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Title Of Thread: Masters of UC Perv-fu
Rules: There are none, this is a UC thread anything goes, if you want CC, go to Phaedra’s thread.
Master: Teresa
Purpose: This thread’s purpose is for people to submit UC stories to be judged by the threads masters and readers, to give pointers and challenges. So, post away….


Rock My World

Liz was an Antarian princess, with countless slaves all there to see to her sexual pleasure. Woman ruled on Antar, and the heir for titles came from the female line, so a woman could have as many children by as many males as she wanted since it wasn’t the father who passed on inheritance and title or legitimacy, marriage was for the uncivilized.

She was on her way to the local slave/whore house, where all the new males were being held for her to pick from, She walked passed the rooms and sat down in her special chair where she signaled the parade of men to be brought forth. Man after naked man walked in front of her and she examined each one but found nothing special that she didn’t already have at home. Until two twins arrogantly walked by, she called a halt to the parade and examined them thoroughly satisfied by what she saw she called the manager of the slave house, and asked for her regular free taste.

A free taste was only offered to royalty where before the royal bought a slave she slept with the slave to see if the slave would be pleasing to it’s new master. Liz was lead to the fourth floor where all the bedrooms were for the people who only rented slaves regularly for pleasure came. Liz entered the largest of the rooms where she proceeded to undress and lie down on the bed legs spread as she waited for her love slaves to enter.

She wasn’t kept waiting long as the two men came in wearing only a lion cloth that showed up their skin to perfection which gleamed with the soft light of the room. The slaves had been trained well in the art of pleasure and knew that life, as a royal slave was much easier and highly pleasurable then the run of the mill slave life. With that in mind, they approached Liz on the bed one lied down completely on top of her where he made sure his hard heat came in contact with her lush softness where he grounded himself.

Liz back arched and she grabbed his firm ass where they began to hump each other, her hands roamed his tight body loving the feel and smell of his skin. Sensing she wasn’t in the mood to full around with fore play he untied the lion cloth and released his painfully hard member, she hissed in pleasure at this first contact and with the ease of a woman who had had sex many, many times she brought his cock deep into her tight pussy. Where flat on her back she rode this hard penis with all her strength it was all he could do to stay on top of her, she felt so good and she fucked so hard knowing just when to tighten muscles and squeeze until she had him loudly groaning his pleasure when he finally found his release.

But as good of a fuck as he was, she still wasn’t satisfied and she rolled his spent body off her. The other brother had watched the wild fucking and noticed the feral light of her eyes as she turned to him. She crawled over to him her pussy dripping hot cum from her first fucking of the day. She undid the lion cloth of the other brother and once he was free much to her surprise he grabbed her body and sat her down on his face where he began to eat her cum covered pussy like it was his last meal.

Liz grabbed her own breasts and enjoyed the ride of a lifetime but before she knew it he had her on her hands and knees and he brought his long uncut cock hard into her dripping pussy, taking her hard from behind. Seeing she voiced no objection to being dominated he began spanking her firm bottom with his hand, with each slap she let out a loud moan of pleasure, as she yelled out for him to hit her harder.

The loud slap of spanking and sex filled the room as Liz totally lost herself in to the pleasure of the kinky sex. She felt a cock being offered to her mouth and she greedily took it sucking hard with each thrust into her body. Over her head she missed the signals of the two brothers as they decided what they were doing wasn’t enough. They both withdrew from her body and the brother behind her raised her body flush with his as she watched the first brother lie down in front of her cock high and straight in the air.

She crawled up his body straddling it and took it into her well-fucked pussy; the second brother pushed her down until her ass was in the perfect position to take his hard penis in the ass. No virgin to this type of fucking either she easily took him in to her deep back door. They began moving in time with each other, and Liz was overwhelmed by the pleasure of being fucked by two huge cocks at the same time. Filling so full so stretched they fucked wildly though they were careful not to break the thin skin that separated the two men.

In and out they moved, all concentrating on the deep pleasure they were giving each other. Hands meshed and caressed bodies sometimes tangling themselves as they strove to touch everything. Finally, with a deep cry, the man on his back let go his load, the second brother picked up his pace in her ass until him, and Liz finally erupted in pleasure. He shot his load deep in her ass until he to disconnected from her and they laid on their sides as they tried to get their breath back.

“What are your names?” Liz finally asked.

The one who had been in her ass answered, “Rath.” The other one answered “Michael”

Liz dug a finger into her pussy feeling the damage then checking out the damage in her ass, Rath was so turned on by the sight of her fingering herself, he got on his knees between her spread thighs and pushed his cock deep into her tight ass again. He worked her into another great orgasm but this time he held out until Liz was unsure how many orgasms, he had given her. Not to be out done, Michael fed her his cock neither stopping until Liz was covered in a good layer of cum.

Needless to say, She bought them and took them home with her after that, but Liz was never satisfied for long and was always looking for the next great fuck. Who would be her next partner be? You decide…


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Wow, this was good.

You should continue to write UC smut.

Is Liz/Zan considered UC seeing as Max and Zan are kinda ina way the same person?*bounce*
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Thanks Fallin' Angel *big* I don't think Max and Zan are the same they clearly have different personalities what little we saw of Zan showed that *sad* Shame they killed him.

I like everyone, and I love UC!!!!

Thanks again!!!
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Holy Shit!!! What a ride...I always thought, since Michael rides a bike, that he held a lot of power between those legs. (wink*wink*) I guess I was right...and you wrote a helluva story about it.*tongue**tongue*(licking my lips) Who's next???????????????????????????
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That was great, very HOT! I think I'll write something for this thread...maybe I'll have something to post within a week, providing I have time to write it... *big*
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Well in that case, I think Zan should be next.*big*
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It's rough, it's kinky,it's probably on the wrong thread. ((lol)) *big*

~FallinAngel This one's for you.

Little Bitch"


Captured, the little plaything found herself unable to resist her mistress’s command to pleasure her. Dropping to her knees a shiver passed through her as the cold tile came into contact with her flushed skin. For the moment she wondered what force pressed her into service of this woman, this dominatrix. All free thoughts were soon lost, however, as her new deity guided her to a new place of worship.

Outside Max, the once and future king of Antar, was looking for his darling wife. He knew she had dragged that stray barbarian towards the lavatory but he could detect neither shouting nor signs of a struggle. The last place left to search was the bathroom. He hoped his love hadn’t caused too much damage to the de-luca’s plumbing fixtures. Max wondered why his beloved had chosen the bathroom for her confrontation., "but who was he to comment on female conflict rituals?" He would pay the damages and hope that his sweetheart wasn’t too banged up. His majesty was hoping for a few hours of sex tonight.

Stepping up to the bathroom door the hybrid stallion tentatively pushed it open.

His dearest wife was perched on the commode, a mane of long blond curls obscuring the view of her nether regions.

She caught is eye and winked. Pursing her lips she motioned him closer for a kiss.

He leant over the lapping blond and kissed his wife passionately, tongues intertwining for a brief but fiery confirmation of their love.

"Sit my husband", she whispered. "Watch. I will call when the time is right".

The powerful alpha strode the length of the bathroom and took the popular seat on the edge of the tub.

His wife was in the grips of a pre tremor. An orgasmic gasp escaped her lips and her chest thrust skyward, the hard peaks of her nipples cut against the fabric of her blouse like matched glistening diamonds.

Gazing intently at their erotic display lain before him the antarian male began to stoke himself in time with his wife’s gasps of passion. For his majesty there was nothing more erotic than the sight of one’s chosen mate sharing union with another, subservient, female.

"Husband, to me!" his wife gasped motioning for him. Max took the distance between them in two strides shedding his clothing as he came.

With heavily lidded eyes, his sweet mate gestured to the lapping form below her. "Here is you receptacle beloved, let us claim her together."

Tess had no clue what had come over her. She struggled, unsuccessfully, with her body willing herself away from this woman who has so enslaved her. Try as she might she could not break away from the erotic pleasures brought by her mistress even as she sensed another presence in the room. The subjugating affect was even stronger with this one. Without even a backward glance the kneeling love doll recognized this male as her master. She was practically melting as she felt his strong presence behind her, his hands on her quivering body..

Max took the arms of the mewling female and adhered them together behind her back. Spurred onward by the pup’s frustrated moans he drew her up till she was bent over and gripped her hips with his strong hands. From his position in back of her he thrust in one smooth motion; burying his member past her nether folds and into her sopping passage.

There was no describing the feeling that coursed through the kneeling thrall. Feelings of such undeniable fulfillment branded themselves on her nerves. Her arms no longer responsive to her commands, Tess found herself inordinately titillated by helplessness. The feelings of vulnerability only serving to catapult her into untold new levels of sexual bliss . The little darling paused in her lapping taken by an inescapable need to moan.


The mewl of pure lust that escaped her little pet’s lips, vibrated and sent mistress into an orgasmic fervor. As Liz came she buried the succulent plaything’s head between her thighs so that the little doll might continue to pleasure her, slowly, as her husband took his fill. She always found the tongue’s of slave girls more talented as they were bound, pleasured and helpless.

When the female sovereign had her fill she gently pushed the prostrate form of her slave girl away and stood upright.

Reaching into her pocket she retrieved her undergarments and slipped them over her silky thighs.

Drawing up the face of the kneeling slave she inspected it’s face.

"Would you like to come home with us poopsie?" she sang. Not expecting an answer, of course, she proceeded to take a sweet kiss from the ripe puffy lips.

Letting the head in her hands drop she turned to her perfect husband. The queen consort noticed his uncomfortable expression and fully erect segment.

"Oh. poor darling", she piped with genuine concern. "Little bitch wasn’t enough to satisfy your manly appetites? Don’t worry" she mollified, "When we get you home I’ll find you something special to make it up to you, k? Now tuck it in", she smirked "We’re going back out into the public."

Max rolled his eyes at his wife’s bossy tone but shrugged and pulled up his trousers, tucking his hard member into them with slight difficulty .

"Do you have a collar?" She asked him straightening her hair in the bathroom mirror.

He shook his head

"That’s OK ,we’ll think of something, won’t we Poodle?", she baby talked. Petting the little slave, drawing her to her feet.

"Poodle?" He inquired

"She’s my pet so I got to name her", she pouted, sticking out her tongue.

"But, Poodle?" He asked in bewilderment.

"What’s wrong with that name? Look at her hair", she added tugging a handful of curly locks up to the light.

Max held up his hands in surrender. "OK, you win sweetie, just remember, YOU named her."

Liz rolled her eyes, "Come on handsome, lets say goodbye to Maria and thank her for inviting us."

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Gabriel Knight52

originally wrote:
It's rough, it's kinky,it's probably on the wrong thread. ((lol)) *big*

~FallinAngel This one's for you.

OMG!!!! No this is in the right thread, oh baby, is this in the right thread!

I'm so happy you posted here, we so need more players and your stuff is so hot! I loved it, there going to more right, there just has to be more! *bounce* Oh man I love this! *bounce*

funkymonkey I can't wait to read your story the more players the more smutt we can read *big* and that is never a bad thing!

