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Call The Man - (M/L) - (nc-17) -Complete

Call The Man - He’s needed here - vocal by Celine Dion

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Summary: Post VLV
While in Vegas, Liz has begun to change more to the alien side. Fate continues to hurl the young soul mates together. However, as fate will, stumbling blocks are sometimes thrown in their path.

Call The Man - Part 1

The sheriff had told the Guerin party that he expected them home by that afternoon. He then marched out of the room dragging a reluctant Kyle and surprised Tess with him.

The gang still had three hours before the plane leaves, and they dejectedly and slowly began to retreat to their rooms to pack their meager belongings for the trip home.

Cheer up guys said Alex. We all know what is going to happen when we get home. Grounded, no car privileges threats of physical pain if we do it again, right? The gang looked toward Alex with the expression of coming doom and nodded their heads in agreement. All but Michael that is; Michael was an orphan. As Alex loomed above them, he raised his voice and again said RIGHT? This time Maria was the first to take the lead and smiled at Alex saying just as loud RIGHT! Alex scanned the room looking each person in the eye and continued, so we need to have fun while we still can. Now everyone was looking at Alex nodding their heads and wondering what he had in mind. Alex continued, Tom Collins for one has Margarita’s 3 grand in his pocket, and I intend to loose it too before I leave. Is anyone with me? Immediately a big grin spread across Isabelle and Maria’s faces as they quickly followed Alex down to the casino.

Liz watched her friends leave and retreated to the room she shared with Maria to change and pack for the trip home. Also, being the responsible one, she planned on packing for Maria, Isabelle, and Tess and of course Alex.

Max was acutely aware of Liz leaving the room. How could he not be? His eyes had not left her all night. That dress caressed each curve of her body, and Max had not missed an opportunity to drink her sight in. He had to remind himself that he and Liz were just friends. Now, if he could only convince his body that they were just friends. As Liz closed the door behind her, Max closed his eyes remembering how she felt in his arms as they danced. How her body molded to his perfectly. It felt like they were made to fit together. He also pondered the vision he had had of Liz and himself getting out of that cab married. It was so real. It should be real he thought to himself. Why can’t Liz see that, he thought.

Liz stood in her hotel room, and kicked off her heels. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and leaned back against the bed. She was having a vision. She heard Max in her head saying, “Why can’t Liz see that?” See what? She said out loud. This is so strange, usually when she had a vision she had to at least be touching Max in some way. But, she was alone in her room. Liz moved to the mirror in front of her and looked for any changes that might be occurring in her appearance. This could not all be just on the inside and in her head, she thought. As the vision passed, Liz tried to unhook the double straps of her evening dress. She tried everything to get the small buttons loose without success. Maria had helped her into the dress; now, she couldn’t seem to get out of it. Barely above a whisper, Liz said I need help getting out of this dress. She thought to herself, I wish I could ask Max to help me.

In the sitting area of the hotel suite, Max bolted upright in his seat. He clearly heard Liz say I need help getting out of this dress. What is with this town and visions? Or was it real? Max turned to Michael and asked if he had heard Liz say anything. Michael still doing a body count from Brave Heart raised his left arm in the air to quiet Max and ignored him.

Max stood up and looked to the closed door of Liz’s room. Before he knew what was happening, he was knocking on the door.

Liz still fiddling with the small buttons on the dress straps, yelled out its open come on in. However, she gasped at the sight of Max as the door opened. Max had taken her breath away all night. The way he looked in that suit, his dark hair, olive skin, amber eyes, and that a body. Michelangelo’s David has nothing on Max she thought.

Max stood in the door with his eyes locked with Liz. He broke the gaze and slowly looked down her body one more time. A flush crept up his neck and face, and he raised his eyes to hers and asked, Liz, can I help you get the straps undone?

Liz was unable to speak. Her own face was flushed more than his and she simply turned around and raised her hair up allowing him access to the tiny buttons. As his fingers touched the skin on the back of her neck, Liz felt the electricity tingle through her body, and had to prevent herself from allowing a moan to escape. It was taking him forever to get the small buttons undone, and it felt like torture wanting him so much and not being able to allow it. At that moment and that time, Liz wished that she had never heard of the word destiny. She wished that the End of the World and Future Max had never happened. And most of all, she wished that Max was hers.

Finally, the buttons came loose and Liz quickly clutched the front of the dress to keep it from exposing any more flesh. Liz could feel the warmth from Max as he placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly turned her around to face him. Once again she was lost in those eyes. She knew that she had to stop this. So she reluctantly looked down at Max’s chest and immediately wished that she hadn’t. The top four buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned, and she could see those beautiful muscles. In a soft voice while looking back up in into his eyes, she said thank you Max.

Max slowly pulled her in close to his chest. He could feel her breath on his neck. He inhaled deeply taking in her intoxicating scent. Her lips were just inches from his, and how badly he wanted to taste those lips. He saw her close her eyes as if anticipating his kiss. Taking the opportunity, he leaned forward and kissed Liz on the forehead.

Liz’s eyes opened and again she was looking into those wonderful eyes. Max released his hold on her shoulders and backed out of the room. While moving backward, he never broke their gaze, and he said,” you’re welcome Liz.” He closed the door behind him, and then leaned back into the door. His mind was working overtime. He had heard her thoughts. Had she heard his? Some of her thoughts were confusing to him, while others were crystal clear. One thing he knew for sure was that Liz was changing more to the alien side. When they get back to Roswell, he will have to watch Liz Parker very closely.

Call The Man - Part 2

It was Friday night, the Crash Down was swapped with customers, and it was the last weekend that Maria and Liz would be grounded. The last two weekends had really been boring. Their lives had been reduced to school and work, work and school that was it. Alex, Max, Isabelle, Tess and Kyle must have received a similar punishment, because they had not set foot in the Crashdown since the day they all returned from Vegas. At least Michael came out ok.

As Liz bused table number seven, she saw Alex enter the Crashdown. With his voice almost in a roar, Alex extended his arms into the air and opened them wide, while he ignored all the customers, he said, “I am finally free ladies!” This statement got quite a reaction from all the young women in the place. Giggles were heard from almost every table. Maria, wanting to help her friend out of an embarrassing moment, ran into his open arms and gave him a big bear hug. Alex gently pushed her away and whispered in her ear,” back off Maria, that girl at table 5 is really cute.”

Liz was next to jump into Alex’s arms and she too gave him a big hug. Backing up and looking up into Alex’s face Liz asked, “So, Alex how did you get off the hook so quickly?”

Alex smiled down at her and said, “Well Liz if I tell you all my secrets, then they won’t be secrets anymore will they?”
Liz smiled at Alex and led him to an empty seat at the counter. It was great to see him some place besides school again.

All alone across the street at the UFO center, Max was taking his dinner break. He took a bite of his sandwich and placed it back down on the table. His mind began to contemplate the strange phenomenon he had experienced while in Vegas. He couldn’t shake the memory of his vision of he and Liz getting married in Vegas. He must have imagined that he had heard Liz’s thoughts because for the last three weeks there was nothing. The only time he had seen Liz was at school where they barely had time to say hello. He couldn’t even touch her hand. But, nothing kept him from looking at her or thinking of her. Liz was beautiful. How could he not look at her? Max stood at the window of the UFO center, and he could see Liz across the street serving a customer.

As if she knew Max would be there, Liz walked to door of the Crashdown and waved to Max. She could see the broad smile spread across his face. I miss you Max, she thought.

The smile quickly faded from Max’s face. He had heard that! He knew he had. It was Liz’s voice in his head. He heard her, and she said that she missed him. If Liz only knew how much I miss her, he thought. My every thought is of her. Her smile, her lips, her eyes, and soft skin. I miss the touch of her hand in mine, and I miss the feel of her silky hair between my fingers. There has got to be a way we can be together again. I have to talk to Liz!

Liz saw the smile fade so quickly from Max’s face. She was not sure why. Maybe, Max didn’t want her to be his friend anymore, she thought. Maybe, it is over. Unable to control them, tears filled her eyes and began to run down her cheeks. She didn’t want to turn around so everyone could see her cry, so she pushed the door open and stepped outside. As the cool breeze chilled her, she walked around the corner to the table outside. There she could cry in private. It was cold but private.

Max couldn’t move. His head was spinning with her thoughts. He placed his hands on both sides of his temples as if trying to stop the centrifuge of emotions. One thought sprang out more clearly than the others. She had said that maybe it was over. Doesn’t Liz know that it will never be over? Maybe he should just go over there right now and show her how he really felt about her. But, he was only her friend now, and friends don’t grab you up in their arms and devour you. He knew he would have to wait for her to come to him. As the spinning emotions finally came to a halt, in his mind, Max wished that Liz were in his arms right now. Oh, how he wished for that.

It was very cold outside and Liz began to shiver. Straightening herself up and drying her eyes, she stood to go back inside the Crashdown. Suddenly, she was dizzy, and she sat back down. Liz felt as if she were spinning into a funnel and propelling through space. It was beyond her control. It felt like she was moving through space while at the same time never moving. As quickly as it began, it just stopped. Then she wasn’t cold anymore. She found herself standing in the UFO center. Right in front of her, close enough to touch, was Max Evans.

Max was shocked to see her. “Liz,” he said, “how did you get in here? The door is locked.” Liz stood silently just looking at Max. No words could escape her throat. Max took a step forward and took Liz’s hands into his own. Her small hands were freezing. “We have to get you warm, Liz.” said Max. Liz felt herself drifting as if in a dream. Nothing felt real. Not even the touch of Max’s hands on hers felt real. She locked her eyes with Max and for the moment that is all that existed. Surely, that had to be real. In an attempt to warm Liz, Max pulled her close to his chest then wrapped his arms tightly around her. God, this felt good he thought. But she somehow felt different. He pushed himself back from Liz and looked down into her face. It was different! Liz, he said. But there was no answer. Liz, he said again a bit louder, and he watched in shock as Liz faded from his view and from his arms.

Across the street a very cold Liz suddenly sprang to life. Wrapping her arms tightly around herself. She looked toward the UFO center and thought what was that? This alien change is really getting weird. I know I was with Max just now, but how? I have got to talk with Max.

Call the Man - Part 3

Liz can you hear me? Max was propped up against the headboard of Isabelle's bed. His eyes were closed, and his jaw was set in determination.

“Try again,” Isabelle, said. Max sat motionless. Isabelle continued, “I said try again Max. All you have to do is concentrate on Liz. Do you need a picture?” Max gave Isabelle an exasperated look and said, “Isabelle. No, I don’t need a picture of Liz.” He tried again and again. Finally, he gave up. Max, shook his head and stood up. He told his sister that he just didn’t understand. He had heard Liz’s thoughts, and he had seen her when she projected to the UFO center. He just couldn’t figure out why it was not working now.

Isabelle looked at her brother and asked, “Max, have you talked to Liz about this connection thing that you having with her? Maybe you two should get together and talk about all this. Afterwards, I would be more than happy to work with her if you want me to.” Max gave his sister a nod of his head and looked at the clock on the wall. It was 2100 hours. Maybe he could go and have a talk with Liz tonight.

Max felt the cold steel of the ladder as he climbed up to Liz’s balcony. As he approached the window, he crouched down so he could see in. The sight before him caused him to lose his breath. Liz was beautiful. She was perched on the bed reading, her hair flowing down across one shoulder. She was wearing a long sleeve, floor length flannel nightgown. But, what did he care what she had on. To him she was perfect in anything. Max tapped lightly on the window. Hearing the knock, Liz looked up from her book and a smile spread across her face when she saw Max. Quickly, she crossed the distance to the window and opened it allowing Max to come in.

“Max, what are you doing here?” she asked.

Max didn’t speak. He just stood there looking down at her. Liz saw his eyes wander down her body and back up again. A flush crept across her face, and she looked up into Max’s eyes. Realizing what he was looking at, she then reached down and held out the skirt of her nightgown and twirled around. She then said,” Its not an evening dress, but it sure is warm on these cold nights.”

Max swallowed unable to speak. He wanted to keep her warm on cold nights like this. He would love nothing more than to crush her against his body and wrap her tightly in his arms and never let go. But, he had to remind himself that they were just friends. However, that body of his just would not listen to the friend part. His body wanted a lot more.

Suddenly, Liz felt dizzy, and tried to reach for the bedpost to steady her. Max’s reactions were much faster than hers, and he quickly encircled her waist with his arms and pulled her up close to his body. Her head resting just below his chin. He inhaled deeply breathing in that intoxicating scent that was just Liz. Unwilling to release her, he finally found his voice and asked her if she was all right. Liz leaned back from Max and looked up at him and smiling she said,” yes Max, I’m ok and we are friends.” She could feel the muscles in his chest and arms tighten at her words.

Reluctant to release her from his arms, Max said, “yeah, that’s why I’m here.” He moved his arms from around Liz’s waist and up to her shoulders. He then gently pushed her back out of his arms. His eyes were locked with hers and neither could find any words.

After a silence that felt like hours, Liz finally spoke up, “Max, we need to find out what is happening to me. As you know, the changes are getting stronger. Sometimes, I can hear you speak to me in my head and that projection thing is really weird. We need to find out how that works, and if you’re the only one that can see me or can other people see me too when I project. We need to explore this telepathic thing that is happening with me. We should perform some experiments, and then see if we can repeat any results we get.” She was pacing the room as she spoke.

Max sat patiently listening to Liz and her scientific approach to the changes that were occurring in her body even as they spoke. His eyes never left her. He took in every movement of her hands and body as she spoke. He thought how beautiful she was in that flannel nightgown. He would love to rip it off of her body and ravish her.

Liz’s head suddenly shot up and she looked toward him. Had she heard that? Max began to panic. His voice quivered a tiny bit as he spoke. “Uh Liz, tell me about this telepathic thing. What happens to you when you hear me in your head?” said Max.

Liz gathered her thoughts and proceeded to tell him how she would get dizzy and it felt like a vision but it was not visual it was auditory only and in his voice. Max ran his right hand through his hair and looked back up at Liz. She didn’t appear to get dizzy right before she looked up at him a moment ago. Just maybe she didn’t hear him. Finally, he said, “Liz, I need to tell you that this telepathic thing that is happening to you...Well...It goes both ways. Sometimes, I can hear your voice in my head too.”

Now it was time for Liz to panic. She walked over closer to Max and sat down. She was very close to him, too close. As if his hands had a mind of their own, both of his hands reached out and embraced hers. He couldn’t help but to pull her in closer to him.

In a soft voice Liz, looked up into Max’s eyes and asked, what has my voice told you Max?

