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TITLE: A Princess Rebellion
CATEGORY: This is another ‘duh’. Mi/L what else? Um…also…Mi/M, M/I, K/L A/A…Alternate lifeline.
DISCLAIMER: They don’t belong to me…nuff said.
AUTHORS NOTES: Um. Okay…this is based on a film…Rich girl was it Nikki? But it is changed. What else? Okay…I can’t get it in anywhere but Jeff Parker is owner of ‘Parker’s’. It’s like Virgin. Mobiles, music, planes, trains. Huge deal!! Owns a fair amount of offices in Manhattan…. Known globally…that sort of thing. I was going to get it in to the first few parts but that didn’t happen. So it’s here.
DEDICATION: Polarist. Um…in my thank you's on my other stories I didn’t mention you cause I had nothing to say. So…here, have a story!! Plus you gave me the story so I gotta thank you!!! You are the rockiest of them all!!! You are COOL!!!! (I don’t have the smilie for that here!!) LEE XX

Liz sighed as she fumbled for her keys in her little Gucci handbag. She had just been to see her father, but things hadn’t gone as planned so she returned early. She opened her door to hear moaning coming from the back of her apartment that she shared with her fiancé Max Evans. Liz smiled a bitter smile. She wasn’t surprised that he was cheating on her…she had already known, and she was happy to catch him in the act.

The night before she had overheard Max on the phone to his lover, Isabel. While Liz had feigned sleep, Max had been comforting Isabel through the phone because she had wanted Max to break up with Liz. As Liz overheard Max explain to Isabel why he couldn’t break up with her, her heart turned to ice. As she learned that the only reason Max was with her was to gain a place at Parker’s, she felt sick. She had been so naïve thinking that Max loved her and that phone conversation was a slap in the face.

The meeting with her father that morning was precisely about Max Evans. However, as normal, her father hadn’t listened to her. “Max is a nice kid Liz, he doesn’t need you ruining his career because you are paranoid.” Liz rolled her eyes as the moans got louder. Grabbing her phone she speed-dialled Alex’s number. “Alex Parker” Alex spoke through the phone. “Alex, it’s me. Listen to this ok?” Liz walked over to her bedroom door that was open a crack, and placed the phone to the gap. “What does that sound like?” She whispered. Alex sighed down the phone. “He’s a fucking goner!” He exclaimed as he heard Max’s name being screamed. Liz said goodbye and went to sit on the couch.

About half an hour later Max and Isabel emerged from the room to find Liz sitting on the couch reading a magazine. They shared a look as Liz got up calmly from the couch. She chuckled quietly while shaking her head. “Well Isabel…you don’t need to worry anymore, Max, we are over.” With that she walked past them and entered her room. It looked spotless, as it had done before she left, and that made Liz wonder how long this ‘fling’ had been going on for. She heard the door click shut and a few minutes later Max entered the bedroom.

“Look Liz, I can…” Liz didn’t let him finish his sentence. “Why do people who have just been caught try to say that. Obviously you can’t explain. You were fucking her in my bed. It wasn’t a one off because I heard you on the phone last night. What can you possibly explain?” Liz had no idea why she was being so calm about this. Max had been one of the two people that she relied on and trusted fully, and he had betrayed her.

She got out her suitcases and began filling them with her stuff. “I’m going to let you have the apartment Max, purely because I have enough money to buy like fifty of these. Max sighed and sat down on the bed. “Are you going to tell your father?” He asked. Liz stopped what she was doing to look at him. “I already did, but he didn’t believe me.” Max began to smile. “But then, when I got home and heard you and Isabel, I called Alex.” She continued with a smile of her own. “My father won’t be firing you but my brother will.” Liz finished. Max shook his head. “Can’t you do anything to prevent it?” He exclaimed.

