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The Scene:

The room would be completely dark if not for moonlight filtering through gauzy curtains. The kind a woman would buy with the intent of seduction rather than practicality. Matching gauze draped over a twisting cherry canopy, and underneath two figures could be seen lying together, wrapped in each other's arms.

Presently, the larger one moved.. struggled to consciousness and gently raked one hand through thick dark hair to better see his companion. His smile was possessive and his eyes burned a path over the face of his angel. Liz.

Breathing deeply, Max noted the distinctive aroma of vanilla, strawberries, fabric softener and sex. His eyes burned brighter as his body began to respond to hers. She called him insatiable, and if she weren't more than a match for him, he would feel guilty for his appetites. But she was his match. His mate.

One that he never got around to feeding because other needs took precedence. Hell. Now he did feel guilty. Best get up and get his better half some sustenance. It was only midnight, and they had hours before sunrise.
He returned with an assortment of goodies. Different kinds of fruit, sweets, sauces, jellies... food to feed your lover... eat off your lover.

He set the tray on the nearby nightstand and crawled back into bed. He was starving...


The Question:
What do you think happens next? In order to begin your path on the way to Perv-fu, you must decide. Leave your responses below and they will be ranked by Perv-fu masters...

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And the owls hooted... dammit, my fellow masters have deserted me!
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Languidly Liz rolled over. Her dark eyes opened a fraction. Their murky depths making an instant connection to the sparkling eyes of her lover's. "Umm, your back," she whispered dreamily.

Max chuckled softly. "Yes, I'm back and I'm behring gifts." He chuckled again as Liz puckered her lips and crinkled her face at him playfully.

Her eyes opened a fraction more. "So, I see," she said in a velvety whisper, as her heated gaze glazed over his protruding manhood.

An answering heat flared up inside of his golden eyes.

"Max," came the choked whisper, as desire swept through her like quicksilver.

Max slowly lowered himself onto the bed next to his Liz . . . his lover . . . his world . . .

I haven't deserted you my friend and mentor . . . I just found this and thought I'd add my two cents . . . LOL . . . so what do you think . . . am I well on my way to being a Master of Perv-fu . . .

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hello (timidly steps forward)
uh, is it okay for me to write or ... okay so I'm incredibly shy. how do you do it? think so provacatively, then transfer that down for others to read? so if I'm intruding sorry, thank you?
posted on 14-Nov-2001 12:18:29 AM by Phaedra223
Ah, young writer.. you have learned much about the Perv, but have a long way to go.....

The man has fruit and toppings... whatever will he do with them? That is the question??

And all are welcome to post their responses. Any at all. Just put on a blindfold and write away! *big*
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How can this little Kitty join in on all the fun Doctor??????
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Ah, young one.. to begin your journey on the path to Perv Fu, you must complete the above scene. Your mission: to go boldly into the land of the Perv. To embrace your inner Perv-fu.

Creativity is a must.
So is a lusty body and heart of devotion.
You must go beyond the typical standards and distinguish yourself.

Good luck!
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PURRRR!!!! This little Kitty likes the sound of that....ALOT PURRRR!!! so she'll go away to have a lick and a think!!!! BACK SOON!!!PURRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
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"Shoes...?" She looked over the shiny red shoes with heels that went on forever that she now had in her hot little hands, switching confused glances between him and them. " brought me shoes?" She was still totally taken a back after he'd given them to her from one of the bags that he'd brought in with him.

"Yes...amoung other things." His amber eyes licked with fire as he continued to stare intently at her.

"You like shoes huh?" Liz already knew the answer but she wanted to hear him reiterate his obvious desire, this was one of his fantasies and she wanted to hear it out loud. She needed to.

"Oh god I love them." he said emphatically as he took his cock in his right hand. "..especially if they were on you my love." he closed his eyes and shuddered as he slowly worked himself in his hand.

"Okay Max." She slipped on the shoes, amazed that they fitted although they nipped at the bottom of her ankles and at her toes. New shoes always did that and usually she hated it but here it would be interesting. She felt them pang again as she saw Max hand moving faster. Very interesting.
"So...what do you want me to do?" she quizzed as her face broke into a wickedly delicious smile.

"I love the feeling of the spike against my skin...." he whispered as he felt his cock begin to fill up with blood as he pumped it a little harder.

"Lie on your back." Liz suddenly assumed control, not letting him finish as she went to stand up on the bed.
Somehow she seemed to sense that that was what he needed.

Max hurriedly complied and lay looking up as he moved his hand back towards his hot sex.

"Leave that alone" She commanded, scaring herself a little as well but the whole idea was setting her a blaze.

"So do you like what you see?" she was straddling him hands on hips with a well positioned foot either side of him, so close that her shoes were touching at his skin. She knew he could see right up her as she lifted one of them and lightly pressed the heel into his chest. She didn't want to hurt him. Max moaned, as she moved the heel to see a little red mark on his flesh.

"Oh god that felt so good baby." he moaned, his eyes glazed with desire as he'd now opened them and was staring at the wonderous sight above him..

Liz put the shoe back on his chest once more, pressing a little harder this time as this whole new experience was beginnning to effect her in places that she never knew exsisted.
Max suddenly grasped her ankle with both hands and pulled her leg down so she was putting even more pressure on him. His hands felt for her shoe, caressing the spiked heel and the pointed toe.
"Jesus you're so beautiful...." he muttered as he cupped at her ankle holding a little of both her and the shoe at the same time. "...and your so sexy."

Liz stepped away as the bed swayed.
"Get on to the floor Max," She ordered, loving this more with every second that past and lick of his lips as his tongue continued to dart in and out.
"and lie down on your stomach."......

There thats my penny's worth!!! Hope it's the kind of thing that you wanted and that I haven't made a total ass of myself. Anyway I had fun!!! Later.
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Was that okay??? Is anyone else playing or am I alone in the dark here??? Meowwwww!!!

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Ah, young one.. you are impatient with the master....

You definitely have the beginnings of the Perv. Shoes indeed.... shoes can be very fun things, can't they? Especially if they have good textured soles... puuuurfect for rubbing... nipples.. abs... thighs...loins... the tip of a cock... yes, shoes are very fun.

The thing is though.. that as fun as the ones I've mentioned are.... they're just light Perv-fu. Heavy Perv-fu would be.. Liz drinking Max's cum from said shoe. Possibly positioning her shod feet on Max's pecs as he's leaning over her as he thrusts. I could even see Liz making Max suck on her spike heel when he wants her to suck on his cock.

See? We're talking going a bit beyond the standard NC-17 envelope. Taking it to another level of intensity that makes you blink a bit. That's Perv-fu.

Soooo.. let me think of another scenario and we'll see what you come up with. Pun intended.

*big* Phaedra, Master of the Perv

PS. Enjoying your fics on the boards.
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Some time in the middle of the night, Liz slipped out of the warm haven of her bed. Reluctantly leaving Max, she padded into the kitchen. Food. She needed food and something to drink and...

Oh hell.

Liz looked around her kitchen.. her messy kitchen.

What had happened here? A sticky cutting board was surrounded by the peelings of oranges, watermelon, and canaloupe. Half a carton of strawberries was off to one side near a wooden stand that held a bunch of bananas. Strawberry stems made an interesting pile beside the banana tree.

The other counter held a now warm can of whipping cream, a slab of cheese, an opened package of crackers, open jar of peanut butter with the spoon still in it, three different kinds of jellies and a puddle of what Liz hoped was chocolate syrup.

Good grief. She couldn't be too mad at Max since he was making the treats for her.. but on the other hand her kitchen was now a disaster area. She contemplated grabbing something to eat and going back to bed, but she knew if she did that the ever present New Mexico ants would invade her apartment. No, she had to clean it up now.

Grabbing a dishcloth, Liz set to work....

That was how Max found her... rubbing away at her kitchen counter... naked. He'd always heard that cleanliness was neck to godliness... but this gave it a whole new meaning.

He watched Liz's firm breasts sway as she rubbed and rubbed...

He watched the way her ass stuck out as she leaned down....

And he was suddenly reminded of another old expression. Clean mind. Clean body. Take your pick.

Max smiled evily.... neither he nor Liz could claim to have clean minds... which meant...

Okay, now you finish. Gimme some good Perv-fu! *bounce*

posted on 8-Dec-2001 12:26:25 PM by Pussycat
I'll go away and have a LICK about it PURRRRRRR!!!
posted on 10-Dec-2001 12:35:16 AM by Phaedra223
Ah, young one. You are too funny!~ By all means.. lick whatever's needed to provide some inspiration and have at it.

Just don't cough up a hairball on me!

posted on 14-Dec-2001 3:39:20 PM by Pussycat
I was meant to be alittle taster purrrrr but I got carried away. Meaowwwww! Hope you didn't mind.

…."so you’ve found out my little surprise then?”
He whispered into her thick tresses as he was now standing right behind her, with hot breath lapping at her cooled skin. Nothing from her still as she chose to ignore him. He smirked, knowing she was dicking with him as he snaked his arm under her moving arms and around her tiny waist, yanking her tightly to him in one swift, smooth motion.

She jerked up hard in surprise as he held her tighter, almost squeezing the life out of her. She slapped the back of his hand hard but not to cause pain as with her free one she continued to rub down the counter, pulling away from him as she leaned to the back of the counter. His smile faded as her behr ass blossomed open in front of him, his for the taking as he unconsciously licked his lips.
He clamped his hands around her waist and drew her in again hard, she had no choice but to fall back against his sculptured chest, luxuriate in the feeling of his arms around her again still sore from where he’d been buried deep inside of her just a little while ago as her insides throbbed with it. Her legs began to tremble as she then realized that he was naked too, the edges of his abs and his hard shaft exerting gentle pressure at her lower back. They fitted in together, moulding like they were one person...made for each other as he bent his head down onto the recesses of her neck, brushing her hair lightly to one side to give him greater excess. Gently beginning to suck and nip her there while lazily trailing his tongue into the dip of her collarbone. She moaned as she suddenly felt like she had an unquenchable fever that only a drink from him would ever cure. He slid his palms up along her sides, over her rib cage until his thumbs just brushed the underside of her breasts lightly, stroking them back and forth as she sucked in breath and held it.
“…and surprises like these Max are so not good!”
She lied.
“….what the fuck did you do to my kit…?” she was hopelessly fighting the impossible, the inevitable as he moved his hands higher, his thumbs now brushing lightly across her tightening nipples.

“You’ll see.” She felt his smile break onto her skin.
He strummed them, once, twice…harder, faster as she arched her back, trying to press her throbbing nipples more firmly into his thumbs. She moaned as she then felt his fingertips dance over the lush swell at the side of her breasts, cupping her at them in the next second. She writhed and whimpered making little mewling noises in her throat as her lush, supple body responded to his lightest caress as if it had been made for him and him alone. He breathed her in deep and long, his hands wandering, touching her everywhere. Already she was white hot as a burst of feeling suddenly took hold of her, like nothing she’d ever experienced before or produced on her own. He was taking her to another place and he wasn’t even inside of her yet.

“Just tell me Max Evans or so help my god I’ll….”

“You’ll what Mrs. Evans... spank me?”

Five blissfully happy years of marriage, twins sleeping soundly upstairs, with a man who pleasured her beyond words; that she would never tire of and with Christmas just around the corner she’d never felt so contented in her entire life…until that moment. One hand was now cupping her left breast, fondling the plump fullness of it as the other slowly slid down the flat, quivering skin of her belly then travelling over the curve of her hip. It then slowly edged between her thighs, fingertip by shaky fingertip nudging them apart as he travelled towards her fiery corkscrew curls, rhythmically beginning to work up and down her sex.

“….now you know as well as I do Max, that’s only when you’ve been a bad boy.”
The palm of his hand was how cupped over her glistening mound as his fingers now slipping down between the lips of her hot, feminine core.

“And have I?…been a bad boy?” She went to speak as she denied her that simple pleasure as he suddenly pressed the heel of his hand against the already swollen mound. Just that fleeing downward pressure and she was lost feeling herself starting to come.

“...oh god…” Her pelvis jolts backwards, momentarily clashing with his arousal as his fingers finally push through her slick folds. The tingle of his hand beginning to move deep inside of her spread deliciously through her whole body, culminating into the now familiar ache of desperate anticipation held at her opening. She bit at her bottom lip hard as a trickle of her and his juices from their lovemaking before escapes her pussy. As Max then continued to deliciously masturbate his beautifully ripe wife as she pressed back hard against him, shifting her hips so she could take in more of him and so that she could gently stroke at his engorged sex. A raw primitive hunger shot straigth to his groin straight as his breathing grew ragged while his body throbbed with need.

His control and restraint now teetering on the verge of snapping as his game was being turned on him. Touching her deeper and faster as there was nothing to hinder the feel of her slick heat and suppleness of her swelled flesh against his fingers. She was so hot, so wet and as he eased two fingers deeper still he felt how incredibly tight she was. She was so ready for him as that alone made his entire body shudder while his other hand plucked at her hard nipple, rolling it between his fingers until pleasure became near unbearable pain.

Slowly it down, needing to he pressed his warm palm at her breast, kneading the plump flesh groaning right along with her when she arched her back this time wriggling against his throbbing cock.
She strained against him arching up on tiptoes in order to press her back harder into him. Suddenly she floundered out with one hand, blindly reaching then finding the counter top again for support . She grasped onto it, her knuckles whitening as she finally called out to him, her eyes screwed shut. Her legs were shaking and her head first jerked right back and then fell forward as she shook and juddered with the force of her orgasm as he continued to kneed and pound at her wracked body. She slid hand around the base of his back to pull him in even closer which caused her to shiver, grinding her ass at his hips as she cried out for him.

“shhhhh….” he was tasting blood in his mouth biting down hard in odrer to restrain his own release.
“….you’ll wake our babies .”
He just managed to get out before a sudden surge deep within is cock went from hilt to tip. He trembled as she felt his hardness twitching against her. She smiled wickly, he unable to see as she then left the safety of the counter to lean a hand down between her legs to lightly grab a hold of his tightening sacs. He sucked in hard, his forehead smacking down onto her glistening back as he gently bit into her shoulder, the sensation of her rolling them in the palm of her hand driving him out of his skin as it was her time to play.

“I.. Thought.. I...already… had.” She panted out as she squeezed at them alittle firmer . She now felt a tickle of wetness at her back as he suddenly pulled away from her. This wasn’t what he had planned besides he always came inside of a part of her not wanting to waste it on the kitchen floor.
“..m…maxxxxx.” She couldn’t help but moan at the space now between them as she was left dangling. He stepped away further, panting harder as she spun round to face him, purposely leaning into him so her body would stroke up hard against him. She feeling every emotion possible as she leant as far away from him as possible. Wracked in unbearable ecstasy Max recovers himself, steading his breathing as it tore into him when he saw her internal struggle. She trembled with her unfinished releases as she let her head fall.

He touched her under her chin with light finger tips, startling her. He tried talking to her but she shook her head, still looking down. He gently lifted her gaze so she had no choice but to look him directly in the eyes. He couldn’t help but gasp as he saw that they were starting to well up. Hers were so deep, rich and brown that they panged deep within him as he just wanted to drown in their depths, lose himself in them forever.
“I’m sorry Liz…” He tilted his head as he continued to whisper. “…I just had other things in mind.”

“Wasn’t that my surprise?” She spoke so quietly that he could behrly hear her as he took his head in a silent “no”. He stepped in close to her, legs still threatening to crumble as he rode out the last of his before they’d even had a chance to take hold.

“Forgive me?” He was so close as she opened her self so he could snuggle in. How could she not, with those eyes. Even if she’d find him fucking her best friend she’d still forgive him with those puppy dog eyes, boyish grin and honey like tones. He saw her face soften in agreement as he exhaled hard.

“ It depends if I like the surprise or not!” She teasingly wriggled as the tip of his sex as mingling in with the opening of hers. He smiled hard as he leant across her further, pushing her up against the counter as she lay a trail of feathery kisses at his chest, running her hands slowly up and down his sides with fingertips. She heard him growl as she now saw what he was reaching for as he gradually unravelled the silk scarf with a mesmerizing slowness .Threading silk through his fingers over and under as he finally wrapped the ends tightly around his fists.
She dampened her bottom lip as her other lips began to swell and dampen too while watching him manipulate the silk.Max said nothing just drinking her in as there was no mistaking the glimmer of anticipation that darkened her eyes. The reassurance that he craved as they both had to agree to this. He was just watching her, unable to breathe as her gaze travelled from the taut fabric held within his hands to his flushed face

“Do what do you intend to do with that Max?” her voice husky, doing things to him that a thousand kisses couldn’t even come close to right now. His wicked smile grew almost painful as he dared to speak

“I’m going to blind fold you.”

So do you wanna have the yummies now??


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OHHHHHHHH MMMMMMYYYYYY GGGGGOOOOODDDDD!!! Can I join pplleeaassee????? I want my diploma fron Perv-fu.
posted on 15-Dec-2001 8:54:11 PM by Pussycat
So what do you think phae, should this little kitty do as you've asked of her and BRING ON THE YUMMIES NOW??? Meaowwww!!

posted on 17-Dec-2001 1:25:01 AM by Phaedra223
I'm so sorry, kitty.. Phae was unfairly occupied doing meaningless chores this weekend and didn't get around to reading your offering until tonight.

My goodness..... very nice work. Has a lot of potential. Doing things in the back to front position are always a good place to start. I kept thinking that Max was going to mount her from behind, but he had more restraint than I thought.

Now, my pupil, where are you going with this? Keep in mind that you want to do something... umm... worthy of Perv-fu. Meaning that it has to have that special something that makes a reader go... damn, that's almost too much.

I can't wait to see what you write because you've got a good writing voice. Good flow, etc. I just know that you're a future "master" of the art of Perv-fu!!

Phaedra... who has clean clothes thanks to FIVE loads of laundry

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So you liked then? Kitty's so very, very happy now that she's rubbing up against your leg with glee purrrrr! Just one thing though...MAX HAS NO RESTRAINT IN THIS FIC OH 'Queen of perv-fu' (love that btw) that's the whole point right. Meaowwww now I'm trying to think of how to impress the best!! Smiling like a cheshire...ME, a future 'master of perv-fu??? MEAOWWWLESS!! Back soon when kitty life lets me!
btw FORGET the laundry, how about updating your lil' gems. PURRRRRRRRRRRLEASE!! Lick, lick!!


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Ahhh, Miss Kitty. I fear the problem is my AWOL muse. Haven't seen her since March. If you happen to see a chain smoking, bourbon swilling gal in tall riding boots, a black belted leather jacket, and *nothing else*... that's my muse. Send her home, please??

You're a very very nice kitty. Here, I'll scratch behind your ears and rub on your tummy. If you're especially nice, I might just put that kitty video in and you can watch the pretty fish-ies and mouse-ies and butterflies. Awwww... like that??

*big* Phaedra, who is most thankful to be done with her laundry....
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Ohhhh...I want to play!!! *bounce* I've never written anything I'd like to try my hand at it! So, what d'ya say Phae (oh master of Perv-fu)? *big*

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OOO... OOO... OOO... a new 'kitty' to come and play with us. Meaowww! Purlease Phae, PURRRRRLEASE can angelbehr come and play too. Meaowwwwwww! Shall we continue with this juicy tipbit or start something new? Have a lick about it, I've got soso many idea's worthy of this place its giving me a fur ball! me wanna share, me wanna share. This pussycat wishes you lots and licks of behry naughty christmas fun. later!!!


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I'm with angelbehr on this. what I gotta do? Can we have a foursome?
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ahhhhh more perv newbies *naughty, excited giggles* but Kitty's back and theres no sign of Phae. Oh well life must be treating her just too good *purrr*. Off to have more Kitty adventures now. See yous soon. Miaowwwww!!!
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as promised, more mindless before Kitty goes to bed by the fire too. Miaowwwww!!

Part 2

Liz shivered at the direct, male look held within deep within amber eyes that he was now giving her. The unmistakable seductive look of intent and want that she knew and loved all too well, she would die without that look!. It was then that she was suddenly aware for the heat of his body, the race of her pulse and the spiralling warmth settling low in her belly as she then felt strong hands at her waist. He grasped her tight, his nails digging in hard as with one swift move he raised her up onto the counter. She thumped down hard, a gasp of startled surprise caught in her throat as he then continued to work the silk through his fingers. She couldn’t help but lick her lips as he loosed his hold of it once more, awakening an undeniable excitement from deep within her. She struggled to draw breath.
“So why do you need to blindfold me …Max?”

“So you’ll get the full effect….Liz.”
Stepping in front of her, he leaned in to cover her eyes. When her locked knees then brushed at his hot groin, she automatically parted her legs to make room for him. As he moved in closer, nudging her thighs wider to accommodate his lean hips a smile broke across his beautiful face that made her stomach dip.
“..and I don’t want you cheating.”
The darkness then descended over her eyes as she now held him at his hips. She heard him growl just a little from under her touch as her fingertips slowly began to stroke him there. She then felt his fingers tying a knot at the back of her head as a strange thrill ripped through her. Once he had blindfolded her he gently tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ears, his touch lingering there longer than necessary. Her breasts tightened in response as she breathlessly giggled.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” her senses where heightened electric as she had no idea where his eyes where but she felt them everywhere clambering all over her body. She resisted the urge to squirm and jump at him as she nodded lightly.
“How many fingers am I holding up?” he was now waving a hand full in front of her.

A teasing smile licked her face. “ Three and a half?”

He chuckled as he lightly brushed a hand across the inside of her thigh. The sound of him, the touch of him sent pounding impulses shimmering down her spine.
He then moved away for a moment both missing the contact as she heard him opening boxes, clanging plates and other sounds that she couldn‘t make out. She leaned over to where she thought he was, gripping the counter so hard that it hurt as he then returned to the cove between her thighs. She couldn’t help but moan as he suddenly brushed her bottom lip with the confection.
“Here’s the first, now open your mouth.”

“You know you don’t have to ask me to do that.” She teased as she parted her lips and took a bite of what was laid at her opening. It was moist, with a butter cream frosting. It was cake.
“hmmm Vanilla Cake, my favorite.” She said through just the biggest smile as she chewed on it a little more then swallowed.

“I know.”
She wrinkled her nose at him as his rich laugh banged at her highened senses once more. She felt her insides ebb to it as then two more things happened at the same time. The delectable fragrance of chocolate and a burning sensation where he rested his palm on her thigh. The combination of the two nearly short circuited her already whacked central nervous system. She so wasn’t going to last the entirety of this little experiment at this rate.

She inhaled deeper, leaning in as she caught a whiff of something richer. He slowly teased his dreamy morsel filled fingers at her lips, taking it out again before her lips could fully take it into her mouth. She giggled, mouth opening and closing around nothing but air as she leant right out towards him her breast swaying slightly. Watching her like this his groin felt like it was on fire having to shift his stance in order to contain his lust as he couldn’t contain a chuckle.

“ *sigh* Max…” She pleaded, the scent of the unseen morsal seeing her onto a higher plane as he finally gave it to her. It was chocolate but something more dipped her taste buds. Cocoa and a hint of coffee in its topping and filling as she then tasted the mocha shavings while swallowing slowly.
“oh my!” she murmured as she licked a stray crumb from the corner of her mouth suddenly feeling ravenous. “ Can I have another bite?”

He giggled. “ I thought you might like that one.” As the next finger full was already on its way to her searching mouth, probing tongue. It was sucked in as he slowly dragged his fingers along her lower lip. Both their bodies felt flushed, drugged, heavy. Aroused
She couldn’t talk, her body just now beginning to buck slightly as he slipped a finger into the moist recesses of her mouth. There was a troaty moan of agreement and delicious anticipation as her stomach rumbled and her moist folds spasmed. He slowly withdrew his finger, it popping out with the suction of her hold around it as he now cupped gently at her jaw.
“You okay princess?”
He felt her burning cheeks lean into his hand hard, gently rubbing as the word ‘yes’ made him tremble.
She felt him lean across her, pushing her legs further apart as he reached for something else.
“Open up.” He mumbled she did what was asking of her, groaning as the new exquisite flavor filled her mouth. Ripe strawberries, whipped cream filling. A light fluffy frosting with white chocolate shavings. She was certain that she’d died and gone to heaven as she rolled the contents of her mouth. His shaft caressed innocently at her inner thigh that sent her spiralling. She had died and gone to heaven.

“More?” She could only muster another nod, wavering a little as her senses were over loaded. He caught her forehead lightly at his chest as she jerked back.

“Please.” She finally uttered parting her lips as well as her legs so he could gain greater excess. She took a huge bite as the cream filling oozed out of the middle. She giggled, instinctively she raised her hand up to stop the flow and just catching a dollop in her palm in time. But not before she’d smeared it along her chin too.
“argh.” Giggles then turned to frivolous laughter. “ I’m making such a mess, Charlie and Joshi would be so proud of their mommie won’t they? I hope daddy brought napkins?”

“don’t need ‘em.” his voice was filled with mischief. “…I’ll take care of the spills.”
She assumed that he meant clean up after so she wasn’t prepared as he caught her wrist, nearly jumping right out of her skin as she felt his warm mouth nibble at the treat held within her palm. A hot ache spread through her as his teeth grazed her flesh, all but melting as he laved at her fingers.

“god…” she whispered as his tongue now flicked wickedly long the crevices between.
Her stomach was heaving, her heart thumping. As her breasts were tightening and her clit was
beginning to transmit these familiar feelings of lust that only he could produce.
When he was all so quickly done there he began working on her chin, licking away the crumbs with agonizingly slow laps of his tongue.

“delicious… I always said that you tasted good enough to eat.” His husky honey tones purring as they vibrating against her cheek. A sultry pleasure coiled low and deep within her as she now craved for him to kiss for like never before. He’d completely turned her inside out with wanting.
But it never happened as he moved away and continued on with selecting more delights that caused pure, unadulterated bliss at her taste buds.
Peaches, honey, ice-cream the menu was endless as it dripped and spilled….with each sampling he teased her senses wave upon wave, dipping her further towards inner explosion. He used his lips and fingers to clean up the sticky messes that she was now deliberately making yet always stopping painfully short of kissing her mouth.

Frustration then nipped hard at her. She wanted to rip the blindfold off and gaze upon him, show him the insatiable desire that only he was gradually building within her. To let the windows of her soul show him just how much she wanted him at that moment, show him just how much she loved him as he feed her ‘Fuzzy navel cake’ drenched with peach schnapps. It instantly made her feel dizzy and drunk as she moaned, leaning her head back , gently swallowing. She was undoing right before him as the next selection completed the task.
Moist chocolate cake layered with a rich chocolate, drizzled with creamy caramel topped with fluffy whipped cream and butter toffee chunks. This cake was a gooey, messy sumptuous feast that excited her mouth and pleased her belly.
She moaned deeply as the contents dissolved on her tongue and slid down her throat like honeyed silk. She trembled, having to steady herself by gasping quickly and blindly at his arm as his hardened shaft sprang further to attention now curving inwards at his navel.
“god…this is incredible…”

“I know.” His amber filled pupils dilating to almost black while working over her pulsating body as he wasn’t talking about the cake. He felt the tip of his sex lick cold as it oozed out a droplet of his warm fluid at the sight of her.

“…whats it called?” She opened her mouth wide, dipping her tongue out for another bite as her question pulled him from the brink. He didn‘t get to have her just yet, they was still so much let to do but he was finding it harder as he began to feel giddy.

“ (cough) better than sex cake!”

She quickly licked the stray frosting into her mouth, not wanting to share this one too. “ God their so right.” She sighed as she then didn’t need to see his pouting and stunned amazement to know that he was doing it. He was gob smacked, his mouth drowning on land as he couldn’t find the required response to save his life. She felt him step away.

“do…do you…really think that?” he stumbled as she silently cursed herself for teasing.

“no, god no…Max I was just teasing. Don’t I get to tease too?” Her insides dipped as she felt him instantly nestle himself back in between her legs.

“…not in my game no don‘t.” He chuckled.
Suddenly she felt a little self- conscious as well as a little angry as she decided that it was now time to end this delicious game. She reached for the blindfold as his fingers gently encircled her wrist stopping her before she got there. His touch was firm, hot and branding.

“ don’t….please… not yet. Maybe you’d like to try something else.” His voice just a little shaky as his words stimulated her heart beat to erratic. He now gently stroked a finger lazily across her hand.
She swallowed to ease the tightness held in her throat and body as she ebbed harder. “ I don’t like to eat alone.” Her tone firm.

“ I know, I’m sorry. me neither. How about we share this one?” She was surrounded by his scent and heat as he stepped in closer.

“Alright.” She moaned slightly as he took her hand and slowly guided it to the tasty morsel’s beside her. She sucked in hard with startled breath as he eased her fingers into the soft, silky layers of cake, right up to her knuckles as they were now covered in the deliciously sticky mix. Her next breath caught hard in her throat as she felt him slid his own hand along hers as he encouraged her to play with it. Her entire body now tingled with a strange excitement as she felt her face break into a naughty grin. Max couldn’t help but chuckle entwining their fingers tighter, tangling them so they could then use the delicious mix to lubricate the rhythmic slide of his fingers between hers. They both moaned at the exact same moment as he leant into her, so his hot searching lips were now at her ear.

“Even this…..” He rubbed at her fingers harder. “…. isn’t even close to being as good as it feels like then I’m cuming inside of you.”
She bit her lower lip as her all too familiar illicit liquid warmth cascaded over her and pooled between her things. She felt her hair tickle at her lower back as she let her head slowly roll backwards at the sensations that she was now feeling from his touch only to jerk it forward as he slowing dragged her hand out of the cake. Flinching in surprise when his gooey fingers touched at her mouth.
“And this can never taste as good as you do Liz. So they are wrong to call it that don’t you think??” He murmured low and husky as he smeared it along her bottom lip. Unable to stop herself as the warmth now seized at her core slowly intensifying outwards, her tongue darted out to suck hard at his gift sodden fingers. She licked them clean as just one taste wasn’t enough.

“I want more.” she said in a low breathy voice. His fingers returned to duel again with her feverish tongue as she suddenly removed her own hand from the mix to grab hold of his wrist so he couldn’t pull away. She nibbled away at it, then leisurely stroked and swirled her tongue along each digit in an up- then-down gentle rhythm. She felt him shudder and heard him hiss as he then cursed. She felt him try and move his hand away as she just held onto him tighter.

“liz…” she felt his body shift in front of her, wedging himself in tighter between her thighs as his mouth then finally took hers, urgent and insistent. He swept an arm around her lower back and hauled her up against his body, forcing her legs wider part to accommodate his hips as the unyielding press of his fierce erection against her aching cleft sent her body into spasms. They were fused from lips to thighs but they still didn’t feel close enough.
Spearing his cake layered fingers towards the back of her head he cupped her there threading through the hair that wasn’t restrained by the blindfold. She arched into him, opening her mouth wider as his tongue thrust in harder mirroring his move. Her fingers blindly searched later finding the warm thick hair at the nape of his neck. Muffled moans there now held there as his other hand caressed her jaw, throat skimming lower until he held the full weight of one of her breasts in his palm. He kneaded the mound of flesh, searing her with breath-stealing heat… branding her as his once more. His thumb flicked across the diamond-hard nipple, plucking at the tip delicately as a needy moan escaped her. Feverish desire clawed at her as being blindfolded and ravished by her godlike husband was like being swept into a dark, forbidden fantasy that she didn’t want to leave. He continued to consume at her mouth until her lips felt deliciously swollen and devoured as he brushed his knuckles over her painfully erect nipples teasing and tormenting as he trailed kisses along her jaw. The kiss having now broken her body was immediately thrown into withdrawls as she shuddered uncontrollably at the hot, wet glide of his tongue across her skin as he continued on down to her neck. The heady sensations were back as they took her harder than before, that she could ever have imaged as wave upon wave began to lap at her. She whimpered as he drew her flesh between his teeth for a love bite. Both were dizzy, flushed as she nailed him close into her heat at his ass. A firm hard cupping on a tight cheek. She could hear his heavy, laboured breathing while continuing to feel the heat radiating off of his throbbing, hard body as his manly scent was making her giddy. She desired him, worshipped him, craved him, wanted him as her arms now splayed out towards him blindly innocently banging into his erection. She sucked in hard as now she just took it into her sticky hand, gliding the foreskin up and down. It was so mobile, so smooth that it slid like silk over the head. With each stroke he let out a little moan of pleasure. Now his pelvis thrust forward as his stomach drew in from her movements. She worked him steadily and sensuously.
“ahhhh. Ohhhh, my god.” he moaned as she continued to stroke, her grip tightening.
“ God Liz you’ve got to stop…please……” He sucked in so hard at her touch that his lungs where fit to burst at the drop of a dime. He could do nothing but push himself harder into her palm, now gripping at her shoulders as his head fell downwards. She continued to pump him bringing him closer to release with every stroke as he suddenly took one of her pert nipples into his mouth. He immediately began pulling then releasing it, sucking it hard she arched up and into him with the delight of it. Her vice like grip instantly loosened as she was now completely lost to his continuous licking and biting of her. It was as he was then able to reluctantly pull away from her. Big mistake, huge!

She gasped as she felt his hardness leave her caress, things going from devilishly good to deliciously wicked in one smooth motion. His stomach was now at her core, his chest against her own. His mouth against her own. She opened her legs to him as she felt the shaft of his undying love for her just slide across her sodden tight dark curls. He began to spring now, working himself against the bush of her hair. Each spring took him on an upward stroke as the feeling tightened her sex lips. She was warmly wet with excitement, the walls of her sex were contracting hard. Quite involuntarily they clamped then released. Over and over, yearning to have him buried deep with them as it was now getting painful without him there. Max trembled with a need and want that he’d never felt before as he spied the jar of chocolate body paint beside her. He had to slow this down, there was still too much to do it her, for her as he reluctantly reached over for it.

“Where are you going?” She said breathlessly, her voice full of dismay and loss. “
What naughty treat have you got for me now?” She teased, tickling fingertips at his waist as she knew that they needed to slow things down too they were both enjoying it too much to stop now as she heard the lid break off. The noise caused her slick tiny body to jerk a little.

“welllllll I was saving this but seeing as though you love chocolate so much…..” He dipped in his index finger, covering it in the slick syrup as he then eased it into her awaiting mouth. She
tentatively licked at it.

“ummmm, it tastes like chocolate, what is it?” She was now sucking hard at his fingers, her hard working tongue sent pulsating waves down his spine.

“body paint.” He oozed out as his words licked at her insides but her need for him as greater. Electrifying in fact.

“my my we are just full of surprises aren’t we but as you said save it for later Max, make love to me now.”

She leant into him waiting for a response from him. Nothing came as she heard something being put down hard beside her. Suddenly she felt a warmth on the back of her legs as his firm hands lifted her high off the counter taking her buttocks in each palm and kneading her there gently. She clawed at his back as she felt his hips rub hard up against the inside of her slick thighs. He smacked her back down again, his response painfully clear as his fingertips now worked up the hollow of her back forcing her stomach to push up hard against his. Her heavy breasts now nipping at his.

With a kiss on the nose and an expert change of angle she felt his hardness slide into her. She was so slippery inside with excitement that he glided in with ease. When she felt him finally enter her she groaned with pleasure, their next breaths caught deep within their throats as sensation almost brought them to a joint release. She felt his hand reach up to go to take off the blindfold.
“no…..please…don’t …leave it on Max!” she whimpered as he drew up so that he almost left her sex lips, plunging down so that the root of his shaft rammed into her opening.

“Are you sure?“ his voice behrly audioable as his sex felt like it would explode inside of her as stroke followed stroke. She bit hard on her bottom lip tasting blood, murmuring a strangled yes as he thrust into her again. She began to pant, sliding her hands more avidly over him, as his mouth now locked on hers. Her secret lips took him into her harder, deeper, longer by wrapping her legs tightly around his hips holding him there while he continued to gently push in and out of her slick folds. She could do little as she clawed at his slim waist and toned back. Liz gasped at the sensation as the warmth of him complete surrounded her, inside and out which made her engorged secret lips squeeze and thrust on ‘MiniMax’ all the more. His lips tenderly sucked at her mouth, his tongue imitating the actions of his throbbing sex, proding in and out…slow then fast. Max slid into her with such a gentleness that she just wanted to weep as whenever he pushed she could feel the whole extent of him building up such a wonderful pain that she gasped again , her mouth devouring his till it bruised.

“oh my god!” she moaned as she panted and writhed around him which only spurred him on to impale her harder. “oh my god Maxxxx.”
The climax came in a blot of pure red energy which ripped through Liz where her husband, her lover, her best friend, her Max thrust his deepest into her wet core. Her body went rigid trapped between him and the counter as he pumped harder.

“Lizzzz….” He let out a strangled scream as his nails dug in at her waist. She felt a surge of heat from him as he flooded her, pumping with such power and urgency that he made her bottom rise and fall off of the counter with each thrust of his shaft. She squeezed him hard between her legs as she tried prolonging the sensation for both of them for as long as she possibly could. But this moment had been such along time cuming, too long as it was a battle that she just couldn’t win. Their bodies repeatedly meshed and parted as he increased the tempo of his heavenly strokes She gripped at him with her feminine muscles, squeezing on every in-stroke and opening herself as he pulled away. Still holding him in place by his buttocks with her clawing fingers. They shook harder as their panting rose to a flurry of moans and gentle dries of ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’. She felt his shaft swell as his finger then pushed gently into her back entrance. He'd never done that before and it was delicious as he rubbed at her two openings in unison. She brought him to a climax with hers as her walls clenched oh so tightly around him working his foreskin with them to then milk him of every drop of semen that he had. Their screams were contained, hidden from sleeping angels deep within a furious meeting of mouths and tongues. The familiar intensifying waves of heat hit them both at the same time as the heat spread up from her burning lips to meet his throbbing tip. And when they both finally climaxed one last time in a welter of their sweat, his liquid love, her tears of pure pleasure that ran down from under her blindfold where there was a thin gap and sexual nectar the scents of their love making filled their nostrils and their lungs, making them dizzy with it.

As the uncontrollable trembling finally turned into manageable ripples he withdrew out of her as his long fingers slipped beneath the band of silk and gently lifted it over her head. She squinted as the bright kitchen light pierced her eyes as her gaze gradually focused on the disarray of empty boxes and picked at food that littered around them as it came to rest on him. She dipped again at the sweet sight of him. She’d missed him so much.
“ hey you.” She whispered edging herself to the end of the counter.

“Hey princess.” he stepped back into her as he lay a kiss at her forehead. She gently dropped herself off of the end of the counter, needing to feel the whole length of his body against hers. She stumbled a little as wobbling legs weren’t quite ready to hold her just yet wincing a little as she felt her inside tingle and ache from where he’d taken her so deliciously deeply. She felt his strong arms around her in an instant.

“liz…” His voice full of concern and worry as she held into him tighter. She could see him closer as she then began to giggle as there was cake filling almost on every part of his face. He could sense that she was okay if not as heady with the whole as he was as he then allowed himself to breathe out.
“so was that nice?” he pushed her fallen hair from her face as his frosted fingers tangled into it.

“mmmmmmmm wonderful.” her sticky hands now splayed across his hard chest. “…but next time you get to wear the blindfold.” Her bright smile blinding him as he pulled her in closer, cupping her at her buttocks as she could already feel him getting hard to their closeness. At her.

“next time…” He dipped into her neck. “….how about now.” he easied out as he began to gently grind against her.

“Max…” She squealed, smacking his arm as her body was betraying her, needing to take him again so much that it ached. She was about to respond his eyes drawing her in all the more as she now stood on tippy -toe with lips behrly touched. Almost home as they heard crying from upstairs. They giggled, letting out heated breath as their foreheads locked.
“you go…I’ll clean up down here.” She lay a kiss at the tip of his nose as she went to pull away from him. He caught her by the wrist.

“How about we both go then we both clean this up this mess by eating it later.” His wicked smile was doing things to her that she so wanted done as she gently nodded her eyes never leaving the comfort of his as he gently entwined his fingers in hers and led her upstairs to see which lil' angel is was.

~the end~

so whats the verdict now phae???? whats next!!!!

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posted on 30-Dec-2001 4:08:08 PM by Phaedra223
You're doing very well, lil kitty! Most impressive, I must admit. Creative with the variety of foods you used and with the blindfold, too. I liked it a lot!!!

Where have I been? Alas my family is in town for the holidays and I have not been able to get online all week. *sad* Can't wait until they leave tuesday!

Let's see, you want something for the next part? Hmmm. Let's see what you can do with Liz tying Max up. Remember: to be perv-fu, it must be past creative. Needs to be something that makes the reader go, DUDE, that's almost too much! Gotta be something that pushes the boundaries of good taste.

I would like to suggest that you have Liz tie Max up in an unconventional place. The bed has been done, over and over, to be perv fu, it must be unique!!!

My goodness, at this rate, you'll be a Master in no time!!!!

Most impressive!!!!!!

*big* Phaedra
posted on 31-Dec-2001 3:51:03 AM by Faith Evans
Ahhh Phaedra I was hoping to post before you replied I kinda wrote a part to follow Pussycat's last part, would you mind terribly if I didn't change it to include your newest challage.

I know it's not as good as what you and some of the other Perv writters might write and will write, it's just this is my first work and even though it sucks I still wanna post it as is.

Please forgive me, but here it is if you hate it sorry about that....................................

After checking on they’re crying babies and finally putting them to sleep, Max and Liz went to their room and took a quick shower removing all the sticky concoctions of each other’s bodies once done they dried themselves off and walk out. Once they reach the foot of their bed Liz stops them wrapping her arms around her husband and rubbing her damp hot little body all over his rough and rapidly hardening one, She begins seducing him all over again with words.

“You know that was wonderful, incredible really what we did down stairs you must have been planning that for a long time now…”

“Mmmm hmmm…” Was Max only response to busy to say anything else as he nuzzled her neck while his hands rubbed her back and squeezed her tight round bottom as she continued to rub her body into his.

“You know you’re not the only one with fantasies I went online and bought us some umm toys for us to play with, I didn’t think I would ever gather the nerve to umm to tell you about them but after what we did down stairs I think it’s time, that is if you wanna?” Liz asked shyly not quite able to look him in the eyes while she said it.

“Really…” Max sighed his eyes lighting up immediately at the possibilities, tipping her head up so that her eyes met his he continued “… Liz you’re my wife, my lover, my best friend everything I could ever want and more, with you I’m open to anything.”

“You say that now cause I haven’t even told you what I’ve been thinking, I gotta warn you it could get umm quite umm kinky, I dought you would… no I know you’ll say no.” Liz replied softly.

“I dought that, but why don’t you tell me so we’ll know for sure.” Max answered.

“I can’t.” Liz replied burring her face in his firm chest. Grabbing her head with both hands he gently forced her to look at him again. Kissing her lightly on the lips he whispered “Yes Liz you can.”

Helpless and completely unable to resist him she brought his head down and whispered her fantasy into his ear turning brightly red at her words, his breath hitched in his throat at her words a bright light of hunger lit his eyes when she finished and only one word left his mouth.


“Are you sure?” Liz timidly asked clearly still unsure of herself, taking one of her small hands he dragged it to his very hard and pulsing member currently stabbing her stomach, her hand automatically curled around it gently squeezing.

“Would I be this hard, this aroused if the idea disgusted me, I’m yours Liz, do with me as you wish, darling.”

Clearly seeing the truth of his words Liz’s shyness slipped away and was replaced by a wicked light in her eyes, and smile to her lips, the sight of which made his hard cock leap in her hand. Liz bent down and lightly kissed the large mushroom of his penis with her mouth, his whole body shuddered at the contact. But to his disappointment she quickly got up and stepped away from him.

“You stay right there I’m going to get our supplies…” she ordered, turning around she sashayed to their closet bending over to pull out a step they keep to the side for Liz to use for those hard to reach items. Groaning at the sight of her tight ass in the air like that, Max fought the almost uncontrollable urge to walk right over and take her from behind as he pounded hard and deep into her just the way she liked, instead he did what he was told and stayed put, grabbing his own member and started pumping his hand up and down while he waited for her to return.

She came back with a medium sized plain white box. Which she put on the bed opening it she dug out a small rubber looking Dildo like object he had never seen before, with the object in hand she walked to the dresser and fished out a tube of lubricant they kept there, with both in hands she walked back to him.

“Are these for me?” He sweetly asked.

“No these are for me, don’t worry I have bigger and better toys for you.” Liz purred. She placed the items in his hands and took his now shiny cock into her mouth whole giving him one hard suck before releasing him completely. His whole body trembled in pleasure. “For now be a good boy and lubricate my back door and well use your imagination for the other.” Liz smiled and winked at him.

“Yes, Ma'am!” Max eagerly replied. Placing both her hands on the bed Liz arched her back pushing her tight arse in the air and spread her legs. Max knelt down behind her till he came face to face with her beautiful fragrant pussy. Unable to help himself he buried his nose and mouth in her snatch and began eating and sucking the beautiful nectar from her dewy lips. Liz was all too happy to have him there and she rocked back and forth in his face in rapture. Stopping before he got to carried away he opened the tub of jelly applying a good amount onto his finger he began to push his finger into her ass, not an easy thing to do since they were both virgins when it came to this type of play and he didn’t want to cause any pain.

Once he had her nice and luped up he took the small dildo, which was a fraction of the size of his very hard cock and gently began to insert it into her small anus the dildo’s small ridges helped in the penetration and before long the Dildo was completely in. Liz breathed a small sigh of relief there had been a couple moments where it had felt a bit uncomfortable but thankfully there had been no pain, probably because of the Dildo’s small size. Now all she felt wonderfully full and a little decadent. Slowly standing up and enjoying the feel of the Dildo’s movement as she body moved. She turned and faced Max, and with her arms urged him to get up once both were standing Liz tipped up on her toes and kissed her hubby.

“Thank you baby. That feels wonderful, now it’s your turn. Bend over Baby.” Liz seductively whispered.

Max as asked bent over and assumed Liz earlier position. Taking the lubrication from his hand Liz kneeled like Max had done until her lips came into contact with his hanging balls and just like Max had teased her, she to began sucking and nibbling his tender flesh playing with his testis with her tongue. Max moaned with the pleasure she was giving him, his hard cock stood even more erect with each teasing stroke of her tongue after an indeterminate amount of teasing Liz stopped and began working the lubricant in his anus taking the same care he had shown her it wasn’t easy at first but once she got finger in his tight ring of muscle she made sure she caused no pain.

Max was in heaven he had never done this before but he was comfortable in his own masculinity so completely enjoying the experience nor was he shy about showing his pleasure whenever Liz stroked a particular pleasurable spot he moaned his enjoyment, though not load enough to wake their babies. One she felt he was lubed up enough she got up and walked to the bed toward the box where she removed two more items placing the box off the bed she laid down in the middle wiggling around so as to make the Dildo in her butt move around enjoying the feel of it moving around.

Once she was comfortable she beckoned to Max with her finger seductively speaking at the same time. “Come here Max I want you on your hands and knees, your cock in my mouth and your face in the pillows.”

Max gulped down at her words but with all eagerness followed her directions, he couldn’t believe they were going to be doing this that his sweet little Lizzie was giving him orders and playing these kinky little games. In high school she had had such a hard time being comfortable naked and voicing her desires out loud but now those days were long gone and boy was he a happy man, she was so beautiful his heart constricted each time he saw her, he blessed the stars above each time they made love for giving him such a heavenly creature, she was his home, her body his temple, his alone to worship and love. Sometimes he felt sorry for all the other men who would never get a chance to get even a small taste of her, but never sorry enough to share her. She was his, like he was hers and there would never be any other for either of them.

Once Max was in position she took one of the items she had taken from the box, a cock ring, big enough to accommodate his monster size and placed it on his very swollen member, careful not to hurt him in the process.

“What the…” Max asked surprised though he made no move to stop her.

“Shhh, don’t worry it’s just a cock ring, I just don’t want you cumming to soon, don’t worry I’m only going to tease I won’t torture you with it, at least not to long.” She replied. Then she took the 2nd item a large silver metal Dildo, which she placed at the opening to his ass. Since the Dildo she was going to be using on him was much longer and thicker then the one in her, she used the powers she developed as a side effect from his healing of her that long ago day at the Crashdown, to ease the Dildo in to his puckered opening. Making the experience one of the most erotic moments of Max life.

Once it was fully in she started pushing in and out in a nice steady rhythm ensured to drive him crazy, Which it currently was, Max was moaning and groaning in pleasure into the pillows of the bed bucking his ass back and forth in time with her thrusts once their rhythm was established she then took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him hard. Which only made Max’s rocking harder each time the Dildo pulled out her hot mouth would envelope him, when the Dildo was pushed in she would release his penis from her mouth completely. The Dildo went in so smoothly it’s slickness felt so good, not as heavenly as when his cock was fully sheathed inside his Liz but then nothing could ever beat that feeling but this was a good 2nd best as any.

She kept her rhythm slow and steady keeping him in that position for close to an hour, since he had cummed in the kitchen earlier and before that in this bed it was easy to keep him from wanting to cum to soon, And Max was having the time of his life he had never felt so good in his life and his pleasure was feeding hers if Max could have reached her pussy he would notice how sopping wet it was brought to such a point by the pleasure she was giving him. Max was groaning and moaning so much his voice was becoming hoarser and hoarser as Liz went on and on the sound of which was music to Liz’s ears.

But when Max could no longer control his bodies trembling and hold his position above her, Liz reluctantly pulled out his Dildo and rolled him on to his back, taking in the site of his heaving chest and trembling legs clearly loving the site of his glorious nude body, she took pity on him and carefully removed the cock ring, once off she threw it over her shoulder placing both hands on his chest she lifted herself over him and effortlessly guided his shaft into her body, muffling his moan of pleasure over the way her hot and sopping wet little body so snugly enveloped him.

Completely out of control by this point his hands roughly grabbed her waist and began slamming his body in and out of her, Liz completely loved his wild treatment and rode him just as hard arching her back and flinging her head back in wild abandonment, Max muffled his cries in her breasts which he was biting and sucking as best as his breathing would allow. Liz made no cries she had no breath to make them all that escaped her mouth were heavy pants and endless sounds of “Yes...Yes…Harder…Harder...” Plus the feeling of the Dildo still deeply embedded in her own ass gave her the feeling of double penetration, which further fueled her arousal.

But it couldn’t last, the intensity they were going at couldn’t go on forever and when they came, the came together Max shot wads and wads of hot cum into her, until he had nothing left to give, and yet Liz’s body continued milking him for more.

They collapsed on the bed a heaving tangle of arms and legs it was virtually impossible to tell where one ended and the other began, so tied together they were. Loathe to part, completely sapped of all energy they allowed their bodies to cool.

“God, that near killed me.” Max said a good half-hour later his voice utterly hoarse it sounded like a frog croaking.

Liz giggled in response and lightly teased him. “I’m sorry baby, I though you were enjoying yourself, I guess I’ll have to contain myself and never do it again.”

“Oh no, One way or another I’ll survive.” Max croaked.

“My Hero! You know I have all kinds of other toys in that box?” Liz teased.

“God Help me!” Max groaned.

“God, or Me?” Liz naughtily asked.

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posted on 31-Dec-2001 6:40:10 AM by Pussycat
FAITH!! *angel* BABE!!! *big* you damn near killed this kitty. You kept this one quite and its your first??? *shy*(shock face) TOTALLY MIAOWLESS!!!! You are such a naughty, lil' tiger *giggle*
LOVED IT, f*ck I ADORED IT!!! But can you read minds or what girlfriend??????? You beat me to it, this was something like what was on my hard drive to post next but yours is just to die for!!! I've got more kitty's to play with purrrrrr. LOVE IT!! Now we can REALLY have some pervy fun *naughtiest and excited giggles EVER!!!!*big* *big* THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU, now sothering you in purrs and licks. COMEBACK WITH MORE FLUFF SOON!!! PURRLEASE!!

Phae, I can't wait till tuesday either *big* because maybe then you can add a lil' of something naughty too * giggle* no one does perv as good as you babe *tongue* so you come back soon too!! *bounce* Major licks for the comments btw, kitty humbled!!


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posted on 1-Jan-2002 2:25:21 PM by maxiesdreamgirl
This is total genius babe and I just had to tell you that too *naughty giggles*
And as Kitty *giggles* said PLEASE post more here soon!
Thanx sososo much for caring and sharing it with us x


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It took me 2 days to work up the courage to open this thread again, I was kinda afried I had bored people, I never expeceted the kind of response I got, Pussycat, latahart getting that from you two of my favorite smutt queens trully touched me, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! *big*

You can't believe how worried I was I never though of myself as a good writter, but I don't know I had that thought in my head and I just had to put on paper. I glad people liked it. *bounce*

Just to let you know I wrote a 2nd story that I'll post here later tonight I hope you all will enjoy it as much as this one.

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This follows Phae challage only for the life of me I couldn't come up with a place to tie Max up, Max just had other ideas I guess...

I Won't Tell

Liz walks into the plush offices of one millionaire Max Evans, she was nervous as hell she was here because her grades in high school had won her an internship for Evans Inc. much to the joy of her family. She had been sitting outside the personal department waiting for her work assignment when the big shot Mr. Evans himself had walked by and took one look at her and told her to follow him to his office. She at once did what she was told; at 17 she was a very well behaved girl you see.

He told her to sit down in an expensive chair in front of his beautiful desk; he proceeded to interview her asking her various questions and every so often looking at her crossed legs especially the point where her skirt had ridden up showing a creamy expanse of thigh, in response to his looks she felt her core become wet with desire. He was a very handsome attractive man every girls dream boy he wasn’t wearing a coat and his arms were behr he had folded his sleeves up showing the muscles of his arms to perfection. She wanted him, and if the way he was looking at her said anything he wanted her to.

Taking a chance she slowly sensuously uncrossed her legs, loving the way his eyes darkened at her movements. Claiming the room was to hot for her she began unbuttoning her shirt giving him a good look at the shear bra underneath, Mr. Evans made no point in stopping her. Taking that as a cue to continue Liz got up from her chair walked toward the door and locked it. On her way back she slowly removed the shirt form her shoulders and stood in front of him where he was still sitting on top of the desk and if the bulge in his pants was any indication he was hard as a rock.

Mr. Evans looked up and down at the beautiful girl in front of him, his gaze stopping at her rosy and very hard nipples her shear bra did nothing to conceal. In a very hoarse voice he finally spoke. “Your only 17, and I’m 28, we can’t do this.” His voice lacked conviction though so placing her hands behind herself she lowered the zipper of her skirt once it was down she removed her hands and let the skirt drop leaving her wearing only the shear bra and an equally shear thong that showed of her beautiful body to perfection.

“I promise not to tell if you won’t, Mr. Evans.” Liz said softly.

“Max…” He said forcefully “My name is Max.” and with that he roughly pulled her beautiful body fully in to his capturing her lips in a hot kiss that Liz returned with equal adore, it was a hot meshing of mouths and tongues his hands couldn’t stop wandering her ripe little body. After an unknown amount of time Max finally pulled away from her wonderfully sweet mouth.

“Tell me Liz, how’s your DICK-tation?” Max hoarsely asked a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“Perfect.” Liz breathlessly answered.

Walking away from her toward his closet he took out some ties, which he placed on the desk. He began undressing once he was completely naked he took Liz back in his arms and expertly removed her bra and panties. Liz didn’t remain impassive during this time her breath had caught in her throat at the first sight of his monster cock, it was so big and thick she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it so when he took her in his arms she wrapped both hands on his cock and began working it, rubbing it up and down, loving every moan of pleasure she stroked from him. Until Max finally stopped her not wanting to cum to soon.

Picking her up in his strong arms he seated her on the edge of the desk kneeling down in front of her he opened her sweet thighs wide and buried his face in her fragrant pussy and proceeded to eat her like she had never been eaten before sucking, nibbling, licking, hardening his tongue like a small cock and driving it in to her core till his teeth scraped her dewy lips. Her hands took firm hold of his head using it as leverage to rock her sopping pussy into his face, moaning and groaning her pleasure. He took her to orgasm 3 times this way until Liz was no more than a mass of writhing trembling flesh.

After her 3rd orgasm he removed his head from her core and slowly stood up and took in the sight of his beautiful lover, her heaving chest, trembling body completely turned him on even more his hard cock was no longer moving so hard and rigid it was pouring a steady stream of pre-cum which was dripping on to the floor, his face resembled a glazed doughnut so covered in her juices he was, but he wasn’t done. Gently taking her in his arms again he laid her down on the desk, belly against the desk, feet on the floor and spread wide he took the ties he had taken out earlier and with 2 tied her arms on the desk and the with 2 more he tied her ankles to the desk legs tight enough to prevent movement and yet cause her no pain.

Liz made no protest the position gave her new energy and she couldn’t wait for what was coming next. Max didn’t disappoint her. Taking position between her spread thighs he took his iron hard cock and began teasing her clit with it.

“Now lets see if your DICK-tation is as perfect as you claim.” Max said, that was the only warning he gave before he drove his monster cock hard into her, Liz gasped at his violent entry, but she felt no pain, his earlier attention had left her so wet and soft she took him in easily, so all she felt was a wonderful fullness and a deep ache for harder and rougher treatment. Which she was all eagerness to vocalize out loud.

“Max…Max…Please…Harder….Faster…Deeper…Please I need more….More” Liz screamed over and over.

Hearing her pleas he did just that. Driving in so hard and deep Max and Liz could swear he was touching her womb. And it felt sooooooo gooooooooooood Max couldn’t believe how fucking tight she was he couldn’t get enough of it he just wanted to go on and on forever, but they were only human and soon Max couldn’t hold back his orgasm any longer, taking one hand he brought it to her clit and started rubbing hard, that was all the push she needed she came hard her pussy began clamping down on his member squeezing and releasing it hard. Her orgasm triggered his and he shot wads and wads of hot cum in to her so much cum he was sure she had pumped him dry for at least a week.

Slowly, Max with a little difficulty his hands were trembling so hard he finally unties Liz, and they both fall back on the chair Liz had been sitting on back when all this started. Max sat back on the chair and Liz sat on top of him facing him her head buried in his neck her arms around his head stroking his damp hair. About a half hour later the cock that by all intents and purposes should have been long dead began to stir against her cum dripping pussy, upon feeling it Liz shifted and raised herself over him and with one small hand guided his monster cock back into herself. Rocking slowing over him up and down like he was her own personal stallion and she had all the time in the world to ride her mount.

Max let her have control until she sweetly came apart in his arms then he pushed himself hard into her joining her in oblivion. Lifting her head she looked into his warm amber eyes and said “So Mr. Evans was my DICK-tation perfect or not.”

“Oh Mrs. Evans that was so beyond perfect, there are no words to describe what that was…” Max lovingly replied kissing her lips sweetly. “…God Liz these games of yours just keeping getting better and better.”

“Hmmm…well just wait till you get a load of what I have planned for you next.” She impishly answered.

I can go on with this one if you like...

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Subject: Master of Perv . . .
Message: Damn girl I just read what you wrote . . . talk about HOT . . . that was scalding . . . you need to write more often . . . like everyday . . . You have talent . . . and a slightly perverted side (meant as a compliment) . . . WOWWWWWWWWW!!!!

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MIAOWWWWWWWW!!! Just PURRRFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kitty like, GOD did Kitty like. Kitty GOB SMACKED, kitty damn near craves MORE or else ALL her naughty lives seize to exsist. Now rubbing up your leg like a thing posessed. You're on fire gurly gurl. PURRRRLEASE write fast and COMEBACK SOON. Right HERE waiting till you do *giggles*


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Max actually worked with me on this one, hope you all enjoy. *big*

I Won't Tell– Part 2

They had intended to get dressed and go home, but it didn’t work out that way Max took one look at her bending down to pick up her clothes and that all it took for him to get hard again. He was damn sure his cock was trying to kill him but he didn’t have time to examine the motives of his lower extremities, he was to busy grabbing his wife and kissing her senseless. Liz for her part didn’t mind in the least she was more than ready to take him up again. Being married to Max for so long had build up her stamina to record proportions.

Grabbing his ass she began rubbing her hot little body all over him, while doing that an idea entered her mind that she just had to act on. Reluctantly pulling away from his hot mouth and pulled away from him, surprised he searched her face to see if something was wrong and gulped down in hunger, Liz was looking a him with a wild gleam in her eyes, the same one she got when something particularly kinky was going to be pulled on him soon.

She didn’t disappoint walking back to the chair they hade made love earlier, the one he would never be able to look at with out getting hard from now on. She ordered him to sit down, when he did so, she picked up the ties he had used on her before and tied his hands behind the chair securing him to it so he couldn’t move or touch her. Then she tied his ankles to the feet of the chair. The chair was heavy enough that no matter how much he squirmed or rocked it wouldn’t bulge and tip over.

Liz then picked up her purse that was still beside the chair making a big show of her bending over swaying her ass back and forth while rummaging for a toy she kept their for such just an occasion. Max mouth literally watered he could see her pussy clear as day opening and releasing a little of their love making juices. With out thinking tried to reach for her so that he could bury his face in her snatch and eat her, but the ties held tight and Max groaned in utter frustration. Liz heard his groan and giggled in response quickly straightening she stood facing him dangling her toy in his face.

Max’s groan got even louder when he saw it. It was a cock ring something Liz only pulled out when she wanted to have her way with him for a good long time and make sure he stayed nice and hard threw it all and not ruin her and his fun by cumming to soon.

“Now…Now, none of that baby. Turn around is fair play, honey.” She said impishly she took his cock in her hands keeling down in front of him and gave him a few good licks before taking him in her mouth completely sucking on him hard. Max’s head fell back on the chair in rapture he loved when she took him in her mouth, she gave the best blow jobs, not that he had anything to compare them to he had only made love to one woman in his whole life and he had married her, but then he never had the desire to even look at another woman. But Liz’s mouth was magic she had a way of sucking, licking, and nibbling on his hot flesh that always left him panting and begging for more always wanting more.

He always woke up each mourning with his cock in her mouth and she wouldn’t let him leave the house to go to work until he had cum once in her mouth and once in her cunt. She said because she wanted to give him incentive to come home sooner each day. Ha like even needed incentive he hated being away form her, he owed a mega cooperation, was king to a now dead alien world, he had all the money in the world and could get anything he wanted at the snap of his fingers and yet none of that mattered he didn’t feel whole until he was within touching distance of her, his lover, his best friend his everything and wife Liz. His friends had always made fun of him for that, but he didn’t care they didn’t have Liz in their lives like he did so of course they had no idea what peace and love they were missing out on. Poor…poor…fools the lot of them.

Liz released his cock and pumped him with her hands for a little while once she was satisfied with his cock firmness she carefully placed the cock ring on his manhood, and slowly got up. Max sat back and panted waiting for her next move.

Liz began to slowly sway and dance in front of him running her hands up and down her body touching herself slowly, pumping her breasts up and down, Max’s eyes darkened with each move with each touch, his gaze was so hot and intense Liz felt like he was boring holes in her body, which turned him on even more. She turned around in slow circles sensually dancing in front of him to music only she could hear. She closed her eyes and lost herself to the dance, the heat of Max’s gaze made her feel so sexy so beautiful and desired.

When her hands hit her sopping pussy she slowly inserted one finger inside feeling the mess Max had left inside her and the new wetness her body was pumping unable to stand she walked backward to the desk and sat on it, opening her eyes to slits she saw Max watching her every move. Opening her legs wide and giving him a perfect view to her dripping pussy she inserted a 2nd finger inside herself. Max’s hips began rocking up and down totally turned on by her actions wishing with all his heart that his cock was the one pumping inside of her instead of her fingers. Seeing her push a 3rd finger inside of herself, Max’s rocking became even worse.

Liz closed her eyes completely and concentrated only on the deep push of her fingers into her pussy, driving deep and hard inside of herself slowing down when she felt herself cumming. But after a while she couldn’t hold back anymore and started driving in faster, harder, panting hard at the pleasure she was giving herself, until she came hard. Max watched her intently and when he saw her dripping core contract on her fingers he groaned in want and frustration.

His groan tore her form her own little world and her gaze fell to his rocking hips and pulsing cock. She got of the desk on less than steady legs and walked up to him once in front of him she turned around her back facing him, she bent over and took his cock in her hands and guided him into herself. He hissed at the contact and moaned loud when he felt himself entering her. But she didn’t take him in fully when about half of his cock was in her she began rocking up and down working the head of his cock with almost ceaseless pleasure he so wanted to cum, he needed to cum. She was riding him to shallow, and it was pure torture but the cock ring kept him from cumming and the more she kept her steady and mad-enly slow pace the louder his moans of pleasure and frustration became.

Until he was begging her to take him deeper. “Liz…(pant)…Liz…(pant)…God please…(loud moan)… take more of it…(pant)…please deeper…(whimper)…deeper…(moan)…please honey let me cum…(pant)…I need to cum…”

She didn’t listen lost in her own world again and when she couldn’t take it any more she came apart over him, her contractions on the head of his cock only made him wilder as he uselessly tried to pump himself deeper into her. Once her contractions stopped she quickly got up and taking in his pained expression she carefully removed his cock ring and with her powers she untied the ties freeing him.

It took him less than a second for his brain to realize his freedom and he acted swiftly tumbling her to the ground he grabbed her legs and lifted them over her head spreading her wide and thrusted himself deep into her core, the relief he felt at being fully sheathed inside of her was overwhelming, he thrusted into Liz hard like his very life depended on it, he barely heard Liz’s moans of pleasure, didn’t see her trashing her head side to side in agony pleading for more. All he was aware of was he’s over whelming need to cum. But the cock ring had kept him from climax to long and it took him a little while for him to relax enough for him to cum, but when he finally did he poured a river into his Liz and yet he couldn’t stop pumping.

He remained hard inside her and when he released a 2nd explosion of hot volcanic cum, which triggered her own orgasm did he finally stop lowering her legs, he collapsed fully on her body, welcoming the sudden trembling weight of him she weakly caressed the sides of him sapped of her strength she couldn’t find the energy to wrap her legs and arms around him like she wanted.

Though boneless nothing could wipe the very satisfied smile that graced her lips, and when Max weakly lifted his head and looked at her that smile made his heart constrict in love.

“I love you so much Liz Evans.” He hoarsely said.

“I love you more.” She tried to tease but the tears in her eyes spoiled the effect, but they were happy tears and Max knew it, and he brushed them away with a shaky hand. Moving a little he buried his head in her breasts nuzzling and gently sucking and nibbling on them, both breathing a sigh of relief at being together like this they were together…they were… home…

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THUD!! Kitty goes down *giggles* and is now being carted off to the kittyvets without friggin cat in hells chance of EVER recovering!!! FAITH, Babe I TOTALLY ADORE YOUR PERV GURLY GURL it leaves Kitty wet *naughty giggles* and just begging to taste more. YOU ARE JUST THE NAUGHTIEST LIL' THING GOING my woman. I might as well just sit and read 'cus nothing that I could do can compare. Or can it??? hmmmm Miaowwww I feel a friendly catfight cuming on. Shall I dare to cumback and play??? HELL YEAH!!! See yous soon Babe and bye the bye PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRLEASE.... I'm getting greedy now *as she smacks her tongue around her whiskers* POST MORE GORGEOUS PERVIE PORN SOON!!!

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Good gravy, the master was away and the trainees decided to play!! What *AM* I going to do with you??!

How about a big box of chocolates for new trainee, Faith?? You are seriously doing well with the perv! Cock rings even... nice. More than a little risque. And I totally approved of the situation in Part One where it seemed like Liz was 17 right up until the very end. See, that pushes the perv big time. You keep reading, but in the back of your head you're thinking, "17 and 28 is just not right!" Yes, indeed, you're doing very well, Faith Evans. Enjoy your chocolates!

And as to your addendum to the food fluff- kudos. Dildos, lube, cock rings and fun positions.... well, who Can't appreciate that??? Definitely pushing the perv right there with all the back door references.

Now, trainee Pussycat- did I tell you how much I loved the way that you ended the food piece? I think I did, but the master's got a migraine this evening brought on by working overtime yesterday. You are definitely well on your way to becoming a master. We need to think of something else for you to try to pervert, though....

There's housework... with all those fun gadgets like vacuum cleaners, sponges, mops and rags. That's kind of challenging, though, and not for the novice.

There's the old plumber come a callin.... "Need your drain snaked, ma'am?"

A personal favorite is the bad schoolboy being punished by the wicked headmistress...actually, that can go both ways. Bad schoolgirl and wicked headmaster is equally fun....

There's master and servant.... which sort of leaves open a WIDE variety of perv-fu if you're feeling creative.

How about choosing one that appeals? Or create your own. But it must show a deeper level of the perv. It must push the boundaries of good taste and be creative in that you do something that's not expected in the normal land of fanfic. Beyond is your goal.

Here's a nice little kitty video for you to look at while you write. Pretty birdies and yarn to play with...

Phaedra, who's heading off to nurse the migraine...
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Yeah Phae is back and she liked my stories and she gave me a box of chocolates Thank, Thank, Thank You, I will look at the box with love for all my born days, You are to kind and as always I bow to your greatness my dear dear master...

girl6 girl6 girl6 girl6

Pussycat my greatest chearleader, your are the best my love, thank you greatly for your support you are so the best can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve *big* as for the catfight well I fear you hold the advantage but I swear on Max's cock er umm I where that come from *wink* anyways I swear I will do my utmost to hold my ground. *angel*

Phae that last challege for Pussycat got my juice going and my muse jumping up and down with glee and I was wondering I know you said anything goes here but ummm what is the position on adding real people in fics for a little fun. I wanna know before I get to writting my latest idea.

As always your most humble servent girl6


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Awww.. you're sweet!! Enjoy those chocolates.. which are meant to be eaten. The body parts involved are up to you..... but a perv-fu master would point out that chocolate melts well in certain body areas.....

As to the real people.. you have to do what your muse dictates. But I will say this- technically we can't have real people on the boards cause we could get in legal trouble. {Grumbles about lawyers and the like spoiling good, dirty fun...} I'll also throw this out: I am a strict CC person when I read stuff, especially Max and Liz. Plllllleeeease don't make me read something that'll make me sad!!!!!

But feel free to "come" up with something.... I can't wait!!!

Phaedra, the master that is STILL fighting that damned migraine

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Nah Phae my new idea doesn't involve 3somes or anthing like that, I could never have any one but Max and Liz together, My idea just well to put it simply has a little vouyerism oh a kind, you'll see it's nothing bad, and I have the distinct idea you may like it more than anyone else. Hint, Hint, that's a big one and the only one I'm giving. *big*

I so hope your head ache will go away soon.

As always your most loyal servent girl6


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GO for it!!!! I'm feeling a wee bit better and who knows? This might be the ticket to get my blood flowing better....

To my brain, that is. No, really!

Write away!!

Phaedra, who's feeling a bit better
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Kitty's so gonna hunt you down if you dont WRITE FAST and POST SOON gurly gurl. I can just taste how utterly delish it's gonna be *naughtie giggles* as I'm now rollin' about on my bac, paws in the air, tongue hangin' out in beggin' mode Purrrlease, miaowwwwww!!! See you soon???

btw licks and rubs for you PHAE, feel better so you can maybe write a lil' something for us soon....maybe a lil' SAME TIME, SAME PLACE (hint, hint *giggle*)


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Ummm Pussycat I can say the same thing about you, I'm like dying here waiting for a new part from you, So sorry my dear but until I get some kinky smutt from you I'm not posting my new one it's only fair, I have a itch to and your just the kitty to scrach it. *wink*

Nah actually my site is going threw a little drama right now and I have to get to fixing that before I can type that idea of mine. It's killing me Max and Liz have all these things they want to do and yet these damn servers of mine won't let me get to it. *sad*

I'll start writting once this drama of mine is cleared up. In the mean time I expect lots of good porn form all of you.

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Mistress Phaedra lifts her head up and mutters, "CRAP!"

How about a migraine fic??? How about that?? Put those awesome hands to good use!!!!!!!
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This is a repost since the first one was lost I'm still working on Part 2, I got side tracked cause I started a fic on the main board called Takin' Back What's Mine Please take a look at it, and if you hate it, please don't tell me, weak ego here *wink*

Desire Unleashed

Max was walking behr foot on the shore of a lake at his brother’s house he hadn’t been home in over 2 years and a lot had changed in that time. Zan he’s brother was 10 years older and last year Zan had taken a wife, Phaedra from one of slaves on his properties and almost unheard of thing in their society of Antar. But then Zan had always gone his own way. And after meeting his new sister in law it was quite easy to see why Zan had had thrown tradition to the wind and followed his heart.

Phaedra was a raving beauty, had a wonderful sense of humor, brains, and a naughty side that kept Zan very busy in the marriage bed. Which was why he was taking a walk outside Zan and Phae had apparently forgotten he was in the room with them and had begun taking each other’s clothes left and right and as beautiful as Phae body was, she was his sister in law and he respected her as such. Besides there was only so much of Zan’s body he wanted to see before Max was traumatized for life. So he left them alone to their happy lovemaking.

So here he was walking the lakeshore wondering if he would ever be lucky enough to find the love Zan had so clearly found. He was 24 years old and many people over the years had often told him he was the mirror image of his brother Zan that if it weren’t for the 10-year difference they would be identical twins. But Max unlike Zan never got close to a woman, no woman had ever tempted him he traveled far and wide looking for his other half since he was 19 and as of yet never found anyone which even made him want to look twice at. He was beginning to wonder if he ever would.

So deep in thought was he, he almost missed movement in the water out in the corner of his eye. Surprised that he wasn’t alone he turned his head to see who could be out here in the middle of this humid night. And was struck dumb by the site that beheld him. An ultra beautiful nude woman was slowly sensually walking out of the lake. Her hands were on her head squeezing the water out of her hair. Every line of her body was clearly marked by the light of the twin moons of Antar. Her body was dripping water making her look like a beautiful water nymph that was visiting the mortal world and he was trespassing on her playtime.

But the gold arm bracelet clearly identified her as one of Zan’s slaves. Hypnotized by her beauty he stealthy walked closer to get a better look. The girl walked to a blanket she must have left earlier and laid down on it on her back stretching her arms over her head and stretched her body arching her back in a manner that left Max salivating in arousal, and his cock hardening with each shift of her body.

She lowered her arms and placed her hands on her breasts and began squeezing the small but firm and pert globes. He couldn’t help but notice they were the perfect size to be swallowed whole by his mouth. After a while of petting her breasts one hand moved slowly down her chest and stomach and buried itself in her pussy. Spreading her legs wide to get better access to herself he clearly saw her insert one finger inside herself and watched her slowly ride it. This proved to be too much his cock became as hard as iron he had to release himself before causing himself some serious damage. With out taking his eyes of her he quickly took of his pants and shirt until he was as naked as her. His hands took firm hold of his cock and he pumped it slowly in time with her movements. He wasn’t worried about being seen as he was hiding behind some bushes and she was so busy with herself.

He had no idea how long they stayed that way. But soon it proved too much and the girl on the blanket began tossing her head back and forth moaning her pleasure. And when she finally climaxed to his utter surprise it was his name she shouted over and over. Hearing his name on her lips at such a moment brought about his own climax and he shot his seed onto the ground. No longer caring if she saw him or not. He stepped away form the bushes and approached her. He fell on his knees beside her.

In shock she made a mad dash to try to cover herself up from him. But he was quicker he took her hands and pinned them over her head and he pushed his body firmly into her preventing any movement. His mouth came down hard on her forcing it to open for his kiss, plundering it. He loved the sweet taste of her he couldn’t get enough of it. She squirmed her body trying to get away form him. So he gentled his kiss doing his utmost to seduce her into submission.

When he felt her body soften and she began to return his kiss did he finally break away. He stared into her eyes loving the deep chocolate brown color of them. He moved his body a little off her and took a quick survey of the beauty laid out under him. It was exquisite with curves in all the right places. The body of a goddess and before this night was over he would mark every part of her as his.

He didn’t ask for permission, No thoughts ran threw his head except one “Mine, Mine, Mine, all Mine!” He had one goal and by god he would complete it. This was so unlike him, he was usually so controlled so sensitive of the people around him and in the back of his mind he was aware of it. But he didn’t care he was an animal in heat who had seen his mate and now he was claiming her. And if she didn’t agree that was too bad but before this night was over he was sure she would.

He began kissing her face nuzzling his face like a kitten in her neck, her breathing grew deep and he loved the way her breasts rubbed his chest as a result. He lowered his head and took one pert nipple in to his mouth nibbling it gently with his teeth until it was as hard as a little pebble in his mouth. He switched to the other and laved it with the same attention. Once it was nice and hard he sucked the whole breast into his mouth. Her moan of satisfaction was pure music to his ears. The taste and feel of her breast was better than any candy he had ever had and it was just like he had thought earlier her breast was the perfect size for his mouth. Almost as if they had been made just for him.

