posted on 22-Jan-2003 12:49:33 PM by Cominatcha
Kinda a self-explanatory RP, don't you think? I just wanted to do this for awhile, but I wanted to do it with other people. Basically, it picks up right after Departure ends. It's gonna kinda be a story of what Season 3 might have been like if things had gone a little differently. There's nothing much else to say. Whatever ideas you all come up with are great, I'm sure.


I hate rules, I do, but they are kinda important.

DO NOT join this RPG if you can't post at least three times a week!! If you don't have the time and effort for this, then just read it, don't write it.

Please write using I to name your character instead of naming them directly.
Example: Right-I walk quickly.
Wrong-Isabel walks quickly.

Please write in present tense to make the writing more fluent.
Example: Right-I run as fast as I can.
Wrong-I ran as fast as I could.

Please re-read your posts before actually posting and check for mistakes.

If you have any questions, ask them before you post so that there is not confusion.

I know I may sound kinda bitchy at the moment, but, like I said, rules are important. Any questions before we start, bmail me.

Oh, God, now, THIS is the part I was dreading. I CAN NOT create an RPG where I'm not Michael and Maria both at the same time. So, I'm sorry, but I HAVE to play both of their parts. Sorry if there are any other Michaels out there!!

The coupling for this is M/M, L/M, and I/K. It's important that somewhere along the line, Izzy and Kyle hook up. I've always wanted to see that. But DON'T rush the relationships. Those kinds of things take time!! You can't just have someone look at someone else and be like, I love you.


Michael ~ Comintcha
Maria ~ Cominatcha
Liz ~ Liz_Parker
Max ~ Jeremiah
Isabel ~ Galita
Kyle ~ qt4167013

Optional Characters ~

VaLenti ~
Amy ~
Serena ~
Tess ~
Alex ~ qt4167013
Kivar ~
Ava ~
Nicholas ~

I really hope people will join!! It should be really fun!! Thanks!!

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posted on 22-Jan-2003 1:44:01 PM by qt4167013

Can I play Kyle? This sounds really cool and if you need an Alex....well I'll be here! This sounds great!
posted on 22-Jan-2003 5:03:10 PM by Cominatcha
Thanks, qt!! I know you're a great Kyle, and I know you post a lot, so that's great. I hope more people get interested, and if no one wants Alex, he's yours.
posted on 22-Jan-2003 5:12:17 PM by Liz_Parker
Can I be Serena or Liz?
posted on 22-Jan-2003 5:28:18 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
Liz? if she not taking!
posted on 22-Jan-2003 6:00:40 PM by baby_bre

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posted on 22-Jan-2003 7:03:58 PM by Cominatcha
Hey, Dreamer_Dreaming, I promised Liz_Parker that in my next RPG she could be Liz, but if you wanna be someone else, then you can.
posted on 22-Jan-2003 7:14:16 PM by Liz_Parker
hehe yeah, sowwy Naddy
posted on 22-Jan-2003 11:00:18 PM by jeremiah
If no one wants Max, I can play him.
posted on 23-Jan-2003 8:34:45 AM by Cominatcha
Thanks, Jeremiah. Max is yours. Oh, and Galita has agreed to be Isabel, so I guess we can kinda start pretty soon, but we'll just wait for a minute and see if anyone wants to take any of the optional characters.

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posted on 23-Jan-2003 10:55:04 AM by baby_bre
if you decide to bring in some of the optional characters let me know!
posted on 23-Jan-2003 5:04:43 PM by Liz_Parker
Okies.....lemme know when we do start off
posted on 24-Jan-2003 8:25:47 AM by Cominatcha
baby_bre, you could be any of the optional characters if you want. If anyone is interested in playing the optional characters or has some really good ideas that they wanna get written out, you can go ahead and double up. (Look at me. I took both Michael and Maria. How selfish am I?) I guess we could probably start later on tonight.
posted on 24-Jan-2003 12:05:40 PM by qt4167013
Can I be Alex? He can sort of be a ghost, you know...haunting Isabel or something. I know he can't be real because than he would end up with isable and she is going with Michael. Alex can sort of be! Here an idea. He haunts everyone and sort of WATCHES from behind the scenes. ex: Lets say Isabel is freaking out about kissing Kyle and ALex might think about how sick he feels at the thought, but since he is dead....ok you get it!
posted on 24-Jan-2003 12:08:08 PM by Cominatcha
Sure, you could be Alex. I was kinda hoping someone would want to do a little ghost type thing like that.
posted on 24-Jan-2003 12:10:01 PM by qt4167013
thanks! ITs going to be really fun!
posted on 24-Jan-2003 12:37:04 PM by Cominatcha
Yeah, I've always wanted to do something like this. I guess we could wait until tonight to start at least.
posted on 26-Jan-2003 3:46:34 PM by Liz_Parker
So, ARE we gonna start?
posted on 26-Jan-2003 4:30:31 PM by Cominatcha
I guess we should probably start now, shouldn't we. I'll bmail everyone and let them know. You might wanna reread the rules before you make your first post, though, but I think this is a pretty easy RP to understand. But remember, this is set right after Departure. RIGHT after.


