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Different Circumstances

As of late, I've been getting into RPGs, so I thought I'd start one of my own. I know I've turned some other rpgs down because I've been so busy, but I just needed to get this started! So please....join!

When the story starts, our favorite Roswellians are starting their sophomore year of high school. (so they'd either be 15 or 16, whichever you prefer). The aliens are still aliens, and the humans are still humans. The twist is, the characters have different personalities than their counterparts on the show.
The circumstances in which podsters’ true identities will be revealed, and the eight teens become friends will be completely different, and I hope, just as exciting.

Here are the character summaries I have come up with. Feel free to change them, accordingly:

Max Evans:
When he was eight years old, Max and his twin sister Isabel were found naked on the side of the road. A year later, when he was nine, he, his sister, and their new friend Michael started developing powers, which no one else seemed to possess. Realizing they were aliens from the 1947 crash, the three children decided to keep their identities hidden from everyone around them, including their adoptive parents.
When he walked off of the school bus that first day in third grade, Max fell instantly in love with Liz Parker. Her genuine personality and radiant smile captivated him. They were causal friends through elementary school, but when junior high came around, things changed. Liz became part of the popular crowd, while he became more of a punk. A friendship between them was impossible. Yet through his endless string of casual girlfriends, Max still found himself attracted to Liz. So when Liz is hospitalized after a car accident, his heart forces him to heal her wounds and reveal his secret.

Liz Parker: When junior high rolled around, Liz and her best friend Tess Harding were determined to become a part of the popular crowd, and to their happiness, they were accepted with open arms. Between organizing school events, keeping up her grades, and cheering on the squad, she all but forgot the boy she sometimes spoke to in elementary school.
Liz thinks she has it all. Good grades, proud parents, and a great boyfriend. She had landed the elusive Kyle Valenti, a gorgeous heart-throb with the athletic abilities of a king. But when she gets hospitalized after a car accident, that boy who she had all but forgotten comes back into her life, mysteriously healing her critical wounds with the touch of a hand. Stranger, he left an array of glowing handprints on her body. As she goes back into her every day routine, she begins to question her happiness....and whether Max Evans was really all she thought he was.

Michael Guerin
Like his best friend Max, Michael is a punk who dates around. Getting close is not an option, so it is better to stay unattached. But when the spunky new girl Maria Deluca arrives at West Roswell High, Michael can't help but be intrigued. The girl who became part of Liz Parker's group of teenage socialites can prick his temper like no other. Between their heated arguments and her sultry good looks, Michael can't help falling for her.
But Michael's perfect world is slowly beginning to collapse. His foster father Hank is being abusive, his secret identity is slowly beginning to be revealed, and his hair is beginning to lose its Spike!

Maria Deluca
Arriving at a new school in the middle of high school is supposed to be traumatizing....right? Well, Amy Deluca sure didn't think so. After 16 years of running a struggling aroma therapy shop in New York City, she decides to move herself and her daughter to her childhood hometown, where she could open a store dedicated to alien memorabilia. The whole prospect of the change makes Maria angry and embarrassed all at the same time. How could her mother take her away from her friends, and then open a shop selling 'George Bush is An Alien' shirts?
But on her first day of school, Maria befriends the 'right' people, causing her insecurities to vanish. Liz and Tess are West Roswell's finest, and are more than happy to let a sophisticated New Yorker join their elite circle of friends.
Life is going great, until Maria comes across Michael Guerin, the chauvinistic punk in her English class. They argue about everything and anything, in class and out. But as their arguments grow more heated, Maria realizes that somewhere along the line, her hate turned into love. But just as their relationship begins to take off, Michael begins to distance himself, leaving her hurt and confused.

Kyle Valenti
Most teenage guys would dream to be a star athlete. You're guaranteed to have the hottest girlfriends, the most popularity, and the easiest ticket into college. But Kyle Valenti isn't most teenage guys.
Being the sheriff's son, a lot more is expected of him than anyone else. He needs to be on his best behavior 24/7, regardless. He's always expected to make winning plays in all his games. Fumbling and messing up are not options.
Asking out Liz was a natural decision. She is the reigning queen of the sophomore class. It made sense to him at the time. But as he spends more time with his new girlfriend, he realizes he chose the wrong girl. Maybe it was her piercing blue eyes, her graceful stance, or her soft blonde curls. But something about Tess Harding, Liz's best friend, has his mind racing. The only problem was how to ask out one girl, only days after breaking up with her best friend.

