posted on 14-Oct-2002 5:28:47 PM by Lizzy Parker
Hey all!

Anyone interested in joining a Smallville/Roswell crossover RPG? My idea is for it to take place after Roswell's "Graduation" and some point in second season for Smallville (maybe after last week's episode, where Pete found out about Clark?). Anyways, while the Roswellians are on the road, they stop over in Smallville...
I don't really know most of the plot yet, but we could work it out as we go along.

Anyways, couple wise, it would depend what type of people we have participating in the RPG. I tend to prefer Clark/Chloe over Clark/Lana, for example. And with the Roswellians, well, that'll probably be all conventional.

So what do you say? If you're interested, just pick a character(s) that's not already taken and post any ideas, suggestions, etc. you might have for the RPG. I can only take on one character, but you are welcome to have more than one if interested. (I'm only listing main characters that people might want to be, so if someone you want to be is not on the list, just put them down in your post) I'm not going to start anything out until we get enough people willing to participate.


Max Evans - Lizzie_Parker17 (Britt)
Liz Parker - Sugarplum7 (Katie)
Isabel Evans - LizParkerEvans4evax
Maria DeLuca - Roswell428
Kyle Valenti - Lana Lane (Lana)
Michael Guerin - NEEDED!!!!!!
Alex Whitman (will be brought back from the 'dead') - TobascoChick (Sarah)
Ava (the dupe)- Dia (Dia)

Jesse Rameriz (?)
Sheriff Valenti (?)

Clark Kent - Darth Maul 214
Chloe Sullivan - Lizzy Parker (Jen)
Pete Ross -Darth Maul 214
Lex Luthor - Darth Maul 214
Lana Lang - Sugarplum7 (Katie)

Whitney Fordham (?)
Martha and Jonathan Kent - Darth Maul 214
Lionel Luthor - Darth Maul 214

Another character all together? (With this you have to give specifications of the character ex. human/not? guy/girl? description, age, role he/she could play in the RPG?)

Note: Couples will probably be along the line of:

Up in the air for anyone else.

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posted on 14-Oct-2002 10:32:08 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi Jen!

My posts will most likely be short, but I would love to help you get this idea off of the ground. I can double up, just since there are a whole bunch of characters to play. Heehee!

Lets see. Would you mind if I take Lana and/or Liz (or vice versa)?


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posted on 14-Oct-2002 10:33:51 PM by Lizzy Parker
I would not mind at all. You're more than welcome to have the characters! And don't worry, my posts would probably be short too.

On a side note, how are you doing? Long time, no chat! Hope everything's going well for you.

posted on 15-Oct-2002 12:35:57 PM by CrashdownGurlie
::whines:: My fav characters are already taken:( Lol!! But since I love Roswell and Smallville both so much, I'll have ot live with that. How about I play Maria and Clark? Would that be okay??

posted on 15-Oct-2002 5:09:09 PM by Lizzy Parker
You can have both Maria and Clark, Pheebs. BTW, who are your favorite characters?

posted on 15-Oct-2002 6:43:39 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
damn I wanted Lana but its ok, can I have isabel
posted on 15-Oct-2002 7:53:58 PM by Lizzy Parker
Okay, LizParkerEvans4evax, you have Isabel.

Quick poll:

I want to know where everyone stands on Smallville coupling. I think with Roswell we're basically all agreed that it'll be conventional, though I'm not sure what we want to do with Kyle and Isabel. Any suggestions.

As for Smallville, I'm leaning towards Clark/Chloe and either Pete/Lana or Lana/Lex. But whichever couples happen to be preffered by the majority, I guess we'll do. So let me know.

posted on 15-Oct-2002 8:09:44 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I wanted Liz, but I guess I will settle for max if thats cool!
posted on 15-Oct-2002 9:56:00 PM by TabascoChick
OOOoooh....Maxie is gone.....aww....can I play Alex...I'll find a good way to bring him back from the dead...I swear! Please...please!
posted on 15-Oct-2002 10:14:38 PM by Lizzy Parker
I'm glad to see that the characters are going fast, but I really want to know about possible pairings and when in the Smallville timeline we're going to start this! Any suggestions? Please?

posted on 15-Oct-2002 10:14:45 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi All!

Well, the question about the Smallville coupling is quite the doosie. Hmm . . . I know this will seem really ambivalent of me, but I like both the Clark/Lana and Clark/Chloe equally. Personally I prefer Clark/Lois, but I guess that just isn't going to happen. LOL!

Lana/Lex, heehee! That makes me giggle. How do I love that guy (even if he is supposed to be the baddie). Heehee!

Just wondering Jen, but since there might be an Alex (Alex/Iz) could we do a Lana/Kyle (like in WAYG?) too? That could be a possibility as well.

I wonder what the others think?

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posted on 15-Oct-2002 10:23:02 PM by Lizzy Parker
Hey Katie,

I like the idea of a Kyle/Lana coupling. Personally, I'm one of those people who don't care who Lana winds up with as long as Clark's with Chloe. But like I said, I do want to hear what other people have to say about this.

Oh, btw, Katie, I know you really like the Clark/Lois coupling for the future. Well, also in the future, it's Pete/Lana. They get married. This is what I get for hanging out on too many Superman and Smallville sites lately.


posted on 16-Oct-2002 4:20:41 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I agree! CC for Roswell!
And then Chloe/Clark and Lana and whoever except for whitney

posted on 16-Oct-2002 5:24:32 PM by Lizzy Parker
I just want to let people know that I'm going to try to start writing the first post for the RPG. I think I'm going to set it after Red (last night's episode). Any problems? And it'll be a Chloe POV, and I'll try to tie in the Roswellians somewhere in there, like have new people arrive at town or something.

posted on 16-Oct-2002 10:13:38 PM by Sugarplum7

Jen! I think that is a great idea. Have fun! I know you are going to kill me for saying this, but after Red I might be leaning to a Clark with Lana. LOL! I told you I was sitting on a fence!

Britt, good going on the rules. I hope that we don't have any problems here, but we might. No one seems to have answered Jen's question about Smallville coupling. Where did they go? It seemed like they claimed their characters and didn't read her question.

Anyone have any idea who might want to be any of the four characters that we have left? Also, what are the feelings on I guess it could be character borrowing? I am pretty much okay with it as long as they don't write anything incredibly out of character for my characters. If it is characteristic I like it. It helps me think of things that I can build around it (thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc.)


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posted on 16-Oct-2002 10:29:43 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Thats what they have been doing!
Claiming their characters and then dissapearing!
posted on 17-Oct-2002 4:29:35 AM by Sugarplum7
I can see how this would get old fast. Now that it might be happening, I see where you are coming from. This is not a fun place to be. It is so quiet.

Shhh. . . can you hear the crickets? ::giggles::

Is anyone there? Would anyone else like to reply to Jen's poll? Anyone?

"Bueller? Bueller?"



posted on 17-Oct-2002 6:42:24 AM by Lizzy Parker
I'm turning this couple question away from a democracy into a dictatorship since no one else has responded. We're going with Clark/Chloe and Lana/whoever else but Whitney since Katie said she didn't really care and Britt said C/C was alright. I guess we can start and if they don't post, their loss.

Katie- I'm asking Lana if she's interested. I guess I can always take on another character.
posted on 17-Oct-2002 4:26:30 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi Jen!

That sounds good to me! Now all we need are the rest of the guys chosen, and a nifty title for it. Heehee!

Oh! I thought of something that you might want to think about that can happen. So the Roswellians are traveling across the country and end up in Smallville (The age difference thing is actually starting to get to me. In HS out of HS, big gap even if it is just like 2-3 years). Anyway, they are new in town, what if something happened that made them use some sortof powers that someone saw them use. Conclusions are drawn, and viola, we have another group of people affected by the meteor rocks. It is all very sketchy,and I am not sure how good it will work, but you know. An idea is an idea. LOL!

Thoughts? Questions?

Bueller? (Now really where did everyone go?)


posted on 17-Oct-2002 5:16:09 PM by TabascoChick
Hey all!Sorry that it took me so long to even say thanks for letting me have alex.Damn...the couples question is closed,though I will say that I agree with whoever said something about lana/kyle.I think that would be cool.With the roswellians,would they have to change their names when they get to smallville just so the FBI doesn't track them?Just a question
posted on 17-Oct-2002 6:20:19 PM by Lizzy Parker
It's okay Sarah.

BTW, do you have any ideas of how we can bring Alex back? Anyone? As for the FBI thing...would the FBI dare set foot in Smallville? As if Roswell isn't weird enough for them already. But you do have a good point about them changing their names. Maybe last names only, this way we don't get too confused?

Katie, I love your idea. The Roswellian Freak of the Weeks. LOL I was thinking of having Chloe run into them in the first part. I was discussing it during lunch with a friend and she suggested Michael. That would be good since we don't have a Michael yet and I'll have a bit of freedom with him.

So I take it that it'll be a Kyle/Lana pairing. Cool, that should be interesting.

I forgot who has Clark, but I hope you don't mind I'm borrowing him for my post! I started writing it during gym class (locker room closed, no gym, wahoo!) and I'll probably finish it tommorow.

I can't wait to get this thing started. It'll be great! *bounce*

posted on 17-Oct-2002 9:09:20 PM by Sugarplum7

Yea! Jen is starting it soon! So cool! I am ready to get this started.

I am so glad that you liked the idea. I told you it would just take me some time to think something up that would work. LOL!

About the borrowing. I would say go ahead. They have been gone a while. I just hope they show up so the roles don't have to be recast.

And yeah, just to reiterate (sp?), I am fine with anyone that wants to borrow my character for dialoge as long as it is characteristic.

I guess that is it.


posted on 17-Oct-2002 10:07:48 PM by Lizzy Parker
Ditto to Katie's characteristic thing. I don't mind people using Chloe dialogue, as long as it sounds Chloeish, or as close to her as you get (I understand that she can be a very difficult character to write.)


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posted on 17-Oct-2002 10:26:38 PM by Darth Maul 214
I'll take Pete and Lex if there's still openings.
posted on 18-Oct-2002 3:05:03 AM by Sugarplum7
Hi Everyone!

I know you are all thinking, “It’s her again?” But I am just trying to get everyone else to participate, speak your mind, and tell us your thoughts. Maybe you are worried about something like Jen being incredibly mean (which could not be farther from the truth). I don’t know about Jen, but I am worried when no one is speaking. I like conversations, and right now it feels like you all deserted.

I just have some ideas. I really don’t want to have them change their names. It just seems like changing the characters. You know? Maybe they could do the faux death thing again. You know, like what they did in Departure? Poor Bob. ::sniffle:: Actually never mind that. Silly me just remembered that they still would have to change their names. Damn! Where’s the power to mindwarp when you really need it? LOL!

Hmmm . . . (yeah, never mind this stuff, I tend to think outloud. lol)

Could they maybe get Langley to do the Pierce/Nesado thing? Could he maybe do something from the inside to totally destroy their case? Sure he hated Max when we last saw him, and he really liked having his senses, but with everyone there, and Max not going power crazy, could they talk him into doing it for them? And then they needed to choose a place where they could lay low until you know they can return home? And would there be a better place for them to hide than in Smallville Kansas (what was it called The Meteor something or other)? And when things are just right, we can add some drama by adding Langley getting discovered by the FBI and rushing off to notify them.

Some fun stuff would be some connections between Krypton and Antar. Heehee! Don’t tell me that I was the only one to think about it? Lots of fun stuff can come from that. This will sound like I am reaching, and I am, but oh well. What if their systems were in the same galaxy? Different systems, but the same galaxy . . . Like Krypton is a planet in the whirlwind galaxy, but not in the five planet system that Antar is in. (I’m sure some of you know where I am heading, just let me know if I am a total idiot. I probably am.) What if Antarians are sensitive to Kryptonite, too? Adding mythology to the planets’ connection would be a blast! Like Kivar’s war could have been a reason for the destruction of Krypton. (Oooo!) I am just going to shut up before I go off and can’t stop. LOL! I’ll be more than willing to dive into this if you like the idea.

So that is all I have for now. I don’t want to take over or anything. Like anything that you saw? Please just post. Anything to get the rest of you out of hiding would be grand.


PS. Okay, so how stupid am I?

posted on 18-Oct-2002 6:41:58 AM by Lizzy Parker
Katie- I'll reply to your post later this afternoon.

Darth Maul- You can have Pete and Lex.

posted on 18-Oct-2002 11:36:45 PM by CrashdownGurlie
Sorry I've been gone so long guys!!! Ahhh, I can't believe all the stuff I've missed, sigh. Anyways, even thouhg I like Lana and Clark together, I guess I can deal with Clark and Chloe, although it kinda sucks for me since I play Clark, lol. Oh well. Lana and Kyle sounds okay to me since she's not with Clark:(. Lol. Oh, and my favorite characters would have been Liz or Lana, hehe. But I'll deal I'm sure. Sorry if I don't post often guys... my days are filling fast this fall and I have no idea how I got myself into so much. If you really need to eventually, I give you permission to temp or even give away my characters, although I hope it doesn't come to that! All right, I'm all done here. Happy RPing!!

posted on 19-Oct-2002 10:28:39 AM by Lizzy Parker

It's alright. If you don't want to do Clark then, let me know and you can have a different character. And thanks for the Clark/Chloe thing. I hope you don't mind that much. And Lana and Kyle should be good, I promise.

I understand if you don't post often due to school/work/etc. I don't know how often I can post cause of my schoolwork. Thanks for the permission, but I do look foward to seeing you post something! I hope it doesn't come down to giving away your characters either.

Well, I'll be back later with a Chloe part.


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posted on 19-Oct-2002 7:44:25 PM by Lana Lane
{slowly raises my hand in the air with a sheepish grin on my face} Could I possibly be Kyle? Any objections? I'd love to give it a whirl. I can't wait to read what's to come WHEEE
posted on 20-Oct-2002 12:17:42 AM by Lizzie_Parker17
yay Lana!
I am so glad you decided to join!
I hope you become a frequent RPGer.
We need a Max ion the Pretty Woman RPG if your intrested!
posted on 20-Oct-2002 12:52:12 AM by Sugarplum7
Hi All!

YEY! Lana-banana is onboard! Wahoo! Heehee! ::waves::

So, all we need is a Michael. Does anyone want Michael? ::looks around::

Jen~ I can't wait to hear what you thought about my post. I don't think that craziness even begins to explain. LOL!

I guess I'll talk with you all later.

posted on 20-Oct-2002 5:41:00 AM by Lana Lane
Katie potatie {{waves furiously back}} wheee I can't wait till this kicks off too. I've been waiting and waiting for a smallville RPG, trust Jenny to come up with the goods. What fun it's going to be. I'm also enjoying reading the craziness and posts everyone's leaving. {{scratching head}} A Michael is needed too? No, I think Kyle will be more of a challenge for me to do. Fingers crossed we find everyone soon {{jumping up and down with anxiety and excitement}} Bi bi.
posted on 20-Oct-2002 2:28:33 PM by Lizzy Parker
Yay Lana! I'm so glad I've managed to convince you. You got Kyle!

About Michael everyone. I sorta stole him. So now I have Chloe and Michael, okay? And I'll try to post something soon. If not, feel free to start posting your own characters without waiting for me to start this thing. (But I'm sort of involving Clark and Michael in the first Chloe post, just so you know).

Gotta finish hw now so I can finish the Chloe part.

posted on 20-Oct-2002 7:44:32 PM by Darth Maul 214
I'll take "The Magnificent Bastard"(Lionel) and the Kents, as well if no one wants them

posted on 21-Oct-2002 12:24:45 AM by Sugarplum7

Jen, I am all for you being Michael! At least we don't have to look any more! And it is just super that you are going to start this shortly. I can't wait to hear from you. Especially since I posted that whole crazy idea that sprung out of tangentiality. LOL!

