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Title: To Forget
Author: Borders
E-mail: Borders285South⊕
Rating: PG
Category: M/L
Summary: Takes place after Destiny. Liz never comes back and Maria forces Max to take a long needed vacation. Anything else will give it all away.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of Roswell, just wish I did.
Author’s Note: I would like to thank Melissa (TrueBlueHealer) for giving me the courage to even think about writing this fic and to keep it going. She had to suffer through 3 different versions. Without her it would have still been just an idea. I would also like to thank Jen (Lizzy Parker) for the wonderful critiquing. I am in no ways a writer and was very hesitant to do it. And to all of the wonderful people at WSGAN – Spoilers e-group who read it first and encouraged me to post. If I left anyone out I would also like to thank you too.

Like most everyone lately I am going through some major writers block. Please forgive the Cliffhanger. Yes I know. Hopefully if I get some good feedback I will continue on the sequel. If not I guess it dies here.


Part 1 – Friday Night

The night was dark and she felt so tired, she had just finished running and was relaxing in a tub full of bubbles. She thought to herself that if only she could fall asleep maybe everything would return to normal… How she wished that she could just sleep… She hadn’t had a good night sleep in just over 1 year now. It has been 1 year and she still hasn’t mastered the skill of conquering her worst nightmare.

Ever since the accident she can’t escape the dreams. The dreams that are so frightening that she wakes up before they even come. It is strange; she can’t remember anything about why the dreams come or why she is so afraid to have them. The doctor’s thought that her memories would have returned by now, or at least that is what everyone always told her. She can’t remember even seeing any doctor’s.

She got out of the tub and went to the window and looked out. There was something that always drew her to the stars… Maybe she was an astrologer before the accident. Anything would be better than working at the flower shop, which just happened to be by the cemetery. One thing was for sure: she enjoyed being out underneath the bright stars as much as possible no matter how cold it got at night. She got dressed in her pajamas, grabbed a quilt and crawled out her bedroom window onto the balcony. The air was crisp and smelled of roses from the flower shop below. Like usual she made it to the lounge chair all bundled up and began to write in her journal.

“I’m Anna Lawson,” she wrote. She didn’t know why she always stated her name before she started to write; it was like she was telling herself who she was, more like trying to convince herself of whom she is. “Today was like every other day. The dreams came again last night and just like any other time I got up and went running to clear my head. The night was cool and clear and it helps me escape… No matter how long it has been I can’t get it out of my mind that I am just in the wrong place and time. Will my memories ever come back? Do I want them back? Is this what the dreams are? My memories? But if they are my memories why do I wake up before they come… Am I trying to forget something that I should know? Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the accident? My friends are few and far between. Why doesn’t, Jordan, my brother, answer my questions? He is good at changing the subject. Maybe tomorrow.” She puts the journal back in her hiding spot in the wall behind a loose brick and climbs back into her apartment. Today was Friday and she didn’t have to work tomorrow. She was glad she could sleep in if she wanted to… Ha! Who was she trying to kid? She wasn’t going to sleep in; she would be lucky if she makes it to 3:00 am when she got up to go on her morning run.

The dreams started to come and she could tell her subconscious was telling her to wake up but she was determined to try and get a glimpse of what she was missing out on. But with no success she jerked out of sleep in a cold sweat. With a sudden rush of adrenaline, she was forced out of bed; she hurriedly dressed and started out on her morning run. By 3:10 am she had her headphones on and was heading out the door…She didn’t know why she put them on she always ended up pushing the music out of her mind as she ran… It was as if she was nothing when she ran. She didn’t pay attention where she went or who she saw. She just ran. After an hour of running she would be back at her doorstep without her even knowing how she had returned.


Liz had left Roswell the summer they found out about their destinies. She had to get out of that town for a while and learn to live independently, hoping that Max would move on to fulfilling his part and become closer to Tess. She just couldn’t stay there in fear of seeing them form a bond that should have been theirs.

Max was thankful that she had left at least she was safe and although she never returned there wasn’t much time to think about it. Her family was worried; Maria went crazy for the short time and before any of them knew it all hell broke loose and the “Skins” came to town. The “Skins” were defeated because the “Royal Four” were together, but especially because of Tess being there. Who would have ever believed that they needed her, and thanks to Liz she had stayed for Max’s sake. Max often wondered if Liz knew what was going to happen or if it just seemed that way. A lot happened after that and Max caught himself thanking God that Liz was not there to see all the pain that everyone had to go through.

It has been a little over three years since Max healed Liz and a little over 1 year since the last outbreak of trouble. He can’t believe that she didn’t come back to see how her family and friends were doing, to see HIM. Something was wrong and he didn’t know what. He had this feeling not that she was in trouble but a feeling of confusion.

Max woke up in the cabin that he had rented for spring break. His dreams were of Liz as usual. He looked at the clock and noticed that it was 3:10 in the morning and he didn’t know why he was awake but he’d had a vision. Something was wrong. He went ahead and got up, pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt and headed out the door grabbing his coat. He didn’t know where he was going, but it felt right to be out in the cool dark night, which was all lit up by the bright stars. He headed towards town and didn’t have far to go since the cabin was only a little ways out from civilization. He walked around for about an hour before he decided to find his way back home. He had passed the grocery store on the right hand side and then went through the park; there was a cemetery and a flower shop. Wasn’t it convenient for them to be so close together? After retracing his route Max finally found his way back. He just had to get away for a while… Recap on everything.

Maria was always worried about him; ever since Liz left she sort of made it her responsibility to keep an eye out on him. He never took to Tess, although you can say that they acted like brother and sister at times, but other than the occasional spat they didn’t really interact a whole lot. Tess and Kyle had been close ever since the “Skins” killed Nasedo and the Valenti’s took her in. Kyle turned out to be a great guy and Tess’ attitude changed quite a bit. She showed to have a lot more human feelings than when Nasedo was alive. Maybe his hate for the humans was passed on to Tess but having someone actually care for her without being obligated to was comforting and broke her out of her hard shell. He went inside and was glad that the walk had cleared his mind… He went to his room and shut the door. He took off his heavy clothes and jumped into bed. Max was tired and being out in the cool air did him some good. He wondered if Liz ever had a hard time sleeping at night or if it was just him? Max hadn’t given up on their love yet and with that in mind he went to bed hoping to dream of the girl he knew he was destined to be with. Liz.


Part 2 –Saturday

The phone rang at Anna’s house. It was her brother Jordan…


“Hey, do you want to go get lunch?” he asked.

“Sure, just let me take a shower and I will meet you.” She said. “Where are we going?”

“Meet me at lodge in an hour.” He said.

“Ok, see ya.” Anna replied.

She hurried up and hopped into the shower, she felt like today was going to be a great day. She stepped out and got into a pair of jeans and a sweater. She headed for the door and grabbed her keys and went downstairs. Turning the corner she stopped into the shop to say hi to everyone.

“Hey Anna what are you doing coming in here on your day off?” a blonde headed girl said to her.

“Just going to go eat lunch at the mountain with Jordan. Do you want to come Kara?” Anna asked.

“Oh, girl you know I would in a heartbeat, but the dragon lady is on her way in and I don’t feel like getting on her bad side today. Besides I get to eat dinner with him almost every night… You go have fun and maybe we can all meet for dinner some time. Be careful on the slopes.” Kara said.

Kara had been with Jordan for as long as Anna could remember. They were inseparable and could almost read each other’s thoughts. Kara has been her best friend forever, or at least as long as she could remember ever since the accident. She headed out the door and waved good-bye to Kara as she jumped into her jeep.


Max had never been skiing before and Maria had taken care of all the arrangements for his “vacation”. She had booked him the cabin and even hired a ski instructor. It was just after lunch and the instructor was running late and Max was starting to think that maybe he should just go back to the cabin. Just before he had time to finish that thought the instructor skied in front of him.

“Hi, I’m Jordan. Sorry I’m late had to have lunch with my sister who wouldn’t get out of her apartment if I didn’t drag her out every once in a while. Today is half price and since I am in a good mood I will make it easy on you.”

Max noticed that Jordan was grinning from ear to ear and had a slight sparkle in his eye… Max agreed and listened to Jordan explain the basics. Max seemed to relax with him as the day went by and he found it amazingly easy to be himself around him.

The day went by quick and before he knew it he was at the lodge sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolate with Jordan.

“You did well today, but you better get into the hot tub and soak your muscles and make sure you stretch afterwards or you will be so sore tomorrow.” Jordan told him.

As Jordan turned to leave Max stopped him. “Would you mind if you were my instructor for the duration of my stay?

Jordan smiled. “I was hoping that you would want me too. I would be happy to spend the week teaching you everything I know. I will meet you same time tomorrow. It will give you some time to loosen up before we get going.” The two men shook hands and Jordan turned and left, but he didn’t leave the lodge he walked up to the bar and sat down next to a petite woman with medium length brunette hair. She smiled at him and laughed at what he said. Max was sure that he was telling her of all the miss haps of the day. He didn’t care he had fun and it was well worth it.


The night went quickly as he ate dinner. The activity for tonight was charades and Max didn’t feel like acting anymore… He was on vacation so he headed into town to catch a movie. As he walked into town he thought of how much fun he had and how he was glad that everything had worked out the way that it did. His only wish was that Liz was there to share in this time of happiness. He found the theater and purchased a ticket for the 10 o’clock showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There were a lot of kids here on spring break and he really wasn’t watching the movie as much as he was watching all the kids interact with it. They were amusing, and he often found himself wishing that he could just let loose and be more like a normal person, but someone once said “What’s so great about normal?”

