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Title: Accepting II
Rating: NC 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Category: Slash L/M/Ma/Mi/ Later Kyle
Summary: One month after Comforting. Liz, Maria, and Michael are enjoying their new relationship. Chapters 1 – 5 were written by 3somefan

Note By StormyBear30: The UC parts are written by me. We took this story over for 3some…so sit back…relax and enjoy our take on…Accepting!!

Note By Faith Evans: All dreamer parts are written by me, This is my first fic with any UC element in it, I hope you all like.

Here is the link to the origional master Piece.

Accepting II

Michael and Maria stepped back moving to the couch to make out themselves since Michael needed some relief himself.

Liz forgot all about them and concentrated completely on Max she was straddled on a shirtless Max with her behr pussy grinding on his jean-covered hardness. With shaky hands, Max removed the last pieces of her clothing and once she was completely and utterly naked Liz shimmied down his body and kneeled between his spread legs and with great care opened his pants and through the slit in his boxers let his cock out. Liz gasped in pleasant surprise for she had only ever seen one cock in her life before now, Michael’s. But Max’s cock while equal in length to Michaels was a little thicker and Liz couldn’t wait to have it inside of her.

And although she had accepted Max’s earlier apology she still hadn’t completely forgotten how horribly Max had treated her, how he had betrayed their love by doing that gerbil as Liz love to call that bitch who had given birth to Max’s brat and who had killed Alex and received no justice. She still hadn’t forgotten how Max had blown her off repeatedly in search for that brat. She also clearly remembered how she had been emotionally when she first turned to Maria and now Liz was ready for a little torture session on Max, and in the process burn any trace of that gerbils presence off him.

With that in mind, she took his large cock in her hands and proceeded to lick from base to tip before engulfing the whole thing in her throat where she began to suck hard. She was an expert when it came to using her mouth as Max was fast learning. Max gripped the sides of his chair, leaning his head back, and enjoyed her ministrations. Her mouth was so hot and so tight and he realized that he had never felt anything so wonderful in his life.

Remembering the object of the game was to torture him not satisfy him completely, at least not just yet, she removed her mouth from him drawing out a deep startled moan in the process. Smiling evilly she settled herself on the floor legs spread in front of him licking her finger and making a big show of it she lowered her hand down her chest and buried it in her cunt. Max jumped out of his sexual haze and out of his chair and made a move to cover her body with his. She stopped him by placing the hand that had been in her cunt on his chest and with one dainty foot pushed him away from her.

Looking him straight in the eye she said, “Jeans shafts my skin to much, why don’t you take them off first.”

Dazed he didn’t reply, just quickly did what she asked; it would have gone faster if Max had used his powers to dissolve his clothes as it was Liz tried not to laugh as Max clumsily removed his pants, boxers, sox’s, and shoes with a thick cock getting in his way. Once he was completely behr he got on his knees between her spread legs mouth visibly watering at the sight before him. Liz arched her back giving him a better view of herself.

“You know what else I like, getting my pussy eaten, so eat me Max, eat me...” She seductively ordered.

Max lowered his mouth to her steaming pussy. Extending his tongue he licked her outer lips groaning loud when he felt how utterly soft and wet she felt, how wonderfully she smelled and tasted. Growling low, he used his hands to open her up more to get an even deeper taste of her.

Max was in heaven he had dreamed about being here with Liz in this way since his first erection and he first realized what sex was. Each time he gave himself a hand job he cried out her name. To be here with her in this way finally was beyond amazing. Max buried himself in her sex desperate to get as much of her as possible like a man fearful of never having another opportunity to do this again.

Liz for her part was enjoying his attention greatly as she loved to have a mouth buried deep within her pussy. And she grounded herself into his face as she gripped his head keeping him in place for she was leaking a good river of cum into his tongue using her moans and sighs as an indicator on what she liked and worked better on her. He kissed her lower lips as if he would kiss her mouth, entering her churning cunt with his tongue he found how soft and sweet her inner walls were for him. He couldn’t wait to bury his cock in her.

The sounds of his slurping and kissing her pussy were mounting to Liz’s excitement, letting go of his head she grabbed her own breasts and messaged and squeezed them in time with the movements of his tongue. She let herself find relief and she came all over his beautiful face. Sighing softly, she let her body relax completely on the floor.

Max needed his own release and he covered her body with his, cock in hand he guided himself to her entrance but before he could push himself in side he found himself flat on his back. Liz had flipped him over so that she was the one on top she grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts while she grinded his cock on the crack of her ass.

“No, no, no, I am not done playing with you.” Liz teased.

“Liz I’m so hard I don’t know how much more I can take.” Max begged.

“Were just going to have to test your limit’s now aren’t we...” Liz replied.

Liz could feel his cock leaking on her ass so she rubbed on him harder. She to wanted to feel his cock inside of her but she wanted him completely wild and hard, pounding into her with all his might. She wanted no barriers between them. She worked her hands over his chest touching him everywhere as she lowered herself on his chest and worked his nipple with her teeth, which were already hard and standing at attention just for her.

She took gentle and not so gentle bites of his chest and neck and sucking strongly making sure, he would be covered with hickys. Max really tried to hold out under her assault and let her play but with each shift of her lower body she was making it more and more impossible for him. But it was when she rubbed her swollen dripping pussy over his cock that he lost it completely.

Taking her hips firmly in his hands and with a deep growl, he firmly penetrated her deeply with his cock. A blast of images hit both of them as her tight sheath accepted and housed him and her nails dug deep into his chest drawing blood as her body arched to fully accept his monster cock.

The images proved all consuming and they lost themselves to them…

The night Liz set up with Kyle there so called sleeping together…

Max sitting on the park bench getting his bearings and realizing something is very wrong with what he saw, trying to figure out what is going on and deciding to go back to Liz to confront the truth from her. Only to have Tess arrive and place her hand on him and his mind going blank and feeling a robotic feeling coming over him.

Max in the observatory with that gerbil Tess…

Her kissing him, and him pulling away, angry because she wouldn’t leave him alone he finally throws her away from him and into the wall. Angry and looking very much the Gerbil, she zaps him with a fire fart.

When Max comes to he can’t move his body, his eyes are drawn to the figure of Gerbil nude, and fucking a man, he’s never seen before but the lab coat the man was wearing identified him as part of the observatory staff.

Other staff members were lined up on the wall looking like zombies, when she was finished with one she moved on to another until she did them all.

Once she was finished, she moved toward Max and tried to do the same to him only his cock wouldn’t respond at all to her touch. Angry she yelled,

“Doesn’t matter this night guarantees I’m pregnant and I’m going to mind warp you into believing it’s yours once were back on Antar, Khivar can kill you and make me his queen.”

With that she grabs his head filling it with dirty images of them together, and that’s how he wakes up the next mourning with her by his side and him sick to his heart.

He lashes out at everyone, becomes consumed by the thought of finding a child that wasn’t his. Ignoring the one thing that ever made him feel alive...

Max and Liz looked at each other with new eyes, as they started moving against each other a big awful weight had been lifted from Max’s shoulders and he put all his being into making love to Liz.

Hard and fast Liz met each of Max’s hard thrusts, she felt like she was riding a hot steel rod between her legs that was trying to split in her in half and she could swear she could feel him all the way into her belly. She felt stretched beyond belief the ache between her legs becoming more and more painful tossing her head, her back arched while his hands continued roaming her body completely. Max ears were ringing due to Liz loud cries and moans of pleasure, but he still needed to get even deeper inside Liz.

Drawing his legs up so that the soles of his feet were flat on the ground and his legs spread wide he put even more force in his thrusts his hands kneaded the firm flesh of her bottom keeping her in place on top of him. The hard slapping of their bodies, her loud cries quickly came to climax as Max’s cock swelled to massive proportions stretching Liz’s already too sensitive pussy even further and he let loose a river of cum. More cum then either had ever seen or felt before in their lives. That hot cum triggered Liz own explosive orgasm. Their juices mingled and leaked all over their lower bodies as she collapsed on top of a shaking Max. After a while she disengaged herself from him to lie on her back next to him her legs were spread wide she could feel her pussy leaking steadily all over the floor.

Weak and satisfied Liz opened her eyes and saw Maria looking down at her…

“Got room for one more” Maria giggled…lust so readable in her eyes as she straddled Liz’s still heaving chest…cupping her face within her hands and began to kiss her passionately. Although she had been toughly satisfied at the fucking of a lifetime that she had received from Michael…the sights and sounds of Max and Liz’s lovemaking had fueled a raging fire deep within her core that fully consumed her…and she needed more. She wanted Liz…and she wasn’t afraid to admit that she was more then a little jealous that she had to share her beautiful heart with the man who had broken it time and time again in the past. She longed to make him pay…longed to torture him for all the hurt and the pain that he had brought into her life…but she knew that Liz loved Max. She knew that despite all that had transpired in the past that Liz would always love Max…and that if they were going to continue with their threesome of love that they would in fact have to make it a foursome. She knew what she had to do…she had to move past her own anger and pain as it had been apparent that Liz had…and there was only one way to do that.