Lana! I am just really really happy you are here. I miss hearing from my Lana banana. And now that AFL went into the wonky weirdness realm I can't even get the little notes about Mia. LOL!

And we even have Jonathan and Martha along with Lionel! We can so get this thing on the road (so to speak). LOL!

Hugs to you all,

posted on 21-Oct-2002 4:02:17 AM by Lana Lane
Jen, how could I not play seeing what a smallville junkie I am?

yippy yigh yay I'M SO HAPPY so when are we going to float this baby? We've got a stunning crowd gathered and it's going to be so much fun. Let it be soon, please.

Jenny told me about the weirdness on the board and the loss of threads Katie please, say it isn't so? {{wailing at the thought of it, sending you lots of sunshine}} I want to swear. Can it be sorted? Hope so, I'm in desperate need of more AFL and TFE. What am I going to do? I Surpose Mia could always sun herself by the beach instead thehe.

Britt {{waving at you}} hi, you're doing a pretty woman RPG? when? where? what a brilliant idea. Can't wait to read that one.

I'll be checking here daily to see if this has started. Take care all of you. Bi bi.

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posted on 21-Oct-2002 4:21:28 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi Jennybean!

I am just waiting on pins and needles for your post to kick this off. I am sure it will be loads of fun.

posted on 21-Oct-2002 5:35:16 PM by Lana Lane
Right there with you Katie, maybe chanting will help?
posted on 21-Oct-2002 6:25:33 PM by Lizzy Parker
Didn't you guys read my post? I said that if I take too long, go ahead without me. Here, I'll even tell you what I was planning to do in the Chloe part this way you can begin (cause as much as I want to get my part posted by tommorow night, I do have tests to study for, and unfortunately, the only time I can seem to write Chloe is when I'm sitting in front of my computer). So, basically she goes to see Clark to cheer him up about Lana's decision (and start the eventual Chlark coupleship). Then she'll be outside the Talon rethinking what she said when she runs into Michael. Okay?

I really wanted to be the first post, but due to school, I don't know if I can be. So start without me, it's totally alright!!!


BTW, thanks for your eagerness Katie and Lana! Much appreciated.*big*
posted on 22-Oct-2002 4:36:16 AM by Lana Lane
I did read the post Jenny, I guess get so keen and excitable sometimes. I for one want you to be the first to post. It's only fair. I can wait. Eagerly looking forward it more after the round down. Bi bi.
posted on 22-Oct-2002 6:52:23 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

"You are now entering Smallville.
Enjoy your stay" Max read out loud as he passed into the Smallville city limits
"This looks like as good a place as any" Max said to his new wife that sat beside him.
Max looked into the back of the van where the rest of his friends were to see that they weren't listening. He and Liz got enough from them already. He didn't need to go and make it worse.
He grabbed Liz's hand.
"I'm not saying we can stay here forever, they may find us and we may have to run again, but..." Max paused and as he pulled up to a stop light looked deep into her eyes
"I want to know what its like to live with you and not have to share my you with 4 other people in a van. Maybe I can get a job and we can get a little house. For just us two." Max smiled and kissed her hand

OOC: How was that? I hope you don't mind me starting!

posted on 22-Oct-2002 7:43:44 PM by Lizzy Parker
Don't mind at all Britt. Thanks for the part. Getting them to Smallville will work great with what I've been planing.

posted on 22-Oct-2002 10:57:10 PM by Lizzy Parker
I finished the Chloe part!!! It's not the best, and not as Chloeish as I want it to be, but I promise next time I'll try to make her sound more like herself. I'm just having problems figuring out how her mind might work. Give me a couple of posts and I'll have it figured out. So without further ado:

*Chloe’s POV*


I shout his name into the dim lighted barn as I walk inside. I still don’t know why I’m here. Oh yeah. Pete and his whole “let’s make Lana and Clark friends again” scheme. He knows where I stand when it comes to Clark. Why does he insist on making me participate? I know I could’ve said no. I should have said no. But watching Clark act like shit makes me feel bad, as happy as I am that he’s not with Lana, as of yet. As much as I don’t want to admit it – and try to will it away – I still love the farmboy. I don’t want him with Lana, but, at the same time, I don’t want him moping.

“Hey Clark? No ‘Chloe, why don’t you ever knock’ today? You do know that a barn isn’t a good place to hide. Anyone can waltz right in. Like me, for example.” I can be comfortable with silence, but I’ve had a few not so pleasant memories in this barn when coming to look for Clark. Like Justin and his psychotic murdering tendencies.

I brush back the eerie feeling from the memory as I climb up towards the Fortress. I reach the last steps and look around. He’s moved the telescope to the corner. That’s not a good sign for Clark “I’m not a peeping tom, but honestly stargazing” Kent. Lana must have done a number on him. He’s sitting on the couch looking straight ahead. He seems distraught. Very, very distraught.


He turns ever so slightly to face the staircase where I’m standing, clutching the strap of my bag as if it were some sort of lifeline. Although upset, his hazel blue eyes stare right into mine and I feel a chill. Don’t let it ever be said that Clark’s homely. Far from it.

After seconds of silent watching, he speaks: “Oh. Hey Chloe, hi” with a fake perkiness, yet still somewhat quiet and melancholy.

“Okay. This is a radical change from last week’s rebel without a clue. What happened? Lana not forgive you for that hot and smoky kiss you laid on her in the…”

His face falls. Obviously, what should be a good memory isn’t. “Clark, I’m sorry,” I say, before I can say anything else that might hurt him. I quickly walk over to him and sit down next to him on the couch, grabbing his hand to comfort him. “But you can’t keep feeling sorry for yourself.”

“We’re not all strong like you, Chloe,” he replies after moments of silence. He turns to look at me, the wiped off tears leaving nearly-invisible streaks on his face.

“Like I’m the epitome of strongness. You don’t know how much it hurt…” I trail off, not wanting to bring up the subject. I’m here to talk about Clark and Lana. Clark and Lana. Not mine and Clark’s disastrous attempt at a relationship. Nor how I want something more than friendship, but he’s too oblivious, too obsessed with Lana to seem to notice.

“Clark, she said that you can still be friends. That means there is a chance for a future romance somewhere. Isn’t that enough? After all, everyone knows that,” I finish the sentence very quietly, “best friends make the best couples.”

He shifts restlessly in his seat, trying to avoid my stare. I must’ve hit a nerve with that statement. “So befriend her. Give her a chance to know you even better, know the man underneath the mask. Forget for a moment that she’s the unattainable Lana Lang and you’re just plain, ol’ Clark Kent. And be friends. She’ll accept that. And if she can’t understand the secrets thing. Well, everyone has secrets from the world – even me – but that doesn’t mean that we’ll always have to hide them. Someday you’ll know the perfect moment to reveal what it is you’re hiding, and if Lana doesn’t understand it, well then, it’s her loss. But that doesn’t mean you should give up trying.”

I smile sadly at the floor. Typical Chloe. You’re in love with a guy and all you can do is help him win back his fantasy girl. When did my life become parallel to Some Kind of Wonderful? But I have a have feeling that in this version, Keith isn’t going to choose Watts at the end. Nope. I’m just always going to remain best friend Chloe. I pull my hand away from Clark’s and fiddle with a loose shoelace. When I look back up at him, I see Clark staring down at me intently, studying me.

“What? Do I have something in my hair? Cause if it’s a piece of straw, I’m really going to suggest that we move this conversation out of the barn.” A slight grin graces his face and I smile broadly. Mission accomplished.

“Hay, Chloe, hay. You’ve lived in Smallville for how many years now? One would think you’ve grown accustomed to a farm.” He laughs and I punch his arm lightly, my heart pounding in that very action. Why is it that oblivious, naive Clark Kent can melt the heart of this cynical reporter with one laugh?

“And no, there’s no hay,” he continues, still staring down at me, but now with a quizzical gleam in his eyes. He’s giving me that look I’ve seen many times before, the one that he usually gives me whenever I start in about the meteor rocks or my worries and rants. A patient, yet understanding and eager to listen, look. “It’s just… Philosophical words from Chloe Sullivan? Must be a new world regime or something for that to happen.”

He said this all with a very straight face. “You know, most of the time you’re a horrible liar Kent, and not very funny.” I throw my hands up in the air exasperatedly.

“So I’ve been told,” he says with a grin.

I stand up and grab my bag from the coffee table. “Look, I have to head over the Talon to talk to Lana. You know, phase two? I’ll let her know that the whole friends thing is okay with you for now. But you never know Clark.” As I spoke, I had begun to walk down the stairs. When I reach the bottom, I stop and turn around to see Clark watching me. “Look, just be honest about your feelings with her. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you might only get one chance to make your wish-fulfillment fantasies come true. And you don’t want to pass that up, okay?” I say in a rush.

I hope my face hasn’t betrayed too much, cause when I look up, I see Clark looking down at me sympathetically. Damn it Chloe! I can’t stay so wrapped up in this. I refuse to be defined, to live my life, by my relationship with a guy. And in that moment, I made a decision.

“So I’m going to go now before I say anything else I might later regret,” I shout in a hurry and rush out of the barn to my car before Clark could utter a response. I just hope the farmboy will stop being so oblivious and notice my hint.

*End Chloe’s POV*

BTW, I wanted to continue it and have her go to the Talon and meet Michael, but I'll do that later, after the Roswellians settle in Roswell. And despite how the part might seem, remember that it is Chlark and that it does take place after "Red," and not tonight's episode. Enjoyed it?

posted on 22-Oct-2002 11:07:19 PM by Sugarplum7

Don't worry about Chloeishness (I think I just made up a word). I don't think I have Lana down, but I hope that no one will kill me over it. Be lenient with me guys, I just started to like watch it. LOL! I promise to do my best.

Katie (who hopes to post in the morning.)

PS. Britt, what are your feelings about character borrowing for a little dialogue?

There was something else I wanted to add, but I totally forgot! If I remember I'll be back.

OH! I remember! Jen, what did you think of the crazy post about like the stuff I wrote for ideas a while ago? Also, what did you want to title this RPG?

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posted on 23-Oct-2002 3:13:03 PM by Sugarplum7

I am here with a part! I don't know if it is okay with the rest of you. I did borrow a couple characters for dialogue, mostly Max (I hope you don't mind Britt). I hope you all think it is okay.


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Liz’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I glance up from the neatly folded map in my lap to the vast open country with blue skies, green grass, and fertile farms as far as I can see. The tall cornstalks flash past us as we continue to travel down the road. A large sign with a greeting was perched at the side of the road.

“You are now entering Smallivlle. Enjoy your stay,” He says flatly as we enter the town’s limits. “This looks like as good a place as any.”

I turn my head and look at him, smiling that at last we have reached a destination. He looks to the back of the van where our friends are sleeping, resting as we continue on this long trip. It looks like we finally have a break. There is no real way to tell what is happening with the FBI, and at the moment I am not sure if I want to know. I guess that sometimes ignorance is bliss. All I know is that finally, when I don’t know what is happening with the FBI and their efforts, that I am happy . . . content.

“I’m not saying that we can stay here forever. They may find us, and we may have to run again, but . . .” He paused, trailing off as he crept to a stop at the light before us. He looked deeper into my eyes and I felt my heart melt all over again. That is my husband, Max Evans, the key to my heart.

“I want to know what it is like to live with you and not have to share you with four other people in a van. Maybe I can get a job, and we can get a little house.” He looked at me again, taking his attention away from the light before us. He took my hand in his and gently squeezed it before moving forward through the intersection. “For just us two,” he added and I was brought back to the Max that first stole my heart.

For just us two, so simple, so . . . Max. He brought my hand to his lips and placed a soft kiss on the back of my hand.

“That sounds great. Not having to live out of a van sounds wonderful.”

“And . . .”

I look at him wryly. Does he really need me to say it? “And I love the idea of having you all to myself.” He smiles at me and then returns his attention to driving the van. His mouth opens in a wide yawn.

“Hey,” I say. “Why don’t we stop for a quick break. We can all get out of the van, stretch our legs, get something to eat and drink.”

“Sure, but where?” He asks as he looks up and down the street at the shops that sit neatly on the clean pavement.

I look as well, and that is when I see it, a large marquis advertising coffee. “What about there?” I say as I point to the building. “The Talon.”

Max pulls up to the curb on the other side of the street and cuts the engine. We both remove our seatbelts and step out of the van and into the warm fresh air of Kansas. I move to the door, planning on opening it and awakening our sleeping friends when I feel his arms encircle me.

His lips brush against my ear as he whispers, “What did you want?”

“How about we go in together? I’m not quite ready to be without you,” I say as I lace my fingers with his. “Give me a second?”

He looks down at me with a smile and releases me. As soon as he steps away, I miss the protection of his arms. “Maria, Isabel, Michael, Kyle.”

“What? Are we there yet?” Maria asks as she steps out of the van followed by Kyle.

“Not yet. We’re getting something to drink at the coffee shop across the street.”

As soon as Maria and Kyle crawl out Isabel and Michael make their way out as well.

“We are going to head over and get something to drink.”

“Then we are going to go for a walk, look around. We’ll meet back here in half an hour,” Max says as he takes my hand and starts to walk over to cross the street.

I lean closer to him and squeeze his hand gently. He opens the doors for me and I couldn’t believe that so many people would notice that we were not from here. I don’t know why. Smallville is probably just as small a town as Roswell. When someone new comes into town, you notice.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Liz’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

posted on 23-Oct-2002 8:14:54 PM by Lizzy Parker
Great part Katie. I'm going to have Michael go off on his own and meet Chloe, unless someone else has a Roswell character that would probably be better for Chloe to interogate/try to befriend. Thanks for setting it up. *happy*


Let me quickly say, I like your Krypton idea. It's sort of similar to what Lana and I have planned for WAYG, so we can definately work with it. I'll get back to you on the rest later. Homework.
posted on 23-Oct-2002 9:20:23 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Great part!
No I don't mind your character borrowing at all! Especially if it moves the story along in a way that its supposed to go! What I meant when I said I didn't like that was when I have Max go to the Cemmetary to visit Alex and someone writes him in the Crashdown talking to Liz.
Great part again! I will finish up my next part and post it ASAP!
posted on 24-Oct-2002 4:42:45 AM by Lana Lane
Loved the parts so much and where this is going, what's to come. I'm so happy it's up and running so here’s my feeble attempt. It’s short and transional, just to get a feel of how RPG goes.


My legs feel so stiff and my head is thundering, my stomach chundering as I clamber wearily out of the van.

I hear voices mumbling something about drink…café… walk…2 out of three isn’t bad. Walking is not my scene. Max is right we need to check out the place. My tummy rumbles. I feel myself turn crimson. I'm embarrassed. I swear the others can hear it. They say nothing.

I shoot a rueful look at the roadside sign as I leave the safety of the van into the unknown. Smallville? I blink again. I can’t believe it. Just what the hell are we doing here exactly? Smallville is small, out of the way, a place to hide this why.

Leaning up against the van I understood what it meant to be in the middle of nowhere. I'd never left Roswell before. I'm scared but I was somewhere. I was with my family standing in the shadow of a café, my gaze fixed on it across the street. Everything else around me was a blur. I wanted to get a sense of where I was. I needed to. I inhale, my rib cage filling sharply. We're in the middle of nowhere, just what we needed. The clean, spring-fresh scent of the air, the sporadic traffic, the wide-open blue of the sky. It was like an alien landscape after the confined space of the van. The unwashed, the hungry was not the best thing to uncounter. The tranquillity seemed otherworldly. Awesome. We'd fit in here nicely. Wouldn't we?

