posted on 16-Oct-2002 10:51:31 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
OK! Well I tried this one time! Lots of people signed up, but no one posted! So lets try it again!
Alright people lets take a lookie at the new rules!

Rules and Regulations

Ok so I really want to do this so I hope I can find enough people who are intrested.

Here is the plot.
This is after Buffy and Alex died. Both gangs are completely upset by the deaths of their friends. Tess has supposedly gone to ANtar, but if someone wants to be her we can bring her in. Xander and Liz are cousins and he Liz Maria and Alex were childhood friends. They don't know the pod squad yet. Willow is completely desolate about buffy, and is studying magic a lot to bring her back. They finally find away and Xander and a few of the group come up to Roswell to ask for assistance in bringing back Buffy they agree but only if they bring back Alex as well!
I want this to be CC only really!
M/L B/A A/I M/M etc. You can either put Xander with Cordy Willow or Anya!
OK here is who know each other!
Liz knows all the scooby gang. Alex MAria and Maria know Xander. Xander is Liz's cousin. Got it!

Ok here is the list of Characters

Liz~ Lizzie_Parker17
Max~ TabascoChick
Michael~ LuvRug
Isabel~ LizParkerEvans4evax
Alex~ Krazykitti
Kyle~ Krazykitti(TEMP)

Buffy~ SugarPlum7
Xander~ TabascoChick
Angel~ Lizzie_Parker17(TEMP)
Cordy~ moonbeam4747
Willow~ Roswell428
Spike~ LuvRug(TEMP)
Drusilla~ Lizzie_Parker17(TEMP)
Oz~ Roswell428(TEMP)
Dawn~ Elizabeth Evans

And we can think of a big bad together! Although I am hoping it will be Drusilla and Darla

OK here is the thing! PLease don't sign up if your never going to post! I know you have a life I have one too, but please try to post at LEAST once a week! If your not going to be able to post let me know! I will fill in for you!

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posted on 16-Oct-2002 11:11:11 PM by Krazykitti
Alex please?! *big*

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posted on 16-Oct-2002 11:33:18 PM by kristalynn

I have never done one of these before, so if you don't mind a newcomer, I would love to try and play Maria.

Let me know.

posted on 17-Oct-2002 3:33:58 AM by Sugarplum7
Hey there Britt!

I saw this when it like was the old thread, and now that it is the new one all restarted I am so happy! I really wanted to do this! Would you mind? Could I be Buffy?

This sounds like so much fun.


posted on 17-Oct-2002 3:33:41 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Absolutely all of you
posted on 17-Oct-2002 4:53:28 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
posted on 18-Oct-2002 7:00:53 AM by LuvRug
I have returned!!!!!!!!!Michael????
posted on 19-Oct-2002 4:09:07 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
sure you guys!
posted on 19-Oct-2002 7:00:18 PM by LuvRug
groovy sorry went from mad to hyper Kat you are I just tried sunkist it be good....sorry.
posted on 21-Oct-2002 8:44:41 PM by TabascoChick
Maxie and Xander?
posted on 21-Oct-2002 9:39:00 PM by LuvRug
Hi Sarah,Hi KrazyKitti,Hi SurgerPlum7,and Hello

posted on 21-Oct-2002 9:40:16 PM by LuvRug
kristalynn and Hi Britt!
posted on 22-Oct-2002 6:35:01 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
There yours TabascoChick!!
And Hello LuvRug!
We just need some Buffy characters and Kyle and we can get started!
posted on 22-Oct-2002 8:36:36 PM by Krazykitti
I'll temp for Kyle *happy*
posted on 22-Oct-2002 8:38:11 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
okay! Thanks!
Anyone else wantto temp?
posted on 22-Oct-2002 8:41:08 PM by LuvRug
I'll Temp for Spike.

posted on 22-Oct-2002 11:17:11 PM by kristalynn
Hi LuvRug and everyone else.

I'll temp for whoever, although I have to admit I am not a regular Buffy watcher!!!

So, I don't know if that will be a good idea, but I hope more people come because I am very excited to start!!!!!
posted on 23-Oct-2002 5:22:29 PM by LuvRug
*big*I'll Temp!*big*

posted on 23-Oct-2002 9:30:26 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Ok I am temping for Cordy!
LuvRug I have you temping for spike
kristalynn I put you down for Giles! Hes very stuffy and British! I know you can handle him!

Now we just need Angel Willow and Drusilla
Wanna temp anyone else?
posted on 23-Oct-2002 11:46:17 PM by kristalynn
Cool. Giles it is...or Giles I am, whatever...don't mind me. Long day at work...Cant wait to start.
posted on 29-Oct-2002 10:02:46 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
me either!
A few more buffy characters and we are good!
posted on 31-Oct-2002 8:26:40 PM by Krazykitti
Yay! Hopefully more ppl will join soon. Just here to check in. *happy*
posted on 1-Nov-2002 5:52:53 PM by Roswell428
Well I've never done this before, and if you don't mind a newcomer, I'd love to write for Willow! Just let me know.
posted on 2-Nov-2002 1:57:29 AM by Roswell428
Looking at this again, I realize that nobody has claimed Tara (or is she not going to be in this story...). Anyway, if no one else wants her/them I'd be happy to write for Willow and Tara (or would you prefer Oz?) I thought Tara might fit in more, as this story looks like it is going to be set at the end of Btvs S5. Anyway, just let me know your decision. Thanks!
posted on 2-Nov-2002 11:04:15 AM by LuvRug
*cough* cough*My vote is for Oz*cough* cough*
Or what ever you guys wnat..
posted on 2-Nov-2002 4:40:36 PM by ClarkKent21
Hey Can I be Angel thanks Christian*angel*
posted on 2-Nov-2002 6:02:26 PM by Sugarplum7
LuvRug originally wrote:
*cough* cough*My vote is for Oz*cough* cough*

I second that. *big* But if Tara is wanted more that is fine with me.

posted on 2-Nov-2002 8:39:48 PM by TabascoChick
I would also prefer Oz....I LOVED Oz...::cries since he's gone:: But I guess Tara is....ok...
posted on 2-Nov-2002 8:41:04 PM by LuvRug
Same here *cough*oz*
posted on 2-Nov-2002 8:42:26 PM by LuvRug
yeah what Sarah said I LOVE OZ!!!Tara is cool
posted on 2-Nov-2002 9:18:48 PM by Roswell428
hey, as long as I get to write Willow (?) I don't care whether it's Oz or Tara with her-- whatever you guys want.
posted on 2-Nov-2002 9:45:42 PM by LuvRug
Britt will you let the girl write willow?Come on she is cool...
posted on 2-Nov-2002 11:04:34 PM by Roswell428
Hey, thanks LuvRug! *angel*
posted on 2-Nov-2002 11:10:17 PM by LuvRug
No Problem
posted on 2-Nov-2002 11:31:22 PM by Krazykitti
I don't care which you do....but my vote goes more towards Tara.... *big*

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posted on 3-Nov-2002 1:05:03 AM by Lizzie_Parker17
Roswell428 Willow is yours.
I am sorry but I hate Tara so much. Her and dawn are the worst, so if you don't mind I want willow with anyone else but tara.

ClarkKent21 Angel is all yours!

We need a drusilla and we can start any volunteers?
If not I will temp her!
posted on 3-Nov-2002 2:24:46 AM by Roswell428
Thanks. I'm happy to write Willow. And I'll write Oz too (if that's okay). It seems that most people prefer Oz to Tara on the whole, and as I really don't care either way, I'll stick with him. Oh, and I've never been much of a Dawn fan either. So thanks, and I can't wait to start the story.

posted on 3-Nov-2002 2:32:50 AM by Roswell428
I'd like to write Oz too, but he's not needed if you'd rather have Willow with Xander?????? Oz or Xander???? It's entirely up to you guys. I'm just happy to write Willow.

posted on 3-Nov-2002 5:28:30 AM by Sugarplum7
Lizzie_Parker17 originally wrote:
We need a drusilla and we can start any volunteers?

Hey Britt,

I would take her, but she would soon become a mute simply because I could not write her. LOL! She would like sit there and do nothing. She is complex to say the least, and her "craziness" makes it hard to . . . get in her mind. If you temp for her I applaud you.

Heck. I applaud anyone who could believably write Dru. Heehee!

posted on 3-Nov-2002 8:00:37 AM by LuvRug
I HATE DAWN!!!!!sorry
posted on 3-Nov-2002 12:19:15 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Roswell428 Oz is yours too!
I would prefer Oz and Willow together they were always so cute! You can put Xander with whoever you want, but I do want mostly CC couples but Xander has been around the block! I do think a Xander Cordy relationship would be a riot!

And I will temp Drusilla!
I am not sure if I can do her acurately but I am goiing to do my very best!

We can start soon!
I will send out B-Mails!

posted on 3-Nov-2002 1:25:36 PM by Roswell428
Hey thanks! And I agree- I would rather see Willow and Oz together (but I wanted to leave it up to the board). I'm sure you'll do a great Drusilla and I can't wait to start! *big*
posted on 3-Nov-2002 7:14:47 PM by Sugarplum7
Lizzie_Parker17 originally wrote:
I would prefer Oz and Willow together they were always so cute! You can put Xander with whoever you want, but I do want mostly CC couples but Xander has been around the block! I do think a Xander Cordy relationship would be a riot!

And I will temp Drusilla!
I am not sure if I can do her acurately but I am goiing to do my very best!

We can start soon!
I will send out B-Mails!

I love Will with Oz! They were just so cute. I think my fave moment with those two had to be "Halloween" and the line, "Who is that girl?" ::giggles::

Xander and Cordy were great together. I liked him with her more than anyone else, and just the fact that this is not going to be Angel/Cordy makes me ecstatic. Something about those two together gives ME the wiggins.

I am sure that you will be a great Dru, Britt. Better than me, that is for sure. Like I said, if I was her she'd be mute. LOL! And this is going to be Spike/Dru right? I loved them together. He was so evil. I love evil Spike!

I am so excited about this starting. If you need any help bmailing people let me know.

posted on 4-Nov-2002 2:48:20 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Thanks Sugarplum!
But I will send them out tonight!
Feel free to post whenever you want to! But BUffy and Alex! REmember you are dead!
So if you wanna temp for someone until you wake up!⊕ Tell me and I will do that!
posted on 4-Nov-2002 3:14:17 PM by Sugarplum7
Lizzie_Parker17 originally wrote:
Thanks Sugarplum!
But I will send them out tonight!
Feel free to post whenever you want to! But BUffy and Alex! REmember you are dead!

Hi Britt!

I had a question about that. I know that Buffy is dead, but what if she is like in some other dimension or something. I was just wondering on how she is going to come back and where is she. Maybe a hell dimension where time doesn't pass faster? Some sort of limbo? Or did you want to go with the whole "they ripped her out of heaven" thing?


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posted on 4-Nov-2002 3:19:48 PM by Sugarplum7
I jut noticed that there is no Dawn. Not that I mind, I don't really care for her character, but don't you think that we need her since she is basically the reason as to why Buffy died?

posted on 4-Nov-2002 3:40:06 PM by LuvRug
The ripped out of heaven is to depressing
posted on 4-Nov-2002 7:37:56 PM by Elizabeth Evans
This storyline is great! Just a thought on the Buffy getting ripped out of heaven could be done in a really non-depressing way, like how it was with Cordy. Cordy was so bored she couldn't wait for her friends to bring her back. That could work well with Buffy for this story, minus the amnesia, of course *happy*. If it's done the other way it would mean having Buffy suffer torment in some horrible hell dimension until people can rescue her. Anyway, just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

Btw, I'd volunteer to play Dawn if you guys decide you need her *happy* I promise not to make her annoying (I.e., none of the klepto stuff or whining. She'll be tough and independent like her sister, and it'd be really fun to have her be called as the next Slayer)

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posted on 4-Nov-2002 7:41:23 PM by Sugarplum7

I haven't watchd Angel in a long while because well, I lost interest in it, like what is happening with Buffy. I have been watching Alias now that Angel is on at 9 on Sundays. I just have one question: Cordy died?

posted on 4-Nov-2002 7:43:02 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Hi, Katie! *happy*

Cordy didn't die. In last seson's finale she became a "higher being" and ascended into a place like heaven. But she was so bored there and really wanted her friends to bring her back.


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posted on 4-Nov-2002 8:23:48 PM by LuvRug
Dawn not annoying can It be done?!
I think it would be cool to have a not annoying Dawn
BRITT!!! the girl not gonna make Dawn annoying!!!
I want a Dawn now!!!!!!

posted on 4-Nov-2002 8:42:13 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thanks for the vote of confidence, LuvRug. *happy*. It would be such a blast to play Dawn, especially if you guys like the idea about Dawn being called to be the next slayer after Buffy died. Can we have Will and Oz living at the house acting as her guardians the way Will and Tara did in the show?
posted on 4-Nov-2002 8:57:11 PM by Roswell428
Just opening my big mouth......

Dawn is definitely NOT one of my favorite characters, but I'm up for seeing a non-annoying, non-klepto Dawn. It would be very refreshing to see and hey, I might actually be able to like her in this fic if she is portrayed that way. If we have her, I'd love to have Willow and Oz (my cute couple!) be her guardians at the house. Hey, Willow could teach her a little about magic.... which would come in handy as having someone for a bcak up for her/ having help for her spells.... which Buffy (if Buffy so chooses) could then freak about when she comes back to life. I know, I know, I'm babbling... but suddenly, I'm just overrun with ideas (which may or may not be good ones ?!?) and I just have to put them down. If we do end up having a non-annoying (for once!) Dawn- tell me what you guys think about my random babblings.....


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posted on 4-Nov-2002 8:59:52 PM by LuvRug
You are a so awsome!!!!!!
Britt you gotta let this Chica in!!!!!
BRITT!!!!! THis girl rules!!!!
Come on!!!
posted on 4-Nov-2002 9:02:40 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Dawn learning magic from Willow...I love it! Being a slayer and having magical skills could really make her a powerful asset to the scoobies *happy*. And you are so totally right about Buffy..she would totally freak out that Dawn is doing and learning all these things, nevermind the fact that she herself was doing them at Dawn's age!

*blushes* Thanks *happy*. I hope Britt lets me join in. I am really getting psyched for his role play!

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posted on 4-Nov-2002 9:02:44 PM by LuvRug
You think on you guys have get ideas!!!
Hail the newbies!!!!
Sorry no offence..
Not that all the other people in this roleplay don't rock!!!
Come on guys we're Ideaing here!!

Spike will hopefully not be in love with buffy right???
Please I can't handle that again!
posted on 4-Nov-2002 9:17:16 PM by Roswell428
Hey thanks LuvRug! *big* And no offence taken! *wink*

Willow and Oz are a couple... I've heard things about a Xander Cordy fling... About Spike and Buffy... Angel is in this fic right?... maybe he's here for a reason... besides, if you don't want Spike to love Buffy, you're writing Spike right?...

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posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:03:12 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Hi Britt!

I had a question about that. I know that Buffy is dead, but what if she is like in some other dimension or something. I was just wondering on how she is going to come back and where is she. Maybe a hell dimension where time doesn't pass faster? Some sort of limbo? Or did you want to go with the whole "they ripped her out of heaven" thing?


Katie! That is completely up to you! I want you to make Buffy yours!

The same for Alex! He and Buffy could even meet up while they are in the other dimension!

OK! here is my view on Dawn! I HATE her more than anything in the entire world! She is the most anoying character ever invented! Tara is a close second notice how Tara is not in this either! I have thought of the exact same thing you all have! I realize that Dawn should be in this! And so if I allow Dawn to be in this I beg you to not make her the annoying person she is in the show. She could feel really bad because her sister is dead. So I will allow Dawn! If she is not annoying!
So Elizabeth Evans Dawn is all yours!

OK now lets get a few things clear! I really hate anything UC! I want Max/Liz Michael/Maria Buffy/Angel Willow/Oz and I would prefer if it were Xander/Cordy and Alex/Isabel
I like CC.
I just cannot stand UC!

OK so I will send out the b-mails tonight!
posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:07:22 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thank you, Britt!*bounce* *hugs* I do promise not to make Dawn annoying. She'll be strong, mature, and deeply sad about the losses of both her mother and sister in such a short time span, but she'll have grown up fast and come to terms with who she is and why she's here. What do you think about the other ideas for her, like being the new slayer and learning magic from Willow?
posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:16:17 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

Liz and Xander are cousins
THe pod squad and the scooby gang do not know each other other than Xander and Liz.
Xander knows Maria and Alex and Liz knows or at least about most of the scooby gang.


posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:17:25 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Elizabeth Evans originally wrote:
Thank you, Britt!*bounce* *hugs* I do promise not to make Dawn annoying. She'll be strong, mature, and deeply sad about the losses of both her mother and sister in such a short time span, but she'll have grown up fast and come to terms with who she is and why she's here. What do you think about the other ideas for her, like being the new slayer and learning magic from Willow?

magic from Willow I like new slayer I do not!
posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:22:33 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

Liz finished wipping off the counter of The Crashdown. It had been a few days now since Tess had blasted off into space.

She and Max still hadn't really talked, but she was sure it would have to happen sooner or later.

In a lot of ways she was glad they hadn't talked. She had so much to deal with.

Tess killed Alex.

She had been right.

The bell over the door jingled and Liz looked up.
She gasped and her eyes popped open

posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:25:12 PM by Elizabeth Evans
You don't like the idea of Dawn as the new slayer? *sad*. It creates lots of great possibilities. Oh, well...I'll find some outlet to do that idea at some point. I'm surprised the show never dealt with the fact that a new slayer would have been called after Buffy's death.
posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:37:01 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
OOC: The reason why that never happened was because Buffy had died previously. And Faith was called so in order for an activation of a new slayer Faith would have to die, becuase technically Buffy shouldn't be here!