Fallin' Angel you want Zan, I thought you might, I'm working on it, but I'm such a slow writer (sigh) hopefully I can have it out soon. *happy*
posted on 20-Jul-2002 10:28:05 PM by Gabriel Knight52
Queen: Wow! I'm glad you liked it. If by more you mean a chapter before this one, then yes there is. *happy*

Does anybody else like it? Did I make too many spelling mistakes? ~sorry my proofer is on vacation (I think)


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Holy Shit...(excuse me) but this is totally amazing. I was wondering where you were going to go with this story...I can't believe you went there so quickly though. I mean, was it just last week that I read the beginning. I hope I'm rubbing off on you. **giggles***big**big*You probably had "Little Bitch" wrote long before I started. More soon please...Love it, Love it, Love it.....*tongue**tongue**tongue**tongue**tongue*
posted on 22-Jul-2002 9:21:00 PM by CRAZY 4 MAX
WOW!!! Those two stories are f*cking amazing!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad to have them both!!! I can't wait to see
just what other stories will be posted here????
Keep the awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica ;)

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Okey...Dokey!!! Question? Should I move "Happy Hauntings" here? I'm going to leave it on the "Imaginative Writing thread", but since Phea and Faith Evans(no offense) don't like to read UC, should I just start with the next part posting here. Because everything here will have a twist right? *wink**tongue**wink*
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I hope that you do!!!!
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Just wanted to let everyone know!!!

Liz untangled herself from her partners, leaving them to themselves. She crawled across the rug like a cat on the prowl, her prey in sight; she was ready to pounce. Her body glistened with perspiration and her eyes held a primal look, they were locked with Max’s. “Let me help you,” she whispered, licking the bead of cum from the head of his dick. She took his full length into her mouth, running her hands up his legs to push his pants lower and off.

Max arched his hips forward in the chair, forcing Liz to take all of him. He bunched her chocolate hair in his hands as he pushed her down unto his thick shaft with another thrust.

Maria and Tess crawled across the floor to the chair. Tess ran her hand over Max’s leg and Maria mocked her movements on the opposite side. Gliding their fingers over his flesh, hearing the low growl in his throat. They taunted his nipples with their tongues, licking and nipping at his flesh, as Liz’s head bobbed eagerly.

Max felt his undoing as he held Liz’s head firmly on his cock, his cum spewing down the back of her throat. Liz began to move again, milking his every drop. She rose between both girls planting her lips on Max’s as a boast to her territory.

Tess encircled Liz rubbing her smooth skin, taunting her nipples. Maria moved behind the chair pulling Liz’s chin up to kiss her. While Maria and Liz continued their kiss, Max sucked Liz’s hardened peak into his mouth, licking at her round breasts. Tess’ hands danced over every nerve ending sending chills of excitement through Liz.

Liz’s mind raced with desire. Hands were fanning the fire, but she wanted Max’s hard cock buried in her. She knew that he was hard again, she could feel the probe against her belly. Releasing Maria’s lips, she slid down Max’s body, moving Tess as she met the floor. “Max,” she began in a faint seductive whisper, “I want your hard cock buried with in me,” she continued, voicing her thoughts. Stroking him lovingly, before she turned on her knees and crept back towards the rug. As her knee, came in contact with the fur, she felt Max’s hands brace her hips.

Max placed his manhood at her core, gripping her hips he drove into her hard. “Is-this-what-you-want?” he bit out, between thrusts.

“Tess?” Liz whined, leaning on her elbows for a deeper angle.

Tess was on her knees in front of Liz in an instant.

Liz leaned in and kissed her, nipping at her bottom lip. “Lie down,” Liz moaned, between Max’s thrusts.

Tess did as she was told, opening herself to Liz. Raised upon her elbows she watched the force of Max’s thrust as he buried himself over and over in Liz.

Liz could smell Tess’ arousal. Her head lowered to her curls, swiping her tongue across her lips teasingly. Tess’ head rolled back a moan escaping her lips. She noticed Maria, looking down at her, passion making her eyes a deeper green.

Maria brushed her lips across Tess’, before deepening the kiss. Maria slid closer to the trio. She pulled her mouth away from Tess’ to walk on her knees closer. Maria straddled her face, her knees on each side of Tess’ face.

Tess moaned, her hot breath sending a shiver through Maria. She peeked her tongue out, lapping Maria’s entrance.

Max kept his pace, long forceful strokes. With each stroke from Max, Liz’s tongue deepened in Tess, fucking her pussy with her thick tongue. Tess mocked the thrust with the sweeps of her tongue on Maria.

Maria watched forcing her eyes to stay open. Her hand traveled her body, rubbing her ample breast, before lowering to her cunt. She slid her finger over her slickened clit, massaging it lightly at first. But the visual was doing things to her, her light rub became harder and faster, until she moaned openly. “Oh, god…Oh, fuck…”she chanted, bucking her hips, smearing her juices over Tess’ sopping face. Tess’ moan hummed through Maria taking her over the edge.

Liz braced her hands around Tess’ legs, not letting go until the blonde did. She licked at her fiercely, nipping her inner thigh, before plunging her tongue back into her. “Liz,” Tess moaned, letting her orgasm escape her.

Max continued his thrusts, pulling Liz’s shoulders for leverage, bringing her off the floor with each push.

“Fuck…Oh, fuck…oh…harder, Max,” Liz screamed, wanting him deeper inside her.

Max wrapped his arms around her tiny waist lifting her off the floor he fucked her harder, pulling her to him as he thrust into her.

Liz felt her orgasm explode over his powerful rod. Her body going limp in his arms. “Oh, my god… that was amazing,” she mumbled opening her eyes to see Maria and Tess watching the couple. “Now if you don’t mind, Max if you would just deposit me in the bath tub. Maria, you and Tess need to explain as to why you two were hiding in the closet,” Liz questioned, raising her brow for emphasis.

“Well,” Maria began, covering herself with a robe and handing one to Tess. “We were discussing the “men are pigs” and all of the past experiences that we’ve had. Neither Kyle nor Michael has made a move yet…We were horny and I think we got what we wanted,” Maria winked at Tess, as they watched Max carry Liz to the tub and their playful kissing. “So, now we’ll leave you two lovebirds to your bath,” she smirked, grabbing Tess’ hand and heading for the door. Maria and Tess slipped out the door, and away to their rooms, unnoticed by Max and Liz.

Max stepped into the tub with Liz still cradled in his arms, his forehead resting against her… the smell of sex and strawberries filling his nostrils.

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Woohoo!!!!!!!! Now this is more like it!!! I wonder who else will get involve with the Max and Liz smut fest???

Veronica ;)
posted on 30-Jul-2002 9:24:10 AM by Teresa
We need something here??? KINK...inspiration????*wink*
posted on 30-Jul-2002 7:29:34 PM by CRAZY 4 MAX
This is based on a challenge I wrote..

A guy has 24 hours to win back his ex.. She(Liz)
agrees. But he puts owns conditions.. Liz must
do whatever he commands. hope this helps???

Veronica *wink*
posted on 30-Jul-2002 8:09:21 PM by CRAZY 4 MAX
Here's another one..

Liz and Tess are stranded on an island when they
find that all the natives are all very gorgeous guys.
Whatever will they do????

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I hate real life, work is a pain, and worst of it, it kept me off this board, I can't wait till summer is over and my work hours can go back to normal. (sigh)

Man this was steamy, I love it, totally loved it, ahhh this was a great read thank you for posting it, I needed the smutt.

Ohh I love the challages, I hope to see them soon. *bounce* *bounce* The 2nd one CRAZY 4 MAX sounds like Who'sYourDaddys fic, love that fic, can't wait to see it here. *bounce*

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Yes, it does.. but it is different.. No other girls.. Just
Liz and Tess. Anyway, its just a thought.. No need
to make it into a story, lol!!!
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~Back by (semi) Popular demand:

Little Bitch

Chapter I

Max and Liz danced happily together at Maria’s anniversary party. The cool wind blowing in from the open window created the perfect temperature to contrast the heat generated from the mass of writhing couples jerking rhythmically to the latest pop music.

Liz added a little energetic spin to her dance steps. Her Man grinned at her appreciatively and winked, rocking and jumping back and forth to the music.

Liz was hot and, after a few sensuous words and a caress for her lovely man, crossed the room towards the punch bowl.

She filled two cups with the chilled liquid and turned to return to Max when the sight that met her eyes nearly caused her to drop them.

Across the dance floor, her Man was having a hard time detaching himself from the blonde and bubbly slut that had plastered herself against him.

Liz forced herself to relax and stay calm, Max was obviously trying to dislodge her but the little trollop was rubbing against him so close! They weren’t even dancing! She looked like she was humping his leg like some pathetic little bitch in heat!

Liz lost it. She slammed her drinks down and stormed across the dance floor. She grabbed her supposed competition by the back of the collar.

Liz was surprised there wasn’t a sharp sucking sound as she ripped the slimy whore off her boyfriend.

Spurred on by the tiny blonde’s cries of protest Liz dragged her backwards through the milling crowd towards the Deluca’s bathroom.

Liz shoved her captive in roughly and slammed the door shut behind her. She turned and faced the wench, her eyes brimming with fiery outrage, her fists clenching and unclenching.

The little bitch was trying to speak. She got as far as: "Liz I.." before Liz backhanded her sharply, knocking whatever apology she was going to utter out of her mouth.

"Listen to me little bitch!" Liz spat into her adversary’s timid face "Max Evans is MINE, I own him and he owns me! Get it?! The next time you try one of your cheap bitch tricks, I’ll.. I’ll"

Liz raised her hand warningly as if to slap her. To her surprise the little bitch didn’t seem to have any fight in her at all. She just kept her eyes downcast. Liz could see a hot blush creeping up her neck.

Liz grabbed the little bitch’s chin and forced her to meet her eyes. Liz leaned in close, she modified her tone to give the most warning without actually yelling. "Understand?" she asked

The little bitch seemed to be blushing even more than before. She mumbled something that sounded like yes and then something that Liz didn’t quite make out.

"What was that?" she inquired her face a hair’s breath away from her quivering captive.

"Yes Mistress" the smaller woman said submissively

Liz let go and let both jaw’s drop.

Tess didn’t know what was happening to her. Liz dragging her through the crowd, calling her those degrading names. Something had been triggered inside her. Tess couldn’t understand it, but whenever Liz spoke to her in that commanding voice of hers her body just melted. Even now she could feel damp slickness slipping between her thighs. Oh God she needed to get off. Liz’s possession of her was making her so horny. But she couldn’t move, not without her mistress’s permission.

Liz quickly composed herself and let her eyes evaluate the dish laid out before her.

Dainty feet, lovely legs, her skin looked so smooth beneath her short skirt. That blouse really didn’t match it however. Liz tongue snuck out to moisten her lips," Well we’ll just have to lose it then" she thought slyly.

Turn around little bitch" Liz commanded softly and watched as her panting little slave pivoted on command. Liz ran her hand up from the small of her back, caressing her heated skin through the back of the blouse before pushing her forward sharply, bending the little slut over the lip of the tub.

Liz flipped up the back of her newest acquisition’s skirt continuing her inspection. She ran her hands in teasing designs over the soft curves of slave’s bottom.

The little bitch was trembling with suppressed desire, her knuckles white with strain as she struggled to hold herself upright.

"You like this, little slut?" inquired Liz teasingly, massaging deeper and deeper into quivering flesh, running her hands, over the little one’s hips and across her quaking thighs. Liz ran two fingers between her fleshy globes, she stood closer as her fingers passing through a soft nest of curls and into her nether passage from behind.