He was in heaven and if the moan coming from her throat were any indication so was she. He rolled her breast in his mouth before releasing it to nibble on the side and on the nipple before taking it fully in his mouth once again, swallowing it whole. Once that breast became to sensitive he moved on to the other until both her breasts were swollen and red from his attention. No longer feeling any resistance from her he finally let her hands go and he took his body completely off of her sitting back on his knees. She groaned in protest at the loss of his warmth. He kissed her on the mouth sweetly then he began nibbling, licking, and kissing her behr flesh leaving a wet trail down to her pussy.

Once there he placed his hands on her firm round bottom and lifted her to his face upon finding her sopping wet he brought his mouth down hard on her and began gulping down her juices like a drowning man who had gotten his first taste of water in years. The smell and taste of her drove him mad with desire and he began moaning and grunting his pleasure on her clit which stimulated her desire even more releasing more of her tasty juices on to his talented tongue. He was stimulating her so well that she quickly came to orgasm letting loose a river of juices which he happily gulped down.

Tearing himself away from her snatch was about the hardest thing he had ever done but his own organ was pulsing and dripping pre-cum on the blanket, Max needed his own release. He lowered her back down and began kissing his way back up. Burring his face in her neck her hands were all over his back caressing him, with his hands he spread her legs wide, he placed one hand by her head lifting his head up he supported his weight on that one arm his other hand took a firm hold on his very erect cock leading it straight to her very wet opening.

Once at the entrance he began pushing it home she was so tight he knew right away she was a virgin. She began to writhe under him little cries of distress leaving her mouth. Desperately he fought for control the effort tearing up at his guts. “Shh, Shh baby, I know just let me get in completely, Shh It will get better I swear…” Once he got the tip into her tight pussy he pulled out a little rocking his hips a little pushing a little more into her in slight movements that coaxed her muscles to relax. Little by Little he pushed inside until he hit her barrier. Knowing there was no turning back at this point he placed his free hand on the top of her stomach closing his eyes he concentrated on visualizing her barrier and began dissolving it. Once it was completely gone he repeated his actions from before until his fat 9 inch cock was fully embedded.

She was so tight so hot, so perfect every cell in his body was screaming at him to begin thrusting inside her. But he fought back his most primal animalistic desires and lowered his body into her lush soft one. Taking both hands he framed her face and began kissing her lips, eyes, nose anywhere he could reach giving her the time to become accustomed to his huge size.

His careful attentions worked, her distressed cries were replaced with soft sighs, which were then replaced by moans of deep pleasure at being so deliciously filled. And when he felt her bucking her hips trying to bring him in deeper. That was all he needed to feel, he slowly began to withdrawal from her until only the fat mushroom tip was left inside of her and slowly pushed back into her again. She was so tight around him it felt like he was breaking new ground all over again. The feeling of such tight pussy walls caressing his rock hard member was beyond awe inspiring, it was almost like he was bathing his cock in hot liquid fire, while being squeezed hard by a tight fist. He kept his pace mad-enly slow sweat breaking out of every pore of his body fighting to bring her to pleasure first. He began stirring his cock in slow circles with each of his thrusts almost like he was trying to stir her juices into a nice froth.

She for her part was trashing her head back and forth panting heavily her eyes closed in utter rapture her mouth open wide moaning, whimpering, making all kinds of beautiful music to his ears. She also wrapped her legs around his hips meeting each of his slow thrusts digging her feet into his tight ass. After an hour of such sweet torture the walls of her pussy which Max could have sworn could not get any tighter clamped down hard as she screamed her orgasm screaming his name at the top of her lungs. At the sound of her release he hooked her legs on his arms raised himself to his knees and began to pump his cock deep and hard into her with each thrust he picked up speed until he was moving deeply within her his hips were moving in a fast blur.

Opening her up real wide she was utterly at his mercy all she could do is spread her arms out wide back fingers digging into the ground back arched deeply back in an attempt to anchor herself. Her breasts bouncing every which way due to his hard thrusts, he was like an animal his own back was arched back his head was thrown back as well as he grunted his pleasure loud to the stars above. Feeling his cock become even harder and bigger inside her and his balls constrict he let out a yell of triumph to the gods above shooting wads and wads of hot cum into her equally hot cunt.

Carefully and with shaky hands he lowered her legs back to the ground completely exhausted he laid down beside her never breaking contact with her lower half with shaky hands he caressed her face and murmured sweet nothings into her ears. In complete and utter peace with the world for the first time in his life. After about a half hour of cuddling she opened her eyes looking deeply into his the utter love he saw in them shattered and empowered him, instantly making him hard within her again she gasped in surprise.

Quickly and carefully getting to his feet with out breaking contact bringing the blanket with him he loosely wrapped it around them. Looking deep into her beautiful eyes he asked. “What’s your name?”

“Liz.” Was her hoarse reply.

“Liz, that’s beautiful…” kissing her sweet swollen lips lightly he began walking to the big house cock deeply embedded within her each step he took tousled her a bit on him making them both moan in pleasure “…Well Liz were going to your new home a nice big fluffy bed that neither of us will leave for a very long time.”

TBC – Next part will be told completely in Liz POV and expect more nookie.


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posted on 23-Jan-2002 11:32:21 PM by Phaedra223
Thank goodness this wasn't lost, Faith! Hope you're still working on the sequel from Liz's POV!

Most excellent!!

posted on 25-Jan-2002 10:38:59 PM by Faith Evans
Desire Unleashed – Part 2

It had been a week, one glorious absolutely beautiful week since Max had found her and taken her for that matter out by the lake. Since then he had more than made good on his promise on not leaving that big fluffy bed of his anytime soon, Max had taken her so many times in so many positions, and when it looked like her body could not take another round he would heal her aches and pains reading her body for yet another round the stamina of that man was awe inspiring, she loved every moment of it.

Liz still couldn’t believe this was happening to her, she had been in love with Max since she was 14 years old, he was 5 years her senior and before that moment out by the lake she knew for a fact he had never laid eyes on her. She had been a newly acquired slave with out family and friends, she had been sent to live with the other orphan children Zan collects to protect from the illegal child brothels that spring out despite Zan’s family attempts to wipe them out completely. Thanks to Zan she had a roof over her head a top-notch education, but not many friends, she was to shy to make any.

So she had a lot of time on her hands after school, so she began rooming Zan’s property up and down. No one thought anything of it and it was during one of these rooming trips that she saw Max for the first time. She was 14 and he was 19 it was the day before he started traveling the galaxy in search for adventure she thought. But since that first glimpse she had been in love with him. When her young body started experiencing urges it was Max’s face she pictured. When she was old enough to understand what sex was it was Max she wanted to teach her the joys of physical love.

She had given up all hope of that ever happening when Max stayed away for 2 years doing what ever it was he did in his travels. But she still allowed herself to dream and then that night by the lake happened and all those imaginings went right out the window cause the real thing had been so much better. Lying on her stomach stretching her hands over her back the memories drifting lazily behind her eyes. She felt a finger drawing small circles down her behr back when he reached her bottom she felt his warm hand gently squeezing the round globes. Moaning softly with pleasure, Liz lifted her head and looked at him with lust in her eyes.

He was lying on his side one hand holding his head up, moving his free hand to cup her face he began caressing her cheek. “Has anyone told you, you have the most beautiful eyes?” He huskily asked, his voice hoarse from all their strenuous activities. She blushed at his words and she buried her face in his neck. He couldn’t help but laugh at her blush.

“My little Lizzie…” he chuckled laying down on his back and wrapping both strong arms around her he kissed the top of her head. “I can’t believe you can still blush, after all we have done in this room I would have thought that impossible…” lifting her head up to look in to those beautiful eyes again “…especially after that little incident in the shower 2 days ago.” Max wiggled his eyebrows up and down clearly remembering that night. She straddled his hips lowering herself down his body until his very hard erection rubbed against her bottom. She began nuzzling his chest and whispered “Would you like a repeat performance of that night.”

“Yes pleaseeeeeeeeeee.” Was his very happy reply, laughing softly she leaned up over him kissing him hotly on the lips as she remembered that particular shower he was so eager to reenact.


Inside Liz’s head

We were in the shower rubbing soap in all kinds of interesting places. Max soon became tired of using soap carelessly dropping it into its holder and began rubbing my pussy with his very talented fingers. I moaned loudly when he inserted first one then two fingers into my churning cunt, lifting a leg and wrapping it around his hip I began rocking myself into his fingers.

“Liz, God, Baby you feel so good!!!!!! Your so tight on my fingers, I can’t wait to get my cock inside you again! Do you want my cock inside you baby?” Max breathed into my ear; embarrassed by his frank talk I buried my head in his chest. Using his free hand to lift my head up to look at him, while continuing to push his fingers in my tight heat.

“Liz don’t do that, every time I say something frank you turn away, do I offend you when I talk dirty?” Max asked his concern for me clear.

“No.” Was my gasping answer.

“Then what is it baby, I can tell by looking at you that something is bothering you besides embarrassment.” He continued asking while pumping his fingers deeply, hitting a particularly pleasurable spot, I could do nothing more than dissolve in his arms. Max held me close he left his fingers inside my cunt letting my juices cover his hand once my trembling was under control he gently removed his hand and licked his fingers and hand clean. I helplessly watched him, becoming aroused by his actions.

Once his hand was licked clean, Max washed all evidence of our latest encounter form my body. Turning of the water he carried me out and gently sat me on the long sink counter making no move to grab any of the big fluffy towels to dry him or me. Taking both hands he framed my face I could tell he was determined to get to the bottom of what ever he felt was bothering me.

“So why do you turn away form me, when ever I ask you if you want or like something?” Max asked.

Sitting as I was I couldn’t escape him. And lying to him was out of the question. “I’m a slave and you’re my Master’s brother, I’m here to serve, as a slave I shouldn’t have desires.” I told him honestly, it was also clear he didn’t like my answer and he said so.

“I know my brother, and I know for a fact he doesn’t consider his slaves beneath him, he goes all out for them, and the fact he fell in love and married one says a lot on that fact. And I for one share his belief, have I ever done anything to make you feel inferior?”

“No, but I’m no Phaedra, and…” I would have said more but Max stopped me by wrapping his arms around me he placed his chin on my head, rubbing my back in a soothing motion. Unhappy with this depressing turn to our time together, I was all too happy to wrap myself around his warm hard frame. But the reprieve was brief and soon Max spoke again.

“No matter what I say, or how fervently I say it, words are not going to change your mind, that idea of yours is to deeply ingrained for mere words to dislodge it, no actions are needed here…” pushing me a bit away from him he looked me right in the eye and said “…We will not leave this room until you realize the true meaning of the word slave, and that you are far more to me than a mere slave, and believe me Liz, before this is over you will be ordering me to fulfill your desires and we will both enjoy it immensely, this I swear.”

Shocked at his words, I had no time to think about what he met by that, because he started his lesion.

“On you knees Liz.” Max ordered, his voice hard broking no room for disagreement. This was a side I had never seen before his face was set in stone and when he said it again I was helpless not to respond. I slowly got of the counter and slid my body down till I was on my knees his cock was hard and pulsing in my face. He took his cock in his hand and the back of my head with the other.

“Now, I want you to suck, lick, and nibble my cock and balls.” He ordered in that same hard voice. I began to understand what he was up to, he said he wanted me to know the true meaning of the word slave, and I guess he thought I would find this revolting that I would fight back and refuse to do it. I had heard girls back in the dorms commenting on how sick it was to do something like that to guy especially if he came in your mouth. And while it was true I had never done this before I just couldn’t see any part of Max as revolting.

I opened my mouth wide and he fed me his cock. It felt huge and wonderful in my mouth; I instantly loved the taste of him. Max didn’t ram himself in my mouth; he was quite gentle despite the tone of his voice that ordered me into this position.

I began to suck lightly on the tip of his cock, loving the feel of the large mushroom cap, and if the pulsing of his thick meat was any indication he was greatly enjoying my ministrations. I released the head of his cock and began working soft wet kissing down the length of him until I reached his hanging balls, remembering his instructions I began tonguing his balls feeling the 2 egg shaped sacks inside. He must have really loved this cause he began to softly moan his pleasure. He moved both hands to my head and began caressing my head he still didn’t push himself on me though.

I left his sensitive balls and began liking my way back to the top of his cock, once I was back at the head of his cock, I began rolling my tongue around the sensitive head, I kept my eyes firmly fixed on Max’s face while I did this, Max really must have loved what I was doing cause I saw him lean his head back and hiss his pleasure to the ceiling. Empowered by his response I prepared myself to take as much as I could in to my mouth, which amounted to about a little less than half of him.

“Good, baby, very good…” he gasped hoarsely. “Now suck on it baby, suck on it hard.” He ordered.

I did I formed a tight seal, well as tight as I possible could and began to pull back forming a tight suction hearing Max groan excited me and when I released his cock with a pop, his hands on my head tightened as if trying to get me to take him in again. I did I surrounded the base of his cock with both of my hands surprised on how tiny they looked in contrast to his pulsing shaft. And began working the base with my hands every so often one of my hands would move down and work his balls.

With time I found the muscles in my mouth relaxing and I found if I leaned my head back a little I could take more of him in, he seemed to like this a lot cause his moaning became that much louder. He was passed the point of issuing orders about the only sounds coming out of his mouth at this stage was “Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Yes baby, like that…” and so on.

I felt his legs tighten, digging my nails into his hips I relaxed my mouth and found I could take his whole cock inside, the feeling was indescribable to me it almost felt like when he was deeply buried within my pussy, I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure. It must have felt good to him cause he hands tightened on my scalp and he thrusted a little into my mouth. Loving the response I moaned again. I began working his shaft in and out of my mouth. I began fucking him with my mouth like it was a pussy, and I thanked the gods that my people didn’t have a gag reflex like some others did.

I fucked him good and hard this way, every so often letting out a moan to further drive him wild. He lost all control and he began pushing my head down his thick pole not that I needed the extra help, I let him take over and concentrated my energies on making my mouth as tight as possible sucking him hard to give him greater pleasure. It soon proved to much for him, his legs began trembling and he was working my head hard on his shaft until finally he erupted in my mouth, great big wads of cum, now I had felt him shoot his cum before but it had always been inside of me, feeling it in my mouth was a entirely different matter, I had to learn to swallow fast or else drown in it, since he didn’t stop fucking my mouth hard, despite my best efforts a lot managed to leak out of my mouth

When he finally stopped cumming he stumbled back wards pulling his semi hard cock from my mouth a string of hot cum connected my mouth and his hot pole. I began using my fingers to clean the mess on my face sucking them clean. My eyes were opened wide and trained on his face; he watched my every move his beautiful amber eyes darkening with fresh desire over my smutty actions. What can I say I found I really like the taste of it, I as sure wouldn’t mind a repeat of them anytime soon.

Dropping to his knees he took my face and with a hoarse voice he ordered me to get up and lean on the counter, I did I noticed his voice wasn’t as hard now, more husky then usual making the sound the feeling of a rough caress. Once I was in place he opened my butt cheeks and buried his nose and mouth in my dripping pussy. I grabbed on to the sink hard like my vary life depended on it. I knew what was coming next he had had me in this position numerous times. And I also knew he could keep me here for a very long time, Max could not get enough of my taste and had told me that many, many times. Plus given his earlier promise to make me beg my desires I knew I was in trouble.

And boy was I, the man sucked me, nibbled me, licked me with that talented tongue of his, even hardening it and fucking my pussy with it like a small cock. He was ruthless; he took me to orgasm 4 times this way. Never letting me enjoy one before driving me up and into the next one. He reduced me to a mass writhing flesh, and I couldn’t hold my own weight but he wouldn’t let me lie down he only supported my weight on his strong arms keeping me in place for his talented tongue. After my fifth orgasm I no longer just moan and groaning my desire but I began to plead to be able to lie down, I couldn’t stand it the pleasure was to much and my legs were trembling so much.

It was just the reaction he was waiting for, because I only had to ask once, he gently laid me down on the plush white carpet in the huge bath room, the softness of the carpet felt so nice on my back and it was such a relief to be of my feet. Threw half closed eyes I looked at Max I saw that he hadn’t gone unaffected by his ministrations. His face resembled a glazed donut his cock was no longer just semi hard but was straight and at attention, his muscles in his chest pulsed as he contemplated his next move.

He didn’t keep me waiting long; with out warning he lifted my hips to his face and began eating me again. I could do nothing but spread my arms wide on either side of me in an effort to anchor myself. A flash of our first time flashed threw my mind then quickly left as I once again drowned in the pure pleasure Max was giving me. He brought me to 3 more orgasms this way, I was helplessly me tossing my head, soon I needed more, And while what he was doing to me was beyond great, I needed to feel him inside me. And he knew it to, but he made no move to give me what I wanted, instead he started talking to me.

“Mmmm, Lizzie, you know what you did to me earlier felt awesome, but I got to say eating you like this feels so much better, I could stay this way forever…”

I groaned at the thought, I knew he very well could do just that, just to prove his point.

“What you don’t want that, well since I can’t very well read minds and you won’t tell me what you want, and you taste and feel so wonderful Liz what else is there to do…” He asked all innocent, while taking gentle nibbles of my clit.

Oh god he really was bound and determined to make me say it, and when I felt him take my nub of pleasure in his teeth and began working it with his tongue. I gave up, I needed more and I couldn’t take this torture much longer I needed to feel him inside of me.

“Max…I need more…” I hesitantly began. At the sound of my voice he instantly stopped he lowered my legs to the ground and looked me straight in the eye.

“What exactly do you need Liz, tell me I need you to tell me exactly what you want.” He began to play with my wet flesh with his fingers never breaking contact with my eyes.

“I…I…I need you inside me…” God this was hard, I was so embarrassed but my desire was to great and in an effort to get what I needed I could feel that shy Liz slipping away. At this request he pushed his pinkie finger into my churning cunt, at this I groaned loud in utter frustration, I had had enough, he was still playing with me, and for the first time in my whole life I voiced (more like screamed) my wants.

“I need you cock, I need you buried inside of me to the very hilt I want you to fuck me hard, so hard I’ll be unable to walk for days, I want your cock imprinted on my body so even when you pull out I will still feel you inside of me, AND I NEED IT NOW!” Max would later tell me I sounded like a wildly aroused and very angry woman possessed and he had never been so turned on his life before.

“All you had to do was ask.” He replied and with that he flipped me over placing me on my hands and knees, he spread my butt cheeks with his hands and his cock with the sense of a homing pigeon found its way home, entering my churning cunt in one thrust, mounting me like a stallion does a mare, I was afraid to move for a moment I had never been so suddenly impaled, Max had always been gentle with me, working his cock slowly into me always giving me time to adjust to his huge size.

Now my pussy pulsated uncontrollably stretched to the limits by his cock, but feeling it throb inside of me excited me greatly and I began moving back and forth on his massive pole. I felt the veins of his shaft rub against me, some how in this position he felt so much bigger; so much more massive it felt like I was being stretched to all new limits. He soon took control of our rhythm working my hips back and forth and it was all I could do to hold my position. His thrusts were all powerful; he reached places inside of me he hadn’t touched before. Soon he was pulling all the way out of me until only his tip remained only to ram it back into me each time getting deeper and deeper inside of me. His cock was literally sawing me in half, my pussy felt like it was being split in two, and I loved it, No longer afraid I ordered him take me harder, to take even deeper, I was so out control I wanted to feel him in my belly.

Our pace was so out of control, so fast, despite my wish for it to last forever, it couldn’t I released I virtual river of cum on to his cock when I finally reached orgasm I think I heard Max yell out an ‘oh yeah’ at that, but seeing how my own screams of fulfillment were so loud, I can’t be sure. And when I felt him let loose his own wads of hot cum into my pulsing pussy I reached a 2nd orgasm that sent my head straight to the clouds. I must have passed out cause the next thing I remember was being in Max’s arms still on the floor, but I was lying on his heaving chest and with shacking hinds he was caressing my body and cooing softly to me. My pussy felt sore and well fucked and I could feel it leaking our love juices onto his now soft member. I gave a silent prayer of thanks cause despite his healings powers I knew it would be a long while before I was ready for another round.

I lifted my weak head from his chest and gave him what I hoped was a very loving and satisfied smile. I felt his cock twitch but thankfully it stayed down. And with a very hoarse voice he said “See that wasn’t so hard was it.”


Remembering that very hot night made Liz horny beyond belief postponing the torture session she had wanted to play on him, she instead took his hot cock into her body riding him like stallion. She held on to his hands for leverage, looking at him threw narrow slits she saw how intently he was watching her bouncing breasts. She urged him to lean up, he was all too happy to comply once he was sitting up he took one of her perfect breasts into his mouth swallowing it whole. She wrapped her arms around his head and continued riding him until she reached compilation. When he felt her orgasm he flipped her backwards, she bounced once and then he was on her and in her once again taking her hard and fast until he reached orgasm to.

They cuddled together until he lifted his head and in a little boy voice asked her. “I thought you said we were going to repeat that day in the shower?”

She laughed at his little boy imitation and in her most seductive and assertive voice answered “Who said we were done, besides I have a better idea for us to try instead.”

His cock stirred and roared back to attention. “God I love it when you go assertive and creative on me…” Her answer was to roll them over and proceeded to ravish him.

# # # # #

Phaedra stood outside Max’s door when she began hearing the moaning and groaning of a couple making love a satisfied smile graced her beautiful face.

It had taken all of Phae’s skill and cunning but in the end she had pulled off the greatest match of the century. When she had learned of Liz’s crush on Max she had known she would make a perfect wife for her brother in law. Plus she was tired of her husband’s endless complaining on Max’s endless travels for his dreamgirl. He was giving the other great houses to much hope that their daughter would catch the eye of the last free heir of the Evans small rich empire, by waiting to take a wife for so long.

So now her husband would be happy to know Max would be settling down, and in the processes be gaining a sweet sister in law in Liz, and that the other shallow families that Zan wanted no part of would finally be off his back.

Yes Phae had done a great job, quietly entering her suite of rooms, she closed the door behind her, removing the simple robe she was wearing she walked naked to her husband who was restlessly tossing and turning of their bed.

At her touch he calmed instantly he buried his head in her breasts and muttered “You were gone to long, I was getting lonely.”

“I was only gone less than a minute.” She replied softly.

“Like I said you were gone to long...” He sounded wide-awake now, he pulled her underneath him and she felt his desire for her pulsing on her inner thigh. She moaned in pleasure and opened her legs wide hissing in pleasure when he drove home. “… But I know a way you can make it up to me...” They began to make beautiful love and all talk flew out the window.

Ok I had a lot of trouble writting this part, I had an idea in my head but getting it down was difficult, maybe because I have a hard time visualizing a submissive Liz, must be the feminist in me *big* I have deleted and restarted so many times but I hope the end product is to your satisfaction.


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wow.... that was very wow! Damn, I love showers. Bathrooms. All the positions and sensations and smells. Mmmm... you did an excellent job. Loved every bit of it, including the change in positions at the end. Very appropriate somehow.

And yes, Liz had to be submissive, but don't you know that sometimes, that can be a strength all it's own? She certainly was doing what he told her to do, but he got so turned on by it that she gained the upper hand.

I really like how you did that. Very good job!

And then you through in a cameo of me in there! That is so sweet of you-brought a smile to my face!

I just want to compliment you on your writing. This last bit was very good. Flow was superb, as usual. But what I really liked was the exploration of sensuality.

Great job!!!!!

Phaedra *big* *big* *big*
posted on 28-Jan-2002 2:35:55 AM by Faith Evans
Ahh thank you Phae, I was kinda worried about this part I re-wrorked it so much I was kinda afried it showed, you are way to kind, so I finiashe part to does this mean we are going to see your idea, and show us what a Master writes, I can't wait to read it, I hope your muse will let you!

As always your most humble servent girl6


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OMG, I love your Smutt, and this was just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you accepted the invitation and have deceded to join us here!!!!!!!!

Phae you have a new traniee *bounce**bounce**bounce*

posted on 10-Feb-2002 12:25:19 AM by Phaedra223
You know.. I think my trainees are getting more and more advantanced.... Damn...

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but daaaammmn. The Perv is strong on this thread.

Welcome Dreamer 20001! I wondered if you'd ever make your way over here... and now that you have, you chose an excellent entree into the Perv-fu. Always get points for interesting positions. Also get points for stamina.

Let's see... I'm supposed to give suggestions on making it even more of a perv-fu story. I suppose you could have had Max talk to Liz more, describing what he's doing. Course you would have to make the dialogue perverted. That would be challenging.

Another thing that's fun to do with the doggie style position is play around with the fact that the woman can't see the man. Who can basically do just about anything.... use just about anything... well, I don't need to draw you a picture, do I??

I'll end by saying points to you for a fun romping read!

*big* Phae
posted on 12-Feb-2002 4:43:23 PM by AmorporML very hot!

Faith Evens - I love this story. The idea of Liz as a slave on Antar and Max and Zan are both a wonderful! Have you thought about turning this into a full length story? There is so much you could do with this story. I bet a lot of people would enjoy it.
posted on 17-Feb-2002 2:16:40 AM by dreamer20001

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posted on 17-Feb-2002 11:27:08 PM by Phaedra223
Good with the creativity in terms of locations. Windows. Don't think I've read hardly any fics with windows involved.... very creative and kinky. Wonder if anyone saw???

Very interesting things to think about in terms of how they were both obviously very attracted to each other, and yet Liz seemed a bit reluctant to start. I kinda like that, though. Makes her seem more vulnerable.

And Max at the end.. not wanting to let her go? Just the right touch.

You're doing very well!

posted on 18-Feb-2002 12:10:10 AM by Faith Evans
Damn that was so Hot!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm I think that put me in the writting mood *big*

AmorporML did you read my bmail you never wrote me back.


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posted on 18-Feb-2002 5:35:08 AM by libby
Oh my, all that was Damn Fine!!!
Cheers for keeping it real for all of us.

posted on 18-Feb-2002 10:32:50 PM by Faith Evans
Dedicated to Pussycat, who I miss dearly and hopefully is still here roaming and reading stories, I miss you my friend.

“Head Master”

Liz took a deep breath and straightened her school uniform’s plaid skirt, slowly getting up when her boarding school head master Max Evans finally opened his office door and with a stern look and a curling finger ordered her into his office. She walked past his office’s secretary empty desk and with her head down entered the room.

He ordered her to sit in the chair in front of his desk, he took a seat on the desk in front of her, where he picked up a paper and handed it to her. She took it never lifting her head.

“You know what this is, Liz?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir.” She answered timidly.

“What have you to say for yourself, then?” He asked.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I have nothing to say.” She answered him with the same timid voice.

“Your sorry, you type up papers for other students to cheat off of and all you can say is your sorry, well I’m sorry Liz you know what the punishment is at this school for cheating is, so now I must ask you to bend down and assume the position.” He left no room for argument, he was cold and direct, Liz for first time looked at him as she watched him open his pants and take out his long thick shinny cock which was rapidly hardening as she looked on.

Taking a big breath, and swearing to herself that this time she would resist his lure no matter what she would not allow herself to give into him and receive pleasure form him, she always swore this to herself but this time by god she meant it.

With that promise in mind she got on her knees and took firm hold of his hard cock in her small hands gently bringing him to her mouth. She tried to ignore how good he tasted, how good the mushroom tip she was currently lightly sucking on felt. She wasn’t going to enjoy herself she reminded herself, she swirled her tongue on the tip paying particular attention to the little slit on the tip of his cock. Max curled his hands on the edge of his desk the only outward sign he gave that he was enjoying her attention.

She began licking his hard cock up and down feeling the thick vein that ran on the bottom of it, peppering sweet little kisses every so often on his length. With her right hand on his hip and her left on his hanging balls she took a deep breath and slowly worked his thick meat into her mouth. He gave a deep groan when he was finally fully sheathed inside her tight mouth. He loved when she took him like this; he had spent a lot of time with her until she could take him fully like this, and now that he could reap the rewards he considered it time well spent.

She tried to not to savor the feel and taste of him in her mouth, she wasn’t here to derive pleasure, she was here to give him a good blow job and hopefully if she was good enough this time he wouldn’t need to take her more fully afterwards like all the other times she had been brought into this office for punishment.

She began working his cock in out of her hot mouth. Taking him deeply, easily in and out using perfect suction to bring him to a nice slow orgasm. His hands curled on the desk and he began working his hips in time to her beautiful mouth. He kept his eyes open looking down at what she was doing to him, completely turned on by the vision of a beautiful dark haired petite girl sucking on his big cock. He felt bereft when she stopped but began groaning in pleasure when she began tonguing and sucking his balls as she worked his thick cock slick with her saliva with her tiny hands. The pleasure she brought him was excruciating good.

Sensing he was close to orgasm she took him back into her hot soft mouth and began working his cock in earnest, Max began working his hips that much harder, needing more he grabbed the back of her head with his hands and began working his cock hard and deep into her mouth. Hard and deep he worked her mouth like a well fucked pussy until he couldn’t hold back any longer and he came in a big torrid of cum, she swallowed and swallowed as she worked her mouth to try and deeply suck him try of cum, and not because she enjoyed the taste of his cum but because she didn’t want to get her uniform sticky with the stuff (insert snort of disbelief here).

She removed her mouth from his now limp cock, with shaky legs he kneeled on the floor in front of her. He began kissing her neck and Liz closed her eyes in surrender, he wasn’t done with her, this would be like all the other times he had taken her in this room, with waning resolve she tried to steal herself from his intended seduction.

With shacking hands he began to remove her white button down shirt, kissing every bit of exposed skin as he went. She began to breath heavily once the shirt was completely of and only her bra and skirt remained, he sat down on the floor with his back to the desk, his cock was once again nice and hard and he brought Liz to sit astride on his thighs his hands began to working her butt over her panties. His mouth went to her breasts as he worked the nipple of her right breast threw the shear material of her bra.

Liz felt her pussy become wet and an ache was forming between her thighs, steadfast in her resolve to resist him she refused to grind her feminine core into his hardness to try to appease her ache. Unaware of her inner struggle to him he was fully focused on bringing her pleasure. Tired of the material that was blocking him from the direct contact he craved with her breasts he removed his hands form her lush bottom and fumbled to remove her bra once it was finally unfastened he removed his mouth from her nipples and removed her bra from her body.

He groaned when he say her pink pert nipples, almost begging for his mouth, never one to like watching anything beg. He quickly brought the pert breast whole into his mouth. The heat of his mouth shot right threw her, adding even more moisture to her core the ache was almost unbearable yet she still refused to try and take care of her ache. Max for his part needed to feel her bare skin caress his own so he pushed her of him and got up taking her in his arms he deposited her on the near by couch. Standing in front of her he began to strip his clothes of once he was completely naked he went down on his knees in front of her and began taking of her shoes and socks and lastly her panties, he left her skirt on cause he had plans for it later.

He opened her thighs far apart and brought her legs up to encircle his head while he buried his head into her steaming core and began to drink like a man who had found the well of life itself. He used his teeth on her little nub that was standing straight up desperate for attention. He fucked her nice a hard with his mouth just when she was so close to orgasm he would pull back sooth her and start all over, he drove her absolutely crazy this way, until her resolve to resist him completely dissolved and shattered and she was shamelessly driving her pussy into his mouth until he gave her what she so desperately wanted. Her orgasm was nice and full unlike any he had ever given her before, and completely bone shattering.

Once she was sated and calm again he picked her up and put her on her hands and knees on the couch so that her arms and hands were on the hand rest and her but was high in the air. He walked back to his desk and found the ridged condom he had special for this encounter walking back to her he took position behind her, one leg was bent and on the couch the other leg was left standing on the floor. Scooting back a little he ripped open the condom and rolled it on, once it was nice and secure he scooted forward and dipped his hard cock into her warm fragrant sopping pussy. He pushed himself deeply inside loving the way she arched her back and moaned deep at this intrusion.

He did this twice, 3 times until his cock was nice and lubed up then he withdrew completely and brought his cock to the edge of her back door. He held still, she knew what he wanted and she wasn’t fool enough to try to deny herself this great pleasure anymore. She pushed her butt right on his cock, inch by slow inch, loving the way he stretched and filled her so completely. Once he was fully imbedded she began riding his cock deeply, fully, slowly.

She rode his pole nice and hard, focusing her mind in the pleasure she was giving herself. The in and out strokes the way he felt so huge and powerful. Max stood stalk still letting her do all the work, enjoying the sweet music she was making with her groaning, whimpering, and moaning every so often she would yell out and “Oh yeah” or a “God this feel wonderful. ” or his all time favorite “More, More, More” followed by a deep little whimper. Just like he loved watching her eating him with her mouth earlier, he watched as his thick prick stabbed it’s way in to her bowels, loving the way her bottom caved to accept his monster prick, the way her little skirt flared and flowed with each thrust, just like he imagined it would.

How he held out as long as he did in her tight passage with out taking over he would never know, but when she picked up her strokes and starting fucking herself on him fast and hard in uneven strokes did his master control snap and he grabbed her butt with both hands and opened her up nice and wide and began fucking her with deep hard thrusts. Her moaning became louder and louder she was completely out of control not caring who might hear her, he moved one hand to her mouth to muffle her cries. When he felt her clamp down on his cock in climax feeling a nice river of her cum run down his balls which were slapping her cunt with the force of his thrusts, he finally let go and shot his own wads of cum deep inside.

Still hard despite his release, he removed himself from her ass with a pop, she was that tight, he removed the condom throwing it to the floor and turned her over lying her on the couch, lifting one leg high to encircle his hips he pushed himself deep into her pussy in one hard thrust. Liz cried out in both pleasure and a bit of pain from his rough penetration. She arched her back trying to make more room for him, inside herself.

He kept her leg high on his back one hand over her head on the arm rest for support the other on her hip he rode her like a mad man, with deep sure thrusts that felt like he was stabbing her deep in her belly, with each thrust he grew more and more, feeling himself grow harder and harder then he had been before, and yet he kept stabbing her with himself.

Liz took him easily loving his wildness, his fever for her, loving that she could reduce him to such a wild state. She met him thrust for thrust, glorying in the way he was practically sawing her in half with his prick. She muffled her deep screams of pleasure in his chest. So consumed in their lust and games they didn’t hear the door open and someone enter until they heard a shriek of shock. Max turned his head toward the door and growled his displeasure at the started secretary.

“Get out!” he shouted at her. Hastily she complied, she was so embarrassed she bumped into the wall.

Max never stopped pumping hard into Liz, if anything he began working his hips that much harder, he was moving with a blur of speed that was hard to keep going, Liz came in a big rush, her muscles clamping his cock nice and tight, that was all he needed to trigger his own orgasm. He pushed his head back and roared like a lion as he came.

Weak and utterly spent he collapsed on top of her, she welcomed his weight on her caressing his back in a soothing motion, to weak to do more, her pussy kept milking his shaft in small aftershocks but Max was to tired to do more.

After a little while of rest, Liz began to giggle and laugh outright. Max lifted his heavy head looking a little hurt that she would laugh at a time like this. Liz only smirked at him.

“Oh don’t look at me like that, you gotta say it was pretty funny, we must have scared Maria half to death, catching us like that.” Liz giggled.

“Damn that woman, It’s Saturday, plus all the boarding students are home for the holidays, and yet she picks this moment to enter my office.” Max grumbled.

“Ahhh, poor baby.” Liz teased.

“Liz, I swear that woman can’t get a date, so she has to interrupt and watch us, to get any.”

“Ahhh, my poor little hubby, want me to try and make you feel all better, how bout we try this again, only with me as the head mistress.”

Max groaned, and allowed himself to be turned over so that she was on top, and kissing his chest.

“What did I ever do to deserve a wife like you Liz?” Max asked in utter contentment.

“Just being you, my love.” She answered simply, with love in her eyes.

Phae is it to your satisfaction?

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posted on 19-Feb-2002 12:47:12 AM by Phaedra223
YES! Yes, it is to my satisfaction! My goodness, you picked up on one of the all time favorite role play games- bad student and wicked school master. And you even through in uniforms!! Only thing that might have made it better would have been if Liz had been carrying a teddy bear. But that's just a personal image, and not necessarily Perv-fu.

So what is Perv-fu about your fic? Well, you definitely took the standard schoolgirl fantasy to the max with your positions and backdoor action. Points to you for realizing that you had to put in that bit at the end where the reader comes to the understanding that it was just playacting between husband and wife.

Points also to you for leaving Liz's skirt on. Very good imagery.

Let's see.... how to further push the envelope?? Well, you could have done something with Max making Liz say that she's a bad girl and deserves to be punished. Or perhaps done something where the head master punishes her verbally along with physically. Like.. "Are you going to behave, Liz?" "Tell me you deserve to be punished Liz." "Tell me I can do anything to you Liz." Something along those lines....

See where I'm coming from or have I totally mucked up the issue?

I don't want you to think that it was anything less than wonderful, Faith. Enjoyed it so much! Hard to say much of anything, unless I try to add some high level perv examples.

No, I mean it! It is hard to say much of anything... now, drooling is another story, right??

You did a great job!!!!

posted on 20-Feb-2002 9:51:48 PM by Lizwell
I want to be a student. Can I enroll? I desperately need to learn from some of the Perv-fu Masters *big*

BTW- fatih I really LOVED *bounce* your fics

posted on 21-Feb-2002 12:10:18 AM by Phaedra223

Feel free to leave feedback on perv-fu in general or on a fic.

To be in training, however, you must submit a piece so the ways of the Perv can be taught. Perv-fu is not plain NC-17. Perv-fu is original and unexpected. Your piece will be evaluated not only on general content, but special attention will be paid to the Perv-fu or lack thereof we find in it. The evaluation is not meant to be mean.... just helpful hints to open your mind to possibilties.

Glad you're here,
Phaedra, Master of the Perv

posted on 21-Feb-2002 9:35:02 AM by Lizwell
I'm definitely not as advanced as some posting here, though I'm definately not shying away from the challenge. Although I'm going to need some time to think about a scenario or maybe one of you could give me sort of like a prompt in much the same way the thread was begun.


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posted on 5-Mar-2002 9:33:28 AM by Care_Behr
Greetings master...
my name is Amie and I wish to enroll
this course of perv-fu. I think that I really need to be taught so give me the consent that I'm in and I will post away.... I am you student, and wish to be taught.
posted on 9-Mar-2002 5:54:26 AM by Faith Evans
Care_Behr I think you should just post your idea, that's how I got started, Phae will see it and comment soon enough, I for one can't wait.

Lizwell can't wait to see what you come up with, no dought it will be great!

posted on 9-Mar-2002 11:41:36 AM by Lizwell
It was midnight just as his note specified, to meet him at the pier at twelve a.m. alone. Yet she had been waiting for close to ten minutes and he was still not there. The note he left under her pillow made it seem urgent or at least as if he had a surprise of some sort planned. All summer they ‘d been making little arrangements such as these to meet after curfew in one place or another. At first it had just been to talk but as their relationship steadily moved toward the physical they spent their time alone together doing other things that wasn’t what Liz wagered the camp intended when they used the term “counselor bonding…” However based on the tone of his note Liz was not able to determine what he had in store for this evening. He usually drew little hearts or smileys on his letters to signify his love for her, which some might think of as sappy but Liz appreciated. None of that this time just a simple message stating a meeting place and time.

As the night air chilled Liz drew her fleece a bit tighter as she shivered. She looked at the full moon and absently wondered if that was what was causing all the strange behavior of late. Max had become increasingly more reserved and guarded with his feelings whereas Liz was the sexually aggressive one, which was definitely a change from the norm. Liz thought back to the beginning of the summer when Max had been the one to introduce her to all the things she now craved from him. Thoughts of the way his hands were able to mold her body to the heights of desire were dancing in her mind as the velvety baritone “Angel.” was whispered in her ear. “Sorry I’m late I got held up at the cabin. You would not believe how long it takes bunch of teenaged boys to fall asleep.”

Being a counselor herself Liz could imagine there’d been plenty of nights where she’d snuck out and come back to find her girls still awake. Luckily she had the help of Maria and Melanie so the responsibility wasn’t all on her “You said you had something to tell me?” Liz said swaying in his warm embrace.

“Let’s go swimming.” Max said evading the question as he reveled in the soft feel of the skin at the nape of her neck, his lips played there.

He certainly was displaying a welcome amount of affection Liz thought as his caresses quickly helped her forget the chill of the night air. His pliable mouth, his warm breath on her skin… she shivered only this time it was for a different reason “I don’t have a suit.”

Capturing her mouth Max gently licked at her lower lip begging entrance…She willingly gave and their tongues danced. Slowly drawing away he uttered softly “Who said anything about a suit.”

Her brain passion fogged from his ministrations Liz took a moment to let what Max suggested sink in but by the time she’d realized its implications Max had already discarded his shoes and jumped in the lake fully clothed creating a loud slap with the water. “Come on Liz.”

Struggling with the loss of his warmth. “Are you kidding it’s obviously freezing.” Liz said marveling at what Max just done. It was no secret Max was a great swimmer and loved the water but swimming when it was just over forty degrees outside didn’t seem like her idea of a good time.

“I’ll keep you warm.” He offered wagging his eyebrows suggestively. That was all the incentive Liz needed to extricate her sneakers and fleece and jump in behind him. After all this was probably one of the last nights they’d have together as next week they left for home and that meant the start of new chapter of life for Liz. She figured she might as well end this one with a bang

“Ugh” Liz clattered through clenched teeth “I knew it was freezing, you and this water thing.” She commented as she paddled over to him.

Max didn’t respond with words. Once again he captured her mouth as he ran his hands up and down her goose pimpled flesh underneath the water and drew her body close to his. How he did it Liz was not sure, but wherever they were Max was a constant source of warmth and as the water sloshed around them it seemed that they melted together. “Better.” he asked

“Much” she nodded resting her forehead on his chest

“Well now that I’ve got in here we have to find away to…”Max whispered something in her ear that caused her eyes to grow wide and the color crimson to rise to Liz cheeks

“No way.” She said playfully patting him on the chest “It’s cold enough with them on.”

“Babe, trust me I’ll warm you up, besides clothes weigh us down.” He drew a small heart on the portion of her skin not covered by the thin strap of her tank above the water “Please.” He said the sexiest pout painting his features “It can be so much more fun that way.”

She was such a sucker for those entrancing amber eyes “What do you suggest?”

“How about a healthy round of The Game.”

The infamous Game. They’d only played on two previous occasions but both times it ended with them involved in some sort of experimental love play. Yes she was definitely up for The Game “Okay, you start.”

“Alright but for every point scored the opponent must loose a piece of clothing. Deal?” Liz nodded “Apples or oranges?” He said throwing the first question out.

“Oranges?” she responded

“Apples.” He said, “I forgot how bad you suck at this game.”

“No fair.”

“You agreed, loose the shirt.”

Liz complied extricating her shirt and tossing it to shore. “My turn Stuffing or potatoes?” She said burying herself deeper in his embrace as the frigid water made contact with her sensitive bosom.


“You know me too well.”

“Who says that has to be a bad thing.” He said a placing a brief peck on her cheek “Indoors or outdoors.”

“Outdoors.” She answered

“Lucky go.”

“Dry or wet?” she asked

“That depends on what you’re talking about.” He said as he moved his hips against her suggestively “Everybody likes it wet.”

“I’m talking about the water nymph.” She playfully chastised

“I’m still gonna have to go with wet.”

“Too bad for you I like to be dry. I score.”

“Not after tonight.” He challenged discarding his shirt and tossing it to shore.

Max took time to ponder his next question wanting to make sure it was good. “I know I’ve mentioned this before. Licking or sucking?” He asked rather certain this question had definite potential

Hearing her boyfriend mention such intimate things that impish grin rising to his mouth caused Liz to stumble over her words a bit before managing “…The same thing.”

“Two very distinct and separate things. Licking is when you brush you tongue over said extremity like so…” He said cupping her left pillowy mound in his hand, her nipples had already pebbled up due to the contact of the chilly water. He ever so gently ran his tongue across the tip “Whereas sucking involves taking the whole thing into your mouth like so…” He cupped her right breast in much the same way as he’d done with the left except this time he encompassed the whole nipple in his mouth while running his tongue across the tip. “ So Angel, which’ll it be licking or sucking

Liz was delirious with pleasure. Perhaps it was the sultry tone of his voice as he demonstrated or the gentle sway of the water as it sloshed around her chest recently scorched but his heavenly mouth but Liz was on a high of desire she never imagined that part of her could be so sensitive. She was so out of sorts she could barely concentrate to answer the question “Mmm…licking.” She responded.

“Sucking. You know what that means don’t you.” He said eyes never leaving her as he unsnapped her jean cut offs. As she shimmied out of them Max figured he’d discard her panties as well it being such a trivial article keeping them from the ultimate pleasure.

“No fair you didn’t ask the last question.” She said as she felt the lake water pool around her heated flesh.

“Are you complaining?” He tested as he drew slow lazy circles on her abdomen

“No.” Liz squeaked relishing the way his hands felt on her at this point she was too much enjoying his sensual torture of her argue. She could say one thing for Max he always kept his promises she thought as it his comforting caresses were causing a heat to radiate throughout her extremities.

Tossing the articles of clothing to shore Max’s head began to trace a scalding path with his hand down Liz body…pausing momentarily to fondle her breasts and thoroughly appreciate their cushiony goodness…Continuing on over her abdomen and his hands traveled to more southerly regions teasing her welcoming folds…He played with her briefly before one then two fingers slipped inside of her heat. His eyes never leaving her precious face which was now contorted with arousal.

Liz rocked her hips into Max’s hand her movements causing the water around them to splash wildly. He built up a steady pace that had her teetering on the brink before his head began to disappear beneath the surface of the water. When Liz felt his mouth and tongue join in the mix she was sure that would be her undoing. He licked around his fingers greedily laving at her juices. The taste of lake water and Liz was quickly becoming one of his favorites. Her frustration mounted as his tongue grazed her sensitive bundle of nerves occasionally causing her face to screw up in pleasure… then pain… then pleasure…

Her own desire causing a reaction in him it was becoming increasing difficult to breath underwater therefore not relinquishing his hold on her core Max slipped Liz legs over his shoulders. Liz was startled a bit as her body began to rise out of the water and Max felt her tense “Relax Angel I’ve got you…” Max said breathing in a breath of fresh air as he balanced Liz on his shoulders. For Liz Max holding her like this was kind of like playing chicken on all those hot afternoons they’d spend lounging in the lake with all their friends only this was a lot more fun... her core at eye level it like she was literally riding is face. He saw her delicate pink flower ready to spasm around his fingers and Max furiously pumped them into her as his mouth closed around her pleasure point licking… and sucking with abandon… “Mmm…Max I’m close…Oh God!” He loved the way her voice sounded so helpless, so strained his name on her lips as he sent her tumbling over the edge.

Liz felt a warmth which began in her belly but then spread to her entire body causing her to quake with release… Contractions raked Liz tiny frame as Max carefully allowed her to slide back into the water his arms lovingly encircled her as she came down from her passion induced high.

Once Liz regained composure Max asked her “You okay?” Liz nodded not trusting her voice quite yet. Max smiled content in the knowledge that he had been able to bring her so much pleasure “Now I have to ask this again, wet or dry?”

“Definitely wet.” Liz answered as they both cracked up with sputtering laughter. Once again The Game had been successful at seducing the pair.

To Be Continued...

I'll be back later with the rest.

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posted on 10-Mar-2002 12:49:31 AM by Faith Evans
Ohhh Hot Momma!!!!!! Lizwell that was great, can't wait for the 2nd part.

Hmmm you have me intrigued why was Max pulling back? I must have more!!!!! I need to see what you have up your sleave!!!

posted on 10-Mar-2002 7:51:54 PM by Lizwell
2nd part

“If I asked you something would you just do it no questions asked?” Liz asked as their laughter subsided.

“ ‘Coarse.” Max responded there was no limit to what he’d do for his love.

“Will you dance for me?” Liz said not meeting her gaze for fear he’d realize the absurdity of her request.

“Dance for you?” he questioned

“Yeah on the platform.” Max was a camp lifeguard and there was a floating platform in the middle of the lake on which he usually stood surveying everyone’s activities during swim sessions. “Sometime I see you standing up there looking so good in your trunks…” Liz said running her hand over the prominent bulge in his jeans “… and your little whistle…” raked a finger over his navel “… And I get so hot…” She traced the path from his navel to his solid chest before taking the finger in her mouth in much the same manner he imagined her doing with a certain appendage straining between his legs. “Besides you never dance and you promised you would before we left.”

“Umm Okay.” Max squeaked watching Liz mimic such libidinous acts.

He swam over and climbed up on the platform quickly ridding himself of the excess weight of his sopping wet jeans. Never having been a expert dancer Max wasn’t exactly sure what to do especially since there wasn’t any music but seeing Liz heated gaze rake his body he went for it and experimentally swayed his bottom to an imaginary tune he created in his mind as he hooked his thumbs in the waist band of his boxers. “Like that?” Max questioned seeking approval.

“Like that.” Liz assured as swam over to the platform in order to get a better look at his supple derrière.

He slipped his underwear off tossed them to shore before grabbing his shaft wiggling his hips evocatively as he began to stroke himself. “Like that?” He asked again

“Oh yeah like that.” Liz said as she waded at the edge of the platform. Her original request had simply been for him to dance but his little strip tease was a welcome change.

Max attempted to continue dancing but his little self pleasurement was causing him to loose rhythm not that Liz was complaining it was having a profound effect on her as well. She climbed up the platform with Max “Like that?” He ground out.

Seeing Max touch himself in such a manner Liz simply couldn’t resist “Like this…” she said as she reached out for Max’s erection and painstakingly stroked him from base just above his sacs to the head before working up a pace they could both get used to his hand encompassing her much smaller one.
As the fondled his flesh together Liz though back to the first time she touched Max like this earlier that summer in the boys bathroom, she had been so naïve then.

Max watched Liz’s eyes slowly drifted shut in ecstasy never had he imagined that pleasing some one else could bring such pleasure but that is the way it had always been between them, never could he ‘do’ anything for her without ending up in a perpetual state of arousal seeing her now he knew the feeling was mutual Not relinquishing his hold in himself he reached over to dip in a finger in her creamy.

This shared experience brought them to a new level of intimacy being able to share something that most couples would be too ashamed to talk about. They continued to pump and mold each other’s privates and pretty soon they were both teetering on the brink. “Do you have one?” Liz rasped

Without specifying Max knew what she was talking about and he directed her to the back pocket of his jeans to retrieve the condom.

By the time she returned to him Max had taken a seat on the platform his erection standing proud against his abdomen. Liz licked the tip before tearing opening the package open with her teeth and rolling the contraceptive back over him. She impaled herself onto his straining flesh.

Max stroked within her leisurely and tender, he wanted to make this last as long as possible however it only served to fuel Liz’s frustration “Max I need this not to be slow.” She said with breathless anticipation she wanted it to be fast and scorching so that she would remember this experience and what it was like to be with Max considering she may not get to be with him again

The platform they were on swayed on the water’s surface heightening their passion

Quickening their pace his hips hammered into hers, Liz began play with her clit Max pushed her hands away and thumbed it for her. They exploded. It happened like a sunrise warm and fuzzy around the edges then the first brilliant rays of light shooting skywards and the pair went tumbling over the edge.

They collapsed onto each other “I love you Angel” He whispered brushing the damp strands away from her forehead.

“Me too.” Liz said. From her perch atop his chest she looked out over the water and realized she was able to see the entire camp from here and silently wondered if they could see her as well “Oh My God Max I wonder if anyone saw us?”

“Well if they did they certainly got and eye full” Max joked, “We should probably get dressed.”

They swam back to shore to retrieve their clothes sad to see their rendezvous end. Liz watched Max longingly as he righted his clothing she remembered the original purpose of their meeting “What did you have to tell me, in your note you said you had something to tell me what was it?”

“Oh I nearly forgot I’m going to Stanford.”

Liz could not believe her ears the news she was hearing was almost too god to be true that they would both be attending the same college “That’s where I’m going.”

“I know Maria mentioned it when we first arrived so I applied late I didn’t know what to do and I really didn’t want…what we have to end I guess that’s why I was kinda nervous until I got the news earlier today.”

“Max I love you so much.” They were actually going to start the next chapter of their life together

“Not as much as I love you.”


Okay be brutally honest Phae, Faith, Latahart whoever critique my work. I wish to learn from you all. I am your humble student.


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posted on 11-Mar-2002 2:44:09 AM by latahart

I'm just a student too . . . trying to learn the ways of Perv-fu . . . so don't look at me . . . LOL

Latahart points >>>>>>>>>>>>>> to Phae . . . and says "It's all yours."

BTW< I totally loved the whole water theme . . . water has so many purposes . . . and I loved the whole swaying platform and how it moved with their combined motion . . .

But, alas you must get the opinion of the true master . . .

posted on 12-Mar-2002 11:53:38 PM by Faith Evans
I like latahart am nothing more then an traniee like you, the Master Phae will have to have the final word, but I gotta say, I loved it, that was so hot!!!! And I couldn't help but giggle imagining them out in the open like that where anyone could come up and watch, and that's what made it so cool!!!!

Loved it, More please!!!


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posted on 17-Mar-2002 3:34:03 AM by mermaidgirl
Not posting a part just leaving feedback. I like. I like. Pussycat, Lizwell, and Faith great jobs you will be made masters in no time. Will you get a little certificate to and to your sigs? LOL.

As for Phae this is where you hide yourself. LOL. Well, at least you are writing [eyeing Phae]. [Jessie looks around aimlessly and sighs] She has abandaoned her other ones. LOL. Now what were there names. "SameTime Next Month" and my personal fave "Transformed." It seems that we must just live on memories. LOL. You know I luv ya girl.

I can't wait to read more guys. Keep it up.
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Hello everyone, your Master has hobbled back onto this thread. My sincerest apologies for my absence. I've been working 80 hour weeks and that barely leaves me time to sleep and eat.

That said, you did a good job, Lizwell! I liked the setting and the use of The Game in the seduction. I especially liked Max going down on Liz when he was underwater. And then rising to break the surface.

Equally titilating was Max's striptease... very visual, if you know what I mean.

I have a hard time offering suggestions. I would say continue on this path and branch out slowly into doing scenes with props or something a bit risque.

Keep writing, though!! This was a treat to read!!

:-) Phaedra

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Headmaster – Take 2

Max was horny beyond belief, here he was headmaster to one of the most prestigious boarding school that housed some of the richest sluts in the good old USA, though he didn’t touch any of them except one, a waif like goddess with rich brown black hair that felt so good running threw his hands, and a pair of innocent large brown eyes, his big hard cock just continued to harden in painful pleasure as he thought of her.

The girls were each given large spacious bedrooms, and for the most part the walls were thick enough that no one could hear what was going on inside, and he was sure more then one of them sneaked in male ‘friends’ when ever they could despite the thick security, but not tonight most of the students were home for the holidays, except his little goddess, her father had just gotten remarried to his newest young mistress, so his little Lizzie had to stay in school at her fathers request. Which was just fine by Max since it gave him the opportunity to spend some real wild hot nights with his girl with out the usual fear of getting caught, not that it had stopped Max before.

Liz was a fire in his blood, one he wanted no cure from, the first moment he had seen her walking into the school’s campus to come live here, he had known she would be his. He had slowly seduced and enticed her until she had willingly surrendered her virginity to him. The memory of that hot night made the fit of his jeans even more painful, he could feel the teeth of his zipper biting into his sensitive skin, lucky for him he had arrived at her room, taking out the master key, he quietly opened the door and entered her room, closing and locking it behind him.

And there she was curled up in bed her cute little red Scottish styled skirt of her uniform riding high and exposing the slip like pair of panties that did nothing to hide her beautiful femininity form his view. Curled up in a fetal position she was hugging a medium sized white teddy behr he had given her for their first valentine together. She looked so sweet, so innocent; she always took his breath away. He leaned back against the door and slowly worked the zipper of his jeans down careful not to hurt himself in the process since he was so hard. Grimacing in relief when he was finally free of them, he leaned down and removed his shoes and socks then kicked himself free of his pants.

His 9 inch cock expanded to it’s full size, engorging it’s self with blood making Max wonder if he was going to make it with out cumming to soon and ensuring her pleasure first. He slowly walked up to her carefully getting on the bed and not wake her, over her flimsy panties he began to slowly caress her clit, slowly and surly arousing her passions, she began moaning in her sleep her arms tightened on her teddy behr, but she didn’t wake, she mostly thought she was in the throes of a highly erotic dream.

Her panties fast became soaking wet, yet she still didn’t wake, moving the flimsy material aside he inserted his middle finger in her sopping cunt, she moaned deep in her throat, her eyes lashes fluttered open, turning her head to look at him, she said nothing, she just shifted a little giving him greater access to herself, hugging the teddy behr to herself tighter, he inserted a 2nd finger and her moaning became that much louder, the poor teddy in her arms was getting the life chocked out of him by this point, she made a move to come out of her fetal position but he put a retraining hand on her legs keeping her in place. He thrusted long hard deep strokes into her tight cavern fully enjoying watching her face contort and pant in pleasure. When her moans grew louder and louder and as she contorted her body in a tighter and tighter ball as he pounded away at her, he knew she was close to release, he inserted a 3rd finger and with his thumb he began playing with her hard little nub which was standing straight up begging for attention. That final act proved too much with a load whimper Liz fell apart, her body shacking in release. He continued slowly stroking until her aftershocks finally subsided.

He got on his knees on the bed and slowly uncurled her body he took the teddy behr form her arms and placed it on the nightstand to her right. Pulling the sopping wet panties from her and throwing them over his shoulder on the floor, he then unbuttoned her shirt pulling it out of her skirt, finding no bra he licked his lips as an idea popped in his head. His cock was throbbing for attention and he knew just how he was going to get it.

He left her clothes on, with her chest and core exposed, he straddled her chest and Liz had a clear view of his front, with his big cock pulsing in the air just for her. She loved waking up the way she had, he always gave her the most intense orgasms first, denying himself any type of touch until she was boneless with pleasure, and now it was his turn and she couldn’t wait, nothing gave her as much satisfaction as pleasing him, She was open to anything and everything for him, she burned only for him.

“Mmmm, Liz, you’re a nice little slut now aren’t you, I see the way you’re looking at my cock, you want a taste of it don’t you?” He loved talking dirty to her and when they had started making love he had demanded she talk back to him, he wanted no barriers between them he wanted them to experience the depths of their sexuality together. She had been shy at first, but not anymore.

“Mmmm yes Max, you taste so sweet with just a touch of spice, I’ve been craving you all day.” She answered breathlessly.

“Well now that’s just the mark of a very bad girl, you should have come to my office I would have taken care of that craving for you, now your going to have be punished.” Shifting a bit he moved his cock a little closer to her mouth, but he wouldn’t let her take him in, instead he began playing with his cock and balls in front of her face, when she tried to lick him he shifted a bit further away, causing her to whimper, she really did love tasting him, and to have him so close and smelling his unique musty smell and not being able to taste or touch him really was a punishment.

But if he was punishing her he was punishing himself even more, because his hands were a poor substitute to her warm wonderful mouth. But the lesion needed to be taught, he just could have her craving and needing him and yet not come to him for release, he didn’t care what he was doing at any given moment she was his priority always.

“Look at my cock Liz, see how stiff and wet it is, see how it pulses in my hand, as I rub the head, God Liz it’s so sensitive, can you see Liz, can you see what you do to me?”

“God yes, Max I need your cock, please give it to me.” Liz panted.

“How much do you need it Liz?” He pressed on.

“Give it to me and I’ll show you.” Liz moaned, she was so turned on just watching him play with himself, he had an awesome body and he so knew how to use it best to turn her on to the fullest.

He really had no choose, he needed her mouth just as much as she needed to give it to him, forgetting about the point he was trying to make, he leaned down a bit so that his cock laid between her pert breasts. She brought her hands up to the sides of her breasts pushing them together forming a deep cleavage for him to move threw, though she felt herself to be very small in that area, Max went to great pains to show her that bigger in this case wasn’t better, that her breasts were in perfect proportion to the rest of her, and they were perfectly sized for his mouth, he sometimes went to sleep with a breast in his mouth, saying that nothing could comfort him better then the feel of her soft skin in his mouth all night long.

Bracing himself with one hand at the top rail of the bed the other supported her head he slowly began working his cock in the grove of her breasts she suckled the tip each time it came in contact with her mouth.

“Ummm, Liz you have a beautiful mouth, it’s so wet and warm, and it feels so good on my cock, how did I ever live with out your wonderful mouth, Tell me your mine Liz, only mine…”

“I’m all your Max, my body belongs to you completely to do what you please with, Mmmm Max your pre-cum tastes so sweet, give me more Max, give me more…”

God!!!! What she was doing and saying truly felt wonderful and he had been so hard and so turned on for so long as much as he wanted to carry on in this way for a long time, his cock was just aching for release, wanting to comply completely with her words.

Liz felt the balls on her chest constrict his cock between her breasts become harder and bigger, Liz hands left her breasts and grabbed his firm ass, with one hand she sank her nails in his hard flank, with the other she pushed her thumb in to the opening of his ass, as she reared up a bit and fully incased his cock in to her mouth, the shock of all 3 of her actions sent him over the edge and with a roar he shot wads and wads of hot cum into her eager mouth. She drank him down fast and furiously, sucking fast and hard so as not to lose a drop of his life giving fluid. When he was done it was one shaky Max that lay down on the bed next to her hugging her in his arms as he fought to catch his breath.

But Liz was in no mood to give him too much resting time, leaving his warm embrace she raised to her knees and with him looking on she made a show of removing her rumbled shirt.

“Baby, like the taste of cum you gave her, Max but Lizzie needs more, do you think not so little Max can come back and play and give a whole new taste?” She said in her best little girl voice.

Max’s eyes darkened with desire and his cock jumped a bit, Liz took it all in, she left her skirt on knowing Max loved doing her with it on. She straddled his chest like he had done to her just before only difference was she sat facing his cock, leaning down she presented her open pussy to his loving gaze, Liz took his limp cock in her hands rubbing it up and down hoping to bring it back to life.

Her open pussy with it’s wonderful fragrance teasing his nose, proved to much and Max placed his hands on her shapely bottom he slid her down a bit, and buried his face in her dripping hole. Liz had his cock in her mouth and she moaned her pleasure as he began licking and sucking her pussy, the vibration of her moan went right threw his manhood, stimulating it wonderfully causing Max to work his magic on her clit that much harder. They worked in team with each other sucking and giving pleasure to their partner, once Max was nice and hard again, Liz made the reluctant move to get of Max so that she could bring Max’s cock inside her pussy where she craved him the most.

But Max wasn’t ready to let her go. He took her little nub of pleasure between his teeth gently working it. Liz let go of his cock and grinded her pussy into his face, he suckled her juices content to work her pleasure to it’s peak. And Boy was he merciless he did everything in his power to torture her, not allowing her to reach her peak, once her body was shacking to hard and she was on the verge on no longer being able to support herself did her finally push her forward, he hardened his tongue into a small cock and buried it in her cunt, thrusting with all his might until his teeth scraped her tender skin.

“Oh God Max…(Heavy pant) … your killing me … (Little scream) … Ohhhh you feel so good, so good (whimper) Ahhhh … (louder whimper) Oh… Ohhh… Ohhhhhhh… OHHHHHHH….” Liz let loose and cried out her release, and he drank down her river of cum happily.

It was one shaky Liz that flopped back on her back on the bed but now Max was up and rearing to go again, he kneeled between her legs opening them up wide he placed her feet down on the bed on either side of him, taking his cock in hand he guided himself in to her eager opening, Liz arched her back as he entered her, grabbing the railing on the bed over her head she widened her legs trying to get him even deeper. Once he was in to the hilt he leaned back placing his hands on the bed behind him.

Liz just about died loving the feeling of being able to house him so perfectly; she always felt empty when ever they weren’t joined like this together. He was her first love, first lover, her first everything, she couldn’t imagine her world with out him. Bracing herself on the bed she began to move meeting each of his thrusts, she closed her eyes glorying in his power. They moved together in fluid grace the room filling up with the music of their deep sighs, deep moans, the slight sounds of bodies slapping against each other. They took their loving slow and easy all their earlier orgasms making it possible for them to take their time this time.

When his arms started getting tired he lead back to a straight position rolling their bodies to the side shifted his legs from under him and putting it parallel with her body, then repeating the process with the other one, with out breaking contact with her, once he was sitting down comfortably he spread his legs bending them a bit to anchor himself on the bed better, then he brought her legs closer to him hugging her thighs to his chest her legs spread wide still but over his shoulders now once in place he started thrusting into her body once again. Each thrust brought his butt of the bed but the angle of penetration was incredible, they looked across into each other’s eyes the love they felt for each other clear and beautiful for anyone to see.

How long they stayed this way neither of them knew but as much as she loved this new position Liz was beginning to miss his comforting weight on top of her so she asked “Max, Please I want you on top of me, I want to look into your eyes have your mouth over me, when we cum, Please, Max.”

Never able to deny her anything, he withdrew from her, both groaning at the loss, he shifted on the bed and quickly got on top of her missing her warmth for the few seconds they were apart, like a beacon his cock found it’s way home with no aide, slamming home, Liz wrapped her legs around his hips, their lips meet in a sweet and tender kiss. Their bodies started to move faster only the slap of bodies could be heard since they couldn’t stop kissing each other to make any other noise. Soon they lost their rhythm their bodies moved with a blur of speed driving deep, until they fell apart in release in each other’s arms. Max collapsed completely on top of Liz and she welcomed his weight, it made it more real that after everything was over when they had nothing more to give each other, that he was still there inside of her on top of her, giving testimony that what they had shared was real, and not some erotic fantastic dream.

Neither knew how long they stayed that way, but when Max found the strength to look in to his wife’s face, the glowing smile he found there made his heart pound with love. He loved playing these little games with her, he always lost himself in the character they were playing, maybe more then she did, but Liz never once ever said no to him, she always supported him and played her part to perfection. She was the single most exciting passionate woman he had ever met, not that he had met many, Liz was his high school sweetheart they had lost their virginities to each other on their wedding night a week after they graduated high school, much to their parents chagrin. But they never regretted their young marriage, they were happy with each other and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You know, I really was craving you this afternoon, especially after I got home from the hospital, but you were in your office and I heard you on the phone, going over some last minute details for your dream job as Professor of Literature at Harvard. And I didn’t want to bother you.”

Max’s forehead crinkled in worry at the world hospital, rolling them over to their sides taking her face in his hands he looked into her eyes and with worry and asked. “Hospital? What haven’t you told me? Are you all right? Liz…”

She covered his mouth with her hand, her eyes twinkling at his worry for her, he was so cute when he got this way for her, but this time she was sure he wouldn’t mind the word hospital because she fully intended on taking him with her next time she went.

“Shhhh, it’s nothing bad…” removing her hand she took one of his hands in hers linking their fingers together. “…Remember when you asked me to marry you, you promised me that it didn’t matter that we were young, and really had no money, that you loved me and you would spent all our time together making us happy, so that I never regretted my decision if I said yes…” at his nod she continued “… well you succeeded beyond my wildest dreams I’ve never regretted marrying you, so how would you feel about sharing that happiness with someone else, Max?”

He stared at her not comprehending what she was saying, but then a light dawned in his head and pushing her on her back and leaning back to look at her stomach then at their entwined hands, then back at her face where she was crying happy tears. Max broke out into a wide smile, and his eyes glowed with renewed love.

“We’re pregnant?” He asked in complete awe that his tiny beautiful wife was carrying a perfect little being that was half of each of them. His eyes filled with tears when she nodded yes. Overcome he kissed Liz hard then jumped out of the bed picking up Liz he turned her around and around in his arms before placing her on her feet and keeling down facing her stomach, kissing it all over, he put a reverent hand on her stomach and with tears running freely down his eyes he whispered the word “Baby.” Over and over again.

Crying Liz kneeled down in front of him. “I know it’s a bit much, moving to a new city and state, and with you having a new job and all, but I knew you would love it when I told you.”

“No Liz it’s perfect, it’s the perfect time we can take care of a baby easily now, and God!!!!!!! A baby!!!!!!! I can’t believe this!!!!! I love you, I love you, and I love this baby.”

“I love you to, God Max I love you so much!!!! Thank You so much for making the luckiest woman alive!!!!”

“No, Liz I’m the lucky one, I was so shy in high school I always thought you were out of my league, but since the day our sophomore year when you came up to me and asked me out, You have given me so much to be thankful for, I love you Liz and thank you, thank you for giving us a baby, God!!! I just don’t have the words to describe myself fully here how much I love you and this baby.”

“You doing just fine my love, plus I don’t need words, all I need is you.”

“You have me Liz, you’ll always have me.”

They shared no more words, to overcome with love and the future they would now have, they were happy.

Sorry for the sappyness in the end, I get that way when I read spoilers and I want to ring JK neck for the whole gerbil thing.

Phae I took your advice from the last part, and reworked it yet made it different to, I hope it is to your satisfaction.
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Faith, you have definitely mastered the art of Perv-Fu. I love what you're doing with the fantasies. Wonderful.

The Baby voice was a good addition to the mix of bad headmaster and naughty schoolgirl. Very good addition, imo.

Good positions... I loved the beginning best, though. When Max went for Liz and her panties. Then there was the skirt and teddy bear. Teddy Behr! My, my!

Yes, I fully enjoyed your latest offering!! You are doing wonderfully!! I only wish I had been online more these past two weeks. After I got better from my cold, I got bad mojo at work that required 80 hour work weeks- which meant little internet time.

But what a wonderful story to come back to!!!!

Thank you so much!!

*big* Phae
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Bump cause.. well, just because!
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I loved that last part Faith!!!!!

Who writes next? I wanna find out what happens.

Please post.
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dreamer2001: Wow I must say I enjoyed you addition.

Please continue to write.

Phae: I want more of Same Time Next Month and Transformed. BTW can you send me transformed because somehow the copy I saved to my computer was deleted.

Faith: Can you give the the link to where your new site is. Thank you.

Ya'all are doing a great job. Keep it up.
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Dreamer20001- Nice. I liked the concept of a woman's sexuality when she's pregnant. My brain hung on pondering whether a woman so far along that she couldn't have traditional intercourse could do the alternative you presented. My brain's funny like that. Still, you certainly pushed the Perv! *big*

While I have you here, let me put in a request of my own. Another part of This Time??

Mermaid: I don't foresee myself writing until this crisis at work has been solved. Working 60-70 hours per week is exhausting, and I just can't seem to keep up. Sorry!!! Please don't be mad. Even Masters get tired.

Faith: Reread your fics... they're great! Most enjoyable! The kinkiness balanced out perfectly with the lovingness of husband and wife.

Hope everyone has a good week.

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If you want to master the art of perv-fu:

Do the rules state you need to stick with conventional couples etc?


Basically show anything as long as it's as hot as powdered jalapeno peppers in tobasco sauce? *wink*

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Damn it's been hell trying to get on this thread it just refused to load for me, It's great to finally get in.

dreamer20001 Wow I can honestly say I have never read a fic like that before, Wow really good and really different and cool, can't wait for your next installment.

Gabriel Knight52 I don't know about anyone else here, but I try not to read UC as a rule, when ever I do it leaves me uneasy but that's just me.

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GK: LOL.. you're not supposed to ask questions like that!

Okay, just generally speaking, any couple pairing can be Perv-Fu. The problem is that I am only a master of Max and Liz Perv Fu. I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to be of much help for other pairings, which really sucks for you. :-( I'm so sorry! My poor old mind can only embrace one couple before exploding.

I would like to suggest that perhaps you start your own thread on the Roswell Hospital Board for Other Couples. If this is agreeable to you, I'll edit the title of this thread to have a M/L label on it.

*happy* Phaedra
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Liz was working absentmindedly
Her mind was not on her work it was on a dream she had last night
It’s vividness was haunting her.

The dream started with her wearing that gown. The red one that was scooped low above her breasts and high above her knees. Her cheeks flushed to have herself wearing an outfit such as this, she was fairly sure she wasn’t wearing anything under it. Her bare feet padded across the carpet moving deeper into the bedroom. Their were purple curtains covering the window and blood red ones adorning the bed. Max was there.

He was naked and facing away from her, his thighs brushing the mattress of the bed that seemed to occupy the greater focus of the room. He turned and smiled at her, Liz had been enjoying the view but her mouth watered unbidden at what she saw before her. The hot night air was beginning to get to her. The humidity felt like it was caressing her exposed skin and she felt self conscious at the sweat trickling down her back.

Damn his eyes they twinkled in the moonlight as he sat himself on the edge of the bed and beckoned to her with his fingers. Her body betrayed her; catapulting itself forward, desperate to touch him. Something deep within her was desperate to touch him , needed to possess and be possessed by him, to feel his strong embrace , to drink deep his loving scent. The other, smaller, part of her mind was screaming for stop, things were moving to fast between the two of them and she disliked being this far out of control.

Then Max was kissing her, it seemed to light her body on fire, hot flashes chased themselves across her skin, she couldn’t breath, she was drowning in him, the rational part of her mind seemed to have shut itself up as she began to wallow in the pleasure of his lips. he gestured her forward, she was lying across his lap like a naughty girl about to be punished. She managed to find herself long enough to blush, both at the compromising position her body had placed her in, and its reaction to it. She hoped that it was sweat she felt leak from between her thighs, yes it was definitely the summer heat, she moaned loudly.

Max had raised the hem of her night gown and had begun fondling and stroking her naked bottom. Liz’s had never been this aroused, her skin was so hot, and she never wanted it to end. She was ashamed at the tearful, whimper that escaped her lips. What did she want? Her body seemed to have a mind of it’s own tonight. She desperately wanted him to stop being gentle, to end the searing torture her body, her body, desperately needed. It begged to be spanked .She needed it shamefully, desperately. Max was still stroking the fires, building the tension to a fever boil, slipping his fingers in from behind. She screamed; singing her pleasure, as her body bucked in his lap, a million stars blinding her vision, a pleasure like non-other her body had ever experienced marinated her senses.

As she slid back to earth Max gave her bottom a few playful swats and caressed her into a sitting position. She blushed hotly. He had known what her body had begged for. Kissing her sweetly he smiled deep into her eyes. His kind hand came up and brushed away a tear.

Her heart was full to bursting. She smiled, it had been so simple, how had she missed it? She had experienced a rebirth. Her spirit was swirling and dancing in the joy of realization. How had had she not known?

She loved him.

She smothered her lover’s face with kisses. Flinging away her damp clothing she ran her hands over his perfect, succulent body. Max was startled by her sudden gesture. He chuckled throatily, gripping her upper arms to hold her still. Then with moist eyes he pecked her on the nose. His smile, and the light in his eyes, was brighter than the moons.

posted on 27-Apr-2002 9:44:16 PM by Gabriel Knight52

I'm just trying to get a grip on what perv-fu truly is.

Is this it? Am I close?

posted on 27-Apr-2002 11:15:02 PM by Faith Evans
Gabriel Knight52 OMG that was so good and so Hot!!!! There is more right there has to be more!!!!!

posted on 28-Apr-2002 12:10:53 AM by Phaedra223
GK: That was an excellent start on your journey to the Perv. You have a very good grasp of language, and it lends your story a good depth. Most impressive.

Before I go any further, I'll preface my comments by saying that what I do is..... well, I try to give gentle suggestions at how to increase the Perv in an author's story. These are suggestions- not fault finding or anything of the kind.

From your final comment, you illustrate one of the problems of the Art of Perv-Fu. It's hard to define. It's a style of sensual writing, if you must have a definition. A style of being able to push the limits of love scenes that are all too often mechanical exercises (which tend to throw a reader *out* of a storyline). So, to master Perv Fu means that you are able to write a love scene that not only holds the reader's interest, but also seduces them into a world of the erotic.

Bet you're still confused. Don't worry- join the club.

And in the meantime....

Okay, the first thing I would suggest would be to give Max a bit more of a background. Whether in Liz's inner discussions during the dream or when she was working absently the day after. To know why Liz is so desperate for him to touch her. Why Liz is doing this in a dream and not in real life. Why she would want to stop herself from being with him.

It might have been fun if when Liz wanted Max to stop being gentle if he were to ask her what she wanted. To make her say/scream that she wanted to be spanked. To make her acknowledge her own body's needs, rather than be silent and delude herself afterward that she didn't really want his hands on her.

What about him continuing to talk dirty to her as his fingers are working her to climax? Telling her she's a bad girl and needs to be punished. Wants to be punished. By him and only him.

As long as we're doing the spanking thing, a truly Perv Fu thing to do would be to get Max to make Liz spank *him*. So many times the woman's on the receiving end. Pardon the pun. *tongue* It would definitely be Perv Fu for Max to instruct Liz in the fine art of dominating. Embracing the darker side of her sexuality: the need for complete possession.

