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Title Second Chances
Author Helen (Roswelllostcause)
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Disclaimer If I owned Roswell then Max and Liz would be together and Tess would never have
shown her homewreaking face in town. But since that homewreaker did show up then that means I don't own it.
Catagory M/L (I'm a dreamer ok!)
Rating PG13
Summery Liz just spent for years in juvie and has now come home and started to fall for Max. Your not getting anything other than that.
Auther's note This is an AU NO TESS!!!! Sorry anyone who does like her I don't. There are also no aliens.
Feedback YES!!!! How do I know if you like it if you don't give me any????

Prolog June 27 1996

A thriteen year old girl stood before a judge. She had never been in this muchtrouble in her life. Or really any for that matter. She knew that hanging out with those boys would get her in nothing but trouble, but she did anyway.

"Miss Parker you plead gulty to all charges and the Distrit anotory has agreed to the plea bargin. So going by the deal you made you are to serve three to six years in the Roswell home for troubled girls." said the judge

Liz turned to face her parents with tears falling down her face.

"I'm sorry mom and dad."
"Liz we love you. You made a mistake when you helped those punks break into thathouse and
steel that car." said Jeff Parker
"I know dad."

Liz felt the gaurd's hand on her shoulder and knew it was time to go. She hugged herparents then turned and watched as the gaurd placed a pair of hand cuffs on her wrists. Liz was lead away to wait to be taken to the prison.

Part 1 July 30 2000

Liz was in the cell she had called home for the past four years reading when a gaurd came up to
get her.

"Parker you have a visitor."
"Who is it?"
"Your lawyer. Mr. Evans."

Liz got up and walked with the gaurd to the small visiting room where Philip Evans was waitting for her.

"Hello Liz how are you?" asked Mr. Evans
"Hi Mr. Evans. I'm ok. Uh why are you here?"
"Your poral hearing is tomarrow."
"I forgot about that."
"Liz you stand a very good chance of getting out then."
"I know."
"I want to warn you a lot has changed in the past four years."
"I know."
"Liz you were such a good kid. Why did you change and start getting in trouble?"
"I don't know. How are Max and Isabel?" Liz asked changing the subject.
"They are doing well."

Liz and Mr. Evans when over what would happen at the hearing the next day. Liz knew she would see the Roswell shariff for the first time in four years at it.

"Ok I think we will be ready for tomarrow."
"Thanks for everything Mr. Evans"
"Your welcome Liz."
"Mr. Evans may I ask you something?"
"Go a head."
"Why are you doing this for me?"
"Liz my wife and I were friends with your parents in collage. When you got in trouble your dad
gave me a call. I was glad to help you. I move my family to Roswell after I was done
with your case."
"So when I get out I'll get to meet Max and Isabel?"
"Yes just stay out of trouble ok?"
"Yes sir I will."
"Ok see you tomarrow at the hearing."

Liz sat at the table while Mr. Evans left waitting for the graurd to take her back to her cell. When
she arived back she sound a letter on her cot. She picked it up and saw it was from her one time best friend Maria DuLuca. She opened it and started to read.

~Dear Liz,

I know you got the chance to get out soon. I still want to be your friend if you let me. Liz we were best friends once and I would like to rebuild that friendship. Please think about it.

Your friend,

Liz put thhe letter down and cryed. She missed Maria and Alex Whitman her other best friend so
much. She was going to fix things between her and them when she when home, she had too.

Part 2

The Evans sat down to dinner that night.

"Philip you when to see Liz Parker today didn't you?" asked Diane Evans
"Yes she is up for poral tomarrow."
"Dad how old is Liz? I know she is a teenager." asked Isabel
"Seventeen she when to juvie four years ago she got involed with a bad group of kids."
"What is she like?" asked Max
"Max I'm the wrong person to ask. I only know her as a clinet. But she was a good kid before she started to hang with the wrong crowed."
"Philip are Jeff and Nancy ready to have Liz come home?" asked Diane
"They don't know what to expect from her. They want her to come home but aren't sure if they can handle her."
"They will have their hands full with her for a while." said Diane
"When would Liz be comeing home?" asked Max
"Well if the poral board desides to let her out tomarrow she will be relested the next day." said Philip.
"Will Liz be going to school with us this fall?" asked Isabel
"That's the plan. She is scared to face everyone."
"Hey Iz,do you think we could hang with her until she feels better about being home?" asked Max
"Yeah whatever." said Isabel
"So how was your day kids?" asked Diane
"Ok Uh Brody is planning to do some changes at the UFO Center." said Max
"Really? What's going to be differnt?" asked Philip
"Well he's going to up date some of the alien theries."
"Wow! Is he going to put up that some people believe that the Backstreet Boys are really aliens?" asked Isabel
"No but he found some new ones about the 47 crash."
"Boy sounds excitting." said Isabel.
"Isabel what did you do today?" asked Diane
"I when to the mall some friends."
"Did you have fun?" asked Philip
"Isabel why don't you get a job?" asked Diane
"I don't know maybe mom."
"Think about it honey." said Diane
"I will."

After dinner Max and Isabel when to Max's room to talk.

"What do you know about Liz Parker?"
"Nothing really. I'm going to talk to Maria and Alex about her. They knew her before she got in trouble."
"Max she maybe a differnt person than they knew. Being in that kind of place can change a person."
"I know Iz."
"Besides how do we know she won't keep doing whatever it was she did in the first place?"
"Isabel I'm going to talk to Maria and Alex."
"Fine but I won't promise to be her friend until I know more about her."
"That's fine Iz."

Part 3

Liz paced nervesly in her cell waitting for her poral hearing. She wanted to go home but wasn't sure that was the best place for her. Just then she saw a gaurd waitting for her.

"Ready Parker?"
"Yes ma'am"

Liz walked with the gaurd to the room for the hearing. When she entered the room she saw the poral board already there. She also saw Shariff Valenti. Liz didn't make eye contact with the shariff. the hearing only lasted half an hour. At the end of the hearing one of the board members spoke to Liz.

"Miss Parker it is the findings of this board to grant you poral. You have shown a great deal of remorse for your crimes and we feel you have payed your debt. Miss Parker this is your chance to start your life again."
"Thank you."
"You will be relested to your parents at noon tomarrow."

The gaurd turned to Liz to take her back to the other prisoners. Out in the hall the shariff stopped them.

"I would like to speak to Liz for a moment if possible." said Valenti
"That's fine shariff." said the gaurd
"Liz how are you doing?"
"I'm ok shariff." said Liz looking at him for the first time.
"Liz I'm glad your getting out. Liz you just made a couple of bad choices."
"Shariff I promise I will stay out of trouble. I can't change the past but I can change the person I started to become."
"Shariff I have to get her back now." said the guard
"Ok Liz I'll see you back in town." said Valenti
"OK shariff."

Half an hour after hte hearing Liz still couldn't believe that in less than 24 hours she would be free.

"Hey Parker how did it go?" asked someone from the door.

Liz looked up and saw Toni James who was not her favoroit person due to the fact she had beaten her up on her first day there.

"Like you care."
"Come on Liz."
"You have one less person to bully as of noon tomarrow Toni."
"Parker I haven't bullied you since you first got here."
"I know but I'm not going to miss anything about this place."
"Good luck Liz. Stay of of this kind of hell for the rest of your life."
"Thanks Toni. I plan to stay out of trouble."
"Sure Parker. See you."

Liz watched as Toni walked off. She wasn't going to miss that girl. Liz tryed to remember why Toni was there. Then she rememberd when Toni was ten she stabbed her little brother with a knife. That had been almost seven years ago. She knew Toni wouldn't be getting out anytime soon.

"Parker it's time for lunch." said the guard

She looked at the gaurd. She knew her from some where. When she got up to her she knew why.

"Jen Martin." said Liz
"You remember me Liz?"
"Yeah. How could I forget my favorit babysitter?"
"Your the last person I thought I would find in a place like this."
"Yeah well I made a mistake. The name of Sean DuLuca."
"I heard you get to go home tomarrow."
"Liz let's get to the mess hall."
"Why? It's stew day. I had better tasting food at summer camp."
"Your getting nice home cooking tomarrow."

Liz just smiled for the first time since she had been at the detention center.

Part 4

After her shift Jen walked into the Crashdown. It had been a number of years since she had babysat for Liz. She saw Jeff Parker talking to a waitress. A minute later he walked up to her.

"Jen it's been a long time."
"Hello Mr. Parker. How have you been?"
"I'm doing ok."
"Mr. Parker I'm a gaurd at the detention center Liz is at."
"When we visited her she never mentioned it."
"She didn't know until today. I made sure I never came in contcat with her until today. It was for her own safty."
"She would have been beaten up if the others had known?"
"Some of the other girl may have tryed to kill her. There is one girl who did try and kill once and I bet is the one who beat Liz up on her first day. But Liz would never say who did it."
"Jen what brings you here?"
"Liz's lawyer didn't call you?"
"Yes he did."
"Then you know Liz is being relested tomarrow."
"Yes Nancy has ben cleaning her room since we got the call."
"That's good. Mr. Parker I think Liz is scared to face her old friends again."
"I bet she is. She never wrote Maria or Alex. They both sent her a number of letters but she never replyed to them."
"Mr. Parker Liz is going to need time to adjust just give her as much as she needs."
"We will."
"I'll see you tomarrow."
"It was good to see you again Jen."
"You too Mr. Parker."

