posted on 15-Oct-2002 8:23:31 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Hello all!
This is Britt or Lizzie_parker17. I am one of the moderators for this forum. I love RPGing and I hate to make rules for it, but I and the other 2 mods think it is a good idea.

Unfortuately RPG is a group game and when someone doesn't do they're part the rest of us get held back.
I realize people have a life. I do as well, but if you aern't going to have enough time to play your characters then don't sign up.

Now on with the Rules

1. Do not start an RPG if you cannot be there to choose characters and post for your character.

2. Do not sign up for a character if you cannot post for it. It holds up the rest of the cast.

3. If you do not want to play your character any longer please tell the person in charge of the RPG.

4. PLease try to post for your character at least three times a week.

5. Please stick to the plot assigned.

6. Please do not post for any one else's character. without they're permission or the permission of the person in charge of the RPG.

I will be enforcing these rules from now on.

*To people in charge of RPGs*

PLease B-mail me and tell me if you have people in your RPGs that are not following these rules, or if you have a member who is not posting. I will deal with it.
Or if the person in charge of the RPGs isn't posting, then Members do the same thing.
If you choose not to B-mail then my email is Brittanyh60⊕

Once again I am sorry for having to resort to this, but it needed to be done!

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posted on 17-Oct-2002 9:16:40 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi Everyone!

I am the newest mod to this forum, and I just want to let you know that basically ditto everything that Britt said up above, so I don't find the need to just quote the entire post.

If you need to get in touch with me feel free to bmail or email. I am pretty good at replying.

The main point to be here is to have fun, so go ahead! Let's have fun playing these characters we know and love!


posted on 18-Oct-2002 12:07:07 PM by FehrBehr
Hi All,

Just thought I'd introduce myself too. I'm Jen another of the mods on the RPG forum. If you have any questions or problems feel free to email (sinn2⊕ or bmail me.

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I am just bumping this to keep it in view.
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Its a magnet, so it should always be in view!
But thanks a bunch Sugarplum!
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Hi Britt!

This is a magnet so it is always stuck to the first thread of the forum. After five days (because of the present board settings) anything that hasn't been posted on in five days isn't shown.

posted on 27-Oct-2002 10:01:02 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Yeah thats right!
Thanks for the refresher katie!
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posted on 18-Nov-2002 3:00:30 AM by scifidreamer

I'm new to this whole rpg thing and was just curious is there is an etiquette one should addhere to? like, can you only post once, and then must wait for the people you are directly interacting with to respond? or can you just keep posting if no one else is, until someone else does? well thanks for reading this, and any assistance you can offer.

posted on 18-Nov-2002 3:32:17 PM by Sugarplum7

I think that we are probably a little on le lax side of things, when compared to other RPG places.

It pretty much depends on the person who started the RPG. I guess that this person is considered the captain of everything. It woul be best to ask them how they prefer it.

These rules were established to help them out. There is usually some sort of plotline that you should stick to, this will keep the RPG moving in the direction it should be going in.

Posting~ This is something that depends on the "captain". It all ranges on their preferrence.

I hope this was of some help.


posted on 18-Nov-2002 6:25:36 PM by scifidreamer

very much so. thank you for your help. *happy*

posted on 18-Nov-2002 10:25:07 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
if you have any more questions just bmail me! I would love to help as well!
posted on 18-Nov-2002 10:31:43 PM by Sugarplum7
Lizzie_Parker17 originally wrote:
if you have any more questions just bmail me! I would love to help as well!

Ditto. I am always available bmail, email, and if you catch one of the rare times I'm on any messenger.

Hugs and Happy RPGing!

posted on 18-Nov-2002 10:38:03 PM by scifidreamer

wow you guys are so nice. that's freakin' great. man this seems like a kick ass community.

posted on 21-Nov-2002 4:13:30 PM by Sugarplum7
Well . . . thanks. Remember, Britt and I are only a bmail away.

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Boy! Have I fallen behind on the bumping of this thread.

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yeah we both have!
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Thanks for putting these on here!! It helps!!
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your welcome
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