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Call the Man - Part 4

Max didn’t answer her. He simply placed his hands on either side of her face and did what he had wanted to for months. He brought his lips crashing down on hers. He was lost in the taste of those lips. It had been too long and he could not stop. Not now, not ever! His mind, his body, and his soul needed her too much.

Liz almost lost herself in the kiss. How she had longed to be in his arms again like this. She knew she had to stop this before it got out of control, but she could not. Max felt that this must be heaven. His every dream was there in his arms and she was returning his kiss. Oh, please don’t let this be just another dream, he thought. In an attempt to make sure that this was real, he placed his hand behind Liz’s neck and pulled her forward allowing him to deepen the kiss.

Liz didn’t resist. She couldn’t. Her body was betraying her. Her mind was yelling stop. But her heart was screaming to never stop. As she felt Max press his body to hers, her own body’s reaction to him was surprising. She remembered how it felt to be close to Max like this. But, never had she felt the overpowering need to have him even closer.

As their bodies molded together and both of their hearts pounded, they felt the world around them fade away and the only thing that mattered was the two of them.

Max was no longer capable a having a rational thought. His blood boiled, and his body sought out hers. His hands caressed her in places he had only dreamed of, and the soft moans that she produced from his caresses drove him wild. The flannel gown that separated him from her body became his enemy. This was one enemy he planned on defeating.

Liz heard the fabric of her gown rip and she immediately felt his warmth cover her. The room began to pulse. The heated air was swirling around them. And Max was kissing her in a way she had never been kissed before.

Not breaking contact, and as if she were a feather, Max gracefully lifted Liz to the Bed. He lowered his body down over her. Now his own shirt was the enemy, and in seconds the buttons were flying. He then pressed his chest into contact with the bare flesh of Liz’s chest. Upon contact electricity spread through out both of their bodies and a green glow illuminated from the points of contact. The glow continued to grow until it surrounded them and swirled with the heated air. As their passion consumed them, nothing else mattered.

Breathlessly, Liz pressed her head back into her pillow as Max assaulted her neck with his lips and tongue. Her body was in control of her mind. Liz arched up against his chest, and her hands caressed his muscular back and shoulders. She never wanted this to stop. Not even if the end of world came tomorrow. She didn’t want to stop.

Max felt Liz’s body tense beneath him. He conjured up all his strength to stop and look into her eyes. In a raspy voice he asked “Liz, what’s wrong?”

Liz placed her arms around his neck and pulled his head down until it rested on her chest just beneath her jaw. In a shaky voice, she said. ”If we finish this Max, Isabelle and Michael will die.”

Max pushed up on to his elbows until his face hovered above hers. Looking her in the eyes he said, “I know Liz.”

Across town in the Valenti house, Kyle was on the sofa watching TV. Tess was in the kitchen fixing a snack for them to eat while they watched a movie.

Tess turned around from the stove and asked Kyle what movie they were watching, and he responded by telling her Brave Heart. Tess scrunched up her nose and said, “Not again Kyle, what is with guys and that movie?”

Kyle picked up the remote and clicked the movie on. Laughing, Tess raised her hand and used her powers to click the movie off. Kyle used the remote to change back to the movie. Still laughing, Tess used her powers to remove the battery from the remote and changed the channel again with her powers. Kyle, unaware of her sneaky battery maneuver, pointed the remote to the TV and changed back to the movie. Surprised, Tess changed the channel again. Watching Kyle closely, she observed him use the remote to change back to the movie.

“Kyle,” Tess said.

“Yeah,” said Kyle.

“Would you turn the remote over and check the battery?” asked Tess.

Kyle said, “Why? It seems to be working fine.”

Tess asked him to just humor her and check the battery. Kyle flipped the remote over and saw the back already off and to his surprise no battery.

Kyle looked over at Tess and said, “you were changing for both of us weren’t you?’

Tess, shaking her head, said, “No Kyle you were changing the channel.”

There were no flies on Kyle because he immediately got a panicked look on his face and raised his hands up to see if he had changed. After insuring himself that there were no green slimy changes in his appearance, Kyle got a wicked grin on his face and pointed his hand at the TV and changed back to Brave Heart. Tess just plopped down beside him and offered him some popcorn.

Call The Man - Part 5

While back in Liz’s room, Liz’s mind was regaining its control of her body. The once heated air now was bone chilling cold. Liz looked into Max’s eyes and said, “How long have you known?” His answer did not come immediately. Acutely aware of their contact and state of undress, Liz’s face blushed a crimson red. Her body tensed beneath him, and she struggled to pull the bed spread across her bare flesh. Max refused to release his contact with her. His body still needed to be close to her. Just a little longer he thought. Max wrapped his arms around her and flipped them both to their sides. While holding Liz close to his chest with one arm, he used his other arm to flip the bedspread across their bodies. Then, as if he were trying to keep her from escaping, he brought his hand across her back to her neck and rested it in her hair.

Pressing her tightly to his chest and in a pleading voice, Max finally spoke, ”I need to be near you Liz, just let me hold you a little longer. It has been so long. I don’t think that I can let you go just yet. I have missed you so much.” Liz relaxed against him and again she asked him how long he had known. Finally, Max answer her question, he told her that he didn’t know for sure until they connected tonight. He also told her that he got bits and pieces while in Vegas and some how tonight all those pieces came together.” After a brief pause Max said, “I think the memory flash I received of us getting married in Vegas somehow triggered this new connection we are having. Or maybe it was because of your changing. I don’t know. All I know is that we can figure out what to do about this end of the world stuff together.”

The decision to break contact was made for them when they both heard a loud surprised squeal from the balcony. Max quickly jerked the spread to insure Liz was covered and jumped up to his feet. There on the balcony were Isabelle and Michael. Both with their backs turned to the window.

Max opened the window and asked them what they were doing there. Isabelle was too embarrassed to speak. Michael still stood facing away from the window. With a sarcastic tone to his voice Michael said, “Max when your finished doing Liz, we want to talk to you both about the changes she’s having.”

Max totally flustered by the untimely intrusion and Michael’s words, pulled the curtains shut and, said, “Give us a minute.” He then turned back to Liz. Liz was clutching the bedspread to her chest and had her face hidden with her hands.

With her face still hidden from his view, Liz said, “Oh God Max, just let me die right now. Just let the earth open up and swallow me.” Max didn’t know why, but he laughed at her words then reached down and swooped her up bedspread and all and deposited her in the bathroom. As he closed the door, he heard Liz say, “You know I’m not coming out again don’t you?” Max just grinned at her statement.

Although the buttons were missing, Max quickly searched the room for his shirt and placed it on. He stepped back to the bathroom door and said, “Liz, I’m going to leave with Isabelle and Michael now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” He heard a muffed “Thank God” as he climbed out her window. Liz didn’t think that she could ever face Isabelle or Michael again.

“Liz, Liz pick up. I know your home. Pick up the phone,” said Maria over Liz’s answering machine. Liz finally shaken from sleep by Maria’s voice fumbled around until she found the phone. This better be good she thought.

Holding the phone to her ear, she said, “Ok, ok Maria I’m awake. What do you want and what time is it?”

With her voice excited and high pitched Maria began, “Girl give! What was it like? Was it every thing you expected? Tell me. Tell me, Liz. Are you awake? Oh yeah, its 0200 hours”

Liz responded with what was what like? Maria was getting irritated with Liz’s lack of response and blurted out that Michael had called her and told her what he had seen. Now, Liz was awake. Liz sat up in her bed and said, “Maria what happened is that I just ended the world!” Liz placed the phone back on the hook and pulled the blankets up to her neck. She wished that she could go back and stop the events that happened that night. She wished that this responsibility had never been placed on her shoulders. And selfishly, she wished that Max were with her right now.

Max shot up in his bed. He had heard her thoughts again. He heard her say that she wished he were with her right now. He thought of Liz and how she had felt in his arms, the taste of her lips, the feel of her skin, how beautiful she was all flushed with passion. He also thought of how much he wanted to hold her and be with her at that moment. Suddenly, he heard Liz’s voice in his head, and he smiled a broad smile. She had told him to take a cold shower.

The next morning at school, Alex saw Liz getting her books out of her locker, and he almost tackled her. Lifting her high in the air he swung her around. Before placing her back down, he gave her a hug.

Liz looked up at Alex and said, “Well good morning to you too Alex. What are you so happy about?”

Alex leaned one hand against the lockers and said, “I’m happy to see you Liz. Can’t I be happy to see my friend?”

Liz looked up at him like he had lost his mind and said, “Sure Alex you can be happy to see me, and I am happy to see you too. Now lets get to class before the bell rings.”

Alex, placed her arm into his and said, “let me escort you to class. He looked down at her and said, “And Liz?”

Liz looked up at Alex and said, “What Alex?”

Alex looked down at her with a silly grin on his face and said, “Liz, Isabelle called me last night. She said you might need some buttons this morning.” Alex broke into a roaring laugh when he watched Liz’s face turn every shade of red he could imagine.

At that moment Liz saw Tess coming down the hall with Kyle, and the weight of what she might have done came crashing down on her. As Tess and Kyle passed by, they both smiled at Liz and Alex and said good morning. As they passed, Kyle turned back toward Liz and said, “Parker tell Evans that some things have changed with me, if you know what I mean, and we might need to get together and talk about the changes.” Liz flashed him a smile. She knew what he meant and now she was curious to see what powers that Kyle had developed.

Liz closed her eyes and in her head said to Max, “I need to talk to you.”

She felt two strong arms surround her from behind and pull her away from Alex, and she heard Max say, “I’m, here Liz lets talk.”

Call the Man - Part 6

Max felt Liz become rigid in his arms, she was pushing herself free of his contact. Max was confused by her actions and turned her around to face him. “What’s wrong Liz? Why won’t you let me touch you.”

Dolefully, Liz looked down to her feet and tried not to look into those beautiful eyes of his. Max unwilling to let her drift away from him again, placed his hand under her chin and raised her face up to look at him in the eyes. What he saw there caused his heart to break. She was pulling away from him again, and he didn’t think that he could bear the pain. Not again and not so soon.

Suddenly, Alex grabbed Max’s hand and pulled it from Liz’s chin. He then stood in front of them blocking them both from the view of all the kids coming down the hall. Shocked, Max looked at Alex and asked what the heck he was doing. Ignoring Max, Alex began pushing the two of them down the hallway and into the nearest room, which just happened to be the ladies room. Liz, being so small, was just dragged along with them.

When Alex shoved the door closed, Max whirled around on him waiting for an explanation. “What are you doing Alex?” asked Max.

Alex didn’t answer. Liz was looking at Alex again as if he had lost his mind. Alex grabbed Liz by the arm and pulled her in front of a mirror. Pointing at the mirror he said, “Look at your chin, it’s glowing.”

Liz, looked in the mirror, and touched her fingers to the glowing skin. She turned around slowly and looked at Max. “It’s happening again Max. Now, what do we do?” she asked. He didn’t answer her. Max was remembering how he had made Liz glow last night, and he couldn’t help but smile. He wanted to take Liz in his arms and make her glow all over again right now. He stole a look around him at the ladies room and thought will maybe not in here.

Alex took a closer look at the glowing skin and asked, “What’s causing you to glow like that Liz?”

A small voice was heard as Tess stepped out of a stall and walked to join the group. She looked at Liz and Max, she then turned to Alex and, in a flat tone, said, “They have initiated the mating ritual.”

Max didn’t know how to react to that. All his dreams were coming true, but the distressed look on Liz’s face keep him from taking pleasure in the thought.

In a panic, Liz turned to Tess and said, “Oh my God, Tess, I’m sorry! How do we stop it?’

Surprised that Liz would want to stop it, Tess looked at her with her pale blue eyes and said, “There is only one way to stop the ritual Liz. Then she asked, “Why do you want to stop it?”

Liz’s eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t control it. She knew what could happen if she didn’t stop this. The tears were running down her face. She turned to Tess, with desperation in her voice, and said, “I have to stop it because Max belongs to you. He has to be with you or everything we know and love will end.” Gathering her strength, Liz wiped at the tears on her face, she straightened her shoulders and then looked at Tess and determinedly said, “Now, tell me how to stop it.”

Tess looked down at the floor unable to look back into Liz’s unwavering eyes, and in a small voice, said, “No. I can’t tell you. I just can’t.”

Max stepped close to Liz and possessively placed his hands on her shoulders.

Suddenly, Liz was dizzy, and she felt Max place his arm around her waist to support her. The episode was over quickly, and Liz pulled out of Max’s grasp. With sad eyes, Liz then looked at Tess and said, “Thank you Tess.”

Tess in shock, looked at Liz and asked, “When did you learn how to enter my mind?” Tess turned to Max and said, “she’s getting stronger. Don’t let her stop the ritual Max. You can’t let her. You don’t know what she plans on doing. She’s strong Max; her powers are very strong.”

Max looked down at Tess while she spoke, and then he looked at Liz. Looking back at Tess with his jaw set in determination he said, “I have no intention of letting her stop the mating ritual.” Proving his point he extended his left arm around Liz’s waist and lifted her with that one arm up against his body. As if he had no control of his action, his other hand came up behind Liz’s neck, and his mouth came crashing down on her lips. Liz would soon be his forever and there was no way he would let anyone or anything stop him now.

Liz was despondent. How could he do this? He knew what the consequence of his action would be. If he continued the mating ritual with her and cemented their relationship, the whole world would end. Not just Michael and Isabelle, the whole world would end.

Alex broke the moment by announcing that he and Tess had to get to class, but Liz and Max had to get out of there before someone saw the glowing.

Tess took a step closer to Liz and waved her hand over the glowing skin of her chin. The glow faded away. She then looked into Liz’s eyes and pleaded, “Don’t do it Liz. It’s too late. Just look at Max, it’s too late.”

Liz touched her chin and looked at Tess and said, “Thank you Tess for this.”

Tess checked the door to see if the coast was clear and motioned everyone out of the Ladies Room.

Max lifted Liz up into the jeep. He couldn’t keep from touching her. His body had to have her close to him. Her scent was driving him mad. He wanted to finish what they had started last night, and he wanted it now. No he needed it now.

Liz looked over at Max in the drivers seat and said,” Ok Max. Take me to the grinolith; we will finish this there.”

Max’s emotions were on overdrive. He could not believe his ears; Liz wanted to finish the mating ritual. They would belong to each other soon. He couldn’t get to the grinolith fast enough. As he parked the Jeep in the dessert, he ran around to the passenger side and lifted Liz out of the seat. He craved her. She felt so right in his arms. Her scent was so intoxicating. He needed her, and he could not stop touching her. Before setting her down, Max found her lips with his own, and her taste had control of him. He never wanted to stop kissing her.