Have you ever noticed how there's days in your life that'll just bore the hell out of you and make you wish that you were somewhere else with someone else doing something else, and then there's these days that drain all of your energy and make you just wanna crawl into your warm and cozy bed and just sleep through the next couple of days until you feel regenerated enough to actually get up and do something? I've just recently noticed this, believe it or not. In fact, it wasn't until today that I completely understood it myself.

Over the past two years, my life's been a little . . . hmm . . . What's the word I'm searching for? Complicated? Yeah, complicated. See, my life was turned upside down and has never been the same since Liz Parker, my best friend for life, told me that there were actually aliens walking around us.

Yes, aliens.

If you're freaking out right now, don't feel bad, because that's what I did at first. I ran out of the Crashdown screaming after Liz told me, but, I eventually got used to this crazy and unbelievable fact. Hey, one of them saved the life of my best friend, so that's enough for me to trust them.

I used to trust Max, Michael, and Isabel, the three aliens Liz told me about on the night of the Crash Festival. Of course I still trust Michael. God, I'm in love with the man . . . alien . . . Whatever. You get the point. Despite the circumstances, Michael Guerin and I fell in love just like Liz and Max did. Michael knows me better than anyone, even better than Liz, I think. I trust him with my life. I know he's there for me. I know he'll protect for me.

Michael Guerin. I know him. I trust him. I love him. That's all there is to it.

Well, there is a little more to it, like what we did last night, but that's another story for another time.

Anyway, back to what I was talking about---I have a tendancy to wander off when I'm thinking, so, if I do, just tell me.

Okay, so Max and Isabel. I used to think of them as family, believe it or not. We grew really close over the past two years, and that was really awesome, because I was able to see how great they really are.

But things aren't the same anymore, because I found out who killed Alex. Or, rather, Liz found out who killed him.

Alex Whitman. Our other best friend.

He was killed . . . killed . . . by her.

Her would be Tess Harding, the fourth alien who I don't like to think or talk about very much but who always seems to invade my thoughts when I don't want her to. She killed him. She destroyed his mind. God, I hate that bitch! If I had the chance now, I would kill her without giving it a second thought.

Tess is gone now. She left this morning, in fact. I was pretty torn up after it all, because I couldn't believe that she would kill Alex, her . . . friend? Was Alex her friend? I have no way of knowing now, because he's gone, and I'll never speak to him again.


Michael brought me back to his place and tried to comfort me, and it worked. Really, it did. I lost myself in his eyes like I've been doing a lot lately. Now, though, he's asleep, and I'm lying in his arms, and he's not awake to comfort me, so all these thoughts are swimming around my head rapidly and they're driving me insane.

You see, my major thougth is this. Max and Isabel might decide to walk the same path that Tess did one day. I don't like to think about that, but they might.

I know they're family, but even family can turn on each other at times . . .

If you guys don't like how I started that out, just tell me. I got really into it, though, and I actually started believing I was Maria. lol
posted on 26-Jan-2003 4:40:14 PM by qt4167013
Thats great! ok heres sort of what I meant about Alex...

Alex ~the ghost~

They look so sad.

I want to turn away, God how I want to.

I don't want to see them like this. I love them all so much.

Liz. She was the glue that stuck us together. Shes been hurt. She'll heal. She has to, otherwise everything will be ruined.

Maria. Be strong Ria. I love you. Be strong, don't let Liz leave. Whatever you do, don't let her leave.

Kyle. Buddah boy. I wish we could jam together. I wish we could have just sat together and watched South Park together. Stay strong.

Michael. You are the true friend. You believed. You won. Don't let Maria leave, and keep Max in line.

Max. I cannot tell you how much I hate you right now. This is all your fault. Never let Liz leave. You need her, more than you ever needed that murder Tess.

Isabel....Isabel. I wish I could hold you in my arms again but I can't. I can't.

I am Alexander Whitman and I am dead. Now I have been sent to protect my loved ones.

I am Alexander Whitman. Gaurdian angel.

I reach out a transparent hand to touch Isabel but it goes through. She turns and for a fleeting second I thought she felt me but she turned back to Max.

I sigh. This is my life. my cursed life of forever watching.
ok, that might not be what you wanted and I had something else when I started but it sort of evolved. sorry, I can always edit!
posted on 26-Jan-2003 4:43:10 PM by Cominatcha
No, I loved it!! It makes me feel so bad for him.
posted on 26-Jan-2003 4:44:44 PM by qt4167013
aww your making me blush!
posted on 26-Jan-2003 5:06:07 PM by jeremiah

I think to myself about what happened over this past year. And A part of me still thinks that It is some awlful nightmare that I will be waking up from soon. But it is not. It Is my life. In about a month I am going to become a father.

