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This is how this rpg gonna start The whole gang will be look at picture, then somehow they will be back and time into there past self.Also when they came back they will look at everyone in a hold different way, more love, passion, true destiny. And Cant keep there hands off eachother.

Liz and Max
Alex and Isabel
Maria and Michael
Tess and Kyle

Max~Roswell428 (temp)tabasco sauce
Isabel~Elizabeth Evans

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Can I have Alex and maybe Tess?
posted on 10-Dec-2002 6:13:00 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
Sure you can, Thank you for joining!
posted on 15-Dec-2002 1:24:09 AM by qt4167013
I can be maria and if no one else wants kyle I can be him as well.

What is this fic about exactly?

posted on 15-Dec-2002 12:46:05 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
sure you can babe! thank you for joining!
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Can I have Michael, and can you kinda go into a little more detail about the story so I'm sure I get it?

I lovet the THEY CAN'T KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF OF EACH OTHER part!! Sounds interesting!!

posted on 15-Dec-2002 6:41:57 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
sure you can, lol me too.

ok everyone at liz place, liz take out the photo book, and everyone gather around to see. then some how they all good back to the pass and see how they first meant, how they felt about eachother. then when they all mean in the pass they come back to realite and everyone looking at eachother in a different way more love, passion and true destiny
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Can I have Maxie?
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Sure you can, we will start later on tonight.
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Kay, thanks!

I'm going to have a part up, either tonight or tomorrow.
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I sit on the couch bored as hell, so I go under the coffee table and pull out my photo book of my friends, I start to go threw it.I sit my 3rd grade dress."awww I hate this picture" I said, my mother made it just for me. she said it was the first thing she ever done, and was so prode of it.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 6:12:51 PM by Roswell428
wait, is everybody there with her, or is it just Liz by herself at this point? If it's just her there by herself, I'll edit...

~*~ Max ~*~

He just smiled at her. "I think you look adorable," he said, gently stroking her hair. He looked into her eyes. "You always look adorable."
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OCC: yes everyone there.
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I stifle a laugh as I look at Liz's picture. The girl just looks so funny in that stupid dress . . .

I start to give in and laugh quietly. I turn away from the picture so I don't start in anymore.

Maria wacks me on the shoulder and tells me to stop laughing at a picture of such a cute little girl.

We continue to flip through the photo album and I see a picture of Maria and Liz and Alex all together sometime in 6th grade. Alex is holding his guitar, and Maria has a microphone in her hands, pretending to sing like a rock star.

That's my Maria.

Liz is sitting in the back laughing, probably at her friends' imitations of a band.

I start to laugh again when I see the next picture of Liz and Maria covered in mud after a mud-volleyball game on the 4th of July.

I had no idea a few pictures could be so entertaining.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 7:21:44 PM by qt4167013

I hit Michael. Man, he can be such a dork.

I look over and see the pictures. Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words was definitly right! I glance over at a picture of Liz, Alex and I at the Crashfestival. Alex is dressed as an alien and Liz and I are wearing suits and have fake guns and we are pointing them at Alex who is "cowering" in the corner. I look over uneasily at Michael.

Michael has his eyebrows up and looks at me accusingly.

I just shrug.

"Hey, that was BEFORE we knew about you guys..." I say jokingly.

Whew that was close!
posted on 16-Dec-2002 7:25:49 PM by qt4167013

I laugh at Maria. I love my step-sister, but she is reading into everything too much. Isabel shoots me a look and I just glance innocently.

The next picture happens to have me in it. It was from a party at the Crashdown and I am sitting Liz and Maria as we watch my dad's band, the kitshickers preform. I am blushing as I see this.

Maria is laughing at me in the picture but little does she know that after that picture was taken, she would end up having him as a step father.

"If I had known that would be my step-father, I probably would have looked just as embarassed as you!" She says laughing to me.

The group shares a laugh and I shrug.

"OOO look at this one!" Liz says as she points to a picture.
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"I used to be really scared at those festivals, too," I admit quietly. Max and Michael look at me in shock because I always seemed so brave and never told them this.

"I know, it really scared me to think about that being us and what they might want to do to us if they ever found out. I always hated how the crowd kept cheering when the fake ship would crash and catch fire. It's a really scary thing for a little kid to deal with." Of course, our lives didn't ever get any less scary, but now that I was a teenager I could laugh about the festival a little more. I could separate that from reality.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 7:44:03 PM by Cominatcha

I had been scared, too, but, of course, I couldn't let everyone know that. Especially not with Maria around. It was my responsibility to be brave around her. I was her "knight in shining armor" as she had once put it. I'll never forget when she had said that. It made me feel like a hero.

Max was lucky. He got to feel like that everyday with the satisfaction of knowing that he had saved Liz Parker.

"We don't have to deal with that, anymore, Isabel." he reassured her. But even as he said the words, he could still see the fear in her eyes.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 9:11:07 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I blush when Max just said to me that I was adorble., then I turn few more pages, and michael was laughing, I glared at him.then saw what he was laughing" Oh ya it was raining that day, and we just had to play. we won the game anyways" I said, and giggles alittle.
posted on 16-Dec-2002 9:12:57 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I grin to show Michael I'm not scared. "You're right, Michael. We don't have anything to worry about now."

I burst out laughing at the next picture, one with all of us that had Alex making silly faces. It had been raining, and he was boosting morale at the game. I remember that day clearly...all the silly antics he did to crack us up. God, he has such a great sense of humor!

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We sit around laughing for a long time at stupid pictures, and I occasionally get wacked on the shoulder by Maria, too. But then, I stop laughing. Something's happening.

No one else seems to notice it, but I do. There's a feeling in my stomach, like I'm becoming invisible, incorporeal. I swallow hard as the feeling intensifies.

"Max," I try to choke out. "Maria."

No one pays any attention to me.

Suddenly, I'm somewhere else, spinning through some huge, gigantic tunnel of light. I think I might be sick.

But, as suddenly as it starts, it stops, and I land with a thud on the ground.

I recognize this place. I'm in the trailor. That awful trailor that I used to live in with Hank when I was a foster kid.

I'm too shocked to do anything. I can't move, even though Hank is walking towards me.

sorry, was that too confusing?
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Great Michael part!


After awhile of looking at pictures, sharing memories, and laughing, something strange begins to happen...I feel so strange, like I'm being torn from here! Panicking, I look at the others, who look just as shocked and scared as I feel.

"Max! Michael! Alexxxx....." I try to call out, but no sound escapes my lips. Then I'm spiraling through seome strange tunnel....

And then I land on the floor of my room with a thud. I get up, a little disoriented, and look around. My room! It's's just like it was when I was little. All the toys I had are still there, and stuffed animals adorn my little canopy bed. Oh, my God.....did we just go back in time? I slowly walk over to my floor length mirror, my eyes wide with horror as my fear is confirmed. I'm little and have the same chin-length short haircut I did when I was six. I glance down from the mirror to my little hands and back again. Yep, I'm six years old again! I take deep breaths to keep from hyperventilating.

"Max!" I call out, trying not to sound frightened. Even if Max is there in his room and comes to see why I called him, I don't know if this is my brother from the past....or if he's come back here like me. And we certainly can't let Mom and Dad know that something is wrong. They can't know anything about our secrets. I've never stopped wanting to tell Mom, but Max will never allow it. He says it's much too risky. So they can't find out now....especially not here, not now in the past.

Then another fear comes to mind, and I put a hand to my mouth to stifle a gasp. What if I do something to change the future and something goes wrong? What if I'm stuck here? .

This is not good....not good at all...maybe if I just curl up on my bed and go to sleep, I'll wake up and everything will be right again. But I have to find out if I'm the only one who's come back in time, or if Max came back here from the future like I did. Now, how do I find out without him getting suspicious if he's the Max from this time...?

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I was laughing at my self, then all of sudden I felt, alone, empt like I was the only one in room, which is werid cuz I can see my friends, but I couldnt hear the sound of their voices anymore. I couldnt hear what they were talking about. The room was getting kinda blurs, and it was like someone is forcing me to go somewhere I dont wanna be. I went into this funnel, it was big and bring. how did I get here again? I got drop off in my room real hard, I look around, It was my room when I was 6yr. I go infront the mirror and see my 6 year self. "this can't be happeneding"I said, I look at the picture around my room, and see kyle,alex,maria and I in some picture. We were at the park having fun.

OOC: was that good.
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That was good! It'll be neat to see more of Liz's reaction to where she finds herself. And I can't wait for all of them to meet up again now that all this has happened *happy*
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I scramble to my feet desparately, only to find that Hank is towering above me? When did that happen? I've been taller than Hank for years now.

Hank? HANK? Hank is dead!! Isn't he?

My mind whirls with questions as I try to think of what to do. I want to get away from this man as fast a possible . . . I need to. My heart starts to pound rapidly, and my breathing comes faster.

Finally, I feel the doorhandle behind me and run outside without a second thought. Hank yells at me to come back, but I keep running, hoping that maybe this is some horrible nightmare . . . that maybe I just fell asleep while looking at those pictures. I keep hoping that I'll wake up soon. Maria will be touching my arm, trying to wake me from my slumber, and she'll smile when I open my eyes. There will be no more Hank, and no more of these horrible memories.

I run so fast and so far that I don't even think about where I'm going. The next thing I know, I'm far away from the trailor, and I'm running into someone, a woman.

"Whoa, son, you better watch where you're goin' there." she says in a heavy Texas accent. I know this woman. I used to live a little ways away from her. Her name was Mrs. Deetle or something. She was always nice to me.

"I'm sorry." I apologize. It's just then that I notice my voice. It doesn't actually sound like my voice at all, but I know it's coming from me, escpaing my lips. I look behind me, confused as hell, just to make sure that someone isn't messing with my mind.

"You better get home, now." Mrs. Deetle says. "It's not safe for little boys to be running around alone like this."

Little boys? The last time I got mistaken for a little boy was in elementary school before my growthspurt started to kick in.

"Are you okay?" she asks, noticing that I don't make any effort to go on home. "Do you need to come inside?" She puts a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"Uh . . ." I struggle to think of what to say. I can't exactly tell her that one minute I was looking at pictures with my best friends in the world and now I'm here, doing God only knows what. "Do you have a mirror?" I finally ask.

"A mirror?" she echoes. "Uh, yeah. Just wait here."

So I do wait. I sit on the porch steps and I don't do anything. I barely even breathe. I'm afraid to.

At last, Mrs. Deetle comes out with a handheld mirror in her hands. "Here you go." she tells me. She hands it to me face down, and, reluctantly, after taking a deep breath, I flip it over.

What I see startles me. It doesn't make sense.

I stare down at a reflection staring back at me, but it isn't my own. Or at least it hasn't been for a long time.

I'm staring down at me as a child.

oh, that wasn't good. everyone else's is so much better!!

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That was really good!
posted on 17-Dec-2002 8:44:58 PM by Cominatcha
thank you. I thought that your isabel part and and the liz part were good, too!! I didn't think mine was anything special, but thank you anyway!! I appreciate it!!
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As I was laughing at the pictures I started to feel queasy. I tried to tell Liz that I needed to leave but I couldn't find her.

"Liz? Michael?" I ask uneasy and as soon as it had started it had ended.

I looked at my surroundings.

"well toto, I guess were not in Kansas anymore" I say but soon I realize I am in my room.

"What the Hell?" I say loudly.

"MARIA! what did I say about using that language?" I heard her mother's voice yell out.

"Sorry mom." I get up from my position on my bed and than I hear the door open.

"Ria, hey honey bunch."

I freeze. Only one person in the world called me Ria and that person was long gone.

"Daddy?" I whimper.

"Yes sweetheart. Mom just wants to let you know we will be heading to the Crashdown soon." He says and leaves.

I watch him go and turn to the mirror.

"Oh my GOD!" I say when I notice that I don't look like I useually do. Well actually the reflection in the mirror was someone I hadn't seen for 10 years. My six year old self.

"Michael!" I say suddenly.

"This has to be some alien mindwarp! Michael this isn't funny! Michael?" I look around and burst into tears.
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As much as I loved looking at the pictures I felt a little like something bad was about to happen. Everything gets blurry and I feel like I'am on a rollar coaster.

I land abruptly and am at my house.

"Weird." I say.

"Weird." I say again, noticing that my usually low voice was now a tiny squeaky one.

"On no." I say as I look down and notice I am a lot closer to the ground than normal.

"What am I going to do?" I moan and go in search for my dad.


"Yeah Kyle." He says. He looks a lot younger and has his sheriff's badge on.

"Dad, I thought you were fired." I say confused.

Dad laughed.

"right. Now come along, you don't want to miss your play date with liz maria and Alex."

As he drags me out the door I start to panic. What is wrong with ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Everyone's parts have been great!

~*~ Max ~*~

Max had looked away from Liz at Isabel's comment about the Festival. He had just been about to reassure her, when he began to feel strange, almost like he was going to be sick. He turned to look back at Liz, and saw with horror that she was beginning to fade out.