I do not like the idea of Dawn as a new slayer. How completely unlikely is that! In all the world it would be Buffys sister! Also like I said.
I am sorry but I really hate Dawn. I can't help it!
So I like the idea of her becoming a witch but not a slayer!

posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:49:51 PM by Elizabeth Evans
(Strong genes ;) Anyway, you do have a point. Sorry you hate Dawn, but hopefully you won't hate her in this fic. Here goes...Ok, since this fic would be happening in May or early June just after Tess left, and the Scoobies kept Dawn in the dark about their idea to bring back Buffy, I figured in this fic, Dawn would be in school and still out of the loop as far as the plan is concerned)


After school, Dawn headed over to the Magic Shop as usual to do her homework and study magic. "Hey, Giles," she greeted as she entered the shop.

Willow had begun teaching her about Wicca, channeling energy, and doing spells, and Dawn was discovering that she had a talent for it. As the key, a being once made of pure energy, she must have some sort of affinity for directing energy into spells to make things happen. She'd even helped out in a few of Willow's spells, all of which had worked with astonishing success. The excitement of it all gave Dawn something to live the weeks after losing both her mom and Buffy in such a short time span, she'd felt like everything had been taken from her. She'd almost lost the will to live. But now, magic and the support of the Scooby gang had given her new purpose. Sunnydale was rapidly becoming an even more dangerous place with Buffy gone, and Dawn wanted to in some sense take her sister's place fighting the evil that threatened Sunnydale again. So once her homework was finished, she found one of Giles' serious books on magic and perused it, searching for information to further her magical studies....

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posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:52:01 PM by Roswell428
But not all witches are bad right? Willow's a witch and she's cool.... By the way, good first part *big*
posted on 4-Nov-2002 10:55:57 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Very true...witches aren't bad, and Willow and Dawn are good witches *happy* By the way, what do people think about bringing Kit and Carlos into the story (I could occasionally just write scenes with them at school or at the Bronze or something)? Maybe the three of them met at the other high school, or maybe Sunnydale High was renovated and reopened earlier than in the would provide more of a glimpse into Dawn's life outside the Scoobies and would offer a parallel to Buffy's life (the new generation of Scoobies: Dawn, Kit, and Carlos, as a parallel to Buffy, Will, and Xander). Very differernt personallities, of course, but you get the idea *happy*

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posted on 4-Nov-2002 11:39:18 PM by Roswell428
yes, we are good witches! *wink* interesting idea.....
posted on 4-Nov-2002 11:42:54 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thanks *happy* I'm curious to see what Willow is going to do..will she be one of the Scoobies who goes with Xander to Roswell, or will she stay in Sunnydale with Dawn?
posted on 4-Nov-2002 11:56:09 PM by Roswell428
Okay, I'm wondering if Xander is in Roswell right now to ask for help with bringing back Buffy.... I don't think that he can be, as we still haven't figured out a way to bring her back *yet*. I'm assuming (correct me if I'm wrong) that Xander has just gone up for a family visit at this point (while the rest of the scoobies are still in Sunnydale) and that the actual group visit/ ask for help will come later?
posted on 5-Nov-2002 12:00:31 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Ok, makes sense *happy*
posted on 5-Nov-2002 12:49:23 AM by Sugarplum7
Elizabeth Evans originally wrote:
Thanks for the vote of confidence, LuvRug. *happy*. It would be such a blast to play Dawn, especially if you guys like the idea about Dawn being called to be the next slayer after Buffy died. Can we have Will and Oz living at the house acting as her guardians the way Will and Tara did in the show?

I actually find the idea of Dawn being the next slayer too silly. No offense. I just don't see that as plausible, considering that she was made by monks. It just gets me really angry that that was a possibility.

So yeah, Dawn as the slayer is one of the things I hope never happens. If it does I might just stop watching the show all together. I am not too interested in it at the moment anyways. Sigh.

And according to sme people, after Buffy died there was no other slayer called because she had already died and a person can't die twice. ::shrugs::
posted on 5-Nov-2002 12:55:10 AM by Sugarplum7
Hi Everyone!

I just got this idea while I was watching Buffy on FX earlier. It all sprung from the “You can see me, but I can’t see you” thing between Buffy and Angel. Pretty much it is just that Buffy is sent to limbo when she first dies. Then what happens is that she is sent back to the world of the living as a ghost spirit thingie.

I think that she can be around them, see them, hear them, but they can’t see her. She is, for all intents and purposes, a ghost. This is the basic idea. I am thinking that this has some sort of catch, something about the amount of time she can spend with them.

Any thoughts or ideas? Do you hate it? Please let me know.


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Where am I? All this time that I spent here is what? Was this what I am supposed to do? I don’t think so? All my friends are gone. All my family . . . gone. Now I am alone here in this weird limbo. There is no one here. There is nothing here. I take a seat and lay on the cold ground.

“Nothing at all.” I say to myself as I turn to my side. I would have liked anything to do, anything that wouldn’t be just sitting and waiting.

“Your time has come.” The voice is calm, clear, crisp, but not harsh. I look about me, trying to locate whoever said that, but am not surprised when no one is there. I sit up and stand ready. How am I supposed to know what is going to happen next?

“Okay, time for what?” I say to the voice. There is no one there. It is just this light voice and a waning ethereal glow in front of me.

“All questions will be answered in their proper place and proper time.”

“No. You don’t seem to get it,” I say as I walk over to the glittering beam of light. “I’m dead. I know I’m dead,” I say as I throw my arms out to my sides. “I jumped from several stories up into this weird portal between worlds. I closed it and saved the world, and all I get is a nice, dark, black void as thanks. No, I don’t think so.”

“You will come with us,” the voice said again. This is really getting old, and I am getting upset. No one is answering any questions. None.

“Come with you? I want my questions answered!” I say. I stand rooted in my spot, my arms crossed in front of my chest in resignation.

“Very well.”

That was easy enough. “Hey! Wait! The last time I looked I was the one in control of my body.” I say as I float above the dark, cold ground. I’m floating. Or is this considered flying. Why am I floating?

“Your time has come, and we will see you now.”

“Wait one second!”

I was placed within the light’s beam, its glitter and glimmer covered me and I felt my eyes lids grow heavy, as I stood paralyzed. Where am I going? Where are they taking me? That was the last thing I remember thinking, as my world grew dark.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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posted on 5-Nov-2002 2:39:32 PM by Elizabeth Evans
That was a good part, Sugarplum! I really liked the description of the place where Buffy finds herself. Someone else suggested this, and I thought of it'd be really great for Buffy to find Alex there at some point.

So you were really angry at me about the idea for Dawn? I hope you know that I wasn't trying to offend anyone and that it was part of the process of brainstorming interesting and creative ideas for me to develop the character. And no offense taken at your critique of the idea *happy* Anyway, I'll just stick with the magic thing for Dawn.

The point about nobody else being called unless Faith were the one to die was a really good one. Anyway, I understand the anti-Dawn sentiment so it's all fine. Again, I promise not to make Dawn annoying, so that people will actually like my Dawn in this fic.

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posted on 5-Nov-2002 5:15:49 PM by TabascoChick
Xander smiled as Liz opened the door."Hey!"he said as he hugged her.After a long hug,he came in and smield at her.She looked so big.It seemed like forever since he had last seen her though he hadn't been that long."How's my favorite cousin doing?"he asked as he looked around the Crashdown.It looked so great when there were no crowds.A blowup alien lay on the ground,inflating."I see...that everyone is still in the alien craze,"he joked as he pointed to the alien.
So..ok...Xander is there for a family visit...I don't think it would make sense for him to mention the buffy thing now...
posted on 5-Nov-2002 5:26:09 PM by Sugarplum7
Elizabeth Evans originally wrote:
That was a good part, Sugarplum! I really liked the description of the place where Buffy finds herself. Someone else suggested this, and I thought of it'd be really great for Buffy to find Alex there at some point.

So you were really angry at me about the idea for Dawn? I hope you know that I wasn't trying to offend anyone and that it was part of the process of brainstorming interesting and creative ideas for me to develop the character. And no offense taken at your critique of the idea *happy* Anyway, I'll just stick with the magic thing for Dawn.

The point about nobody else being called unless Faith were the one to die was a really good one. Anyway, I understand the anti-Dawn sentiment so it's all fine. Again, I promise not to make Dawn annoying, so that people will actually like my Dawn in this fic.

Oh, sweetie! I was never ever angry at you. How could I be. I was angry at the idea that Dawn could be the next slayer. It is too silly an idea for me to thin that Joss would condone, but then again that guy loves those twists that take you for surprise so you never know. I was never angry at you.

Thank you for liking the Buffy part and everything. I was a little iffy on it. But I am glad that you like it. I was thinking that something similar could happen to Alex, but it is all up to the person who plays Alex.

I was thinking that Buffy would "ghost" Xander when he was visiting Liz. She would know, or figure out that she can't be seen or heard by anyone else. When she sees Alex she dismisses him, thinking that he was living like everyone else. She can make a comment that he reacts to and then WHAM! I think you get the idea. *big*

posted on 5-Nov-2002 6:35:31 PM by Krazykitti

It's weird, ya know? One minute your talking to your girlfriend on the phone while your friends are telling you to be strong and the next minute you're dead. Does that make any sense to you? If it does...could you explain it to me?! I'm loosing it. I'm so confused. I don't think I have ever been this confused. Now I know how Maria felt when Liz tried to and explain her math homework to her. (Laughs a little then sighs) I miss them.

It's so different up here. You know how sometimes people describe certain emotions as euphoric? Well up here it's almost like you are literally feeling it. It's so calm and collected up here. I haven't felt like that since before I knew about the Czechoslovakians. I don't want to think about the Czechs right now.

I mean is this what heaven is? Just a place where you go and feel safe constantly and literal feel what you cannot feel when you are mortal and on Earth?.....I guess I should cross off my list that heaven is a place in the clouds where there are gates and you play poker and drink orange soda with Elvis Presley and Abraham Lincoln all day long.

The thing is though....I love the feeling of the constant safety, but I would trade it all to be mortal and back with my friends and....Isabel again.

The only way I can describe what I feel is's almost like being reborn again. Your in the safety of your mother's womb and the next your in the cold hands of a doctor crying......not knowing where you are except that you are in a new place......confused, lost, and feeling alone.
Was that okay?

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(OK *happy* I'm glad you're not mad at me because the Dawn as the slayer thing was my idea. By the way, Katie, I love your idea for Buffy meeting Alex! *hugs back*)


I find a really interesting chapter in the magic book. It's on channeling magic into telekenesis. Oh, cool! That would be such a killer power to have, throwing vampires or any other attackers away from you with a wave of your hand. Maybe throwing them into something spikey to dust them...this has real possibilities! So I decide to practice the skill on one of the books I'd brought to the table. Focusing my energy, I concentrate on pushing the book away from me. At first, I'm frustrated because nothing happens, but then I realize that I'm trying too hard. Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes to center myself, I try again. This time, the book slowly begins to inch away from me. Mentally pushing harder, I suddenly send the book crashing to the floor. Ok, I pushed just a little too hard there! But it worked!

Restraining myself from openly cheering my success, I instead calmly get up from my chair and retrieve the book.

I look around to see Giles' reaction at the loud sound of the book crashing to the floor. I could just hear him say something like, "Good Lord! Dawn, are you all right?" He looks over at me, concerned, but doesn't say anything. I hope he doesn't realize what I did. I know he wouldn't be thrilled with the idea of me studying magic. He's not too keen on the idea that Willow is becoming really skilled in the magical arts.

I give Giles a small sheepish smile before returning to my seat. "Sorry, clumsy me...."

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So okay... this is with the idea that Xander is in Roswell by himself for now..... so here goes....

~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow sat and stared desolately out the window. The magick book she held in her lap was long forgotten. She was remembering the events of the past few weeks, which had been a nightmare, for her- for everyone. After Buffy had sacrificed herself, it had been all Willow could do to keep herself from falling to pieces. She had kept herself busy with Dawn- instructing her in the art of magick, becoming her guardian. She and Oz had moved into the Summers' house with her... Oz.

Oz had been her saviour. Without his calm strength, she would have been lost. He had been her support when she most needed it and she would always love him because of it, not that she hadn't loved him already, before... any of this had happened.

Willow and Oz had moved in with Dawn shortly after Buffy's death, so they could watch and care for her, always making sure that she never blamed herself for what had happened. Willow had started teaching Dawn magick, almost as a way to distract both of them from remembering too much and because she knew that soon she would need a backup.

A few days after Buffy died, Willow had decided she was going to bring her back. She wouldn't let her best friend be really gone, so she was going to bring her back, and for that she would need help with her magick. Help that Dawn could provide. They had begun by practicing small, simple spells which Dawn had easily mastered. Dawn had shown a natural magickal affinty.

Even though Willow had determined that she was going to bring Buffy back, she still had no idea as to how she was going to do it, which is why she had begun researching every spellbook that she could get her hands on. Hence the current black magick spellbook sitting on her lap. She was suppossed to be researching, but for some reason her mind kept wandering and she just couldn't concentrate. She jumped when she felt a pair of masculine arms wrap around her from behind.... Oz.

~*~ Oz ~*~

Oz came up behind Willow and wrapped his arms around her. She looked so forlorn staring out the window like that. "Willow," he said, getting her attention.

She looked up at him expectantly. "I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to go lock myself in now- it's almost sunset." He paused and looked at her, "Are you and Dawn going to stay here tonight?"

"Yeah, we're just going to stay up here. In fact, in a minute, I'm going to be leaving for the magic shop to go pick her up and bring her home. Don't worry, we'll be locking ourselves in, we'll be all 'safety first' and everything," she said giving him a small smile. "Just be careful down there."

"I will- and don't worry... you'll find it," he said giving her one last squeeze, before heading down to the basement. When he had first heard of her plan to bring Buffy back, he had been worried and concerned about her safety, in her trying something like that. But he knew that she was determined to do it, and as she had promised him that she would be careful, he had accepted her arguments and had vowed that he would protect and care for her at all costs- which meant letting her do this. He still didn't like it, but he was going to do everything he could for her, by supporting her in this.

He sighed as he got down to the basement and opened the door of the cage. Right after they had moved in, he with the help of the rest of the Scoobies had built a sturdy cage in the basement, so he wouldn't have to leave the house when he wolfed out. It was a strong cage and also served the double purpose of being able to hold any demons that they needed to. He got into the cage and locked the door, shedding his clothes as he sat down. His last thought was one of reassurance, that Willow and Dawn would safe upstairs for the night, as he began to change.



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~*~ WIllow ~*~

Just after she heard Oz go down into the basement, and then the cage door slam, Willow picked up her keys and headed out of the house, for the Magic Box.

Upon entering, she saw Dawn looking sheepish, with a book in her hand and Giles standing there. Wondering briefly what that was about, she said hi to Giles and then turned to Dawn and said, "Are you ready to go yet? It's almost sunset and I want to get home before it's dark. Remember, tonight's a full moon."

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(That was a really great Alex part! And I love the Willow and Oz parts too. OK, I'm just going to have Dawn head home....I'll edit again *happy*)


Looking at my watch, I realize it's getting late. "Oh, my gosh, I lost track of time! Yes, I'm ready," I tell Willow. Oz is definitely in his cage by now, and Willow is probably worried about leaving him alone after sunset. I quickly gather my belongings, and we say goodbye to Giles.

On our way home, my mind drifts to something I've been sensing lately from Willow. She's been so wonderful to me, moving into the house and taking over guardianship of me. She and I have truly been there for each other and have helped each other through this painful time since Buffy's death.

Bonding over magick has been a healing experience for us. I know that part of her teaching me is to help us both heal, to give us a sense of purpose, and to help me master a gift I seem to have an affinity for. But I can't help but sensing that there's more to it than that. There's something Willow isn't telling me yet...I'm not sure that she's ready to talk about it with me, so I'll wait until she brings it up.

In the meantime, I'm glad to learn all she has to teach me. I really think that she'll be proud of me for what I accomplished today practicing telekinesis.

"Guess what I tried today? I found one of Gile's magick books that had a chapter on telekinesis. I practiced it, and I actually got a book to move!"

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Please don't edit again, Elizabeth Evans!!!! That was too funny, we both changed our parts about three times, just trying to match what the other was doing! I had just changed it to Willow was at home when Dawn came in, when I looked and realized that you had changed yours to where Willow was at the Magic Box, so I changed it back to it's original version. I think that it's okay now.....
posted on 5-Nov-2002 7:30:04 PM by Elizabeth Evans
ROTFL, too late, I was already editing after I let you know that I was going to. OK, let's see...I'll edit it back to where Willow picks Dawn up at the magic shop, ok? This is too funny! *happy*
posted on 5-Nov-2002 7:33:11 PM by Roswell428
Okay-- this is really ironic. So if you're changing, I won't edit it again. Okay?!? Whew. I got your message right after I changed it again. Sorry about making you change it again, it's just one of those weird Sunnydale occurences. By the way, great part... everybody's parts have been great!

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posted on 5-Nov-2002 7:39:48 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thanks! Oh, good, we're in sync now. We finally got that straightened out! *happy* Everybody's parts have been great, so I think it's time to rate this thread...
posted on 5-Nov-2002 7:53:18 PM by Roswell428
Yeah! We're in sync! Good! Okay for Willow.....

~*~ Willow ~*~

"You were actually able to use telekinesis today? Wow, it took me months of studying to be able to to that. You're progressing really well, Dawn," Willow said to her, after Dawn had made her announcement.

'This is good,' Willow thought to herself. 'The sooner she advances, the sooner we'll be able to bring Buffy back!' A wistful smile formed on her face. 'Pretty soon, after Xander gets back, I'm going to need to call a Scooby meeting and tell them what I'm going to do- I'm going to need their help.'

Turning back to Dawn, she remarked, "I'm really proud of the way you're imporving Dawn," before pulling her into a hug.
posted on 5-Nov-2002 8:12:24 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I smile at Willow's compliment and hug her back. It means so much to me. "So, is there anything you want to work on together tonight? We could, like, practice more telekinesis or work on an invisibility potion or something" I suggest hopefully. Keeping busy has been a way for us to deal with the grief of losing Buffy. But the deep sadness of her loss is still with us. Though looking at Willow, I can see there's something else. A new determination. Somehow these magick lessons are building up to something, and I'm really curious to find out what...