Tess hoped her mistress found her pleasing. She could barely contain herself as her mistress’s skilled fingers found her G-spot and began to strum between there and her clitoris. Waves of submissive lust washed through her. Her lips felt a strange dryness ,an image of herself naked on her knees lapping at her mistress’s sweet juices. The very thought of it was stoking her inner flames, melting her pussy.

The little slut arched her back and mewled with piteous lust. Liz smiled

"No panties little bitch?" she asked working her fingers in and out, teasing and plucking at her victim’s swollen labium. "Ah well" Liz teased, taking on a tone of wistfulness. "I suppose it could have some advantages, a little slut like you" Liz plunged a further finger into the sopping hole and the slave cried out again in pleasure

"It certainly makes it a lot easier to punish you!" said Liz punctuating her words with a hard smack to the little wench’s hind quarters.

"Don’t speak" Liz commanded silkily as the slave began to mewl in protest as fingers were withdrawn from her sweet hollow. "Turn around".

Little bitch straitened up and turned to face her new mistress. Her skirt dropped to cover her soaking desire, but Liz could see the twin hard peaks of her nipples poking through that ugly blouse. Liz eyed her imperiously "Take off that blouse" she commanded. "It is ugly".

The slave pouted but did as she was commanded. Liz watched as her full and luscious orbs emerged from beneath the blouse.

Tess had always been proud of her bountiful tits. Lord, she wished her mistress liked them. She wished her mistress would play with them, pull them or tease them. They had always been extra sensitive. Secretly she begged for them to be enough to deserve her mistress’s touch.

Liz stepped closer once again, treading on the ugly blouse pooled at their feet. She began a playful examination of her little bitch’s breasts. Hefting and squeezing them, molding them between her fingers. She grinned at the reaction on slave bitch’s face. She looked so adorable biting her lip to keep from crying out.

Liz bent her head forward and took one of the crinkling nipples in her mouth. She suckled and bit at it teasing it until it shone bright red and stood harder and prouder than its mate.

Tess tried to stand impassively as her mistress’s questing lips neared her other nipple.

The little slut couldn’t help herself. As her nipple was engulfed, hot electrical pleasure began to spark from her nipples igniting a fire nothing could quench. Her hand’s crept unconsciously to her mistress’s head holding her to her tit. Tess’s head flung back and her lips parted in a throaty moan of pure lust.

Liz snapped away. "Bad Dog" she said shaking her head. She pointed to the floor. "On your knees" she ordered calmly.

The little bitch complied quickly but gracefully. Her eyes downcast her hands palms up resting on her thighs

Liz noted her behavior with appreciation. Was she self-taught or did she have a previous owner?

"Just for that, little slut, you may not cum until I give the order." She grinned at the momentary frown that crossed her pretty little face. Liz left her there quivering as she swept majestically across the bathroom seating herself on the commode. She reached under her knee length skirt (she was not a slut) and pulled down her black lace thong, tucking it into the pocket of her shirt.

She beckoned her little toy with two fingers. The half-naked muffin slid gracefully across the floor kneeling between her mistress’s spread legs. Liz guided the blonde’s curly head between her parted legs and smoothed her skirt over her naked back. As her slave began to lap she squeezed her knees together, reveling in the duel sensations of her tongue and the exquisite feel of those long curly locks brushing against the sensitive skin on her knees and inner thighs.

Liz flexed her inner mound forward. There was something about this little bit of fluff that amused and enticed her. Like nothing had before. Was it because they had been in competition, enemies? Liz gave herself a mental note to look into the mystery, but right now she just wanted to enjoy. All that was left to make things perfect was, her Man, Max.

posted on 2-Aug-2002 8:20:27 PM by CRAZY 4 MAX
Is there more???? How could you leave it there???
I hope that this is not all of it??? I hope that Max
will be in the next one???? This is wonderful and I
really look forward to reading more soon?????????

posted on 3-Aug-2002 1:14:30 AM by Gabriel Knight52
Crazy: Ok, this last bit was Chapter 1 and the part I posted a while ago was Chapter 2. So if you want to see what happens next from here read the bit before this. All clear? *tongue*

posted on 5-Aug-2002 2:41:45 AM by Queen
Rock My World

Liz was not having any fun, she was at a state dinner, and it was boring as hell. They were celebrating a new treaty that made Earth their new ally. Unfortunately, everyone in the room was so old and no one was discussing anything interesting but their many ailments. It was horrible, slipping past the watchful gaze of her mother she walked outside for some air. She leaned over the balcony and looked as the waves came in to the shore.

For a while all Liz could hear was the in coming waves coming in far below, then slowly she heard the murmuring of voices coming behind her, soon the voices stopped and moaning could be heard instead. Liz turned around but saw no one walking to the right toward the noise when she got close to the corner she slowly peaked around the bend making sure not to make any noise. What she saw instantly turned her on and got her all wet.

One of her slave girls Maria whom she kept to keep her male harem entertained when she was gone or busy, was completely nude her white transparent dress on the floor next to her, she was getting the daylights fucked out of her by a dark haired man in an Earth Army Uniform against a wall. She watched as the man talked dirty to Maria with each hard thrust and Maria responding to it by clawing on the back of his uniform as she tried to not make noise and disturb the party within. Their fucking was wild and hard just how Liz loved it, and it wasn’t long before she saw Maria tighten all around him in release. However, the man was still very hard in a flash he turned Maria around and started pounding into her from behind. The poor girl barley had time to brace herself on the wall; both were grimacing in deep pleasure, this new position gave Liz the perfect view of his huge cock.

By now Liz was very wet and her pussy was aching terribly but she continued to watch the pair fuck. To her surprise she felt a hand work itself into her skirt and go straight to her dripping pussy, another hand went to her mouth covering her gasp of shock. Liz felt herself dripping all over this strangers hand as he expertly palmed her wet core. The couple Liz had been spying on continued to fuck unaware that they were being watched by two people now.

“I see you enjoy watching my 2nd in command and brother fuck, how bout fucking me and getting a little action of your own.” The voice said, he quickly let her go turning her so that she was now facing him. Looking up in to his, ultra handsome face she noticed that this man was sooooo her type, he was all-broad shoulders, tall and lushess, deep amber eyes, and hair that was a bit spiky if he were a slave, Liz would had bought him on the spot. While she was taking her fill in with her eyes he started licking the hand that had been on her pussy licking up her juices like she was a tasty treat.

“I’d like that very much.” Liz answered him. She took him by the hand away from the fucking couple and down a path that lead to the beach bellow. They found towels laid out in case anyone wandered down for such an encounter. Liz lowered herself down on the blanket pulling her dress skirt up and exposing her wet pussy. The man licked his lips at the sight and slowly began undressing. Until nothing of his army uniform remained on his powerful frame, kneeling down between her spread legs he took his cock in hand and led it straight to her open core once the tip touched her pussy he looked her straight in the eye and said. “My name is Zan, remember it because I’m going to make you scream it.”

With that, he trusted full force into her tight passage; needing to feel her skin against his own, he quickly rid her of all clothes almost ripping them in his haste. Soon they were fucking like old lovers his hands were flat on either side of her hips her legs were spread wide and her knees pointing toward her as she held on to her legs as his lower body drove in and out of her. Liz was in heaven his cock felt so huge inside of her, and he knew just how to use his huge size and girth to its best advantage. This was no simple slave trying to get in good standing with her so she would never sell him. This was a man who didn’t care about anything but the great fuck they would give each other.

And what a fuck it was, with incredible strength, stamina and self-control he fucked her like a machine, Liz came a good 4 times under him but he just kept going, tired and completely covered with sweat Liz lowered her legs and just spread them wide totally accepting his ramming strength. She tossed her head back and forth crying and moaning her pleasure and release. And he just kept on going until she was reduced to a crying, whimpering mass of flesh crying out his name over and over again, just as he predicted.

Zan for his own part was using every ounce of his strength to stay unto top of her and fight his own release. Her pussy was pure heaven all hot; smooth silk, she was living up to all the rumors sung about her prowess everywhere that he went. Zan felt like he was drilling into a waterfall the sucking sounds her pussy was making roared in his ears even above the sounds of the waves behind them. Still he kept drilling into her pussy. When Liz was reduced to a mass of quivering flesh under him that neither knew nor cared about nothing else but chanting his name, did he disconnect from her pussy he turned her over and on his knees pushed inside of her from behind. He thrusted a few more times until he finally let go of his load deep in her pussy.

Only then did he allow himself to collapse onto top of her still joined. Liz senses were at an all time high, she had been fucked silly and she had loved it. Soon they disconnected and they went into the water to clean up and have some ocean fucking. Zan and his earth delegation left the next day, but Liz knew that as the two planets were going to be great allies and he would be back again. Besides, she had the planets best male harem and they were more then up to the challenge of keeping her satisfied while she waited his return.

Note Ok who’s next? Kyle, Alex, Jessie, Jim, someone other male I’m forgetting about…You pick…

What do you think?

Gabriel Knight52 I'm so glad you post it here, like always I loved it!
posted on 5-Aug-2002 8:40:20 AM by Anya
ALL THE STORIES WILL JUST SIMPLY HOT!!!!!!!That was simply irresistible!!! I can't wait to read more soon!!! As for who's next.... I can't decide between Alex and Kyle.

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Yah, you brought in Zan, now I am trully happy*tongue*

As for who's next, I'd like to see Jessie, as for who'd you miss how about Brody/Larek,Khivar, Pierce....that's all I can remember, but hey this is fanfiction anything goes,so on that note I wouldn't be mad if I came here and saw some Angel, Spike, Riley, Clark, any Dark Angel guy/ Liz action (Yes I know, out there , but here x-over smut is good rite???*big**big**big**big**big*

Also Loved the LB update , even though I b-mailed you saying that I'll say it again

One more thing,

If this message has typos or just sounds plan ol retared, I'm sleepy and can't really see the keyboard, so yeah that's it.

Can't wait for more.

Does anyone else think StormyBear30 should be here or is it just me??? Someone should ask them to post there work here.*big*

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I think Kyle should be next! BUt then I just lurk here...I can't write decent sex for the life of me. But that's my vote.
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Hey, first off, I need to apologize. On my other name, funkymonkey, I promised to write something for this thread, and I haven't yet. But I will.

Second of all, I can ask StormyBear30 to join us here, I'm close friends with her.

Thirdly, (here comes a shameless plug), I'd like to point you all in the direction of one of my fan fics, Leather and Bondage. It starts out M/L, then moves to K/L, then Z/L with maybe a little Spike/L.'s based on a challenge by StormyBear30. *big*

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Hello name is Stormy and my friend Kari asked me to post here. I have been reading all the awesome fics that have been posted and can only hope that you feel that mine are as good as those. Here are a few...let me know truthfully what you think. Stormy!!!

Title: Frustrated…But Not For Long
Author: StormyBear30
E-mail: StormyBear29⊕
Couple: Liz/Maria
Rating: NC-17/ Female Slash
Summary: Someone is frustrated with her significant other…and just how is it that her best friend seems to be the only one to help her?? You know what you need to do.
Dedication: I dedicate this to all my buddies at Smutwell for without you I would never have begun to dabble into the uncharted waters of female slash. :p

“That is it…I have had it” Liz Parker screams out in frustration…slamming the bedroom door of her best friend Maria DeLuca behind her. “I can’t take anymore of this take a step forward and then take ten back. I mean…good lord Maria…I am a fairly attractive women…don’t you think. I mean…I have a nice body. Don’t you think that I have a nice body”

“You have a beautiful body” Maria states truthfully as she ogles the taunt and tan body of her best friend.