As gravel crunched beneath my boots, I gave the back of my neck an impatient rub. For months, hell years I had tried to understand the source of the discontent that had settled around me. Alien life forms. It's still remarkable to me. I never thought for a minute back in the beginning that I’d be classed as a part of it. Who knew? I feel a smile grace gently across my face; you never know just what life has planned do you? I wouldn't have it any other way.

So much had happened to me, to all of us. I thought all was lost, dead end job and the prospect of being a deputy my only other option. No- thank- you. I shudder and shiver. That was for my father, not me. I had a choice to make. Stay home, be normal or leave and be different? I’m not playing football anymore but that doesn’t mean I can’t kick anymore and being different surly kicks ass.

I amble towards the diner, Michael and Maria ahead of me. Holding hands. Not a word spoken. It’s strange not hearing them bickering. That time will come again. Soon I figure. Now is not the time to draw attention to our selves. We need to blend in. I exhale deeply, the feeling of clean air is making me dizzy. I'm thinking about it how could I not go with them? I am one of them now. That’s laughable, what does that mean? My eyes go skyward 'please if you’re listening up there, please hurry up and give me my gift, my super power, what ever you want to call it so I know what I can or can’t do.'

It scares me that I still don’t know what my alien side will materialize as. My heart is thundering.

"Get a grip." I mutter to myself.

I slowly turn back to see Isabel bringing up the rear, her head hung low. My heart is breaking for her, is that ok for a guy to say? I want to say something to her, talk to her, hold her and tell her that it’s going to be ok and that she’ll see Jesse again one day. I'm no liar so I clamp my mouth shut. Best to say nothing until we figure out more.

I can sense she needs some time alone in her own thoughts. It will be ok won’t it? I have to believe that to be true because this was to be our life now. No matter what ‘this’ was, what ‘this’ turned out to be, ‘this’ was how it was going to be, all of us together and on the run. None of us knew not what the future held for us all. The only thing that was clear to me was that I missed my dad terribly, that was for sure. I never dreamed just how much. My heart is so heavy. Is it breaking? I can't tell. Life had turned rocky so fast and by the time it ended for us in Roswell, not much emotion was left to dwell as we left. It’s only now that we have time to think, to catch our breath, for a moment at least. We are still reeling at Max and Liz's marriage. What a rush that was. I smiled till my jaw ached.

Suddenly I feel so uneasy and my unrest wasn't due to the lack of food, playboy action or my Buddha. Still working out the kinks from our long drive. I pray that my father will be all right without me? That he..and the others will be left alone. I just wished to hell I could figure out why I couldn't shake the feeling that our world had gotten a half beat out of sync, that the worst wasn’t over. Finding that answer and keeping everyone safe was the only thing that mattered to me.

I pulled open the café’s heavy wooden door and was instantly greeted by the slamming of plates and roar of laughter.

Pausing, I waited just inside the door letting Isabel go in before me while my eyes adjusted to my new surroundings. That was my life. Always watching, constantly looking for that possible threat. But this was Smallville what possible threat could there be? I feel her gently touch and squeeze my arm as she passes me. I can't help but smile at her. She gracefully returns it. Her eyes tell a different story.

I saw where, well heard actually exactly where Michael and Maria were sitting. The plan was not to draw attention to us, we couldn’t afford one slip up but Maria was warbling on how bad the service was and how it was different at the Crash down. Some plan. Michael’s face was stunning, a stunning picture with a look that put even the glaring fluorescent lights hanging overhead to shame.

This was going to be a long, long day.


Was that ok? A possible link to Michael going off on his own Jenny? Not feeling 100% but I had to contribute. Hopefully I'll cotton onto how it goes. Catch up with you all later. Bi bi.

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posted on 24-Oct-2002 6:34:09 AM by Lizzy Parker
That was great Lana! Hehe, maybe you can have Kyle meet Lana in this part. And thanks for setting up Michael with me. I'll do his part next.

posted on 24-Oct-2002 5:24:11 PM by Lana Lane
Phew kudos for saying that Jen I was a little nervous about posting. I can't wait to read more Till later, bi bi.
posted on 24-Oct-2002 10:50:02 PM by Sugarplum7

I don't know why you were doubting that part in any way. It was superb. I will probably work on a Lana part when I have an idea about what to happen inside The Talon. So if anyone has an idea and posts it, I will do my best to work with it.

Okay, that is all I have. Back to the World Series!

posted on 25-Oct-2002 6:33:11 AM by Lizzy Parker

Just so you know when you write the part, Michael's going to be leaving the Talon, wanting to be on his own for a bit. But he's going to run into Chloe instead.

posted on 25-Oct-2002 1:04:54 PM by Sugarplum7
Lizzy Parker originally wrote:

Just so you know when you write the part, Michael's going to be leaving the Talon, wanting to be on his own for a bit. But he's going to run into Chloe instead.


Heh. Great minds think alike, I guess. That is exactly what I was thinking. LOL! The only thing is that I don't know what is going to happen inside. Sigh. I guess I'll just have to wait for Mia or another one of the characters to give me something to post about.

posted on 26-Oct-2002 5:50:30 PM by Darth Maul 214
Pete POV

I'm currently sitting in my car hidden in a fallow field, waiting for Chloe to leave Clark. When she finally does, I pull back onto the road and head out to talk to Clark.

Chloe thinks my plan is to bring Clark and Lana back together as friends, but it isn't just that. I'm sick of the two of them dancing around each other. I think Lana is a great friend, but she's too stuck on secrets. I don't think he's as in love with Lana as he think he is. I've noticed the way he looks at Chloe when he thinks no one's looking.

I love Chloe, but she and Clark belong together. Besides, I'm too scared to be anything more than her friend after I went "Boyz in the Hood" on her in Hamilton's lab.

I park in front of the barn and call up to Clark and climb the stairs.

"Clark, I know how you must be feeling."

"Pete, you may know about me, but you don't know how I'm feeling."

"I remember everything I did under the influence of the Niccodemus. Everything! I remember pointing a gun at my best friend! I will never forget the utter terror in her eyes. The terror I put there."

"Lana said she didn't remember."

"Clark, she was lying. She probably felt embarrassed and ashamed."

"Clark, answer this question. If Chloe and Lana were both in danger and you could only save one of them, who would you save?"

"Pete, what kind of question is that!"

"Even with all your powers, you can't save everyone. Sometimes you've got to be the one to choose who lives and who dies. It sucks, but it's the truth. Don't think, trust your instincts."

I wasn't at all surprised when he answered, "Chloe."
posted on 26-Oct-2002 7:38:41 PM by Lana Lane
aw don't you just love Pete and his playful medalling and insight. I loved the part so much and where the direction is going. I can't wait to read more. I'm working on another Kyle part. It's coming unstuck, I should have it nailed down soon. Bi.
posted on 27-Oct-2002 1:02:01 AM by Sugarplum7
Darth Maul 214 originally wrote:
Pete POV

"Even with all your powers, you can't save everyone. Sometimes you've got to be the one to choose who lives and who dies. It sucks, but it's the truth. Don't think, trust your instincts."

I wasn't at all surprised when he answered, "Chloe."

Awww. That was sweet. And the beginning of the relationship between Clark and Chloe is in view. That was great. Now all we need is a person to create someone for Pete. *big*

Lana! I will be sitting on pins and needles for your part. *happy* I am sure it will be spectacular.


Hugs everyone
posted on 27-Oct-2002 9:41:01 AM by LizParkerEvans4evax

Everything around me seems so happy,

Maria and Michael are back together, and I'm happy for them I really am.

Max and Liz are happily married, just like Jesse and I use to be.

God I miss him.

I must have the worst trouble with men, I can never have one I truly love without having to let them go.

First there was Alex, god Alex, he was so funny, he always brought a smile to my face, he meant so much to me, and then he was killed by an alien.

Then Grant, the other guy I was involved with, he ended up being killed by that stupid alien jelly fish thing.

and then Jesse, I truly loved him, he was it for me, he stood by me, through everything, he was willing to come with me and give up his life, that he's worked for his entire life, for me.

Maybe I should've let him came with us, that way I could be happy like everyone else.

What am I saying, I'm just being selfish.

There's Max and Liz over there holding hands and kissing, and their eyes filled with love.

I want that, But I can't have it, welcome to my life

Was it good?

posted on 27-Oct-2002 10:51:10 AM by Lana Lane
That was great, poor Isabel. I always love reading her thoughts and those where really moving and to Katie, how sweet are you darling? Hope you like Kyle's next brainstorm. So how's Mia? Who's going to be posting next? I can't wait. Till next time. Bi.
posted on 27-Oct-2002 11:50:56 AM by Lizzy Parker
I absolutely love the direction this RPG is going. Look foward to a Michael part from me sometime soon cause I'm going to be stuck home tommorow (which really sucks cause I have two tests in school I have to take) due to this really bad cold/flu/something I've developed over Friday night. Not fun.

But I am really enjoying the RPG. Darth Maul 213, the Pete part was great. Very touching. I can't wait to see a Clark part to it. Hehe, I love Pete the matchmaker.

posted on 27-Oct-2002 8:18:48 PM by TabascoChick
Hey Everyone,I play Alex here!I'm trying to think of a way to bring him back and I would really really appreciate it if you guys would help me come up with a logical my ideas seem really really...I don't know....unlikely to happen ever....I was thinking of having said that Tess didn't really kill alex,she mindwarpeded everyone into thinking she did and then she hid alex...or something...I don't know...please help me...anyone...because I really wanna get started and I don't know how to!
posted on 27-Oct-2002 9:59:53 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Lets think. Maybe we could have him be related to Lex in some way. And since Lex has billions of dollars he could secretly fund a program that could bring back Alex. Or we could have there be Kriptonite in the ground near Alexs grave, and that could somehow bring him back. Or we could say he never really dies. Tess hid him in a compound and he just now managed to break free of his cell or something. Or, We could have Isabel crying at the gravesite of Alex and the ghost of him could come and talk to her and she could say Alex I need you come back to me and he could. Or like a tear could drop on his grave and he could be awakened by love.
Just some ideas!

I will have my next part as Max out ASAP!
posted on 28-Oct-2002 12:56:40 AM by Sugarplum7
Hi all!

This is turning out to be tons of fun! *big* I just have some thoughts on the Alex front. It seems more plausible that he never died in the first place than him coming back from the dead. I think this mostly because he had his brain turned to mush by the mindwarps Tess put him under.

She could have knocked him unconscious and then threw him into some holding cell or whatever. Maybe a blow to the head caused amnesia and he has no idea who he is, just that Tess came by to feed him. Hmmm. If you want I can keep spinning on this one.

The Lex and Kryptonite might work, but I just don't like the idea of Isabel and an undead guy. It was already touched on that she was lonely and tired of how she kept getting the short end of the stick. Her love coming back undead is not . . . well . . . the nicest thing we can create for her character.

Just something off the top of my head, springing from the scene in Departure, what if the last dance with Ghost Alex was really Alex. If that was the case then maybe he has been watching her . . .

I guess that is all I have for now. I'll piggy back off the stuff that you guys write, if you don't mind. I just seem to be lacking inspiration.


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posted on 28-Oct-2002 9:11:07 AM by Lizzy Parker

Just something off the top of my head, springing from the scene in Departure, what if the last dance with Ghost Alex was really Alex. If that was the case then maybe he has been watching her . . .

I'm thinking that maybe a combination of these ideas might help. I really like that thought (above) Katie. That would be really sweet. What if he isn't dead (cause having him dead is really unlikely) and Tess locked him up somewhere and somehow Lex found him (and being nice) decided to hide Alex in Smallville so he'd be safe from Tess. Uh, I'm not quite sure of the rest of the details, but that might work.

posted on 28-Oct-2002 6:55:26 PM by TabascoChick
Thanks for your suggestions!It was really nice of you guys!I've decided that Tess didn't really kill Alex.She mindwarped him and then he fell unconscious and she knew she had to hide him.She couldn't kill him with her own two hands so she put him in this "pod like" thing and mindwarped the others into thinking he was dead though she never expected they'd blame it on her.When she came back in that season 3 episode,the "pod thing" was somehow broken,freeing Alex,but he was still unconscious.I'll start it off with him waking up.He's gonna have amnesia,but don't worry!He'll still remember a few things!Thanks again for your help!I'm gonna post my first Alex post tonight!
posted on 28-Oct-2002 8:11:42 PM by Lizzy Parker
Yippee, Alex! That sounds like an excellent plan Sarah!

Oh, I'll get the Michael part up soon. Katie, if you read this, can you please post the ideas we were brainstorming this afternoon? Thanks.

posted on 28-Oct-2002 9:40:21 PM by TabascoChick
Alex opened his eyes slowly.Why did his head hurt so much?He put his hand to his head and tried to stand up.He felt dizzy and fell to his feet again.There was a throbbing pain in his head.He groaned and suddenly it was gone.He blinked his eyes a few times and looked around.An abandoned that shed.He slowly walked towards the door.It was dark,but he could see well.What had happened?Where was he?Who was he?He couldn't remember.He struggled with the door to the shed,but couldn't manage.For hours,he sat there trying to open the door and then finally he creaked up.He smiled.Now,if only he could remember who he was.As he walked outside,the sunlight hit his eyes and almost blinded him.His eyes adjusted quickly though.He walked slowly,looking around at his surroundings.He saw a sign.It was far away,but he could make it out.Smallville.So,that was where he was.One question down,one million to go.He sighed.This sucked.Not being able to remember anything.He walked for a long time.His legs ached,but he didn't care.He had to do something.He didn't know how long he had been in that shed,but he needed to start some new life if he couldn't remember his own.As he came into the town of Smallville,he began to get very hungry.He decided to stop and he opened the door to a little place.It reminded him of something,but he couldn't remember what.He felt alittle helpless,but sat down at a table.Suddenly,he saw the body of a girl.Blonde Hair.Tall.Pretty.She looked so familiar.He felt like he knew her.Suddenly he got a flash.

(Isabel walks up to Alex's house and knocks on the door)
ALEX: Isabel.
ISABEL: Max and Liz are missing.
ALEX: Missing. Ok, let me, um...let me get the keys to my car. All right? We can go and find them.
ISABEL: That's ok.
(There is an awkward pause as Isabel waits for Alex to make the first move)
ALEX: Ok what?
ISABEL: Ok, and kiss me.
ALEX: K...K-kiss you?
ISABEL: My brother's missing. I need to find him. Maybe we can generate some information.
ALEX: Right.
ISABEL: Maybe I'll get a flash of their location or something, so...go ahead.
ALEX: Oh...yes. Yes, ma'am.
(Alex steps over to Isabel and kisses her)
ISABEL: Nothing.
ISABEL: Nothing relevant to the current crisis.
ALEX: Sorry.
(Isabel turns and start to walk away)
ALEX: You know,Isabel, I'm...I'm available for further experiments. You know. When-whenever.

Alex opened his eyes quickly."Isabel..,"he said softly.Had she been his girlfriend?He didn't know,but he remembered that he loved her.I loved her more then anything.But who were these other people she was talking about.Max and Liz?Trouble.He tried to rack his brain for another flash.Suddenly,the girl,Isabel caught his eye.Her expression was.....he couldn't tell.She looked frightened almost.Maybe he had been a murderer?No,she looked happy....but almost like she didn't believe he was there.
Wow!Taht was long!I just had to get that all out!Don't you all just love that scene from Sexual Healing?It's so sweet!
posted on 29-Oct-2002 9:28:21 AM by Lana Lane
Sarah that was amazing Poor Alex and including my all time favourite star gazer scene made it even more special to me {{sigh}}

Lizzy Parker originally wrote:
Katie, if you read this, can you please post the ideas we were brainstorming this afternoon?