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~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow grinned at Dawn's enthusiasm. "No, we're not going to be doing anything too complicated tonight, like invisibility and telekinesis, I just thought we'd work on something a little more basic, like blessing spells and protection measures. Every witch needs to know these- they will help you to advance faster, and they will also help to keep you safe. And considering where we live, I thought it was about time that you started learning how to kill demons- well, the magickcal way.

"Besides, telekinesis and invisibility are advanced practices, which can take a while to fully learn, and tomorrow is a school day."

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Hi you guys!

Wow! You are a couple of fast posters. LOL! I would have loved to have been a part of that, but I don't have the time to do it. Damn that Poly Sci midterm. Grrr.

I am really glad that you are having fun. And the parts are really great! I just wanted to stop in and ya know . . . say hi.

Sigh. I am now back to study mode. I'll be back later, and hopefully with a Buffy part.


PS. Britt, where are you? I can't wait to read your parts. For all the RPGs that we're in together. Heehee!

posted on 5-Nov-2002 9:22:42 PM by LuvRug
I am really glad that you are having fun. And the parts are really great! I just wanted to stop in and ya know . . . say hi.

Yes you posts rock!!!!And you are actully posting!!!!
Sorry you'll find I tend to get excited about simple things..
I feel I poking on my back as I awake from a rough sleep.
"what?!"I say ready to slap the person/alien hybrid who has woken me.I turn around to see Maria looking very sad.She hugs me I stiffen and then for the second time I stopped and hugged back.Maria has hugged me twice and everytime I have hugged her back I have never done that before.I look in to her eyes...she doesn't have to say anything"yea I miss him alot to"I whisper I feel tears stinging in my eyes....God Alex,Liz and Maria hopfully the onley humans who will ever get to me this way.
~~End Michael~~Begin Spoike(I love writing it like that!!)~~

I breathe in smoke,remove the cig from my mouth and let it fall on to the ground.I look to see people fighting,punching,and bleeding.I just finshed my cup of blood and was ready to go when a girl maybe 17 if that.Came and sat on my lap and start to nibble on my neck.I sigh and roll my eyes
"God I'm so bored"

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(Great new posts, guys! Good luck on your midterm, Katie. Sorry you missed the postfest earlier, but I'm sure there will be lots more of them that you'll be part of *happy*)


I nod at Willow's suggestions. "You're right. The basics are really important. I haven't learned protection or blessing spells yet...I'd been focusing too much on stuff to use in killing vampires. So all of that sounds really good to work on tonight."

Although we'd begun bits and pieces of spells as they came up, we hadn't done anything so formal as far as training yet. I felt really good about this, because tonight was really going to help lay the foundation for the more advanced stuff I wanted to get to eventually. And I could easily see how important things like blessings and protections were in keeping the people I loved safe...God knows I couldn't take it if I lost anyone else right now, and I really was looking forward to learning anything practical that would help fight the evil in Sunnydale.

Ready to begin, I follow Willow's lead and wait for her to begin instructing me.

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It has been done!!!
Dawn rocks and is not annoying yes!!!!!!!!!
posted on 5-Nov-2002 10:02:52 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thanks, LuvRug! I'm glad you like this Dawn *happy*
posted on 5-Nov-2002 11:01:30 PM by Roswell428
Awesome posts everybody! And good luck with your midterm, Katie, I had mine a few weeks ago and I know how hard they can be! *happy* But I'm sure you'll do fine. And yes, I'm sure there will be many postfests in the future that you can get in on, but hopefully they won't have the mixed signals that this one did! Lol! That really was funny! Keep in mind, this spell, as far as I know of is of my creation and therefore might not be believable/ realistic (sorry!). Anyway, here's the new part.....

~*~ Willow ~*~

As soon as they entered the house, Willow led Dawn into the den, telling her to have a seat on the floor, while she went to fetch a few supplies from her room. She paused when she heard the banging coming from downstairs, but knew that Oz was still in his cage, so she went up the stairs.

In her room, she grabbed one of her spellbooks and a few candles. She then headed back downstairs to a waiting Dawn.

Looking at Dawn, Willow said, "We're just going to put a ward of protection around the house. It's a fairly simple spell and it will help to protect the house and it's occupants from harm." She then sat down across from Dawn and started to arrange the candles in a circle around them, lighting each one.

When she finished, she looked at Dawn and asked her to follow her instructions explicitly. Dawn nodded her head in agreement and Willow began to chant.

"Oh mighty goddesses of the earth, wind and sea, hear us. Protect us from harm in this place. Know our prayer. Before time and after. Protect this house. Rid all evil from it. Place a guard within it. Oh goddesses, hear us. Ashira ladoni mie kei parthos. Ashira ladoni mie kei parthos. Ashira ladoni mie kei parthos."

Willow looked up at Dawn and told her in a low voice, "Now put out the candles in clockwise order, starting with the one behind you- chant with me while you do so."

Willow began to chant again, "Ashira ladoni mie kei parthos," waiting for Dawn to follow her lead....
posted on 5-Nov-2002 11:18:22 PM by Elizabeth Evans

While Willow went upstairs to retrieve supplies, I waited for her in the den and sat down on the floor after dimming the lights to create the appropriate ambiance for the spell. Soon, she had returned carrying the things we'd need, and set up a circle with lit candles at various points along the circle. First, Willow taught me a protection spell. As she began, I carefully memorized her opening words after she had lit the candles. I then began chanting with her something in an unfamiliar ancient language..."Ashira ladoni mie kei parthos." As I chanted, I practiced my concentration, focusing intently on imagining a sphere of protection around the house that would keep us all safe from harm. I channeled my energy into making that sphere of protection a reality, pooling my energy with Willow's. As I did this, my emotions added strength to the spell because of my intense desire for the continued safety of everyone in the house. Then, as directed, I began extinguishing the candles in clockwise order, still chanting. Then the spell was complete, and to my astonishment I could sense the sphere of protection now around the house. I smiled softly. "It worked...I can feel that it worked."

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You are so awesome, Dawn!!! You took my meager attempts at creating a spell and turned them into so much more, plus you remembered the little details (that I forgot) like creating ambience for the spell, having Willow teach the spell to her (oops!) and having her concentrate her energy. That was great! Well, here's Willow.....

~*~ Willow ~*~

The spell was complete. Willow looked around herself slowly, feeling the vibrations now surrounding the house. She smiled at Dawn, "Yes, it did work. You did very well. I could feel your energy helping mine, helping to create the spell, which will be very important later..."

She paused, her face taking on a pensive look, but then she shook her head to clear it and continued, "You did very well. I'm pleased at how far you've come. You were the reason that this spell worked so well, because you put all of your energy into making it work, which was crucial for the spell's success. This house will be blessed for a long time now, before the wards will wear off."

Willow stopped and looked at Dawn. "We're not going to do anymore spells tonight, because we both just put all of our energy into that one, and we need time to rest and regain our strength. One of the most important things I can teach you, is to never drain yourself using magick. Spells can take a lot out of you- always be able to recognize this and don't wear yourself out by trying to do too much. You need to be able to recognize when you are magickly exhausted, like we both are right now. I'm only telling you this, because I don't want you to burn out.

"With that said," she began picking up the candles and placing them on the table, "We should both go to bed. I know I'm tired and you must be too- we both need to regain our energy. Besides you have school tomorrow, missy."
posted on 6-Nov-2002 12:20:07 AM by Elizabeth Evans
(Thanks *happy* We make a great team! You created a very realistic, awesome spell with a lot of important details like opening the circle, calling on Gods/Goddesses, and closing the circle. I really liked the part you just wrote, teaching Dawn about not expending too much magickal energy and knowing her limits.)


I nod and try to stifle a yawn, grateful that Willow is teaching me to recognize my limits. I am feeling a little drained and ready for bed. School would come much too early in the morning. As we clean up the candles and other magickal tools, I thank Willow for her teaching "We really make a great team, you and I...thank you so much for teaching me all of this. You're the best!" I hug Willow, and we both smile sleepily at each other. Heading upstairs, we bid each other goodnight and head to our respective rooms to get some much-needed sleep.
posted on 6-Nov-2002 12:34:53 AM by Roswell428
Awww, thanks! You're too sweet! And we do make a really good team! *hugs* to you! You really are a fantastic writer (as is everyone else on this board). And I like Dawn in this fic!!!!!!

~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow headed into her bedroom, calling out one last goodnight to Dawn, before she shut the door. As she laid down on her bed, she thought, 'Dawn is a great apprentice. She's moving along so quickly, mastering things much faster than I did. It's wonderful to be able to work with another witch, especially one with such potential. We really do make a great team.'

Willow briefly pondered going to check on Oz, but realized she didn't have to, as she could still sense him in his cage downstairs, pacing restlessly about.

She pulled on her pjs and crawled into bed, her last thought before she drifted into oblivion being, 'Since Dawn's progressing so quickly, we'll have Buffy back in no time.'
posted on 6-Nov-2002 12:43:49 AM by Lizzie_Parker17
I am here! I am in just so many RPGs it takes me a while to get around to all of them! And sometimes the board acts screwy! But I am posting! I always love to read your parts too! BTW great Buffy part!

As far as Xander being by him self that is fine with me! I am going to have Liz tell him about Alex and Xander knew Alex form child hood so he could be sad and tell Liz about Buffy and their plans!

I am also going to do my Cod\rdy part. She is going to get a vision, and that will open up the Angel part of the RPG!

I will also post For Drusilla.
Spike has a thing for Buffy. He and Angel will have some serious jealousy issues but Buffy will choose Angel. Spike and Dru can get back then.
Its up to you wether Spike is good or bad. Dru will be crazy and jealous!
Watch out Sunnydale!

Dawn and Willow!
Wow! You guys are crazy posters! LoL!
I am glad this RPG is active!
Now where is my Max?

OK here we go


Liz smiled at Xander
"Yeah Roswell is still crazy over those aliens"

Liz's smile faded as she thought once again of everything that had happened.

"Why don't we sit down? My shift is over in five and we can talk. Theres a lot to talk about."

When Xander sat down she went to get them some drinks. She didn't know how to bring it up. I mean Xander visits and she tells him Alex is dead.
Gee that sounds like a great fun.

Liz slid into the booth beside Xander
"So how has everything been?"

Xander hesitated
"Liz whats wrong?" Xander asked

"Man am I that easy to read?" Liz sighed and looked down
"I am sorry I didn't call you and everything when it happened but it was just so hard and so much was going on and I just-"

"Liz what is it?"

"Alex is dead"

End Lizzie



"Hello Angel Investigations...uh huh...uh huh...uh huh...NO! Sorry we don't do things for free. You have to pay us. Do we Look like the frekkn police department? WELL FINE. Get rid of the demon yourself then." Cordelia said slamming the phone down on the reciever

"Can you believe the nerve of some of these people?" Cordelia shouted into Angels office
"I mean we have to eat too. We'll in your case drink, but blood costs money too"

"Honestly if I wasn't such a nice person I could really be a bitch" Cordelia said with a casual dismissal

The phone rang once again and Cordelia sighed. Just then she was hit with a vision

Cordleia fell to the floor clutching her head in agony.
When she felt to strong arms envelope her she opened her eyes
"There going to bring...back buffy" Cordleia managed

End Cordelia



Drusilla smiled in satisfaction as her latest victim dropped to the ground in a sickening thud

Drusilla glided gracefully over to where she had placed her favorite doll

"Did you like watching mummy play little one?" Drusilla asked the doll in her sing song voice

"My head is singing Miss Edith" Drusilla cooed
"Sunnydale stinks of death"

"Someonesin particular." Dru said as she pooked the eyes out of her doll

"Little Mary Sunshine herself"

End Dru

OOC: Well how were they? My dru was kinda wierd but it is a first for me!

posted on 6-Nov-2002 9:56:50 AM by Elizabeth Evans
(Great parts, you guys! *happy* That Dru part was so totally her, it was perfect!)


"Goodnight!" I call back to Willow as I enter my room. I brush my teeth and change into my pyjamas, which consist of black, grey, and red plaid bottoms and a cute red tank top. It's the style that Buffy used to wear to sleep in, and it makes me feel closer to my sister.

As I get into bed and snuggle underneath the covers, I say a little prayer for Buffy. I do this every night. It also helps me to feel closer to her. Sometimes I swear I can still feel her presence around me. But tonight she seems far away. "Goodnight, Buffy," I whisper. "I love you and hope that wherever you are is a good place, with Mom."

After my prayer, I let my mind wander. Tonight's spell had been a real success, and that made me happy. I felt a sense of peace from the knowledge that we were all protected in this house. Although I was tired, I could still feel a background buzz of magickal energy flowing through my body, a normal aftereffect of raising and channelling energy for a spell. That reminded me of something Willow said...that pooling my energy with hers would be important later. I smiled. So I was right! These magick lessons are building up to something, something big. But what...?

That is my last thought before drifting into a dream of the last time I saw Buffy. I'm standing atop the tower again with Buffy, the portal opening wider below us and lightning crackling all around us. Tears are streaming down my face because Buffy is going to leave me. She kisses my cheek and whispers her final words to me....

"Dawn, listen to me. Listen. I love you. I will *always* love you. But this is the work that I have to do. Tell Giles ... tell Giles I figured it out. And, and I'm okay. And give my love to my friends. You have to take care of them now. You have to take care of each other. You have to be strong. Dawn, the hardest thing in this world ... is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me. "

Knowing that I have to grant Buffy this, I nod my head and whisper, "I promise." Buffy gives me one last smile and wipes away my tears. I watch in anguish as she turns from me and runs to the end of the tower, executing a swan dive into the portal. I can only watch and pray that Buffy will carry that sense of peace she has found with her.

But then the dream shifts and I have this horrible sense that something's wrong with Buffy. I'm in a place where there's nothing around, then I feel a sense of paralysis, as if I'm caught up in the grip of something I can't break out of. Then all around me is darkness and terror. As I fight to wake up, I hear an eerie female voice speaking to me as though from a distance. It's not's nobody I even recognize.

"You are the Key, Dawn. You cannot yet conceive of what that means, but your purpose here is more than you know. There is a reason you were made human, beyond keeping you hidden. You are the solution, Dawn, the Key. The answer to what is missing...."

I wake with a gasp, forcing myself to sit up to break out of the spell of that dream. Wiping the tears away, I wonder, "What did *that* mean?" Buffy sometimes had prophetic dreams, and this dream *felt* the way she described those dreams. There was a clarity and feeling of urgency to it that let me know the dream was somehow important. Now if only I could make sense of it.

Turning on the lamp beside me, I picked up my journal from the nightstand and began to write every detail of my dream....

(OOC: Major inspiration here...I don't want to give away details too soon, but the ideas have to do with: Dawn's role in the spell to bring back Buffy, why the Key was sent to the Hellmouth, who inspired the monks to give her human form, and who the voice in Dawn's dream was)