“I mean…I know that I don’t have much in the breasts department…I mean I am not flat chested or anything. What about my breasts Maria…so you like my breasts”

“Liz…you have very beautiful breasts” Maria continues to try and calm her friend…but finds that it is hard to control the thoughts that are invading her sex-starved mind. Pulling herself off the bed…she makes her way over to her friend and takes her hand…leading her back to the bed. “Now…tell your best friend just what it is that has you all in a tizzy”

“What else” she whines as she lays her head upon the shoulder of her best friend since before she can remember. “Max…”

“Max…” she repeats already knowing that this was to be her answer for this was becoming a nightly ritual after each date that Liz went on with Max. “Don’t tell me…he still won’t…”

“No…I mean we do some heavy making out…but he won’t…you know”

“Fuck you” she responds…involuntarily licking her lips at the very idea of making love to this gorgeous woman.

“No…we’ve already done that…once” she blushes as she hides her head even deeper into the crook of Maria’s neck…a deep crimson blush creeping across her face. “He won’t…he won’t…you know please me with his…mouth”

“He won’t eat you out in other words”

“Maria…do you have to be so vulgar” she counters in irritation as she throws herself backwards on the bed. “He tried it once and decided that he didn’t like it…but Maria…I loved it. I had my first true orgasm that night. I mean being with Max in that way was nice…but I enjoyed the oral aspect of it so much better”

“Liz…honey…this has got to stop” Maria states…ignoring her friends obvious frustration as she tries desperately to stop looking at the partly open legs beckoning out to her. “You come to me every night with the same problem. Why do you let him do this to you…he gets you all riled up and then you are as frustrated as an old biddy for the rest of the night”

“I know…I don’t know. I love Max Maria…but I just don’t know how much more of this I can take. I feel as if I am about to explode if I don’t get some relief soon”

“Um…well…you know I can help you…if you want me to” she stammers…leaning back against the comforter…holding her head upon her hand as she looks into her friends beautiful eyes.

“You…how” she questions…confused.

She doesn’t say a word as she slowly runs her hand along the contours of Liz’s body…placing her hand over the heated warmth of her womanhood. Fear encompasses her at the sharp intake of breath coming from a very startled Liz…but when she doesn’t try to stop her…she becomes braver in her actions. Slowly…as if fearful that Liz will change her mind…she moves inch by agonizing inch under the short skirt of the girl that she has longed to touch and taste for as long as she can remember.

“Maria…wait” Liz whispers…as she lays her hand atop the hand still under her skirt…hindering her descent into the forbidden. “You…you don’t have to do this” she stammers as she continues to gaze into the lustful eyes of her friend. “I mean…”

“I want to Liz” she replies wistfully. “I’ve wanted to for a long time now…since we were kids”

“What…really. Why didn’t you tell me you had these feelings for me”

“I wanted to tell you…god I wanted to tell you…but I was afraid that you would think that I was sick or something. The truth is Liz…that I have been fascinated with you for so long now. I can’t explain it other then I am bi…and”

“Bi” she asks confused…not knowing what that word means…but knowing that she will still be startled at the answer once the answer is revealed. She never knew that Maria thought of her like this…but what surprises her the most is that she is not sickened by the idea at all…in fact she finds that she is fascinated at the aspect of what it is they are about to do.

“Bi-sexual” she answers truthfully. “I like men…but I also have these fantasies of being with women too. More like…I have fantasies of being with you since you are the only woman that I have every wanted to be with”

“Maria…I don’t know…”

“Look Liz…I’m sorry. I should have never said anything to you about what I feel for you…but…”

“I don’t know what to do…but maybe you can teach me by telling me about these fantasies of yours” she whispers nervously as she removes her hand from atop Maria’s and lies back against the comforter.

“Liz…we…we don’t have to”

“I want to” she replies…cutting Maria off as she places her finger against the softness of her lips. “Tell me…”

“Well it starts out something like what happened tonight. You come to my room…only you’re frustrated that Max won’t sleep with you and you ask me to…to…”

“To fuck me” she finishes for her brazenly…giggling like a schoolgirl at the look of shock now covering her soon to be lovers face.

“Yes…” she groans at the words flowing over supple lips that she longs to kiss like nothing she has ever wanted to do in her life. “First I kiss you…then I make my ways to your breasts…and then I go down on you. In my fantasies you love the things that I do to you…and you scream Liz…you scream unlike anything I have ever heard when I bring you to orgasm. But…we aren’t done…not by a long shot as I take out a strap on dildo and fuck you like you have never been fucked before”

“Maria…how do you know about all these things”

“Some magazines…but mostly internet porn”

“Show me” Taking Maria’s hand…Liz leads her friend over to her computer where she forces her back into the chair as she sits spread eagle atop her lap. “Liz…” she hears her friend moan as she turns on the computer and leans back so Maria can punch the necessary keys needed to pull up these porn sites. With each key typed she feels her arms brush against her now sensitive breasts and she finds that she likes the way that it is making her feel. Leaning her head back…she can’t help but moan as Maria begins to kiss her way along the side of her throat…moving her way towards her more then eager mouth. Before tonight she had never thought about what it would be like to kiss another girl…but at Maria’s tongue explore every contours of her mouth…she finds that she is more then ready to move past the kissing stage and plunge into what they are about to do head first.

With roaming hands…Maria explores the supple skin on the woman sitting on her lap…the woman that she longs to be between her legs more then she can breath…but she knows that she must take this slow…for she is fearful that Liz may change her mind…leaving Maria to be the frustrated one. She can hear Liz moan deep within her throat as she takes her pert breasts fully into her hands…applying just enough pressure to ensure hardening nipples. “Do you like that Liz…do you like it when I plays with your tits” she teases against her ear as she licks her outer lobe…still kneading her perfect mounds.

“Yes…” she pants as she arches her chest forward in an attempt to have Maria capture more of heaving chest in those tiny…but pleasure providing hands. A small moan of disappointment escapes her wet lips as Maria removes her hands from where she wants them to be most…only to cry in outright excitement as she roughly rips the tiny belly shirt from her body…as well as the nuisance of a bra. Warm hands encase her sensitive breasts…exploring…tweaking…causing the ache that was already present between her folds to intensify to a higher degree.

A flicker on the screen catches her eye as she relishes in the way that Maria’s hands are making her feel as another crimson blush spreads hotly throughout her body at the images before her. Images of women doing such things to each other…things that Liz never in her wildest dreams could have imagined. “Toys…hands…mouths and objects she has never seen before are all in use…and with each image she finds her self a bit more wet…a bit more turned on. She can’t help but shift her weight a bit for the increasing pressure within her was becoming more then she could bear.

“Do you like what you see Liz” She Maria moans loudly as she feels Liz begin to set a rocking rhythm as she in a sense tries to hump her lap. “Do you like what those women are doing to each other” Slowly she reaches down and unbuttons the wrap around skirt that she has longed to rip of her from the moment she has entered her room…unwrapping it from her tiny waist as she tosses it over her head. “Do you want me to touch you Liz…do you want me to touch you like those women are touching each other. I know you do…I can feel it wet against my leg. Tell me Liz…tell me what you want and I will make both of our fantasies come true”

“Touch me Maria…I want to feel your hands on me” she pants as she continues to ride the comforting lap of her soon to be lover.

“Where Lizzy…where do you want me to touch you”

“Here…” she moans in outright agony as she leads Maria hand to where she needs it most.

“I want to hear you say it Liz. I want to hear you talk dirty to me”

“Maria…please. I…” she begs as she changes her tactics and tries to grind herself against her unmoving hand. “I can’t” Outright moans of frustration echo throughout the room as Maria completely removes her hand and begins to push the startled girl off of her lap. “NO…WAIT” she cries out in panic. “I want to feel you touch my…my pussy. I want to feel your fingers deep within my pussy. Maria fuck my pussy with your hands” she now speaks more confident as Maria grants her her fondest wish and runs her finger over her overly swollen clit.

“Like that” she purrs as she once again with butterfly touches graces her clit with her finger.

“Harder…please…harder” Liz begs…jerking her sopping pussy forward as she grabs Maria’s hand and rubs it along her screaming nub. Quickly she forgoes the little bundle of nerves as she crave outright penetration. Leading the way…She moves past her normal two-finger action when she used to finger herself and inserts three of Maria’s long slick digits.

“Fuck my hand baby…fuck it hard” Maria grunts as with each trust of Liz’s hot sex over her hand her own pussy gets wetter and hotter. She never knew that Liz had this side of her and she finds that she can’t wait to find out what fun they can have together and oh there is so much fun to have.

“OMG…MARIA” she screams out in elation as her first female inflicted orgasm races through her.

“”But we are so far from down my dear Lizzy…so far from down” Maria retorts evilly as she forces Liz off of her juice coated lap…only to push her back onto the place where just moments ago her greatest fantasy had begun. “That was only part of the fantasy…now comes the part that I have been craving ever since you came into this room all hot and frustrated. Now comes the part where I get to taste you Liz. Lean back…” she demands…no longer able to control herself for what she didn’t’ tell Liz was that in her fantasy she was always the dominate one…the one that called all the shots…the one that made Liz come time after fucking time. “Now be a good girl and spread your legs”

Liz doesn’t know where this apparent change in attitude is coming from and she doesn’t care for all that matters is for Maria to keep her promise and taste her. Obediently she spreads her legs for the woman that is standing now fully nude before her. Hesitantly she reaches out to touch her…only to recoil in shock as Maria slaps her hand away. “You will not touch me unless I give you permission. Do you understand that bitch” she hears her scream gruffly as she pinches a pebbled nipple violently between her thumb and forefinger. “YES…” Liz screams out from the pain being inflicted on her nipple…but also from the pleasure that is being derived from it as well.

“Wider…spread you legs wider. I want to see your hot cunt before I make you scream from all the pleasure my mouth is going to bring you”

“Maria…please” she begs as she does as she is told and spreads her legs as far as she can…now sitting fully exposed to the more dominate Maria.

“No talking bitch” she glowers…twisting the same nipple painfully with her fingers. “Do as I say…you got that”

“I…I got it” she gulps as Maria releases her hypersensitive nipple as she takes a step forward and straddles her lap facing her. “Do you want to touch me Liz…do you want to know what I taste like”

“Yes…” she whispers fearful that she will spark another outburst from Maria…but also dying to see just what having Maria in her mouth will taste like. She doesn’t utter another word and in truth doesn’t have time as Maria winds her hand around her neck and jerks her face forward…forcing her huge breast against her startled lips. She doesn’t waste precious time as she eagerly opens her mouth and sucks in the large pelleted nipple. The pressure in the back of her head increases as Maria forces her mouth deeper into her heaving chest and she feels that she must be doing something right for the moans of pleasure that are flying loudly around her. She finds that she loves the way that Maria tastes…love the way her skin feels against her lips as she nips her way across her cleavage and attacks the other neglected nipple as Maria had shown her before. Cries of frustration can once again he heard coming from their direction…but neither knows from whom it is from as she rips her tit from her mouth and falls between her open legs.

