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Title: Things Change
Author: Jenn (tazgirl026⊕
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (maybe?)
Disclaimer: I do not own the Characters to Roswell…and neither does the WB! I am just so happy that it will be on UPN…I would have gone nuts without Roswell!
Summary: Liz and her parents move from NYC to Roswell and take over the Crashdown. This will be told mostly from Liz’s POV but sometimes I have to jump out of it so we can see what’s going on elsewhere! This is an AU fic, but Max, Isabel, and Michael are still aliens!


Have you ever realized that things change when you least expect them to? Well they do and I can tell you first hand that it sucks, big time!
My family and I have lived in New York City for my whole entire life. Ok, so I’m only sixteen but still. It’s all I’ve ever known and then one day my parents decide that they’ve had enough for the fast paced city and want to live in the country, or the desert, wherever. How could they be so cruel?
They didn’t even ask me, they just decided that we all needed a change of scenery and less stress. I personally don’t know what they are talking about. I’m not stressed.
Ok, ok, I guess to be fail I have to agree that my father has been a little out of it lately. I mean he’s been going to the doctor’s more often and working less hours. My father is a big time lawyer for Hamilton Associates. He’s really good at his job and everyone loves him which is why I’m so confused as to why he’s giving it all up.
I remember the night they told me. I threw a fit, and I mean a big fit. I really went nuts. I yelled and threw things it wasn’t a pretty sight. I told them that to be doing this meant that they didn’t love me and all that stuff. I wasn’t really all that understanding at all and I didn’t listen to anything they were trying to tell me. It didn’t help though because we are still moving and I’ve got to finish packing all my stuff because we leave in two days.

Part 1:

Well, I’m finished packing all my belongings to move to a small town that I know I’m going to hate. I mean what is some small town going to be able to offer? I’ve lived in NYC for so long it’s going to be boring in Roswell, NM. Oh yeah, an alien themed town! Woo-hoo lots of fun. This has got to be the dumbest idea my parents ever came up with.
What is making this ten times worse is that my parents don’t seem to care how it’s affecting me. All they care about is that my dad will have less stress. I know, I sound like an obnoxious brat, but they are ripping me away from my friends and everything I’ve ever known. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to get used to. I mean I’m being forced to leave Ava, my best friend in the whole world for some stupid town in the west and a restaurant! What kind of bullshit is that? Rath and Ava are coming to the airport to say good-bye today. My parents decided that we are going to fly out and have a truck drive our stuff. I had to pack enough clothes for a week so I had something to wear until everything else gets there.

(JFK Airport Gate 53)

Ava and I are sitting next to one another talking while Rath sits across from us and pretending not to listen. He thinks he’s being slick but I know he’s listening, he always is. I’ve known them both forever since our parents are the best of friends. Our parents grew up together too. Well, they met in like grade school or something like that but still they’ve been friends forever. I think its cool that they still are friends. I just hope that my friendship with both Rath and Ava can survive this move.
“Flight 157 from JFK to Carlsbad, NM is now boarding at Gate 53,” the announcer said.
Shit, it’s too soon. I’m not ready to go yet. When we got to Carlsbad we’ve got to get on a little shuttle plain that will fly us to Roswell. You have no idea how much this blows.
I hug Ava close to me; I’m really going to miss her. We’ve been through so much together.
“You’re my best friend and I’m going to miss you more then anything in the whole world. Who knows, I might even make some new friends in Roswell, but there will never be anyone in the whole entire state of New Mexico who could ever replace you in my heart,” I tell her. “I love you remember that!”
“I love you too Liz, and trust me, there is never going to be anyone like you either. You are irreplaceable,” Ava tells me.
I walk over to Rath and give him a hug too. “You are like the older brother I never had nor ever wanted,” I say laughing. “I love you and I’m going to miss you so much too!”
“Yeah, I know. I love you too. Just remember everything I taught you about self defense, if anyone messes with you kick their ass,” he tells me.
I take one last look at my life long friends and board the plane behind my parents. We are flying first class to Carlsbad which is nice because I’ll at lest have some room. I take my seat, which is the window seat, and turn my portable CD player on. I know I’ll have to turn it off soon but I need something to calm my nerves.
I’ve been crying since I said good-bye to Ava and Rath and the strains of Lifehouse are slowly calming my nerves. I just sit there and get lost in the music trying to forget where I am.
My mother nudges my arm telling me that we are about to take off. I turn my CD player off and close my eyes. I try to imagine what’s waiting for me in Roswell but all I can see is a greasy food place with alien things in it. It’s not looking too promising.
I have no idea what possessed my parents to even consider moving to New Mexico and buying and alien themed restaurant. I sit here contemplating that and the seat belt light going off wakes me from my thoughts. I turn my CD player back on and slowly drift to sleep.

Part 2: (Roswell)

“So did you guys hear that the Crash is under new management?” Maria asked her friends as she brought them their food.
“Really? I wonder why the Thompson’s sold,” Max said.
“I don’t know. I think they were just getting a little too old to hand it so they decided to retire and sell to someone younger,” Isabel said.
“So who are the people that bought the Crash?” Michael asked.
“I don’t know. I think their name is Parker or something like that. I do know that they have a daughter our age,” Maria said.
“Really? A daughter our age?” Alex asked. “Very cool!”
Isabel reached across the table and smacked Alex’s arm shooting him a dirty look.
“What? I didn’t mean anything by that I swear. I just meant it in the sense of a new friend, I mean come on Isabel, you know how devoted I am to you and only you,” Alex rambled.
“Yes we all do Whitman, it’s called being whipped!” Maria said.
“Shut up DeLuca!” Alex called back.
“You are so lucky she knows how much you love her Whitman,” Michael teased, “because she can give you the worst nightmares!”
“Yeah I know. I’ve already had one curiosity of Miss Evans,” Alex said seriously.
“Hi guys what’s going on?” Tess said walking over.
“Ugh could that girl be any more annoying?” Maria hissed.
Max shot her a glare. He didn’t like Tess any better then the rest of them but he was too nice a person to say anything mean to her.
“Nothing’s going on Tess. We’re just sitting here waiting for Maria to finish her shift,” Max said.
“Oh, so did you guys hear that the Thompson’s sold this joint?” she asked looking Max over with lust filled eyes.
“Yeah we did. Maria just clued us in, but thanks for the info,” Isabel said bluntly.
“Oh, well, of course she’d know she works here and all,” Tess said giggling.
The ringing of the bell drew everyone’s attention to the door.

(Liz’s POV)

Oh God this is worse then I could have ever imagined. Why did my parents have to walk through the restaurant? I mean I know that we are living upstairs and all but isn’t there a back door or something? This place is packed with teenagers and they are all staring at me.
I notice one group in particular. They are sitting at a booth near the back watching me. I notice a really good-looking guy with dark brown hair cut close to his head with a few pieces curling against his forehead. But the thing that captivates me the most is his eyes. He’s got these amber colored eyes that a person could get lost in. I’m so caught up in the gorgeous stranger that I don’t see the little kid walking around in front of me. As I collide with the kid I drop everything I am carrying and grab onto the little boy to make sure I don’t land on top of him. I twist us around so I land on my back placing the little boy on my stomach.
I can hear the gasps as the boy and I go down but I ignore them all at the moment. I just want to make sure that the kid is ok. He’s not crying so I’m assuming that he’s not hurt.
He’s just looking at me with a smile on his little face. I can’t help but smile back even though I’m in pain. He’s just too cute.
“Hey little guy are you all right?” I ask him.
“Me ok,” he laughs.
Thank God, I mean we just got here today and that’s all my parents would have needed, a lawsuit because I’m a clumsy oaf who can’t walk.
“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. Daniel how many times have I told you to watch where you are going? I’m so sorry miss are you ok?” a woman who I’m assuming is his mother asks me.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m sorry if I scared your kid. I didn’t mean to. Please don’t be angry with him, I wasn’t watching where I was going. I’m just happy he didn’t get hurt in the fall,” I say.
She assures me that she’s not mad and is happy that I’m ok. She then takes Daniel back to their table to finish their food.
As I’m getting up I wince. My back is killing me. That fall was harder then I originally thought. I start picking up my stuff so I can get out of this room and all the stares as quickly as possible.
“Do you need a hand?” a deep rich voice asks.
“Yeah that’d be great, but aren’t you afraid people will laugh at you for helping out a clumsy freak like me?” I ask.
“I don’t particularly care what people think so I’m not to worried,” he tells me.
I like the sound of his voice it’s really soothing and it has a calming affect on me. Man, if Ava could hear my thoughts she’d laugh out loud and call me crazy.
We finished picking up my things and I finally look into the face of my unknown helper. I almost drop everything again when I realize that the amazingly good looking guy I was staring at when I collided with that boy is the person helping me pick up my stuff. Oh God, please don’t’ let me turn into a bumbling idiot.
“Um, thanks for helping me pick up my things. I feel like such a fool. I mean I just fell in front of all these people and I’m sure more then half of them go to West Roswell High,” I say.
“Oh don’t worry about those fools. Most of them are pretentious assholes anyway. Come on, I’ll help you with this stuff and then I’ll introduce you to my friends. I’m Max Evans by the way,” he tells me.
“I’m Elizabeth Parker, but everyone calls me Liz,” I tell him. “Come on our apartment is above the diner so we’ll just drop this stuff off and come back down.”
I walk through the door that I saw my parents go through earlier.
“Mom? Dad?” I call out.
“Upstairs honey,” my mom yells to me.
Max and I head upstairs and meet my parents in the living room. I look around. The place isn’t too bad it definitely has potential. “Um, which way to my room? This stuff is getting heavy,” I ask.
“Down the hall first door on the right,” my dad tells us.
Max and I walk that way and I get the door. We just drop the stuff off on my bed. I walk around for a couple of minutes looking everything over. I’ve got my own bathroom! How cool is that?
“Hey Liz come over here,” Max says.
I walk over to him. He’s standing by the window looking outside. “What?” I ask.
“You’ve got a pretty cool balcony outside the window,” he tells me.
I smile and take his arm leading us back down the hall. My parents are still sitting in the living room. I haven’t seen them this happy in a long time.
“So Lizzie, who’s your friend?” my mom asks.
“This is Max Evans. He helped me pick up my stuff after I fell over some little kid downstairs,” I explain.
“You fell? Are you all right?” both my parents ask.
“Yes, I’m fine. I probably bruised my back a little but I’ll survive,” I tell them. “We’re heading back downstairs. I want to look around some more.”
My parents nod their heads and tell me to have fun. Max and I walk back into the diner and he leads me over to the table where all his friends are sitting.
“So Max are you going to introduce us?” the waitress asks. “I mean you jumped up and left us so quickly I thought there was a fire.”
Max turned three shades of red and ducked his head. It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen.
“Shut up Maria! Leave the poor guy alone,” a guy with spiky hair said.
“You shut up Michael! I was just teasing and Max knows that,” Maria exclaimed.
“Will both of you just stop! God, can’t you two quit fighting for like two minutes?” the blonde sitting next to Max said.
“Guys this is Liz Parker. Liz this is Maria, Michael, Alex, and my sister Isabel,” Max said pointing to each one.
“Nice to meet you Liz,” Alex said.
“Yeah nice to meet you. So how do you like Roswell so far?” Maria asks me.
“It seems all right. It’s a lot different from New York and I’m still not sure about the whole alien thing,” I say.
“You don’t believe in aliens?” Michael asked.
“I don’t know, I’ve yet to meet one. So do you guys believe in aliens?” I ask.

