posted on 18-Dec-2002 6:26:01 PM by Cominatcha
This is gonna sound a little weird, but I had a dream about this, and I couldn't let the idea slip from my head, so I had to start this right away.

It's an AU thing, by the way. Completely AU!!

Okay, so, the idea kinda starts like this:

On the rough and tough streets of LA, a lot of bad things happen. People get hurt. People get killed. There's homicides and there's suicides. There's kidnapings and thefts. There's vandalism, and there's gangs. Just about every bad thing you can think of I guess.

Maria, Liz, Alex, Kyle, and Serena are all part of one gang, known as Wilshire 5 (werid and stupid, I know) There's other people in the gang, too, but they don't matter right now.

Anyway, Wilshire 5 has a rival with this other gang, known as Blackstreet. Michael, Max, Isabel, Tess, and Ava are all members of Blackstreet. (Ava and Tess are twins) And, yeah, there's other people with Blackstreet, too, but they don't really matter.The two groups never do anything together, and sometimes things can get a little violent between them. They try to avoid each other as much as possible.

Soon, these two brothers come to LA from New York. Their names are Terrell and Jamal, and they were in a gang in New York, so they meet up with Wilshire 5 and Blackstreet, and they want to join. Terrell joins Wilshire 5 with Maria, Liz, Kyle, Alex, and Serena, but he kind of likes Ava. Jamal joins Blackstreet with Michael, Max, Isabel, Tess, and Ava, but he kinda likes Serena.

That's basically what happens with all of the people in here. They start falling for the "enemy", and they don't want to, because they want to stay loyal to their gang, but they can't deny it.

Hope that wasn't too confusing.

Now, anyone that is interested just has to remember that they are in LA, and that Jamal and Terrell come from New York a little ways into the story. Whoever decides to play Jamal and Terrell can make up their personalities and what they look like and all that.

Also, remember that Ava and Tess are twins in here, and Max and Isabel are still brother and sister. There are no aliens either.

Also, if anyone is interested, I would like this to be written using I to refer to your character instead of calling them by name if possible, just so the writing will be more fluent.


Right-I ran as fast as I could.
Wrong-Michael ran as fast as he could.

And, one more thing, if this could all be written in present tense, too, that'd make it sound really good.


Right-The car zooms up behind me.
Wrong-The car zoomed up behind me.

The coupling for this is:
Michael and Maria
Liz and Max
Isabel and Alex
Tess and Kyle
Serena and Jamal
Ava and Terrell

I'd really love to have people sign up for this. Just ask and make a little background info, and I'm hoping we get enough people interested to start soon!!

I guess I'll play the part of Maria DeLuca to get things started.

Hope you guys will take part in this, because I'm sure it will be a blast!! Any questions, send me a bmail or just post them on here!!

Wow, you know, this could be a great fic someday with your help!!


Maria -- cominatcha
Michael -- cominatcha
Liz -- Dreamer_Dreaming
Max -- StardustDreamer
Isabel -- Galita
Alex -- qt4167013
Tess -- StardustDreamer
Kyle -- qt4167013
Ava -- JBehrsGurl
Serena -- Liz_Paker
Jamal -- JBehrsGurl
Terrell -- JBehrsGurl

Even if you're not a part of this, read it!! You know it sounds like a good idea!! lol

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posted on 18-Dec-2002 6:32:34 PM by Cominatcha
Name: Maria Alejandra DeLuca
Age: 21
Hometown: Has lived in LA all her life
Family: Mom, Amy, died when Maria was 17, and father left her when she was young, so she's all on her own now.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: Around 5'5"
Weight: Around 117 pounds
Interests: Singing and dancing, going to clubs, hanging out with Wilshire 5
Loyalty: Devoted to Wilshire 5 for all eternity
Friends: Liz, Alex, Kyle, and Serena mostly, but all of Wilshire 5 is always there for her.

Character Summary: Maria DeLuca's father left her at a very young age, and her mother died in a drive-by shooting when she was 17. Though she has never REALLY gotten past it, Maria tries to move on, but she keeps moving in the wrong direction. But it's too late now, because she is a member of Wilshire 5, one of the toughest gangs around, and she'll never leave them. They're all she has. Maria hates Blackstreet, and promises to herself that she will never let herself feel anything for any of them . . . but that promise could very easily be broken.

posted on 18-Dec-2002 6:37:33 PM by Liz_Parker
I'd like to either be Liz or Serena *happy*
posted on 18-Dec-2002 7:04:17 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
if I can have liz? ill do her info later?

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posted on 18-Dec-2002 7:11:06 PM by Cominatcha
Okay, Dreamer_Dreaming, I guess you could have Liz, but I will need a profile thing. And Liz_Parker, I already know you make a great Serena, so you could play her again, but I'll need a profile thing for her as well, just to get a little background.

Thanks, you guys!! I know this will good with you two on the writing team!!
posted on 18-Dec-2002 7:45:23 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
Name:Liz Anna Parker
Age: 17
Height: 5'1
Weight: 110
Interests: Acting, she wanna make it to the big top.
Loyalty: Wilshire
Family: Dad , mom died of cancer
Person:Liz live with her dad,her mom died when she was 12 seen.Her Dad is very important to her, she think if she doesnt call her dad she minty lose him too, like with her mom.
Friends:Alex, Maria, Kyle

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posted on 18-Dec-2002 7:46:30 PM by qt4167013
Can I be Kyle? If so here is the profile.


Name: Kyle James Valenti
Age: 22
Hometown: Moved around a lot
Family: Mom ran out when he was very young. Jim Valenti was his father and was in the military, thus the reason Kyle had to move so much. After his father died Kyle moved to LA
Hair: Dirty blond
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'
Interests: Flirting, driving in his mustang he so lovingly named Tracy and meditating to Buddah
Loyalty: Wilshire 5 all the way
Friends: Liz, Alex, Serena and everyone else in the gang.

Summary: Kyle has had a rough past and even though he was never poor, never got to see his father. He was taught on a military base camp and never really got to talk with other children. He has a warped sense of humer and him and Alex are usually found either cracking jokes with eachother or jamming on their guitars.

What do you think? Can I be Kyle?

posted on 18-Dec-2002 10:00:19 PM by Liz_Parker
Here's Serena's profile.

Name: Serena Jade Dessier
Nickname: S.J and Ser
Age: 20
Hometown: Lived in LA forever
Family: Mom-Callie and older brother Brock
Hair: Dishwater blonde
Height: 5'2
Weight: 105
Interests: Writing, dancing, and going to Clubs with Maria
Loyalty: Devoted to Wilshire 5 for all eternity
Friends: Liz, Alex, Kyle, and mainly Maria
Character Summary: Serena was with her mother and father for a long time until her father left her mother as a single parent. Her older brother Brock is really over protective over who she dates in fear that she'll follow in her mother's foot steps. She's loyal to Wilshire 5 and does whatever she can for all of her friends. She's known Maria for like ever through their mother's.

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posted on 19-Dec-2002 8:22:37 AM by Cominatcha
Everything looks great so far. The profiles on Liz and Serena and Kyle are excellent, and, qt4167013, I would love it if you would be Kyle. Thank you to everyone.

So, Liz lives with her father, Serena lives with her mother and brother, and I guess Kyle and Maria could share an apartment, since they both don't have any parents. Does that sound alright?

Thanx again you guys. This should be really fun once we get started!!
posted on 19-Dec-2002 1:39:45 PM by Liz_Parker
Sounds good to me *big*
posted on 19-Dec-2002 2:18:54 PM by Galita
Hey I would love to be Isabel! Can I plz have the part
posted on 19-Dec-2002 7:08:59 PM by Cominatcha
Oh, that would be so wonderful if you could be Isabel!! She's really a tough one to play sometimes, so not to many people like to try her. Thank you so much!! I'll need a profile thing, just to get a little background, but that'll be great!! Thanx so much!! This should be really fun!!
posted on 19-Dec-2002 8:25:19 PM by Galita
Name: Isabel Amanda Evans
Nickname: Izzy, Iz
Age: 23
Hometown: Lived in Roswell the ran away to L.A.
Family: Twin brother Max and Mom Daina
Hair: Reddish-brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'2
Weight: 106
Interests: Going out with Michael and having a good time
Loyalty: Devoted to Blackstreet for all eternity
Friends: Max, Michael, Tess, and mostly Ava
Character Summary: Lived with her brother Max when they turne 18 and ranaway from home with her friends to get away from Roswell. Now living on the street being in a gang and fighting with others. And sleeping with Michael everytime no one is a around.

posted on 19-Dec-2002 9:14:49 PM by qt4167013
wait... on "Isabel's" Profile, it says sleeping with michael... I thought this was cc?
posted on 19-Dec-2002 9:21:03 PM by Liz_Parker
It is, but it doesn't start off like that. She eventually falls in love with Alex *happy* And the others fall in love with their partners etc. Hope I'm not confusing U hehe
posted on 19-Dec-2002 9:22:59 PM by qt4167013
nope not at all. It's just I was thrown back at the fact of Isabel and Michael actually having sex. I mean eeewww thats like inscest (sp?) or something!
posted on 19-Dec-2002 9:40:09 PM by Liz_Parker
lol yeah, just kinda think of it as Lonnie and Rath.....or think of those dreams that Iz and Michael had *shrugs*
posted on 19-Dec-2002 10:30:44 PM by qt4167013
still...yuck! LOL!
posted on 20-Dec-2002 7:34:44 AM by Liz_Parker
hehe yeah.....I wish some more poeple woul sign up already.....I wanna see how all of us woud do with the characters being so totally opposite from the normal! hehe
posted on 20-Dec-2002 8:24:38 AM by Cominatcha
Isabel and Michael can kinda have a realtionships going, just as long as it's nothing too serious!!

Yeah, I wish people would start signging up, too. I made this thing up where the characters are playing roles that we've never seen them in before. Maybe some people think that it's too dangerous or all that kind of stuff. We'll just wait and see if some more people start signing up. If not, then we might have to double up!!
posted on 20-Dec-2002 12:00:28 PM by JBehrsGurl
If Ava's still open I'll take her! *wink*

Oh I changed my mind can I be Terrell too? I just thought it might move things faster if I took two. If not I'm coolies! WooHoo! lol *big*

I'm such a retard! I didn't know we make our own profiles! LMAO! Haha! Okay here goes...

And here she is! lol

(Hopefully I have permission to join and whoever is Tess plz don't hate me if I do something you don't like.)
Ava "giggles" DeGotti
Age: 20
Hometown: LA Chic
Family: Twin sister Tess, they're close and don't keep secrets about anything. Ava's mom ran out on her and her sister when they were five, their dad Anthony works VERY VERY hard to keep their life going. She's not poor, but she's not rich. Ava gets along with everyone she meets, but don't get her wrong. You piss her off and the next thing you know you're sprawled on your back. Ava isn't shy but can have a tendency to giggle a lot. Hence the nick name.
Hair: Jet black with Hot pink streaks (I'll make a fanart to show what I mean)
Eyes: Deep Blue
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125
Interests: Dancing, Dancing, and Dancing... Oh! And dancing... *big*
Loyalty: Down ass bitch, would kill for her "familia" (she doesn't consider her gang her friends, they're family)
Friends: Close to everyone, best friends with Michael and Max. She tends to get along with guys better than girls, she doesn't like to take people's shit and will call you on a bluff.

Character summary: She's a rebel without a cause. She was first to join the gang and brought in her sis, she never does anything without her sister becuase when they were small they made a pact to stay together forever. Blood runs thicker than water. She met Michael in a night club when she was 16, they danced and she took an immediate liking to him (just as friends) He introduced her to the gang and she knew she wanted in. Ava has a tendency to giggle a lot when she's happy or when she's high off her ass. Weapon of choice: Her 4 inch switchblade that she ALWAYS has in her right back pocket. Engraved in p!nk it says: Ava's Dick. She has an amazing sense of humor, which is why she gets along better with the guys than with girls. The only girls she's cool with are her sister and Isabel. Isabel keeps it real and sometimes Ava goes to her first before Tess. She's overly protective of her family and if she see's something she doesn't like she won't hesitate to let it be known. She's known to be a fighter and never backs down in a challenge.

I'll be back with Terrell's profile A.S.A.P! I gott go for now! Hope you let me in!


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posted on 20-Dec-2002 1:46:32 PM by Liz_Parker
Great profile!
posted on 20-Dec-2002 2:47:36 PM by JBehrsGurl
Oh please Oh please can this be Terrell? Oh puh-lease???? *begs on knees* He just fits it sooo well! LoOk!
MmmmMmmm Yummy Yummy! P.S. I have a mild obsession with Vin so… lol

Terrell Xander "Xan" James
Age: 21
Hometown: Brooklyn NYC, came to LA when his brother had to leave town due to too many problems with rivals.
Family: Brother Jamal, lost an older sister in a shooting when he was younger
Hair: Ha!
Eyes: Honey
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 230 of Pure Muscle baby!
Interests: Chasing females, kicking ass, partying.
Loyalty: Wilshire 5, yet he has a major soft spot for the ones he loves.
Friends: Best friend Dominick (Dom) who he nicknamed "Preppy" cuz he's a college boy. He's close to Kyle since he knows Dom, but he also has a special bond with Alex. They met through Dom who knew Kyle. He treats the girls like his lil sisters and goes into big brother mode when guys try to talk to the girls.
Character Summary: Terrell has one problem. He has a short ass temper that always gets the best of him. He blows up and always ends up using violence. He's a big giant teddy bear once you really get to know him, you just have to get past all the barriers he constantly has built up. He still calls his mama to keep her up to date with him and his brother. His dad is a different story. He hates his father with a thousand fiery suns. His father is ashamed of what he had become, his father wanted him to be just like Dom. Terrell always keeps a look out over his shoulder he don't trust NO ONE. He'd been double-crossed way too much in the past, he's real street smart and always looks out for Wilshire5. he also is haunted by his past and misses his sister, which is why he's sooo protective of the W5 girls.

How was that?


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posted on 20-Dec-2002 6:13:48 PM by Cominatcha
wow!! those were some great profiles there!! I would love it if you would be Ava and Terrell. I was really worried that I wouldn't find anyone to be Terrell, because he's a made-up character, so thank you!!

hopefully we'll get to start soon!!
posted on 20-Dec-2002 6:23:23 PM by Cominatcha
Okay, because I have a soft spot in my heart for Michael and I love playing him, too, I'll take up his character for now, but if anyone comes along and wants to play him, I'll give him up.

Name: Michael Landon Guerin
Age: 21
Hometown: Moved around a lot as a child until finally settling down in LA while he was a teenager
Family: The only family Michael has now is Blackstreet. He lost both of his parents when he was a teenager. Both of them were accidently shot by the police.
Hair: Light Brown, and spiky all the way!!
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 pounds
Interests: going to clubs, getting in fights, taking on Wilshire 5, screwing girls just for the fun of it
Loyalty: Blackstreet forever!!
Friends: All members of Blackstreet are his friends, but Max, Isabel, Tess, and Ava are like his family.

Character Summary: Michael Guerin has always had a tough life. His father was a strong-willed man with quite a violent temper at times, but Michael always loved him. But now that both he AND his mother are dead, Michael is on his own. Michael has been on his own for a few years now, and he's finally gotten used to it. He has a new family now . . . Blackstreet, and no one will take that family away from him . . . ever. Especially not a member of Wilshire 5 *grin*
posted on 20-Dec-2002 6:50:09 PM by Liz_Parker
Great profiles guys! We just need, A Jamal, Tess, Max, and Alex. Hope we find some people soon!!!
posted on 20-Dec-2002 7:19:22 PM by Cominatcha
yeah, hopefully by tomorrow, someone will want to be them.
posted on 20-Dec-2002 7:41:46 PM by qt4167013
Can I be Alex too, at leat for now?

Here is the profile:

Name: Alexander Charles Whitman
Age: 21
Hometown: Chicago
Family: Had the picture perfect family... or at least up untill his family was killed in a gang shoot out in the lower west side of Chicago.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 11
Interests: He plays the guitar and loves all kinds of music. Occasionally he will get Maria to sing for him. Alex loves computers also and can hack into anything.
Loyalty: After leaving Chicago Alex found family in Wilshire 5 because they understood.
Friends: Liz, Kyle, Serena and everyone else

Summary: Alex likes to keep things light hearted. Thats how he gets past his pain. He always has a joke and can make anyone laugh. The only time when he never laughs is when someone mentions the Red Dragons, the gang that killed his parents and his baby sister. He swore revenge on them and one day, will get back at them.

what do you think?
posted on 20-Dec-2002 8:02:55 PM by Liz_Parker
I like it *happy* Sad about Alex's baby sis though :( Guess he'll be like Terrell and treat the girls like his baby sisters hehe. Nice profile!
posted on 20-Dec-2002 8:19:55 PM by Galita
Hey they r all good I hope we can find the other people we need soon *happy* I wanna start the story *bounce*
posted on 20-Dec-2002 10:58:59 PM by Liz_Parker
Yeah.....we need those few other characters then we can start off....we just need a Jamal,and Max, right?

Cominatcha.....U should put on the title the names of the characters needed so veiwers will see who is needed and will sign up *big*
posted on 20-Dec-2002 11:11:34 PM by Liz_Parker
Great profiles guys! We just need a few more and we can finally start!!! I wanna start already [toungue] Maybe I can post a Serena part for now?
posted on 21-Dec-2002 2:26:29 AM by StardustDreamer
Okay I really really want to be Tess! I hope I'm not too late! I'll try to be back with a picture...anyway, I hope this sounds okay. It's late and I'm afraid it's kinda whack, lol. But Tess is my girl and I love writing her!

Theresa "Tess" DeGotti
Age: 20
Hometown: City of Angels
Family: Ava's twin sister. She and Ava are hella close and share everything. There mother ran out on them when they were small and Tess has never fully recovered from that. It made her harderand bitter than she ever really let on, even to her Blackstreet family. The only people she can truly trust are Ava,her best friend Isabel and the other guys members of her gang.
She's hardcore when it comes to anyone busting into her territory and she'll fuck anyone up who threatens
her or the people she loves. It's hard for her to show emotion, even to Max, who she kinda has a thing going on with. But, she isn't in love with him and he definietly isn't in love with her either.
Hair: Normally blonde curls (think Season 1), but recently dyed it fire engine red with a black streak down the front
Eyes: Hypnotic blue
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125
Interests: Dancing, soap operas, and romance novels that she reads in secret
Loyalty: Completely and 100% dedicated to Blackstreet and Ava
Friends: Best friends with Isabel and close to Max. She and Michael get along decently, but are
the least compatible to each other out of the whole gang.

Character summary: Tess is a badass in general and shows only this facet of her personality when it comes to her nights out on the street with the gang, or in clubs. Secretly, she wishes she could find
someone who she could just be herself around completely, besides Ava, but she can't trust
anyone outside of her gang. Her style isn't as punk as Ava or as ghetto fab as the other members, but is slightly more girlie and and glitzy. Her daywear usually consists of tight colored tube tops and leathers skirts/pants. She's seldom seen without her trademark silver
lensed sunglasses, and always has a gun strapped to her thigh. Her drug of choice is ectasy. ;)

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 2:39:39 AM by JBehrsGurl
I posted Ava's Pic! Oh Jess I'm soooo happy you're Tess! Cuz now we're even more of real sisters! LMAO

Okay this one's better. LMAO I swear I wont do that anymore!

Fixed it!

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 1:57:23 PM by Liz_Parker the pics! U should make one big fanart of like all of them. U could just use any for Jamal....and U can use my pic for Serena *happy* Well, just an idea, see U around....great profiles all! *big*
posted on 21-Dec-2002 2:14:15 PM by Cominatcha
Oh my god!! I've missed so much!! That fan art is so cool!!

Thanks to everyone who has applied. StardustDreamer, I'm so happy you decided to be Tess. And qt4167013, you're such a lifesaver for playing Alex.

Well, all we need for right now is someone to play Jamal, and, of course, a Max. But we could get started anyway. Besides, Jamal and Terrell can come a bit into the story.

Okay, remember, please refer to your character as I, instead of naming them by name, and right in present tense if you can, just so this will all kinda flow. And please, look over your post before you actually post it, because I'm hoping this thing could be an award winner!! lol

I'll post the first part in a little bit!! Thanks to everyone!! Any questions, bmail me or one of the other writers or post them on here!! Thanx!! I'm sure this will turn out great with all of you wonderful writers on the team, and thsi should be really fun!!

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 2:23:19 PM by Cominatcha

Authors: Galita, Liz_Parker, JBehrsGurl, StardustDreamer, Dreamer_Dreaming, qt4167013, and cominatcha

Disclaimer: Every word you see on this screen comes from one of us, but the characters . . . Nope. Not our own. Well, except for Terrell and Jamal, that is!!


My alarm clock starts to buzz uncontrollably at 6:00 in the morning. I slap the off-switch violently and thrust my head under my pillow to try to fall back asleep. Unfortunately, though, it's no use. Once I'm up, I'm up. That's just the way it is.

I can hear Kyle VaLenti, my close friend, up and around, too. I don't know how the guy can be so awake in the morning, especially when he got drunk the night before.

In a way, sharing an apartment can be a good thing. You don't have to pay all of the rent yourself, but, it's also a bad thing, because, once one person is awake, sleep is impossible for the other.

Kyle yells at me to wake up, and I struggle out of bed. Right now, I feel drunk, too, though I'm not. Mornings have never been easy for me. I've never really had anything to look forward to, any motivation.

I stumble around and get ready, slipping on a pair of sweat-pants and a loose T-Shirt. I need something comfortable for today. I know we'll be going running. You see, Nick, this guy, he leads our gang, in a way. He makes a lot of the decisions and does a lot of the hard stuff, so it's kinda up to him what we do anymore. He's an awesome street guy to be around, and he does have a sense of humor, but he can be a little rough, too.

He's always pushing us around, saying that we need to be prepared for anything. That's true, I guess. Just a few days ago, one of our homeboys was shot down in a shoot off with another local gang, Blackstreet.

Blackstreet. I hate Blackstreet. They've got to be the most awful people alive.

Kyle is out the door before I even have my teeth brushed, and I start to speed up. The last thing I need is for Nick to be mad at me.

I rush down the stairs and out the front doors of the apartment complex and am greeted with several familiar faces.

Wilshire 5 is waiting on me . . .

I hope that was an okay way to start out!!

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 2:36:33 PM by Liz_Parker

I smile as Maria and Kyle show up. Took 'em long enough to get here. I bet Maria didn't get out of bed again.....same ol' Maria.

Kyle and Maria are so close, or at least that's how it seems. I get snapped out of my train of thought by Nick yelling "S.J....wake up!".

Sometimes he gets on my last nerves. I know he's doing it for the best...but he can at least back off a little.

I hear it enough at home. Serena do this....Serena do that.

I wish I had someone.....but I can't tell anyone that. They'll call me a whimp or something. And the last thing I need is to be cut down by them. I look over at Alex and sigh.

Man, I wonder what Nick wants from us this time? More training......I know we need to prepare for another attack from of our best was shot down.....but.....oh well, what I think doesn't's all Nick nowadays.
posted on 21-Dec-2002 2:54:03 PM by Cominatcha
That was really good!! I'm going to bmail everyone else on the team and let them know that we've started!!
posted on 21-Dec-2002 2:55:56 PM by Liz_Parker
ok *happy* Hope we can get this going good *big*
posted on 21-Dec-2002 3:02:00 PM by qt4167013

I grin at Serena who just rolls her eyes. I feel a joke coming on...

"So Nick, what are we going to do today? Let me guess. Probably the usual right, a picnic on the beach, and than we will go and horseback ride throughout the country side and drink lemonaid and talk gossip about our aweful english teacher!" I say in a high fake pitch voice.

Kyle smirks and high-fives me.

No one else laughs and I realize that sometimes some of them would want that life. I quiet down and listen to Nick.

I know better than to mess with him. One joke was enough.

I turn to Liz and she smiles warily at me and I realize that its time to get back to business.

Ok. I know that wasn't really good but This is my first time writing Alex, next time will be better I promise!*happy*
posted on 21-Dec-2002 3:02:13 PM by Cominatcha
Me, too. I think we've got some great writers, so hopefully it will!!

That was really good qt4167013!! You're a really great writer!!

By the way, qt, when I posted this at first, at I hadn't read your part. I liked it a lot!!

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 3:19:58 PM by qt4167013
So you admit my part sucked!?!? don't answere that! LOL!!!*wink*
posted on 21-Dec-2002 4:17:15 PM by Liz_Parker
lol, Ur part was good *happy* U'll get used to Alex hehe
posted on 21-Dec-2002 4:40:03 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I woke up,and got out bed. I put on some jeans and a shirt.Then went to go and meet with other, when I got there Alex was making a joke about a life I would love to have. Then Nick didnt think it was funny so I just smile at Alex" Ya we need to kill the Blackstreet once and for all" I told the other, and all of them agree.
posted on 21-Dec-2002 5:32:42 PM by qt4167013 guys are so nice!

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 6:15:37 PM by Cominatcha

"I'm tellin' you guys, we've gotta kill Wilshire 5 once and for all!" My voice is a lot higher than I wished it to be, and Max sends me one of those looks, warning me to calm down.

"Michael, you tend to forget that Wilshire 5 is a tough gang, just like we are." Isabel Evans, my close friend and occasional bed-partner, tells me calmly. "We can't just kill them, just like that."

Everyone nods, agreeing with her.

I've always been like this, spontaneous as hell, and a little edgy at times, too, but the members of Blackstreet know me, and they're used to it.

I turn to Will. Will's been making the important decsions for our group for a long time, now. It's all gonna be up to him what we do next.

After he doesn't do anything, I ask him straight out. "What next, Will?" I ask. "You're our leader. Lead us."

Will sighs. "Tell you what we're gonna do." he says in a bit of a New Yorker accent. "We're gonna go to the piercing salon. It's about time we all get some new holes in our bodies."

I've never been into the whole piercing/tattoo thing, but I know the girls are excited to go. I can see it in their eyes . . .

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 6:31:53 PM by Galita

I grin as Will mentions the peircing salon. I just knew Michael would love the idea to see a peircing on my body.

I look at Michael and he just smiles at me as we all walk to the salon. I look back at Ava my really close friend who has her lip peirced already.

"Ava you wanna have more then you do now?" I ask and she nods. I sigh and look at Will and Max talking as we Wilshire 5 walks over with their leader.

We all get in positions....we're ready for this fight.

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 6:39:36 PM by Cominatcha

I don't know why Nick chose me to come along with him. I know he's always had a bit of a thing for me, but I'm not the strongest fighter in the group. Why not pick someone like Kyle or Serena?

But, to my surprise, Nick doesn't fight. Instead, he talks with Blackstreet's leader, Will or something. They set up a time to meet later on that night, back in the alley behind the club PLANET BANG.

"We're not fighting in broad daylight." Nick says. "We'll fight tonight."

"Fine. Be there. 8 PM sharp." Will agrees.

As Nick starts to walk off, so do I, the fear and apprehension growing in my stomach. I try my best not to let it show on my face.

Before I walk away, though, my eyes meet with those of Michael Guerin. I've seen him around a few times. He's a real badass, or at least he likes to think he is. I can see the same fear and apprehension reflecting in his eyes.

I follow Nick home like the loyal person I am, and I find Serena to tell her about our plans for tonight.
posted on 21-Dec-2002 7:06:52 PM by Liz_Parker

"That's just great! He's just TRYING to get us all killed!", I yell as Maria tells me what Nick's planning is.

I start pacing. Why does he always do this? The more fights he sets up, the more chance there is that we'll loose even more of our gang, which is NOT good.

We need to get more people. Or at least one strong person. But the more we get, the more that most likely that Blackstreet will find another too.

Sometimes I wish we can just get rid of all of them. So there's no more threat and we can live the lifes we all want to live secretley.

Of course we're all a apart of W5 forever.....but, we still have lifes.....well, some of us anyways.

Me? Nah. I'm alone. I live with my mother and brother for crying out loud!

I lean against the wall and sigh as we hear 2 guys talking. I look around the corner to see 2 tall guys. 1 just about bald, but he seems to be around our age. And the other had light brown hair and blue eyes.

They look alot a like. And they look tough. I take a deep breath as I see Blackstreet go walking past and stop to talk to the guys.

The one with the brown hair smiles and soon walks off with them.....

Nick calls us all over and we start walking. We stop in front of the other guy, Nick and him start talking.

Then I see Nick smile and say "Welcome to Wilshire's all or nothing kid".

Then the guy smirks and says "The name's Terrell".

posted on 21-Dec-2002 7:23:48 PM by Galita

Whoa the new guy is hot. I mean he looks so nice but anyways it looks like he's staring into outerspace.

"So you like the pericing Mikey?" I ask Michael as I sit on his bed.

"Hell yeah babe! It looks good." He said grinng. I just couldn't help but giggle.

But other then Michael I have no one but my twin brother Max and my mom who I live with but I never go home.

"You like anything I know you." I said with a smirk. He just frowns.

"You got that right." Michael said looking out the window.

"Maybe we can all go clubbing later after the fight you know. Get drunk off out asses and have a little fun." I said looking at him.

He just nods so I get up and go to Will.

"Are U really sure we should be fighting abfter the peircings?" I ask Will

"Your not scared,are U Iz?" He ask. I shake my head trying to be tough.

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 7:46:25 PM by Cominatcha
Wow, those parts were great!!


I can tell that all the girls are going to be into this new guy, Jamal. I even see Isabel giving him the eye on our way to PLANET BANG, but it doesn't bother me. Isabel and I aren't anything serious. We fuck around with each other a lot for pleasure. Such pleasurable experiences can drown out the pain. But it's nothing more than that, and it never will be.

Jamal looks like he's into Ava, and Isabel even seems a little hurt by that, but she tries her best not to let it show. Isabel likes to keep her emotions and feelings bottled up inside of her like that.

Will tells us that he made Jamal one of Blackstreet in such a hurry because of the fight tonight, and because we're gonna need an extra guy, just to be on the safe side. Turns out that Jamal's brother, Terrell, went his separate ways, though, and became a member of Wilshire 5.

"It's party time, people!" Will shouts as we near PLANET BANG. "Head around back and take posistions."

We all head back behind the club and discover that Wilshire 5 is already there. Every single one of them. That Serena girl, who can make you fear every part of her just by looking at you, and that jock-boy Kyle, or whatever, who's all muscle and no brain, and that computer geek, Alex. I'll never figure out how he got into Wilshire 5 in the first place.

The blonde haired girl is there, too, the one I had eye contact with earlier. The fear has vanished from her eyes. She's ready to battle to the death if that's what it takes for her side to win.

If she was in our gang, I might just be tempted to take the little firecracker into my apartment and screw her around for a night or two.

"Well, well, well, fancy meetin' y'all here." Will says sarcastically. "Time to party."

And party we would.

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 7:56:26 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I heared there going to be fight..........Nick always set
one up?I am sick of that man, Why cant this guy make peace for once in his dam life..........then I see Nick talking to a new guy, I heared Nick say"Welcome to Wilshire 5".I was shock he let another in, the gang special after one just die on is. so I will just wait around before fight will happened. Then in hour and half it was time "Let go kill these guys once and for all..............It about time we doing something about it" I said, to the gang.
posted on 21-Dec-2002 7:58:07 PM by Galita

I take a long deep breath and look at Michael who looks like a big man standing next to me. I mean we have nothing really going on and being in a gang is cool.

"So are we ready to have some fun" Will said stepping up to Nick and punching him hard. Then that's when it starts everyone had someone and it's going to be a long night.

"You bitch" I hear Ava yelling as she punches Liz.

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 8:02:12 PM by Liz_Parker

I'm so sick of these people. Most of the time, their all a bunch of whimps.

I simply walk over and look at them and 2 of them cower away making me smirk.

Sometimes I love this. I just have to give a "Your gonna die tonight", look and some back away.

That new guy Terrell looks like he's about to punch someone's face in.

He might come in handy, I walk up to that Max guy.

"So, are you ready to get beat up by a girl?", I ask him almost giggling.

Just then that Ava chick walks over and pushes me away, I glare then Terrell walks over and puts me behind him.

I raise an eyebrow. I can handle myself thank you very much.

I shrug and walk over to see if Maria needs any help with that Guerin guy.

"When are you people gonna learn we're better than you'll ever be?!", as I see that guy that was with Terrell earlier staring at me,I look away.
posted on 21-Dec-2002 8:14:40 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I grab Ave, push her on the floor got on top of her and start punching her, I wont stop, everyone had to stop and look at me"you bitch good for a exuse for a humen" I keep punching her and she trying to get away but I wont let her, I was so much in pain from my mother that just let it all out on her.It felt good, she gett preet red and purple also red" HOW DOES THAT FEEL HUH? YOU STUPID BITCH!" I yell at her alot, And everyone still looking at me. my gang and blackstreet was looking at me.

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 8:41:31 PM by StardustDreamer
I didn't really feel like going dancing at Planet Bang tonight, but I had heard rumblings from the street that some of those punk bitches from Wilshire 5 might be showing up. No way in hell was I gonna leave my crew without backup while I sat at home sitting on my ass. I had been sitting up on the upper level of the club, lazily sipping at my drink and completely buzzed, when the fight broke loose.
I was on instant alert and immediately sprinted down the stairs that led to the main floor.
The first thing I saw was Ava punching and being punched by one of the head bitches in Wilshire 5...I think her name is Liz or something. I quickened my pace when I saw that their fighting had gotten a little more hardcore and removed my shades as I strode towards them.
Who cares what her name is anyway? I smiled grimly .
I reached over and lightly tapped her on the shoulder, enraged when Liz, in a moment of renewed strength, threw my twin to the ground.
"Hey BITCH...your ass is grass," I said with a feral smirk, letting my fist go and felt instant satisifaction as it connected to the brunettes jaw. Boom yow. It was on.

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 8:48:14 PM by Liz_Parker
lol, great part!
posted on 21-Dec-2002 9:16:48 PM by qt4167013

I don't like fighting, I really don't. As a matter a fact, I hate it.

I punch one of the guys in Blackstreet and say a prayer to Buddah, knowing full well what I am doing will force me to never reach enlightenment.

I keep punching never stopping to realize that my opponent has been knocked unconcious.

After I beat the pulp out of him, I notice Liz. Liz has been through more than a lot of us and her being cornered by two bitches isn't going to make her happy.

"Hey ladies, need assistance?" I say and knock the lights out of the blond one.


A wierd thing about me is I like the fighting. I may be tall and skinny but I know how to fight. Ever since my parents died I have devoted my life to seeking revenge and the only way to do that is through fighting.

I know that the other gang is probably wondering why some skinny little nerd is in the gang, but I am planning to amaze them. I may not have physical strength but I am the fastest person in the gang and can dodge every punch thrown my way.

Yup, I am ready. I think to myself as I throw a punch to a tall reddish brown haired girl.

She staggers and I once again say to myself... yup, I am ready.


No offence taken! This one I think is better so all is good!
posted on 21-Dec-2002 10:29:00 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was about get beatin by her twin when kyle save me. I stand up my lockit drop, I went go pick it up when that girl isabel grab it."Give me that bitch, that only think I got left from my mother!" I told her in a yelling voice. she just look at me in a werid look.
posted on 21-Dec-2002 10:34:43 PM by Liz_Parker

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of fighting. But I'm here for Maria, she's been through alot and I'm the closest she has to a sister.

I sigh as we finally get to leave. My arm is bleeding and I have a throbbing headache. We walk on and I slowly walk to my apartment and slide inside and jump to find Brock there glaring at me.

"Where have you been?!", he asks me then sees the blood and freaks out and yells more making me wince.

"Can you please NOT yell at me Brock,I've had a rough night.....and we're Mom?", I ask him.

He shrugs and mutters something about last time he saw her was like 3 hours ago when she went to take a shower.

"3 hours?!", I yell. "She never takes that long of a shower.....something's wrong", I say and run up to the bathroom to see the door was forced open. I slowly walk inside and scream as I see her on the floor with blood on her. I bend down to find a pulse.


"BROCK!", I scream and he runs in and see's what's going on.

I stand up and back away and call 911 then call Maria.

"Maria......she's gone", is all I say and hang up. Why did this happen? I swear if it was those Blackstreets I WILL kill them.

I just sit in a chair in the living room and stare into space as the paramedics rush in and into the bathroom. I hear them tell Brock there's nothing they can do. I grab my coat and walk outside....I can't handle this right now.

I wind up being stopped by Maria,I try to get away.....she guides me to the steps and I put my head in my hands.....I can't cry,I just can't,I gotta be strong.
posted on 21-Dec-2002 10:41:16 PM by Galita

"Are we going to get drunk Michae?" I ask him.

"Only if you wanna had a long night." He said as we all walk back into the house Ava sits down from being so tired.

"Looky what I took from one of those little W5's" Showing everyone the lockit.

"That looks nice." Michael said and Max just nodded.

I roll my eyes as Max and everyone went to bed I sit there with Michael.

" ready to go clubbing Mr. Guerin?" I smirk at him.

"Yeah let's get drunk". He said as he pulls me too the street.

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posted on 21-Dec-2002 10:58:37 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I ran my apartment and cry"mommy..................WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE WHY?"I yell to the roof. isabel took my lockit, it was the only think I had of my mother, the memories are flodding away day by day.And that lockit was the only thing I had, I grab my jacket and went to where they always go, I knock on the door of the house.And some guy let me in and saw isabel and michael staring at me.
posted on 21-Dec-2002 11:07:57 PM by Galita

"What the hell are you doing?!" I yell at Liz.

"I want the lock it back now!" She said trying to keep from crying.

I walk up to her and slap her. "This is NOT a smart move. You should that I can kill you right now if I wanted to but I'm going out so see ya!" I walked off with Michael and Will just shook his head.

"I'll get you back Isabel I swear I will." She said as Tess and Ava walk into the room and smirks making her run out of the house.

That really was not a smart move Nadine someone in the Blackstreet gang could of killed you
posted on 21-Dec-2002 11:11:30 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
OOC:she wouldnt of care as long as her got her lockit back


I walk back in house and doesnt care about the twins
"Plz I want my lockit back, how would you feel if you lost a mother from cancer and all you have is that stupid old lockit" I said to them.

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posted on 22-Dec-2002 12:24:23 AM by JBehrsGurl

After all the shit that went down... What the fuck was going on with me tonight? My reflexes were fucked. Once I saw that fine ass motha I was gone. It was as if we were in the room. Next thing I knew I saw W5 and I just went off. I hate those bitches, they fake as hell.

And that Liz bitch... What the fuck? That was a sucka punch if I evea knew one. I was sittin in da crib wit mah sister. If Tess hadn't been there...

Then Liz had teh nerve to come storming into the room. Something about some fuckin locket? But Terrell wasn't there, so my reflexes were ready.

I jumped up off the couch and flicked my switch blade open, "This is for earlier bitch." And I slashed her across the arm. Then I decked her across the face. She went down and I yelled, "Tiiiiiiimber!"

I was ready to start kicking her ass when Max came running and pulled me back, "Leave her alone! Ava! Back up!"

I elbowed him in the stomacj but then he was there, and he looked PISSED.

posted on 22-Dec-2002 12:40:15 AM by JBehrsGurl

I knew the second Liz had lost her necklace she was gonna go get it. And the look in that pink chicks eyes was death. No one knew where the fuck Liz went but I had a pretty good idea.

Next thing I knew I was there. Liz was on the floor and that guy Max was trying to pick her up. I pounced and shoved him away, then I was face to face with Pinky.

"Get outta mah face." She growled.

"That's a pretty nice fat lip my gurl Liz gave you." I grin picking Liz's limp body off the floor. I could have killed the person who did this, WAS THAT BLOOD?! "Is this blood on her arm?" I snapped to Pinky.

She mearly shrugged, "Bitch had it comin."

I scoweld, "Listen Pinky-"


"Ava, I find that you or anyone else in this fucking crew had touched one of my gurls..."

"You'll what?" Ava spat, "I ain't scared of no gorilla." She stepped forward again.

I didn't have time for this, Liz obviously need stitches. I had to get her to a hospital quick, "I'll be back to deal with you." I said to Ava. "ALL of you." I sneered and left without another word.

I was surprised no one tried to stop me, but before I left I found out why.

"Let 'em leave." Ava had said. "And give his bitch her locket back. That's fucked up yo if yous keep it. Itw uz her ma's."

I took the locket from the blond and left.

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posted on 22-Dec-2002 12:48:51 AM by qt4167013

Trouble. Yes, trouble with a capital T. When Terrell came in carrying a limp Liz, I almost wanted to cry. the key word there being almost. Wishire 5 guys don't cry.

This was my family. Every one else was gone and this was all I had left, and no body, was going to take this from me.

"Who did this to you?" I growel. Its uncharacteristic thing for me and most people around us look shocked.

I feel Kyle grab me from behind.

"Man, you gotta calm down." He says.

"Right." I say and my whole demenor changes.

'Anywone up for some dodge ball?" I ask trying to lighten the mood.

"Come on buddy... lets go.. meditate." Kyle says leading me out of the room.

Sure like meditating to a fat guy is going to stop me from going to Hell. Well I got news for you Kyle.. I am already there.

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posted on 22-Dec-2002 1:42:30 AM by StardustDreamer
I couldn't believe it when that Liz bitch came storming up into our grill like that. One second we were all just chillin' and then that whack W5 hoe came bouncin' up through the door like she owned the shit.

It took me a minute to register what was going on (considering I had just lit up) and secondly because I had no idea what the fuck kinda necklace she was screamin' about.

I was about to get up and physically escort da bitch out, but Ava whipped out her blade and slashed da hell outta the W5 chick. I was hella glad for my shades at that moment, because even I was surprised. I could see that the chick wasn't armed. But after all, da bitch had sucker punched Ava earlier...yeah, never mind, she's a dirty ass fighter.

Ava told Isabel to give the chick back her necklace, and I secretly agreed. I could relate to the mom thing...hell, I didn't even have a fuckin necklace remember my mother.
Isabel looked at me for support when Ava demanded her to give the knife back, and I nodded discreetly behind my shades. I might be a stone cold bitch, but I'm fucking human...sometimes.

I noticed that Max was standing up for the W5 bitch. What the FUCK. But that's Max for you...he could be such a bleeding fucking heart sometimes. We had something going, but it was only purely physical fucking. No emotion, no nothin. I tried not to think about that though. It was better living in denial.

Oh, now that the hot bitch from W5, Terrell, seemed to be handling the Liz crisis, I decided to let it go- but not before noticing the red hot sex appeal between my twin and the fuckin (fine) enemy Terrell.

That couldn't be good.

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posted on 22-Dec-2002 2:47:03 AM by JBehrsGurl
A/n: Okay I’ll make the fanarts for you guys! So I get to pick any Jamal I want??? *faints* Hmmm… I’ll have to think about this one, I was thinking the Rock cuz they look like brothers but.. the rock just doesn’t fit in this story… So I’ll keep looking!


