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Maria and Serena are twin sisters who were adopted into a home in New York but when their family decides to move to Roswell, New Mexico their world is turned up side down.

Sorry Tess Lovers but she isn’t in this! Everything else is the same… Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess are the aliens * so are Serena and Maria *

Maria and Serena are really close. Max, Iz, and Michael all have their regular powers. But Serena can mind warp * plus the normal other stuff * Maria can shape shift and feel peoples emotions hence why she’s so damn emotional herself * plus all the other alien stuff*

The aliens dont know about Serena and Maria but they suspect something is right... the aliens dont trust them... (And basically its the same as the show how liz got shot etc)


Take the characters if you actually plan on posting… but I don’t like rules so that’s my only one hehe.


Michael & Maria
Alex & Isabel
Liz & Max
Serena & Kyle
(none of the couples are going out yet)


Isabel-warped slayer
Liz-tabasco sauce

(If you need to know anything else or have any questions about something in the RPG please bmail me or just post it her!)

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do I even need to ask? lol!
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I'll be Serena or Liz *happy*
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here is one I found for serena, what do you think?


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That'sgood *happy*
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she's very cute! I dont really like her outfit *makes her look old* its a cute pic and u should use it

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I will change the dress, but keep the face!
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hehe ok
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aww but you aint gotta go to all that trouble its cute!
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I got it! tell me if it sucks!


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its AWESOME chica!!!!
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your making me blush!
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Isabel plz*bounce*
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Hey Bre-

I promised myself I wouldn't join another rpg, but this one looked way too tempting. I've never played Liz before, so if she's still available, can I be her?

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Hey Bre

I'll be Maxwell if that's cool with you chica*happy*

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of course
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I can’t believe we’re moving. I mean could my life get any worse and of all the places why ROSWELL New Mexico? Capital of the alien psychos!

At least Serena seems pretty content with the whole moving thing!

“MOM I don’t want to go.” I whine for the millionth time since I’d found out we were going.

“I know honey but we have to!”

“But MOM. It’s not fair moving us from New York to freaking Roswell New Mexico!” I say I can’t believe them I should just run away.

“No buts Maria we’re going that’s final.” She tells me firmly.

“Whatever.” I say running into my room and slamming the door as hard as I could.


posted on 12-Feb-2003 5:49:34 PM by Liz_Parker

I shake my head as Maria slams the door. Sure, we're twins and all....but she gets on my last nerves sometimes.

Maybe we can have a bigger and better life in Roswell. New faces, new buildings, new everything.

I walk over and knock on the door. "'s me...could you stop being a baby and open the door so I can finish packing?"
posted on 12-Feb-2003 5:57:16 PM by baby_bre


I go to open the door.

“I am NOT acting like a baby.” I say I can’t believe her sometimes she can be such a brat.

“Whatever.” She says walking into the room.

“I don’t see why you’re so happy about going to Roswell why don’t they just serve my head on a silver platter?”

posted on 12-Feb-2003 5:57:47 PM by tabasco sauce

It's 4 o'clock. Not exactly a busy time at the Crashdown. It's too late for lunch, and too early for dinner. It's times like these when I wish that there was someone my age working here. Agnes is old and grumpy, and Courtney is busy taking care of her toddler. So I'm left here on my own...unless you consider my algebra textbook company.

Just as I am about to begin the next problem in the homework, I hear the jingle of the diner's entrance. I look up, to see none other than the elusive Max Evans. For years I thought of him as just another face in the crowd. Someone that just wanted to blend in.

Then I was shot. I was moments away from dying when he placed his hand on my abdomen, and healed the fatal wound. The next day, he told me that he, his friend Michael, and and his sister Isbael were all aliens from the 1947 crash. I didn't believe him at first. I freaked out and told Alex and Kyle about the whole situation. The three of us decided to confront Max, and to our surprise, he was telling the truth. He has these powers...these amazing powers that enable him to manipulate the molecular structure of things. That's how he healed me.

"Hey, Max. What are you doing here?" I asked while closing my textbook.

