title: discovered feelings
author: oceania/melissa
rating: PG-13, for now
summary: takes place during and after It's too late, it's to bad
category: Sean and Liz
note: Please give me some feed, this is the first fic I've ever posted.

Sean was in the kitchen of his aunt's house, were he lives since he got out of juvie. He is trying to unplug the sink with a broom handle; there's a knock on the back door. When he opened the door and saw that Liz was there. "Hey."

"Hi!" Liz said nervously walking into the house.

Closing the door behind her he told her, "Maria's not here." Liz always came over to see his cousin who happened to be her best friend.

"I know. I wanted you. Look, thank you, um, for taking the heat the other night with Hanson. It was very heroic of you. And, look, I'm sorry, you know. I know I should've called. Do you have to go to jail?"

"Aunt Amy talked to Valenti, Valenti talked to Hanson. Basically, I'm gonna be doing community service until I'm like, senile, but kept it off my record," he told her while he was trying to fix the broken garbage disposal.

"Thank god," Liz said relieved that their little breaking into the school wasn't going to cause him to go back to jail.

Sean tries to get the disposal unplugged, again. "Piece of crap," he said about the disposal, he turns around and asked Liz, "Do you want anything to drink?"

"Oh, no, thank you," she said refusing his offer for a drink. She knew that she should get going since all she wanted to do was find out how much trouble he got into by breaking his parole. "Yeah, I should go."

"Armored truck heist?" he asked jokingly since the other night it was a break in, at the school to get some records, probably Alex's.

"No, not exactly," she told him not wanting him to know about her looking into her best friend's Alex untimely death.

"How about some company then?"

"Oh, don't think that I would be very good company right now," she said not wanting him to come along, because she knew going with her was against his probation, she was leaving the country.

"I don't know, Parker. I'm pretty easy to entertain," he said not wanting her to let her leave without going along with her.

"Yeah, and I appreciate the offer, but, um, you know, I'm just sort of in the middle if something really huge right now, and I need to really focused on it, so I should just do it alone," she said, telling him an excuse for he wouldn't be able to come along.

"And you can't tell me what is," Sean said knowing that Liz would never inform him about what she was up to.


"So, let me get this straight. I can't date you. I can't hang out with you. Is there anything I can do with you?"

Liz looked at Sean, she knew he wanted to be with her since he got back from being in juvie. "Uh-uh. Not yet. I'm sorry," she told him, she starts to she starts to walk away but turns around. She presses her lips hard against his, his arms wrapped around her waist pulling her closer to him. Breaking from the kiss, she begins to leave a stunned Sean in the kitchen.

Sean watches has Liz is about to the house and possible his life forever. He moves to the door when she was about to open it to leave, grabbing her arm he pulls her where her back is against the door.

"Sean," Liz said surprised she wasn't expecting him to grab her and prevent her from leaving the house.

He didn't responded to her when she said his name. He leaned into her brushes his lips against hers in a hard kiss, slipping his tongue in her mouth causing her to moan softly. He moaned when she deepened the kiss even more. Breaking the kiss, he quietly said, "Liz."

"Sean," she said trying to catch her breath.

End of part one