“Yeah, Thanks,” She says taking. Now were both standing awkwardly outside her cabin door.

I hate first encounters. Should I ask to come in? “Shaggy?” I finally say

“Yeah, you listen to reggae.” she says

“Coarse.” I say. Then another of this all too frequent awkward silence passes. Did I mention how much I hate first encounters? “Listen I could wait around for you to get ready and then we can walk to breakfast…” There goes the Casanova, never having trouble talking to girls. Never mind the whole peeping tom incident, I’m the man. Wait where are my manners “…If you want?” I add

“Sure that’d be great.” She says

Yeah Michael’s definitely right I’m a playboy, Let the games being…

* * *

Michael’s POV

I used to tell myself the only person I’d ever cook for would be my girlfriend, Maria. Than why is it a little less than a month after that oath to myself I’m here serving chipped beef, eggs & bug juice to the teeming masses. Okay so maybe not the teeming masses, just the whole of camp sunrise.

Yes that’s right I’m the camp cook.

I suppose this gig has its advantages at least I don’t have to run around going camping and canoeing with the rest of the teeny-bopping campers.

Maria does and in spite of what she says for Liz’s sake I know she’s not looking forward to it. So I came for her really to keep her mind off things. And so far I must say I think I’ve been doing a very good job. I don’t think there’s been a night on which either of us has spent in our cabin.

We’re either down by the lake or traipsing through the woods looking for a place to get it on. Maria never really did like the woods so we usually end up in the kitchen.

That’s right baby the one and only master key lays within my possession. I told you this gig has its advantages.

But having Sex, or making love, as Maria would prefer it be called always means cleaning up behind your self, so we always spent another hour at that. I don’t think the counselors would think to kindly of sandwiches made on the same counter that my girlfriend’s ass was only a few hours earlier. A cute ass though it may be.

But what camp sunrise doesn’t know won’t hurt them

More importantly won’t hurt me?

Any way clean- up is why I’m so god-awful tired this morning, Pardon my crankiness. Not that the completely un-necessary ‘Lost Swimmer drill’ helped any. I mean come on when’s the last time you heard of a chef saving a lost swimmer.

However at camp sunrise the motto is always be prepared. Go fig. You know what my response to that is.

Blow me.

So not only am I serving refried meat and eggs but I also smell like rotting seaweed. Pleasant combo isn’t it. I gotta get a shower.

Where is Max? I saw him this morning and Tess just walked in so he’s not with her. Not that if I had to guess that be on my top ten of places he ‘d want to be.

One thing you have to understand about Max and Tess is there is no ‘ Max and Tess’ at least not anymore. He broke up with her and she’s in denial about it.

Poor Max, Tess probably chased him off or something. He’s probably in need of some good old-fashioned Male bonding.

How wrong was I another thing you have to understand about Max is he’s a total Playboy. He’s supposed to be on some self-finding mission part of the reason he broke up with Tess. I told him it wouldn’t last long and he only serves to prove me right as I he strolls in with another girl on his arm…noticeably not Tess.

In Fact I think this girl is like the anti-thesis of Tess, dark hair, brown eyes. When Max says he needs a change he really means it.

Wait a minute is that Liz Parker, armpit farts and belching Liz Parker. Not that she ever did any of that stuff she’s just the only girl who ever put up with it. I’m talking way back when we were young enough to be campers at sunrise.

From the way Max and Liz are giggling looks to me like they’re interested in doing some bonding of their own, just not the kind I had in mind.

They walk past me. “Hey we’re still on for this afternoon?” I ask, I have a few things I need to talk with him about, and remind him of from the looks of it. We made plan for this get away when we first got here.

“Yeah you think it would be okay if Liz comes along?” He asks

How did I know that was coming “That should be cool.” Which is the truth Liz has always been one of the guys. Just as long as this doesn’t turn into some mushy, lovey dovey weekend retreat.

“What should be cool?” Maria says sneaking up behind me wrapping her arms around my waist. Why does she have to do that? This is how she gets her nose in business in which it doesn’t belong.

“Max, Michael and I are all going…somewhere after we get our assignments.” Liz informs, “Where are we going again?” she says turning to Max.

“The beach.” Max says

“The beach, can I come?” Maria says looking up at me with those adorable greens eyes. How can I refuse her?

“Why not.” I say lovey dovey weekend retreat here we come…


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Part 2

Finally having been given the freedom they so desperately wanted and so heartily deserved the first thing almost every counselor at camp sunrise vowed to do was wash their dirty clothes. Befuddled with the evidence of the intensive counselor training or ‘Hell week’ as it had been coined, laundry was a nearly imperative task to be dealt with. The last chore before they were all free to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

“Am I the only one who finds sitting on washing machines extremely…erotic.” Maria said atop her perch on one of the machines its gentle vibrations causing a wry smile to reverberate upon her lips. The girls were among the first to make their way to the wash house.

Isabel simply rolled her eyes while Liz said “Is their anything you don’t find erotic.” As sorted her laundry with great care “I think Michael might be a little disappointed with you, getting all hot and bothered without him.” She teased.

“When I want your opinion I’ll ask for it.” She joked Maria hopped off the washing machine and began looking through her own pile of laundry “Liz have you seen my swim suit bottom, you know the red one with the small horizontal stripes.”

Liz smiled to herself about her friends antics “Nope, Come to think of it I think the last time I saw that one you were with Michael, you might want to check his pile.” Liz joked with a raised eyebrow.

Even Isabel caught on to that one as she leaned over to whisper to Liz “You are so bad girl.” And joined in the laughter.

Maria and Michael’s clandestine affairs had become common knowledge to all over the past week and even though Maria wasn’t really embarrassed about it she didn’t want her personal life to become the camp joke. “Don’t start you two.” Maria warned

“Can’t you just wear the one you’ve got on.” Liz offered as her laughter subsided.

“No, I want to get a tan, this thing still has lake-water in it. Beside it’s very important to where the proper swimsuit to the beach. The swimsuit I’m wearing says I’m camp counselor and swim instructor for a bunch of grubby ankle biters whereas the red one says I’m chic, I’m sexy.” Maria explained

“Well Okay sex goddess but I thought you said your age group was Teens.” Liz said referring to the camp assignments they had just received earlier. It was sort of important to Liz that she ended up working with Maria.

“Yeah I am, but that’s not important right now what’s important is that I find the right swimsuit for the beach. Please help me find it ” Maria said with a little pout

“Alright fine.” Liz agreed. Maria promptly gave Liz a big hug before they started looking through each pile for the lost article of clothing.

“You know Liz if you want to impress you-know-who The right swimsuit is important for you too.” Maria said purpose fully leaving out Max’s name for Isabel’s benefit.

“Who’s going to the beach?” Isabel asked

“Michael, Maria Max and I.” Liz informed

“Well you think they’d mind if I tagged along?” Isabel inquired.

Liz couldn’t think of any reason not to invite her along. Choosing to Ignore Maria subtly mouthing NO she said “Sure why not.”

“Great.” Isabel Chimed to Maria’s obvious displeasure “She’s right you know, The right swimsuit is everything. I think with Maria’s help we should be able to pick out the right suit and accessories.”

“Um… Okay.” Liz hesitated she’d never really been the type to primp and preen herself for a guy. “I only really have two… that are clean.” She said digging through her pile for the pink two-piece and the black halter.

Fifteen minutes Later Isabel and Maria had picked out the perfect beach attire including sunglasses to match for Liz and Maria was actually beginning to think Isabel’s company was tolerable. Pleased with their work Isabel said “You’ll definitely catch You-know-who’s eye…who ever he is.” She paused “ Who is he by the way.”

Perhaps she’d judged Isabel too soon “I have to go find my swim suit bottom.” Maria said but not before mouthing the words I-told-you-so to Liz and leaving the two girls alone.

Liz chose to ignore her friends comment “It’s Max.”

“Oh…” Isabel began not exactly sure what to say next “Well you know he’s

“… Dating Tess, yeah it’s just a harmless crush part of which is Maria’s doing so it’s no big deal really.” Liz admitted “Besides Max has a mouth and he hasn’t said anything about Tess so far.” She left Isabel to her own thoughts.