Liz whirled on him. “You are my boyfriend of three years Max, and I have just caught you cheating on me. Why would I help you?” She shouted, shaking her head in disbelief. Max stood up and walked over to her. “It’s all I have Liz. This is all I have ever wanted.” He said gently. Max knew that Liz wasn’t a mean person, and also had the power to prevent his dismissal. Liz sighed as she went into the bathroom to collect her toiletries. ‘Should I?’ She asked herself. She had loved Max, but had been introduced by her father. It hadn’t been a mutual thing, and she had always kinda known that Max was with her more for business than for love. But she thought he could grow to love her. And that is what upset her the most.

She collected her stuff and returned to the bedroom. Silently she went to the phone. “Look Alex.” She said when he picked up. “Don’t say anything about what happened. Let him keep his job.” Max heard Liz’s side of the conversation and when she put it down he asked her what had been said. Liz glared at him. “You still have your job, but there has been some changes to your position. Alex wouldn’t tell me anything else.” She closed her suitcases as the doorbell rang. “That will be Brian. Can you get him to come get my bags?” Liz asked Max as she looked around her room. Her three big suitcases were full of her stuff, and nothing remained was hers. As Brian, her driver, got her stuff she wiped a tear from her face and said goodbye.

I know, I know. No Michael. He's coming soon. I promise you! Now tell me what you think!!

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That evening Liz went out with her father and brother for their weekly dinner. Jeff, Liz’s father was not happy with Liz’s split. “He’s the best going Liz. Smart, handsome, hard working.” “But he doesn’t love me. He’s been sleeping with his PA for months now!” Liz argued in a hushed voice. Jeff rolled his eyes. “You don’t get this stubbornness from me.” He exclaimed. It was Liz’s turn to roll her eyes. “No I got it from mother. Just as I got my looks from.” She stated for the hundredth time. Every time Liz displeased her father he would make the comment about her being like her mother.

“And,” She continued. “If Mom were here, she would agree that the split was the right thing to do. I’m not happy!” Jeff tutted. “Yes, well she was always more concerned with people’s feelings rather than what was good.” Liz let out a breath in exasperation. She had finally had enough. Ever since her mother passed away she had been a mere a robot, doing everything her father had told her to do. When her mother was alive, she would stick up for Liz, but when, four years ago, she was killed, everything had changed.

“I’m leaving.” Liz spoke up. Both Alex and Jeff’s heads snapped up. Alex normally stayed out of the arguments between Liz and her father but this time he joined in. “What?!” He shouted before collecting himself as the other occupants of the restaurant turned to look at them. “Where are you going?” Liz shrugged. “I don’t know. But I have had enough of New York. Maybe L.A?” She suggested. Jeff spluttered. “There is no way that my only daughter is going to go gallivanting off half way over the country. What the hell would you do?” Liz took a sip of her wine. “I don’t know. But I need a life.” She exclaimed quietly.

Jeff shook his head, his face bright red in anger. “But you have a life here Lizzie.” Alex replied softly, taking her hand in his. Liz sighed and smiled softly at her brother. “No I don’t. You have a life. You have a girlfriend, a good job. You have the life. I don’t have anything here. I am not allowed to get a job, everyone in Manhattan knows who I am, or rather, who my father is. I am trapped doing nothing.” Liz sighed. “I am 22 Alex, and I haven’t even begun to live. I am chained to a routine that I hate.” Jeff stood up. “Well that’s gratitude!” He shouted not caring about the other people in the room. “I gave you everything!” Liz also stood up. “What have you given me? Time? No, always too busy. Love? No, always too busy. Acceptance? No, always too busy. You’ve given me money, nothing else, and I have had enough.”