Liz pulled back from him and said, “Come on Max let’s go inside.”

As Max opened the rock to allow them access to the chamber, Liz stepped through the door and started looking around for the grinolith. Max took her hand and led her through the pod. Liz walked over to the grinolith and touched the smooth surface. She was hit with flashes. Flashes of her future self. Flashes of people she had never met. She quickly dropped her hand and walked over to the wall and removed a crystal. Max stood back and watched her in amazement. He thought to himself, “How did she know the crystal was there?”

Liz looked at him and a small smile crossed her face. That smile took Max’s breath away. He would kill just to see her give him that smile.

Still Looking at Max, Liz attempted to absorb in all that was Max. She imprinted his face, his eyes, and his body into her memory forever. She then walked over to Max and raised up on her tiptoes and kissed him on the lips. It was a sweet kiss. One of longing and love lost. She never spoke. She walked back to the grinolith and inserted the crystal. Placing both hands on either side of it, she looked at Max and said in her head, “I love you Max Evans. Be happy.”

The grinolith roared to life, and as it activated, every thing started to whirl around her.

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Call The Man - Part 7

Max heard her voice in his head and reacted quickly, he immediately knew what she was trying to do. She was attempting to leave him so he could follow his destiny, and prevent the end of the world. Well his destiny was just about to disappear, and he would not allow it. Max quickly closed the distance between them, standing behind her with his body pressed against Liz’s, Max placed his hands over hers, and they both faded away.

She could feel the warmth of his body as the worlds swirled around them. As if in a vortex there were worlds, stars, and faces of the past and future around them. Everything blinked by so rapidly. There was no way to focus on any one thing. Then as quickly as the journey started it was over.

Liz felt her body hit the cold, hard surface, and she could still feel Max’s arms wrapped tightly around her. She turned her head trying to see Max’s face. He was holding her so tight she couldn’t turn all the way around. She called out his name in an attempt to ascertain if he was hurt. She could feel his warmth and his heart beat close to her. He had to be ok. He just had to be, she thought. She felt him gently turn her around to face him, and his arms quickly pulled her tightly against his chest. Liz pushed her head back so she could see his eyes. Max looked at her and said, “Your powers are getting stronger Liz Parker. But, right now, mine are stronger.” Still clinging to Liz, Max then raised his voice, and said, “Please Liz, don’t you ever try that again!”

Wow! What a trip! Liz thought. Something happened to her in that grinolith. A smile spread across her face. Liz knew that she should be upset that her little plan didn’t work, and that she should be worried about the end of the world. But she could not. Not right now, anyway. All she could do was look at Max and smile. He was so beautiful with his hair all messed up from their short trip and the way he was looking at her. He looked worried, shocked, and relieved all at the same time. This was the first time she had ever heard Max scold her. He must have really been worried, she thought. Max looked down at her and said, “Liz, why are you smiling? Don’t you know what you almost did?” Max then got up to his feet and extended his hand out to help her up. With her hand in his, Max said, “Let’s get out of here.” Liz looked up at him, still smiling, and asked him where they were.

Scanning the room, Max looked over at the arcade machines and pointed to the sign on the wall. He told her that they were right where he wanted them to be. Liz wasn’t surprised at what she saw. Max took her other hand in his with a smile on his face he looked down at Liz and, in his best Michael imitation, said, “We’re in Vegas Baby.”

“What the hell are you doing in Vegas again Max?” Sheriff Valenti yelled over the phone. Max listened to the sheriff rant and rave for a while and then he attempted to cut in on the one sided conversation. Finally getting his chance to talk, Max explained to him how they got there. He told him to talk with Tess that she could explain what was going on. If anyone knew about the alien stuff in Roswell it was Sheriff Valenti. He had been watching strange occurrences for years and to know that aliens walked and lived among them just made it more bizarre. Max explained to the sheriff that he needed his help in covering for he and Liz while they were gone. The sheriff told him to book seats on the next plane to Roswell. Max was reluctant to respond, and the sheriff repeated his statement. While holding the pay phone to his ear, Max pulled Liz closer to his side. He just had to be touching her. He could feel their bond growing. Liz looked up at Max and flashed him a knowing smile. Max turned his attention back to the phone and said, “Give us 24 hours sheriff, there’s something important that we have to do here.” The sheriff, then concerned for the teens, asked if they needed his help. Shaking his head and squeezing Liz closer into his side, Max told the sheriff that what they had to do, they had to do alone. Just before hanging up he asked the sheriff to have Michael and Isabelle close up the pod chamber and retrieve his Jeep from the dessert. The sheriff informed Max to call if they needed anything. The sheriff’s’ father side came out, and he asked if they needed him to wire them money. Max thanked him, but told him that they had plastic it would be fine.

After hanging up the phone, Max turned to Liz and said, “We need to find a place to stay.” Liz looked up at him and smiled. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. All she could do since they arrive in Vegas was smile. Something strange happened in the grinolith and Liz couldn’t wait to talk to Max about it.

Holding shopping bags in one hand and the key card to the room in the other, Max attempted to open the door to the hotel room. As it popped open, Max moved back to allow Liz to enter. Liz put down her shopping bags just inside the doorway and placed her hands on her hips as she examined the room. Looking from one side of the room to other, Liz turned back to Max and, in her best southern accent, said, “Why Mr. Evans, the room is just beautiful. But what ever did you have in mind for that king size bed?” The blood slowly crept up Max’s neck and face and he couldn’t speak. He suddenly found the carpet beneath his feet very interesting. To save him, at that moment, he could not look back up to her eyes. Liz moved in front of Max and stood just inches from him. Taking her finger, she placed her hand under Max’s chin, just as he had done her, and raised his eyes to meet hers. Looking deep into his eyes, she sported a grin on her face and said, “Such modesty from a man who ripped my night gown off last night.” A large grin suddenly appeared on his face at the memory. He dropped the shopping bags, grabbed Liz around her waist, and swung her around the room.

Meanwhile in Roswell, Tess was reading in her room when she heard the sheriff yell. Tess get in here!

Call The Man - Part 8

They are doing what in Vegas? The sheriff yelled at Tess.

Tess stood before the sheriff, and she knew her face had to be deep red. “Bonding, sheriff,” They are bonding she said again and weakly added, “They can’t control it sheriff. It controls them. They are bonding. It’s the way our people mate.” She looked past the sheriff to Kyle on the sofa, then looked back at the sheriff. She continued, “It was supposed
to be to me. I mean, it was suppose to me that mated with Max. I’m his, his…No, I was his queen. But, but, she stuttered, his bond in this life began with Liz long before I arrived in Roswell.”

Sheriff Valenti ran his hand through his hair and looked toward the phone. Looking to his son and then at Tess, the sheriff shouted, “I have to stop this nonsense now! Mating at 17. No way in my right mind can I knowingly condone two teenagers to, uh, uh … mate.”

Tess raised her pale blue eyes and looked squarely into the eyes of the sheriff and said. “It’s too late sheriff. The only way to stop it was for one of them to die before the bonding process competed. It’s done now. There’s nothing you can do.

While shaking his head in defeat, the sheriff snatched his jacket from the back of a chair and headed toward the door. Turning back toward Tess and Kyle, he said, “I have to go and talk with their parents. They will be worried.”

From the sofa Kyle stopped his father’s retreat by saying, “Hey Dad, let me get the door for you.” Kyle then raised his arm up and pointed to the door. It swung open. His dad turned around and shot him a puzzled look. Turning back toward the door he continued to shake his head as he left. Yelling back over his shoulder he said, “close the door son.” His life in Roswell just got stranger and stranger by the minute he thought.

“Michael how did the sheriff say that Max and Liz got to Vegas?” Isabelle asked.

Concentrating on his driving, Michael replied, “I don’t know something about transporting through the grinolith. It sounds kind of science fiction to me.”

Laughing, Isabelle turned to Michael and said, “Yeah, Mr. Alien real science fiction. Now watch the road, the jeep should be coming up soon.”

Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas
After swinging Liz around, Max collapsed with her laughing on the bed. Liz was across Max’s chest. With her elbows propped up, she rested her face in both her hands. She looked at Max and in a serious tone said, “How did you know what I was going to do in the grinolith?”

Raising his head up slightly he looked at her and said, “I didn’t know Liz. Not until I stepped in with you. Why would you try to do something like that and how did you know how to work that thing?”

Liz dropped her eyes, then looked back up at him. “You already know why Max.” She dropped her eyes from his so she couldn’t see the pain that was there. She told him that some of the information she retrieved from deep down in Tess’ mind. The flashes she received when she touched the grinolith told her how to use it. Finally looking back to his amber eyes, she asked, “How did you get us here to Vegas Max?”

Max replied. “I’m not really sure how it worked, somehow I just knew. It was like it recognized me. I concentrated on Vegas and pooled my strength to yours then here we are.” Thinking of the trip, he excited added, “Did you feel the energy that thing poured back through us? I felt every cell in my body tingle before it put us down.”

Liz almost lost in those beautiful eyes, asked Max what he had seen while they were in the grinolith. He gave her a serious look and told her that there was so much and it went by so fast that he couldn’t determine any one particular thing. He looked up at her and asked her what she had seen.

Liz locked her gaze with his and in a dreamy voice said, “I think I saw our children Max.”

A broad smile spread across Max’s face, and he rolled her over until he was on top. Looking down into her eyes, he said, “I always knew you were my queen Liz.” His mouth found hers and their souls blended.

The bonding has begun.

Their bodies were meshed together. Liz could feel the pounding of his heart or was it hers? It was as if neither could control what would follow. All constraints that held them back melted away. Their souls knew each other, and their bodies screamed out for the others touch.

Hunger fueled Max as he traced his tongue along Liz’s lower lip asking for permission to enter. He knew he would not be refused. The bonding controlled him showing him the way. His tongue greedily entered her mouth and searched out each crevice. Her tongue met his and they danced in rhythm.

Max released her mouth from his invasion and sought out her silky neck. He breathed in deeply letting himself get drunk from her scent. It too fueled him on. At each touch of his lips and hands on her skin, he could hear Liz’s soft moans. He could feel her body’s response to his. Small hands caressed his back pulling him even closer deeper into her soul. Soft lips kissed his broad shoulders. Her body arched upward into his chest; her breasts swelled with desire. His manhood rose crying out for her touch.

Barriers of clothing were gracefully shed. His body was driven on by need. His full lips found the swell of her breasts and devoured their sweet taste. Each touch of his mouth and tongue sent her body into spasms causing her to thrust upward closer to the sweet torture he provided. The heated air swirled around them, and the green glow they produced from their intimate embraces swirled with it until it consumed the room.

His lips hungrily moved down the soft skin of her abdomen, tasting touching sending shivers through her heated flesh.

As he slowly climbed back up her body to find her lips, goose bumps covered her delicate flesh. Her legs parted pleading for his entry. His body was quick to answer her need. His manhood came into contact with the moist folds of his desire. Her pain was dwarfed by the pleasure as he thrust deeply into his total possession of her body, her heart and her soul.

Call The Man - Part 9

As they flew at 3200 feet above the many cities below, Liz and Max were in their own little world. Max sat in the window seat with Liz protectively tucked under his left arm. Her head rested comfortably on his muscular shoulder and upper chest. His right hand absentmindedly stroked her hair that spilled down her arm. Max thought that life could not get any better than this. He had only dreamed that one day Liz would be his. And now that she was, he tightened his embrace to protect her from anything that might threaten to pull her away.

They were interrupted by the voice of the attendant. “What would the newly weds like to drink,” she asked. Liz quickly flashed her dark eyes to the green eyes of the attendant and asked her why she thought they were newly weds. The attendant responded with a beautiful smile and said, “Well honey, you’re both are just glowing.” A panicked looked crossed Liz’s face and she darted her eyes to Max.

Max leaned down placing his lips against the warm skin of her right ear and whispered, “It’s ok Liz, the glow, It’s not green.”

“Liz, Liz.” Maria screamed over the heads of the people who came off the plane. Liz saw Maria standing with Michael and waved her hand high in the air to let her know that she saw her. As they neared, Maria forcefully pulled Liz from Max’s grasp and gave her a big hug. Max never let Liz fall from his sight. As Michael came to Max’s side and said his hello, Max continued to dart looks toward Liz and Maria. He could see Liz doing the same. He wanted to be touching Liz as they walked, but Maria refused to release her. Max could hear some of Liz’s thoughts as Maria pounded her with questions. The girls hugged together and talked softly as they walked behind the guys to the Jetta. Suddenly, Maria’s voiced could be heard in an excited high pitch saying, “What? How many times?” Max felt the blood rush up his neck and face. Careful to avoid Maria’s gaze, he looked back shyly to meet Liz’s eyes. He again heard Maria raise her voice and this time yell out to Michael, “Hey Space Boy, me and you tonight; We are going to talk!” Michael wondering why Maria might be upset turned to Max and asked what have I done now. Max, with a half smile on his face, just examined his shoes and told Michael that he was sure he had no idea. Michael then turned his attention to the grinolith and told Max he wanted to take a turn in that thing.

“Mom, I told you, my battery was dead in the cell phone. The sheriff told you didn’t he?” said Liz. Her mom was not so easily fooled. She had seen the way Max had held her daughter, caressed her hair and called her his queen. Max couldn’t hide his feelings from her. She saw how the love shined from his eyes when he looked at her daughter. And she saw the way he kissed Liz right in front of her. No this mom was no fool she could tell, that boy had claimed her daughter as his own, and nothing she could do now could change it. The only thing she couldn’t figure out was why Jim Valenti was covering for them.

“Another week grounded Huh Liz?” Alex asked from the counter at the Crashdown. Liz continued to wipe down the counter and just turned her eyes to Alex and nodded yes. “Have you talked to Max since you got back?’ he asked.

Liz shot him a bright smile and pointed to her head and said, “Constantly Alex.” Over the last few days she had been learning how to block out parts of her mind so that Max’s thoughts wouldn’t just fly in. The customers at the Crashdown wondered why Liz seemed to be constantly blushing. It was hard to keep any secrets from your Alien Mate. Since Max wasn’t allowed to come and see her, one night she projected to his room. But it wasn’t the same as really being there, and the projections were always so short. She was still not sure how she entered Tess’ mind, and she had not been able to repeat the process since her return from Vegas. Of course, she hadn’t tried it on anyone except Maria and Alex. Maybe it only works on Aliens.