“Oh…” was all she could say.

It had taken a while for the guys to round up all their dirty laundry and make it over to the wash house. When Max saw Liz he suddenly wanted to ditch his bag so he could get the machine next to her. Unfortunately Kyle beat him to it and that only served as a painful reminder that they were still dating.

“Hey babe.” Kyle said greeting her with a kiss and loose embrace “Looks like we’re going to be working together this year.” Kyle said referring to the counseling assignments they received earlier. Both he and Liz were assigned to junior teens.

“Yeah.” Liz said returning his greeting “You, me, Max and Maria.” Liz pointed out. Max and Maria had been assigned to Teens.

Maria, who had promptly started sifting through Michael’s laundry for her bathing suit bottoms, joined in “You know this is so great we can plan all sorts of outings together like camping, canoeing and trips to the beach.”

“Speaking of that Max I hope you don’t mind I kind of invited Isabel along.” Liz said

Max was a little less than thrilled but “What the hell. Hey while we’re at it Kyle you want to come.”

“Sure.” Kyle agreed

“So now we’re going to need another ride I don’t think the Jeep is going to fit all of us.”

“No prob I think I can handle that. I’ll just ask Tess’ folk if we can borrow the camp Van.” Isabel offered “In fact let me go do that now, I can’t wait to get out of here.” and than she was off.

“Coming with.” Kyle said attempting to catch up. Leaving Maria, Liz, Michael and Max alone.

“It’s useless they’re not in here.” Maria sighed defeatedly referring to her suit. “I’m gonna go check the cabin.

Once she was gone Michael said “You know Max this was supposed to just be the two of us.”

“I didn’t think it would be a big deal if a few of our friends came along I mean we only get to see them once a year.” Max defended

“It’s going to be you, me and a few of our friends all summer this time it was supposed to be just us and it would have been if you could learn to keep your big fat mouth shut!”

Liz stopped Max before he could respond, stepping in between the two she spoke softly “Look Michael this whole thing is probably my fault anyway so if it’s that big a deal I’ll just tell everyone else the trip is off. Is that what you want?”

“No, you guys can come along....I guess ” Michael said

“Great.” Max said resting his hands on Michael’s pile of laundry “Now is their anything else you have to say to us?”

“No.” Mike simply stated “ Why?”

“Just curious why do you have these?” Max said holding up the obviously female red swimsuit bottoms with the small horizontal stripes.

“Maria I think we found the missing part of you suit…”

* * *

Isabel’s POV

So here it is

Summer’s here again. Whoo hoo

See my big sarcastic smile

One thing you have to understand about the Evans’ household is summertime always meant Camp Sunrise, ever since we were old enough to walk.

For the past four years my brother and I have been old enough to counsel here. Big fun, right?


I’ve never been the outdoor type and the only social outlets here are excursions like this to the beach once every weekend if you’re lucky.

And the beaches here provide absolutely no eye candy, seriously not a hottie in sight. The guys here look like the reject counselors from camps in the surrounding area, sprinkle in a few tourists, nobody worth my time.

So I sit here soak up the sun and try to remain UN-approachable.

I must not have been doing a very good job because here comes loser number one. Wait a minute isn’t that Alex. This guy play’s the guitar at our good old Sunrise. He’s probably like a Sting wannabe or something, I mean how lame is that.

“Join me for a swim?” he offers

If I answered right away I probably would have said no but it’s not like I need a tan or anything so why not add a little humor to may day. Alex’s megar game should do the trick. “Sure.” I say.

Everyone seems to be paired up. Michael and Maria are engaged in some type of love tap water fight type of game and Max and Liz seem to getting pretty cozy on the sand not too far a way, poor Tess. I’m not really sure how I should feel about this whole situation I mean I know she and my brother aren’t together anymore, and I am starting to like Liz so…

But aside from poor Tess, poor Kyle. Isn’t he supposed to somewhere around here and his alleged girlfriend is basically shacking up with another guy. What kind of girl is Liz?

Alex must have seen me looking at my brother and Liz and actually thought I gave a damn “Anyone special in your life?” he asks

I’m thinking does this guy actually think I he has a chance with me.

You gotta be kidding me.

I don’t let him know that I allow him to believe the lie. “ Not right now.” I respond.

“Aww I was sure someone as radiant as yourself would have had someone to share their life with.”

Alex was playing the sympathy card, he must really read up on how to be a dork.

But I give him the benefit of the doubt and lower my eyes and blush like any girl would.

“How come?” he asks

Okay the comment was sweet now he’s just being nosey. Her I am trying to humor this kid and he pulls some crap like this.


And even more amazing still is that I actually answered him. “Well I just started college this year and I’ve been really busy with school work. Besides even if that weren’t the case not many guys meet my standards.”

The water is just above waist level by this time.

“ Standards?” He says “Should I be intimidated by these standards.”

I’m thinking Hell yeah. The way he said ‘standards’ like it doesn’t phase him. When the fact of the matter is he should be worried as ever because he certainly doesn’t meet my standards.

Standard number one.

No Musicians.

“You might be.” I say

“I might be, what kind of answer is that. If I were a girl …” He starts going on about what he would look for in a relationship, like I asked him. Who does he think he is telling me what to look for in a guy. If he ever stood a chance that was it. The nerve. This calls for revenge.

I look around to see if any body’s watching , we’re in a little deeper now and I get an idea. Perfect , everyone is watching “Alex do you trust me?” I ask to stop his rambling.

“Yeah I guess.” He says

Too bad I don’t feel the same way but that’s always been rule number one

Trust no one.

Ladies and gentlemen I think it’s time we show Alex exactly where he stands with Isabel Evans. “Take off your trunks.”

“What…why?” He asks

Duh ‘cause I want to humiliate you. “ Just do it I’ll take off my suit if you take off your trunks. We can have a little skinny dipping adventure, flash everyone.”

“You know we could get like banned form the beach for that.” He says,

Yeah Like that’s gonna stop me



He takes off his trunks and when I see them float to the top I grab them and swim off.


I can’t believe he fell for that.

Ladies and Gentlemen I think we’ve just proven how much of a dork Alex Whitman is…

* * *
When the sun started to set the gang left the beach and went to a nearby Ice Cream Shop. This place was better than 31 flavors and was somewhere they had frequented ever since their first years at Surise. Everyone else was inside ordering while Max and Liz waited for the line to die down they took the time to sit at the tables outside and talk.

“So you were listening to Shaggy earlier. Do you listen to other types of reggae?” Max inquired. He wanted to find out as much as possible about Liz and they both had been taking the time they spent together today to learn of the many things they had in common.

“Not really I just listen to all types of music. But what made me fall in love with Shaggy was the remake he did of Sexual Healing.”

“You’re kidding right?.” Max said

“No why you like the song too.”

“Only carry it around in my discman all the time.” Then he called to Michael inside the shop. “ Mike toss me the keys to the Van!” He did so and Max proceeded to the vehicle to retrieve his discman. He put the headphones on Liz He began to sing the lyrics and dance to the music noticeably grinding his butt against her front.

As Maria exited the shop Ice Cream in hand Liz mouthed “save-me” to her. From what she wasn’t exactly sure. Perhaps it was the prospect of being seen dancing in the parking lot of an Ice Cream shop with a White boy singing reggae lyrics or maybe it was to save her from falling for said ‘white guy’ any harder than she had already fallen.

“I’ll save you alright.” Maria mumbled dragging Liz away form Max. Once they were out of earshot. “What are you doing?”

“Dancing, eating Ice Cream, possibly a little flirting.” Liz responded

“Liz…” Maria said in that warning tone.

“What, will you lighten up. Beside this whole thing was your idea anyway.”