Part 3:

My question was met with silence, which confused me. I mean I only asked if they believed in aliens. How hard is it to answer that question?
“Look, I’m sorry if I offended any of you. I mean it was just a question. I personally believe that there has to be other intelligent life out there somewhere but I’m yet to meet any so I’m keeping my outright belief on the ‘it’s possible’ side,” I say.
They laughed. At least they aren’t sitting there completely quiet anymore. Alex is about to say something when two shadows fall across the table. We all turn to see who it is. Not like I’d know who it was but I’m curious who is interrupting our conversation.
A guy in a letterman’s jacket with brown hair and a decent build and a girl with curly blond hair and ice blue eyes are standing in front of our table.
“So Evans who’s your new friend?” the guy asked eyeing my up.
“Uh, this is Liz. She just moved here. To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure Valenti?” Max said.
“I was just curious who the knockout at your table was. So Liz, what are you doing here with these losers? I mean associating with these freaks could ruin you,” the kid Valenti said.
“Look, Valenti is it? I don’t care what the people at this school think. I will associate with whomever I want and by the looks of it these people can be considered REAL friends. If I joined you and your crew I’d never know REAL friends again. No go away,” I say.
“Ok, I can see you are delusional so I’ll overlook that little outburst. Just come over and meet some of my friends. They are all dying to meet you,” he says pulling my out of my seat.
“Hey! Get off! Let go, or I swear to God I’ll hurt you!” I yell.
Max jumps out of the booth and Michael and Alex follow him. It’s weird but I know Max will protect me. I know I just met him and everything but I feel that I can trust him.
“Let her go Kyle,” Max says in a deathly quiet tone.
“What are you going to do about it Evans? I just want to get to know her better,” Kyle says.
“Well she obviously doesn’t want to get to know you Kyle. That’s why she said let go,” Maria said.
“Shut up you stupid Bitch!” Kyle yelled.
My parents walk through the door just then and take in the scene with worried eyes. I shake my head slightly telling them not to do anything just yet.
“Hey! No one, especially you, calls my girlfriend a stupid Bitch!” Michael says.
“I’m only going to tell you one more time Kyle. LET HER GO!” Max grounds out.
“Go to hell Evans,” Kyle says pulling me closer to him.
I’m a little scared now but I grew up in New York so I do what any New Yorker would do if an unarmed person grabbed them. I elbowed him in the stomach and smashed my foot into his instep. He lost his hold on me and I ran to Max. I’ve got to remember to call Rath and thank him for those lessons in self-defense! Max pushed me behind him and faced Kyle.
“You little bitch! Nobody hits me and gets away with it,” Kyle said walking towards me.
Max stepped in the way blocking him. “Move Max,” Kyle says.
“You’ll have to go through me first Kyle,” Max says.
“Yeah and then us,” Alex says as he and Michael step next to Max.
Kyle looked back and forth between the three guys and turned to walk away.
“This is not over yet Liz,” he said.
I breathe a sigh of relief, “Thank you guys so much,” I say hugging all three. My parents come walking over to make sure I’m ok.
“Lizzie, are you ok? What happened?” my mom asks.
“Nothing mom. I’m fine I swear. We were just talking when that obnoxious butt hole came over and started causing trouble,” I say.
“You’re sure you’re all right?” she asks again.
“Yes, mom, I’m fine,” I assure her.
“So who are your new friends?” my dad asks.
“This is Maria, she works here, that over there is her boyfriend Michael, the guy next to him is Alex, across from him is Isabel, Max’s sister, and you have already met Max,” I say introducing everyone. “Guys these are my folks.”
“It’s nice to meet you,” they all say.
“The pleasure is ours. Max, Michael, Alex, thank you so much for protecting Liz,” my mom says.
“It was nothing Mrs. Parker. Kyle thinks he can get away with anything just because his dad’s the local sheriff,” Alex says.
“Oh I see. Hmm, well Lizzie, it appears you’ll have to watch your back for a while,” my mom says.
“Yeah, but I can take care of myself besides Rath started teaching me how to defend myself so I wouldn’t be helpless. So, I’m not too worried,” I tell my mom.
“Yeah, and we’ll keep an eye on her Mrs. Parker don’t worry. I’m hoping that Liz and I can become great friends,” Maria says.
I look up and smile at Maria. I have a feeling that we are going to become very good friends. There’s just something about her that is just so likeable.
“I know that we’ll become great friends,” I tell Maria.
“Maria! Order’s up come on girl you’ve got to work,” the cook yelled.
“Hold your horsed Jose, I’m coming,” Maria called back. “I’ll be right back. Hold that thought,” she says waking to the pick up window.
“Lizzie,” my dad says walking over to the table. “I know you aren’t going to like this but I need you to help me by covering tonight,” he says.
“Dad!” I whine.
“You know I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important,” he says. “Jill, one of the waitresses here just quit. I need someone to cover.”
He gives me this look and I know I’m a goner. He looks like a little lost boy. “Fine, I’ll do it,” I say.
“Great! That means we get to close together!” Maria exclaimed excitedly.
“Well I guess we’re not only waiting for Maria to finish her shift but Liz too,” Isabel says.
“Yeah! So what are we going to do tonight? I mean it’s Liz’s first night here and all so we want to show her a good time,” Maria says.
“I don’t know. We’ll figure something out,” Max says. “But right now, I’ve got to get back to work. Brody will kill me if I’m late.”
I watch as Max walks out the door. It’s strange how he just left but I miss him already.
“So, who’s Brody?” I ask.
“That’s Max’s boss. He’s a little eccentric but a cool guy nonetheless,” Maria says.
“Yeah well she thinks Brody’s cool because he’s got a major crush on her,” Alex said in a singsong voice.
“Shut up Alex! He so does not have a crush on me,” Maria said blushing.
“Oh yeah? Then how come whenever he orders lunch he asks if you can deliver it?” Alex asked.
Maria is trying to come back with something I can tell. She keeps opening her mouth like she wants to say something but nothing comes out.
“Ah ha! See he does have a major jonesing for you!” Alex gloated.
“Liz, we’ll be back later, we have to go shopping,” my dad calls out to me.
“Ok, dad. See you later,” I tell my parents.
“Come on Liz. I’ll show you where the uniforms are kept so you can get changed and it will give me and excuse to walk away from Whitman before I do something I regret,” Maria tells me grabbing my arm and dragging me off to the back room.
We walk thought the back door and Maria opens up a closet reveling many of those hideous Alien uniforms. I can’t believe I’ve got to wear this. I walk into the bathroom after I picked out a uniform in my size and get dressed. I pull my hair back into a ponytail and place the antenna headband on top of my head. I fell so ridiculous.
“Come on Liz! We’ve got work to do!” Maria yells.
“Yeah, yeah, hold your horses,” I mumble before walking out the door.
“You look great,” she tells me as she drags me out into the restaurant.
She gets an order pad from behind the counter and hands it to me. Then she points out the different sections and lets me know that I’ve got the section Michael, Isabel, and Alex are sitting in. I’m grateful because Kyle and his bunch of jerks aren’t in my section. I take my order pad and get to work.

(Somewhere in the middle of the desert outside Roswell, NM)

“Yes sir, we’ve made it. No, the transition shouldn’t be too difficult. No I believe that we will not be detected in this town of Roswell. No, we haven’t found the Royals yet. Yes, I’ll be looking for them. I know how important it is that we find them. Yes sir, I’ll cal you in two days and tell you our progress,” a lone figure in the desert says speaking into a communicator.

Part 4:

My parents come walking back in about an hour and a half later. My dad smiles at me letting me know how much he appreciates the fact that I’m helping him out. In fact I think I might ask if I can have the job. Of course I expect to get paid and since I needed a job anyway so why not work really close to home. I like working with Maria and the fact that Max, Michael, Isabel, and Alex are always in here I’ll get to see them all the time and that makes me really happy.
Our shift is going to end soon and Alex walks into the back grabbing a broom. Michael follows him taking out the mop and water. Isabel goes behind the counter and starts picking up the dirty dishes and things bringing them into the kitchen.
“What are they doing?” I ask Maria.
“Oh whenever I have to close and they wait for me they help clean up. I wipe down my tables and usually Isabel helps me with them since there are too many for me to do quickly but since you are closing tonight she’s taking care of the dishes. After we wipe down the tables we usually put the dishes in the washer so she’s doing that now. This way we get out of here more quickly. Michael works here too, he’s one of the cooks but he had off today. Usually he’s in the back cleaning up the kitchen but Jose is here today so that’s his job. After Michael mops he might go back there and help him but that’s really Michael’s decision. When Max isn’t working he usually mops but since he’s not here I guess Michael’s doing that job,” she tells me.
“Oh,” I say. We set about wiping down the tables and placing the chairs on top of them so Michael can mop under them. After we finish the tables I clean the soda machine and Maria takes the milkshake machine. She said that she’d to that one because I don’t know how to clean it yet. I smile at her and we set about finishing our work.
There is a knock at the door and I look up to see Max standing out there. I walk up to the door and unlock it letting him in.
“Thanks,” he says. He’s carrying some clothes and I realize that he needs to change. I still have no idea what we are going to do tonight but I’m excited to go out.
Max walks into the back to use the bathroom and I head into the kitchen to see what’s going on. Michael and Jose are just finishing the deep fryers and Maria walks out and sits next to Isabel and Alex on the couch.
“Ugh, I’m so glad this night is over. I can’t wait to go out!” Maria says excitedly.
“I know I feel the same way!” I exclaim.
They all just smile at me and I fell accepted. It’s weird how much I have been stressing over this move and how I thought that I’d never make friends. I was such an idiot, I mean look at these people they are amazing.
Max comes out of the bathroom and I can’t believe how hot he looks. He’s wearing a pair of black jeans and a fitted black shirt that has a slight see through sheen to it. I know I’m staring but I can’t help it. His hair is a little messy and some of it is falling across his forehead almost reaching his eyes giving him a slight innocent quality. It offsets the rebel look that his clothing denotes and I’ve never in my whole life seen anyone look as handsome as he does at this moment.
“Are you two going to get dressed?” Michael asks bring be back to reality.
“Oh yeah. Um, where are we going? I hope I packed something that will look ok where ever it is we are going,” I say.
“What do you mean? Didn’t you just move here? Wouldn’t you have all your stuff?” Alex asks.
“No, we flew in. My stuff won’t be here for about a week,” I explain. “Come on let’s go up and decide what to wear,” I say leading Isabel and Maria upstairs.
We go into my room and the guys are sitting in the living room. I have no idea where my parent’s are but at the moment I’m not really caring. I look through my suitcases and pull out three outfits. I ask them to help me decide.
Maria just came out of the bathroom and she looks amazing. She’s got on a pair of black Capri’s with a silver halter-top. I’m assuming we are going to some sort of club thing so I discard one of the outfits; it’s not clubby enough.
I run to the bathroom to put on the first outfit and I come out. I have on a pair of tight dark blue jeans and a tight purple shirt. Isabel and Maria looks the outfit over and shake their heads no. I breathe a slight sigh of relief because I really didn’t want to wear this one anyway. I go back to the bathroom to change. I come back out a few minutes later wearing the same pair of jeans but a red spaghetti strapped tank top with two ties that tie across the back keeping it on.
They both look at me while I twirl around and shake their heads yes. I’m so excited. Ava and I bought this one day when we decided that we wanted to go to a club but we never to the chance to go because I’m here now. But I’m just happy that I’m getting to wear it. We head back to the living room and the guys but I take a short detour looking for my parents. They aren’t in the apartment so I write them a note and leave it on the kitchen table.
“Liz are you ready?” Maria asks.
“Yeah, I’m just leaving a note for my parents. I can’t find them I guess they went out or something. It’s kind of strange, they never leave without telling me. Oh well, they must have forgotten something at the store,” I say walking back into the living room.
The minute I walk though the door my eyes find Max. He is looking intently at me and I can feel my face heat up. He’s got a look on his face that tells me he likes my outfit. That look makes my heart pound because just knowing that this wonderful looking guy thinks that I look good makes my self esteem go way through the roof. I mean no one looked at me in NY because I don’t have a very big chest and even though I tried to not let that bother me it did. With Max looking at me this way I feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world.
He hasn’t said anything just yet but I can tell by the look in his eyes that he likes the outfit. I heart a throat being cleared and I look to my left. Maria and Isabel are looking between Max and I. They look like they are watching a tennis match or something the way their heads keep going back and forth between the two of us. I see an amused look on their faces and I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking.
Max walks up to me and offers his hand. I take his hand and he leads the way outside. I make sure that the door is locked before we walk out so that all the last person has to do is close it and we are on our way.
“You look amazing,” Max says leaning closer to me.
I smile up at him, “Thank you. You look quite amazing yourself.”
He blushes a little and I find that so cute. He’s got this quiet, mysterious look about him that makes him irresistibly good looking but he’s also very shy and it offsets his dark good looks. I find him fascinating.
We jump into the car. We all squeeze into Max’s jeep. Maria is sitting on Michael’s lap and Isabel is sitting between Alex and Michael. I somehow managed to get the front seat and I’m not going to complain. I get to sit next to Max.
All the way to our destination we keep sneaking looks at each other. I can’t seem to help myself there is something about him that captivates me. Deep down inside I have the feeling that they are keeping something from me but I’m not going to push what it is just yet. For some reason I know that they will tell me when they feel more comfortable.
Max stops the car in front of this old building. It looks abandoned and I’m wondering why we are here.
“Where are we?” I ask.
“This is the old soap factory. The coolest parties are held here and it just so happens that tonight there’s a party. We decided to come since it’s your first day and all, just so you can see what Roswell has to offer,” Maria said.
“Well then let’s get inside and start partying. I love to dance, come on,” I say jumping out of the jeep.
Maria laughs at my excitement. “A girl after my own heart! I love to dance too, hey Liz wait up!” she calls as I’m already walking away from the jeep.
I stop and wait for her to catch up. We decide to wait for the rest of them since we want to make our grand entrance together and I want to walk in with people I know just in case some unwanted person is in there.
“Do you think Kyle is going to be here?” I ask.
“Probably, but we’ll keep him away,” Alex assures me.
Max offers me his hand again and once again I take it. I love holding his hand and mine seems to fit perfectly with his. His hand is so warm and calloused but still surprisingly soft. It’s hard to explain but all I know is a warm tingly feeling spreads all though out my body when he holds my hand. I wonder what would happen if he kissed me!
We walk up to the door and Max opens it with his free hand. We walk in and I take in the whole Roswell party scene. It’s not like anything I expected at all. It is very much like a city club and I’m very impressed.
The music is blaring and there are people dancing and laughing. Everyone seems to be having a great time and I can’t wait to get out there! I start to drag Max out with me but he holds back. I look up at him and he smiles, “I’m not really a great dancer,” he tells me.
“I don’t care neither am I. I just love to do it. Come on please? Just one dance and if your not having fun I won’t ask you to dance with me any more,” I say.
“Ok, fine, just one to start off with,” he tells me.
I let out a squeal and pull him out on the floor. I wrap my arms around his neck and he holds on to my waist and we start moving to the beat. For a guy who says he can’t dance well he’s doing an amazing job. I start to grind my hips into his and he begins to grind with me. We just keep going and before we know it we’ve danced through three songs. I’m really thirsty so I ask Max were to go to get a drink. He takes my hand and we head to the drink table.
Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex are standing there.
“Damn Max, I thought you couldn’t dance,” Michael says.
“Yeah I didn’t either, but I guess I just needed the right partner,” he says.
I blush at this and Max hands me a water. I gratefully take it and drink half in one gulp. I am having the time of my life and I’m so excited that I’m experiencing this with these people.
I feel someone tap me on the shoulder and when I turn around I’m staring into the ice blue eyes of the girl who was with Kyle before in the Crashdown. I don’t even know what her name is because I forgot to ask. She looks really pissed off and I can’t figure out why. I know I’ve never done anything to this girl; I’ve never even met her.
“Yes? Can I help you with something?” I ask politely.
“Yes you can. You can get away from my man. I saw you hanging all over him out on the dance floor and I don’t appreciate strange women hanging all over my boyfriend,” she says.

