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Title: Sex Type Thing
Author: MoonBaby19
Rating: NC-17 now but it ownt be the enitre time (I'll post what rating it is each time)
Category: UC
Summary: One night Liz meets a man that turns her world upside down. But is he really what he appears to be? (Read to find out more, I don't want to ruin the surprise)
Disclaimer: No I don't own any of them! I don't own the song Sex Type Thing by Stone Temple Pilots either
Author's note: This fic is different then anything I have written before. It really has nothing to do with anything that has happened on Roswell. It is a AU fic. No one is an Alien either.

Sex Type Thing

I am, I am, I am
I said I wanna get next to you
I said I gonna get close to you
You wouldn’t want me have to
Hurt you too?

I ain’t, I ain’t, I ain’t
A buyin’ into your apathy
I’m gonna learn ya my philosophy
You wanna know about atrocity?

I know you want what’s on my mind
I know youlike what’s on my mind
I know it eats you up inside
I know, you know, you know

I am a man, a man
I’ll give you somethin’ that you wont forget
I said you shouldn’t have worn that dress
I said you shouldn’t have worn that dress

Here I come, I come, I come

Part 1

Liz stood there with her arm tucked under Max’s. She hated these dinners. The only reason for them was for Max to get more clients so that his business made more money. Of course Liz got to see the fruits of these labors, but she still hated the parties. They were all a bunch of business men and the women that they were cheating on their wives with. It was really hard to tell the mistress’s from the wives, but Max could always tell. It bothered Liz that Max didn’t seem to care about the fact that all these men were cheating. It made her wonder what he was doing behind her back. Liz was extremely careful and suspicious of Max. She knew he loved her, but it was hard not to think that all those late hour at work could be something else altogether.

Yet, Liz still put on her best fake plastered smile and entertained her guests. There was not anyone worth her time at the party tonight, well except for her friend Maria who she had to pay to get to come. Liz looked around for Maria and couldn’t see her. She slipped her arm out from Max’s who didn’t even seem to notice she had walked away.

Liz looked in the living room and didn’t see Maria at all. She walked through the house and there was no sign of Maria. Finally Liz decided to check the basement. She slowly walked down the stairs closing the door behind her. She didn’t want anyone else to come to the basement. It was the only unfinished part of the house. Only Maria would be down there.
“Maria!” Liz called as she reached the bottom step.

“Sorry no one else down here but me,” A deep voice said back. Liz turned to face the sound and saw a young man sitting on top of the washing machine. He was incredibly attractive with a sexy smile and wild unruly hair.

“Oh I’m sorry but we really don’t want people down here. It is not fit for anyone to see, so if you’d like, I can take you back upstairs,” Liz said trying to get him back upstairs with the rest of the group.

“I like it down here. I hate it up there,” the man laughed. “Too much mingling, I hate mingling.”

Liz couldn’t help but laugh. “Me too, I only do it because I have too. It is one of the many draw backs of being the girlfriend of a business man.” Liz took a seat on the dryer next to the man. “My name is Liz by the way.”

“I’m Michael, nice to meet you Liz,” Michael smiled. They way he smiled sent shivers up Liz’s spine. He looked so sexy. Liz was troubled by the fact that she couldn’t help but feel some sort of attraction to this man. She had never felt such a strong pull to any man, not even Max.

“So Michael, what are you doing down here,” Liz asked. She wanted to learn more about this mystery man.

“Well I hate large crowds, I can’t stand parties and I hate business men,” Michael laughed.

“Then this is definitely the place for you right now,” Liz laughed. “But, why did you come here then?”

Michael remained quiet for a moment “I had some unfinished business to take care of,” Michael said starring into her eyes. Liz felt his eyes penetrate hers. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him and she had no idea why. Suddenly she felt herself move towards him. She couldn’t stop herself. She wanted to touch him.

Liz threw her arms around Michael’s neck. Michael in return pressed his lips against hers. She had no idea what she was thinking, but it just felt right. Here she was in the basement with a guy she didn’t even know kissing him while her boyfriend made deals upstairs. It scared her to know that she had this kind of attraction to a stranger, but excited her as well.

Michael set her up on the washing machine as he stood infront of her “God you are so beautiful,” He said as he lifted up her long red dress.

Liz knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but she just didn’t want him to stop. His hands were pulling up her skirt slowly and it made her ache for him. Finally her dress was all the way up and her panties were exposed.

Michael smiled as he saw the desire in Liz’s eyes. He reached for the top of her black panties and slid them down her leg and dropped them to the floor. She was now exposed to him from the waist down. He stepped in between her legs, spreading them apart. He let his finger slide in between where he stood and her body and to her center. He loved the moaning response he got from her.

Liz sat there unable to stop what was happening. His fingers felt like heaven inside of her. She wanted more, she wanted all of him.

“M...Michael, I want you,” She whispered into his ear.

Michael looked into her eyes and gave her one of his sexy smiles. “I want you too” Michael dropped his pants and boxers. Liz watched as he did so. She was shocked beyond belief when she saw him. He was huge. Damn a nice hot guy who is well stacked, she was just one luck girl to get such a guy.