As his thought finished he noticed the same girl that was with Jordan earlier at the lodge; only this time she was with a short blonde hair girl. They were having fun throwing popcorn at the screen as they were laughing and having a good time. Max watched the two the entire night and found it fascinating that they were more interesting than the movie. In all, tonight was a great night. As the movie ended he waited for the two girls to get up and file out with the rest of the crowd. As they passed his aisle he got up and followed behind them. They were still chatting and laughing as they headed for their jeep and climbed in and left. Max kept walking and headed for the cabin with a small smile on his face. Something about the small brunette intrigued him; she pulled him towards her without her knowing it. He wanted so much to get the opportunity to meet her and he hoped that she would be around again at the lodge tomorrow so he would be able to see her again.


Part 3 -- Sunday

Anna’s day started out good… She opened up the shop and waited for everyone to file in. To her surprise Kara was the first to arrive and in her hands were two cups of coffee. She was an angel. She knew that Anna didn’t sleep well at night and it worried her, but she never butted in and like always was there for her when she needed it. There were a few customers that came in, but nothing out of the ordinary… The girls always tried to figure out whether or not the married men that came into the shop were buying flowers for their wives or their girlfriends… The day went smoothly since the dragon lady doesn’t show up on Sundays. The lodge had called and said that they needed some flowers for tonight’s events and wondered if anyone would be able to come and set up the dining hall. Between the both of them Anna was more creative at decorating so Anna trekked up to the lodge to see what the management crew had in mind. It was pretty simple and within an hour she was done and everything looked spectacular.

Anna locked up the shop and both girls headed up to her apartment to eat dinner and watch a little TV. Before they knew it, Kara had to leave and Anna got a little sad. She didn’t want to be left alone so soon, but she didn’t let Kara see the disappointment in her face as she left.

“Goodnight, Kara be careful and I will see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight Anna; thanks for dinner it was good as always.”

“You’re welcome. See you tomorrow.”

Kara waved and disappeared as she went down the stairs.

The night had gone by so quickly that she didn’t know what to do. She climbed out onto her balcony and curled up in the lawn chair that was permanently fixed there and looked up at the stars. How wonderful they look tonight. I could stay out here all night and never be bored she thought to herself. She liked living on the mountain; there weren’t a lot of residents, the town mainly consisted of tourists. It really fit into her lifestyle she didn’t have to worry about trying to make long lasting relationships. Relationships were something that didn’t really come easy to her; but she really didn’t need any. She had Jordan and Kara. It took a while to let Kara in but in time it happened. Anna had been afraid to let anyone in since the accident when her last best friend had died a tragic death at such a young age. Before she knew it she was fast asleep, she was never going to make it to 3 am… It was going to be a long night.

It wasn’t long before Anna stirred awake as always right before the nightmares came… She readjusted herself in the chair and grabbed her journal that she kept close by… Where would she begin? Every night was the same thing… She put the journal back and headed down the fire escape. She was going for a walk… Not a run, but a walk. “Let’s try something new.” She said to herself. As she walked aimlessly nowhere she found herself in the park… She had never really been to the park. No reason to go, she didn’t have any kids, no boyfriend, she just had never been there. She found the swings and sat down in one and started pumping back and forth to try and go as high as she could. Did I ever swing as a kid? Did I use to come here when I was little? What about Jordan would he tell me anything about my past? Probably not, he had told her on several occasions that her memories would come back in time and not to rush them. It was probably a good reason that she had pushed them back as far as she had, and when her mind was ready to accept reality they would come back and he would be there for her. She was thankful to at least have her brother. She slowed down and stopped swinging and headed for the merry go round. She laid down on it and looked up at the stars and with the weight of her body and a little help from her feet she started to spin around and around. It was peaceful and calming, she needed to give herself some time and not dwell on the past but what the future holds. She would survive she just knew it and she also knew that there was some one out there that would love her no matter what. Someone that could get past her gaping memory loss and the horrible scar that ran down the side of her face.


Max woke up early he wanted to make it to the slopes before anyone else was able to get there. There was something about the fresh snow and being alone on top of the mountain. Jordan had given good ski instructions and Max had caught on well. Like everything else it seem to come natural to him. Some of the other guests were having a harder time with it though. It wouldn’t be long before everyone else would be getting up so Max made one last run down the slope and headed for the lodge and breakfast.

After breakfast he decided to go into town to see what it had to offer. Pretty much like any other tourist trap. In fact, it looked a lot like Roswell but with snow. After a couple of hours of walking through the small shops he decided to stop and eat lunch. Unable to decide what he wanted to eat he headed back towards the lodge for his afternoon ski lesson. He would grab something to eat there.

He placed his order and sat in the dining area and was reading a magazine when she walked in, the girl from the other night. It was really beginning to seem odd that she kept on showing up where ever Max was, could it be a sign? He kept his nose buried in the magazine and peeked up over the top of it so he could watch her. She was counting tables and talking to the staff that was on hand for the lunch crowd. Max’s food arrived and in the process of thanking the waitress the girl was gone. Max sighed and went to eating his food. It would have been much better if he could have had lunch with her.

After lunch he met up with Jordan for his second official skiing lesson and to Jordan’s surprise Max wasn’t too sore from yesterday. Jordan cut the lesson short because there was going to be a party at the lodge for all the guests.

“Are you coming tonight?” Max asked Jordan.

“No. The lodge makes sure that it is guests only… No employees are allowed. They want to show their appreciation for you coming here and they also want to make a lasting impression so you tell all your friends and family about it too.” Jordan was laughing.

Max watched everyone that was excited about the party, everyone that is except him. He didn’t have a significant other to dance with and he felt like a fifth wheel. So after the evening meal he excused himself and went back to his room. TV wasn’t very interesting and so he decided to go into town. He had seen a coffee shop earlier today and decided he would stop in and grab a cup and then walk around town for a while.

After leaving the coffee shop he was walking by the park and saw someone swinging on the swings. It was the girl. What was she doing out here all by herself? Max sat down on the bench that was on the outside of the park and watched her. She was pumping on the swing like it was going to take her away somewhere. He was amused by how high she was going, her swing started to jump. She was going too high and it wasn’t swinging smoothly anymore. She had quit swinging and had started towards the merry go round. As she laid down it started to go around. She just stayed there while she looked up at the sky. Now was his chance. Should he go up to her and try and start a conversation? He was nervous, and he didn’t want to scare the woman.


Anna sat up and noticed a man sitting on the bench at the entrance of the park just watching her. She didn’t feel scared, she smiled and waved at him to come on over. What was she doing? You don’t invite a total stranger over to sit with you in the middle of the night and while you are all alone in the park. But she knew it was ok for she had seen this man several times in the past few days. He seemed to always be alone and she knew what it felt like to be alone. To her surprise the man didn’t wait too long before he got up and came over to the merry go round.

“Is this seat taken?” He asked.

Smiling slightly she said, “No. Would you care to join me?”

“I would.” He said. “Do you always come out here all by yourself in the middle of the night and raid the kids’ toys?”

“No, believe it or not. This is the first time that I have done it and I don’t feel guilty doing it.” She said. “What are you doing out here all by yourself? I thought the lodge had all the visitors tied up tonight to show their appreciation and to make sure you return next year.”

“They are. But I felt out of place, everyone was having a good time and I didn’t feel like bringing them down. So I left. Do you live here?”

“Yeah, I do. My parents came here in ’89, been here ever since. And you?”

“Oh, I live in Roswell, New Mexico. I am currently a freshman at the University of Arizona and am enjoying my first real vacation after a few hectic years in high school. I leave next Sunday. What about you, are you going to college?”

“Yeah, I am enrolled in the community college and am trying to get all the little courses out of the way so I can study molecular biology at University of Colorado.”

“You already know what you want to be when you grow up? I haven’t even thought about it. My dad wants me to become a lawyer and help him at his practice. I was always partial to being a doctor and helping the ones in need. I still haven’t decided.”

“By the way, my name is Anna. It’s nice to meet you….” She said looking for the tall, dark stranger to give her his name.

“Oh, sorry. My name is Max. It’s nice to finally meet you too. I have noticed you throughout town the past couple of days, but never had the nerve to come up and say hi. I first saw you at the lodge on Saturday talking to our ski instructor.”

“Jordan’s your instructor? You definitely got your money’s worth. He’s the best instructor on the mountain if I don’t say so myself.” Max just knew she was dating him until the next sentence came out of Anna's mouth… “He’s my brother. You must have good connections.”

“No, I just have a good Maria. She is definitely a people person and gets anyone to do anything she wants them to do… I’ve known her since sophomore year in High School. She was my girlfriend’s best friend and she is currently dating my best friend Michael.” That was it; Max was thinking about Liz and his face showed it.

“Is something wrong? You suddenly look like something is bothering you. You don’t know me and you probably won’t ever see me again when you leave next week, so if you want I’m a good listener.” Anna was hoping that he would tell her. She hated seeing him look so sad. When she looked into his eyes she could have sworn that she could see his soul. She also didn’t want him to leave. She was enjoying his company and didn’t feel like going home just yet. “You don’t have to tell me, Max. It’s ok. A guy has to have a few secrets to him self. Now doesn’t he?” Anna was trying to lighten the mood, but it wasn’t working.

“Are you getting cold?” Max asked her. And he thought to himself If only she knew how many secrets I was carrying around with me.

“Oh, I really hadn’t thought about it, but not really. I’m used to it. How about you? Are you cold? You being from Roswell it don’t get very cold there does it?”

“Not really.”

“I can drive you back up to the lodge if you want me to.”

“That would be great. I really don’t feel like walking back to the cabin. If you don’t mind I would really love to have you take me back. Thanks.”

“Only one thing… You have to walk me home. I left my jeep there.”

“Ok. It’s a deal.”

