posted on 31-Jul-2002 8:54:28 PM by Shama
Okay Liz doesn't live in Roswell, but takes a vacation there every year to visit her relatives Jeff and Nancy. She's friends with Maria, Kyle and Alex and eventually gets to know Max, Michael, Isabel, and Serena.
The night before she has to leave they all take her to a party where she and Max get drunk and end up sleeping together. However when Liz wakes up Max is gone. Maria is the only one who knows what happened because she and Liz kept in touch.
One year later after Liz's parents go on vacatoinand she has to go back to Roswell with Jeff and Nancy.
Max is now dating Tess and blah blah blah.
That's how it starts

Liz: Me
Max: Lizzie_Parker17
Maria: SweetCherryKat
Michael: LuvRug
Isabel: LizParkerEvans4evax
Alex:(temp) Lizzie_Parker17
Kyle: roswellianprincess16
Serena: moonbeam4747
Tess: FireflyDreamer

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posted on 31-Jul-2002 11:02:47 PM by SweetCherryKat
This sounds great!

Maria or Alex please!

posted on 31-Jul-2002 11:21:37 PM by Shama
Okay Kat you can be Maria

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posted on 31-Jul-2002 11:28:53 PM by SweetCherryKat
Thank you so so so so so so much!!!

Ok I'm done hehe!

posted on 1-Aug-2002 10:10:32 AM by LizParkerEvans4evax
posted on 1-Aug-2002 2:19:58 PM by Shama
posted on 1-Aug-2002 2:46:49 PM by roswellianprincess16
Hey! Can I be Kyle?
posted on 1-Aug-2002 2:47:25 PM by Shama
posted on 1-Aug-2002 2:51:42 PM by roswellianprincess16
THANKS! *happy*
posted on 2-Aug-2002 7:36:39 PM by LuvRug
Michael and/or Alex please!*tongue*Sounds cool!*happy*
posted on 2-Aug-2002 7:51:56 PM by Shama
Sure you can be Michael.
posted on 2-Aug-2002 8:53:16 PM by LuvRug
*Doing Happy dance*Cool thanks
posted on 25-Sep-2002 4:48:00 PM by Shama
Anyone else interested?
posted on 26-Sep-2002 8:42:02 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I would like to be Max but my lord he sounds like a bastard.
Could I bring him out of batardville?
If not then Alex?
posted on 26-Sep-2002 8:43:56 PM by Shama
Yeah sure do whatever you want with him.
posted on 27-Sep-2002 3:34:00 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Thanks a bunch
Do you need me to temp anyone? If so I will temp Alex!
posted on 27-Sep-2002 3:42:13 PM by Shama
That'd be great. Thanks!
posted on 27-Sep-2002 3:52:13 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
ill temp as tess.
posted on 27-Sep-2002 4:06:18 PM by Shama
Alright, thanks!
posted on 27-Sep-2002 4:26:23 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax

posted on 27-Sep-2002 4:27:33 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
I guess I cant temp as serena also I mean she proably wont have that many parts.
posted on 27-Sep-2002 4:32:21 PM by Shama
Really? Okay wow, thanks a lot.
posted on 28-Sep-2002 10:00:12 AM by LizParkerEvans4evax
no problem
posted on 28-Sep-2002 3:44:09 PM by moonbeam4747
I've never did this sort of thing before, but I'm willing to give it a shot if someone will be kind enough to show me the correct path. I'm assuming the temp people are just there until someone comes along to fill that part? If so I will take Serena, if that's alright.
posted on 28-Sep-2002 4:04:39 PM by Shama
Yes thank you, that would be great.
posted on 28-Sep-2002 4:16:14 PM by moonbeam4747
Wow, Thanks! Now if I don't totally screw this up and have all of you throwing virtual tomatoes at me this should be pretty cool.

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posted on 29-Sep-2002 2:16:52 AM by Shama
You'll do great, I know you will.
posted on 29-Sep-2002 10:33:22 AM by LizParkerEvans4evax
when are we starting?