“Kyle you can do this, I know you can. Here hold my hand and let me help you,” said Tess. Kyle reached out and grasped her hand. “Ready,” she said. Kyle nodded his head. “Now, concentrate on the boulder exploding from the inside out. I taught this to Michael, and I can teach it you.” Tess continued. Kyle concentrated on the boulder as he was instructed and watched in amazement as it exploded. Ecstatic that it worked, he pulled Tess in to him raised her small frame high in the air before twirling around with her. Bringing her quickly back down he deposited a sweet kiss of her forehead and said thanks Tess. Tess looked up at Kyle and smiled and said “Your welcome Kyle.” Now try it on your own.”

Liz didn’t know what it was, but this feeling of overwhelming doom loomed in the back of her mind. It was almost as if she could feel someone or something calling out for her. She stood at the glass door in the Crashdown and scanned the gray clouds that were forming overhead. Max do you feel it? Liz asked in her head. She didn’t hear an immediate response from Max so she asked again. Finally Max sent her a reply. He told her that he didn’t know what it was, but he had to see her and he needed to get the whole group together. Liz told him that he would have to come and ask her mom if she could go. She was still grounded. Without hesitation, she heard Max reply. Done. He would need all his charm for this and maybe a little alien persuasion. Here Liz was the wife of an Alien King and grounded by her mom. Sometimes life can be so cruel she thought.

While waiting on Max, Liz smiled as she thought of Vegas. Yet, her smile soon faded when the weight of the future possibilities came crashing down on her. Had she just sealed the fate of the world with her actions? Where those sweet faces of children she hope to have one day only one of the many branches of a future that lie ahead?
Had the future already been changed or was the path still leading to the End of the World?

Her thoughts were soon halted when she heard Max’s voice in her head. He must have felt her desperation. He asked her if she needed him. Her gaze went back to the gray sky, and she placed her right hand over her heart. She thought, “He has no idea how much HE IS NEEDED HERE!”

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Call The Man - Part 10

While she sat on the passenger side of the jeep Liz turned to Max and asked,“ How did you do it, Max? Somehow I don’t believe that Mom just took one look at that adorable face of yours and just said take her she’s yours. I don’t think so, Max. I know my mom. It just would not happen. Not in this lifetime anyway. “ Max looked over at his queen and flashed her a little smile. He could not believe how much he had missed her. He thought that she was more beautiful than the last time he had seen her, and he could not wait to see the Crashdown disappear in the rear view so he could hold her again.

Well, how did you do it? Liz asked again. Max looked over at her and told her that he told her mom the truth. A little uneasy with that answer Liz pressed him on by asking what truth.

Max flashed her a devilish grin and said, “I told her that I loved her daughter and I could not survive another minute if she did not let me see you. I told her that I am an Alien King and you were already my queen in every way possible. I told her that we had already experienced the most incredible night of wild alien sex imaginable. I told her that we were bonded forever. I told her that you are the love of my life and …”

He was interrupted when Liz smacked him on the arm. Max gave her a half smile then and said, “Ok, ok, I told her we had a science project we needed to work on.”

“What do you mean I’m not doing it right Maria? I think I know how to work this thing.” Michael roared. Max knocked lightly on the door after hearing Michael’s voice. Cautiously he pushed the door open and peered in. He had Liz pressed tightly against his side not allowing her to see inside until he was sure that everything was kosher. Marie, seeing Liz, ran to her side and pulled her from Max and gave her a hug. Max, with a curious look on his face, looked at Michael and asked him what they were doing. Michael looked at Max and held up a hammer and said trying to hang this picture.

Alex was next to come bounding into the apartment followed by Tess and Isabelle. Kyle was the last to arrive. Everyone found seats and made him or herself comfortable before Max spoke.

Max stood before the group and had Liz pressed close to his side. He just had to have her in contact with him. Max continued throughout the night to look down into Liz’s eyes, and she would flash him knowing smiles. It was obvious to anyone that saw them that these two people were bonded together.

Tess had not spoken since she arrived. However, she continued to steal looks at both Max and Liz. Liz could see the sadness in her eyes when she caught her gaze. She knew that Tess was needed for this group and for the world to survive. Leaving Max’s side she made her way over to Tess and asked her if she were all right with everything. Tess raised her eyes to Liz and shook her head yes. However, Liz knew that Tess was far from all right. Everything Tess had been raised to believe had changed over the last week. Tess believed that she was the true the queen. Liz knew that if it was turned around and it was she, she would differently not be ok with this arrangement. However, Liz also knew that although Tess felt that she should be Max’s queen; she knew that Tess held no love for Max. She saw that when she entered her mind. But, she also felt something from Tess, which she could not explain. It made her shiver to think about it. There was a section of Tess’ brain that hid something dark and ominous.

Stepping back to Max’s side Liz looked up into his eyes. Max explained to group about the powers that Liz had developed. He was not sure if everyone was aware of all the changes that she had been experiencing, so he started from the beginning. He informed the group that Liz had the projection ability, the telepathic ability with him, and the ability to enter someone’s mind. Max also explained that Liz’s powers were getting stronger each day and he was not sure of what might develop in the future. He then looked over at Kyle and Tess and asked them to explain what changes were going on with Kyle.

Tess then spoke up almost as if she were proud of the changes in Kyle and informed the group of the powers that Kyle had developed and how proficient he had gotten in using them. Telekinesis seemed to be the main change. However, she explained how he was able to focus his power to crack boulders too. She went on to tell the group that she felt that with a few more practice sessions Kyle would be able to produce the alien blast similar to Michael.

Remembering the connection he had with Liz concerning the details that the future version of himself had given Liz, Max thought over the changes in Kyle. He felt that having Michael and Kyle both as warriors in their fight would prove to be very beneficial to the group and to the approaching struggle to save both of their worlds.

The group sat and talked for several hours about what the future might hold for them and how all their lives had changed over the last two years. Liz never left Max’s side. She had waited too long to be with Max and now that she was, she was never willingly going to leave him again. Max hearing her thoughts flashed her loving smiles as the night past by. Those glances and the way that Liz and Max touched constantly throughout the evening did not go unnoticed by Tess.

Call the Man - Part 11

The day had progressed just as so many others had before it. Aliens not only walked and lived among them but they also loved and played major parts in the lives of the humans in Roswell, New Mexico. It had been almost 12 months since the alien bonding of Liz and Max. The year was filled with love and happiness for the alien King and his human Queen. Liz’s Mom tried for a while to slow the relationship down between Liz and Max, but soon found out that it was impossible to do so. Reluctantly, she had to accept the fact that Liz and Max would always be together and she was not surprised when Liz informed her that she and Max wanted to get married. Oh, at first she reminded Liz that she was only 18 and way to young to marry and take on the responsibilities that comes with it. However, she knew that nothing she could do would prevent the forthcoming marriage of Liz Parker and Max Evans. Liz knew what the future would hold for her and desperately tried to live each day as if it was the last day that she would be with Max. Both their young lives had already been filled with major responsibilities. These were responsibilities that the unknowing humans of Roswell could not even comprehend.

Max smiled as he looked up into the beautiful face of his queen when she walked to his booth at the Crashdown. Although during the year Liz had learned to block Max from receiving all of her thoughts, she could not block out the way Max could pick up on her feelings. He could feel the worry that she was trying to hide from him. The smile faded from Max’s face, and he stood up as Liz approached him and pulled her into his embrace. Liz’s head fit perfectly just under his chin. With her still locked in his embrace, Max pulled back so he could see her eyes and he said, “Tell me.”

Reluctantly Liz said, “I heard another voice in my head Max.” Concerned, and a little jealous, Max asked her whose voice. Liz shook her head and told him that she was not sure. The voice was one that she had never heard before. After taking a seat close to Max in the booth, Liz went on to say that the voice was attempting to give her direction on the use of the grinolith. She looked down at her hands in her lap and then back up into Max’s eyes. Oh how she loved looking into those eyes.

After a brief pause, Max pressed Liz for more information. He wanted to know exactly what Liz had been told. While squeezing Liz’s hand he asked her if he could connect with her to see for himself what had transpired. Liz still with her eyes locked with Max, raised her head and allowed her lips to meet those of Max. The connection formed immediately and Max was flooded with the images and the voice of the stranger who had entered Liz’s head. At first Max thought that maybe Tess was again playing games with them by imposing false images into their minds. He let that thought drop when he too heard the voice giving Liz instructions on the grinolith. Max pulled back from the kiss and looked deep into Liz’s dark eyes. Finding his voice he finally spoke, “Liz, I will be the one that has to go.”

Liz immediately started shaking her head no and tears began to fill her eyes. She could not bear the thought of being separated from Max. She immediately started protesting against his decision. Tears were freely falling down her cheeks. Max raised his hand and wiped away her tears. He then pressed her head close to his chest. In a determined voice he said, “Tonight we are flying to Vegas. I want to legally marry you Liz Parker.” He could feel Liz nodding her head in agreement against his chest. However, their plans were quickly halted when both Max and Liz suddenly looked off into space like they were hearing a private conversation in their head. After only a few minutes they exchanged a knowing look and they both stood up and headed to the jeep.

“Do you feel it Alex? Can you hear it?” Isabelle asked. Alex just looked at Isabelle like she had grown another head and asked her what she was talking about. Isabelle reached over and took Alex’s hand and drew it up to her cheek. While looking into his blue eyes she said, “Something is calling me to the pod chamber.” Alex had lived with aliens all his life, known that he had for three years, and nothing surprised him anymore. He just stood up extended his hand to Isabelle and pulled her to her feet. If she needed to go to the pod chamber then he would go with her.

At the Valenti home, Tess was cooking dinner when she froze in front of the stove. After only a few minutes, she slowly turned around and saw that Kyle was looking at her with a solemn face. She raised her eyes to his and before she could speak Kyle said, “I heard it Tess. Let’s go.”

“Michael are you ok?” asked Maria. Michael never spoke. Maria asked again, but Michael stood frozen like a statue then he raised his eyes to Marie and told her that something was calling him to the pod chamber and he had to go right then. He just headed for the door. Maria was quickly on his heels.

Max and Liz were standing at the entrance to the pod chamber when they saw the headlights of three vehicles headed toward them. They both knew that their friends were on their way to the pod chamber too. What they didn’t know was what had called them there or what would be waiting on the other side of that rock wall.

Call The Man - Part 12

Max stood before the opening to the pod chamber and waved his hand over the rock. When the familiar silver handprint was revealed, Max aligned his own hand in the print and the rock slid open to the chamber. With Liz pressed tightly to his side Max stepped through the opening. The remainder of the small group followed him inside.

The exterior chamber was empty. Instinct drove the group of aliens forward into the grinolith chamber until they surrounded the large humming cone. Like a choreographed performance, all four of the aliens and the two changed humans simultaneously joined hands forming a circle around the cone. Max held Liz’s hand on his right and Tess’ hand on his left. Maria and Alex stood back and watched as everything unfolded before them. Maria noticed that all of their eyes were closed and they each had a blank expression on their faces. They were in some type of trance off in their own little world. Amazed by this she moved her glance from one person to the other. However, Alex’s eyes remained steady on Isabelle. Alex noticed that the expression on Isabelle’s face suddenly changed to one of fear and he rushed forward. As his hand came into contact with her shoulder, Isabelle faded from his view. In shock Alex darted his eyes toward Max and watched as a terrified Tess and Liz also faded away.

Max, Michael, and Kyle remained in a trance. Their arms still extended as if still holding the hands of the females. Alex rushed to Max and forcefully shook him calling his name. Slowly, Max began to come back from the trance. With a shocked look on his face he turned to Alex and asked where the girls had gone. Alex, almost in tears, told him that they just disappeared. He saw the helpless look on Max’s face and chose not to tell him just yet of the fearful expression each girl had on their face as they faded from view.

“What happened Max? Where is Liz?” Maria pleaded. Max had no answer to give her. He just did not know why the girls were taken from them. He tried to connect with Liz in vain. He felt so empty. For the last year, the connection he had shared with Liz had allowed him to always know where she was. Now, the love of his life was ripped away from him, and the pain was more than he felt he could tolerate. Half of himself was now missing. The voice that had brought them all to the pod chamber was no longer there. The guys were confused, lost, and helpless to even attempt to locate the missing girls. Max fell to his knees. His eyes were filled with tears and he screamed out Liz’s name.

As if the grinolith were alive, Max turned his anger on it and screamed out at the grinolith. He demanded that Liz be returned. The grinolith just ignored his pleas. Max getting more frustrated moved to the grinolith and pounded his fist against the smooth surface. As his hand came into contact with the cool material, a red glow illuminated out and consumed Max. Then Max felt the world go black and his body fell motionless to the floor beside of the grinolith.

Liz felt her body drift into millions of pieces and then the pieces came flying back together. She was enclosed by a brilliant bright light all around her. Every cell in her body tingled and her lungs burned with the need of oxygen. She felt her legs give way beneath her and the cold floor hit her body. While placing her hand to her throat, she gasped for air. A sharp pain was felt in her upper arm just as the bright light faded to black and Liz lost consciousness.

Groggily, Liz opened her eyes. She could feel the wonderful oxygen flowing in and out of her lungs with ease now. She opened her hand beside her and drew it across the silky material. She thought that she might be on a bed of some sort. Slowly she turned her head to the left and saw Isabelle and Tess also placed on similar beds. Isabelle was just coming around. Liz forced herself up to a sitting position while she kept herself upright with her arms extended back behind her. She could not remember how she got to this room. Looking around her she saw a wall of windows which opened into a beautiful large green garden. The garden was enclosed in a clear glass like dome.

Isabelle and Tess were both awake now and they too were sitting up examining the room. Although all three girls were confused they seemed to be in perfect health and had not been harmed in any way.

To the right of Liz’s bed was a blank wall with a small door containing a large lock. The door creaked as it slowly opened. Fear rose up in Liz. Her mind reached out to Max. But she could not feel him anywhere. She was on her own. A woman entered the room and flashed the three girls a warm smile. Her brown eyes shined as she looked at each of the three girls. Her voice was friendly and soothing as she began to speak. Again she glanced at each girl then walked over to the middle bed occupied by Isabelle and said, “One of you is my daughter.” Looking directly into Isabelle’s eyes the women asked her if she was Vilondra. Isabelle with tears shining in her eyes nodded her head yes and told the women that her name was Isabelle now.