Part 5:

I knew it was too good to be true. Of course he’s got a girlfriend. Hey why didn’t he say anything? This is so not good. Ok, Parker you just need to calm down. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explination for all of this.
“Please Tess you know for a fact that my brother wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole,” Isabel says.
Oh thank God. He’s not with this person, Tess. I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there.
“Yes he would Isabel you don’t know what you are talking about. He just needs to be persuaded the right way,” Tess purred.
I look up at Max and see him cringe. Hmm, he really doesn’t like this girl one bit I see. Well then I guess I’ll have to take care of this once and for all won’t I? There’s really only one thing I can’t stand in life and that is a stuck up snob who thinks she deserves everything she wants.
“Well it seems to me Tess that if Max truly wanted you he wouldn’t need to be persuaded. I guess you just don’t have what it takes to satisfy a man like him,” I say.
Tess turns like five shades of red and for a moment I’m scared but it’s nothing I can’t handle. If she wants to play rough we’ll play rough. She starts to raise her hand in an attempt to hit me and I think I unnerve her by not backing down. Apparently she’s the type of person people are usually afraid of. Well honey, I just moved here from NYC and if I can handle living there I can handle anything.
I just stare at her and she backs down. “This is far from over new girl,” she says.
“Um, my name is Liz not new girl. Just for future reference,” I call after her.
Stupid gerbil looking wannabe. I can’t believe some people. I turn around and look at my new friends and they’ve all got something akin to awe in their eyes.
“I can’t believe you just stood up to her like that!” Maria exclaimed.
“Why wouldn’t I? She insulted me and she tried to lie to me by telling me Max was her boyfriend. I saw him cringe at that thought so I needed to put her in her place. Damned gerbil she deserved more then that. I was kind of hoping that she’s attempt to hit me because I would have liked beating the crap out of her,” I tell them.
Isabel and Maria laugh at this and Max, Michael, and Alex just shake their heads. I almost forgot that they didn’t grow up in New York. “What can I say you’ve got to be tough if you want to walk the streets of New York. I mean not that there’s usually any trouble, it’s actually a very nice city but you never know when someone’s gonna pop up and you’ve always got to be ready,” I add.
“Come on Liz, let’s dance some more,” Maria says grabbing my hand. I grab one to Isabel and we all head out on the dance floor. I look back at Max and I see him talking to Michael and Alex. They all shrug their shoulders and follow us out there.
I smile as Max walks up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. I look up and see the surprised look on Maria’s face. From that look I take it that Michael doesn’t dance very much. Isabel just smiles at Alex and she wraps her arms around his neck and they start dancing all dirty. I can’t help but smile at this. Max tightens his grip on me and I guess he doesn’t like the way his sister is dancing. I turn around in his arms and wrap my arms around his neck. I force him to look at me and we start dancing again. He gets so wrapped up in what we are doing that he forgets all about Isabel and Alex.
We dance right up until we decide to leave. I’m exhausted but I had lots of fun. This was one of the best nights of my life and I’m so happy to have experienced it with these people.
We all pile up into the jeep again and Max drops off Michael first since his apartment is closest to where we were. “Thanks. I’ll see you all tomorrow,” he says kissing Maria.
I watch as he walks into his apartment and I expect Max to pull away right away but for some strange reason we are still sitting here. All of a sudden there is a bright light in one of the windows. I’m assuming that’s Michael’s apartment because Max is out of the car in a flash. Isabel jumps out after him and they both go running towards the door.
“What the hell is going on?” I ask.
“I don’t know but I think Michael’s in trouble. Max and Isabel will help him,” Maria says.
She’s way to calm for my taste. For someone who usually blows up at things she’s taking this with a grain of salt. Before Max and Isabel make it to the door Michael is running out.
“Come on we’ve got to go. I only stunned him we need to move and fast,” he yells jumping back into the jeep. Max and Isabel are right behind him and Max speeds out of there in a hurry.
“Ok, what the hell was that and what’s going on?” I ask.
“I promise that we’ll tell you as soon as we are someplace safe,” Max says driving well over the speed limit.
I watch the scenery fly past us and I realize that we are speeding out into the desert. I’m curious as to where we are going but I don’t want to ask since I’ll be getting answers to things soon. I’m not too sure if this is anything that I really want to hear but I’m going to listen and be as objective as I can.
We stop at this opening and Max turns off the jeep. He walks out and stands near the edge of a cliff. Isabel, Alex, Maria, and Michael get out after him and they all sit down on some rocks. I’m the last one out of the jeep. Now that I know I can get the answers I’m not too sure that I want them.
I walk over to the others and patiently wait for them to start. I look at all of them and I can see the strain and fear in their faces. They are afraid of me. I don’t know why but they are.
“Look Liz, this might not be easy to hear but you’ve seen enough to deserve an explanation,” Max says.
“Max, if your not comfortable telling me this I understand completely and I’m not going to force you to tell me. When I was coming down to the living room after getting changed I could tell that there was something you all weren’t telling me and I promised myself I wouldn’t push you to tell me until you were ready. Yes I saw some strange things tonight at Michael’s apartment but I’m not going to ask you to tell me unless you are 100% sure that you want to tell me,” I say.
“Liz, I’ve wanted to tell you from the first moment I saw you. I don’t know why but I knew I could trust you. It’s not a matter of being comfortable or trusting you. I’m just afraid of what you are going to think about us and what we tell you. I’m afraid that you’ll see us differently and not want to be seen with us,” Max tells me.
“Max, you are the most real people I’ve ever known. You all stuck up for me twice and I don’t know how I can ever repay you for that,” I tell him. “I think I can handle whatever you are going to tell me.”
“I hope you can handle it Liz. I really do.” Max says. “Ok here it goes. You remember the famous UFO crash of 1947 right?” he asks me.
“Yeah, the government said it was a weather balloon but I don’t believe that. I do believe that beings from another planet crashed on our planet that day,” I say.
“Well that makes this part a little easier. You see Michael, Isabel and I were in that crash. There was another with us but we don’t know what happened to him or her. We were in Incubation Pods until the year 1989. That’s when Isabel, Michael, and I busted out of our pods. All I remember is not being able to speak but I could communicate with both Michael and Isabel. I also remember not wanting to leave the other one of us but I could sense someone coming and my need to protect Isabel and Michael was stronger then the need to stay with whomever was in that pod. I still feel guilty to this day for leaving him or her in there,” he says.
“So you guys are like aliens or something?” I ask.
“Yeah, but we don’t remember where we came from or why we are here,” Isabel tells me.
“Wow, that’s so cool. I guess I have met real live aliens. Too bad I can’t share that knowledge with anyone else,” I say.
“Yes, telling anyone could lead to emanate danger for all of us,” Michael says.
“So who were those people in your apartment?” I ask Michael.
“I have no idea. I walked in there and there were these two men going though my stuff. I don’t know what they were looking for but they drew guns so I threw some stuff at them. I clocked the one guy over the head with my lamp and the other guy charged at me. I punched him a couple of times and left them there. I didn’t know what else to do,” he said.
“It’s ok Michael. You didn’t use your powers did you?” Max asked.
“Hold the phones, you didn’t tell me that you’ve got powers,” I say.
“No Max I didn’t use my powers. They were human or at least I think they were. I mean they drew guns, I wasn’t going to risk using my powers just in case they told someone about it,” Michael said.
“Good,” Max said before turning to me. “Yes, we’ve got powers I’ve got the power to heal, Isabel can enter people’s dreams, and Michael can send out energy blasts. We can all manipulate molecular structures and things like that,” Max tells me.
“Wow, that’s pretty cool. So do you have any idea who those men could have been working for?” I ask.
“No, that’s the thing. We’ve never exposed ourselves to anyone,” Michael said.
“Well, there was the time when Max healed Alex last year, but that was it,” Isabel said.
“I don’t remember that even being in the paper and no one traced it back to us thank goodness. It was dark and Alex had been left for dead. He’s just lucky that Max and I decided to walk past that ally that night, well that and the fact that you like him Isabel. I don’t think Max would have saved him had it not been for you, we probably would have just phoned for and ambulance,” Michael said.
“Michael why don’t you stay with us tonight. You sleeping bag is still in my closet. We’ve got to get Alex, Maria, and Liz home before it gets too late. I don’t know what Liz or Alex’s parents are like when they get mad but I remember what happened the last time we brought Maria home late and I don’t want to see a mad Amy DeLuca ever again,” Max said.
“Yeah tell me about it,” Michael replied.
“Hey that’s my mom you’re talking about Space Boy!” Maria exclaimed.
“I know and I love her madly but she is really scary when she’s mad,” he said.
I just shake my head. They are too funny together always bickering. It really amazes me how the three of them can act like normal teens doing normal things when they have to constantly be looking over their shoulders. Well now that I know I guess I’m thrown in the middle of all that, but to tell you the truth it doesn’t bother me. I’ve felt this strong pull to Max ever since I first laid eyes on him, it’s kind of hard to explain but it’s there.


Out in the desert

“I think I might have found one of them sir,” the man in the desert said into his communicator. “No I don’t think he knew who we were but he did clock my man over the head with a lamp and he’s got one hell of a punch. He didn’t use any powers but neither did we. I know we aren’t to hurt them because they are too important. I’ll keep a close tab on him to try and find out who the others are. I’ll call you when I fid out more,” the man added before turning his communicator off.
He jumped back into his car and headed back towards Roswell.


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Part 6:

I’ve been sitting here in my room forever and I still can’t fall asleep. All these thoughts running through my head are keeping me awake.
I mean who would have thought that there were actual aliens living in Roswell, the city made famous because of RUMORS about an alien craft crashing nearby. They seem like your average kids just trying to blend in and live a normal life.
Anyway back to why I’m still awake. Realizing that I’m friends with aliens is only part of the reason. My parents still aren’t home. When Max dropped me off I came inside expecting to hear about how late I was but there was no one waiting up for me. It was about 11:30 by the time we got back to the Crashdown after dropping Maria off, and by the time I got upstairs it was most likely 11:40. I searched everywhere in the apartment for my parents but they were nowhere to be seen. I’m really worried I mean they never go anywhere without leaving a note especially when they are going to be late.
I’ve been home for about an hour now and they still aren’t home. With every minute that goes by I get more and more worried. What if they got into a car accident? Of what if they were car jacked somewhere? What if they were beaten and left for dead in some parking lot or something?
A tapping on my window shakes me from my thoughts. I jump and turn towards it and I notice Max standing there looking really worried. I wonder what’s bothering him? I cross the room and open up the window.
“Hey Max. What’s up?”
“Nothing much. Are you all right?”
“Me? Yeah. Well actually I’m a little worried about my parents. They still aren’t home yet. Are you ok? You looked upset or worried when you were standing out there.”
“I’m fine. I don’t know how or why but I could feel your worry all the way across town. I had to come here to make sure you were ok,” he tells me.
“What do you mean you could feel my worry?” I ask confused.
“I don’t know. All of a sudden I got these vibes of fear and worry. I knew they weren’t coming from me since I had nothing to be afraid of or worry about, and I also knew they weren’t coming from Isabel or Michael because they were both asleep and I get different vibes from them. The stranger thing is that I just knew that they were coming from you.”
“Is this some kind of an alien thing?”
“Sort of. I mean we usually only feel things from each other. We’ve never felt anything from human’s before, you are the first,” he explains.
“So none of you have ever gotten any type of vibes from either Alex or Maria? Not even Isabel or Michael?” I ask my mind going into scientific mode.
“No, we would have mentioned it if we had. Things like that need to be told because it’s big news.”
“Oh I totally agree. I mean it’s definitely strange. Does anything strange ever happen to Alex or Maria? Or I guess a better question would be has anything unusual ever happened to either of them? Like after you healed Alex were they any side effects?” I can’t help but ask. This is very interesting to me. That’s my inner scientist coming out.
“No. I saw bits and pieces of Alex’s life because of the connection I had to open in order to heal him, and he sported a silver handprint for a couple of days on his side but that’s it.”
“Hmm? So why are you feeling my emotions then?” I ask out loud more to myself then to him.
“I don’t know that’s the puzzling thing,” he says.
I just smile. “Is it a bad thing though?”
“Oh no definitely not. In fact I sort of like knowing what you are feeling. Now don’t get me wrong at first I was scared but at the same time I thought I was really cool.”
“That’s understandable.”
“Yeah and I also like the fact that I am able to help you get your mind off your parents for a little bit.”
“Yeah thanks for coming over and keeping me company. It’s kind of creepy being in a new house, or apartment whatever the case may be, by yourself. I guess those alien powers come in handy sometimes huh? Before you go will you walk the apartment with me. I want to check and see if they came back yet?” I ask.
“It’s no problem. Isabel will cover for me and so will Michael. Iz will tell my parents I went for a drive because I couldn’t sleep. Michael will agree and tell them that I said I’d be back in a bit and that I needed to drive and think a bit. I’ve done it before so they won’t question. I always have my cell phone with me just in case they need to reach me so if they really want me home they’ll just call. So why don’t we go and check for your folks. Um, will your parents mind my being in the house this late?”
“I doubt it but if they say anything I’ll just tell them that I called you up and asked you to stay until I fell asleep because I was uncomfortable in the apartment by myself.”
“I guess that could work.”
We turn towards the door all ready to scope out the house and we see my father standing there with a strange look on his face. I can’t quite describe it. It’s sort of like a cross between a look of surprise, happiness, and respect.
“Dad! Hey! Where were you guys? I’ve been worried sick,” I say.
“I’m sorry sweetie. We didn’t mean to scare you. Um, can you and, Max right? Yeah, can you can Max join us in the living room?” my dad asks as he leaves the room. I watch him walk down the hall towards his room I guess in search of my mother. I take a deep breath and head back towards Max. He looks a little upset and the strange thing is I can feel his emotions now. He’s afraid that my father is going to yell at him for being in my room so late and he’s really scared that my father heard us make mention of him being an alien. To tell you the truth I’m a little concerned about that too!
I grab his hand and head towards the door. “Come on Max. We won’t find out what he heard or why he wants to talk to us until we get into the living room.”
“How did you know what I was thinking?”
“I don’t know I just did. It’s weird I’ve always had the ability to hear people’s thoughts. It doesn’t happy often and it’s never been as clear as this before,” I say.
He shrugs his shoulders, “that’s pretty cool, I guess. But I’d hate to hear people’s thoughts. Sometimes I can’t make sense out of my own thoughts never mind having someone else’s running through my head,” he says.
“Yeah, sometimes it really does get annoying. Anyway I guess we should get in there,” I mumble.
I start to lead him out of the room and he pulls me back towards him. I collide with his chest and have to throw my arms around his neck to get my balance. He wraps his arms around my waist making sure I don’t fall. Our faces are mere inches from one another and the urge to kiss him is really strong.
I don’t have too long to ponder this because he is lowering his lips towards mine. I tilt my head up telling him that I want this just as much as he does. His lips brush across mine tentatively at first. It’s cute, almost as if he’s not too sure I want him to do this.
He starts to pull back but I won’t let him. I weave my hands through his hair and pull his head back towards mine and press my lips against his again. This time he runs his tongue across my lips asking for entrance. I grant him this because there is a hunger growing deep within me and I need to feed it. I have never wanted a kiss this badly in my entire life.
As his tongue slips past my lips I caress it with my own. I feel him groan into my mouth and it’s the most erotic sound in the entire world. I could definitely get used to this kind of thing. His hands start to make their way up my back and the way he’s caressing me makes me knees turn to jell-o. It’s a good thing he’s holding me because I think I would be a puddle on the floor by now if he weren’t.
It feels like he is trying to memorize every crevice in my mouth they way his tongue is touching everything, but I want to become acquainted with his mouth too so I start to push my tongue against his. He gets the hint and starts to retreat his tongue back into his own mouth and I follow him with mine. Once there I run my tongue across everything. He is velvety soft and he tastes amazing. I don’t know if there is anything that I can compare it too. It’s sweet and spicy at the same time and just so Max. This is definitely something I would have imagined him tasting like. I can’t get enough. I feel like I’m getting drunk with his taste.
His hands are buried in my hair now and he caresses my cheeks with his thumbs. God, I could stay like this forever. The feel of his arms around me and the slow but thorough way he’s loving me is making my head spin.

Three little children emerging from Pods looking around trying to figure out where they are. The little dark haired boy looking at the forth pod knowing this person is very special to him but the threat of danger very close. He takes one last look at the little girl before walking out.
Walking around in the desert with the blonde girl and the sandy brown haired little boy trying to figure out what to do next. Not really being able to talk but knowing what the other two were thinking all the same. He knew that the blonde girl was his actual sister and while the sandy brown haired boy wasn’t his real brother he knew that deep down that didn’t matter because they always thought of one another as brothers.
Seeing headlights coming towards them and the little sandy brown haired boy running away. He trying to convince the little boy to stay with them but the other boy wouldn’t listen and he hid behind a big boulder.
The little blonde girl and Max getting into the car with the two people and getting driven to the Roswell Orphanage by the couple in the car. The same two people coming into the orphanage to adopt the two little children.
Max sitting in his bed at night crying and wanting to go home. His little guilty face looking up at the start asking for forgiveness for leaving the little girl behind and keeping only his sister and friend safe.
*End Flash*

I pull back and look into Max’s face. He is looking at me too trying to judge my reaction I think.
“What did you see?” he asks me.
“I saw your life. From the moment you emerged from your pod to the time you got adopted by the Evans. Oh and I could see and feel the guilt you had for leaving the other little girl who was still in her pod,” I tell him.
“Liz, Max, are you going to join us?” my mother asks from the door.
“Um, yeah we’re on our way,” I say grabbing Max’s hand once again and leading him out the door.
We walk into the living room and sit on the couch. I’m not sure what to expect but I’ve got to say I’m a little nervous. My mother has the same face on that my father did before and it’s a little frightening.
‘Oh man, this can’t be good. They are both looking at me strangely,’ I hear Max say to himself.
It’s kind of cute to hear Max say things to himself. He probably has some very interesting inner monologues! ‘Max, Max, Max, if you knew my parents you’d realize that the look they are giving you isn’t one that says they want to kill you, it’s sort of respectful and the such. I can’t really explain it,’ I say to myself. ‘I wish Max could hear me maybe he would calm down a little bit.’
‘Thanks Liz, that helped a little,’ I hear again.
I gasp. “Oh my God!” I exclaim.
“What?” my parents ask.
I completely ignore them and turn to Max. “How did you hear me? I didn’t speak anything out loud.”
“I know you didn’t. I don’t know I just heard you reassuring me,” he tells me.
“I think we might be able to explain,” my parents say causing Max and I to look at them. “It’s kind of a long story so prepare yourselves. But before we go on with the story you have a few questions to ask you.”

Part 7:

I look over at Max and realize that he’s not as scared anymore he’s curious. I have to smile because he looks a lot like I do when I find something interesting. Like anything in the world can happen and he wouldn’t care.
“Uh, what do you have to ask us?” I ask my parents.
“Well the questions are really more for Max then for you sweetie but we want you to be here too,” my parents say. ‘If only we had found the other royals then we could explain this to all of them,’ my dad says to my mom.
“What do you mean if you only found the other royals then you would only have to explain this once. What the heck are you talking about?” I ask.
‘You forgot she can read our minds Jeff. You have to keep comments like that to yourself,’ my mom says. “Everything will be explained soon sweetie I promise,” she tells me.
“Fine,” I say knowing that arguing is pointless and I want to know what the hell is going on so I leave it be for now.
“Max, are there any others like you?” my father asks getting right to the point.
“What do you mean others like me sir. I’m just your normal average teenage boy,” Max says.
“Max, I overheard your talk with Liz and it’s crucial to the survival of millions that you tell if the others are with you,” my mom explains.
“Look, I’m a little confused as to what you know and until I do know this I am not disclosing any information to you,” he says. ‘I will protect my family with my life if I have to but you will know nothing until I’m sure I can tell you,’ he adds silently.
‘Good choice Max because I’m a little confused as to my parents behavior,’ I tell him.
“Ok you see we were with you on your ship when it crashed. We are your protectors. Jeff was supposed to train you boys while I am supposed to train the girls. There were four of you in total. Our king, his second in command, the princess, and the queen and we need to find all of you before our enemies realize that you have been right under their noses for years,” my mom says.
“May I try something?” Max asks. “There is only one way I’m going to be positive that you are telling me the truth.”
“Yes anything Max,” my father tells him.
“Ok, I’m going to connect with you to make sure that you are not feeding me bogus lies,” he says.
Max walks up to my dad and places his hands on either side of his face and looks into his eyes. “Even out your breathing and I will match mine to yours,” Max tells him.
My dad smiles, “I know how this is done Max, I’ve done it before myself.” Max smiles and humors my father still not sure if he’s telling the truth or not. I watch in fascination as Max’s breathing matches my fathers and they go into a trance like state. I wonder what Max is seeing.
After a couple of minutes Max pulls his hands away and sits back down on the couch. “The others are at my house. We ran into some kind of trouble at Michael’s tonight and he is staying at my house. My sister and I were both adopted together so we’ve been together since we emerged from our pods,” Max says.
I assume that my parents are telling the truth, which makes me wonder who the hell I am. Could I possibly be the queen, or am I a product of my parents? If I am then I’d be a full alien but I’ve never shown signs of powers except being able to read other’s minds and lots of human’s can do that. Maybe my parents just adopted a child in order to look like a human couple and I’m really a human who was raised by aliens and never knew it. Can my life get any weirder?
“I think we should call them over so that we only have to tell this story once,” my dad says.
Max nods his head and gets up. He looks down at me and smiles. I smile back and walk into the kitchen with him. He calls Isabel’s cell phone so he doesn’t wake up his parents.
“Isabel it’s important. Get Michael and call Maria. Liz’s parents are aliens and they need to tell us some things. I already made sure they were telling the truth. No, Mr. Parker overheard Liz and I talking and we made mention that I was an alien. Look just do it and get here quickly. The jeep is still there because I walked here. Yes have Maria call Alex and tell them to meet here. Liz and I will be downstairs in the ally waiting for you,” Max says. “Bye.”
“Ok, lets just tell my parents that we are going downstairs to wait for them,” I say.
He nods his head and we walk out to the living room. I tell my parents and they just nod in affirmation. We walk to the back door and I unlock it. We step out into the ally and I lean against the wall lost in thought.
“What are you thinking about?” Max asks softly.
I jump a little not expecting him to speak. “I don’t know. I mean I just found out that my parents are aliens. I mean am I an alien? Am I human? What? I’m so confused right now,” I tell him.
“I understand completely Liz. Well ok, maybe not completely but I do understand. I mean my life is built on lies and your parents had to do the same thing in order to keep not only you but themselves safe as well. I’m sure the reason they didn’t tell you wasn’t because they couldn’t trust you it was because they felt you would be safer if you didn’t know. I mean Michael, Isabel, and I are always wondering if the FBI is going to show up and take us and I’m sure your parents were afraid of the same thing. At least if you didn’t know anything the FBI couldn’t hold you for too long, and the same thing goes for enemy aliens,” he tells me.
“I know everything you are saying is right Max and it’s the perfect reason for my parents not telling me but it still hurts that they felt they couldn’t tell me,” I explain.
We stand there for a couple of minutes in silence before he comes over and pulls me into a hug. “We’ll get the answers soon.”
“I know.”
I hear the engine of the jeep stopping close to the ally. That means Michael and Isabel are here. I look up at Max and smile when I hear Maria’s voice.
“Jeez Michael could you have driven any more like a lunatic? I thought we were going to die for a minute there,” she said.
“Shut up DeLuca you are giving me a headache,” Alex complained.
“Hey Whitman that’s my girlfriend you are telling to shut up,” Michael stated.
“Well then you shut her up man, her voice is just too grating for me this early in the morning,” Alex replied.
I started laughing then I couldn’t help myself.
“Find something amusing Parker?” Alex asks.
“Oh, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed huh Alex? Are you always this grumpy in the morning?” I ask.
“No not usually, but when you have Maria’s voice waking you up at 2 in the morning you wouldn’t be happy either. And all she did was complain all the way over here and she hasn’t stopped yet,” he said.
“I’m sorry,” I say. “Ok let’s go my parents are waiting upstairs.”
We head back up the stairs and I can feel the apprehension coming off of everyone. Max is a little worried again, Michael and Isabel don’t know what to think, and Maria and Alex aren’t sure they should be here. I’m just dying to find out where the hell I belong.
I open the door and lead everyone in. Alex closes it and then comes to sit on the couch. Max and I are sitting on the floor in front of Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Alex. There wasn’t enough room on the couch so we decided to be nice and sit on the floor. I grab some pillows so Max and I don’t have to sit on the hard floor and we get comfortable waiting for my parents to begin.
“Ok, so I don’t exactly remember all your names but before we start I just want to say that I’m Jeff, and this is Nancy,” my dad says.
“Hi,” everyone replies.
“Ok, well you all both know Max already,” I begin. “This is Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Alex,” I continue pointing to each one in turn.
“Ok, so Michael and Isabel are the other aliens correct?” they ask. Max and I nod our heads. “Then how come Maria and Alex are here?”
“Well Maria is dating Michael, and Alex is dating Isabel, but they also know about the three of them and we would have told them anyway so instead of us repeating what you are going to tell us we figured they should be here,” I say.
“How did you find out about Max and the others?” my mom asks.
“Max healed Alex after he was really badly beaten,” Maria explained.
“Oh, I see,” my dad said.
“Uh, I hate to be an ass, but can we just get on with the story,” Michael says stifling a yawn.
“Yes, of course. I know you are all tired and I’m sorry we woke you up so early but it was important. Your enemies are in Roswell and you need to be trained. Our intelligence told us about a month ago that they would be landing in Roswell soon because they suspected that the royal four were still here. Now Nancy and I searched everywhere for the royals after we managed to get away from the FBI but we couldn’t find them. You are those royals,” my dad says.
“Ok, but you said there are four Royals, but there are only three of us,” Isabel says.
“Yes there was one of you still in the pods when we got there,” my mother explained. “The queen was left behind.”
“I knew she was really important to me but there was danger close by and we couldn’t stay and wait for her. I needed to get Isabel and Michael to safety and I’ve been guilty ever since,” Max said.
“You did what you had to do Max. It was important to save the royals that had emerged. When we got to the Pod chamber the queen was just breaking out of her pod. I was devastated that the others were no place to be found but we still had one of you to keep safe. For the longest time we searched the area but to no avail there was no trace of any of you. After that there was tell of alien activity in New York so that’s where we moved but the activity wasn’t from the royals it was from the people we now call our intelligence. They track the skies for any incoming ships or any movement from our planet, Antar,” my dad says.
“Whoa, hold up a second. So you’ve been raising the Queen as if she was your own daughter for all these years, so Liz is the Queen then right?” Maria asked.
“Yes Liz is the queen,” my mother says.
Holy Shit, I’m the queen. I don’t know how to be a queen. I can’t be the queen I’m a normal kid. I don’t even have any powers.
“How come you didn’t tell us Liz?” Alex asks.
“How could I have told you, I didn’t even know. I don’t even have any powers,” I tell him.
“Yes you do they are just suppressed. You need the others for your powers to be strong. You have always had one of your powers though. The ability to read minds. This will come in handy when the enemy gets here because you can read an alien’s mind much better then a human mind and that is why you were always able to read our minds and how you could read Max’s mind. Now remember before when Max answered you in your head to the thing you said to him?” my mother says.
“Yeah, we were confused on how he did that,” I say.
“Right, well he was able to answer you because you two have always had a special bond. We all knew it from the moment you were both born. Well from the moment you were born anyway because on our world Max was three years older then you were, as was Michael. You and Isabel were the same age, but anyway we could tell that you and Max had something special. That is why you were betrothed to one another. Max is our beloved king, Michael is his second, and Isabel is his sister. You were his wife,” she says.
“Wow this is so cool!” Maria exclaimed. “So were Michael and Isabel betrothed?”
“No, their parents wanted them to be but they both refused. Isabel only saw Michael as a brother and he only loved Isabel as a sister. They were too close and it would have never worked out. Our people believe in marrying for love and neither of them was in love with the other,” my mom replied.
“There is still more to tell and it is long an tedious so it’s up to you if you want the rest of this story now or if you want to wait until later on in the day. If you are tired we can stop so you can rest,” my father says.
“We want to continue,” we all reply.