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posted on 29-Sep-2002 10:06:06 PM by Shama
We'll start either tomorrow or Tuesday.
posted on 29-Sep-2002 11:31:31 PM by moonbeam4747
Sounds great, I'll be here!
posted on 1-Oct-2002 1:28:51 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax

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posted on 1-Oct-2002 9:34:23 PM by Shama
Hey sorry I would have written this earlier, but my computer was all screwy.


Did this really have to happen? Am I being punished for something? And now I have to go to Roswell. How fair is that? I can't go back there. It still hurts when I think about it. I can't bear to see him again. Not after what happened.
posted on 3-Oct-2002 2:25:15 PM by LuvRug
Dumd question but what cuples do you what?
posted on 3-Oct-2002 3:52:47 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

He walked into the Crashdown with Tess tagging somewhere behind. He liked Tess he really did but lately...
He just didn't feel conected to her at all anymore
Max sighed and settled into his usual booth. He hadn't felt a connection to anyone in quite a while not since that night...
He stopped that thought immediately. He didn't want to bring up painful memories.
Maria walked up to the table
"Hi Maria" Max said

posted on 3-Oct-2002 7:48:15 PM by Shama
LuvRug I would prefer CC
posted on 8-Oct-2002 5:55:21 PM by Shama

I called Maria and told her. She said she be there to pick me up from the airport. Jeff and Nancy have to go somewhere or something. Maria said she'd stay with me until they got back. I don't want to go. Maria started dropping these little clues about him. I just ignored her.
posted on 12-Oct-2002 11:19:19 AM by LuvRug
ah okay cool.
posted on 15-Oct-2002 7:50:04 PM by LuvRug
I walk in to the Crashdown.I itch the top of my spikey head.I walk over to the booth were Max sat"Hi Maxwell"I look up"Hi Maria" I breathed I just stared at her for awhile till I felt a smack on my head"Ow,you basturd Max.Oh shit that hurt like hell Ow you shit head."Maria grabs my head and looks around my head.She sighs and pionts to my head I feel up on the top of my head"Oh it's gonna bruise God!That is the second time today you made me bruise.I hear laughing behide me it's my good ol' buddy isabel "Oh shut up"she looks at my head her eyes bug out"Yes it hurt"Maria laughs.I begin to feel that stupid grin get on my face when ever she laughs.oh god she is gor..I feel another smack"Ow Iz"

Was that okay?
posted on 16-Oct-2002 2:50:47 PM by Shama
Where is everyone?
posted on 16-Oct-2002 4:17:09 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I know!
Its crazy! Hence my new rules!
I can't post again until maria does.

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posted on 16-Oct-2002 5:51:19 PM by LuvRug
Hey I just posted!Kat kat!!! Where are you.....
posted on 16-Oct-2002 10:35:01 PM by moonbeam4747

I walk into the Crashdown. I manage to walk right past the table where Michael, Isabel, Max, Tess, and Maria are sitting, I am so preoccupied pulling my curly black hair into a ponytail. I here their snickers. Everyone one except Max's. That boy never laughs. I know what they're thinking. This is a typical Serena stunt. She's such an airhead. Well, I'll show them. I continue walking until I come face to face with Jose. I tell him that Maria is out there telling the customers not to order anything because the cook scratches his butt while cooking. Jose quickly exits the kitchen and heads straight for their table yelling, "I do not fix my food with butt hands!" I guess that will teach them to laugh at me!

Hi everyone. I saw we were having a problem with some people not showing up to write and I thought maybe I could give the characters that are here something to do in the meantime. Plus I think this part will get all of you accustomed to how I plan on writing Serena. Hope everyone enjoys my lame attempt at humor.

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posted on 18-Oct-2002 7:04:09 AM by LuvRug
A goos humor
posted on 18-Oct-2002 6:32:12 PM by SweetCherryKat
Pst Pst, hey look it's me! I'm breaking rules! I'm such a rebel right? Anyway yeah.. I'm here, dont send a search party, bounty hunters, or anything else involving some sort of group hunting me down mmmk?!


I ignore Max's hello.

I know I know.. I promised myself that I would be a good chitlen and stay friends with both Max and Liz after the.. hmmm.. incident, but you gotta understand that Liz is hurt.. beyond belief.. and Max is *for all I know* boinking the blonde anti-christ herself what am I suppose to say? What? I'm allowed to hate people who are hurting my friend...