Tess Harding
What kind of friend are you if you're head-over-heals in love with your best friend's boyfriend? Tess Harding asks herself that very question each day, and is never closer to finding an answer.
Moreover, what kind of friend are you if you kept your true identity hidden from your best friend for 16 years? Still, she doesn't know the answer.
After Liz gets into a car accident, Max Evans, the punky playboy of the sophomore class heals her friend using nothing but his hands. He leaves behind a trail of silver handprints, showing that like herself, Max is an alien. Hoping to ease her friend's fears, Tess decides to tell Liz the truth...about her identity....and about Kyle Valenti. It looks like she'll have the answers to those questions.

Alex Whitman
Alex Whitman prides himself in being different. His band, ‘The Whits’ plays a mix of grunge and punk music at several over 21 clubs in and around the Roswell area. His impeccable charm and fast sense of humor certainly make him popular with the ladies. It’s no wonder his two closest confidants are Max Evans and Michael Guerin. But after walking in on a number of heated conversations between his two friends, Alex begins to think that they are keeping something from him. Whether it’s their sexuality or their use of illegal substances, Alex is beginning to feel neglected. What use is it to be different if you have no one to be different with?
As Alex’s world goes into a downward spiral, he grows hungry for answers. In an attempt to discover his friends’ hidden secret(s), Alex begins to spend more time with his studious lab partner, Isabel Evans, more importantly, Max’s twin sister. But as he spends more time with Isabel, he realizes that there is more to the book smart blonde than meets the eye. Under the badly fitting clothes and large framed glasses lies a buxomly goddess with a heart of gold. But when Alex begins to have a series of strange dreams involving Isabel, he begins to wonder whether she is in on her friends’ secret.

Isabel Evans
Max and Michael opted to be social, yet remain unattached. Isabel on the other hand, thought it best to be an outsider…another face in the crowd. To Isabel, life was lonely. But she realized long ago that making friends under false pretenses would be no better. It would be too difficult for her to lie. Max and Michael were all she needed….at least that’s what she thought.
Alex Whitman, her hilariously funny lab partner, had been friends with her ‘brothers’ for as long as she could remember. He was the exception to their rule, but they still never told him the truth. As she sees their friendship fall apart, Alex begins to speak to her on a regular basis….And she knows it’s to get to Max and Michael. But as she spends more time with Alex, a romance begins to bloom. They go on dates, she attends his band’s performances, and most important- she begins to shed her baggy clothes and awful glasses for more sexy attire…Attire that she feels more herself in. Isabel knows she owes her change to Alex. Hoping to give Alex a series of clues, Isabel begins to dream walk him nightly. She trusts him with Max and Michael’s identities…And her own.

Well, there you go. I got the idea after reading the script to the ‘Unaired Pilot’. The personalities of each character were pretty different than those of the characters on the final version of the show. Alex was Native American…Liz had lost a sister…Max was a BIKER! I just wanted to see what would happen if Michael weren’t so uptight…If Isabel weren’t so Icy. Please Join!

Max Evans: Lizzie_Parker17
Liz Parker: Dreamer Dreaming
Michael Guerin:qt4167013
Maria Deluca: baby_bre
Kyle Valenti: qt4167013
Tess Harding: tabasco sauce
Alex Whitman: AlexEvans
Isabel Evans: Galita

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Alex, please. *happy* This sounds cool.

posted on 15-Jan-2003 6:46:17 PM by tabasco sauce
Alex Evans: You got Alex! Thanks for joining!

posted on 15-Jan-2003 7:07:22 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
I hope you save me liz TB
posted on 15-Jan-2003 7:11:15 PM by tabasco sauce
Hun, Liz is so yours! She was promised to you ages ago! tee hee! *happy*

posted on 15-Jan-2003 7:12:49 PM by Lizzie_Parker17
Like the sound of this!
Max Please!!
posted on 15-Jan-2003 7:16:06 PM by tabasco sauce
Britt:Max is yours, hun! Thank's for joining!

posted on 15-Jan-2003 7:20:14 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
I thought you were gonna post intil march or something?
posted on 15-Jan-2003 7:26:11 PM by tabasco sauce
I was too anxious to start. Granted, I have almost no time to post in the rpgs I am in. Between homework, and the musical I am swamped...But hey...there's always room for one more, right? lol.

posted on 15-Jan-2003 7:44:19 PM by Galita
Can I have Isabel? Plllllz!
posted on 15-Jan-2003 7:49:22 PM by tabasco sauce
Galita-Isabel is sooo yours! Thanks for joining!

posted on 15-Jan-2003 7:56:56 PM by Galita
Thanks I love playing Isabel *big*
posted on 15-Jan-2003 8:03:01 PM by baby_bre
if maria's not taken I'd like to try to be her
posted on 15-Jan-2003 8:44:07 PM by tabasco sauce
baby bre: Maria is yours! Thanks for joining!

posted on 15-Jan-2003 9:48:22 PM by qt4167013
Can I be Kyle? this looks so cool!
posted on 15-Jan-2003 10:21:39 PM by tabasco sauce
qt4167013: Kyle's all yours! Glad you joined!

posted on 15-Jan-2003 10:30:19 PM by tabasco sauce
Galita originally wrote:
Thanks I love playing Isabel *big*

No problem, hun. I've seen you play Iz in other rpgs. You've got her personality down to a science. Granted, she's a lot different in this story, but I'm confident that you'll turn her into the girl we all know and love!