"Liz! LIZ!," he yelled at her, trying to get her attention, trying to keep her from fading, when he realized that no sound was coming out of his mouth. He turned to look at Isabel for help, and was frightened to see her fading as well.

Just as he was about to try to get the others for help, he felt himself being sucked backwards. He was sucked backwards and held, before being unceremoniously dropped on his bed.

How did he get back to his house? Wait a minute, there was something funny about this bed, something he couldn't quite place. That's it! He hadn't used those sheets in years! Had his mother put children's sheets back on his bed? Why would she do that?

It was then that he looked around at the rest of the room and noticed that it was the room that he lived in as a child. 'What the hell?'

What was going on here? It was then that he heard Isabel calling to him. He cautiously went to the door, and it was then that he realized that he was only a little bigger than the doorknob. He opened the door and called, "I'm coming, Isabel."

His voice was high and squeaky. It hadn't sounded like that since he was a child, about 6 to be exact.

He made his way to Isabel's room and knocked on the door. When she threw it open, he saw himself in her mirror. And he screamed.
posted on 17-Dec-2002 11:14:07 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I hear Max answer in a high, little boy's voice that I haven't heard in years, "I'm coming, Isabel!" and in a second he knocks on my door. I throw open the door, glad to see my brother...whether or not he's from the same time as me. As soon as I open the door, Max catches sight of himself in the mirror and screams. Ok, that answers that question. I pull him into my room, covering his mouth with my hand as I close the door.

"Shh....Max! We can't let Mom and Dad know that something's going on. We must've...we must've gone back in time. That's why we look like little kids again. We're stuck back in the past. But how did we get here?" I start trying to reason this whole thing out. "It must have something to do with the pictures...or maybe we're asleep and I'm somehow just dreamwalking you...." That possibility very much appealed to me. But somehow I didn't think this was a dream...

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~*~ Max ~*~

"I don't think this is a dream, Isabel. This is WAY too creepy to be a dream. How are we going to fix this?

"But you're right, we need to keep Mom and Dad from finding out. We need to act normal, like normal children. Wait, I wonder if everyone else went back in time with us as well. You think?"
posted on 17-Dec-2002 11:51:13 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Max mentions the otherss and asks if they might also have come back in time, like we did. My eyes widen in astonishment at the thought. "Oh, my God....Max, You're right! The others might be here, too!" Then an icy grip of fear overtakes me as I remember something. "Michael! If he's here, too, that means he's stuck with...Hank again!" Disgust suffuses me just thinking about that hated name. I can still remember the last time I saw him, how I threatened to kill him if he ever touched Michael again. God! We had to go protect Michael!
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~*~ Max ~*~

"If he's with Hank, the only thing for us to do is to go help him. Whether or not he's our Michael at this point. We are going to help him no matter what.

"The only thing I wonder is, what would that do to change the timeline? Would that put things out of whack? We shouldn't do anything that could jeopardize our futures, Isabel.

Also, remember, we're children at this point. How can we help him without revealing too much about ourselves now? Though, I still feel that we need to think of a way to protect Michael. Argh! I don't know what to do!"
posted on 18-Dec-2002 1:09:07 AM by Elizabeth Evans

Max and I were thinking exactly along the same lines. We had to find a way to help Michael, but not mess with the timeline. But then a thought hits me, What if we change things for the better... ? But I don't voice the thought. As much as we want to get Michael away from Hank, especially now when he's a little kid and could have a great life, maybe even live here with us, we can't do this. What if things got changed that shouldn't be, and it all ended up horribly wrong? I don't's too much to think about right now.

For now, we have to go keep Michael safe. "I don't know what to do either, Max. I want to take this chance to get Michael away from him, but we have to give anything we want to change some serious thought first. For now, let's just go keep Michael safe. We'll worry about the rest of it later!"
posted on 18-Dec-2002 8:35:48 AM by Cominatcha
wow, both of those last parts were really great!!


I'm sitting in Mrs. Deetle's tiny little kitchen now. She's fixing a sandwich and some milk, even though I'm not hungry at all. In fact, the last thing I want to do right now is eat. I want to go and find Max and Isabel, but there are so many unanswered questions. What if they're not even here?

Besides, being with Mrs. Deetle makes me feel safe. I don't know why. She's a nice lady, though, and she's really made me feel welcome here.

We talk for awhile, until her husband comes home. He's drunk, like I remember him. He was always drunk when he came home, and it's no different now.

"What's this kid doing in my house?" he barks angrily.

"Daniel, honey, I was just fixing him up a sandwich," Mrs. Deetle tries to explain. "He . . ."

"I don't care!" the angry man shouts. "I want him out! Now!"

Michael scrambled to his feet and ran out the door the same way he had back at his trailor once he had seen Hank.

What am I supposed to do now? he wondered silently. Even if I do find Max and Isabel, what good will that do? They might be the same age as me.

His mind raced with thoughts as his feet raced down the street. There was only one person he needed to find right now.

Maria . . .
posted on 18-Dec-2002 5:24:50 PM by qt4167013

I am confused. Confused isn't strong enough for what I am feeling right now.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God." I start hyperventalating.

"This is a trick! It has to be!" I say in tears.

"Michael, I know this is you, come out and face me like a man! This SOOOOO isn't funny!" I screech realizing that it wasn't until seventh grade that I started using cedar oil to calm me down.

"You stupid aliens and your.... twisted ways." I mumble and once again look in the mirror.

I am shorter and have my hair cut short like a boy.

"Michael!" I screech as I turn towards my window.

I Know it's him. Even in a six year old's body I can still feel him.

I see the window start to open.

"Michael you better change me back right now or I'll... OH MY GOD!" I scream as I see a six year old version of Micheal in my room.

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"Shh . . . Just relax," I tell her calmly as I slip inside to her room. It's so different to see her like this. If the whole situation wasn't so serious and so freaky, I might have thought that it was funny.

She asks me what's going on. What am I supposed to tell her? I can't be her knight in shining armor right now. I don't know anything more than she does.

I explain to her what happened to me, and she tells me what happened to her in return. It seems the same kind of thing happened to both of us. We both were looking at the pictures one moment and then back in these six-year old bodies the next, living in a time that we can barely remember.

It's odd being in a six-year old body and having the mind of someone much older. It's hard to explain, and I don't think it's possible for anyone to understand any of it unless they've lived out such an experience themselves.

We talk for awhile, trying to figure out what's going on and what to do next, and, then, soon, I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. "Ria?" someone calls.

Maria freezes.

"Who's that?" I ask curiously. "You're dad?"

She nods her head slowly, like she's in a daze or something. I don't blame her. I know how much losing her father has torn her.

"I should leave." I say hurriedly. I turn and open up the window, prepared to make a hastey exit, but she grabs my wrist and pulls me back, just like she would have done is she was older.

And she kisses me. Short and sweet, unlike so many of our other kisses. It feels so strange to kiss Maria at such a young age, but it doesn't feel wrong. Kissing Maria could never feel wrong.

"Maria!" a male's vioce, probably her father shouts. "What the hell are you doing?"

Uh-oh . . .
posted on 18-Dec-2002 7:52:39 PM by qt4167013

"GO NOW!" I hiss at Michael.

"Yes dad?" I say sweetly.

"Were going to the Crashdown remember? It's time for your play date with Kyle, Liz, and Alex." He said softening his voice.

"" I say as he leaves.

I see Michael looking in and I blow him a kiss and giggle. He leaves and as I walk out the door it hits me. If Michael and I are like this the others must be too. And if they are than wouldn't Max, Michael and Isabel have just come out of ther pods and wouldn't Tess still be in the cave?

I leave and hop in my mom's Jetta which looks as good as new. I look away when my dad kisses my mom because it hurts and I know it's not real and that soon he will leave.

I NEED to talk to Liz!
posted on 18-Dec-2002 8:02:10 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I walk away from the mirror and clim on my bed, I start to cry alot. then heared my dad"honey Liz it time to go to school" school? how can I go to school like this, just look at me.I am stuck in a 6 year body, with a 16 year old mind."onemin dad ill be right down" I wripe away my tears and think about when I was 6. all I have to do is act like I was 6.and go to school and think about, how I got here? by the way how did I get her again, WAIT, what about the others?, maybe there here too? or maybe I am all alone? I go down stair and kiss my mom,and dad."morning" my mom, said. "morning" I told her. she offer me some breakfast "no, I just wanna go to school mom, thank you anyways." I told her And I was off walking to school. I guess I am back in time, I wonder if I do something that could change the pass. will max and I ever be together infurture?Man I hope the other know.

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posted on 18-Dec-2002 8:30:38 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Max and I head out to search for Michael. "Maybe I should try dreamwalking him to see where he is," I suggest. I close my eyes and concentrate on Michael....and then I make a connection. "Michael, thank Goc....are you ok?" I ask him mentally
posted on 19-Dec-2002 8:30:49 AM by Cominatcha

I'm okay, I reply to her through thought. But what's going on?

She says something back, but I can't decipher the message. Apparently Isabel's dreamwalking skills aren't as good at the age of six.

"I told you to do the wash!" a gruff voice shouts. I look behind me and I realize it's Hank. He sounds drunk. He's coming for me again! How many times am I going to have to do this?

Isabel! I scream mentally. Help!

I've delt with the FBI. I've delt with skins. But I'll never get used to dealing with Hank.

I take off down the streets as fast as my six-year old body can run, and the connection with Isabel shatters . . .
posted on 19-Dec-2002 10:13:31 AM by Elizabeth Evans

Michael tells me that he's ok. I try to let him know that Max and I are on our way to meet up with him, but I don't know if he got that part. Apparantly, my powers aren't as strong in this six year old body. I think I was lucky just to be able to reach Michael at all while he's awake. Suddenly, I feel this sense of panic coming from him. Oh, my God...Hank must be trying to hurt him.

Michael, we're coming! I try to tell him frantically. "Oh, my God, Max...Michael's in danger! We have to get to him!" I explain, grabbing my brother's hand and taking off at as fast a run as my little legs can muster.
posted on 19-Dec-2002 4:57:08 PM by qt4167013

As I look out the window, I feel a sharp pain of worry.

'MICHAEL!' I think

Even in a six year old's body I can still feel the connection.

A flash of worry grows upon me as I realize the problem

"Hank!" I say and my dad screeches to a halt.

posted on 19-Dec-2002 7:00:16 PM by Cominatcha

Hank may have been drunk, but that didn't slow him down.

I, however, was slowed down. I was used to being much older, so I wanted to go faster than my body could carry me. Eventually, the upper half of my body gets ahead of my feet, and I fall down flat on the ground. I'm so tired. I want nothing more than to give up right now and just let Hank come and get me.

I try to force myself up, but my efforts are useless. Hank is beside me now, an evil grin on his face. He grabs me by my arm and pulls me up brutally, and I have no choice but to let him drag me home.

Someone, please help me. I beg silently. Isabel? Max? Maria? Anyone?

posted on 19-Dec-2002 8:48:43 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

On my way to school I saw Michael he was running, then I saw Hank. OMG Hank, I run to them and said" leave him alone you dump baster" I kick him in the knee and he look in pain and let go of Micheal."come on Michael run" we started to run and he came after us" Michael run, just try" I yell at Michael, but this Hank guy look so evil it just didnt feel right. I was scary a 6yr girl running from a guy that had a evil look on his face look scary.I grab Michael hand and hold on to it, and made him run with me, but this Hank guy is pretty fast. God someone help me Plz.
posted on 19-Dec-2002 9:12:58 PM by qt4167013

"Maria?" My dad questions.

My head hurts and my limbs are aching.

"Just... can we go to school?" I say weakly.

We drive and as we see go I see Micheal being almost carried by Liz and being chased.

"Ok, by dad!" I say and jump out of the car.

I surprise Hank as I jump on him from behind.

If I know one thing, I know this. The way to get a guy to stop is kick him. I do just that and Hank falls to the ground.

I grab Michael and pull him into a hug.

He burrows his face in my shoulder.

Liz wipes her forhead and tells us to just go back to school and pretend nothing has happend. Easier said than done.
posted on 20-Dec-2002 8:35:51 AM by Cominatcha

All of this stuff is too easy. Actually, I kinda like it. Everyone else is struggling, except for me and all of my friends. It's kind of a nice feeling, for once, being smart and not having any problem at all.

But it gets really boring after awhile. I sit and drift off into space while the teacher explains to us about subtraction.

Maria is doing the same thing just a few seats in front of me. She's trying not to look too obvious, but I can tell.

Finally, the bell rings, signaling the start of recess. Recess. How long it's been since I've heard that word!

I grab Maria's wrist in the hallway and pull her away from everyone else and to the janitor's closet. The elementary school doesn't have an eraser room, so I'll have to make do.

"Michael, what are you doing?" she asks. "We're six."