Michael pulled her legs apart again and slowly made his way into her. He closed his eyes tightly shut as he began to move in and out of her. A soft moan made his eyes flicker open. Liz’s head was thrown back in pleasure as her breath was heavy. He couldn’t stop staring at her face. He was plunging deeper and deeper into her.

Liz opened her eyes to find Michael staring at her. The way his eyes watched her just turned her on more. She began to move with him. She watched as eyes glazed over at the increased pleasure.

Finally it was becoming too much for him. He couldn’t hold out much longer. With Liz moving and him shoving himself into her, he was about to explode. Quickening his pace he hoped to get her their too. By the looks of it he was succeeding. Liz began to squirm and moan underneath him. He had to put a hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming out. Her nails were scratching down his back as they both came together.

Exhausted, Michael pulled out of Liz giving her one last kiss on the forehead. He pulled up his boxers and then his pants and began grabbing her clothing. Liz slipped her panties back on in silence. She didn’t know what to say to this man.

Suddenly the door opened and someone started to come down the steps.

“Liz?” a familiar voice called.

Liz quickly slipped into her dress and had Michael zip it up. She ran to the steps. “Oh hey Maria, I have been looking all over for you,” Liz said trying to fix her hair.

“Well I have been looking for you. Come on, Max is wondering where you went off to,” Maria said grabbing Liz’s hand. Liz snuck one last look at Michael who was smiling. He waved at her as she was pulled up the stairs.

Liz walked into the room and was soon pulled into a hug from behind. Liz looked back to see Max standing behind her. He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. “Where did you wonder off to?”

“Oh…I was just looking for Maria that’s all,” Liz lied.

Max smiled. Liz looked incredibly beautiful. “Well did you find her?”

“Yeah,” Liz whispered. She had not only found Maria, but the man of her dreams as well.


I can hear the voice
But I don't want to listen
Strap me down and tell me I'll be alright I can feel the subliminal need To be one with the voice And make everything alright Are you breathing now
Do the wicked see you
You still breathing You're making me known Are you breathing now
Do the wicked see you
You still breathing
-Disturbed (Voices)

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Part 2

Max took off his tie and slumped down in the chair. “Thank God that is over with!”

Liz smiled nervously. She felt horrible for what she had done. “Really? I thought you loved having guests over,” Liz smiled.

“Yeah but no for such a long time and not so many. There were so many people here I didn’t get to talk to them all. Did you get a chance to meet anyone?” Max asked.

Liz froze, did Max know what she had done? How did he find out? “Uh…I didn’t really get to meet anyone. Well, actually I did talk to one gentleman he’s name was….I think it was Michael.” Liz watched his face for a reaction. There seemed to be nothing but confusion in his face.

“Michael? I don’t know any Michael. Oh do you mean Michael Gotar? You met him before.”

“No not Michael Gotar. This was someone I havn’t met before.”

“Well it beats me, maybe he was just someone who tagged along with someone invited. I sure didn’t invite him,” Max said as he took off his shoes.

Damn, now she had no information about the mysterious guy from the basement. She had been hoping she would at least learn a little something from Max about him. Maria had come down into the basement right when Liz was going to start asking Michael some questions. But then, she had cheated on Max, how could she think that she should get all of her questions answered by him.

Liz walked to the bathroom and removed her dress. She wanted to get into her pajamas as soon as possible and get to sleep. Suddenly Liz felt as if she was being watched. She felt someone’s eyes on her back.

“Max?” Liz whispered. She turned around quickly but no one was there. “Max!” Liz yelled.

“What?” she heard Max say, he was still in the living room.

“Man I must be nuts,” Liz said out loud to the empty room. She pulled her night gown over her head and walked back into the living room with Max.

He had been watching her again. It seemed like whatever he did, he could not keep him mind off of her. So, he would return night after night to watch her. Sometimes she would just be sitting there alone, sometimes she would be with her boyfriend, and sometimes she would be asleep. No matter what she was doing, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She was enchanting.

But, this time it had been different. Usually she didn’t notice that he was there. Usually she couldn’t feel his presence, but tonight had been different. As he starred at her, he noticed that she seemed uneasy. She had stopped what she was doing and looked around the room as if she had sensed something or someone was there.

Michael wasn’t sure what to do. Now that she knew something was p should he keep coming back? Why did she notice him to night and no other night before? It had been a year since he had noticed her. Why only now did she realize someone was there.

He never should have done what he did. He never should have gone to that party and actually speak to her. He never should have allowed himself to get that close. He never should have made love to his angel. Now somehow she could feel when he was near. Michael jumped down from where he sat on the outside of her house and ran out of the yard.

Liz climbed into bed and into the arms of her strong boyfriend. She knew that she no longer deserved to have man like Max at all. She was just as bad as those men who always came to their parties, the ones who constantly cheated on their wives. She was a bad person, she had done something terrible that couldn’t be taken back. But the question was would she even take it back if she could? Liz shut her eyes trying to just make everything go away. Her life was now complicated by a man whose last name she didn’t even know. All she knew was that she was drawn to him, that she needed him.