I licked the blunt wrap and rolled it shut, “Can’t believe that chicken came stompin’ up in here like she knew whut she doin.” I lit up and inhaled thick smoke, I sucked in a breath and passed it to Tess, “You wanna get fucked up and go dancing?” I asked her. I kept the smoke in my lungs for a bit longer before I exhaled and coughed slightly, “Damn! This some good shit.”

Tess did the same and passed it to Max, who took it and practically ate it.

“Whoa chill king tut. It ain’t all ya’s. Beside I shouldn’t even be sharing wit yous afta that shit you pulled earlier. I can’t believe you wuz defending ‘er.” I snapped. This was definitely ruining my high.

“You realize what you did is gonna start something huge right?” He responded and gave me my hit.

I shrugged and sucked on the blunt for a loooong time. I was known for getting the giggles when I was severely high and this shit was laced. I had a problem with never knowing when to stop. I took a swig of the monster 20/20 bottle at my feet and belched causing Tess to wrinkle her nose.

“Sometimes I can’t believe we’re sisters you cunt.” Tess scolwed when I blew my burp in her face.

This started me off into a giggle attack, Max seemed to have lost his edginess and started laughing too.

“Aye we coo Yo?” He asked, I nod and ushered him over, he wobbled near the couch and collapsed between me and my sister. I winked at him and looked at Tess who was looking a bit miffed that I brought him over. I almost piss my pants giggling just then.

“Aye Jamal!” I nod my head for him to come over, “That your brotha back there? He seemed a bit uptight. I can’t believe he joined those pansies.” I giggled all over again.

“Awww! Ewww!” I scowled when I looked to my left, “Get a room you pervs!” I smacked Max on the head. He was currently busy sticking his tongue down my sisters throat. “The nights not ova yet.” I smacked Max's ass, “Ya’ll can fuck layta. Iz!” I called up to the ceiling, “I know what you and Mike doin! Get ya asses down heer! We gonna go dancing!” I turn to Jamal who had been quiet the whole night, “Yo. You gonna be mah escort?” I pulled my pink and black locks up into a pony tail and sucked what was left of the dosha.

Jamal took me by the small of my back, “C’mon mama.” He winked.

“I hope you a good dancer cuz I’ma break you off baby.” I winked. Man I wish his brother wuz here right now. Another thing that happens when I’m high off my ass, I get fucking horney as hell. I ain’t no hoe, don’t you get me wrong. I just occasionally can be one to suck face and then move on. Rarely do I take things further than that.

Isabel and Michael came down stairs just then. I giggled again when I saw Isabel fixing her shirt and Michael’s hair tousled every which way. I saw the way Michael was looking at that W5 chick earlier. I just couldn’t help but wonder if he’d dare act on his impulses. I know one thing for sure. I never would.

Blackstreet all the way baby.

posted on 22-Dec-2002 7:52:39 PM by Liz_Parker

Why is this happening? I keep asking myself over and over again.

I look at Maria as the ambulance pases. Then I hear Brock calling my name.

"I'm not going home.", I say

Maria looks shocked but I shrug it off. The only reason I ever went home was because my mom needed me....she's gone, so am I.

I put my head in my hands again as Nick walks over and says we need to prepare some more. I look up at him and glare.

"No", is all I say.

He gives me this look. I don't care anymore. I'm my own woman.

I look down then all others walk over. Alex seems to notice cuz he makes me look at him.

I try to get away. Which isn't working....oh well.
Sorry so short! The site just started working and I gotta go, sorry!

posted on 22-Dec-2002 8:09:24 PM by qt4167013

I know what Serena was going through, in fact most of us know. She was hurting, Liz was hurting, I was hurting. Everyone was hurting and it would never stop.

"God, Serena, let us help you." I say softly.

"I cant...I cant" She says in my arms.

"This has to stop. We need to finish Blackstreet once and for all." Nick said grimly.

"Time to rock and roll!" Kyle said as he brought out his 'baby' which was what he called his gun.

"You said it!" I say high fiving him. Momentarily I felt a sense of normal as I high fived him. But it all came crashing down once again.
posted on 22-Dec-2002 8:59:40 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

That ave chick hit me and was gonna killed the living hell out of me.Intil Terrell save me, My arm hurt like hell"
Terrell I'm fine" I told him"no your not if it wasnt for me, those blackstreet chick would of killed ya" he said."but we both know nick gonna wanna go get there asses after what they done" I told him.And we went to find Nick, he was with maria and Serena, and Alex was there. I heared there gonna be another fight. I mumble" oh God" I said out loud.
posted on 22-Dec-2002 9:39:41 PM by qt4167013

I see Liz and when Nick mentions another fight I see her tense.

"Nick, maybe...we don't all have to fight." I say noticing that it seems Liz doesn't want to fight.

"No, we have to." he says firmly.

I notice Liz has tears streaming down her face. Liz is tough, I have seen her beat up many members of blackstreet before, but never once have I seen that look in her eyes. The look that says it all.

Her look says: I want to give up.

Well sorry Liz, I just can't let that happen.
posted on 22-Dec-2002 10:01:19 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I wripe away my tears" Nick, I think you are afriad of them. b/c you always set up these fights" I told Him, he look mad and pull out his gun and point it to my head" I guess I was right" I mumble.
posted on 22-Dec-2002 10:17:18 PM by qt4167013

"NICK!" I scream.

"What the hell are you doing?" I question. Maria turned hysterical and Serena looked ready to kill. Kyle I knew was already mad.

"Put the gun down!" I say quietly.

Nick did so, but kept his eyes narrowed.

"Listen, if we are going to win this fight we need to stick together. Wouldn't it just be perfect if Blackstreet came and we were beating up ourselves???" I say loudly and everyone looks down.

"Thats what I thought."
posted on 22-Dec-2002 10:39:58 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I pull out my gun" Ya wanna kill me why dont you do already, chicken!" he really mad and pull his back out" Ya you heared me" I said, I heared his gun click." I'm so sick of this gang fight and Shit" I told others. I swear if he kill me I will hunt him from fucking grave.

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 4:37:53 AM by JBehrsGurl
a/n: I got severly carried away with this scene ignore my post if you must its nothing important... Its NC-17 but its not too explicit. I tried my hardest not too but the constant sheering from *cough*jess*cough* kept me going. LMAO But the end is important...


Jamal was a looker like his brother. Strong build, good style, nice eyes…

And most of all…

He was in Blackstreet.

Dirty Dog
I'm, I'm a dirty dog
I'm a dirty dog
I'm, I'm a dirty dog
Dirty Dog
I'm a dirty dog
Dirty Dog

The music blasted loud and the floor thumped, BoOm-BoOm-BoOm! N.E.R.D.’s song “Lap Dance” began to play through the large stereo’s along the walls of La Noche dance club.

“So what happen to you saying you’d break me off?” He pulled me onto the dance floor, “C’mon Giggles, show me whatchu got.”

I swayed back and forth, still disoriented from the smoke earlier, “You think you can keep up?” I whispered in his ear.

I'm an outlaw (I'm an outlaw)
Quick on the draw (Quick on the draw)
Somethin you've never seen before (Never Seen before)
And I dare a motherfucker to come in my face

My arms raised high in the air reaching for oblivion, and Jamal’s hands on my hips… It was a intense moment, I grinded closer and more fiercely against him, his hands traveled up and down my sides, slightly grazing my breasts. I continued to dance, I was into the grove. We moved in sync, everything was perfect.

But I wanted Terrell.

I got somethin chrome (I got somethin chrome)
And I got it from home (I got it from home)
And it ain't a microphone (It ain't a mic)
And I dare a motherfucker to come in my face

The room was smoky, causing my eye sight to blur. The lights were neon and bright, my eye sight was whacked out and when I turned to look in Jamal’s eyes I swear I saw Terrell in front of me. I shook my head clear but he was still there. I blinked several times.

“You aight Gurl?” Jamal said in my ear.

I ignored my thoughts and shimmed around, “I’m good, you aight?” I yelled over the music.

He pulled me closer, “I’ll be a lot better when we get out of here.” He murmured in my ear.

I giggled, “First we dance.”

It's so real! How I feel!
Cause this society, that makes a nigga wanna kill!
I'm just straight ill! Ridin my motorcycle down the streets
While politicians - is soundin like strippers to me
They keep sayin, but I don't wanna hear it...

Little did I know that we had a small audience, the closer we danced the more intense the eyes on me grew. I could feel the stare of someone watching my every move, my every action. So I thought why not give them a show? I turn to face Jamal face to face.

Our eyes locked and the high of my earlier smoke hit me like a bullet. I didn’t have to move in, because his lips were already on mine and I dwelled in our passionate kiss. That’s all it was, lust. The high adrenaline after a battle, I was always most extreme after a brawl with Wilshire. The blood in my veins quickened its pace and my heart went into overdrive. Our tongues wrestled violently, I wrapped my arms around his neck –becoming lost in our kiss.

Oooh baby you want me?
Oooh baby you want me?
Oooh baby you want me?

The music increased further and more people thrashed around us, bobbing their heads back and forth, dancing like animals. I pulled Jamal in closer, I was hot, I was hungry, I wanted him now.

“Lets go.” I heard him say before he pulled me off the dance floor.

Well you can get this lap dance here for free
Well you can get this lap dance here for free
Well you can get this lap dance here for free
Oooh baby you want me?
Well you can get this lap dance here for free

“You heard the song boy.” I teased, pulling him back towards me, “You can’t get this lap dance here for free.” I winked and bit his lush bottom lip.

He groan, “Uhhh! You know what you do to me!?” He forced his mouth back to mine.

“Whoa! Chill mama!” Tess’s voice scolded from behind, “Sex on the dance floor is strictly prohibited, me and Max should know.” She winked and kissed Max's lips with a smack.

Max grinned and swung her over his shoulder, “We’ll be riiiight back.” He said leaving with my sister squealing the whole way.

It's a raw night (It's a raw night)
Who wants to bar fight? (Who wants to bar fight?)
Well come on alright (Y'all come on)
And I dare a motherfucker to come in my face

Jamal swung me to face him again, “What about us huh? We gonna be right back?” He wiggled his eyebrows.

I kissed him again, “Baby when we leave we ain’t comin back.” I giggled.

I saw Isabel and Michael bumping and grinding a few feet away and laughed out loud. We sure knew how to PARTY!

“Yo.” Jamal turned my face back to his with his finger on my chin, “You feelin’ me or what?”

I blinked in confusion, “Why you wanna know uh?” I jerked my chin out, always one to play hard to get I was.

He chuckled, “You like playing games, why you gotta be working my nerves for baby? C’mon. Letz go and I’ll fuck ya brains out. Then afterwards, if you still wanna dance, we’ll dance.” He shrugged.

I giggled –as always, “You gonna twurk summin for meh?” I pulled him forward by his collar, “Tell me something… Jamal you got the equipment under those baggy pants to keep me moaning into the night? Or are you all talk?”

“Only one way to find out.”

Baseball bats (Baseball bats)
I got somethin for that (I got somethin for that)
It goes bla ka ka kat (You know what that is)
So I dare a motherfucker to come in my face
It's so real! How I feel!

“Aight.” I nod, “Show me hunky boy.” I hooked my hand threw his and lead him to the back of the club.

“Here?” He looked at me shocked.

I doubled over in laughter, “Look around you baby, you see anyone paying ANY attention back here?” I spread my arms out to motion all over the blackness.

He growled sexy, “How fun.”

“Very.” I ripped his shirt up over his head and let him ravage my neck his mouth.

Cause this society, that makes a nigga wanna kill!
I'm just straight ill! Ridin my motorcycle down the streets
While the government - they soundin like strippers to me
They keep sayin, but I don't wanna hear it...

The music was still blaring deafening my ears and shaking the walls to which Jamal had pressed me up against. I felt his belt buckle press against my bare midsection and I sucked in a deep gasp through gritted teeth. I scrambled to un do his buckle and watched as his pants fell down to around his ankles, I would have laughed had the moment not been so intense and wicked.

“Yo, yo… Jamal slow down baby. You don’t jump on the rolla coasta and not strap on ya seat belt.” I nibbled his ear lobe. I reached to my left back pocket and felt for the might glow in the dark Trojan man.

(Lee Harvey)
When you think of Harvey, think of a Harley
Blue denim, spiked wrists and narly
Slap-screws and tattoos that's all me
Two blondes, both arms feelin like Fonzie

His hands had already made their way to my pant buttons and I bent down to make a show of disposing the layer that kept us apart. I was nervous despite the drug that ran through my veins and the alcohol I had consumed that night. I hadn’t been with many guys regardless of what people thought. Or the lies that spread around town like wild fire.

My skin felt as it it were on fire, my breath grew ragged and I nearly cried out in surprise when Jamal thrust into me. After that things went by pretty quick. Well… Maybe not THAT quick. This boy –I kid you not, knew his stuff. His body was slow when it was necessary and quickened pace at every fatal moment it was intended.

You can find me drunk, whippin it might crash
Or find me chillin with crackers who like thrash
Find me in court, smokin that nice grass
Burnin the flag, all in the name of white trash
It's Harvey baby, Christ on the arm I'm gnarly baby

I was in pure bliss, my legs wrapped tightely around his thighs, his movements moving in and out, eberything went into slow motion just then… As if I was on acid and the lights flickered fast. Something was a miss in La Noche. Fuck ‘em man. I was busy.

My nails dug into Jamal’s back as my inner sekf came closer to exploding, damn this boy could work it…

Fuck with me? Not hardly baby
And you know the flow ungodly baby
So lets party baby…

Then I saw him. My captor of the night. My nemesis.


It didn’t seem right. It wasn’t right. It was all wrong. WRONG.

We locked eyes and I ripped apart our connection, turning my head to Jamal’s face I joined our mouts together again.

Fuck Wishire 5…

Chicks nickname me prador, they get high off my dick
I take 'em to my home, they call it the cock-pit
Time for take off, they panties they drop quick
Now that's first class fuckin, ain't that some fly shit?

Yet fate fucked me over twice when I heard gun shots fire over head…


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After I drunkenly waved goodbye to an equally fucked up Ava, Max carried me up to a private place that only a few knew about in the club. It was a small room that
seemed to be a utility closet, but some smart mothafucka had placed a small cot on da

Max tossed me down onto da mattress -and not as softly as I woulda liked- and proceeded to do what he did best. He whispered all da right things
and hit me in all da right places, but I just wasn't feelin' it tonight.
Max was a babe and a tight guy all around, but we just weren't it. Maybe it was da latest romance novel I'm reading that's talkin, but somethin' just ain't
right when I'm thinkin' about what happened in the soaps this afternoon instead of the orgasm I'm fixin' to have.

After it was over, I laid there for awhile, wondering if Max felt the same way I did.
Da only reason we've been togetha all this time is because it was just kind expected of us, and we fell into a natural groove that people in a gang seem ta da, especially with the lack of chicks.
We lost our virginity togetha when we were fourteen, and to tell da truth, I think Max is actually so strangely old fashioned that he thinks its some kinda bonding obligation to me, which is really depressin'. Who the fuck wants to be some obligation...or duty?
I ain't nobodies bitch, especially Max's.

I was jarred outta my thoughts suddenly by resounding blasts of a gun outside the door. Jumping up at the same time, we throw on our clothes and move towards the door cautiously, but not before scooping up my gun, having it ready and waiting to thrust in some fuckers face if dey were waiting outside da door.
Max pushed me behind him as he opened the door and peered out.

"Who is it, Max? Is it Wilshire, or what? Guns ain't really their style," I comment, still a little fucked up from my buzz but also worried about where my sister was. Last thing I had seen was her practically fucking the new guy Jamal on the dance floor. I hope to hell she got outta there before da fireworks started.

Max opened the door slowly, looking out at the pandemonium below us on on the dance floor.

"I can't see a fucking thing through all that smoke an' shit," he scowled,his amber eyes peering out into
the large club. "It looks kinda like that Trips guy from the Franklon crew...and maybe his bitch Marisa..."

We both froze as we heard the gun click, a sound that we were hella familiar with, from behind our heads.

"Right and wrong bitches," came the cold voice. We both turned around at the same time to see that it was
indeed the Puerto Rican cunt Marisa from the Franklon gang.

"That ain't me down there obviously," she glanced down into the mayem and her eyes went cold," but just for even thinkin' I'd wear some whack Hilfiger rip-off shit like that, I'm gonna blow your eyes out one at a time. Who wants ta go first?"

She looked at me, her lip curling. "Put away your gun, Tess. We both know ya can't unload that shit before I can get in a shot and blow your pretty face off. And take off those fuckin' shades. Or maybe you wanna get em all bloody?" she chuckled maliciously, reaching out with one hand,"I think I'll just take em off your hands...I mean, your sure as hell not gonna need em anymore, right?"

Involuntarily and not even realizing I was doing it, I let out a yelp and a scream for help.

With a move too quick for me to figure out where he came from, an huge, muscular figure came bursting out from around the corner, knocking the gat outta Marisa's hand and bending her greedy little paw (the one reaching for my shades) around to her back. Who WAS that??

Was that...Terrell from Wilshire 5?

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Hey, just wanted to say that I'll be Max, too.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 5:34:50 AM by Galita

"Damn Michael we should of stayed home." I said wraping my arms around his neck.

"You would of like that but like Ava said we're here to have fun not fight."Michael told me.

I heard the shot so I turn to see and see that Ava, Jamal, Max, and Tess were gone. "Shit Michael the back room!" I yelled as I pull away and start to run to it but some guy grab my arm and thorw me down.

"Well hi there prinesess." Kyle says to me.

"What the do U want?" I asked coldy. "And what is your ass doing here? Where's Ava?!" I yelled just as she and Jamal come running in

"Their here!! W5 is here!!!!" Ava yell and notice Kyle leaning over me and Alex with a gun to Michaels head. " You asshole." She punches Kyle then Alex.

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No fuckin way did he hit that before me. I was pissed yet reality hit me as fast as tequila on an empty stomach. She was a Blackstreet. I was a W5. The two did NOT mix. I tried dancing with other girls to get the innocent glow of her rosy cheeks out of my mind. And that hair! That pink hair! It was like pink was all I could see now. The lights flickered when the music picked up speed and I suddenly found myself between two fine ass honey’s.

But then there was gun shots fired. I knew it wasn’t from my crew cuz we never used guns unless the other gang pulled one out. Which was NEVER. I had ran out in anger when I saw my family all shouting at each other like rivals. Since when do we fight each other and not Blackstreet?

“Fuck!” I heard someone shout.

“What the fuck you doin in my territory huh?” I saw that it was in fact other rival gangs, and not us or them. My heart beat rate went back to normal.

I saw Ava and my brother scramble out from the shadows ready for action and I caught my brothers eye. He looked about ready to rip my head off when I turned my sights to the REAL conflict that was unfolding. Then something REALY strange happen. Pinky was up in my face.

“Why da fuck you gotta be up in my grill for gorilla boy? Can’t you tell this club is strictly OURS? Or do you needs remindin?” She shoved me backward.

Then I heard shouts up over head and my reflexes went into overdrive. They were desperate calls of someone who was unarmed and in deep shit. I don’t know what the fuck made me do it… But I was running upstairs to help.

“Yo was I DONE talking to you?!” Ava shouted, following me up the stairs.

“Stay back!” I barked, it wasn’t safe up here. Not with all the commotion. But she just wouldn’t have it, damn stubborn bitch! She was a firecracker!

“No! Why you goin up there if it ain’t ya crew?” She snapped.

“Ava! C’mon! Wheres Michael and Iz? Where ya sista at?” My brother pulled her back and I resisted the urge to a tug of war game with him.

I hoped the stairs two at a time and saw the gun in Ava’s twins face. Apparently I had more to drink than I thought because my arms had minds of their own. I swung a fist at the latin bitch’s face and watched as she went down hard. Ava stormed in just then and rushed over to her sister.

“Fucking aye Tess! I almost lost you!” She cried out.

I was stuck. As if I had just smoked a bowl and was spacing out. I watched the transaction between the kindred of my enemy and almost went to hug them myself.

“Why the fuck you up here for bitch?” My brother was shouting in my face, “You think you all tight now cuz you sucka punched that trick?”

“I fuckin saved your hoe asshole!” I shouted equally as angry.

“Yo!” Pink was my vision, “Shut up! Dis ain’t play time.” She turn to me, “As much as I can say how much I fuckin hate Wilshire and all it is…” She paused, “Thank you.” She looked into my eyes.

FUCK! Her eyes were the bluest I’ve ever seen.

“Now get the fuck out my club.” She sneered.

The moment was gone. Her pride had built up yet again, and I was on the outside. I turn tyo leave but was stopped by two new members…

Michael and Isabel.

"Going somewhere?" Michael pressed his metallic weapon against my chin and lifted my face to his.

I glanced to Ava to see what she would do. Would she tell him the truth? Or would she let him blast my ass to hell?
posted on 23-Dec-2002 10:06:42 AM by qt4167013

That Isabel is one hard core cookie. That Ava chick just hit me and now its war.

"Hey, ALex." I say calmly with Michael's gun pointed at my head.

"Yeah, Kyle?" He says cheerfully.

I can see Isabel and michael have dragged us to where Terrell is and that were cornered.

"So what are we going to do today?" Alex asks just like any other day.

I smile. This was when the two of us worked the best.

"Oh I thought I was going to you know, hang out, and than maybe play that new video game I just got."

Out of the corner of my eye I see Isabel and Michael exchange looks as Terrell smirks at us knowing what we were doing.

"That new video game with that hot detective?" Alex said happily.

"WHat the Hell is going on?" Michael yelled, cofused.

This was what we had been waiting for. We both whipped around and knocked the guns away and picked them up.

"Ok no body move." Alex said in a "john wayne" voice.

We are both laughing and I can see that Isabel and Michael are confused.

"Ok guys, enough fun. Its time to end this once and for all...."

Ok, ok I know thats a little out of the ordinary but I love when Alex and Kyle have those little crazy moments and I thought that it would be funny if even in the face of danger they did it. Read it over... its cute.
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I put my gun away" Look Nick, we will do this some other time" I said and walk off, I notice Alex and Kyle going into the blackstreet house so I follow them in, When I saw them doing that trick they always do. I smile, and came out " oh you got them back huh" I ask them, and they just nodded." I guess there not so rough without the guns" I said and pull out my gun" Yes we got a new style" I smile hard.

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Hmm.....what can I do to get this fight moving along a little?

I walk over to Terrell's brother and smirk. He looks like he could kill someone.....but I can get to 'em first.

I start punching him, which doesn't seem to take much affect on him, I glare then I get an idea.

One big breath and I knee the guy.

He falls over in pain.....I smile but, can't fall for someone from Blackstreet. Your loyal to Wilshire.

I start backing away quickly then feel myself get grabbed so I turn around.

"Come on Ser....we gotta go", It's Alex.

We run over to the exit. I sigh and try to act like it's just an ordinary day.

But earlier's events cloud my head. She's gone....nothing I can do about it but seek revenge. I walk over to Maria who seems to be out of breath.

" should rest", she tells me.

"I'm fine....", or at least that's what I have to tell everyone. Inside I feel like I'm dying.

I walk past Alex and Kyle....I know they can see right through me....I've known them long enough. I sigh as Kyle grabs me.

"What Kyle?", I ask keeping up my wall.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 12:29:56 PM by JBehrsGurl

It all happen so fast. One minute we were defending ourselves against Franklon then the next -Wilshire 5 was there, and they had just punked Michael and Isabel. I pulled Tess and Max down the stairs with me and watch as Isabel starts chasing after them.

"Isabel WAIT!" I shout to her. But she doesn't listen, she just whips out her gun and starts shooting, I run after her and pull her back, "YO! Calm down gurl! We'll get 'em back. The nights still not ova yet." I winked and pulled her into a warm embrace.

Michael looked confused, "What the fuck just happen? Are they on crack? What the hell!?"

I burst out laughing, "I think those two just pulled one on ya Mikey." I ruffled his hair, "Smart ass little pricks they are." I flicked my blade open, "But we always come out on top now don't we?" I winked.

Isabel grinned wide, her lush ruby lips sparkling from her gloss, "Oh yes… We ALWAYS come out on top." Arm and arm we skipped over towards the Wilshire house, "Michael, you call up everyone. That shit ain't coo. When you come up in OUR club and act like you da shit…" I shook my head, "That's when you get a bullet in ya ass." I knew I wasn't gonna go shoot anyone, I just wanted to scare 'em. I've never killed no one who didn't deserve it, and because Terrell saved my sister… I would never kill anyone in Wilshire 5.

Jamal walked out just then, "I dun think using guns is such a good idea." He gulped.

I snorted, my high was gone and the fact that I knew I had just fucked this pansy was enough to make me sick, "Why you backin out, you scared?" I spat annoyed.

Tess and Max came to his defense, "They're right. Someone's gonna die tonight if we use weapons. I'm sick of all this rivalry man. Its time we squash this shit." My sister shrugged.

I looked from face to face, "Do I know you?" I looked at Isabel, "Yo, you still wit me? I know a guy… He can get us anything we need. Anything we WANT."

Jamal pulled me out of Isabel grasp, "You're not LISTENING Ava!" he shouted, "My brother… He has a problem with anger, he can't hold it back. You go shooting over there and he WILL I repeat WILL not hesitate to put a bullet in ya head."

"Guess that a challenge I'm willing to take." I snapped. If I didn't know any better I'd think he had a thing for one of those W5 chicks...

Jamal shook his head, "I ain't gonna let you go out alone." He took my hand and we walked off. I turned around to see who would follow me…

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"God Michael are you ok?" I look him over as he pushes me out of the way. "What's wrong?" I ask.

"I saw how you looked a that jackass" I said and walks off.

I run to Ava and Jamal and sit down not wanting to talk about what all just happened with me, Micahel and those Wilshier.

"What happen Izzy?" Ava asked as she takes my hand.

"I just had a long nihgt.....I'm out of here tell Max that I want home...where is he and Tess?" I ask as they walked back up.

"I'm right here Iz." Max said

I kinda nod and get up to leave as I bumb into Michael I just keep walking away. Hey it's not a biggy, right? I mean were not in love.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 2:20:21 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

We walk out and all of sudden one of the blackstreet chick pull me back and cover my mouth"Your gonna die once and for all Bitch!" they took me and push me into the house. And I fell flat on m face.I stand up and gave the evilest look ever." just do it already, I rather did, first then beg for my life, Bitch!" I told them
posted on 23-Dec-2002 2:30:42 PM by JBehrsGurl

I just ment to scare her, I didn't know she was so brave. When I took Liz back to out place I expected her to scream and cry. But she stood difiant as ever.

"I appluad your bravery Liz." I nod. "I ain't gonna kill ya. I just wanna ask you somethin... No ones around. They don't know. So yous can chill." I reasurred her, "I wanna know all YOU know about Terrell."
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oh, god, sorry guys!! I've been away for so long, but this is soooooo good!!


I want nothing more to go back to my apartment and chill for the rest of the night, get away from all of these fuckers and catch up on my sleep. But I can't find anyone from Wilshire 5 anymore. It's all a mass of confusion, and I almost feel like dropping down on the floor to cry.

I spot Serena and walk up next to her. She doesn't even acknowledge my presence.

"You wanna go home?" I ask her.

She nods, still trying to be strong. "But we can't." she tells me. "Nick's not ready to."

I see Nick with a few other W5 members walking around the club, searching for any Blackstreet members. Sometimes, he just doesn't know when to give up.

I'm about to approach him and tell him I'm taking Serena home when he starts shouting. "Wilshire 5!" he yells. "We headin' out back! We settlin' this once and for all!"

I hear Kyle whoop with happiness. The guy loves to fight. He's good at it, too. Alex's face is set in stone. Revenge is the only thing on his mind.

I can't find Liz anywhere, and, as our gang charges outside, I lose Serena, too. "Nick!" I stop our leader. "Why are we doing this?"

He doesn't answer me.

"Nick, I'm going home." I say defiantly. "I'm taking Serena with me, once I find her."

"No, you're not!" He turns and grabs me by the wrist, pulling me up against him hard. "You're fightin' with us, bitch, or you'll die, too!"

I don't doubt that, so I follow him outside like I always do.

We're ready to fight again, now, though we don't have Liz. I silently wonder to myself, will this ever end?

okay, I had to read through this really fast, so if something isn't right, I'll edit. keep up the great work everyone!!

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Ava comes running over to me, out of breath. "Where's Blackstreet?" she asks.

"Right here, baby." I say, pointing to myself.

"Don't be a smart-ass." she says. "Where's the gang? Wilshire 5 wants to close the deal right now! I just heard them talking while I was trying to get information out of that Liz bitch!"

I sigh. Great. We're fighting again. Can't I just take one day of rest?

Ava and I round up the rest of Blackstreet---Max, Tess, Isabel, Will, Jamal, and everyone else. Everyone's starting to look a little tired, but we put our gamefaces on for the showdown.

Will leads the way. I follow close behind him, and Isabel follows close behind me. Isabel . . . I might need to use her for a quick screw after this is over.

Soon, we meet up with Wilshire 5 again. A few of them look as tired as we feel, but others, like Serena, just look completely emotionally drained. Nick and Kyle and Alex, however, look ready to fight.

Nick starts everything off, by pulling a knife from his pocket. Will, of course, charges forward, then, and punches him in the face.

And, from there, it's a blur. I can't look out for anyone but myself.

I head straight to Maria. We were fighting last time and she gave me one hell of a bruise on my arm. I'll never get used to fighting a girl, though, except for this one. This bitch knows how to handle herself.

It's easy for me to pin her to the ground. I fall on top of her, just to make sure that she can't get up. I pull a knife out from my pocket and slash it across her wrist. She doesn't make a sound.

"Ooh, you're bad." she says sarcastically, igniting the anger inside of me. "You slit my wrist."

"I'll slit your throat if you don't shut up!" I threaten.

She laughs. "No, you won't."

I look into her eyes, and I feel like I can see into her. I wonder if she can see into me as well, see all that I'm feeling and thinking.

Her eyes hold such meaning. I can see that she is afraid, that she is scared. She wants to hide it, but her eyes are the gateway to her soul.

"Bitch." I grumble.

Suddenly, I hear the sounds of sirens approaching. I see everyone around me begin to scatter.

"Michael, come on!" Will shouts.

I don't take my eyes off of Maria.

"Michael!" I hear Isabel call.

Relucatantly, I tear my eyes away from Maria's, and I bolt away before the cops can catch me . . .

sorry if that sucked!!

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I look back to see Michael runing up to me. I thorw myself on him.

"Hey don't worry I'm fine." He said as he takes me in the house.

"You dumbass! You could of got cought!" Max yelled at Michael.

"I hate this!" I yelled trying to get everyone to shut -up. "I don;t like fighting..I hate it the only way I can get rid of my stress is sleeping with Michael I want a real life!"

"You can't your in here forever Izzy." Will said trying to said calm.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 4:39:11 PM by qt4167013

I said I don't like fighting. I really don't but I just happen to be really good at it.

We once again approach Blackstreet. I approach a blond girl. tess I think her name is.

"Hey sweetheart. Wanna dance?" I say seethingly.

She smiles at me, ready for a fight. I feel butterflys. Weird that has never happend before.

"Come and get me." She says and I gladly oblige.

I jump her and push her to the ground.

"Hey baby. My names Kyle." I say as I pin her, using my old wresteling skills.

"get off of me." She says.

"Not now. Not ever." I say and bursh my cheek against hers. She has quieted down and I notice how good and soft she feels. On impulse I lean down and....find my self pushed up against the ground.

"Owww." I say disgrunteld.

"Now whos the damsel in distress." She says and I notice her ruby red lips.

god, what have I gotten myself into.

Suddenly sirens sounded and I bolted, trying to leave my feelings behind.
I know that he isn't supposed to get so close in the begining was an impulse


Revenge. I have taken the oath and signed my name in blood. Wilshire 5 is part of me as is revenge.

I don't start fighting right away. I know some stupid joke with Kyle and me won't work this time and I wait for trouble to come to me.

I see the tall brown haired girl come to me. She pushes me to the ground and I lay limp.

"Why don't you fight?" She asks confused. She is leaning over me and I see she has a neclace just like Liz did. But this one is different. I pull on it and instead of letting it break she leaned in.

"So your name is Isabel." I say and flip her around.

"yes." She says. I have her necklace and she is pinned. She can't move.

"Isabel." I say letting the name roll off my toungue.


"Whats it to you?" she asks spitting.

"the world." I say looking at her hair.

"Your hair would look better blond." I say.

"It was. I died it." She says quietly losing her edgy voice.

I look into her eyes.

no, no no no no! I can't like her! I cant! Shes from blackstreet, I chide myself. But I look again at her deep brown eyes and realize that I can't stop myself from falling for her because you see,I realize I already fell.

Than I see everyone running and I hear sirens.

"Oh shit!" I say and Isabel uses that time to run away.
I know that doesn't go with the last post but it was supposed to be BEFORE isabel ran off to Michael, sorry Galita!

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Isabel was so tired of being who she was, when I first joined I thought I was getting myself into something that would always keep me safe, something that would always stay stable when the world around us came crashing down.

I sat next to my gurl and hugged her close, "Iz." I said to her, wiping her hair from her face, "Will's right. You in... You in for life. Ain't no if and or buts..." I smirked, "Well, maybe a few butts"

She laughed.

"But you mah gurl, an I always be here for yous. Aight? You need me to back you up you say the word and I won't hesitate to put a bullet in anyone who fucks with us." I winked, "You coo?" I looked up at Michael, "Aye, what the fuck was that little dance thing you did with Maria? Had I ah betta mind... I'd think you were feelin 'er. You gonna start jeepin wit da enemy now huh?"

Michael scowled, "Psh, whateva."

I looked away. How can I ridicule Michael when I had just kidnapped Liz and made her tell me everything she knows about Terrell?

"Yo." I nodded to Michael, "Sorry for saying that..."
posted on 23-Dec-2002 4:51:28 PM by JBehrsGurl
I've noticed that every time I post I'm a post behind LMAO!!! haha
posted on 23-Dec-2002 5:42:10 PM by Liz_Parker
lol, it's ok. I wanna see those fanarts *tongue* Well, ttyl.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 5:49:43 PM by Cominatcha
WOW!! That's all I can say. Everyone's post have been great!!


It looks like the night has FINALLY come to an end, and I put an emphasis on finally. It's been a hell of a day, and sleep is sounding good.

Or maybe . . . hmm . . . I wonder if Isabel maybe wants to . . .

Isabel and I have been sharing an apartment for awhile now. It's nothing nice, but it's cheap, and it houses us. That's all I can ask for, I guess.

"Isabel," I say slowly. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." she says, but something in her voice tells me otherwise. Isabel is strong, but sometimes, she not always as strong as she likes to think she is.

"If we run into Wilshire 5 again," she finally blurted, "I have a feeling we're screwed."

"Why?" I couldn't keep the shock out of my voice. Isabel never duobted her friends, her family.

"Look at us. We're tired, and all we can thinking about is fucking each other."

Michael smirked. "Speaking of fucking . . ."

She sighed. "Honestly, Michael . . ."

I press my lips down onto hers, silencing her. No words are needed from there. They never are. We are just a tangle of arms and legs and lips. Small sighs escape our lips at times, but this is only for pleasure.

Isabel rolls her head back and lets me attack her neck with my mouth. "Oh, God, Alex . . ."

I pull away. "What?" I shriek. Is Isabel falling for Whitman? The geek?

"Just keep going." she urges me, so I do. Besides, Isabel's thoughts and interests don't matter to me. She is just my bed-partner, nothing more.

Soon, we are on the bed, and we are naked. As I enter her, I look into her eyes. Something I rarely do.

Only it wasn't Isabel I saw looking back at me.

It was Maria.

I pull out of her as quickly as I can.

"What is it?" she asks between pants.

I shake my head. "Nothing. I'm just kinda tired. I'm going to bed." I get under the covers on my side of the bed and don't say another word.

That night, Maria DeLuca's face would haunt me in my dreams . . .

sorry, that was bad!!

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 6:16:54 PM by qt4167013
that wasn't bad at all cominatcha! It was REALLY good. I love the part with Isabel saying alex's name!


Here I am at home once again after almost getting caught by the police.

Maria and I share a bed because of the small apartment.


"yeah?" SHe asks sleepily.

"your devoted to Wilshire 5 right?'

"yup." She says

"And if you happend anyone of Blackstreet...would you go for it?"

With that she shot out of bed.

"what would make you think of that?"

"Oh nothing." I say quickly and try to fall asleep but it doesn't work. All I can think of a certain blond vixen with crystal blue eyes and ruby red lips.

Oh Buddah! What did I get myself into?


Isabel. Is.a.bel. When you say a name over and over again it begins to sound like a nonsense word. Isabel, isabel, isabel, isabel, isabel, isabel, isabel. See, nonsense word.


If I didn't have stupid things like this to think about I would go crazy. Not to say that I am not crazy already, I just meant- Hell, what did I mean.

See, I am slowly going crazy. No, not off my rocker, one flew over the coocoos nest, angelina jolie in Girl interupted crazy. I am talking about head over heals, butterflys in the stomach, romeo and juliet crazy. Yup I am crazy about a girl. And not just any girl... a girl that I can't have.

Isabel. As in Isabel from Blackstreet.

I moan as I imagine her tall lean legs and piercing brown eyes.

"oh crap." I say as I realize that I was finished, washed up, There was no fucking way I could go up to Nick and try and kill her again. No fucking way.

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 6:30:36 PM by Cominatcha
qt4167013, that was great!! I love the whole nonsense word part!!


It's another early morning, I guess. Most morning are. Nick wakes us up at the crack of dawn again, and, of course, Kyle is up before I am.

I need a few extra minutes of sleep. I had been through a real busy day, and my mind had been a jumble of thoughts las night about what Kyle had said about being devoted to Wilshire 5. Of course I'm devoted! It's me! I'm about the most devoted person alive!

Kyle yells at me to get up, so I do so. I feel dirty from the run-in with Blackstreet last night, so I hop in the shower and turn on the warm water. I just stand there with my eyes close and let it run over me. Mmm . . .

I imagine a hand on my arm, running down lower and lower, tracing over the curve in my waist, and running across my stomach.

"Bitch," my imaginary playmate grumbles.

I open my eyes and see Michael standing in front of me. Michael of Blackstreet. Holy shit.

"Fuck you." I tell him, closing my eyes again.

"Go right ahead, baby." he tells me.

I snap my eyes open again when Kyle calls my name, and there is no Michael in front of me.

He was only a figment of my imagination. Good.

Of course, I'm the last one ready. I glance around at my tired friends, my tired family. Some of them are yawning. Others just look like they're going to fall asleep right then and there. Nick is about the only one who doesn't look tired. I swear to whatever god exists, the guy has endless energy, and he channels it all to his fights with Blackstreet and other gangs.

Liz seems to be the only one missing. Hmm . . . we'll have to find her later. She's a fragile little thing, probably the most easily broken of our group. She can't deal all by herself. Someone from Blackstreet probably took her, like Ava or someone. Ava and Liz seem to be at each other's throats. Stupid rivalry . . .

No one really knows how this rivalry with Blackstreet got started. It just kinda happened one day, and neither gang is strong enough or crazy enough to stop it. Nick carries on the rivalry, that's for sure.

"Wake up, DeLuca!" he snaps at me.

"Sorry." I apoligize in a sleep voice, yawning.

"We're going to the tattoo parlor today." Nick tells me. "Everyone gettin' W5 on they arms."

No one protests. Everyone is too afraid to. Even Kyle. Nick has a gun in his pocket, and he's not afraid to use it.

So we head to the parlor as a group without a single word . . .

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 6:35:36 PM by Cominatcha

I wake up the next morning after a series of haunting, violent, and sometimes even passionate dreams about Maria. I can see that everyone is already up and outside waiting for me. I skip over my shower and head downstairs.

"'Bout time, Guerin!" Will shouts.

"Shut up, dick!" I shout back. I'm one of the few people in our gang that will stand up to that asshole.

"Lets' get a move on!" Will continues to shout. "We goin' to the parlor today. We getting Blackstreet put on our backs."

No one protests. Everyone is too afraid. Even Ava. Will has a gun in his pocket and he's not afraid to use it.

So we head to the parlor as a group without a single word . . .

PS-I meant to repeat myself by the way

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 6:55:12 PM by qt4167013

shit. I don't think Buddah allows tatoos. Oh well. Nick looks ready to kill and I don't want to be the one that gets the gun if you know what I mean.


Yeah! a tatoo. Imagine my happiness. I follow Nick out the door but hang back to hang with kyle.

"Hey man. Rough day." I say sarcastically.

"You could say that." He sais ruffly. I know kyle is morally opposed to tatoos. He is the only one in the group to have nothing pierced or tatooed.

"its not that bad." I say to him trying to make him feel better.

"right, and when the Titanic sunk, IT WASNT ALL THAT BAD!" he says loudly. Liz sends him a sympithetic look and Maria frowns at him.

"Guys shut up!" Serena says suddenly.

We are all quiet.

"Oh no..." Liz says as we approach the shop.

I look around and frown as well. Blackstreet is standing in front of the shop.

"What are YOU doing here?" Nick growles.

I can see thier leader, will, smirk.

"Getting a tatoo. What does it look like?" He sneers.

"Nick." I say cautiously. "Not in broad daylight."

I look over and see Isabel. She is avoiding my eyes. I narrow mine and look away.

How could I ever have feelings for someone on blackstreet?
posted on 23-Dec-2002 6:56:58 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was force to tell Ave everything about Terrell. When I did she tie me up and put me in some dark room, and tape my mouth shout.

I wonder how W5, and Maria taking it, when they find out I am missing.

I heared everyone converation from down stairs. Everyone falling for each-other in W5 that isnt good.

I don't think that Max dude is bad him self.

OOC: I know it sucked!
posted on 23-Dec-2002 7:03:18 PM by Cominatcha
Great Alex and Isabel interaction!!


This isn't the time or the place for another brawl. Why did we have to run into Blackstreet?

My eyes meet Michael's and I turn away, but not before seeing him mouth the word "bitch" to me. I wonder if he even knows my real name.

I look down at my wrist. It doesn't hurt anymore, but you can tell that he slit it. I can feel the anger start to boil inside of me. I need to get away from here now. And we still need to find Liz, too. We've got better things to do then stand around here and waste our time with these losers!!

"Nick," I say, placing my hand on his shoulder. I know he likes it when I touch him. "Can't we finish this tonight?"

He nods. "Right." he says. "Tonight. Meet us back at PLANET BANG."

"Our club." I hear one of Blackstreet mumble. Nick obviously hears it, too. "Hey, listen up!" he shouts. "You fuckers are gonna get your asses kicked tonight, got that?"

Will reaches into his back pocket, and, for a minute, I wonder if he'll pull out his gun.

But he doesn't. "Fine." he agrees. "We be there."

Nick decides to leave, then, and we all follow, as usal. I can still feel my new tattoo burning on my skin, and I can still feel Michael Guerin's eyes following me as I leave . . .