"We may look like we're six," I say, "but we're not." A mischevious grin crosses my face.
posted on 20-Dec-2002 7:32:40 PM by qt4167013

I roll my eyes and follow Michael eagerly.

As we reach the janitor's closet I hurridly throw open the door.

"Oh MY GOD!" I scream for inside is Max and Liz!
posted on 20-Dec-2002 8:26:53 PM by Elizabeth Evans

I'm sneaking to the elementary school equivalent of the eraser room to meet Alex, when I see Maria and Michael already waiting to go into the room. They open the door, and we all gasp in shock to discover that Max and Liz are already in there.

EW! I *so* did not need to see my brother and one of my best friends making out like that....especially not while we're little kids! God, could this day get any stranger?
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I blush,and pull down my shirt."We better act like how we mean, you know. repeat the pass, how we first meant" I said, to them all." I better o, later" I said and walk off
posted on 20-Dec-2002 10:38:14 PM by Elizabeth Evans

"Liz, wait!" I call, stopping her. 'We really all need to talk. Let's go find Tess and Kyle and figure out what's going on and how to get back where we belong."
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OCC:qt4167013 you are our max, so I need you to post max and maria maria together, not apart plz


I nods, We better go find Alex even Tess Even if I do hate her from stealing max away from me."Ok" I said to her and I follow her.

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OOC: Tess stole Max? If she's been around since they were kids, was she still raised by Nasedo and taught all that Destiny junk, or did she go for the right person for her all along...Kyle? *happy*


Just then, Alex walks up to us. He stands beside me and takes my hand, and we give each other a reassuring smile. Alex is my strength and foundation, and I don't know what I'd do without him here. No matter what happens, as long as we're together, I know it'll be ok.

OOC: I hope that was ok to borrow Alex like that *happy* Let me know if it's not and I can change it.
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"I don't know what's going on." I say. "Any ideas?"

We sat in the classroom in silence. No one could say anything. Max and Liz were still embarrassed from being caught in the eraser room, and everyone else was just kinda freaking out inside.

Suddenly, though, something is happening. I feel like the walls of the room are beginning to shake and tremble, and I hold onto my desk for support. THe others seem to notice it, too.

"Michael!" I hear someone scream. I assume it's Maria.

But before I can answer her, I'm spinning through that tunnel again, faster than I remember, and I've lost all of my friends.

Soon, I'm on solid ground again, and I wonder if I'm back to the present, looking at pictures, or maybe just waking up from a long nap.

But I'm not.

I'm at the pod chamber, and, I can tell, just by how tall I am, that I'm a little older, but not completely back to normal.
posted on 21-Dec-2002 3:04:31 PM by qt4167013
Wait I am confused. Dreamer_dreaming said that I was Max, but I know I am not... can someone explain???
posted on 21-Dec-2002 3:06:43 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
I so sry, meant kyle and maria! arent you?
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OCC: ok I got it now Alex~TabascoChick
Tess~TabascoChick max is rosan or something like that

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Yeah, But I don't know where we are, but let me guess....


I can see every one is very embarassed and I start to feel dizzy.

"MICHAEL!" I scream loudly, but he doesn't hear me.

'oh no not again!' I say.

I land somewhere and I can't seem to figure it out. I notice I am a little older but otherwise I don't know.

"What the hell is happening!?????????!!!" I scream.


After being driven to school I had found Tess and we had looked for everyone else and had no luck.

"wait!" I had said.

"they might be six but most likely they are in the janitors closet."

I see Tess roll her eyes and we start going until I stop abruptly.

"Tess... whats happening? Tess?" I say and once again find my self floating.

"Could my life be getting any worse?"

that better?
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That was good!!
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OCC: I need someone to temp for max alex, and tess?
posted on 21-Dec-2002 6:28:44 PM by Cominatcha
I can temp for Alex. While I'm on, I'll just go ahead and post his part.

WARNING: I've never played Alex before, so this will probably suck.


I'm getting that feeling again, the same one that I got before I fell through that weird tunnel thing and ended up here.

I reach for Isabel's hand with my eyes closed, but I feel nothing. Opening my eyes, I realize why. I'm back in that tunnel, now, and Isabel is no where in sight.

For a split-second, I think I'm going to be sick, but, soon, I'm on solid ground again, and my stomach starts to settle.

Only I'm not where I thought I'd be. I'm at a baseball game, and I'm with my dad.

"Okay, Alex, he's running to first now, you see?" my dad says to me, pointing to a guy running as fast as he can to first.

Duh, I think, I can see that. What does he think I am? Ten?

I look down at my tiny hands and realize that maybe I am.

sorry if that sucked!!
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OCC: That was great!
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"Isabel" I yell out to her and was back in the funnel, but this time was drop off when I was 12 and my grandma came to visted me" Grandma" I start crying " Liz honey why are you crying" she say to me " cuz I miss you so much" I run into her arms and I didnt let go.
posted on 22-Dec-2002 9:17:41 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Alex is holding my hand, and I hear Liz calling my name, but that same feeling I had just before going back in time overtakes me. This time I can't manage to respond as I feel Alex torn from me....

And I'm spiraling through that tunnel again. What's happening? I try to shout, but no sound escapes my lips. Then, it all stops, and I'm standing in the pod chamber with Michael. I look around for Max and Tess. Where are the others? I look down at my hands and appear to be a bit older than before, maybe 10 or 12. "God, this is too weird," I comment to Michael.

Now we're going to have to find the others again. But what if when we do and finally get to the point where we can talk about what's going on, we just end up travelling through time again? What if we can't find a way out of this because we leap ahead in time before we get the chance to even try working this through together? It sort of reminded me of an episode of Star Trek: Voyager I saw once (of course, you tell anyone and I'll deny it!) where Kes was living her life backwards, leaping back in time, and before she could explain to her friends what they needed to know to help her get back to her normal time, she would leap backward again. What if that's how it is for us? God, what if somehow we just keep leaping forward in time through the rest of our lives, only able to live a few moments on fast forward before we....

God, the thought is too horrible to contemplate! Panicked, I tell Michael, "We've got to get to the others, now. We need to figure out how to stop this before we leap again. If this doesn't stop when we get back to our own time...I don't want to even think about it! We just...we have to figure out how to stop this and get back to our own time!
posted on 22-Dec-2002 9:34:24 PM by qt4167013

I finally recognize my surroundings. I am at my home once again.

'Great' I say.

"Honey?" I hear a voice go out.

"Mom?" I say.

"I am so sorry." She sobs next to me.

"what?" I say confused.

"I am so sorry. I couldn't stop him..." She trails off.

"Who mom?" I ask. Than it hits me. I am ten. The exact age I was when my father left.

"" I say paleling.

"Ria, I promise you... I am so sorry." my mom is sobbing but all I can do is try to comfort her because I realize that I can't go through with this again. This was the year that I wanted to erase. This was the year that my mom broke down. This was the year I was kept in foster care for two months because my mom couldn't deal.

No one knew about this, not even liz. I had to keep it secret and the foster care was a big secret.

"Ria I cant..."

"No mom! Please!" I scream. I know what she is doing, but I cant let her. I cant let her send me there.


"ria." She says sobbing.

Than I burst into tears. No,no not again
I know that might be a little heavy but I figure this can bring michael and Maria closer.. tell me if the idea sucks. But I think its cool, no biggie!


Shit. S.H.I.T. Thats right deep shit. thats what I am in.

"KYLE!" I hear my dad scream.

I remember this moment. This was when, I was ten years old, and I remember hating it.

"oh no." I groan.

"Oh yes." he says loudly.

"Dad...I didnt mean to."

"Right Kyle, thats what you always say. well now its not good enough. Your ten years old Kyle, not six!" He yelled.

"I am closer to six than you think." I mumble under my breath.

"Listen dad, I didn't mean it." I say trying to remember this conversation that I already had seven years ago.

"Kyle, If I told you once, I told you a thousand times to NEVER play with my guns! Sure all you killed was a squirrel but what if someone got in the way!" He said loudly.

"yes dad."

"your grounded for the next six weeks!" he says.

"Yes dad."
posted on 23-Dec-2002 3:19:47 PM by Cominatcha
That was really good, and that idea doesn't suck!! It's a great plot twist for M+M!!


I'm tired and I'm dirty. I want to go back to my apartment and take a long shower and maybe invite Maria over later for a little . . . hmm, I don't know . . . playtime, shall we call it?

But I can't do that, because I'm only ten or something. I don't own an apartment.

I wonder if I'm the only one here. Hopefully not. Hopefully everyone will be here with me again. I hate being alone.

My feet take me to the only place on my mind. Maria's house. I get a slight feeling of deja vu as I open her window and step in her room.

Yeah, she's here, too. She's around the same age as me, but there's something wrong.

She's crying . . .
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Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't been around for the past few days- my grandmother died unexpectedly and it was quite a shock. Needless to say, I haven't been able to get on for awhile. I haven't had a chance to catch up on any of my fics or the RPGs I'm in yet, but I'm going to try to be on tonight to do that.

I'm just posting this to let everyone know why I disappeared. I'm going to get on tonight (after I get off work) and catch up with everything, so I hope to see you all then.

I'll be posting this in all my fics and the RPGs I'm in. See you all later.

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that good to know we still have a max*happy*
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I hear the window open but I don't look up. I just continue crying.

"Maria..shh." It's Michael trying to comfort me.

"Michael...I can't" I sob.

"Can't what?" He is confused, can't blame him.

"Michael...there is somthing I never told you. A couple of years ago, when I was ten and my dad ran mom..couldn't take it and I was put" I couldn't say it.

"in what?" He asked.

"In foster care." I say and collapse in his arms.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 5:32:54 PM by Cominatcha

Oh, God. I don't know how to react to this.

"Maria," I place my hand on her shoulder, hoping that it comforts her. I hate to see my beautiful Maria---even at this age---crying.

She cries something about not wanting to go again, not wanting to go back. I look around her room, worried that her mom might come in and see her.

"I won't let you go there." I promise her. She looks up into my eyes, her own shimmering with tears. She smiles for the first time since I've been there. "You won't?" she asks.

"I won't." I tell her. "I know what it's like."

She wraps her arms around my neck and tells me she loves me.

"I love you, too." I tell her. Even in this form, I love her. There are certain kinds of love that are undeniable in any shape and form. Ours is one of them.

"We should get out of here." I suggest. "We don't need your mom coming in here and seeing us."

She nods in agreement, and we bolt out the window together as fast as we can . . .
posted on 23-Dec-2002 5:55:37 PM by qt4167013

Its times like this that I realize how much I love Michael.

We leave out the window and start running.

"Michael were are we going?" I asked confused.

"Pod chamber." Michael growels.

"Alrighty." I mumble and follow him.
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Okay, I'm still gonna temp for Alex right now.


After I finally convince my father to leave that stupid baseball game half-way through, we drive home. I try to act normal, but I find it hard. When I did try to speak to him, I spoke using words that I shouldn't have even known the meaning of yet.

"That was some game, Alex, wasn't it?" my dad asked. "Well, what we saw of it."

"Sure." I agreed. I still wasn't used to my voice being this high-pitched and squeaky.

"You feelin' okay?" my dad asked, taking a quick galnce at me. "You don't act like yourself."

I came up with a quick lie to explain my behavior. "Well, my stomach kinda hurts from all of that food, and I was getting a little hot, too."

"Were you gonna faint?" his father asked, placing his hand on Alex's forehead to see how warm he was.

Alex swatted his hand away. "Dad!" he yelled. "Keep your hands on the wheel at all times! Didn't you know that the fatality rate is higher in New Mexico now more than ever?"

"Um . . . no. I guess not."

We drive home the rest of the way in silence, and, when we do reach home, I get out of the car and immediately ask if I can go hang out with Liz and Maria. Inside, I'm thinking, CAN I PLEASE GO FIND LIZ AND MARIA TO SEE IF THE SAME FREAKY THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING TO ME ARE HAPPENING TO THEM AGAIN, TOO, AND THEN CAN I GO FIND ISABEL . . . OH, MY BEAUTIFUL ISABEL.

"You're not going anywhere." My dad tells me sternly. "Not with an upset stomach."

I reluctantly follow him into the house.

Oh, shit, I think. This can't be a good thing. . .
posted on 23-Dec-2002 9:08:40 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

"Grandma how long are you staying this time" I ask her,
and she look at me and said" I'm not Elizabeth honey
Dear, I came to say good bye"I look at her confused
"Good bye, but you just got here, You cant leave" I told her "Honey sometime ppl have to go for no reason" She hug me tight and left" Grandma" I try running after her, but my dad pull me back" Let me go I want my grandma!!!!!!!" I was crying really hard, I ran up to my room and look out my window"Grandma!" I breakdown and cry. No-one knew about this,that my drandma and dad had a fight and told her I couldnt see her anymore.I never told anyone, not even Maria.