Again, thanks so much for joining!

posted on 15-Jan-2003 11:04:04 PM by baby_bre
thanks for letting me be maria! I am gonna try my best to be the best maria I can be!
posted on 16-Jan-2003 9:21:14 AM by tabasco sauce
baby_bre originally wrote:
thanks for letting me be maria! I am gonna try my best to be the best maria I can be!

Hun, I'm sure you'll do just fine! I'm so happy so joined!

posted on 16-Jan-2003 7:04:50 PM by tabasco sauce
bump! I hope we find a Michael so we can get started!

posted on 18-Jan-2003 4:12:42 PM by baby_bre
posted on 18-Jan-2003 7:38:06 PM by AlexEvans

I look forward to this starting. *happy*

posted on 19-Jan-2003 1:11:03 PM by tabasco sauce
hey girls! I am probably going to start posting later today. I'll temp for Michael until we have a permanent replacement!

Again, thanks for joining!

posted on 19-Jan-2003 4:36:13 PM by tabasco sauce

"Lizzie! What are we doing tonight?" I watch as my best friend looks at me with sad eyes.
"Oh...I completely forgot that we were going to have a girls' night. I kind of made plans with Kyle."

I look down in an attempt to hide my disappointment. It's not so much that she blew me off. It's just the fact that she blew me off for Kyle. My best friend and the guy I've liked forever are going out on a date. Not exactly peachy.
It's not her fault though. I never actually told her that I was head over heals in love with him. But then again, I've never told Liz a lot of things.

"Umm...Tess? Are you alright?"
I look up at her, and manage a weak smile. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. You and guys have fun." I am fine. It's friday. There are a ton of things in Roswell and A-crowder can do.
"Are you sure, Tess? I can always cancel. Kyle'd understand." I shake my head.
"No. You go ahead. I hear Pam Troy's having a party. The Whits are going to be playing. It should be a blast. Who knows....maybe I'll find a Kyle of my own!"
She looks at me an smiles. "Who the hell are the Whits?"
"Why, Alex Whitman's band of course. You know...that punky kid in our math class?"
She rolls her eyes in obvious disgust. "Whatever you do, make sure you don't get trashed and hook up with someone from the band. Those boys are grade-a losers."
I nod my head, and begin to back away.
"Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that. Well, I'm going to head home. I need to find something to wear."

Well, there you go. Another day in the life of the oh-so-beautiful Tess Harding. Blown off my her best friend.

~end Tess~
posted on 19-Jan-2003 7:21:51 PM by tabasco sauce
posted on 19-Jan-2003 10:26:20 PM by baby_bre
is maria already in town? or should I start where she is just starting to come or something? I will start posting as soon as I figure that out
posted on 20-Jan-2003 10:24:51 PM by tabasco sauce
you can choose. either would work just fine!

posted on 21-Jan-2003 4:50:01 PM by tabasco sauce
posted on 21-Jan-2003 9:20:05 PM by baby_bre
Hopefully Maria doesn’t sound too bad but I’d think she’s a bit upset about moving.
I can’t believe she’s making me move here with all these little alien obsessed people, I mean no offense but please could my life get any worse?

As we drive I see a little joint it could be a food place or something its called Crash down Café wonder where they got that idea? I ask my self bitterly. I’m not usually one to complain but just look at this place. I left everything for this town?

Sorry don’t really know what to say until school day comes…

posted on 22-Jan-2003 2:40:42 AM by baby_bre
posted on 22-Jan-2003 10:51:41 AM by tabasco sauce
baby_bre: Your Maria part was great! very realistic!

posted on 22-Jan-2003 1:50:20 PM by qt4167013
If you still need a Michael I will be him. It might be cool to try and play a new character!
posted on 22-Jan-2003 1:58:46 PM by qt4167013
BTW I just figured out how to write in color and have been making every post a color! Sorry if it annoys you, I can always change it back! LOL!


I rock. I rule. I am the champion.

I shake my head.

Even in my misguided imagination I sound like a cocky, jerk, ass hole. But hey! If you go by high school stereotypes, thats exactly what I am.