She doesn’t really have a chance to comprehend what it is that is happening to her before Maria plunges her tongue so far into her heated core that she screams out from the pure shock of it all. Never in her wildest dreams could she ever have imagined that a tongue…a woman’s tongue at that could cause so wondrous sensations to course through her. “FUCK…FUCK” she chants out for all to hear as Maria takes her fully engorged nub into her mouth and begins to suck on it like a vacuum cleaner. It is more the Liz can bare as she grabs Maria’s head as she had done to her earlier and begins to buck and ride her pussy-coated face. “OMG…FUCK ME MARIA…FUCK ME”

A smile creeps across Maria’s face as she nips roughly at the little bundle of nerves as Liz drives her face further and further into her snatch…but she was in heaven. She has the warmth of her walls as they surround her face…the taste of her juices as they coat her throat and her screams of out right ecstasy as she climaxes hard against her pleasure providing tongue. But the fun is not over yet…not by a long shot…as Maria places her arms over Liz’s legs to hinder and attempts for escape and once again plunges her taste seeking tongue into her dripping core. She can hear Liz scream out in extreme delirium as she trashes wildly under her ministrations…but she wanted more…lots more and what ever Maria DeLuca wants…she gets and with another sweep of the tongue…Liz jerks spasmodically underneath her…and then her whole body goes limp as she slips with undutiful grace to the floor below.

“Liz…Liz are you ok” Maria asks concerned as she straddles her friends stomach cursing her self a good one for pushing Liz into something that she knew she wasn’t ready for. “Liz…please…I’m sorry. I didn’t…”

“Yeah…I’m sorry too” she whispers…her eyes beginning to lose that glazed over look. “I’m sorry that we didn’t do that sooner then today” her giggles surround them.

“What…OMG…you sacred the shit out of me” Maria sputters relieved as she falls onto the floor besides a giggling Liz. “I thought I had sent you into shock or something. I know that I was a bit rough…but it is always how my fantasies go. You are ok aren’t you”

“Maria…I am better then ok. That was truly amazing. I…I can’t remember a time when I ever felt this relaxed…this free…like I can do anything and I won’t be judged for it. Does that make sense to you”

“It makes perfect sense. For years you have been perfect Lizzy Parker. Honor student…friend to all…perfect daughter…and girl friend to the hottest guy in school…but that’s not really you is it Liz”

“No…” she blushes…covering her face with her hands.

“Tell me…tell me what you like Liz. You can be the real Liz Parker here. Be the woman that just let me fuck her hot pussy like she has never been fucked before. The woman that screamed out with wild abandon as I dominated her…like she loves to be dominated. You like to be dominated…don’t you Liz…you like it when I treat you like shit and make you do things that perfect Lizzy Parker would never in her wildest...wettest dreams do…don’t you”

“Yes…yes…” she cries out as tears cascade from her eyes. “I like it when you hurt me Maria. I like it when you talk to me like a little slut…when you make me talk like a little slut and I want more…so much more. I want to do the things that you have done to me to you. I want to please you like you have pleased me…but I don’t know how. Teach me how Maria…please”

Dominating Maria once again inhabits her as she pulls herself off the floor and flops herself atop Liz’s quivering body with a heavy thud. She can’t help but laugh at the expulsion of breath that flies from her started lungs at the full brunt of her weight. “Stop that crying right now” she yells as she roughly wipes the tears from her eyes. “No bitch of mine will cry in my presence…you got that. You will only cry when I tell you it is ok to cry…you got that bitch. Speak up…you got that bitch”

“Yes…Maria” she stammers as she continues to fight for breath as the aroma of Maria’s womanhood invades her nostrils. She finds that she is more then a little fearful as to what she has gotten herself into…but more then that she finds that she longs to know just how far Maria will go with this act of domination…and how much pleasure she will derive from it.

“Good little slut. You like it when I call you slut don’t you slut” Maria…growls against her ear as she rubs her fully saturated pussy over Liz’s heaving stomach and chest. An evil grin explodes over her face as Liz answers meekly. “Can you smell what you are doing to me slut. You are making me so hot you stupid little slut and now you are going to pay for that” she continues as she advances forward…rubbing her self along the graceful body of the girl who she has only begun to torture sexually. Now straddling her face…she spreads her vaginal lips open wide allowing Liz her first glimpse of a real pussy…the scent of a real pussy…and now the taste of a real pussy as she grabs a handful of hair and jerks her head forcefully against her wetness. “Lick me bitch…lick my hot twat” An animalistic growl escapes from her lips as she feels the first brush of Liz’s hot tongue against her nub. “Harder…” her rants continue as she shoves her face even further inside her. “That’s it bitch…right there…now suck it into your slut mouth. Suck it hard…harder…harder. OMFG…right there slut…right there”

She cannot believe the outright wails of pleasure that are floating loudly around her as she follows Maria’s instructions to the letter and in turn feels herself begin to grow wetter in her neither region from this sex play as well. The pungent smell of her sex was an acquired taste…but Liz finds that she loves the taste of her lover/best friend and she knows that she will never tire of having it forever on her lips. With each slip of her tongue more and more of her delicious juices cover her face until it is fully saturated as Maria screams out in utter ecstasy as she hungrily inhales the tiny bundles of nerves and refuses to let go until Maria falls back against her body…her head resting within the softness of her pubic hair. “Did I do good” she asks humbly as Maria continues to lie gasping for air atop her.

“You did excellent my little slut” she purrs as she pulls herself into a sitting position…staring at the flushed face of the woman that has just given her the most explosive orgasm of her short bi-sexual life. “Are you ready for more slut…are you ready for me to make you cum yet again”

‘Yes please” she pleads as she stares longingly into the depths of her Maria’s eyes. “Stand up” she hears Maria demands as she climbs off of her body and leaves her standing there confused as she watches her run out of the room…only to return with a strange looking contraption. “What…what is that” she stammers as she continues to ogle the frightening looking piece of equipment.

“Did I ask you to speak” Maria reprimands as she walks up to her and lands her hand painfully on her fully exposed ass. “Good…” she replies as Liz utters her reply of shame through gritted teeth at the pain inflicted by her. “Now be a good slut while I adjust myself”

Liz watches in fascination at the apparent sex toy that Maria holds out before her…watches as she steps into a pair of what looks to be some sort of latex underwear…but this was unlike any underwear she had ever seen before…for the spot the would normally cover the wearers women hood…holds a extremely long dildo. Fear yet again fills her as she continues to watch Maria insert one end of the latex dick into her pussy…adjusting as necessary…until it stands out invitingly before a fully frighten Liz. She has never seen anything as huge as the boner between Maria’s legs and she knows that there is no way in hell that it will fit in the spot that she knows Maria will want to insert it in. “It’s…it’s too big”

“Nonsense slut…your baby cunt will be able to take this whole thing…trust me. Do you trust me Liz” she asks as she steps forward wrapping her arms around the waist of the woman that she longs to hear scream out in utter abandonment yet again. “Yes Maria…I trust you” she hears the reply she was longing to hear as she begins to grind her body seductively against Liz’s shimmering body…ensuring that her penis rubs over Liz’s pussy with every pass by. Her hands begin to explore every imaginable part of her body as she continues with her seduction until she has Liz panting from the sheer want of it all and then before Liz has a chance to comprehend what it is that she is doing…Maria forces her to the floor the extended dick now poking teasingly against her supple lips.

“Suck it bitch…suck it good and hard” Liz hears her order as she pokes the dildo forcefully between her lips causing an instant gagging reaction as it reaches the back of her throat. “I said suck it bitch” she repeats again angrily as she once again shoves it down here throat…however Liz is more prepared this time as she relaxes the muscles of her throat and begins deep throat action. “Good bitch” Maria coos as she runs her hands through her hair and begins to buck crazily against her face. She loves the way that the latex feels as it slides easily within her wet mouth…loves the way that Maria’s body jerks spasmodically with each thrust for she knows that another Liz inflicted orgasm is eminent.

“Stand up” Maria pants madly as she jerks Liz from the floor and pushes her up against the hardness of the wall. “Get ready bitch for you are about to get the fucking of your life” she moans evilly against her ear as she run her dick along the crack of her ass until she reaches her gleaming pussy. “Are you ready bitch…are you ready for me to fuck you until you won’t be able to stand on your own two feet” She doesn’t wait for Liz to reply as she thrusts herself forward…embedding herself into her pulsing snatch. With precise measures she begins to pound in and out of Liz with frenzied thrusts…for with each thrust into her gorgeous pussy it brings her closer to her own impending orgasm.

Liz tries to control her words of outright pleasure as Maria continues to fuck her with a sex toy that she never in her wildest dreams thought would bring her to the powerful orgasm that is about to consume her fully…but thinks otherwise as Maria screams for her to express her ecstasy. “OMG…FUCK ME MARIA. FUCK ME HARDER…I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME HARDER” she screams frantically as with each thrust the pressure of release builds within her…until they are both screaming in utter pleasure providing fulfillment. For the next few moments Liz leans heavily against the hard wall as Maria lays atop her…latex dick still rooted deep with in her. “OMG…that was truly amazing” she speaks finally finding her voice as she reluctantly steps away from a still recovering Maria…a small popping sound surrounding them as the dick pops out of her dripping core. “Just where in the hell did you get this” she giggles…as she helps Maria step out of the mind numbing sex toy. “I thought you were gonna kill me with that thing”

“Oh come on now…you know that you loved it” Maria giggles in return as she takes Liz by the hand and leads her to the bed that they have shared for the last two years of their relationship. “Happy Anniversary to you…Happy Anniversary to you…Happy Anniversary my dear Lizzy…Happy Anniversary to you. I love you baby” she whispers as she leans in and places a gentle kiss upon her lover’s lips as she pulls her tightly against her drowsy body.

“Happy Anniversary Maria…I love you so much” is her reply as she lays her head upon the amply endowed chest of the woman that since they have begun this relationship two years ago has taught her things that she knows she would have otherwise never known existed. Together they lay in each other’s arms trying to recover from their sex play until peaceful slumber extends fully over their totally satisfied bodies.


posted on 8-Aug-2002 6:06:28 PM by StormyBear30
Title: If Not Today…Tomorrow…Maybe
Author: StormyBear29
E-Mail: StormyBear29⊕
Coupling: Isabel/Maria
Rating: Hey…it’s me NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell…too bad though cause oh the fun we would have had. This is my first attempt at female slash…so don’t be too brutal.
Summary: This takes place right after “Destiny” Michael has split up with Maria for her own protection…but Maria is determined to get him back…or is she??? :p

“What the hell are you doing here” Isabel asks annoyed as she opens the door of her home that she shares with family and finds a nervous looking Maria standing there before her.

“Look…I know that you said that you weren’t my personal hair dresser and all…but I really need your help this time. It’s really important…please Isabel you have to help me” she gushes as she walks past the much taller girl and enters her home.

“Really important” she repeats…intrigued as she closes the door and turns to face the still rambling girl. “I’m listening”

“Well…you know since this whole Destiny thing between Max and Liz that Michael has decided that it is best that we don’t see each other anymore and…”

“And you want me to help you get back with Michael?”