A father. Wow I still cant get over the shock from that. But It is the God honest truth. But the thing is that I always dreamed that liz would be the mother of my child or children. Something that I hoped and dreamed about.

Me and Liz would be married and we would be Living in this four bedroom house, with twins a boy and a girl. we also had a dog named skip.I was a doctor at one of the local hospitals while liz was becoming a microbiolgist.

We would have the perfect life. But that has all gone to hell. Ever since I slept with Tess. Liz most likely dosent want to talk to me Or have anything to do with me anymore, not that I blame her of course. After the way I treated Liz after Thinking that she slept with kyle. I am getting off easy.

I still cant believe what a dumbass I have been about that. What made me ever think that Liz would betray me like that. I should of known better. I shouldnt have given up.

Because now I have a son with a Murderer That killed One of my friends, Making me betray everything that I once believed in.

Now I can help but wonder, what the hell is going to happen next.
posted on 26-Jan-2003 5:48:46 PM by Liz_Parker

All of this is so much to take in. Tess killed Alex. I told them it was an alien, and Tess acted as if she was innocent. Yeah right. And Tess is having Max's baby....funny, I always thought that would be me, so much for that.

I sigh and sit down on my bed and think. So much has happened over the past 2 years. I was shot in Crashdown, and Max Evans saved my life. And I found out his secret. And then Tess came along, my whole world was turned upside down.

I was forced to push Max towards Tess, which took what seemed forever. So, in a way, I guess it was my own fault. But, I still love him. I know I should hate him, I should feel like killing him, but I don't. I just can't face him right now.

Then I found out that Max got Tess pregnant. We weren't technically together at the time, but it still hurt. Now the baby should be just about ready to be born. I'm not really sure if I can accept the child, but for Max's sake....if he or she ever needs me, I'll be there.

Maria is just about the only person left I can talk to. We're best friends, and that's good enough. At least it's someone. I know she loves Michael....I can see it when she walks past him in Crashdown. She gets that twinkle in her eyes....I know how that is. I used to be the same way.

But I might never get the chance to be that way again. Max Evans will never be mine again. And God do I miss him. But there's nothing I can do about it. All I can do is hope the future turns out better then the past.....and I can make all my dreams come true, with out the help of Max Evans.

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BUMPITY BUMP!!! *bounce*
posted on 27-Jan-2003 8:43:09 AM by Cominatcha
Great parts!! I'll post this afternoon!!
posted on 27-Jan-2003 6:29:45 PM by Cominatcha
Told you I'd post this afternoon!! I'm not a liar!!


It's sorta scary how things can change so quickly. I mean, think about it. Really think about it. About a month ago, we were all going to the prom. We were normal teenagers for awhile there. Isabel and Alex were flirting with each other while doing that whole "friends" thing, and Liz and Max were making googly eyes with each other across the room in Spanish when they thought that no one else was looking. I was . . . Well, I was just being me, thinking about how I might coax Maria into the eraser room, or, better yet, into my apartment late at night.

But, you see, everything's different now. Dramatically different, because Max and Tess . . . Well, they . . . They did what Maria and I did last night, but I have a feeling that Max didn't do it because he was in love with her. I have a feeling he did it because she was about the closest comfort he could find. But he got her pregnant. Not a good move, buddy, not a good move. It's kinda weird, because Max has always been the smart and sensible one, and I've always been the screw-up. But, so far, so good. Maria isn't showing any signs that she'll be having a baby anytime soon.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Everything's different. Tess left, now, and she's probably on some other planet right now still carrying Max's son. And, there's someone in our group missing.

And that someone is Alex.

I can't say I really knew the guy. I didn't take much time to know him, and now I wish I would have, because Maria loved him. Maria thought of him as a brother, almost, and I only thought of him as a liability.

That's what Tess thought of him as, too, and she used him. She destroyed his mind. It gets me thinkin', you know. What if she had used Maria instead? What if she had destroyed my beautiful pixie's mind? Where would I be now? Where would we all be? We'd be on our way back to Antar, or maybe even already there, because I wouldn't have come out of the pod chamber for her, and we would have been killed. Tess would have turned us over to Kivar, and we would have been . . .

The alarm clock starts beeping, interrupting me and my thoughts, and Maria begins to stir in my arms. I reach over and slap the off button hard. I don't want her to wake up right now. I want her to sleep. She needs rest.

But Maria soon begins to rub her eyes, and I know she's waking up. I watch her every move, and, soon, she notices me watching her.

"You're starting to scare me." she says.

I smile and brush a loose strand of hair behind her ear. I'm glad she stayed with me last night. She makes me feel . . . better. Better about myself, better about the world.

"What time is it?" she asks me.

I glance at the clock, and then return my attention to her. "9:30." I tell her.

She sighs and rests her head on my chest. "I don't wanna get up," she says, "but we have to meet Max and Liz and all them at the Crashdown today, remember?"

I nod. "Yep. To talk about everything."

"Yeah," she whispers. "Everything."