The next morning Liz woke up and found that Max was already gone. He usually woke her up before he went to work, she wondered why he hadn’t this morning. She slipped out of bed and put on her slippers. After using the restroom, she walked to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Liz pulled her robe shut and pushed her hair behind her ears. She hated it when people stopped by unannounced. She looked through the peek hole and gasped at what she saw. It was HIM. Liz tried to calm herself down, but she couldn’t. Her heart was beating rapidly and her palms were starting to sweat.

She finally griped the door handle and pulled it open.

“Oh, you are home. I was about to leave,” Michael said as he walked past her into her house.

“Uh...can I…what are you….what are you doing here?” Liz asked. She was nervouse as hell.

“I needed to see you again and I wanted to give you these,” Michael pulled out a handful of roses.

“Thanks…wow these are beautiful,” Liz blushed.

Michael could sense that Liz was nervous. She had no idea why he was there. “Look Liz, I…I needed to see you again because last night was…amazing. I have never done anything like that before . I didn’t want you to think that I am some sort of pervert or something.”

Liz laughed. She never thought he was some kind of pervert at all. “Look, I know you aren’t some kind of pervert. If you are then that makes me one too. Would you like something to drink?”

“Oh uh sure. Whatever you have.”

Liz walked into the kitchen . Just as she was pouring the orange juice, she heard the front door open.

“Liz honey I forgot my suitcase,” Max yelled as he entered the apartment. Liz jumped at his voice. She ran to where Michael was waiting for her only to see that he was no longer there. He must be hiding she thought to herself.

“I got it, I’ll see you later tonight,” Max said as he gave her a peck on the cheek. He walked out the door and closed it behind him.

Liz let out the breath she had been holding. “Michael? Michael you can come out now,” Liz yelled. There was no answer at all. She was met with silence. “Michael?” Liz called again. She looked all around the house. No one was there. ‘That’s weird’ Liz thought to herself as she sat back down and began to drink her orange juice. Michael must have gotten out of the house. But how is that possible. To get out he would have had to pass the kitchen where she was. It was impossible for him to be able to leave without her seeing him.

But, that was the only explaination there was. Liz finished her orange juice and got dressed. Today she was going to dig up whatever she could on this Michael guy.


Part 3

Michael stood there watching her again. He was so close to her only minutes before but her dumb ass boyfriend just had to come back home. He had gotten out of there as soon as he possibly could. He hoped that Liz wasn’t angry with him. He had to leave he didn’t have a choice. Well actually he did, but he couldn’t stay the while Max was there and feel good about it.

Michael began to walk. He had to stop watching her like this. It was beginning to be an obsession. Of course he knew already that is was way beyond that, but he couldn’t think about it. He knew he needed to get away, so he walked. Michael found walking around the city to be incredibly peaceful. No one ever bothered him, not that they could even if they tried. He was alone and happy to be. The only time he wasn’t alone or didn’t want to be was when he was watching her or when he was with her.

Liz sat at the computer searching for any sign of him. There seemed to be nothing. Of course it would help if she knew his last name. She felt disgusted that she hadn’t even gotten that much info before she slept with him. And this morning everything happened so fast that she didn’t get a chance to ask. Now here she was at the library looking him up on the internet. Liz signed and stood up. This was useless. She grabbed her bag and began to walk down the huge flight of stairs that led to the parking deck. As she walked, a familiar feeling washed over her casing her to look around. As she turned her head to the left she saw him. It was Michael. Liz couldn’t help but smile.

Michael hadn’t ment to run into her, honestly. But, now that he saw she was there he was beyond happy. The minute her eyes reached him and that smile came to her lips, he couldn’t help but walk over to her.

“Hey,” Michael said shyly.

“Hey,” Liz said back.

“I…I am sorry about this morning-“

“Don’t be, I mean I understand why you left,” Liz smiled.

‘Would you like to get some lunch?” Michael asked.

“Uh sure why not.”

Michael led the way and Liz followed. Only then did she notice the strange looks she was getting from the other people on the stairs. “What is their problem?” She whispered to Michael.

Michael looked around “I have no idea,” he laughed.

Liz took one last look around and decided to laugh it off too.

“I think we should eat here,” Michael said as they came upon a little sub shop.

“Sounds good to me,” Liz smiled.

Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. “Can you order while I use the mens room, here is the money.

“Sure,” Liz replied

“I want a Veggie sub,” Michael winked at her and left to use the restroom.

Liz walked to the counter and ordered the subs. By the Time Michael came out of the bathroom Liz was sitting at the table eating. “Hey, took you long enough,” Liz laughed.

“Sorry,” Michael half smiled. It made him look in credibly sexy.

Liz placed his sub in front of him and he began to eat. “So, Michael there is something I have been wanting to ask you”

“Go ahead,” Michael said through a mouthful of food.

“What is you last name?”