Double ditto to that because if you two have been brainstorming ideas it's going to be spectacular.

I can't wait please post more soon as my next Kyle moment is on the way. Bi.

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posted on 29-Oct-2002 10:43:21 AM by Lizzy Parker
Okay, Lana, basically what's going to happen (if you guys don't like it, tell us):

Michael gets into an argument with Maria and storms out of the Talon, bumping into Chloe on the way. Chloe yells some sort of snarky comment to him and then realizes that he's not from Smallville and starts to question him. Maria sees some strange girl backing Michael into a corner and goes to help Michael, starting a small fight with Chloe. Kyle and Lana both see the fight and rush over, Lana to help Chloe, Kyle to help Michael and Maria. Everything just escalates until Max and Liz pull up in the van and Isabel ushers the gang outside and the Roswellians drive away. Chloe gets in her car and follows them, but the Roswellians manage to loose her by ditching the van on the side of the road. She finds the bumper sticker and realizes they're from Roswell as well as some other evidence. She'll clue in Lana, Pete, and Clark when she gets back.

What do the rest of you think? Any changes? Stuff you want to happen not mentioned? Stuff mentioned you don't want happening? Post your opinion! I'm going to start it off with a Michael part.

posted on 29-Oct-2002 3:51:16 PM by Sugarplum7
Hey Jen!

Sorry that I was not able to post that for you. I was not on at all last night. I was wondering what you wanted Lana to do? She was with Chloe and everyone outside the Talon. Then Chloe goes off in the stealthiness and follows them. What did you want Lana to do? I was brainstorming this . . . maybe Lana rushes inside to call Chloe's phone, noticing that she has disappeared in the blur of activity? Then some type of conversation happens over the phone?

Let me know.

posted on 29-Oct-2002 5:05:08 PM by Lizzy Parker
I think Lana might go and get Clark and Pete to tell them that Chloe's rushed off after some weird new people.

posted on 29-Oct-2002 5:33:53 PM by Sugarplum7
Lizzy Parker originally wrote:
I think Lana might go and get Clark and Pete to tell them that Chloe's rushed off after some weird new people.


Does Lana have a car?

posted on 29-Oct-2002 5:46:25 PM by Lizzy Parker
I don't know. She can call them from the Torch. Or Clark and Pete can walk in just in the nick of time, like they do in the show.

posted on 29-Oct-2002 5:56:22 PM by Sugarplum7
Lizzy Parker originally wrote:
Or Clark and Pete can walk in just in the nick of time, like they do in the show.

LOL! That is funny. I guess walking in to save the day it is. *big*

Hmmm. Now I just need to figure out how Lana will act. Yeah, I need to study the episodes a little more. Have you noticed that I have been putting off writing her part?

Maybe another Liz part that is about finding the house for everyone . . . You know, the reason why they had the van, keeping the others at the Talon. *wink*


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posted on 29-Oct-2002 7:44:33 PM by Lizzy Parker
Katie just reminded me of something.

If any of you are having trouble with your Smallville characters and want to look back on old episodes (I recommend first season stuff when the characters were true to themselves) to see how they act, I've found a transcript site.

Katie, hope this helps you and any others having dificulty.

posted on 29-Oct-2002 7:58:39 PM by TabascoChick
I like the plan,but how bout like Alexie?What do I do with Alex during this since I already put him in the same place as the roswellians?
posted on 29-Oct-2002 8:25:18 PM by Sugarplum7
TabascoChick originally wrote:
I like the plan,but how bout like Alexie?What do I do with Alex during this since I already put him in the same place as the roswellians?

Maybe if you just edit the last part? Make it that he see Isabel, but she doesn't see him, that she is rushed out because of the commotion before he catches her attention? Just a thought.

She could also just brush it off as a trick of the light. It can't be Alex, of course. He is dead, and whenever she sees him it is just a delusion/hallucination that she created in her mind.

Umm. Other than that . . .

posted on 30-Oct-2002 12:40:20 PM by Lizzy Parker
Izzy seeing Alex. I like.

I also loved last night's episode, but I'll save that for another board.

Hmm, maybe Max and Liz see Alex too and that's another reason why they speed away so fast.

posted on 2-Nov-2002 2:00:17 AM by Sugarplum7
Lizzy Parker originally wrote:

Katie, hope this helps you and any others having dificulty.


Thanks Jen! I am sure that it will. I just need to get a handle on some of the work load I have at the moment and I can check it out. hy do teachers alwys have tests at the same tie? It I just wrong!

posted on 3-Nov-2002 7:58:18 PM by Darth Maul 214

Lex sat in the limo, en route to the Talon. As it pulled up to the curb, Lex got out to get his coffee for the long drive into Metropolis.

Why am I having a lunch meeting with Bruce Wayne? The man is a morose, obsessive compulsive bore.

Walking up to the counter, Lex placed his order with Lana. "Lana, I'll have two large Blue Mountains and a mocha to go. I've got a meeting in Metropolis today."

"Coming right up, Lex."

As he waited for his coffee, he heard a young woman complain about the service. Motioning over to Lana, they both approached the table.

"I appologize about the service, miss. The two waitresses who work the morning shift called out sick today. I'm the only one on duty and I have to be at school in half an hour."

"Lana, their order is on the house. It's the least we can do."

"Sure thing, Lex."

"If you need help, I can fill in. I have five years waitress experience. I'm Maria, by the way", offered Maria.

Lex looked around the table until his eyes fell on a tall brunette, who looked exactly like his grandmother, Lauren did when she was younger.

He was shaken from his reverie by a young man stumbling into the Talon. The boy looked at the brunette and whispered a name, "Isabel."

He noticed that "Isabel" looked at the boy. At first there was fear, which was quickly replaced by something akin to joy.

I'll have to keep a close eye on all of them. I need to know why this "Isabel" looks exactly like Grandma Lauren.

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posted on 3-Nov-2002 8:19:33 PM by Lizzy Parker
Cool, cool, cool. Darth Maul 214, you are a genius! First that brilliant Pete part, now this! The boy is Alex, right? Oh, and Lex's grandma was a donor. Awesome, cause I just read the latest Roswell book (Skeletons in the Closet) and they dealt with this issue.

Okay, just so you all know, Michael was not present in the Talon during all this. He was outside arguing with Chloe, but I haven't writen that yet. Will do by Tuesday, promise.


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posted on 3-Nov-2002 10:29:24 PM by Darth Maul 214
I should make a note. Lauren is Lillian's mother.

I had the idea of bringing in Ava as Pete's love interest. I'd take her, but I already have Pete, Lex, Lionel, Jonathan, and Martha.

I had the idea of having Tess/Ava's donor come from Chloe's family tree.
posted on 4-Nov-2002 2:44:55 AM by Lana Lane
Lizzy Parker originally wrote:
Cool, cool, cool. Darth Maul 214, you are a genius! First that brilliant Pete part, now this!

double ditto to that my heads in a whirl at the possibilities. This is getting so good. What's next? I'm determined to kick out another Kyle part as and when I can (can't wait to read what you have Jen) Bi.
posted on 4-Nov-2002 3:10:17 AM by Sugarplum7
Hi Everyone!

I loved the Lex part. I don’t know what it is about the guy that makes me love him so much. I mean, he is going to grow up to be the bad guy. I loved the Bruce Wayne reference. It made me giggle.

I don’t know whether Maria would recolor her hair once it grew out or not, or if she would just have Isabel return it to its original blonde. I just went with the feeling that since she is back with Michael that she would go back to its original color. If the Maria person prefers her to be a brunette, I’ll edit it.

Jen, I don’t know if this will work, but I hope that it will. If it just doesn’t click in the least way I can just delete the entire thing.

So without further ado . . .

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Lana’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Why is this happening? I am the only one on the floor and there are so many people here this morning. I don’t know what is going on, but I need to get to school. Soon. Everyone is upset because they are waiting in a line to place their order, and then they need to wait longer to get their drinks.

“What are you talking about,” I hear someone shout, and I turn my head in the direction of the argument. It looks like a couple, both people I have never seen before, and living in Smallville that is a rare occurrence.

“Michael, I asked for a muffin,” The petite blonde said as she glared at him.

This is the second pair of new faces I’ve seen today. The difference between the two is striking. These two look more like a dysfunctional couple and the other two, they looked like they were stuck in their own world.

“So?” he says in response. His expression was annoyance. There was no way that you could misread something like that.

“You brought back a scone! Not a muffin! A SCONE!”

He stood and the force pushed the chair away with force, it toppled onto its side and made a loud crash that echoed throughout the room. I jumped back in response and stood rooted in my spot.

“I’m sorry, Maria. I have a lot on my mind. It wouldn’t be so hard for you to just get your own muffin!” With that said he turned and headed toward the door. The anger must have blinded him because he did not even see Chloe before he knocked her to the floor.

“Chloe!” I say under my breath before I run over to where she fell to the floor, but before I even move two feet she is already standing, and she is angry. Her eyes have this intensity that I have only seen a handful of times and she is really giving it to him.

I look and to the side where their table was, and the blonde who he was arguing with earlier is already heading over.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing with my boyfriend! No one, and I mean no one talks to him like that, but me!”

It does not look like anyone is going to back down. I know that Chloe won’t, and the other blonde looks just as stubborn.

“Hey, why don’t all of us calm down. Okay,” another guy says.

“Stay out of this Kyle!” The girl named Maria says as she snaps at him.

So it is a group of four friends, all of which I have never seen before. Why would they come on a road trip to Smallville of all places? I guess that now would be as good a time as any to try to solve this problem, or at least get it outside.

“Hey, Chloe, why don’t we just take the argument outside. I don’t want anyone else inside to get upset. And . . . Maria, you said it was. I’ll get you a muffin. It is on the house.”

“That sounds good. Michael, let’s just go.” I glance over to him and silently thank him. I am here all by myself, and an argument is something that I really don’t want to deal with.

The three of them turned to go outside and I went back to get the muffin. It was then that I saw Lex walk in and I took a deep breath. I don’t know what he is going to say about the battle of words going on outside.

"Lana, I'll have two large Blue Mountains and a mocha to go. I've got a meeting in Metropolis today," he says to me. I take a quick glance up at him and I can tell that he doesn’t seem to happy about the meeting that he has in Metropolis.

"Coming right up, Lex,” I say. I place the muffin on a plate and turn around to fill one of the many orders. That is when I hear another person complaining about it taking so long. I take a deep breath and prepare myself for whatever is going to happen.

"I apologize about the service, miss,” I tell her as she stops to speak with me. “The two waitresses who work the morning shift called out sick today. I'm the only one on duty.”

"Lana, their order is on the house. It's the least we can do," Lex says with his usual, nonchalant, manner.

"Sure thing, Lex," I say as I start to move to get the refund.

"If you need help, I can fill in. I have five years waitress experience. I'm Maria, by the way.” She must have just come over to get the muffin that I promised her, and she heard what I had told the other customer. I don’t know how I felt about it. I was relieved at first, but I didn’t know if Lex would actually hire her.

I went back over to the counter and filled the last order along with Lex’s, and picked up the muffin that was on the plate. I walked back over with the money for the woman’s refund, her drinks, and Maria’s muffin. I went back over to get Lex’s drinks and gave them to him. It was then that I remembered. Chloe.

“Uh, Lex,” I said as I looked out to the sidewalk at the front of the Talon. Chloe was still out there talking with the guy . . . I believe Michael was his name. “I am just going to check on Chloe.” It didn’t seem like he heard me. He was too entranced by the brunette that was sitting with Maria at the table.

I walk to the doors as a guy practically stumbles in. I was going to help him, but Chloe was more important. I was not going to leave her alone with two strangers that I had never seen in Smallville before.

The other guy, the one who was trying to end the argument was still there, trying to calm his friend down, but he was starting to look just like he was ready to run.

“Chloe?” I ask as I look at her.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Lana’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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posted on 4-Nov-2002 3:12:39 AM by Sugarplum7

Me again. I don't know about this part, but I just felt that a check on what is going on with our dreamer couple was in order since they are not at the Talon like everyone else. *happy*


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Liz’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“Wait! Max, stop!” I say as I reach for the door’s handle, opening it and leaping out of the van while it was still in motion. I could hear the rumble of the engine end and the door slam shut as Max followed me.

“Liz, wait!” I hear him say as he runs behind me. “Where are you going, Liz?” he asks, almost yelling as he closed the distance between us.

“Didn’t you see it, Max? Look, right there.” I point to where the roof of a large home that was slightly dilapidated due to time. I could tell that nature’s elements had had its effect on it, but it could not hide the beauty.

I took his hand in mine and ran the rest of the distance to the house. We slowed and walked a couple steps to the front porch that was covered with patches of holes where the wood grew brittle and broke.

“Liz, it’s a mess.”

“I know, but that just means that we can get it for less. The house will need work, but the four of us can handle most of that without a problem.”

“Liz, I . . . People will wonder why it was fixed in such a fast amount of time.” Max said as he squeezed my hand gently.

“Look at how far away it is from everything. Max, think about it. Our home. Come on. Let’s go upstairs. I am sure there are enough rooms for all of us.” I start to walk up the front steps to the porch and the entire time I can’t help but think that this will be our house.

I know that it is impetuous to think that everyone will like this, but it is the only one that will fit, budget wise. I understand that it needs a lot of work, but it won’t be that bad. With Max, Michael, Isabel, and me using our powers and Maria and Kyle cleaning things and shopping for some furniture it shouldn’t be that bad.

I carefully walk through the house and take my time as I walk up the stairs to the upper level of the house. Max’s hand never left mine as we walked through the unfamiliar hall of the house. I don’t know what he was thinking, but my mind was constantly thinking about how everything would look with pictures of all of us, walls covered in a new coat of paint, rooms filled with furniture as laughter filled the space of the house. Home . . .

His grip on my hand slipped as he walked to a room at the end of the hall. I followed him this time as he walked closer to the door. It was the room that faced the back of the house where a large yard spread out behind the home. I walked closer to the window and looked at the yard in disrepair.

Max’s footfalls echoed in the rather large room and I just watched as different thoughts passed over his face. I simply sat at the small bench at the window that served as a window seat and I knew that if we took this house, if he liked the idea of living here, this would be our room.

I couldn’t stop the smile that tugged my lips at that thought. Our room . . . a place for just the two of us.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Liz’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:51:01 AM by Lizzy Parker
Darth Maul 214 originally wrote:
I had the idea of bringing in Ava as Pete's love interest. I'd take her, but I already have Pete, Lex, Lionel, Jonathan, and Martha.

I had the idea of having Tess/Ava's donor come from Chloe's family tree.

I can ask a friend if she's interested in taking up Ava. Hmmm...Pete and Ava, interesting. Very interesting indeed. And I think I like the idea of Tess/Ava's donor coming from Chloe's family. Chaos insues in Smallville.

Excellent ideas.

Katie- I still have yet to read your parts (home sick again, working on my paper for class) but I'm just going to shape the Michael and Chloe parts based on what every one else is posting since I'm taking so long.

Okay, out of curiousity: what characters have we not had a POV for (and I'm not necessarily talking about the Kents or Lionel)? I want to know whose been posting their characters and who hasn't. Have we got a Clark part yet?

posted on 4-Nov-2002 1:45:32 PM by Sugarplum7
Lizzy Parker originally wrote:
Katie- I still have yet to read your parts (home sick again, working on my paper for class) but I'm just going to shape the Michael and Chloe parts based on what every one else is posting since I'm taking so long.

Okay, out of curiousity: what characters have we not had a POV for (and I'm not necessarily talking about the Kents or Lionel)? I want to know whose been posting their characters and who hasn't. Have we got a Clark part yet?