“Yes…I need you to make me look as beautiful as possible. I want him to look at me and realize just how stupid he was to leave my like he did. I know that I’m not much to work with…but I figured that you could bibidi bobidi boo me and make me absolutely ravishing”

Isabel has to control her urge to laugh at the look of such hopefulness in the girl’s eyes. “Well…even my powers have limitations” she deadpans…unable to control her laughter any longer at the look of shock upon Maria’s face. “Ok…I will help you…but you have to listen to everything that I tell you. You argue with me…and this missions of yours is aborted…do you understand me?”

“I understand” Maria states earnestly as she follows Isabel to her room.

Checking the hallways to make sure that no one…in particular Max has seen her enter her room with her unlikely visitor she turns back to Maria to begin the task at hand. “Ok…” she says once she realizes that the coast is clear…she closes the door and faces her new project. “Where to start…where to start” she states absent mindedly as she walks slowly around Maria debating as to what to change first. “I guess we start at the top and work our way down. OK…lets get started”

“Oh…thank you…thank you Isabel” Maria shrieks as she pulls the ice princess into a hug. “You have no idea just how much this means to me. I mean…I know that you and I aren’t like the best of friends…but…”

“Ok…here are the ground rules” she states irritated as she pushes the pixie faced girl away from her. “One…you do everything that I say and two…you are not to touch me for any reason what so ever…got it” Nodding…Maria places her hands at her sides as she awaits her complete transformation. “First we need to do something with this mop of yours. We need to find just the right style for you…something curly…something soft…something like this” Placing her hand gently upon Maria’s head she manipulates her once long ponytail into a flowing mane of soft curls that frame the outside of her tiny face. “Perfect…now for the color. This strawberry blonde just isn’t cutting it for me…I mean you” she stammers…quickly correcting her self as she spins Maria around and forces her to sit in a chair before her vanity mirror. “How about vixen blonde” placing her finger upon the back of her head they both watch as Maria’s hair changes to a rich luxurious shade of blonde.

“Nah…” they both state in unison…giggling.

“Um…ok…how about black” Again with her fingers…Isabel transform the blondeness of her hair into a beautiful sheen of black curls. “OMG…no way” she screeches as she looks in the mirror and notices just how goth Maria now looks. “Creamy skin…slight freckles…beautiful complexion” she states absentmindedly as she runs her fingers around the sides of Maria’s face…not noticing the way that Maria closes her eyes as she does this. “I know…I have the perfect color for you”

“What…” Maria asks…blushing terribly as she throws open her eyes and finds herself looking deep into Isabel’s blue ones. They continue to stare at each other…neither saying a word…but knowing that something was about to happen and they were going to be powerless to stop it.

“Red…its perfect” Jumping back…she slaps her hand upon her head and changes it into a beautiful shade of red. “Perfect…see I told you” she states nervously as she moves away from the girl that is gaping in the mirror before her.

“Oh Isabel…it is perfect” she cries…jumping off the chair as she lunges herself once again towards Isabel.

“Ground rules…remember”

“Right…ground rules…sorry” Maria giggles…blushing furiously once again as she crosses her hands over her chest…not understanding why she wants to feel Isabel pressed up against her fastly warming body. Closing her eyes she relishes the feather light touches that litter her face as Isabel begins to work on her face and makeup. “Ok…make ups done…but now we have to work on your breasts”

“What…what…” Maria stammers nervously as she jerks open her eyes at the words that Isabel has uttered. “What about them” Tightening the hold that she has across her chest as Isabel once again begins to circle her body like a hawk searching for its prey.

“Do you like them the way that they are…or would you like them bigger” she answers…licking at her lips at the idea of Maria with bigger breasts. “I mean…you tried the whole aqua bra thing and you seemed to get the attention that you were looking for…you know I could manipulate them and make them…well bigger”

“Um…I don’t think that I want them bigger” she gushes as she avoids looking Isabel in the eye.

“Ok…moving on to clothes then”

“Wait…how much bigger” she asks on second thought. “I mean are we talking like watermelon big…or maybe a nice mango size”

“I was thinking more along the lines of an orange…but we can try mango” she replies…her body humming once again at the thought of Maria standing topless before her with bigger breasts. “You…you have to take off your shirt and…and your bra so I can use my powers” She knows that she could probably make them bigger with her shirt on…but she pushes that thought away as she helps Maria slip out of her tank top. “Now the bra” she whispers…her mouth watering at the anticipation of what was about to come next. She watches as Maria slowly unhooks the clasp of her bra…dragging the straps down her arms revealing her small pert breasts. Fighting the urge to taste one…she hesitantly places her hands over the jutted mounds and begins to concentrate on the manipulation.

Maria can’t believe the amount of heat that is radiating from the hands of the alien hybrid before her…can’t believe the wetness that is forming between her legs or the sensations that are coursing crazily through out her body. Closing her eyes yet again she allows the sensations to continue their streak as the warmth of those glorious hands continue to seep into her very soul. “Ohh” a small moan escapes her lips as the manipulation begins…she can feel them growing larger with each second that passes and yet she longs for the feeling to never end. “Maria open your eyes and see your new breasts” she hears Isabel whisper from behind her as she opens her eyes and gazes into the mirror to view her new transformation. “OMG…their absolutely beautiful” she speaks softly amazed at the beauty of her newest changed body part. “I don’t know…maybe I made them too big. I mean…I know that Michael has a large mouth and all…but these may be too much for him to…you know…handle”

“Your right…I mean it is quite possible that they are too big. I mean…what is the use of having transformed breasts if they are too large for him to enjoy” she states mischievously noticing that Isabel has yet to remove her hands from her more then ample mounds. “If only I could know for sure that they were the right size. Maybe you…you can…um…forget it,” she stammers…quickly pulling away from Isabel as she attempts to leave the whole embarrassing situation.

“No…wait. I mean…well…I guess if I must…just to shut you up” Isabel states in mock irritation…trying to control her crazy out of control hormones as they are wrecking havoc on his senses. Moving around…now standing fully before an almost fully nude Maria she slowly moves her head forward towards its intended target. Within seconds her mouth comes into contact with the soft flesh of her right breast. She can’t help but grin at the sharp intake of air coming from Maria as she takes a fully engorged nipple between her plump lips and begins to suckle at it.

“Oh god” Maria whispers incoherently as Isabel continues to nip at her over sensitive nipple…quickly switching from the right to the left. “How…how do they feel?” she asks as she places he palms upon the vanity before her in an attempt to keep herself up right.

“I don’t know…I can’t really judge. I have to test it out a bit more thoroughly,” she murmurs as she continues to examine her overly large chest region. Not one to stop her examination Maria winds her hand through Isabel’s golden locks nudging her face forward. A small whimper escapes her as Isabel terminates her assessment…looking deep into the eyes of the delicate girl before her. She doesn’t know what comes over her next and she doesn’t care as she leans forward and places her lips hungrily upon the smaller girls more then ample lips…quickly pulling back anxiously awaiting Maria’s response. She doesn’t have to wait long as Maria grabs her by the back of the head and jerks her head forward as she savagely attacks her more then eager lips. Round and round they tongues tangle until they are both breathless from the sheer thrill of it all.

“What…what just happened” Maria stammers…quickly gathering her discarded tank top off the floor and jerking it over his tender tits. “Change them back…make them normal again. I…I don’t want to do this anymore” she cries…looking in the mirror at the breasts that were so huge they were barely concealed under her tank.

Without saying a word Isabel runs her hands over Maria’s chest…returning them to their original size. “Maria…I…I…”

I have to go” Maria gushes quickly as she turns from the woman standing before her…the women that was causing such emotions in her that she felt she would die from the weight of it all…the woman that she wanted to feel her lips upon her own once again…the woman that she wanted to do such naughty things to that it scared her senseless.

“Maria…wait” Isabel cries out…as she grabs the arm of the fleeing girl. “Look…I don’t know what the hell just happened here. All I know is that…that…that I liked it”

Maria turns to face the girl that just mere months ago scared the hell out of her…and now is scaring her even more with her want of her. “I…I liked it too” she replies softly…but it isn’t right. I mean…is it”

“I don’t know Maria…but I know that I want to kiss you again so bad that I can hardly breath”

“Me too” she responds as she leans forward and places her lips chastely upon Isabel’s lips. “Get…get on the bed,” she whispers…as she climbs onto the bed and reaches out to her. “I don’t know what the hell we are about to do…but I don’t want to leave here and regret not doing anything. Does that make sense to you” she questions as Isabel moves quickly besides her.

“It makes perfect sense” Slowly their lips incline…only to meet in needful bliss as their tongues one again explore the contours of each other’s mouths. Neither knows who did what first…but before they realize what is happening they are wrapped in each other’s arms…kissing as passionately as to long time lovers can be. Before Isabel has a chance to react to what Maria does next…she finds that she is completely topless as the flimsy tank top that she was wearing goes flying over her head…catching on the post of the head board as she does. Slowly her plump lips devour an achingly large nipple into her mouth causing a moan of delight to omit from her own lips. Hands wanders aimlessly over the rest of her body as they ignite a fire so deep within her that she is sure that she will explode from the excitement of it all. “Oh God Maria…don’t stop…please don’t stop” she cries out as she once again attacks her overly sensitive nipple with her mouth…tugging it gently with her teeth as she does.

A bit more confidant in her actions Maria continues with her ministrations as she snakes her hands down the taunt stomach of the ice goddess smiling at the bumps of pleasure that seem to follow wherever her touch lands and finally with a tenitive hand she reaches the border of her tight ass hugging shorts as she releases her mouth from where it was still causing Isabel to moan with pleasure. Straddling the beautiful shapely legs of the woman below her…she gently places her fingers into the forbidden barrier and ever so slowly begins to remove the unnecessary garment. Internally she wanted to rip the hindering clothing from Isabel’s glorious body and explore a place that she has to admit she has thought about before…but she wants to make sure that Isabel is still a willing participant in what it is they are both about to embark on. “Are…are you sure” she whispers afraid to speak above a whisper for fear that this may all be a dream.

“I’m sure” Isabel moans as she assists Maria with the removal of her to tight shorts…now lying perfectly nude before the almost drooling girl. “Maria…are you sure,” she asks as she pulls herself into a sitting position…now sitting fully before her. “I don’t want to force you to do anything that your not ready for” but before she has a chance to continue Maria is kissing her with such fury that she quickly falls backwards onto the bed bringing her screeching body right along with her. Getting her wits about her…Isabel quickly turns the tables on the much smaller girl and with a wave of her hand diminishes the clothing that is hiding the beauty of her lithe body. With gentle hands she takes the firmness of her breasts and begins to squeeze them…relishing the way that Maria responds to the pressure she is inflicting on them. “These are so much better this size” she moans as she laves her tongue against Maria’s nipple causing her to cry out from the pleasure of it.

Entangling her hands within the softness of Isabel’s hair…she arches her chest forward in an attempt to allow her more access to her screamingly lonely breasts. “Isabel…please” she pants as she once again arches her body forward…wrapping her arms around her neck as she attacks Isabel’s lips with such vigor that they are both left tingling from head to toe. “No more games” she yells out in frustration as she easily slips her body around until she is lying on top of a writhing Isabel…a mere inches from her molten core.