“Oh that’s an easy one. It’s Guerin.”

“That’s an unusual last name.”

“Yeah I guess so,” Michael laughed. Liz had to laugh too because his laugh was so adorable.

“I need to go get a napkin you need one?” Liz asked as she stood up and began to walk to the counter.

“Nope, but thanks,”

Liz walked up to the counter and grabbed a couple of napkins.
“Uh…excuse me miss, but are you alright,” The girl behind the counter asked.

“Yes, I am fine thank you,” Liz said unsure why the girl at the counter was asking her that.

“Okay then,” the girl said and turned around.

Liz was getting worried. The girl was kind of freaking her out. She walked back to the table. “Michael can we get out of here? That girl at the counter is really weird.”

Michael laughed. “Sure no problem, but we need to find a place to eat.”

“How about the park?”

“Yeah, the park is perfect.”

Michael and Liz grabbed their food and left the shop, heading for the park.


Part 4

“This place is perfect,” Liz smiled as she took another bite of her sub.

“Yeah, I come here a lot. It’s a nice place to just walk and think,” Michael smiled looking at how adorable Liz looked eating. He couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of her. She was perfect in everyway, inside and out.

“Michael can I ask you a question?”

“Sure go ahead.”

“Well…at the party, well how did you know about the party? Max said he didn’t know you at all. He said the only Michael he invited was another guy.”

Michael sat there not knowing what to say at all. He had hoped this didn’t come up. He wasn’t sure what to do now that it had. He figured the best thing to do was to tell the truth, well as much as he could anyway.

“Uh…Liz I um…I wasn’t invited to the party,” Michael said slowly. He stopped to gauge her reaction. She seemed a little worried, but not exactly surprised. So he continued “Look here is the truth. I have seen you before. I saw you the first time when I was at the gas station you know the one on Arligh Street? Well I saw you and lets just say that I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I kind of followed you and saw where you lived. A week later I saw you again in the store. From then on I was seeing you everywhere. Don’t think I am some sort of stalker, because I am not, I just felt a pull to you. Then, I saw my chance to meet you when I noticed you were having a party.”

For a minute Liz could only sit there. He had seen her at the gas station and followed her home? She knew that for some reason that should alarm her, but it didn’t. She felt safe with Michael not matter how he came to know her. It didn’t seem to matter. It felt right that night in the basement and it felt right now. “I…all I can say to that is wow.”

“Wow?” Michael laughed. He was glad she didn’t think he was some sort of crazy man.

“Yeah, I mean not a lot of guys would be so bold as to just walk into another person’s house even if they are throwing a party,” Liz laughed.

“I guess so,” Michael smiled. He was done with his food and seeing that Liz was done also, he took her hand and helped her get up. “Let’s walk”

Liz put her arm around his and they began to walk down one of the paths in the park. It was beautiful. The leaves on the trees were just turning orange and yellow, signaling that fall was here. She had never really walked these paths before so she was in awe of the beauty that surrounded the place. Most people would find it hard to believe that there was such a place in the middle of the city.

“How often do you come here?” Liz asked breaking the silence.
“Every day”

“Really? What do you do? Just walk?”

“Yeah, I walk and think.”

“And what do you think about?” Liz asked.

“You,” Michael said sheepishly. He knew it sounded like some stupid line, but it was the truth. There wasn’t one time that he came here not think about Liz.

Liz stopped in her tracks. “Really?” She looked deep into his eyes and found that he was in fact telling the truth. She didn’t know how, but she knew it to be true. She suddenly felt the urge to kiss him so she pulled him closer. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” Liz said before she crushed her mouth to his.

Michael’s response was instant. He had to kiss her back with more intensity. When the kiss broke, Michael had to fight for air. He couldn’t hide the fact that he was incredibly excited. He pulled her hand and pulled her to under the nearest tree. He looked at her with pure lust in his eyes and she knew at once what he wanted.

“Michael, anyone could see us here,” Liz said as Michael kissed slowly down her neck and to her shoulder. “But…who cares,” she mumbled as the passion took over. She was kissing him again before she knew it. Her tongue roamed his mouth begging for him to take her.

Michael fumbled with his belt but finally was able to unbuckle it. He needed to get his pants off. His hardness was making his pants way too tight. Once his pants were off, he moved on to Liz. He slipped her tiny tank top off of her petite body, placing it neatly beside them. Liz was not wearing a bra so her magnificent breast were exposed to him. He bent down to gently lick her nipples with a flick of his tongue. He could tell it was driving Liz crazy.

He was driving her mad. She couldn’t control herself. Strange noises were coming from her own throat. She needed to do the same for him. She pushed him down so that he was lying on the grass. Slowly, Liz pulled the boxers from his body and positioned herself for what she was about to do. She took his hardness in her mouth. She was amazed that it even fit. He fully groaned as soon as she began to bob her head up and down. First she was slow and steady then as she got the hang of it, began to move faster and faster.

“Liz, you better stop,” Michael mumbled.