Jen left and Jeff watched a minute later Nancy came in.

"Was that Jen Martin?"
"Yes she's a juville prison gaurd now. She works were Liz is."
"Has she seen Liz?"
"Yes but Liz never saw her until today."
"I still don't believe she is coming home."
"I know. Just remember give Liz time to readjust to being home."
"I will."

Part 5 Aug 1 2000

Liz woke when the lights came on to growns of the other waking girls. Liz just smiled in five hours she would be going home. She when to breakfast with everyone else then when back to pack her few things up. At eleven she turned to find Jen standing in the door.

"Parker your mom dropped these off last night." said Jen tossing Liz a new pair of black jeans a button down red shrit and white tank top.
"Geuss I should change to go home."
"Yep she also sent a new pair of shoes. I'll bring those to you before you leave."
"I'll be back in 45 minutes to get you."

Jen left and Liz changed. She couldn't believe her mom had picked out an outfit that fit perfectly and wasn't all that bad. Just like she said 45 minutes after she left Jen was back.

"Ready Liz?"
"Here are your new shoes."

Liz put them on and walked to the wardens office.

"Miss Parker your parents are here." I just wanted to tell you that I never want to see you here again."
"You won't ma'am I promise."
"Liz good luck."
"Thank you."
"Liz just sign here and you will get your things back that you had when you came here."

Liz took the pen and signed her name. Then she was handed an envlope that had her things in it. Then she was lead to a room she had never been in before and saw her parents waitting for her.

"Go to them Liz." said Jen

Liz when up to her parents and hugged them.

"Lizzie we love you so much." said Jeff
"Mom, dad I'm so sorry."
"It's ok let's go home." said Nancy

Liz and her parents walked out and Jen smiled. Liz had grown up so much over the years. As Liz walked out of the detention center she took a deep breath, and looked around.

"Liz are you ok honey?" asked Nancy
"Yeah mom, just scared to see everyone again."
"Liz everything is going to be ok. Maria and Alex have missed you." said Jeff
"I know they both sent me a number of letters saying that."
"Liz why didn't you write them back more offen?" asked Nancy
"I don't know."
"Come on let go home." said Jeff

Part 6

Half an hour later Liz watched as her dad parked the car. She stared at the Crashdown, she was not ready to walk in there.

"Uh do we have to walk in though the Crashdown today?" asked Liz
"Liz honey you have to do it at some point. Besides everyone knows your coming home today, it's hard to keep secrets in a small town." said Jeff
"So I'll take that as a yes."
"You will be ok Liz." said Nancy
"Yeah I know Let's get this over with."

Liz climbed out of the car and headed for the door to the Crashdown. After taking a deep breath Liz opened the door and walked in. As she headed for the back room and the stairs that lead to her home she saw Mariawaitting on some coustermers. She pasted a table with a couple of teenagers sitting at it. she reconized the guy as Alex, but didn't know the girl with the long blonde hair sitting with him. She wasn't watching where she was going and walked into someone.

"I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going." said Liz turning to look into the most soulful eyes she had ever seen.
"That's ok. I'm Max Evans."
"Liz Parker."
"Nice to meet you Liz."
"Max Evans? Your dad wouldn't be Philip Evans would he?"
"I heard a little about you and your sister from him."
"I heard a little about you too."
"Uh see you around Max."
"Ok see you Liz."

Liz walked though the back room door and leand on the stairs rail. The monent she made eye contact with Max she felt something she never felt before. The feeling scared her a little. She she was about to head upstairs she saw Maria staring at her.

"Hi Maria."
"So Liz we still friends or not? It's your choice remember."
"Friends if you still want to be."
"Liz yeah I want to be friends. I've missed you."
"I missed you too. I'm sorry I didn't write you very offen."
"It's ok. I'll come up later after I get off. Your dad isn't paying me to talk to you."
"Ok Maria."
"By the way I think Max Evans likes you, and dipit being the captin of the basketball team and one of the top football players he doesn't have a girlfriend."
"Maria don't try and set me up with anyone right now."
"Ok but you aren't going to get out of this that easy Parker."
"I know. See you later Maria."

Part 7

Liz was laying on her bed thinking when Maria walked in an hour later.

"So Maria do you ever knock?" asked Liz
"Nope. So how are you Liz?"
"I'm ok. Glad to be home."
"So Liz do you like Max?"
"Maria I don't even know him!"
"Ok let's see, he's seventeen, nice and good in school. He only when out with one girl but she had to move to France with her dad who is in the army."
"Why are you telling me this?"
"Because I know you like him. I saw how you looked at him."
"Maybe I do. But I don't think his parents will let him go out with me even if he's intersted. Which I don't think he is."
"Liz your a differnt person than I remember."
"It's been four years. being in jail for four years can change a person."
"Liz I ment it when I said I still want to be your friend."
"I know Maria. It's just I'm scared to be home."
"Liz, Alex and I are going to a movie tomarrow with Max, his sister Isabel and my sort of boyfriend Michael Guerin."
"You want me to go with you don't you?"
"Yes. Liz you have to get your life back."
"I know just give me time."
"Ok Liz. So Sean isn't getting out for a while."
"Like I care. I don't want to see Sean ever again."
"Liz I'll see you later. I should get home."
"Yeah. Tell Alex to give me a call later if he wants."
"Yeah sure."
"Maria I did miss you."
"I missed you too Parker."

Liz got up and hugged Maria. She knew Maria would always be there for when she needed her.

"Maria you have and always will be my bestfriend. I love you. Please always be here for me no matter what."
"You got it Lizzie. I'll see you tomarrow."
"Maybe I will go to the movie with you guys tomarrow."
"Good you can get to know Max."
"Bye Maria."
"See you Liz."

Maria left and Liz climbed out her window and looked out over the town. She saw Max walking down the street. He was very good looking and she knew she wouldn't mind getting to know him better.

Part 8

Max was wlking down Main Street when he felt someone watching him. He turned down the alley next to the Crashdown. He looked up and saw Liz up there on the roof.

"Hey Liz mind if I come up?" yelled Max
"If you want I don't care."

A minute later Max climbed over the wall off the fire escape and stood in front of Liz.

"So Liz tell me about yourself."
"What do you want to know?"
"Whatever you will tell me."
"Well Max I'm seventeen, I just spent four years in juvie because I choose to hang with the wrong people. I was set up to take the fall for the breaking and enterting of that house. Sean DuLuca made sure my finger prints were all over that house. I told your dad everything and he talked to the D.A. and got me a deal."
"So anything I should know as a friend? Likes? Dislikes?"
"Max we just met why do you care?"
"Because I want to be your friend if you will let me."
"Ok I like scinece, vanilla ice cream and I use to like school."
"You don't like school anymore?"
"I don't know. It's just going to be hard for me to go back after all this time. Now tell me about yourself Max."
"Well I play football and basketball get good grades. I like scinence and am still looking for the prefect girl to go out with."
"I heard you had one girlfriend but she lives in France now."
"Max, Maria said a group is going to the movies tomarrow."
"Yeah you should come with us."
"I don't know. I might."
"Liz your home now you should start having fun. I know your scared and it's ok to be. But you have to start doing every day normal things too."
"I know. Max mind if I ask you something?"
"Go ahead."
"How did you become such a nice guy?"
"My parents tought me."
"Max I should go in to dinner. Maybe I'll see you tomarrow."
"I hope so."
"Bye Max."
"Bye Liz."

Liz watched Max climb down to the alley and then when in. she found her mom sitting on her bed.

"Hey Mom."
"Liz sit down we need to talk."
"I know mom."
"Liz honey I love and so does your father. But we are both worried about you."
"Mom I promise I'm not going to get in any more trouble."
"I believe you. But you will always have pear pessure to do things."
"That is part of growing up. I made a bad choice to hand out with Sean and his friends and I payed for it."
"Liz I saw you out there talking with Max."
"Yeah so?"
"Liz, Max is a good kid if you let him he could become a very good friend."
"I know mom."
"Come on dinner is ready."
"I'm coming."

Part 9

Max walked into his as his mother was finishing making dinner.

"Hi mom."
"Hi Max. How was your day?"
"Good. I had lunch at the Crashdown."
"Max were you there when Liz came home?"
"I wish you hadn't been there then."
"Mom I talked to Liz. I want to be her friend."
"I know you do. But becareful she has been through a lot."
"I will mom, I won't push her to be anything other than friends."
"Max Liz is a good kid. She just got involed with the wrong kids."
"I know. Let me go get cleaned up."
"Ok honey."
"I'll be back in a few minutes."
"Max tell your father and sister that dinner is ready."
"Ok mom."

Five minutes later everyone was sitting at the table eatting.

