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Liz is the new girl. Tess grew up with the group and Amy adopted her. Alex, Max, and Kyle are all good friends with Maria. Maria isn't very good friends with the girls but Tess and Isabel are like best friends. Michael kinda keeps away. When Liz comes around they all become suspicious of her they dont know if she's an alien or not

Maria~She's not really a tomboy but she loves hanging out with the guys they're very protective of her and consider her their best friend.. she secretly likes Michael but they fight all the time. maria knows their secret.

Michael~He doesnt like getting close to anyone except for the other aliens which he's not that close to. Maria gets on his nerves but she intrigues him.

Liz~She is forced to move to roswell when her parents decide they want to take over the crash down cafe which is being sold. she isn't sure of who she is. she's kind of shy.

Max~He's always in charge and scared of who and what he is.. hes searching for answers... hes not really popular in school but he's really smart.

Isabel~Is really popular and she's mean to everyone outside of her little group. on the inside she's scared of letting people other then tess and max and michael see the real her. she kind of likes alex.

Alex~He's the class clown he's kind of geeky. he always hangs out with kyle and maria. he really likes isabel but knows its not going any where. he knows the others secret.

Tess~She's really popular and she's alot nicer then isabel. she really likes her 'sister' maria but they haven't really bonded. she loves being teased by kyle and they flirt constantly.

Kyle~he's on the football team and almost every girl in school wants to get with him. he's pinning after tess but she doesnt seem interested so he thinks. he knows the secret.

(ok ok I know their not very good summarys but I'm just giving the basics for the story they're all basically like in the show cept that maria's closer to the guys and liz is new and their all suspicious of her.)


Max~tabasco sauce
Tess~me(unless someone else wants her then I will give her up)



(if you all have ANY questions just bmail me or post them and I'll answer them!)

Thanks mandy for helping me put together the summary!

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hey its maddie! I guess I don't even have to ASK for who I want. Could I have alex? loL!
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hey maddie! you only want alex right? *but of course u can have him*
posted on 5-Feb-2003 7:40:37 PM by Galita
Thanks bre I love U *happy*
posted on 5-Feb-2003 8:10:27 PM by baby_bre
no problem chica!
posted on 5-Feb-2003 8:29:59 PM by qt4167013
MWAH! Thanks bre! if Kyle never gets taken you know who to call....or bmail...or whatever! lol!
posted on 5-Feb-2003 10:23:09 PM by baby_bre
np girlie*bounce*
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posted on 6-Feb-2003 9:57:16 PM by baby_bre
we gets us a michael and we can start
posted on 6-Feb-2003 10:31:05 PM by PapiCat
Hi! I'd like to play, can I be Michael?
posted on 6-Feb-2003 11:25:19 PM by baby_bre

“Can you get out of the bathroom?” I hear Tess yell from the hallway.

“I’m kind of busy in here.” I reply I mean gosh just cause she has to do all her little make up tricks doesn’t mean she can just push me out.

“Well hurry up or we’re going to be late for school.” Tess says I can tell she’s annoyed but I have to blow dry my hair or it will look really horrible.

“Fine.” I say opening the door I always give up.

“Thanks.” She says walking past me.

“Whatever.” I mutter under my breath.

This is another typical morning in the boring life of Maria Deluca.

posted on 6-Feb-2003 11:31:47 PM by baby_bre


Could Maria be any slower I mean seriously! She doesn’t even do her make up or anything but it’s like every morning I get up and she’s in there.

She tells me I should get up earlier but please some of us need our beauty sleep.

I know I sound like a spoiled brat but I’m really not my life is nothing like it appears to be.

“Maria hurry up or we’ll be late.” I say after I get ready it only took her a half-hour to let me use the bathroom but she’s still not ready.

“I’m coming I’m coming.” She mumbles walking out of her room.

“Let’s get this show on the road.” I say grabbing an apple. I stick it in my purse I have to meet Iz in a like 10 minutes for 1st period.

“Whatever.” I hear her say again that’s like the only thing she says to me sometimes I don’t know why she has to know our secret.
ok Tess isn’t a total meanie just snobby right now. Didn’t know how to start it so I did what I normally do fight with my sister over the bathroom lol.

posted on 7-Feb-2003 7:40:45 AM by Liz_Parker

I hate this. My parents are making me move just because they bought some stupid restaurant!

So what? I'm 16....why can't I just stay here? Sure, there's always the chance somethng could happen and all, but why did they have to buy a place in Roswell?

I mean, seriously, don't like....alien generated people live there?
posted on 7-Feb-2003 8:52:37 AM by qt4167013

I laugh as Maria and Tess walk into school two minutes before the bell rings.

"shove it Whitman." Maria growls.

"You know Ria, Did you hear? they just invented a new drug! Its called Midol and you take it when you have your period so you don't get PMS!" I tell her happily.

She growls at me and than...the goddess walks up.

I watch her hungerly as her, Maria, and tess slit up.

I watch as they go into class.

I watch until the hall is empty.

OH SHIT! I have class!
posted on 7-Feb-2003 11:55:13 AM by tabasco sauce
Hey Girls- I am writing this part assuming Max and Isabel are siblings. If I was wrong by doing that, someone please let me know. -Andy*happy*

"Max, park close to the building, would you? I was supposed to meet Tess 5 minutes ago." I nod and pull into the next available parking space. The moment I turned off the iginition, Isabel bounded out of the jeep, and ran toward our school.

I took my time. I wasn't going to meet Michael before class, so I didn't have to hurry. Come to think of it, I never meet Michael before class. We're not exactly 'chatty'. Plus, he never shows up before 2nd period. It's not in his nature.

When I finally reach the building, I decide against going to my locker. There's no point. I have everything I need in my bag. Instead I go to the bio lab, where my first period class is supposed to take place. Oh brother, not science.

~end Max~
posted on 7-Feb-2003 12:20:38 PM by Galita

"Tess!!" I yelled and run up to her. "Sorry Max took forever to find a place to park." I said as we walk to Enlish.

I see Alex Whitman in class the sit right next to me. 'Here goes nothing.' I think to myself.

We walk in and all the jocks stop to look and whistles

I smiled and sit in my chair.

"Hey Isabel." Alex says.

"Hi Whitman. Do you mind moving your in Tess's seat." I said.
posted on 7-Feb-2003 5:25:24 PM by qt4167013

Isabel sits next to me and I feel my heart speeding up.

"Hey Isabel." I say shyly.

"Hey Whitman, would you mind moving, your in Tess's seat."

I feel my face heat over.

"I guess." I say, looking down.

"Thanks al, your a lifesaver." She says quickly.