“Don’t forget about me” Michael whined as he made his way over to the two women that had captured his heart…his soul and other vital parts of his body. He loved seeing them together…loved the way that whenever they were together they let their inhibitions fly caution to the wind and allowed the love that they felt for each other to transcend sexual stereotypical barriers. Kneeling besides Liz…he runs his hands over the softness of Maria’s neck and shoulders as she continues to kiss Liz with unadulterated madness. So intent of watching his little vixens fuck each other’s mouth…he never felt her hand as it crept up his leg and captured it between her hot little hands. “HOLY FUCK” he cried out as she gave it a playful squeeze…never breaking the kiss that she shared with Maria. As she continued to stroke his fully engorged member…he leaned in and began to lick his way down the spine of her back…giving her luscious ass a mischievous nip causing her to cry out in pleasureful pain as she broke the lip lock that she held on Liz only to latch herself fully to Michael’s grinning lips.

Not one to be outdone…Liz forcefully jerked Maria’s steaming sex forward as she dove in…eliciting an animalistic scream to echo throughout the small apartment as she continued to explore the gloriousness of her wetness…never once slowing the increasing rhythm as she continued to stroke Michael’s raging boner closer to its impending release.

He couldn’t believe the sight that he saw before him…but most importantly he could not believe that so soon after he had fucked the girl of his dreams senseless…that he was fully aroused as his love gave his best friend a hand job…while going down on her best friend. He wanted to join in for they seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely…but fear prohibited him from doing so. It was one thing to make love to Liz…but quite another to want to fuck her best friend…despite the sexual position that they were in.

It was as if Maria could sense Max’s want to join…as well as his reluctance and so with trembling hands…for her climax was fastly approaching as Liz continued to eat her with wild abandon…she reached out to Max and pulled him tightly against her body. “Do you like what you see” she shrieked loudly in his ear as Liz hit an overly sensitive spot with the wetness of her tongue. “Yes…” she heard him reply lust so evidently dripping in his voice. “Do…OMG…do you want to join in” she screams even louder…knowing that what she is doing is getting to Liz and in turn she is taking it out on her poor little clitty. “Yes…” his groans continue…as Maria reaches down and captures his quickly rising dick within her hands. “Prove it to me”

With lightening speed he wraps his hand within her pony tailed head and attaches his mouth directly over hers as he shoves his tongue so far into her unsuspecting mouth that he could swear that he felt her tonsils. Back and fourth they battle for the honor of utter dominance…but he quickly learns that he is…and will always be the loser as she gave his manhood a painful squeeze casing him to cry out from the shock of it all…but it provided enough pleasure as with one final twitch…he spilled his seed all over Maria’s sweat glistened belly…as she gave in to her own orgasm…still holding his dick in a vice like grip.

Michel was next as he succumbed to his hand job and exploded all over the tiny hand of Liz as she continued to milk him of every last drop. Thoroughly spent…Maria rolled off of Liz’s body where she proceeded to snuggle within the calming valley of her breasts…pulling a panting Max flush against her as she wrapped his arm over hers and Liz’s exhausted bodies. Michael quickly followed suit as he laid besides his Liz…crushing her tightly against his body…as he placed butterfly kisses long the softness of her shoulders…before resting his head as Maria had in the valley of her breasts. Together the four of them laid in content silence as the scent of their sex lulled them each into their own realm of slumber.


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Chapter Seven

The Next Day…

He knew that he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing…knew that he should have given them the privacy that they deserved…but as he continued to watch them…continued to hear their moans of pleasure…he found that he could not pull his eyes away from Max and Liz going at it under the bleachers. Hell…he thought to himself as he continued to ogle the way that Max fucked Liz from behind…if they want to fuck in a public place then they deserve to be watched. He couldn’t believe how hard he had become as Liz’s screams of ecstasy invaded his ears…and despite the fact that he and Liz had made a pact to be only friends…he couldn’t control the little green monster of jealously that now fully invaded him. He still loved Liz and knew that he always would…but it was more then that…it was the act of always feeling like he was always on the outside of their little cluster of friendship and loving despite all that he had given up for all of them. He wanted in…he wanted to be part of the in crowd so to speak in the worst possible way and he was damned determined that one way or another he was going to get what he wanted…he just had to figure out how.

Adjusting his painfully erect penis he left the two lovers and their screams of passion behind as he made his way towards the parking lot. He still had about forty minutes left on his lunch break and he had intended on rushing over to the local taco stand for a quick bite to eat as he tried to come up with a plan to infiltrate their barrier of freedom and fun…but all was quickly forgotten as he walked past Maria’s red Jetta and heard the cries of someone being fucked to a great degree wafting all around him. Peeking in the through the partially fogged up windows…he found Michael eating away with desperate determination at Maria’s glistening pink pussy. “OMG MICHAEL…RIGHT THERE…FUUUUCK” he heard her cry out as she grabbed onto his always-unruly hair and began to hump his face with wild abandonment as she rode out her orgasm.

“Fuck me” he grunted to himself as he once again felt his dick twitch painfully in his pants…only increasing his determination to become part of the fuck me club. Next he watched as Maria quickly turned the tables on Michael as she flipped him onto his back…kneeling before his enormous erection as she bent over…exposing to Kyle her glistening snatch as she devoured Michael’s dick within the confines of her mouth. Unable to tolerate the fire raging in his pants…he raced from the back seat sex theater and ran straight for the semi-privacy of the men’s bathroom for a little self-gratification.

Images of Liz’s perfectly nearly nude body clustered his already fucked up mind…but to make matters worse those images of Maria’s begging to be eaten pussy began to assault on him as well. He being a typical red blooded American male did the next best thing for if his mind was going to continue to play tricks with him…he might as well have some fun in the process as he conjured up the images together as in his version of this fantasy Maria and Liz did all sorts of naughty things to each other. He tried to stifle his moans of pleasure as in his mind Maria and Liz are straddling each other in the sixty-nine position eating away at each sweet nectar as he watched from afar. “Oh god…” he mumbled into his fabric covered shoulder as he grabbed his fully engorged dick and furiously began to stroke it…bringing him closer and closer to his needed release. He was ready…he was so close as he grabbed a handful of toilet paper into his free hand in preparation of him shooting his load and as usual his own hand did not disappoint as with a grunt and a groan he came hard…shooting his cum all over the locked door before him.

As quickly as was possible he cleaned the gooey mess and proceeded to leave the confines of his stall of masturbation…but quickly changed his mind as two familiar voices entered the bathroom…laughing and carrying on as male bonded men do. “I am telling you Maxwell it’s all true” he heard the voice of Michael speak excitedly. “It is possible…I’ve done it to both of them”

“No way…there is no way that you can make them…you know…at the same time” He heard Max whisper and he just knew that he was blushing from head to toe. Pussy…Kyle thought to himself as he continued to listen to the two men.

“You know…” Michael groaned repeating the words of Max. “Look Maxwell…you have to get over this bashfulness of yours. You have fucked your true love…while Maria and I were not more then ten feet away from you. You have let Maria jerk you off as Liz ate her twat…so I think that you can use the word cum in my presence. Oh and yes it is possible to make them both CUM at the same time” he screamed out…causing Kyle to chuckle as he continued to listen in on their conversation. “I was laying on my back with Liz riding me like there was no tomorrow…and Maria was straddling my face as I ate her like she was my last meal and they both came at the same time. It was like the biggest accomplishment of my life” his laughter echoed throughout the hollowed room.

“Bullshit” he whispered not so much to himself as the door that he was crouching behind flew open…slamming him square in the face. “FUCK” he cried out as he held his bleeding head. “What the fuck did you do that for” he screamed as he pushed past the shocked face of Max and the pissed off one of Michael. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you to check the stalls before you talk about shit that you don’t want anyone else to hear”

“I should fucking kick you ass now” Michael exploded as he pinned Kyle to wall behind him.

“No…if anyone should kick any ones asses…it should be me kicking the both of yours” he yelled in utter rage. “Just what the fuck have the two of you done to Liz and Maria” his screams continued as he pushed Michael off of him and began to storm the length of the dirty bathroom. “Before you and all your alien bull shit blasted into our lives they were like normal teenage girls and now you’ve…you’ve turned them into little alien fucking hussies and I…”

“And your jealous that your not a part of it” Max spoke out…shocking both Kyle and Michael as they stared at him slacked jawed. “You’re not mad that Liz and Maria are fucking us…your pissed because you want them to be fucking you as well”

“Whatever” he bellowed as he blew past the two of them…knocking Max into the sink from the brunt of it all. He knew what he had to do…he had to speak to Liz for no matter how badly he wanted to be part of their little fucking club…he sure as hell was not going to admit it to either Michael or Max.

“You know that it is just a matter of time before he is fucking our girlfriends…you do know that” Michael spoke truthfully to his friend as he help him clean off his wet pants from where he had landed in a puddle of water atop the sink. “Maria told me that he was watching as we were going at it in the Jetta…and that she always thought that Kyle had a cute ass. I don’t think that we have much of a choice but to accept that fact before it actually happens”

Grudgefully…Max nods his head in understanding…but not so secretly seething at the idea of Kyle touching…kissing…making love to his Elizabeth. The truth of the matter was…he knew that Michael was right for he had basically heard the same words he had uttered come from the mouths of both Liz and Maria as they closed the Crash Down one night. They didn’t know that he was listening…but he heard every blood curdling word as they went on for what felt like hours on just how cute Kyle was…and just how far that he and Liz had gone when they were dating. “Come on Maxwell” he heard Michael call out to him as he walked out into the crowded hallway. “We have to get to class. We can worry about this after advanced English”

Together the two walked in silence deep in their own thoughts as they made their way to class. “Shit…” Michael blurted out…jerking Max from his thoughts of Liz fucking Kyle. “I forgot my English book in my locker. Go on and I’ll be there in a minute” he hollered over his shoulder as he made his way towards his locker…only to never make it as a pair of hands jerked him into the dusty dark of the erasure room.