"So Philip, Nancy called me today." said Diane
"How is Liz adjusting to being home?"
"It's to early to tell. Nancy wants all of us to come to dinner tomarrow. I told her we would be there."
"Do we have to go mom?" asked Isabel
"Isabel yes. Liz is going to need all the friends she can get when school starts in a couple of weeks." said Diane
"Fine but I don't have to like going over there."
"Iz Liz is nice give her a chance." said Max
"How do you know Max? You spoke to her for about two minutes in the Crashdown."
"I talked to her just before I came home. She's scared to face people again. Oh and Iz be nice to her. She might join us for the movie tomarrow afternoon."
"You invited her?"
"No Maria invited her, but I tokd her I wouldn't mind her coming."
"Fine but Michael won't be happy about this."
"So he can be made at Maria. Iz Liz needs to start doing normal things."
"Max is right Isabel. The best thing for Liz right now is to be a normal teenager." said Philip
"OK. I'll be nice to her. Besides Alex told me Liz use to be fun to hang with."
"Thanks Iz." said Max

Part 10A

After dinner Liz when to her room with the cordless phone. She pulled out her address book out of her night stand. She had to desided to call Alex herself. She diled his number and Mr. Whitman answerd the phone.

"Hi Mr. Whitman. May I speak to Alex?"
"May I ask who is calling?"
"Liz Parker."
"Liz how are you doing?"
"Ok. I came home today."
"I know Liz. Alex told me. I'll get him for you."
"Thank you."

A minute later Alex came on.

"Hi Alex."
"Liz I didn't think you would call."
"I know. Alex look I'm sorry I cut you out of my life. I can't change what I did in the past, but I do still want to be friends with you."
"For some reason I believe you Parker."
"It's the truth Alex. I messed up. I knew Sean DuLuca was trouble but I didn't care."
"Liz we all make mistakes. You made one and it cost you four years of freedom and you almost lost your bestfriends."
"Does that mean you still want to be friends?"
"Yeah. So you coming to the movies with us tomarrow? I know Max would enjoy that."
"Alex, I don't know. I'll let you know tomorrow ok?"
"Liz what are you scared of?"
"Yeah right."
"It's just the fact I'm seventeen and never been on a date and you and Maria both want to set me up with Max Evans who I just met today."
"Yeah well you didn't here this from me but Max likes you."
"What do you mean Alex?"
"Max saw your pitcher a couple years ago and has a crush on you ever since."
"Great a secret crush. I don't want a boyfriend right now I want to get my life back together."
"Yeah I know Parker. See you tomarrow."
"Bye Alex thank you for talking to me."
"No problem Liz what are friends for?"
"Thank you Alex."
"Look Liz don't worry I'll always be here for you."

Part 10b

Liz hung up the phone. She felt better now that she had cleared the air with Alex. She still didn't know weather or not to go to the movies with everyone or not. Max, Isabel and Michael were really their friends and not hers, but Max had said he wanted to be friends with her. Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."
"Hi honey how are you doing?" asked Jeff
"Liz is there something wrong?"
"Not really dad. Maria, Alex and Max all want me to go to a movie with them tomarrow, and I'm not sure if I should."
"Do you want to go?"
"Yeah but I'm not sure I'm ready to face all the people in this town yet."
"Liz this is your choice. There will always be those who won't let you forget your mistakes, but there are also a number of people who know them and don't care. You can choose to live your life in fear of those who won't let you forget or you can face them and not let them keep you from doing what you want."
"I think I know what I'm going to do now. Thanks dad."
"Glad to help Lizzie."

Liz hugged her dad and then diled Maria's number.

"Maria it's Liz. What time are you guys meetting for that movie?"
'Noon at the Crashdown."
"Ok see you then."
"Liz what made you deside to come with us?"
"Nothing. I just can't hide from life because I'm scared of what people are going to say about me."
"Good see you then Parker."

Liz hung up the phone and pulled out her old junal and started to read it before going to bed.

Part 11

At noon the next day Liz paced in the Crashdown's back room. She knew she had to go out there sooner or later. She took a deep breath and walked out the door. She saw Maria and Alex talking with the girl who had been with Alex yeasterday.

"Hey Liz so I heard you desided to come." said Max smiling
"Yeah. Alex nice to see you again."
"You too Parker. By the way this is Isabel Evans." said Alex
"Nice to meet you Liz." said Isabel
"Yeah. Nice to meet you too Isabel."
"Liz we are just waitting for Michael to show his sorry butt up." said Maria
"That's fine so what are me going to see?"
"Well the guys want to see so horror flick. Isabel and I want to see a romance or comady."
"Whatever is fine with me. I haven't seen a good movie in a while."
"Well here comes Michael." said Isabel
"Good then we can get going." said Maria
"Hey guys. Who's this?" siad Michael pointing at Liz
"That would be my bestfriend Liz Parker Spaceboy. She's coming with us. Got a problem with that?" said Maria
"Not a problem blondie." said Michael
"Don't worry Liz they don't fight all the time." said Alex
"Just most of it." said Isabel
"We do not!" said Maria and Michael at the same time.

Everyone laught at that. Then they when to the movie with the guys winning and getting their choice. In the theater Alex and Maria aranged it so that Max and Liz sat next to each other.

"I think we were set up." said Max
"Yeah well I'm use to Maria pulling stunts like this." said Liz
"Liz I never set you up like this." said Maria
"Yeah right. I seem to remember your the one set me up with Sean, who got me sent to jail." said Liz
"I did say I was sorry for that."
"I know and I forgave you."
"Shut up the Movie is about to start." said Michael.

During the movie Liz kept sneaking looks at Max. But what she didn't know was when she wasn't looking he was doing the same thing to her. After the movie they all left.

"That was the stupidest movie I ever saw." said Isabel
"NO it wasn't it was great!" said Michael
"I have to go with Iz on this one. It was stupid it had no real plot." said Max
"Really Max? I coulda swar I saw you watching Liz more thatn the movie." said Michael
"That is so not true Michael. I was not watching Liz."
"Yes you were, and when you weren't watching her she was watching you." said Maria
"Maria! I was not watching Max." said Liz
"You two keep telling yourselves that." said Alex
"I don't have to take this. I'm going home." said Liz

Liz walked away not looking back so she didn't see Isabel come after her.

Part 12

Isabel cought up with Liz after a few minutes.

"Liz wait!"
"Why Isabel? So you can tell me things I already know?"
"No Liz. I wasn't going to say anything like that."
"Then why did you come after me?"
"I came after you because I like you and want to be your friend. I'm going to be honest at first I wasn't happy that Max, Maria and Alex all wanted you to come today. But I'm glad you did."
"Isabel why aren't you on my case like everyone else about my liking Max?"
"Because I know what it's like to start over again. Maybe not in the same way as you. But I did start over when I moved here."
"But you did it in a town of strangers. I have to do it in a town where everyone knows me and knows I screwed up."
"Your right. Maria and Alex are your friends and you know they didn't mean to hurt your feelings like that."
"Why do you care Isabel? You just met me."
"Because I know you were set up to take the fall. I saw the storty on that house that was robbed. You were the only one not whearing gloves and the fact that a 300 pound Buddha staute was stolen means you couldn't have done it, at lest not alone."
"I could never have lifted that thing. The D.A. knew it. So you dad got me a deal if I agreed to give up the names of the people I was with and testifey agested them, I would get reduced charges and a reduced sentence. There was no way I could get off completly."
"You did testifey."
"Yeah. I messed up hanging out with Sean DuLuca."
"Sean DuLuca?"
"Maria's loser cousin."
"Liz please give us anouther chance to be your friends."
"Ok Isabel. I'll give you guys anouther chance."
"Thanks. Come on."
"Isabel thanks. I really needed to talk about this."
"No problem. By the way you really like Max don't you?"
"Yeah he's nice."
"Liz I really think Max likes you."
"Yeah so? Big deal he likes me."
"Liz, Max could go out with any girl in that school. But he doesn't go out with anyone. He is looking for the right girl."
"Well I'm looking for nothing other than friends right now. I have never been in a relationship and don't know if I am ready for one right now."
"Max would push you if your not ready."
"Isabel let's go back to the others now."

Liz and Isabel walked back to where the others were waitting.

"Liz are you ok?" asked Max
"Liz we're sorry if we upset you." said Maria
"Maria just give me time ok? I'll be ok in a while."
"Ok Liz I can do that."
"Thanks Maria."
"Why don't we go to the Crashdown for a bite?" asked Max

Everyone headed for the Crashdown and split a couple plates of fries and had sodas.


"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot
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Part 13

At five that night Liz, Max and Isabel when up to the Parker's apartment.

"Hi Mom. I'm home." said Liz
"Hi honey. Hi Max, Isabel." said Nancy poking her head out from the kitchen.
"Hi Mrs. Parker." said Max and Isabel
"Mom we will be out on my balcony." said Liz
"Ok. I'll call you when Max and Isabel's parents get here."
"Ok mom."
"See you later Mrs. Parker." said Max

Liz lead the way to her room then climbed out the window.