The women then looked at Liz and then at Tess and said another one of you is the bride of my son and our next Queen. Liz could not speak. Tess was quick to find her voice. She immediately claimed to be the future Queen. Isabelle watched the exchange between Tess and the women that claimed to be her mother. A feeling of fear once again rose up into Isabelle’s chest. She addressed the women and said, “If you are truly my mother, then why are we held captive in this room?”

Max refused to leave the grinolith chamber. Michael and Kyle each on either side of Max led him out of the chamber and into the Jeep passenger seat. Max was almost in a catatonic state by then. Michael loaded his dirt bike in back of the jeep and led the other vehicles out of the dessert. Alex drove while Maria cried all the way back to Roswell.

Kyle and Michael almost carried Max into the Valenti home. The sheriff had been very surprised to see the state Max was in. Looking over to Kyle he asked what happened to Max. Kyle told his dad how Tess, Liz and Isabelle had disappeared at the grinolith. The sheriff was not surprised that the grinolith could transport the girls. He knew that Max had used it for travel when he went to Vegas. In an attempt to ease the troubled look on Max’s face he said that they had no reason to believe that the girls had been harmed.

Sheriff Valenti knew the procedure to follow when a routine abduction had occurred. However, he had never been faced with this type of alien abduction. He had no idea who might have taken the girls or how to even begin to get them back. Now he was left with the sad task of having to explain to the Parkers and the Evans that their daughters were missing. At least Tess was his responsibility, and he knew of the circumstances. He knew Tess possessed powers that might help protect her. He thought that things would be a lot easier on the other two families if they knew the truth about their children.

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Call The Man - Part 13

A week had passed and the sheriff had not received anything on the location of the missing three girls. He tossed his jacket on the back of the chair and started to unfasten his gun when he heard his phone ring.

Max had just existed during the past week. His parents and Liz’s parents were devastated with the disappearance of Isabelle and Liz. Max himself was racked with guilt. He not only was powerless to prevent the abduction of his sister but also of his love Liz. His eyes were dull now. His face pale. He faced each day as if he were a robot and did what he had to do automatically. But, his life, his love and his purpose for living left with Liz. He had tried every free moment to contact Liz through the connection that they had shared. Each attempt was met with frustration. Each attempt forced Max to face the possibility of having to live the rest of his life with out his heart.

Maria had found herself torn between babysitting Alex and Max. Her own heart could not face the possibility of never seeing Liz again. So, she poured her energy into the care and feeding of Max and Alex. Kyle seemed to have held up much better than the other two guys. He kept his spirits up and daily told himself that this would be the day that they were returned. He knew how strong Tess and Isabelle were, and he knew that the powers Liz had developed had grown so strong over the past year that they might even have exceeded those of both Tess and Isabelle.

“Hello, this is Valenti. You have! How many were found? Are they Ok? … Get an ambulance out there now!” Sheriff Valenti yelled over the phone.

Max heard the phone ring but did not have the energy to pick it up. He heard his mother’s voice grow excited and yell to him that he needed to get the phone. It was the sheriff. Max weakly said Hello and grew silent as he listened to the sheriff on the line. Jumping to his feet, Max asked if one of them was Liz. The sheriff told him that he didn’t know. They were on the way to the hospital. Without stopping Max ran past his mother yelling out that she needed to call his dad that they had found two of the girls and they were on their way to the hospital. Max was filled with hope.

After Double parking the jeep, Max jumped from the vehicle and ran through the glass doors of the emergency room. The Sheriff was already there and he grabbed Max by the arm to slow him down. Max with his eyes darting around the busy emergency room asked the sheriff where they were. The sheriff told him that they were both in bay five. Max was almost afraid to ask if Liz was one of the two found. The sheriff looked Max in the eyes and told him that the two girls were Isabelle and Liz. He dropped his eyes and said Tess was still missing. The sheriff continued to tell Max that both girls were found out in the dessert and they were badly battered, severely dehydrated and unconscious. Max pulled his arm free of the sheriff’s grasp and headed to bay five. Behind him entering the emergency room doors were his and Liz’s parents all hopeful but fearing the worst.

Max entered the bay and made his way to Liz. He knelt down beside the gurney and placed his hand on the side of Liz’s face. Tears were freely running down his face. He looked over at his sister and placed his other hand on the side of her face.

The two sets of parents entered the room then. Both sets ran to their daughters. Max dropped his hands from the girls and turned around to his dad and told him to ask the medical personnel to leave the room. His father objected for a minute but saw the determination in his son’s face and did as he was told. When the medical personnel vacated the room, Mr. Evans pulled the door shut and turned to his son. Max without hesitation stood between the two gurneys and placed a hand on the head of each girl. He looked at his parents then at Liz’s parents. Looking down at his sister and then at Liz, Max looked back up at his parents and said, “This is what I am...What we are...Please don’t be afraid.” Both of his hands began to glow green and it filtered from his hands into both girls and both of their bodies glowed a brilliant green as Max poured the healing power from his body to theirs.

Outside of the room, the sheriff saw the green glow leaking out from under the door and attempted to distract the medical personnel by knocking over a rack of medical supplies. His little ruse worked. When he looked back at the door the glow was gone.

Max moved his hands from the girls and fell back against the wall. His father was quick to take hold of his son and support his weight while he moved him to a nearby stool. Max’s mom placed her hand on Max’s face and he heard her say thank you. Mrs. Evans then turned her attention to Isabelle. The Parkers stood staring at Max. The surprise was evident from the expressions on their face. Mr. Parker looked from Max to Liz then back to Max. In a concerned voice he asked Max if Liz would be ok. Max gave Mr. Parker a half smile and told him that they were fine now just sleeping. To Max’s surprise Mr. Parker grabbed his hand and shook it while thanking him for what he had just done for his daughter. Mr. Parker had a feeling that he should also thank Max for saving his daughter from the gun shot that happened in the Crashdown a few years ago. Mrs. Parker stepped to her daughter’s side and held on to her hand. It seems that both sets of parents somehow knew in the back of their minds that something was just different about their children. But the difference did not matter to them. All they saw when they looked at their children was just that. No matter what else they were, they were their children.

Max sat beside Liz’s bed holding on to her hand. Her parents were both on the sofa on the other side of her bed. Max felt Liz stir and raised up to look into her eyes. Liz opened her big brown eyes and smiled as she looked into Max’s eyes. His own smile spread across his face. Liz continued to study his handsome features. Max asked her how she was feeling. She broke her gaze with his eyes and looked around the room. She could see the concerned faces on everyone in the room. Liz looked back up into Max’s amber eyes and asked, “Where am I and who are you?” Max’s heart went from soaring in the sky to crashing to the floor. The other half to his soul did not know who he was.

Isabelle opened her eyes and smiled as she saw Alex’s face hovering above her. Alex caressed her cheek with the back of his hand and asked Isabelle if she was ok. Isabelle looked back into his blue concerned eyes and said, “I’m fine Alex. Where is Liz and Tess?”

Tess was alone now. She sunk down to the floor and brought her knees up. She wrapped her arms around her knees and pulled them up close to her chest. Tears leaked out from under her thick lashes. She had no idea if Isabelle and Liz were successful in their attempt to escape. All she knew was that she didn’t make it. She held her mind warp a few seconds too long and was caught.

Tess was alone and still captive of an unknown alien race. Isabelle and Liz had successfully escaped from their captures. However, Liz had expended extreme amounts of power during her escape and had been injured to the point that she had lost her memory. Liz no longer knew who or what she was. She found herself drawn to the handsome face of the one called Max.

From her hospital bed, Liz looked over to the dozing form of Max on the sofa and her heart told her to Call The Man he’s needed here.

As if she had no control of her actions, Liz slowly arose from her bed and walked the short distance to the sofa. She sat down along side his muscular body and lowered her face until her lips were just a few millimeters from his. Even in sleep, Max could sense when Liz was near. Max opened his eyes and was afraid to move. He was afraid that his mate, his wife, the other half of his soul might run away if he moved. So, he just watched her. Liz’s dark eyes found his amber ones and she was lost in those eyes. It seemed that her body knew the way here. It was like her soul knew him even though her mind did not. She breathed in deeply inhaling the wonderful masculine scent of Max. He still remained frozen afraid to move. Liz closed her eyes and her own body, as if it had a mind of its own, pulled her closer to Max. His lips were drawing her in. She felt the surge of electricity when her lips softly brushed against his. Liz pulled back and opened her eyes; she was looking into those beautiful amber eyes again. Liz moved her lips to his one more time and this time she felt him respond. She felt two strong arms surround her body and pull her flush to his. Yes, this definitely felt familiar she thought. She heard his voice in her mind. She clearly heard him say that he loved her. She felt his tongue trace along her bottom lip and obediently she let him enter. Her body was responding to this man in way she wished she could remember. Her thin hospital gown and his clothing were all that separated their overheated bodies. The air around them began to swirl with the heat. Liz could feel the desire in her own body reach out and match the desire in his. He hungrily brought his mouth to her neck and she could feel him devour her flesh. His hand found its way under the thin gown and her breasts swelled from his tender touch. He could hear her soft moans. Those moans drove him wild with desire and his body took control of his mind. He had been without Liz for a week and he was starved for her. He held her tightly afraid to loosen his grip or she would disappear. His heart pounded in his ears, and his blood boiled. He knew her body. Her body wanted him as much as he wanted her. All that kept Liz’s body from him was that thin gown. Liz heard the fabric of her gown rip and immediately felt his warmth cover her. Max pulled back from Liz for just a few seconds and smiled at what Liz had just told him in his head. “I remember this,” she had said.

Call The Man - Part 14

Max heard a knock on the door. Liz, Maria called out before she pushed the hospital door open. “Oh my God!” she yelled out when she saw Max and Liz on the sofa. Max should be used to this by now. It seems that Maria just has this radar that zooms in at the worst time possible for his and Liz’s romantic relationship. Maria pivoted in place and hurriedly pushed Michael back outside the door.

Liz looked up at Max with an embarrassed blush across her cheeks. Laughing, Max let his weight drop back down on to Liz. Liz, confused by his behavior, pushed him off until he fell, still laughing, in the floor. Liz made her way across the room grabbing a fresh gown on the way, and jumped back into the hospital bed. Max still on the floor raised up and yelled to Maria that they could come in now.

Maria cautiously pushed the door open and peered in. Turning back to Michael she said, “Come on in Space Boy he’s off of her now.” Liz just pulled the blankets up and hid her face. Max was euphoric with a grin on his face; he rose up from the floor and buttoned his shirt while he climbed on to the bed along side of Liz. He placed an arm around her and tried to pull the blanket away from her face with his other hand. Liz would not give. That face of hers was staying hid.

Maria came along side of Liz and tried to peer under the blanket to see her face. Trying to make things better for Liz Maria said, “ Its ok Liz, for the last year I can’t tell you how many times I have walked in on you and Max making love.” Yeah, that really helped Liz thought. Max just smiled at Liz and hugged her closer to his side.

Michael found a seat on the sofa arm and brought the conversation away from the current situation. He asked Liz if her memory had returned. Liz heard the serious tone in his voice and slowly brought her face from behind the blankets. She looked at Michael and with a slight grin on her face, she said, “I think so, you’re Kyle right?” Michael was not amused. He huffed and said very funny Liz. Now, would you mind telling us where you guys have been and where is Tess?

Most of Liz’s memory had returned, but she drew a blank when she tried to remember what had happened to her or where she had been for the last week. She heard Max tell her not to worry that everything would be ok. Max then leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead. He could not believe that the nightmare he had endured for the last week was over and he had Liz back with him. He vowed that he would never let her leave his sight again. Liz heard his thoughts and she flashed him a smile. That smile melted his heart. He couldn’t help but to plant a sweet kiss on her lips.

Max and Liz both looked up when they heard Alex’s voice. “At it again huh Maria? Alex asked. Maria just looked up at Alex and Isabelle and shook her head yes. Alex ushered Isabelle over to have a seat next to Michael. He then sat down next to her.

Michael turned his attention to Isabelle and asked her what had happened. Isabelle remembered everything that had happened to them. She told of how they were transported to this ship located out in space. She told them how the oxygen was too thin on the ship for the three of them to breathe and they were placed in a conservatory where the plants produced enough fresh oxygen for them to survive. She was interrupted when Kyle entered the room. Kyle nodded to Isabelle and then Liz he then took a seat on the other side of Liz’s bed.

Isabelle repeated what she had just said for Kyle and then continued. She told how the alien race had tried to fool her into thinking that they were her family. It was a deception that failed to work. She said that they never told them who they were or what they were called. However, they were told that they wanted the grinolith and they wanted the Antarian Queen. The queen would be a very important card to hold in the event they would need to trade her for the grinolith. The aliens had some type of technology that located us on earth and they sent us the verbal message to trick us into going to the grinolith. They then tapped in through us and used the power of the grinolith to transport all three girls to the ship. They only wanted the queen but had no way of knowing which one until they got us all three to the ship. Looking at Kyle, Isabelle told them that Tess’ misguided ambition to be queen caused her to admit to being the one they wanted. She quickly added that without Tess she and Liz could never have escaped. She explained how Liz had figured out how to work the transporter and planned the escape. Isabelle had located the medical supplies and stole enough tri-oxide compound injections for them to allow them to breathe long enough to make the trip to the transporter.

Stopping for a few moments Isabelle looked over at Max and Liz before going on. Max gave her an encouraging smile. Isabelle told how they all three made their way to the transporter with Tess mind warping the aliens. She then looked back at Liz and up into Max’s face. Addressing Max she said, “You would not believe the power that Liz possesses Max. She shielded us all while we fought our way to the transporter. They just kept coming at us and threw everything they could, but she was able to hold them off. We finally made it to the transporter room and we were surprised from behind. Liz and I were hit hard with several power blasts.” Isabelle looked at Max and she saw him gaze down to Liz and tighten his arm around her. Isabelle felt Alex do the same to her.

After smiling up at Alex, Isabelle continued. Looking over at Kyle Isabelle said, “Tess saved us. She was using her mind warp and somehow she got them to just freeze while I pulled Liz to the transporter. I screamed for Tess to hurry, but it was too late. The aliens had her. So, Liz and I hit the switch and we found ourselves back in the grinolith chamber. The rest you already know.”

Kyle had remained silent while Isabelle explained what had happened to them. He looked at Max and then at Michael and said,” So what is the plan to get Tess back?”