Your ending was lovely. Just the right way to end a short story, leaving a satisfied glow with the reader. I did wonder, however, what would happen now that the dream was over and Liz was back to working absentmindedly, as she was in the beginning of the story before we read about her marvelous dream. I'm thinking you did that on purpose- to leave us hounding you for more.

Consider yourself HOUNDED!!!


Phaedra, Master of Perv Fu
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Art’s and Craft’s – Dreamer Style

“Hi I’m here for the modeling position in the newspaper.”

The world famous artist only known as Elizabeth, for she was such a recluse she allowed no one to know her full name, a mighty big feat for one living in this modern technological time, put down her chisel and hammer and turned to face this intruder who had dared to break her concentration on her newest sculpture. Dressed in only a man shirt that reached her mid thigh, no socks no shoes, it gave the impression she was quite nude under that shirt, her hair was messy as if she had run her hands one to many times threw her hair.

Walking up to him, she said in a low and husky voice, “That’s funny, I don’t remember ever putting an ad in a newspaper asking for models.”

“True…(Chucking) … Name is Max, Max Evens, I’m a very big fan of your work but I’ve never been able to afford one of your pieces, so I figured if I can’t buy one might as well be in one.” He said with a cheeky grin, completely confident she would say yes to his proposal.

Liz had to admire his bravado, and his intelligence it had to have taken a lot of work for him to have found her studio and get passed the enormous security she had in place to safeguard her privacy. She decided to have a little fun with him, she hadn’t been out in the world for a while and she was a bit horny as a result, and by the way he so perfectly fit his clothes she had no doubt he would make a good fuck, and help relieve some of the tension she had been under lately trying to finish her latest piece of art.

“Hmmm I don’t know, I usually get my models from a top notch modeling agency, who knows exactly what I’m looking for, You may not meet my high standards, have you thought of that.” She was clearly challenging him and Max always ‘rose’ to the challenge.

“Well then it looks like I better audition, just tell me what I have to do, I’m ‘up’ for anything.”

“Anything, huh, I’ll keep that in mind…” Licking her lips she took one hard heated look over his body, stopping a moment at his crotch where he was hopeless not to respond especially when an incredibly sexy woman was looking at him as if he would be her next meal.

“Well since all my art work is always in the nude, I think we better start with you removing all your clothes.” She continued.

“You mean strip?”

“Well yes, but this is purely on a professional level, Mr. Evans, I take my art very seriously and you did say you would do anything need I remind you.”

“No, No I just wanted to be clear on what you needed form me, that’s all.” And with that he did as he had been asked. He slowly took his clothes of one item at a time, taking his time to fold each item to prevent them form getting wrinkled. Liz had to work hard to keep her face impassive and professional as he slowly revealed each perfect inch of hot flesh to her very appreciative gaze.

Once he was completely nude he stood with out shame in the center of the room, as Liz slowly walked a circle around his form taking every inch, every line, with her hot gaze. Giving the impression she was unfazed by what they were doing, she didn’t even blink an eye when his manhood began to rise and harden to it’s full length and girth, despite the fact that on the inside the sight of it made her unbehrably wet, and her sheath began to ache so acutely with the urge to house the commando monster cock standing at attention just for her.

With his back facing her, she took a deep breath trying to clam down her racing heart. Still showing none of her inner turmoil she placed a small hand on the large expanse of hard muscle on his back. Max was feeling a little embarrassed with his body’s natural reaction to standing naked in front of a beautiful woman but the feel of her small hand touching him was to much, he jumped away a little, a little fearful with the jolt of desire that ran threw him at such a simple touch, he wanted nothing more then to grab her and throw her on the floor and just brutally take her, marking her as his for the whole world to see. But he held his lust in check and just looked at her with burning questioning eyes.

“Stand still, Mr. Evans I’m not the type of artist who works on sight alone, I try to bring an element of realism to my pieces, I want the viewer of my work to leave with the impression that the sculptures are really warm living creatures that if you touch them they will come to life, and to do that I have to use all my senses…”

“In this case touch?” He asked.

“Yes, or what ever other sense I feel will move my viewing audience.” She elaborated.

“I understand, I’m sorry I just wasn’t expecting it, please continue.”

And she did, she slowly ran her small hands over his back, she grabbed his firm buttocks kneading the firm flesh, she sank her nails into it testing it’s firmness, Max’s breath caught in his throat and he balled up his fists fighting to keep control of his primal urges. Liz took it all in, and she smiled a smile as old as Eve. She liked a man who could control himself so well they were always so much more fun when they finally lost all that tightly honed control, and completely let loose, Yes this was going to be one hell of a fuck all right.

With that thought in mind Liz stepped up closer to him, pressing her breasts flat into his back, she hugged him from behind closing her eyes she began running her hands up and down on his ridged stomach and up his chest where she teased his nipples into hard points. Then she simply ran her hands up and down his front loving the smoothness of his skin and the natural warmth it radiated. Finally figuring she might as well throw caution to the wind she took his monster cock in her hands gasping at the feel of such virile power held in her tiny hands.

“Why Mr. Evans I think you have the wrong idea here, I don’t do statues of Fertility gods, My work tries to showcase the best of the human form in it’s most natural state…”

“God with what you are doing to me, this is my natural state…” He gasped, her hands felt so good, he wasn’t sure how he was going to hold out under such torture, but he didn’t want to stop, he didn’t want her to stop.

“Hmmm maybe I can make an exception for your case, you have a wonderful body, it would be a shame not to share it with the rest of the world.”

Max could do no more then grunt in response. But he literately howled when she let go of his throbbing member, and removed her body from his, she chuckled softly to herself she had no intention of leaving him in such a state, she had plans for this Adonis very big plans. She stood in front of him, and took his cock in her hands again, and he visibly relaxed once more, he brought his hands up to her neck, pushing her hair back to better expose her throat.

He frowned when she pulled away from him, but she only smiled gently at him while she shook her head at him. “I’m sorry Mr. Evans but the model isn’t allowed to touch the artist, it’s a rule.”

“That’s a bit unfair.” Max argued.

“But that is the rule.”

“I see forgive me I have never modeled before so I didn’t know, please continue with the…HOLY SHIT…” He shouted he closed his eyes and bared his teeth as he tossed his head back she had just squeezed his cock with just the right pressure and he had begun to leak pre – cum into her hand.

“Well now we are going to move to my favorite part of the audition, Taste and Smell.” That was the only warning she gave him before she got down on her knees and opening her mouth wide and taking his huge cock in her hot wet mouth. Expertly she swallowed his cock despite the fact she had never had one this big. Swallowing him whole she tightened her lips around his shaft and began suckling on him hard, placing her hands on his hips she forced them to move back and forth so that his cock stabbed her mouth deep, he quickly got the idea and was soon thrusting his hips and fucking her mouth like it was a super tight cunt.

She took him easily, the only sounds that could be heard in the room were the soft gurgles and moans coming form her throat and his loud grunts at the extreme pleasure she was giving him. Liz found she loved the taste of him, he’s flavor was beyond pleasing and so unique, almost sweet with just the right amount of spice and add in the pre-cum that was oozing out of his cock in a steady stream, it was overwhelming good.

Unable to help himself anymore he grabbed her head in his strong hands kneading her hair trying to bring her closer to him, if that was even possible, Liz welcomed his strong hands and letting him take over the work she moved her hands to his balls where she proceeded to play and gently squeeze his huge hanging balls. This one last act proved to be to much and Max exploded in her mouth, shooting wads and wads of hot cum into her hungry mouth, he shot so much cum it was impossible for her to swallow it all, and it leaked out of her mouth running down her mouth in rivers, where it covered her chest.

With a long drawled out sigh Liz finally let go of his cock, once free of her mouth she proceeded to clean his limp cock clean. Max looked on the verge of collapsing taking pity on him she got to her feet and lead Max to the long reclining couch she had in her studio. Ordering him to lie down she straddled his hips making sure his limp cock was in contact with her dripping pussy, and for the first time Max realized she really was completely naked under that shirt, and when she slowly began to work the shirt over her head and exposing her perfect pert breasts to his hot gaze.

She was so perfect, her breasts were the perfect size for his mouth, he so wanted to swallow one whole, but he remembered her models no touching rule and since he had always been the dominate player in his past relationships it was a nice change of pace for him to let this beautiful goddess take charge of him. If only his employees could see him now, all would be shocked out of their minds.

Max Evans the worlds leading investment banker who had more money then Bill Gates, who ran his companies with a iron fist and never showed any emotions, neither good or bad. Most believed he didn’t have any, the few woman in his life believed his veins ran with ice, even when he was fucking (Cause in no way could it be called making love) them he was always in control, and when he found his release he would turn over and leave, never saying a word. Yet here he was letting a small slip of a girl have complete control over him, while he simply reacted and went with the flow as it were.

Despite what he had said to her at the start about not being able to afford her art, he in fact owned several of her art pieces they always inspired within him a different deep feeling each time he looked at them, feelings he had thought long dead, Desperate and wanting to feel more he had used all his resources into finding in the hopes to make her his, to have her fully awaken the human in him once again.

“So what sense will you be working on next, you’ve done them all as far as I can tell.” He asked curious to see what the little minx had in store for him next.

“Hmm I’m no where near done, just lie there and let the artist do her work.” She responded.

Wiggling her lower body on his cock, so he could feel the full extent on how sopping wet she was for him, she took each of his arms and placed them over his head keeping them there with her left hand, with her right she lightly caressed his chest, lowering her head to his neck she took a long whiff of his skin, breathing in the light smell of his cologne and the rich musky male scent it did little to hide. She then proceeded to lick his skin loving the slight salty taste she found. She also took in the slightly different textures of his skin with her tongue, how the skin on his chin was coarser then the skin on his chest, and how the skin right under his left nipple was slightly softer then the one under his right nipple.

He was a virtual feast for her artistic senses, each inch revealed something new to her that she just couldn’t wait to replicate in stone, but for right now she quite content with where she currently was. Max though was in virtual hell, his arms locked over his head, and her gentle teasing of his front as she slowly studied him, was fast becoming unbearable he wasn’t sure how long he would be able to last.

Liz felt him buck his hips into her; she looked into his face and saw his desperation, his need for more. Taking pity on him she rose from him giving his lower body the room for his cock to rise into the air hard and free, Using her free right hand she guided him into her sopping wet sheath, once only the large tip was embedded she took each of his hands into one of hers intertwining their fingers together, using them as support she lowered herself onto his pulsing cock. Liz had to clamp her teeth together as she felt the full size of his monster man meat stab and penetrate her super tight sheath. She had never taken a man so big before, and she felt so stretched and so full she didn’t know if she could take him all despite how wet she was.

Widening her legs trying to give him more room, he was still only half way in. Taking a deep breath she placed their intertwined hands on her hips arching her back which thrusted her breasts into the air, Max grimaced his pleasure at being so tightly housed in such a wet sheath, he had no doubt that if he were taking her from behind and had a full view of her pussy swallowing him, that he would see how tightly stretched her pussy must be right now, the thought and imagery that brought to his mind only made him that much harder. And Liz felt it, stopping for a moment and taking deep breaths she took a little time trying to get used to his girth.

Once she was sure she was ready, she took another deep breath and forced herself to take the rest of him, with a loud, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she finally took all of him until not a millimeter remained to separate their lower bodies. Max clearly saw she was in distress, worried he tried to separate their lower bodies but the death glare Liz threw down at him stopped him.

“Don’t you dare move Max, I’m fine, it’s just that you’re so big, and I’ve never had such a huge commando cock before, give me a minute…”

All Max could do was wait, he tried not to think to much on the incredible pleasure at being housed in such a tight sheath gave him, so as not to start thrusting, instead he focused his gaze on her beautiful face, as she breathed deeply in and out letting her body get used to his huge size.

How much time past they didn’t know but once confident she could now take him, she slowly began to rise up they both moaned at the incredible pleasure her movements caused, he felt so smooth rubbing against her walls, she went so high up only the large blunt mushroom tip remained inside her, she slowly lowered herself on him again they both felt like they were breaking new ground all over again but it was clearly easier this time.

They moved counter to each other moving slowly, deeply while looking straight into each other eyes. This was the best part for Liz she loved to be penetrated there was no better feeling then the feel of cock deeply embedded in her body, moving in and out of her, she loved it. Needing to feel him deeper, she let go of his hands and raised them to her head where she moved her hair of her face and back and lifted up her hair up, this position arched her back even further and into Max’s lust filled gaze, he watched breathlessly as they swayed and danced in the air. He sunk his nails into the soft flesh of her hips as he helped her move on top of him.

Her moans and whimpers along with his grunts filled the room and soon their bodies moved faster and harder, the load slaps of their bodies added to the music of sex filling the room. Until it couldn’t last any longer, and they both exploded in rivers of cum. Liz with great effort kept her eyes open as she watched the face of her lover explode with release. When it was over, Liz stood up on shaky legs and stumbled over to a super large sketchbook, which Liz used to sketch out her sculptures. With surprising steady hands she proceeded to sketch a face onto the blank paper. Max didn’t have the strength to stand up yet and see what she was doing.

With deep concentration unmindful of the mix of sex juices running out of her pussy, and down her legs she worked, after 20 minutes the face on the page became clear it was Max in the throws of release, Max sitting up took in the face she was drawing in awe, he had never seen himself in such a moment but the face, his face was so real so life like he just couldn’t believe this was how he looked like at such a moment, yet it clear was. Once she was satisfied with it she put down her pencil and walked back to Max.

He took her in his arms sitting her on his lap, they kissed long sweet kisses that stirred the soul, and reaffirmed what they had just shared with each other.

“I take it I passed the audition?” He asked in between kisses.

“Mmmmmm, You most certainly did, I’m going to expect you here bright an early each mourning form now on, I have very big plans for you.”

Max just smiled and leaned forward so that Liz was now lying on the reclining couch, Max was hard and ready for another round of sweet loving, but that is another story.

Epilogue –

Max never left after that day, and Liz’s art went threw a turning point, form that point on her work seemed to center on one man, though she never showed his face in her pieces, But it was clear he was her lover by the way she seemed to always capture him in the throws of passion, she even move to do paintings her most famous was “The Spirit of Love” which show cased a man in great detail with only his face in shadow, making love with a cloud shaped in the form of a woman his cock deeply embedded, stretching her wide it was so life like one felt like you were looking threw a window and watching it live. The Christian right labeled it porn, the average person saw it for what it was True Love captured on canvas. The painting was bought by the richest man in the world Max Evans, and donated it to museums around the world to enjoy. Liz had no need to audition for models any further the position had been filled for life.

On their one-month anniversary Max asked Liz to marry him, and she said yes. But Liz was to much of a free sprit to live in New York, his business headquarters for very long, She hated the closed in feel having so many people jammed packed together caused. So they had compromised Max and Liz would come into the city, since he would now refuse to go anywhere with out her, a week every month, giving him the time to take care of anything he couldn’t take care of by computer.

Plus Max found he liked the country feeling Liz had going in her huge house in the country, and the easy access he always had to his wife there. How Liz ever got any work done with him around the house Max didn’t know since they were always going at it like bunnies. Max just couldn’t help himself, Liz liked to run around the house with as little clothes as possible, now what normal red blooded American male would let his beautiful goddess like wife run around the house practically naked and not take her. It was lucky for both of them they had a lot of stamina for each other.

When they were in the city it was not unheard of for Liz not to pop in to the office at odd hours threw out the day during those weeks, and for the Max to disappear in his office with her kicking everyone who was in there with him out when she came. She was his number one priority and always showed it, and threw her presence his employees saw a different face to their normally cold boss. And because of those glimpses the employees became more loyal to their boss. And more then one couldn’t help but smile as they saw Liz walk into the building dressed in exotic clothing from all kinds of different cultures, or an ecliptic mix of different styles which contrasted strongly with her husbands severely cut suits.

But they were happy and one year later on their one-year anniversary they were made even happier when Liz told her husband they were expecting a baby, to share their love.

Note: I got this idea a week ago after I reread Sandra Brown Tiger Prince, would you like more parts to this or should I stop and move on since I did put in an epilogue? I hope it’s to your satisfaction Phae.

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Look for on the UC Masters of Perv-fu Thread.

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*Phae peers at GK with one eyeball from behind her two hands covering her eyes*

I.... ummm.... I....oh dear.... ummm.. ...I ..... ack........ I.... coughcough.......ummmmm........ I........ Ummmm.... ahem.......wellllll...........

With profuse apologies I must remind you, dear pupil, of my answer to your first question. I'm a Max/Liz Perv Fu Master. Other couples I suck at. Truly suck at.

I've sort of accepted this odd malady of mine and tried to make peace with it. It certainly limits the reading material!

To that end, I'm afraid that I didn't get very far into your fic before one eyeball exploded. I will say this: you did render me speechless! Which is not what you were wanting, and I'm very sorry about that. I take the full blame for my lack of suggestions and helpful comments.

I would again like to float the idea that maybe you would like to start another Perv Fu thread? I feel like I'm censoring you, and I am totally against that!

I don't want to hamper your creativity or make you feel unwelcome by not giving you better feedback, you see.

Please let me hear from you soon, as I feel really horrible about this!

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I just had sooo many parts to read. I tell ya. Ya'all just keep updating and I will keep reading.

Great work guys.

PHAE!!!! You are an excellent writer!!!!!!!!! I love all your fics.
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Liz and Tess...........

I must say I go for all couples, as long as Liz is a participent.

So, yeah I liked it I would be true Perv-fu if Max came into play, can't wait for more, I hope you continue this and you other fics, can't wait to see where this one goes.*big*

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Faith- I really liked this one. I'm still trying to evaluate the Perv Fu pieces to it. I suppose the whole Liz as the aggressor qualifies. Also the whole viewpoint of experiencing Max's body as a living work of art. That's probably it, actually. Seeing Max's body as art. Max seeing Liz as... what? Certainly more than a woman he desires. It's almost like he has become a statue, correct? From what you described of his life, it was certainly as cold as a slab of marble.

I think a good companion would be picking up during the time that Liz was sculpting the statue of Max. Once she had all the sketches she needed, would she send him away?

Would he let her? Remember, he seems to be used to being cold. Is is reasonable that he would suddenly do a 180? Might he struggle a bit with it? Let her push him away?

Which one of them would realize they needed the other first? And what might they do upon that realization?

That's where the next bit of Perv Fun could come through. Convincing the other to stay.


You are really coming along very very well, Faith. You should be proud of yourself!

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I don't mean to sound mean or anything it's just my personal tastes. A warning would be nice next time.

Sorry. Really I am.

Faith *sad*

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Phae, who's pouting

PS.. BUT BUT BUT.. Why'd you take out?!??!??! It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!! EEEEPP!! You're denying me fic-age here!!!


Damn, damn, damn! Half Past Midnight and I'm on the receiving end of a Bait and Switch Fic!

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Sorry I put it back, I had to fix a few things, I thought you had skip me and I was hoping to correct a few things.

Sorry about that, it's back as it was.

Edited: Phae this the first part of 3 maybe 4 (I came up with 2 ideas for chapters today) hopefully your questions will be answered then. Thank You!!!!


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Bad week at work's perfect cure is good Perv Fu Fanfic!!!


This'll make working until 10 and 11 worth it!!!!

Thanks Faith!!
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I would love to enrole as a student in your classroom! Can I join in on all the fun? please?! I am just a beginner but I would love to learn the Perv-fu ways!
I think I have a good scenario worked out in my mind. I just have to work out the details!

PS. Faith I loved yours! The max and Liz head master was so hot!

and Phae when do we get to read some of yours?

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Just post and, if it's Max and Liz, I'll critique!

*big* Phaedra, whose muse is MIA but fondly remembered.
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Hello!!! Okay, first of all, I never new this was here. I am reading right now. So, I can't really leave that kind of feedback. But I need some help??? (Please*big**big*) I'm going to be doing a bondage scene in the next part of my story, "Happy Hauntings." It's my first fic, but I would like to get it right the first time. So, I had some one give me a few negative thoughts on what I have so far, it kind of got me down. So, this time I want orgasms just from reading. Kinky??? I know, but if you or anyone else here would let me know what I need to change. I have had some great feedback and I love it, it keeps me going. But why does one asshole have to ruin it all. Anywho, if anyone wants to send me a b-mail or e-mail me at printshop⊕
What do you think needs to be changed??? Please???????????????????????????????????????? Let me know something!!!

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That is just mean! If you want, I can delete the idiot's post! Ha! That'll show 'em!

I'm off to try to find your fic so I can give you an opinion. But if I don't find it, could you repost the section you're wanting to be evaluated on this thread?

Also- I may not be able to get online tomorrow as I have a huge deadline at work on Friday, and will probably work very late Thursday to meet that deadline.

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Okay, basically Liz is a stripper and the gang is staying at a haunted house. She's done a little strip tease for the girls on which the guys walk in on, and next is.........
So, here are those parts. They are just basic nookie. I want more!!! What do you think??????????


Max was taking the steps two and three at a time with Liz cradled in his arms. She couldn’t hold back the giggle that escaped her. When they reached Liz’s room Max slung the door open with only one mission in mind…getting Liz to the bed. When he stepped in the room, he couldn’t help but be amazed at its beauty. A huge, four posts canopy bed, white sheets, white pillows, and white canopy. He noticed all of the mirrors that adorned the walls, and a beautiful painting above the mantel, a lady in a breath taking pink gown. But none of this mattered….the bed was the only thing. Getting Liz on that bed. In just a few strides his goal was accomplished.

Liz lay there with her hair fanned out around her face. “Max,” she whimpered. His mouth crashed down on hers, nipping her lower lip with his teeth. He broke away for air, standing beside the bed, looking into Liz’s lust filled eyes, “Liz are you sure? It’s been seven years, I don’t want to make you feel used.”

Liz crawled up on her knees; she ran her fingers down the front of Max’s shirt. She leaned in and kissed his forehead. He lifted his hands to touch her, but she caught them, “No, Max! This is my time.” So Max let his hands fall to his sides, and Liz winked at him for his cooperation. Max was in a trance; he was mesmerized by her and her forwardness. She slowly begin to unbutton his shirt, planting a kiss after each button…lower…lower...lower. She smiled as she heard Max’s intake of breath. If he didn’t breath soon, he would pass out, she thought as she continued on her journey.

When she got to his jeans she undid the button and slid the zipper down with her teeth. She slid his pants down with ease as he stepped out of them.

She rose on her knees in front of him and could only smile at the awe in Max’s eyes. She let her eyes rake over his exquisite body; his golden tan, his abbs (abbs007), his shapely thighs. **Scrumptious, she thought, as she licked her lips in anticipation.** He started to reach for her, “No, Max I want to do this,” Liz stated, as she backed away a little.

Max stood frozen like a Greek God.

Liz reached for the hem of her cloudy, pajama top. She slowly lifted it over her head. Giving Max a clear view of what was in store. Liz brushed her hand over her round, firm breast.

A low growl was heard from Max, “Please Liz, I’ve got to touch you.”

“In a minute, Max. In a Minute,” Liz oozed as she hooked her fingers in the waist of her pajamas and teasingly slid them down. “Now be a good boy and keep your hands to yourself. This is my show,” she teased.

Max couldn’t even blink; he just nodded his head.

Liz bowed down in front of him and kissed the head of his dick with a wet “pop.”

Max couldn’t help but grab her shoulders for support. “Lizzzz, you’re killing me,” he pleaded.

Liz turned over on her back with her head slightly hanging off the bed. She rolled her tongue around the top of his dick, making Max fall forward with a gasp.

He braced himself with his hands placed on both sides of her. Her aroma hit his nostrils in full force. **Two can play this game, he thought**

Liz felt his hot, moist breath on her core and her legs spread willingly. She grasps his ass and jerked him to her as she enveloped his prick with her warm mouth, eliciting a moan from Max. Max nipped her toned stomach with his teeth, which made Liz whimper in delight. Liz began to devour him as she paced his thrusts with her arms groped around his waist.

Max leaned in and brushed his nose across the small patch of hair. He pulled her legs up with his arms for better access. Then he licked her from front to back in one fluid motion.

“OH, FUCK!” she hissed, as the tables had been turned.

Max was surprised at her choice of words and thrust into that bad mouth of hers, as his tongue plunged into Liz’s wetness. She worked his thighs with one hand as the other massaged his balls. Max knew it wouldn’t be much longer. He began to circle Liz’s clit with his tongue, sweeping from front to back a few times. Then he slipped his fingers into her center, pumping them in and out, in and out.

Liz gave a long vibrating moan that shot through Max giving him nothing but release. Liz tightened around him and he let himself go on over the edge, carrying Liz with him. They came together, with Liz swallowing every drop. She held his semi-hard dick in her mouth as a smile crept across her face. Max licked her again, and she gasped and tightened her knees around his head.

“You’re so bad,” Liz teased, as she swatted his firm ass.

“Me?” he questioned. Then he brought her up into his arms.

“Max? Stay here with me until we have to go downstairs later?” Liz pleaded with her eyes. “We still have A LOT of catching up to do,” she taunted.

As they snuggled into one another, Max ask, “Liz have you noticed that the painting over the mantel looks like it is watching us?”

“No!” Liz laughed. “You think this place is haunted?”

“Well, when we first came in I noticed them, and they seemed to be looking at the door. Now that we’re over here on the bed…Look…they’re looking at us,” Max explained.

“You’re crazy Max!” Liz exclaimed. “Now come take a bath with me,” she teased, as she made her way to the bathroom to start the water.

Max only laid there in shock. When Liz moved toward the bathroom, so did those eyes…

Max could not believe it. He examined the photo to see if the eyes moved again. No matter where he moved in the room they still seemed to be watching him.

“Max, are you going to come and take a bath with me,” Liz prayed, in a sultry voice.

“In a minute,” Max whispered, glancing around the room. He noticed on every wall, in every mirror you could see the contents of the bathroom. And from the pictures in the mirror he could tell that in the bathroom Liz had begun to take matters into her own hands.

Max glanced back at the painting, the eyes didn’t seem to be moving, but they looked almost real. So, his attention was brought back to the mirrors when he heard a low moan proceeding from the bathroom.

In all of the mirrors you could see Liz in this huge bathroom. The bathroom was white adorned with vanilla candles and white roses. The tub was extravagant; white with brass claw feet and brass fixtures. A stool sat beside the tub for a better approach.

Liz walked to the sink and lit a few candles. She looked at herself in the Victorian mirror above the sink. That’s when she notice that Max was watching her with wide eyes. She pulled her hair up, except for a few strands around her face and neck. She lit a few more candles and could feel Max’s gaze burning her from the other room.

“Let’s play a little game,” Liz whispered to herself.

Liz mesmerized Max. Here she sat in front of him in all her glory. Max felt his dick twitch at the sight of her.

“Calm down boy,” he hissed through gritted teeth.

Max rose to go to her but was stopped with the thought of the fun house at the carnival when he and Liz were in high school. If only it could have been like this, he thought as he kept examining all of the mirrors.

He was brought out of any bad thoughts with the site of Liz sitting next to the tub; the sound of running water and a pleasant smell of strawberries mixed with the vanilla scent of the candles.

His eyes roamed over Liz’s body. All of the white of both rooms reminded him of something pure and innocent. What all of the mirrors was showing him was not pure and innocent. Max could feel himself growing harder from the site before him.

Liz sat on the step of the bath with her legs spread leaving nothing to Max’s imagination. Liz removed her hand from the water and started a wet trail from her knee, to her thighs, across the small patch of hair, and up to her breasts. She massaged her left, then her right. She stroked them lightly at first. Running her open palm across them, then she pinched her nipple as her head rolled to the side in pleasure.

Max stumbled back to the bed. The scene before him is wrecking havoc on his body. It was making him dizzy with desire. He was fully erect now. His dick being painfully hard, he leaned back on the bed for support.

Liz could see Max as she positioned herself better on the step. She had a great view of him laid back on her bed, his dick saluting her as his hands were clinching the spread underneath him.

She continued to fondle her breasts as her right hand slowly made its way back to her moist folds. She delicately stroked herself at first.

Max couldn’t help but grip himself at the sight of this, his hand stroking his cock lightly.

The picture of Max pleasing himself only made Liz want more. With her left hand she brought her breast up for better access as she licked her erect nipple.

Max slightly raised off of the bed with the images bombarding him on every wall.

She never stopped teasing her folds as she plunged two fingers deep into her wet core. Her moan sent Max flying across the room. His mouth was upon hers, his hands replacing hers.

Together, they slid from the step unto the rug. Max pulled away gasping for a breath of air, his hands now holding her against his heated flesh.

Liz couldn’t hold back the giggle that escaped her lips, to see him in this state. Hi s hair looked worse than Michael’s ever had. His bangs were plastered to his forehead, his body glistening with sweat.

“Liz,” Max began, “did you know that I was watching?”

Liz could only nod her head; her tongue involuntarily snaked out to lick her lips, as she pushed Max back on the rug.

Max couldn’t move as Liz crawled up his body like a cat upon its prey. She began to nip and lick the flesh below her. The sensation of her hard nipples brushing over his hard flesh was driving her crazy. The look of his ravaged body and to know that she made him this way was sending her on a power trip. Nothing but raw lust could be seen in her eyes as she ground her wet core into him.

“Liz-z-z-z-z-z,” Max moaned, as she leaned forward to seal his lips with a kiss.

His body felt so good under hers, a good solid foundation.

As she began to rise up, he held her to him, hard at first not wanting to let go. Then the kisses became more demanding.

Max rolled them on the rug. Liz noticed the position had changed. Max now had her pinned to the bathroom rug. He licked, sucked, and nibbled everything with in his reach.

“More Max, I want More,” Liz chanted, driving Max on.

He made his way from one breast to the other. He circled the nipple with his tongue as he began to suckle and massage it with his mouth. Not wanting to leave the other out, he repeated his actions, eliciting an “Oh, god”, from Liz.

His other hand roamed her body coming to a halt just above her curls. His fingers lightly stroked over them. Liz’s legs spread, as her body arched off of the floor. Max needed no verbal invitation, as he began to tease her “magic button” that protruded through the wetness.

“Max please?” Liz begged as her head rolled from side to side, her eyes shut tightly.

“Max?” she breathed, her hips thrusting toward him, wanting more.

Max was so aroused by the intoxicating scent of her. He had to taste her. A low growl left his throat as he raised his head from her breast to see her.

Liz’s eyes opened at the loss, but were filled by the top of Max’s head as he descended on her like a starved animal.

“Fuck!” she hissed as her hips rose to the plunge of Max’s tongue. His hand gripped the back of her legs, lifting them, and pushing them over his shoulders for better access. He could tell that she was close, her body began to vibrate and the orgasm washed trough her, allowing a loud scream of ecstasy to echo the room.

Max rose and planted soft kisses all over her body. He then turned the water off in the tub. He leaned down and cradled Liz in his arms, and then he stepped into the warm bath with her.

He sponged her off, as she relaxed in his arms.

She then felt a sharp poke to her side. She tenderly stroked him as she felt how painfully hard he was. Liz took the sponge a washed Max, careful not to torture him. Then without thought she stood to retrieve her towel, her ass right in Max’s face.

“Liz, you’re killing me,” he growled as he nipped her ass with his teeth.

“Max!” Liz squealed, as she jumped from the tub and ran for the bed.

“I’m going to get you Liz Parker!” Max stated. He rose from the tub, and Liz froze like a deer caught in the headlights, at the man in front of her. His body was that of a God, and his eyes held the promise of the last statement.

****************************************** So, I'm thinking of a bondage scene next. Kind of tied to the bed sort of thing. Help me out here, oh queen of perv??????? (Bowing at your feet)*wink**wink**wink*
posted on 11-May-2002 1:32:06 AM by Phaedra223
I think you're right. A little bondage would be perfect as Liz has exercised a bit of torture by giving Max that show in the bathroom.

I would recommend that Max teach her a lesson about being selfish and denying him the pleasure of her body. I would recommend that he give her a taste of her own medicine. I would recommend that he prolong this lesson as long as he's able. I would definitely recommend that he describe to her exactly what he's doing to himself and use her crude language as it excites her.

I would recommend that he make her promise not to do that any more. And he needs to do this when he's covering her and she's desperate for him.

Just some suggestions. Damn, you've got quite a lot of potential with that storyline! I'll be most interested to read what you come up with. Will you post that scene here?



PS. Sorry if I got too carried away when all you wanted was a simple yes or no answer *tongue*
posted on 13-May-2002 8:30:42 AM by Teresa
Here is the beginning of things to come...(no pun intended**giggles**)

Max patted himself dry, with a million things running through that wicked mind of his. He watched Liz as she made her way to the bed, her ass swaying almost hypnotizing him. His eyes roamed her body to those pert globes he’d been caressing earlier. Everything had happened so fast, he hadn’t had the chance to just praise her. He noticed the curve of her waist and the roundness of her ass, as she climbed on the bed. He felt the tightening in his groin as he also made his way to the bed.

Liz pulled the covers over her body, as her pulse raced faster and faster. His eyes were searching her face. The dampness between her legs growing from his intent stare.

She couldn’t help but stare back at the God before her. His toned muscles, tight ass, rippling abs, and that straining manhood. Finally, that face, with those amber eyes, that scorched her skin. Her mouth watered in anticipation.

Max stopped at the bed, as if to ask for acceptance, when he noticed a little black mask on the bed side table. One of those sleep masks, but this one was so sexy. It was black velvet with little fluffy feathers around it. He swallowed the lump in his throat at the things that entered his mind.

The mask had his mind wandering a thousand things. He began to notice the gold ropes and the streaming white cloth that conveniently flowed from the four post of the bed.

He turned back to Liz with those begging eyes. He pulled the covers back and climbed in beside her. Slowly he slid his body flush with her flesh. He leaned up on his side, wrapping his leg around Liz and pinning her to the bed.

His warm breath trickled across her face as he whispered, “Liz, you’ve been playing games with me all day,” as he brushed the hair behind her ear, “Now it’s my turn.” He sucked her ear lobe into his mouth, his hands traveling the length of her body.

She moaned, closing her eyes she shook her head “yes” in response.

“I’ve had some fantasies fulfilled today, and all were much better than I ever could have imagined,” Max coaxed, brushing his fingers over the curves in her face. “But the one I need your participation in now is one of my favorites,” he added while placing feathery kisses on her face.

Liz could no longer hold her bodies trembling, and the pounding of her heart was deafening. She pressed her heat into him trying to ease some of the ache there. “Please”? she sighed.

“Please what, Liz?” Max whispered, running his fingers over her lips and down her chin, between her breasts. “Close your eyes,” he gestured raking his fingers down her face shutting them. “I have to prepare a few things so keep them closed,” he warned. He peeled himself away from her body and off the bed.

Liz gasped at the loss, but never opened her eyes. Her whole body tingled, her curiosity getting the best of her.

Max flung the covers off the bed with one sweep of his hand, using his powers for the first time since he had been at the house.

Liz’s eyes flew open in surprise, she tried to cover her exposed body.

“Don’t even try Liz, and shut your eyes. I warned you, now you will be punished!” Max replied with a stern voice, but winked at her for reassurance, before she closed her eyes.

“Now I’m going to remove the pillows and slide you to the middle of the bed,” he informed, “But keep your eyes closed.” He gently removed the pillow from underneath her head, she helped him by sliding to the middle of the bed as he took care of the other pillows.

“Max, what…?” Liz began.

“Shhhhh. No talking, you’ll understand in just a second,” he promised. “Just trust me Liz, and DON’T, under NO circumstances, open those big brown eyes of yours. Not until I tell you to. Now, if you trust me, without opening your eyes, I want you to turn over and stay on all fours.” Max whispered.

Liz was only imaging the things to come as she obliged his request. She made it a point to keep her legs apart for Max to view her openly. She heard the hitch in his breath as she did so. “Are you sure this is your game?” she teased, swaying back and forth, brushing her sensitive nipples against the fabric below her.

With another wave of his hand the golden bondage was around her wrists and ankles. “Don’t open your eyes Liz! I want the full effect her,” he hissed into her ear.

She felt the familiar feathers and soft velvet glide down her face and over her eyes. Her eyes opened to black, pure darkness. She heard the shuffle beside her, her head turning to hear better.

“It’s working,” Max began. “Without sight your other senses will be heightened.” “And, as you can tell you won’t be going anywhere,” he informed with a firm swat to her ass. “Now, you will be tortured for seducing me earlier, slave!” he chuckled in delight to his game.

“Oh My God,” Liz breathed out a throaty sigh.


What do you think???*wink*
posted on 13-May-2002 11:49:59 PM by Phaedra223
I think I might kill you for stopping there.

I *know* I'll kill you if you don't continue. Like yesterday. *wink*

Okay, let's see. Some Perv Fu thoughts. I think you're setting up a good scene. Ties and masks- niiiiiice. And she's on all fours, which is certainly a surprise given the bondage theme. Most times one is bound lying down. This is a different position, so that is definitely perv fu!

Another good part is that you have Max talking. Best way to up the sensuality of your writing, imo. Women aren't just seduced with kisses or touches. Women are highly susceptible to verbal seduction. And it's a smart man who knows it and uses it wisely.

I can hardly wait to read what Max has planned next! Don't forget to post over here when you get done with the next bit, k??

You're doing a good job!

posted on 14-May-2002 6:49:50 AM by Teresa
I wanted to do a little more with the bondage, but I didn't know (biting bottom lip)....Tell me what you think... Okay. There's a knot (so to speak) that goes from ankle, to wrist, around neck, to wrist, back to opposite ankle. The only thing may be a bit much. Like if Liz fell it would choke her, not that she's going to fall. I just don't think some would want to read that??? I think it's a bit much??????????

I like the way I've got it now. She can move, like leaning forward, pushing back, meeting his thrusts...get my drift. She can get in a little action. Try to turn the tables........

If this helps...this is my next chapter...

(It will give you a little insight on Max!!!)


Max made his way to her side, he leaned in close to her face, inches from her ear his warm breath heating her skin. "LIZ!" he bit out. "GOD, has nothing to do with this," he growled, "so from now on you will refer to me as "Max". Those are my instructions, if you do not wish to play by these rules, speak now." He leaned in and nipped her ear lobe with his teeth, then licking from lobe around the top he pulled away waiting for her answer.
*big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big* What do you think??????????????????????????????????
posted on 14-May-2002 11:04:33 PM by Phaedra223
Good gravy- games. OH BOY!!!

When do they start?? And do we get to know the prize or is it a secret??


Now, you must continue. And I agree about that "knot" you were talking of in your post. But not for the reasons you list. Basically, it's hard to visualize and would interrupt the continuity of your story. Which you don't want. Especially in the scene you've briefly described.

Just remember to keep Max talking. A lot. Cause it's unbelievably sexy.

*big* Phaedra
posted on 15-May-2002 6:24:04 AM by Teresa
So, you like????*big**big*

Well, I have already got some of it ready, but I don't know if I should go ahead and post. I mean I'm answering some questions about the painting, and the rest of the gang will be in this. It's probably going to take a lot longer to get to that, so I am considering putting it on the board in little pieces, like my last part.

What do you suggest? And I think you're right, I'm glad I didn't use the knot. More soon, I promise!!!*tongue*
posted on 15-May-2002 11:36:29 AM by Teresa
I couldn't wait (smiles sheepishly*happy*). So, here you go......Have at it!!!*wink**wink**wink**wink*


Max made his way to her side, he leaned in close to her face, inches from her ear his warm breath heating her skin. "LIZ!" he bit out. "GOD, has nothing to do with this," he growled, "so from now on you will refer to me as "Max". Those are my instructions, if you do not wish to play by these rules, speak now." He leaned in and nipped her ear lobe with his teeth, then licking from lobe around the top he pulled away waiting for her answer.

“Max,” Liz breathed, finding it hard to begin, knowing he was so close to her, “please, by all means continue.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Max smiled. He leaned in and softly brushed his tongue across her pouty lips. He gently sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, she pushed forward wanting more, “I call the shots, don’t even try to turn this around on me,” he chuckled.

Liz lashed her tongue out and brushed it along her top lip to taste him, where he’d just been. She bit down hard on her lower lip to suppress a moan.

Max stood back and gazed at her. “You’re beautiful, Liz,” he worshipped, while climbing up on the bed.

Her head shot to the side waiting desperately for his next move. She felt the bed shifting under her and knew his whereabouts. Her body was humming in anticipation. “Please,” she begged.

“Please? Please what my mistress?” Max taunted, as he ran his hand over her back, gripping her ass roughly. He leaned forward, grinding his straining cock against her heat. He took her hair and swept it back, down her back.

Liz fought for control. Max could have sworn he even heard her swear.

“Tell me Liz,” sliding his hands around her waist and up her sides to cup her breasts hanging openly below her. “Where should I start?” he teased. “Here,” pinching her nipples, “or here,” pressing himself more firmly against her core, while his hands continued there sweet torture on her breasts.

Her head dropped, she had no idea where to start. She was paralyzed from his touch, couldn’t move.

Max eased himself away from her. Liz whimpered from the loss.

Lying on his side, he gently brushed his fingers through her hair. “You’ve never played this game before?” Max implored. Max heard a faint “no”, so he continued, tickling her body with his nimble fingertips. “I’ll just begin here,” tilting his head to suck her breast into his mouth. He licked the hardened peak of her nipple and slid his head further beneath her torso for better access. He circled her nipples with his tongue, nipping it with his teeth.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Liz chanted, her cunt dripping with new fluids. “Max, I can’t take much more of this,” she hissed through gritted teeth.

Max slowly removed himself from beneath her. He moved under one of the ropes, until he was on his knees in front of her. He placed two fingers under her chin to bring her face up. He bent down,” You’ll take what I give you,” he ordered, swatting her face with his prick.

Liz engulfed his cock in one swift motion, eliciting a hiss from Max.

He buried his hands in her hair, pushing her head down upon him. With a primal growl, he began to thrust into her mouth.

Liz planted the tip of her tongue firmly against the underside of his dick, teeth scraping gently against the top. With each thrust she felt his power slipping.

His breathing was erratic. He arched into her. From the tickle of the feathers on the mask, to the light scrape of her teeth, he was losing his authority. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly as he slowed her movements. “Stop,” he demanded, in a low husky tone. “This is my game. I mean it Liz, you’ll play by the rules or you will be spanked.”

“Is that a threat, or a promise,” she teased hoarsely, smiling at her comeback.


Did I do good??? What do you think????*big**big**big*
posted on 15-May-2002 11:53:32 PM by Phaedra223
Oh. My. Gawd!

Why the hell did you stop there?!??!?! Dammit!

*Shakes head* MMMkay! Let's see. Helpful hints from a perv fu master...

I like how you're making Max talk a lot. That is very good. What I would like to see more of is Max pushing the envelope with his talk. Not necessarily crude, but very descriptive. Tell Liz what it's like to touch her, etc. Basically, use words just as much as actions to emphasize how vulnerable she is to him. And how much he's in control.

Obviously, Max needs to get control back at the end of your selection. He can do that in any number of ways- but just don't have him cum in Liz's mouth. Be creative. Both in where it goes and what happens to it next. Many uses, if you know what I mean. Push the envelope. He knows what she wants. Make him give it to her on *his* terms.

And in order to make it even more readable, you need to make Liz not only enjoy it, but want to do it again. Let him be in control, I mean. For a true bondage experience, one of the people must enjoy/ love being under their lover's complete control. In every sense of the word. All too often authors try to write a little bondage and fail miserably because they don't grasp this simple fact.

Well, I hope I've given you some ideas. I can't wait to read what you'll come up with next!


posted on 16-May-2002 6:56:36 AM by Teresa
Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

How did you know what I was having trouble with. I am so grateful. Here goes, how I started the next piece...

Her face was yanked forward by sweaty palms, Max sealing her lips with his mouth. He plunged his tongue down her throat in an attempt to gain his control. Twisting his fingers in her chocolate locks, he pulled her aggressive mouth from his. Tilting her head to the side so that the tip of his nose nuzzled her ear, his voice trembled, "Liz", his fingers tracing the lines of her face, "do you know how bad I want you. (Liz slowly nodded her head) Then you know how fucking hard it is for me to take this slow. But if you keep of this little tyrant, I'll be forced to take you now, pinning you to the bed with each luscious thrust, hearing you chant my name in pure ecstasy. I know you want more, I breathe in your sweet aroma with every breath.????????????????

That's as far as I've gotten. ((I have been extremely busy with life ( I have a 3 month old, a 3 year old, and a 30 year old (my husband).) So, what are some pointers??? Do you think that is a good beginning for my next part??? HELP!!!!!! *wink**wink**wink**wink**wink*
posted on 16-May-2002 8:13:52 PM by the better twin
this is sooooooo good! I told you I'd come over here! post more of it!!
posted on 16-May-2002 8:21:26 PM by Phaedra223
lol, we're the same age...

Anyhow, let's see. Helpful hints.....

Very good beginning. I think that Max needs embrace his authority a little bit more, though. He shouldn't admit how hard this is to take her slowly. The sentences that follow are good if you rephrase them to be that Max knows this scenario is what Liz wants. THEN he needs to *tell* her that this is his show and her wants don't come into play. He's going to take her any way he wants.

See what I mean?

Extra points would be to tease Liz like she teased him. She's certainly where he wants her. Think of all the different methods he can use to make her beg for him. Make her want to be taken so badly that she'll do anything, *anything,* as long as he takes her and makes her cum.

I hope this starts your mind to thinking of some possibilities. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next!


posted on 17-May-2002 7:51:10 AM by Teresa
Thinking...that helps alot. I'll see what I can do and throw it back at ya'.

My husband says basically the same thing, that Liz should beg for more. I'm not going to throw them into sex yet, we still have oral first. So, there will be a humbling on Liz's behalf.

What else, Phaedra? I'm all ears.

I'll have to b-mail you something. I want to ask you about, but it will be something that a lot of my readers want to know. So, I don't want to ask it in the open. Is this okay??? Do you check your board mail regularly? Oh, and this isn't a perv question, just one that I'm think should come in to place soon.

posted on 20-May-2002 12:26:31 AM by Phaedra223
LOL- Yes, you can bmail me. Promise to answer, as long as the frigging board lets me send the reply! You would NOT believe how long it's taken me to get this reply screen to come up!


Anyhow, I'm not exactly certain about how much more helpful hints I can give you without stepping on your toes. I'd like this to be a learning process, if you know what I mean. I can certainly give you some helpful hints about how to up the Perv Fun factor in any selection you'd care to present. In fact, I look forward to it. I just don't like stepping on authors' toes cause I think it's rude of me. *wink*

Now, don't forget- I'll check my bmail for ya, but my reply is dependent on whether the board is in a good mood!

Which I probably won't be as it will be MONDAY. Friggin Monday. Only one way to make a Monday better and it involves chocolate and whipped cream and satin sheets.

*big* Phae
posted on 20-May-2002 6:10:52 AM by Teresa
Man!! I know what you mean about the board, and Monday.***giggles**So, I can b-mail you??? Thanks!!! It may not be today or tomorrow. I'm not sure. I am still tossing this next part around, on paper. I keep changing things.

So, I will probably sling something at ya', this evening or in the morning. As long as your still game. I don't want you to feel like you are being rude to me. I want the writing experience, yes. But your a good writer and constructive criticism is good. (I think, at least that is what my husband says**giggles**) You can step on my toes but just don't grind your heal in or bounce on them. So, far I haven't felt offended at all. I think, I can handle it!!!

The next part...a very demanding Max Evans. I'll see what I can come up with*big**wink**tongue*. Talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 20-May-2002 9:20:28 PM by just me
The next part...a very demanding Max Evans

Every dreamers fantasy. hehehe. Saw this line and couldn't resist.
posted on 20-May-2002 9:29:31 PM by sunrise102
Can I just say that reading this thread has made me want many a cold showers?*tongue* Very amazing. I especially liked Faith's story about the internship and boarding school. Very nice.*wink* I would love to enroll at this school, but I'm very limited as far as time, I need to finish with finals first. I'll try to come back after.


P.S. Phae where can I find some of your other stories? I've heard about Transformed, among others, but I've never been able to find them. Can you post a link? Thanx*big*
posted on 21-May-2002 1:24:11 AM by Faith Evans
(Faith blushes reading sunrise102 comment.) Thank You babe for the complement can't wait to read your own work here, I'm sure it will be a blast (In more ways then one I'm sure *wink* )

Phae I so need your help!!!!!!! I have writter's block in my latest series.

Chapter 2 for Art’s and Craft’s – Dreamer Style is giving me problems, I want it to be some shameless smutt before I get to answering your questions about Max and his past, but I don't know what Max and Liz should do next, help please.

I'll post what I have so far, but can you give me a hint on what should happen next. Like Positions or Teasing, anything I just need a slight push, cause my brain is stuck.

Art’s and Craft’s – Dreamer Style - Part 2A

Max lowered Liz on the reclining couch, kissing her lushes lips, he loved the taste of her, loved the way her tongue played and teased his she was everything he had hoped for and so much more. However, he needed more, while he had truly (overwhelming) enjoyed her earlier teasing he was now going to be the one in control of their passion, pay back in this case was going to be the greatest of pleasures. Well that was what he thought; Liz on the other hand had other ideas and plans of her own for him. But for now she would let him play a little and once she had lulled him into a sense of false confidence, then she would spring on him, he would never know what hit him she giggled to herself.

She looked him straight in the eyes giving him a Mona Lisa smile that made his blood boil with renewed desire for her. They wiggled around on the reclining couch until they were both comfortable lying on their sides facing each other and simply kissing while his hands gently caressed her body a pleasure denied him in their first encounter together. He cupped one of her breasts testing it’s weight and feel in his hands, declaring it perfect he lowered his head and engulfed it whole in his mouth. Liz let out a hiss of pleasure at the wonderful heat his mouth transferred to her breast. Liz grabbed a hold of his head and holding him in place trying to draw him closer.

Max couldn’t help but be pleased with her reaction with what he was doing to her, never having cared about a woman’s pleasure before it was different with Elizabeth, Elizabeth was special and deserved nothing but the best. He kept his eyes trained on her face as he suckled and softly bit her breast, his tongue danced on her nipple bringing it to a small hard point. He let the breast leave his mouth catching the tip with his teeth; he gently pulled the nipple and Lightening bolts of desire shot from her breast and traveled down to her very wet an aching core.

Max let go of her breast and moved on to the other careful to give it the same attention and time. Once they became to sensitive he rose up and surveyed his handy work. Her breasts were wet and glistening a little red because of his attention to them, but they were pert and looked to be pouting for more of his attention. But Max had bigger fish to fry so to speck. His tongue danced its way down her torso drawing little circles on her flesh. Her hands were still on his head and she tried to push him faster down to her feminine core where she needed to feel him so desperately but he only chuckled a response and with one hand, he forced her to let up on the pressure. He would get there eventually right now he was quite content to taste her as she had tasted him.

She knew he was paying her back for her own torture of him earlier. And while on average she enjoyed to be teased right now she wanted nothing more then to have him in her, penetrating her deeply skillfully to some how appease the giant ache in between her legs that was going to drive her mad if he didn’t move faster. But now wasn’t the right time to make her move and turn the tables on him, he wasn’t quite where she wanted him yet.

It was with a great sigh of relief when Max finally made it to his target, her glistening pussy lips. He slowly got of the reclining couch careful not to loose contact with her pussy lips, he kneeled down on the floor in front of her, bending her knees so that her feet were flat on the edge of the couch he opened her legs wide so that her knees hit the patting of the couch on either end. His hands kept her in position by lying flat on the juncture where her legs connected with her most private places his thumbs moved back and forth rubbing the skin of her sensitive inner thighs.

Slowly, ever so slowly under her burning gaze Max lowered his head a bit further so that he was millimeters from her steaming core, teasing her he inhaled strongly the strong scent of his cum mingled with her steaming juices from their earlier encounter. Max licked his lips in delight teasing her and taking his time, she saw him stick out his tongue as if he was going to lick her when his blasted cell phone rang.

Both jumped at this unwanted interruption, Max intended to let it ring and not answer but it was relentless and with a growl of utter frustration, he stalked to the phone which he had left in a bag by the door he had dropped it there when he had entered the room. In a cold calculated voice, he chewed out the caller for daring to break his orders on not being disturbed this weekend for what was just another expected turn in the stock market.

See Max is an all out genius, a child prodigy who unlike other prodigies didn’t burn out young. He could see patterns in numbers where other people just see chaos; Max could read the market like it was the back of his hand. That was how he made his millions. While others may have used this great talent to help people, Max’s childhood taught him to use it only to help himself.

Meanwhile Liz was in agony; he had been so close to eating her out and now she was alone and left aching for him. Always one able to take things in her own hands she got on her knees on the reclining couch and fished for a box she kept under there, fishing around she found what she wanted, a U shaped dildo. She took it out of the plastic bag she kept it in to protect it form dust and bacteria. She lay back down in her previous position. She wet one end in her sopping pussy once it was soaked threw she turned the dildo around and put the now wet and at the opening of her arse and the still dry end at the opening to her pussy. Taking it firmly by the center she pushed it slowly in.

‘Ahhhhh sweet satisfaction.’ Liz thought, as she doubly penetrated herself with her toy. Closing her eyes she forgot about everything else but the marvelous feel of penetration. While the dildo was nowhere near the size and feel of Max’s cock it did take care of her immediate problem, helping elevate the ache Max had put there. Of course Max had a perfect view of all this…

So Phae what hapens next, help please!!!!


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posted on 21-May-2002 3:05:50 PM by Teresa

Here is my next part. I don't think it's the best I could have done, but I have a teething, almost 4 month old. He screams, I jump...whatever it takes to keep him from screaming, I do.

So, let me know what you think. I promise, I haven't forgot about b-mailing you.


Sweaty palms yanked Liz’s face forward, Max sealing her lips with his mouth. He plunged his tongue down her throat in an attempt to show her he was in control. Twisting his fingers in her chocolate locks, he pulled her aggressive mouth from his. Tilting her head to the side so that the tip of his nose nuzzled her ear, “Liz”, he growled “I can’t wait to show you the “ropes,” so to speak,” he added playfully, nipping her lobe.

Liz was so aroused, pulse racing faster than ever. Chills ran down her spine. Her senses were on overload.

Max traced the outline of her face with his fingertips. He moved under the golden rope and off the bed with a thud.

“Max?” Liz questioned.

“Here,” he breathed, running his finger from the crack of her ass to her now swollen clit. “Now, now, now, what do we have here?” Max teased, leaning in on the bed and swiping the tip of his tongue over her wet folds. (Liz hissed in excitement.) He climbed aboard the bed, planting his hands firmly on her ass, squeezing just a bit.

“I want more”, Liz whimpered.

Max drew back his hand, planting a bold swat to her ass. “That’s (swat) what (swat) you (swat) get (swat) for (swat) not (swat) listening (swat),” he warned. (Liz gasped for air with every swat) Max reached forward grasping her silky hair. His hard cock planted against her wet core. Running his tongue down her back, releasing her hair, and branding her body with his touch. His teeth now nipping at her rear, he settled himself down on the bed behind her, a naughty smirk across his face.

He leaned forward parting her cheeks; he stroked her pussy with his tongue. He began to devour her, sucking her clit into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue. He licked her again and again, front to back…side to side.

Liz instinctively pushed her sodden pussy towards him.

Max nipped her thigh as he traced her core with his nimble fingertips. “Liz, your sooooooo wet for me,” slipping his fingers into her moist recesses. Dipping into her soul. Slipping them out slowly he plunged in deeper. He replaced one finger with two, Max felt her body begins to tremble, her walls began to tighten. The trusts of his fingers met by her thrusting backwards. “Come on Liz,” kissing her lightly on her rounded ass. Leaning in he licked her puckered exit, sending her into a fury, he taunted her ass with his tongue.

“Oh, Max! Oh, Yes!” Liz panted, as the first waves of her orgasm washed through her.

Max removed his soaking fingers in one swift motion, replacing them with his velvet tongue. Lapping her feminine juices. Sucking each dampened lip into his mouth, cleansing them of any nectar. Primal instincts taking over, he devoured her, as his name was whispered from her mouth over and over.

Liz’s head now rolled from side to side, any coherent thought leaving her mind.

Max rose, his body slick with sweat, planting the head of his pulsating cock against her slick opening. Gripping her shoulders for leverage, he slammed into her.

“Max,” she drawled, as his fullness stretched her walls further.

He drew himself out slowly, only to be forced back harder. He pulled out almost all the way, slamming home again. Building a blinding pace he pounded into her. His balls smacking her ass with each thrust. The bed posts slapping the wall to the same rhythm of their bodies slapping together…faster…harder…deeper…Over and Over.

“Oh fuck, “OOOHHHH…..Harder” Liz moaned. Her walls clenching his cock like a vice.

“Lizzzzz,” Max grunted, his release ripping through her. He grabbed her hair hard, yanking her back further onto him. Pumping so hard, pinning her body to the bed with each thrust. He released her hair, leaning in to brush feather light kisses over her glistening back.

The door shot open……………………………………………………………..


FaithEvans-WOW!!! I love it...what will Max do after a view like that.

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posted on 22-May-2002 1:34:27 AM by Phaedra223
Mmmkay. I'm gonna do two different posts so I can keep this largess straight.


How you can have writer's block is a friggin mystery to me, but I guess it happens at the most inopportune times. You ask what the next step should be....

It needs to be outrageous, imo. You've got the teasing option. Which you can do up to a point. Liz needs to be doing this to openly taunt Max, more than anything. What's she's got isn't what she wants, if you know what I mean. *wink*

I'd have her tease Max, and then have Max get off the phone..... and take over. She thinks her toy can satisfy her, so be it. And while he manipulates the toy to his satisfaction, she can satisfy him. And since this is Perv-Fu, I'd say mouth over hand. Oh, and I'd have him talk really dirty to her the entire time.

This sets Liz up for not being satisfied by the toy induced orgasm. Wonder what she will do about that?? Especially since Max has been satisfied recently? Guess she'll have to get creative......

I have no idea if this is what you want or not, but maybe it will give you some ideas. Just remember, to make it Perv Fu, you have to take whatever you decide to do.... to the extreme. You don't want it to be like something you've read a zillion times before.

I know you can do it Faith!

Phaedra *big*
posted on 22-May-2002 1:44:53 AM by Phaedra223

Don't be so hard on yourself- this was most enjoyable. And a bit..... annoying at the very end..... gonna KILL whoever burst in on them. Tell me it isn't Maria- PLEASE. I swear, that woman was a nun in a former life. Keeps interrupting, she does.

Anyhow, I think that this was great. I really like what you did with the scene and wish that it was longer so Max could more fully dominate Liz. She doesn't seem very dominated in this selection, but with time constraints and the like, you may not have had time to fully explore a scene like that.

I liked how you continued to make Max talk to Liz. Very good. I'd shorten the 'sooooooo' to 'so', simply because guys don't generally hang on their vowels in fiction like girls do. I liked the way you had Max crawling on the bed around Liz. Very nice imagery- I heartedly approve. All the different angles.... yes, that is a good way to use Perv Fu in a less obvious but effective manner.

Okay, I think you definitely need to continue and let me know what the next possible Perv Fun scene might be!


PS. Hope I answered your bmail question okay!

posted on 22-May-2002 7:13:10 AM by Teresa
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (now take a bow). I'm glad you enjoyed. You answered my b-mail amazingly. Even though I'm still picking and choosing.

So, the next perv part???? (whispers) I'm thinking the library...but I don't want to be original and just f*ck on the desk. Too original. The couch is too original. How could we do it on the ladder that slides around the room. Or something undone??? Know what I mean??? I kind of wanted to do Liz stripping for Max in this one and using the ladder as the pole. Secret passages???? Locked in, no where to go, what better thing to do??? I don't know??? What do you think? Or give me some ideas on other wonderful places in a haunted house...the wine cellar, with the clank of the glass.

Oh, and I never really thought about the "sooooooo." But I am glad you brought it to my attention, and you are "so" right. Thank you again.

Talk to you again real soon!!!!!!!!!!! *big**wink**tongue**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*
posted on 23-May-2002 12:21:32 AM by Phaedra223
Libraries are difficult, but let's see what we can do.

As to the secret passage- I've actually seen this when I toured an old castle in Austria. One section of the bookcase has henges which allow it to open into a tiny... nook for lack of a better word. It was basically like a shelf with padding on it... almost like the seat of a bay window.

As to the ladder... you can definitely use this. Ladders are handy because they can be used to get a certain part of anatomy at eye level. You do have to be careful about using it in the scene for the actual lovemaking, ,though. Ladders are even more uncomfortable on your back than a wall, if you get my drift. And then there's the whole moving thing...

But a good way to get around that is to have Liz turn and face the ladder. Have Max take her from behind, very slowly. Or you could have her use the bookshelves to brace her hands on, if you'd like.

The only other thing I can think of in a library is perhaps using some of the thick books to prop up Liz's hips. Not very comfortable, though.

I suppose there are other possiblities, but those are the only ones I can think of at midnight.

Hope this helps a bit-

posted on 23-May-2002 6:43:50 AM by Teresa
Did I keep you up late??? Sorry*sad* Maybe the secret compartment could actually lead down a hall to something...(I don't know yet) I actually like the ladder idea...We've already had it from behind unless you actually mean from behind(anal). So, what to do next???? Thank you again!!!!!!!!! *wink**wink*
posted on 24-May-2002 1:12:25 AM by Phaedra223
I think the ball is in your court! *big*

FYI- I'm going to be without computer access through the Memorial Day weekend, so I won't be able to respond until after.

*happy* Phae
posted on 27-May-2002 1:40:34 AM by Faith Evans
Just looking for a new part, by Teresa I was kinda hoping she would post this weekend. *big*

Still working on mine, I think I got my grove back.

Faith *wink*
posted on 27-May-2002 4:22:29 PM by latahart
Can I add my two cents . . . PLEASE . . . pretty PLEASE . . .

I'm just going to jump right in HEAD first . . . I won't be offended if you don't use any of my suggestions but as I was reading your question and Phae's suggestions a couple of images popped into my head so here they are . . .

1. If Liz is wearing a skirt she could excuse herself and take off her underwear and then ask Max to hold the latter steady as she gets a book . . . she could pull a Sharon Stone . . .

2. Maybe Max is looking for some information in a great big thick book . . . Liz could use the books as props . . . maybe sit on it's binding and move over it suggestively . . . you know in a riffling motion . . .

3. I also invisioned the bracing of hands on the bookcase.

4. What about a chair . . . maybe it's teetering on its hindlegs as Liz rides Max . . . or as Max grinds down into Liz . . . so many possibilities. Maybe a lounge chair that tilts back . . .

5. Instead of on the table or desk . . . how about under it . . . using the legs in the same fashion one would use a bedpost . . . as a steadying device . . . or maybe Max is wearing a tie or a belt and then the legs could be used a place to tie up restraints . . .

Okay thats all I have for now . . .

Is there a fireplace in the Library . . . or an old expensive rug . . . I've got suggestion on a pleasant way to get a runburn . . . LOL . . .

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posted on 27-May-2002 5:55:51 PM by Care_Behr
I REALLY like the idea of Liz stripping
for Max using the ladder. *wink*
posted on 28-May-2002 2:21:52 PM by Teresa
Oh my goodness..the minds are running crazy on me!!!**giggles***big* So, a strip tease for Max using the ladder. I like the Sharon Stone effect too. And maybe, the books too. Just to seduce him. Whew!!! I am getting way ahead of myself here.

I really wanted to do a threesome in my next part. I've got some of it written. I just have never experienced anything like that, only from my readings, and it's hard to write. Maybe not hard, but different. Okay. So hoping for more soon.

Thanks everyone for checking up on me and for the in-sights (latahart).

Tell me what you think about a threesome, could turn into a foursome...don't know yet. But I am liking the possibilities. *wink**tongue**wink**tongue**wink**tongue*
posted on 28-May-2002 7:07:35 PM by Fallin Angel
Who's the three people?

posted on 28-May-2002 10:14:21 PM by Faith Evans
A Max/Liz/Zan fic I can handle, Liz with anyone else, ummm please warn me so I can pass, I don't ship that way sorry *sad* Some how I always see Zan as a 2nd Max seeing how they both came form the same doner's but I'm weired that way. Again sorry *sad*

posted on 29-May-2002 11:26:44 AM by Teresa
Faith-*sad*WARNING*sad*DO NOT READ. The next part isn't nookie but it's getting to it, you only like Liz with Max/Zan, so this is a warning. You're such a dreamer, and I love it. Dedication!!! I will get back to only Max and Liz but not right now. *big* Soon!!![win*wink*


Okay? Um, where to start? Let me know if you think this is an okay start....I don't know. I wanted to "get it on" so to speak, and I just threw it together quickly. I want it to be good, all writers do, but I have never experienced anything like this so I am going on imagination.

Part 6

Michael exploded through the door a bolt of energy flashed from his palm.

Startled, Max threw up his shimmery green shield to protect he and Liz. With his cock still inside her, he waved his hand around the bed sliding the canopy curtains together to hide Liz from the intruder. Max’s shield dimmed with his powers working elsewhere.

Michael couldn’t control his release at the sight of a beautiful, nude Liz on all fours right before his eyes.

Max’s shield broadened as he fought back Michael’s forceful fire. The fire danced across the room leaving the beautiful painting in a heap of ash on the mantel, only two marble shaped balls rolled off and hit the floor.

Max pulled himself out of Liz with a huff. “Max please come back?” Liz whimpered.

“Now, Michael! What in the fuck do you think your doing barging in here, firing at the first thing that moves?” Max raged, wrapping a sheet around his body.

“Max?” Liz questioned. “Is Michael in here? And what the fuck is going on?” She tried to pull her arms back to the side to cover her breasts, her legs closing as much as possible.

“Liz, you’re okay. You’re covered.” Max informed her, eyeing Michael with devil ray eyes.

“I just…I assumed,” Michael was having difficulties thinking, knowing that Liz was just behind the mesh curtain, her silhouette hypnotizing him.

Max leaned down to pick up the two round jewels off the floor. He rolled them around in his hand noticing their beauty; they looked like Tiger eye’s. That’s when he realized they were the eyes from the painting. Continuing to roll the eyes around in the palm of his hand, “You know what they say about assumptions?” Max snapped. “Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups!” he hissed, circling Michael as a cat would its prey.

“But, the banging and knocking, and…and the moans. I thought something was wrong. Maria laid down on the couch for a nap, but I couldn’t sleep.” Michael confessed, stretching his neck to see Liz behind Max.

“So, you came to make sure everything was okay?” Max implored.

“Well, yes. I was only checking things out,” Michael stated.

Max circled behind Michael, leaning in close to his ear, “I’ve noticed,” Max whispered. “You’re still checking things out,” he gestured.

Michael twisted around to face Max, feeling his whole body flush.

Standing there with an impish grin across his face Max chuckled. “Liz, are you up for some company?” he teased. “You know Michael here, he’s been listening to our little charade.”

Michael gave Max a stern look shaking his head “no.”

“Max?” Are you sure?” “Michael what about you?” Liz questioned nervously. “I’ve never done this kind of thing before.” She mumbled from behind the curtain.

“No,” Michael breathed.

“No, you don’t want to join us,” Max stated, raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

“Or…No, you’ve never done this before.” Liz finished. Her body began to hum with want. She loved the forceful control freak in Max, but her mind and body began to think of Michael, his free spirit. Her pussy dripped with anticipation.

Michael’s wandering mind stepped in bombarding him with questions. “What about you and I? We’re friends. I’m not by any means gay?” he shrugged, running his hands through his hair.

Max stepped away from Michael, placing the jewels on the nightstand (Maybe for later use); he removed the curtains to reveal a very aroused Liz Parker. “It’s not about you and I,” Max’s voice was low and husky. “We’re only going to please Liz.”

“Michael?” “Max?” “Please?” Liz begged. She tried to rub her legs together, swaying her ass a little to ease some of the ache between her legs.

Michael slowly began to unbutton his shirt, his eyes grazing over Liz’s body. He felt his member grow harder, if that were possible.

Liz looked like a goddess. Those chocolate locks flowing around her face, her body glistening with perspiration, the golden ropes that bound her, and that mask, it left a bit of a mystery to the whole idea.

Max watched Michael, the lust in his eyes, the flush of his body, like an animal on the prowl. “Michael, this is my game. If I say…that’s enough, I mean that’s enough,” he ordered.

“Listen,” Michael began, while unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off. “You invited me in on this game, and I intend to “play.”


I like Michael's involvement, but I don't want him penetrating her. Only oral. Max will be "in"volved also, and he may watch.

Is this going to be too kinky, especailly when 'Ria shows up. I want her to slip in unobserved and just join in.

What do you think?????????? **Teresa

posted on 29-May-2002 11:31:20 AM by Teresa
About the rug and fireplace.........details........... Cause I'd really like to use the whole library, not just the ladder or desk with books. I've got to get this right? I'm a little nervous about the next few parts of the story. I don't want to turn anyone against me. So, let me know. PLEASE?????????*big**big**big**big*
posted on 29-May-2002 1:52:05 PM by just me
Teresa, came here looking for spoilers for your next post!!! hehehe can't help it.

I'm going to dip my toes in the perv pool here for a minute:
You have been discussing the library stuff and what if they found a sexual manual of sorts graphic pictures and illustrations. It is a library after all. Could lead to perv like discussions which can be just as erotic as the acts themselves.
You didn't want to do the same old desk or chair thing but what if the were using an old highback chair and someone unknowingly walked in on them (chair would be facing away so the person walking in wouldn't see or know they were there) and they had to continue without making any noise.
In fact you could take it one step further and have who ever walks in on them find the book and also start having some fun without knowing the other couple is there.

Sorry got sort of wrapped up in all the perv imagry there!!! Well don't know if any of this is what you were looking for. I know you just posted the last part but I can't wait to read more!!!!!!

posted on 30-May-2002 12:36:28 AM by latahart
just me originally wrote:
You have been discussing the library stuff and what if they found a sexual manual of sorts graphic pictures and illustrations. It is a library after all. Could lead to perv like discussions which can be just as erotic as the acts themselves.

ITA . . . the images and the conversations could be very erotic . . . good thinking . . .
posted on 30-May-2002 1:48:36 AM by Faith Evans
Art’s and Craft’s – Dreamer Style

Repost of Part 2, plus a new part...

Max lowered Liz on the reclining couch, kissing her lushes lips, he loved the taste of her, loved the way her tongue played and teased his she was everything he had hoped for and so much more. However, he needed more, while he had truly (overwhelming) enjoyed her earlier teasing he was now going to be the one in control of their passion, pay back in this case was going to be the greatest of pleasures. Well that was what he thought; Liz on the other hand had other ideas and plans of her own for him. But for now she would let him play a little and once she had lulled him into a sense of false confidence, then she would spring on him, he would never know what hit him she giggled to herself.

She looked him straight in the eyes giving him a Mona Lisa smile that made his blood boil with renewed desire for her. They wiggled around on the reclining couch until they were both comfortable lying on their sides facing each other and simply kissing while his hands gently caressed her body, a pleasure denied him in their first encounter together. He cupped one of her breasts testing it’s weight and feel in his hands, declaring it perfect he lowered his head and engulfed it whole in his mouth. Liz let out a hiss of pleasure at the wonderful heat his mouth transferred to her breast. Liz grabbed a hold of his head and holding him in place trying to draw him closer.

Max couldn’t help but be pleased with her reaction with what he was doing to her, never having cared about a woman’s pleasure before it was different with Elizabeth, Elizabeth was special and deserved nothing but the best. He kept his eyes trained on her face as he suckled and softly bit her breast, his tongue danced on her nipple bringing it to a small hard point. He let the breast leave his mouth catching the tip with his teeth; he gently pulled the nipple and Lightening bolts of desire shot from her breast and traveled down to her very wet an aching core.

Max let go of her breast and moved on to the other careful to give it the same attention and time. Once they became to sensitive he rose up and surveyed his handy work. Her breasts were wet and glistening a little red because of his attention to them, but they were pert and looked to be pouting for more of his attention. However, Max had bigger fish to fry so to speck. His tongue danced its way down her torso drawing little circles on her flesh. Her hands were still on his head and she tried to push him faster down to her feminine core where she needed to feel him so desperately but he only chuckled a response and with one hand, he forced her to let up on the pressure. He would get there eventually right now he was quite content to taste her as she had tasted him.

She knew he was paying her back for her own torture of him earlier. And while on average she enjoyed to be teased right now she wanted nothing more then to have him in her, penetrating her deeply skillfully to some how appease the giant ache in between her legs that was going to drive her mad if he didn’t move faster. Now wasn’t the right time to make her move and turn the tables on him, he wasn’t quite where she wanted him yet.

It was with a great sigh of relief when Max finally made it to his target, her glistening pussy lips. He slowly got of the reclining couch careful not to loose contact with her pussy lips, he kneeled down on the floor in front of her, bending her knees so that her feet were flat on the edge of the couch he opened her legs wide so that her knees hit the patting of the couch on either end. His hands kept her in position by lying flat on the juncture where her legs connected with her most private places his thumbs moved back and forth rubbing the skin of her sensitive inner thighs.

Slowly, ever so slowly under her burning gaze Max lowered his head a bit further so that he was millimeters from her steaming core, teasing her he inhaled strongly the strong scent of his cum mingled with her steaming juices from their earlier encounter. Max licked his lips in delight teasing her and taking his time, she saw him stick out his tongue as if he was going to lick her when his blasted cell phone rang.

Both jumped at this unwanted interruption, Max intended to let it ring and not answer but it was relentless and with a growl of utter frustration, he stalked to the phone which he had left in a bag by the door he had dropped it there when he had entered the room. In a cold calculated voice, he chewed out the caller for daring to break his orders on not being disturbed this weekend for what was just another expected turn in the stock market.

See Max is an all out genius, a child prodigy who unlike other prodigies didn’t burn out young. He could see patterns in numbers where other people just see chaos; Max could read the market like it was the back of his hand. That was how he made his millions. While others may have used this great talent to help people, Max’s childhood taught him to use it only to help himself.

Meanwhile Liz was in agony; he had been so close to eating her out and now she was alone and left aching for him. Always one able to take things in her own hands she got on her knees on the reclining couch and fished for a box she kept under there, fishing around she found what she wanted, a U shaped dildo. She took it out of the plastic bag she kept it in to protect it form dust and bacteria. She lay back down in her previous position. She wet one end in her sopping pussy once it was soaked threw she turned the dildo around and put the now wet and at the opening of her arse and the still dry end at the opening to her pussy. Taking it firmly by the center she pushed it slowly in.

‘Ahhhhh sweet satisfaction.’ Liz thought, as she doubly penetrated herself with her toy. Closing her eyes she forgot about everything else but the marvelous feel of penetration. While the dildo was nowhere near the size and feel of Max’s cock it did take care of her immediate problem, helping elevate the ache Max had put there. Of course Max had a perfect view of all this…

He cussed out the little minion who had interrupted him, and then destroyed the phone to prevent any other fool from disturbing him. He walked back to Liz, his cock pumping in his hand. He stood over her his eyes a deep dark amber color trained at her pussy as she slowly pumped her U shaped toy in and out of herself. Liz watched him threw heavy lidded eyes. She was so turned on by the site of him standing so tall over her, his monster hard cock in his large hands, while heavy beads of pre-cum leaked from the tip and lubricated his hand, she could also see his heavy balls sway and dance with the force of his hand movements. They looked so large and menacing filled with life giving sweet tasting cum.

Max for his part couldn’t look away for the boundless beauty that was Liz’s pussy and ass, the way her pussy slurped and swallowed the toy, how her juices poured out of her pussy and dripped down to lubricated the 2nd half of the toy, the way her ass caved in on it’s self to eat the toy. Falling slowly down on his knees on one of the many pillows on the side of the reclining couch, he closed in his face to her dripping pussy and taking in her slight sweet aroma of her arousal.

“I love watching you play with yourself Liz, I can see everything the way your outer lips frame the toy knowing that was the exact same way it framed my cock when it was buried inside you not so long ago…” Liz shifted a bit as she let herself be seduced by his deep vibrating voice. She could even feel the vibrations of his voice hit her open pussy caressing her. She shifted the toy in her hands driving it that much deeper into herself.

“I love seeing how soft they look almost like the petals of a petit lush pink rose…” Liz moaned low as she continued to be seduced by his voice.

“… And the aroma is better then any rose, slight not heavy and strong, with a hint of spice, so perfect it makes my mouth water. I’d love to take that toy from your hand and play with it myself and while I’m playing I would lower my mouth and start lapping up the juices currently dripping from your pussy from around your toy, can I do that Liz, will you let me have complete control to play with your pussy, darling?”