“I know but you weren’t supposed to listen, you never listen to me…Look Liz I wasn’t really serious about the whole virgin operation. I mean if you still want to go ahead with it fine but make sure you know what you’re giving up as well. And if you’re going to end things with Kyle end it properly.” With That Maria left Liz to her own thoughts. “Michael it’s getting kind of late maybe we should camp out here I know aspot a few mile up we’ve got equipment right…” she says walking away

A few moments later Kyle came over with Liz’s cone in hand “Ice Cream.” He offers

“Thanks.” It was her favorite cookies and cream, he’s always known the particulars of Liz’s likes and dislikes “Kyle, We need to talk…”

* * *

Liz’s POV

Why is it no matter what I do I end up feeling like the bad guy?

I go over my options in my head because I must have overlooked some obvious solution to this situation:

I either stay in a relationship with Kyle and continue to feel guilty about not being able to return the same kind or love and affection he shows me.


Break his heart and tell him we can’t be together anymore.

Nah I didn’t think so, either way I end up here talking to hottie extrodinaire Max Evans, not being able to enjoy one second of it as Kyle is shooting us daggers with his eyes across the camp fire.

I’m sorry to say this and maybe it’s selfish of me but Kyle, you’re just going to have to “bite me”

I mean seriously Max Evans is just that cute not that that Kyle isn’t cute too, but not like this.

Not only is Max hurt me sexy I want your body type cute but he’s also cute in a frightened little puppy type of way, That is if you ever wanted to fondle your puppy.

Max tells me he’s an expert S’more maker of coarse I can’t pass this up. He looks especially desirable as the chocolate melts and runs down his finger and he tries to lick it off. I offer him some help by placing his sweetly glazed fingers in my mouth.

Sometimes I’m in the mood to play the Mary-sunshine bit other times like tonight I’m just horny as all sin.

When did I become so bold? I guess it was when I pretty much all but adopted Maria’s operation ‘de-virginize’ Liz idea and so far Max is my one and only candidate.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it Kyle seems to have caught on to my plans.

There go the daggers again.

Okay we have got to get out of here seeing as how everyone else seems to have disappeared, leave Kyle to Stew in his own bad vibes. Returning Kyle’s glare and keeping my eyes on him I practically drag Max out of there, to a more secluded area of the campgrounds.

See Kyle is the kind of guy who needs a dose of his own medicine before he’ll leave you alone. So I’m not being mean I’m just giving him a dose of his own medicine. I’ve had enough of Kyle for tonight.


It’s not like he hasn’t done it to me enough times when he’s wanted to watch a football game or something.

Not until we’re out of earshot do I let my guard down to see Max’s questioning puppy eyes staring back at me.

“Kyle.” I inform “The ex boyfriend.”

“Oh.” He says “I know how that goes.”

I’m thinking, Yeah I’ll bet. What is it with guys preying on vulnerable girls fresh out of a relationship, they seem to have everything in common with you. “You and Tess,” I ask


“What happened? You guys look like you made a cute couple.” Why did I ask that, do I really want to hear about it. No not really but I’ve learned if you want people to listen to your problems you have to listen to theirs as well.

“Please.” Max says “You sound like half my high school and while you all may be right Tess and I never would have worked she was too into appearances. But when it really came down to it she and I never could have a real conversation and communication is a vital apart of any good relationship. Don’t you think?” You know the more I think about Max really could be the one. Yeah I’m a sap and by his time I’m nodding like a fool falling prey to my own devices. What kind of girl would prey on a sexy vulnerable guy fresh out of a relationship “Is that what happened to you and Kyle?” He asks

“More Or Less.” I say which is the truth maybe we do have a lot in common. “And after all this time it’s kind of hard to let go of what we had…him more so than me.”

“How long were two you together?”

“Three years to the date.” I say, “He thinks we’re celebrating our anniversary and I go and drop this bomb.” Oh My God, What kind of meanie am I.

Max smiles, his smile speaks volumes as if he knows what I’m going through. It’s nice to have someone to talk to about this, contrary to popular belief it’s not easy breaking some ones heart and I get no pleasure out of it. “ This all happened today?” He asks, I nod “ No wonder, if I had my heart broken by a girl as pretty as you I’d be shooting death glares at the guy flirting with her across the fire too.”

Only hottie extrodinaire can I find a way to make me blush in spit of my mood. “Is this what you were doing flirting with me?”

He doesn’t answer the question meaning that if he did there would be only one possible answer. I won’t press him to say what we both know to be true.

“S’more?” He says holding up the partially crumbled mass of graham, chocolate and marshmallows “I made it special for you.”

“ Well than.” I say indulging myself how can I refuse an offer like that…

The two of us spend the rest of the night walking through the woods. Thank god he had his flashlight cause I hate creep crawlies.

Okay so I pretend to be a hard ass but at the core I’m just a girl.

When we get back to the camp sight Michael and Maria have already claimed what was supposed to Maria and I’ tent and they’re not coming out. I’m not so sure I want them to. I’ll have to be sure to sterilize my sleeping bag before I sleep in it again.

Anyway Max was able to convince Isabel to share a tent with Alex and Kyle, getting him out of my hair and leaving us to sleep in what should have been Max and Michael’s tent.

We stay up way into the wee hours of the morning talking about nonsense and playing word games as his portable radio plays soft tunes in the background.

“First Date where would you rather it be? Dinner and a movie or a picnic and walk in the park?”

“Depends on how well you know the person, whether you want to get to know them any better. But since this is a first date I’d have to say Dinner and a movie.”

“Places to make out. Under the stars or either partners bedroom.”

“That’s easy…”

“Under the stars.” Have we agreed on just about everything in the past hour or what Max continues “Thank you see Tess hates outdoors, which is why she never struck me as the camp counseling type.” I like him, I like him a lot “Okay I got a good one. Sex. Missionary or are you open t exploring new positions?”

Where the hell did that come from? I guess things were too god to be true why does he have to be such a guy “I wouldn’t know I’ve never…done that.”

“Oh.” Max says he obviously sorry but what did you expect after you asked a question like that. “I’m sorry” he says

“It’s alright there’s no way you could have known.” That’s right so now you know I’m a virgin.

Did you think I’d sleep with you tonight or something. Maria’s right guys are dumb. But I can’t shake the feeling Max isn’t like most guys. By now Kyle would have gone to sleep upset with me where as Max is just silent but I can tell he’s awake, contemplative. He’s thinking how to broach the topic “The reason why…”he’s hesitant “Is it because you didn’t want to or…”

“I never found the right person.” I finish for him “I always wanted my first time to be perfect you know, candles and roses all around. Not many high school aged guys understood that.”

“You know what I think?”

“ What’s that Max?”

“ I think they may understand more than you give them credit for.” He says.

His lips are on the back of my neck just as soft and gentle as I imagined they’d be. His hand is rubbing my front, between my legs through the cotton fabric of my pants, but I don’t feel all weird like when Kyle did that. “What are you doing?” I ask

“Shh… just relax.” He says. So I do, or at least I try to. I mean if there’s anything those gentle lips of yours are telling me to do it’s to relax.

Being the curious person I am I use my body to explore his and begin to wriggle against him. His muscles were evident but not overly evident like Kyle. My butt was rubbing against his front and than I felt it.

He was hard.

Max Evans had a boner all thanks to yours truly. Wonder how long he’s been sporting that one?

Wait a minute he’s going to want me to have sex with him what am I gonna do. I’m not ready to have sex yet.

He must have felt me going all rigid again cause he saying “Relax… just relax ” with those sweet lips of his. Suddenly I have this incredibly strong urge to taste him, those soft lips of his.

I turn around in his arms. I was right his lips are soft. And he’s a good kisser. He doesn’t try to assault me with his tongue like some guys and he swallows. Swallowing is a vital part of any good kiss. Kyle never knew that I always meant to tell him that. Oh well cest la vie. Anyway Max is so much better than him in so many ways.

He ‘s smooth, a good lover. His body is just like naturally sensual in the way it moves. He’s so smooth in fact that I didn’t even realize that his hand is in my pants.

Wait a minute Max’s hand is in my pants. How did that get there and do I want it to stay.