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 7:58:42 PM by StardustDreamer
I just gotten home from a diffcult night at the club, and I'm so fuckin tired of this Blackstreet shit. I mean, I'm one of head guys of the gang, but the Rivalry between us an' them is gettin to me. I'd to think it's because it's all consuming and takes alot of our energy and power...
but it ain't.

Ever since I ran into that Liz chick from W5 the first night at Planet Bang, and later at our crib, she's been on my mind. Her soft brown hair and rare innocence lurking under hard mahogany eyes enchanted me....

I shook my head and started to take of my shirt, revealing a tan and muscular chest that I've been working on for the past couple of years. I heard yelling out in one of the rooms and was on instant alert.

Putting my piece in the back of my pants, I rushed out into the room with the yelling and froze in shock. Liz was tied and gagged in a chair.

God, she was one beautiful bitch.

But what the fuck was she doin' here?

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 8:30:03 PM by Liz_Parker

I'm sick of all of this. Nick telling us what to do constantly. It's like we're all his children and he's the father.

Newsflash! We're all around the same age. He has no right to tell us what to do all the time. This is one of those times that I wish I had one of those lifes Alex mentioned earlier.

Everything all planned out. A perfect boyfriend, no being forced to get things we don't want.

Just once I'd like to see someone tell Nick NO. Just 2 little letters. N-O.

He sure doesn't seem to know the meaning of that word. He just seems to know "Go, do this, do that, I said NOW!". Things like that.

I take a deep breath and start walking off ignorning everyone's looks. That's when I feel myself being shoved against the wall.

"What the....."

That's when I see Blackstreet's Jamal looking at me with a grin. I raise an eyebrow.

"What do you want?", I ask him curiously.

And then he smirks. "You of course".
posted on 23-Dec-2002 8:58:56 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I am tie up, When I see Max open the lights and look at me, it a werid way no-body ever look at me"m'mmmmmmm".

I try to talk, but the tape on my mouth is stoping me.

Then I look down sadly, when I know he wont untie me b/c he is a blackstreet, he will never turn his back on them, not for anyone.

Either do I with W5.

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posted on 23-Dec-2002 9:41:54 PM by qt4167013

I see Serena start to walk away. I want to follow her but Alex grabs my arm.

"no." He said quietly.

"But Serena..." I said wanting to run after her.

A couple of years ago Serena and I went out. It was a nice thing we had too, we loved eachother. Or at least thought we did. Sure we slept together, and she got pregnant. We were happy, we had figured by then that we didn't LOVE LOVE eachother but loved eachother as friends, but we knew that we would give this baby the life we both had never had. Than one day, during a fight w/ blackstreet, someone punched her in the stomach and she had a miscarriage.

We were devestate, but no one as much as Serena. She locked herself in her room and would cry and cry. Since than, though we have become best friends and I tell her everything and I thought I should be the one to go after her.

So when Alex stopped me I was mad.

"Alex, serena is my friend and friends help each-" Alex cut me off as he pointed and I saw that new boy put his hand on her shoulder.

I Felt my own shoulders sag as I watched the scene. I guess its time to let her go.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 10:03:29 PM by Liz_Parker

I push him away. Who does he think he is?!

I start running off, I can't handle all of this right now, not after my mother being killed....for all I know it was by *them*.

I hate Blackstreet for one main reason. They killed my child. It was a few years ago....and I was young, was just a mistake. Just one big, friendly mistake.

Kyle and me were together....thought we were in love....and you get the picture,I got pregnant. One big fight broke out....I wasn't trying to get anywhere near them then suddenly one of them punched me in the stomach.....the next day I found out I had a miscarriage.

I was in my room for what seemed like ever. When I did come out, I didn't fight for almost 2 months.

A part of me was scared to I guess. But I was over it....until now.

Now my mom's baby's gone.....and I have no one.

I'm not sure why....but a tear is rolling down my cheek and more start falling down after them....I lean against a wall and slide down it bawling.

Slowly letting it all was in was just setting it free was the problem.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 10:08:14 PM by Galita

"No I am not going to fight tonight. I'm to fucking tired as if!" I yelled as the W5 walk off. I look at Alex.

How could I be in love with a W5! I mean come on we're fighting each other and I'm getting all this weird feelings.

I take Ave and Michael to the side. "I think I'm in love with one of them." I said looking down.

"You can't be...that's just wrong" Michael snapped at me. I just roll my eyes at him.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 10:12:17 PM by qt4167013

I send a desgusted look to Nick and Blackstreet as I run after Serena.

"Rena! Rena!" I cry.

She is sobbing and I know there is nothing I can say to help her.

"God, Rena. I am so sorry." I say sitting next to her.

She snorts.

"Sorry. What good does that five little word say. Sorry. A lot of good sorry does you."

"Rena....I am so..."

"What, sorry again? Kyle, does sorry bring back my mom? Does it bring back my baby? no!" She was getting hysterical.

I reach out and hug her. From behind I become aware of a presance behind me. Its that new guy from Blackstreet. He is looking on with compassion, such compassion I never knew was possible out of a blackstreet member.

"Let me.." He says trailing off.

I know it was wrong...I knew it but I did it any way.

"Keep her in good hands." I say and with that walked away. ALex runs up to me.

"WHat the hell are you doing?" He hissed.

I just keep walking.

"Come on Nick...were done here." I say and lead ALex and Maria away.

"No!" nick yells. "this has to be finished, NOW!" He says pulling out his gun.

He holds it up and a bang is heard. Nick falls to the ground and we look up to see Will holding his gun and having it pointed right infront of him.

Oh my gosh! I am soo sorry guys. I don't know if you wanted that to happen, but I started writing and it jsut came out. Tell me if you want me to edit it out.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 10:21:17 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
OMG!, I never knew there was going to be any killing, but good Nick needed to die.*angel*
posted on 23-Dec-2002 10:28:04 PM by qt4167013
I wasn't planning on any killings either but once I started it just seemed to fit
posted on 23-Dec-2002 10:34:03 PM by qt4167013
Dreamer_Dreaming originally wrote:
good Nick needed to die

I so agree. I guess I wont edit it!
posted on 23-Dec-2002 10:45:16 PM by Liz_Parker

I hate that I'm crying. I'm supposed to be strong.

Kyle says he's sorry....everyone says their sorry, but what good does 1 little word do to help a wounded soul?

I look confused as Kyle walks away. Where's he going? Why is he leaving me with that Blackstreet guy?

I tense up as he walks over and touches my cheek.

"Leave me alone", I say sniffling.

But he won't, he keeps pulling me closer and closer until he actually kisses me.

I struggle and try to pull away but it doesn't work....and for some reason....I'm actually liking it....this can't be good.
posted on 23-Dec-2002 11:38:27 PM by StardustDreamer
Eh, I'll bust out with a Tess part soon, but I just wanted to post the picture that I made that I envisioned this Tess to look like...I dunno, I felt like I needed to post a visual! ;)

posted on 24-Dec-2002 12:11:27 AM by Liz_Parker
Looks cool *happy* I wanna see a fanart of like the wole Wilshire and whole would be cool to like put it with the story or something. Ya'll can use my pic from my sig link *happy*

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posted on 24-Dec-2002 9:13:00 AM by Cominatcha

"Will!" I shout. I run up and snatch the gun from his hands before he can do anything about it. "What the fuck were you thinkin', bro?"

I glance down at Nick on the ground. He appears to be dead. The strange thing is, no one really seems to care.

"Maybe now this can all come to an end." I mumble.

"No!" Will shouts. "We still meetin' tonight! Back at PLANET BANG! You fuckers betta be there!" He points almost directly at the DeLuca chick, and I feel my blood begin to boil.

It was a brief moment of chaos and confusion, I guess, and one man was left dead, and Wilshire 5 was left without a leader. All the better for us, I suppose.

"Hey, Isabel," I say as we walk away from the parlor, forgetting about the tattoos completely and heading back to our crib for the day. "Say, there's gonna be a fight tonight, so, maybe you could give me a little something, just in case something happens to one of us . . ." I know, in a minute, she'll be all over me. That's Isabel for you. She can never say no in times of distress.


I'm shocked. "What?" I bark. "What?"

"You heard me. No!" She brushes past me and joins up with the rest of the group, leaving me wondering why my bitch doesn't want to fuck with me anymore.

It couldn't possible be that Whitman geek . . .

sorry, that was stupid!!
posted on 24-Dec-2002 9:20:08 AM by Cominatcha

I don't know what we're supposed to do now. Nick is dead. He was the one who carried on the rivalry. Without him, we have no leader.

I always thought that Nick's death could be for the best, but I've begun to think otherwise, now. Now, without him, our best fighter, our strongest member, we may all be killed in the next fight.

I find Serena on the other side of the building. She isn't crying as much, now, thank God, but she looks confused.

"What happened?" I ask my friend.

She shrugs. "I don't know. I was just there and . . . and . . . Jamal . . . he kissed me."

Oh, great. Serena was falling for a Blackstreet member, too. Well, she wasn't the only one.

Everything was falling apart. Though I didn't like the fighting, I wasn't going to let W5 down. Someone had to be here to hold it together.

"Come on Serena." I say, ushering her back out with our group.

They're all just standing around, looking at the dead body. A few look sad. Others look happy. And still others seem to have no feelings on the matter at all.

"Alex, Kyle, take a crew out to find Liz." I start to give out orders. "We'll need her for the fight tonight."

"You're not in charge, Maria." Kyle reminds me. Nick never thought he would die, so he never thought to choose a second in command. Now, we have no one.

"Well, somebody has to be . . ."

I think I just quoted a roswell episode!! ask not or something. lol
posted on 24-Dec-2002 9:43:29 AM by Liz_Parker

I go with Maria back to the others and my eyes widen as I look at Nick's now lifeless body.

"What happened?", I ask softly, no one seems to listen as Maria starts telling us orders.

"Why do we still have to do this?.....There's no point anymore, the rivalry was all about Nick and Will", I say, somewhat sick of it all.

I look at Kyle who sighs, then at Alex who still has that look of determination on his face.

I shake my head. I'd like once and for all for everything to just stop. No more fighting, no more tattoo nothing from either gang.

What would it be like if all the rivalry stopped? Of course it would have to be after that Will guy dies.....but, that could easily be arranged.

Maria tells us where to go and what to do. Of course I'm with Kyle......guess for some reason he's my bodygaurd.

"Oh please.....can't we just get ONE night of peace?!" I practically scream. They all look at me in shock. I just shake my head and turn to leave, then Kyle grabs my arm and grips it hard.

"What Kyle?"
posted on 24-Dec-2002 11:53:33 AM by Galita

I said no to Michael because I really don't want him I want that nice looking Alex guy. Maybe we can all flirt and get Will mad at us or something I donn't know I really don't wanna fight.

Mcihael caught up with us. "Did you say no?!" Michael said half yelling at me.

"Yeah I said NO to you..what are you going to do to me?!" I get in his face. He trys to hit me but Jamal grabs his arm.

"You don't hit ladys just because they say no to you. Jamal said. Will looks back to see what's going on.

"I'm outta here. I'll be back in a hour I hope. If I don't met up with Alex then I won't be back." I said and walk out hoping Alex would be out. I smiled to myself.

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posted on 24-Dec-2002 12:15:18 PM by Cominatcha

I watch as Isabel leaves. She's such a complicated individual. I've spent years trying to figure her out, but, now, I've finally decided that she's not worth wasting my time on.

She can go have Alex for all I care. But, if she wants to come back for a quick screw, I won't hesitate, either.

I feel like takling to Max. He's been one of my really good friends for quite some time now, and I need to find out if he's attracted to any of the W5 bitches. Then I wouldn't feel so bad that I am, too. But he's no where in site. I think he went back to the crib when Will started talking about tattoo parlors.

I follow Will and the others, and we stop at Big Rob's to get some breakfast. Ava, Jamal, Tess, and some other guy take one booth, while I sit with Will and a few other guys. I'm hungry, so I eat fast, not bothering to care what people around me think of my horrible manners.

"Michael," Will says quietly so only us four guys at the table can hear him. "Is Isabel okay?"

I shrug, though I know what's going through her head. Isabel would never tell Will anything about her personal feelings and emotions, so I don't have the right to, either.

"She's just acting weird." Will continues.

"Weirder than usual?"


I stuff the last of my omelet in my mouth and wipe my face off with a napkin. "Just let her be by herself for awhile." I suggest.

Will sighs. "I don't know. It just kinda seems like she doesn't want to continue the rivalry with Wilshire 5 anymore."

"Most of us don't." I tell him honestly.

He seems surprised, like he hadn't seen that coming. "Do you?" he asks me directly.

An image of Maria flashes through my mind. The enemy.

"Yeah," I half lie half tell the truth. "Of course." I may not be perfect, but the one thing I am is loyal. I won't turn my back on Blackstreet now.

Will turns to the other two guys at the table and asks them the same question. They answer yes immediately, but I know they don't want to. I've had conversations about the whole ordeal with them, and they don't want to keep it going.

Will sighs. "Everything is falling apart." he says. "Just promise me you're with me." He extends his hand, and I feel like I'm left with no choice to shake it, so I do.

"I'm with you forever." I promise, wiping the image of Maria from my mind.

"Good." Will says. "And you'll help me tonight, right?"

I nod, remembering our arranged fight.

"Good." Will repeats. "Now if only Isabel was with us, too . . ."

Isabel, I think. Hmm . . . I don't know if she'll ever be with us again, Will. Ever . . .

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posted on 24-Dec-2002 12:51:52 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
OOC: waiting for our max!
posted on 24-Dec-2002 12:54:14 PM by Cominatcha
I think StardustDreamer is Max. Oh, yeah, she volunteered to play him, too!! She's awesome!!

posted on 24-Dec-2002 12:58:48 PM by Liz_Parker
hehe. I'm waiting on Kyle *happy*
posted on 24-Dec-2002 1:09:31 PM by Cominatcha
I think we might all be waiting for awhile, since it's Christmas time and all.
posted on 24-Dec-2002 1:20:30 PM by Liz_Parker
Yep *sighs*
posted on 24-Dec-2002 2:10:18 PM by qt4167013

I grab Serena.

"What?" She asks.

I frown. Truthfully I don't know myself.

"Rena, we need to stick together." I say, choosing my words carefully.

"Well you sure didn't stick with ME when you left me with that blackstreet member." Serena said spitting her words.

I didn't know what to say.

"come on...we have to rescue Liz."


I had watched it happen. I watched Nick die, when I could have saved him. I knew I could have. I had seen Will pull out the gun. I had WATCHED instead of protecting the leader.

I know Maria wants to be the leader, but I had always seen Liz as the leader besides Nick. Sure, Nick and Maria had fooled around, but Liz, even with her fights with Nick, had always been the halfway sensable member of our gang and now she was gone to.

I pull Maria aside.

"Ria...I don't want to fight." I say dejectevly. I see her raise her eyebrows. SHe knows how much I love fighting.

"I just want to get Liz back...and than we will see from there. We will let you call the shots for now, but I want to see what Liz will think." I say cautiously.

Maria nods. SHe understands. Thats good...we can't have fighting within our own gang.

"whats the plan?" Kyle asks, rejoining the group.

We shrug. Liz or nick always made the plans.

Than Maria's eyes light up.

"I have a plan..."
posted on 24-Dec-2002 2:12:29 PM by qt4167013
BTW guys, I am Jewish so I am free christmas and with all of my friends celebrating w/ their families, most likely I will probably spend all day on the computer updating stories!
posted on 24-Dec-2002 2:35:53 PM by Liz_Parker

I kinda hang back from the group. Their starting up yet another plan.

I sigh, why do we have to keep up all of this? For Nick's sake?

Nick's gone. So what if they let him die? He was never important to me.

He sat there and saw them punch me in my stomach that day.....Kyle and I had told him over and over thar I was pregnant and couldn't fight.

He was happy when I had the miscarriage. He sat there and said "That's whatcha get for bein' idiots".

I wonder what happened between Wilshire 5 and Blackstreet along time ago before we came along? Something had to of for us always to be fighting.

Nick definantly died with unfinished buisness....and I think we're gonna have to finish it for him.

I join the rest of the group and look at Alex who seems to be in control of things now.....he smirks at me and grips my arm.
posted on 24-Dec-2002 2:37:37 PM by Galita

I walk to the gang, Michael put his arms around me. I slap him away.

"What's your fucking problem?!" Michael yelled at me.

"Your my problem. Do you always think about sex?!"I yell back as I see Alex I rush out to him.

"Hi Alex" I said smiling.

"Hi Isabel." He saids.

He pulls me close as Michael walks out. "Are you messing with my bitch?" Michael ask.

I turn around and slap Michael hard. I'm not his bitch I'm no one's bitch.

posted on 24-Dec-2002 2:45:17 PM by qt4167013 alex is helping Serena AND isabel at the same time.... let me try to fix this...


I grabbed Serena's arm and held it tightly. She gave me a sad smile and I felt my heart squeeze. I felt her pain...hell I had been through her pain.

Just than I notice that Isabel girl getting roughed up from Michael from blackstreet. Even I have to help a damsel in distress, blackstreet or not. I carefully hug Serena and put her in Kyles' arms. I than run down the street, unaware of Maria's hollering.

I pull Isabel away and ignore Michael's threats.

"Are you ok?" I ask, trying to reassure her. She looks mad and Michael looks ready to kill. I lead her away quickly before Michael can stop me. I lead her to our group and surprisingly no one in Wilshire 5 trys to stop me.

I look at Isabel and see even through her icy gaze I see fright.

"Guys, this is Isabel and I think she wants to stop this just as much as I do. Isabel...can you help us find Liz?"
posted on 24-Dec-2002 3:10:05 PM by Liz_Parker

I sigh and let myself sink into Kyle's arms. I know we're just friends now, but sometimes it feels good to be in his arms feel safe again.

*A few hours later*

I go home and walk in to see a lot of fmaily members there. I look down as Brock walks over and makes me look at him....I can tell he sees right through me as he hugs me, I don't hug back.

I go through the motions and do everything I'm supoed to do.

They had the funeral today. Of course I didn't go.

What do you expect? I'm Serena Jade Dessier. I'm the rebel. Nobody cares anymore.

I pack a bag of stuff and start to leave but Brock stops me.

"Where you going Rena?", He askes me softly.

"Out", Is all I say.

He looks down and I walk down the stairs to find Kyle and Maria waiting for me.
posted on 24-Dec-2002 4:14:30 PM by Cominatcha

Serena's been a mess lately. I don't know what's going on in her head, and I'm not sure I want to. My heart goes out to my friend. She's had to deal with so much lately. She doesn't deserve this. No one does.

"So, how long do you wanna stay with us?" I ask her as we walk out the door and away from her family.

She sniffs back some tears. "As long as you can handle me."

I smile as best I can. "Serena, you're like my sister. Stay with us as long as you'd like."

"Yes, but, beware, our apartment isn't pretty." Kyle warns.

On the way to our apartment, I see Alex standing on the corner with Isabel. Isabel Evans. Blackstreet.

I may have been having fantasies about being in the shower with Michael Guerin, but that's different than this. So, I think Michael's hot. That's nothing. But this public display that Alex is putting on with that slut is another story. I tell Serena and Kyle that I'm gonna go talk to Alex, and we go our separate ways.

"Alex!" I call. Both he and Isabel turn around.

I send him a look that tells him, we need to talk.

He sighs, exasperated. "What, now, Maria?"

I glance in Isabel's direction, and then back at him, making it pretty obvious. I'll never get used to this. Blackstreet and Wilshire 5. We just don't mix. I can't see Alex and Isabel together.

"I want to end this, too." she tells me, and she sounds honest. "I'm sick of it. I'm sick of having fights and getting hurt and fucking Michael for fun."

I tense visibly, and I hope neither one of them notices how I become after hearing "fucking Michael for fun".

"Let's go talk to Will." Alex suggests, putting his arm around Isabel's shoulders. "Do you think he'll listen to what I have to say?"

Isabel shrugs. "I don't know. He's Will. He's stubborn and he's headstrong. He won't give up easily, but . . . well, it's worth a try."

I reluctantly follow Isabel and Alex to Blackstreet's crib as the sun begins to set, wondering what will happen next and how I will feel about it when it does.

It's strange. Part of me wants to give up this rivalry for good, but the other part just can't back down . . .

Ooh, so sorry for borrowing everyone's characters, there. That sucked!! so sorry!!

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posted on 24-Dec-2002 4:47:27 PM by Cominatcha

It's almost nighttime now, and I know we'll be heading back to PLANET BANG soon. Whether Wilshire 5 will be there or not remains a mystery. In a way, I hope they are. They've got some pretty hot chicks like Liz and Serena . . . and Maria. But, in a way, I'd rather them not show. Then, I won't have to fight her again. HER. And I won't see her underneath me when I'm trying to fuck Isabel, either. HER.

God, I hate that bitch.

Ava and Tess strut around in their skanky little outfits while we wait for Will to head off to PLANET BANG. Jamal sends occasional glances in Ava's direction, but his mind seems to be somewhere else.

Even Ava doesn't seem quite like herself. I think her mind is on that Terrell guy. I've seen the attraction between them. It practically radiates from both of them in waves.

Tess seems to miss Max. We haven't seen him for awhile now, since the tattoo parlor. Probably with that Liz bitch. . .

No one knows where Isabel is, either. I can't say that I really care where she is, because I don't, but I don't want her to be with Alex Whitman, either. She's Blackstreet, not Wilshire 5. She better get her act together, or Will won't hesitate to put a gun to her head.

Will, himself, is preparing for the upcoming battle. That's all the guy does, but I respect that.

Suddenly, as I watch the girls strut around and the guys occasionally watch them, I see her. And him.

And HER.

Isabel, Alex, and Maria stride towards us with their heads held high, even though their leader is no longer alive. Isabel looks confused, but happy to be with Alex at the same time. Alex looks a little nervous, but the need for vengeance has not vanished from his eyes. Maria stands as still a a brick wall. Her eyes meet everyone else's but mine.

"We're here to work out an agreement." Alex announces. "We can't go on like this. Endless fighting . . . deaths . . . what good is it going to do?"

"Get off of our land!" Will orders like a possesive dog.

Alex holds up his hands in defense as Will holds up his gun. "We're just here to work something out." he says calmly.

"We ain't gonna work anything out!" Will shouts. "Get the hell outta here, now, Whitman, and take your bitches wit ya!"

Isabel glares at him. "I am not his bitch." she says angrily. I know Isabel hates it when someone acts like they own her. That one sentence might spark a passion in her that could turn out violent and deadly.

"Choose, Isabel." Will commands her. "Right now. Choose. Us or him. Blackstreet or Wilshire 5."

I close my eyes. I don't want to witness this. Either way, something bad is bound to happen. If Izzy chooses Alex over us, Will will surely shoot her. But if she chooses us, Alex's vengeance wil grow, and it might be too hard to stop.

Isabel looks back at Alex, tears in her eyes. "They're my family." I hear her whisper. She runs over to us without another word, and Alex bows his head.

Good Isabel, I think. Better to be without Whitman than six feet under.

"Will, this can't go on forever." Maria piped up for the first time since she had arrived.

"Shut the fuck up blondie!"

I resist the urge to go and hit him.

Will stands up and places the gun on Alex's forehead. He doesn't seem to care anymore. "Whitman," he says. "You know what gang I try to be like?''

Whitman just doesn't care anymore. I don't even think he'll feel anything if Will shoots him. He seems lost to the world, his feelings numbed, his emotions splattered.

Will laughs before finishing, "Red Dragons."

Alex looks up slowly, then, and meets his gaze. He's back, now, I can tell. The need for revenge is stronger than ever in his eyes now. I swear to God, his eyes . . . they're almost glowing. I wonder silently if he'll just kill Will right there.

"You'll die!" Alex suddenly shouted. He grabbed Maria by the wrist and ran down the street, taking only one look at Isabel. "You'll all die!"

Will laughs to himself as Alex and Maria retreat, but I don't. Whitman will make sure that Wilshire 5 doesn't give up, now. I know it.

The rivalry is on, now, that's for sure, and this should be one hell of a show tonight . . .

If I remember correctly, Red Dragons was the group that killed Alex's family. Also, sorry again for using everyone's characters!! If that's not okay, tell me and I'll fix it.

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posted on 24-Dec-2002 6:02:36 PM by Galita

"I'm not going to do this....I love him could you do this to me? If you evan care about me and my feelings." I said as Will looks at me.

I start to cry and try to hide it but Michael pulls me close to tight for me to get out of his arms.

"Shhh Izzy, I'm here now don't worry." Michael saids caimly. I cry into his chest. He makes me look at him and he kisses me long and hard.

"I'm so sorry Michael....I mean everything I have was mistake to move Max and me down here...evan U...we should be in New York right now." I cry. He gives Will I'm taking her home look and you better not stop me.

He picks me and cares me back to the house as I see Alex there. "Al....Alex...what are you doing here? I thought You are mad at me?" I said sniffling and go to him.

"How can I stay mad at you?" He smiles and wipes my tears. "Whatever happens tonight I just know that we'ree going to be togther forever Iz." He said.

I lay my forehead on his and pulls me close and looks at Michael.
posted on 24-Dec-2002 6:24:58 PM by qt4167013

No. No this is not happening. It can't. I hate Will and now I have a vengence in my soul he cannot and will not vanquish.

I see Isabel and I try to put up my stone wall like Maria taught me and I just hold her. She is crying and God- I wish I could to. Just one tear. One solitary single tear.

I wish it could fall but I have cried all my tears for now. Its time for someone to die and I have a feeling it wont be me.

I comfort Isabel but in my head I see my parents and katrina's death. I see the screaming, the guns, the laughing and than I see the face, the face that haunts my dreams. Its laughing at me and I feel myself slipping. Slipping from reality into a universe I am not ready for.

I let Isabel go and it starts raining.

A battle is brewing. A battle I cannot and will not lose. If I lose this battle...who knows what will happen. Alls I know is that I can't lose because from the moment my family was killed I pledged myself to defeating the Red Dragons and I will, unil the day I die.

I growl in rage,in hatred,in pain as Isabel looks on. Its time for someone to die. Can't you smell it? Its in the air. Blood. But not some random persons. It's will's blood, for after all, it was Will's brother who killed my parents.
wow. That was fun to write!

posted on 24-Dec-2002 7:06:28 PM by Liz_Parker

I sigh as Maria goes and talks to Alex. I try to stay and watch, but Kyle grabs my arm and pulls me on to their apartment.

I sigh and walk in after he unlocks it.

"Are you ok Rena?", He asks me.

"Yeah.....I'm fine", I say and plop down on the couch.

He sits next to me and gives me one of those looks, I look away.

He reaches over with one hand and forces me to look at him. "Talk to me Rena....I miss our talks."

I bite my lip to keep back tears, but they just start flowing freely.

He hugs me,and I just start bawling into his chest. He holds me tighter.....I just keep crying.

"I can't handle this's to much", I say through tears.

He just nods. I try to stop my river of tears....but it just keeps coming....why won't it just stop.....doesn't help that I'm with Kyle right now......
posted on 24-Dec-2002 8:07:37 PM by qt4167013

I grip to Serena like she is a lifeline. by source, my need for being here.

I had seen and heard what that Will had said to Alex and I had seen the look in Alex's eyes as Will had said that. I know the fight is not over. Hell, I know it hasn't even started.

I hold Serena as she crys and I want to be there. Buddah knows how much. But I can't, she needs someone else.

I can sit here and pretend to know how to help her. I can wish and wish for our baby back, and for my parents, for Alex's parents, for Liz back, but it won't do any good.

I suck up all my strength and push Serena away. She crumples, as does my heart. I can't be there to protect her anymore.

And than I bolt. I am good at running, been doing to all my life. Running, for freedom,for hate, for pain. I know what I am running for and when I reach my destination, I cry silent tears to myself as I summon up the courage to do this task.

"Jamal. Serena needs you." I say.

I can see the worry in his eyes and the silent thank you.

He leaves, and I think to myself that even though we are rivals, he is still human too.

I soon hear a voice behind me and I whip around to find my self face to face with that blue eyed goddess.

"What are you doing here?" she asks.

I smile to myself as I prepare to do the very thing I have been dreaming about since our first meeting.

"Well... I am here for this." I say and sweep her into a passionate kiss. I notice she does not break away and I smile inwordly to myself as she moans.

Screw Blackstreet, screw wilshire 5. I want this and god dammit I am going to get it!
posted on 24-Dec-2002 8:32:40 PM by Liz_Parker

I can't believe this! I'm pouring out my emotions and he shoves me away like I'm some toy he doesn't want to play with anymore.

I curl up and cry some more as I hear foot steps, I sit up and my eyes meet that Jamal guy from Blackstreet.

"What do you want?", I ask through tears.

He just sits next to me and pulls me to him tight. Why can't I pull away from him. I close my eyes as he strokes my hair.

I keep crying, letting all of it pour out. Everything. The hurt from practically being abandoned most of my life....loosing mine and Kyle's baby....and now my mother.

I look up at Jamal, who just gives me a sad smile and forces me to sit up.

"Why are you being here for me? Your one of can't be he--", He cuts me off with one of those passionant kisses that for some reason I can't resist.....Oh God.
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OOC: I am feeling left out , cuz everyone kissing someone, and I'm not!*sad*
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get Max! Believe me, I wanna see some max and liz lovn' before the day is out too!
posted on 24-Dec-2002 9:00:27 PM by Liz_Parker
lol.....yeah, but Stardustdreamer is doing Max and she hasn't posted all day [frown]
posted on 24-Dec-2002 9:53:09 PM by JBehrsGurl
Hello! I'm taking over Jamal since no one is applying! I'll write my parts quickly and since Jess is my sis and she plays Max If you want I'll write a SMALL ass part for you as Max. She was on but her brother is using the computer all night so *sad* she wont be back until tomorrow...

is this all okay?
posted on 24-Dec-2002 9:59:44 PM by Liz_Parker
Yuppers *happy* And, when are U gonna make those fanarts? Not trying to be pushy if that how it sounds. But I wanna see what they would all look like hehe, don't forget U can use my pic for Serena *big*
posted on 24-Dec-2002 10:26:25 PM by StardustDreamer
Umm, yeah sorry. Seeing as how it was Christmas Eve I hadn't really had time to post a part. I just now got the computer back and I wandered in to see much deliberation going on about my whereabouts. So here I am. Sorry it wasn't quick enough for everybody. It's kinda rushed so...yeah. Hope it's okay.


As soon as I walked into the room and saw Liz, I walked back out. I paced around my room for awhile, wondering what in the fuck she was doing here, all alone and tied up.

After a long while of talking to myself, I finally decided to go back in and see if she was still there. Hell, I've been taking enough drugs. Maybe it was a hallucination
or some shit like that.

I walked in and watched from the doorway as Liz looked down sadly, her brown hair swept back and what looked like tear marks streaked down her face. I could tell that she didn't think that I or anyone else would let her go, and she was right...wasn't she?

She looked back up at me and met my eyes. I almost gasped as I stared into her mahongany orbs.

"Oh shit Max, don't fall for the fucking enemy! This chick is probably screwing one of those Wilshire pussies...who knows what kind of STD shit you can get from her," I thought, trying to convince myself that I didn't want this beeautiful girl who was currently
tied to chair in my house.

We stared at each other, each trying to decide what the other one was thinking.

Walking over tentatively, I reached over and pulled off her gag, while giving her what I hoped was a hard stare.

She didn't say anything- she just glared back at me defiantly, refusing to bend to my will. I could feel myself getting angry. She wasn't supposed to defend herself, she was supposed to be afraid of me!

"So...are you gonna say anything?" I demanded, crossing my arms.


"Why the fuck not? You're kinda at a disadvantage here, bitch," I said toughly, although I almost winced at the rough words I used around her. Jesus, I don't know why this Wilshire chick was making me feel like such a wuss.

"Yes, I am at a disadvtange," Liz said with sarcastic softness,"but that's just because I'm tied up and you're not. If you were a real man, you'd untie me."

I stared back at Liz, infuriated and a little embarassed that she was challenging my manhood.

The streetsmart, logical part of me knew that she was just trying to goad me into untying her, but I didn't care. I just wanted to prove to her that I was the man.

Reaching down, I untied her roughly and pulled her up.

"Okay, see there? I'm da man," I smirked. "Watcha gonna do now, little girl?"

I saw her eyeing the door, getting ready to make a run for it. What I didn't expect was the pepper spray that she pulled out of her backpocket that seemed to come outta nowhere.

Spraying it wildly around my face, I barely had time to dive out of the way. Unfortunately, this gave her time to make a mad dash for the door.

Cursing madly, I got up and sprang after her, barely making it to her in time before she threw the door open. Grabbing her by the middle, I threw her down on the around and straddled her. She screamed obscenities at me and thrashed wildly around,trying to scratch me like a hellcat. It wasn't gonna work- I sure as hell wasn't letting her get away.

I didn't even know why she was here, but there had to be a reason my posse had tied her up and left her here.

Unfortunately, the thrashing and bucking motion underneath me was beginning to...affect me in all sorts of freaky ways. I almost groaned outloud as I could feel myself starting to get hard. This was all sorts of fucked up. I wasn't supposed to be getting an erection from the fucking enemy who had no less tried to take my eyes out with pepper spray!

"Liz," I ground out, trying to get her to stop. "Liz...LIZ!" I finally yelled, shaking her shoulders and pressing her harder into the ground.

"WHAT," she spat out, finally giving up. "I'm just supposed to lie here and let you do whatever to me?" she asked, staring at me once again with those beautiful brown eyes. Time seemed to stop and the room appeared to be spinning. What the fuck.

"Yeah," I whispered, leaning down close. "Wouldya really have a problem wit dat?"

And then I did the stupidest thing I could have ever done.

I kissed the enemy.

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That was a great part! And don't worry about not posting. Just about everyone's busy *happy* ttyl.
posted on 24-Dec-2002 10:43:55 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was just playing around so Max can let me go, I never

been Fuck, I am the only virgin in the gang that believe

in that crap.......boy meet girl, girl fall in love live happily

ever after." I try get him of of me, but then when he

kiss me long and hard, I put my arms around his

shoulder. I moan softly. This isnt good. If I tell him why I

am here will he let me go"Max....." I said, btw kisses.

He start kissing my neck........god that feels good. I

start to give him, what he want to do........

OCC" Was that good?

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Question. I would like to post another Tess part soon, maybe even tonight. However, I'm a little bit perplexed about what's going on between her and Kyle. I just read the last part that was posted for Kyle, but I was a little confused. Was he kissing Tess or what? Where exactly are they? I kinda need to know, so I can make Tess's part make sense. Thanks. *happy*
posted on 24-Dec-2002 11:02:12 PM by Liz_Parker
Yes he was kissing Tess. And their in the Blackstreet's crib. Hope that helps *happy*
posted on 24-Dec-2002 11:20:53 PM by qt4167013
sorry about that. Kyle has been crushing over tess for a while and after he 'breaks it off' with Serena he just goes in for the plunge and Kisses Tess. You can choose if you don't want it or not. tell me if you want me to delet it.
posted on 25-Dec-2002 12:58:52 AM by JBehrsGurl
I'm going to write a Ava, Terrell and Jamal part right now so brb and as for the fanart, I made it but I didn't like it so I trashed it so I have to start over LMAO

brb with the parts...
posted on 25-Dec-2002 1:14:50 AM by Liz_Parker
K *happy* Hope U get the fanart to look right hehe
posted on 25-Dec-2002 3:21:15 AM by JBehrsGurl
I dunno who locked Liz in that room, but I know I didn’t. I didn’t even plan on kidnapping her but I guess it just happen when it was written by Liz, so I went along with it, I didn’t gag her and put her in that closet so you can have it to where someone else did it.

I’m Hispanic and I always just can’t help but make my character speak spanish sometimes… Hence the words I will put in *Italics* KK? I suck at Spanish grammar tho! Lol Oh and I don’t know what Serena looks like so I just did a blur description..


(Next day)

That night was the longest of my life. The events that had occurred were both disturbing and life altering. I keep trying to go back in time and pause it at Terrell. When I had spoken to Liz the talk was pretty civil, I wouldn’t hurt her. Not after what Terrell did for my sister –GOD! That Marissa Bitch almost took out mah sister. I knew that karma was never that helpful… And come to think of it, I swear to the big guy in the sky that I saw that Kyle guy fingering a small ass Buddha statue…

Kinda makes you think.

I saw the way he and my sister exchanged looks. It was the same looks me and Terrell shared. Fuck! I shouldn’t even be THINKING about this shit! What the hell is up wit mea? I think snapping at Michael was more like I was trying to yell at myself. Isabel seems to be really fed up with all this war stuff going on, I even see her pulling away from Michael. I can’t stop thinking about these James brothers…

To be with Jamal is expected and loyal. It doesn’t break any rules and it doesn’t complicate anything. He can fuckin work it like no other, so why am I doubting this? This isn’t like me at all, I neva consider anyone outside Blackstreet. My sister, she hooked up with Max. Isabel hooked up with Michael… I never would touch Will… So when Jamal came it was just a reaction. A pretty hot one too. I ain’t neva done something like that, we fucked in the back of a night club for gods sake!

“Ava? Mija?” I heard my dad lightly tap on my door.

I groan and turned over in my blankets. We’re Spanish if you’re wondering why the hell he’s talking to me like that…

“Mija! Pronto!” His voice rose in volume, worried.

I jumped out of my bed, “¿Que se a cendo?” *What’s the matter?* (note: I suck at spelling but I know what I’m saying…)

“Ven vaca para ver esto.” He pulled me out of my room to show me something. *Come over here at look at this*

When I saw what he was talking about I nearly screamed obscene words, “Yo no lo creo papi!” I groan. *I can’t believe this* He had woke me up at… I glanced at the clock, 10 o’clock!!! Just cuz Tess’s Bed was empty?! Errr! “Papi! Mira a eso!” *Look at this* I showed him a not Tess must have left in the middle of the night, when I had ditched everyone to come home and think about all the shit that happen.

“¿Ya se fue a Tess?”

I nod, yes indeed father! Your prized daughter Tess is gone! DUH! I was fuckin up now, I jumped in the shower and got ready to go see what everyone was up to…


Supposedly Tess asked numerous questions about me last night. I can’t help but let a grin escape my lips. So pinky was feelin meh huh? She sure had a funny ass way of showing it by fucking my brother. Speak of the devil…

“Yo.” He nod and sat down across from me.

We met every Sunday at the corner StarBucks to discuss mom. She ain’t doin too good…

“What she say?” He replied sipping his coffee.

I grimaced, “How the fuck you drink that black shit?”

“Aye, we hear ta talk about ma, not ridicule the way I like my damn coffee.” He snapped.

I looked at him, “What’s up your ass?”

He turned serous, “Yo… What’s up with you and mah gurl huh?”

I chuckled, “Your gurl?” I rose an amused brow, “You fucked yo. That was it, she don’t look like the commitment type.”

“What eh fuck you know about her? You chose W5… Remember? You want Ava, you be a blackstreet.” He folded his arms and sat back in his seat. “So what about that chick Serena?”

I choked and spit my caramel cappuccino out, “SERENA!?”

He rolled his eyes, “Nooo!” He replied sarcastic.

I shook my head, “Stay away. No. No if ands or butts.”

“Then stay away from Ava.” He barked.

He always gets like this when he feels threatened by competition, this being me this time. I watched him closely as he searched the streets for any member of our gangs. He was so uptight about proving his loyalty to his people. We were blood, no one could change that. He had yet to realize that tho. I told him briefly what mah had told me about her condition at home. Dad had started hitting her again. I told Jamal that I was trying to get her to move out here with us. He had asked us as in US or as in W5. I said to fuck off.

Then I saw pink.

Her hair was up in a messy bum and strands of black and pink stuck out every which way. She has her tight ass black leather pants on and a white wife beater. It was fucking cold out here and this chick was walking around without a bra. It was as if she wanted males to gawk at her. I bet she DID, that feisty bitch. She knew just how to push my buttons, I cleared my throat and repositioned my self so as not to attract the attention to my throbbing lower half.

“What you looking at?” Jamal said trying to get a look. But she was already gone…


What was so funny about me trying to talk to Serena? Fuck the fact that we were enemies; now a days everyone is the fuckin enemy. No one could be trusted. I thought Ava was feelin me but now the more I think of it, I think she was just trying to make my brother jealous, or was just trying to substitute him with me. Either way its all fucked up yo. And that Serena chick… Man… She was hot.

Her black raven hair, the golden brown streaks that framed her face… Her sparkling slanted eyes that creased and shun when she smiled. She did that less and less… Smile.

My brother tells me that ma ain’t doin so good. It breaks my heart but I’m not ready for her to come out here and be around THIS/. My ma deserved the best, and until I had that, she wasn’t coming.

“Nah, leave ‘eh there ‘til I can set something up for ‘er.” I said to Terrell.

He snort, “Let dad hit her more and more then when YOU’RE ready save her?”

I shook my head, “He ain’t hittin her.” I waved him away. “Dad would never hit a woman.” I know he wouldn’t, Terrell just hates him so much he’d lie.

“He hittin her. Fuck you if you just sit back and let it happen.” He stood up.

“Aye where you goin? You didn’t even finish ya coffee yo.” I pointed to his full cup.

He shook his head, “I don’t even know you anymore Jamal… Who are yous? You ain’t mah brotha, that for sure. My brotha wouldn’t have hesitated to take ma from that hell hole.” He walked off.

Fuck ‘em then.

But I couldn’t. Blood is thicker than water. I gulped down the rest of my coffee and left, I had to find a decent apartment fo my mama…

a/n: I 'm not even tired So I'll probibly be back and post more cuz I'm bored. LOL oh and also... What does OOC mean?
posted on 25-Dec-2002 10:25:14 AM by Liz_Parker
Great parts! And I have no clue what OOC means hehe. That's why I always put PS *shrugs* Well, keep up the good work!
posted on 25-Dec-2002 10:33:53 AM by Liz_Parker

When I wake up, no one's there but me.

Figures.....Kyle left me and yet AGAIN left me wih that Jamal guy.....he' not supposed to do that.

I know I'm slowly falling for him, but in away I'm scared to.

Terrell treats me like a doesn't that mean I should treat him and Jamal like brothers?

I sigh and make me some coffee. Just what I need in a morning like this.

That's when Maria storms in and grabs my arm.

"What?", I say trying to get a drink of my coffee.

She just sighs. "Come on Rena.....we gotta meeting.".

I groan. Another meeting....another day of rivalry....and another day of torture.
posted on 25-Dec-2002 12:20:45 PM by Galita

I wake up and see Alex there so I touch his arm softly. He looks up at me and smiles softly.

"Morning you sleepy head." He said as he pulls me down for a kiss.

"Alex, what are you doing here? They would kill you if they found you in my bed."I said kissing back.

He put his finger on my mouth and look at my eyes. Man have I died and gone to heaven now? I ask myself.

He gets on top of me right as Will walks in. "HEY! What on bloody earth are you doing here?!" Will yells at Alex.