I frown at Michael who's looking at me funny only to be knocked back to earth with a slap to the head.. ouch.. definitely going to leave a mark.

I glance over at the clock.. gotta pick Lizzie up soon... She doesnt want to come back, and I know that.. I glance at Max again and I just shake my head.. I'm just going to have to make this bearable for her.

posted on 18-Oct-2002 10:46:51 PM by LuvRug
I see Maria pick up her bag oh MArias living damn.Now who am I gonna talk to that isnt gonna slap me huh? wHO.mARIA has nice hair some times I wonder what it would be like to run my finger threw her hair.I look at Isabel.And MAx these are my friends Ice Princess and Ass Boy!Graet

posted on 19-Oct-2002 1:58:54 PM by SweetCherryKat

I grab my purse and throw my red leather jacket over my arm. I begin searching through my purse for my keys... keys keys keys... oooh after a while of saying that it starts to sound funny...

Ok, get back on track Maria.

My keys arent in my purse.. hmm.. I know that I got here this morning with a car, meaning I had keys. I look around the cafe real quick only to come up empty handed so I do the only thing I can think of...

"Oh Miiiiiichael!" I smile flirtatiously at him, "Be a doll and hot wire my car," I glance over at the clock, "Or I'm going to be late"

I blow him a kiss and start walking towards the door... come on Michael, follow, you know you wanna!

I head out the door and shake my head. I never thought the day would come when I would ask Michael to willingly hot wire my car.. I wonder if the Jetta is even hot-wire-able..


posted on 19-Oct-2002 4:11:42 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Max frowned when Maria ignored him
"Maria whats wrong?" Max asked

posted on 19-Oct-2002 6:22:36 PM by LuvRug
"Shut Ass-Boy"I clap my hand over my mouth"Maria laughs that Maria and I's joke Ass-Boy.Max growls"Whoops"I see his hand come up I shudder damn it hurt when that boys hit I hand grabs it I look over over its Maria.I smile"Coming"She says
"Yes Ma'am
I salut."Hot Wire can do.....with care....promise."

posted on 20-Oct-2002 1:43:29 PM by SweetCherryKat

I ignore Max once again... he needs to stop abusing Michael cuz Michael is hot..

*Clears throat*

I mean... he's great at hot wiring cars.. uh huh I meant that.. mmmhmmm...

I grab Michaels arm and begin pulling him outta the cafe as I realize what time it is... we gotta jet.
posted on 20-Oct-2002 6:20:05 PM by moonbeam4747
Everyone ignored Jose. How come my revenges always turn out that way? I go to sit at the booth with a frowning Max occupying it. Calling him AssBoy was a little harsh, even if its true. No one notices me. Too bad we're in public or I would zap their asses. Why am I the one they ignore? It should be the gerbil...oh I mean Tess. I'm so much more entertaining than her.
posted on 21-Oct-2002 6:36:33 PM by LuvRug
She touched me....
Me sad really sad.But I wanna kiss her really bad.....I mean If she left I would miss here really bad.She got these Raspberry lips that just drive me crazy..."Ass boy...."We both tumble over laughing "That was wonderful"She smiles at me"I"She laughs at me agian and smiles"You Have the most beautiful smile" My eyes bug out"Umm I mean you have Beautiful eyes...umm I mean....beautiful blue eyes....but umm your hot wire the car."She bites her lip.I love it when she does that.I got butterflies in my chest"Umm.."I grin at her.I hot wire the car takes bout' 2 minutes for me "Umm I'm done."I look up and she looks right at me "Thanks"She says
"No prob"She looks at her watch "Shit"She says"Umm gotta go see you later Michael"
"Later"I lean up against the wall.God Maria is really really really.....theres no word to explain.

posted on 21-Oct-2002 6:48:55 PM by SweetCherryKat

I take off in my now hot-wired Jetta prolly lookin like Cruella Deville on one hell of a Sunkist trip chewing on my bottom lip.

I'm going to get into an accident.. yeah I realize this as I speed through a stop light.. oops.. and it looked so green..

I need to relax..

I breathe in.. and breathe out.. breathe in.. breathe out.. there ya go Ria, making progress already.