"Can't a guy get something to eat?" He asked me with a shy smile.

"Oh...right. Is your mom making her tuna noodle casserole again?" I asked him, taking the order pad out of my apron pocket.

He nodded, and sat down in his usual booth. It was toward the back of the restaurant, where he usually went unnoticed. That's where he and Michael had been sitting the day he saved my life.

"I guess I'll have a moonburger and a cherry coke...with lime."

I smiled, and walked toward the kitchen. Before I was 5 feet away, I heard Max's voice calling me.


I turned around and walked back.

"Are Kyle and Alex okay with my know? Not from around here? Michael and Isabel are afraid they're going to crack and tell the authorities."

I shook my head. Alex and Kyle may be a little freaked, but they would never report any of our Czech friends to the FBI. Not after Max saved my life. They know that they don't want to harm anyone.

"No. They're okay. They just want to keep their distance, you know?"

He nodded, and looked down at the tabletop.

"What about you?"

I froze in place. How could I answer that.

"Max, you saved my life. If you ever needed me to help you with anything, I'd be ready and willing."

I looked at me, his eyes showing genuine concern.

"But is that what you want?"

He looked so nervous. So vulnerable. It's like if I said no, he'd break into a million pieces.

"Yes, of course."

~end Liz~

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I put some things in my bag then sit on my bed.

"Put it this way....if we go to a whole new town, and start all over again. I mean come on.....that Brad guy keeps bothering us anyways. If we go to a new place, we can be brand new", I say logically and smile.

She sighs fustrated. "Why do you have to be so calm about just about everything?", she asked and sits next to me.

I get a big grin. "Because I'm the better twin of course"
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I ask her why she has to be so calm about everything she replies that she’s the better twin please don’t make me laugh.

“In your dreams Rena.” I say rolling my eyes at her. I get up and pack some more stuff without talking to her.

“Why aren’t you talking?” She asks me after I’ve been giving her the cold shoulder for about 10 minutes.

I shrug and go back to what I’m doing.

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I know this started, iam just looking for a good time to post. sorry guys
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dont worry Maddie! take the time you need to find a good place to start!*bounce*
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I sat in my room and picked off the red nail polish off my toes.I used my powers to recolor them and I started to chip away again.I was board out of my mind.I got up and ruffled my hair again.I went to the crashdown thinking the others were there.I saw Max and Liz
I walk over
"Hey lovvebirds"I said as I slid onto the stool
posted on 15-Feb-2003 11:59:59 AM by baby_bre
great part I will post when serena posts back to maria
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I sigh softly. " know you can't stay mad at me forever".

She just keeps ignorning me and I roll my eyes.

God, why can't she just accept this and move on? I mean ocme on, it won't kill her to move. Sometimes I swear we're not related.
posted on 15-Feb-2003 3:48:55 PM by tabasco sauce

I got Max his order, and then sat with him in his booth. There weren't any tables to serve, so it wasn't like I was breaking any rules.

"Hey lovebirds," Isabel said sarcastically, pulling an empty chair over to our table.

"Oh...we're not...together." I said, uneasily.

Max looked up at me, a stange look gracing his features. "Yeah, we're not a couple."

Isabel raised her eyebrows. "It's not like I really care what the two of you are. You don't have to get so defensive." She said, twirling a strand of her blonde hair with her finger.

"Oh, okay. Did you want anything to eat? A drink? Food?" I know I must have sounded like an awkward child, but I didn't know what else to say. Isabel was a very intimidating person.

"No, I'm fine. I just wanted to get out for awhile, you know?" I looked over at her and nodded.

"So, what are you guys up to?" She asked, clearly interested.

"Nothing at the moment." Max replied, his voice calm and calculated.

"Well, my shift is going to end in a few minutes. I might go see a movie with Alex and Kyle."

Isabel suddenly perked up. "A movie, huh? Which one?"

"Daredevil or Biker Boyz. Something that the three of us will enjoy."

She nodded, a smile gracing her features.