"Your not hurting him! No get out!" I barked at him. He backs up and leaves. I sigh softly
posted on 25-Dec-2002 4:33:53 PM by qt4167013

I love her. Yes, me Alex whitman, am head over heels with this brown haired goddess.

When Will comes in, I feel my spine shiver in anticipation as I reach for the gun in my boot, but when he leaves, the adreniline does as well. (I can't spell for shit...)

I look back down at Isabel and for a moment, here eyes are not gaurded. They show fear, hatred, and above

"Isabel, sweetheart. Its time for all of us to make a choice." I start. She swallows. I can't ask this of least not yet.

"Never mind." I say and lean down. Just than my pager rings. I groan knowing full well who it is.

"Sorry love, I have to go." I say getting off of her.

"When will I see you again?" She looks frightend.

I kiss her forhead and right before I leap out the window I say...

"Don't worry you will." And than I leave.

As I walk out I grin to myself. Screw Maria who said I shouldn't watch Zorro. What does she know? I knew those lines would come in handy some day... I walk down the street whisteling.

I am ready. Ready and prepared for whatever comes my way.

I continue down the street until I feel a pair of arms go around me and I whip my head around as I fall into blackness.

"help..." I say weakly as I let the blackness over take me.

"help.." I look up into my atacker's eyes and see them gleam in hatred as he started to laugh.
what do ya all (lol liz_parker!) think?
posted on 25-Dec-2002 9:18:55 PM by Galita

This is so cool I am in love with someone I can not just have sex with but I can just hang with. I know Will won't but up with a Blackstreet and W5 can be together. To him it's wrong, but to me, I like it. It's something we need.

I watch Alex walk out as I see Will holding a gun to him. I jump down. "Are you fucking crazy?!" I scream pushing him away and grabbing Alex. "Are you ok babe?" I ask Alex cheeking him over.

"I'm fine doll." He said glaring at Will. "I need to get back to the house. I'll catch ya later." Kissing me quickly and running off.

"He has no place with you." Will said. "Stick with Michael." He walks back to house. I glare and pull my gun out.

"I'm going to kill you asshole!" I yell and start to shot him but Michael stops me. "Let go of me! I'm going to kill him no matter what."I said coldly. I pull away and go the way Alex walking and bumb in to Terrell. He smirks.
posted on 26-Dec-2002 2:03:18 AM by JBehrsGurl

Sometimes it so fucking difficult to remember what life was like before Blackstreet. Tess was normal then –not that she’s NOT normal now. It’s just… She never would have been with someone like Max. Max is just some bitch with a dick. My sista can do way better, I see her look at Kyle and I can’t help but think that before I know it they’ll be sucking face soon. I know my sista, I know her like the back of my hand… Wait! Is that a mole on my hand?!

Just kiddin.

I don’t know Kyle, so I can’t say he’s betta or worse but I know one thing, he ain’t Blackstreet.

“¿Que quedes mija?” The lady at the corner stand that sells Mexican food asked. *What do you want honey?* (Mija means girl but you use it as kind of a pet name…)

I look at the menu overhead and smile, “Yo quiero dos chicken tacos y una-“

“Una soda…” She chuckled and shook her head. I always asked for the same exact thing everytime I came here. Two chicken tacos and a soda. Same meal my mom would bring us when we were kids. I know I was way too small ta rememba that shyt… But I do. And I always think of her when I eat my humdrum meal from Rosa. Best taco’s west of LA!

“Gracias Rosa, Buenos dias!” I waved her good bye when my order was ready. *Thank you Rosa, Good Day*

“Y tu tambien!” She has yelled back in reply. *And you too!*

I smiled and went on my way to where eva the hell I was going, actually I don’t know where the hell I’m goin. I just walked to the park and sat at a bench. I was finishing the last taco and slurping my coke when I saw a pair of boots at my feet. My eyes travled upward.

Khaki pants, white t-shirt, black leather jacket… Bald head.


I rolled my eyes and continued to eat my food, I belched out loud.

“Classy.” Terrell laughed.

“Don’t-“ He sat down next to me. “Sit… Down.” Too late. The bastard had sat next to me.

He sighed, “You into mah brotha?”

I belched again.

“You know…” He looked me over, “I love when chicks eat.”

I snort, “Please.” I stood up and threw my shit in the garbage.

“Surprised you didn’t throw it on da floor.” He snapped.

Incredible, this fuckhead just insulted my ass, “You gott a lot ah nerve-“

But I didn’t finish.

Cuz his lips were on mine.

posted on 26-Dec-2002 10:54:18 AM by Liz_Parker
lol, great part!
posted on 26-Dec-2002 12:37:17 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

Max let me go and I was alittle shock he did.Cuz Max is one of the head guys of blachstreet.And once Max get what he want.........he will never let it go.

Once I left the blackstreet house. I ran to find the gang, I saw Nick on the floor die..........

OMG, What the fuck happened?

I reach over and touch his blood, it was cool........he dead.

Now someone need to kill Will so we all can be together.And end that this Bull Shit with Blackstreet and W5

I stand up and went to maria and kyle place.........I knock on the door, for a million time" You guys it me open up" I yell at the door.

"Fine.........I'll see ya, when I see ya" I start to walk away.

Then someone open the door slowly.

OOC: was that good?

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That was good!!

Sorry, I've been busy with Christmas, so I didn't get to post, but this is really good!! Great work!!


I open the door to see Liz. She looks like she was just about to leave. Surprise, surprise. I haven't seen her since the fight with Blackstreet at PLANET BANG.

"Hey, chica!" I say, wrapping my arms around her. "Where ya been?"

She's silent.

"You okay?" I ask. "You wanna come in?"

She shakes her head. "Not right now. It looks like you're kinda busy."

Busy. Busy is an understatement. Right now, Serena is inside with Kyle, and she's being uncharacteristically quiet. It doesn't seem like she's sad about her mom . . . Well, I mean, I know she's sad and all, but it seems like her thoughts are somewhere else, maybe thinking about SOMEONE else. And Kyle, Kyle seems to be in dreamland, dreaming of a certain girl from Blackstreet.

I glance down at the letter in my hand. I just opened it up this morning, and I haven't told Kyle about it. I don't think he'll want to hear it.

"I'm not busy." I lie. Liz is my friend, and I'm willing to carve time out of my hectic life for her.

She shakes her head again. "No, I'm just gonna go." she tells me, starting to walk off. "See ya, Ria."

I sigh as I watch her go. Poor Liz. She's so unlike the rest of us, because, she still might have a future. She's so smart. She could get out of W5 and become a molecular biologist. She could get married and have kids and be happy. The rest of us . . . it's too late for the rest of us. We're in Wilshire 5 for life, and, a fairytale life is something we can never and will never have. I know that already, but I wonder if Serena and Kyle do . . .

I close the door and walk back inside. Serena and Kyle are sitting next to each other oblivious to one another's presence. They're both in their own little worlds. Kyle is in a world that revolves around Tess Harding of fuckin' Blackstreet, and Serena is in a world of emotional turmoil and physical stress.

"Um, Kyle," I say, glancing down once again at the letter in my hand that I received in the mail today. "Can I talk to you . . ." I pause, looking at Serena, who avoids my eyes, and then back at Kyle. "Alone?"

He snaps back into reality. "Sure."

We leave Serena by herself and head into the bedroom. "What is it?" he asks me, interested.

I take a deep breath. Kyle isn't going to want to hear this. "Kyle, this morning, in the mail, we got this notice."

"A notice?" he echoes.

"Yeah," I reply. "Kyle, the rent on our apartment is due."

He closes his eyes and sighs. "And we don't have a penny to pay for it." he finishes, already knowing the rest.

I nod sadly. Ever since I lost my job a few weeks ago at Dairy Queen, we've kinda been in the hole. We've just kinda been ignoring it until now. Now, it's come back to bite us.

"What are we gonna do?" he asks me, as if I have all of the answers. If we lose this place, we're out on the street.

"I'm gonna make some money." I tell him.

"You don't have a job." he reminds me.

"I'm still gonna make some money." I open my closet and pull out the sexiest, sluttiest outfit I can find. "One way or another . . ."

Okay, just so everyone knows, Maria is talking about prostitution. And, please, could you hold off on your posts until I post one more part!! I've got a really good idea!!
posted on 26-Dec-2002 2:42:55 PM by qt4167013
that was really good! I am going to wait to post Kyle's reaction until your part! I cannot wait to see what you have up yours sleeve
posted on 26-Dec-2002 3:04:14 PM by Cominatcha

Looks like Blackstreet is taking a bit of a break tonight. We're going where we want and when we want to. No one is following Will tonight.

Most of the gang just lays around the crib, eating or watching TV, or sometimes having sex, and a few, like Ava and Tess, go out clubbin', looking for, no doubt, Terrell and Kyle. Stupid, stupid girls . . . Will will kill them if he ever finds out.

Luckily, Will is a major druggie, and he isn't that bright most of the time.

Me? Well, I'm not into hanging out and watching TV or talking or eating, or any of those things, and Isabel doesn't seem like she wants to crawl in the bed with me right now, so I go out for a drive. I hop in a car---I don't know who's it is, but they left it unlocked, so it's mine for right now---and I take off, getting away from the hell I like to call Blackstreet.

Nighttime is approaching once again, and the streets are becoming littered with skanky women. I look over a few of them, wondering if they would be a firecracker in the sack, but then I notice the police nearby, so I get away as fast as I can. Not so fast that they'll pull me over for speeding and give me a ticket, but fast enough that they won't think I was going to pick one of the sluts up, which I probably was.

I don't realize until I'm already there that I've driven into Wilshire 5 territory. I see Terrell out with a few of the women from W5, but his mind appears to be on someone else . . . somone like Ava.

And, then, I see HER. The only HER that I know, nowadays.

Maria DeLuca is standing on the street corner, smiling at passing cars, looking more tempting than ever. She's wearing a black mini-skirt and knee-high black boots with a white tube top to top it all off. She's showing off curves that I never knew existed beneath her casual attire. She looks so sexy . . . I just want to stop and pick her up in my arms and throw her in the car and fuck her right here, right in the backseat.

My foot slams on the break without my full consent, and the car pulls to a stop across the street from her. I can only stare at her as she walks towards me.

Why is she coming this way? She's a Wilshire 5. She would never come to a Blackstreet.

It's then that I realize that this car has tinted windows, and that she can't see the passenger on the inside.

She comes up to the car and places her hand on the hood, leaning in a sexy way to look down at me. I push a button and role down the window so that she can see who I am.

When she meets my eyes, the expression she gets on her face is priceless. It's a mixture of both embarrassment and outrage.

"Resort to prostitution, DeLuca?" I ask sarcastically.

"What are you doing here?" she asks in exasperation.

"Goin' for a drive." I reply honestly. "The question is, what are you doing here?"

She looks around the crowded streets until her eyes finally settle back on me. "I'm making money."

I sigh. Though she looks enticing like this, this isn't the way that I like to see her. She's too good for something like this.

"Get in the car, DeLuca." I tell her, unlocking the passenger door for her.

She shakes her head. "Not with you."

"Bitch . . ." I smile at her, using my pet name for her, if it can be called that.

She glares at me. "Fucker."

"That I am."

I can see her surpressing a smile, and she reluctantly agrees to get in with me. She walks around to the passenger side and opens the door and gets in. "If you think I'm gonna have sex with you, though, you're out of your mind." she tells me as I begin to drive away.


"Wasn't plannin' on it." I told her. "I've got Isabel for that."

"Well, if I'm not mistaken, Isabel is getting involved with Alex."

The image I get in my mind is enough to make me want to gag. "What's Whitman up to, anyway?" I ask.

"You're the enemy. I'm not tellin' you shit."

I sigh. The girl is strong-willed, I'll admit that.

"You really are a bitch."

"Maybe I am, but I'll never be your bitch."

Damn again!

"That's alright. I've already got a line of girls behind Isabel waiting to be called my bitch."

"Oh, I'm sure."

"I do." What a lie. I've been too busy lately imagining Maria DeLuca under me while I'm fucking Isabel and picking her up on street corners that I haven't had time to get to know another bitch.

"Where are you taking me?" she asks finally, noticing that we're no longer driving through Wilshire 5 or Blackstreet territory.

"To a place where you can get money without selling yourself out." I reply, turning the corner.

"Where would that be?"

"A club."

"A club." she echoes. "How am I gonna get money there?"

"Singing." I don't know Maria, but I've heard that she likes to sing.

She shakes her head defiantly as the club comes into view. "No, I haven't sang in front of people for years. I can't do this."

I smile. "You wanna go back to that street corner and wait for a guy who probably has aids or some other STD to come by out in that cold, possibly freezing nighttime air?"

I know I've gotten to her, now, because she's silent. Maria is rarely silent.

I smile to myself as we pull into the parking lot of SEND ANGELS, one of the local, undiscovered clubs.

I think I might finally know how Isabel feels about Alex and why she is doing the things she does.

I'm not that much different than she is, now am I? . . .

k, galita!! take it from there girl!!
posted on 26-Dec-2002 3:29:33 PM by Galita

I lay on my bed thinking that Michael is probally pissed at me for not fucking him to night but I can't stop thinking about Alex. Man he was good. And if that asshole Will did not walk in I would of gotten it again grinning to my self right as Alex jumps though the window getting me out of my thoughts.

"Hey you sexy woman." He said jumping on me and grinning.

"Hey babe." I just say and kiss his forehead.

"Michael pissed at ya?" He ask.

"Yeah he wants me to fuck him tonght. But I guess after the fight me and you can fuck each other." I grin up at him.

He smirks and kiss me as my brother Max walks in.

"What the fuck is he doin' in here kissin' you?!" He yells.

"Michael's not my fuck buddy and I love him so back off Maxwell Ryan Evans!" I bark trying to make him leave us alone but he calls Will I push Alex out the windown and go out with him.

"It's almost time for the fight Alex...I'll see you there and make sure you get with me please." I say with pleading eyes. He nods and goes back to his placeI just watch him as Will and Max pulls me insaide and tell everyone to get ready.

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Eh, I'm currently working on a Tess part, so...anyway, I'll be back to post that. Just wanted to let ya know.
posted on 26-Dec-2002 4:26:14 PM by StardustDreamer

Well, things have been pretty damn hectic.

When I walked into da house dis mornin', my father was waitin' for me, yelling in Spanish and completely overreacting about me not comin' home in the morning.

"Leave me alone, Pop," I screamed, walking past him and up into da room Ava and I shared.

Our dad hates da fact dat me and Ava spend most of our time at dat "gang bang crack house", or so he calls our Blackstreet place. He blames da gang for Ava and I's so-called disrespectful attitude and behavior that we got after our mom left him. Well, what Pop doesn't know is dat I wasn't even there last night.

I was at da Wilshire crib.

I had been wonderin' around yesterday, still completely freaked out and fucked up about what had went down at da club da other night. I coulda fuckin' died if it hadn't ah been for dat Terrell guy from W5. And da truth is, he probably wouldn'te even of done it if he hadn't been mad lustin' for my sista. I've been in dangerous situations before, but dat gun was fuckin' starin me in da face, just ready and waitin' to tear my head off and take me outta dis world. No Ava, no Isabel, no Max...which led me ta a whole otha story.
Max had just stood there like a fuckin' idiot, not helpin' or pullin' out his piece- which I later found out, he hadn't even had on 'em. Max is really slippin' up, and I blame it on dat Liz bitch. But ya know what, I don't even care. I really don't.

Slippin out of my clothes dat I'd been wearin' all night, I stared into da mirror.
My bright, dyed red hair and black street accented the pale skin dat Ava and I had gotten from our momma, but da blue eyes were all Pop. Shortly after out bitch of a mother left, Ava and I had been sure ta get ridda everything dat our momma had given us, which included our light blonde hair. Ava had gone for bright pinks and purples, but I had gone for the red.

I cranked up da stereo and started to blare my theme song, "Da Baddest Bitch" by Trina.
I was hopin' ta drown out my thoughts with da loud music, but it was impossible ta not think about da events of da night.

Who's bad? Who's, who's bad?
Who's bad? Who's bad?
(Wait hold up)
Who's bad?
I'm representin for the bitches
All Eyes on Your Riches
No time for The little dicks

Yesterday, after I had wandered around thinkin' about my near death experience and all dat, for some
reason I had da urge to go to Terrell and thank him for what he had done for me.
Not even thinkin' about da consequences dat might happen, I ended up at da door, knockin' and hopin' dat Terrell answered, and not one of da otha bitches like Maria or Serena. I had wondered if Liz was still at our crib...I doubted it. I had left Ava there wid her, not even carin' want went on, cuz I knew Ava wouldn't do anything crazy.
Lost in my thoughts, I hadn't even noticed when da door opened to me until a gruff voiced barked out, "What day fuck are ya doin here?"
I had looked up, and thought immediately knew I was in deep shit. It was dat fucking fine Kyle guy. We had just stood there just lookin' at one anotha until I couldn't take it anymore. I walked in like I owned da joint and sat down, demanding to see Terrell.

Kyle had looked at me almost jealously and sneered. "Why, aren't ya fuckin dat Max pussy? Or is he not man enougha for ya?"

And then we were all ova each other.

Clothes were thrown all over da place, and we had barely made it into da nearest bedroom and on da bed
before he was thrustin me, grabbing my hips to give him more leverage. I was layin half off da bed, but I didn't care. All I cared about was da feelin's he was givin me, and da way he ran his hands down my body like he actually cared something for me, and da sweet words that he whispered in my ear. It wasn't like with Max, who he just mechanically stuck it in me like it was some duty he had to fuck me. After it was ova, he held me and we actually talked. Most was just meaningless small talk, because we couldn't stand to talk about da consequences of what we had done.
But then, he had asked me somethin that scared the hell outta me.

"Well, how are we gonna explain our new relationship?" he murmured into my ear, kissing my shoulder.

I had stiffened up and just looked at him, completely freaked out by the word relationship. I had just betrayed
da only family I had eva had, including my sista Ava! I mean, I knew she was hardcore crushin on Terrell, but she would neva actually act on her feelings. My sista was just down like dat.
I felt so guilty...but worst of all, I was just wiggin' about the intenseness of his feelings from our little bit of actual time togetha. No one could I commit like dat. I just couldn't.

Jumping up and mumbling something about havin' ta go, I threw on my clothes and hauled ass outta there, rushing past some random W5 chick and not paying attention whether Kyle was followin' me. I just had to get outta there.


Dat was my night. After dat, I had wondered around for a coupla more hours, hittin' a few clubs and gettin fucked up with some X in da backroom of Planet Bang, just hopin' not to run into any of my family. I looked at da clock and wondered where Ava was at dis time in da afternoon. Usually, she was still asleep at dis time. sleep. Hmmm. Dat sounded like a good idea.

I turned down my stereo and fell asleep on top of my bed, hopin' that I could dream away da events of last night.

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I am in love with Tess. I am swimming in the glorious wonder that is love and I am...excuse the pun...LOVING it!

I could feel her doubts about us and I knew that after this fight we would need to fix our relationship I know I might be stressing it a little too far but I I KNOW that in my heart of hearts that she loves me.

I sigh, content until I realize what had gone on before.

I see clothes strewn about our apartment and I leap from bed.

'Maria!" I call and run through the apartment.

My eyes see a note.

"God no!" I hiss as I read the letter.

Dear Kyle,
I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. I know I promised that I wouldn't but we need the money so I decided to find a way to get the money.
Don't be mad, but I found a way to get the money and I will.

I threw down the letter. I cannot believe she would stoop to being someones prostitute. I am desgusted and feel like finding her and dragging her back. I have never had any siblings and Maria is the closest thing I have, and if she wants to go whoring herself to any random individual I need to stop her.

I grab my coat and rush out the door. I jack a random car thats parked infront of my house and rush out. I will not let Maria ruin her life for a months rent. I step on the gas and rush off into blackstreet territory.


It starts to rain. You know what they say, when it rains it pours. Why they are I really don't know but thats irrelevant.

I take off my coat and run down the street like I saw Gene Kelley do in that movie "singing in the rain."

"I am singing in the rain,
just singing in the rain,
what a glorius feeling,
I am happy again.
I waltz down the lane,
with a happy refrain,
just dancing and singing,
in the rain."

I practically skip down the street until I see a car race down the street.

"Oh shit! KYLE!" I scream, running after the car.

The car skids and I watch as if in slow motion as the car goes off the road and into a pole.

note: I don't own the song singing in the rain, and don't worry I have plans for kyle...*big*

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I get dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Man I really hope Alex will not wanna go somewhere after the fight. Going home and being together is good. But nothing big. I'm just not into it right now.

I look out the window to see the car pull up. Shit I was gonna take it in like a hour just to be alone as Michael runs up to my room.

"No Michae I am not going to fuck you before the fight." I say clearly.

"I didn't want that, God." He snaps.

I roll my eyes and keep looking outside. Right now I wish Alex was here. But he is at his place getting ready for this "big" fight. I sigh and turn to him.

He walks out as Will calls us and we get in our spots.

"I hate this...I'm gonna look nasty in mud." Tess complains.

"Shut-up Tess. We're doing this fight no matter what." Will shouted. I jump. "Come gang lighten up it'll be fine. Now Michael you better do what we talked about, you got me?" He ask Michael. Michael just nods like he understoond Will.

"I hope Alex is there" I say and look around at the gang and they all glare at me, I just roll my eyes. "It's true you should try him in bed Tess you'll like it." Trying to make a joke but they keep glaring
posted on 26-Dec-2002 7:02:21 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I left Maria and Kyle place...........I decide to talk a walk for awhile.

How come I have these feeling with Max, Love, Passion, tense.

I know he feel the same way, I can see it and his big souldful brown eyes.

oh those eyes, how I can look into them long dad long

What the fuck..........

what is wrong with me?

I am falling for the ememy.......but he doesnt have to be anymore.

we all can be together.

I see will going to set up theses fights, I see Max, and Michael with him.

I go up behind Will and pull out my gun and point to his head"this is for Alex" I whisper in his ear, And the Click..........he gone

I see Max, he gaving me the look with so much anger.

He pull me by the shirt" What the fuck, did you have to kill Will for Bitch?!" He yell in my fucking face.

"Because he Need to did you dump blaster..........he was in Red Dragons. And he kill Alex parents, for no fucking reason. I know very well you dont know how that feels cuz your parents are still living asshole" Told him.

He was still pulling my stirt........

OOC: I hope that was good?

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Ooh, Liz is a bad girl. But one thing . . . I don't think will was in red dragons, I think his brother was. no biggie.


It all happened so fast that I had no time to react. First, Will was just talking to us, reviewing the plan for the big fight tonight, telling us to stay strong and stay with Blackstreet no matter what---Isabel was the one he was mainly talking to---and then he was gone. Just like that. Out of nowhere, Liz Parker came up and shot him. I don't really know the girl, but I think it's pretty uncharacteristic of her. I mean, she cried after someone took her locket, but she shot this man and doesn't appear to feel anything.

Our entire gang is silent for a minute. Some, like Isabel, seem to be happy. In fact, she's smiling, because she belives that the rivalry is over.

But I know better than that. This is far from over.

Will is dead, and now I get to lead Blackstreet.

I won't put an end to the rivalry. As long as I'm around, this rivalry will exist, no matter what feelings I have for HER. I'm not one to back down.

"That wasn't smart." I tell Liz, reaching in my pocket and pulling out a gun. "That was our leader."

"If I'm not mistaken, he killed OUR leader!" Liz replies quickly.

I'm just about to pull the trigger and kill her---I'm not afraid to kill anyone. I've done it before---but then, her friends come running up.

Wilshire 5 obviously heard the shots, and now, they're here. Alex is leading the way, but he stops when he surveys the scene.

Will, dead . . .

Liz, gun in hand . . .

Isabel, on the other side . . .

Kyle seems to be limping quite a bit, and there is blood on one side of his face, like he got in an accident or something. He looks like he's in pain, but he manages to send Tess a smile, which I don't completely understand. I thought she and Max were . . . hmm . . . I've clearly missed out on a lot.

Terrell and Ava stare at each other, trying not to make it look too obvious, but it is. They want each other about as bad as Izzy and Whitman do.

It's the same way with Serena and Jamal. They glare at each other, trying to make it seem like they don't like each other, but the buldge in Jamal's pants is giving it all away.

Liz and Max seem to be avoiding each other's gazes. What's going on with them . . . I don't know, and I'm not sure that I want to.

And then there's HER. Maria stands close to Kyle, obviously feeling safe and secure around him, in a brotherly way.

She'll never feel safe and secure around me. Part of me likes that idea.

I remember riding in the car with her on the way to SEND ANGELS, the club that she was supposed to sing at tonight. She chickened out, though, and that didn't happen. Oh, well. I'll get her to sing. Besides, any excuse to be that close to her is . . .

I remember that she reached over to turn the station on the radio from rock to hip hop, and I grabbed her wrist to stop her. I remember the way she looked up at me with her bright green eyes. Those eyes . . . they're enough to make my body feel like it's on fire. And those lips . . . don't even get mey started on those full, completely kissable lips of hers . . .

Oh, this isn't me. I don't waste my time thinking about girls like this. They're supposed to waste their time thinking about me.

I hear a shot. It's no surprise who shot it. It was Ava. She shot it right at Liz, but it only knicked her arm.

I forget all of my personal feelings and charge forward.

It seems like fate. Terrell and Ava head straight towards each other, as do Jamal and Serena. Max throws Liz to the ground, and Tess manages, with her surprising strength, to pin down Kyle, who's definitely not at his best right now. Alex rushes to help Kyle, and Isabel stands back in the shadows and watches it all. I don't think that she can take it.

I rush right towards Maria . . .

I'm so sorry, I kinda forgot about Kyle being in an accident, so I edited it as best as I could so that he's hurt, but going on as a trooper. I'll change the entire thing if you think this should go in a differnet direction with his character, qt.

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I'm not functioning properly as he grabs me and throws me to the ground. I land with a thud, and he lands on top of me. Oh, God, Michael Guerin isn't exactly light, that's for sure.

He doesn't make any effort to do anything to harm me.

"What? Can't hurt me?" I ask, tempting him.

He punches me in the face, right then and there, but it doesn't hurt. I've gotten used to how punches feel at a very early age. I knee him in what I think is his stomach, but it is not. When he shouts out in pain and agony and gets off of me as quickly as he can, that's when I realize that I hit him in a palce VERY sensitive to the male body.

"Serves you right, fucker." I tell him, standing up.

He shakes his head and slowly rises to his feet, staggering. "Oh, that's it bitch." He tackles me again and throws me to the ground.

"That seems to be my name lately. Don't wear it out." I like something about the feeling of his body on top of mine, but I don't let onto that. I'm not that obvious, unlike Alex, who knew that he was in love with Isabel about the second time he saw her.

"You know, while I'm up here . . ." Michael says, then, making a motion with his fingers, suggesting something very inappropriate for the time.

I slap his shoulder. "In your dreams!" I tell him.

He smiles. It's been a long time since I've seen anyone smile. ANYONE. Even a Wilshire 5 member. We've been too busy to be happy lately.

"Maria!" I hear Serena scream.

"Better go." Michael tells me, getting off of me willingly.

"Yeah," I agree, standing up. I brush the dirt from my pants and take one more look at Michael, and then I rush towards Serena to assist her with Jamal, who seems to be giving her some trouble.

It seems to me that I might have found something in Michael that I haven't quite been able to find in anyone else in my life. I just don't know what it is . . .

Well, whatever it is, I don't want to let it go, I don't want to lose it, because, even in the midst of this battle with the enemy, I feel happy for the first time in years . . .

So sorry if that sucked, which I know it did.

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Its all good! I don't care about Kyle just being hurt but I hope you don't mind me back tracking a little bit...


two hours earlier...

I was so happy. Was being the key word.

I run to the car and see Kyle unconcious.

"Oh God, Oh God." I say panicking.

" that you?" Kyle says groggily.

"Your awake!" I say happily, helping him out of the car.

"Alex...I don't feel so...." He than collapses on top of me.

I grab him and walk the 2 mile walk back to our territory. I lay him on some boxes in an alley.

"Are you ok man?" I ask when he seems to be coming to.

"Yeah but I feel like crap." He say struggling to stand up.

I help him.

Just then Maria runs in out of breath.

Kyle get a flash of anger in his eyes as he stumbles forward.

"MARIA! What have you done!?" he roars.

She frowns and I realize there has been something that I have missed.

She ignores him and Kyle roughly grabs her shoulders but ends up hurting himself more than he hurt her.

She looks down at his legs.

"Oh god..." She whispers.

Kyle's legs are in shambles and there is blood all over. His ankle is all bent out of shape. It looks like he broke it.

"Kyle you are in no shape to fight." I say ignoring Maria who has turned deathly pale.

"I have to." He says weakly.

"Here." I say as I help him up.

"Guys." Maria starts.

"what?" I ask angerly.

"Serena and Terrell are meeting us by the clu-" SHe starts to finish but we hear a gun shot.

We stare at each other and run in the direction of the shot.

We gasp as we all see Liz, our sweet, innocent Liz standing over Will's dead body with a gun and that Michael guy pointing it to her head.

We don't think, just act as we pounce. Tess grabs on Kyle as he falls weakly to the ground. I rush over to help, and cannot help but notice Isabel's absence in the fight.

I see Maria fending off Michael and I don't try to help because she can take care of herself.

Serena is busy and I pull Tess off of Kyle.

We hear a growl and everyone stops what they are doing.

We look and see Liz and Max facing off in the middle of the alley. We are all surprised and we watch as both of them take out their guns. We all prepare for the worst but nothing could have prepared us for what was about to happen next.
Ok guys, you can have fun with the next part...
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Max throw me on the ground after Ave spot me.

FUCK....... this arm hurded so bad, like a mother fucker.

I lay on the ground watching the fight.

Then I see max share down at me"He really did needed to die, if he didnt die he would of kill us all" I said to him, while looking into his eyes.

I force mt self to turn away.

I lost so much blood slowly I turn away from the world.

I close my eyes and everything went complete darkness.

yes darkness!

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I think we should all back up and drag out the relationships a little more. It doesn’t make since that everyone all of the sudden is all fuckin and saying I love you but then fighting each other the next second. So I say we back up or we do HELLLLLLLLLLA flashbacks. Also do we all realize that we killed our leaders in like two seconds? Hmmm… I think we shouldn’t hurry to fight so quickly, there are still a lot of things to be written. This is just an opinion. Don’t label me a bitch, its just a suggestion…

As always, I went over board, this part includes all three of the characters I have tho...


Flashback to Terrell & Ava’s kiss in the park…

I shoved Terrell away from me and slapped him across the face, “What the fuck was that yo? Do I look like some cheap whore?” I spat.

He blinked several times, “I-I dunno why I did that…” He rubbed his hands over his face, “Fuuuuuuck!” He shouted in his hands, “Yo. I’m sorry aight? I dunno what the hell got into me.”

“Well whateva it wuz you best fuckin keep that shit to ya self.” I snapped.

He groaned, “Why the fuck you always such a bitch foe? Did I do something? Was it something I said?”

I scowled, “Look. You saved mah sista, thanks. Whoop de fuckin dee! What more you want? You think cuz you helped her out that I gotta give it up now? Is this some kind of score you gotta settle with ya bro? Cuz honey lemme tell you. It’s OVA between me and him, it was one night, ONE. I’m my own person.”

“I know.” He smirked, “You one tough cookie.” He nudged my shoulder.

I looked at the floor, a cool breeze flowed past us and I shivered.

“You cold?” He said taking off his jacket.

I stared at him bitter, “No.”

“Fuck that. It’s freezing out here and you’re walkin around like we in da middle of Summer.” He handed me his jacket.

I stared at it for the longest time. If I took that thing it would mean we wuz coo. We ain’t coo. I turned on my heels and walked away. Shivering and teeth fucking chattering and all…

When I had got home Tess was out cold in our room, I didn’t wanna wake er so I just sat at the table and thought long and hard about Terrell. I hadn’t spoken to anyone in Blackstreet all day. If I had it my way I wouldn’t talk to any of them for a while. I just need some space. So when I TRIED ta get some dancing time in (dancing is the only thing that can set my soul free, even if its only for a moment…) But then FUCKEN aye, we was all brawlin all ova again. Its as if we never can breathe without a fight. Terrell went straight for me and I swear I thought since when did niggas think it was okay to hit a chick? I was sick and tired of this crap. Terrell was hell goin easy on me, I kneed him in his jewels and walked out da club.

So this is where I lay. Sprawled over my bed, my hair in tangles and my pappi banging on the door telling me to lower down my stereo. My cell has been ringing off the hook and I haven’t even glanced at the caller ID. I don’t give a flying fuck. They can all piss off. I couldn’t take my poppi’s screamin any longer so I walked out the house and walked the streets…

Love is life and life is livin’
It’s very special
All my love...

So I guess this is it?

I tucked my beige pea coat in tight and strolled past the window displays. I watched as all the people in DownTown LA walked so glamorous and all high and mighty and shit. I knew I could neva be that. Glamorous. I was the gum under the table, I wasn’t the flower in the vase on top.

(Baby, don’t go)
(Baby, don’t go) Yeah
(Baby, don’t go, uh)
(Baby, don’t go) Yeah
(Baby, don’t go)
(Baby, don’t go) Yeah, yeah
(Why you act like that)

You think someone like me could ever succeed and get out the ghetto? Clubbin and fightin isn’t what I’d like to call a career. Wilshire seems to really be into fightin us, I’ve had it up to my ears… If this rivalry didn’t fuckin simmer down I don’t know if I can say that my actions will be very civil, I’m about ready to bust a cap in every member of W5.

Especially Terrell…

It’s such a shame, but I’m leavin’
Can’t take the way you mistreated me
And it’s crazy, but oh, baby
It don’t matter, whatever, don’t phase me

I stepped passed some old hags in diamonds and ignored their comments about my lip and nose rings. I could have laughed out loud.

“Pink hair? What kind of society have our youth started?” One lady said.

“One where we enjoy the look on ya faces when we walk by.” I said over my shoulder and stuck out my tongue, flicking my tongue ring out at them, “Fuckin cunts.” They scowled and went on their way. I lauged again and when I turn back around, I bumped into someone…

That someone was no other than Terrell.

Uh, uh, uh
I don’t believe you wanna leave like this
I don’t believe I just had my last real kiss
I do believe we’ll laugh and reminisce
Wait a minute, don’t bounce, baby, let’s talk about this, man

“You following me now?” I snapped.

He smirked, “That was a low blow earlier.”

“Like you felt it.” I scowled.

He looked at me as if he were reliving our kiss earlier, “Yo… Where you goin?” he walked in step with me.

I rolled my eyes, “Why you wanna know? You ain’t going wit me, dat for sure.”

He stopped me, “Ava. Look. I know you feelin me. Cuz I can’t get you out my fuckin mind!” He shouted and cupped my cheek in his hand, “Why you pushin me away? You stuck on my brotha or sumthin?” he snapped, “Why I get da feelin you are?”

I shoved him away, the warmth of his touch causing my skin to scream for his touch yet again, “Don’t touch me.”

Well, I’m bouncin’ and I’m out, son
I gotta leave you alone

I walked away and he stood where I left him. Half of me wanted him to chase after me, to take me in his fucking amazing arms and cradle me close, to whisper that I was all he wanted. To tell me that if I wanted all I needed to do was say the word and we would leave this shit hole. I felt my eyes well uop in tears, longing for someone to just fucking understand…

‘Cause I’m good holdin’ my spot
And I’m good reppin’ the girls on the block
And I’m good, I got this thing on lock
So without me you’ll be fine, right

(Terrell’s thoughts)

I’ve never been stuck on a female. Never. I always just fuck ‘em and move on. They were either someone I played with, or someone I treated like family. When my sister, before she died… The lump in my throat swelled, I still can’t think about Mariah without my damn emotions clouding my thoughts. She always told me, I would know I found the one when I didn’t just wanna fuck ‘er. If the first thing that went threw my mind was HER, and not her BODY… Then I was in for the long run.

She was right.

Jamal didn’t deserve her. No one did. I didn’t. That’s why I let her walk off like that. My feet carried me in the opposite direction, but my heart…

My heart was left in her hands…

All my pride is all I have
(Pride is what you had, baby girl, I’m what you have)
You’ll be needin’ me, but too bad
(Be easy, don’t make decisions when you mad)
You had to your choice to run alone
(I know you’re independent, you can make it on your own)
Here with me you had a home, oh, yeah
(But time is of the essence, why spend it alone, huh)

When I turn the corner street and Terrell had stayed where he was, my heart fucking felt like it was breaking. I’m not a pansy, I ain’t no cornball who crushes every two damn seconds and then moves on. I don’t HAVE feelings. I’m a down ass bitch who’s there when you need ‘er. I’m the one sticking a blade in your ribs, I ain’t the one crying at home in the comfort of my bed.

“Yo.” I felt arms encircle my waist.


“Yo yaself.” I shrugged out of his embrace.

“What’s your problem?” He snapped angry, his alcoholic breath told me this was going to be a brawl. I was used to this shit from Will, he would come to the crib drunk off his ass, then he would come to me. Fucker, he never knew what the word NO meant. You try having a male who had more than 70 pounds to your 125 and you tell me you can push his ass off you and you TELL ME you can make him stop rippin your clothes off, YOU FUCKIN TELL ME you can handle ya shit…

Liz had earned a small amount of respect from me, I was fuckin glad she capped his ass. No more bein’ forced to do something you didn’t wanna do. No more lyin to ya sista when she asked why you had trouble walkin the next day, huh… It was fuckin hella funny tho. That fucker always passed out before he came anyhow.

The nights I waited up for you (Oh, boy)
Promises you made about comin’ through
So much time you wasted
That’s why I had to replace you

“Ava…baby c’mon…” Jamal buried his face in my neck.

I closed my eyes and let him nibble the skin along my throat, I sighed and let his hand run up into my coat and slide up under my shirt. If I couldn’t have Terrell, might as well take what was second best right? “Jamal…” I whispered.

He moaned and took my mouth in his, “Hmmm?”

“Yo, we in a fuckin back alley.” I pushed him off me, “The back of a club is completely different than a rat infested alley J.”

He nod and chuckled, “But what if we ain’t in da mood by da time we get to a bed?” He took a step towards me.

I stepped back, “What makes you think I in da mood now?”

Uh, uh, uh
It makes a cat nervous, the thought of settlin’ down
Especially me, I was creepin’ all over town
I thought my tender touch could lock you down
I knew I had you, as cocky as it sounds
That’s the way you used to giggle right before I put it down
It’s better when you angry, come here, I’ll prove it
now, come here

(Terrell’s thoughts)

At first I admit, aight. I was nervous about settling down with just ONE breezie. I ain’t like that. But fuck it, fuck all the bullshyt.

This little back and forth shit between me and Ava is over. I’m not gonna sit back and let the best possible thing in my life slip away like that. She can go ahead and play her games, I can play games too. My name wasn’t Terrell James for nuthin. But I just had to set the record straight, I had to tell ‘er that she could play and push me away as much as she wanted…

But I wasn’y goin Nowhere.

Stop playin, you gamin’
I gotta leave you alone

Jamal took my face in his hands and I allowed his mouth to gently caress mine, I let his warm hands roam all over me fron underneath my shirt, I let him press me firmly up against the hard ass brick wall of the alley. I let him suck the skin of my neck and I even let a small moan escape my throat. But when his body squashed mine harder aginst the wall I cried out.

“J! Yo, why you bein all rough foe? Cool down boy, take it slow… Why you rushin?” I said trying to stop his hands from taking my coat off.

“Why you bein such a damn baby for Ava? What the fuck? You all virginal now? Nah, I dun think so. Stop being a fuckin tease.” He forced his tongue back in my mouth.

Quit bein such a baby…

Flashbacks of Will’s voice filled my ears.

I shoved Jamal away, “Fuck you.” I walked off.

“Nah, get back here. I’m sick of you always getting the last word…” He pulled me back violently.

‘Cause I’m good holdin’ my spot (Stop actin’ like that)
And I’m good reppin’ the girls on the block (Now you know you need to stop)
And I’m good, I got this thing on lock
So without me you’ll be fine, right (Here we go)

I stared at his hand on my wrist and looked back up at him, “Let. Go.” I growled.

“Or what?” Jamal scoffed.

I walked away.

“Ava I mean it, c’mere!” he shuffled after me, he stumbled a couple times.

“Back up fuckin poser.” I tossed him away from me.

“Poser? Where the fuck this all coming from huh?” He pulled me back.

People all around watched as we screamed at each other in the middle of the street.

“I know you feelin Serena, an DON’T you even fuckin say you ain’t nigga.” I scowled.

“Helllllllllllll nah.” He grimaced, “Nah, no. no. no…” He shook his head.

“Then why did you run right to her when that fight broke out? I saw the way you were looking at each other!” I screamed.

“Psh, man..” He waved me off, “C’mon Ava… You know you mah gurl.” He pulled me into his arms and held me.

All my pride is all I have
(Pride is what you had, baby girl, I’m what you have)
You’ll be needin’ me, but too bad
(Be easy, don’t make decisions when you mad)

I tried to resist him, I tried sooo hard! But his eyes pulled me in, he was using me the same way I was usin him. We wanted someone else but settled for second best. I was about to tell hims o when I heard giggles and spun towards the voices.

“Christain! Stop it! Honestly!” I heard my sister, “Please! The coat was beautiful and I AM worth it, but the necklace…” She shook her head, “You must want a girl to have a heart attack.”

My eyes decived me, not only was my sister talking like a damn prep, she was fucking WITH a prep! I watched as they kissed and *gag* nuzzled their noses together. I didn’t understand, Max? Kyle? Christian?

“Who the chump wit ya sis?” Jamal said.

“Yo!” I called out to her.

She glanced my way and froze, she shook her head vigorously and turned her eyes warmly back to the cornball, “Christian, baby… Can you pull the car around?” She kissed his lips again, she all but shoved him away before I could reach her, “Chrsit AVA! Get what the fuck you doin ova here?”

“Strollin, I bumped into this perv and now I’ve bumped into a scene of the twilight zone.” I fingered the fur coat she was sportin. “What the-“ I reached to touch the ruby that hung from her neck.

She stepped back, “Go away Ava, don’t fuck this up for me. He’s rich, he’s beautiful and most of all… He doesn’t know who the FUCK I am…” She backed up, “Go, I fuckin swear… J, take her… Please.” She begged, “I swear I’ll explain layta. GO.”

Her white bread opened her door and kissed her cheek, he kissed her hand and she got in. I all but puked in the middle of the street. I turn to Jamal, “Lets go to your place.” He grin in triumph.

You had to your choice to run alone
(I know you’re independent, you can make it on your own)
Here with me you had a home, oh, yeah
(But time is of the essence, why spend it alone, huh)

We went back to his apartment, I walked around and glanced at the pictures that he had set up. Pictures of Terrell, pictures of his mom and dad… Pictures of… Some girl?

“Who dis?” I pointed to the smiling brown eyed girl, her auburn locks fell down her shoulders and wisps fell across her face, she looked out to the camera in joyful pleasure, her perfect smile lighting up the room.

