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Author: Linnéa (Chepi)
Category: Max/Liz
Disclaimer: Not mine...
Summary: Alternative Universe...But Alex is alien in this fic. Max is a bit like an ‘ice king’. Just like his sister.
Authors note: I will put every part here, after posting them on the other board.

Part One.

Here she was again. Starring. At him. Every lunch she had with him was the same. Starring, starring some more and eating a little bit.
He was the most beautiful creature in this world. Max Evans was…perfect. Like no other.

And she. Liz Parker. A small town nobody. Was looking at him with love shining in her eyes. Why couldn’t she stop loving him. And, yes, she did love him. Or…that’s what it felt like. She wasn’t completely sure of were her feelings for him lay. But she had never felt like this before.

Liz didn’t notice the sun shining bright upon her, or the clouds sailing high above her head. The wind blowing through her hair wisping a few strands out of her ponytail.
When she looked at him. The world stopped what it was doing, and everything went quiet. She couldn’t believe the effect he was having on her. It shouldn’t be like this. She should be having the time of her life here in high school, instead she did what she was doing best.
She starred.
Liz thought she must be sick. A freak…She didn’t have a life.
- Earth to Liz. Houston calling…!
Her best friend forced Liz out of her dream state.
Tess sat down with grace. Something Liz couldn’t do. And it annoyed her. Tess could do everything with grace and beauty. But Liz was just boring brown. Or so she thought.

Tess didn’t have to follow her best friends’ stare to know where she was looking. She knew.
Liz had been in love with Max Evans sins third grade. From the day she had first seen her. And, if Tess should be honest…she had, had a crush on him to for a while. But not anymore. Right?


- Alex! Liz shrieked as her brother throws a bucket of water over her.
The Crashdown was closed, and she had just finished cleaning up everything when he started the water war.
But she would not give up her honor, and loose her pride. No way!
When he couldn’t see her she sneaked up behind him and jumped up on his back and began to tickle him.
No body was more ticklish than Alex was. And she knew it.
He usually won over her, if he didn’t let her win. But she never gave up trying.

The game got loud and they had fun. But suddenly Alex froze. Liz followed his gaze over at the door to see why he stopped. And, she froze too.

There, outside the door stood Max Evans with a playful smirk on his beautiful face. His hands in the pockets of his worn-out leather jacket. His hair wisping in the cool wind that breezed through he town.

Liz swallowed hard as her brother let her down from his back. Stumbling a little when she noticed that her foot had fallen asleep, taking a hold of the counter to steady her self. She couldn’t help but looking at her reflection in the milkshake machine and wondering if she looked presentable enough.
Meanwhile Alex went to open the door, and Max came in.
Why was he here? She wondered to her self.
And, where was Tess or Maria when she really needed them? Should she just walk away, up to the apartment and leave them alone…or should she stay and listen, for just a little while? Yeah, she would stay. Just for a minute. She could always pretend to clean up the mess they had made as an excuse.

Part Two:

Alex felt a little embarrassed.
Not that he did like to fool around with his little sister. He loved to, but…he had just started to hang out with Max, and the more ‘popular’ guys. And, to be completely honest, he didn’t really like it there.
But he was supposed to act like a normal teenager. So Alexander Jeffery Parker pretended. And he was quit well at it. Not in the beginning, but he was now. He used to think that his life was like one of those bad soap operas that his sister and her friends used to watch. In someway it kind of felt reliving to think like that. As if he was just an actor, doing his job to entertain the audience.

- Max. He said. Swallowed and tried to act like it was raining outside.
- Alex. Max answered.
He flopped down in a boot and tried not to look at Liz’s wet hair and messed up uniform. She looked beautiful, but he could not, in any way, get involved with a girl. Once he had thought he had a crush on one of her best friends, Tess.
But he had to follow the rules. The rules they had made a long time ago. Not that he planed on braking them. There were more important things than a small town girl with doe eyes and silky hair.
He had come here to talk to Alex about more important things, but he couldn’t do that when little Miss Parker was standing there, pretending to be cleaning, but really wanted to hear what they ere saying.
- What’s up? He asked casually instead.
Alex looked cool.
- Nothing. You?
There was an uncomfortable silence under their conversation. You could cut it with a knife.
- Stressful. I just wanted to tell you that practice has been moved. So, you have to come an hour before class tomorrow, ‘kay?
Alex nodded. Practice. For one single moment with his sister he had forgotten all about that. Basketball. Alex hated sports. But he did it anyway. Sometimes he wondered if people would think any different of him if he just quit doing all the stuff he did for no reason.
Inside he wanted to scream. But outside he looked like normal. Not a wink, or a movement to tell how he felt.
He knew that Max wasn’t here to tell him that. He could just have phoned him instead.