Well he does seem to know what he’s doing. Maybe his hand can stay there. Yeah, it can stay. Relax remember…

If it one thing Max Evans taught me it’s to relax and let go…

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Part 3

Max’s POV

She’s smiling at me with those warm chocolate brown eyes. The rays of early morning light that spill through the seams of our tent look that much better as they bounce off of her lashes. Several things are running through my mind at the moment one of which being. When did I become such a sap?

Seriously I mean when did I start noticing things like light bouncing off of lashes. I never noticed things like that with Tess or any of my other girlfriends. But with Liz things are so much different. It’s hard to explain…and I know its only been a day but already I find myself mooning about, fawning all over her. It’s weird to think that I could actually feel content waking up snuggled up to Liz her warm breath on my neck.

I only use the word “sap” because I know that’s what Michael would say if he found out I was feeling like this. And maybe he’s right, I am becoming a sap but dare I say I think I like it. I really like feeling this way about Liz.

She’s stirring now “Mmm… how are you feeling?” she asks

Wait a minute I’m the guys shouldn’t I be the one asking that question especially considering you’re the one that was poked and prodded the better part of last night. “I’m fine.” I say “And you?”

Truth be told I feel like a kid at Christmas and Santa brought me a virgin! Maybe it’s just me being a guy but I can’t seem to get past that fact. I didn’t think they made those anymore.

“I’m fine.” She says.

Every girl has some sort of explanation surrounding their purity. Liz is just a virgin plain and simple, which is sort of a surprise because she was dating Kyle Valenti so I just assumed… But she is, believe me I know I tested it out, completely new to all the things we can do aside form actual intercourse. I can tell we’re going to have a lot of fun. It’s part of what makes her endearing. “You’re sure?”

She’s rolling her eyes at me. “Don’t start that.”


“Getting all sappy on me.”

She’s right I have been treating her like glass “I’m not.” I say.

“Really.” She says. Somehow I don’t think she believes me, I’m not sure I believe myself still I nod. Then tell me what you’re thinking right now.”

Okay she’s got me there, I can’t help it I guess I really am a sap…at least for cute little brown eyed virgins.

She’s smirks at me I’ve got a feeling we both know I’ve fallen hard for her, perhaps she’s falling for me too. “I’ll be fine besides we didn’t even do anything really…just kinda… tested the water.” She says placing a re-assuring kiss on the tip of my nose, God I love those lips.

“So you’re okay with… everything.” I ask

Before she has a chance to answer that I hear my sister cringing at something, like that’s uncommon. I can tell my brotherly affections are needed. “We’ll finish this later.”

One more lingering kiss before I go. Did I mention how much I love Liz’s lips?

Living at home with Isabel I can basically set my alarm to her whining, she’s always complaining about one thing or another every morning.

Come to think of it I’m actually kinda sorry I put those guys through it. I mean Kyle just had his heart broken and Alex, well lets just say Isabel is no longer on his list of favorite people, not that I can blame him after that stunt she pulled. Stealing a guys shorts is just wrong, like stealing his dignity. No man should have to deal with my sister first thing in the morning unless bound to her by bloodlines or law. Which explains why I do it.

There she is complaining about how guys are so disgusting and I so owe her for making her sleep in the tent with them. She’s talking a pair of shoes or an outfit.

I’m thinking, hey Isabel ever think that guys find you just as repulsive, or annoying rather, as you find them. Luckily I’m able to talk her into breakfast, my treat, Which will be a lot easier on the wallet than an outfit at least with Isabel’s ritzy tastes.

So I start rounding folks up, a trip to McDonalds should do nicely. Everyone starts emerging from their tents, Michael and Maria looking like they’ve been to grateful dead and back. No need to question what they were doing in their tent last night. Do those two ever get enough of each other?

By the time every one is present and accounted for and after we’ve all taken care of a few necessary hygiene issues. I’m not sure we’ll even have time for breakfast if we plan on making it back to sunrise on time to meet our campers.

We’d better get a move on in order to avoid hearing Tess’ mouth. You know we should all be late just to tick her off…

* * *

Maria’s POV

So now the real fun begins

Or at least that’s what Liz says. She was so excited about meeting our campers this morning when I talked to her at breakfast. Although I think there may be another reason behind her oh-so-chipper mood, I peeped how cozy she and Max have become, but I’ll ask her about that in a minute.

Anyway she’s all stoked to meet our campers saying this is a chance for us to make new life long friends. While that may be true for her I doubt that’s going to be possible for me. I was assigned to teens ages 14-16 and you know how that goes.

One thing you have to understand about people that age is that although some of them may look talk and act like adults, they actually have the maturity level of a ten-year-old. They believe they know everything there is to know and won’t let me, there superior, get a word in edgewise. I should know it wasn’t to long ago that I was that age remember me I was the one they used to call chatter-box. How misguided was I?

This year my group, is huge. I’d say ten girls each with mouths that run a mile a minute. It would seem my disruptive trademark has finally caught up with me, because every one of them is a chatterbox, other than that these girls seem pretty decent. However there is this one girl…

You ever meet a kid who acts like it’s their God given right to do whatever the hell they want, no respect for structure whatsoever. Well I have

Melanie Evans

You guessed it. Kid sister to Isabel and Max Evans. I’m convinced the only reason she pulls all the crap she does is because both of her siblings are counselors here and she knows she can get away with it.

For example today when the campers arrived I was told to take my group out to the lake for a swim, test out each of their ability and based on that give them swimming tag. Melanie decides she isn’t going to go. When the rest of the group and I get back to the main building all cold and wet with lake water who do we find? None other than Melanie sitting in the dining hall sipping on a goddamned frappacinno as she reads the latest seventeen magazine.

Now I suppose all older brothers are guilty of babying their sisters but Max was supposed to be helping me. He’s got teen guys, not to mention he is certified Camp Sunrise lifeguard. I’m thinking he’s going to reprimand her or something. What does He do? He goes over and makes Melody a swimming tag without her even getting in the water.

Melanie is only 16 years old and she’s got the staff of camp sunrise falling at her feet. Just about everyone seems to know her and if they’re not granting her some type of favor they’re cooing over how cute she is. Not that I blame them she seems to have inherited the best of her siblings qualities. I was checking out Melody’s wardrobe today as my group unpacked. Two words

Decked out.

Her gear is coordinated down to the socks yet still appropriate for camp. I can honestly sat I’m jealous. She must have gotten her fashion sense from her sister Isabel but she’s not spoiled she’s just kind of sneaky in a charming way, like Max. They both know how to make things work for themselves not a bad quality just annoying for those, like myself, who try to maintain order for them.

But the weird part is Melody looks so much like Liz. Seriously just like a miniature version of Liz. Melanie’s hair is curly, but in the face they look a lot alike. That must be weird for Max on so many levels.

We are now beginning a segment of the day entitled meet the counselors. The first few minutes all the groups hang out in the dining hall and tries to learn everyone else’s name. Counselors and campers all together one big happy family.

Max Liz and Liz Jr. seem to be getting along pretty well.

After this part all the counselors go and hide and the campers try to find us. Kind of like hide and seek of the camp sunrise variety.

This is the fun part according to Liz. It can be fun depending on how you decide to use your time. I might try and find Michael or maybe I can use this opportunity to find out what going on with Max and Liz…

* * *

“…I’m a little confused here. I saw Max hanging all over Tess this morning but then I saw him hanging all over you a few minutes ago So what’s the deal with that?” As soon as they got the opportunity to ‘hide’ Maria pried Liz away from Max, off behind one of the cabins so they could talk.

“ Well Max said he broke up with Tess and I guess I should believe him.” Liz answered she desperately wanted to believe him especially after what they’d shared last night.

Maria began “Oh, so…”

But was caught off guard by another presence “Boo.”

“Hey Melanie.” Liz responded.