Hey Jen!

I hope you like what I had. I was a little unsure about it to say the least. I m sorry that you aren't feeling well. I thnk I might be getting sick, too. Ugh! I hate that feeling.

I think everyone has posted something except the person playing Maria and Clark. Everyone else has posted a part at least once. A couple of us have posted thoughts, ideas, responses, parts, things like that.

Katie (who is wishing Jen gets better so she can feel better)
posted on 4-Nov-2002 2:29:52 PM by Lizzy Parker
Thanks Katie. And I am feeling somewhat better. Can you do me a favor and bmail the person playing Clark and Maria about the RPG as a mod? I'd appreciate it, thanks.

Oh, and I read you parts. The Liz one is great. And thanks for providing me with an argument for Michael and Maria. I was stuck there.

I'll probably post tommorow.

One more thing: my friend Dia is going to take the role of Ava. But she can't post for a few weeks due to schoolwork, so Ava's not going to be introduced for a while. Besides, at the moment we have more than enough to work with.

posted on 4-Nov-2002 2:37:00 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I will post Max's part tonight!
I just have to shape it a bit to fit Katies part!
Sorry I haven't posted lately! I been busy
posted on 5-Nov-2002 1:53:31 AM by Sugarplum7
Lizzie_Parker17 originally wrote:
I will post Max's part tonight!

I look forward to it Britt! I am sure it will be amazing!

posted on 5-Nov-2002 11:53:38 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
OOC: Ew!
I posted this last night!
I guess it didn't show up! Has the board been acting screwy for any of you?
Oh well! A little extra typing won't hurt!



Max walked into the bedroom after Liz. It was perfect. If they choose this house this would be their room.
"I know you love it too Liz" Max said

Since their marriage they had been able to feel each others emotions even more clearly.

"This is perfect fo us Liz. You were right."

Liz smiled and came over to him
"When will you ever learn that I am always right?" Liz asked with a kiss to the cheek

Max smiled
"We have to be careful though. Maybe we can do all the outside work by hand in case any one sees us, and the rest we can less normal ways"

"Whats so great about normal?" She asked

Max smiled at her
"So should we stay here a while or go find the others?"
"I'm sure they don't miss us that much" Max said as he brushed his lips against hers

Not as long as it was last night, but I can't remember exactly what I said!
posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:51:36 AM by Darth Maul 214
I'll be posting my Lionel part later today or tonight. I also think we shou ld incorporate some of the things brought up in "Lineage". I.e. Chloe's mom and Lucas.
posted on 6-Nov-2002 6:56:26 PM by Lizzy Parker
Definately include the new stuff from Lineage. Sigh...I loved the Chlark scene, but this isn't the place to discuss it.

I'm going to try to post Michael ASAP. Sorry guys, been very busy with school. And Michael's just impossible to write!!!

posted on 6-Nov-2002 8:11:30 PM by Roswell428
According to the title, it says that you need a Maria and Clark for this fic. I'm not all that familiar with Smallville, but if Maria's available, I'd love to take her. Just let me know what you think.

posted on 6-Nov-2002 9:25:50 PM by Lizzy Parker
As long as you post and stay continuous to our story, Roswell428, you're welcome to have Maria.

Welcome aboard.

posted on 6-Nov-2002 9:43:14 PM by Roswell428
Thanks! I'll try to post my first Maria within the next couple of days. One thing I'm not clear on though- is she still in the cafe (with Isabel, having just seen Alex)? Or did she go back outside to the argument? And thanks again! I love Maria's character, and I have no problem with posting or staying continuous with your story line. Thanks! *big*
posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:01:42 PM by Sugarplum7
Roswell428 originally wrote:
One thing I'm not clear on though- is she still in the cafe (with Isabel, having just seen Alex)? Or did she go back outside to the argument?


It was originally thought that she would go outside with Michael, but I think that she is actually inside the Talon talking to Lex about employment.

I also think that the people in the Talon are Isabel, Lex, Maria, and now Alex.

Michael, Chloe, Kyle, and Lana are right outside.

Max and Liz are at the possible new house that they are going to buy. (Which I am not clear on where they got the money. Are we going along with the Langley is in the FBI doing the Nesado thing? If we are, maybe he gave them more than enough money.)

Clark and Pete are at Clarks in the barn, if I am not mistaken.

Was that a good (and correct) rundown?


posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:08:27 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
it was a great run down!

I like the idea of the langley thing.
And well the aleins can change molecular structures. I mean normally they wouldn't do anything like make money from other stuff, but the are running from the law because they aern't normal, whats breaking a few crimes gonna hurt. I mean. Really
posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:13:22 PM by Roswell428
Thanks! That was helpful! Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with her....
posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:15:50 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi Britt,

I don't like the idea of them making their own money. I am of the mind that they are running from the FBI for their lives, and that they (Liz at least) wouldn't want to risk getting noticed because they are using fake money. It seems like too much of a risk. An un-needed risk if we go with the Langley idea.

Anyways, that is just my thought. (I really don't want them to change their names too. With Langley debunking (sigh, The X-Files) the SU's work they wouldn't have to.)


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Liz’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“This is perfect for us, Liz,” He said with a grin on his face. I knew that expression. The way his eyes sparkled with light made me go weak in the knees. Almost every look from him still makes me weak in the knees. The way his eyes are like melted honey, soft and smooth.

I smile in return and walk over to where he stood with his arm extended for me, inviting me to mold my body to his. I take another few steps to stand in front of him, his arms wrap around me and the smile on his face grows wider.

“When will you ever learn that I am always right?” I ask him. My arms go up around his neck and my fingers lightly comb through his hair. I look up into his face and quickly study the features I already know better than my own before I kiss his cheek.

“We have to be careful though.” How did I know that he was going to say that? It seems that after we got married he got more cautious. “Maybe we can do all the outside work by hand in case anyone sees us.”

I look into his eyes a little deeper. Where is it, where is the “but”? The “but” that will say, “And the rest we can do with our powers”.

“And the rest we can do . . . in less normal ways.” There it is.

“What’s so great about normal?” I ask him, repeating the same question he asked me that night a little over two years ago. It was a question that pretty much changed everything. The question earned me another grand smile of his.

Without provocation he lowered his face to mine, his lips only a breath away. His forehead pressed against mine, and his fingers began to slowly massage my back. “Should we stay here a while or go find the others?” I asked in understanding. We still didn’t know why we could sense each others feelings, emotions, but we could. And I was getting these loud and clear.

He did not even voice an answer. His mouth descended and just like that he stole the very breath from my lungs. With feather-light brushes of his lips he melted every single bone in my body as I clung to him to keep myself standing.

“I’m sure they don’t miss us very much,” he said through the kiss.

“Uh huh,” I replied. I hope you didn’t expect me to be full of wit and wisdom when Max Evans has his arms wrapped around me, his lips trailing over my neck, enflaming my skin with the light brush of his lips. I don’t even think simple functions are possible when I am within this proximity to him.

The shrill electronic cry of my cell phone broke through our reverie. “Max, the phone,” I say when he made no move to answer the phone.

“Later,” he said as his arms moved up to my cheeks.

“If you’re not going to answer it,” I say against his lips. I move my hand to grab the phone in his pocket and press the button to talk.

“Hello,” I say breathlessly.


“Yeah. Kyle, is that you? What’s wrong?” At that question Max stops and looks at me with worry. Quickly, he moves to listen to Kyle as I turn the phone.

“Yeah. Where are you and Max? You took the van and you’ve gotta get back here. You better not be doing what I think you’re doing or—”

He just stopped. I try to listen to hear anything in the background, but am unsuccessful.

“Kyle!” Max calls out as he takes the phone is his hand. I lean in to listen and hear Kyle speak again.

“Buddha, help us. Just get back here!”

“Let’s go,” he says, and I nod in response.

We both know from Kyle’s tone that we have to go. Something happened. He takes my hand in his and together we run out of the house. Our house, if it is open to buy. He pulls me in front of him, letting me go down the set of stairs first so. He likes to keep me in view and I know that he does. It is one of the things that give him comfort.

I hop over the holes in the porch and leap jump to skip the stairs that lead down to the ground of the front yard. When we get to the van and head back into town I turn to face him.

“So . . . we can buy it?”

He looks at me briefly and then back to the road. His hand covers mine, and he spoke four words that brought a large smile to my face.

“We can buy it.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Liz’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

posted on 7-Nov-2002 4:33:55 AM by Sugarplum7
posted on 7-Nov-2002 7:22:56 AM by Lana Lane
I love where this is going so much. Well done Britt and Katie, the new parts were fabulous and all the ideas that are floating about sound really very good (you too Jen and Darth Maul). I can't wait till they come into play.

Welcome Roswell428, I can't wait to read Maria's thoughts on all this. Good luck with it.

Have we found of Clark yet?

I was going to add in just what the commotion was that Max heard down the phone but the idea I had for it sounded a little cracked. I'd love to see what other's come up with.

I brought a Kyle part with me, it's nothing special. Just laying the land. Hope it works. Till next time. Bi


This is truly unbelievable. Talk about blending in, that’s the understatement of the year. Us? Blend in? When did this happen? How could we ever think that we ever would? That we ever could?

We sit, we order. I’m concerned that things are going well, too well. I look nervously about us, checking out surroundings. Our means of escape if need be. One of us had to be on the ball. Things seem to be chugging along nicely. The cute waitress serving us and I seemingly couldn't stop looking at each other or was that just my imagination?

Probably, I hadn’t slept in a while and I'm so hungry. My tummy was grumbling, she must have heard it. I feel embarrassed besides her attention was suddenly taken away when a bald, smart-looking guy, about our age came in waltzing in. Acting like he owned the place, did he? Why did I even care? They talk, he orders. Why am I still looking at them?

‘Get out of my head thoughts, there’s no time for this rubbish.’ I’ve got to stay frosty.

The cute watiress and I kept on looking at each other while she went back and forth. My guess is that she just her doing her job and being polite. I was a bit shy, so I kept looking away. She was so helpful and friendly, she reminded a lot of Liz, where were these two anyway?

I'm bored. I pick up and read the menu even after we’d ordered. I can’t stop my eyes from wandering back to the girl and Uncle Fessta’s long lost son. Lex, what kind of a stupid name is that? He’s just a normal guy with major attitude that much I can tell. I don’t like the way she’s smiling at him. I could take him, no problem. Hey, why would I even want to? Was he her boyfriend? By the way she was looking at him and laughing with him he had to be. I’d struck out again, story of my life. Love was just wasn’t for me.

I hear mumblings from the others. Maria suddenly goes and shoots her mouth off and Michael goes into one. Normality resumed and all over a damn muffin. We should go. I was kidding myself that things could change. I was being foolish. We can try and run away from the past but it’s hopeless when we are still the same people no matter what the geography was. We haven’t changed and that old familiar chemistry, that knowing spark that Michael and Maria had always had would always be there, lurking. Waiting to explode into something bigger than all of us like a ticking time bomb.

Tick, tick, tick…



There she blows.

Hey where the hell is Michael off to now? He knows that we can’t separate. Not now, not ever. Where’s Max when you need him? If him and Liz are off making out somewhere I will not be impressed.

Everyone’s looking at us. This is not good; this is so not good. Breathe, goddamn it Breathe. I can feel my cheeks flaming red and my hands are sweating.

Holy crap now Michael’s gone and knocked over some girl in his hast to escape the wrath of Maria. The girl’s a looker as it happens. She doesn’t look happy. God hasn’t he ever seen ‘Deliverance’? He should know you shouldn’t go messing with the local yokels? He avoided mixing with us ‘Roswellian town folk’ for long enough. Guess it’s up to me to go and sort this out? The things I do. Taking hurried steps after my misguided friends the waitress was loss to me. I could see this all blowing up into places it shouldn’t go.

We are all heading towards the door. We’re leaving. And it’s then that I see that I’m not the only one going to the rescue. The petite, dark haired waitress who served us is looking just as anxious as me. She was a friend of the blonde haired girl who was lying in the street on her backside. I’d heard her call out to her before, her name’s Chloe. She’s asking Chloe to take it outside. Oh my Buddha. Outside? With pleasure missy is my next thought as we all bundle out. The cute waitress stays.

The people around me begin hollering. I do a foolish thing and try to get between them. Big mistake. Huge.

I sigh deeply and look back into the diner. My eye catches the waitress looking back at us. My heart is racing so fast. That's just because of the impending danger? Was there any? Suddenly I feel funny.

I would like to say that I believe in love at first sight. I am sure it has happened to a lot of other people. Look at Max and Liz, perfect example. It had never happened to me. I remember something, as I sat down at the table, opposite me there was this incredible girl looking straight back at me. The cute waitress. Our eyes met and it was like our souls joined does that sound odd? I shiver.

Definitely, I shake the feeling off. I’ve been hanging around other life forms for too long. All the while I couldn’t help but think that, deep down inside that the waitress was the one for me. How crazy am I sounding? All she’d given me was the most incredible smile and a few moments of her time. Nothing special. Yet it took my breath away. I felt something I have never felt in my life before—was it? Nah. I feel this emptiness inside without her eyes on me. I knew nothing about her and she definitely knew nothing about me. She’d run a mile if she ever found out the truth besides I bet nothing wacko ever happened in Smallville.

This was all wrong; we shouldn’t be here. I’ve got a very bad feeling about this. Michael was being of no help to aid and a bet the situation. They continue arguing.

I can feel someone else and as she pushed past me, she looked at me and smiled. It's the cute waitress and it took my breath away again. Dammitt I wish she’d stop doing that and then, in that single moment I felt that we were destined to be together. From the way our eyes joined and the incredible smile she gave me. I never stopped praying in that moment, that I would see her again. Hey did I just say that or has this mumbo jumbo alien voodoo finally got me? Was this what I believe to be true love?

Where did that come from? I am crazy and that was my gift? Thanks a lot Maxwell.

Michael is trying desperately to get away while Chloe is having none of it. She's a spunky little thing. Where will this all end? My mind wonders. Soul mates? I’d never thought of that before, I never had cause to could that possibly be me and someone else someday? Have I got a soul mate or does that just apply to Max and Liz? Could that be me and the cute waitress maybe?

Now I really am cracking up.

I never believed in love at first sight but after meeting the cute waitress… Lana… yes that was her name, well, I knew the moment I looked in her eyes that she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with does that sound crazy? Probably. She wouldn't want me. She's bound to be snapped up already. I’d learnt a valuable lesson since my encounter with alien life forms, anything’s possible and if we do stick around then we'll just have to see won't we. Anything's possible, like the solution to this mess that is creating around me would appear any time now. Any second now.

…Yep it’s me, still waiting.

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posted on 7-Nov-2002 2:54:24 PM by Roswell428
Okay, heres's my first part. This is going to be short, because I'm still trying to get a feel of the story and where it's going. Oh and I used a little bit of the dialogue from earlier parts. Also, thanks everybody for the great welcomes! I appreciate it. Anyway, I hope this part is okay. Here goes....

~*~ Maria ~*~

I swear! Michael Guerin makes me so furious! I don't know why I put up with him! Can't he tell the difference between a muffin and a scone! Argh, men!

I see Michael slam out of his seat and rush for the door. In his haste, he knocks over the blond girl who'd been standing by the door. 'Way to go Guerin,' I inwardly cheer. 'That's exactly the way not to draw attention to ourselves!' You'd think he could have just gotten me a damn muffin, then all of this would have been avoided.

I look at him trying to escape outside and just want to scream. But then, I see that blond bimbo start to attack him. How dare she! Doesn't she know that he is mine!

I run over. “Hey! What do you think you are doing with my boyfriend! No one, and I mean no one talks to him like that, but me," I say, getting right in her face.