“My sista.” He said and crossed the space between us, “Don’t look at that, look at me.” He grinned and threw me down on his bed.

I didn’t pay attention to him, I let him undress me, I let him slid my underwear off my legs. I grin when he kissed my feet up to my thighs, I moaned when he caressed my stomach with his mouth, I gasp when he suddenly sat up and pulled his shirt up over his head, he threw em across the room and hauled his pants off his self faster than Tess can read her romance novels.

I pulled him down on top of me and held him to me tight, “I know you wish I was someone else…” I whisper in his ear, “But for tonight… Can we just pretend… Can we just pretend that we need each other?” I said sadly. My throat tightened as I held back my tears.

He kissed my forehead, “Ava,” He kissed the tip of my nose, “I,” He kissed my cheek, “Want…” He kissed my other cheek, “YOU,” He kissed my lips.

And I cried.

“Yo, baby don’t cry, I need you…” He mumbled, he entered and I cried even harder…

People make mistakes to make up, to break
To wake up cold and lonely, chill, baby, you know me
You love me, I’m like your homey
Instead of beef you come hold me
I promise I’m not a phony
Don’t bounce, baby, console me, come here

(Terrell’s thoughts)

Before I pursued Ava, I had to clear it with my bro. I had to make sure that if I did this… If I went for Ava, I needed to make sure he was coo with it. He in fact had more advantage than I did, he was Blackstreet, I was Wilshire. He was with her, I wasn’t. He had the advantage I wanted desperately. I hurried all the way over to his apartment, I hopined the stairs three at time…

I was almost fuckin giddy! I just had this feelin that everything was gonna work out, that I would soon have pinky up in my arms, that I would kiss her face and she would kiss me back. She wouldn’t wanna fight me, she would allow me to love her like she deserved, I may not deserve her, but I know that I would die trying…

I knocked on Jamals door, nothing…

I knocked again, nothing…

I pulled my keys out my pocket and unlocked the door…

Ain’t nothin’ you can say to me that can change my mind
I gotta let you go now
And nothin’ will ever be the same, so just be on your way
Go ‘head and do your thing now
And there’s no more to explain to me, you no
I know your game and I’m feelin’ what you do

Jamal’s pace quickened and I gasped out, his breath was ragged, he steadied himself over me with his left hand and his other hand pressed my lower half closer tp his. My skin was slick with sweat, I panted and struggled to keep my moans to a minimum. We don’t want the neighbors to think someone was dyin ova here now!

“Ava…” Jamal whispered, he brushed my hair back over my face, his mouth inches from mine. I lifted my head to kiss him but he oulled back, his pulled out and in harder and I sucked in a gasp through gritted teeth.

“Fuck! J! You fuckin gonna rip me in half yo!” I cried out angry.

He chuckled, “Had to wake you up.” He licked the side of my face.

“I’m up, I just… Gawd… I’m… fucking trying to stay quiet!” I yelped, “You working my hard yo…” I grunted.

He sucked on my bottom lip, “Good.” He thrust in hard and screamed.

“Fuckin aye quit doin that YO!” I snapped. I heard the lock click open, “J… J!” I smacked his shoulder.

He groaned, “Stop… Ava quit it… I’m about to fuckin bust and you ruinin it…” He scowled.

It was then that I realized…

“FUCKIN AYE! Jamal get off me! Get the fuck off!” I pounded my fists in his chest, I desperately wanted him to finish but we couldn’t. between the kisses, and the small talk, and all the damn shit we did he neva strapped up! SHYT!

So I’m bouncin’ and I’m out, son
I gotta leave you alone, yeah, yeah

Jamal was lifted up off me in two seconds flat and thrown across the room. I screamed and covered up quick, “Terrell?!” I threw my clothes on and stood up to Terrell, “Quit fucking following me.” I snapped.

Jamal groan from the floor, “What the-“

“I came here to ask…” Terrell grimaced and thre Jamal a pair of sweats. “Fuck it, my answer is right in front of me.” He scoffed and walked out the door.

“Terrell!” I called after him.

All my pride is all I have
(Pride is what you had, baby girl, I’m what you have)
You’ll be needin’ me, but too bad
(Be easy, don’t make decisions when you mad)
You had to your choice to run alone
(I know you’re independent, you can make it on your own)
Here with me you had a home, oh, yeah
(But time is of the essence, why spend it alone, huh)

“Save it.” He scowled at me, “Go finish fuckin my brotha.” He pushed me away.

I flew up against the wall, my head banging against the wall, I saw spots. Shhhhhit!

“Ava? Ava?!” Terrell was in my face, my focus coming inand out, “Yo! I swear! Ava! …Ava!” He shook me, “I swear, baby please, I swear I didn’t mean.”

“Get the fuck away from her!” I heard Jamal yell, “What did you do!?” He shoved Terrell away.

“Back up bitch.” Terrell snapped, I’d never heard his voice hold so much venom. He swung and his fist hit Jamal in his jaw.

Jamal retaliated quickly, his drunken state seemed to have faded fast, “I’ll KILL you!” He barked and ran full force into Terrell. They fought mad crazy for 10 minutes until gained enough strength to grab Terrell’s revolver from his back, I pointed it at he two.

“STOP!” I shouted, “Ya’ll need need ta fuckin quit actin like you own me.” I glared at the brothers, “J.” I pointed the gat in his direction, “Go inside baby. This is gonna get ugly.” I said.

All my pride is all I have
(Pride is what you had, baby girl, I’m what you have)
You’ll be needin’ me, but too bad
(Be easy, don’t make decisions when you mad)
You had to your choice to run alone
(I know you’re independent, you can make it on your own)
Here with me you had a home, oh, yeah
(But time is of the essence, why spend it alone, huh)

He shook his head, “Baby you dun wanan do that…”

“Don’t I?” I locked eyes with Terrell, “I take him out and Wilshire don’t have a leader,” I stepped up to Terrell, “Beg.”

“Fuck you.” He spat.

I pressed the gun up under his chin, “Beg me for your life bastard.” I grinned.

Jamal lurched forward, “I’m fuckin gonna be sick.” He held his stomach, “Those tequila shots…” He covered his mouth and ran inside.

I turn to Terrell, “Well?” He slowly trued to take the gun from my hands. I pulled the trigger…

I promise you
You know what I’m sayin’



I smirked, “Like I’d point a loaded gun at the James brothas.”

I gave him his gun and walked off, shakin my ass as I steped out the building.

FUCK everyone.

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posted on 27-Dec-2002 9:54:07 AM by Galita

I'm happy Will is dead. I never liked him since I joined this fuckin' group I would not have a bad record with the law or nothing. But tonight it is me and Alex. I wanted Alex and I know he wanted me I can see it in his eyes those nice wonderful brown eyes of his. I love him I love Alex Whitman.

"Hey you" I walk up to him during the fight.

"Hey what happened here?" He said rubbing my cheek where there was blood.

"That Kyle guy took his blade out and cut me."I look at him and smile softly.

"I love you Isabel. I want to be with you no matter what happens here tonight."He said as he kissed me. Then the kiss went a little deeper and more hungery for each other. He pulls me to a old chair and sit down.

"Are you sure we should do this in front of everyone? I mean what if that Maria chick or Liz will come after me or something. I know Valenti wants to kill me."I said as I sit on his lap. He just nodded at me.

I lost myself while I was in his arms nothing matter when I'm with him. Then I heard what I hated the most."Their coming" I heard someone yell.

"Just when we started to have some fun we have to run away."Alex said with a little smile.

"I know but we can finish this later. Come by my place on Mable street and we'll have some fun." I kissed him good-bye and pulled my pants up and run to Michael and then he wraped his arms around my waist. I try to get away. "Not now Michael." I said but he holds on to me.

We get back to the house and he takes me to the room no one wants to go in. And that's where me and Michael had frist done it. Right before a big fight with another group.

It sucked I know
posted on 27-Dec-2002 11:58:57 AM by qt4167013
No it didn't that was really good! Oh and I am going to wait till the others post their parts... who knows. I guess we will ust have to wait till I get bored! LOL
posted on 27-Dec-2002 12:01:50 PM by JBehrsGurl
I agree! That was good, I especially like the "brown eyes" bit about Alex. Man... His eyes ARE sexy... They're all squinty and shit. LOL I love it!
posted on 27-Dec-2002 12:20:12 PM by Liz_Parker

After the fight, we all sorta split up.

I wind up in some alley, not sure why but I like it there.

I sit down and lean my head back against the wall and sigh thinking about Jamal's and mine "relationship", whatever you want to call it.

During the fight he ran right for me. That dude can fight. Which can be agood thing and a bad thing....but he didn't try to hurt me.

We just kinda fooled around, sure we glared alot But it was just for show.

"Come on babe....let's have a little fun of our own.", he whispered in my ear.

I just shook my head, I can't fall for the enemy. I would be killed for being a traitor.

I pushed him away glaring, that's when I called Maria over for "reinforcement".

She can handle him.

That's when I get snapped out of it by hearing Jamal's voice yelling out to Ava, that's when I see him walking over to me.

"Go away...", I tell him....I can't handle seeing him right now.

He just smirks and pins me against the wall.

Oh God.....why can't I push him away? I groan softly as he starts kissing my neck....Oh God.....
Sorry if that was bad! Just needed to put in a lil Serena and Jamal stufff *happy*
posted on 27-Dec-2002 12:39:24 PM by Cominatcha
No, that was good!!


I wander around aimlessly until I hear some noises coming from an alley. I'm a curious person---I always have been---so, naturally, I go check it out.

I'm not ready for what I see.

That Serena chick looks completely confused, like there are two sides of her that are at war with one another. One side clearly wants to stay devoted to Wilshire 5, but the other seems like it wants to throw devotion out the window.

Jamal is with her, too, but, before he can do anything, I go up and grab his arm, trying not to notice the hurt expression on Serena's face. She obviously did want a little something to happen with Jamal, whether she wants to admit it or not.

"What the fuck you doin', J?" I ask him. "She's Wilshire 5! This isn't the way you wanna start off!"

He only glares at me, and I wonder what he will do next . . .
posted on 27-Dec-2002 2:11:04 PM by Cominatcha
I'm just bumping this up so it's on the first page again!!
posted on 27-Dec-2002 2:11:50 PM by JBehrsGurl
This is a short ass part cuz I'm at work! Naughty me! *smack* Oh papi do it again! *smack* LMAO j/k!


Ava was right. I am feelin Serena. She's beautiful. She's someone that I've seen only in my dreams. Too bad she in Wilshire. But If Terrell can go for Ava, why can't I go for Serena?

Michael pulled me off Serena and losing her warmth caused my blood to boil.

"Back up." I growled.

Michael pulled me out the alley and yelled at me about disloyalty to the crew. I told him to stay away from Maria then. He shut up quick. I went back to tell Serena that I wanted her, to just… I dunno… Just ONE night. One night couldn't hurt. Ava had left me out in the fuckin cold. She wanted Terrell… No one wanted me. Not even Serena…

And she was the one I wanted…

posted on 27-Dec-2002 2:17:45 PM by Liz_Parker

Michael pulled Jamal away from me and started lecturing him about loyalty.

Ha, like anyone really cares about Loyalty anymore.

He was even slowly falling for Maria whether he wanted to accept it or not. I can see it in their eyes.

That's when Jamal grabbed my arm and dragged me off somewhere.

"Jamal....where are we goin'?!", I yell as he picks up a trot.

I can't help but go along with him. Not sure if him taking me was good or bad.

That's when we got to his place.

We walked up some stairs and I looked around a little.

Then he threw me into his room and locked the door.

This is it.....I'm head over hills for Jamal James....this really can NOT be good.
posted on 27-Dec-2002 2:38:12 PM by Cominatcha
Ooh, I've got a tiny request. If everyone could just hold off posting until I get this next part up, I'd appreciate it. I don't mean to sound like a selfish bitch, but I've just got to get this idea written down. I'll be posting soon!! Almost done!!

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LOL I hella know what you mean!!!
posted on 27-Dec-2002 3:39:53 PM by Cominatcha
those were really good parts!!

I got this idea in my head, and I know it's probably not the right time to post it, but I've just got to get it out of my head!! Song is Concrete by Plumb. I absolutely love plumb!!


I watch as Serena and Jamal disappear. Great.

I shake my head, wondering why that Will allowed that jackass Jamal into Blackstreet in the first place. He came with such short notice, and now he's already fuckin' W5.

I feel like I'm all alone, like no one sees things the way I do.

No one except for . . .


I know it's wrong, especially after lecturing Jamal about Serena, but I can't help it. My feet take me into Wilshire 5 territory. I walk in the shadows so that no one will see me.

Surprisingly, it's mostly deserted. Alex and Kyle are standing around talking, and Kyle appears to be in pain. Alex doesn't take notice of it, though, as he speaks of Isabel Evans.

My bitch.

Kyle says something, too, about Tess. Something about her being great in the sack. Whoa. I had known that there was something going on between them, but I didn't suspect that they were . . .

I catch bits and fragments of their conversation. " . . . kinda like her . . . nothing serious . . . remain loyal . . . Wilshire 5 . . ." Kyle was saying.

If there's one thing that Kyle VaLenti and I have in common, it's that we won't turn our backs on the only family we've known. He's loyal, and I know that as long as he's around, Wilshire 5 will not give up.

I don't care if everyone I know betrays me. I'm with Blackstreet. Hell, I am Blackstreet, lately. Nothing will get me to turn my back on our gang. Not Will's death, not Isabel's straying ways, and not HER.

Maria suddenly comes bouncing down the stairs. She doesn't look tired, though it is still late at night and though we just had a small fight. In fact, the fight seems to have energized her even more.

"Kyle, are you sure you're okay?" she asks him, joining him and Alex at the bottom of the stairs.

He nods. "I'm sure." If Maria had been standing at the same angle I was, she would have seen the look in his eyes reflecting off of the moonlight that revealed that he was not okay, that he was in both physical pain and emotional turmoil.

"Good." Maria says, hugging him gently. "I don't know what I would have done if something had happened to you."

He forces a smile. "So, you didn't actually . . . I mean, you didn't go and . . ."

"I didn't jump in a car and have sex with a complete stranger." Maria told him. "Don't worry about me, VaLenti. Just work on getting yourself better." She pats him on the shoulder and turns to leave before Kyle stops her.

"What made you decided not to do it?" he asks.

She freezes in place, only inches from me. I am in the shadows, and she can't see me. If she could, I would tell her quietly not to say a word about me.

"I just decided to come back. I'm not a slut." she lied, never turning around to look at him again.

Thank God. I breathe a small sigh of relief. The last thing I need is for people to know that I was helping out a Wilshire 5 bitch.

She turns the corner without another word and runs right into me. I cover her mouth with my hand so that she won't make a sound.

When she realizes it's only me, she relaxes. I take my hand off of her mouth and lead her away from Alex and Kyle.

"You about gave me a heart attack!" she shouts when she's sure they won't hear us.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault! YOU bumped into ME!"

"You could have moved."

I sigh. "I forfeit. So, what happened to VaLenti?"

"Car accident." Maria replied as if it were nothing.

"How'd that happen?" I continue to ask questions as we walk.

She's silent.

"Bitch . . ." I roll the word across my tongue and extend it so that it sounds like I'm begging her to tell me.

"Okay, fine, it was my fault." she blurted. "He found this note I left him about my prostitution idea and he came after me."

I raise my eyebrows. "So, VaLenti tries to play the big hero and ends up the big loser."

"He's not a loser." I'm surprised that that is the best line she can come up with.

"Now, me, on the other hand," I continue, "I was the big hero."

She slaps me on the arm and tries to hide a smile. "You're not the hero, Michael." she informs me. "A hero is someone who's brave and courageous and handsome."

"And it just so happens that I possess all three of those qualities."

She shakes her head. "You only think you do. Me, though, I do possess them. I'm brave and courageous. I'm beautiful and I'm smart." She sighs. "Beauty, brains, and brawn. Why must I have it all?" She fans her hand in front of face, pretending to flatter herself.

"You're so conceited, bitch." I tell her.


I see a car sitting on the curb and walk around to the driver's side to test the doors. Not locked. Perfect. I hop right on in, and, to my surprise, she gets in, too.

"We're listening to rock." I tell her as we take off down the street in the direction of the club, SEND ANGELS. I turn the radio to a rock station, and she cringes. "You know," she says, "that's not music. It's screaming."

"All the more reason to listen to it."

"But it's not music." she protests, flipping it to a rap station.

"Like that is!" I shriek. "All rap is is one big contest to see who can talk the fastest."

"All rock is is one big contest to see who can blow out their vocal chords first."

"Is that possible?"

We finally decided that if we can't agree on a certain type of music to listen to that we might as well not listen to anything at all. We drive the rest of the way in companionable silence for the most part, blurting out little remarks to each other here and there. It takes her awhile to even begin to wonder where we're going.

Suddenly, she seems to notice that we aren't in Wilshire 5 territory, and she stiffens. "Michael, you're not taking me back to that place, are you?" she asks.

I'm silent.

"Michael!" she shouts, slapping my head.

"Hey, watch the hair." I tell her while looking in the mirror to refix my do.

"Oh, please."

SEND ANGELS comes into view slowly, and the sound of music can be heard from inside. I park the car up near the front and get out. She makes no effort to move.

"Come on, DeLuca." I tell her, banging my fist down on the hood of the car before closing my door.

I walk around to her side and open her door up as well allowing her room to step out.

"I'm not going in there." she tells me, crossing her arms over her chest like a little child.

"You wanna lose your apartment?"

"It doesn't matter to me anymore. I can stay with Serena and her brother."

I shake my head. "No, you're gonna sing, DeLuca." I reach into the car and grab a hold of her entire body, lifting her out of the car and into my arms.

"Hey, what are you doing you asshole?!" she shouts in outrage and exasperation. "Put me down." She swings her tiny fists around at me, inflicting only a tiny amount of pain. She thrashes around wildly in my arms, wanting to get free.

"Let me down!" she shouts. "I'll scream! I swear to fuckin' God, I'll scream for help!"

"No one's gonna hear you with this music going." I remind her.

She grunts and gives up, allowing me to carry her inside the club.

I like feeling her so close to me.

I set her down when we're inside, and she begins to straighten out her shirt, which, I notice, happens to rise above her belly button. Nice, flat stomach.

There are lights flashing all around us, music blaring in our ears.

"Now what?" she asks.



I laugh. I can't understand a word she's saying, and I know she can't understand me, either.

I grab her wrist and pull her out on the dance floor. We become lost in this mass of confusion. I keep my eyes focused on her. All that exists to me is her.

She seems to forget about everything else, too, and begins to go completely crazy out on the dance floor. She swings her hips around and lets her hands fly around in the air. She looks so completely beautiful.

I move behind her and wrap my arms around her stomach, tracing circles around her belly button with my thumbs. She places her hands over the tops of mine and we stand there, pressed together, rubbing up against each other in the middle of the club, eyes closed, thoughts drifting into more dangerous territory.

I lean forward and press a small kiss to her neck. I can't hear her, but I know that a small moan has escpaed her lips in pleasure.

Just when things begin to heat up, the song ends, and a slow one starts up. She pulls away from me and walks away like nothing happened. She sits down at an empty booth and orders a beer. I like a girl that isn't afriad to be herself and do the things that she does in public.

I sit down across from her and watch as she chugs the beer. "Thirsty much?" I ask.

She nods. "Yeah, I'm gonna need anotha one of these."

I laugh. So will I by the time the night is over, I'm sure.

"So," I say guy on duty hands us each another beer, not even bothering to ask if we're over 21. "You gonna sing tonight?"

She shakes her head decidely.

I sigh. "Well, then, I'll just have to get up there and do it, and that won't be pretty."

She lets out a huge burp after chugging her second beer, and I smile.

"Well, see, the difference between you and me, Michael Guerin, is that you have nothing to lose by going up there. But me? I've got a reputation in this gay city."

"So do I."

"As what? The guy who only thinks about fucking Isabel Evans?"

"That's kinda over." I tell her, just so she knows that Isabel and I aren't an item. We never were. It doesn't hurt to tell her that.

"Really?" she doesn't seem interested. "I so care about your love life."

"It's not a love life."

"Oh, that's right. It's a sex life. That's all you Blackstreet people think about."

"Hey, we know how to have fun."

"So do we."

"Wilshire 5's idea of fun is going out and getting tattoos."

"Correction: that was Nick's idea of fun."

I finish my beer and get up, wiping my mouth off with the back of my hand.

"Where are you going?" she asks me. I wonder if she's really interested about where I'm going or if she just wants to make a hasty getaway.

"I'm gonna go talk to the manager." I say, pointing to a man in the corner. "See if he can get you to sing."

"I'm not singing!" she shouts.

"Sure, you're not."

"I'm not!"

I start to walk away, and she follows me, tugging on my arm for me to stop. "Michael, I don't wanna do this!"

My strength, however, is superior to hers, and I pull her on over to the manager.

"Hi." I say extending my hand. "I was wondering, do you think you might be able to get this here lady---" I grab Maria by the shoulders and pull her around in front of me so that she's facing the manager with a grumpy expression on her face, looking anything but ladylike---"to sing up on stage."

"Oh, of course." the manager said. "We don't get many people brave enough to risk public embarrassment like this."

Maria glares at me, and I think back to our conversation back in Wilshire 5 territory. "You said you were brave." I remind her.

"Oh, yes." she says. "Beauty, brains, and brawn. I've got it all."

I smile. "See, you'll be fine."

She shakes her head. "No, I won't."

The manager hands her this book with all kinds of song choices in it, and I see that she becomes more enthusiatic about he whole idea when she begins to look through the songs.

"I want this one." he decides, pointing to the song Concrete by Plumb.

"I've never heard of them." I say as she hands the book over to the manager.

"Yeah, they're kinda an undiscovered talent." she tells me.

After a few more minutes, the manager stops the music in the club and signals for her to go up on stage.

She cast a glance at me, her eyes pleading for me to find a way for her to get out of it, but she's already walking up to the stage.

"Our next performer is Maria DeLuca!" the DJ annouces over the microphone. "Let's all give her a warm welcome now, 'cause she's a little nervous."

I smile as I see Maria start to flush with a red color under the spotlight.

She grabs the microphone in her hands as the music starts to play. I can only stand in place, mesmerized as she begins to sing.

"More than a superstition
When put in my position
Temptations and opinions
This heart's not my possession
Hold tight to your convictions
Hypocrites in all directions
Cling to the things your father taught you
Confess your sins to the one who bought you"

She seems nervous on the first couple of notes, but that seems to vanish from her voice as she continues and gets more into it.

Her eyes lock with mine as she continued.

"Do you feel all alone?
Faith has always kept you strong
If you could see my fear
Should I believe or shoud I doubt?"

I wonder if she had picked the song because it held a certain meaning to her. Maybe she did feel all alone. Maybe she was confused and afraid.

She closes her eyes as she begins to sing the chorus, gripping the microphone hard in her hand, signing as loud and powerful as she possibly can.

"I believe
In the things that you never told me
I believe
In the things that you never showed me
I believe
I know my fears control me
I believe
In the things that you never told me

Her criminally short skirt was beginning to rise on her legs as she danced around up there, and I can't tear my eyes away.

"Agressive passive inhibitions
Laughs before an indecision
Do I run or do I stay
When all I do may fall away
Lack of faith in what I trust
When I all I measure turns to dust
When all I know decays in vain
And I am left alone again"

Her eyes scan the crowd before settling on me once again.

"Do you feel all alone?
Faith has always kept you strong
If you could see my fear
Should I believe or should I doubt?"

Her eyes hold an expression indesribable if you aren't actually there to see it. It's like she's finally letting go of everything inside of her.

"I believe
In the things that you've never told me
I believe
In the things that you've never showed me
I believe
I know my fears control me
I believe
In the things that you've never told me!"

She finishes the song, and all I can do is stare at her, wondering what has happened to me, and why I can't take my eyes off of her for an instant . . .

I'm so sorry that it took me so long to post that, and I'm sorry if it was horrible!!
posted on 27-Dec-2002 4:05:40 PM by Galita

I look at Alex and smile. "I feel like going to a bar tonight and not PLANET BANG." I say and he nods.

"Ok...we'll go to SEND ANGELS then." HE said with a goofy grin. I smile.

"I'll home and get dressed and you my little man can come and pick me up in a hour."I kiss him and run out the door and run to the car.

"I love her one will stop me." He said and go to his room to get dresses.

I get home with a smile and Ava looks at me.

"I think that guy tooken over you life Izzy" Ava said I just laugh and go to Tess's room.

"Hey Tess can I use some of your clothes." I ask
posted on 27-Dec-2002 4:15:07 PM by qt4167013
that was really good! Heres my part. Sorry if you don't like where I am going but just go with the flow....


Maria asks if I am ok. I snort. Ok, whats your definition of ok. If ok is feeling like crap and don't know where your going in life than yeah, I am ok.

Alex and I watch her walk away and I try to continue conversation with Alex until I hear a shreek.

Alex pales and we walk, well he walked, I limped, to where we had heard it. What we saw shocked us. It was maria and that guy Michael from blackstreet.

Alex's eyes widen and I hear him about to say something but I cover his mouth.

"Shh! do you want us to get caught?" I hiss into his ear.

he shakes his head and we watch as Michael and Maria go into his car.

"Lets follow her." I say urgently as I hobble away.

I can see ALex is confused. Join the club al, join the club.

We jump in Alex's car and secretly follow them. They pull out of both of our territory and drive up to a club.

"Come on." I say and drag myself out to the club. We grab a seat in the way back and order beers. Well I do, Alex orders an orange soda.

'light wait." I say to him.

His eyes narrow as he pulls out a clear bottle with liquid in it and pours it in.

"Vodka." He says as he chugs it down. I shake my head and look up surprised as I see Maria go up and sing.

And there is Michael watching her with a look of love on his face.

Alex has a look of awe on his face.

"If she was going to sing she could of asked me to play the guitar." He says hurt.

I snort and watch as my sort of sister sings on stage.

"Looks like I wont be kicked out of my apartment after all!" I say as I saw people throw money at her.

"Well lets go." I say standing up.

ALex looks confused.

'Don't you want to bust her and kill Michael?" Alex asked.

I shrug and smile sadly.

"Sometimes you just have to let your little girl grow up." I say, slapping a twenty on the table and heading out.

Alex shook his head and followed Kyle outside.
posted on 27-Dec-2002 5:47:18 PM by Cominatcha
no, that was good!!

Just to let everyone know, Michael and Maria are gonna kinda try to deny their attraction towards each other and everyone else around them for awhile.


I know that I should feel uncomfortable around him. It's not natural to feel this relaxed and at ease around a guy you barely know who just happens to be part of a gang who is your enemy.

But as I sing, I can't take my eyes off of him, and it doesn't seem like he can take his eyes off of me, either.

When I'm done, I collect the money that everyone has thrown onstage, and discover that I've already got half of what I need to pay the rent right there. I guess Michael knew what he was talking about when he suggested to sing here.

I run down off the stage and straight to him. There's a rush going through my body now that I just can't deny. "That was awesome!" I tell him.

"What'd I tell you?"

I have to pause to catch my breath. I'm sweating like a fuckin' pig, and I almost faint on the floor, but Michael catches me. "Whoa, there." he says.

I start to laugh hysterically, and I don't know if it's from the beer that I consumed just a few minutes ago before singing or the actual singing itself.

He starts to laugh, too, and, soon, we're back out on the dance floor dancing again.

Dancing is a bit of an understatement. All I can think about is the feel of his hands on my stomach, traveling up higher and higher, under my shirt a little, but not up too far.

I don't know what too far is right at the moment.

His lips attack my neck and my arms, and, at first, his kissing is almost painful, but soon, it dulls out into an enjoyable pain that I cannot describe, because my mind is whirling with thoughts and possibilities.

Of course, I'd never betray Wilshire 5. They're my friends, my family, but there's no harm in having a little fun once in awhile, either . . .

Okay, so, right now, they're not a couple, they're just hanging out and having fun and trying to deny their attraction to each other just so everyone gets it.
posted on 27-Dec-2002 6:15:11 PM by StardustDreamer
This is kinda short, sorry, but I'm in a hurry and wanted to get a part out. By the way, sorry for using Isabel! I kinda needed to, though...sorry! *happy*

I almost pissed myself last night wheneva I ran into my twin in front of dat alleyway beside Bizzle's, the new five-star restaraunt outside of LA. How da fuck was I gonna explain dis hella whitebread preppy dat I was with?
I saw dat she was with J and was surprised. I had thought for sure she was swingin' toward that otha looker Terrell, and dat her one night stand with J-man was just a temporary fuck. I needed ta have a chat with my sista lata and try to figure out exactly what brotha she wanted ta jive with. The last thing I had thought to myself was that Ava had alot of explainin ta do...but then again, so did I.

But, it turned out that I couldn't bring myself ta talk to her about, even when we were home togetha. She was downstairs, not really talkin' to me, and I knew she was pissed about Christian.

What could I say? I ran inta him after I woke up that morning from my nap. I decided to pop inta Starbucks and I ran into him- literally. I bitched him
for about five minutes, thinkin' da punk would back down, but he didn't. He just apologized for spillin coffee all ova my outfit and offered to pay. So, we ended up talkin and he really nice- no gang shit, no nothin. I felt normal. And besides, he took my mind offa Kyle.

Anyway, I was just up in my room, thinkin' and readin' one of my romance novels when Isabel busted inta my room, asking ta borrow some of my clothes.

"Sure bia, just take whateva ya want ta," I said absently, getting into the part in my book where Chastity was just "getting impaled by Devon's throbbing member."

I heard her chattering on in da background and finally paid attention to what she was saying when I heard somethin about "Alex being so cute...he was da one...didn't know what she was gonna do..."

"Wha? Wha?! Where did dis come from? What happened ta Mikey G?" I demanded, wonderin how da hell I could be so outta da loop. "Since when are you hookin up with Wilshire bitches?"

I knew I sounded kinda bitchy, but I was on the defense ever since my own Kyle/wilshire hookup and the fact that Ava wasn't speaking to me.

Isabel looked at me defensively, "Well maybe if ya paid a little more attention ta what was goin on in da group, yuo'd know what the fuck I was talkin about."

And besides," Isabel added frostily, shaking back her dark brown mane, "from what I've heard, you've been scrwewin around in da Wilshire mixin pot too! And as for as Michael, it seems ta me dat you and Maxie haven't been togetha that much wait, try at all."

Quickly pulling something outta my closet, Isabel jerkily walked out of the room, slamming the door.

I stared after her for a minute, wondering if I should follow her. Nah, what could I say? She was kinda right, but no way in hell I could admit that. It was still to new and to hard to admit. It was just too fucked up that we was all fallin' for our rivals. Sighing, I picked my book back up and tried to lose myself in somebody elses
happy ending.

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posted on 27-Dec-2002 7:57:09 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I woke up in a hospital, My arm felt alot better.

how did I get here? did Max bring me here?

I left the hosptal before anybody can see me leave.

Fuck Doctor.

They domt know what they are talking about.

I went go find the gang, once again I am alone in the dark streets.

I couldnt find them anywhere.

It was starting to rain.


I walk around town for awhile, and decide to stop and sit down at a bus stop.........

OOC: I know it really sucks!
posted on 28-Dec-2002 4:32:06 AM by JBehrsGurl

Da bitch wouldn’t even talk ta meh! She stayed in our room all day reading a book until Isabel came by askin ta borrow some threads. I stayed out front and watched TV wit my dad. No one called me all day and I was mad crazy gad about that too. Pappi asked me why me and Tess wasn’t talking and I told him to but out. Then he told me I was grounded from going out all day. I’m 20 years old and I’m grounded. Its actually quite fuckin hilarious.

“I’m outti.” I hear Isabel wave good bye. I huff in response, “Whateva.” She rolls her eyes. I know she’s into Alex or whateva, but… Am I the only one who still has their damn priorities straight? I guess fuckin so!

“No le digas nada.” I say to my pappi when Tess walks in the front room. The last thing I need is for my dad to start askin Tess why we ain’t talking and to tell her that I called her a selfish fake bitch. I love my pappi an all but, he’s got a big as mouth.

“Papa!” Tess grinned and sat next to my papa on the other side of me.

I rolled my eyes and got up. I told my dad that I was going out, I had to get out before my brain explodes. Everyone’s lying. Everyone’s hooking up and becoming traitors.

Isabel was busy with Alex.

Michael was busy being “buddies” with Maria. (yea, you keep tellin yaself that sancho.)

Tess was busy with… I dunno but it sure as hell wasn’t with Blackstreet.

Jamal was too busy tryin ta get in Serena’s pants and Max.

What WAS up with Max? Maybe he was the only one left in all this mass destruction who had enough sense left in him to realize that in the past we’ve all abandoned all we’ve ever known…

Yea. I was going ta Max's house. We had things ta talk about...

posted on 28-Dec-2002 11:54:55 AM by Liz_Parker


Later on that day....I go back to Maria's and Kyle's place...what a surprise, their actually there!

"Hey guys...what's up?", that's when I notice Kyle looks hurt.

"Uh.....did I miss something", they all glare at me.

Ok....what did I do now?

Alex grabs my arm and makes me sit down next to Kyle.

"Ok....we gotta have a looooong talk about Loyalty", He says.

I groan. "Your one to talk Alex.....your the one all over that Isabel chic".

He glares and I roll my eyes.

"Just what are we gonna talk about Alex? How "in love" you are with Iz...or how everyone's falling for everyone else?", I say nonchalantly.

He glares again. "Listen Rena.....from now on we gotta stay with our own kind", I roll my eyes again.

"Our own kind? We're all the same kind Alex....we're just in diffrent gangs." I say sighing.

"You know what I mean S.J......we need to stay within our own gangs."

"Oh please! We tried that....and you know as well as I do that it didn't work. We just all wound up loving eachother as FRIENDS!", I yell at him. I'm sick of him telling me what to do when he was the one that started out liking the enemy.

I just get up and start to walk off but Kyle grabs me and pulls me back down,I glare.

"What do you want Kyle", I ask grumbling.

"Your not going anywhere Rena....your staying right here with the rest of us.....if we have to we'll tie ya down!", he says glaring right back at me.

I huff and lean back crossing my arms over my chest.

Guess it's gonna be like old times....just no Nick....sit around being bored....hoping for the lives we all know we can never have......some things are just in the matter of getting......others....are just impossible.
Sorry if that sucked!
posted on 30-Dec-2002 12:43:06 PM by Cominatcha
no, that didn't suck at all.


It seems like old times, now that Will is gone. Out of everyone in Blackstreet, I guess I'm probably da one who liked Will the most. Well, maybe liked isn't the right word. I tolerated him better than anyone else did. We had a lot in common.

Like I said, though, it seems like old times, now. Max and I are sitting up in his apartment watching some stupid rerun of JUST SHOOT ME. No matter how many times I watch that show, I'll never get tired of it. It's good to watch shows that make you laugh, because, in the real world, it's hard to laugh that much.

Max and I were just sitting there, laughing at Nina, who thought she was all that, when Ava came barging in.

"Hey, Ava." I say. "What's up?"

She looks like she kinda wanted to talk to Max alone.

She spews on about some stuff. Something about loyalty, and how no one seems to really care anymore. I know what she means.

"Ava, you don't have to worry about it." I tell her. "I'm with Blackstreet until the end, just like you."

She nods, but she doesn't seem convinced. "Ya sure?" she asks.

I nod in return. I'm sure. Not even Maria DeLuca will get me to betray my family.

Max pledges his allegiance as well.

"I'm gonna go talk to some more Blackstreet membas." Ava says, leaving without a single good-bye.

Well, everything's looking up again, I guess. The rivalry will definitely continue, as long as Max and Ava and I are around to keep it going on the Blackstreet end, and we're gonna win.

And there's no greater feeling than victory.

"What if no one else feels like we do?" Max asks, his eyes glued on the screen. "What if no one else really wants to keep this going."

"Not a problem." I say. "We gettin' a new leader tomorrow."

"Who?" Max asks.

"This black guy named Tyrone. I guess he's a real badass. He's been real interested in this rivalry for a long time, now, so he's willing to help us out."

Max smiles.

I don't know whether to smile or not. Because there's always Maria, and she and I are kinda friends and . . .

Maria DeLuca means nothing to me, I decide. I'm with Blackstreet forever, and nothing will ever change that.

Nothing . . .

No one . . .

Ever . . .

Sorry so short and stupid!! And sorry for borrowing Ava and Max there, too, but I kinda needed to.

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posted on 30-Dec-2002 1:11:09 PM by qt4167013

Alex and I join at the wilshire crib and turn on the tv.

"Awww man, not another JUST SHOOT ME!" Alex complained as we sat and watched lazely.

"Hey Al?" I ask during a commerical.

"Yeah?" he asks, eyes glued to the tv.

"If it came down to Isabel or the gang who would you pick?" I ask cautiosly.

Alex has a pained expression.

"Wilshire 5 has been my family. No one takes away my family." He says holding his hands in fists.

I nod and turn back to the tv.

It looks like this everlasting fight has not even started and I am nervous. Nervous of what? Well nervous that I will die. Nervous that Alex will die. Nervous that I will lose the only thing that has kept me from killing myself because of this stupid battle.

My sanity.

I get up suddenly and walk away. Alex doesn't follow, he knows I need sometime alone.

I walk to my apartment and lie in my bed looking up at the glow and the dark stars on my ceiling. I groan and turn around to open my bed side table.

I pull out my baby. Judy is my gun, my special military gun. I put it in my shoe and get up.

Its time that I stop playing the nice guy anymore. its time to win this stupid fight once and for all!
posted on 30-Dec-2002 1:39:50 PM by Cominatcha
Wow, that was good!! Great job, qt!! We need to keep the rivalry going.


Kyle looks . . . well, I don't know how he looks, exactly. One minute, he and Kyle were watching TV---JUST SHOOT ME, or something---and then they were saying someting. Serena and I were in the kitchen talking, so I don't know what, exactly, it was that they were saying, but I did hear Isabel's name, so I figure that it has to be another one of those loyalty talks. Then, Kyle walked into his room, and came out looking completely different. Determined, I guess, would be the right word.

I ask Serena about it, and she says that she doesn't know what's going on with him. I know that Serena and Kyle are drifting apart. He's drifting towards . . . towards I don't know what, and she's drifting right into Jamal's arms.

Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door. When neither Kyle or Alex bother to get up and answer it, even though they are closer, I sigh and get off my ass. I turn the doorknob to reveal a black man on the other side, who looks like a real badass.

"What's shakin, bitch?" he asks me like he knows me.

Bitch. I remember that that's what Michael likes to call me.

No, Maria, can't think about that now!

"Who the hell are you?" I ask.

"I'm Asa." he replies. "I'm Wilshire 5's new leada . . ."

Okay, I know that Asa is a really stupid name, so, if someone wants to change it, just tell me and I'll edit.
posted on 30-Dec-2002 2:30:14 PM by qt4167013
sorry, this is gonna be real short but I just saw friends and chandler said something like this...


I narrow my eyes at our new 'leader.'

"And I am princess natasha with the ability to see through walls." I say sarcastaclly.

I am then shot dirty looks by everyone.

"Sorry," I mumble and thurn back to the tv.
what? comic relief....
posted on 30-Dec-2002 2:37:13 PM by JBehrsGurl
posted on 30-Dec-2002 3:10:41 PM by Liz_Parker

I walk in as soon as I hear the guy something about him being our new leader. New leader? We don't need a new leader.

"We don't need you can be on your merry little way back to wherever you came from!", everyone shoots me a look but I don't care.

We don't need one, it's true. Whoever told him that we needed one was sadly mistaken.

"Just why are you hear dude?", I ask and lean against the wall.

"Like I said....ya new leada", he says and walks towards me.

"Well.....guess what? You can lead them, but your not leading me,understood?", I said and walked up to my room and walk in to see Jamal which makes me jump.

I sigh. "Whatcha want J?", I say and sit on my bed.
posted on 30-Dec-2002 3:28:51 PM by JBehrsGurl

"What I want is currently siting on a bed..." I eye her over, "And that's the EXACT place I want her." I walk over and plant kisses on her neck.

She refuses and pushes me away but I know she's feelin' me. I ask her whats shes doing later on today, cuz I wanna take her out. Hey, just cuz I'm a thug don't mean I dont know how ta treat a lady.

"I wanna take you out. Someplace fancy. Someplace where everyone will see how beautiful you are. Someplace I can show you off." I nibble her neck some more. "What do you say?"

I wait for her answer.
posted on 30-Dec-2002 5:05:01 PM by Liz_Parker

"I....I don't know....And I am no where near beautiful!", I say somewhat nervously.

He just smiles at me. The thing about going out with Jamal is that everyone will disown me.

"If your worried 'bout your crew, we can sneak around" he tells me, I kinda nod and look up at him.

"Fine....I'll go out to eat with you....but if everyone in Wilshire 5 disowns me, I'm blaming you!", I tell him informativly.

He just smiles and grabs my hand. He's just a guy....right?

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posted on 30-Dec-2002 7:39:16 PM by StardustDreamer
I sighed and leaned back in my chair, yet again watching more TV. I lied ta Mike. I really couldn't give a shit about this rivalry, but what I do give a shit about, is Blackstreet and our family togetha. If getting a new leada, an' in turn keep dis rivalry going, will help us all sort dis shit out and get back to normal, then that's we have ta do.

I picked up the beer beside me and took a swig outta it, starting to feel more confidence about da situation with every gulp I took.

I didn't need Liz Parker. I didn't need anybody from dat Wilshire group of fags. I didn't need anyone or anybody but my crew damnit. I smiled smugly to myself, finishing that beer, and den anotha, anotha, and anotha...soon I realized Mike wasn't even sittin there anymore.

I kinda sat there, drunk as fuck and completely outta it.

What ta do? I thought to myself.

I'm going ta go see dat Liz Parker biotch, and tell her just how much I don't need her! Yeah, dat's it.

Stumbling, I grab my jacket and pull it ova my wifebeater, not even worryin about where she might be and how I would find her.

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posted on 31-Dec-2002 4:49:26 AM by JBehrsGurl
look its JB! bigear Happy bday ya old pappy!

visa Here I cash in my card for the day. I’m spent. I’m about to pass out. I wrote this earlier today and I’ll post Jamal and Ava’s part soon!


So les get sumthin straight here, Ava and my brotha have… Wull lets not beat around da bush, they fucked. Dere. I said it. Okay. Yea wull, now Ava thinks she’s obligated ta be with ‘em cuz they did da horizontal Macarena and plus he a Blackstreet. Seriously, I dun undastand what the fuck difference it makes. I no longer give a shit about these damn gangs. Who da fuck is dis new foo sayin he da new leada?

I don’t do leaders.

Nick neva had me held down, and this new punk sure as hell wont eitha. How the fuck you gona walk in and say you the new head hancho?