“Miss me” he heard the sultry voice of none other then Liz Parker growl against his ear as she rubbed her body seductively against his already hardening manhood. He didn’t have a chance to reply as Liz grabbed him roughly by the head and jerked him into a toe-curdling kiss of outright want of him. Together their mouths fused together as their need for each other intensified into a raging inferno that only one simple act would quench. “Fuck me Michael” she growls deepened as she once again dominated their kiss as with her free hand she quickly released the demon of terror straining painfully against his cursed zipper and began to give him the hand job of a lifetime…as she prepared to fuck it with her mouth.

“LIZ” she heard a voice cry out in utter shock as she felt herself being pulled away from the warm cock that she held in her hand. She really didn’t have time to comprehend whom it was that was heaving her away from the man that with just one kiss could set her loins ablaze as they pushed their way brutally past her and lunged for Michael and his fully exposed dick.

“I will fucking kill you Valenti” Michael screamed out madly as he tried to adjust his self back into the strict confines of his to tight jeans.

“Not before I kill you first Guerin” Kyle screamed out animalistically as he pounced atop the still struggling man…knocking him to the floor below them where he proceeded to pound him senseless with his fists…only to be jerked just as abruptly into a standing position before being slammed forcefully into a nearby wall by an unseen force.

Sensing an opportunity…Michael leapt off the floor and began to pummel the tender region of Kyle’s unprotected stomach. Winded…but getting his wits about him…Kyle turned the tables and began to retaliate the punches he was receiving from Michael.

“KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF” they both heard Liz scream out as she wedged her body between the two sparing men. “What the hell is this all about” she demanded to know…as she continued to stand between the two strapping men…both with large boners poking her tauntingly on either side of her already humming body.

“Liz…I don’t know what the hell they have done to you. Maybe you are being mind warped or something…but this isn’t you. My Liz would never fuck Max Evan’s under the bleachers and then Michael Guerin in the erasure room…my Liz…”

“You mother fucker…you were spying on Max and Liz too. You really are a perv Valenti” Michael cut him off as he once again tried to lunge for the much shorter man…only to stop short at the look of anger that he received from Liz.

“You were watching us…Max and I” she questioned…finding that she was extremely turned on by the thought that she was caught in the act by the man that she had wanted to fuck so badly since her new found sexual freedom.

“I was…I mean…um…yes” he answered…as he hung his head in shame.

“God that is such a turn on” she teased in reply as she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his head forward as she licked her way seductively across his shocked lips. She didn’t wait for permission as she pressed her mouth even harder against those same lips…immediately demanding entrance as she thrust her tongue into the deepest caverns of his mouth.

“Son of a bitch” Michael cursed in irritation as he made an attempt to leave the scene playing out before him…only to stop dead in his tracks as her perfect hand reached out and began to stroke his continuously raging hard on. He watched as she broke the kiss that she was sharing with Kyle and quickly captured his lips with her own…never lessening the pressure that she held on his dick. As her tongue brushed headily against his…all thoughts of sharing her with Kyle flew out the window for he knew that sharing her with Kyle…Max…whomever she wanted to bring into their little fucked up group was better then not having her at all.

He was in…he knew he was in as he shared a look of mutual understanding over her beautiful raven head…they wanted her…she wanted them…and despite the fact that neither wanted to share her with anyone…they knew that with her new found sexual freedom it was either share…or lose her in the process. “Oh god…Liz” he cried out…as he felt her quickly undo the zipper of his jeans…taking his growing dick into her hands as she began to set a rhythm that he knew would bring him to needed release for the second time that day. He reveled in her magnificent hands…but it was nothing compared to her hot mouth as she kneeled before him with a look of pure lust radiating from her eyes as she engulfed his raging hard on fully into her depths. He was in heaven as the slick heat of her mouth continued to nip suck and tug his overly sensitive penis…as he raked his fingers though her hair and began to set the speed needed for his impending explosion.

Despite the fact that just moments before hand he has wanted to kill Kyle for his attempts to force his way into their little love group…he found that he could no longer hold a grudge as he watched Liz devouring his straining dick…squeals of pleasure wafting around him from her. Surprisingly he also found that it turned him on a great deal as he wrapped his hand around the tiny hand that still held him tightly and began to move to the tempo set by the two lovers before him.


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Chapter Eight

Max walked in to the Library alone, He was supposed to be in Advanced English but the teacher had felt that Max’s time would be better served in the library working on his English research assignment to make up for the time he had lost while searching for the brat the gerbil had made him believe was his.

As expected the library was empty even the school Liberian was out with a cold, Max sat down on one of the chairs and with alien speed he wrote his paper under 10 minutes. Then he sat back in his chair crossing his arms under his head closing his eyes he mediated on the perfect and hot sex he and Liz had been having recently.

He could almost feel her, the way her skin had felt when he had taken her under the bleachers, the way the tight walls of her pussy had housed his hard cock. How petite and small she had looked with her back facing his chest as he slammed full force into her tight body. Life just couldn’t get better then this. He was finally able to make love to the woman of his dreams for once he was truly content.

Alright so it was exactly like he had pictured it, he did have to share her with Michael and Maria and if Michael was right with what he said in the bathroom he would soon have to share her with the jock king of Roswell High to. It was enough to make Max want to gag, but it was his own fault and he was man enough to recognize that, if he had been strong enough, man enough to fight against what that Gerbil had been doing to him then things might have turned out different. But he hadn’t been strong enough, and Liz was a different person now, no less wonderful or special and part of Liz was a hell a lot better then no Liz, he’d been down that road and it was a place he never wanted to see again.

For some reason Max started to feel hot under his clothes, his blood began to boil like it did when ever Liz was near by and they were in the throws of sexual passion. The door to library opened and with a start Max got to his feet and watched Maria enter.

“Hey girlfriend what’s up, have you seen Liz, she didn’t show up for class.” Maria asked.

When Max made no move to answer her, she just bubbled on in her own charming Maria way, “I bet she off doing Michael, once that girl gets a taste of sex, she just can’t stop.” Maria said fondly. She would have said more but the sight of Max stripping off her shirt stopped her cold.

“Don’t you feel that?” Max asked Maria.

“Feel what?” Maria asked.

“The heat, the smell of sex in the room” Max answered.

“No.” Maria said completely confused. She walked up to him placing her hand on his smooth chest, and the heat of his skin made her moan in pleasure. Closing her eyes, she felt her mind fill with an image of Liz on her knees sucking Kyle’s cock while one of her hands was working Michael into the heights of passion.

Maria felt her core begin pool with her juices and the thin slip of her panties begin to be completely soaked. So turned on by the vision she was getting, how such a thing was possible she didn’t know and right now she didn’t care. She needed relief and she needed it now.

Soon Maria was fumbling to take of Max’s clothes his pants, shoes, socks all came flying of and pooled next to the table they were using. Once he was completely behr Maria pushed him hard on the table so that he was half leaning half sitting on it. Then she let shimmied out of the sun dress she was wearing, she had no bra and panties, She had forgotten to retrieve those from Michael form their quickie at lunch.

Getting down on her knees in front of him, she duplicated the vision they were sharing form the other couple of their fucked up little group. She took his cock in hand and quickly took him deep in her mouth, smoothly deeply, moaning in pleasure as she discovered the different tastes and textures of Max’s cock. The sounds of wild suckling along with Max’s heavy breathing filled the room.

The vision changed and they both watched as Michael and Kyle disrobed Liz and themselves and while standing up, they caressed her body up and down worshiping it glorying in her softness.

Max forced Maria to break contact with his cock he brought her up until her body was flushed into his, wrapping his arms around her hips he lifted her up and swung her around so that she was now the one sitting down on the table her legs spread, he rubbed his super hard and dripping cock into her pussy. Then he placed the full length of his cock on her trim tummy his hands held her legs apart and then he just stood there looking down at her.

“What are you doing, why did you stop?” Maria asked breathlessly.

“I don’t maybe I’m just enjoying the show.” Max said with a smirk.

“Argh!!! Get a move on buster, I feel like I’m going to explode here.” Maria growled.

“You, know for all that everyone keeps telling me I’m a King everyone is sure telling me what to do all the time.” Max wondered aloud.

“Get over it Max. Last time I checked we were living in the good old USA our ancestors told the monarchy to kiss our collective asses…” Maria shot back.

“Hmm, is that a hint?” Max asked.

“Maybe.” Maria said archly.

Before she knew it, Max let go of her legs and turned her over so that her ass was now in the air and she was lying flat on her stomach legs spread. With a growl, Max spread her thighs further from behind and began kissing her tight ass working his way down to her sopping core. Once he reached his destination he began working, her sopping pussy for all that he was worth bringing her to orgasm over and over again. Her cries were so loud it was a wonder to him no one came in to the library to see what was going on. But he didn’t have time to think about that he had a woman to please.

Once he was sure she was mindless with pleasure he slid her down the table now slick with her juices so that her legs were now firmly on the floor. He took his dripping cock and slid it right in, her back arched as she took him in. He trusted a few times nice slow but hard and deep. Two, four times he wasn’t to sure how many times before he felt his cock become thicker, harder. Remembering her lushness lips from when she was eating his cock earlier he disconnected himself from her tight body taking her with him he sat on one of the big chairs behind him legs spread.