I learned long ago that being good at a sport makes you a jock. Being a jock means your popular. Being popular means...well basically that I get to rule the school, push the stupid Freshman out of the hall (LOL!) and getting all the hot girls, but eventually after 5 years of high school will end up working at the local 711 where I will watch the people that I grew up with, like the nerds, become rich gazillionairs with hot chicks beside them in there new Mustang convertables asking me to fill up their car.

As you can see I have put a lot of thought into this.

Naturally I have decided that if you can't beat them join them. I went along with the stupid teenage movie that is my life and so far it hasn't steered me wrong. Well...besides the fact that I am in love.

Yup, head over heals, puppies and flowers in love.

But not with my girlfriend...

but with her best friend.
kyle is just figuring it out. He WILL not just dump Liz. Hope you like!
posted on 22-Jan-2003 4:00:07 PM by baby_bre
baby_bre: Your Maria part was great! very realistic!

Thanks! I tried! I'll be posting some more when its get to school time but I figured that others will want to be posting what their characters are doing right now (like the party, the date etc)
posted on 22-Jan-2003 8:36:46 PM by tabasco sauce
Post people, post! lol

posted on 22-Jan-2003 8:37:31 PM by qt4167013
Did you get my post about being able to play Michael? If you agree ill post a part soon
posted on 22-Jan-2003 8:40:36 PM by tabasco sauce
I didn't get it, but Michael is all yours! tee hee. Thank you for taking him on. I really appreciate it!

posted on 22-Jan-2003 8:46:33 PM by qt4167013
Thank you! I will try to live up to your great profile! LOL!


I like being alone. Really I do. Its nice. Being alone. No one to bug you, no one to call you names.

No pain.

Pain. love. hate. Did you ever stop to notice that those three words all have four letters? Well they do, and I dislike each of them.

Pain is bad. Whether its emotional or physical, its all bad. I like to avoid emotional pain. How you ask? Well, I don't let anyone close. I put up my "stonewall" as Max so nicely put it. I date the whores and sluts of West Roswell and therefor avoid pain.

At least the emotional kind.

The physical pain I have learned to deal with. I put on the long sleeve t-shirts, not to make a fashion statement, but to hide the bruises. The bruises made by someone who loved me. But know hates me.

Welcome to my world. Its a bumpy ride.
posted on 22-Jan-2003 9:12:09 PM by baby_bre
I am gonna post as soon as school starts im just waiting for everyone to post their parts about whats going on with things...
posted on 22-Jan-2003 9:15:30 PM by qt4167013
bre- what do you mean when school starts? OOOO different time zones....where do you live? or if you don't want to answere what time zone do you live in? Because I live in Chicago and its like eight here!
posted on 22-Jan-2003 9:17:56 PM by baby_bre
oh lol girl no I didnt mean that! I meant for the roswell school to start! maria's new to roswell and the other people that posted before said that liz was going on a date and tess was going to a party so I cant post maria meeting anyone until school and I dont want to post that shes at school until tehy've had their chance to post about what tehy're doing and stuff... sorry for the confusion... btw I live in Oregon!
posted on 22-Jan-2003 9:26:06 PM by tabasco sauce

When I finally arrive home, I go straight up to my room. Why do Liz and Kyle have to be a couple? Why can't I just tell my best friend that I'm in love with her boyfriend? Sure, she may hate me, but it would make things so much simpler. And while I'm at it, I'll just tell her I'm an alien. I'd be killing two birds with one stone, right?

I walk over to my closet, and begin to sort through its contents. I need something that will make me look incredible. Something that will make Kyle's jaw drop. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to steal my best friend's guy...I just want him to get a glimpse of what he's missing. They probably won't show up anyway. Who takes their girlfriend to a party on their 3rd date? Oh...right. Jocks.

I pull a blue dress off a hanger, and look at it with a keen eye. It's sexy, but not overly revealing. That's always good. Plus, the color matches my eyes perfectly. That's always a plus.

Sighing to myself, I begin to get ready. Sure, the party is 5 hours away...and I do have to show up fashionably late, but you can never be too careful when it comes to looking good.

Tonight will be a new beginning for me. Tonight, I will get over Kyle Valenti and move on with my life. I hear there's a new girl from New York in town. Maybe she'll be there. I'm sure she knows what guys are acceptable and what guys aren't. I will get over him. I will.