"Wow it's nice up here." said Isabel
"Yeah I know. I missed sitting up here and looking at the stars." said Liz
"Liz do you still like to stargaze?" asked Max
"Yeah but I haven't done it for a while."
"You should go out to the desert sometime you can get a great view of the stars out there." said Max
"Maybe I will. But I will have to find someone to go with me, until I learn to drive anyway."
"Don't look at me Liz. I only stargaze with Alex." said Isabel
"Isabel are you and Alex dating?"
"Yes for about a year now."
"That's great. I'm glad he's happy."
"Liz you should be happy too." said Max
"Yeah I know, and I will be one day."
"Liz how does it feel to be home?" asked Isabel
"I don't know. I'm still getting use to all the freedom I have now. I'm on probation for the next two years. If I get in any more trouble like I did than I go back to jail for the remainder of my sentence and will most likely get more time for poral and probation violations."
"Liz we will help you if you let us." said Max
"I know. Thank you."

Liz, Max and Isabel talked and told jokes. Liz was laughting at one of Max's jokes when her dad poked his head out the window.

"Now that's my Lizzie." said Jeff
"Hi dad." said Liz
"Hi Mr. Parker." said Max and Isabel
"Hi you two. Your parents are here. Time to come in."
"You guys go ahead. I'll be there in a few minutes." said Liz
"Is everything ok Liz?" asked Max
"Yeah I just need a minute."
"OK honey see you in a few minutes." said Jeff

After Max and Isabel had left Liz pulled a letter out of her pocket and read it for what had to be the millionth time in the past four years.


I'll get even with you for ratting us. You won't know when or how. But I will get you back! You RAT!


Liz didn't know what to do. She knew as long as Sean was still locked up she would be ok but he could get out before long and come after her. She knew she should tell her parents but they worried enough about her. Liz put the letter in the bed side stand and headed to the living room to join her parents and the Evans.

Part 14

"How is Liz doing?" asked Diane
"She seems to be doing ok. She hasn't talked about things with us." said Nancy
"Mrs. Parker Liz is scared of people talking and staring at her. She also just wants friends to help her get her life back."said Isabel
"Isabel, Liz talked to you about this?" asked Jeff
"A little after the movie today."
"Maria, Alex and Michael were giving Liz and me a hard time after the movie and Liz ran off. Iz when after her." said Max
"Why were they giving you two a hard time?" asked Philip
"Because Max and I kept sneaking looks at each other durring the movie." said Liz walking into the room.
"Liz how are you doing?" asked Diane
"Ok Mrs. Evans. Max and Isabel are great. I had a good time today." Liz said with a smile.
"That's good Liz. You know I think this is the first time I've seen you smile in the four years I've known you." said Philip
"I have a good reasons to be happy."
"Mind sharing what they are?" asked Nancy
"Well I fixed things between Maria and Alex yesterday, and I've made two new friends."
"So Liz you see Max and me as friends already?" asked Isabel
"Yeah I do. Isabel talking with you today helped me a lot."
"We should do a girls night sometime."
"That would be great."
"Well dinner is just about ready why don't we go to the dinning room." said Nancy

Everyone got up and headed for the dinning room. As Liz walked past Max he gently grabbed her arm.

"Liz wait a minute."
"What is it Max?"
"Liz would you like to go to dinner with me?"
"You mean like a date?"
"Yes. Liz I like you a lot. I want to get to know you better."
"I don't know. Can I think about it?"
"Yeah. Just let me know."
"Max thank you."

Max and Liz when to the dinning room. Liz when to sit down and Max pulled out her chair and pushed her in.

"Thank you Max."
"You welcome Liz."

Max took his seat next to Liz. Everyone talked while they ate. Liz had a good time for the next two hours until the Evans had to leave. Liz walked up to Max and wisperd in his ear.

"My balcony ten tonight. I'll have an answer for you."
"Bye Max, Bye Isabel. Nice to see you again Mr. Evans. It was nice to meet you Mrs. Evans." said Liz
"Bye Liz." said Isabel

After the evans left Liz when to her room and called Maria.

"So how was dinner?" asked Maria
"Fine. Maria, Max asked me out on a date."
"So you going?"
"I think I will."
"Have you told him yet?"
"Not yet."
"So call him and tell him yes."
"Well I kinda told him to come to my balcony and I would give him answer then."
"So Liz tell me the truth. Do you like Max?"
"Yes I like him a lot."
"Good. Liz I got some news for you. Sean called my mom today."
"Maria give me a warning if you hear about him getting out."
"Ok sure Liz."
"Maria I'll tell you why tomarrow. It's imported that you do."
"Ok Liz."
"Thank you."
"See you tomarrow Liz. Let me know what happens between you and Max."
"I will don't worry."

Part 15

Just before ten Max stood at the bottom of the fire escape that lead up to Liz's balcony. He was thinking of what to say if she said no and what to say if she said yes. He was so lost in thought he didn't hear Liz walk to the endge until she yelled at him.

"So Max you coming up or are you going to stay down there all night?" asked Liz
"I'm coming up."

A minute later Max stood on the balcony with Liz. Liz was standing only a few feet away making Max very where of the
sweet smelling shampoo she had used that morning that he hadn't noticed earlier that day.

"So Liz will you go out with me?"
"Yes Max I will."
"You will? That's great! What do you like?" asked Max excited as a school boy at that start of summer.

Liz laught at how happy she had just made Max with that simple answer.

"I like Mexican, Chinesse, Pizza almost anything. Well may be not any Martha Stewert things."
"I would never do that to you. My mom might when she has you come to dinner but that is her not me."
"So when is this date?"
"That sounds good."
"I'll pick ypu up at six."

Max took a few steps so Liz was only inches away. He gently brushed some of Liz's long brown hair behined her ear. Staring deep into her eyes.

I wonder if she will let me kiss her? Max thought

"So Max were you going to kiss me or just stare into my eyes all night?"
"Do you want me to kiss you?"
"I won't stop you." I have been waitting since I walked into you yesterday. Liz added to herself.

Max placed a hand gently behind Liz's head and lowerd his lips to hers. He started it very soft and sweet. But soon found that Liz had other ideas as she deepend it right away. He was surprised at first at how bold this sweet girl was being but gave in to her. When they pulled a part Max looked at her.

"Wow you don't think you were moving to fast?" Max asked her
"Max I wanted to remember my first real kiss forever."
"That is understandable. So you wanted to remember that kiss?"
"Yes Max. I maybe seventeen but I have never been on a real date ot until tonight had a real kiss from a boy. I like you a lot Max. I didn't think I wanted to date but I was wrong. We just need to keep things kinda slow ok?"
"We will go as slow as you want Liz."
"Max how did you become so understanding?"
"Liz don't worry about it. I will never do anything your not ready for."
"Thank you Max."
"So Liz is it a sercet we are going back or not?"
"Well if Maria has her way the whole town will know by six tomarrow anyway, so no it's not a secret."
"So I can tell Izzy?"
"Yeah. Tell her to call me tomarrow. Maybe she and maria and I can go to the mall."
"Yeah from what little I've seen in the past two days Isabel has great tast and I want her help."
"Ok I'll tell her."
"Thanks Max. See you tomarrow night."
"See you then Liz."

Max left and Liz smiled as she climbed in the window. She picked up the phone and called Maria back.

"So how did it go?" asked Maria
"Good. We are going out to dinner tomarrow."
"You me the mall tomarrow before your date."
"Knew you would say that. I told Max to have Isabel call me so she can come too."
"Good we could use her. So anything else happen when Max came back?"

Liz mumbled something unuderstandable.

"What was that Liz?"
"I said we kissed."
"You kissed! Lizzie don't you think you might be going kinda fast?"
"Maybe a little but I just feel so drawn to him. I never felt like this before."
"Parker are you falling in love with Max?"
"Maria! how can you ask something like that? I just met him yesterday."
"Come on you can tell me. Don't forget I know where you hide your diary."
"I don't know. Maybe. You better not spread that around town."
"See you tomarrow Lizzie."
"Bye Maria."

Liz hung up the phone and when to get something to drink.

Part 16

Max walked into the living room to find Isabel watching t.v.

"Hey Iz."
"So Max did she say yes?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Max I know you asked Liz out, and you when over there to find out her answer."
"She said yes. Liz wants you to call her tomarrow. She wants you to go to the mall with her and Maria."
"Ok I will."
"Thanks Iz."
"So Max you have known Liz like a day and you really like her don't you?"
"Yeah I can't explane it but I just feel pulled to Liz in a way I have never felt before."
"Max, Liz is a good person who made a mistake. She may not be very trusting right now. Show her she can trust you, show her you will be there for her no matter what."
"I plan to."
"Good Max. I'll try and get her to open up to you. She does trust me a little."
"Isabel I like Liz a lot. I want tomarrow to be special. It's going to be Liz's first date ever and I want her to remember it forever."
"Where are you taking her?"
"I don't know yet. Maybe Senor Chows?"
"That's good. Now I know what kind of out fit to help her get for tomarrow night."
"Thanks Iz."
"Max I'll do anything to get you out of this house and turn off your Counting Crows CD."
"Driving you crazy?"
"Well you listening to Alex's CD drives me crazy."
"So we are even."
"Isabel I'll lay off the Crows for a while ok?"
"Yeah and I will try and not listen to Alex's CD all the time."