I run my hands through her hair, rubbing the back of her head until she decides, five minutes later, that she has to get up and take a shower.

A shower, huh? I think about it for a second. That could be a very good thing . . .
posted on 27-Jan-2003 10:14:50 PM by Liz_Parker
Great part!!
posted on 28-Jan-2003 8:35:03 AM by Cominatcha
posted on 28-Jan-2003 12:59:57 PM by jeremiah
Excellent part!
posted on 28-Jan-2003 7:18:57 PM by Cominatcha
Thank you again!! I didn't think it was great, but thanx!!

BUMP *bounce* BUMP *bounce* BUMP!!
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BUMP! Whose go is it?
posted on 29-Jan-2003 6:07:50 PM by Cominatcha
Whoever wants to go, just go right ahead. Doesn't matter to me.
posted on 29-Jan-2003 7:08:12 PM by Liz_Parker

A little later on, I go to Crashdown and start my shift. Same schedule as usual.

I'm working, while Maria's who knows where. She's probably with Michael or something, at least she can be with someone she loves.

I go from table to table taking orders. That's when I see Max,and Isabel walk in and my heart beat gets faster. But I turn around and go to other tables around them.

Well, it seems that no one else is on duty so I guess I get stuck with the pod squad anyways. I take a deep breath and walk over looking down. "Welcome to Crashdown....can I take your order?"
posted on 29-Jan-2003 10:24:29 PM by jeremiah

I cant help but take in How Breathtaking beutful Liz is. Just her uniform dosent hide it. It makes me think to times when I could just grab her and kiss her till time stood still. That she would welcome my kisses. But now she probably has a replient against them.

Not That I blame her either. sometimes I wish I could get away from me too.

I can see the look In her eyes, She didnt want to come over here to deal with me. But Liz being Liz she puts up a brave front, She dosent let anything from moving on.

GOD! I wish I can go back and fix things. To a time that tess didnt show her face In Roswell, When It was just liz and me. now It is Liz and Me plus my son.

I wonder If she will be able to forgive me someday for giving my Firstborn to Tess and Not her. I wonder if she is able to forgive me for giving away what should of been hers.

"I wll take my usual."
posted on 30-Jan-2003 7:33:25 AM by Liz_Parker

I nod. "Ok", I practically whisper and write it down then write down Michael's usual....he'd probably say the same anyways.

I turn around and walk to the kitchen and hand the cook the orders and walk to the back for a little break.

Max just being there makes me have this weird feeling. It's not bad, but it's not good either. God, I miss him so much.....I wish I could just walk in there and hold onto him for dear life. But I won't I'm in control.

I won't go crawling back to Max. Right now he has his problems and I have mine. They envolve the same things and the same person.....but their our own problems.

I run my hands through my hair one more time and walk back out.

Guess I can't hide behind the wall forever....Max is walking towards me.
posted on 30-Jan-2003 11:51:59 AM by jeremiah

I see that Liz is in serious thoughts. I can't help but know that they are about me. What can I say? I happen to put looks of gloom and sadness on people's faces. I just want to hold her and tell her How much I love her, but I know I can't.

Because Of what I did. Sometimes I wish Liz would of just let me go back home. I know I would of been killed by kivar. But I think that would of been my rependence for my sins.

I don't deserve Liz. I never did really. I just had the privlege of being with her and Her having feelings for Me.

"Liz, Are you ok?" Dumb Question I know. " Can we talk please Liz?"

posted on 30-Jan-2003 12:44:16 PM by Cominatcha
I'm at school right now, so I'll post lata!! Excellent parts!! Love the Max and Liz action!!
posted on 30-Jan-2003 7:12:12 PM by Liz_Parker

"I....I....sure, I guess", I mummble and pull him over to the side.

God, no I am not ok. How can I be ok when I can't be with the one person I love the most in the world?

I love him, honestly I do, but what can I do? He got another girl pregnant.

Weird, I used to think the person to carry Max's child would be me. So many things have happened in the past few days. And it's alot to take in.

We sit down and I try to avoid his eyes. "So....what exactly do you want to talk about?", I ask nervously.

posted on 30-Jan-2003 7:51:32 PM by jeremiah

I can see In her eyes that this is killing her. funny, I use to tell all the time what was wrong with her. This past year I just stopped looking. That was the first thing that went wrong.

"I want to talk about Alex first hand." I can see the sharp pain through her eyes. It goes straight to my heart. Making me wish that we can forget everything, Ignore it. But If I want to fix things between us. I have to face what I did to the one person I loved the most. And we have to face the pain that was inflected on us.

"I want to to Apologise for My behavior after Alex's Murder. it was beyond appalling.I Honestly dont know what happned to me to say those hateful things to you. You Just Lost your best friend and all I could think about was my own secret. There is No possible way for you to hate me more than I hate myself when I think back those few horrible days. I also apologise for pulling the King card when all you wanted to do was find out why your friend was taken from you. I was a complete and utter asshole during that time. Alex was my friend too. And I...."