~end Tess~
posted on 22-Jan-2003 9:42:59 PM by baby_bre
should maria go to the party? but how does she know about the party is what I'll have to figure out...
posted on 23-Jan-2003 12:30:13 AM by baby_bre
posted on 23-Jan-2003 9:24:07 AM by tabasco sauce
totally your decision, hun. you can have maria do whatever you want.

posted on 23-Jan-2003 10:51:44 AM by baby_bre
not sure where the party is.. or who she's gonna talk to when gets there but heres my next part

‘I got invited to a party by a bunch of jocks. Hmm I wonder if it’ll be any fun?’ Maria asked her self she had stopped at that little crash down and some of the jocks had said she should come to the party. Typical male if you asked her.

So here she was getting ready she put on her black mini skirt and her baby blue low cut tight satin dress shirt then she zipped up her knee high black heeled boots. She put some glittery baby blue eye shadow on and some strawberry lip-gloss. She left her hair loose and curly cascading around her face. She thought she looked all right…

“Party here I come.”
Was that alright?
posted on 24-Jan-2003 12:31:43 AM by Lizzie_Parker17
I really don't know where to start Max. I guess at the party. Thats why I haven't posted for him yet!
Ok well I will give it a shot


max stared at his reflection in the mirror of his bathroom. Normally he didn't give a shit about how he looked, but he was going out tonight. And he might see her.

Liz Parker.

The only thing that truly made him want to be human. He longed to be with her more than anything. But that was never going to happen.

She was human. He was not.
She was popular. He was not.

Oh and then there was Kyle.

Her freekin varsity everything boyfriend.

But no matter how many times he told himself these things it didn't help. He wanted Liz Parker.

he looked at his spikey hair decided it was good and headed off to Michaels.

posted on 24-Jan-2003 3:56:42 PM by tabasco sauce
great post, britt!

posted on 24-Jan-2003 11:30:40 PM by baby_bre

I arrived at the party. Hmm it doesn’t look so different from the old party’s I was dragged to.

Ok I was bored out of my mind I’m new and if this is going to be how many people talk to me all year I am so screwed.

I wish my old friends were here we’d be having a blast. I still can’t believe my mom dragged me away from my life to live here.

I mean no offense but you know how they say small towns don’t like outsiders well that kind of scared me. It seems like small town boys sure like outsiders I haven’t been here that long and already guys are hitting on me.

You’d think that’d make me feel good but it really doesn’t not that I don’t like guys its just I am hoping to make some friends. The kind that like me not because they think I’m ok looking and maybe I’d be some fun but whatever.

I guess I’ll just hang out for awhile then go home.
Hope that was ok.. if not I'll edit! I dont want her to sound like she's mean or hates the people just trying to show how she feels about being new and around people that aren't really paying her any attention!
posted on 25-Jan-2003 4:16:27 PM by tabasco sauce
Bre! That was such a great part! You got Maria's feelings down to a science.


PS: Did you get my bmail?
posted on 25-Jan-2003 4:19:36 PM by baby_bre
yes I just got it!
posted on 25-Jan-2003 4:21:26 PM by tabasco sauce

I can't believe this is your first portrayal of Michael! You're doing such a great job!!!

posted on 25-Jan-2003 4:57:19 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I am getting dressed waiting for Kyle.

Lately he's been pulling away from me.

Even Tess, it like she keep something from me.

I dont know.

Every time I meanshin Kyle she getting all nevous and stuff.

Could My best friend be in love with my bf.

And Kyle when ever I bring Tess along he just lgnore me like I never exist.

I dont know what to think any more.
posted on 25-Jan-2003 5:30:12 PM by qt4167013
Thanks andy, it was really fun to write too!


Max comes over and we head over to the party.

No need to bring a car. Everything is in walking distance. The park, the mall, the movie theater, the cafe, the UFO center.

All in walking distance.


We approach and don't bother ringing the doorbell. Usually, we arn't invited to the parties. Everyone knows we will show up. Were at every party. Watching. I bet I know a little about everyone at West Roswell.

They don't know shit about me.

The moment we walk in, Max searches for Liz Parker. The queen of our school.

She is on the arm of Kyle Valenti, or as I have so nicely named him, the human man whore.

can you tell I don't like him? Cause I don't.

I lite a cigarette and Max looks at me with narrowed eyes.

"thats a bad a habit." he says.

I shrug.

Well Maxie boy, so is your obsession with Liz parker but I don't say anything.

I continue watching and get bored.

I just got to find me a...companion for tonight.

Pam Troy looks like a winner, or maybe I'll go for Melissa. Shes looking hot tonight.

I walk after her but something catches my eye.

New meat
posted on 25-Jan-2003 5:38:44 PM by baby_bre
I was just thinking this party was lame and I should just leave already when I see two guys walk in both would never have a chance with me but one of them just intrigues me.

I can’t help it I follow him with my gaze he’s so not my type but I can’t take my eyes away its like I’m under a spell. He’s making my blood flow I hope I’m not blushing that’s all I need right now.