Turning her around he placed on her knees in front of him, where she took his dripping cock covered in her own juices into her eager mouth. He was so hard and he buried his fingers in her hair where he helped bring her down on his thrusting hips. The taste of them combined on his cock drove Maria wild and it wasn’t long until Max came in a torrent of cum, so much so that most of it escaped out of her mouth in rivers. That sight kept Max nice and hard, and with a gleam in her eyes, she raised herself from her knees and straddled his cock. With his eyes on her, she rubbed his cum in to her skin, in her throat on her breasts whatever flesh she could reach, the lights of the library bounced off it giving her skin a nice sheen.

She placed herself over his cock and with a wild toss of her head; she sank herself fully on his large cock. They both groaned at the joining and their minds filled once again with visions of Liz amazing taking both Kyle and Michael in to her lush body at the same time.

Wildly she started riding Max for all she was worth, Max placed his hands on her hips helping guide her movements, their chests thanks to her cum covered skin stuck to each other. With wild animal cries they both came in a torrent of release, yet they kept pumping into each other until they no longer had the energy to move anymore.

⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕

Liz was having the time of her life; Kyle was standing in front of her kissing and caressing her skin, while Michael was doing the same thing to her back but as good as, it felt she needed to feel a cock inside of her.

“Kyle lie down, I want to ride you.” Liz whispered into his ear.

She felt his cock jump at her words, and he quickly laid down on the floor, cock red and pulsing in hand, Liz grinded herself into Michael and enjoyed the show below her for a minute before straddling herself over Kyle balancing herself on his chest she slowly torturously lowered herself inch by slow inch on his hard cock.

Kyle was in heaven he had wanted this so bad for so long, and it wasn’t that long ago when he had been watching Max stuff the daylights out Liz under the bleachers and no here he was flat on his back with his hard cock buried in Liz’s tight body. And it felt better then any thing had ever felt before, He was no virgin by any stretch of the imagination and the last girl he had fucked had been Isabel and that had felt like he had been slamming into a cold block of ice. However, this was so beautiful, so wondrous, so incredibly tight, God was she tight!

Opening his eyes wide so as not to miss a single detail of this moment, he saw her over him back arched mouth opened with a sense of wonder eyes closed clearly enjoying swallowing his hard prick with her hot juicy cunt. Once she had him completely inside herself, she began ridding him tightening her cunt on each upward stroke. Frowning when Kyle saw Michael settle himself behind her and then he disconnected her from Kyle so that he could slam his own cock into her tight pussy.

Liz voiced no protest only leaned down further so that she was now lying chest to chest on Kyle as Michael pounded away at her from behind.

Angry that his own time with Liz had been interrupted he pushed Michael back, captured her hips, and slammed her back on his own cock. With long sure strokes, Liz was ridding him again, until Michael once again interrupted and brought his cock home into Liz’s pussy.

The two men fought each other for supremacy over Liz tight pussy, neither wanted to give ground to the other. A battle Liz was oblivious to as she just gave up control and enjoyed the wild ride and the different textures and girth of both men’s cocks. They both took her hard and wild and the wild sounds and smells of sex filled the room. It got to the point that Liz was no longer sure which cock was slamming inside her at any given time.

With a growl of both pleasure and possession Michael took control of her hips and with five hard sure thrusts he cummed deep into her hot, soft, tight pussy. Weak form his release he let go of Liz’s hips and stumbled back on his butt and took in the show of Liz and Kyle fucking like crazy.

Kyle took advantage of Michael release and he took firm hold of her hips and started slamming away into her tight pussy. Liz’s loud moans were replaced by high whimpers of intense pleasure he felt Liz nails dig into the skin of his chest her face was buried in his neck.

Liz was going out of her mind, she was so wet she should have been embarrassed by how much cum she was leaking all over Kyle but she was to turned on to care. She felt each of his thrusts as sensory over load, she felt to hot, to aroused, and it didn’t help that she was getting flashes of Max and Maria going at it in the library. She needed release she needed to cum so bad. Michael felt her distress he moved over closer to the hard moving bodies and while tenderly kissing her back, he very gently worked a finger into her ass.

The feel of being so deliciously filled at both ends for the first time in her life sent her over the edge fast and with a loud cry let go, Kyle felt her tightening walls contract in release all around his cock and he to found his release. All three then collapsed on each other completely and utterly boneless.

How long they stayed that way they weren’t sure although Liz thought she had heard the ringing of the bell signaling the start of a new period of class. The door to the eraser room opened and Liz felt herself being lifted into two very strong arms. Turning her head, she saw Max lifting her up into his arms and placing her on her feet. The two of them kissed each other lovely and with restrained passion.

“Mmmmm, you taste like Maria.” Liz said with a huge smile.

Max just smirked, and ran his hands down her behr body, he buried his hand in her cum covered thighs and with a gentle motion healed her sensitive pussy.

“Thank you,” Liz said.

Between the two of them they quickly got Liz dressed. Kyle and Michael took care of each other behind her back. Once everyone was dressed and covered, they walked into the empty hall. Liz was wrapped in Max’s arms and Maria was standing next to them looking at Kyle with an almost predatory gleam in her eyes. Michael was looking at Maria with a knowing smirk on his face.

“Well obviously schools a bust for the rest of the day, and with the looks Maria is throwing Kyle, today’s fuck fest isn’t over.”

Liz giggled but said nothing.

“Well my parents are gone for the week, and I have a pool, what do you think?” Max said.

The girls both jumped with excitement at the idea.

“Well then, lets go, and get this party started again.” Michael said.

And what a party it turned out to be…


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Chapter Nine

All the men find it almost impossible to control their raging hormones as Maria and Liz began to explore each other’s feminine regions as they sped their way towards Max’s house. “Oh god Liz…that feels so good” Maria moaned lustfully as Liz entered yet another finger into her throbbing snatch. “Harder” she screamed as she braced her legs along the back of Max’s seat and with each thrust of Liz’s fingers…she sent Max jerking forward from the power of it all. “Right there…right there” her screams continued…as with one final thrust…Liz’s ministrations sent Maria over the edge…along with the jeep as Max lost control of it by the last powerful thrust sending them over the side of the curb.

“Look you two sex starved maniacs…do you think that you keep your hands…and your feet” he chuckled…looking through the rear view mirror at a blushing Maria. “To yourselves until I get to my house. I really don’t want to explain to Valenti why I seem to be driving all over the road…much less off of it”

“Do you really want us to keep our hands to ourselves” Liz teased as she slide her way between the seat of her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend…snaking her hand up the length of their legs stopping just short of their fully hard members. “Cause if you really want us to stop we will. Right Maria” she says…winking at Maria…leaving her hand right below the heat of their throbbing dicks.

“Right…” Maria stated…catching on quickly to what it was that Liz was trying to do. Wrapping her arms around the back of Max’s seat…she began to unbutton the collared shirt of the man panting like a dog in heat in front of her…running her hands up and down his tempered skin. “I mean if you really want us to keep our hands to our self…then I guess we have to listen. I mean you are the king…and you did just say today that we should start listening to you…right Liz”

“Right…” she replied…giving each protruding member a painful squeeze as she jumped up from her spot between them…lunging into the waiting lap of Michael. “What about you Michael…do you want Maria and I to keep our hands to ourselves” she whispered in his ear…flicking it with her tongue as she did.

“Fuck no” was his response as he took Liz’s lips greedily under his own…as he placed her hand upon the zippered from of his jeans.

“Yeah no shit…shut the hell up Evans” Kyle exclaimed populously…pissed at the fact that due to Max and his big mouth it is Michael getting the hand job that he was expecting. “You may not want good loving…but don’t ruin it for the rest of us” his rant continued as he grabbed a squealing Maria from where she continued to stand behind Max’s seat…sending her crashing onto his lap.

“Oh Kyle…” she sighed flirtatiously…as she wound her hand through the softness of his hair…dragging his ample lips towards her own. Without reserve…he pried her mouth open with his more then eager tongue as he began to explore a place that he never thought would be possible. Wet…hot tongues explored even hotter terrains…as moans of pleasure and labored breathing filled the cramped space of the jeep.

“OH NO YOU DON’T” Max yelled out in protest as he jumped out of the still running jeep…jerking Mike from under the writhing form of his love. “You drive…I said for her to keep her hands to herself…not all over your stupid ass”

“HEY” he cried out stunned as he fell to the curbed ground beside the jeep. “Don’t make me kick your ass” he growled as he pulled himself up…trying like hell to do as Max had and jerk him from under Liz’s form…but with no avail. “Fuck…” he spat out as Liz’s moaning began to mingle with that of Kyle and Maria’s. “This is going to be the longest drive home in the history of the universe” With one last look at the two making out passionately in the back seat…he made his way to the drivers seat and sped off.

By the time that they arrived at Max’s house…Michael was so hard that he thought he was going to be permanently scared by the tread marks that his zipper was digging into the sensitive member. “Ok…every body out” he growled as he jerked the jeep to a complete stop as he jumped out with only one thing on his dirty mind.

“Everyone stay here” Max ordered in between mind numbing kisses from Liz. “I need to make sure that the coast is clear…don’t want to run into Isabel or my parents now do we”

“Yeah…you go and check for your parents and we will wait out here for you” Michael repeated mockingly as he attempted to pull Liz into his arms…only to be thwarted by an overly horny Kyle. “WTF” he growled as he watched Kyle pull Liz against his now open shirted body as Maria continued to kiss him senseless…only to cover the beautiful lips of Liz only after Maria came up for air.