The reason I need to calm down.. simple...


High drugged up Michael.. what he could have been!! He complimented me. ME! Of all people.. I mean no it's not a bad thing and I know my cheeks are probably bright red but gosh.. never would I have expected him to compliment me.. and he was stuttering over his words and-


Remind me to breathe again.. I'm going to need to learn that in order to function and pick up Lizzie.
posted on 21-Oct-2002 7:13:14 PM by LuvRug
"Whew"I breathe out as I sit down I see Black curly haired girl who looks lonley.I walk over to her "Hi"She turns around"How ya' doin'"she says nothing"Kay' I'm going over there to sit over there and if you want come and sit with us kay'"She glares at me"Well never mind you pissed me in good mood so bye"I slowly back up"I run in to someone I turn around"Oh max hi"He slaps cross the head multiple times."Ow dude"

posted on 22-Oct-2002 6:41:27 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

I bumped into Michael who was talking to some girl. I don't know why but I feel something strange from her...something alein. I shake the feeling off and focus on Michael
"Whats up with Maria?" I ask perplexed
"She wouldn't even talk to me. And isn't she supposed to be working right now? I was pretty sure she was supposed to take my order."
When I got no immediate response from Michael I mumbled to myself
"I wonder if I pissed her off"

posted on 22-Oct-2002 8:43:13 PM by LuvRug
"Ya Think?"I say"Liz Ringing Hell Bells"I say"Oh ya and Maria She not mad at me"I feel that stupid grin coming on"I'll ask her if you want?"

posted on 23-Oct-2002 11:27:45 PM by FireflyDreamer
Hey! I'd be glad to take over Tess! *happy* This RPG sounds really cool...
posted on 25-Oct-2002 7:20:20 PM by LuvRug
ummm...Shama you turn.....

posted on 25-Oct-2002 10:33:13 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
"Liz?" Max asked
"What about Liz?"

posted on 25-Oct-2002 10:53:07 PM by Shama
I'm so sorry about leaving you guys, but my 'rents kinda decided to move. We had a week to pack and it was so tiring and it took forever to get the internet hooked upin our new house. I'm back though. YAY! I was going crazy without my roswell.


Where is Maria? She's late. I've made a decision. I'm ging to just ignore the whole thing that happened last summer and pretend that my life is the same as it was before that all happened. NO Liz you are not going to cry now. You've cried too much already. Life isn't fair. I'm 17 and I got pregnant at 16, had a miscarriage.(Just kinda decided to add that) and now I'm back where all the trouble started. It's tme to change your life around. You're not going to get hurt again. Don't let yourself get hurt.

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posted on 25-Oct-2002 11:56:45 PM by Shama
Yes FireflyDreamer you can be Tess. Thanks for joining.
posted on 26-Oct-2002 11:36:27 AM by LuvRug
"Dude don't you remember?"I ask"I look at the clock"For the love of Green Day..I'm late Maxwell.I gotta' go"I wave "see ya'"Maybe I'll run into Maria on my way back...

posted on 26-Oct-2002 2:09:46 PM by roswellianprincess16
Ring- Ring- Ring
Yes, that is the sound of the cell phone that for some reason isn't being picked up.
Ring- Ring - Ri---

"MARIA!! Hey, this is Kyle. Did you ummm... I don't know forget to pick me up!??? Cause we were supposed to go get Liz together remember?" Geez... people around here need to wear sticky notes on their forehead to remember anything.

"I'm sure you're already headed there, because I know you and I know how you function. Geez... you know what and I got up early to get showered and ready and pray to Buddha. You are amazingly bad at remembering things!" Oh yea, work the guilt trip.
posted on 26-Oct-2002 5:05:41 PM by SweetCherryKat

"Yeah Kyle well you know that's not really fair-" I pause, "Ok so that is fair.. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! But.. I mean I was at the Crash and there was Max.. and Michael and and and.. I'm already late Buddha boy!"

I swerve.. and hear honking behind me, "Do ya here that Kyle? Yeah that's my almost death, once again proof that it isn't safe to drive and talk on the phone so guess what?" I smile evilly and I can hear him saying 'dont even think about it' as I take the phone away from my ear and... that's right..