I watched him as he lit his cigarette, which is so ewwwy. But its kind of cute how he brings it up to his lips.

I see him look around bored maybe he’s not into party’s either. I watch as he walks towards where I’m sitting obviously unaware of my existence but then I see him turn his face towards me I look away quickly can’t have him thinking the new girls sweating him now can I?
posted on 26-Jan-2003 10:24:10 PM by tabasco sauce
posted on 29-Jan-2003 12:12:13 PM by tabasco sauce
posted on 29-Jan-2003 4:43:10 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
let you all know I am sick and I will post when I am long better
posted on 29-Jan-2003 5:40:36 PM by tabasco sauce
feel better, hun! I was sick last week, so I know how you feel!

posted on 29-Jan-2003 5:50:45 PM by qt4167013

I lick my lips. Oh yes I have definitly found my...erm...friend for tonight.

I saunter over and stand next to her.

"Hey sexy." I say into her ear.

She turns around and smiles.


"Girl you must be tired, cause you were running through my dreams alllllllllllllll night."

She smiles and leans over to me.

"Is that all you got?" She asks laughing.

I watch flabbergasted as she walks away. I am fuming. NO ONE says no to me.
posted on 29-Jan-2003 6:10:52 PM by tabasco sauce

I walk into the party, on the arm of one Paulie Mitchell. He's no Kyle, but he'll have to do. I couldn't show up at this party dateless. My social rating would go down at least 100 points.

"Hey, I'm going to get a beer. Want one?" He asks, eyeing my chest. "No thanks," I reply nonchalantly. I drank alcohol for my first and final time last year. I only had a sip of my date's drink, and I was gone. I'm not sure whether it had to do with my other worldly origins, but I guess I'll never figure that out.

I walk father into the room, where I see Pam greeting her guests. "Tessie! I'm so glad you made it! I was beginning to think you'd be a no show!" I look at her and smile. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." I hope I didn't sound overly fake. It can be difficult talking to these people. Nothing is about friendship. It's about getting one step higher on the social latter. The only person I truly trust is Liz. She was my friend before this whole A-crowd thing started. I can talk to her, and not worry about sounding stupid.

"Tess. There you are. I was looking for you," Paulie tells me, clutching a beer in his hand. "That new girl is in the corner talking to Michael Guerin. I guess she's not going to be hanging with us." I look over in her direction and shake my head. "I don't think so, Paulie. That girl isn't giving Michael the time of day. She's one of us." He looks at me, a confused expression gracing his features. "How can you tell?" I let out a giggle. "Look at her clothes, Paulie. Great colors, great fit, great everything. Not that you care about clothes or anything. Just trust me."

We stand in an awkward silence, before Paulie suggests we hit the dance floor. I guess it's better than pining over Kyle.

~end Tess~
posted on 29-Jan-2003 6:54:25 PM by baby_bre

I see him look closer at me as he licks his lips oh god what that does to me. I know he thinks he’s got me right where he wants me cause he used a stupid line…. I ain’t going to tell anyone this but maybe just maybe if I hadn’t notice her walk in I would have been right where he wanted me.

But I saw her walk in I don’t know who she is but it reminded me exactly of who and what I am and exactly who and what he was.

I knew he was not in the A crowd and that’s where I belong that’s where I knew she belonged. I had to make an impression because don’t get me wrong I’m not superficial but I know I am A crowd material always have been always will be.

So I ditched him besides I am not falling for a guy that thinks he can use some stupid line on me I mean please I know I look good so could you come up with something more original.

Ok so I know I sound really shallow but I’m really not its just that I strive to be perfect to be one of the IT girls one of those girls that everyone wants. My mom says its because of my father leaving that it makes me want to be wanted but please she’s not a doctor what does she know?

Ok any way I know that guy looks totally pissed that I blew him off but oh well that’s his problem not mine. So like I was saying I see her go onto the dance floor with some guy I will get to know her because I want to be an IT girl again I was at my last school I will be at this school I’ll do whatever it takes.

So I’m standing over by where everyone’s dancing when some girl with a really annoying voice comes up to me.

“Hello you must be new. My names Pam Troy.” She said giggling she was one of the types of girls I hated. They were so damn fake.

“Hi. I’m Maria Deluca.” I say rolling my eyes at her.

“Who’s your new friend?” I hear I turn to see the blond that I had notice earlier standing there. She didn’t seem like all the other wanna bes.

Ok hope you don’t think Maria’s mean but she has a good side she just strives to be wanted. I wrote that she wants to be friends with Tess because she could tell she was an IT girl is that ok?

posted on 30-Jan-2003 2:04:05 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
OCC: I am almost better. I can post for now


I am of the arm of my boyfriend Kyle.

but I dont feel comftable.