But Liz didn’t want to stop. She wanted him to explode by her just using her mouth on him.

When he couldn’t hold it anymore, he came. He was disappointed with him self for the lack of control. It ment that he and Liz would not be able to make love again any time soon.

“Liz why didn’t you stop?” Michael asked.

“I wanted you to come for me like that,” Liz smiled. She grabbed her tank top and put it back on her body. “Besides, we wouldn’t be able to stay here naked, someone was bound to walk by.”

“You’re right and well…thanks,” Michael laughed.

“No need to thank me, the pleasure was all mine,” Liz giggled. Lizlooked down at her watch. “OH SHIT!” She jumped up and handed him his pants and boxers.

“What?” Michael asked alarmed.

“I gotta go! Max is gonna be home in two minutes! I have to go. It was nice seeing you again. Come by Friday and we’ll do this again,” Liz kissed him quickly on the lips and ran off down the path. Leaving a very pleased but very depressed Michael sitting under the tree.


Part 5A

She ran all the way home. By the time she had reached the house, she was completely out of breath. Liz sat down on the front stairs. She looked around and there was no sign of Max’s car. He must have stayed late at the office again. He always did that and left her home alone.

Finally Liz had her breath back and walked up to the front door. She reached into her pocket to grab her keys and found nothing. She reached into the opposite pocket and found the same thing. She had lost her keys. She walked to the steps and checked to see if they had fallen out. There weren’t there.

“SHIT!” Liz yelled. The keys could be anywhere.

“Calm down,” a deep voice over her shoulder said. Liz turned around and came face to face with Michael who was dangling a pair of keys in his hand.

“Oh thank God,” Liz smiled as she took the keys from him.

“I figured you would need those”

Liz again smiled at him. He was so sweet. “Thank you for bringing them to me,” Liz said. Then a though occurred to her. “How did you get here so fast? I had to run all the way to get here when I did and you were still sitting on the ground when I ran off.” Liz could see a look, what was that look...panic flash through his eyes and then he seemed to relax.

“I guess I just run really fast. I always was a good runner. I was n the track team,” Michael said as he walked Liz back up to the front door.

“Wow, you have a lot of talents Mr. Guerin,” Liz laughed. “Now you better get going. I don’t want Max to catch you here.”

“Oh don’t worry, he wont,” Michael said as he walked off the step and down the driveway.

Liz watched as he walked past the trees and out of sight. She took a deep breath and then unlocked the door. She walked inside and began to get dinner ready for her and Max. Hopefully he would be home tonight.

Four hours later Liz pulled on her night gown and slipped into bed. Max was still not home yet. But since she was used to being by herself, she really didn’t mind. He thoughts of Michael would keep her company. She had no clue why she felt so close to him after knowing him only two days. Liz fell asleep to sweet thoughts of the park.

The sounds of someone tripping over something woke Liz up from her sleep. “Max?” Liz called into the darkness. There was no answer. “Max is that you?” When yet again there was no answer, Liz started to panic. She slowly sat up in bed. She reached over to the lamp on her nightstand and with a quick motion she flipped on the light. For a second her eyes couldn’t see a thing. They had to adjust to the light. When they did, she found that she was the only person in the room. There was no one else.

part 5b

Her heart began to race faster as she stumbled out of the bed. She was sure that she had heard something..
It had wokem her up out of her sleep, so it had to be loud. There had been someone else in the room. Liz slowly walked to through the door to her bedroom and into the hallway. She turned on every light as she went. She crept into the living room and switched on the light. There was noboady there. These were the kind of times that Liz wished Max was home. She looked up at the clock on the wall. "1:00am?" Liz said out loud. Why wasn't Max home yet?

Liz was completely freaked out. No one was home but somehow someone must have been in the house. Liz walked to the fridge and grabbed a glass of orange juice. She took the glass and sat on the sofa, and turned on the television. SHe wasn't going back to bed now. She had checked the entier house. Well...except for the basement. There was no way in hell she was going down there without someone else being home. SHe could wait for Max. Liz huddled into her blanket on the couch as she tried to concentrate on the tv.

All of a sudden, the front door opened wide. In stepped a very tired looking Max.

"Oh my GOd, Max your homme," Liz ran into Max's arms.

"Honey what are you doing still up? It's pretty late," Max said with a yawn.

"I could as you the same question, why are you getting home so late?"

"I had a meeting, now why did you run to me like that when I came in? You are never that happy to see me," Max smiled.

"There was someone in our house," Liz whispered. "I was asleep and I heard someone trip over something and it owke me up. I looked everywhere and I didn't see anyone. BUt, I didn't check the basement so go check," Liz said pushing him to the basement door.

"Okay, I'll check, but it was probably just a dream," Max sighed as he walked down the basement stairs. The stairs creeked as he walked down reminding him that they needed to be fixed. Once he found thebasement floor, he reached up and turned on the light. As the light flooded the room, he could see that no one was there. Just to make sure, he checked in every corner. "Honey, there is no one down here."

"Are you sure?" Liz asked from the top of the stairs.