Part 8:

We all sit there and wait for my parents to continue. Well, in all reality I guess they aren’t my parents but I’ve lived all these years thinking they were my parents so thinking of them as Jeff and Nancy now is just too weird.
“So how much like humans are your people?” Alex asked.
“Actually we are very similar. We look like humans, which is why Zan and Vilandra’s parents chose to send all the royals here to Earth. Our structure is like humans, 206 bones, our organs are the same, the only thing that is different is our bodily fluids,” my mom says.
“Are we compatible with humans?” Isabel asks looking over at Alex.
“Well, we’ve never done any tests but I believe that we are. I don’t think your mother would have sent you to a planet in which you wouldn’t be compatible with the occupants. She always wanted you to find your one true love and if you found him here on Earth then she would want you to be able to procreate,” my mother explains.
“Ok enough of this. You said that our enemies are here. Now the people who broke into my apartment seemed to be human but they might not have been. Is it possible that our enemies have found us already? Or at least have found me?” Michael asks.
“It is a possibility. My contacts have told me that the skins have landed in Roswell a few days ago. There are more of them in Copper Summit, and I have a feeling that they will be joining the others here soon. We must begin honing your skills. Liz is further behind because she hasn’t been around you so her powers will be week right now. But still we must practice and build up your defenses anyway,” my father tells us.
“Ok, but first we need the whole story. Like what happened and why they were all sent to Earth in the first place,” Maria says.
“Yes of course. You see we are from the planet Avaira. Our people are peaceful people. Now don’t get me wrong we have our armies and everything but we haven’t really had a need for them as there hadn’t been war on our planet for centuries. One day King Mazor, Zan’s father,” my mom said.
“Um, who’s Zan?” I ask.
“Oh sorry, Zan is Max. His name when he lived before was Zanith, but everyone called him Zan. Michael’s name was Rathnor, or Rath, Isabel was known as Vilandra, or Vonnie as you loved to call her, and you my dear were called Liana,” my mother explained.
“Thank you. Sorry for the interruption, please continue,” I say.
“Anyway King Mazor went on a diplomatic mission to Kriptex, our neighboring planet because they were trying to stop trade with us. When he got there he was treated harshly and the meeting didn’t go well. But Mazor wasn’t willing to give up. After he left the planet he waited about a month. When nothing changed he asked the ruler of Kriptex to come to Avaira for more talks. Kivar agreed, Kivar is the leader of Kriptex. Anyway he agreed and he came to the palace for the talks. Zan was present during these talks and I remember him saying that he didn’t like Kivar. Zan said that Kivar seemed like a weasel, he was very sneaky. I also remember one night while at a big formal dinner Kivar looking Vilandra over. He was interested in her and she told me that he gave her the creeps,” my mother said.
“Yes, and later on that night he tried to get into her room through the window. She had a balcony leading out of her room and he climbed in through that window. Vilandra’s scream brought me to her room and I pried Kivar off of her. He didn’t do anything, yet, and I stress yet. She was so scared that we had to have guards outside her door and on her balcony for months, even after Kivar left. Needless to say he wasn’t happy when Mazor ended all talks and sent him back to Kriptex the next day. Zan was relived as was Rath. Rath wanted to kill Kivar right then and there but Mazor made him see that they could not. Kivar was the ruler or Kriptex and we couldn’t kill their king, they would surely declare war on us. Instead Mazor stopped all communication and trade with Kriptex. Kivar was outraged but he didn’t do anything about it. Little did we know that he was planning a secret revenge for us. He knew about Zan and Liana’s wedding that was coming up and he attacked on that day,” my father continued.
“You mean he attacked on the day of Zan and Liana’s wedding! Oh how horrible,” Maria exclaimed.
I can’t even think at the moment. Some crazed psycho came and attacked my people on my wedding day. This is just too much to take in right now. I need to take a walk and absorb everything, but I can’t. There is still more that I need to know and I am too intrigued to go anywhere.
“Yes, he attacked on the wedding day. We didn’t see it coming any of it. He somehow managed to cloak his aircraft so we didn’t catch them entering the atmosphere or anything. I’m assuming they landed in a field nearby the palace and then they walked into the palace killing guards as they went. Everyone was in the huge outside gardens where the ceremony was taking place. Rath was what is equivalent to this societies best man, and Vilandra was the maid of honor. Both of you were really happy for Zan and Liana. They shared a love that no one had ever witnessed before and we all knew that they would accomplish great things together. Anyway, just as the priest declared them bonded mates there was an explosion at the gates to the gardens. After that mass chaos prevailed. Rath assembled the guards that were inside and uninjured saying that the women needed to be taken somewhere safe. He tried to insist that Zan go with them saying that the planet would need their future King to stay safe but Zan wouldn’t listen. He was determined to stay and fight. This was his kingdom that was being invaded and he refused to run and hide,” my father continued.
I looked over to Max and I notice this look on his face. He’s so absorbed in this story, just like everyone else but the look on his face tells me that if he had to he would make the same decision today. He would stay and fight, he would protect his family and his people, never thinking about the danger he would be facing. I find that a very sexy quality.
“The fighting was over in a matter of minutes. We didn’t have time to move anyone anywhere because we were surrounded. Kivar had men all around the garden and they scaled the walls jumping to the ground and rushing towards us. Lady Constance and King Mazor were taken away before the real fighting took place, but the guards who were trying to get Mistress Liana and Princess Vilandra to safety were killed. Zan saw this happen and blasted the man who killed their guards. He called Liana and Vilandra over to him and Rath figuring that they would be safer with them. Kivar noticed this and slowly made his way over to the group. He had a very powerful shield protecting him from Rath’s blasts and Zan’s shield wasn’t holding up too well. He was getting tired and I tried to get to him to help but I just couldn’t get away there were too many of Kivar’s men. Kivar had an evil smile on his face as he approached you all. Vilandra tried to help Zan as did Liana by feeding him energy to hold the shield, but Kivar had more men blasting away at the shield and you were no match for him. “This is for turning me down, my lady,” Kivar sneered to Vilandra. He waited for the shield to be completely weakened and he killed all of you with his own hands. I heard Lady Constance scream from the palace and I knew she saw you all being killed. It was a very tragic day for our people,” my mother says.
“Oh my gosh, you mean to tell me Zan and Liana never got to consummate their marriage?” Maria asked.
“No they didn’t. I believe that was a blessing though because it could have been worse. I mean Kivar could have waited until Liana was with child before coming to attack,” my father says.
“I, ah, I need some air,” I say getting up and walking out of the room. How am I supposed to deal with all of this all in one day? I find out my friends are aliens, but not only that my parents are aliens as well, and so am I. But my friends and I aren’t your typical aliens, we are alien royalty. This is too much for me to take in one day! I mean who could deal with all of this in one day? I guess that explains my pull to Max though and I’m glad that was explained. I mean it was like I felt the other part of my soul awaken this afternoon when I waked into the Crash. I wasn’t afraid or anything, I actually felt alive, and it amazed me that when I looked up and saw him I just knew that he was the one. The moment I looked into his eyes I knew that he was the keeper of my heart and soul.
I look up from my pacing and I see Max standing there watching me. I smile at him. “I’m sorry I just needed a break. That was a lot of information to take in all in one day. I learned a lot about aliens to day, not to mention the fact that I am one and a Queen at that,” I say.
Max just smiles at me, “I know how you feel. I can’t believe I’m a king. I don’t know how to rule. I mean I’m only 16, how am I supposed to rule a planet I’ve never even been to?”
“I don’t know but we’ll figure it out together, and we’ve got great friends to help us along the way,” I tell him.
“Damn straight chica,” I hear Maria say from behind Max. She pokes her head out from under his arm. “Are you ok?” she asks.
“Yeah, I’m fine now. I just needed to vent some stuff out in my head, you know come to terms with everything I learned today. I think we should call it a night for now though and finish the rest of this stuff tomorrow. You can all crash here. It’s really early in the morning and I don’t know how your parents would appreciate you all walking in at this hour. Although I don’t know how they will react to you not being home either so it’s really your choice,” I say. “I know my parents won’t care.”
“Well, I think I’m going to stay here. I can’t deal with more of Michael’s driving skills,” Maria said.
“He’s not driving my jeep back home, I am. Isabel, Michael, and I would stay but I know my mom and dad would kill us. We’ll be back later on today to finish up all this stuff,” Max tells me.
“Ok, ah, I guess we should go back out there and tell my mom and dad that we can’t handle anymore stories tonight,” I say.
“Yeah, that’s a great idea,” Maria says turning around and heading back to the living room.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” Max asks me full of concern.
“I’m fine, I promise. I’ll be able to deal with this after I get a good night’s rest I think,” I tell him taking his head and leading him back into the other room.
“Mom, dad, we’ve all had enough for one night. Maria is staying here tonight with me, and Max, Isabel, Michael, and Alex will be back later on today so we can hear the rest of it. That is unless Isabel wants to stay too,” I say.
“I’d love to stay. Max can just tell my mom that because your parents had business to take care of and wouldn’t be home to late you asked me and Maria to stay the night so you didn’t have to spend the first night in your apartment alone,” Isabel said.
“Sounds good to me. Good night everyone,” I say walking Michael, Alex, and Max to the door.
Max leans down and kisses my lips lightly. I smile as he pulls away. I like the fact that I’m his queen. “Good night Max. Sweet dreams,” I whisper.
“Night Liz. I know I’ll have sweet dreams, you’ll be in them,” he tells me making me blush.
I watch them get into the jeep before closing and locking the ally door. I run back up the stairs and jump onto my bed. Isabel, Maria, and I all squeeze onto my queen size bed and promptly fall asleep. Since it is 3:00 in the morning we don’t have any problems falling asleep.