As they walked to Anna’s apartment neither one of them said a word. Anna couldn’t believe that they had been talking all this time and he hadn’t even asked her about the awful scar that reached from her right ear clear down the front of her throat. Usually a man couldn’t keep his eyes off of it, but Max was truly a gentleman and Anna hadn’t even noticed him look at it all night. He just kept on looking straight into her eyes. Oh, how she wished he wasn’t leaving next week. She would really like to get to know him better. He was an absolute babe and she couldn’t wait to thank Kara for leaving so early.

Max didn’t want to be going back to the lodge. He absolutely loved this woman’s company. She was warm and inviting and he probably could tell her about Liz, but didn’t want to burden her. It looked like she had gone through quite a bit already. The scar on her face and neck was serious, and he wondered what happened, but he didn’t want to be rude and ask. If he had time to get to know her he wondered if she would be scared to know about all of his secrets? She was beautiful otherwise. Even with the scar he thought she had a lot of possibility. It was really comfortable to be walking her home. Isn’t it funny how things work out? I have been seeing this woman all over the place and who would have thought we would hit it off like this… He thought to himself. He wasn’t paying any attention to where they were going. Damn it Max. Why weren’t you paying any attention? What if you wanted to meet her at her place again? How are you going to find her? You are an idiot. He told himself, and as he finished, they walked in front of the flower shop and further down the street was the cemetery.

“Well here it is you ready to get in or do you want to come up and get a cup of coffee or hot cocoa first?” She asked with hesitation in her voice.

“That would be good. It probably wouldn’t hurt to thaw out just a little bit before going back home.” He said thanking God that she asked him up… He wasn’t ready to go back yet, because he was really enjoying her company. Her eyes were amazing. They were so deep and so loving that he wanted to soak up as much as he could so he would always remember her.

They walked up the stairs to the apartment above the flower shop. Anna stopped at the door and hit her forehead with the palm of her hand. “I am such an idiot… I forgot my keys… I came down the fire escape. Don’t worry. Stay here I will be right back…” As Anna went back down the stairs Max thought to himself that he should have offered to go up the fire escape and unlock the door. Not to long after she left the front door opened up. Anna smiled and waved him in. Max thought it was a cool place to live. What was it with girls that lived above places of employment that attracted him? He didn’t know, but he liked her. Her apartment was warm and very spacious. Her taste in art was very modern. She had a lot of things that looked liked nothing but was very colorful.

“I like your art, but what is it a picture of?” He asked.

“Take a guess.” She said teasingly.

“Oh, I don’t know. Is it something geometric?” He asked.

“No, but close…”

“Oh I give up… What is it?”

“This is what a white rose petal looks like under the microscope. Hard to believe it could look even more beautiful than a real rose? Huh?”

“Never thought about it that way.”

“What do you want to drink? Hot cocoa or coffee?”

Max thought about it and his decision was based on what would take her longer to produce. “I would like coffee, if it’s not a problem?” He added.

“No problem at all. I wouldn’t have asked if it weren’t an option. Let me take your coat and go ahead and make yourself comfortable.” Max took off his coat and handed it to her. He sat down in the chair because it was the only piece of furniture that faced the kitchen. He wanted to watch her again. She was graceful and definitely knew her way around the kitchen. It looked like she glided everywhere she went. She made small talk while she got the coffee ready and while it was brewing she went out to the living room and sat across from Max on the couch. He was smiling at her. It looked good on him, but then again what wouldn’t look good on a man like that?

“So, what do you think about skiing? Have you caught on to it yet?”

“Yeah, better than the others I think. What about you, do you ski?”

“Sometimes, you know how it is? There’s a UFO museum in Roswell right?”


“Just because it’s there doesn’t mean that you visit it everyday. Right?”

“Well, now that you mention it... I did while I was in high school. I worked there…”

They both laughed. The coffee was just about done and Anna had gotten up and walked into the kitchen. Max got up and followed, he sat down at the island that was in the middle of the kitchen. Anna sat on the other stool, right beside him. This was comfortable and neither one of them wanted it to end. They both were hanging on each other’s words like there was no tomorrow, and really if you thought about it there wasn’t. Max would be gone next week and it would never happen again. Cup after cup and a few hours later Max asked where the bathroom was and Anna pointed in the general vicinity and said “First door on the left.” Max went in and did his duty and noticed the bathtub. Candles surrounding it and it smelled wonderful in there. Not like his bathroom, which only smelt like him. This smelt like her and he liked it a lot. He walked out after washing his hands and he saw that Anna was in deep thought and was rubbing the rim of her coffee cup as she did. Max looked at the clock on the wall and noticed that it was almost two in the morning.

“Oh, look at the time. Can you believe that it’s that late? I better let you get me home or you won’t ever get up in the morning.”

“That’s not a problem for me. I have difficulty sleeping at night and I’m lucky if I get more than three hours of sleep. Anyways the later I stay up means the later I can sleep. Don’t worry about me. What about you?”

“Me? I’m on vacation I can sleep as long as I want to. Why don’t you sleep very well? If you don’t mind me asking?”

“I think it is because of the car accident that I was in last May. It was a very difficult year last year. Not only did I loose my best friend but I’ve lost most of my memory as well.”

“What do the doctor’s say?”

“About what?”

“You not being able to sleep at night?”

“Not a whole lot. Only speculations. Maybe if you were a doctor, you could see me and give me your prognosis.” She said jokingly. “The only thing I regret is not remembering my best friend that died in the accident. That is the only thing that I wish I would get back… I would give anything to remember her. I visit her grave quite a bit when I can’t sleep. She’s always there and is a good listener. I think it helps me in a weird way. Now aren’t you glad you asked?” Anna paused and waited for Max to reply, but he didn’t. “You can get that pitied look off your face anytime. I’ve learned to deal with it. Jordan says it will come to me when I am ready to face what ever I’ve locked away deep inside.”

Anna went to go get their coats and handed Max his as he put his on she opened up the door and bowed to him as she ushered him out. Max just laughed and thought how easy it was for him to be this comfortable around her. He really hated to go back to the cabin, but it was late and he was sure Maria had left a ton of messages with the desk. They walked down the stairs and Anna’s jeep was already started and Max looked at her funny.

“Automatic start. With a click of a button you can start your vehicle without ever leaving the warmth of your home.” She sounded like a TV commercial.

Max laughed again and wrapped her up in a huge bear hug. Anna sighed and leaned in closer to him so she could smell the scent of him. Oh, how this felt so right. She thought as Max slowly let go. They climbed into the jeep and she headed up the mountain towards the cabins where Max was staying. After a five-minute drive they were there and all that was left was for Max to get out and walk away. The passenger door opened up and Max slowly got out, but not before leaning over and giving Anna a small peck on the cheek.

“Goodnight Anna. Thank you for turning my lonesome evening into something that I will always remember.” Max said passionately.

“Goodnight Max. I had a wonderful time too. Maybe we will run into each other again before you leave.”

“I hope so. Goodnight.” He shut the door and ran to the cabin, he paused in the doorway and turned around and waved goodbye to Anna. She waved back not that he would be able to see, but who knew?


Maria was worried with fear. Where is he? Why isn’t he answering his phone? The phone rings and rings… She gets fed up and dials the front desk… “Yes I am looking for a guest that is staying there.” “What’s is the name Mam?” The clerk asked. “Max Evans, I think he is staying in cabin 14.” “Yes Mam. He hasn’t check in for the evening. Would you like to leave another message for him?” “Yes! Could you tell him to make sure and call me? I’m worried… It’s not like him to forget to be responsible.” “Well Mam, he is on vacation.” Maria had had it with this guy… and slammed the receiver down onto the phone. How can he just leave? Doesn’t he know that he needs to let us know where he is going?

“Maria, sit down. Max is a big boy and besides I’m sure he is ok.” Michael stated. “In fact, Maria, he is probably having the time of his life… Up on some mountain with all the snow bunnies. I can see it now… Maxwell following this lovely woman all over the mountainside… He probably is at the cabin; he just doesn’t want to be disturbed. Isn’t that what you wanted him to do? Go up there and forget about everything and especially Liz. You should feel good knowing that he isn’t moping around in the cabin all the time… Loosen up will ya!” Michael was starting to get annoyed with his better half… She had been obsessing over Max since Friday night.

Oh she hoped that nothing was wrong and that Michael was right and that Max was having the time of his life… But she knew better. There was no hope for Max he was a lost cause.


The phone rings and Maria nudges Michael and he won’t wake up to get it… “Never mind space boy; you sleep while I answer the phone. Who knows it might be some perverted person that wants to talk dirty to me.”

“Hello?!” Maria said annoyingly.

“Maria, thank God you are up. It’s me Max.”

“Max it’s about time you called us… Do you have any idea how worried everyone is about you? You didn’t even call when you arrived. I leave message after message for you and do you call me back? NO! I should just hang up on you right now… what are you doing calling us at 2:30 in the morning?” Maria looks again at the clock sure enough it was 2:30 am.

“I really need to talk to you. I met this woman who I just felt so comfortable around. I hate to say it, but she reminded me of Liz. It was so easy to sit down and talk to her. I felt like I could tell her everything. I felt like I have known her forever. I felt like when I was with Liz. Could that be possible? Maria she has the deepest brown eyes that I have ever seen. Well, besides Liz’s. She is down to earth and warm and sensitive, she presents herself with some kind of inner strength that is totally and utterly amazing… This woman has been through hell and she can still smile and have a positive outlook on the day ahead.” Max felt like he was rambling, but that was what Maria brought out of him.

“Slow down Max. When did you meet her?” She had to get the whole story.