"I'm positive, come down here if you want to see for yourself," Max yelled up to her.

Liz shrugged her shoulders. Why not, she might as well see for herself, tehn she would be able to sleep better. LIz walked down the steps and as she did she took a look around, bu tit was not until she got to the bottom of the steps that she saw him. He was standing almost directly infront of the dryer. Her eyes went wide in shock and she couldn't speak.

"See Liz no one is here," Max smiled.

Liz still stood shocked. What did Max mean no one was there. The man was standong right out in plain view yet Max claimed no one was there. "Uh...Max turn around," Liz said slowly. Max turned around.

"What?" he asked as he turned back to face her.

"Don't you see...him?" Liz mumbled. She wasn't sure what was going on. Why was Max acting like he didn't see him.

"See who?" Max asked confused.

"Michael...what is-" Liz was cut short by Mcihael holding his finger to his lips signaling fo rher to be quiet. For some reason she didn't understand, she shut her mouth. She had no idea why. Here Michael was in HER house in the middle of the night. He must have been who she heard in the bedroom earlier.

"Michael? Liz who is Michael and why are you talking ot him like he is here?" Max asked.

"Oh..uh, he one," Liz said still looking straight at Michael. Michael smiled at her and she couldn't help bu tsmile back. What the hell was going on with her. WHy did she not feel freightened of him at all?



Liz lay in bed wide awake. What the hell was going on? Her mind was in a spin, what had just happened made no sense. He was there, she knew he was, it wasn’t just a figmant of her imagination. Michael had been standing out in plain view and Max did not see him. Was Max going blind? OR was it that she was going crazy? Either way, Liz would not just lay there and pretend that is hadn’t happened.

Once Max was completely asleep, Liz snuck out of bed. She grabbed her bat, she wanted to make sure she would be safe not that a bat would really help her if she needed it, and walked to the basement door. She slowly opened the door, it creaked as the door swung on the hinges.

She made her way down the squeaking steps until she was at the bottom. She scrambled to find the light switch. Finally she found it and flipped it on. Once her eyes adjusted to the bright light, she looked around the room. It was bare, just an old washer and dryer and some boxed stuff.

“I am going crazy,” Liz said out loud to herself. He wasn’t anywhere around. Maybe it had been her mind playing tricks on her. Maybe she was hallucinating. Liz took one last look around the room, and upon finding nothing, she walked back up the stairs. Once she reacted the top of the stairs, she realized she had left the light on. SO, once again she walked down the steps. She flipped the switch. That was when she felt it. Something or someone touched her hand.

Liz pulled her hand away quickly and ran towards the steeps when someone put their hand over he mouth and with their other hand grabbed her waist. Liz panicked. Someone was in the house and she couldn’t call Max for help. Liz began biting at the captors hand.

“OUCH! Liz stop it” a familiar voice said.

Liz turned around. Even though she couldn’t see well, she knew the voice and knew it was Michael. “What the hell is going on?” Liz demanded. “What are you doing in my house?!”

“Damn, my hand really hurts,” Michael said cradling his hand. She had broken the skin.

“Who cares about your hand, just tell me why you’re here,” Liz said sternly.

“I wanted to see you that’s all and I-“

“No if you wanted to see me, you would have came to the door, or called and asked me to meet you again, not come into my house without permission and stay in my basement!”

“I know that Liz but I-“

“No buts! Who are you anyway? I have been trying to find out more about you, but there is no information about you anywhere! No phone number, no address, no trace of a birth certificate. Where did you come from?” Liz asked.

“Liz, calm down,” Michael said worried. He was sure that if she kept talking so loudly Max would be down there any second.

“Not until you tell me who you really are!”

“Fine! I’ll tell you who I really am,” Michael said as he began to pace the floor. He wasn’t sure what to say now. He would tell her the truth and then she would be afraid. She wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him. He wouldn’t blame her either. “You know my name is Michael, but my last name is not Guerin, it’s Lander.” Michael paused to see how she reacted to this first piece of information. She seemed a little angry, but did not seem to recognize the name. “I worked with your boyfriend. He and I worked together on a little side project for the company. We were supposed to make sure that Ram-Tech, you know that computer company, would not get business. You know, something about how we didn’t want any competition. Well Max and I found out that to do this, our company wanted us to somehow filter out some of the Ram-Tech’s money, which is a nice way of saying steal it. So, they got Max and I both jobs there. We were told to put the money that we were supposed to be putting into the computer systems into a side account. That account would be one that our company had set up. That way, we could get the money and Ram-Tech would lose. Anyway, at the last minute I couldn’t do it. I told Max that I didn’t want any part in this.”

“Wait a minute, if Max had another job, I would have known about it,” Liz said matter of factly.

“No Liz you don’t understand. He was at Ram-Tech while he was telling you he was still at the other company. He was keeping this from you. Do you blame him? He was doing something illegal.”

“But why would he do it?” Liz asked. “It’s not like he would have anything to gain.”