I watch her and want to tell her to go fuck off. Ok, maybe I don't....but I wish I could. god, I wish I could.
posted on 7-Feb-2003 7:17:59 PM by baby_bre

I watch as Alex gets up from my seat. That’s kind of rude I guess making him move and all but it is my seat.

“Hey Iz.” I say flashing her a smile.

“Hey Tess.” She replies looking up from her notebook.

“Maria is such a pain sometimes.” I rant.

“I know Max can be a real freak he almost made me late to school.”

“Yeah Maria to.” I go on I feel bad about Maria and me not being close. But my mom and me are close she doesn’t know my secrets but we’re close. I guess it’s the whole thing that Maria and me don’t like the same things.

posted on 7-Feb-2003 7:19:13 PM by baby_bre

“Hey Max.” I say as I drop my books onto the table next to him.

“Hard morning?” He asks me.

“Yes, Tess is being even more unreasonable then usual it must be that time of the month.”

“I didn’t need to know that.” Max says his cheeks flushing.

“Sorry.” I squeak out. “But any way wanna go to the taco stand during lunch?”

“With who?” he asks me curiously.

“Well Alex, Kyle, Michael and you.” I say with a look that says duh.

“Michael?” he asks me.

“Yeah well if he shows up I don’t want you to be leaving him out.”

“Since when?”

“Since now.”


“So do you want to drive out there?” I ask hopefully.

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If the board is moved, our rpg threads will most likely deleted. Even if the mods decide to move them, the new threads will be frozen, meaning we can no longer post in them. If the move in announced, I urge all threadmasters to save all posts in the thread. That way, they can be reposted without being frozen.
Wendy and Heidi (the admins) are amazing, as are Katie and Britt (the mods of the rpg board). Please vote, donate, and offer to help to make their lives just a little bit easier.

posted on 7-Feb-2003 8:09:13 PM by PapiCat

The alarm is going off again, damn it. I roll out of bed and put my feet on the floor. Man, this floor is freakin' cold. I really should think about wearing socks to bed.

I walk over to the fridge and pull out a carton of milk, gove it the ol' sniff test and take a long swig. While my head is tilted back I notice the time, aaw, not again.

"You know, Guerin, eventually they're gonna make scholl start later in the morning just for you" I say to myself as I jog over to a pile of clothes laying on the floor. Again, I sniff the clothes, whew! Ok, not that shirt today. I grab my books off the kitchen table and run out the door.

In an effort to not blow my bad boy image I walk to school, and arrive just in time to hear the first period bell ring. I head on over to my locker. Might as well pretend I care about this whole school thing.
posted on 7-Feb-2003 11:26:47 PM by baby_bre

“Lover boy?” Tess says smiling towards Alex.

“Are you talking to me?” he asks confused.

“Yeah you know Isabel really wants to sit by you so could you switch me seats?” I say with an evil grin I know Isabel is going to kill me when she gets back from the bathroom but I don’t care it’ll be hilarious.

posted on 8-Feb-2003 11:14:05 AM by PapiCat
Tossing my books into my locker I head on over the my first class, science. Yay. At least it will be with Max. He's cool, I guess.

I walk into class and sit somewhere in the back, by myself. Hey, just because I said it was with Max didn't mean I was going to sit with him. He's way too much of a dork to sit next to. He's all, science is cool, hurray! Whatever. I pulls out my notebook and begin my favorite pasttime, doodling pictures of Maria. God, if she ever found out, well, I'd have to kill myself.

The teacher walks in. There is some chick behind him, I don't know her. So, I keep my head bent into my book. In my head plays an old song that I listen to when I know I am alone:

[I[Maria! The most beautiful sound I ever heard!
Maria, say it loud and there's music playing!
Say it soft and it's almost like praying.

OOC: Ok, I know that was cheesy, but c'mon, a boy who reads Ulysses HAS to be a closet show tune listener!
posted on 8-Feb-2003 11:31:28 AM by baby_bre
it was cool :-) great part!
posted on 8-Feb-2003 11:34:57 AM by baby_bre
I am sitting waiting for Max to respond but then something weird happens Michael Guerin walks in the classroom its too early for him to becoming to class I hope nothings I wrong.

I sit here trying my best not to let him see me starring but then he looks up and I catch him eye. I feel an instant blush coming on so I turn back to Max who might I add still hasn’t answered me I wonder what he’s thinking of.

posted on 8-Feb-2003 2:34:40 PM by PapiCat
She looked at me!
Ok, Guerin, get a grip. She was probably throwing knives at you with her mind. Look, back at your book, pretned you didn't see it. That's a boy, doodles, good, now draw a mouse. Aww, cute little mouse. A mouse that looks like Maria, with a perky nose, beautiful eyes . . . ok, the mouse sucks, how about a clown. Ya, a nice scary clown with fangs. Ok, mind under control.

"Mr Guerin? Although it is rare for you to attend my class, I would appreciate it if when you ARE here you would attempt to participate!"
Aww, crap, I was so busy drawing my scary, looks nothing like Maria clown I didn't hear the teacher.

"Ya? What was the question again?" I ask, trying to sound like I didn't really care whether or not I got detention again.

posted on 8-Feb-2003 6:18:00 PM by tabasco sauce

When I finally reach the bio room, I take a seat in the middle of the classroom. It's easiest to blend in while your surrounded by a classroom full of people. Moments later, I watch as Maria scurries into the room.

"Hey, Max." she says, dropping her books on the table beside me.

"Hard morning?" I ask her with a weak smile. She's definately not alone.

“Yes, Tess is being even more unreasonable then usual it must be that time of the month.” Ick. That was waaaay too much information. I'm not interested in knowing about Tess's bodily functions.

"I didn't need to know that." I said, feeling my cheeks grow warm. Oh god...don't tell me I'm blushing.

"Sorry. But anyway, do you want to go to the taco stand during lunch?" She looks so excited by the idea. I wonder if there are any strings attached.

"With who?" I ask skeptically.

“Well Alex, Kyle, Michael and you.” She says, in a matter-of-factly way. Classic Maria.

“Michael?” I ask her. Who knows if he'll even show up today. Moreover, I thought Maria hated Michael. Oh well. I guess it's not worth dwelling over.

“Yeah well if he shows up I don’t want you to be leaving him out.” She said, nonchalantly.

“Since when?” She could only glare at me.

“Since now.”


“So, do you want to drive out there?” She asks hopefully.

My mind veers from our conversation when I see a petite brunette enter the room. I've never seen her around before. She must be new. As beautiful as she is, I know better than to make a move. Getting close to strangers is bad. What if she's FBI? What if she finds out an exposes us? No. Definately not worth it.