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posted on 6-Nov-2002 12:31:54 PM by TabascoChick
OOC:Wow!You guys are fast posters!Not that that is a bad thing!
Xander's smile dropped.Alex was dead?How many people died at one time?Was their some sort of curse or soemthing?Maybe it was the 'Kill Everyone Who Xander Cares about' curse.He looked at Liz."Oh..god...I'm so did it happen?"he asked,though half of him didn't even want to know.He started to think about Buffy.It made him so sad.Buffy had been everything and now she was gone.He tried to hide a tear and he looked back at Liz.
Ok..I'm not sure what to do with I'll just start it off with this since Xander and Liz have to have a little "talk".
Max walked down the dark Roswell streets.Everything was so quiet.He was heading towards the Crashdown.He needed to talk to Liz.They hadn't talked in awhile.He didn't really know what he wanted to say,but he wanted to be with Liz again.She was the only thing that made him smile.It had been really hard for the last couple of months(or should it be weeks?).Alex was gone.He hadn't deserved to die.He had always been happy.Tess had killed him.He had allowed himself to trust Tess and then she had betrayed him.Not just him,but everyone.She was gone.Gone with his son.He wanted ot see his son,but he never wanted Tess to come back.She had caused enough pain.Everything had gone wrong.His and Liz's relationship,Alex's life.He was responsible for Alex's death.The others tried to tell him that he wasn't,but he was.If Alex had never gotten involved in the alien stuff,he would've still been alive.Everyone was crying these days.Every night when he passed Isabel's room she would be crying.He had spotted Liz a few nights in the Crashdown crying.He had cried too.He had never let anyone see him,but he had cried.He would always cry.He would always feel guilty.The worst thing was hiding it.He tried to act strong on the outsider.He was supposed to be a leader,right?A tear fell down his cheek and he wiped it away and continued heading towards the Crashdown.
~~~~~ makes me sad to write for Max ::cries::
posted on 6-Nov-2002 12:41:03 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Aww...poor Max! *hugs* I feel so bad for him, carrying all that guilt around. I hope he decides to share what he's going through and let himself be helped by the people who love him.
posted on 6-Nov-2002 3:34:01 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi Everyone!

I already said that I love what you are all doing, but I do have a question. I know that Will and Oz are the guardians of Dawn, but what about under the law? When Buffy died, and the authorities found out, she would get taken to her Dad. Right?

To keep that from happening, we could follow the show and use the Buffy Bot. Right?

That was all I have to say before this part.


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I open my eyes and find myself still in the darkness of a black void. I want to get out of here. Anywhere would be better than this. Although I have to say that I would very much like to be home. I miss them so much.

“Oh, this is nice. Make me black out for an unknown amount of time, throw me into the same black void, and don’t answer any of my questions,” I mutter to myself. “You might want to work on your people skills,” I call out to whoever might be listening. “Or maybe your dead-people skills.” I say quietly.

“I can’t be here.” I whisper into the empty darkness surrounding me. Have you ever felt helplessness? There have been a couple times when I have felt helpless, but never as much as this. Being here, I can’t do anything. I can’t see my family, my friends. I can’t hear them. I can’t do anything to stop the monsters and evil things that go bump in the night.

I stand and look around me. Still nothing. There is no pillar of light in the distance. No ominous voice coming from an unknown origin. “I have to go back. Don’t you understand? I don’t belong here,” I say as I slowly spin in a circle.

“Where do you feel you belong?” a voice echoes around me, and my head snaps to try and see if there is anyone there.

“What?” I question.

“If you do not belong here, where do you feel you belong? Heaven? Hell? Another dimension? Where?” The voice had the clear, crisp feeling to it, but did not carry a harsh tone.

“I belong at home. With my family and my friends. The people I love. They need me and I need them. That is where I belong.”

“Thank you,” came the female voice once again, which left me confused. Thank you? What is she, or they, thanking me for?

Does that mean that I am going back? Are they going to bring me back?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

posted on 6-Nov-2002 4:39:34 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Good question about legal guardianship of Dawn. The dad always was absent from the series with the exception of a very minor appearance in an episode or two, so I'd really like to think that he wouldn't be clamoring to have Dawn back in his life. It's better that he stay out of the picture. Maybe he allowed an arrangement in which Willow and Oz take over legal guardianship of Dawn. Unless people like Buffy-bot and want to have her in this fic....

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posted on 6-Nov-2002 8:28:19 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow opened her eyes and looked at her clock. It was about three in the morning and she wasn't sleeping well at all. She had slept for a little while, right after she had gotten to her room (after she and Dawn had finished ths spell), collapsing from sheer exhaustion- her body needing a chance to replenish her energy. After it had done that, though, she had woken up and been restless ever since. She missed Oz- she missed his warmth lying there beside her.

Since she couldn't sleep anyway, she decided that she would grab a book and go down there and sit with him. That way she could keep him company and maybe get some more research done in the process. She picked up an old, worn volume and exited her room, heading for the stairs.

In the den, she stopped briefly and grabbed a few pillows from the couch to sit on. Making her way into the basement, Oz's wolf self became aware of her and growled at her menacingly.

She just sighed wistfully and arranged the pillows on the floor, settling down to read. As she searched for the right spell that would be able to bring Buffy back from the grave, Oz just paced his cage restlessly.
posted on 6-Nov-2002 9:28:00 PM by Elizabeth Evans

After writing down my disturbing dream, I glance at the clock. It's around 3 am. Just as I'm about to turn out the light and go back to sleep, I hear soft footsteps. Willow must be awake, too. I hear her head down the steps and decide to get up and keep her company for a little while. I know how she gets on those three nights of the month when Oz goes all wolfey on us--without him beside her, Willow has a tough time sleeping. I throw off the covers and head downstairs. I go into the den and grab a few remaining pillows to bring downstairs with me. I hear Oz being a little bit more restless than usual in his cage, but he soon settles down once Willow is in the room with him. By the time I get down to the basement, Willow is all curled up with a magic book. . "Hey, Willow." I say casually, giving her a sleepy smile. "What'cha reading?"

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posted on 6-Nov-2002 9:57:15 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow looked up at Dawn's comment and closed the book with a snap. "Oh, nothing much, I'm just um, reading up on some new spells. I wanted to look at these anyway, and as I couldn't sleep, I figured I would and that I'd keep Oz company."

Willow looked at the younger girl, as she sank into the pillows beside her. "What about you, what are you doing up so late?"
posted on 6-Nov-2002 10:12:00 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I notice how quickly Willow snaps the book shut. Yes, there's definitely something she has planned but doesn't want to tell me about yet. She's probably waiting until I'm advanced enough in my studies of magick to be ready for it...whatever it is. Knowing that I'll find out soon enough, I don't bring it up and instead simply answer Willow's question. "I had a bad dream," I tell her quietly, looking down at the floor. "At first it was about how Buffy died, but then it changed. It felt like the way she would describe her prophetic dreams..." I tell Willow about the feeling that something was wrong wherever Buffy was, and about what the woman whose voice I heard said about me. "I don't know what she meant...I'm the solution, the Key, the answer to what is missing..."

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~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow looked at the girl, who was so obviously in deep pain, and pulled her into her arms and held her, comforting her. "I don't know what that means, but whatever it means, we'll figure it out.

"And don't worry, I'm sure that nothing is wrong where Buffy is- I'm sure that she's happy." Which Willow didn't believe for a second. She had her own concerns about where Buffy might be, but at present, she just needed to reassure Dawn, and give her hope.

Willow made soothing noises, while still holding Dawn, trying to show her that everything would be okay.

"Don't worry, Dawn. We *will* figure this out. Why don't you just sit down here with me for a while? We can talk a bit before you go back upstairs."
posted on 6-Nov-2002 10:52:12 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I lean against Willow as she wraps her arms around me and let myself be comforted by her. I don't believe for a second that Buffy's ok, and I know that Willow doesn't either. She's just trying to reassure me, and I appreciate it. "Thanks, Willow. I'm ok's just that the dream kind of freaked me out, you know?" We both sit up and give each other comforting smiles. "But we'll figure it out. I'd like to stay up a little while longer and talk. I'm not ready to go to bed again yet. So what's going on with you? You seem to be getting pretty researchy with the spells lately. Want to tell me about it?" My curiousity is winning out. I want to see if Willow will spill the beans yet or not.
posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:09:44 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow paused at Dawn's question, trying to decide whether or not to tell her yet. She decided that she needed to discuss this with the rest of the Scooby Gang first before she did, so she would wait.

She answered her, "Oh, it's nothing big. I'm just doing some back reading that I've been meaning to do for a while and I just haven't had a chance to, till now.

"How's school been going for you," she asked, neatly sidestepping the issue and changing the subject to emotionally-safe ground.
posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:18:41 PM by Sugarplum7
Goodness! It is like a post-a-thon with you two. Heehee! *wink* *big* Not that the post-a-thon is a bad thing.


Where is everyone else? Particularly Angel. We need him to continue with the whole thing that Britt created with AtS.

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posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:21:24 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I can tell that Willow is doing the evasive thing, so I'll just have to wait until she's ready to tell me. So we chat about school. "School's good. Chemistry's going to be a really useful class, and Math is really starting to get easy. Oh, and in English, we're studying the play Romeo and Juliet." I grin excitedly. "Today I got to read the part of Juliet, you know, for the balcony scene, and the teacher picked the hottest guy in the class to read with me!" I hope I don't look too pathetically lovesick, but Scott Rhode is so cute. Kit and Carlos teased me mercilessly at lunch about the scene we read together.
posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:22:41 PM by Roswell428
Yeah, it is. I'm just having fun with my character and I think Willow's having fun having another character to talk to! *big* Besides, we play off of each other so well.

~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow grinned. Dawn must really like this guy; the way she was blushing was just so cute. "The hottest guy, huh? Well, did anything happen?"

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posted on 6-Nov-2002 11:43:34 PM by Elizabeth Evans
(I'm having a lot of fun, too *happy* We do play well off each other!)


I grinned at Willow's question. "Well, there was major chemistry. And I swear he was about to kiss me for real when we got to that part in the scene..." I sigh dreamily, just thinking about the wonderful memory. "Anyway, enough about me. How are your classes going?"
posted on 7-Nov-2002 12:04:14 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow had almost laughed at the impish expression on Dawn's face when she said that. "That good, huh. ..... Well, my classes are going pretty well, too. But thank God my finals are coming up soon, I can't wait to have more free time." Free time that she would need soon- free time that they would use to bring Buffy back. "I can't wait for all of us to have more free time."

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posted on 7-Nov-2002 12:08:42 AM by Elizabeth Evans

I nod in agreement about finals. "Yeah, I can't wait for finals to be over. All that free time to focus on magick..." I smile in anticipation at the thought. Maybe by then Willow will be able to tell me what it is she has planned.
posted on 7-Nov-2002 12:17:25 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

"Yes, we will be able to focus more on your magick then, Dawn. It should be fun." Willow got up and started to pick up the pillows. "In order to pass those finals, though, we need to be able to concentrate in school tomorrow, which means we need to go back to sleep," Willow said, grabbing the last pillow and her spellbook off the floor. She blew a kiss to Oz, telling him that she would see him in the morning.

Willow then turned to Dawn. "Are you ready? Do you think you'll be able to go back to sleep yet?"

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posted on 7-Nov-2002 12:32:16 AM by Elizabeth Evans

I nod sleepily and yawn. "I think I can get back to sleep now." I pick up my pillows and call goodnight to Oz before I head up the steps with Willow. We make our way up to our rooms and repeat our ritual of calling goodnight to each other as we close the doors to our rooms. I get back into bed and soon fall asleep again.
posted on 7-Nov-2002 12:44:18 AM by Roswell428
That was great! And as much as I hate to do this, I'm afraid I need to call the 'postfest' quits for now. They've both gone back to sleep now, but they'll see each other in the morning- so we'll continue this then if that's okay (we don't want to get too ahead of everybody else!).

~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow shut her door and climbed into bed, wondering sleepily how she was ever going to get up in the morning.
posted on 7-Nov-2002 4:10:05 AM by Sugarplum7
That was great you two! Now, maybe I can join in on the postfest or post-a-thon, if I am on when you are after this part is posted. *big*


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Oh, no. Not again. Will they just quit it with the glowy light thing? I don’t want to glow. I don’t want to get knocked unconscious by a beam of light again.

“Will you just stop it with the light already. I get the picture.”

I get up and walk into the beam of my own volition this time. I know that there is nothing I can do to keep them from doing whatever it is that they do. I just know that I after this I am going to find myself back here when this is over.

I stand directly below it and wait for the drowsy feeling to overcome me once again.

“Am I supposed to get all sleepy now?” I ask as I look above me.

“Not this time.”

“You have . . . somewhere else to be.”

The light grows warm, almost hot around me and then I am hit with a blast of hot air that blows my hair about my face. I close my eyes in reaction and bring my arms up to block and cover my face.

Just as quickly as the hot wind came it left just as fast. Slowly I bring my arms down to my side and open my eyes. I stare at everything in sight with astonishment. This can’t be. There is no possible way that this is true. How?

I take a few steps forward to look out the window. Sunlight filters through the translucent curtains and casts soft shadows on the carpeted floor. I turn to my right and look. I just look. Can this be?

I blink my eyes a couple times, not believing what I’m seeing. My bed, my room. Home.

“I’m home.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Remember, Buffy is basically a ghost, and she can't be seen or heard by anyone.

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posted on 7-Nov-2002 1:58:07 PM by Roswell428
Okay, when did Buffy get home??? I'm assuming, that it's in the early hours of the morning? If she's a ghost, she can't be seen or heard by anyone... but can she be felt? I mean if Wllow and Dawn are witches, (not to mention every other Scooby because of their experience with the mystical), would they be able to feel her- or at least feel that there is something out of place/ some disturbance in the mystical energy? This way, not only would they feel her, but Buffy would be trying to get them to see her (not that she wouldn't anyway!) In fact, she could wonder what Willow was doing? It's entirely up to you, Sugerplum! Hmmmm, this will be very interesting. Good job Sugarplum! If I'm wrong, just tell me, and I'll edit!

~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow sat up with a start. She could of just sworn that she felt something, a mystical disturbance of some sort, something that felt like .... "Buffy?"

She got up, out of bed, went through her door and into the hall, stopping before Buffy's door. Opening it, she looked around. She called again, "Anyone there?"

When she got no response, she decided that it was just wishful thinking on her part. She had been so keyed up lately with her research, that she was letting it affect her dreams and her imagination. Though she thought that she had sensed *something*....

She turned back around and softly closed the door, putting her musings aside. She was just being foolish. She moved back to her room and into her bed quietly, trying not to disturb Dawn anymore.

One soft tear slid down her cheek. "Buffy, we will find you, wherever you are, and bring you home," she stated out loud, as much for her own benefit- as well as to make a promise that she *was* going to keep.

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posted on 7-Nov-2002 7:05:58 PM by Sugarplum7
Roswell428 originally wrote:
would they be able to feel here- or at least feel that there is something out of place/ some disturbance in the mystical energy? This way, not only would they feel her, but Buffy would be trying to get them to see her (not that she wouldn't anyway!) In fact, she could wonder what Willow was doing?

I think it is fine that they can feel her. It can be a mysterious sort of thing that they don't understand at first. After a while maybe Buffy could start to move things. Like in Ghost. You know?

Did that make sense? But leve your part as is. I like it!

posted on 7-Nov-2002 7:31:57 PM by Roswell428
Yes, that made perfect sense. I'm glad you liked the idea and thanks!
posted on 7-Nov-2002 7:49:17 PM by LuvRug
"Still very bored"I sigh."Maybe Sunnydale should have me back..."

I silently in to the Crashdown.Liz having some hug fest with a guy.Black haired guy.With the goofest smile on my face.But when he turns from Liz he breathes in deep like he is holding back a thousand tears.Same with Liz.Same with me.Same with the whole world.always holding back tears.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“My bed!” I missed my bed! I heard the floor creak lightly. Someone was coming. Was it Dawn? No. Dawn’s room is in the other direction. It was like someone was coming from Mom’s room.

Willow? It had to have been Willow. Who else would move in and take care of Dawn? I stand in the middle of the room as sunlight filters through the drawn curtains and wait, imagining her expression when she sees me.

The doorknob turns slowly as she opens the door.

“Anyone here?” I hear her ask before she opens the door completely.

I can’t help the smile that stretches across my face at seeing her. Willow—my best friend. I missed her so much. I was about to rush over and hug her so tight. I didn’t care if I knocked us to the floor. I was home with my family and friends. We were together again. About halfway to her I stopped abruptly. It was as if she didn’t see me. She was looking at me, but it almost looked like . . . almost like she was looking through me.

“Willow?” I ask as she turns around and closes the door. There is a light click as it shuts into place.

I stand there in shock. Either she didn’t see me, or she didn’t want to see me. Whichever it was I needed to talk to her. I walk to the door and reach to turn the knob, but something unexpected occurs.

My hand went through the doorknob?

“If you do not belong here, where do you feel you belong? Heaven? Hell? Another dimension? Where?”

“I belong at home. With my family and my friends. The people I love. They need me and I need them. That is where I belong.”

The brought me to them. But they didn’t bring me back. I’m a ghost. I’m practically not really here. I can be with them, but not talk with them. I might as well not be here. I sigh deeply as I simply walk through the closed door and into the hallway. Almost compulsively, I head over to Dawn’s room. Even if she can’t see me I want to see her.

The door is open, which means I don’t have to walk through it. I really hope that I get used to that. It is just . . . weird. I step into her room and watch as she continues to breathe deep, even breaths. She looks so peaceful.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

posted on 7-Nov-2002 7:52:52 PM by Sugarplum7
