posted on 20-Feb-2003 3:52:31 PM by Anais Nin
Hiya everyone!

I've never done a RPG before, and don't know very much about it, but I was hoping you guys could teach me!

So, I have this idea that's been hidden in some deep, dark corner of my mind for some time now, and I thought that it might be a good story for a RPGG.

Here's the summary:

Liz and Max meet on holiday, just for one or two days, then one of them has to leave. They fall in love (think Grease 1-like) and kiss just once before they have to part up. They don't know anything 'bout each other but their names (maybe some other, rather unimportant stuff), and both feel sorry for not asking more info, or finding a way to have kept contact.

Liz is a danceteacher for little kids (from 4 to 10 years old) and tells them about Max.

Meanwhile, Isabel and Alex meet and get together. Isabel is Max's sister, Alex is Liz's best friend.

I haven't figured out what's gonna happen nxt, and don't know whether it's my job or not to do so, so please help me out? *big*


So, I'll need a cast...

Liz Parker ~ (I'd like to play her) Anaïs Nin
Max Evans ~
Alex Whitman ~
Isabel Evans ~
Maria DeLuca ~
Michael Guerin ~
Serena .... ~ Liz_Parker

If you'd want to be someone else (e.g. Tess, Kyle or Serena, or one of the kids Liz teaches, notify me, okay? Together, we can work something out *happy*)

Well, let me know what you guys think, and whom you'd like to play. If this, like, totally sux, also let me know...

~ Lynn *tongue*

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posted on 20-Feb-2003 6:46:37 PM by Liz_Parker
Can U add in a Serena plz?
posted on 21-Feb-2003 11:40:13 AM by Anais Nin
Of course!

She could be... umm... Liz's cousin? Max's cousin? Sister?

Paired up with Kyle? Or would you prefer someone else?

I think that I'm going to change the title in "Serendipity," okay? *big*

I hope to get more players soon... *happy*

~ Anaïs
posted on 21-Feb-2003 5:56:38 PM by Liz_Parker
hehe, she can be Liz's cousin or something......and being with Kyle is fine *happy* If U read Fighters and Rivalry, I'm Serena on there and with Kyle *happy*