I pull into a spot as I arrive where I'm suppose to pick up Liz and get outta the car.

It's time to get my chica.
posted on 27-Oct-2002 1:36:13 AM by Shama

I look around the airport for about the thousandth time. Only this time I see Maria running towards me. As soon as she reaches me she pulls me into a hug. I feel like crying again, so now I'm wondering...Will I really be able to survive this?
posted on 27-Oct-2002 10:04:01 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Max looked at Michaels retreating form with a dumbfounded look
"Remember what?" He said to himself
"Nobody told me anything important was happening today?"

posted on 28-Oct-2002 6:52:07 PM by LuvRug
I clap my hand over my mouth"Umm..nothing is happening today Liz is gone not coming Bck.Thanks to you buddy boy.We're statrting to become friends and BOOM!She is gone!"I say with a small sigh"Listen MAxwell I gotta go see ya'"

posted on 29-Oct-2002 10:00:05 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
"What?" Max asked Michael
"Did you say Liz is coming home"
"When? Today?"

Max brushed his hiar off his forehead
"I have to go see her. When does her plane come in?"

posted on 30-Oct-2002 6:02:09 PM by LuvRug
"I told she not coming!...even if she was your the last person she wants to see..."I say Max looks sad"That right Maxwell you hurt her bad..and I'm quite mad at you for that...kinda heartless move there max...I'm sorry."

posted on 30-Oct-2002 11:09:03 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

Max looked down
"Yeah. your right" Max agreed.
"Today probably wouldn't be the best day to apologize?"

He sighed. He missed her so much. He still couldn't believe he did what he did that day
'What was I thinking' Max asked himself

"Thanks for the advise Michael, but I can't stay away for long"
"Shouldn't you be going?" Max asked
"I am sure Liz will be happy to see you"

"Bye" Max said and slowly made his way out of the Crashdown.

He got in the jeep and headed for home. He would talk to Isabel she would know what to do.

posted on 31-Oct-2002 1:41:18 PM by Shama
Kat? Where are you Kat? I can't go again till you do.

posted on 31-Oct-2002 4:04:45 PM by LuvRug
Oh shit so now he is making me feel bad....well time to set things right I sigh"WHY?? must I always do this for him?!"

posted on 3-Nov-2002 8:14:04 AM by LuvRug
posted on 6-Nov-2002 1:10:26 AM by Lizzie_Parker17

Max entered his house and called out
"Isabel are you home?"

He needed to talk to his sister. He wondered briefly if maybe she had gone to see Liz with the others, but he was relieved to see her copme out of her room.

"Hey Iz"

posted on 6-Nov-2002 7:37:25 PM by LuvRug
Here I am sitting waiting for liz and Kyle to come....but mostly I'm weiting for maria.....Wait duh no...Bad Michael..bad bad bad Michael.NO maria...I'm waiting for Liz and Kyle! well not really Kyle..I can see him everyday.

"Liz I'm waiting for Liz! Not maria I'm not even thinking about Maria...Maria = badness for Michael!"I scream


No Max+Liz getting togather yes my evil plan is about to begin!!

I win!

God damnit!

For the love Pennywise!

So back My plan is about to begin!

So what is my plan...

posted on 7-Nov-2002 1:08:47 AM by Shama
posted on 7-Nov-2002 4:25:35 PM by LuvRug
posted on 7-Nov-2002 10:22:07 PM by LuvRug
Again sitting here just had have about 27 Mt.Dews a tad hyper...
Then I break out in to song
"Maria by Green Day

She smashed the radio
with the board of education
turn up the static left of
the state of the nation

Turn up the flame
step on the gas
burning the flag at half mast
she's a rebel's forgotten son
an export of the revolution

She is the first voice
of the last ones in the line
she'll drag the lake
to keep the vendetta alive

Bring in the head of the government
the dog ate the document
somebody shot the President
and noone knows where Maria went?

Maria, where did you go?...

Be careful what your offering
your breath lacks the convicion
drawing the line in the dirt
because the last decision.. is nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo"

whew that was fun

wait plan...right...