"Max?" Maria asks me impatiently. I noticed that she was looking over in Michael's direction.

"What?" She looks at me and rasies her eyebrows.

"Taco Stand?"

"Oh...right. Count me in. And by the way, were you just staring at Michael?"

She only glares at me. I can't wait till lunch. This should be interesting.

~end Max~

posted on 8-Feb-2003 7:46:52 PM by baby_bre
great part chica! I am going to post soon!
posted on 8-Feb-2003 11:42:30 PM by qt4167013

I gladly switch seats.

"gosh, thank you so much Tess!" I say, like a happy little puppy.

She just laughs and I sit contently in my seat. Good day, good day
posted on 9-Feb-2003 12:19:46 AM by baby_bre

“It’s no problem.” I say with an evil grin I see Maria shoot daggers at me knowing what I’m doing.

I’m not trying to embarrass Alex but I know Isabel will freak.


I can tell Max is suspicious of my reasons for asking Michael to come to but oh well. I don’t have any reasons I just don’t want him to be left out. I can’t believe he showed up…

Ok so its lunchtime and I waiting around I can’t find anyone yet oh wait there’s Michael.

“Hey Michael.” I say grinning at him.

“Hi.” He mutters.

“So did Max talk to you?” I ask him noticing he’s pretty distracted.

“About what?” He asks his eyes still on someone else I turn quickly and see that he’s staring at the new girl. What if he likes her that’s all I need its bad enough he don’t know I exist but now he’s staring at that other girl will I’m trying to talk to him.

“Oh well about the taco stand.”

“Oh yeah.” He says still not really listening.


“So what?” he asks me.

“So are you going with us or not?” I ask sighing.

posted on 9-Feb-2003 6:13:38 AM by PapiCat
I am walking towards my locker when I see the new girl. I don't know what it is about her, but I have this weird feeling. She's looking at me too, like she knows something, or maybe everyone is right and I'm just paranoid. But, there's something about her.

Maria walks up to me, she's talking but I'm only listening with half my head. That new girl sure is acting strange,

"So . . . " Maria is looking at me impatiently, I think she is about ready to rip me a new, more efficient ass hole.

"Um, Yeah, whatever." I want to follow this girl, see where she goes from here, but I guess I am going to the Taco Stand.

On the bright side of things, Maria is going to be there. I love to watch her eat. She gets this really cute expression on her face when something is too hot.

Suddenly I realize that MARIA is asking me to come. How odd, I mean, she hates me right? I wonder if there is something important they want to discuss?

"Well, are you coming?" I ask Maria as I turn and start heading for the school parking lot. She's looking at me like she'd love to mount my head on a spike in the center of town.

She's too damn cute!
posted on 9-Feb-2003 7:16:20 PM by Galita

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posted on 9-Feb-2003 7:35:33 PM by Galita

I walk back into class to see Alex in my best friend's seat.

"Umm...excause me sweet cheeks...what are you doing in Tess's seat?" I ask him.

"She's letting me sit here." He says.

I look back her and roll my eyes. "Whatever. Tess are we still going to take Max's car?" I ask and she nods

The bell rings and I met Max at his locker.

"Max I need your keys to the jeep" I said.

"No...I'm taking the jeep."

"Maxwell give me the keys NOW!" I yell at him.

Brothers who needs them?
posted on 9-Feb-2003 8:20:15 PM by tabasco sauce

After Spanish class, I head over to my locker to put some books away. In 5 minutes, I'm meeting Maria, Michael, Alex, and Kyle in the front parking lot. We're going to the Taco Stand for lunch, and for once, I'm actually looking foward to it. It'll give me a chance to get away from Isabel and that mysterious new girl. So far, she's been in 3 out of 4 classes. She's breathtakingly beautiful, but there's something about her that I find...unsettling. It's like she knows all my secrets or something. I know I'm being paranoid. It's not like we've even spoken one word to each other...

Just as I'm about to walk toward the parking lot, I see Isabel coming toward me, a determined look on her face. Oh great. She wants something.

"Max I need your keys to the jeep" I shake my head in response. She just can't demand the keys to MY jeep. I mean, technically, it is mine.

"No...I'm taking the jeep." I tell her, nonchalantly.

"Maxwell give me the keys NOW!" She yells, anger radiating from her voice.

"I'm sorry, Is. I kind of made plans with Maria and the others. We're going to the Taco Stand."

She looks at me, and considers my explanation.

"Well, why didn't you tell me? Tess and I would be glad to join you. We love Mexican!"

I roll my eyes, and try to think up a reason as to why they can't join us. I can't find one. Damn.

"I'll go find Tess and meet you by the jeep! This is going to be a blast!"

Oh brother.

~end Max~
posted on 9-Feb-2003 8:21:22 PM by Liz_Parker

Some school. Everyone has cliques and everything. Figures.

As I walk to my classroom I notice a guy with spikey brown hair. He seems odly familiar. Maybe he looks like someone from my old school, oh well, who knows?

I walk past him and go to Science. The one class I get my determination from. I plan to be a molecular bioligist when I get older.

I look at the door as a guy with gorgeus amber eyes walks in and I look down and smile. Looks like he has a girlfriend because a blonde is hanging all over him.

God, I just wish I can make myself at home here.
posted on 9-Feb-2003 9:12:15 PM by baby_bre

“Tess we gotta hurry and meet the others by the jeep.” Isabel says as she rushes over to me.

“Why is something wrong?” I ask worried my first reaction is something bad happened.

“No we’re going to the Taco Stand for lunch.” Isabel says grabbing my arm. I can feel someone stare at us I am used to it most guys drool over us but it feels different.

I turn my head and see the new girl looking towards us I lock eyes with her she feels some how familiar but I don’t know what it is.

I shake that feeling away as I remember I’m going to get to hang out with Kyle ok I do not like Kyle…

posted on 9-Feb-2003 9:16:41 PM by baby_bre

Oh my gosh I could just smack him he is so infuriating sometimes I swear! He’s not listening to like a word I’m saying.

He’s still staring at the new girl I don’t even know what it is about her that he likes so much as far as I’m concerned she wouldn’t like right with Michael. But then to you no one besides yourself would.

He confirms it he hasn’t been listening to hear anything other then Taco Stand when he asks me if I’m coming. I can’t believe him I mean he hasn’t even cared to pay attention to me or at leas pretend.

“Have you even heard a word I said?” I ask him putting a hand on my hip.

“Oh sorry what’d you say.” He says as I feel his gaze on me. I can tell I have his full attention but then I look back and notice she’s gone. Great this is just great!

