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Just something I was thinking of. :-)
Serena Mitchell is just a student at Cross High in London. Living with her adoptive parents she finds herself feeling empty and purposeless. Everyday is so monotonous. So BORING. The gloomier she gets, the darker her days seem, until suddenly she realizes the days are dark to everyone else as well. After an unbearable freshman year her parents decide to send her off to school far away. She was always so gloomy, always crying. And it was always raining.

She found herself at West Roswell High. Her home: the Roswell Home for children. Her parents were tired of her and her strange abilities. Her strange reactions. She began sophomore year as an orphan with a strange accent and unexplainable powers.

On a fateful September day, she decided to have a burger at the Crashdown Cafe. But she found more than what she bargained for. Max Evans saved Liz Parker's life. Even she knew that. Now she wondered if perhaps destiny had brought her to meet him and his strange friends Michael and Isabel. Or perhaps destiny had to do with the strange new boy with the green eyes.

Jeremiah Walker had just started West Roswell High. Being a juvenile delinquent from New York was not the best reputation, but it kept him away from the obnoxious country people. He hated his new school, his new town and most of all his new home. The Roswell Home for children. That's where he'd met the girl. The one with the grey eyes and dark black hair. The one who happened to be crying everytime it rained. And he knew that was no coincidence. He also knew that Max Evans had saved Liz Parker. And the fact that he could hear what people were thinking... was no accident.

Takes place a bit before and right up to pilot. From then on... we make it all up!!!! Let me know what you all think and who you want!

Serena- Me!!!!
Jeremiah- Shama
Liz- Liz_Parker
Maria- nyprincess87
Michael- LuvRug
Isabel- Galita
Alex- qt4167013

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Hey can I be Maria?
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Can I be alex? this sounds so cool...what are the couples?
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Can I be Liz?
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Hey guys! Thanks for joining! You've all got the parts you wanted. The couples are all CC... so that means Liz/Max, Michael/Maria, Alex/Isabel. But all season one type. So Max and Liz kind of experimenting with their emotions. Michael and Maria are denying they even like each other and Alex is obsessing over Isabel.
This is going to be so fun! Thanks again for joining!
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May I have Isabel? Pllllz
posted on 6-Jan-2003 12:00:45 PM by Shama
Hey girl, can I be Jeremiah?
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Hey Galita... Shama! You've got it! Thanks for joining!
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Could I have Michael Plaese!
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Hey LuvRug you can have Michael ok? :-) Thanks for joining!

On a side note... I know it can be difficult to post very often, considering most of us are busy with school, or work, or lives. So it's ok if like the most you can do is two or three times a week, perhaps two or three more on weekends. BUT!!!! If you're gonna be gone for a while PLEASE let me know by bmail and we'll arrange for a temp ok?! I wouldn't want to have to bump this up from the dark depths anytime soon! :-) Thanks again for all of you who've joined!!!
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Sounds good to me *happy*
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So uh...when we gonna start?
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Sorry about that guys!!! What a problem!!! My comp crashed and now I have no internet access at home. It's quite a mess. I'd be willing ot start if you all would be willing to put up with my slowness, at least for a while. Until I can get it fixed. Is that ok? I'm sorry about this, I didn't see it coming. Let me know.
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That's fine *happy* Hope Ur comp gets fixed soon *happy*
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So....anyone online?
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Anyone doing this anymore?
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I'm just going to start this ok!?? :-) Sorry I haven't been around... LONG story.


"Are you ready darling? Charles is waiting outside in the limousine and I HATE to make people wait."

"Yes, mother." I smile as politely as I can and sigh to myself. This is the day. The one day when I get sent away.

"Oh honey must you look so down? You will love it there!"

"I'm sure I will." What isn't there to love? It's across the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of the United States. I'll go from being the strange girl, to being the strange British girl at boarding school. Didn't sound like much of an improvement.

"Well, don't forget to write." I nod softly and feel her kiss on my forehead. I close my eyes to fight the tears that are slowly forming. As much as I could never understand them, these people were my family. But they couldn't get through to me. I was too different. And now, I have to go to stay at some place in Roswell, New Mexico. A place for orphaned kids with no parents. I had parents... MANY parents. They never kept me long. Because what no one knows is that I have a secret. A horrible secret.

"Miss?" I look at Charles and smile sadly as he nods in sad understanding.

"Thank you Charles. I sure will miss you." I hug him and get out of the long black limousine.

"Don't cry dear, you'll only make it worse." He smiles as he points up to the sky as rain drops begin to fall. I smile and take in his thick Irish accent and the warmth of his voice that I won't hear again. "No one likes to fly in rain." He kisses my cheek and helps me load my bags. Here is the beginning of my new life.
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I sigh. It's so busy today. And the festival is coming soon. I walk over to 2 tourists and ask them what they want.

Some people are so ga-ga over the whole alien thing that they believe just about anything.

"So...does your family come from Roswell?", one of them asks me.

"Just 4 generations", I tell them and then bend down and show them a picture, hiding a smile from them. "My grandmother took this right before the fbi came to crash scene".

They look on in awe, I tell them to take care of the picture and walk over to where Maria is.

"Max Evans is looking at you again", she tells me.

I look over and shake my head. "Your imagining things....besides, I have Kyle....and he's loyal and treats me with respect".

"Sounds like your descibing a poodle", she tells me and I just roll my eyes.

We walk off and the next thing I know I hear 2 customers fighting....Maria yell my name....and the next thing I realize I'm on the floor......
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I wake up suddenly, feeling my mind in that place between sleep and consciousness. I look out the window and smile. Just water. Pure blue water is underneath. Most would be frightened. But there's little that scares me. I look at my watch and realize I'll have to get adjusted to time changes. Great... I'm going ot be exhausted for the first week or so.

"Beautiful isn't it?" I hear a voice talk to me and I just nod. I turn around and she smiles, an older woman with bright green eyes.

"We're almost in NYC."

"New York City? Why would we go there?"

"The plane makes it's halfway stop there. Are you from England? You have a beautiful accent." I smile at her enthusiasm. At least it's not a nagging child.

"Yes, I am. My name is Serena and I'm headed to New Mexico."

"What's in New Mexico?"

"My new life."

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Where is everyone?

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I'm alive sorry guyz kinda been crazy around my house. But I'll post tomorrow I promise
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