Max leaned forward and began to talk to Alex in a low voice. So that Liz wouldn’t be able to hear any of it. And of course as curious as she was she tried to, as unnoticeable as possible, move a little bit closer. But when that didn’t work. She gave up. She didn’t want to embarrass her self, more than she already had. Why was it so difficult to act normal when someone like him was around. She got angry and mentally kicked herself for being so shy.
And one other thing she wanted to know was why Alex had started to hang around with him. He wasn’t himself then. It was like he had a secret that he didn’t want his little sister to know about. Or, the other thing was that, maybe, he had gotten tired of her.
She shook her head. No…he couldn’t be. Could he? Maybe she should ask him. But, no, she didn’t dare to do that.
If he wanted to get away from her. He had to tell her.
Alex Parker was stuck with his sister. But still, the dark thoughts wouldn’t leave her mind. They clung to her and refused to let go. The more she tried to think about other things the harder it got to let them go.

Max dared one peek at Liz’s direction and saw her shaking her head. Dark, wet tendrils flying around her face. Her eyes were sad, dark, and she was looking at her white tennis shoes.
She hadn’t heard anything. Had she?
Get a grip, Evans! You don’t care about her. He told himself. And he didn’t. Care I mean. He ripped his eyes of her petit frame. Why was that so hard? To not look at her.
Everything would have been *so* much better if their ‘parents’ ship hadn’t crashed. Cause then he wouldn’t have to be in this shit.

Liz went into the kitchen area and grabbed a bowl of ice cream. Vanilla. Her favorite ice cream. Maria and Tess always shook their heads at her when she brought it with her to their make over parties. But she loved it. You could have almost every topping you liked to vanilla. It wasn’t like some other weird taste that you couldn’t decide for yourself. And vanilla tasted good even without any topping. But she liked strawberry topping. It was her favorite.
She remembered one of their first make over’s. Maria had cut Tess’s hair. And it got really bad. Then Tess had started to cry and everything was ruined. But they always laughed at that memory now. And Tess always made a point never to allow Maria to come close to her hair again. Liz still smiled like crazy when she thought of that.

She took the ice cream with her out into the restaurant, were Alex waited for her. Alone. Max had left.
Part of her was relived. And an other part of her had wanted him to stay. But that part would never be aloud to say something.

- Liz. Alex called. Share the wealth!
They sat in silence for awhile while eating the ice cream, until Liz finally asked.
- Alex…what was he doing here?
He looked up. Startled.
- What…oh. Nothing. Nothing important anyway. Don’t worry Lizzie.
She nodded and looked out the window. Where the stars shined with a bight light. The air was as cold as it could get in Roswell. The sky was dark, almost black. And the stars…shining so bright upon them.
They always calmed her down. And she knew Alex felt the same way.
Sometimes they would stay up late at night on her balcony looking through their telescope talking about all the possibilities the universe held. She would always treasure those moments.

She wished he would trust her enough to tell her what was bothering him.
*Trust me Alex! * Her mind screamed at him.

Alex head shoots up. He had a startled and maybe a little hurt expression in his eyes. Almost as if he had heard her thoughts.
That’s it Parker. You’re crazy. She told herself. She was going to become Maria if she didn’t stop soon. Not that she didn’t love her best friend but…no way she was ever to use that cedar oil her friend always carried around.

Part three:

Why was everything so hard? Why had he, of all the people in this world, be a monster? Because that’s what he is, a monster that nobody could ever love.
A fresh tear slipped down Alex’s already wet cheek.
He didn’t like to cry. It made him feel weak. Vulnerable. That was a feeling Alex didn’t want to feel right now. He wished he could have felt Liz’s comfortable spirit instead. He adored his little sister. To him, she really was his sister. No matter what anybody ever said. But he was afraid of what she would think of him, if he told her what he was. Would she still love him? His mind and heart pulled him in different directions. Should he, or should he not?
The others weren’t to fond of his closed knitted relationship with his sister. But they didn’t understand. They couldn’t understand.
They always tried to act so cool, so normal. He didn’t get them sometimes. Alex always had tried to hide in the shadows. Because of what was wrong with him, he feared that anyone should find out about it. And that made him nervous. On the out side, he had always looked like any normal guy in America. On the inside, he wasn’t. Not close.