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OOC: OK, I'm confused about what I should do with Isabel because she and Michael were in the pod cave and then suddenly Michael's at Maria's and now he's coming back to the pod cave with her...OK, I'll figure this out. Let me know if this is ok:

Michael doesn't acknowledge my presence. It's like he can't hear me or something. And then he's gone...hopefully to Maria's, but I'm not sure. Alex...! I have to find him. Maybe he's at home. I set out at a run, and soon I find myself there at Alex's. He and his dad just got home, it looks like from a game. Alex asks to go hang out with Liz and Maria, but Mr. Whitman says that he can't, not with an upset stomach.

I rest while I listen to this conversation and catch my breath for a moment, taking a second to use my powers to make myself look presentable and dry after the long run. I walk up to them and give them my best smile that always melts the heart of whomever I want to charm. This time, I give that smile to Mr. Whitman. "Hello, Mr. Whitman. Hello, Alex. Alex, I heard you're not feeling too well. Mr. Whitman, would it be all right if I kept Alex company for a little while, to take care of him and help him feel better? Please?"
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sorry- I know I said I'd post tonight, but I'm too braindead to post right now, but I'll definitely be back tomorrow to. Sorry for the delay. And thanks for all of the support- you guys are awesome!
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Sorry about having Michael just run off like that Elizabeth_Evans!! You're part was great!!


I'm surprised, but my dad actually lets her stay with me. Even at this age--10 or 12 or whatever--Isabel can still charm people. It's one of those talents of hers.

"Isabel, what's going on?" I ask when my dad is out of earshot.

She shrugs. "I don't know, Alex, but we should probably find Max and the others."

I nod in agreement, and we sneak away to find everyone else . . .

sooooo sorry so short, and, I'm also sorry that I kinda just borrowed isabel there!!!
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Someone post something!! Oh, but it is Christmas Eve. You guys probably all have lives, unlike me lol
posted on 24-Dec-2002 12:02:50 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
no, I cant waiting for tonight so our max can post, or someone find the other, same on you 2 thread I am in*big*
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sorry guys....


Ok, I am officially grounded. I groan and plop myself in bed to stare at the ceiling.

Just than I hear voices out my window and I look out. Maria and Michael are running.

I quickly and quietly grab my shoes and sneak out the window.

I grab Maria from behind.

She screams and Michael grabs me. He shoves me until Maria screeches.

"Micahel put kyle down!" She says and runs over to me sobbing.

"Pod chamber. NOW!" Michael growls and I follow him. I look behind me one more time and notice that the street is quiet. I turn back around and run back after Michael.


After we pick up Kyle we keep a steady pace out into the desert. I keep quiet and try not to think about what will happen when I come in.

We approach the chamber and notice people already there. I breath a sigh of relief. Finally.
posted on 25-Dec-2002 12:09:59 AM by Elizabeth Evans

Alex and I sneak out to try to find the others. "Maybe I can try dreamwalking them to see where we should meet." I try, and find that I can connect with Max.

"Alex, they're going to the pod chamber. Are you feeling up to going there?"
posted on 26-Dec-2002 12:13:02 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was still crying in my room, why did she have to go? why did daddy and Grandma have to have one of those fight?

Daddy came in and check on me, and I didnt even say a word to him, when ever he try to hug me I back away.

Yes it hurted to much, Grandma was my special Friend that understand me...........and now she gone.

I cry in the corner of my room of sever hours, I didnt know where the other are but..........I wasnt in the mood to see them like this.

OOC: Ill be tess for awhile
posted on 26-Dec-2002 12:20:43 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was walking in the dark streets, no-body was around. It was really quiet.

And that scary at night.

I see maria and michael running.

I also saw Kyle scary them and michael was gonna beat him up.

I smile of thought of it, how Michael pretect maria at this age.

Max will Always have eyes for Liz, and I happy with that, cuz Kyle and I gottin more to just friends

I think.........

I am falling for him..........

and he falling for me..........

OCC: I never been Tess b4, Can someone temp for max intil our real max is back, I will be very grateful
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those were good Dreamer!!


Eventually, everyone met up at the pod chamber. Everyone except for Liz, that is. I don't know what's goin on with her, but I think that Max should go find
her . . .

Oh, sorry so short!! I'll post again lata!!
posted on 26-Dec-2002 2:49:24 PM by qt4167013

We have all arrived and I look around despeartly..

"Max! where is Liz???" I ask shreeking.

Michael pulls me close and I breathe in his scent.

Max pales and starts to run.

But Kyle yells for him to stop.

'Here Max, take my bike." he says and Max nods at him and hops on his bike.

'I didn't know you had brought your bike." I say looking at Kyle.

He grins.

"Well you were a little busy..." He trails off looking at Michael.

"Shut up." I snap at him. And than I realize something.

"Oh god." I say, paling.

"What?" Isabel says yelling.

"I think I know why Liz isn't here." I say trailing off.

I notice Alex and kyle tense up.

'this is the time of the big fight isn't it..." Kyle says deathly pale.

"What?" Michael growls.

I sigh. "there is a lot you don't know about all of us Michael. Not only about my foster care...but this was the time when Grandma Claudia and Liz's father got in a huge fight. Liz was taken away as well..." I say bursting into tears.

Michael just holds me tight. I cling on to him wondering what I would do with out him/
dreamer mentiond a fight so I thought it would be cool if the aliens descovered a whole different side of the humans...tell me if you don't like it..
posted on 26-Dec-2002 3:41:29 PM by Cominatcha
qt, that was great!!


My Maria. My BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFICENT, PERFECT Maria has had such a hard life, and I never even knew about it. And Liz, too. Liz and I haven't really taken the time to get to know each other, but Max cares about her, so I do, too.

Sometimes, the past can be a good thing. It can hold beautiful memories of love and friendships and fun, but it can be a horrible painful thing, too. It can hold memories of pain and sorrow and denial.

I never thought a look into the past would be this painful to observe . . .
posted on 26-Dec-2002 4:31:29 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

"Liz honey" my dad came in. "Liz I'm sry but me and your mom, cant take care of you for a well" he said

"Nooooo,please dont' I cry out loud.. the froster ppl were already here.

"Daddy, noo"I pull away from froster care, but they were pulling me out of my room into the car.

"DADDY!!!!!!!! PLEASE I WANNA BE WITH YOU!!!!!!DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was force to goin the car, and froster lady bult up my seat belt.

I put my hands and face on the window" Daddy!!!!!!!!!!" I was crying so hard.

OOC: was that good?

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oooo...this story is turning out soo welll...that was really good!
posted on 26-Dec-2002 6:34:48 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

After I heared about Liz.......I saw her in a different person that I didnt get a chance to know.

When Max went after Liz I felt sad, that it wasnt her fault her dad and grandma had a fight

I went over to kyle and slip my hand in his............

He look at me for a moment then smile.

I smile back, And kyle hold my hand tightly.......

I think hes the one for me...........

OCC: Trust me when I say this , I NEVER PLAY TESS BEFORE! can someplz temp for max? I want some dreamer sence!

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Oh my Buddah. Oh my freaking Buddah. I AM HOLDING HER HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes me, small town human am holding an ALIEN QUEEN'S HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't you see I am excited.

Not just excited, elated because by the shy smile she gives me and by the way she grips my hand like a life line I can see she has finally realized that I can give her what Max couldnt. Well, not while I was get it.

I Pull her hand and she falls into my arms. Perfect fit.

I hear her sigh contently and I kiss her forhead tenderly.

I think I am in love....
question...why is Tess there? Shouldn't she be with nasado?
posted on 26-Dec-2002 9:53:24 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
no, not in this roleplay she isnt
posted on 26-Dec-2002 9:56:29 PM by qt4167013
ok got it. Thanks. But hey I DID update like you told me to
posted on 26-Dec-2002 11:52:09 PM by Elizabeth Evans

"Oh, my God, Maria...." I breathe as Maria explains what happened, or, rather, what *will* happen to Liz as a result of this fight between Mr. Parker and Grandma Claudia. A cold panic overtakes my body, and I clutch Alex's hand even more tightly. "We have to keep Liz from being taken away! What if...?" I can't even finish my sentence, as the possibilities are too horrendous. Like what if she's stuck here because she's not with us when we travel forward in time again? Or what if something else goes wrong?

"God...we've got to get there and bring her back here with us! Maria, how much time do we have?"
posted on 27-Dec-2002 12:17:27 AM by qt4167013

Isabel asks how long it will. I frown.

"A day." I say spitting out the words.

"and two days for me." I say softly but not softly enough because Isabel heard me.

"I guess we just have to wait till Max brings her back." Kyle says tiredly as we stare out into the distance.
posted on 27-Dec-2002 12:47:33 AM by Elizabeth Evans

The sinking feeling of dread worsens as Maria whispers that she's got two days before she leaves. She looks so distraught, I'm not sure if I should ask her about it. I look to Alex, but can't read his expression for any signs of whether this is familiar news to him.

"Maria...if you want to talk about it, I'm here. If you don't, I won't push it. But we have to figure out some way to keep you and Liz here. I look around the room. "Guys, what are we going to do?" We are in desperate need of a plan! "There has to be some way to convince the parents to let you two stay..."
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this roleplay is really good!! just so everyone knows, the song is unforgivable by plumb.


I'm too dumbfounded to say a word. I want to comfort Maria, but I can't do that. Just look at me! I'm in a ten year old body, and I'm reliving the past! How am I supposed to comfort her, or anyone else for that matter, when, inside, I'm freaking out as well?

Max isn't here, so they all look to me. Over the years, I have grown more responsible, and they all know that, but they're all looking at me now, wanting answers, and I don't have any.

"Michael, what do we do?" Maria asks me softly. She looks so afraid.

I sit in silence and keep my eyes off of her. I can't take seeing her when she is afraid.

I feel helpless, and, even though I don't want to admit it, I feel afraid, too . . .


I don't even know if that song fits in with that scene, I just felt like using it

posted on 27-Dec-2002 3:38:49 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

"Kyle........what are we gonna do?" I question him.

We need Liz now, I know I am not her friend, cuz I kinds stole Max from her.....but I am way past that" I told him.

"I want make things right this time" I said

I really did wanna make thing right with Liz.
posted on 27-Dec-2002 4:16:39 PM by qt4167013

I frown at Tess. I have no clue and I tell her.

"I don't know Tess, I really don't know."
posted on 27-Dec-2002 5:02:42 PM by Cominatcha

I know everyone kinda just thinks of me as the computer geek, but I have an idea. It's simple enough, I guess, I just can't work up enough courage to ask it.

"Um, everyone, I think I've . . . uh. . . . I've got . . . .well, at least I think I have somewhat of an idea. Sort of . . . anyone listening?"

No one was. No one excpet for Isabel, that is.

"Tell me your idea, Alex." she says, playing with the coller of my shirt. Even at 10, Isabel is a seductive person.

"I, um . . . well, why don't we just wait it out and see what happens. Maybe we'll leap forward in time again."

Isabel smiles. "Brilliant." She leans in and kisses me, and her lips feel so inexperienced against mine. I wonder if it's because she isn't used to kissing me with these lips or if she's just nervous.

I stop kissing abruptly to see everyone looking at us.

"You guys are 10." Michael reminds me. "That's so disgusting. . . ."

sorry so short and sloppy.

posted on 27-Dec-2002 7:42:13 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
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I have ask tabasco sauce to be our max, and she will for now on!

posted on 27-Dec-2002 10:01:33 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Alex has an idea. Thank God! Nervously, I find myself playing with the collar of his shirt as I ask him to tell me his idea. He seems to find what I'm doing seductive, and seeing him calm and happy reassures me. He explains his idea, to simply let things be and we'll all be together again when we fast-forward. OK, simple and hopefully effective.

As much as I'd been so scared that something would go wrong if we were split up, the original timeline brought us all back together again, so why wouldn't it in the future so that we could stop this time travel? Alex's smile and confidence gave me hope, a hope that was contagious. "Brilliant!" I cry, and then I give him a kiss. The kiss is very nice, even if it feels like my lips don't quite know what exactly they're doing at such a young age. I ignore the comments about how disgusting the kiss is and turn to the group. "What do you guys think? Are we all ready to sit back and let things be for now, until we fast-forward and are all together again? Then we can figure out a way out of this..."
posted on 30-Dec-2002 10:29:29 PM by tabasco sauce
Hey Girls! For the next week or so, I am going to be acting as your temp for Max. I would stay on longer, but on top of homework, extra curriculars, and commuting, I have the lead in the school musical and 2 rpgs I have signed on to. I wish I could post for longer. What you guys have is incredible, and really fun to read. You have a wonderful story brewing! Keep up the good work. I hope to talk to more of you soon.


Max Part

Standing in the pod chamber, I stand silently, waiting for Liz to arrive. Everyone else is here, so I can't help but worry. Liz has never been late to any of our meetings. What if she's in trouble? So much can happen to a 10 year-old-girl, even when she has the mind of someone so much older. She's small, and innocent, and definately an easy target for an assailant.