Kyle was in heaven as he continued to exchange lips between the two girls that were in full exploration mode as they continued to swap spit with him. The world around him disappeared as Liz cupped his bulging dick in her inferno based hands though the fabric of his jeans…he didn’t see anything…didn’t see the two very pissed off horny teenaged men as they continued to watch their women tongue fuck him over and over again…didn’t see them advance on his frenzied body…only felt the roughness of their hands as they peeled him off of the two girls…dragging his stunned ass off to god knew where.

“PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN” he cried out in anger…as he tried to break the hold that the two still had on him.

“He wants us to put him down” Michael spoke to Max…giving him a conspiring wink.

“Oh…well if he wants us to put him down then we so must then” he replied with a grunt and a grin as they continued to make their way towards their destination. With a final exertion of jealously they tossed the unsuspecting boy into the cooling depths of the in ground swimming pool.

“YOU SON OF A…” he cursed in utter anger…only to be cut off as two highly pissed of women went flying past the grinning like idiot teens who had thrown him into the water. “Real fucking mature” he heard one of the then scold harshly…but he couldn’t tell from who for all he could concentrate on was the stripping off of clothing as they pushed their ways past the now confused looking boys…diving into the pool stark raving naked…heading in his direction. “Just for that stunk you and Michael can keep your immature asses over there…while we make up for your stupidity to Kyle”

“Oh you poor baby” Liz whispered seductively…finally reaching the still ogling Kyle. “Here let Maria and I help you out of those wet clothes”

“O…ok” he stammered…closing his eyes for this was his greatest fantasy come true as the two women began to strip him of his heavy clothing. He could feel their hands everywhere as they continued to remove the restraints of his clothes…could feel the warmth of their bodies as they slide ever so softly against his own quickly over heating one. He could feel their mouths…their tongues as they began to explore the places that they had just exposed and he was in heaven…pure and utter heaven as they finally sandwiched him between their glorious bodies and began to do things to him that he had only read about in porno magazines. “Lets move to the shallow end” he heard Maria murmur in his ear…as she grabbed him by his fully raging cock…leading him with a grinning Liz towards the edge of the pool. “Lean back Kyle…and let Liz and I do all the work”

He did as they was told as he leaned back against the coolness of the cement…watching his utter fascination as they both knelt before him…his dick mere inches from their glorious mouths. He thought he would lose his load as the first of what felt like thousands of hot and wet moths descended on his hardened boner. “Oh my Buddha” he cried out in pure bliss as he watched the red lips of Maria devour him fully…cried out even louder as she took him so deep into her throat that her face was nuzzling his super sensitive sacks. He felt as if he would jump out of his own skin…as Liz as if in desperate need to taste him…jerked his dick out of the hot moistness of Maria’s mouth only to inhale it into her own. “OMFG” his cries echoed loudly around him…as she toyed with his shaft by increasing and then decreasing the amount of suction she held on it. Just when she had just the right amount needed to bring him to the ultimate explosion…Maria yanked him from the constraints of Liz perfect cavern…licking the full length of his manhood with her experienced tongue.

“Mine” she groaned as she licked the entire length of his member…placing a tiny kiss upon his blossoming head.

“No…mine” he heard Liz speak…as she did the same as Maria had and lick him from the bottom to the top.

“NO…I said it was mine” Maria shot back…wrapping her hands around him with a tightening grip that caused him to yelp out from the pain of it all.

“NO…MINE” Liz countered as she slapped Maria’s hand away…causing another pain filled yelp to omit over Kyle’s lips.

“Ladies…please” Kyle cried out in pleasureful pain as he placed his hand around Liz’s hand as she still held a vice like grip on his dick. “There is enough of Kyle to go around…but not if you break him first”

“Hey Kyle…we can help you with that” he heard Max call out from the edge of the pool where he and Michael stood surveying it all with looks of pure torture etched upon both their faces.

“No thank you” Liz replied for him…as she turned and stuck her tongue out at the two fully pouting boys. “Now Maria…I think that we can work something out there…don’t you think” Liz teased as she leaned over and pressed her lips to Maria’s.

“Yes…yes I do” she moaned…as she ran her hand through Liz’s wet hair…pulling her forward as she began to kiss Liz with all that she was worth…as they both began to stroke Kyle’s penis with their tiny hands. Moans of lust and need began to rise from the three of them…as Kyle knelt down beside them…wrapping his arms around their waists as he forced his way in and tried to kiss the two as they continued to kiss each other.

Back and forth the threesome battled…until the need for more was too much to bear and with the simplest of ease he lifted Liz out of the water by the waist and sat her on the warmness of the sun kissed concrete at the side of the pool. Lifting her legs…he placed them over his shoulders as he followed the scent of her arousal and began to taste of her essence. Sheiks of pleasure could be heard as he explored every nook and cranny of her delicious pussy…before delving into the very core.

With lightening quick reflexes…she squeezed her legs even tighter around his delving head…forcing his face even further into her depths…setting off a body-numbing explosion that ricocheted throughout her fiery body. Releasing the hold that she had on Kyle…she laid back to regroup before she forgave the other two for their meanness to him and had her way with them…but Kyle and Maria had other ideas.

Taking Maria by the arm…he kissed her deeply before he planted her at the entrance of Liz’s thoroughly drenched pussy. Taking his pistoned fire rod into his hand…he lead it to the entrance of her snatch as he rubbed it up and down her burning hole. “Stop teasing and fuck me already” he heard Maria yell clearly irritated as he did as she asked and plunged forcefully into her thieving pussy. He was close…so close as he continued to fuck her with the strength of ten men…but he wanted to control his measures…wanted to prolong this fantasy for as along as he could hold out…and so with painful steps he completely halted his movements as he lead Maria’s pussy eating lips towards Liz’s delectable one.

Maria caught on quickly as she wrapped her arms over Liz’s thighs…and followed in the footstep of Kyle as she placed her mouth upon the hotness that was only Liz. She couldn’t help but smile as Liz pussy fucked her face as Kyle once again began to fuck her from behind. She knew that fucking Kyle was going to be great…but she never expected it to be as monumental as he continued to plunge in and out of her wetness with his gigantic dick. “HARDER…HARDER” she cried out against the pussy that continued to hump her face and as he complied with each hardy thrust…she would in turn flick her tongue over the super sensitive nub of the girl before her…until they were both overwrought with uncontrollable shivers of pre-explosion.

Kyle was the first to give into his many urges as he splurged his seed deep within Maria’s molten core…causing her in turn to nip sharply at Liz’s tender core…sending her spinning crazily out into the stratosphere and then before she had a chance to catch her breath as she removed her face from the now familiar terrain of Liz’s womanhood…her own orgasm washed over her powerfully…causing her to slump backwards against the broad shoulders of a still shuddering Kyle.

With exhausted steps the three make their way out of the pool…where they proceed to lay on the freshness of the grass…each girl snuggling deeply into the still heaving chest of the man that had just brought the two of them to one of the most intense orgasms of their lives…so far. :p

“See…I told you it was possible” Michael said to Max…shifting his now overly painful dick in hopes of relieving some of the pressure.

“Yeah…I guess your right” was his quickened reply…as he began to unbutton his stifling shirt…moving down to his baggy jeans until he was only left in his boxers. “But I don’t know about you…but I have a feeling if we let those two fall asleep we won’t be able to up stage Mr. fuck them till they drop Valenti”

“Your right” he returned…as he did as Max did and quickly stripped down to his birthday suit. Both men make haste with quickened steps towards their significant others…still dosing lightly in the arms of their newest member of the fuck me freedom club. “Got room for two more”

To exhausted to speak as they tried to recover from the mammoth fucking they had received from the man lightly snoring as he continued to hold them close to his studly body…all they could muster was timid moans of from ultimate pleasure as both men laid besides their significant others.

With a determined mind Michael…didn’t give Maria a chance to respond as he quickly flipped her against the hardness of his chest…shoving his roaring tongue into the hot depths of her retaliating mouth. Back and forth the two nipped…bit and sucked…until both were almost to the point of explosion from lack of precious air. “Oh my” he heard Maria exclaim as she quickly got the hint that this was not to be a slow and sensual attempt at making love…but the complete opposite as he roughly pinned her to the ground below…slamming his oozing meat cleaver into her molten depths.

“OMG…FUCK ME MICHAEL” she cried out…jerking Kyle from his slumber as he opened his eyes and found Michael to his left pounding the fuck out of Maria as she proceeded to let know whom ever was in a fifty mile radius just how good Michael fucking her made her feel. With renewed energy he jerked himself off of the ground where he has just taken a quick power nap…fully kneeling before the ample lips of the screaming girl…cutting her off as he shoved his already hardening dick within her moistness.

“Shit Maria…” he yelped as she bit down firmly upon his sensitive dick…causing it to swell even more. “God that feels so good…so good” he mumbled incoherently as he began to fuck her hot little mouth. Reaching down he ran his hand haphazardly over her perspiring body…palming a jutted nipple with his bare hand. He was so close…so close to another mind blowing orgasm that he thought he was going to lose his mind as Maria continued to let him pump her mouth with his fully hardened cock…only to cry out in utter shock and down right pain as the suction that she had created completely disappeared…leaving him with only cooling air to surround him. “WTF” he cried out as he quickly tried to get his wits about him…only to find that Michael was laying where moments before Maria was…as she rode his quivering dick for all that she was worth. He was hard…he was hot and he was in ultimate pain as their cries of simple lusteral fucking surrounded him…and in a moment of pure craziness he considered shoving his pole pleaser into what would have been the shocked mouth of Michael Guerin…only to hurriedly think otherwise at the idea of the painful pounding that was sure to come afterwards invaded his sex crazed mind.

