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Sara (Liz Parker) is a small-town girl with a big dream: to become a world-class ballerina. But when her mother suddenly dies, Liz must abandon her plans and join her estranged father (Jeff Paker) on Chicago's gritty South Side. A white girl in a predominantly black neighborhood, Sara feels out of place - until she is befriended by a black classmate, Chenille (Maria Deluca), and her handsome brother, Derek (Max Evans). Sparks fly between Liz and Max, whose shared love for dance leads to romance. But as Liz and Max's relationship grows, so does opposition from their families and friends. Now Liz and Max face the biggest challenge of their young lives - to stay true to their dreams… and each other.

(Nikki) Tess~baby_bre
(Snookie) Kyle~qt4167013

Max and Liz
Isabel and Alex
Tess and Kyle
Michael and Maria

Other Cast:
Jeff Parker~

oh and Isabel have a baby with Alex.

This will start When Max and Liz are discussing about some guy forgot the name of it.

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posted on 26-Jan-2003 6:19:45 PM by baby_bre
I'd like to be maria... but who is she supposed to be in this rpg? (her names not on the cast list but its on the summary)
posted on 26-Jan-2003 6:20:26 PM by qt4167013
um...I would love to play Alex but I don't remember who he was!
posted on 26-Jan-2003 6:21:15 PM by Galita
Isabel plz?
posted on 26-Jan-2003 6:21:35 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
kenny the bf that got derek sister preg.
posted on 26-Jan-2003 6:23:35 PM by qt4167013
OH! thanks, could I play Alex?
posted on 26-Jan-2003 6:29:05 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
Sure I added you
posted on 26-Jan-2003 6:30:33 PM by baby_bre
just so I'm clear diggys the girl thats white and is friends with chinelle(cant spell her name yet)... I am blank for who she is other then that... but I do know the movie lol
posted on 26-Jan-2003 6:33:17 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
yes, I didnt know where to put maria so I out her there.
posted on 26-Jan-2003 6:39:07 PM by baby_bre
oh ok cool! are her and michael gonna go out?

posted on 26-Jan-2003 7:17:00 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
yes, look under the couples!
posted on 26-Jan-2003 10:33:48 PM by LuvRug
Michael please
If Alex got Maria Pergnet..then wha?
posted on 27-Jan-2003 8:09:23 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming
your confused maria is (diggy) isabel is the one with the baby by alex
posted on 27-Jan-2003 6:15:38 PM by Cominatcha
Looks like Michael and Maria are already taken, but I absolutely love this movie since dancing is, like, my life, so I'll definitely read this when you guys are through. I can't wait to see how Michael turns out as Malakai!! That should be lol funny.
posted on 28-Jan-2003 9:29:52 PM by LuvRug
Ah I see. Okay I was lost. Thanks you for letting me have michael!
posted on 29-Jan-2003 4:45:42 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
let you all know I am sick and I will post when I am long better
posted on 31-Jan-2003 11:24:59 PM by Galita
When r we gonna start? I mean come on I'm bored here!! lol
posted on 1-Feb-2003 10:37:38 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming
when we find a kyle max and tess
posted on 1-Feb-2003 10:46:52 AM by Cominatcha
I want you guys to start soon!! I can not wait to read this!!
posted on 1-Feb-2003 10:58:56 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming
LOL, we just need a max kyle and tess

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posted on 1-Feb-2003 8:04:17 PM by Galita
I'll like to play Tess but I'll have to kill my self frist lol! And no I am not up for the part I am already doupleing on another Roleplay

posted on 1-Feb-2003 10:23:04 PM by qt4167013
I'll be kyle. just remind me who he!
posted on 2-Feb-2003 1:22:01 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
Snookie the guy is kinda annoying and make money by stealing ids
posted on 3-Feb-2003 7:16:44 PM by Galita
U know we can go ahead and start. If someone wants to join they can.
posted on 4-Feb-2003 5:58:18 PM by Cominatcha
posted on 4-Feb-2003 7:42:03 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
Like I said before. We need Max and Tess.*happy*
posted on 5-Feb-2003 8:14:38 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
posted on 5-Feb-2003 8:17:24 PM by baby_bre
thanks a bunch nadine for letting me be Tess as well
posted on 6-Feb-2003 2:41:46 PM by Galita
We have a Max.*happy*
posted on 6-Feb-2003 3:32:04 PM by Dreamer_Dreaming
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posted on 9-Feb-2003 7:29:42 PM by Galita
Can we start now? Cuz we can just go along and add Max into our parts...Or U can double Naddie! *tongue*
posted on 10-Feb-2003 8:45:17 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming
Ya , Ill be max

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I have enter the Class room" Ms Parker we been expecting you" The teacher said,I just nod.

He told me to take my seat.

So I did.

"Class we been talking about Rebuling" Teacher.

"Sorry if you dont understand this, Ill give you the pages after class" teacher said.

"Rebuling was deaf and mind, he creat the new johnrea" I said.

"Yes but he Help blacks" A guy in my class answer.

"Yes that part of it" I said.

That all of it" The guy Said.
I couldnt remember the guy they talk about so I was just trying
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A New girl, she not bad looking.

Mr C was going over Rebuling.

"Rebuling created the new johnrea" The new girl Liz Said.

"Yes but he helps black" I said looking at her.

"Yes that part of it" She answer.

"no that all of it" I said......
posted on 10-Feb-2003 10:10:21 PM by baby_bre
posted on 12-Feb-2003 10:07:31 AM by Dreamer_Dreaming
Come on people you were bugging me to start this rpg, and now your not even posting*sigh*
posted on 12-Feb-2003 2:40:48 PM by baby_bre
*nadine I can't post until other people start!*
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