“Well, the first time I saw her was with my ski instructor. The second time she was at the movie theater with her girlfriend and I don’t even remember what the movie was about. All I did was watch them. And then tonight I went for a walk around town and there she was again. Lying down on the merry go round in the park. We sat there for a while and then she offered to take me home… but I had to walk her home to get her jeep. She asked me up and we talked some more… I had a wonderful time tonight. Tonight was the best night that I have had in ages. It didn’t last long though, when I got back to the cabin all I could do was think about Liz… What if she comes back? What if she wants to pick up where we left off? Do I have to wait for her? What about you guys? I can’t let anyone else into the circle… If I do get involved with this woman I couldn’t keep any secrets from her. It wouldn’t be fair… Never mind I can’t do it… There are too many risks… It was different when it was just the three of us… Now there are seven of us… too many lives would be affected. I don’t know what I was thinking about.”

“No, Max; don’t give up on this. What is your problem? You don’t need to be thinking about us. What about you? When do you get to follow your heart? Go after the girl… If Liz wanted you she would have been back. It would have been easy for her to find out what was going on here. All she would have had to do was call Valenti. But she hasn’t even called to say hi in what is it now 2 years? Max you can have this other girl and still carry the love that you had with Liz. Its just a different kind of love that you carry for her now…what’s this new girls name anyway?”

“Anna” Max said almost too quietly for Maria to hear.

“Anna now carries the love that Liz once had and chose to leave it behind. Max, we all will have a part of her with us. You have to let go at some point and why not now. I can hear it in your voice; you are falling in love with her. Don’t let the memory of your first love ruin your chances at another. If and when Liz ever comes back it won’t be the same between you two. It can never be the same for any of us. She’s not coming back Max. Move on… follow your heart. Let her go and move on!” Maria hoped that she got her point across to the one man that had given her everything she has now.

“Max what is your problem? You don’t need me. Follow your heart. Go after the girl… Do you love her?”

“I don’t know… It’s too soon to tell, but I think I could. My stomach gets butterflies every time I am near her.”

The phone was quiet for quite some time she knew that Max was thinking seriously about what Maria had said to him. And she made sense. He could still love Liz but now the love was more like what he felt for Maria or even Tess. It was a love out of friendship, a love that would be there in the good and the bad times. It was a love that would be there if anyone needed a shoulder to cry on. It was a love that could never be broken.

“Thanks Maria. I’m glad you stuck around, and I just want you to know that I consider you family. You are my sister in everyway possible.”

“Thanks Max it’s good to hear that every once in a while… I am so happy that you found Anna, and who knows maybe this is what your destiny was supposed to be, but right now you need to get off this phone and let me go back to sleep… Have a good night and get to know Anna a little bit more… Who knows, maybe she will come to Roswell and meet the gang some time?”


“Max, be careful. We all love you, and you don’t have to be alone for the rest of your life.”

“Thanks Maria. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Max.”

They hung up the phone and Maria rolled over and hugged Michael thankful that he was hers and she wasn’t in the position that Max was in right now. What was with that man and love, when he falls he falls hard. She had been worried about him again, and she didn’t need to be… Tonight was the best night that he had had in a little over 2 years. It was absolutely wonderful! Oh, Liz if only you could see this. She thought. Ever since Liz left she had felt the need to look over him. It’s what Liz would have wanted her to do.

Michael rolled over and grabbed the woman of HIS dreams and embraced her in a warm and loving hug. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh Nothing. Go back to sleep lover boy and we will talk about it in the morning. Maybe the rest of the group might have some earth shattering ideas about how we can let Anna into our little group. There has to be a way to make this work.”

“Make what work?” He asked.

“Max met a woman tonight. I wish you could have heard him Michael. He hasn’t been this happy since Liz was around. We just have to make it work.”

Michael was now sitting up while Maria was settling down to go to sleep. “What do you mean we have to make it work? It is too dangerous to let anyone else know about us. It’s bad enough that at first it was 3 then 4 and it has grown to an unbelievable tally of almost 10. Enough is enough.”

“Are you listening to yourself? Do you hear how selfish you are? Sure you can say no more people can hear about it, but you aren’t the one going to bed a lone. Until you walk a mile in his shoes I think you better find yourself a comfortable place on the couch Space Boy! I don’t even want to share my bed with you. Think about it Michael, and we will discuss this in the morning.” And she laid down and turned her back on him.

Max went into the bathroom to take a hot shower. What was he thinking? There could never be another. The shower was a short one because he was so tired after a long evening. He dragged himself to the bed and fell into the thick downy comforter and fell asleep instantly.


Anna pulled away from the cabin and said to herself that it was time to move on and go back home. But before she did she would go into the grocery store to pick up breakfast for in the morning and grab a magazine to read. After leaving the store with only a couple of sacks, one in each hand, she headed home. She ascended the stairs and unlocked the door, put the groceries up and looked at the clock… 3:20 am she was going to go soak in the tub for a little while and then try to go to sleep. Tomorrow was Monday and a slow day at the flower shop… Luckily for her it was when she placed her order for new flowers and the day was spent mostly in the back office with her head stuck in the books and on the phones. She wanted to give Max something that he could take back to school with him to remember her by but she didn’t know exactly what yet. She would think about it in the morning and maybe ask Kara what she thought. She couldn’t wait to see him again. With that she got out of the bathtub and pulled on her pajamas.


This time she didn’t wake up when the dreams came… She was dressed in a long, elegant, crimson gown that floated just above the ground… She was in a huge castle. It reminded her of Cinderella. People were everywhere dancing. The hall was beautiful. She looked around to see if she recognized anyone there. To her left were Jordan and Kara they were dancing happily. Anna looked around some more… There in the center of the dance hall was Max and a woman that she had never seen before. They looked like they had just been married. Max was in a dark uniform and was wearing a crown and the woman was dressed in white and was also wearing a crown… The woman looked happy yet Max looked distant. Sitting at a long table to the right were others, a very elegant woman with long blonde hair and to her right were two older people. They were probably her parents.

Just as she was done surveying the area her eyes were drawn back to Max. He was walking towards her with a look of sadness. What kind of dream was this? Why was he heading towards her? She turned and started running down the long corridor. Just as she turned the corner she ran into someone.

“Kyla, what are you doing here? You know if anyone sees you here they will escort you off the grounds.”

Anna just stood there. Why was this man calling her Kyla? Who was he?

“If I wasn’t your brother I would have to do my job and escort you myself. But knowing how Zan’s marriage to Ava has affected you I am only going to warn you not to go down by the library. Take the back way out…”

Just then Zan/Max came running out of the ballroom… “Kyla! Wait don’t leave! I need to talk to you.

Anna felt like she needed to run as fast as she could. She didn’t know where she was going, but it felt like she had done this before. Just as she was leaving the castle she looked back with tears streaming down her cheeks and there was Max holding his hand out to her as she was reaching for it.

Anna woke up. The dream was over.


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Part 4 – Monday

She was amazed that she was finally able to see some of the dream, but now she was even more confused than before. What did it mean? Where did it take place? Why was Max chasing her at his wedding? How was she going to get any answers? She got up and headed out the front door for her morning jog and by the time she got back to her apartment there was only enough time for a quick shower before she had to be at work. She scurried around the apartment to get dressed and ran down the stairs almost falling down over half of them; she had caught herself just before she did any damage. She turned the corner and unlocked the shop and was almost done opening up the morning register before Kara walked in.

“Good morning Anna. How was your night?” Kara asked.

“Good. A little strange, but you will never guess what happened.” Anna stated.


“I met the most amazing man last night. I had gone to the park after you left and was just lying down on the merry go round; when out of nowhere he appears and asks if this seat was taken? It was an amazing night. We talked for hours and then he was getting cold and I offered him a ride home, but remembered that the jeep was at the apartment. So I told him I would take him home, but only on one condition. He had to walk me home first to pick up the jeep. He agreed! Can you believe it?”

Kara had an “I can’t believe it” look on her face and could see that her friend was absolutely smitten with this new man. Yes it was only one night, but she knew Anna had fallen for the guy and had fallen hard. She couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

“That was the amazing part. Do you want to hear the strange part?” She asked.

“There’s more?” Kara asked.

“Yeah, I had a dream last night. I actually stayed asleep for the first time in over a year. Can you believe it?”

“You did?” Kara couldn’t believe it…

“Yeah, it was really weird though.”

“Tell me about it… What was in it?” Kara was trying to keep from sounding too anxious.

“Well, you know the guy that I met last night?”


“He was in it… And he had just been married. He looked like he was royalty or something because he was wearing a crown. You guys were there too… What do you think it means?” She asked Kara.

“I don’t know sweetheart. What do you think it means?”

“Well… I think it means that I will never be able to have a relationship with him.”

“Why do you say that?”

“For one thing. He is married in the dream… Can’t touch him. But other than the dream he is only here for the week and then he goes back home to New Mexico, Roswell of all places. I will never get to see him again.”

“You don’t know that Anna. He might decide to stay a little longer. Maybe you guys can hook up?”

“I don’t think so Kara. There was something in the dream that made me feel like that was what was meant to be. Something final… I don’t know it’s hard to explain… You and Jordan were there too. Dancing like it was normal… At least you were invited.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because as I was leaving I ran into a man that claimed to be my brother and he told me that I shouldn’t be here and to go out the back way. That is how I know that I wasn’t invited.”

“Oh. Did anything else happen?”

“Yeah, Max came running after me… And then the dream ended. It was really weird… Do you think I should tell him about it?”

“I don’t know… He might think that you are a little crazy… Dreaming about him after one meeting…but, it’s up to you.” Kara said.

“You are right. I don’t want to ruin the rest of the week just because of a stupid dream. Anyway I want to send him something to remember me by, but I don’t know what. What do you think?”

“Anna, don’t you think you are going overboard here? Shouldn’t you wait and see if he sends you anything first before you go and make a total fool out of yourself?

“I know, but I just have this feeling that if I wait for him to make the first move it’s going to be too late. I can’t have that happen. Can you understand?”