“Yes!” Liz moaned softly, but not softly enough because Max clearly heard her.

Max removed Liz hands away from the toy and took control over it. He pushed it in as deep as it would go, and locking his eyes with Liz who was prompt up on her elbows with a perfect view of her pussy and everything he would do to her.

“Would you like if I lick you up and down and pay extra attention to your little nub by nibbling it and sucking it and twirling it with my tongue, like this.”

And he proceeded to lick her up and down in and around the toy, and when reaching her little nub he took it into his mouth just as he said he would, never breaking contact with her eyes. Liz whimpered with each tug, each lick, and each sucking motion of his mouth on her.

“So would you like it if I did that, Liz?” In answer Liz only moaned.

“That’s not an answer Liz, I need either a yes or no, so what is it? Yes or No?”

“Yes!” Liz answered with another deep moan.

“Good.” And with that, he did it again, only adding more pressure to his actions.

“You know you have a beautiful ass, Liz, it looks so good with that toy buried in it. Makes me wonder what your ass would feel like around my cock. Would you let me let me find out Liz?”

“Only if you let me put something of equal size and girth in yours first.” Liz breathlessly said as he began pushing the toy in and out of her again. Max began to smirk at that and said. “I don’t know what happens if I like it to much? And start looking for men?”

“Oh don’t worry baby, I have something that will prevent that from happening and will always satisfy you, guaranteed.”

“Guaranteed huh?” he pushed the toy that much more deeply slightly twisting the toy with each thrust, Liz leaned back her head and groaned with this new thrusting motion. “And that would be?” he asked.

“Ummm… Oh god … a hot … oh oh oh… a hot steaming pussy, just for you…”

“Mmmmm yes, and what a tight little pussy it is, let me think about it, and I’ll get back to you. Now I’m more interested in exploring that tight little pussy you were talking about, but to do that I have to get rid of this toy so I can get in there myself.”

He took out the toy slowly, torturing her by drawing out the moment as long as possible. Once she was free of it, he started talking to her again.

“Mmmm Liz your even more beautiful with out the toy, so pink so tender, and so moist, your leaking a nice river of cum here, but we can’t have this go to waste now can we…” Laying his tongue flat on her pussy, he started to lick her open pussy like a cat that was cleaning his fur.

His tongue felt rough on her highly sensitive and tender skin; unable to hold herself up any longer she collapsed back on her back. Closing her eyes, she let herself be under his complete control. Max senses her complete surrender and he gloried that she trusted him enough to lay herself in his arms.

“I’m going to open your inner pussy lips, Liz with my fingers and lick them up and down then I’m going to enter you with my fingers and draw out your sweet nectar then I’m going to bury my tongue in your wonderful pussy and suck you dry. ” He wasn’t asking for permission and he wasn’t waiting for it anymore, he just wanted to draw out her anticipation by telling her then doing exactly what he said.

Liz felt him part her, and lick her form the inside, she felt his warm big fingers enter her deeply and making the already present deep ache she had for him that much stronger and pleasantly painful. She shifted her body and started trusting her body into his face.

Her actions buried his nose into her damp flesh and Max took a deep breath of her sweet aroma. As promised he buried his tongue into her deep cavern but it wasn’t enough he needed to get in deeper. Withdrawing completely he took her body in his hands and turned her over onto her hands and knees, Liz grabbed a pillow of the floor and laid her head on it. Liz’s great ass was up in the air her outer lips clearly visible; he opened up her legs wide, buried his face in her pussy this way, and began sucking on her like a baby.

Liz found him to be an expert with his tongue, he drove her crazy over and over again each time she thought she had found release he would bring her down not letting her reach her climax. How long he kept her like this she didn’t know, but it was pure torture. Once Max was satisfied, he had her where he wanted her he took the toy in his hands and easily buried its full length into her. The feel of the toy penetrating her was all she needed to trigger her orgasm and she came in a torrent of cum Max was ready and so willing to drink from.

But Liz found the orgasm not to be as satisfying as it should had been, it was clearly missing something, but she didn’t have time to ponder what it was for Max was turning her body over again so that she was lying on her back once again. Still standing the light shinning in his eyes was feral an animalistic and he gave no warning as he pushed his rock hard member straight into her super drenched sopping core. He had made her so wet she easily took him with no pain like the first time.

He stretched her to the very brink, and to him it felt like he was breaking new ground all over again. But she was so tight around him the feeling added fuel to his already out of control desire for her. He placed a strong hand at the small of her back and helped steady her while at the same time lifting her up to better meet each of his thrusts.

Hard and fast he trusted deep inside of her, he was wild, her legs dangled over his hips; with each thrust she moaned in ecstasy. This was her favorite part about sex, having a man over her, on top of her, inside of her, making her feel alive and all women, this was what had been missing from her earlier orgasm. Growling deep in his throat he moved his hips in a blur of speed, he had gone so long with out an orgasm he was finding it hard to find the plateau he needed to reach to finally find release. He had held out for so long, his cock was dripping pre-cum inside her tight cavern but still the release he so desperately wanted was out of his reach.

Liz gave way to her release with a cry of deep soulful satisfaction but Max continued to pump away at her, Liz clearly saw his distress and with her legs she pushed him away from her. She got on her knees cum running down her legs he watched her confused as he pumped his angry red cock in his hands.

“Lie down, baby, let me help you.”

Max did what she said; Liz took his cock in her hands and guided him into her as she straddled his hips. She rode his cock as she would ride one of her spirited stallions behr back. She tightened her inner muscles with each upward stroke. Max grabbed her swaying breasts in each of his hands as he speared upwards. She rode him with her back ramrod straight leaning backwards she took hold of his straining heavy balls in her hands, messaging them thoroughly, that was all it took and with a deep shout of triumph he bathed her tight sheath with his hot cum.

Yet despite his incredible release his erection remained rock hard, Liz took advantage of his condition and turned herself around so that her back was to him, never breaking contact with him. Leaning down and taking firm hold of his legs with her hands, she rode him for all he was worth. Up and down, stirring his cock inside her body while tightening and relaxing her body, Max’s earlier release allowed him to better focus on the incredible feelings she was drawing out of him with her wondrous body. Rocking his head back in forth awash in pure incredible sensation.

Remembering how much she had enjoyed the double penetration the toy had given her, he spied a banana on the table next to the reclining couch they were currently on, grabbing it he pushed it gently but firmly into Liz’s backside. Liz back arched even more at this new invasion. Moaning her pleasure, she worked even more fervently in thrusting herself on him bringing more pleasure to both of them.

She concentrated all her being on reaching the most intense orgasm ever, blocking everything form her mind but the cock in her hot pussy and the heavenly intrusion in her ass. They worked like this until they both came in a torrent and final climax that shook both of them to the core. The banana exploded in his hand and Max wiped all the gory mess of the fruit on her full and wonderful ass, once he was done, he threw away the skin over his head.

On shaky legs, she disconnected her core from his cock, taking his cock in her hands and proceeded to clean his cock clean from all the juices of there shared union. Max slid her body toward him so that her pussy was near his head in the classic 69 position. Where he proceeded to return the favor, he started with the fruit of the banana running his tongue all over her sweet ass doing a through job of cleaning her up of all sweet fruit then he moved on to the prize itself the taste of there mutual passion already running out in a torrent from her gapping pussy. Max felt an over whelming sense of ownership as he witnessed first hand the damage he had wrought to her pussy. No longer was she as tight as she had been his cock had made sure of that it would be a few hours still before it collapsed back to it’s normal shape. But he found the evidence of their passion was the sweetest taste and monument of his ownership, completely satisfied both knew this would only be the beginning…


Phae is it to your satisfaction, did I do all right?

Teresa Thanks for the warning, that's all I ask, *happy*


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Whew . . . is it hot in here or is it just me . . . damn Faith that was sooo freakin' hot . . . I'm very impressed with the level of NC-17 (X) that you are now writing . . . you do it so well . . .

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posted on 2-Jun-2002 10:46:57 PM by Faith Evans
Phae, Phae where are you, we miss you dearly :(

Thanks latahart that really made me blush, I so glad you liked it!!!! I have no clue where it comes form though, (blushes) I swear I'm all innocent when you meet me, lol *wink*

posted on 3-Jun-2002 12:55:37 AM by just me
Faith Evans writes: Thanks latahart that really made me blush

LMAO to think that you can write some amazing perv fic and yet a simple compliment makes you blush. hehehehe
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wow. that's all I can say. wow.
posted on 13-Jun-2002 2:03:11 AM by Phaedra223
First things first- Faith, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply!! Work has been crazy. Completely crazy. I didnt' leave work until 2:30... in the morning yesterday. 11 pm tonight. Stupid financials... grrrrrr....

Please know that my lack of response was due to anything on your part, k? *happy*

Now, to the good stuff! This has to be your best Perv Fu fic selection yet. Wonderful. You have definitely got the hang of it.

Particularly, I loved how you had Max talking to Liz the entire time, using his voice to seduce her. Women are very sensitive to words and voices, and it's a smart man that uses it to his advantage.

Gotta say it again- loved the toy. Quite Perv Fu to use while your partner is on the phone... and then have him continue to use it on you. And tell you what he sees as he's utilizing it to the fullest extent.

Also loved how Max couldnt' keep his hands off... himself. You perfectly communicated his distress and need for release.

I truly don't know how to improve upon it. You could certainly play around with the props you used, but that's really a matter of semantics. Not elevating to the fic.

The only other Perv Fu suggestion I might make would be to point out how Max could do a little artwork.... on Liz....and use his cock as the paintbrush. He could use paint .. or cum... for his medium....

In any case, I must say that you are more than worthy of calling yourself a Master!



posted on 14-Jun-2002 1:07:28 AM by Faith Evans
Phaedra223 originally wrote:

The only other Perv Fu suggestion I might make would be to point out how Max could do a little artwork.... on Liz....and use his cock as the paintbrush. He could use paint .. or cum... for his medium....

You know I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what these 2 could do next that I haven't already tried but this is perfect. I'm so going to use your idea my head is spinning with the posibilities. Thank You!!!!

In any case, I must say that you are more than worthy of calling yourself a Master!



Oh wow, wow, wow, WOW!!!!

Thank You, Oh god I never really thought myself one, this is like WOW!!! Thank You although I still don't see myself as up to your level coming from you this means a lot to me. Thank You, Thank You!!!!

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omfg, I finally got caught up to this thread...its taken me almost a week, if not more! wow, there is some hot stuff on this thread...CONTINUE POSTING!

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Okay here's catching you all up....... (some of you don't get to read on the imaginative board, so here goes...)

*wink*To FaithEvans (Dreamer) DO NOT READ THIS PART!!!


Maria stirred on the black leather couch, her body sticking to the leather. A yawn escaped her lips as she stretched; peeling her arms and legs off the couch.

Looking around she noticed Michael was missing. Where could he be, she thought? She looked at the antique clock on the mantel, one o’clock. Surely he’s not starting dinner this early.

Maria paced the room for a moment before she decided to go look for him. He’s got to be around her somewhere. She started making her way up the stairs.

Michael looked at Max one last time, “ Are you sure Maxwell?”

“Yes,” Max stated plainly. He leaned in and whispered in to Michael's ear, “You take one side of the bed and I’ll take the other.”

With a wink Michael and Max started making there way towards Liz.

Liz could here the shuffle of their feet and her patience was leaving her. She thought of the saying “Curiosity killed the cat,” this would surely be the death of her. A smile spread across her face as she felt the first of nimble fingertips run down the side of her arm. What a way to go she thought as a sigh of breath escaped her lips.

Michael couldn’t help but stare at the beauty before him. “Where to start,” he mumbled. He noticed how Liz bent her head to the side; listening and feeling for anything.

Max climbed on the bed, lying down beside Liz.

Turning her head towards Max she fought with her senses to try and figure out who was who.

She felt the hand that cupped her hanging breasts. The hand that fondled them soothingly, caressing them with soft squeezes and taunting her nipples with a pinch from their fingers.

Pushing her hair behind her ear to see her face, the other hand then stroked her body. Fanning the fire that was building inside her.

The bed shifted again, she raised her head, cocking it to one side, listening to any clue to give away her seducers.

Michael lay on his side, slipping his head under her a little; he took her pert nipple into his mouth.

“Michael,” Liz moaned.

Max never stopped his sweet tauntings with the tips of his fingers.

Michael suckled her breast, almost like a pup nursing it’s mother. He slipped his other hand down between her thighs to her pussy. He brushed his fingers lightly across her nub, as another gasp of breath left Liz’s lungs. He began to make circular motions, around and around and around, his tongue mocking his fingers on her nipples.

Max slid his hand down her back; he rubbed her round ass. The fingers slipped lower, teasing her entrance.

“Oh please?” Liz whimpered, pushing her body back to feel the tips of Max’s finger entering her. He slipped it in slowly. She was so smooth and warm. Reaching further in her canal, he bent his finger slightly. Reaching his goal he began to tickle her g-spot.

Max leaned into Liz, “Come on Liz.” The moistness of his breath trickling over her body.

She knew who was where and what they were doing. Michael was driving her insane with that wicked mouth of his and those broad fingertips. Max was the shove to push her over the edge. But she wouldn’t jump yet, she wanted more. Max was hard again, she felt both of their pistols (MamaDee**wink**) pressed against her.

Michael released her clit from the sweet torture he had provoked there.

Max was still taunting. Every once in a while pulling his finger almost all the way out to plunge back in and tickle her fancy again.

Liz couldn’t control the rocking of her body.

Michael licked her breasts thoroughly, leaving not one place on them dry. His dick was painfully hard now. He shifted from underneath Liz, rising and crawling under the ropes until he was on his knees before her. He took his prick into his hand, rubbing his mushroom head across her lips.

Liz could feel the slick concoction that coated her lips. She sucked the head into her mouth, twirling her tongue over it.

Michael hissed as he shoved his member in the warm recesses of her mouth.

Max was tired of doing with his fingers what he wanted to do with his dick. Seeing Michael’s cock buried in Liz’s mouth only made him want to bury his bone. So, rising on his knees he made his way behind Liz again. He continued to fondle her until his dick could reach her entrance. He removed his fingers only to replace them with his cock.

As Max thrust into Liz she engulfed Michael’s prick. Michael held the sides of Liz’s face, more for his support than hers.

Max began to build his pace, pulling out slowly until only the tip remained hidden, then slamming home. He watched as his dick appeared and then disappeared, crushing Liz’s folds with every thrust.

“Oh fuck,” Michael cried out as Liz scraped her teeth lightly over his dick. “OH Yes, Liz,” Michael growled, gritting his teeth.

Maria paused outside of Liz’s door. Did she just hear that correctly? She thought she heard Michael, and it sounded like he and Liz were…. No, it couldn’t be.

The door wasn’t shut completely. Well, it was shut but it hadn’t clicked in the slot to close it completely. A peak wouldn’t hurt. But she couldn’t do that.

“Yes you can,” said the little devil on her right shoulder. “Don’t do it,” said the little Angel on her left.

She pushed the door open carefully. That’s when the moans and groans stopped her. Should she run away? Her feet wouldn’t move. She couldn’t leave. The scene before her was amazing…Two gods and a goddess on her knees.

That little devil whispered, “Go ahead, join them.” A gleam of brilliance touched her face as a smile.

She pulled her blouse over her head slowly, removed her bra, and slipped out of her skirt and panties, silently leaving her shoes and clothes in a pile on the floor by the door, which she shut quietly. She slid her feet slowly across the floor, unobserved. When she reached the bed, she new there was no turning back now. She ran her fingers down Michael’s arm.

Michael opened his eyes to see a totally naked Maria posed on the bed beside him.

Max and Michael were so caught up in Liz; they never heard Maria slip in on them.

Maria ran her fingers across his chest, down his arms, as she placed kisses over his body.

Max opened his eyes to see the new face before him. Most of Maria was hidden behind Michael, but her face was that of an angel, blonde locks brushing over Michael’s chest, as her tongue and hands roamed his body.

“Ria,” Max whispered.

The words reached Liz’s ears about the same time she felt finger nails lightly scratch her chin.

“Maria, please?” Michael groaned, his head falling forward in ecstasy.

Maria massaged his balls as Liz continued her assault on his manhood.

Max gripped Liz’s hips forcefully, driving deeper than ever. He felt his balls tightening, as he watched the people before him.

Maria rubbed her thumb over Michael’s exit. She began to taunt the flesh there, creating a pattern from the sounds that escaped Michael’s throat. She knew his release was near from the feel of his balls. Slipping her thumb in slightly, she felt him spasm with release.

Liz tasted the saltiness of Michael’s fluids as it rushed over her tongue. Slurping it all down, she drank until he was empty. Letting his prick fall from her mouth with a pop.

Liz felt the warmness of Max’s release wash through her. “Max,” she panted, as braced her against him.

Michael twisted around and captured Maria’s lips in a breathtaking kiss. “Maria, can we continue this elsewhere?” Michael asks hoarsely. He pulled Maria from the bed, wrapping them both in a sheet, and slipping out the door.

“Max,” Liz began.

“Shhhhhh,” Max hushed her, placing his fingers against her lips. He slowly began to untie her arms, checking them carefully for any marks. The same routine followed for her legs.

Liz raised her hands to remove the mask, but Max met them, “Let me get that,” he spoke softly. Placing a kiss on her nose as he placed the mask on the bedside table. He hugged her to him as they lay down on the bed. Spooning her to his body they drifted off to sleep.


Part 6-B

Max and Liz woke to a knocking at their door.

“Just a minute,” Liz yawned, padding across the floor to the door. When she opened the door there stood a smiling Maria.

“Dinner’s Ready,” Maria smiled. “We let you sleep a while longer. Do you want to meet us down stairs in a few; she shrugged in the direction of the kitchen. Oh, will you tell Max, he wasn’t in his room,” she giggled.

“Sure, just let us clean up,” Liz responded. “We’ll catch ya in a minute,” she winked.


Dinner was really good. Michael had prepared a pasta and his very own meat sauce recipe. Everyone ate quickly; a little chitchat went on, discussions of the next day’s plans. They would eat cereal for Breakfast the next morning to give Michael a break. After everyone finished, Isabel, Kyle, Tess, and Alex began to clean up.

Exhausted from earlier events, the others excused themselves for bed. Max, Michael, Liz, and Maria went to their separate rooms. Sleep would come easy tonight.


Everyone did his or her own thing the next morning. Some slept late, some ate breakfast, and some didn’t.

Liz finished her bowl of cereal placing the bowl and spoon in the dishwasher. She had thought about what she would do today, as she got ready this morning, dressing especially for the occasion.

The first she would explore would be the library. She had always loved to read and she had heard Kyle and Tess talking about it last night. The thousands of books, the old furniture that adorned the place.

She made her way down the hall, her Mary Jane’s squeaking a little with each step. Her red, black, and white, plaid, pleated, school girl skirt. Her white button down blouse and her hair in a loose bun.

When Liz stepped into the library the size of the place swallowed her. The walls were covered in shelves, at least ten high. The ceiling domed. A dark mahogany desk, covered in more books, sat in the middle of an antique rug. An enormous swivel back chair covered in burgundy leather sat behind the desk. A running ladder climbed the bookshelves. Books were even stacked on the floor around adorning the rug.

Liz wanted to clap her hands with excitement. She went to the desk first. She couldn’t help but spin in the huge chair. Once facing the desk, an open book caught her eye.

She picked up the sex book, making her way over to another stack of books on the rug, she sat down. On one page was a picture of a blonde woman, cradled from behind, and being kissed and fondled by brunette woman. On the opposite page was same blonde woman performing oral sex on the brunette woman. Cocking her head to the side she studied the pictures carefully. Entranced in the book, she never heard someone enter the room.

Max made his way quietly across the room. When he came up behind Liz to see what she was reading that was so interesting. Her eyes had that little wrinkle between them. His jaw dropped and he had to blink twice before clearing his throat.

Liz almost jumped out of her skin; slamming the book shut in the process, “Shit!” she cursed. “Max, damn you! You scared me to death!” she ranted.

Max chuckled, “Whatcha got there?” Making his eyebrows dance for emphasis.

“Nothing,” Liz giggled. “I found it on the desk, opened to this page,” she stated. She put the book over to the side, on the rug, leaving it open. “So, what are you looking for in here,” she gestured while crossing her legs.

Max sat down on the antique rug in front of her. Liz noticed the worn jeans and white tee as he stretched, before raising up before her. He looked delicious.

“Well, I came to look for some law books, but, wait…I think you’re holding those down,” Max replied.

Liz looked down the binds of the books she was sitting on top of. They were law books. She uncrossed her legs slowly revealing a very, tiny, red, thong. “Take what you want,” she smirked, as Max’s face flushed a crimson color. Liz giggled; she tilted to the side, raising her skirt a little to reveal her bare ass, giving Max an open invitation to take what he wanted.



Max heard the giggle that escaped her lips before he closed his mouth over them. Brushing his tongue over her bottom lip, Liz opened her mouth, as Max plunged his tongue in lapping hers wildly. Pulling away for a breath of air he stated, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

“I’ll***never***tell,” Liz teased, wiggling her finger in front of Max’s face.

Max ran his hands up and down the length of Liz’s legs, working them back up to cup her ass in both hands.

“I thought you had some studying to do?” Liz joked, while standing swiftly to get away from Max’s wandering hands.

But before she could run away Max hooked his fingers in the waist of her thong, jerking them down as she stood.

Liz only stepped out of them, and away from Max, causing him to fall, knocking over the books. “Shit!” he growled, as his eyes caught Liz making her way across the room. He bundled the moist panties in his hand, as he rose to go after her he slipped them in his jean pocket.

Liz had no idea where to run to, but she wanted to keep this under wraps. She would make Max Evans pay! She saw the ladder and made her way for it. She climbed swiftly, with each step her ass swayed, like a metronome, counting music.

Max grabbed at her feet, each time Liz was a step out of reach.

Liz giggled naughtily when she heard Max’s intake of breath. She was standing directly above him; He could see the curve of her rounded ass in the curtain of a skirt. Every time she took a step, he saw her luscious lips. His mouth watered with desire.

“Just wait until I catch you, missy!” he growled, his amber eyes dancing with fire.

When Liz reached the top of the ladder she sat down. Baring her all to Max.

Max felt dizzy looking up at her open legs, her pussy shining with moisture. Her ass hung over the rung of the ladder. She wrapped her ankles around the back of the parallel sides, hooking her feet in the steps.

Max climbed until his head was submerged under her skirt, her aroma filling his nostrils, intoxicating him.

Liz gripped the sides of the ladder, as Max buried his face in her curls, inhaling her spicy scent. His tongue flicked over her clit, her body spasms with shock. “Max, she sighed, gripping the sides of the ladder tighter in her hands.

Max ran his tongue over her sodden pussy. “Be still Liz,” he warned, between strokes from his tongue. He stepped up again, this time running his arms around the ladder to grip her ass. With his hands on her ass for leverage he plummeted his tongue deep in her pussy.

Liz hissed another intake of breath as her body throbbed and the ladder jerked. “Max,” she yelped, holding the ladder so tight the white in her knuckles showed. “I’m afraid this ladder may fall.”

Max knew she was really afraid, her legs were clamped down around he’s head. “Liz, my head is going to pop, if you don’t loosen up,” his voice muffled.

“Sorry,” she giggled. “Maybe we should move to a better place,” she motioned towards the desk and chair. “Max, quit looking at me like I have three eyes, and climb down. This ole’ jerky ladder is not safe,” she continued.

Max sighed heavily and began making his way down the ladder. He cursed under his breath looking up to see Liz stepping down facing him. He stepped back a few feet holding his hand out to help Liz down when she reached the last rung.

Liz saw the passion in Max’s eyes. She leaned back on the ladder for support, so she could free her hands. She pulled the hairpin from her hair, releasing it in a tyrant of chocolate waves. Propping one leg up on another rung, just enough to give Max a peep, she whispered, “Max,” unbuttoning her blouse slowly, “I’ve been fantasizing about doing this for you for a long time," licking her lips for emphasis.


Max couldn’t say anything, his hand still hanging in the air, he stood there, mouth slacked wanting more.

Liz undid the next button, and the next, and the next, and the next…finally. She exposed her pert globes, nipples still hard, pointing at Max. She cupped them, squeezing them together, caressing them. She let them fall apart; she ran her hand down over her toned stomach, over the fabric of her skirt to her leg. Liz slid her hand longingly up her leg. “Max, sit!” she informed, pointing to the floor at the foot of the ladder.

Swallowing hard to replace the saliva, he did as he was told. Dropping his hand, he slowly sat Indian style on the floor, eyes wide with want, like a kid in a candy store.

Liz turned around slowly. Bending her knees, jutting her ass out, only about a foot from Max’s face. She leaned over one of the rungs for support, while undoing her skirt. She unbuttoned the only button that held the skirt in tact. She opened the front, holding both ends of the wrap in each hand. She pulled it to the left-then to the right. Looking over her shoulder, Liz watched Max as his eyes danced back and forth mocking the movements of the skirt. With a low giggle, she whipped the skirt from her bare ass with a pop, flinging it in Max’s direction.

Liz spun around, as fast as one could on a ladder. Her petite form lying divested against the rungs.

Max bunched the skirt in his hands. He was glad he had something solid to hold on to, it was taking all his strength to sit there and watch without joining. His dick straining against his jeans was a painful reminder of his need to be included.

Liz brought her hand up from her side, crooking her finger; she gestured for Max to come closer. “I want you flat of your back at my feet, your face looking up at me,” she whispered. “You had your fun, now I’ll have mine.”

Max crawled to the ladder, her aggressive behavior driving him on. He turned, lying on his back, gripping the ladder on each side of his head.

Liz leaned down checking his position. “Perfect” she thought, “Max is already bracing himself.” She lifted her hands to hold the sides of the ladder; Liz pulled herself up a little, testing her strength. Then closing her eyes tightly she opened her legs into a full split.

Max’s heart leapt against his chest, “Fuck,” he hissed, his nostrils flared with each intake of breath. Licking his lips, he whispered, “lower.”

Liz felt his warm pants against her cunt. Her legs rested on his muscled arms, as she felt the first flick of his tongue over her folds.

Max brushed his nose against her clit, nuzzling it with each touch. His tongue explored her, slipping in her core slightly for a tease. Liz rested all her weight on Max’s braced arms.

As his tongue stroked her wildly, she leaned into his body, freeing her arms and resting her ass against the ladder. She slid her hands over his clad chest, down to the waist of his pants. She noticed the tent of his jeans, while unbuttoning them. Liz slid the zipper down in one swift motion, pushing the waist of his jeans and boxers lower.

Max lifted his hips slightly to allow Liz better access. He continued his assault on her pussy; licking, sucking, nibbling. He moaned as her hand gripped his length.

Liz felt the pause when she rolled her tongue clockwise around the head of his cock. Liz slurped the whole shaft into her mouth at once, while she caressed his balls in her hand and stroked him with her fingertips behind his sac. Liz convulsed with the tightening of her vaginal walls, letting go of Max’s cock, “Max,” she cried out, as her orgasm washed through her.

Max licked her sweet flesh clean, sucking and nibbling even her thighs. His arms were growing numb from their position so he shifted slightly.

Liz pulled away, dragging her body up Max’s body. “Are you okay?” she ask, crinkling her brow.

“Yes,” Max sighed, his member still fully erect he sat up maneuvering his jeans. “Liz that was amazing.” His brain still not functioning well, with only one thought roaming around it. Removing his shoes he pushed his pants off, pulling his tee over his head, he spoke his mind, “Let’s finish this,” Max stated. He made his way across the room. Then he halted in front of the desk, before shoving the books to the floor clearing his area.

Liz didn’t need an invitation, she rushed toward him. Meeting his lips, she brushed her tongue roughly over them before plunging into the wet recesses of his mouth.

Max growled with sexual frustration, picking her up and planting her firmly on top of the desk. “Lie down,” he demanded through gritted teeth. Topping the desk Max straddled her, helping her in the right position. He rubbed his palms over her hardened nipples. He then bent down, placing open mouth kisses on each one. Max ran his sloppy tongue between her breasts coating them with his saliva. Taking his prick in his hand he slid it between them smoothly.

Liz instantly covered her breasts with her hands pushing them together for a better feel. She could feel the trembling in her legs from her orgasm and rubbed them together for a stimulant.

Max began his back and forth motion, setting his pace. He pumped slowly at first, taking in every sensation of her skin cuddling him. He began pumping faster, the friction was unbehrable. The cheeks of his ass tightened as his orgasm neared.

Liz took this moment to enjoy the view. Max’s face glistened with sweat, his bangs plastered to his forehead. His body flushed with passion, he held his jaw clenched in desire. With each stroke his hard muscles rippled. He was definitely a god.

Max pumped faster as his release erupted from his “power source” (GK52), spewing his thick juices, painting Liz’s face and open mouth.

Liz swallowed the contents of her mouth before slipping her tongue out and lapping at her lips for more. She still held her breast in her hands as she felt the brush of fabric cleansing her.

Max wiped the remainder of the wetness from her face and breast with his tee shirt. Climbing off of the desk, he then pulled Liz up into his arms kissing her soundly. He ran his hand through her hair brushing it back behind her ears. Placing his forehead against hers, he cupped her ass, lifting her against him. Picking her up he backed up to the tall study chair. Max sat them down slowly, cradling Liz in his arms. He then planted kisses about her face worshipping her with each one.

At the creak of the opening door, Max turned the chair slightly to hide their naked bodies, stopping Liz from speaking with his finger planted against her lips.

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Still...Catching you all up*wink**wink**wink**wink**wink*

Max and Liz remained quiet in the high back chair that kept them hidden from view. They heard the foot steps in the room and knew the whereabouts of their visitor.

Strolling into the Library slowly at first, Alex took in the view. The place looked a mess. There were stacks of books adorning the floor, and then there were books just thrown everywhere around the desk. Alex scratched his head, “What the hell happened in here,” drifted through his mind.

Then a book caught his eye. He bent down; looking carefully to make sure his eyes weren’t playing any tricks on him. The graphic pictures were doing things to his body. He felt the blood flow through his prick as it hardened. After standing there in awe for what seemed like forever he sat down on the rug taking the book in his hands. He began flipping through the pages, when one in particular caught his attention, making him exhale the air that had filled his lungs. Three women, a blonde, brunette and auburn beauty; the blonde was open to both women on a bed, the brunette was lapping at her entrance as the auburn licked the valley between the blonde’s breasts. Alex smirked as he remembered that he hadn’t looked at anything like this since his college days.


Max cradled Liz even tighter, if that was possible, being careful to not make a sound. He kissed her forehead and nose lightly, a gleam of mischief in his eyes. He licked her lips asking for entrance, which she lovingly obliged. Liz whimpered into his mouth, as Max pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Releasing her mouth, he nuzzled through her hair to her ear, whispering very low he stated, “Liz if you don’t be quiet, we’ll be found and the party will be over.” Nodding her head in reassurance she bit her bottom lip as Max licked her neck and back up to traces her ear.


Alex tried to place the book in his lap, but his erection wouldn’t allow it. He stood the book up against a stack of books beside him. Now that his lap was free and so were his hands he had a plan. He gently unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled his throbbing cock through the hole of his boxers. Stroking the full length of himself to begin with. He stared at the picture as his imagination ran wild, his release hand now stroking his cock roughly. Faster still until he released his release painting the palm of his hand. He looked around to see if there was anything to clean himself up with. He noticed a tee shirt on the floor by the desk. He crawled over with one hand closed, retrieving the shirt and cleaning his hand. After doing so, he stood fixing his jeans. Looking around the room again, he noticed a few particles of clothing, female and male. “Oh shit” he thought, as he heard the squeak of the chair.

Max and Liz had tried to be as quiet as possible. Max had finally had to hold his hand over Liz’s mouth to silence the giggle when she heard a moan come from the other side of the chair. When whomever seemed finished Max put his hand down, only to have Liz move. The chair squeaked and in the silent room it seemed like a horn blowing. Max was hoping that who ever it was would just leave due to their nudity.

“Who’s there?” Alex asks in a faint whisper.

“Alex, is that you?” Liz giggled, again.

“Oh, shit. Liz, what are you doing in here.” Alex gasped.

“It’s okay man!” Max chuckled.

“I’ve got to go,” Alex was blushing a bright red, you could hear the nervousness in his voice. Walking towards the door, Alex kicked a plaid piece of material, “hey, man! Why are you two hiding in that chair?” he questioned, as he peeked around the chair. “Busted!!!!” he laughed.

Liz gasped, as she tried to cover herself. “Alex Charles Whitman! I think this goes both ways,” she winked.

At that statement Alex turned and rushed towards the door, as laughter pushed him on through it. Then stepping back in, “Max, I wouldn’t wear that shirt, if I were you,” he informed with a smirk. Then Alex was off again.

Liz’s laughter subsided as she felt hardness pressing against her thigh. “Now, where were we,” Liz teased while positioning herself to straddle Max.

Max sucked her breast into his mouth, eliciting a moan from Liz. He felt her hair tickle his knees and legs as her head rolled back.

Liz reached down between their bodies grasping Max’s cock, sliding it across her folds only to sink down upon it. She rose, using the back of the chair for leverage, pulling herself up until only the head remained inside her. Then slipping back down slowly only to taunt him.

“Liz,” Max mumbled, nipping her breast with his teeth. “Harder,” he moaned, when she sunk on his hard cock.

Liz pulled up again, slamming into him. She gripped the chair, riding him harder, until the chair creaked with abuse.

Max’s body stuck to the leather of the chair, not that he was complaining. He didn’t care; he couldn’t get enough of this nymph that was riding him. Chocolate hair flowed in waves around her face, her breasts heaved with each thrust, nipples hardened with excitement, her lips were pouty pink from there sweet torture, and her eyes were shut in complete ecstasy. He held her away from him only to watch her, which alone was driving him over the edge. He could hold back this time, wanting to please her more than anything. He wrapped his arms around her cupping her ass for support, lifting her with him, not wanting to pull out of her wetness.

“Max,” Liz sighed, “Where are we going?”

Never answering, Max made his way through the mess of books. Placing one arm around her waist he kneeled on the antique rug.

“Here,” he replied, thrusting into her hard as he laid her on the floor. Her legs drifted apart giving him better access. He pulled her legs up, gripping her Mary Jane’s, resting them on his shoulders, as he continued his pinning her to the floor. “Oh, fuck,” he hissed through gritted teeth, clamping his hands around her legs restraining her from slipping away.

Liz felt the friction in more places than one. The blinding friction inside her kept her from protesting the rubbing of the rug underneath her. “Harder, Max,” she cried out, panting with each jolt of his hips.

Max lifted her higher, pulling her up on his upper legs, bowing her over but never stopping his sweet assault. He could feel the head of his cock knocking against her womb. He pounded into her hard, her moans enticing him further. Max felt her inner walls compress his manhood, “Liz,” he growled as the swelling of his orgasm ripped through him.

Liz felt the swell of his cock with the rush of his orgasm, she let go, and let the waves of her own orgasm wash through her. “Max, I love you,” she whispered, opening her soul to him.

Max pulled her to him, cradling her in his arms. Did he hear her correctly? He held her even tighter, “Liz, what did you say?” he whispered.

“I love you, Max,” she sighed, into his chest, realizing that she had waited what seemed like an eternity to say those words. They had gone out a few times in high school but only as friends. Liz had always wanted more, but Max had always dated the cheerleaders, and prom queens. Which she wasn’t either, just a biology geek. She didn’t look geeky; she just was more into her education than parties and popularity.

Max pulled her away, holding her face with both hands, brushing her hair away from her eyes; he searched her face for the truth. “Liz, if you only knew how long I’ve waited for you to say those words,” he growled, capturing her lips with his own. He had been Liz’s biology partner in high school, and they had always been friends, living in the same neighborhood. He had even taken her out a few times. When he did he had always wished for more than just friendship out of the event, but Liz always seemed true to their friendship, never showing any “need” for him in any other way.

Liz kissed him back with just as much want. “Max,” she breathed, breaking away for air, “I promised myself after graduation, if I ever saw you again I would let you know how I felt about you. Maria always teased me, and I just didn’t know how you would take it. I didn’t think I was your type,” she sighed, a little embarrassed by her words.

Kissing her nose, Max grinned. “If you only knew how bad I wanted you, when we studied, and our noses were merely inches apart. It took ever muscle in my body to pull me away so that I wouldn’t kiss you,” he laughed, remembering those times.

Liz felt his dick twitch inside her, about the same time that her stomach growled. Not knowing how he could be hard again after all the pleasures they had felt, but only glad that he was, because this meant he was having just as good a time as she was. “Max, can we finish this later,” she whispered into his ear, licking the outline of it. “I’m starved,” she sighed, feeling him grind into her.

“Sure we can,” he sighed, “I’ll feel you up in more ways than one,” he promised, pulling his now hard shaft out of her moist cunt, before he changed his mind about letting her get something to eat. Standing he watched as she made her way around the library, praising her body with his stare, noticing the rug burns on her back. I can take care of that later, he thought, knowing that she wasn’t getting too far away from him ever again.

“Max, you had better put something on, or we’ll never make it to the kitchen,” she giggled, wrapping her school girl skirt around her waist, buttoning it.

Max scanned the room for his pants, finding them he made his way across the room. Feeling the soreness in his knees, knowing he probably had the same rug burns that marked Liz’s back.

Liz watched his body, she noticed the muscles flex as he moved across the room closer to her. She knew he was trying to provoke her when he put his pants on without any boxers, slipping them slowly over his firm ass. She licked her lips, as she slid her shirt on, not bothering to button it, just tying it under her breast. Then she looked up at Max seeing nothing but raw lust feel his eyes. Feeling the wetness between her thighs, she made her way towards the door, leaving Max to follow. “Which hunger to fulfill first,” she thought, making her way down the hall feeling the breeze cool her, beneath her skirt.

Straightening his pants, he felt a bulge of some sort in his pocket. Max pulled Liz’s thong out of his pocket, causing his dick to come to life in his jeans. The thought of that small piece of fabric and the things it led to. Shaking his head, bringing his wandering mind back into the present, he caught a glimpse of Liz’s retreating body. “I’ll get you Liz Parker,” he promised her, swiftly making his way toward the door, forgetting all other articles of his attire.

“You have to catch me first,” Liz giggled; she bounced down the hall in a playful jog. She turned her head to catch Max’s whereabouts as she took a corner and rushed for a set of descending stairs. “Is that all you’ve got, Max?” she teased, taking the steps two at a time. Her voice caught in her throat when she reached the bottom of the stairs, she never noticed the dimness of the light while taunting Max. It was almost dark in the room except for a few small windows around the ceiling.

“Liz, your mine!” Max growled, grabbing her by the waist, swinging her around.

“Max put me down,” Liz stated sternly. Her mind conjuring up possibilities.

Max eased her down, hurt by the change in her attitude and the difference in her voice; it held a cold tone.

“Max,” Liz began. Leaning in to raise his chin, “have you noticed what we’ve stumbled across?” Making her way across the room, she ran her hands across a table with restraints. “This my dear is a torture table. Where they bound their slaves and whipped them,” she informed, with a gleam in her eye, pulling a lever that stood the table on its end. Causing Max to jump back. “And these are the chains that held them after their beatings,” she gestured to the chains secured to the wall. Reaching a small table she picked up a set of keys on a ring. “Max you’ve been a very naughty boy,” she whispered seductively, placing her leg on the desk chair, patting the keys in her hand. “Now you must pay,” she stated, as a matter of fact, opening her legs for a full view before kicking the chair from underneath her foot.

She made her way towards Max, swaying her hips with purpose in each stride. When she got to Max she raked her nails down his chest, and crooked her fingers in the waist of his pants. “Come here, slave,” she bit out, noticing his bare feet. **Less is more,**she thought. Pulling him towards the table, she pushed her body against his, running her tongue over his speechless mouth. Pinning him to the table with a viscous kiss, she ran her hand up his abs, on up his arms, pushing them over his head. Plunging her talented tongue into his mouth, she clicked the first lock into place, followed by the lock for the second arm. Liz backed away with an impish smirk marking her features.

“Oh, shit!” Max swore. “Liz what are you doing?” he questioned, watching Liz pace the floor in front of him. He noticed the wrinkle in her brow and knew her mind was working on a plan. “Liz just undo me,” he begged, “we’ll go back to my room.”

Liz picked up the old chair she had kicked over, planting it firmly in front of Max. She sat down, looking up into Max’s eyes, “ Now…listen to me, slave. I’m your Master and from here on out you will refer to me as so,” she intoned, rubbing her hand over the bulge in Max’s jeans, cupping his manhood. Liz leaned in nipping at his toned stomach, “Let me see, where to start? Where to start?” she ask herself naughtily, unbuttoning his pants.

Max rolled his head from side to side, knowing where this was coming from, but not knowing where it would take him. He liked it, he couldn’t deny that, his cock stood at full staff waiting for Liz’s next move. “However, I maybe of service, Master,” Max smirked, looking down at Liz as she pushed his pants to the floor. Max stepped out of them willingly, anxiously waiting.

Liz leaned in teasing the head of his cock with her tongue, only bringing the mushroom head into her mouth completely. She ran her hands up and down his legs until she had them spread where she wanted them. Continuing her taunting with her tongue, she clicked the two remaining locks around his ankles. (Max groaned in frustration.) Sliding her warm mouth down his cock before releasing it with a pop, “They don’t call this a torture chamber for nothing,” Liz informed, running her nails up his bare legs to the inside of his thighs, she felt him tremble with need. “Look at me slave,” she continued, standing to look in his eyes. She leaned into him, the moisture of her breath settling on his face, she kissed his chin and made her way down his neck, then back up to his ear. She burned his body with each kiss as she made her way back down to his bronzed chest. She licked his nipple, flicking her tongue over it, while watching Max watch her. She loved to see him all ravaged, and she planned to do more. She licked and sucked her way to the other nipple, while stroking his cock slowly with her hand. She backed away from him, while removing her shirt, “Might as well get comfortable,” she responded, hanging her shirt over the back of the chair. She walked over to Max turning her back against him; she lifted her skirt, brushing her bare ass over his hardness. She heard the sharp intake of breath from Max. She ground herself into him, before she bent over in front of him, giving him a glimpse of her rosy cheeks. Liz stretched her arm between her legs, stroking his cock lightly, then she backed up to him placing the head of his dick at her entrance. She slid her wet pussy over his swelling cock, using the edge of the chair for a brace. Liz began slowly pumping his cock.

“Oh, god, Liz,” Max growled, he was bound and tortured with each thrust. He forced himself forward to meet her teasing thrusts. “Please Master, I beg of thee?” he begged, through gritted teeth.

“What was that slave?” Liz breathed, pounding him to the table behind him, feeling his balls slap against her. “Did I just hear a plea for more?” she teased. Never stopping her assault, she reached between her legs, fondling his balls. Feeling the tightening in his sac, “Slave,” she growled, “you will not cum until I tell you to.” She crushed herself to him with each stroke; her hair clung to her face from the sweat. She moved faster against him, pulling out of him completely she fell to her knees before him, “Cum for me Slave,” she ordered, engulfing his prick with her mouth.

Max never stopped meeting each pump of her mouth as his seed spilled from his cock. “Fuck,” he growled, clenching the cuffs that held his wrists.

Liz drank every drop, lapping at his semi hard dick. With a smile, she stood, “Paybacks a bitch,” she taunted, running her hands up his chest, rubbing her breasts against him. Her hard nipples grazing his body. “Slave, that was wonderful,” she sighed, before capturing his lips with hers. “I wish I could just keep you here for hard times,” she winked, as she started undoing the cuffs. She slid her body down him, then undid the binds around his ankles.

Max yanked Liz up into his arms, kissing her with a blinding force, “Master, the things you do to me,” he chuckled. “Speaking of paybacks,” he continued, looking at the chains that hang from the wall. He backed Liz slowly towards them, kissing her, while slipping the keys to his hand.


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omg...that was so, I swear the air conditioning is broken! its like a sauna in this house! must do more of that! I loved the leather chair, the bondage, and most definitely the ladder was kinky. I've never seen anything done that way before and I most definitely love more kinky uncommon stuff. I like your chapters...more!

posted on 24-Jun-2002 9:53:00 PM by Teresa

He pushed her against the wall, never breaking their kiss. His tongue danced merrily over hers, his hands roamed her body, pushing her arms up the wall. Max nudged her head up licking her throat; he sucked and nibbled his way to her ear. He whispered his love over and over while, but he never halted in his assault. He clamped the first cuff around her wrist, then the second, slipping his hands down her arms he brushed his palms over her nipples, noticing the way her head fell against the wall drove him on, he tweaked the nipple between his thumb and finger.

Liz couldn’t help the sigh of breath that left her lips. Max was driving her wild with his sweet tortures; he took his time with every inch of skin. She could fill the moisture pooling amongst her thighs. “Max please, I want you inside me,” she begged.

Max cupped her face in his hands, “Liz, all in due time,” he whispered, taking her pouty bottom lip into his mouth. His hand raised the hem of her skirt, brushing over her chocolate curls; his other hand kneaded her ass. Then he took her hardened nipple into his mouth, scraping his teeth lightly over the excited flesh.

Liz raised her leg willingly, allowing him more room. She propped it over his leg.

Max took the invitation and probed his finger deep with in her. Pulling her leg up his leg, he plunged in deeper. His warm mouth held her breast, his tongue circling the nipple, leaving one for the other, not wanting to leave the other unattended. He was extremely hard; he could feel his dick throbbing for action. He withdrew his sopping finger, running it down the valley between Liz’s breasts. Her aroma filled his nostrils as he stroked his tongue over her dew, lapping it from between her breasts.

Liz couldn’t take much more, the things his hands and tongue were doing to her only caused the ache to turn to pain. “Max I want you to fuck me,” she cried out. “I want you to pin me to this wall,” she hissed, her eyes now gleaming with mischief.

Max eyes met hers, and he could see the lust that danced like fire in her eyes. He picked her up and she automatically incased his hips with her legs.

Liz gripping the chains that bound her for support. She knew what she was asking for; it only thrilled her more that she was about to receive her torture. She bit her bottom lip, her eyes never leaving Max’s amber ones.

Max stretched his arm around her leg grasping his cock in his hand, he taunted her cunt lovingly, “Tell me again Liz,” he teased. “Tell me how you want my cock buried deep inside you. Tell me,” he growled, prodding her lightly with the head of his dick. “Tell me how you like it, Liz,” his voice husky with desire. He nipped at her breast pulling on her nipple with his teeth.

Liz released the air that had claimed her lungs, she was so excited and she wanted the Mad Max. She ran her finger down his jaw line, “Max,” she whispered, leaning in, her breath warm against his face, “please?”

“Please what Liz,” he naughtily ask. “ Don’t act all prissy on me,” he winked. He fondled her with his dick; he could feel her tremble beneath his touch. “Slow or fast,” he taunted, teasing her clit, slow and then fast. “Soft or Hard,” he taunted again.

“Max,” Liz whimpered, “fuck me,” she begged, holding the chains for her support. She felt his hard shaft slam into her, and she was pinned to the wall.

He pulled back slowly, and crashed into her. He played with her senses, pulling out until he was barely there and then bouncing back with a force. He licked, sucked, bit and nibbled at her soft skin, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. He thrust into her; beads of sweat ran down his face, as he pounded her harder, gripping her ass. Every cry or moan that escaped her lips was met with a forceful thrust.

“Oh fuck, oh god,” Liz chanted over and over her whole shaking violently from her orgasm. “Max harder,” she cried out, feeling another wave wash through her.

Max pulled out and slammed home again, his cum spewing inside her. His knees felt as if they would give at any minute, but he couldn’t let go. He pumped slowly now, milking the last remains. He slipped his arms from around her planting a kiss on her nose as he cupped her face in his hands, resting his forehead against hers.

Liz’s legs slipped from his waist, “they feel like jelly,” she thought trying to suppress a giggle.

“What?” Max smiled, looking into her eyes.

“You’ve tormented me, until I can no longer stand,” Liz giggled, as Max unbound her wrists.

Max sealed her mouth with a last kiss, before trudging around to find their clothes. He swatted at her ass as she bent over to pick up the shirt that had slipped from the chair arm. He pulled his pants on, realizing that was all that he had. “How about we head back to my room,” he suggested, “then I can pamper you.”

Liz finished buttoning her blouse and sat down beside him on the step, resting her head on his shoulder. “Sounds good to me,” she winked. She stood waiting for Max to lead the way.

“I don’t think I can will be able to make it,” he laughed, feeling his knees shake as he stood.

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I think I can do the perv....I just don't know how to set it up. Like who joins in when and how they join in. Imagination needs suggestions....................Anyone?????????????*wink**wink**wink**wink**wink**wink*
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Sorry but that's just another part I'll just have to skip.

Faith *sad*
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Um, I can do Perv for Max and Liz, but throw another person into that mix? Forget it.

Agree with Faith on the gerbil. There are laws against that kind of thing, you know. Unless you're Richard Gere.... *if you don't know about that, don't ask.*

Ugh, I'm really sorry Teresa, but I have no idea what to suggest. My mind is literally still in the "UM" stage. Eyes are a bit glazed over too, I reckon. Hairdo is shot to hell from my rubbing my scalp.... Figure I'm giving myself wrinkles from face contortions..

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Teresa: *happy* Ok this may sound familiar,hon, but for the benefit of everyone else:

"What a man would do with 3 women"?? and you need an idea on how to get the party started (did I just sound like Pink there? Get the party started? Sorry my jokes are as bad as….my memory ::laugh:: )

Ok, Max and Liz sleep for a while in each other’s arms Awww, then Liz gets up to go to the bathroom, or get some food or something from her room or anything and she hears a noise in the linen closet. She flings the door open and who does she catch groping in the closet? Why two of the girls! Naughty Naughty! So they have an "interesting" conversation and it turns out that the two intimate friends have become dissatisfied with men in general. "Oh yeah" says Liz, confident in her paramour’s sexual prowess, " How would you like to see what a REAL man can do?" They talk some more, filler, filler

So picture Max and Liz’s big bedroom with a 4 poster bed a fireplace an big ‘ol easy chair (the old fashioned kind, sturdy, with big arms and clawed feet) a bear skin, or similar material between it, and the fire. Sit Max in the chair (steady now don’t lose concentration) now place Liz in his lap and the fair ladies on the rug. Now pay attention to the eyes. Max is (of course) watching the show on the rug and the ladies are there to get an education (smirk) so they’re watching Max and Liz. You might even want to swivel Liz around in the big guy’s lap so she can have a better view of the complementary couple.

Blah, insert mucho sex here. Liz falls off Max and one of the ladies (properly impressed) untangles herself and crawls over to the satiated woman’s prostrate form while her counterpart, leads Max to the bed. (drool) You’re on your own from there, everybody ends up in bed ‘course.

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mmm...I'm still too much of a dreamer.
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Here's the next part.................................................

Max and Liz made their way down the hall, chit chatting, bantering with playful gestures. Liz’s stomach growled revealing to them both about their skipped meals. “I guess we’d better get something to eat before we head to your room,” Liz suggested giggling.

“That’s okay. I’ll tell you what, you head to your room and get a few things, and I’ll go to the kitchen and whip something up. Go to my room and start the bath, and I’ll be up with food in a few.” Max shrugged, as he had everything planned out.

“That will work.” Liz stated, punching his arm playfully. Liz then skipped away like a schoolgirl, her skirt brushing her ass with each bounce.
Max watched her retreating form, feeling his dick stiffen, he hurried into the kitchen to retrieve some snacks. He opened the fridge…strawberries, ready-whip, champagne, chocolate syrup, cherries…”Yummy,” he thought out loud, while his mind designed his very own banana split. A boyish chuckle left his throat, as he caught himself thinking of his member as a banana. He found a basket on the island and emptied the fruit on the counter; he filled the basket looking around the kitchen for a few more things, before he could head off to his room.

Liz flopped down unto her bed as soon as she entered her room. She couldn’t wait until her pampering. She started around the room, picking out a sexy black lingerie piece for later, a silky robe, and then she made her way into the bathroom, retrieving her strawberry scented bath salts and a few other things. Liz threw them all into a small suitcase and headed for Max’s room.

She knocked lightly on the door. There was no answer so she went on in. Liz glanced around the enormous room, trying to observe every detail. All of the natural wood, the walls were burgundy and hunter green with gold trimmings, so bold and manly. The four-post bed was huge; it looked as if it would swallow her petite form if she lay upon it. She dropped her bag beside the door, and pulled out the bath salts. She made her way around the room looking for the bathroom. She sat in a big chair; it reminded her of the one in the library only it was a deep green, with big claw feet for legs. She slipped her shoes off, followed by her little white socks. Stretching her legs she leaned back in the chair, looking at the ceiling for the first time. The ceiling was painted with cherubs and roses; it was breathtaking, gold ribbons, with mauve and burgundy roses, with little chubby cherubs. A smile crossed her face and her heart swelled as she thought of cupid. Her eyes roamed the room for more details; she noticed the tan bear rug in front of a fireplace. The thick mantle above the fireplace held candles of different sizes. She picked the bath salts up and made her way to a cracked door. The light that beamed out around the door held her curiosity. It was the bathroom. A huge ivory garden tub with a wrap around window with a beautiful garden view. She made her way to the tub, turning the water on to test the temperature before adding the strawberry salts. The smell of strawberries swept through the room, as she worked around getting everything ready for Max’s return. Liz went to the small closet in the corner of the room for linen. There was none clean, she noticed the hamper was also full. She went to the tub turning the running water off. Then she picked up the hamper of dirty linen to carry to the linen shoot outside in the hall. She figured she could just get a few towels from the linen closet there, too. She made her way across the room with the hamper, opening the door she thought she heard a grunt, Liz halted listening again carefully. Nothing…she carried the linen down the hall to the shoot, dumping all of the linen, she heard a faint moan. It sounded like it was coming from the linen closet and it sounded feminine…she eased closer to the closet….closer. She heard a different sigh, the noises were arousing, and she eased the door open slowly to find Maria and Tess half-dressed fondling and kissing. She stood in awe, her nipples hardening instantly and she felt the moisture between her thighs, watching them; two beautiful women, bodies blushing with need, rounded breasts stood alert. They noticed her.

“Liz,” Maria whimpered, while Tess held her hand out to her.

Liz didn’t know what to do…she was so aroused by just watching she definitely wanted more. “Maria, Tess…come to the Max’s room with me, he’s not there,” she gestured in a near whisper, unbuttoning her blouse slowly. Tess and Maria began untangling themselves slowly as Liz leaned in to them. Both girls welcomed her. Tess brushed kisses over her flesh lowering her blouse off her shoulders, as Maria kissed her solidly on the lips. Backing away the girls found there way back to Max’s room. Making their way to the furry bear rug, they eased themselves down upon it still entangled in their embrace. Liz sat with Maria in front of her and Tess angled at her side. Their hands danced across her flesh, “Why?” Liz whimpered in between kisses. “Why not?” Tess responded, etching Liz’s legs open.

Tess stroked her dampened lips with her nails, causing Liz’s head to roll back. Maria took advantage of the movement licking the length of her neck, kissing her lightly, while cupping her firm breasts. Tess continued her kisses as she slipped her finger between her folds, bringing it forward to add pressure to Liz’s swollen nub. Moving as slowly as possible, Tess eased Liz lower until she could lie back on the rug. Maria now positioned above Liz, kissed and nibbled lower, unbuttoning Liz’s skirt, now Liz’s nude body lay before her. Tess leaned in sucking Liz’s pert nipple into her mouth, then licking it, while she stroked Liz’s clit faster. Liz’s hips rose off of the rug to be met by the tip of Maria’s hot tongue.

Liz felt the brush of Maria’s nipples across her legs, the warmth of her breath, and the texture of her tongue pleasing her, a long sigh escaped her mouth. She felt her orgasm swell to explosion inside her. Liz heard the soft moans that echoed the room.

Tess’s tongue lavished each breast. She circled Liz’s nipple with her tongue, mocking the same movements with her fingers. Liz squeezed her eyes shut, as she felt the waves of her orgasm wash through her. Maria lapped at Liz hungrily. Tess lifted her hand from Liz’s thighs, to fondle her own breasts, slipping it lower between her own thighs. She could still feel the trembles of Liz’s body.

Liz slowly opened her eyes, to find Max stroking himself, in the chair behind Maria. His hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat, and his pants were pushed down around his knees. His shaft stood at full attention and a pearl of pre-cum glistened at its tip. Liz licked her lips involuntarily. This was getting better by the seconds.

Whatcha' think???
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Wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh-
wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh-
wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh- wh-

I must say Teresa... Even with Tess there... that was H-H-HOT!!!!

And Max in the chair? Nice touch!!!

can't wait or more!!!!

posted on 18-Jul-2002 12:59:15 AM by Phaedra223
I ainna gonna look!

But glad you're here Teresa!

Phae, who's been in work hell
posted on 18-Jul-2002 10:54:36 PM by Faith Evans
Art’s & Crafts – Dreamer Style

Part 3

Liz pushed a stray strand of hair out of her face, pushed there by a soft spring breeze; She was outside with a large sketchpad in her hands. Max was laying on his back a soft pillow under his head; he was completely naked just like she was. Liz didn’t like wearing to many clothes she found the whole idea of them to restricting to her artistic nature, when she left her property of course she wore clothes but since they were still on her lands she found no use for them. Max liked and enjoyed to the fullest that particular philosophy of hers and had joined on the nudity while on her lands; since he had arrived here in fact, he hadn’t worn a piece of clothing except when the grocery runner came once a week to deliver grocery to the house.

Taking her gaze from the raw beauty of Max’s body, she returned her gaze back to her sketchpad. Lightly drawn with pencil was Max in the throws of passion with a cloud shaped in the form of a woman. An image that had been driving her crazy for a few days now until she had begun putting it on paper three days ago. And although she found the drawing disturbing, she still went on drawing it.

She knew why she found it disturbing; she knew the cloud figure was in fact herself but what disturbed Liz was the fact the figure was faceless, shapeless almost as if she had no personality of her own, just there to fuck her mortal lover. The shapeless figure reminded Liz too much of her mother personality.

Her mother had never married her father, she had been his official mistress a man who only showed up for a romp with her mother, then disappeared back to his real family. Her mother had had the bright idea of getting pregnant and then maybe her lover would marry her. After he found out, Jeff Parker didn’t visit his mistress until after Liz was born and she had lost the weight gained by her pregnancy. Jeff recognized his illegitimate daughter and put her in his will, but that was the extent of his parental concern. He died when Liz was 18 and with him her mother will to live, she died 2 months later.

To her father’s family shock half of his estate had been willed to Liz, the other half to his son by his official wife, with the condition that if the family contested his will his whole fortunes would go to Liz. The family kept their mouths shut but never accepted Liz. Liz never cared, growing up in a loveless household she promised herself never to become like her mother, that love was for fools. She lived her life as she wished to live it doing what she wished to do, dressing or undressing as she wished, she was a complete free spirit. Now here she was, and the unthinkable had actually happened, she was in love. When it had gone from a great fuck, to love, she wasn’t sure she was already half way there before she knew it, hence the disturbing faceless picture in her lap.

Why him of all her lovers did she fall in love with, and why now on the 6-year anniversary of her mothers death. Maybe it was the wounded soul that lurked so close to the surface; the one he thought he hid so well, but she could see right threw, that called out to her. He was tall dark and handsome, rich to boot, she had fallen in love with her father’s apparent clone. How was that for irony after she had done everything in her power to avoid it, here she was.

So deep in thought was she, she didn’t even see Max was now awake looking at her, she was so beautiful to him, there she was sketchpad in hand that was never far from her hand. Her back was ramrod straight, her pert breasts high and nipples hard no doubt from the gentle breeze. She was a freaking goddess send to earth to tempt all mortals with her beauty.

He had come here in search for her in the hopes of finding someone who for the first time had touched his heart, with her art. He had hoped that with her in front of him she would touch him even further inside him and in the process unlock everything he had locked away years ago. Max was tired of feeling cold day in and day out; at least he realized he was tired of it after he was exposed to Liz’s art. Now here in this green pasture under this big beautiful tree with a small lake close by Max knew he had succeeded beyond his wildest imagination. He was in love with Liz, and he was so happy he wanted to shout it to the world. He wanted her with him forever; he couldn’t imagine his life with out her now.

“Marry me, Liz.”

Liz jumped at the sound of his voice, looking down at him unsure she had heard what he had asked. “What did you say?”

“Will you marry me?” Max asked her again, this time sitting up and looking her straight in the eye.

‘Ok so maybe he’s not my fathers clone, father sure as hell never asked my mother that question…’ Liz thought to herself. ‘… But marriage, she loved him but they knew so little of each other.’

“Why did you come to me Max, why me?” Liz asked.

Max turned his face away from her and a deep sadness entered his eyes, Liz turned his face back toward her and repeated her question.

“Why did you come to me Max, why me? If you want me to answer your marriage question, then there can’t be any secrets between us, you need to know my past, just like I need to know yours…”

She saw something pass across his face when she mentioned her past, “You already know my past don’t you…”

“Yeah.” Max said softly.

“Well then your one up on me, tell me yours, why me?” Liz stubbornly asked again. A far off look passed his eyes, he didn’t answer right away, and when he did, it was slowly it was clear that talking about this was hard for him.

“I was a child prodigy by the age of six I could solve high level calculus problems by ten I had graduated college by 12 I had a PHD, it was easy and a giant game to me…” Stopping to take a deep breath Liz could tell he wasn’t sitting here with her anymore, but was far away in some painful past.

“… My parents sent me to a therapist because they were afraid of me burning out to fast, and because I was clinging to them like crazy, most boys my age are out playing or getting into fights but I was following my parents around and wouldn’t let them out of my sight. I hadn’t been abused; I wasn’t scared of anything there really wasn’t much of a reason for me to do what I was doing. And I over heard them talking how I was smothering them too much with my attention…”

“… So, this fancy assed therapist told my parents to distance themselves from me, that I was using them as an unhealthy security blanket. So, they did it, no questions asked. I never felt such pain before in my life, I felt like my love scared them and they didn’t want me anymore, that they were only tolerating me. I stopped talking to the therapist and my parents, they really grew to regret their decision but the damage had been done, I would never let myself love anyone. I felt no one could handle the intensity in which I loved. The older I got the easier it was to hide and lock away all emotions. I went into business by myself at 18 taking nothing from my parents and made my own fortune all on my own…”

“… At 20 my parents had another child, a normal little boy he was everything I never was, and I haven’t spoken to them ever since, I lived my life that way and never thought anything of it, I was in complete control of everything and everyone around me. Then one day I saw one of your sculptures and just staring at it, for the first time I felt something it had been so long I thought I was imagining things, but then I haven’t had an imagination in a long time either. I became obsessed with your work, I found I liked the feelings it invoked in me, but soon that wasn’t enough I wanted more so I hunted you down learning everything I could I about you. Then I came here to find you, to be with you, for the first time in years I wanted someone to love and to love me, someone who wouldn’t turn away from the intensity of my love. I think I found that person in you, do you love me, Liz?”

By this point, tears are running down her cheeks unchecked she answered him at once with no hesitation. “Yes, Max I love you so much…” Finding words not enough to convey her feelings for him, she drew his stiff body into her arms and proceeded to kiss him senseless, not sexually but tenderly putting every feeling, she had for him in those kisses. She felt the stiffness leave his body and his warm arms wrap themselves around her smooth behr flesh.

Between kisses, she tried to further ease his fears; “You could never scare me away with the ferocity of your love, I’ve seen you at your most intense Max, I’ve made love to you threw it and it was beautiful, I’m more then capable of handling your love, I’d love a lifetime of having to do it.” She tried to tease with the last part but the effect was ruined by the tears running down her face.

“Is that a yes?” Max said with awe, he had never been happier in his life as he was at that moment he could tell she meant every word she had said and he felt that last piece of his heart thaw and melt just for her. “Yes, Max always yes!”

He gently pushed her on to her back and laying out her hair on the blanket above her head. He rubbed her tears away with his hands and she turned her cheek toward his hands like a little kitten looking to be petted and rubbed. Something he was all too willing to do.

“God your so beautiful, it’s almost isn’t fair that so much beauty is mine and mine alone, but don’t worry I can live with it.” Max said with a smile.

“Hmmm, I bet you can…” Liz teased back, though she blushed a little at his words.

Feeling his hard cock pulsing on her tummy, she looked down and watched as his beautiful cock rubbed small drops of pre-cum into her skin. He looked down to see what she was watching and an old dream popped into his head. He straddled her body so that his cock was now resting on her stomach and a naughty twinkle enter his eyes. Liz saw it and her body answered it she felt her pussy fill with juices in preparation for her fiancé next move.

“You know I’ve been watching you drawing and sculpting all this time, and I’ve had the urge to do some art of my own.” Max said looking down at her with pure hunger in his eyes as his idea took shape in his mind, he hands started to rub her chest where he took extra care in kneading her pert breasts, she arched her back trying to come closer to his touch.

“Would you like to see me paint?” Max asked her.

“Mmmm, yesssssss.” Liz moaned.

Max took her hands into his and while still on his knees he worked his way up her body until his cock was resting right on her face. Liz couldn’t help herself and she snaked out her tongue and licked his monster meat groaning at his wonderful taste filled her tongue. The vibration of her groans traveled the length of his cock giving him incredible pleasure Max couldn’t help but rub his cock on her face in response. Looking down at her with desire filled eyes he took his cock in hand and purposely started rubbing his cock in her face, first her eye lids, her cheeks the top of her pert nose, her cheeks, everywhere he could reach. His cock at first only released few drops of hot pre-cum which Max worked into her skin, lightly just as if his hands where holding a light brush instead of a rock hard cock.

Liz only sighed deeply at his cherishing and attention to detail, her sigh flowed over his cock like a hot breeze, making him ache that much stronger. He couldn’t help himself, he brought the tip of his cock to her waiting mouth, and she swallowed him whole eagerly. She sucked hard and Max clenched his butt in reaction as he tried hard not to cum to soon. Liz paid it no mind though she had defiantly noticed seeing as how her hands were on his hips now. All she wanted was a sweet taste if his cum on her tongue, she made soft sucking sounds as she moved her head back and forth until he was leaking a steady stream into her mouth.

It took all of Max’s male strength to work himself out of her hot mouth so good did she feel. He worked himself down her body a bit and rubbed the tip of his cock in her neck, which she eagerly arched for him. He drew designs mostly hearts and his initials with his cum. Working down her body, he did the same thing on each of her breasts as she looked down at his cock taking in everything his cock was doing.

He saw her eyes on him and he started talking to her, “You know how often I’ve pictured you just like this, your lips so pink from sucking on my cock, your eyes heavy lidded with desire for me and only me. I’ve seen you like this in my dreams as I paint beautiful pictures in to your already beautiful body.”

“I’ve seen myself fucking your breast, so beautifully made, so perfect for sucking and now fucking.” He took his hands off his cock and instead cupped the sides of her breasts forming a deep cleavage for his dripping cock to slide threw. He sleeked her breasts with pre-cum with each thrust.

“And what am I doing in those dreams as you fuck me.” Liz asked totally turned on by the show in front of her.

“You lick my cock, each time I come close to your mouth.” Max grunted out.

“Like this?” She asked as she snaked her tongue out as caressed the tip each time he thrusted forward. The sight of her little tongue against his big shaft was such an erotic sight he almost released his cum right there.

“Yes, just like that.” He hoarsely answered. “Once your breasts are nice and slick I move down into your belly and start sliding my cock all over you and I start painting your stomach where all my future children will grow with my cum…”

“Do it, Max I want to see you do it.” Liz breathlessly said, so turned on by his words and actions.

He moved down and his cock was now so stiff it barely moved and with a deep grimace, he moved his cock threw out her belly, covering it with cum as he slowly painted away. Liz eyes followed each and every movement she kept licking her lips repeatedly finding the sight in front of her better then anything in her life. Max leaned back and looked upon his handy work. Liz his lover and now fiancé was covered in his cum, his initials were worked on every piece of her skin. Her face flushed, her eyes were watchful of his every move, her love and desire clear for all to see. He made himself kneel between her legs anchoring her legs over his hips his cock at her entrance with one deep flex of his hips he was fully embedded in her tight sheath. Liz cried out in deep pleasure her hands went to her breasts as she squeezed and kneaded her firm flesh. His hands were on her hips as he thrusted hard and deep into her tight body.

In and out, he moved the pleasure her body making him grimace harder as her inner muscles worked their magic on his cock. He tried to hold out as long as he could he was so hard and he needed release his cock had been leaking so much cum on her body he wasn’t sure how long he could hold out on but he wouldn’t allow himself to find release until she came first.

With that in mind he shifted himself so that his legs were now spaced a little more widely, leaning a bit his cock was now in perfect position to hit her G-spot over and over again. Liz breath hitched and her whimpers and cries became higher and louder. Until finally she just couldn’t take it anymore and she let go, her muscles spasmed and contracted all around his cock, and that extra squeeze sent Max over the edge and he let his hot cum flow deep into her tight pussy. Still he kept pumping until he didn’t have the strength to pump any further.

He collapsed on top of Liz and she welcomed his weight, they slowly moved to their sides snuggling close to each other. Liz couldn’t help but laugh at the sticky mess she was as her flesh stuck to his cause of his cum.

“What you don’t like my art work?” Max pouted.

“Oh no, I love your art work, I especially love the ‘paint’ and the ‘paintbrush’ you used and you have to promise me you’ll continue ‘painting’ from now on.” Liz answered.

“Well if you liked it so much, how can I deny my number one fan.” Max sighed teasingly.

Rolling him over flat on his back, while capturing his hands she said, “Your one and only fan, buster, I don’t share well.”

Looking at her firmly he answered her underlining concern, “I’m not your father Liz, I would never take a mistress, your it for me, I know all about being betrayed by the people that should love you unconditionally I would never turn around and do the same thing, especially not to you, you who has given me back my life.”

“Thank you for that, it really means a lot to me, and I believe you, but before you told me your past I was worried I had fallen into my mothers life even after all I did to escape it. It was even starting to show up in my art…” Turning and looking for her discarded sketchpad, she grabbed it and showed it to him. He sat up laughing a bit as their skin’s desire to stick together.

But like always when viewing her art he was moved by a myriad of different emotions. He looked at it carefully marveling how he looked in the throws of passion since baring video taping their sessions this was the only way for him to see himself in such a position, he was then drawn to the cloud shaped as a woman, he knew it was Liz he was making love to. The cloud had no face no real form nothing but the shape of it identified her as female.

He looked at her confused and she explained, “When I realized I was falling in love with you, it scared me, I saw myself falling into her shell, losing my personality, my individuality everything that made me was falling away. Cause before you told me your past, you reminded me of my father at least on the outside you did, I didn’t want a life like my mother, and the more I loved you the more it seemed possible.”

“But you don’t fear that anymore?” Max asked concerned.

“No, not anymore, I trust you Max, your nothing like my father. I fully truly know that now.” Liz replied.

Max smiled a truly soft smile, one unlike she had never seen before grace his face, it was a smile that made his already beautiful face down right luminous, her breath caught in her throat. He stood up giving her his hand and helped her stand up.

“How bout a little swim in the lake, we both need a bath after my ‘art.” Max said his special smile still in place. They walked to the lake together, getting into the water where Max began to work water into her skin washing her body. His hands traveled her whole body, softly caressing, squeezing until he was sure she was completely clean.

Then his hands began massaging her perfect skin in an arousing motion, playing special attention to her pert breasts he brought one to his mouth and with a gentleness he had never shown before suckled lovingly, he swallowed her breast whole the heat of his mouth ran right down to her very wet core. He showered the next breast with equal attention. Liz began running her hands up and down his back taking in the different shifts and flexing of his back muscles.

He lifted his head and Liz began caressing his chest, tracing every line with her fingertips. She buried her face in his neck licking and nibbling gently as her hands traveled lower taking in everything until her hands reached his cock under the cool water, which was pulsing hotly she was sure if she looked down real life steam would be coming out of the water because of it. She squeezed his shaft in her hands running her up and down it’s full hard length. Not one to be tortured alone he worked his own hands between her thighs forcing them to part a little so that he had enough room to push one long finger straight threw.

Liz gasped at the sensation of being penetrated so deliciously and suddenly, he drew out of her and added a 2nd finger then a 3rd, she was completely full as she rode his thrusting fingers. Feeling her legs weaken she locked her arms around his neck and lifted one thigh over his hips giving him more access to her very hot core. Max thrusted until Liz couldn’t hold herself up anymore Max pulled out his coated fingers and took her in his arms lifting her up so that she wrapped her legs around his waist her arms stayed around his neck. His hands were firmly placed on her butt he lowered her straight on his cock so that she was completely full of him in one downward stroke.

He felt even bigger in this position she was opened up so wide she could feel his balls on the crack of her ass. Holding her tightly, he started moving her up and down his cock each time burring himself deeply they where half emerged in the water and the lake around them started to ripple with the waves they were making the two of them lost themselves to their lovemaking. Max easily carried her slight weight in his arms her hair still dry flew everywhere with each thrust as Liz moaned and tossed her head from side to side until finally Liz reached her powerful orgasm which Max took as a hint to take her harder and faster. Liz was practically bouncing off his body with each thrust, as Liz could do nothing but hold on to him tight, until she felt his balls constrict against her ass and his cock grew bigger and harder insider of her.

Mindless with pleasure Liz began to squeeze his cock tighter inside her tight pussy, until he finally exploded deep inside, and like always happened when Max bathed her walls with his hot cum Liz exploded in another mindless orgasm. Slowly he reluctantly withdrew from her lushes body and gently placed her on her feet, but when she couldn’t stand on her own, he carried her to a nearby large rock that was big enough to hold them both. Reaching up to kiss his face they shared a kiss that was slow and gentle this time free of the passion that was always so close to the surface between them but thanks to the incredible lovemaking they had just shared that passion now lay dormant at least for the moment.

“God you are so incredible each time it only gets hotter if this keeps up we will never make it to old age.” Liz sighed against his lips.

“Who wants to live forever anyway...” Max answered back, caressing her ripe body with his hands.

“I do, but only with you.” Liz answered.

Max drew her into his arms for a deeper kiss, and much to Liz’s shock, her wandering hands found him quite hard all over again. Max laughed when he felt her gasp of surprise at her first touch of his hard cock. And he showed the soon to be Mrs. Evans just how much stamina her husband to be had, at the end of which she was thoroughly satisfied boneless wife to be and she couldn’t be happier…


Note: Ok, Phae what do you think? Only one part left, where Max is going to learn the joy that Liz’s ‘toy’ collection can bring on when Liz is the one in control of them. Do you have any objections to strap-on Dildo’s? If so say so now.
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~fic moved by popular demand


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that was amazing and he proposed! ahhh!
posted on 20-Jul-2002 3:12:41 AM by Phaedra223
Faith, I just loved it! I love the way Max, um, paints. And he really seems to have a nice big brush, capable of holding a lot of paint for long strokes.


Dammit, I used to hate painting but I'm going to have to revise my opinion. Painting is good. Especially with objects other than brushes!

I liked how you gave us some background for both Max and Liz in this part of the fic. It made their charcters more three dimensional as individuals.

Did I mention how much I liked this?

I needed to cheer up. I'm sick and having to work very long hours... Phae is not a happy camper. This is why I need stories to make me smile! *big**big**big*


PS. Toys are fine. Just have a problem with Perv Fu other than Max and Liz.
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Phaedra223 originally wrote:
Faith, I just loved it! I love the way Max, um, paints. And he really seems to have a nice big brush, capable of holding a lot of paint for long strokes.


I know when I was writting this I was thinking man that's a lot of cum! But hey in fic, Max is the perfect sex partner he has it all, so it works, Hee Hee *wink*

Dammit, I used to hate painting but I'm going to have to revise my opinion. Painting is good. Especially with objects other than brushes!

Yes Painting is very good!!! I wish he would come to my house and paint! *big*

I liked how you gave us some background for both Max and Liz in this part of the fic. It made their charcters more three dimensional as individuals.

Thank you, I wasn't quite sure if their pasts worked with out sounding to corny, so I'm glad you liked it.

Did I mention how much I liked this?

I live to please!

I needed to cheer up. I'm sick and having to work very long hours... Phae is not a happy camper. This is why I need stories to make me smile! *big**big**big*

I'm sorry about that I hope to have the next one out soon, but my other fic's take out a lot of smutt writting time, but I hope you like what I have planned for you next.

PS. Toys are fine. Just have a problem with Perv Fu other than Max and Liz.