Green Day: Maria
posted on 8-Nov-2002 11:27:36 AM by Shama
La la la la la la...
posted on 8-Nov-2002 11:31:45 AM by LuvRug
again where is anybody..
posted on 8-Nov-2002 11:46:51 AM by Shama
That's what I wanna know.
Did Tess kill u guys or something?
posted on 8-Nov-2002 2:22:16 PM by LuvRug
yes Antar to people
posted on 8-Nov-2002 3:47:41 PM by Shama
lol Antar to people, come in people.
posted on 8-Nov-2002 3:56:07 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I am waiting for Isabel!
Like I said in Rules and Regulations
if you want me to take care of people who aern't posting
B-Mail me!
I will!
posted on 9-Nov-2002 7:52:29 PM by LuvRug la la la la la la la.
grr arg.
For the love Blink 182!
Where are you?
Oh Hi Britt!
posted on 11-Nov-2002 10:52:43 PM by Shama
Hello britt, hello LuvRug. Anyone else out there?
posted on 11-Nov-2002 10:59:10 PM by Shama
Well in the meantime. I'm curious as to how you guys are pronouncing my name, cause no one knows how until I tell them.

My name is pronounced Shawma. Like Shawna just with an m. My sis named me.
posted on 12-Nov-2002 4:22:41 PM by LuvRug
My daddy named me.Kieran.It's scottish.It's cool.It's pronorance the way it sounds.Cool name thow!Shama!
posted on 12-Nov-2002 7:46:31 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax

I'm sitting at home.

Nothing's on t.v.

Waiting for Max to come home.

Maybe I should call Serena great idea

Wait maybe I shouldn't

God I'm so bored.

Max come in that door!

ka zaam

Max didn't come in

well it was worth a try


Then I heard the keys and Max entered in.

"MAX!" I screamed.


Wait I'm excited that my baby brother is home.

Maybe I should go lie down.
posted on 12-Nov-2002 7:53:16 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

max sighed as he fell onto the couch beside isabel

"I know this is going to sound wierd coming from me" Max said
"But could I ask for some advice

After recieving Isabels approval

"Liz is back in town"

Isabel didn't look suprised

"You knew?"


"God Iz!" Max cried
"What am I gonna do?"


posted on 12-Nov-2002 8:00:55 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax

"AWW Baby, It's gonna be alright," I said.

"Just you know, be yourself, it's always the right thing," I said.

I meant it, if your not then who are you suppose to be?

Max just looked at me.

"Baby, be your true self, and see where it takes you, im gonna tell you this, follow your heart, it will lead you to places that are unknown but in the ened its ognna be worth it!" I said.

posted on 12-Nov-2002 8:13:47 PM by LuvRug
"I'm Bored"

Yes I am still sitting on the bench waiting for Maria...Liz...crap..


god help me

I screwed in the head.....Messed up!

So anyway

I don't know where they are!

they are gone somewhere!



"What"a voice says behide me

"Oh shit.."

It's Maria..

posted on 12-Nov-2002 8:14:28 PM by roswellianprincess16
Hey Shama... sorry it took me so long to post. My mind just goes sometimes... just remind me if I start to lag!!!!

I walk in on a singing Michael.

"What the hell is wrong with you dude?!" He looks at me like I have another head. Do I have something in my teeth? I'm forgetting something.... what am I forgetting? Was I supposed to bring something... Maria? LIZ? Ha... oh yea them.

"Don't even ask. It's a long story. I woke up early to bathe and pray to Buddah and would you believe it Maria just leaves me flat. And I was so psyched to pick her up too! So now I'm sitting here... left behind and feeling like a total loser. Watching you go around singing helps though... cause now I know I'm not the ONLY loser. I'm babbling now huh... and I'm sure I'm not half as attractive as Maria is when she does it." I catch a nasty glare from Michael.

"Not that I notice that she's hot or anything.... geez! So where is Maxie boy. Figured he'd be here with a white hanky pleading peace." I keep talking to myself when I see Michael jump up. Oh... it's the ladies in question.

"Hey you loser who left me even when I woke up early AND showered and spent a whole day just ruining all my plans to ride with you cause you begged me! And hi Liz. I missed ya." yea, so I get a little emotional.