It was only a few minutes into the game therefore Maria knew that Melanie should have still been searching with her fellow campers, she must have followed them. Maria wanted to find out he goods on Max and Liz but didn’t exactly feel comfortable talking in front of Melanie about her brother. “Shouldn’t you be seeking out other counselors?” Maria offered

Melanie painted on a mocking frown. “That depends shouldn’t you be underneath Michael.” Melanie’s desired affect had been achieved as Maria shot her a warning glare. “ Besides it looks to me like I’ve found you.”

“Don’t you want to play the game.” Liz asked. “I’ll even sign your sheet so your group can get some more points.” she offered

“No, but thank you anyway.” Melanie responded “‘Meet the counselor’ kind of loses its zest after playing it the first five times.”

“You’ve been coming to sunrise for five years.” Liz asked

“My entire family has been coming since we were all old enough to walk. I think our parents just use this camp as an excuse to get us out of the house all summer. But now I’m actually old enough to be a counselor this year, I just didn't fill out the paper work in enough time.”

“This is also your brother’s last year, right? he said he’s going away to school in the fall.” Melanie could sense a bit of disappointment in Liz’s voice as she spoke “Unless he comes back during the summer. Do you think he will?”

“He might.” Melanie simply stated “By the way, you were right before Max really did break up with Tess.” Liz face brightened at this. “I even helped him think of what to say to her. But flowery language and all she still hasn’t caught the drift. She can be really dense sometimes,”

“See Liz I told you. It was probably Tess hanging all over Max instead vice versa.” Maria said ceasing the opportunity to make herself apart of the conversation.

“You mean this afternoon?” Melanie asked. Both Liz and Maria nodded “Did you not see his face he was so cringing at her touch. Trust me Max is no longer into Tess.” She assured them. Melanie noticed Liz huge sense of relief at her words “You like my brother don’t you?”

“I guess you could say that.” Liz admitted

Melanie smiled “I knew it. I promise to keep you informed as to your status with my brother.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz and Maria asked in unison

“ What I’m talking about is that Max basically comes to me for advice on just about everything. If I say I think Liz could be good for him he’ll go with it. Beside I think he feels the same way already.”

Maria noticed how Melanie’s neatly manicured eyebrow turned up at the end with her expression a trait all to similar to that of Liz “Has anyone ever told you how much you look like…”

“…Liz, yes they have. In fact that’s all I’ve been hearing all day. It’s actually kinda creepy that my brother’s trying to get into the pants of a girl whom I look exactly like.” Melanie said

He didn’t have to try very much longer Liz thought to herself.

“Speaking of that Liz what happened last night. You guys had the whole night alone in that tent tell me you made use of such a golden opportunity.”

Liz blushed slightly at the inquiry. How could Maria ask a question like that and with his little sister standing right there? “I guess you could say that. We didn’t…you know have sex but I will say Max Evans does know how to use his hands.”

“Okay that’s my cue to leave I do not want to know about my brother’s sexual exploits.” Melanie said, “I’ll catch up with you guys later.” With that she was off leaving the two girls alone once again.

“Finally I thought she’d never leave.” Maria sighed

“ I think she’s cute.” Liz said

“You would.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” taking a little offense

“Never mind. “ Maria shrugged off “So Max and his hands did he give you…” Maria let the question hang in the air gesturing towards her mouth and tongue.

Liz caught her drift. ”No.” she quickly answered her cheeks growing pinker by the moment

“ Did you, for him? “

“No, Maria of coarse not.”

“Well did he at least get you…”

Liz was a bit confused as to what she meant; “Did he get me what?”

“Oh come on don’t make me say it.” Maria could see her friend needed a bit more prompting “Did he get you off?”

“ Yeah.” Liz said, then lowering her voice “ I can see why you and Michael are so addicted to it.”

“I’m so proud of you. Lizzie had her first orgasm!” The friends started squealing and jumping up and down in a circle they could barely contain their excitement.

It didn’t take Max and Michael long to pick them out from behind the cabin and pretty soon he too was squealing and jumping up and down in their circle. “What’s all the fuss about?”

“Nothing.” Maria said abruptly cutting the celebration short realizing the guys were their presence “Nothing… Liz just…nothing.”

“Right.” Michael said not buying it but he wasn’t going to press her. Instead he loosely wrapped his arms around her waist and gave Maria a languid kiss “ How about we find ourselves another hiding place.”

“Sure.” Maria said not being able to resist Michael for much longer. “We’ll talk later.” She mouthed to Liz as she and Michael walked away.

Once they were alone behind the cabin Max placed arm around Liz as she leaned into his embrace he asked, “ Were you guys talking about something I should know about?” He knew he wasn’t going to get an answer out of her but he figured he’d ask anyway.

“Nothing Like Maria said, just camp. What I’m going to do with my campers since I have such a small group this year.” Which was true Liz had Junior teen ages 11-13 and there were only four girls under her care. “We we’re thinking we could combine our groups in one cabin.” Liz sat on Max’s lap "You know, tomorrow we have to start entertaining these kids and we don’t exactly have a working schedule as of yet…" Liz was no less than ecstatic as she spoke of the events to come. She was so happy and Max so desperately wanted to be happy for her. She bounced up and down as she straddled his lap and he became aware of the tantalizingly smooth skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder he savored the feel as his lips made contact. "… Actually I guess I shouldn't have said that. I know that whatever it is definitely needs to leave a lasting impression You know teenagers don’t like to be bored for very long. We haven’t figured out what to do with them. I guess…guess I just need a little inspiration…" Max, who had moved with his sensual ministrations to include the un-pierced crest of Liz's earlobe, had succeed at causing the thin strap on her tank top to dip down her shoulder… twice during her spiel "Max, what are you doing?" Liz playfully inquired

"I'm…inspiring you." He softly uttered into her ear. Although his intentions had stemmed from sincere feelings of interest, Max was no longer plagued by his initial concerns. He was determined to enjoy the precious days they had together.

"That's not what I meant. " she smiled at the feel of his breath in her ear "Our activities have to be good, It has to hold the attention of all our campers. That’s a wide age range. We have to keep them entertained." Liz pointed out.

He leaned his forehead against hers as he said "Trust me Liz if you give them free time to let them do what we're doing now you’d hold more that their attention." a mischievous grin painting his lips.

It didn't take Liz long to catch on to his game "Speaking of holding I might have to 'hold' something else ‘til you can learn to cool off and take me seriously for a moment." She challenged

Her statement could be misconstrued to mean a number of things. Max of coarse took the slightly sexual meaning "Is that a threat…" His lips met hers in a lingering kiss "…or promise."

“ Hold…” Liz, said placing one last kiss on the tip of his nose before she rose “ …or with hold. You decide…” Liz once again let herself get lost in Max’s kisses. As the gentle June breezes tousled her hair Max and Liz found ‘inspiration’ with each other.
* * *

Tess’ POV

I was sure this summer would be the perfect opportunity for Max and I to work on our relationship make it stronger. Yet I have this strange feeling of impending doom like he’s pulling away from me. Not to worry it’s probably nothing.

One thing you have to under stand about Max is that it’s pretty easy to keep him happy. Sex once a week let him put his arm around you and do all the cute things most couples do and I’ve got myself a boyfriend.

That’s it he’s probably just a little cranky hasn’t gotten himself any nookie this week. I’ll see if I can work him in tonight. It’s gonna be hard I’ve got a lot to do. And then where exactly would we do this. I mean it wouldn’t be appropriate in the cabin with his campers all around, even after they go to sleep and then there’s Michael.

That guy gives me the creeps. I don’t think he likes me very much.

Any way outdoors is out of the question. I could invite him to my house. That’s it my house after curfew, that should do nicely.

All right it’s six thirty time to end our little session of meet the counselor I better go ring the bell have every one gather in the dining hall. That means I have to go outside it gets so cold out there after she sunsets. I’ll grab a sweater.

On my way to the bell I spy Michael and Maria in the kitchen. Are they…yes they are. They’re having sex on the kitchen counter no less. I’ll have to remember never to eat his cooking again.

One thing you have to understand about this stupid ‘meet the counselors’ game, my parents’ idea by the way. Is that most of the counselors use it as an excuse to go hide some where and make out.