Liz, in anger, grabbed her bag. “I’ll see you back at your Alex.” She said before storming out of the restaurant. Jeff sighed and sat back down. “What do I do?” He asked Alex, who just shook his head. “You are going to need to let her do her own thing.” He replied softly. Jeff bit his lip, “But she’s my little girl. I don’t want her to get hurt.” Alex frowned. “I think we are the ones that have already hurt her Dad. Notice how she doesn’t call you dad, just father? She feels trapped and unloved. When have we shown her love or just sat down and had a chat with her?” Jeff frowned. “We do this every week. Isn’t it enough?” Alex shook his head. “But we only talk business and Max. I think she feels like that is all she is to us.” Jeff frowned more. “So what? We let her go?” Alex nodded sadly.
The next morning Liz was sitting at Alex’s kitchen table reading the paper with his girlfriend Ava. The main story was about what had happened the evening before and Liz hated that. Because of her father’s position in the financial world, everything she did was tracked. It was like she was a celebrity…, which she was in a way. But instead of flaunting it, like other businessmen’s daughters and sons did, she tried to hide from it. The only time her face was in the paper was when something inadvertently happened. There was a knock at the door but Liz was pushed back into her seat when Alex walked through the kitchen to get it. As Liz heard Alex greet their father she groaned. She couldn’t handle another lecture, and he was sure to be furious about the paper. Ava smiled at her sympathetically. “Okay, that is my time to make myself invisible” She stated, heading to her bedroom.

“Liz, come sit down in the sitting room,” Her father’s voice came floating through the apartment. Rolling her eyes, she went through. “Look Liz, I was thinking. Maybe you do need to get away. So, I have decided to let you go.” Despite the ‘maleness’ of that statement, Liz was happy. She knew that without her father’s consent she could go nowhere, and she was grateful for the allowance. Liz walked over to her father and hugged him tightly. “I love you.” She whispered into his ear. This action moved her father, who had never been affectionate with either child, and so never received affection from them. He smiled softly and then cleared his throat.

“However, there are some rules.” He said in a stern voice. Liz smiled lightly and sat down next to her brother. She knew this was coming and so just accepted it. “You are still my daughter Liz. And we are always in the limelight. So behave! Don’t do anything stupid or else I will have you back here within the hour!” He threatened. Liz rolled her eyes but nodded. “Okay, and also I have set up a savings account. You still can’t have your main account until you come of age but this is to help you through.” Liz sighed. She knew that she would need money, but she didn’t want to scrounge of f her father because she felt that would defy the point of leaving.

“Look…My grandmother left me $1000. I will use that but I am not taking any more money. If you really want put it in my main account, but I refuse to use any you give me now.” Jeff sighed. “You know that you are killing me here right?!” Liz smiled. “I’ll be okay father.” She responded. Jeff nodded. “Okay. Now…when do you want to leave?”

Okay...still no more Michael, but this needed to be done just to get some stuff out. Michael will be in part four I promise. But still leave feedback!! Lee xx

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Two weeks later, Liz Parker was moving into a flat in LA to share with another girl her age, Tess Harding. Liz, not wanting to be so obvious had decided to change her look. Instead of long brown hair, she now had shoulder-length highlighted hair. It wasn’t much, but changed Liz’s appearance drastically. The next week was spent settling in. She got on really well with Tess who seemed quite a loner. When Liz asked her about this Tess had shrugged. “My mother died when I was born, so my father had brought me up. He wasn’t a fan of socialising and I was home schooled.” Liz’s heart went out to her. She could relate to Tess because of her own lifestyle, and the girls found lots in common with each other.

Liz’s father had given her some money to buy some clothes in LA as ‘an early birthday present’, so the following Friday Liz and Tess went shopping. Liz loved Tess’s style. It was sexy yet casual without being slutty or messy. They spent the entire day shopping and just getting to know each other better. Tess told Liz about her job at the well known bar, ‘Vanilla’ and about her boyfriend Kyle. Kyle was the owner’s son and played in a band with his best mate and his girlfriend. Liz realised that Tess had a really nice life and longed to have one like it. She told Tess about her brother and father without telling her who they were, and about her fiancé. Tess had been furious about Max and Isabel. “You should have got even girl! I would have. His balls would have been off like that!” She emphasised her point with a snap of the fingers. “And Isabel…I would have had fun with her!” Liz sighed. “Yeah, but I am nowhere near him now. If he was that driven then I hope he does well. However, his job is pretty worthless now. Alex decorated the title of the job, but he is a mere secretary! And because he doesn’t get paid all that much he has got to sell the apartment!” She confided in Tess with a sly smile. “I like the way you think!” Tess exclaimed laughing.