“Yes he did. Money and position, that;s what he had to gain. Our boss told us that this would greatly help the company and that we would be VERY strong contenders for the partners if we did this one little “favor” for them.”

“Okay, so what happened?” Liz asked. She wanted him to continue.

“Well, after I told Max, he went and told our boss, which is of course what I knew would happen. I got called into work the next morning early. I went to the boss’s office and had to have a meeting with him. He told me that if I did not take this opportunity to make myself useful to the company, the I would be fired.”

“He fired you?”
“Yes, he fired me and so I packed my stuff and left. I got home around 5:00 that day. I was so pissed off, that I walked into my apartment without thinking. I guess I never thought they would go so far to keep me quiet. Anyways, I walked in and set my stuff down on the couch. I went to the frig and grabbed a beer. When I closed the door, he was standing right there. I had no idea how he had gotten in or what he wanted. I offered him a beer and he just shook his head. He asked me to come over to his house, that he and his wife were having a dinner and that I should join him. I said yes, and In a few minutes I was ready to go. We got to his house and went inside. That’s when he asked me to go into the basement and grab a bottle of wine from the wine cellar. I went down there and grabbed a bottle. That’s when I felt the cold metal on my neck. I didn’t dare turn around. I knew what is was pressed against my neck. Before I could react, he pressed the trigger,” Michael said looking at the ground.

“You were shot? Well, who…who shot you and what does it have to do with you being here?” Liz asked confused.

“I…well there is no easy way to say this so I’ll just say it. It was Max”

“What? Max? Are you telling me that Max shot you? I don’t believe that at all. I mean to steal money is one thing, but to shot someone? Max just isn’t like that at all. Max didn’t shoot you.”

Michael stepped forward. “Yes he did, he shot me in the neck”

“No way, I…I’ve seen you with nothing on. You don’t even have a scar!”

“I know that but-“

“No, if you were shot you would have a scar. Especially in the neck, I mean normally people don’t even survive neck wounds.”

“I know that Liz and that is what I am trying to tell you,” Michael said quickly.

“What? What do you mean that is what you are trying to tell me?”

“I am trying to tell you that I did not survive the gun shot wound to my neck,” Michael explained. He couldn’t look her in the face.

Liz was speechless. For the first time since the conversation had begun, she had nothing to say. This man who was standing in front of her was obviously out of his mind. What did he want her to think, that he was dead? That would be impossible. A tiny laugh escaped Liz’s lips causing Michael to turn to look at her.

“You mean to tell me, you think that you are a ghost?” Liz laughed. “Now I’ve heard it all!”

“Liz, don’t laugh, I know this is hard to take in, but I am not lying to you.”

“Yeah okay, so my boyfriend killed you and now you’re a ghost?” Liz couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. This guy was crazy.


“Why God why? Why do you send me bad men? Can’t I have one normal man who doesn’t work all night or think he is a ghost?” Liz yelled up to the ceiling.

“Shut up Liz, you’re going to wake up Max!” Michael said putting his fingers to his lips.

“Well maybe we should wake him up,” Liz said. She was getting angry now.

“Oh yeah that would be a good idea, so he could see you talk to the wall,” Michael mumbled.


“Didn’t you see that he didn’t notice me earlier tonight when you guys came down here? You would have to be blind not to see me, if I was actually there. Liz, you are the only one that can see me,” Michael explained.

“Oh really? Care to explain why?” Liz challenged.

“I have no idea why you can.”

“I need you to leave,” Liz said quietly.

“Liz no”

“I said leave!” Liz yelled.

“Liz?” a groggy voice came from the top of the stairs. “What are you doing down there?”

“Uh..Max would you come down here a minute?” Liz asked looking over to Michael.

“You’ll see for yourself now,” Michael said loudly. “He wont see me.”

“Oh shut up,” Liz mumbled.

“What?” Max asked as he reached the bottom step. “Did you just tell me to shut up?” He asked.

“No, of course not”

“So what are you doing down here?”

“I heard something, it came from over in that direction,” Liz said pointing right to where Michael was standing. Max turned and looked. “You see anything?” Liz asked.

“No, why what should I be seeing?” Max asked.

“Uh…um,” Liz looked at Michael. “Uh..I just heard something that’s all. I guess it was just my mind playing tricks on me.” Liz felt as though her stomach had dropped into her feet. Max hadn’t seen Michael.

“Ask him about me,” Michael whispered to her. “If this wasn’t enough proof, ask him.”

Liz turned to Max. Max?” Liz asked trying to remain calm. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, but can you ask me while we go back upstairs, cause I’m really tired,” Max said as he started walking up the stairs.

“…what do you know about a Michael Lander?” Liz asked and waited for Max’s reaction.

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Part 7

Max stopped dead in his tracks. He made no movements at all. Liz tried to swallow the lump in her throat as she waited. She turned back to Michael we had come up behind her. He had his chest almost to her back as she stared at Max’s back. When Liz turned her head, she could see the anxiousness and fear in Michael’s eyes.

“Who?” Max asked with a shakey voice. He still had not turned around to face her.