"Well, maybe Max and I can join you. You know, to get to know Kyle and Alex better. They do know a heck of a lot about us. It wouldn't hurt to chat or something."

I looked up at Max. He seemed to like the idea. I couldn't say no to them. I didn't know how Alex and Kyle would react, but I knew it wouldn't be pretty.

"Um...that sounds good. I'll meet you down here at 6"

~end Liz~
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I am so ignoring her after comments like those.

I can’t believe we’re related sometimes she just wants me to pretend we’re not even phased this well I ain’t THAT good of an actress.

“Serena? I’m worried.” I confess.

posted on 15-Feb-2003 7:48:26 PM by LuvRug
Anybody else bored well I am and sick and tired of it. I love Izzy and MAx don't next me wrong and Liz and Kyle and Alex are begining to grow on me. But nothing new ever comes, It's always the same. I want to just someone like me to talk to,Did I say I'm bored yet and my damn hamburger isn't here yet

God I'm bored and hungry! God damn this stomach.


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"LIZ?" I hear someone call. I walk back into the restaurant, dressed in my street clothes.

"Oh, Michael...I didn't know you were here. Courtnety will be here in a few to take your order."

He shrugged, clearly uninterested.

"So, where are you going anyway?"

I looked over at Max and Isabel, in a silent plea for help.

"We're going to see 'Biker Boyz'...Alex and Kyle are also coming."

Michael nodded.

"Can I come? That Brenden Fehr sure has style."

I didn't expect Michael to be all. He doesn't seem like the social all.

"Um....okay. But we have to leave now. I was supposed to meet Alex and Kyle five minutes ago."

~end Liz~
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posted on 17-Feb-2003 5:02:43 PM by ~Ruby~

I can't help but look in Michael in shock! He had never wanted to hang around with human before maybe all the times I had spent trying to get him to be more sociable was starting to pay off.

I give Isabel a small grin because of the way Michael was suddenly being all nice to the very person he swore he would never say one nice thing to.

"You know we could take the jeep if you like" I offered, a small smile in my lips as I look a Liz
posted on 17-Feb-2003 8:03:15 PM by LuvRug
"Hey but someones buying the food," I say

Alex starts talking to me about his new chords I like Alex, wait no you don't Michael and Liz is not nice nope I hate those poeple that's right...hate em to death...I hope

I smile at Max " Come fearless leader to Maxmoblie Away!"


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I don't think Michael is listening to me.

"MICHAEL!!!! MICHAEL!!" I scream in his ear.

He gives me a look.

"Hey dude lighten up." I tell him jokingly.

He looks away and I lower my head.
posted on 17-Feb-2003 8:24:45 PM by Liz_Parker

I sigh. "What are you scared of Maria?", I ask and look at her.

She looks down. "Everything....I mean, we're going to Roswell of all places Serena.....don't you get that?", she askes me.

I just nod. "Come on....Ria, give it a chance, for me?", I ask with a pout....she can't say no to me.
posted on 18-Feb-2003 12:36:32 AM by baby_bre

Serena asks me why I’m scared I confess everything like I always do its not like we can keep secrets from each other well not really any way.

Sometimes I hate being twins but sometimes it’s a good thing to have someone feeling what you’re feeling. I don’t know it just comforting.

She tells me to give it a chance. I nod knowing she won’t shut up until I do.

“Serena what if no one likes me there? What if they can sense it?”

posted on 18-Feb-2003 7:17:45 AM by Liz_Parker

I reach over and hug her tight.

"Ria, stop worrying! I'm sure everything will be fine. I'm sure everyone will like you, now calm down!", I sigh and pull away.

Sometimes....I really wonder what goes on in that head of hers.
posted on 18-Feb-2003 10:31:27 AM by LuvRug
"Alex do you understand I'm trying to really not like you right now and your not helping becuase I like you people and thats bad. So not that I don't like I'm just trying not to"

posted on 18-Feb-2003 7:18:50 PM by baby_bre

Serena is calm and hugs me. I don’t want to be calm I don’t want to be rash right now I just want to run but I know Rena won’t come and I wouldn’t be able to deal with leaving her behind.

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with my sister she thinks she’s my babysitter.

“Well when are we going?” I ask looking around.

posted on 18-Feb-2003 7:32:43 PM by Liz_Parker

I sigh. "Soon.....don't worry", I say and grab the last of our bags.

She nods and we throw our bags in the car and climb in.

Heading to our new new lifes....and just about new everything else.
posted on 18-Feb-2003 8:02:22 PM by baby_bre

We climb into our car it’s a Silver Honda. We are going to be following our mom in her Jetta all the way to Roswell. How boring is this going to get?

I’m driving first so I turn up the volume on the radio She began singing:

Momma please stop cryin, I can’t stand the sound
Your pain is painful and its tearin me down
I hear glasses breakin as I sit up in my bed
I told dad you didn’t mean those nasty things you

You fight about money, bout me and my brother
And this I come home to, this is my shelter
It ain’t easy growin up in World War III
Never knowin what love could be, you’ll see
I don’t want love to destroy me like it has done
my family

Can we work it out? Can we be a family?
I promise I’ll be better, Mommy I’ll do anything
Can we work it out? Can we be a family?
I promise I’ll be better, Daddy please don’t

Maria sings before Serena tells her to quiet down.

“Don’t be jealous just cause I got the good sounding voice.” I says grinning.

posted on 18-Feb-2003 8:05:10 PM by tabasco sauce

Standing on line at the concession stand, I feel someone nudge my side. I look to my left and see Alex giving me a desperate look.

"Why did you invite them Liz? It was supposed to be the three of us," Alex said, clearly upset.

"I mean, Michael won't leave me alone."

Unsure of what to say, I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe he has a crush on you Alex. Ever think of that."

Alex's eyes grew wide in fear. That boy is waaay to easy to lead on.

"I was actually wondering the same thing. Why the hell are the Czechs crashing our movie night?" I looked up with Kyle, trying to give him my best pout. Kyle really doesn't like this whole 'alien' thing. Since he found out about Max, Michael, and Isabel, he's had to lie to his father about almost everything. It's clearly taking a heavy toll on him.

"Kyle, they were genuninely interested in seeing 'Biker Boyz'. This isn't going to turn into some crazy alien part, I swear."

He glared at me, and walked away. I guess I'll have to deal with him later.

"They really don't like us, do they?" The question came from Max.

"It's not that. They're just nervous, I suppose. They'll come around soon. I'm sure they'll like you guys a lot better once they spend the evening with you."

He smiled in response. "Are you sure about that?"


~end Liz~
posted on 18-Feb-2003 8:07:40 PM by Liz_Parker

I stick my tongue out and look out the window.

"You know as well as I do....I have like no talent at all" I say and sigh as we exit the town we've know as home for what seems like forever.

Well, I'm not gonna stick on it forever....I'll just move on and get used to least that's what I keep telling myself.

posted on 18-Feb-2003 10:08:08 PM by baby_bre

I glance over to Serena she's obviously deep in thought...

"Rena?" I say.

"What?" She asks turning towards me.

"There better be some fine guys in Roswell or I'm checking out." I say with a wide grin.

She knows me... I'm a lean mean Maria man eating machine.

Our motto is dont get attached and I've never had a problem with it... my friends used to tease me and say I ate men alive not litterally but I could go through a whole bunch

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I laugh. "Is that all you think about Ria?", I ask smiling.

She smiles back and shrugs. "Maybe".

I laugh again. "Maybe the guys there will be ok looking...but you know as well as I do, we can't be with them very long".

She nods and keeps driving. I give her one last look and change the radio station. Her music can be so annoying sometimes....
posted on 19-Feb-2003 8:32:00 AM by qt4167013

I really don't like this.

We buy our tickets and sit in the movie theater. I immedietly grab a seat next to Kyle on the end.

I look up to see Liz sending me a devilous look.

"I know that look." I whisper to Kyle.