Pulling his gaze from that of Maria and Michael fucking frenzy…he turned to Liz and Max…searching for someplace…anyplace tight enough to shove his sex pistol onto for he was in dire need of release. Where Mike and Maria were fucking as if their life depended on it…Liz and Max were more toned down as they seemed to be exploring every avenue of each others body. “Liz…please” he cried out need fully…his dick dangling mere inches from her beautiful lips. “Help me”

Placing a loving kiss upon her mans lips…she easily turned onto her knees into the position of doggy style…capturing Kyle’s purple and pulsing penis between his lips as Max in a similar position as her began to taste of her already flowing essence. With each swipe of his glorious tongue…she would tighten the suction that she held on Kyle…until he was panting and crying out in sheer pleasureful pain. She was in heaven…in pure bliss as she brought Kyle to a screaming orgasm…swallowing each and every drop that he had to offer her. “Thank you Liz” she heard him whisper as he fell to the ground besides her trying to somewhat compose him self from the sucking of a lifetime.

“Welcome” she gasped in shock…as Max changed tactics and replaced his pleasure providing mouth with that of his ramming fucking rod. She felt as if she might explode from the experience of it all…from the mammoth pounding that she was receiving from the man that she loved more then life…to the wonderment of being able to share of her self fully with him…with no inhibitions as well as with the people that she loved almost as much as the man that continued to fuck her with outright passion.

With renewed drive after watching Liz suck off his former foe…Max continued to thrust himself into the fiery pussy of the girl that he loved more with each passing day…trusts so hard that he thought that he would spontaneously combust from the absolute pressure that was developing deep within his flamingly hot body. “I…I love you Liz” he gasped in utter utopia as he begrudgingly removed his rock hard member…turning her tenderly as possible onto her back where he proceeded to cover her shimmering body with his own sweat sheened one. “I love you too” he heard her respond as he once again fitted his long and lean manhood into her perfectly tight fitting hole as he began to thrust so hard into her that stars began to invade his sight. As much as he wanted to prolong the feeling of being inside her…his body had other ideas as it came quick and hard…leaving him gasping and shuttering from the fieriness of it all.

“Whoa…” Liz panted…fully trying to compose herself after the earth rocking orgasm that she had just experienced.

“Yeah…” Max countered just as winded as he snuggled against the heaving breasts of Liz.

“I don’t know about the rest of you” Kyle yawned…stretching out once again exhausted against the flushed bodies of Liz and Max. “But I have to admit that this has been one of the greatest days of my life”

“Praise Buddha” Michael chuckled…referring to Kyle’s fascination with Buddhism…causing the five of them to laugh hysterically as if for the first time.

Together they laid in silence…each drifting…dreaming and relaxing in the warmth of the beautiful sun as it stretched across the bodies of the huddled teens. Each so content in the peace and tranquility that surrounded them that they didn’t hear the first of her shocked and angered cries…only to quickly return to reality of the situation as a madly ranting Isabel stood guns a blazing before them.

“OMG…what the hell is going on here” she screamed maddened at the sight she saw before her. She could not believe that she was seeing what she was actually seeing…that Kyle…her Kyle was butt assed naked…laying in the middle of her brother…her friend and their girlfriends. “Kyle…what the fuck is going on here”

“ISABEL” Kyle yelped startled as he jumped from the warmth of Maria and Liz’s bodies…standing completely nude before his soon to be ex-girlfriend. “We…we…we were just…”

“JUST FUCKING THESE…THESE LITTLE SLUTS” she finished for him…sending Kyle into a total fit of insanity.

“You have a lot of nerve you stupid bitch” he growled through clenched teeth as he grabbed her by the shoulders…shaking her for emphasis. “You who have fucked just about the whole football and wrestling team. You who claimed to be my girlfriend…who claimed to love me…have been cheating on me for months now. Don’t you ever talk about these two women again…they are better then you…purer then you and most importantly…they are better in bed then you”

“Well then I feel sorry for them then” she countered evilly…pushing Kyle away from her where he fell hard before the fist clenched band of fuck mates. “You have never been of any use in the bed anyway. You just lay there like a cold fish. Trust me girls…you’d be better off fucking yourselves then fucking our Kyle here”

Kyle could only sit there stunned as Isabel continued to bad mouth his sexual prowess…he was speechless and more then a little embarrassed…but his embarrassment quickly turned to that of out right revenge as he felt something quickly brush past him on either side of his body. A grin plastered itself upon his face at the realization that the warm breezes he had felt were those of two maddened women…two women whom proceeded to beat the ranting bitch into a black and blue frenzy.

“DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT HIM LIKE THAT AGAIN” he heard one of them yell…unsure exactly of whom it was. Hair was pulled…fists where thrown and blood was spilt…and for a while there was no telling who was hitting who as the blood battle continued. However…as Michael and Max pulled the still swinging girls off the nearly unconscious Isabel…it was clear to all who was the victor in this war. “You fucking bitch…you leave Kyle alone. He is ours now…all of ours” Liz spat…still trying to get at the bitch that she had hated from the first time she had met her. “Kyle is a wonderful lover and friend and if you so much as look at him in the wrong way…you will so live to regret it”

“Your…your all crazy” she whimpered…wiping the oozing blood from her obviously broken nose.

“No…you’re the crazy one bitch” It was Maria’s turn to rant. “You…you gave up this gorgeous man to fuck who…the football and wrestling teams. Please…Kyle is man enough to please the two of us. I think that you are the cold fish Isabel…and you know that you fucked this one up when you let him go…but trust me on this one…we will keep Kyle very happy in our little group and he will make us happy in return” she continued as she wrapped her arms around the neck of the fully blushing man and kissed him with all the passion that she held within her.

“And I second those words” Liz countered as he wrapped her arms around the waists of the two that were still kissing passionately. “Got room for one more”

“Max…Michael” Isabel cried out…looking at her friend and brother for some kind of support. “Are you…are you going to just let them do this to me”

“You know what Is…you have been a bitch to me my whole life. You have always thought that you were better then everyone else…including me…your family. I have stood up for you time and time again…but not this time” he spoke truthfully as he leaned against the nude bodies of the people that he knew he would die for to protect. “We love each other…and we want to be together…and I don’t care if you think that there is something wrong with that. But just know this…if you try to retaliate in any way…you will have me to deal with…and you so don’t want that”

“Michael…please…help me”

He looked from his almost sister to his lovers…and then back again a look of confusion covering his rugged face. “Michael please…you were sucked into their little fucked up games…but you know that you belong with me…you always have” he heard her reply as he nodded his head and gingerly made his way towards the smiling girl. “I knew that you were the sensible one” she continued as she held out her arms to him to assist her off the hard ground.

“You know your right…I am the sensible one” he repeated as he took her hands and gently helped her off the ground as four shocked sets of eyes took in every moment. With slow and easy steps he leads her past the group of gawkers…only to wink at them as he did with a so readable smirk upon his face. “I am sensible enough to know that you are the biggest bitch to walk the face of the earth…that you could never understand the love that I hold for these people…all of them. You are a sad little person Isabel and I hope that you rot in hell for all the nasty things that you have done to whom every you thought wasn’t worthy of your greatness…but let me tell you this…you are not worthy of our greatness…and trust me you have no idea what you are missing”


“Shut the fuck up bitch” he cut her off as he shoved her with all of his might into the deep end of the pool. “You look a bit messy there…maybe that will help you clean up” he chuckled as the people that he loved most in the world ran around him…engulfing him into their loving embrace. “Come on lets get the heck out of here. I don’t know about the rest of you…but after all that lovemaking I am starving. So…how about it baby” he chuckled as he pulled Liz tightly into his arms. “Dinner on the house for all of the people that you have fucked today”

“Hey…” she laughed in response as she pinched his cute ass. “I don’t know…what will you do for me if I do”

“This…” he responded lustfully as he whispered just what he was going to do to her. The others tried to hear just what it was that he was tying to say…but were unsuccessful as he quickly kissed the fully blushing girl on the lips and left them all standing there. “Come on…I’m starved” he yelled over his shoulder. “And besides…I need to recoup my energy so I can follow thorough on what I just told you”

“I don’t know what the hell he just told you” Maria spoke…breaking the silence of the group of teens. “But…something tells me that we are going to have fun finding out”


DreamingOfMax84 No it will be just Max/Liz/Kyle/Maria/Michael

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Part 10

Liz and Max were alone at the crashdown, Liz was home alone her parents were off at a conference leaving little Lizzie all alone. But not for long because as soon as her parents left Max moved in, they were currently on her bed taking their time and just enjoying each other's company, just slowly hotly kissing each other fully clothed. If one didn’t know, better they looked like a young couple that hadn’t been passed second base. But this is a prime example that looks can be very deceiving.

With quick sure fingers Max unbuttoned Liz's button down shirt revealing her red silk Victoria secret bra undoing the front clasp his large hands went right to her breast, as he messaged the soft warm globes, Liz moaned into his mouth as their tongues continued to dual. Liz’s skirt rode up with each shift of her body revealing perfect creamy thighs. Max moved his hand from her breasts and down to her firm panty covered butt and with a touch made them disappear, Liz started humping his jean-covered leg enjoying the rough texture of his jeans on her behr pussy. The soft scent of her sex drifted up and filled his nose and Max couldn’t help but run his own hand down his pants undoing the buttons and the fly freeing his cock to easily rise to full attention. He picked her up and sat her down on his full fat cock in one full stroke and their mouths never parted.