Part 17

Liz was in her room listening to one of her CDs when her dad came in.
"Liz can we talk?"
"Yeah dad." Liz said turning off her CD.
"How are you doing Liz?"
"I'm fine dad. I'm glad to be home."
"Liz honey you seem so distant."
"Dad I'm not the same person I was when I got in trouble a few years ago. I love you but I'm a differnt person now."
"Just don't get in any more trouble."
"I won't dad I promise."
"That's good. I saw Max leave a little while ago."

I hope he didn't see me kiss Max.

"Yeah uh, I'm going out to dinner with him tomarrow. I mean if that's ok with you and mom."
"That's more than ok Lizzie. It means your aren't planning to hide in your room until school starts in a few weeks."
"Thank you dad."
"Liz you have grown up so much and I missed you so much."
"Dad I never ment to get in that much trouble. I made a mistake to trust Sean and I payed for it with four years of my life."
"Liz you learned a lot from what happend didn't you?"
"Yes dad. If that place I was, was jail for kids I never want to see a real prison."
"Liz is something on your mind?"
"Dad I really should have told you about this before but I didn't."
"What is it?"
"Sean has been sending me threating letters."
"What do these letters say?"
"I'll show you."

Liz pulled several letters out of her bedside stand and handed them to her father. Jeff read a couple of the letters and looked at Liz. He could see she really was scared of what Sean said.

"Liz honey we need to show these to the police."
"I know."
"Liz Sean could get more time for this with you truning them over."
"I know it's the right thing to do but I'm scared."
"Honey everything will be ok."
"I know dad. So I geuss I'm going to see the Shariff tomarrow morning."
"Yeah Liz Shariff Valenti hads known you all your life. He hated he had to arest you. He knew that you had been step up some how."
"I broke the law dad. He had to do his job."
"Liz get some rest. I love you so much you will always be my little Lizzie lizard."
"I know dad, just don't call me by that nickname in front of Max ok? Maria and Alex already know you called me that
when I was little. But I kinda want to keep Max in the dark about that nickname."
Ok I promise. Good night Lizzie."
"Night dad I love you."

Jeff huged Liz and gave her a kiss on top of her head so Liz could get some sleep.

Part 18

Liz woke the next morning and got ready to go see the shariff. Liz walked into the kitchen to find her mom making

"Morning mom." said Liz
"Morning honey. Your father tells me you have a date with Max tonight."
"Yeah I do."
"He also told me about the letters."
"Mom don't worry about me ok? I'm going to tell Shariff Valenti about them today."
"Liz I will try and not worry about you, but it's part of the job as a parent. You will understand when you have kids."
"How do you know I plan to have kids?"
"I don't but I can hope."
"Mom I haven't even been in love yet."
"You will just give it time."

Just then the phone rang. Liz watched from the table as her mom answered it.

"Hello?...Just a minute Isabel she's right here."

Liz took the phone from her mom.

"Hi Isabel."
"Hey Liz when do you want to hit the mall?"
"How about we meet at the Crashdown at eleven?"
"Sounds good. Is Maria coming?"
"Yeah I just have to tell her what time."
"Ok Liz see you at eleven."
"Yeah uh see you then."
"Liz is something wrong?"
"Nothing I want to get into on the phone. I'll tell you about it later."
"Ok see you at eleven."
"Thanks Isabel."

Liz hung up and called Maria.

"Hi Mrs. DuLuca is Maria up yet?"
"Just a minute. Who's calling?"
"Liz Parker."
"How are you Liz? I haven't heard from you in a while."
"Good. I got out a few days ago."
"I'll get Maria for you."
"Thank you."

A minute later a very sleepy Maria came on.

"Wake up Maria."
"Hey Liz what's up?"
"Be at the Crashdown at eleven."
"Ok. So is Isabel coming?"
"Yeah I'll see you then."
"Maria your the best."
"Thanks Lizzie."
"See you later Ria."
"See you Liz."

Liz hung up and faced her mom again.

"So where are you girls going at eleven?"
"The mall."
"So they are taking you to get an outfit for tonight?"
"Liz here get something nice."
"Thank you mom." said Liz taking the money from her mom.
"Liz don't think you won't be paying me back. Because you will be. You start at the Crashdown in a few days."
"I knew I would end up working there."
"Liz becareful ok?"
"I will mom. I geuss it's time to go see the shariff."
"Do you want your father or me to go with you?"
"No mom I'll be ok. I need to do this on my own."
"Ok see you later honey."
"Bye mom."

Liz left and walked down Main Street to the Shariff Staion, she rememberd the last time she had been walked into that
building four years ago. She had been arested. Taking a deep breath she walked in. She saw a deputy sitting at the desk.

"I need to see the Shariff." said Liz
"He's busy. Can I help you?" asked the deputy
"I don't care how busy he is. This is something I need to see him about."
"Miss he's busy. I can help you or you can come back anouther time."
"Look deputy Hanson is it?" Liz asked looking at his nametag
"Duputy Hanson, this is only something I can discuss with Shariff Valenti. You have to be the only person in this alien crazed town who has no clue who I am."
"Why should I?"
"HANSON! Shut up and let Miss Parker in to see me NOW!" yelled Valenti.
"Sorry Miss Parker go on in."
"Thank you for nothing Hanson."

That has to be the stupidest deputy on Earth. Liz thought as she entered the Shariff's office.

"Hello Liz what is it that brings you here today?"
"Shariff uh how much trouble would someone be in if they were sending someone else threating letters?" Liz asked
"Liz is Sean sending you threating letters?"
"Yes every three to four weeks for the past four years. I have all of them if you need to see them."
"Let me see them. Do you want anything? A soda some water?"
"No thank you."

Liz handed the letters to Valenti who read a few of them then looked at Liz.

"Is there anything you can do?" asked Liz
"Liz why didn't you tell anyone about these before?"
"I was scared. I still am."
"Well I heard Sean could be getting out this spring for good behavior. But these could keep him locked up a while longer."
"Shariff thank you."
"Liz if not for Sean you never would have gotten in trouble in the first place."
"I know. Shariff I have plans for the day so I need to get going."
"Ok Liz. I'll see what I can do for you."
"Thank you."
"Have fun. Liz just....."
"Stay out of trouble. I know. Trust me I won't get in any more trouble. I made a mistake I don't plan to repeat ever."
"So if you don't mind my asking what are your plans for today?"
"Well shariff Maria and Isabel are taking me shopping for my date with Max tonight."
"Have a good time tonight."
"I will thank you shariff."
"Bye Liz I'll let you know what happens with Sean."
"Ok I'll see you around."

Liz left heading back to the Crashdown. She looked at her watch and saw it was ten thrity she had half an hour before she had to meet her friends to go shopping.

Part 19

Isabel walked into the Crashdown just before eleven. She took a seat at the counter to wait for Maria and Liz.

"Hello Isabel." said Mr. Parker
"Hi Mr. Parker."
"Would you like anything while you wait for Liz?"
"No thanks. So will Liz be down soon?"
"Isabel, Liz had something to take care of this morning. But she will be back any minute."
"I'm in no hurry anyway."
"Isabel, thank you for being a friend to Liz. She needs to get her life back and it will be easier if she doesn't have to do it alone."
"Don't worry Mr. Parker Liz is in good hands with Maira and me."
"I know."

Just then Liz walked into the Crashdown and saw Isabel talking with her dad.

"Hey." said Liz
"Hi honey how did it go?" asked Jeff
"Good." said Liz
"Hey Liz how is it going?" asked Isabel
"Ok. We just waitting for Maria?"
"Yeah. But she should be here soon. She talked her mom into letting her have the Jetta for the day."
"Isabel there is something I need to talk to you and Maria about."

Not that I really want to tell you but you should know. Liz thought.

"No problem. we are friends right?"
"Yeah. But Isabel what I tell you has to stay between the three of us. I don't want you to tell Max or Alex. I will when I'm ready."
"Liz spill what the hell has Sean done to you now?" asked Maria walking up to them.
"I'll tell you in the car."

Five minutes later Maria was driving to the mall.

"Liz what is going on?" asked Maria
"First promise you won't tell any one what I tell you stays in this car."
"I promise Liz." said Isabel
"Ok Liz I won't say anything." said Maria
"Ok Sean has been sending me threating letters for the past four years. But be for you ask I already told my parents and Shariff Valenti."
"Liz why did you wait so long to tell anyone?" asked Isabel
"I don't know. I'm scared, Sean basicly said he planned to hurt me in away I'll never forget may have had something to do with it."
"Liz Sean won't get anywhere near you he will have to go through all of us first." said Maria
"Maria you promised not to say anything."
"I won't Liz. I won't betray your trust."
"So Liz where do you want to look? the Gap? Macy's?" asked Isabel
"I don't know. Max didn't say where he is taking me."
"He told me but wnats to surprise you." said Isabel
"Liz don't don't worry Max just wants to make sure you remember tonight forever." said Maria parking the car.
"I know I'm just nervous. I've never been on a date before."
"Liz don't worry you will be fine tonight with Max." said Maria

As the three girls walked though the all they talked. By the fountion they saw someone they didn't want to see, and wanted to avoid but couldn't.