Call the Man - Part 15

“Hi guys,” a female voice said as the door pushed opened to Liz’s hospital room. “The plan right now is for Ms. Evans to return to her room and all of you guys go home. Visiting hours are over.” Max looked down at Liz and then back up to the nurse. The nurse saw the expression on Max’s face and quickly added, “You can stay if you’re a husband or you soon will be.” A grin spread across Max’s face and he hugged Liz closer to him. The nurse just flashed them both a smile and stood back holding the door while everyone exited the room.

“Max I’m fine. You know I’m fine. You healed me. Now let me walk up the steps by myself. Ok?” Liz stated as she climbed the steps to her family’s apartment. Max just released his grasp on her waist and followed behind her up the steps. Mr. Parker just watched the two kids from the bottom of the steps and grinned while he shook his head. He turned to his wife and told her that Liz and Max were already acting like a married couple. Nancy didn’t smile but nodded her head in agreement.

“Liz you can forget it. I am not leaving you. Either you let me stay with you or you can come home with me. The choice is yours.” Max stated in a determined tone. The choice was made for them when Nancy Parker knocked on the open door frame and entered the room. She walked over to Max and handed him a set of towels and an extra pillow.

Nancy looked at Liz on the bed then back to Max. “Liz tells me that you two are already bonded. Is that true?” she asked Max. Max with a serious face looked Nancy in the eyes and told her that it was true that they had been bonded for a year. “So, does that mean that according what you are that you are married to my daughter.” Nancy asked. Max still looking into Nancy’s eyes told her that that was exactly what it meant, and he added that the bonding is forever. Nancy unwilling to release Max from his hot seat just yet placed her right hand on Max’s left shoulder and said, “You will make it legal here on earth soon now won’t you?” Max caught the little glint in Nancy’s eye and quickly responded by saying yes Mrs. Parker, as soon as we can. Nancy gave Max a little hug. While Nancy was hugging Max, he heard her say, “Thank you for saving my baby.” Nancy then walked over to the bed where Liz was waiting and hugged Liz. Liz looked at Max and then back to her Mom. Her Mom just smiled at Liz and started pulling the door shut. Before the door was completely closed Nancy leaned her head back around the door and said, “Max let her sleep and rest tonight. Understand?” Then Nancy pulled the door closed.

Max looked at Liz with a questioning expression on his face and asked Liz if her Mom was serious. Liz picked up a pillow and threw it at Max. When the pillow missed and landed behind Max, he flashed her a smile. Liz matched his smile as she had the pillow hit him from behind. “No fair!” Max yelled. He closed the distance between them and tackled Liz until she was pinned between him and the mattress. Both smiles faded slowly as they both became lost in each other’s eyes. Max looked down at her pink lips and took in a sharp breath. “Do you know how much I have missed you Liz Parker,” he asked. Liz just looked back into his eyes until her eyelids slowly closed as his lips found hers.

As they both became lost in the kiss, Liz let her walls down and Max and Liz connected. The flashes bombarded Max. Max broke the kiss and pulled back from her. “Liz why didn’t you tell me what they did to you up there. How did you and Isabelle survive that?” asked Max.

Liz pulled his face closer to hers and planted another kiss on his lips. She gently pushed his face back and looked into his eyes and said, “Max I couldn't remember until now. They are not human. They want the grinolith at any cost. We can’t let them have it. We have to find a way to prevent it and we have to save Tess.”

Max answered Liz with only three words he said, “We will Liz.”

Max pushed himself up from the bed and extended his left hand down to Liz. Liz took his hand and allowed him to guide her toward the bathroom. “Where are we going?” Liz asked.

Max smiled and raised his eyebrows up and down once and said, “We need a shower.”

The shower was running and the steam billowed out over the shower curtain as Max slowly removed Liz’s clothing. Liz could feel the tingle at each touch of his hand. She thought that she should be used to the feel of his touch by now. But, she could never not want his touch. Those hands could work magic. She craved his touch. Goose bumps followed his skilled fingers as he slowly moved them along her shoulders and arms. She drew in a sharp breath as his fingers lightly touched her ribs on their way down to her hips. Hooking the silk of her panties, he pulled them along the path of his fingers. Like a noble night bowing for coronation, he dropped slowly to his knees. His eyes never left her face. As he caressed the smoothness of her thighs, his own breath caught as he watched her head tilt back, her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. He could hear her shallow breaths. Max stood slowly allowing his fingers to create a burning path on the way back up her body. She felt his warmth as his hands circled her waist and lifted her up against his firm body. His lips barely touched hers. She felt him bend slightly as he scooped her up into his arms. He found her lips again and claimed them. Moving the shower curtain to the side with Liz still in his arms, Max deposited Liz under the steaming spray of the shower. Liz could see the blurred outline of his muscular body through the shower curtain as he undressed. Each move of his body produced more of his toned olive skin. Liz found herself holding her breath. While the heated water spray ran down her chest, Liz heard the shower curtain move to the side and felt Max slide in close behind her wet heated body. His arms circled her and he pulled her closer to his wet muscular chest.

They were both brought out of their moment by a knock at the bathroom door. Liz looked over her shoulder up to Max and at the same time they both said, “That would be Maria.”

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Call The Man - Part 16

Liz silently bolted upright in bed. When she found the red glare of the clock, she saw that it was 0300 hours. Looking around the room her mind began to clear from its hazy sleep and she instantly extended her hand to her side to find the warm comforting body of Max. Letting out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding, she snuggled back down next to Max and pulled the blankets up to her neck. Max never moved, but his eyes never left her. Liz felt his arms go around her and pull her up close to his bare chest. This is how she always wanted to wake up. While holding her close in his arms protecting her from her dreams. Max said, “Tell me Liz.”

Liz didn’t answer right away. Finally, she said, “They are calling me again Max.”

“This feels weird Michael,” said Maria. Michael took a look around the Crashdown dining room and took note of the gang and the parents all sitting around talking. Looking across the table at Maria Michael asked her why. Maria looked toward her Mom and Jim Valenti and said, “Its weird that my Mom and the other parents know everything about who you are and they just accepted it as if it were an everyday thing. I was sure my Mom was going to freak out if she ever found out.” Michael leaned back in his seat and gave Maria an amused glance. While watching Maria’s reaction closely, he told her that not everyone freaked out and ran down the street like a maniac like some people he knew. Maria shot him a threatening glare and said, “Watch it Space Boy.”

Jeff Parker handled the cash register while the last customer for the night checked out. He followed them to the door and locked the door behind them. While flipping over the closed sign, he turned around and scanned the room till he located Max and Liz in one of the booths. Max knew that it was time to get this little gathering on the way. Tess was still missing and this alien race was threatening to take the grinolith.

Amy, Phillip, Diane, Nancy, and Jeff were all new to this whole situation of having aliens live among them, but they seemed to be handling and accepting it well. After all it was Roswell, New Mexico. Everyone had heard the stories from their children of how and why they were sent to earth and who they were in their previous lives. When a silence covered the room Max took the opportunity to stand up and address everyone. While he looked at Liz, Max had a half smile on his face. He extended his Left hand down to Liz and pulled her up to his side. He told the group that Liz had heard the voice again and that they needed to find a way get Tess back. Looking back down at Liz he said, “Liz is going to attempt to project herself back to the ship and locate Tess.” He glanced over to Kyle before he finished. “Liz will see if Tess is…is Liz will ascertain her current physical status.” Jeff Parker shifted nervously in his seat. Max noted his discomfort and quickly added that Liz would be in no danger. She would just mentally project.

Liz sat upright in her seat with her eyes closed. Max sat across from her and held on to both hands. Everyone sat silently; their eyes were fixed on Liz. Liz concentrated on Tess then she felt herself spin into a funnel. She could see everything whirl around her. Suddenly, Liz was standing in front of Tess. Tess seeing Liz ran to her and threw her arms around Liz. She said, “You came back.” As soon as Tess touched Liz she knew that she was not physically there and she backed up to see her face. Liz tried to speak, but no sound came from her. Tess could see Liz’s mouth moving, but could not make out the words. Tess remembered something that Nacedo had taught her, she reached out and took hold of Liz’s hand. With that connection, Tess could hear Liz. Liz asked Tess if she was ok. Tess nodded her head yes. Tess told Liz how the aliens were afraid of her now. After they saw and felt the power that each girl had during the escape, they were unsure of what Tess was capable of so they stopped any more testing on her and gave her a wide berth. Liz asked Tess if she thought she could make it to the transporter room. Tess told her that there was no way she could possibly leave the conservatory. They had tripled the guards watching her. Liz told Tess that the connection was weakening and she would return soon. Tess had tears in her eyes as she watched Liz fade away.

In the Crashdown Liz opened her eyes and found Max’s amber eyes staring at her. Liz turned to Sheriff Valenti and Kyle and said, “She is alive and ok for now.” Liz turned her attention back to Max and told him they needed a plan to get Tess home. Liz knew that Tess was very important to the survival of both worlds. The powers of the Royal four had to be together. They formed a unit. Even with the added powers of Kyle and Liz, Liz knew that the only way to prevent the end of the world was for them all to stand and fight together. It would take all six to protect the grinolith from their enemies.

Max looked around the room. He made eye contact with Michael then Kyle. As he did they both gave him a nod of their head. Looking back to Liz he said,” The three of us will go after Tess. Isabelle immediately objected stating that she was going too. Max squeezed Liz’s hand and looked toward Isabelle and told her that she and Liz would be needed on this end at the grinolith to get them back.

Sheriff Valenti addressed Max and told him that he was going too. Max looked toward the sheriff and told him that the grinolith would not recognize his DNA and would not transport him. The sheriff then stated that he had air tanks at the department he would have them ready by morning.

The parents sat soberly listening to the plans being made for this mission. They all felt helpless. Their children had grown up and now they were taking on responsibilities far beyond their years. The fathers could remember back when they were young men and not much older than their kids when they too had to leave their families to fight a war. Now they knew how their own parents must have felt.

The desert morning air was cool as the gang stood before the grinolith. “Liz you have to stay here and make sure the grinolith gets us back,” Max said as he held Liz in his arms.

Call The Man - Part 17

As she came out of her projection trance, Liz said “Ok Max. Tess knows that you are coming. She said she will be ready to help.” Then she added, “Max you have to take Isabelle with you. Isabelle knows the way from the transporter to the conservatory. The Royal four must work together to defeat this enemy.” Max looked toward Isabelle and nodded his head. Isabelle hurried to prepare to leave.

Sheriff Valenti was the only parent that Max would allow to accompany them to the grinolith chamber. He felt that the least amount of people who knew of the location, the safer the grinolith would be. Valenti walked over to Kyle and grabbed him into a hug. Kyle heard his dad say I’m proud of the man you have become Kyle. Pulling back from the hug sheriff Valenti reached into his belt holster and pulled out a pistol with a full clip. Removing an extra clip from his pocket he gave both to Kyle. Kyle looked at his dad and reluctantly accepted the gun. He told his dad that the power blast could do more damage, but he thanked him and placed the gun in the back of his belt. He shoved the extra clip into his pocket.

Maria had been hanging on to Michael’s arm ever since they arrived at the chamber. She was unusually quiet. As Michael geared up with the air tank he heard Maria say, “You come back to me Michael.” Michael pulled her into a hug and kissed her on the forehead. He told her that he would be back. Maria added, “Promise me Michael that you will come back.” Tightening his arms around Maria she heard him say that it was a promise. Michael then found Maria’s lips. Leaning her backward over his arm, Michael showed Maria with that kiss how he really felt about her.

Alex helped Isabelle on with her air tank. He was giving her the crash course in how to use it. Isabelle listened intently and then reached her hand to Alex’s face to stop his instruction. With her palm caressing his cheek, Isabelle said, “I have it Alex. Now kiss me before I leave.” Alex obediently complied with her request.

Max walked the short distance to take Liz in his arms. He held her as if he would never have the chance to touch her again. His palm caressed her face. He brought his lips to hers. The kiss was one full of promises and hope. When Max broke the kiss, he heard Liz say, “I’ll will get you all back safe. You get Tess and get back to the transporter. I will know when you are there.” Max had no doubt in his mind that Liz could do just that. However, the hard part would be getting to Tess, breaking her out, and getting back to the transporter room without anyone getting killed.

Still locked into Max’s embrace Liz asked Isabelle if she had the directions memorized. Isabelle gave her a quick yes in reply. Liz leaned up and gave Max one more kiss and asked him if he could get the grinolith to take him to the ship. Max also gave her an affirmative answer. Max was jerked from his contact with Liz when he heard Michael say. It’s time Maxwell lets go. One more quick kiss and Max pulled away from Liz.

Max, Isabelle, Michael, and Kyle all geared up with air tanks and the mouth pieces in place each placed their hands on the grinolith as Max inserted the crystal. You could see the determination on these young warriors faces. Like any soldier heading to battle, these four were ready to accept whatever occurred to complete their mission. The grinolith roared to life and Liz, Marie, Alex, and Sheriff Valenti watched as they all faded from view.

The trip in the grinolith was short and Max, Isabelle, Michael, and Kyle found themselves hitting the hard cold floor of the ship. Max felt the solid hit of a power blast before he had the time to get to his feet. While holding his shoulder with one arm, he extended his shield around them all while Michael hit the alien with his power blast. The blast threw the alien up against the wall and his body fell lifelessly to the floor. Max took a scan at each of his fighting companions and found Michael and Kyle on their feet with their hands extended up ready to fight. Isabelle had been hit with the power blast and lay motionless on the floor. Max quickly dropped the shield and went to her side. The mouthpiece had come out of her mouth. While Michael and Kyle guarded the door, Max replaced Isabelle’s mouthpiece and then placed his hand on her shoulder. In only a few moments Max had healed Isabelle. With his good arm he helped Isabelle stand.

Isabelle looked at Max and removed her mouthpiece and said. “You’re hurt Max.” Max gave her a look that told her he was fine and proceeded to the doorway. Looking at Isabelle he removed his mouthpiece and asked her which way. Isabelle was quick to whisper to the right and eight doors down on the left.

Michael moved in front of Isabelle and Max. He then stepped out into the hall. To his surprise no one was there. Max and Isabelle followed Michael out with Kyle protecting from behind. Kyle just knew this could not be right. Something just was not right here. No guards no one in sight. He had heard his dad tell of his adventures like this with criminals and his gut told him that this was not right. The eight doors passed by quickly. As Michael and Kyle stood guard in each direction, Isabelle placed her hand on the lock of the door. The conservatory door popped open and all four filed in.

Tess was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed Indian style. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be holding a mind warp.

While waiting in the grinolith chamber, Liz could not hear Max’s thoughts in her head. She felt so alone. She reached out with her mind to contact Max, but nothing was there. Maria came over to Liz and gave her a hug. Both girls sat huddled together with the hope that both of their men would soon return.