Part 9:

I wake up at about nine surprised that I even got six hours of sleep. I was expecting to wake up at like seven or so just because of all the things I learned yesterday. I still can’t believe how things have turned around for me. I mean I never would have thought that there were aliens on Earth let alone my being the Queen of the alien race. It’s all too weird.
I see my mom and dad as I walk into the kitchen. They are sitting at the table drinking coffee, I assume and talking quietly to one another. I wonder what they are talking about. I clear my throat to let them know I’m in the room and they smile up at me.
“Morning Liz,” my dad says.
“Morning dad. Um, I was just thinking about everything you told us yesterday and I have one question,” I say.
“Ok sweetie, what’s the question?” my mom asks me.
“Ok, you said that on Avaira Michael’s name was Rathnor, or Rath right? Were Rath, Ava, and their parents a part of our race too?” I question.
“No sweetie, they are definitely human, but Ava’s father works with our contacts in New York and he has for a long time. He liked the names Ava and Rath so much that he talked his wife into naming their kids that,” my mom tells me.
“Ok I see. So do Rath and Ava know we are all aliens?” I just have to know this one. I mean could you imagine if they knew before I did, how strange would that have been, and I’d have to rip Ava another butt hole for not telling me.
“No, but I think their parents will probably tell them sometime soon since we have told those at headquarters in New York that we’ve found the rest of the royals,” my mom says.
“Oh ok. Well that saves Ava from getting her rear end kicked for not telling me,” I say grabbing the OJ out of the fridge.
My parents and I talk for a little bit longer before Maria and Isabel stumble out of my room. “Morning,” they say.
“Morning guys. Are you hungry?” I ask.
“No not really, I’m just thirsty,” Maria says.
“Um, yeah I’m a little hungry,” Isabel tells me.
“Are eggs ok?” I ask.
“Eggs are fine,” she says.
I make some omelets and for some reason I knew Maria was going to get hungry while I was making them so I made one for her too. She looked up surprised when I placed it in front of her.
“What?” I ask.
“I was just going to ask for one since the smell of them made my mouth water,” Maria said.
“Oh, is that all. Yeah for some reason I had a feeling you’d tell me you were hungry after I started making them so I was going to make you one anyway,” I tell her.
We finished breakfast and took turns taking showers. I called over to Max’s when Isabel was in the shower and told the guys to come over as soon as they were ready. Max told me that Michael had just hopped into the shower but Alex called and said he was ready so they’d be over as soon as Michael got out of the shower. I told him that was cool and hung up heading into the living room to sit with my parents and Maria.
Isabel joined us a few minutes later and the guys were there about fifteen minutes after I got off the phone with Max. I answered the knock at the door and smiled at Max as he walked through the door.
“Hey guys, everyone’s in the living room,” I told them.
Max grabbed my hand preventing me from going into the living room and I raised a questioning eyebrow at him. He leaned down and kissed me softly before pulling away.
“I just couldn’t resist a good morning kiss,” he told me.
I laughed and shook my head. “You are just too adorable. Thank you for the greeting, you know a girl could get used to those,” I say.
We walk into the room hand in hand and my parents notice. “I see your love has transcended time and space to find you once again, although we didn’t have any doubts since you were so in love before,” my mom says.
I blush despite myself and bury my face in my hands. “Don’t be embarrassed Liz, I find it so cute. You guys like zone out sometimes it’s really fun to watch,” Maria says.
“Ok, ok, enough of this. Can we continue please?” I ask trying to direct the conversation away from my love life.
“Yes, where did we leave off?” my dad asks.
“We were at the part where Lady Constance screamed as Kivar killed her children.” Alex says. “Um you said he killed them with his bare hands right? How is that possible wouldn’t Zan and Rath have fought him off?”
“He didn’t fight them in hand to hand combat like a man would have. He was too much of a coward to do that, instead he blasted them all. The first to go down was Rath because he was the warrior and the only one of the four who would have been able to take him out. The next to go was Vilandra for rejecting his advances. He was nuts and I think fancied himself in love with her, but anyway. After Vilandra went down Zan was crushed but he was going to do his best to protect Liana and he summoned the last of his strength and energy and sent a blast at Kivar. Kivar wasn’t expecting this and he got hit but it wasn’t a fatal hit. It only wounded him and he retaliated by sending a blast at Liana. Zan cried out in anguish as Liana went down. He was by her side instantly and her last words were, “I Love You.” After that Zan had no will to live and Kivar dispensed of him too. With the future king dead he would be able to take over our planet and that is just what he did,” my father told us.
“Oh my gosh that is so sad,” Maria says yet I can barely hear her. Kivar made sure Max was the last to die so he could see my death, I…I don’t know what to think.
“We found King Mazor and Lady Constance and told her of the scientists who were experimenting with cloning and they decided that they wanted to clone all of you. We got samples of all of your blood before you were prepared for your burials and the scientists used your blood to clone you all. You were then put into Pods and flown here under our protection. We were put into cryostats sleep so we would be able to protect you after we landed on Earth. Your parents were saddened that they would never get to see you again since it takes many light years to reach Earth from our planet but we needed to fly so we could take the Granolith, or people’s most powerful weapon with us. Your pods were set to release you after a certain amount of years but I suppose the crash affected your release dates since you emerged in 1989 instead of 1947,” my mom tells us.
“What does this Granolith do?” Michael asks.
“Well it can transport itself and you all back to our planet when the time comes and with it you will be able to take back our planet. I’m not saying that it will be easy to win this war but with the Granolith it will be easier,” my dad says. “No one is really sure what it does as we’ve never seen it work, but the elders they have books on it’s capabilities and they will be there when you return to help guide you. The others here, our contacts, will all go back into cryostats sleep again and flown back to our planet.”
“That’s really all we know. That is how you came to Earth and why it is vital that you learn to hone your powers so we can defeat the enemies who followed us to Earth. The sooner we take care of them the sooner you can go home,” my mom says.
“But, Earth is our home,” Isabel says looking over at Alex. I understand exactly how she feels, I mean yes I’d be with Max, Michael, and Isabel, but there’s Alex, Maria, Ava, and Rath who will be left behind. I don’t know if I can do that.
“But our people, they need you to come back. They have been enslaved by Kivar and his followers over the many years since we left Avaira. It is your duty to set them free,” my father says.
“I understand that but our lives are here as are our significant others,” Michael said.
“Yeah and our friends,” I say. “How can I just pick up and leave Ava, and Rath, or Maria and Alex?” I ask.
“Ava and Rath?” Michael asks looking at me.
“Yeah I know what you’re thinking and I asked my parents this when I woke up. No they aren’t aliens but their dad has been working with our people in NY for a while now and liked the names so named his kids Ava, after our planet, and Rath I guess after you. He liked your name,” I say smirking.
“Cool,” Michael says.
“Well, I’d assume you’d take Maria and Alex with you. We never expected you to leave them. They are your mates right?” my mom says.
“Well in a sense yes. I mean we haven’t mated with them but they are the ones for us. The other half or our souls,” Isabel says.
“Well then they would definitely be going with you,” my mom says. “As for Rath and Ava, they as well as their parents would most likely be put into Cryostats sleep and brought to our planet with us.”
“What would we tell our parents?” Maria asked. “I mean I couldn’t go…uh, mom, I’m leaving with my alien boyfriend to his home planet so we can free his people. She’s shit a brick.”
“I understand that and we don’t expect you to leave before eighteen. On this planet that is the legal age to move away. You’d all just have to tell your parents that you are going overseas or really far away so they wouldn’t expect to see you often. I believe you’d be able to use the Granolith again to come home for visits but they will be few and far between,” my dad says.
This is a lot to think about. I mean yes that gives us two years and I’m pretty much parentless, and the people I think of as parents would be going back with us but still it’s a lot to think about.
“We’re going to go downstairs for a little bit. This bomb was unexpected and a lot to take in. We’ll be back up later,” I say leading everyone out.
“I don’t know if I can do it Max. I don’t know if I can leave mom and dad,” Isabel says.
“I know Iz, but Mr. & Mrs. Parker are right we do have a responsibility to our people to free them. We will have to go back to Avaira. Maybe one day we can return here for good,” Max says trying to calm Isabel down.
We all sit in a booth and Courtney comes to take our order. She’s new, I don’t remember seeing her here yesterday, but then again we’ve only owned the Crash for a day but still.
“Hey what can I get ya?” she asks.
“Two large orders of Saturn Rings, and two large orders of fries, three Cherry Cokes, and three regular Cokes,” Max says.
“Ok, coming right up,” Courtney says turning to leave. ‘I hope you choke on your Saturn Rings your Highness,’ she thinks to herself after giving us our drinks.
I was taking a sip of mine and I choke on it sputtering all over the place.
“Liz, what’s wrong?” Maria asks me.
“Oh my God! I think Courtney is one of our enemies,” I hiss.
“What? How? Why?” Alex sputters.
“She just thought, ‘I hope you choke on your Saturn Rings your Highness’ before walking away. How would she know Max is a king unless she’s a skin?” I say.
“Oh my God!” Maria exclaims.
Michael clamps his hand over her mouth to shut her up we all try to act normally. We don’t what her to know we are on to her. “We’ve got to find our for sure,” Michael says.
“I know but not without letting my parents know first,” I tell him.
“But…” he says.
“No buts Michael we’re not strong enough to take them on yet. We have to let the Parkers know first so they can help us out,” Max tells him.
“Fine,” Michael concedes.
Courtney places our order on the table and walks away smirking. ‘Rath will be king yet. You were a pathetic excuse for a King Zan, the real leader will be where he belongs, mark my words,’ she says to herself.

Part 10:

We have to continue eating and hanging out like nothing is wrong because our food just got here, but all I want to do is run upstaris and tell my parents that our enemies are here and one of them works in our diner. We need to know how to defeat them. The odd thing is that Courtney says that Rath is the true leader, well the leader that she believes is stronger. She called Zan, or Max acutally a weak excuse for a king. What the hell is that all about?
The conversation is pretty much null as we finish our rings and fries. When we finish we wait for Courtney to bring us our check. Max and Michael go and pay for it while Alex, Isabel, Maria, and I wait for them at the booth. We leave our tip and head back upstairs.
‘Yes your Highness, go and moon over your stupid Queen since you will not have long to do so. My followers will not allow you to rule this time around. You were weak, and Rath will prevail,’ Courtney thinks to herself.
I gulp at that last thought and run up the stairs to tell my parents. We need to formulate a plan to keep all of us safe. I wonder what Courntey and her followers will do when they find out that Michael is in love with a human. They may think that’s weak and try to hurt Maria, or even Michael. Could our lives get any worse? Probably, I mean I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a very long bad streak in our lives.
We bust through the door running into my apartment. “MOM! DAD!” I yell.
They come running into the living room. “What’s wrong?” my mom asks. I can tell she’s nervous and I know it’s because I’ve got a look of pure terror on my face. I’m not even trying to hide my emotions.
“Our enemies are here,” I spit out.
“How do you know?” my dad asks.
I give him a look like he’s nuts. How do I know, I can read thoughts remember? “I heard our waitress saying to herself, “I hope you choke on your Saturn Rings, Your Highness ‘Rath will be king yet. You were a pathetic excuse for a King Zan, the real leader will be where he belongs, mark my words. . And then just as we were coming up here she said, Yes your Highness, go and moon over your stupid Queen since you will not have long to do so. My followers will not allow you to rule this time around. You were weak, and Rath will prevail,” I tell them.
“Oh dear, I thought we were done with those nuts,” my mom says.
“What do you mean you thought we were done with those nuts?” Maria asks.
“Well when we were on Avaira there was a following of people whom we referred to as Rath lovers. They wanted to see Rath on the throne because they thought he’d be a stronger leader then Zan was. They believed that Zan was too soft and that our planet was going to fall to ruin under his rule. Many believed Zan was too much of a dreamer to lead an entire planet. They believed we needed a warrior king leading our people. I have been told that they still blame Zan for our planet being taken over, but it would have happened had Rath taken the throne instead of Zan. Kivar picked the perfect time to strike and the “Rath Lovers” seem to keep forgetting that. Kivar attacked during Zan and Liana’s wedding when everyone was celebrating so of course we weren’t prepared for the invasion, but they don’t want to admit that. I’m surprised they followed us to Earth,” my father says.
“Would Rath have taken the throne?” Alex asks.
“No he was fiercely loyal to Zan. The two of them grew up together and they were as close as brothers. Rath believed in everything Zan did, and he backed him up 100%. I think the “Rath Lovers” would have been disappointed in the image they held of Rath if he had tried to take the throne. His ideas ran along the same lines as Zan, in fact quite a few of the things Zan was trying to do were Rath’s ideas. Zan listened when Rath gave him advice. He was not only our best warrior but a trusted advisor as well,” my mother tells us.
“What do we do about Courtney?” I ask. “Is she a skin? How do we defeat her and her followers. I mean I’m worried about everyone. I mean she seems nuts and if they don’t like the fact that Michael is seeing a human and has chosen her as his mate, they may try to hurt Maria, or even Michael,” I say.
“I know this and it is my big fear too. We’ll have to start training tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled and try to stay together. I doubt they will try anything if you are all together. They’d have a better chance of getting to you if you are alone, so always stay human and alien. Oh and Liz, you need to stick close to one of the other royals until your powers get stronger,” my father says.
“So basically all we can do is sit and wait for now?” Maria asks the fear evident in her voice.
“Yes, I’m sorry. We’ll get in touch with both bases, the one here in New Mexico and the one in New York and see if they can find out anything. They are usually pretty good at finding out plans so we’ll give them so time to come up with anything before putting together a plan. I’m sorry that there is nothing else we can do,” my mom says.
“It’s ok Mrs. Parker. I always knew that dating Michael would be dangerous. At first it was just the fear of him breaking my heart, and then it was well, the FBI could be coming to get any of us soon, and now the threat of other aliens. I knew what I was getting myself into when I started this relationship and I’m ready to face anything that comes our way…I just wish there was something I could do,” Maria says.
“You are a very brave woman Maria,” my mom says. “Humans will eventually have powers. Our civilization is almost human as you remember me saying the other day, we are just more advanced. I’ll do some reading to see what human’s are capable of. There are some among you that have special abilities. I mean some can read thoughts like Liz, others can see a person’s aura, I would think that would be your power if you had one,” my mom says.
“Yeah, and some can even move objects with their mind. I want to try and see if I can master that. That could definitely come in handy when fighting our enemies,” Alex says.
I smile at what Alex says. “What?” he asks me. “You just said OUR enemies,” I tell him.
He looks down with a blush, “Well, I think of them as my enemies too. They are after my Isabel,” he says.
“I’m not saying anything. I think it’s cool. They are all of our enemies. I mean if we can’t defeat them I have a feeling Earth could suffer like Avaira did, and the humans won’t stand a chance since they aren’t as advanced yet,” I say.
“Can a person learn Telekinesis?” Michael asks.
“I don’t see why not. It’s all in the mind but I’m not positive so I’m going to have to do some research,” Alex says.
“That sounds logical. Why don’t we go to the library tomorrow and research different things. We can research war strategies, and Telekinesis, and see what we come up with,” I suggest.
“You want to go to the library on a non school day?” Michael groans.
“Yes I do Michael. We’ve got to learn lots of things before we are ready to take on the enemy. We’ll be starting training on Monday after school, so tomorrow is our last free day to do some research all together,” I say.
“Liz has a point,” Max agrees with me.
“You would take her side,” Michael complains. “Ok, we’ll go to the library tomorrow, but can you promise me that we won’t be there all day long?” he asks.
“I promise. We’ll only be there for a couple of hours and then we can do anything you want,” I assure him.
“Ok good. I can only take so much of the library before my skin starts to crawl and I feel like jumping out of a tall building,” he says.
I just roll my eyes at him. He’s definitely a strange character, I don’t know how Maria puts up with him.
“Oh please Space Boy, you spend a lot of time in the library during the school year. You’re always doing some sort of project,” Maria says.
“Shush man! I don’t want every one to know I’m studious,” Michael grounds out.
“No Way! Mr. Complain is actually a school buff?” I say astonished.
“Yes he is, and I’m very proud of him. He used to cut class all the time but now he not only goes to class, he does his work too,” Maria says the pride evident in her voice.
“Well then, you shouldn’t be too out of place in the library, but I promise we won’t be there all day. I don’t want to spend my whole Sunday in the library either,” I say.
“Good. What are we going to do after the library?” he asks.
“I don’t know what about a movie?” Isabel asks.
“Oh, that sounds good to me! There are a lot that I want to see!” Maria squealed.
“Ok, a movie it is. I’m sorry to run like this guys, but Isabel and I have to get home for family dinner night,” Max says.
“No problem man. I’ve got to get Maria home too. Amy invited me over for dinner and I’m sort of excited to go,” Michael says.
“Yeah, I’m going to get on the computer and check up some stuff on Telekinesis while I’ve got the time and see what my family is doing,” Alex says.
“We’ve got to check up on the diner so we’re heading downstairs now,” my parents say.
“I guess I’ll just unpack the rest of my clothes and read a little bit,” I say walking everyone to the door. My parents walk downstairs with everyone. Max gives me a kiss before joining his sister and Alex at the door. I smile at all my new friends and wave as they walk out the door. I can’t believe how great they all are. We have been thrown into a very strange situation but we are handling it pretty well, I think. I head to my room to start unpacking my things, well the things that I brought with me. The rest of my stuff will be here by midweek.