“I said let’s go we got to meet Max at the jeep.” I say and run off ahead of him I need to get away and back to Max so I can deal with what I’m feeling right now and max will help me.

posted on 9-Feb-2003 11:14:12 PM by PapiCat
"Have you even heard a word I've said?" Maria asks me, yep, she definitely wants my head on a spike.

Damn, the new girl is gone and I didn't even get to see where she went. Why am I so interested in her? She seems normal, maybe too normal. I turn back to Maria, she looks really mad, Way to go, Guerin.

"Uh, what'd you say?" I ask, feeling about as stupid as I look.

"I said, let's go meet everyone at the Jeep." She looks back at where I was staring. I hope she didn't realize I was staring at the new girl. I know she hates me and all, but I really don't want her to think I like the new girl. I mean, that would really mess up any chance I might ever have with Maria.

She's still looking, I'd better take her mind off of it.
"Well . . . ?" I ask with my best annoyed voice.

I let her get a few steps infront of me. I like to watch her. . . Um . . .backpack as she walks. Yeah, her backpack.
NO! Don't look at her butt, look at her backpack. Ya, it's nice, it's got a lot of interesting patches and buttons on it.
Buttons, small, round, firm . . . NO! Ok. the buttons are stupid. Look at her, um, don't look at her.
Think of mud. Mud, mud, mud, mud, mud wrestling with Maria, DAMN IT GUERIN PULL IT TOGETHER!

Thank God I can see the Jeep. I look at the tires. Max should really consider putting air in them once in awhile. He just has no respect for that poor machine.
I shake my head and chuckle, thinking of all the things that Jeep has been through it's amazing that the ol' girl still drives us around.
posted on 10-Feb-2003 12:23:16 AM by baby_bre

I know Michael following behind me I wish he were next to me so I could at least try to talk to him.

I slow down a bit hoping he doesn’t notice and think I’m doing it on purpose I can see Max’s jeep their waiting for us.

When we reach the jeep I realize someone’s going to have to sit on someone’s lap.

“Alex you love me right?” I say giving him my most sweetest look.

“Why?” He asks rolling his eyes at me.

“Can I sit on your lap since there won’t be any room?” I ask I wonder if it’ll make Michael jealous I could have sworn I saw a flicker of jealousy but hmm I’m probably just hoping.

posted on 10-Feb-2003 3:57:47 AM by PapiCat
She's going to sit on ALEX'S lap? The boy has chicken legs! She'll get bone slinters in her ass! She could have easily sat on MY lap, but no. I mean, I have a nice lap. Ok, Guerin, you're acting like a lovesick girl, knock it off.

It's awfully quiet in this Jeep. Don't say anything. You'll just prove how much of an ass you are. Be quiet Guerin.

But, my mouth isn't listening to my brain and I say the stupidest thing I could ever have said.

"So, where are we headed?"

Mental note, smack self in head asap! Duh, you moron, we;re going to the TACO STAND!! If ever I was glad I was from another planet it was now. Maybe I could just blink my eyes and wake up there. Somewhere far far away from this place and my stupid mouth.

Maria has just shot me an evil glare. In fact, everyone seems to be looking at me like a started growing tentacles out of my forehead.
"What?" I ask, pretending what I had previously said wasn't out of the ordinary. I mean, everyone already knows what an asshole I can be, what made them think I had changed overnight?
posted on 10-Feb-2003 7:31:07 PM by baby_bre

I can’t believe Maria she just asked to sit on Alex’s lap I mean I know someone was going to have to sit on someone’s lap but she took the chance before I got it!

I mean I don’t like Kyle but that doesn’t mean I’d pass up the chance to sit in his lap.

I don’t get why she asked Alex unless she has a thing for him but as far as I know she doesn’t.

As if Maria tells you anything any way she usually tells all her secrets to Kyle Alex or Max so I wouldn’t know whom she liked but still.

At least I’m sitting next to him we’re so close I can feel the heat radiating from his body and what a nice body he has.

Wait a minute why am I talking like this about Kyle? Will someone please smack me over the head Kyle’s just my sister’s friend someone I know nothing else…. Right?

“So Max what do you think about the new girl?” I ask Max. I had a strange feeling about her like I knew her or I know her I don’t know it was hard to explain.

posted on 10-Feb-2003 7:34:20 PM by Liz_Parker
Great part *happy*
posted on 10-Feb-2003 7:34:56 PM by baby_bre

Michael is such a dumb ass sometimes I swear where are we headed please he must have been too entertained with the new girl to hear it about the 50 times I said it.

But then I wonder if this is getting to Michael yet so I lean back on Alex making myself comfortable.

“Am I squishing you?” I ask him innocently putting all my weight onto him.

“Actually…” he starts.

“I understand.” I say taking a deep breath. “Michael do you think it’d be alright if I sat on your lap I mean I don’t want to hurt Alex.”

There I said it I wonder what he’s going to say.

posted on 10-Feb-2003 8:50:45 PM by PapiCat
"So, Max, what do you think of the new girl?" Tess is asking Max. Hmm, my ears prick to their conversation. I saw Maxwell looking at her. I wonder with if was thinking with the wrong head again, only one way to find out. Eavesdropping.

"Hey, Michael, you mind if I sit on your lap?" Maria asks me. Do I mind? Why don't you just ask if I would mind if it started raining $100 bills!

My mind is racing, she's moving over, not really waiting for me to answer. Oh God, what to do? Before I know it, she's sitting in my lap with her arm around my neck. She leans in, close to my left ear. My ticklish ear, and whispers,
"Thanks Spaceboy."
"Whatever" I reply. I'm too busy trying NOT to think about how few inches her mouth was from mine, and if I just leaned in a bit closer . . .
"MUD!" I shout.
Maria jumps and looks at me like I had really lost it. I have to cover this up.
"Maxwell, watch out for mud patches, don't want to tip the old girl over."
Yeah, good one Guerin. Saved. Wait, why is Maria looking at me that way? I fixed it, didn't I?
posted on 10-Feb-2003 9:04:01 PM by baby_bre
omgosh GREAT PART*bounce*

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posted on 11-Feb-2003 2:14:50 PM by tabasco sauce

When I finally pull out of the parking lot, I can't help but smile. We're all cramped in the jeep, but no one seems to mind. Maria even offered to sit on Michael's lap. Everyone was surprised, to say the least. They act like they hate each other. I'm beginning to think that they're secretly seeing each other, and if they aren't, then something's going on.

"So Max, what do you think of the new girl?" Tess asked me from the back of the car. I wasn't sure what to make of her question. Did she feel it too? That weird pull toward her?

"What do you mean?" I asked her in a steady voice.