Call The Man - Part 18

Kyle ran to Tess while she was still sitting on the floor of the conservatory and grabbed her by both shoulders. Tess opened her eyes. While looking up over Kyle’s head toward Max, she said, “They made me do it Max. I’m sorry, they said they would kill you all if I didn’t do it.” Looking back down and into Kyle’s eyes she said. “They have over 700 on this ship. There is no way we can fight that. They said that if I didn’t get you here without more confrontation that they would kill each one of you. I believed that they would do it. So, I made you not see them as you came through the hallway.” Tess lowered her eyes to the floor afraid to look back up toward Max. Tears began to run down her cheeks. Kyle dropped his air tanks and pulled Tess up into his arms. Pressing her head to his chest, he whispered to her that everything would be ok. Looking over her head to Max, Kyle wished that that would be true.

Max dropped his air tank and looked around the large room. You could almost feel the wheels turning in his head. The door when it came open interrupted his observation of the room. In came the same small women that had first greeted Isabelle, Liz and Tess. With her were four large guards. Max immediately took on the role of leader and addressed the women. He asked her what she wanted. The women smiled at Max and ignored his question. Instead she said, “So, you are the King of Antar.” Looking around at the other four in the room she said, “Now we have the King and the Queen. Also, the prince and princess of Antar. “While eyeing Michael and Kyle closely, she said, “And it appears that we have another human too.” She began to slowly circle the group while still talking. Almost as if she were talking to herself she continued, “We have been amazed at these humans they seem to have powers that we were never informed about. A whole planet of such humans would be a major problem for anyone who would threaten the planet. No wonder the Antarians hid the grinolith here.” Max interrupted her little speech by again asking what she wanted. This time she walked back in front of Max and said, “You know what we want. We want the grinolith.”

Seeing his opportunity, Max quickly grabbed the women and whirled her around with his arm across her throat. Looking at the guards he said, “Let us pass to the transporter room and she will live.” The guards stood fast. Even though his shoulder was damaged, Max tightened his grip causing the women to gasp. The guards backed off slightly. Max released his grip just enough for the blood to return to her face.

A blinding bright light suddenly filled the room and all occupants including the women and the guards fell unconscious to the floor.

Liz bolted upright in the grinolith chamber. Sheriff Valenti and Alex both quickly ran to her side. The sheriff asked her what happened. He asked her if it was time to bring them back. Liz looked to the sheriff and nodded her head no. Looking at Maria and Alex then back to the sheriff she said, “They are in trouble. They can’t make it to the transporter.” The sheriff ran his hand through his hair and turned around and stomped a few steps forward. He felt so useless, so helpless. His son and the other teens were in trouble, and he could do nothing to help. He looked at Liz and then to the grinolith. He asked her if she was sure that it wouldn’t take him to the ship. In a small voice, Liz said that there was no way the grinolith would transport him. Refusing to give up the sheriff went back to Liz and asked what would happen if he held on to her while they transported. Liz looked the sheriff in the eyes and said, “I don’t know. It may just transport me and leave you here. It could pull you apart. I just don’t know. Max said it would not recognize the human DNA.”

Maria spoke up and told Liz that she could not transport to the ship that they needed her in the chamber to bring the others back. A sudden realization hit Liz. Liz flashed a smile at Maria and said, “That’s not true Maria. I thought that I used the transporter on the ship to tap in to the grinolith before when Isabelle and I escaped the ship. Don’t you see? It’s me not the transporter. I’m the one that did it. I can tap the energy from the grinolith from anywhere. I don’t have to be here or in the transporter room on the ship. Max changed me and this change has caused so many things to occur within me. The grinolith knows me from the changes. I know what I have to do now.” Liz looked at the sheriff and told him that she had to do this. The sheriff reluctantly nodded his head yes. This decision was killing him. Five young people were already in danger and now he was allowing another to risk her life.

Max raised his head up from the floor of the conservatory. He looked around him and saw that the other four were doing the same thing. The guards and the women were gone. Max looked at his watch and saw that over an hour had passed since they arrived on the ship. Getting to his feet. Max walked to the door. Michael helped Isabelle stand while Kyle did the same for Tess. Max looked back at the group. Max knew that there was no way he could allow these evil aliens to gain access to the grinolith. The grinolith had been entrusted to him and he would protect it with his life if he had too. He made eye contact with Michael. Michael looked at Max and said, “I’m no guinea pig. I say we fight.” Max made eye contact with Kyle.

Kyle nodded yes and said, “We fight.”

Max looked at Isabelle and then Tess. They both stated they were ready to go. Max spoke up and said, “We need a plan.” Max scanned the room for the air tanks. The tanks had been removed from the room. Without air, the group would not survive long enough to reach the transporter room. Tess walked over to Max and reluctantly met his eyes. She raised her hand up and placed it over his injured shoulder. In only moments the injury had healed.

Stepping back, Tess looked at Max and said, “What do we do now Max?”

Liz hugged Maria and then Alex. She then walked over to Sheriff Valenti and gave him a little hug. As she pulled back she said, “If I don’t return Sheriff, tell my parents that I love them.” The sheriff reluctantly let Liz pull away from him.

Sheriff Valenti looked at Liz and thinking of his own son said, “They know Liz, but I will tell them.” Liz gave him a thankful smile and turned her attention to the grinolith. She was just beginning to see some of the potential of this machine.

Liz placed her hands of the grinolith and the energy within it poured into her. She felt everything whirl around her. She concentrated on the alien ship and within only a few moments she saw the ship materializing around her. A green shield surrounded her body. And she found her self upright and floating, as if in a bubble, to the floor of the ship. The air in the shield allowed her to breathe. Several power blasts hit the shield as Liz found her bearings. Without effort the shield protected her. It simply absorbed the power from the blasts. Seeing the hall to the conservatory, Liz walked through an onslaught of power blasts.

Max knew she was there he felt her in his mind. His thoughts and hers blended. He felt the power of the grinolith flowing through out her body. Her mind was surprisingly calm. He knew she was only a few feet away on the other side of the door. As the door opened, Max rushed forward to meet Liz. The power blasts stopped when Liz entered the room.

Liz dropped her shield and felt Max’s arms surround her pulling her up tight against his chest. His face was buried in her neck and hair. Liz could feel his heart pounding. Max finally moved back from Liz and looked into her eyes. When he found his voice he said, “Liz why did you come here?”

Liz just smiled up at him and said, “I’m here to bring the Royal Four home.” Looking over at Kyle she added with a smile, “You too Kyle.”

Kyle looked down at Tess. He placed his arm around her and pulled her up close to his side. Right now he knew that she was definitely his favorite Martian and he planned on protecting her with every bit of strength he possessed.

As the door opened again, Max quickly pulled Liz behind him and extended his shield up to protect them. The alien women stepped in. She looked at Liz and then at Max. She said, “I see the true Queen has returned to complete the Royal Four. She looked at Tess and said, “You fooled us to protect her didn’t you?” Kyle pulled Tess closer to his side. Tess didn’t answer. She just turned her head into Kyle’s chest and looked up into his blue eyes. She knew her own ambitious ideals had caused her to claim the title, but she did not feel that now was the time to apologize to Liz. Let the alien think what she would.

The women then turned back to Max with an evil grin on her face and said,” We control your planet, and we have the Royal Four now. We want the grinolith or we will destroy you one by one starting with your Queen.

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Call The Man - Part 19

Instinct is the only way to explain how the gang found themselves drawn in closer to Max and Liz. The four corner shape of the pods were filled will each of its original occupants. In a diagonal pattern between Max and Tess stood Liz close to Max and Kyle close to Tess. Isabelle and Michael filled the other two opposite corners. A slight glow flowed through the formation and it filtered out lightly around them.

Max thought he saw fear flicker across the face of the female alien and her guards as they looked on to the formation of the Royal four. Taking his opportunity, he looked into the dark eyes of the alien and told her that no one would touch his Queen.

Michael remained standing tall and his eyes darted from the alien to Max. Michael’s corner of the square began to glow brighter than the rest and it caught the attention of the guards. A power blast hit Michael directly in the chest. He stumbled back a step, but quickly stepped back into the formation and fired his power blast blowing the guard to the floor. Kyle was quick to join with Michael, and he used his power blast ability to take out the other three guards. Now the female alien stood alone before the formation of the Royal four.

Max and Liz’s thoughts blended. They were of one mind. Before Max could say a word in his mind to Liz, Liz concentrated on the grinolith and the power from it flowed from her into the formation and back to her. A shield formed around the group. When the bright white light was used again to force the group to unconsciousness. It was to no avail. Only the female alien lay unconscious on the floor before them.

The shield now protected the group. Max turned to ascertain the status of each group member. He pulled Liz closer to his side as he spoke. Max turned to Michael and asked him if he was ok after the blast. Michael just dusted the front of his scorched shirt and said that he seemed to be unharmed by the blow. Tess was clinging to Kyle. Kyle also told Max that he was fine. Max then looked to Isabelle. She had remained silent during the whole ordeal. He told her that he needed her to enter the mind of the unconscious alien and find out the location of the ship's power source. Isabelle quickly closed her eyes and attempted to do what her brother had asked of her. The group watched Isabelle quietly as she went about the task of obtaining information from the mind of the alien. In less than five minutes she had what she needed. Isabelle opened her eyes and Looked at Max and said, “I have it, Max. It’s three floors below us.”

Max squeezed Liz’s hand and pulled her up against his chest. He looked deep into her eyes. With out words he poured his love into Liz and felt her return hers to him. Michael and Kyle diverted their eyes as Max found Liz’s lips and they melted into a kiss. Isabelle and Tess looked on as the love between their King and Queen filtered out through the connection to the other four in the group. If anyone in the group had any doubt of the feeling between the two, now that doubt had been removed. Max pulled back from Liz and blushed slightly as he met the eyes of his sister. Isabelle flashed him a bright smile. When Max looked at Tess, she dropped her eyes to the floor. Max brought his attention back to Liz. She was still in his arms. They had no need to exchange words. They each knew what the other was thinking. The walls between them had been removed by the power of grinolith that still flowed through them.

Max turned Liz slowly around and pulled her back up close to his chest. The back of her head was tucked just beneath his chin and his arms wrapped around her waist. He then addressed the group. He made eye contact with each member then he spoke. He told them that they needed to get down to the third floor and blow up the power source. Hopefully that would cause the ship to blow up as well. Michael was first to bring up the most urgent concern the need for oxygen. Liz addressed that one. She told Michael and the group that she would use the power of grinolith to form a shield with an air pocket around them. Michael accepted that and said ok. Kyle spoke out next. He wanted to know how they planned on blowing the power source. Max addressed that one. He told the group that he, Michael, and Kyle would all blast the thing simultaneously.

Tess finally found her voice and asked how they were going to get off of the ship before it blew up with them along with it. Liz took that one. She told her that she would tap the grinolith and transport them back to the chamber before it blew. Kyle pulled Tess closer to his side and looked down at her. Tess looked back at Liz and said, “If you can’t get us off in time, then what?”

Michael gave Tess an amused have smile and said. “Then Tess, we blow up too.”

Max was quick to say that Liz could do it, and that they would get home safely. Max then looked at the group and said. “Lets go.”

While standing in the four corner formation with Max close to her side, Liz closed her eyes and concentrated on the grinolith taking them three floors down on the ship. The shield formed around them and the air began to swirl. The group found themselves materializing on a different part of the ship. Isabelle lead the way as the group walked to the power source of the ship. Power blasts were bombarding them from every direction. The shield around them absorbed the blast and glowed brighter with each hit. However, the blasts did slow down their progress.

Tess closed her eyes and held a mind warp. The blasts just stopped. Kyle scooped Tess into his arms and carried her as the group continued to move forward. Tess kept her eyes tightly closed and Kyle could feel the power coming off of her as she continued the mind warp.

Isabelle finally motioned the way to the power source. Max and Liz were first to enter the room. Kyle deposited Tess upright to floor and moved forward to stand on the left of Max. Michael had already moved to the right side of Max. Tess, Isabelle, and Liz stood directly behind the guys. Max nodded for Liz to drop the shield and as she did, all three guys blasted the power source with all they had. The need for oxygen forced Liz to return the shield around them. That thing had withstood the full force of all three of the power blasts and it stood fast.

The three guys could feel their strength weakened from the effort they each put forth. Defeated, Max looked at Liz and Liz flashed him a slow smile. Liz turned to Kyle and asked him if he still had his dad’s gun. With a questioning look on his face, Kyle told Liz he did. Max knew what she had in mind. He took the gun from Kyle and asked for the extra clip. Kyle immediately removed the clip from his pocket and handed it to Max. As he did, Kyle asked Max why he thought that the gun would take out the power source when the power blast did not. Max hurriedly removed the clip from the gun and insured that one bullet remained in the chamber ready to fire. He placed the two clips at the base of the power source and moved back with the rest of the group. He handed the gun back to Kyle. Max instructed Kyle to fire the gun into the two clips when he said to. He then had the group form the four square formation.

Liz increased her efforts to pull energy from the grinolith. As she did the formation glowed a bright green. Max instructed Michael, Isabelle, and Tess to pour all of their energy into a power blast just as Kyle exploded the clips. The group of young warriors stood tall as the plan began to unfold. Kyle took careful aim and yelled out ready to the group.

The roar of the grinolith’s power as it poured thru the formation was deafening to their ears. The aliens had resumed pelting them with power blasts. It was now or never. Max raised his arm into the air and dropped it down and yelled. “Now.” Liz dropped the shield from around them and quickly threw it up behind them protecting them from the power blasts still coming from the entrance. As the shield dropped, Kyle pulled the trigger, and the bullet soared true to the target. Max, Isabelle, Michael and Tess blasted the exploding bullets with power blasts and the fire from the explosion boiled out toward them. Liz quickly raised the shield forming a bubble around the group and the stunned teens stood safely inside as they watched the ship explode around them. Max squeezed Liz’s hand and he watched her eyes close and her face strain in concentration as she again tapped the grinolith for power.

The ship disappeared from around them and the grinolith chamber materialized. As the chamber became clear around them, the teens were rejoicing hugging each other. Maria, Alex, and Sheriff Valenti all joined in the joyful hugging celebration.

When everyone felt that they had hugged everyone else in the chamber, Max reached down and scooped Liz up into his arms and took her back to the grinolith. Max deposited Liz on her feet directly in front of him and placed her hands on the surface of the grinolith. As Max placed his hands on top of Liz’s, he flashed a devilish smile at the group they were leaving behind. The grinolith roared to life and everything whirled around them.