They spent that Saturday trying to find Liz a job. Late in the afternoon Liz groaned loudly, flopping her head down onto the table. “This is useless!” She groaned. “No one will hire someone who has no experience!” Tess stroked her back. “We’ll find something.” She assured Liz. Just then her mobile went off. “Yeah?” She answered it. After a few minutes she clicked it off and stood up. “I’m sorry hun, but I gotta get to work. One of the girls quit, so I gotta cover.” Liz looked up and smiled. “Hey, that’s okay. You go do your work.” She said understandingly. Tess smiled and headed for her room. Halfway there she stopped. “Why don’t you come down? It will be fun. Plus I can show you my friends, and I only have to work two hours.” Liz nodded smiling. “Okay,” She accepted, standing up. “I could do with a drink anyway.” Tess smiled. “It will be great.” She enthused. Liz laughed and went to get changed.

Half an hour later they were ready. Tess was in the bar’s uniform: black leather skirt, black tight shirt and black knee high boots. Her light blonde, curly hair contrasted well with the uniform, and Liz thought she looked great. Liz wore her brown leather mini-skirt with a gold, sleeveless top and big gold hoops in her ears. “You look great!” Tess enthused and Liz blushed. She had never been allowed to wear clothes like this before, and she was still embarrassed by it, but loved the clothes nonetheless. They walked the five-minute walk quickly, with Tess chatting animatedly about the people that Liz was going to meet. Liz just smiled as Tess linked her arm with hers and listened to Tess with amusement.

Because it was still early, there weren’t many people inside. Only three tables were full and the band weren’t in rehearsal. “Where’s the group?” Tess asked Jim Valenti, the bar’s owner, as she stepped behind the bar. Jim, or Valenti to pretty much everyone, was drying glasses and smiled to Tess and Liz as they entered. “Maria and Mickey had a fight earlier so they decided not to play tonight.” Liz looked at Tess in confusion. “Kyle’s best friend is the singer and bassist of the group. Michael, or Mickey to Valenti. Maria is the other singer and they date.” Tess exclaimed, getting started on wiping glasses. Liz nodded as Valenti looked her up and down. “So who’s this?” He asked Tess, nodding in Liz’s direction. Tess smiled and rolled her eyes. “God I am so rude!” She gushed. “This is Liz, my new flatmate, and Liz, this is Valenti, owner of the bar.”

Valenti nodded to Liz smiling and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you. Your face seems to be familiar…would I know you?” He asked curiously. Liz looked up sharply. “Uh, no…um. No.” She stuttered nervously. Tess frowned but said nothing as Valenti seemed to buy it. “Fair enough. Can I get you a drink?” Liz smiled and nodded, ordering herself an orange juice. As Tess went about getting the drink ready Valenti talked to Liz. “So, Tess told me about her new flatmate. How long have you been in LA?” He asked pleasantly. Liz replied and Valenti nodded as Tess gave Liz her drink.

Taking a sip, Liz almost choked. “What did you put in it?” She exclaimed, wiping her mouth with the napkin Valenti handed to her. Tess smiled, “Well I thought you could do with some cheering up.” Was her only comment. Liz sent her a mock glare but took a sip anyway. “Why do you need cheering up?” Valenti asked. Liz sighed. “I can’t get a job. I have no experience and so people are reluctant to hire me.” She said in a depressed voice. Tess reached over to pat her arm. “Don’t worry, we’ll find you the best job!” She exclaimed happily. Liz smiled and took another sip of her drink. Tess noticed that Valenti was deep in thought and pulled him to the side. “What’s the what?” She asked him.

“She could have Lonnie’s job. I need a new barmaid, and she seems smart enough. You could train her.” Tess squealed and leaned up to give Valenti a hug. “That’s incredible. She will be so happy!” Valenti chuckled. “Well, let’s hope so.” Was his only comment.

