posted on 22-Sep-2001 11:41:29 AM by NicFehr
Hi im a new nurse at the hospital, call me Nurse Nic, I delivered Liz's new baby, this picture was taken a few hours before they left to go home, and before me and max had a session of hot steamy sex in the toilets, he licked me from head to toe! WOW so anyway has anyone else had sex with this Max guy, ive been told hes a right ladys man!!!

Nurse Nic
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posted on 1-Dec-2001 6:52:29 PM by Pussycat
Only Max could ever make this little Kitty purrrr!!! And he did, REPEATEDLY. I'm Nurse Catrina by the way.
posted on 14-Dec-2001 5:52:02 PM by AvengingAngelIQ
Well Max let this Angel soar to heaven quite a few times with some great loving action.
posted on 11-Feb-2002 8:31:22 PM by Dreamer2881
Hey I made sum dollies how do I get someone to put them on they took 4 ever
oh yeah Dreamers rool