Anna ran around the shop looking for something that she could give to Max, but was coming up empty handed. She sat down at the desk in the back room and started to go over this morning’s orders when she noticed a delivery that needed to be at the lodge before 9:00 this morning. She went and got the arrangement and took it out to her jeep and told Kara that she was taking this delivery and that she would be back. She approached the lodge and parked in front of it and got out to go inside. The arrangement was beautiful and it was huge and Anna had a hard time seeing around it as she walked up to the Manager’s desk. Before she made it she bumped into someone and almost lost the arrangement but whomever she had bumped into caught her and the arrangement.

“Oh thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m so sorry for running you down. This arrangement is late and so huge that I wasn’t paying any attention to where I was going.” As she set the arrangement down she finally saw who she had ran into. It was Max and he had the sweetest smile on his face. She wondered what was going through his mind. She knew what she was thinking. She thought she didn’t know him well enough to be having the type of feelings that she was feeling right now. She was thinking that this guy had a strong inner strength; and his eyes told her that he had suffered great pain in the past and was struggling now. He had grown up too quickly and was always responsible and once you were his friend he would protect you always. Max was full of loyalty and was looked upon with instant trust, admiration and was a natural born leader. Maybe even a king. She liked him instantly and then she thought… He would never like her as a girlfriend, many men had tried but none of them could get past the scars she carried around with her from the accident…

“Hey, funny bumping into you so soon. I’m glad because I just couldn’t wait to see you again. Would you like to go skiing with Jordan and me today?” He looked at Anna with his soulful eyes that were doing his silent bidding for him and waited for her answer.

“I wish I could, but I have to work. Maybe later.”

“I am going to hold you to that… I want to see you ski before I leave this weekend.”

“I’m sure you will. Anyway, I have to get back to the flower shop before the boss decides to fire me. Hope you have fun today skiing. Be careful.”

She started to leave, but not before Max spoke up.

“Can I see you later?”

“Sure. What did you have in mind?”

“Um. I don’t know… What’s good to do around here?”

“I will make you dinner and then we can decide what to do later. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good to me… How about seven?”

“Great. See you then.”

“Bye Anna.”

“Bye Max.” Anna was grinning from ear to ear and so was Max.


As soon as Anna left for the delivery Kara was on the phone dialing Jordan’s number.


“It’s me. She met him last night. She is attracted to him and I think he is too. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know. Maybe this will trigger her memory.”

“It already has… She told me she had a dream last night… It was the last night any of them were alive. Can we take that risk?”

“I don’t know. It probably wouldn’t be that big of a risk since it is only in her dreams. Did she say that she remembered anything else?”

“No, but we have to protect her. Nothing can happen to her. If it does no one will survive. Not even the ones at home. What should we do?”

“Where is she now?”

“She had a delivery at the lodge, but she should be back by now.”

“I will go see if I can find her and in the mean time we will just wait and see what happens. Ok?”


Kara hung up the phone and she went back to her pacing in front of the bay window.


She enjoyed seeing Max this morning… She could see him all the time. It wouldn’t make her day bad at all. He was coming over for dinner… What was she going to cook? She forgot to ask him what he likes to eat.

As she was leaving she saw Jordan coming down from his house.

“Hey sis. What are you doing here this morning?”

“I had a delivery that the lodge wanted before breakfast. That’s all. What do you have planned to do today?”

“Today I think I am giving Max another lesson. I was just getting ready to go in and check on him.”

“I met Max last night and he told me that he had the best ski instructor on the mountain. Oh, Jordan. I really like him. Why do people have to come here on vacation for all us locals to fall in love and then loose it when they leave.”

“Hang in there Anna, there’s lots of hope for your future; you just don’t know it yet. Destiny has a way of working out. Be patient.” With that comment Jordan kissed the top of her head and said his good-byes.

“I will see you later. Ok kiddo?”

“Sure, you know where to find me. Bye Jordan have fun, and look out for Max don’t let him get hurt.”

“I won’t it’s my job to make sure he is safe while he is staying here. Why don’t you come by the house and Kara and I will cook you dinner.” Jordan’s comment had a double meaning that went unnoticed by Anna, who was walking to her jeep with a smile on her face.

She turned around and said, “I can’t I just invited Max over for dinner tonight. Maybe later.”

“Ok… What about tomorrow night… I am sure Kara would like to see the man that both her husband and sister in law is spending so much time with…” He smiled and waited for Anna’s answer…

“Ok… I will ask Max tonight. See you later.”


The day went fast for both Max and Anna. She was nervous and had asked Kara to watch the shop while she went home to start her famous Chicken Surprise… It was a dish that was hot and spicy. Everyone that ate it just loved it. Hopefully Max would.

The caserole was in the oven baking and the table was set it was 5:30 and all that was left to do was take a bath. She filled it full of hot water and added some bath crystal that smelled of jasmine. As she lowered herself slowy into the tub she could feel herself slowly relaxing… That was why she loved baths. They could always relax her. She slumped down and placed her head on the edge of the tub feeling its coolness on the back of her neck. She slowly closed her eyes and before she knew it she had fallen into a light sleep.

The dreams came again. They picked up where they had left off from this morning.


Standing in front of Anna was Max. “Kyla, you came? I am so glad you did. I can’t risk the thought of never seeing you again.”

“What’s going on?” Anna asked.

“What do you mean? You know that my marriage to Ava was arranged. My parents believe that it will keep peace between the planets. I had to do it. It was the only way to protect you. I will do everything in my power to ensure that you go unharmed. I love you with all my heart and seeing you cry like this just breaks it into tiny little pieces. Please Kyla don’t give up on us. As soon as the political war is over we can be together. Ava has ensured me that she doesn’t want to be in this marriage any more than I do. We will be together again my love… I will make sure of it.” Max walked over to embrace a crying Kyla.

Just then a blast from the sky hit the gate to the kingdom.

“Run Kyla! I will meet you in our special place when this is all over. Now Run!”

“I can’t leave you. I won’t! Take me with you. Together we can conquer anything. If you push me away it will defeat us. Please! Take me with you!”

Max pulled her into him as they ran back into the castle…How can this be happening on his wedding day? Why didn’t Khivar just wait until the Summit Meeting tomorrow? Just as they bounded the last corridor Khivar appeared from out of nowhere.

“Prince Zan and his precious love Kyla. Guards take them into the ballroom. Now!” As the guards grabbed Zan and Kyla they were met with resistence but not much because Zan could see that if he tried anything they would kill Kyla right there in front of his eyes. He couldn’t risk it. She was the love of his life. As they were dragged into the ballroom gasps from everyone came blasting at the two lovers.

“Aw, now we have everyone here. I would like to propose a toast, to the Prince and the love of his life. May they die an early death…” Khivar had a conniving smile on his face. He was going to enjoy this evening.

“What do you want Khivar?” Rath stepped forward.

“Why Rath the second in command, please step back you don’t want to be a part of the funeral services do you?”

“Why are you here?” The Queen asked.

“I have seen the future and as long as she is alive I cannot control the planets or the people that reside on them.”

“What are you talking about? We were to discuss this tomorrow at the Meeting.” Zan said as he was pulling away from his capturers.

“Now, now Prince Zan, don’t be too hasty to try and speak of peace… Peace will never be until you realize that Ava is the key to it… If she is unhappy then you and your followers will be unhappy.”

“What are you talking about Khivar. My son has married your daughter and intends on doing everything in his power to making her happy… There is no other for him.” The Queen stated.

“Mother, please. Let me take care of this.” As he was talking to his mother Zan had given a silent message to Rath to stoke up his powers because all hell was about to break loose. Rath nodded in agreement as well as Vilandra. The Royal Family wasn’t going down with out a fight.

“Well if he intends on keeping her happy then I guess we won’t be needing Kyla here anymore.” Khivar sent a blast towards her and she went flying back towards the wall.

“Khivar!” Rath yelled as Zan ran towards Kyla. Rath had Khivar’s attention long enough for Zan to make it to Kyla.

“Kyla, you have to look at me… I will heal you… Please hang on.” The connection was formed quickly and Kyla was healed in no time.

“The only way that I will leave tonight is if one of them dies. I will let the Prince choose. Zan which one of you will die. Kyla or you?” Khivar wasted no time coming to the question.

At that moment Kyla knew what she had to do… There was no way that Zan would let Khivar kill her. He was to be king and he had to survive. Kyla got up, gave Zan a quick kiss and said “I love you my sweet. Until we meet again in another life. I will be waiting.” And with that she ran straight for Khivar and before she was even half way she was dead on the floor.

Zan rushed over to her and held her in his arms crying “NO! Kyla No! Don’t leave me.”

Anna woke up abruptly from the dream. It seemed so real… What is going on? Why were her dreams focused on this alternate universe? She looked at the clock and realized that it was 6:30 she wasn’t going to be ready by the time Max arrived. She hurried up and washed and then got out and got dressed. She put on a long black silk skirt and the matching black cashmere turtleneck sweater that had embroidery all over it.

Just as she was checking on the famous Chicken Surprise there was a knock on her door. There he was right on time. Anna went to the door and took one huge deep breath and then let it out as she opened up the door.

“Hi Max. Come in…”

“Wow, you look great.”

“Thanks, I was worried because I fell asleep in the tub and only woke up a half hour ago. Here, let me take your coat.” She took it and hung it up on the coat rack that was behind the door.

“Smells good. I am starving.”

“Well, I hope you like spicy food. If not I think we will have to order out or go somewhere else to eat. I forgot to ask what you like. Most everyone that has eaten my Chicken Surprise has liked it so I feel pretty safe.”

“Oh, I love spicy food. The hotter the better.” He saw Anna relax just a little bit more. There was something going on in her eyes that Max just couldn’t put his finger on. “Is everything ok Anna?”