Ahhh good just making sure.

posted on 24-Jul-2002 3:54:38 PM by Teresa
Faith...first of all...I need a "handyman" around my house. Could I borrow Max for a while?**giggles*

What I wanted to let you all know is that...I posted my next part to "HH" on the UC perv thread. Just because in the next part it's Max+Liz+Tess+Maria....No, Max doesn't have sex with Maria or Tess, but they are involved. So, I thought it would be nice to post it there. I'll send my dreamer parts here and my (I don't know what I should call them) parts there.

Phea...will this work???????? I don't want to offend anyone?*wink**big**wink*
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Thanks Teresa Your a doll for doing that and I'm sorry I'm so conservative in my views but what can I say, the Gerbils really doesn't do it for me (sigh)

As for getting Max to come to your house well your going to have to talk to Liz about that, she may not be willing to share *wink* Hee Hee, but I will ask, *big*

I can't wait to read more of your ML nookie, though, I do love what you write, you always find really hot and interesting places for them to have sex (sigh) More please!!!!

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hrmm...I'm not really sure as to where this link went because it's not on the Roswell Hospital board maybe if I bump it, it will come back...
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This little part is M/ ya' go Faith*wink*

"Close your eyes Liz," Max whispered. Nuzzling her earlobe
delicately, before checking that her eyes were closed. Then as their unseeing awareness absorbed the surroundings a cool breeze caressed the room. The lit candles flickered faintly
as snow began to fall and a foggy steam rose from the bath.

A winter wonderland surrounded them, all from Max's fantasy. Kissing Liz's closed eyelids, Max breathed on the nape of her neck "You may open your eyes now beloved."

Liz opened her eyes slowly, enjoying the water’s heat and the safety
of Max around her. Her eyes fluttered at the sight and grew wide in
awe. "It's beautiful, Max." she murmured softly, tears brimming her eyes.

Liz turned more towards Max, wrapping her arms around his neck, she tasted
the tenderness of his bottom lip before playfully stroking it with her

Max's tongue peeked out to meet hers in a loving kiss. He brushed his nose
across hers enjoying the comfort that came from just being with her. "Let's
take this slow," Max prayed softly, his hardened member protesting heavily. "May I wash you?" he asked, gesturing with the sponge for Liz to turn in the steamy tub.

Liz pivoted slowly, settling between Max's thighs. She could feel the
firmness of his shaft pressing into her lower back. Jostling back
against his hardened flesh, she glanced over her shoulder catching a glimpse of
the effect it was having on Max's features.

Her ardent beau squinted his eyes shut, trying to control the seething lust due to
her soft skin pressing against him. His sharp intake of breath confirmed
his desire. "Please Liz?" he begged.

"Okay," she sighed, pulling the long waves of her hair over her shoulder to
allow Max access to her back. Liz arched her back into the sponge granting
Max her body once more. When she thought he'd spent enough time there, she
leaned back into him resting her head on his shoulder.

Max brushed the sponge down her arms and then up again. His hands lingered
near her neck before they descended down to her breasts. Noticing her hard protruding peaks it was a supreme act of will to drive himself forward. Skimming her toned belly with the sponge, he moved it slowly up the valley between her

Liz stretched her arms up encircling Max's neck pulling him down into a
demanding kiss. Max dropped the sponge.

Cupping a breast in each hand, Max kneading them savagely while deepening
their burning kiss.

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Art’s and Craft’s – Dreamer Style - Part 4

“Alright Courtney I think we covered everything, Max is a very demanding boss so don’t forget anything I just told you. Cause he has no sympathy for any mistakes and he’ll chew you alive.” Morgan Max’s chief secretary instructed Courtney, Morgan was getting married tomorrow and would be gone for the next month. Courtney would take her place in the mean time while she was gone.

“Oh and most importantly of all, memorize this picture.” Morgan said giving her a file with an 8x10 picture of a dark haired woman. “This is Mr. Evans wife when their in town she has a tendency to pop in when ever she wants. When she arrives I don’t care if he’s in a meeting with the President of the United States, The whole UN assembly trying to come with world peace, you will let him know right away she is here, trust me on this you don’t want to see what happens if you don’t remember this one simple rule. Now I think I’ve told you everything. So I’ll let you start.”

Much to Courtney relief Morgan left, to take care off some last minutes details, and Courtney sat down behind her new desk. Courtney was a very ambitious young woman and she was determined that by the time Morgan returned from her honeymoon she Courtney Harding would be Mr. Max Evans new chief secretary and she planned to play her cards right and be Evans’s lover and hopefully his wife. (No one ever said Courtney had much of a brain and could recognize a lost cause.) With those thoughts in mind, she buried Liz Evans picture under a stack of papers with the promise that she would teach Mrs. Evans that offices had protocol and you just couldn’t walk right in like you owned the place.

# # # #

Liz was humming an African lullaby she had learned during her last trip to the continent a few years ago before her marriage to Max as she stepped out of the limo in front of Max’s place of business a huge high-rise building in the middle of Wall Street. Next week was there 2-year wedding anniversary and Liz was really looking forward to it, Max was planning a surprise and no matter what tricks she pulled she couldn’t get even a hint out of him.

Bowing her head at the doorman who opened the door for her, she adjusted her leather pack back purse as she walked to the elevator. People all around her did a double take as she walked by; she was dressed in a soft brown leather skirt a transparent long sleeved deep V cut shirt she was wearing a lacy Victoria Secret bra that covered all the essentials and gave her the illusion of more cleavage then she actually had. She wore a beautiful Native American made chocker on her neck her hair was down and parted in the middle, and simple brown flip – flops covered her feet. She contrasted sharply with all the conservative business suits all around her, plus she had a whole air of confidence and pure sexuality with step she took, the men wanted her, the woman wanted to be her but Liz never noticed she was here to visit her husband nothing else mattered.

Once she was on her husband’s floor, she walked happily to his office and noticed a new secretary sitting outside his office, which made sense because, Max had told her his long time secretary was leaving for her honeymoon with a charming smile, she introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Liz Parker – Evans how are you today.”

“Good Morning Mrs. Evans how can I help you today?” Courtney asked her voice dripping sweetness.

Something in Courtney’s manner put Liz on her guard, quickly wanting to get away from her she cut the small talk she would have normally have engaged in and got to the point.

“I’m here to see my husband would you please tell him I am here.” Liz said.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that, he’s in a very important meeting and has asked not to be disturbed you can leave a message I’ll be sure he gets it.” Courtney replied her voice dripping even more sweetness now.

Liz frowned she knew her husbands schedule really well, and he had no meeting scheduled until much later in the day, hence why she had picked this moment to visit him. “Is that right, well I know my husband and I know he would want to know I’m here.” Liz said firmly.

“And I’m sorry I have my orders, you don’t want to get me fired now do you.” Courtney said matching Liz’s tone.

Liz had enough she took off her back pack and reached for her cell phone, and instantly dialed Max ultra private before Courtney had a chance to get up and stop her. “Hi honey, I’m here outside your door and I’m having a little problem getting in.” With that, she moved away from the door sat down on one of the comfortable lounge chairs and waited for the fireworks to start. Liz didn’t have to wait long.

“What the hell is going on?!?!” Max yelled in a thundering voice that instantly made Courtney down right pale everyone on the floor including Morgan heard him and came out of his or her offices to look on.

“I...I…I…” Courtney stammered.

“You what?!?! I’m sure Morgan let you know that if my wife shows up she gets top priority over everything I might be doing, so what possibly could you have been thinking!” Max continued to yell.

“I just thought…” Courtney continued to stammer.

“Thought, your not paid to think but to follow orders…” Stopping before he said something a lawyer would make him regret later, he looked around for Morgan, when he saw her, he yelled at her too.

“Morgan, send her to Henry and get me another secretary, pronto!”

Spotting Liz on her chair, he extended his hand to her; Liz got up and took his hand at her touch all the anger visibly leaked out of Max and expression of down right loving tenderness replaced it. Everyone’s jaw drop in awe as their formally cold hearted boss just radiated love for his wife and how she equally displayed the same emotion they disappeared into his office.

“Here Courtney…” Morgan said handling her a piece of paper with a floor and office number. “… You’ve been transferred and it’s not going to be as posh and pretty as here, but I did warn you.” With that she motioned for security to escort her to her new work spot, and Morgan took a look around as she wondered who she could get on short notice to replace Courtney, poor Morgan couldn’t wait to be away from here and on her honeymoon.

# # # #

Inside Max’s office all that had happened outside was forgotten they were inside Max’s plush and beautifully decorated office sitting on a beautiful black leather couch one of Liz legs straddled Max’s thighs, they were kissing slowly deeply dancing beautifully with their tongues. One of Max’s hands was under Liz skirt palming her behr sex, just because they were now in the city and Liz was forced to wear clothes didn’t mean she didn’t find ways to still remain free.

Max was in heaven, it was 11:00am, he had left Liz in bed after another beautiful night of satisfying pleasure early in the mourning, and it had been one stressful day of meetings and regular business work. He had few hours before his next long boring meeting he had been speed reading reports when Liz had called him, he was mostly finished but he had no desire to return to the boring work now that his beautiful wife was in his lap. The tension of the mourning was rapidly fading away leaving Max feeling completely refreshed.

They continued kissing like they had all the time in the world, as Liz slowly humped his hand on her pussy loving how wet she was getting just by using his fingers, she was so responsive to him, so generous he could never get enough of her. Slowly and lovingly he inserted two fingers into her tight passage and Liz arched in his arms her mouth separated from his in a gasp, Max smiled and started nuzzling her neck and driving his fingers deeper and harder. She was all smooth wet silk around him so hot he felt she was burning him in the most beautiful manner. Until he had her sweetly, writhing in his arms until Liz was left limp and satisfied. Max removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth cleaning them with great relish.

“Mmmm you really know how to satisfy a woman.” Liz purred into her husbands neck.

“What can I say you inspire me.” Max said.

“I can see that.” Liz giggled as she palmed his hardness in her hands.

Standing up she threw her shirt carelessly to the side, and with a sigh she freed her breasts from the confining bra then quickly unbuttoned her skirt and shimmed out of it then kicking off her shoes leaving her wearing absolutely nothing and free. Max’s eyes darkened viewing the bounty before him, Liz with a sexy toss of her hair and evil gleam in her eyes settled herself on his lap. With fast nimble fingers, Liz undid his tie and worked his coat jacket off his powerful frame. With dramatic flare, she opened his button down shirt exposing his chest to her pleasure. With a gaze that clearly showed she loved what she was seeing, she lightly raked her nails up and down his chest purring like a contended kitten as she did so.

Liz brought his hands to her breasts and he gladly squeezed the soft globes wrapping them in the strong warmth of his large hands. With expert fingers she undid his belt and opened his pants and gently freed his pulsing cock from the confining cloth and cradled it with her hands on her firm stomach running her hands up and down it’s length.

“You really have a way with me, I went shopping today and I came here to maybe spend a little time with you, show you a few things I bought but one look at you and I just can’t keep my hands off you.” Liz sighed against his lips, rubbing his cock a little harder against her stomach.

“Ohhh, did you buy me something?” Max eagerly asked her the last time they had been in the city and Liz had gone shopping she had bought some down right racy lingerie that she never wore more then a couple minutes before Max had hastily removed it from her body. Max had grown to love Liz’s little shopping excursions.

“Mmmm hmmmm, something I’ve been looking for since the first time we met, I came to tell you not to go home tonight just to call the penthouse when your ready, and I’ll come pick you up here I want to use your present here in your office, once everyone is gone that is…” Liz whispered over his mouth.

“Kinky…” Max teased.

“Oh it will be, darling really, really, kinky…” Liz promised.

She leaned let go of his cock rising herself above him her pussy was skin to skin with his stomach she reached behind her and grabbed his red hard cock. She adjusted her angle and Max placed his hands on her firm bottom to help steady her, she placed his cock at her opening and with a toss of her head, she lowered herself on his shaft until his balls were skin to skin with her ass. Both groaned at the sheer perfection of their joining. Liz placed both her hands behind his right shoulder digging her nails into the leather couch. Her legs were spread wide and she was stretched to the brink as she proceeded to ride him up and down slowly, sensuously, Max matched her pace and started to lick her breasts up and down

Up and down, they moved her tight wet walls showering him with incredible pleasure just like always yet unique in it’s own way. Sex with Liz was never boring or repetitive each time it got hotter, sexier, and glorious. Nothing made him feel more alive, consumed with power like when he was sheathed in Liz’s body. The heady smell of sex tickled his nose, making him breathe in deeper trying to get a deeper sense of them together.

Liz was locked in her own world of pleasure; above all else, she loved to be penetrated to house Max in her depths this was the only moment where she felt one with him, one body, one heart, and one soul. She felt him penetrate to her most inner depths over and over again, each thrust felt like he was breaking new ground and Liz’s breath hitched as she bounced on top of him over and over again.

Liz’s body moved enough to the side and Max had a clear view of them making love from the mirror that hung on the opposite wall. He saw Liz’s petite body straddling his own he saw how easily her pussy ate his big fat cock which made her look even more tiny then she already was. He saw himself kneed her buttocks vigorously with each thrust. They were now thrusting fast and furious their loud moans, groans were bouncing off the sound proof walls of his office. Once during their vigorous fucking his cock slipped out of her, well-lubricated pussy and Max almost climaxed at the picture he saw in the mirror as Liz, her mouth wide opened and gasping her eyes closed with intense pleasure reached between her legs reaching and grabbing his cock and bringing it back to her hot burning pussy.

Once he was securely and deeply inside her, his hands moved to the small of her back her own hands moved to her own firm bottom. Her breasts arched into his mouth in this new position both secured him inside her but drove him even deeper into her core to the point that she was sure he deep in to her belly sawing her in half. With deep grunts they moved like animals their bodies covered in sweat until with a loud whimper Liz climaxed all around Max, her walls tightened all over his cock sending her in to an outer orbit where Liz was sure she was seeing stars. Liz slumped onto Max body completely limp. Max tightened his arms around Liz and he continued thrusting into her with all his worth. Liz moaned into his neck as each thrust triggered an aftershock of release deep inside her until Max finally exploded in a rush of release, bathing her walls with his hot cum.

Satisfied and completely with out energy they stayed on the sofa until both finally had the will to move. After a while they finally got to their feet where they walked into Max’s private shower where they made a game of getting each other super clean fast, while torturing each other gloriously, Max had to get redressed his clothes from before were now all wrinkled and wet from her juices. With a last long satisfied kiss they reluctantly parted ways, Max spent the rest of the day working and trying hard not to think about what little game his wife had dreamed up for him now, he couldn’t wait…

# # # #

It was quite late by the time Max called home saying he was ready and done for the day. It sometimes got quite cold in the city at night so no one paid any mind that Liz was walking in covered in a trench coat carrying a large bag, plus everyone knew her. She walked right up to Max’s floor, and noticed that the lights were dimmed and no one was manning the secretaries desk, which suited her just fine she walked to his door and slowly opened it. Peeking inside she noticed he was standing in front of his window a drink in hand looking out to the lighted nighttime landscape of New York City.

She walked in but he was so deep in thought he didn’t notice her right away which suited her just fine cause it gave her the opportunity to gaze and take in all the little details her artist mind was always looking for and processing. He was coatless, his tie was now completely undone an just hanging there, the top of his shirt was buttoned down, he was completely rumbled and yet he still looked like a king who after a long day of decision-making affecting many lives who was finally alone and while looking out over his kingdom and finally let his guard down. He looked troubled, as if he was trying to come to grips with something important. Something must have happened after she left, Max never looked even slightly troubled after work everything was always a breeze for him. Plus there was the fact he was nursing a drink, Max never drank alcohol his system just didn’t agree with him, this was very serious.

He felt her loving gaze on him finally along with the warmth of her love wash over him and banishing his troubles like nothing else ever could. Max put down his drink and with a happy smile he turned to her, she walked up to him dropping her bag on his desk before wrapping her arms around her husband. “What happened?” Liz asked gently looking at his beautiful amber eyes.

“Not much, just my mother showed up from no where, making her usual demands...” Max replied. And that explained it all, since their marriage Max had only seen his parents twice, not counting this one. The first time when his parents had learned threw the media of their marriage they had come asking Max to let them back into his life, he had refused to talk to them. The second time it had been just Max’s mother with the same demand only this time she had tried a more confrontational approach, it hadn’t worked. Max did some digging on their sudden interest in him and had found out his parents had loss their fortune thanks to bad investments, which explained why they were willing to talk to a son they never really bothered to understand or love like he deserved to be by them. Max had quietly made the situation for them better due to Liz’s suggestions and pleads to help at least for his brothers sake, but he didn’t completely take care of the problem just eased their burden.

Liz didn’t think very much of his parents but the fact that despite everything they had put him threw they still had the ability to hit him this hard didn’t endear them to her in any way. However, it did endear her husband that much more to her because it showed how deep his capacity to love really reached and Liz would do everything in her power to make sure nothing broke him of that capacity. It seemed it was time for her and Diane to have a little talk and stop these unwanted visits that only hurt her husband.

Rather then let him dwell on Diane latest visit she turned his attention to something much more pleasant and pleasurable by sitting on the window ledge next to them and revealing a little leg. Max looked down at the tantalizing amount of leg she was showing, and all his family problems melted away, and his mind was filled with only his lovely wife.

Liz knew she had his complete attention now, and she started undoing the trench coat slowly while speaking seductively to him. “Like I said this morning I went shopping would you like to see your present.”

“Yes.” Max said eagerly. She opened the trench coat and he saw she was wearing close to nothing underneath. She stood up and he looked his fill. Tiny black leather shorts barely covered her bottom V shaped straps formulated what could laughably be called the top and only served to cover her nipples, everything else was completely opened including her black 4 inch stiletto shoes. The curve of her breasts and hips was perfectly showcased by the outfit; her hair was up in tight little buns drawing attention to her bear flawless neck. She seductively walked to her husband and pushed him to his desk where he sat down hard, she loved the fact that she had him visibly drooling.

“Remember our first night together, we played with that U shaped Dildo and you ask if you could put that hard perfect cock of yours up my ass, and I said only if I could do the same to you with something of equal size.” Liz asked.

“Yeah…Yeah...” Max stuttered his eyes glued to his wife’s face.

“Well I finally found the perfect Dildo it’s just about your size.” Liz said with a wild twinkle in her eyes. “…And since we’ve been preparing and practicing with butt plugs on you, I think it’s time we went all the way.”

Max gulped at the thought, it was true that they had been practicing and working up to this for quite sometime but each time it left him feeling like he must be gay for enjoying it so much. Liz knew of his fears and always gave him a ride of a lifetime with her pussy to prove to him he was still in fact all man. But this was the main event he really couldn’t turn back now it was foolish to be this worried, he couldn’t imagine himself making love with anyone but Liz Parker – Evans so what was the big deal?

Liz saw his inner struggle and kept her mouth shut this was really his decision to make, as much as she really wanted to do this with him, if he said no then that would be that, their sex life was already beyond perfect and extremely satisfying this would just be really good icing.

“Alright, what do you want me to do?” Max asked, decision made.

Liz smiled and she decided to put him at ease first, she slowly got him undressed making it a total sexual experience out of undressing him until he was standing in front of his desk completely nude. With Liz on her knees his cock deep in her mouth her left hand was laying flat next to his cock’s base as she expertly swallowed back and forth with her eyes closed. Max was lightly playing with her hair as he looked down at her, he watched as his huge cock moved between her lushes lips. Once she had his cock nice a wet, she completely let go of his cock, and played with the large mushroom tip nibbling and poking it with her tongue. She squeezed the length just right with one hand and he cummed right into her mouth his sperm jetted out in a perfect long wads and Liz drank it down without wasting a drop. Max found himself quite relaxed and limp by this point, which was just how Liz wanted him.

Liz got him to lie down on his desk his legs spread on the edge, Liz grabbed her purse and put it behind her on his chair she didn’t want him to see the length and girth of the dildo she would be using on him just yet. So she bent down, took his limp cock in her mouth, and worked him back to hardness.

“Max, I want you close your eyes and relax and if anything at anytime doesn’t feel right just let me know and I’ll stop, Ok.” Liz said.

Max nodded and took a deep breath forcing himself not to tense off and keep that satisfied feeling Liz had given him with her oral treatment. Once his eyes were closed Liz as quietly as possible took out the strap on Dildo she had in there and quickly and expertly strapped it on, she had been practicing all day for tonight and she didn’t fumble even once. Next, she grabbed the tube of lubricant she had brought for the occasion.

“Grab your cock and balls Max, lift them up a bit, but don’t open your eyes.” He did what she said grabbing his hard cock with his left hand and his heavy balls with his right and lifted up he looked so sexy holding himself like that, she wished she had a camera this was a perfect Kodak moment. Liz worked a generous amount of lubricant on her fingers and placed them at the opening of his backdoor.

“You know I never feel complete until I have you housed deep inside of me, I can’t describe to you how it feels to have you deep inside, pulsing with life stretching me to the limit, and only crave that with your next thrust you push in harder, deeper inside of me. I hope after tonight you can feel like I feel, even though I can never feel what it feels like for you to penetrate me in the same way.” As she spoke, she worked her fingers into his butt working the lubricant deeply for the best penetration for the Dildo. She worked in more until he was nice and wet down there, Max couldn’t help but moan loud at the incredible pleasure she was giving him. Her movements were expert she knew just where to rub to give him the maxim pleasure, thanks to that one night not to long ago where each had laid on a bed chest down and explored each others butt holes using lubricants, butt plugs to widen their passages to decrease pain for this very night. They had also played with beads and all kinds of other toys Liz had at her disposal. Liz had been quite adventures that night and that aspect of her personality always excited him greatly. Just thinking about it made his cock begin to weep with pre cum which Max spread all over his length as he unconsciously stroked himself up and down as he enjoyed her ministrations.

Once she felt she had lubed him up enough she brought the tip of her strap on to the opening of his backdoor she placed her hands on the inside of his thighs trying to widen his legs even more as she slowly pushed the Dildo into his dark depths. Max gasped as what felt like a huge rod was being inserting into his ass. His eyes flew open and Liz stopped what she was doing letting him adjust to the size of a feel of the Dildo. The Dildo was about the size of Max’s own cock, the storeowner had called it a Commando cock and had warned her that very few people could take this type of Dildo since it was so huge. But Liz felt that if she was going to take something of Max’s huge size in her ass then it was only fair he do the same. Max wasn’t quite sure what to do, he felt like he was being stretched far more then he could take and it felt kinda funny, pleasurable yet strange.

Liz took his silence as a non-verbal Ok so she continued pushing in until the Dildo’s fake balls hit the crack of Max’s ass. Then she stopped and began speaking.

“Does that feel good Max, do you feel full of me.” Liz purred at Max.

“Yes.” Max gasped.

“Tell me what you’re feeling, describe it to me in detail, I need to know, Max I need to know.” Liz continued.

“I…I feel stretched and full and OH GOD!” Max moaned when he felt her wiggling the Dildo back and forth in his ass, his breath hitched and became heaver preventing him from speaking, Liz saw it all and stopped asking him question and just let him enjoy the sensations, he could always tell her later once he had his full wits about him again.

She picked up her pace a bit and Max started tossing his head losing himself in the act, Liz watched as his hands tightened on his privates and with one had he started stroking himself more fully. Liz got so turned on by watching him pleasure himself she felt her pussy fill up with her juices. She was consumed with the desire to feel that hard cock deep in her pussy but this wasn’t about her, it was about him. To remove the temptation and have better access to his hole, she removed the Dildo and had him stand up then turn around and bend over so his nice ass was now in the air and he was supporting himself with one hand while he played with himself with the other as she once again entered him from behind.

She held his butt firmly with her hand as she now slammed herself into his tight hole, as Max moaned and groaned his pleasure. His eyes were only half opened slits as he looked on at his office from behind his bulky sturdy desk, where he used to come day in and day out before meeting his Liz, playing king of the mountain ordering people around conducting business while people walked around in a hurry to carry out his orders due to the pure fear they had of him.

Now here he was behind that same desk getting his butt reamed by his small petite wife. It was freeing, exhilarating, and yet strangely surreal at the same time. Harder and harder his wife thrusted until he finally couldn’t take it anymore and Max exploded long and hard into his own hand. She hugged her husband from behind burying the Dildo deep as she allowed him to ride out his orgasm. When he was done she disconnected from him and let him lay down on the floor since his feet weren’t enough to hold him up. She removed the strap on and her flimsy clothes and laid down in front of him, taking his shacking body in her arms and tenderly caressing and petting his body as he slowly returned to reality. Max couldn’t believe the high she had given him for a moment he began to wonder again if this met he was a closet homosexual of some kind. (Yes like any normal red-blooded American male he still had issues with the rules society had placed with sexuality give him a couple more years with Liz and his fears will melt away.)

But he didn’t think that for long as he returned his wife’s caresses and he took in the familiar shape of her body with his hands, all the curves and soft planes he loved so much, as he did so he felt his cock begin to harden in reaction and he felt all man again. Knowing it would be a while before he was hard enough to please her he turned her over in his arms caressing her whole body sucking her pert breasts in his mouth while lying on his side and fingering and kneading her sopping wet pussy. One of her legs was draped over his legs as she spread herself real wide so he got the best access to her. She dug her nails into her own leg as he fingered her more and more deeply. She tossed her head back and forth arching her back wildly until she found her own release in his arms.

By this point he was nice and hard again and he slipped himself on top of her Liz stayed flat on her back her legs bent and spread wide as he guided himself into her hot depths he adjusted himself carefully and drove right in, thrusting hard he kept himself over her body with his hands braced on either side of her. Her hands went to her own breasts kneading the flesh hard. As he trusted with his full strength into her tight body, he looked down at himself where they were joined watching as his large cock speared it’s self into her stretching her wide and wider, Liz’s hands left her breasts and shimmed down his back until she reached his butt and her fingers buried themselves in his hole feeling the damage she had wrought to his once tight ring now a wildly stretched hole that was slowly collapsing back into it’s self, with her huge sized Dildo.

His butt hole was still highly sensitive and Max reared at her touch and he started slamming wholly using all his strength to get in deeper then he had ever been before. And with a rush of cum they both exploded in each other’s arms. They collapsed onto each other, with only one thought running threw his head, he would never look at this office the same way again, and tomorrow he would return the favor. Tomorrow he would take her in the ass, and she would know for sure how he had felt when she had taken him in that way.

Epilogue II:

Their marriage only got stronger as time went on, and one year later after Liz pulled another anal session on him, Max took her so hard they conceived their first child. Giving both their first real family they had ever known, After one intense meeting Liz finally got Max’s parents off his back, nothing was ever heard from them again. What exactly was said only Liz and Diane will ever know and they lived happy ever after with the occasional fight that always ended in some hot make up sex; it was a wonder that they never literally burned up after each sexual session.

The End

Note: That was the end of that series, I hope you liked it, and it wasn’t to slashy like I think it is, now I’m completely blank on what to write next anyone have a challenge for me?

Teresa!!!! me loves!!!! Can I please have more!!!! *bounce* *bounce*
posted on 17-Aug-2002 2:15:02 AM by Eerie
lol, that was a great ending to a great smutty story! I loved the fact that they conceived their first child with another anal session, supreme perv fu touch!

posted on 18-Aug-2002 12:18:12 AM by StormyBear30
Well personally I would have loved for Kyle to have been thrown into that whole mix...but that is just me...hee hee!!!! Just know that I loved every smut filled word of this...and I am so sad to see it end. Max taking it up the rear was just great...we so need more of those type of fics...hee hee!!! Great job my dear and I am looking foward to your next endevor. Stormy!!!
posted on 21-Aug-2002 12:04:37 AM by AlienDreamer101
My fears of writing a perv-fu fic...was dampen....and this fic...wore me down...literally...I loved the ending...I hope someone gives you a challenge.
posted on 21-Aug-2002 1:02:30 AM by Faith Evans
AlienDreamer101 originally wrote:
My fears of writing a perv-fu fic...was dampen....and this fic...wore me down...literally...I loved the ending...I hope someone gives you a challenge.

This this mean hopefully we'll be seeing your work soon? Hopefully *bounce* *bounce*

Please anyone have a ML challage for me, Phae?
posted on 21-Aug-2002 11:03:53 PM by AlienDreamer101
Faith Evans originally wrote:
AlienDreamer101 originally wrote:
My fears of writing a perv-fu fic...was dampen....and this fic...wore me down...literally...I loved the ending...I hope someone gives you a challenge.

This this mean hopefully we'll be seeing your work soon? Hopefully *bounce* *bounce*

Please anyone have a ML challage for me, Phae?

Oh...I don't know...I have things in my head...that I...just don't know if I could let out...I mean...I think I am a crappy's hard to actually put my thoughts down into a laid out story...if someone gives me a scenerio...I'll see what I could do with it. Thanks for the encouragement *happy*
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Wow.... and Damn!

Does it really have to end?? This was such a great story! Each part was hot and steamy and very perv-fu. Never could tell what you might come up with next. Pardon the pun. If you must.

Dang, that last image is going to be tough to get out of my head. Zowie. And you want me to come up with another challenge? After that??

Not to mention the fact that this month at work has killed me, and I still have a week to go. But I digress. A challenge......

How about one with Liz as a phone sex girl? Max calls up on a lark or by wrong number annnndddd..... well, how hot can you make another without touching them? How inspirational can one voice be?

How about one with Max as a fitness instructor? Or a masseur? Or how about Max being mistaken for one of the above and not correcting the impression?

How about Liz coming home to her apartment after a long tour.... she's so exhausted that she doesn't bother turning on the lights, she just gets into bed...... where a big fan of hers (Max) is waiting for her. He makes passionate love to her but leaves before she can see his face... exploring the facet of passion in the dark... it's freedoms and failings.

How about Liz propositioning coworker Max? She's in lust with the office stud, but thinks she's too shy and straightlaced for him to notice. She needs Max's help to loosen up and become a sex kitten to attract his attention. Little does Max know that the office stud Liz is pining for is himself....

Okay, how about those?? Surely one of those will spark your enormous creative streak. Me? I'm going to try to read some fic before I go to bed. And if this next week has been like the past two, I won't be able to get online until the weekend. Dammit.

Once again, you did a fabulous job!

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Agree with Faith on the gerbil. There are laws against that kind of thing, you know. Unless you're Richard Gere.... *if you don't know about that, don't ask.*

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bravo to everyone, btw- congrats to faith on becoming a master *big*

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Phea and Faith, Here's another M/L part...

BTW...I have a story "The Cowboy Way" it's interactive, and I was wondering if any of "YOU" would like to join me. It's on the Imaginative Thread. If anybody gets a chance...*big*take a look. PLEASE????????

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A throaty moaned escaped Liz as she ground herself hard against her beau’s steaming body.

Max released her abused lips and drew in a ragged breath. Little clouds of vapor formed as their hot sighs caressed the wintry air. Dusting the fresh powder from the lip of the tub Max turned the on the jets. Rushing water began a soothing massage of their aching bodies.

Turning his knees up Max crossed his legs over hers. Easing them apart Max opened her sweet junction to the surging waters. His hands descended down her wet flank, gliding softly over her smooth legs and up to the tuft of glistening curls between her thighs. “Liz,” he whispered, teasing her sensitive folds with his nimble fingers.

Liz arched into his touch as the waters thrust at her entrance. “Please,” she begged, knowing he hungered for release as much as she. She could feel his proud member throbbing insistently at her back.

Biting her lower lip she felt his heated breath dance across the nape of her neck. Max’s lips caressed her ear as he slowly sucked a lobe into his mouth. Nipping it with his teeth he teased it lightly.

Kissing his way down her neck he never stopped his nether taunting. Nuzzling Liz’s shoulder with his nose, his other hand was busy at her breast.

Brushing a few stray strands of hair away from her face, Max licked the moisture left on his fingers. He felt Liz’s frantic trembling at their withdrawal; she was near her peak. Max plunged two fingers in her tight passage. “Liz,” he breathed, “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Max, I love YOU” Liz cried, lost in her lover’s eyes, arching herself deeply into his thrusts.

Uplifting her sensitized breast Max engulfed its blushing areola with his mouth. The triple sensations of his fingers, the waters and his tongue sent Liz spiraling over the edge. He kissed her glistening neck, nipping and sucking lightly as she climaxed.

Liz’s head dropped, her chin resting on her heaving chest as the water licked her weary body. Smirking naughtily Liz pivoted her slippery flesh in his lap. Turning to face him she held the sides of the tub and lowered herself slowly onto her lover’s swollen shaft.

Max gasped as the warmth of Liz’s sleek walls surrounded him. He held her tight, stilling her movements for fear of culmination at that moment. Liz slipped her hands over his muscled arms, and then back to cup his face. She skimmed his lower lip before nipping it softly.

Rising slightly Liz used Max’s own shoulders as leverage sinking down on him again. Max wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, pressing down as he thrust upward. Water splashed over the edge and onto snow covered floor. Cupping her ass, Max squeezed her tight against him, “We’re taking this to the bed,” he hissed.

Max stepped out of the tub, the snow flakes fell and the candles flickered as he made his way across the room. Liz clung onto her lover’s soapy body. Reveling in sensation as his member pulsed deep within her.

posted on 5-Sep-2002 5:26:02 PM by Faith Evans
And you stopped right there, of all places *shy* yikes!!!! Come back here with the rest, you have to!!!! Man that was hot!!!!

posted on 7-Sep-2002 3:51:29 AM by Phaedra223
Damn, you're mean for leaving it there. What happens once they find a bed???

For the love of BOB make them lock the door- don't want any interruptions!

Hot tubs are funnnnnnnnnnn..... especially those jets. *sigh* *big*

Hope there's more,

Phae, who got home waaaaay too late for a Friday night. Yup, Phae's a geek. *shy*
posted on 8-Sep-2002 1:32:54 AM by AlienDreamer101
finish now....please? lol...please post more....what happens.....?
posted on 30-Sep-2002 8:28:32 AM by Fallin Angels
Hey Faith where are you sweetie the thread missess you*big*
posted on 1-Oct-2002 12:55:35 AM by Faith Evans
I'm around just posted a new part to my Takin' Back What's Mine fic and school is a bitch but I haven't forgotten this thread I took all of Phae's challages but I started working on this one first...

How about Liz propositioning coworker Max? She's in lust with the office stud, but thinks she's too shy and straightlaced for him to notice. She needs Max's help to loosen up and become a sex kitten to attract his attention. Little does Max know that the office stud Liz is pining for is himself....

I'm working as fast as I can hopefully it will be out soon. How bout you when can we see a new part by you here soon perhaps?

posted on 6-Oct-2002 3:32:50 PM by AlienDreamer101
please do this one...I love your mind. *bounce*
posted on 9-Oct-2002 3:14:45 PM by Teresa
Faith...oh'll do a great job with this and I can't wait to read it...*big*
posted on 25-Oct-2002 3:42:38 AM by Tanky
where did everybody go?...


posted on 9-Nov-2002 2:25:40 PM by the better twin's november!! where is everyone!!??
posted on 21-Nov-2002 9:30:45 PM by Faith Evans
How about Liz propositioning coworker Max? She's in lust with the office stud, but thinks she's too shy and straight-laced for him to notice. She needs Max's help to loosen up and become a sex kitten to attract his attention. Little does Max know that the office stud Liz is pining for is himself.... Gay friends Damian, Jeffrey

Propositioning Coworker Max

Part 1

"I swear to god I'm a dork." Liz sighed out loud, "He was standing there looking all delicious and when trying not to gawk I walk right into a wall, Thank god I'm so invisible and he didn't notice but god why am I always doing things like that!" Liz cried.

Her two male best friends (who happened to be gay) and upstairs neighbors tried not to chuckle at Liz's distress. They looked at their friend and took in her long demure skirt, her modest shirt, the way her hair was tied up in a tight bun. It wasn't hard to see why her dream boy would find her invisible. On more then one occasion Damian and Jeffery had remarked to themselves that they had no doubt Liz would attract a boat load of guys if she only presented herself better. But Liz had been raised in a very sheltered life and while she was no virgin with the way she acted and dressed one would never believe that.

And Damian was now tired of that, Liz was the sweetest most loyal and caring person he had ever met it was time she got something that made her happy. Maybe this crush with her dream boy wasn't going to be true love but it could a least be a good romp and it was time Liz learned to let loose a little. It was obvious her dream boy wasn't going to make the first move so the trick was how to get Liz to take the initiative.

Jeffery went about setting the table with Liz's help while a plan formulated itself in Damian's mind. Once dinner was served the plan was completely worked out and it was flawless if he did say so himself.

"You're going to proposition dream boy to make love to you." Damian said out loud and out of the blue. Jeffery and Liz looked at him in shock.

"Hear me out, Liz goes to dream boy…"

"Max he has a name." Liz interrupted.

"Ok, so Liz goes to Max and asks him if he will sleep with her and teach her how to best please a man so she can catch the eye of the guy she has a crush on. She can tell him the guy she's trying to catch is Jeffery, he'll go for it cause no man ever says no to free sex and once she has him she can do that woman voodoo all woman have and wrap him around her little finger Just where you want him." Damian said all excited.

"Um people know I'm gay, remember?" Jeffery asked.

"So now they'll think your bi, big deal I know who you come home at the end of the day; this is about getting Liz her dream man." Damian argued, seeing Liz was about to argue with him, he cut her off, "Look you come here day in and day out sighing and wishing for a man to notice you and hopefully fall in love with you, and that's fine but you can't go your whole life like that it's time to do something about it, what's the worse that can happen?"

"With me do you really need to ask that, I'm klutz central I'll never be able to look at him in the face again!" Liz cried out.

"Liz baby, you already can't look him in the face, what would be the difference?" Damian asked.

"I can't!" Liz whispered urgently while shaking her head back and forth vehemently.

"Yes you, can…" They both said firmly, "and here is how." With that they began teaching her what she would need to do in order to get Max.

# # # #

Liz was a nervous ball of energy the next day she got next to no work done as she sweated over what she would say and act with Max in order to get him to sleep with her. She was 99.99% sure the plan wasn't going to work, but if that slight .01% did occur she would probably die of a heart attack before they even got started. But she couldn't help but get sopping wet at the thought of Max on top of her, inside of her rocking away as they moaned for release.

By the time it was time to leave for home for the day, she was sure that the whole Mexican colony of monarch butterflies was now fluttering away in her stomach. Max was alone in his office busily moving around back and forth taking care of some last minute details before he to was finished for the day. If he hadn't seen her standing at his door she would have turned away fast berating herself for allowing herself to even think she could pull off a plan like this, as it was since he had finally seen her getting away wouldn't be that easy.

"What can I do for you Liz?" Max asked.

'Shit he knows my name, YES!!!' Liz screamed inside herself. Hearing that strangely enough gave her the strength to continue with the plan. Sitting down in a chair in his office she began with the rehearsed speech Jeffery had given her last night, "I was wondering if you could help me out with something?"

"Sure you name it." Max said cheerfully.

He sat down in a chair next to her giving her his undivided attention, Liz couldn't help but look and drown in his beautiful amber eyes, Max to was looking at Liz's sweet upturned face. He had always had a soft spot for her since he first come in and began working here about 2 years ago. There was something extremely sweet and refreshing about her, plus with the clothes she wore and the way she always presented herself there was an aura of innocence that just made him want to protect her. Though since the time he'd come here they hadn't exchanged more then 3 words to each other, he on more then one occasion had kept the office leech Sean Harper away from her. Sean went after anything with a skirt, on more then one occasion he had told all the guys that pussy was pussy it didn't matter where you got it as long as you got it. Sean wanted Liz she was the last girl in the place that hadn't fallen for his well oiled charm, but Max was standing in his way to get her and a quite war was brewing behind her back, one that Max was determined to win.

"Can you teach me how to seduce a guy?"

"What?!?" Max sputtered out shocked, well so much for being innocent Max thought stunned that was so not what he expected her to ask him.

Forcing herself to go for the gold and wait to be embarrassed later, she ran threw the script her friends had given her like a born actress, "Hear me out, I have a crush on this guy here at work, but I know for a fact he won't give me the time of day as I am right now. So I was thinking you’re a good looking guy all the girls here lust over you when your not looking, who better then you to teach me to seduce him and please him sexually."

"I see…" Although he really didn't, he still was to stunned that she innocent little Lizzie was asking him to, Oh God! The thought just didn't want to penetrate his brain. Specking of penetrating, oh god he had to sit down for this.

Liz watched him sit down hard, and she was at a loss on weather that was a good or bad thing. And running out of things to say she just sat there and waited for some kind of comment from him.

"You want me to sleep with you, so you'll know how to do it right with another guy, is that the gist of this." Max finally asked.

"Yeah," Liz said hesitantly.

"Liz, what you're asking me to do doesn't feel right to me; I'm sorry Liz I don't think I can do something like this."

Liz's heart broke at his words, despite herself some small part of herself had convinced herself he would have jumped at her offer, but it seemed plain little Liz Parker just didn't inspire that in a man. Doing her best to keep that disappointment off her face, she smiled softly, and got up to leave his office and go cry her eyes out in private, and said. "That’s ok Max, sorry I troubled you with this, I just go ask Sean instead."

At the mention of Sean name, everything in Max tightened in anger; Sean would have no trouble taking up Liz in her offer, and the thought of Liz's body under Sean in complete invitation and surrender after everything he had done to protect her, just made his blood boil in rage. Both directed at her for daring to even think of such a thing and there by no longer being the sweet sheltered thing he liked her being and himself for what he was about to do. Well hell if she was going to do it no matter what, then why shouldn't he take advantage of the situation she was giving him. He was a man who hadn't had any in a while; he had urges that needed satisfying why not take care of them now. Getting up from his chair, he grabbed her when she reached the door and spun her around so that she collided with his body full on.

They looked at each other eye to eye, before Max swooped down and caught her lips in a searing kiss. He picked up Liz's slight frame and sat her down roughly on his desk.

"First lesson," Max panted out when he finally released her mouth. "Most men like to do this naked so let's get these clothes off of you."

With quick and not so gentle hands, Max stripped Liz of her modest and ugly clothes, including her under garments. So that she was sitting there, sleek and completely bear to him. This was the first time she had been in such a position with a man. She wasn't a virgin her first and only lover had been her childhood best friend Alex. But those had been blind grouping in the dark as they learned about sex together, but the whole thing had lacked passion. Already this moment with Max was much hotter then anything in her sheltered past had ever been.

Liz's past was the last thing Max was thinking about, we was gazing in wonder at the beautiful bounty sitting nude in front of him. Who would have known that under the ugly serviceable clothes lay the body of a goddess? Smiling ruefully, he said to himself, 'It really is the quiet ones that shock you the most.'

Looking his fill, he took in soft shapely legs made to wrap around a man, slim waist that looked like he could easily engulf with two hands a flat firm stomach that showed she exercised and took care of her body, even if she didn't show it off to its best advantage. Small pert breasts that stood at attention and just begged for attention by his hands, mouth, tongue and teeth, they made his mouth water just looking at them. But when he reached her face, the sultry effect her body was displaying was spoiled by the tight bun of her hair.

"Lesson 2, let down your hair and make a show of it, men like to be teased a bit by a woman."

Liz's hands went to her hair and with shaky hands undid the bun, with her arms up and working her pert breasts moved even higher, and Max got the impression they were talking to him inviting him to come take them into his mouth. Once she uncoiled the bun she ran her fingers threw here hair in a move as old as Eve. Dark chocolate covered hair came cascading down to around her face and down her back, she looked so sexy sitting there completely nude and as the French would say '_'. No one in his or her right mind would believe the sexy woman in front of him was the same quiet reserved Liz Parker. His hands ached to touch her, but he held back and tried to draw out the moment as much as best he could.

"Lesson 3…" He spoke again in a husky whisper all traces of inner anger gone. "…A man likes it when a woman is comfortable with her own body and she can touch and pleasure herself as he watches. Touch yourself Liz, start with your breasts and move your way down, slowly, make me ache just watching you."

Since she had come this far she had no more hesitation in what she was doing with him doing what she was told, she cupped her own breasts in her hands feeling how tightly drawn and hard her nipples were. She bounced them up and down a bit before moving them slowly down her chest and stomach; she threw her head back to remove her hair from her face unmindful on how sexy that move really was. Her back had arched and her breasts bounced only for them to come right back to their previous position so firm were they, Max's breath hitched in his throat and he was no longer sure he was going to survive this encounter.

Her hands finally reached her drenched pussy. "Come on Liz, open your legs wider for me let me see you touch yourself." He encouraged, the way he said it sent a beautiful heat threw out her body and the last of her shyness slipped away and she adjusted her seat on his desk and opened her legs really wide so that nothing of her femininity was hidden under his hot gaze.

Max began to sweat and feel extremely uncomfortable in his restricting clothes so while never letting his gaze leave the show she was giving him. He began to shed his clothes in record time until he was standing bear foot and nude with an angry red cock at full attention, as he unconsciously stroked himself trying to relive the ache she had created in him. He watched almost drooling as she stroked and spread her own pussy lips. He watched her grow more and more bold and penetrate herself with her own slim finger imaging it was his cock that was doing it instead, drooling he watched as her juices coated the finger making it shiny and look all so tasty. His cock got harder as he watched a second finger go in as she proceeded to ride them trying to find release. Until she finally did, her body arched as tight a bow, legs spread and pussy dripping as she rode out her orgasm. That sight alone did him in, all but the most basic primitive thought left him and with the desperation of a dying man hanging on to his last lifeline he grabbed her and hoisted her up on his body.

With his hands full of her ass, he bounced her once in the air and brought her down on his raging cock. He hit home with the accuracy of a boomerang and he died and went to heaven, she was so wet, so smooth, so damn tight that one single moment was better then all his past experiences put together. And amazingly, it only got better, she wrapped herself around him like a 2nd skin and moved that gorgeous body over him with the agility of a gymnast.

Max wasn't the only one in heaven, Liz felt herself filled to the point of bursting filled with a terrible ache between her thighs that only got worse with each hard thrust in to her body. It felt like she had been waiting forever for this moment and it was beyond everything she had imagined it would be like. His thrusts left her both satisfied and wanting more, it just didn’t make sense but it was glorious. In and out, he moved his cock drilled it into her hot pussy as she helpless tossed in the air above him. In time she started getting greedy not wanting him to leave her even those few seconds he trusted out, she tightened her inner muscles trying to make his exit that much harder.

Max growled at the way her muscles just seemed to become tighter and tighter then he ever thought possible He felt his knees weaken desperate for a place to continue before he crashed and dropped her on the floor. He walked behind his desk and just collapsed on his chair careful to cradle Liz so he didn't hurt her. Once he was sitting down, he spread his legs as wide as he could to better balance Liz and give him the greatest access to her delicious body.

The hard fast pace they had been enjoying standing up only got wilder as both gave in to their most primal urges, the loud sound of bodies slapping against one another along with Liz's high pitched whimpers dominated the room. Max ate up every inch of her body with his hands and eyes there wasn't an inch of her body he didn't fondle, caress as he helped her move. Until she cried out utterly helpless to stop what was happening to her, he watched her body grow stiff and shack with her orgasm. That was all he needed and with an oath he to let go finding his own orgasm wads and wads of hot cum bathed her silk walls. The cum just wouldn't stop flowing he was sure he was creating a great ocean inside of her with the amount he was bursting he had been brought to one of the most volcanic moments of his life by a woman he had never thought in a sexual way before this night. But oh, God was he going to from now on; now that he had found her he was going to milk this for every drop of passion he could get, even if it killed him he no longer cared about her motives.

Liz felt like her body had melted and become hot wax that was being poured all over him. They were both breathing heavily, and covered in a sheen of sweat that neither minded. Liz's head was nestled in his neck her arms wrapped around his neck as they sat there chest to chest and recovered. He was still inside of her and although no longer hard, she could still feel every inch of him. Her body was completely in tune with his she felt that they were both vibrating at the same frequency and she desperately didn't want this magical time to end. She didn't want to go home to a big empty bed the thought of which just depressed her completely. So she set about to seduce him all over again.

While not moving her position over him she started gently contracting her pussy walls using muscles she didn't know she had and slowing pumped his cock ever so gently. Each contraction and shift of her body felt like a slight electrical charge was shooting up and down her pussy. The pleasure the sensation gave her made her moan softly into his neck. She wasn't the only one affected he to was feeling the exact same thing and the added caress of the breath of her moans flowing around his neck made the hairs in the back of his head stand up on end and his cock begin to rise to attention.

To both their shocks, he was hard as a rock all over again in a matter of seconds. Running his hands up her back he cupped the back of her head and lifted it of his neck so that they were sitting mouth to mouth where he kissed her deeply blundering her, not asking or begging but taking everything he could from her. She gave him everything, held back nothing and that fact only made him more and more greedy. He started rocking his hips stabbing her on him, feeding the delicious ache inside her with each thrust. Last time he had lost himself in the moment, he had taken her to fast with out discovering all the fruits that made her a unique woman. This time he was going to take his time even if it killed him.

Lifting her up in his arms and standing once again, only slightly surprised his legs could hold them, he deposited her on his desk again with out breaking contact with her sweet depths. With gentle hands, he lowered her torso so that they she was now laying on his desk with her hair spread all around her in a dark halo. Her breasts were pert and her nipples were standing at attention just for him. Her dark eyes were flushed with desire as they looked at him full on while a Mona Lisa type smile graced her lips as if she was thinking of something truly naughty. The thought of what exactly could have put that smile on her lips was enough to make his cock weep inside of her and he had to work hard not to just give up his plans and just take her hard and deep all over again.

Gently he trusted inside her again, making love to her as if he had all the time in the world. His hands and mouth roamed her torso and face as he familiarized himself with every inch of exposed skin. He cupped her breasts fondled them and squeezed them in time with his thrusts. He licked his way up from her navel to her neck, gently sucking on her skin. Leaving tiny marks that in no way would damage her skin. He kissed her neck and whispered hot words in to her ears on all the ways he would take her and left nothing to the imagination. Her legs, which had been balanced on the crook of his arms, were now thrown over his shoulders now giving him even more access to all of her.

He took advantage of her position and started rubbing her nub of pleasure in fast circles that had her arching and begging for more, but some how he kept his slow steady pace into her. The sounds of her moans and whimpers the wet sound of sex his cock made with each thrust into her sopping pussy so wet and juicy with his cum and hers went right to his head and made him feel like an all powerful god.

He wouldn't let her cum, each time he felt she was close he would slow down until the moment past before resuming his previous speed. He had her writing and horribly aching under him completely at his mercy until he just couldn't take it anymore. And with hard thrusts the sound of which bounced off the walls, he pushed her into her release. And still he continued hammering into her, his hands took firm hold of her legs holding her nice and wide as with his back arched he slammed into her. Muscles gleaming with sweat straining and tightening with the effort he was making made him in fact look like the God taking her made him feel like until finally he to found his release with a force that made his previous orgasm feel like child's play to this one.

Loud and low, he groaned until there was nothing left in him to give her, and leaving him truly shaken by the experience. Once they had recovered, they dressed each other in silence and cleaned up his office as best they could, then he walked to her car. Once she was ready to leave they just stood there waiting in uncomfortable silence.

"So I'll see you tomorrow?" Max finally said.

"Yeah sure..." Liz replied not sure what else to say to the man who had taken her to the stars like she never thought possible.

"For another lesson I mean." Max said and tried hard not to blush.

Liz smiled a bright smile that soon turned sultry. "Oh absolutely." Then taking a chance she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a hot kiss on the mouth a promise of things to come. Before she got in her car and drove home alone.

She got home safe and entered her apartment and by her door was a tall full body mirror and when she passed it she almost didn't recognize the woman stand there facing her. Her clothes were wrinkled and some of the buttons were in the wrong position her hair was down and completely messed up from all the times Max had ran his finger threw it and from her constant movement under and onto top of him. But the biggest change was the expression on her face. She looked like a confident and well fucked woman, not a girl anymore but truly a woman.

She lifted her skirt and looked at her thighs since she had refused to put on her panties again they were well slicked by his leavings and the mix of their juices. Tangible proof that what had just happened to her was real. She touched pussy and moaned at how sensitive she still was.

Little Lizzy Parker had fucked Max Evans and life was beyond good, she couldn't wait to do it again tomorrow.


So what do you think?
posted on 22-Nov-2002 4:27:37 AM by Insanity02
I have one word for you... well maybe two... WOW..... and HHHHHOT!!!!!! You totally have to continue this! WOW!!! I'm completey speechless! The chemistry between them sizzled! Can't wait to read the next part!!!

posted on 22-Nov-2002 4:54:21 PM by the better twin
omg! that was part? please!?
posted on 22-Nov-2002 7:43:54 PM by AlienDreamer101
I wish for the next lesson now. *happy*
posted on 23-Nov-2002 11:59:01 PM by StormyBear30
Well...well...that was quite a peice of out right smut if I have ever read one...and I loved every smutty word. All hail queen faith...writer of smut!!! I am so looking forward to the next chapter...even if it is more dreamer nookie...hee hee!!! You go girl...Stormy!!!
posted on 24-Nov-2002 1:09:31 AM by Phaedra223
Damn. Tell me why there are no guys at my office like THAT???!! Damn. It's hot in here, isn't it? *fans self*

Umm, er..


Faith! How the hell am I supposed to leave feedback on something like that?!?! Geez!! I'm all but drooling. And if I have to get another keyboard due to drool, you are buying it!

Um, I think it's safe to say that Max has subconsciously wanted Liz for some time to have that Kind of reaction. Don't you? And I wonder if Liz's bit about getting Sean to teach her was coached from her neighbors? It sure did seem to do the trick!

You know what would be funny? Have Liz in her plain work clothes and hair in a bun come into Max's office during the day and give him a list of, er, lessons that's she's in need of. Hell, for that matter she could just give him the kama sutra with bookmarked pages.

You definitely should continue this.... you are doing a great service to all working women. We're in need of a good fantasy!

Phae *big**big**big**big*
posted on 24-Nov-2002 4:11:07 AM by ILYMEFOREVER
wow Faith that was hot.... what

please continue...*bounce**bounce*
posted on 24-Nov-2002 5:42:45 AM by BLS40
Well Faith, that was certainly grade 'A' smut! Time for another lesson soon I think.
posted on 25-Nov-2002 3:28:48 PM by Teresa
Holy Sweet Mother of God....I'm at work right now? Does anyone see my future looking anything like this? Whew! I need more...with tauntings like this.....Wow, Wow, Wow!!*big*
posted on 25-Nov-2002 11:16:02 PM by sunrise102
holy sh*t!!! Very HOT!! Why didn't I know about this?! Gotta check this thread more often. Very nice.*wink* Gotta have more.*bounce**bounce*
posted on 2-Dec-2002 8:24:43 PM by Eccentric One
If you do not continue this story, I will personally hunt you down and duck tape you to a chair in front of a computer until you write more. (Was that enough of a gentle nudge?!)

Was it late enough that everyone else in the office was gone? Or did anybody have the chance to hear them? I'm guessing anyone on the same floor would have heard them. I just looked at it again. You never mentioned anything about either of them closing the door. Was the office door wide open the entire time?

I think you tapped into a fantasy that nearly every person who has ever worked in an office has had at one point or another.

I can't wait for the next part! Especially Max's thoughts that night and the next day. He is going to be horribly distracted around her. Oh, and somewhere down the line, I can't wait to find out that it was all a set up.

posted on 4-Dec-2002 1:54:40 AM by Faith Evans
Eccentric One Oh umm scared now, now I'm really working on chapter 2 but really if the part doesn't come soon blame my school finals start next week so it's not my fault *angel*

Guys thanks so much for your feedback, you are so good to me!!!!

Phae I had my own idea's for the next part, but I like yours so much better, doing the dance of joy now.

posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:00:21 AM by Gabriel Knight52
Chapter XIII

Come to me now, And lay your hands over me

Even if it's a lie, Say it will be all right

And I shall believe

- Sheryl Crow, "I shall believe" (Tuesday Night Music Club)

As his eyes fell on his darling, posed seductively in the doorway, Max felt the savage blaze of lust, that had consumed them so often before, ignite and burn volcanically in his chest.

Max watched as his sweetheart’s sexy silhouette rolled her hips, passionately dancing as the glorious light behind her accentuated every curve. Entranced by her display, the alien monarch’s heart pounded in his chest as his cherished concubine sauntered gracefully towards him across the bedroom floor.

Liz prowled up the bed like a jungle cat. Her crimson negligee hid nothing from his eyes as it glistened in the moonlight, rustling with every camber of her body. She crawled forward until she was kneeling between his sprawled legs, Max’s bared skin prickled in the anticipation of her touch.

He could see the hungry fire burning in her eyes, his heartbeat sounded uncontrollably in his ears as this vision of femininity licked her lips sensuously.

"Take off your pants" she commanded. Flicking her eyes down to his concealed lower portions and then up to his bared belly and chest.

Max complied with a flourish, whirling his bottoms off and flinging them haphazardly across the room. Liz looked after them with an intrigued air. Then, turning to her paramour, she crawled, languidly, the rest of the way up the bed and into his arms.

Rolling her around, her eager flame pinned her to the mattress. Her flimsy lingerie vanished and the smooth feel of her skin on his beckoned to him

Max growled primally as their eyes locked in hot-blooded passion. She bucked her hips up, grinding against his excited member, torturously urging him forward.

Their lips met thirstily as their organs slid together. Gasping for breath, the pair were driven into a frenzy by their wild desire for each other. Max wriggled closer and Liz purred enthusiastically, her arms stoking the heat blazing in his chest.

As the first of her orgasms shook her Liz arched into the air. In her new position, her upturned nipples offered a tempting delight to his mouth and lips.

As he took the bait, Liz was forced to bite down on her lips to stifle her screams as his mouth preyed upon her tender morsels.

Max could sense her hesitation "Enough for any man" he teased, moving onto the next tender bite. At this; Liz let loose with an impassioned cry of pure need; surrendering her propriety to the flames.

While his lips were busy Max’s hands stroked their way across her body. Parting her nether lips, his fingers passionately strummed her, teasing where she wanted it the most.

"Not, a Man….. God!" Liz gasped.

"Teasing bastard!" she swore.

Still unsated she bucked and ground her pelvis upward, engulfing and squeezing his rock iron cock until he could take no more. His hands on her silken back, the Antarian prince drew up to a sitting position coaxing his darling into his royal lap. Liz rolled upwards like a feather, undulating sensually until she was vertically impaled on his perfect manhood.

Thrusting together Liz began to cry out in earnest, moaning incoherently, as new heights of pleasure gushed from her heated core. Max growled out his own culmination in her ear as his member twitched uncontrollably inside her.

Their bodies glutted the loving couple collapsed, exhausted, onto the bed. Their savage craving for each other abated, at least for now. Pulling a coverlet over them the hybrid lord whispered as he succumbed to sleep. "I Love you baby" he murmured.

"I love you too " she said to him.


Liz shot straight up in bed. She couldn’t remember a thing about where she was or how she had gotten here. It was so dark she couldn’t see a thing.. Desperately she felt around her she was in a bed. Searching for the edge, her hands came into contact with something warm and moving. Jerking back Liz willed herself calm and forced her fingers back, trying to make out what was next to her.

As her eyes adjusted to the gloom she found herself in an ornate hotel room, a strange man curled up beside her. Tentatively she leant forward, intent on turning him over; to see his face. As she neared the sleeping form a nourishing cinnamon smell welcomed her.

Liz let out a sigh. "Max" she confirmed running her hands over his familiar biceps and ruffling his messy hair. Then it all came flooding back to her, their flight, their escape. Max’s eyes burning black and lightning coursing down his hands.

She smiled abashed when she remembered last night. "Was it a dream?" she asked herself. Glancing down Liz noticed her bare breasts. "I’m naked" she reminded herself, "..and I really have to pee!"

Giving her darling one last smile she tiptoed carefully across the bedroom floor. When she returned Max has shifted in his sleep. Now he was face up, his arm extending across the bed as if searching for her.

Liz grinned again at his cuteness and slipped back under the covers. Snuggling into his masculine shoulder she giggled softly as his questing arm pulled her close, squeezing them together. Liz couldn’t imagine a sweeter spot to sleep. Laying her head down she quickly drifted into slumber, lulled there by the gentle rhythm of his heart.


The next morning Liz woke up in the finest place she could imagine. Snuggling deeper she reveled in the sweet odor that surrounded her, the heat that caressed her. Liz purred as her love stoked her tenderly; down her hair and along her back

"Mmmm Good morning" she sighed smiling up into his handsome face. Max smiled back lovingly. "Sleep well?" he inquired.

Liz shook her head coquetishly, leaning forward she bent in for a kiss. "Someone kept me up all night" she pouted.

Max held her face and kissed her deeply. "Better?" he asked as they parted and his sweet heart bobbed her head coyly.

Liz felt something twitch down near her nether regions. "Is this a dagger which I see before me?" she queried innocently.

Sliding down his body, Liz smirked at his expression. Her regal fiancé’s breath stopped as Liz disappeared under the sheets and gave his member an enticing squeeze. Max groaned.

Suddenly the lovers heard a sound in the sitting room. Liz popped out from under the covers like a playful puppy. "Breakfast?" she piped.

"I’ll get it," said Max rolling out of bed and pulling on his pants. "Besides, you’re going to need your rest later."

"Hurry back" she implored, watching her darling dress and wishing he were back with her already.

Max took one last look at his sweetheart carousing on the bed, the silky sheets barely covering her gorgeous flesh. Stumbling out the door his majesty was surprised by the figures he met there.

~Man Without Fear
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That was intensly good. Post more soon.


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*big*Just smiling and reading!!! More Perv please?*big*
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mmm! good! post more soon!
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Wow Gabriel Knight52 that was great and hot!!!!!!! So looking for something like that tonight thanks so much!!!!!

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I posted this on the Dreamers board but I thought it might be nice to branch out a little. Let me know what you think...

Title: A Midnight Snack

Author: MoonieADT

Category: Max/ Liz

Rating: NC17

Disclaimer: Roswell, Max, Liz etc. don't belong to me. Just borrowing them with thanks.

Summary: Just a little bit of fluff.

Chapter 1.
All by myself

Liz stirred from her blissful slumber. She felt the warm solid body of her husband next to her. He never let her get far from him, even in sleep. Liz would never complain though, she had heard many wives complain of how their husbands would barely touch them after only a few years of marriage. That was not a life she would ever have to worry about.

Max worshipped her and made no attempt to hide it, much to the embarrassment of friends and family at times. Public displays of affection were commonplace between the two of them. The original star crossed lovers taken to the next level. They had always wanted to be sure that the love they shared for each other was always visible. After all it’s easy to say the words but showing how you feel says it all.

Liz snuggled closer to Max, inhaling his wonderful scent. There was no other smell like it in the universe. It was calming yet arousing, seductive yet innocent, and most definitely all masculine. She always felt safe when she was in theses arms. They were her home, one that she would never know a day without.

It had become a habit for her lately to wake up in the middle of the might and just watch him sleep. It was one of the rare times that he looked peaceful. Not bothered by the worries and fears of their day-to-day life. The moonlight streaming through their window gave her husband an iridescent glow, illuminating him to her eyes.

‘God, he is beautiful.’ She thought.

Now as much as Max loved his wife, being called beautiful still unnerved him. Something about it just didn’t feel manly, he would say to her. Liz would just chuckle at him and shake her head. She would just tell him to stop being so beautiful and she would stop telling him.

She was raised up on one elbow just taking in the site of him. The covers had slipped down around his hips. His well-sculptured chest exposed to her wandering eyes. Her eyes raked over his strong neck and down to his solid chest, the small brown nipples soft t and inviting. Further down she marveled at his well-defined abdomen. His six-pack had always given her a thrill, the feeling of her fingertips running over the ridges there always made her pulse quicken just a little more. Where the covers stopped she could just see the beginning of his pubic hair, the dark curls seeming to call to her, tempt her with their silky appearance.

The covers were tented so Liz knew that her husband was having an erotic dream. She knew that she was the star of all of his fantasies, she had seen then inside his mind often, and they had brought quite a few of them to life. Liz blushed at the thought of some of the things they had done together. ‘Stop it.’ She chastised herself, ‘he’s your husband for god’s sake, and you have every right to think about him that way.’ She just shook her head at the irony of it all. She would still get so shy around him, yet once they were in the confines of their bedroom and Max started to stoke the flames of desire within her all innocence was lost. She became the aggressor and often the more vocal of the two of them. She had said some of the most shocking things in the throws of passion.

Shaking he head to clear the haze of thoughts, she continued her nightly journey of her husband’s body. Hearing Max moan her name in his sleep did her in. she decided that she wanted to bring one more fantasy of his to life, the only thing was that he wouldn’t really know about it until it was possibly almost over, if he ever did.

Gently, so as not to wake him, she rose up to a sitting position on the bed, letting the covers that were hiding her naked form fall away. She reached out and gently stroked the pads of her fingertips down his solid chest. Her eyes never left his face for more than a few seconds at a time, wanting to be sure that he remained asleep. As her fingers danced across his skin, his breathing deepened just slightly with growing arousal. Liz let her fingers pass over the dark peaks of his nipples causing Max to almost imperceptibly arch up to get more contact with here wandering hands. His nipples contracted under her fingertips into tight peaks, straining towards her, begging for he to ease their ache.

Liz was in no mood to deny him anything; she wanted to do this for him. She didn’t know whom she was kidding; she was getting a lot out of this for herself as well.

She bent her head down and placed feather light kisses on his neck. His moans of pleasure were urging her on to sample more of his exposed skin. She ran her tongue down the column of his neck to his collarbone. She nibbled at the skin that covered him there. She reveled in the slight differences in flavor of him, but they were all unmistakably Max. She bit and licked her way down to his nipples, letting her tongue flick over one of the hardened peaks.

“Ohhh.” Max moaned out in his sleep-drenched voice. The smile on Liz’s face showed her approval of her husband’s reaction. She licked around the solid peak a few times in ever shrinking circles until the tip of her tongue was directly over his distended nipple. Letting her eyes slip up to her husbands she took the beckoning flesh into her mouth, tasting him, loving him. She watched as Max slowly rolled his head from side to side, a lot the feeling being created by her and being taken credit for by her dream self.

She moved on wanting to explore more of her husband’s body. A trip she had made thousands of times in their life together but still one she never tired of. She rained kisses on his stomach, stopping at his belly button. Her tongue peaked out and drew lazy circles around the sensitive flesh surrounding it. Max shifted his hips slightly trying to follow the moist, warm sensation on his stomach. Liz smirked and then let her tongue dip into the recesses of his navel. Liz could taste the slightly musky flavor of him. The farther she progressed down his body the headier it had become.

Carefully, Liz lowered the sheet that was hiding the treasure she was in search of. As the cover slowly slid away his straining flesh came into view. Her eyes dilated slightly at the welcoming sight of him. She never ceased to be amazed at him, how perfect he was for her. She took in the subtle contours and ridges of his erect flesh. As much as she loved what this part of him could do to her, she had never really taken the time to just look at him. She couldn’t help herself though, every time she was close to him the desire to taste him or have him buried deep in her body was too overpowering to be denied. This time would be different.

She marveled at the rigid flesh before her. How it could be so hard and yet feel as soft as silk. She ran her fingers down the length of him. A smile pulled at her lips as Max lightly thrust his hips up trying to create friction against her wandering digits. He was so soft and yet iron hard; it was such a contrast to herself.

Without even realizing it, she had slipped her hand down between her legs, through the soft mound of curls and had placed her middle finger between the slick folds of her heat. She had watched herself many times do this very thing, mostly at the behest of her husband. He loved watching her give pleasure to herself. She closed her eyes and took in the softness of her lips and folds. As her finger made an upward stroke she realized her and Max may not be so different after all. Her finger touched the swollen flesh at the top of her wet opening, the bundle of nerves that could send her spiraling out of control with a mere pinch or nibble.

As her finger swept over her nub she marveled at how soft and yet rock hard it had become. This must be how Max feels when he’s aroused, his flesh straining ready to burst over the swelling from within. Liz had lost track of what her other hand was doing and looked up to see it wrapped around the rock hard length of him. She had started a rhythm that she new he liked; years of practice had given her that knowledge. As her hand would stroke upward on his shaft she would let her forefinger swipe over top of the swollen head.

She looked up at Max’s face and smiled at the look of almost torture that had settled on his gentle features. God he was beautiful when he was receiving pleasure. Making sure that his eyes were still closed, she slightly increased the rhythm off her hand on his erection. Never taking her eyes off of him, she pulled her now slick fingers from between her legs. She brought her hand up to her nose and inhaled the musky scent of herself. It amazed her how much she smelled like him. Her eyes closed as her scent filled her senses. Before she realized what she had done, her tongue had snuck out and caressed her moist fingers. Her cheeks flamed in embarrassment at her actions, but she was shocked to realize she enjoyed the taste. Her eyes darkened a little more as she placed her fingers inside her mouth and cleaned them of her essence. Lost in the moment she took two of her fingers and placed them deeply inside of her. Stroking deeply to bring about the orgasm that had been just waiting on the edge for a gentle push. Her body shook as her release washed over her, her eyes closing reflexively. She pulled her cum drenched fingers from her heated core and brought them once again to her mouth to taste the sweet nectar she had extracted from herself.

Not wanting to deprive her deserving husband of this feast, she traced her musky fingers over his slightly parted lips. His eyes seemed to roll up under his closed eyelids at the scent surrounding him. His mouth tried disparately to follow the moving fingers but failing to acquire their prize. His brow furrowed in frustration, not pleased at the loss. Smiling to herself she had mercy on him and placed her cum laden fingers onto his lips. She watched in fascination as his lips parted and he drew her into his mouth. His lips closed around her and he began a gentle sucking on her. She felt herself moisten again when his tongue swiped again and again around her fingers, trying to savor every drop of her flavor from her.

Liz could feel the pearly drops of his arousal with each stroke of him. The tip of his erection seemed to cry silent tears of pleasure at the sensations that she was evoking within him. With each stroke she would spread the thick fluid over the tip of his length. It had become slick with the ever growing supply of precum he was creating just for her.

“Mmm.” He moaned out to her from his dreams.

Liz pulled her fingers out of his mouth; she chuckled as his lips kept trying to suckle on the air left in her fingers wake. Not wanting to disappoint her husband she bent down and guided her nipple into his mouth. He latched on in a heartbeat and began to draw on her hardened bud. He flicked his tongue across her turgid peak, over and over again. The moan escaped her mouth before she had even realized it had happened. Liz was swept away at the things his wonderful mouth was doing to her. She gasped when he unexpectedly sucked her deeper into his mouth, almost talking her entire breast in.

Liz had always been afraid that Max would think she was too small. She only had a small b-cup and this had always frustrated her. The first time Max had touched her through her tank top she had been so lost in the feelings she had forgotten to be self-conscious. She just enjoyed the feeling of having her rounded flesh molded and gently squeezed by him. She had never been touched that way before and it was like floating through a dream. As their relationship progressed, the time soon came that clothing caused too much frustration and the burning need they both felt would not be assuaged. As the physical barriers were removed the feelings of inadequacies resurfaced. Liz knew they were unfounded, she knew that Max loved her and had only shown hungry desire when he touched her, but still those feelings would not be so easily dissuaded. When her bra had been swept away and her flesh exposed to his eyes she waited with her eyes closed, panic riding in her throat as each moment passed by and he said nothing. Feeling defenseless and hurt she started to cover herself with her arms. She heard a soft ‘Don’t’ and she opened her eyes to a sight she had never seen before. His eyes were completely black with hunger and desire for her. She followed his gaze, but she already knew where he had focused his attention. Her nipples had hardened reflexively to his stare and his eyes had become even blacker. ‘Perfect’ was the only word he was able to utter before his mouth had devoured her. She knew then she had nothing to ever worry about when it came to her body. Max loved her, all of her, which was the reason he desired her as much as he did.

Liz smiled at the memory only to be quickly sent crashing through a wave of need as his mouth had somehow found it’s way to her other breast, lavishing it with the same attention he had the other. Liz closed her eyes and let the emotions wash over her, enjoying the feelings Max was pulling from her.

Liz shook her head to clear some of the fog and tried to focus, this wasn’t about her it was for him. She gently extracted her puckered nipple from his mouth. He groaned in complaint at the sudden loss.

“I’m here baby.” She cooed to him.

“Liz…please?” He moaned in his husky voice.

Liz couldn’t help the shivers that coursed through her at his plea.

Liz slowly removed her hand from around his rigid flesh and licked her fingers of the fruits of her labors. His cum was so sweet and heady. It made her only desire more of its intoxication flavor. Drawn by some unseen force she lowered her head towards him. His shaft gleamed in the moonlight from the sheen of his precum she had covered him in. She licked her lips to moisten them, she wanted to ensure when she touched him her lips would cling to him. As she neared him the gentle puffs of her breath waft over his flesh. His erection twitched in time to her breathing. It became almost mesmerizing in its rhythm.

Her lips parted slightly and she took the tip of him in a small open mouth kiss. Caressing the head with the insides of her lips.

“God, you taste so good.” She purred to the night.

She opened her mouth and took the entire tip of him into her mouth, surrounding him in the moistness of her embrace. She sucked slowly on the sensitive head. Delighting in the rush of precum that filled her mouth. She swallowed him, her eyes closing in delight at the unique flavor that was her Max. She relaxed her lips slightly and allowed her tongue to swipe repeatedly at the tender area just below the swell of the head of his erection. His flesh jumped and swelled repeatedly with each caress her tongue offered to him. With each pulse more of the precious fluid filled he mouth.

‘Oh Baby, I will never be able to drink enough of you.’ The thought raced unbidden through her mind. Demanding more and more of the of her.

She started a slow rhythm, taking half of him into her mouth and drawing back until only the tip remained. As she reached the tip she would repeat the swipe of her tongue on the underside of him, only now she applied a bit more force. Up and down her head moved as she devoured him with her mouth. He slowly grew more and more rigid, spurring her on to take more of him into her mouth. As he reached the back of her throat she would relax her muscles and allow him to pass into her tight passageway.

“Liz…oh God Liz.” He cried out. His head was thrashing from side to side.

His actions just fanned the flames of want and need already burning out of control on her body. She was on fire everywhere. The ache that had started as a gentle tug was now demanding attention. She rubbed her thighs together to try and ease the ache but it did nothing but push her deeper into the clutches of the desires that had hold of her.

Max had started to flood her mouth with his delicious fluid. Liz could not believe how much she had swallowed already and he had yet to release his seed into her mouth. She longed for the creamy texture of him to flood her mouth. To swirl his essence around with her tongue and to feel it slide slowly down her throat, prolonging the taste of him as long as she could. She longed for the very last drops of his orgasm to ignite the senses of her tongue. It was slightly thicker and had a headier flavor; she closed her eyes at the thought of its rewards.

The burning heat between her legs would not be denied. She was squeezing her thighs as tightly together as she could but it was to no avail. She lowered for fingers into her slick flesh and began to pump them into herself. First one finger then two, soon followed by a third but the ache just would not be dissuaded. This was not what she wanted, her lust hazed mind showed her the image of what she needed, it called to her, beckoned to her, demanded her to comply.

She pulled her fingers shakily from her soaking wet pussy and quickly straddled him. With one last look to his eyes she grabbed his rock hard length and guided him to her entrance. Even with her desire and need burning out of control she still teased herself with him. She rubbed the tip of him against her slick folds, parting them and rubbing him on her swollen nub. She purred in satisfaction as she finally started to find peace and contentment in her rage of want.

After a few strokes to coat the head of him in her glistening fluids, she slowly, oh so slowly lowered herself onto him. Inch by inch she took him into the depths of her body. With each passing second her feeling of completion soared higher. When the last inch had disappeared with in her she sighed and let the breath she had been holding rush from her lungs.

She beheld his face, the perfect picture of fulfillment; just a she knew hers mirrored the same look. This was where she was meant to be. All the things they did in their hurried lives were to ultimately bring them to this point. To this completeness they only ever found in each other.

“Liz…. Yes.” he moaned softly to her. His hands had found their way to her hips. Even in his sleep he could not keep his hands from her. Liz could feel his need spike from her lack of movement. His hands on her hips trying to gently persuade her to begin the dance that they so often lost themselves in.

Liz flexed the muscles that held him captive within her body. She smirked at his natural response to her. He pushed his hips up to her, trying to drive his buried flesh even deeper into her warm and receptive body.

Liz again, took her fingers that had been deep in her core and placed them at Max’s lips. Instantly he began to suckle them, drawing them into his mouth to clean them. Liz always loved how ravenous Max was when it came to her taste. At first she didn’t know why he would want to do that to her, but over the years she had come to fully appreciate the pleasures of giving and receiving. His eyes would glow with an internal fire; it was almost feral in its intensity. He would become unhinged just as she did in the middle of her orgasms when his face was buried in her mound.

