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What if Max and Liz were really destiney to be,And they have memoies. But they never meant in really life. you see Max and Liz have a lockit that they never take off. And max remember her and Liz doesnt. Liz doesnt wanna remember she been on this early since she came out of the pod, but since then she doesnt remember athing. when Liz and Max meet is at Maria party. She want her best-friend Liz to have some fun, and Liz never does. And Alex try to helps Maria out. Michael meet Maria at her party and they hit it off. And Alex and Isabel cant keep there eyes off each-other. Liz's sister is already at the Party hanging with Liz and her friends. Adam is Max and Isabel cuz, he's here to stay. max is suppose to max sure he's having fun, but instead he off some where else.

This start at the party.

Max~Elizabeth Evans(temp)
Sarah~Elizabeth Evans
Rules: you have to post Daily and u have to give more then one line.

made up charcter are avilable

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I'd like to be Maria if you don't mind!
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sure I'll add you both*big*
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Thank you!!!
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Sure anytime Babe!*bounce*
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All we need is a max, michael and Alex and we can start*happy*
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Hey Nadine - I can be Michael if you want me to *happy*
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Sure ya can Emma!*big*
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now we just need Alex and max*shy*
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Well,I guess I'll continue my trend of being Alex now that Kat is gone....can I be Alex?
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Sure Can I'll add ya!
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now we nned A max? any max's out there?*shy*
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Unless someone else wants Max, I'll temp him until we find a Max so we can get started.

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Sure you can be Elizabeth thxz alot!*happy*
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Let's get started

I am at the party and looking around me,where the ppl where having fun. Why did maria have to have another party for me to have some fun, but I am fine the way life is, sure I dont get out but,can't everyone leave me alone.I notice my necklace glowing, so I hide in under my shirt. I turn to a beer that was on the table, I know I should'nt have beer because it make me sick. but, I just wanna have a little fun then I usually not having.So I take it whne I heared maria" what are ya doing?" I didnt move.

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*Sarah Parker*

I'm chatting with Maria when Liz comes over to join us. "Hey, sis, what's up?" I notice that Liz's pendant is tucked into her shirt. It must be doing that glowy thing again, like it had been on and off since we got here. Strange....mine's never done that yet. We both wonder what it means and if mine will start glowing soon too.

*Max Evans*

I head over to the food table to find some, they even have tabasco sauce here! Do they know how to throw a party or what? Suddenly, I notice that my pendant is glowing again. It's been doing that ever since I arrived. I have no idea what it means, but the last thing I need is to draw attention to myself, so I quickly tuck the pendant under my shirt. Then I spot this beautiful, petite brunette over across the room.....suddenly, her eyes catch mine and my breath catches in my throat. Who is she? I feel like there's something so familiar about her...
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I sigh loudly. Very loudly.

I threw this party to help my best friend Liz loosen up but also to see if any guys would show up. There are quite a few, but none that really catch my life sucks.

I look over beside me to Liz and her sister and I notice that Liz is holding a beer.

"LIZ! You know that you can't drink beer. You get all sick and stuff and have a major hang-over. And I get the non lovely priviledge of having to hear you bitch the next day about how I should have stopped you and how it's all my fault because it was my party." I say this all in practically one breath.

I see Sarah smile at my rambling, but Liz isn't even listening.

"Liz! Hello? Are you even listening to me?"

She's not listening.

I look closer and notice that she is staring across the room.

"What are you looking at?" I demand waving my and infront of her face.
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I wasnt listening to Maria, when I looked acoss the room ,at a guy who I never seen in my life. Our eyes meant right away, some how my necklace was glowing. What does this mean? I still had the beer in my hand.I force my self to break the share and turn back to maria'Hm? what did you say? oh sry" Then I drink the beer in one time. I wasnt feeling to good. I couldnt see clearly, and stand up stright, even my hearing sound funny" ya I will go to the back room" on my way there I keep tiping over things.then I finally fall infront of the bathroom door, and just lay there, and was about to past out. when I saw maria, my sister and some guy I never knew looking down on me.Then past out.
posted on 20-Nov-2002 9:25:02 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I notice that my sister is completely ignoring Maria, and I follow her gaze. She and this dark-haired guy are staring at each other, and I can't help but notice the soulmate-like depth and intensity to their stare. The guy looks really familiar, but I'm sure I haven't seen him before. At least, not in this lifetime. Could he be....? No, he couldn't, right? *Could he*?

Before I can process the profound implications of all this, Liz takes a sip of her beer despite Maria's and my attempts to stop her. She stumbles away, drunkenly, toward the bathroom, and Maria and I rush after her. I notice that the dark-haired guy is following us as well. Liz crumples to the ground and passes out in front of the bathroom just as we all reach her...

I groan at the scene in front of me. "Liz, when are you going to learn, sweetie?" Maria and I share a knowing look. Then I turn to the dark-haired guy, and I see surprise in his eyes as he glances at me. Do I seem familiar to him as well? Together, we both bend down to help rouse Liz and get her to her feet.


I can feel it...this beautiful girl can sense the connection between us. It's amazing, unlike anything I thought I'd experience, yet it's strangely familiar somehow. *She's* strangely familiar somehow. And so is the other dark-haired girl who looks like her only slightly older. That girl must be the sister. Then, to my disappointment, my beautiful angel turns away and takes a sip of her drink. Her sister and the blond girl try to stop her, but she takes a sip anyway. The sister glances back at me, and I get the sense that she feels that I'm familiar, too. Could my angel and her sister be....? No, they couldn't, right? *Could they*? My angel turns back to look at me again, just as her sister is doing, and I can see that the three of us are all wondering the same thing. Then, my angel turns away and rushes toward the bathroom. Her sister and friend follow her, concerned. I follow suit, wanting, no *needing* to get a glimpse of my angel up close....and her sister. To see for certain if I know them. When I reach the three of them, my angel has already fallen to the floor. I hear the sister say my angel's name. Liz. So that's her name. I burn it into my memory like a brand. It is the sweetest name I could have imagined for my soulmate, and it is perfect for her. I gaze on her with a mixture of love and shock, and I lift my eyes to meet the eyes of her sister. It is them! Wordlessly, the sister and I bend down to help rouse my angel and get her to her feet.

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I stand in the corner.I can't believe Maria talked me into coming here.The party sucks.Not that I'm "the party man".No,I'm far from it.I see Liz drinking and then she,sarah,and Maria go to the bathroom.I start to follow them,but Maria tells me Liz is okay so I stop.I'm thinking about leaving.If only I hadn't bet Maria that I would stay the whole night.Damn.I don't wanna lose another 30 bucks to Maria.I notice the girl walk over to get a drink.She's pretty with blond hair.I smile.Nice.Alex,the ladies man.I laugh to myself.Far from it.I stand there for awhile.Just looking at her.I think she's getting freaked out by me."Hey...coke...that's a nice choice,"I say,knowing I'm far from a ladies man.
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We pick Liz off up off the floor. And prop her up against the wall for a second.

It's then that I notice the guy helping us. The guy that Liz was staring at.

"I warned her." I tell him, kind of embarrassed for Liz. "She doesn't handle alcohol that well."

Liz what am I going to do with you?

I turn to Sarah "What now?"
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As the familiar guy and I get Liz to her feet, Maria asks me what we do now. As the eldest, I'm the one she and Liz look to and expect to take charge. Putting my arm around my sister, I tell Maria, "Let's get her into one of the bedrooms so she can sleep it off for a little while. We can take turns keeping watch over her." I'd never touched alcohol myself after seeing my little sister's bad reaction to it, but from experience in dealing with her, I knew that Liz would be ok in about an hour or so. Maria and I could deal with that. At least it was the beginning of the party. I swear, if Liz even tries to get another beer tonight, I'll break my vow to never use my powers in public and mindwarp her into getting a soda while making her just *think* it's beer. I know, I know, I shouldn't do that. I mean, it's her life. But as the one who has to take care of her and sometimes drag her home while she's screaming that she's on fire because her senses are so overstimulated by the alcohol, I think I deserve some say in the matter!
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"Good plan." I tell Sarah. "We can put her up in my long as she doesn't throw up on my bed." I wince at my own bad humor.

Poor Liz, I am totally making her look like an ass in front of this guy.

I put one of Liz's arms around my shoulder's.

I looke to the dark-haired guy who is looking back and forth between Liz and Sarah.

I look at Sarah and casually glance towards the guy. I'm hinting at wether this guy is cool enough to help us.

Sarah's a really good judge of character, so I leave those decision's up to her.

I mean yeah, it is my party but I don't have to know everyone here. That's the point, so I can find me a man!

But, to no avail. This guy looks like the hottest one here and it's obvious he only has eye's for Liz.

My life sucks. I think as I groan under Liz's head weight. Not that she's heavy, but I'm not exactly muscular like mysteria man over here.

I glance at Sarah and again and do the eye thing towards the guy.

I hope that she get's what I am saying...or else I look insane!
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So Liz and Sarah know that they are different?
Does Maria know, I mean since she is their best friend and all...
posted on 20-Nov-2002 11:45:31 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: I guess Liz and Sarah don't really remember anything about their past lives. But they might know there are others like them out there somewhere. Max just seems familiar to them. They may not know they're alien, but they know they have abilities others don't have. By the way, can we have someone play Sarah's soulmate? He could be another alien who stayed with Michael, Max, and Isabel and grew up with them. It'd be fun for Sarah to meet him at the party.

I nod to Maria to let her know that I understand. I turn to the familiar guy and say, "Would you like to help us with Liz? I'm Sarah Parker, by the way, and this is my friend Maria." He nods and introduces himself as Max Evans. Together, the three of us get Liz into Maria's bedroom.

Sarah asks if I would like to help them with Liz, and I gladly agree. I want to spend as much time with my angel as I can. We introduce ourselves, and then get Liz into a bedroom. Sarah pulls down the covers, while Maria and I help Liz get settled on the bed. I want to talk to Liz and Sarah about who they are to me. I know now that they're the missing part of my family, the missing two of the Royal Six. Liz is my bride, and Sarah my sister-in-law. But I don't want to say anything yet in front of Maria. I don't know how much she knows about them. I don't even know how much Liz or Sarah know about themselves...

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OCC: Yeah, Sarah should have guy!!!!!! YEAH!!!

We put Liz in my bed and I stand up and turn to Max Evans.

"Hello. My name is Maria DeLuca and this is my bedroom." I say giggling. "It's nice to meet you." I add and shake his hand.

"So, I say to both of them. Looks like she's out for the count." I say and put my hands on my hips.

"So who want's to take the first watch. Not that I don't mind baby-sitting my best friend in the whole world...but, I gotta man to find." I tell them grinning.
posted on 21-Nov-2002 12:08:30 AM by Elizabeth Evans

I laugh. "Maria, go find your man," I grin at her enthusiasm and determination. She's much more proactive than I am about finding a relationship. I just know it'll happen when the time is right....suddenly, my pendant begins to glow like Liz's did earlier. Quickly, I tuck the pendant inside my shirt to keep the glow hidden. Could that glow mean what I think it does? I hope so, but I'm not going to expect anything. I look to Max to see what he wants to do. "Max, do you want to sit with her?" Instinctively, I trust him.

"I'd like that." I smile at Sarah, touched by her trust in me. She must know who I am. And there's more in store for her tonight...but she'll find out soon enough. I can't wait to tell the others about this, but for now I want to enjoy being with Liz again. Seeing my mysterious expression, Sarah looks intrigued, as though sensing there is more going on than she knows about yet. She's really perceptive. Sarah looks as though she wants to speak, to ask me something, but decides the better of it. Instead, she tells me she'll be back in half an hour and heads back toward the party.

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Where's our Izzy...I posted as Alex last night..::sighs:: I want to post again.
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OCC: ya sarah can have a guy too! we can call him Adam?.............Maria know there different but the truth is Sarah and Liz dont know there aliens.


Maria and my sister Sarah, and also some guy I didnt know help me in Maria's bed.I know I know, I shouldnt have been drinking, But I just wanted to have some fun. I didnt mean to get drunk. So here I am in Maria's bed having an hang-over...............I wake up an hour later. And look around me, there was this guy I was sharing at earlier, So I sit up and have a Big- hang-over . I hold my head in my hands" Oh crap my head!" My necxlace start glowing really fast so I tuck it in. So this Guy won't freak out.


I arrive to the Party with Max.....where is that jack-ass. He was suppose to make sure I was have fun. Great cuz he is. I notice my necklace glowing so I follow where it coming from, It's was coming from the most beautiful girl I ever seen. She was standing by the beers, she grab every one of them and hide them. I wonder why she was doing that. So looked up and we share at each-other, I couldnt turn away. Could it? no? can it?

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I head out to the party and start hiding all the beers so that Liz won't be able to find them. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I hope. As I'm tucking away the beers, I lift my eyes to see the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen in my life. I feel this jolt of electricity and recognition flow through me. It's difficult to describe the feeling to someone who's never experienced it, but it's the most intense and amazng feeling. Somehow, I know that guy. This night keeps on getting more and more unusual....
The guy seems to feel the same way I do, and so I give him a shy smile.


Liz begins to come out of her drunken state and sits up. I smile gently at her. "How are you feeling, Liz?" I notice she winces and holds her head in her hands. That must be some hangover! Suddenly, my pendant is glowing again, and so is hers. She tucks hers into her shirt to hide it, but I saw. So I show her my pendant. "Liz, it's ok," I tell her, holding out my glowing pendant to show her. "Look."
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OCC: TabascoChick: I know how you feel, I have been waiting for Michael to make his grand entrance, but no such luck...Mind if I join you?



This party sucks!!!


I know it's mine, but I still haven't seen anyone I like. Five different guys have asked me to dance, but none of them really stand out.

I notice Alex across the room and head over to him.

"Still here, I see." I say putting my arm around his shoulder. "That's a shame, I was looking forward to that thirty bucks."
posted on 22-Nov-2002 12:01:14 PM by TabascoChick
I watch as Maria walks over."Hey...sorry...I am not letting you get any more money from me!I lost enough money when we played poker last week!"Alex said with a smile.He looked around the room for the blonde girl he had seen before.Then he asked,"So,is Liz alright?"

OOC:It's so annoying!I guess if they don't come soon,we can either try to find a new izzy and mike or I guess...I could temp for Mike...until we get another one....
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OOC: you can, we have a mike.but she doesnt post alot, so you can be. And I post our liz last night, so someone need to double intil she comes back.


I was scary enough that he was in my room and, show me his nectlace too, And how did he know my name. So got out bed fast and left the room, He was scarying me and I didnt know who he was and what he is" stay away from me who ever you are" I bump in to Sarah she was talking to this guy she liked."Sarah help me, there was a guy in my room, and I dont know who he is" I said


I notice she gave me a shy smile, that smile took my breath away, So I smile back to let her know I liked her.I saw her sister coming was upset, over some guy that was in her room. I listen to her and heared the beautiful girl name. It was "Sarah" what a name, It was prefect for her.

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"Thanks, I really didn't think so, But Now I guess it's great!" I said looking at him.

Kind of giving him mah bitchy impression.

What can I say I'm hard to get. LoL

But this particular boy is wow!

Kinda geeky but wow.

I flash him one of my Amazing gourgeous Isabel Evans smile that makes everyboy drop 2 dere knees.
posted on 22-Nov-2002 4:30:01 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
is Isabel and alien still?
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posted on 22-Nov-2002 5:50:26 PM by Elizabeth Evans

This beautiful guy and I are finally having one of those soulmate gazes, like Liz and Max had earlier, and unfortunately it gets interrupted when my little sis comes running up to me in a panic over Max.

"Liz, sweetie, it's ok. Relax. Breathe. That guy is Max. Remember the whole soulmate staring thing you two had going on before you got drunk? He wanted to take care of you, so he had a turn watching you while you were out of it. He's ok, Liz....I trust him, and I know as scary as that is, you do too. He's familiar somehow. I watch my sister's reaction to all this as Max comes out to the party but stands to the side, hesitantly. He's looking longingly at Liz, hoping she'll come back to him and tell him it's ok and that she didn't really mean to freak out on him. I hope Liz goes over to talk to him so I can go talk to my guy.


Well, that didn't go so well, I think. I sigh. It hurts to watch my angel run from me, scared, into the other room. I just hope that she'll realize what she knows deep down--that she and I belong together and that we love each other with a rare kind of soulmate love known only in the Royal Six. Sadly, I leave the bedroom and go back to the party, standing to the side as Liz runs up to her sister. I wait for her to approach me this time so I don't totally scare her off.

posted on 22-Nov-2002 6:07:43 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I nod at my sister, I would like to know why he did have the same as mine."ok" I step infront off Max." We should talk" I said, he nods and follow me to the couch to sit,"So can you cuz I know anything about my past, or even who I am, Or what I am." I said to him, he looks kinda sad, when I said the last part.


I see Max coming out of the bed room, oh so that where he was, hey at least we have the same taste in Parkers girls. Her sister just left, And I went over to her" Hi" I said nervously. She so beautiful standing there, it seem like Sarah and I are the only 2 people on earth that are alive." would you like to drink?" I ask her, Is it me or is it Hot in here?..............Dam it really Hot.

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"Sure. I'll tell you anything you want to know. How about we go for a walk while we talk?" It was a beautiful night, and it was probably better to talk about this kind of thing away from people who might overhear. It saddens me to hear that Liz really doesn't remember anything about our past life on Antar.


"Hi" I reply, smiling shyly. He's so beautiful it takes my breath away. "Thanks. I'd love a cherry coke." He pours our drinks, and hands one to me. I take a sip and then introduce myself. "I'm Sarah," I tell him. It's amazing....I've never felt so drawn to anyone before in my life.

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I nod"sure I would love to" I said, My thing keep glowing alot,We went for a walk and I keep playing with it. I waited for him to start. I didnt know what to say, After all it couldnt be that bad.


I gave her a cheery coke" I'm Adam...........Adam Evans" I said" It's pleased to meet you sarah" I shake her hand we both got a flash.


Sarah and I went on Antar and we were kissing, and holding hands and stuff.

*end of Flashes*

I shared at her "are you really her............I been looking for you all my life" I told her, I just wanted to hold her.I hope she don't freak out, cuz most girls do when a guy said that.

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Adam introduces himself, and as we shake hands, it's like suddenly I'm somewhere else. I'm seeing things that I can just sense are some kind of memory...they're so intense, and the best word I can think of to describe it is a flash. It's a flash of me and Adam kissing...and it's not just like I'm fantasizing about what it would be like. It's like I've already done this before, thousands of times.....suddenly, I'm back at the party as the flash ends, feeling dazed and disoriented. I gasp in shock at the intensity of the flash. " was that?" I somehow manage to ask. "I feel like I've been looking for you my whole life too..."


I smile at Liz, my heart soaring at the fact that she agreed to go for a walk with me. We head outside and walk close together through the neighborhood. "So, where should I begin?" I ask. I want to let her have as much direction over the conversaton as possible to keep her from freaking out again. I have to get to know her again and not rush telling her all the things I have to tell her.
posted on 23-Nov-2002 8:46:19 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming

"I thinks it best to start from the begining" I told him, I was kinda nervous and that isn't a good sign ,I can past out again.Anytime soon. So I listening what I have to say, I wasnt gonna say a word intil the end, I give him a little warm smile,


"Can we go somewhere where we can be alone" I said and she agree. I took her hand, when I took her hand a song come on by pink, just like a pill. It's werid it made sence, how I feel about Sarah. We got in some girl room and sat down.

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I nod to Alex's question.

"Yeah, she should be fine. I think that I just saw she must have woken up. Probably has a headache though. I tell that girl over and over not to drink." I tell him and we laugh.

I look to see if I can spot Liz, but I can't. In fact, I can't see Sarah either.

Where are they?

"That's just great!" I declare and Alex raises his eyebrows. "Sarah and Liz are both gone. They probably found some hot guys and ditched this stupid party...Is it so much to ask that I find a decent hot guy!"

posted on 23-Nov-2002 5:42:42 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Adam and I go into one of the bedrooms so that we can talk privately. We sit down together, and I look to Adam to explain.


"Liz, there's a lot to tell you. I take it that you sensed I was familiar to you?" At my question, Liz nodded. "I felt the same way. And if I'm right about this, I think I can explain why. It's because we knew each other in a previous life. We were in love then..." I don't want to scare her off, so I decide not to tell her yet that we were married in that lifetime. "It explains why we feel the way we do and why we recognize each other. There are several others in our sister Isabel, my cousin Adam, and our friend Michael. We all have pendants that are the symbol for where we're from. We all started out together again in this life, but somehow, you and your sister got separated from us when we were little, and we've been looking for your our whole lives." There is so much more to the story, but I know that I need to take this slowly with Liz. I look over at her to gauge her reaction to what I've told her so far.

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I dont know how to react to this, I kinda happy I have a family, but what does this mean?, I felt like there is more he's not telling me" wait, am I an..........."I said,He looks kinda Hot."And I know there more to this stort your not teeling, and one thing hate is to be lie to. so plz tell me" I said I know,I know but I gonna know soon or later about my self.


"um Sarah" I said "we had a life together before in another life we were married, and has 3 kids ,2 girls and 1 boy, on our ship you and you sister out seprate from us, and we been looking for you 2 our whole life, there is max you already meant, isabel my cuz and michael my our family is complete again. what I am trying to say is, I dont wanna lose you again" I said, I hope she understand what I just told her.
posted on 23-Nov-2002 7:05:11 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I nod. "There is's just too much to take in all at once. First, you're right. You are an alien. We all are from another planet, called Antar. Even if you didn't remember that, you somehow knew you were different, not of this earth. Abilities you couldn't explain, things like that, right?" Liz nodded again, completely stunned but still not panicking because somewhere within her she knows it's the truth.

"We all came here because there was a civil war on our planet. We...we were sent here to be reborn and grow up safely. A ruthless dictator named Khivar took over the throne, and from what I understand, he still is in control of the planet. The rest of us are beginning to remember more and more about our heritage, and we're unraveling more of the mystery each day. For example, since we've been here, we all keep dreaming about this cave with a hidden entrance, and there's something really important inside. We're not sure what rit is, but we keep seeing this huge, glowing....machine. Liz, have you seen anything like that in your dreams?"


I was stunned speechless. We were married? We had *kids* together! This was amazing....and terrifying. But in a good way, "Wow..." I say, after I manage to find my voice again. Despite how strange this situation feels, it seems very natural to be sitting with Adam like this. There's a powerful connection and easy familairity between us that's wonderful. "Our children...what happened to them?" I hope the answer is that they are all right and out there somewhere, maybe even with him and the others. I look to Adam and await his answer.
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I watch as the pretty girl approaches me again.I look at her and then to Maria."Listen...can we talk later?"I ask as I point to the girl.Maria nods.I walk over." you have a name?"I ask the girl,smiling.

I stand by myself being bored.Very bored.I sigh and spot a girl looking almost as bored as I am.She's cute.Really cute.I walk over as some guy leaves her side."So,I'm guessing I'm not the only one at this party who isn't having a good time?"I ask with a small smile.
posted on 23-Nov-2002 9:09:29 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I nod,"so what now?" I ask, I didnt know what else we can do, We walk back to the party and it was getting wailder." I guess I'll see you around" I walk off.


"um ya.........there alright, but there die" I see her reaction" Sarah when we had to be reborn, the kids had to reborn also, but not in a pod in a tummy of a mother." I told her, she was releave.I take her hand and meet her eyes, I start looking at her lips. And got close to kiss her. I know , I know I shouldnt do this after all I just told everything in 5 mins ago. but it just feel right to do.
posted on 23-Nov-2002 9:20:07 PM by Elizabeth Evans

"Wait, Liz...." I say a little shyly. She turns around. "Would you like to hang out for a little while? You know, get to know each other, do normal party stuff...?" We're standing against a wall, and instinctively I move closer to her. There's this pull I feel to be near her, and I can't fight it. Not that I want to. I just hope she decides not to fight the pull...I know she's feeling it, just as I am. I do notice that she isn't moving away. Gaining confidence, I reach my hand up to brush my fingers through her silky hair. Her beautiful lips part in surprise at how natural and familiar the gesture feels. Her beautiful that moment, I know that I need to kiss her, and so I lean in even closer to brush my lips against hers tentatively. Then, as Liz responds, I deepen the kiss into one that becomes beautiful and passionate. Our arms instinctively wrap around each other in a loving embrace, wanting to be as close to each other as we possibly can.


"Wait...we came out of a...pod?" I asked, shocked. Could my life get any stranger? My head was reeling with all this information. "And the they all have real parents now?" The thought saddened me, even though I'd never seen them in this least not that I knew of. A million questions are racing through my mind, but they all scatter like fall leaves in the wind as Adam leans toward me, a look of pure love in his eyes that takes my breath away. I return the look, and we're locked in another soulmate glance for a moment. Then he leans in to kiss me....and it's the sweetest, most passionate kiss Ive ever known. I know it's really soon for all this, but it feels right.

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He kisses me, and I repond to it.Is this real?, Can I be dreaming. I been dreaming this most since I felt like someone was looking for it. And now it true. Someone has. the kiss is so beautiful,and warms. All we wanna do is hold each-other and never let go. I moand softly, I pull away alittle to catch my breath. I am gettin alot of betterflies in my stomach. The kiss gotin deeper, and passion. I never been kiss like this before, Actually never been kiss at all.


The kiss gottin Deeper, and I pull away to look at her beautiful face. She sharing at me, And I share back. I reach her face to touch her.Then I hold her in my arms and never let go.
posted on 24-Nov-2002 8:17:11 PM by Elizabeth Evans

This kiss is all I've ever dreamed of. I never want to let go. Everything else falls away, and it feels like Liz and I are in our own little world where only she and I exist.


Adam and I lean back so that we're lying on the bed. I feel so safe and protected in his arms. It feels so *right* in a way I can't explain. There just aren't words for it. Happily, I snuggle against him, and his arms tighten around me, holding me close.
posted on 25-Nov-2002 3:09:30 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I turn when I hear someone talking to me and... OH MY-

My prayers have been answered! I have found the guy that I have been looking for.

He is so hot.

But wait is he really talking to me?

I quickly turn to make sure that no one is behind me.


I smile and turn back to him.

"Yeah, I'm pretty bored." I say trying to act cool. "And the worst thing is is that it's my party."
posted on 25-Nov-2002 4:21:08 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax

"Maybe," I said SMILING AT HIM.

I see him fall to his knees

lol The Isabel charm works all the time

Who can blame me*angel*


Yes yes concieted I know

But hey who can blame me *big*
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I look at the girl." don't strike me as the kind of girl who throws boring parties,"I say with a smile.I pause and add,"Hi...I'm Micheal."
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I smile.Wow...she's really really beautiful.I notice that Maria is talking to some guy.Good for her.I smile at this girl.Why is she even talking to me?I'm not really that pretty.I'm pretty ugly.Don't girls that look like that go for Brad Pitt looking guys?

"I'm Alex,"I say.
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Sry I havent been post, I just dont know what to post.


I pull away to cought my breath,I see smiling." We can't do this" I know I know, I should of give him a change. But I can't help it, I have to keep my head straight. So I broke the embraceable, and step back. " I'm sorry" I walk off. Where I see Maria and Alex hanging up with someone. I walk past maria, and looked sad I know she saw me, Because she looked at me. I go find a beer On the bottom of the table. I took one and open it,when I just was about to drink it someone grab my arm. I lok up, and see Max.


I am holding Sara in my arms, wow how did we get here again? Oh well, I just feel right. I bring her even closer so I can make sure she won't leave me alone in this bed room.

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I watch, a bit disappointed, as Liz breaks away from me to go find her friends. I go look for Michael and Adam to tell them about what happened. Adam is nowhere to be seen, but I spot Michael talking with Maria and some other guy, so I leave those two alone. Seeing them together, they look right, just the way Liz and I do. I head over to the food corner and grab some munchies. Liz comes over this way again, and I notice how sad she looks. She doesn't see me yet, so when she gets closer, I work my way over to her and grab her arm to pull her aside and talk to her. "Liz, are you ok?" It hurts me to see her look so sad.


Adam holds me close, as if afraid I'll run off. That's the furthest thing from my mind, but I totally understand how he's feeling. I'm afraid that all this is just a dream or something, and that if I move it'll all disappear. So I cuddle closer to his body, content to stay this way forever....or at least until Liz and Maria drag me off to go home.

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Michael and Maria.

I like the ring to that. Ha ha.

I turn towards him, damn is he hot!

"I'm Maria." I tell him grinning like an idiot.
posted on 4-Dec-2002 1:26:48 PM by TabascoChick
I smile.Wow...she has a really gorgeous smile."Well...hello Maria.So,since we're both having a crappy time.Do you wanna go grab a bite to eat?"I ask as I look at her.
posted on 4-Dec-2002 9:08:26 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I holding back the tears" um..........Yes I am fine" I lied I wasnt fine. I was afraid this was a dream. I look around and everyone was business, even Maria was business. Damn Why am I so upset? Maybe cuz I think this is a dream, maybe if I raise my hope up to high it will bite me in the butt, just maybe.I my eyes were fill with saddness, so I look dont trying to hide it.


I smile, her hair smile good. it smell like watermellon. M' it smells.I ask" wanna go join everyone, and see how there doing" I said. I know it lame to say that after what just happened, but I afraid we go farther. And I don't think were ready for the both of us.
posted on 4-Dec-2002 11:31:06 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I look up into Michael's beautiful brown eyes...

Yes they are beautiful and yes I want to go with him.

"That sounds like a great idea. Let me just go find my friends first. Would you like to meet them?" I ask.

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I smile."Sure...I'm always up for new people,"I partly lie.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 6:09:39 PM by Elizabeth Evans

"Liz, please tell me what's wrong," I say gently. I don't buy for a second that she's fine...she's nearly in tears. My heart aches to see her in so much pain.


I sigh with a mixture of disappointment and relief as Adam suggests that we go back to the party and find our friends. I can tell, though, that he's just afraid that we'll go too far if we stay alone. He has a point. I'm scared of that too; it's too soon for anything more than kissing, and I'm not ready. Finding Adam has been too precious to let anything jeaprodize that. So, we stand and leave the room, hand in hand as we search for our friends.
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Giving this very cool RPG a bump. Come on, people, let's get back to posting! *happy*
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I better not tell him, he just want to do stuff, Wait how do I know he's not using me? how I know he just wanna get into my plants"um, nothing just thinking something really sad" I told him.

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I can see the doubt and worry on her face, and I want to erase every doubt in her mind, every terrible thing that put that doubt there to begin with.

"Liz, I don't want to do anything you're not ready for, and I don't want to go too fast. You're much too important for me to lose you over something like that. Would it be all right if we....just hang out and talk, find out acout each other's lives and things like that?"
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I nod"sure I would love that" I said, and follow him to the couch.