"Well, you have a bunch of classes with her, don't you? I mean, she must be smart if she's in AP Spanish. But then I saw her talking to Maria's cousin. I'm not sure what to think."

Maria let out a loud gasp.

"She's hanging out with Sean? Ick. We have to save her from his evil clutches. He'll probably use her and dump her."

I stayed silent for a moment. I saw her chatting with Sean, but I could tell she wasn't interested. She seemed distracted with something else. Was it worth telling the gang that I felt a pull toward her? What if she was another alien?

"Well, I got some weird vibes from her. I think she knows something." Michael muttered. He thinks everyone knows something. Michael's middle name should be paranoia.

"Michael, she's just a new student. It doesn't mean she's FBI or Czech. If stuff starts getting suspicious, then one of us will investigate. Let's enjoy our lunch and drop it."

The comment came from Kyle. I couldn't have put it any better.

When we pulled into the Taco Stand parking lot, we forgot all about Liz Parker.

~end Max~
posted on 11-Feb-2003 5:25:40 PM by baby_bre

“So guys what are you doing this weekend?” I asked after we had started eating.
“I don’t know yet.” Maria said giving. I saw her staring at Michael.

“Oh.” I said. “Well if you guys want we could go to the movies?”

“That sounds great.” Isabel told me.

“We’ll all go.” I said.

“I can’t.” I heard Maria say.

“Why not?” I heard Max ask her.

“Well you see…” She said I could tell she was nervous.

“What else do you have to do?” I ask rolling my eyes.

“Actually I have a date.” She said looking at the floor.

“Really do I know this guy?” I ask staring questioningly at her.

“Yeah well who doesn’t his names Lucas.” She said blushing. Oh my oh my Maria’s got herself a date with a really hot guy.

“Luke?” Isabel said as she choked on a piece of her food.

“Yeah he asked me out this morning.”

“Damn.” I say.

posted on 11-Feb-2003 5:26:41 PM by baby_bre

I can’t believe I told them I wasn’t going to but I figured they’d find out any way.

Ok so I was sitting there at my desk when Luke came up and asked me and what girl in her right mind wouldn’t say yes?

Lucas is drop dead gorgeous he has luscious dirty blonde hair, deep intense blue eyes he has a light tan. He’s tall and trim with muscles he was one of the hottest guys in Roswell if you asked me.

But then again the only guy you really have eyes for doesn’t even know you’re alive.

So I told them they seem to be taking it ok.

“So Kyle how’s football going?”

posted on 11-Feb-2003 6:43:56 PM by Liz_Parker
Great parts *happy*
posted on 12-Feb-2003 2:43:09 PM by baby_bre
post people post hehehe
posted on 13-Feb-2003 2:45:00 PM by baby_bre
come on ppl lol
posted on 13-Feb-2003 5:32:47 PM by PapiCat
She going out with LUCAS?? What the hell would she want to go out with him for? Sure he has the body of a greek statue, but he's about as smart as one!
Oh well, who cares, I don;t want to date Maria, so why should it matter.

"Look, we can't be too careful, maybe I should go with you. It isn't safe to be wandering around alone, and Lucas is a transfer student. We don't know that much about him. He could be FBI or worse." I said to Maria. I tried to sound as bored as I could, but I think it came
out as pissed instead.

Before she can open her mouth I change the subject,

"So, Maxwell, Tess, what do you thnk of the new girl? If she's so normal, why was she running around the school like a lab mouse? Why was she watching us? Why does she have all the same classes as us? I didn't have one class without her face peering around!"
posted on 13-Feb-2003 6:33:06 PM by tabasco sauce

"So, Maxwell, Tess, what do you think of the new girl? If she's so normal, why was she running around the school like a lab mouse? Why was she watching us? Why does she have all the same classes as us? I didn't have one class without her face peering around!" I hear Michael exclaim from across the table. He seems so anxious about it. Even more so than usual.

"I thought we were going to drop the subject of Liz Parker." I said calmly.

He looked at me, his expression one of impatience. "The girl knows something, Maxwell. I got these weird vibes from her in science class. We can't ignore that."

I didn't know how to respond to his comment. He got vibes from her too? Maybe she is onto something.

"Michael, you can't just accuse every unfamiliar face of being FBI. She's a new student. We get new students all the time. Let it go." Isbael said, while picking at her burrito.

"I don't think she's FBI. I think she's one of us."

This time, it was Tess who got annoyed.

"Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? It's been the four of us since we came out of the pods. Why would she just show up?"

Michael looked defeated. It was clear that he didn't have a proper answer.

"Maybe she's a shape shifter or something. I think one of us should look into it."

He looked at all of us, expecting an answer. None of us knew what to tell him.

"Maxwell?" he asked me, raising an eyebrow.

"I'll look into it, alright. Maybe I can ask her out on a drive. I can give her a tour of the town. If anything seems out of the ordinary, we'll look into it."

~end Max~

posted on 13-Feb-2003 6:37:56 PM by baby_bre

I can’t believe Michael actually asked to go on my date with me. What is he nuts? Although I’d probably have a better time if it were just him and me but I can’t be thinking like that.

He just totally changed the subject and started talking to Max and Tess. Ugh.

I hear them talking about the new girl this is something I can’t get involved with since I’m not “one” of them. I roll my eyes.

Feeling left out I turn to Alex. “Hey Alex.” I say.

“Yeah?” He replies.

“Well I am wondering if you’ll come over before my date and help me get ready.” I ask I know he’s a guy but that never stopped him before from telling what looks best on me.

“Why don’t you just have Tess help you?” I hear Michael ask.

“Because I’d rather have a guys opinion on how I look.” I say licking my lip.

“So would you?” I say pouting.

posted on 13-Feb-2003 6:39:59 PM by baby_bre

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Great parts all!!
posted on 13-Feb-2003 11:03:46 PM by qt4167013

"NO prob Ria. Maybe you could try on that sexy number. You know... the one with the very low cut?" I ask.

Michael shoots me a dirty look.

"Hey back of Micky." I say calmly.

"Hey! Why don't we invite the new girl ria?" I ask.

She squeals.

"Yeah shes really pretty! She probably has great fashion sense." Maria said happily.

This finally brought the alien's attention over.

"You can't do that. You can't get close the enemy." Michael said firmly.

Maria turned to him, fumming.

"Listen Space boy. Since we arn't aloud in your little meetings we arn't part of your group which means I can hang out with whoever I want!" She said angerly.