Liz was thrilled that she got the job. And it was arranged that Tess would bring her in early the next day to teach her the ropes. Then they would be on in the evening. Because it was a Sunday night, Valenti knew it would be quiet enough for Liz to handle on her first day. In the morning Tess and Liz got Liz’s uniform and changed at the club. The band was already in rehearsal when they got there but when Kyle noticed Tess he demanded a break.

Kyle hopped down from his place behind the drums as Tess ran up to him. “Hey babe…I’ve missed you” He said tenderly as she raised up to kiss him. “I missed you too” Was her response as they kissed passionately. Liz looked to the side, feeling a little awkward. Michael set down his guitar and looked at Liz. His eyes raked up and down her body in appreciation. ‘She’s beautiful’ he thought. He had never seen this girl before but assumed that she was Tess’s new flatmate. The girl had been raving about her all week and by the looks of things, Michael mused, Tess was right.

He then noticed her awkwardness and saw Tess and Kyle’s display for the first time. They normally were like this in public, so for Michael it wasn’t a huge deal. However it was new for Liz, as were the people and Michael took pity on her. Getting up off his seat he coughed loudly near Kyle before walking over to Liz. “Excuse them…they weren’t brought up properly.” He said snidely. Kyle and Tess, who had broken apart by then, both glared at him in mock annoyance as Tess hit him on the shoulder.

Maria breezed past them. “You could learn a thing or two Michael…I have to admit that I found your kisses sloppy, and I am not even going to get into your bedroom technique.” Tess raised her eyebrows as Michael retaliated. “Sorry Maria, you can only say something like that when you are the one that initiated the break up. If I was that bad then why did you stay with me? Besides, I didn’t hear any complaints during the act.” Maria only glared at him as she walked away. Tess extracted herself from Kyle’s embrace to go over to Liz who was staring at the ground, thoroughly uncomfortable. “You get used to Maria’s vile-ness. No one likes her here except Michael, so we learned to tolerate her.” Liz glanced up at Michael who was staring at her intently, making her feel like he was undressing her with his eyes…which he kinda was. Kyle noticed the look that Michael was giving Liz and smirked. “So Tess, you going to introduce us?” He asked teasingly.

Tess slapped her forehead. “I did it again didn’t I?!” She exclaimed. Liz smiled and tilted her head slightly before nodding. In return Tess grinned and linked her arm through Liz’s. “This is Liz, the flatmate I was telling you guys about.” Liz smiled at Kyle and Michael who both nodded. “That is Kyle.” Tess said as Kyle shook Liz’s hand. “…And Michael.” Michael stepped forward and took Liz’s hand in his own. Slowly, without losing eye contact, he raised her hand up to his lips and kissed it gently. Tess shared a confused glance with Kyle, who returned it with an amused one.

Liz was in heaven. She thought that Michael was stunning. He had long, spiky hair that was a mousy brown, and hazel eyes. He was relatively tall and had a really nice build. Liz noted that the black T-shirt he was wearing enhanced his muscles, giving her the idea that he worked out. All she wanted to do was run her hands through his hair, and pull him to her…hard. She let out a shuddering breath and stepped back. “Uh, nice to meet you both.” She said hesitantly, her gaze never leaving Michael’s eyes. Tess smiled at the interaction. “Ohhh…feel the passion!” She whispered to Kyle who laughed lightly and hugged her to him.

Maria came back then and broke the spell that had entwined itself over Michael and Liz. Tess went to showing Liz around while Michael and the others got back to rehearsing, however his eyes never left Liz’s form and he knew that he would have to get to know her better.


The bar closed at eleven that night because it was Sunday, but by that time Liz was exhausted. She finished her closing up tasks and then flopped down on a stool as Tess cleaned glasses. “Babe…how was it?” Tess asked with a smile. That evening had been busier than normal and Liz had been worked off her feet. “I can just say that I am glad today is over!” Tess left to get changed leaving Liz musing over her evening.