Just then Kyle comes up and tries to get everybody to calm down. I turn to him and snap at him to stay out of it.

While I continue to glare at this 'Chloe' person, the waitress (Lana ?) tells/ asks us to take the argument outside, and then offers me my muffin... for free. Well, at least someone around here has some common sense.

Kyle, Michael and this Chloe all move to take the argument outside. I follow them briefly, but I can see that Kyle will be there if Michael needs backup, and besides Michael brought this on himself. Feeling that my territory is no longer being threatened, I head back inside. I want my muffin.

I go up to the counter to get it, right as I hear some customer complain about the service. Feeling much more generous than I had before (after all, I was getting a free muffin), I offered to help waitress if they needed it. Seeing Lana's polite smile I graciously take my muffin and go back to sit at the table with Isabel.

I begin eating my muffin, the one that Neanderthal man had caused such a big fuss over, when I see Isabel beside me freeze. I turn to look at what she's staring at, and the muffin falls out of my hand.

And then I hear him mutter the word, "Isabel." No it can't be.... that's impossible!

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posted on 8-Nov-2002 3:52:13 AM by Lana Lane
To Roswell428 I loved the part so much and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I can't wait for the next post. Someone? Anyone?
posted on 8-Nov-2002 5:05:04 AM by Roswell428
Thanks Lana Lane, your part was awesome as well. Everone on this thread is an awesome writer! I love writing Maria. And this one was quitessential Maria. Besides, why should she blame anything on herself, when she can just as easily blame Michael? Maria's character rocks!

And I can't wait for more parts either!

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posted on 8-Nov-2002 6:17:30 AM by Lizzy Parker
Glad you're enjoying this.

To answer you're question Lana: tonight. Michael.

And then, I'll do a Chloe part!

posted on 8-Nov-2002 12:02:09 PM by Lana Lane
Roswell428 originally wrote:
why should she blame anything on herself, when she can just as easily blame Michael?

Laughing out loud at that and you're right, we have got a fine collective of writers here, some of the very best. I can't wait for more and to know that Jen will be posting later an apt song comes to mind 'I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it except I know I'm going to LOVE IT Bi.
posted on 8-Nov-2002 12:41:17 PM by Darth Maul 214
I'm going to temp Clark so that I can move him and Pete towards school.
posted on 8-Nov-2002 12:50:55 PM by Lana Lane
I can't wait
posted on 8-Nov-2002 3:23:54 PM by Roswell428
That should be good! I can't wait, knowing that two great writers are going to post soon!

And thanks Lana, glad to know that you enjoy my 'subtle' brand of humor. It's one of the reasons that I have always loved writing for Maria- in many ways we think alike!

And Jen, yes I am enjoying myself, thanks! And thanks for letting me be a part of this story!
posted on 8-Nov-2002 5:15:38 PM by Lizzy Parker

You're welcome. Hey, do you have a name I can call you buy so the posts don't have to be so formal?

Darth Maul:

You can temp Clark. I'll keep the sign up though and hopefully someone will come to play him. Till then, he's all yours. Thanks! *happy*

Do you think you can sort of include his reaction to everything Pete and Chloe have said to him? Thanks, again.


Later tonight I'll post. I only have 20 minutes of time right now before I go out to get dinner. But look foward to Michael today and Chloe tommorow.

posted on 8-Nov-2002 5:59:46 PM by TabascoChick
Hey guys!Sarah here for Alex!New Alex post will be up tonight or tomorrow morning.I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do,but expect some Maria I'd just like to say that the new Maria is doing an awesome job!
posted on 8-Nov-2002 9:55:24 PM by Lizzy Parker
Yes. Ditto to Sarah's post. I'm definately enjoying the new Maria (I finally got a chance to read the new posts). And I liked the Kyle part, Lana.

Now, without further ado, like I promised, the Michael POV. Just so you all know, I'm giving him up. I'll post him temporarily, but I'm adding into the thread title that a Michael is needed! I don't have time for more than one character with my schoolwork and he's just too tricky to write in POV. I can't get inside his head so well.


***Michael’s POV***

“Michael, I asked for a muffin,” Maria. 8:30 in the morning and she’s already glaring and yelling at me. What the hell did I do to deserve this?

“So?” I reply half-heartedly, returning her glare. It’s not like I care; I brought her something comprised of sugar, dough, and blueberries. Isn’t that acceptable?

“You brought back a scone! Not a muffin! A SCONE!” Obviously not acceptable. I smirk. She looks so hot when she’s angry. But I’m not in the mood to deal with this right now.

I stand abruptly and the chair behind me topples onto its side, crashing loudly on the floor. Loud enough to make Maria gasp and a couple of others jump in there seats. I stand there, unphased. “Look, I’m sorry, Maria, but I have a lot on my mind. It wouldn’t be so hard for you to just get your own muffin!”

She opens her mouth for a comeback, but I grab my coffee and storm away. She’ll get over it later, but right now, I really need to be alone. This group travelling is starting to become very irritating. One more look between Max and Liz, or Kyle’s Buddhist cracks and I swear, the next passing sign’s going to be blown to bits. I continue to walk straight ahead when all of the sudden, bam, I bang into something.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” That ‘thing’ starts shouting at me. What is it with blondes and tempers lately? I swear, the only one I haven’t pissed off is Isabel…oh yeah, she’s a brunnette now. The girl rearranges her shoulder bag as she recovers her balance, refusing to move out of my way, all the while well talking my head off. “…it’s people like you who are the reason good coffee is often wasted…” or something like that.

I hold my hands out to try and shake her away, but it’s too late. Maria’s already come over, probably in some jealous hissy fit. Guess she’s the only one who could rant and yell at me in her mind.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing with my boyfriend! No one, and I mean no one talks to him like that, but me," she says, stepping write in between the middle of us. The other girl stares at her. First a glare, then some strange inquisitive look.

Great, just what we need, World War III. Get me out of here now, before that short, brunette waitress coming over here says she’s calling the cops. Has anyone in our group ever hear of lying low? We’re in deep, serious shit now.

***End Michael’s POV***

One more thing...I was in the frame of mind that it was weekend in Smallville? I saw Katie mentioned something about school? We should probably come to some agreement about what day of the week it is. I vote for Saturday.

posted on 9-Nov-2002 12:28:02 AM by Roswell428
Awww, thanks Jen and Sarah! I really appreciate that! As to a name you can call me, call me Nicola (I've always liked that name!). And thanks again for the wonderful praise!
posted on 9-Nov-2002 4:07:55 AM by Lana Lane
Loved the part Jen it was well worth the wait as usual how do you do it? I vote for saturday too and I completely understand about the lack of time, we can't have you flaking out on us can we? Hello Nicola and I'm intrigued about the Alex part Sarah and Maria was spot on wasn't she? I love being apart of this so much and I can't wait for the next post Warmest wishes all, Bi.

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posted on 9-Nov-2002 9:23:58 PM by Darth Maul 214
Clark POV

"Clark, answer this question. If Chloe and Lana were both in danger and you could only save one of them, who would you save?"

I heard Pete's question and was apalled by it. "Pete, what kind of question is that!" I'm upset even further when I hear his response.

"Even with all your powers, you can't save everyone. Sometimes you've got to be the one to choose who lives and who dies. It sucks, but it's the truth. Don't think, trust your instincts."

When did Pete get this serious, philisophical side. I can't choose, I'm not God. I know I have to answer. I opened my mouth and a name came out. "Chloe."

I'm kind of shocked about it. I care deeply about both girls, but Chloe has always been there for me. Comforting me, challenging me, pushing my buttons, and grounding me.

"Clark, now answer why."

I open my mouth to say the thoughts that had just run through my head, but other words come out. "Because I love her."

I'm shocked that I said that, but I noticed Pete wasn't.
"Clark, you should tell Chloe how you feel."

"What's the point, Pete? She wants us to be just friends."

"Clark, Chloe's going to kill me, but she's in love with you."

"Then why did she pull the 'just friends' card?"

"You know why." I do know why. My Lana obsession paired with her mom abandoning her when she was five. Thank god Chloe and I have never fought so bad that I'd use it to hurt her. I hope I never will. I look at my watch. We've got half an hour before school starts.

"Pete, we have school soon. Let's go."

We sit in compaionable silence on the ride into town. A block away from the Talon, I spot Chloe going toe to toe in an arguement with this guy who was about my height and outweighed Chloe by a good fifty pounds.

"Pete, pull over by the Talon. Chloe may be getting herself in over her head. She's arguing with a guy as big as me, outside."

I'm out the door almost before Pete stops. I step between Chloe and the big guy. "Chloe, is this guy bothering you?"

posted on 9-Nov-2002 10:26:57 PM by TabascoChick
Alex watched as another girl sitting next to Isabel just stared at him.Who was she?It bothered him that he didn't know who anyone was.He didn't even know who he was.He knew was Alex,but he could've been anyone.A masked murderer?The freak of whatever school he had been from?He held his head in frustration.He looked over the girl.She looked so familar.He tried to get another image like he had gotten from Isabel,but nothing came.Uhhh...his head hurt.He felt helpless.He caught the girl's eyes again and something came.

"Snap out of it,Alex!If I wanted to watch someone drool over another,I would've just asked Liz to join me!"

"What?I'm not drooling over Isabel Evans!I'm admiring her beauty!Isn't that allowed in our generation!Pure you have my full attention."

Alex's head hurt again,but he was happy.Maria and Isabel.He had a key to his past.He smiled alittle.As much as a guy who had just woken up from a long "sleep" with amnesia could.

OOC:Yay!Ok...I just came up with the greatest idea...I'll keep it secret until I post another alex post!
posted on 10-Nov-2002 10:34:18 AM by Lana Lane
This just keeps getting bigger and better guys. Great part Darth Maul, you too Sarah , you both captured the characters really well and on a side note Sarah, how intrigued am I about this 'greatest idea' of yours? Lots and I can't wait to read it. Bi.

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posted on 10-Nov-2002 2:29:32 PM by Lizzy Parker
Here's the Chloe part I promised from yesterday. I've incorporated some of the new stuff in it. Hope you all don't mind the path I've decided to take.


***Chloe’s POV***

“Hey, Chloe, why don’t we just take the argument outside. I don’t want anyone else inside to get upset. And . . . Maria, you said it was. I’ll get you a muffin. It is on the house.”

“Lana, this guy over here,” I point to the Byron wannabe, “just about ran over me, not to mention almost spilled his coffee on my laptop, and you offer his accomplice a free muffin? What sort of business are you running?”

Lana shakes her head and walks back to the counter with the girl to get her a muffin. Now it’s just me, Michael, and the other guy who had come over to us around the same time Maria did. He tries to push Michael outside (trying being the key word) and turns around to smile at Lana. Someone’s got it bad. I should know. He’s giving her the same looks I’ve seen Clark give Lana the past three years. But that’s not relevant right now.

When did I miss the busload of new arrivals? Michael and that girl, this guy, and probably the brunette he was sitting with. Wonder if there are any more of them? And what they’re doing here, in Smallville, Kansas, in the middle of the school year. They look about our age, so what gives. Smiling, I turn to my two sources. The shorter guy’s seems to be drifting away from the argument, but Michael is still glaring at me. I ignore that and immediately switch to investigative reporter mode.

“What are you doing in Smallville?” Blunt and to the point. I refuse to waist time beating around the bush. He stares at me dumbfounded. “Michael, right? I asked you a simple question. Now, based on the past five minutes, I know you have a brain buried somewhere under all that hair of yours, so answer. What are you and your three friends doing in Smallville? It’s not everyday we have a newcomer to the town, let alone four.”

Michael and the other guy exchange a worried, paranoid look. Okay, I did just see that. What’s up with them? “None of your business,” Michael replies gruffly.

“None of my buisness? You just ran over me like you were Lex Luthor on a drag strip and now you tell me that it’s none of my buisness. You didn’t even apologize for your bulldozer actions!”

He stands over me and I only feel slightly intimidated. I’ve taken on worse than this, right? I mean, unless he’s a meteor freak, it’s not likely he’s going to do anything to me in the middle of Main Street in broad daylight. We stare at each other as another guy walks by. I hear a couple of exclamations in the Talon as the lanky teen enters, and one of Michael’s friends faints. Michael’s friend has moved away from us and is on the cell phone, probably calling for back up of some sort. Michael, still studying me, misses all of this. As Pete would say, my weirdar has jumped to DeathCon 5. What sort of convention is this?

Michael looks as if he’s ready to jump into the Talon, the noise inside finally attracting his attention. I move in front to block him. “Not so fast, buddy. You’re not going anywhere until you answer a couple of questions for me.”

“Are you always this damn nosy?” he replies, grabbing my shoulders and tries to push me aside, but I stay put.

“Most of the time,” I reply, smirking. Believe it or not, he actually returns the gesture. Breakthrough. “But at least I’m honest. And have manners. Now, would it really kill you to satisfy my curiousity a little bit?”

He’s about to reply, when out of no where, Clark steps between us. "Chloe, is this guy bothering you?" My hero. But now is definitely not the time for it.

“Clark, I don’t have time for your savior complex at the moment.”

He looks slightly crestfallen and a wince. Damn me and my big mouth. Yet, at this same exact moment, a van pulls up and Michael runs inside the Talon to bring the rest of his group out. He and the short guy usher Maria, the brunette, and that other strange man into the van, where a girl and a guy are impatiently waiting. Lana comes out of the Talon watching in confusion, Pete and Lex standing on either side of her.

Is it just me, or did this leafy little hamlet just get a whole lot stranger, and not of the meteor freak variety?

I start to run, but a strong grip on my arm stops me. I turn around to see Clark holding me in place. I smile; even if his timing sucks, for once he’s paying attention to me and not Lana. “Chlo, where are you going? These people could be dangerous.”

“These people are hiding something,” I smile. “And I have a feeling it’s of the weird variety.” I break free of his grip and run to my 1961 Ford Falcon. I quickly open the door, and turn on the engine. Before hoping inside, however, I turn around once more to see Clark, Lana, Pete, and Lex watching the scene unfold.

I smile at Clark as he walks toward the car. “Hurry up,” I shout. “The slower you move, the better chance those people have of loosing me.” He’s there in a flash, and we speed away, following the van.

***End Chloe’s POV***

posted on 10-Nov-2002 2:37:31 PM by Lizzy Parker
One more thing...

If any of you are unsure of any Smallville facts, I've found a nice site that might be able to help you answer questions (for example, what type of car Chloe has):

Smallville Fan Fiction Recources

Very, very handy.

posted on 10-Nov-2002 5:27:39 PM by Roswell428
Who was it who fainted..... was it Maria or Isabel?
posted on 10-Nov-2002 8:26:48 PM by Lizzy Parker
Isabel. Didn't someone write somewhere that Iz fainted upon seeing Alex? Or am I just confused...

posted on 11-Nov-2002 4:39:10 AM by Lana Lane
Kudos for the link Jen, very handy indeed and you're not confused she did faint. How much did I love the chloe part? LOTS you hit the nail on the head with her reactions and thoughts {{excitable squealing now coming from me}} so who's next? What's next? This is fabulous and I can't wait for more. I better go get my thinking cap on for my next Kyle part. I have an idea as to what to do, hope you all like it. Till next time, bi.
posted on 11-Nov-2002 4:33:14 PM by Darth Maul 214
This was just a little idea I came up with. I'll delete the post if it's not likable.

Other POV

In Gotham, New York, the adoption of a baby boy from New Mexico was finalized. The boy was renamed Tim Drake. Little did anyone know of the destinies in store for the young man in the future.
posted on 11-Nov-2002 4:51:04 PM by Lizzy Parker
Is Tim Drake from Batman?