She than drags me away and I shrug
tell me if you like that bre

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yes maddie I LOVED that couldnt have said it better... only prob is we're at the taco stand so maybe I should pull you away and we could walk into the desert a bit?
posted on 14-Feb-2003 1:36:00 PM by qt4167013
there bre, I edited!
posted on 14-Feb-2003 4:44:11 PM by PapiCat

Watching Maria walk away with Alex I take an big, mean bite out of my burrito. She's got to be the most reckless girl in thw world! She needs someone to knock som sense into her, and if she keeps this up, it's gonna be the FBI or worse that does the knocking!

"Ok, now that the humans have left the conversation, we need to plan what we're going to do about this new girl. Obviously we all feel that there is SOMETHING about her, whether she's FBI or alien it doesn't matter. She's dangerous, or at very least suspicous."

posted on 14-Feb-2003 5:06:37 PM by baby_bre

I am so sick of them acting like we don’t exist. I tell them that to as I walk off.

“So how are we getting back to school?” Alex asks me suddenly I hadn’t thought of that.

“Well I for one am NOT going back there!” I say angrily.

“Well is there anyone we could call?”

“Well Lucas has a car… he’ll come get us.” I say.

“Are you sure that’s wise?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

“I don’t know.”

I pull out my cell and dial his number 2 rings and he answers I step closer so Michael can hear.

“Hey sweetie.” I say in a sickening sweet voice.

“Hey Maria.” He says in a excited tone.

“Well you see my friend Alex and me are kind of stuck out here at the taco stand.”

“How’d you get there in the first place?” He asks confused ok the guys hot but he’s not so smart.

“Well we came with some friends but their not our friends anymore.” I say staring straight at the group.

“Is that the new girl talking to you in the background?” I ask which instantly perks the others ears up.

“Yeah we ran into each other just a few minutes ago.” He says I can tell he doesn’t want me to think their doing anything.

“Oh that’s cool.”

“Do you need a ride home?” he asks.

“Yeah I do would it be alright to bring Alex and maybe Kyle with us?”

“Of course any friends of yours are a friend of mine.” He tells me.

“Well you should bring the new girl with you I mean she might like to know where the Taco Stand is.” I say smiling.


“Thanks.” I say clicking off my phone.

“So you ready?” I ask Alex.

posted on 14-Feb-2003 5:11:02 PM by baby_bre

I feel bad that my “sister” pretty much doesn’t like us or well she likes us she’s tired of us pretending the humans aren’t apart of the group.

“I agree Michael she’s something.” I say noticing Maria come closer and take out her cell.

She makes a call to someone I think its Lucas and then she says he should bring the new girl since I guess they were together. I don’t like this idea.

“Do you think its wise for them to be hanging out with Liz Parker in the middle of the desert if she is FBI or alien?” I ask looking around at the group waiting for an answer.

posted on 14-Feb-2003 5:20:11 PM by qt4167013

I smirk at Tess.

"Listen guys. We can do whatever the hell we want. We may be humans but damn. We can still kick your ass." I say nastilly.

Maria gives me a high five and we see Lucas's car drive up.

The new girl steps out and I get my first good look at her.

She gorgeous. You know, that kind of natural glow that carries a person. She had it, it practacally radiated from her.

"Hey!" she said happily to us, not even glancing at the others.

I exchange glances with Maria.

"come on Liz. Lets go out a party." Maria says shooting a glance at Michael.

Liz nods eagerly.

"thats great! Hey, maybe you guys can sleep over afterwords. It will be great!" She says happily.

"that would be wonderful." I say. We leave and once in the car hysterically laugh.

We soooooo showed them up!
sorry bre, I kinda stole maria there.
posted on 14-Feb-2003 5:21:57 PM by baby_bre
maddie! that ROCKED I was laughing so hard right now... they so deserved it though treating alex and mar like that! and liz is totally cool!
posted on 14-Feb-2003 5:24:39 PM by qt4167013
lol! they deserved it leaving them out!
posted on 14-Feb-2003 5:25:29 PM by baby_bre

“I can’t believe what we said back there!” I told Alex. “We so showed them.”
“That we did.” He says in a fake accent I stifle a laugh. The new girl is beautiful damn I can’t compete with her I tell myself.

“So your parents wont mind us sleeping over?” I ask glancing over to her. she’s really nice.

“Not at all they will be so happy I’ve made new friends.” She says looking at us innocently I don’t get what the alien’s problems are.

“That’s great.” I say happily.

“Yeah I could like this little dance number.” Alex says which throws both Liz and I into a fit of giggles.

“So who were those people you left back there?” She asks us I wait for Alex to answer.

posted on 14-Feb-2003 5:29:48 PM by baby_bre

“I can’t believe them running off like that. That is so not like them.” I say to the group I am actually worried about their safety.

“I know.” Isabel says looking nervous.

“What are we gonna do? Do we even want them to be apart of our group?” I do but I’ll never admit that and if we still want them to we’re going to have some major damage control to do.

posted on 14-Feb-2003 5:44:24 PM by qt4167013

Maria and I exchange looks.

"You don't need to know who those people where. They're just losers that stalk us." Maria says innocently.

Liz smiles.

"hmmm that guy with the dark hair was hot." She mused.

I look at Ria who looks some what relieved.

"Come on lets go!"
posted on 14-Feb-2003 6:25:17 PM by baby_bre
nice part
posted on 14-Feb-2003 6:32:28 PM by qt4167013
thanks bre, I love reading your maria parts also
posted on 14-Feb-2003 7:26:00 PM by baby_bre

We arrive back at school 10 minutes before the bells going to ring signaling its time for 6th period.

“Thanks Lucas.” I say and give him a hug as I see Liz standing there.

“Liz what do you have for 6th?” I ask her smiling.

“English.” She replies looking down at her schedule.

“Your in luck I have that class too and so does Alex.” I say in fact the whole pod squad has that class with us plus Kyle.

“Cool so lets go?” She asks.

“Yeah sure.” We walk towards our lockers.

I grab some books taking as long as I can I am so not looking forward to seeing Max or the others

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posted on 14-Feb-2003 8:58:56 PM by PapiCat
"I think we should keep an eye on the new girl, and that Lucas person. There really isn't much else we can do, for now." I say. Secretly, I am watching Maria and her little boy toy drive off. I'm so mad.

We drove back to the school in silence. I know Max doesn't agree with me. He never does. I think if we agreed on something the entire world would collapse in a firey heap. Oh well, life sucks all over.

Back at school I head on over to my English class.

"Why such a sudden interest in school?" Tess asks me. She's laughing at me. She's the only one who suspects that I like Maria. That girl sees way too much.

"Hey, I read you know. English is one of my only good subjects." I say in my defense. Actually, my English techer thinks I'm brilliant. Shows what she knows.