posted on 7-Nov-2002 9:21:25 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I wake up again from a dream of Buffy, and this time I'm smiling. It was a dream about one of Buffy's birthday least, one that wasn't ruined by demons or some other evil. Then the reality comes crashing down on me again that Buffy's gone. I sit up and sigh. But suddenly, I realize that there's something different about the room...a different feel to it. There's a very strong presence here. "Buffy?" I ask, peering into the darkness uncertainly. Am I just half-dreaming still, or could I be right? On the chance that I am right and that Buffy is in the room with me, I talk to her. She'll want to know we all still love her and think of her, and she'll want to know what's been going on in our lives.

"Buffy, if you're there, I want you to know that I love you and I miss you. We all do. If you can, please let me know that you're ok? I had this nightmare tonight that something was wrong, and it really worried me. If you can't find a way to communicate with us, don't worry. Willow and I will find a way. She's been teaching me magick, Buffy, and I'm getting really good at it. Don't be mad at her. Pretty soon I'll be good enough to help fight demons and stuff. Oh, and Willow and I did a protection spell for the house and she said it'll last a really long time. She and Oz moved into the house, and they're taking care of me now. They're doing a very good job, too. Oz built himself a cage in the basement for those nights when he goes all wolfey, like tonight. He's down there now. Um, what else?"

I pause and think of what else to say. "I'm doing well in school. I've been studying hard and going to all my classes. My teachers all had good things to say on my report card. If you really are here, try to let me know."

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posted on 7-Nov-2002 11:49:09 PM by Krazykitti

Well so far, I have been exploring this surreal dimension that us humans call heaven.

I wonder if I am even in Heaven. I know that I'm not in hell because then there would be little devils all around me torturing me and they would look like Tess.

(involuntary shiver) "Okay, I don't want to think about that."

Anyway, the one good thing about this is that I can go in and out of these worlds. It's almost as if I'm in between the mortal world and Heaven. At least I can visit Iz.

(sighs) "Fate really does pick its time for someone to leave the mortal world."

As I dwell on thoughts of the past, I think about the little moments Iz and I spent together. "When we were finally just starting to get our relationship back together fate steps in and makes an interference."

(sighs again) "I really need to find someone to talk to in here. Maybe I should go take a visit to Iz and see how she is holding up. I have a feeling though that she is doing worse than before..."
About the Tess offense to Tess lovers out there!
posted on 7-Nov-2002 11:56:53 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow had just settled back down, when she heard noises coming from the other end of the hall. Straining her ears to listen, she thought she heard Dawn talking. Pushing off the covers, she headed down the hall to investigate.

Nearing Dawn's room, she saw that the teenager was sitting up in bed, seemingly talking to herself. It sounded like she was talking to Buffy. Willow knew that Dawn prayed for Buffy every night, so she thought that this was just an extension of that, something to help her feel closer to her sister.

Deciding not to disturb her, Willow was about to head back to her room, when she heard her name. She paused outside of the door to listen, then laughed silently as Dawn asked Buffy not to be mad at her for teaching Dawn magick.

She knew she shouldn't eavesdrop anymore and she turned away from her door. Just then she felt that disturbance in the mystical energy again and heard Dawn say, "Buffy?", as if waiting for an answer.

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posted on 8-Nov-2002 3:40:51 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

Sorry I haven't been around much, but really its just you 2 crazy posters! I can't keep up with you! LOL!
Well I sent a B-mail to the people who play maria giles and Angel
Hopefully they will post soon!

I will post for Liz and Dru tonight!
I have a play to get ready for at the moment and it takes precedent!

posted on 8-Nov-2002 4:01:10 PM by Roswell428
Yay, hopefully they will post soon! Everybody's parts have been great and I can't wait until I can read more! I know I'm looking forward to reading some Liz and Dru tonight *wink* and I would love to read some other characters as well.

Break a leg with your play, Britt.

Oh, and hopefully Oz will be de-wolfing by tonight, so I can post more of him.
posted on 8-Nov-2002 11:53:29 PM by kristalynn

I slam my locker closed and take a deep breath.

I really don't want to be here. But, I tie the stupid alien apron around my waist. Stupid alien!

I look towards the door leading out to the Crashdown. How can I go out there? How can I go and act like everything is normal, when it isn't?

Alex is gone. He's never coming back. That bitch killed him. I can't even bare to say her name out loud, let alone think it.

Life sucks. My best friend was murdered *by a psycho alien nonetheless* and I have to go out and put a smile on my face while serving morons all day.

God, Alex...

Do not cry DeLuca, I warn myself. I blink back my tears and sniff the sweet smell of my cedar oil. I put the vial in my pocket and push through the swinging doors.

The first person I notcie is Michael. He's sitting all alone at a booth. He's been so great since Alex died. I don't know what I would do without him!

Then I notice Liz. Liz talking to some dark haired guy that is not Max.

That's not...

It couldn't be...

"Xander!" I nearly scream and make my way towards him. Feeling normal again for a second.

Than I see the look on his face. I turn to Liz.

"You told him about Aex?" I practically sob already knowing the answer. And I can't help as the tears begin to roll down my cheeks.
posted on 9-Nov-2002 7:49:15 PM by LuvRug
Oh god Marias gonna cry again.
Alex would dance around the Crashdown to make her happy
and force me to dance to.
But I feel like my legs are gone.
Maria starts to ball
I get out of my seat and hug her she crys on my shoulder.I look at Liz she tries to smile but can't .I see a tear slide down her face.with one hand I'm holding maria and with the other my hand is on Lizs shoulder and she is holding that hand on her shoulder and with the other she wipes away tears.
Liz,Maria and I have gotta really close after alex died.
I feel a tear slide down my cheek now...
I look up and Liz Maria and I say
"We miss you Alex."

posted on 9-Nov-2002 10:40:07 PM by TabascoChick
I see Maria start crying."'s okay...I mean..I mean it's gonna be alright some time..,"I say about to hug her.Then a guy runs over and hugs her.Boyfriend?Probably.I feel like crying too.I think of Buffy.Buffy,the girl who deserved to live out her life happily because of everything she had to go through.The girl who always tried to make the best of things.Buffy didn't deserve to die.I feel a tear running down my cheek.No...I can't do this here.I have to be strong.I look at the three.Crying together.Why is it that everyone is crying?Depressed.Saddened by death.I look at Liz and then Maria."I feel your pain..I mean alex...yeah..but...uh...Buffy....died,"I let out.

I walk to the Crashdown.I'm starting to cry.Don't Max!Just stop it.Alex wouldn't have wanted it.He would've told you...I look into the Crashdown and see Micheal,Maria,Liz,and some other guy crying.I want to go in.I want to sit with them and cry too.I want to hug them and think about him,but my feet don't move.Now tears are streaming down my cheeks.Move Max....away from the window.My legs feel glued to the ground.
posted on 9-Nov-2002 10:58:36 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I hear it Buffy trying to let me know she's here? Or is it Willow? "Buffy?" I call softly into the darkness, hoping to get some kind of answer. Maybe it's just wishful thinking and Buffy isn't really here. Tears sting my eyes, and I try to blink them back. I stay quietly still, listening for any kind of response.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“Dawn! Dawn, please. You have to be able to hear me. Dawn!” I shout as I wave my hands in front of her face. Why can’t she hear me? She knows I’m here.

She sits down again and begins to relate everything that is going on. I simply sit on the floor of her room. I have already walked through doors. I don’t want to fall through a bed, thank you. Willow is teaching her magick. Tell me, why am I not too surprised about that? At least she is learning something that will keep her safe from the beasties running around. It might be better than having her do hand to hand combat.

School! I totally forgot about her and her classes. At least she is keeping her grades up. If she wasn’t then Willow must be slipping. She was such a great tutor. I don’t think I would have passed half my classes if it wasn’t for Willow. She was always there to have a study date. Even if it was for Chemistry, History, English, and French in one day.

“If you’re really here, try to let me know,” Dawn says into the not so empty room. I know that she feels me. I know it. I just wish that I could do something about it.

I stand and take a few steps over to her, so I can look into her eyes before I speak.

“Dawn, you know that if I could I would love to become visible to you. I want so much to just wrap my arms around you and hug you. To tell you that everything is going to be okay, that I’m back and I can protect you. That I can take care of you the way Mom wanted me to. But even though you can’t see me or hear me, just know that I am here, watching over you.

“I would even throw something, make something move if I could. If there was anyway I could get you to see that I was here, I would. But I can’t because we have pranksters working in heaven or limbo or wherever I was.”

The floor creaked lightly in the hall and I turn to the door, waiting for whomever it was to come in. I just hope that they don’t thing Dawn is regressing to a time when I was not a ghost.

“Buffy?” Dawn asks.

“Footsteps? She thought the sign I would give her were footsteps? Thanks for the vote of confidence Dawn. I would have tried to something better than that. That is if I could do anything.”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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posted on 10-Nov-2002 1:56:52 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow knocked softly on the door. "Dawn, can I come in?" Upon recieving a nod, Willow moved into the room and crossed over to the bed. For a second, she paused, she felt as if she were...... passing through something, some kind of force. She looked around the room, noticing that everything was still normal, though, and that she could still feel the wards of protection encircling the house.

Sitting on the end of the bed, Willow finally spoke. "Dawn, I know that you miss her terribly- we all miss her terribly. And I know that you talking out loud to her is your way of keeping her close, making sure she knows how much you miss her. But I also know this, that no matter what, she will always be a part of our lives- she will always be with you."

'Soon she will be with you again in the flesh, I will make sure of that,' Willow vowed to herself, seeing the pain in the teenager's eyes.

"She loves you Dawnie and she will always be with us-- in fact, I bet she's watching over us right now, making sure that we're all safe.

"I think it's a good thing, that you're talking to her, telling her how things are going in your life. I know she enjoys hearing from you. I just wanted to say that, you know, if you need anything, I'm here for you."

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Oh god we don't even know Buffy and we're crying.
God now crying with this guy Xander.
He is nice.
I kinda think I like this guy.
No!No more humans that I like!
he starts crying again
Damn I like this guy
I like alex to
I love Alex
more like I loved alex
Not like that !
Just he was nice and cool and Funny
One of onley 4 people that can make luagh
I see max in the window staring
we all look up
Come on Max be big Boy and get here and cry.

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posted on 10-Nov-2002 8:17:17 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Willow comes into my room and sits down on the bed with me. She tells me she understands why I'm talking to Buffy, that it's my way of feeling close to her. That's true, but tonight it's more than that. I can feel it. But I don't interrupt Willow to tell her what I'm sensing just yet.

"She loves you Dawnie and she will always be with us-- in fact, I bet she's watching over us right now, making sure that we're all safe," Willow tells me. She promises to be there for me whenever I need her. I give Willow a hug, grateful beyond words for how she's become my guardian and my mentor.

"Thank you so much, Willow. I want you to know I'll always be there for you, too. And Buffy will always be a part of our lives...I think she is here right now, looking out for both of us. Can you feel her presence here?" I need to know that Willow can sense her, too, to know that Buffy's really here. I need to be sure that what I'm sensing is real and not just because I want so badly for Buffy to be here with us.

posted on 10-Nov-2002 11:53:33 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow looked at Dawn, a little startled. So Dawn had been feeling that presence as well? Well, at least she knew it wasn't her imagination anymore.

"Yes, Dawn, I can feel her too. I'm glad you can feel her presence as well, at first I had just thought it was wishful thinking on my part. But now I know that she's here- that she's looking out for us, that she's with us, just like she always has been and will be."

Willow paused for a minute, bringing the conversation back to it's earlier vein. "I'm also glad that we can be there for each other- it means a lot to me too, Dawnie."
posted on 11-Nov-2002 12:35:13 AM by Krazykitti

I went over to Isabel's and she was asleep. I decide to see how Liz and Maria are doing.

I'm in the Crashdown now and I see them all in a big group having a cry fest and I see some guy.....wait a minute...I know that guy. "Xander!"

I can't believe it. Xander's in Roswell and he's crying with the group.

Things keep getting weirder and weirder.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“Will!” I am so glad that she’s here! She has to know it’s me. If anyone can it’s her. Right?

I am so glad that she is there for Dawn. It is a comfort to know that Dawn has someone to talk to. This is just too weird. I am here, but I’m not at the same time. I can hear them and I can speak to them, but it is exactly like speaking to a brick wall.

“Nice going!” I shout up looking to the ceiling of the room. “You bring me back so I am with them, but they can’t even see me. This is a great torture you created. Were you looking back at things that happened when I was alive? Decided to take a page from Angel’s book didn’t you.

“They can feel me. Wonderful. Why can’t they just call up Giles and figure out how to make me visible?”

"Yes, Dawn, I can feel her too. I'm glad you can feel her presence as well, at first I had just thought it was wishful thinking on my part. But now I know that she's here- that she's looking out for us, that she's with us, just like she always has been and will be."

“This is great. They think I’m Casper.” I can feel the anger inside just bubbling below the surface. It grows in intensity as I start to pace the floor of the bedroom. I look at the pictures on Dawn’s desk, particularly at one of the two of us. Frustrated at my predicament, I swat at the picture frame.

That is when another weird thing happens. The picture slides off the desktop and lands on the carpet right next to Dawn’s bed.

“What in the world was that?”

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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~*~ Willow ~*~

A picture frame crashed to the ground next to Dawn's bed.

“What in the world was that?”

Willow bent to pick up the picture, and noticed that it was a picture of Buffy and Dawn. Willow began speaking excitedly, "Okay, I know that she's here- I can feel her presence- but I didn't mean like this. This is more than I could have hoped for..... If she can manifest herself enough to be able to move objects, then bringing her back should be much easier--"

Willow stopped, her hand covering her mouth, "I wasn't going to tell you that yet; I was going to wait until you were a little more advanced. ..... But as I have already shot off my big mouth, I might as well tell you. I have been planning to bring her back for a while now-- it's something I'm going to need your help with Dawnie."

Turning to the empty room, Willow announced, "You hear that, Buffy? We are going to bring you back!"

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I let out a gasp and stare at Willow in a mixture of astonishment and excitement. Did she really just say what I think she just said?

"We can bring Buffy back? Willow, how...? We can't use a spell like the one I tried to use to bring Mom back..we can't risk turning Buffy into a zombie. Have you found another way to do it?" I smiile, elated at the possibility, tears of joy shining in my eyes.

A million questions ran through my mind about the spell we were going to use to bring Buffy back, and I looked to Willow for the answers. "I knew there was something big we were building up to with the magick lessons! When can we do this? What do we need to do? Buffy, I hope you can hear us! We're going to bring you back, just as soon as we can!"

Now that I knew it was a possibility, I didn't want to wait. If Willow and I could do the spell right now, I was ready.

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~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow looked at Dawn and saw the elation and excitement shining from her eyes. She knew that the teenager wanted to do the spell at that very moment, happiness at the prospect of seeing her sister was crowding her mind.

She grabbed Dawn's hand and began to speak with her. "Remember all that research I've been doing lately? It's been to try to find a spell that will work to bring her back. I haven't found one yet, so we can't do the spell just now, but I promise we will do it soon. I will need your help, now that you know, with researching. With your help, we may be able to find the spell faster. We also will need to wait until Xander gets back- we're going to need the rest of the Scoobies help on this one.

"And yes, your magic spells have been leading up to something, because I will need your help to complete whatever spell we find. One witch is not powerful enough to try to raise the dead on her own- that's where you come in. Together, we should be able to do it.

"It may be a little while before we are able to attempt the spell, but don't worry, we will do it. And we will not fail."

~*~ End Willow ~*~

Here's an idea that I had, that I'll throw out to the board. I know that Willow and Dawn can't try to do the spell now, because they're going to have to go to Roswell to get help (and bring Alex back) later on. But I was just wondering, if once they (Willow and Dawn) find a spell to use, if they could try it.... and fail. Maybe that's what makes them realize that they need help from Roswell. Or maybe not... it's up to you guys. Anyway, these are just my ponderings.....
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OKay we need an Angel!
Our Angel flacked out on us! So we need one!
ANyone intrested or know someone who is intrested? Anyone Anyone Bueler Bueler


How did it happen?How did it happen?How did it happen?How did it happen?How did it happen?How did it happen?
How did it happen?How did it happen?How did it happen?How did it happen?How did it happen?How did it happen?

The words from Xanders lips kept repeating in her head again and again and again.
What should she tell him?

The Truth?

Or what everyone believes is the truth
That Alex died in a car accident. Suicide.

Liz sighed and ran her fingers through her long brown hair!

wiping a tear away she replied
"Car accident" She couldn't tell him yet!

"Oh Lizzie I am so sorry" Alex said quietly

"Its alright" Liz said

After taking a moment to compose herself Liz looked up again at Xander

"So tell me. What are you doing here?"

At that instant Max Evans walked through the door.
Years could pass and she would never stop being effected when he walks into a room. She didn't even know where they stood. But he took her breathe away.

"Max" Liz said her attention momentarily drawn away from her cousin.


Her long red dress gently kissed the floor as she walked through her old home.

The mansion

Drusilla inhaled deeply swaying her head to music only she could hear

"Much has happened here Mrs Edith since Angelus tried to awaken Acatha. This place reeks of death and blood. Something else...

Drusilla continued her investigation of the mansion. She looked down at a notebook on the desk

Angel & Buffy Forever Was scrawled on vaious parts of the notebook

"Oh yes now I know what it is." Drusilla spat


She danced around in a little circle.

"How Angel loves his little slayer. How Angelus did also. Don't worry Mrs. Edith none of that matters now. Angel and his precious Buffy are both far far away."

"Is that so my pet?" Asked a voice from the door way

Drusillas eyes opened wideand she brought her small hand up to stroke her chest before turning around.

"Spike" She practically sang
"Did you miss mummy? Did you want to play?"


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I would love to be Cordy, but it seems as if I can't post until Angel gets here. So until then, b-bye!

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"It depends if you want to play.."I say as a whisper.

posted on 13-Nov-2002 4:14:32 PM by LuvRug
As Liz starts to tell Xander what happen.
Maxs walks in
I can Liz whisper out "Max"
I woulds say hi but at this point I don't care.
Trying to Help Maria is more important.
I try to get her to drink some water and Liz walks over to Max.