She should be here by now. She should. Granted, it might be a little more difficult to get away from your parents when you're ten, but this is ridiculous. Where can she be? I begin to pace, hoping to ease my restlessness and frustration. It's not working.

I hear Maria say something about Jeff Parker and Grandma Claudia getting into a fight. She says something about Liz being put into foster care...WAIT!!! Foster care? Did she just say FOSTER CARE. I know that there are things about Liz's childhood I wasn't aware of, but this is beyond awful. I can't let her be seperated from the group. What if we're pulled into the timewarp without her? I can't let her be stuck in her 10-year-old self forever.

I begin to run out of the pod chamber when Kyle calls me. He tosses me the keys to his bike. Keys. Good. Gets me to Liz faster. After today, I am not going to drive any sort of vehicle until I'm in my own body again. A 10-year-old on a motor cycle is definately an odd site. There is no need to draw uneeded attention to our group of eight. But now, all I have to say is 'Damn our safety, I need to find Liz!'

Speeding down the pavement, I guide the bike toward town. If I'm lucky, Liz will still be at home. But if she's not, who knows what I'll do...

End Max

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When the lady belt up my seat beat, I unbelt it.

"leave me alone, you dumb bitch." I ran out of the car,and the froster care was running after me.

Why did Daddy do this to me,now at this part of mylife.

I felt so alone.

Tear were screaming dow my face.

Where is max? and the others.

I can see max face right now, he would of hold me and say everything will be ok.

I always felt safe in his arms.

but.........I dont know where he is, or the others.

OOC:I know sucks!

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no, it doesn't!!


Time passes, as time tends to do, and I sit. I wait for Max to come back, but he doesn't. I glance at my Spiderman watch now and then---my watch is Spiderman, because, when I was around 10 years old and my alien powers were really starting to kick in and my life was really starting to become topsy-turvy, I used to imagine that Spiderman would come and rescue me from this horrible life, and that he might lead me to a life where I can live as a normal human boy---but the time never seems to pass. I remind myself that a watched post never boils and figure that a watched watch never ticks.

Maria is crying, partly because of Liz, and partly because of her own life. She knows that Liz wasn't the only one put in foster care at this age, at this horrible moment in time. Maria was put in foster care, too. MY Maria. My beautiful, perfect Maria.

I wonder what will happen next . . .

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yes we havent yes wait for few more post and then we can go as 15 michael. ok?*wink*
posted on 31-Dec-2002 5:30:47 PM by tabasco sauce
~*Max Part*~

I continue to race down the pavement, making Kyle's bike reach maximum speed. I'm not afraid of falling off. I know that if I do, I can heal my wounds in seconds, and be back on my feet. Even my 10-year-old self had good control of his powers. Thank God for that.

As I approach the outskirts of town, I begin to let the bike slow down. As much as I want to find Liz as quickly as I can, I don't need to draw any uneeded attention to myself. A 10-year-old on a bike my cause some eyebrows to raise. At this point, the Sheriff isn't on our side, so if he catches me, I'll be shipped off to my parent's house. That won't get me to Liz any quicker.

I stop the bike, and hide it in a cluster of bushes. As soon as I see it's safe and well hidden, I take off. My legs begin to move faster than they ever have, but its still not fast enough. I turn a corner, hoping to capture a glimpse of Liz's dark head. I don't see it. Why can't I find her? I promised to protect her forever. I can't break that promise, I just can't.

I pick up my pace, surprising myself. I should really go out for track when I'm back in my own body.

When I reach my maximum speed, I feel myself being pulled into the tunnel. 'Damn! Not now! I can't go on without Liz! Nooooo!'

When I'm back on solid ground, I look down at my hands. It looks like I'm 15. I'm five years away from my Liz. I can't believe I couldn't find her. I hope that she made it through the tunnel like the rest of us, but one can only hope.

Feeling dejected, I begin to jog back in the direction I came from. Maybe Liz will be at the pod chamber when I get there. Maybe I'm worrying over nothing. But I still can't help but wonder. If she's not here, what will I do? What will we do?


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I ran, and ran and ran....intil I pullin into the tunnel, I am so happy.

I dont need to be 10 again anymore.

I was drop off at the crashdown in the changing room, I am 15 again.

I came out and saw max.

Where was he when I need him.

I just wanted to cry in his arms, but I have to be strong, no matter what.

I look at him for a long strong share.

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wait, I'm confused. I thought max went back in the tunnel thing. someone wanna set me straight before I attempt to post anything?
posted on 31-Dec-2002 6:05:09 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
this is the 15 old tunnel, you must me reading it wrong, max is drop off, then liz! got it?
posted on 31-Dec-2002 6:20:32 PM by tabasco sauce
we decided to move on, and have the gang be 15. I hope everthing has been cleared up!


posted on 1-Jan-2003 2:48:08 AM by qt4167013

I am crying. thats it. Just crying my heart out. And suddenly it stops. The crying that is and I am sucked through the tunnel once again.

I look at my surroundings. My hair is cut short and I am in a waitress uniform.

"I AM 15!" I say happily as I look around the crashdown.

I see Liz and I am happy she changed with us. Then I feel a cold shiver up my spine.

Michael. Where is he? Has something happend?


I watch what is going around me and hold my breath as I feel a sense of forboading around me.

I close my eyes and once agian feel as if my lungs are on fire.

I land with a thump and look up to see a figure looming over me. ITs my old football coach.

"Valenti, get your butt off the ground." He barks out.

I groan.

Yup, I am fifteen again. Yipee...
posted on 1-Jan-2003 1:05:06 PM by Cominatcha
Okay, I got it now.


It all happened so fast that I didn't have any time to react. I wanted to grab onto Maria to see if she might travel through the tunnel with me, but she slipped through my hands, and I went whirling through the tunnel alone.

And, now, I'm here, in this place that I really don't want to be.

I see him again. Hank.

Great. I must be 15. I can tell, because Hank tried growing a beard while I was 15, but it didn't work.

Of all the years of my short life, this is the one that I really didn't want to repeat. This is the year when Hank started getting really violent.

This is the year that I just wanted to die . . .
posted on 1-Jan-2003 8:07:33 PM by tabasco sauce
~*Max Part*~

I run in the direction of the desert, pacing myself as I make my way toward the pod chamber. I can't believe I made it through this stretch of road so quickly only 5 years ago....or was it 5 minutes? When I was searching for Liz, I felt this invisable force take over my body. But that invisable force didn't bring me to Liz, so it might as well have been nonexistant.

As I turn a dark corner, I see Liz in the distance. It can't be...can it? I pick up the pace, and run toward her with a new burst of energy. "Liz! Oh god, Liz! I was so afraid I lost you." She runs into my arms, and lets out a quiet laugh. "Oh Max. You can;t get rid of me that easily. Where you go, I go." I smile down at her, and kiss her temple. She's here. She's really here, safe in my arms. I don't know what I would have done without her.

" old do you think we are now...15 or so?" I look down at her and nod. We're 15. Now it won't look so strange if we decide to take a trip to the eraser room. I can't help but grin at the thought. But wait! 15...isn't that when Michael....Oh no.

"Liz. We have to go to the pod chamber...NOW." She looks up at me, clearly confused. "Max, what's gotten into you?" I look down at her, grief stricken and afraid. "When we were 15, Hank was beginning to abuse Michael. He wouldn't have told me, but he needed me to heal his bruises. Shit Liz. What if he's in trouble?"

She nods in understanding, and tugs my hand. As if we were one person, we begin to run toward the pod chamber....toward our friends, and toward Michael.

~*End Max*~

~*End Max Part*~

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where are you guys?*sad*
posted on 2-Jan-2003 8:51:20 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was holding kyle hand when, I was being pully.

I try holding on to kyle hand"Kyle........" I cry out loud.

I went into the tunnel again, I was drop of in the cave.

I'm I 15.........

I look around and see my pod.

Yup I am 15 alright.

posted on 2-Jan-2003 11:08:48 PM by Cominatcha
Hey!! I'm still here!! I've had a busy day, that's all. . .


I wish my friends were here with me. They're more than friends, they're family. If they were here, they would help me. They would stop Hank from hitting me, I know they would.

But, the fact of the matter is, my friends are not here, and I am alone with this horrible monster, and he IS hitting me. I can feel his fist come into contact with the side of my face, and I yell out in pain.

It's no good, though. I don't even think anyone can hear me . . .

sorry so short!!
posted on 3-Jan-2003 5:11:13 PM by tabasco sauce
~*Max Part*~

Liz and I run hand and hand toward the pod chamber, rushing toward the six people who have become our closest friends. I hope to God that all of us have gotten here in one piece, especially Michael.
When the pod chamber comes into view, I let go of Liz's hand and run as fast as my legs could take me. When I reach the entrance, I enter, after unlocking the door with the wave of my hand.
The second I walk in, Tess lets out a cry.
"Oh Max! Thank God you're safe. Where's....Oh, Liz! I'm so happy you made it. We were all afraid that you'd be lost when you got seperated from the group."
I look over my shoulder, and see Liz panting for air. It was wrong of me to run from her, but I was desperate to get in here. I am the unofficial leader of the group. It's my job to make sure everything's okay.
"Tess, where is Michael?" She looks at me, confused. "Umm...well. He was with us in the tunnel. At least, I think he was. He didn't end up with us here in the pod chamber. That much I know."
I being to pace, clearly frustrated. "Tess. When Michael was 15, his foster father Hank abused him. You wouldn't remember, since you weren't living in Roswell at the time. The point is, he came to me pretty mangled a few times. We got to get to him. Can you use your mind warp?"
She looks at me and nods.
"Good. We need to come up with some sort of a plan to help Michael. Maybe you can mind warp Hank, so he doesn't know we're there."
I turn to Liz, and smile. I know I can count on my little scientist for ideas.
"Liz, any ideas?"
~*End Max*~
posted on 4-Jan-2003 12:59:25 PM by Elizabeth Evans

Everything shifts around me and suddenly I'm fifteen. We're all in the pod chamber....all except for Michael. We all start wondering where he is, and I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm really worried for him. What if he's back with Hank?

"I'll see if I can find out.." I tell the others. Mentally, I reach out to Michael, and I'm hit with this wave of pain! I sink to my knees, crying, as I realize my worst fears are true. Hank's beating Michael up! "Oh, my God, Max...He's with Hank..."

Michael, hang on! I tell him mentally. Alex helps me up and wraps his arms around me, and I hold onto him tightly.
posted on 4-Jan-2003 7:37:04 PM by Cominatcha

I only faintly hear Isabel's cry. I can't make out what she's saying, but I know that she and Max and the others will try to come and get me. I know they will.

I try to tell her to stay away, that Hank is too dangerous for them to be around right now, and that I think I can handle him (though, inside, I'm sure that I can't.) I don't want Isabel or Max to be hurt, and I know that they'll bring Maria along with them, and I can't imagine my beautiful Maria being hurt because of me. I know I've hurt her before, but not intentionally. Now, I'm not going to let them put her in that kind of danger. I'll just have to tough it out like a man, maybe even fight back.

Fight back. Those are two words I never placed next to each other in connection with Hank. I've never had the courage, the strength, the power . . .

Or at least I didn't think I did. I know, now, that I do.

Gathering up all of my strength, I knock Hank to the ground with one hand before he can hit me again. He groans as he hits, and I know that he's in pain.

I smile and rush out the door in the direction of the pod chamber. . .

I'm sorry, I know that it's short and it sucks!!
posted on 4-Jan-2003 8:41:50 PM by qt4167013

I leave the crashdown and head for the trailer park.

God, please let michael be ok....
I know, ill come back later
posted on 4-Jan-2003 9:02:32 PM by tabasco sauce
~*Max Part*~

I continue to pace back and forth through the pod chamber, hoping to devise a plan that will help us get Michael out of Hank's evil clutch.

Maybe Tess can mindwarp him and the rest of us can work on getting him out of harms way.

Maybe Isabel can dream walk him, and in the process, tell him to meet us in the pod chamber sometime in the middle of the night when Hank is asleep.

Maybe I can use my security shield to block off Hank's advances, while the others try to get our friend out of the trailor.

The possibilities are endless, but with every plan, there are at least a hundred problems can can arise while we set out to do them. It's definately a risk, but it's worth it. This is Michael we're talking about. He's my bestfriend. He's my brother. It's almost like he's the brother I never had.

In the back of my mind, I hear Isabel tell me Michael is with Hank. She must have gotten a flash.

Turning to the rest of the group, I let out a heavy sigh.
"We have to do something, guys. We can't just leave him there to get abused....beat up....hurt beyond repair."

I turn to Liz, and reach for her hand. She takes it immediately. "Liz, you have any ideas? You always seem to be a step ahead of the rest of us."