She could smell it…smell the womanly essence of Maria as she lay atop her in the sixty-nine position. Without hesitation she wraps her hands around the supple legs of the girl that is causing such bizarre thoughts to run through her frenzied mind. Her urge to taste her is unstoppable as she tightens the hold that she has on those gorgeous thighs and plunges her hot tongue into the deepest recesses of Maria’s heated woman. She can’t believe how delicious Maria is as she continues to explore the place that she had longed to explore from the first moment that she had laid eyes on her. She could tell that Maria was enjoying the ride as well as she as her expressive screams of pleasure are reverberating throughout the small room. She doesn’t think that it can get any better then this as she begins to suckle the tender and swollen nub that she knows will bring Maria to a powerful release…that is until Maria clamps down on her own inflamed nub with her beautiful lips and begins a suction that sends her over the edge in a matter of mere seconds. Not one to be out down…Isabel tenderly nips her most private of areas and can’t help the smile that now covers her face at the expressive choice of words that Maria uses as her orgasm washes over her.

“OMFG” she exclaims as she comes off the high of experiencing once of the most intense orgasms of her life. “That was truly amazing” she pants as she pulls her self away from Isabel’s glowing body…quickly returning as she lays her head against the softness of her still heaving chest. “You know” she chuckles happily as she looks into the wild eyes of the woman that has shown her a side of herself that she never knew existed. “One of these days I am going to actually make it over to Michael’s”

“Not if I have anything to do with it,” Isabel moans lustfully as she quickly captures Maria’s lips with her own. “Besides” she says breaking their searing lip lock as they both struggle for much needed breath. “I really don’t’ think that Michael can give you what it is that you need most”

“Oh really” she moans as she lies back against the softness of the comforter already knowing what was coming next. The truth of the matter was that she and Isabel had been playing this little game of theirs for well over six months now. In the beginning Maria had run to Isabel for help in trying to win Michael back…but Isabel had other ideas and had seduced Maria with little or no hesitation…for what she did not know was that Maria had been lusting over her as well. “Just fuck me already” her moans continue as she feels Isabel straddle her already fire flushed body.

“Your wish is my command baby” she replies lustfully as she goes in for yet another round of mind blowing…earth shattering sex with the woman that has captured her heart and her soul…forever!!


posted on 8-Aug-2002 7:20:31 PM by Rapunzel
Ah...the infamous female slash fics by Stormy... *big*

Thanks for taking me up on that request for you to post here, Donna, lol! I, along with like...everyone else... love your work and we all thought you belonged here with us!

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I agree with Lonnie Incarnate. I can't write fan fics worth crap. But the ones that I've read in here. All I can say is oh man. They are all really good.
posted on 10-Aug-2002 10:57:08 PM by Fallin Angels
Glad you to see you here Stormy, loved your fics*big*
posted on 14-Aug-2002 10:18:35 PM by Teresa
Holy F*ck!!!*bounce**bounce* I have been around, mostly RL keeping me from this place, but Holy Mother of God. Stormy if you could please.....stand and take a bow. I totally love the hot stories. *wink* Whew!!! like to mess with people. *wink* Post part 2 then 1. But you know I love it. *big**big*

I'm glad to see a lot of action going on here. I'll be checking back in. I am working on my next part of Happy Hauntings, but my muse is...I don't even know what it's doing or where it's gone. I am working on it, just s-l-o-w-l-y.*wink*
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This is M/L, but it's the next part to my Happy Hornings **giggles***big**wink**tongue*

"Close your eyes Liz," Max whispered. Nuzzling her earlobe
delicately, before checking that her eyes were closed. Then as their unseeing awareness absorbed the surroundings a cool breeze caressed the room. The lit candles flickered faintly
as snow began to fall and a foggy steam rose from the bath.

A winter wonderland surrounded them, all from Max's fantasy. Kissing Liz's closed eyelids, Max breathed on the nape of her neck "You may open your eyes now beloved."

Liz opened her eyes slowly, enjoying the water’s heat and the safety
of Max around her. Her eyes fluttered at the sight and grew wide in
awe. "It's beautiful, Max." she murmured softly, tears brimming her eyes.

Liz turned more towards Max, wrapping her arms around his neck, she tasted
the tenderness of his bottom lip before playfully stroking it with her

Max's tongue peeked out to meet hers in a loving kiss. He brushed his nose
across hers enjoying the comfort that came from just being with her. "Let's
take this slow," Max prayed softly, his hardened member protesting heavily. "May I wash you?" he asked, gesturing with the sponge for Liz to turn in the steamy tub.

Liz pivoted slowly, settling between Max's thighs. She could feel the
firmness of his shaft pressing into her lower back. Jostling back
against his hardened flesh, she glanced over her shoulder catching a glimpse of
the effect it was having on Max's features.

Her ardent beau squinted his eyes shut, trying to control the seething lust due to
her soft skin pressing against him. His sharp intake of breath confirmed
his desire. "Please Liz?" he begged.

"Okay," she sighed, pulling the long waves of her hair over her shoulder to
allow Max access to her back. Liz arched her back into the sponge granting
Max her body once more. When she thought he'd spent enough time there, she
leaned back into him resting her head on his shoulder.

Max brushed the sponge down her arms and then up again. His hands lingered
near her neck before they descended down to her breasts. Noticing her hard protruding peaks it was a supreme act of will to drive himself forward. Skimming her toned belly with the sponge, he moved it slowly up the valley between her

Liz stretched her arms up encircling Max's neck pulling him down into a
demanding kiss. Max dropped the sponge.

Cupping a breast in each hand, Max kneading them savagely while deepening
their burning kiss.

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humm nice fic so...
posted on 20-Aug-2002 8:37:04 AM by Fallin Angels
Cum cum now people write, write*big*
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Queen...How did I miss that last part. It was YUMMY. Zan da man!!!*wink* Now, who next...lets get some Alex...for some reason he doesn't get a lot of action and he deserves some. So...if you don't mind don't make him a ghost in this story?*tongue**tongue**tongue*

Okay....*wink*Rock my World!!!
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StormyBear...we need a story??? Where are you???*wink*
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Hey! What is this place? It looks cool but I have no idea who or what you guys are talking about!*bounce* tell me! tell me!*tongue**big* I am lost and confused! (plus I am new! *angel* *big*)
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This is where people post UC NC-17 fics , the main point of this thread is for people to post their sexy UC fics to be judged for creativity, sexyness, to be given pointers on how to make it smutter and so on, just like the CC thread.*big*
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hey...I know this is CC, but you don't ever know where I'll go next. So, here's the next part. *wink*

A throaty moaned escaped Liz as she ground herself hard against her beau’s steaming body.

Max released her abused lips and drew in a ragged breath. Little clouds of vapor formed as their hot sighs caressed the wintry air. Dusting the fresh powder from the lip of the tub Max turned the on the jets. Rushing water began a soothing massage of their aching bodies.

Turning his knees up Max crossed his legs over hers. Easing them apart Max opened her sweet junction to the surging waters. His hands descended down her wet flank, gliding softly over her smooth legs and up to the tuft of glistening curls between her thighs. “Liz,” he whispered, teasing her sensitive folds with his nimble fingers.

Liz arched into his touch as the waters thrust at her entrance. “Please,” she begged, knowing he hungered for release as much as she. She could feel his proud member throbbing insistently at her back.

Biting her lower lip she felt his heated breath dance across the nape of her neck. Max’s lips caressed her ear as he slowly sucked a lobe into his mouth. Nipping it with his teeth he teased it lightly.

Kissing his way down her neck he never stopped his nether taunting. Nuzzling Liz’s shoulder with his nose, his other hand was busy at her breast.

Brushing a few stray strands of hair away from her face, Max licked the moisture left on his fingers. He felt Liz’s frantic trembling at their withdrawal; she was near her peak. Max plunged two fingers in her tight passage. “Liz,” he breathed, “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Max, I love YOU” Liz cried, lost in her lover’s eyes, arching herself deeply into his thrusts.

Uplifting her sensitized breast Max engulfed its blushing areola with his mouth. The triple sensations of his fingers, the waters and his tongue sent Liz spiraling over the edge. He kissed her glistening neck, nipping and sucking lightly as she climaxed.

Liz’s head dropped, her chin resting on her heaving chest as the water licked her weary body. Smirking naughtily Liz pivoted her slippery flesh in his lap. Turning to face him she held the sides of the tub and lowered herself slowly onto her lover’s swollen shaft.

Max gasped as the warmth of Liz’s sleek walls surrounded him. He held her tight, stilling her movements for fear of culmination at that moment. Liz slipped her hands over his muscled arms, and then back to cup his face. She skimmed his lower lip before nipping it softly.

Rising slightly Liz used Max’s own shoulders as leverage sinking down on him again. Max wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, pressing down as he thrust upward. Water splashed over the edge and onto snow covered floor. Cupping her ass, Max squeezed her tight against him, “We’re taking this to the bed,” he hissed.

Max stepped out of the tub, the snow flakes fell and the candles flickered as he made his way across the room. Liz clung onto her lover’s soapy body. Reveling in sensation as his member pulsed deep within her.


Whatcha' think? (Thanks again Gabe!)*wink*

BTW...I have a story on the Imaginative Board called "The Cowboy Way" it's interactive...I'd be trilled if someone (anyone) would join me. PLEASE???*big*
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Rock My World – Part 3

Liz was getting daylights fucked out of her she was on her knees legs spread, her head and arms on a soft leather sofa. As her favorite slave, Andre a huge ebony skinned black man who was trying his best to tear her apart with his huge penis. This was her way of relaxing from a hard day of working with the council of sisters.

However, she was home now and she was fucking, Liz was in heaven. Deeply and surely, Andre slammed into her petite body his hands tightening and loosening around her waist his balls hit her on the ass hard with each thrust until he finally found his release and shooting a big load deep into her.

Andre let her go and flopped on to the ground worn out, she gracefully got to her feet and with a sensuous stretch she walked to the door in the nude, toward her male harem looking for another partner and another round of fucking, she was completely relaxed now, it was a state Andre was very good leaving her in.

She looked down from the railing where 20 men a 5 woman were lounging around, the 5 women were there to keep the men busy in case the urge hit and Liz was other wise occupied the two new twins Rath and Michael had obviously made themselves at home. Rath was fucking the daylights out of one of the girls while Michael was in the pool working of his energies doing some laps.

Looking around at her other men, her eyes were caught by the runt of her little harem who was currently getting the balls sucked out of him by one of the other girls and yelling dirty at her.

“Come on, Maria I know you can take more then that, suck my cock, suck it deep, I want to shot my load down that sluttish throat of yours.”

He thrusted his hips into her mouth, his hands were behind his head, totally oblivious to the world around him, all he cared about was the was getting a good blow job, Wishing his mistress was here, she knew how to suck a man dry and having hard for more, but for now Maria would do.

Liz walked down ignoring the eyes of all the men who turned to her expectantly and walked straight to Kyle her little runt, as she liked to call him. She called him that because he was shorter then all the men in her harem but he was also one of the largest penis wise, hung like a horse he was. She pushed the girl out from between his legs and she grabbed him by the penis and led him back to his own suite of rooms.