I walk into the classroom and take my usual seat in the back. My assigned seat is somewhere near the front, but the teacher has long since stopped asking me to sit in it.
posted on 14-Feb-2003 9:07:30 PM by baby_bre
great part as always but im gonna wait till sum of our other characters post
posted on 14-Feb-2003 10:07:57 PM by tabasco sauce

When we finally returned to school, I had to run to my US Government class. Isabel followed close behind me. 6th period was going to be hell. How were we going to get to the bottom of this situation with the seven of us were in different classes?

When we finally reached the room, we were relieved to see that the teacher hadn't yet arrived. We still had a chance to take our seats without getting a detention slip.

"She's not in this class, Max. What are we going to do?" Isabel looked afraid, even vulnerable. I felt my brotherly instincts kick in.

"Iz, I'm sure she's in English with the others. Don't worry." I replied, trying to mask my own fear. As harmless as Liz Parker looked, she did give me a certain...vibe. If she was another alien, then god knew who's side she was on.

"But saw her in that car with Maria, Alex, and Kyle. What if she does something to them?"

I had no answer for her. All I knew is that we needed to find out about who Liz Parker was, and why she was so interested in our little group.

~end Max~
posted on 14-Feb-2003 10:21:15 PM by Liz_Parker

I smile softly and walk inside the room with Maria and Alex.

Maybe this place isn't so bad,then again....neither is that dark headed stranger either.

Parker keep your head on straight. I sit in the desk inbetween Maria and Alex and sigh. Time to start off on English....oh fun.
posted on 15-Feb-2003 1:13:37 AM by baby_bre

I am so psyched that they sat Liz in between us.

I am not looking forward to seeing Max… he’s my best friend other then Alex and Kyle and I feel really bad how I treated him.

But I am not going to forget how he treated us he wasn’t the only one but still he didn’t stop them he joined in on making us feel like we shouldn’t be a part of the group.

posted on 15-Feb-2003 12:35:39 PM by baby_bre
posted on 15-Feb-2003 2:50:21 PM by Liz_Parker
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someone post
posted on 15-Feb-2003 5:39:38 PM by qt4167013
I'll post!


I sit back and relax in my seat.

Maria looks sad so I lean over.

"Ria. psst! Ria." I whisper.

"What?!" She asks annoyed.

My gaze softens.

"Listen Ria. Don't feel guilty."

She looks taken aback.

"I'm not guilty." She said with hesitation.

"Don't lie. Ria, don't feel bad either. what they did is wrong and even if you do miss Max, they had no right to leave us out. Plus were technacally doing them a favor. I mean, there all talk, they wouldn't have checked out Liz if we hadn't done it." I say trying to convince her.

"Plus, Liz probably isn't an alien. You'll finally have a girlfriend to do eachother nail's with."

Maria smiles.

"thanks al."

"Mr, Whitman, Ms. Deluca. Do you have something you wish to share with the class?" the teacher asks.

I flinch.


posted on 15-Feb-2003 8:00:53 PM by baby_bre

Damn Alex always knowing how I’ m feeling he tells me not to feel guilty I tell him I don’t.

But I feel so guilty but he’s right they need to be taught a lesson that we’re not eh doormat’s because my forehead does not say welcome please come walk all over me or something.

Alex tells me I can finally have a girl friend type friend to do nails with he forget one important detail I’m not really that type of girl. I love dressing nice and stuff but make up nail care just isn’t my thing,

I sign as the teacher asks us if there anything we want to share with the class.

“No sir.” I say smiling at him.

“Very well then we’ll carry on but I have my eyes on you.” He says pointing his finger at us.

As soon as get out of class we burst into fits of laughter. And then I remember my next class I rush to my locker to grab my books.

And then when I reach the door I remember how Max sits next to me. Damn he’s already sitting.

I walk towards my desk as though I don’t see him.

posted on 15-Feb-2003 8:52:38 PM by PapiCat
All throught English I watched Maria and Alex talking. They are so blind sometimes. I know they're whispering about us and how we tell them what to do all the time. Don't the understand that we have been doing this our whole lives? We know who to trust and who not to trust, and we know how to handle these situations. Well, I do anyway, Max on the other hand.

The bell finally rings and I walk out of the class. Some really boring class is next, so I decide to skip it. Like they'll miss me or something.

I go to my locker and give Maria one last sideways glance. She doesn't know I'm looking, so I grab my jacket and walk out of the building.

Walking through town I notice the cafe that has been closed for the longest time is re-opening. Hmm, that could be good. Food. My stomach rumbles as I thnk about food. Yum.

I look inside the window and see a tall man fussing with something. He has his back to me, and I can't really see what he is doing. He notices me though and he comes to the door and opens it.
"Hi! I'm Ed Parker! You look hungry! I'm sorry we're not open yet. but we will be open for good very soon." He's looking at me, sizing me up in fact, "You know, we're hiring staff soon, if you're interested, stop by here on Saturday for an interview!"

I don't know what to say, so I nod and say thanks and walk away.

Hmm, interesting. The new girl is the daughter oif the guy who owns the new cafe. Hmmm.
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great post
posted on 17-Feb-2003 5:24:39 AM by baby_bre
(Maria's waiting on Max's post! lol) I dont know what anyone else is waiting on...)*bounce*
posted on 17-Feb-2003 8:41:46 PM by PapiCat

Hey, I might not be bale to post regularly for the next week (my bf is coming to visit me!!!) Soooo, I wrote myself out for a bit. BUT, I'll be reading!!
posted on 17-Feb-2003 9:13:28 PM by Liz_Parker

I can't wait for this day to just be over. 8 classes a day is 8 to many.

At my old school we had block scheduling. 4 classes each day switching back and forth. A day - B day thing. So much easier!!

"This day is almost over" I remind myself and grab some things out of my locker.

I walk down to my other class and sigh. Good grief, those people are like in all my classes. It's freaky....almost to freaky.
posted on 18-Feb-2003 12:32:15 AM by baby_bre
posted on 18-Feb-2003 7:26:26 PM by baby_bre

I’m worried what if something happens to Alex, Maria, or KYLE?

I sigh running my fingers threw my hair.

What to do what to do?

“Izzy?” I say as walk to our next class.

“yeah?” She says glancing over at me.
“I’m scared.” I admit fearfully.

“So am I.” She confessed.

“What are we going to do?” I ask taking my seat.

posted on 18-Feb-2003 8:17:38 PM by tabasco sauce

I arrive in my History class room, and take my usual seat in the front of the room. When Maria finally came in, she breezed past me like I didn't even exist. Uh-oh. Looks like I did something to piss her off.

"Ria, what's got you so riled up?" I asked her with a weak smile.

"Riled up doesn't even cut it. You've lost your girlfriend status, you selfish jerk." She crossed her arms over her chest, and proceeded to turn away from me.