I’m sick. I’m beyond tired. Fuck it man. I’m bout ta set things straight, and if I find one crooked arrow…

I’ma fuck em up.


posted on 31-Dec-2002 1:21:15 PM by Liz_Parker
Great part! Now I'm just awaiting a Jamal part *tongue*
posted on 31-Dec-2002 4:13:00 PM by Cominatcha
Okay, this isn't a Jamal part, but I just had to post something!!


My head is spinning. I don't know what to think about all of this. Asa, our new leader. I've barely even met the man, but I can't hardly understand what he's saying. His accent is so thick.

Oh, well. A new leader is what we need. After Nick died, I guess people expected Kyle or Liz or Alex to step up to the plate, and neither one of them really did, and no one really trusts me as their leader, so Asa . . . he'll have to do, I guess.

I invite him inside, and I notice that Serena has disappeared. She kinda needs to be down here now. She needs to meet Asa. After all, he could be the determining factor between life and death someday for her. Besides, maybe something would spark between them, like a romance or something. It seems to me that Serena needs something like that, someone to care about, even if he is black and you can hardly understand him. Besides, she needs someone that can take her mind off of Jamal.

I tell Asa to make himself at home. If he's gonna be a part of my family, I should at least do the best I can to make him feel comfortable.

I don't have a problem with a new "leada", but I know some people will. Serena might not be happy about it.

I check around the house, trying to find Serena. She doesn't want to make a bad impression on our new leader, now does she?

I hold in a surprised gasp when I see that she's up there with Jamal . . .
posted on 31-Dec-2002 4:31:01 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was still at the bus stop, sitting.........


I am soooo cold, but I dont feel the coldness anymore.

"Max.........." I whisper in the air.

Ilook down and show a shadow infront of me.

I look up and it was...........

posted on 31-Dec-2002 5:09:40 PM by qt4167013

I look at the new leader suspiciously. He is a big black guy with eyes so black you can't see his pupil.

I can't help but be suspicious. Maria likes him, I can tell. But I don't. I don't at all. I might want to continue the rivalry but this is just too much. I just figured it would be me or Alex. Or maybe even Liz. She was always the smart one.

I shrug and sit back next to Alex. It doesn't seem like he cares anymore. Join the club.

I look agian at the new leader who seems to be putting the moves on Maria. I narrow my eyes and realize, we don't know anything about this guy. Who he is or where he came from.

I look at Alex and he isn't looking at the tv anymore. His eyes are locked on Asa. More like Asa's arm which has a big tatoo. A tatoo of a red dragon.
note: I don't know if you want him evil or not. Just because he has the tatoo doesn't mean he is part of red dragons. Let me know.


I stare unblinking at Asa.

The tatoo. Its a mark of the red dragons.

I gulp and feel fresh tears well up in my eyes again.

oh god. WHat if he is a red dragon?

I feel myself start to shake and I drop the remote and fall the the ground, shaking uncontrollably.

Note: I have no plans. write whatever you want with this.
posted on 31-Dec-2002 5:23:36 PM by Cominatcha

I hear something going on downstairs, so I leave Serena and Jamal to do whatever it was that they were doing and hurry down the stairs. I hear footsteps behind me, and figure that Serena is following me. I don't say anything to her. I'm too worried about what's going on downstairs in my apartment. I swear to God, if they spilled something on the floor after I just finished paying rent for this place, I'm gonna hurt someone, and I'm not kidding.

Apparently, though, I'm not going to have to hurt anyone, because someone already is hurt. It's Alex.

"Alex?" I ask, running to his side. "What happened?"

He points to Asa. That's when I notice the tattoo on his arm.

Red Dragons.

"Oh," Serena and I say at the same time.

"What'd I do?" Asa asks.

I sigh. "Nothing, Asa. It's just, your tattoo."

Asa glances down at his arm. "Oh, that."

"You were a part of Red Dragons!" Alex shouts, rising to his feet, his face red with anger. "I'll kill you!" He throws his body forward, but Kyle catches him before he can do some real damage.

"I was never a part of Red Dragons." Asa explains. "My fatha was. He made me get this fuckin' tattoo 'cuz he thought I was gonna follow in his footsteps. Neva did, though."

Alex takes a deep breath. "So, you were never part of . . . them?"


Kyle lets Alex go, and both of the boys sit down on the couch. Alex looks angered and saddened both at the same time, and Kyle just looks scared. Scared of what might happen if Alex loses control like that again.

Serena and I find two empty chairs and take them. She looks like her thoughts are somewhere else, on someone else, like they are a lot now days, it seems. I'm still wondering about that scene with Jamal up there, but I'll have to ask her about it later.

We ask Asa to tell us a little about himself and why he's here. Everyone else regards him critically, like they don't like him, or don't even want to try to like him, but I'm willing to give him a chance. If he can make Wilshire 5 alive again, I'm all for him.

"I lived in LA all mah life." he explains. "Heard about this rivalry and figured I could help y'all out."

"You can!" I almost shout. I don't want Kyle to say anything. I know, that, if he does, Asa will leave and never come back. "Wilshire 5 needs a leader."

He smiles at me. "Looks like one a da bitches gots some sense."

I smile back, though I don't like him calling me bitch. Only Michael can call me that. I smile at the image of Michael, too.

"Help us," I plead with him. "Please . . ."

If you want me to change anything about that, tell me.
posted on 1-Jan-2003 2:55:52 AM by qt4167013
dont change a thing. It was perfect, but I got to get in a little!


Alex lost control. Little Alex with the inner strength of a lion.

I narrow my eyes at Asa to mask the fear.

"Just let me get one thing straight. Don't EVER call one of our girls bitches. You got that?" I say evilly.
posted on 1-Jan-2003 12:47:32 PM by Cominatcha
You make a great Alex!! I love how you've made his character so powerful when, on the show, he's kinda just the opposite!! Keep up the great work!!
posted on 1-Jan-2003 12:54:00 PM by Cominatcha

Well, I think it's safe to say that Alex doesn't really like Asa. I don't think Kyle likes him, either, and, Serena? I don't know what Serena thinks anymore. Over these past few days, she's changed so much, and I feel like I don't even know her anymore.

Personally, I think it will be good to have Asa here. I mean, we don't have a leader, and I heard that Blackstreet was planning on getting a new leader sometime soon, too, so we have to keep up with them. I refuse to let them just kill me without a fight.

Some people thought Liz should be the leader. True, Liz is smart, but she's not the leader type in my opinion. She's emotional, that's for sure, and she's more of a thinker than a fighter. She's one of my best friends, but I just don't think she's emotionally stable enough right now to be put in that kind of decision.

Others thought that Kyle might step up after Nick's death, but, so far, he has made no effort to do so. Kyle's a strong guy, and he is a helluva fighter, but when it comes time to thinking . . . Well, Kyle never even graduated high-school, if that tells you anything. I mean, I love the guy, but I don't quite see him as the leader, either.

And then there's Alex. Alex is a natural leader. Despite his somewhat geeky exterior, he's a great fighter, and he's smart, too. The only thing that is keeping him from becoming Wilshire 5's new leader is his need for revenge. Sometimes, that need can drive him a little over the edge, and we all start to worry about him. Besides, we can't have a leader who seems to be head over fuckin' heels in love with a Blackstreet bitch.

"Asa," I say. "Welcome to Wilshire 5 . . ."
posted on 1-Jan-2003 5:17:23 PM by Liz_Parker
Great part!

posted on 1-Jan-2003 8:03:22 PM by Galita

I just looke at Nina. What the hell does Michael think he is doing?! I don't want this guy to be out "leader". I don't evan know him.

"Michael can I talk to you? Alone?" I ask him. He nods and takes me to the other room.

"Yeah Iz?" He ask.

"I don't want that guy..he'll make me stop seeing my Alex." I said looking down. "And I hate you so much!"

I run out and go to Alex's and climb into his window not seeing Maria.

"Alex I gotta to talk to you." I said as I fall into his arms. " He's trying to make us not to be together."

"Who Iz babe?" He ask. Holding me close.

posted on 1-Jan-2003 8:08:27 PM by qt4167013
thanks! I want to show the 'real' alex...


I hold Isabel close.

I can't stand it anymore and I hate it. Why can't I just be normal.

I remember back to the old days, with my parents and sister.

yeah, I had normal and I ruined it. This is God's punishment.

I let Isabel cry. ITs the only thing I can do...besides cry myself.
posted on 1-Jan-2003 9:15:23 PM by Liz_Parker

I sit next to Maria and sigh. I don't like the new guy, and I'm pretty sure I won't. No matter what Maria and the others have up their sleeves,I don't like him.

I avoid the guys eyes. And just what kinda 'rent would name their son Asa of all things. Come on!

"Can I leave now?", I ask, wanting to get out as fast as I can.

Everyone shakes their heads but I stand up anyway, I'm a grown woman....I'm not to be told what to do.

Asa steps towards me and grabs me throat tight. "Ya ain't goin no where", he says angrily.

I glare. "Your not my father....and as far as I go, your not my leada move, and don't ever touch me again", I say and run out the door not seeing Kyle and Alex following me.
posted on 1-Jan-2003 9:34:33 PM by qt4167013
note...Ill wait for another post before I put alex and kyle. They are just making sure she is ok
posted on 1-Jan-2003 10:29:37 PM by Liz_Parker
Where is everybody??
posted on 2-Jan-2003 12:29:47 PM by Galita

I look into Alex's eyes and sighs. "I hate Micahel I don't want to go back there. I like with you Alex." I said laying my head on his chest.

"I'll do my best Izzy." He just said. I want to be here I don't want to go home to know that I have to fight against my boyfriend. But he makes me lay down and he lays with me.

Michael never does this all it's about is and more sex. Man I hate him sometimes but it's hard he is my friend and the Blackstreet are my family. I sigh at the thought of them...Them my family.
posted on 2-Jan-2003 7:46:11 PM by qt4167013

I lay with Isabel and play with her hair.

I use this time to think. Think about my parents, my friends, hell even my enemies.

I think about Asa, and how I don't trust him.

It is then I have a realization moment.

Its time for me to step up to the plate. I need to show everyone that I have what it takes. You see, if I become leader, I can end the rivalry.
posted on 3-Jan-2003 11:49:21 AM by JBehrsGurl

And here we are. Back home. Alone. Fuckin shit. Ah well, its all good cuz I'm taking a fine honey ta dinner tomorrah night and then I'ma feel like a million bucks of skrilla.

Phones rings and I answer.


"J-Jamal?" It was my mother's shaky voice. I gulped.

"Ma?" My palms sweat, my legs shook. I sat my ass down on the couch, "Ma what's wrong?"

"O-Oh n-nothing honey I just… I just wanted to know how you were…" She lied. Get off that phone you bitch! How many times have I told you to NOT waste money!? You can hear my father cursing her in the background, "Oh ignore him baby, he's just been tipping the bottle again, nothing to-"


"Ma?" I jiggled the receiver, "Ma? Ma?" I slammed the phone down and grabbed my coat. Storming out the crib I found myself at Terrell's door bangin hard.

"Yo, what of it son? It's 4 in da mornin…" Terrell grimaced rubbing his eyes.

"Ma." It was all I needed to say, it was all I had to say. Terrell's sleepy eyes grew alert and ready at once.

"When we goin?" He asked.

"Tonight." I said.

posted on 3-Jan-2003 3:25:42 PM by Liz_Parker

It's so early in the morning yet,I'm not tired. I'm just laying in bed looking at the ceiling.

I hate how all this rivalry must keep going. Nick's gone, Will's gone....what's the point? We got that Asa dude, but I don't like him. If he tried hurting me again....I swear....

The phone rings but I try to ignore it. Someone else can answer it. I look at the empty place next to me.

It used to be filled by Kyle. Kyle...yeah, that was a great relationship. We slept together and all.....I think we thought we loved eachother like that because it was expected. It was all a big shock when I got pregnant.

And then I lost it....and I think that's what made me and Kyle fall apart. Sure, we were the best of friends....but lately, since I fell for Jamal, and him for Tess, it's as if our relationship never existed.

I sigh and sit up and look at a necklace that Kyle gave me ages ago. Maybe it was fate for Kyle and me to split up and for me to meet Jamal. But still, I'm not sure if it'll last.

That's when I hear a knock on the window so I look over and am shocked to see Jamal.

"Jamal....what's wrong?", I ask him as I let him in.

"Come on...we're leaving", is all he says

"What do you mean, we?", I ask and cross my arms as I watch him grab my bag and start throwing stuff in it.
posted on 3-Jan-2003 5:50:09 PM by Cominatcha

I wake up that morning feeling confused about everything. Alex and Isabel are so lovey-dovey that it almost makes me wanna gag, and Asa spent the night with Kyle and I last night. Kyle didn't take any interest in him at all, and I'm taking that as a sign that he doesn't like him.

I wish everyone would just give him a chance. I really feel that he'll make a good leader, and as far as I'm concerned, I'll do what he wants me to, as long as it helps Wilshire 5.

I don't know what's been going on in Alex's head, lately, but it's clear that he's in one of his deep thinking modes. After Isabel left last night, he went back home to his apartment. I followed him, just to make sure that it was okay, and when I knocked on the door, he told me to come in.

When I did go in, though, I saw him hunched over his table, deep in thought. I knew at once that he was thinking about the rivalry and how he might be able to stop it.

I shake my head as I get out of bed this morning and try not to think about Alex. He and I used to be so tight, like brotha and sista, and now, ever since Isabel, that little ho, stepped into his life, I feel like I don't even know him.

I realize that Kyle is already up, so I look around for Asa. I don't see him, either, so I just continue getting ready, taking my time. If I'm late for breakfast, then they're just gonna have to deal.

After I got done brushing my teeth, Asa suddenly rushed in. He looked out of breath, like he had been running.

"Asa, what's wrong?" I ask him, concerned.

"It's that Serena bitch." he replies. "She left."

"Left?" I echo.

He nods. "Yeah, with two guys."

I know at once that those two guys are Terrell and Jamal. Oh, great! Where the fuck is she goin'?

I feel like my whole world is falling apart. My best friend just ran off with two gangstas, and my other best friend is falling for the enemy as well. And Kyle, my brother, in most ways, isn't even talking to me, because I like Asa and he doesn't. And Alex . . . He's just giving up on Wilshire 5 completely and leaving me to do all the work.

"Terrell will take care of her." I tell Asa. "But there's someone we really do need to worry about."

"Who?" he asks.

I sigh. I can't believe that I'm actually saying this. "Alex."

"That crazy dude?"

"He's not crazy, he's just . . . confused?" I end in question, for I am confused as well. "I think he wants to put an end to the rivalry."

Asa shakes his head. "I just go here. The fun can't be over yet."

Thank God, someone agrees with me. See, this is why I'm willing to accept Asa and the others aren't . . . He and I think a lot alike and have the same kind of ideas.

"What are we gonna do?" I ask him.

Asa grins. "Whatever we have to."

Okay, I'm not trying to make Maria evil or anything, but I gotta make a plot twist!!
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I make my way over to Maria, brushing past Asa.

"'Ria, I have to talk to you." I say in a deadly voice.

She nods and excuses herself.

"What are you doing?" She hisses.

I look at her in the eye and tell her what I have thought all along.

"Ria, when I first met you I knew I would love you. You were beautiful, with your sparkeling eyes and stunning hair. You had a voice that would make the birds stop singing and even Celine Dion would stop to listen. Remember what you told me before we joined the gang. You told me that you loved me and that if things got too rough we would leave. You said we would get some money and go to Hollywood where you KNEW some agent would pick us up and we would never have to steal again. You PROMISED me this. Well its been, how many years Ria? Too many. Let me tell you Ria, that there have been millions of times when it has gotten too rough but we stuck it out? WHY DID WE STAY?!" I scream at her.

She is crying and I am gripping on to her tightly so she wont move.

"Now when I look at you I see someone else. I see a girl that has lost all sparkle and now has that look, the look that my grandpa had when he would talk about the war. The look that soldiers have after great battles. Maria, your hair is straight and unshiny, your clothes are ones hookers wear and all you can talk about is war and this STUPID rivalry. ITs over ria. Can't you see that. Serena knew it. Thats why she LEFT! SHE LEFT! WHY CAN"T YOU? What is holding you back ria? I have revenge what do you have?"
I am gonna wait for cominatcha to respond to this. No one else mention the fight until she responds as maria. k?
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I'm about to post a jamal part can you guys wait and not do anything until I post? LOL thanks!

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Okay! I was gonna post a Max part, but I'll wait until your doneeeeeeee, holla at ya CUZ! lmaoooo
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oh god my dad came over and I lost track of time! I'll do it now!
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“Jamal, if you don’t stop staring at me I’m gonna deck you.” Serena laughed and socked me in my arm.

But I couldn’t stop staring. I couldn’t believe that next to me was the most desirable woman alive. I smirked and chin checked her, “Check.” I grinned.

“Knock it off!” She giggles, I made SERENA giggle.

I glance at Terrell up front, “Aye boi, why don’t you swing by da Blackstreet crib. I got one more thing ta pick up.” I nod and he rolls his eyes.

He knows me and Ava ain’t shit. But I know he still all wiggin out ova before. I run up the steps of the crib and when I come back the look on Terrell’s face is priceless. I jump in back with my gurl Serena and kiss her sweet lips. I move the dark locks that fall into her eyes out of the way and I grin.

“I’m glad you commin wit me gurl…” I say in her ear, “Cuz I dunno if I can do this alone…”

“Do what baby?” She asks worried.


Ova me? No one eva done that for me.

“Dun think jus cuz I’m here, we tite or some shit.” Ava huffs and crosses her arms in the front seat.

I pull Serena closer and laugh.

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I am just waiting for a maria part...
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Ooh, so sorry!! I just got the Sims, and I'm addicted to it!!


I run into my room and bury my face in my pillow and cry. I cry until I feel like I have no more tears left in my eyes, but they keep coming. Somehow, for some weird, inexplainable reason, they keep falling down my cheeks and onto my pillow.

I've never seen Alex like that. He's always been kind to me, no matter how mad he got at Red Dragons or Blackstreet or whatever. He was always kind to me, and I've always thought that he loved me like a sister, or at least like a best friend.

Now, though, I'm seeing things differently. Alex has become an unstoppable force, and he's hurt people . . .

He's hurt me.

Asa comes into my bedroom and sits down beside me, placing his hand on the small of my back. "Alex left." he tells me. "What the hell was dat fucka thinkin'?"

I let out another sob. "I don't know. I've never seen him like that before."

Asa sighs. "We could always do something . . . you know, something that might keep him outta action for a couple a days."

I know what he's suggesting. He's suggesting that we do something to hurt Alex.

I struggle to sit up and look into his eyes. "I dunno, Asa." I say. "Alex . . . Alex . . ."

"Hurt you." he finishes. "He hurt you, Maria. Look at you. You're laying in this bed and you're crying because of him. Don't you wanna do something about that?"

An image of Alex flashes through my brain, a happier image before this rivalry got so complicated. "I do." I reply.

"Great." Asa almost seems excited. "I've got a plan."

As I listen to Asa's plan, I finally see why Alex hates Red Dragons so much, why he vows to kill them, why his need for vengeance is so strong . . .

. . . because I'm feeling that same need right now. I don't want to, but I am.

It's getting darker now---LA is a city that tends to get pretty dark pretty quickly for some reason---so Asa and I go out. We drive to the Blackstreet crib and sneak into their gun storage room through the shadows. With Jamal and Ava gone, there's really no one out. Max seems to be inside, and Tess is nowhere in sight.

But I do see Michael. He's sitting outside on a little balcony outside his apartment looking off into space. I let my eyes linger on him for a minute, but then I tear them away and follow Asa into the storage room.

It's almost too easy. We take one of their guns without them even knowing it. One gun is all we need.

We sneak back out quietly and get in the car and roar off in the direction of Alex's apartment. He's outside talking to an elderly man. Alex has always had respect for the old.

Asa hands me the gun, and I meet his eyes with question. "What are you doing?" I ask him.

"I want you to do it." he tells me. "Come on, Maria. It's your revenge."

I feel like Asa has some kind of mind control over me, and I take the gun and head off into the cover of some nearby trees.

I watch as Asa goes and talks to Alex. They don't seem to really be getting along, but Asa is pretending to try.

I count to three as worries and questions fill my head.

One . . .

I erase all of my worries.

Two . . .

I erase all of my questions.

Three . . .

I erase all of my doubts . . .

. . . and I pull the trigger.

Seconds later, Alex falls to the ground after getting shot in the stomach by a bullet. I drop the gun and run to his side as planned.

"Alex!" I scream as I fall down beside him. My panic is not entirely an act.

"Maria . . ." he chokes out.

A woman rushes out of the apartment complex and surveys the scene. "I'll call an ambulance!" she shouts.

I go through the rehearsed lines. "Asa, stay with Alex. I'm gonna find who did this to Alex and kill them." I run off, leaving Alex's side as the tears begin to fall down my cheeks.

What have I become? Is this really me?

I find the gun marked BLACKSTREET and head back to Alex, prepared to tell him that a Blackstreet member shot him, but I know it's all a lie.

An ambulance arrives fast, and they take Alex right after I lie to his face and tell him Blackstreet shot him. I watch as he leaves and the paramedics fight to keep him alive . . .

. . . and I drop the Blackstreet gun . . .

. . . and I run . . .

. . . and I cry . . .

Okay, I know Maria really seems evil, but I thought that maybe Michael might be able to help her through this. Madison, if you don't want me to use this scene, then tell me, but Alex IS NOT DEAD!! He's very much alive still, just wounded!!
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ok considering one of my characters is practacally dead I will have to settle for kyle...sigh


I am bored. So bored I am currently laying on the couch counting all the tiny little dots on the ceiling. (1145) Yup, just sitting here. All alone. With no one. by myself.

I think you get it.

I turn away from the ceiling and wonder what time it is. It must be pretty late, I feel so tired.

I glance at my watch.

Its 6:15.

6 freaking 15.

How old am I four?

I throw my watch to the ground and get up. I must be one sad loser if I feel ready to go to sleep at 6 fifteen.

I yawn and head out the door. Its chilly so I grab one of Alex's crappy band sweatshirts and head out to the streets.

I hear sirens up ahead and feel a sinking feeling in my stomach. I run as fast as I can and see a strecher being loaded into an ambulance and I see Maria running away from the scene,crying.

I run up to her.

"Maria! Maria! WHat happend?" I demand

"He...I...shot...asa..." She cries uncontrollably.

I fall to the ground.

It starts to rain just than. You know in the movies when the writer wants to make you sad, he makes it rain? I read once or maybe heard from Liz that its called forshadowing. I don't give a rats ass to what its called but the rain certainly feels appropriate.

"Ria, tell me what happend." I say slowly, letting the rain fall on me.

"Alex got shot." She says in a haunted voice.

I pale and feel that there is wetness on my face and its not the rain.

"What? Was it blackstreet?" I ask shaking her.

"No...Kyle...It was me." SHe says sobbing.

I than collapse on the ground. I can't take it anymore. I just can't take it.

I lay there watching Maria sob and I lose it.

is it too dark?

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I been waiting someone to post for max, so I can post
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I smile as Jamal grips on to me. For some reason, it actually feels right to be with him.

As my cell rings I jump. "Jeez.....Oh, it's Maria....I guess I'm in trouble....Hello?", I say into the phone as I hear Maria sniffling, I sit up right. "What's wrong 'Ria?".

"I....I shot Alex", she says shakily

"! Why?!", I yell into the phone.

That's when Jamal takes the phone from me and hangs up. "What's up?", he asks and clutches me tighter.

"M...Maria shot Alex"

He looks shocked as does Terrell. I pull away from Jamal and look out the window. Maria has changed so much since this Asa guy came along.

And I don't like it one bit. I'm not really sure what he's done to her, but it's gonna change everything.

I sigh and look at Jamal as he grabs my hand......where we goin' anyways?

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I wait for Alex to show up for an hour. Then I walked back to his aperment to see Kyle and Maria there. I gulp.

"Where's Alex guys?" I ask looking at Kyle.

"Um..Isabel Alex was shot." Maria said then look down. "I shot Alex." She said in a shakey voice.

I back up. "How could you do that?!" I said angerly. She just wince. "Where is he? What haspital is he in I want to see him" I said.

"He is at Campbell. Come Iz your to shakey to drive I'll take you there." Kyle said and grabed me. And takes me to the car.

We get there and I run in. "Can I see Alex Whitman plz?" I ask the nurse.

"Right this way ma'a,..but can I ask you..who you are?" She asked me.

"I'm his girlfriend..plz I have to see him, he's all I have." I said right as Kyle walks in.

She takes us to his room. I grab his hand. "Hey babe. You have to make it from me." I said.
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"Yo Liz," I slurred, not even stopping to think about how the hell I found her at the bus station. "Wussup bitch?"

She just stared at me wit those bambi eyes of hers, looking sad and...dissapointed? Aww who gives a fuck. I'm drunk, I don't care!

"Watch lookin at me like dat for? Huh?" I demanded, stumbling over and leaning hard against the bench dat she was sittin on. "Wut gives yous da right? Yous ran out on me dat day...we coulda had sumthin."

Uh oh, I'm startin ta sound pathetic. Change da subject! Change da subject!

"Not dat I even wancha anymore," I stated with drunken authority, "yous and I, we ain't meant to mix. Yous a pussy Wilshire, an' I badass Blackstreet." I let out a bitter, harsh laugh.


"What?! WHAT?! SAY SOMETHIN DAMNIT!" I yelled. Her look was startin ta wig me out. AND make me feel goddamn guilt. I strode over ta her as easily as I could wthout falling on my face. She started ta make a scrambling gesture, but I pulled her up ta her feet real fastlike.

I stared into her eyes. Damn, she was so beautiful. Why? WHY?!

"I'm gonna kiss ya now," I murmured, leaning in. "Is dat a problem fer ya?" Not getting an answer, I went in for da kill.

Dis isn't what I came here for..." Oh well. Fuck dat.
posted on 5-Jan-2003 7:44:37 PM by Cominatcha
I’m sorry for what I did to Alex, Madison!! And, your post was not too dark!!


Kyle’s trying to act like he’s okay with everything, but I know he’s not. I think he hates me. I truly think that he hates me. He’s trying to act all sympathetic and shit, but I know it’s just an act. I can see that he feels betrayed by me. He shouldn’t be the one that feels betrayed, Alex should. I don’t even know why I told him, why I told anyone. It was a mistake. A huge mistake.

Everything in my life has been a mistake.

I notice that Kyle jumps at the opportunity to get away from me and drive Isabel to the hospital. That’s truly what gives his feelings away. Kyle never would have given a ride to Blackstreet, even if this particular girl was in love with Alex, but, now, he acts like she’s no different than he is.

But she is different. She’s Blackstreet.

This whole scenario might sound stupid, like some big soap-opera or something, but it’s not.

This is my life.

I’m sitting home alone in my apartment. No Kyle. No Serena. No Liz—I haven’t seen her for awhile now, and I really wish I would see her soon, because I really need someone to talk to. I know she would understand.—No Alex . . .

I can’t believe I did it.

Asa walks in and sits down beside me on the bed. I try to hold in my tears. I don’t want to cry in front of him.

“You did what needed to be done.” he tells me. “Alex be okay. And dis tells him neva to mess witcha again.”

Normally, I would’ve forced a smile, but I’m too weak to do even that now.

I don’t hate Asa. He didn’t make me do this. He suggested it, and, in every way that counts, I still consider him our new leader, even if no one else does. There’s not a chance in hell that I’m gonna rat him out. No one needs to know that he was a part of this, too.

“I think I just need to be alone for a little while.” I say.

“Yeah,” he agrees. “If you wanna talk or sumthin’, I be here.”

“Thanks, Asa.” I mumble as I turn the doorhandle and leave.

I don’t know where to go. I have absolutely nowhere to run, no one to turn to. Liz is God knows where doing God knows what, Serena took off on some crazy road trip with three people she barely knows, Kyle took Isabel to the hospital because he can’t stand to look at me, and Alex . . . Alex is laying there in that hospital bed with things poking into him and out of him, practically dead . . .because of me.

I walk to the edge of Wilshire 5 territory and climb into a random unlocked car. I sit in the driver’s seat, wrap my arms around myself, and cry secret, silent tears . . .
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awwww, I don't hate you! But I am sure Alex! no, really... Ok lets just say alex is sleeping. Here is Kyle


I jump at the chance to help Isabel. I want to get away from Maria. Its not like I am trying to make her think I hate her. cause I dont.

Right, just keep telling yourself that.

I watch Isabel as she tells a sleeping Alex what happend and how much she loves him.

It hits me at that moment how much my life is seriously messed up. I silently excuse myself and walk out of the hospital. I light a smoke and lean agains the brick building for support.

How are we going to get through this? And not just the rivalry but Alex is in the hospital. Staying overnight. How much money does that cost? It doesn't matter. We wont be able to pay it anyway. And we can't exactly go up to the welfare people and say, hey were in a gang, our friend was shot, how much can you give us.

Nope, were just going to have to handle it the way we usually do.


I hate stealing and I know Liz does too. Nick would always steal for us. But Nick isn't here. I am and I need to find a way to pay for Alex's medical bills.

I sigh and tap my gun lightly as I head to the nearest seven eleven. I know, how original. But I need the money to help the only person I have left. I pull his sweater up to cover my head up and march in.

"Ok, everyone drop down. This is a robbery."
yes its wrong, no he wont get caught, and no I don't steal. Happy? lol!
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Note: Tomorrow school *shiver* starts for me and I have a lot of work to catch up on as well as studying for finals. On top of that I am in a couple sports with competitions coming up. I am going to be SWAMPED for a while. I will come on and update but not as much as I have been doing. Ill come on in the mornings and maybe nights and I am sorry but ill try to update as much as I can, but if you all can sympethize with me. I am a high school get Tonight I will post some more and on weekends too though.
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Ooh, I love the robber Kyle!! lol


I heard the gun shots. I heard the ambulance.

But I never heard the crying.

I didn’t know the entire story until I got a call from Isabel. She told me that she was at the hospital with Alex. She told me what had happened, and she sounded hysterical. Personally, I couldn’t care less if Whitman died. One less W5 to deal with.

But there is someone else I care about, and that someone was the very person who shot him.

Since our new leader, Tyrone, who everyone seems to have accepted fairly well, and I seemed to be the only ones back at the crib, I decided to take a walk after that call from Isabel, and I even braved going into Wilshire 5 territory again. I wanted to see if Maria was okay.

I didn’t have to go very far into W5 territory, because I saw her in a car. I know it wasn’t her car, and I almost laughed at that fact, but then, I saw her crying with her arms tightly hugging herself. I peered in the window to make sure it was her and then neared the car.

“Bitch, what’s wrong?” I asked, calling her by the name I had previously given her.

She continued to cry.

“Maria?” It was one of the few times I could remember actually calling her by her name to her face.

She never met my eyes. “Fuck off, Michael!” she shouted. “I don’t need you here!”

I immediately realized that she was upset about Alex. “Is this about Whitman?”

She visibly tensed.

“What is it?” I asked her.

She was silent, as she stared at the steering wheel in front of her, her eyes filling with more unshed tears. “You wouldn’t understand! Just go away!” she shouted.

I placed my hands on the hood of the car. “Sometimes talking about stuff can help.”

She did manage to look up at me, then. There was something else in her eyes besides sadness and tears.


She clearly wanted me to leave. But I wasn’t going to do that.

“Don’t try to play the guidance counselor now!” she shouted. “You wouldn’t understand, Michael! Just . . .” She trailed off and a tear slid down her cheek. “Just . . . go . . .away.” She began to cry again, covering her face with her hands.

I went around to the passenger side of the car and climbed in as well. She didn’t do or say anything that made it apparent that she knew I was beside her.

“He’ll be okay.” I told her.

She ran her hands through her hair. “But what if he’s not? It’ll be all my fault!”

I didn’t understand. “How would it be all your fault, Maria?”

She stopped crying momentarily and turned her head to the side so that her eyes locked with mine. It was then that I knew what she was talking about.

“I shot him.”

I couldn’t keep the shocked expression from my face. “You . . . why?”

Her gaze traveled down to the floor of the car as if she were ashamed. “He said some things to me.” she replied. “I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Out of all the things that could have happened, Michael did not expect this. For HER to have shot her best friend, or at least one of her best friends . . . holy shit.

“Why don’t you just run away, too?”

I don’t understand. “What do you mean?”

“Everyone’s left me. Serena did. Kyle did. Why don’t you just go, too?”

“Maybe I don’t have anywhere else to go.” He know it sounded lame, but maybe she needed to hear something lame right now.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” she shrieked. “You didn’t kill anyone! You can go back to your apartment and hang out with Max or maybe fuck Isabel just for fun! Everyone’s there for you! They don’t hate you!”

“Wilshire 5 doesn’t hate you, either.” I try to reassure her, but, I know deep down inside that it will be hard for them ever to forgive her. She shot a member of her family. Wilshire 5 seems close and shit, so they’ll probably keep her with them, but they’ll never feel the same. They’ll always look at her in a new light.

That’s what happened to Blackstreet, once. Before Tyrone came along and Will was still the leader, there was this guy named Matt. He was always loyal to Blackstreet. I even remember liking the guy, talking to him a lot, hanging around with him when Max was too busy with someone like Tess. But, then, something had changed with him, and he tried to kill Will. No one ever knew why he had done it. Some suspected that he wanted to be the leader himself, but that was never proven.

Will only got shot in the leg, though, and he was okay. No one could ever really forgive Matt, though. I know that this is how it will be with Maria.

“They do hate me.” she protests. “I know they do. I can see it in their eyes. Their fuckin’ eyes!” She slammed her fist down hard on the steering wheel, causing the horn to honk.

“Maria, you have to calm down.” I tell her, placing my hand on her shoulder. She flinches at the touch, but doesn’t back away. “Everything’s gonna be fine. I promise.”

“You can’t promise me anything!” she shouts. “You’re not even Wilshire 5! You don’t even know what the hell’s going on over there!”

“I do, now.” I remind her. “You just told me.”

She sighs. “I guess I did.”

I reach up and tuck a strand of loose hair behind her ear. “What did Alex say to you?” I ask her.

She gazes into my eyes but keeps her mouth shut for a long time, until, finally, she answers. “He said that I had lost all of my sparkle and that I looked like his grandpa when they used to talk about the war. He said that I have the look that soldiers have after great battles, that my hair was straight and unshiny, that my clothes look likes clothes hookers wear. He said he had revenge, but I didn’t have anything!” She was crying even more now, but never let her eyes wander from Michael’s.

“Oh, Maria,” I murmur, bringing my thumb to her cheek to wipe away her tears. “You haven’t lost all of your sparkle. Hell, you practically glow. You don’t look like a soldier or a grandpa. You look like you, Maria DeLuca.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “Your hair’s golden and soft,” He ran his hands over her shoulder, pushing down the strap of her spaghetti strap so that it slid off of her shoulder, revealing a patch of creamy skin. “Your clothes look perfect on you. You have so much more than you know.”

“Like what?” she choked out, seeming more calm and relaxed now. She seemed to be focused on him and only him.

“Me.” He know it all sounded cheesy, but he wasn’t going to let her feel bad. She was so much more than she made herself out to be, so much more than everyone else made her out to be. “I know I’m Blackstreet, Maria, but I’m not gonna run away like everyone else did. I’ll be here for you.”

She brought her own hand to run across his cheek and, her eyes pleading with him, asked, “Can I stay with you tonight?”

He smiled. “Sure.” No one was there, so it wouldn’t be that much of a problem, and if Isabel did come back, it didn’t matter, because she wasn’t staying with him anymore. She was staying with Max and Tess until she got an apartment of her own.

He helped her out of the car and held onto her arm to steady her as they walked back to the Blackstreet crib. She looked as if she might faint any second.

I brought her up into my apartment without Tyrone noticing and made her a cup of hot cocoa. She was so damn cold from being out without a jacket on and only wearing that spaghetti strap.

I sat down beside her on the bed and no words were said.

She only began to cry some more.

And, as she cried, she somehow managed to work her way into my arms, and I held her tightly against my chest, stroking her head with one hand, massaging her back with my other.

She stayed in my arms the rest of the night . . .

Okay, they didn’t make woo, just so everyone’s clear. I can’t have things speeding up that fast for them!! And Madison, that’s fine if you can’t update as much. I won’t be able to either.
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$113. 113 freaking dollars. That is definitly not enough to help pay for Alex's stay.

The robbery went with out a hitch and the poor fifteen year old girl nearly freaked out when I walked in. I have the money but now I am stuck. I need more.

I look at the time, and than I notice my watch.

The watch my father gave me, the watch that had been passed down generation, after generation.

My gold watch, the watch that was worth well over 10 grand. ( I don't know how much gold watches run, just level with me.)

I take it off and feel the hot tears run down my face.

My link. My only link to my past life. I clench it in my fist and begin to walk to the pawn shop. I can't stop the tears from coming as I stare at the golden watch.

This was the watch my dad gave me. My FATHER. This was the watch I was going to pass down to my kids. This was the watch that I am going to sell to help my friend. My best friend.

I continue walking knowing full well that if I stop, I wont follow through.

I push through the doors and hear the bell chime.

"Tonny, how much can I get for this?" I ask demandingly.

Tonny's eyes light up and you can practacally see the dollar signs.

He smiles.

"What do you have in mind?"
depressing isnt it?
posted on 7-Jan-2003 5:04:14 AM by JBehrsGurl

“Maria shot Alex?” I spat out confused out mah got damned mind. Terrell immediately put his hand on my thigh to calm me. But hey, it wasn’t MY problem. “Shit, da way things are goin’ Blackstreet ain’t gotta do shit ta yous. All we gotta do is sit back and watch you kill ya selves.” I shook my head and chuckled.

“Aight that’s it.” Terrell swerved over to the side lane, “What happen?” He says turning to Serena. She says some shit about Maria shooting Alex on accident, yet its on purpose? Who’s Asa?

“Yo we still gonna go swoop ma or not?” Jamal snaps.

I glare at him, “Yo that’s pretty damn fucked up J. Ya gurl’s best friend may be dead and all-“

“You don’t know SHIT about nuthin and yo ass wouldn’t even BE here if not for me so sit ya tired ass down and shut the fu-“

“You finish that and I’ma shove my dick up yo ass bitch!” I shout to Jamal.

“Nah fuck that shit.” Jamal raises his hands, “You making me wanna bitch slap you Ava, don’t make me check you.”

My eyes go wide, “Who the FUCK you think you are huh? You ain’t shit lil boi, you best run back home to mama cuz you sure as hell ain’t worth my time.” I open the passenger door ready to jump out when Terrell pulls me back in.

“You both need to shut up!” Terrell shouts, his face redder than red, “Jamal. You goin ta get Ma. I’ma go backa nd handle Alex, Serena you can go wit mah brotha if you want otha wise come with me.” He turn the car around and speed down the freeway. Dialing with his left hand on his cell while he steered with his right. As he waited for his call he said over his shoulder, “An J? You eva talk to mah breezie like dat again an I’ma bust yo ass good.”

Oh hell nah, “Mothafu-“

He put his hand on my mouth to silence me and left the wheel free, which fuckin freaked me out cuz… dat ain’t coo. Within minutes we were at some hospital ready to go see “Alex” like I gave a rats ass.

“I’m out, dis ain’t my problem.” I held my hands up.

Terrell pulled me back, “Yo ass comin in wit me so shut da fuck up.” He pulled me close, “Yo Serena, you commin?”

And we both look at her…

posted on 7-Jan-2003 7:41:18 AM by Liz_Parker

I bite my lip nervously. I'm not really sure. If I go with Terrell, then Jamal will be mad at me for not going wit him.

Yet, Alex is like a brother to me, and I should be with him.

"I.....I, I'll be up in a sec, Terrell".

He nods and walks inside the hospital.

"Jamal....please don't be mad at me....I know you wanna save your mother, but can I go see the guy that's most like a brother?"

He just nods sighing and I kiss his cheek and run on after Terell and Ava.

Yuck....the smells of hospitals. Death,hurt.....and the thing is, part of it's coming from Alex.
P.S- I won't be able to post as much either. I'm also a freshman, and we go back today. It's 6:35 a.m right now, lol. And I gotta go to the bus stop in like 10 minutes. ttyl!
posted on 7-Jan-2003 8:42:03 AM by Cominatcha

I woke up the next morning feeling . . . better. It was actually the best I've felt in a long time. I felt warm and safe, two things that I never felt back in the apartment that Kyle and I share.

A few seconds later, when I finally open my eyes, I notice that I am with Michael, laying in his arms in his bed in his apartment. I flip out for a few seconds and throw the covers off to make sure that I still have clothes on. I do. Whoo. I was a little worried that something mighta happened.

Not that that would have entirely been a bad thing.

I mentally scold myself for thinking such thoughts about a Blackstreet.

As Michael starts to wake up, I leave the comfort that his arms provide me with. I find my shoes, put them on and head out the door. I hear him calling after me, but I don't respond, because there's somewhere else that I have to be right now.

I have to be at the hospital . . . I have to be with Alex . . .
posted on 7-Jan-2003 5:20:26 PM by JBehrsGurl

He was quite the same lil dick head he always is. Just this time he was in intensive care. Only two people were allowed ta see him at once. So me and Serena were here. Ava hustled that Isabel chick out with a struggle. Isabel wouldn’t leave his side for nuthin.

“How you feelin?” I asked Alex.

“Like I’ve been shot, what else would I be feelin?” He grimaced them smirked, “Battle wounds.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Cocky bastard.” I grinned, “You gonna be aight then?”

He nod and I left, allowing him and Serena time alone.

posted on 7-Jan-2003 6:07:22 PM by Cominatcha

I'm definitely a procrastinator. I put things off until it's too late to do them anyway. That's the way I've always been, and that's probably the way I always will be.

I do everything I can before I go to the hospital to keep from walking in those doors and smelling those strange smells and hearing those strange noises, and seeing those strange sites, like Alex . . .

I stop at a local food stand and got a quick breakfast, then hurry on along to a balloon stand where I pick up a balloon for Alex that says GET WELL. Then, after that, I hurry off to the Hallmark store on main street and pick up a card that says in big bold letters on the front, I'M SORRY. I pick up some flowers, as well, figuring that it is the least I can do.

It is about noon by the time I actually get to the hospital. I ask the nurse where Alex Whitman is, and she directs me to his room.

I see Terrell sitting outside in the hallway flipping through a motorcycle magazine. He looks up when he sees me and stares at me. He never says anything. He doesn't need to. I know he's wondering how I could do it, how I could kill Alex and pretend it was Blackstreet.

I know I could have gotten away with it, too, if I hadn't broken down in front of Kyle and then called Serena and told her, but I wasn't thinking about that at the time. I thought that they might feel sorry for me, that they might take pity on me or something, but they sure as hell didn't. I think they all hate me.

I open the door a crack and see Serena in the room with . . .

Alex . . . he looks horrible.

She's holding his hand and they're talking. I feel tears sting my eyes again, and before I can do anything more, I drop the flowers and everything else to the ground and run out of the hospital and back to my apartment.

I can't go through with it. Alex is lying in the hospital bed because of me . . . ME!