Liz tightened her inner muscles making sure Max had the tightest fit she could feel his balls rubbing her ass and it greatly excited her. Hugging him to her the two mouths finally parted taking in great gulps of air before meshing their mouths together again, Liz started moving up and down on his thick length they moved in perfect rhythm thrusting hard until they could no longer keep kissing because they were breathing so hard and so fast. Max looked up at a wildly bouncing Liz, he watched as her firm breasts bounced in his face, as her silky dark hair flew all over the place creating a dark halo all around her. Her eyes were closed and her face was drawn in a deep grimace of pure pleasure/pain. Max couldn't believe how each time they did this how more beautiful she became, she glowed from the inside somehow and his eyes glowed with her. He hugged her tight around the waist as her movements became wilder more out of control until she exploded with a wild cry in his arms.

Max had to work hard not cum himself as her perfect walls repeatedly tightened on his cock, he swift turned her over so that he was kneeling on the bed between her thighs still locked deep in side her. He swiftly started to strip his shirt and ran his hands over his pants making them disappear; doing the same with Liz’s remaining clothes. He lifted each of her legs up where he crossed them at her ankles and pushed them toward her the position pushed Liz butt off the bed and angled her better for his hard thrusts. Liz lifted her hands over her head sweeping her hair behind her as she let Max have full control over her body.

Max thrusted with all his might the bed shacking wildly with the force of his thrusts her breasts bounced violently but all she could do was ride out the pleasure. Since he gave her no time to recover her orgasm was pushed into a higher orbit, Liz was aware of nothing but the cock in her hot pussy and the incredible ache it created.

Max found himself connected with her mind, and he got sudden glimpses of the incredible pleasure/pressure she was under and it made Max buff up with pride at what he was doing to her. And it helped him control his own urge to cum and find release, he was determined that tonight with him she would find the best damn release she was ever going to have in her life so far, far above what Michael, Kyle, or even Maria could give her. Max was very much the jealous and controlling sort of guy, when it came to Liz he really hated sharing but he knew the rules he had lost his sole claim to her by his own stupidly in allowing that ugly gerbil to control him and not fight for Liz his true love. But no matter tonight, he had her alone just to himself and he was going to make the most out of it.

Sensing her legs were getting tired he lowered them and cradled them on his strong forearms leaning down toward her he thrusted hard downward with his strong arms he lifted her up and down off the bed hard. He did this with an easy grace that no doubt came from the thousands of pull ups he did in his room to help alleviate the sexual tension he was under ever since he got his first hard on and wanted nothing more then be in this very position with Liz.

Liz could do nothing but open herself wider to better meet each of his hard thrusts. Max’s cock stretched her to even greater limits she dug her nails into his butt leaving marks and drawing blood as she urged him on into her with her loud moans, grunts and high pitched whimpers until she again erupted in release bathing his hard cock with a hot river of cum. He lowered her legs completely to the bed and collapsed on her heaving warm body, still hard as a post but giving her time to regroup for his next round of hard fucking. Liz welcomed his weight on her body enjoying how he pushed her into the soft mattress; she ran her hands up and down his back. And as her senses slowly return to her, she became fully aware that he hadn’t cum yet. But despite that he seemed content to just look down at her kiss her forehead a brush her wet hair off her face.

It was extremely hard, no pun intended for him to keep in place and not bring himself to completion but he used every ounce of strength of will to do so. Once he was sure, she was ready again, he lifted himself off her disconnecting himself so that he was once again on his knees and his cock was standing at full attention just for her, Liz sat up eyeing that hard angry looking cock licking her lips as she crawled like a stealthy cat to him. She took his cock in her hands feeling his strength and power; she brought it to her mouth and swallowed it completely so that his heavy balls were hitting her chin. She moaned her pleasure as she took in the wonderful taste of them mingled together.

"God I love the taste of you, your cock is so musky with the right taste of spice, and with my cum on you I know that you are mine." Liz whispered on his cock, in between deep sucks and light nibbles.

The vibrations of her voice traveled down his cock making him growl as he forced her to let go of him or he would cum right there and he wasn’t ready for that. Liz pouted she wanted to taste him again and Max brought her to him kissing her mouth hotly. When he let her go, he whispered in her ear…

“I want to try something really kinky, are you game?” Max asked, nibbling her ear as he did so.

“I’m open to anything.” She whispered back.

“Even to giving up your anal virgin.” He asked grabbing her butt and kneading it hard. She in return wrapped her arms around his neck and bit his neck, “Even that.”

She let go of him and so did he, she turned around spread her legs and leaned down and presented her butt to him. He lovingly caressed the firm glowing globes but suddenly she stopped him and scurried over to her dresser and took out a package that looked very much like a condom and threw it to him, Max looked at her confused.

“I know you took care of Maria and Me on the birth control aspect and we don't need them but just humor me on this with what were going to do; I don’t want you going behr back there.”

Max hated the things he liked feeling Liz all of her all the time, but it did make sense so he listened to her and ripped open the package the sweet smelling scent of Banana filled his nose, making Max chuckle.

"Have I ever told you banana is might favorite fruit?" Liz whispered in his ear while lightly stroking his cock. "…Maria knows and she gave these to me as a gag gift, I've only used one before with her and the dildo we keep at her house."

The thought of Liz and Maria having sex with each other made his cock jump in her hand Liz softly laughed and she put herself in position again and Max pushed in his banana flavored cock deep into Liz’s sopping pussy getting it nice and lubed up.

"God, Max you always feel so huge when you take me from behind I can't wait to feel you in my ass." Liz said as she enjoyed his deep hard thrusts. Taking her hips in one hand, he pushed in one long finger into her opening and with his full powers of healing; he prepared her for his cock by opening her up a little. When he was ready he pulled away from her, and positioned himself at her back door opening

Taking her hips in both hands he closed his eyes and concentrated all his energies and attention as he slowly pushed into her tight opening and completely taking away any remaining pain that would come this being her first time in this position. Well actually, this being their first time in this position and he felt good about being able to do something with her that neither had tried before, she was always the experience one. So, it was with great pleasure and pure relish that Max pushed in to the very hilt.

Liz felt so incredible full, it felt strange to feel anything as huge as Max back there but it did feel very good, and it felt even better when Max started thrusting back and forth, slowly moving deeply. Liz began moaning her pleasure loud, Max was sure the whole house was echoing with her cries and it turned him on a lot. He started moving faster his cock felt so hard he was sure that at that moment it was made of pure steel he didn’t know how much he could take. Needing more control and deeper penetration he disconnected from Liz briefly and squatted behind her with his feet flat on the bed, he guided his condom-covered cock back into her backdoor slamming in hard in a true doggie-style position. Taking her hips in his hands hard, he slammed his cock in back and forth he leaned his forehead on her back as he lost himself in the act no longer able to take it slow. Liz welcomed his wildness and she started tightening her butt on his cock trying to give him the tightest hole possible.

She urged him on vocally crying out for harder and deeper treatment. "Oh god Max, yes, yes just like that, do it harder, can feel you god I can so feel you, you're so big, so good so good. More I need more Max, stab me with that monster cock." She met each of his trusts wildly her back was arched her legs were spread and her face was hanging down moving side to side as she moaned out her words loud. She reached behind her trying to get him in even deeper.

That was all it took Max couldn’t take it anymore and with a force he didn’t know he was capable off he released a blast of cum that ripped the condom and bathed her walls with his hot cum, the heat of it triggered a different kind of orgasm in Liz, which she welcomed whole heartedly. And she screamed out her satisfaction as her walls spasmed around him.

It was one weak Max that collapsed on top of Liz still connected. His chest was heaving and he was breathing as if he had been running a marathon. Liz stretched her arms over her head feeling completely relaxed and at peace. Great sex always did that to her, she felt ready for a completely new round of sex, but she knew Max needed time to regroup before he could even think about going another round. When he finally disconnected and cleaned up after himself, he curled up around Liz and lightly dozed. When she was sure he wouldn't wake up she slipped out of bed feeling the cum leak out her she swayed back and forth enjoying the feeling of her pussy and ass leaking and nude she walked to the kitchen looking for a snack for both her and Max. She was bending over looking for some strawberries when she heard a low whistle behind her. She looked between her legs and saw Kyle with a very appreciative smile looking down at her. know what is coming next...hee hee!!! Stormy!!

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Chapter 11

Forgetting the strawberries, she closed the door and with a sexy smile, she looked him in the eye and said, "So you like what you see?"

"Very much." Kyle said the hard-on in his pants showed that very well.

"Good. So what are you waiting for?" Liz asked right before she jumped him. He easily caught her in his arms where he began plundering her mouth instantly. Unlike her mating with Max this wasn't by any chance romantic, or slow, this was a hard animalistic mating. Somehow, in her position she unzipped Kyle's jeans and pushed them down exposing his hard cock. Which she quickly engulfed in her moist pussy, Kyle sat her down on the counter and she grabbed his ass and rode his cock for all it was worth.

Kyle groaned hard and pounded into Liz as hard as he could she was like a wild tiger digging her nails in his butt as she bit into his neck it was amazing to him he could still stay on top of her. He couldn't last long no red blooded male could and he exploded deep into her depth, his hot cum triggered her orgasm and with a wild cry she found release.

To Kyle's credit, he somehow stayed nice and hard inside of her despite his release he stopped thrusting and just enjoyed the feeling of being wrapped by hot, smooth silky walls. Liz was leaning back against the cabinets watching him threw half closed eyes. He took off his sweaty shirt; Liz traced the lines of his well toned chest muscles. He caressed her legs up and down feeling how silky smooth her legs felt wrapped around him, she had to shave her legs everyday to keep them that smooth he thought to himself. He looked down to where they were joined seeing how perfectly she housed him how not even an inch of him was free. It was one of the most beautiful sights in the world and looking at it reminded him of the dream he had, had this mourning.