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posted on 12-Nov-2002 9:39:14 PM by moonbeam4747

I don't have a clue as to what is going on with all of my so-called friends. Sure I've heard them mention this Liz girl a few times, but wh is everyone freaking because she's coming back? I need answers. I need them now. It so totally sucks to be the new one to the group. I mean sometimes its like they don't even remember meeting me. I need to call Isabel. She'll fill me in. I pick up the phone:

"Hi Max. You sound whiny. Like your puppy died or something. Anyway let me talk to Isabel.

Hey Isabel. What's wrong with Max? He seems more pouty than usual. And what is the deal with this Liz girl?"

(Hi, sorry I haven't posted, it just hasn't seemed like the right time until now. And I know I changed the original idea a little, but everyone acted like they didn't know Serena existed, so I'm working her in the best I can. Ok, I'll go away now. But beware I will be back!)
posted on 13-Nov-2002 11:53:07 AM by Shama

"Hey Michael, Kyle." I say quietly. Wait! Why are they staring at me. Oh wait they're staring at something behind me. I see a girl with short blonde hair. Who is that and why is she walking up to me?
posted on 13-Nov-2002 3:49:42 PM by LuvRug
I give Kyle a nasty glare"Shut up kyle!"

It's Liz"Hi Liz"I say as I hug her."How are you?"

"I'm fine"

Oh just fine..damn you Max...

"Oh Maria"I say with my head down

she smiles"Hi Michael"

"So you Love birds"Kyle said "and Liz lets go eat something"

Maria and I growl at him

"Shut Up Kyle"we both mumble


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posted on 13-Nov-2002 9:48:13 PM by FireflyDreamer
Okay, I'm Tess and I'm supposed to be dating Max...right? Sorry, I started this one later than everyone else, and I'm extremely confused. If someone could tell me where I'm supposed to be, or something, it would be extremely helpful! Sorry I haven't been posting. *happy*
posted on 13-Nov-2002 10:29:46 PM by Shama
You're in the crashdown. I'm(Liz) talking to Maria, Kyle, and Michael and you're walking up to us. We don't know each other.
posted on 14-Nov-2002 10:20:08 PM by FireflyDreamer

I'm so bored. Where'd everyone go, anyway?

Oh, here comes Maria, Kyle, Michael, and some mousy lookin' girl I've never seen before. No competition for me there. Definitely no biggie.

"Hey guys," I say, sauntering up to them and completely ignoring the new girl. "Have you seen Max around? I've been looking for him." I sigh and twirl my hair impatiently.

I am so above these people. I don't know why Max hangs out with these losers.

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posted on 15-Nov-2002 11:31:52 AM by Shama

Okay sure just ignore me. Why is she talking about Max? Oh god is she Max's girlfriend. I think my hesrt just broke into a thousand pieces.
posted on 15-Nov-2002 4:17:10 PM by roswellianprincess16

"AHEM! Hi, Tess. Where'd you just come from? By the way, this is Liz Parker, the girl you so kindly ignored. You know Tessie, I always thought highly of you. Don't disappoint me. I know you have fabulous manners. Don't you? Now, I just got here, thanks to dearest Maria who totally DITCHED me... I'm not gonna get over that any time soon by the way. So I have no clue where Maxie boy is."
posted on 19-Nov-2002 7:49:43 AM by LuvRug
I clap my hands...."Sorry" Maria giggles she pretty.I must have been day-dreaming because Kyle tapped me on the shoulder and I jumped.

posted on 19-Nov-2002 3:32:10 PM by roswellianprincess16
"Dude, just don't. You are so beyond words. You are like... gone. Gawking? Singing? Staring? You are NOT the Michael Guerin we know. So STOP IT! You're gonna give me nightmares."
posted on 19-Nov-2002 3:45:02 PM by LuvRug
"I'm sorry dude but look at her I mean she is so pretty and when ever she smiles she gets this little dimple on the the left side of her face."I sigh with a smile

He hits me in the arm"Dude come back!"


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posted on 20-Nov-2002 8:59:41 PM by FireflyDreamer

I glare at them and flip my hair over my shoulder. I don't have manners?! Hah...They're the ones ignoring me.

I soo don't need this right now. Total losers ignoring me? No way. Uh-uh. Not gonna happen.