“Yeah, Its just that…” She hesitated. Do I really want to tell him that I have been dreaming?

“What?” He moved closer to her. He was starting to worry. Why is she scared to tell me what is going on?

“Its just that I finally made it to a dream last night…”

“And?” Max was curious.

“Nothing… I don’t really remember anything about it. I just have this feeling that it was trying to tell me something. That’s all. Let’s forget about it. OK?”

“Ok, for now anyway. I will see how this evening goes and will make my decision later.” He was joking with her, trying to lighten up the mood. Anna laughed, but Max knew that she knew more than what she was telling him. He could sense it.

“Dinner’s almost ready… What do you want to drink?”

“How about a Cherry Coke?”

Anna looked at him in disbelief.

“What? Did I ask for the wrong thing?”

“No! It’s just that is the only kind of soda that I have in my fridge. That’s my favorite kind of Coke.”

“You got to be kidding?”

“No. Come see for yourself.” She opened up the refrigerator for him to look in and sure enough the whole door was filled with cans of Cherry Coke. They laughed and Max couldn’t resist her anymore and he reached for her and embraced her into a deep hug. Anna just let the moment last. She wasn’t about to pull away from him. She was starting to really like him. Like him a lot. Max just held her in his arms and leaned down and kissed the top of her head as he inhaled her scent. She smells so familiar. So comforting. What was he doing? With that thought he released her.

“Sorry. I just got caught up in the moment.”

“It’s ok Max. I liked it.” Hoping that he would do it more often. “Are you ready to eat?”

“Yeah. Let me at that special dish of yours.” He was sitting at the table with his fork in one hand and his knife in the other standing on their ends.

“You are just like a little kid.” She laughed. She was really nervous… She hoped that the chicken wasn’t too spicy… Tabasco sauce was an aquired taste and she hoped that he liked it.


She was amazed. He ate it and he actually had seconds. Maybe he was just being nice. As she got up to clear the table he got up as well.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Helping with the dishes.” He said.

“Oh no you don’t… You are my guest and I insist that you go out and relax…you are on vacation… Don’t worry it won’t take me long. I will be out in a few minutes. Why don’t you think about what you want to do for the rest of the night?

“Well, what is there to do around here?”

“There is the Purple Pickle it’s a dance club. Has good music and low drink prices. Then there is the movie theater and the ice rink. Take your pick.”

“I don’t know… I have never been ice-skating and I was at the movie theater the other night. I didn’t see anything that I liked… Except you.” He said smiling from ear to ear.

“Well we can go to the Purple Pickle and dance for a little while if you don’t like it I might have something else we can do. Sound good?”


Anna wiped her hands and turned off the kitchen light. “You ready to go?” She walked to the door and retrieved their coats.

“I’m at your mercy. Lead me to what may be.”

The drive to the Purple Pickle wasn’t long at all. They arrived and Anna parked her jeep in a parking spot. There wasn’t a very long line since tonight was a Monday Night. The atmosphere was all right and as for the music they played a wide variety. The dance floor was surrounded by bar tables and stools. They sat at one and not too long afterwards the waitress came around and took their order.

“What will it be tonight?” She said.

“I will have a Cherry Coke.” Anna said

“Same here.” Max added.

“Lucky” by Bif Naked came on and Anna asked Max if he wanted to dance. He accepted.

"Never pay the reaper with love only."
What could I say to you, except, "I love you."
And "I'd give my life for yours."

I know we are... we are the lucky ones.
I know we are... we are the lucky ones.
I know we are... we are the lucky ones, dear.

The first time we made love, I wasn't sober.
(And you told me you loved me over and over!)
How could I ever love another, when I miss you every day?

Remember the time we made love in the roses?
(And you took my picture in all sorts of poses!)
How could I ever get over you, when I'd give my life for yours.

I know we are... we are the lucky ones.
I know we are... we are the lucky ones.
I know we are... we are the lucky ones.
I know we are... we are the lucky ones, dear.

My dear, it's time to say I thank god for you.
I thank god for you in each and every single way.
And, I know... I know... I know... I know...

It's time to let you know. Time to let you know.
Time to let you know. Time to sit here and say:

I know we are... we are the lucky ones.
I know we are... we are the lucky ones.
I know we are... we are the lucky ones.
I know we are... we are the lucky ones, dear.
We are the lucky ones, dear...

As the song played Max held Anna close to him and let his mind wonder. How the lyrics seemed to fit his life. Could he be lucky to find her? Was he ever going to be a lucky one? He really did enjoy dancing with her.

Anna was glad that a slow song came on she didn’t even pay any attention to the lyrics she was dazed by how close he was dancing with her. As the song ended another one started. Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down a fast beat song so they started dancing to the beat and Max was smiling at Anna.

“How are you able to dance in those shoes?” He asked.

“Let me tell you. It’s not easy.” She yelled back. The music seemed louder, but they were still having a good time. As the song ended Max grabbed Anna and pulled her to their table.

“Are you sure you want to keep dancing? It’s not hurting your feet or anything?” He was concerned.

“No. I’m fine Max. Unless you would like to leave?”

“No. I’m fine.” He enjoyed being able to watch her move. And he couldn’t wait for another slow song. The ordered another round of Cherry Cokes and before they arrived another song came on. It was I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow. Max led Anna back onto the dance floor and started dancing with her. He was holding her close and wishing that this night would never end.

Come to me now
And lay your hands over me
Even if it's a lie
Say it will be all right
And I shall believe

I'm broken in two
And I know you're on to me
That I only come home
When I'm so all alone
But I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you won't give up on me
And I shall believe
And I shall believe

Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it's true
No one heals me like you
And you hold the key

Never again
would I turn away from you
I'm so heavy tonight
But your love is all right
And I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly
You won't give up on me
And I shall believe
I shall believe
And I shall believe

As they danced Anna said, “I love this song. It says it all.” With that she placed her head on his shoulder and just moved with him… They were as one. A few more slow songs played after that and they didn’t even bother changing their pace. They just kept on moving to the music that they heard. Not the music that was actually playing in the club.

They had only been there a little over two hours when Max said he wanted to leave. Anna said “Ok. Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t care anywhere you are.” With that he grabbed Anna by the small of her back and escorted her out to the jeep…The doors were unlocked thanks to keyless entry and Max walked around to the driver side and opened up the door for Anna to get in…He walked around and climbed in himself. Anna started the car and started to drive towards the mountain…

“Where are we going?” He asked her.

“Some place that is tucked away…”

They drove for about a half hour. Anna had to put the jeep in four-wheel drive to get around some of the ruts that were in the road, but other than that there wasn’t much excitement. When they came to a stop Max looked at a cabin that looked like it had been abandoned for quite some time.

“Who’s is this?”

“It’s mine. I haven’t been up here in a long time. My parents left it to me when they died. I just have to stop and pick up my skis. You will probably need some too…” She got out and they both met around the front of the jeep and headed towards the cabin. The door was unlocked which surprised Max, but he didn’t ask any questions. They walked in and Anna flipped on the lights. The place was dusty and all the furniture was covered in dust cloths.

“When was the last time you were here?”

“Right after the accident. I guess.”

“Oh. Are you ok?” He asked noticing the pain on Anna’s face probably due to her remembering the accident.

“Yeah. Just some closet doors that are opening up that have been closed for a long time.”

“You know you can tell me about it. If you want to.”

“I know. It’s just… It’s very painful. She used to live here. I let her stay here because she didn’t want to be around anyone sometimes and this place is so peaceful. It’s just hard coming back. I’m ok… Just forget about it.” As Anna was telling Max to forget about it, he was already embracing her into another hug.

“I sort of know what it’s like to loose someone that means a lot to you. My girlfriend that I thought I would be with for the rest of my life ran away almost 2 years ago and hasn’t been back. She’s been missing and no one’s heard from her since. And I can’t do anything but blame myself for her running away. She ran away from me…”

“Oh. I am sorry.”

“Don’t be Anna. All I’m trying to say is that if you want to talk about it you can. I can try my best to be a good listener.”

“Thanks Max. I appreciate you being so understanding. I deal with it when I can’t sleep I visit her grave regularly. So, anyway are you ready to go skiing?”

“What, it’s too dark. How can you see in the dark?”

“Do you trust me?”

“I don’t’ know… I know I trust your cooking, but skiing in the dark? Come on.”

“Ok. We don’t have to go. I can drop you off at your cabin it’s only a mile away. I guess that I just spent a whole night out on the town with a chicken.”

“What? Don’t even go there. Ok Anna, show me what you’ve got.” Max wasn’t about to step down now… No way was this little petite girl going to get the best of him. She handed Max the extra set of skis and they went out the back door. Max stopped and just looked. It was so beautiful. There were no trees and the full moon was shining down on all of the snow… He could see now why Anna decided to bring him here. It was as plain as day… He could see everything. He followed Anna and before too long they were in another clearing.

“Race you back to the cabin Max. Last one there has to cook breakfast in the morning.” Anna hollered back to him… She had cheated and was already heading back by the time he had turned around and was headed in the right direction.

“No fair… You cheated.” He yelled.

“Come on you have had the best ski instructor on the mountain for the past three days. Surely you have learned enough by now… Besides you already know how my cooking tastes. I want to taste your cooking.”

Just then Max went down. He was rolling too fast. Anna stopped quickly and headed back towards him. “Max! Are you ok? Don’t move.” She said as she pushed him back down onto the grown so she could assess the damage if any.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I guess I’m not that good of skier yet.” He smiled at her. She looked so scared. He grabbed her and brought her down on top of him and then rolled over so he could look into her eyes. “I’m ok. Anna. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.” Then he leaned down and kissed her. Her scent washed over him as he brushed his lips against hers. Before Anna knew it the kiss was over. He had pulled away. It was a gentle kiss and it was great. Anna couldn’t believe that he had just kissed her. He pulled up and as he stood he winced a little. His ankle was sprained. He offered her his hand and he helped her up.