And how would this fit into the plot, as is?
posted on 11-Nov-2002 5:40:34 PM by Darth Maul 214
It doesn't really. I just wrote that piece as a way of tying up the Zan storyline from s3 into the DC universe.
posted on 11-Nov-2002 6:27:38 PM by Lana Lane
Ooh can I say that I'm liking the idea Darth Maul? Shall we put it to a vote, how does it work? I'm currently trying to download a smallville episode so I may be able to post a kyle part later. Maybe? In the mean time who's next? I can't wait to see. Bi.
posted on 11-Nov-2002 8:29:59 PM by Roswell428
Great parts everybody! And you're right Jen, it was Isabel who fainted, I had just missed that.

~*~ Maria ~*~

I just stared in shock. My mind was racing. Alex, it's Alex! No, it can't be Alex, he's dead..... But it's Alex!

I want to run and scream and hug and jump him, excited that he's alive, but at the same time pissed as hell. How could he do that to us! Just wait till I get my hands on him! But I love him and I'm go glad he's not dead, I just want to run and give him the biggest hug.

My mouth opens, but all I can manage is to squeak a little. I think my lips must have forgotten how to talk!

I see him staring at me funnily- why is he staring at my funnily? He's looking at me like he doesn't know who I am, like he doesn't know that I'm only his best friend in the whole entire world! Like he didn't buy me pink rollerblades for my 10th birthday. It's Alex!

And now he's smiling at me slighty, like he may have just realized who I am and what I'm going to do to him.

I'm about to jump up to hug him, when Isabel starts sliding down in her chair next to me. It's all I can do to keep her from falling. I sqeal with excitement and with anger (how could he have let us think that?) as I try to hold her up- Alex is alive!

Just then Michael runs in and tells us that we have to leave. Apparently there's a commotion outside- caused by my Stone Wall undoubtedly. Kyle runs in as well and between the two of them, they manage to usher us outside, where Max and Liz are impatiently waiting in the van.

We peal out and I happen to look back. "Uh guys, that blond bimbo is following us."

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Um, if any details are wrong (like Maria being the one to notice Chloe or her 10th birthday present) just tell me and I'll edit. Okay, who's next? I can't wait for the next post!

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posted on 11-Nov-2002 9:10:06 PM by Lizzy Parker
Nice part. I take it Michael said the 'blond bimbo' comment. Hehe, Maria's going to have to tell that to Chloe once they become friends.

I think you got everything right. Nice part!!!!

posted on 11-Nov-2002 9:19:50 PM by Roswell428
Thanks. I had been thinking that Maria had said the blond bimbo comment, but it's much funnier if Michael said it (if that's alright with Michael). Jen, you're right, it would be so great for Maria to tell on Michael to Chloe later. *evil laugh*

And thanks for verifying that- I wasn't sure I had the details right, and I wanted to be accurate to the story.

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posted on 12-Nov-2002 4:25:21 AM by Lana Lane
Loved the new part very much Nicola This RPG is spot on, anymore? Bi.
posted on 12-Nov-2002 1:55:51 PM by Darth Maul 214
Clark POV

“Clark, I don’t have time for your savior complex at the moment.”

Chloe's words sting for a minute. I didn't step in to make her look weak. Hell, she's the strongest person I know. That's part of what I love about her. I just wanted to be there just in case this idiot tries to hurt her.

I watch the guy gather his friends into a beat up Volkswagon van. Chloe has that gleam in her eye, the one where she's about to go on a meteor freak hunt. I grab her arm, to at least feign an attempt to stop her. I see her smile and realize I'm the one who made her smile. “Chlo, where are you going? These people could be dangerous.” and I don't want you to get hurt. I know I can't stop her, but I plan on being her back-up. I won't let anything happen to her, especially now that I admitted to myself what she means to me.

“These people are hiding something,”she responded with another of her glowing smiles. "And I have a feeling it’s of the weird variety.”

I let her break free and run towards her Falcon. I pause a second while she opens her door and starts the engine. She turns back towards Pete, Lex, Lana, and me. I slowly start to walk towards her.

“Hurry up,” she shouted back at me. “The slower you move, the better chance those people have of loosing me.” I increase my speed and climb in the passenger seat. I barely close the door, before Chloe pulls out in pursuit of the van. The hunt is on.

"Clark, I hate to tell you this, but you might have some competition for Lana. The shorter guy, Kyle I think, looked at Lana the way you do."

"I hope their happy together. I'm not in love with Lana. I never really was. I'm in love with someone else. Someone who has always been there for me."

"Don't tell me you're in love with Lex. I never figured you were..."

"I'm not gay, Chloe. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I can assure you that the person I'm in love with is most certainly a girl." I notice a sadness overtake her face. "She's 5'5", has blonde hair, the most amazing green eyes, and is editor of The Torch." I watch as a grin that would make the Chesshire Cat jealous, spreads across her beautiful face.

"I think I need to get a hearing test, Clark. I could have sworn you said, in an indirect way, that you were in love with me."

"I did." With my response, the car swerved quickly, but Chloe recovered.

"Clark, have you been sniffing any formerly extinct sunflowers lately?" I notice that the big guy in the van is giving us the finger.

"Chlo, no I haven't been sniffing the Niccodemus, but I think we've been made." I point to the van.

"Real subtle, Clark. If they haven't noticed us, they did now."

"Chloe, would you come over for dinner tonight? After dinner, I'd like to talk about us in the loft, where we can have some privacy." I'm going to tell her EVERYTHING tonight. I want to be honest with her. No, I need to be honest with her. "I want you to know all my secrets. I don't want to lie to you anymore." I hope that Chloe can accept me, all of me.

"Clark, what's wrong?" I see the concern for me in her eyes and a sadness over the fact that I've lied to her for the last three years. I notice the van pull into the driveway of this run-down house and the 7 occupants of the van enter it. Clark took notice of the address and the plate number, but not the fact that there were two flashes from a camera with a high-powered zoom. One for him and one for Chloe.

"Chloe, it's too late to go to school. How about we go to my house for some coffee? My dad is in the south field all day, so he won't notice we're there and my mom had to travel into Metropolis for some supplies."

"I never did get to get my morning coffee at the Talon, Clark. Coffee sounds great."

Chloe pulls up to the house and we enter. After I start the coffee going, I sit next to Chloe and place her small hand in mine. "Chloe, I'm different."

"Clark, we're all individuals. We're all different."

"Chloe, I'm really different."

"Clark, were you affected by meteor rock?"

"Not in the way your thinking. They make me sick. I'm an alien."

"Clark, is this some kind of sick joke? You tell me that you're in love with me and then tell me you're an alien who's allergic to meteor rock."

"Chloe, I'm serious." I grab her hand and lead her to her Falcon, which I crawl under and proceed to bench press. I watch Chloe's eyes roll up, as she starts to faint. I have her car on the ground and catch her before she falls, thanks to my speed. I lift her into my arms and carry her up to my Fortress and lay her down on the couch. All in all, she took it better than I thought.

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posted on 12-Nov-2002 3:14:01 PM by Lizzy Parker
Hey Darth Maul 214!

I loved the part; it made the Chlarker in me all happy.

Edited to delete what I just wrote. I sort of skimmed through the part in school and didn't realize what was written.'s been a long, depressing day (a junior died over the weekend) and I'm really exhausted.

Can't wait to write a Chloe part! And what are those Roswellians up to?


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posted on 12-Nov-2002 7:17:18 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

Max wiped his brow with the back of his hand!
"Wow guys what was that?" Max asked the rest of the group

Max waited for an answer for only a moment until his attention was drawn away from it. To a person in the back of the van next to isabel

"Alex!" Max said swerving the van off the road before finding its way back.

"Alex what-I- I thought you were dead" max managed

What was going on? The come here to Smallville Alex is suddenly alive again and they are being chased by little blonde chicks!

Sorry its so short, but I don't think Max would be focused on much else than the fact that Alex is sitting in the van with them!


posted on 12-Nov-2002 10:03:10 PM by TabascoChick
Wait is Alex in the van?
posted on 12-Nov-2002 10:05:40 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I thought alex was in the van, because everyone was being chased by chloe
and Isabel had seen you
So I figured...

posted on 12-Nov-2002 10:08:34 PM by Roswell428
Yeah, Alex is in the van... in an earlier part (Chloe, I believe) it was said that Michael and Kyle ushered Maria, Isabel and Alex into the van.

Great parts everybody! This fic, and it's authors, are all so fantastic! *big*

And thanks Lana and Jen. *happy*

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posted on 13-Nov-2002 5:03:44 PM by TabascoChick's ok...I just wanted to make sure before I posted something that had Alex in the wrong place

Alex was ushered quickly into a van.He felt confused.These people seemed to know who he was yet he had only an idea of who Maria and Isabel were.When they were all in the van,one of the guys,with dark brown hair,looked at him in amazement.He tried to remember who the boy was,but couldn't.He had remembered who Isabel and Maria were.Why couldn't he remember everyone else?He felt bad.He looked up at the boy.

"I don't mean to sound like a real idiot...but I....I don't know who you are...I mean...I probably know,but I don't remember,"Alex truthfully said.
posted on 14-Nov-2002 12:10:26 PM by Lana Lane
Darth maul, Britt and Sarah, all the new parts were brilliant and I for one can't wait for that new chloe part Jen please keep them coming. I'm really enjoying them and I'll be posting another kyle soon. Bi.
posted on 14-Nov-2002 1:27:16 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi everyone!

Sugarplum7 checking in. I didn't want you all to think that I had fallen off the face of the Earth or anything.

Sorry that it is taking me so long to post. Things are coming up now that the end of the sem is approaching. I am really procrastinating on one of my assignments, and it is starting to enter the whole "payback" stage. You know . . . the part where you start regretting the whole procrastination.

I am thinking that the next part that I post will be Lana, just because she, Lex, and Pete are just standing out there. I am not sure what they are gonna do. I know that Lex needs to head off to that meeting though.

All the parts are great. This is all starting to come together. I can't wait until the next parts are posted.

posted on 14-Nov-2002 2:57:09 PM by Darth Maul 214

I watch Chloe and Clark leave in pursuit of the van. Noticing the time, I turn to Lana. "Lana, since you've got to get to school, I'll help you close the Talon until you get back. Pete, I know that you really don't like me much, but Lana and I could use the help."

The three of us walk back inside. "I'm sorry, but we have to close until 4:00. My partner has to go to school and the staff called out sick. All we can offer our our sincerest apologies and refunds. Please line up in front of the register and Lana and I will get you your refunds. Pete, please turn off the machines."

Fifteen minutes later, we had all refunds given and were ready to leave. I took my now cold coffee and sat in the limo. Rolling down the window, I asked, "Pete could you please drive Lana to school? I'd take you both, but I've got a lunch meeting with Bruce Wayne in three and a half hours."
posted on 14-Nov-2002 4:59:19 PM by Lana Lane
Loved the new part so much Darth maul, small but perfectly formed. This is really getting interesting now

Sugarplum7 originally wrote:
All the parts are great. This is all starting to come together. I can't wait until the next parts are posted.

ditto to that katie and yes I had thought you'd gone and deserted us and here you are w.h.e.e.e. and I can't wait for the new lana part. Warmest wishes all. Bi.

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Hi Everyone!

I know that it has taken a while for me to post a part, and I wish I was here to post something, but I am just confused about something.

What day of the week of it is it? Do they have school or not? I remember that there was something written about Lana heading off to school, and then Jen posted that it was Saturday. So I edited my part about Lana having school. Then the Talon is getting closed so Lana can get to school. I am too confused about that to post something.

Can we straighten it out? Please? Maybe another rundown?


posted on 17-Nov-2002 10:15:31 PM by Darth Maul 214
I think I was the one that originally mentioned it being a school day. I did that because it didn't seem likely that Bruce Wayne would travel from Gotham to Metropolis for a weekend meeting with Lex.

PS. Jen, I'd like take Clark on permanently. I'm having so much fun writing for him.

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Darth maul asking to take on clark permanently has highlighted my day I can't wait and I love that new signature of yours. Yum me. I got a little confused for a while back there too Katie but I'm a.okay now anxiously waiting for a new part from you Till next time, take care all. Bi.

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Okay, fine, fine, I give in.

I officially declare it a school day!!! Everyone else wants a week day, so it's a week day. I'll edit my post.

Darth Maul, you can have Clark!!! *happy* I love your posts, so there's no problem there. And I love your sig...I think I took that quiz. I forgot what I got though.

Katie, if you have any questions, e-mail or b-mail me and I'll try to help you.

I'm working on a Chloe part. It would have been done this weekend, but first I have to finish my research paper. Darth Maul, mind holding off the next Clark part till I finish Chloe? Thanks, I'd appreciate it.

Here's hoping to more parts soon.

posted on 18-Nov-2002 11:05:36 PM by Sugarplum7
To make it almost a Saturday, and we want a weekday, what about Friday. That way it will be Saturday soon. Sound good?

I think I am okay for now, Jen. But I am going to bmail or email you if I hit a wall.

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Hi guys!!

I've read through the RPG, and it's brilliant! I love the idea of bringing Alex back too *happy* So, after catching up with this, I'm ready to rbing Ava in at anytime, but if someone could tell me a bit about this Pete guy, Ava gets with that would be great!

Jen- Could you e-mail or b-mail me, as soon as you want Ava introduced??!! *big* Thanks
Love Dia
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Dia! Sweetie! Long time no talk! I am so glad that you are joining us. Now I must return to my many papers that need to get written. One down, three to go. LOL!

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Okay... I think this is right....

~*~ Maria ~*~

Right after I noticed that we were being followed, Michael turned around and flicked them off. I just shot him a look. "That's not going to help anything, spaceboy." I laughed inwardly, though.

My internal laughter ceased when Alex spoke. It was all I could do to not cry, when he said that to Max. Oh, my poor Alex, what had he been through? I reached over and gave him a huge hug- almost crushing him in my joy to have him back with us.

Michael pried my arms off of Alex, pointing out that he did need air. I just glared at him.

Alex is alive- I cannot even begin to describe the incredible joy I'm feeling. Now we just need to lose the Woodward and Bernstein wannabes who are following us and everything will be alright- or at least better.

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Is that okay?
posted on 1-Dec-2002 7:59:49 PM by Roswell428
Where is everybody?
posted on 1-Dec-2002 9:58:43 PM by Darth Maul 214
I'll get a Pete part up tomorrow. I can't get a Clark part up until Katie gets her Chloe part up.

Katie, please bmail me. I have some ideas for upcoming Clark and Chloe parts that I'd like to run by you.
posted on 2-Dec-2002 2:58:10 PM by Sugarplum7
Darth Maul 214 originally wrote:
I'll get a Pete part up tomorrow. I can't get a Clark part up until Katie gets her Chloe part up.

Katie, please bmail me. I have some ideas for upcoming Clark and Chloe parts that I'd like to run by you.

Heehee! This is a first. I am usually just confused with Lynn (sugarplum17). Giggles. I don't know why I have so much fun with these things.

I think you mean Jen. She is Chloe.

I have two papers to write and finals in two weeks. I can't promise, but I will TRY super hard to get a Liz or Lana part in.

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Hi all.

Sorry, I've been really busy with school work. I've had to finish my bio research paper and college applications. But now that that's done, I have more time for fun stuff. I'm going to try to finish the Chloe part tonight and post it (Darth Maul- it's me, Jen, who has Chloe, not Katie). But I'll post ASAP. Sorry about the delay.

Katie- well, I think this is the first time we've ever been confused. Strange.

Be back later tonight (or tommorow) with the part.
Again, very sorry about taking so long.

posted on 2-Dec-2002 6:43:26 PM by Lizzy Parker
Promised I'd be back with the part...