I couldnt help the tears that were blocking my view, I wipe them before Liz could see. This was for her. Not a pity party for me. I continue on.

"I let Him Be Murdered by My so callled bride. I might have not known at the time, But I should have known. I still cant believ I trusted that Bitch! I want you to know that She acted alone on that! Alex was My friend...he was my friend and I let Him die."

"I am so sorry Liz. I know those few words wont take away the pain that I cost you. but I just wanted to let you know that I am. I Love you Liz. I Honesty do. You mean Everything to me. I know that means shit after this past year to you. But I want to make a clean slate."

I just look at her and wait for her answer.
posted on 30-Jan-2003 9:05:07 PM by Liz_Parker

I take a deep breath. Wow, I guess Max did really wanna talk.

"Thank you Max....I know it might sound weird....and your probably wondering why I'm thanking you...."I bite my lip and look down. "Trust me....this whole past year has been really, really hard".

He just stares at me, it's like he can see right through me. I smile softly. I wish we could just go back. Fix everything and anything that ever went wrong in our relationship.

God, right now I wish I could just reach over and hug him with all my might. But for some reason I feel scared to.

"Max, I love you....and you know, it's just that....everything is just hard to take in, ya know? Alex dead....Tess pregnant with your baby", I look down again as I feel tears stinging my eyes. "I really don't know what to say's like if I say something I'll wind up saying something wrong that I know I'll regret...and I.....", I look up into his eyes. "I love you Max Evans"
posted on 31-Jan-2003 6:00:32 PM by qt4167013

So we are at the Crashdown and I sit here nervously with only Michael and Isabel. I have never been with them alone for a long time.

posted on 31-Jan-2003 6:30:26 PM by Liz_Parker
Good part *happy*
posted on 31-Jan-2003 6:54:43 PM by Cominatcha

I can tell that Kyle feels nervous around me. He didn't seem nervous when Maria was here, but as soon as Isabel sat down, she made an excuse---Yes, I could tell it was an excuse---to leave the table. She said she had to go to the bathroom, but she's been in there for ten minutes now.

Kyle doesn't seem nervous around Isabel, just me. That's kinda weird, because, thinking about it, Maria doesn't seem nervous around me. Just Isabel.

Kyle trusts Isabel more than me. Maria trusts me more than Isabel. I just wish I knew what they were thinking right now. I was going to try to talk to Maria this morning, but I haven't gotten the chance to yet, seeing as how we had to take an extra long shower this morning.

Whoa! I can't think about that here! What if I blurted out something very inappropriate about Maria in front of Isabel or . . . gag . . . Kyle.

"Kyle, are you gonna talk or not?" Isabel asks him. "You're sitting here like a statue."

"No, I'm not." he protests. Perhaps he isn't aware that he hasn't moved since Maria left the table.

If this isn't awkward, than what the hell is? We sit in silence for about another three minutes until Maria finally emerges from the bathroom. She heads straight towards us, and Kyle visibly relaxes.

"Where's Liz?" she asks me.

"She and Max pulled a disappearing act a few minutes ago while you were in the bathroom." Isabel answers for me. "Probably not something you wanna interrupt."

Maria stares at Isabel as if examining her, trying to find otu where she stands, and then she grabs me hand and pulls me up. "Let's go." she suggests with a smile that looks forced.

I loop my hands around her waist. "But we were supposed to talk to Max and Liz and everyone about . . . everything, remember?"

She nods. "Yeah, but . . ." She glances in Isabel's direction and then back at me quickly as if trying to cover it up. "I just really wanna be away from here, now, you know?"

"Where do you wanna go?" I ask with a mischevious grin.

"Back to your apartment." She tells me without hesitating. "Come on."

She says good-bye to Kyle, but doesn't even wave to Isabel on her way out as she walks through the door, pulling me behind her. I'm confused. Why tell Kyle good-bye and not Isabel?

And what's going on with Kyle? He's way more jumpy and nervous than usual. Him and Maria both.

I'll have to talk to her to find out what's wrong with her, to find out how to fix whatever it is.

But the minute we step foot back into my apartment, she slams the door and pushes me down on top of the couch and falls on top of me and crushes her lips to mine, and I know that, for right now, we won't be doing too much talking . . .
posted on 31-Jan-2003 8:06:37 PM by Liz_Parker
Great part!
posted on 31-Jan-2003 9:58:11 PM by jeremiah

Was I wrong, Or did Liz Parker said that she still loves me?

I Think This is some dream Of mine, Because how can she still love me when I did Nothing but hurt her.

"But I have a feeling that there is a But on the end of that sentence." I say. I have to know for sure if this is fixable.
posted on 31-Jan-2003 10:01:31 PM by qt4167013

Michael stares at me and I figet. I hate this. I can tell Maria does too.

I don't want to feel selfish, but I mean seriously. Lets go through the facts.