Call The Man - Part 20

While Max punched in numbers on the phone, Liz peered into the large room at the Viva Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel. The room was split level with the higher part arranged like a stage. Hawaiian palms and dancers dressed out in full grass skirts stood behind and around the costumed Elvis impersonator / minister. Just in front of the Elvis minister covering the floor on the lower level was a carpet with the face of the real Elvis. She could hear music of the Blue Hawaii movie flowing from the room. She was distracted when Max tapped her lightly on her bare shoulder and handed her the phone.

“Maria, Maria take a deep breath calm down and listen to me. Maria are you listening?” Liz asked into the phone. She could hear Maria taking a breath and then she heard her say all right I’m calm now you tell me where you guys are. Liz told Maria that she and Max were standing in the waiting area of the Vegas Elvis Chapel. Liz held the phone out away from her ear. After a few seconds, she placed it back against her ear. “Now Maria are you ready to listen to me?” Liz asked into the phone. Liz continued to speak to Maria for a few more minutes then told her to get to the nearest computer and access the live real cam at the Viva Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel. She told her to call Max’s and her parents and have them do the same. They would be able to witness the wedding as it took place. Again Liz held the phone away from her ear. Looking at Max she flashed him a beautiful smile.

Max thought he had never seen Liz look anymore beautiful than she did right now. He had always dreamed of seeing Liz in a wedding dress and veil walking down the isle to take his hand and become his wife. The reality of the event was almost over powering and the emotions were driving Max closer to Liz. He had to have her in his arms. Liz looked into his beautiful amber eyes and closed her own eyes as his lips descended down to hers.

At the Crashdown Maria punched the off button on her phone, and she yelled to Michael to help her get everyone called quickly. Jeff Parker with a questioning expression on his face looked at Maria. And he asked her what was going on. Marie explained quickly and Jeff set about getting upstairs to the computer in Liz’s room. Nancy saw him coming swiftly into the apartment and felt Jeff grab her by the hand and drag her with him into Liz’s room.

Tears were running down the cheeks of Diane and Isabelle Evans as they watched Liz walk down the isle of the Elvis Chapel. The camera moved in close to Max’s face and his mom gasped at the love she saw shining from her son’s face for Liz. Philip wrapped an arm around his wife and gave her a small hug. He continued to look on proudly as his son extended his hand to his bride and pulled her up close and locked his gaze with hers.

“My God, Nancy our daughter is so beautiful.” Jeff Parker said looking at Nancy. Reaching for another tissue without taking her eyes from the computer monitor, Nancy softly spoke and told Jeff that she knew. After wiping the tears from her eyes, she told Jeff that Max looked very handsome too.

“Shut up and sit down Maria, I caught see the screen.” Michael roared from behind Maria in the back room of the Crashdown. It seems several regular customers had left their tables and joined Maria, Michael, and Alex in the back room to watch Liz get married. Alex sat at the keyboard of his laptop and had the wedding downloading to CD.

“Tess don’t you want to watch Max and Liz get married?” Kyle asked Tess. Tess was making herself busy in the Valenti kitchen and trying not to acknowledge that Kyle had spoken to her. Kyle raised up from the desk chair and walked up behind Tess. He placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly turned her around to face him. He could see the tears sliding down Tess’ cheeks. Taking his hand he wiped the tears from her cheeks and pulled Tess close to his chest. He felt her soft sobs as he tightened his arms around her.

“Congratulation Kids,” the Elvis impersonator said in his best Elvis drawl. Max held Liz close to his side and held his hand up to avoid the rice being tossed over his and Liz’s head as they exited the Elvis chapel.

“Max you can put me down now. You have carried me from the cab to the room.” Liz said softly as she looked at her handsome new husband. Max with Liz still in his arms leaned in and claimed another kiss from his bride.

Flashing his dimples as he smiled at Liz, Max gently placed her down. Not wanting to lose contact just yet he pulled her back into his arms and kissed her again. This time, the kiss deepened and Liz was breathless by the time Max pulled back from her.

Liz’s chest was heaving in her attempt to breathe after that kiss. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips were full and pink from his kisses. Max stepped back from his bride and took her hand. With his eyes locked with Liz’s, he brought her hand to his lips and placed a feather light kiss in the palm of her hand. Liz felt a shiver spread through out her body. She had never fainted before, but right then she felt the earth waver beneath her feet. Max pulled her up close to his chest. He could feel her heart pounding. The swell of her breasts at the top of the wedding dress were raising and falling with each breath she took. Max felt his own body responding to hers. Leaning down he placed feather light kisses from her swollen lips across her jaw and down her neck and bare shoulders. Bringing his attention back to her lips he claimed yet another kiss. Again he left Liz breathless. He placed his hands on Liz’s shoulders and gently pushed her back from his arms. He took her hand and slowly twirled her around so he see all of her in her wedding dress. When he brought her back to face him. He again brought her hand to his lips and placed another feather light kiss in her palm. Liz felt her body shiver again. While still looking deep into her eyes, Max said, “Liz can I help you with the buttons?”

Call The Man - Part 21

“Good Morning Mrs. Evans,” Max whispered into the Liz’s ear as she slept cuddled in his arms. He placed a soft kiss on her ear lobe and nuzzled her in an attempt to wake her up. He heard Liz make a small moan and then cuddle back down to sleep. “ Oh, so that’s the way it is going to be huh? You sleep while I get breakfast.” Max teased. Her placed a kiss on her cheek, and he saw a little smile curl on her lips. “Well Mrs. Evans, If that’s the way it works then I need one more kiss before I slave over this phone and call room service.”

“Max why don’t you and Liz just tap the grinolith and return home.” Michael said as he held the phone tightly to his ear. A flush spread up Max’s neck and face as he stole a look toward his bride. He returned his attention back to the phone and told Michael that Liz already tried. He hesitated for a few seconds before he continued.
She didn’t get much sleep last night and … well she is just too tired to do it. Max thought he heard Michael chuckle over the phone. But, this was Michael. Michael never just chuckled now did he? Max called out Michael’s name and finally heard him say what. Michael told Max that he and Maria would meet them at the airport. Max quickly thanked Michael and hung up the phone.

Diane and Philip Evans sat with Jeff and Nancy Parker at a table at the Crashdown and ordered coffee. Philip spoke to Jeff and told him that they needed to decide where the kids would stay. He knew that now that they were legally wed that there was no way they would be separated again. Jeff spoke up and said the kids were more than welcome to live with them while they finished high school.

To stress his point, Jeff added that since Liz worked in the Crashdown and Max across the street at the UFO Center that it would be more convenient for them both to live there. What he didn’t say was that he was not ready to give up his little girl just yet. Philip countered with the offer of his guesthouse located near his home. Nancy and Diane remained silent while the two men talked. Finally seeing that the two were not going to agree, Nancy spoke and told Jeff that the kids were newly weds, and they needed a more private place to live then in Liz’s room. Jeff reached over and squeezed Nancy’s hand and told Philip that the kids would be staying at his guesthouse.

“Isabelle do your nose twitching Jeanie thing and change the color of these curtains,” Maria said. Isabelle just gave her a smirk and waved her hand over the curtains at the Evans’s guesthouse. Maria shook her head no and Isabelle changed the curtains again. Kyle entered the room and they both heard him say Wow! This room looks great. Maria nodded to Isabelle and Isabelle again changed the room. Kyle just lowered his eyes and pivoted around and returned to the kitchen. He heard Maria yell after him telling him to hurry up stocking the kitchen and help them move the bed.

Max and Liz were surprised to see only Michael picking them up from the airport. Michael walked along side of Max as they headed to the Jetta making small talk. Liz was close by Max’s other side. Max’s arm was draped possessively over her shoulder. Michael stepped ahead of the newly weds as they neared the Jetta and opened the back seat door for Liz. As he did, he said, “Here you go Mrs. Evans.” Liz felt a blush spread up her neck and face. Now she knew what it meant to be a blushing bride. Everybody knew where you had been and what you had been doing.

Liz saw Michael flash a smile as she said, “Well thank you Mr. Gaurin.” Max slid into the back seat next to Liz. As the Jetta speeded past the Crashdown, Max leaned forward and asked Michael where they were going. Michael held his gaze with the road and told Max just to sit back and relax. Obediently, Max did as he was instructed.

Liz was thrilled with the guesthouse. Marie and Isabelle had turned it into the perfect little love nest for the newly weds. They had even made Alex and Kyle move all of Max and Liz’s personal belongings and set them up. Max watched Liz head toward the bedroom as he thanked the gang one more time as they left.

Max found Liz lying on the bed fast asleep. He looked at her and thought how beautiful she was as she slept. He could not believe that his life was just beginning with her. It felt like he had loved her for a lifetime already. Reaching up and rubbing his neck he could feel the fatigue take over his own body. Careful not to wake her, Max removed Liz’s shoes and clothing and lifted her under the blankets. Removing his own clothing he climbed into bed next to her. Spooning Liz up to his chest Max tightened his arms around her and fell into a peaceful slumber.

“Tess what’s wrong with you?” Kyle asked Tess while she was throwing things around her bedroom. Tess didn’t answer him. She continued with her tantrum. Kyle forced his way through the disarray and caught both of Tess’ hands into his own. Tess snapped her hands free from his and told him to leave her alone. Kyle backed up and watched Tess as she collapsed face down onto the bed crying. He moved over and sat down next to her. He stroked her hair and told her that everything would be all right. Tess turned her tear, streaked face toward Kyle and met his blue eyes. Her own eyes were cold as steel. Tess then told Kyle that nothing was ever going to be all right. She heard Kyle inhale sharply as she told him that Liz may have the King, but she would not allow Liz to give Max an heir to the throne. Kyle grabbed Tess by the shoulders and forced her to sit up and face him. He asked her why she was saying this. Tess straightened her shoulders and smugly told Kyle that the ship they blew up, It was not the only one out there.

“Max are you awake?” Liz asked as she shook Max’s shoulder. She heard him mumble out that he was awake now.

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Call The Man - Conclusion

“Michael when are you going to make an honest women out of me?” Maria asked as she and Michael sat up in bed. Michael was still breathing heavy from the exercise he just had during their lovemaking. Michael gave Maria a little smirk and told her that according to his people they were already bonded after the first time that Maria attacked him. Maria swatted Michael with a pillow and said, “If I remember correctly, you were the one who attacked me.” Michael tossed the pillow behind his head. He looked at Marie and had a small smile on his face, and he told her that maybe she was right about that one.

“Why not Isabelle? Don’t you love me?” Alex huffed. Isabelle gave Alex a little smile and asked him if he had any idea how many times she had heard that line. Alex ran his right hand through his hair and turned and looked at Isabelle and said. “Don’t you think I know what it would mean if we make love? Well I do. It would mean that you and I would belong together. It would mean that we would only love each other forever, and it would mean that I would be the happiest man alive if you would be my wife.”

Isabelle walked away from Alex and turned around and faced him. Mr. Whitman, are you asking me to marry you? She flashed Alex a bright smile when he didn’t hesitate in his answer. As Alex’s lips met hers, Isabelle melted into his arms.

“Tess you’re such a bitch!” Kyle yelled. Tess caught by surprise that Kyle would say that to her, stood up sharply and moved away from Kyle. Kyle followed her and grabbed her arm. Forcing her to look him in the eyes, Kyle asked, “Do you love Evans or are you just so egotistical you just want him because he belongs to Liz?” Tess attempted to jerk her arm away from Kyle, but Kyle would not give; he wanted answers. When Kyle saw tears drip down Tess’ cheeks his heart softened, and he released her arm. He wanted to take Tess in his arms and make her tears go away.

Tess brought her pale blue eyes up to meet Kyle’s eyes and in a small voice said,” I don’t love him Kyle. It’s just that Nasedo raised me, and he taught me that I belonged to Max and Max belonged to me. I…I just can’t seem to get past the fact that I was brought up to believe that I should be the queen of Antar.” Tears continued to run down her cheeks. Tess cast her eyes down to the floor and said, “I’m sorry Kyle. Max is not the one I love.” She brought her gaze back up to Kyle then dropped it back to the floor.

Well, Kyle still didn’t have any flies on him because he immediately placed his hands on her shoulders and asked her who was it that she did love. Tess raised her tear streaked face up and met his gaze and in a weak voice said, “I love you Kyle.” The next thing she knew Kyle was raising her high in the air and spinning her around. He slowly brought her down close to his body. When he had Tess’ face close to his, he leveled her with a heart-stopping Kiss.

“Max are you sure you’re awake?” Liz asked. Max pulled himself up and leaned back against the headboard of the bed. He then pulled Liz up so that the back of her head rested under his chin. Max wrapped his arms around Liz and rested his hands spread across her stomach. He took in a deep breath and then slowly let it out. He tightened his arms around Liz and told her that he heard it too. They were calling them again. He told Liz that tomorrow they would get the gang together to talk about it. He then turned Liz around and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. She heard him say, “I love you Liz Parker Evans.” As she snuggled back down close to Max she heard him say, “We better sleep, we have to go to school tomorrow.”

Liz turned away from Max and felt him spoon up against her. Her live was just so strange she thought. Here she was married to the King of an entire planet, and she still had to go to school tomorrow. She heard Max chuckle at her thoughts and then they both drifted off back to sleep.

“Damn Kids, What the hell are you doing? ” Sheriff Valenti yelled at Kyle and Tess. Tess raised up from Kyle’s arms and held the sheet close to her chest. Her pale blue eyes pierced Sheriff Valenti and she said, “Bonding Sheriff. We are bonding.” Sheriff Valenti floored by her words pivoted in place and left the room.

“Max are you awake,” Liz asked. She heard Max muffle yes in her neck. She heard him ask her what was wrong. Liz turned over until she was facing Max in the bed. She took one of Max’ hands and placed it across her stomach. Liz looked down at Max’ hand across her stomach and said, “There is nothing wrong Max, but my tummy is glowing.” Then Max was awake.

The future for our young aliens and their mates would not be an easy one. Liz already held knowledge of one possible future. The future she was told about could only be prevented if they stayed and worked together to prevent it. They knew that the danger to their very existence was far from over. There were more ships out there and they were only and army of eight. But, they also knew that if they worked together there was no enemy that the formation of the Royal Four could not defeat.

The End

Author’s Note:

I want to thank everyone for reading my fan fiction and a special thanks to those of you who gave me feed back. I had fun writing it. And now my friends, It really is over.