***Chloe’s POV***

I pull away from the curb just as Clark closes the door. I hear him mutter a curse (a curse!?!?) and something about how all seatbelts should be buckled before the vehicle starts moving as he hits his head on my car's ceiling. He gives me a slight glare and I shrug as I focus on the van in front of me. Not my fault he's so damn tall, not that I'm complaining or anything. As we follow the van, an awkward silence fills the car. I don't mind the silence, but at the moment, in my own version of a high speed chase, it's just somewhat unnerving. I decide to break the ice with Clark's favorite subject: Lana Lang.

"Clark, I hate to tell you this, but you might have some competition for Lana." Clark shifts in his seat to look at me. I can't read his face at the moment and that really bothers me. "The shorter guy, Kyle I think, looked at Lana the way you usually do."

He stares into space for a few seconds, his eyes somewhat reflective though how I do not know, and I turn back to studying the road. Maybe I shouldn't have brought this up. As much as I love Clark, I really don't feel like another 'but she's my soulmate' discussion with Clark. Damn, Chloe, damn. Big mistake. I quickly glance at him to make sure that he's okay. Still staring...thinking I guess. The light's changed to red. Shit, now they have a chance to get away. I open my mouth to quickly change to a lighter subject, like Ryan starting middle school or something, but he beats me to the punch.

"I hope they're happy together," he pauses and gulps. Okay...I was right about that whole Lana thing hurting him more than he suspected. "I'm not in love with Lana. I never really was - it was a crush based on some fantasty girl I never could really have. I...I think I'm in love with someone else. Someone who has always been there for me."

"Don't tell me you're in love with Lex. I never figured you were...,” I say. He grimaces and I regret the words instantly.

"I'm not gay, Chloe," he says in that patient way of his. "Not that there's anything wrong with that. I can assure you that the person I'm in love with is most certainly a girl."

My face falls. I don't need to look in a rearview mirror to know that. It's hurts. Even though I told him I wanted to be "just really good friends," I still love him. But I guess he didn't realize that. And he'll never know that now.

Clark touches my hand on the steering wheel, and I quickly turn around to face him. "She's five foot five, has blond hair, the most amazing green eyes, and is editor of The Torch."

Wait- do my ears decieve me? Did Clark just say what I think he said? I could have sworn that he just described me. I turn to face him, and his eyes and face smile, that smile he tends to reserve just for Lana. A huge grin makes its way on my face. I swear, I probably look like the Chesshire Cat on dope or something.

"I think I need to get a hearing test, Clark. I could have sworn you said, in an indirect way, that you were in love with me."

"I did."

Oh. Shit. I just swerved the car as a response. Smart, Chloe, smart. "Clark, have you been sniffing any formerly extinct sunflowers lately?"

"Chlo, no I haven't been sniffing the Niccodemus, but I think we've been made."

Dammit. I was so caught in my little Clark fantasy – cause this has to be a fantasy. Clark likes the Lana type, not me – that I completely forgot about being covert. And Clark pointing at them as they watch us is no help. "Real subtle, Clark. If they haven't noticed us, they did now."

He laughs it away and I glare. Doesn’t he ever realize that I take this investigative stuff seriously? I focus my attention back to the van, only to have Clark completely interrupt again.

"Chloe, would you come over for dinner tonight? After dinner, I'd like to talk about us in the loft, where we can have some privacy."

Somebody wake me up now. Did Clark just ask me for dinner? "I want you to know all my secrets. I don't want to lie to you anymore." Huh?

"Clark, what's wrong?" I look at him in concern as we pull up by a run-down house. They had stopped moving and were now helping the tall, lanky kid into the house. So this is where they’re hiding out. I watch the house for a short while, and then turn back to Clark. What secrets could he have? This guy is the most honest guy I know. Well, whatever he has to tell me, it better explain why he’s always running off on me. Clark can be so oblivious, to think I haven’t noticed.

I see Clark jot down the licsence plate number of the van, and where it came from. I take out my digital camera and snap a few images of the van and the house. That Michael guy appears in the window, and I quickly capture him on disk. Then I turn to Clark. He places his hand on top of mine and smiles again. My heart flutters at the action.

"Chloe, it's too late to go to school. How about we go to my house for some coffee?” he suggests. Kent suggesting we cut? Well, it is a Friday, and it’s not like I have anything important to do, aside from finish the latest edition of the Torch. He continues. “My dad is in the south field all day, so he won't notice we're there and my mom had to travel into Metropolis for some supplies."

"I never did get to get my morning coffee at the Talon, Clark,” I say softly. I look up at him, feeling oddly shy. “Coffee sounds great."

The drive to Clark’s house is a comfortable silence. Clark’s busy thinking about whatever it is he plans to tell me, while I can’t stop thinking about Clark’s previous declaration, and these strange newcomers to Smallville. Then again, if something’s considered strange, it’s probably normal in this leafy little hamlet.

We enter the Kent house. I sit down at the kitchen table as Clark starts the coffee. Once the pot is brewing, he comes and sits next to me, taking my hand in his. He looks at me in a dead seriousness. Gone is the previous giddiness from his realization earlier.

“Chloe I’m different.”

I shrug it off. “Clark, we’re all individuals. We’re all different.”

He shakes his head. "Chloe, I'm really different."

Okay. This never came with the best-friend turned possible love interest manual. Oh. He doesn’t mean… He couldn’t. It would explain a lot, but… Clark, one of Smallville’s many meteor freaks? I take a chance and ask: "Clark, were you affected by meteor rock?"

"Not in the way your thinking. They…they make me sick.” And they make everyone else psycho, I think. “I'm an alien."

First he’s in love with me, and now he’s an alien? He better not be joking. "Clark, is this some kind of sick joke? You tell me that you're in love with me and then tell me you're an alien who's allergic to meteor rock?"

I stand up and look at him, paranoid. He gulps and looks somewhat nervous, or hurt.

"Chloe, I'm serious," he protests. He stands up and grabs my hand, pulling me outside. We stop in front of the Falcon. Clark then lets go of my hand, and crawls under the car. He lies on his back and then starts to…oh f*ck, he’s bench pressing my freakin’ car. This has gone past Wall of Weird material. He’s…he’s really an alien… This is really hard to grasp. I fell in love with an alien? My best friend is an alien?


The next thing I know, I’m lying on Clark’s beat up couch in the loft. He’s sitting by the window, watching me. He looks very concerned. And then, all the events of the day come rushing back to me. I try to sit up, but I’m very freaked from fainting. I don’t ever faint. And I certainly wouldn’t faint over something like this; I must be getting sick. I hear a bit of a woosh, and there’s Clark, all of the sudden by the couch, helping me sit up. He sits next to me, and rearranges my body so that I’m leaning against his chest.

“So, I guess we do have a lot to talk about, huh?” I say softly. I can feel Clark nod and he mummers a yeah. “Is this what you and Pete have been hiding from me? And does that mean that the spaceship Pete found belongs to you? And is this the reason you’ve been able to save so many of us so many times? And where do you come…”

“Whoa, Chloe, one at a time.” He chuckles and I can feel his chest vibrate. I sort of like being this close to him. “Why am I not surprised that telling you this secret means more questions to try to answer than when Pete found out.”

Aha! I knew they were hiding something from me. “So, you’re not angry or scared,” Clark asks me timidly.

I angle around to face him. “Clark, it’s you. I might be a bit hurt that you and Pete have been hiding this from me, but there is no way that I can ever be scared of you.” I punch him lightly on the arm. “Don’t forget that, farmboy.”

***End Chloe’s POV***

NOTE: I'm cutting the Smallville episodes here. The last episode that applies to this story is "Lineage" (the one where the woman comes claiming to be Clark's mother). No other episode after that will apply, unless we decide to include it -as a group. So when I mention Ryan here, he's alive and well, living with his aunt as we left him S1, okay?

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I smile alittle as Maria hugs me."Maria,"I say,quietly.I look at all of them.Only two I know.Isabel and Maria."Uh..I don't mean to sound stupid,but...could maybe everyone introduce themselves.I don't really remember alot of people here,"I try to say as I avoid everyone's glances.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 2:41:02 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Lizzy parker:

I feel the same way I have been so busy lately!
I am going to read up on some part I have missed and post a Max part later on!
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just bumping to keep this fic on the front board. hopefully, everyone else will get back soon.
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Clark POV

For the past ten minutes, I've watched Chloe from a chair near the window. I'm a bit surprised that she fainted. At least she didn't run away screaming; not that I ever thought she would. I can't help but think that by telling her the truth, I've put her in even more danger than she usually is. I notice that she's starting to wake up. I can't help but compare her to an angel as she locks eyes with me.

She's trying to sit up. I'm there next to her in a flash, helping her to sit up. I sit next to her and rest her against my chest. I can't help feeling how right this feels.

“So, I guess we do have a lot to talk about, huh?” Chloe asks. I nod and murmur an affirmative.

“Is this what you and Pete have been hiding from me? And does that mean that the spaceship Pete found belongs to you? And is this the reason you’ve been able to save so many of us so many times? And where do you come…” As she's running through all those questions, she looks like a kid on Christmas day about to open all their gifts. She's truly in her element.

“Whoa, Chloe, one at a time.” I can't help but chuckle at her enthusiasm. Her curiosity, as often as it gets her into dangerous situations, is one of the many things I love about her. “Why am I not surprised that telling you this secret means more questions to try to answer than when Pete found out.” I notice a gleam in her eyes. “So, you’re not angry or scared.” I can't help the tinge of fear in my voice; my whole world rests on her answer.

She turns to face me. “Clark, it’s you. I might be a bit hurt that you and Pete have been hiding this from me, but there is no way that I can ever be scared of you.” She then playfully punched my arm and told me, “Don’t forget that, farmboy.”

"I won't." I notice the awkward position we are in and lift my angel onto my lap, her head nestled under my chin.

"Clark, not that I'm not enjoying it, but I feel like a ventriloquist dummy. All that's missing is your hand up my blouse." My mind wraps around that visual. "That can be aranged." I work my one hand under the hem of her blouse and trace lazy patterns on my love's lower back. Hearing her put up no protest, but instead sighing I decide to abandon my teasing and turn my Angel so that she's stradlling my lap. I wrap one arm around her waist and do the one thing I've wanted to do for over an hour; I capture Chloe's lips with my own. She and I have kissed twice and nearly a third time before today. I wanted to be the initiator for a change. We break apart to breathe and I murmur into her neck, "I love you, Chloe Sullivan."

"Clark Kent, I have always loved you." I can't help but feel light as a feather at her words. Slowly we start to float off the couch. I don't notice anything until I hear my father's voice.

"Shouldn't you two be in school." I notice my dad's face go white and look down; the couch is two feet below Chloe and me. We fall on the couch, luckily not damaging it or Chloe.

"Dad, there's no need to worry. I told Chloe the truth about me. I'm in love with her."

"You what! Down the stairs, you two are sitting at opposite ends of the table and we're going to have a discussion."
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Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't been around for awhile- my grandmother died unexpectedly and it was quite a shock. Needless to say, I haven't been able to get on for awhile. I haven't had a chance to catch up on any of my fics or the RPGs I'm in yet, but I'm going to try to be on tonight (11/24) to do that.

I'm just posting this to let everyone know why I disappeared. I'm going to get on tonight (after I get off work) and catch up with everything, so I hope to see you all then.

I'll be posting this in all my fics and the RPGs I'm in. See you all later.

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bumping up to make it easier to find when I post my Jonathon part later.
posted on 4-Jan-2003 6:58:39 PM by Lizzy Parker
Darth Maul-

I'm going to post a Chloe part to go with your previous part later, but I'll wait till after the Jonathan part. Can't wait...that should be very interesting.


Where are you all?


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Jonathon POV

I hate that damned tractor. I was supposed to work in the south field today, but the hunk of junk broke down as soon as I got it there. I have to leave it there until Clark gets home so he can tow it back, since Martha has the truck for a supply run to Metropolis.

As I approach the house, I notice Chloe's car. My mind races through the possibilities of why it's here on a school day: Did something happen to Clark? or Pete? or god forbid for her, Gabe?

I walk in the kitchen door and notice that there's a full pot of coffee made and two mugs on the table, but no sign of my son or his friend.

The thought occurs to me to check the barn. I climb the stairs as quietly as possible. As I reach the top of the stairs, I can't believe what I'm seeing.

Chloe is stradling my son's lap and they're kissing not at all like best friends. They break apart and I hear Clark murmur into her neck, "I love you, Chloe Sullivan." When did that happen?

I hear her respond "Clark Kent, I have always loved you." I'm not as surprised with her revelation. Chloe has spent enough time here for me to be able to read her pretty well.

The two of them start to float. I'm just about panicing. Chloe is going to notice any second. I've got to do something.

Damn the torpedos! "Shouldn't you two be in school?" At this point they're two feet above the couch and rising. My words startle Clark, and they fall back on the couch with no casualties.

"Dad, there's no need to worry. I told Chloe the truth about me. I'm in love with her." I must be mistaken, did my son just tell me he told Smallville's junior Kolcheck(sp) the truth.

"You what! Down the stairs, you two are sitting at opposite ends of the table and we're going to have a discussion." I stand to the side and let them climb down the stairs. I follow right behind them, so they don't make a run for it.

We make our way to the kitchen and pour ourselves some coffee. They sit directly across from each other, hands clasped together in between them, so that there's as little distance between them as possible. "Clark, your mom and I have told you time and time again that you need to keep your abilities a secret! You might as well tell the whole damned world! Of all the people you could tell, you tell the one that's a reporter. What the hell were you thinking! Chloe, I want to trust you, but the only way I can is if you give up journalism." I can't let what happened with Nixon happen again. I won't.

Chloe was about to answer, but Clark almost roared at me, "No, Dad. I will not let her give up her dreams for me. So, Chloe is a journalist. I plan on being one, too. Does that mean I'm not to be trusted with my own secret? Comparing Chloe to Roger Nixon is like comparing Ghandi to Hitler. It should be enough that I trust Chloe." I'm stunned. When did Clark grow up?

"Chloe, I know I have taken you for granted alot in the past. I'm sorry. I couldn't let you give up journalism. Your passion for journalism is one of the things I love about you. If I let you give it up, you'd lose a huge part of who you are. You might one day resent me for it. I couldn't bear that. You are the most important person in my life outside of my parents. You are one of the few constants in my life. I love you." I watch my son lift his girlfriend's hand to his lips, where he places a gentle kiss. I feel like a complete idiot. I know Chloe would never put Clark at risk, intentionally.

"Mr. Kent, I will keep Clark's secret until the day I die, which I hope will be many years from now. I've been in love with Clark for over two and a half years. I have my own secret, which ties into why I investigate all the weirdness in Smallville. My dad's mom was abducted by aliens in 1946. The only person she ever told the truth was me, when I was twelve."

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I AM SO SORRY!!!!! I am so incredibly sorry that I have been gone for so long- everything has gone wrong over the holidays- first my grandmother died and then right after that my computer broke (the monitor fell and cracked open) and it is now finally back in working order (thank God!). I have been so computer deprived these past couple of weeks (because I had no way of getting on), it is not even believeable! As a result of all of the commotion, I have fallen SO behind in all of my stories and the RPGs I'm in, not to mention all of my emails and bmails and stuff for other sites, so it is going to take me a while to catch up.

I am posting this in all of the RPGs I'm in (that I HOPE I'm still in) just to let everyone know what happened to me. Once again- I am SO sorry- please forgive my long absence. Thank you all for being so patient with me.

Let me just tell you how glad I am to be back up at school, and that the break is finally over!

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I almost forgot this RPG existed! It hasn't been on the first page in forever!
Well I am going to read catch up and see where in the world my character is!