I open the door to the apartment and step in, only to find that Kyle is home . . .

. . . and he doesn't look happy . . .
posted on 7-Jan-2003 6:12:07 PM by Liz_Parker

I walked a little closer to Alex's bed. I don't like hospital's. Just what they represent gives ya the chills.

"Heya Alex", I say softly

He looks at me and smiles softly. "I'm not infected Rena....just a little wounded is all"

I kinda smile and pull up a chair. "I'm just not used to seeing ya like this is all", I say and grab his hand softly.

He just sighs and looks at me. I'm not sure anyone will be able to tell him that Maria was the one that shot him

They were always so close. I bet that Asa guy has something to do with it.

"Rena...Earth to Serena", he says and kinda squeezes my hand.

I smile softly. He's still the same Alex, that's when Maria walks in

I sigh and tell Alex goodbye and walk back out to the car.

"Hey Jamal", I say and climb back in with him.

He smiles and practically attacks me with kisses.

"Jeez....what's", I ask inbetween kisses.

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posted on 7-Jan-2003 7:48:05 PM by Galita

It's later that night I have to my Alex. I got to hold him and kiss him and tell him how much I loved him. Me a blackstreet in love with a W5.

"I'm going to Alex, Mama. I'll be back in like 2 hours." I walk out before she can say a word I met up with Kyle at a corner who smiles at me to see I'm finally not in tears.

"Hey I know that face from somewhere."Kyle teased.

I laughed and hugged him tight. "Thanks Kyle. It means alot." I whisper into his ear. He just hugged me back and said no problem.

We go to Alex's room and Alex looks up at me and grin. Man that made my heart mealt. "Wow. Who is this lady you picked up for me Kyle?" He teased.

"Hahaha very funny Whitman. How r ya feeling babe?" I asked with a smile. He loves to make me smile. And I want to be with him then I relized what I really came to do.

I...Isabel Amanda Evans wants to be Alexander Charlis Whitman's wife now. When ever he wants to be my husband it don't matter. I smiled to my self. And I kissed him softly.
Sorry I just had a idea to do that qt U can take it over and Yeah I know ppl it sucks lol.
posted on 7-Jan-2003 8:31:11 PM by qt4167013

After seeing Alex and talking to the doctor I now am set.

I look down at my wrist and once again feel the tears well up. I feel so naked with out it.

After saying goodbye to Isabel I drive to the house and I turn around and see the door open.

Maria walks in, scared. I can tell, she is pale and has tear tracks all down her face.

"Ria." I spit out. Ok, I am mad.

She cringes and I back down.

My harsh gaze softens as I lean down to her level.

"Ria...oh ria." I say softly to her. She is crying silently now and I feel my stomach constrict. She slides down to the ground and starts to mumble words that I can't hear.

"Do you want to talk?" I ask. I don't want to talk to her. I am so mad at her. But the anger all goes away when I see her eyes staring up at me with tears glistening in them.

"I shot alex." She said in a daze. "I shot Alex." She repeats.

I think I am going to be sick.

"Stop..." I say hoarsly.

"I shot Alex. I shot ALex, I shot Alex." SHe says, her voice getting louder each time.

"I killed alex!" She screamed, hysterically.

I feel nauseous. I run to the bathroom and empty my lunch. I can't take it. I grab my coat and climb out the window to the fire escape.

I know what I need. and its tess.

I frown.

I also know what Maria needs, and its michael.
cominatcha, sorry if you didn't like that, I can always change it.


I hate this. I hate being confined to a bed. I want to get up but the damn nurse wont let me. I am stuck here in bed waiting for people to come in.

Isabel hasn't left my side and I am incredibly grateful for that. I don't know what I would do with out her. And, kyle came. My buddy. Isabel fell asleep next to me and I stroke her hair gently, as I sigh content.

I frown to myself wondering where Serena, terrell, maria and Liz are.

Just than the door opens up and I sit up.

posted on 8-Jan-2003 7:56:21 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I sat there looking sad at Max, Obv he's drunk for some reason.

He star bitching about we aint meant to mix, What the fuck is he talking about.

He's the one who made a move on me and kiss me that night when I was tie up.

after saying all those bull shit he been saying, .......he kiss me.

Exuse me???? what did you say before about us not meant to mix?, Cuz you sure not doing what your suppose to be doing.

I sorta kiss back.

Then he deepy the kiss and I respon the same way.

I pull away and look at him"Max you said you we arent meant to mix? why are you changing verything" I ask him.

He looked at me with those big brpwns eyes and look into mine.

Well fuck it.

Our lips meant again, and this time I put my arms around his should just like that night.

Wow! he is suck a good kisser, even if he drunk or not.

The saddest thing is, he wont remember this night.......

OOC: I hope that was good!

posted on 9-Jan-2003 8:34:55 AM by Cominatcha
hmm . . . qt's post just kinda left it hanging for anyone to pick up, so I decided I would . . .


I wonder, briefly, if Alex knows that Blackstreet didn't shoot him, that I did. After all, Kyle or Serena could have told him. I never asked them to keep it a secret. He shouts the word "YOU!", and points his index finger at me, and I tense. Then, he smiles. "Where have you been?" he asks, causing Isabel to wake up in his arms.

After talking to Kyle and patching things up a bit, I managed to work up enough nerve to come here, and now I'm wondering why the hell I did. Everytime I get close to him and see him confined to that stupid hospital bed, I feel like running back the way I came, running back to Kyle . . . or maybe even running back to Michael.

"I'm sorry, Alex." I apologize. "I've wanted to come see you, but . . ." I thought about making up a lie that I was out hunting the Blackstreet member that shot him, but I don't. Enough with the lies. Alex deserves to know the truth.

I look to Isabel. I've never liked the bitch. I can't say this with her in here. She'll kill me for trying to kill her man.

"Isabel, can I talk to Alex alone?" I ask her. She nods mutely and walks out of the room, and I am alone with my friend. I sit down beside him and take his hand in mine.

"Alex," I begin, "there's something I need to tell you. Blackstreet didn't shoot you." I pause and, swallowing hard, I let the words escape my mouth. "I did . . ."

posted on 9-Jan-2003 5:31:57 PM by qt4167013

Shock. Complete and utter shock. I can't say I am surprised. I mean, I knew that she was mad at me...but we were like family.

I look at her. No, I mean I really look at her.

Her hair is a mess, she looks like she had slept in her clothes, her face was without makeup and she had tear tracks running down her cheeks.

I can't stay mad.

"Ria..." I say hoarsly.

I don't know what to say.

"Explain." I say softly but demanding.

She takes a deep breath.

"Well Asa and I were talking.."
posted on 10-Jan-2003 8:38:37 AM by Cominatcha

I suddenly begin to realize that I'm about to rat out Asa, and that's something I can't do. Asa is my friend, and, if everyone excepts him someday, he may be a member of my family.

I cover it up quickly. "He started telling me about his own experiences, you know, and it really got to me. Something in my just snapped, and, after he left, I went to the Blackstreet crib, stole one of their guns to make it look like they did it and shot you. It was actually kinda easy. Almost too easy." I look down at the ground, avoiding his gaze. "I'm sorry." I whimper.

Even though I apologized, I wonder if he'll ever be able to forgive me . . .

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posted on 10-Jan-2003 6:12:19 PM by Galita

I keep a hold of Alex hoping he won't let me go. Damn how could she just come in here and wake me up like that making Alex scream you.

"I better go Alex. My mom is probally wondering where I am." I wishpered in his ear.

"No please don't go" He wishpers back.

I kissed him lightly but he deepens it.I moaned into his mouth.
posted on 10-Jan-2003 6:28:23 PM by Cominatcha

As I sit by Alex's side as he thinks over what I said, I think back to the passionate kiss he and Isabel exchanged before she had to leave. I feel tears sting my eyes, because they were so happy together, and I just ruined that.

"Alex," I whisper, loosening my grip on his hand. "I just want you to know how sorry I am." I start to stand up. I don't think I can take this much longer. The smells, the sights, the sounds . . . it's all getting to me.

"Ria, where are ya goin'?" he asks me.

I bolt out the room before he can see the tears gathering up in my eyes again. I don't like people to see me cry unless I can't stop myself.

I don't tell him where I'm going, because that's something that he doesn't need to know right now, and that's something that I really don't want to face . . .

. . . because I already know that I'm going back to see Michael . . .
posted on 11-Jan-2003 11:12:23 AM by qt4167013

Maria leaves and believe me I would have run after her if my arm wasn't strapped to an IV.

Isabel trys to make it better but my sister.

my own sister shot me. how can I ever be the same?
posted on 11-Jan-2003 2:22:06 PM by Cominatcha
I'm sorry, I know this sucks, but I had to get this out there. Song is Pennyless by Plumb.


One thing is for sure: nothing will ever be the same again. I know that. I'm sure Maria knows that. I think everyone is aware of it somewhere deep down inside of themselves. Most don't want to admit it, and that's fine. Sometimes it's better to just believe that everything will work out in your favor, but, in reality, when you're in a gang and your family seems to be moving one more step away from you towards the enemy every second of the day, it's kinda hard to reassure yourself that things are going to work out, because you know that it won't.

I know it. I know that somewhere down the line that something horrible is going to happen. I don't know what it is, but I know it will happen eventually if no one can put this rivalry to the end.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about surrendering or working out a compromise or any of that shit. All I'm sayin' is that one side's gotta win, and that's all there is to it.

I used to know almost everything about Wilshire 5, believe it or not. I used to know where their heads were at all times, what they were thinking, what they were planning on doing, etc., because I used to sneak over into their territory a lot and spy on them, listen to their conversations, and I'd learn a lot of stuff so that we'd do better in the fight than they would. Now, though, I don't know anything about any of them, so I can't put our gang ahead any. In fact, I don't even know anything about Blackstreet anymore. I wake up everyday and wonder who these people are around me. I know they're the same people I've known for years, the people who are supposed to have my back when I need help, the people who'll never betray me . . .

What a bunch of bullshit.

These people have betrayed me. They might not know it, they might not quite be aware of it, yet, or maybe they just don't want to face the fact that they have, but they've betrayed me in every way that matters.

I think back to the club SEND ANGELS and the way Maria and I were dancing, and I wonder if I've betrayed them, too.

But, I reassure myself that I haven't, because, even though I think Maria is hot, I'd never let myself fall for her. She and I aren't even friends . . . really, we're not . . . Sometimes I'm there for her and that's all. I think we have a lot more in common then we'd like to think, because we fell the same way about a lotta stuff, and I know she'll never give up on the rivalry, that she'll always be Wilshire 5 even if no one else is, and that's the same way with me, only with Blackstreet.

I'm walking alone along the borderline of Blackstreet territory right now with my hands stuffed in my pockets and my head tilted down to look at the ground as the wind rifles through my already unruly hair. I tried to talk Max into going out to grab a bite to eat or something, or maybe even head to a club to pick up some bitches for the night, but he declined my offer. I think he's confused about something, and he doesn't seem to want to share what it's about.

So, here I am, alone. I always seem to be alone lately. Oh, well. I'm not gonna let myself sink into that pathetic place where all I can think about is myself.

I can't help it that Blackstreet's territory heads right into Wilshire 5 territory, and I can't help it that I run into Maria walking alone as well. She's still wearing the same spaghetti strap shirt that she was wearing the night before, and she looks tired. She has bags under her eyes that even I can see from a distance, her hair is uncombed, and a few tears are still falling down her cheeks. She doesn't look good, that's for sure, but I still can't take my eyes off of her for an instant.

"Hey, bitch!" I yell. She looks up, used to the name I call her now, and looks into my eyes. "What do you want?" she yells back. "I'm really not in the mood to talk."

I walk towards her until I am only inches away from her and lean my face down so close to her own that I can feel her breathing. "Who says I wanna talk?" I ask jokingly.

She sort of laughs and rolls her eyes. It's not a complete laugh or anything, but it's more than a grunt, which is what she usually does when I make some stupid sex joke.

I back up a little and allow her room to breathe. "So, how'd it go with Whitman?"

"Alex." she corrects. "His name is Alex."




"Alex Whitman."


She sighs in exasperation. "Whateva, I forfeit." She stuffs her hands in her pockets, and I notice the goose-bumps on her arms. I take my jacket off and throw it to her as we walk on the line between the two territories, litterally.

She slips the jacket over her shoulders and tells me about the visit with Alex, how he seemed confused, saddened, and maybe a little angry all at the same time. "I think he hates me." she tells me. "I really do."

I wonder how Whitman could hate his sister. Even I don't think I could ever hate Maria DeLuca, and I'm her enemy. I'm her rival. I'm blackstreet.

"Just give him some time." I tell her. "What about everyone else? Did you tell them?"

She nods, and I wonder why she would tell everyone else in her "family" that she shot her "brotha". Apparently Wilshire 5 is closer than I thought.

But even though they may be close, it's clear that they're falling apart.

I'm not one to talk. Blackstreet's falling apart, too. We're all tired and depressed. No one really knows where anyone else is, no one really cares. No one except Tyrone, our new leader. I gotta say that I really like the guy. Seems like he'll be able to get Blackstreet back on track. He says that when Jamal and Ava get back from this little excursion of theirs, he's gonna call a meeting, and Blackstreet is gonna unite again. And he says he gonna find a way to get Isabel back with us again.

"So, what does everyone else think of you now?" I ask her as we survey a line of cars, pick the one we like, hop in and start it up, heading in the direction of SEND ANGELS.

"I don't know." she answers. "I think they hate me to. I think they want to forgive me, you know, but they're just kinda in shock. I haven't told Liz, yet, so I'll have to see how she reacts."

Liz Parker. Where has the girl been lately? I think she's just as confused as Max . . .

It suddenly starts to make since. Max and Liz have been distancing themselvse from their families because they've unwillingly been moving closer and closer to one another. Great. What's happening to this fucked up rivalry?

There is a moment of silence where I decide to turn on the radio. I even put it on a rap station just for her. It's the least I can do after what she's been through, right?

She stares out her window with a lost and confused expression her face and then turns to look at me. "Michael, can I tell you something?" she asks me.

I want to say to her that she can tell me anything, but I know that'll sound way too stupid, so I just say, "Yeah."

She reaches over and turns down the radio so she can speak without shouting. "It wasn't completely my idea to shoot Whitman . . ." She corrects herself automatically. "Alex."

"Who's was it?" I ask.


"Asa?" I echo in question. I don't recognize the name. "He your new leada or somethin'?"

She nods. "Yeah. I didn't wanna rat him out of anything, so I haven't told anyone."

I'm confused, now, too. "Then, why'd you just tell me?"

She doesn't answer.

I abruptly change the subject. "So, enough of this. You gonna sing tonight?"

To my surpise, she nods. "I need to sing tonight." she tells me. "I really need to."

I wonder what that means, but I don't ask as I pull into the parking lot. We both get out of the car and she practically runs inside. She arranges to go up on stage and has the song picked out in seconds. I almost lose sight of her as she walks quickly through the audience and up on stage as they announce her name and the crowd starts to clap. Some of them remember her from last time.

As she starts to sing, I lock my eyes with hers. I don't catch much of the words, because all I can think about is her . . . HER.

"She keeps running into herself
Hoping to find somebody else
She keeps running into herself
Hoping that she'll get out of wonderland."

I know why she picked this song. She's running, trying to avoid this problem, and she always ends up back where she started, and she's still her. HER.

I wouldn't want her any other way, though. I wish I could tell her that.

"She keeps running into herself
Hoping to find somebody else
She keeps running into herself
Hoping to find somebody better."

As she ends the song, the crowd begins to throw money up at her. She smiles as best seh can and collects the cash, then gets off the stage and finds me. I'm too dumbfounded to do or say anything. A girl with a voice like that shouldn't be in a gang. She should be on Broadway or something. Not in LA, not in "the crib".

"Did I sound like shit?" she asks me.

I manage to shake my head. "Not at all." My voice comes out in a whisper/murmur, and I wish it hadn't.

She tells me she's not in the mood to dance, and I understand. I'm a little tired since we stayed up so late the night before, and I really don't want to go sweat my ass off, either.

On the way back to . . . back to wherever it is we want to go . . . she counts her money and realizes that she made even more than she did last time. "This should be enough for the rent for awhile." she rambles. "And since Kyle got some money, too, we should be okay."

"How'd VaLenti manage to get any money?" I ask. "Can't really picture the guy up on stage with a mic in his hand. Can't really picture anyone crazy enough to give him anything, either."

"You know, singing isn't the only way to make money around this fuckin' town." she reminds me.

I understand, but I find it hard to believe that Kyle, who I used to think of as the boy with no brain, managed to pull off a robbery and not get caught. I guess I should pay him some respect. He's not completely dumb the way I thought he was.

I park the car back where we found it and we get out. I tell her that Whitman'll be fine, and she tells me to mind my own fuckin' business, and I laugh.

Something tells me to look down, though, and I notice something. I'm standing over a design someone spray-painted a few days ago on the cement at the edge of our territory that reads Blackstreet, and she's standing over one that reads Wilshire 5, almost as if fate is trying to remind me of who I am inside.

"I should go." I say. "Lata, bitch."

"Yeah," I hear her say as I walk away. "Lata."

I know she's watching me leave, and I have to resist the urge to turn around and take one last look at her.

I will not betray Blackstreet for some W5 bitch. It'll never happen . . .

posted on 12-Jan-2003 11:03:43 AM by Galita

I walked inside the Blackstreet crib to smell that smell I hated. Damn it their getting high again!

"What is going on?!" I yelled. "Who is getting high?!"

"No one is Max is trying to cook." Ava laughed.

Max cooking yeah right he can't do his own laundery.

"I'll cook Maxwell. By the way have you seen Michael I need to talk to him about something."I asked in a soft tone.

He shock his head.

"How about we go to SENDING ANGELS for supper? I'm in no mood to cook." I said and grab my coat.

They all nodded. I just know Michael would be there.

We get there and walked in. The first thing I see is Michael and that W5 chick. Their dancing to close.

I have an idea I want to get him back and talk to him before he does someting stupid like get with the bitch.

I walk up to him and start to rub myself on Michael. He turns and faces me.

"Hey there babe I gotta talk to you for a bit." I said.

He nods and takes me to a empity table.

"What Iz?" He said.

"Michael listen the way I treated you was unfair and kinda. What can I do to make it all up to you?" I said pleading he won't turn me down like the last time I did a guy and him. Oh that's a dinffrant story.

He leaned in and kissed my forehead.

"Just be my friend Iz..someone I can go to with my problems. I know it's going to be hard." He whipsered.

"I'll try and another thing I want to talk to you about. Alex he is getting out in the morning.Can you take me to get him and umm...take him back to the crib? I asked.

He smiles and nods. I knew Michael would say yes. I jump up and hugged him tight.
posted on 12-Jan-2003 3:13:13 PM by Cominatcha
LMAO with the Max cooking thing. Question, though: They're taking him back to the W5 crib, right? Tell me b4 I post anything that could affect your idea.


Shit. Isabel saw me with Maria. After she hugs me, I make up a quick lie to explain why I'm with HER tonight.

"By, the way, Is," I say, "There ain't nothin' goin' on between that bitch and I. Just wanted to get in her pants for the night."

"Cuz you can't have me." she finishes for me. Great. She's completely buying this lie.

"Right." I lie.

I watch as Isabel goes up to the counter and orders a hamburger and a beer. I'm glad we straightened things out with each other. And I'm glad she doesn't know that I think of Maria as an actual friend . . . that's something no one can know about.

I wonder if Isabel knows that Maria was the one who shot Alex, because, if she does, I'm pretty sure that she won't be happy with her . . .
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BUMP!! I just wanted this to be the first one up there cuz it's my favorite!! LOL
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I am here I promise. just I dont know what to say..ill wait for something to happen. Oh and Kyle is just....well I ll think about it
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Sorry I have been in dispose for sooo long, I'll try to post a part asap!!!

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Waiting on Jamal.....
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posted on 14-Jan-2003 8:38:31 PM by Galita

I run to the hospital to tell Alex the big news to see him talking to Liz. I slowly start to turn around but Alex sees me.

"Iz babe!" he calls to me.

I turn around. "Hey you. Oh I have some good news for ya." I smiled and sit down next to him.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Michael is going to let you live with me in the Blackstreet crib" I said thinking he won't like it.

"I would love to live with U anytime babe."He grined and kissed me.

I kissed back and hug him tight.
posted on 15-Jan-2003 5:37:40 AM by JBehrsGurl
Occ: Oh geez this part is so lame but I have to post or else I might be the one to kill the RP, god forbid that happen...


Serena was slammin hot and I couldn't believe she came back and wuz ready and willin ta leave wit me ta go an save my moms. She's fuckin sweet, I kissed her as she sat down next to me in the car, she asked why and I just kissed her again.

Her skin was smooth, her hair was glossy and long. I ran my fingers through her mane and enjoyed the sounds I heard from her sweet delicate lips. It took all the strangth I had to pull away and start the car, once I did we were off. Ta get my mom.

Would Serena be freaked out to be meetin my moms so quick? What would be the scene as I walk up in da crib? I won't hesitate ta knock a fucka out up in that shit. I got mad love for my pops but my ma, nah... That's sumthin that hits my core. Ain't no one gonna touch my ma and live ta speak of it.

Through all thsi shit that I feared, what I feared most was...

Would my ma accept Serena?

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I smile softly as Jamal starts the car and we're soon on the road again.

He seems to be lost in thought....I hope it's not over me...him and Terrell got loads to on their minds and I don't wanna be a part of the burden.

I look over at Jamal then sigh as we get to a stop sign.

"Ya ok with meetin' my moms?", he asks.

I nod. "Of course....I'm goin' for ya,ok?", I tell him and grab his hand smiling. "Now no more worrying!"I smile again as he starts driving
posted on 15-Jan-2003 8:39:38 AM by Cominatcha

I'm worrying like a fuckin' maniac. I don't even know what I'm worrying about anymore. Just stuff, I guess. Lots and lots of shit I've been bearing for the past couple of days about since the time Nick died.

I can't say I really liked Nick, but I didn't really hate him, either. He was our foundation, our rock. He kept Wilshire 5 together and solid. Now, we're just . . .

We're falling apart.

Shooting Alex probably didn't help that situtation at all, either. If anything, that's driven us farther apart. Why the hell did I tell Kyle? Why did I tell Serena? Why did I tell anyone? If I would have kept quiet, no one would have known it was me. They would have all thought it was Blackstreet and the rivalry definitely would have continued.

I really need someone to talk to. Liz, Serena . . . But I haven't seen much of them lately. I think Liz is with Alex right now, and I don't want to disturb that, and Serena is god knows where with a member of Blackstreet.

So I guess I'll just have to settle for Michael.

I relocate him in SEND ANGELS after Isabel pulls him away to talk.

"So, what'd ya bitch have to say?" I ask him.

"She's not my bitch."

"Whateva. So, what'd she say?"

"Just wants me to bring Alex back to the crib." he tells me as if it's nothing.

"What?" I shriek. "What? She wants you to bring him to the Blackstreet crib and you agreed?"

Michael seemed confused. "I thought she was talkin' about the W5 crib. She doesn't have a car. I thought I was just gonna transport Whitman home."

"Whitman---" I stop and correct myself. "Alex can not go to the Blackstreet crib, Michael!" I shout. "You can't take him there!"

I rush back out to the car we took off with and climb inside the driver's seat. Michael gets in just barely as I begin to pull away.

"Where are you going to so fast?" he asks me as I speed down the road.

"To the hopsital to knock some since into Alex and tell your sweet Isabel off for good . . ."
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Waiting on Jamal.....
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Where is everyone?*sad*
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I want to post but I am a little behind. Where is Kyle and Alex? Once I find out I'll write an extra looooong part! I promise!
posted on 22-Jan-2003 5:01:37 PM by Cominatcha
Alex would be in the hospital right now, and Kyle's probably just back at the apartment thinking about Maria and Alex and all that's happened or something.
posted on 22-Jan-2003 7:29:09 PM by Liz_Parker
Sooo....where's Elena been?
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ok, here goes nothing!


I don't like believing lies. I really don't. but sometimes, if you believe a lie, than the truth is actually the lie, and your lying to yourself and then you don't know what the truth is because the truth is your lying to yourself about telling the truth, which your not 'cause your lying.

Wait what?

I think the pain killers are kicking in.

Ok, just forget all the gibberish up above and I'll just summerize it for you.

If you believe a lie, you can't get hurt. Now, I have been hurt before, both physically and mentaly, but I mean, so has everybody right? Except for you lucky chosen few who prance around without a care in the world, because your the people God smiled on. either that, or your the people that were made when God was in a good mood.

Or maybe your luck will soon run out?

All I know is I don't have good luck. Ok, understatement of the centurey. I have HORRIBLE, luck. And I am not talking about run of the mill horrible I am talking about Friday the thirteenth, phyco horrible. The kind of horrible you have nightmares about.

Throughout my whole life, I am able to make only one conclusion.

God must have been having the worst day of his immortal life when he created me.

Either that, or my entire assumption on the origin of life is actually true.

When I told Liz my theory she laughed in my face.

But I swear to Buddah that it is true.

I think, no I KNOW that were just a game. God created us when he was bored and the Earth is just a giant plaything for him. And were all action figures in his sick, phyco game.

For example, when things get too boring God might say to himself.."hmm..this is boring. Lets start a war." or he might go..."hmm this is boring. lets wipe out all of Africa with this virus I made up called AIDS."

And than, when he runs out of things to do....we go down the toilet. Meaning that poof! We will all be gone.

I know it doesn't seem logical but if your me..which you obviously arn't. and your loaded up with about a zillion pain killers and you feel as if your head is floating away and the only competant thought you have in your sick twisted body is thinking about that age old question,how many licks does it actually take to get to the center of a tootsie pop, you start to see things a little differently.

I am going to sleep now.

ok, that had to be the funnest thing I have ever written. I know it had nothing to do with the plot, but seriously. you have to admit that it was fun to read. Its just some comic relief of ALex's sarcastic, cynical view of the world. hope you liked!
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lol, great part!
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Yeah, that was great. I'll be back to post this afternoon.
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Okay, well, this isn't this afternoon, but, who gives a shit. Btw, I think I kinda borrowed a lot of characters here, so if you don't like it, than tell me and I'll get rid of it.


Maria drives like a maniac in the direction of the hospital. I don't know if she's trying to get us both killed or if she's just a little enraged. Whatever it is, I know it can't be good.

I can't believe I said yes to Isabel. It was a misunderstanding. I thought she was talking about the Wilshire 5 crib. I thought I'd only be a freakin' taxi service. Now she's finally speaking to me again and I've gotta let her down.

Isabel, Isabel, Isabel. Our . . . relationship has changed. We used to sleep together every night. Now she's sleeping with the computer geek. It's funny how things can change so fast and so much.

Maria bolts out of the car once we're at the hospital, and I have no choice but to follow her.

"Hey!" I shout out to her as she runs to the door. "You shouldn't do this!"

"She's trying to take him away from me!" she turns around and shouts back at me. Her face is flushed with anger and her eyes hold a need that I've only seen in Whitman's when someone speaks of Red Dragons. And I see something else, too. Sadness. I know she's trying to hide it, but I can see her eyes shimmering with tears. I don't say anything about it, because I know she doesn't want me to.

"Maria, she loves him . . ." I try to tell her.

"How can she love him?" she asks back. "She's his enemy!"

Hearing the word enemy escape her lips reminds me that I shouldn't even be here with her right now. It's wrong. We're completely different. Yin and Yang.

I know I should turn around and head back to the Blackstreet crib by myself and get to know our new leader, Tyrone, a little better, but as she rushes into the hopsital, I have the strangest feeling that it's just too late to go back now . . .
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Great part! But I'm waiting on Elena *sigh*
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She's probably just been busy. You could post if you want and just bring one of her characters along with you.
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what about me, I been waiting weeks for our max?*sad*
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I bet Jess has been kinda busy, too. I read her online diary and it sounds like her life is pretty hectic. You could just post if you wanted to and bring Max along with you. No need to wait!!

Please . . . I'm down on my knees begging you now, though I find it hard to type and beg at the same time, don't let this RPG die!! I've had so much fun with it!!
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Can you tell I'm *sad* I really don't want this RPG to die!! PLEASE!! Just post whatever you feel like whenever you feel like!! PLEASE!!

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I guess I'll post a part.



We finally arrive at Terrell's and Jamal's parents house and I'm extremely nervous. What if they don't like me?

I bite my lip and we walk towards the house and I wince as I hear his dad yelling at his mom. "Are ya sure it's ok in thre?", I ask and he just shrugs as we walk closer.

We open the door and I gasp as I see their dad about to hit their mom. "HEY!", Jamal yells and he stops and glares at him.

I walk over to their mom. "Hi Mrs. James....I'm Serena, Jamal's....uh....friend", I say as I slowly guide her out to the car and help into the back. I look down as I hear Jamal and Mr.James yelling. God, I just hope Jamal doesn't turn out like him.
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So Terrell was f*ckin right, the bastard wuz hittin my mah. Serena quickly ushered my mother to the car. Surprisingly my nah didn't protest or give us any type of shit. I just walked up to the man I once called father and starred him down, HARD.

"You been hittin' moms?" I questioned, knowing perfectly well what the answer would be.

"Bitch doesn't know how to keep her trap shut!" He spat in my face.

I grimaced, "I don't even know yous anymore. Who da f*ck are you? You sure as hell ain't my pops. Yous a loser, how 'bout hittin someone your size for once f*ckin pansy." I pushed him up against the wall angry.

"Jamal!" I hear Serena scream worried.

I turn to see her face, she looked so scared and frightened, as if she were seeing me yell and scream in her face. I shuddered at the thought and walked away.

"C'mon les go." I took the most important women in my life… and I left my childhood behind…

posted on 28-Jan-2003 4:40:25 PM by JBehrsGurl

"I'm tired, I wanna go home Terrell." I nudged his shoulder as he stood next to Alex's hospital room.

"We wills in a minutes sweet cheeks hold up a sec." He pulled me into his arms.

I smiled, "Ya wull it best be quick. My papa gonna have a fit soon."

"Dat mean I get ta meet ya pops?" He asks looking down at me.

I kiss his lips, "Whut you think? You ready ta die boi?" I chuckle.

"Guess you best make it up to me layta den uh?"

I wink, "If you can handle it." I nestle in his arms and wait.

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Great parts!!!
posted on 28-Jan-2003 7:14:16 PM by Cominatcha
Yeah, great parts!!


It's been a long day, one I'd really, really like to forget.

You see, Isabel's been with Alex the entire day telling him all about this "crib stuff" as I think she likes to refer to it. I listened outside the door and heard her telling him that he was going back with her. I couldn't hear what Alex thought about it, though.

When Isabel finally left Alex alone and came outside, I was there to face her.

"What da hell you think you're doin'?" I remember screaming at her. "You can't take him away from me!"

"Get outta my way." She tries to shove past me, but I dno't budge.

"Uh-uh." I say stubbornly. "We're gonna settle this right here and right now!"

"We're in a hospital." she reminds me.

"I don't give a flying fuck where we are!" I shout at her.

She sighs. "Fine, let's settle this. I love Alex. Alex loves me. We're gonna stay by each other now more than ever."

I grunt. "You know, despite how romantic that is, I still don't care. You can't take him away from me!" Without thinking, I lunge at her, ready to fight right there and right now. I feel Michael's hand grab my arm, though, and he holds me back. I glare at him, telling him without words that if he doesn't remove his hand, I'll remove his arm.

"What are you doing here?" Isabel asks, only now noticing him.

He only pauses for a second. "She needed someone to drive her. Look, Isabel, I had to talk to you, too. I kinda misunderstood you. I thought you were talking about bringing Alex back to his crib, not ours."

I see tears beginning to well up in her eyes, but she forces them back down. "You promised, though, Michael." she chokes out. "You told me that . . ."

"Is . . ." he interrupts her. "I can't."

Isabel shakes her head at him and then turns to me.

Then she walks away.

She's hurting now. I can tell. But she's not the only one. Even thought we may not want to show it, we're all hurting. Wilshire 5, Blackstreet.

Everyone . . .

That was about the worst part I've ever done!! I'm so sorry, it just didn't flow the way I wanted it to and I don't have an enormous amount of time!! Lata!!
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That was good!
posted on 29-Jan-2003 4:48:07 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
let you all know I am sick and I will post when I am long better
posted on 29-Jan-2003 5:26:42 PM by Cominatcha
Hope you get to feeling better soon, Dreamer_Dreaming!!

Now, everybody else, unless you're sick or going through something very traumatic and life-altering . . . PLEASE POST!! I don't like to beg, but I'll do it.

*down on my knees folding my hands and looking up at you with a look in my eyes mixed with shimmering tears about to reach the surface that makes you want to please me* PLEASE POST!! lol, I'm a nut.

posted on 29-Jan-2003 5:35:23 PM by Liz_Parker
lol, fine, I'll post mght be really crappy *tongue*


I sigh relieved as we get in the car. This was gonna be a long ride back. I mean, yeah we have their mom, but what if their dad follows or something?

I lean back and look out the window and let mother and son talk about whatever. I don't want to bother them then I hear my name so I turn around.

"Yeah?", I ask Jamal.

"Ma...this is Serena...Serena, my Ma", he tells me

I nod at her and am surprised she's smiling. She's been thorough so much yet she can still put up a smile.

Maybe she's just strong willed......I know she sure raised 2 strong willed protective sons. Well, I dunno if Jamal's the one....I mean, Kyle and me started off like this and look where we ended up....we barely ever talk....and God, sometimes I wish it could just be like old times, where we could talk about just about anything....but after the baby and all, it's like I'm invisible....and there's no way I'm gonna tell Jamal about that whole experience.

He squeezes my hand and I look over at him. "Can I help you?", I say with a smirk.
posted on 29-Jan-2003 9:05:06 PM by Galita

I keep walking. How could Michael do this to me?! I hate him so much!

I go home and walk past Max who notice something different about me.

"Izzy what's up?" He asks as he pulls me to the couch.

"Michael and that W5 chick. It's all about her now. Hello we're his family!" I raise my voice. He hushes me.

I sigh and go to my room. I hope she won't say a word to Alex. We could always get a place together. I mean we love each other to much to let go of one another.
Sorry it has been a while!! I really missed doing this but I'm back *happy*
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I wanna post dont know where to put Liz
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Yaaaay for Galita she found time to do the posting :D
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I'll answer Dreamer Dreaming's question as best I can. Hmm . . . Maybe Liz could be on her way to the hospital to see Alex. She could be a little stressed and going through some emotional turmoil because of Max and because of the whole Alex getting shot thing.

That help?

posted on 31-Jan-2003 6:46:48 PM by Liz_Parker
posted on 1-Feb-2003 11:09:48 AM by Cominatcha

I'm not in the room as the doctor talks to Alex, but he's speaking loud enough so that I can hear what he is saying for the most part.

"Your injury isn't as serious as it could have been . . ."

I hear Alex mumble something reply, but not in a great amount of accuracy, so I let it slide by.

"Everything's looking fine . . ."

Thank God, he'll be okay. Well, okay, scratch that, don't thank God, because I don't believe in God. Thank whatever higher beings there are watching out for both him and myself that he should be back to normal in no time.

"By tomorrow, you should be ready to go home . . ."

Home. He's coming home. Isn't he? I don't have the slightest clue where Alex will go once he gets out of here, who he'll go with. He's always been loyal to Wilshire 5. In fact, I think he's been more loyal than me for the most part, until lately. Until he met Isabel. Is he going to choose her over us? Over Wilshire 5? Over the only family he has left? Over me?

I thought I was like his sister.

Maybe I'm not anymore. If I'm not like his sister, I know why. I turned on him. Or, as far as anyone knows, I alone turned on him. Not Asa. No one will ever no Asa was part of it.

Well, if I'm not his sister, then what am I?

His enemy?
posted on 1-Feb-2003 11:23:30 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I ran to the hospital when I found out Alex got shot.

OMG I hope he's ok!

I walk thre the doors and saw Maria, michael from blackshreet.

OH God why cant they leave us along.

I walk up to Maria.

"What happened?" I ask.

I saw Michael looking at me werid.

"He michael tell your drunk buddy Max to leave me the fuck alone" I saod.

Maria looked at me.

"Hes been following me to much" I said.

"now tell me what happened to alex?" I said to maria again.
posted on 1-Feb-2003 11:29:35 AM by Cominatcha
good part!!


Alex . . . What happened to Alex? What am I supposed to say? Am I supposed to lie to her? Liz is my best friend. She'll know if I'm lying. But I don't know if she's strong enough at this point in time to hear the truth.

Kyle was strong enough. Serena was strong enough.

Michael was strong enough.

"Whitman . . ." I pause and send an accusing glare in Michael's direction, for he is the very reason why I started calling Alex by his last name in the first place.

"Maria, tell me." Liz says, placing a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"I'm gonna go." Michael says quickly before I can get another word out. I want him to stay. How am I supposed to tell him that I need him to stay here right now when Liz is standing right in front of me? She might supsect something, not that there's anything to expect.

Michael leaves, and I stand alone in the hallway with a very confused Liz.

"Liz," I whisper, my voice low and shaky. "Alex got shot."

"By who?" she asks.

"Me . . ."
posted on 1-Feb-2003 5:12:40 PM by Liz_Parker
Waiting on Jamal *happy*
posted on 1-Feb-2003 6:25:27 PM by Cominatcha
BUMP BUMP!! I'm just so happy that people are posting again!! I seriously live on this site!!
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BUMP *bounce* BUMP *bounce* BUMP !!
posted on 1-Feb-2003 10:48:40 PM by qt4167013
I am soooo here!!!!


I am dead tired. Ok, funny statement. I am tired. Just tired. Not dead. Certainly not dead. Thank god. not that it would be bad if I was dead.

I wouldn't have to deal with the shit that is my life.

I groan and try to fall asleep but I can't seem to be able to. Not that I don't want to. I am a walking contradiction.

Yup a walking example of shocking hypocracy.

I wanna go to sleep. I wanna get out of bed. I wanna leave. I wanna rule the world with only my faithful friends the sewer rats as my court.


See, I definitly need the sleep.


Whew. got to calm down there.

I know what there all saying.

'look at alex. the cripple. his sister shot him.'

Yup, really wanna go back to that. back to those losers I call my friends. Not that they are losers. No way. Of course not.

Can you hear the sarcasm? No, cause I am not really talking to you, I am talking to myself. But I am not crazy.

No....shhhh your not crazy. shhhhhh.


Thats what the pills are for. Thats what the doctors gave me. Pills.

Maybe I shouldn't have taken so many.

The doctor told me to take them whenever I was in pain.

He didn't specify physical pain.

Is 12 too much.

I'm feeling woozy. Is that the tunnel. God? No probably not. Devil?

I see stars.

Pretty stars........oooooooo. Bye bye now.
hope thats good. if you didn't get it....its sort of saying he over dosed.
posted on 2-Feb-2003 3:59:28 AM by JBehrsGurl
In events that I'm such a nuisance I am giving up Jamal to Serena so that I don't hold back the RP. I have school, work and life to maintain and its really starting to take its toll. I hate that I love to RP and that I don't have much time for it. When I DO have time I swear I will post! lol *wink*

posted on 2-Feb-2003 10:48:48 AM by Cominatcha
That's fine Elena. I understand.
posted on 2-Feb-2003 10:50:17 AM by Cominatcha
That''s fine Elena. I understand. Ooh, and I see that you found the DKNY pictures!! NICE!!
posted on 2-Feb-2003 11:01:08 AM by Liz_Parker
Ur giving Jamal to me? But I dunno if I can play him right...besides, I'd just be talking to myself hehe
posted on 2-Feb-2003 3:06:22 PM by Cominatcha
Don't worry. I talk to myself all the time playing Michael and Maria. It's kinda a good thing because you have a little more control over how your characters' storylines turn out. If you don't want to play him, though, I guess I could, but I'll never be able to write him like Elena!! lol
posted on 3-Feb-2003 11:12:40 AM by Cominatcha
So, do you wanna take Jamal, then, Mandy? If not, I think it might be kind hard to get a whole new person involved in this RPG to play him because we're so far along.

posted on 3-Feb-2003 8:03:52 PM by Liz_Parker
Uh...I dunno, it's just that with how Jamal is and'll just be weird!
posted on 4-Feb-2003 12:09:34 PM by Cominatcha
Think of it this way: If you play him, then you'll never have to wait. You'll play both Serena and Jamal, and you could post their parts whenever you wanted to and never have to wait. *happy*
posted on 4-Feb-2003 12:29:12 PM by Cominatcha

I left the hospital and I left HER. That's what I do when I start to get uncomfortable. I leave. I run. I get away as fast as I can.

I'm not even her friend, so I shouldn't have to stay there, right?

To say that Maria DeLuca and I aren't friends . . . that's a lie. I'll admit it. Everytime I think that, I'm thinking a lie, because, over these past few days, we've spent a lot of time together. We've done a lot of talking and a lot of very dirty dancing. I guess there's still this part of me that doesn't want to give in like the rest of Blackstreet has.

Hey, just cuz we're friends, that doesn't mean everyone else has to know. We'll just keep it a secret.

Our . . . friendship. That's all it can ever be. That's all it will ever be.

Anyway, like I was saying, I left HER there to deal with Isabel and Alex and the entire situation for two reasons.

1) I don't wanna be there if something goes down, like a fight or something.

2) I can't get attached.

You see, I've had this philosiphy in my head since I was six. Granted, it might seem a little hard to enforce, but I find that it works.

If you don't let people get to know you, then they won't know how to hurt you.

Pretty impressive for a six-year old, huh? What can I say? I was always a deep thinker.

So, I've been living my whole life by this one statement. I don't let people get to know me, to really know me. Yeah, I let them know that I'm Michael Guerin, I like Metallica, and I'm 21, but nothing more than that. Because if I ever opened up to anyone anymore than I already have, then they'd know how and where to hurt me if they ever wanted to, and then I might never recover.

That's what my brilliant mind has come up with, and that's how I plan to live the rest of my life.

The key word there would be plan. Sometimes, even the most thought-out plans can be altered . . .

. . . by something . . .

. . . or someone . . .

It's starting to get dark out as I walk back to the Blackstreet crib. I figured I better see how Tyrone's doin'. No one's really spoken a lot to him since he came. We've all kind been off in our own worlds.

I feel safer once I cross the borderlines and enter Blackstreet territory. You never know what an angry member or Wilshire 5 could do to you when it's dark out.

I can see the crib way off in the distance. It looks dark and depressing because no one seems to be chillin' there tonight.

I'm ready to move forward when I hear a gruff voice.

"It's all my fault."

I don't recognize that voice, but it's coming from Wilshire 5 territory not too far away.

"No, it's not, Asa."

But, that voice, I do know. I'd recognize it anywhere.




Whatever you wanna call her, that's who it was.

I duck into the shadows and spy on Maria and the guy---Asa, obviously their new leader---as they walk down the deserted street together in the direction of the Wilshire 5 crib.

"I caused more bad dan good." Asa continues. "I neva shoulda put dat idea inta ya head."