Fact: Humans haven't told the alien's secret
Fact: Us humans had found the orb
Fact: Humans found out about Topolsky
Fact: Humans found Nasado
Fact: Humans found out about tess

Fact: Aliens treated humans like crap
Fact: Aliens wouldn't believe the humans when they KNEW that Alex never killed himself

Basically the aliens are wrong and humans are right. And they never said it. Not once. I never heard one thank you. Never heard one "you were right" never heard an apology.

Not one stinking time.

I am mad. and I am gonna do something about it.
posted on 31-Jan-2003 10:07:13 PM by Cominatcha
Great part!!
posted on 1-Feb-2003 5:30:31 PM by Liz_Parker

I smile. "No Max...there's no but at the end", I say and bite my lip to keep from laughing by looking at his expression.

His eyes are like bugging out or something. I reach over and grab his hand. "How about this?....How about we start over from the beginning hm?", I ask hopefully.

He nods and I smile. "Hi....I'm Liz Parker".

posted on 1-Feb-2003 6:36:40 PM by Cominatcha

God, I wish I could start over. I wish I could go back to the way things were before . . . before we met them.

I guess that some good things have come out of this wild and twisted soap-opera life I'm living now, like meeting Michael, the most important person in my life. It's kinda funny, because, a year ago, if you would've asked me if I would be lying in his arms after the death of one of my best friends, I would've told you that you were crazy, because, a year ago, things weren't looking too good for us, and Alex was still alive.

Things have changed so much. Too much in some ways.

Well, like I said, I wish I could go back. I wish that somehow I could not know that aliens existed but still fall in love with Michael, anyway, and I wish that Alex was still alive. Am I making any sense?

I'm doing that babbling thing again. Good God, stop me! I've been thinking way too much as of lately. The only time I'm not thinking is when Michael's hands are traveling down my back, running across my spine, coming to rest at the curve of my hips . . .

But that's another story.

Mental note: Don't start thinking about that hot, crazy, wild, temptatious alien sex with Michael while you're trying to think about something else. It'll get you nowhere.

Where was I now? Ah, yes. Going back. Starting over. It's not possible, and that's probably for the best, because, I know that, somehow, someway, things will work out.

"You're thinking again." Michael murmurs, kissing my forehead. I close my eyes and relax, enjoying the feel of his arms wrapped safely around me and his warm breath tickling my forehead. I wish I could stay like this forever, because Michael would never let anything happen to me. He'd hold me close for an eternity, and if Tess somehow ever came back he'd protect me.

If Isabel and Max ever turned out like her . . . well, he'd kill them if he had to. For me.

I've tried not to think about the ALIENS CAN BE KILLERS fact too much, but the other pertinent fact that ALIENS ARE AROUND ME EVERY SINGLE DAY also keeps pushing into my mind, combining into one big and frightening fact that ALIENS CAN BE KILLERS AND ALIENS ARE AROUND ME EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you say it over and over, it starts to get to you. Like, mentally.

"Maria," Michael whispers. "What's wrong?" He runs his hands over my arms, warming me up some more, and I snuggle down deeper into him, closing my eyes. I don't know how I'm supposed to tell him this. Max and Isabel are his family. But I can't lie to him. Not after everything we've shared.

"Michael, I'm afraid." I tell him. My voice sounds tinier than I wished it to, sort of like a mouse.

"What're you afraid of?" he asks me, concerned.

"Max and Isabel . . ."
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Great part!
posted on 2-Feb-2003 1:29:44 PM by qt4167013
nice! finally some justice for us humans!!!!!!!
posted on 2-Feb-2003 2:15:09 PM by jeremiah

If I am dreaming please dont wake me up. How can she be so forgiving? Or I should say understanding? I knew for a fact that I wasnt so forgiving and understanding whenI thought she slept with kyle.

That tells me something right there.

Liz Parker is a bigger person that I am.

"Hi...I am Max Evans and I am not from around here." I say with a cheeky grin.
posted on 2-Feb-2003 2:27:16 PM by Cominatcha
Aww . . . You guys are so great with Max and Liz!!
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lol, thanks...great part Jeremiah *happy*
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I have every reason to be afraid of Max and Isabel. After all, they're aliens. They're not from around here.

I see the horrified look come across Michael's face when I tell him that I'm afraid of his two best friends. I lower my eyes so I don't have to look at him as I speak. "Michael, think about Tess. She killed Alex. What's to stop Max or Isabel from . . ."

"Maria, you know them. You know they wouldn't do something like that."

"No, I don't know them!" I shout back. "Yeah, I spent one summer getting to know Max, and I gave Isabel a ride a couple times but that doesn't mean I know them!"

Why did I have to go and do this? I'm literrally forcing Michael to choose between me and them.

"Just forget I said anything." I tell him, running my hands up and down his bare chest. "We have better things to do." These "better things to do" are all we've been doing for the past few days.

He sighs. "Maria, Tess is different than them. You know that."

"Michael, I told you to forget about it." I repeat, burrowing my hands into his hair and repositioning myself so that I'm lying on top of him.

