posted on 16-Nov-2002 8:00:42 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Ok, this role play is based on my fanfic by the same title, "Once Again." The story takes place post season 2, but things didn't end so tragically. It turned out that Alex was never killed because Tess healed him in time. A shapeshifter had taken Tess' place since MITC and had done all of the evil things (e.g., mindwarping Alex, mindwarping Max to think he had sex with Tess and she was having his baby). So after the shapeshifter left, the real Tess, along with Alex, was rescued and the group is whole again. This story is conventional couples.

Several newcomers arrive in town that make the Roswell gang suspicious. Ariel and David Hart move to town with their parents after Mr. Hart is offered a teaching job at Las Cruces University. They know they are gifted with psychic abilities, but don't know their true origins. Kara and David Drake also arrive with their protector Caleb, who raised them from the time they came out of their pods.

Ariel, David, Brian, and Kara are the Royal Four of Lysus, the planet the Skins are originally from. Their sun was about to go nova, and so the Antarians took in the Skins. They all lived together in peace, that is, until a skin named Khivar became greedy and wanted the power of the Antarean throne, which led to the civil war. Khivar managed to get both sets of Royal Four killed. The Royal Four of Lysus were recreated on earth as human-skin hybrids. Now they, too, will be caught up in the same battle as Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess....the battle to save both Earth and Antar...

Liz - Elizabeth Evans
Max - Lizzie_Parker17
Maria - Roswell428
Michael -LuvRug
Isabel -roswellianprincess16
Alex - TabascoChick
Tess- scifidreamer
Jim Valenti - Roswell428

Ariel Hart- Elizabeth Evans
David Hart- I_LOVE_NICK
Kara Drake- TabascoChick
Brian Drake- scifidreamer
Caleb- scifidreamer
Nicola- Roswell428

Khivar/other villains-scifidreamer

Other Roswell characters (e.g., the parents or Brody or whoever) or made up characters are available as well. Just let me know! *happy*

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posted on 16-Nov-2002 8:51:42 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
Can I have Liz plz?
posted on 16-Nov-2002 8:55:26 PM by Elizabeth Evans
You sure can *happy*. I'll add you to the cast list!

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posted on 17-Nov-2002 4:56:33 PM by TabascoChick
Kara and Alex?
posted on 17-Nov-2002 10:21:10 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Kara and Alex are yours, Sarah *happy* I'll add you to the cast list.
posted on 18-Nov-2002 2:23:46 AM by scifidreamer
just curious. if we would like to take part, should we read your fic first? is this like a continuation from where the story left off? I've never done this before, I'm kinda excited *big* . just to let you know, I'm gonna need help, I'm total newbie, so please be patient with me, I'll do my best.
posted on 18-Nov-2002 5:41:18 PM by SweetLilDreamer
Can I have Maria? And Tess is... ::Gasp:: Good? Ack, don't think Maria will like Tess either way, *big* I'm sorry, just not fond of that character in the least, but if you want me to, I'll try to be civil.

posted on 18-Nov-2002 7:20:26 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I'm so glad there's interest in this role play! *bounce**bounce**bounce* We are all going to have such a great time with this *happy*

scifidreamer-This role play will be based on the story, but you don't have to read it to understand or take part in the role play. My little summary of the role play is all you need to know *happy*. We're not starting where the story left off, we're starting from the beginning and can develop the role play however we'd like. I'd love to have you join in! Just let me know which character(s) you want *happy* Whenever you have questions or ideas, feel free to post 'em!

SweetLilDreamer-Maria is yours *happy*. I'll add you to the cast list. I didn't like Tess either, at least until season 2. If only she had just let herself give up on the idea of destiny and made her own choices (like being with Kyle so she could be happy and so could everyone else *happy*...She had been brainwashed with a lot of bad stuff from Nacedo, so in this story I wanted Tess to have begun to develop her humanity and make her own choices so that she would be a good person that we would like. There were glimmerings of her potential for that, but the writers just squandered that on the show.

posted on 18-Nov-2002 7:40:07 PM by scifidreamer
sure I'd love to participate, thanks for responding and for being willing to help. I totally agree with you and your sentiments of Tess and the direction she could have gone in. in S2 by the ARCC I wasn't hating her; I actually thought she was okay. but then HoM happened and all that went down the crapper. and after Departure and what she did to Alex, I hated her with the firey passion of a thousand hells (sorry that's so melodramatic. I've just always wanted to say it when it might actually apply and not just annoy my brother *wink* ).
so since we would both like to see a non-second half of S2 Tess, and we both feel there was potential there for a kinder, better, not-all-obsessed-with-max-and-destiny Tess, I'll play her if that's okay. I just don't want to see a dumb ho tess, like from the show.
and I started reading Once Again, just so I could a get a feel for the characters you created. so in running with that is it also okay I pick up Brian Drake? is there a profile of him you can give me, or just a paragraph about how you envision him?
if it comes down it I can also be a few of the baddies as well, and which ever other minor characters you might need at the moment. so are we starting at the beginning of S1?
I'm really looking forward to this, thank you *big* .

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posted on 18-Nov-2002 8:00:18 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Scifidreamer-I totally agree with your thoughts on Tess. It'll be nice to have a Tess we can like in this story, so she's all yours *happy*. This story is post season 2, but Tess wasn't the one who did any of the horrible stuff that happened. And I'm so glad you want to play Brian, too. I added you to the cast list. As far as the baddies, I put you down for villains, and other people can sign up to play villains along with you. Let me know if you were interested in playing Khivar.

Here's how I envision Brian: Physically, he's tall and has curly/wavy blonde hair and green eyes (all four of the human-skin hybrids have blonde hair and green eyes). I see him as the leader of the four, someone with quiet strength and determination. He is very protective of his twin sister Kara, and of Ariel when he meets her. David and Ariel were separated from Brian and Kara just after they all came out of their pods, so Brian has been dreaming his whole life about finding them again. He shares in common with the other three an interest in astronomy (he has a telescope) and music. He, like the others, has a photographic memory ("scanning), so he can read a book once and remember all the information, so he doesn't have to study. Brian's strongest power is the ability to form shields. I hope that helps *happy*. Let me know if you have any other questions about him.

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posted on 18-Nov-2002 10:22:32 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
I am in a million and a half RPGs but I would love to give max a try if you'd like
posted on 18-Nov-2002 10:59:52 PM by scifidreamer

thank you. I'm honored *big* .
is it okay if I make brian's hair dark blonde? and do they all have green eyes, or like can I say brian's eyes look like an ancient forest, dark and full of mystery? (ooh I think I like that).
now if eveyone suspected that tess had done all these horrible things I think she needs to prove herself. redeem herself, her reputation. I mean sure it wasn't her, but it's not easy to trust again once it's been obliterated. I think everyone would still be wary of her. how do they know she won't become that person they had to deal with? how do they know she is over the destiny thing? the end of S2 was like everyone's worst nightmare, they've seen it played out, and it wasn't pretty. does that make any sense? I can't remember how you explained EotW? but that's khivar too, right? where do you think the story should pick up? I was just thinking that when tess and are introduced they should be introduced together, like their return to Roswell. and pod squad has plenty of questions, and no answers. how is tess back, and why? why is alex back? what does she have planned now? kinda thing.
khivar's a pretty big baddie. now do you want him to be The BIG BAD? or are there other forces out there work, they don't even know about? can I make him truly evil?
well thanks for reading.

posted on 18-Nov-2002 11:39:44 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Britt- Max is yours! I'll add you to the cast list *happy*

scifidreamer- You bring up great points about Tess and Alex. In the story, they'd been back with the group for awhile already, and everybody knew that an evil shapeshifter had impersonated Tess since MITC and betrayed them all, so there was no distrust of her in the group. Alex had been kidnapped and mindwarped by the shapeshifter for the purpose of translating the destiny book (I had to find a way to follow the show but bring Alex back and have Tess not be evil). I didn't really explain anything about EOTW, although I like the idea of Khivar actually being behind that.

In the role play, we can play this however we want. If people want to have distrust as an issue dividing the group, then that could provide added drama. It's up to all of you guys. As for the villains, if you have an idea for even more evil forces at work beyond Khivar and the skins, then by all means, go for it! If you have an idea for The Big Bad, and you want that person to be someone other than Khivar, bring him on! *happy* I can't wait to see what you come up with. Oh, and I really like all your ideas for Brian, especially the mysterious quality to his character. They all have green eyes, and I prefer darker to lighter green, so your description of Brian's eyes is perfect.

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posted on 19-Nov-2002 2:29:42 AM by scifidreamer
since you're the boss lady, and this is based on your fic, which ever direction you decide to start from is a-okay with me.

about the whole khivar being behind EotW, see I was actually thinking someone else did it and he just took advantage of it as a fortuitous event later on. I have other vague ideas in this direction, but I'm not sure if I should post them now, or just let it play itself out. cuz by my talking about all this now, doesn't it kinda of take some of the spontenuity out it? I don't want to ruin anything, so I'll just leave it at, khivar isn't the only one out there. is that okay?

I'm glad you liked my ideas for brian. I think I'm going to have with him. brian's kinda like a mystery to himself. (they don't know they're aliens yet, cuz of that gun thingy in the beginning right?)

well thanks for your feedback. it's v. helpful, and greatly appreciated.

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posted on 19-Nov-2002 2:27:08 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I think it'll be fun to just let the story's direction evolve on its own and see where people want to take it. I'm glad you're waiting for your ideas about the villains to reveal themselves at the right time, so the suspense doesn't get ruined by role play "spoilers." *happy*.

Oh, I wanted to let you know about Brian and the story, they do know who they are because they live with their protector, and he taught them about their past lives and why they are on Earth, all the information that was erased by that weapon. David and Ariel woke up disoriented without any memories, and so they ran off before the others could get back outside the cave to find them after the battle. So David and Ariel are the ones who don't know that they're aliens.

In the role play, though, it's up to you. If you want, Brian and Kara may also be kept in the dark about the fact that they're aliens. Maybe Caleb thinks the best way to keep them safe and keep their enemies from finding them is to keep them from all knowledge of who they are. Caleb could be quite the man of mystery himself, seeming to be this incredibly normal person giving his adopted children a very normal life (like Isabel, playing the part of this ultranormal person to perfection). However you want to play Brian is up to you.
posted on 19-Nov-2002 3:22:34 PM by roswellianprincess16
Wow... this is probably one of the most interesting things I've read in a long time! Oh my... I LOVE IT! I've been restraining from joining RPGs cause sometimes my mind goes bonkers and my scheadule ties me up... but if you let me be a part of this I promise to try my hardest to post as often as possible! This is a great idea with awesome potential! I'm interested in Isabel! Is that ok? If so... are we talking season one Isabel? Total ice queen? Or season 2 Isabel? Christmas Nazi, opening up to Alex, developing a kind of soul Isabel? Let me know! And I'll check in! This is awesome!
~Selena *bounce*
posted on 19-Nov-2002 3:47:35 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Hi, Selena! Welcome to the role play *happy*. I'm so glad you're interested in this story! Isabel is yours, and I'll add you to the cast list. As far as the Isabel character, I see her as the way she was in the second half of season 1, where she allows herself to let her ice princess facade melt and open herself up to Alex (and Liz and Maria and Kyle). I don't like how in season 2, she totally withdrew from Alex and blew him off except as a friend.

By the way, I have a question for the group....are my pictures working? I had to save them and then use the saved file names for the pics because the website links for both of them became broken. Since the files are now from my computer, I was just wondering if anyone else besides me can see them properly. Thanks! *happy*

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posted on 19-Nov-2002 3:53:13 PM by LuvRug

posted on 19-Nov-2002 3:58:58 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Michael's all yours, LuvRug. I added you to the cast list. Welcome aboard! *happy*. OK, so we just need a Kyle, a David, and a Caleb, and we're ready to begin!*bounce**bounce**bounce*
posted on 19-Nov-2002 4:10:18 PM by roswellianprincess16
Thanks Elizabeth Evans! Sorry to tell ya, your pics arent working. Try get an account and load your pic onto there... then right click on ur picture go to properties and then use the url address there to show ur pics. it should help! :-) I hope have been of some assistance! :-) thanks for the part!
posted on 19-Nov-2002 4:22:00 PM by LuvRug
Yes I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 19-Nov-2002 4:59:53 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Selena, thank you for your suggestion! I think it must have been something to do with the two pictures I chose, so I found two others that seem to work. *happy*

LuvRug, I'm so glad that you and everyone else here are just as excited about this role play as I am!

Just a few more parts to fill, and we can begin! *happy*

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posted on 20-Nov-2002 2:17:57 AM by scifidreamer

hey, finally I get on. it took me forever. this page wouldn't show up, it was so busy. all right I'm glad you think I should hold. definitely don't want to "spoil" things.

Elizabeth Evans originally wrote:

Oh, I wanted to let you know about Brian and the story, they do know who they are because they live with their protector, and he taught them about their past lives and why they are on Earth, all the information that was erased by that weapon.

In the role play, though, it's up to you. If you want, Brian and Kara may also be kept in the dark about the fact that they're aliens. Maybe Caleb thinks the best way to keep them safe and keep their enemies from finding them is to keep them from all knowledge of who they are. Caleb could be quite the man of mystery himself, seeming to be this incredibly normal person giving his adopted children a very normal life (like Isabel, playing the part of this ultranormal person to perfection). However you want to play Brian is up to you.

hmmmmm, I like your idea. do you think there is some way we could incorporate both versions? I think it would be a nice contrast for brian and kara to have some knowledge of who, or at least what, they are.

Maybe Caleb thinks the best way to keep them safe and keep their enemies from finding them is to keep them from all knowledge of who they are.

I'm totally feeling this. when I read it, I was like "wow, this opens up so may possibilities." can I be Caleb as well?

btw I can the picture at the bottom of your post. who else do you picture when you envision the other characters you created?

well thanks for reading this.
posted on 20-Nov-2002 9:35:24 AM by Elizabeth Evans
scifidreamer- You can definitely be Caleb. I really like how we can combine both of our ideas, with Brian and Kara knowing a little about their origins but mostly being kept in the dark by Caleb to keep them safe.

Let's see...who do I picture for the other characters...? I'd had other people in mind for Ariel (like Alexz Johnson or Clare Danes) but chose this pic instead because it worked for both this role play and the Buffy/Roswell crossover.

Jonathan Brandis as Brian

Maybe Clare Danes as Kara...

Maybe Erik Von Detten as David

Hehe, I could totally see Ewan McGregor as Caleb...

These are just my thoughts. Feel free to pick your own pictures to represent your characters.

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posted on 20-Nov-2002 8:45:34 PM by scifidreamer

oh my god!!!! if Ewan McGregor is Caleb, he definitely needs a sweetie. god, he is so hot. he totally kicks ass as a young Obi Wan Kenobi (I would have been all over that if I was a female character in Star Wars *happy* ). and he was freakin' fine in Moulan Rouge. that movie was awesome............and so sad. beautiful.

wow. so what made you choose him as Caleb, other that the total hotness factor?

posted on 20-Nov-2002 9:02:23 PM by Elizabeth Evans
The hotness factor was definitely part of it *happy*, and also something about the aura of him in Star Wars episode II made me think of Caleb. It's difficult to explain; it just felt right.

And you're right, Caleb definitely needs a sweetie *happy*. Ok, so we need a Kyle, a David, and a sweetie for Caleb. I'll play Kyle and/or the sweetie, or at least temp for them until someone takes over those parts. I just don't want to play David, because when Ariel is talking to her brother I don't want to be having a conversation with myself.
posted on 20-Nov-2002 11:19:43 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Ok, guess what? We're getting started!! Whoever wants to can temp for Kyle, David, or Caleb's sweetie (Any suggestions for her name?). I'll do any temping that I have to do until someone signs up for those characters. I'd just prefer if someone else would play David. Anyway, here goes..

I wake up slowly from that dream again, the dream of my brother David and I running lost and scared through the woods when we were five years old. That was the night we found our family, when Mom and Dad drove up and took us home to live with them. We were two small scared kids who didn't have any memory of who we were or what had happened before. That was twelve years ago.

Ironic how I have that dream whenever I face some kind of separation, like summer break or when David or I would go off to camp or something. Now I'm facing the biggest separation of my life. Dad was offered a teaching position at Las Cruces University, so we're all moving from Pennsylvania to a small town in New Mexico called Roswell. I'm really proud of Dad, but it really sucks to have to leave all my friends whom David and I have known since Kindergarten. Tears well up in my eyes again just thinking about how I won't graduate with them. I sigh and throw the covers back, deciding that it's time to face the morning. Just then, the alarm goes off and Anggun's song "Snow on the Sahara" plays. I can't help but smile through my tears. The song is totally perfect for the occasion. I begin to sing the lyrics as I get ready for the day. Soon, Mom calls me and David down to breakfast. Before I leave my room for the final time, I take a moment to remember the room as it was before everything was packed away. Finally, I know it's time, and I turn away and head downstairs.
Hours later, we arrive in Roswell. Mom and Dad drove the moving van with all our belongings, and David and I followed in the car. It's been a long day, and I'm famished. Thankfully, Mom and Dad have the same idea, because they pull into a little diner called the Crashdown. David and I pull into the space next to them, and we all get out. Oh, it feels so good to be outside and to stretch! We head into the diner and sit down. It's really a cute restaurant, with an alien theme to the decor. The waitresses even wear little silver antennaes! Cute as long as you're not the one who actually has to wear it. The menus are at the table, so we each take one to look through. I smile as I notice that even the items on the menu have alien names. Hmm...the Will Smith burger and Saturn Rings looks good. Moments later, our waitress comes over to the table...

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posted on 20-Nov-2002 11:42:53 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I'll be Kyle and/or David!!!!!

It's up to you!!!!

posted on 20-Nov-2002 11:50:16 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thank you, thank you! *happy*. Kyle and David are yours. I'll add you to the cast list. Feel free to start posting whenever you're ready!
posted on 20-Nov-2002 11:55:31 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
okay, I am very excited...but what are the couple's going to be????

Oh and You're Welcome, it's my!!!!
posted on 21-Nov-2002 12:15:14 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Yay! *bounce* I cannot tell you guys how much it means to me to see everyone so excited for this role play *happy*

I_LOVE_NICK, the couples are Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Alex/Isabel, Kyle/Tess, Ariel/Brian, and David/Kara.
posted on 21-Nov-2002 4:22:33 PM by Roswell428
If you need a sweetie for Caleb, I'll be her. Is this a brand new character? I must admit, I'm not familiar with your story (yet) but I am planning to read it. It sounds really good. If the sweetie is a new character, I would love to hear any ideas you have for her (that is assuming I get her). This looks like it would be a fun RPG to work on.
posted on 21-Nov-2002 4:22:42 PM by TabascoChick
I walk into the Crashdown quickly,hoping to get to talk to Isabel if she comes in.Everything has been different ever since we all found out that Tess wasn't really evil.Ever since I found out she hadn't been mindwarping me.Not really her.A shapeshifter.Questions have been answered and I'm ready to start my senior year at Roswell High mindwarp free.But there's one thing I still can't get out of my mind.Isabel.There have been times over the last couple of months where I think we're a couple.Then sometimes I don't.I feel torn.I love isabel.I've always loved her,but somehow I feel I'm always pinning for her.I always get hurt.I just want to talk to her about what's going on.I notice some new people enter the Crashdown.The girl and the boy look my age.I've seen alot of new people in Roswell recently.Maybe it's the new "hot" place to live.I laugh to myself.Nah...Roswell is no New York.

I open the door to our house quickly.Our house.Mine,Caleb's,and Brian's.I walk in quickly notice that Brian's sitting infront of the tv.I sigh."Brian...have you been sitting here since I left this morning?"I ask.He doesn't answer so I pick a pillow up and throw it at his head and laugh."You're turning into a couch potato,bro,"I joke as I sit down next to him.
posted on 21-Nov-2002 7:47:09 PM by scifidreamer

She looked up at the door as she heard the bell jingle.

Alex just walked into the Crash. God she still didn't get how he could be so understanding. If half the shit happened to her, that happened to him, she would be out for blood. Hell, she was gonna make sure those shape shifters paid. She just regreted that they hadn't been able to get any supplemental info outta the guy before he died.

Sho looked around, and when she noticed Liz walking to a table of people she'd never seen before, she called Alex over to the counter. He was probably looking for one of two people: Maria or, most likely, Isabel. She made a mental to find out more about the new family that arrived. She hated acting paranoid but this last year truly struck home the axiom 'Better safe than sorry'.

"Hey Alex, how're you doing?" she tentively asked. Don't be fool, no one blames you, she wordless repeated.

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posted on 21-Nov-2002 8:02:18 PM by scifidreamer

"Man, what you'd throw that for?" I ask rubbing my head. "And I'll have you know, I did get up. Had to fix myself something to eat, not that you care, seeing as how you just up and left without me. AND you're not considered a couch potato if you watch educating television, like I have been doing. The Discovery channel is having a special on the ending of the Pliocene era and the beginning of the Pleistocene."

Well she's not paying any attention I grab the big couch cushion beside me, and then throw it on top of her, trapping her bewteen the cushion and the couch. "Say I'm sorry for thinking little of you BIG brother and for abandoning you to the wilds of Roswell," he said with an emphasis on the word big. "Say it or I'll tickle you!"

posted on 21-Nov-2002 9:17:04 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I walked to a new people I never seen before" Hi I'm Liz and I'll be your waitress this evening" I get out my pencil and notepad from my pocker" so what can I get you this evening" I give them my Liz smile.And waits for there orders.
posted on 21-Nov-2002 9:44:11 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Roswell428, Caleb's sweetie is yours. I'll add you to the cast list. Actually, her character is totally new and not even in the story this role play is based on, so feel free to develop the character however you see fit. Let me know if you want more guidance than that. I'm sure I could think of something... *happy*

You guys' posts have been so awesome! I'm loving this! *happy*

I smile at our waitress, Liz, as she introduces herself. Mom and Dad order, then it's my turn. "I'd like the Will Smith Burger, Saturn Rings, and a cherry coke. Oh, and can we get a bottle of tabasco sauce, please?" I notice the look of apprehension Liz gives me about the tabasco sauce, but before I can wonder about it, she pastes a carefully neutral expression on. Then she's focusing on David because it's his turn to order. So now I'm not sure if I was just imagining that expression....

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posted on 21-Nov-2002 11:39:30 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OCC: Sorry for taking so long, but I have a question:

Does David want to be in Roswell, or is upset about the move there? And what is like...Is he moody like Michael, or sensitive like Max, or funny like Kyle...

Just so I can a little take on what he is like...I don't want to post and make him different from what you prefer.
posted on 22-Nov-2002 1:41:15 AM by scifidreamer
OCC: (btw way what does that mean?)
this is how I envision Brian. sorry there's no shirt, but this was the only picture I could find.

Nathaniel or Brian

my last resort: okay if you have the time and are bored or whatever, go to this link to see what I imagine brian looks like. sheesh, I think my internent server hates me.*3AB23DDF21E7

alright this isn't working. how do I post pictures off my computer. I have it saved under windows painst shop, if that's any help.

11/22 edit to say: why oh why isn't this working??????? why won't the image show up? how do I get the image to show? what must I type to get the image to show up?

okay how come neither is working? am I only one who can't see them? are they at least showing up for everyone else? do I just need to give it time and eventually it'll work?

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posted on 22-Nov-2002 12:13:09 PM by TabascoChick
I watch as Tess comes over.I don't have mind reading powers,but I can tell that Tess feels bad.I know it's not her fault.I don't blame her at all."Hey...well...I think I'm doing fine considering I lost 30 bucks to Maria last night,playing poker...,"I joke.Tess smiles.I sigh."Listen,I don't want you to feel bad,ok?I don't blame you at all!And the sad sorry Tess is alot less fun then normal Tess,"I said with a smile.

I shake my head."No way..,"I yell.He begins to tickle me and and laugh." on..ok..ok...I'm so are the ruler of the world...we shall all bow down ot you,"I say,partly joking.Brian and I are close.We have always been.Ever since we were little kids.When I'm away from him,I get these dreams.Nightmares,kind of.In the nightmares,I'm always running to him.And then there are these other two kids.They're with him,but I can't seem to reach them.Those nightmares scare me.I remember when I went on my first sleepover,when I was little,and I cried all night because I wanted ot go home to him.I laugh and then see Caleb come in."Hey..,"I say,still laughing as Brian slowly stops.
posted on 22-Nov-2002 3:55:37 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I take there orders, and was shock, the girl my age wanted tobaco sause"um...........sure, that wont be a problem"I write the orders on the notepad and gave the cook, what to cook. I came back with tobaco sause" your food will be done in 15mins......would you like anything else while you wait?" I asked

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posted on 22-Nov-2002 5:37:57 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I_LOVE_NICK- I envision David as both sensitive and funny. I don't see him as all that moody. I see him as doing the Isabel thing in terms of keeping relationships with friends superficial. Not in a bad way or anything, but just keeping others at a little bit of a distance by not letting them really get to know the real him. In the story, I saw Ariel as having more of an issue moving to Roswell than David did. The other thing about David is that he firmly is against telling their parents about their psychic abilities. He's worried about what the government might do to them and how their parents might react (e.g., he thinks their parents might reject them). Ariel, on the other hand, wants to tell them. It's the one thing they ever disagree about. But that's just in the story. You can portray him however you want, though *happy* Hope that helps!

Scifidreamer- I think pics need to be posted somewhere on a website that you can make an http:// link to. There's no way to upload pictures that I know of. I could be wrong. Does anybody else know?


I shake my head at Liz's question, indicating that I don't need anything else before my order arrives. Mom and Dad tease me and David about the tabasco sauce. Mom especially teases us, asking if we're going to put the tabasco sauce on our dessert like we usually do. She feigns horror at the fact that her children might actually eat that way in public. I laugh at that and comment, "It's all part of our charm. I know you've learned to love it."

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She gave Alex a small smile, "Maria kickin' ass at poker again?" She shook her head, "Sometimes I think she's the one with powers when she plays any kinda card game. It's uncanny," she chuckled.

She took a deep breath, her attitude sobering up, "Hey Alex, I've been meaning to talk to you about ...... you know, what happened? Have you told people what they did? I mean what is what like?

Cuz...cuz I really haven't been able to, and, I don't know I guess I was just wondering what you thought and felt, and stuff," she shrugged. "But if you don't want to talk about it or anything I totally understand. So are you looking for Isabel," Tess rapidly changed the subject. She didn't think she could handle the one person who might possiblely be able to understand her, and whose forgivenss she wanted the most, rejecting her need to talk. Rejecting her overture of friendship. As idoitic as it might seem, she felt a bond with Alex. One formed by enduring similar acts of pain and fear, defiance and survival.

posted on 22-Nov-2002 11:54:22 PM by scifidreamer

She's sooooo ticklish! It's great! Sometimes just the threat of tickling her will make her shriek with laughter. I remember when we were younger, Caleb would tickle us to get information out of us.

And once, when we were around seven, he said the reason he liked to tickle us and play with us was because of the sound of our laughter. He said children should always smile and laugh. It was our duty.

I look up and see Caleb walking in the door, arms filled with groceries, and slowly stop torturing Kara. I push her head into the cushions fast, as I jump away from the couch so she can't reach and try to punch me.

I grin at Caleb, "Hey man."

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"Hey yourself," he says looking over the tops of the grocery bags. Caleb eyes Brian standing beside the forest green couch, wearing what he claims are his lounging cloths, a pair of baggy shorts and a wife beater, and Kara who is laid out on the sofa, pillows piled on top of her.

"You two bring in the rest of the bags," he said as walks past them into the kitchen.

He settled the bags on the counter and looks around the almost empty kitchen. This is now home. They'd left most of their furniture and appliances when they moved. He opend the fridge door and began putting things away. There was no way they'd be eating a home cooked meal tonight.

posted on 23-Nov-2002 3:00:20 AM by Lizzie_Parker17

Max walked down the street towards the Crashdown feeling as great as ever! He didn't really sleep with Tess he wasn't really going to be a father and the woman of his dreams was only around 30 seconds away.
He could feel her more with every step he took.

He walked into the Crashdown the bell on top of the door signaling his arrival. Not that it needed to. The moment Max opened the door Liz turned around and gave him the most brillinat smile.

He walked over to where she was waiting on a table and whispered in her ears
"I know your busy, but meet me in the back when your done with this table. I've missed you"

With that said Max made his way into the break room in the back of the Crashdown
Liz came in moments later

"Liz" he said as he pulled her against him crushing his lips to hers.


posted on 23-Nov-2002 10:18:36 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was shock he wanted to see me, I thought he was with Tess. I go to the back room and he attack me with his lips on to mine, so I kisses back and pull away."Max we can't do this"I told him,I really wanna to but, we cant. I was about to was back when Max grab me.

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I watch Ariel smile as she says that to our mom and dad.

"Yeah, you guys should try it." I say laughing as my mom scrunches up her nose and my dad pounds his chest as if he has heart burn.

I look around the wierd restaurant.

"Man, these people are obssessed with aliens." I mutter stealing a glance at Ariel, who nods her head.

As I turn around, I see our waitress head into the back room and I can't help but wonder why she looked so weird when are asked for the tabasco sauce.

I know that Ariel noticed it too. I make a mental note to bring it up to her later when our parents aren't around.

I grin when a different waitress brings us our meals.

"Let's see if these people put as much effort into their cooking as they do alien decorations." I say picking up my burger.


OOC: Was that okay? I am still trying to get an idea of what David likes...Please let me know if that is okay!!!
posted on 23-Nov-2002 4:55:45 PM by Elizabeth Evans
That was a great David part! Just perfect *happy*

Scifidreamer-I just followed your link to that pic of how you see Brian, and all I can say is...WOW....could he *be* any hotter! *fans self*


David and I share a glance after our waitress' odd behavior about our asking for tabasco sauce. I make a mental note to talk to him about it later when Mom and Dad aren't around. Soon I push that thought aside for now, as our meals arrive. I grin at David's comment.

"It looks delicious!." I exclaim, enticed by the appearance and aroma of the food. Of course, it's typical diner food, but practically anything would taste good right about now. I pour a few packets of sugar into my Cherry Coke and take a sip, then munch on an onion ring. It's so good! Next, I pour some tabasco sauce on my burger, than hand the bottle over to David. Looking around at my family, I can tell they are all enjoying their meals as much as I am.

Mom and Dad drift into their own conversation. It's really kind of cute how they can create their own little world. That leaves me and David to talk.

"So, what do you think the new house will be like?" I ask David. We hadn't heard too much on the details yet. It took a little while for Mom and Dad to find a house, and this was all taken care of quickly and at the last minute. I'm a little bit nervous about all this. After living in one place our whole lives, would the new place ever feel like home? Would it be open and spacious and pretty? What would my bedroom be like? I wonder if David was feeling this way...a little nervous about it all. I know I was more upset than he was about the move, but now that we were actually here, I have to admit that I was starting to feel some excitement and nervousness about it all, not just sadness and anger about leaving our old life behind.

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Alex looked at Tess."Yeah...looking for Isabel.It's time for the much dreaded 'Are we friend or more?' talk,"Alex said with a smile.He paused and went on."Tess,no one blames you for what happened.Not me.Not anyone.I mean all I can focus on was that you saved me.Because life was hell for awhile.No one really knows how it is.It just feels horrible.But it's over.We can move on."

Kara got up and picked up some bags.She motioned for David to help.They placed them down on the countertop and looked to Caleb and David."You guys hungry for lunch?I'm starving,"Kara said.She smiled.Caleb and david both knew she didn't eat breakfast.She never could.She got sick if she did.Once Caleb had made this huge breakfast and she had thrown up and felt horrible after she'd eaten it.
posted on 23-Nov-2002 9:32:41 PM by scifidreamer

She gave him another small smile, "Thanks for everything Alex," she sighed. "Note to self: be more like Alex," she said chuckling. "Maybe I should talk to Kyle about some meditation practices." She shook her head in wonderment.

She looked back where Max and Liz had escaped through the back door, "Looks like some people are happy to see eack other," she grinned. She looked bak at Alex, "Hey, don't worry about Isabel. All good things eventually come to be." She frowned momentarily, "Or soemthing like," she shook her head, then nodded towards the table with the new family.

"So what's the dilleyo with them? Liz gave them an weird look at one point; good or bad?" she asked.

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He looks at Kara with a 'duh' look, before saying, "When isn't Brian hungry?" he snorted at Brian's protestations.

"Whatever Brian, go get your butt ready. We need to buy you two whatever furniture and other stuff you guys might need, so why don't you guys go make a quick inventory of what you need and want. And after we eat we'll go look around."

He turned back to the fridge, "And you're not getting a new stereo system Kara, the one have is new enough," he said to their retreating backs.

posted on 23-Nov-2002 9:42:01 PM by Elizabeth Evans

After I ask David what he thinks the new house will be like, I happen to notice a girl with blond, curly hair and blue eyes looking over this way. She's sitting with a tall dark-haired guy. I give them a smile. It's nice to meet people my age. Maybe they'go to the same school David and I will be starting....what was the name? West Roswell High? I turn my attention back to David to hear his answer to my question.

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She looks up and sees the new girl smiling at her and Alex. She smiles awkwardly at the girl. What to do what to do? This could be the perfect oppurtunity. She nudges him with her elbow in his side. "Alex," she whispers out of the side of her mouth, "Alex, she smiled at me! What should I do?" she asked him.


OCC: Elizabeth Evans, I'm glad you liked the picture *wink* . I saw it and thought, now there is Brian. doesn't he kinda look reserved and quiet? that's so how
I imagine Brian *big* .

posted on 23-Nov-2002 9:59:21 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: scifidreamer, you're right. He does look quiet and reserved. He also looks like a natural leader. A perfect Brian! *happy*
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I snicker at Kara. Music is her passion. I mean even more than her other passions, is she passionate about music. That's lot passion going around. She has to have one the most eclectic music collections ever. She has no discrimenating taste. She'll give everything a chance, and will love almost all of it. I give her shoulders a little push forward as we walk away, "Looks like you can't con your way into getting Caleb to buy you everything anymore." She turns and looks at me, one eyebrow raised, and opens her mouth to speak....
Maybe I should hurry to my room? That idea is definitely looking better.

OCC: Elizabeth Evans, I'm glad you approve of and like the picture *happy* .

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Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the blonde girl and the thin dark-haired guy debating something. Reaching out my mind to them but without letting them know I'm doing it, I can sense that they're debating on whether or not to come over to our table to introduce themselves. I hope they decide in favor of that. They look like part of the cool crowd at school, the kind of people David and I were friends with since Kindergarten, and it would be great to have some new friends to go to school with.
posted on 24-Nov-2002 2:25:33 PM by roswellianprincess16

I walk in immediately sensing energy. Hm... weird. I look around and catch sight of Alex and Tess at the counter. Strange sight, after what happened. I'm glad they're coming to terms with it. I still can't believe that he's alive and well. When Alex was gone it really made me reconsider things. Think over my life. I realized I didn't like what it was coming to. Now the trick is to change that. I'm just not sure how. I look over and spot some new family at one of the booths. Since when do new people crowd Roswell?? Where is Max anyway? I head over to Alex and Tess and sigh loudly as I take a seat.

"You know, I hate it when stores say they're having a blowout sale and the only thing blowing out is your wallet. I went in for a pair of shoes and ended up with three pairs of jeans, a new purse, two dresses and three pairs of shoes. Too bad it was Max's credit card." I smile and see Tess laugh and Alex's eyes reach mine. I can see the question in them. I already know what this is about. You think I haven't dream walked him in the past week once or twice to find out if he's ok?! Come on now.

"What's up guys?" I ask, by now dreading what I know will be a plea to talk.
OOC: Was that ok!?? I love this! It's coming out so well!!! I hope I am getting Isabel right... I don't want her to be too aloof... but she's never really been ms friendly either.
posted on 24-Nov-2002 4:41:01 PM by Elizabeth Evans
roswellianprincess16, I loved the Isabel part! It was great *happy*
posted on 24-Nov-2002 8:41:33 PM by TabascoChick
I smile as Isabel comes in.I love seeing her face.It brightens my day.I watch as she sits down."Eh...just debating whether to introduce ourselves to those new people,"I say with a smile.I wonder if isabel has dreamwalked me.Does she know I want to talk?I look to Tess."I say we tell them our names are Sid and Nancy,"I joke.I laugh and look back to Isabel."Strange seeing new people in Roswell...,"I comment.

I sigh as Caleb tells me I can't have a new sound system.I love music more then anything.It calms me.Keeps me focused."Oh come on! I saw this new one that completely different! With these realyl cute speakers! Please?"I plead.Caleb shakes his head and I frown."Ok...but I'm not giving up.Can we eat at the Crashdown.I've been craving some Alien Fries,"I say with a smile.
posted on 24-Nov-2002 8:53:57 PM by Elizabeth Evans

A tall blonde girl comes into the diner and joins the other two. Yeah, the three of them are definitely in the popular crowd. David and I share a look. I can tell that he wants to be a part of their group just as much as I do. Would it be as easy for us as it was back home? I hoped so. It felt strange to feel so insecure. Normally, I'm a pretty confident person. At least, I can always look as if I am. I make a decision: if they don't come over to our table, I'll bring up the idea with David of going over to them and introducing ourselves. We both want to start school with friends, people we already know.
posted on 25-Nov-2002 4:06:36 AM by scifidreamer

She snorts and clasps a hand over her mouth trying not to shoot soda out of her nose at Alex's comment, "Max's credit card....Sid and Nancy. You guys crack me up." she chuckles out. "Hey where's that from? Isn't it from a movie or a song or something?"

She shakes her head sobering up. She turns around to face Isabel, the look on her face completely serious, "I so know what you mean. Last time I went to Nordy's I lost myself in their reduced price section. I bought two new pairs of sun glasses, three shirts, one beautiful navy angora pull over sweater, and a pair of boots. And I mean all I went in there for, was to price denim jackets."

She returns her attention to the new kids. She bites her bottom lip absentmindly, "We gotta find out who the newbies are. We can't just assume they're regular ol' non-Czechs," she bites her finger. "No more assumptions." She squares her shoulders, "Alright, lets move in." She glances up at Isabel, "What did you say that one time at school? We're the Sunshine Committee?"

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He ignores Kara's pleas for new stereo and focuses on her second request: to eat at the local diner, The Crashdown Cafe. Why did it sound ominous? "Sure," he hollers loud enough for them to hear as they make their way to their rooms.

Roswell, New Mexico, alien capital of the U.S.. It was a risk moving here. So cliche yet so fitting. He had raised Kara and Brian from the time they had escaped out the cave. Had tried to nurture their talents, their character, their spirits. Tried to instill values and ethics and morals. But how do you teach one compassion, to be just and fair? Raise two children, who are unlike anything else and are the only half left of a whole, into being the rulers they are meant to be? And how do you do it all without them knowing? How do you do it while lying to them the whole time. It was difficult choice to make. One he secretly doubted and that pained him to make. His decisions shape their lives. He never asked, never wanted, this responsibility.

So now they were all were here. And he didn't know how he was sure, but things were coming to an end. Or would that be beginning? He just new it, deep down in his bones, that coming to Roswell was the only choice. Choice. To choose. Their lives would begin in Roswell. He just hoped they didn't end here as well.

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OOC: You guys, this is turning out to be *so* incredible! I just wanted to make an announcement about Caleb's sweetie. Her name is Nicola. She's Maria's aunt, and Amy's younger sister. She's the youngest of the three sisters, in her mid-thirties, and she's not Sean's mother. She's coming to Roswell to visit, so we'll meet her soon *happy*
posted on 25-Nov-2002 2:59:10 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I glance at my sister when a tall blonde girl joins the other two across the room.

They all smile at each other and look happy, but I also can't help but notice that there is some sort of tension between them.

I have a way with these things, but I suppose it is because I am always looking for something...

Something that could be considered as a threat. You can never be too careful, espically when you are in a position like me and my sister.

But the three of them look okay, like they would be fun and safe to hang around with.

I notice that they keep glancing over at us, I know that Ariel notices it too.

I wonder if they are going to come over?
posted on 25-Nov-2002 3:02:19 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I walk into the Crashdown on the verge of exaustion. Toby's got me working like a hog...but you gotta make money somehow.

I had just worked a eight hour shift, not that that's bad, but I worked until midnight last night.

So I left worked and ran home to get changed.

So here I am.

I walk in and notice Tess, Alex and Isabel sitting together.

I make my way over.

"Hey guys. What's up?"


OOC: Are Kyle and Tess together?
posted on 25-Nov-2002 6:19:58 PM by scifidreamer

She looks up purely by chance just as Kyle walks through the door. She can feel a goofy grin try to break free of her control. Stupid senseless smiles. "Hey Kyle," she says, hoping to goddess she sounds nonchalont and uninterested. Why does she have the strong suspicion she sounds just like the Megan character from the SNL skit Wake Up Wakefield, whenever Randy's near by?

"We just decided to be the official West Roswell High welcome wagon, and introduce ourselves to the new family over there," she says nodding her head in the direction of the booth where a laughing family is seated. A hundred implications are tacitly conveyed with that simple statement. Everyone locks eyes as a new universal truth is accepted.

They know trust will always have to be earned.

Tess swallows. It's not your faultIt's not your faultIt's not your fault.

She of all people should be the last to make quick assumptions. But somehow, that's not the way it works. She'll do anything to protect her friends, they're the only family she's ever really known. She can't fail them again.


OCC: I think tess and kyle really like each other, but they're not together yet. esp. cause of that whole body switch.
rock on. I'm glad we have figured out who caleb's sweetie is. this is great. I had no idea, how you were going to introduce her, this is so perfect. plus, I like the connection. maybe caleb and nicola can be their Giles? cuz come on, Giles kicks ass. btw how old is caleb, cuz I was thinking early thirties. is that okay? is it cool if nicola is older than him? maybe she can teach him a few things *wink wink nudge nudge* lol. can't wait to meet her.

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I look up as Kyle walks in."Yeah..roswell welcome wagon...who would've thought that would be us,"he said with a grin.He looked at Isabel for a minute.First say hello to new to Isabel.He rose from the booth as Isabel and Tess did and they walked over to the new people."Hey...we couldn't help noticing you two look new in our population 0 town of Roswell.....welcome to our wonderfully freaky town...I'm Alex,"he said with a smile.

Kara smiled."Thanks..,"she said as she grabbed Brian.They all walked down to the Crashdown and sat down.Kara looked around as she scooted into the booth next to Brian.She looked around and noticed a boy and a girl.Wow...the boy was really cute.She couldn't help feeling like she had met him.He looked so familiar.She suddenly saw his eyes catch hers and she looked down.
posted on 25-Nov-2002 8:15:07 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I grin at Alex's introduction. "Hi, I"m Ariel. It's good to meet you, Alex. So, do you all go to West Roswell High?" I ask casually, hoping that we'll all be going to school together. Then I notice a new family come into the diner. They look so familiar....and *wow* is the boy cute! He looks over, and our eyes meet for a moment. I smile shyly, then notice that David and the girl are checking each other out, too. David and I share a look, and I can tell that he also thinks the new family is familair. Another thing I'll talk to him about later on at home. In the meantime, I turn my attention back to our new friends who joined us at the table....
posted on 25-Nov-2002 9:44:17 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola finished placing the last of her clothes in her travel bag- well, one of many travel bags. She was never the kind of girl who traveled light and even though she was only planning to visit her sister and niece for a few weeks, she had packed nearly her entire wardrobe.

She was excited about going to visit Amy and Maria in Roswell. It had been a while since she had seen them and it would be good to catch up. Besides, she could always use a few more alien items for her apartment.

Just as she was zipping up her last bag, the phone rang. She picked it up. "Hey Amy."

Amy Deluca smiled on the other end of the phone. It sounded like her sister couldn't wait to come see them; she couldn't wait to see her either.

Nicola continued, "Yeah, my flight's leaving in a few hours, so I should be in Roswell by early evening if I'm not delayed. I can't wait to see you."

"I can't wait to see you either. You're not going to recognize Maria...."

After chatting for a few minutes, Nicola reminded her that she would need to leave soon to be able to make her plane on time. "I'll see you at the airport then."

"Alright, bye sweetie."

"See you soon."

Once the connection was broken, Nicola called a taxi and waited for it to come. As she waited, she thought about just how much she was looking forward to this trip. She needed to get away, and going to see family would be perfect and would make her feel better. After her horrible breakup with her live in boyfriend of three years, she could use some love and sympathy from her family, not to mention some desert air to clear her head. She couldn't wait to get to Roswell.

~*~ End Nicola ~*~

I hope that's okay. I added the part about the breakup to add a little reluctance to her wanting to date Caleb- besides, the Deluca women are supposed to have trouble with men. Anyway, I hope it was okay. Oh and Elizabeth Evans- you did a marvelous intro for me- thanks!
posted on 25-Nov-2002 10:03:44 PM by scifidreamer

They walk towards the table as a group. Tess unconsciously edging closer to Kyle as they make their way. She studies the two kids as Alex introduces himself. The girl, Ariel, seems pleasant and nice enough. But is it real? She meet eyes with Isabel as the girl aks if they go to West Roswell. She's about to introduce herself, when the door jingles again. She looks over as this *other* new family slids into a booth.

The air feels charged. There is too much going on in the room. But too much much what? Why does it feel like a vise is constricting around her? Does anyone else feel it?

posted on 25-Nov-2002 10:04:45 PM by roswellianprincess16

I put on my best smile, one that I greatly pride myself in and march after Alex. I hear his little introduction and try not to laugh. He's so silly.

"Hey. Isabel Evans. Nice to meet you guys." I look over to see Kyle and laugh.

"Poor Valenti. Tough life, huh? You just don't get out enough. Maybe you should come shopping with me next time, I have been seeking a new shopping partner, and a depressed Buddhist sounds like quite the new journey." I roll my eyes and look over at Tess who almost chokes on her soda... again. That girl needs to stop before she gives herself like a hernia or something.

"What did you say your name was?" I look at the deep blue eyes of the girl sitting at the table and feel a strange attraction to her. She's beautiful, no doubting that... but there was more. A lot more. I hear the bell ring and see a new family walk right in. What is going on? Is there like free rental places for the day in Roswell? I wonder if Max knows. I have to agree with Tess... there's a huge possiblity these aren't just plain humans. We can't trust them. But... at the same time, they look harmless. Always being on my toes can be really stressful. I never know when to truly trust anyone. That's why sometimes it's better not to trust at all. I look over at Alex, my guilty conscience wishing that in a way, we hadn't brought him into this mess. Then he smiles at me, almost as if he's reading my mind.

OOC: Quick side note... Caleb is awesome! :-D I like him!!! :-)
posted on 25-Nov-2002 10:38:20 PM by scifidreamer

The kids get ready fast enough. Brian has actually put descent clothing on. He can be such a homebody, prefering to spend the day in pajamas and just reading anything that has to do with the cosmos. Kara keeps him in touch with the real world. She keeps him grounded in the world they live in, rather then letting him dream the hours a way. Gets him involved in school and community activities, when he'd be to shy to. She keeps both he and Brian going. Snapping at him when he works himself half dead, or doesn't take the time to eat, reminding him life isn't worth living if you never stop to enjoy it, to savor it. Good and bad, Kara's always there. Maybe it's about time, he really started living.

She pushed them out the door, allowing no dwaddling, and the whole walk there is spent discussing the upcoming school year.

Caleb listens with a half an ear. He looks around. The infamous Roswell. Guess maybe he'll meet some aliens here.

As Kara pushes open the door and she and Brian walk through, for a moment he sees them as they once were. Wide eyed six year olds, who had to push with all their strength to open doors. Not young adults who don't need him to open the pickle jars and reach the cookies on the top shelf. God they grew up so fast. When did they stop being his charges and become a part of him?

Lost in thought his head snaps and he just watches as events unfurl. A small enough seemimg thing, but frought with change. Kara and Brian slow down as they take their seats, their eyes riveted on two kids seated with their parents.

He sucks his breath as hope springs anew in him. He walks forward a little rigidly, unable to accept that maybe... maybe, wishes are fulfilled.


OCC: Nicola's part was great. I really liked the sisters exchange; that you're making them close.
Roswellianprincess16: I'm glad you like Caleb. It's cuz he's hot isn't it *big* ?

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Something about Isabel and Tess is familiar, but I can't for the life of me figure out why. I can't have met them before, right? Isabel asks my name again, so I introduce myself to her with a smile

"I'm Ariel. It's so great to meet you all. I was so worried that it would be hard to meet new people. You know how it is when people have been going to school together for forever and the cliques are firmly entrenched?"

I reflected on this somewhat guiltily, because I'd done the same thing back home. Our group wasn't known for reaching out to or including new people. We were the popular group, and we tended to stick to ourselves. Now that I was on the other side of things, I realized just how it felt to be the new kid. It wasn't pleasant, but Alex, Tess, Isabel and the others were really doing a great deal to help just by extending themselves to us, and I truly appreciated it.

And then there were the other two kids who just came in with their father. Why did they also seem familiar? Especially when the boy's eyes met mine. There was this incredibly powerful jolt of recognition that flowed through my body. Somehow I know that I'm going to get to know him. I sneak another glance at him, only to find that he's looking my way again, a similarly curious and somewhat surprised expression on his face. We smile shyly at each other again. I notice that David and the girl are also glancing at each other again.

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I feel uneasy...

First of all I sat here with Ariel wondering if those kids were gonna come over and intorduce themselves and when they do, I like totally ignore them.

But, I have a good reason. Some more people entered the Crashdown and sat across the room.

A boy around my age and a girl around my age, plus an older guy.

I feel over whelmed all of a sudden.

It's like I know them or something and then the girl catches my eye and I can't look away, there is something about her.

I finally shake myself out of whatever it is that is going on inside of my head.

I look up at the four kids in front of us.

"Oh and I'm David, Ariel's brother and these are our parents." I give them one of my 'Killer David' smiles that Ariel says would let me get away with murder.

And all the while, I try to avoid making eye contact with the nameless girl across the room.

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I think Caleb's going through that phase new mother's go through, post partum depression. Not in a bad way. Things have really changed recently, big upheavals. He requested a job transfer, and we moved more than half way across the country, rather suddenly, leaving behind lots of our belongings. And he won't really say why. He and Kara have never been so great at not having things go as planned. With them it's, this watched pot better boil because I'm going to continue to stare until it does.

It's just that recently when he looks at us sometimes, he looks wistful and sad. He's always been there for us. Since our parents died in a caving accident Caleb's had to watch and care for us. He's raised us, clothed us,and fed us. I guess that's why Kara and I didn't push for why when he said we had to move. He's given up alot, missed out onlot of things guys his age normally do, so he could be there for us. He doesn't talk about mom and dad too much, just says they were great, brave people.

I think dad would have been pretty awesome if Caleb's any thing to go by. I mean since Caleb's done an okay job with us, and he must have had our dad as a good example. I snicker at the memories that surface; that definitely doesn't mean we haven't had our share of arguments and fights. Caleb has to have control. He tries to hide it, but whenever things go wrong he panics. It's like he has a fear of chaos or something.

I answer Kara's questions about school. We're finally here at the Crash.

And the moment I enter the air whooshes out my body. Whoa this is weird. And then I look up, and my gaze falls on this beautiful girl. This is freaky. It's like deja vu, but not, because this doesn't feel like the shadow of a memory. This feels like I was asleep and now I'm finally awake.

Must just be my mind, I probably watched too much tv today, or had bad left overs. I really *can't* cook. Kara can never find out she was right.

I take a deep breath, and notice there are other people surrounding this girl. My eyes narrow.

posted on 25-Nov-2002 11:26:43 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I watch the intorductions go around under the eye of two happy looking parents which are probably thankful that their kids are making friends.

I also notice that more new people enter, I mean 'yeah' they could be tourists, but I don't think so.

I'm gonna have to find out about all these people and find out why they all moved to Roswell at the same time.

I won't let what happened to Tess and Alex happen again.

I will do anything to stop something bad from happening to my best friend and girlfriend.

Well...not exactly girlfriend...not yet at least.

I look over at Ariel and David.

"Well I'm Kyle, also known as, 'A Depressed Buddhist.'" I say laughing and shake David's hand.

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I grin at Kyle. "A depressed Buddhist, huh?" Although he is smiling, his eyes convey a lot more. There's something about him and the rest of the group that suggests they've been through some difficult times.

I can tell that David is feeling uneasy and overwhelmed with everything suddenly happening. Mom and Dad are clueless, of course....they're just happy that some of the kids we'll be going to school with have come over to introduce themselves. Giving David one of my trademark "peace glances," the one that he says always soothes and calms people, I lean closer to him and ask quietly, "David, do we know them? They look really familiar, don't they?" I'm sure he senses it, too. I want to ask him later about Tess and Isabel to see if he also had the reaction to them that I did. They're really familair, too, but there's something more to it...something I can't quite put my finger on yet.

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She grabs Kyle's hand, and while the other's talk, she leans over and whispers, "Depressed Buddhist? I think somebody needs tabasco and strawberry pancakes? And maybe a movie marathon? I'm thinking Godzilla, but old skool, like Godzilla vs Mothra or, ooh, how about Godzilla vs Monster Zero? Doesn't Alex have them all on tape?" All the time smiling. She was pretty sure Kyle used to laugh more.

posted on 25-Nov-2002 11:48:28 PM by Roswell428
Question: Is Maria working at the Crashdown tonight? If she's not... then I'll edit.

~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola wheeled two of her suitcases out of the airport behind Amy. Amy was carrying the majority of her baggage. They barely managed to make it to the Jetta before they dropped everything.

"Geez, Nicola. Did you have to bring everything you own?"

"Hey, it's not my fault you're a weakling big sis," Nicola retorted playfully while waiting for Amy to pop the trunk. Soon they had everything in and were riding into the heart of the city.

Rounding a corner, they pulled up in front of the Deluca residence. "I figured we could unpack your stuff and then head down to the Crashdown to grab a quick bite to eat. Maria's working tonight, so you'll be able to see her there as well," Amy commented, lugging one suitcase into the house. "Oh and feel free to tease her about her uniform- she absolutely hates wearing that thing."

Nicola giggled. God, it was good to see Amy again. It had been way too long.

The unpacking was finished quickly and the two women climbed back into the Jetta and headed to the Crashdown.

Heading inside the building, Nicola paused. There at a booth, with two teenagers, sat one of the most gorgeous men that she had ever seen. She mentally shook herself. 'Stop that. Brendan (her latest ex) was gorgeous and look where that got you.'

She didn't have time to think about him anymore, though, as she was soon tightly embraced by a petite, blond, teenage girl. Pulling back slightly and smiling fondly at her (as they were about the same height), Nicola said, "I'm so happy to see you again, Maria."
posted on 25-Nov-2002 11:53:48 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I nod to Ariel's question, but I don't want to say anything aloud.

We are going to have to have a long talk when we get home. We've got to figure all of this out.

I glance over at that girl again, something is definately going on here.

I can practically see the wheels in Ariel's head turning.

I lean over. "Let's talk at home. Just enjoy yourself."



Tess' hand feels so right in mine. But, I can't get lost in all these feelings for her. I have to protect her.

SHe suggest's a movie marathon. It's a great idea, there's nothing more than I would rather do than sit and watch movies with her in the dark.

I also notice her attempt at a joke. I admit the girl's got a great sense of humor...

Almost as good as mine.

But, I can't laugh. I have to find out more about these kids.

I squeeze her hand. "Movie night sounds great." I whisper and then turn back to Ariel and David. "So where are you two from?"
posted on 26-Nov-2002 12:00:13 AM by Elizabeth Evans

I nod to David, totally understanding. We are definitely going to be having a very long talk tonight. There's so much to figure out it's almost overwhelming. But David's right. First things first, and right now it's time to just have fun. We'll deal with everything else later.

I answer Kyle's question. "We're from Pennsylvania. Up until now, we'd lived there our whole lives, but Dad was offered a teaching job at Las Cruces University, so we had to move out here." I try to manage a small smile, but I can't hide the sadness that engulfs me again at the thought of all the friends David and I left behind. It still really hurts not to see them every day and to know that we won't graduate with them. I try to put up a brave front for Dad, but it isn't easy.
posted on 26-Nov-2002 12:09:27 AM by scifidreamer

She can't help but wince at the sadness in the girl's voice, and accidently squeezes Kyle's hand harder. A part of her wishes that's all she had to be sad about, and well Tess envies her for that, she can't help but ferverently hope and pray, the girl won't ever be sad about anything more. She sighs, and glances over at Alex. I'msosorryI'msosorryI'msosorry.

posted on 26-Nov-2002 12:22:46 AM by Elizabeth Evans
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I notice Tess' look of sympathy and smile a genuine smile this time. I can tell that she cares and that she's upset for me. "Really, it's ok," I assure her, and maybe myself as well. "It's just hard leaving everyone and knowing that we're not going to graduate with the people we grew up with. But you all have been so great. It really helps to know that we'll be starting a new school where we already have friends."

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"Must be tough leaving the people you care about behind." I try to hide my trace of sadness. I'm not really an emotional person. I'm not... but this girl... it's like... like I know her. Like I've been waiting for her for a long time. It's really weird... but I can't seem to shake it. I look over at Tess and smile, a look that she recognizes. We're gonna have to talk.

"Pennsylvania. I've never left Roswell. But I will someday. You'll see. I'll travel the world. Maybe then you guys can take me on a tour of your town." I wink and look around the Crashdown at the new kids who finally found a seat. I need to get some info.

"I'm starved. I think I need some food. I know I came here for a reason. Shopping is exhausting. It was nice meeting you guys." I nod my head and turn to sit at a table. I look up and see Alex head my way. Ok, just brace yourself. You knew this was coming. You can handle this!

"Hey, you hungry?" Well, that was lame.

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I look over at Kara, she looks puzzled. I take a chance, and guess she's thinking about the same thing, okay same two things, I am. 1) why does the family, or rather the two teenagers, surrounded by a bunch of other teenagers, look so familiar? And 2) why the hell does it feel like I finally belong?

That's the scary part. Feeling like I belong. I never felt this before. I don't make friends to easily. In fact if it wasn't for Kara, I don't know how many friends I would have had. She badgers and pesters me, till I cave in and join whatever little club it is she wants to check out. But I can never belong. Not when you belong to a family of freaks. Not that I'm ashamed or anything, it's just that you can never be to careful. People will want to use you. People will look at you like you really are a freak. At least that's what Caleb said. And I believe him. Because something pretty similar and very traumatizing must have happened to him, to give him that haunted look in his eyes whenever the topic is brought up or there's a close call.

So I'm cool being who I am. But Kara ... she's such a free spirit. That Caleb and I gotta be strong for her. We gotta watch out for her. 'Cause no matter what she says, everyone one knows I'm the older twin. So it's our duty to protect her. Make sure no harm ever comes her way.

But she doesn't know that. And it needs to be kept that way, 'cuz boy does she have a temper. That's also why she can never find out Caleb and I cornered her last "boyfriend" and had a little talk. She was plenty pissed the first time it happened.

I look over at the boy who was clearly ogling my baby sister, and wonder if I'll have to have a talk with him as well. Cause this, whatever it was that shined in my sister's eyes when she looked at him, this could be something. Something that's real. My gaze catches the girl sitting beside the boy, and my insides clench. God I must be starved, if my stomach is trying to cleave itself to my back bone.

I nod in the direction of the two kids, "Hey Kara? Don't they look," I don't want to say familiar, but how else to describe it? "Have we met them before?" I ask her.

Caleb's gaze shoots up from the menu he was studying. What's that all about? I can't help but wonder.

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I smile at Isabel. "It is hard to leave everybody behind. But I do want to go back home for college, so I'd love to give you a tour of Philly whenever you're in town."

Isabel takes her leave, and my gaze drifts back to the gorgeous guy sitting with his family. I can't help myself; it's like there's some force drawing me to him. What is it? I have to find out somehow. If he and the girl don't come over to introduce themselves, I may just have to go over there and say hi at some point during dinner. Speaking of dinner, our meals should be ready soon. At least, I hope they are. I"m starving! I pour another packet or two of sugar into my soda while we wait.
posted on 27-Nov-2002 10:52:04 AM by TabascoChick
I say bye to Ariel and David and sit back down with Isabel.I look up at Tess who pulls Kyle away to a different table.I smile.Yeah.I need to talk to Isabel.Alone.I open my mouth to start,but she asks if I'm hungry.I laugh."Yeah...but it's hard to tell these days.We just seem to hang out at the Crashdown 24 hours a day,"I joke.Yes.Starting out with a joke.Good,Alex! I smile.I avoid Isabel's eyes,but then look back to them for a second."So....we....have to talk about some things...,"I start off.Ever since the whole Tess/Shapeshifter incident,I feel like I have been alittle more confident.Or maybe it's the fact that I almost died.That can change a guy's view of life.

I snap out of my glances with the cute boy as Brian asks if we've met those people before.I look up at him and then Caleb."I don't think we have...but they just look so.....,"I start.I know that Brian's thinking the same thing.I bite my bottom lip and try to change the subject."So....let's order..,"I say.A waitress hands us three menus and I look at mine."Yum...blastoff burger and a milkyway milkshake,"I say with a smile.The one thing that is different about me and Brian is our tastes.He can't stand milkshakes.I laugh as he makes a face and catch another glance at mystery guy.Note to self.Find out his name.

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Isabel and Alex go sit down at a booth so she heads over to the counter. Her tummy growls. She gets a little red, when she notices Kyle's amused expression.

"What, I'm starving. I didn't want to eat alone," she says defensively. She catches Max and Liz walking back into the diner, small satisfied smiles playing across their lips. She glances up at Kyle out of the corner of her eyes.



Yuk. I still don't understand how we can be related. Milkshakes? I like milk. And I like ice cream. But together? I shudder at the thought. Hungry hungry hungry .... hungry hippos. I remember that game. Caleb bought so many different board games to celebrate our sixth birthday, and that was one them. I always liked the jingle more than the game.

Okay it's not working. Starving though I am, I wish we were at home so I could discuss what's happening with Kara and Caleb. I sneak another look at *her*. Snap out it. Speaking of which, Caleb is being unusually quiet.


OCC: hey where's maria. cause I kinda wabt to respond to nicola's part (as caleb) but I think maria should make her move first. *happy* .

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hey, I wanna post, but I cant. what happened to max?
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I take my seat next to Tess and again I am amazed by how beautiful she is.

It breaks my heart to see her all guilty and upset.

I take her hand again and give it a squeeze and she smiles up at me.

"You gotta let it go." I tell her. "It wasn't your fault. You didn't do anything wrong. You and Alex are home safe now and that's not gonna change."

As I say the last part I glance over at the two kids that we just met; Ariel and David.

I don't want to change the subject, but I have to.

I have to protect Tess and the rest of my friends to make sure that nothing like what happend happens again.

And I noaticed that Ariel did something that doesn't seem right.

"Tess. Did you notice that Ariel poured sugar into her drink?"



I hope you have fun!!!!!
posted on 28-Nov-2002 10:42:14 PM by roswellianprincess16

"Talk? Right... talk. Well, I guess I should start by telling you what I haven't." I twirl my ice water with my straw and grab my stomach with my other hand. I can't say this. The minute I do things are going to change. But... the way my heart sank when I thought he died. The way I cried... I had never felt that way before. But now, with these new people around, I don't even know if this is a good idea to open up like this. Being open makes you vulnerable. I can't afford that. Not if these people are here for a bad reason. I look over and catch Ariel pour sugar in her drink. It's almost like a punch in the stomach. I only know three other people who do that.

"I had a great time at prom. It's hard to explain how magical that night was to me. I'll never forget it." Yea, take the easy way out. If you only tell half the story, you can spare both your hearts.

OOC: One quik factoid!!! I hope mentioning prom is ok!!! I wasn't sure if that still applied, since Tess was a shapeshifter at this time... and he had been abducted... if it's wrong tell me! I'll fix it!!
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Dreamer_Dreaming, I'll check on our Max and find out wha'ts up. In the meantime, you can still post as Liz. Hehe, the Harts are waiting for their meals and other things are happening, like Maria's aunt is in town. Liz would probably know her and can go say hi or something *happy*.

roswellianprincess16, mentioning prom is fine. Things happened the way they did on the show in season 2, except afterwards it turned out that Alex's death was a hoax and the person who did all the mindwarping of Alex, etc., was the shapeshifter. But prom and everything still happened *happy*.



I notice Kyle giving me a funny look as he watches me pour some packets of sugar in my soda. Then he whispers something to Tess. I avert my gaze and sigh. Just great. Our new friends are going to think that David and I are weird for our little dietary quirks.

Ok, so we like a lot of tabasco sauce, especially on sweet things. And we like sugar in our sodas because otherwise it's not sweet enough. Our taste buds are not very sensitive, and we don't have a lot of them. Is it *that* weird? Back home, our friends would sometimes tease us about it, but it was always in fun. They learned to love us anyway ;). Would our new friends in Roswell do the same? I hoped so....
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nah,I'll Wait*shy*
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Yeah where is everybody.... like Maria? Nicola would really like to be able to see her niece, and then go find out who the hot guy is... *wink*
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I bmailed our Maria so that things can get started with that plotline. I also emailed our Max. In the meantime, everyone else is here, so we can work on ways to keep going with the story so that nobody has to wait or be delayed in posting. I want everyone to stay involved and not lose this lovely momentum we have going! *happy*

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I look at isabel.She'll never forget it? Does that mean it was a one time thing? Like some like of One Kiss Stand.Hehe...I crack myself up.I look at isabel again as she tries to avoid my glance."Listen...I just wanted know if anything was ever gonna happen to us again...I mean you're a great friend,but I can't help wanting something more,"I more Cowardly Alex! I smile.Well...if she says she only likes me as a friend,I'll probably go cry in the bathroom so....I take the coward thing back.
posted on 2-Dec-2002 11:39:36 PM by scifidreamer
OCC: I'm back. I'm sooooooooooooooo sorry I wasn't replying. the apartment my friends and I stayed at, had no internet access (at least not for any of us, seeing as how none of have AOL. bastards). I would just totally like to say that I'm lovin' the isabel and alex interaction. TabascoChick and roswellianprincess16, you guys are doing an amazing job writing them. their thoughts are so perfect, so in character. I truly believe this is what we would have been privy to if Roswell had inner monolouges. I was lol, when I read alex saying he'd probebly go cry in the bathroom. that was great. fantastic even. and I_LOVE_NICK, that kyle part was great. kyle rocks. this is how kyle and tess should have worked out.
if we can't find the people we need, I can temp until they're ready. btw where's michael?



He takes her hand, and as he tells her she isn't to blame, for one glorious moment she believes it. She languishes in his faith in her. Basks in his attention. Does he know how much it drove her mad, the thought that he believed she had betrayed him. That she would use him. So callously and cruelly manipulate him. That she would purposefully hurt him.

It warms a small, newly growing, part of her heart to hear his words. To have him near her, gives her strength. Eases away a little of the hatred and anger that burn so brightly within her.

Nacedo may have reared her, he may have hardened her to the realities of war maybe a little to well. But that wasn't all she had to be anymore. Not with friends who treated her like family. Cared for her. Were concerned for her. Liked her. Not with Jim there, being the father she'd always needed, though she may not have known it. Not with Kyle. Kyle. She bite her lip absentmindedly. Kyle who warmed her. And held her. Who made her laugh. And didn't want her cry. Kyle who covered her with a blanket at night when she fell asleep on the couch unaware. Who wrapped his arm around her shoulders tight. Who made popcorn with ranch and suger just cuz it was her favorite. Kyle who only ever wanted her for her. Kyle, who had come to represent home.

And then he asks her if she noticed Ariel putting suger into her drink.

And the cobwebs disappear.

And her hearts hurts just a little too much at realities' intrusion.

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OOC: Thanks scifidreamer!!! You made me feel so nice! :-) I'm glad I could brighten your day with my Isabel interpretation!! Your Tess is awesome... it's that hint of humanity that she had and suddenly disappeared. It hurt me that they turned her totally evil. I think she could have been an awesome character if expressed correctly. Ok, but enough of my ranting and raving!!! LoL... let's get on with the show.


"More?" He wants more. More what? I mean, he knows I can't get involved. He knows how much is at risk for me to give myself to him. It puts him in danger. It puts everyone I love in danger. That seems to be what I'm best at. And still I find myself being selfish. I find myself feeling that the risks are worth taking. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!! This is so frustrating! What did he have to go and make me think he was dead for?!

"Alex... I could never live with myself if something happened to you. I mean, after this whole ordeal. Me thinking you were dead. I just... I couldn't stop blaming myself for getting you into this mess in the first place. And I just, I know you deserve so much more." God... I hate this. It's not fair. Just when I think I'm ready, everything stands in the way. This whole being alien thing is such a pain. I can't even live my life without it affecting everyone around me. I look down and see Alex's hand holding mine. And the warmth and comfort it brings makes me want to cry. Then I remember what his kiss felt like that night at prom. I haven't kissed him since. And suddenly that urge pours into me again. And his words come to my mind. You promised you wouldn't do that. I also promised myself I'd never let anything happen to him. Can I live up to that promise and still be with him?
posted on 3-Dec-2002 5:17:03 PM by TabascoChick
OOC:That's so sweet of you, scifidreamer
!You made my really like playing Alex.He's my fav character.I was so mad when they killed him off!You're doing an awesome job playing Tess!I'm not a big Tess fan,but the way you play her,I'm really starting to like her!

I look at Isabel.How can I convince her that she isn't putting me in any danger?Well...ok....technically she is,but I was in the danger the very minute Liz clued me into the whole alien thing.And the truth is,everything got better when he I found about the "alien life".I got together with Isabel.I even managed to make Micheal laugh and Maria and Liz didn't have to hide things from me.I shake my head and hold onto her hands tighter."No...Isabel...I know you're worried about me,but you don't have to be!The moment I found out about you guys...I was in danger.You and me being together doesn't put me in any more danger!"I argue.
posted on 3-Dec-2002 5:43:40 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: I haven't heard back yet from our Max and Maria, so if people want to temp for them, that'd be great! I could try my hand at Maria if nobody is opposed to that. By the way, you guys rock! I hope I'm doing half as good a job with Ariel as you guys are with your characters!

I pour some more tabasco sauce on my onion rings and absently take a bite as my gaze travels around the restaurant. Wistfully, I look around at all the couples. I envy them for their closeness, knowing that I can never have that with someone. There's a secret I will always have to hide, so I'll always be holding back with any guy. That's why I never really dated. As I think about this, my gaze is drawn back to *him* for a moment. If only things could be different with him....Woah! How can I be thinking this way? I hardly know him. And yet, somehow it feels as if I do. Why is that?

OK, I definitely should *not* be thinking this way. I'll never have what these other couples have. Just look at them. It's too dangerous for me to ever get that close with someone. Our waitress Liz is making out with some guy at one booth. Alex and Isabel look to be having a serious conversation over at another booth, while Tess and Kyle seem to be totally smitten with each other. I can see the love shining in Tess' eyes...but then when Kyle whispers to her and they both look over this way, they get this pained look on their faces. I can practically feel Tess' headache from across the restaurant. They're really worried about something, but what? Whatever it is, I hope everything works out OK.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid to think that it has anything to do with me and David. It may just be my insecurities about being in a strange new town. Not to mention the normal caution about new people that David and I have always felt. We've always known that we were different because of our psychic abilities, and so we've never really let people close enough to tell them. David in particular kept his relationships with even our closest friends back home on a superficial level. I was the one who was more outgoing, but was always extremely careful to appear ultra normal to the outside world. Even Mom and Dad don't know about our abilities. David's a lot more wary of anyone finding out about us, and keenly tuned into the danger we'd be in should the government ever learn of our abilities. We'd be experimented on like lab rats, or we'd be on the run for the rest of our lives. Most of the time, I can push the fear of that to the back of my mind because David and I are always so careful, but at times I still have nightmares about what could happen. Why do I get the feeling that tonight might be one of those nights?
posted on 3-Dec-2002 8:41:45 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I glance across the table and notice Ariel's worried expression.

A few minutes ago, she looked happy when we met Isabel, Tess, Kyle and Alex.

Now she looks very worried. I glance over at Mom and Dad and see that they are in their own little world.

"Are you okay?" I whisper to her.
posted on 3-Dec-2002 8:51:06 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I see Tess eyes brighten for a moment and feel my heart beat faster to see how happy she finally looks.

Then I mention Ariel and her face drops.

I can't help it. She doesn't realize that I have to take of her and make sure that nothing bad happens to her again.

I sigh.

I can either comfort her or continue on with my suspicions.

I take her hand again.

"Look Tess. I really think that we should talk about all that has happened. But, I think that it would be better if we did tonight at home. I promise. Tonight, I have some things that I really need to tell you. But I can't help but worry about all these new people."

Tess puts her head down as I am talking.

"C'mon Tess. Two new families just came into the Crashdown and now this woman." I say glanicing over at the older woman who is hugging Maria.

I mean, yeah, if the woman is with Maria that means that Maria knows her. But maybe not. I've already ran into more shapeshifters that I care to remember.

I can't help my suspicions.

I take my hand and lift Tess' face up. I lean forward close enough so I can smell her. Get control of yourself.

"Tess don't you find something odd about this?"

I know that it may seem unreasonable right now with the condition that Tess is in.

But I have to protect her, even if it means upsetting her.
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I give David a small smile and nod. I whisper back, "Yeah, I'm ok. It's just that so much is happening that it's overwhelming. And I'm seeing all these couples who are so close, it just reminds me of what I'll never have and that hurts. I can't help but wondering what it would be like..." I glance back over at *him* again, and I can tell that David notices and understands. I bring my attention back to David and lean even closer to whisper, "And did you notice the glances Tess and Kyle are giving us? It really seems like they're worried about something. I don't know what it is, but something's up with them..."

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When Ariel mentions Tess and Kyle, I immediately look over.

And Kyle is still looking at us weird.

"Yeah, I know." I tell Ariel. "It's probably nothing. Maybe their worried that we are going to become the most popular kids at school and steal their limelight."

I say this laughing, trying to make a joke.

But, they do look very worried about us and I don't think what I told Ariel is the reason.


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I give David an I-know-you-don't-actually-believe-what-you-just-said look. I know that he's just trying to make me feel better, and I really appreciate it. I grin.

"Yeah, look out West Roswell High. Here we come!" I say teasingly. "Everyone will envy us but want to be in our exclusive social circle."

Then I get more serious and get to the real issue. "So, what do you really think is going on? I keep getting this weird vibe from everyone here. I really feel like we've met some cool people and I have a good feeling about them, but there's much more here than meets the eye."
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"I know what you mean" I tell Ariel while glancing at Mom and Dad to make sure that they don't over hear us, also I am glancing at Kyle and Tess plus that girl who just came in a little while ago.

I'm beginning to get a head ache.

"That's why we have to be careful." I tell her sternly. "We don't know anything about these people. We have to find out more."

I glance over at Mom and Dad again, then I lean towards Ariel.

"When Mom and Dad are done, we'll tell them that we want to hang around and then invite Tess, Kyle and the other's over to join us. Sound good?"

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She lays her head down. Just for one moment, it felt so right. It was all okay.

Ariel puts suger in her soda.

"You're right," she mumbles. "Of course you're right." She says a little louder glancing first at Ariel and her brother, then at the table with the other new family, and finally at the women embracing Maria. "We've definitely got alot we need to discuss tonight." Not the least being whether or not Kyle's powers have begun to manifest.

Isabel mentioned that she was able to take Kyle along with her when she dreamwalks people. Is it just Isabel's own power strengthening or is Kyle turning Czech on everyone?

All she wanted to do was watch movies with him tonight. Maybe invite Alex and the others. Just chill and relax. Pour some suger in her won sodas.

Maybe finally be able to tell someone about the hate she doesn't want to feel. The anger she just wants to go away. And have them understand her. Understand that she's twisted up so much inside, feels so hurt and bad, and sad, and there's no release. She can't cry. She can't scream. She can't let it out.

And it's all just churning inside her. Because things happened, and things were said and done, while she was locked away. And how can Alex forgive her? What did they do to him? She hopes he'll understand, like no one else can, what it is she feels. The impotency, that still lingers within her.

She pushes all that aside. There'll be other times for contemplation. Now she needs to focus. She needs to make sure these new people aren't here to do harm. "What do you think we should do?" she asks. "Maybe we can break into the school and take a look at their files? They should be there by now right?"

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I nod at David's suggestion, and make sure that Mom and Dad are still absorbed in their own conversation before I quietly reply, "You're right, David. We do have to be careful. God, what if..." I break off, because it's too scary a thought to say out loud. But David picks up on the thought. *What if they somehow know about us, our abilities?*

As I ponder this new, terrifying thought, I remember this nightmare I've always had, the one where people did find out about me and David. He and I are with another guy, someone I'm in love with, and we're all panicked because we're separated from his sister and we can't save her from the danger she's in. We can see her, but she can't get to us. Separated like this, we're completely vulnerable to being captured. We're surrounded by people who want to hurt us and we can't get away.

The total panic of that moment in the nightmare is what I feel now. Could what's happening here at the Crashdown be the start of that nightmare becoming a reality? The possibility is almost too much to cope with. But I don't want to let David see how panicked I am, so I cover it well and manage to look somewhat calm. Quietly and with determination, I tell him, "We definitely need to find out more about these people."

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"I agree." I tell her.

The two of them look harmless, but we can never be too careful. No one can find out about us.

I won't let anyone hurt my sister.

I look over to mom and dad who are finished eating and I nod to Ariel.


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I look at Tess and consider her idea.

"That could be kind of risky. Maybe we should wait until we talk to the others." I look over to where Isabel is sitting with Alex and over to Maria who is with this strange woman.

"Where is everyone else?" I ask Tess.
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I look up sharply. My gaze searches the room, before it lands on her. My heart races. I feel trapped. I don't want to panic. My pulse is pounding. And there's a silent plea begging in my head.

But this isn't me.

It's all her, isn't it?

I glance over at Kara and Caleb. They're both looking at me weird. Do they feel it too?

My eyes must be big, because Caleb calls a server over and asks for a glass of club soda. Gross as it maybe club soda with Tabasco as always been my comfort drink.

"Caleb...." I say. What's going on?

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I can sense David's protectiveness, and it helps me calm down. Somehow it always comforts me and makes me feel like everything will be all right. Whatever happens, we'll face it together just like we always do.

"Sounds like a plan," I say with a nod. "I'd really like to talk to them again." I was conflicted. On one hand, it felt somehow as though David and I belonged with this group of people, especially the boy and girl we were so drawn to. And yet, I couldn't shake the sense that something bad was going to happen....

My gaze is once again drawn to the boy and girl. He's looking right at me in shock, as if he can tell exactly what I'm feeling! But he couldn't possibly know, could he? My heart skips a beat as I'm both entranced and terrified at the possibility...

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Once again I see a worried look on Ariel's face and it makes me angry.

It's not fair that we are different and it's not fair that we don't know who we are or where we came from.

And it's not fair that we have to be scared all the time and always so cautious about everything.

I would give anything to let Ariel be normal, to have real friends. Friends that don't care that we are different.

But that will never happen.

I'm about to tell Ariel to stop worrying about it when Mom and Dad interrupt me.

"Well, we're going to leave now. Do you kids want to stay?" Dad asks as I move to let him out of the booth and Ariel gets up to let Mom out.

"Yeah, we're just gonna hang around a while." I tell him and he nods and pats my back. I watch as he kisses Ariel's forhead and then makes his way to pay the bill.

"Well have fun." Mom tells us and hugs us both before leaving with Dad.

Ariel and I sit back in our booth and I pour my last pack of sugar into my glass.

"So should we ask them to join us?" I ask Ariel nodding in the direction of Kyle and Tess who continued to shoot looks our way.
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He pays little attention to the conversation between Brian and Kara. He slids his gaze away from the women who was hugging a younger girl. She was ..... interesting. Something about her. He shakes his head. A fleeting moment gone. He's never had time to pursue relationships. No point in getting wistful now. No time to wonder about beautiful women.

He noticed the young woman, the one who looks like Ariel would if she were still alive, sneaking peeks at Brian. The kids here seemed to be playing hot potato with glances. Everyone throwing looks back and forth. The air is thick with unspoken thoughts. Fears and dreams sitting on the tips of tongues.

That's when he feels something. It's a charge in the air. But a negative charge. A rapid heart beat. It feels like his heart is constricting. He doesn't look over at her bt these feelings seem to be emanating from the girl at the booth. And the world feels like it just tilted on it's axis.

It has to be them. Somethings going to happen.

He looks over at Brian, and shares a look with Kara. Brian's face is pale and he's breathing rapidily. What must this be like him? If Caleb feels so powerfully affected what must this be like for Brian?

He calls over the young blonde server and asks her a glass of club soda.

Kara eyes are filled with worry. What's to say? What's he to do? How do you tell someone their life has been a lie?

That's what it's come to. He has to be honest with them. He clenches his fists to hide their shaking. He just needs more time. He needs to give them more time to be young. To just ... ... to just be.

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I can see that David's angry about our circumstances, and my fear melts away and is replaced by a desire to reassure him. He always is so protective, and he's more worried about me not being able to be normal and carefree than he is about himself. I want to reach over and hug him and tell him that I always did feel as normal as any teenager could least until tonight, when so many strange happenings sent our world into a tailspin. I want to let him know that no matter what challenges we face in our lives because of our abilities and not knowing our origins, it's all ok because we face the challenges together. He doesn't have to take on all the responsibility himself, although he feels as though he should.

I've said all these things hundreds of times, so I just give him a look that says it all and take his hand and give it a reassuring squeeze. And I nod to him in answer to his suggestion. "Yeah, let's ask them over to sit with us."

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She looks around her. There are a million things she wants to say, but instead she says, "I don't know, but we can't continue to do this. I refuse to live with doubts and fears. I refuse to be afraid Kyle. I can't do it," she says, her voice shaky. She closes her eyes at her weakness. In more steady voice she continues, "We find out who they are. Because they're not normal Kyle. So we find out who they are, and if they are a threat we neutralize them."

She stands up and looks stright ahead her eyes don't see inside of a diner, her eyes witness scenes played over and over for her on a looped video, "You know that saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer? While lets go keep some people close."

A part of her she has no control over, a barely tapped well of power, reaches out and calls to Isabel, Max, and Michael. And it instinctively continues reaching out more and touches Liz and Kyle as well. She's gasps. So they really are changed. And is still more shocked when she feels it skim along Alex. A light feather touch. Oh god. Ohgodohgodohgod. What did they do you Alex?

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Tess and Kyle get up and start to walk over to our table. I give them a tentative smile. Can this be a good thing that they want to spend time with us, just as we want to spend time with them? David and I share a look. This is it. Somehow, we'll find out about these people and if they're a threat.

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I look to Brian and then to Caleb.Something feels wrong.No.Wrong isn't the right word.Everytime I look over at those people.The cute boy and the girl who I guess is his sister,everything just feels right.something clicks.It's never happened before to me.I have tons of friends,but somehow I never felt this way with them.I always felt alittle on the outside.That was why I started doing so many afterschool things.Meeting people.To try to get that stupid outsider thought out of my head.I keep thinking of that dream I always have.When I'm running.Running to Brian.Not just Brian.Two other people.But I can never see their faces and I never reach them.I just keeping running towards them.I look to Caleb.He knows something is wrong too.I look back to Brian."Why don't we go introduce ourselves,"I suggest.I grab his hand and pull him over to the people.I see another boy and girl,looking over at them.
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"Liz" Max said urgently.
"You know how I feel about Tess, but more importantly you know how I feel about you."

Max paused and took a deep breath

"I love you. Tess means nothing to me."

"I won't kiss you again Liz. Its your turn. If you want to be together you make the move. You know where I stand"

Max looked at Liz's slightly stunned expression and held back a smile that threatened to form.

he waited for her to recover and her face take on her stubborn look. He may not get her right away but make no mistake about it.

He would get her.

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I walk in to the Crashdown. Pretty much no one I know. Just I bout' to walk out when I see a boy and a girl sitting in a booth on the left side.

To many details Michael..Man we are losing it did I really need to think On the left side a least I didn't say it out load but any who...

I sense something weird about them. Then I see Kyle and Tess waving to me to come over.

Maybe I take it up with is kinda freaking me out..

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"It not that I dont wanna be with you, it about your son remember, and Tess still carrying him." I said, I mumber quietly" I really wanna be with you, but Tess need you more".I said, I hold back the tears trying to hide them.I don't want him to feel sorry for me. It isnt me.

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"No Kara," He quickly stands up, banging his thighs against the sharp edge of the table, while reaching out a hand trying to and stop her, "Fuck," he hissed frustrated. Brian looked over his shoulder at that, as Kara pulled him along. Caleb's face was a mask of confusion. He knew he never said that word. It was improper. Mild mannered humans *never said that word*, but everything was out of his control. What else was there to say when frustration and feelings of helplessness ruled supreme?

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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria had been in the back of the Crashdown for the past half hour, organizing supplies for the evening rush. She came out front just as her mother walked through the door. 'Wait, who was that behind her, though?' Oh my God! It was Aunt Nicola, or Nicola as she insisted on being called (Aunt made her feel too old).

Maria gave a little squel of excitement, running to her. It had been years since she had seen her. She ran into Nicola's arms and embraced her tightly.

After a few minutes, Nicola pulled back slighty and smiled at her. "I'm so happy to see you again, Maria."

Maria just grinned back. "I'm happy to see you too, Nicola. It's been ages!"

Maria and Nicola excitedly chatted for a few minutes, catching up. Maria had to soon excuse herself, though, as a customer at one of her tables was flagging her down.

"I'll be right back, Mom and Nicola. Just look over the menu and I'll be back to take your orders in a few minutes."

She hurried over to the other table, where a man sat with two teenagers. 'He's cute,' she thought to herself, grinning inwardly. 'He's my type (ruggedly handsome) too. But I've got Michael already trained and besides, I think I saw Nicola giving him the eye as they came in.' She grinned impishly as she approached the table.

He asked for a glass of club soda. Maria went to fetch it, and that's when she suddenly felt the anxiety in the room, coming from Tess and Kyle. She stopped quickly, almost dropping the glass. She hastily righted herself and brought the glass to the table.

On her way back to pick up another order, she passed by Kyle and Tess and saw the worry on their faces. 'Damn it!' She had been so caught up in seeing her aunt, that she had missed their anxiety at first. It was obvious by the looks of them, that something was wrong. She was going to find out what it was and then fix it. No one was going to get another chance to mess with her family, not like they had done to Alex and Tess. No one messed with a Deluca woman or her family and got away with it. No one. She would kill them first.

Whatever was bothering them, Maria knew they would tell everybody else when the place had cleared out a little. She would find out how to fix this then. In the meantime, though, she needed to tend to her tables.

As she approached her aunt and mother, she saw Michael walk in. A little wave of relief swept through her. It was a good time to see him. His very presence comforted her.

She smiled as she took out her order pad. "Nicola, Mom, what can I get you?"

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Thanks, scifidreamer!

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So much is happening at once. Kyle and Tess are headed this way, and so is the girl David has been interested in. Maybe her brother will jion us, too. Could this be any more perfect? At least, I hope everything goes well....

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~*~ Nicola ~*~

"Yeah, I think I'll have a Will Smith Burger and a diet coke, Maria. Thanks," she said, as Maria took her menu.

Amy smiled at her and said, "I think I'll have the same."

Maria started to walk away and Nicola stopped her. "By the way, Maria, I really love your uniform. It's just so... cute!"

Maria made a face at her and walked away to place the orders.

Nicola turned to Amy, "You see that guy over there, with the two teenagers?"

Amy looked at her. "Yeah, Nicola, I see him. Didn't you just have a horrible break up with your last boyfriend? I thought you were 'never going to put up with a man again!' "

"I know, but he's just so cute! And he looks so sweet, almost mild mannered- not like that neanderthal Brendan. I'm sure he's a perfect gentleman."

She paused. "I'm a lost cause, aren't I?"

Amy just nodded sympathetically. "We all are, honey, we all are."

Just then the girl who had been sitting with Mr. Gorgeous got up and he grabbed for her, trying to get her to stop, banging against the table in his efforts. Nicola's mouth just dropped as she heard him say, "Fuck!" in obvious frustration. He looked like he wasn't totally in control.

'I take that back,' she thought. 'I don't need to be getting involved with any more guys his type right now. I'm staying away from him,' she vowed silently.

She and Amy just shared a look.

~*~ End Nicola ~*~

Was that okay?
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She gulps as they walk forward. They walk up to Ariel and David just before two other new kids do. This is it. This is where it all begins. Where they'll begin their work to find out whether or not these new kids are aliens. Good or bad. Spies, traitors, dupes. What they know. And all this digging has to be done subtlely.

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I smile at Tess, Kyle, and the boy and girl as the four of them come over to our table. "Hi. Would you guys like to sit down with us?" David and I scoot over to the other end of the booth to make room for everyone. I introduce myself to the newcomers. "I'm Ariel, and this is my brother David."

Up close, *he's* even more beautiful. Our eyes meet, and I swear I could lose myself in his dark forest green gaze forever. Why do I think there is as much mystery there as there must be in my own? What is this force of attraction between us? More than attraction, it's's like coming home somehow. I wonder again if he sensed what I was feeling earlier. If only I could ask him, but it's much too risky. I have to let him tell me...if he ever will...

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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria watched Tess and Kyle walked up to two of the new kids, and knew that they were going to feel them out. Good, someone needed to assess the situation, and subtly pump them for info. Then they would have a meeting later, to talk about how to combat this possible new threat.

She brought Nicola and her mother their food, smiling when they thanked her and began to walk away, back to the kitchen. She changed her mind, though, and headed for the newcomer's table.

She decided that she would go over and see if she could help them. She could make the excuse that she was checking to see if anyone needed refills. She was making her way over and saw the other two new kids go over and join them as well. She started to move quicker. Something wasn't right here. She had been involved in alien business long enough to sense the un-rightness of it.

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I just stand there. I know I should say something. Maybe my name? I glance over at Kara. I'll just wait for her to do the introductions. The girl has beautiful green eyes. The color of new Spring. Eyes that conceal unplumbed depths. An innocent veneer.

I've never felt instantly attracted to someone like I find myself to her. No that's right. This goes beyond attraction. It's like ... ... like coming home after being out in the rain. I let out a deep breath.

The other two standing next to them just look back and forth between us. Though a part of me feels at ease around them, I can't help but feel on guard. My jaw clenches tight.

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There's an eerie silence, where nobody seems quite sure what to say. And yet so much is being communicated. The boy looks to his sister as if waiting for her to do the introductions. Then he looks to Tess and Kyle as though a part of him felt that they were OK, but another part of him was very much on guard. I can see it in the way his jaw clenches. And I sense it from him.

Then there's Tess and Kyle, who also seem pretty tense and on their guard. All this emotion is almost getting too intense for me....I've never experienced anything like this before. But I try to practice a skill that David and I always do when we practice our powers in secret--finding a calm center. I'll need to be in that calm, centered place if I'm going to be able to handle what's to come tonight.

The awkward moment is interrupted when a waitress with long honey blonde hair comes over to the table. Her name tag identifies her as Maria. She looks to be the same age as the rest of us, and I wonder if she's friends with the others.

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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria walked up and noticed the staring contest that appeared to be going on and the uncomfortable silence. Deciding to break the silence and get the conversation started. She looked at the six teenagers around her.

"Does anyone need anything? A refill or anything? I'm Maria by the way."

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Your part was great Elizabeth! And I hope it's okay that I'm bringing Maria into this....?
posted on 4-Dec-2002 11:19:27 PM by scifidreamer

Seattle, WA

A gray light makes its way past shabby curtains. A pale shaft of light cutting across the room.

A woman sits on the edge of a motel bed. Her elbows rest on her knees. In her hands she holds two photographs, a cigerette loosely held between her fingers.

One an 7"x8" black and white photo of a teenage boy and girl laughing as they get into a car driven by a smiling man who could be their older brother, a school dominating the backdrop. In the other hand regular color photo of two teenage siblings, a boy and girl, walking down the street. The girls face is half obscured by her hair. Her hand raised to brush it away.

The women brings the cigeretter to her lips and takes a long drag. As the she slowly lets out the smoke, the photos in her hands and the cigerette, all disintergrate. Leaving nothing but a pile of ash on the floor; the only evidence they ever existed.


OCC: isn't tess difficult to like? I'm glad that so far no one's had any complaints about her. I think at this point she hates herself enough for everybody *big* .

posted on 4-Dec-2002 11:24:11 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Sorry, I'm late!!!!!!


The silence and the staring makes me even more nervous then I already am.

Maria comes over and I suddenly feel the urge to tell her to leave.

Maria is practically my sister and until I get all of this under control, I have to look out for her as well.

But, there is also the part of me that doesn't want to freak anyone out and push these new people away...well at least until I find out what is up with them.

"Hey Maria, nice to meet you. My name is Kyle and this is Tess." I say jokingly trying to lighten up the mood.



I laugh at Kyle's remark, from the look of things Maria and Kyle already know each other.

Kyle looks tense and I know that his joking is a way of lightening the mood. I do the same thing.

But I wonder why he is so tense?

"Hey Maria. I'm David and this is my sister Ariel. And these two..." I say pointing to the boy and girl who just came over. "...I don't think that they have names, since they haven't mentioned them yet."

I say this laughing and I stare into this 'no-name' girl's eyes and I feel a mixture of desire and fear.

What is going on?
posted on 4-Dec-2002 11:28:33 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Roswell428, it's perfect that you bring Maria into this now! And thanks for the compliment on my part; it was a challenge to write *happy*. I love your Maria parts. It's great to see her so protective and wanting to find and eliminate any threat to the group.

Scifidreamer, I do really like your Tess. I feel so sad for her with all her self-loathing, and I hope that with Kyle's help she can forgive herself. Your Tess is a really likeable person who cares about others and wants to protect the group. She's awesome!

I_Love_Nick, I'm so glad you made it tonight! *happy*

I also laugh at the joke, picking up on the same thing David did about how Kyle and Maria obviously do know each other. It helps a little to lighten the mood.

I try to forget about the tension for a minute and look to the boy and girl, waiting for them to say their names at David's suggestion. I really want to know more about them and what their lives have been like.

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I clear my throat before replying, "I'm Brian, this is my sister Kara."

Ariel. She has a name. A beautiful name that somehow seems to capture the essence of who she is. I look away. I don't want anyone to think I'm staring.

"Hi," I say to Kyle and Tess. I stretch out my hand to shake theirs.

posted on 4-Dec-2002 11:38:51 PM by Roswell428
Thanks Elizabeth!

~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria cracked a smile. "Very cute, Kyle."

Now that the tension had been relieved somewhat, Maria smiled at the rest of the teenagers. "It's nice to meet all of you."

And unless she missed her guess, the four newcomers were attracted to each other. It almost looked like they wanted to pair off, what with the way they were each staring into one of the others' eyes. Interesting. This would need watching.

"So, where are you guys from? And what brings you to Roswell?" she asked both of the new pairs.

~*~ End Maria ~*~

I know that we've already had the 'Where you're from' discussion with David and Ariel, but since Maria wasn't there, I figured it would be an innocent question for her to ask- plus it will hopefully get Kara and Brian to reveal where they're from to the group.
posted on 4-Dec-2002 11:39:32 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Brian. What a wonderful name, and so perfect for him. Our eyes meet again for a moment, before we each look away, not wanting to stare.

Then I remember Maria's questions and answer, "Could I get a refill on my Cherry Coke, please? Thanks. Oh, David and I are from Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia." Curious about Brian and Kara, I look their way as they tell us where they're from originally.

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OCC: thanks Elizabeth Evans. I know it would be easy to just have tess let go of it all, but I think she needs to redeem herself. This is my way of her penance. I still can't get over how great everyone's writing is.

btw, tess really isn't pregnant is she? *shy*



She wraps her right hand over her left elbow and diffidently smiles at everyone. "I'll go with you Maria," she quickly offers. She really wants to know Maria's take on what's going on. "Anyone else want anything?" she asks starting to walk away, pulling Maria with her.

posted on 4-Dec-2002 11:46:56 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

"Sure," Maria answered trying to be casual. "Philadelphia- that's cool." Now for the 64,000 dollar question. She then pointed to the many sugar packets littering the table, which she had noticed when she walked up. "Do you want me to bring you some more sugars as well?"

'Only some form of alien would be able to consume that much sugar and tobasco sauce at the same time,' she thought, remembering the half empty bottle sitting on the table, as Tess started pulling her away.

'Philadelphia, huh?'

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I shake Brian's hand and flinch when Tess reaches out her hand.

I want to grab it and not let her touch this new guy.

When they finish, I take her hand under the table and smile at her.

I see that Maria is glancing at these new kids curiously and I know that she notices the longing looks that they are giving each other.

Then she asks where they are from.

She's also suspicious and I'm glad that she catches on that something is going on.

I wait anxiously to hear their reply.
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Ooops I posted at the same time...ignore it!

posted on 4-Dec-2002 11:54:10 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Tess isn't pregnant. It was the shapeshifter that was around when Max "slept" with "Tess". But it didn't really happen. It was all a mindwarp.


I nod to Maria when she asks if we'd like more sugars. "Yes, please." Maria nods, and she and Tess leave to get the refills and sugar. I see Kyle looking apprehensive. What is going on? I look over to David, knowing that he senses it too....that so much more is being communicated among all of us than is being said. Much more than David and I even understand right now...

posted on 4-Dec-2002 11:56:10 PM by scifidreamer

I look down at the table as the Maria girls asks if they want more suger packets, my hand drops back down to my side. I look at Kara. I feel a small smile quirk the corner of my lips. One of those involuntary muscle twitches you have no control over. Strange as it may seem, seeing that we share this small dietary habit, allows me to feel an affinity towards them. Most people don't get why Kara, Caleb, and I drink soda with suger. It's definitely nice to not be alone.

Belatedly I realize that that handshake with Kyle and Tess left my hand tingling. It's like residue energy playing along my nerve endings. I glance at Kara but before I have time even beging to form my question I hear a loud crash and look over my shoulder. I swallow my groan of embarassment. Caleb's just crashed into a table with two women, knocking over their glasses.

"Guess it's called Crashdown for a reason," I say.

Wow, was that an actual joke? I don't normally make jokes, unless it's just me and Kara and Caleb. I look down at my shoes.

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He didn't want to eavesdrop. He really didn't want to. He was just looking for the bathroom. Of course it might have helped if had actually spent sometime looking where he was going rather than trying to *not* look over at Kara and Brian.

That's when he hit a table. And even worse that's when he half fell into her lap, his arms flaying about. Glasses were knocked over. Soda was spilled. And he found himself looking up at *her*. The woman he had noticed earlier.

And he would have sworn he was too old to blush.

posted on 5-Dec-2002 12:05:25 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Lol, that Caleb/Nicola meeting is just too cute! *happy*


Brian notices all the empty packets of sugar David and I have used, and he has this look on his face that makes me think that he just might share David's and my affinity for sugar in our drinks. I wonder if Kara does as well. Judging by the surprised and amused expression on her face, I gather that she does. It makes me feel an even greater affinity for them, and I smile. I wonder if David noticed that we're not the only ones who like extra-sugared drinks....

I laugh with Brian at his joke. What a great sense of humor he has! And I love the way he looks down shyly makes my heart skip a beat.

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I watch Tess and Maria walk away talkiing quietly.

My two girls.

I notice Ariel looking at me and I avoid eye contact. I wish that the Crasdown was closed so we wouldn't be interrupted and I could find out more about them.

Just then there is a crash and they guy that Brian and Kara were with is practically on the lap of some woman who is sitting with Amy.

Brian makes a crack about the Crashdown and I laugh.

"Yeah, you should Maria when it's busy. That girl has like two left feet." I say jokingly.

"So is that guy your brother?" I ask looking at Kara and Brian.


WEll I know that I wasn't here long, but I gotta go...I have work tomorrow...URGH!!!!

Is their going to be a post fest tomorrow? I SWEAR that I will be here!!!

And I just want to add that I LOVE this RPG, I am having so much fun with you guys...You are all awesome!!!
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'Night, I_LOVE_NICK! I'm so glad you love this role play! You are awesome as David and Kyle! *hugs*. There can be a postfest tomorrow night. That sounds great! If the snow isn't too bad and there's choir practice, I'll be on around 9 pm. If everything's cancelled because of the snow, I can be on earlier. I'll be able to stay until around midnight, but I will have to go then to get up for work Friday morning.

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scifidreamer that is brilliant just brilliant! I laughed so hard at the picture that made! Hope I can match it.

~*~ Nicola ~*~

"What the ?!?"

Nicola and Amy had been deep in conversation about Amy's new boyfriend, with Nicola trying to get over her shock that her 'lawbreaking' sister was dating the sheriff, when a man knocked into their table, sending their dishes everywhere. Suddenly, a hard male body was thrown into her lap.

Too stunned to realize it was the man she had been ogling earlier, she began her futile effort of trying to push him off her. "Watch where you're going, you...." The words died on her lips as she realized who it was. She found herself staring into the most incredible eyes she had ever seen. And then unbelieveably, she saw him blush. He was so cute when he did that, so --

A loud coughing next to them broke the spell. Amy was glaring at the man with thinly veiled hostility, at his having ruined their dinner and her favorite sweater (which had gotten a good dousing of diet coke).

Nicola looked away sharply. Hadn't she just promised herself that she was going to stay away from him? That she was going to avoid men and relationships for awhile? Besides, he'd just ruined their meal with his oafishness. She resumed her efforts in trying to get him off of her lap. He was still so cute though! *sigh*
posted on 5-Dec-2002 12:20:49 AM by scifidreamer


"Okay Maria what do you think is going on? Suger? And did you see how much tabasco they went through? Do you think they're like us and their parents," at this she made quotes with her fingers, " are really their protectors?" she whispered furtively

They both pause when they are right the counter as they hear aloud crash. Tess's eyes go wide at the scene she sees. "Maria isn't that your mom and aunt," she aks with a wide grin, trying not to laugh.


OCC: have you guys noticed how often new pages are being added? kick ass. *big*

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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria nodded her head in agreement with Tess. She was about to tell her how she had noticed those things and that she thought they were aliens as well, when she was startled by a loud crash.

The cutie pie from earlier had crashed into her mom and Nicola. Oh my God, it was a funny sight. "Maria isn't that your mom and aunt," Tess asked. Maria nodded, trying to control her laughter.

She and Tess ran over and began trying to help clean up the spilled drinks and dishes, while her aunt tried to get the guy off her lap.

As Tess was helping Amy mop up some of the diet coke that had spilled on her. Maria leaned over and thanked her. It had been hard for her at first to forgive her (even though it hadn't really been her fault) but now Maria found that she was warming up to her. Deep down, she was a good and couragous person- just being near her mom at that moment (and in the mood Amy was in) proved that. "Thanks, Tess. I really appreciate the help. You're a good friend."

Maria started laughing again, so as not to remind Tess of the horrible things that had happened and to not turn the moment into too serious of one. "God, that was funny," Maria laughed. Only to recieve a quelling glare from her mother, who was busy trying to help Tess clean her top and trying to find her cypress oil at the same time.

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Night I_LOVE_NICK ! See you tomorrow!
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OCC:Roswell428 that part rocked! you have such a knack for writing the DeLuca women. groovy man *big* . I was chuckling throughout the whole thing. I'm so down for a post fest tomorow, esp. since I don't have school on fridays. *praise the lord, praise the lord*!!! *wink* .



"Watch where youre going, you-"

Her voice is husky and distracting. "Uh," he stutters. He closes his eyes, and lets out a defeated breath. "I. am. so. sorry," he says, unwittingly further embarassing himself by not getting off her lap.

He finally notices that she's trying to remove him from her lap. "Oh!" he jumps up. "Here let me," he says pulling napkins out of the dispenser and trying to wipe things up. He was frenzy of movement, wiping things up, moving between the table and the floor, trying to upright glasses. He finally notices that the other women's shirt, the one with short brown hair, is soaked, and in his frazzled state he apologizes some more offering her his shirt, "Here take my shirt please," he said as he began to pull it off.

His voice comes out muffled, "Please, you must let me pay for your dinner, all of it. Anything you want is on me."

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OOC: I noticed how quickly the new pages are happening. I love it! It totally rocks to have an rpg with so much interest and participation! *hugs to all* Thank you guys for that!!! *bounce**bounce**bounce*


I grinned at the hilarous scene with David and Kara's...older brother? and the two women in the booth across the restaurant. It looked like the woman whose lap he landed in had a crush on him but was trying to deny it. The feeling appeared to be mutual. How cute!

Tess and Maria were helping clean up the table and the mess, so it would probably be a little while before they returned. In the meantime, I turn my attention back to Brian and Kara, waiting eagerly to find out where they were originally from.
posted on 5-Dec-2002 12:54:17 AM by scifidreamer

I wince at the commotion Caleb's caused. He's usually mister in control himself. Very calm. Never flustered. I shake my head, a rueful half smile formed.

"Yeah, thats' our older brother alright," I say in reply to Kyle's question.

I look back over at the scene and see Caleb pulling his shirt over his head. "Caleb! NO!," I yell trying to extradite myself from the table.

Shit, I only hope Kara or I can get there in time, before Caleb does something to get us permently barred from a family themed restaurant. What is going on with him?

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~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola can't move for a minute, missing his warmth as he jumps off her. Missing his warmth? Was she going nuts- already? He stuttered out an apology and the only thing she could think was how cute he was.

He began helping to clean up as Nicola can only sit there, baffled by these strong emotions. It was when he began trying to pull off his shirt to give to Amy, that she snapped out of it. He was such a sweet person to offer that! As much as she would love to see him shirtless, she couldn't let him do that. Before she could stop him, though, Amy did, waving him off, still clutching her cypress oil.

"No that won't be necessary," Amy bit out, upset over her shirt. She softened her tone, though, realizing that he was being nice and incredibly considerate. "Thanks though."

His reply came out muffled, "Please, you must let me pay for your dinner, all of it. Anything you want is on me."

Nicola responded, "That really isn't needed. I'm sure it was an accident. Don't worry about it." As she finished speaking, she was lost in the beauty of him again. 'Stop it!' She smiled at him genuinely. "It's okay."

~*~ End Nicola ~*~

Thanks scifidreamer! You are awesome with writing parts for the aliens! All of your parts have been great and right on track. And I must repeat, your idea was simply brilliant! Trying to take off his shirt had me almost in tears! Keep up the good work!

I agree with you, Elizabeth. Everybody's parts in the RPG have been fabulous! I can't wait to see what comes next!

posted on 5-Dec-2002 1:01:24 AM by Elizabeth Evans

I cover my hand with my mouth, stifling a laugh. Their older brother is actually going to take his shirt off unless Brian can stop him in time! One look at Kara, and I can tell how mortified she is. So is Brian. Somehow, I catch a fleeting image of them all being thrown out and banned from the restaurant for the older brother taking off his shirt. It's Brian's worry about what could happen....don't ask me how I know this. I just do. And I have to do something to help him and Kara.

Thinking quickly, I grab an unopened bottle of club soda from a nearby empty table,and I sprint after Brian as he runs to the table where his older brother is. "Let me help," I suggest calmly. "I know a way to get out the stain without anyone having to lose a shirt." I smile at the older brother and the two women at the table.

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She bite her lip at Maria's surreptitious compliment. It meant alot to her that Maria was willing to forgive her, to give her a second chance. It musn't have been easy considering all that happened.

She smiled back, and then laughed a good, healthy laugh, from somewhere deep within. It felt frickin' marvelous to laugh like this. And then laughed even harder at the look Amy gave Maria. She was still chucking when she heard the guy who had bumped into the table begin to profusely apologize to Amy, asking her forgiveness for getting her shirt wet. Even offering her his own shirt. And then he went and did something totally unexpected.

He actually began to pull his shirt off. Tess stopped hearing his prattle. She saw skin. She saw golden, sculpted abs. She sucked in her breath, and shot a look at Maria. To speak or not to speak and sneak a peek? That is the question.

Damn, they stopped him. She snaps her fingers, in a just missed it motion, earning a glare from Amy. She looks back at Maria, and they spin on their heels trying not to laugh.

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~*~ Nicola ~*~

Amy smiled at the teenage girl. "Anything you can do to help my top would be fantastic! Between you and Tess, it should get cleaned."

Nicola smiled with relief. That was one problem avoided, but damn if she still didn't want to see him with his shirt off! She looked at Maria who was still picking up broken pieces from the floor, and could read the same expressio in her eyes. She knew that Maria had a boyfriend, but there was no harm in looking. Besides that was another thing that she and Maria had in common- great taste!
posted on 5-Dec-2002 1:13:55 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria saw the look Tess gave her and inclined her head slightly, taking in his masculine form. Even though she loved Michael, there was no harm in looking at a great torso. She looked up and knew that Nicola knew what she was thinking. They both did have the same great taste. She smirked (a habit she had picked up from Michael) and continued to gaze, until he pulled his shirt back down at Nicola's insistance. Nicola just chuckled, obviously having enjoyed the view herself. There was no harm in looking.... And then she had to contain her laughter at the regretful expression on Tess' face. Add that to the list of women with taste!

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I smile back at the woman whose shirt was stained by the soda. "A little club soda ought to do the trick," I tell her. I pick up a napkin and pour a small amount of the club soda onto it. Carefully, I dab at the stains, surruptitously using my powers to take away any of the stain left behind by the club soda. Using my powers this way, there's no evidence that anything unusual is happening at all. Everyone simply observes the club soda doing the trick and getting the stain out. I also dry the now clean top just a little, not much more than would be expected by using the napkin. That way, the shirt is dry enough to still wear comfortably.

"There, that should do it. The stains are all out now," I tell the woman with a smile. The look of gratitude on her face says it all, and I'm really happy that I could help.
posted on 5-Dec-2002 1:20:51 AM by scifidreamer

OCC: all these parts have been absolutely brilliant!!! I'm sitting at my computer LMAO, and my brother keeps asking me "what happened?"

Thank you for your kind words Roswell428. the idea of him bumping onto their table just popped into my head and I had to go with it. I honestly have no idea where or why he got the idea to take off his shirt. it certainly wasn't something I thought up of. I was just typing and then, the next thing I know there it is. I'm glad everyone's enjoying it. *big* .

I love how everyone is able to play off each other so well. someone sets something up and everyone else is able to keep the momentum. rock on man. rock on.

Ariel's so thoughtful

nicola's ba-ad. and that's so good *wink* .

posted on 5-Dec-2002 1:27:56 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Aww, thanks, scifidreamer *happy*. I was inspired by the scene in VLV where Isabel does the same kind of thing to save that girl's wedding dress. The idea just popped in to my head to have Ariel use her powers like that to help Brian stop a scene he didn't want to see.

Ps-I totally agree that we play so well off each other and really build on each other's scenes that we set up. It's such a blast to be a part of this! *happy*
posted on 5-Dec-2002 1:30:44 AM by scifidreamer

"Oh thank God," I mutter, one hand shading my eyes, I can't stand to look. My eyes rest on Ariel. I repeat her name several times in my head getting the flavor of it. Ariel.

When she looks back over at our table, I can't help but send her a small grateful smile. Nothing big. Just grateful. I don't know. I just get the feeling she did this, not just cause helping is an innate quality of her's, but that she mainly did it for Kara and I. Like maybe, somehow she knew, just how mortifying this all was, and she wanted to spare us some of that.

I wonder what other innate qualities she might have.

Then I spot a guy with kinda long, sandy hair standing in a corner. His mouth is serious, but his eyes look like they're laughing. There's something about this guy. Something that isn't right, not wrong though. That maybe he isn't your typical rebel without a cause. And that this is where he belongs. Roswell, New Mexico. He belongs here, with all these people I've seen so far in this diner.


OCC: alright. I've gotta go. I've got to *finish* (okay start, damn *happy* ) all my term papers. crap ::sighs:: .

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OOC: Night, scifidreamer! Good luck with your term papers! I'm off for the night too, If people are interested in more postfesting, there will be one again tomorrow night at around 9 pm (Or if you guys want to start earlier, go ahead, but that's when I'll be here as long as things aren't cancelled by snow). I want to do as much postfesting as possible to give everyone a chance to be there for some of them.


Something makes me turn back to our table...just a feeling I have that someone is watching me. Not just someone...Brian. Sure enough, he is looking my way, and he has a small smile on his face. I return the smile, pleased to see his relief that the situation was taken care of. It's a small exchange, but with so much more conveyed than simple smiles and glances.

Turning back to the women and Caleb--wait, did he actually say his name or did I just know it somehow?--I take my leave. "Well, I'll let you get back to your dinners," I say with a smile, then head back to the table. As I sit back down beside David, I cast him a furtive glance, hoping that he doesn't realize what I did. Even though nobody could possibly know that I wasn't simply using club soda to clean that lady's top, David knows me too well. I really hope he doesn't suspect something.

Looking back at the rest of the group, I see that the group is still pretty quiet. "So, where were we before all that craziness ensued?" I ask with a smile, hoping to get the conversation going.

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Yes, I agree as well! This is so much fun- both to read and write! And we do play off each other well. Everyone's ideas have been great!

Good luck on your term papers- I know how irritating they can be. I'm done with all of mine for the semester, though, as my last one was due this morning (which I started at 4 am and had to turn in for 9:30).

I can't wait for another postfest tomorrow night- though I may be on a little later as I have an early evening class.

This is so much fun! I'd better go as well, I'm supposed to have been doing other things for the past few hours (like studying for finals) but the temptation to be a part of this great postfest tonight was just too much to resist!

Ps. in one of my original bmails to Elizabeth, I mentioned the idea of Caleb and Nicola bumping into each other at the Crashdown- it's just I was going to have Nicola do the bumping! It's so much funnier this way, though. It just goes to show- great minds think alike! (and that goes for Willow and Dawn as well *wink*)- we do play off each other well there and it's great to see that happening here as well. See you tomorrow!

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Roswell 428, I totally agree! *happy*

Well, the university didn't close today, but one of my professors cancelled our class due to all the snow. And I can pretty much guarantee that my evening class and choir practice won't be happening either. So, I'm in for the day and can be here for the postfest whenever people are ready. I'll be checking in today off and on. Just let me know what time you all want to be on for the postfest and I'll be here *happy*

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OOC: How did I manage to miss all of this excitement!!! AHH!!! I've been down with the flu!!! Gr... I hate the winter. Scifidreamer, I know how you feel! Either way, GREAT POSTS!! You guys had me laughing hysterically. I felt left out so I decided to add myself to the party!

I know I should have gotten up and helped out. I know that this is absolute insanity. I know in my mind that this is after all Roswell, and that things like this don't really happen. But I can't help the fit of giggles that's suddenly in my throat. And I almost feel bad... I know Alex is trying to be serious, and I know that my being nervous doesn't help the situation. But to watch that whole display! That was just... CLASSIC!

"Oh my God!" I hear myself yell as I see the older man begin to take off his shirt and I quickly cover my eyes. I feel like I'm watching some movie. I watch Maria and Tess run to help and then a guy, whom I haven't met. Then I see Ariel run to their rescue. This is too funny. I begin to laugh and soon it turns into an uncharacteristic hysteria. Then... *snort*!! GASP! Did I just do that! Oh my God!! That is so humiliating!!! I look at Alex who is know cracking up, most likely due to my disgusting snorting!

"It's not funny!" I watch him hold his stomach and reach his hand out to me. I throw some fries at him, but he just keeps laughing. At this point, I can't help laughing at him laughing at me. And suddenly this feeling that all is right fills me.

I look back over at the table and I see Ariel clean off the woman with club soda. And suddenly my laughter stops. Something is wrong. It's like deja vu. And I feel myself flashing back to Vegas.

"Excuse me for a second! And STOP laughing!" I get up quickly and walk past the crowd gathering at the table. I look at Tess and motion for her to follow me to the bathroom. We need to talk. FAST. Maybe it was my eyesight playing tricks on me. Or maybe my paranoia. Which it definitely could've been. But at this point, can we take any chances? I look back at Alex and sigh. Again, I know this is going to go unsolved. Alex is going to kill me.
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roswellianprincess16, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and that you felt left out of the postfest *hugs*. I hope you're feeling better and can be here for the postfest tonight. Great Isabel part, btw...that was just perfect! *happy*
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Yes, I can't wiat for the post fest, but I am getting ready to leave now to go shopping and then when I get back I have to type up my part to my fic that I am writing with Gamma Rho Girl *go read it...the link is in my sig* LOL Like how I threw that shameless plug in????


So I hope to be back around 10 *board time*

So if anyone wants to temp me while I'm not here (so you don't have to wait for me...go ahead, I don't mind!)

Just wanted to let you know so I don't hold up the post-fest!!!!!

Talk to you all later!
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See you when you get here, I_LOVE_NICK *happy*. The postfest can start whenever people are ready!
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I sigh in embaressment as what can only be called as 'The Caleb Incident' happens.I look over to Brian.I feel like putting everything on pause for a second.I can see that Caleb likes the woman.She likes him.Why don't they just get a room already?!?!I let out a sigh in relief as Ariel runs and stops Caleb from taking off his shirt.Thank god!I smile as she walks back over to us."Thank you!"I say with a smile.She smiles back.The smile looks so familiar.It's so comforting.I feel like I've known her for ages.And then it hits me.Why the smile looks so familiar.It's her.The girl from my dream.I look alittle confused and then look to Brian.I can tell he knows something is wrong.I try to get back to a normal conversation.Normal." came from Chicago....we just moved here too,"I say,to answer her question.I look at David out of the corner of my eye.He's gorgeous.I try not to look straight at him.Is he looking at me? Does he notice that I'm trying not to look at him? Does he notice me? I try to stop myself.No! I won't go there!Why am I acting like this? I don't act like this over guys!I like them,but I don't get obsessed!No....that's not me.I can already tell that Brian likes Ariel.He even tried to crack a joke.Very un-Brian like.He never cracks jokes around people.

posted on 5-Dec-2002 7:59:34 PM by TabascoChick
I crack up at the whole scene going on.It's hilarious.I see Maria look at me out of the corner of her eye.I smile and she looks away.Then Isabel leaves.I sigh and look around at everyone else.
posted on 5-Dec-2002 8:29:43 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I smile at Kara as she thanks me. That feeling comes over me again that she and Brian are so familiar, like I"ve always known them. Suddenly I think of my dream again and realize that the girl in my dream, the one who's separated from the rest of us, is Kara! Can it be? Looking at her surprised expression, I wonder.....It's almost like she knows the dream, too and recognizes me.

"So, Chicago? I've never been there, but I heard it's a really great place. But cold. How long did you live there?" Why do I have the feeling that at some point they lived in Pennsylvania, near me? It's just a hunch, but I'm determined to find out.

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I smile."Almost all our lives...,"I answer with a smile.I look to Brian.He's still in 'Ariel is pretty' mode so I sigh.She seems nice.But I'm dying to know if this is really the girl from my dream.I pause and add,"It's really cold in the winter!I've heard it's alot warmer here!"I focus my eyes around the Crashdown and ask,"So,how long did you live in Pennsylvania?
posted on 5-Dec-2002 8:56:21 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I try to cover my disappointment. Surely David and I couldn't know Kara and Brian unless they'd lived near us at some point, right? And how could Kara be the girl in my dream unless we'd somehow met before? Then I realize Kara did say they lived in Chicago *almost* their whole lives. Maybe before then....

I'm dying to know if Kara is the girl in my dream. I try to remember anything about her, anything that I learned about her from the dream. Then I remember...Chicago is famous for deep dish pizza, and Uno's is the girl's favorite restauraunt. "Almost your whole lives? Did you ever go to Uno's? Their pizza is the best, and I bet it's even better there, where the restaurant originated. So, where else did you live before Chigago? David and I lived near Philly almost our whole lives, long as we can remember. "
posted on 5-Dec-2002 9:04:21 PM by TabascoChick
I look over at David,who glances up.He had been looking down for awhile.I smile alittle and then look back to Ariel."Uh...well...I don't really remember much about the first years of my life.But I do know that I...we...didn't live in Chicago all our lives.I know I'm not a true Chicagian,"I say with a smile.
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Awww...I'm not gonna be on for TOO some hw and have to study for exams...eww....I'll miss the posting fest*sad*!
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Aww...sorry you're going to miss it :( *hugs*. But there will be lots of others, I promise. I'm so glad you're here now though so Ariel and Kara can talk. I'm loving the interaction, with both of them trying to figure out if the other is the same girl from their dreams. *happy*


I smile gently. So Brian and Kara didn't always live in Chicago. Maybe there is a chance that they did live near Philadelphia when they were younger. Maybe we did meet before somehow. How else can one explain this deep connection I feel to them? Kara didn't react to the question about Uno's, though....maybe she isn't the girl from my dream. If only I could find out for certain. After I've known her for a little while, I could tell her about my dream and find out that way. It's just so hard to wait.

"I don't remember that much about the early years of my life either," I tell her. That's something major that we have in common. David and I always had attributed our lack of earlier memories to blocking out a very traumatic early childhood. I prayed that Brian and Kara's earlier lives were better than David's and mine must have been before Mom and Dad found us. "Like, everything before age five is a complete blank.Anyway...what brought you guys here to Roswell?"

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I look over at Alex Izzy stormed out on him...again.

I'm muttering to myself..again

I don't notice Alex sitting down next to me.
He nods to anything I say agreeing to every word anf then I notice he is there


posted on 5-Dec-2002 9:40:54 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Briefly, I happened to glance over at Alex and Isabel's table and I notice that Alex wasn't sitting with Isabel anymore. I also notice that Alex was looking particularly upset. I wonder what happened. A friend of his, a tall, muscular guy with long brown hair was now sitting with Alex. I hoped the guy would be able to cheer Alex up. Poor Alex. I hope things work out with him and Isabel. I have a good feeling about those two....

I turn my attention back to Kara, Brian, David, and Kyle....
posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:12:31 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I watch everything happen around with me apprehension.

There are so many things going on and so many things that I need to be aware of.

I am aware of one thing though. Ariel ran over and I know that she used her powers to clean the woman's shirt. I also notice that Isabel saw too and ran over to Tess and they left the room.

There is also a new guy sitting with Alex.

I'm a little worried now and I wonder if this is the time that I have been waiting for, I always thought that this day would come; when I would have to take Ariel and we would leave Mom and Dad and be on our own.

But, I also watch the interaction between Ariel and Kara. I can't help but stare at Kara.

I mean there is no doubt that she is beautiful, anyone could see that, but there is something about her.

I can't take my eyes off of her. It's almost as if I do I won't ever see her again.

Ariel causually questions Kara and I just sit back and listen...I'm waiting for something.

At one point I see realization spread across their faces. There is something going on between the two of them.

I try not to obviously stare at Kara as she talks.

Why are her and her brother so familiar?

I turn to Brian "So how do you like Roswell so far?"

posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:15:49 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

Everything is happening so fast. People are running around everywhere and I don't know what to do.

I see Isabel leave with Tess. And I feel a loss as she is not by my side.

It sounds corny, but I can't lose her again.

I'm sitting with Brian, Kara, Ariel and David when I see Michael take a seat with Alex.

"Excuse me." I mutter and make my way over to them.

"Michael, where's Max and Liz? Something weird is going on."
posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:28:34 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I can feel David's nervousness. I have to forcibly stifle a gasp when I realize the extent of how apprehensive he's become. Oh, my God...he was thinking that this might be the day we've always dreaded, the day we knew might come when we'd have to go into hiding and leave Mom and Dad! Trying to cover my panic, I glance over at David, pleading silently with him not to do this. Intellectually, I've always known this could happen, but there was no possible way until now to understand the emotional reality of it. David may know that I used my powers earlier, but certainly nobody else could possibly know or prove that. Right? Surely we were safe to stay here.

God, what have I done? This awful weight of guilt comes crashing down on me, threatening to crush me. Externally, I manage to appear as if everything is all right, but inside my world crumbles that much more, until there's nothing left but David...
posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:30:40 PM by LuvRug
"That is what I was gonna' ask you" I sigh"if I only knew"

posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:32:44 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I see Ariel look at me with a mixture of guilt and pain.

She feels guilty. She knows what I was thinking.

I can't stand the hurt look in her eyes. She is my sister, my only family...true family.

I look at her sternly and I plead with my eyes.

Do not worry Ariel, everything is going to be okay...I'm gonna find out what is going on and then I am going to take charge of the situation.


OOC: Okay, please don't laugh or think that I am a moron, but can Ariel and David read each other's minds?
posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:38:56 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: That's an important question to ask, not a dumb one at all *happy*. I was thinking that Ariel's ability is the ability to mentally connect with people, to sense emotions, intentions, and sometimes (especially with people she's close to) pick up on thoughts. It would be cool for them to be able to communicate telepathically. We can do that if you want.

I try to be reassured by David, and I trust his judgment now, just as he trusted mine the day Mom and Dad found us. I went to them first because I had a good feeling about them, and so David followed me. So now, if David takes charge and decides that it's time to leave, I'll follow him no matter what. He's my brother, and nothing separates us, no matter what. I just pray it doesn't come to us having to leave Mom and Dad.

I know David...he can't stand to see me upset or worried, so I push all thoughts of what might happen out of my mind for now so I won't worry about it. Instead, I focus on the conversation and the question that David had asked Brian.

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I think that it would be cool if we had them communicate like that! Do you want to?

So I guess that we have to wait and see if scifidreamer is going to join us since we are waiting for Brian's!



I look at Michael and anger crosses my face.

Something big is going on and the 'Alien King' has yet to make an apperance.

"Well he better get here soon. There's too much things happening for it all to be a coincidence." I tell Michael and Alex while looking around fro Tess.

I don't see her so she's probably still with Isabel.


OOC: Where is our Max? And our Liz? Everyone else has posted right?
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~*~ Nicola ~*~

Amy and Nicola smiled gratefully at the girl who had cleaned her top, before the girl went back to sit with her friends. Nicola turned back to the man, who was still apologizing and offering to pay.

"It's nice of you to offer, but that really won't be necessary," she states, yet again.
posted on 5-Dec-2002 10:52:40 PM by Roswell428
If I remember correctly, I think that there was something about Max and Liz making out in a booth? I don't know, but I think they're supposed to be in the Crashdown, and I don't think they would have missed all of the commotion. They would probably have been trying to help get it straightened up.... Anyway, I don't know where they are right now, though.
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OOC: I LOVE NICK, I would love to have Ariel and David communicate telepathically. I think that'd be great and open up a lot of fun possibilities. Maybe we could have them do that or something while we wait for Brian's response.

Max and Liz are in the crashdown making out last we heard from either of them. Do you guys want to temp people who aren't here just to move the story on a little bit?
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I look over at Alex. Who has his head down

"well Kyle is in a lovely mood"

posted on 5-Dec-2002 11:03:36 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

While the new girl and Tess helped her mom get the stain out of her shirt, Maria continued to chuckle and pick up the pieces of broken dishes. She caught Alex's eye and smiled, right before Isabel came over quickly, a look of concern in her eyes, and motioned for Tess to follow her into the back.

When Tess left, the girl finished cleaning her mom's top and Maria smiled at her gratefully. Now her mom wouldn't be in one of her moods later, hopefully.

Maria finished picking up the dishes and went into the back for a bin to put them in. She came back out and piled them all in there and went back into the kitchen to deposit them there until after her shift was over.

On her way back out front, she passed by Alex, Michael and Kyle and heard Michael say, "Well Kyle is in a lovely mood."

She stopped. "What's wrong with you three? Oh, have you noticed the weirdness that is those new kids? What's with them?"

posted on 5-Dec-2002 11:04:45 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, Let's!!!!! This is going to be fun!

Um, I'll be Max if you want?



I ignore Maria, not to be rude but just to get a point across to Michael.

I shoot Michael my 'death look' that Tess says will give me premature wrinkles, but right now I could care less.

"I am not in a bad mood Michael. In case you didn't notice there are like two new families that just happened to show up here today. Plus some woman that Maria 'knows' I say that lightly because we have all had our run in with shapeshifters. Plus they are downing tobasco and sugar like they were from tell me that you aren't worried?" I say this all in a low voice so know one else could here me and I guesture for Maria to sit down.

I mean, am I the only one worried about this?

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Sorry I posted at the same time as you!

I'll edit it.

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Communication will be fun! *happy* Sure, you can temp for Max if you want. I'll temp for Liz.
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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria sat down next to Michael at Kyle's gesture. She was furious, how dare he ignore her like that? I mean sure, he kind of answered her question, but please. And to question her aunt? She couldn't be quite as angry about that, though. After recent events, she didn't blame him for being paranoid. She had better just clear this up.

"She's my aunt, guys. That's my aunt, Nicola," Maria said, waving at her. Nicola waved back.

At seeing a few, skeptical looks, she continued. "She IS my aunt, not an imposter. I've known that woman my entire life and nobody would be able to impersonate her that well. That is Nicola."
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Sorry for taking so long, I'm trying to type up my part of my fic at the same time!!!!



I see Maria get angry.

"Look Maria, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound like an ass, but you know as well as I do that something weird is going on. And you can't say that she isn't an imposter because for some time we thought that Tess was a murderer and that Alex was dead." I pause feeling my stomach tighten.

Maria opens her mouth, most likely to bitch me out, but I cut her off.

"But, if you say that that is your aunt, I believe you. I trust you Maria and I trust your judgement. But something is going on with all these other new people and we have to find out what it is."
posted on 5-Dec-2002 11:49:55 PM by scifidreamer

OCC: hey don't worry about it, there's so much I missed out on, I have so much to respond to. must get to startin'. *big* . ooh I'm so excited!!!!

posted on 5-Dec-2002 11:56:28 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
So Elizabeth Evans let's wait for scifidreamer to catch up so she can make Brian respond...sound good? how about we find out more about each other everyone since we post fest like everynight.

I'll go first. My name is Krista, I am 18 and I live in Toronto, Canada.

You don't have to tell about yourself, I just thought it would be nice...I'm a dork!
posted on 5-Dec-2002 11:59:42 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Krista, your idea about waiting for scifidreamer to catch up is good. I can wait to post.

In the meantime, I'm Lora. I'm 30 years old, and I live near Philadelphia.
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So you have lot's of snow there already?
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:05:39 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Yeah, we got about eight inches maybe. Everything was cancelled today. I'd love to stay in tomorrow, but I don't want to have to make up a day off.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:07:27 AM by scifidreamer

She looks up at Isabel, and after a quick glandce Maria's way, follows Isabel. She wipes her palms on the front of her jeans, as Isabel closes the door behind her. "Hey what's up?" she asks hushed. The grin gone from her face. It's time for notes comparison.


OCC: that was a great set up Roswellianprincess16 I'm just sorry I wasn't here earlier ::throws annoyed glance at her brother:: to work off it. it is rife with potential. I can't wait to see where it leads. and I *so* know what you mean about the flu. yuck!!!

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It only snowed here once. But it's very cold.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:17:28 AM by Elizabeth Evans
This is our first snowfall this year. But it has been getting chilly lately.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:19:49 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Are you ready for Christmas?
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:22:00 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Getting there. I still have a little more shopping to do. How about you?
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:26:57 AM by Roswell428
God, I wish we would get snow! I would love to see snow!
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:28:42 AM by Elizabeth Evans
It is really pretty. It's just not going to be fun shoveling it or driving in it in the morning.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:29:19 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
I just started my shopping tonight! LOL.

Roswell428 Where are you from?
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:31:10 AM by scifidreamer


"Thanks," I whisper to Ariel. I'm not sure if she heard. I clear my throat a little uncomfortably, before saying, "Yeah, Roswell's been pretty decent. Definitely alot warmer than Chicago, but I read that desert winters can be brutal." Oh man I just need to shut up. I feel like there's a buzz in my head, and it's making everything fuzzy. David's voice, Ariel's eyes, Kara's thoughts darting in and out of mind, and of all things, Caleb's apprehsion. It's coming off him in waves. Can anyone else feel it?

"Chicago was never home." I say quietly. I have no idea why. There's never been a place that was home. Home has always just been Kara and Caleb. And now these kids. These people are something. I have no idea what though.

The arm I had resting against the table top, slowly starts inching towards Ariel. I make a note to disown that arm.

posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:38:47 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

I watch David tell us about Chicago and I notice that he stares at my sister.

Okay, it makes me a little uncomforatble, but I can deal. I can't take my eyes off his sister.

But, not I see that his arm is moving towards her's.

I don't like this.

I feel like I know him, but I'm not sure how and that scares me.

I jump up abruptly and his hand moves make to his side.

"Anyone else want another drink?" I ask.

Sorry, but I thought that was how David would re-act, I can change it if you want.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:41:57 AM by Roswell428
Way down south. Think 90 degrees usually year round (with occasional dips into colder weather) and incredibly high humidity! Ugh! *tongue* Although, right now, we're having a cold spell. Yay! I've seen snow once in my life, when I was little.


Oops! Wasn't Maria supposed to be bringing them more drinks? Oh well, after she finishes her conversation with 'da boys' she'll bring them their drinks. I kind of forgot in all of the chaos! *wink*

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"You're welcome," I say quietly to Brian, smiling softly. He tells me about the weather in Chicago and mentions that he had heard desert winters can be brutal, too. Oh, lovely. Now, why was it that Dad wanted to move out to this area? Well, at least after high school graduation, I can go back home to Pennsylvania. Home. Why was Roswell beginning to also feel like a home? I'd never imagined that anyplace but where I grew up could feel that way, like I belonged there. But when Brian says the word home, I get the sense that he's never had a place that felt like home, and my heart goes out to him.

"Where is home for you?" I ask, wanting to know more about him and what his life has been like. I notice his arm reaching out toward me, and instinctively I find myself moving closer to him....

Until David notices what Brian is doing, and stops him. Typical David, wanting to protect me. He and I are going to have a little chat about that, in addition to everything else, when we get home. "No, thanks, David," I answer him when he asks if anyone wants drinks. I look down, a little disappointed, before looking back up at Brian to await his response to my question.

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~*~ Maria ~*~

"Thanks, Kyle," she replied smiling brightly at him. 'I'm glad someone trusts my judgement,' she thought, glancing at Michael. "I know that the reason I didn't recognize that Tess had been shapeshifted was because I didn't know Tess well enough to recognize it. But I know Nicola- and that is her. No one would be able to fool me about her. But you're right about the new kids, we do have to figure out what's with them."
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:55:35 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

"SO what do you suggest that we do?" I ask her.

I have no idea. The Crashdown has too many distractions. We need to all be alone in a room togehter so we can all talk.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 12:58:40 AM by scifidreamer


I drop my arm as David gets up. Oh my god what is going with me. Kara's eyes follow him. I nudge her in the side with my elbow, kind of hard. I noticed the way the were ogling each other.

I look back up at David, "No thank you."

Home. Ariel asked where home as always been. I want to answer her honestly. But I can't. There are some things you don't tell people you just met. No matter how much it hurts you dumb heart not to.

"Home? where my parents are buried," it's not a complete lie. The brother had taken Kara and I where they died in Penn. A part of me will always be there, buried with them too. Everyone kind of gets quiet with that comment.

posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:01:22 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

I see the look that Ariel sends me.

I didn't want to have to resort to this because I feel that we should only use this gift when absolutely necessary, but I concentrate on her and send her a message from my brain waves that will connect with her's and no else's.

It's for your own good.

I walk away then and amke my over where Kara and Brian's brother is talking with the two women he disturbed earlier.

I go to walk past him but he steps back and accidentally bumps into.

I am over come with emotion. It's almost as if I can't breathe.

I feel love, hate, joy, sadness, pain all rolled into one and I see bright colours that blur my vision.

And almost as fast as it hit me it was gone.

But he is looking at me with wide eye's.


Was that okay to do?
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:05:42 AM by Elizabeth Evans

David sends me a telepathic message..."It's for your own good." Argh! He and I are *definitely* going to have to have a little chat later. I love him to death, but this is going a bit overboard on the protectiveness!

"Like you're not going to want to touch Kara?" I think back at him, not really angry but a little irritated, but mostly trying to get him to see some logic here.

Then Brian quietly answers my guestion. Oh, God! I never should have asked that question. Tonight is just not my night. I feel so horrible that I brought all this pain up for Brian. It's the last thing I ever wanted to do.

"I'm so sorry..." I say softly, wanting to be the one to reach out my hand to his. Tentatively, I do so. "I didn't mean to..." I trail off. Giving Brian one of my "peace glances" that will hopefully soothe him, I fall quiet and let him decide whether he wants to talk about his parents or change the subject.

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posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:07:25 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

"I don't know," she answered honestly. "Anybody else have any suggestions?"
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:13:12 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

I glance at the three of them and none of them seem to know what to do.

"Well what if we all go to my house? I know it may seem like a stupid idea. But, we outnumber them and plus we have alien powers on our side." I say grinning at Michael.

Even thought I don't like what I am suggesting, I have no idea what else to do.

"We could say that I am having a party or something, I'll let my dad know what's going and him go to Amy's." I say glancing at Maria and then I refraise my last statement. "Well, he'll probably already be over there anyway."

I look at them expectantly.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:13:13 AM by scifidreamer


His head slowly peaks through the head of his shirt. He keeps his eyes averted from the women surrounding him. "I'm really sorry for this. Please what can I do to make it up to you and you're friend?"

He didn't know what to do or say.

But before he can say thing, a guy about Brian's age bumps into him.

The boy made a connection to him. Caleb can't be sure what he saw, but it's still there in the air.

It is him. He looks down at the boy, his eyes wide.

"David?" he whispers.


OCC: does caleb know what D and A names are? cause I've been playing it like he does, but he doesn't know whether they lived or not. Are david, brian, kara, and ariel, their earth names or the lysian names?

posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:17:14 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Their current names are their Earth names. Caleb can be the one to have given the four their Earth names, and so he would know Ariel and David's names. Maybe their names are the only thing the two of them remembered after being separated from the others. How does that sound? BTW, I love the David/Caleb interaction *happy*
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:20:19 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria decided to ignore the comment about her mother's and the sheriff's relationship. "I think that sounds like a good idea, Kyle, but I can't join you until my shift is over, which is in a few hours.

"Besides, it doesn't look like they're ready to leave yet," she said indicating the other group. "Maybe we can invite them over to a 'party,' " she said this with 'quote' fingers, "another night. How about tomorrow night or the next night?"

She paused for a second. "I do think that we need to get them alone so we can question them, but it's already kind of late tonight. What about tomorrow?"
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:24:12 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola listened as he apologized yet again. She was about to again tell him that it wasn't necessary, when a younger boy bumped into him and a strange look passed over his face. He then whispered, "David?" Did he know the boy? He wasn't one of the teenagers that he came in with right? Well, whoever he was, he was important to the man, judging by the look on his face. Nicola sat and waited, to see how they knew each other.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:24:15 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

"The sooner the better." I tell Maria. "But I want you to be careful around them."

I say this beacuse I really care for Maria, she is like a sister to me and I am really freaking out because I have no idea what is going on.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:28:43 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

The guy stares at me for a moment and then says my name.



This is it. This is what I have feared my whole life, this guy knows about me and Ariel.

He's been looking for us and he wants to experiment on us.

He's probably with the FBI or something.

I have to save Ariel.

I concentrate and send her a frantic message.

Ariel! Get out of here!

And at the same time I look up at him.

"How do you know my name?" I ask trying not to look like a deer caught in headlights.


Was that okay for David to freak out. I want him to be very worried for Ariel's safety.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:29:09 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria stood up and gave Kyle a mock salute (another annoying habit she had picked up from Michael). "Yes, sir, fearless *almost* brother," she said, making a joke to try and lighten the tension.

At seeing the look on his face, she sobered up. "I really will be careful, guys. But right now, I have to go bring them their drinks, which I forgot to do in all the chaos earlier. I'll talk to you guys later, okay?"

With that said, she went into the kitchen to get Ariel's cherry coke and sugar packets. Bringing them back, she walked up to their table and placed the drink and sugars in front of Ariel. "Is there anything else I can get you guys?"
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:36:49 AM by scifidreamer


I feel calm breeze flow within me. It's like mint. Clean and clearing. Her eyes. They're gentle.

"They died when we were young, around five or six. Caleb's looked out for ever since then. What about you and David-"

I cut off, I shoot my gaze over to Caleb, the same time Kara and Ariel do. Caleb's just looking at David. His eyes wide. It's like ... ... like Caleb's just recieved the worst news of his life. He looks that flummoxed.

"C'mon," I say to Kara, my voice urgent, getting out of the booth.

What did David say to Caleb. I feel my left hand tingle. My shield hand. What's going on?

posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:44:00 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Oh, my gosh...I LOVE this! That David part is perfect!


Maria comes back with the drinks just as Brian asks me about David's and my parents. As she hands me my charry coke, David sends me a terrified telepathic message to get out of the restaurant NOW! I gasp with the intensity of it, and the glass slips from my fingers. I barely manage to steady it in time as it lands on the table without spilling anything. I look over at David and spot the source of his terror. Oh,'s Brian and Kara's brother! Panicking, I glance from them to Brian and Kara, then pretend to look down at my watch.

"Oh, no! it's getting really late. We have to get to the new house. Excuse me," I tell them, getting up quickly from my seat.

"David, I'm NOT leaving without you! Come on!!" I tell him telepathically. I start for the door, but I don't leave until I'm sure David is coming with me. Even though David and I swore we'd never use our powers against anyone, in this case I'll do whatever it takes to protect him. I won't leave him to be captured and experimented on. I won't do it!

"David, we've gotta go. Mom and Dad are probably getting worried by now," I call to him, praying that that gives him an excuse to get out of whatever situation just happened safely. If not, I'm prepared to use my powers. Glancing back at Brian and Kara, they seem startled and unsure of what's going on. I can't be too sure they won't try something, though, so I'm ready to use my powers if I have to.

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OOOOH!!! I am so excited!!!! lol. I'm on like the edge of my seat kinda thing...hope that this next part is okay, because I really like where all of this is going.


I see Ariel make her ways toward me talking about Mom and Dad wanting us home or something, but I'm not paying attention.

The only thing I keep thinking is:

How does he know my name?

I see Ariel move closer out of the corner of my eye.

"Ariel! Get out of here!" I yell out loud, not caring who hears me.

I look at the man again. "How do you know my name?" I demand as I feel the current building up inside of me.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 1:52:44 AM by scifidreamer

He hears Ariel call her brother away. "NO!" he practically shouts. Grabbing David's shoulders. David begin to struggle. He can tell by their faces that Ariel and David are panicking.

"No," he says a little calmer. He can't let this oppurtunity pass. He has to talk to them, to know they're okay. What lives they've lived.

"Please?" he says rather desperately. "Please I don't mean any harm." He looks into David's eyes. He doesn't know if it'll work but he has to try. He tries to set up a connection. Please. Please, let it work.

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Okay, now I know that something is definatley up with these people.

I see Ariel and Brian and Kara make their way over to where David is now standing with that guy.

David looks like he has seen a ghost, as a matter of fact, they all do.

I catch Maria out of the corner of my eye making her way towards them.

Alex, Michael and I get up at the same and go over as well.

I keep an eye on Maria and an eye on David.

It looks like things could get ugly.

I just hope that Tess stays in the back away from all of this.

Just then I see the doors to the back open but it's Max and Liz.

"What's going on?" Max asks looking very confused.

"Beat's me." I tell him, knowing there is no way I can explain all of it in time.

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~*~ Maria ~*~

'What the hell was that?' Just as Maria brought the drink to Ariel, the girl got a flustered look on her face and almost dropped the glass. She was about to ask if she was okay, when she noticed the other two were wearing similar expressions, and staring at something dumbfoundedly. She turned to look at what they were staring at and say the other new guy and the cute man just staring at each other in shock, right by her mother and Nicola.

Just then the girl got up and hurriedly said she had to leave, ran to where her brother was still standing with the man. The other two followed her. 'What just happened?'

She saw Michael, Kyle and Alex approaching the scene and made her way over to them. She was getting worried about who these people were and she wanted to be with her friends and know what they thought. "Did you guys just see that? What the hell is going on?"

Max and Liz walked up and Max asked the same thing. "Beats me," was all Kyle could say, which frustrated Maria to no end.

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I stand, frozen, near the doorway, with my heart pounding. I'm probably shaking like a leaf, too. But I won't leave, not when David's clearly in danger. David warns me to go, yelling for the whole restaurant to hear but not caring. I can't do it. I can't leave him. Whatever we face, we'll face it together.

I hear David ask the brother, "How did you know my name?" Oh, God...the guy does know us! Is that a good thing or a bad...I prayed he wasn't a government person, someone who would want to experiment on us. Unable and unwilling to move, I watch the scene unfold. But then the man grabs my brother by the shoulders.

"NO! I scream, lifting my hand to use my powers to stop this man. Then the man says he wants to talk. "Let my brother go *now*," I say as calmly as as firmly as I can. "Say what you have to say, but let him go first."

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All of a sudden the guy grabs me and I begin to struggle and I feel my power build up inside of me.

I struggle with the man as well as my power's to keep them under control because I could blow this guy up in front of all these people.

I look up frantically at the man and I look into his eyes and then we connect...

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I know, I edited *happy*.

~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola and Amy could only look at each other, and then back at the scene unfolding in front of them. Nicola wanted to intervene, when the man grabbed the teenagers shoulders, but stopped when she saw the boy's ? sister? come to his rescue. The man looked almost insane and she was afraid for everyone's safety.

She and Amy got up and went and stood next to Maria and her friends, making sure that they could protect them if necessary, and that no harm would come their way. 'What the hell was going on?' Whatever it was, Nicola didn't like it. If it wasn't resolved soon, she was going to call the sheriff and have this guy taken away. He looked unbalanced. And to think she had thought him a gentleman! Well, just goes to show how bad her taste in men was.

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Okay, remember how we were wondering if kyle's powers had begun to surface, well they



The rest of the Crashdown customers are just looking on like it is some kind of high school fight. SOme aren't even paying attention.

But it's more than that. Way more.

When the man grabbed David it felt like an electrical surge was pulsing through my body.

"Do you feel that?" I whisper to Max and he nods.

"What the hell is going on?" Max asks me.

"I don't know, but maybe we should stop it."

He looks at me. "You can feel the power?"

I nod and we turn to Liz who is looking on with wide eyes.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 2:04:06 AM by scifidreamer


I run right up behind Caleb. There's potenial in the air potenial for violence. My shoulder touches Caleb's. And that's when I see what they both are seeing.


posted on 6-Dec-2002 2:06:10 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

"Kyle." I hiss.

He turns.

"Did you see that?" I ask him referring to the young girl raising her hand in the air.

"Yeah." He says uncomfartably.

"That can't be good." I say and he nods.

To my relief I see people paying Agnes who is behind the counter and they make their way out of the Crashdown.

I glance around but I don't see Isabel anywhere.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 2:07:54 AM by Elizabeth Evans

I watch the situation tensely, as David looks up at the brother to connect with him. I let my hand drop back to the side, seeing that for now David would be safe. I reach out my mind to connect with them and am flooded by so many images it's nearly impossible to sort through or understand.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 2:10:09 AM by scifidreamer
OCC: hold on guys I'm writing the connetion scene tight now. give me 5 minutes.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 2:14:38 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, but I think that I am going to have to leave from here...hehe a cliffhanger.

It's like 2:30 am and I worked all day and I am very tired.

But I will be back tomorrow, because I can't wait to see what happens.

If you guys wnat to go on without me, by all means someone can temp me...I don't mind!!!!

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Bye I_LOVE_NICK ! Hope you get some sleep!

And you too, Elizabeth Evans! And yes, this is extremely exciting!

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He shows everything from that night he's never been able to tell anyone. Everything he's had to keep locked inside.

David, Ariel, Brian, and Kara emerging from their pods. Tiny hands breaking through the membrane.

Innocent green eyes blinking up at him. A time of outmost peace and contentment. It was a sucess. Taking their small hands in his larger ones. Saying their names out loud.

And then the terror. The walls shaking, the blinding sunlight breaking through from where the rock walls were falling. Dust motes swirling in the shafts of light.

And the men standing there. Holding weapons that look like guns.

Aiming them.

Firing them.

The noise.

Untested powers instinctively used in defense. Men crumpling to the ground.

But it's not enough.

Screams as Caleb pulls the only two he can find out the collasping roof.

Cries of anguish. Of pain. Of seperation.

He failed.

And now two were dead.

Brian and Kara wailing in his embrace their small arms outstretched, begging for David and Ariel to join them.


OCC: is that okay? I'm gonna stay on for a little longer. nite nite Elizebeth Evans and I_LOVE_NICK (btw, do you mean Nick the guy who plays kyle?) also, this has been so cool. I so didn't see this coming! and it's totally great that people were actually able to work there being other customers in their posts. I didn't quite know how to do it, but it was addressed fabulously.
and the last thing: I so totally hate how slow my computer is!!! ARGH!!!'s like you've never heard before *big* .

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I'm going to have to get to bed too. I stayed up way too late, but I'm so loving this! This is so exciting! I have to see the connection scene and maybe do one more post, but then I am off to bed.

OK, I've got to stay up for another post or so...this is just too incredible to leave yet *happy*. So I'll be here just a little longer.

I come back to myself with tears streaming down my face. "Oh, my God...." Now I understood why David and I had felt such a connection to them. Now I understood what happened the night we were found by our parents and why we couldn't remember anything before that. And I knew who Caleb was...our protector. I didn't understand why, but I knew that he was meant to keep us safe, all four of us, and he didn't mean any harm.

I felt Caleb's heartbreak and anguish, his feeling that he'd failed me and David. It was so powerful and compelling, I had to run over to him and hug him. I had to comfort him "It's ok. It wasn't your fault. You did everything you could to protect us. We're here now. We're all together again."

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scifidreamer originally wrote:
and it's totally great that people were actually able to work there being other customers in their posts. I didn't quite know how to do it, but it was addressed fabulously.

Maybe it's just me being a little dense, but huh? I'm sorry, but I'm kind of tired right now, and I'm just not getting it. ???????
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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria watched all of this unfold and knew that the aliens beside her were standing ready, in case they needed to difuse the situation. She also felt her mother and Nicola move to her side, ready to do the same thing.

And then all of a sudden there was crying and clinging and Maria was totally confused. She could only look at her best friends and boyfriend next to her. Huh? was written plainly in her expression.

She glanced at her aunt and mother and could see they were having the same reaction. She looked back to her group, her family. They would have some serious talking and planning to do later.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 2:48:30 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OK, now I really have to go to bed. I can't wait for tomorrow to see what happens! *happy* 'Night, all!
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OCC: I mean that people (like yourself) were able to mention (while in character) that they were other patrons in the crash. otherwise it would kinda have seemed like all this was happening in a vaccum (sp?). but it's not, there are other so not involved people, who must be wondering what the hell is all this drama about *big* ?

btw, you're gonna be recieving an bamil from me soon, so keep your peepers open (jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers? --- does anyone else remember that song?)

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Oh- gotcha. Sorry, this is me, *waves tiredly* running on very little sleep and I'm trying to do too many things at once. Sorry for not picking up on that. *shy*

Your right, that is a good thing, because there are other people in the diner and they wouldn't have not noticed what was going on. So glad I could help.

Oh and btw, that scene was great- everyone's parts- the drama in it was just awesome.

Okay I will- and yes, I know that song.
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You guys are crazy posters! I posted a part like a day ago and there are like 30 more pages! WOW!
man oh man!
I think this is awesome!



As she said those words it dawned on Max.

She didn't know.

She didn't know the real story what really happened

Max grabbed Liz and pulled her gently against him. He took a deep breath and inhaled her scent.

"It was all a mindwarp Liz. None of it was real. Alex isn't dead."

The shock of it all showed on her face.

"Liz I know its hard to believe but its true. Tess means nothing to me. We didn't have sex and I am not having a baby."

he lowered his voice and leaned into her ear
"The only woman I would ever want to have a child with is you Liz"

he pulled back and look deep into her eyes and repeated the words he had said to her long ago

"Your my Dream girl Liz"


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OOC: Ok, that was an AWESOME connection scene. I was just left... speechless, which I can assure you is rare even for me. GREAT JOB!! And I missed another POSTFEST! GRR!!! Must be something about the times I get on... crappy crap. Ok, well I'm babbling. Let's get to the actual post.

I look at Tess' worried face. She feels it too.

"It's not just me is it? I know I'm paranoid and kind of stressed out from the recent happenings around here but there is energy? There is a vibe? I'm not crazy right? Jesus, Tess tell me I'm not losing it here. I think I saw her use powers." I blurt all the words out and squeeze my fingers tightly, the only sign that I'm losing my mind. I pride myself in being in control. Even when I'm not. Like now for example. I look into her worried blue eyes and I can see agreement. I can only imagine how worried she must be. These strangers here after she's been the horrible target of a shapeshifter abduction. I reach out for her hand, suddenly feeling my heart go out to her. We were really close once, I really wish I could have a good girlfriend. Maybe now, I can.

"I won't let them hurt you again. I won't let them hurt ANY of you. I swear." I make the oath, more to myself than to her, when we hear screaming. I grab her hand and we run to the swinging door. I watch one of the new boys and the older guy and then Ariel running towards them. Ok, this is weird. I can tell my the looks on all the customer's faces that they think two things. We're either putting on a show, or we're on some heavy duty drugs. God... this just gets uglier by the minute. I catch the looks on Kyle and Alex and can tell that things are getting too intense. We need to split. To think things over before they get out of hand. And suddenly I can see the wisp in their eyes. Something's happening! I can feel the energy. I feel Tess tighten her hand in mine and my breathing gets deep. Ok, think Isabel, think! Where the hell is Max when you need him!
posted on 6-Dec-2002 5:42:35 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Just an OOC note: I'm up for another postfest tonight if you all are. So whoever can be here, come join in the fun! I'm so excited to see what happens with this!
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They squeezed hands, each understanding the unsaid invitation of offered additional strength and a renewal of friendship. Isabel's hanging on to her hard earned control by a thread, and Tess' fears are about to consume her. But they don't need to be alone. They don't need to suffer these plagues. There is someone who can handle the burden. Who will support you as your world crumbles.

Besides they both know what it's like to take another life. Hell Isabel was forced into that position while trying to save Tess's life.

Here they are again. Unknown alien entities have once again made their appearence in Roswell. Tess sighs, that much she is sure of. Ariel has powers. Ariel used her powers, just as Isabel did one night a lost lifetime ago.

"I won't let them hurt again. I won't let them hurt ANY of you. I swear," she hears Isabel say vehemently. There's such force behind those words. All this time she's been worried about Alex, but what about Isabel? She had assumed calm, collected Isabel wouldn't let anything affect her for to long a period. But everything this year must have been taking it's toll on her. Slowly wittling away at that much need veneer of aloofness. She can tell by the tears that glisten unshed in Isabels' eyes as she makes this promise.

It's on the tip of her tongue to respond, to tell Isabel she isn't alone anymore, to thank her for her silent confident strength throughtout the year, when Isabel herself doubted it, when she hears yelling coming from the diner.

They rush out from the inner turmoil and relevations tacitly shared in the restroom, to find the same on such larger scale taking place in the center of the Crash. The energy is overwhelming. Her hand tightens around Isabel's unconsciously.

Her eyes frantically take in the scene. She has to do something! There is no way all the other people in the Crash cannot not be aware something completely not normal is happening. The fine hairs on her arms are standing on end and her scalp is tingling, shivers racing down her spine.

For her it is an awesome moment, one of beauty and harmony, but what must it be like for all non-aliens? Her eyes manage to find Kyle's throughout the chaos.

There is only one to do. They both know it. His eyes are filled with regret. Why? she wonders.

Her heart races, and she tastes her fear in her mouth.

She has to do this. Her eyelids begin to lower over blue eyes, strangely detached looking.

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OOC: Scifidreamer, are you up for another postfest this evening? That was a really great Tess part...I'm on the edge of my seat scared now! *happy* And I can't wait to read Caleb's and Brian's reactions to the connection.

So absorbed in the intensity of emotion among the five of us, I have no idea of what Tess is intending to do. I'm overwhelmed with the depth of Caleb's anguish over what he's kept locked inside all these years until now and his joy and finding us again. And there's also shock from David, Brian, and Kara...along with recognition and a lasting bond we all share that may have existed over many lifetimes.

This reunion is even more amazing than anything I could have dreamed....

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I'm numb inside. I'm raging inside. I'm everything inside except elated with this news. Peripherally I'm aware that Ariel is hugging Caleb, that she's telling him it's all okay. That we're all together now.

But my arm's wrapped around Kara and I know what she's thinking. Caleb and I just stare at one another, our gazes locked. His is lost... hopeful... wary of what we're thinking, how we're going to react.

My jaw is clenched so tight, my temples ache with the pressure. This isn't alright. Things may never be alright again. Questions, a million questions demand to be answered, all fighting for preeminence in my head. A thousand dangers are suddenly trust before my eyes.

Wordlessly I shake my head. I have to get out of here. I have to get out of here before all the things I can't even begin to identify erupt from within. It's taking so much control to keep it in check, small tremors rack my body. I drop my arm from around Kara and begin to back away. She snaps her head up.

I gotta get out of here.


OOC: I'm so up for a post fest tonite. I told my brother I have dibs on the phoneline *big* .
also, I'm gonna wait for I_LOVE_NICK before I post tess' next part, cause I think kyle would def. have something to say at these turn of events.

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OOC: Sounds good *happy*. Maybe in the meantime Ariel and Brian can have a chance to talk or something. And I can't wait for Caleb's reaction to all this.


The beauty of the moment lasts all too briefly. It's shattered when I sense Brian's's almost too much to bear. I turn toward him as he backs away from us, his jaw clenched. The hurt and betrayal he feels, and the sense that nothing may ever be all right again hits me full force. There are about a million questions racing through his mind, and a profound sense of danger.

God, Caleb never told them about that night, did he? What more hasn't he told them? All this's almost more than I can stand. And what's worse is the sense that there may never be a way to fix things.....

"Brian..." I call his name softly. I don't know what else to say. I want him to know that I'll be there for him if he'll let me, that I'll always be there for him....but I'm too scared to say it. All I can do is meet his gaze with love and understanding of the pain he's going through...

It's all too much. ANd then I sense from David his concern for our safety. Everyone in the whole restaurant saw what just happened and knows that there's something very not normal about it all. What if we've betrayed enough of our secreat to get caught. NO! Oh, God, this *cannot* be happening! We're going to have to run, aren't we? I can't deal with this. This whole entire night has been too much of an emotional rollercoaster for anyone to deal with. I have to get out of here....I can't break down in front of David, but I can't keep myself together anymore.

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As Max pull me aganist him, It felt great to feel him touch again. When Max told me that Alex isnt dead, and Tess mindwrap him, I felt anger and upset.then again he want to be with me.He whisper to be "your my dream girl" I smile.

"Your my dream guy too"

I share in his Deep brown eyes.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 7:46:50 PM by scifidreamer


She calls my name, a whispered entreaty. I can see so much in her eyes. The same peaceful infusion as last time-God not even half an hour earlier?

But it's not enough this time. It tears at a part me, to not given in to it. To not revel and sigh in the succor that gaze, that heart, has to offer. But the last thing I can be, is gentle and calm right now.

I don't know what it will take to quell this riot storming in me. What part of myself I'm going to devest myself of forever tonight. But this pain, is private.

Something it wouldn't be fair to share and burden another with. My fingers begin to twitch with the power gathering there. All these emotions are transmuting themselves into raw energy.

I gotta leave before I do something, unimtentioanlly or not, that hurts someone.

My backwards pace picks up as I head for big double glass doors. I'm almost there when I feel a heating pressure in the back of head.

It burns hot, and colors my vision red.

What the hell is going on? I struggle through this mire of pain to the doors. Each step taken laboriously.


OOC: I have no idea what exactly is going on either. this could be tess, or it could be anyone else doing it for some other reason that has to do with brian, or not, "mindwarping" (or anything similar to that) the patrons of the Crash or not. Hope you guys have fun with this *happy* .
posted on 6-Dec-2002 7:58:54 PM by roswellianprincess16
OOC: I'm here, I'm here!!! :-) Finally!!! Ok.. I'm only on for like 15 -20 mins... but I can think quick!!!

I feel Tess let out a sigh as I look to my side and catch the look in her eyes. What is she doing? I feel her energy change and I can't help the fear. Oh God... don't do anything stupid Tess, please don't do anything stupid. This could be good. Or this could be bad. VERY bad. I vote for good. Hopefully, my vote counts. Of course, normally I can control these things. I look over and catch Alex's confused eyes. Too much, too fast. He must be a mess. I'm gonna have to treat him to dinner or something after this.

"Tess? Are you ok?"

EVERYONE STILL UP FOR POSTING??!! Hey, scifidreamer... maybe... she can be trying to get in his mind, play a round a bit, move memories around or something and he has some sort of block or protection, so instead it hurts him. ??? Ahh... just a thought. I'm insanely bored. *big*

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posted on 6-Dec-2002 8:10:42 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: OOh, I like this idea.....This is going to be a lot of fun to play with. roswellianprincess16, I'm glad you can be here with us for a little while. Let me know if this post is ok. I wasn't sure whether Ariel would be affected or not.


Whether it's because my world yet again became turned on its axis and my emotions are in turmoil, or whether Brian intentionally pulled away from me, or both, the moment of connection with him is gone.

The loss of that connection barely has time to register before I'm hit with this heating pressure at the back of my head. I feel like I'm on fire, and my vision goes all red. God, wha'ts happening to me?

Through a haze of pain and panic, I look over at Brian and can see he's experiencing the same thing. I look to David and Kara, terrified that they're being affected by whatever this is, too. The blinding pain nearly scatters my focus, and I sink to my knees. Desperately I try to hold on to enough focused energy to connect with whoever is doing this to us and stop them. God, why are they doing this? Is it some government agency who learned of our abilities and want to capture us, just as David and I have feared our whole lives?

I reach out my mind, and I'm in shock at what I discover as I connect with the person.

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posted on 6-Dec-2002 9:13:52 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: so is it tess? oh! I have an idea. okay I wanted to wait for i_LOVE_NICK, but I don't want to keep everyone else waiting. but before that, elaborate more on your idea please Roswellianprincess16. I kinda think I know where you're going but I want to be sure.

btw, I really like Ariel's fearing the gov't-how her thoughts race to that.

anyone else can still pick this up, put their own powers twist on it, maybe have this a new burgeoning power or something.

posted on 6-Dec-2002 9:17:19 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: I hope other people are around or are coming soon...Do you want to go ahead with your idea or wait?

I'm glad you liked Ariel's thinking that it's the government threatening them. Since they never knew they were aliens, they never worried about anyone else extraterrestrial who might want to hurt them.

Oh, and I like your idea about burgeoning powers...I had an idea for what Ariel is going to do, and it's something along those lines. It's going to be fun to try it out when the time is right. *happy* I'd love for Tess to be the one responsible, because the idea was based on that.

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posted on 6-Dec-2002 10:55:49 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

*waves frantically*

Anyone here?
posted on 6-Dec-2002 10:57:02 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Me!! I'm here!!!! *bounce**bounce* *waves back excitedly.* Thank goodness! I was getting sad that the postfest might not happen tonight.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:08:28 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
So are we waiting for everyone else, because I can't stay on that long, I have to wake up early for work.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:14:46 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: I'm not sure when/if scifidreamer is coming back tonight. You could post a David part while you're here if you want. I'd love to see his reaction to the whole connection scene and what follows *happy* It might just be us tonight.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:25:40 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Okay here it goes...



When we connect, I see everything.

All the things that happened to me and Ariel that we couldn't remember.

I know it all now.

I know what happened and I know that this man, Caleb, tried to save us.

He is our protector and since the day we were seperated he has been carrying around the guilt of not being able to save us.

I feel complete now. For all these years, I have felt like something was missing and now I've found it.

I've found him. I've found them.

As the connection breaks I am left gasping for air.

It was all so overwhelming.

I watch as Ariel runs and throws herself into Caleb's arms.

I wipe my hand across my face and then I glance around and for the first time I realize that other people have seen what had happened.

Kyle, Tess, Isabel, Alex, Maria...all of them.

We have to leave. All of us.

I look over to Brian who is already backing away. I see Kara glance around quickly.

I'm about to send a message to Ariel, when all of a sudden I feel a stabbing pain in the back of my head.

My vision turns red, but not before I see Ariel drop to the ground.

"No." I scream seeing my sister fall. I can't let anything happen to Ariel I think as I throw myself onto the floor next to her and grab her arms.

I gasp mentally when I am thrown into a connection that she has already made with...


Was that okay?

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posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:29:51 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Ooh, really good! If only scifidreamer were here to be Tess now....


Oh, God, David is affected by this! He collapses beside me in pain and grabs my arms. I reach out for him, too. Instinctively, we hold onto each other, being there for each other through the pain. I have to do something to stop what's happening before it kills us. But what?

Suddenly, he is drawn into the connection. In this connection there's this huge wall of fire. I'm trying to use my powers to hold the fire at bay, but I'm just holding my own. This isn't going to work because sooner or later that wall of fire is going to win out. Unless....

Suddenly, I have an idea. I know exactly what to do.

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posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:41:52 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, so do we know what is going on?

Is Tess mindwarping us or are we just going with the flow?
posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:44:33 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I'm not sure *happy*. I'd like to think that they discovered that Tess is doing this, because I have a cool idea how to stop Tess' power. I think we're just kind of going with the flow until we figure it all out.
posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:50:27 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay...So do you want to continue or wait for Tess to tell her part of the mind warp?
posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:54:32 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Hmm...I'd love to keep going, but I'm not sure how much more we can do before spoiling the Tess part. What do you think?
posted on 6-Dec-2002 11:59:07 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Yeah, I want to continue, but I think that it would be best if we wait for scifidreamer and other people as well.

I know that scifidreamer and I talked about Tess and Kyle having some interaction about the mind warp, so I think that waiting is a good idea.

Plus, I don't really want to get into it, because I gotta get some sleep because I have to wake up early for work.
posted on 7-Dec-2002 12:01:35 AM by Elizabeth Evans
I agree. Well, we'll plan another postfest where we can really do this scene well. It's going to be awesome, like last night's was. *happy*
posted on 7-Dec-2002 12:04:19 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Yeah, if we wait that'll make the scene so much better...I'll check in tomorrow after work and see if anyone posted.

I'm off to bed...Have a good night Lora!*hope you don't mind me calling you that*
posted on 7-Dec-2002 12:10:10 AM by Elizabeth Evans
You can call me Lora *happy*. 'Night, Krista. Sleep well. See ya tomorrow.

Can everybody be here tomorrow night at some point for another postfest? Say 9 or 10 pm? Earlier? Later?

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 12:12:01 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: 'Nighty Night!

I'll be here tomorrow!
posted on 7-Dec-2002 12:18:47 AM by Elizabeth Evans
'Night *happy*. I'm off to bed, too. I need sleep to recover from last ngiht and to get geared up for tomorrow night's postfest. Hope everyone can make it!
posted on 7-Dec-2002 12:49:17 AM by Roswell428
Well, I just got here, and it looks like I missed all of the excitement. Damn! Oh well, I'm pretty sure, I'll be here tomorrow night, so I'll see everybody then!
posted on 7-Dec-2002 1:52:49 AM by scifidreamer
OOC: I am *so* sorry I held you guys back. my brother commandeered (sp?) the computer. he got the evil eye all night long *big* . I was finally able to beg him to give me 5 min. please forgive me. I'm going to post what I can for the characters. ::sheepish grin:: sorry.

I guess it's not so bad cause it'll work better with Tabasco Chick here as Kara as well.

just let me know what time to be tomorrow through bmail or something, I'm 3 hours behind everyone else, so it's easier for me to be here I think.

well I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 9:13:47 AM by Elizabeth Evans
I'm really looking forward to tonight! This is going to be a lot of fun. Scifidreamer, you're right. It will be a lot better with more people here. Don't worry about last night....everybody just had different schedules and it didn't work *happy*. When can you all be here? I have a paper to work on today, so later in the evening would work better for me, say 9 pm board time. That's probably the earliest I can be on to postfest, although I may sneak in a post or two during the day if there's something I can reply to.

But I realize that might be too early for others what with time differences and all. If that's the case, just post a message here so that we all know when everyone's going to be here. Would 11 pm board time, 8 pm scifidreamer's time work better? I'm up for role playing as late as we need to. What about you guys?

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 11:53:37 AM by roswellianprincess16
Hey guys! I don't know if getting on tonite for the postfest will be possible... my large family is always arguing for time on the comp. Either way, if I get on... it will be at like 9:30-10pm. Board time! Is that ok? By the way, my name is Selena! :-)
So real quik... I have an idea, and some questions. Would Michael, and Isabel and the squad be affected by Tess' power. What do the costumers think? I want to post something but I'm not sure if it will work well. I'll post it anyway, just let me know if it won't work. ok?


I watch Ariel and her brother David fall to the ground. No... no Tess don't! Think fast Isabel! I watch the shock on the customer's faces in the Crashdown. What if someone here is a spy or works for the FBI. Don't these people think of these things?!!! I AM NOT SUPPOSED to be making leadership decisions! That's not my place! But I HAVE to do something! I close my eyes in desperation and touch Tess' shoulder. I feel myself being drawn into a darkness when I begin to feel heat. Oh my God...

"STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!" I hope she can hear me. For a second I catch sight of Ariel and David, looking lost in Tess' mind. I run to them and grab their hands.

"Tess, it's ok! They're no threat!" I pray that I'm right... because if not, I may just be responsible for everyone I care for. But I feel it. A connection. They have to be good. I watch Ariel and feel a surge of power flow through her. Then I catch sight of the flames.

OOC: One more thing... I have an idea to appease the crowd of confused humans. I can be the one to explain the situation and appeal to the crowd! :-) So when we get there, you guys think you can leave that open for me?? Hope to post with one of you all later! No one would happen to be on now, right?

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 2:03:19 PM by Elizabeth Evans
That was a great Isabel post! I want to reply, but I think it's too soon for my idea. Your post was a perfect set-up to it though *happy*. It's great that Isabel is going to be the one to appease the crowd. I've been concerned about that part myself. Can't wait to see what you come up with! *bounce*

I'll wait on it a little while until we at least have a Tess post. I'll be on at 9 tonight and after that, so see you then if not before! *happy*

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 5:21:47 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: okay I should have posted sooner sorry *shy* my dad came over last night, blah blah blah.

so my idea was, well what I meant to write and will do so right now, is that Tess, while trying to mind warp the patrons of the diner who have no idea what's going, accidently has her power drawn to the Lysusians (sps? what's the correct term lol?) . all of their powers are psychic based, and while tess maybe able to mind warp humans and antarians, her powers are too closely related to the others for it work. it's kinda like how with magnets the same charges will repel each other? so she didn't try to intentionally hurt them, but as her power went out it brushed by them, and this is the result. it's like just because she's mindwarping a specific person, and nobody else can tell cause she's not doing it to them, doesn't mean there's not power being used and exerted, it's out there. well K, B, D, A, and C can all tell. does any of this make sense?

posted on 7-Dec-2002 5:51:39 PM by scifidreamer

Once the connection with David is broken, he's left there, standing in the middle of a strange diner, breathing hard. He gulps, as his chest heaves. This isn't the way he wanted to do it. This isn't the way it was supposed to happen! Damn it!

Secrets and lies. And there's still more out there.

His eyes meet Caleb's and he steadies himself. He meets that fierce gaze without flinching. Betrayal. He can read it in Brian's eyes. You were supposed to be family they accuse.

I had to.

I had to, and it may cost me what I hold dearest. My family. My family's love.

The only real, solid, true, love he's ever been offered. It was never a part of the assigment. Never even a thought. But somehow, he was lucky enough to get it.

Brian begings to walk away. He keeps his eyes on him, but his mouth grimaces. This hurts worse than the first time he and Kara got into a fight and she said she never wanted to see him. He'd read all the parenting books. All the books on adolscent behavior and psychology. He knew this was a normal contemporary American adolscent reaction. Knew it coud have been worse- she could have said she hated him, like some teenagers were wont to do (he felt for those parents who had heard such soul shaking words). But still it hurt to hear it. Hurt more than any physical wound that had ever been inflicted upon him. And he went through the same thing when he and Brian had a particularly nasty row, and something similar happened. He was still shocked by it. Hurt.

But this.

This he brought down on himself. And the Brian walking away from him wasn't a hurt teenager, but a betrayed person. Someone who was aware of all the implications and danger such a relevation meant. Who knew their life had been a sham.

It was when Brian was almost out the doors, that he stumbled. Followed by David and Ariel collapsing, and Kara. Kara!!

Then he felt it too. A buzzing in the back of his mind. It was annoying. Then it grew, and the pressure became discomfitting. It wasn't anything he couldn't handle. He was trained to endure more. Much, much more. But he felt his vision go fuzzy and red around the edges.

His pain squinted eyes flew across the room, looking for the source. He stumbled to his knees, as he was suddenly undulated by Brian and David and Ariel and Kara's pain. They were in agony. He groaned.

What was causing this? Why?

He glanced up and saw Tess.

"STOP!!!" he yelled in a haggard voice.

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 6:25:42 PM by Roswell428
WOAH! This is really getting good. I want to post something about crowd reaction (something for Isabel to latter have to manage) but I need to think about what they would have acutally noticed. If that's okay?.... Anyway, I'll be on later tonight, whenever anybody else can be... Keep up the great work!
posted on 7-Dec-2002 7:56:52 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: This is getting great! Scifidreamer, I like your idea about Tess mindwarping the other customers and accidentally affecting the Lysus gang. Can we fit that with Isabel still needing to do something to make sure the customers don't notice anything unusual about anybody?

OK, I wanted to wait until there was a Tess post to do this, but I think it can be done now. Let me know if you guys think this works!


Through the pain, I still manage to find a calm center where I can use my powers. It helps having David there to center me. I feel him connect to me, and he is drawn into the connection with Tess. I try to sense what Tess' intentions are...maybe she's doing this because she thinks we're a threat, or maybe she's trying to do something to keep the customers from noticing the strange happenings in the restaurant. Either way, I pray that her intentions are good. With this maelstrom of fire and energy, it's impossible to tell for sure. But I didn't get the sense earlier that she's a bad person.

Still, I have to stop this! Even Caleb is starting to be affected now. Vaguely, I hear him scream, "STOP!" It doesn't stop. Isabel rushes over to David and I and grabs our hands, but it still doesn't stop. Instead, Isabel is drawn into the connection with us. If I don't do something quickly, Isabel could be hurt, too.

So I gather my energy and do something different to fight the fire, employing the idea that had just inspired me...

Water has always been my element. I've been drawn to the ocean particularly, but also lakes and rivers, even swimming pools, ever since I can remember. Thinking back to the last time I was at Bethany Beach with my family, I visualize the ocean and draw the power and energy of the ocean's water to me. I'd never tried anything like this before, but it seemed to be working. I was tapping into the power of water! It was an amazing, soothing energy the depth of which I could never have imagined until this moment. I channel the energy toward the fire, allowing the water to merge with the fire and harmlessly dissipate the fire's energy.

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 9:40:27 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Hey Guys.

I don't have a lot of time.

I have some company over right now, so I haven't read anything and I won't be able to post anything right now.

I'll try to be on around 11:30 *board time* and I hope that you guys are still here.

I'm really sorry.

scifidreamer I got your message and I briefly read through it...I will reply later, I hope that you are on.

Again guys, I am really sorry.

Talk to you later...
posted on 7-Dec-2002 9:43:43 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Don't worry, Krista. I'll be here *happy* Have a great time with your company! See you later.
posted on 7-Dec-2002 9:49:01 PM by Roswell428
OOC: What's happening to the other customers? Is Tess trying to mindwarp them? Are they mindwarped? I was going to try to write a Nicola, but I realized that I wasn't sure if she would remember anything or not. Also, what about the other members of the I Know a Alien Club? Will they be mindwarped too (as they're human)? I'm not trying to ruin the suspense of the story, maybe I'll just wait a little to see what Isabel and Tess are going to do, before I post, as I'm not sure what's happening to the people...
posted on 7-Dec-2002 9:53:31 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: I don't really know for sure, but my thought is that Tess would not be mindwarping anyone in the I-know-an-alien club *happy*. She'd be focusing on the other customers. They could have any kind of reaction you want. It'd be cool to see a Nicola part as she reacts first to the whole strangeness of the situation and then the mindwarp *happy*. Hope that helps!
posted on 7-Dec-2002 10:07:32 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: hey don't worry about it I_LOVE_NICK. just glad you got my message and took the time to read it.

and you are so dead on Elizabeth Evans. that's exactly what tess trying to do. she saw that something alien was happening with the lysus gang, so she tried to intervene and it just got outta control.

you know Roswellian428 caleb and nicola are still touching, so that opens up possibilities. maybe the mind warp doesn't take as well to her. maybe when caleb stumbled he took her with him or tripped her. just an idea.

posted on 7-Dec-2002 10:27:53 PM by Roswell428
interesting ideas, both of you. Thanks!
posted on 7-Dec-2002 10:36:39 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Sounds like we've got a good vision in mind for where we're going with all this tonight. Are we ready to get started? *happy* I'd do another actual post, but I need to wait until others do first (hint, hint ;) ).

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 10:44:58 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola could only watch the scene dumbfounded. She was totally confused. Once again (*happy*), she asked herself, what was going on? She saw the cutie pie fall to his knees about a foot in front of her. And then he fell, knocking her over in the process. She lay on the floor of the crashdown,with him sprawled over her bottom half, his hands on her legs, grabbing tightly (as if for support).

She could suddenly feel his emotions. Caleb (how did she know his name?) was in pain. Tremendous emotional pain. She began to gasp for air as all of his thoughts and feelings came crashing down on her. She could feel Amy and Maria holding her, trying to make her stop shuddering, but she couldn't. And then the slow burn started in his mind. She could feel it, reaching out. And then....
posted on 7-Dec-2002 10:56:17 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria watched as Tess began to try to control the situation. She didn't know what she was doing, but she knew that she was going to help them, make sure they all stayed safe. She grabbed one of Tess' hands firmly in hers, for support, and to make sure that Tess would have enough strength. She willingly offered all of her energy over to Tess, knowing that Tess would need help to protect them.

She was momentarily distracted when the man knocked Nicola down. Still firmly holding onto Tess' hand, she dropped to her knees, to wrap her other arm around her aunt, with her mother.

Feeling Nicola begin to shudder, Maria suddenly grew very frightened. What was happening to her? Where one of the newcomers harming her in an attempt to get back at Tess for protecting them? Was that man harming her?

But just as suddenly as they started, they stopped, and Nicola lay still. Maria instinctively knew she was alright. She could sense that Nicola was okay. It was probably from hanging out with the aliens so long, but she knew Nicola wasn't hurt.

She looked at her mother, and Amy relaxed a little. She knew what her daughter's look meant and she nodded her head. She felt that Nicola was alright as well. She continued to hold and support her body.

Maria, still on the floor with her hand reaching up to hold Tess', began to concentrate more on giving Tess her energy. She sent Tess everything she had- she trusted her.

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 11:17:50 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Roswell428, loved the use of the title in your Nicola post! *happy*

It's working! I can feel it. The water is like a shield, and it's gaining strength and dissipating the heat of Tess' fire. The pain begins to abate somewhat, and I find my concentration improving. I feel David's and Isabel's strength boosting my own, but I'm careful not to take energy from her. She couldn't be used to dealing with energy like David and I are, can she? Most people aren't, yet I sense something about her...something different. Maybe she has abilities, too, like Tess and the rest of us.

As I'm able to think more clearly, I begin to wonder about that. Why is it that David and I are suddenly meeting all these people tonight that have abilities? Why here in Roswell and why now, when we'd never met anyone like us before in our lives? There's something much larger at work than David and I initially realized, isn't there? What's going on!?

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posted on 7-Dec-2002 11:33:41 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: should I posy tess' part? my god you guys have given so much good stuff to work with! damn! rock on. I wanted to wait for I_LOVE_NICK but it's getting harder.

btw, loved the plug Roswellian428 was lol.

posted on 7-Dec-2002 11:35:58 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Glad you're here, scifidreamer! I think it's ok to post Tess' part. I think I_LOVE_NICK said she'd be able to be on around now. *happy*
posted on 7-Dec-2002 11:57:46 PM by Roswell428
Thanks! You guys have given me so much awesome material to work with as well!

Hopefully I_LOVE_NICK will be able to get on soon, so we can continue this great story.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 12:01:42 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
I'm here! I'm here!


I just b-mailed scifidreamer and I am waiting for her response so we can post a Tess and Kyle part.

I'm so sorry you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 12:06:04 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: *hugs* Yay!! I'm glad you were able to make it, Krista! Did you have fun visiting with whoever was over tonight? *bounce**bounce**bounce*

There's no need to be sorry *happy*. We all have lives outside of the rpg, so it's a really special treat when enough of us can be on together to postfest. Enough of us are here now, it looks like, so let the postfesting begin! {cheers with excitement}
posted on 8-Dec-2002 12:12:05 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Thanks...I felt so bad.

Yeah I had fun...we watched a movie. "The 'Burbs" with Tom Hanks...That is like my fav movie

So, I'm just going to wait for scifidreamer to post...I just got a reply from I think that we are all ready!!!!!

I'm so excited
posted on 8-Dec-2002 12:26:17 AM by scifidreamer

stupid computer! I've been waiting for this page to download forever! that's it for christmas I want dsl.

post post post.

I got your bmail I_LOVE_NICK. just go with what you want, what feels good, and I'll play off you. your ideas are freaking marvelous!!

go sheebe go!

posted on 8-Dec-2002 12:42:30 AM by Roswell428
Yay! You're here! Lots of people here! And like Elizabeth Evans said- no need to feel bad! On with the show!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 12:45:31 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, here goes... Oh, and just to note, it was thrown around before and it has been decided that Kyle's 'powers' are starting to surface.



I watch everything happen before my eyes and I don't really know if I believe it or not.

I mean, once I saw all these new people I was suspicious, I wanted to know what was going on so I could protect my friends.

But now that it's happening, it doesn't seem real.

I watch the exchange between Brian and the older man. I watch the face's of all the new people.

So many emotions.

Realization, love, forgiveness, betrayal.

When I see Tess run in from the back with Isabel I want to yell at her to go back.

I don't want her to get involved.

It's obvious that these people are different.

But, she see's what is happening and she see's that all these customer's are watching.

She knows that what is going is not normal and that there are too many witnesses.

She glances at me briefly and I know what she is going to do.

She's going to mind warp them.

She thinks that she has to, like she owes it to us or something.

I can see it in her eyes.

I watch as her eyes close and suddenly I am paralized with fear.

Tess shouldn't be doing this. She's not strong enough yet.

She's gone through to much.

And as much as I want to run over and shake her out of the trance, I can't move.

Fear holds me in place. The fear of her never coming back. And the fear of her not being able to be here and realize that none of what happened was her fault.

I can only close my eyes...but not before seeing people falling. Ariel and David, fall to their knees as if in pain.

I close my eyes and pray to whoever will listen that Tess be okay. That she have the chance to forgive herself.

And I concentrate and that's when it happens.

I connect with Tess. I am with her.

And something is wrong.

Everything is so red and I can see her infront of me and she looks scared.

And I feel the heat. A burning sensation that is quickly joined with the cool breeze as if I were on the beach.

Fire and water. Water and fire.

Something is happening.

I don't know what it is and Tess doesn't either.

But, I panic because for some unknown reason, Tess is stuck here, she is stuck inside of her own mind warp...


Was that okay?
posted on 8-Dec-2002 12:55:36 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Wow....that was a terrific Kyle part!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 1:00:24 AM by Roswell428
Yes, I definitely agree!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 1:14:57 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: awesome I_LOVE_NICK. I had goosebumps.



"Kyle!," she hollars. Tears are streaming down her cheeks.

She just wants out. And there's so much pain. Nonononono. She mutters over and over. Please make it stop. Just.


When she first started everything was going okay. It was fine. It was going to work.

She saw the fear in Kyle's eyes, was sure she could prove it unfounded. She took so much strength from knowing Kyle was here. He wasn't miles away, believing a lie.

Then the lie became true.

She was a murderer. She was killing these people. All I wanted to do was help, she shouts in painful disbelief.

Everything is disjuncted. At the first brush against their minds she knew they were different. And that difference was frought with the potential for danger.

She shouldn't have done it. She shouldn't have done it. Bad Tess. BAD! She knew it, but she had to know they weren't evil. Just evil. That's all she wanted to make sure. Not this.

NOT This! she screams.

Her power kept coming, surging forward. Pushing at these people. Pushing hard, pushing down.

She tried to get free. Tried to pull away.

I'm trying! she yells into the rage.


But it was no good.

And then the red came. And it burned. And tears flowed down her cheeks.


Please just stop, she begged to no one, everyone, someone. She pounded her fists against the barriers of her mind. She felt herself weaken. The fire grew. Flames licked at their minds. Sapped her strength, to grow bigger.


Dimmly she was aware of a cool hand enfolding her own. It gave selflessly. Gave it's support. It's will.

She could do it. She could contain the fire, the burn. She felt herself in control again.

A cool breeze flowed over her cheek. It was heaven. It helped.

Until she realized she trapped.

She saw Kyle. She screamed his name. Emotions tore at her. Elation he was here.

Fear because he was here.

"Kyle! GET OUT!" she yells with all her might. "don't leave me," she whispers.

"What's happening?" she cries desolatly.

posted on 8-Dec-2002 1:19:41 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, so I can't wait to read the Tess part...

And thanks guys! *grin*

Okay, my next part...



I connect with Ariel and soon after someone else joins us.

I realize that it is Isabel and I want to push her away, I don't want to hurt her, but I can't.

She joins us and it's so hot and my head feels like it is about to explode.

Then all of a sudden I feel a surge of energy from Ariel. She's using her power to try and control what is going on.

I want to join her and try to end this, but I fear if I do, Isabel will be injured.

Ariel and I are different. I can't risk hurting a normal person.

Ariel discretly takes energy from both Isabel and I and I don't think that Isabel notices'. So I send energy to Ariel to try and help her but I control it enough so not harm Isabel who is only an innocent bystander.

As I send the energy to my sister, I realize how remarkably brave she is. Through my pain, I see how she pulled herself together to take care of the situation.

I am so proud of her and I feel her courage and determination begin to grow and then suddenly it is gone.

I feel her and she just realized that she has no idea what is going on and neither do I.

We have no way to stop this.


was that okay?
posted on 8-Dec-2002 1:32:54 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: that was an another awesome part. I don't know what's going to happen even though we've talked about it. this is so kick ass. rock on I_LOVE_NICK.

posted on 8-Dec-2002 1:33:35 AM by Elizabeth Evans

On the other side of the fire-water barrier between us, I see Tess looking at me and David with regret in her eyes. She didn't mean to do this. So many emotions are swirling around....regret, pain, anguish, and self-loathing from Tess....worry and pain and admiration from David...Then, Kyle joins us, and his fear and courage and support of Tess add to the mix....

God, my heart goes out to Tess. She's been through some awful things in her life, especially lately. I don't know how or why I know that, but it just seems to be the truth.

Then all the various emotions are replaced by a blinding panic and a sense of being trapped! The power has gotten beyond Tess' control, and she's caught in her own...what to call this? Suddenly, I pick up on a word, mindwarp . That's what this is. There's no real fire or water, but we're all experiencing this in our minds!

And now it's ruling her...just as I realize is happening to me! I'd given myself over to the power of water. I didn't count on the possibility that it could drown me and those I loved. What have I done? The power is nearly beyond my control now! How did that sneak up on me? What am I going to do?!

Then I realize what's wrong and what must be done. Using the fire and water as shields is trapping us here. If we each let go, all the energy should cancel each other out and dissipate harmlessly now. With sheer force of will, I try to communicate that to Tess, "It's ok...just let go! Let it all go..." I see her nod in understanding, ready to do anything to end this terror. I let go, and as the fire and water cross each other's barriers, I pray that I'm right...

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OOOOOOH! This is so good!!!!! I am like typing so fast LOL!

Okay, so I am thinking that maybe Tess' guilt is also a factor of her being stuck. Like it makes her panic and she can't control her power with Ariel and David and the rest.

If you don't like, I'll edit!



She looks at me and the fear is so clear across her face, but the worst thing is that I can feel it.

I can feel her fear and her guilt and her sorrow.

She thinks that she is killing them. She thinks that she is a murderer.

She screams for me to leave.


In the next instant I am beside her.

"Tess." I whisper and put my hands on each side of her face. She is shaking and when she looks at me her beautiful blue eyes sparkle with tears.

It anger's me that this beautiful once happy young woman know feels like this all the time.

"Tess." I say again. "This is not your fault. They are different. They have their own powers, no one else is hurt."

She continues to shake.

"Only you can stop this Tess. You are not a murderer. I know that you want me to help you, but I can't. I can only tell you that you have to calm down and stop this yourself."

It hurts me to tell her this. I want to help her, but she has to want to be helped.

"Stop feeling guilty. This is not your fault. And if you don't stop this, you will be stuck here." I tell her and even thought, I fight them, the tears come anyway.

"And I can't lose you Tess." I choke out. "We all need you. We all love you."

And when she looks away I take her chin and turn her face back to me.

"I love you Tess. I always have. And I always will." I finally tell her. I pour my heart out to her in the little time that we have because if she doesn't want to come back, I don't want to either.

I need her and I only hope that she needs me too.
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OOC: oh my god I'm posting right now. this is so f*cking good. fingers don't fail me now.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 1:55:13 AM by scifidreamer


He's saying all these beautiful words. Words she secretly longed to hear. Words whose meaning far out strip them.

She cries harder. "I want to. I want to Kyle." She says.

His hands on her face feel like the anchor to reality. They can keep her sane. She searches his eyes. Looking for the lie. For the betrayal. Nothing so good can be true.

All she sees is concern and love.


She lets out a shaky sigh. She looks up and meets Ariel's eyes. She's mouthing something. Tess concentrates. "Let go."

Let go?

Let go? She wonders. At this moment letting go sounds like heaven. Maybe letting fo means never coming back. But that's what has to be done.

She looks back at Kyle.

"I love you," her hand trails across his cheek. Her thumb traces across his bottom lip, "I'm sorry." Does he hear her?

She lets go.

And falls into the blackness, where there is no pain. No guilt.

No Kyle.

She blanks, her last thought, don't let me go Kyle.

Her body begins its lifeless collapse to the floor.

posted on 8-Dec-2002 2:03:31 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

She understands.

That's all I wanted. I wanted for her to understand.

Now she's free.

I see her look behind me and I turn and am not surprised to see Ariel, David and Isabel.

I turn back and she nods to Ariel, but I pay no attention, I just want her to come back with me.

Then she says those three words that I have been waiting to hear forever.

Those three simple words that make all the difference in the world.

I Love You

I smile at her because I love her so much and I just want her back home with me.

Then she says that she is sorry.

And before I can wonder why she is gone.

And then I leave because I have no reason to be here, since Tess is going back and all I want to do is be with her.


Okay, it's not exactly the same, but I hope it's okay!

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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria watching all that is going on, still holding firmly to Tess' increasingly limp hand, just wants to cry. But she doesn't. She has to be strong- for Tess, for Nicola, for her mother- for everyone.

She wondered where all this strength was coming from. She didn't even know she possessed this much strength, this much control. But she discovered she did and she was using it, every last drop of it. She needed to sustain everyone else.

She was beginning to feel tired, but then she felt Michael's prescence in the back of her mind and she knew that he was there, helping her. As long as he kept going, she knew she could. His prescence was comforting, and she grasped Tess' limp hand even tighter; all the while, wondering just how much longer Tess could go on.

Just then, Tess collapsed.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 2:16:32 AM by Elizabeth Evans

I realize what I'm risking when I let go...I may never come back. But it's the only way out. It's the only way to break this trap and not have anyone else be harmed by it.

So I turn to David, determined to do this for him. I can't bear to see him lost forever in this trap. Nor could I let this happen to Isabel, who is an innocent bystander caught up in events beyond our control. With tears shimmering in my eyes, I prepare David for the possible consequences of what I'm about to do. It kills me to see the look of horrible realization in his eyes as he understands what's happening even before I speak.

"David, if I don't come back.....if I don't come back, I want you to know that you are the best brother anyone could ever have. You always could get me to smile when I was sad, and your strength could always calm me when I was scared. No matter what happens, a part of me will always be with you, so not even death can separate us. We always said that...nothing can ever really separate us. I love you, David. Tell Mom and Dad I love them too. I want all of you to live and find joy in your lives, for me, oK..?" Tears spilled down my cheeks as I hugged David tightly. Yet, I smiled through my tears, at peace with whatever was to happen.

Then, I stepped back and let go....and was engulfed in the blackness of oblivion. The last thing I felt was the sensation of being inside a wave as it crashed against the sand accompanied by the sense of falling as my body collapsed to the floor....

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Okay, I am deleting my last post because I am a moron...LOL!

And I totally missed the point of the "Tess Post".

I'm so embarrased...I'll go delete it before anyone else can see and laugh at me..LOL!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 2:22:45 AM by Elizabeth Evans
I thought it was a great like Kyle to have faith that Tess would be ok and that everything would work out all right.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 2:23:18 AM by Roswell428
Wait, why'd you delete that? It looked like it went with the plot to me... unless I missed something, which I don't think I did ?

Added in edit : Yeah, I agree with Elizabeth Evans!*big*

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Okay, here's Daivd's part...Let's cross out finger's and hope I do this right...LOL!


I know Ariel's decision before she even says anything and I can't believe, I mean there has got to be another way.

And I'm angered. Why couldn't it be me?

Why her?

Then I realize that she is doing something that made me proud of her just moments before.

She was taking control of the situation and she was risking her life.

She turns to me and tells me all these wonderful things and she cries as she does.

And I don't even have anytime to say anything back because before I know it, she is gone.

She let go and I don't know if I will ever get her back.

I look over to my right hand which Ariel had been holding and it seems unreal.

Then someone is holding it.

I look up and see that Isabel who had been clinging onto my left hand has also taken my right.

She hasn't said a word the whole time. She gave me this time with my sister, but now she smiles.

It's almost as if she is saying "It's okay."

The only thing I can do is smile back weakly and hope that she is right.


So, is that okay?
I thought that if I left it like that, then when roswellainprincess16 somes tomorrow, she can have an Isabel part.

Because Isabel did connect with them right?

I'm so tired...I don't know what's going

And that's why I want to end it on a kind of closing note, so people can jump in tomorow and I can go to bed *ha ha*.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 2:34:12 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay...scifidreamer just told me the same thing...okay, I'm going to put it back...and then when Kyle comes back he realizes that something is wrong...

Lol...I'm sorry guys, I'm just so tired.

I'll go re-edit now!
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Yes, that was good! I think I'm going to go to bed as well. I've got finals next week and I really need to study some for them. This has been so much fun though!

I'm glad you're reediting! Night everyone!

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OOC: wait what?

your kyle part was perfect. I totally agree with Roswell428's sentiments. kyle believes she's coming back. she just said she loves him, why wouldn't she come back to him.

tess is stupid. she's just a confused girl trying to do the right thing and complicating things further. your kyle was dead on, when it comes to logic. tess is like e=g which will lead me to b? huh? that's right. it doesn't make sense. *big*

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That was a good David part. It was really sad that David didn't get a chance to say anything. If you want him to have time to say things to Ariel before she lets go, that works too. Maybe I should have waited on the letting go and reaction part....

Anyway, let me know if you want me to edit that. 'Night, everyone! See you all tomorrow *happy* We'll figure all this out then. is really getting late, so I should probably head for bed myself. Otherwise, I'll never get up in the morning *happy*

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Okay, it's back up...Whew! What a work out!

No, Lora, you don't have to edit it, I like it. Plus I think that it can add on for when Ariel and David come back together...

This RPG is amazing, you guys are the best!

Goodnight, Lora, Roswell428 and scifidreamer!

See you tomorrow!
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OOC: kyle's part still rocks. most excellent. good night everyone. I probably won't be on till late my time, my brother has to write several term papers and called dibs. and apparently my mom is on his side. this is favoritism at it's worse! *big* .

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I totally agree. The Kyle part is awesome! And I like your idea about sticking with Ariel's goodbye scene so that it'll add drama when they come back together *happy*. Ok, I'm off for the night! *hugs to all* See you tomorrow!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 9:12:57 AM by roswellianprincess16
OOC: ::Sheds tear:: You guys are the best writers ever! This is so frickin awesome. Seriously.... I got goosebumps reading!! Either way, thanks for the leeway I_Love_Nick!! It helps a ton!

They let go. I watch the fire and water just fall and suddenly it's like standing in a dark room. Ariel and Tess both saved us at the expense of their own life. No. No, they'll be fine. I'll be sure of it! I grab David's hand and smile at him. He looks so sad, so alone.

"I know you may not understand this... but I can promise you she'll be fine." I stare into his bright watery eyes in curiosity.

"Your powers are much stronger than ours, aren't they?" I see his face wrinkle in confusion and then realization. I am no longer an innocent bystander. I know exactly what's going on and what they're capable of. Now he knows who I am.

"Come on, let's get out of here." I close my eyes and concentrate on home. The Crashdown... just take me home. I feel myself fall and suddenly I'm scrunched over in pain with a ton of people arond me. I look up, the light so sensitive to my eyes and search for David. Is he ok? Did he make it back ok? I find him also dealing with what can lightly be called the worst headache ever. I look down and see Tess and Ariel. They're weak... they need our help. I look over at the crowd that is now beginning to lean over in nervous curiosity. I look at Kyle who is leaning over Tess and then at Michael and Maria. I have a plan.

"Take them to the back. Quick!" Kyle picks up Tess and David comes by and picks up Ariel as they all head to the back. Slowly I watch the rest of the new people head towards the back too. Good... good. This might work.

I direct my view to the crowd and smile as best I can, despite my headache.

"And so, our young friends fainted at the absolute shock of their family's first meeting. They knew each other, in another time... another place. Something reminescent of a fairy tale. What will happen when they come to? Will feelings of betrayal and treachery prevail? Or will love win above all! The Roswell High Drama Club will give chapter 2 of this presentation next week! Thanks for watching! You guys were a great audience!" I watch the faces slowly turn to each other in realization. Of course, they must be thinking... that kind of drama is fake. Nothing like that happens for real. And so they all begin to clap and I wave and smile until I make it to the back room. BREATHE. I'll be fine... I turn around and catch everyone's worried faces.

"Ok... we don't have to worry about the crowd. That's settled. If we go out... we use the back door. Michael, we nee the healing stones, fast. Maria... call Max! We're gonna need all the power we can get." I sigh and sit down as I rub my head. This has been a loooonnnggg day.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 12:16:57 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Okay, I was on my way out when I read your part Selena and I had to reply...he he.



I can't even describe the joy I feel when I come back to the Crashdown. I'm so happy that finally things can go back to normal.

But then I see her.

I see Tess and I don't understand. She's on the floor across from me and she's not moving.

I feel my stomach drop and my throat tightens in fear.

I run over to where Maria is kneeling over her.

"No." I whisper and Maria looks up at me very worried.

I drop to my knees and Maria moves back a little bit.

I gather Tess up in my arms and hold her to my chest.

"I thought she understood." I tell Maria in a pleading voice. "But it was me. I didn't understand what she meant. I let her go."

I say this and finally I let the tears go. Maria looks at me and smile's through her tears. It's a reassuring smile, but it can't help me know.

I bury my face in her hair and I whisper so only she can hear me.

"Please come back Tess. You have to. It can't end like this. Come back to me, I'll never let you go again, I swear."

I tell her this and nothing happens.

I want to scream for someone to help me and that's when Isabel hurries over and tells me to bring Tess into the back.

But she also tells David, because I notice for the first time that Ariel is lying on the floor motionless.

I'll never let go. I tell her and myself as I carry her into the back.


A little Titanicish, but oh well...LOL!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 12:25:19 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

It's when Isabel finally talks to me that I understand.

She tells me that everything is going to be alright, and I just smile because she is trying to comfort me.

But then, she asks if my powers are stronger then her's

She has powers?

And I understand, she is not another innocent bystander. She different like Ariel and I. That's why she is here. No normal being would have been able to connect with us like that.

I smile at her and we both close our eyes and concentrate on going home.

It's when I get back to the Crashdown and see Ariel lying motionless on the floor that it actually hits me.

She might not come back.

I lean over her and brush the hair that has fallen across her face.

"You have to come back to me. I won't let you leave. I never even got to say goodbye." I tell her frantically.

I'm about to break down and start sobbing when Isabel tells me to take Ariel into the back.

I scoop her up and follow Kyle who is carrying Tess.

The other's all follow except for Isabel.

I lay Ariel back on the floor and I take her hand.

I don't know what else to do.

Then Isabel comes back and begins to shout orders.

I her something about a healing stone.

That has to be good right? I think as I look at my sister's life less body.


Okay, hope that was okay...I'll be back on later!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 2:29:21 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: GREAT parts, everyone! Isabel was brilliant to play the whole scene off as part of a Drama Club play! *happy*


The blackness clears and slowly I become aware of myself again. I find myself standing alone on a beach, the bright sun sparkling on the water as the waves gently crash against the white sand. For a moment, the beach almost looks otherworldly, and I'm gazing on a sky lit with a blue-white star as well as a more familiar golden yellow companion. A pale and beautiful ringed planet reminiscent of Saturn looms large in the midday sky over the water. And the water is the most clear crystalline shades of blue and green and purple imaginable. The sight is absolutely breathtaking! I'm filled with a sense of awe and peace. And somehow I know this place. Why does it feel as if I've been here before?

Suddenly, the image is gone, replaced by a more familiar beach, one that is definitely found on Earth. The sand is a golden yellow, and I notice that all around me are strange symbols written in the sand. Somehow, I recognize these symbols but don't know their meaning. There's a swirly-looking one, and one that makes me think of a four square.

Then my gaze is drawn to another symbol, one I for some reason associate with that otherworldly planet. It's shaped like a diamond with a smaller diamond at each of the four points and one a little larger in the center. Somehow I undestand that this is our version of the four square. It represents myself, David, Brian and Kara, with Caleb represented by the center diamond. Curious, I walk slowly to my diamond and take my place in the four square. If only the others were here with me....standing in this place without them, I miss them so badly.

Then I begin to wonder why nobody else is here. Is this my hell, trapped here all alone in paradise? Did I do something so wrong in life that this is what my afterlife is to be like, alone for eternity and separated from everyone I love? A profound sense of desolation overwhelms me. But suddenly I sense that I'm not alone. I lift my gaze to see several others in the distance walking toward me. Is one of them David?

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OOC: Awesome part Lora! I loved it!

I'm at my friends house right now, but I just stopped in. I'll be on later tonight.

So, I'm guessing that Ariel is experiencing this because of the healing stones?

So maybe you should hold off an Ariel part until Brian and Kara's reactions to the whole thing have been expressed...You know what I mean.

Our parts will be like a kind of back-track...Isabel can bring the healing stones and the pod-squad can explain how they know what I mean?

I don't want to sound bossy or anything so please don't take it like that...I'm just throwing ideas out.

But it's your whatever you want.

Any suggestios?
posted on 8-Dec-2002 3:40:47 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thanks! I'm glad you liked the part *happy*. This is where Ariel has gone, not because of the healing stones, but because that's where she ended up. And you're right, I am going to hold off on another Ariel part until Kara and Brian and David and everybody react to everything that's happened. I just used that part to show where Ariel was and to set it all up. The people she sees may not really be them yet. It may just be that she's seeing the people she wants to see because she doesn't want to feel alone. But once they set up the healing stones and Isabel explains how it works, etc., that's where they'll all find Ariel *happy*.

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Good God, you people are awesome! I was on my way out, but I stopped to check in and now I feel compelled to reply. (How can you not reply to such greatness? *big*) Anyway, here's my measly part- I hope it will at least hold standard and not drag the rest of you down!

~*~ Nicola ~*~

As Nicola, suddenly became aware of herself again, she felt Amy supporting her body. She looked up and saw a tall blonde issuing orders to bring everyone into the back. The back?

She then realized she was on the floor, and that that man was lying across her bottom half. How did she get on the floor and he get on top of her? She remembered him tripping her and then... anguish. Oh God, don't think about the emotional anguish!

Amy leaned over her. "Nicola? Nicola sweetie? Can you see me?"

Nicola blinked several times in recognition and then somehow found the strength to nod her head.

"Good. Can you tell me what happened?" Amy was being very calm and professional about this. If she wasn't she would be screaming at this point. What had happened to her sister, to make her seizure like that? Did she have some kind of illness that she hadn't told her about? But somehow she knew it wasn't that, because Nicola's illness could hardly have affected the other motionless bodies like that. What if... She stopped herself. Now was not the time for that. She had to make sure the Nicola and Maria (she glanced over at her daughter and was reassured to see that she at least appeared undamaged) were safe first. There would be time for questions later. She went back to being professional.

"Okay, Nicola. We're gonna have to get you off the floor. Do you think you can try to stand up?"

Nicola nodded, and with Amy's help, slowly eased herself off the floor. Amy supported her, and together, with Maria's help, they managed to make it to the backroom. Once there Nicola was sat down in a chair.

The only thing she could think was how much she needed to sleep- then maybe the anguish she was still feeling, his anguish, would stop.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 5:17:36 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Great part, Roswell428! I loved Amy's professionalism as a way to keep her from freaking out. So true to life. And Nicola's POV on the connection experience was perfect!

You are an awesome writer, sweetie!

posted on 8-Dec-2002 5:17:38 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Roswell428 I love all your parts. You are great as Maria, Amy and Nicola...and that part was GREAT!!!!

And Lora, okay, I understand now.

I was just thinking that maybe Liz would let them come up to her house, maybe her parents are away or they can use the healing stones to help bring them back.

And I was also thinking about when Michael was sick and they used the healing stones and they all 'came' to him.

So, that's just my idea...if anyone has anything else, please suggest it!

*So, I am confused about our Max and Liz. Because I temped for Max once and I had him with Kyle and Liz in the Crashdown witnessing where are they now?*
posted on 8-Dec-2002 5:20:12 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Your ideas for the healing stone ritual sound great, I_LOVE_Nick! You totally read my mind on that one. And you're right, Max and Liz are there at the Crashdown and are witnessing all this stuff happening. But to fit with Isabel's part, maybe they could have snuck up to Liz's room at some point or something?

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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria, when she had felt Tess go limp, had quickly let go of Nicola (knowing somehow that her aunt was going to be okay, and that she didn't need her right now), and had caught Tess the best she could. She had quickly laid Tess down and had leaned over her, checking her for signs of life.

At this point, she couldn't help it, she couldn't be strong anymore. She began crying- lightly- but still it was crying. She was still trying to keep some vein of outer control.

At that point Kyle ran over, and Maria looked up at him- fear in her eyes. He dropped to his knees, and she moved back a bit, letting him have his space with his loved one. She knew that if it were ever Michael (and her heart clenched at this) sick again, she would want all of the space around him to herself.

Kyle picked Tess up, and held her against his chest, almost rocking her in his pain. He spoke to her. "I thought she understood. But it was me. I didn't understand what she meant. I let her go."

Maria could only look at him and smile sympathetically. She knew what he was going through. She had suffered the same, when Michael had been sick like this. Now she was grateful (and she was ashamed of her gratefullness) that she wasn't in the same position. Sure Nicola had caught the backlash of all this, and she was worried for her, but she also knew that she was going to be alright. That was more than she could say for Tess.

She let Kyle pick her up completely and she moved away. Isabel had gotten up and was trying to figure out what to do at that point.

Michael must have been sensing her intense anguish, because he came over from where he had been by Isabel (supporting her while she was in the mindwarp- which she was now out of and okay) and engulfed her in a hug. Maria looked at him for a moment and then instructed him to go help Isabel. As much as she needed him, she knew his family would need him more at this point. He hugged her again, before moving off to do what Isabel needed (which turned out to be helping to move people into the back).

She knew, though, that they would be spending some serious alone time later (after they made sure everyone was okay first) because looking at Tess, she suddenly re-realized how precious life was. Sure they lived a life frought with danger, especially more recently, but she had been beginning to feel slightly secure again, before all this happened, sure that no one would be able to harm her family again. Now she knew they could and she wanted to have every precious moment with them that she could, especially with Michael.

'And nothing can comfort you like a Rangers game,' she thought to herself ironically, trying to lighten her mood and gain back a little of the control she had lost earlier. Control which, she had always had somewhere deep inside her, but which had begun blossoming when she started dating Michael. Dating him certainly took all of the control she could muster.

She moved over to where her mother was helping Nicola sit up. She grabbed Nicola's other side and then helped both of them to stand. They began making their way to the back, per Isabel's orders, and helped Nicola into a chair back there.

She then went over to Michael and held his hand, waiting for Isabel to come back, and knowing that her mother could handle Nicola (who was looking much better to Maria's relief).

Isabel came striding into the back then and issued her orders. "Ok... we don't have to worry about the crowd. That's settled. If we go out... we use the back door. Michael, we nee the healing stones, fast. Maria... call Max! We're gonna need all the power we can get."

Michael and Maria seperated to do her bidding. Maria went to the payphone, trying Max's house. She knew that he had been here earlier during all of the confusion, but she hadn't seen him in a while. No answer. Where had he and Liz gone to?

She heard noises coming from upstairs and went to investigate. Sure enough, it was Max and Liz. They were clearing off Liz's bed and her floor space quickly, making room for the unconcious bodies to later lay there. Maria told them that Isabel had sent her to find them and asked what they were doing.

Max and Liz answered that they knew they couldn't keep everybody downstairs because the other Crashdown staff would need to use the backroom, so they decided (based on the info that Liz's parents were out of town) that they would bring them all up here. Maria smiled her relief- that was a good plan.

She went back downstairs to tell the others, and to begin moving the unconcious people upstairs and out of the breakroom. They concious ones would go last, as they needed the least attention and didn't need the healing stones.

As soon as she finished relating all this to Isabel, she went back over to the payphone and called Sheriff Valenti. He needed to be here and she didn't think anyone had called him. She got him on the phone and he promised to be right over. Passing by her mother, she saw the questions in her eyes and knew that they were going to have a serious talk later. There was no way now that they could avoid telling her- she already had seen too much.

She went back over to the others and waited to help carry anyone that needed help.

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Whew! Okay, I think that was the longest part I have ever written for an RPG! Anyway, several things:

Thanks to I_LOVE_NICK and roswellianprincess16 for the great lead ins. And thanks to Elizabeth Evans for the really sweet things she just said. *blushes* thanks- that means a lot! I only hope I can match up to you! All of you are fabulous writers!

Another thing, I hope it was okay what I did with Max and Liz, because since they had been there in the beginning, they wouldn't have left, but they had been out of the action for a while. I figured this was a suitable solution. If it's not, tell me, and I'll edit.

Also, I know we don't have a Sheriff Valenti, but I think he's kind of needed at this point- not only to be there for his son and the group, but also for Amy. She's got to be feeling really confused right now. Anyone want to volunteer (if that's okay with Elizabeth Evans)?

Oh and I borrowed a couple of characters, namely Max, Liz and Michael. I hope that's okay?

And thanks all of you! You guys are the best and you make this RPG the absolute! Thanks you guys! (And thanks for all of the sweet compliments I've recieved- for a while there I was wondering if I should continue writing fic- but you all have shown me that I should, if only to be a part of this awesome RPG!)

I'll see you guys later on tonight (I might be on a little late). As scifidreamer loves to say, rock on!

Added in Edit : Oh and thanks to I_LOVE_NICK too! I just read what you said and what Elizabeth Evans said. And I'm glad that we're thinking along the same lines, because while I was typing about Max and Liz (which I've been doing for the past hour), you all were typing your ideas about them staying there and being in Liz's room. Just goes to show- great minds DO think alike!*big*

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posted on 8-Dec-2002 5:47:02 PM by Roswell428
I'm glad we're on the same page about what's happening to Max and Liz and about them staying at Liz's house. When I was writing the Maria part, I was trying to figure out where I was going to call them from, because they wouldn't have left during all of the action for no reason. So I figured that made the best sense. I love that we were all having the same thoughts at the same time! We really are in sync about this awesome RPG!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 5:47:03 PM by Elizabeth Evans
You're right. We all really are in sync about the RPG. Hehe, must be from all the connecting our characters are doing ;). Oh, Roswell428, you are brilliant! How could I have neglected the sherriff? He'll definitely need to know what's going on. Any volunteers to play him?

See you later on tonight when you return *happy*

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Hey guys I'm here! :-) Give me like 2 mins to read thru the posts!! most of them are great!
Anybody up for posting a bit with me? I'm on hw break cause I've been working for like 4 hrs and I'm tired!!

BTW... side note... any of u fabulous writers are welcome to join my rpg ROYAL SECRETS! It's a different approach to rpg... and takes place on ANTAR!!! :-) Check it out! If you like it, please sign up! I'd love to work with all of u!


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I'm up for posting with you, except I'm not sure I can post yet. David, Brian, and Kara still need to react before I can do much more, but we can see *happy*.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 6:00:49 PM by roswellianprincess16
Ah, very true. Well, let's see I have kind of an idea. But I'm not sure if it'll work. You know how Ariel thought she saw David? And you know how Isabel can dreamwalk? Maybe... in some way, there can be a connection made to see if Ariel is ok in there... and David came along (the way Kyle could in an episode) in order to help her along. His powers can maybe help her out of whatever she's in. She seems to be like stuck in her subconscious or something, right?
posted on 8-Dec-2002 6:05:42 PM by Elizabeth Evans
It's more like Ariel's spirit has left her body, and she's somewhere in the astral plane. It's like Michael was when they had to heal him. The moment of connection would be through the healing stones.

I love your idea, though. Either way, we'd still have to wait for I_Love_Nick.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 6:07:49 PM by roswellianprincess16
Oh! Now I remember what that was like for Michael. You're absolutely correct! :-) That's a great idea you came up with! Hm... very cool. Yea, we would have to wait for I_Love_Nick. You guys having a postfest tonight?
posted on 8-Dec-2002 6:10:52 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Yes, there will be another postfest tonight, hopefully *happy*. Are you up for it, too?
posted on 8-Dec-2002 6:18:45 PM by roswellianprincess16
I'd love to... but it depends on the time. What time do you guys have planned? Any time in particular?
posted on 8-Dec-2002 6:24:21 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

Wow great part Roswell428...I can't believe that you considered leaving!!!


LOL! You're great! I love your parts.

Okay, I am still at my friend's house and I keep kicking her brother off the computer to check this out.

You guys I don't know when I will be home, but I definately am up for a post fest!!!!

But, if you guys want to start without me, please do.

I don't want to hold this if anyone want's to temp go ahead.

I'll be back later!!!!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 6:28:50 PM by roswellianprincess16
Aw... I_Love_Nick, it wouldn't be the same without you! You're so good at playing your parts!! The only problem with me is that it's hard for me to stay online until late, especially because I have hw left to do and I have school and work tomorrow. I'm a really bad morning person. ;-) So I miss most of the awesome postfests when you guys come up with the best stuff!


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OOC: Ok, I said I'd hold off on another Ariel post, but decided that it would be possible to keep going as long as I dont' get into anything about the healing ritual yet. In the meantime, we're going to do a sequence showing what happens to Ariel on the beach before the healing ritual takes place.


As I stand there in my diamond on the four-square, I watch the figures approach. At first, it does appear to be David, Brian, Kara, Caleb, Tess, Isabel and Kyle. But something's not right. It's not really them. It's just a mirage, I realize with profound disappointment. Their images were just here because I thought of them and wanted to see them. As this realization hits me, the figures begin to fade, one by one. And I'm left alone again.

Sadly, I look out to sea, searching for a ship, a sign of anyone or anything alse besides me. To my delight, I see a dolphin leap out of the ocean, and I can briefly see its fin! Dolphins are my totem animal. Once, when Mom and Dad took us to Sea World in Forida, I had the chance to swim with the dolphins and discovered the powerful connection I have with them. It's like I can sense their emotions and intentions, just like I can do with people.
Could do, I remind myself with a sigh.

I walk down to the water, wanting to swim with the dolphin, and something to my left catches my eye. I turn slightly and am astonished to find a woman who appears to be about Mom's age walking toward me. She's young and beautiful, and....I know her! She has a look of love and peace that calms me, and suddenly I don't feel sad anymore.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 6:52:49 PM by roswellianprincess16
OOC: Woohoo!!! Ok great, here I go!

"Ariel... you don't have to be afraid." I smile and walk towards her, an image more beautiful than I can imagine. Her hair is blowing in the wind, her eyes are watery and sad, but her heart and soul are crying out to the ocean. She wants to go home.

"You must miss your brother dearly... you two were always inseperable. Now tell me darling, what happened that brought you here to me. You obviously were not ready. But I must tell you the joy it is to see you again. I have waited my whole life for this moment to come. There's much to say." I hold her hand and suddenly she is the same little girl I had cradled in my arms. I will see her back to safety if I must. She has much to fulfill on Earth... I am simply here to guide her.

Hope that was ok!

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posted on 8-Dec-2002 7:02:51 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: This is great! I loved your was simply perfect


I smile at this woman as she tells me not to be afraid. "M...Mom? You're my mother, aren't you?" She nods in confirmation, and my heart aches that David isn't here to meet her.

"I do miss David....very much." I smile at how she described us as inseparable "We still are inseparable. It was so hard for me to leave him, but I had to. We'd found others who have powers like us, and one of them used her powers on us. And we both got trapped by our powers. When we let go, I....ended up here." Then I look at my mother with hope. "Is it possible to go back?"

She takes my hand, and I sense that there is much she has to tell me.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 7:10:29 PM by roswellianprincess16
"Ah, so you have found them. I knew the time would come." I take her hair and place it behind her ears.

"Yes. I am your mother. And it looks like you all had quite the misunderstanding. There is something you must know however. You, David, Kara, and Brian are all part of a united force. Sent and arranged to remain together, since that is how you are all most powerful. But there are others. A distant planet, Antar, also sent four that were meant to live again on Earth. These four serve a similar purpose and all have different strengths. You must find them... and you must embrace them. Together, you are all unstoppable. At this point... they are your family. Caleb is to watch over you all... and to help you harness your talents in hopes that one day, if we should ever need you, you can rid the universe of the enemy forever. I know it is a large task, but I am certain of your power. I know you will be happy there. I just want you to know how much I miss you and love you all. I have never, ever stopped thinking about you." I smile and hug my daughter tightly. I can hear the sobs slowly forming in her throat.

"You must go back. There is a change in the wind. You will be saved. Tell your brother what I have told you." I pull away and turn to see a wrinkle in the scene. Someone is trying to get in. They're coming for her.

"I love you..."

HEY!!! THIS IS FUN! I GOTTA GO!!! Dinner is calling! Thanks so much! This was so fun!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 7:37:53 PM by Elizabeth Evans

My mother tells me about the mission that David, Brian, Kara, and I were sent here to fulfill, along with the four from Antar. She tells me that we have to find them and unite with them to rid the universe of the enemy. God....we have enemies, beyond the government if they learned what we can do? Tears fill my eyes as I'm overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. Eight teenage kids have to be the saviors of the universe?!

How can I possibly handle that? What if I fail our mother in this task? She assures me that my powers are strong and that I can do this. Then, all too quickly, she prepares to leave me. She tells me how much she loves me and David, and that she's always thinking of us. "I love you, too, Mom," I tell her, tears spilling down my cheeks. As she fades away, I notice her looking at something in the distance. When she's gone, I turn to see what was there. It seems to be a ripple in the fabric of this place....They're coming

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Wow guys!!!

Awesome parts...they are amazing.

No, I'm not homw and Jimmy's *my friend's brother* yelling at me to get off the computer!


I hope you guys are going to be on when I get home!!!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 8:48:29 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Don't worry. I will be *happy*.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 9:00:23 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: I'm sick again!!!!! of all the injustice! stupid head cold.

okay you guys, I had goosebumps reading everything. talk about amazing. wow. it's like with each new post I was awestruck at what was happening. I just don't think I can articulate how how goosebumpy it was. kudos to everyone. I feel priviledged to write with such fantastic talent. I can't get over of insync (sp?) everyone is. it seriously kicks booty. I can post caleb and tess later today, but I want to wait for kara to post for brian. I don't just want to assume what her reactions would be. so I'll try to post tess in about an hour.

as Roswellian428 pointed out ( *big* )rock on.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 9:15:05 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Sorry you're not feeling well :(. I hope you feel better soon!

I look forward to the Caleb and Tess parts. It'll be wonderful to see Caleb's reaction to everything that's taking place. I hope our Kara will be around to post soon, but it has been awhile. She mentioned exams and so I'm not sure when she's done or has more free time. Maybe you could post a part with more of Brian's reactions? He might help bring Ariel back and be dealing with what happened to her, or maybe he left the Crashdown and doesn't know (so he's reflecting on this whole situation) ? Just some ideas.

Anyway, see you when you get back on! I'm glad you enjoyed the new parts!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 9:17:03 PM by Roswell428
Yay! I got out of my study group early, so I'm here way earlier than I thought I'd be able to be. Just give me a minute to catch up, and I'll be with you guys!

Added after reading:
WOW! I like the idea of bringing in Ariel's mother. Very interesting idea! I'd like to post some, but I think I'd better wait until some of the others post first. I'm not sure where I'm going from this point.

I_LOVE_NICK, I was never really considering dropping out of this RPG, I had just been wondering if I really wanted to write fanfic anymore/ if I was any good at it or if I was just wasting mine and others' time. I guess everybody goes through a phase like that at one time or another (no matter what their career or interest may be). But it's because of people like you and everyone else on this wonderful RPG (and all of your brilliant ideas) that have kept me writing- and I appreciate it! *big* Because of the nice things (like your comments earlier), I realized that I would hate to give up writing fic- I have way too much fun with it and with you all! So thanks everybody! Your compliments mean a lot to me, coming from such talents as yourselves. And I greatly appreciate that you *don't* want me to leave. *big*

And I hope you feel better scifidreamer!

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Yeah, I need to wait until others post, too. I'm really looking forward to this tonight! I'm on the edge of my seat with excitement about how things are going to go with the story. The healing ritual scene is gong to ROCK!*bounce**bounce*
posted on 8-Dec-2002 9:57:24 PM by Roswell428
I think so too! *big*
posted on 8-Dec-2002 11:45:20 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
I"M HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANyone else here?????
posted on 8-Dec-2002 11:46:48 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I am! *happy* Glad you're here, too!
posted on 8-Dec-2002 11:50:58 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, so at this point everyone is heading upstairs to Liz's house and Michael has gone to get the stones right?
posted on 8-Dec-2002 11:52:09 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Yes, that's what's happening.
posted on 8-Dec-2002 11:54:21 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, so I am going to post for Kyle and David's reaction's to bringing the girls upstairs...and hopefully within that time, more people will be here!!!!
posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:00:12 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Sounds good. I hope more people will be here soon. It'll be good to be able to post again. I've done everything I can until the others do the healing stone ritual and are there with me at the beach.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:08:14 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

This is all too much for me to take.

As I lay there and look at Ariel laying on the floor not moving, I realize that she may not ever come back to me.

Not ever.

But, I can't let that happen. There is no way that I can survive without her...

But, I don't know what to do.

I glance around me briefly and see Isabel taking charge of the situation.

She's giving out order's and I am so thankfull that someone knows what they are doing, because I don't.

I see her friend, the rough looking guy with long hair leave and then so does Maria.

I sit holding Ariel's hand and I see a tear that fell from my eye land on her cheek.

I can't help the stupid feeling of maybe somehow my measly tear will help to bring her back.

But this is no fairytale...

I am snapped out of my stupid theory when I hear a door slam and see Maria come back.

She pauses and then runs up the stairs.

I can hear all the people around me talking in whispers, but I block them all out and only look up when Maria comes running down the stairs.

She runs over to Isabel and tells her something.

I watch, wondering if they have got these stone's yet.

Isabel smiles with relief and then rubs her hands together.

Then she tells us that we all should go upstairs. Everyone get's moving and Isabel order's them to let Kyle and I take Tess and Ariel up first.

I smile at Isabel, right now she is my hero, as corny as it may sound.

We make our up the stairs and Kyle is leading the way. I follow him up and down the hall to a bedroom where a guy and girl are waiting.

The girl smiles at me briefly.

"Here, put her here. I made some room." She says guesturing to her floor.

I place Ariel on the floor as Kyle puts Tess in the girl's bed.

I kneel beside her and look up into the eyes of Kara.

She smiles and I know that somehow everything is going to work out.

Kara is here to help, just as everyone else in the room is.

I look around expectantly.


OOC:Okay, I'm very happy with that, but I don;t know what else to write.

And I hope that no one minds that I borrowed Liz.

Okay, I'm going to do Kyle's part now...
posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:16:59 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

When I take Tess into the back room and place her on the floor, I immediately ignore everyone.

The only person that matters is Tess.

I take her hand and stare at her.

I want to tell her that everything is going to be okay and that she shouldn't worry.

But, she probably wouldn't hear me anyway.

And that's not the only reason I don't so it.

I don't do it because I don't believe it.

I don't know if everything is going to be okay.

So what I do is I whisper to her that I am sorry.

I am sorry for everything that happend.

I'm sorry that she came to Roswell, I'm sorry that she was reunited with Max, Michael and Isabel. I'm sorry that she met me.

Maybe if she never came, she would be living the happy life that she deserves.

I'm also sorry that I didn't realize she was kidnapped and Alex's death was due to a shape shifter.

I should have known.

SO that's all I can tell her...I'm sorry.

And the shitty thing about that is that that was the last thing she said to me.

But, she didn't have anything to be sorry for.

I am taken out of my daze when Isabel says that we all should go upstairs.

I pick Tess up and make my way with David carrying Ariel behind me.

We go into Liz's room and I place Tess on her bed and I sit beside her.

I'm not leaving her side. I will not leave her alone.

"So where is Michael?" I ask suddenly remembering that he left to go get the healing stones.

posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:17:30 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: OMG, I'm nearly in tears at the David part. When he has that fantasy about his tear bringing Ariel back to heartbreaking and sweet!
posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:21:09 AM by Roswell428
That's good. I was just wondering, how did we get Caleb back into the back? Who helped him? Was it Kara?
posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:27:00 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Ummm...I don't remember anything specific of how he got back there...maybe he didn't.

I just assumed that all of them were back there.

So, exactly who is upstairs in the room?
posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:27:13 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Good question. He seemed to be less affected than the others, so maybe he was ok to just walk with everyone else?

OK, as for who is in the room, let's see: David, Ariel, Kara, Max, Liz, Isabel, Maria, Michael, Tess, Kyle....and I'm assuming Alex and Caleb. Also, if somebody plays the sherrif, he'll be here.

Question: Is Brian there or did he walk off and leave the Crashdown?

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posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:28:08 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Oh and thank you Lora, I didn't know if that part was good or THANK YOU!
posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:32:33 AM by Elizabeth Evans
You're welcome *happy*
posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:36:30 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Well, I can't post anymore...

So does anyone know who exactly is in the room upstairs.

Are Amy and Nicola up there?
posted on 9-Dec-2002 1:00:27 AM by Elizabeth Evans
My guess is that Amy and Nicola wouldn't be there unless they really did know what was going on for certain after witnessing everything.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 1:00:46 AM by I_LOVE_NICK looks like everyone is gone, so I'm off to bed.

Gotta work tomorrow!

Talk to you all tomorrow!
posted on 9-Dec-2002 1:02:13 AM by Elizabeth Evans
'Night *happy*. I'm heading for bed, too. Sorry it took me so long to post. I fell asleep while resting between posts.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 3:00:29 AM by Roswell428
Okay, so Amy and Nicola aren't in the room. Are they still down in the break room? Knowing the kind of person Amy is, I don't know if she would just sit down in the break room (after Nicola is feeling better, of course). Maybe we could have the Sheriff come in the back (as per instruction from one of the Pod Squad) and see Amy and Nicola there. Amy, being the kind of woman she is, would insist to know what is going on and would then (with Nicola, as she wouldn't leave her alone) follow him up, determined to know what was going on, and then see it all. They would have to tell her then, but do they have to tell her now, as it is? I was kind of thinking that maybe Amy should find out that way, because if Nicola starts dating Caleb, she'll eventually find out anyway (from Nicola). I don't know, these are all just ideas- early morning ideas at that. Tell me if you don't like them. It's whatever you guys want.

Oh, and if nobody else wants to be the Sheriff, I'll volunteer to play him. He may not be very good, but.... we do need him.

Anyway, these are just my cooky ideas. I'll see you all later.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 4:37:44 AM by scifidreamer
OOC: wow I_LOVE_NICK, that kyle part was powerful. it was so real, and conflicted, and just great. I think nows a good a time as any for amy and nicola to find out. I mean normally I'm for too much happening at once, but I think they (any and nicola) just get lost with everyone. there's lots of confusion, the lysus gang doesn't know that they don't know, I mean they were right in the thick of it and nicola even managed to connect with caleb somehow. so I think they find out, due to the fact no ones paying them much attention. does that make any sense?



I can't think about what just happened. About the red and the stabbing pain, or the cool ocean breeze, or the flames trying to lick at me. Can't think about what I saw in *that* place. All I can think about is that the last thing I saw before I stumbled out the doors, was Ariel's face blanking.

I just fumble through the doors and there's no stopping me. I have to get away. I can't be here.

I'm running.

I have no idea where I'm running to. Which direction I'm going in, if there's traffic or pedestrians. Or what I'm running from.

I'm just running. And I know I can't stop. Store fronts blend together. Houses blur by. Green streaks race by. The gray sky fades to twilight.

My face is freezing. My eyes tear, chapping my cheeks, and my nose is frozen and feels like it's running. My lungs ache, and ragged breaths puff from my mouth. My arms pump and I can't stop. My legs feel like rubber, long past burning. If I turn any corners I don't remember. Harsh sounds explode from my mouth.

I finally trip on gravel, sliding in an arch for a couple of feet, scraping up the right side of my body. I lay there, resting on my forearms, panting, for a while.

When I finally do look up, it's too see far off stars winking in a dusk blue sky. And I scream loudly, haggardly, from deep within me. Everything comes out in that pain laced cry. And dimmly I'm aware that from within me I'm yelling her name. And it's a broken plea, torn from the very core of who I am.

I swallow hard and search where I am. Not to far I think. I try and get up to my feet and stumble. I finally manage to turn over and sit, my knees pulled up to my chest. I spread my hands out in front of me and see that they're trembling uncontrollably. I ignore them. I look down at my arms and see angry red gashes, and burns. My shins show similar results, and I guess my chin must be too cause it burns like the rest of the scrapes covering my body.

As weird as it may seem, I actually kinda feel better now. Like the burning of my body, this physical pain, is letting out all the burning inside. As if with each little prick of blood that oozes out I don't hurt so much inside. Strange as it is I feel in control again.

A checking glance at my watch reveals that not to much time has passed. I've got to get back.

It pops suddenly into head. I need to get back to the Crashdown. Now.

I get up easily this time, adrenaline racing through my veins. I'm coming, I send out into the night. I'm coming.

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I take a head count. Ok, Max and Liz, 2, Maria, Kara, David, Kyle, 6, me and Alex, 10. We're missing people. Who? Umm... Michael! He went to get the stones. That's 11. It's still uneven. I look at Kara again and realize her brother is missing.

"Where's Brian? We need him! We need as many people as possible! There are only four stones but... we can gather our energy and hold hands. I'm sure we can divide ourselves evenly into groups. If there are twelve of us... four groups of three can gather around the four stones." I realize that Kara and David are staring in some confusion and awe.

"What the healing stones do is magnify our powers and connect us to Ariel and Tess taking us to a different... realm, for lack of a better word. Once there, we can bring them back to our place, our time. The more of us, the safer and higher the chances of getting them back. I know it's strange and confusing, but we can do this. We can do this." I say this to myself as if to justify it in my mind. I can't stand the scene. Kyle is on the brink of tears. David is already crying. I look at the older man and realize I never even caught his name.

"You're the strongest. I can feel it. It radiates off of you, especially now. Please... help us. We've only done this once... and it worked, but it was for Michael. We've never worked it on two people. I'm guessing we can take it one at a time?" I look over at Max who has a smile on his face. He's looking at me with... is that pride? I'm not sure but it makes me suddenly feel like smiling and crying all at the same time. He nods his head at me and allows me to continue. When did I take over this operation? I think to myself and then shake it off. That wasn't important. What was important was getting these two women back here safely. I was determined to do that.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 12:40:15 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Great parts, you guys!

Roswell428, you can be the sherriff if you want. However you want to do this is up to you *happy*
posted on 9-Dec-2002 4:01:33 PM by Roswell428
awesome parts, all!

Thanks! I think I am going to bring them in now.... the three of them would make 15 people, which would probably help the healing ritual. Maybe Nicola and Caleb can work on the same stone?
posted on 9-Dec-2002 4:22:58 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

As soon as he got off the phone with Maria, he ran and grabbed his hat, his gun and his keys and was out the door. Racing to the Crashdown, he made it there in record time. He ran into the back entrance, which Maria had specified when she called him and then left open for him, he stopped in his tracks when he saw the two women back there.

"Amy! What happened?" he asked concerned, instantly at her side. "Who is this?" he motioned to the dazed looking woman sitting beside her.

"Jim, this is my sister, Nicola. I don't know what happened," she paused trying to think of a way to phrase what had occurred. "There were these two new families in here tonight and all of the kids seemed to get kind of upset. Then one of the new people banged into our table and ruined our dinner. Then all of the sudden there was a big uproar and some of them were on the ground, writhing in pain. Some of our kids joined them and then we were all ushered back here. Our kids and the new people all went upstairs- some of them were unconcious. I'm only still sitting down here cause I've been waiting for you and for Nicola to be able to make it up the flight of stairs."

Jim's mind was racing. It had to be alien business. What if those new people were more aliens, and they were there to harm the group? And the kids were all upstairs, alone with them! He had to go make sure that they were going to be okay!

After looking briefly at Nicola, making sure that she was alright, he whirled around and was about to fly up the stairs when a voice stopped him.

"And just where do you think you're going?"

He turned around and faced Amy. "I'm going upstairs to see if I can be of any help."

"Alright then. We're coming with you. Help me with Nicola."

They couldn't go with them? What if there was danger up there? He'd only be bringing them into the center of the fray! "Amy," he began, but was cut off.

"If you're going up there, so am I. I want to know what is going on up there with my baby girl just as much as you do. And since I can't leave Nicola alone like this, she's coming too. You know, there could be more danger down here than there is up there. Now help me with her."

Nicola was slowly beginning to revive and had been listening to their conversation. "I can get up myself. I'm okay now." She stood up to prove her point. "I want to know what's going on up there as well."

The Sheriff, seeing he had lost, inclined his head for them to follow and then began silently making his way upstairs. What he saw when he reached Liz Parker's bedroom shocked him. The Pod Squad and several strangers were all standing around, obviously waiting on something. And there was Tess, lying unconcious on the bed; his son beside her, weeping. Another girl in the same condition lay on the ground.

He quickly made his way over to the bed and knelt down next to his son. He put an arm around his shoulders and they cried together.

~*~ End Valenti ~*~

Was that okay?

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~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola looked around at the scene. What had happened? She remembered what she had gone through and shuddered to think that those two teenage girls had suffered the same fate.

As she looked, her eyes met those of the man whom she had .... for lack of a better word, *seen*. She held his glance for a moment and then looked away. The pain she saw there cut right through her and was still too fresh to her mind.

She then followed Amy over to stand near Maria, knowing that Maria was about to recieve the third degree.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 4:37:32 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria stood there waiting. What was taking him so long? He had better hurry up and find those stones, damnit! She paused, pulled out her vial and took a big whiff. Getting angry would solve nothing right now, she knew.

She saw the Sheriff, her mom and Nicola enter the room. The Sheriff went straight over to Tess, as was to be expected. She knew the anguish he felt, but vowed that as soon as that damn Michael Guerin returned, they would make it all better.

Her mother and Nicola made their way over to her. She knew her mother was about to start questioning her, but she help up her hand, cutting her off before she started.

"Mom, I know that you must have a lot of questions right now, but I promise I will tell you later. All of it," she said, seeing Amy's look. "Right now isn't the time for questions." She gestured to the two girls. "We need to save them right now. Now you're going to see some stuff that you may not believe, as we try to save them, but I ask you to please not scream or say anything that will ruin everybody's concentration in bringing them back. Later, when we get home, I'll fill you in."

Amy nodded at her daughter, realizing that Maria would indeed give her the full story when they returned home later. She trusted her. She couldn't figure out why they weren't bringing the two girls to a hospital, but the youths seemed to know what they were doing, and if Jim trusted them- so did she. She looked at Maria, "I'd like to help."

Nicola seconded that. "I'd like to help as well."

Maria looked at them with love in her eyes. "Great, I'll go tell Isabel that we have two more people to help in the ritual."
posted on 9-Dec-2002 5:39:17 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Awesome, awesome parts GUYS!!!!!!!

OOC: This is so great...we should make it into a novel later...LOL!

Seriously, I can't believe how great this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, here is a Kyle part before I go out and I was also thinking that if Michael hasn't made an apperance soon, I could temp for him...if that's okay.

So I should be back no later than 10pm *board time*...Whose up for a post fest?????


No one knows where Michael is and what is taking so long.

I want to scream, here I am just sitting here while Tess is...who-knows-where.

I look over to Maria who is sniffing her oil and I can practically here her anger towards Michael.

He better hurry up, I think swallowing the lump in my throat.

Then I see my dad come in with Amy DeLuca and Maria's aunt.

He immediatley comes over to the bed and kneels down.

He looks at Tess' limp body and begins to cry. And so do I.

It's okay to cry.

"I don't know what happened Dad. But it's my fault. I should have known. I should have known and I didn't." I whisper to him and wipe my eyes with the back of my hand.


Hope that was okay, see you guys later..and if anyone has to temp me or 'borrow' my characters go ahead!

posted on 9-Dec-2002 6:21:01 PM by Roswell428
I would love to be a part of a postfest tonight, but I have a study group tonight. Hopefully, I won't be too long. If anyone needs to temp for me, then go ahead. I'm going to try to be back as early as I can. See you later!

~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

Jim hugged his son tighter. "It's not your fault son. It's not your fault."

He looked back at Tess. "She's gonna be okay. And it's *not* your fault."
posted on 9-Dec-2002 6:37:39 PM by TabascoChick
Hey guys!I'm SO sorry that I haven't posted over the weekend!Those who didn't read my OOC posts in other rpgs,my computer crashed!It was a horrible time::tear::!But thank god for my guy who is a computer now I'm back...god...I missed like 15 pages of posts!I'm gonna try to read them all,but if someone could just give me a summary of what happened,I'll post right away!Sorry for the delay!
posted on 9-Dec-2002 8:07:24 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: *hugs* Welcome back, TabascoChick! I sent you a summary, so hopefully that'll catch you up so you can post.

I'm definitely up for a postfest tonight, so I'll be here.

I_LOVE_NICK, you are so right about making this into a novel later. I've been thinking about that myself, and I definitely intend to save all the posts at the end so it'll be like reading a round robin fiction. Everybody's posts have been so awesome, with so much depth and detail, it is like reading a story rather than an rpg.

Keep up the incredible work, guys! You all are *the best* writers that I could imagine writing with!

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OOC: I completely agree. This is an INCREDIBLE group of writers for an incredible story! It's going sooo good!!! Maybe we can all get a copy when it's done? :-) That'd be kinda cool! I was doing Calculus and needed a SERIOUS break... so... I'm gonna post something! GREAT reactions Roswell428... Love your Amy! :-) I_Love_Nick... I'd love to see what you'd do with Michael. I'm sure it'd be a blast.


I'm sitting in my own little world inside my head when I hear footsteps. I look up to the door, pulling the loose strands of hair behind my ear and almost choke when I see who walks in. No... no no no. This is all wrong. AMY DELUCA? And that new lady!? I don't care WHO Maria says she is... adding new people is NEVER a good idea... especially at a time like this! What if they expose us? Now it's not just about Max, Michael, Tess, and I. Now we have to worry about Ariel and David and Kara and Brian. I don't know exactly why, but I feel this intense need to protect them. As if I have a connection with them, I can't truly understand. Kind of like when I first met Tess.... like I had to let them in. I realize my heart is beating fast as I watched the ladies' confused faces. God, please tell me we can trust them. Give me some sort of sign. I watch Maria interact with her mother and then I hear words that are like magic.

"I want to help." I look at Amy in shock. She's not freaking out? She's not running off screaming in disgust. Hell, she's not reacting to much at all at this point. I run my fingers through my hair again, which by now is a mess although it was neatly brushed this morning. I need some aspirin and a serious power nap. I look over at Alex and vaguely smile.

I need him. I realize it and it's like a ton of bricks weighing down on my heart. I look into his eyes and there's this protection that he seems to offer. This unconditional love that scares me. But I'm beginning to want it badly. What if I die? What if my time is almost up? I look down at Kyle holding Tess... I would never want to cause ANYONE that much pain.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 9:03:07 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Yes, everyone will definitely get a copy of our story when we're done.

I loved that Isabel part! I'm so itching to post right now, but I can't do anything yet until the healing ritual. Can you tell I'm psyched for the postfest tonight?*bounce**bounce**bounce*
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You sound so excited!! :-) Don't worry soon enough! Thanks!! I'm glad you liked my post! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy... lol. What time's the post fest tonight? Any time soon? Quik question... who plays Michael? I just realized he hasn't spoken in some time now. I love this RPG. :-D

Ohhhhh and guess what? My rpg is starting hopefully on Wednesday!!! I think that'll be fun too. (hopefully :crosses fingers*happy*
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Very cool that your rpg is starting this week *happy*. Hehe, I know the postfest will begin soon enough. It should be soon...maybe at around 10, or earlier if more people start showing up.

LuvRug is playing Michael. If we don't get a Michael post from him tonight, we can temp because we definitely need those healing stones! *happy*

I'm starting to copy and paste all our posts into a word document. Let me know if you guys have any ideas for organizing and formatting beyond keeping posts in their original order.

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OOC:Thanks for the summary!Wow...I missed so much.I'm gonna try to post.If I get anything wrong,PLEASE correct me!

I see Kyle holding Tess.There's this pain in my heart.Ever since my whole death experience,I felt close to Tess.Like we had shared something.

I can't help thinking anything else,but that I need her to be alright.I look around at everyone.It seems like everything has suddenly just slowed down.I see the pain in everyone's faces.Was this how it was when they thought I died? Did I cause them this much pain? I blink away my tears.

No.I can't cry.She's gonna be fine.I just have to believe that.I look over at Isabel.For a second,it's like we share the same thought.She's gonna be okay.I try to force a little smile out as does she.Then I put my arm around and hold her closely.As close as I can.I don't want to lose anyone.Tess.Isabel.She puts her arms around me and I kiss the top of her head.

"It's gonna be fine,"I whisper to her,trying to convince myself also.

I look at Ariel.No...she can't die.I feel like I can't let her.I wait quietly with the others until I notice Brian's gone.I want to go after him.I want my legs to move from the side of Liz Parker's bed.I want to run after him.Find him.Tell him to come back.

Before Ariel and Tess were out like this,my mind was going crazy.I felt like I was living a lie.I understand that Caleb wanted to protect us,but for some reason,I can't help wondering how my....our lives could've been different.I was mad.Or maybe I was confused.But now it all makes sense.Because the truth is that this new life is what I need.All my life,I dreamt of David and Ariel.And I'm here now.I'm beginning a new life.I wish I could somehow get Brian to realize that.I watch Ariel lie there and I feel tears drip down my cheek.I hold her hand tightly.She can't die.No.No one here will let her.I feel so close to her now.Closer then I've ever been to a girl.Almost like.....a sister.

I look up at everyone else.They're not going to let Tess and Ariel die.This waiting process is hard.Harder then most of the things in my life.I keep wishing Brian will walk in and sit with me.With us.

posted on 9-Dec-2002 9:33:02 PM by roswellianprincess16
Yea, the healing stones scene is inevitably going to happen tonite. I can just see it. EVERYONE is already sitting at their seats just WAITING for this moment! :-) It's a big deal you know. Unfortunately, I may not be at the postfest if it starts any later than the next... 10-15 mins. BUT!! You guys are welcome to temp for me if necessary and it'd be nice if you'd leave a nice little leeway for me for when I check up!!! That way I can just slide right into place!!!

I'm sooo glad you're fixing up the rpg to get us a FABULOUS novella! :-) Structure... hm... that's a good question. As of right now, all I can think of is each major scene (ie. hanging around town, moving in, dinner with the family, the introductions, the connections, the discoveries etc... they're all kind of clearly defined and clearly changed. Maybe you can break it up into Parts... and with each new voice (new person rpging) you can seperate it with lines or that squiggly thing. ~
Or keeping it as a rpg format works too. It's very clear that way. ?? LoL... so confused. But I'm excited, I'm gonna end up reading and rereading it. I can tell. :-) *bounce**bounce**bounce*
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OOC: HEY SARAH!! Glad to see you back!! Missed you and Alex ALOT!! :-) Your Kara part was also fabulous!

It's as if he reads my mind. I feel Alex's arms wrap around me and I feel a warmth I can't explain. God, I love you. I wish I could tell you how much I love you. I look down at Tess again and think of how close Alex got to that. How hard I cried. Don't think about it Isabel. Just don't torture yourself that way.

"It's going to be ok." And for some reason... when he says it... I believe him.

ARGH!! I have to go guys... :-( How sad is that??? Have fun tonite!!! ROCK THAT HEALING STONE SCENE!!!! :-D

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I gotta go...ugh.....too bad....feel free to move kara and alex back tomorrow to post*big*
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OOC: Thanks for the idea about the novella! Once I just get the posts all pasted, I'll play around with it and see how it works *happy*. Ok, I just can't resist posting. All the new parts are perfect, right on target!


When my mother leaves, I walk back to my place in the foursquare and look out over the water, waiting. The ripple effect is becoming even more pronounced. I can almost feel the anguish and hope surround me. There's David's refusal to let me go, and Kara's recognition of the sisterly bond we share. And Brian....I can almost hear his soul screaming out to mine to let me know he's coming.

With each passing moment, I feel closer to my family. And that includes not only David, but Brian and Kara and Caleb, as well as Tess and Isabel and all their friends whom we met tonight. The profound sense of separation is gone, and I realize that even in death we are all still connected. Resisting the urge to pace in anticipation of their arrival, I sit down on the sand in my diamond and watch the waves crash against the sand, continuing to keep an eye on the ripple as it gets stronger.

But there's nothing happening yet. A sense of waiting hangs heavy in the air. I wonder what's happening? And once the thought crosses my mind, for an instant I feel a flash..or sensation from my body. It's David and Kara. They're holding my hands, and I can feel their tears splash against my cheeks. Then the moment is gone, and I'm left shaken at the intensity of their grief. God, please let this work, I pray. I can't bear to leave them in this much pain.

All I can do is wrap my arms around my body as I wait...
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OOC: I'm here!!!!!!!

I just read all the new parts...Great job guys.

So can I temp for Michael since he hasn't made an apperance yet?
posted on 9-Dec-2002 10:33:47 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Sure, you can temp Michael.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 10:34:37 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: quikie. I'm here. just catching up. will post in about 5 min. okay maybe 10 min. rock on. all this had kicked some major booty.

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Okay, first I am going to post a Kyle and David part...then I will return with a Michael.

posted on 9-Dec-2002 10:41:02 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I almost completely break down when my father hugs me and tells me that it's not my fault.

If only he knew.

Tess is like his daughter and she might not ever come back because of me.

I should haven known what she meant earlier.

I should have known and I should have stopped her.

I could have prevented all of this...but I didn't.

I failed Tess.

I glance around at the long faces on everyone.'

I've failed everyone.

I promise that if Tess comes back, I will die before anything ever happens to her again.

But, the only way, she will make it is if Michael hurries up.

Where the hell is he?
posted on 9-Dec-2002 10:44:20 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I smile as Kara makes her way over and kneels down beside Ariel.

This is right. Kara being here is right.

It feels complete now, but Brian is missing and I wonder where he is.

We need him here.

Kara takes Ariel's other hand and I can only hope that Ariel knows we are here.

That we are waiting for her to come home.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 10:45:44 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Okay, I am just going to hold off Michael's part until scifidreamer gets back...just in case I clash with her post....
posted on 9-Dec-2002 11:01:04 PM by scifidreamer

She asks him to help. She says he's strong, that it radiates off him. He doesn't even know her name. And what he wants to tell her is that isn't good energy she feels, but the last fight of a dying man. But he shakes his head and mentally tells himself to cut the crap. She's taken charge and he can tell how hard she's fighting to keep herself detached. He's been there himself. When you can't allow yourself to feel anything or esle you'll feel everything. How will you survive then? Let alone get done what needs to be done.

She directs people, and he watches. He can't help but notice the roles everyone assumes. What have these kids gone through to make them so efficient in times of duress?

This is what he is here for. He knows what the healing stones are. Those precious rocks that are only mined on Antar. He thanks any and all gods there might be, that these kids actually have some. Not only that, but they have some experience using them, understanding just how delicate and leathal they can be. It's a fine line: the power to resuscitate can easliy be twisted to the power to do harm.

He'll do what he can. One of the main reasons he was honored with this responsibility was due to his ability to act as a conduit. He can have energy flow through him and harness it, magnify it, direct it.

He spies Nicola coming upstairs. He heart quickens. They connected. She felt all his pain and anguish. He can't tell if she know or not, but she took some his pain. Took it into herself. It was amazing. An experience like which he's never had before.

Still holding her eyes, he faintly hears her say "I'd like to help as well."


OOC: okay how do you spell resuscitate? cuz I know that isn't right. and in case you have no idea which word I'm talking about cuz my spelling is stupid it's the R-word in CPR. help?

fixed it, thanks Elizabeth Evans. also I just read your post, and hot damn that's a lot of writing!

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She has no consciousness other than I. She has no name here. Not Ava. Not Tess. She is nothing to no one. Except herself.

She stands in pitch blackness. How far forward, back or to the sides, the ground upon which her feet are placed, extends she has no notion. No inclination to test it's parameters. Mad winds rush all around her, howling loud, whipping her hair into a tangle around her face.

And then cool drops begin to fall upon her. A balm for what she knows not. Juat that these tears from the void, soothe her.

In that black oblivion she spreads her arms wide, upturns her face, and her eyes closed, lets them rain down on her.

Slide down her cheeks, down her neck to run down her body in rivulets. A small sigh escapes her.

::outside, in the "real world"::

A small tear squeezes out beneath dark lashes.

posted on 9-Dec-2002 11:19:05 PM by Elizabeth Evans
My spellcheck says it's spelled resuscitate.

Get this-- I've cut and pasted through page 17 so far, and I'm on page 39 in the document. And that's just with character posts (not copying the ooc comments)....*and* that's in size 10 font, which I'll change to size 12 once it's all finished.

Boy, are we prolific people! *happy* *bounce**bounce*
posted on 9-Dec-2002 11:27:05 PM by scifidreamer


The whole way there I try to commincate with Caleb, but it's like he's blocked me out. I send reassuring thoughts to Kara, letting her know I'm on my way. It's this silent communication with her, that makes the two and half mile run feel short.

I came running up to the back the Crashdown, and am about to continue pounding my way to the front, when I see the guy with kinda long hair enter through a door in the back.

I call out to him, and he quickly spins around, placing his right between us, like to say stop - or like Caleb and I do with our left hands. I'm panting hard, and I take deep gulps of air.

posted on 9-Dec-2002 11:36:39 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Okay, Here is Michael's part...I hope it's okay.

oh and scifdreamer, I think it's 'Resuscitate'....*I think*


In the panic and confusion over everything that had happened inside the Crashdown, Michael had not even thought to ask Maria if he could borrow her car to take to his house.

Isabel had shouted to him to go and get the healing stones and he had not thought twice.

He ran out of the Crashdown and towards his house.

It was only half-way there that he realized he should have taken the Jetta, but there was no point in going back now.

As he ran the fifteen minutes to his house, he thought about all that happened.

He knew that something was going on when he first entererd the Crashdown and saw all the new people.

And then everything had happened all at once.

It was too much to take in.

David, Ariel, Kara and Brian *he learned their names thanks to Maria* were different.

He didn't know what they were or where they came from but the only thing that mattered now was getting the healing stones to bring back Ariel and Tess.

All the question's could be answered after.

He reached his apartment out of breath and went into his pocket to realize that he left his keys in his jacket.

And his jacket was in Maria's car.

His mind was frantic. What was he going to do?

He decided that he would have to go around to the back and break his window.

He was half-way down the stairs when he realized that he could just use his powers to open the door.

Anry and embarrased with his stupidity, he ran back up and placed his hand over the lock.


The lock gave way and Michael threw the door open and ran to his closet.

He grabbed the box with the stones and ran out the door.

He jogged the rest of the way.

He couldn't run full speed anymore, his lungs were already on fire and his chest like it was about to explode.

But, he had to get there fast so he kept a decent pace.

He had to bring them the stones to help bring back Tess and Ariel.

At this thought, he felt a pang at his heart, which was very unusual for Michael Guerin.

He had always liked Tess and was glad that she had came to Roswell.

Max and Isabel had always had each other, and not that they didn't make him feel loved, it was nice to think that maybe he would have a 'sister.'

But, he had never done anything to persue that kind of realtionship with Tess. That was all part of his 'stone wall Guerin' attitude.

And then we they had all thought she had killed Alex and fled to Antar, he had been angry at her, but he was also happy that he had never let himself get close.

Butm there was also a little doubt in his mind that Tess would have done all those horrible things, but he ignored it.

So when the truth was revealed and she had finally come back, he had promised that he would take the time to let Tess know that she mattered to them. All of them.

And of course, he never did that either.

This last thought came as he reached the street of the Crashdown.

I'm coming Tess.And I'm coming for you too, Ariel. He thought, knowing that somehow, Ariel and the rest of the new people would become very important to him somehow. He thought as he used his last bit of energy to run into the back alley.

He ran up and went to the door when he heard a breathless voice cry out. He spun around and held up his hand in self defence.

He let out a sigh of relief as he recognized the guy as Brian, one of his new 'friends.'

"Brian." He panted out of breath and the guy nodded, also out of breath "Follow me, we don't have enough time."

He nods and follows behind me.

We burst through the back door and stopped when no one was there.

A look of confusion crossed his face and then he realized that they must have all gone upstairs.

"Up here." He grunted, not knowing if Brian would understand through his gasps for air.

He bounded up the stairs and thought of how pissed Maria was going to be at him for taking so long.

He could just picture her sniffing her cedar oil.

He ran down the hall to Liz's room, with Brian behind him and held out the box containing the stones.

"Here." He spit out, breathless, not able to say anything else.


Okay, first let me say...WOW! That was long, but I think that he should of had an explanation for taking so long and I thought that we need a look inside of his head because not much has been said about Michael so far.

If it's too long or you don't like...I will gladly edit!

Edited after reading scifidreamer's 'Brian's' part.

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and thanks I_LOVENICK. spelling sux!! phonics rule!!!!

edited to say, I didn't edit

::chuckles:: man this is some madness. I have two screens up, and I just happened to refresh one, and I saw your post I_LOVE_NICK, so I closed the other screen. lol, talk about lucky.

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posted on 9-Dec-2002 11:51:12 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Wow....incredible parts, guys! I'm still working on copying and pasting, and I'm keeping track of what's going on here so I can post as soon as they're all with Ariel.
posted on 9-Dec-2002 11:55:40 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
SCIFIDREAMER................DON'T EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



WHEW! That was a close one...LOL!

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OOC: Okay, so I'm thinking that maybe we should at least wait for Roswell428 because now everyone is in the room, so we can get all their reactions...

What do you guys think????????????
posted on 10-Dec-2002 12:18:21 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: who's turn is it to post?

posted on 10-Dec-2002 12:20:58 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Waiting for Roswell428 works. It does help to show everyone's reactions before starting the ritual.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 12:30:37 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
scifidreamer I guess that you can post for Brian and Caleb if you want...and I can do Kyle and David...but I think that we should wait for everyone else's reaction's also...

Do you know what I mean?
posted on 10-Dec-2002 12:38:40 AM by scifidreamer
OOC: yo I feelin' you. I can wait. *big* I'll just take my cue from you. I guess as brian and michael we need to wait for people's reactions to our sudden entrance. esp. since michael's back. everything can get started now.

also is it okay that I made it evening now? cause I figure it was already late afternoon, and then if each post represents one minute quite a bit of time has passed.

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Yeah, evening makes sense.

Would you believe we've written about 80 pages....? I'm not done yet, but that's what itll be when I am *happy*
posted on 10-Dec-2002 1:05:04 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Wow, are you serious????

That is so cool, it just goes to show how much we LOVE this and how well we work together...

I just wish that our Max, Liz and Michael would post more often and join us...Everyone else is here a lot, right?

I think that we should hold off because then we don't have to temp and stuff like that.

Plus now Selena can jump right in because Isabel has been in charge of the whole thing pretty much...So she can re-act to Michael's arrival.

And Roswell428 can jump right in as well...
posted on 10-Dec-2002 1:11:26 AM by Elizabeth Evans
That sounds like a plan *happy*. I should head for bed soon, but this has been great reading you guys' posts! I especially can't wait to see Brian's reaction to what he sees when he walks in the room.

Final verdict so far--98 pages at font size 11! That really does show how much we love this RPG!! It's so awesome to see how active it is and how amazing it's becoming. I love the way the story is evolving! It especially means so much to me because the fanfic itself never got that much attention.

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posted on 10-Dec-2002 1:12:49 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: I second that. this way everyone can start from the same point.

wow. that's a lot of writing. 80 pages? w/out ooc? does it flow?

posted on 10-Dec-2002 1:16:35 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Yeah, that is a lot!

We ROCK...right scifidreamer???? LOL!

I gotta get to bed soon too...Night Gal's!!!!!!!!
posted on 10-Dec-2002 1:18:01 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Yes, that's without OOC chat. It mostly flows, although there might need to be some reorganizing. Like, for example, having one short chapter be about Brian, Kara, and Caleb at home. I'm not quite sure about the rest may get confusing if I play too much with it.

Maybe I'll have one document that's the RPG with the character posts just as we have them, so that there's a record we can all have of it. That's what I have so far. I copied my original summary and cast list, and then all the posts with the character's name labelling each post.

Then maybe create another document where I play around with the posts a little so that it flows as a narrative story. For example, organizing it into chapters, using all third person perspective (rather than I). What do people think about that idea? Do people want their posts labelled by character/author, or would it be ok for me to do this as a novel that incorporates everybody's posts without keeping them distinct or labelled?

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posted on 10-Dec-2002 1:43:55 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: rock on. man. that's effing fantastic.

LOL. we definitely rock. goodnite I_LOVE_NICK

I don't know if you should take out the personal narratives. I think they add a perspective totally unique than third person. I know for brian, they way he thinks in I, isn't the way I'd write him in third person. third person you can see how a person and those around them react to circumstances both internally and externally. where as in first, the way a person thinks and says things may not always be as they are. they can only tell from their perspective. they don't really know what it's like for other's. it's easier to be confused, because they say something and you read it and you think it's factual, but it might not be the true reason or motive behind something. that's why writing caleb is kinda easier. through him I get to write about the experiences of everyone and have them be "true". even tess's third person is restrictive cause I try to keep the she perspective limited to her.

sorry for going on ::sheepish grin::

but I would definitely like to read both versions. thank you for taking the time to do this. it's so cool. I really appreciate it.

posted on 10-Dec-2002 3:31:28 AM by Roswell428
Okay, okay I'm here! I'm so sorry I took so long- I had no idea my study group was going to run that late (my exam is tomorrow), and I feel terrible for keeping you guys waiting. It's really sweet that you did wait though, because I'm sure Maria will have a lot to say to Michael!*big*

Anyway, I'm going to write my reactions real quick tonight, so you guys can then go with the story more tomorrow. And tomorrow night, I am definitely up for a postfest if everybody else is!

Oh, and I think putting it all together like that is a wonderful idea, Elizabeth Evans! That is simply awesome and it would be a totally unique thing for our awesome RPG!

Your editing crisis (scifidreamer and I_LOVE_NICK) was hysterical and made me think of when Elizabeth Evans and I did the same thing in another RPG (except we had to each edit our posts like 4 times, because we kept changing it on each other). Oh, the perils of staying insync for posting bunnies like ourselves! Though, for the most part, we've been incredibly insync!

I agree that everyone's parts have been simply awesome! They are a joy to read and I'm glad that Michael is finally back! Yay! And he was well done I_LOVE_NICK! Everyone here is a truly fantabulous writer!

Anyway, I'm going to get started now. See you guys tomorrow night (hopefully)!

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~*~ Maria ~*~

Michael had just run up the stairs, with that Brian guy in tow. Before he can even enter the room, she ran up to him and was about to yell at him, when he pressed the box of stones into her hands.

"Here," he said, shoving it at her.

She took the box, handed the stones to Isabel and then turned back to him. "What the *hell* took you so long?" she demanded in a strident voice, all of her worry and fear for Tess manifesting itself in anger at Michael, for taking so long.

Maybe now that he was finally back, they could begin the ritual and save their friend. Friends, she corrected herself- well hopefully.

She glared at him, waiting for his response. This had better be good!

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posted on 10-Dec-2002 3:53:40 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

He kept hugging his son, despair written all over his face. Tess had become like a daughter to him, and if he lost her, he didn't know what he would do. But he knew that this was tearing his son up inside as well, knew that his son was blaming himself. He tried to offer his son comfort, but as he wasn't used to comforting, or being comforted, he almost didn't know what to do. He felt as if he was doing a horrible job, he was too seeped up in his own misery.

He felt another pair of arms come around him and looked up. Amy was there, hugging both of them, trying to pass them reassurance that all would indeed be okay.

~*~ End Sheriff ~*~


~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

Amy had been standing across the room with Nicola and Maria. Having satisfied herself that the answers could be sorted out later, after those two girls were better, she had contented herself with wondering what exactly was going to happen when the 'healing' began. 'What were they waiting for,' she wondered.

She would help, she would give all that she could give to make sure those girls were okay, and then she would demand answers. She would *know* what exactly Maria had been up to recently and all of the strange things that seemed to occur from time to time. She would get her answers tonight.

It was then that she had looked and seen Jim and his son hugging and crying together. Her heart went out to both of them, and her motherly instincts came on. What those poor men most both be suffering over Tess. She would give them what comfort she had and then help them to get her back- although how she was going to do that, she still wasn't sure yet. But she would. She went and wrapped her arms around them and murmered soothing words, holding them tightly and trying to impart what strength she could.

~*~ End Amy ~*~


~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

He appreciated the comfort that she offered him and his son. God knows they needed it. Her comfort and compassion were just one more reason that he found himself falling in love with her.

But right now all he could think of was Tess and getting her back. They would, and then they would do even more family things and have family dinners, just to celebrate her being a part of their lives, just to show that she was appreciated.

Just as he was about to break down again, he saw Michael run into the room, carrying a box. Thank God. Tess would be okay and then they would all be okay.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 4:15:05 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola watched as Amy embraced Jim and Kyle, glad that her sister seemed to have finally found a good man. She only wished that she could be meeting him under better circumstances. But they would be better soon, she promised herself; they would *make* them better soon.

As she stood there, she began to feel better and gradually that hazy feeling brought on by the earlier intense pain began to disappear and was replaced by alertness. Good, she would need to be clearhead if she was going to be of any use to any one.

She glanced around the room and caught the eyes of the man- Caleb- and she looked away quickly. After whatever had happened between them, she was suddenly feeling incredibly shy. Wait- how did she know his name? And what exactly had happened between them?

She felt as if she had, for lack of a better word, 'connected,' with him- that she had shared his feelings of intense emotional pain, and that she had absorbed some of that. 'But that's absurd,' she told herself. How in the world could she have possbily 'connected' with him?

She looked into his eyes again. She didn't know, but she sure as hell was going to find out, right after they fixed those two girls.

Just then, another two boys came running into the room and everyone looked relieved. Good, maybe now they could get started. She, even though she didn't know them, wanted those two girls better just as much as everyone else did. Her heart wouldn't be able to stand it otherwise. Besides, she was kind of curious about just exactly how they were going to *heal* them.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 8:47:11 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Great new parts, Roswell428. Hehe, just thinking about that night we both had to keep editing to make each oter's posts match still makes me laugh *happy*

Scifidreamer, you have a great point about not changing the character's point of view perspectives. I'll see how it all works with just a little organization to the story, into chapters, sections, etc., while maintaining each character's POV.

I have a paper due Thursday that I need to work on, but tonight after that I can join the postfest. Probably by our normal time of 10 or so board time. See you all tonight! *happy*
posted on 10-Dec-2002 12:58:50 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Okay, so I was thinking, since it is hard for Selena and TabascoChick to get on at a later time...I'll post for Michael, David and Kyle now.

Then when Selena gets here she can post for Isabel since Izzy is in charge of what is going on, so she can set up the healing; getting everyone ready and telling them what to do.

And TabascoChick, can jump in with Alex at any point...

Sound good?

Here goes....



He is bent over with his hands placed on his knees, trying to catch his breath.

He hears the anger in Maria's voice when she asks him what took him so long.

"Hey, don't get mad at me. I just ran a marathon to get those stones. I didn't even think to ask to use your car." He gasps, still out of breath.

"And." He continues looking up at her. "You didn't even think to offer."

Hopefully, that'll calm her down and not make her blam him for the whole thing, he thought.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 1:04:30 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

My dad hugs me tighter which just makes me want to cry harder or scream. I feel so helpless.

Amy DeLuca comes over and wraps her arms around my father.

I smile slightly, glad that my dad has someone else besides me finally.

I admire Amy. She has no clue what is going on, but it's obvious that she wants to help. And she is so concerned about what me and my dad are going through right now.

I glance at Tess, who is still lying still on the bed and I pray that she comes back and we can start to have a happy relationship.

But that won't happend unless Michael hurries up and get's here with the healing stones.

I'm about to ask where the hell he is when he bursts through the door with Brian behind him.

They are both out of breath and Michael thrusts the box with the stones into Maria's hands and she angrily questions what took him so long.

I don't bother to hear his answer. I turn to Tess and take her hand in mine.

Were coming. I think and I hope that where ever she is, she knows that.

posted on 10-Dec-2002 1:12:19 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I sit on the floor with Ariel laying infront of me and Kara on the other side.

We don't talk. We both just look at Ariel, laying there not moving.

Every once in awhile, we glance up at each other, but still we don't speak.

But, we both know what the other is thinking.

Ariel has to come back. It's evident why I need her, she is my sister.

My only actual family.

And Kara needs her too. Even though they just met, I know that Kara feels a connection to her. An almost sisterly connection.

I can read this in her eyes and I know that Ariel felt the same way when Kara entered the Crashdown.

A few minutes pass and the room only cansists of soft whispering.

Then the door flys open and Michael runs in with a box in his hands. He shoves the box towards Maria and I notice that Brian is behind him.

I glance at Kara and I see the light in her eyes at the sight of her brother.

I'm guessing that the box contains these stones that Isabel was talking about.

It is clear that some of them know what the stones are for, but I know that Kara, Brian and I don't.

I want to ask what to do now. But I'm not sure who to ask.

I look towards Isabel and it's obvious in her eyes that she has a plan.

I only hope that it's not too late. I think as I glance down at my sister's lifeless face.


Okay, so is that good? Everyone can just jump right in now....
posted on 10-Dec-2002 3:53:24 PM by roswellianprincess16
Thanks for the setup I_Love_Nick!!! Works out well!!!

I hear the loud thumping of feet on the stairs and my heart practically jumps out of my chest. I watch Michael burst into the room, his face red and looking like he could pass out any minute. Then I catch sight of the boy behind him. BRIAN!!! Thank God... good. Good... we're almost there. I look towards Tess and Ariel and sigh. Hold on girls... we're coming.

I watch Michael push the box towards Maria and of course, predictably they begin to argue.

"Hey! Michael, are you ok?" I see him nod, still out of breath and I just take the box from Maria. "It's not the time for bickering. We need to get to work."

I open the box and stare down at the all too familiar stones shining a light yellow. You better work. I swear to God... you better frickin' work.

"Ok... I have here four healing stones. We're going to have to pair up. Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria will hold one stone. Alex, Kyle, Amy, and Sheriff Valenti will hold another. Brian, Kara, David, and I will hold the third. And you two..." I head towards Caleb and Maria's aunt... Nicola is what I heard them call her. "You two will hold the fourth."

I stop in front of Caleb and place the stone in his hands as I look into his eyes. There is a knowing there. A recognition that scares me. It's like he can see right through my composure into my deepest fear. He knows that somewhere inside... I doubt this will work. I look down immediately, the intense sadness building in my heart too quick for my own good. I turn from them and go to the center.

"Ok. I have placed us in these groups because it is how I think we will be strongest. These stones hold great power and we must focus carefully on our goal in order to accomplish success. Everyone must somehow touch the stone and each other. Softly, but steadily focus on the people you are trying to connect with. We will start with Tess and then make our way to Ariel. Close your eyes... and focus your energy on healing. Think of the person you are trying to connect with. Don't try and think twice... don't doubt your power. The minute you do... the negative energy disrupts the healing circle." I look around at all the determined faces. I can sense a new form of hope growing. A new wave of faith.

"We're stronger together than alone. We can do this." Everyone nods and I take my place in the semicircle with my group. I hold the stone in my hand as Brian and Kara place their hands under mine to increase our power. David places his hand over the stone. We're set to go. I close my eyes and begin to think of Tess. Tess... the girl who only wanted true friends. Who couldn't get into the casino in Vegas. Who softened Kyle's heart. We're coming for you....

HOPE THAT WAS OK!!! I know it was long... sorry!
posted on 10-Dec-2002 4:02:53 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Oh my gosh!
Hey I am really sorry, but I cannot keep up with all of you crazy posters! I get on like once maybe twice a day. I feel as though I am dragging you down! I would totally love to keep max, but if you feel as though I am not posting fast enough feel free to replace me. I am in so many RPGs
posted on 10-Dec-2002 4:03:42 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Our Liz let me know that she cannot continue with the RPG, so if there aren't any objections, I'll take over as Liz *happy*



I sit beside Max and hold his hand to send him love and support. Now that I know that Max has never loved Tess as anything more than a friend, and that they were never together, there is no selfish jealousy to tinge this moment of grief and anxiety. I feel so badly for Max and the others, sharing in their worry about Tess. Tess has never been my favorite person, but today she again did this incredibly brave thing trying to save us all. Now we have to bring her back. She belongs with us, and we need her. I think of Ava and how just maybe, Tess and I can be friends now that the competition with Max is out of the way.

I want so much to be able to tell Tess that I"m sorry for how I treated her, how she was excluded from the group because of me. It was because of me that Max was so resistant to her and I did nothing to help matters. All that is going to change now, I vow. I'll make a new start with Tess when we bring her back with us. Please hurry, Michael, I silently beg.

I look across the room at the others gathered around Ariel. I fervently hope that they are friends. After so much experience with new people coming to Roswell, it's hard to trust. But something in Max, Michael, and Isabel's reaction to the newcomers suggests that they will become a part of our group. How will that change things?

As I'm pondering this, Michael and one of the newcomers., Kara's brother Brian, came rushing in. Thank God!

Then Isabel is dividing us up into our groups, and I'm placed with Max, Michael, and Maria. As we sort ourselves into position, Isabel continues giving instructions. As she speaks, I remember the last time we did this, and how I wasn't able to help heal Michael because of my intense fear that what happened to him would happen to Max. I meet Michael's eyes apologetically, the guilt I carry from that still powerful within me. But this time, I'm determined to help. Isabel's encouragement that we have to have faith in what we're doing and that we can't doubt our ability to heal Tess and Ariel helps. I can do this. I will do this!


OOC: Was that ok? I've always wanted to play Liz, but I'm not sure how good I am at it.

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posted on 10-Dec-2002 4:11:05 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Selena that was a great part, I am so excited to start the healing!!!

Oh and Lora, that was a great Liz're going to be wonderful Liz!!!!!



As I assumed Isabel takes charge of the situation and tells us breiflyhow the stones work.

I just hope that she is right and we can get Tess and my sister back.

I stand with Isabel, Kara and Brian and place my hand on top of theirs and then I concentrate.

I concentrate on Tess and how she needs to come back to us.

I picture her in my mind smiling and I focus all my energy on her.

I don't know how much time passes, but it wasn't much, when I feel the change of energy.

Were coming Tess, I think not breaking my concentration on her image in my mind.


Okay, was that all right?
posted on 10-Dec-2002 4:18:27 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Really great parts, both of you! *happy* I can't wait for the healing to begin either! *happy* And thanks for the kind words of encouragement about playing Liz!
posted on 10-Dec-2002 4:43:16 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Your Welcome, so I assume that it is okay to continue on with Kyle's part?



My admiration for Isabel is endless at this point.

She tells Michael and Maria to stop bitching and she takes the stones and tells us how they work.

I wasn't there to help with the stones the year before when Michael was sick, but I had heard the stories, so I got the jist of how they work.

I stand up ready to bring Tess back where she belongs.

Alex comes over and joins me and my father and Amy.

He offers a smile and I give one back.

"Ready?" I whisper and they all nod.

We place our hands on the stones and silence fills the room as the others do so as well.

Then I concentrate. I focus on Tess. I foucuse on bringing her back and images of what I will do with her when she returns fills my mind.

I picture us having the movie night she so innocently asked for only a couple hours earlier.

I picture us graduating together...spending Christmas together.

I picture all the happy things that Tess and I will do.

And my determination sets in.

We will do all those things I think and that's when I feel the energy in the air change...

posted on 10-Dec-2002 4:45:41 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: I'm going to get going...I'll check back in an hour or so...This healing scene is going to *rock.*
posted on 10-Dec-2002 6:08:31 PM by TabascoChick
OOC:Yay!I thought I was gonna miss the healing stone "ceremony"!First,I think everyone's posts have been great and this is one of the greatest rpgs I've ever been in(this is including my long history with yahoo clubs and groups).Everyone reacts so in character and I can't believe we have like more then 90 pages when it's written out!Second,TabascoChick sounds so my real name's Sarah.

I walk over to my "stone".I look at Kyle for a second.Please let Tess come back.If not for me or for anyone else then for Kyle.I know he needs her.She needs him.

I touch the stone.It's cold,but I close my eyes and focus.On Tess.That blonde haired girl with the bouncy ringlets who smiles at me all the time.Who feels some guilt because everyone thought she murdered me.Who has that high squealish laugh.Who looks at you with her intense eyes and you can see everything she's thinking.

I need Tess back.She saved me.Now it's my turn.To set up to the bat and save her life.I concentrate harder.I picture everytime I ever spent with her.Even the first time I met her.

And the times we talked.About life.Max.Kyle.My never ending love for Isabel.She always listened.

I need you,Tess.You're my friend and my partner in crime.You're the Nancy to my Sid.Please Nancy.

I like the fact that there's like a bond between Tess and Alex.It's nice.
I smile as Brian comes in.I rise as Isabel tells us what to do.I owe everything to her.As I walk over to the stone and catch Brian's eyes.

I'm glad you're here,Brian.This is your family.Our family now.I grab onto the stone quickly.

I need Ariel back.She can't leave me now.And I want Tess back.Something about her makes me smile.I ctach David's eye before closing my own eyes and concentrating on Tess.


Come back to us.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 7:32:14 PM by Roswell428
Very nice, everybody! This healing stone scene is going to be very cool! Oh, and Elizabeth Evans, that was a great Liz!

I'll be back in a little while, to post all of my characters' reactions. The postfest tonight should be fun!

posted on 10-Dec-2002 8:06:33 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Great! And thank you so much for the compliment *happy*. See ya tonight! It is going to be a fun scene.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 8:42:46 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Can't wait...I should be on around 10:00 ~10:30.
It's going to be great!!!!!!
posted on 10-Dec-2002 9:38:46 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: I'm here!!! give a minute to finish reading then I'll post a tess part. sorry *sad* .

posted on 10-Dec-2002 9:40:22 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Great! I'm here too! I am so excited to do this scene tonight *happy*
posted on 10-Dec-2002 10:06:09 PM by scifidreamer




Humans have a saying, faith, hope, and charity, but of the three, charity is the greatest. Or something like that. But he's always believed faith is the most important. Without faith what is there? What do you cling to in times of stress? In times of pain? When you want answers for why and science can't answer, when you need hope.

He's a creature of science, but faith is what sustains in times of need. Faith, he chants, a private litany, as the tall girl with long blonde hair, directs.

Vilandra. She must be Vilandra. Faith he thinks. She has faith. Faith that she can be strong. Faith. He has faith that Vilandra never believes the lies again. But that's another story for another time.

Nicola comes and stands by his side. He holds out his hands, the stone cupped in the middle of his palm. Will she really do it.

He searches her eyes, and it must be the charged atmosphere, because chills race down his spine. He has to tell her. Has to warn her, that because of who or what he is, what he can do, energy will flow through her as well. She will in essence become a part of the living conduit he is. Is she willing to do it?

Blindly on just faith?


He steps up to cirlce Tess, the petite girl, laying unconscious on the bed.

His eyes catch Brian's. Brian's eyes, green and dark and filled with shadows, just like an ancient redwood forest. He defers to Brian. And with one word tries to prepare the once and future king of Lysus, for his first task knowing who he is.


Tess will be harder to bring out. He doesn't know if anyone else can sense it, but there's something in Tess, and black malestrom, and it's digging in roots deeper inot her. Sucking her farther into an oblivion.

Deeper into the Phantom Realm. And Ariel too. He hasn't mentioned that, but Tess and Ariel are still connected. A water that can burn. A flame that ripples out like a puddle.



OOC: btw, faboo liz part Elizabeth Evans. and everyone else too. you guys are so aweome, and everyone's so great it takes forever to type out y'alls names. so everyone is included in everyone *big* .

you guys have to stop giving me chills. wait no don't!!! it's so great *big* .

do I have any grammatical errors or typos?

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posted on 10-Dec-2002 10:25:27 PM by Roswell428
I'm back!

~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola had been listening as the tall girl took control of the proceedings. She had been paired with Caleb, and she didn't know how she felt she felt about that. He had a sense of energy, of strength, that she had felt through his pain. (And it was his pain she had felt- she accepted that now). She didn't know if she could keep up with such strength; she feared she would weigh him down.

He looked at her and she saw the question in his eyes. Was she going to do this? She continued to look at him, as he moved around the bed and caught his brother's (?) eyes. She would do this, no matter the consequences, she owed it to everyone- including herself- to save them. She would never forgive herself if she didn't.

She walked up to him and placed her hand in his, over the stone. Looking into his eyes once again, she told him, "I'm ready." She then closed her eyes and began thinking about the girl who lay on the bed, wishing for her safety, waiting for Caleb to do the same.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 10:28:55 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Let the chills abound! That last Caleb part completely gives me the shivers, and it gives me something to work with for Ariel...

Great Nicola post, Roswell428! *happy*


As I wait for something to happen, I notice a change in the atmosphere. Instead of peace or expectation, the air hums with something darker, some kind of maelstrom. It sets my nerves on edge. Whatever is happening, it can't be good, and with each passing minute, I grow more and more nervous. What's happening? Somethng is going wrong, but I don't know what.

I become aware that the sky is growing darker. And yet, the sun isn't setting. It's's like the sun is fading away, and I'm being pulled into that black maelstrom! God, is that where Tess is? Did this end up killing Tess as well? I feel like we're still connected, and I'm getting sucked into this awful place where she is...and guilt consumes me. It's my fault she's there. It should be me instead. I'm the one who said we had to let go...

Then the sun is gone and I'm in total blackness except for the symbols in the sand, which glow with an eerie green light. Somehow I know that soon that light, too, will begin to fade away and the blackness will claim me, maybe forever.

God, no! Please get me out of here before that happens! And please, please don't let it be too late for Tess. David, Brian, Kara, Caleb, HELP US, PLEASE! The wind begins to pick up, blowing my hair violently around my face, and I stand up to look around me in utter panic. I know that I'm powerless to stop what's happening. My only hope is that my family will reach me and Tess in time....


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~*~ Maria ~*~

As Maria was about to retort to Michael's outburst, she was interrupted by Isabel. "It's not the time for bickering. We need to get to work."

Maria closed her mouth, chastened, and listened for Isabel's instructions. She had been grouped with Michael, Max and Liz. They could do this- she could do this- she knew. They would bring Tess back.

All four of them arranged themselves around the stone, each cupping their hands over the others'. Maria looked at Michael one last time before closing her eyes, for luck. She began to think of Tess and what a good friend she had become. 'Tess come back to us.'
posted on 10-Dec-2002 10:38:21 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

ALex came over and stood with Amy, Jim and Kyle. Kyle asked if everyone was ready. Jim nodded his head in agreement and placed his hand over the stone. He began concentrating on Tess- the daughter she had become to him. She would be alright.

He felt Amy's other hand grab his and he squeezed her hand in reassurance. Everything would be alright. Tess would be alright. Tess. Tess. Tess.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 10:41:23 PM by Elizabeth Evans

As Max, Maria, Michael and I hold our stone, I see Michael and Maria share a look. I can feel Maria's determination, along with support and strength from Michael and Max. I close my eyes and concentrate on Tess, visualizing her as she was, full of life, laughing and joking with Kyle, being supportive of Max, sharing moments of close friendship with Isabel...

I'm determined to bring her back to us. She's an integral part of the group, and she belongs back here with all of us, the people who love her. Tess, come back to us

I'm frightened. It scares me that Tess is in such a dark place. I visualize a beacon of light in this dark place to guide Tess back to us, even as the storm rages all around....
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OOC: I'm here! I'm here...

OMB I'm so excited!!!!!

Am I still temping for Michael, if so I'll post his reaction....
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Hey, I_LOVE_NICK! *happy* Yes, you can still temp for Michael. Thanks so much for doing that.
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OOC: rock on Eizabeth Evans, that part kicked ass! I could hear it shouts and plea. and the symbols glowing, wow that's eerie, it's such a strong visual image.



I place my hands beneath Isabel's. Tess. A sad girl. That's what I think. I think a part of her must be sad, cause I see the pain etched on the faces of the two males who were kneeling by her side.

And I imagine what she might look like laughing. Laughter cures the soul. That's what Kara says. I feel eyes on me and look up, only to meet Caleb. There's strength is that gaze. Depths I have no idea. He's my best friend and sudddenly I don't know him. I see ...

I see a kind of release in him. In the ways he's looking at me. But it can't quite push out Caleb who is my older btother. I see it there, edged this acquiescence, is Caleb.

And I feel him flow over me. It's no single word placed in a thought. It's a feeling. A thousand emotions, and thousand scenes.

Hope. Or is it faith? Does it even matter? Aren't they both inclusive of one another? How can you truly have one without the other?

So I concentrate on Tess. On a brighter Tess.

Because after we get Tess back we can retrieve Ariel. And there's a part of me that will die, a part of me I never knew I had, if she's lost to me.

A warm energy rises within me. I think of a tub sowly filling with warm water. It's relaxing and soothing.

And then a sharp breeze whips by me. Tearing at my clothes, tossing my hair in my face, and I hear one word, clear as bell resonate in my head: Help!

I throw myself farther in this healing. I block out the panic I feel bubbling, boiling. Isabel saod no negative thoughts.

No negative thoughts.

posted on 10-Dec-2002 10:50:29 PM by Roswell428
Thanks- you too, Elizabeth Evans!

~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

As Amy listened to Isabel Evans, she wondered how in the world those four little stones were going to save Tess and the other girl. She had no clue as to how this was going to work, but she knew they had to try; they couldn't let the girls just die (although she did wonder why no one had called 911 or taken them to a hospital). She, even though she wasn't exactly sure what she was doing, would help.

As they all grabbed the stone, she felt her pulse quicken unexpectedly. It almost felt like there was a power radiating off of the stone. She instinctively reached for Jim's other hand, wanting to have an anchor from that kind of power and wanting reassurance. She felt him squeeze her hand back and she knew that it was going to be okay. She just needed to concentrate and help.

She closed her eyes and began to breather deeply- the air relaxation helping her to reach lower depths. She thought of Tess, the way she had become a part of the family to Jim and to her, because of her relationship with him. When she was better, they would become a real family, bu right now they had to fix Tess. She concentrated and waited.

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OOC: No prob...I love Michael and I think that it is very important to get everyone's reactions.



He let's out a sigh of relief when Isabel prevents Maria from bitching at him any further.

Isabel shouts out the instructions and he smiles in spite of the situation. It's good to see her so in control.

She explains how to use the stones and puts them in groups.

He is with Maria, Max and Liz. They stand together and Maria glances at him before closing her eyes.

He get's a flash back to when he was dying and Maria had been there to help bring him back.

And even though Tess or this new girl Ariel wasn't there to help him, he would do anything to help them.

He stared at Maria's face for a moment and then closed his eyes and concentrated on Tess.

On the girl he was going to make amends with and become an actual friend to as soon as she got back here with them...

It is where she belongs.


OOC: So is that everyone's reactions?
posted on 10-Dec-2002 10:54:03 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Thanks, Scifidreamer! Your Brian part kicked ass too *happy*. I loved how you described his connection with Caleb and how he heard Ariel's plea.

I think that's everyone's reactions. Shall we continue with the ritual?

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Yeah, I am like freakin out over here!!!


On with the show...

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We haven't had Max's. I think we got everyone elses, though.
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Oh! Is anyone temping for Max?
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Ok...a Max part....I guess I could try that....

I gaze down at Tess, wracked with guilt. I should have been the one to protect everyone. Maybe I could have stopped things before they got this out of hand. Liz gives my hand a reassuring squeeze, and I feel her love and support. I have to be strong and make this work.

Seeing Isabel take charge of the healing stone ritual by issuing orders, explaining how to use the healing stones, and dividing us into groups, I'm filled with an overwhelming sense of admiration for her. She's so self-assured and determined.

Joining with Liz, Michael and Maria as we cup our hands together around our stone, I feel our strong connection and powerful desire to bring Tess back. I'm shocked and grateful as I sense the power of that desire from Liz. I admire her. It can't be easy for Liz to want to make amends and start over with Tess after everything that's happened. Yet, that's just the kind of amazing person Liz is and what made me fall in love with her. Her kindness and compassion.

As one, we focus on Tess. I concentrate on her, how happy she is with Kyle, and our growing friendship.

Come back to us, Tess. We need you.

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That was a good Max! I think we're now ready to begin the infamous (*big*) ritual.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 11:19:40 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thanks *happy*. It's actually a lot of fun to try writing as different characters.

I am *So* excited for this healing ritual to begin! *bounce**bounce*
posted on 10-Dec-2002 11:28:40 PM by Roswell428
Yeah I know! I've taken on so many new characters in this RPG! It's been a blast!

I am too!
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Very soon, it can begin....

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I'm here!! I'm Here!!
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Welcome back, I_LOVE_NICK and Scifidreamer! Let the ritual begin.....

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OOC: Okay, whose going first??????

If we do this in order, then we won't have to edit, because I'm sure that there are different views of how the connection is going happen.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 11:45:37 PM by Roswell428
good point, but I don't know. maybe the one in charge of the ritual?
posted on 10-Dec-2002 11:47:23 PM by Elizabeth Evans
So someone needs to temp Isabel?
posted on 10-Dec-2002 11:48:45 PM by Roswell428
I don't know, that was just a suggestion. It's whatever you guys want.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 11:50:33 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: but who else is here? just so everyone is aware caleb can become a focal point of the power if needed. I don't know if it'll happen, but one of his directives is to act as a supplemental for the lysus gang's power. and since they are all pyschic, and this problem kinda falls into that realm, he can be used if needed.

is Lizzie_Parker17 still going to be max? just curious.

posted on 10-Dec-2002 11:50:40 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Okay, I will if you guys want...but I'm not promising any great scene since I had planned to play off someone else.

So, all of them are going to appear where Tess is right?

Like they will see her and she will see them?

And it's all of them right?
posted on 10-Dec-2002 11:53:18 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OK, let's see if we can work around this without borrowing Isabel too much. Here's a that everyone's given their reactions, focused, and connected, maybe Tess could start with her scene and what happens when the others join her. What do you guys think?

Scifidreamer, if you're asking who else is there in the room, it's everyone. All the characters are there.

As far as our Max, I'm not sure....she's still interested in playing Max, so maybe I'll just temp/borrow him when we need. Is that ok with everyone?

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OOC: sure, but if I_LOVE_NICK wants to go first, far be it from me to deny her that right. *big* . can you tell I'm a little nervous?

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sounds good to me *big*
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Edited because I posted at the same time as you guys and practically cpoied what you all wrote.

I'll go first, it's no problem and I'm nervous too...he he.

Just give me a few minutes to type it up...

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OOC: groovy with me. so who are we going to need to temp for tonight?

feel free to grab the reins krista (is it okay if I call you krista? it's faster to type *happy* )

posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:00:34 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Right, no pressue. Whoever wants to can begin. Everyone does such an incredible job, there's absolutely nothing to be nervous about *happy*

"peace glance" *angel*
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cool- this is exciting!
posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:03:50 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: it's too exciting. that's why I'm nervous. I'm all antsy *big* .

posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:04:27 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Yes, really exciting!

*on the edge of the seat*

As far as temping, we have Max and Michael....

For Isabel and Kara, maybe we could simply leave them leeway to respond so we don't borrow them too much? Like maybe make minimal references to them in our posts that don't restrict them, but not outright borrow them. Does that make sense?
posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:08:08 AM by Roswell428
yes. that's a good idea. The same for Alex too, right?
posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:08:57 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: yeah, I can do that. I don't want to restrict them either, it's just that caleb and kara have a "bond" with her, so all three are going to look to wach other. does that make sense? so minimal referencing. check.

edited. heeheehee. I basically wrote the same thing as Roswellian428

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Yes, and Alex, too. Wow, there really are a lot of characters to keep track of in this! *happy* I love how well we're integrating all these characters!
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OOC: Here it goes, I hope that it doesn't suck, but if it does then someone please help me and edit it.

AHHHH! So much pressure...LOL!

I'm starting with Kyle...



As my concentration on Tess get's more and more intense, I can feel the build up of energy around me but I don't open my eyes.

I can't break my concentration.

I wonder if everyone can feel it? I know now that my alien powers are developing, so I wonder if only the aliens can feel it.

I doubt it. I think that Maria, Alex, Liz,Amy and her sister, Nicola can feel it too.

It's Like electricity running through your veins and surprisingly it feels good. It feels right.

I can see her face infront of mine.


Her curly blonde hair, her sparkingly blue eyes and her perfect lips.

It's just a picture in my head, but she seeems so close. So close, that I want to reach out and take her in my arms.

And that's when I feel it.

There is a break in the pulsing energy in the room. It feels like a rippeling *sp?* over my skin, but I keep my eyes closed.

Then it stops. And all of a sudden I am cold all over. I stand still and shiver uncontrollably. The wind howls loudly and I feel something...

The energy is stronger now. But the image of Tess is gone. I try to get it back but I can't, so I do the only thing I can think of...I open my eyes.

It's dark. That's the first thing that I notice. All I can see is black. Then my eyes adjust and I see the faces around me.

Were all here. I think as I look around.

But no one speaks. And the silence is deafening.

I'm afraid that if I speak, we will all end up back in Liz's bedroom and end the only chance of helping Tess.

I look for the stone and see that it has also came with us. My dad is holding it and it shines off a bright light, that helps to ease the darkness.

We huddle together. The four stones glowing brightly.

I look around at everyone's worried and confused faces.

Is this where Tess is? I think and it breaks my heart to think of her here all alone.

She must be here though. Why else would we be here?

I wrap my arms around my body and feel my hair blow towards my eyes.

It's so cold. I think and then realize that there was no way Tess would be here.

But then I see movement in small distance away....


Okay, it probably sucks. So please if you want to add anything or delete anything please do so.

I'm so nervous to post this...It's like what we have all been waiting for, so please, your suggestions are welcome.

*Holding my breath*....

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Oh and you all can call me Krista, if you want.

~In respnse to scifidreamers earlier post!
posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:22:31 AM by Roswell428
you have nothing to be nervous or worried about! That was really good!
posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:22:37 AM by Elizabeth Evans
It's really good!
posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:28:18 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Thanks, I'm not very happy with it, but if you like it then okay...

And like I said if you want to add anything, go ahead...
posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:29:07 AM by Roswell428
not necessary *happy*
posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:30:13 AM by scifidreamer

Time is irrelavent. Balckness ebbs and consumes. A tide of Hollowness.

The blackness is disturbed. The dark is ruined. Marred by four pin points of light.

*She* glances over at them, in disinterested curiosity. Winds howl and fight her thoughts for supremacy of her awareness. Her arms slowly lower back down to her sides. Are they here for the welcoming darkness as well? Do they long to feel its final embrace?


OOC: your part was excellent krista, you did a great job of opening the scene. now I'm totally just winging this. I have no real idea what's happening. I'm letting tess write it *big* .

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posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:30:29 AM by Elizabeth Evans
It did a great job of setting up and describing this Phantom Realm where Tess is.

"peace glance" *angel*
posted on 11-Dec-2002 12:40:19 AM by Roswell428
yes it did!
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Thanks guys...Well I have to get going now, I gotta work tomorrow.

I'll be here tomorrow night though and hopefully by then, our 'daytime' people will have had a chance to post!

"Night guys!!!!!
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Goodnight, I_LOVE_NICk! See you tomorrow night! I should head for bed, too....That way, I can wake up at a decent hour, get my paper done, and have plenty of time for the postfest tomorrow night by 10. 'Night, everyone! *happy*

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Goodnight! I'm going to head off as well. See you all tomorrow.

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You too, scifidreamer! And to everyone else! Good night, all.
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I'm really looking forward to tonight! I may not be on until late, but I'll be here *happy*
posted on 11-Dec-2002 4:00:17 PM by TabascoChick
I stop for a moment.Everything freezes.I look around at them all.

Please this work.

I try not to think about if it doesn't.I would feel like I betrayed Tess.She saved my life.It's only right for me to save hers.

Then I see movement.I'm not sure if it's real.

I blink my eyes a few time and wait.

I stand there,confused as I watch the stones.

I try to keep my attention on saving Tess,but all I can think about is Ariel.I can hear her screaming out.I want to save her.

But Tess.If we can save Tess,then can't we save Kara?

I hold my breath,praying that both of the girls will be saved.
posted on 11-Dec-2002 4:53:51 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

Great parts...I'm glad that you are posting!!!!!

You were gone for awhile and we missed you...It's good to see you these past two days!!!

Oh, and I'll be on later tonight...not sure what to you all later!!!!!!!!
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Just taking a short break from the paper. I'll be here sometime tonight, too. It may be a bit later than usual....probably sometime after 11 or so, but I'll be here. See you all then!
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OOC: SORRY!! I know I'm uncharacteristically late at posting!!! LONG day... :-( but im glad I'm here now! BTW, GREAT POSTS!!!


I feel a cold breeze sweep over my body and I get shivers down my spine. I keep my eyes closed determined to get this done. Tess... the friend I never had. Where are you? I feel the energy transport me to what seems to be almost another realm. I open my eyes slowly... reminding myself to focus on Tess. I see the intense darkness and wince. This is not a place for Tess. This is so NOT Tess. I shiver in cold wind again and look around. Why does this place feel so... EMPTY. Suddenly I see some movement in the distance. I refrain myself from yelling out in excitement. DON'T SCREAM and scare her off. I want to run and kiss her! I know it's her... I can feel it. I slowly see everyone staring at me, waiting for directions on what to do. But I notice Kyle has seen her. Slowly... I open my dry lips and pray to God that we won't all disappear into oblivion by my doing this.

posted on 11-Dec-2002 9:24:40 PM by scifidreamer
OOC: wow that was a great part Roswellainprincess16. I like how you described where tess is. I felt cold. excellent set up by the way.

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posted on 11-Dec-2002 9:26:49 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Yeah, Selena...Great part!!!!!!
posted on 11-Dec-2002 9:32:33 PM by roswellianprincess16
Thanks guys! *tongue*
That makes me feel good... especially since I'm here working on calculus hw and getting a major headache! lol
posted on 11-Dec-2002 9:33:44 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Yes, great Isabel post! *happy* Sorry you've got a headache. I'm working on a paper still, so you're in good company tonight!

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OOC: math sucks!!!!!!!!!! down with math!!!! stay here with us? it's more fun and ........... and more fun. *big* .

posted on 11-Dec-2002 9:37:55 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Hehe, yeah! I'm going to juggle both posting and paper. Are we all ready to continue the ritual? Let's bring Tess and Ariel home!
posted on 11-Dec-2002 9:41:57 PM by roswellianprincess16
I second that motion! :-) Let's get them back here! I can deal with math and posting. Even if only for a short while. :-D
posted on 11-Dec-2002 9:49:09 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I can sense Tess' presence, even in the darkness. "Tess!" I call out to her. "Tess, can you hear us? We're all here. We came to get you out of this place, to take you back home."

Why do I feel a sense of detached curiousity, like nothing really matters anymore? It's like an insidious blackness that pervades this place, and somehow I can tell that it's invaded Tess. It'll invade the rest of us, too, if we stay too long. I look over at Max and the others with a worried expression, telling them quietly, "We have to hurry!"
posted on 11-Dec-2002 9:54:17 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

It feels wrong here, everything is so dark and cold.

We are all huddled together when I sopt movement a short distance away.

The rest of them see it too.

Liz calls out to Tess, if it even is her, and panic settle's in my bones.

Liz says we have to hurry and I believe her, we're running out of time.

"Why isn't she coming?" I whisper. "Can't she hear us?"
posted on 11-Dec-2002 10:31:57 PM by scifidreamer

Was that a real voice? A real shout of a name that sounds familar? Or was it the demons come again? Demons who say their friends? Who lure away with promises of the truth, and lock the heavy metal door, a resounding clank? Demons who storm the mind and tear it to shreds looking. Looking.

Her heart beat begins to race. A cold sweat breaks out across her body.

No, she whimpers.

Please, no, she quietly pleas.

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posted on 11-Dec-2002 10:35:33 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I don't what to do.

Should we go over? Let her come here?

"Guys, something is wrong." I say feeling fear, but not from me. It's from her.

I wonder if anyone else can feel it.

"We have to do something.' I say frantically.

posted on 11-Dec-2002 10:48:33 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: just to show how in sync we are, I totally did not see the Kyle post until after I posted this. I'm just going to add in a response to Kyle, but everything else was there and matched your post perfectly! *happy*


I can sense Tess' fear and extreme caution. It's like she's afraid that we're not real, and that her hopes for rescue will be dashed by a cruel deception. God, what has she suffered here already. Looking over at Kyle, I see he's also sensed her fear. He asks if we should go over or have Tess come to us. Right now, I think Tess is too afraid to come to us. "Let's go to her," I suggest. Maybe that will let Tess know that we're here to rescue her and not entice her to come to us with some false promise. For her to come to us, she might think that would mean giving in to something...whoever or whatever is deceiving her.

"Tess, we're coming! Just sit tight, and we'll have you out of here and away from this awful place." I know she won't fully believe it now. We'll have to find some way to convince her it's real.

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posted on 11-Dec-2002 10:49:45 PM by scifidreamer


His eyes stay closed, and with one hand he pulls Nicola closer to him. He can see everything clearly in his mind's eyes. He stretches out and senses Tess. Or at least what's left of her.

A fragile mind, abused.

What is real and what is nightmare?

Kyle. "...Do soemthing," he catches the last of that desperate statement.

He turns part of his attention to this young man. Surprise floods him. Kyle: not alien, nor completely human. Not anymore at least.

"Kyle, try to draw her to you!!!" he shouts to be heard over the mental static. In this dead silence where the wind rages, the noise in his head bangs louder. "Kyle!!!" he shouts as he notices him take a step away from the back.

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OOC: Okay, just a question, so I do not mess this up...

Is Kyle the only one that can ove towards her? You said he was taking a step back....

Or am I a moron?????
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Sorry guys... my comp went berzerk for a second there. Anyway... great start! Question: We're not gonna be trapped in there, are we?

I can feel myself begin to wear down. I'm suddenly so tired. It isn't worth all this. Even listening to myself say this, I'm appalled. What is this place? I look over at Tess who looks completely confused and terribly frightened. This is what Nasedo did to her. Those shapeshifters have allowed her to live in a world of fear and guilt. But she doesn't have to! We forgive her and love her more than we could possibly explain. I feel my strength rebuild when I hear Caleb call out to Kyle. Then I get an idea.

"Caleb! Can we still communicate with her mentally? Would we get lost or trapped if we tried to get into her head? What if... what if I could grab some of her happier memories, times when she felt loved, appreciated, times that made her feel... human. What if I could bring those out? Will it get her out of this darkness?" I can hear the panic, even in my own voice. I'm on the brink of tears... but I can't. I WILL not let this place control me.
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semi-OOC: Trapped there!? Oh, please no! They have to get Tess and Ariel back safely.

Anyway *happy*....back to plotting which song to use in Ariel's next post when it's her turn to be saved...There are two I'm torn between...

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Ohhhh... song!!! Which two are you torn between! Quik question... did everyone leave? I was hoping to post a few times. :-D
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That is so ironic because I was just going to tell you guys something...

When I am on here, I listen to my music *helps me think* LOL!

SO anyway, two songs remind me of this RPG so much.

The first is *I don't know if you guys will know this one* But it's called "I'll Stand By You." It's by the Prentenders and it reminds me so much of Kyle and Tess in this story...listen to'll see what I mean.

And the other is "With You." By Avril Lavigne...reminds me of Kara and David...listen, you'll see...

LOL! It's so cool!
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OOC: sorry meant to write he takes a step towards her. imma gonna go edit *happy* .
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hey guys, I'm here, sorry I'm late. Just give me a minute to catch up and I'll be with you. Sorry, I didn't get a chance to post my reactions earlier today- life's been a bitch. I'll be with you in a minute, though.
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Edited because my question was answered! LOL!

Hey Roswell428!!!

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HEY ROSWELL428!! :-)

Krista, I know what u mean! The Avril song does remind me of their relationship! lol... and I didn't even realize it until now that you said something! That's pretty cool!, la, la. I'm SOOO BORED. I'm not even tired anymore. I was when I was doing my math... but not anymore. I should be studying for my test in photo (but).... well... u guys get the drill. :-D

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Hey *happy*. Glad everyone's here!

Ok, the two songs I was thinking of that would be perfect for the scene are Snow on the Sahara by Anggun (the song I used in the beginning of the rpg so it could be like it was a foreshadowing of this scene then), or These Dreams. Anybody know those songs?

Hehe, I might have gotten the Anggun song title wrong in my beginning post....I'll have to go check that, but the lyric about being lost out in the desert fits (as does the rest of the song) with the scene. Both songs would easily work so it's a tough decision.

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I liked when you used Snow on the Sahara... although I haven't heard it... I had liked when I read it on the post. But from the sound of the title of the other one... These Dreams... it might depend. Which one do you think fits the mood better?
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*Thinks more closely about the lyrics and mood of These Dreams* You know what, I think Snow on the Sahara will work better for this, both the lyrics and mood of it...

Thanks! *hugs*

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NO PROBELM! :-) Glad I could help!
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OK, shall we try to get Tess and Ariel back tonight?
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Oh... that'd be nice. I have about half an hour before I zonk (is that even a real word?) out. ;-) I'm so lazy.
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Okay, here goes...scifidreamer and I were thinking that maybe Kyle will be the one to get Tess out of this funk...but she can't access the page, but I am going to post anyway, and any changes can be made later....



I look at Caleb when he tells me to get to her.

I don't know what to do.

It's so dark and it's so cold. I just want to go home.

But, I'm not leaving without her.

I take a step forward and reach out with my mind.

I don't want to yell and scare her.

"Tess." I plead walking towards her. "Tess, it's Kyle. We're here. All of us. You can home now Tess. I'm not leaving without you."

I send out the message through my mind and her back is to me.

She turns around then, her eyes wide.

Something is not right.
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I watch Kyle slowly walk towards Tess. One step, two steps. With each step he takes, my heart beats twice. I feel like I'm falling... from what? He speaks to her and I watch her turn around to face him. And I have to control the urge to scream. Her eyes are empty. I don't mean empty like without eyeballs... but more like without life. There is no Tess in those eyes. Just a void and a looking out into darkness. And the fear that I've lost her forever begins to take over.
posted on 11-Dec-2002 11:51:36 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I stare at Tess in a mixture of relief and shock when we reach her. Relief that we found her, but shock when I look into her blue eyes and it's like Tess is barely there anymore. God, we're losing her, I think helplessly. I try not to show the horror I'm feeling and try to be strong for everyone. Looking over at Isabel, I can see the same feelings flow through her.

What if we can't get her back? I think that Kyle is our only hope. He was there for her and loved her even when the rest of us had turned away from her. I just prayed that he could reach her now, bring that spark of life, of Tess' soul, back into her eyes.
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~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola opened her eyes slowly and was frightened by the place in which she found herself. She felt like a little girl almost, wanting to run and hide, away from this place. She felt Caleb pull her closer and was comforted by his prescence and his quiet strength.

She watched as Kyle began to approach the girl, and prayed that everything was going to be alright. Everything had to be alright. She clung to Caleb and wished with all of her soul.

~*~ End Nicola ~*~

By the way, I like the idea of using a song for Ariel- it makes it that much more special. And all of the parts have been fabulous!
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No, she whimpers. Unseeing eyes staring at world of fear made real

"No!" she shouts. She starts to shake her head, but laughter haunts her. Her face scrunches up, and her lip trembles. She puts her hands over her head.

Go away. GO Away. Just..... please.

She turns her back on the apparations trying to fill her head with more lies. Where'd the welcoming black go? She lets it fill her a little more. The darkness sucks at her, the darkness coos and offers respite. Numbing nothing.

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Dude... that's really sad. *sad*

But... I'm glad ur back! *bounce*

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~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

The Sheriff, kept his grip on Amy and Alex as his son approached Tess, trying to bring her back. He watched fearful for their safety- any place this forboding could not be good.

He whispered to himself, "It's going to be alright- it has to be." And then louder he spoke up. "We love you, Tess, come back to us."
posted on 11-Dec-2002 11:57:14 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Very sad! Kyle's got his work cut out for him!


"We need you, Tess! Please come home with us. Fight this darkness! It's not don't belong here. You belong back home, with everyone who loves you. I...I know I haven't always treated you very well, but Tess, you saved Alex. And you did this incredibly brave thing today when you thought we were all being threatened. You protected us, now let us protect you..."

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Yeah he does! I just want to cry for Tess!

~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

Amy wondered where they were and how they had even gotten there. More than that, she was unsure of how they were supposed to bring Tess back. Well, whatever it was, they had better do it soon.

She watched as Tess turned her back on them. This wasn't good. They weren't going to be able to reach her. She heard Jim call out to her and gripped his hand tightly. Liz then called out to her, and she hoped that Tess had heard.

Not knowing how, she knew that Kyle needed to show her that he loved her- only the love could set her free. She called to him. "Kyle, show her you love her. She needs love."

~*~ End Amy ~*~

Was this okay?

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I tried to hold it... I had tried to be strong. For everyone, for myself. But I found it impossible to breathe right here. I begin to cry, the emotions I tried so hard to deny slowly taking over. I don't want to feel this. I look at Tess again, and suddenly an image of her flashes into my mind. Tess is sitting at the Crashdown eating her favorite, pancakes with strawberries, whipped cream, and hot sauce. Of course, Kyle is with her. And Kyle takes a try. The face he makes is priceless. Kyle has ALWAYS been there for her. Has always cared enough. I suddenly felt the guilt engulf me. I had tried to be her friend... but I was told to stay away! We were afraid... we were just so afraid.

"I'm sorry...." I wimper out and suddenly begin to feel amazingly alone.
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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria opened her eyes and immediatly closed them again. The intense blackness was disturbing, and was ruining her concentration in thinking about Tess. It was then that she realized that this is where Tess must be. She cracked an eye open and glanced around her. God, if this was where Tess was, Tess must be frightened out of her wits.

She kept her hand over the stone, holding on securely, and she began to scan, looking at everyone else. Tess was there- they had seen her. She stretched her eyes and looked further. There- there she was, with her back to them.

Kyle went towards her, on Caleb's advice, and tried to reach her. She listened as they all called encouragement to her. And then her mother said something unexpected. Tess needed the love. Maria yelled out, as loud as she could, "I love you Tess! You've become one of my best friends!"

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Well, Kyle's going to have a hard time, isn't he?

*Thanks* LOL, I'm just kidding....



I continue to walk towards her but I can't help but have the urge to turn and run.

That's not Tess. I think looking into those dead eyes.

She's not there, she's gone. So, if I run, it's okay because she can't be saved if she's not here.

I tell myself this, but my feet carry me forward because in my heart I know that she is in there somewhere.

SHe's in there and she is alone and afraid.

I'm her last hope. I realize and the determination sets in.

I AM NOT leaving without her. NOt because I feel responsibel but because if she doesn't come back with me, there's not point in me going back either.

I approach her and she shouts "No!" and then turns away.

I come up behind her.

"Tess, I know that you are in there. And you can scream at me all you want, but I am not leaving here without you." I tell her, with her back to me.

"I love you Tess Harding and if you don't come with me, then I am staying right here. No matter how much this place scares me."

"ANd I know that it scares you too. You don't want to be here."

I see her back straighten and I continues.

"Besides, do you know how pale your complexion is going to get if you stay here?" I say this, so that if the real Tess and not just this body can hear me, she will know that it really is me.

"Seriously, Tess. I will sit down here right beside and wait here for eternity. Because I am NOT leaving. I love you too much."

"And they love you too, Tess. Everyone is here. Your friends and people that you have never met, because we all want you back. YOu don't deserve to be here."

I start to cry now. I tried to hold my tears back, but she still hasn't turned around to face me and I am afraid that when she does, she still won't be there.

The tears slide down my cheeks.

"Tess, come to me. You don't have to be afraid. I'm here. I love you, no matter what. I'm here and I always will be. Please..."


Okay, sorry I took so long, my computer is so slow for some reason.

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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria heard Isabel's whimper. That would not do, they all needed to be strong right now, strong for Tess. Later, they could blame themselves and worry. But now, they had to be strong and in control. She didn't blame Isabel for feeling that way, she felt that way herself, but now was not the time.

Isabel had stopped her and Michael from bickering earlier because it hadn't been the time and because it had been taking away from their focus. Isabel had been right. She was about to return the favor.

She turned to Isabel. "We love you too, Isabel. Stop blaming yourself- that will get you no where, and you need to help Tess now. You didn't do anything wrong. We love you and Tess needs your help."

~*~ End Maria ~*~

I'm not sure about this- is it okay?

AND I_LOVE_NICK, your Kyle was perfect!

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That was so awesome... *happy*
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Suddenly I sense Isabel beginning to slip away from us, beginning to be drawn into the darkness by her guilt. I can see it in the expression on her face. I shake her a little and tell her firmly,

"Isabel, remember what you told us? No negative thoughts! We all did the best we knew how, and the past is past. Right now we have to focus on bringing Tess back and make our amends for the future! Don't give into this, Isabel. We all have to stay together here!"

I look into my sister's eyes, willing her to stay strong and not be pulled into this blackness.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 12:23:39 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OMG....that Kyle part was amazing...something about it reminded me of What Dreams May Come, the scene where Annie is in her version of hell and Chris can't get her back and the only way to save her is to join her. He won't leave her side....

Anyone else see and love that movie?
posted on 12-Dec-2002 12:27:40 AM by roswellianprincess16
OOC: Oh God, Lora, that part made me cry. It was incredibly touching! You're right! It does remind me of that! The darkness, the emptiness, him going towards her but almost like she doesn't recognize him! Oh God... I need to watch that movie again.

I feel Max shaking me and I look into his eyes as he tells me not to give in. I nod my head quickly, my eyes wide in panic. It's the darkness. It's too much. It's beginning to get to me... slowly. I keep nodding my head but turn to face Tess and Kyle. Hurry up... I want to get OUT of here! PLEASE TESS... I'm scared. I won't leave without you. Then I think of Ariel. Oh my God... we have to hurry up. We may not have much time. If she's in a place like this... oh no. I don't even want to think about it. I look over at David and see him staring at Tess in disbelief. This place is foreign and strange to everyone. I feel the urgency the more I stare at him. I look over at Kyle again. Come on... come on!

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Me too...I think I'll need to watch it again this weekend.
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It's hard to not let the blackness take hold. It whispers seductively in my ears, a coolness against the burning pain I've shoved away. Is everyone going through this? Are they all being tempted by, drawn into, this darkness? Or is it attacking each of differently? Plying at us, the best way that will make us suucomb?

posted on 12-Dec-2002 12:40:40 AM by roswellianprincess16
OOC:Last post, then I'm off to nighty land!

I watch Brian and realize the extent of the madness.

"BRIAN! Brian look at me... look at me!" I look towards Caleb for help. I know I can't do this by myself.

"Listen to me. We're going to get her out of here and then get Ariel so you and your sister can go home safe and sound." I smile, practicing my position as leader again. Ok... it's almost time.


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Thanks guys!!!

No, I haven't seen that movie...but now I want to...LOL!



I watch Kyle approach Tess and I can't even comprehend what I am feeling.

I feel guilty. I feel guilty because as I look at Tess and see the emptiness in her eyes I think about Ariel.

If we go to Ariel and she is like this, I don't think I could do what Kyle is doing.

I shake my head. I would do it.

Ariel is everything to me. I would do anything to save her, but for her sake, I hope that she is not in a place like this.

I watch Tess and Kyle with apprehension. We have to hurry if we are going to get Ariel.

I'm on the verge of panic when I feel someone take my hand.

I turn and look into Kara's eyes.

We don't speak, but our eyes say everything.

We are both going to do anything we have to to get Tess and Ariel back.

Sarah, I hope you don't mind I borrowed Kara!!!
posted on 12-Dec-2002 12:42:31 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: my god you guys, these are such awesome parts! I can't believe the intensity. it's amazing.



They shout their encouragement and it distracts the darkness. The darkness doubles it efforts to pull Tess into itself. And that's when he knows what might work.

He reaches out with his mind, and touches everyone, ~Kyle, keep distracting it. Even if Tess wanted to get free she couldn't. It's rooted in her. If are able to hit with enough of our own energy, then maybe, we can knock it loose, so to speak. We have to break its grip on her. Does everyone know what I'm talking about?~ he asks mind to mind.


OOC: feel free to elaborate on that. it just kind of came up. I hope that's okay. btw krista, excellent kyle part.

and Roswellian428, I hate it when life's a bitch, cause you can't slap it around and tell it to stop or kick its dumb ass.

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'Night! *happy* Great Isabel part!
posted on 12-Dec-2002 12:45:44 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Good night Selena...

I'm going to be heading off soon too as well.

I gotta work in the morning.

*Thanks scifidreamer.*

I love this RPG...You guys are awesome!!!!
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OOC: Goognight to everyone who's heading for bed!
I love this RPG, too! You all are such incredible writers, so it's turning out much more amazing than I could have ever dreamed!

Oh, scifidreamer, I love the idea of the darkness affecting each person differently, playing on their weaknesses to get them to succumb. It's brilliant!


I look at Max and see the look of shock and despair on his face when he sees how empty Tess' eyes are. In that moment, a stab of jealousy pierces my heart, and suddenly I feel the blackness grow colder, like icy tendrils winding their way around me, trying to ensnare me. The darkness whispers to me that Max may think he loves me, but he was married to Tess and will find his love for her again. It's almost more than I can bear....
God, NO! I will lose him! Wouldn't it be better just to let the darkness have her.....and maybe even better, let the darkness take me.....that way, I won't have to live with the guilt if I leave Tess here, or suffer the agony of losing Max....maybe it would be better just to give in...then everything will be all right because nothing would matter anymore...

Just then, I hear Caleb's suggestion to break Tess free from this darkness. I nod in response to his question, filled with gratitude because his clipped orders drew me out of my destructive thinking. OK, Liz, focus! Focus on directing energy at that thing to break its grip on Tess. I imagine a beacon of brilliant white light and join with the others to direct it at this blackness that has Tess....

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OOC: good nite you guys. *I* don't have classes tomorrow so I can stay up. plus it's not even 10 here. I second krista's sentiments: this Rpg rocks.



*She* looks at him. This boy with cobalt blue eyes, that water. That seem to push the hurt and darkness away, just a bit. Words that ring true. Words that wrap her up in a blanket. Her back straightens, what are these words, these eyes that shine?

Iridescent drops fall from his eyes, fall forever in this emptiness. She lifts her hand up to catch one-

She screams suddenly as the darkness bites at her. It digs its claws deeper into her, tearing her mind further. And the numbness dissipates leaving a terror that grows above her. Towering high, shrieking its displeasure. Her cries are frantic and filled with terror, she slips farther-

A brief glimmer, and it's like looking through a window: a beach quickly blowing away turning to sand and scattering, and another she.

*She* fights back for one moment and reaches out to her, and all the horror is a catalyst. A crystal chalice on the precipice, tipping, dropping-

About to shatter. And she's not the only glass figurine on the shelf. Two she's. And maybe she just has to hold on a little longer.

She yells out the pain of not succombing and drops to her knees.

Evil. She is evil. Evil.


posted on 12-Dec-2002 1:10:24 AM by Roswell428
Thanks scifidreamer!

And night to everyone who's going to bed now.

And nice Liz, Elizabeth Evans, her insecurities and feelings were well done.

~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola could only nod at Caleb's suggestion. At this point, she would trust him and his ideas. She grabbed hold of him more firmly and concentrated on giving him her energy to use, to fight the blackness. Her energy, though not much, should help him. She kept thinking and sending.

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Yes, this RPG does rock!

And wow, scifidreamer, that was awesome!

~*~ Maria ~*~

Despite her brave words to Isabel, Maria could feel the tears beginning to form at the back of her throat. She would not cry- she wouldn't! Michael looked at her, with love in his eyes, and that just made the tears want to fall faster. What if she lost him like this? She had already come close to losing him once, and she could not bear it if it happened again.

But then she heard Caleb's words, and she was filled with shame at herself, for her selfish thoughts, when she needed to be thinking about how best to save Tess. Straightening her shoulders, she looked back at Michael, and began trying to push at the darkness with her mind.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 1:20:11 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

Amy could feel the darkness pulling at her, trying to pull her away from Jim and Alex. Still not fully comprehending how all of this could be happening, she clung tightly to them, vowing not to let go.

She listened to what the man said (in her head no less!) and began concentrating on a mental image of stomping on the darkness, making it no more. She thought of obliterating it, and light shining through. Not knowing what else to do, she only hoped that it was enough.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 1:29:11 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Jim Valenti ~*~

Hearing what that man thought, he began trying to focus his energy on distracting the blackness. Bringing his energy together, he imitated what he had seen the aliens do countless times, and held out his hand.

He kept one hand on the stone, with Alex and Amy's hands, and wrapped Amy's other hand (the one he had been holding) around his shoulders, so they wouldn't lose contact with each other.

He brought his hand in front of him, facing where the blackness held Tess. 'I'm not alien, but in this realm, maybe it just might work,' he thought, as he lifted his hand.

He then concentrated on sending the energy at the blackness. It had dared to try to hurt Tess, a member of his family, so it would die. He sent at it all the energy he possessed.

~*~ End Valenti ~*~

Was that okay? If not, tell me and I'll edit.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 1:45:06 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Wow, scifidreamer, what an incredible Tess part! I'll be on for a little while, too...with this paper to finish, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon *happy*.

Everyone's parts have been incredible!

The wind whips around me, and my panic rises as the thought of being engulfed in that blackness. It's so hard to fight it....I'm not even sure if I can fight it. Suddenly, the ocean is gone completely and instead I find myself looking into that place of oblivion. And I find Tess looking right back at me...but there's nothing in her eyes! It's like she's almost gone. The blackness has almost completely consumed her!

Oh, God, NO! Tess, fight it! Don't let this blackness take you! Fight back! Then I see Kyle trying to talk with her, doing his best to save her. I pray it's not too late.

The panic has almost consumed me, and I realize that I have to stop. I have to stop, or I'll be next to fall into the blackness. But how is it possible to fight this thing? How? I think of Mom and Dad, and David....I remembered saying goodbye to him and telling him that he was always able to calm me when I felt scared. And so my thoughts center on him.

I focus on how he is my strength, and that thought anchors me. And it gives me strength and hope to fight back against the blackness that's threatening to take over this place. I begin to see a few of the symbols begin to grow dim, their green light flickering. There's only one thing I can think of to do to fight back....

A song enters my mind, one that offers hope in such a desolate place. Ironic how it was playing on the radio just this morning, Anggun's Snow On the Sahara. Then, through sheer will, I send the song out into the wind, a cry of protest to keep the blackness away...

And I hear the sweet music begin to play....

Only tell me that you still want me here
when you wander off out there
to those hills of dust and hard winds that blow
in that dry white ocean alone

Lost out in the desert, you are lost out in the desert

But to stand with you in the ring of fire
I'll forget the days gone by
I'll protect your body and guard your soul
from mirages in your sight

Lost out in the desert

If your hopes scatter like the dust across your track
I'll be the moon that shines on your path
the sun may blind our eyes, I'll pray the skies above
For snow to fall on the Sahara
If that's the only place where you can leave your doubts
I'll hold you up and be your way out
And if we burn away I'll pray the skies above
For snow to fall on the Sahara

Just a wish and I will cover your shoulders
with veils of silk and gold
When the shadows come and darken your heart
Leaving you with regrets so cold

Lost out in the desert

If your hopes scatter like the dust across your track
I'll be the moon that shines on your path
the sun may blind our eyes, I'll pray the skies above
For snow to fall on the Sahara
If that's the only place where you can leave your doubts
I'll hold you up and be your way out
And if we burn away I'll pray the skies above
For snow to fall on the Sahara....

The song gave me hope. The others were willing to stand with me and Tess here in this ring of fire, to face their own fears and demons to bring us back. They were the moon that would shine on our path to lift us out of this place. And with just a wish from us, they would protect our bodies and guard our souls from the mirages here that would decieve and ensnare. My faith began to grow....and the wind began to still. Then white, powdery flakes of snow began to fall....

OOC: OMG, I didn't even realize the extent of how well the lyrics worked for this until I typed it all out! It's so eerie...

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posted on 12-Dec-2002 1:57:28 AM by Roswell428
That did work really well- very nice.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 1:59:42 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Thanks *happy*
posted on 12-Dec-2002 9:49:49 AM by TabascoChick
OOC:God...those posts were great...almost made me cry...everyone's posts were really amazing!

I watch as Kyle talks to Tess.Please Tess.Listen to Kyle.Listen to him.Look into his eyes and come back to us.Negative thoughts come to mind.What if we lose Tess?What will Kyle do? And Isabel and Maria and Micheal and Liz and Max? What will I do?

No....I can't think of it.I have to stay strong for Tess.She's gonna come out of there.She and Ariel.I look at Isabel.

We're gonna get her out,Izzy.I promise

I listen to Caleb's commands and concentrate.Try to block out the darkness that controls Tess.If she could break free from it just a second then Kyle could bring her back.

Please Tess!Don't give in

I try to not cry as I watch Kyle try to get Tess back.I know he'll do anything to save her.I know Brian would do that for me!

I can hear the darkness.I know Brian can hear it too.It sounds so seductive.Relaxing.

No!I can't slip into that.Please Tess!Come back.

My thoughts drift off to Ariel.Is she suffering like this?I can't even imagine it.I feel tears drip down my cheek and I look up at David.Our eyes meet for a moment.

And in that moment,I know everything will be ok.I know we will help Ariel.I want to reach out and grab his hand,but I don't.

I just try to destroy the darkness.Help Tess.Help Ariel.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 2:12:10 PM by Roswell428
Very nice, Tasbascochick! Everyone's parts have simply been amazing! Anyone up for another fest tonight?

(I'm trying to get in all of the festing that I can, as I will be going home on Saturday and my computer access will be greatly restricted, as I will have to battle with my sister for it and she is as much of an aim-aholic as I am with this. So for the next month, I'll continue to post, but probably not as frequently or as often. Just thought I'd give you warning now.)
posted on 12-Dec-2002 2:39:15 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
I am so up for a post fest tonight...No work tomorrw, so I can be on as long as I want...

As for right now, I am on my way out, so I don't want to post...I don't want to rush it, because you guys are doing such an amazing job, I don't want to screw it up...

Talk to you all later!!!!!
posted on 12-Dec-2002 3:20:49 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I'm definitely up for another postfest tonight *happy*. I'll be on by around 9 pm board time, and can stay on for at least a few hours unless I totally crash. See you guys then!

posted on 12-Dec-2002 5:27:15 PM by scifidreamer
OOC: kay was anyone else not able to access the entire board last night? cuz after 1:30 (your time) it kept coming up with that white page that says the page can't be accessed or something like that. it was crazy. I thought it was my computer at first, but I think the board was so busy, it kinda got over run. does that sound plausible?

I'm so down for a post fest. absolutely amazing parts everyone. and Lora (is it alright for me to use your name? ::winning smile:: ) that song was *so* right. I was blown away. I like how strong Ariel is being. she's never had anything like this happen to her before, nothing quite so dramatic, well at least she hadn't thought so, and I think it's going to be interesting to see how this affects her in future situations.

and Roswellian428 I love the way you write amy. I like her disbelief while believing. maybe not disbelief, but astonishment. it's like those thoughts at the back of your mind, that you have no control of and they just kinda pop up whenever.

I love the way you wrote alex's "bonding" with tess, earlier Sara. it was so good. just what I imagined. they're each others comfort in a way that no one else can get. not primary or anything, just they understand, mainly cause of their whole previous experience, but if you think about it, also cuz they were the two kinda on the outside of the group for a long time, okay them and kyle *big* . hey, that kinda works doesn't it? he and kyle are best friends, she and kyle love each other, and they both are "connected", due to circumstances, closely?

I'm so feeling Isabel's doubts and fears Selena. it's so human and natural and real. you write them and I can feel what she's feeling, despite what she's thinking. you can sense her urgency. so excellent job writing her. I think you've managed to keep her more ice princess and human at the same time, then the show was able in three years.

krista, once again awesome parts, I love the way kara and david act with eac other. it's like they are unconsciosly constantly aware of each other. rock on.

there's is so much more I want to say I just can't remember it all right now. and thank you guys for liking tess' part. I'm really am trying not to be too melodramatic *big* even if you can't tell.

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Hey, everyone! I'm here and ready to postfest whenever you guys are.

Scifidreamer, thanks for the lovely compiments on Ariel's part. It was such fun to write! And I so totally agree with your sentiments on everyone's posts. Everyone has done the most amazing job! I love it! *happy*

I had the same trouble getting last night and this morning. What happened was the address kept changing from .net to .com and back again. I only found out that by looking it up on the web. Very weird how the website address kept changing. Wonder why that happened?

posted on 12-Dec-2002 9:31:44 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I'm here too and soooooooooo EXCITED!!!!

Oh, scifidreamer, I totally agree with everything you wrote...everyone here is so amazing.

And I love you being Tess and Kara...You rock *wink* girl!!! I luv ya!!!!!

And I had problems too. I tries to check in this morning before I left for work and the same thing was happening to me...I PRAY that it doesn't happen again!!!!!!!

Can't wait to start!!!
posted on 12-Dec-2002 9:43:01 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Hey, there! *happy* How are ya? I'm so excited, too! I think tonight is the night we break Tess free to save her and Ariel! *bounce**bounce**bounce* I can't wait to find out how it all turns out.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 9:45:39 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Yeah me too!!!!!

I can't wait to save Tess and get to Ariel!
posted on 12-Dec-2002 9:46:42 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Double post!!!


But that's good, I can answer your question...Ha Ha!

I'm good, very excited!!1

HOw are you????
posted on 12-Dec-2002 9:51:52 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Hehe, I can't wait for Ariel to be saved, either! I'm not sure how much more of that place she can take *happy*

Anyway, I'm good. Running on little sleep, but good. I turned in my paper today, and that was the last assignment of the semester. I just hope I don't start crashing too early tonight becasue I want to stay on and role play, at least until midnight.

posted on 12-Dec-2002 9:53:39 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: yay!! post fest tonight!!! I think tonite is the nite.

Die evil dark thing! Die!

posted on 12-Dec-2002 9:57:09 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I second that motion! Let the postfesting (and killing of the evil thing) commence! *happy*
posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:18:45 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, I'm ready, got my music and my comfy chair!!! LOL!

::Cracks knuckles...::



Caleb reaches out with his mind and tells us to fight it.

Fight whatever this is...He tells Kyle to distract it.

I glance to where Kyle is risking his life to save Tess.

I wonder why I have to fight it, nothing is happening to me...

And then I feel it.

It's like a voice in the back of my head. It shows me things.

I see Ariel, lying in her own blackness. Her body still and her chest not moving.

"No." I whisper. She's dead. My heart drops to my stomach and I feel the urge to vomit. Hot tears sting my eyes and I feel the lump in my throat that feels as if it weighs a thousand pounds.

She's dead. The darkness shows me that, it does not lie. My face falls and I welcome it...I want it to embrace me.

To take away the picture of my sister dead.

I close my eyes and give in.

But, then I feel my hand being squeezed. I open my eyes and look into her eyes.


She shakes her head. And I know what she means.

This is not real. Ariel is not dead.

I nod my head at Kara and anger races through me.

Anger at this darkness that plays on my emotions about my sister.

Determination sets in.

I squeeze Kara's hand back and I nod.

Then I take all this anger for the darkness and my love for Ariel and my love for...


I take all of this and I push it back at the darkness, trying to force the light in.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:32:07 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I watch her scream and yell out in fear and in pain.

But as I am watching her, I can hear Caleb. He tells me to distract it.

He also says this with concern in his voice. He wants us to be careful.

But, I see Tess drop to her knees infront of me and I drop down next to her immediately.

I grab her by the arms and I can feel it.

This thing, whatever it is.

Whispering things of death and betrayal.

Things of Tess murdering Alex and leaving the planet with Max's baby.

Then my brain register's the fact that what if this all was a mind warp. What if Tess was still using them and lying to them?

He sees the image of himself carrying 'Alex's dead body' out to the car for her.

His brain tells him this.

But his heart says different.

He knows that Tess is not that person they all thought she was.

But as he holds her, the darkness is incredibly powerful on him.

He tries to fight it, but this connection they now have while touching is making it too difficult.

"Please Tess. I can't fight it. I love you and I already told you that I am not leaving and I am standing on that promise. I will not leave you here." I manage to gasp out as the darkness clouds my mind. "You have to come back...Or we are both going to be trapped in this. Please Tess, I love you..."

I pause, knowing that soon I will be lost forever in this torment, but I don't even consider letting go of her.

I need her to break through, even if for a moment.

I stare into those lifeless eyes and I think of something. Something that Tess needs to hear more than anything else.

"Tess, I trust you. Please come back to me."


Was that okay???
posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:32:31 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: okay at first I was all chuckling at your ooc comments, and then I start reading you post, still with a smile on my face, and it like totally drops and I get my mad chills. that part was excellent.

posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:36:06 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: OMG, wow! Amazing Kyle parit!

I will not let this darkness have Tess! I feel so badly for shutting her out, for causing this rift between her and Liz...the guilt begins to weigh heavily on me, and I can hear the darkness whispering in my mind. It tells me that I'm no leader, I'm too weak and selfish. It would be better if I just gave up and gave in to the darkness. My worst fear is to lose the people I love, and the darkness shows me that I might as well give in and let it take away that fear because I am going to lose everyone I love here to it.

It's almost too much to bear...but then Liz looks into my eyes and tells me to fight it, that she loves me and won't let anything happen to me. And I push the darkess away and reach out with my mind to fight it with a brilliant white beam of light that joins with the others. And I realize that I don't have to take on the weight of the world and do it all on my own. I can't. It is only together that we will succeed. And we will succeed. For Tess. For Ariel. For all of us.

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posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:46:56 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Lora...awesome Max part, that was SO him!!!!!

And awwwww thanks guys...

::blushing deeply::
posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:48:22 PM by scifidreamer


This is it. Kyle doesn't look so good but whatever he's doing is working because all of it's attention is no longer focused on Tess. Everyone is gathering their energy.

It mounts and grows. He can magnify the power if wanted, but it's risky. In this place there's no saying what can happen. Backlash that's s number one concern.

He can't make this decision. He wants to go to Brian, but Brian lacks the experiance to make such a choice. His mind turns to the one who took control in the earlier madness.

~Isabel? It has to be now. We get one shot for sure, two if we're lucky. I can .... help, but with this much force there's no saying we won't get hit by a backlash. We have humans. Do I do it?~

posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:50:00 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Thanks! This scene has been so much fun. The intensity of showing each character's fears and weaknesses, as well as their greatest strengths....the drama of saving Tess. It's incredible *happy*.

OK...are we ready for the big moment when Tess is saved?

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posted on 12-Dec-2002 11:22:29 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I accidentaly closed my browser and then it wouldn't let me back on for like 10 minutes...I almost had a heart attack...LOL!!!!

::Breath in, Breath out..::

Yes, I am ready for poor Tess to come back!!!!

Kyle is too..*wink*
posted on 12-Dec-2002 11:27:26 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Yeah, the site was doing strange things, too, and it took awhile before I could get back on.

Hehe, now I have the theme song for Passions stuck in my head after reading your part about "breathe in breathe out."

Breathe in, breathe out
you keep me alive
you are the fire burning inside of me
you are my passion for life

Hehe, just thought I'd post the lyrics in case you haven't seen the show and didn't know what I was talking about *happy*

All right, time to either play Snow on the Sahara or open up Winamp and play some mp3's or something....

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OOC: yeah things went all twek on me to. crazy. I know what song you're talking about! LOL! that made me bust up.

posted on 12-Dec-2002 11:56:24 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Glad you're back! Hehe, that song always makes me smile.

So, are we ready to get Tess out of there? I can't stay on much longer, but I'll see what I can do.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:06:09 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
I'm ready...

I'm just waiting on Tess...

No pressure scifidreamer...LOL!!!!!
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:08:42 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Yep, no pressure! But you're right. It's time to see if Tess is convinced by Kyle to pull herself away from this blackness.

I hope scifidreamer isn't having difficulties with the has been doing strange things lately.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:11:23 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
I know...I hope not :(
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:24:56 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: actually I have been having some problems, but it's better and faster now *big* .

so I just have one question: which comes first, tess breaking free or caleb and the hit against the darkness. I mean, I know, but which should be written first? cause I don't have to write caleb as being the one who relates the initial hit. does any of that make sense?

posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:31:14 AM by Roswell428
Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to get here. I've been on the site for a while (working on other RPGs as you probably know, because you're all in them with me), but everytime I tried to get in here, it would shut me out. I about died, especially after the chaos this morning. Anyway, here I am and all of my characters are ready and waiting to free Tess.

And scifidreamer, you are just too sweet! Thanks for your nice compliments, and I agree with you about everyone's posts being fabulous! Your parts have rocked and been right on target as well. I simply LOVE Caleb. Too bad he isn't real. *big*

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:32:13 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Yeah, I think that Caleb could make the intial write him first...and then that would help Tess break free, right? So she would be written next...

Do I sound bossy?

I hope not, just my thoughts.

Whatever you decide is fine...You'll do great!!!
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:41:10 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Sounds like a perfect plan *happy*
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:43:38 AM by Roswell428
sounds good to me too
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:52:29 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Darn...I really need to head for bed. Are people up for postfesting tomorrow night? I can stay on as late as we need to bring Tess and Ariel back.

'Night, everyone! See you tomorrow night!

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:56:45 AM by Roswell428
I'm not sure if I can be on late tomorrow, or even at all, I might have plans. I'll check back in tomorrow though. If I can't be, you guys can temp for me as needed.

Goodnight Elizabeth Evans.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:04:51 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: yeah you sound bossy krista. very bossy ::nods head certainly:: just like donna from that 70s show.



The power thrums through his body, he channels it. It's harder to breathe. He feels alive, a burning that grows and consumes. A light that shines through the darkest night.

Illuminates every nightmarish shadow. And it's beautiful.


He can only do what his body was made to do. He lets it fill his body, he's just about brimming. Almost boiling.

He concentrates on the black hiding Tess and Kyle. His heart beats with the breathe of the power. And there is no fear.

He takes all they can give, all their hope and faith, all their love and eager anticipations. He focuses.


Breathes deep. And as another anguished cry breaks from Tess's lips and Kyle's howl of pain echoes in this carniverous cavern, he lets it go.


A huge, blinding shaft of light shoots from his chest. His head is thrown back, and his lips open in a wordless scream.

There are no shadows, for one glorious moment. Every face is clearly seen, different emotions eternally etched on 13 faces.


OOC: is that okay? what should I change? someone take it up grom there, caleb isn't cognant of what's happening anymore *big* .

posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:12:51 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, so can we take it from here that Caleb has just broken through the darkness?

*Goodnight Lora*

You're still here right, Roswell428???

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:19:22 AM by Roswell428
yep, still here

would Nicola have caught the backlash from that, as they are so close and they had connected earlier?

That was very good, by the way!
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:28:45 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: night night lora. hope your sleep is refreshing *happy* .

yep caleb's just broken through the darkness, so I guess someone else can describe what the scene looks like, and then krista and I can write kyle and tess getting free of it, cause it started pulling kyle in to, didn't it? not by trickery, but by force? I don't know.

and I think nicola would be affected, just from the strength of it. maybe not badly or anything, it could be a good ecperience? ::shakey smile:: ummmm, doesn't sound to likely I know.

posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:47:04 AM by Roswell428
No, maybe that will work, scifidreamer. Let me give it a go and you all tell me what you think.

~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola just held on as Caleb began to stream light at the darkness. She was terrified at what he was trying to do and she was scared that it might hurt all of them, but they had to try, to save Tess. He began fighting it. Because they were so physically close to each other, she began to recieve part of his signal.


Caleb, Brian and Kara were all sitting around a table laughing and talking, eating what looked like breakfast.


Caleb was there when the children broke out of the pods and he tried so hard to defend them, saving Brian and Kara.


Caleb, Brian and Kara moving into a new house, laughing as they all brought boxes inside.


Caleb's thoughts when he first saw her. She was beautiful and caught his interest, but he didn't have time for a relationship- he had to protect the children.


When it was all over, Nicola was crying from the sheer joy of it, from the joy of defeating the darkness and the beauty of him. He was truly beautiful, she knew now.

Light shone then, illunminating all of the people in the darkness. He had done it. They had done it. She struggled to hold him up and still hold onto the stone, as he collapsed, worn out from his efforts. She managed to keep him propped against her and kept both of their hands firmly on the stone. She had finally found a good man, and she wasn't about to lose him now. She was still crying from the beauty of it.

Now all they could do was wait and pray that it worked.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:47:29 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, I get it...I'll post for David now then and by tomorrow night, Kyle and Tess will be free.



As I am pushing my own energy out against the darkness, I can feel more energy building up somewhere to the left of me.

I turn and look over to Caleb who has his closed and looks almost as if he is pain.

I realize that he is taking his shot at breaking the darkness up.

I glance at Kara and she knows it too.

"We have to join together." I whisper and she nods.

We clasp our hands even tighter and close our eyes.

We build up our own energy and try to pass it on to Caleb.

Then he takes his shot.

I open my eyes and see the light shoot out from his body.

The light continues to shine and I feel the strength of all of us.

We are a unit, we are as one.

The wind is gone and I can see them all clearly.

I feel a sense of calm and I feel the presence of Ariel.

My sister is close and we are going to save her.

We can do anything.

I look over to Kara and smile through my tears.

"We did it." I tell her and pull her into an embrace.

But as I look over her shoulder, I see Kyle and Tess.

In the light, I realize how far away they really are.

And I notice that Tess is still on her knees and Kyle is still infront of her, holding her.

Why haven't they gotten up yet I wonder holding Kara in my arms.


Was that okay, or am I going in the wrong direction???
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:48:38 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria was dumbfounded. What had that man done? Well, whatever it was, he had defeated the darkness, if their present light was any indication. Thank God for that! Now she just prayed that Kyle and Tess would be able to come out of it.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:52:50 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

Jim watched as the group all gathered their energy and sent it to the man, Caleb. Then a strong force of energy came out of him and vanquished the darkness. They had done it!

As the light finally came on, Jim looked around and saw everyone's mixed expressions of joy and disbelief. He himself was jubilent. They had done it!

Now Tess and Kyle just needed to come out of it. 'Come on Tessie and Kyle, you can do it! I love you both,' he screamed internally. 'Come back to us.'
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:55:49 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

Amy wanted to sing, she was so happy! Somehow that man had made the darkness go away! Now they just needed Kyle and Tess back, and they could get out of this awful place. She wasn't sure how, but somehow they had defeated it, and soon they would all be alright again, and she would find out exactly how they did it and what was going on. But for now she was content in her joy of victory. Come on Kyle and Tess! They would come back to them, and then it would all be okay.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:02:31 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: Oh My God! you guys that was sooooooo amazing. wow. nicola's part was just.......... wow. I'm speechless. excellent direction Roswellian428. I can't wait to see what develops between them. and those flashes were great! so on target. and david's part. what do I say, that I haven't already? I am so eager to find out what happens? should we wait for everyone's reactions to the "light" krista, or just go ahead and post how they are affected? what they see and whatnot?

again, that was awesome you guys. spine tingling shivers.

rock on man rock on.

posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:04:31 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Well, I don't mind posting for Tess and Kyle now, that way when everyone else comes on, they will all be re-united and on their way to save Ariel....

So, do you want to post Tess, cause I want to follow your lead!!!!
posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:07:07 AM by Roswell428
Thanks, scifidreamer! That means a lot to me! And your Caleb part was what gave me the awesome material I had to work with, to begin with. It was very well done! He is truly 'da man'. And David's part was excellent as well.

As much as I want to free Tess right now, I also kind of feel like we should wait for everybody else, and their reactions. I know that the others will probably want a piece of this. But it's up to you guys if you want to move on or not.

Added in Edit: But then again, I_LOVE_NICK has a point as well!*big*

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:14:55 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: damn krista, I was gonna play off you're part!! lol. um I can go first then, I think we've seen enough of tess' mug, let's go rescue a little mermaid

heh, whoops wrong story.

::sheepish grin::

posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:14:59 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Hey, I can wait...No complaint's here...

*plus, I'm falling asleep!!*

posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:19:00 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: alright I'll do it, I'll do it. lol

btw, thanks for liking caleb Roswellian428. I think you would have done an excellent job no matter what I wrote. you took it alot farther than I did with caleb, and did so well too.

posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:25:36 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
You don't have to do it now...we can wait for tomorrow!!!!

I can't even keep my eyes open, so I can't post. I can not even type right, I am going very slow right now!!!


Goodnight Guys...well Gal's!!!

*It's way past my bed time* LOL!
posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:32:40 AM by Roswell428
Goodnight I_LOVE_NICK!

And no, scifidreamer, you're wrong (but really flattering) I couldn't have done it well at all without your fabulous Caleb. You do him so well.

So, are we going to free them tomorrow then?
posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:33:39 AM by scifidreamer


The darkness screeches horribly in her head, the sound of metal crashing together, and Tess *Tess* wanted to claw her eyes out anything to make it stop. She feels it in her. Feels its rage and anger, and it scalds her.

And then she's free. One moment she's bound in chains.

And then the next she can breath. She doesn't know what to believe. What's happening?

Her eyes, which had been tightly screwed shut, slowly open as she realizes that the taunting is gone.

Other words fill her memory. Other voices. Filled encouragement, hope, and support. Voices that carry with them warm thoughts of friendships expanded or newly explored.

And one voice thar rings clearer then all.

A voice sincere in it's love and admiration. Filled with such desperation and longing, hoping. Hope.

Kyle, saying he loves her. Kyle begging her to come back to him.

He's here. Without thinking, without realizing, she suddenly has her arms wrapped around Kyle's neck, and hot tears are flowing down her cheeks.

"Kyle," a soft prayer, half question, gently said on an expelled breath.

posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:35:49 AM by Roswell428
very nice, scifidreamer!

So everyone else can see that Tess has finally broken free?

Alright, well I've got to go to bed as well. I've got a final I need to study for in the morning. See you chicas (and guys) later!

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:45:56 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: nite Roswellian428. btw I'm still laughing from your Rath comments.

overweight hyena!!!!!

it's still funny! ::laughs self into a coughing fit::


am I the only one of the west coast here?
well you know what they say. "Ain't no party like a left coast party."

rock on.

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OOC: You like that Hyena thing don't you scifidreamer???

I can't stop laughing either and I do think that you are the only one on the west coast....

Okay, I'm going to post for Kyle so then others can post their replies and then we can save Ariel tonight!!!!



As I grip Tess' arms, the darkness grips me.

It invades my brain and I concentrate on my heart that is so filled with love and trust for this girl in front of me.

But, then the darkness slowly creeps to my heart and begins to wrap it in it's 'comforting' embrace.

I know that if I let go, there is a chance that I can be saved.

But, I don't give it a second consideration.

I told Tess that I would'nt leave her and I won't.

I let it seep into me, knowing that I will never go back to Roswell and see my dad or the rest of the gang. I'll never graduate high school or play another fooball game.

But, it's okay because I don't want to go back without her.

I told her that I would stand with her until the end and that's exactly what I am doing.

I feel it clench at my heart and my body is filled with a soothing pain.

And then I see light...

A bright light and the darkness is gone.

I feel it leave my body and I am released.

I look up into Tess' eyes...

And it's her. She's back.

The joy of seeing her actually infront me fills my body and the tears stream down my face.

She throw her arms around my neck and I feel her hot tears on my neck.

"Kyle..." She whisper and it sounds as if she is not sure that it really is me.

I wrap my arms around her tiny frame and rock her comfortingly against me.

"Yeah, Tess. It's me..." I say between sobs. "Oh God, I love you so much." I tell her and kiss the top of her head.

"I knew that you would come back to me, I knew it." I repeat holding her against me and not wanting to ever let go.


That okay????
posted on 13-Dec-2002 3:57:22 PM by roswellianprincess16

I close my eyes as the darkness becomes too much and then I hear Caleb's message in my mind. Destroy it? I answer in agreement and focus on destroying the darkness. For a second, I feel it surround me as if to drown me forever. Then... there's a light. And I feel a freeness I've never experienced before. A real sense of love and friendship that makes my eyes water. I vow that from now on... I'll be true to those I care about. Even if it means exposing my true feelings and getting hurt.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 6:57:55 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: it's just so funny krista. you knwo you just about-bust-gut when you read it!

excellent isabel, selena and by the way, that was an amazing kyle part, I love how you picked up on the way tess was feeling. it's marvelous.

and on one last note, I won't be on from around 9:30 board time till maybe 1 or 2. I'm going to a Laker game tonight.

rock on people.

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Well thanks, scifidreamer! I'm glad you liked my line so much! (I think it's particularily fitting for Ava, myself!)
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Hey, guys! Incredible parts! I'm here for the night, so I'm ready to postfest whenever you guys are.

I fight against the darkness with all my might. I can feel my energy pooling with everyone else's and soon it begins to get brighter in this place. I can see everyone clearly now, and Tess and Kyle are standing further away from the group. I see the struggle on their faces, the final fight against the blackness. And then Tess is back! I see it in her eyes. I cry out with joy, tears springing to my eyes, and Max and I find ourselves holding each other close, our soulful gazes locked on each other. We share a passionate kiss, our love sending out further waves of light that brightens the darkness.
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So, am I still going to temp for Michael?...because his reaction hasn't been posted yet...
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Heylo! :-) Just chekin in.
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Hey, guys! *happy*. I'm here, too.

Yes, Krista, you can still temp for Michael if you want. Thanks so much for doing that!

Do you guys think we can move forward with the story tonight, or should we wait?

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Hmm... I'm available for a little. But I know scifidreamer will be gone for a while. Krista is also leaving soon. I don't know if Roswell428 will be here. ??? I'd be willing to keep some of it going tonight though, if you'd like. I'm up for posting!!!!! :-) By the way... GREAT Vilandra parts. Left me breathless...
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If you guys are going to go on ahead, feel free to temp me...I don't mind.

I SWEAR that tomorrow night, I'll be available for however long you need me!!!!!

No Work Sunday!!!! YAY!!!!

Sorry guys!!!!
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Thanks, Selena *happy* Vilandra's so much fun to play. I'm really interested to see how Rath and Khivar are going to deal with each other...

Have a good night, Krista! See you tomorrow night. I'll definitely be here then. It looks like that might work best because we don't want to rush the rescue scene. It's been so incredible!
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Okay, I stuck around to make sure that everything was I am off now!

Have a good night guys....See you tomorrow!!!!!
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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria just wanted to scream for joy. They were out! They were out! Maybe now they could get that other girl and get out of there. She just wanted to be home.

In her excitement, she grabbed Michael and hugged him tightly. "I love you, spaceboy."

~*~ End Maria ~*~

I'm going to try to get on tonight. I'm not sure if I will be able to, though. I will probably have to fight my sister for the computer. I'll hopefully see you all tonight.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 3:41:29 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

Kyle and Tess were free! They were free! He grabbed Amy and gave her a kiss! His kids were going to be okay! Thank God!

~*~ End Valenti ~*~


~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

She squealed a little, with excitement Yes, everything was finally going to be okay. She had prayed and it had turned out all right. She still didn't know exactly what had happened or where they were, but she no longer cared. All she cared about was that Kyle and Tess had returned to them safely.

Jim grabbed her and gave her a kiss. "I love you, Jim," she told him, remembering how close they had come to losing Tess and Kyle, thinking it could have been him. She could only pray and hope that whatever had happened before wouldn't happen again. She squeezed him tightly, for reassurance, and in celebration.

"I love you too, Amy." She just sighed in happiness.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 3:45:00 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Nicola ~*~

Joy suffused her face as she struggled to hold Caleb up. They were out- they had made it! Thank God! Even though, she didn't know them that well, she still couldn't stand to see others suffering, especially kids. Besides, they were practically Amy's kids, soon they would be family (she judged, looking at Amy and the Sheriff). Thank God this worked!

She leaned down and kissed the back of Caleb's head. "Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you so much!"
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Great new parts! I hope you and everyone else can get on tonight. If it works out, tonight will be the big night when the gang gets to go home *happy*. This is going to be so great to see what happens with saving Ariel and everybody's reactions after the return home.

I'll be checking off and on, and tonight I can be here as long as needed *happy*
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As I sing the song over and over, the wind begins to die down. Somehow, it's working to push the blackness away! And something else is happening, too. I can still see into that other world where Tess is, and it's becoming brighter there. I see Kyle join with Tess, refusing to leave her side, and then Tess is back! Her presence is there again in her eyes. It's as though her soul has been set free. And I see the others, too.... everyone's hugging and smiling. They're all ok! The darkness didn't get them! Tears of relief fill my eyes as I see David. He and Kara are standing together, holding hands and sharing a look of love. My gaze shifts to fall on Brian, and my heart skips a beat...he's looking this way, almost as though he can see me. Does he know I'm here?

I find myself smiling with joy, knowing that Tess is back and that David, Brian, Kara, Caleb, Isabel, Kyle, and the others are safe. They'll be coming for me soon, too! The thought gives me a thrill of excitement, and it gives me more strength to fight the blackness. The eerie green light of the symbols is no longer flickering, but is steady once more. I try pushing harder at the blackness, to drive it away and restore the beach to what it was when I first found myself here.

Just then, there's a brilliant flash of white light from that other place, and suddenly my view into that world vanishes as the light does. What happened? I'm all alone again, and I can't sense the others any longer. The sudden, wrenching sense of loss overwhelms me. What if they've gone home? What if they can't come back for me?

That moment of panic is all the darkness needs to make its move. It's here with me now, and I sense its rage and backlash against me because it lost the others. Now I'm alone and vulnerable. It's searching for my weaknesses, I can feel it.....

With all the determination I can muster, I sing the song again. And I visualize a place of peace.....that beautiful, otherworldly beach I long for. I imagine it as my oasis and try to bring that image in my mind into crystal clarity and cling to it with all my might.

And the dim green light of the symbols goes out, all except for two....the two versions of the four square...

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I'm happy that Tess is back. That that darkness or whatever it was is gone, but I'm still restless and for the life of me, with all there is too be joyful of right now, I can't remember why I would feel like this.

I look at David and Kara, and I'm not bothered that some guy I barely know won't let go of her. I probably will be later, and I'll definitely have to act like I am.

That's when I hear it. And that's when I feel it.

It's Ariel's pleasant voice, singing a song that sends shivers down my spine. And it's Ariel's fear.

It's getting weaker.

"Ariel!!!!" I shout. I get up and I run towards it, when all of a sudden I run into something. It's like an invisible barrier, seperating her from us.

I bang on my fists on it hard, and keep shouting her name. I see something on the other side. I know I do. I think I do.

"Ariel!!!!" Blood begins to run down my arm, but I don't notice it.

posted on 14-Dec-2002 8:51:32 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: That Brian post was incredible!


I can't get to the otherworldly beach....the image won't stay long enough in my mind. My hope scatters as does my focus on the beach and the song. I know that I'm losing this battle. I run toward where the barrier into that other world is, determined to bring back the clarity that allowed me to see through into that other place. Getting there, or even seeing the others again may be my only hope. Through sheer force of will, I make the barrier clear again, and I see Brian right there on the other side. I hear him calling my name as he pounds his fist against the barrier.

"Brian, I'm here!" I call, not sure if he can hear me. Can he see me now? Oh, God, there's blood running down his arm! I reach my hand up to put it against the barrier. Maybe if Brian and I try hard enough, we can erase this barrier between us and touch.....

"Brian! Can you hear me? I'm here! I'm ok...." I have to let him know that I'm all right. And it's true....I am all right, for now, because I can see him. But I'm beginning to feel drained. It's taking so much energy to fight the blackness. I rest my hands against the barrier, and lean against it with my forehead. I'm so tired....

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OOC: oooh, I'm gonna go eat, and think about what to post. this is definitely unexpected. and caleb's feeling it to. give me about half an hour and I'll be right back. give other people some time to respond.

btw way I might go out tonight, but won't be intil 12 or 1 board time, if at all.

posted on 14-Dec-2002 9:11:31 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OK. Glad you'll mostly be here tonight to post *happy*

I'm curious...what was unexpected? This whole roleplay has been full of unexpected, wonderful turns of events. Like, with the whole "let go" idea, I was visualizing them waking up after the energy dissipates harmlessly. But this is where it's taken us, and I've loved every second of the journey *happy*. I wonder where this new thing will take us?

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I'm Here!!!!!!!

Should I post a Michael part now????
posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:03:21 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Hi, Krista! *happy* Sure, you can post a Michael part.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:08:45 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, I only want to post because his reaction's weren't told...



I sigh as the light breaks through this darkness that fills my head with obscene thoughts.

Only moment's before I had felt this voice in the back of my head telling me that I should be fulfilling my destiny with Isabel.

It told me that I am not worthy of Maria's love. That she only feels sorry for me.

And then all of a sudden it was gone...

I turn to Maria and she throws herself into my arms.

I wrap my arms around her waist as she tells me that she loves me.

"I love you to Maria...I'll always love you." I tell her and then kiss the top of her head.

All of a sudden I hear that Brian guy yelling out Ariel's name and he begins to run away from us.

He's running and then all of a sudden he stops. It's almost as if he slammed into something.

But I can't see anything.

"What the hell...." I wonder pulling Maria to my side.

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Hey guys...sorry for no greeting in my previous post!!!!!

Okay, I want to post a Kyle and David part, but I just wan tot make sure of something...

Brian is the only one that could see Ariel, right?????
posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:13:16 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Maybe they can.....Tess could see though, and so can Brian. It'd be great if the others could see into where Ariel is. I'd especially love David's reaction to that.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:21:25 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay, I just wanted to make sure...



The joy of seeing Tess and Kyle make it through this 'darkness' whatever it was, was more than words could explain.

Because it meant that we were one more step closer to saving Ariel.

I was about to yell out for Kyle and Tess to join us so we could leave when Brian began to yell.

I turned and saw him running off and that's when I realized he was yelling my sister's name.

What is he doing?

ANd then I see her. Off into the distance and she is yelling back.

"Ariel." I say and begin to run, forgetting that Kara is still attached to my hand.

But she doesn't let go. She runs with me yelling Ariel's name.

And then I see Brian come to an abrupt halt.

He's yelling her name over and over again and he's pounding on some invisible thing that is blocking us from getting my sister.

I run up to this barricade and see my sister yelling, although I cannot hear what she is saying.

I join Brian in banging my hands on this 'barricade' and I can't stop myself from bursting into tears.

I don't care if it's not considered 'cool' for a guy to cry.

I don't care because my sister is right in front of me and I have no idea how to get to her...


Was that Okay???

Can they hear Ariel???
posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:26:21 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: hey what's up krista? how was work? yeah, I don't see why others can't see her. hey, Lora. I guess, just the whole ariel thing right now. this whole rpg is filled with unexpected moments, you're right *happy* , but when I write things I didn't plan or even think of, I'm always thrown. I didn't see brian running to ariel, or not being able to get through, any of that, and suddenly it's there. it's just kinda crazy to me *big* .

posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:31:33 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Hey scifidreamer...I didn't even end up going to work...I am so sick, I had to stay home and I was in bed all day...ARGH! I hate being sick. And apparently there is supposed to be this very bad virus going that is just GREAT *notice my sarcasm?*

But, yeah, sometimes I have no idea what to write and then all of a sudden it's there...
posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:37:35 PM by Elizabeth Evans
That was great! Hmm...maybe they don't hear her.

Sorry you're feeling sick, Krista :(.

Scifidreamer, I understand what you mean about not planning what you're writing and suddenly it's there. And I love what you came up with. It was really great to have Brian run to Ariel and have them be standing on opposite sides of the barrier like that. Hmm...a lot like Max and Liz. Especially in the beginning, they were often shown looking at each other from opposite sides of a window.

Soon, David and Kara join Brian. I look up to smile weakly at them. It's so good to see David again....and then he looks right at me, calling my name, and I know that he can see me! My heart breaks as I see that he's crying. He joins Brian pounding against the barrier. Somehow I know that won't work. I reach up my hand to touch David's, but the barrier holds firm.

"David...." I whisper his name, too weak to do more. "Kara..." Maybe if we all focus on dissolving the barrier, we can get through.

Looking at the three of them, I mouth one word, "Focus". I pray that they understand. I channel more energy into dissolving the barrier, but quickly find that my energy is almost gone. My legs become too weak to hold me, and I sink to the ground, my hands trailing down the glass as I fall. Only the barrier is holding me up, and my forehead again rests against it.

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OOC: I'm sick too! I was really sick last week tuesday with a fever and all that jazz, and now I just have a cold or something, but I've had it since sunday. it just won't go away. yes, I know I'm whining, but it suxx the big one.

loved your sarcasm by the way LOL. I think it was just the right mixture of "f this" and "good my life get any better?". rock on, smart asses rule!!!!

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*I hear ya scifidreamer!!!!!*

Great part Lora...hmmmm...How are we going to save Ariel????



I watch as Ariel makes her way closer to this barrier and she puts her hand up and mouths the word Focus.

At first I wonder what the hell she is talking about because all I want to do is get her out of here.

And then I realize that we should focus to try and save her.

I tell Brian and Kara to focus all their energy on this barrier as I do the same.

But then I see my sister fall and slide down the barrier and her forehead is resting against it.

I slump down to my knees and place my forehead in the same position.

"No!" I yell as all the other's come running up behind us.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:53:16 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Thanks, Krista! I loved that David sweet to have his movements match Ariel's.


David slides down and rests his forehead against the barrier, his movements mirroring mine. With effort, I keep one hand on the barrier, still trying to get through. I'm not sure if it's going to least not from my side. I can't do it anymore. I see David mouth the word "NO!", and I just look into his eyes and muster all the faith I have left. Somehow we'll do this, I think. But this time, I don't have any ideas to get out of this one. Then I notice the others come closer. Maybe together, they'll have the energy to break through.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:58:14 PM by scifidreamer


Everything is hazy. Everything is glowing and he knows it didn't use all of the energy they amassed.

She kisses the back of his head, thanking him, he doesn't know what for. But it's okay if he just stays there, resting against her for a little while longer, isn't it?

Reality intrudes once again. Ariel. They still have to get Ariel out of here. He sits up, right as Brian gets up and starts running. Then he too feels it. Ariel weakening. Ariel being absorbed into the blackness.

He quickly gets up and follows David and Kara. They all pound against nothing. The same nothing that is keeping them seperated from Ariel. Her palms are pressed flat against the wall of nothing, her forehad rests against it, and the light in her eyes dims.

She looks so scared, so lost, so helpless.

Will there ever again be a time when it doesn't take this much to live? It feels like days have done by, but weeks in this place of despair. How long has it been?

He places his hand with Brian, David, and Kara, on their side of the barrier. They can do this, he thinks. And then he feels the presence of the stones behind him. He glances back to see Max, Isabel, Michael, and Liz there, each holding a stone.

They can do this.

posted on 14-Dec-2002 11:05:29 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I keep my focus on David. Being able to see him and the others is my only weapon left against the blackness. I'm scared about what will happen when I can't fight it anymore, but for now I'm determined to hold on as long as I can. My eyes feel tired, and I'm sure that they look as dead as I feel. Is this the state Tess was in? I desperately want David and the others to know that I'm still here. I'm not gone....not yet. I pray that when they look in my eyes now they don't see that same emptiness I saw in Tess' eyes earlier.

I have to let them know I'm still here somehow. I'm almost beyond speech right now....the effort is too much, but I force myself to trace our symbol along the barrier between us. And as I do, it begins to glow with a silver light....

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Great parts guys!!!!



Her hand is still up against the barricade and I hold my own up to it.

"No." I whispers. "I'm not going to lose you...not when we're this close."

I jump to my feet and turn to Caleb. "We can save her can't we?"

I wince at the desperation in my voice.

I have to be strong

posted on 14-Dec-2002 11:13:17 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: hey you guys I'm going out. gonna go see my see my friend play at a club tonight. please temp for me. I might be on real quick in about 1/2 hour, but that'll be it, till 3 board time.

I hope you guys have fun!!! save ariel!!!!

please temp for me, in the other RPGs if needed. you guys know which ones, it's the same ones that you guys are in, lol. (isn't that crazy?)

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ooc: I edited my last post to add in something, so check it out *happy*.

Have fun, scifidreamer! We'll miss you! As far as temping, nobody could replace Brian or Caleb, but I'm sure we'll manage *happy*


I finish tracing our symbol, and David puts his hand up to mine on the other side of the barrier. He promises me that he won't lose me. He jumps to his feet and turns to Caleb. I can't hear what he's saying...I can't hear him across this divide.

God, if only I could hear his voice one more time...

My gaze drifts back to the symbol. I see Caleb looking at it in a mixture of shock and recognition. Maybe he could tell me what it means sometime...if we find a way out of this.

But what if they break through, and the darkness tries to claim them again? I can't let that happen! They could be risking too much to save me. With a final effort of will, I pull myself up the barrier and tap on the glass. "You can't stay..." I try to tell them. "Go back..." It might already be too late for me, and I can't place them at risk again needlessly.

"I love you..." I tell them. It might be the last chance I have to say it...

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OOC: I read your last post, Lora and this idea...But I'm going to get going now too...

My head is pounding and I need to get some sleep.

I'm really sorry, I'm just not in the very best writing mood right now...

Sorry again and have a good night!!!!!!!
posted on 14-Dec-2002 11:27:05 PM by Elizabeth Evans
'Night, Krista! I hope you feel better! *hugs*
posted on 15-Dec-2002 1:36:35 AM by Roswell428
I hope that everyone who has been feeling sick gets better- soon! Being sick sucks!

And all I have to say about the posts is WOW! (Damn, see what I miss when I can't get on till late?) They were awesome guys!!!!!!!! I can't believe the direction they went in- it was totally unexpected to me too- but it was great! I'm going to try to post now, and I just hope that I can try to come to a level of your brillance, and not drag you all down. That was truly fantastic! Well, here goes....

~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola was startled when Caleb suddenly jumped out of her arms. He was suddenly feeling much better! She saw where he ran over to and suddenly gasped. The other girl was there, behind the barrior. She could only stand there in shock; she hadn't realized the other girl would be behind a barrior from them, impossible to get to.

Isabel ran by her and Nicola stopped her, silently handing her her stone. Isabel would have more use of it than she would.

She ran up behind Caleb and watched as they all pounded on the glass, trying to get to the girl. She could only stand there and watch, unsure of how best to help them.

'Please let the girl be okay,' she silently begged whatever higher power might be in this place. 'Please.'
posted on 15-Dec-2002 1:41:33 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

As she and Jim embraced, they handed the stone to Alex, thinking he would be better able to hold it just then, than they would. They kissed again and then ran over to Kyle and Tess, embracing both of them.

"I'm so glad, you're okay," Amy cried, hugging the embracing Kyle and Tess. "I don't know what we would have done without you."

She placed her hands on the backs of their heads. "I love you both."

So wrapped up in this joy and elation were they, that it took Amy a moment to realize that something else was wrong. Looking over, she saw the rest of the group huddled around what looked like a barrior? and the other girl. Grabbing Jim's hand, she pointed to it. "Look!"
posted on 15-Dec-2002 1:45:13 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

His joy was interrupted when he looked where Amy was pointing. Jesus, would it never end? It appeared the other girl was now being trapped by the darkness.

He grabbed Amy's hand and they ran over to see what was going on, leaving Kyle and Tess, but knowing that they would be alright now.

They ran up behind the rest of the group and watched in horror, as they struggled to get her out, but to no avail. It was then that Max, Michael, Isabel and Liz all walked up, each holding a stone. Thank the Lord! Maybe now, they could find a way to bring that girl back and then all get home safely!
posted on 15-Dec-2002 1:55:54 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria had been embracing Michael, just glad that everything looked like it was going to be okay, when she heard screaming and pounding. Looking, she saw the newcomers all pounding on the glass, trying to get the other girl (what was her name? Ariel?) out.

"What the hell," Michael asked out loud, as he pulled her to his side. Maria grabbed his hand and began to pull him over, to see what was going on.

As they approached, Isabel walked up, holding out a stone for Michael. With a quick kiss, she left him and went to stand over by Nicola. Holding hands, the two of them leaned into each other, for comfort and support.

Maria could only hope that whatever they were planning would work. It *had* to work!

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Sorry, but I needed to briefly borrow Isabel and Michael there. Okay, now I have to unfortunately get off. I just got on, but my sister wants to use the computer. I'll try to get on tomorrow night if I can (but unfortunately now that I'm home, computer access is going to be greatly restricted.) But I will try. If I can't, feel free to temp for me- you are all such awesome writers, I would be honored!
posted on 15-Dec-2002 9:14:41 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Great parts, Roswell428! Hope you get a chance to be on at least a little tonight. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with this!
posted on 15-Dec-2002 1:59:02 PM by roswellianprincess16
Sorry I haven't been around. Long story.... but you guys have done great with bringing Tess back and getting Ariel stuck in darkness!! You guys rock!!! :-)

I hand Michael the healing stone and we go towards the barrier. We can do this. We got Tess out and we are strong enough to help Ariel. We owe her that much. I look at her desperate face and feel the panic and adrenaline build. FOCUS. I have to FOCUS!!! I look at Michael and he nods, a small comfort. I think hard and try to connect mentally with Ariel.

We're coming for you! Don't give up! I watch her eyes look up and suddenly meet mine. Did she hear me? Can she understand that I would NEVER leave her there? That we WILL save her? She smiles sadly and I watch her mouth "I Love You" to someone. NO! NO NO NO! Don't give up!
posted on 15-Dec-2002 2:24:02 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I told Tess as she trembles in my arms and I whisper to her over and over again how much I love her.

Then the next thing I know my dad and Amy are with us and hugging us and telling us how much they love us and then they are gone.

Everything happens so quickly...

I look up and see everyone running, to what I couldn't tell, but then I see her.


I can see Ariel and I see everyone yelling.

It seems as though she is on the other side of some kind of barrier.

I get to my feet bringing Tess with me.

I grab her shoulders and push her away so I can look her in the face.

"Tess..." I say gently. "We have to save Ariel. Do you think that you are strong enough?"

I don't want to push, but the more energy we have the better.
posted on 15-Dec-2002 2:29:10 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I see Caleb look behind me at Ariel and I turn and that's when I see it.

I didn't notice it before, but Ariel has traced some kind of 'four square' type symbol and it's glowing.

I know that symbol...but I can't remember from where...

It's like a distant memory, but by the look on Caleb's face, he knows exactly what it is.

I turn when I feel more people making their way over.

Almost everyone is here and I know that we are going to save Ariel.

I look towards Isabel, Michael, Max and Liz; who are all holding the 'stones.'

"We have to hurry!" I say frantically, feeling the energy draining from my sister. "There's not a lot of time left!"
posted on 15-Dec-2002 6:07:24 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I can feel myself about to give into the darkness, just let go again.....but I sense someone trying to mentally connect with me. I look up to meet Isabel's eyes. I feel such determination from her. She's telling me not to give up, that they *will* get me out of this darkness. I feel the same energy from the others. They won't let me go! They won't leave me here. And it pulls me back from the edge. It gives me hope that they can defeat the darkness and everything will turn out all right, if I just hold on a little longer.

I nod to Isabel to let her know that I understand. And I desperately search my mind for one last inspiration, one more weapon against the darkness to help me hold on as long as it takes. And a memory of a song comes to my mind, a song that Alexz Johnson sang in an episode of "So Weird" when her character Annie was fighting against an evil spell that was trying to steal her voice. And she was successful in fighting the evil. That, and the energetic rhythm of the song made it a perfect choice. So I send out the song to combat the blackness, and I feel it begin to recoil just a little.....

Never Give Up

There’s a voice that I can’t see
Sometimes in dreams it calls to me
I hear a voice but no one’s there
It’s ever strong, you’d best beware!

It’s up to you, you’ve got to choose
Are you gonna win or are you gonna lose
You’ve got to never give up oh never give in
And when you fall down you’ve got to get back up again
You know you’ve got to be a fighter if you’re ever gonna win
You’ve got to never give up oh never give in

When something tries to pull me down
I’m feeling weak, I can’t go on
I feel the need for something strong
I feel these words help me along

It’s up to you, you’ve got to choose
Are you gonna win or are you gonna lose
You’ve got to never give up oh never give in
And when you fall down you’ve got to get back up again
You know you’ve got to be a fighter if you’re ever gonna win
You’ve got to never give up oh never give in

It’s up to you, you’ve got to choose
Are you gonna win or are you gonna lose
You’ve got to never give up oh never give in
And when you fall down you’ve got to get back up again
You know you’ve got to be a fighter if you’re ever gonna win

Yeah! you’ve got to never give up oh never give in


Then the scene shifts for a moment, and I'm back in that cave with David as little kids. It's the scene I saw when we connected to Caleb. There's a barrier of rocks between us and Brian, Kara, and Caleb. We're reaching our little hands out to them, and on the other side of the rocks, Brian and Kara are wailing in Caleb's arms, reaching out for us so we can all be together again the way it's supposed to be. I feel David's presence strongly with me, and together we push with our minds against the barrier to make it crumble. Brian, Kara, and Caleb are doing the same. And it works! We're reunited, four children holding hands together with their protector....

And the scene shifts to the present, and we all focus to do the same thing. And the barrier crumbles, and Caleb, David, Brian, Kara, and I are joining hands...

(Was that ok? I wanted something reminiscent of when Michael was saved by the healing stones, how it showed him, Isabel and Max as little kids in the desert. Isabel and Max were reaching out to him but he drew away...
But this time, Michael reached his hands out to theirs, and they were teenagers again doing the same thing. It was like redoing what happened when they were little and having it turn out right.)

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posted on 15-Dec-2002 9:29:47 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Edited after 11:30 pm

Ok, I'm starting to crash, so I'm off to bed. I hope everyone who's sick is recovering and feeling better *happy*. I'll be on tomorrow night, so I'm up for a postfest then if you guys are! 'Night, all! *hugs*

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posted on 16-Dec-2002 12:07:25 AM by Roswell428
That was just perfect, Elizabeth Evans; I loved the way you did that!

Everyone else's parts have been awesome as well!

Well, apparently I keep getting on too late, after everyone else has gone to bed. I'll check back in with you guys tomorrow and see about tomorrow night.

Hope everyone feels better!
posted on 16-Dec-2002 1:54:00 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: once again amazing job everybody. and I loved ariel's part Lora. great incorporation of the song. I love the songs you select, sure I have no idea what they saound like *happy* but the words always enhance the moment.

okay so one quick Q: is she out? is she safe? cause it seems to me like she is. please let her be safe. that was a very poignant moment and I like the way lora conveyed it. I think to try to out do with a "real" rescue, would kinda be like shooting ourselves in the foot (is that even the right provrebial expression? *big* ). so are we all just gonna write our own "viewpoint of how/what happened?

I'll wait till I hear back before posting anything.

oh! and, I only have one final tomorrow, so I should be home by 3:30 board time, if anyone is up for a little early posting.

rock on.

posted on 16-Dec-2002 12:04:47 PM by roswellianprincess16
The wall came tumbling down. I laugh at myself as I hear the words play in my head. Sounds so fairy tale like. SO unreal. But I can see the peace on Ariel's face and the tears finally drying on David's. She was back. There was no doubt.

I stop and gather myself. I am so drained, I feel like I can sleep for weeks. I sigh loudly and smile as I see the hugs begin to take place. I can feel the love radiating through the room along with a huge wave of relief. And I sit softly on Liz's bed thinking to myself.

I just met these people about an hour ago and already I feel like we've lived a lifetime together. And now there are four new people in our group. Should I be glad? Four people I can trust and love and laugh with. Four people who I can confide in and who can make life a little more interesting. But they're also four people I can lose. And the fear begins to creep into me again. That fear of letting people see the real me. Fear of getting too close and then getting hurt.

I look down at my hands in amazement. I did this. I took control of the situation and I went ahead, not second guessing myself and not worrying about anyone's opinion. It was pure adrenaline. Maybe that's what I could do with the rest of my life! Become a doctor. Help people. There I go again, reevaluating my life. I really need to take a nap.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 12:59:22 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Hey, guys! I'm so glad you liked the Ariel part. Yes, she is safe, and so people can go ahead and post viewpoints on what happened. I'll be on at around 8 board time (earlier if I can), and I'm up for another postfest if you guys are! See ya later! *hugs*
posted on 16-Dec-2002 4:59:08 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: okay, this is just thought.....but since we've had this really intense day, do you think that maybe-once everyone has to post thier say about the event which just took place- we should make it the next day or something? I mean alot is obviously still left to be decided or discussed cuz the day isn't over, but all that good stuff can just come up later, with like references or by alluding?

just an idea. does you guys get what I mean? I mean why I suggest this? we so don't have to do it.

posted on 16-Dec-2002 5:49:43 PM by Roswell428
Yeah, I get what you mean, and it's cool with me.

And nice Isabel part!

~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria was suddenly back in Liz's room. Everyone was there- everyone had made it back safely. Thank God!

She ran over to her mother and Nicola and gave them huge hugs, just glad that she was able to do so again. She then ran and gave Tess and Ariel (even though she didn't know her that well) hugs as well.

She next went over to Michael and stood with him quietly as he wrapped his arms around her, content to just be with him and know that everything was alright. She knew that there were going to be questions and answers later, but for now, it didn't matter. It only mattered that they were all alive and well.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 5:53:14 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

She hugged her daughter back, made sure her sister was safe and then went over to Jim. She reached for his hand and then stood there with him while he made sure Tess and Kyle were really okay.

She was still curious as hell as to what had happened, but she knew that everyone needed to rest for a while, after all that had happened. She would let her daughter and Jim rest, (for she knew that he knew more about this than he was telling) and then she would have her answers.

But not tonight. Tonight, she just wanted to be with the people she loved.

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posted on 16-Dec-2002 5:56:54 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

Jim stood next to Kyle and Tess, looking them over for any injuries that they might have sustained while in that hell. He could find nothing and could only breathe a sigh of relief.

He was indescribably happy at that moment, and Amy's hand in his made it that much sweeter. After their experiences tonight, he planned to be there for his family all the time now, as after that horror, he again realized just how precious life is.

Maybe they would have a nice family dinner sometime soon?
posted on 16-Dec-2002 6:02:32 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola could only stare at the man whom she now felt she shared an incredible bond with, but one whom she still didn't know what to say to. She watched him as he hugged his little family, and once again thanked every deity on the planet that they had all made it back safe. She continued to stare, wondering how to approach him, for she felt like she needed to, that they needed to talk.

Maria's arms around her broke the spell. She hugged her back fiercely and could only know that it was going to be alright now, because her family was safe.

She turned and smiled at Amy, catching her eyes as she stood with Jim. Thank heavens they were all safe.

She watched as Amy beckoned Maria over, and Maria went (dragging Michael with her) and held hands with her mother and with Michael. She watched the little ad hoc family with a smile on her face. Finally, everything was okay again.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 7:06:13 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: I understand, scifidreamer. We can just post reactions and the Ariel/David reunion scene and then it can be the next day. You're much has happened that we should move on to the next day after this.


I slowly open my eyes and suddenly Maria is hugging me. I'm back in my body! I'm really here! I smile and hug her back, and then she runs back to her family. I weakly sit up, looking over at David. Tears spring to my eyes even as I'm still smiling.

"David, I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry for leaving like that." I manage to get up, and suddenly we're hugging fiercely. Finally I feel safe again in his felt like ages since I could feel safe. God, how long had we been in that place? "You're what kept me going when I lost hope. I wouldn't give up because I had to come back to you," I tell him in a voice choked with emotion.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 10:12:01 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Great parts!!!!!




Everything happens so fast, that at first I wonder if it's really happening at all.

One minute, I'm banging on the barricade and the next minute I'm getting flashes.

Flashes of Ariel, Kara, Brian and Caleb in the cave, connecting and breaking down a barricade and then joining hands....

And then I concentrate and the barrier actually breaks down and once again we are holding hands.

I close my eyes in relief and then when I open them again, we're all in Liz's bedroom again.

I see Maria hugging Ariel and my sister gets up and walks over to me.

Then she is in my arms, where she is safe.

She tells me that she is sorry and that I'm what kept her going.

"Shh..." I say rubbing her back as she cry's into my shoulders. "It's okay, your here. We're all here and everyone is safe, that's all that matters."

I push her back a little so I can see her.

"Don't you ever do that again!" I warn and begin to laugh as I pull her back towards me.


Was that okay????

I gotta right now, I'll be back in like twenty minutes...

posted on 16-Dec-2002 10:25:46 PM by Elizabeth Evans
That was great! *happy*

"Don't you ever do that again!" David warns, setting me back enough from him to look into my eyes for emphasis. We share a laugh at that, and then he pulls me back to him and engulfs me in another embrace.

"I won't! I promise." After what happened in that place, I never want to go back there. But what if that's what death is? The thought terrified me. Why did we end up in that place? There must be some safe, peaceful places to go after death, right? After all, the darkness hadn't claimed Mother. She had to have found a good place to be. Mother! I had to tell David about her and what she had said to me...

"David, I saw our mother..." I began, and told him what she had said about who we are and about our needing to join with the other set of Royal Four to defeat our enemies. Now that I had time to process all this, one major question lingered, and I could see it mirrored in David's eyes: What enemies?

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posted on 16-Dec-2002 11:21:03 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I am in shock.

Ariel talked to our mother.


I watch her tell me all of this in awe and then she mentions that mother has warned us of our enemies.

What enemies? I think and notice that she is thinking the same thing.

I send her a telepathic message.

Ariel, let's go home now. We can figure all of this out tomorrow...You need to get some rest.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 11:26:45 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I am barely aware of what was happening when the next thing I know, we are all back inside of Liz's bedroom.

Tess is still in my arms and Dad is checking us both over to see if anything is wrong.

When he is done, I look at Tess.

"I think it's time to go home and get you into bed." I tell her and then begin to laugh. "Not like that...You need some rest."

I joke trying to get her to smile.

"Well, Everyone." I announce to the crowd. "It was nice meeting all of you and that sure was some journey we all went on, but I am beat and I am taking her home." I say gesturing towards Tess.

"I know that there are a lot of questions. I for one, have about a million, but I don't think that this is the time. I think that we should all meet tomorrw at my house." I tell them.

"And I think that all of us should show up. There are some things that need to be answered." I say and look at Caleb because for some reason, he seems to know more about all of this than anyone.


Was that okay?

We all wanted to leave and make it the next day, right?
posted on 16-Dec-2002 11:28:59 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Perfect! *happy*


David has this stunned expression on his face as I tell him everything. It's so much to process at once....And we've all been through way too much tonight to deal with it yet.

David seems to agree with that assessment, because he sends me a telepathic message, Ariel, let's go home now. We can figure all of this out tomorrow...You need to get some rest.

I nod. I am exhausted. Even though we're going home to a strange house, the thought of being at home with Mom and Dad and curling up and sleeping in my bed never seemed so appealing. "I couldn't agree more," I say quietly, stifling a yawn.

Kyle has the same idea. I hear him tell Tess that they should get home so she can rest. He suggests that all of us meet tomorrow to discuss things and have questions answered. "That's a good idea, Kyle. There really is a lot to talk about." Like, who is the other half of the Antarian Royal Four? I know that Tess and Isabel are two of the members. Is Kyle one of them? He did join Tess in the connection.

As my curious mind begins coming up with all these questions and possibilities, I realize that I have to stop. I'm much too tired to deal with this. It can all wait until tomorrow's meeting.

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posted on 16-Dec-2002 11:59:49 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I know that Ariel wants to go home as well and we both are glad when Kyle voices his opinion.

"Okay, so I think that it's a good idea...We meet tomorrow at your house." I say walking over to Kyle.

I ask him his address and he writes it on a piece of paper.

I glance at everyone else.

"C'mon Ariel. Let's go." I tell her and she makes her way across the room to join me.


Okay, so David and Ariel are on their way home...

Now we just wait for Roswell428 and scifidreamer to get here and post their reaction's and then we can move on to the next day...

I doubt that Selena is getting on tonight and I think that Sarah might be having problems with her computer again...she hasn't been here in awhile....

That sound okay Lora????
posted on 17-Dec-2002 12:05:51 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Sounds good *happy*
posted on 17-Dec-2002 12:14:05 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
Okay...I just hope that they show up soon.

My headache is coming back and I am falling asleep....
posted on 17-Dec-2002 12:15:44 AM by Elizabeth Evans
I need to head for bed soon, too. Maybe we could continue tomorrow with the new day....real life fitting with the rpg *happy*
posted on 17-Dec-2002 12:29:40 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

Kinda fell asleep...that sounds good Lora...

Good Night!!!!
posted on 17-Dec-2002 12:32:44 AM by Elizabeth Evans
'Night! Sleep well *happy*
posted on 17-Dec-2002 4:20:15 AM by scifidreamer


Chaos. Happy, joyful chaos.

His arms were wrapped around her, he was holding her tight, he was telling her he knew she'd always come back. To him. And he's right.

While in that place that she can't think of right now or she just might throw up, he was there. A constant mirage of support and love. Until he bacame real, and chased the bad things away.

And then other people who are happy and crying tears of joy are hugging her. And her heart swells. And it beats. And it says love with each pound.

He helps her stand up, and she's wobbly on her legs. He tells her *they* need their help, and he's half helping her walk, half carrying her somewhere. But by the time they get there, all the confusion has melted away and she's in Liz's room, and Kyle's arm is still wrapped around her waist holding her up.

She rests her head against his shoulder. Her spirit feels likes it's soaring, but her body, her body feels like one giant bruise.

Jim comes over and checks her out, she offers him a genuine if weak smile, and includes Amy in it. Her head feels like it's swimming, like the one time she tried cough syrup just to know what other kids were whining about, and Nacedo had to tie her to the bed to keep her from running away.

"I think it's time to go home and get you into bed," Kyles says, then begins to chuckle. "Not like that.....You need some rest."

He says something to the others, but her mind is stuck on the image of bed. A nice warm, comfy, secure bed. With Kyle in it.

Just for tonight, cause she doesn't think she can be alone tonight. Doesn't think even a blanket pulled high over her head, will keep her safe tonight.

He begins to pull her away from the others. But she turns around, and with tears of happiness and contentment glistening unshed, she faces everyone.

"Th-thank you," her voice catches, "Thank you for," she takes a deep shuddering breath. "For your faith. And for my sanity," she tries to joke.

She buries her head in Kyle's shoulder, "I wanna go home Kyle," she whispers quietly.

The Valenti homestead

Kyle gently sets her down on her bed. He takes off her shoes for her, and she can't help but to blush. He pulls the blanket down and scoots her under. He brushes the hair off her face, and leans down, placing a chaste kiss on her forehead. He turns and switches off the lamp. As he is about to leave she speaks up.

"Don't leave Kyle. Please? Just for tonight?" she quietly asks, sliding over.

He slids under the covers, and she sighs. Home. He turns over on his side and spoons her.

Silent tears trickle down her cheek, as she closes her eyes and lets exhaustion claim her.


OOC: sorry I had to borrow kyle krista. I'll edit to fit what ever you post for kyle, this is just an idea I had, notice I didn't put any words in his mouth ::car sales man smile:: .

posted on 17-Dec-2002 4:47:14 AM by scifidreamer

Have you ever been hit in the gut with a baseball bat? Long story, but I have, and call me crazy but I believe Kara when she says it was an accident. I hadn't done anything that day to tick her off.

Well that's what this feels like right now. I feel like chicken little should be out there yelling the sky is falling! the sky is falling! Because in less then 24 hours my world has come crashing down around my head.

I always knew I was different. I'm cool with being different, Caleb- who ever he really is- he taught me to be proud of who I am. That I never had to be ashamed or embarrassed. That I was special and important. But hell, I thought all parent figures told their kids that. It's not something you know for sure, because it's all been mapped out and fated.

But an alien?

And some kind of alien prince at that?

When did my life turn into a scifi novel? I never gave it permission to do this. I don't want this. Where's my choice? Where's my free will? What about my god damn inALIENABLE HUMAN Rights?

So now what am I? Who am I?

A part of me was dying because Ariel was suffering. I was torn. I couldn't do "this" anymore, not since I'd found her.

And then I'm holding hands with Her, and Kara, and David, and Caleb. And I feel complete. And I feel whole.

But my jaw clenches. Where am I? Who am I?

So I stand back as everyone has their reunions. I'm caught up in the middle of it, and people are crying and hugging and reaffirming their love. But I stand off to the side and I watch, and I know this is where I always am, where I've always been, where I'll always be.

And as I watch everyone, I think different things. I feel different emotions tug at me.

But then I glance over at Kara, and want to protect her from the world. I want to keep her safe and I want *her* dreams to come true, despite what ever it is we're supposed to do. I see David next to her, and I know I've been replaced in her life. My heart clenches, but that's life right?

I see Ariel and all I want to do is run away. Cause everything I'm feeling inside scares me so bad. I never thought I would need someone else to live, to breath. And I just want to be me. And I want to blame loving her on genetic programming. I want to say and believe, that this too, has been taken out of my hands. That it's not my choice. Because deep down I know it is. That'd I'd love her in a thousand lifetimes. And I'll never be complete without her.

And then I see Caleb. And I can blame can't I? Wasn't he my older brother? Aren't I able to hate him and love him at the same time? Wasn't he my best friend?

But he's not my brother. Not really is he? So why do I feel so damn betrayed by him? Why does this hurt so much? Was he ever my friend for me?

And I want to distance myself from this. To look at it objectively and say he was doing what he was made for. To not blame him or hate him. But I can't cuz this is my life.

And my life has been a lie.

And I've been lied to by the one person I admired, I trusted, I wanted to be, the most in the world.

So don't talk to me about fair. Or letting go of my pain and anger. Don't tell me to grow up or not be a walking cliche.

Cause my anger and my hurt, are the only real things in the world right now. The only things that are truly mine and of me. The only things no one else can take away from me.

So I turn my back, and mentally tell Kara I'll catch her around.

I turn my back and walk down the stairs, to the new world I didn't ask for, just out the door.

And somehow the stars that have always brought me solace, are salt in my wound.

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posted on 17-Dec-2002 3:24:03 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Great parts scifidreamer!!!!!!

Poor Brian!!!!!!!

Well, I don't have time to post right now...but I will see you all later tonight!!!!!!
posted on 17-Dec-2002 3:27:30 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Wow! Incredible post, scifidreamer!


On our way out, David and I have our reunions with everyone. Hugs and tears and laughter and joy shared all around. I hug Kara close...she's become like a sister to me in such a short time, it's amazing. And I'm so glad we've found that in each other. I look over to Brian, standing off to one side, and I want to go over to him. But something tells me not to. There's a large part of him that wants to be on the sidelines now, detached from all this. He needs time alone to process everything we've learned today, and to grieve and be angry about it. I won't interfere with that process; he knows that I'll always be here for him when he's ready.

Always. An incredible word to think, especially for a girl who never even dated before. But it fits. I may have loved him over a thousand lifetimes already, and I know somehow that I will for a thousand more and beyond. I never thought I'd need and love someone this much... It's incredibly scary and exciting and new, and it's all too much for me to deal with right now.

And there is so much to deal with. Not only do I discover that I was wrong about a fundamental truth I'd always taken for granted, my being human, but we have to defeat enemies and save the universe?! And I'm some kind of alien princess? That alone is enough to shake any person to their core. Why did my life have to turn into a scifi novel? Yes, that is what I like to read. But living it is a whole other story! And then there's the horror of that place I went when I died. Don't most people come back from a near death experience reassured and less afraid of dying? I've come back terrified at the prospect of dying and maybe facing that place again. Just thinking about it sends a cold shiver of fear down my spine and creates this heavy, clenching panic that settles in my stomach. Ok, I have to stop thinking about it, I tell myself. But the panic won't go away. I just have to sit with it.

More than anything else right now, I need to go home and see Mom and Dad and maybe sleep for the next ten years. Heh, David will probably tell Mom and Dad to let me sleep in, but I'm sure he'll be trying to get me up by noon so that we can go out exploring and talk about all that's happened.

I watch as Brian leaves the room and heads downstairs. I look to David, and we silently agree that it's time to follow suit. Saying goodnight to the others, we head for home...

David drives us. I sit quietly in the car, exhausted, as a sweet, melancholy song fills my head. The song expresses exactly what I'm thinking and feeling right now ...

Where Do We Go From Here
Where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?
The battle's done and we kind of won
So we sound our vict'ry cheer
Where do we go from here?

Why is the path unclear?
When we know home is near?
Understand we'll go hand in hand
But we'll walk alone in fear
Tell me
Where do we go from here?....

OOC: Hehe, I included the song when I edited. It just seemed to fit perfectly, so I was inspired to put it in. It's the last song in the Buffy Musical after they defeat the Lord of the Dance. There's more to the lyrics, but this was the part that really fit. Oh, and the first two lines are sung by Dawn, whose pic I use for Ariel *happy*

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I don't remember saying goodbye to everyone. I don't even remember making it home. All I know is that I can feel the sunshine in my eyes and I open them slowly to reveal that it is now a new day. I smile, enjoying the warmth and drowsiness of sleep. Then I feel the extra warmth. And the arms wrapped around my waist.

I look over and see Alex, and a sudden desire overwhelms me. I know I shouldn't love him as much as I do. But he's always been there for me in ways I couldn't possibly describe. I smile and close my eyes again, willing myself to sleep a bit longer. We'd had a long night. Sleep would be good for us.
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Krista, I love your sig! Is that answering machine message sometthing sung to the tune of "The Greatest American Hero"? If not, it sure works for the tune of that song!

Believe it or not I'm walking on air
I never thought I could feel so free
flying away on a wing and a prayer
Who could it be?
Believe it or not, it's just me

And yes, I do remember the verses too! I hope I'm not the only one who knows this song *happy* What a cool theme song! Did anybody else use to watch the show?

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Ok, just for fun I thought I'd find links to the songs I chose so that you guys can hear clips of the songs if you're interested. *happy*

Anggun's Snow on the Sahara

Never Give Up
OK, it is the full song...I couldn't find a clip, but at least you can hear the whole song.

Where do we go from here?
Again, no clips, but it's such a great soundtrack that all the songs are wonderful!


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Yeah Lora, it is sung to the theme of "The Greatest American Hero..." I didn't know that, I just looked it up and found out...Although, I never watched the show, the message kicks ass...makes me laugh every time I hear it!!!!

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LOL, it is hilarious! *happy* And I just love the's so cute. The verses to the Greatest American Hero theme song are cute, too...

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scifidreamer Awesome part and no, you don't have to change anything...I love it how it is...



I wake up with the sun shining into my bedroom and I move to stretch and a frown crosses my face as I find that I can't move my arm.

But, a smile turns my frown upside down...yes, I Kyle Valenti, just used that corny little saying...when I see Tess lying next to me.

My mind turns back to the night before when I put her to bed and she asked me to stay.

I remember not saying anything to her, I just slid in next to her and took her into my arms, where she belongs.

I prop myself up on one arm and lightly brush the loose strands of hair off her forehead.

She stirs slighty and then opens her beautiful blue eyes to look up at me.

"Morning." I say quietly. "How are you feeling?"
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Lora, I know I know...I laugh my ass's too cute.



I drive home and Ariel sit's next to me quietly the whole way.

There are a lot of things that we need to talk about but now is not the time. She need's our rest.

When we get in Mom and Dad are watching one of those talk show's and they ask us if we had a good time.

I tell them that we did and they say that they are so happy that we found friend's so quickly.

Ariel and I share a knowing look, we've made more than just friends.

We say good night and make our way upstairs to our rooms.

I stop with Ariel outside of her door and hug her once more.

"I'm so glad that you're back. I'll never let anything like that happen to you again."

I kiss her on her forehead and make my way to my room.

I pull off my shirt and pants and lay down on my bed.

My mind turns to all the people that we met today.

But especially I think of Kara and Brian and Caleb.

There is so much that we don't know...

But before I can think any further, I surrender to my exhaustion, knowing that tomorrow I will know everything I need to know.


Was that okay?

I thought maybe that Ariel's next part could be like when they wake up...Or if you want to add anything Lora, please do and I will edit!!!!!!!

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That sounds perfect, Krista!

We say goodnight to Mom and Dad after sharing a knowing look about our new "friends," who are so much more than that. As we reach my room, David hugs me and gives me a kiss on the forehead.

"I'm so glad that you're back. I'll never let anything like that happen to you again," he tells me, and then we head into our separate rooms. I notice that my room has a little balcony outside my window..I even see a small door that leads out onto the balcony. That brings a smile to my face. And I even have a walk-in closet! As much as I loved my old room, this was incredible! But tonight was definitely not the night to explore the wonders of my new room or get it set up. There would be plenty of time for that tomorrow, once I'd rested. So I quickly get ready for bed and fall asleep practically the second my head hits the pillow.....

The next morning, I awake to bright sunlight streaming through my windows. Now that I'm more refreshed and have energy, I take the time to look around the room and notice that it really has a lot of potential. Glancing at the clock, I notice that it's much earlier than I'd expected. It's only about 10 am. I really thought I'd be sleeping until noon after everything last night. Since it's so early, I decide to start unpacking and setting up my room. Then I hear a knock at my door....
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I doubt that I will get back on tonight, but I will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!

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Goodnight! See you tomorrow *happy*
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Hi Krista! Bye Krista!
Hey Lora! Bye Lora!
Gotta go.. I was on doing hw... but then decided to drop by. I posted on the other rpg. I'm temping for Zan.
Anyway, great Ariel post! And the Kyle post made me cry! :-)
So perty...

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Hi, Selena! Bye, Selena! *hugs*

I'm glad you liked the posts. BTW, I liked yours on the Royal Secrets rpg....I'd love to post there but I have to wait for a Rath part first. Hopefully tonight....

Anyway, see ya hopefully tomorrow!
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Hey all! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here, it's been a long 48 hours.

~*~ Sheriff Valenti ~*~

He pulled up outside of his house and parked. Getting out, he went to the front door and went inside. He passed by Tess room, and peeked inside, to check on her. He was a little upset, but not surprised to see Kyle there. 'Oh well,' he thought, 'it's just for tonight.'

He continued on to his own room and crawled into bed, exhausted. He fell asleep quickly, his last thought being that he couldn't wait till tomorrow, when he could see Amy again and find out about all of the new people at the meeting.
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Glad you're here, Roswell428!
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~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

Amy had said a quick goodnight to Jim and then grabbed her sister and had tried to seperate her daughter from Michael, so they could go home. Unfortunately, she had been unsuccessfull.

"Mom, can't Michael stay over just for tonight? I don't want him to be alone," Maria had begged her mother. "Please? We're so tired, we can't do anything anyway."

Amy had finally consented and had pulled all four of them to her car.

Getting inside her house, she had bid goodnight to her sister and warned her daughter about funny business, and had gone to sleep, where she could dream about Jim.
posted on 18-Dec-2002 12:28:52 AM by Roswell428

~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria was glad she had finally been able to convince her mother to let Michael stay over- she needed his presence with her right then.

As she curled up to him in her bed, she whispered loving thoughts to him and tried to go to sleep. When she was finally drowsing off, she murmered, "Goodnight Michael. I love you."

And she was blissfully aware that the first thing she would be seeing in the morning was his handsome face.

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Sorry, had to borrow Michael there for a second.
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~*~ Nicola ~*~

Nicola allowed herself to be led to the car, too tired and confused to do anything else. She was still puzzling over Caleb.

Inside, she said goodnight to Amy, Maria and Michael and had crawled into her own bed, where she continued to think about Caleb until she fell asleep.
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OOC: hey you guys. where's Sara? I just haven't seen kara or alex around in awhile. I hope she's okay.



When he wakes up in the morning the first thing he notices is that he has what has to be the world's ugliest, worst hangover ever. He moans getting up. The blankets slip to his waist. His bare feet touch the cold floor and he shivers quickly drawing them back up under the covers. He runs his hands through his hair, making it stick out in a hundred different directions. His eyes are sleepy, and heavy-lidded. He doesn't know it, but they are sexy bedroom eyes.

He remembers last night. Walking Nicola home, not really talking, but comfortable nonetheless, then continuing on home with Kara, keeping both his eyes, and his mind open for any signs of Brian.

Walking into the dark house, faintly illuminated by the street lamps outside, white shadows cast everywhere. He walked Kara to her room, chatted with her a bit about inconsequential things, then hugged her tight, placing a sweet kiss on cheek, before leaving her room. "Sweet Dreams," he said quietly outside her door.

He walked down to the living room where he spent the next six hours waiting for Brian to come home. He just sat on the couch, eyes staring forward, seeing sights never available here on this planet. He sat in the silver darkness.

The darkness was nothing to fear for him. After the life he'd lived previous to coming here, this was nothing. Even some of the things he's been forced to do here. Decisions he thought he would never have to make. There was a darkness even greater than that which they confronted for someone like him. A darkness that came from killing, that you learned to live with. That's why this darkness wasn't so frightening. He was already used to it.

Brian finally walked through the front door a little after three in the morning. Caleb knew Brian was aware of his presence. "Where were you?" he asked casually. He wasn't positive Brian would answer him. He stopped with his back towards Caleb, his head hanging low, he never turned around to look at him. Eventually he just said, "I walked around, spent some time at an old abandoned soap factory, then came home." Brian's voice was bland. He walked to his room, without any further attempts at conversation.

Caleb wasn't sure whether to be relieved Brian still answered to him at all. Because that what this was, a test of sorts, of new social heirarchy versus the old-the family unit they had lived as for the last 11 years. Or pissed that Brian had been out all this time and hadn't once let him know he was still here, that he was "okay".

In the end he just went to bed, but not before taking a piece of paper and using his powers to quickly manipulate it into an origami crane, and leaving it hanging in front of Brian's door. Origami had been one the first activities he had taught Brian and Kara.

He rubbed his sleepy eyes and just wanted yesterday to have never happened. Again he thought, This wasn't the way it was supposed to go. He sighed, what was that saying about the best laid plans? Man he felt short changed, he didn't even get to make the plans that got to be ruined.

And now there were questions that had to be answered, explanations made, forgiveness asked for. It was confusing: though a part of him felt like he should now defer to Brian, he couldn't stop feeling protective of him as a brother. It's not that he didn't want to relinquish control, but that he couldn't drop the responsibility.

This was his family, he thought.

This was his family, and he'd be damned if he lost them.

He got up and pulled a robe on but didn't tie it close. He rarely remembered to. His black sweat pants were baggy, and hung low on his hips. He padded over to his bathroom, and while the thought of family lingered in his head, suddenly Nicola's image popped into his mind. And though he was alone, he still blushed.

He heard the doorbell ring, and frowning he checked his watch, then quickly checked it again, 11 am!! He never slept in this late. He walked into the hallway, curious to see who would be here? Did anybody even know where they lived, he wondered.

He stopped short when he saw Nicola there, standing in the hallway, the open door creating a halo of light all around her. And just stood there, toothbrush in his mouth, robe hanging open, dumbstruck. He shook his head, was he still asleep? And if so why was he dreaming about brushing his teeth?


OOC: sorry to borrow nicola Roswellian428, but it just seemed too good an oppurtunity to pass up. and don't you just love how I left it up to you to not only decide why she's here, but how she found out where he lives? ::wide grin:: I know, ain't I a little stinka? if you want to change it, or not have her there that's cool, I'll edit to fit whatever you decide.

rock on people, we got through day one. *big*

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Yes! We made it through day 1. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in Day 2 with the individual/family recoveries and then coming together again as a group for questions and explanations.

By the way, I love the David/Kara interactions, how they came together so naturally. And I love the Brian/Ariel interaction of feeling this love for each other, this pull to be together, but fighting it for now. It'll be so much fun to see how they're going to overcome all that and get together *happy*
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OOC: YAY!!!! DAY 2!!!!! LOL!!!!



I woke up at a little after nine and tried to force myself back to sleep but the anticipation of the day got the better of me and wouldn't even let me close my eyes.

I jumped in the shower and got dressed before heading over to Ariel's room.

Knowing her, she was probably unpacking her stuff already...

I knock on her door and call out.

"Are you decent?"

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OOC: It's okay, Roswell428...I keep forgetting that I am temping him...LOL!!!!!



When Maria finally opens her eyes, I've already been awake for twenty minutes.

"I love you too." I tell her sitting up in her bed. She looks at me puzzled.

I continue. "You fell asleep before I could tell you that and I really wanted you to know."

She smiles and I kiss her forehead.

"Now, your mom's not one of those people who forget things about the night before...she's not going to come running in with a newspaper again, is she?" I say this half-joking.
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Well, is she's not on by tonight, should we get a temp until she get's back????
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She opens her eyes, and happiness slowly floods through her. It's a warm sensation, vaguely tingling, and it leaves her breathless. She fills so content.

Morning, how are you feeling? he asks. Does he know his eyes are luminous and beautiful she wonders?

She sighs, and stretches a little, but stops short. She gives him a small smile, a tilting of the corner of her lips, "Like my life has finally started," she answers honestly. Then she snickers, "My body, on the other hand feels like one giant bruise." She looks away briefly, then looks him in the eyes.

"Thank you Kyle....I don't even have the words to say everything I feel inside," she sighs slightly dissappointed she can't think of the words to say everything she's feeling inside, all she wants to thank him for, all these nebulous emotions that, though hazy, are so strong.

She snuggles in closer in to him, and wraps her arms around him, "Can we just stay this way? Just for a little longer?" she asks into his chest.

He even smells like home, she thinks.


OOC: whatever is good for everyone else is good for me. excellent michael part, krista, was chuckling at the end. yeah I liked Kara too. if I didn't need a computer to get my daily Roswell fix, I would dare say they suck and are obstinate. but I won't *big* .

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"Are you decent?" David calls out. I grin, thankful to have such a considerate brother.

"Yeah. Come on in!" I call back. The door opens, and David walks in and sits down on the bed with me as I continue unwrapping my knicknacks to sit on the shelf above my nightstand.

"How are you doing?" I ask David, looking over at him. We both have so much on our minds from last night, I want to make sure he's all right. What we've learned has been really difficult to absorb, and this is the first opportunity we've actually had to talk about things.

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OOC:I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone here??????????????




Ariel tells me to come in and I sit beside her on her bed.

"I'm okay." I say answering her question. "I mean, I'm still not sure what exactly is going on here...but I think that we can trust these people."

I pause and turn to look her in the eye.

"And then there is this whole thing with you seeing our mother. It's just so surreal. I never ever thought that we would have contact with our real mother...and then to have her tell you all of that. I mean, it's just a lot to take know?"

I run my hands through my hair and continue on because if I don't...I might not ever tell her.

"I just feel like I have no control over my life anymore...and it scares me."

I see her eyes cloud over with concern and shake my head.

"Nevermind." I mumble and then look at her with concern. "How are you? I almost lost you yesterday."
posted on 19-Dec-2002 12:00:25 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

I take her in my arms when she asks me to stay like this for a little while.

I want to stay like this forever.

"Tess." I say gently wanting to respond to all she just said. "Your life has just begun. Your new life with friends and family that love and trust you."

I pause and look down at her.

"It's also your new life with me. I'll always be here for you."

"And you don't have to thank me." I continue. "Thank you for coming back to me. I thought I lost you. And I don't ever want to feel like that again."

I tell her this because it is the truth. I don't think I could ever survive if I had to go through that again...
posted on 19-Dec-2002 10:08:08 AM by Elizabeth Evans

David tells me what's on his mind, about the people we met, and about what we learned from our real mother. And then he gets to the root of what's bothering him. "I just feel like I have no control over my life anymore...and it scares me," he tells me. I look at him in concern and want him to know that I understand totally, because I'm feeling the same way.

Then David shakes his head, trying to dismiss his thought and asks about me.

"Pretty much the same as you," I tell him. "I do feel like we can trust everyone we met yesterday, and there are so many questions to be answered. And already what we do know is overwhelming...David, I feel the same way...scared because life suddenly feels so out of control and there's no way to fix that. The world feels like ti's tilted on its axis because everything is suddenly changed....our lives, even our identities!"

I look him in the eye, hoping that my telling him this will let him know that he can tell me anything...that we have to be able to share this stuff with each other and not hold back if we're going to be able to support each other through all this.

"And there's something else...what scares me the most right now. That place where I went....I'd always thought that when I die I'd be in a good, safe place. But it wasn't. It terrifies me to think of ending up back there again...And I don't know why I was there or if we all have to face that thing when we die...I can't stand the thought of all those souls claimed by that blackness..." Just thinking about it gives me that panicky feeling in my stomach again.

Seeing the worried look on David's face, I hasten to reassure him. "David, I'm ok. I'll be ok. I just need to be able to talk about it...If I hold it in, it'll slowly drive me crazy." I give him a small smile, glad to be able to tell him the true extent of what I was feeling inside. It felt a little like a burden lifted just to have him know and understand...

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Just to let everyone know: I'll be on at 10 pm board time tonight. I'll check back then to see if other people can be on to role play. Sorry about last night. I fell asleep at around 11 and nobody was on until midnight, it looks like.

Hope to see you guys tonight! We'll temp whoever we need to for now.
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Have fun role playing if you guys are on tonight *happy*!
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OOC:Sorry...I couldn't get on earlier...I wonder where everyone else is????



I listen as Ariel tell's me of the fear she has of dying and ending up in that blackness again.

I turn my body to face her more fully.

"It's okay to talk about it. And I am always here to listen Ariel." I tell her honestly.

"And I don't think that when you die you will end up there. You weren't have to remember that. You're a good person and when you'll end up in a beautiful place where you can spend your eternity happily. You deserve it."

I squeeze her hand.

"Oh yeah and I heard that when 'aliens' go, we get all the free tabasco we want." I joke with her.

She looks at me funny for a moment and then both begin to laugh.

It feel's good to laugh. And it feel's good to hear Ariel laugh.

"So, do you think that all those people we met yesterday us?" I ask with genuine curiosity.


OOC: Was that okay????
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OOC: Just bored and felt like posting! :-)

I look around and finally realize the time. THE MEETING! I begin to get up quickly when I realize that he's gone. Alex woke up at some point and left. A small note on the pillow catches my attention.

It was nice to see you sleep so peacefully after such a long night. Don't forget the meeting! All the questions I'm sure you have will be answered. I'll see you there! And maybe we can go out for breakfast afterwards... you know... to talk. :-) Love, A

I smile at myself as I read the short but sweet note. Things just seem to be looking up. All I need to know at this point is if all those people are enemies... or if they are on our side. I sigh loudly as I get in the shower. I can only pray they're on our side.


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OOC: Do we want to go ahead with the meeting?


David reassures me that I was never actually dead and that I won't go to that place when I die. I'm still left with the mystery of how I ended up there, but maybe someone at the meeting will know. I smile at David, feeling much better. The panicky feeling begins to ebb away.

Then David promises me that I can tell him anything, and I know that I can. We always could tell each other anything, no matter what. And he makes this joke to lighten the mood, saying that in heaven, we aliens can have all the tabasco sauce we want! I give him a funny look at his offbeat sense of humor, and we share a laugh. It feels so good to laugh and smile again.

I give David a hug. "Thank you, David....for everything." Words could not express how grateful I was to him for bringing me back home from the darkness, for listening, and for reassuring me and making me feel so much better.

The conversation turns to the new people we met last night. David asks if I think that they're like us. "I'm not sure....Well, we know that Brian and Kara are like us, and maybe so is Caleb. There are four other aliens, though, that might be different from us because they're from a different planet called Antar. Tess and Isabel must be two of them, but I'm not sure who the other two are. Kyle might be, becaue he joined in the connection, and he seemed to be a leader. Come to think of it, so did that guy...Max, I think his name was. But I'm just guessing. How much do you think they know about what we're all supposed to be doing and who these enemies are? I guess we'll have to wait until the meeting to find out for certain. By the way, when are we supposed to be at Kyle's?"

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oOc: where are Sara and Roswellian428? I don't want to post Caleb or Brian part, until I know if she's cool with my borrowing Nicola. damn holidays. I thought I'd have more time to spend online, but alas I was mistaken!!!! curse to the malls which beckon me with lights twinkling so prettily!!!

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I watch Ariel tell me her theory on who might be aliens and then she mention's the meeting.

"You know what...maybe we should just go there now. Some one has to be awake by now. And their was no set time." I stand up.

"Beside's I can't stand all this waiting...I want to know what is going on." I tell her making my way to her door.

"What do you say? Wanna go now?"
posted on 22-Dec-2002 8:49:08 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: I"m home for the holidays, so I may not post quite as often, but there may be nights when I can postfest *happy*


I nod as David suggests that we head over to Kyle's. "Good idea. I really want to find out what's going on, too. I'm sure there's a lot that the others can tell us. At least, I really hope so. If they don't know much more than we do, we're in big trouble!" Just the thought of us all trying to figure out such an enormous situation with very little knowledge or information seemed overwhelming at best and impossible at worst.

"But Isabel and the others really seemed to know what they're doing. And I think there's so much more that Caleb knows than he's said yet." Maybe at this meeting, all of our questions would be answered. Maybe it would be like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, with each of us having different knowledge that would, when combined as in a puzzle, would complete the whole picture. I hope.

I stand and walk with David out the door, ready to face this unknown future. Whatever happens, we'll face it together...along with our new friends.
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Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't been around for the past few days- my grandmother died unexpectedly and it was quite a shock. Needless to say, I haven't been able to get on for awhile. I haven't had a chance to catch up on any of my fics or the RPGs I'm in yet, but I'm going to try to be on tonight to do that.

I'm just posting this to let everyone know why I disappeared. I'm going to get on tonight (after I get off work) and catch up with everything, so I hope to see you all then.

I'll be posting this in all my fics and the RPGs I'm in. See you all later.

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Roswell428 I am very sorry about your grandmother. I was actually in the same situation about three weeks if you need to talk or anything, feel free to b-mail me.

I also stopped in to wish all of you a very Merry Chritmas.

Lora, Selena, Roswell428, Sarah, and scifdreamer...I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Also, I am going to be going away from the 26th to the 29th, so please feel free to temp for me!!!!!!

I'll talk to you all later!!!


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Happy Holidays, Krista and everyone!
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Thanks everybody! All of your support means so much to me!

And scifidreamer, I don't mind you borrowing Nicola at all! You've created a very interesting idea there! I think I might just run with it....

~*~ Nicola ~*~

She stood there and stared at him. He was standing before her in his bathrobe, with a toothbrush in his mouth. He looked incredibly sexy.

"I've been thinking about you all night," she confessed boldly. "And I've been wondering what it would be like to do this..." She reached up and grabbed the toothbrush out of his mouth and planted her lips firmly on his toothpaste covered ones.

~*~ End Nicola ~*~

Hope that was okay. I'm too braindead right now to post for my other three characters so I'm going to get back on for them tomorrow, if that's okay. See you all later, and once again, thank you all!
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OOC: Too cute! Love the Caleb/Nicola interaction. *happy*

On the way over to Kyle's, my thoughts drift to Brian. In many ways, he's had even more of an ordeal than I last night. God, what must it be like to find out that the one person you trusted and counted on had kept so many important things from you your whole life? I could barely imagine it. How is he managing, dealing with it all? How does anyone deal with something like that? In a way I couldn't wait to see Brian again...for one thing, to make sure that he was OK. Another part of me feared it...I just wasn't sure how things would go. Would he let me be there for him, or would he pull away? Could I handle it if he pulled away? He probably will...he probably still needs to. Don't get your hopes up, I told myself firmly. Being able to turn to each other during this time of crisis might be too much to hope or ask for.

Whatever happened, at least David and I would likely know more about whatever this situation was that we were facing. It was so difficult waiting to find out this information!
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Okay, so I am just waiting for scifidreamer to post a Tess part before I post for David and Kyle.

I wanted to post a David part as they are knocking on the door, but Kyle and Tess are still in bed, so I am going to wait.

If she's not here tonight...I'll just go ahead without her!

I don't mean to sound like a bit*h...I understand that people are busy!!!

I hope that everyone had a great holiday and I will check back later on tonight!!!!!
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I never thought I'd have to bump this thread, but here it is! Where is everyone?
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I'm here I'm here!!!!!!!
What a crazy week or two! The hecticness of life is catching up with me and I'm feeling it. Badly. I'm exhausted and I'm better (from being sick again.) But I'm back! So just let me know what's up!

I grab my belongings and head towards the door.

"Mom, I'm going out! I'll be back in a few hours!" I slam the door shut and head out to the driveway. I realize Max's car is gone. Must be getting Liz already. Those two are like glued to each other. I smile at the thought of seeing Alex again. His warmth had meant so much to me last night. It was a warmth I longed for. Even know. I head into my car and begin the drive to Kyle's house with a billion questions crossing my mind. I hope these people are good. Because honestly, I like them too much to deal with knowing they're bad.

I turn the corner near his house and think of Ariel and Tess. That was quite an ordeal they had. What would happen if that happened to me? If I lived with constant guilt or curiosity? Or if I live the way I do now? In hiding? In darkness....
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Hi! *hugs* Yeah, life has been hectic here, too. Sorry to hear you're sick again. It's really going around. My poor kitty is sick :(. She must've gotten it from me, although I never actually came down with a least not yet *knocks on wood*. Hope you feel better soon!

I'm up for a postfest tonight if you guys are. I've missed you all! Just let me know, and I'll check back this evening.
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HEY!!! Anyone on???!!!

If so,I have a quik couple of ?s
First, can someone temp for Alex?? id like to post more, but its hard because Sarah has been kinda mia. I don't know if theres anything wrong with her, havent spoken to her for a while. Let me know!!!
Two, has anyone read "The Dead" by James Joyce? I need some guidance in the theme and the way the meaning of life is presented??!! I'd appreciate the help!
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I know I was supposed to be here like a week ago, but I've only been able to get on here like 5-10 minutes at a time.

I just have some question's before we start back up.

Okay, so are David and Ariel going to be at Kyle's now? and are they going to meet Isabel outside?

Just let me know where I should start...

And I would temp Alex *if it's okay with Lora*...I know Sarah has been gone for awhile :(

Talk to you all later!!
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Sorry I wasn't here turned out that my cat Mira had much more than a cold. I had to take her into the vet this evening because she'd really been getting much worse yesterday and then today. She...she had...leukemia. It was so sudden! Like, she was absolutely fine not even a week ago. A little sneezy from a kitty cold, but generally fine. I was expecting to get some antibiotics or some kind of medicine to help her get better, and instead it turned out that things were so bad that she...she had to be put down tonight...


I just wanted to let you guys know why I wasn't here tonight. I may not be on too much in the next week or so, but I'll do my best to post when needed.
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Oh Lora, I'm so sorry.

I just checked in before I went to bed.

I can't even imagine how you feel.

I'm an animal lover and have a cat also...

I'm really sorry. That was so sudden!

Man, that's a shame really.

Take your time one else is around don't worry about it!

Warm wishes and I will talk to you later! *happy* *happy* *happy*
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Thanks so much, Krista! *hugs*

I'm back and want to give this thread a bump. I hope people come back. This is such a fun rpg!
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I'm here and ready to role play *happy*!
posted on 14-Jan-2003 11:21:02 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

Me too. Okay, I already posted on the other where did you want to start on this one...I think that it's just us tonight....
posted on 14-Jan-2003 11:28:11 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Yeah, I think so, too. Maybe we could have Ariel and David go exploring Roswell before the meeting (because it's early in the day and the meeting isn't until evening).

We could do something fun and dramatic, like have them talk about their past and the future they imagine for themselves now that there's so much more to their secret than they'd ever guessed....they could run into trouble or danger while they're exploring the town....

Any of those ideas sound good?
posted on 14-Jan-2003 11:31:48 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Yeah...that sounds good...but I just re-read and they are already on their way to Kyle's and they are supposed to be meeting up with Isabel outside.

But, it doesn't matter to me...whatever's good for you....
posted on 14-Jan-2003 11:36:26 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Yeah, they are supposed to be on their way to Kyle's...

I guess they could stop and talk about what they think might happen at the meeting or their concerns, etc., before arriving at Kyle's and meeting up with Isabel. Would that fit in with what we already have going?
posted on 14-Jan-2003 11:39:43 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Yeah, okay so they like stop for something to eat or coffee or something?

That sounds cool...I may not be very quick responding...but I am here...*just wanted to let you know in case you think I bailed or something!!!!*

You wanna start off?????
posted on 15-Jan-2003 12:02:11 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OK, I'll start...


As David and I drive toward Kyle's, my thoughts drift to the meeting. I wonder what more we might learn from the others, what else we don't know about ourselves. All four of us...myself, David, Brian, and Kara, have been in the dark about our past.

What we've suddenly learned yesterday is shocking beyond belief. I'm not sure how much more information I can handle today. There's a part of me that wants to know everything, but there's another part of me that feels like screaming if one more piece of information comes along to make this whole surreal situation even worse. Like, any information about these enemies in terms of their powers or plans has to be really scary, right? And how exactly are we supposed to fight these enemies? OK, I am so not ready to deal with this....

"David, can we stop somewhere for lunch? I don't think I can handle going to the meeting just yet..."
posted on 15-Jan-2003 12:14:35 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

We're driving to Kyle's to have this 'meeting' and I practically have to force myself to stop from turning around.

I don't know what is going to happen when we get there and that scares me. I like to be in control and know what is going on at all times.

BUt ever since we got to Roswell, that hasn'y been happening.

"David, can we stop somewhere for lunch? I don't think I can handle going to the meeting just yet..."

Ariel asks me this and I almost laugh at how relieved I am.

"Sure. I think some coffee would do me some good." I tell her and I pull into the next little coffee shop that I see.

We go in and I let out a sigh of relief as it is not 'alien-themed.'

We take a seat in the booth and I barely take a glance at the menu.

"So, are you nervous about going there?" I ask her straight to the point. That's the thing that I love most about her. I never have to think of what I am going to say to her and I never have to hold back. "I'm really nervous. It's like I don't even want to go."

I look her in the eye, not afraid to feel like a stupid little kid. She's the only one that understand's. She's the only person that I have in this world.

And then I hear that little voice in the back of my telling me that by the end of the day...I might have a few more people.
posted on 15-Jan-2003 12:33:03 AM by Elizabeth Evans

To my relief, David agrees to stop, and we pull into a restaurant that is (thankfully) not alien-themed. I quickly find something on the menu that looks good. As I set the menu down, David asks me,

"So, are you nervous about going there? I'm really nervous. It's like I don't even want to go."

I love that about him. He's direct and to the point, and he doesn't hold back with me. As I meet his eyes, I can tell that he's just as scared as I am, and it doesn't bother him for me to see that.

"Yeah," I answer with a nod. "Exactly! David, I'm really scared about what else we're going to find out. And I'm terrified about what our lives are about to become...." My head is filled with a thousand horrible possibilities that the group might face soon, not the least of which is having to kill someone in battle, losing someone I love, being discovered by the government and experimented on...

Ok, I have to stop thinking about that, I tell myself firmly. "God, how do the others deal with this?" I ask. How does Caleb manage this every day? How do the others manage it? Our once safe and peaceful lives have now turned dangerous. Remind me never to complain again that I wish something interesting and exciting would happen in our lives! Be careful what you wish for....

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I see the panic in her eyes and I grab her hand briefly and give it a squeeze.

"I know what you mean." I tell her. "I mean, I always felt in my heart that this day would come, but it's all just happening too fast."

I pause for a moment. "I think that the other's are used to dealing with these things."

I tell her this honestly.

"So what exactly did our mother tell you?" I ask but the waitress interrupts us.

I order a coffee and a bagel.

The waitress turns to Ariel and I wait for her to order and to hear what our mother told her.

In the confusion of last night, I didn't get all the details.
posted on 15-Jan-2003 12:50:43 AM by Elizabeth Evans

David gives my hand a brief, reassuring squeeze, and I smile. "Thanks.....You're right, they probably are used to dealing with it all."

Our conversation is interrupted when the waitress arrives just as David asks what exactly our mother told me. We give our food orders, and when the waitress leaves the table, I answer quietly. looking around to make sure that we can't be overheard.

I reflected for a moment on what our mother had told me in the all too brief time we had together. "She said that, me, Brian and Kara, are the Royal Four from another planet and that Caleb is our protector. She also said that we have enemies, and that we have to join together with the Royal Four of a planet called Antar to fight these enemies and save the universe from them...Well, the universe may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea..."
posted on 15-Jan-2003 1:10:40 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

I let out a deep breath.

Royal Four. Join forces. Enemies. Save the universe.

I shake my head.

"This is amazing." I mutter.

"You know what's funny?" I ask and she shakes her head.

"It was out first day in Roswell and we met up with Brian and Kara and Caleb. And the Royal Four of Antar."

I pause for a moment. "I mean, the Royal Four of Antar had to be some of them. Like you said Isabel and Tess probably. And maybe Kyle."

The waitress set's down my coffee and Ariel's drink and we thank her and she walks away.

"Do you think that the Antart Four have any idea about us?" I ask curious on her thoughts.
posted on 15-Jan-2003 1:25:57 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Ok, I have to get to bed. 'Night! *happy* This has been so much fun to role play again!


I smile when David explains what he finds funny. "That is a funny thing to happen the day we move here."

Then David asks if I think the Royal Four of Antar know about us. "I'm not sure.....probably. I think they acted like we were familiar. We'll know for sure at the meeting, though. Who else do you think is part of the Antar Royal Four, and did they seem to you like they knew us somehow?" I ask David. I'm curious to see who he thinks the four are.

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posted on 15-Jan-2003 1:38:01 AM by Elizabeth Evans
I need to get to bed, too *happy*. I'll try to be on tomorrow night for a little bit. I may run out of time pretty soon. I only get 10 free hours online per month :( least I can post a time or two from campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays though *happy*
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I AM SO SORRY!!!!! I am so incredibly sorry that I have been gone for so long- everything has gone wrong over the holidays- first my grandmother died and then right after that my computer broke (the monitor fell and cracked open) and it is now finally back in working order (thank God!). I have been so computer deprived these past couple of weeks (because I had no way of getting on), it is not even believeable! As a result of all of the commotion, I have fallen SO behind in all of my stories and the RPGs I'm in, not to mention all of my emails and bmails and stuff for other sites, so it is going to take me a while to catch up.

I am posting this in all of the RPGs I'm in (that I HOPE I'm still in) just to let everyone know what happened to me. Once again- I am SO sorry- please forgive my long absence. Thank you all for being so patient with me.

Let me just tell you how glad I am to be back up at school, and that the break is finally over!

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OOC: Welcome back Roswell428...Michael has just woken up in Maria's bed and is waiting for her to talk to him..LOL!!! Take your time catching up!



I take a sip of my coffee and gland at Ariel across the table.

"Tess has to be one of them." I tell Ariel very sure of myself. "No one normal would be able to pull that off."

I lower my voice to a whisper. "And I agree with you on's not normal how she just jumped into the connection like that."

"Now, I've been thinking." I say leaning somewhat closer to her. "It's likely that the Antar Four were sent unfer the same cirumstances as us....Which means two females, two males and a protector."

I pause for a moment and take a quick glance around.

"If I'm right that means that they are two males that we've left out. Now, Kyle is a very good candidate. The connection he had with Tess was remarkable. I'm thinking that the other may be that Michael guy. He got the stones and seemed to be the only other one who knew how to use them."

Ariel sits quitely as I let all of this out and I see the wheels in her mind turn as she processes the information.

"But the thing that bother's me is that I feel something from Tess, Isabel and Michael. Something familiar. But not with Kyle. Then there's the other guy who stayed out of the way mostly. That Max guy. I get some stuff from him. Stronger than the other three."

I shake my head. So much stuff was happening.

"And the protector." I say as Ariel open's her mouth to speak and I cut her off. "I think it maybe that older guy. Kyle's dad the sheriff?"

I question this because I'm not too sure.

"It makes sense doesn't it?" I ask Ariel and grab my coffee again knowing that it won't be my last one of the day.


OOC: I have a question, it's probably already been clarified but I'm too lazy to look back.

Who is the leader from Brian and David?

Caus I was thinking that David and Areil were like the 'Max and Isabel' and Brian and Kara were 'MIchael and Tess.'?

Am I mistaken because if not I just made post seem that David felt a strong connection with Max because they are both leaders....

If I am like way off I'll edit.
posted on 22-Jan-2003 12:41:10 AM by Roswell428
Thanks, I_LOVE_NICK.

I was just catching up and I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty, Elizabeth Evans. I hope that you're doing okay and if you need to talk, I'm here.

Well, now that I think I'm finally caught up (on this on anyway), I'm going to post for Maria, Amy and Jim (as I'm still waiting on scifidreamer for Nicola).

Everyone's parts have been great!

Here goes:

~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria grinned back at Michael mischeviously (sp?). "Yeah, I do think that she'll remember Michael. She'll be in here any second- in fact, I'm surprised she's not here already."

She paused and quirked an eyebrow at his almost nude (with the exception of his boxers of course) form. "So you might want to put some clothes on."
posted on 22-Jan-2003 12:47:00 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Amy Deluca ~*~

Amy woke up with a start, knowing that there was something that she needed to be doing, needed to be checking on, but not sure what. Her motherly instinct was kicking in, and she struggled to remember what it was.

She sat bolt upright in bed. Ah ha! Michael had spent the night with her daughter; she needed to check on them.

She quickly threw on a robe and opened the door to the hall. It wasn't that she didn't trust Maria, or Michael now for that matter, it's just she knew what teenage hormones were capable of, and she didn't want them to get into any messes.

Besides, after the strangeness of last night, her brain needed something normal to think about and concentrate on, and removing Maria from Michael was just the thing to do that.

Anyway, Maria had promised her answers, and she was going to get them.

She flung open Maria's door. "Michael Geurin! Are you putting on clothes?!?"

~*~ End Amy ~*~

Hope it was okay that I borrowed Michael there.
posted on 22-Jan-2003 12:53:13 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Jim Valenti ~*~

Jim cracked open his eyes and greeted the new day with a sigh. It was a good day- just the fact that they had all made it back safely last night attested to that fact.

He rolled over and stretched, deciding to make them all breakfast and then bring it in to the two lovebirds, to give them a little more privacy.

He didn't normally abide by letting Kyle and Tess sleep in the same room, but after last night, he realized that they needed a little time to be together and to realize that everything was indeed okay. So he let them have it- just this once.

He padded into the kitchen. After he finished with breakfast, he had better clean the house- they did have company coming over after all.

His lips quirked into a small smile. Besides, he wanted the place to look it's best for Amy, even though she had already seen it messy hundreds of times. He thought she would appreciate his effort.
posted on 22-Jan-2003 11:43:11 AM by Elizabeth Evans
Welcome back, Roswell428! *hugs* I've missed you! I'm so sorry about your grandmother...if you ever need to talk, I'm here. I'm doing ok. I miss Mira a lot, but it's getting better. I'm starting to really be tempted to adopt another kitty. How are you holding up?

I_Love_Nick, I totally agree with you on David and Ariel being like the Max and Isabel of the group. I'd thought of Brian as the leader, but it could be David if that's ok with everyone else. I like it and I like the idea of David feeling this connection to Max. *happy*

I nod to David at his question. Everything he's said makes perfect sense. "You're right about Max and Michael, I think. Kyle does seem to have this amazing connection with Tess, and he's definitely part of the group, just as the others are, but he's probably a....regular person."

I paused to a moment to think about David's suggestion of who their protector might be. "I agree with you that the Valenti guy is their protector. I don't know if he's the original person sent with them, like Caleb was for us, but he's definitely in that role now."

Smiling, I admitted, "Ok, I am getting curious to find out more about the group, and to see if we're right about it all...."

Then I became more serious as a thought crossed my mind, "Do you think that we can all come together as a team to defeat whatever out there might be after us?"
posted on 22-Jan-2003 7:12:51 PM by Roswell428
I've missed you too! For a while there, I was practically climbing the walls because I couldn't get on and talk to you all.

I'm holding up fine (better now that I have my computer back) and am glad to hear that you're holding up as well. Thanks for the offer to talk *big*, and you should know that it goes likewise. I'm here for you.

I'll see you all later tonight.
posted on 23-Jan-2003 12:42:06 PM by roswellianprincess16
HEY!!! Sorry I've been gone for a while!!!! Everyone doing ok?? Missed you all... ok here goes nothing.Sorry about that... thanks Krista!!!

I finally reach Kyle's house and I sigh loudly. I'll be ok. We'll all be ok. I look down and realize my hands are shaking. I am so nervous. I think back to last night and shiver. It was frightening. It was one of the worst things that had ever happened. But I got through it... and saved two people's lives. Yes, we'll be alright.

I go to walk towards the door, realizing that I stopped to think to myself, when I see Alex walking not too far away. I can't help but smile all of a sudden. I can't clearly remember what happened last night, but he took care of me. He watched over me in a soft and tender way that no one ever had. I never got to thank him... I think to myself.

"Hey Alex!" I smile my best smile and walk up to him. Maybe it's time to open up.

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posted on 23-Jan-2003 12:58:48 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

Good to have you back!

But David and Ariel stopped to get something to eat and they are not at Valenti's house yet.

Plus scifidreamer isn't here to do a Tess part so I think that we are waiting for her.

But I am temping for Alex, so maybe Isabel can run into him outside? Does that sound okay?

If your okay with it I'l post an Alex part later because I'm just on my way to work...I'll be back later on tonight.
posted on 26-Jan-2003 4:38:30 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Should we maybe temp so we can get started with the meeting? It's up to you guys.
posted on 28-Jan-2003 1:00:59 PM by roswellianprincess16
That'll work for me.

posted on 30-Jan-2003 12:10:50 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Oh man! I'm so sorry!!!! I'm back though! Whew!

Am I forgiven? LOL!

Oh and scifidreamer is back also, she's been having some serious trouble with her computer, but I am catching her up on everything so she can post later on!!!!!!




When I woke up this morning I had thought of going on over to Isabel's to see how she was doing, but I thought better of it. Things had been kind of tense between us ever since they all thought that I was killed by Tess.

So I had decided to walk over to Kyle's. It would be nice to get out and get some fresh air after everything that had happened last night.

And as I made my way over there I thought about the events of the night before.

At first I was really scared when I noticed all of the new people that had arrived in Roswell. It just seemed like too much of a coincidence (sp?). And you could never be to careful when some of your best friends were 'not of this earth'.

But then as everything happened so quickly I just got this feeling that they were okay. That these people could be trusted...

But then again, you can never be too careful. We didn't have any idea who these people were and if they were on our side or not.

I didn't even realize that I had made it almost to Kyle's house when I heard Isabel call out to me.

I looked up to see her smiling and walking up to me. She was so beautiful. I wished that I could tell her that. But I just smiled back.

"Hey Isabel." I said casually. "So are you ready to find out if there is an alien invasion, besides the obvious one, happening in Roswell?"
posted on 30-Jan-2003 12:16:38 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

"Do you think that we can all come together as a team to defeat whatever out there might be after us?"

I pause at Ariel's question. It was one that I had asked myself quite a few times since last night.

"Ariel." I said playing with my coffee cup. "I think that if we beat whatever the hell the happened last night, we could beat anything."

I picked up the cup to finish off my coffee but also to hid my face. I didn't really know if we could beat whatever was coming, but I didn't want to scare Ariel. I had to be brave for her.

But as I put the cup down I saw her studying my face. She could read me like a book. I made a big show of glancing at my watch.

"We should get going. The meeting should be starting soon." I said pulling out my wallet.
posted on 30-Jan-2003 12:21:59 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

After hearing Maria tell me that her mother would be coming in here at any moment I jumped off the bed and grabbed my jeans.

I was just starting to pull the zipper up when Amy threw the door open and demanded if I was putting clothes on.

"Um..." I began to stammer. I wasn't afraid of a lot of things. But I was afraid of Amy DeLuca.

"Well...It was't sleep in clothes..." I trailed off and ran a hand through my hair. I glanced at my naked chest and quickly grabbed my shirt off the floor and put it in front of my chest.

"I'm...a....I'm sorry..." I said uncomfortable and glanced at Maria for a little help and was rewarded with a big taunting smile.
posted on 31-Jan-2003 12:20:29 AM by Elizabeth Evans

I smile at David's reassurance that if we could beat that thing we faced last night, we could defeat anything. He plays with his coffee cup nervously, and as I study his face I can tell that he's not as convinced of his words as he would like me to be.

We pay the check and leave. "You know, I think you're right, David," I tell him on the way out to the car. "After last night, I think we can face and overcome anything. Whatever is next for us, it'll be a much different and maybe in some ways harder challenge. But I have a good feeling that everything is going to be ok."

We got in the car and drove to Kyle's. As we pulled up, I noticed several cars already parked out front.

I took a deep, steadying breath as I looked toward the house. Here we go...
posted on 11-Feb-2003 12:48:37 PM by Elizabeth Evans
bump *happy*
posted on 18-Feb-2003 4:49:07 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Ok, bump again! Looks like this RPG has died. *sad**sad**sad**sad*Is anybody still around? I'd like to continue it if there's still interest. If not, I'll save what we've got and work with it. when I've had a chance to organize it, etc., I'll get copies to you guys.

Oh, I had another question....would anybody mind if I use the whole healing stone thing for the next chapter of my story (which I've neglected for ages)? The only adult character there would be Caleb, but I could include the events and reactions from all the other characters, if that's ok with everyone.

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