"It's not your fault." she reassures him. "I didn't have to go through with it."

"Maria . . ."

"Asa," she interrupts. "Just don't think about it, okay? Alex is coming back soon. He's gonna be okay."

I'm wondering how Asa found her when he speaks again.

"But will you?"

She seems confused. "What do you mean?"

"He's like ya brotha."

"He is . . ."

Suddenly, she's cut off as Asa leans down and presses his lips to hers, kissing her long and hard. She kisses back after a moment of hesitance.

I can feel my blood begin to boil, but, at the same time, I can't bring myself to take my eyes off of them. I want to run forward and push him to the ground away from her. I want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her violently, screaming at her, asking her why she would want him and not me. I want to show her what it's like to really be kissed. I want to show her what it's like to feel my lips on every inch of her body at once. I want to show her what it's like to feel my hands running up and down her back, holding her tightly against me. I want to show her what it's like to remain warm in my arms when the blankets are in short supply.

If the ghost of Blackstreet hadn't remained deep within me, that's what I would have done.

I'm glad I left, then, because, if I hadn't, I would have heard Asa invite Maria to stay with him for the night . . .
posted on 4-Feb-2003 7:29:10 PM by Galita

Ok so here I am at the Blackstreet crip alone nothing to do. Alex told me to get rest so that's what I am here to do get away from Max, Mom, and well...Mom's boyfriend.

I hear the door open to see Michael, I walk up to him then look down. He sighs.

"Izzy what are you doing here?" He ask me.

"I came here to get some rest> Alex told me it would be for the best. But if you want the crip alone I'll go to back to the house." I said.

"No it's fine Iz. You can stay here if you want." He said with a smile.

I nod and sit down on the couch."What are we going to do Mikey? I mean and the same bed. If someone walks in and sees us together they might think we're back together." I said.

He nods and sits in a chair. I sigh and go into a dee[ thought about Alex. It's been awhile since the last time we will no detials my thoughts.

posted on 4-Feb-2003 7:37:38 PM by Liz_Parker

I smile at Serena. "Nah....I'm aight".

She nods and leans back. God, wonder what ma thinks bout Rena. She's really quiet.

I'll talk to her later, right I'm worried bout is getting back home and realxin' with Rena.



Not much later we finally arrive back in New York. I get out exhausted and let Jamal hang back with his mom, they have a lot to talk about and catch up on.

I slowly walk down the road and take a deep breath. What's gonna happen with all this? We're not supposed to be together.....we all know that. And after all, he was "with" Ava. They slept together....and well, so did Kyle and me....but sometimes I still wonder if he'll ever wanna go back to her. Especially since we got the new leaders.

What's gonna happen if Asa takes control and he turns into another Nick?

I shake my head to get the thoughts out of my head and lean against the wall then go back to the W5 crib......and walk inside. "Uh....hey guys"

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I would post again for alex, but dude. did you guys read my part? alex is passed out...he OD on painkillers...just though I would let you know lol!
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lol, then post a Kyle part *tongue*
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*sticks out her tongue* *tongue* but american idol is on!!!!
posted on 4-Feb-2003 8:30:03 PM by Liz_Parker
Oh wah, Gilmore girls is to *tongue* So just write a aprt hehe
posted on 4-Feb-2003 9:08:46 PM by qt4167013
fine fine. where is kyle anyway?
posted on 4-Feb-2003 9:09:51 PM by Liz_Parker far as I know at the W5 place *happy*
posted on 4-Feb-2003 11:16:51 PM by qt4167013
urg. I don't know. oh well


I walk through the deserted streets and angerly kick a empty Mountain Dew can across the street.

I used to like Mountain Dew. Until Maria got us all on the no sugar diet.

I sigh. maria. God, I just wish things could go back to the way they used to be.

I want to cry but I don't. I pick up the pace and decide to visit Alex. I find a parked Dodge on the side of the street and decide to jack it. I reach the car and notice a wallet. I decide to get a closer look and reach for my pocket knife to get inside the car.

I quickly get inside and pick up the wallet. Inside are pictures. Pictures of a family I will never have.

I slam the door closed and decide to take a taxi.

I am at the hospital and I breeze passed the waiting room, hoping I don't run into anyone.

I try to get into Alex's room, but I am stopped by a nurse.

"What is going on?!" I ask angerly.

The nurse narrows her eyes.

"the patient in this room is not available for visitors."

"WHAT?!" I yell out.

"He is unconcious and is having his stomach pumped."

I look at her.

"Stumach pumped."

She nods.

"Apparently he OD on painkillers."

I watch her walk away and I let the tears fall.

posted on 5-Feb-2003 7:31:27 AM by Liz_Parker
~*Serena*~ one's here, figures. What was Kyle's cell number again?

Oh yeah....I pick up the phone and dial. And wait for Kyle to pick up which seems to take forever.

"Yeah?", I hear over the other line almost muffled.

"Hey's me, Rena....just wanted to let ya know I'm back in town......what all did I miss?"
posted on 5-Feb-2003 8:38:05 AM by Cominatcha
Great parts!!
posted on 5-Feb-2003 1:24:53 PM by qt4167013

I stand in shock in the waiting room until I hear the annoying ring of my cell phone.

I sigh in relief, its Rena.

"rena!!!!!! Get over here!!!!!!!!! Alex was shot....and now, hes passed out!" I sob.

"Ill be right over."

I slide down on the ground and hold my head in my hands waiting for Rena.
posted on 5-Feb-2003 6:02:51 PM by Cominatcha

What a night. That's all I can say. I don't say it with expression, because it's not really something I'd like to express. It seems that I'll have to anyway, though, so I'll make it quick.

I'm depressed. I'm in despair, so I did what any girl would do.

I abandoned my worries.

After Asa surprised me with that kiss, we went back to his new aparment across the street from mine. I tried the takling thing, but he didn't seem to into it. So we just took it from there.

Soon enough, I was underneath him and my clothes were nowhere to be seen. As he kissed his way down my body, I couldn't help a tiny moan from escaping my lips.

Only it wasn't the one that should have escaped.

"Michael . . ."

Asa stopped kissing me, then, and looked up at me. "What?"

Though I was surprised at having blurted that out, I quickly recovered. "Nothing. Just keep going."

And he did keep going. But I didn't. Because all I could think about was Michael Guerin, and I didn't want to.

I was lucky I didn't dream about him when I went to sleep that night.

I was sleeping good, too. Until now.

The phone rings and I wearily reach over to pick it up, ignoring the fact that a man I don't want to be laying next to me is. "Yeah?" I answer.

"'Ria, hey." There's only one person that voice can belong to.

"Hey, Kyle." I say back. I'm happy to hear from him. Maybe we can talk about all that's happened. Not on the phone, though. We'll meet up some place. Tonight. I don't care that it's in the AM.

Suddenly, it dawns on me that he isn't saying anything. "Kyle," I ask, "what's wrong?"

After that, I find myself rushing to the hospital . . .
posted on 5-Feb-2003 6:39:49 PM by Liz_Parker

I get into my car and speed down to the hospital. God, why does everything happen when I'm not around?!

I run through a red light and take a sharp turn. I get there and run up to the floor Alex's on and run over to Kyle. "Hey", I smile softly and hug him tight.

I'm not used to seeing him like this, not even when we lost the baby...he never cried once and that was his own blood.

I feel his grip get tighter on me and sigh. This is gonna be a long day.
posted on 5-Feb-2003 7:56:03 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

"What the fuck" I mumble to my-self.

"Maria what were you thinking" I ask her.

She just broke down and cry.

"It was ash idea"She said cryingly(Not sure a word)

"Who is ash" I ask again.

"The new leader" she said

I stood frozzed, we have a new leader.........
posted on 5-Feb-2003 9:50:57 PM by qt4167013

I grip Serena as tight as I can.

God, please let Alex be ok, Please if you have any kindness in you please let alex be ok.
posted on 5-Feb-2003 9:59:39 PM by Galita

I get the call about Alex from Kyle. I start to freak and Michael won't let me drive like this so it takes me to the hospital.

I run up to his room. "What do you mean his OD?! Damnit don't tell me that Kyle" I screamed as Serena walks up to me.

"He's right Isabel. And I don't see what right you have to be here!" She shots in my face.

"I have every right to be here! That's my boyfriend!!!" I snaped at her. She jumps back. Kyle rush over as I start to cry harder then I was. "It's my fault, he fall in love with a Blackstreeter!" I cry into Kyle chest.

He rocks me slowly.
posted on 5-Feb-2003 10:00:39 PM by Liz_Parker

I sigh softly. "'ll be ok, I promise".

He has a sad looking look on his face. God, I don't like seeing people like this.

"Hey, how about you go take a little rest,hm?", I ask him.

He starts to protest but I make him go over to the couch and lay down.....I look over as Isabel runs in with Michael.

Great, just what we need....our rivals in the worst time.
posted on 6-Feb-2003 8:38:58 AM by Cominatcha

It's chaotic. Chaotic is the only word I can use to describe it. I see Maria talking quietly to Liz, but they're obviously having a deep conversation. Serena is trying to comfort Kyle while trying to get Isabel to leave at the same time.

Isabel won't leave, though.

I don't know what I'm doing here. I volunteered to drive Isabel because I didn't her to be in a car in the state she was in, but now I'm wondering if I volunteered to drive her because I knew Maria was gonna be here.

I stand back in the crowd and let them work everything out themselves.

I keep my eyes locked on Maria the whole time, wondering what, exactly, it was that she and Asa had been doing before she arrived here . . .
posted on 6-Feb-2003 8:40:01 AM by Cominatcha

Liz has been away from the W5 crib so long that she doesn't even know about Asa. I try to explain to her who he is and where he came from, but then the doctor comes out of Alex's room and cuts me off.

We're all silent as we wait to hear how Alex is doing . . .
posted on 6-Feb-2003 2:48:02 PM by Galita

I look at the doc.

"He's all can come in one at a time. He has a lot of machenis on him right now." He said.

"I'm going in there first. He IS my boyfriend" I said and walk to ALex's door.

I walk in to see him laying there. I walk up to him and take his hand in my.

"Hey's me Isabel...listen you have to came back. Open your eyes and smile at me please" I whisper onto his lips then kiss him softly

posted on 6-Feb-2003 5:10:47 PM by qt4167013

I am in shock. the doctors told me that would happen.

Liars. Quacks with stethascopes. Right.

They don't blame it on me. Of course they don't. Thats why I am getting sent to a tharapist.

Another doctor. Great.

After I wake up, the doctor tells me that I have a lot of visitors. I snort inwardly, knowing that they are all just going to come in and tell me what a stupid ass I was.

Isabel comes in first. Her beautiful face is streaked with tears.

She kisses me on the forhead.

I feel my eyes start to close as sleep is about to overtake me again.

"why?" I ask her suddenly.

She stops, and stares at me.

"Why what?"

"why?" she knows....
posted on 6-Feb-2003 5:20:58 PM by Liz_Parker

I huff. Just because their "together" doesn't give her the right to go in first.

"Why did she have to come? I don't care if they are together....WE'RE his family!! God...she gets on my last nerves!!", I plop down in a chair and cross my arms.

You'd think that Michael would of been smart and kept her at home. She doesn't need to be here. She seems to think she's in control....and I'm about to inform her that she's not!
posted on 6-Feb-2003 6:11:52 PM by Cominatcha

I tell Serena that she has to calm down. Freaking out isn't going to help the situation right now. I mean, yeah, Isabel did kinda push her way in there first, but maybe that's a good thing. If the first person Alex was to see was me, he might not want to see anybody else.

I know Serena has Kyle here, so I decide that I should leave. After all, the doctor said Alex would be fine, and I need to be out of this atmosphere. I think about going back to Asa's apartment to spend the rest of the night with him, but that doesn't sound like something I wanna do. Besides, I might just blurt out the wrong name again.

I tell Serena I'm leaving and I do just that. I walk out the door and away from my family, one of which I just betrayed. One I thought of as my brother. One I shot.

I find my car --- yes, my car, not anyone elses --- and get in. I'm just about to take off when I hear someone yell my . . . well, it's not really a name, but . . .

"Hey, bitch! Where you off to? Thought you'd wanna stay with Whitman."

The only person who can say so many famliar words to me in a few short sentences is Michael Guerin.

"I'm gonna go to a club." I say. "You know, one a those all night things."

He smiles michevously. "So, DeLuca, you're out all night, huh?"

I smack him on the arm. "Stop being a freak and get in." I don't know why I've invited him along. Maybe I just felt like being with him again instead of being with Asa, Alex, or anyone else . . .

posted on 7-Feb-2003 12:29:15 PM by Galita

I sit there playing with Alex's hair. It's 12:00pm and I'm not tired. This makes my third cup of coffee.

"You need to go home Izzy." I hear Kyle's soft voice.

"I can't leave him like this. His my boyfriend and I love him." I said between yawns.

He sighs and walks up to me. I look at Alex. He's asleep having wonderful dreams about me.I hope. Or his family. I know he loved his family. He wakes me up crying at night becuase his miss them so much.

Yeah that's right like I said before I'm ready to be his and I really love him and if the don't like it we can run away and live happily ever after, right?
posted on 7-Feb-2003 12:43:29 PM by Cominatcha
Song is Christina Aguilera, Get Mine, Get Yours. I don't even know if I've got the words right cuz I wrote this really fast.


I've never believed in happily ever after, but, if there is such a thing, this has got to be the closet to it I'll ever come.

The lights are flashing, the music's blaring and the bodies are moving. Maria and I found some random club that seemed kinda cool, and she pulled me out on the dance floor. We've been dancing ever since. I just hope that no one comes in here and sees us, the way we're grinding up against each other. Then that might make it a little obvious that we're not enemies like we like to pretned we are.

What we are is still unclear. I thought we were friends, but this dancing we're doing right now kinda crosses the friend boundary. It's threatening to push us up into another relationship level entirely, one where I might run my hands through her hair, down her shouldres, across her hips.

"Put your
Hands on my waistline
Want your
Skin up against mine
Bring my hips down to the baseline
Let me get mine, you get yours!"

Sweat is dripping down my forehead as I pull her closer to me. With each movement we take, I can feel myself spinning farther and farther away from reality into a fantasy life, ecstasy.

"Hang a
Please don't disturb sign
Put my back into a slow grind
Runnin' chills up and down my spine
Let me get mine, you get yours!"

Happily ever after . . . Yeah, this is the closest I'll ever come to that . . .
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Wow . . .
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that really cracked me up. LOL I'm going to write a part bcuz of that massive bump. LOL!!!
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Every time I think I get this gurl she surprises me to the point where I start back at square one. She sets my insides on fire with just the wink of an eye, and if that wasn’t enough…

He KNOWS this.

“Wut you smiling foe baldy?” She nudges my side.

I look down at her, standing in line at Café Brixx. A small joint that she says has excellent cheesecake. This girl and her sweets, you’d think she was diabetic. Running my fingers through her long pink hair she giggles and pulls my lips down to hers.

“You best quit looking all hot like dat boi, I just might have to get nasty right here.” She smoothes her hands up and down my chest. My skin’s tingling and she smirks at the reaction she’s getting. “You feelin meh Terrell?” She whispers in my ear.

I stiffen as she gently cups my swelling lower half, my eyes dart around to see if we have an audience. We don’t, “Damn gurl you tryin ta kill me?” I take her hands in mine. She laughs out loud.

She nuzzles her nose against my cheek, “C’mon.” She says.

“Hmm?” I snort.

Follow me. She mouths with her cherry lips, as she walks in back of the restaurant.


The cafés busy with people coming in and out, like a fuckin train station. It’s hectic, ain’t no one even touching the restroom area. You’d think these pansies would be runnin back there but nope… All clear, I steal a glance behind me to see if Terrell’s coming and see him trying to do his best impression of a guy just casually walking to the restroom. By the look on his face you can tell he ain’t ‘bout to take a piss. I hold back my giggles and shake my head. The owners of the café turn up the volume on their radio, the speakers shake from the bass. And wouldn’t you know it?

It’s my damn song…

C'mon, c'mon
ooh, yeah
c'mon, c'mon

I rest my back up against the wall next to the pay phones and roll up the sleeves to my white shirt. C’mon Terrell, where be at? I think to myself, if he don’t hurry up I’m-

“You ‘bout to dial collect or sumthin?” He jokes from behind me, kissing the side of my neck.

I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck, “Only thing I’m callin out is you.” I kiss his lips gently.

He looks taken back, “On da real?” I can’t help but giggle, we’ve never gone past groaping or passionate kisses, but today I think we just might…

I feel like I've been locked up tight
For a century of lonely nights;
Waiting for someone
To release me.

I nod my head, “Yup.” You don’t have to tell this boy twice, his lips dive towards mine as his tongue plummets into my mouth, wrestling violently with mine. His hands running up and down my sides, slightly caressing my breasts. I moan in delight, which causes him to squeeze just a bit more firm.

“You sure you wanna do dis?” He mutters on my lips, cradling the back of my neck in his left hand while is other attacks my chest. I nod and pulls me into the womens room, slamming the door shut and locking it behind him.

You're licking your lips and blowing kisses my way,
But that don't mean I'm gonna give it away;
Baby, baby, baby.
(Baby, baby, baby.)

Now I’ve been known to fuck in unlikely places but a restroom would be a first. Yet none of this shit is flowing through my mind, the only thing I can comprehend is where Terrell’s hands touch me, my body burns with hot desire and I could care less wherever the fuck we were.

My body's saying let's go.
But my heart is saying no.

I raise my arms up high and allow him to pull my shirt up over my head, the pansting breathe blows across my chest. I lean my head back against the tiles wall of the room where we’re shut in. He sucks the skin of my neck while I work on his belt buckle, my hands touching his bare waistline. I push him back and he all but rips his shirt off his chest. I grin and suck on his lower lip, he puts his hands inside the back of my jeans, grabbing my ass.

“Damn boy, ain’t you got any manners?” I joke.

If you wanna be with me, baby, there's a price to pay.
I'm a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way.
If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true.
You gotta make a big impression (oh yeah), gotta like what you do.

He kisses my cheek, “Sorry baby…”

I shake my head when his hands pull out, “Just take ‘em off next time aight?” I say. He grins and unzips my jeans. I runs my hands along his broad damp chest, I’m working him overtime. His whole bodies hot and sweaty, just how I like my men. So far he’s doing it all just how I like it…

I'm a genie in a bottle, baby.
Gotta rub me the right way, honey.
I'm a genie in a bottle, baby,
Come, come, come on and let me out.

“You’re so beautiful…” He whispers inside my ear.

I rips his belt of and toss it across the room, “So are you.” I say as his pants drop to the floor, he steps out of them and I pull his boxers down. Hell yea… “VERY beautiful.” I gawk.

The music's playing and the lights' down low,
One more dance and then we're good to go;
Waiting for someone
Who needs me.
Hormones racin' at the speed of light,
But that don't mean it's gotta be tonight;
Baby, baby, baby.
(Baby, baby, baby)

He’s ready, I’m ready…

“Hold up.” I stop him when gets ready to penetrate, “You packin?”

“Am I…” He pants, “Am I uh? Wha?” He speaks through his hard breathing. He’s more than ready for this obviously.

I rool my eyes and grab his jeans, “Were the glove at?” I throw them in his face.

“You like fuckin’ round with me like this huh?” He says putting it on.

I watch in amusement, pressing my hot body up against the cold wall behind me, “:Oh but its worth it baby.” I wink holding my arms out to him.

My body's saying let's go.
But my heart is saying no.

I don’t even get to think about what to say next when he thrusts me up higher against the wall, plunging inside me. I don’t even hold back the shrill shriek of surprise and yearning, we’ve been playing these games for way too long now. Now that it was happening I felt my body reacting in stramge ways.

I ain’t neva had my heart thumping like it was about to busrt through my chest, my kungs ain’t neva worked so hard to produce oxygen in and out.

If you wanna be with me, baby, there's a price to pay.
I'm a genie in a bottle, (I'm a genie in a bottle) you gotta rub me the right way.
If you wanna be with me, (ooh) I can make your wish come true.
Come and set me free, baby, and I'll be with you.

Seemed like the more he pushed inside, the more my body screamed for more, harder… faster…

I didn’t even keep my mouth shut, I screamed out his name, I told him yes, I told him faster, harder… I held back nuthin. It was fucking amazing, mind blowing orgasms all the way. And he just kept going like the energizer bunny, just hwo I wanted it.

I'm a genie in a bottle, baby.
Gotta rub me the right way, honey.
I'm a genie in a bottle, baby,
Come, come, come on and let me out.

My kegs wrapped tighter around his waist, his hands grasping my bottom firm and more possessively. His mouth sucking the skin of my neck leaving small red marks, love bites my sista would say. I ain’t neva let a boy brand me before. I rans my nails hard down his back drawing blood, this was way intense, I couldn’t control myself any longer, it was as if I were going on instinct.

“Oh baby…” Terrell gasp. I pulled him closer to my quivering body and gasp as we both came closer to experiencing bliss.

I'm a genie in a bottle, baby.
Gotta rub me (if you wanna be with me) the right way, honey.
I'm a genie in a bottle, baby,
Come, come, come on and let me out.

I bit my lower lip hard to keep from screaming out, I tried so hard to control my response to him. He was like a drug, I was intoxicated and powerless against him. I grasp down on his shoulders and hugged him closer and locked us together closer.

“I love you…” I whispered.

He pulled my lower half harder into him as he nearly ripped me in half. I felt my heart surge with wanting, had I just said those words out loud? Nah… I wouldn’t do that.

My body's saying let's go.
But my heart is saying no.

“Fuuuuck…” He moaned. I pulled his lips out to mine and covered his mouth with mine, as he struggled to balance us up against the wallw ithout toppling over. I continued to caress his back and smooth away the red liquid that had run down his back like a omen of distruction.

I gasp out, feeling my body tense up, ready for realse, his hands gripped trighter in the same way, telling me he was in the same delirious stae as I was.

If you wanna be with me, baby, there's a price you pay.
I'm a genie in a bottle //(I'm a genie in a bottle)//, you gotta rub me the right way.
If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true.
You gotta make a big impression, gotta like what you do.

My hair was plastered against my back with sweat, my mouth throbbing from our passionate stolen kisses between thrusts. I licked the side of his face seductively, his breath casught in his throat.

I threw my head back and shut my eyes tight, my teeth clenched, my jaw locked…

“Fuck gurl you work it good…” He panted in my chest. Kissing each peak gently, then shoving his face into my neck again as he came. I shouted out in shock, it ain’t never felt this good before…

If you wanna be with me, baby, there's a price you pay.
I'm a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way.

Then he slowed his pace, slower… slower… until he stopped and tried to catch his breath. I jumped out his arms and gathered my clothes. He tried to pull me back to him but I ignored it, I dressed quickly along side him and checked myself in the mirror.

If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true.
Come and set me free, baby, and I'll be with you.

“Aye…” He said taking my hand in his.

“Wha?” I lifted my head to look in his eyes, “Why you lookin at me like dat? You freaking me out.” I snapped.

He smirked and kissed my forehead, “I love you too…” He whispered in my ear. I shoved him back.

“Why da hell you gotta go and ruin a perfectly good fuck like that for?” I scowled, “Playas don’t feel nigga, keep it real yo.” I stepped towards the door.

He looked shocked, “Wha- you- Ava I -you just told me you loved me-“

“No I didn’t.” I shove his arms away again, “Yo we still gonna get that pie or wha?”

He glanced at me as if I were a stranger, “Ava what the hell is up wit yous. You blow hot an cold like you a fuckin news caster. You da one that gotta keep it real baby… Not me, I dun told you how I feel, my cards are laid out on da table…”

I'm a genie in a bottle, baby,
Come, come, come and let me out.

“Guess you best deal again then huh?” I snuff and walk out the door.

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Great part *happy*
posted on 10-Feb-2003 7:45:02 AM by Liz_Parker

I walk out of the hospital. I'm sick of them, acting like they know what's best for everyone, yeah, right.

I wind up at Jamal's. He's probably busy with his mom. I look in the window and see him all by himself in front of their fireplace looking thing.

"Jamal?", I whisper and he turns around.

"Hey", He says and lets me in.

"Something up?", I ask as I wrap my arms around his neck.

He sighs. "It's just....well, Ma wants to go back, and I don't want 'er to." He says.

I sigh and hug him tight.....God, what's with this woman?
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Great parts!

posted on 10-Feb-2003 6:43:01 PM by Liz_Parker
hehe, I have nothing to do :(
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I'd post a part, but I don't have time. Gotta go meet with the wedding planner . . . *happy*
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wedding planner?!
posted on 10-Feb-2003 7:24:29 PM by Galita
lol yeah....she's getting married Maddie
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really!!!!!! congrats! hey...I thought you were in high school....wait are you in college Ashely?
posted on 10-Feb-2003 10:28:56 PM by Liz_Parker
lol, she's a senior in a highschool....her bf proposed like last week or something *happy*
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wow! that is like a fairy tale!
posted on 11-Feb-2003 8:29:32 AM by Cominatcha
I know . . . I'm so happy! *happy*


Whatever I've found in this bitch, I'm never letting it go. God . . . never . . .

She slowly manuvers herself around in my arms as we dance in the crowded club so that her lower half is rubbing up against mine. Oh, shit . . .

"Good God, Guerin," she jokes, grinning. "What have I done to make you so . . ." She trails off and looks down at me. "Excited?"

I don't answer her. I'm thinking about too much right now to talk. I wish I wasn't thinking, but I am. I'm thinking about me, a Blackstreet, and my new leader, Tyrone. I'm thinking about my family, the family that's abandoned me for the enemy.

I think about her, a Wilshire 5, and her new leader, Asa.


I know I have no right to ask her this, but I never really paid much attention to the Constitution during school and what rights it ensured and what ones it didn't.

"So . . . you and that Asa guy . . . you togetha now?"

She seems so taken aback by the question that she stops dancing. "Why do you care?"

Why do I care?, I think. Because you shouldn't be with him! You should be with me! Well, k, maybe you really shouldn't be with me, but you shouldn't be with him, either!

"I was just wonderin'." I answer simply. I don't tell her that I saw their little kiss earlier tonight of theirs. I don't wanna seem like a stalker.

I move my hands suggestively around her hips, urging her to keep dancing, but she won't now. It's like she's lost all of the desire now.

Suddenly, she tears away from me and goes pushing through the crowd. I want to follow her, but I don't, reminding myself about that stalker thing again.

But my eyes do and always will remain locked on her wherever she goes . . .

Hey, Madison, if it's not too much trouble, maybe you could make a fan art banner thing for this RPG?

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I would make a fan art, but I thought someone else was. if you check multimedia some one said they would! :(

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Oh, yeah, I did check, and I posted on there, so I'm hoping it'll turn out.

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lol! calm down!

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Peace out!!!!!!!!!!!! wow...were pathetic!...or at least I am....hmmmmmmmmmm
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lol, Ur weird Madison *tongue*
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Everyone was gone.

I was still at the hospital.

sitting on the floor.

I wasnt sure if alex wanna to see me.


Maybe I should go, I walk up and was about to leave."Liz where you going" Alex said.
posted on 13-Feb-2003 1:15:41 PM by qt4167013

I see Liz about to leave.

"Liz where are you going."

I see her back tense up as she slowly turns around.

"Home." She answeres simply.

"Home." I wonder aloud. "Where is home?"

Her eyes well up with tears.

"I thought I knew. Now I'm not so sure." She says softly.

"Home is where your rump rests." I tell her quoting Lion King.

She giggles.

"Come here Lizzie bear." I say, opening my arms.

She runs into them and grips me tightly.

"I don't ever want to leave." She sobs.

I nod into her hair.

"Neither do I. Neither do I."
posted on 13-Feb-2003 2:54:29 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I am in Alex arms.

I miss him so much.

I beat, if he knew about max and me he would look at me different.

I pull away and sat on his bed.

"So how are you feeling"
posted on 13-Feb-2003 10:57:44 PM by qt4167013

She wants to know how I am feeling.

"Like crap." I say, truthfully.

She shrugs in understanding.

"Liz. Somethings wrong. Tell me." I say urgently.

She takes a deep breath.
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Great parts!
posted on 14-Feb-2003 8:55:09 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I take a deep breath

"Nothing You can fix" I said to Alex.

"let just drop it" I was alittle shaking up.

"Liz this me,Alex, your buddy that stick by you." he said.

I sigh

"Ok" I said.

"well, I'm kinda with max, first he said he doesnt wanna be with me, then he kisses and push me away." I said.

"once he was so drug he didnt know what he was doing, next min I was in the street and a car was coming, lucky I got of the way" I said.

He look at me.

"What your with Isabel, have I once judy you about her?" I told him.

"I know W5 and Hes a blackstreet, but thing will change." I said.

We stood there with silent

"I know about ash" I told him.

"Were gonna kill him, once and for all" I said
posted on 14-Feb-2003 1:34:49 PM by qt4167013

"together." I tell her.

She hesitates.

"Right. Together."

hmmm whats she planning?
posted on 14-Feb-2003 6:41:16 PM by Cominatcha

I tell Michael goodbye. No, I really don't wanna tell him goodbye. It's early morning now and I'm tired. I've been underneath Asa and outside Alex's hospital room door and grinding up against Michael. I'm worn out. But if I stayed with him, at least I wouldn't have to face my family again and tell them why I did what I did to Alex.

Michael doesn't seem to want to leave, either. I drop him off in W5 territory, and he grunts as he has to walk all the way back to his crib.

I wanna go to sleep, but I know that Asa will be there, and I don't know if I'm ready to see him again. What we did was something that I decided to do out of pure want and need. Nothing more.

I decide to pay a visit to Alex again. He and I really need to talk.

I get back in my car and drive back to the hospital. I walk in the room without any sort of permission from any staff member and I see Liz and Alex engaging in a deep conversation.

"Hey," I say, my voice quivering. "What's going on?"
posted on 14-Feb-2003 7:04:51 PM by qt4167013

My gaze shoots up from Liz.

"Maria." I say, trying to sound like I am not mad.

"Oh ALex." She says and breaks down.
posted on 15-Feb-2003 12:57:25 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

"Maria, this is you fault, why would you agree with ash" I ask her.

"Arent we all family" I said.

"Something gonna be done, and no-one stoping me" I told them
posted on 15-Feb-2003 5:03:05 PM by Cominatcha

I can't believe this. Little Liz Parker is standing up for something she believes in. But why does she belive in this, whatever this is? What's she thinking?

Liz and I used to be real tight, but it seems like things have been going roughly between us lately, ever since Nick died. Nick kept us all together, like glue. I've said that before, and I'll say it again.

"I'm not siding with anyone, Liz!" I tell her honestly. "The only person I listen to is me!" I don't wanna have this argument in front of Alex, but I can't let this go now.

"You are siding with him!" she insists.

I sigh. I'm not gonna have another one of those arguements where one person says, 'You are, to!', and the other persons comes back with, 'I am not!'. Those kinds of things are useless.

"Liz, are you talking about killing Asa?" I ask her. I should have guessed. No one really likes him. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to do something about it. But Asa is the only chance of a leader we have. No one else seems to have stepped up to the plate, and, without a leader, we'll fall apart. And then Blackstreet will win, and I can't let that happen.

"What do you think I'm talking about?" she shouts. "He's bad news!"

"Liz, you can't just walk around killing people." I tell her, lowering my voice so that one of the nurses on duty won't hear me. "First Will and now Asa. God, what's happened to you?"

"What's happened to you?" she asks me in return. "You shot a member of your family, Maria, your family!"

I glance at Alex lying in the bed looking completely exhausted and confused, and then back at Liz, looking strangely strong and empowered about something.

I don't know what to do. I feel like I don't even know my family anymore.

Maybe that's because they don't really know me . . .


PS ~ Sorry for borrowing Liz so much there, but I just kinda had to do it for the scene. And I know that part sucked, but I just couldn't not go from there.
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"No freaking way. this can't be happening!" I shouted.

"Maria! Its over! there is NOTHING we can do!! There is not gang! There is no Blackstreet, no wilshire 5. There is no Rivalry, no battle, no leader. Its over." I yell at her.

Her eyes dart around the room.

"Your talking crazy Alex." Maria said.

"Listen, don't get hysterical."

"HYSTERICAL!!!!???" SHe screamed.
posted on 16-Feb-2003 1:07:14 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I watch Alex and Maria scream at each-other.

I fold my arms.

"guys I have to go do something" I said.

"if you see me on the news you will know why" I said

I was about to walk out of room, when Maria grab my arm.
posted on 16-Feb-2003 1:48:23 PM by Cominatcha
Ooh, great parts!


"What the fuck are you gonna do, Liz?" I ask her. I've never been so mad at her in my entire life. "You gonna kill Asa just like you did Will? Cuz, you know, then the cops are gonna arrest you and you'll be in jail for years, hun!"

"I don't fuckin' care!" she shouts.

I look back at Alex, looking for support. He gives me none. He sides with her. His silence is his own way of telling me that.

God, I can’t believe this is happening. We need Nick here. Either that, or we need people to accept Asa like I have.

Yeah, I’ve accepted him. I slept with him and blurted out Michael’s name.

“Stay away from him, Liz.” I warn her. “He’ll hurt you. He’s bigger and he’s stronger. He’ll kill you.”

She doesn’t say a word. She only glares at me. I’m not used to seeing her like this. I don’t like seeing her like this. This isn’t Liz. Whatever—or whoever—made her like this, they’re gonna have hell to pay the next time Wilshire 5 and Blackstreet meet up for a fight. Liz is the girl who has dreams, the girl who has a future, the girl who’s gonna live in a house with white-picket fences around the front and a garden in the back someday, not the girl who’s gonna kill anyone who gets in her way.

My life was ruined when my mother died and left me all alone a few years back. Now this life is getting ruined, too. Because of me. And Liz. And Alex, and everyone. We’ve all torn apart Wilshire 5, we’ve torn apart this family. I shot Alex, and that definitely doesn’t help. Alex fell in love with the enemy. Liz is at my throat every second.

I can’t take it anymore. I swear to God, if she kills Asa, then she kills the one chance we have at reuniting and being a family again . . .
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"what happened to you?"

"Why you stopping me, did you sleep with him or something." I ask.

"maria look what he got you to do with Alex, look your pretty lucky he's not die.

"I need to kill him" I said.

I pull out my gun bulets in it.

"I am doing this and ne-one stopping me, I'll get Kyle to help me" I said.

I was about to walk out the door.

when maria push me in to the glass window.

My head hurts Like Hell.

"What the fuck happened to you" I look at her

Alex had to get up haver me.


Where is my best-friend I trust.

posted on 16-Feb-2003 2:07:32 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

"what happened to you?"

"Why you stopping me, did you sleep with him or something." I ask.

"maria look what he got you to do with Alex, look your pretty lucky he's not die.

"I need to kill him" I said.

I pull out my gun bulets in it.

"I am doing this and ne-one stopping me, I'll get Kyle to help me" I said.

I was about to walk out the door.

when maria push me in to the glass window.

The glaas broke right on me.

My head hurts Like Hell.

"What the fuck happened to you" I look at her

Alex had to get up haver me.


Where is my best-friend that I trust.

I get up.

I know my head bleeding.

"What the fuck Maria, what is your fucking problem?"

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Great part! I'll post lata!
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I walk to the W5's crip I knew Alex is there becuase I got a message from him telling me to come see him.

I knock on the door and Liz answers.

"Um...Hi Liz can I see Alex?" I ask her trying to sound nice about it.

She nods and lets me in. I walk to Alex's room and knock on his door.

"Go away Maria and Liz, I don't want to talk to you guyz!" He shouts.

"Alex's me Isabel" I said

"Isabel come in" He tells me. I walk in and smile at him.
posted on 17-Feb-2003 10:04:27 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I was kinda hurt.

"Fine alex, I am doing this" I said

Maria grab be really hard.

"Let me GO" I yelled.

She gave me this evil look.

no-body gave me that look.

not even Maria
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k...I'll post tomorrow
posted on 18-Feb-2003 7:47:38 AM by Liz_Parker
Well, I would post....but I dunno what I could post :(
posted on 18-Feb-2003 8:36:48 AM by Cominatcha
Wait a minute, wait a minute, so Alex is back home now? Hmm . . . let me see what I can do here . . . Oh, the possibilities!


Liz has made her mind up. I know she has. There's nothing I can do. Well, I can warn Asa, that's for sure. Either that or I could turn Liz over to the police, but then that would draw attention to Wilshire 5, and we'd all get arrested.

Isabel walked on in here a minute ago like she was welcomed. Maybe she is welcomed, but only by Alex. Never by me. I don't trust her and I don't like her. She is my enemy. She's his enemy, too. She just can't remember that. Either that or she refuses to.

I glare at Isabel, warning her that if she tries to put anything in Alex's head that'll confuse him more than he already is, I'll put a bullet through her body, too.

The hospital got a little crowded and decided to let Alex out early. I didn't want that. Now Isabel can do whatever she wants to do to him . . .

Alex is looking confused and slightly afraid of what might happen next. I don't want to frighten him anymore. That's the last thing he needs. He's had so much to deal with lately, too much, and I've been part of his problems.

I survey the people around me that are supposed to be my family. Serena and Kyle have heard the commotion and come on downstairs to see what's going on, but neither one of them has said a word. Probably a good thing.

Liz is still being stubborn as hell. I know she's going to ask Kyle to help her in what she's planning to do, and I know that whatever I say will not influence Kyle's decision. Especially not after what I did to Alex.

I run out of the W5 crib, then, and leave those people behind. I run to Asa's apartment and bang on his door. Shit. He's not home.

I don't know where he is, but I'm not gonna waste my time trying to find him. I've done everything I can to keep our group together. I've stuck with them, but they haven't stuck with me. I've tried my hardest and I'm sick of trying. It's their turn now.

I feel sick to my stomach for some odd reason, and my head is spinning. I don't even know what day it is or what time it is. I've lost track. I'm exhausted, and I feel like collapsing.

I need someone to confide in, someone who'll listen to me, someone who'll care.

That's why my feet take me to the Blackstreet crib where I'm sure I'll find a familiar pair of arms waiting to comfort me . . .
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ahhh! bottom of the page! BUMPING!*bounce*
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hmmm.....what can I do?

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Gala Lynn Barber NEEDS a life! Damn now everyone one know Ur full name Gala *smacks self on the head* lol sorry just a lil scared of seeing the doc 2mo
posted on 20-Feb-2003 7:27:15 AM by Liz_Parker
lol, Ur weird Gala *tongue* Just, think I'm Ur best friend *runs and hides* hehe
posted on 20-Feb-2003 8:35:01 AM by Cominatcha
Gala is not a bad name! But you are a little weird! In a good way, though! lol. Hope everything goes well with the doc.

Hmm . . . Mandy, what could you post? Well, you're playing both jamal and Serena, now, so there are two possibilities. You could either post a Serena part cuz I had her witnessing everything that was happening in my last post, or I could post a Michael part and you guys could go from there with Jamal and Isabel parts.

Can't wait to see what your BRILLIANT minds! lol
posted on 20-Feb-2003 7:00:56 PM by Cominatcha
I guess I'll post a part, cuz I've just GOTTA get this out of my system. And I kinda lost track of what time it's supposed to be in here, so I just set it in the afternoon.


Sleep has never seemed so good. Tyrone can talk for hours. He's been voicing all these plans to me. He wants to meet up with Wilshire 5 again because they're weak right now without a leader and without Alex, and he wants to take them down. It's amazing how the guy has just stepped in and became another Will, basically.

But Wilshire 5 isn't even Wilshire 5 right now. They're nothing. They're falling apart because they won't accept Asa and because they're turning on each other and because they don't know how to bring themselves back again. It's kinda funny, really.

Besides, Izzy won't wanna fight. Not now, not ever, it seems. I don't know if we'll ever have her back.

Well, that's okay, though. To be honest, Iz was never really the greatest fighter. As long as Max and I stay loyal, we should be fine.

Max is loyal to Blackstreet. I think . . . I dunno. I haven't talked to the guy for awhile.

My eyes are already shut as I tear my shirt off over my head. I don't bother to take my jeans off. I'm only going to take a nap.

A nice, long, much needed nap.

I fall down on the bed and close my eyes, willing a vision of HER not to enter my brain once again. It always does, though. It always does.

I'm about gone when I hear a pounding on my bedroom door. I slowly get up, rubbing my eyes, which are already sticking together, and yawning, even though I was never really asleep, and struggle towards the door.

I don't bother to see who it is. I figure it's just Tyrone wanting to talk some more or my buddy Max asking where Tess was, but I was wrong.

Because the very same vision that managed to reappear over and over again in my head was standing on the other side, looking terribly sad and alone.

"Bitch, what da fuck you doin' here?" I ask her, surprised that she risked her life by coming up here. W5's don't come onto Blackstreet territory, and they definitely do not come into our crib. It's not supposed to happen.

Supposed to would be the key words there.

"I don't have anywhere else to go." she tells me, stepping inside without an invitation. Not that I wouldn't have given her one.

"What's going on?" I ask her, closing the door behind her. She doesn't notice me lock it.

She sighs and collapses on the bed I was supposed to be sleeping in. "They hate me!" she admits. "And they hate him!"

"Who?" I ask.


I try not to cringe at the name, remembering the kiss I saw between them. I wasn't spying. I really wasn't. Really.

Maybe if I say that enough over and over again in my head I'll start believing it.

"Are you and Asa, like . . ." I don't know how to go about saying this. Maybe I shouldn't at all, but I can't help it. I need to know, or I'll go crazy, and sleep will never be an option.

"What? Involved?" she finishes for me.


She sits up and grunts. "Why do you need to know? Are you jealous or something?"

"No, I'm not jealous!" I shout. Lie number one.

"Are you jealous that he's big and strong and brave?" she asks, stepping forward.

"What? No!" Lie number two. Asa's huge. I wish I could be that huge. Maybe she'd wanna be in my arms if I was huge like that.

"Are you jealous that he's part of my family now and you're not?"

"No!" Lie number three. Asa and Maria can be around each other whenever they want. No limitations, no boundaries. It's different for me.

"Are you jealous that he was able to sleep with me and you weren't?"

I'm silent as I take in the last sentence. They slept together. Great. Now they'll probably fall in love and have kids and move away. Far away.

And I'll never see her again.

And the only thing that's ever been good in my life will be gone.

She was supposed to be mine.

Again, supposed to are the key words there. She'll never be mine. She can't. It's practically impossible.

But I want her to be mine. I guess I really don't want to want her to be mine, but I do. It's confusing. I'm confusing myself.

"I'm not jealous of anything." I mutter. "You're my enemy, DeLuca, remember?"

"You're not my only enemy." she mutters. "I made tons of enemies today . . ."

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Great part!
posted on 20-Feb-2003 7:15:06 PM by Cominatcha
Thanks a bunch!
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posted on 21-Feb-2003 7:41:01 PM by Galita
Good news from the crazy lady!!! lol I don't need surgery and it is a cyst but it small and birth control can get rid of it *happy*