Xander sits on the other side of the booth.I look at him.
And we both begin to laugh.
we sigh

"Michael"I say


"Hi"I laugh
Maria starts to drink.I bush a stand of hair out of her face"Yea thats right Maria need to drink"

"10 points"I hear Xander whisper

"what?"I ask

"Oh you get 10 points."

"for what?"I say again

"for me liking you"

"Oh Thanks"


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I smile at this Micheal guy.He reminds me alittle of Alex.Taking care of Liz and Maria.I smile to myself.Alex was always my favorite guy.Everytime I would come and then leave,I would tell him to take care of my girls.Lizzie and Maria.He had that goofy smile and funny laugh.We could sit and talk for hours.But he's gone.I realize that Liz is avoiding my question.It bothers me alittle,but I don't go on about it.If she asked me how Buffy died,I probably would try the avoid the question too.I try not to mention Buffy.I don't want Liz and Maria to start crying even more.It hurts every time I think of Buffy.I guess she was this little piece of me and now that she's gone,I feel kind of empty.I can picture her face.She was always strong.Stronger then me.And happy.She tried to be happy despite everything that was going on around her.I want to make Maria,Liz,and Micheal feel better.I want to feel better myself.I feel bad about leaving the others to go to Roswell.They were sad when I left.Willow and Dawn were trying not to cry the last time I saw them.I looked at Micheal and Maria as Liz walks up to another guy."We have to remember Alex well.We can mourn his death,but I'm sure he would rather us remember him and think happy wonderful things about him.He never wanted anyone to cry,"I say to them

I watch as Liz comes up to me.She opens the door slowly.I feel like everything slowed down.I can tell she was crying.Over Alex.I don't want her to see that I was doing the same thing.I'm supposed to be strong.I feel like bursting out in tears.It hurts alot to think about everything."Hey...,"I say,quietly.
Can I make it that max and liz are outside the crashdown?
posted on 13-Nov-2002 6:41:13 PM by LuvRug
"I know" I say "Damnit" I whisper

He looks up.
"I like you god damnit"

"Uh is that bad?"He asks

"Weel Kinda' see I'm not sopposed to like anymore humans then I already do..See when alex di.."God I'm crying again"

"I get it..don't wanna get attached..cause they might die."Xander says.I see what he is thinkin' He si thinking I'm gonna leave everyone

I kiss Maria on top of the head"But it is to late for this one.."I put my hands up"To attached"he sighs
"If you want to you could talk about Buffy..I mean sometimes it helps to talk to someome about it."I look down"she is sleep"I laugh.He laughs

Damn I like this guy...


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Willow takes my hand and tells me that she will need my help for the spell, that together we would be able to bring Buffy back. It will be difficult to wait, but right now we don't have a spell yet.

"Just let me know how I can help. If you want, I can help you look for the right spell so you're not doing all of that alone. Whatever you need me to do..." I give her a bright smile, confident that together we'll find a way to make a spell work and bring Buffy back.

Somehow, I kept hearing that woman's words from my dream, telling me that I was the Key, the answer to what is missing. Maybe that dream was about the spell....
posted on 14-Nov-2002 6:39:33 PM by TabascoChick
I don't think Xander knows about the aliens,does he?Well,if he does then I'll just avoid it for now and if he doesn't then I'll just go on like he didn't hear it

I look at Micheal and smile.Talk about Buffy?I bite my lip and look up at Maria and Micheal.I open my mouth to speak and what comes out surprises me."Buffy was one of my greatest friends.She was so great.She was always trying to make the best of her life with...well,her life was hectic.And she was so strong.I mean outside she could've beaten me up,but also inside.She wouldn't let anyone hurt the people she loved,"I say start.I try to avoid the topic of evil.Vampires,demons,etc.
posted on 15-Nov-2002 12:38:26 AM by kristalynn

I watch as Xander tells us of his friend Buffy. I watch the emotion that crosses his face.

All the emotions that I feel. Love, loss and devestation.

I wonder what happened to Buffy? But I don't want to ask him...

It couldn't be half as wierd as Alex. I wonder if she was in a car accident? Or had cancer? Or was murdered?

I choke back a sob. What was the world coming too?

"She sounds like a wonderful woman." I tell Xander, keeping my feelings inside.
posted on 16-Nov-2002 12:21:53 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow smiled at Dawn in return. "You can help me research the spells. Your help would be greatly appreciated, Dawnie- it will make the research go so much faster. But right now, you can help me most by trying to get some sleep. We both need some.

"Talk to Buffy a little more and then it would be nice if you could get some sleep tonight, so you'll be fresh for tomorrow- we can begin to research the new spells then.

"Goodnight Dawn. Goodnight Buffy," Willow called softly as she closed the door.
posted on 17-Nov-2002 1:56:55 PM by Krazykitti

Well I'm bored. I tried to call Isabel, but her mom said that she was asleep. Anyway, I think I'm going to go to the Crashdown and see what's up.

As I'm pulling into the parking space, I can see some of the group inside. I go in and I see a sight that I don't think would've have happened in a million years. Everyone crying together...that is scary. Maybe I should go and meditate before I start crying myself.

Oh no! I think Maria saw me. Looks like I'll be crying with the rest of them in a couple of minutes.

Who's that guy standing with them? I have never seen him before.
(I was bored and thought it was time for Kyle to come in. *happy* Hopefully it was okay.)
posted on 17-Nov-2002 3:26:52 PM by kristalynn

I watch as Kyle hesitantly comes inside the Crashdown. He looks as if he is about to leave, but he catches my eye.

I wave him over and he advances.

He looks terrible, hell we all look terrible. I think Kyle may feel worse than the rest of us.

He feels this guilt inside of him. Tess lived with him, she was like his sister. Then she murdered one of his best friend's and made him unknowingly help dispose of Alex's body.

Kyle, of course has not admitted this aloud, but I can see it in his eyes. I want to help him. I want him to confide in someone. He can't hold it all in.

I am fortunate enough to have Michael and Liz. Kyle needs someone. Kyle is like a brother to me. And if my mom and his dad keep their realtionship up, soon he will be my brother.

I want to say something to him when he approaches us, but I don't. Maybe I'll corner him later.

I notice that he glances toward Xander. I slap my head.

"Hey Kyle, this is Xander. He's Liz's cousin. Just came by for a visit."

Kyle and Xander exchange hello's.

After a moment I continue.

"He knew Alex." I see Kyle wince. "He know's that Alex's is gone."

posted on 17-Nov-2002 4:53:23 PM by TabascoChick
I looked at this new guy,Kyle.So many new people.I smile at him."Hey...,"I say slowly.I think of maybe calling Willow.Telling her I made it to Roswell safely.Yes.I should.I look at Micheal and Maria and then to Kyle."There's still a phone in the backroom,right?"I ask.Maria nods."Can I use it to call my friend and tell her I'm here?"I ask.Maria nods and I walk slowly into the backroom and dial her number and then wait for it to ring.
posted on 17-Nov-2002 11:09:56 PM by Krazykitti

"Hi." I say as I meet this new guy, Xander.
Maria tells me that he knew Alex and I put my head down. 'So much guilt.' I think to myself.
Maria keeps giving me this look as if she knows of guilt, but it's probably written all over my face.
"So Max, how is Isabel doing?," I ask worried about someone whom I'm starting to think of as my best friend.
posted on 19-Nov-2002 7:56:18 AM by LuvRug
"Kyle she hasn't really been speaking to me or Maria or Liz sometimes she won't even to speak to Max so I can't really say."
I say
We need help.

posted on 19-Nov-2002 6:08:12 PM by Krazykitti

"Oh." I say. Something more to put on my mind.
Now it's too quiet. I just look around to keep myself from looking anyone in the eye. I have a feeling that everything will turn for the worse though.


When I hear Kyle ask about Isabel, my ears perk up. After hearing Michael's answer though, it makes me sad. I think I am going to go. This whole thing is making me feel desolate.

I leave and go back to the other world. It weird coming from Earth to here. I'll be going back later to check on everyone.

(sigh) I really need to find some friends up here.

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posted on 19-Nov-2002 9:52:14 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
we have a new cordy.
And I am now temping for angel!
I would love to post for him tonight, but I am b-mailing people who aern't posting, and finishing up my admissions essays for college. So I am busy!
Tomoorow though. I will be back
posted on 20-Nov-2002 2:22:44 PM by Elizabeth Evans

"Night, Willow," I call as Willow closes my bedroom door. I snuggle under the covers, still feeling Buffy's presence. "Don't worry, Buffy," I reassure her, "Willow and I will find the right spell to bring you back. We'll have you back with us soon, I promise you that." Feeling sleepy, I close my eyes and begin to fall asleep. "Good night, Buffy. I love you..." I tell her softly just before I'm asleep again...
posted on 20-Nov-2002 10:02:29 PM by Krazykitti
Where is everyone?*sad*
posted on 20-Nov-2002 10:05:08 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I don't know....but I hope they come post more soon because this role play has such awesome potential. Please come post, everyone!*bounce**bounce**bounce*

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posted on 20-Nov-2002 10:43:47 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

"Kyle are you okay?" I ask.

He nods, but doesn't look okay.

"Xander's a nice guy...if your worried about anything. I mean after Tess and everything." I say and quickly regret it.

Stupid Maria.

"I mean...I don't know what I mean!" I sigh.

"Kyle, it's okay...Everything is going to be okay." I say putting my hands on my shoulders, not really believeing it, but trying anything to make Kyle feel better.
posted on 21-Nov-2002 6:43:11 AM by LuvRug
"Yeah Kyle sit down...We need more people...and we'll be alright I mean ......I don't know"I say"I need some ice cream"I say as I walk back to the ice box in the back.

"Get us some!" Maria shouts out

"Kay"I pick up three ben+Jerrys....Hey just cause I'm a guy doesn't mean I don't like Ice-cream

I sit back. I pick up my spoon get ice cream on it and fling the ice cream right on to Maria face

"You look pretty hot in ice cream"Maria tries to return fire but it hits Kyle right in the face!They both start chasing me The Great ice cream battle has begun.
but I still miss him.

posted on 21-Nov-2002 9:25:22 AM by Krazykitti

It starts out as one of those moments where you are feeling like crud and then you friends try to cheer you by saying it's okay. The next thing you have ice cream on your face.
"That's it Guerin. This means Ice Cream War!"

posted on 21-Nov-2002 1:18:11 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

The phone rang several times before Willow managed to roll over and grab it. It was later than she usually slept, but after all of the excitement last night, she figured she could use it.

Right as she grabbed the phone, Willow remembered that she would need to go let Oz out of his cage soon- right after she got off the phone. She couldn't wait to see him- to cuddle with him and be with him, and she had some things she needed to discuss with him- namely Dawn.

Willow pulled the phone to her ear and groggily answered, "Hello?"

She heard a very familiar masculine voice answer her. "Xander," she said fully waking up. "I'm so glad to hear from you. Did you get there okay?"

~*~ End Willow ~*~

Sorry guys for the long delay in updating... I've had several papers to write and have been busy trying to keep my grades up.
posted on 21-Nov-2002 3:55:57 PM by LuvRug
"well bring it on"I say.I fling ice-cream right in face he laughs
"Now your getting it!"

posted on 21-Nov-2002 4:28:20 PM by TabascoChick
I smile as I hear Willow's voice."Yep..I got here and I'm fine,"I say with a laugh.I pause."Oh...god..I forgot the time were sleeping..right?"I joke.I pause and add,"You sure that you guys don't wanna come down here?I a vacation or something to give yo guys a break...from...form everything."I feel bad.Break was the wrong word.There is no such thing as a break from sadness.I sigh.
posted on 21-Nov-2002 6:58:58 PM by Krazykitti

"Dont even try it Guerin!" I then take a handful of Ice Cream and put it down the back of his shirt.
posted on 21-Nov-2002 9:16:13 PM by LuvRug
"You bitch!" I laugh and chase him around till I get him right in the face"booya!"

posted on 21-Nov-2002 11:45:41 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I quickly make my exit from the 'ice cream' war...I don't want Mr. Parker to walk in and see me having an ice cream fight when I am supposed to be working.

I then glance at the clock and realize that my shift is done. I glance over at Kyle and Michael, who are covered in ice cream...

No thank you!

I walk into the back room to get changed.

I accidentally bump into Xander, who is still on the phone.

"Sorry." I mouth to him as I pass by, not wanting to intterupt him.

I go into the little washroom and change out of my uniform into a pair of jeans and a black tank top. I quickly glance in the mirror and tie my hair up tight on the top of my head.

When I come out Xander is still on the phone. I out my uniform in my locker and sit on the couch by the back door.

I don't want to look nosey, but I just want to wait until he is done on the phone to see what he feels like doing today.
posted on 22-Nov-2002 9:24:21 AM by Krazykitti

After getting pelted in the face with Ice Cream, I decide I should make a truce. "Okay Guerin you win!" I say with my hands up. "I think we need to stop anyhow because look at the mess we made and I really do not want to get chewed out by Mr. Parker."
posted on 22-Nov-2002 4:26:07 PM by LuvRug
"Booya!"I look around"where's maria?"
posted on 22-Nov-2002 6:04:54 PM by Krazykitti

"She left and went to the back room about 5 minutes ago." I say as I start cleaning up.
posted on 22-Nov-2002 6:09:04 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I wake up when the phone rings. It stops in mid-ring, and I figure that Willow must have answered it. I decide to get up and start the day. It's late in the morning, and I'm hungry. I'm sure everyone else is ready to get up, too. Oz has to be let out of his cage. I'll leave that part to Willow, though. As I head toward the steps to go downstairs, I hear Willow talking quietly, and from the conversation, I gather that it's Xander. I wave good morning to Willow and gesture that I'd like to say hi to him when they're done talking. In the meantime, I head downstairs to start breakfast for Willow, Oz, and myself.

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posted on 25-Nov-2002 6:08:51 PM by Krazykitti

"Michael! Are you going to help me clean this or not?!" I yell to him and it doesn't seem to be sinking in right away...
posted on 25-Nov-2002 6:48:41 PM by LuvRug
"Fine!"I sigh as I pick up a rag.

posted on 25-Nov-2002 9:03:53 PM by Roswell428
Um, question.... Is the rest of the Scooby gang ready to go to Roswell yet? I'm not sure on this and Willow can't answer Xander until this is clear. Are the Scoobies going now... or later?
posted on 25-Nov-2002 9:21:12 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Dawn's ready *happy*
posted on 26-Nov-2002 1:33:20 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi all!

Sorry that this has taken me so long to reply to. Real life has been crazy the past couple weeks. I have been keeping up with what is going on and I think it is all fantastical! I have this idea with Buffy, and I hope that you all don't mind what I do. It was just an idea. If no one likes it I can go "Poof" and make it disappear.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Buffy's Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

This is nice. Never would I have thought that I would be a ghost haunting my family. Wonderful! Just wonderful. They really know how to stick it to a person. At least I was able to sleep through the night. Being able to sleep on a bed would be nice, but I don't even want to try. It is weird enough walking through things. I don't need to add falling through things to the list of things I can do.

I hear the phone ring and I walk over to answer it, calling out "I got it," to Willow and Dawn. Then I realize it. I can't even pick it up let alone answer it.

Willow sleepily answers the phone and I walk back down the hall when I hear her say it. It's Xander! Why is Xander calling? I have known him five years and he never calls in the morning.

I shrug it off and continue down the hall, proceeding to head to the living room. I can at least do my best to try to turn on the TV. News would be nice. Something to let me know on what is going on.

Sitting down on the floor in front of the TV I start to try to press the button. The remote will be later. I don't want to try and hold it and press the button too. I smile inwardly. If Xander were here he would probably want to catch some early morning cartoons.

I would really like to see him now?

Okay? Where did I go, and why is Xander on the phone? Who is she? Why are there lockers? Where am I? How did I get here?

I look around and try to take in the new place. There is nothing familiar about this place except for Xander. I don't know any of it, the couch, the lockers, the kitchen on the side. Why is Xander here? I thought he was at his appartment?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ End Buffy's Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

So yeah, I made it so Buffy went to Xander because she wanted to see him. I didn't know what to do. She couldn't actually get in a car and drive there with the rest of them. You know?


posted on 26-Nov-2002 10:52:33 PM by Elizabeth Evans
That's perfect *happy*. Travelling by thought the way Buffy did is exactly what I imagine it's supposed to be like.
posted on 27-Nov-2002 10:29:00 AM by TabascoChick
I'm pretty sure all the scoobies are ready...
posted on 27-Nov-2002 8:23:55 PM by LuvRug
I''m ready do count???
posted on 27-Nov-2002 10:41:21 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Great Buffy part...I think that it was a good addition to the story...


LOL...I'm just kidding.
posted on 28-Nov-2002 3:25:47 PM by LuvRug
...ummm...who are we waiting for agian?
posted on 1-Dec-2002 8:04:04 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

She heard the saddness in his voice and tried to think of something to say to comfort him. "A vacation would be nice... I'll talk to everybody else and see if they're up for it. It would be really nice to get away for awhile."

She saw Dawn waving to her from the doorway and waved back to her before continuing with the conversation.

"How long are you planning to stay, Xander?"

~*~ End Willow ~*~

Thanks for the help everyone! I'm kind of ready to head to Roswell as well. *happy*

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posted on 2-Dec-2002 4:57:15 PM by TabascoChick
Xander smiled alittle."I don't know.Not too long though.Maybe a week or two.Listen,I think it would be good for everyone to have a vacation.And plus,it's really nice here.They've even got themselves alittle alien diner,"Xander tried to joke.He sighed.Ever since Buffy had died,he hadn't been his normal self.He lacked humor now that Buffy was gone.

OOC:I'll get off one more post and I'll probably be off...then we can get the scooby gang to roswell...and then...move on...
posted on 2-Dec-2002 7:22:52 PM by LuvRug
Check. Never throw ice cream at Kyle again it makes him all giddy....Did I just say the word ..Giddy...odd reaction...

Kyle was telling me about the time I tripped him on the bus in the 7th grade and how I punch him cause he said something about Isabel and Max in the 8th grade.

Yeah that was pretty cool
"Sorry," I say"And remember the time Alex kicked you in the balls at recess."

He gets a sad look


"Yeah that was funny" He says as he smiles

We're on the mend.


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posted on 4-Dec-2002 5:30:39 PM by LuvRug
La la la la la la
posted on 4-Dec-2002 10:03:53 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow smiled a little at his attempt at humor. "I think everyone could use a vacation, too. I'll talk to the rest of the group about it and we'll probably be headed down there soon.

I'm going to call everyone else and clue them in, okay? I'll call you when we get everything settled. I miss you, Xander."
posted on 5-Dec-2002 8:47:25 PM by TabascoChick
I smile.Willow and I try to make each other feel better.I know it's hard for her too.She just tries to keep a smile on and help everyone else."Great!I miss you too...see you soon,"I say as I hang up th pay phone.I look at the phone for a second and then walk back out to Maria."Just calling some friends woh might come down to Roswell...,"I say with a smile.
posted on 5-Dec-2002 9:24:56 PM by LuvRug
Xander comes out from the back room

"Hey Xander!" He turns around Kyle flings Ice cream
"KYLE! I am apalled How dare you treat our guests like that! What are you some kinda of wild animal!"

I shake a finger at him."That was uncalled for..and for that"I pause and dump the whole carton on his head

"You little basturd! I just cleaned this up!"He gasps in dugust and we start to laugh our asses off and then I have ice cream in my hair from Xander!

I gasp"How dare you?!"

Then we started chasing eachother all around the Crashdown.
And I was in mid-swing and I hit Maria right in the face

"Oh shit" Kyle says

posted on 5-Dec-2002 9:49:13 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

"Yeah, see you soon," Willow echos and then hangs up the phone. She gets out of bed and then walks down the hall and heads downstairs. She sees Dawn at the stove, making breakfast.