Liz started a slow rhythm, raising herself up so that just the tip of him remained inside of her. Then she would slowly lower herself back down his shaft, clenching her muscles as he filled her once again. Liz tossed her head back and she continued, her eyes closing in delight at the feeling of finally have her husband back where he belonged. She could feel Max’s hips start to move in sync with her. Matching her thrust for thrust. Liz tried to remain as quiet a possible but she couldn’t help the moans of pleasure that were torn from her. She felt as if she had no choice but to declare her need out load, holding back was unsatisfying.

A slight sheen of sweat had broken out on both of their bodies. Max’s forehead was covered with the little beads; his brow pulled together with is efforts.

In his dream Liz was an enchantress, seducing him with her wanton need. She left no question as to what she wanted and expected. Her eyes glowed from the burning lust that demanded quenching. He was at her mercy for her to do with him as she pleased; he loved it when her innocence would slip from her like a veil. She had so many sides to her and he wanted them all for himself.

Liz was so close to her orgasm, she could feel it just on the edge, just out of reach. She grunted with her efforts, straining to reach oblivion. Her hand descended down over her flat stomach and through the feminine curls that lay just below it. Her finger found their way to the protruding bundle of nerves at the top of her slick folds. She watched in fascination as she raised and lowered herself, how her clit would snuggle along the length of him as she descended. Liz started a circular motion with her finger, pushing herself faster and faster to the burning release she so disparately sought.

The moment came.

It was the brief second when you completely relax. You know that the end has arrived and you sigh in relief that the wait is over. Then in that next second your body has returned to its over excited state and the release explodes out from you.

Liz was swept away as the wave of her orgasm crashed into her. Her silken walls contracted mindlessly around Max’s hardened manhood, trying to draw from him their prize. Her sweet fluids dripped from her thigh and onto Max’s. Her body felt rejuvenated, this was the time that she felt the most alive, the sensory overload she craved everyday.

Liz slowly rose off of Max’s shaft and lovingly took him and brushed him against her silky pubic hair.

“Noooo…” he protested at the loss of the warm home he had been surrounded by.

Deciding she wanted to share the treasures she had produced with her still sleeping husband, she crawled up and straddled his head. She gently lowered her lips over his mouth and let the first droplets of her fall onto his slightly open lips. Max licked at the moisture and moaned his approval.

“Liz…. Taste…more.” his sleep muddied voice pleaded.

Liz was more than happy to fulfill his request. She lowered herself the last fraction of an inch and pressed her folds onto his mouth.

Max’s began to kiss her and lick at her opening. Instinctively his hands came up to her waist to support her as well as to guide her above his mouth. He was ravenous for her taste.

Liz became lost in the feelings of Max’s tongue caressing and entering her most intimate of places. She could feel his tongue swirl around as he probed deeply with the tip. She knew he was trying to draw out as mush of her fluid as he could. At one time she would have been embarrassed at the sounds of him swallowing her, now she craved those noises, that only pushed the flames of her desire that much higher. She gasped in surprise when his lips closed around her clit and began to suck on her furiously.

“My god, even in your sleep, your amazing.” She purred.

She felt herself slipping further and further into ecstasy. Her hips started to twitch as she neared the precipice. Without warning he gently nipped at her bundle of nerves and that was all it took. She fell. She felt her body tense and flush with heat. Her mind feeling like it had be compressed and allowed to expand again all within a heartbeat. She felt herself grow abundantly wet at her core and quivered slightly as she felt Max nuzzle his mouth against her and began to draw his tongue from the bottom to the top of her opening, swallowing all of her juices as he did.

Liz pulled back off of his face and looked down at this man, her husband. He was still sound asleep and still very much in the middle of his dream with her. She smiled, and mentally patted herself on the back. This had been one of the best ideas she had come up with. Their sex life was in no way lacking but Liz loved it when she could shock the hell out of him. The looks that would cross his face alone were worth it not to mention how aroused he would become afterwards. Their lovemaking on those nights was usually more explosive, which she never thought could be possible.

She reached behind her and gave his pulsing manhood a squeeze. She was rewarded with a grown and thrusting of his hips. Liz could tell he so disparately wanted to be buried within her, to thrust himself into her until with one last effort he emptied himself within her, feeling her walls contract around him, coercing everything he had into her waiting channel. Just thinking about it had Liz all worked up again.

Liz scooted backwards and raised herself over him again; she placed him at her entrance and thrust downwards, taking him quickly into her. She set a rhythm that was faster than before, more purposeful less languid. Liz knew she was being selfish but at this point she didn’t care, she wanted her husband and she was going to have him. Liz swiveled her hips in little circles each time she had him embedded deeply within her.

“Oh …Liz…. so close.” He murmured, his face the picture of pleasure. How Liz wished she could capture his face like this.

Liz leaned back and started a new forward rolling motion with her hips. Her efforts increased as she felt herself starting to feel that familiar tingle in her core. She was so close, so close. Max’s hip’s started to move a little erratically, she knew he was on the edge. That knowledge alone pushed Liz over and her world tuned into an explosion of colors behind her eyelids. Her muscles began squeezing his shaft in a quivering embrace. At the first tightening of her walls around him, he erupted. He thrust his hips in time with the pulsing of his orgasm. His hips stilled as the last of his essence spilled into Liz’s waiting body.

“Liz….Love you…” he moaned through his release.

Sweat covered Liz’s forehead and heaving chest. This had been one of the best experiences of her life. It’s always satisfying when you can live out a fantasy, it’s even better when it turns out more exciting than you originally thought.

Liz rose her tired body up off of Max’s hips and let his softening member slip from her heated body. Liz groaned inwardly at the loss, she loved it when they fell asleep with her on top of him with him still buried deep inside of her. She loved waking up to her body being filled the morning erection of her husband. Liz tiredly crawled up to her pillow and laid her weary body down, slipping under the covers and curling into Max’s side. Max instinctively turned towards her and swept her into his embrace. Even in his sleep he was always so protective of her, to her this was the safest place in the world. Liz kissed her husbands shoulder and gently rested her tiny hand on his chest, she found comfort in the gentle rise and fall of his breathing.

“I love you.” She whispered.


Sunlight streamed through the window, bathing the room in a soft yellow light. Max raised himself up on one elbow and peered down at his wife’s sleeping form. She was his world and he made sure she knew that. His thoughts were filled with images of her, of their life together. His dreams, well his dreams were only of her and last night had been an incredible one. Liz had taken control; he always loved it when she showed the other side of herself, it was so…there was just no one word that describe the feelings it conjured up.

Max gently stroked her cheek as her eyes fluttered open.

“Morning.” Max said, voice still laced with the traces of sleep.

“Very good morning.” She purred to him, her eyes masked behind heavy eyelids.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked as he continued to caress her.

“Umm. You?” she placed her hand over his on her cheek and pulled it to her mouth, placing a light kiss on his open palm.

“Wonderful….I had the best dream.” His eyes glazed as the memories of the dream replayed inside his mind.

“Must have been some dream” she hedged.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.” He said with a smirk.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

more? Max's POV..anyone?
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this is on the dreamer board also, his revenge was just whooo...

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Oh dear, that was on the dreamer board and I missed it, oh dear bad bad me!!!!! I so need more you must continue this, damn this is great!!!

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Title: A Midnight Snack

Chapter 2.
Through The Looking Glass

Liz curled up next to Max, molding herself along his warm length. She stretched up and placed and long slow kiss to his lips. Not one of passion but one of contentment and peace, one that said I love you. It had been a long day for them, chasing kids, work, Michael and Maria fighting. It was all of the usual events that seemed to make up their day.

They relaxed into each other and just enjoyed the warmth they found together.

“Good night honey.”

“Good night Max, I love you”

“I love you” He whispered back as sleep claimed him.


Max walked into the Crashdown around closing time, the bells on the door announcing his entrance. He saw Liz’s head pop up as he entered and she watched him make his way over to a table sitting in the middle of the cafe. As their eyes met all of the emotions that were pent up from the day came rushing forth; longing, loneliness, desire and love.

The smile grew on Liz’s lips as she was hit with his feelings; Max knew that her heart had mirrored his. It had been a long day; he had had to work a double so they had not had the time to even see each other until now.

Liz locked the door and turned the sign off to show they were closed. She turned the main lights of the café off and made her way over to Max. With each step that she made it all seemed to slow down. The swing of her hands, the sway of her hips, how the antennas bobbed on her headband, the slight jiggle of her breasts as she came towards him. His eyes didn’t know where to look first but they always ended up locked with hers.

“Hey.” She called to him as she closed the distance.

“Hey yourself. You helping out for old times sake?” Max called backed, his smile growing with each of her steps.

“Nope, I’m here just to serve my one and only favorite customer.”

Liz waved her hand over her shoulder at the front glass and it tinted just enough to not be able to see through from the outside, her eyes never leaving his. Max’s eyebrows raised in shock and definite approval.

“Impressive Mrs. Evans.” Was his teasing response.

Liz just smirked. “Well, you know, here at the Crashdown, we aim to please.”

“Is that so?”

“Umm.” She hummed back to him.

Liz was about half way to him by now. And still the closer she got the slower she seemed to be moving. It was pure torture for Max. His arms ached to feel her in them again, to feel the warmth of her body as it burned into his.

Liz reached up to the top snap of her uniform. Slowly she traced it with her fingertip, looking back and forth from it to Max, just watching him, waiting for him. Max twitched, it was almost imperceptible but she knew what that meant. Liz popped open the snap and traced her finger along the skin that was now exposed to him. And still she kept moving.

Max’s breathing had grown deeper. The image before him was setting his nerve endings on fire. His eyes were growing darker and darker with desire with each passing moment. She was an enchantress; a seductress and she knew it.

Another pop and more flesh was exposed. She repeated this again and again and again. Liz now added her other hand and began tracing the V made by the opening of her uniform along both lapels with her fingertips. Slowly her fingers descended from her neck to where her uniform was open down to her perfectly flat stomach. As Max followed the trail her hands guided him on he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. His eyes dilated slightly at the thought of all of her naked flesh calling to him, tempting him from beneath the flimsy material of her uniform.

With each step she pulled her hands just a little farther apart and exposed more of her chest to him. The swell of the side of her breasts came into his view and he hardened completely, without warning. He had been so wrapped up in watching her that even his body had been slow in realizing what was happening.

With one more step she exposed her breasts to him. Her breasts were so firm and perfect. Her nipples had tightened with desire and need, the skin surrounding them had crinkled and become slightly rough, Max loved the feel of that. Her nipples were button sized, standing proud, calling to him. His mouth watered to taste them, to feel them tighten even more against the onslaught of his tongue. She had complained that they were small and he had just looked at her and shook his head. He had told her she was perfection, made just for him. Her breasts swayed and matched the movements of her hips as she closed upon him, like a predator on its prey.

Liz was only ten steps away from him by now, her eyes seemed to begin to glow with this inner light, Max wasn’t sure what it was.


Eight more steps. More skin.


Six more steps. More skin.


Four more steps. More skin.

Liz stopped where she was. Her fingers still tracing up and down her body but now all the snaps on her uniform had been opened. She slowly trailed her fingers down her body one more time; as she did she spread the material out as she reached her hips. She rested her hands on her hips and just met Max’s heated gaze with one of her own.

She was completely naked under her uniform; Max thought his mind was going to explode as it tried to wrap itself around the realization. His eyes traveled down her body, burning a mark of possession as they descended lower and lower. He lingered at her breasts, so perfect and round. They fit so completely in his palm, her nipple pushing into it, as he would mould her flesh with his. Lower to her stomach, the spot where their journey together had started, and the spot where they would forever be permanently joined. Lower to her feminine curls. Hair so soft and springy, how he loved to run this fingers through it, place his palm over her mound and let a finger slide into her folds. Lower to her legs, so long and slender, skin so smooth and supple to the touch.

She was walking, breathing, perfection.

She was his.

A look of mischievousness crossed her face; Max knew that this was going to be a night he would never forget.

“Welcome to the Crashdown, my name is Liz and I’ll be your server. Is their anything I might be able to interest you in?” She teased him.

She walked over and stood before him. Her eyes were the color of dark chocolate, they burned into him showing him the images of their bodies twisted in erotic pleasure, sweating and undulating to a sensual music only heard by them. He didn’t know how to take his eyes off of her; he never wanted to learn how.

Liz reached out and ran her fingertips over his chiseled jaw, tracing its structure and firmness. She flipped her hand over and drew it down his neck, caressing the back of his ear as she went. Her touches were driving Max crazy.

“It’s a little warm in here, don’t ya think?” She asked fanning herself, the movement of her arms caused her breasts to jiggle, their gentle sway and the rock hard nipples at their center captivated him. All Max could do was mutely nod his head in affirmation.

“Here let me help you get more comfortable.” She purred to him.

She placed both of her hands on his chest. Max thought that the heat from her palms was going to burn right through him. Everywhere she touched, his flesh seemed to ignite with a need for more. She let one hand run the course of the buttons down the front of his shirt, She seemed to be familiarizing herself with the task she was about to commence. Her fingers worked deftly at releasing the buttons of his shirt and pushing it off him, letting it pool on the floor at his back. Her eyes burned into him, raking over his exposed flesh. Just as her hands had before, her eyes were now fanning the flames of the fires started before.

Now that she had rid him of his shirt, her hands continued downward over his chest, scraping her nails lightly over his nipples, causing them to harden. She flattened her palms over his nipples and massaged the pectoral muscles. Max felt like he was bound in place, unable to move, a captured prisoner to her sensual torture.

Max watched as she bent towards him, her lips searing the flesh of his cheek at their first contact. Her lips followed the trail marked already by her fingertips. Languidly she explored his neck, taking little nibbles and bites as she went. Her hands always busy, tantalizing his skin.

Max’s breathing began to quicken as she moved further down to his collarbone, blessing the same ministrations on him there as she had above. Downward she continued towards his nipples. Liz bit and licked circles around them until her tongue flicked over one of the hardened peaks.

“Ohhh.” Max moaned. How had he ever lived without this?

Liz drew ever-tightening circles around his nipples, sending little jolts of electricity through him. She took his hardened peak into her wonderful mouth, sucking gently but accentuating it with lashes from her tongue and light nips from her teeth. Max turned his head from side to side; lost in the sensations her mouth was creating in him.

Liz rained kisses down his chest and she continued her downward journey. Her tongue creating a glistening line down the center of his hard body to her next target. Max’s eyes rolled back into his head as he felt her drawing a circle around his belly button. The circle kept getting smaller and smaller until he felt her moist tongue dip into the sensitive cavern. Max couldn’t keep his hips still as she tortured his sculptured abdomen with expert skill.

Max couldn’t help the growing erection that was now demanding attention. He felt Liz’s hands tease with whisper soft touches, just barely caressing his rigid flesh. Instantly he felt the cool air of the café surround his legs and envelop his straining erection. With a wave of her hand she had removed his pants and boxers. He looked down at Liz and raised an eyebrow at her; she just gave him a devilish grin. Max thought he was going to come out of the seat as she ran her fingers lightly down the length of his manhood. Max’s hips seemed to move of their own volition trying to follow the movement of her playing hand. His breath hitched as Liz set a rhythm over his heated length that she knew he loved. Her hand rising and falling in a steady pace, with every stroke up Max would feel her take her finger and brush it over the head of his erection.

Max was having a hard time staying in control and not just grabbing his wife right now and taking her bent over a table. He closed his eyes tightly at the images that flashed through his mind that he had just conjured up. He mentally shook himself and came slamming back to this wonderful reality. Liz had slowly been increasing the speed of her hand over his shaft. Max could feel his body continually heating up from the friction she was creating on his most sensitive skin. With every stroke Max could feel the subtle squeezes she would give him, especially at the tip.

Before Max realized what had happened, Liz had placed her fingers over his slightly parted lips. As he took his next breath the scent of Liz’s arousal rocketed into his system. He knew this nuance of her essence well; it was the aroma of her orgasm. It was headier and slightly muskier; it took perfection and reinvented it. Max’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and it surrounded him and captured him in its beguiling spell.

Max tried to follow the movement of Liz’s hand as she teased him around his mouth. Her taste was so near and yet just out of reach. It had been an unspoken rule, that when Liz is in charge, she is in charge till she tells you she’s not. So he sat hands at his sides as if shackled trying to chase his wife’s wandering hand. His brow furrowed in frustration at her teasing.

Max felt her hand still and settle upon his mouth. Quickly his lips parted and he sucked her fingers into his warm mouth. He closed his lips tightly around her not wanting to let her escape. Max swiped his tongue around and around her digits, cleaning them, ensuring that he had taken every last drop of her arousal off of them.

“Mmm.” He moaned. He would never get enough of her taste.

Without warning Liz pulled her fingers from his mouth, it had happened so quickly it took Max a couple of seconds to register the loss, his lips continuing to suckle until then. Max was about to moan out in complaint of the loss when he felt something warm and stiff against his closed lips. Parting them Max felt her press her erect nipple between his lips. He latched on quickly, not wanting to lose this delicacy as well. He flicked his tongue across her tightened flesh again and again. Max loved all the unique flavors of his wife’s body. Every place was unique but every place was perfection. Max heard her moan as he laved her hardened nipple repeatedly. Inspired by her cry he sucked on her harder, taking more of her perfectly sized breast into his mouth. He loved how her entire breast could fit into his mouth, allowing him to love her completely.

Max craved the taste of her other breast, they were close yet different in their flavor. Working on instinct alone, Max quickly released one breast and engulfed the other nipple into his hungry mouth. He nibbled and sucked her as he had its twin. He wanted to partake in all that this intimate part of her had to offer.

Max felt Liz begin to gently pull her puckered nipple from his mouth. Max couldn’t help the groan as she removed the tip finally from his starving lips.

“I’m here baby.” She cooed to him.

“Liz…please?” He moaned in a husky voice.

Max felt her hand slip away from his rigid flesh. He knew his wife was a tease but this was just cruel. He was about to protest when he felt the gentle puffs of what could only be her breath waft across his erection. Her breath both heated and cooled his aching flesh. He had no way of stopping the reflexive twitch his shaft gave in time to the nomadic breaths that wandered across his skin.

Max almost squeaked when he felt the warmth of her moth as it enclosed the very tip of his shaft.

“God, you taste so good.” He heard Liz purr into the night.

She immediately engulfed the head of his manhood with her wondrous mouth. Max loved how she sucked slowly on his sensitive head. He could feel the precum being drawn from him as she continued to take him into her mouth, slowly filling her mouth with his essence, a taste Liz seemed to never get enough off. He remembered the first time she had taken him in her mouth. She had been so unsure and tentative at first. He assured her with his moans and his whitened knuckles gripping the bed sheets that she was most definitely pleasing him. It seemed as though she was trying almost everything she could think of. She had sucked only on the tip, taken him in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the sensitive head over and over again. Liz had set up a rhythm, gliding his length in and out of her mouth, making sure to keep her lips tight around him. She had licked him form the base to the tip repeatedly as if he was her favorite ice cream. What he had loved the most, or at least what had sent him over the edge, was when she took only a little more than the tip into her mouth and concentrated on the sensitive skin under the head. She had only just set up a rhythm when he had felt the tightening and a slight burning sensation at the tip. Max had tried to warn Liz but she just gave a gentle shake of her head. Max had felt his stomach muscles tighten as his orgasm began to wash over him. A surge of pressure began to build at the base of his erection, he tried everything in his power to fight it but that only seemed to enhance the pleasure Liz was coercing from him. In slow motion he felt the pressure begin to flow through the length of his shaft. As it reached the end the tingling had grown to a pleasurably painful burn. He felt his PC muscle contracting as he released stream after stream of his warm essence into her mouth. Liz swallowed every drop he had to offer her. She pulled his softening member form her mouth and had looked at him with wonder in her chocolate colored eyes.

“You taste incredible Max, I want more.” Her cheeks had flushed bright crimson as she realized what she had just said to me. She started to hang her head in shame when he placed my finger under her chin and raised her eyes to mine.

“You were incredible.” He had said softly.

He was ripped quickly back from his revere by the feeling of the tip of his erection beginning to enter Liz’s throat.

“Liz…oh God Liz.” He cried out. His head was thrashing from side to side.

Max could feel himself releasing more and more of his precum into her hungry mouth. She seemed not to be able to get enough of him. Max was so lost in the feeling she was creating he didn’t immediately notice when she had slipped him from her mouth.

Just as he felt the slight rush of air hit his now extremely hard and aroused erection, he felt the brush of her thighs along his own. Max reveled in the heat of her skin as she moved higher up his thighs until he could feel her erect nipples as they rubbed provocatively against his own. Max felt her hand snake down between them and grasp his manhood. He felt her begin to stroke herself with the tip of him. Max’s sense began to whirl at the feeling of gliding through the moist folds of her heated core.

The world seemed to just pause for a moment in time as he felt her center his turgid length at the opening of her passageway. He could feel the trickle of her fluids slowly descending down his shaft. Soon, soon he knew that would be her body that would be making that journey.

Then just as he had envisioned, he began to feel her thigh muscles contract tighter as she began. He felt the now continual warmth of her heat as it pressed more firmly against him. He held his breath, as she pressed ever so gently downward, he felt the subtle give of her muscles as the tip entered her virginally tight passageway. She paused for a brief second and then began the slow, agonizingly slow descent down the length of his erection. Max was just beside himself. Nothing seemed to work, not his lungs, his mouth. The only things that seemed to still be working were his heart as it slammed violently into his chest, and his central nervous system as it transmitted the intense pleasure of her incredibly wet heat enveloping his manhood to his fogged brain.

As the last inch of him disappeared into her voracious body, Max felt the rush of her breath escape her lungs. God even her breath is incredibly sexy.

“Liz…. Yes.” he moaned softly to her. His hands had found their way to her hips. Max’s need spiked from the lack of movement. His hands on her hips trying to gently persuade her to begin the dance that they so often lost themselves in.

Max felt her flex the muscles surrounding his now painfully erect member. He bucked his hips upwards to try and bury himself deeper into the heat radiating from her core.

Once again he felt her fingers press against his lips. Quickly he enveloped them with his mouth, relishing the flavors making their way past his taste buds and down his throat.

He had begun to clean her forefinger when he felt her begin to rise up on his shaft. Slowly she rose off of him to pause with only the tip remaining inside and then descending again. Slowly she began the rhythm that reflected their life, constant and sustaining. Max could hear her grunting with the efforts of increasing their lovemaking to reach the need that they were merely a slave to. Max gripped her hips tighter as he pistoned her up and down his shaft. He could feel her getting close, her movements had become erratic, not from exhaustion but from pleasure. Her inner wall began to quiver slightly, this was it, she was about to fall and he was nowhere near ready to follow her. Max didn’t want this moment to end. So he decided it wouldn’t, it was his one act of defiance to their rules on control.

And then it came.

She was breath taking in her release. Her eyes rolled up and her head was thrown back. Her hair was flying wildly about her shoulders, falling over her nipples and causing them to harden, this only enhancing the orgasm ripping through her system. Her slick passageway contracted violently around his erection, it was as if she was trying to drain the very essence out of him by force. Max could feel the evidence of her orgasm dripping down onto his thighs. Oh how he wished that were his mouth.

Max felt Liz rise slowly off of him.

“Noooo…” he protested at the loss of the warm home he had been surrounded by.

Max felt himself being pushed back until his head lay against the tabletop of the booth behind them. Max was unsure what was happening as he felt Liz place her hands on his shoulders, as she seemed to be lifting herself up as her scent was wrapping itself around him once again.

The next sensory assaults almost drove him right off the edge. His nose was filled with the overpowering aroma of her desire; it was palpable in its intensity. As his senses had only just begun to wrap themselves around the muskiness filling the air, he felt tiny drops of moisture begin to fall onto his parted lips. Max licked his lips trying to discern the source when his mind exploded at the flavor now filling his mouth. It was completely and unmistakably Liz, the after effects of her orgasm were raining down into his beckoning mouth.

“Liz…. Taste…more.” he pleaded, wanting to imbibe more of the heady fluid.

Max felt the velvety lips of Liz’s core caress his own. He began to kiss and lick at her with a passion that overwhelmed both of them. He could not get enough of this and he knew he never would. He attacked her, trying to drive his tongue as deep into her tight passageway as he could, feeling the warm product of her excitement sliding down his throat. He swirled his tongue, trying to wrap it around the fluid that she was feeding him. The sounds of his own veraciousness filled his ears as he loudly lapped at her wet opening. As he stroked his tongue upwards he felt the beginning of her most sensitive bundle of nerves. Being this close he had no option but to taste her most intimate fruit, he latched onto her and sucked strongly, drawing her into his mouth.

“My god, even in your sleep, your amazing.” She purred.

Max was a little perplexed by her declaration but then Liz had said some pretty wild things during their lovemaking. Max could feel the thighs on either side of his head begin to twitch. This was the early warning sign that Max had become so familiar with; she was close, very, very close. Max gave her wet opening one last long lick and then he attached himself to her nub again and nibbled at her relentlessly. That was all it took, she exploded all over his face, and Max had a difficult time trying to drink all of the sweet nectar she was producing just for him. He licked and sucked her with abandon, determined not to waste a drop of her delicious essence.

Max felt Liz lift herself off of him but he was too lost in the sweet taste still filling his mouth. Lost in his revere he was slightly startled when she grasped his manhood and gave it a seductive squeeze. He couldn’t suppress the groan and escaped his lips or the involuntary thrust of his hips to try and bury himself deep within her again.

His desires were answered as he felt Liz place him at her slick opening and impale herself on him in a desperate attack. She continued the assault on his rigid flesh, driving down onto his over and over again. Max was on fire from head to toe; she was doing incredible things to his erection buried deeply in her tight passageway. Max thought he was going to lose his mind when at the end of each thrust Liz would swivel her hips, stirring him deeply inside of her.

“Oh …Liz…. so close.” He murmured, Max’s face the picture of pleasure.

Max’s world immediately changed. Liz must have leaned back and was now driving herself down on his shaft in a forward rolling motion of her hips. The angle was causing the maximum amount of friction between their intimately joined bodies. Again and again Max pushed up into her as she plunged down on his heated flesh. Max felt the familiar tingle begin and start to spread like wildfire through his body. He was now driven by a primal need to fill his wife with his seed. Grace was forfeited for power as he drove himself wildly towards his completion. He felt Liz’s warm walls start to quiver around him, her body trying to coerce his essence into her ravenous core. As the first quivers of her orgasm turned into tight squeezes he erupted into her. Max thrust his hips in time with the reflexive pulses of his release. When the last of his essence had left his body for hers, his hips quieted and finally rested.

“Liz….Love you…” he moaned through his release.

Max was lost in the afterglow of their intimate joining. He mourned the loss of her body as she lifted herself off of him. He felt her curl up next to him, snuggling deep into the side of his body. Max didn’t remember when they had laid down but he would have to remember to talk to Liz about how strong her powers were becoming. Just before they both drifted of to an exhausted sleep he heard the words of his soul mate calling to him.

“I love you.” She whispered.

‘And I love you.’ Was Max’s final thought as the blanket of sleep finally claimed him.


Sunlight streamed through the window, bathing the room in a soft yellow light. Max had raised himself up on one elbow and peered down at his wife’s sleeping form. He was a little disoriented having thought they had been at the Crashdown last night. Until he realized it had only been a dream. His dream, well his dreams were only of her and last night had been an incredible one. Liz had taken control; he always loved it when she showed the other side of herself, it was so…there was just no one word that describe the feelings it conjured up. The fact that she had been wearing her waitress uniform had only increased the heat of the dream.

But it had been so realistic, plus the room was filled with subtle remains of the aroma of their lovemaking. He must be just imagining things but …

Max gently stroked her cheek as her eyes fluttered open.

“Morning.” Max said, voice still laced with the traces of sleep.

“Very good morning.” She purred to him, her eyes masked behind heavy eyelids.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked as he continued to caress her.

“Umm. You?” she placed her hand over his on her cheek and pulled it to her mouth, placing a light kiss on his open palm.

“Wonderful….I had the best dream.” His eyes glazed as the memories of the dream replayed inside his mind.

“Must have been some dream” she hedged.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.” He said with a smirk.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

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Title: A Midnight Snack

Chapter 3.
Part A.
Revenge Is Sweet.

Max looked down at his beautiful wife; she was such a mix of conflictions. A temptress yet innocent, dominant yet submissive, gregarious yet shy. Max had the hardest time knowing what was going to be coming at him next.

“You wouldn’t huh?” Max asked. His curiosity was now piqued.

Liz just smiled, leaned up and kissed him soft on the lips.

“I’m going to make breakfast, go get a shower.” She told him, playfully crinkling her nose at him. Liz got up to leave their bed but before she could escape his reach, Max couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and smack her ass for her shower comment.

Liz jumped quickly off the bed and leveled him with a playful scowl.

“Watch it Mister Evans.” She warned.

“Or what?” He taunted.

She just raised her eyebrow at him. “Do you not remember the last time you said those words to me?”

Max got a dreamy look in his eyes and a small smile began to form on his lips. Liz just smirked at him.

“And that is supposed to deter me?” he lazily asked.

Liz just shook her head at her incorrigible husband; she grabbed her robe and padded out of the room down the stairs to the kitchen.

Max hummed softly to himself as he got up to go and take his shower. Once he had left the swathe of the covers he stopped cold in his tracks. Max looked down at himself and noticed quite a few things that were just not quite right. First was that he had light fingernail marks on his chest, across his nipples. Second was that he had white flecks of what he knew from years of intimacy with Liz, as her dried essence covering his pubic hair. He reached down and caressed his manhood, running his finger along the bottom and sure enough he was slick, bringing his fingers to his nose he closed his eyes as he reveled in the aroma of his wife’s wondrous scent. With one more stroke of his softened length he let his fingers glide across the underside of the head and just as he had suspected he was just slightly sore. A sure sign that something had happened to him.

The reality of the situation slammed into him like a rush of ice-cold water, a feeling that left him both shivering and heated in its aftermath. His Dream. Was this some new alien thing that he had stumbled onto? What were the affects to Liz, does she even know?

His mind was spinning out of control. He was excited and scared.

‘Okay, I have got to calm down and think about this.’ He told himself. These were the moments when he envied Liz’s powers to analyze a problem. He took a couple of breaths and began to replay the events from this morning. Liz had looked rather relaxed, the same look she had after a very energetic amount of their lovemaking. He remembered his remark about the dream he had had last night.

“Wonderful….I had the best dream.” His eyes glazed as the memories of the dream replayed inside his mind.

“Must have been some dream” she hedged.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.” He said with a smirk.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

Max thought about her last comments, “Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” . Maybe she knew something after all.

He started to go over his dream. He could help his body’s response to the vivid memories. It was all so crystal clear, every word each moan.

“My god, even in your sleep, your amazing.”

Something had struck him funny about her saying that, even in his dream he had thought that was a weird thing to say. Then it dawned on him as he smacked his forehead with his palm. He just shook his head as an incredulous smile crossed his face.

‘She had her way with me when I was asleep!’ The thought just bounced around his head. He couldn’t believe it. His sweet, innocent wife and had her way with him, literally. She must be pretty proud of herself and the little vixen never even said a word. ‘Well, we’ll see about this!’ he thought as we went into get ready for the day.


Max made his way into the kitchen in time to see Liz setting the table and the twins getting on each other’s nerves as usual. It was just another normal day on the Evan’s household, almost. Claudia was the epitome of her mother and Zan, the mirror image of a young Max. The only confusing part was that the children had the personality of the other parent, Claudia modeled Max and Zan was the Liz of the house.

Max stopped and took a look at his family. Family . A word that he had never thought would collide in the same sentence concerning him. It truly was a miracle, the woman of his dreams and two beautiful children, the product of that love. It’s rare in the world that your first is also your last, but with them it had been a given. From the moment they had gotten over the initial reservations of his alien ness, they had not been apart. They had been the most envied couple anywhere they were; you could just see the love surrounding them in its protective embrace.

But now Max had other concerns, he had a very sneaky and mischievous wife on his hands and she was in desperate need of being taught a lesson.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Liz chided him.

“Daddy’s a sleepyhead, daddy’s a sleepyhead.” The twins chimed in unison.

Max just shook his head at their antics, this was a typical weekend for them. Well it was so far, but that was about to change if Max had anything to do with it.

“I’ll be right in, I have to make a call I forgot about last night. Be right back.” He punctuated that with a kiss to Liz’s forehead.

Max went back upstairs to the phone in their room and dialed Liz’s parent’s number. They had always offered to take the twins whenever they needed them to and the kids just adored them. Max decided today was a perfect day for the kids to spend with Grandpa and Grandma Parker.


“Hi Dad, it’s Max.”

“Max, good morning. How are you?” ha said cheerily.

“Fine, we’re all fine. Yourself?”

“We’re good. Nancy is just finishing up breakfast and I was going to head down to the Café for a bit.”

“I was wondering if you guys would mind some company of the tiny persuasion?” Max asked with a chuckle in his voice.

“We’d love to, I’m sure we can keep them busy. Honestly Max, if you and Liz would like some quiet time we can keep them until tomorrow. We’d love to have them.” He said sincerely.

“Dad that would be perfect. It’s been a while since they had a sleepover over there, they’ll love it.” He replied enthusiastically. “I’ll stop over in a couple hours or so, is that all right?”

“Max, bring them over anytime. We’ll see you when you get here.”

“Thanks dad, we really need this. I’ll see ya soon, Good-bye.”

“Bye Max.”

Max replaced the receiver and couldn’t hide the smile that had forced itself onto his lips. He would have her all to himself very soon. He just had to make a few stops on the way back home. She will never know what hit her. Max chuckled to himself as he walked back down the stair to the kitchen.

Liz eyed him questioningly as he sat down at the table. Max just winked at her and turned his attention to the kids. They both had managed somehow to wear as much food as they ate. For a pair of 6 year olds, they certainly did leave a noticeable trail wherever they went.

“Kids.” Max said loud enough to break into their excited chatter. Two little heads snapped to attention and turned bright eyes on their father.

“What do you guys want to do today?” Max asked them.

“Oh Max, I was thinking that we—“ Liz started.

“Honey, lets see if the kids have any ideas.” He said with a glint in his eye.

Max’s playfulness was adorable to watch and it was contagious. She found herself eagerly waiting for their answers.

“Dunno.” They both said together. They did that quite a bit. Still to this day it unnerves most who see it.

“How bout a sleepover at Grandpa and Grandma Moms?” he asked slowly.

He had barely gotten past the word sleepover when the room erupted into chaos. The kids were up dancing around chanting ‘sleepover, sleepover’ and Liz just kept sputtering with nothing coming out of her mouth.

“Kids, all right, all right, settle down. Finish your breakfast and I’ll take you over in a little while. Okay?” he asked.

Both kids stopped mid step and nodded their heads. Their faces held sheepish smiles as they returned to the table and began shoveling their food into their mouths. Liz just looked at her husband with glowing eyes. He had set his up without her knowing, he had wanted to spend the day with her, just the two of them. How did she ever get to be so lucky to have a wonderful husband like him?

Max returned her smile with one of his own and then leaned over and placed a lingering kiss on her soft, inviting lips.

“Get a room.” The kids said in unison.

Max and Liz broke apart quickly and turned startled faces to their offspring.

“Where did you here that?” Liz asked in a suspicious tone.

Both of them ducked there head and fixed their stares at some interesting spot on their plates.

“Claudia? Zan?” was Max’s prompting.

“Aunt Ria, she says it all the time when you do that.” They said softly.

“Oh she does huh? It’s okay kids, you’re not in trouble, but it’s not polite to say something like that, okay?”

Two nodding heads greeted her in response.

“All right you two, put your plates in the sink and go pack your backpacks for Grandma Moms house.”

Two hollering kids went flying out of the room and up the stairs. Max just shook his head at the two of them. They were perfect, his children, their children. This was something he never really would have imagined possible. His heart felt full to overflowing just having Liz in his life, but this was just indescribable. Max gazed at his wife while she fluttered around the kitchen, humming softly to herself. She was so naturally graceful nothing practiced or forced. Max leaned back in his chair and just watched, it seemed to be one of the things he did the most. His mind was full of mental snapshots of their life together, he was sure there were going to be many, many more.

Max helped clean the table and with a quick swipe of his hand the dishes were clean. As he was placing the dishes back in the cabinet, his two little monsters came rushing back in. They skidded to a stop at their father’s leg and looked up at him expectantly.

“Daddy, can we go now?” Zan asked with a pleading tone to his voice.

“Please?’ Claudia added as she smacked her brother in the back of the head, freezing him with a glare.

“All right you two, that’s enough. Liz, I’m going to take them over. I have to stop at the store on the way home so I might be a little while. I should be home in about an hour or so.” Max told her casually.

“Okay honey, drive safe. Kids give mom a—“ she never got finish that when both of them attacked a cheek.

“You be good.” Liz told them in her best motherly voice.

“We will mom, bye bye.” They said as they were backing out the door.

Liz just smiled and waved as they drove off. Now what was she going to do with the rest of her day alone with her incredibly sexy husband. As she rubbed her chin she lost herself in thought.


Max dropped the kids off with a minimum of fuss and headed for the store. Pulling into the parking lot, he looked up at the building for a second. ‘Could he really do this?’ he thought to himself. As the events of what must have happened last night played back in his mind he found himself nodding positively.

He entered the store and looked around at the various items for sale. As things caught his eye he placed them in his basket and kept on looking. About forty-five minutes later he was back in his car and on his way back to the woman who held his heart. Max just smiled deviously, she was never going to know what hit her. He only hoped that she didn’t think he was strange considering what he had planned.

Max pulled into his driveway and just sat in the car for a few moments. He took a couple deep breaths and made his way into the house. Liz was in the living room, sitting on the sofa, listening to some soft sensual music. Max just smirked, he was very lucky to have a wife that just oozed sexuality. But that only seemed to come out when they were alone, no one else got to see this side of his Liz. She was the epitome of the male fantasy, proper in public and an insatiable sexual tigress in the bedroom.

Max waved to her as he hurried up the stairs to their bedroom. Quickly entering the bathroom, he readied the items that he had purchased for today, all day . Max washed up and got everything ready in the bedroom for his unsuspecting wife. Max surveyed the room, his handiwork complete. With a satisfied nod of his head he went to find his victim.

As he entered the living room, Liz’s eyes locked with his and the temperature jumped a few degrees. Liz stood up and met her sexy husband halfway, walking directly into his arms, arms she knew would always be just for her. Laying her head against his firm chest, they began to sway to the gentle sounds from the stereo. They glided effortlessly around the room, neither of them conscious of their movements, only of each other. Max could feel the pounding of Liz’s heart against his lower chest. The skin of his chest that was peeking through the ‘v’ of his shirt tingled from the puffs of air as Liz breathed onto him. They danced together for a few songs, always the same rhythm, and the same gentle steps. These were the moments when all the handwork of a marriage was worth it. Although Max had to admit that being married to Liz was not difficult in any way.

As the song came to an end, Max swooped down and lifted her up in his arms, his one arm behind her back and the other cradling her legs, pulling her firmly against his solid chest. Liz looked up at him with startled eyes, yet they were growing darker by the second, the wanton need for her husband burring deep inside her. Max claimed her lips in a searing kiss, branding her as his. The times he had done that were uncountable and neither saw an end in site. Moving as if he was carrying but a feather, Max took purposeful strides towards the stairs. Climbing them two at a time, he ascended to their bedroom. Liz was purring contentedly into the skin of his neck, her hot tongue licking and tasting the skin there. Not to be left out, Max let his fingers caress the side of her breast and he was rewarded by her sudden gasp.

Max kicked open the door to their room and set her back down on her feet slowly. Letting the friction of their bodies sliding against each other continue to ignite the little fires of need and desire, all of them combining into a raging inferno of want that they were both powerless to fight. Once she was on her feet Max stood back from her and just fixed his gaze on her.

He proceeded to slowly undress her with his eyes. Max soaked in the sight of her heaving chest and the now rock hard nipples begging to be possessed. They were poking through the fabric of her thin t-shirt, straining to be released. Liz felt as if his eyes were ripping the shirt from her now overheated body. She wanted to rub her nipples, to feel the weight of her breasts in her hands but his eyes commanded otherwise. And so she waited, eyes heavy, her breath was starting to become a labored pant.

Farther down his eyes traveled, over her taunt stomach to the slight pair of loose shorts she had donned this morning. Max could almost see the dark triangle of hair that covered her there, the soft, curly hair that covered one of her most sacred treasures. A treasure Max had worshiped at in wanton and abandoned need. Drinking from its unending fountain of nectar created solely for him, a feast no one else had ever partaken of or ever would. He could see the moistness in his mind as her silken folds parted. Liz felt herself opening to him, taking his imaginary fingers into the event horizon of her center. Slowly circling but never giving her the satisfaction of penetration. Liz’s arousal was so complete at this point she could feel the trickle of her essence as it created a trail of fire down her inner though towards her knee. Max’s eyes went black as he saw the evidence descend down her creamy leg.

Max brought his eyes back to Liz’s, he could feel how naked she now felt from his burning looks and intense gazes. He could feel the total submission she had abandoned herself to. She was his, just as he was hers but he felt she needed to be reminded of that in no uncertain terms.

With a wave of his hand her shirt split down the front and fell from her body. Her naked breasts were now bared to his desire filled senses. Slowly he bent forward until his lips were but a mere few inches from her swollen tips. He cast his eyes up to hers and softly blew across her creamy globes, hardening her nipples even more. Liz’s eyes closed at the intense yearning his actions were creating in her, she didn’t know how much more of this she could stand but yet still she waited.

Max pulled himself back up to his full height, but as he did so, another wave of his hand removed her shorts, leaving them to pool on the floor at her feet. She stood in front of her powerful husband in her thong, the front completely soaked through with the evidence of her desperate need. The ache between her legs had grown from dullness to a burning craving within seconds. Liz flexed the muscles of her thighs to try and create some type of friction to relieve the fire but to no avail.

One more wave of his hand and the string on her right hip snapped, the thong hung loosely but valiantly fought to remain in place. With a feral smile slowly lighting his face he flicked his write for the last time and the other strap gave way. The thong lost its battle and plummeted to the floor, joining its companions.

“Max.” she begged. The need to be touched was overwhelming her. Liz reached out her hand to touch him but he simply shook his head. She would have to wait.

His eye never leaving hers, Max undid the button of his shirt, slowly and deliberately. Her eyes flickered between his and his hands, crying out in desperation for him to quicken the pace. Much to Liz’s dismay her silent pleas went unheeded. Finally his shirt slipped from his powerful shoulders, falling to the floor, forgotten. Max’s pants and boxers followed next in much the same fashion; always slow, always calculated, his eyes never leaving hers. His eyes making love to her with an intensity she knew would devastate her when made physical. And still she waited.

Like a tiger stalking its prey he approached her. His eyes were wild and dark, unreadable. All Liz knew was that her husband had gone to a place she had never seen before and she now so desperately wanted to join him there.

Finally he stood before her, only a few inches separating their bodies, chests heaving and passion raging in there blood. Max raised his hand as if to touch her face but his touch was elusive. His hand skimmed the imaginary aura, which surrounded her. Only a mere fraction of an inch above her skin, so close she could feel the heat of him, but the contact was denied. Max let his hands travel in this fashion all over her body. Liz writhed in frustration at his torture.

“Max.” she growled. She was losing her control.

Without warning Max picked her up and placed her on their bed. Before she knew what had happened Max had fastened the Velcro straps around her writs and ankles. Her eyes grew wide as she realized how wild he had become. She had always wanted to see Max when he was unrestrained and now she was getting her wish. The thought alone caused a rush of her essence to flood out her core, its aroma filling their senses, pushing them both, driving them to fulfill the most basic of primal needs.

Liz offered Max a heated, lust filed look, letting him know that this was okay, she wanted this, and she welcomed this journey down an unknown road. She knew she was safe with Max; she would always be safe with him.

Max leaned over her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, letting his cling to hers for a few moments before releasing them. He nibbled on her bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth, reveling in its fullness. She tasted so incredible, something completely unique, all Liz.

Liz was moaning at the assault to her senses, urging him on to take more of her. Liz could feel her body creating more of its own unique essence, the fountain from which she craved to have her husband drink, growing wetter and wetter by the second.

Slowly Max trailed kisses down her neck to her heaving chest. Her breasts, two beautiful creamy globes of flesh that called to him, begged for him to devour them with his mouth and tongue. Never one to disappoint, Max flicked the tip of his tongue over the hardening bud of her left breast. Liz arched her back, trying to drive her breast deeper into his mouth. She wanted him to eat all of her. Max switched to the opposite breast and demonstrated the same torture he had exacted on the other. Liz’s eyes were closed as she tried to process all of the feelings coursing through her body. She had never been this aroused before and she knew that this was only the beginning.

Farther down he moved, trailing sloppy open-mouthed kisses down her abdomen. Closer and closer he moved towards her mound, only to stop at her belly button. He swirled his tongue around the sensitive opening and plunged it into its depths to punctuate his desire. Liz pushed her stomach out to try and capture his roving tongue, but still he remained elusive.

“Liz, do you know I can smell how much you want me?” Max said softly, his voice thick with need.

Liz knew it was more of a statement than a question even in the sexual fog she was quickly becoming lost in.

“I can taste you. It makes my mouth water.” He rasped out to her.

Liz closed her eyes tightly at the images he was stirring in her. She almost wanted to crawl out of her skin. She went to pull her arms down and push his head into her wet heat, to force him to eat her until she had nothing left to give, but the straps held her fast. Liz growled low in frustration but it only added to her heightened arousal.

Max moved lower again and rubbed his face in the hair he loved so mush. He drew his nose through it; her scent was almost over powering at this point. His revenge was taking its toll on him, he just wanted to bury his face in her a drink like a man dying of thirst. But he held fast, all good things in time. His hands played at her hips, stroking the flesh up and down, massaging the tender flesh.

“Max…damn it…. Max….” she pleaded.

“Tell me…” He cooed to her, his nose still brushing through her feminine curls. Liz could feel the heat of his breath against her core, the little puffs drifting across her nub.

“I …want…I want…” she whimpered.

Max couldn’t help the smile that crossed his lips.

“Tell me and its yours.” He encouraged in a lust filled whisper.

Liz closed her eyes and tried to get the words out. “Eat m…Eat…”

“Tell me sweetness, eat…?” He prompted.

Liz growled, after all these years of marriage she still became shy. Well she had had enough of that. She knew what she wanted and she didn’t care how it sounded. Liz raised her head and looked Max directly in the eyes. His eyes so black with desire, mirroring her own, met hers and locked.

With a raspy growl she said, “Max, eat my pussy.”

Max attached his lips to her immediately. Her head thrashed back in relief and renewed frustration. He attacked her tender flesh, nibbling, sucking, biting and licking her over and over again. Her taste was completely intoxicating him, he was drunk on its headiness. His mind only echoed one word over and over, ‘More’. He parted her folds with his tongue and licked around the inner lips of her heat. Every few strokes he plunged his probing tongue into her depths, thrusting into her as he would his manhood soon, very soon.

“MAX!!” she screamed. Her hips locked in place. Max could hear the rustling of the restraints as she pulled against them, trying desperately to grab his head and rub his face back and forth across her swollen sex. Her orgasm washed over her in wave after wave of heat and pleasure. Max continued to drink of her, not wanting to miss any of the sweet fluid her body created in its abandon. His ravenous ministrations caused from her orgasm brought her to another orgasm, her breathing ragged as she exploded again into his mouth.

“Oh God, stop… stop…” she pleaded.

Max’s head popped up from between her thighs and turned concerned eyes on to her.

“Liz, you okay?” he asked quickly, his worry evident in his voice.

“I…just…I just…need a moment. God that was …intense.” She smiled in almost lazy delirium.

Max looked at his wife as he slowly raised himself up from the bed. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes brilliant with sated desire and the ever-present flame of more to come.

“Intense huh?” he smirked.

“Oh my god.” She said dreamily.

Max pulled open the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out one of the items he had purchased earlier. In the light of the slightly darkened bedroom Liz noticed the sparkle of light reflecting off a wall. Her eyes followed the reflection briefly before she realized Max was causing it. Max settled back down on the bed between her thighs, the simple action alone stirring renewed lust inside of Liz.

“You haven’t seen anything yet…” he said, his voice holding a promise of unknown passion as he held up the clear glass dildo for her wide eyes to see.

“Oh….” She gasped.


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Title: A Midnight Snack

Chapter 3.
Part B
Revenge Is Sweet.

Liz didn’t know what she had done to deserve this sudden shift in her husband but she was far from complaining. They were venturing into new territory and even though it was a little scary it was even more exciting. Liz had to be honest with herself, a part deep inside of her had always been intrigued with this kind of thing. Most people were afraid to explore this side of them, the wilder side, for fear of what their partner would think. The fact that her usually reserved Max had ventured into this area was even more exciting.

Max touched the cold glass to her nipple, causing it to shrivel and harden to a nice ripe bud. His eyes flared with renewed desire at the quick response from his willing prisoner. Trailing it through the valley between her breasts he ascended the creamy globe of the other and applied the same measure of punishment. Her gasp was all the motivation he needed to continue on.

Slowly he traced a line down the center of her abdomen only to start again at the top and then draw lazy circle on his way to her belly button. Max became lost in the look of the clear glass as it passed over her perfect skin. The goose bumps were left as a reminder of the pleasure previously received. Max let the tip fall into the shallow well of her belly button. Swirling it around the sensitive flesh there. Liz’s breathing was once again starting to become slightly labored.

With deliberate movements Max moved the glass down to her feminine curls. Dragging the tip in and around them, laying the dildo flat and then rolling it across her mound.

Max smiled an almost evil smile as he drew a circle around her swollen sex with the tip. The cool glass on her heated flesh was pushing her further and further into mental chaos. Her mind was unable to focus on anything except the tactile sensation being created in her most intimate place. Liz couldn’t keep her hips still. They had a mind of their own as they chased after the tip, trying to get it to ease the ache that had been building slowly inside her core.

Her anticipation was rising as her patience was dwindling. Liz moaned incoherent words as she lost herself in the feelings Max was inciting in her. He closed the circles he was drawing and lightly began rubbing the warming tip on the protruding top of her bundle of nerves. Liz gasped at the first contact and then purred her contentment as Max continued his ministrations.

“Oh Max…” she breathed in arousal.

Her moans were all the encouragement Max needed to keep going. Gently he eased the tip of the dildo into her already slick passage. Liz pushed her hips up to try and take more of it into her. The feel of the smooth surface a polar contrast to the textures and ridges of her husband’s mouthwatering manhood. Max started a slow rhythm of shallow strokes, each one going slightly deeper than the last.

“Max…. more.” she pleaded.

“You like this?” he asked in aroused amusement.

“Hmm.” Was all she could muster from her fogged mind.

Max watched transfixed as the tip of disappeared into his wife’s silken folds. The lips of her sex closed around the smooth glass, drawing it deeper and deeper into her. He was able to see the tender pink inside of her. She looked so completely delicious he just had to taste her. He removed it from her entrance drawing a frustrated moan from Liz. She looked down her body at her husband and watched in rapt amazement as he slowly placed the tip to his mouth and licked her liquid essence from it. Liz’s eyes narrowed to slits as she watched him take the dildo in his mouth and suck the remaining arousal from it.

Max gently placed the dildo at her entrance and began to slowly enter her with it. Liz’s breath came out as a hiss as the smooth surface glided easily into her slick heat. More and more of its tapered length disappeared into her until Max reached top of his hand where it held the handle. Liz let out a slow breath and smiled down at him, her eyes fluttering closed in contentment. Max twisted it in a slow circle, watching the looks of pleasure cross her face at this completely new sensation. Her hips began a slow thrusting, pushing it deeper into her, taking as much as he would give to her. Languidly, Max pulled the dildo out of her until only the tip remained, pausing a brief moment he then he thrusted it back into her in the same unhurried manner. Again and again Max watched in fascination as the clear glass entered her most intimate place. His eyes dilated as the taper pushed her silken lips further apart until he neared the base where the taper reversed itself and again she closed around it.

Liz was without words for what she was experiencing. Her breathing was erratic and labored, her pant held the whisper of his name on them. Every time it was completely inside her, she would grind her mound against his hand, his knuckles would brush the sensitive nub of her clitoris sending a spiral of lust shooting through her. Higher and higher she rode the flames that built inside. Her hands were wrapped around the nylon straps of the restraints, bracing her for the coming eruption.

“Oh…god…Max…don’t…stop.” She panted, her head thrashing from side to side.

“God Liz, your so wet.” He exclaimed, her juices flowing in an ever-growing trickle from her heated core.

“So…close…please.” She pleaded to the unknown force keeping her from reaching her peak.

Max started twisting the dildo as he thrusted it in and out of her. Unable to help himself, he lowered his head to her glistening heat, letting his tongue snake out and flick at her swollen nub. Her taste was even more intense now, a mixture of sweat, skin and Liz. He applied a little more pressure with each stroke of his tongue. Max drank the fruits of his labor as his wife writhed in uncontrolled abandon under his touch.

Liz found it hard to take a breath as her climax loomed ominously before her. She reached out an imagined hand in a desperate attempt to grasp the thread that would pull her into oblivion. Her body began its erratic contractions as she neared it, her hips driving her into the soft mattress and then forcing her to thrust upwards to the heavens.

“Oh.” She uttered in strained tones.

Thrust, twist, lick.

“Oh.” Liz moaned louder.

Thrust, twist, lick.

“Oh.” She cried out.

Thrust, twist, lick.

“OH MAX!” She called out with abandon.

Max attached his lips to her now rock hard clitoris and pulled the throbbing flesh into his mouth. Her hips bucked against his face as he continued to pump the dildo into her quivering walls.

“I’m coming, oh god! I’m coming.” She wailed, her thrashing about into the pillows.

Max released her nub and watched her loose herself in the ecstasy of her orgasm. He was awed as he witnessed the inner walls visible through the clear glass of the dildo contract violently around it. It was if her body was trying to force the object out and yet at the same time draw it further in. Her outer lips were wrapped snuggly around the base in an intimate kiss.

“Max…oh. Eat my…cum. Lick me…Now.” she cried, her mind no longer in control of her actions or words. She was going fully on instinct and base needs.

Max licked her with renewed fervor at her impassioned plea. Her essence flowed into his mouth like a wellspring of fine wine. He pulled the dildo from her throbbing heat and completely covered her opening with his mouth. Max thrust his tongue into her, drawing out her precious fluid into his ravenous mouth. Liz moaned loudly at his efforts, both of them urging the other onward. Max was loud and coarse as he lapped at her but the sound only drove Liz further into a world that had already fallen from its axis.

Max slowed his attack on her sex and leisurely allowed Liz to descend from the heights she had flown to. He rubbed his nose in her curls, relishing in their fragrance. He looked up at her through hooded eyes and the sight nearly blew him away. Her mouth was rounded in an ‘o’, her eyes were closed but the lids so desperately wanted to be opened as she seemed to be looking to the heavens. She gripped the nylon cords of the restraints, flexing her fingers in time to the throbbing from her sex, a rhythm that Max could feel echoing against his chest.

Languorously Max crawled up her body until he was almost face-to-face with her. He met her eyes in a heated gaze that said more than any words could at that moment. Slowly he brought the tapered glass into view, the evidence of her climax still fresh and wet on its surface. Without breaking eye contact, Max brought it to his mouth and licked it like it was a lollipop made from his favorite flavor. Liz’s eyes darkened as she watched him clean it with his tongue. Without realizing what she was doing, she felt herself being drawn to it and running her own tongue along its smooth surface. Her eyes closed as she savored her own taste.

Max placed the dildo on the nightstand and looked at his wife. She looked so beautiful and she was all his. But right now he had more revenge that he needed to extract. With a wave of his hand he released the straps holding her arms and legs. Liz stretched and relived the slight stiffness from being in that position for a while.

“You okay?” Max asked, a thread of worry in his voice.

“Never been better.” She purred, a lazy smile lighting her perfect features.

“Good, because I’m not through with you yet.” He said in a husky voice that sent a shiver of fire coursing through her blood.

Max leaned down and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. His tongue dueled with hers, both trying to devour the other. The textures and flavors were almost that of a rainbow. Liz sucked on his tongue, drawing him further into her mouth. She could still taste herself on him and it increased her need to merge her mouth with his only that much more. As they kissed Max reached into the nightstand drawer and took out the next part of his lesson plan for her.

Max broke the kiss and started another slow journey down her body. He stopped at her breasts and laved them affection. They were so perfect, they fit completely into his large hands and the same was true for his mouth. Her nipples were so hard they could have cut glass, he flicked them with the tip of his tongue, dragging strangled cry from Liz.

Liz heard a light buzzing sound coming from the foot of the bed.

“Max do you hear that?” she questioned between moans as he worked on her breasts.

Max looked up from her breast and fixed her with a lust filled gaze, his eyes black as night with barely restrained desire.

“Oh do you mean this little thing?” he asked with a smirk.

Liz’s eyes opened fully in shock, her gaze alternating between Max and the Siler bullet vibrator in his hand.

“Are you serious?” she asked breathlessly.


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Title: A Midnight Snack

Chapter 3.
Part C
Revenge Is Sweet.

Max traced the edges of her dark triangle of curls with the tip of the vibrator. The cool steel of the cover and the feeling of the vibrations echoing though her skin gave her senses a confused target to focus on. These were all new sensations for her, but ones that she most definitely wanted to experience again.

Liz moaned her approval of the massage Max was giving her mound. Liz gripped the sheets as the vibrations inadvertently stimulated her heat. She could feel the rush of fluid starting to pool once again at her opening. This did not go unnoticed by Max. His mouth started to salivate at the sight of the clear liquid glistening on her bearded rose. His eyes darkened as he lowered his head and sampled the sweet nourishment her body offered to him.

“Oh Max, what has gotten into you?” she purred contentedly.

Max just grunted as he sucked on her bundle of nerves. He pulled her into his moth and slowly started to shake his head from side to side. Increasing the speed every few shakes. Liz started to buck her hips up in the air, the assault on her silken core becoming intense. Max released her fro his mouth and flicked his tongue over her nub. With each stroke, Liz’s breath came out in a gasp.

Slowly Max stopped his oral assault n her and concentrated more on using the bullet. He trailed it down past her curls to her opening and began to trace her there. He drew circles that never seemed to come close enough to where she wanted him most. Her hips began a slow chase of his hand, trying to capture the source of so much possible pleasure.

“Max, don’t tease?” She pleased.

“Give me a good reason not to?” he smirked back at her, as he all to briefly touched her swelling nub with the vibrator.

“OH!” she exclaimed, shocked by the sudden intense sensation. Liz grasped the sheet tightly as she rode her body’s sudden spike of pleasure out.

“You are an evil man, Max Evans.” She scolded him in a breathless voice.

Max just chuckled at her and went back to his latest toy. The circles he was drawing grew tighter and tighter, until he was circling just around her outer lips. Liz slowly tossed her head from side to side as the vibrations neared her heated core.

Max took the bullet and ran it down the length of her lips, coating its tip it in her arousal. Max watched in fascination as the folds of her heat quivered in response to the vibrator. Liz convulsively flexed her PC muscle causing her center to open for him, begging him to possess her, for him to offer the same treatment to her inner walls.

Gently Max parted her folds with his fingers and opened her to his heated gaze. She was breathtaking. Her nub pulsed with desire for his touch. He took the tip of the bullet and traced the lips of her inner core, making sure not to hit her most sensitive spot.

“Max…” She panted out.

“Hmm..” He replied lazily.

Max touched the tip to her swollen nub for a heartbeat and then went back to his tracing.

“Oh…yes…” She gasped.

“You like that?”

In response Liz reached down and laced her fingers through his hair. With one quick motion she pulled his face directly into her dripping sex. Without any hesitation she started to grind her hips against his face, rubbing him into her over heated flesh.

“Yes.” She growled, her voice low and dangerous.

Max pulled back from her assault and received a frustrated grunt for his efforts. He knew she was getting agitated and it was only a matter of time before she grabbed him and flipped him over. Max knew that there was going to be none of the today. This was his day and she was going to pay his toll.

Max took the vibrator and placed it directly above her nub and started to press it into her sensitive flesh. The vibrations growing more intense with the pressure he was applying. A tortured smile graced Liz’s face as the intensity built. She could feel her body coiling, pooling its energy for the one unraveling release. A release she had already experienced a few times today already and from the looks of it a few more. The ache in her kept pushing at her, demanding to be heard and assuaged. Her hips pushed back against the little bullet causing all of this frustration. God, she just wanted to cum.

As if Max had sensed her needed, he lowered the vibrator to the very edge of her clit. The sensations caused her arousal to skyrocket. Her hips took on mind of their own as they simultaneously tried to capture and escape the intense vibrations slamming into her. Her breathing was ragged and her fingers had actually slashed through the sheets that she gripped as if her life depended upon it.

“Shit!” Liz cried as her orgasm neared.

Max just pulled back a little and watched it all unfold in front him. He loved to watch her fall apart; it drove him beyond the ends of normal stamina and endurance.

“Max…” She pleaded desperately.

“Yea my love?” he responded softly.

“I’m so close…so close…” she moaned in frustration.

“I’m here baby.” He assured her.

Liz growled her need and bucked her hips a little more violently against the attack on her most intimate center.

“Max, I need…. to…. cum…” she cried.

Her fingers reached out into the air. She was desperate to anchor herself to anything that would give her relief. She was drowning and she couldn’t seem to get her breath. She could see it, could see where she had to go, but the target kept moving.

Max moved the vibrator from the side of her nub to the just underneath it, the edge just touching the swollen bundle of nerves. Liz thrust her hips downward jerkily, rotating her hips in a rolling fashion toward the bed. Harder and harder she pushed, grinding herself on the tip of her torturer. With one final push she exploded.

“Max…. Max…I’m cumming.” She cried in abandon.

Max just watched in awe as she flew apart. Her head was pressed back into the pillow, her eyes closed tightly. She pulled the vibrator away from her sopping wet core. She reached out and grabbed Max by the ears and pulled him forcefully into her burning sex.

“Eat it.” She growled. “Eat my cum.”

Max viciously lapped at her, drinking all she had to offer. Her scent drove him wild, pushing him on to try and bury his tongue deeper into her intimate folds. He suckled her lower lips into his mouth, laving her with firm swipes of his hot tongue.

“Yes…. I…can’t…. stop.” She said as her body convulsed into a second orgasm.

Liz tightly gripped Max’s head and with one last swipe from his tongue she pulled him away fro her drenched sex. With a strength she didn’t know she possessed she pulled her husbands face up to hers. She looked deep into his eyes, eyes that mirrored her won, eyes that were clouded in passion and ecstasy. She attacked his lips fiercely, driving her tongue into his mouth. She could taste the spicy sweet flavor of her own pussy on his tongue. The taste drove her to demand more from his willing mouth. The scent of her filled her nose as she ground her lips onto his. Sometimes she wished she could lick her own sex, to feel the folds of skin, as they would part for her. to drive her tongue deep into her core and swallow the nectar she would force herself to create. Her blood burned a little hotter as the image of her with her own nub in her mouth danced across her mind, to be able to suck on the tight bundle of flesh, gently nibbling it until more of her own cum filled her mouth and ran down her chin. She could see Max happily cleaning her face with his own tongue. The thought alone sent of another miniature orgasm in her.

Liz’s breathing was ragged as she broke her lips from his. Her lungs burned from trying to get as much oxygen as she could. Her lips curled into a lazy smile as she continued to come down from her high.

Max watched the angel before him slowly pull the pieces of her shattered body back together. He really loved it when she got vocal, especially when she told him what she wanted. It had taken the longest time for them to be able to get over the embarrassment of it all, to accept they had a primal side to them. Now they loved to explore that side, their lovemaking had taken on all sorts of facets over the years but none more important than mutual love and respect.

Max reached over to the nightstand and sat down the latest addition to their toy box.

“Max, that…was…incredible.” She panted.

A slow smile crossed Max’s face. “Thank you, had enough?” he challenged her.

Max crawled over to the far side of the bed and reached over and grabbed the next step in his retribution. Liz watched him but was unable to see what he had. Liz met his gaze head on; her body cried out for rest but the lust that kept building in her would just not be sated.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked playfully, a mischievous smile lighting her face.

“You complaining?” he asked her with mirth.

“Max Evans, you are being so bad.” She scolded him.

“No Liz Evans, you’re the one who has been bad. I think you need a spanking.” He said in his deep husky voice.

Liz’s eyes widened as he pulled the leather crop from behind his back. She felt a wave of tantalizing fear spread through her. Her body began to tremble in anticipation as her heat called out to her again.

“You have been very bad.” He punctuated with a feral smile.


posted on 31-Dec-2002 7:53:49 AM by moonieADT
Title: A Midnight Snack

Chapter 3.
Part D
Revenge Is Sweet.

“I’ve been …bad?” Liz asked with hesitancy.

Max looked at his wife with unchecked feral desire. Her eyes were slightly wide with fear and yet excitement at where they were heading. Max slowly approached the bed as he slid the crop back and forth in his hand.

“Yes, very bad.” Max said in a low voice. “Don’t play innocent with me Liz. No its time to pay up.”

Max towered over her; his eyes raked her body with their intensity. She could feel every spot his gaze fell, little flames of desire being left in their wake. Her body trembled with the uncertainty of the moment.

“Roll over.”

It was said so softly and with such tenderness, yet it had the force of a harshly bit out command. Liz rolled over onto her front. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked over her shoulder at her husband. A man, that up until now she could have predicted almost everything about him. She had always fantasized what it would be like for Max to completely loose control, now she would no longer have to wonder.

Max slapped the end of the crop into his open palm. The loud crack shattered the silence of the room, leaving only their harsh breathing in it its absence. Her eyes went wide at the sound. Her eyes were darting between the crop and Max’s eyes. Liz could feel a fresh sheen of sweat break out on her forehead.

“Max…” Liz said breathlessly.

“Are you ready?” His was face a mask of unadulterated lust.

“Y…yes.” She rasped out through a throat that was just a little too tight.

Max slapped the crop once more into the palm of his, causing her head to snap towards his hand, her eyes locking on the leather flap at the end of the crop. With growing apprehension she watched as he slowly took the end of the crop out of his and lowered it towards her bare ass.

At the first contact, she drew in a sharp breath. The leather was a bit cooler than she had expected it be. Her eyes flashed once up to Max’s and then back down to the leather on her bottom. Slowly Max started to draw circles on her tender rounded flesh. Where the end of the crop touched, a tingling of excitement was created.

“Um…” Liz moaned at the soothing contact.

That had been the moment he was waiting for, he wanted Liz to be completely relaxed when he struck. In a lightening quick movement, max drew the tip off of her skin a few inches and lightly spanked the supple skin it had once been resting upon. Liz gasped at the sudden shift in feeling, before pleasure and then immediately followed by pain, mild pain, but still pain.

“Oh.” She gasped out, her eyes again growing slightly wide.

Max continued again with drawing circles on her, round and round he traced. In a quick motion he switched cheeks he was working with. Liz once again gasped at the expected attack, only to be comforted by the sensuous circles being drawn on her opposite cheek.

“Oh Ma-“ she started to say, but that was the moment Max chose to apply a light crack to the newly selected side of her ass.

Back and forth he switched between sides, drawing circles and then unexpectedly spanking her. After a few minutes light red marks had started to appear on her tender backside. The other side effect had been Liz’s breathing becoming more and more ragged. Max looked between her thighs and could see the glistening of her lips, newly moist with arousal. Little trails of her fluid betraying her excitement down the creamy skin of her thigh.

“Max….yeS!” * crack * “I’ve been so baD!” * crack *


“Yes baby?” she asked though the haze she was in.

“Thirsty?” He asked in breathless anticipation.

“You got something for me?” She asked seductively, her eyes focusing on the every erect flesh of her husband, the tip drooling his precum.

Max walked over so her was standing in front of Liz. She looked up at him through hooded eyes and flicked her tongue out and lapped at the head of his manhood. She closed her eyes at the heavenly taste of Max’s precum.

“Oh Liz…” He moaned.

That was all the inspiration she needed as she latched onto the head of his shaft and sucked hungrily. Liz moaned as she swallowed his unending drops of nectar she nursed from his rock hard length. She swiped her tongue under the sensitive head and was rewarded with a low growl from Max.

Max stepped back quickly, removing his shaft from her hungry mouth with a loud pop. Her eyes flew open at the sudden loss and then a little wider as she felt the crack of the crop on her ass. Max smiled at the shocked expression on her face. Liz narrowed her eyes at him, trying her best to scold him; she received another swat on her bottom for her efforts.

“Roll over.” He ordered her.

Liz rolled over slowly, her eyes never leaving his. Max sent her love and desire through their connection. He reached down and gently caressed her face, letting his fingers brush against her lips. Liz kissed the tips of his fingers and relaxed back into the warm mattress.

Max let his eyes trail down her body, tracing every curve and valley. Her breasts amazed him. They defied gravity; they were so firm and rounded. They never lost their shape even as she was now lying flat on her back. Her nipples still pointed proudly to the ceiling, calling to him, taunting him.

“You want a taste?” She purred.

Max’s eyes flashed black as his head descended to her breasts, her nipples, were his target. He took her left nipple in his mouth, biting, nibbling and sucking on its taunt flesh. Liz arched her back, pushing her breast deeper into his mouth. Liz moaned her pleasure at the intense feeling being evoked in her. Max switched to the right nipple, laving the hardened flesh over and over, swirling his tongue around the turgid peak.

Max sucked back on her nipple and let it escape his mouth with a pop, letting his teeth lightly scrape over the sensitive skin. Liz gave a frustrated groan at the loss. Max climbed upon the bed and settled between her legs. Sitting back on his heels Max looked at the frustrated, writhing woman in front of him. She was raising her pelvis, pushing against air to try and ease the ache that was sweltering in her.

“Max…please.” She begged.

Max used the tip of the crop and stroked the heated flesh between her breasts, straying to each of her nipples. Liz closed her eyes at the rough feeling of the cool leather against her tingling skin. Max slowly drew it down the center of her abdomen towards her glistening curls, wet from her previous orgasms. He rubbed the tip through her hair, drawing lazy patterns in the downy curls. Her scent drifted up to his nose as he stirred the crop in her dark triangle.

Lightly and with great care he patted the lips of her sex. Liz moaned softly as her excitement grew with each contact.

“Oh Max…” she breathed, her hips beginning to move in time with the striking of the crop.

Max set the crop down and replaced his fingers where the tip had once been. He slowly traced the outline of her lips with his finger, coating it in her sweet nectar. Max gently placed the tip of his finger at her opening and began to slide it into her. Liz arched her back and pushed against the gentle pressure. A look of pleasure, almost bordering on pain crossed her face, her mouth open slightly in bliss. Liz became lost in the sensations spiraling outward from her core.

Max reached to the nightstand and removed a little piece of latex, a finger condom. He rolled it over the handle end of the crop, safely enclosing any of the rough edges. He continued to pump his finger ion and out of her welcoming body. Her breathing was coming in pants as she grew closer and closer to her release.

“More Max…more.” She moaned.

“You are so beautiful.” Max said with awe.

“Oh Max…deeper…. more…. deeper please.” She begged.

Max increased his pace, but had reached the limit of his finger. Liz was grinding herself in desperation on his pumping hand. Her head thrashed from side to side as she reached out to try and grasp the edge she longed to tumble from. Just as she had her fingertip on the prize, Max withdrew his finger from her dripping sex.

“Noooooooooo…” She mewed, her face contorted in the pain of the loss.

Max placed his finger into his mouth and cleaned the sweet essence of his wife from it. Liz looked at him through heavy eyes, eyes dark with desire and frustration. Liz was so desperate for relief she started to slide her hand toward her slick folds. With a wave of his hand, Max pinned her hands to the side of the bed. Liz’s eyes went wide at the sudden restraint.

“Max, I need to cum.” She growled dangerously.

Max gave her a feral smile and raised the latex covered end of the crop handle for her to see. Liz stared with glazed eyes at it, her silken walls starting to quiver slightly in anticipation; she knew what he was going to do with that.

“Max…” she pleaded haltingly.

Max knew he was pushing his wife to the limits; the most important thing was her pleasure. Of course if he happened to teach her a small lesson or two that wouldn’t hurt either.

Max placed the handle of the crop at her entrance and applied a gentle pressure. The tip pushed through the tight ring of muscles at her entrance, causing Liz to gasp in a relieved moan. Slowly he pushed more and more of the handle into her. He watched with raw hunger as her nether lips swallowed the handle, Max had never considered that this would be torture for him too. Max started a slow rhythm that he knew she liked. In and out he stroked her with the crop.

“Max…. yes…. that’s it.” She cried out in satisfaction.

Liz pumped her hips a little quicker, driving Max to a quicker rhythm. She was getting close again and she would not be denied. Max released her hands from their alien bonds but they remained firmly pressed against the mattress, grasping air for imaginary security.

“Max…fuck my pussy. Oh God yes…I’ve been so bad.” She breathed in growing ecstasy.

Max couldn’t stand it anymore, as he continued to pump the handle into her warm body, he lowered his head and began to lick her heat like a ravenous man. He gathered as much of her into his mouth with his tongue as he could. Liz was bucking uncontrollably against him, her mind spiraling into chaos with the attack of his lips and the driving of the crop handle on her overheated core.

“Max I’m gonna cu-“ Liz never finished as her body began to convulse in spasms from the powerful orgasm crashing through her body.

Max sucked her swollen nub into his mouth and lightly scraped his teeth on the sensitive flesh.

“OH!!!” Liz cried out as another mini orgasm rocketed through her before the last one could even subside.

Max hungrily drank from the fountain of his wife, her unending supply of heaven trickled into his waiting mouth. The more she came the stronger and more potent her fluid became. Max would swear that he became drunk off her. His mind reeled as the warm fluid passed his tongue and down his throat. Liz reached down and put her hand on the back of his head to drive him further into her heat. Once she had his head firmly in place she began to swivel her hips, rubbing herself all over his face. The feel of his slight stubble was just the right texture to bring her to another small orgasm. Max removed the crop from her clenching walls and threw it off to the side.

Max slowed his nibbling and licking on her tender flesh. Her hips seemed to finally actually touch the mattress for what seemed like the first time in ages. Her breathing was ragged and labored, her breasts swayed with the effort. Liz slowly released her death grip on the sheets, she gasped as she took in their current state. She had shredded them in the throes of her release. Liz looked up at Max with a mixture of shock and satisfaction etched across her angelic face.

“Max.” It came out as a plea more than as a statement.

“Yes my love?” Max asked as her wipe his face with his hand, bringing it to his nose to inhale the sweet scent of her passion.

“I….why…to me?” she mumbled.

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*fanning* I told u this before. WHOOO...that was a hot hot part. Can't wait for more.

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Damn! Damn! Damn! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my freaking god that was, damn I have no words for that!!!!

The toys were excellent, the visual on the um 'PRODUCT's' used was greatr really helped visualize what was going on.

What a pervie mind you have that was man was tha hot and smutty just how I love my fics, damn I must have another part to this, this was just great.

I would love to see Liz use the spanking crop on him, damn that would be the ultimate.

Must have more soon please!!!

PS: can I put this up on my site, any chance?

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Thank you, thank, thank you.

I B-mailed you about the posting stuff. I would be honored for it to be on your site

There is probably two more parts left to this and then I'll be starting a new one. This time I won't hold back like I have in this one. This fic is me at about 40% of what wanders through my sick little mind.. The next one Won't make it to the dreamer board, it will just be too much for there, but never fear, it will always be our dreamer couple, maybe with a little twist.. I'm not sure how far is too far...

I'll b-mail you with the idea, let me know if its just too far out there.

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Your next one won't be holding back like you did on this one? Wow. I can only imagine what the next one will be like then. From what I've seen in this forum, there isn't too much that is too far. The line only really gets crossed if it is non-ML. The concept of the "twist" has me intrigued. I can't wait to see what else your fertile imagination comes up with. *big*

And Faith,

Where the heck is that new part?! Now that Max has had a taste of Liz I think it's going to get wild. But I won't know for sure until you post a new part.

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Chapter 3.
Part E
Revenge Is Sweet.

Max crawled up between her thighs and placed his rigid flesh at the entranceway to heaven.

“Oh…” She moaned at the light contact.

Liz finally had what she had really longed for in the last three hours ago. She loved the feel of his solid manhood pressed against her, the feeling of silk over steel. Max took the tip and rubbed it up and down through her wet sex. The lips were swollen and seemed to engulf the head as it slipped effortlessly between her velvet folds. Max took special care to rub little circles around her bundle of nerves.

“Max…Don’t tease me…. please.” She begged.

“What do you want honey?” Max said huskily.