I know I know.

He's my boyfriend.

But he's hiding something from me, and soon or later.

I will find out.

I look at the Guy I went element with.

God he grew up.

No Liz is a Punk.

You dont Date Punk.

I share at him...........
posted on 30-Jan-2003 7:33:54 PM by Galita
Guys I am so sorry I have not post I have been kinda busy. See my parents r getting a divorce and it's kinda hard on me but I will catch up I promise.*happy*
posted on 31-Jan-2003 11:32:56 AM by tabasco sauce
Galita originally wrote:
Guys I am so sorry I have not post I have been kinda busy. See my parents r getting a divorce and it's kinda hard on me but I will catch up I promise.*happy*

Hun, I'm sorry about the divorce. That's never something that's easy to deal with. Take your time. We'll be here waiting for your post! tee hee!

Thanks for letting us know!

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After spending a good fifteen minutes on the dance floor, Paulie heads to the refreshment table to get himself another beer. Looking around the room, I watch as Pam talks excitedly to the new girl. I walk over to them, trying to appear uninterested.

"So who's your friend?" I ask Pam, trying to sound mature. This girl is from New York. I don't want her to think I'm some naive country girl. "I'm Maria DeLuca. And you'd be...?" I smile and look at my nails. "Tess Harding. Nice to meet you, Maria. We don't ususally get new students this time of year."

Maria and I stood silently, not sure as to what we should say. Pam had gone off to greet some football players, so we were all alone. "So...I saw you with a guy earlier. Is he your boyfriend?" She asks me, in an effort to start a conversation. "Paulie!? Nah...he's a sweet guy, but he's not boyfriend material." She rasies her eyebrows in apparent shock. "Well, he's pretty good looking if you ask me. What's not to like." By this time, I feel a lot more comfortable. There's something about this girl that I really like. "Paulie's a great guy, but he's dumb as a doorknob. I need someone I can have actual conversations with."

She looks at me and smiles. "It sounds as if you have a good idea as to what Mr. Like should be like." I nod, in hopes of ending the conversation. I don't want to spend an hour explaining the wonders of Kyle Valenti to the new girl. I wouldn't mention him by name, but I'd certainly describe him.

"Well, Tess. This is a party, isn't it? Let's hit the dance floor while doorknob boy gets trashed!" She laughs and dances into the crowd. I follow her, satisfied that I made a new friend. And better yet, a friend who seemed remarkably trustworthy.

~end Tess~
posted on 1-Feb-2003 12:14:18 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming

I am of arms of my boy-friend Kyle.

We were talking when he was sharing at something.

I look where he was sharing.

It was my best-friend Tess.

She sharing at him Back and she blushing.

Kyle too.

he have a goofy smile on his face.


They are inlove with eachother.

And only thing is stoping them.

Is me.

"Kyle I'll be right back" I said.

"Hey Tess, I need to talk to you" She nod and went to the girls bathroom.

I close the door and lockit

"So what up Liz"She ask.

I turn to her" Why didnt you tell me your in love with kyle?" I said to her.

She in shock and she frozzed.

"Who told you?"She ask me.

"no-one I saw how you guys were looking at eachother" I said.

"your suppose to be My best-friend" I yell kinda.

"Liz" said Tess.

"No let me finish........I never thought my Best-friend would back spot me." I said coldly.

I open the door " I will never forget you" I said.

"Liz let me explain" Tess runs after me......

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After dancing to a couple of songs with Maria, I got off the dance floor to get a soda. I felt so tired from being in constant movement. As a took a sip from the can, I watched curiously as Kyle and Liz walked through Pam's front door.

They looked so together. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the heart. Catching my gaze, Kyle smiled at me in greeting. Feeling vulnerable under his watching eye, I could only blush. I saw Liz gave me a strange look, but just shrugged it off. She couldn't see that I was in love with Kyle....could she? I've become a pro at keeping secrets.

Turning back to the refreshment table, I studied the snacks on the table. Just as I was about to grab a handfull of Doritos, I felt someone tap me on the back. "Hey Tess. I need to talk to you," She says with a blank face.

We walk to a nearby bathroom, and shut the door for privacy. "So, what's up Liz?" She takes a deep breath before answering. "Why didn't you tell me you were in love with Kyle?" It feels as if someone has grabbed my heart and squeezed it. The look on Liz's face shows so much pain. Her best friend betrayed her.

"Who told you?" I ask, trying to keep my tears from falling. "No one. I saw how you guys were looking at each other. You're supposed to be my best friend!" A flood of tears begins to fall down her olive cheeks.