"Morning, Dawn. When you're finished that would you come downstairs with me when I let Oz out of his cage? I need to talk to you both about something."
posted on 5-Dec-2002 9:55:02 PM by Elizabeth Evans

"Sure, Willow," I nod. "I'm almost ready." Quickly, I finish what I'm doing and head downstairs with Willow. "Was that Xander on the phone?" I'm curious to find out what's going on. It sounds important.
posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:05:49 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

"Yes, it was Xander. He wants all of us to go down to Roswell to visit for awhile. He thinks it'll be good for us to get away, and I agree with him," Willow states as she lets Oz out of his cage.

She embraces him and gives him a quick kiss. "Hey baby, I missed you."

He hugs her back in understanding and looking into her eyes, says, "I missed you too and I'm glad you're all safe."

Willow squeezes his hand in support. She knew how worried he was that when he wolfed out he would hurt someone, especially them. She reassured him with a smile before turning back to Dawn.

"So what do you guys think about going to Roswell for a while?"
posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:20:08 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I walk out of the back room with Xander and he is telling me how his friends might come down to Roswell when Kyle and Michael return to their stupid ice cream war and Michael hit's me right in the face!

I hear Michael gasp and Kyle says "Oh shit!"

"Michael!" I scream. "Can you be any more immature?"

I greab a napkin and wipe my face and then attack him.

"You are such an idiot!" I reapeat over and over as I hit his shoulder and back.

Then I hear giggling from behind me. Xander and Kyle are laughing!

"Do you think that this is funny?" I exclaim in shock.
posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:51:54 PM by LuvRug
"I'm soory"I say with my hands togather

She growls

"I love you Maria"

She starts to chase me
I stop.So she has to stop.And kiss her for long time

Oh yeah now I got her..I hope cause this is kinda nice..

posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:52:21 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I smile at Willow in excitement. "Really? We're going on a roadtrip to Roswell? That sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Maybe I could buy one of those little alien dolls as a souvenier."
posted on 5-Dec-2002 11:21:44 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Oz ~*~

Oz streched briefly when Willow let him out, before hugging her. He had been in that cage for a long time, but he would gladly be in that cage, to assure the safety of those he loved and other innocent people.

Willow embraced him and gave him a quick kiss. "Hey baby, I missed you."

He hugs her back in understanding and looking into her eyes, says, "I missed you too and I'm glad you're all safe." He would never forgive himself if he ever harmed her or anyone else when he changed.

She held his hand in understanding of the emotions running through him and mentioned going to Roswell.

He heard Dawn reply excitedly that she would love to go, but he paused a minute before answering. There were so many things to consider in making a trip like this. What if he wolfed out while they were there?

He answered her, "I think it'd be really cool to go to Roswell. But there are certain factors we need to consider first, like what we would do if I wolfed out while there. Oh and, how would you get your research done," he stopped and gave Willow a meaningful look, unaware that Dawn already knew.

"Oh, it's okay sweetie. I told her last night." Willow smiled at him.

"Oh, well, then how would you be able to research there? Will you bring books with you? Once we get these details worked out, though, I think it would be an awesome trip to go on."
posted on 5-Dec-2002 11:27:04 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I nod at Oz's comment. "I agree. It would be a really fun road trip. We'd have plenty of time for fun, but also plenty of time to research how to bring Buffy back. We're close; I can feel it. I think we'll be ready by the time we get back from the trip." I felt bad for Oz, having to worry about whether he might or might not wolf out on a trip. But as long as we waited until after the full moon, then there was no chance of that, right? Or was there? Maybe after we bring Buffy back, our next order of business should be to find a magickal cure for werewolfyness.
posted on 5-Dec-2002 11:27:21 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow smiled gratefully at him and Dawn. "I knew you guys would feel this way." She gave him a quick kiss. "About the whole researching thing, I was planning to bring books with me. Dawn's right, we are close, and it shouldn't take us too much longer.

"The cage thing, we can work out when we get there. Maybe Giles could help think of something. I mean, we have to call him and tell him that we're going to go, anyway; maybe he'll know something. Do you think he'd want to come too?"

Willow went and picked up the phone and dialed his number. After a couple of rings, she said, "Hi Giles."

~*~ End Willow ~*~

By the way, is Giles going to Roswell or not? I'm not sure about this.

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posted on 6-Dec-2002 8:36:05 AM by LuvRug
Is Spike gonna go???
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:19:35 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Hey everyone! I posted this in another RPG so some of you may have already seen this! But I just moved unexpectidly out of my dads into my moms again so I have been a tad busy! But I am back now and with new parts for my characters! YAY!


BTW I am temping for angel until we get one.
I am reposting Cordys part!


"Hello Angel Investigations...uh huh...uh huh...uh huh...NO! Sorry we don't do things for free. You have to pay us. Do we Look like the frekkn police department? WELL FINE. Get rid of the demon yourself then." Cordelia said slamming the phone down on the reciever

"Can you believe the nerve of some of these people?" Cordelia shouted into Angels office
"I mean we have to eat too. We'll in your case drink, but blood costs money too"

"Honestly if I wasn't such a nice person I could really be a bitch" Cordelia said with a casual dismissal

The phone rang once again and Cordelia sighed. Just then she was hit with a vision

Cordleia fell to the floor clutching her head in agony.
When she felt to strong arms envelope her she opened her eyes
"There going to bring...back buffy" Cordleia managed

End Cordelia


Angel heard Cordelia but he wasn't really paying attention. She was always complaining about one thing or another. He just stopped listening sometimes. Besides he was too busy brooding. He had started doing that more often lately.
Ever since Buffy...

His thoughts were interupted when he heard Cordys Scream. He ignored the ringing phone and went right to her side pulling her into his arms

"Cordelia are you alright?" Angel asked as he stroked her hair

"There going to bring...back buffy" Sh managed

Angel felt a pain stap at his heart at the mention of her name. He missed her

He helped Cordelia to her feet and when she was steady enough. he told her to go pack.

"We're going to Sunnydale"


posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:36:05 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

Liz looked up at Max
"Hey" She said back

Liz tried not to let her stomuch flutter at the sight of him but it did. She couldn't help it. Here she was talking to Max when Xander was in the Crashdown

"So Max what are you doing here? My cousin Xander came to visit me from California. I'd love for you to met him"

Liz had no idea what was going to happen in this conversation. She just hoped that no matter what it was the found a way to work it out.


Drusilla closed her eyes and practically made a purring sound
"Mummy always likes to play."

She started sauntering over towards Spike
"I went back to Madrid. The flowers are beautiful there, but I missed you terribly."

Drusilla placed her hands on his chest and scraped her long red nails down it.

She instantly pulled away as if she were burned.
Her face became twisted in pain.

"Your leaving me for her. You all leave me for her! She is dead and yet she hold you. Just as she does my Angel"

Drusilla turned around her long dress swooshing at her feet.

"You stink of her. Come back to me Spike. It could be the way it was before. Hunt Kill feed! Think about it"

And then Drusilla disapeared into the other room.


posted on 6-Dec-2002 6:44:12 PM by Krazykitti
Sorry that I haven't been around lately. I can thank homework for that! I had four tests today and I have 2 more weeks of school and I'm out! Thank God! Anyway...


Well watching Maria and Michael kissing over there is really starting to make me feel nauseous. I look around and see the mess that mostly Michael and I made. I clear my throat and say, "Hey! You can always suck face later when I'm not around, but right now lets get this placed cleaned up."

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posted on 6-Dec-2002 7:12:30 PM by LuvRug
"Hey I kile sucking face1" I say to Kyle

"Kyles right you should clean." She says poking me in the tummy. I put my head down

"do I have to??" I say


"Fine fine fine" But I kiss her again

"Oh God!"Kyle says

posted on 9-Dec-2002 3:32:24 PM by Krazykitti

"Please stop! Ah!" I say hoping they would stop. When I eventually (hopefully) become involved with someone I will torture them. (evil grin) "I'm going to start cleaning and I'll leave the messiest part for you guys to clean."
posted on 9-Dec-2002 3:59:00 PM by TabascoChick
OOC*tongue*oo...I didn't post ⊕ all this weekend cause my computer crashed...I'll try to get on as much as I can this week,but I might be a tiny bit since I'm getting my computer fixed.

I laugh as I see Micheal and Maria kissing.I feel like a kid again with all the ice cream throwing.I smile at Kyle and then try to wipe the ice cream off my face.For a moment there,I felt happy.For the first time since the whole buffy death incident.I see Liz talking to a guy.Boyfriend?Friend?I'm not sure.Now,I should just get my mind off Buffy and play the good older cousin.I walk over to them."Hey....some of my friends are coming down to Roswell,"I say.I look to the boy."Hi...I'm Liz's cousin,Xander....her favorite cousin did I mention,"I joke with a smile.

I smile at Liz.I don't know how things are gonna be between me and her.I love her.She knows that.I jsut want to kiss her again like old times,but I haven't.For a while,all I've been thinking about is Alex.How I let him I trusted Tess.My smile falls,but I try to put it back on as Liz's cousin comes up."Hey...I'm Max,"I say,shaking his hand.

posted on 9-Dec-2002 9:06:54 PM by LuvRug
"Me Max, you Xander" Maria slaps me ontop of the head"it's true "

posted on 11-Dec-2002 9:40:57 AM by Krazykitti
I'm going to Temp for Isabel for a while since no one is posting for her.


He's gone. He's really gone.
The words take their course through my mind as it projects loudly through my thoughts. How could she have done this to him? To us?! To me....
I trusted her. I trusted her! Why didn't I see this coming before it was too late?! It's my fault he's dead. Even though everyone says, "Don't blame yourself over something Tess did," I can't help but to.

I've been laying in my bed ever since the group got back from the cave...after that murdering hussy left and after finding out that my beloved was murdered by the bitch. It was a lot of news to take in at the time and at first I stood there stiff, waiting for something else, but my thoughts were consumed by Al....Al....
I can't even think or say his name before I start to sob harder.

I hear my mother pass by my door and listen to my loud sobbing and I can imagine the sad look on her face thinking that her daughter is in a lot of pain that she can't 'magically' take away, but as I said to her once, "special powers don't help."

After contemplating all that has happened I decide to go visit his grave. I hate that word...GRAVE. It just makes me think of how he died in the first place.

I take a shower and put on some clean clothes. Preferably black. As I put on my clothes I can tell that I have already lost a few pounds. The clothes that I use to wear don't fit as snug as they use to. I decide that, what's the point of putting on makeup when I am not wearing it for anyone special?

As I walk through the corridor and to the kitchen, I see my parents reading the newspaper and eating breakfast. As I pass by they ask me am I hungry, you know the usual questions. I don't say anything, go to the fridge and get a bottle of water for I know that all the crying that I probably will and have been doing is drying up my throat.

I see their perplexed looks through the corner of my eye as I walk out the door. I look and walk solemnly to the cemetary hoping to find some sort of middle ground for myself.
How was that?

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posted on 11-Dec-2002 2:01:03 PM by LuvRug
That was awsome!
posted on 11-Dec-2002 2:23:55 PM by Elizabeth Evans
That was awesome! OK, so are we ready to get to Roswell!? It'll be fun to really start bringing the two groups together.
posted on 11-Dec-2002 2:36:23 PM by LuvRug
Ya I wanna Meet Williow and Dawn!
posted on 11-Dec-2002 4:33:08 PM by moonbeam4747
Hi everyone! I'm so happy I finally get to post. There are such wonderful writers here. I have been anxious to get into the swing of things. So here goes...


"No Angel, not Sunnydale. I didn't see it happening there. I think its somewhere else. But I don't know where. They were in a resturaunt or maybe a cafe. With an alien mural on the wall. I know its not very much to go on, but its all I can remember."

"Are you sure?" Why does Angel always ask me that? What does he think that by him saying those words something else will magically appear in my memory? I can't help the cruel thing I'm about to say.

"Oh yeah, now I remember. It was the Antartic. How about you go charter us a plane."

"Really?" He looks hopeful. I kinda feel bad now. But just kinda, because afterall I do have a reputation to maintain.

"No, not really. Look, I'll call Willow and see what's up with them. And you can go back to your busy schedule of brooding." Angel just nods at me, and turns to leave. Which is always a pleasent sight. The gods broke the mold when they made that ass. Not that I think of Angel like that. Me + Angel, you would have to be on drugs to think that could actually happen. Shaking my head to clear it of silly thoughts, I pick up the phone and dail the familair number. A familair voice answers after a couple of rings.

"Hey Willow. This is Cordy. I just had a vision, and I was wondering if you could fill in what the powers that be left out."

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posted on 11-Dec-2002 5:08:22 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OMG, that Cordy part is great! It's so totally Cordelia to tease Angel like that. You've captured her thoughts just perfectly *happy*
posted on 12-Dec-2002 1:26:10 PM by Roswell428
Okay, since I never got a response from Giles, I'm just going to assume that Willow told him, they were going and he told her to be careful and the usual. He's not going, right? Cause he wouldn't want them to bring back Buffy, or even to try. Anyway, I'm just going to assume that he was fine with it and move on to Cordelia's call (if that's okay with everyone else).

~*~ Willow ~*~

Willow hung up the phone. Turning to Dawn and Oz, she said, "Giles said we could go and have fun, that getting away for a while would be good for us all, but to be careful. He also said that he and the buffybot could handle patrol while we were gone, so to take as long as we need to recuperate.

"This is going to be good. We can work on bringing Buffy back out there- it might be easier to do, away from the prying eyes of Giles. We're going to have her back soon."

She leaned in to kiss Oz in elation, and that's when the phone rang. Picking it up, she heard, ""Hey Willow. This is Cordy. I just had a vision, and I was wondering if you could fill in what the powers that be left out."

"What? Cordelia, what are you talking about? Does this vision have anything to do with Sunnydale?"

Seeing Dawn and Oz's confused looks, she covered the mouthpiece and whispered, "It's Corderlia- she says she's had a vision." She then returned her attention to the conversation.

~*~ End Willow ~*~

Thanks moonbeam4747 for the great lead in! Oh, and do we still have the buffybot? If not, tell me and I'll edit. I just figured it would be easier for Giles to patrol with it.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 3:16:05 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Hmmm where is our Giles?
Let me check!

Where are you man!

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posted on 12-Dec-2002 3:22:33 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Oh! I'll remind her tonight, then, so we can have a Giles post.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 4:08:55 PM by moonbeam4747
I'm glad you guys liked my portrayal of Cordy. I wasn't sure if I could pull her off or not. Your totally welcome Roswell428. I'm just happy to finally be posting!


"What? Cordelia, what are you talking about? Does this vision have anything to do with Sunnydale?"

"No, not Sunndydale. But with the Scoobies. I saw what you're planning to do. And it works. You'll be able to bring Buffy back. But, I don't think its going to happen in Sunnydale. It's going to take more than just you. There are other people that play a role. I saw them in the vision. I don't know who they are, or how they get involved, but they are vital."

I pause a moment to gather my thoughts. It's crucial to me that she knows how important this is. I'm just grateful its Willow I'm talking to and not Xander. He was always kinda slow. Wonderfully talented in other areas, but not the brightest guy. It's funny how thoughts of Xander always cross my mind at the strangest moments. I'm almost grateful I'm going to get to see him again. Note to self: get head examined. I take a deep breath and begin to explain.

"Willow, this has to work. There's more at line here than just Buffy. Things are about to happen. I've never felt anything like it before." There's more, but I leave it unsaid. How can I explain when I don't even know what it is myself? That's why I didn't tell Angel all of it. And that's why I won't tell Willow either. I need answers before I can start sharing.

"Do you know what any of this means? Because right now I feel like Neo after he swallowed the red pill."
posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:31:50 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

Hearing Cordelia's unstartling revelations, Willow briefly considered denying them, afraid that Cordelia and Angel might try to stop her. But listening to what Cordelia had to say, she realized that Cordelia not only wanted them to try, she was telling them that they would succeed.

"It's going to work!," she announced excitedly to Dawn and Oz.

She put her thoughts back to what Cordelia had just said. In her excitement and confusion, she began babbling about it. "You saw us successfully bringing Buffy back? Who are these other people? The only people I plan to involve in this are the rest of the Scoobies. What are the things that are riding on the line with this? But you're telling me that this will work. It will work, we're going to bring Buffy back! Does Angel know? He's not going to try to stop us is he? He's not going to tell Giles, right? Because Giles doesn't know. What about--"

She was cut off by an impatient sigh from the other end of the phone. "Oh, sorry Cordelia. ... What else did you see, because it feels like there's something you're not telling me?"

posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:43:09 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Willow tells me that our spell to bring Buffy back is going to work! I smile in excitement, wanting to jump up and down like a little kid but I restrain myself. I'd known deep inside that this spell would work, but it was great to get confirmation from Cordy and her visions.

Did Cordy say something about another group? How could we possibly have the help of other people in this ritual? What's going to happen that causes us to trust strangers enough to tell them our secret and ask them to help us bring back Buffy? And what would make them say yes....?
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:10:22 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
I'm here!!! I'm here!!

My good friend Elizabeth Evans just notified me that I was being looked for (*that's not proper English...I know) *grin*...LOL!

I am so SORRY that I didn't post for Giles...I totally for got that I was him...I know I know...*hangs head in shame*.

Since you guys moved on, I don't think that it is necessary for me to post...

But I PROMISE that the next time he is needed I will be here...

I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*sad**sad**sad*
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:20:26 AM by Roswell428
maybe you could have a post about his feelings about Buffy's death, and the gangs trip to Roswell? I don't know, just an idea.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:04:17 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

He hangs up the phone after talking with Willow and sit's down in his chair and sighs.

They're going to Roswell. Alien capital of the world.

He smiles in spite of himself and takes off his glasses and places them on his book.

If Buffy could see them now...

He sighs again and rubs the bridge of his nose hard.

But she couldn't...she was dead.

It was still hard to believe.

Buffy was gone and she wasn't coming back.

He remember's how he found her and took her under his wing. He helped to make her what she was today.

A lot of good that was...

She was six feet under.

He shook his head lightly as if to get rid of those thoughts and placed his glasses back on.

He thought back to his conversation with Willow.