“Are you sure you’re ok Max? I saw you limp on your ankle just now… That’s it. You are not going to be alone. I am going to stay with you tonight. After all it’s my fault. If I hadn’t been racing you this would have never happened.”

“Anna I will be ok… It’s just a little sprain. I don’t want to burden you. I will be ok.” Max said again to reassure her.

“I’m not taking no for an answer Max. I have made up my mind… I will cook you breakfast. OK?” Max shook his head in defeat. “Ok.” She said and helped him back to the cabin. They put up the skis and took off the rest of the ski gear and went out the door to the jeep. Anna helped him in and made sure that he was buckled up and then jogged around the front of the jeep to the driver side and jumped in. They stopped at Max’s cabin and she parked the car. She ran around to the passenger side and helped him out.

Maria had called five times since last night.

“Do you mind if I place a quick call? It won’t take but a minute. If I’m lucky” He smiled and Anna sat down on the couch.

Max dialed Michael and Maria’s number. It was answered on the second ring.

“Hello” It was Michael.

“Hey, it’s me. Thought I would check in. Maria left five messages for me in the last twenty-four hours. Is every thing ok there?” He asked.

“Sure Maxwell. Like usual every female here from Roswell is taking your side and I end up in the doghouse. What were you thinking? Why are you calling at one in the morning? Were you out with her again tonight?” Michael was full of questions but was interrupted by Maria.

“Give me that phone… You have no right to talk to him… It is none of your business. You hear me.” Maria was letting him have it… Just like old times Max thought to himself. Almost… There was no Liz, just Anna. “Max? Is that you? So tell me everything… Did you see her tonight?”

“Yes, Maria I went out with her tonight. And yes I had a great time…I just wanted to call and let you know that I am home for the night if you need to get a hold of me. I will probably be in my cabin for the next couple of days. I sprained my ankle tonight skiing.”

“Max why don’t you just heal yourself?” She asked him.

“I can’t. Anna was with me.” Hoping that that would explain it all.

“Oh. I see. So what are you doing now?”

“She has offered to stay the night and wait on me hand and foot until I am better.” He looked at Anna and winked at her.

“I didn’t say that I would wait on you hand and foot Max. I said I would cook you breakfast. That was the bet. But if you are nice to me you might get a little bit more out of me.” She was grinning from ear to ear and Max was thinking to himself how he could get used to her being around all the time.

“Was that her?”

“Yes, Maria. That was Anna.”

“Let me talk to her.”

“I don’t know. Why do you want to talk to her?”

“I just want to ask a few questions that’s all. Come on Max let me talk to her.”

He looked at Anna. “She wants to talk to you… She thinks that she is my mother and has to interview any girl that I go out on a date with. Do you want to talk to her?”

“Um… I guess.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“No. It’s ok… Besides it’s not like I am going to meet her anytime soon. Right?”

Max handed Anna the phone. “Hello.”

“Hi. It’s Maria. So you are the one that has made Max so happy on vacation?”

“I don’t know about that. He may have second thoughts since I made him hurt his ankle.”

“I just want to thank you for breaking him out of his shell. It has been a long time since he has been out on a date. You must be some kind of woman to grab his eye like that.”

“I wouldn’t say that Maria. I just think we connected because we were both lonely the other night. We are just filling time until fate leads us to where we need to be. That’s all. Besides he is going home in less than five days now. There’s not much a couple can do in five days. It won’t be long until you see him again.”

“You don’t know Max that well at all. Just wait when those five days is up, if you have a place in his heart he won’t want to let you go. I just want you to know that you are welcomed here anytime you like.”

“Thanks Maria”

“No, Thank you Anna. Take care of him for me.”

“I will.”

Anna handed the phone back to Max. “What was that all about Maria?”

“Oh, nothing just girl talk. I’m going to let you go… You have company and shouldn’t be on the phone all night. Have fun Max. Love ya.”

“Bye Maria. Love ya too.” He hung up the phone and glanced at Anna. “Sorry for that. She can be a real pain sometimes, but her heart is in the right place.”

“It’s ok Max. No problem. It wasn’t that bad. Anyway now that you have the phone call out of the way I think you need to get out of those wet clothes before you get sick.”

He headed to the back of the cabin and changed into a pair of dry sweats and sweatshirt. He remembered that Anna didn’t have anything to change into so he grabbed her a pair of sweats as well.

“Sorry this is all I have for you to wear. If you want you can go home and come back in the morning. You don’t have to stay all night. I’m a big boy. I can manage.”

“Are you sure? I don’t mind staying here. I would really like to stay I don’t feel like going home and being alone. Is that ok?” Please say it’s ok… Please. Anna really liked how the night had been and she didn’t want to leave this man’s company so soon…

“You can stay Anna. I don’t want to be alone either. Let me get a fire while you go change and then we can sit and watch TV until we get tired. OK?”

“Ok.” She went and changed into the sweat outfit that Max had given her. It smelled of him and she was lost in thought for a brief moment. When she was done she went and sat down on the couch and watched Max finish making the fire. She couldn’t believe that she had just met this man last night and was all ready to go to bed with him… Will he want to sleep with her? Probably not. Max is too much of a gentleman to sleep with a woman that he hardly knows.

Max came and sat down beside her and put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him…He didn’t want her to be too far from him. There was something going on between them that he wasn’t quite sure of, but he was glad that she wanted to stay with him tonight.

It wasn’t long before they were both asleep on the couch. Anna was resting her head on Max’s chest and he had both his arms wrapped tightly around her. Like he was protecting her.


The dream came again, but this time Anna saw everyone even the girl call Kyla. She witnessed the whole scene of the girl sacrificing herself to save the love of her life and she saw what happened after that. Rath sent a bolt to Khivar and in turn Khivar sent a fatal one back. Rath was dead. The blonde girl ran to his side and tried to save him, but he was already gone. She yelled at Zan to help her but he didn’t move.

“Khivar! Stop. Don’t kill anymore of these children.” The queen demanded. As Khivar turned to give the queen is attention Zan ran to the blonde that was holing Rath and they stood up together. As the blast went towards Khivar the other blonde called Ava leaped in front of the man to save his life.

“No! Ava darling no! You will pay for killing my only daughter.” With those last words Khivar sent a blast that killed the remainders. Zan, Rath and Vilandra all lay there in the middle of the dance floor.

At that point the queen stood up with the help of the other man that had sat there the whole time. “We can still fix this Khivar. Our scientists have found a way to bring back the dead. Please listen to me. We can save our children. They shouldn’t have been punished. Love can make them do silly things. Please lets go to the meeting hall and discuss the future.”

“Ok” Khivar said, but not before he kissed his dead daughter on the forehead. Anna followed them into the meeting hall. There had to be a reason she was here and a reason why they hadn’t seen her.

“Ok, Bacena. What is your plan?”

“We send our children to earth so that they can grow up together and when they are old enough we will send for them and we will have the Peace talks commence. Until that time, we are under your rule. Agreed?” She was hoping that the man would agree to the terms. She would do anything to have her children alive again.

“We send only the four. Kyla will not be regenerated. If you agree to that then yes I will agree to your conditions. Kyla must not be allowed to see Zan again. Their love must die tonight and never be reborn. You hear me Bacena!”

“Yes. Khivar. I understand.” She left Khivar there in the meeting hall and sought out Jordan and Kara. “You two must get Kyla to the scientists now. She is my son’s only hope of survival on earth. Take her now and protect her until the time is right. I am entrusting you with our future. If she dies, we all die. Is that clear?”

“Yes your highness.” Jordan and Kara said in unison and bowed deeply to their queen.

The dream ended and Anna was awake. She looked up at Max and noticed that she was still asleep. She wiggled her way out of his arms and left…She was a third person in the dream this time. She wasn’t one of the main characters. This time she realized who Kyla had been. It was Beth, her friend that died in the accident not so long ago. She had to go talk to her. It might help bring back some other memories.


Max woke up as soon as the door shut. He had seen it all. Somehow he was dream walking her. Her dream was weird. He had seen them all die. Tess was Khivar’s daughter and Liz had killed herself to try and protect him. His mother did this to them. She was the one that had sent them here. What was it that she said? ‘If Kyla dies then they all would die.’ Why was Liz so important? He had to call the others and tell them what was going on. They had to come here quick not only was Anna involved but so was Jordan and Kara as well.

“Hello? It better be good because it’s 3:30 in the morning.” Michael answered.

“It’s me. You have to get everyone here right away, everyone but Tess. We can’t trust her.”

“Maxwell? What’s going on?”

“I saw it all Michael. I saw our deaths and who was responsible. Tess is our enemy’s daughter. We were married and killed all on the same night. No time to explain now I have to go find Anna. She is the key.”

“What do you mean Anna is the ‘Key’?”

“I had a vision while she was sleeping next to me. She had to have seen it because the minute it was over she got up and left the cabin.”

“Wait you were sleeping with her. Jesus Max.”

“Michael not that way. Come on… Get everyone down here as soon as possible. The answers are here. Maybe even Liz is here.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because Anna’s brother was sent here with Liz to protect her. She is one of us.”

“Are you sure Max?”

“Yes! I’ve always known something was different about her. I just found out what it was tonight. Now hurry.” Max hung up the phone and went to head for Anna when a sharp pain had shot up his leg. Oh yeah. I hadn’t healed myself yet. He leaned down and his hand began to glow. That’s better. He was out the door running towards Anna’s apartment. She had to be there. He really needed to talk to her.