Kyle was all to happy to follow her, no one fucked better and more satisfyingly then Liz did, She pushed him on his bed and placed her cum covered snatch over his face, where he proceeded to eat her out. He was one of the few males who didn’t object to eating another man’s cum Liz suspected he was bi but he showed no signs with the other males of that. Therefore, Liz didn’t question it although she did fantasize about watching two men go at it while she watched. If she ever found another like Kyle, she might just get her wish.

For now, she gave out some orders “Suck me Kyle, I want you to suck me dry!” she yelled.

Kyle happily lapped up her snatch putting his all into it, until she found her release, once she did he pushed her down his body and straight on his penis caressing her back and legs he waited for her to regain her senses. It was hard work but once she had her full whit’s about her, she sat up and ground her open snatch on his penis. She then turned around so that her back was facing him and sat on his penis she was already nice and stretched thanks to Andre, so she tightened her inner muscles and rode his penis hard this way.

She placed her hands behind her back and on his stomach and using all her muscles, she rode as if the very devil was on her tail.

“Oh Kyle, you feel so good, your so big, AAAAAAAaaahhhhhhh, Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh.” She yelled with each thrust.

“Oh, baby, I love your snatch, Mistress your the hottest damn fuck on the planet, come on Mistress I know you can take more, swallow my massive cock in that hot snatch.” He yelled back at her.

Deeply she rode, until she finally found her release. Kyle took a little longer but soon to he let go his large load into her cavern, until he had nothing else to give.

“God, what a pussy.” Kyle gasped out as his penis shot up one last small load.

Liz giggled and disengaged herself from his limp penis and took him in her mouth cleaning him up of all juices her actions got him all nice and hard again, and he fucked her all over again, until Liz left him on his bed boneless. Liz went back to her room hopefully Andre had recovered enough, she had a need for him again, only this time she needed his big ebony penis in her ass. Tomorrow she would look for a new slave, a bi one like Kyle. It was time to act out her fantasy.


Note---- Me and a friend made up Andre, so I hope you like him, My friend wanted to see a good looking black man have sex with Liz. And since she was taking her time writing it, I went ahead and did it. Sorry I've been gone so long, but here's a new part.

Teresa loved the new part the next part will be UC right *big*
posted on 11-Sep-2002 3:24:36 PM by Fallin Angels
Sweet lordy that was hot!

Glad to 'see' your back Queen.

Ha, who's gonna be Lizzie's new bi slave??? Can't wait to see how that works out.

Are you a slash writer as well? Beacuse you got at least two Catifighters here and we won't be be mad if we came here and saw some Liz/Tess action >

Looking forward to the next update!

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posted on 11-Sep-2002 6:34:46 PM by Queen
Thanks Fallin Angels your making me blush!!! *big**big*

As for Tess fic's I'm not really into writting fic's with her which is strange because I don't mind reading it when it's done by other people.

But when I try I just keep remembering Alex and I stare at a blank page. So I gave up on trying to include her in my work, sorry about that.

But do you like male slash cause my next part will have a lot of it, will that make up for it?
posted on 12-Sep-2002 10:51:58 AM by Teresa
I can't wait!!! That was so HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!*big*
posted on 12-Sep-2002 8:33:39 PM by Rapunzel
Wow. That's all I can say. Everything here is amazing, and I keep getting more amazed every time I read something new.

I may be posting a part of one of my fics soon. I am unsure as to how good the smut in the part is, so I need some pointers and critisicm...

posted on 23-Sep-2002 1:08:14 PM by Queen
Rock My World

“My lady this is where my master told me to take you? He said to sit here…” the male servant pointed to a lush soft chair in front of a dark screen. “… And wait the show you asked for will begin soon.” He bowed to her and was about to leave when she stopped him.

“No don’t go, I think I will have ‘need’ of you.” She said seductively her meaning quite clear. The servant smiled and bowed his head to her, he slowly took off his clothes revealing a hard huge penis standing at attention just for her, and he stepped up close to her his head down as she took his penis in hand stroking it lovingly.

The screen began to fill with light as the room next door was finally lit and two men entered walking to a spacious bed set right in the middle perfectly placed for Liz to witness all in the next room. The male servant knelt down in front of Liz and he gently opened her thighs so that her perfect pussy was in full view, he could see she was wet in anticipation for what she would see.

"What are their names?" Liz asked.

"Alex and Khivar, Alex is the tall one, Khivar is the shorter but buffer one." The servant answered.

When she started playing with his hair, he figured it was all right to start eating her. With a deep reverence, he began licking her pussy up and down. His fingers separated the tender folds giving him greater access. She was so sensitive it wasn't long before she began rocking herself on his face.

Liz was barely paying attention to what the servant was doing to her, her gaze was locked on the window where the two men where gently caressing each other. She had never seen such a thing, when it came to sex she was always the one on the receiving end, and on the rare times she wasn't it was usually one of her female servants who kept her male harem happy and she often watched to make sure they were doing a good job of it. But never had she ever witnessed two men having sex. She watched riveted.

They caressed up and down each other's bodies and when they encountered their penis's they held on tight. Rubbing each other up and down so that their long thick penises were being coated with pre-cum, making their hands slid up and down easy.

They lay down on the bed and Liz watched as they gave each other oral sex, The one named Alex had a huge thick rod, and Khivar was having a difficult time swallowing it whole thought he gave it his best shot. Khivar's penis was of average size so Alex took it in easy. It was soon clear to Liz, that Alex was the one in control of the mating for it was he who ordered and changed their positions several times. Liz liked that, she liked males to have some back bone in bed. So it surprised her to see him be the one to get on his knees in the submission position and be penetrated first. She watched as Khivar got behind Alex, and slammed his wet shinny penis deep into Alex's bowls. Liz rose from her chair displacing the servant form between her legs. She walked to the window trying to get closer to the two fucking men. The servant came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her playing with her pussy with his fingers. She bent over and told the servant to take her in the ass. The servant buried his penis in her pussy getting it nice and wet then placed it deep into her ass, where he started thrusting hard. Liz's gaze jumped from Alex's face to the heaving chest of Khivar, as he trusted his penis deep into Alex. She also watched Khivar's penis disappear and reappear in Alex's tight opening, until finally Khivar shot his load deep in Alex's ass.

Alex moaned as he felt the heat of the cum coat his walls but he didn't cum yet, although his penis was throbbing hard for release. Khivar lied back on his back and Alex moved between his legs throwing them over his shoulder, and guided his pre-cum cover penis deep into Khivar's ass. Khivar visibly jumped as he forced himself to relax and take in Alex's huge penis. His face contorted in pain, and Liz breath hitched and she pushed her own ass backward harder as she lost her self in the great show in front of her.

Deep and hard Alex took Khivar, never letting up in the force of his thrusts; it wasn't long before Khivar adjusted and began moaning his pleasure of being taken so hard by such a huge penis. And Khivar came again his cum flying in the air and getting every where, all over Alex's chest and face. But it didn't stop Alex from thrusting, how long he kept at it, no one was sure. Liz herself had cum three times before Alex even showed signs of cumming himself. By this time Khivar was a boneless wreck on the bed that could do no more then moan with each thrust.

Alex finally let himself go and he shot his load deep into Khivar's ass, so much cum did Alex release that it soon started leaking in rivers right out of Khivar's ass. Liz erupted in a much deeper orgasm as she watched all of this on fold. The servant collapsed onto the floor spent himself; it had taken all his strength to keep up with her. But his many years of training on the art of sex had finally paid off here with her.

Liz remained standing as she watched Alex recover, by the looks of Alex's rod; he looked quite ready and capable of another round of fucking. Liz had made her decision, she would be taking Alex home with her, and he was everything she looked for in a male lover. He was assertive, but could be submissive when necessary he had lots of stamina, and his penis was huge and he knew exactly how to use it. Only one little thing bothered her, and turning to the tired out servant she said.

"I'll take Alex, but before I do, I want to take him to bed, I want to make sure he can make love to a woman."

"My master said that would be fine he said to just pick a time and a place." Said the tired servant.

"I want him now, but take Khivar away he clearly doesn't have the spirit or the stamina to do anything for me."

The tired servant got up and opened the adjoining door, he helped Khivar to his feet, and the two men hobbled away leaving Alex and Liz staring at each other.

Note: Hope you all liked.
posted on 25-Sep-2002 3:16:54 PM by Teresa
BRAVO!!!! (stands and claps) You go girl!!! That was amazing...I don't know if I could have wrote something that demanding...but WOW!!!!!!*big*
posted on 26-Sep-2002 10:11:53 AM by Anya
Well, I'll be damned.. that was hot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to read about Alex's turn with Liz!!! lol!!! Hurry back soon with more please??????????????????????*bounce*
posted on 26-Sep-2002 7:13:19 PM by Rapunzel
*big* I loved that!
posted on 30-Sep-2002 8:24:14 AM by Fallin Angels
Well, Well, Well, that was............entertaining, can't wait for the True Blue moment.



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posted on 30-Oct-2002 10:48:03 PM by Anya
Can't believe its been a month??? Bumping for more!!!!
posted on 9-Nov-2002 9:25:29 PM by Anya

Hey??? Where did everyone disappear off to??????
posted on 10-Nov-2002 3:44:09 AM by Queen
Sorry I've been gone a lot, but I've hit a bit of writters block, and I really haven't been able to write much.

But that shouldn't stop the others from writting, really you guys come on write it can't be just us 3 writting all the time, give me something to inspire me with the next part *happy*
posted on 10-Nov-2002 8:26:02 AM by Anya
I know RL can sure be hell sometimes but I really hope that someone can write something soon????????????

posted on 21-Nov-2002 1:39:19 AM by scifidreamer

is it just me or is it hot in here? wow there is alot of talent up in here. can may just say that I am so looking forward to Queen's true blue chapter.

if anyone were to decide to write a band geek fic, they would have my eternal gratitude and praise.

this is a challenge that I posted about a month ago. it clearly this belongs here, I have no idea why it took me so long to figure it out.


this is inspired and actually loosely based on Emma Holly's book Menage, or something similar to that. I haven't actually read the book, but I did read the summary at amazon, and thought it'd be excellent reinterpreted a la Roswell, so if anyones does decide to pick this up don't forget to mention inspired by Emma Holly in the disclaimer.

Liz lives in (the city of your choice) in a brownstone with her two flatmates:Michael, a "quiet" type artist; and Max, a bad boy. Michael has smal crush on Liz, and she's attracted to him. she thinks max is hot, but doesn't really think about it cuz she believes his gay. when Liz comes home from work one day she finds Max and Michael having sex in her bed; Michael's embarassed, but Max asks her if she wants to join. at first she's totally uncomfortable and/or upset, but as time goes on she becomes more and more intrigued by the idea and finally acquiesces. by this time she's told all her friends Max is gay, but they're beginning to act like a couple. what's the truth?

Michael isn't gay(max is just very persuasive). can be CC or UC, and it doesn't have to just be a Michael/Liz/Max plot, you can put in all the characters if you want. give 'em whatever jobs you want.

obviously this kinda has to be NC-17. if you'd like a more useful summary to get a better feel of what's happening check out and type in Emma Holly.

please do not actually rip off the author's work. what I wrote can be considered a sounding board, please feel free to make all necessary adjustments. no infrigement is intended.


I really hope someone is intrigued enough to pick it up. Emma Holly is a f*cking amazing author. I've read some of her other stuff, and was blown away.

well I hope everyone has a good week, and more people stop by here.