He should be able to make his own decisions. He was a senior after all. And next year he would take a year from school and travel around the world. Go to a million different places where nobody knew him, and wouldn’t judge him. The only thing he would miss was his wonderful little valedictorian sister. He most of all wanted her to go with him. He knew she wanted that to. But Liz was a year younger than he was. So she had to go one more year in high school. But then… Alex smiled as he thought of everything that he would have to show her one-day. If she stills wanted to do it with him of course…
Now, when he had Max, Michael and Isabelle watching him over his shoulders every time he was with Liz, everything felt so strained. And he knew she felt it too. He wanted to spear her all of this. To let her live her perfect life with her friends, meet boys; gets into university with out a dark thought that clouded her mind.

If he would continue to dwell in this, he was sure, he would go crazy. It hadn’t been long since Max, Isabelle and Michael let him in. To share their secret with him, so it wouldn’t be too heavy for his own shoulders. Max Evans…Liz’s dream man, and one of the schools most popular guys. He was tall, dark and handsome. He was everything Alex wasn’t.
And Isabelle, oh…such a beautiful girl. Her hair… and her intense, mysterious eyes that drew him in.
No! He didn’t feel anything for her. She was just a girl. Well…almost just a girl. He snickered to himself. Running a hand through his thick dark hair, which lay in every possible direction. He really needed to sleep.

He had just found about there being three other aliens here, in Roswell. Everything had been an accident. Him not being careful enough. They had caught him in the cave. He never knew there had been anyone else there accepts for himself and his guardian. It was when he was touching all the paintings they had come. He hadn’t seen them at first. But then he had heard a noise. His head snapped around in a second. He had seen their angry, scared and confused expressions and then. He knew.

And then…there was something he didn’t want to think of right now, something he would need his new ‘friends help with. How to block Liz’s thoughts. They were screaming at him. She wanted him to trust her. And he did. But…could he do that to her? To let her in? He wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

God, he needed to sleep. He yawned, stretching his sore muscles and trying a different position so he could sleep. But his bed didn’t seem so comfortable anymore.
He sighed. Knowing there wouldn’t be any sleeping for him this night.

He knew what he had to do.


Liz sat in her room deep in thoughts. Why had Alex seemed so strange this week…? She was worried about him, and wasn’t sure about what to do about it. She had her hands hard interlaced with each other. Her knuckles turning white. Her hair was in a round knot on her head. With some tendrils hanging down into her face. She wiped them behind her ear with an irritated movement.
And then there was this evening, when Max had come to see Alex. They had acted so mysterious. And, later when it had almost seemed like Alex had heard what se had been thinking. He had looked so hurt. She wished she could wipe that look of his face and replace it with a happier one. His eyes had looked into hers with an almost afraid glint shining in them.
She started to pace around her room, still thinking. But finally it got too much, even for her. She flopped down on her bed. Exhausted. She wanted nothing more than to sleep.
But first…she needed to talk to her brother. She went across the hallway and knocked on his door.

No reply.
She knocked again.
These time a little harder. When she didn’t get a reply this time either, she slowly opened the door.


Where could he be? She searched the apartment. But there was no clue to where he could be. She even went down into the restaurant, cause she thought that maybe he had gotten hungry. Alex was no-where to be found. And, it wasn’t like him to just disappear. Where was he?


Half across town Alex was running through the streets of the quiet city. The air was cold and cooled his body down. Storm clouds were rolling in and you could hardly see the stars anymore.
He could not stand to hear her thoughts any more. They were too intense, to accusing. The more distance Alex put between himself and Liz, his connection to her lessen, now her thoughts were mere whispers in his mind. And when they finally faded out of his mind he sank down into the shadows of the darken street and began to cry.
He was shaking, his thoughts in a million different directions, he didn’t know which one to follow. When he calmed down he wiped the tears from his face and stood up on shaking legs. There was only one place that had the answers he needed.
His own guardian. Every one of the Royal Eight had one. Thought they were only four, so far.
His guardian, or Seth, as he was called, was more powerful than you would have thought if you saw him. And, someday, he would take Liz to him. He had already told Seth to protect her too, if Alex couldn’t do it on his own. If something would happen to him, he needed to be sure that she was safe. His own precious sister.
When he finally arrived and was standing outside the front door, he took a deep shaky breath. Then knocked on the door. When it opened and a tall man, in his mid thirties stood in the entrance, Alex simply said.