Seeing the dream the way Anna had made a lot of memories come flooding back. She remembered ‘Kyla’. She came to town the summer of 2000. She was lost with out her other half. She didn’t want to see anyone. Getting her to go to school and act normal was a hard task. She had so many dreams that she had given up on. It was sad.

“Hey Beth.” That’s what they called her because Liz was too much of a reminder for her. And Elizabeth was too formal. So it was Beth. “I’m so sorry I never got to know you better. You will never guess who is in town. Max. Yep. Maria got him to come here for vacation. Isn’t it ironic that out of all the resorts in Colorado he comes here? One year too late. I would give anything for you to be here right now instead of me. He still misses you. I think he compares everyone to you. Makes it tough for a girl to follow in your footsteps. Anna was startled back to the present as someone came behind her and put their hands on her shoulders.

“Max, what are you doing here?”

“I was worried when you left with out letting me know. I was worried that I had done something wrong.”

“Oh, no. You could never do anything wrong. It’s me. I have too many problems. I had another dream and needed to come out here and straighten out my thoughts. That’s all.”

“Is this your friends grave?”

“Max… Please don’t come any closer. I don’t think I am ready to explain everything just yet.”

“What are you worried about Anna. There isn’t anything that you can’t tell me that will make me feel any different about you. I know about the dreams. I saw what you saw. I can help you if you just let me.”

“What do you mean ‘you saw what I saw’? How can that be possible?”

“I think you know. You should know that I am not from this world.”

“No Max. I don’t know that you aren’t from this world. I just thought it was my imagination running wild. It can’t be.”

“Yes Anna it can be. What you saw is real, and you seeing it means only one thing. You aren’t from this world either.”

“Who am I then. I don’t remember anything from any other life. Hell I don’t even remember my life before one year ago. I only have a little bit over one year of memories in my head Max.”

He moved closer and embraced her. “Shh sweetheart. I have called the others. They will be here as soon as they can.”

“What others?”

“Michael and Isabel. Michael was Rath in your dream and Isabel was Vilandra. Isabel is my sister and Rath was betrothed to her on our planet. Why did you come here in the first place? What does this girl have to do with getting your thoughts in order?”

“Because, the first time I had the dream I saw everything through Kyla eyes. Even the second time I had the dream I saw it through her eyes. But this last time, when I was with you, I saw it as a third person and I was able to finally see what Kyla looked like. Max…She looked like my friend that died in the accident. It looked like Liz…”

“No!” Max finally looked down at the grave and read the inscription.
Elizabeth Parker
Beloved Friend and Savior
Birth unknown
Died January 21, 2002

Anna went to comfort him, but he pushed her away. “Don’t touch me! Leave me be. I just want to spend sometime with her alone… Go!” Anna hesitated and finally backed away. Tears rolling down her cheeks. She turned and started running towards her apartment. She couldn’t believe that it happened so soon. She had found a man to love and had lost him all within twenty-four hours.


Max was out there for what seemed an eternity. Anna was looking out the window towards the cemetery and noticed that it had started raining. She had to go out there and get him now. He was going to get sick. She grabbed a blanket and started for the cemetery.

“Max?” No answer. “Max it’s raining. I think you need to come in. I can drive you back to the cabin.” Still nothing. She went to him so she could put the blanket around him and as her hands touched his shoulders he started to shake. He was crying. “Max. I am so sorry.” She was crying with him now. They cried together for a while. He was crying for losing the love of his life and she was crying for the man that she would never get to know. They had to get out of the rain so Anna pulled him up and started walking towards her apartment. She was holding him as tight as she could. She didn’t want him too far away from her. The climb up the stairs was difficult. She slipped on the second one from the top and thought for sure she was a goner until she felt his strong grip around her waist.

“Thanks” He didn’t say anything. His eyes were dark and distant. She could feel how much pain he was going through. There was also some confusion, but most of all she could feel love pouring out from him. He loved her so much. Just as she finished that thought Max pulled her even closer to him and started kissing her. Not like the other kiss this was long and full of passion.

“Oh, Liz” He said.

“Max, I’m not….”

“Shh. Don’t say anything else.” He unlocked the door and took her into the apartment. He didn’t stop in the living room but kept on going to the back, towards the bedroom. “I have always wanted to make love to you. My heart has always belonged to you from the very first time I saw you. I knew it was you.”

Anna didn’t know what to do. He was talking to her as if she was Liz. She could feel him; the need he needed was just too much. All the emotions that were engulfing her were too much. As they kissed she saw flashes. The connection was open. She saw Max looking at Liz in a cupcake dress and Liz looking back seeing Max and Isabel getting off the school bus. The next vision was of Liz. All of it was. Anna saw what Liz looked through his eyes, and in his eyes she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Oh to be loved like this. All of the rest of the visions went so quickly and just totally made Anna forget who she was. She started to need Max like he needed her. She gave into his needs. She went with the flow. She kissed him the way she wanted to kiss him. It was so beautiful. He was gentle when he took of her sweatpants. Actually they were his sweatpants, but that was beside the point. She leaned into him and helped him take off his sweatshirt, which was soaked clear through. Her hands were cold and his chest so warm. One more kiss.

“Oh. Anna.” He said. Anna couldn’t believe he was calling her by her name. This made Anna loose all control. He wanted her. She wanted him. Just then another flash occurred but this time Max saw it. It was Liz leaving him out on the cliffs that fateful day almost three and a half years ago. He then saw her meeting Jordan and how he had helped her to survive. The flash ended, and Max pulled away from her. “I can’t do this anymore.” He told her.

“That’s ok Max. I understand. I can leave.”

“No Anna, please don’t leave. Can you just stay the night with me? I don’t want to be alone. I need to relax, and I can relax when you are around. I just want to hold you until it’s morning. Ok?”

“Ok Max. I won’t leave.” With that they both settled down in bed and Max enveloped Anna into his warm embrace and they went to sleep.

It wasn’t long before they were both asleep in each other’s arms. Anna was immediately dreaming.


She was in a place that she didn’t recognize. Grassy plains as far as the eye could see. There was a running brook to the left that was flowing into a pond, and a single oak tree position nearby. It was bright so Anna went to go sit in the shade when she realized Max was there holding her hand. “What are we doing here? And what are you doing in my dream?”

“Are you sure this is your dream because I was sort of thinking it was mine.” He smiled at her playfully.

“Is this what I have to look forward to every time we are close? Sharing my dreams with you.”

“Is that so bad?” He asked.

“No, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Just then the two heard a rustling behind them and they turned to see Jordan standing there. “Jordan? What are you doing here?” She asked.

“It’s started Anna. Everything that you need to know will be coming back soon. I’m just here to make sure that everything goes well.” Suddenly they were back at the cemetery.

“You were her protector?” She asked, looking at Liz’s grave.


“You failed to protect her, and now Max and the others won’t get to go back to their home.”

“I haven’t failed yet. There is still hope.

“What are you talking about Jordan? Where is Liz if you haven’t failed?” Max demanded.

“Max please wait. Your answers will come once Anna is set straight. I know you don’t understand right now Anna, but don’t you feel the pull you two have for each other? Haven’t you asked yourself why you are attracted to him?”

“Yes. Jordan, what is it that you are trying to tell me?”

“A year ago the evil ones came looking for her. They found out that Bacena had betrayed Khivar and sent her here against his wishes. They didn’t find Kyla because we had faked her death.”

“Beth isn’t dead? Where is she? You mean to tell me that I have been feeling all this grief because I was unable to save her in the accident for nothing?”

“I think you know the answer. It has already shown itself to you in the dreams that you have been having. Kyla is you.”

“Me? If I am Kyla and Kyla was Beth does that mean I am Beth. This is my grave?”

“Yes. Max didn’t show up here by accident. I had sent a flyer about the resort and do you remember when Kara had gone to see her parents? Well she had gone to Roswell to push them into believing that Max needed a vacation and that he needed to come here. It is time for you to go home and defeat Khivar.”

“I don’t understand? Anna is Liz?” He looked again at the woman he had been holding hands with and right before his eyes her features changed back to the one that he had always dreamed about. His Liz. “How is this possible?”

“Kyla was very strong on your planet. Khivar knew that. The two of you together would be a force that he could not conquer. Sure any two of your kind together is stronger than just the one, but the two of you… Your love was so great that your connection with each other was like completing the other half of a whole. There is no separating the two of you.”

“I don’t understand.” Max was getting confused. “Why would my parents allow me to marry Tess if they knew that I loved Liz?”

“They didn’t know that you two were in love. They only found out about it when they saw Kyla give her life so that you would live. The marriage between you and Ava was arranged so that it would put Khivar’s rage to rest, but somehow he had heard about another one holding the heart of the man that his daughter had married. He was irate. His daughter deserved so much more.”

“It’s true. Tess does deserve someone that loves her. But even here on earth I was unable to fall in love with her. There was always a force pulling me towards Liz. What do we do now?”

“We have to get everyone together. We have to do it so it won’t alert Khivar. Can everyone be here by this weekend?”

“Everyone is already on their way. Everyone but Tess, I mean Ava. I told them not to bring her.”

“Max she has to come. If we can tell her what is going on may be she can convince her father to stop the war on our home planet. She could be a useful ally. You guys have to wake up now and get things rolling. We don’t have much time.”

“Wait will Liz still look like her old self or will she be Anna when we wake up?”

“She will be Anna for the time being. I can’t have the chance of Khivar finding out that she is still alive. Max I need you not to tell the others that it is Kyla. That can be a bonus if we are able to go home and not have Khivar realize what he is up against.”

With that Max and Anna slowly started to stir. When they woke up they embraced each other like there was no tomorrow.

The End?

This is not the end... After some excellent feedback I have started a sequel it is called The Stand .
I hope you like it as well... Thanks again for all of the feedback it really is what keeps the author motivate.