She looks at me, and manages a weak smile. "Max, you're not going to like by answer, but here goes. When you tried to find me when we were 10, you were't sucessful. Even though we weren't all together when we went through the tunnel, the 8 of us all made it. Maybe we should just let Michael come to us. It'll be better if we all stick together. Even if he doesn't make it, we know he'll end up wherever we do."

Everyone silently agrees to her suggestion. What could we possibly do but stay here and wait.

"I guess we have a plan."

~end Max~

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I told Max what we should do. then felt Michael in me. It was like I was there watching happened, like he need my help as bad. but only thing different I was Michael.

Hank keep hiting him, and I felt it."NOOOOOOOO"I cry out. and mark show on my body where michael was getting hit.

"NO...........STOP.....MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!............" Afterawhile Hank stop and I was very sore on the ground.

with burise on my body.

"Why does it hurt so much" I told my self. curl up in a ball.

"did I do something wrong?"I ask my self."Ya I must of did something wrong" I answer my self.
I see max confused and he very scary for me.

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When I reach the pod chamber, I realize that my friends were very worried about me. I see Liz curled up in a ball, hugging her knees to her chest crying, "It hurts, it hurts." Max is kneeling beside her.

"What happened?" I ask.

Maria runs up to me and throws her arms around me, kissing me on the lips quickly and then looking back to her best friend. It's like she doesn't know who to worry about first.

"She won't say anything." Maria tells me. "She's been like this for a few minutes now. All she keeps saying is 'It hurts, it hurts'. Nothing more, nothing less."

I sigh, remembering how it hurt so bad when Hank would hit me, and remembering how it felt so good when I fought back.

Could Liz possibly be hurting in the same way?
posted on 5-Jan-2003 8:21:44 PM by qt4167013
Note: Tomorrow school *shiver* starts for me and I have a lot of work to catch up on as well as studying for finals. On top of that I am in a couple sports with competitions coming up. I am going to be SWAMPED for a while. I will come on and update but not as much as I have been doing. Ill come on in the mornings and maybe nights and I am sorry but ill try to update as much as I can, but if you all can sympethize with me. I am a high school get I am really sorry
posted on 5-Jan-2003 8:55:31 PM by tabasco sauce
Looking down at Liz's form, I can't hope but feel something inside me collapse. No matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, something goes wrong. This isn't normal. It's not right.

Kneeling beside her, begin to stroke her forehead. It's a small gesture, but I know she'll feel it. Maybe that can ease her pain. Maybe that can break this connection she seems to have to Michael at the moment.

Looking up, I see that Michael had finally reached the pod chamber. It feels as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. He's okay. My best friend is okay.

"Oh, shit! What's wrong with her? Is she okay?" I look at at him and sigh. To my relief, Alex answers for me.

"It seems as if Liz has some sort of connection to you. Like, she feels your pain or something. We're not exactly sure. It's not like she's been talking..."

Michael's eyes grow wide. "But that's impossible. Liz can't feel my mind. She's human. She is....isn't she?"

~end Max~
posted on 7-Jan-2003 6:23:43 PM by Cominatcha

I immediately regret asking that question. She's human? I'm reminded all too quickly of that fateful day when Max saved her life.

"Ava," Liz murmurs.

I look at her, confused. "What does Ava have to do with this?" I remember Tess's dupe. She was smart, and actually kinda nice. Fun to be around.

"She said that when Max healed me, he changed me."

Oh, I see.

"So, that means that . . ." Kyle trails off. "Liz Parker and I aren't completely human after all."

What a scary thought . . .
posted on 8-Jan-2003 8:26:48 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I see michael hurt getting hurt, and left mark on his bode.

where hank would hit him, I would get hurt the same time"NOOOOO..........STOP...........HURTING ME" I cried in a ball.

I felt my stomach burning me, so I touch my stomach and saw blood on my hand.

I share at it for awhile.

I was getting weaker.

I was gonna close my eyes, when max force me to stay with him" Liz you are not gonna die on me......not now not ever. You understand me, I need you more then you need me. Now stay with me I love you" He said to me.

"I love you to but sometime ppl have to go for no reason, just........just like my grandma" I said.

Then I close them.

"NOOOOOOOOO" Max yelled.

I know he's right next to me, but seem so far away........
posted on 8-Jan-2003 8:30:49 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was crying seeing Liz like that.

She didnt needed to die.

She need to live to grow old, to have children and see them get married.

"Kyle we need to do something" I told him.

"I know but What can we do" He said to me.

I see Maria crying in Michael chest.

He trying to confort her, but he cant.

Then On my left I see Isabel and Alex the same.

This is not Fair......
posted on 8-Jan-2003 8:54:58 PM by qt4167013

Holy shit, holy shit. I am shaking from the inside out. I stare and watch Liz, but it's funny.

I don't feel anything.

I feel normal. While Liz is experiancing this horrible pain, I feel just fine. I stare intently at Max who looks like he is dying as well, to Michael who still bears the marks for Hank, to Isabel and Tess who are hysterically crying.

I come to a realization.

"Guys. I think I am human. I think that Liz feels this stuff because.... well Maria, remember the time when that kid Samuel got lost somewhere and the whole town was looking for him?"

Maria nodded slowly, her head still buried in Michael's chest.

"Well don't you remember how they found him? Liz had told my dad that he had run away from home and was at the train station in Clovis." I say slowly waiting for her to realize what I was getting at.

Her eyes light up and she looks at me in wonderment.

"Liz has always felt people's emotions." She said softly.

Michael and Max stared at her.

I turned my focus on to Liz. She was barely breathing and everytime her chest rose and fell was a moment of anticipation.

"So are you saying Liz is an alien?" Isabel asked, confused.

I stare at Liz and notice everyone else does. We watch her breath and I gasp.

Green sparks are shooting out of her hand.
that might not be where you guys were going with this, but I didn't want Kyle to be an alien...I can always edit though...sorry

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posted on 8-Jan-2003 9:11:50 PM by tabasco sauce

When I see the green sparks shoot out from Liz's hands, my whole world collapses. My being involved in her life is what caused this...this pain that she's in. If I would have minded my own business that day in the Crashdown, maybe things would be different. But then again, maybe Liz would be dead. That wasn't an option.

I cup her face, hoping to make a connection with her. Maybe I can see where this is all coming from. Maybe I could heal her pain. The moment I close my eyes, a myriad of flashes plague my mind. I pull back, and her eyes begin to flutter open.

She looks up at me, her eyes full of fear. "Max, what just happened?" I look up at the others, and begin to explain.

~end Max~

posted on 12-Jan-2003 3:53:58 PM by Cominatcha

I'm freaking out inside as Max tries to explain what's going on. First of all, I don't want to think that Liz was feeling the same pain I was with Hank. She's so much smaller and more fragile than me. It might really hurt her. I'm used to it. She's not. Second of all, I'm wondering how this is happening and why. First, we're looking at pictures and we're about 20 years old. Then, next thing I know, we're flying through a fuckin' tunnel and we're six, then 10, and now 15!! I learn that Maria and Liz were sent off to live in foster care at 10 and now we're discovering that Liz is . . . something . . .

I run my hands through my hair. I don't want to be here. I want to be back home in my apartment with Maria curled up against my side while we're watching the 6th sense. I don't want this . . . too much pain . . .
posted on 14-Jan-2003 10:40:51 AM by Elizabeth Evans

Seeing Liz curled up on the ground and in pain, I would give anything to be able to heal. But that's Max's power. He helps Liz, while Alex and I stand together. We're all crying, all of us...

The one relief is that Michael made it back safely to the pod chamber. There is no way I'll let him be in that kind of danger from Hank again. I'll *kill* Hank first! I can read the worry and guilt on Michael's face as he realizes that Liz was experiencing his pain.

"It'll be ok," I tell him. Somehow I know that it will be. Maybe she is one of us. Or maybe she naturally had this empathic abillity that was magnified when Max healed her and changed her, like Ava said. Either way, Liz was supposed to have these abilities, and we can teach her to let them be useful to her without overpowering and hurting her.

"Liz, you were meant to have these powers. I can feel it...but we're going to have to teach you to use them and keep them from hurting you. "

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"NO! I dont want these power, I just wanna be normal, do you think you were the one didnt feel normal?" I ask her.

"NO, I was" I said loud.

Then I scream more holding my head.

I see me as the little baby in my pod, but I was born early.

So Grandma Took me into the Parkers Hands.

"NOOOOOOOO" I scream, I was crying.

Why is this happeneding.

Then I remember the phote book, and how I was suppose to see what I was to see.

Max try to hold me, but I back away.

"I will hurt you if you touch me" I said saly and crying.
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I watch Liz having a break down.

"Oh My God, Someone help her" I tell everyone.

I can see the pain in her eyes, it so sad.

"Kyle do something plz?" I tell him

"I dont know what to do" He said to me.

"But she your best friend" I kinda yell at him.

Someone has to do something...............
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good parts!!


It's obvious that someone has to do something, but what is there that we can possibly do? Liz won't let Max touch her, so she probably won't let anyone touch her. I feel like I'm responsible, even though I know I'm not. But Liz felt my pain . . . MY pain. Then she found out she was . . . well, one of us? I know I had no control over it, but I can't help feeling this way. It's some kind of guilt thing, you know that I can't wash out of my body.

I can't decided what I want to happen next. It's not like I have any control over it, but I don't know if I'd rather go forward in time or stay right here at age 15. If we stayed here, I guess we could try to figure the Liz situation out. But if we skip ahead one more year, we may skip ahead to the year Max saved Liz's life and all of our lives were changed forever.

I feel like I'm stuck, like I'm trapped and there's no way for me to free myself. I can't watch Liz crying, because it hurts me too much. I still feel like it's my fault.

I only hope that Max can heal her, whether it be with his powers or his words. He healed her once, right? He should be able to do it again . . .
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OOC: Great parts, everyone! *happy* Tell me if this next part is ok:


A flash of inspiration hits me, and I know just how to help Liz. "The healing stones!" I exclaim, throwing down my backpack and bending down to rummage inside for the stones. "Something must be out of balance with you, Liz, and that's why this is happening."

Finding the stones, I pass them out to the others as we make a circle around Liz. We begin to focus and concentrate on restoring Liz's balance so that she can control these newfound powers the way she was meant to.
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I can't do it. I can't.

"Guys." I say softly.

"I can't do it. She means too much to me. As my best friend. I can't be in the circle."
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I nod to Maria. "Whatever you need to do, Maria. We'll make sure that Liz gets better, so don't worry, sweetie," I tell her reassuringly. I give Maria a hug as she steps out of the circle.
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The other were try to control what in me.

But I feel dizzy, just like when we went into that tunnel.

Uh Oh.....

Not again.

The room start to be shakey.

"You guys" I said , but no sound.

I then get push into the tunnel and was drop off on our Graduated Day.

Wow this is the year before we were in my apartmen!

YAAAAY, that mean I can see Max again.

But wait, will I be the same as I left that day or will I be a Freak?

What ever the furture holds I will finger it out some how.

I see my dad comes in and look so proved.


Dad giving me to those ppl, and trying to yell back, but he didnt listent.

*End of Flashes*

"Hi dad"I said to him.

"He look so beautiful, just like your mother" e said to me.

I smile.

"I guess I should be off" I told him.

"Ya, your mother in I will meet you there ok?"He said to me.

"Ok"I reple.

This is it our last journey..........
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We were about to heal Liz with the stone intil she disappeared.

Now, we will never know how it worked.

"Kyle?"I call his name.

Then I was flotting in air, and push into the tunnel.

Good old tunnel.

I got drop of in Kyle house.

Oh Ya I am living with him.

Time to go to Graduation.

I cant wait this is to be over........
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One minute I was in the pod chamber getting ready to form a circle with my friends. Isbael realized that we could use the healing stones to ease Liz's pain. It made complete sense. I couldn't believe that I hadn't beaten her to the idea.

When Maria decided to step out of the circle, I was devastated. What if a break in the chain would cause the destruction of our plan? was her own decision. We had to do it, with or without her.

Just as we were about to link our hands, we all fall into the tunnel.

When I reach solid ground, I see myself standing in front of my bathroom my graduation gown. Wow...just a year, and I'll be myself again. I smile, but then I feel my world collapse. What if Liz is still in pain?

Hoping to have my question answered, I run out of the room in a burst of air and color.

"Max, honey. Where are you running off to?" I hear my other ask me.

"I got to go. I have to find Liz."

~end Max~
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wow am I behind or what!! sorry, I got a little weird here, but this was just something I had to write!! and I hope you don't mind me borrowing maria, qt, but I kinda needed her for this scene. if it's not okay, just tell me and I'll delete this entire . . . thing

great parts, too!!


When all hope seemed lost and he figured they were gonna have to try working with those fuckin' healing stones again, something happened. He was back in that tunnel whirling through time. In a way, he was glad, because 15 was not a good age for anyone, but, in a way, he was scared, because he was scared we might get sent back to that fateful day at the Crashdown.