That’s definitely it Max was upset his bud was going to ‘get some’ and he wasn’t. Poor baby I’ll have to make it up to him tonight. I continue on my way and as I do hear Max’s unmistakable groan. I’d know that groan anywhere. I’ve caused it enough time to know.

I follow the sounds and eventually I see Max all right. He with that Parker girl they’re making out. I knew she’d be trouble. He’s touching her all over. He never touched me like that; maybe if he did I’d learn to like sex.

What should I do should I just stand here or should I make my presence known? No let them enjoy their fun.

You know what they say don’t get mad get even…

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Part 4

Michael’s POV

“Yo wake up!” I whisper

“Don’t do that.” Max whispers slightly irritated as he nearly stumbles out of bed. Not that I blame him I imagine I’m not the face most guys dream about waking up to, but it’s earlier than eight in the morning and I’m awake as well so do you think I care.

“ I need to borrow a pair of socks?” I say

“Socks?” He repeats, as if it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever asked him for.

“My last clean pair…kinda got stuck in the batter mixer. I hadn’t planed on doing laundry again until the weekend so…” You got a problem with that.

“ Compliment’s of Maria I’m sure?” Max asks

“ Yeah.” I shrug although I have a feeling he knew before I even answered. I mean I’m sure the whole camp has to know by now or at least all the counselors, Maria and I like to have sex in the kitchen

What’s the big deal? I’m sure you’re already familiar with what my response to them would be

Blow me

Max is shaking his head at me like I should be ashamed of myself or something. “What do you think the Hardings would say if they knew you were using the camp’s kitchen as your own personal bachelor pad?”

“What do you think the Hardings would say if they knew that you, their only daughter’s boyfriend was doing another counselor right under their noses.” He totally didn’t see that one coming. Max always gets all defensive when you talk about he and Tess.

“Okay let’s get a few things straight here. First off Tess and aren’t a couple anymore. I told her that way before we even arrived at camp she’s just too dense to realize it.”

This moment is classic. I should like record it, and store the tape in a box labeled ‘things you never thought you’d see happen’. Max calling Tess dense I mean everyone knew it, I tried to tell him but he simply refused to acknowledge it. A year ago Max swore he was in love with this girl and wouldn’t listen to any argument otherwise. I guess that’s just how it is with Casanovas like Max, when they like a girl they become obsessed… at least until they find their next project.

“Besides Liz and I have never actually… had sex.” He admits. Okay that one I did not expect because one thing you have to understand about Max is while he claimed to love Tess he was a bonafied ‘playboy’. You would not believe the shit he used to get away with in high school and Tess was none the wiser. He could have literally have fucked this Parker girl in less time than it would have taken Tess to realize that her relationship with Max is actually over and would have done it without hesitation. Which is why I was sure that he and Parker had ‘done it’…or at least something while in that tent all night to together. “She’s a virgin.” He adds

Well that explains it. Virgins are a completely different territory, you have to make them believe you love them before they’ll drop the panties. I should know I mean that’s how my girlfriend Maria was until I got hold of her, now I’m enjoying the best sex of my life…True enough it‘s the only sex, but judging from my limited experience… “Well have you told her you love her?”

“No.” Max simply states

“At least that you care deeply for her?’

“No, Of coarse not. Michael it’s it only really been two days.”

Like that makes a difference “Well come on Maxwell you’ve got to get cracking. Especially if you want to get yourself a piece with her before the end of he summer!”

“Would you shh…” he whispers “The campers.” He reminds

Oh puh-lease, males aged 11-16 they’re probably worse then me. “ Well?” I prompt

“I think I’m just gonna wait for her, until she’s ready, you know no pressure. It may be weird for me I guess… but I feel like I really do care about her and when I tell her I want to mean it. I’m not sure it’s love yet but…”

Wait a minute this was never ‘a-hide-this-from-Tess-and-the-campers’ thing this was a ‘protect-Liz’s-honor’ thing “Whoa…whoa wait, wait a minute … love?” I ask. The last time Max said he was in love I met Tess and we all know he doesn’t need another Tess in his life, one is enough…I’m sure he would agree.

“Listen Michael It’s hard to explain but…Yes. I think I could actually love Liz.”

Hey who am I tell him no. I mean I’ve tried it before and believe me it doesn’t work so if Max says he’s gonna wait until Liz is ‘ready’ he’s gonna wait. “You sure about this?” I ask one last time.

“Positive. I really like…” Kyle comes in the cabin ”…Pancakes.” I’m assuming that’s why Max is stuttering like he’s lost his mind, to spare Kyle’s feelings…at least lets hope that’s the case. “You should probably go ahead and make those this morning,”

“Yeah…umm thanks for the socks.” I say heading towards the door.

“Wait Michael. Come back.” I walk over and he whispers “You’re not really going to make pancakes.”

“I don’t know why?” I hadn’t even really thought about it until hr mentioned them.

“Well just if what you said about he batter mixer is true…I’d don’t think those would be too good.”

* * *

Alex’s POV

I don’t like Arts and Craft. I’m not even good at it but somehow I got stuck as ‘Counselor in charge of Crafts’ here at sunrise. No point in bitching and moaning about it just get the job done I figure, and attempt to make the best of it in the process.

I got the paint all set up, the kids are bringing clothes they want to make designs on and we’re set. Today’s project:

Splatter painting. This is just too simple to mess up not even three year olds can get this wrong. All you’re required to do is, after dipping brush in the paint, fling it at said article of clothing, as it will land in some arbitrary design.

How much creativity does that take? I figure I got the equipment all set up, I explain it once and let the time fly by. The kids should be pretty much entertained by the painting.

Yeah ‘make the best of it’ that’s my motto. I never got whiners or pre-madonnas, who complain about every curve life throws their way. People like that and I don’t usually get along very well.

Here comes a pre-madonna if I ever did see one. Isabel Evans, she’s the counselor in charge of the three-year olds that will be painting under my watch today. Therefore in addition to dealing with the kids I have to deal with her as well. I’ll try to apply my motto here as well ‘make the best of it’.

The only problem in doing that with Isabel is, in so many words she’s already told me tot take my motto and shove it. She stole my shorts. I know it sounds crazy but that’s because it is we were at the beach I was trying to talk to her and she stole my shorts. Well actions speak louder than words and you know what they payback is a bitch. Isabel Evans’ personified Ladies and gents’

It’s a shame though because I really think that if she weren’t so much of an ‘Ice Princess’
there could really be something between us.

Yeah well them’s the breaks.

I wonder how Ms. Pre-madonna would like her own personal splatter painted design, compliments of Alex Whitman…

* * *

When Liz entered the boy’s bathroom she began to look around as if viewing an exhibit in a museum. She was acting like a girl who had never been inside a male bathroom before, just as Max expected. He thought it was cute as he stood back and watched her curiosity and innocence.

“What?” Liz finally said having seen an impish grin rise to his lips.

“Nothing just waiting for you to pull out a note pad and start taking notes.” He teased

She smiled “I’m not it’s just I’ve never been… in one of these places before.” That comment only served to cause Max’s smirk to grow “Will you cut it out…” Liz whined playfully batting his arm as she fell into his embrace. “What if we get caught?”

“We won’t trust me. No one hangs out around here during the day they’re all too busy swimming…” he said as his lips met hers in a brief kiss “…or canoeing…” he kissed her again “…or something…” he tasted the sweet flesh of her neck “… Besides I asked Maria to cover for us…” lips again “I Just had to see you…” Liz hand’s weren’t idle as they dipped into the waist band of his shorts “We just have to be quick…” Liz groaned her agreement as Max lifted her onto the counter in order to gain better access to the newly revealed skin at her collar. He reveled in the fact that after half a day of counseling she still managed to smell like sun-ripened raspberries.

Liz pawed unsuccessfully at the button on Max’s Jean shorts. He helped her by unsnapping and letting them hang just low enough on his hips. When Liz finally had it in her hands she wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it. She experimented by letting her hands run over the smooth steel a few times but this was a new experience having this part of a male so prominent and easily at her disposal.