Part 11:

I walk into my room and grab my suitcase. I need to put as much away as I can so that I can put this darned thing away and make some room for all the rest of my stuff coming on Wednesday. Now that everyone is gone I feel so lonely. I miss not only my new friends but Rath and Ava too. I think I’ll give her a call tonight.
I hang up my sweaters and jeans. I put my t-shirts in the dresser while scouring my suitcase for anything else to put in there. I find my underwear and bras at the bottom of the suitcase. That’s a good place to pack them…I’m such a moron. Anyway I put those away too and then hang up my skirts and nice blouses. They need to be ironed but that’s ok. After my suitcases are empty I place them in the closet in the hallway until my parents tell me where else to put them and head back to my room. I have one last thing to unpack. My carryon bag and that has my journal and all my pictures in it.
The first thing I pull out of it is a picture of Ava and I. I place that picture on my dresser facing my bed. This way I will always feel like Ava is here watching out for me. God I miss her. The next picture is of my mom, my dad, and myself. We are standing at the top of the Empire State Building. I was about ten at the time. It was taken just after we moved to the city and it was my first time there so we acted like tourists and took pictures everywhere.
I had so much fun that day and never forgot it. That was the first day I met Ava and Rath. We hit it off right away and I love them like they are my own siblings. I’m going to have to see if there is a way to take them back to our planet with us through the Granolith because by the time they get to us on the ships we’ll be old and gray!
I reach across the little table sitting by my bed and pick up the phone. I dial Ava’s number and wait patiently for her to pick up. I know that it’s much later over there, but since it’s only about 7 here I figure it’s either 9 or 10 out there. I’m still not too sure what the time difference is so I’m not positive on the time, but I know it’s not too late to call her yet.
“Hello?” Rath answers.
“Hey Rath! It’s me Liz. Ah, is Ava there?” I ask him.
“Yeah. I’ll go and get her in a minute. So what’s it like out there?” he asks me.
“It’s different,” I tell him. “I’ve made some friends already. They are really nice, you’d like them.”
“Really? See and you were so worried about not finding any friends while you were out there. I’m glad that you like everything. I’m going to hand the phone over now because Ava is shooting death rays at me. Talk to you later sweetie…and remember, if you need someone’s ass kicked just call me up, I’ll be there in a heartbeat,” he says.
I smile at the phone. That’s my Rath! “I will I promise. I miss you,” I tell him.
“I miss you too,” he replies. “Love ya babe. Bye.”
“Love you too. Bye.” I say.
“Lizzie!” I hear Ava’s excited voice as she snatches the phone away from Rath.
“Ava! Oh man it’s like a godsend hearing your voice. I’ve missed you so much and it’s only been like a day and a half,” I say laughing.
“I know what you mean, but other them missing me as much as I miss you, how is it out there?” she asks.
“It’s pretty cool. I don’t know what I was bitching about. I met a great group of people. Maria kind of reminds me of you. She’s very outgoing and loud, I was definitely drawn to that. Alex is a little nerdy but he has a heart of gold, and he’s not really bad looking. In fact I’d have to say he is damned cute. Michael reminds me of Rath. He’s brash and semi-obnoxious but he’s a sweetheart too. He’s dating Maria. Isabel well she’s supermodel material. She looks like she’d have the biggest attitude in the world but she’s actually very nice. And then there’s Max. He’s Isabel’s brother, and a major hottie. I think I’m in love!” I exclaim.
“Really? Oh girl I want mad details!” Ava yells in my ear causing me to laugh.
“Oh God you and Maria really are so much alike. That’s so something she would say to me! You’ve got to meet all of them and you’ll understand why I was so drawn to them when I walked into the restaurant that we own now,” I say.
“Ok, I’ll see if my parents will agree to coming out for Thanksgiving. It’s only about a month away so that’s good,” Ava says. “In the meantime details, details, details!”
“Ok, ok…down girl,” I laugh. “Well my parents and I walked through the restaurant to get up to the apartment above, where we live and I felt someone looking at me and when I looked up I saw a group of teens, well the place was packed full of school kids, but there was one group that seemed to call to me, and then I saw him. It was like out of a movie. Everything started to move in slow motion and his eyes, I could see the expressions in them even from where I was across the room. They are amber with gold specks in them and oh my God they could hold you captive forever. Anyway I was so busy looking at my Adonis that I didn’t see the little boy run in front of me and I tripped over the kid. I dropped all my stuff and snatched the boy so I didn’t crush him and we both ended up on the floor. I was so afraid that I hurt the poor kid but he was fine, he even started laughing at me. Anyway, my Adonis, Max, helped me pick up my things and offered to carry them up to the apartment. We put my stuff down and headed back to meet his friends. That was pretty much it,” I say.
“No it’s not, you’re keeping something from me and I can tell,” Ava said.
“Ok, he kissed me and it was the most amazing thing in the world. I’ve never felt such sensations,” I say.
“Oh my goodness! I so want to meet this Max!” Ava exclaims.
She then fills me in on the gossip I’ve been missing for the past day and a half. She says all our friends feel sorry for me because my parents moved me to East Jabib, but I don’t care about that anymore. I found my husband, my king here and that’s more important to me then anything. I wonder if we could work something out and get everyone’s parents to agree to spend Christmas in NYC. Well ok, maybe not Christmas itself, but a week there, you know since we’ve got off from school and everything. You’ve never experienced the Christmas season until you’ve seen Rockefeller Center, or the Macy’s window display at Christmas time.
There’s a knocking at my window and I jump wondering who it could be. My heart starts to pound in my chest and I slowly turn towards my window. I let out a surprised squeal and rush to open it.
“Hey what’s up girl?” Ava asks.
“Max is here,” I say. “He’s at my window. Oh did I mention that I have a balcony outside my room?”
“No way! Ok, you better get your computer soon. Email me tomorrow and give me the juicy details. Find a computer because I know yours won’t be there until the middle of the week,” she says.
“I will. I miss you so much. I’ll talk to you soon! I love you,” I say. “Bye.”
“I love you too babe. Bye.” Ava answers.
I hang up the phone and smile at Max. I can’t believe he’s here. I wonder what I did to earn this honor. Not that I’m complaining mind you…I’m more then happy that Max has decided to visit me I’m just curious as to why he’s here in the middle of the night.
“Should I be jealous?” he asked.
“Huh?” I reply not sure what he was asking.
“You just told whoever was on the phone that you loved them, I’m just curious if I should be jealous or not,” he said.
“Oh jeez, no. That was Ava, my best friend from New York. I miss her and Rath so much. I was just calling because I got homesick and lonely since everyone was gone for the night. Not that I’m not happy, but what brought you here?” I ask.
“I don’t know actually. I just wanted to see you. I began to miss you terribly and I just had to come over here,” he said.
“You do remember what my dad said though right? We shouldn’t go out alone,” I reminded him.
“Yeah, but I took the jeep. I was going to walk here but decided against it. I just needed to make sure you were all right and to say goodnight,” he tells me.
How incredibly sweet is this guy? I will thank whomever I must everyday for brining him back into my life. I mean I know we are supposed to be together, but if things hadn’t worked out the way they have, we may have never met one another, and that would have been horrible. I mean I’ve never felt this complete before and I know it’s all because of Max.
We sit in a comfortable silence for a little bit. I sit down on my bed and pat the spot next to me inviting him to sit down. He looks at me the bed and then back to me trying to decide what to do. I find that so cute. I let him contemplate his decision and smile when he decides to take the seat I’ve offered him.
“I’m sorry but I don’t have any chairs yet. The rest of the stuff should be here by Wednesday,” I tell him.
“That’s ok,” he says settling down next to me.
It just feels so right being here with him. I can’t explain it and even though I know things are going to get rough, I know we’ll be ok. Now don’t get me wrong I can’t predict the future or anything but I have this feeling that this time we’ll overcome everything and fix the mess that was created in our past.
I look over to Max and he looks about ready to fall asleep. He’s fighting to keep his eyes open. It reminds me of a little kid trying not to fall asleep because they want to prove that they are old enough to stay up that late.
“Max, I think you need to go home now. You’re about to fall asleep on my bed, and as much as I’d enjoy that, your parents will probably flip. Mine might be sort of ok with it, but still, and I don’t want you dying on they way home so lets get a soda first to get some caffeine in you,” I tell him.
He just nods and we had to the kitchen. I give him a coke and he asks for some Tabasco. We don’t have any in the apartment so we head downstairs to get some. When I hand him the bottle he pours some into his soda and I make a face. I wonder if that craving will come to me after a while. I noticed that Isabel and Michael use it with everything too. I realize that it’s an alien thing, either that or they just like the taste of it.
Max finishes his soda as we go back upstairs. Don’t ask me why we walked all the way back upstairs because we were down near the door but we did anyway. I walk Max to the window and he opens it. Before stepping out he leans down and gives me the sweetest kiss ever. It’s just a brushing of the lips but it still sends jolts of electric currents down my body. When he pulls back he’s got a smile on his face.
‘I think I’m in love with this beautiful woman,’ he says to himself.
I smile at his thoughts. “I think I’m in love with you too,” I hear myself answering.
Oh my God! Did I just say that! By the stunned expression on Max’s face I have to say that I did. Jeez what the hell am I thinking? I’m not and that’s the problem!
He smiles at me then, “Good it would suck if it was all one sided,” he tells me breaking the awkwardness that surrounded us.
“Yes it would have wouldn’t it?” I ask.
“Yeah,” he says giving me another quick kiss. “Good night Liz.”
“Night Max. I’ll see you in the morning,” I say.
I watch him climb down the fire escape and jump into the jeep. Once the jeep is out of sight I turn back to my room and climb back in the window. I make sure it’s locked before changing into my PJ’s and jumping into bed. Life is good, that’s my last thought before I drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Part 12:

I wake up refreshed and happy. Max said he loved me. Well, ok he didn’t really say it, say it, but he thought it. I guess he forgot I could read minds or he knew I was going to hear it and said it to himself anyway, I’m not sure. It makes me happy though that he loves me, not that I had any doubt, I mean we were married in another life.
I hurry to get dressed so I can meet everyone downstairs. We are going to the library to do some research and everyone will be down in the Crash for breakfast before we go. I shower, dress, and run down the stairs. I didn’t see my parents in the apartment so I’m assuming they are in the restaurant.
I bust through the door and see Maria, Michael, Isabel, and Alex walk in. My smile starts to fall when I don’t see Max. Where can he be? Why didn’t he come with everyone else? My dad calling my name wakes me from my thoughts and I turn towards him.
“Can you grab some ketchup from the back before you join everyone? We’re a little short handed since Courtney isn’t here yet and I can’t leave the floor just now and your mom is getting some stuff for the apartment,” he says.
“Yeah dad, no problem,” I tell him heading back to the back room. It doesn’t matter anyway Max isn’t here so there’s nothing I want to rush back out there for.
I go to the supply closet and open the door. A scream escapes my mouth when I see someone in the closet. My brain doesn’t have time to think about who’s in front of me and I panic. I start to run out of the supply closet to get help but a hand grabs my arm and pulls me back towards where I was just standing.
“Liz, relax it’s just me,” the voice makes me relax. Jeez it’s just Max! I don’t know how I didn’t recognize him.
“What are you doing back here in the supply closet?” I ask.
“Well, I got here early but you dad said you were in the shower so I was helping out and he asked me to get some ketchup and Tabasco Sauce from the supply closet and I guess there was a draft and the door closed. I was just about to use my powers to open it because it was stuck but you opened the door and screamed instead,” he tells me.
“My father sent you in here? He just asked me to get some ketchup,” I say more to myself then to him.
“Maybe he only asked you because I’ve been taking so long, or because he thought I could use the help, I don’t know,” he says.
I just look up at him and smile. “I’m sorry I got freaked out and screamed in your face,” I tell him.
“It’s ok,” he says. ‘I’d like to make you scream, but not from fright,’ he adds to himself. I choose not to comment on that thought because, well just because. I can’t stop myself from blushing though.
“Ah, lets go and get that stuff for my dad,” I say walking into the closet.
Max lets me walk past him and then grabs my hand pulling me flush against him. My heart starts to race and my breathing has turned shallow. I don’t think Max realizes what he does to me. He sets me on fire with just a look, but when I touch him, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.
I tilt my head up to look into his eyes and he starts to lean down towards me. I anticipate his kiss and lick my lips to wet them. From the moment I was pulled into his chest my lips went dry so I need to moisten them. I hear a groan from Max the moment my tongue slides across my lips and I smile slightly.
He brushes his lips gently against mine but this time I want more then just a feathery kiss. I want a deep passionate kiss and so I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. He in turn wraps his arms around my waist and I can feel his arousal. I begin to get wet. Just knowing that kissing me has this effect on him is a heady thought.
I part my lips slightly asking him to deepen the kiss and he doesn’t disappoint me. His tongue brushes against my lips and I part them further giving him ample room to slide his tongue into my mouth. When his tongue comes into contact with mine I see stars. It is amazing, and almost unexplainable. I don’t know how I can explain this to Ava.
My mind blanks and all I feel is Max, all around me and I love it. I never want to let go. I will never be able to live without this man ever again, and that thought excites and yet frightens me at the same time.
His one hand weaves into my hair angling my head to kiss me even deeper, I didn’t think this was possible but it is. My hands make their way up to his hair and I thread my fingers through it. His hair is so soft and silky, I love the feel of it. I’m so turned on right now I don’t know what to do with all the passion in my body. Our kiss would definitely melt everything in the restaurant, and I’m sure that some of the things in the supply closet are probably cooking, but I don’t ever want this kiss to stop.
But, no matter how much I want this moment to go on forever and ever it will not be so. Our need for air finally breaks us apart. We pull away from one another breathing heavily. Neither one of us has let the other go and Max rests his forehead against mine. It’s such a sweet gesture and I the love I feel for him is consuming my body. He makes me feel so complete and that’s the only thing I feel right now, complete.
After our breathing returns to normal and we straighten ourselves up a bit we grab the stuff my father needs and head back out to the front. Maria shots us a knowing look and I blush despite myself. I can’t help it that girl makes me so crazy sometimes.
My dad just looks at us before turning to help a customer, but I saw the tracings of a smile on his face. After we put the ketchup and Tabasco sauce on the counter we turn to our friends. They all have breakfast already so I place our orders with the cook and join Max at the table.
“So what took you guys so long?” Maria asks us.
My face turns red and I bury it in my hands causing everyone to erupt with laughter.
“I was kissing my girlfriend hello,” Max answers smiling.
“Well that is definitely one to go in the record books. Don’t you guys need to breathe? You were gone for a good twenty minutes,” Isabel says.
“Shut up Izzy, I just missed her,” Max says defending us. He is the sweetest ever, trying to spare me the embarrassment.
Now don’t get me wrong I’m not embarrassed for kissing Max, in fact I’ll kiss him in front of the whole school if I want to but being teased about it is something else entirely.
“Liz, your orders are up,” my dad calls.
I jump up to get our breakfast and when I come back everyone drops the subject.
“How long are we going to be at the library?” Michael asks.
“I’m going to guess for at least three hours. That way we can get as much information as we can, and take out whatever books we can. But we could be there less then three hours, or even more, it depends on what everyone says,” I say.
“That’s fine, I was just curious. So after the library do you want to like go to the park and hang out?” Alex asks.
“Yeah! We could play football!” Max exclaims.
I never figured him for football. “Or maybe basketball,” he adds. Now basketball I can see him playing.
“Hi guys!” an annoying voice calls from behind us. I groan and turn my head.
“Tess,” Maria says annoyed.
“What are you guys up to today?” she asks. “Hi Max,” she adds in a sugary voice.
“Hello Tess,” he says in a civil voice.
“We’re all just hanging out and doing some school work,” Alex says.
“Oh, school work. Yuck, why would you do that on a day off,” she asks.
“Because we want to go to good colleges, and we want to be at the top of the class,” Isabel says in her Ice Princess voice. I admire Isabel for being able to be nasty like that.
“So you’re all going?” she asks looking right at me.
“Yes we are,” I reply.
She glares at me and Max sees this. I can see the look on his face and he’s annoyed. Tess takes too many liberties with him and I want to put her in her place.
‘Max can you hear me?’ I ask.
‘Yeah,’ he says.
‘Good, I’m going to set the girl straight once and for all. She thinks you belong to her and I’m going to prove her wrong,’ I tell him.
‘That’s fine by me,’ he says.
I lean over looking into his eyes the whole time. He smiles at me and I smile back. Our faces are inches apart and I close that distance pressing my lips against his. Max, being the good boy that he is doesn’t do anything. He’s making sure Tess knows that he and I belong to one another. I sweep my tongue against his lips and he parts them for me. I duel with his tongue and he buries his hand in my hair again helping me deepen the kiss now.
I can hear Tess huff and walk away but Max and I continue kissing. We stopped the game a while ago and it just became about us. A throat clearing at the table brakes through our haze of passion and we pull apart. Max kisses my lips quickly and lightly one last time before turning back to everyone.
“You should have seen her face, it was classic. She was beyond pissed!” Maria exclaims.
I smile. Finally that gerbil was taught a lesson. We finish eating breakfast, talking about simple things. Nothing having to do with Tess, my relationship with Max, evil aliens, or war and we have a blast.
Once we are done and pay for the bill we head to the library, for a long fun filled day of reading!


posted on 24-Sep-2001 1:27:52 PM
Title: Things Change
Author: Jenn
Email: tazgirl026⊕
Rating: PG to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or it’s characters. They belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Mertz, and UPN!
Summary…Look it up on the repost board I forget what it is. Ok, kidding…well I do forget what it is but it’s something like this: Liz is from NY and her parents and she move to Roswell…where she meets everyone else. Max, Isabel, and Michael are aliens, and Maria and Alex have known for about a year. This is told from Liz’s POV.

Parts 1-12 are posted on the repost board so if you haven’t read this and are interested, or if you just want to refresh your memory you can find it there. Jenn *happy* Part 13:

We made our way to the library and surprisingly Michael hasn’t begun complaining. Of course we’ve only been here for about a half hour but still. He’s reading up on war, and some strategies. Max is helping him since they will pretty much be planning our attacks together. Every once in a while they ask Alex for some ideas since he’s a pretty smart guy. Or at least that’s what Maria and Isabel keep telling me.
Us girls are looking up human abilities, such as telekinesis, mind reading, and aura reading. We’ve been looking in a lot of the New Age books, trying to figure out if any of this can help us, but so far we haven’t found anything useful.
“Liz, I think if we practice enough Alex and I can master some of these things. As a matter of fact I’m already spacey enough to probable pick up seeing aura’s and things like that. Mind reading might be a little harder but how knows. Although I think these books on reading minds are bogus,” Maria tells me.
“Yeah, I’m not to sure about them either. Although I guess it’s an alien trait because I can do it, but we’re not trying to figure out anything about me right now. So what do you think Alex might be able to do?” I ask.
“Well, I’d got with levitating things, and moving things with his mind, but that’s just me,” Isabel says.
“Yeah, I’d go with that too. I’m going to try that one, but you can never be sure if you can pick it up. I think it would come in handy though,” Maria adds.
“What would come in handy?” Alex asks coming over by us.
“Levitating and moving things with your mind,” I tell him.
“Oh yeah, I did that once. I don’t know how it happened but I was really angry at my parents and I went into my room to vent and I managed to throw the book from my bed to my closet without even touching it. I freaked myself out though. I kept getting flashbacks of Carrie,” he tells us.
“Well this is good, so if you read up on it maybe you can figure out how you did it and then control it so you can do it anytime you need to,” I say smiling.
This is great news. Alex has sort of done this before. It makes me feel much better about involving them in this whole mess. Well ok, we didn’t really involve them, they would have been so hurt if we hadn’t told them and I can totally understand that.
“I wonder if I read up on some psychic stuff if maybe I can try to tap into that,” Maria tells Isabel snapping me out of my thoughts.
“Hey, you never know but that could come in handy too. Then that way we could see a battle before it happens. Well maybe not see it exactly but we can know it’s coming, which would definitely be a good thing,” Isabel says.
I smile at them. They are really just so funny. I never would have guessed that they’d ever be friends, and I guess if Max had never healed Alex they wouldn’t be. It’s nice to see that our secret brought together so many great people. I just hope we can handle what’s coming our way.
We spend another hour and a half in the library before deciding to call it quits. There wasn’t anything else worth reading, and if by some chance there was we were too tired to try and find it. I’ll have to come back to the library on another day just to look up more war stuff. We really need some plans and contingencies if we are going to win this war and save our people.
My dad is sitting at the counter when we walk into the Crash. He smiles at us and waves me over. I walk over there wondering what he has to say.
“Lizzy sweetie,” he starts.
Oh this can’t be good; he only calls me sweetie when something bad has happened. “What’s up dad?” I ask.
“Well, Ava and Rath’s parents told them today. I’m afraid Ava sort of freaked out and ran away. Her parents are looking for her but they don’t know where she could have gone. Do you have any idea where she might be?” he tells me.
“Oh God! This is so not good. Did they check the subways? Penn station? Port Authority? JFK? LaGuardia? She could be on her way to anywhere. What about the NY public library, or FAO, we used to love to go into FAO when we were bored or upset?” I ask freaking out.
“Liz are you ok?” Maria’s worried voice reaches over to me.
“No, I’m not all right. My best friend Ava just ran away from home!” I cry.
Max is next to me in an instant holding me and trying to calm me down. “Liz it’ll be ok,” he says.
“How do you know?” I ask through tears.
“I don’t know but it always is,” he says trying to lift my spirits.
“You’re right I have to be strong. Ava will need for me to be strong this is good practice. I mean what kind of queen will I be if I can’t hold it together when this happens?” I say.
“That’s the spirit. I’m sure she’ll turn up somewhere,” Max says. “Are all your intelligence people looking for her?” he asks my dad.
“Not all of them but a lot of them are. Everyone who’s ever worked with her parents are out searching. I just needed to tell you Liz because Rath wants you to call him later so he can talk to you. He’s really upset about Ava disappearing,” my dad says.
“Ok, I’ll call him in about an hour. Knowing Rath he’s still out looking for her and he won’t be home yet. If he’s not home in an hour I’ll just call back or wait for him to call here,” I say.
I join my friends in the booth trying to keep myself together. “Liz, I’m sorry about Ava. I really was looking forward to meeting her,” Maria says to me.
“You’ll still get to meet her, she just needs for everything to settle in her brain first and she’ll go home. She’s too smart to run away,” I say trying to convince myself more them then.
“Maybe you should just go upstairs and try calling Rath right now,” Max says.
“Yeah, I’ll go do that. At least if I talk to him he can tell me if anything new has developed,” I say walking to the back. I stop at the door. “Max?”
“Yeah,” he replies.
“Can you come up with me and just keep me company just in case he’s not there?” I ask.
“Yeah, sure no prob,” he says. I see him hand his keys over to Isabel telling everyone something. They all nod their heads and he walks towards me. He takes my hand and we make our way up to my room. I’ve just got to talk to Rath; once I do I’ll have a better perspective on this whole thing.