But they didn't. They got sent back to a day Michael could never forget, one he would never want to.

He landed with a thud in his apartment. His apartment. That meant he surely had to be at least 16 now.

He stood up and ran my hands through his hair and looked around.

Then, he saw Maria. She was standing in the doorway in her graduation gown.

"Michael," she said, looking down at her gown. "I think this is graduation day."

He chuckled. "Yeah, yeah, it is, for YOU anyway."

She smiled and walks towards him. "Do you remember what happened on graduation day?"

When she was close enough to him, he reached out and cupped her cheek. "Yeah, I remember. You came over here and asked me how you looked. You asked me if you looked like a senior or a graduate."

"And you said senior, you idiot!" she teased, slapping him on his shoulder playfully. "You were supposed to say graduate."

"But you hadn't techinically graduated, yet."

"That's not the point."

He smiled. If there was one day that was worth repeating out of this whole weird and twisted journey, it was this one.

"And then, what happened?" he asked, although he knew.

She smiled. "We started talking about the entire year and all that had happened, and I admitted that I never should have broken up with you about the time Billy came along."

Just hearing the name made Michael clench his fists. "And then . . ."

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. "And then you kissed me." she murmured.

"And you kissed back." he pressed his lips to hers again.

They continued to kiss, reinacting the entire scene that had played out that day, until Michael began to slid his hands around Maria's waist and up her fabric-covered body to glide across one of her breasts.

"Michael, we can't do this here." she told him.

"Why not?" he asked. "It's a look into the past, right?"

She nodded, thoughtfully.

"Well, what a better moment of the past to relive than this."

She smiled and reached down to the buttons on his pants. "Do you want me, Mr. Guerin?" she asked playfully. She dove her hands inside his pants and grabbed him. "Ooh, you do!"

He could have laughed if he hadn't wanted her so badly. He crushed his lips to hers and began to lead her towards the bed.

Within seconds, she was fully undressed. Over the years, he had managed to find quicker and quicker ways to undress her all the time. She took her time removing his clothes, though, as she always liked to make him wait. Waiting was painful. Verypainful.

It was such an odd scenario, but it felt so right. They were 18 again and they were with each other, and that's all that mattered. As Michael lowered himself into her, he locked his eyes with her own, and he saw something that had been missing for awhile now.

He saw happiness.

A look into the past had changed him, and he would never look at Maria DeLuca the same way again . . .

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"TESS!" I run up to her and scream.

"Were back!" I say loudly, hugging her.

"Kyle! Put me down!" She giggles as I swing her around.

"Come on! We have to go graduate." I said happily.

Just than I stop in the door way.

"What about Liz?"
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Question: Whey you say "we're back, do you mean that they're actually back in the present or just a year closer or something, becuz I was under the impression that this originally started out when they were about 20 or 19 or something. Just wanted to know before I say anything more. Oh, and, I'm still subbing for Alex, I guess. Haven't forgot about him or anything. I just wanna get this cleared up before I post. Sorry if I've misunderstood anything.
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When I reach the reception hall, I run through the crowd, shouting out Liz's name. My classmates and their families give me strange looks, but I just ignore them. They couldn't understand I am going through. The love of my life might be in pain. The love of my life might have green sparks flying from her hands.

Just as I am about to leave for her house, I hear her call my name. "Max! Calm down. I'm right here!" I look up and smile. A huge weight has just been lifted from my shoulders, and it feels good, really, really good. Taking her into my arms, I sigh. "Are you okay?" She looks up at me and giggles. "See for yourself, silly!"

I look down at her with serious eyes. "You have to stop doing this to me. Every time we fall through the tunnel, you're always in danger."

"It's not like I can help it."

"Ahh...well...let's get this show on the road!"

~end max~
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I am still here. just waiting for Michael
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I'm still here, too, but I've got a question I need answered. I posted it a little earlier. Maybe you could answer this for me, Dreamer_Dreaming, before I post anything more.
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Cominatcha originally wrote:
Question: Whey you say "we're back, do you mean that they're actually back in the present or just a year closer or something, becuz I was under the impression that this originally started out when they were about 20 or 19 or something. Just wanted to know before I say anything more. Oh, and, I'm still subbing for Alex, I guess. Haven't forgot about him or anything. I just wanna get this cleared up before I post. Sorry if I've misunderstood anything.
well they meant back together, not alone like b4, but there amost back in the presnt
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Okay, I promise I'll post this afternoon. Thanks.
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When Max check if I was okay, I really wasnt I was jsut focusing on him instead of me.

I know what you thinking.........Max will know, but he hasnt yet.

I looking at Max in eyes and smile softly.

I need to hold on much longer......but I do will I die?

NO.........I will go threw graduation, and they go back in the tunnel.

The pain was getting stronger and I was holding on.

"Liz are you ok?" Max ask.

"No I am fine" I told him.

"oh you look alittle flush" He said.

"No just fine" I said, then we walk to our seat, we meet Maria, Alex and Isabel, Kyle and Tess there.

We hug and stuff.

I can tell Kyle and Tess really happy to see me.

So I just smile.

We sat down and Wait our Name to be called on and, all of the sudden I felt like I was gonna.............. POP.

I was holding it and I knew eyes were on me.

Man I cant this anymore.

Then.........I Passed Out.....

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OMG I am so Happy to see Liz.

I thought she was a goner by now.

We Sat down, and I felt like something was gonna happened.

Could someone be hurting?

I look over Liz and she didnt look to welll.

She look like she gonna..........POP.

I notice she look kind of flush.

Then Passed out.

I whisper to Kyle"Kyle....Kyle. Look at Liz" he didnt hear me.

"KYLE" I said loud and everyone look at me.

"What?" He said

"Look at Liz" I told him.

He looked.........
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I AM SO SORRY!!!!! I am so incredibly sorry that I have been gone for so long- everything has gone wrong over the holidays- first my grandmother died and then right after that my computer broke (the monitor fell and cracked open) and it is now finally back in working order (thank God!). I have been so computer deprived these past couple of weeks (because I had no way of getting on), it is not even believeable! As a result of all of the commotion, I have fallen SO behind in all of my stories and the RPGs I'm in, not to mention all of my emails and bmails and stuff for other sites, so it is going to take me a while to catch up.

I am posting this in all of the RPGs I'm in (that I HOPE I'm still in) just to let everyone know what happened to me. Once again- I am SO sorry- please forgive my long absence. Thank you all for being so patient with me.

Let me just tell you how glad I am to be back up at school, and that the break is finally over!

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PPL Post!
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Tess keeps hounding me to look at Liz and when I finally do, I barley contain my gasp.

"Lizzie....your not looking to good." I say softly.

She really doesn't. She has bags under her eyes and her skin was pale.

"I....I....don't..." She started fading off and her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Oh my gosh! Max!" Tess screams.

I stare at Liz's unconcious body in my hands.

Buddah...God...anyone. Please save her, shes all thats holding us together.
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Sorry, I can't post right now, but I'll post by tomorrow at least. Nice parts!!
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This can't possibly be good. Liz is lying on the floor unconsious. Everyone is staring at her. Her father and mother are on their way up here now to worry over her.

I'm not graduating. That's something that'd be practically impossible for me to do at this stage in my life. I sit in the back and watch as Maria rushes over to Liz's side, crying her name.

"Liz! Liz!"

I turn away. I can't watch. How could all of this be happening . . .
posted on 25-Jan-2003 5:22:33 PM by tabasco sauce

"Oh my gosh! Max!" I hear Tess call from behind me. I turn around, to see all my friends crowding around in a circle. I run toward them, scared and unsure. When I finally reach them, I come to a dead halt.

Liz. Oh god, Liz. She's just laying there, limp and lifeless.

"She's unconcious, Max. We're not so sure what we should do." Kyle tells me, with a hint of sadness in his voice.

I kneel down and cup her cheek. I did this to her. My begin an alien did this so her. Somehow I gave her some not-too-human energies, and her body can't handle them.

"So...what do we do now Max?" Tess asks me. I look up at her with tear-stained cheeks.

"We have to get her out of here. We'll have to be discreet. It's the middle of Graduation for Christ's sakes. If anyone notices something is wrong, they'll take her to the hospital. We can't risk that at this point. Her blood might not be....human."

I hear Tess gasp. "But Max! If we don't take her to the hospital, what'll we do? I mean, none of us know what to do. Liz is usually the one with the ideas."

I remain silent, stroking Liz's soft hair. I really don't know what we'll do...where we'll go. But we can't just stay here and do nothing.

"We'll go to the Pod Chamber. Maybe the healing crystals will help." Michael says, when he finally turns around.

Right now, that sounds like the best idea.

~end max~
posted on 26-Jan-2003 3:28:07 PM by Cominatcha

It's tough getting out of the gym and away from everyone and to the pod chamber. Liz's parents are screaming and running after us, ordering us to stop. They don't want us to take her, but we have to. They don't understand that we have to.

Once we finally all get there away from the chaos, Max lays Liz down on the floor of the cave. "What now?" he asks. He's panicked, and he's not the one that's going to be thinking up ideas right now.

"Maybe we could heal her with the healing stones." Isabel suggests. "You know, like we did when Michael was sick."

It's the only idea we seem to be able to come up with, but it's dangerous. Max told me that River Dog had said that restoring the balance could do something like take over your mind and soul or something.

If we try to heal Liz, it might take over us completely . . .

I'm sorry about that healing stuff, but I've only seen River Dog once, and I kinda forgot exactly what it was that he said.
posted on 26-Jan-2003 8:10:13 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I dont know where I am.

I dont know where my friends.

I see the light.

I start walking to it.

I hear Max's voice.

"were losing her, we have to hurry" Max said.

What going on?

I mumber"Whats going on" Max heared.

"we still can save her" He said.

Am I dieing?


I dont wanna die.

I wanna get married,have kids.

I need to get Back.


"I'm right here Liz" Max said.

hope that was good.*happy*
posted on 27-Jan-2003 7:11:08 PM by Cominatcha
It was!! Just one question: Are they all trying to heal her or something? Just tell me what, exactly, they're doing right now and I'll post ASAP!!
posted on 27-Jan-2003 7:29:58 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
yes remember at gratuation day and went to the gave. DUH! LOL*happy*
posted on 28-Jan-2003 7:24:07 PM by Cominatcha
Okay, I'll post soon, but I don't have time right now.
posted on 29-Jan-2003 4:49:44 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
let you all know I am sick and I will post when I am long better
posted on 30-Jan-2003 12:46:33 PM by Cominatcha
Get well soon!!
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posted on 31-Jan-2003 10:09:59 PM by Cominatcha

I concentrate everything I am into this process. Every part of me, of my being. I'm kinda at a disadvantage here, because I've never actually healed anyone. I've been healed, but I've never been on the other end of the table here, and it sucks completely, because River Dog isn't here to tell me what to do and guide me through this. I kinda just have to figure it out for myself.

I can only hope that, somehow, Liz will be okay, because I don't know what will become of my best friend Max if she isn't . . .

Yeah, I know it's short, but I had to get a part out there!!
posted on 1-Feb-2003 9:18:54 AM by Elizabeth Evans

I hold my healing stone and concentrate on sending all of my energy into healing Liz. We all need her so much. I refuse to let anything happen to her. She has to be all right!

Soon, I'm drawn into the place where Liz is, and look around me to see where I am...
posted on 1-Feb-2003 10:35:37 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I see Isabel.

Are they trying to heal me.

She look at me stright in the eyes.

I nod"Yes I'm dying" I told her.

I am scaried.

I see the light shining bright and threw.

I turn back to Isabel and share at her.

"No Lizzy, Dont!, we need you, Max need you.......I need you" She said to me.

"I havent felt like that for the last few years that you or anybody needed me" I said to iz.

I turn back to light and it's getting brighter.

Isabel grab me by the arms and I waited what she was gonna say........

posted on 1-Feb-2003 6:59:17 PM by Cominatcha
BUMP!! *bounce* BUMP!! *bounce* BUMP!!
posted on 1-Feb-2003 10:50:24 PM by qt4167013

NO NO NO NO NO. this so cannot be happening. Liz can't die. She CAN'T. I won't allow it. I have to do something.

But what?
posted on 2-Feb-2003 10:58:36 AM by Cominatcha

We HAVE to concentrate. Come on guys, don't get upset! That's not gonna help! Stay calm and collected, and we'll get her back!

Won't we?

I'm in some kind of weird place, now. I've seen it before. I've seen it in my dreams sometimes at night. I've seen it in vision when I close my eyes. I saw it when I myself was sick.

We're a family. All of us. These people are the only family I've ever known. I'm not going to let one of them die if I can do something about it.

I try to relax and walk towards Liz, who is staring off into the distance, like she's seeing something that no one else can see.

I always heard stories about seeing the light. I never thought it was true.