"Well if it isn't Lizzie the jail bird Parker." said a girl
"Well if it isn't Pam dead brian Tory." said Maria
"DuLuca this is between me and Parker." said Pam
"Pam we are we are apart of this. Liz is our friend and we will do anything for her." said Isabel
"Evans shut up. Parker is nothing but a theif." said Pam
"Look Pam. I have never liked you and you sure as hell have never liked me. So why don't you leave me and my friends
alone?" siad Liz
"You belong in jail for the rest of your life Parker."
"Shut up Tory. No one wants to hear your mouth. You haven't liked Liz since she beat your ass in the Sicence fair in
second grade." came a male voice.

Liz, Maria and isabel turned to see Kyle Valenti behined them.

"Kyle? What are you doing here?" asked Liz
"Heard you were home Liz. I was going to meet a couple of my buddies and saw Pam giving you a hard time." said Kyle
"Thank you Kyle."
"No problem Liz. See you around." said Kyle walking off
"Liz honey don't let Pam Tory bother you, she needs to grow a brain."
"I know. But maybe she is right. I belong in jail."
"Liz look if you didn't desiverr to be out they wouldn't have let you out two days ago. Your a good person who made a mistake. It shouldn't be held agested you for the rest of your life." said Isabel
"Thank you for saying that Isabel. But people in this town are just going to keep judging me by my past mistakes."
"So what Liz? They are all idiots if they can't see who you really are. You have some really good friends you just have to let them in your life." said Maria
"You two are great. Let's get to shopping we have to be back at my house no later than five so I can be ready at six when Max picks me up."
"Let's go." said Isabel

By four thrity the three girls walked into the Parker's apartment and headed to Liz's room to help her get ready.


"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot
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The song Breathe is by Faith Hill and I don't own it.

Part 20

Just before six Max knocked on the Parker's door. After a minute Liz's father answered the door.

"Come in Max. Liz isn't ready yet. She has been locked in her room with your sister and Maria for almost an hour and a half."
"Hello Mr. Parker. That's fine I'm a little early."
"Max sit down I'll tell Liz your here."
"Thank you sir."

A few minutes later Liz came out to the living room in an flowing ankle leagth black skrit and a light blue long sleave shirt and her long hair curled and only a hint of make up on. Max stood up unable to take his eyes off her.

"Wow Liz you look great." said Max
"Thank you. But I can't take the credit. Isabel and Maria picked everything out and helped me get ready." said Liz
"They did a great job. Honey you look great." said Jeff
"Thank you dad."
"Max have her home by ten thrity."
"Liz you know that as part of your porbation you can't be out after ten thrity except for school related events."
"I know it's just that is so early."
"Liz I know. But it part of the price you have to pay."
"I know."
"Liz you know I never made you follow a lot of rules but this one is one I have no say over."
"I know dad. I'm sorry I got upset."
"Liz are you ready to go?" asked Max
"Yeah I'll see you later dad."
"Bye Lizzie have fun." said Jeff
"Thanks dad."

Liz gave her dad a hug then took Max's hand and left. Max lead Liz to his jeep. He helped her in and then hoped in and drove to Senor Chows. They sat in the parked jeep for a few minutes.

"Liz ready to go in?"
"Yes Max. Let's do this."
"You seem braver than you did a few days ago."
"I am. Max, people are always going to talk, and I got to face that right now it's about me. Most of the people in this town have known me my whole life just beause I'm scared of what they say is now reason to hide in my room the rest of my life."
"Well then let's go have dinner."

The two of them walked in and sat at a table. They orderd and then started to talk and get to know each other better.

"So Max I have a question for you. When you could go out with any girl in this town why me?"
"Liz you are a kind and caring person. Most of the girls at school only want to be seen with me and I don't like that."
"Max I still don't get it. Why me over someone like Pam Tory?"
"Liz Pam Tory is a idiot that treats people like drit. You are differnt from other girls I know."
"But Max we only met a couple days ago." But I feel like I've known you longer. Liz added to herself
"True but I feel like I've known you a lot longer. Now Liz why did you agree to go out with me? I know you weren't
planning on dating yet."
"Well you are a nice guy. You know what I've done and yet you treat me like a normal person. You desided to be my friend with out even knowing me."
"I knew a little about you."
"You asked Maria and Alex about me didn't you?"
"Yeah your not mad are you?"
"No I think that's great I don't mind really."
"You mean it?"
"Yeah Max. Your a great guy and I agreed to go out with you because you don't treat me like I'm going to scew up again.
You treat me like I never did anything wrong."
"Liz you are not to blame. Sean set you up. It wasn't your fault. You got to stop thinking of yourself like that. I like you and would like to be more than a friend if you let me. I can show you how a real guy would treat a lady."
"Max thank you I would like that."
"That's great Liz."

Liz smiled and looked into Max's eyes. She had never felt like this before. She knew she had just met max but some how she knew she was fallimg in love with him. Liz looked away and saw for the first time that there was a pool table.

"Hey Max you know how to play pool?"
"Do you want to learn?"
"You know how to play?"
"Yeah my grandparents use to have a pool table. It's not hard to learn. Come on it will be fun."
"Ok Liz, let play."

Liz lead Max over to the pool table. She handed him a cue then racked the balls. She grabbed a cue and showed Max how to brake. They played for a while ending with Liz winning.

"That was fun, but maybe next time you will let me win."
"In your dreams Evans."
"What you won't let me win?"
"Max I don't lose well. But with practies I might learn to."
"Yes Max I like you a lot. When I'm with you I forget for a while about the past."
"Liz do you want to dance?"
"Yeah that would be great."

Liz took Max's hand and let him lead her out to the dance area as Faith Hill's song Breathe came on.

I can feel the magic floatin' in the air
Being with you gets me that way
I watch sunlight dance across your face
and I've never been this swept away
All my thoughts just seem to settle on the brezze
When I'm lying wrapped up in your arms
The whole world fades away, the only thing I hear
is the beating of your heart


And I can feel you breathe,
it's washing over me
Suddenly I'm melting into you
There' nothing left to prove,
baby all we need is just to be
Cought up in the touch,
the slow and steady rush
And baby isn't that the way love
supposed to be
I can feel you breathe
Just breathe

"Yes Max?'
"I know we only met a few days ago but I think I might be falling in love with you."

Liz didn't say anything. She felt the same way but didn't know how to put it into words. Liz looked into Max's eyes
knowing he wanted an answer, so she took one hand and place in on the back of his head and pulled him down and gave
him a passionate kiss.

In a way I know my heart is waking up
As all the walls come tumblin down
Closer than I've ever felt bfore and
I know and you know
There is no need for words right now


And I can feel you breathe,
it's washing over me
Suddenly I'm melting into you
There' nothing left to prove,
baby all we need is just to be
Cought up in the touch,
the slow and steady rush
And baby isn't that the way love
supposed to be
I can feel you breathe
Just breathe

I can feel the magic floatin' in the air
Being with you gets me that way

As the song ended Max pulled Liz closer knowing with that kiss she was telling him she felt the same way he did about her.

"Liz what do you say we go out to the desert for some stargazing?"
"Do we have time?"
"Yeah it's only eight and I know the perfect spot we can be there in fifteen minutes tops."
"Ok sounds great."
"Come on Liz let's go."

Max payed the bill and he and Liz left. Liz stared out the window as Max headed out of town.

"Liz are you ok?"
"Yeah Max I'm fine. I'm just enjoying to view of the town."
"Maybe I shouln't ask this but why did you get involed with Sean DuLuca?"
"Your right you shouldn't have asked. But I'll tell you anyway. Max I had the biggest crush on Sean then. What did I know about boys? When Sean payed attion to me it felt great. I knew he was trouble, but I didn't care. Well one day Sean and his buddies took me to this house. Sean told me that it was a friend of his and his friend forgot to leave the door open for him. He and his buddies busted me in an open window to open the door. But it was a lie it wasn't a friend of his house."
"So he tricked you?"
"Yeah he and his pals had gloves and geuss who didn't?"
"Yeah then I got in a car I knew had to have been stolen. Needless to say I was cought sitting in that car and was arested. Shariff Valenti hated doing that. He called my parents and they weren't happy with me. Then my dad called your and I told your dad everything. He talked to the D.A. and got me a deal. But there was no way I was just going to walk away clean. The best he could get me was three to six in juvie with two years probation. But it could have been a lot worse. Max I wish I had known you then. I would never have gotten in trouble if I had."
"Liz you made one mistake to turst someone you had known for years. Your a good person."
"Max thank you. You have this way of making me feel good when I feel so down about myself."
"Max about what you said earlier.."
"Liz don't worry about it. I just had to tell you how I felt."
"I know that. Max it's just I don't know how to put my feeling into words. I wish I did but I don't."
"It's ok. We're here but it looks like we aren't the only ones who had this idea."

Liz looked up and saw Alex and Isabel sitting close on a blanket.

