posted on 29-Jul-2002 3:05:21 PM by PixiBitch
I've been reading the Perv-fu thread, and wondered where I could find any of Phaedra's fics? For a while now I've been looking for M/L stories that don't go all flowery and vague when it comes to sex - I mean, sex isn't always lovemaking. Sometimes it's *fucking*. Don't get me wrong, I love the NC-17 stuff that's out there, but I'm looking for something new. Anyone know where I can find it?

posted on 29-Jul-2002 11:38:24 PM by Faith Evans
This isn't the right board to this it belongs on the Fan Fiction Discussion there they can give you links.

As for pure smutt try Pussycat, StormyBear30, Care_Bear, Teresa, Dreamer20001, and I'm sure there are more. So try there first...