posted on 22-Nov-2002 7:53:49 AM by RELA
hey guys I'm starting a RPG f it's ok with everyone so far I haven't seen any here or in other words multiple joint fic
the fics set in season one I never really got to see the second so
it should be uc lets try and make different one uc couple while there all on the run from the FBI and get someone pregnant....
well is someoen joinging along or not....story?? we have to make one s get here and start claming characters I'll be Isabelle...the rest????

posted on 22-Nov-2002 4:19:34 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
posted on 22-Nov-2002 8:12:31 PM by RELA
cool you'll be Liz why don't we start with our POV...the rest of the peeps join already...!
posted on 23-Nov-2002 8:06:16 AM by RELA
Max Michael and Isabelle Tess are aliens just like in the show
it's set in season one since
There has to be one uc in the fic
some one has to get pregnant after a one night stand on friendly terms ( The UC) maybe Alex and Tess or or Kyle and Isabelle sort of UC
The white room never happens
the FBI are after them big time especially Pierce and I don't know but he might actually help them find the truth in the middle half or near end but he's still a bad guy well he'll be on the govt's side but lets give the man a chance I mean I noticed he isn't in great many fics come on!! he's like the best bad ass there ever was on the show know that!!! and of course good looking...err I'm not sure if everyone agrees with me but lets move along I'm rambling....
and it's time to go out and find the truth!!!not the one they made up on the original show we'll make up our own truth about what planet they come from and other stuff about them or why they were created etc etc there gonna be practically on the run so there's gonna be some angst here and there because of the UC
this might become a crossover fic with x-files (maybe) involving Scully's search for mulder something like that one more thing the dupes arent making any appearance or anyhting about the granolith
oh and characters for taking are:
Max, Michael,Tess, Maria, Kyle, Alex,Pierce for the time being these are all we need since this fic would involve the whole gang what all of them will be in the run after they find out about that someone getting pregnant.

posted on 23-Nov-2002 9:12:58 PM by TabascoChick
Maria or Alex?
posted on 23-Nov-2002 9:22:17 PM by scifidreamer

can I be kyle or tess or both? is this completely one 'ship UC? or can diff. people hook up with each other (I'm not talking orgy *wink* ). I'll also temp if we need it.

posted on 23-Nov-2002 10:16:02 PM by RELA
yep tobascochick you can be maria or alex whatever you like ans scifidremaer sure you can be both I'm deciding t be two characters two lemme think ....but ih one more thing the uc pairing can differ ....
posted on 25-Nov-2002 8:21:13 PM by RELA

k peeps we still need characters here and we'll sart of wih the prologue POV of each person......lets move it
posted on 28-Nov-2002 4:15:33 AM by RELA
come on we still need characters already :(