Part 21

Alex held Isabel close. He loved coming out here with her. She had brought him out here for the first time six months ago. He looked up when he heard a car door slam shut. He saw Max and Liz walking over to them.

"Hey Max. WOW! Liz you look great." said Alex
"Hi Alex. Thank you but I can't take the credit Isabel and Maria picked it out." said Liz
"Join us." said Isabel
"Thanks Izzy." said Max

Max and Liz sat down and Max wrapped his arms around Liz. They just sat there quitly watching the stars. Isabel looked at her new friend and saw that she was happier than the girl who had walked into the Crashdown a few days ago. After a few minutes Isabel got up and walked over to the cars after wispering something in Liz's ear. Liz joined her a minute later.

"Isabel is something wrong?"
"No it's just I can't get over how happy you are. You were so scared earlier today."
"I was. But Max does something to me. He makes me forget for a little while about my past."
"That's great Liz. My brother really cares about you."
"I know. Isabel I really care about him. I like how I feel with him. I know I can't change what I did, but I don't plan to go down that road again. Just promise you won't tell Max about the letters I want to tell him myself."
"Don't worry Liz, my lips are sealed. It's Maria I would worry about."
"I know. The guys look lonely."
"They do. Let them be lonely a little longer."
"So how long have you and Alex been dating?"
"About a year."
"That's good. Alex is a good guy."
"I know he talked about you alot. Said you use to help him in scince."
'Yeah, Maria, Alex and I use to have a lot of fun together."
"That's great."
"Maybe we should go back. Alex has those sad puppy eyes he use to get when he wanted something from me."
"How long has he done that?"
"As long as I've known him."

Liz and Isabel when bak to Max and Alex. Max wrapped Liz in his arms pulling her close to him. Liz looked at Max and
smiled at him.

"Liz we should head back to town. It's almost ten."
"Bye Liz. Max see you at home.' said Isabel
"Bye Alex, bye Isabel see you guys tomarrow." said Liz

Fifteen minutes later Max pulled in front o the Crashdown.

"I had a great time tonight Max."
"So did I."
"Max there is something I should tell you."
"What is it Liz?"
"One thing I left out is Sean has been sending me threating letters for the past four years."
"Why didn't you say something before?"
"I was scared. But I did tell my dad last night and the Shariff this morning. Maria and Isabel also know."
"Liz I will do anything to protected you."
"Thank you Max, but you can't be around all the time besides Sean is still in jail. He won't be able to come after me for a while."
"Don't worry Liz I'll take care of you."
"Max this is why I didn't want to tell you this. I knew you would reat like this."
"Liz I just don't want to see you hurt."
"Max I can take care of myself. I lasted four years in juvie and was only beaten up once."
"You got beaten up?"
"Yeah. I'm what they call a rat. Most rats don't last long in jail."
Why did you last when others didn't?"
"It's called keeping my mouth shut about who beat me up. I didn't rat the girl out so she desided to not let anyone kill me. In fact she beat up anyone who tryed to come after me."
"Why didn't you rat her out?"
"Max I wanted to live! This girl is in that place because she tryed to kill her little brother when she was ten. she is almost seventeen now."
"Liz please let me help you."
"I'll see you tomarrow Max. I really did have a great time tonight. Thank you."

Liz got out of the jeep and walked into the Crashdown. Max headed home. Liz watched him drive off. She knew she had
hurt him just walking off like that. She turned and when up to her room.

Part 22

Jeff knocked on Liz's door half an hour after she came home.

"Come in." came Liz's voice.
"Liz did you have a good time tonight?" asked Jeff entering the room.
"Yeah dad I did."
"Liz honey is something wrong?"
"You mean other than I may have messed things up with Max? No."
"What do you mean?"
"Well I told Max everything tonight, even about the letters from Sean. Now he wants to spend his life trying to protected me. But that is not something I want. I just want a normal life and with him on that kind of kick I can't have that."
"Liz, Max wants to be a good friend to you."
"I know dad, I just don't know how to deal with this kind of thing."
"Sleep on it honey. Tomarrow tell Max how you feel. Explane to him that you know that he wants to protected you, but these are things you need to face on your own."
"Dad please don't stop believeing in me."
"Lizzie I'll always believe in you. Your my little girl. No matter what you do I'll believe in you and love you. Liz you have to start believeing you belong out in the world again. You made one mistake and you payed for it."
"I know. It's just I hate how everyone stares at me. They all wonder if I'm going to screw up again I bet."
"Who cares what they think? Liz you are the only one who can change the person you have become. You can be the troubled teenager, or the sweet little girl who everyone watched out for, or the young woman who has learnd from her mistakes. It's up to you."
"Dad I know. I'm trying to turn my life around."
"I know honey. How would you feel about starting work a couple days early?"
"I don't know."
"Come on honeyyou will be working with Maria. One of the waitresses called off. You use to help out once in a while well before you were old enough."
"Ok dad. Other than the people who live in this town no one will know about my past anyway."
"Ok get some rest honey. You start at ten in the morning."
"Ok dad."
"Good night Lizzie. By the way did I tell you I'm glad your home? Because I am."
"I know dad."
"See you in the morning honey."
"Night dad."


"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot
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Part 23

Maria walked into the Crashdown brake room to see Liz putting on a Crashdown uniform.

"Your antia are crocked." said Maria
"Thanks Maria."
"So your dad talked you into starting a few days early."
"So how was your date last night?"
"Maria can we talk about that later? I need to talk to Max first."
"Yeah sure."
"Maria I may have messed things up with him and I need to fix them."
"What happend?"
"I told him about the letters from Sean and he when on this kick about wanting to protected me. I told him I can take care of myself and walked away. I almost didn't tell him about the letters."
"Liz let Max play the knight in shing armer. He cares about you alot. Explane to him if you need his help you will ask for it."
"I will thanks Maria."

Liz walked out into the cafe and started her shift. She was carring a tray of drinks to a table when she saw Max walk in around one that afternoon. He sat at a table in her section. After giving out the drinks she walked over to Max.

"Hi Max."
"Hi Liz."
"What can I get for you?"
"A cherry coke, orbit rings and a glaxey sub with peper jack."
"Liz we need to talk."
"I know."
"When will we talk?"
"I get off at four. Come by anytime after that."
"Liz I want to help you."
"Max I have to get back to work."
"Ok. But we will talk later?"

Liz put in Max's order and pick up her other order and made Max's drink. The day past quickly and at four Liz when up to her room. At five there was a knock on her door.

"Come in."
"Hi Liz your parents let me in."
"Hi Max."
"So are we going to talk about last night?"
"Max I know your hurt I just walked away last night."
"Yeah everything was going great until...."
"You desided to try and proteced me from everything. Max I apresate that you care, but I can take care of myself. But if I need help I'll ask for it ok?"
"Ok but U don't want to see you get hurt."
"Max I promise I won't let things get that far before I ask for help. That's why I when to the Shariff about the letters before Sean was up for poral."
"Liz did you really have a good time last night?"
"Yes. it made me forget for a while about my past."
"I'm glad you had fun. so how was your first day?"
"Not bad. One turrist asked me if I knew any aliens."
"What did you say?"
"Well I told him that I'm really an alien and here studing humans for when I take over the world."
"What did he say to that?"
"Nothing. But he left me a big tip."
"Geuss he wanted to make sure when you in slave humanity you don't treat him bad."
"Yeah. Max do you want to watch a movie?"
"Sure what do you have?"
"Uh I'm not sure let's go look."
"What did you do when you were in trouble?"
"Max I don't want to talk about it. I just want to leave that part of my life in the past."

Max and Liz looked at the Parker's vedios. Liz pulled one off the shelf and showed it to Max.

"You got mail?"
"Max I love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, they are so graet together. Didn't you ever see Sleepless in Seattle?"
"Come on your going to like this."
"Ok Liz."

Max and Liz sat down on the sofa and watched the movie. Liz leand agested Max and fell to sleep. A short time later Liz's mom walked in.

"Hello Max." said Nancy
"Hi Mrs. Parker."
"Liz sleeping?"
"Yeah she felt asleep about fifteen minutes ago."
"She does that often when we watch vedios."
"How long does she sleep?"
"She will wake up when the movie is over."
"Mrs. Parker I should get home to dinner but I don't want to wake her."
"Here I'll show you how to move her without waking her."

Max watched as Nancy lifted Liz gently off him and after he stood up placed her gently down and coverd her with a blanket. Max bent down and gave her a soft kiss.

"Will you tell her I'll see her tomarrow?"
"Of course Max. You love her don't you?"
"Yes. I know I only met her a few days ago but I really think I'm falling in love with her."
"Max she needs someone to love her. Liz was so happy when Sean let her hang out with him, but he really hurt her. Now she needs to see not all guys will hurt her like that."
"Mrs. Parker I promise I won't hurt her. She is a great girl."
"Max I know. Just don't be turned off if she trys to push you away. She will do that because she cares."
"She already tryed that. Last night when I dropped her off."
"She told you about the letters?"
"Yeah and when I told her I wanted to help her she said she can take care of herself and walked away."
"You two talked about it today?"
"Yes. I won't help unless she asks. But it won't stop me from keeping an eye on her."
"Just becareful doing that. Liz isn't someone you want angry at you. Once she desides to walk out of your life it's a good chance it will be for good."
"I'll remember that Mrs.Parker."
"Max I hope you know she cares about you alot. She may take a while to say it but she does care."
"I know I see it in her eyes."
"Take care Max."
"Bye Mrs. Parker."