“Uh..M-Michael Lander,” Liz repeated. She was now scared. Max wasn’t reacting like he didn’t know Michael. She had no clue what to do now.

“How…I mean where did you hear that name?” Max asked.

“I don’t know, I just heard him mentioned, and wondered who he was,” Liz lied. She looked again at Michael for help.

“Liz, I don’t think you should say any more,” Michael said out loud knowing that Max couldn’t hear him.

“Why?” Liz mouthed to him.

“You may be in danger,” Michael explained. He hadn’t thought of that. What if by Liz mentioning his name, he got her put in danger. He couldn’t think of what to do now. He knew that if anything were to happen, he might not able to stop it.

Finally Max turned around and looked Liz dead in the eyes. His face looked haunted, like it was covering up some sort of pain. “No, I don’t know that name,” Max whispered.

Liz stared back into his eyes. He was lying. She could tell when he lied and he was lying now. She began to panic. What the hell should she do now? Could Max have really done such a horrible thing to someone? Did he really kill Michael?

“Why did you ask?” Max asked breaking her from her thoughts.

“Um..I…I just…I was curious that is all,” Liz said as she brushed past Max and walked up the stairs.

“Yeah, but why were you so interested? I mean it’s not everyday that you ask me stuff like that,” Max said as he got to the top step.

Michael was following close behind. He didn’t want to miss a thing that was said or done.

Liz wasn’t sure what to say. “Max, lets just forget it.”

“NO! I mean…no, I want to know what brought this to mind,” Max said as he took a seat at the table. Liz stood on the other side of the table. Michael was right behind her.

Michael gripped her shoulders. He was afraid. What would Max do now that he knew that Liz had heard his name? Would he try to hurt her? Michael couldn’t let that happen. Despite all of what had happened, he had fallen in love with Liz. How ironic that he would fall in love with the girlfriend of the man who killed him. He knew that now Liz knew who and what he was, that she would probable never want anything to do with him again. I mean how could anything happen between them? He was dead for godsake.

“Liz, I just want to know how you now him,” Max said calmly looking her in the eyes.

Liz decided to be brave. There was only one way she could tell if Max had been the one to hurt Michael. She took a deep breath. “I spoke to him last night,” Liz said trying to remain calm.

“Oh fuck,” Michael yelled. “Why did you say that? Liz, oh my god.”

“What did you say?” Max asked standing up.

“I…I said I spoke to him yesterday and that night at the party too. He was in the basement.” Max’s eyes all bulged out of his head.

“You talked to him yesterday and the night of the party?” Max laughed.

Why the fuck was he laughing? “Yeah so?” Liz asked.

“Liz you shouldn’t have said that!” Michael yelled. “Now you are going to have him paranoid that you know about everything!”

“I am laughing because you didn’t talk to Michael,” Max said as he turned to look at her again.

“And why not?” Liz asked beginning to feel her resolve fading away. She was not going to be able to stay strong and pretend like she had no idea what had happened.

Max chuckled. He looked as if he was losing it. He was pacing back and forth the entire room. He was walking faster and faster along the tile floor. “You couldn’t have talked to him…because he’s dead.”

The lump in Liz’s throat got about ten inches thicker. “Wh-what do you mean?”

“You know what I mean don’t you Lizzie,” Max said softly. “You know what I mean. I don’t know how, but you know.”

“Liz get out of here,” Michael said quickly. Liz started to back away from Max.

“Where are you going honey?” Max asked as he stepped forward towards her.

“I…I uh..I have to go,” Liz said as she grabbed the door handle.

“No, I don’t think so,” max said as he pulled her away from the door and put his hand over her mouth. Michael watched horrified. There was nothing he could do to stop Max.

“See now Liz, when you go snooping around, you find things that you shouldn’t.” Max pulled Liz into the bedroom.

Liz’s heart was pounding. She wanted to scream out for help, but Max’s hand was so tight over her mouth that she couldn’t. She could see that Michael was there in the bedroom with her. She knew he was helpless. She was alone in this.

“How did you do it Liz? How did you find out?” Max asked as he took her hands and tied them with a robe sash. “I mean I don’t get it? I did it all perfectly.” Max sat down in front of Liz and put a gag in her mouth. “You know, I didn’t want to do it Liz.”

Michael sat down on the bed. Liz was in trouble and it was all his fault.

“They made me do it. Do you have any idea what it’s like to work for a company for six years and then have them tell you that if you don’t do this one little thing you’ll be fired? I mean all the hard work, the dedication. I had to do it.” Max explained.

Liz just stared at him in silence. How could this be the man she wanted to marry. How could he be capable of something this horrific and terrible.

“Did you find the body?” Max asked suddenly serious.

“What?” Liz mumbled through the gag.

“I swore that no one would ever find it. I should have been more careful. I knew hiding it in the basement was the wrong idea.”


Four days, she's back with me again
She's pulling me down, pulling me down
I'm down again

I gotta find a way to find her
Where could she be?
Four days of the week
She thinks I'm the enemy