posted on 26-Aug-2002 10:09:53 AM by chica
I'd like to do a Roswell: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
You b-mail me with the weakest 2 people and they go up for eviction. The viewers as such must vote for who'll go up for eviction and who goes. You must do this by b-mail or you're vote WILL NOT count!!!


Just ask for who you want to be!

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posted on 26-Aug-2002 11:27:12 AM by LizParkerEvans4evax
posted on 26-Aug-2002 1:45:43 PM by chica
You got it!
posted on 26-Aug-2002 2:03:41 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
wait I dont get it well I think I do, how does it work?
posted on 26-Aug-2002 4:16:42 PM by Angelic
Its like survior, only its celebrateys. Chica forgot that part. And I want MARIA!!!
posted on 28-Aug-2002 2:37:24 PM by chica
u got it!!!!!!!!!
posted on 28-Aug-2002 2:59:36 PM by Care_Behr
posted on 29-Aug-2002 9:23:48 AM by chica
Fine Amie!!!
posted on 29-Aug-2002 10:50:55 AM by Care_Behr
Thanks Bex... :-)
posted on 29-Aug-2002 10:56:11 AM by Angelic
When do we start playing?
posted on 29-Aug-2002 2:34:37 PM by chica
When a few more people join!
posted on 31-Aug-2002 6:58:05 PM by LuvRug
posted on 1-Sep-2002 4:36:10 AM by chica
You Got it!
posted on 1-Sep-2002 3:29:48 PM by LuvRug
Thank you so much!!!! *big*
posted on 1-Sep-2002 9:32:56 PM by Pixie101
ok I'm not exactly sure how this works but I want to try if I tess taken???*angel*
posted on 2-Sep-2002 7:32:18 AM by chica
You got Tess!
posted on 2-Sep-2002 7:36:17 AM by Care_Behr
Can we start now? How many more people needed?
posted on 2-Sep-2002 10:01:07 AM by chica
We can start! your first task is to vote who will bathe in slugs to eat tonight!

You cannot vote for yourself!
posted on 2-Sep-2002 11:31:52 AM by chica
I vote for Langley played by Raezeil!
posted on 2-Sep-2002 8:00:44 PM by Pixie101
I vote for liz..played by: lizparkerevans4evax*big**bounce*
posted on 3-Sep-2002 5:30:27 AM by Care_Behr
I vote for Tess played by Pixie101
posted on 3-Sep-2002 9:09:30 PM by LuvRug
b- mail her people oh and yea you voted for the gerbil! Sorry cHICA I CAN'T CALL HER BY A NAME THAT IS WRONG....
posted on 4-Sep-2002 4:33:03 AM by Care_Behr
I usually just call her the DeTessable
one! But also Gerbil!
posted on 4-Sep-2002 5:02:13 AM by chica
Ok! But she also gets to eat later if she wins! Or loses what ever way you look at it!
posted on 6-Sep-2002 6:16:20 PM by LuvRug
posted on 7-Sep-2002 7:01:14 AM by chica

Angelic and Razeil no post by 8:00 tonight (English) you get your first strike!!!
posted on 8-Sep-2002 1:38:36 PM by Turdbob
Can I be alex??????
posted on 9-Sep-2002 11:30:04 AM by chica
Fine!!! Please vote for who will bathe eat in slugs, Turdbob!
posted on 11-Sep-2002 11:31:00 AM by chica
You Tess(Pixie101) have been chosen to be bathed in slugs!!! You may now eat!!! How do you feel?
posted on 14-Sep-2002 2:20:16 PM by LuvRug
Ha-ha j/k*big*
posted on 16-Dec-2002 9:25:07 PM by qt4167013
Can I be Kyle???