Max left and when home.

Part 24 3 days later

Liz and Alex were walking in the park talking when the last person Liz wanted to see showed up.

"Well if it isn't Lizzie the RAT Parker."
"Sean what are you doing here?" asked Liz nervously
"Lizzie I told you I would get even with you for ratting me and my friends out." said Sean
"Alex go get the shariff." said Liz
"No waY Liz I won't leave you with him." said Alex
"Alice get lost. This is between me and the rat."
"Alex please? This will be helping me so much." Liz begged
"Ok Liz but I don't like it."
"Thank you Alex."

Alex left and Liz stared at Sean with fear in her eyes.

This is not good. Max where are you when I need you? Liz thought

"What are you going to do to me Sean?"
"Parker you are nothing but a little rat. I'm going to teach you a lesson for ratting me out."
"Sean you don't have to do this."
"Shut up and get in the car."

Liz did as Sean said and got in the car. Sean then drove out to the old soap fatory. He forced Liz out of the car and in the factory.

"What are you going to do to me Sean?"
"You are going to learn that you can't rat someone out and get away with it."
"Sean you won't get away with this. Your going to get cought. You broke out."
"Shut up Parker."
"Why because I speak the truth?"
"I told you to shut up." said Sean slapping her across the face.
"sean you won't get away with this. When I don't come home my boyfriend will come looking for me."
"Parker shut up, unless you want to end up dead."

Liz stared at Sean and knew he would do it. She tried to remember what Toni had told her about defending herself but couldn't. Sean reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife.

"Sean please don't do this." Liz begged
"why can't you shut up? Liz you should never have ratted me out."
"It was the right thing to do. I don't regreat doing it. I do regreat ever getting involed with a low down thug like you!"

Sean stared at Liz then when after her with the knife.


"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot
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Part 25

Max watched as Liz got in the car with Sean. He go into the jeep and followed keeping a safe distance and called the Shariff on his cell phone when he go to the soap factory.

"Shariff, Sean has Liz the old soap factory." Max said hanging up.

He when and heard Liz scream out in pain. He then saw Sean with a knife. He watched as Liz fell to the ground hitting her head on a soport beam. He slowly when up behined Sean and tackled him.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Sean
"My boyfriend." Liz mumbled in pain.
"You heard her I'm her boyfriend." said Max holding Sean down.
"You can't keep me here and check on the rat at the same time." said Sean
"I won't have to for long." said Max as sirens could be heard in the background.

A few minutes later Shariff Valenti and several deputies came in. Max then when to check on Liz. She was bearly consions and had lost a lot of blood from where Sean stabbed her in the arm.

"Liz don't try and talk an ambulance is on the way." Max said softly pushing her hair back from her face.
"M...Max I... I love" Liz chocked out.

Max gave Liz a gentle kiss as Valenti came up to them.

"Max how is she? The amulance just pulled up outside."
"She's very weak. I don't want to leave her."
"Don't worry Max we won't lose her. Liz is a fighter."
"Shariff you've known her a long time haven't you?"
"Since she was a baby."
"I want to ride with her to the hospital."
"Max I'm going to need to find out what happend today."
"That's fine. I'll tell you what I saw and heard. I just want to make sure Liz is ok."
"Max let the paramedics look at her."

Max stepped back and watched the paramedics work on Liz. After a few minutes they had her on a streacher.

"What's her name?" asked one of the paramedics
"Elizabeth Parker. She goes by Liz." said Valenti
"How old is she?"
"Seventeen." said Max
"Ok she's going to be fine. She will need stiches and might have a mild concousion."
"I want to go with her." said Max
"come on then."

Five minutes later Max sat in the hospital waiting room. A short time later the Parkers came in.

"Max how is she?" asked Nancy
"I haven't seen her since we got here. They won't tell me anything." said Max
"What happend to her?" asked Jeff
"Sean broke out and when after her Jeff. He stabbed her right arm and she hit her head when she fell to the ground." said Valenti
"Oh god will she be ok?" asked Nancy
"Nancy let's wait to see what the doctor saids." said Jeff

A few minutes later a young doctor came out to the waitting room.

"Mr. and Mrs. Parker?"
"Yes?" asked Jeff
"I'm Dr. Jackson. Liz is going to be fine. She has a mild concousion and a fairly bad cut on her arm. I want to keep her over night just to make sure."
"But she will be ok?" asked Nancy
"Yes she will recover. She's awake right now and asking to see someone named Max."
"I'm Max." said Max
"She want to see you."
"Go Max we will be in to see her in a few minutes." said Jeff
"OK." said Max

Max when to the room they had taken Liz when they arrived. She was laying in bed staring into space.

"Hey Liz." said Max coming up to her.
"Max Hi."
"How you feeling?"
"Been better. Been wrose too."
"Liz I don't know if you remember but you said something to me in the soap factory."
"I know. I ment it. I love you Max."
"You love me?"
"Yes Max Evans I love you."
"Liz I love you too."

Max bent down and gave Liz a soft kiss. A minute later Liz's parents came in.

"Liz I'm going to go. I'll see you tomarrow."
"Bye Max. Thank you."
"For what?"
"For being there for me. Sean could have killed me if you hadn't been there for me today. So thank you for sacing my life."
"Your welcome."

Max left saying good bye to Liz's parents. Jeff and Nancy when up to Liz and kissed her.

"Liz honey how do you feel?" asked Nancy
"Ok. I have a headach and my arm hurts but I'm ok."
"Lizzie Shariff Valenti wants to talk to you about what happend." said Jeff
"But he said it can wait until tomarrow. You are going to have to spend the night here." said Nancy
"I know mom."
"Sean is back in jail, and he won't be going back to juvie he will go to prison." said Jeff
"Dad can we not talk about Sean? I just don't want to deal with that right now."
"Ok honey." said Nancy

A few minutes later Liz drifted off to sleep.

Part 26

The next afternoon Liz walked into the Crashdown with her parents she saw Max sitting at a table waitting for her. Liz walked up to him with a smile on her face.

"Hey." said Liz
"Hey how are you doing?"
"Better. Max I did mean it when I said I loved you yesterday."
"I know I believe you. So are you going to let me protected you?"
"Tell you what Max you can proteced me but I need to have some space too."
"Ok deal."

Liz sat down next to Max and gave him a kiss. When they pulled apart Liz stugged close to Max and stared into his warm eyes. Maria and Michael came up to them a short time later.

"Maxwell, Liz nice to see your ok." said Michael
"Liz take that as Michael saying I want to be your friend." said Maria
"Hey Maria, Michael. Thanks." said Liz
"Liz you aren't going to believe this but Sean confessed to everything, he is going to spend at lest anouther 20 years in prison, and if he writes you again he will get even more time." said Maria
"So it's over? I don't have to be afraid of him any more?" asked Liz
"It's over Liz. You can get on with your life. I'll see you around." said Valenti as he walked by.
"But I'm still on probation."
"Hey it's not the end of the world. Your not locked up any more Liz. You have freedom again. You also have some really good friends and a boyfriend that really care about you." said Michael
"Thanks Michael. Do you guys want to join us?" said Liz
"So Liz when are we going out again?" asked Max
"Depends on when you ask me."
"So Liz you want to go out tomarrow afternoon?"
"Yeah that would be great."
"Liz I know you want to spend time with your friends but you need to get some rest." said Nancy coming up to the table.
"Mom please let me spend time with my friends."
"Liz you know what the doctor said."
"I know mom."
"Liz you should do what your mom saids. I'll call you later sweetie." said Max giving her a kiss.

I knew I alway liked Max for a reason. Nancy thought

"Ok see you guys later." said Liz heading for the backroom and the stairs.


The next few weeks when by fast and soon it was the first day of school. Liz walked into West Roswell High for the first time. Max was waitting for her at tehe door. He gave her a quick kiss as they headed for their first class Amrican Lit together. Liz felt everyone watching her as they walked the halls.

"Don't let them bother you. They don't know how to use their brains." Wispared Max
"I won't Max. As long as I have you, Maria, Alex, Michael and Isabel I'll be fine."
"I know."
"Max this is my second chance at my life, and I'm going to make the most of it."
"Liz I promise no matter what happens with us I will always be your friend. I don't want to see you hurt by anyone again."
"Thank you Max."

Liz hugged Max and knew things wouldn't be easy. But as long as she had her friends she knew she would make it. School was just one challage waitting for her. But she already desided not to let jerks like Pam Troy get to her or they would win, and that was not something Liz wanted to happen. Not everyone is given a second chance to change their life, so Liz wasn't going mess hers up. This was a new beenning, one that Liz would never mess up.


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"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot