posted on 3-Dec-2002 7:59:45 PM by Shama
This is about the gangs kids. After Graduation, the FBI was defeated so they came back to Roswell. Jesse and Isabel are back together and Max has Zan back. Isabel and Jesse have a son, Alex(17). Michael and Maria have twins, Brendan(16) and Cassie(16), Kyle and Serena (They met right after the gang left Roswell) have 2 daughters, Teresa(15) and Belle(17). Max and Liz have Zan(19) and Lexi(17) also Liz is pregnant again. The kids all know they're aliens and they're okay with it. They only hang out with each other and can only date each other

Alex and Cassie
Brendan and Teresa
Zan and Belle

Best Friends:
Lexi and Brendon
Cassie and Zan
Alex, Brendan, and Zan
Cassie and Teresa
Belle and Lexi

As you can see Lexi doesn't have anyone. That is until the new boy Jason comes to town. She falls for him instantly and vice versa. However Jason holds a dark secret that is sure to tear them apart. After all, how can they be together when Lexi is Max Evans' daughter and Jason is Kivar's only son and heir?

So who wants to join?

Lexi: Me
Jason: scifidreamer
Alex: TabascoChick
Brendan: scifidreamer
Teresa: Sugarplum7
Zan: roswellianprincess16
Belle: Elizabeth Evans
Max: TabascoChick
Liz: LizParkerEvans4evax
Isabel: Elizabeth Evans
Maria: Roswell428
Michael: Roswell428
Jesse: Scifidreamer
Kivar: Me

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posted on 3-Dec-2002 8:15:44 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I love the premise! Can I have Belle? *happy*
posted on 3-Dec-2002 8:19:54 PM by Shama
Sure thanks for joining*happy*
posted on 3-Dec-2002 8:39:06 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

This sounds interesting...I'd love to be Lexi!!!!
posted on 3-Dec-2002 8:45:58 PM by Shama
Lexi's already taken anyone else you wanna be?
posted on 3-Dec-2002 8:53:00 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I'm such a dork! lol.

Yeah I would love to play anyone!!!! I think that this is a very cool idea.

Ummmm, how about Cassie?
posted on 3-Dec-2002 9:08:17 PM by Shama
k thanks*happy*

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posted on 3-Dec-2002 10:08:08 PM by scifidreamer

wow, there are so many characters to choose from. is it okay for to be more than one?

I'm definitely interested in playing Jason. and maybe Teresa? and I can be any of the adults if that's cool.

this is so kick ass. thanks.

posted on 3-Dec-2002 10:43:57 PM by Shama
You can be Jason for now and maybe later I'll let people have more characters. Thanks for joining.*happy*
posted on 3-Dec-2002 10:50:41 PM by scifidreamer

right on. *happy* . thanks a bunch honey bunch.

posted on 4-Dec-2002 3:51:34 AM by Sugarplum7
Goodness! I am just shooting myself in the foot, but I love the idea. If you don't mind my parts being on the smaller side (just until finals are done (the 17th)), could I be Teresa?

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posted on 4-Dec-2002 6:45:42 AM by Roswell428
This is a really interesting idea for an RPG, one of the most interesting I've seen.

I would love to play Maria, if you don't already have somebody else. She is one of my favorite characters to portray and portraying her as a mom, would be a new and different (and fun!) experience.

posted on 4-Dec-2002 1:23:13 PM by TabascoChick
Love the idea!And how sweet of Izzy to name her son Alex.Can I play Alex?
posted on 4-Dec-2002 1:42:36 PM by Shama
Yes to all of you. Thanks a bunch
posted on 4-Dec-2002 4:01:30 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
posted on 4-Dec-2002 4:14:29 PM by Shama
posted on 4-Dec-2002 4:16:17 PM by Shama
My computers all screwy right now so I'll add u to the list when it starts working.
posted on 4-Dec-2002 8:55:18 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
iight U can call me nya mah thing is mad long so Ya LoL
posted on 5-Dec-2002 2:00:46 AM by Roswell428


posted on 7-Dec-2002 3:27:52 PM by Shama
Anyone else or anyone wanna take another character?
posted on 7-Dec-2002 4:04:44 PM by Elizabeth Evans
I could take on another character if you need me to. Isabel?
posted on 7-Dec-2002 5:05:57 PM by scifidreamer

I could be either zan or jesse? jesse maybe?

posted on 7-Dec-2002 6:17:16 PM by Roswell428
I could as well... Michael?
posted on 8-Dec-2002 1:24:38 PM by Shama
Thanks guys
posted on 8-Dec-2002 6:22:39 PM by roswellianprincess16
I'd be zan if you want me to. or if not I can be brendan. :-) either or is fine. no preference. great rpg idea by the way! :-)
posted on 8-Dec-2002 8:03:10 PM by Shama
posted on 9-Dec-2002 6:54:00 PM by TabascoChick
I could take Max also....
posted on 10-Dec-2002 2:41:00 AM by Shama
Thank you
posted on 10-Dec-2002 2:45:03 AM by Shama
I think I'll play Kivar
posted on 10-Dec-2002 12:46:30 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
we still have no Brendan, eh?

*sob* No one wants to be my brother!


I would take it, but I don't want to talk to myself...LOL!

Hope someone takes it so we can get started!!!!
posted on 10-Dec-2002 3:36:55 PM by Sugarplum7
I_LOVE_NICK originally wrote:
we still have no Brendan, eh?

*sob* No one wants to be my brother!


I would take it, but I don't want to talk to myself...LOL!

Hope someone takes it so we can get started!!!!

I feel the same way. No one wants to be my love interest. Am I not fun to play with? *sad*

I would take it too, but being the entire couple kinda sucks the fun out.

I hope someone takes it. Being a twin, and then having Michael and Maria as parents should make him a fun character.

posted on 10-Dec-2002 6:59:23 PM by Roswell428
If you can't find anyone else, I'll take him - use me only as a last resort- but if we need to get started and no one wants him, I'll take him. (even though it would be me writing the whole family, except Cassie).
posted on 11-Dec-2002 1:43:37 PM by Shama
I could temp as Brendan until we find someone, is that okay with everyone?
posted on 11-Dec-2002 2:22:22 PM by Elizabeth Evans
Sounds great! I'm really looking forward to this RPG.

And Sugarplum, I know just how you feel. I had been wondering if anyone was going to play Zan and if I'd have a love interest.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 1:12:59 PM by Roswell428
wonderful! I love that idea! Let's go!
posted on 12-Dec-2002 4:58:01 PM by scifidreamer

since I'm in no way "related" to Brendan with any of my characters, I could be him. but I don't know if Shama, wants tripling up? if not it's totally cool. I can't wait to get started.

rock on.

posted on 12-Dec-2002 5:27:14 PM by Shama
Okay thanks you can be Brendan
Time to start!!!


No this makes no sense at all. The girl can't be the heir. She's not even Zan's first child. Hell she's not even Antarian. I thought I was finally done with the royal four. Well there's only one thing to do. "Jason, could you please come in here?"
posted on 12-Dec-2002 5:49:01 PM by scifidreamer


He calls me, so I come. "Yes, sir?" I stand to his side, my hands clasped behind my back.

posted on 12-Dec-2002 7:54:45 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
Being Pregnent Sux!

Why again!

I see Zan and Lexi come down the stairs

They are fighting again!

"KIDS!" I scream

They look at me.

"Babies it's hard to be pregnent and keep straight at the same time you know, so baby could u maybe keep it down, and stop fightin and tell me what's wrong!" I say.
posted on 12-Dec-2002 9:50:48 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

"Brendan!" I scream pounding on the bathroom door.

"Hurry up! We have to get going, Mon and Dad are ready to go to Uncle Max and Aunt Liz's house."

I hear my brother mutter a reply.

God! He is worse than a girl.


I hear him laugh.

"DAD!" I yell...Ha! That'll get him out.


Was that okay?

Don't get me wrong, Cassie loves her brother. But can you imagine having a TWIN brother????


Lot's of possibilities...
posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:14:18 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: One quick question....Is everybody going over to Max and Liz's? Like for some kind of get-together or something? If Belle and her family aren't going, just let me know and I'll edit.

"Isabel Valenti! Get down here right now, or we're going to be late!" my mother calls. I'm named for Aunt Isabel, but everyone calls me Belle for short. Except Mom when she's mad at me, like now. My eyes fly to the clock. Oh, my God...we are going to be late getting to Aunt Liz's!

"Coming, Mom!" I call downstairs, and frantically try to finish getting ready. God, I didn't realize I was running so late! I use my powers to apply perfect makeup to enhance my pale complexion and blue-green eyes. I brush out my dark hair into soft waves and quickly spritz a little hairspray to keep it in place. I put on a delicate silver and pearl necklace to go with the forest green peasant blouse and black skirt I'm wearing. I want to look great for Zan tonight. Surveying the finished effect, I nod with approval and dash downstairs, where Mom, Dad, and my younger sister Teresa are waiting. "Sorry I took so long...." I decide not to use my typical excuse, which really isn't an excuse because it's always true. I simply get too absorbed in my writing and lose track of time.

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posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:29:17 PM by scifidreamer

OOC: hey krista! now we're siblings. a new relationship to have fun with. *big* I agree with you. I know that my brother and I are really close, but that doesn't mean we don't get into vicous fights or mess with each other.



He laughs as he hears his sister yell and bang on the door. She calls our dad.

"HEY!" he shouts. "God I'm hurrying. Just hold on!" he looks in the mirror, Teresa was going to be there tonight and he wanted to look good, but not like he was trying. He rubbed his hands in his hair, messing it up, and with his powers added red highlights.

Just for the hell of it, he took Cassie's toothbruth out of the holder and used it to brush his teeth, smirking the whole time.

posted on 12-Dec-2002 10:56:49 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: YES! My brotha!!!!!!


And, I think that it would ce all right if they are going to Liz's, like a family gathering or something...

But, it's up to Shama...I'll just continue on and if we have to we can edit!



He still won't open the door.

He yells out some bull about how he is hurrying.

He's probably in there cleaning the toilet with my toothbrush...

My toothbrush!!!

"Brendan, I SWEAR if you are doing anything to my toothbrush I will zap your ass through the roof." I threaten.

I KNOW that he's doing something in there.

Being can read each other like books, but add on alien powers and it's like you ARE one person.

We know what each other is thinking, which has it pros and cons.

This time being a pro, because now I know that I will have to throw out my toothbrush...


I put my forehead against the door and begin to pout.

"C'mon. I don't have all day. Alex said he might have to work today..." I moan referring to my 'oh-so-hot' boyfriend.

Still no answer.

That's it.

I run to the stairs and yell down to my parents.

"DAD! Brendan is smoking pot in the bathroom!!!!"



OOC: We are going to have *so* much fun, scifidreamer!!!!!

posted on 12-Dec-2002 11:11:37 PM by Shama

God my brother is such an ass. I can wear what I want. I don't need his approval. I'm Alexandra Claudia Evans. Lexi for short. I was named after my mom's best friend and my dad. My dad calls me Zandra sometimes, but only him, I don't like anyone else calling me that. Its like our own secret connection. I seem to be closer to my dad for some reason, don't get me wrong me and my mom are pretty close, just not as close as me and my dad. I look like my mom. I have her hair colour and height. I have my dad's eyes though. I'm kind of a science nerd too.


"You've always bugged me about wanting to see other places so here is your chance. I'm sending you to Earth." Okay so I left out the killing part. He'll find out soon enough though. Its time that Zan gets what he deserves. I've found his weakness and I plan on using it against him. Once his precious daughter is dead he'll be weak and that will be my time to strike. I can't go myself I would be recognised. But Jason, he'll be perfect. No one would ever suspect he's mine. He's too nice, proper, definitely not what is expected of him.

Eeek I forgot about Kyle and Serena, I'll be Serena soo anyone wanna be Kyle?

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:12:06 AM by scifidreamer


Damn! He nearly spits out the foam when she yells again. She knows he's using her toothbrush. Crap.

Stupid alien twin connection.

"DAD! Brendan is smoking pot in the bathroom!"

Shit!!!! He hurriedly spits out the toothpastes, quickly rinsing out his mouth, splashing water all over the counter. He bursts out the door.

"I am NOT!!" he yells, following her downstairs. "And even if I was I got it from her! It's hers, I found her stash hidden behind the toliet!" he took the steps two at time, and ended up crashing into her back. They
tumbled to the hall floor.

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:18:13 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria and Michael had been sitting downstairs, finishing up their breakfast when Cassies had come running into the room, yelling about Brendan using pot. He quickly followed behind her and they knocked into each other, both falling to the ground.

As they tried to disentangle themselves and get up, Maria said sharply, "Alright, I want to know what is going on here. Pot?"
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:28:50 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

I look at my mother as I throw Brendan's arm off leg.

"He was taking like three hours in the bathroom Mom...And I know that he did something to my toothbrush." I declare as I use his legs to help lift me off the ground.

He jumps up behind me and is about to say something.

"And I do not have a stash in the bathroom." I tell them with my eyes wide.

I hear him snicker behind me.

"Daddy..." I say looking to my father, what can I say, I'm a daddy's girl. "Can't we send him to camp or something?"
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:44:01 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: oh my god, I'm laughing my ass off!!!! this is f*ing hilarious. and I wrote upstairs when I meant down, I'll fix that soon, hehehe, oops ::sheepish grin::



"Arh!" he gasps. "I am being slandered here! Send me away? You're the one they should send to finishing school. You could to stand to learn some manners.......... and poise........and grace," he finishes with a smirk.

He looks down at her, "I'm outta the bathroom now, why are you still out here griping?" He starts walking away, "But if you're not interested...."


OOC: btw, that "arh" was said like kelso from that 70s show. *big*

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:48:16 AM by Elizabeth Evans
*ROTFLMAO* Those two are TOTALLY Michael's and Maria's kids! The way they fight is exactly how I'd imagine their kids fighting. Keep up the great work!
posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:52:50 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

"Stop right there, young man," Maria said to his retreating back. "You two need to stop fighting like this- you are driving me insane. Both of you need to learn to get along, and stop accusing each other of stupid things. If I so much as hear one mean word out of your mouths towards the other, you'll both be grounded. I'm tired of this. Do you understand?"

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Damn, if I don't sound just like my mother. *big* And yes, this is very funny!

~*~ Michael ~*~

"Your mother's right," Michael told Cassie's pleading face. In all their years of marriage, this was the one thing they agreed on totally, without any arguments between them. In fact, Michael secretly believed that they were where their kids got it from. He wasn't about to share that opinion with Maria, though.

"You two need to stop arguing, and no ones going to be sent away," he said recalling their earlier statements. "Although military school is starting to sound better and better." He grinned maliciously, they would never really send the kids there (because they loved them and it would also be almost impossible for them to conceal their alien status there, with no privacy), but it was always good to threaten them with. "You two have got to start getting along. All that arguing is unhealthy," he shared a grin with Maria. They knew otherwise, but it wouldn't do for their children to be that way. "Now go get dressed, we're going to be late."
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:20:17 AM by scifidreamer


Earth? I try to hide the look of surprise on my face. He has taught me to always school my face. You *never* let your enemy know what you're thinking by giving away your emotions, whether on your face or in your eyes.

I nod my head in acquiescence, "Yes, sir." I swallow and try to figure out how to ask my question without sounding like I'm questioning his motives.

"When do I leave sir, and what are my orders?"

There is no way he would send me to Earth just because he knows I've wanted to travel. Would he? What do I need to do to keep in his favor? Have I finally earned it?

My eyes stay staring ahead, I never flinch. Never.


OOC: is that okay shama? I'm portraying jason as being raised very strictly by his father, almost militaristic, that's why he doesn't call his father "dad" or even the formal "father", but "sir".

posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:25:09 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
This is so fun!!!!!



My face falls as my Mom scolds us and then my dad mentions military school...

What has he been smoking?

Those uniforms are so unflattering!

"Fine!" I grumble, pissed that Brendan isn't going away to camp.

I start to walk away, but he is infront of me and he begins to walk faster!

He's trying to get back to the bathroom.

I start to run and slam into him from behind knocking him to the floor.

The look on his face is priceless!

"Mom only said she didn't want to hear us saying bad things, she never said I couldn't kick your ass!" I tell him laughing the whole time.

And then I run. I run like the wind.

Up the stairs and into the bathroom, where I slam the door and place my hand over the knob and lock it.

I can hear Brendan talking to my parents downstairs although, I don't know what they are saying.

I take a glance in the mirror. Lookin' good.

I pull my long curly blond hair up into a ponytail and glance at my toothbrush.

I look back into the mirror and see my father's eyes staring back at me.

Yes, they are evil eyes if I want them to be. My mom still can't believe how much my eyes are exact to his.

I throw the toothbrush into the garbage and am happy that I brushed my teeth before Brendan got in here.

I leave the bathroom and head downstairs, ready to go to my aunt and uncle's house.

The three of them are standing at the door staring at me.

"What? I didn't do anything!" I protest and move past them outside towards the car.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 1:41:16 AM by scifidreamer

OOC: do not even try to act all innocent! I got your number! LOL!



She bulldozes him over then, after making some smartass remark runs to the bathroom.

Skank, he thinks without rancor.

He walks back to his parents, "Did you see what she just did?" he asks pointing in the direction he just came from. "She's an animal! I don't know how you allow her outta the house. Look," he lifts his bent elbow, pointing at it now, "She pushed me so hard I got rug burn," he says pitifully. He looks up at his parents with puppy eyes. "I can so not be held responsible for defending myself against her slander and physical onslaught."

Cassie walks past them nonchalont. She gives everyone an innocent look, as she heads to the door. "What I didn't do anything," she claims, walking through the door leaving it open for them it follow her.

He snorts. Typical Cassie behavior. He'll get back in the car. Or, ooh even better, at Uncle Max's house in front of Alex. He smirks, unaware he is the spitting image of his father at his age, when he does that.

posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:03:00 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria watched as Cassie walked out the door. "That's enough out of both of you. Anymore from anybody, and you'll both be severly punished. I don't want you to embarrass me at Liz and Max's house. So behave yourselves," she said climbing into the car.

~*~ Michael ~*~

Michael just silently laughed as both kids pleaded with him to take their side. He loved being a father, but they could be trying at times. He just shook his head and ignored both of them. No way was he getting in the middle of this one, not with Maria in the kind of mood she was. Maria. God, he loved her. She could be a tough cookie at times, but that just made him love her all the more.

He glanced at Maria. "Just stop bickering you two. You can do that for the few hours we'll be there, right?"

"You'd better!" Maria almost bellowed. "I will not have you embarassing me with your bad manners. Besides, you shouldn't spoil this occasion for everyone else!"
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Ter!” I hear as I hurriedly rush around my room.“Ter! You better hurry up and get your butt down here or we’re leaving without you.

“I’m hurrying!” I shout as I throw my jacket on. “Just a couple more minutes.” Hey is it my fault that I want to look nice for Brendan? No. I mean it is Brendan! I don’t want to look like an absolute mess.


“I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming.” I continue to say as I rush around the room, grabbing my purse and pause in front of the mirror. I know that I am running late, but it isn’t just me. I bet Belle is running just as late as I am. I wave my hand over my face to add a little make-up. Not a lot. Just the normal amount I wear. I decide on a light pink gloss and drop the tube in my purse as I run out of the room.

“I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming,” I continue as I rush out of down the hall

“Ter! Belle! Let’s get going,” Daddy says from the front door.

“I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming.” I look down the stairs at the long staircase left to go. It is a good thing that Dad was “changed” because I really love these powers. I look at both him and mom as they stand waiting for the two of us to get there. Yes! I beat her! Ha! That’ll show her to call me slow.

I decide against taking the stairs. What would be the fun in that? It was as if Dad could read my mind. Before I leapt over the banister to get to the living room he started to say something but it was too late. “No, not that . . . way.”

Telekinesis kicks ass.

“I here!” I declare with arms wide open. And don’t you even start worrying about me getting into trouble. Mom and Dad are so used to me doing things like that. So?” I say before I take in a deep breath. “Where’s Belle?”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ End Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:07:54 AM by Sugarplum7
posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:12:01 AM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: scifidreamer...LMAO..."I got you number!!!"

And Roswell428, I love your Michael and Maria!!!! Too Good!



Brendan and I get into the back of the car and I can see the glint in his eyes.

I know he's up to something...

I stare at him, trying to find out what.

He see's me looking and quickly turns away.

Mom and Dad get in the car and go on and on about Brendan and I better behave ourselves.


We're not five...although, Brendan could pass for a five year old with flying colours!!!!

Ha ha!

Mom is still going on about how we have to stop our fighting.

I can't help but snort...

I lean over to Brendan.

"They're worried about us fighting?" I whisper.

Please! My parents are the champion's of arguments.

They can't go a day without one.

Mom tells me that it's their way of flirting.

Like, I want to know that my parents are flirting. It's so gross.

But, the worse is when they make up and they're all kissy-kissy.

And, we're embarrasing?

I think not.
posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:29:41 AM by Roswell428
Thanks, you and scifidreamer are pefect as well. That's exactly how I would picture Maria and Michael's kids to act.

~*~ Maria ~*~

"Do you understand me," Maria asked her children. She then repeated her question as she had not gotten an answer before. "Hello, are you two in there?"
posted on 13-Dec-2002 3:25:25 AM by scifidreamer


"They're worried about us fighting?" Cassie whispers to him incredulous. They share a sibling look, and snort, trying not to laugh and draw their mom's attention.

His parents bicker, like other people breathe. He shakes his head at the injustice of the world.

"Do you understand me? Hello, are you two in there?" their mom asks.

"Yes," they dutifully reply.

He sinks farther back into his seat, and resumes his plans on to get back at Cas. Create a stain that'll cover the butt of her skirt? Has potential.

Change her hair color? Nah, to easily noticed by others. They'd all know it was him.

Wet willy? He chuckles to himself at the thought, but quickly catches himself. He sneaks a glance at Cas. Just act like whatever, he repeates. You're innocent. You haven't done anything. Yet. He smiles.

Damn he had to stop that. It gave him away everytime.

Let's see whatelse? Make her itch like crazy under her arms? Have her face powder explode in her face when she opened it? Give her a bottle of red colored water and tell her it's hot sauce?

Oh, the possibilities were limitless.

But seeing as how he was a brother, he had to go with the one that would gross her out the most and make her shriek the loudest.

He stuck his finger in his mouth, and when she looked out the window for one second, he struck.

He stuck his finger her ear, laughing. He tried to return to his seat and look normal.


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posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:06:00 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: ohhhhhhhhhhhh! scifidreamer, that is so disgusting...LOL!!!!



"Yes, Mom" I reply with Brendan to our mother's question.

Man, she treats us as if we are children!

I turn and look out the window.

I smile as my thought's turn to Alex and how I am going to see him today.

Even though I saw him yesterday, I miss him.

As we pull onto Aunt Liz and Uncle Max's street I am still smiling at my thoughts.

But, then my smile falls as I feel something wet enter my ear...

WET WILLY!!!!!!!

I yank my head away and put my hand over my ear and rub it...HARD.

I turn and face Brendan who is moving back over to his sopt trying to act as though nothing happened.

"EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!" I shreik and my dad hits the brakes and turns to look at us, as does my mother.

I hold up my hand in reflex and use my powers to hold Brendan in place.

He can't move....

Maybe I'll just sit here all day with him in the car...

Ha Ha!!!!

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 2:48:51 PM by Shama
scifidreamer you're doing awesome, I love the way you're portraying Jason.


"I need you to take care of something for me. There is a girl on Earth, she is your enemy. The only thing standing between you and the Antarian throne. I want you to get close to her and when she least expects it.. I want you to kill her. Think of it as your training"

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posted on 13-Dec-2002 6:49:41 PM by Roswell428
I have really BAD kids, don't I. Naughty, naughty!

~*~ Michael ~*~

Michael was driving and then suddenly he heard a loud shriek coming from the backseat. Out of reflex, he slammed on the brakes, managing to pull over to the side of the road as he did so, causing both him and Maria to pitch forward.

After they had righted themselves, they both turned around to look at their children.

"What the *hell* was that?" Michael demanded of them angrily.

~*~ End Michael ~*~


~*~Maria ~*~

She heard Michael ask them angrily had the hell had happened. She wanted to know as well!

She looked at her children, with fury in her eyes. "What I want to know is what happened as well. What happened that deserves that kind of scream? Let's see, you both appear to be whole and not missing any parts and I don't see any blood, so I don't know why you would have cause to scream like that." She paused, looking at Cassie. "Cassie, stop using you powers on your brother! And don't you ever scare us like that again!

"Since you both can't seem to get along," she continued without giving them a chance to explain, "after the gathering today, you are both grounded."

Michael then asked, "Why did you scream and scare us like that Cassie? And Brendan, what did you do to her?"

Then both parents sat there glowering at them and waiting for their response and attempts at excuses.

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"What do you mean, 'What did you do to her?'? How should I know why she decides to go all crazy and just start screaming?" he says acting like the offended party.

"And if I did do anything-not that I did-it would seriously have been out of self-defense," his deep voice suddenly cracked, and Cas laughed cruelly.

"See? See how she is? Cold and unfeeling," he hurumphs, crossing his arms and trying to slouch back. "I didn't even start it," he mumbles under his breath, sulking.

"Mom! She still hasn't let out!"


OOC: glad you were properly grossed out. better be. ::grins:: and even if you only pretended to be, thanks for saving my ego *big* .

I'm saying it here to, tonight I'm going to a Laker game, so feel free to temp for me. I'll be gone from about 9:30 to 1 or 2, board time.

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OOC: thanks Shama, I'm glad you're pleased. *happy*




My bood runs cold. I thought I would do anything to ensure my place as successor to the throne. Anything to show HIM I was worthy.

Well, now I'd get my chance. This is my chance. My chance to prove I'm not a waste. This is what I've spent years training for. Strategy, discipline, endurence. Why he sent me away. So I could learn to be a man. And a King.

HE wants me to undertake this mission for him. HE's offering it to me. Not to one his Lieutenants. Me.

I don't flinch. I never flinch.

"Yes sir," I say.

Anything sir, I think silently.

posted on 13-Dec-2002 9:00:04 PM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

"That's enough!" she said, stopping their argument. "Cassie, stop using your powers on your brother right now! I mean it! And you," she said turning to Brendan. "I'm sure you're the innocent party! Now, I want to know what you did to your sister, or I'm doubling the time you're grounded!"

Michael spoke up. "We can continue this conversation on the way, because right now we're going to be late." He put the car back into gear and pulled back out into traffic.

"Now speak," Maria commanded.
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OOC: No scifidreamer...I HATE wet willy's, mt best friend always gave them to until I kicked him the balls and then all of a sudden, no more wet willys...I wonder why????


Roswell428: You're so good at Michael and Maria...I love you being my parents!!!!



I sit silent holding my hand out in front of me, I concentrates on keeping my stupid brother from moving.

I watch as my parents yell at him, but I don't say a word.

Then my dad get's the car back on the road.

I finally look at my mother, while still holding my hand in front of me.

"Mom! He gave me a freakin' wet willy...Do you realize how disgusting that he is." I complain to her.

She gives me a stern look and guestures towards my hand.

I sigh and lower my hand, releasing the pig from my hold.

"He started it! I don't know why I'm grounded??? He's so juvenile!"

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Just I'm running down the stairs apologizing for being late, I hear my sister ask, "Where's Belle?" Yeah, I know why she's asking that. Ter's anxious to get over to Uncle Max and Aunt Liz's because she knows that Brendan Guerin will be there.

"Present and accounted for," I declare, rushing to join my family. Tonight was going to be just perfect. Ter and I were going to have a blast! Our best friends and our guys were going to be there, along with all our friends. There was just one thing marring the night for me. The rest of the gang was all paired up....except for Lexi. I might just have to take things into my own hands and play matchmaker for her. Zan might not be too thrilled about that, though....he's really protective of his sis.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 3:01:54 PM by Roswell428
Thanks, I_LOVE_NICK! I love playing Michael and Maria in this, playing them as parents is a new experience for me. And I LOVE you and scifidreamer as my kids! You all are great!

~*~ Maria ~*~

She gestured for Cassie to stop using her powers on Brendan. "Yes, you're still grounded. Now stop arguing, or I'll add more time."

Maria turned back around in her seat and harumphed (SP?). She had no idea where those kids got it from, and their bad behavior.

~*~ End Maria ~*~


~*~ Michael ~*~

Michael just kept driving through the further protestations from the kids. He wisely just let Maria handle it- she was much better than he was at being stern with the kids, after all.

He couldn't wait to get to Max and Liz's.

~*~ End Michael ~*~

Was that okay?

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I use my powers to trip Zan and make him fall down the stairs. I bend down and pick up the contents that fell out of his pockets, then change them. "MOM! Look what Zan has!" I grin as her mouth drops and she stares blankly at the condom package in my hand. That'll teach him never to try and control me again.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 8:18:49 PM by scifidreamer


He picked up the remote, pressed the mute button, and glanced at his watch, "Alex?! would you please tell your mother we need to be leaving," he yelled in the direction of the office. He wanted to leave during halftime so he could be at Liz and Max's before the game resumed. "And are you ready to go? When your mother gets out here, I don't want to have to wait for you afterwards?" he said reaching for his soda and returned the volume. He and Kyle had a pool going on the game with some of the other guys at their respective jobs. Ha! He was gonna win, and he wanted to see Kyle's face as he did.

posted on 14-Dec-2002 8:22:17 PM by scifidreamer


Once their parents face forward again he ponts at her and starts silently laughing, clutching his side with the other arm. He stops and leans toward her, "Hey Cas did you finish your lab work for AP Bio," he asks, the previous nonsense forgotten.

posted on 14-Dec-2002 8:36:25 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I finish up the last touches of makeup and survey my reflection. I want to look perfect for Jesse tonight. I like to look nice and dress up for him on special occasions, like this get-together at Max and Liz's. I leave the bedroom and go find my husband. I hear him tell our son, Alex to remind me that we need to be leaving.

"I'm ready," I tell Jesse with a smile as I come up behind his chair to wrap my arms around him. Giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, I also inhale the fresh, masculine scent of his cologne. Jesse's scent. " smell nice," I tell him. I come around to sit down beside him. "And you look wonderful tonight," I add, giving him a sexy smile as I take in his appearance.

"Alex, honey, we're ready to go," I inform our son, hoping that he'll be back here soon so we can head off to the party.
posted on 14-Dec-2002 8:52:03 PM by scifidreamer


She comes from behind him and wraps her arms around his neck and gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek. She tells him he smells nice and that he looks good, and if he could find his voice he would repay her the compliment. She sits beside him. Even today after more than fifteen years of marriage, she still takes his breath away. She's gorgeous, inside and out. She calls out to their son, and he's finally able to say something.

He takes her hand, and looking directly into her eyes, he wills everything he doesn't know how to say to shine through, says, "Isabel Amanda Evans-Rameriez, you steal my breath away." He leans in and gently kisses her lips.


OOC: are they going to a party? I'm confused (my god when am I not? *happy* ) is it day time or night? or how about late afternoon? *big*

posted on 14-Dec-2002 9:04:14 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Not sure what time of day it is...maybe late afternoon or early evening? They're all going to a party at Max and Liz's.

Jesse takes my hand and looks right into my eyes. His beautiful dark eyes are so filled with love, it's as if they're saying everything he can't quite put into words. And he knows I understand all the things he's telling me with that single glance.

He softly speaks the sweetest words of love. "Isabel Amanda Evans-Rameriez, you steal my breath away." Likewise! His sweet kiss leaves me breathless, wanting more, and I automatically wrap my arms around him, deepening the kiss. After more than fifteen years of marriage, the passion is still as intense and exciting as it was in the beginning. Ours is a love that we constantly nurture to keep it that way.

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OOC: I'm here!!!!!!



I sulk at my mother's insitence of my being grounded also.

Then Brendan mocks me as we continue the drive.

I can't help but laugh when he asks if I'm done my report.

"Not yet..." I tell him with a smirk. "Why you wanna copy it?"
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He shrugs, "No.....maybe. Okay I just wanted to know if you wanted to go halfsies. You know make it a little easier for both of us. I've already started, it's just the idea of finishing makes me tired."

He looked up and saw they were pulling into Aunt Liz's driveway, so he unbuckled. "It's a win-win situation."

posted on 14-Dec-2002 10:24:01 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

"Fine Brendan..." I say unbuckling my seat belt as well.

"But, I SWEAR if I get stuck doing all the work...I'm not going to be very happy."

I tell him this over the roof of the car and I hold up my hand for emphasis.

Then I turn and make my way infront of him to knock on my Aunt and Uncle's door.
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~*~ Maria ~*~

Thank God, they had finally made it to Max and Liz's. Now maybe they could finally have some fun.

She reached over and grabbed her husband's hand.

~*~ End Maria ~*~


~*~ Michael ~*~

He sqeezed her hand. This was going to be fun. Going to Max and Liz's, or any of the rest of the group's houses for a gathering, was always fun. Getting together, they could all reaffirm their bonds with each other as a group. It made him feel like he was part of an extended family; they were his family.

Cassie reached up and knocked on the door. They were finally here. He smiled as Max opened the door.
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Hmm. I am just about to find out who is playing Kyle and Serena. We have met Isabel and Jesse, along with Michael and Maria. I think Max and Liz will be introduced soon. Well, until then . . .

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I always love going to these. It has to be one of the greatest things that there are—family gatherings, the key word being family. My family. It may not be the best, and we may not all be related to each other by blood, and we may be dysfunctional at times, but there is one thing that connects us all together. Love. One small, simple word with multiple meanings is the glue that holds us all together.

“Okay,” I say as I turn to Belle as we sit in the car on the way over to Uncle Max and Auntie Liz’s. “I didn’t have time to choose the color of my shirt.” I know that this sounds silly, but these are the things that Belle and I haven’t had the time to do lately. We usually do a lot of things together. And it isn’t that hard to imagine, we are really close in age, and sure I do feel that sometimes she acts more like Mom than my big sister. But for the most part she is an awesome older sister.

I had decided that this was the shirt that I wanted to wear with my skirt, but I didn’t have time to pick the color. “What do you think? The pink or red or blue?”

She looks at me and tries to decide, her head tilts to the right, and then to the left, and my thoughts slip to something else.

“Do you think he’ll like it?” I ask. This is the first Christmas that I’ve had . . . where I’m with Brendan. It is even the first relationship that I’ve ever had . . . My first boyfriend. I’m glad that it’s Brendan.

I don’t want anyone else.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ End Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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"Hey Cas," he puts his hands on her shoulders and whips her around. At her annoyed look he just says, "You've got a strand of hair outta place," he points and waves vaguely to her hair. After she fixes it, she looks to him and he nods, "You look good kid," he says with affected big brother disinterest. He sniffs and thumbs his nose, "If uh, if Alex bothers you, just let me know kay?" he says as he reaches past her to ring the doorbell.


OOC: I'll edit after krista comes on, to include what ever comments Cassis might make *big*

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~*~ Maria ~*~

Maria could only smile with motherly pride as her two children finally got along. She sqeezed Michael's hand. "We did well."
posted on 16-Dec-2002 7:23:26 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Teresa tells me that she didn't have a chance to pick the color for her shirt and asks, “What do you think? The pink or red or blue?” I regret that we haven't had much time lately to do these kinds of things. It's stuff we usually do together, which is one of the huge benefits of being so close in age.

Still, she looks up to me for big sister advice, and she often complains that I act too much like Mom instead of a big sister....which I *hate* when she says that. Not that I don't love Mom and want to be like her...I do. It's just I"m too young for that and it makes me feel so old when Ter says that! Anyway, I take a look at the shirt, tilting my head from side to side as I ponder the color options.

Just as I've decided on the red, Ter asks me another question: "Do you think he'll like it?" I smile and remember my own insecurities when Zan and I first started dating.

"Ter, I know he'll love the shirt. Trust me. I'd go with the red..."

I lean in and whisper so that Mom and Dad won't hear, "I think the red will look sexy on you, and Brendan will just flip for you when he sees you in it." We both share a conspiratorial grin at that. Mom and Dad definitely don't need to hear about their fifteen-year-old daughter looking sexy and making teenaged boys think illicit thoughts.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Just when I start to feel silly for thinking about everything the way I am, everything changes. It is like all my thoughts don’t seem so silly anymore. And the funny thing is that it isn’t a word. It isn’t a touch. It is a look. A simple look that I share with Belle, where she makes me feel like I am not a total and complete moron.

She smiles at me and places a comforting hand on my shoulder. “Ter, I know he’ll love the shirt. Trust me.” She removes her hand from my shoulder and continues with her reply, “I’d go with the red.”

I look down and see that she has already altered the color to a magnificent shade of crimson, not too deep, not to orange. Perfect.

She leans over to me and whisper in my ear. “I think the red will look sexy on you, and Brendan will flip when he sees you in it.”

I grin as she tells me. I never thought that I could be sexy. I mean. It’s me! I am just about your regular t-shirt and jeans girl, paired with a pair of sneakers. I actually felt silly for wearing this. It is so out of the ordinary for me.

I turn my head to look at her. “Sexy?” I mouth. “Do you really think?”

She grins at me and nods. “Just wait,” she says. “We’ll be there in less than ten minutes.”

Would Brendan really flip when he sees me? I play with my fingers impatiently in my lap as the rest of the drive continues in silence. Will it ever end? It seems like it has been going on for the past hour. Can’t Daddy drive any faster? We’re missing the beginning of the Christmas party! Let’s get going!

Belle places another comforting hand on mine, trying to calm me before I completely loose it . . . which could possibly be really soon. That is if we don’t get there.

Just when I was about to scream Mom calls out, “We’re here!”

Finally! I thought we would never get here. I look out the window and see that Brendan and Cass are already here. We’ll I guess that it will be now or never.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ End Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Hi Elizabeth Evans! I hope you don't mind me borrowing Belle for a little in this part. If you do, and what I did was uncharacteristic of her, let me know and I'll edit it out.


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I don't mind you borrowing her at all, Katie *happy*. That was perfect, exactly what Belle would do.


Teresa looks so nervous, I lay a comforting hand on her shoulder to reassure her. She looks calmer after that, and we share a smile. Then mom tells us that we're here!

Excitedly, Ter and I get out of the car and link arms as we walk into the party.....
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OOC: Okay, so Belle and Teresa and family have gone into the house...

Okay, well Max still didn't greet us at the door...*how rude* LOL!!! I'm kidding...

Anyways, I guess that the Guerin family can just resume their posting's in the house...

But, I have a question before I post for Cassie...

scifidreamer....Did you just have Brendan do something 'evil' to my Cassie's hair??????? LOL!!!!
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oOc: no!!! LOL! I swear!! it was a genuine moment of brotherly concern. *big*

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OOC: Okay, I was just checking because you're sneaky sneaky my sistah!!! LOL!!!!

Okay, I'll be back in a little with a Cassie post!!!!!!
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OOC: LMAO!!!! am I? really? hehhehhehheh ::excellent, said like Mr Burns::

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You guys are cracking me up lol
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Shama that's because this RPG is way too much fun and having scifidreamer as my brother makes it even more funny!!!!!!!



After Uncle Max lets us in we all go see Aunt Liz who is in the kitchen.

We say our round of 'hello's' and as usual, Uncle Max, daddy and Brendan head into the den to catch the football game.

I laugh gently as Aunt Liz complains about being pregnant and my mom tells her how much trouble Brendan and I were.

I sit at the counter and think back to when we were still at the door and Brendan told me about my hair.

I smirk slightly. Even though he get's on my nerves A LOT, he's a really great brother.

A giggle escapes my lips as I remember him letting me know that if Alex bugs me, he wants to know.

Alex is like the nicest guy in the entire world and Brendan know's that.

It's just funny how he act's all big brother on me, when actually were twins.

But, that's just another reason why I am so thankful that my family is so close.

I'm about to ask Aunt Liz if she need's any help when I hear talking at the front door and hear Teresa's voice.

I jump off my stool and run out to the front door. Mom and Aunt Liz aren't far behind me.

Uncle Kyle, Aunt Serena and Belle and Teresa are just closing the door.

"TER!" I yell and run over to hug my bestest friend in the enitre world.

We jump up and down hugging in a goofy way that makes up crack up.

We pull away and I turn to Belle.

"Belle!" I yell and grab her in big hug as well. "Wow you're hair looks so nice!"

"And you..." I say turning to Teresa. "You're looking pretty hot!"

We all burst out laughing as Brendan daddy and Uncle Max come out of the den to see who was here.


OOC: Was that okay??? I kinda-semi- borrowed Belle and Teresa...if not, I'll edit....
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That is totally fine by me! You wrote Ter to a "T" (is that how it is written? ::shrugs:: ). I will definitely continue with that, when my mind works. Christmas shopping really takes it out of you.


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Does anyone know where my beloved dad and brother are? lol


"Good, you leave tomorrow, start packing. You will go under the name of Jason(scifidreamer you can make your own last name)
I will send two guards with you to act as your parents. If anyone asks you moved because your father got a job. The girl you are after's name is Alexandra Evans. Be careful, her family doesn't let anyone get close to her." He paused. "You'd better not let me down."
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I turn to close the door to keep the house warm. It is so cold outside. I can’t wait for it to snow. I just don’t know if it will be anytime soon. I just hope that it happens by Christmas. I would love to have a real white Christmas, not one that was manufactured by alien powers.

“TER!” I hear Cass shout. I turn around and finish taking off my coat, hat, and scarf as she bounds into the room.

“CASS!” I shout in return. I love Cass. She is just about as silly as me. We hug each other and jump up and down like we haven’t seen each other in ages.

We pull away from each other and I straighten my hair and clothes as Belle and Cass say hi. It seemed like it came out of nowhere, “And you . . . You are looking pretty hot!”

Okay, that is twice. I guess that Belle was right. I just can’t wait to know what Brendan thinks. We all laugh at what she says.

“You really think so?” I ask her. “I kinda just went out on a limb. You know I never wear these types of things. The whole thing with the asymmetrical hemline of the skirt, and well, everything.”

She looks at me once again, more technically. “Yes, definitely,” she whispers as she turns me around and gives me a light shove forward. I kept looking over my shoulder at her, trying to figure out what in the world she was doing. But that is when it happened. She pushed me right into Brendan.

Me being the absolute klutz that I am, practically fell forward with her light shove. Lucky me that Brendan is good at keeping me on my feet.

“You okay?” he asks, still holding me against his chest.

I look up into his face and reply, “Yeah.” He steadies me on my feet and takes a step back. Well, I guess I’ll find out what he thinks momentarily.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ End Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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oOc: okay, Lora should we wait for a post from Alex before arriving, or should we just be there? I'll wait till I hear from you before writing another Jesse part.

krista, c'mon girl you know I'm the serious one. I'm all up in here and I'm trying to help girl out, offering to tutor her with her AP Biology, making sure she looks her best, watching her back, and she gotta go and throw her arms up in the air taking a karate defensive stance and giving me a Chris Tucker look. whad up with that girl? *big* *big* *big*



They finally make it inside. He hugs Aunt Liz, careful of her belly, then grabs his Uncle Max's hand as they head into the den to watch the rest of the football game. He takes off his jacket, draping it over the back of the couch.

"Who's in the lead?" he asks sitting down on the hunter green couch. He glances around, before turning to look at Max with a perplexed frown. "Hey Uncle Max? Where are the snacks?" he asks still craning around to see if they are some how hidden behind him.

Just as he's about to despair, they hear a loud squeal coming from the hallway. They share a look. "Guess you have more guests," he says with a smirk. They get up and walk to the front door.

He stops, stunned, in the middle of the hall. Ter was gorgeous. She was absolutely radiant, ravishing, resplendent, all kinds of other "R" words.

Why was she dating someone like him again? He had no clue, about was very grateful she saw something in him. He hoped he lived up to it.

He saw Cas push her a moment before it happened, and silently thanked his sister. He caught her and held her against him, using the oppurtunity orchestrated by Cas. "You okay?" he asked, praying his voice wouldn't crack.

"Yeah," she replies, kinda shy like, pulling away. He lets her, though he wishes she hadn't. He helps to steady her on her feet.

"You look," a thousand words flash through his mind in one second and he wants to pick the smoothest one, "resplendent," he says. Immediately wincing inside. Smooth, dumbass, you were going for smooth, not goober. Why resplendent should be indictive of gooberdom, he's not sure, but knows it's true.

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OoC: so, is his real name Jason? or does he have some other alien name? ooooh! maybe it's still Jason on Antar just spelled differently, like Jacen or Jaisen? is that okay?



Tomorrow, I leave tomorrow? Inwardly I take a deep breath. I can do this. I don't need time to prepare. I am prepared.

I believe this. I need to believe this.

HE tells me I have a new name. Jason Roan. A new identity. A new chance to be perfect. This new person will be a killer.

But not really right? It's not killing if you're justified?

Parents? Wonder what it'll be like to have two of them? Probably restrictive and annoying. I already hate them.

Then he tells me her name. Alexandra Evans? I'm still stuck on her name, before his last words register. "You'd better not let me down."

"Never, sir. Thank you for this honor." I turn to leave. My back straight, shoulders squared. Eyes unseeing as I navigate myself out the room.

Kill her. Quickly. I hope he meant quickly. When a thought strikes me. I turn around, right as I'm about to pass through the doorway, "Do you want me to gather any intelligence while there sir? Or would you rather a simple assassination?" Cold-blooded questions, calmly detaching themselves from my pysche.

This is what I am.

I don't flinch. I never flinch.

But I think something inside of me is fading away.

This is what I'm meant to be.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Resplendent? Did he just say resplendent? My boyfriend—the walking thesaurus ladies and gentlemen. And he wonders what I saw in him. It definitely wasn’t his vocabulary, but now, maybe I should add that to my list of his many attributes.

“Resplendent, huh?” I ask him, slightly joking. “Well, that has to be the best compliment I have heard all day,” I say. It looked like he needed that. I know that “resplendent” wasn’t the word he was searching for, but I loved it just the same. The look on his face when he saw me was enough to convey what he thought.


“Yes, really,” I said as I take his hands, twining our fingers. “Do you know why?”

He shook his head.

I lean towards him, balancing on my toes. He lowers a little, knowing that I want to whisper my answer. “Because it was from you,” I whispered into his ear softly. I back away a little and grin at him. Maybe now he won’t try to come up with the perfect words. They are already perfect just because they are from him.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ End Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Yeah, I borrowed Brendan for a little. Do you mind?


PS. I loved the "resplendant" thing. It reminded me of Aladdin and the "punctual" compliment. ::giggles:: *big*

Edited the second time because I just noticed that I am the "baby" of the group (not counting Liz and Max's unborn child). LOL! Geez, could it have taken me any longer to figure that out.

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OoC: hi!!! yeah, someone else who is a west coaster!!! wait, you are a west coaster aren't you? or are just up very late, or extra early *big* ?

no go ahead and borrow him, especially when you write him so well, and he comes out looking insecurely sweet. when I write him he just comes out like a bossy, oaf LOL.

heeheehee, you're the baby. cool. everyone's extra protective of you. why are they letting you date me? I couldn't date till I was 16. and when I was 16 I couldn't date till I was 18. and so on and so forth? LOL *wink*

posted on 20-Dec-2002 5:22:57 AM by Sugarplum7
scifidreamer originally wrote:

OoC: hi!!! yeah, someone else who is a west coaster!!! wait, you are a west coaster aren't you? or are just up very late, or extra early *big* ?

no go ahead and borrow him, especially when you write him so well, and he comes out looking insecurely sweet. when I write him he just comes out like a bossy, oaf LOL.

heeheehee, you're the baby. cool. everyone's extra protective of you. why are they letting you date me? I couldn't date till I was 16. and when I was 16 I couldn't date till I was 18. and so on and so forth? LOL *wink*

Let's see. Where to start . . . Yes, I am a west coaster, and I am up late. I am just happy that I can. School is over for the sem.

Thanks for letting me borrow him and for thinking that I am good with him. And he doesn't come off like a bossy oaf when you write him. He was quite endearing in your last post.

Why are they letting me date you? Hmmm. Just a thought, but maybe because I have known you all of my life and vice versa. I don't know many people that remember their first year of life so that is why it is all of your life as well. Besides, you are a great guy. The age thing. Uh. Not sure there. Maybe they felt that she would find a way to date if she wanted to, so they might as well allow her to date someone they know and who will genuinely care for her? Just taking a shot in the dark here.

My question is why the big gap in Max and Liz's kids. LOL! It is Lexi, and then 17 years of no kids. That is a really big gap. See what happens when I really start to look at things. I over analyze. LOL!

posted on 20-Dec-2002 1:02:07 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: totally started it!!!! Brendan used Cassie's toothbrush AND gave her a wet willy...I am SO watching out from him....Oh and was the 'bossy oaf' comment because I don't trust him???? LOL!!!



All the adult's leave us in the front hall and I gently shove my best friend into my brother.


Anyway's, their so shy around each other....I gotta give them a hand.

I watch as they compliment each other and as Ter whisper's in his ear.

Now, don't get me wrong...I did not really like the idea of my best friend dating my brother, but their so cute with each other.

And I have the liberty of killing each of them if they cause the other any pain...

I look out the window hoping that I will see Alex pull up in the car with Aunt Isabel and Uncle Jesse, but it's to no avail.

I turn to Belle. "I hope Alex get's here soon."

"And where is Zan?" I ask her about her boyfriend. "I haven't seen him or Lexi since we got here."

posted on 20-Dec-2002 10:04:42 PM by Shama
Sugarplum7 Liz had some problems when giving birth to Lexi so they were too scared to have anymore kids, but Liz got pregnant anyway. A long time I know, but hey it happens lol.
posted on 20-Dec-2002 10:16:06 PM by Elizabeth Evans
ooc: Wow! I've missed a lot...sorry I haven't had as much time to be on lately as I would like. Scifidreamer, how about we just go ahead and post other parts where they're all at the party?

It's so exciting to finally be here! I'm hugged by Cassie and Lexi and everyone as I'm drawn into the party. I think I hear Cassie tell my sister that she looks hot tonight. I turn back to Ter and give her a grin and a wink. I can tell by the big smile on her face that she's thrilled. And did I just hear Brendan tell Ter that she looks resplendant? I almost choke on my laughter at such a formal word. But, then again, he's so right.

Then I catch sight of Zan, and our eyes meet from across the room. Wow! He looks so incredibly hot...or should I say resplendant?... tonight!

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 5:24:03 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
Sorry I haven't been around!

I look at what is in my son's hand and Lexi screams out!




posted on 21-Dec-2002 5:41:29 PM by roswellianprincess16
HEY! Sorry I haven't been around! I totally forgot... geez.. I'm such a dork. Would anyone do me a favor and just bmail me or post how far along we are? That way I can post. Seems you guys are pretty far ahead. I'm sooooo sorry. I'll try to post tonite, if not tomorrow the latest!
posted on 22-Dec-2002 2:17:16 AM by Shama
roswellianprincess16: K well we're fighting cause you don't like the way I dress so I tripped you down the stairs and changed something that you had in your pocket to a condom package and now you're being yelled at.
posted on 22-Dec-2002 8:55:42 PM by Elizabeth Evans
And now I"m at the party (Belle), so now I'm going to hear the whole condom thing (LOL< this is going to get good!), and Belle and Zan's eyes met from across the room...
posted on 23-Dec-2002 4:04:52 AM by Sugarplum7
OoC: Hi everyone! I didn’t mean to like just throw everyone’s character into a situation, but I had this idea for Ter’s part, and I just needed to set her apart from everyone else. Whoever wants to be the “someone” at the end of the part will work for me. I just left it open. It can be one of the “kids” or the parents.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The Christmas party was well underway. There was just something that I didn’t know, and it also had me worried. I know that there was probably a really normal, logical explanation about it all. There has to be, right? There has to be a reason as to why Auntie Iz, Uncle Jesse, and Alex weren’t already here.

Cass is so worried about this. I told her that there was nothing to be worried about, that he was probably on his way already. But she didn’t believe me. So there is just nothing for me to do here. I would have spent this pre-dinner, during-the-game time with Cass, but since Alex isn’t here, he is her main concern. Auntie Maria is in the kitchen making the food. Brendan and Uncle Michael are watching the game. Zan, Lexi, Uncle Max, Auntie Liz, Daddy, Mom and Belle are having some important conversation about who knows what. I am not about to poke into that room to find out.

So that leaves me by myself. Well, it hasn’t been the first time. It just hasn’t happened in the longest time. It was just one of the things that happened because I was, not anymore now that Auntie Liz is pregnant, the baby of the family. Eventually Cass started to gravitate to me more than she did to Belle and Lexi, but it didn’t happen for years.

I walk over to the door to the backyard. I can’t stop the smile when I see that the small swing set that Uncle Max and Daddy built together. I would spend hours out there when we came over to visit. I unlock the door and step outside, making sure I close the door behind me.

Gently I sit in the swing, my back to the house and face the sun as it gets ready to set. A small breeze passes by and I suddenly wish that I had brought my jacket. The breeze is maybe more than just that. It is cold and biting. I sway slightly on the swing and smile to myself.

“Hey,” comes a voice from behind me.

“Hey, yourself,” I say in reply. I don’t need to turn around. I know who it is.

“I brought your coat.”

“Thanks,” I whisper. “Look. The sun is starting to set.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ End Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

So? What did you think? Like it? If you didn’t like something I did, just let me know and I can change it into something else or change it entirely. Hope you guys don’t mind.


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posted on 23-Dec-2002 3:23:22 PM by Roswell428
Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't been around for the past few days- my grandmother died unexpectedly and it was quite a shock. Needless to say, I haven't been able to get on for awhile. I haven't had a chance to catch up on any of my fics or the RPGs I'm in yet, but I'm going to try to be on tonight to do that.

I'm just posting this to let everyone know why I disappeared. I'm going to get on tonight (after I get off work) and catch up with everything, so I hope to see you all then.

I'll be posting this in all my fics and the RPGs I'm in. See you all later.

posted on 23-Dec-2002 8:49:55 PM by roswellianprincess16
Ok guys tell me if I totally screw this up ok? I'm sorry if I do!

I look at my mother's angry face. Oh man... I'm screwed.

"A pack of WHAT!?" I know I didn't put that there... I would remember wouldn't I?? Woah... what am I talking about!!! No... I would NEVER put those in my pocket!! I look over at Lexi and give her the just-you-wait-I'm-going-to-kill-you look. Then my eyes reach across the room and I see her. Belle is looking at me in shock, probably going through all the reasons why I am a disgusting chauvinistic (sp?) pig! And I feel my face heat up. This is not a good spot I'm in... is it?

"Mom... Mom, I swear I can explain. It's not what you think... although it may seem unexplainable.... well, you see it's actually cause... I HAD TO TAKE THEM FROM LEXI, CAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT SHE WAS THINKING TAKING THESE AT SCHOOL! I mean, for WHAT!?" Oh yea... thinking quick. And I watch the look of death pass across my sister's face. I am sooo screwed.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 9:56:07 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Okay guys!!! I am waiting for Alex to arrive before I post another Cassie part...

But I wanted to stop by and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Hope you have fun over the holidays!!!!

I am going to be going away from the 26th to the 29th, so please if you need someone to temp me go ahead!!!

Talk to you all later!!!!!!!!
posted on 23-Dec-2002 10:14:41 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Great parts, guys!

I'm in total shock as Aunt Liz yells at Zan for having condoms! God, was he thinking...? NO, it can't be, can it? Please tell me he was just being prepared and careful, in case we... But he really wasn't expecting that we would go *that* far, was he? Ok, Zan and I are really going to have to have a talk! God, just don't let Mom and Dad find out about this! My cheeks feel like they're on fire. I just hope I'm not flushing red. Zan and I just look at each other, shocked and embarrassed and caught up in something beyond our control now that adults have found out. And if Aunt Liz knows, then so will Uncle Max....and they'll be sure to tell Mom and Dad. I am *so* screwed!

Then Zan insists that the condoms belong to Lexi. But just as he says this, I pick up on the actual truth. And it's far worse...Lexi used her powers to do this to him after they had a fight! I sigh in a mixture of relief and irritation. OK, profound irritation. No, make that outrage. How could Lexi, who is supposed to be my best friend, do this to me? Ok, so she was mad at Zan, but wasn't she *thinking* when she chose CONDOMS of all things? She had to know that her choice of payback would..and had...also hurt me in the process! "LEXI!!!!!" I want to scream but restrain myself to a quiet fury. I fix her with a glare and meet her eyes. "I know the truth. How could you?! I cannot believe you'd do this! Did you even think for one second about what I would think when I found out about this....or, God, what my parents would do to me and Zan if they actually thought Zan had intentions of...with me.....or if they thought that I would..." I'm so hurt and humiliated that I can barely say it. I blink back tears and turn away from her angrily, running outside to get away from it all. I go out into the cool night air and sit down on a bench and gaze up at the stars, wiping away my tears so that they won't blur my vision. Somehow, stargazing always brings me some solace. Althought tonight, I'm almost beyond help. A perfect party ruined....

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My jaw drops


I guess I should have seen this coming.

I find the courage to look at mom, who now has her attention and anger pointed at me

I pull out my sweet innocent smile.

Ya you guessed it, its not working

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THEM?" Okay my mom is seriously pissed.

I whimper and hide my face in my hands, then look back up.

"I can't belive you would actually think that of me. What did I do to deserve this? Do you not trust me?"

That's it, denial is your only way out.

"I took them from Zan because..." sniffle..."My friend needed them and... she was too scared to get them herself so that's why I had them."

Like I really have another friend besides us, everytime someone tries to talk to me they are scared off by the rest of the group.

Its like that with all of us girls. The guys think that we're naive to understand that our secret needs to be kept.

Everyone is extremely protective of Ter, even me, but they seem to think I'm the one that'll most likely betray them.

I guess I probably would be too, everyone has someone else to talk to. I have Belle, she's my best friend, but I'd like to talk to someone else once in a while.

Why can't they just see how alone they make me feel?

Snapping out of my daydream I look to see my mom scolding my brother.

I turn to walk away and see Belle come up to me.

Ya she's pissed at me

God I'm such a bitch

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 11:24:04 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I sit out on the park bench, feeling hurt and alone. Part of me hopes that Zan and/or Lexi will come outside to talk to me, and part of me wants to just be alone for awhile to regroup before I go back in and face them all.

But I feel so alone as it why wouldn't that continue? For me, the group has always been enough, but lately, it's like we've all separated ourselves into best friend pairs, and everyone has somebody to talk to. Except I know that Lexi feels really alone and wants other people to talk to. And she feels like we all think she'd betray us, betray our secret, whatever...and she won't believe that I don't think that. I'm just...not enough. And it all makes me miss the way things were for us when we were all really close, before we sort of gravitated into best friend pairings and couples. I really want us to focus not only on that, but on the whole group...because something tells me we're going to need that strength as a unit that we had...and because I miss it so much...
posted on 23-Dec-2002 11:26:06 PM by Shama

I stare at him, while he waits for my answer.

"You're scared?" I state more than ask

Its written plainly on his face, he's trying to cover it up.

Didn't all those years of training do anything?

"You know what, here." I hand him a picture. "That's the girl, Practice ways of getting her to trust you. Although if you really are my son, which I am not really sure of right now, you already know how I want it done."

And if he is my son, he won't have any problem with it. The girl is quite a looker. Long brown hair, amber eyes, nice body, and a face of pure innocence. He's staring at it so intently I think he's forgotten where he is

It makes me sick

I clear my throat. "The next time I see you will be the day you bring me her dead body, til then I don't want to look at you. Now get out of my sight."
posted on 23-Dec-2002 11:32:00 PM by Shama

I run after her. I need to apologize.

"Hey." I whisper.

I sit down next to her. "Listen, I know really I hurt you back there and I know nothing I say can make up for it, I was just so mad at him. He keeps trying to lead my life and I just got sick of it. I didn't even think bout how you would feel. I know that its not an excuse, but I really truly am sorry."

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 11:41:49 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Lexi comes outside to talk to me. I am relieved, because I wasn't sure if she would. As she sits down beside me, she apologizes.

"I'm sorry, too, Lexi. I didn't mean to explode like's just, I was in total shock. God, if my parents had seen all that....But, then yours actually did, and I didn't even stop to think about what you must be going through. I'm sorry for that..." I give her a hug. I want to be there for her through whatever is going on...even if I'm not enough to make up for not having friends outside the group...

"So what happened with Zan?" I ask, wondering what started all this.

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 11:56:41 PM by Shama

I wave my hand. "Ah you know the usual, he thinks what I'm wearing is too revealing."

We both look down at my choice of clothes for this evening: A pair of black capris and a red tank top

Yup my brother is a total nutcase

posted on 24-Dec-2002 1:03:54 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Michael ~*~

Michael went inside the house and plopped himself down in front of the tv, to watch the game. Ah, this was the life! It was one of the many reasons that he loved going over to Max and Liz's.

He heard the doorbell ring and he went to see who had arrived. Giving the Valenti's a wave, and beckoning Kyle to follow him, he went back in to watch the game. This was indeed the life.
posted on 24-Dec-2002 1:10:10 AM by Roswell428
~*~ Maria ~*~

After having a brief conversation with Liz, Maria had gone back into the kitchen and had begun preparing the meal. It was a little while later, that she saw Teresa go and sit outside on the swing by herself.

Deciding that the dinner could wait a minute, and knowing that nothing needed to be done for a while anyway, she decided to go outside and talk to her, make sure that she was okay.

Grabbing a coat, she made her way outside.

After Teresa had spoken, Maria sat down next to her. "Look, I know my son can be a little hard to deal with at times. Do you need to talk?"

~*~ End Maria ~*~

Was that okay? Sugarplum7, if you want it to be someone else who talks to Teresa, just tell me and I'll edit. Thanks.
posted on 24-Dec-2002 4:35:29 AM by Sugarplum7
Roswell428: that is fine. It would be nice to talk to Maria about Brendan. Maybe then he can walk in when we are having this girl talk.

posted on 24-Dec-2002 12:14:16 PM by LizParkerEvans4evax
My Kids?


What kind of mother am I?

I need to have a serious talk with them!

Can't find Lexi right now

but when everyone leaves

don't need my kids that embarassed
posted on 24-Dec-2002 10:22:59 PM by roswellianprincess16
I nod my head as Mom decides that now's not the time to talk about it. Thank God. She lets Lexi off the hook first (of course) and then tells me we'll talk later. Then she stomps off... which is usually a bad thing. Seeing Mom mad is like... well it's like getting snow in Florida. Practically impossible, yet a frightening possibility. I look around and catch sight of Lexi and Belle outside. Great, now I have to go and clear the air. I hate this... my sister is such a pain in my butt.

I walk outside and watch them speak for a minute. The familiarity, the true caring nature of them both shines and for a minute I feel like a kid again. When we all depended on Belle to be our doctor or when Lexi was always the one coming up with games for our adventures. Heck, that was a time when ALL of us were at our prime. And now... things are so different. So complicated.

"Hey." Lexi looks up at me and then rolls her eyes and looks away. Expected. I did kind of throw the heat on her. Of course, she shouldn't have started in the first place but that's beyond the point.

"Listen, Lex, it's just that I'm your brother right? And my job is kinda to care for you... whether you like it or not. And I know you hate me most of the time. I know that I'm kinda bossy and obnoxious. I know I remind you of Dad too much. In fact, I kinda hate it myself. But I only do it cause I love you and cause if anyone tries anything funny... I don't CARE who it is... I'll have to zap them to some different time warp." I smile and punch her playfully on the arm. Please, don't be mad. I hate it when she's mad at me.

"Belle... I'm sorry about that in there. I just want you to know I would have never.... well, I mean... you know without actually asking... umm... speaking with you.... first." I rub the back of my neck nervously. DAMN! This is not coming out right. That's not what I meant to say... well it was but not quite so choppy. I can feel my cheeks heat up and I quickly look down. God, I feel like such a sissy right now.
posted on 24-Dec-2002 10:48:40 PM by Sugarplum7
Hi all! I am working on a Ter part and I just have this question. Is Zan a hybrid or is he human (like in the show)? Just wondering.


PS. Happy Holidays to you all!

posted on 24-Dec-2002 11:13:01 PM by Sugarplum7

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Auntie Maria. She was always someone that we could talk to. It didn’t matter what it was about. If we didn’t want Mom or Dad to know, we went to see Auntie Liz and Auntie Maria. And she is still as perceptive as she was when I was a little kid. She always would pick up if something was wrong, just by the way I spoke or how I stood. It was just something that she was really good at.

I pull on my coat that she brought out for me and together we sat in silence as the sun past below the horizon, shrinking from the full circle to a line, then disappearing from sight. The stars filled the sky and everything seemed . . . right. It was perfect.

I sway in the swing a little more before I start talking.

“Yeah, I know that we can still talk. But I don’t think that this is Brendan at all. I mean. I knew that he was going to be watching that game that was going on, and I accepted it, but I didn’t expect that we would all just go off on our own. You know?

“I don’t know. Maybe I am just being silly. It’s just . . . sometime I start to think . . .”

“That is a dangerous thing where your Uncle Michael is concerned,” she said under her breath, but with the calmness of the night, I heard her clear as a bell. It brought a smile to my face as I suppressed a laugh.

“I wonder why Brendan is with me. I . . . I’m just fifteen. And there are a whole bunch of girls prettier than me. I guess . . . I guess that I just feel like he deserves someone better than me. Someone more . . . Someone more.”

I smile as I think back to when he first asked me out.

Hey, Ter, would you like to get some ice cream or something? He looked so great standing there in front of his car. That smile of his peaking from his down-turned head as he waited for my reply while I thought about it. His right hand raked through his hair, in usual fashion. And me, being totally oblivious to his actual intent said “okay.” I thought it was going to be a regular friend thing. I didn’t know that it was a date-y thing.

With all that said, I push off the ground and start to swing lightly. Auntie Maria stands and starts to give me light pushes, the same that she did when I was little. I close my eyes and relax as the wind blows past my face, cooling every inch.

“Sweetie,” she begins. This is it. This is the part where she gets to talk and I get to listen.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ End Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Well, that is all she wrote. Heehee! I hope that someone else can take it from there. Maybe Maria can talk, or maybe Brendan heart the whole thing and was watching and listening in from behind, and he interrupts Ter (who is totally oblivious to what is happening around her). Don’t you just love surprises? Someone else could always come out and join me on the other swing. (I am such a kid. Twenty-years-old and still loves swings.)


posted on 25-Dec-2002 12:03:19 AM by Elizabeth Evans

"Ah." I nod in understanding as Lexi explains what happened with Zan. "I know it sucks for you, getting the controlling thing both from Uncle Max and Zan." All the guys were like that with us girls; they were so protective of us. But at least I was able to get away from it at home. I did feel for Lexi who, unlike me, got a double whammy of it.

Then Zan comes over to Lexi and me to clear the air. I give him a smile as he joins us, wanting him to know that I don't hold the condom fiasco against him. He apologizes to Lexi, and it's good to see things resolved between them.

Then he turns to me and begins his apology, looking quite embarrassed about the whole thing. He's so adorable like that...

"Belle... I'm sorry about that in there. I just want you to know I would have never.... well, I mean... you know
without actually asking... umm... speaking with you.... first," he tells me, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

I smile reassuringly at him and meet his beautiful amber eyes, then say simply, "Zan, I know...and I trust you. It's ok." I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as our eyes meet in what Cassie says is a "look-into-my-eyes-soulmate stare." She tells me that's how Aunt Maria describes the same kind of look that Aunt Liz and Uncle Max give each other.

posted on 25-Dec-2002 9:13:20 PM by roswellianprincess16
I try to avoid the childish sigh that leaves my mouth but I don't catch it in time. Instead, I sigh in relief, smile like a dork, and sit next to Belle in complete and happy oblivion. I look into her eyes and suddenly I'm captivated. There's so much about this girl. So much that I can't even understand. But I love looking into her beautiful eyes.... I catch myself staring and look down shyly, laughing at my stupidity.

Great job... she must think you're a real dork.

"God, Zan you're a real dork." Count on Lexi to make all things right with the world.

"I love you too." I laugh and excuse myself, knowing they were probably having girly time before I totally interrupted.

"Umm... Belle? Can I meet you inside by the punch table in about fifteen minutes?" I give her a smile and hope she says yes. We've barely spent time together tonight.
posted on 26-Dec-2002 11:59:05 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I laugh with Zan and Lexi as she calls him a dork because it's such a welcome tension breaker. "Ok, if Zan's a dork, then that must make me one too." Then Zan asks me to meet him by the punch bowl in about fifteen minutes.

"I'll be there," I tell him with a delighted smile. I'm so glad that he asked to spend time with me and that he was missing me tonight as much as I'm missing him. We have hardly spent time together since I got here. I know that Zan wants to give me and Lexi some girl time to finish up our conversation, and that just shows what a considerate person he is.God, he's an incredible man , I think to myself. It will be so wonderful to spend some quality time with him tonight.
posted on 27-Dec-2002 5:40:09 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Where is my Alex???? LOL!!!



I walk around the house bored out my mind.

Alex hasn't shown up yet.

I wonder if Isabel and Jesse's car broke down or something.

I wonder past the living room and hear laughter.

I walk in to find my dad, Brendan, Uncle Max and Uncle Kyle watching football.

I flop down on the couch between my dad and Brendan.

"Daddy..." I moan and lean my head on his shoulder. "Why aren't Isabel, Jesse and Alex here yet?"


Sorry if it sucked...I don't know what to write!!! LOL!
posted on 28-Dec-2002 11:54:51 AM by Shama
Okay everyone forget about the whole show thing. ALL the kids are hybrids. Hope that answers some questions.
posted on 31-Dec-2002 5:30:27 AM by Sugarplum7
Shama originally wrote:
Okay everyone forget about the whole show thing. ALL the kids are hybrids. Hope that answers some questions.

That answers my question. Thanks! Now, if I could just find someone to join me outside by the swings since Roswell428 is on a well deserved break. It is so lonely waiting.


PS. I wish you all a Happy New Year!
posted on 3-Jan-2003 5:01:19 PM by Sugarplum7
::looks around:: Where is everyone? Hello? Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me? ::waits for a response:: Hmmm. I guess no one wants to play right now. I'll come back later. Until then . . . Bump!

posted on 5-Jan-2003 11:29:02 PM by roswellianprincess16
I'm here... I just need a buddy! A partner! ANYTHING! :-) lol..

I walk in and head towards the living room when suddenly I see the group gathered on the couch. Then, sticking out like an ugly bruise is Cassie, looking lonely and depressed sitting between Brendan and Uncle Michael. I smile at her and go behind to squeeze her shoulders.

"What's up Case? You ok? Wanna go and have a bite to eat? I'm kinda lonely for right now." I smile at her knowing full well that she's pretty depressed cause Alex, Aunt Isabel and Uncle Jesse are MIA. Besides, Cassie and I used to always be able to chill and joke around. I wouldn't mind some company.
posted on 6-Jan-2003 11:48:01 AM by Shama

After Zan walks away I turn towards Belle. "You guys are so cute its sickening. The next time you and my bro wanna get all mushy and shit, PLEASE don't do it around me." I joke."Its bad enough to see you flirting all the time, plus the way you guys stare at each other gives me the creeps. You look like my parents." I glance around. "Looks like Alex isn't here yet, poor Case, she must be so... bored."
posted on 6-Jan-2003 11:51:13 AM by Shama
Is anyone on?
Oh and scifidreamer I think that'd be cool if Jason's name was realy spelt Jaisen or something like that, its upto you though.

posted on 6-Jan-2003 10:32:41 PM by Sugarplum7
I am here, I keep checking in to see if anyone was going to pick up where I left off. I know Roswell428 is probably not up for writing yet, but maybe someone else could join Maria and Ter outside?

I'll just keep checking in to see what happens.

posted on 7-Jan-2003 12:25:29 AM by I_LOVE_NICK

My dad totally ignores my complaints as he screams at the television.

I can almost *hear* the snicker on Brendan's face.

Man, he looks like dad when he does that.

I am almost about to scream so someone will talk to me when I am saved.

I feel my shoulder being squeezed and I look up to see Zan smiling down at me and offering to go get something to eat.

"Gladly." I say and get up but not without kicking Brendan in the shin and then running out the door.

I pause outside the door and wait for Zan to catch up.

"This is like the worst party ever!" I complain as we make our way into the kitchen. "Where is Alex? I mean I tried his cell phone and do you think the idiot even has it on?"

I pause as I sit at the counter and Zan grabs two plates while nodding his head.

"I mean, isn't that what cell phones are for? In case of emergency? Well, he's not here so he should have it on. And like he paid the bill anyways."

I sigh and shake my head as Zan puts a plate down in front of me.

"Oh! And if even thinks that I am going to wait for him before I eat, well he's got another thing coming...I'll tell you that much. And you know what else?"

Zan raises his eyebrows and tries to hide the smile that is forming on his face.

"I;m grounded...So this is like the only time that we will get to see each other. I mean, I think I'm like grounded for a month or something because of that moron." I say throuwing my hand out in the direction of the living room where my brother is.

All of a sudden Zan bursts out laughing.

I glare at him.

He laughs harder.

Then I realize that I have been babbling on and on for like ten minutes.

He opens his mouth to say something but I cut him off.

"Zan, I SWEAR...if you say that I am just like my mom, I will zap your ass all the way to Canada." I threaten and hold my hand up.


OOC:I know I know. I got a little carried away...*sorry*

I'll edit if you want.

But I was also thinking that maybe Zan and Cassie could see Ter and Maria through the window and go join them.

As you can tell I am still waiting for Alex to arrive *happy*
posted on 13-Jan-2003 1:59:58 PM by Shama
Anyone on?
posted on 13-Jan-2003 2:43:10 PM by roswellianprincess16
Great post Krista!! :-) I LOVE Cassie...

I can't help it.... she's crazy! She is CRAZY! I try not to laugh but it just bursts right out.

"No!! No, I didn't say you were just like Aunt Maria." I hold out my hands in front of me to protect me.

"You don't have to ZAP anyone. Besides, I'm your saving grace, that would be a bad way to thank me." I smile and calm my breathing. That was too funny.

"You're right though, they should be here. I hope everything is ok." I furrow my eyebrows a bit and then mentally slam myself for being like my father. I look over at the window and see Aunt Maria and Ter. Wonder if they'd let us crash their party... this is getting kinda boring. Where is Belle anyway???

"C'mon. Let's get a breath of fresh air."
posted on 14-Jan-2003 10:27:52 AM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: LOL, that Cassie post was so cool! She is so like her mother *happy*. *ducks the zap coming her way*


"Here I am," I smile as I walk up to join Zan as he asks where I am. I resist the impulse to ask if he missed me. I'm accused enough of acting too cutesy.

"So, did I miss anything exciting?" I ask, having come in on the tail end of Cassie's speech and didn't catch exactly what she was talking about.
posted on 14-Jan-2003 10:54:32 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: I'm glad that you guys liked it!!!!!!!



I smile at Zan's attempt to not get his ass blasted.

I nod, knowing that right now he is my saviour and then Belle walks in as he asks where she is.

Now, don't get me wrong...I love Belle. But seeing her with Zan just reminds me that Alex hasn't shown up yet.

Belle asks what's going on.

"Nothing." I sigh. "I'm just bitching because Alex hasn't shown up or called yet."

She smiles sympathtically (sp?)...I told you I love her.

"Oh, and Zan just suggested that we go outside to join my mom and Ter." I tell pointing out the window to my mom and best friend.

I open the sliding glass door and turn back to Zan and Belle who are behind me.

"Let's catch up on some gossip." I grin wickedly and we walk across the lawn towards my mom and Ter.


Was that okay?????
posted on 14-Jan-2003 11:22:41 PM by Elizabeth Evans
OOC: Ok, Alex and family should be there by now. I forget right this second who's playing Alex and Jesse, but I'm Isabel and I remember we were on our way there.

I smile sympathetically at Cassie when she complains that Alex isn't there yet. I check my watch. Wow, they are really running late! Where are they?

"That's weird...they're never this late. Should we worry?" But all thoughts of that drift back to the back of my mind as Cassie tells me that Zan suggested we go outside with Ter and Aunt Maria.

This is great! I love catching up on my gossip with them. I've missed that! Zan, Cassie and I head outside, where Ter and Aunt Maria are sitting. "Hey, you two," I greet them with a smile as we join them. I sneak a look over at Zan. Is he ok with all of this, or did he want some time for us to just talk together? If he did, I'll make sure we get that time tonight.
posted on 14-Jan-2003 11:29:47 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

I didn't know that you were Isabel *cool, you're like my mother-in-law LMAO*...well Sarah is Alex and she hasn't been around for a while in any of the RPG's... :(

And scifidreamer is Jesse, but she probably forgot because she is like four people on this!!! LOL!!!!

I'll remind her is she doesn't show up soon...

But I think we a temp for Alex, because as I said...Sarah's been gone for awhile....
posted on 14-Jan-2003 11:31:57 PM by Sugarplum7
Yay! I have someone to play with! I'll work on a part tonight and post it tomorrow! This is a great way to end the day! I get to play!

posted on 16-Jan-2003 9:13:02 PM by Shama
Anyone willing to temp for TabascoChick as Alex or Max?

posted on 21-Jan-2003 12:26:09 AM by Roswell428
I AM SO SORRY!!!!! I am so incredibly sorry that I have been gone for so long- everything has gone wrong over the holidays- first my grandmother died and then right after that my computer broke (the monitor fell and cracked open) and it is now finally back in working order (thank God!). I have been so computer deprived these past couple of weeks (because I had no way of getting on), it is not even believeable! As a result of all of the commotion, I have fallen SO behind in all of my stories and the RPGs I'm in, not to mention all of my emails and bmails and stuff for other sites, so it is going to take me a while to catch up.

I am posting this in all of the RPGs I'm in (that I HOPE I'm still in) just to let everyone know what happened to me. Once again- I am SO sorry- please forgive my long absence. Thank you all for being so patient with me.

Let me just tell you how glad I am to be back up at school, and that the break is finally over!

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posted on 21-Jan-2003 10:09:32 PM by Shama
Take your time, glad to have you back.
posted on 21-Jan-2003 11:33:20 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
OOC: Glad to have you back Roswell428!!!!

And Shama we do need a temp for Alex BADLY!!! I would do it but I don't want to have to talk to myself...LOL!!!



I stop in front of my mom and Ter who are both sitting on a swing.

"So what are you two talking about?" I ask with a glint in my eyes.

"Better not be bad mouthing me." I grin and then notice that seem to be very serious.

I walk past my mom and pat her on the knee as I come up behind Ter and greab the chains that are holding the swing up.

I lean down and rest my chin on her head, not sure if I should push or not.

"Anything wrong?" I ask looking to Zan and Belle who are as clueless as I am.
posted on 22-Jan-2003 4:19:31 PM by Shama
I'll temp as Alex, but we still need a Max.
I'll post later tonight
posted on 25-Jan-2003 8:14:17 PM by Shama

I am soooo bored

Alex still isn't here yet, I wonder where they are? oh well.

I can't seem to find dad, I haven't seen him all day.

I would expect him to be joined to my mom's hip. He doesn't like leaving her alone, especially in her condition, not that I blame him of course.

My mom had a really hard time giivng birth to me, she probably would have died if my dad hadn't healed her.

They had decided not to have anymore kids, but their anniversary was a few months ago and... well I guess they forgot.

Anyway, I'm, off to find someone to talk to, most likely Brendan.


This ride is taking forever

The parties probably half over by now

Oh thank god we're almost there, we just turned on Uncle Max's street.

Cassie, here I come.

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posted on 25-Jan-2003 8:49:43 PM by Shama

Okay I thought that just in case any of you wanted to add a temporary character, like grandparents, or Serena and Kyle, people from school, for a little bit, we could make a list for temps needed for them and if people want to take them they can b-mail me and I'll add the names to the list and we everyone can just check the list once in a while and take a character if they want. What do you guys think?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Just as Auntie Maria was going to really get into talking it appears that everyone was alerted to where we were because first Zan and Cass came over, but then Belle followed them. Cass, being the bestest friend in the world came over to me and placed her chin on my head and asked what was going on.

“Nothing,” I say. I don’t want to burden her with my silly thoughts. But I don’t get to pull it off, at least I won’t with Auntie Maria sitting right next to me.

“She was just telling me that she doesn’t feel good enough for our Brendan, that she doesn’t know why he is with her. I was just about to explain some things to her when you guys got here. Maybe you can get some sense into her thick skull. I need to go in and check on dinner. Where is Brendan anyway?”

I feel Cass stand, ready to take her Mom’s vacated swing, and hear her response. “Where else? With Dad and pretty much all the rest of the guys watching the game.”

I look over my shoulder and see her leave and enter the house before Cass starts to speak. And there are times when Cassie really sounds like her Mom. I don’t know if it is lucky or unlucky for me that this is one of those times. What is lucky about a rant? The fact that I don’t have to talk is what is good about it. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise even if I wanted to.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ End Teresa’s Part ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Well, I know it is short, and a lot of you might have thought that I just disappeared, but I am still here. I hope the part was okay. I really do want this RPG to continue so come on! Lets really have fun with this!


posted on 27-Jan-2003 4:19:08 PM by Sugarplum7
posted on 30-Jan-2003 12:35:04 PM by I_LOVE_NICK

My mom leaves and I sit down on the swing next to Ter.

I glance to Zan and Belle who are still standing in front of us. I roll my eyes at them. Sometimes Ter can be so dense.

"You are nuts." I tell her simply and use my feet to swing myself a little.

I look over to her and see her giving me a 'Thanks a lot' look.

"Seriously Ter. You aren't good enough for Brendan? That is what you think right?"

She nods back at me.

"Then you're nuts. If anything he's not good enough for you." I say smiling at her.

"Okay, maybe I'm lying." I say and start laughing and she looks at me like I'm crazy.

"Teresa." I say and she knows I'm serious because I'm using her full name. "I admit that when you and Brendan first got together, I wasn't too happy. I mean, my best friend and my brother..." I trail off and raise my eyebrows.

"It didn't seem like a good idea. But, now...he's so happy Ter. You should see him when he's about to go and pick you up. He smiles like an idiot and he isn't even mean to me. And that's a lot coming from Brendan."

"And you..." I tell her pointing at her. "You should see yourself when you talk about him. When you come over and tell me about your date the night before, minus the details I don't really need to hear since he's my brother, but when you tell me about all the things that he does for you and how romantic he is I can't even believe that you're talking about my brother."

I nod my head wisely. "Your eyes light up when you come over and he's there and when ever you talk about him. You're crazy about him."

I stop the swing with my feet and turn to face her completely.

"He's crazy about you too. Trust me, we may fight a lot but we talk...And he really really cares about you. And if he knew that you were out here talking about how you don't deserve him, he would be right out here kicking me off the swing and telling Zan, Belle and I to get inside."

I reached out rubbed her shoulder. "Trust me. You two are made for each other."


Was that okay Katie? Too long? I can change it if you want....
posted on 30-Jan-2003 7:57:49 PM by Sugarplum7
Don't change a thing. I think perfect sums it up.

Where did the others go? This was bustling with post a while ago. What happened? Hmmm. Real life?

posted on 30-Jan-2003 11:49:16 PM by I_LOVE_NICK
Thanks Katie! I just wasn't sure if I rambled on too much. I don't know what it is but whenever I write for Cassie I have this urge to just go on and on...LOL!

Yeah, I think that RL has got the best of them. It had me in it's evil clutches recently and I fear it's not the last I've seen of it since I go back to school tomorrow!!!!

'K, I guess I even ramble! Glad you like it though!
posted on 12-Feb-2003 3:21:25 PM by Shama
Anyone here?