"Alex! I really wanted to sit next to Max and Michael." She whines.

I look up.

"No way am I sitting next to one of them." I hiss.

She sticks her toungue out at me.

"Fine!" She says and walks over to Isabel.

"Iz would you mind moving so Max can be on the end?" Liz asks with her puppy dog eyes.

Isabel hesitates but moves and here I am. In a dark movie theater. Sitting next to Isabel Evans.
posted on 19-Feb-2003 9:33:22 AM by LuvRug
"Dude how come that ALex guy won't leave me alone?" I ask Max

Liz over and whisphers" Maybe he likes know like that"

My eyes bug out " Max please switch me seats"

"No I'm comfy"

"I hate you Maxwell I hate you"

posted on 19-Feb-2003 7:42:38 PM by Liz_Parker
hehe good parts *happy*
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I have been driving far to long... but I dont want to wake serena she looks so peaceful so instead I change the color my steering wheel its fun...

"Hey sleepy head." I say as I see Serena sit up.

"How long have I have been asleep?" She asks.

"Long enough for me to have drove 4 hours..." I say with a grin...
posted on 20-Feb-2003 7:20:33 AM by Liz_Parker

I nod and stretch a little. The road to Roswell's taking longer than I thought it would.

"Want me to take over? I think you ned your beauty sleep now", I say with a smile.

We pull over and switch quickly and get back on the road.

Maria gets comfy and I stare at the road. Sometimes I don't get why we have to move every 3 or 4 years. I hate it.

Sure, it's for our own safety....but a girls gotta have a life, ya know?

I once had a steady boyfriend, and then Maria got mad one day and used her powers in front of him and we had to move.

I turn on some soft music and tap my fingers much longer is this gonna take?

posted on 20-Feb-2003 6:53:59 PM by baby_bre

I wake up and Serena's still driving I strech...

"Want me to take over?" I ask looking at her.

"No I'll be ok for a little while longer." She says.

"oh." I say looking out the window I had been dreaming of Mark again he was my best friend.

but here I am! Serena doesn't know about Mark and me... no one does... they just knew we went to school together...

but its more then that he was my best friend he is my best friend and now I'll never see him again.

I sigh as Serena looks over...

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posted on 20-Feb-2003 8:38:05 PM by Liz_Parker

"Something wrong Ria?", I ask

She shakes her head and I sigh. I wish I could read that mind of hers.

One power I don't have...although it would rather come in handy. I know she's angry about having to leave behind all her friends, but I am to.

I had friends...and then there was Danny....we were kinda a couple I guess you could say. So much for that.

Before I know it I see the sign that says "Welcome to Roswell".

Looks like we're home........
posted on 20-Feb-2003 8:46:37 PM by baby_bre

Serena asks me if somethings wrong like I'm going to tell her she'd just say well I had to leave my friends behind...

but its not fair serena makes friends so much easier then me I can barely even have a conversation half the time without making me people *that aren't guys* think I'm stupid...

but I finally had some friends... god could my life get any worse? probably not...

"So we're here?" I say as I see the welcome to Roswell sign
posted on 20-Feb-2003 8:56:24 PM by Liz_Parker

I nod. We follow our mom's car to our new home.

Doesn't look like much, but it'll do I guess.

After I park I get out of the car and size the house up and smirk. "Home,sweet, home".
posted on 20-Feb-2003 9:02:59 PM by baby_bre

Great this place sucks... no offense but its soo dead!

Home sweet home I hear Serena say...

"Yeah maybe to some people." I mutter grabbing my bags
posted on 21-Feb-2003 5:14:47 PM by ~Ruby~

I try to focus on the film but its hard with Liz sat so close me.....that and Michael is being completely annoying. I wished I hadn't sat next to him now.

I quickly look at Liz for is watching the film.

I wonder if she will ever see me as more then a friend.

"Hey Liz will you pass the popcorn?" I ask with a small smile.
posted on 21-Feb-2003 11:12:47 PM by LuvRug
I'm bored