posted on 21-Oct-2002 10:55:01 AM by Anya
Liz is one of the most popular girls in school.. Her bestfriends are Tess, Buffy, Isabel and Chloe.. They are all very single and hoping to hook up with someone.. All except Liz.. Tess convinces the girls to join an auction where the guys bid on the girls to be the slaves for a month. But none of the girls get the guy they wanted to hook up with. All the girls have to wear a shirt made especially for them by their "master" letting the rest of the school know who they belong too. The girls think that they going to be bid on by their crushes when that's further from the truth.. What will happen... that all depends on you.. Let the games begin..


Liz (LizParkerEvans4evax)
Tess (Anya)
Isabel (kristalynn)

Xander Harris (Anya)
Clark Kent
Michael Guerin
Max Evans
Lex Luthor

Love Slave/Master after the auction:


Anyone interested??

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Thank You, LizParkerEvans4evax *angel* and LuvRug *angel* for joining!!!!

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Thanks for joining!!!!
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ill double if you want or I can otha people
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that would be awesome.. just let me know if who you want please???