"I said, where is Max?!" I practically yell at them.

They better listen this time.
posted on 20-Nov-2002 10:08:40 PM by Shama

I hear the....gerbil ask for him again. I feel sick. I think I need to go lie down. "Um guys I'll see ya later, I'm gonna go have a nap. Bye." As I walk away I can't stop the tears from falling. How could he do this to me?
posted on 21-Nov-2002 6:47:19 AM by LuvRug
"DAMNIT TESS!" We all say as we run out of the Crashdown to catch Liz.

"I hate tess I hate tess!"I sing we run,,,I stop"Dude what if she just went up to her room...oh shit back to Crashdown"

posted on 23-Nov-2002 3:23:42 AM by Lizzie_Parker17

Max smiled at his sister
"Thanks Isabel"

"I just don't know. Will Liz even want me back? God especially after she finds out I was with Tess"

Max sighed
"I have never been moe happy than when I was with her. I think...I think that was why. I was scared. I couldn't deal with it"

"I have to get her back! I need another chance!"

posted on 23-Nov-2002 10:41:35 PM by FireflyDreamer

They just ran out on me! What ass holes! Grrrrr...

Well, let's just say the rumor mill is going to be very interesting on Monday. Damn that mousy new girl.

I guess I'm going to have to go find Max myself. Why do boyfriends always disappear when you need them?
posted on 28-Nov-2002 3:56:42 PM by Shama

Instead of going to my room I walk around a little. I find myself in the park. This was where I first met Max. Another tear rolls down my face. I look around and see a mother playing with her daughter. She's pushing her on the swing and I feel the jealousy start to rise. That could have been me, it would have been me, if only I... I feel a hand touch my shoulder and I turn around to see Maria staring at me.

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posted on 2-Dec-2002 7:39:20 PM by LuvRug
"Tess really sucks...Oh well I'm on a mission to find Max gotta' find Max if I don't...well Liz is screwed, Max is screwed and Tess is Happy and If tess is happy...well lets put it this way we're all screwed"

I've gotta stop talking to myself!

posted on 3-Dec-2002 11:27:32 PM by Shama
Where is everyone?
posted on 4-Dec-2002 5:29:28 PM by LuvRug
La la la la
posted on 6-Dec-2002 2:36:27 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I eamiled everyone when you asked me too1
I have no idea where everyone is!
posted on 6-Dec-2002 7:00:09 PM by FireflyDreamer
OCC: I'm here...and Tess is standing all by herself cause everyone ditched, uh....
posted on 6-Dec-2002 7:10:00 PM by LuvRug
posted on 7-Dec-2002 12:04:27 PM by roswellianprincess16
I'm here! Anyone want some Kyle lovin'?? Ok, I'll liven things up.

I watch Liz make her way to the back and Tess is standing looking like an idiot. Looks like it'll be a great day. (Yes, I am being sarcastic). I turn back to Tess and smile sneakily.

"You're looking for Max? Didn't you hear? He's getting ready to see Liz. See he and Liz... they're pretty tight. They have this whole otherwordly connection that's practially inexplicable and hence you now are probably history. Cause the minute he sets eyes on her... he'll fall in love all over again." Ouch... that's not very nice. But I can't help it. Sometimes, she really makes my skin crawl. She can be so mean. I watch her give me the evil eye and suddenly I'm fearing for my life.

"Maria!!! LIZ!!! HELP!"
posted on 7-Dec-2002 2:31:48 PM by LuvRug
I give up on trying to find her. I come back and plop down next to kyle.

"Yes you block me!"He say loadly in my ear

and turn around and see tess


posted on 18-Dec-2002 5:36:34 PM by Shama
La la la...
posted on 19-Dec-2002 12:02:57 PM by Shama
Where is everyone?

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posted on 19-Dec-2002 8:17:21 PM by moonbeam4747
I'm here. I check everyday, but I can't post until Isabel does. So anyway, just checking in. *happy*
posted on 20-Dec-2002 5:11:17 PM by LuvRug
I'm Here
posted on 13-Jan-2003 1:57:04 PM by Shama
People COME BACK! That is an ORDER!lol

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posted on 14-Jan-2003 2:24:41 PM by Shama
La la la la