"You should go home." he tells me suddenly, pushing me off of him. "Your mom's probably wondering where you are." He finds his clothes on the floor and throws them on as I clutch the blankets to my chest, lying in the bed alone, feeling cold without my Spaceboy beside me.

"Michael, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause any problems."

"You didn't." he reassures me, but somethign in his voice tells me otherwise. "I'm gonna go talk to Max."

He exits the apartment leaving me wondering what I did wrong . . .
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Great part *happy*
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You guys make me love Max and Liz!
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She gives me that smile that has always warmed my heart up. The one that I could get lost looking at. But what it gives me is motivation. Motivation to become better than what I have been. I want to become the alien hybrid that Liz thinks I can be. I just want to make Liz not regreat In starting over.

"So I was wondering If you werent doing anything tonight, how about a game of pool?"

posted on 5-Feb-2003 12:55:15 PM by Cominatcha
aww . . .
posted on 5-Feb-2003 6:17:50 PM by Liz_Parker

I smile. "Sure....that would be great".

He grins and walks off and I sigh. Maybe starting over is the best thing we can do.

After all, if we start all over, then maybe we can change any wrong doings from the past and just move onto the future.

No Tess,no baby, just focusing on our relationship. God, I hope this works out.
posted on 5-Feb-2003 6:24:42 PM by Cominatcha

I rush into the Crashdown, my mind racing with Maria's words.

"Max and Isabel . . ."

She's scared of my family.

I don't think it's the family part that actually gets to me. It's that she's scared of people who are exactly like me.

Does that mean she's scared of me, too?

This is not what I needed right now. Things were looking up. I stayed on Earth for the only girl I'll ever love, the only girl who'll ever find it in her heart to love me back. And now she's telling me that she scared of Max and Isabel.

I know Maria never liked Tess, but this whole incident has just escalated it.

I find Liz in the back room with a dreamy/happy expression on her face. "Liz, where's Max?" I ask her harshly.

She turns to me with a smile on her face. It looks like she slept with a hanger in her mouth. "He just left." she tells me. "Why? Is something wrong?" She turns serious again when she notices my stern and gruff tone.

"Yeah, maybe." I push past her and out the door to find my best friend before things can get any worse . . .

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Great part!
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Thanks!! I've been trying to make my parts kinda long and detailed for this RPG. Don't know why, though!! lol
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Great part!
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I totally left this one! I sorry! heres a part to make up for it.


I feel my face turn red as I clench my fists. Once again I am tossed in the background.

I grab my bags and leave. No need to stay here. My family doesn't need me right now, no, they have their alien friends.

I angerly kick a beer can down the street. Just than an idea comes to me.

I run down the street and pick up the beer can.

I have found my justice. [insert evil laugh]

Note: guess what his plan is! lol! I tried to make it obvious


Oh no. This is bad. Everything is turning out horrible.

I watch as Kyle puts the beer can in his pocket and happil skips away.

My rage subsides as I follow him.

I walk directly behind him and he stops, like he notices my presence.

"Alex?" He asks.

I quickly jump away.

He shrugs it off and keeps on walking.

I feel broken. I just want to lay down and die. wait. I am dead.

I want to cry, but angels can't cry. Instead I continue to watch my friends ruin their lives. Hey, what are friends for?
I was soooo crying at the end of that part!*sad*
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I'm glad to see that Kyle left the Crashdown. Isabel is sitting alone at a table now, and that gives me the perfect chance to talk to her about Maria.

I take a step forward, and she doesn't notice me. I'm not sure I really wanna talk to her about this. It's just, that . . . well, Isabel's gone through a lot lately. A lot. I don't know if she wants to hear about my problems.

Well, they're not really my problems, I suppose. They're Maria's problems, but I love Maria, and I have to help her.

I decide not to talk to Isabel about it, but Max is nowhere in site.

I sigh, thinking of what to do. Maybe I should just let Maria do what she wants. Besides, I kinda just ran out of the apartment and left her there. I should go back. I need to see her again, and I'm sure that she needs to see me again, now more than ever. We've lost a friend, in her case, a family member, and one of my family members was the killer. We need each other.

I promise myself I'll be there for her, and I mean it.

I leave the Crashdown and forget about talking to Max and Isabel . . .

. . . for now . . .

PS-I was cryin', too!
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Great parts!
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A few hours later, it's almost time for Max's and mine...well, what can I call it?

I'm not exactly sure if it's a date. I dunno....a do over?

I brush out my hair and take a deep breath. Just about another half hour and I get to see Max again.

P.S- Sorry that sucked!
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That did not suck! That was good!
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That did not suck!


Money. Check

Flowers, White roses check.

Suprise gift. Check.

Ok, Is that everything? It should be. Let me see If I am missing anything. I want this to be Perfect!

Shirt on, Check.

Boxers on, definetly checked.

Socks check, Shoes...double check.

Hair, Bangs or spiky?

I remember Tess telling me once she liked my hair spiky.

Bangs, It is.