They were going to Roswell, New Mexico and he was stuck here.

Stuck here waiting for demons and vampires and other ungodly things to make an apperance.

Maybe they'll run into some aliens. He thought with a grin.

He just hoped that they weren't long, because he didn't know what to do.

With Buffy gone, he didn't know...

And that scared him a little.

He sighed once again and returned back to his book with interest.

Anyone walking outside of the Magic Box would look in and not see the profile of Giles, but the profile of a broken and lost man...


Okay, I had no idea what I was doing, so I completely sucked, then feel free to replace me...I don't mind...I'm not sure if it is okay so if not I am sorry.

*It's called "Magic Shop" right?

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:17:19 AM by Roswell428
It's called the "Magic Box" but as it is a magic shop, that would work as well.

And I thought your Giles part was great!
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:27:39 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Thanks, I'll go edit!!!
posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:09:22 AM by Roswell428
no prob!*happy*

I'll be back with a Willow as soon as I hear from Cordelia, and I'll answer Dawn then.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:28:59 AM by Sugarplum7
I_LOVE_NICK originally wrote:

Okay, I had no idea what I was doing, so I completely sucked, then feel free to replace me...I don't mind...I'm not sure if it is okay so if not I am sorry.

Well, I don't know what the others thought, but I know that I really really liked that. I don't think that there could be a better Giles. That part was right on! I mean I think of Giles like Buffy's "father" and It seems like you captured that. Please don't leave. It I like you as Giles!


PS. I am going to try to get a Buffy part out tomorrow. I know it has been a while but finals. I will get to it right after I finish my history final. Yes, the final I should be studying for right now.

posted on 13-Dec-2002 6:55:35 AM by LuvRug
Your Giles part Ruled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 13-Dec-2002 9:38:41 AM by Krazykitti

As I sit here next to Alex's tombstone crying, I think of all the splendid times we had together even when no one knew.

When he died it was as if my heart was ripped out of my chest and put into the casket with him.....and I was just left to bleed. A few years ago I would have never thought that I would be next to Alex's.....grave bawling over his sudden death.

I have never cared about someone as much as I did him. Even though I may have been icy around him at times, but there was always something about him that made me like him, of course I never admitted that. I wish I had. If only I wasn't so terrified to say those three small words.

"Oh Alex. It hasn't been the same without you here. Oh god! Why couldn't I have known and stopped her?!" I calm myself down a little so I don't get emotionally out of control. "Finally.....when we were just starting to rebuild our relationship you were snatched away from me by someone I thought I could trust. I wish I had saw this coming. I cry myself to sleep every night and wake up with my eyes bloodshot from sobbing. I have worn black everyday since you's the only thing I can stand to wear. My parents are worried about me and so is Max and the gang, but they don't know how special you really were to me. I wish there was someway I can bring you back....." My voice fades as my throat is dry from crying and not talking that much over the time that has passed since he died.

There's one last thing I must say though before I let my voice give out on me, "I loved you Alex with all my heart. When you took my heart along with you." I start to cough and I take a drink of my water to clear my throat of some of it's dryness. I lay down next to his tomb (another eerie word I dislike) and fall asleep.

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:58:39 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Thanks guys...I was really worried about that part!!!!

I'm glad you liked it!

*Thanks Lora! For helping me out!!!*
posted on 13-Dec-2002 6:01:15 PM by Krazykitti

I see her laying there crying and telling me that she loves me. She may have treated me like crap sometimes....well most of the time, but I know it was just her insecurities ruling over her outer exterior. I think about appearing to her, but instead I decide to let her get out what she needs to.

I can't believe that she loves me. She has tried to say it before and I gave her quite a few opportunities to say it, but she just pushed me away. Now I see why.

She has always been so closed off and when I broke through that icy facade she was afraid of what she was feeling. She had never felt that like kind of love before.

As I see her sleeping now by my grave I kneel down and run my fingers through her long, beautiful blonde hair.

She awakens and sees me. "Alex?" She whispers in a raspy, dry voice as she sits up. The tears glistening in her eyes.

"Hey," I say smiling, "I really don't like you falling asleep in a cemetary. Go home and go back to sleep."
I can see the tears falling down her cheeks and I use my thumb to wipe them away.

"I don't want to." She says looking at me with those big, brown eyes of hers.

"For me?" I say giving her the puppy dog face I know she can't refuse.

"Fine, but for you. Will you visit me in my dreams if I go back to sleep?"

"Sure." I help her up and start to walk with her.

"I know you're not real, but please stay with me for a little while?"

"Of course." Even though I am making it harder for her to let go of me. I know it's going to be long time before she can and I know these few moments she gets with my deceased self, she enjoys. It makes everything feel somewhat normal again.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 3:26:38 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Oz ~*~

Oz just sat and waited patiently, for Willow to get off the phone with Cordelia.

So Cordelia had had a vision, huh? Well, that certainly boded well for their little venture. As far as he could think, the other people in the vision must be ones they would meet in Roswell. He only hoped they could trust them.

He reached up and grabbed Willow's hand, the one that wasn't holding the phone and held it. He just waited patiently for her to finish her conversation, so they could talk.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 4:18:09 PM by moonbeam4747

"Willow I've told you everything that I can. I think I might know more, but it's all kinda foggy. The Powers That Be have me on a need to know basis and it's not like I can go 'hey need more information here!' All I can tell you is that with my other visions things have a way of working themselves out. Just wait and see what happens next. When everything is in place you'll know it. But that doesn't mean we have to sit back and do nothing. I was planning on taking a vacation soon. Maybe I can come to Sunnydale and help you out. I mean without Giles in the know the research has to be difficult. I'll have to talk to Angel, but I think I can leave as early as tommorow."

Cordelia hated the idea of going back to Sunnydale. She left all of that behind her, but when the powers that be give an order, you follow it. So much for her week in Miami. But Sunnydale, that's not a vacation it's a death wish. If she was forced to go to Sunnydale, she better stock up on anti-vamp supplies. Why did things always have to be so difficult?

I tried to post this part sooner, but my computer is being wacky. And I realize that the Sunnydale group is about to leave, but Cordelia doesn't know that. Also, I noticed that most people here are using third person, and I was using first, so I changed my style. K, I think that covers everything. P.S. The Giles part was great. It really captured his essence.

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posted on 15-Dec-2002 12:37:46 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Willow ~*~

"You want to come here, Cordelia? We're um, we're just about to leave. We're going to Roswell to visit Xander. I would love to have your help in researching, though. Between, you, me and Dawn, we should have it done that much faster. Do you think that you could meet us in Roswell?"

~*~ End Willow ~*~

Was that okay? I figured it might be better for Cordy to meet us there....

posted on 15-Dec-2002 6:25:35 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I can't post for Dru until I hear from Spike! Its odd I really like playing her! She is so fun! I think her character is veryy sexy and sort of magical in some ways! I just love posting for her. I didn't think I would. Wierd.
Um. So is Xander going to clue Liz in on the whole bringing back of Buffy thing? Actually I am thinking I am going to make her have a flash. Sort of like how she had them at the end of season three. So yeah.
I will post an Angel part too!
And I am going to bmail isabel and ask her where shes been!
I love the parts from GIles! Don't worry I_LOVE_NICK your doing great! Also thank you so much for filling in for Isabel! I know its hard cause your playing Alex too!
Everyone you rock! I am loving this RPG!
posted on 15-Dec-2002 6:44:06 PM by Lizzie_Parker17

The moment she saw max shake Alexs hand butterflies took off in her stomach. For some reason the sight of seeing Max meet Xander made her heart swell. She liked the thought of Max meeting her family.

For a moment she drifted off into fantasy land and thought of Christmas. Max and she were married she was pregnant. She was surrounded by all her family. Max and Xander were drinking egg nog and telling stories and laughing together. Her father was patting Max on the back and telling him he was so luck to have him as a son in law. Maria and Michael were bickering in the corner. All her friends from Sunnydale were playing a game of monopoly. Alex was winning...

Liz frowned at that thought. It certainly was a fantasy. Alex was dead. So was Buffy. Both of them dissapeared from the picture one by one. It left the group incomplete.

"Liz are you alright?" max said placing a hand on her shoulder

"Yeah you don't look so good" Xander said grabbing her hand.

They had both touched her at the same moment. Liz stumbled backward as she was hit by a flash...and this one wasn't a fantasy.


Angel walked away from Cordelia and into his office. He closed the door and locked it.

he walked slowly over to his book shelf and pulled out a book. It was old and worn. He brought it to his desk and sat down in his chair.

Slowly he opened the book to reveal pictures of Buffy. He took each one out slowly and stared at him.

He missed her.

He tried not to think about her because it distracted him. He had a job to do. He had to save people who couldn't save themselves.

He should have saved Buffy.

He couldn't help but blame himself. If only he had stayed in Sunydale. He could have helped. Could have stoped it from happening.
If only he had stayed in better contact.

He laughed at the last part.

Staying in Contact with Buffy was a dangerous thing. it was hard for him to resist her.

He suffered from the memory of making love to her. Something that could never happen again.

But that didn't matter.
He needed her to be alive.

If this worked. He would have Buffy back.
he didn't know what he would do then. Just come back to LA. Or stay there. In Sunnydale?

There was a light knock on the door.
"Angel. WE're going to a place called Roswell, New Mexico. We should leave in 4 hours if we want to get there before the sun rises tomorrow."

Angel didn't say anything. She knew he heard her.

He just looked back down at his desk at the pictures of Buffy.

posted on 15-Dec-2002 11:59:18 PM by Roswell428
Nice Liz and Angel parts! I'm loving that he's missing Buffy like that!

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posted on 16-Dec-2002 1:50:44 PM by Sugarplum7
Roswell428 originally wrote:
Nice Liz and Angel parts! I'm loving that he's missing Buffy like that!

You and me both! *big*

Eh, I might as well join the third person writing style group. Besides. I have an easier time writing in third than in first.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

“Oh! Hey, where is Xander going?” Buffy said as she watched as he left the room, walking through a swinging door to . . .

She looked through the small window on the door and was a still confused as to what Xander was doing here. This place wasn’t a place that she was not accustomed to. She looked closely at the people around the room, especially at the guy and girl talking to Xander.

“Well, there’s no time like the present,” she said as she extended her arms in front of her. She took one slow step through the door and closed her eyes as she passed through. This was definitely something she hoped she soon got used to. “Yeah, no time like the present to walk through a door.”

She walked up to the group of three people as the other guy in the group spoke, “Liz are you alright?” Liz? Liz. Why did that name sound so familiar? Xander. Liz. Of course! How could she have forgotten? Liz was Xander’s “little baby cousin.” Well, she didn’t look so little or baby like anymore. How many nights have she Willow and Xander spent sleeping over at each other’s houses and Liz was whom Xander spoke of.

If that is Liz, and she had never been there, that would mean that this would be Roswell, the Café that Liz’s parents own. That is the only logical answer. If Giles could look at her now . . . She was using her brain and everything to figure out this little mystery.

“Yeah, you don’t look so good,” Xander said as he looked at Liz.

Buffy moved from standing behind Liz to face her. She had to admit that the guys did have a point. In fact it looked like she was about to fall over. “Someone should catch her,” Buffy thought right before Liz started to fall.

She made the move to catch her before Liz hit the floor, but her movements did not matter. Liz passed right through Buffy, leaving her with a funny feeling that sent a chill up her spine.

I miss you. Buffy didn't know whether she was hearing things or that whoever was speaking was talking to her. She looked around her and saw that no one was looking at her. Everyone was concentrated on Liz and finding out what happened. So where did that "I miss you" come from?

Why didn’t you tell me? There it was again. Who . . . why was she hearing this? She stood in place as the voice continued speaking. Suddenly it hit her. She knew this voice. She knew it better than her own. You knew I would come to help you if you needed it, didn’t you? If I was there, maybe I could have saved you. I would have saved you. Maybe, if we kept in touch . . . Yeah, maybe that wouldn’t have been a great idea after all.

The voice penetrated Buffy’s thoughts. It was a familiar voice that lulled her to sleep in her dreams. It was Angel’s voice. How many nights has she had that dream, where she lay sleeping in his arms as she felt his steady heartbeat? But it was only a dream. There was no way possible that it could be real.

A vision flashed in her mind. “Whoa. Strong visual.” Where was this all coming from? The voice, the words, the thoughts, the vision, how was she seeing and hearing this?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ End Buffy’s Part ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I hope you guys don’t mind what I did there with the Angel stuff. I am just going on a thought that sprung from the whole, “the dead can hear your thoughts” idea. I thought it would add an aspect that could link Angel to Buffy.

Until next post . . .


PS. I am loving where this is going!

posted on 16-Dec-2002 4:35:58 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
awesome part!
I loved what you did with angel!
posted on 16-Dec-2002 5:41:21 PM by Roswell428
Yes, I did as well! VERY nicely done!
posted on 17-Dec-2002 3:27:19 AM by Sugarplum7
Awww. ::blushes:: You two are so sweet. But most of that has to do with you, Britt. If it wasn't for your great Angel part, that gave me such great stuff to work with . . . it wouldn't be as great as you all say it was. I can't wait to see where things go from here.

posted on 18-Dec-2002 7:34:36 PM by LuvRug
Just read your angel part very cool!
posted on 19-Dec-2002 8:26:43 PM by moonbeam4747
The Angel part was great! Sorry I didn't include Angel in my original plans, I just felt that he should make the decision to go to Roswell himself instead of Cordy forcing him into it. So anyway, on with the show.


Cordelia sat beside Angel in his car. They were on their way to Roswell, New Mexico. Not the best destination she could think of, but hey, it was better than Sunnydale! Afterall aliens were better than demons, at least she thought they were.

When they had loaded up the car Angel had complained that she brought too many bags. Since then he had been silent. Cordelia really didn't know what to say to him. Somehow 'Hey the love of your life is coming back from the dead, any thoughts?' didn't seem right. Maybe another approach would be better.

"So Angel, do you believe in aliens? Did the little creepy green men really crash in Roswell?"

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Very cool part!*big*
posted on 24-Dec-2002 1:39:31 AM by Roswell428
Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't been around for awhile- my grandmother died unexpectedly and it was quite a shock. Needless to say, I haven't been able to get on for awhile. I haven't had a chance to catch up on any of my fics or the RPGs I'm in yet, but I'm going to try to be on tonight (11/24) to do that.

I'm just posting this to let everyone know why I disappeared. I'm going to get on tonight (after I get off work) and catch up with everything, so I hope to see you all then.

I'll be posting this in all my fics and the RPGs I'm in. See you all later.

posted on 24-Dec-2002 9:16:55 PM by LuvRug
Oh I'm so sorry about your grandmother
I hope your okay!!!!
*Big Hug*
posted on 24-Dec-2002 11:38:44 PM by moonbeam4747
I'm SO SORRY for your lose. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we totally understand and you should take your time getting back to us. Some things are just more important. Your writting is fantastic and its well worth whatever wait we have to endure. I'll pray for you.

posted on 25-Dec-2002 2:33:32 AM by Lizzie_Parker17
Like I said before!
Take your time!
No rush at all!
It must be very hard! We all understand!
posted on 27-Dec-2002 1:13:42 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
bumping to the top!
I will post my parts tonight! YAY!
posted on 28-Dec-2002 10:42:59 AM by LuvRug
posted on 30-Dec-2002 6:34:35 PM by Krazykitti

Well I'm done cleaning my part. I made sure I left the worse part for Michael. Hehehe. "So, are we going to do anything else besides sit here and clean?"

posted on 30-Dec-2002 8:51:18 PM by LuvRug
"I could just make out with Maria all night. And disgust you! You left me the bad part to clean! I'm not Blind! And I'm not stupid! I see you smirken'!"

"Don't have a cow Michael!" Kyle says quietly

"Right Kyle I can't have a cow! For Three reasons.One Ow Ow Ow and Ow somemore.Two Human Cow. Wait no Alein/Cow Wait! forget number two! Three Dude I'm a Dude!"

posted on 30-Dec-2002 11:40:01 PM by Krazykitti

"Okay...whatever. I'm gonna go home and watch the game. So I'll see you all later."
posted on 31-Dec-2002 5:56:05 PM by LuvRug
"Fine Kyle be that way just leave me here"

Kyle walks out

"Standing in the middle of the Crashdown all alone!...I need a hug:"

posted on 16-Jan-2003 12:53:59 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I will post later tonight!
posted on 17-Jan-2003 4:18:51 PM by LuvRug
Mickey G...

Your not alone I hear somebody say.

"Ello'...Xander." I shout

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I AM SO SORRY!!!!! I am so incredibly sorry that I have been gone for so long- everything has gone wrong over the holidays- first my grandmother died and then right after that my computer broke (the monitor fell and cracked open) and it is now finally back in working order (thank God!). I have been so computer deprived these past couple of weeks (because I had no way of getting on), it is not even believeable! As a result of all of the commotion, I have fallen SO behind in all of my stories and the RPGs I'm in, not to mention all of my emails and bmails and stuff for other sites, so it is going to take me a while to catch up.

I am posting this in all of the RPGs I'm in (that I HOPE I'm still in) just to let everyone know what happened to me. Once again- I am SO sorry- please forgive my long absence. Thank you all for being so patient with me.

Let me just tell you how glad I am to be back up at school, and that the break is finally over!

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Welcome back!!
I'm still very sorry about your grandmother*sad**sad**sad**sad**sad**sad**sad**sad**sad**sad**sad**sad*
posted on 21-Jan-2003 11:47:08 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Okay I am kind of lost here...Is Liz passed out on the floor?

I'm Maria and I haven't been here in so long *which I apologize for* but if Liz is passed out on the floor I think that she would run to see what is wrong.

So I just want to make sure so I don't like screw this up or anything....

posted on 23-Jan-2003 1:00:48 PM by LuvRug
"Xander...Okay dude not funny."

"Whats not funny?" Xander asks popping out of the back room

"Calling out like that." I say as I pick up the mop from the place I drop it. I start to mop up the ice cream from off the floor. Xander picks up a rag and starts to clean up the tables. Then he looks up

"I wasn't calling out to you ya' know. I promise"

"Okay." I say " Maybe I'm just hearing things..Yea I'm just hearing things"

I hear a thump to the floor and Maria scream "Liz are you okay!"

"Liz" I say running into the back room with Xander not to far behide me.

posted on 24-Jan-2003 12:23:35 AM by Lizzie_Parker17
Ok man!
I have no time to do it tonight! But tomorrow definately I am going to get on find out where everyone is and post it!
I too have been absent from this RPG!
I forget where my own character is!
I am going to bmail everyone and remind them that they are in this! so...