“Max make love to me.” Liz just couldn’t bring herself to say it now; she was too self-conscious. How could she say what she really wanted deep inside her?

“Is that really how you want it?” Max asked softly.

Liz could only shake her head. She wanted hard and deep. She wanted him to take her so hard that it bordered upon pain. She longed for the feeling of his rock hard length pounding into her, pushing deep into her body.

“Tell me baby and I’ll give you the world.” He whispered to her as he continued rubbing his erection against her core.

Liz wanted him so badly, what did it matter anymore. She had said so many things today so far. She had done some unimaginable things and god help her, she wanted to do them again and again.

“Max …Max…” She started as he began to rub a little harder on her nub with his manhood.

Liz moaned and closed her eyes tightly at the assault. He was trying to drive her mad with want and need. And he was succeeding. She opened her eyes and met his in the most intense, heated gaze either had ever experienced. Liz forced their connection wide open and flooded him with her wants and needs.

“Max, fuck me. Split my little pussy in two.” She growled, all her control was lost.

That’s all it took for Max to lose it. Liz gasped in surprise as she felt his rock hard length begin sliding into her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as he slid home, god how she loved having him inside of her. It was the most complete feeling she ever had felt in her entire life. It was the moment when they truly were one person being joined from the two halves that been thrown to the winds in ages past. But she had no time for nice thoughts; she was an animal in need of rutting.

Liz bucked her hips up hard against his erection. She grabbed his hips and pulled him into her with more strength that she thought she had possessed. Max didn’t need further coaxing, he started thrusting into her with firm, powerful strokes. He pulled almost all of the way out so that only the tip was remaining, then he fell back into her with building power and desire.

“Oh yes…. Max…uh.” she grunted.

“You…are…so…tight.” He rasped out in time with his thrusts.

Liz closed her eyes and lost herself in the way he felt inside of her. He filled her to completion, her muscles stretching to accommodate his large size. With every stroke she could feel the ridges and bumps of his hardness sliding against her walls. She contracted her muscles with each of his thrusts, drawing her silken flesh tightly around him.

“My God Liz. You… feel… incredible.” He ground out, his breath coming in pants.

Liz’s face was contorted in pleasurable pain, a mix that was so bittersweet. Liz reached down and started to rub her finger over the bundle of nerves at the top of her aching code. She massaged the swollen nub with her fingertip, rubbing in circles around it. She increased the pressure gradually, and then she would flick her finger sideways over it before going back to her steady rhythm.

“Oh good this feels so good.” She cried out.

She could feel her orgasm building, her muscles started to tense and the finger rubbing her nub began to spasm in jerky movements. And then it hit, release. Her body ran cold as her orgasm ripped through her, every thing lock in place as she came. Max groaned as he felt her walls clamp down on his thrusting manhood, her throbbing sex trying to coax his own orgasm to life. But Max had other plans, he had waited too long to be inside her he was not going to have it over with just yet.

Liz thrashed her head from side to side as her orgasm subsided. It had been one of the most intense climaxes she had ever had with him. Even as the ache inside her lessened, she could it start the slow building process all over again. He was going to be the death of her.

Max kept stroking her in long, hard, driving thrusts. He was in heaven; the feel of her dark feminine curls mingling with his own was indescribable. The sensation of the cool air as it hit his exposed length with each thrust was such a contrast to the fiery heat when he was buried inside of her. His paced kept quickening steadily, both of them losing themselves to the wild, primal need building within them.

The sounds filling the room were driving them both to distraction. The slamming of skin against skin as his body met hers. The wet, sucking sound as his rigid member parted her slicked folds as he entered her, the lips of her sex refusing to give up their hold on him.

“Max, I’m so close…. Harder.” She cried in desperation.

She smiled as she felt him increase his efforts, drawing her legs up and thrusting deeper into her welcoming body. The angle he had now, Liz could feel him deep inside, filling her completely.

“Yes…that’s it….more…” She grunted.

Liz squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the orgasm coming on. Her walls started to spasm in the tell tale signs of her fall into oblivion. Her eyes flew open as the orgasm started to engulf her. The feeling only intensified as she felt Max swelling larger and larger inside of her. She knew he was close now and she was not going to let him get away. Liz grabbed his hips and pounded her heat harder and harder against him. Finally her climax took complete hold of her and she pushed hard against him, her body contracting in a vice like grip around his painfully swollen erection.

“Liz! …Oh god…I…”

“Max, YES! Uh….ughhhhhhhhh.” she ground out.

And then it hit…

That’s all it took and Max flew right over the edge with her. The tingling in the head of his manhood turned into a raging fire as he felt his essence begin to erupt through it. His body contracted rhythmically as his orgasm exploded from him. Liz felt the warmth spread through her as she felt his sweet fluid filling her womb. The feeling was so intense it bordered on pain. He pulled out of her to try and begin the descent down from the pinnacle of his orgasm but to no avail. He continued to pump streams of his essence onto her gyrating body. He covered her dark curls with his iridescent creations. Long glistening trails of it scorched her skin as it marked her, falling on her stomach and between her breasts. She looked and opened her mouth to moan at the sight of his beautiful erection releasing onto her and her mouth was filled with hot nectar as the moan escaped her lips, dripping down her chin and along her neck. With one final cry his body gave out and he collapsed, driving his still firm erection deep into her waiting heat, making sure to fall slightly to the side so he didn’t crush her.

The ragged breathing split the silence of the room, each of them trying to recover from the high they had just shared. Liz ran her hand down her neck and chin, capturing the creamy fluid her husband had put there. She locked her eyes with his and slowly raised her finger to her mouth. Her tongue peeked out and caressed the finger as it passed between her supple lips, she licked all of him off of her finger and closed her eyes at the taste of him. Max’s eyes grew slightly dark as he watched her clean herself with feline grace. There was no wasted movement as she reached down to her stomach and up to her chest and repeated the process. Her hand finally snaked down to where they were still joined and she ran her fingers through her thick curls surrounding her dripping sex. Liz ran her fingers over the top of her drenched sex and into her hair, gathering a mixture of their essences. Liz pulled Max into a desperate kiss, suck and nibbling on his lips before plunging her tongue deep into his mouth. She brought her fingers to their mouths as she broke the kiss. She laced her free hand into Max’s hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him to her so they could share in the feast that she had prepared for them. With eyes rolling into the backs of their heads they laved her fingers continually, hungrily drinking every last drop of their love from her fingers.

They laid like that for a while, just enjoying the sounds of their steady breathing.


“Yea Max?” she said sleepily.

“I love you.” He whispered against her temple.

“I love you too, honey.”


“Uh huh?” the arms of sleep already folding him in their embrace.

“Wh…y?” She trailed of as sleep claimed her too.

---One more part left ...coming soon
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Damn this is just damn hot, gotta have more, of this sweet smutt!!!!

Moon dear, if this is just a sample of runs around your head then your in the perfect place!!!!! We need more smutt like this here, damn love it!!!!

Eccentric One ummm forgive, please don't hit me I'm working on it I swear!!!!

Faith *angel*

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Faith -

I offer no promises. *wink* All of the "punishment" stuff is making me think that maybe we need to send a certain amber-eyed man over to make you "pay" for not getting us a new part sooner.

On second thought, that may make you hold out even longer. Naa, that won't work. *tongue*

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A Midnight part.

Chapter 4.
Cleaning up.

Max and Liz awoke in the evening, well rested but starving. Max kissed Liz softly on the temple as he went to retrieve his robe from the chair.

“Um…. what time is it?” Liz asked lazily.

“It’s 11:30 at night honey.” He said looking over at the clock sitting on his nightstand.

“Oh my god.” She exclaimed as her hand flew to her mouth.

“What is it?’ Max asked, his voice anxious.

“We’ve been in this bed for almost eleven hours?” she pondered incredulously.

“Um hm, you hungry?” His voice showed his amusement at her shock.

“I’m starving, but don’t try and switch the subject Max.” The warning not easy to miss in her tone. “How long did we, um, you know?” she asked, all of a sudden shy as the thought of their actions came flooding back to her, her cheek turning a soft rose.

“Liz, you can’t honestly be shy?” He said in slight disbelief.

Liz looked up at him and just turned an even darker red. She brought her hands to her face and just shook her head back and forth. The things they had done, the things he had done to her. ‘Oh my god, what must he think if her.’ Liz thought to herself.

“Max, what possessed you?” she asked a little unsure, ‘did he think she was boring now?’

Max’s smile faltered, maybe he had over stepped the bounds of their lovemaking. Sure its one thing to enjoy something in the heat of passion but it’s another to live with yourself afterwards.

“I thought it might be fun, different. You always seem to have this wild side that I don’t often tap into. I … you didn’t like it?” he asked hesitantly.

Liz’s eye’s flashed quickly to his and then ducked down to the bedspread. Her breathing hitched a little and she shivered at the thoughts of what they had done once again.

“I…I…loved it.” She said softly.

Max smiled at her admission; he had hoped it would expand on what they already had. Their lovemaking was incredible already. And anything more would just be mind-blowing.

“Liz, you are the most incredible lover, right from the start you have been amazing to me. Each time it feels so new and different. You just make me feel so good when we’re together.” He said sincerely.

“Me too.” She smiled up at him.

Liz made her way to the side of the bed and brushed the covers back slowly. It was an innocent movement, nothing overtly sexual, yet she made it seem like seduction. She pushed her feet over the side and stepped down to the floor, her breasts swaying slightly at her movements. As she finally stood up, she felt the affects of there lovemaking between her thighs. She winced slightly at the soreness she knew she had earned. Max was by her side in an instant, his hand instinctively sliding down over her downy curls to her tender core. He smiled slightly at her as she felt the tingling warmth of his healing spread through her nether region.

“I love it when you do that.” She whispered to him as she laid her head on his chest.

“I’m sorry I hurt you.” He said softly, a touch of regret in his voice.

Liz’s head snapped up and she leveled a steady gaze at him. “Don’t. Don’t you even dare. That was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had, and I’m not sorry one bit.” She said, sticking her chin out in assuredness.

Max couldn’t help the grin at her actions. “Me too.” He said devilishly.

“C’mon, I’m starving. First food and then … we’ll see.” Liz sashayed her way to the door and then paused to look over her shoulder. Her hand came over her shoulder; she curled her pointer finger, beckoning him to follow her.

“I’ll get you.” He warned as he took off after her.

Liz yelped as she dashed from the room and down the hall. Smirking to herself, she raised a small shield at the entrance to the staircase and casually walked down. Max smacked right into the energy and just stood there with a warning look on his face.

“You’re not playing fair Liz.” He called to her from the landing.

Liz giggled like a schoolgirl as she flicked her wrist and let the field drop as she took the last two steps down to the foyer. Max wasted no time and hurried down the stairs, two at a time. He hurried down the opposite hallway to the kitchen and stopped dead in his track as she came running through from the other side.

Her breasts were bouncing up and down from her hurried running. Her dark triangle of curls seemed to gleam in the light of the room, like little diamonds of light were captured in their silky mesh. As she came to a stop, he could see the heaving of her chest as she took breaths to sustain her, her nipples having grown hard from the cool air of the house. Max’s eyes flashed black before settling back to the mix of gold, amber and the black that had been swirling through them since this morning.

“Max.” she warned him.

“Liz.” His lips curled into a little smile as he mimicked her.

“I know that look. Food first.” She wagged her finger at him to make her point. The only problem was that the action meant to scold only had the opposite effect. She noticed Max’s eyes flashing up and down and then where he was looking. A knowing grin broke out on her face, even as she tried to hide it.

“I know what I want to eat.” He sighed aloud.

“You can eat my pussy after we have real food.” Liz purred, she blushed crimson at her own words but she held her eyes steady, locked with Max’s.

Max gasped at her, his wife still never failed to shock him, from innocent to seductress within no time at all. And the one thing that Max could never forget, she was very sly and devious.

Liz wiggled her hips a couple of times for him and then turned to the task of fixing them a late dinner. She looked through the cupboards and pulled out a quick noodle dish among other things.

“Oh yea, I wanted to tell you. That dream I had last night, it was the weirdest thing.” He said thoughtfully.

“How so?” She tried to ask casually as she fluttered around the kitchen.

“Well, first I hadn’t dreamt about the Crashdown in years and second…” He paused to draw her in.

“Yea?” She prompted.

“I never had a dream with Maria in it before.” He said very calmly, adding a bit of casual distraction to his tone.


Liz dropped the cans she had been holding onto the counter. Liz turned to him slowly, her faced had blanched slightly white. Liz’s hands had started to tremble slightly so she gripped the counter top for support.

“Maria?” she questioned him apprehensively, she tried hard to remove the quiver from her voice.

“Yea, it was the weirdest thing.” He said shaking his head.

Liz swallowed back the lump that had formed in her throat. It was normal for guys to have dreams, fantasies. Hell, it was a dream, he couldn’t control what he dreamed about but it still didn’t remove the sting.

“Max, are you sure It was Maria?” she asked barely above a whisper.

“Why, should it have been someone else?” he asked her, the gleam of triumph unmistakable in his eyes.

Liz’s eyes narrowed dangerously on him. He knew! He hadn’t dreamt about Maria, it had been about her along. Slowly Liz placed her hands on her hips and took a calming breath.

“You know!” she accused.

Max was having a hard time taking in her serious demeanor, as she stood in front of him completely nude. In all actuality, it was turning him on. Her cheeks had flushed a healthy red, her nipples had puckered and hardened. The way she was standing Max could see the light pink of her sex as it peeked through the dark forest of her curls surrounding its most precious treasure. Max felt his body responding to her heated look. Her scent had become sweet to his nose, as her emotions had intensified. His erection sprang forth proud and hard in only a matter of seconds

“Yes, I know what you did to me in my sleep.” He tried to sound menacing but it came out husky and wanton.

“How?” She asked as she stood her ground, but Max’s muscular form was wreaking havoc on her.

“I could smell you on me.” He breathed to her, his eyes now completely black with desire and renewed want; he was looking at her like food again, like she was his midnight snack. “I had scratches on me.”

Max raked his gaze up and down her body, he enjoyed watching her shiver, as his eyes seemed to reach out and stroke her. To touch all of the spots that only he knew about.

“Today was just my way of saying thank you for one of the most memorable dreams I have ever had.” He said as the feral smile curled his lips.

Slowly Max took a step towards her, his eyes never left hers, hers however roamed her husbands magnificent body. Taking in all of the solid muscles rippling as he came closer, stalking her like a tiger does its prey. His eyes were burning dark blackened gold, his lids shielding half of the deep pools that were the windows of his soul. His bangs fell erratically on his forehead, in desirable disarray.

Liz’s eyes smoldered in the same intense desire. Her nipples ached, painfully hard with want. She wanted to feel his wet tongue on them. Her core dripped in anticipation, strengthening her scent as it drifted about the room. Her eyes closed as the scent reached her nostrils, the heady mixture of her and Max. Slowly she turned around, letting her gaze linger on him and then turned back to the task of cooking.

Liz placed a couple of pans on the stove and set about fixing them something to keep their energy up, among other things. She reheated some left over chicken seasoned with vinaigrette. She poured the contents of the pouch she had just opened into the pan; stirring it into the water she had already filled it with. She bent over to retrieve another pan from the compartment under the stove, she held herself there for a second to give Max a long look at her firm rounded ass. He stared at the beautiful lips that peeked through the hair that surrounded her aching heat. She spread her stance just a little and it pulled those lips open, the dampness glistening on her, Max groaned as he was drawn to her, pulled by the tide of her body.

Max slowly approached her and placed his hands on her rounded hips, taking the flesh and squeezing it gently in his hands. He lined his straining erection up with her opening and slowly slid into the depths of her.

“Ooooohhhhhhh.” She moaned as he slowly filled her, stretching her in the most sensual way.

She slowly rose, still bending forward slightly. She wiggled her bottom against the curly hairs that rubbed her, now that he was fully embedded in her. She purred and closed her eyes, just enjoying the feelings they were sharing.

Liz placed the pot that she had had in her hands on the stove and emptied the baby potatoes into it, stirring in the salt, pepper and butter as Max took long slow strokes, in and out of her heated body. She braced herself on the handle to the oven as his pace quickened, little by little driving harder into her. They maintained a slow and steady pace for a while, both of them not wanting this to be over anytime soon.

“Liz…so…tight.” He gasped as she contracted the muscles of her walls around his member.

“Yea Max…just like that…don’t stop…” She said huskily, her breath starting to come in pants.

Liz tried desperately to hang onto a thread of sanity as her husband extracted yet another delicious torture on her willing body. She closed her eyes tightly as her orgasm washed over her. Only the clenching of her silken walls giving light to the heights of pleasure she had just ascended to. Liz looked over her shoulder and smiled like she had just had the most delicious meal, her eyes sparkling in the dim light.

Her hunger sated, at least momentarily, she focused on the food cooking on the stove. She stirred the pots in time to each of Max’s thrusts. She tuned off the heat distractedly as she felt Max’s hand snake around her body and start a snail’s paced trek through the silken curls that sheltered her most intimate cache. She felt his fingertips as they pressed into the slight rise of her mons. Just as he always did with her long chocolate tresses, he laced his fingers through it. He found the bundle of nerves at the top of her heat and started a slow rotation around the ever-tightening flesh. He quickened his thrusts in time to the torture he was taking on her hardened nub.

Max leaned forward and pressed alluring kisses to her shoulders and the sensitive skin at the base of her neck. He could taste the mixture of sweat, vanilla and Liz as he ran his tongue up the column of her neck to her ear.

Liz looked back over her shoulder, her hair sheltering one of her eyes. Her lips were parted as she took some ragged breaths. Max watched as she flexed her fingers that were strangling the handle to the oven and a feral smile began its way across her face. Liz planted her feet a little farther apart and started to push back against him. Her thrusts were getting harder and harder rapidly. She decided she wanted his seed inside of her and she wanted it now.

“Ugh..” She grunted with her efforts.

“Ohhhh Liz.” Man moaned.

“C’mon baby, harder. Ugh… Let go Max….ugh…cum for me….” She begged huskily.

That’s all it took to bring him to the edge. Whenever she talked like that it sent his pulse racing. Those words coming from his innocent wife’s mouth were such a shock, witnessing her letting go of her control on her inhibitions and just being animal, primal.

Liz pulled forward and slammed back down on his rigid flesh, squeezing her walls as she did. She wrapped Max’s erection in a slippery grip as he pushed in, expanding the muscles that held him prisoner. As he completed that last stroke, his orgasm erupted from him.

“LIZ!!!!” he cried out, the sound reverberating around the stillness of their home.

He poured everything he had into her, emptying himself into her receptive body. Liz flexed her muscles around him and rhythmically milked him with each release of his essence into her. She loved feeling that liquid warmth as the jets hit her internal flesh, warming her, filling, and feeding her.

Exhausted, all of their movements ceased, save for the tell tale quivers from the aftershocks of their powerful orgasms. The scent of sex, sweat and food filled the air. Their breathing was ragged and drawn in short raspy gasps as their oxygen starved lungs tried to regain full capacity.

Liz looked back over her shoulder at Max and smiled languidly, her eyes drooping slightly from the exhaustion of this last round of lovemaking. She stood up straighter and pulled her husband’s head down to her and kissed him, long and sweetly. As she pulled back she paused a mere breath away from his lips. As she spoke her lips brushed his and he inhaled the scent of her breath.

“That was…incredible.” She said, her voice full of satisfaction.

“Um hmm.” He murmured.

It was at that moment that both their stomachs decided it was time to join the conversation. The growls that answered each other brought forth peels of laughter from them both.

“Well, I guess that answers the question of what do you want to do next.” Max deadpanned.

After giving her husband a knowing look, she started to move forward off of him. Max grabbed her hips and held her in place.

“Not yet.” He pleaded.

“Max, we have to eat before it’s ruined. Don’t you worry, I’m not through with you yet.” She warned him.

“I’m hungry too. Here, let me.” he offered.

Liz watched amused as he reached over her and pulled down the plates and silverware they needed. He grabbed a couple of glasses from the cabinet and filled them with water, chilling them with his powers. Liz raised her eyebrow at her husbands’ antics but she did have to admit he was very resourceful. He fixed their plates from the contents of the pans on stove and set them on the small eat in table behind them. Then much to Liz’s shock, he picked her up, and with him still firmly locked in her silken walls, walked them over to one of the chairs and sat down with her on his lap. He pulled their plates side-by-side and fixed her with an ‘I told you so look’. Liz had to admit, he was good.

Picking up their silverware they began to feed each other. The intimacy of the moment was not broken by the need for sustenance. In fact it only brought them to another level. This was a day for firsts and she was not going to complain about that. Her husband amazed her, but today he just out and out blew her away.

“Thank you.” She said between drinks.

“For?” He prompted her.

“This. Everything. My torture. Our dinner. Our lives. Everything.” She said with emotional sincerity.

“I would do anything for you, sweetheart. Although next time would you please wake me up. I admit that the dream was incredible, but I prefer the real thing.” He said to her in his deep husky voice.

“Okay, maybe.” She smirked at him as he playfully smacked her bare ass.

“Max?” she asked with a gleam in her eyes.

“Uh huh?” He said hesitantly.

“You know, I still have one of my old waitress uniforms in the closet upstairs.” She said in a low husky voice, dripping with seduction.

She smiled as she felt is erection spring to rigid life inside her body. She turned her head and looked up into his eyes, eyes that had already darkened with the want and need she was feeling inside.

“I guess you’re interested.” She giggled.

The End.
posted on 11-Jan-2003 1:16:18 AM by Faith Evans
Damn that was the smuttiest, coolest story I have ever read, must have more, you have to come back. This place needs more smutt.

Damn must go reread it all over again, so hot!!!!

Come back you hear!!!

posted on 12-Jan-2003 5:37:38 PM by moonieADT
Your request is my command fair lady.....

One Is Never Enough

Author: MoonieADT

Category: Max/ Liz

Rating: NC17

Disclaimer: Roswell, Max, Liz etc. don't belong to me. Just borrowing them with thanks.

Summary: Liz has her own Lab and is doing experiments into the hybrid creation process. Just fluff but watch out.

Chapter One.
The Break Through.

She had done it. Liz had been researching the hybrid creation process for almost six years and she had finally charted the entire process. With painstaking detail, she had created the pod and all of the associated hardware she would need. Owning your own lab had its advantages. Not to mention the most important of them all, secrecy.

Liz had debated long and hard on the ethics of this project. When it came down to it, she was experimenting with a life. And once that life was created it was sentient. That life would have dreams, goals, wants, needs, likes, dislikes, the same as anyone else. The being would be as helpless as a child in the beginning. Finally she decided that if she were to do this, she would not ask anything from an outside source. Which meant that the genetic material used for the hybrid would have to be hers.

That had been twelve months ago. Now she stood before a fully developed hybrid. Liz had made one enhancement to the process. She had opted to create the hybrid in its adult form. Liz had to admit it was a very unsettling feeling to be staring at an image of herself that wasn’t reflected from a mirror.

Liz watched amazed, as the being inside the pod stirred and made its need for entrance into the world known. Slowly the hybrid emerged from the primordial muck that filled the chamber and stood before her. The being studied Liz with a look of knowing acceptance and seemed to realize that she was based on her creator.

Liz grabbed some towels and clothes and began the task of cleaning and clothing her companion. Liz realized quickly that she no longer could call the hybrid, it, being, or anything else impersonal. She had feelings and rights; she was a living breathing person.

“Hello Beth.” Liz said to the hybrid, finally deciding on a variation of her own name, it just seemed appropriate.

Liz was amazed at the learning capabilities that Beth showed. Within a matter of two weeks, she had learned, and had a mastery of the English language. She quickly moved on to more life sustaining lessons until finally she had a partner in some sense sitting before her.

Max had been very supportive of Liz’s work. He came down and visited her frequently. He had been amazed at the developments in Beth. He couldn’t shake the eerier feeling of looking at a carbon copy of his beautiful wife. He felt mortified for the fact that Beth stirred some of the same emotions that Liz did. For the amount of time Beth and Liz spent together, Beth had picked up all of Liz’s mannerisms. Her likes and dislikes were the same all of the way down the line. That development had been a slight shock but somewhat expected. After all same DNA, provided for the same disposition to certain tendencies.

One of those common likes had been Max. Right from the start Beth had been attracted to Max. Max for his part couldn’t help but reciprocate. In essence he wasn’t betraying Liz because this was Liz. Same genetic material would equate to the same natural attraction. At first Liz had been a bit uncomfortable with this, but as time moved on she began to realize that this was the nature of the project and it was only the logical progression to have taken place. The more she thought on it, the more she would have been shocked had the attraction not occurred.

The one thing Liz had not really counted on was the fact that Beth actually retained the majority of Liz’s memories. It seemed that genetic material not only has your structure but it also learns your experiences, in a way it acts as a living journal to your life. Beth seemed to instinctively know things that Liz knew.

“Beth, I’m going to call it a night. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Liz said tiredly.

“Good night Liz, I’ll see you in the morning.” She said in the same manner.

There had been an incident a week ago when Max had arrived at the lab to surprise her. He came in and found Beth working on an experiment and thought it was Liz. Max had turned her quickly and was kissing her firmly on the lips before she could say anything and once his tongue had invaded her mouth the will to fight completely left her. She did, after all, have the exact same attractions that Liz had. Liz walked in and saw them kissing passionately. At first she had screamed at them both. Max had pulled away completely mortified and hung his head in shame. He kept babbling he didn’t know and I though it was you. After an hour or so she had calmed down and could see why it had happened. How could she blame either of them? The hybrid process had been perfect; Liz and Beth were completely alike. Beth only responded on the same instincts that Liz would have.

Liz had had a long talk with Beth after that concerning Max. She expressed her understanding of the natural pull she felt but that the fact remained that Max was her husband, and she should respect that. And Beth being Liz or Liz being Liz, Liz being Beth, oh whatever, Beth understood completely and respected her. They had decided then on one visible feature that would be unique and that would be hairstyle. Liz had left her hair long while Beth had hers cropped to shoulder length. It was immediate and a quick way to tell the difference.

Liz locked up the lab and made her way to her car for the short journey home. She arrived to find dinner prepared for her and soft music playing in the background. Immediately her energy level was replenished to maximum in anticipation of the coming evening.

“Hello sweetheart.” Max called softly to her.

Liz made her way quickly to his arms and buried her head against his chest. She inhaled deeply the scent of him, it brought her comfort and told her she really was home.

“I missed you.” She sighed contentedly to him.

Max rubbed small circles on her back, trying to ease the tensions of the day away. He was really proud of his wife. She worked very hard and had achieved critical acclaim for her achievements in other areas of biological research.

“Rough day?” He queried.

“Not rough, just long. Beth is coming along great. She’s a real person now. I mean she always was but it seems more real now. It’s scary how much she’s like me, well I mean she is me in a twilight zone kind of way.” She giggled to herself at the less than clinical analysis she had just given.

“That is rather unnerving at times, I will most definitely agree with that.” Max couldn’t hide the mix of embarrassment and shame in his voice.

“Honey, it was an honest mistake. She is an exact duplicate of me. Her mannerisms, her smell, her essence is me. You couldn’t have known. Well unless she was nude then you would have, if you knew what to look for.” She said mysteriously.

Now his curiosity was piqued. “What does that mean?”

“Well if the little escapade you two almost shared had progressed any farther, you would have found out.” She said as she turned and left the room to go sit at the dinner table. She looked over her shoulder at him. She had been baiting him and they both knew it, but he was helpless but to take it.

“Liz, tell me.” It was a request but also a command. There was no mistaking the air of authority in his tone now. She did owe him that knowledge after all.

“Max, she has a tattoo on her hip. A birthmark in addition to the one she developed from my DNA.” It was just a little too weird to say Beth inherited it.

They shared a nice quiet dinner together; the conversation was light and romantic. Max had put on some soft music in the background to try and soothe his tired wife. After they had finished dinner, Max cleared the table and led them out into the living room. They sat, snuggled together on the sofa. Both of them were just soaking up the warmth and love the other had to offer.

Liz drew imaginary circles on Max’s chest as they partially lay on the sofa. Her fingers were doing magical things to Max’s senses. She was stirring up passion and desires that always lay just below the surface. Max brushed his nose through her hair inhaling the scent of her shampoo as it mixed with her own unique one.

“Max?” she cooed in a seductive voice.

“Yes?” His voice belied the effects of their closeness.

“I want you.” She purred as her hand started to drift farther down his chest.

“You can have me. Anytime you want.” Max assured her.

“Anytime huh?” she said as she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it from his pants.

“Umm hmm.” He replied. His mind was awash with the haze of want that Liz was building inside of him.

Liz began tracing the patterns on Max’s now bare chest. Her finger leaving a burning trail where ever it touched. Lower and lower still. she traveled until she encountered his belly button. She teased the sensitive skin there; enjoying the squirm that she had provoked from him.

Max was far from idle as his wife had free reign over his solid body. His hand had snaked up to caress her flat stomach. Each time his hand passed over the place he had healed her, she could feel a tiny spike in her passion. Their connection had yet to open, both of them wanting to incite a ravenous want in the other before complete abandon was released. Max glided slowly up her ribcage to just below her breast. Liz, frustrated by the hindrance of her top sat up quickly and peeled it over her head. Leaving her bra clad breasts exposed to his hungry eyes.

His hand found its way back to its previous home and traced the trial under her breast. The thin line between was where his fingers danced, frustrating and stimulating all at once. Finally he took on the full weight of her in his hand. Not satisfied with the contact, he undid the front snap on her bra. The cups sprang away from her body, her rounded, firm breasts now free for him to take as he saw fit. He cupped her; her flesh was hot to his touch and so soft. He kneaded the mound and gently squeezed. Her nipples hardened and pulled tight in the tips of her pert breasts. Unable to resist, Max dipped his head and took a nipple in his mouth. He sucked and licked the tip and then took the whole mound in his mouth. He squeezed and pinched the nipple of her other breast. He rolled the nipple between his fingers teasingly and lightly, but firmly, grabbed a hold of it and pulled

“Oh Max, yes. “She moaned at the unexpected tug.

Max moved his mouth to the other nipple and sucked it hard into his mouth, laving it with is tongue; the semi rough surface incited little sparks of pleasure to ignite inside her.

“Pull my nipple again. It felt so goooood” She moaned out as he promptly fulfilled her request. He sucked and nibbled, biting down on her red and hardened peaks, the skin surrounding had shriveled and the course feeling drove Max wild with excitement.

Liz had not been idle; she had undone his pants and continued her journey towards her ultimate goal. She helped Max kick off his pants and tossed them, forgotten, to the floor Liz’s eyes smoldered as she took in the sight of his rigid flesh just barely concealed by his boxers. Liz ran her tiny fingers up and down his length, just barely enough for it to register in Max’s fogged brain. Max bucked his hips reflexively, trying to gain better contact with the torturing appendage.

“Grab my cock.” He moaned to her, his breathing as ragged as hers had become.

Liz took hold of his rock hard cock and began to stroke it. After a couple of tugs, she pulled his boxers over his lean hips so that they too, could join the pile of clothes growing on the floor at their feet. Looking down with hunger at his now exposed flesh, she drooled over the precum that was weeping from the head. Without a second thought, Liz dipped her head as she wrapped her fingers around the base. Like a Popsicle, she began licking the head, drinking the creamy fluid as it flowed from him.

She loved the taste of his cum; she loved to drink it slowly, letting it linger in her mouth. With that thought in mind she set out to fulfill her desire. She slid from the sofa and Max’s wandering hands to the floor between his spread legs. Liz divested herself of her remaining cloths as she maintained a steady rhythm licking the bulbous head of his cock.

She gave the head of his erection a couple more licks before finally engulfing it with her hot, moist mouth. Max almost shot out off the sofa at the intense sensation she was giving him. She swirled her tongue around the head and then concentrated swiping it on the very sensitive underside, just behind the head. Back and forth she dragged her tongue, all while her head bobbed slowly as she took him in and almost all of the way out of her mouth. She sucked him back in halfway and then stopped her bobbing and sucked on him like the straw to a milkshake, deep strong, pulls on his increasingly sensitive flesh. She pulled the head out with an audible pop as it escaped her lips. Liz looked at him with lust filled eyes.

“God I love sucking your cock. It tastes so good.” She emphasized her point by taking a few more desperate draws on his rock hard flesh.

“Umm…your cum tastes so good. Give me some more.” She purred.

“Oh Liz…” he choked out between ragged breaths.

Liz took him back into her mouth and started a steady but quicker pace. Her tongue swirled maliciously around the head and tip. The steady flow of his precum into her mouth was a great appetizer but she wanted the meal. She began to stroke his cock from the base to her mouth, her hand followed her head as it descended and pulled back. Liz could feel the juices starting to pool between her thighs. The mere though of having her mouth filled with his hot cum made her pussy weep with joy. The tears of her pleasure slowly rolled down into the crack of her ass, nicely lubricating her dark hole. She squirmed, clenching and unclenching her lower muscles.

Max’s hips were no longer moving under his control any longer, he was driven by animal need, the raw need to spill his seed somewhere, anywhere on or in his mate. He could feel the tightening in his balls as Liz continued her attack on his flesh. Liz reached down and gently started to massage them, cupping them and rolling them in her hand. She would squeeze them carefully each time she pulled back so that only the head of his large cock was filling her mouth. She started to feel them tightening more as they pulled up closer to his body, readying for his orgasm.

A continual flow of precum had been filling her mouth for the last few minutes. But now was the time she had worked for. Her jaws were a little tired but this was a labor of love. She thrilled at the site of him as he readied to unload his seed into her. No matter where, she loved to watch him.

“Oh god Liz…so close..” he pleaded to her. Begging her to make this exquisite pain end, to give him the final push over the edge into oblivion.

Liz smiled around the cock in her mouth, this made it all worth it. Now that he was getting real close, Liz snaked her hand down between her legs to her throbbing core. She glided through the dark patch of curls that stood guard to her center, on her way to her swollen clitoris. She started to feel Max’s cock swelling in her mouth. She knew it would be another forty seconds before the bottom fell out. Her searching fingers found their goal and she slicked her finger over the swollen bud. Reaching lower she let her fingers slide into her set slit, parting the folds of her pussy and drawing the nectar she found there up and over her pulsing clit. She began a furious pace on her clit rubbing in cycles of hard then soft, rapidly building to her peak.

She imagined Max watching her as she fingered her dripping pussy. Her fantasy Max smiled as she plunged two slick fingers deep into herself.

“Yes, that’s it…. You want my cum Liz?” he asked in desperation.

Liz growled her eager acceptance as she continued finger fucking her self. She knew she needed more, she couldn’t wait to have his rigid cock pumping inside of her, her pussy expanding and contracting around him, sucking him wantonly like her mouth was doing now.

“Ugh.” Max grunted, his chest rising and falling in great ragged breaths.

Liz brought her eyes up to look at his face. She watched in rapt awe as his face grew a deeper and deeper shade of red. His expression was a mixture of intensities, pain at needing the release and pleasure in approaching it. His cock swelled even more as her orgasm ripped through her, her fingers still pumping mindlessly into her hot passage. As she started to descend, Max completed the same journey she had just traveled. The head swelled one last time and she felt Max start to go rigid. His body began pulsing in rhythm to the muscles forcing his seed to the surface.

“LIZ!!! Oh God… Suck it. Suck…eat my cum, swallow it all.” He wailed in utter abandon.

Liz was more than eager to comply. Her mouth started to fill with his creamy essence. He released stream after stream of his cum into her mouth. She swallowed hungrily and waited for the next offering his body created for her. Again and again this scene was played out. She took the last mouthful and savored its thick creamy texture, letting it roll around her tongue before letting small amounts of it finally drift down her throat. Liz continued to lave his still hard penis with her tongue, increasing the intensity of the after shocks that were still shaking him. Slowly his cock softened as she cleaned him completely with her mouth. By the time she was done he had returned to his menacingly rigid length.

Liz made no move to hide the feral smile that lit her face. She crawled slowly up Max’s body. Her lithe figure moved so gracefully the higher she ascended to him. She placed kisses every few inches on his heated skin. Max caressed her back with his hands as she crawled farther up him. She licked her way up the column of his neck, nipping at the pulse point and along his jaw.

“grrrrrrr.” Max growled until she finally reached his lips. She crushed her mouth to his, plunging her tongue into its deep recesses. She explored hungrily, tasting and sampling all of the texture and tastes. She had him memorized but she loved to constantly refresh her memory. She pulled back a little but took his tongue with her as she sucked on it, drawing little moans from deep inside of Max’s throat.

“Umm.” Liz moaned at the taste of him before he slipped from her lips. Max placed his hands on her hips and started to pull her up higher. Soon he had her distended nipple right in line with his lips. Max let his hot breath bathe her nipple in its moist warmth, giving the hint of contact but it was never enough. Forcefully she reached down and snaked her hand behind Max’s neck and pulled him up to her, forcing her turgid peak into his moth.

“Suck my tit.” She growled at him.

Max sucked her deep into his mouth, scraping her tip along the roof of his mouth. Liz squirmed at the sensations he was causing in her. She kept grinding her dripping pussy into his chest; the rippled muscles there gave her a little friction against her swollen clit.

“Hmm Yes.” She moaned.

She pulled one breast from his mouth with an audible ‘pop’. She shifted slightly and cupped her other breast, she let her hand squeeze up to the nipple, rolling it between her fingers. She pulled at it until it was rock and ready for his mouth. She leaned forward and guided her breast with her hand into Max’s mouth. He latched on to her nipple and sucked repeatedly on it, doing to her with his mouth what she had just done with her hand.

Liz could feel the ache growing in her sex, a burning that she needed to assuage. Her hips kept making sweeps back and forth across his abs; with each back ward stroke she could feel his rigid cock press against her ass.

In an instant Max had released her tit and grabbed her by the hips to place her glistening pussy over his mouth. He held her there, suspended, only his breath caressing the pink sensitive lips of her sex. Liz smiled wantonly as she watched Max’s eyes blacken further. She knew the scent of her pussy was driving him crazy with want. If there was one thing that Max Evans could do perfectly, it eat was eating her out. She lost track one night of how many orgasms he had given her with that mouth and tongue of his. It seemed he was always hungry for her and it was no different now.

Teasing himself, he lowered her to his seeking lips, kissing hers in the most intimate of kisses. He kissed her chastely along the edge of her sex, making a complete circle around. He buried his nose in the thick, curly hair that formed a triangle above her heat and the sprinkle of hair that surrounded it. There were times when Liz would swear that her hair was one of his personal playgrounds. From out of nowhere he would thrust his hands into her panties and let his fingers sift through the downy mane that guarded her sex.

Finally he lowered her the rest of the way to his mouth and let his tongue peak out and lick through the wet folds.

“Hmmm you taste incredible.” He groaned as he finally dug in and started to eat her like she was his next meal. His tongue lashed at the lips of her pussy, taking long measured strokes trying to gather as much of her juices as he could. Liz loved to hear him as he devoured her, the slurping, sucking and kissing sounds that emanated from between her thighs was enough, by itself, to push her to the edge.

Max unexpectedly latched on to her clit and sucked firmly, pulling the little bundle into his mouth. He pushed back the hood with his upper lip, and proceeded to suck on it like it was a miniature cock. He took long, languid pulls on the sensitive flesh and he was rewarded with a gushing of her juices all over his chin. He felt her tense and he knew she was right on the brink. Sometimes he would tease her and let her back down only to build her up again but not this time. He was thirsty and he knew where to quench his thirst.

He released her clit and flicked it with his tongue repeatedly. It only took a few times until she went rigid and pushed herself down hard onto his mouth.

“Fuck…I’m cumming baby.” She mewed into the night air.

Max hungrily drank, as her pussy drowned him in the fruits of his labor. Her taste was slightly tangy but heady. Her cum was thick and clung to his lips as she took swipe after swipe with his tongue along the slit of her opening.

As the aftershocks passed from her body, Liz pulled back a little to see his face. It was covered with her juices and huge smile was plastered on his face.

“Think your pretty special huh?” She cooed to him.

“All because of you.” He retorted, taking a swipe of her heat for good measure.

“Clean me Max.” she moaned as an aftershock passed through her.

Max pulled her back down and began licking, cleaning her of her orgasm. He sucked her curly hair into his mouth and drew out the glistening droplets that had collected there. He laved her inner thighs and removed the streaks her pussy had wept onto them.

With one last swipe, he lifted her up in the air and brought her opening in line with his throbbing cock. Their eyes locked as Max slowly lowered her onto his hardened flash. Liz loved the moment with the large head of his cock first pushes through the lips of her pussy. The incredible feeling as she first stretches to accommodate him is indescribable. Teasing her, Max pulled her back off of him and lowered her once again. On and off he tortured her, he watched her head roll back in the throes of her pleasure.

“Oh god…one more time…so close…one more time…. UGH!” she cried as her orgasm ripped into her, pulling her legs out from under her and tossing her about like a leaf in the wind. She was powerless against this intensity of the feeling being torn from her tiny body. Liz never would have imagined that these feelings were stored somewhere inside of her.

When her thoughts finally became semi coherent, she fixed max with a steady gaze. Her eyes darkened again as she willed him to do her bidding.

“Now Max, fuck my brains out.” She growled, bearing her teeth at him.

Max immediately impaled her on his rigid cock. He pulled her down on him, until she was flush with his stomach, her lips suckling the root of his erection. Her eyes were closed but her eyebrows were raised in the bliss of the moment. Ever so slowly Liz opened her eyes and looked down at him, a lazy smile on her face. That meant it was time.

We started a slow rhythm, Liz used her legs to push herself up and then Max would pull her back down. Max looked down at where there bodies were joined and he felt his pulse quicken even more. Watching his cock disappear into Liz’s pussy was maddening. He found himself drooling as he fixated on her clit, the little nub running up and down the bottom length of his erection. It seemed to reach out for the contact with every time Max pulled her back down to imbed himself fully in her once again.

Slowly the pace increased. Liz leaned back to watch the show Max had once described to her so erotically. Her new angle forced her to take his cock into her in a forward roll as she enveloped his erection. Even she liked watching her folds part to receive his thickness. It amazed her that her tiny pussy could swallow his cock, whole. The thought alone made her heat ooze more of her juices down his length. There bodies were pounding harder and harder into each other. They would grunt with the strain of their efforts.

“Oh Yes…Max…Harder…” she moaned.

“I love it when you say…Ugh.” He grunted.

“You like it when. Uh…tell you to…fuck my pussy.” She cooed.

Max growled a little louder at her words. She was inciting him and they both knew it, but that was the fun part. Liz had been riding his cock of over thirty minutes now. She wanted the prize.

“Ram you c…uh…cock into me…” She pleaded, as the sweat was raining off of her forehead.

Max was starting to become erratic with his thrusts; they were so close, well more appropriately Max was. Liz had been having mini orgasms almost every ten minutes but she knew the big one was building. Ever since Max had helped her gain better control over her powers she had been able to control her release.

“C’mon Max…fuck my hole…. fuck it.” she cried out. She was so close.


Max started to buck wildly into her, all grace of movement gone. His face was contorted in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Liz could feel Max’s cock swell and pulse with each stream of cum he pumped into her thirsty pussy. Her release rode on the back of his. With the first feeling of his essence filling inside her, her walls contracted rhythmically, sucking and coercing his seed from his body. Liz felt a rush of warmth as the last of his cum filled her. Her silken walls continued to pulse in the aftershock of their orgasms.

Spent, she flopped down on top of Max’s hard chest. His pectorals worked amazingly well for a pillow. She listened to the steady rhythm of his heart as it beat in time to her own. This was bliss; this was what they had all worked so hard for.


“Hmm.” He replied lazily.

“I love you.” She said softly as she briefly lifted her head to place a kiss on the chest she had been using for a pillow, laying back down she sighed into his warm skin.

“And I love you.” He murmured back contentedly.

They lay in silence for a while listening to the steady breathing of each other as the shadows climbed the walls.

“You are ravenous.” He said in awe out of nowhere.

Liz giggled before replying. “I can’t help it.”

He could feel her eyes drooping even as they talked. “Tired you out huh?” He asked her, feeling pretty proud of himself.

“Hmm…” Was all she said, out loud.

“What ever happened to shy, innocent Lizzy Parker.” He mused, humorously.

“She became Liz Evans, and got you as a play toy.” She purred.

She had to smile to herself as she felt his laughter quietly rumble in his chest.

‘Wait till he hears about the experiment.’ She mused to herself; her pussy just quivered and gushed thinking about. ‘We’ll see who tires who out.’ A devilish smirk curled her lips as sleep claimed her.



posted on 12-Jan-2003 8:45:42 PM by Eccentric One
Experiment? Sounds very intriguing. What kind of experiment what get her all worked up, huh? *angel*

Do I see a little threesome coming up in the future? Max, Liz and Beth. I remember you saying something about your next smut piece being dreamer - mostly. But no UC.

posted on 12-Jan-2003 10:19:31 PM by Faith Evans
Damn that was hot!!!! That was better then hot!!!! Gotta love these 2 and the now with Beth, who is still Liz damn is Max going to be one very happy man!!!! Gotta have more hmmmm, I love your smutt!!!

They are so going to torture that man to death!!!! Ahh the joy so can't wait!!!

posted on 12-Jan-2003 10:21:24 PM by Faith Evans
Propositioning Coworker Max - Part 2

Max hadn't slept more then 2 hours that night on and off, his mind just wouldn't stop thinking about Liz. He couldn't believe what they had done in his office, but mostly he couldn't believe how good it had been. No good wasn't enough to describe what he had experienced while deeply embedded in Liz's body, awesome, overwhelming, grand, breathtaking, splendid, tremendous, remarkable, amazing, awe-inspiring, astounding, humbling, none of these words even came close to describe it. Who knew that under all those ugly shapeless clothes lay the body of a goddess. With breasts just the right size for sucking a great ass just right to grab and knead and hold onto while a man pounded into her small body. But not just any man had taken her this night he Max Evans who had spend so much time and energy keeping lecherous hands off her because he thought her sweet and to innocent to fend for herself. He of all people had been the one to pick her up and stab his cock in her and in his office of all places.

Little innocent Liz Parker turned out to be anything but innocent, Oh she hid it all quite well but now that illusion was forever shattered. And a big part of him would miss that innocence, but only a fool would refuse what she was offering freely. So what, he tried to convince himself if she was doing it for another man, he had gotten a small taste of true paradise and in this new day and age of equal opportunity sex he was going to plunder what he had for all it was worth. He squashed the little voice in the back of his head that such an arrangement like this could never last and his heart was going to get broken hard in the end.

But instead of letting himself dwell on the negative he let his mind wander to the positive. The tightness of her pussy the imprint of which he could still feel all over his cock. Damn just the thought of her pussy had his cock hardening and the tip of it peaked out of the black silk boxers the only thing he was wearing as he laid back on his bed hand crossed behind his head as the memories bombarded him. The sounds of her passion, the little whimpers, the loud moans the soft sighs echoed in his ears almost driving him mad. His cock pulsed and wept in reaction and he was helpless not to take it in his own hands freeing it from his boxers and began stroking it hard spreading the drops of pre cum all over his length lubricating it and making his strokes that much easier smoother. But the feel of his own hands were no longer enough to bring him release. Frustrated he concentrated on Liz's face the way her eyes closed to slits as she welcomed his pounding, the way her hair framed her face in a dark halo, the way her mouth parted a she gasped for breath. At the thought of her mouth his cock jumped and hardened even more.

His mind pictured her on her knees kneeling in front of his cock as she took his hard flesh into her sweet mouth her small hands would move on his balls squeezing and stroking as she worked to bring him to release. He saw her clearly in his mind's eye almost as she was really there; he saw her small tongue tracing the large vein of his cock. When she reached the tip he saw her take the large mushroom tip tracing her lips with it his white pre-cum covering her lips like lip stick. He tightened his hold on his balls as he imaged her little tongue licking her lips lustily eating his cum in the process. He then imagined her taking that tip and sucking on it gently, her small hands then moved to his length stroking and stroking.

The image was so potent with a loud cry his manhood exploded and his cum released in a torrent all over his chest and bed, breathing heavily he let go of his now limp cock and wondered if he would survive this experience.

# # # #

Liz woke up the next morning completely refreshed and loose, her thighs ached only a tiny bit a reminder that last night had not been just a dream. With a funny little smile on her face she got her stuff together readying herself to go to work and see Max. Max, (sigh) Last night had been better then any of her wild imaginings and she couldn't wait to do it again. She wouldn't allow herself to 2nd guess if there would in fact be a 2nd time with him, that after thinking about it over night he would have changed his mind. She had come this far she would see this threw to what ever end, moseying about hadn't gotten her anything, Damian was right it was time for Liz Parker to step out of her shell and live a little. With that in mind she went to her closet to dress for work seeing her ugly clothes with new eyes, she made up her mind to go shopping for a new wardrobe this weekend, maybe she would even go for a hair cut she mused to herself.

Dressing quickly and putting her hair in it's regular tight bun shivering as she remembered Max's orders to let her hair down the night before, " Lesson 2, let down your hair and make a show of it, men like to be teased a bit by a woman " God she couldn’t wait for round 2 tonight. She walked into her living room and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her two best friends Damian, and Jeffery sitting there waiting for her, they had obviously let themselves in and something told her she was about to be asked some very personal questions and that there was no escape.

"So my plan worked, I hear someone got very lucky thanks to me. But imagine my surprise when she didn't come over and give us all the sordid little details on the big event after all the planning we did, tisk, tisk that's very, very rude, Lizzie, very rude." Damian teased her. He smiled when Liz turned a bright red, but the silly little smile only a woman well fucked could wear stayed on her lips.

"You… you… heard?" Liz chocked her mind whirling on how such a thing could have happened.

"I stayed last night to offer moral support incase he said no, last night and lets just say I heard and saw a few things that well I don't have to tell you how naughty they were, you were lucky I was able to con the cleaning crew with a free late drink and bit of fun otherwise the two of you would have been discovered, you did leave the door and window shades open you know." Jeffery explained.

Mortified that she hadn't even thought of that and that he had heard and seen her in the throws of passion she moaned in despair and sat on her sofa hard. Both men got up quickly and Jeffery patted her back in a soothing motion as he explained himself further. "Don't worry I got out of dodge when I saw the plan had worked, and as I was walking out I took the incoming cleaning crew with me, so no one else saw or heard anything."

Comforted at least for small favors, she was able to lift her head once again, and looked into the gentle eyes of her friends and gave them a relieved smile. Damian broke the moment by clapping his hands and said, "Ok, now so phase one worked; now it's time for phase 2." And with that he lifted a book from her coffee table he had brought with him. "Once Jeffery told me our plan had worked like a charm I went to the local bookstore and bought you this." And handed it to her, she took it and looked at it and read the title out loud. "The Karma Sutra - The Arts Of Love" opening it she saw full color photos and very little text of couples in different sexual positions. Liz blushed again, and Damian chuckled and said, "Go threw it, if you like anything you could always get dream boy to teach it to you in your attempt to seduce Jeffery here as you told Max you were aiming to do."

Leaving her alone the two men left her apartment to her thoughts. She opened the book taking in every position and reading the small text in each page and with little post it notes she stared marking what she would like to share with Max. A lot of the positions were of couples standing up or with the woman sitting on a table of some kind, she recognized some that she and Max had already done one really made her mouth water but that one required a big bed to carry it out but an image of Max naked in her room made her hands shake while doing that very position. Dropping the book and leaning back on her sofa she began to wonder is she was going to be able to survive this experience.

# # # #

Both arrived at work with very different spirits, Liz arrived cheerful with more then enough energy to do the work she missed yesterday and today's daily chore. Her book was safe in her desk while she waited for the right moment to give it to him. Max walked in after a night of hardly any sleep, with an attention level of zero and an attitude that soured each time he looked at the clock and noticed time was moving way to slowly for his taste. Plus it didn't help that every time he got a glimpse of Liz, he would harden instantly, despite the ugly clothes she was wearing, and the unflattering hair style, he knew first hand what lay underneath and oh how he wanted a taste of it, now.

People continued to ignore Liz, just like always she passed right below their radar. Max drove people away with his attitude until no one wanted to go anywhere near him and went out of their way to leave him alone, which suited Max just fine. Thankfully for him the boss was out for the day otherwise he would have a lot to answer for, suffice it to say he got no work done. By lunch time Max was ready to pop in so many ways, and that was the time Liz decided to walk into his office, thankfully the office was practically empty.

# # # #

"Max can I talk to you?" Liz asked as she knocked on his door and walked in, she noticed right away how dark his office was and the binds on the window were drawn the only light inside the room was on his desk and as he waved her in he motioned her to close the door.

"Sure, sure, what can I do for you Liz?" Max asked he hoped to god that his voice sounded normal, unlike the sneaky suspicion he had that it didn't.

"First are you ok, I heard you snapping the head off people all morning." Liz asked worried.

"No, no I'm fine, just one of those days when nothing seems to be going right, happens to everyone." Max lied easily.

"Oh, so it's not because you're regretting last night?" Liz asked in a small voice the small fear she had been trying to contain all morning finally coming out.

"Oh, god no!!!! Never that!" Max answered fervently. He walked to her side and took her face in his hands, he just couldn't help himself. They both forgot the world around them, there was only this moment them alone and together. "So, you wanted to see me, for some reason?" Max whispered, still looking in her eyes.

"Yeah, I, ahh, I wanted to, umm, give you this…" Liz had a hard time remembering. But when he looked down to her hands, she blinked several times to get her bearings again. He took the book from her hands and thumbed threw it, the images of couples in all kinds of different positions with post it notes on different pages made his eyes pop. He looked quickly at Liz, and she smiled softly and said, "Every class needs a textbook right?" That made him groan and looking back at the book and the page he had stopped on (page 118) the position there was called 'Gardhaba - meaning the ass' it was a man standing leaning back on a tree a man standing in front of him legs spread her bottom right on groin leaving no doubt about where the man's cock was buried. Her back was arched and she was leaning forward one hand on her own thigh the other was covering her pussy no doubt she was stroking herself adding to her pleasure. There were two more pictures on the next page where the woman was leaning further forward her knees were even further bent her hands on her own knees as she continued to ride her lover. The last picture showed her completely arched and bent and the throws of passion her arms were behind her where her hands were digging into the back of the man thighs as she anchored herself better as she rode his cock hard. The image of having Liz in that same position right here right now did him in completely.

"Why don't we do this lesson first, right now…" He didn't let her respond; he just grabbed her body pushed it into his and kissed her hard on the lips. He dropped the book where he stood his hands began to wander and caressed her body over her clothes. He lifted her skirt and worked his hands into her panties where he kneaded the firm flesh. Already he was feeling so much better all the frustrations and the madness he had been living with since he left her the night before, energy filled his veins and he let himself get drunk on her taste. He buried his tongue in her mouth, where he dueled with hers it was almost as he was trying to consume her whole. She was helpless not to give into his passion as it fed her own. The time of day, where they were and that anyone could enter that door since Liz hadn't locked it never entered their minds. There was only here and now, the two alone, nothing else mattered.

Soon simple petting wasn't enough he pushed her panties down where she stepped out of them though both were reluctant to break the kiss. Max wasn't the only one with busy hands hers were clumsily undoing his belt buckle undoing his shirt so she could touch his behr flesh all she wanted, she then worked his pants and boxers down freeing his cock which jumped at her touch and poked her stomach threw her clothes. Her hands went to his butt and she kneaded the hard flesh like he had done hers. They stumbled around until his butt hit his desk, the image of the pictures came to mind and he released her fast turned her around so that her behr ass was level with his cock grabbing himself he tested her pussy's wetness and found her sopping grimacing with pleasure he worked his big tool into her pussy in one long slow thrust. Her pussy felt so good, so much better then any memory, her walls felt so hot, so soft, so tight, so damn wet he glided in effortlessly he never wanted to leave her again.

Liz for her part couldn't make a sound he had taken all the breath from her body. Feeling him enter her, taking his time to do so made and ache start and grow until when he was fully embedded it hurt so desirously. She wanted more of that beautiful cock she started rotating her bottom in a clock wise motion so that his cock touched every inch of her pussy walls which made her ache oh so much more. Only the soft slurping sound of their joined sex's could be heard as the two lovers held their breaths enjoying the sweet sensations only two joined people can give each other. But as much as he was enjoying her sweet torture he was too sensitive, to on the edge he needed a deeper harder joining he had waited, fantasized, and dreamed about this to much now for him to take it slowly.

He grabbed her hips and lifted her off him only to push her back on him hard, Liz whimpered and that little sound went right to his head. He did it again and again and again, stabbing her using all his strength to thrust deeper and deeper in her. He watched his cock stretch her as it went in and out of her tight hole. The vision of their joining was the most beautiful stimulating vision he had ever witnessed. Liz could do nothing but try to steady herself and take the pounding, he felt so much bigger this way then last night and she felt like she was housing an oak tree between her legs and that it was trying to saw her in half with each thrust. After another shift in their bodies the angle proved to be wrong and Liz was feeling no pleasure and she began to protest. Max wasn't to far gone despite his wild urge to just thrust until he had nothing left to give, that he didn't notice her distress. He turned them around so that now she was now leaning over his desk giving her the support she needed, he left her for just a second only to come back with a small pillow placed it under her on her tummy so the desk wouldn't cut into her beautiful skin, and he adjusted her legs and once again drove home. Keeping her pleasure at the forefront of his mind he played with her little nub rubbing her juices all over it and rubbing it in fast circles.

Soon all thoughts of discomfort flew out of Liz's mind and she had to cover her mouth to keep the screams of deep pleasure in as some inner voice warned her to keep quiet. Liz simply stood still eyes tightly closed mouth clapped shut as she enjoyed the feel of Max moving deeply smoothly inside her. Not since last night had Liz felt so complete so connected with anyone before in her life. Nothing could ever have prepared her for such an experience. Max to was in high heaven, he had found that which every male always searches for the perfect pussy, hot, perfectly wet, tight and open for his invasion. He trusted and trusted loving the way she housed him and when he felt her release hit him and her walls closed in on him that much tighter it was with a low drawn out moan that he finally released his own load deep within. His hot cum covered every inch of her and soon began to drip out of her because it was just too much for her to keep inside for very long.

Max lost all his strength with his orgasm and with shaky legs he disconnected from her and fell to his knees. Liz stayed where she was breathing heavily and hard trying to recover from the experience. Max was on his knees his head was leaning on her ass his nose just inches away from her steamy dripping core. The fragrant scent of their mixed juices filled his nose and opening her eyes he looked straight on the damage he had wrought to her body. Her core was open and the cum dripping in a steady rhythm, in the limited light in the room her outer lips looked red and swollen. Using one of his fingers he traced those lips and watched it become covered in their juices. Unable to stop himself he traced those lips with his nose inhaling deeply, he then started to lick those lips with his tongue. Their juices ran over his tongue he found the taste of them mingling together incredible sweet, he was a little worried that the action of tasting his own cum, male cum didn't disgust him but their tastes were just to good to pass up with such trivial thoughts.

Soon he was sucking on her core vigorously, swallowing as much of their juices as possible, his tongue and sometimes his hands when they weren't being used to open her thighs wider to an even deeper drink, played with her little nub of pleasure. Single mindedly like his very life depended on it he worked and when their was nothing more to drink he inserted two fingers in her core while the other hand worked her nub of pleasure fast and hard building her into another release. Liz was in heaven no man had ever eaten her out, and she had begun to think no man ever would in her life time. In her limited experience men loved to get blow jobs but they never liked to return the favor. She had yet to give Max one and yet he had no qualms about bending her over and burring his face in her pussy and working that wonderful mouth on her expertly, it wasn't long before she was muffling her cries in her hands again and was bucking her hips backwards into his face silently begging for more of his attentions. He quickly brought her to release and he started sucking on her vigorously all over again and the feel of his tongue deeply embedded in her brought her to another orgasm which built on the one that came before it. He kept her in this state until she was a writhing mass of flesh left gasping for breath on his desk. When her legs were no longer enough to hold her up she let herself fall on the floor. Her skirt thankfully came down from where it had been bunched on her waist and she sat on that on the hard floor. Her back was propped on his desk as she tried hard to come back into her body and come off the endless highs he had given her.

Max had fallen onto his back where he lay with out moving, he had found his own release his cum had shot out and puddled on the floor while he had eaten her out and it had tapped all his remaining strength. It was then completely weak and satisfied that he remembered that he was on the floor of his office at his work place, his pants were rolled down and his cock was lying spent on his thigh, free for the world to see if anyone decided to open the door and enter his office and even that embarrassing predicament wasn't enough to get him off the floor. He thanked his lucky stars no one had yet come in when they had been in the middle of their ummm 'quickie' lunchtime activities, he couldn't remember if they had been add all quiet or hell what time it was right then, and still he didn't move. It wasn't until Liz shaky made an effort to get back on her feet under her own power that he angled his head to look at a clock hanging high over his desk. The digital clock said 12:53 pm they had been in here fucking their brains out for 7 minutes shy of an hour. Lunch time was close to being over, Max couldn't believe it to him it had felt like more time had passed. But the clock couldn't lie and around 1:15 his coworkers would be rushing back, no wonder no one had come barging in to see what was going on. Seeing Liz was now seated on the two person sofa head leaned back on the wall as she rested looking for the strength to make it out the door to her own office. He got up on wobbling legs stuffed his cock back in his boxers and brought his pants up, he didn't re tuck his shirt instead letting it hang out so as to cover the wet stains on his pants he teetered over to her and sat down next to her.

He took her in his arms and laid her head on his chest and stroked her back as best he could, they sat in silence and just watched the minutes tick past. Max was the first to break the silence. "How bout we use a bed next time."

"I'm still trying to recover and you're already thinking about the next time." Liz groaned.

"What can I say; I take my position as teacher very seriously. Besides Liz, sex with you is very much like Chinese food, it tastes great and once you've had it your full, but an hour later your hungry again." Max said in utter seriousness.

Liz couldn't help but smile a womanly smile at that, that if Max had been able to see it would had her on the floor legs spread all over again and an the preverbal hour be damned. As it was Max's mind was still on there next time, and where it would be, he wanted her on a bed big time. When the though of his solo masturbation of last night and the fantasy's he had had of her on his bed came flooding back, why not make a few of them with the help of her so called 'textbook' come to life.

"How about my place, after work? We go have a round of hot sex, order in some food and more hot sex?" Max asked Liz.

Liz only had one answer to that, "Yes."


So what do you think?
posted on 12-Jan-2003 11:39:15 PM by Phaedra223
Faith- This is getting scary. You are thinking entirely too much like yours truly.

My goodness- don't I envy Liz! And I repeat- why can't I have a coworker that droolworthy and, er, ready, willing, and able??

Liked the book. Very very nice idea because it gives so many suggestions. Lots of positions means lots of time with teacher Max.

Max needs to lock his doors more often and maybe get a radio for background noise. (good suggestion, eh?) Oh, and he might want to start taking vitamins. Thinking that he's going to be needing them.

I can't wait to hear what Damian and Jeffrey have to recommend next!

Thanks for this terrific part!

posted on 12-Jan-2003 11:42:31 PM by Phaedra223
Moonie- Really enjoyed your stories and am wondering where the heck have you been?? You simply must post more of your work here!!

I am a Dreamer smut addict, I confess. Just ask Faith- she'll back me up on this! You do very nice work, and I look forward to reading more of it.

posted on 12-Jan-2003 11:50:44 PM by StormyBear30
Good Lord...brb!!! Ahhhhh...refreshing!!! Sorry I had to go out into the freezing cold to cool off...phew!!! All I can say is that I hope that the cold temps continue to stay because with this book of theirs I know that the heat is about to get turned up yet another notch. *tongue* Excellent new chapter my dear...really excellent and I am...believe it or not...begging for more dreamer smut. *Takes drink of Vanilla Coke and washes mouth out after utterintg those words* Stormy!!!
posted on 13-Jan-2003 12:55:31 AM by Eccentric One
Woo Hoo! A new part of delicious co-worker Max. Oh yeah, he is a goner. And he's already letting the thought of how his heart will be broken enter his mind.

The next part will be hot sex and food at his place? That sounds very promising. Will they use the Kama Sutra for inspiration again? Not that they really need it!

Can't wait for more - as always.

posted on 13-Jan-2003 2:30:01 AM by ILYMEFOREVER




posted on 13-Jan-2003 2:01:14 PM by MsSilvermucki
God ... is it hot ... please post more soon ... wonder will they make it to a bed next time.

If your other storie was only 40 % ... can't wait to see what's happening next. Experiment???

posted on 21-Jan-2003 2:40:58 PM by moonieADT
Phaedra223: Thank you for the kind words. I 've been lurking for a while. decided it was time to try my hand at this...

Warning: Some Liz on Beth Action ahead.

One Is Never Enough

Chapter Two.
It’s Like looking In The Mirror.

“Everything all locked up?” Liz asked tiredly.

“Yep, just finished in the front lab.” She said pleasantly.

The one thing that seemed to be peculiar was Beth’s endurance. She seemed to have an unending supply of energy. She rarely showed signs of being tired or fatigued. The only thing Liz could think of was that even though Beth looked exactly like her, she didn’t have the years on her body that she had.

“Its been a long day.” Liz sighed, stretching her arms over her head.

“Let me help.” Beth offered compassionately.

Beth started to massage Liz’s shoulders. Her fingers danced over Liz’s blouse, the cool feeling of the silk a stark contrast to her skin. Liz sat stiffly in the high backed lab chair, her body refusing to release the tension coiled inside. Beth pushed deeper into the taunt muscles, her thumbs moving in little circles.

“Liz, you’ve got to try and relax, you’re really tense.” Beth coaxed her.

As Beth’s words sunk in, she forced her weary mind to cooperate. She could feel the tension beginning to drain away at Beth’s gentle touch once she relaxed into it. Liz closed her eyes and lost herself in the soothing warmth of Beth’s massage. She sat back on the lab chair and sighed with the beginning of contentment.

Beth moved from Liz’s shoulders to the velvety flesh of her neck. She could feel the tense muscle all knotted in her neck. She used her thumbs to wok the center of her neck, moving from top to bottom and then expanding outwards. Her fingers were gently but firmly kneading the tension away. Beth spent a few more minutes working there before slowly moving back down to Liz’s shoulders.

After one more pass over her shoulders, Beth moved farther south to Liz’s back. The knots had relaxed a little from the previous work Beth had done but there was still a ways to go. She moved in a circular pattern around the expanse of her back, tracing up and down the column of her spine. Liz was starting to feel really good; her muscles were rejuvenating at Beth’s touch. She was most definitely going to have Max give her another massage when she got home.

“Liz, I can’t get this spot where your bra strap is. Can you move it?” Beth asked innocently, braking Liz out of her revere.

Liz was so involved in the massage she just mutely nodded her head. Almost mechanically, Liz unbuttoned her blouse and let Beth slide it off of her creamy shoulders. Beth reached around to the front snap of her bra and flicked it open. The cups silently fell away from Liz’s firm breasts. Beth slid the straps down her arms and set the bra with her blouse on the lab table.

“That’s better.” Beth commented softly, as she began to gently knead the muscles that had been hidden by the strap. Slowly she worked her way out from the center of Liz’s back, her fingers pressing gently into the smooth flesh. She moved up to her shoulder blades the descended down to the middle of her back again.

Using her open palm, Beth began rubbing her back in ever expanding circles. Her hands slid easily over Liz’s smooth, supple skin, warming wherever she touched. Beth moved her attentions to Liz’s sides and began to stroke them up and down. Her fingers gently working the sensitive skin there. A wonderful warmth was spreading through Liz, her tired body was reveling in the sensations.

Liz couldn’t help the sigh that escaped her lips. She was in heaven. Max gave the greatest massages, but Max wasn’t here. Liz felt a measure of comfort allowing Beth to touch her body; after all it was like touching herself. And her touch was doing wonders. She felt Beth’s hands slide up and down her sides and then move forward again near the swell of her breast. Liz felt that familiar tightening in her breast as her nipple hardened slightly.

“Hmm, that feels so good.” Liz said contentedly.

“Thank you, glad you enjoy it.” Beth said appreciatively.

“You have no idea.” Liz sighed.

Beth slid her hands further around Liz and cupped the full weight of her breasts in her hands. Her fingers found the hardening nipples and gave them a gentle tug.

“Oh I think I can tell.” Beth said close to Liz’s ear, her warm breath tingling the skin on her neck.

“Ohh.” Liz said at the shock of her breasts being fondled. Liz was a little unsure as to where this was going, but her traitorous body was enjoying the feeling too much. Liz began to relax into her touch and closed her eyes, letting this take her wherever it would go.

Beth continued her assault on Liz’s nipples. Gently she rolled the now hard buds between her thumb and forefinger. She used her other fingers to lightly massage the flesh of the underside of her pert mounds. She placed little kisses along Liz’s neck and behind her ear.

“That feel good?” Beth cooed to her, her warm breath tantalizing the shell of her ear.

“Um hmm.” Was all Liz could manage to say.

Beth gave Liz’s nipples a couple more good firm tugs and them released them, letting Liz’s tits jiggle slightly from the lack of support. Shrugging quickly out of her own blouse, Beth moved to stand in front of Liz. Liz’s eyes went slightly wide at the sight of Beth’s firm tits. ‘No I know why I like to play with mine so much.’ Liz thought to herself.

Before Liz had a chance to reach for them, Beth bent down and latched onto one of Liz’s erect nipples. She sucked the hard peak into her warm mouth. Liz was unable to stop the low moan coming from the back of her throat.

“Yes, suck it.” Liz groaned.

Beth giggled slightly at Liz’s words but then began to suck earnestly on the ruby tip. She tongued the bud, flicking it back and forth. She cupped the breast she was working and pulled the nipple from her mouth with a little ‘pop’. Liz’s glazed eyes opened slightly when Beth blew warm air across the wet skin. Liz’s responsive flesh tightened a little more at the extremes in temperatures. Beth moved forward again and began to lave her with the flat part of her tongue. She took long slow stokes, working from the underside to completely over the nipple.

Liz was starting to feel the fire spreading throughout her body. Liquid heat was pooling at the lips of her pussy, soaking her cotton panties. Liz was shocked slightly as Beth assaulted her other breast, her own hand coming up to cup the abandoned one. Liz pulled hard on her nipple, the feeling bordering on pain, but so wrapped up in pleasure. Her eyes fluttered close as the sensations washed over her.

“I can smell your pussy.” Beth said dreamily to her.

Liz felt another gush of her juices wet the flesh around her heat, some of it running down her thigh and ass. Liz wanted to grind her thighs together to try and alleviate some of the ache. She wanted to reach into her panties and thrust two fingers deep into herself, to flick her thumb over the top of her swelling clit.

Beth was having the same reaction Liz was. Her own pussy was begging to be stroked, fingered, licked; she didn’t care as long as it was being touched. Beth hiked her skirt up and brought her hand to the soaked crouch of her panties. She began massaging her slit though the cotton, pushing some of the material into her slick pussy. Over and over again she stroked herself but it just wasn’t enough.

Liz had followed Beth’s example and hiked her own skirt up around her waist, exposing the simple fabric covering her aching cunt. She pulled the crouch aside and slid a slender finger through the slick folds.

“Oh…” They both moaned.

Liz put her hand behind Beth’s head and pulled gently towards her. “Beth, eat me out.” Her voice was thick with abandon.

Beth didn’t need to be told twice. She reached up and pulled Liz’s panties quickly off and buried her face in the dark hair and sopping lips of Liz’s pussy. Beth lapped at her with pleasure. Her tongue slipped between the folds and entered the inner part of her core. Beth made her tongue into a point and began fucking Liz with it. Liz’s hips began to push back against the rhythm Beth had setup. Again and again she thrust into her excited flesh.

Beth pulled her own damp underwear off and cast them aside. Without hesitation she plunged two fingers into her tight hole and began a steady thrusting that matched her mouths. She could feel Liz start to tense as her orgasm neared. Beth couldn’t wait to have her mouth filled with Liz’ cum. She tasted so sweet and the scent just got better and better with each orgasm she had. Beth wanted her prize as soon as possible.

Liz felt like her pussy was on fire, Beth’s tongue was plunging into her like a miniature cock. She could feel her folds parting with each thrust of her tongue. Liz was getting closer and closer, but she just couldn’t seem to reach.

“Uhhh.” She growled in frustration.

Beth smiled inwardly and she knew what she had to do. Beth licked up parting the lips covering Liz’s clit and pulled the bundle of nerves into her mouth. At the same time she brought her free hand, her other one was now pumping fervently in her own dripping cunt, up and plunged two fingers into Liz’s slick passage. Beth began to thumb her own clit as her fingers sunk their deepest in her body, and pumped a little harder into Liz’s. They were both so close, so close. Beth pulled out all the stops and sucked hard one last time and then bit down lightly on Liz’ nub. That’s all it took, just the thought alone of having that done to her sent her spiraling over the edge.

“Oh my fucking god.” Liz cried out to the empty lab.

“UMMM!” Beth growled from her throat, unwilling to release the hard clit she was sucking on.

Liz’s hips were locked forward as Beth released her sensitive flesh from her mouth, but she still flicked her tongue randomly across her clit. She pumped her fingers into her a few more times before pulling her hand away and replacing it with her face. Beth lapped at her hungrily, cupping her tongue to capture all of Liz’s juices. They poured from her gushing pussy in a waterfall of cum. Beth could have cared less about being graceful she wanted efficiency.

Liz found it surprisingly erotic listening to Beth lap hungrily at her cunt. She definitely loved to eat pussy; there was no room for doubt there. Going on instinct she pulled Beth’s head from between her still quivering thighs and exchanged places with her. Once Beth was seated she pulled her forward and began to clean Beth’s pussy. She loved the taste of it. Reaching up, Liz took her fingers and spread Beth’s lips and licked frantically at her inner walls, cleaning them of their essence. She took a few hungry sucks on Beth’s clit and was rewarded with a small orgasm from her. Her body shook as her pussy pumped more of the succulent nectar into Liz’s waiting mouth.

“Your pussy tastes great.” Liz said appreciatively.

“I can tell from eating yours.” Beth complimented her maker.

Liz gave her a few last licks on her lips and them made her way north. She sucked on the hair that thickly covered the apex of her thighs. She licked her way up Beth’s stomach, she could taste the mixture of sweat and sex as it coated her skin. When Liz reached her breasts, she took each bud in her mouth and bit down lightly and tugged. Beth arched her back into Liz’s mouth. She let each nipple pop out of her mouth and then stood in front of her.

Both of their faces were covered in the others cum. A testament to the wanton abandon that they had attacked each other’s bodies with. Liz looked Beth in the eyes, she saw so much of herself yet another person entirely.

As if magnetized, they leaned in until their lips met. It was a soft brushing of moist flesh. Tentatively Beth let her tongue peak out and she licked along Liz’s bottom lip. She could taste herself along with the flavor of Liz’s sweet mouth. Liz followed her lead and let her tongue brush against Beth’s. Their tongues swept slowly against each other, each taking turns swirling around the tip. The last inch disappeared and their lips crashed together. Beth’s tongue dove insistently into Liz’s mouth, demanding entrance and submission. She explored the recesses of that warm, moist cavern. The mixture of their juices filled their taste buds with an overload of exotic flavors, only leaving them hungry for more.

Liz broke the kiss, her chest heaving in ragged breaths. Her pussy was again quivering and wet with the re-ignited lust from the mating of their tongues. She boldly reached down and ran a slender finger along the slit of Beth’s cunt. She curled her finger to gather some of the fresh nectar she found there and brought it to her mouth.

“Hmm, more for me.” Liz purred.

Liz reached down again sticking her finger in deeper to Beth’s pussy and pulled her up from the lab stool and led her over to the wide couch that was against the far wall. On her way there she picked up a couple of test tubes and a pestle that were still in their boxes sitting on the counter. Slipping her finger from its sheath, Liz pushed her gently down on to the couch.

“Lay back.” She coaxed, he hand putting a gentle pressure on Beth’s shoulder to ease her back.

Liz sat herself between her legs and took the pestle from its box. She took the large rounded end and placed it on Beth’s stomach just above her feminine curls. She traced little circles and designs on her skin and moved lower into her wiry hair. Liz pushed through the dark mass of curls and ran the cool tip of the pestle over Beth’s distended clit. The contact caused the hood to withdraw more and her bundle of nerves to swell. With lazy strokes Liz drew the tip down through her pussies silken lips and back up again, circling her clit and starting all over again.

“Oh god…” Beth moaned, her head falling to the side in pleasure.

“You like that?” Liz teased her.

“Yesssssss” Beth’s confirmation came out as a hiss when Liz plunged the bulbous end into her pussy.