I grab her by the arm and jerk her around to stare at me. "You can't leave us now!" I tell her in a loud voice. "We need you! Max needs you . . ."
posted on 2-Feb-2003 12:33:26 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

one min I was talking to Isabel.

Next min it was Michael.

He yelling at me.

He saying I cant leave.

"michael, no-one needs me anymore not even Max" I said.

"What he crying right now" He said.

"oh, I never even felt needed me" I said to him.

He shares.

"yes come on michael, did we really know each other then we thought.

and have a least one converation with each-other?" I said to him.

He give me this anger look and grab be to get away from the light.

The light is complete gone now.

"NO!" I said.

Then next min I open my eyes and saw all my-friends looking at me with relive.

I sigh and put my head back.........

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Max falls to the ground and hugs Liz once he notices that she is back, but she doesn't hug him in return. I know why. I may be the only one who knows why.

She feels as if Max doesn't need her.

I've never thought that Liz and I might share some kind of connection, but maybe we do. Just think about it. She started developing those weird alien powers when she was living memories of Hank hitting me. There's a connection right there, and now this. She spilled all to me. She told me that she was hurting, because she felt like Max didn't need her.

Weird, huh?

Maria touches my arm and suggests that we leave Max and Liz alone for a little while, and I can't help but agree . . .
posted on 3-Feb-2003 11:11:31 AM by Cominatcha
Come on, guys!! This was so good, and we were almost done!! Imagine it: A finished RPG!! Then we could post it on a board and see how people react to it!! Come on, let's post up a freakin' storm!! lol, I'm a nut. I'm a little sick right now, so forgive me for my wackiness.

posted on 3-Feb-2003 12:31:41 PM by tabasco sauce

When Liz woke up in my arms, I felt as if a huge weight had just been lifted from my shoulders. We could have lost her. That thought alone caused my emotions to go into a whirlwind. "Liz?" I whisper in her ear. "Are you okay, sweetie?" She skirms in my arms and fails to respond. Is she mad at me? Does she resent the fact that I gave her the alien essense that caused her this pain?

"Maxwell, maybe you should give her some space," Michael suggests calmly. I nod, and get up to stand beside my group of friends. I look down at Liz, and see a tingle tear fall down her olive cheek.

"Somethings not right. She's in pain, Michael. Maybe we didn't heal her completely." Michael then put his hand on my shoulder in an effort to reassure me. "She's completely least, physically."

I give him a confused look. "What do you mean?"

"Liz thinks that you don't need her. Don't ask me how I know. I just do."

I kneel beside Liz, and take her hand in mine. "Is that true Liz? God...You can't actually believe that. I need you more than anything in the world. You're my light, Liz. You're the reason I wake up in the morning. Before I got to know you....I mean really know you, my life was a void. You've changed me in ways I can't even begin to explain. I NEED you!"

I wait for her reaction.

~end Max~
posted on 5-Feb-2003 8:09:44 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I Got off of the floor.

"when Max we hardly speak anymore......when the last time you came to me about your problems instead of michael" I ask.

I shouldnt be thinking of my self.

but we dont talk anymore.

"max for past 2 week what have I been doing?" I ask again

All of the sudden the Cafe was shaking

I ran to max but I couldnt move

I was pull in the tunnel

I had fear and saddness in my gult.

I was drop off where it all began.......
posted on 6-Feb-2003 8:26:14 PM by Cominatcha

I know that feeling. I don't fight it this time. I welcome it. I want to get away from here. I can't stand to be here anymore. Liz almost died.

I fly through the tunnel with a vision of Maria in my head. I smile as I think about graduation . . . Oh, yeah. That's the stuff I live for.

Soon, I get dropped off. I don't open my eyes at first, because I don't want to. I don't want to see what I might see. What if I'm dropped of on June 2nd? See, June 2nd, Maria and I had this really big fight. Over soup. She didn't agree with how I was making the soup, but it escalated into this whole big thing. I don't wanna have to relive that day again. Hell. When Maria's mad at you, the whole world's mad at you.

I notice that I'm on something soft, though. A couch. I slowly open my eyes.

I'm back where it all started . . .
posted on 7-Feb-2003 7:54:28 PM by tabasco sauce
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If the board is moved, our rpg threads will most likely deleted. Even if the mods decide to move them, the new threads will be frozen, meaning we can no longer post in them. If the move in announced, I urge all threadmasters to save all posts in the thread. That way, they can be reposted without being frozen.
Wendy and Heidi (the admins) are amazing, as are Katie and Britt (the mods of the rpg board). Please vote, donate, and offer to help to make their lives just a little bit easier.

posted on 7-Feb-2003 11:21:45 PM by qt4167013
ok, I am guessing that being back where we started is at the shooting? Am I right?
posted on 7-Feb-2003 11:22:34 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
no where they all started looking at pic
posted on 8-Feb-2003 2:01:55 PM by Cominatcha
Yeah, I thought they were all back looking at the photo albums again.
posted on 10-Feb-2003 8:46:52 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming
posted on 11-Feb-2003 6:52:27 PM by Cominatcha


Come on, guys? This was completely brilliant! I'm getting married and I can still find time to post on here! Someone, please post! Or I'll be *sad*. And you want me to be *happy*, right? Right.
posted on 12-Feb-2003 9:57:14 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming
where ar you guys?
posted on 12-Feb-2003 1:09:05 PM by qt4167013
wait...back where they started??? is this ending?
posted on 12-Feb-2003 3:23:10 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
This is how this rpg gonna start The whole gang will be look at picture, then somehow they will be back and time into there past self.Also when they came back they will look at everyone in a hold different way, more love, passion, true destiny. And Cant keep there hands off eachother.

here is it to your question

posted on 12-Feb-2003 6:37:21 PM by Cominatcha
Oh, I forgot, I was playing temp. for Alex!


God, I'm so tired. I just wanna collapse or something.

Instead of collapsing, I find myself whirling through time, hopefully forward, hopefully back to when I started so I could be back there looking at those pictures laughing my head off at how dorky Liz looked in her cupcake dress.

I'm so relieved when I open my eyes after soaring through that tunnel to find that I am, indeed, back. Back, back. Back sitting on the couch next to with the photo album laying out in front of me.

Back to where this wild and twisted journey began . . .
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k, thanks! I'll post later I promise...just let me finish with my geometry homework
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POST, we just need a little more and were done!
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I'll post later today. I am really busy with school work, so it may take awhile.
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One minute I was holding a trembling Liz in my arms, and the next I was soaring through the tunnel. Maybe this time I'll go back to my old self. I want things to be the way they were. All this time travelling caused a lot of tensions to arise.

To my relief, we landed back on the couch, where this whole joruney started. I looked over to my left, where Liz sat, an ocean of tears streaming down her face.

"Liz?" I asked cautiously, not sure what her reaction would be.

"What is it, Max?" Her voice sounded calm and calculated. If it weren't for the tears, I wouldn't have known she was upset.

"Everything I told you before in the pod chamber...well, it was all true. You believe me, don't you?"

She looked up at me, and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Of course I believe you, Max. I guess I was feeling weak, hurt, confused. Now that we're back, I know that there's nothing to worry about. I'll never doubt you again."

I pulled her into my arms and breathed in the unique sent of her hair. Wild strawberries. I had my Liz back.

~end Max~

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I was in Max arms again.

I look up and smile.

"I love you"

He kisses me passional.

I put my arms around his next to bring him closer.

Between kisses I said"What about the others, are they going to be here"

He pull away and look at me.

He had fear in his eyes.

"Max..." I said.

"WHAT" He yell at me.

did I do something wrong? did I say something I shouldnt have?...........
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Max and Liz were so lost in their little world of love over there that they didn't even notice that we were all sitting around them.

"Romeo and Juliet, we're right here." I speak up, motioning all around me to all eight of us. Liz smiles, embarrassed, and Max puts his arm around her.

Suddenly, I realize that I've been concentrating so much on healing Liz and helping Max work things out with her that I haven't been paying enough attention to my Maria.

She's sitting beside me, so I put my arm around her and lean down and kiss her forehead. "I love you." I murmur. I remember when the words used to be hard for me to get out, the emotion in itself hard to express. It's not now. She's shown love to me, and I've loved her back the best way I know how.

But I had no idea that she had been sent to live in a foster home for a year. I know that now. She's never told me. I don't think she's told anyone. Maybe she was ashamed. Maybe she was scared that I might look at her differently or something. I know how it feels, though. I've lived in a foster home my whole life. It can't really be called a home.

My home is Maria. It has been since I stole her car and "abducted" her and headed down 285.

"I love you, too." she whispers in return.

I don't know very much about life or about love, but I know that one thing is for certain.

I wanna spend the rest of my life with this girl. This woman.

"Maria," I whisper into her ear. I make no effort to do any of the traditional things like get down on one knee and pull a ring out of my pocket. "Will you marry me?"

I know it's a cheesy un-Michael-like thing to do, but they were supposed to come back and see each other in a whole new light, right? Well, now Michael just realizes that this is what he wants. If you guys didn't want this, though, I'll delete that entire post.
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I see michael, asking maria to marry him.

I smile.

This has truely change our lives.

you know going back in time and see how we felt about those moment.

I never wanna go back when I was 6.

I made sure of that.

I slip my hand in Max's.

I look up and smile

"I Love you Max Million Evans" I said
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I see michael, asking maria to marry him.

I smile.

This has truely change our lives.

you know going back in time and see how we felt about those moment.

I never wanna go back when I was 6.

I made sure of that.

I slip my hand in Max's.

I look up and smile

"I Love you Max Million Evans" I said
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I stand shocked.

"Can you repeat that?" I asked, with my mouth open.

He gulps.

"Maria, Will you marry me?"

I jump into his arms.

"Yes!!!" I squeal.

He grips me tighter.

"Thank you so much." He says, almost crying.

"No, thank you." I say. "God, I love you so much!"

I jump out of his arms.

"Now wheres my ring?"
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After Michael proposed to Maria, the eight of us stood around the living room, smiling at the news.

"Now where's my ring?" Maria asked, in true character.

"I've been working on this for awhile. I hope it works." I watched as Michael took an ordinary rock out of his pocket, and clutched it tightly in his grasp. His hand began to glow a deep amber.

He opened his hand, to reveal a perfectly sculpted diamond.

"Oh Michael. It's perfect." She pulled him into a deep embrace, and we all knew that we wouldn't be hearing from either of them for awhile.

"How did he do that?" Tess asked with wonder. "I didn't teach him to do that when I was helping him with his powers."

I shrugged. "Love can do strange things to a man."

She nodded at my response.

"So...are there going to be any other proposals tonight?" Isabel asked, eying me.

I shook my head. I plan on asking Liz to marry me when we graduate from college. There's no need to rush things. We both decided things would be best that way.

Michael and Maria came out of their embrace breathing heavily.

"Michael, I hope you know that you're going to have to get this rock set on a pretty gold setting. I'm not going to walk around with a rock in my pocket."

Oh yeah, things were definately back to normal.

~end Max~

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What an adventure! And just when we all come back to reality in the living room and it seems like the adventure is winding down, something amazing happens....

I'm shocked and thrilled when Michael proposes to Maria. I'm so happy for her, and I hope that Maria will ask me to be one of her bridesmaids. Still smiling, I look over to Max and tease, "Are there going to be any other proposals tonight?" I can see the look in his eye...he really wants to ask Liz to marry him. But not tonight. This is Michael and Maria's night.

So Max shakes his head slightly in answer, and then I feel an arm wrap around me. I turn to Alex and nestle into his embrace, and we kiss, a sweet, passionate kiss. After this experience, I'll never take him for granted or ever try to give him up again. And I'll tell him from now on how I truly feel. "I love you, Alex," I whisper to him softly. "Now and forever..."
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Now and forever . . . I can't think of any words I'd like to hear come out of Isabel Evan's mouth.

Isabel and I aren't a likely couple, it's true. I'm the geek, and she's the supermodle. But we're so different that we're alike at the same time.

She's everything I've ever wanted.

Suddenly, while my mind is working up fantasies of Isabel and only Isabel, I notice that the photo album is laying face open on the table. I reach over and shut it slowly and carefully. Don't wanna have to deal with that again . . .
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I sigh happily.

"I'm going to get a battle of water"

I got up and walk in the kitchen for some water.

I heared Max following me.

"Ya Max?" I said.

"just wondering if you need some help"

"Nope Totally got it under control" I said.

He grab me and kisses me passionly.

I drop my water on the floor.

I kisses back the same.

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So, how exactly is this gonna end? I've never been in a finished RPG before. Maybe, Dreamer_Dreaming, you should make a last posting announcement of some kind? Otherwise, how are people going to know that this is coming to an end?

Great part, too!
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Not sure yet!
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Maybe you should put ENDING or something or LAST CHANCE TO POST in the thread title when you feel it is the right time to end? If we could finish this before the move, that'd probably be a good thing, don't you think? *happy*
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