"Liz..." I say in a whisper. "No, let me finish. I never thought my best friend would back-spot me," She says coldly. The tone of her voice is radiating raw anger. "I will never forget you," She adds, as she opens the door.

"Liz, let me explain!" I say, running after her.

She whips around, and gives me an icy glare. By this time, everyone in the party was looking at us, wide-eyed and full of shock. "There's nothing to explain Tess! You're just like the rest of them. I was never really your friend. I was just your step onto West Roswell High's social latter!"

I shake my head on denial. She can't really believe that. Liz is my closest confidant. "'re being irrational. We didn't do anything, I swear! I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. You have to believe me!"

She simply shrugs. "I don't know what to believe anymore. Maybe we can talk when I calm down. But for now, let's just put our friendship on hold."

I watch her climb into her car. I thought she would have ridden with Kyle, but I guess I'm wrong. "Liz, you're in no condition to drive. Get out. Please."

She opens her window and shakes her head. "Don't tell me what to god damn do! I'm a big girl Tess! I can take care of myself!"

And with that, she was off.

"Um...Tess? Are you okay?"

I turn around, and come face to face with Maria. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm not so sure about Liz though. I hope she doesn't get into an accident."

She nods, and pulls me into a hug. "Why don't we blow this place. I'll drive you home. Last I saw of Paulie, he was passed out in a corner with a beer in his hand,"

I nod, and follow her to her car,

God, I hope Liz is alright.

~end Tess~
posted on 2-Feb-2003 5:11:24 PM by baby_bre

When Tess tells me that Paulies not her boy friend I am shocked I would have thought they’d have been together but oh well.

I decide I want to dance so I pull her onto the dance floor.

She’s pretty good dancer we dance to a couple of songs when we both get tired.

I see a really pretty girl come and tap Tess on the shoulder I could tell she was A Crowd material I can tell there’s something on the girls mind.

I’ve become very good at reading people.

I see Tess running after that girl so I decide to follow. I hear her say Liz let me explain. So that’s her name Liz.

So when I see Liz get in her car and leave I don’t know what I should do should I go to Tess or not. I suppose I should she looks like she’s about to break.

I asked if she was ok. She says she is and she’s just worried about her friend but I don’t believe it so I just nod and pull her into a hug. It’s the least I can do I feel really bad for her she’s not like any other A crowd member I’ve ever meet I can tell just by looking at her.

I ask her if she wants to blow this place I saw her “friend” he was all outta wack.

We get in our car and the silence is killing me I don’t know what to say I’ve never had real friends that comforted me or needed it so I’m not good at this stuff.

“So who was that girl?” I ask hoping I didn’t hit a weak spot.

“That was my best friend Liz.” She reply’s dully looking out the window.

“So where do you live?” I ask and she tells me to take a turn.

“I don’t want to go home yet.” She says with a small voice.

“Do you want to come to my house?”

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Oh hey this has started!

I'm really sorry for not posting, I'm getting kicked off my computer right now but I'll be back later.

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AlexEvans originally wrote:
Oh hey this has started!

I'm really sorry for not posting, I'm getting kicked off my computer right now but I'll be back later.


Come back when you have time! We'll be waiting for your post!


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I was really Pissed at Tess.

How can she do this to me?

I thought she was my best-friend.

I was driving pretty fast.

I also wasnt paying much attent.

Dont worry I wont get hurt.

I see a Track coming at me.

The driver trying to stop, but he cant.


alll of the sudden.........BOOM!

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Wow, chica! Great part! I loved it!!

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Okay not much of a post but it's something. Oh and btw my e-mail address is bkwrm79⊕, works better than b-mail I think.



I stuck to the edges of the party. Not my scene... I'd rather be somewhere I was playing. I wasn't even sure why I'd come.

I I started drifting through the cloud, looking for Liz or Tess. Isabel wouldn't be at a party like this, I didn't think.
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That was really awesome! Great post!

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If the board is moved, our rpg threads will most likely deleted. Even if the mods decide to move them, the new threads will be frozen, meaning we can no longer post in them. If the move in announced, I urge all threadmasters to save all posts in the thread. That way, they can be reposted without being frozen.
Wendy and Heidi (the admins) are amazing, as are Katie and Britt (the mods of the rpg board). Please vote, donate, and offer to help to make their lives just a little bit easier.

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*maria is waiting patiently on Tess's answer*

come on guys lets not forget about this!
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I'll bmail our Max and ask her to post.

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I'm Bored*bounce*
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still here

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maria is waiting for tess to answer her... and others to post hehe
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well, I am in the car accient, so waiting fo our max
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Bump, why having you ppl post?*sad*