The only thing that had kept her going was Michael’s playing. Liz thought the band was excellent: Maria had a beautiful voice, no matter how mean she was, and Liz envied her. Michael also had a captivating voice, and Liz thought that she could listen to it forever. He was very talented, and his and Maria’s voices went well together. Liz sighed as she closed her eyes and let her head rest on her arms. She had no chance with Michael, yet she had never felt this attraction before to a guy. Even with Max, it had been less intense than this. Liz didn’t know what she was getting into.

She heard a rustling to her side and saw that Michael had sat down. They sat there in silence for a few minutes before Michael cleared his throat. “So, uh, what did you think of the set?” Liz sat up and turned to him. “I thought it was incredible. Your band is amazing, you are very talented.” She answered honestly. Michael smiled and ducked his head slightly. “I was only looking for good or bad, but thanks.” Liz smiled. “You really are good. I am very impressed.” Michael smiled at her, secretly pleased. “Well I am glad. It’s always nice to find someone who likes my music.” Liz smiled and turned back to the bar. “So,” Michael prompted, wanting to continue talking to her. “How are you finding it living with Tess?” Liz smiled. “Really good actually. I have never had a really close friend before, so it’s nice.” Michael was shocked. “You’ve never had a close friend before?? Wow...why is that?” Liz began to fidget but Tess came up then saying she wanted to get home to bed. Liz was relieved and hopped off her stool, leaving a confused Michael.

The next few days went by quickly. Liz was a fast learner, and soon she was up to speed with the late nights. Michael and her continued to chat when they were both at the club, and Kyle and Tess watched the interaction with great interest, as did Maria. Valenti was very impressed with Liz’s quick learning, yet continued to think that he had seen her before. All in all there had been a lot of attention on Liz for those first few days, and by Friday it had got to her.

Both Tess and Liz were working Friday night, the busiest night ‘Vanilla’ had and they were both on to closing. The bar was packed, and for the first time, Liz was really hard pushed the entire night. The bar closed at four am, but instead of being tired she was wired. Tess and Liz weren’t on closing, so they waited around for Michael and Kyle, who were packing up. “So…where to?” Kyle asked as they joined the girls at the bar. Maria had also tagged along, and Liz got weird vibes off her so tried to avoid her at all costs. “Um, actually I am kinda beat, I was thinking off just going home.” Tess said, wearily leaning on Kyle’s chest. Michael looked to Liz. “You just gonna go home?” He inquired. Liz shrugged. “Well, I was kinda up for doing something, but I guess I will just go home.” Michael took her arm. “Well why don’t we do something?” Before Liz could object Kyle stepped in. “Yeah, I can take Tess home. It’ll be cool.” Liz looked to Tess. “Are you sure?” She asked, really wanting to go out. Tess smiled. “It’s cool Liz, Kyle will look after me.” Michael snorted, “And you definitely don’t want to be around for that!” He leaned in closer to Liz. “Come on, It’ll be fun. You’ll have a blast.” Liz smiled and nodded. “Sure, I’m up for it.” She finally agreed.

“Yeah, me too.” Maria added. Everyone turned to her, forgetting she had been there. Michael felt Liz tense and frowned. “Actually Maria, it was kinda just a thing for two. If you know what I mean,” Maria shook her head, feigning innocence. Michael knew that she knew that he wanted alone time and he glared at her. They stared at each other for a few moments, trying to get the other to back down until Michael finally gave up. “Fine!” He huffed. Turning to Liz he bit out, “Liz, will you go out on a date with me?” Liz sat shocked. “Um, yeah, sure.” She stuttered, looking to Tess who grinned at her. Michael smiled tightly. “Great...Maria, sorry, it’s a date. You aren’t welcome.” He said sharply to Maria. She stood there for a moment just glaring at him before turning on her heel and leaving.

Michael sighed and shook his head. Kyle and Tess shared a glance and communicated silently. Kyle cleared his throat and spoke. “Okay, well lets get moving. You guys going?” Michael sighed again and then smiled at Liz. “Yes, let’s get this date started.” Holding his hand out to Liz, he smiled at her as she took it and pulled her up to standing. “You, Liz, are going to have the time of your life. Let’s get this party started!”