"Ria, what did I do?"

She turned back toward me and gasped.

"What did you do? You and your fellow Czechs completely ignored us normal folk at the Taco Stand! If you haven't noticed, we're involved as well!" By the end of her explanation, she was yelling, so the whole class could hear her.

"Ria, I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you. You're my 'girlfriend'. You're as much a part of this as Michael, Tess, Isabel, and myself. We were just a little freaked."

I watched as her walls began to crumble. "Well, you're not going to interrogate Liz. She's completeky harmless. I talked to her all through English."

I shook my head in denial.

"I still have to talk to her. I'm going to ask her to hang out later today."

"You haven't spoken one word to the girl. What reason would you have to hang out?"

SHe got me there.

"Listen, she and I are supposed to do something after school. Maybe you can up or something."

~end Max~
posted on 18-Feb-2003 8:20:42 PM by Liz_Parker
Great part *happy*
posted on 18-Feb-2003 8:24:09 PM by baby_bre

I cannot believe Max acts like he don’t even know what’s going on! It just makes me want to hurt him. I can’t believe him.

We fight a little bit but I can tell he’s sorry my walls are crumbling and Alex’s gonna kill me. I am still mad at Max and I wont be so quick to forgive him if he does it again.

“So what are you doing with her?” He asks.

“We don’t know for sure yet but I’ll call ya on my cell from where we are. But I’m serious she’s nothing to be worried about.” I tell him with a sigh its frustrating sometimes I feel like max doesn’t even realize we’re talking.

*shrugs * boy I wish Michael were here wait what did I just say oh so I could give him a piece of my mind.

posted on 18-Feb-2003 9:06:25 PM by qt4167013

Oh bloody hell.

"MARIA!" I scream down the hall.

She whips her head around and winces.

Max gives me a confused look but I ignore him.

"Our deal ria! Our freaking deal! you said you wouldn't bail out on me. us humans have to stay together." I say with gritted teeth.
posted on 18-Feb-2003 9:24:55 PM by Liz_Parker
lol, great parts *happy*
posted on 18-Feb-2003 9:49:33 PM by baby_bre

“But Alex he backed me into a wall!” I say sadly I had forgotten the deal.

“What’s no excuse.” He yells angrily.

“You’re right its not. They had no right to treat us like that did they? I forgot how serious this situation is!” I ramble.

“I’m going on strike until you guys learn to treat us better.” I say stomping off towards Alex.

“I’m sorry he apologized and I got all sad cause I made him feel bad. Do you forgive me?” I asked looking up at him with my puppy dog eyes.

posted on 18-Feb-2003 9:50:39 PM by qt4167013

"Of course Ria."
posted on 18-Feb-2003 10:01:52 PM by baby_bre
I jump up and grab alex by the neck pulling him into hug...

"Thanks Alex your the best!" I am really happy he forgave me I dont know what I would have done.

"Just dont let it happen again." he warns with a grin.

"Sorry but you know how I get... I don't want to see anyone sad."

"So Alex we're on for tonight right?" I ask linking my arms through his
posted on 18-Feb-2003 10:22:39 PM by qt4167013

"Of course my lady."

"Oh fair knight." Maria said dramatically.

I laughed at her and she pushed me hard into someone.

"Sorry...Oh its you." I say nastilly.

posted on 18-Feb-2003 10:28:54 PM by baby_bre

I am glad Alex is joking around with me that means hes not holding a grudge.

I laugh as we joke and accidently push him into someone. I turn and see its michael.

My heart skips a beat when I see him I study his face longer then I should have because I think he noticed.

I dont say anything I already heard Alex say Michael... I wonder if Michael's going to talk to us.

I keep staring at him hoping he doesn't notice but I see tranfixed like I can't keep my eyes away
posted on 19-Feb-2003 8:35:17 AM by qt4167013

I look frantically around.

Maria looks dazed and Michael looks like he is about to pick her up and away.

I grab and pull Maria's arm.

"ria! come on!"
posted on 19-Feb-2003 10:17:43 AM by PapiCat
Food, Parker makes food. Liz Parker, food. My mind wanders to food. Obviously. When suddenly I am sideswiped by ALEX!
"Oh, it's you" Alex says looking just a bit scared. More annoyed than anything else though. I look at him tom tell him off when Maria's face peers at mine from behind Alex. Her pretty eyes are looking through mine, right into my soul. She has this soft look about her, like she's a princess in a tower. Oh geez, that was corny even for you Guerin. Sometimes I make myself sick. But, wow, I think she likes me! What to do, what to do??

"Um, watch it Whitman!!" Yeah, yell at Alex. Ok, now turn away and leave, no looking at Maria and ESPECIALLY no talking to her.

"Hey Maria" DOH!!! I see she has dropped a book, so I bend down and pick it up. I look at the cover stupidly. FinallyI hand it to her. Her hand brushes mine and I know that in teen language thsi means she likes me!!!!!!

Ok, now I am really going to walk away.
posted on 19-Feb-2003 5:55:58 PM by Liz_Parker

God this school is so boring! They need to have some kind of activities to do.

I miss my old home. Everything was fine. At least in my imagination. I sigh and start doodling on some paper. Not really sure what I'm drawing....just whatever pops in my head.

I hate school...yet I'm making decent grades. Go figure. After school I have to go and help my dad with that restaurant.

Why he has to open a restaurant, I'll never know. But, I'm being forced to work there.

I keep on doodling and jump as the teacher snatches up my drawings.

"Hey!", I yell and try to grab it.
posted on 19-Feb-2003 11:06:44 PM by baby_bre

I was still starring at Michael when I dropped my book... he helped me pick them up I couldnt help staring at him..

it took all my will power not to reach over and kiss him.. but I knew I couldnt do that.

"Ria let's go." Alex says firmly.

"Bye Michael thanks for helpin me with my books." I says giving him a last smile.

"So Alex... lets go talk to kyle..." I say smacking his butt
posted on 20-Feb-2003 7:21:48 AM by Liz_Parker
Good part *happy*
posted on 20-Feb-2003 9:33:50 AM by PapiCat
I've never been so jealous of Alex before, but now I wish I were Alex's butt in the worst way. Oh well, life sucks all over Guerin, I remind myself. You are an alien, she is a human, no mixing. But, that doesnt mean I can't look . . .
I walk away and look for Max, I should tell him what I learned in school today, or rather, what I learned by cutting school today.
posted on 20-Feb-2003 6:50:07 PM by baby_bre

I turn to see Michael walking away I shrug my shoulders and look at Alex.

"So Alex... What time is Kyle and Liz meeting us?"