“We need to talk”

"Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains"

-Jean Jaques Rousseau
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Part four:

The man nodded and let him in. Closing the door carefully after him, he watched every step Alex took with great interest and intense, blue eyes.
He could have passed for any normal good-looking man in his late thirties; tall, muscular, with dirty blond hair messed up just enough to be stylish.
He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. He was a guardian. And
sometimes it was a very hard work. But not now. Things lay low and he took some time to relax a bit.

His real name was without meaning to people who didn’t know their secret. But here on earth, he just did his job. Not trying to think about all the people left behind. His wife. His daughter…he missed them so much his heart ached. He longed to go home. But he also knew that his work here was very important.
So he did it. He guarded his share as best as he could. All together there was eight royal beings that needed protection. Four aliens and four humans. Born to stability each other threw their lives. And through the war that never came. But time was running out, and he knew it very well. The enemy would soon take the first step. He could feel it.
There for, it was important for the Royal Eight to find each other and begin their training.

But they were fighting their emotions. They were confused and didn’t see what was supposed to be. If the pods hadn’t been damaged, maybe things would be going in the right directions. But he had always been told to never look back. But how did the people that followed that rule survive? You had to look back, and then you could get some hints about the present.
The four pods had been damaged, yes, and because of that the four aliens didn’t have their memories from their old life.

He really needed to contact the others and make sure that they all got
things worked out. But he couldn’t changed the prophecy, which told them exactly how, and why the Royal Eight needed to do it on their own. But, hey, you can’t sue a guy for giving nature a push in the right directions, right?
He smiled to himself as his brain started to make up plans.
But he didn’t have time for that now. Alex was here. And he would start
with taking to him. Maybe Alex could help him with the most important and urgent plan. In which their leader played a big part.


Max Evans was lying in his bed. With his hands clasped and under his head. He had his eyes closed. It almost looked as if he was sleeping. But his breath was short, almost as if he had been running. His face had a serious expression and you could see that he was deep in thoughts. Thinking seriously about something important.

Suddenly, his eyes fluttered open. And he starred up, into the ceiling.
Why was it so hard? For him to stay away. He knew he had too, but was it really what he wanted? His heart pulled him in two different directions, cause he couldn’t choose one by himself. If he should be honest it might be one more direction too. One way to a blond little girl, one to his dark haired angel, and one to the rules. Suddenly he realized, had he actually thought of Liz as his?

A ragged breath left his body as he turned him self to one side, and looked out the window. It was dark and the storm went on like crazy out side. It was almost three in the morning. He should be sleeping, but something in his thoughts wouldn’t let him. Maybe he should call it someone. He couldn’t get HER out of his mind. Her eyes, her smell, her hair. And he was seriously starting to fear what he had feared for almost his entire life. That Max Evans was falling in love.
With a human girl. It couldn’t bee true. Their species was lower than his, and he shouldn’t get involved.
And, maybe it was just in his imagination. But it seemed so real. So intense. Almost as if he couldn’t fight it. As if he shouldn’t fight it.
*Stop it! Don’t get you hopes up, Maxwell. * He silently thought to
himself. But he couldn’t stop. He didn’t want to stop.
Oh, if he could just stare in to those beautiful brown eyes of her, for just
One more minute. And then he would never ask for anything more in his entire life. To be able to run his hands through her silky hair that just begged for his touch.
Yes, Max Evans was very much in love.
Even thought he didn’t really want to admit it. Not yet, not now. If things
were different. If he wasn’t who he was.