Liz started a slow rhythm pushing the clear glass rod in and out of her sopping passageway. She used her other hand to start massaging Beth’s clit. She traced circles around the hardened flesh and then she would use her thumb to lightly grind over the top. Unable to help herself, Liz bent down and ran her tongue along the dripping folds of her pussy, lapping at the juices oozing from her partner. Once Liz’s tongue came into contact with Beth’s heated flesh, she exploded in a shattering orgasm. Cum gushed in pulses from her throbbing cunt, running down her thighs and into the crack of her ass, lubricating her there.

Liz pulled the pestle from Beth’s sex and placed it in her mouth, cleaning the glass of her essence. Liz set the rod down and slid herself forward. She brought her intimate center in contact to Beth’s. Their juices flowed into each other, mixing as they started to slowly grind their slick pussies together. They moved their hips in a little circular motion, their cunt lips meeting in a soulful kiss. Faster and faster they ground themselves together, their breasts swaying slightly with the force of their efforts. Liz reached up and cupped her tit, her fingers naturally going to her nipple, rolling it and pulling it. It was like looking in a mirror as Beth mimicked her every move. She reached down and began to rub her clit in earnest as she neared the edge. They both were so close, just a few more strokes, a few more thrusts of their hips into each other. Their eyes locked as they both began the long tumble over the edge into their orgasms. They both felt the sudden wetness that exploded from their pussies. The quivering of their lower bodies increased, as the restrictive friction was now replaced with smooth gliding flesh. With a few more thrusts they both tumbled over again. Their eyes rolled back and their heads hung like wet rags from their shoulders. Their tits jiggled from the force of their ragged breathing as they both collapsed back on the couch and just lay there.

As they came down from their orgasm, Liz felt a presence in the lab. She lifted her head, still heavy from her release, and scanned the lab. She scanned the room slowly, looking for the source of her feeling when she spotted to golden amber eyes looking at her with intense want from the doorway.

“Max?” Liz exclaimed surprised.

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Also I as a rule don't read female or male slash, but my curiosity got the better of me this time, and can I just say how hot that was, wow!!!!

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Authors note: This is not for the weak of heart. Put on your seatbelts kids..


For disclaimer and summary see chapter 1.

Chapter Three.
All Together Now.

“When you didn’t come home I got worried.” He said in a reprimanding tone as he approached both of them on the couch.

His gaze swept over them, Max still couldn’t get used to seeing a mirror image of his Liz. It was all of his fantasies come true. He never wanted to be with any other woman besides Liz, but this just blew his mind. Beth was an exact replica, at least from what he could see so far. Even the hair guarding their pussies was trimmed the same way.

Both Liz and Beth felt their faces flame at the way Max was looking at them. They had lost complete control; all of the normal inhibitions had just slipped away. Liz didn’t consider herself to be a lesbian in any sense of the word, or bi-sexual for that matter. It was just something about the fact that it was herself she had shared the experience with that made it acceptable. Hell, she would be wiling to do it again if she wanted to be honest with herself.

“So, is this a private party or can anybody join?” Max asked with mirth threaded through his voice.

Liz looked over at Beth, who simply smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She was going to leave it all up to Liz. Beth had been attracted to Max from the start; it was only natural after all.

“Well, this is a private affair, but I believe we can extend the invitation to one who is as handsome as yourself.” Liz said coyly.

“Yes, we welcome you with open arms.” Beth added with an approving nod from Liz.

Liz realized that her pussy was still rubbing slightly against Beth’s; her hips seemed to have a mind of their own. It was just enough to keep the embers warm for what was to come. Beth had felt the same light touches as well, but her restraint was non-existent. She began a slow luxurious grind against Liz’s perfect pussy. The feeling of their hair touching and brushing each others sex was intoxicating in and of itself.

Max stood shocked for a moment as he watched his wife and her mirror image rub their lower bodies together. He could hear the slight swish as their moistened lips kissed against each other. Without conscious thought his hand went down to massage the swelling cock in his pants. He stroked himself a couple of times before grasping hold of himself and squeezing his shaft, letting his fingers curl under the head to rub their briefly.

Liz looked up at her husband with glazed eyes and motioned for him to come closer. Like an automaton he obeyed obediently, moving until his crotch was even with her head. Liz reached up and unceremoniously unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down. Max kicked off his shoes and then let Liz push his slacks and boxers to the floor in one motion. As he stepped out of them, his cock bounced slightly up and down with his actions. Both women stared with open lascivious gazes at his rigid erection standing proudly from his body.

“You’re big.” Beth exclaimed innocently. “Is that going to fit?”

Liz couldn’t stop her giggle as she looked appreciatively at Max’s body.

“Believe me, it will fit, and you’ll love it.” Liz said with a sigh, her hips still mindlessly grinding into Beth’s. Both of them were nearing the edge again, they could feel their pussies start to slide a little easier as their excitement increased. Max fisted his cock, giving it a couple good long strokes.

“Max, put your cock in my mouth.” Liz said in a breathy voice.

Max thought he was going to come all over both of them right then. He took the last step and rubbed the head of his cock against her soft lips. She eagerly parted them and engulfed the engorged tip into her mouth. She worked the head with her tongue and lips, taking swipe after swipe at the sensitive underside. Max could feel the first drops of precum drip into Liz’s wonderful mouth. She made little noises in the back of her throat as her excitement kept building. She ground her pussy a little harder into Beth’s, the added effort brought their clits in more direct contact with one another and that’s all it took.

Their orgasms ripped through them, like a hot knife through butter. Wave after wave of pleasure soared in and out of their bodies. Beth’s forehead was beaded with the sweat of her efforts. She reached down and began to pet Liz’s mound, running her fingers through the silky hair guarding her creator’s cunt. She let her fingers dip, once every couple strokes, down over her still hard clit, the hood still back and waiting for more.

Liz gave Max’s cock a couple good last sucks before letting it pop out her mouth. She smiled devilishly up at him and gave the head one last hard lick. Both Liz and Beth sat up on the sofa, side by side. Max felt like he was in the best fantasy he could have ever dreamed of. Being with two women is most every male’s dream, but to have them both look exactly a like, was something that just boggles the mind.

“Can I try it?” Beth asked Liz a little shyly, very little.

“Um hmm, just suck on it like I did. He tastes great.” She told her with remembered satisfaction.

Beth grasped Max right at the base of his cock and gave the head an experimental lick. The taste of his precum was heady on his overly aroused flesh. The smile on her face gave everything away. She loved it, without any hesitation she took him inside her mouth and began a steady rhythm. Going on instinct and just wanting to taste more of him, she began to stroke her tongue in circles around the tip with each bob of her head.

“Oh God, you’re …good at …thisssss.” Max hissed out.

Beth smiled around the cock in her mouth and then concentrated back on the task at hand. She brought her free hand up to cup his balls. She took the weight of his heavy sacs in her hand and gently caressed him. She squeezed the flesh behind his sacs, and ran her finger down his perineum.

“Umm.” Max moaned.

Liz stood up and pulled her husband’s head down to her and crushed her lips to his. She thrust her tongue quickly into his mouth, taking control of the kiss. Liz loved the taste of his lips; it was an addiction she would not soon be rid of.

Liz tore her lips away from his as she took a ragged breath at the same time Beth released his cock from her talented mouth. Both women stood and shared a short but intense kiss before pushing Max back onto the sofa, laying him flat on his back.

“Lay back and relax, we’ll do the rest.” Liz purred to him, her eyes sparkling with devilish delight.

Liz bent down and gave his cock a couple nice long sucks, milking some more precum from his delicious meat. She released him and made her way to her final destination.

“His cocks all yours…for now.” Liz said as she mounted Max’s face, grinding her aching pussy into his open mouth.

Beth settled herself on the sofa, between Max’s legs. She took his length in her tiny hand and began to stroke up and down. Every time she reached the swollen head, she would run her thumb over the sensitive tip, spreading the oozing precum around. His cock became slick with it, allowing her hand to glide with greater ease. Unable to resist, she lowered her head and started a languid rhythm, enjoying the drams of cum she was able to coax from his rigid dick.

Max was in heaven. His beautiful wife and her hybrid duplicate; both of them were highly aroused, and doing amazing things to his body. What more could he ask for? Beth was sucking his cock like it was the last one on earth, trying to draw as much from him as possible. Liz was fucking his face, riding him with swift strokes of her pussy. She was undulating her hips, rubbing her cunt from his chin to his nose. She was so wet; Max’s face had already become coated with her essence.

Beth pulled her mouth away from his cock for a moment. “Liz, do you mind if I make him cum?” She asked innocently.

Max groaned, at just hearing her simple question, he had felt his balls contract, wanting shoot his seed into her mouth.

“Go ahead, just save some for me.” She said between moans.

Liz loved the feel of his tongue as it penetrated her, plunging into her slick hole. Liz reached down and pulled her lips apart, letting Max drive deeper into her. He surprised her by sucking her hard clit into his mouth. He drew on it as she had on his cock. He released her and flicked his tongue rapidly over the swollen nerves. The hood had completely pulled back, she was ready and they both knew it.

“Max, I’m gonna com.” She mumbled more to herself than anyone.

Liz groaned as he sucked her into his mouth once again. She released the flesh she had pulled back and put her hands on the wall to support herself. Max flicked his tongue on her once more before he tenderly bit down on her. That was all it took and she flew over the edge into her orgasm.

“Max…. Yes…cumming…” she babbled. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy, her long silky hair flying wildly around as she rode out the aftershocks. Her breathing was ragged from her efforts and the mind numbing orgasm she had just experienced.

Max swallowed all she had to offer him. He loved how her pussy tasted; he closed his mouth over her entire opening and suckled on her. He made sweep after sweep with his tongue through her folds, capturing her juices, thirsting for them. Max pulled each of her lips into his warm mouth, tending to them as a hummingbird to the pestle of a flower. He drew his sustenance from her and she was more than wiling to provide it, her body craved to nurture his addiction.

Beth had established a steady rhythm on his aching cock. His precum was flowing in a steady supply into her hungry mouth. She had no idea how much she had swallowed already, but she knew it was a lot. She felt his balls begin to contract up close to his body and instinct told her that it wouldn’t be long now. She swirled her tongue around the head a couple of times before going back to her previous torment on his swelling dick. She felt his cock get a bit more rigid and the head began to swell, she could hear Max’s breathing start to become erratic.

Max felt the burning at the head of his cock. He had tried to hold out but she was very good, after all she was like Liz, and she gave the best head he could have imagined. He could feel his body start to stiffen in readiness for his release. The cum pulsed through his cock and erupted in long streams into Beth’s waiting mouth. She swallowed each rope as it hit the back of her throat. His cum was thick and slightly salty. It amazed her as she swallowed another pulse, how much it tasted like Liz’s cum, and she definitely loved that. She sucked hungrily on him, draining every last drop from his cock, leaving him spent. She continued to bath his cock in the warm recesses of her mouth, cleaning him and bringing him back to his full rigid length.

“Liz, my god. You didn’t tell me there was so much.” She admonished her.

“Oh yea, its definitely more than a mouthful.” She cooed, still coming down from the high of her orgasm. “You wanna trade spots? I’m sure Max is still hungry.”

“I thought you’d never ask. “ She replied eagerly.

Liz moved backwards down Max’s body to let Beth take her place. As Liz backed further down her aching cunt encountered a long lost friend. With practiced ease, she positioned herself over him and slid his cock home into her pulsing core. The walls of her pussy relaxed to accommodate his girth. Deeper and deeper he entered her; she kept pushing until her hair mixed with his, until she had been completely filled. She knew she fit him like a glove, a very tight glove, she thought. She gave the words in her head added meaning by squeezing her inner walls tightly around him a couple times. Max felt like he was in a silken vise and he loved how tightly she held him in place.

“God Liz, you are so fucking tight.” He moaned in intense pleasure.

“You like that huh?” She teased him.

“When you squeeze me with your cunt I want to explode. God, just feeling the lips of your pussy finally letting me in you is beyond words.”

“Max, shut up and eat, I have a cock to fuck.” She giggled at him.

Beth now knew why Liz had said it was nothing she could describe, that it had to be experienced. The things Max could do with his tongue seemed limitless. He licked steadily at her opening, the feeling was driving her on, and pushing her to extract everything she could from him. She felt herself flood his mouth with her honey, the elixir that he needed to survive.

“Oh Max…right there.” Beth cooed.

“You taste sooo good.” He sighed. “You’re just like Liz, even your pussy tastes the same. Now I just have to have a sample of your cum.” He said devilishly.

“I’ll see if I can arrange that.” She purred as she began the grind onto his waiting mouth.

Max licked all over her pussy. She was exact, right down to the little freckle right next to the hood of her clit. He had to admit Liz did great work; he would definitely be taking her out for a long vacation for this one. Max refocused on the work at hand; he slipped his tongue between her folds and licked in circles around Beth’s swelling clit. Her scent was making him dizzy with want for her. The thick chocolate brown hair rising in a perfect triangle from where it circled around her heat, brushed against his face, the curls glistening from her own and Liz’s orgasms. It was an incredible mix, one he wanted to take part of again. He pulled some of the wiry curls into his mouth and sucked the essence that was trapped there into his ravenous mouth. Max edged his way down a little and began to concentrate on her clit, he was done fucking around, he was going to eat her cunt until she came, hard.

“Ugh…. Max…so good”

“Hmmm” Max groaned from the lips of Beth’s pussy.

Liz had set a steady pace as she rode her husband’s wonderful cock. She loved how he felt when he was sliding in and out of her pussy. The way her walls would expand and contract as he filled her. She really loved it when he would slip out of her and she would guide him back in. The feeling of him first bridging the entranceway to her cunt was indescribable. Liz was rising and falling on him, taking him all the way to the hilt. Every time she hit bottom she swiveled her hips, grinding her hardening clit into the coarse hair surrounding the root of his dick. Liz could feel the fire burning steadily hotter in her stomach, the coiled energy just waiting to be released. Her pace quickened as she felt the intensity build.

“So close….” She pleaded to whatever power would release her from this torturous pleasure.

“Harder.” She heard muffled from between Beth’s thighs.

She pushed down harder and harder. The sweat was dripping from her forehead; her lungs were on fire from the ragged breaths she was taking. She felt the first sign of her coming fall, so she drove down harder onto his thick cock. Her muscles were already starting to tremor as her orgasm tried to take hold.

“Fuck me with that thick cock, split my fucking cunt wide open.” She cried out wildly as the orgasm finally grabbed a hold of her and threw her to the four winds. She was smashed with wave after wave of release. Her body was like one nerve, everything was alert and aware and trembling with ecstasy. Her pussy was contracting fiercely on his swelling cock. She rose up and slammed her herself down one last time and he exploded into her; he flooded her with his hot seed. She could feel each shot of his cum as it bathed her silken depths in his creamy essence.

“MMMPPPPHHHHHHH” Max growled out fiercely as he poured his cum deep into his receptive wife’s body.

“OH. …Again.” Beth pleaded with him, the vibration of his growl stimulated her clit in a way she had never known before, and she wanted it again.

Max lapped heartily at her, drinking all she had to offer. When he heard her cry for more, he knew exactly what she wanted. It was one of his favorite things to do with Liz. She would crawl right out of her skin when he did it. It was like having a vibrator that could blow warm, moist, air on you at the same time, very intense. He took a deep breath and began to hum directly over her clit. He felt Beth’s instant shock at the sensation and her bodies immediate response. Liquid heat poured from her body, raining down on Max’s lips. She squirmed with building passion and desperation to find the release she so urgently needed. Max could feel her tense as she neared her end and immediately sucked her clit into his warm mouth and tugged firmly with the suction he created.

“Ahhhhh YES…. YES…. YES…. YES!” She chanted mindlessly.

As all three of them came down from the high of their orgasms, they became aware of the each other. The smell of sex, cum and pussy hung heavy in the air. It was overpowering and did nothing but increase their desperation for another release. The air was swimming with the energy from the connection circling around them. Most directly between Max and Liz, but they both could feel Beth out on the edges. They had never experienced pleasure of this type before, not better, just different. Max and Liz sent constant reassurance through their connection to each other that they were the only one and never would there be another. Beth was the card that they never thought would be played, and now that she was here, they would be careful to not damage their deep relationship because of it.

Both women moved off of Max and sat on either side of him. All of them were covered with a glistening sheen of sweat and arousal. They’re breathing was returning to normal but Liz had other plans. She stood and leaned down to Max, taking his lips in a deep, passionate kiss. She could feel the longing and love he had for her, his overflowing pride at her accomplishment. She pulled back, leaving light kisses on his nose and eyelids as she pulled him up from the sofa. Beth followed and kissed Liz on the cheek and trailed down her neck.

“I want to eat you, see what …you and Max …taste like… together.” Beth whispered shyly into Liz’s ear.

Liz’s eyes darkened at her erotic request and she laid down on her back on the sofa, beckoning Beth to lay on top of her in the opposite direction. Max looked on with rising lust as he watched the two must beautiful women he had ever seen, begin to lick and clean each other’s pussies. They both made loud slurping sounds as they devoured the others juices, lapping at the folds of skin, sucking the lips into their ravenous mouths. Max began to stroke his cock at the scene unfolding before him; it was the ultimate male fantasy with an incredible kick, two of the exact same woman. It just took you to the other side of incredible and then kicked you in the ass.

Liz pulled her mouth away from Beth’s heated cunt and began to slide a finger up and down the slick folds. She rubbed the tip of her finger on the bundle of nerves peeking its way out from under its protective hood. Liz reached up with her other hand and pulled the obtrusive skin back gently and fingered her clit down its entire length.

“Oh god Liz…” She moaned, her building excitement clearly in her voice.

“Max, c’mere.” Liz called to him between little moans.

Beth was eating hungrily at Liz’s opening. She had used her fingers to part Liz’s folds and drank directly from her passageway. Liz’s taste was more powerful now that she had been fucked. The mixture of flavors and aromas was pushing Beth further along in her pleasure; of course the fact that Liz was drinking hungrily at her cunt helped a lot too.

“Liz, your taste is ….UH!” Beth paused when Liz sucked firmly on her clit at that moment.

Max climbed on the sofa above Liz’s head where she had beckoned him to. Liz reached back and began to stroke his thick cock, rubbing her hand up and down his length, swirling her thumb over the head at the end of each caress. She felt his excitement begin to build, but she didn’t want it to end that quickly. She gave the head of his cock a hard squeeze to push back the urge for him to cum.

“Ugh…” Max grunted out at Liz’s unexpected grasp.

Liz pulled him forward, closer to her mouth. Her tongue peeked out and gave him a few licks. She could taste herself on him, the flavor pushing her desire that mush closer to the breaking point. She pulled him a little closer still and took the head into her warm mouth. She sucked greedily at him, urging some precum to the surface. When she had sated her quick thirst, she pulled his dick from her mouth and placed it at Beth’s pussy. She rubbed him up and down her pink folds, coating him in her essence. Liz used the head to stroke Beth’s clit, massaging it, and driving her further into abandon.

“I don’t know what you’re… doing… but. …don’t….stop.” Beth called from between Liz’s legs.

Beth couldn’t keep her hips still; they seemed to have a mind of their own as Liz was pleasuring her. Then she got the shock of her short life. The thing that Liz had been using to rub her clit with was now pushing at the entrance to her pussy. She had never experienced anything like this before; she could tell that what ever it was, it was big by the way it pushed at her folds.

“What are …you doing?” Beth cried out excitedly.

“You’re about to get fucked.” Liz said dreamily. “You’re gonna love it.”

As Liz finished her announcement, Beth felt the tip, of what she now knew was Max’s cock, push through the tight ring of muscles at the entrance to her pussy.

“Shit!” Beth exclaimed breathlessly.

She felt an incredible feeling of fullness take over her, and he was barely inside her.

“Liz, she’s so fucking tight.” Max breathed in pleasurable agony.

“Beth, honey, try and relax.” Liz coaxed her; she rubbed her index finger over her clit to distract her a little.

“More…I want more.” She pleaded to them.

Max pushed another two inches into her tight passage. Her walls were gripping him like a vice. It brought back memories of his first time with Liz. She had been so tense, she had actually been tighter than this, but eventually he worked his way in and they had made love all night that night, the nice thing about alien powers is the ability to remove soreness. Liz was still as tight now as she was then, but she’d learned to relax, plus she had such incredible control over her PC muscle that she could do things to him he had never dreamed could be done. He was broken out of his revere by Beth pushing with frustration back onto his rigid shaft. Max grabbed her hips and stilled them, he pulled out a little and began to work his way into her cunt. He took little strokes and she began to loosen as her excitement began to build, the fact that Liz was eagerly tonguing her clit didn’t hurt either.

“Oh god…I feel so full.” She breathed.

“You are honey.” Liz assured her.

“More …” Beth pleaded with them, anyone, who would listen to her.

“Beth, I’m so close.” Liz purred to her.

Beth hadn’t stopped sucking on the folds of Liz’s pussy through any of this, only to moan or beg for more. She was falling quickly into sensory overload; she didn’t know what end was experiencing the most pleasure. All she knew was that she was rapidly approaching a cliff that she was willingly going to dive off of.

Liz felt her walls start to quake in the familiar way, the one that was so fleeting. The warm rushes of her arousal began to coat her walls and flow out to wet her pink lips. Liz could feel Beth increase her efforts on her tender pussy, the nectar she was now drinking spurring her on for more that Liz was eager to give her. Liz cried out as Beth flattened her tongue and licked the entire length of her pussy, sucking her clit in at the last and drawing eagerly on it. Beth shook her head slightly and it sent Liz off the edge into oblivion.

“Oh …Beth.” Liz managed to choke out, as her release rained down her in a torrent of cascading emotions.

Beth’s own climax was not far behind. At last Max pulled back and firmly planted the last two inches of his thick cock into Beth’s warm body. He bottomed out and paused a moment for her to adjust. He felt her begin to move against him and he took that as his cue to set a rhythm for them. Max had only taken two or three strokes when Beth’s orgasm ripped through her. She was left a writhing mass of over sensitized flesh. Max continued to drive into her, more firmly now that her cum had lubricated her tight hole to allow him to enter her with greater ease.

“Oh god Max, fuck me…fuck me harder…make me cum again.” she wailed. “Liz, suck my clit…bite it.”

Liz flicked her tongue on Beth’s clit, manipulating the hard bud into her mouth. She looked up a saw her husband’s massive cock sliding into her creations pussy. It was like watching when Max was driving into her; she would sit up and just watch in amazement as his thick length disappeared into her enraptured body.

Liz reached up and placed her hand on Max’s hip, getting his attention. She parted her lips and he instinctively pulled his cock from Beth’s dripping pussy and placed the tip into her waiting mouth. She sucked with earnest on his rock hard flesh, the combination of Beth’s juices, and Max’s cum, drove her to the edge of another climax. Could this day get any better? When she heard Beth’s’ whimpers, she removed Max’s dick from her mouth and placed it back at the entrance to Beth’s fertile sex. Max drove into her without hesitation.

“Oh FUCK!” Beth cried out as Max buried himself in her to the hilt.

Max set a faster pace this time; the women had had their pleasure fulfilled countless times. He wanted to experience that sweet bliss one more time before his body gave out. He may be an alien, but he wasn’t superman. The sounds of their moans and the slapping of bodies faded into the background. He became aware of the rush of blood in his ears. His nerve endings were crying out from being inundated with the sensations they were being asked to comprehend. The silken walls surrounding him, squeezed tightly as Beth rode out another orgasm, they were coming quicker for her now, her body wasn’t getting a chance to come down from its high, so it remained peaked. Max was sure that Beth was going to explode but he couldn’t stop the drive to fuck her. His mind was running completely on instinct now; his instinct told him to pound into her, to drive his cock so deep he would kiss the entrance to her womb, to pour his cum into her, wash her clean with the issue of his release.

Max’s mind rushed back to the present as he felt his cock begin to swell. It was the beginning of the end. He could feel the liquid fire begin in the slapping sacs of his balls. The sound as they smacked into Beth’s pussy only drove him on harder, and faster. The tingle traveled to the base of his cock and waited, teasing him, frustrating him. And then it happened.

Beth’s pussy cinched tightly around Max’s throbbing cock as she flew into the most powerful orgasm she had had in her all too short life. Her passageway was flooded with the nectar so freely created from her climax. Max had no choice but to react to the contracting walls that were cradling his dick. The rush of liquid fire through his cock caused him to swell a bit larger, the head growing inside, was filling Beth’s already tight pussy to the limits of its existence.

“ughhhhhhHHHHH” Max cried as he started to cum.

Beth felt stream after stream of Max’s seed fill her hungry cunt. Her walls were milking him of everything he had to offer her, and she wanted it all. Max’s cum warmed her as it immersed her core. She whimpered as Max withdrew from her, but quivered anew as she felt his hot seed spray the lips of her already sopping sex. She could feel it dripping through her folds and washing over her erect clit that Liz was suckling. Beth smiled as she felt the now familiar warmth of cum from Liz’s pussy, Max’s climax must have triggered hers. There was no denying that Max’s had set hers loose.

“Yes…shit….” Liz cried out to the stillness of the lab.

Liz shuddered as her orgasm tore through her with lightning quickness. Her thighs twitched as Beth licked her of her arousal, the prize she had earned for her efforts. Liz felt the drip of Max’s cum on her upper lip when he had pulled out of Beth. Liz quickly reached up and stroked his cock once, causing another jet of his seed to spill on Beth’s swollen pussy. Loath to waste any more of his essence, she quickly placed the head in her eager mouth. She sucked him hard and drank hungrily from him. He filled her mouth twice before he reached completion.

Liz let her head fall back against the soft cushions of the sofa. Her body was exhausted from this amazing experience. Beth slumped, boneless, over to the right of Liz, her head resting on Liz’s thigh. Max leaned over both women and placed gentle kisses on their skin, the taste of sweat and sex clung to them like a protective blanket. He leaned back on his heals and gazed down lovingly at them.

“I love you.” He said thickly, his chest still heaving slightly from his efforts.

Both Beth and Liz said, “I love you too.” The room went still at the declaring from Beth.

Liz had known that this was a possibility when she had started this project, she had had no idea how she would handle it if it did occur. Liz felt bad for Beth; she had the same instincts and drives that Liz had. Before Liz could say anything Beth relieved the mounting tension in the room.

“Sorry.” Beth said sadly. “It just seemed like the natural thing to say. I know he’s your husband Liz. Nothing will ever happen unless you’re okay with it.” She explained quietly, the hint of loss sprinkled in her voice.

“Come here.” Liz said to her, compassionately.

Beth lifted herself up and spun around to lie next to Liz. Liz looked up at Max and motioned for him to lay behind her and spoon her. As they all settled into their positions, max wrapped a protective around both of them. Pulling them closer to let them know they were safe. Liz reached up and caressed Beth’s face tenderly and placed an affectionate kiss on her lips. Their nipples brushed against each other as they drew closer in the embrace.

“I’m sorry Beth. I thought something like this might happen.” At both Max’s and Beth’s shocked reaction she elaborated. “Not the sex part, the emotions part. You are based on me. My though patterns, my likes and dislikes, my dispositions, I expected you to inherit all of it. I just hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult to handle.” Liz said kindly.

Beth smiled and nodded her head, she understood and she would get over it. But then the next words out of Liz’s mouth brightened her spirits immensely.

“I will say, that I wouldn’t mind if this happened again.” Liz said demurely.

“I’m with Liz, what ever she’s comfortable with is okay.” He said calmly.” At least with what’s happened so far.” He quickly qualified.

Beth smiled thankfully at both of them. “Thank you, you both great.”

Beth snaked a hand down between herself and Liz and began to tenderly brush her hand through Liz’s dark curls. Liz seemed to have had the same idea as she reached back behind her and began to stroke Max’s, now growing cock.

The flames started to lick at their heels once again as their hands wandered over each other’s bodies. Beth paused and asked, “Who’s for ordering in?”

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wow. that is all I can say. wow.
posted on 27-Jan-2003 7:11:38 AM by tay_bri02
posted on 27-Jan-2003 4:17:20 PM by Faith Evans
Damn you did again, wow was that a hot number!!!

So will they do it again? Or is Liz going to make a clone Max and relize the joy that two Max can give.

Plus I have to give you props, Beth to me is her own person now, and I feel for her now, I hope everything wll go well for her, she is such a sweetie!

posted on 27-Jan-2003 4:38:24 PM by Faith Evans
Propositioning Coworker Max - Part 3

Max found that much of his sanity had returned after his quickie with Liz, the edge of his passion was blunted and he felt more in control of himself. Jeffery had a sneaky suspicion on what had gone on in the office between them, but no one else's suspicions had been raised. Liz continued to fly under the radar and Max was being avoided like the plague which suited each just fine. Neither got anymore work done after their not so little, little tryst. Max kept the book examining its pages instead in his office. He looked threw the whole book taking special note to the pages she had booked marked, but he always kept coming back to page 29 of the book, where it sets up a slow seduction along with a slow joining the point of which was to draw out enjoyment and see how long you can hold out and bring and take as much pleasure as they could. He wanted to share that with Liz and since he was no longer running with that persistent edge to his passion he felt tonight would be a perfect time and place to do it.

So he left work early, everyone but Liz was more then happy to see him go. He gave Liz easy to follow instructions to his house and told her to come over as soon as her work hours ended. He went home cleaned up his house, went shopping for some candles and good wine asked a restaurant friend of his to make a special dinner for him, since he owned Max a favor. Bought Liz a silk robe which he hoped would fit her petite frame and went home and waited. The food arrived 10 minutes before Liz and Liz arrived right on time heading to his place right after work as promised.

"Hey." Liz shyly said when he opened the door to let her to his house.

"Hey, yourself. No problems getting here did you?" Max asked her.

"No, no problem." She answered him, swallowing hard when she noticed he was wearing only a pair of silk boxers and nothing else. He ushered her into the living room where he left her stuff on his sofa then he led her to the bathroom in the back.

"Take off your clothes in here, there's a robe inside I hope you like I bought it for you today while setting up for tonight, that is if you want to of course." Max asked suddenly shy.

That shyness reassured her and she comforted him by saying, "yes, of course I want to."

She went into the bathroom and stripped of her clothes folded them up in a neat little pile, looking at the mirror at her self she let down her hair, combing it with her fingers so it lay sexy mused on her shoulders. She then put on the red silk robe Max had left for her on the door. The material felt awesome on her behr skin and tying the sash loosely she opened the door taking her neat clothes with her. Max was waiting for her when she finally stepped out. His mouth was watering as he looked at her in the silk robe she looked so good in red plus knowing only smooth silky flesh lay underneath it was a definite turn on. Making himself calm down before he forgot his plan and just spread and took her. He took her clothes and put them away, and he took her soft hand and led her to the dining area where the food was laid out ready to be sampled. He sat down on one of the chairs and he brought her down to sit on his lap the huge hard on he was sporting was easily felt threw the thin material of the robe and it made her feel all warm a gooing inside that the man of her dreams wanted her so badly.

"Now we eat…" Max said as he held her in his arms and rubbing his fingers on her cheek up and down in a simple caress. With his fingers he picked up some pieces of tender meat and fed them to her the devil on her shoulder told her to play with him a little using her tongue she teased his fingers before swallowing them whole sucking on the gently as he removed his fingers to get her another bite. He watched her hotly as she chewed and when she was ready for another bite he held his breath as she teased him once again in the same manner. He kept feeding her different types of food in this manner until she was full and the tables reversed. Sitting up on his lap with her right hand she picked up bits of food and fed him in the same manner he had fed her and since he was a firm believer that turn about was fair play and the devil on his shoulder was a bit more naughty then hers he went on a little adventure of his own. He opened the bottom of her robe his hand spread wide over her tummy where the heat of it spread threw out her body. The more she fed him the lower his hand went until he was playing with her core that was already leaking her desire for him, when he had enough food, he trapped her fingers in his mouth with his teeth chewing on it softly he inserted a finger into her hot core feeding the ache he had created in her.

Watching her mouth open in a silent O of pleasure, she buried her head in his neck inhaling his male scent he released her finger and her hands moved over his chest taking in the smooth skin he plucked her nub with his thumb teasing her. When he drew out her finger it was coated in her juices and he made a show of swallowing and greedily eating her cum. "Yum, better then any wine…" Max murmured to her quietly. "…Which reminds me we left out a very big part of our meal together…" He took a cup of wine from the table and brought it to her.

"Are you trying to make me drunk?" Liz teased.

"Why of course how else to better take advantage of you?" Max teased back.

"Hmm, that can work both ways you know." She answered after she took a drink and brought the cup to his lips to do the same.

"Looking forward to it but later after I give you a nice big orgasm, though I have to warn you, I can't handle alcohol very well, I get all goofy even after just a little." Max told her truthfully. "Besides I like drinking from your brand of alcohol straight from the well it goes right to your head but leaves you clear headed enough to take care of business."

"My brand of alcohol?" Liz asked, she thought she knew the answer and it made her shiver at the thought.

"Here, this…" Max said inserting a finger into her tight passage making her moan in the process, her hands trembled and wine spilled from her cup and landed on her chest where the robe had opened up from her constant arm movement. "But If I have to drink wine I'd rather do it from warm flesh then from a cold glass." He took the glass from her hand and lowered his head down and licked the spilled wine when it was gone he made lazy circles as if he were looking for any drops that had might have escaped his talented tongue. Liz moaned and arched her back trying to bring herself closer for his attention.

"I think we've gotten to the point of the night where we need a nice big bed, grab that bottle of wine for us and a couple glasses we are going to have serious fun tonight." Liz did what he asked, and once the wine was in hand he carried her into the bedroom. The room was dim the only light in the room coming from candles set around the room. He placed her on her feet hugging her tightly from behind he buried his head in her neck as his hands roamed her front the sash by this point had become completely undone leaving her front completely bear and open to his touch. He took full advantage taking her breast in his hands covering them whole and squeezing them firmly, testing their weight, teasing the tips to very hard points. She moaned into his caress moving her body to deepen his touch her hands tightened on the bottle of wine and glasses as she let him have free will over her body in complete trust. Max kept one hand on her breasts while his other moved down her body taking in the smooth texture of her skin so warm and responsive his hand reached the juncture of her thighs and he covered her pussy with his hand, and simply let the heat of his hand spread threw her most private place.

He took her ear in his mouth nibbling on it, taking his time slowing himself down he had planned for a long night of great sex although the finally culmination in the joining of their bodies was still a long way off if he could just keep control of himself. Already his cock was protesting greatly at his plan nestled in his boxers the only thing keeping it from her sweet body was two very thin pieces of cloth. Oh god this was going to kill him for sure!

He kept playing with her breasts and her pussy at the same time enjoying her moans and the soft feel of her body. And when he felt she had found her release he groaned right along with her his hand was covered with her juices the glasses tumbled in her hands and the bottle of wine would have gone with them if it weren't for Max's fast hands. He placed the bottle on the floor and picked a limp Liz in his arms and gently laid her on the bed he went back for the wine and thanked god that one of the glasses had landed upright, he took that one and left the other placing them on the bed side table. He quickly took off his boxers and got in bed with Liz, settling between her legs he ran his hands up and down her smooth legs before spreading them wide and bending them toward her the book had called this position a variation of "Indrani" he liked it because he got to see everything of Liz's femininity remembering the taste of them together from his office he was highly curious to taste just her juices alone.

Settling himself between her legs he traced his fingers around her tender outer lips, as he licked his own lips at the expectation for the feast before him. His eyes wonder her whole body and almost as if he were a far away he began to speak to her…

"I didn't get a chance to really look at you in the office the light was all wrong, it was to dark to really see the shine in your skin, you have such delicate cheek bones, and a beautiful full mouth with ruby red lips made for kissing. I love the dark color of your hair, so silky and smooth perfect to run my fingers threw. A lovely neck made to be nuzzled, breasts oh god breasts just the perfect size for my mouth, I could get lost on your breasts alone. Such a tight body, a great ass, and thighs so creamy and strong hiding the jewel beyond price …" He said his fingers added just the right amount of pressure on her nub of please sending her straight into another satisfying orgasm. "… You’re a real beauty Liz Parker. You were made to be worshipped in candle light. And by god Liz I will worship you today."

With that he dived right in, his mouth suckled on her tender flesh drinking her pure juices, ravenously he ate her dipping his tongue deep into her pussy stabbing her tender flesh like a small cock. Liz moaned her head trashing back and forth on the bed she was helpless in this position all she could do was lie back and take his ministrations, his words to her had gone straight to her head making her feel as sexy as he had described her, it was a feeling she had never experienced before Damian had gotten her and Max together, it was heady and greatly addictive and she never wanted to leave his arms again. Looking down between her raised bended legs at the dark head that was so busy eating her and giving her the greatest of pleasures knowing she would never love a man like she did at this moment. Her hands moved to his head anchoring his head on her juicy pussy her legs rested themselves over his shoulders and she began thrusting herself into his face trying to bring herself closer to the source of the great pleasure assaulting her.

Max had to keep his hands on her thighs to control her thrusts and leave himself a pocket of air to breathe as he gave her pussy his whole attention. Her taste was more intoxicating then any wine could ever hope to be carefully he worked into a 3rd satisfying orgasm flooding his tongue with more of her tasty juices, when he finally finished and put her legs down on the bed his face glazed with her juices, under her watchful silted eyes he rubbed his face in her tummy until his face was clean of her juices then he cleaned her tummy with his tongue. Next he straddled her body and reached for the wine pouring a little into the cup he then started to drop little drops of wine on Liz's parched lips he watched as her little tongue swept across her lips trying to capture any spilled drops he let her drink from the cup to quench her thirst before filling the cup again and this time poring the wine directly on her skin putting the cup down on the bedside table he then used his hands to message the wine into her skin.

He took his time again and this time after 3 orgasms she learned both the healing qualities of his hands and how easily he could work her passion all over again. Easily gently with great care he messaged ever part of her body working out every knot he could find and once his hands were done in a certain spot his tongue cleaned up the wine from her body, it proved to be a delicious seduction for both of them. Soon there wasn't an inch of her skin that didn't know the feel of his hands or the caress of his tongue. He soon knew her body better then any mother knew every inch of their baby's skin. He had never taken so much time and care with a woman before, hell he had never wanted to but with Liz every fiber of his being told him she deserved the best, deserved everything that was in him to give her, he was helpless to hold back. Liz felt like she was floating on a cloud her body felt looser and more relaxed, more satisfied then ever it was like her body felt like a lump of clay to be molded and shaped by his expert hands she no longer controlled what happened to it. So when he bends her knees taking hold of her feet pressing them into his chest she made no protest she was flexible for anything right now, he could twist her into a pretzel and she wouldn't feel any pain.

Max was positioning her into one of the positions she had bookmarked and had caught his interest, "Ratisundara" (page 42) he guided his dripping cock to her entrance and carefully inserting it into her tight hot sheath. The book said the position shortens the vagina and any movement can feel very intense so a man has to be very careful how far and how hard he thrusts so as not to cause any harm or pain. He was paying careful attention to Liz face to make sure he wasn't causing her any discomfort. The book also said the best way for both to enjoy the position the man should stay kneeling and rotate his hips as he thrusts in to her body. Following the books instructions he kept a firm hold on her feet and slowly rotated his hips so that his cock stirred the juices in her pussy and touching every inch of her inner walls as thrusted shallowly in to her. He couldn't hold back his groans as he was once again fully sheathed inside Liz's perfect pussy. She was so burning hot so beautifully wet his cock suffering from inattention began to weep harder at finally being granted access to its perfect home. It was making Max's efforts to keep the pace slow and leisurely that much harder, the few times he had entered her his most primal instincts always threatened to take over, to take her hard, fast and deep, he so wanted that with every fiber of his being but he fought with himself and kept tight control on the depths of his thrusts.

Liz's breathe hitched as she felt the first touch of his cock; she whimpered as he entered her causing the ache already present between her legs to grow and expand all threw her in almost painful pleasure. And as he rotated his cock in her making her feel every inch of him she started to tighten her inner muscles trying to suck him deeper trying to appease the ache that was driving her crazy. His groans and sharp intakes of breaths thrilled her and she tightened on him harder trying to make him lose that stone like control of his. In and out he moved but it was almost as if he was made of stone for he wouldn't budge the rhythm of his cock's stabs didn’t change even if the same couldn’t be said of his breathing. The line between great pain and great pleasure was heavily blurred at that moment and only when Liz finally found her release did he finally growl in triumph. Dropping her legs to the bed unceremoniously he lifted her bottom with his hands and started stabbing her hard driving deeper and deeper into her still convulsing body. He had only one goal in his mind at the moment to hind his own hard release.

Loud groans were ripped from his throat form deep within as lost all control and became as a lion in heat. Her soft flesh had no other option but to part and give way to his hard flesh. Liz dug her nails deep into his butt as she encouraged his rough treatment of her body. Her pussy was so soft and sensitive thanks to his earlier treatment that nothing he could do right now could possibly cause her any pain. Each thrust pushed her in to a higher orgasm that seemed never to end. Sweating hard which helped their bodies glide easier against each other they were now chest to chest, mouth to mouth as they fought to find release. And with a loud yell of triumph Max finally found his release, his cock grew bigger inside Liz's pussy making her moan at the huge fit of him, his ball constricted like they had never constricted before as his hot cum flowed out of her filling her to bursting. They collapsed on the bed completely worn out both whimpering as their bodies shock with aftershocks. Arms wrapped around each other Max weakly turned them to their sides where the two lovers fell into a light sleep still joined and highly satisfied for the moment.

# # # #

Max woke up some unknown time later fully aware that he was now drunk as a skunk. Didn't matter that he hadn't had much from a cup, he only needed to drink down very little and he was a goner and their was no telling how much he actually drank off Liz's warm succulent body, yes he was such a wuss. But this wuss had a very beautiful woman in his bed who knew underneath all those ugly clothes lay the body of such a goddess. It was enough to make a man giggle in his good fortune. Not that manly men giggled, or at least he didn't think men giggled, but his fuzzy brain wasn't sure so he stopped worrying about it and instead focused his attention on the lush body next to him.

He traced her body with his finger playing particular attention to her breasts, Liz shifted in the bed and sighed his name cuddling closer to him, and Max grinned a 1000 walt grin he liked that particular reaction and wanted her to do it again so this time he used all his fingers touching the sensitive soft skin this time she moaned and moved her body closer to his touch, but she still lay sleeping. Playful now and grinning madly he continued caressing her nuzzling her neck until she finally stirred awake still stuck between deep slumber and wakefulness. That was all Max was waiting for, and with fast movements Max opened her thighs and mounted her, entering her soft depths fully in sure stroke.

Liz moaned at this invasion digging her nails deep into his back as she helplessly took his pounding. Liz was still so wet from their earlier activities she took him easily she still felt so sensitive every shift of his in her felt like live electricity was being fed straight into her body. But Liz wouldn't have stopped it for the world. He felt too good to every want to stop this beautiful dance of theirs.

Max was lost in his own little world, the alcohol had weakened his self control and he was taking her with very little thought but reaching nirvana as quick as they could. There was no foreplay none of the gentle rhythm of before only his cock and her tight pussy walls as he boxed in her body tight to his with his arms. They were chest to chest mouth to mouth, as he stared right into her bright brown eyes so beautiful and warm, her face was lit up by the last few remaining candles. It was another site that would forever be burned into his mind despite the drunken haze filling his mind. Together they moved in perfect unison in and out, in and out until with a loud cry Liz clamped her thighs on either side of him as her body shook in organism. Her pussy became the so damn tight he was helpless not to join her and he shot his hot cum deep into her again as he groaned his climax. The heat of his cum clamed her sensitive walls and Max disengaged from her body flopping back on his back taking her with him, where he sighed and went right to sleep with a sappy smile on his face.

Liz had a harder time going back to sleep she was too turned on still so instead she watched Max sleep until the last candle finally went out and they were surrounded by darkness.

"I love you, Max" but no one beside herself heard her…


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Sigh...sigh...sigh!!! OMG...that was just too intense for words my dear. I love how Max got drunk of of drinking from her body and the way that he just took her when he woke up...pure...100%...unadultred smut...and I loved every word as usual. Stormy!!!
posted on 1-Feb-2003 1:30:43 AM by Phaedra223
This was terrific! Wish I had a night like that waiting for me when I came home from work.

I like your use of the Kama Sutra - besides the obvious reasons, it seems the sort of book that Liz might actually buy if she were curious about sex. And the way she marked the pages is definitely Liz- ever the student with a plan.

Max is a cheap drunk. Horny too. Liz needs to remember this because it could come in handy. No pun intended. Well, maybe a little intended. LOL

Thank you for letting me know this was up on the board! Terrific way to start my weekend!!

Phae *big**big**big*
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My gosh...u guys are so talented, I envy
anywayz the stories are really hot, I hope u post more soon please?!!!!*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce* question, are you ever going to finish same time next month? that was such a hot story, I sure hope you can write more....

keep up the good work

ML Plaisirs

posted on 12-Feb-2003 12:39:54 PM by Teresa
More HH...for those of you who may not get to read on the other thread...*wink*


Max lowered his darling’s wet form unto the bed, kissing her breathless and grounding his hidden member deeper inside her. Releasing her lips, he gasped for air.

Hearing the hungry moan that escaped her throat; Max licked the valley between her breasts while starting a slow stroke with his hips. Liz couldn’t control the whimpers as her ankles ripped free of Max’s hands and pitoned around his shoulders, encouraging a deeper penetration.

Wrapping his arms over her legs he caressed her breasts kneading them softly. Max pumped into her in long, smooth strokes. Her moans and whispers of his name, only fanning the flames of his desire.

He separated her legs leaning in to kiss her. As his hands held her hips firm, Max kissed her lips and Liz arched into him.

Liz’s head fell back, her body rising off the bed to meet his thrusts. Her body begged for his touch, she wanted him everywhere. She melted at the way his hands caressed every curve of her body. The way his touch brought her body to life. Her whole being trembled at his caress.

Max squeezed her breasts together, his tongue dancing over their hardened peaks. While his mouth held a breast between his lips, is hand slipped up to the back of her neck; cupping her head.

Releasing her nipple, he leaned in to pull her face closer to his. “Liz,” he whispered, as he took her top lip into his mouth and sucked on it lightly. Max kissed her nose, her lips, her chin and descended down onto her neck nipping and sucking all the way down.

Liz felt her walls tighten around Max’s thick shaft, and she heard the resultant hitch in his breathing. “Max, please,” she whimpered, “harder!”

Max brought his arms around encircling her waist. Holding it firmly against him he began to thrust into her harder, in earnest abandon. The echoes of
his darling’s gratification urging him onward.

Soon, their frantic coupling beating a rhythmic cadence into the ornately carved headboard. Max’s grunts and Liz’s throaty moans of pleasure merged into a sweaty song of pure delight. As the cadence of their lovemaking drummed forward, Liz’s arms flew outward, knotting up fistfuls bed sheets in her lust addled grasp.

His darling screamed long and hard as her paramour’s cock spasmed and pulsed deep within her. Sated the loving couple collapsed onto each other, enjoying the damp heat that embraced them.

Max kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips. Not willing to give up touching her. Liz ran sleepy hands along his flanks luxuriating in their togetherness. Max hugged her tightly. “I love you my darling” he whispered

“…and I you” she answered, passionately licking his earlobe. Her man’s member twitched between them. “Again?” he queried. Liz smiled.


A cool breeze blew across the lovers’ sated bodies. A reminder of the falling snow that brushed across the bedroom floor. The hum of their lovemaking matched that of the jets that continued to swirl in their forgotten bath.

Max kept up his superb rhythm and leaned in close, whispering in her ear. “Should I turn off the weather?” he gibed as tiny snowflakes began to gently descend onto his exposed shoulders.

“What weather?” Liz breathed. Her eyes were shut tight. Lustrous locks lightly caressed the pillows as her head lulled back and forth in pure delight.

Max grinned and shifted slightly, allowing some of the floating snow to land on her resplendent face and neck.

Liz rolled slightly as the tiny, cold, drops began to land. Her eyes fluttered open.

“Max” she murmured. Gazing with delight at the flurry of fluffy powder that had followed them into the room. Max winked at her.

Max began toying with her breasts, the snow melting quickly on their fevered skin. Her heaving breasts glistened in the moonlight that shone through the surrounding windows.

“You must,” she panted, loving the continuous stroke between her thighs.

Liz couldn’t get enough of him, her wondrous lover. Her eyes grew deeper and darker with desire, accentuating the chocolaty locks that splayed across her pillow.

She rose to meet him nuzzling their noses playfully, while tickling the tops of her beau’s feet with her toes.

Max had never been caressed like this before. Their bodies fitted one so perfectly. A smile lit his face as they indulged each other in this heaven.

Liz pressed her body tightly to him trying to ease the lustful ache rising within her.

She kissed his lips, sucking lightly at the bottom. She kissed his chin, and pressing her body closer, her dainty tongue followed his jawbone to his cute little ears. Liz nibbled his lobe, feeling his firm hands squeeze her pert ass appreciatively.

Then, they were off again, quivering, clutching, moaning…less frantic this time, but still fueled by their desperate need for each other.

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Max confessed, his eyes devouring every feature of her radiant form.

Liz felt herself grow self-conscious, she thought about how she must look a fright; her hair everywhere, her body covered in sweat, no makeup. Then she noticed how Max’s bangs hung wildly dripping with perspiration form their lovemaking. The glow that shone in his skin. Is this how she looked to him? Sexier than sin? More edible than ambrosia?

A soft moan escaped her lips as Max’s hands took possession of her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them, igniting a fire in her sensitive skin.

Max strummed her nipples with his thumbs, cupping a breasts in each hand, stretching them, kneading them.

Liz arched her body heaving her distended nipples up to him in offering. Propriety was incinerated by the mad dance played out on her body. Her eyes shut tight and her head lolled about the pillow as her lips murmured his name over and over.

Max’s hand explored her body as the other stayed at her breast. His hand roamed lower tentatively brushing her hips, then gripping them for a deeper thrust.

The young monarch realized he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, his cock had grown so hard in Liz’s heated depths he was beginning to spasm with the need for release. but Liz wasn’t ready yet.

He leaned back, wanting to see her face in the throes of passion. Slipping his hand between their bodies his fingers parted her nether folds. The sight of his shaft penetrating her almost did them in together.

His fingers danced over her aroused clit and she groaned his name aloud.

Then outside their door was a sudden, dull noise. They both stopped, agonizingly, and listened

Max leaned over Liz protectively. Their ragged breath the only sound; their eyes locked in a questioning gaze. Then they heard it again;

“Liz? Liz are you in there?” Maria whispered loudly through the lock. “Liz?” Maria asked again a little hesitantly.

Max looked down at Liz to see her hand clapped over her mouth and her eyes dancing in suppressed mirth. Max grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at Liz.

She couldn’t hold back the laughter any longer, “Yes Maria,” she called giving out a smothered giggled. “I’m here, and everything’s okay”. Could you come back a little later?”

“Okay?” Max’s eyebrows rose with his whisper, as he nipped at her blushing lobe with his teeth. “Just “okay”? Everything’s fantastic wouldn’t you say Liz?” Max questioned teasingly, licking her nose.

“Stop it Max,” Liz scolded in a tentative whisper.

Max pumped into her excruciatingly slow, “You really want me to?” he teased, sprinkling her upper body with burning kisses.

Liz knew she’d rather be dragged down a road of broken glass than have Max stop what he was doing now.

“What’s going on in there?” came her friend’s voice; the doorknob began to rattle.

“Maria”, Liz jerked as Max tickled the back of her knee with his oh so nimble fingertips. “Please, I have company, come back…Stop,” she tittered.

Liz’s fit of giggles only spurred Max on. He slipped his mouth down and pressed his hot tongue against her sensitive nipple.

“Oh yes…Oh my God,” it was driving Liz insane.

“Don’t forget to breathe,” he winked, giving her an ear to ear smile between strokes so light his darling thought she would loose her mind.

Snow flitted across the floor blowing under the door, and a gasp was heard from the other side.

“Maria? Uh, just come back later okay?” Liz begged, torn between her desire for secrecy and the need to cry out and surrender to fulfillment.

“Maria?” she queried unsteadily There was a moments silence before they heard mirthful laughter through the door.

“Is this snow?” Maria implied, “’Cause I could swear this looks and melts just like the real thing,” .

“Maria, PLEASE?” Liz pleaded with her best friend.

“Couldn’t I just take one little peek?” Maria pouted; It was worth a try.

“Weeelllll …,” Max said loudly, teasing the pair of them. His voice implying that he was teetering on the brink of indecision.

“There’s enough of me to go around for two women,” he informed Liz playfully “and I am male after all …”

Liz swatted at his arm.

“Okay, if you’re sure,” came from the other side of the door and the knob started turning.

“NO,” was the heated demand back from Liz. She wanted Max all to herself.

Max held Liz’s wrists above her head and skimmed his tongue over her lips. He wiggled his eyebrows at her once more before kissing her soundly, blotting out any further thoughts of Maria.

The coupling pair didn’t hear the release of the knob, or the footsteps that faded down the hall. Maria wanted Liz and Max to enjoy themselves, and a victorious smile plastered her face as she strolled down the hall. The gang was definitely back together.

“I can’t believe you turned away a friend,” Max began, trying to make Liz feel guilty. She looked so sexy when she pouted.

Liz tried to get even with Max by tickling his tummy, then his ribs under his arms, but Max swooped in and ended the brief struggle with another gasping kiss. He let his member slide out of her, wanting to slow things down and explore her body more thoroughly.

Liz took this chance to roll over, bringing Max underneath her. She looked down at him and grinned It was her turn to explore and torture him and she intended to enjoy every moment of it.

She noticed how his cock still stood at attention. Her eyes shimmered with a gleam of mischief, as she slid her body down his, her nipples perking; tingling from the friction as they passed down his torso. Her hands moved across his body sweeping across his chest and abdomen, feeling the muscles tighten under her gentle touch. Her mind glorified in the power she held over him.

His eyes drifted shut as her little pink tongue snaked out to moisten her lips. Without foreplay and without using her hands Liz swooped down and inhaled the thick head of his cock. The unexpected pleasure of the sudden contact with her hot little lips made him gasp out loud. Max’s senses lit up as her tongue swept along the underside of his shaft. He buried his fingers in her silky hair plunging into her heavenly mouth.

This was just the reaction Liz had hoped for. Wickedly her head began to bob slowly up and down his swollen shaft.

Max lost the ability to talk, to even breathe. His hips were rising to meet Liz’s mouth of there own accord. His mind pleaded with his body to not end it this way. He propped himself up on his elbows with clenched teeth. The sight of her like this was nearly enough to push him over.

Max tugged at Liz’s hair pleadingly and she released his member with an audible pop.

She looked up at him hungrily, crawling slowly up his gleaming body until she was stretched out all on top of him. She pecked him lightly on the lips, and rolled them over again, her eyes begging him; letting him know she could dish it out as well as she could take it but right now she wanted it bad.

Max rose above her, spreading her legs gently. He placed his hard cock against her tender pussy, stroking her sweet folds lightly before parting them tenderly. He teased her clit with the head of his distended member, until she whimpered in need, knowing painfully she couldn’t take much more.

Max slowly rubbed the head of his shaft along her wet entrance; her whole body quivering with need. Max pulled her legs up and held them to his body reverently then slid home in one fluid motion.

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For discalimer and summary see chapter 1.

Sorry for the long wait.. hope it was worth it..Enjoy!

One Is Never Enough.
Chapter Four.
Making Sure It Works.


“You want me to what?” Max asked is disbelief.

“You heard me the first time.” She said calmly.

“And you’re okay with this?” He ventured carefully.

“Would I be offering if I wasn’t?” She asked rhetorically.

“You want me to have sex with her, just the two of us. Right?” He asked, trying to clarify her request.

“That’s what I said.” She said distractedly.

“Why?” he asked, still stunned by her request.

“Why what?” Liz asked him tiredly.

“Why do you want me to do this?”

“First, and this should put your mind to rest, I don’t consider this cheating. It is me after all. Besides, Beth and I had our little thing, alone, before you got there. It’s only fair.” She said brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. “Second, I want you to be able to concentrate on her. I want to know how close she is to me. I already did observations on her other traits, and so far its pretty balls on accurate. I can’t test this one for myself, so I need your help.”

“When are we supposed to do this?” Max asked curiously.

“Now is fine, hold on a sec.” And then Liz disappeared into the supply room.

Max was left standing there with his thoughts, he loved Liz and was willing to do almost anything for her, but this was a little extreme. Yea, it had been fun when the three of them fucked each other senseless. He had never cum so many times in his life. Plus, the simple fact that he could eat pussy and fuck it at the same time, was just mind blowing. His cock had hurt for two days after that. That had been another one of Liz’s requests, no healing anything.

It was one thing to do this stuff when they were all together, but just one on one seemed a lot more intimate. He hated to refuse her anything, but this was just a bit much. His conscious just wouldn’t let him do it. Hell, if there was a duplicate of himself, there would be no way in hell that he was gonna let it stick its dick into his Liz. No way that any other man was going to leave cum inside her sweet pussy. He knew that seemed a bit hypocritical, but he had to be honest with himself, even if it wasn’t rational.

Now a dup for Beth to play with wouldn’t be too bad, but this was getting dangerously close to playing God. On the other hand, what kind of life was Beth doomed to here in the lab. Not a very pleasant one. It had been fine so far, but it was only a matter of time before the resentment would set in.

Liz coming back into the lounge shook Max from his revere. He looked up at her expectantly.

“She said she didn’t mind but not right now. She’ll be finished with her work in a couple hours. She said she would do it then, is that okay with you?” She asked him softly.

“Liz, listen, I’ve been thinking about this and I just don’t feel comfortable. I mean, I wouldn’t let another guy make love to you. So ….I’m sorry, but I just can’t.” He said regretfully, hoping that she would understand.

“Max, it’s okay. I don’t want to be with another man, so you have nothing to worry about.” She reassured him. “If you’re that uncomfortable about being with Beth, I understand, but I really need these results. I won’t ask you to do it again. I’ve been thinking that maybe creating a dup of you for Beth would be a really good idea, that way she won’t be alone. Truthfully, I don’t plan on sharing you with her on a permanent basis anyways.”

Max felt a little more at ease with that knowledge. Beth was a lot of fun and a really good fuck, but she wasn’t Liz.

“Good. A dup of me may not be a bad idea for Beth. That way she wouldn’t be alone, they would have no problems together. I mean just look at us, we’re perfect together.” He said thoughtfully.

Liz looked up at him hopefully, “So will you do it this one last time?”

Max gave her a pained look but grudgingly agreed.

“Max, don’t look so down, she is me after all.” She said, giving him a little kiss to cheer him up.


Beth finished up her work about two hours later and came out from the back. Liz filled her in on what was going to happen. Beth gave Max a heated look at the mention of them being together again, she had loved how it felt to have his hard cock ramming into her. She had been hoping that she would have the opportunity to feel it at least one more time. She was a little worried about the look on Max’s face though; he didn’t seem to be as overjoyed as she was about this.

“Max, is everything okay?” Beth asked concerned.

“Yea, I guess, I don’t know. It’s just a little weird.” He confessed.

“Max, Liz said she was okay with this right?” She prompted him.

“Yea, but…” He started.

“Max, there’s no buts, it’s what she said. She loves you, you know that. I’m as close to her as you can get, I know how she feels about this. She doesn’t want to be with anyone else, not even a dup of you. So don’t worry about this and just enjoy what she is giving you. Okay?” She coaxed.

Max nodded his head in agreement, she did have a point; Liz was okay with this and had told him not to feel guilty about it, to just enjoy it. His train of thought was broken when Beth removed her lab coat and she was completely naked underneath it. He felt his balls constrict and his cock begin to harden at the sight of her beautiful body. He hadn’t even been aware of the fact that they had moved towards the bed that had been setup for Beth while they were talking. Max couldn’t stop his eyes from running hungrily over her body, her pert breasts, so nicely rounded and full for their size, the nipples pouting and hard. The hair between her legs so curly and glistening with her arousal, its fluffy fullness begging for him to bury his nose in it and inhale the scent of her pussy.

Beth walked over and stood in front of him, she cupped him through his jeans and gave him a squeeze, his cock pushed back against the palm of her hand. She could feel the ridges of the shaft and head chiseled in the course denim material.

“God.” Max moaned, his head fell back, enjoying the feel of her tiny hand massaging his hardening flesh.

Beth smiled at Max’s exclamation and unbuttoned his jeans. She slid the zipper down and pushed the denim over his slender hips. Max stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

“What do we have here?” Beth said hungrily, looking at the tent in Max’s boxers.

She reached out and began to stroke Max through the thin material of his boxers. Beth dropped to her knees and placed light kisses along the outline of his cock through the cotton fabric. She could smell his arousal and her mouth was watering to taste him. Her patience could no longer take it and she pushed his boxers down his legs. His cock sprang free and lightly smacked her in the forehead in her haste to rid him of the offending garment.

“Hey.” She giggled.

Max chuckled softly at her actions, at least until he felt her warm mouth close around the head of his cock.

“Umm.” He moaned as she began to suck earnestly on him.

Beth swirled her tongue around and around the head of his cock, tasting his skin and the musky flavor of him She curled her fingers around the base and bobbed her head up and down as she swallowed more and more of him down her throat. She pulled him from her mouth and licked his entire length; her eyes gazed deep into his as she traced the throbbing vein up the middle of his swollen cock. The head was weeping tears of cum that Beth eagerly swallowed, drop after sweet drop she drained from his aching flesh.

Max was in heaven from the torture her tight mouth was putting him through. His knees were getting weaker and his mouth was hungry for the taste of her that was filling the air around them. The smell of her pussy was wafting up from her spread legs, her body was so aroused from giving him head she had begun to drip onto the lab floor. Max placed his hands on either side of her head and pulled her up to him. He bent down and captured her lips in a searing kiss as he picked her up and deposited her on the bed.

Max unceremoniously laid her back onto the bed and dove between her thighs, taking advantaged of her spread legs. His nose buried in her hair as his tongue shot out and licked a deep path between her damp cunt lips.

“Oh yes, Max…eat me.” she cried out.

Beth squirmed frantically as Max licked and sucked hungrily on her pussy. Sounds of him lapping desperately at her warm, musky center filled the quiet air of the lab. Max used two fingers to spread the lips of her pussy open wider and drove his tongue deep into her, swirling it around. He hardened the tip of his tongue and thrust it into her tight hole, fucking her like he would have if it had been his cock that he was plunging into her.

Beth rocked her hips back and forth on his face. She laced her fingers into his hair and pulled him closer to her core, grinding her pelvis into the soft flesh of his lips and chin. She could feel the slight scrape from the stubble of his beard, as it brushed on the over sensitive lips of her pussy, making them swell with greater arousal. She reached down and ran a slender finger over the swelling bulge of her clit. She stroked it in circles as Max continued his eager meal of her hot, dripping cunt.

Max knew she was getting close, the taste of her juices were getting sweeter. He swirled his tongue around the hardened nub of her clit, chasing her slender fingers as she flicked the swollen bundle of nerves. Her motions had become jerky as she neared her release; her muscles contracted making it harder for her to move smoothly. Her hips pushed up, trying to drive her pussy deeper into the mouth that was attached to her. Her fingers tightened convulsively in his hair as the first signs of her orgasm began to tear through her.

“Fuck, yes!” She cried out, her hips locked in an upward stroke.

Beth could feel the juices draining from her body; her pussy was pushing every bit of fluid it had created into Max’s awaiting mouth. She felt as if her entire lower body had turned to liquid as what seemed like a river poured forth from her. Max latched onto her clit and sucked hard, pulling another small orgasm from her already quivering pussy.

“Umm, you tasp gweat.” Max mumbled against her core, his lips brushed lazily against her clit, stoking the flames that had not yet begun to recede from before.

“You…have…to…stop.” She panted, her body couldn’t catch up to all of the pleasure it was being asked to experience.

Max gave her pouting lips a couple long, luxurious, strokes; slowly he eased his way up from her core. He took a couple mouthfuls of her hair and sucked the glistening remains of her orgasms from the silky strands.

Beth pulled Max up her body. He slowly followed, stopping for samples of her ruby nipples along the way. He sucked each rigid peak into his mouth eagerly and drew the puckered bud into the roof of his mouth. Beth arched her back; driving the swollen peaks deeper into the warmth of his lips embrace. He sucked them hungrily and was surprised when he felt his mouth slightly fill with a warm, sweet liquid. He pulled back and looked at the drops of milk oozing from her nipple. Max moaned hungrily and attached his mouth to her swollen peak again and sucked harder, drawing as much of the sweet liquid as he could into his mouth. Beth bucked her hips against Max’s stomach as he switched breasts and began to draw out the white nectar form her other ripe mound.

Beth finally was in a frenzy trying to appease the ache in her cunt, she grabbed Max and pulled him bodily up, grabbing his cock and rubbing the mushroom tip along the slit of her pussy. She rubbed the head in circles around her engorged clit, stroking herself onto the edge of an intense orgasm.

“Max…. close.” She moaned.

Max closed his eyes tightly at the sensation of having the head of his cock swirled around in the folds of her pussy. He was slipping slightly into her with every circle Beth made. The feel of her tiny hand gripping him was incredible, her hand flexed with every stroke she gave herself.

Beth let go of his cock, leaving it positioned at her entrance. Her eyes met his as she thrust her hips forward to take the head of him into her

“You’re ready?” Max asked her with a feral gleam in his amber eyes.

Beth nodded her head and grabbed his hips, without hesitation, she pulled him completely into her.

“Ugh…that answer your question?” she asked rhetorically

Max smirked at her and started to drive solidly into her, setting up a steady rhythm. The room was filling with the scent of pussy as Max slammed into her over and over again. The wet sounds of their bodies coming together broke the quiet of the room, punctuated by the grunts of their efforts.

“Fuck me harder.” Beth cried out, as she thrust her hips harder up into his.

“God, your pussy is so tight.” Max mumbled.

Sweat dripped form his forward, raining down in tiny droplets onto Beth’s face, her tongue darted out to capture the salty wetness. Her fingers dug into the muscled flesh of his hips as she pulled him desperately into her, trying to drive his cock into her womb. Beth tilted her pelvis up, causing the next stroke Max took to bury the head of his cock into the upper side of her passageway, right along her Grafenberg spot.

“Oh fuck, right there Max, fuck me right there.” She called out, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

“Where?” Max asked through a pant.

“Right…just keep doing what you’re doing.” She just couldn’t explain anything right now, not with him hitting her sweet spot so perfectly. “You stop fucking me and I’ll cut your balls off.” She wailed as he nailed her again.

“What?” Max asked wide eyed, but not missing a stroke or changing his angle.

Beth just shook her head and dug her fingernails deeper into the tender flesh of his hips and pulled him back and forth into her. Her motions were frantic as she fucked him for all she was worth. In and out, back and forth, she pounded him into her without mercy or restraint.

“I’m gonna cum, holy fuck.” She cried out as her orgasm began to take hold of her.

Max thrust deeper into her as he felt her walls start to clamp down on him. He dug his toes into the mattress and drove into her with almost painful force. She had wrapped her legs around his back and kicked her heels into his ass like a cowboy would spur a horse faster into the sunset.

“Fuck me, Max. Split my cunt wide open.” She wailed with abandon.

Max’s eyes were bugging out of his head; he had never heard such things before. He and Liz had a very incredible sex life but she had never uttered such things. Part of his mind wondered if his Liz was holding back. Beth was an extension of Liz’s psyche, therefore the things that Beth felt and desired were somewhat based upon what Liz would want to experience.


Liz looked on through the two-way mirror that separated the rooms. She had her hand down the front of her sweats as she stroked the lips of her dripping pussy. Watching her husband fuck her dup was an incredible turn on, she had to admit to a twinge of jealously but she kept telling herself that it was a copy of her, not another woman.

The groans and slapping of their bodies was driving Liz to the edge. She plunged two fingers into her hole, pumping them in and out of her. Liz leaned back on the chair with her feet planted on the wall, her legs spread to accommodate the hand that was pushing furiously into her pussy. She switched hands and placed her slick fingers into her mouth, cleaning the juices from her hand. Now that she had gotten a taste of pussy from when she had eaten Beth, she really enjoyed the taste. She didn’t want to be with another woman, but she could enjoy what her own body had to offer.

“Beth is saying all of the things that I want to say.” She mumbled to herself.

Liz always held a part of herself in check, she was a little afraid of how Max would react to some of the things that she felt like crying out at times. She knew that Max would never look down on her for expressing herself but she didn’t want him to look at her different for saying something outrageous or off the wall. Now, after watching the way that he seemed to get excited by the things that Beth was saying, she knew that she didn’t have to hold back any longer. If she knew Max, he probably already figured out that she was holding back, after all, Beth was only an extension of herself anyways.

Liz closed her eyes and enjoyed the rush as her orgasm neared. She reached down with her other hand and ran a finger along the distended bud of her clit. She flicked the swollen nerve center with her finger, pushing it back and forth. Her hips began to buck a little wilder as she felt her walls begin to clamp down on her thrusting fingers.

“Oh, fuck.” She hissed as her release tore through her.

She pulled her sticky fingers from her cunt and licked them clean. She looked out at the couple on the other side of the glass, as they continued to fuck each other with abandon. She was definitely going to have to have some one on one time with Max when they got home tonight. It was a good thing that he was an alien, his recovery time was incredibly short, so she knew that he would be ready for the long night she had planned for them.

But in the mean time she might as well go out there and clean up the mess that she knew was going to be made. ‘Um’, she thought, ‘I am bit thirsty now that I think about it.’


“More…just like that.” Beth panted; her head was thrashing about from side to side.

Max pulled out and smacked his cock on the tip of her clit.

“FUCK!” Beth shuddered.

Max rammed his length back into her and picked up at the same pace he had been fucking her at before. Every few strokes he would pull out and slap the large head of his cock on her pussy, sometimes on the clit and other times on her opening. She gasped each time; her senses were spiraling into overdrive as she tried to predict where the next attack would come from. The feeling was only made better each time he withdrew from her; because he would have to plunge completely back into her again, pushing into her like it was their initial joining.

“I’m close.” Max groaned, his breathing was coming in ragged gasps.

“Um…” Beth purred, “Fill my pussy with your cum.”

Beth pumped her hips harder, taking as much of him into her as she could. She could feel her release coming. The muscles of her cunt were staring to burn with the unreleased energy of her coming orgasm. Her inner walls were starting to twitch. The ridges of Max’s cock were becoming more defined with each stroke as she felt him begin to swell within her. She knew he was close, the thought of having all of that hot cum shooting into her, coating her walls, was making her writhe with anticipation.

Max closed his eyes and his face contorted into a grimace of painful pleasure. He thrust into her once, twice and a third time, and then the world went silent. The blood roared through his ears as he felt the burning rush of his cum shoot out of the head of his cock. His balls constricted again and again as he pumped spurt after spurt of his creamy essence into her receptive pussy.

The first stream of cum that hit the back wall of her pussy sent Beth flying over the edge into the oblivion of her release. Her inner wall began milking his rigid cock for every last drop of his nectar. Her lips sucked him dry of all that he had to offer her, leaving him spent and completely sated.

Neither of them heard Liz come up beside them. Max rolled off of Beth and lay on his side on the bed. Beth lay there, legs spread wide open, her pussy dripping with Max’s and her own cum.

“Well, looks like you two made a mess.” Liz offered with an amused smirk.

Max smiled weakly at her and took her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. Beth looked up at her through tired and sated eyes, her smile was only half hearted but completely conveyed the feeling of contentment that she felt.

Liz looked between the two of them and just decided to go for it. She kneeled down onto the bed and buried her face in Beth’s pussy. She lapped hungrily at the mixture of cum oozing from Beth’s tired body. The taste of Max’s cum was something she never would get enough of, but mixed with pussy was an added bonus. It wasn’t that it was better, just that it was different. She sucked and swallowed everything that Beth could give her; she attached her lips to Beth’s clit and brought her to another small orgasm before setting up and wiping her face.

Max pulled her over and kissed her deeply, tasting all three of them on her lips.

“Someone had busy fingers.” Max said as he stroked her hair from her face.

Liz giggled and curled into his side, pulling all three of them close as they settled together on the queen size bed. They room smelled heavily of sex and pussy, an intoxicating aroma, sure to arouse them into another round of love making if they weren’t careful.

“Well,” Liz said thoughtfully, “that went well.”


Only one or two more parts remaining on this one folks.. I'll try not to take so long to update the next time but no gaurantees...

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Oh can I try this.. I wrote something but I might not be to good.. I mean the next part I have for it.. is more perv-fu.. but this just the beginning and Im just learning. Sry its so short

Orgasmic Dreams

Part 1

Max looked down at Liz’s sleeping naked form in front of him. His eyes started at her face memorizing the shape of her lips, eyes, and nose.

They traveled downwards to her perky mounds that sat on her chest. He watched as they rose up and down from her breathing. His cock swelled just by the sight of them.

Next, his eyes were brought down to his wife’s hot core. This was the place that he pleasured her so many times before, he thought to himself.

His hand traveled down from her tight stomach slowly trying to not to wake his beloved. They went to her core and lightly grazed it. He watched Liz’s sleeping body arch her hips as he did this.

Max’s throbbing member twitched at her actions. He allowed his hands to wander in further. He found her clit and slightly rubbed it. He heard a sound of pleasure come from his lover’s lips. He smiled from her reaction. He rubbed a little harder making her body arch into his hand and her sleeping mouth moan even louder.

He watched her core as it became wet from his motions on her clit. He licked his lips wanting to eat her. Not being able to take the feeling of her wet core on his hands he lowered his head to it and licked with his tongue.

Liz’s body arched and she screamed out his name. Max smiled and brought his head up. She was still sleeping, he thought. He lowered his head down again running his tongue against her clit and across her opening. This made her moan and her hips arch upwards wanting him more.

He greedily found her opening and let his tongue enter her. Back and fourth his tongue went, in and out. He heard his lovers moans from her lips practically begging for him to engulf her completely.

Even in her sleep he could make her want him to pleasure her, he thought to himself laughing slightly against her core. That action made her body shiver and jump.

He felt her body motions start to get quicker. He brought his hand up to her clit and start to rub it. Her body arched and she screamed out his name in her sleep.

He knew she was about to cum any second so gently pinched her clit between in thumb and pointer finger and gently rolled it around. This caused Liz to scream his name as she went into her orgasm.

He felt her cum against his lips and he greedily ate and licked it all up. It was sweet, spicy, and so addicting at the same time, Max thought wanting it to never stop coming out of her body. He made sure that he got every last drop from her body. After he made sure that she was completely dry, he brought his head up to watch Liz’s sleeping body gently shake from the pleasure that he had just given her, a smile across her beautiful face.

He laid down to next to his sleeping wife and watched as her eyes opened slightly. He looked down at her face to see it all flushed with a huge smile.

“Hey, Sleepy head.” Max said to her his throbbing cock still alive and ready. “Did you have a nice nap”

He watched her blush and he wanted to fuck her so bad.

“Umm.. Actually I did.” She said to Max smiling. “It was very orgasmic.” She said to Max both of them laughed, Max knowing the real reason for her wet dreams.

Tbc.. if I did it right

posted on 19-Feb-2003 2:37:38 PM by Faith Evans
Ok First off really say how sorry I am that I have missed so much smutt, on this wonderful dirty thread. I was off at the Brat Dreamer party so only had a chance to get on a computer right now.

Ok feedback gong by order...

Teresa Holy cow was that ever hot, those two are a couple of horny monkeys and I love it, damn was that some of the best sex you have written, left me all hot and bothered for more!!!! You must come back and give it to us, damn that was yummy.

moonieADT Ok you did it again, that was trully great and again I never read much out side of Max and Liz, and while Beth is an extension of Liz with the way you have wrote her. I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this. Even the female slash and I know for a fact I don't like or read that stuff but with you it's different. I really really loved it.

But while Max's reaction is complelty Max like, and I don't see him ever wanting to share his Liz with anyone else. It's seems a little unfair if Liz doesn't get to experience te feel of 2 Max's just like Max has experienced two Liz's. I can just imagine what the fireworks would be with her having the option of having 2 huge beautiful men to pleasure her, let alone having 2 cocks to play with, ummm yummy. I don't know I really hoping when the time comes he will change his mind and they can all have some fun. And then when you add Beth to the mix oh baby. I so hope we get to see Beth enjoy her dupe.

forever_A_dreamer welcome to the smuttiest thread in the whole world of roswell fanfic!!!!!

And yes girl you did it right!!!!! And wow how right that was, gotta love how easy and free they are with each other, how I would love t be woken up in that manner, yummy!!!!!!! And you can't leave me there you must come back and finish this. Will Liz give Max a few orgasmic dreams of her own. Ohhhh the possibilities are endless.

So come back the smutt must flow!!!!