I Just hope everything goes well. I grab my keys and head to the crashdown.

AN: Now that part sucked the big one!
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That DID NOT suck! I loved it when he decided on bangs cuz Tess liked it spikey. That was GREAT!
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Michael arrives back at his apartment shortly after he left to go . . . wherever he went. I smile and run up to him and loop my arms around his neck and lean in and kiss him. I want to show him that I'm okay, that I'm still Maria. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm just a little freaked out about what happened with Tess and Alex.

I don't tell him that Max and Isabel still frighten me, but he brings up the subject anyway.

"Maria, are you scared of me?" he asks, pulling out of kiss but keeping his arms wrapped securely around me.

"What?" I'm so surprised by his question that it takes me awhile to answer. "No, Michael. Of course not. I love you." If I was scared of him, would I have slept with him two (count 'em: TWO!) times already today and once last night? (I'm not one of those girls who doesn't have anything better to do with their time. I just like being with him. Really being with him.

He smiles. "Good." Then, he leans in and kisses me again, harder this time, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and roaming his hands up and down my back, slipping them under my shirt, threatening to tear it off of me. I want him to, but he pulls away before he gets to that.

"I'm not in the mood to cook tonight." he tells me. "Wanna go to the Crashdown?"

I stiffen a little, wondering if Isabel and Max will be there. Last time they were there, I high-tailed it to the bathroom and left Kyle to deal with them.

"Sure." I choke out. I'm gonna be strong. Besides, Max and Isabel are family to Michael, and I love my Michael, so . . .

A half and hour later, we're at the Crashdown sitting in the booth waiting for our food. We're talking and laughing and having a good time, and my foot is slowly moving forward underneath the table to touch him in a spot that causes him to curse so loudly that practically the whole restaurant hears him. I hold in a laugh.

This is how my life should be. This is perfect.

Suddenly, the door to the Crashdown swings open and I see Max standing there with a bunch of flowers.

I feel my heart begin to pound. Oh, no! Liz! I have to warn Liz! He'll hurt her! I know he will! He's done it before, and he'll do it again . . .

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great part! I am just scared of what maria would do to poor max! LOL!
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I run back to the Crashdown and see Maria glancing warily at Max.

"Maria!" I scream walking over.

She shoots me a look.


I slip her the beer can and walk away.

I glance back as she slips it in her purse.

I leave the Crashdown, yelling:

"Its part of my plan!"
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LOL! That was so funny!


Wait a minute! Wait a fucked up minute! Did that asshole Kyle just hand my girlfriend a beer bottle? Yeah, I know Kyle drinks, but he does not hand one of them to my girlfriend!

And what plan is he talking about? The guy's fuckin' crazy!

I grab the bottle from Maria and charge outside, past Max who still looks a little confused about what's going on and find Kyle about to get in his car.

I charge toward him. "What the fuck are you doin'?"

He doesn't answer me. Oh, I see. Jock-boy's tryin' to make my girl become an alcoholic and he won't even admit it.

Yeah, he's gonna die . . .
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Great parts!
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Great parts!
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I guess I'll post a part.


I walk out to see what all the commotion is about.

Maria seems to be off in la-la land or something.

So I look over at Michael. "Uh....what's going on?", I ask crossing my arms.

"Kyle just gave Maria beer!", he says.

I groan and smile as I see Max walk in. I walk over to him.

"Hi Max", I say and smile.
posted on 20-Feb-2003 8:39:11 AM by Cominatcha

No, Lizzie, no! I wanna scream at her at the top of my lungs that it's not safe to be with him after all that's happened. God, he slept with a killer and got her pregnant! Now he's asking for forgiveness! And what if he hurts her again! Oh, God, what if he hurts her!

I feel myself freaking out inside. I reach in my purse and pull out the bottle of beer Kyle handed to me. It is a plan . . .

. . . but Michael snatches it away before I can even think about using it to relieve my stress. "Liz has to make her own decisions," he tells me. "Come one. Let's go home."

He's right. I know he's right, and that's why I leave with him. But I make sure that Max sees me glaring at him as I leave. If he hurts her, then I'll hurt him.

If he hurts her, then I'll kill him . . .

short and not so sweet, but I gotta go to stupid school!
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Great part!
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when I walk through the doors of the Crashdown, I notice a chill in the air. Is It just me Or is Maria looking like she wants to tear me apart. I dunno. I cant concentrate on that Right now. I notice Liz and It takes my breath away. How can someone get anymore beautful? But I am not suprise. It is Liz after all.

I hand her white roses, I know that is her favorite." These are for you."

She gives me one of those smiles that makes my insides run all funny.

"Are you ready to go, It is a suprise."

AN: Please excuse if this sucks!
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that was great!
posted on 21-Feb-2003 6:00:56 PM by Liz_Parker

I grin. "Yes, I am ready to go"

We walk to the door and I turn around and take another look at Maria. Why does she have to act so protective? One mother's more then enough.

I look at Max again and smile. God, it feels good to be with him again.