Liz opened her eyes and yawned. She looked out through the window and thought that it was very light outside. The sun shined brightly through her window and there wasn’t anything that remembered the citizens of the storm last night.
Then, as she looked at her watch, she got a shock.
School would start in less than five minutes!
She softly swore to her self as she jumped out of bed and started to run around in her room in search for something to wear. She had totally forgotten that her parents were away this week and that Alex had to get up early this morning. He had his basketball practice. And, of course, she had forgotten all about setting the alarm yesterday. She had been to worry about her brother. And why he had just disappeared last night. Finally she must have been too tired to stay up and wait for him.
She made a mental note to talk to Alex tonight.

Part Five:

Stumbling as she jumped in a pair of old blue jeans, Liz grabbed the end of the chair and fell to the floor with a *thud* as the chair fell on top of her. She was so frustrated she felt like crying. Clenching her fist she stood up again. Pulling on a light blue sweater, and brushing her hair, while at the same time hurrying to the kitchen, trying to make something to eat at lunch in school this day.

Running out of the house and jumping into her, and Alex, old red jetta she drove away to the school. Praying she wouldn’t be too late.

If she had looked around in her room that morning she might have noticed the blood on her carpet. The way that her window wasn’t entirely closed. That things wasn’t entirely in their places.
If she had noticed that, then, maybe, they wouldn’t have all the consequences that would followed later.
But let’s not blame her. It wasn’t her fault. At least not yet…

Isabel Evans sat in her classroom while twisting a lock of her long, blond hair between her fingers. Trying to listen to her teacher. But something was bothering her. Something that didn’t feel right.
She sighed. Her brown eyes scanning the outside through the window for at least the tenth time in that last two minutes. Her eyebrows wrinkled in concentration as she tried to understand were she got all these feelings from.
Somehow she knew it wasn’t from Max or Michael. No, the feelings she got from them were much different. This was something she had never felt before. It felt almost as a warning. Whispering quietly in her mind. She wasn’t 100% sure of when it had all started. They had just been there. Growing stronger and stronger each minute passing by. And Isabel was starting to feel afraid. She didn’t like these feelings, or vibes she got. She didn’t even know whom she got them from.

Soon, the bell, signalizing the end of this period, would ring. And she couldn’t wait till then. She really needed to find Max or Michael. Or both of them.
She studied her nails. And started to pull some nail polish away from her left thumb, just to keep her mind occupied. Cause she didn’t know how to block this ‘vibes’ she got. Wanting nothing more than for them to disappear.
She saw Pam two roads in front of her, sitting to the left. Signalizing she wanted to talk to her as soon as she could.
Isabel groaned inwardly. If she should be honest, she couldn’t stand Pam Troy. She also knew that the only reason that Pam hung out around her was because she had a crush on Max. She had tried to get Isabel to help her persuade him into coming along a load of different parties. And she always promised Pam that of course she would. But she hadn’t told Max about any of them. Pam was one of the last girls she wanted to se her brother stuck with. And she knew she had the triumph card on her had. They couldn’t get involved. That’s the truth…
Well, of course she went on a ton of dates. Almost every Friday or Saturday she would have a new date. But as soon as things started to get a little intense, she broke them off. Using some stupid old excuse.
But, hey, you couldn’t blame a girl for just wanted to have some fun. Right?
And she knew all about the ‘rules’. Max and Michael pointed them out to her every single time she went out. Why didn’t they just burn them into her arm so she had them with her all the time? Geez, sometime they could really be a pain in the ass.

She cursed the bell for not ringing. She cursed this warnings, vibes, thoughts, or what ever you wanted to call them, for making her day so miserably. She cursed Colin Lewis for not asking her out yet. She had absolutely thought he would do it. Maybe he didn’t have the nerve to do it. Now because of that she didn’t have anything planned this Friday. And that annoyed her to no end. This was not a good day for Isabel Evans. And it would only get worse…

Another sign was heard from her. This one even more irritated than the first. And if you could melt with looks, that clock on the wall would be a pool on the floor by now.

When it finally rang, signalizing the end of this period, and the beginning of her lunch she rushed through the doors, swinging them open in haste. Trying her best to avoid Pam. When she reached the quad she realized that both Max and Michael was already there.
She titled her head so she if Pam had made it here before her. She smiled with satisfaction when she realized she hadn’t. She didn’t want to deal with Pam Troy at this moment. Actually, if she could decide, she would wish for her to move at least 500 miles away. So that she would never have to see her ugly face again. She swayed her hips seductively as she walked through the quad.


"Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains"

-Jean Jaques Rousseau