Max smiled again at her naivete “Like this…” He offered placing his hands over hers to find a rhythm they could both get used to. Up and down… Having Liz small hands on him coaxing him closer to the edge was a feeling Max wasn’t sure he could describe and he was relishing every second of it until he heard the bathroom door begin to creek open. Liz quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and he swept them into one of the stalls in enough to avoid being caught.

They had nearly been caught with their pants down…literally. However that wasn’t enough for Liz to stop her ministrations. Once they were in the privacy of the stall Liz was determined to pleasure Max to completion. It was only Max’s slightly groaned slightly whispered “Baby please…” that caused her to cease.

“Max is that you?” The familiar voice of one of his campers could be heard.

Max took a few deep breaths righted his clothing and mouthed ‘Wait five minutes.’ to Liz before responding “Yeah it ‘s me.” He exited the stall “Robby what are you doing here?” he asked

“I think the question is: What are you doing here? You always talk to yourself in the bathroom?” Rob responded promptly receiving a ‘don’t ask’ look form Max. “No I’m just here cause Ryan asked me to come with him to the bathroom.”

“What’s wrong with Ryan?”

“Got me! He just kinda wretched over there on the floor.” Robby said as he pointed to his pal Ryan hunched over a pile of his own vomit.

If there ever was a chance of returning to Liz, who awaited him in the stall, and picking up where they’d left off the sight of that just killed it for Max “Why would he…Did you eat the pancakes?” Max asked recalling what Michael told him about the batter mixer. Ryan nodded “Never eat the cooked food here , PB and J only. “ Ryan nodded as he unsuccessfully sustained the urge to wretch again.

Quickly taking action Max said “Okay Rob see if you can get maintenance in here to clean this mess up. Ryan you wait outside I’ll be out in a minute to take you to first aid. Some fresh air’ll do ya good.” Once the boys filed out. Max opened the door to the stall where Liz was sitting on the toilet seat fully clothed her legs drawn to her body “I’m so sorry Liz I have to go take care of…”

“…Shh…I heard.” She said placing a gentle finger to his lips then soon replacing her finger with her lips. “Max…”

“No offense but, you stink…”

“ Yeah I know.” He’d accidently stepped in some of the vomit on the floor “I’m gonna go change. After I’ve taken care of what needs to be. All compliments of the fine dining her at Sunrise.” Liz smiled catching his drift “ Tell Michael I said thanks if you see him. He’ll know what I mean.”

Max left Liz to gather herself and cautiously make her way past the pile of vomit and out of the boys bathroom. When she reached Maria and the other campers she wasn’t in her best frame of mind.

“So how was it?” Maria chimed as she dragged her out of earshot of the campers so they could talk. “ Judging from your smile it went pretty well. I told you the boys bathroom could provide a very stimulating environment…”

“ You were right…” Liz began “…it was hot… it was racy, it was…. a big friggin’ disgusting pile of vomit.”

“What?” Maria asked thoroughly confused.

“We were there and everything was okay at first. It was actually kind of nice but then little Rob come in with Ryan and he vomits all over the bathroom floor.”

“With you standing right there?”

“No we were in the stall by that time.” Liz explained


“So Max went to take Ryan to first aid and that’s where he is now. Totally killed the mood. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to… with Max again with the stench of vomit surfacing from the back of my mind.”

“That’s gotta suck.” Maria said attempting to sympathize.

“This is all your fault anyway.”

“ How is tit my fault?”

“ If you would stop trying to seduce Michael in he kitchen…By the way Max said to tell Michael Thank you.”

“… What is that supposed to mean.”

“I’m not sure exactly but I assuming you and your horny boyfriend have something to do with it.”

“Oh puh- lease. Like you’re any better Miss Skip-out-on-swimming to get a little action in the Boys Bathroom. “

“It was your idea…” Liz shot back The two friends get into a minor dispute over who was responsible for the current situation until one of the campers approached.

“Hey Maria, Max just sent me back. He said you’d know what to tell me what to do?” Rob said

“Yeah um… Hang on a sec.” Maria walks over to Melanie who was animatedly explaining something to Kyle. “Melanie now that Rob’s back and we have an even number campers again you have someone to do the trust exercise with.” Melanie continued her conversation with Kyle she was obviously flirting. “Melanie…” Maria repeated, still no response. “Melanie you Rob trust exercise now!” Maria nearly screamed which got her attention.

Liz looked from Kyle to the retreating figure of Melanie and Rob then back to Maria “Kyle?” she questioned. “Do I need to even ask?”

“That’s what I said at first but Melanie seems to find him cute.”

“I’m not complaining I mean anything that keeps his attention away from me and Max is good…”

* * *

“…Yeah so I pretty much listen to all types of music.” Rob answered as he attempted to answer Melanie’s questions truthfully

“Great your turn to ask me a question.” Melanie responded very lack luster as she went through the motions of the exercise.

“I heard your brother Max is supposedly dating Tess Harding but was caught shaking up in the boys bathroom with some other counselor today. Is that true?”

“No comment.” Melanie simply stated.

“Are you gonna answer any of my questions?”

“That depends is there a reason you’re a horny little toad who gets off on my family’s personal lives?”

“Fine why don’t you just admit it… you want me.”

“Ugh… Maria!” Melanie stormed off “Maria I’m not going to do this stupid ‘trust exercise’ with Rob he’s disgusting. He just made a pass at me, meager as it was he still tried…”

“I’m sorry about that, I am but you can’t just tell me what you’re not going to do.” Maria said

“Maria, it’s okay. It’s almost Lunch time anyway my group has cafeteria duty today. She can come with Kyle and I.” Liz offered

“No Liz I’m sick of everyone making excuses for her. Melanie has to stay here and stick it out, disgusting Rob and all…”

“…Please Maria.” Melanie whined


“Please Maria…” both Melanie and Liz whined “…You owe me.” Liz added.

“Fine.” She caved “But this is the last time.”

Max walk over with a fresh set of clothing on and gently placed his arm around Liz joining the group. “ Hey how is everything? What I miss?”

“Not much the kids are doing some type of trust exercise.” Liz responded greeting him with a kiss “But now Kyle and I have to go set up for lunch now so I guess I’ll see you later.”

“Count on it.” He winked as she headed off.

“Hey BIG brother next time you wanna get your freak on in the middle of the day try the privacy of your own cabin not he boys bathroom! There are others of us with reputations to uphold.” Melanie says before she gathers her things and smacks him in the back of the head and then goes to catch up with Liz and her group.

“Dude your sister is hot when she’s pissed.” Rob says

“Yeah both of them.” Alex agreed as he watches Isabel storm of with green paint all over her shirt…

* * *
Max’s POV

You know that thing that your dreading doing so you keep putting it off until later. Well guess what:

Later is finally here and I have to talk to Tess.

As much as I hate it I have to do it. She was trying to push up on me tonight at the campfire and I couldn’t have that, not in front of Liz. Therefore I told Tess that tonight after curfew we would talk and get everything out in the open. Al the while I was hoping meteor shower or something would come and blast us all away to save me from impending doom.

Okay so maybe that’s a little mellow dramatic but talking to Tess really is that bad. Everyone’s a little nervous about talking to their ex for the first time after the breakup but try multiplying that nervousness by a thousand and you might come close to how I’m feeling right now.

Not only is Tess my ex but she doesn’t even know it… or maybe just chooses to acknowledge it. Whatever it is it’s going to be like breaking up with her all over again. It was hard enough the first time believe me I don’t want to go through it again.

I know I keep talking about Tess and I and how it’s so important that we’re not together. But then I keep thinking about Liz and how important she’s become in only two days. If Liz and were ever to break up, which is highly unlikely but if we did I don’t think it would be this bad. Like how it is between Tess and I. Because Liz and I wee friends longtime before we ever thought of each other in the capacity as ‘significant others’ and that’s important for any relationship.

So I’m out her in the cold, like I said I would be, waiting for Tess. I look at my watch and realize the she was supposed to be here fifth-teen minutes ago but it always was like Tess to take her time. Finally she shows up and all I can do is thank that this is the big moment, I’m gonna tell her it’s over simple as that.

But it’s not that simple, it never is with Tess. Next thing I know her lips are on mine latching on like the leech that she is. But felt nothing, not even lust like I used to. Just nothing. I seemed Like it took and eternity but when she finally does pull away from me I see Tess looking at me like I should be under her spell or something.

I look over and I see my little sister looking at he two of us. I take a step towards her to explain but she runs away like she ashamed of me. I don’t blame her I’m ashamed of myself and I realize if I don’t fix this now I could have more problems than I bargained for.

Problems with Liz…

I go back to Tess and that just makes it ten times easier to say this “Tess, it’s over between us…”

* * *

Melanie’s POV

Have you ever been somewhere or in some situation with all the odds falling your way and it's just too easy not to take advantage?

Well that's what being at Camp Sunrise is like for me. Both my older sister and brother are counselors here, I know my way around, and basically everyone knew me before I even got here. They think I'm cute and adorable and totally innocent...

If only they knew. My counselor is... a little abstract and a little quirky and so easy not to get over on. Her name is Maria and I do like her, in fact I think if we weren't in this counselor camper situation we could actually be friends, but for now she's the enemy. Not all the counselors are bad I mean there is Liz and she’s pretty cool… actually really cool I’m sure my brother would agree but we’ll go into that another time.

I just got to have my freedom. I hate being told what to do and when. Which is exactly what this whole sleep away camp experience is between me and my parents. So of coarse I'm gonna attempt to have fun while I'm here. And this whole curfew at nine-thirty simply wasn’t working for me, which is partially why I snuck out of the cabin.

Only partially. Part of the reason had to with all the HOTTIES that will be on the prowl tonight. Actually that‘s the main reason and it really one hottie in particular.

Kyle Valenti

He’s kind of a cross a between home grown high school sweet heart and porno star. And those muscles…There’s only one catch he’s three years older than me and a counselor. One thing I will say about sunrise is they certainly do know how to pick sexy counselors. The only problem there is more than half of them have known me since I was in diapers not that they were that much older. But it really puts a damper on the mood when your trying to get your smooch on and all you can think about is your significant other telling you, you have the cootie way back when.

Which leaves Kyle as the only eligible hottie for me, unless of coarse you count the other campers.

Yeah right…

So where will Kyle be tonight? The counselors meeting. Which means I’ll probably have to hear some of Maria’s yapping, but it all worth it.

I’ve got my cute guys vision on, or ‘boy-dar’ as I like to call it, as I head towards the circle for the counselors meeting. I don’t really think I’m gonna see anyone but you know…just in case.

For a moment there I thought I’d scoped a guy out in the dark, over behind one of the cabins. Then I realize it’s just my brother Max. My brother who happened to be kissing Tess, not Liz but Tess. Didn’t he break up with that ditz?

I’m confused, but I do know that I will be telling Liz. Where is that stupid counselors meeting?

At the alleged meeting the counselor are supposed to be planing what the campers do for the next day. Supposed to be. Because we usually end up doing stupid crap like swimming or hiking… I mean who comes to camp for that?

They probably use this time to make out…

Finally I reach the circle. And the counselors are just hanging out talking…definitely not about what we’re supposed to be doing tomorrow. More about the soap opera that has become camp sunrise.

I spot my sister who’s glaring at Alex. Alex who happens to be talking with Michael and Kyle. Then there’s Maria and Liz. The only one who seems to be missing is Max. I wonder what Liz would say if she knew where he really was?

I walk over to those two. “Hey.” I say

“Hey Mel…Melanie what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in at the cabin!?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be under Michael’s nut?” I’m really not in the mood yap on sister…

“ I left you in charge. Now who’s watching the girls?” Maria asks

“I’m sure they’ve got enough issues of seventeen and nail polish to keep them occupied well into the night.” I offer, besides I think I was losing brain cells being in there with them.

“Ugh!” Maria storms off leaving Liz and I alone.

Poor Liz “You seen Max?” I ask hoping that will raise her suspicions.

“No he said he would meet me her in a bit, he had something to take care of.”

“Oh.” I say because what else is there to say “Liz I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“Max…” Just say it you idiot but some how I can’t bring myself to tattle on my brother like that. I mean this could ruin his whole relationship with Liz. And I’m sure what ever he was doing with Tess he had a good reason for it.

“Max what?” Liz prompts.


“… Oh could it wait. Hang out we’ll talk after the meeting.” She says as some of the other counselors have arrived and the meeting is about to being.

So they do really plan things at these meetings…


I think I’ve found him. I think I’ve finally found the one. And this isn’t me being a hopeless romantic again I think Max Evans really is that one. In all those stupid old romance novels it’s always some guy the girl has know all her life and she’s just been to foolish to realize it. Max fits the bill perfectly. I mean we’ve both been coming to Sunrise since we were 3yrs old, either as a counselor or a camper and we always s got along.

Now it ‘s just… There’ll definitely be something to look forward to next summer.

I just can’t get enough of Max I mean from touching him, to the way he smells, to just everything about him and we seem to fit together so well.

I wonder how he feels about me, pretty close to the same I’m assuming because he invited me to stay in his bunk with him tonight. Not to really ‘do’ anything, just to be close.

He’s such the gentleman as he holds the door open as he leads me into his dark cabin, all the boys are supposed to asleep so we have tip-toe over to his bed

“Max is that you?”

“Go to sleep Rob.” Max says in that fatherly big brother tone.

He has his own little sanctuary by his bunk including a curtain we made out of bed sheet so we can have some privacy. He turn on his night light so I can see to get comfortable in the bed before he strips down to his boxers and climbs in next to me. “So what went on at he meeting, I got there kind of late?”

“Yeah well we decide to do a fundraiser bake sale at the Square dance we planned on taking the kids to on Saturday. We we’re thinking we could maybe make enough money to take everyone to Six Flags.”

“That should be cool you think the kids will like it?’

“Yeah Melanie was there we ran in by her she seemed okay with it.”

“What was Melanie doing there?”

“Need you even ask.” I joke and it’s true, Max knows Melanie’s like our resident junior counselor, more privileges than your average camper but less than your average counselor. “ Oh my god Max your sister is so funny. Maria asked her what she was doing there she in so many words told her to go blow Michael. You should have seen Maria’s face.” I thought it was hilarious but Max wasn’t laughing in fact he seemed to clam up at the mention of his sister. “Max,” I say softly “What’s wrong?”

“ Liz I have something to tell you.” He says and I’m thinking Uh –oh nothing good ever started that way “The reason I was late to the meeting tonight was because Tess kissed me. ”I’m silent because maybe if I ignore what he just said it won’t really be true. He continues “But it didn’t mean anything. I don’t feel anything for her anymore and she understands that now…I think. But even if she doesn’t it’s not important because the only thing that kiss helped me realize was how much I’m starting to care about you…” So there it is out in the open should I forgive him or not? I mean he was honest, that’s a plus “I just wanted you to find out from me before you heard it from anyone else. It ‘s so important Liz, what you think of me…think of us.”

I’m still silent because what do you say in situation like this

“Liz say something.”

“What should I say?” I’m not really angry with him. How could I be with an apology like that? But I don’t want it to seem like I let him off the hook to easy.

“Do you forgive me?” he asks

“Of coarse I do Max.”

“Good.” After that we just lay quietly together, teetering on the brink of sleep. This really has been a long day. “Can I ask you something Liz?”


“Did you really Tell Maria that you wanted to touch it?”

“Ye…uh...” I stumble over the word because it’s not really what you ask your boyfriend ask you, I guess Max and I are just cool like that “…In so many words, yeah I guess. I don’t believe she told you that.”

“No I think it ‘s cute. Just makes me wonder what else you tell Maria, about me?”

“Don’t worry it’s all good...” I assure him. It just so comforting to know that to know that after what he just admitted to we could just chill and be cool. Who cares about Tess, I’ll never get tired of spending nights like this with Max…