"You know I had a nice little wet dream of you and Maria this mourning I woke up with a hard-on that not even my hand could take care. Although Maria did do her best to take care of it when she came to my house this mourning that girl has quite a mouth, would you like me to tell it to you?"

"MmmmHmmm…" Was all Liz was capable of speaking; Kyle smiled proudly at reducing her to such a state.

"I had you and Maria tied to a bed, eating and fucking you both hard and then eating the cum of our orgasms from both your pussies. And since I just fucked you hard, now I'm going to eat our cum." He didn't wait for her response he just watched as his hard member disconnected its self form her tight depths and kneeled down in front of her dripping pussy where he proceeded to lick her up and down suckling every drop of their juices. Liz moaned with the pleasure he was giving her and started humping her pussy on his face. A deep ache began to reform itself inside Liz, Kyle was so good at using his tongue to bring out the most pleasure and in the short time since they had begun sleeping together he had learned her pussy she well. He knew where to nibble, suckle, bite and where to sooth, he was so good.

Kyle for his part was in heaven, he never knew that his cum mingled with Liz would taste so good, he couldn't help but wish for Maria to be here to so that he could see if it would be the same with her. The thought made him work harder and it wasn't until he felt Liz orgasm around his tongue that he finally stopped. Getting up he quickly took of his remaining clothes and guided his cock back into her depths, she wrapped her arms around his neck and the two of them started gently rocking against each other. Liz was so wet a soft sucking sound could be heard coming from her pussy, the only other sound in the room were the soft sighs coming from each of them.

Max had woken up from his power nap to an empty bed he was hardening again and he needed Liz getting up to see what she was up to he walked outside and saw her in the kitchen getting her pussy eaten by Kyle. He sighed softly he had hoped Liz and him would have been alone tonight but since Kyle was here he couldn't do anything to change that now. He watched as Liz cummed around Kyle's face he watched Kyle place his cock deep into Liz and fuck. He grabbed his hard cock and pretended it was him fucking Liz instead.

Something told Liz to open her eyes, and look over Kyle's shoulder to the door of her bedroom. There she saw Max watching her with Kyle his hard member in his hand as he pumped his cock to the sight of her and Kyle fucking. She didn't like seeing him all alone pleasuring himself when she was more then capable of helping him out in that department. She called out to him, to come to her and he did when he was standing next to Kyle she took his cock in her hands and played with his heavy balls while Kyle continued to rock into her. But that soon that wasn't enough, she wanted Max inside her to, at this moment she was cock hungry and she had a willing supply in front of her.

"I want this inside of me." She said jiggling Max's cock to make her message clear, Kyle got a pained expression on his face and when he would have disconnected from her to let Max in, she stopped him by locking her legs around Kyle. "…No I want you both inside of me…" Looking at Max she clarified, "… just like before, with the condom."

Max nodded and using his powers he made a condom for himself and placed it on his super hard cock. When Liz and Kyle saw he was ready, she made Kyle pick her up, in his arms, she locked her legs around Kyle tight and wrapping her arms around Kyle's neck burying her face in his neck, which left her ass in perfect position for Max.

Max caressed her tight ass and trim back, Max needed lubrication so Kyle reluctantly disconnected from Liz and Max pushed in with four deep thrusts grunting at the perfection of her pussy, once he was covered, he placed his cock at her backdoor and both Kyle and Max pushed in at the same time.

The feeling of being filled by two huge cocks forced Liz into another world. The pleasure was indescribable, never in her life had she felt so full, so stretched and so connected. She could feel both cocks rubbing the think membrane of skin that separated them. They started awkwardly all three of them searching for the perfect rhythm for all three of them to move together. Liz found herself snuggly sandwiched between the two men, warm and perfectly safe. She could hear the pounding of Kyle's heart against her ear and the pounding off's Max against her back. Sweat covered all three's bodies helping her slide up and down against them better.

Max closed his eyes tight enjoying the feeling her tight ass gave his cock, since this was only their second time in the ass, it was still quite a struggle to thrust in and out of her because each inward thrust felt like he was breaking new ground. But it was the pushing outward that he almost died of pleasure her walls so tightly fit him they tried to keep him in place like they never wanted to let him go, it was a wonderful experience and he had to work hard to not cum right there. Kyle was suffering from the same thing; her pussy was so tight around him it was all he could do to stay on his feet.

"Liz baby, we have to lie down, I can't take much more of this." Kyle panted out.

Liz groaned in disappointment she didn't want to move she was happy where she was, but she didn't have much of a choice when Kyle disconnected from her, and Max carried her over to the sofa. Kyle lied down and Max placed her over him, Kyle quickly connected with her again pushing right into her tight pussy. There wasn't much room for Max to kneel down between there legs so Max crouched over her so that his feet where flat at either side of Kyle's and Liz's hips with his hands on her hips he pushed in right into her butt full forth.

The force of Max's thrust pushed Kyle further into Liz, making them both moan in incredible pleasure. In and out they both moved, in no real rhythm sometimes both men pushed in together sometimes they pushed in opposite movements. Liz never knew what to expect all she could do was bounce between the two men, up and down and be deliciously filled and whimper in deep pleasure. The sound of loud deep grunts and high pitched sighs filled the room and all three of them never noticed that they had company.

Maria and Michael had walked in; Michael watched on totally amazed that a tiny girl like Liz could easily take both men as she was. Maria walked up to the pair and stood behind them watching the two cocks disappear and reappear inside of Liz. Hesitantly she lightly traced Max's and Kyle's bouncing balls with her finger tip, Her touch made the two men go at it harder and faster, their grunts became full force shouts, the added pressure forced Liz into a great orgasm and she buckled wildly between the two men almost unseating them both but they held on. And the feeling of Liz contracting all around them made them both cum; deep they shot their hot loads into Liz's tiny body.

Max wobbling got off the couch and sat down hard on the floor of the couch completely worn out. Liz cuddled on top of Kyle and finally fell asleep, her body was glowing and she had a huge smile on her face, as Kyle looked at Maria with a deep hunger. Max and Liz may have been worn out, but Kyle was still rearing to go.

TBC...Oh there is so much more to stay tuned...hee hee!!! Stormy!!!

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Chapter Twelve

“Maria…good to see you” Kyle leered…as he gently rolled a sleeping Liz from atop his chest. “Really good to see you”

“Um…Hi Kyle” she whispered just a bit fearfully as he circled around her like a vulture lurking around its prey. “So…how are you this evening” she chuckled nervously as he continued to stalk her. She didn’t know what Kyle had on his mind as he studied her as if she was some sort of experiment…but she did know one thing that it was going to be sexual and she was going to love it. She didn’t know where Michael had disappeared to…nor did she care as Kyle scooped her up into his arms…throwing her over his shoulders as he practically ran out of the room. Squeals of laugher could be heard trailing down the hallway as he smacked her playfully on her ass before running into the bathroom…slamming the door loudly behind them. “So…” she flirted as he placed her on the floor before his heaving manly body. “Something that you want to talk to me about in private”

“You could say that” was his reply as he continued to gawk at the pixie faced girl.

“And just what is it that you want to talk to me about”

“I wanted to talk to you about this huge problem that I am having”

“Huge problem” she counted evilly as she ran her hands over the sculptured chest…smiling at the small whimper that escaped his perfect lips as she continued. “Tell Dr Maria all about it and maybe I can make it all better”

“Oh baby you have to make it all better or I may die,” he groaned as she leaned in and nipped his sensitive nipple.

“Oh my…die” she teased…as she kissed her way down his chest…stopping just above the equator. “We so can’t have that now can we. Tell Dr. Maria what she can do to help you” She didn’t have to wait long for his reply as he grabbed her hand and placed it over his raging boner. “Oh my Kyle its so big” she sighed as she tightened the hold that she had on it. “Does it hurt”

“So much” he groaned…licking his lips as she began to stroke him from top to bottom…making sure to pay extra attention to the engorged sacs with each swipe. “Oh god Dr. that feels so good…so good” he moaned as she increased her motions…swathing his chest with the warmth of her tongue…then abruptly stopping all action as she stepped away from his over heated body. “WTF” he cried out as he gaped at her in shock as she continued to stand before him with a look of pure mischief plastered upon her face.
“You smell like Max and Liz” she whined…walking over to the tub and turning the water on…making sure to give him a perfect view of her ass cheeks as she leaned over and put the stopper in the drain. “Dr. Maria only works on clean patients. So Mr. Valenti would you please step into my office”

“Yes Maam” he chirped happily as he quickly made his way over to the tub…sitting in its warm depths as he awaited the treatment that Dr. Maria had promised.

“Good boy” she grinned as she shed her clothes…stepping into the tub making sure that her dripping pussy was mere inches from his drooling face. “Now Dr. Maria will make you all better…but you have to do everything that I tell you to do…because if you don’t…well you will continue to suffer”

‘What…what ever you want” he panted lustfully…drool forming in his mouth with need to devour what was right before his very eyes.

“Good…now…” she didn’t finish as she grabbed him by the head and brought his face forward until his mouth and nose were nestled within her steamy depths. He didn’t need any instructions as to what to do from there as he took actions into his own hands…or mouth in that case and began to explore the glorious pussy that was only Maria. “That’s right Kyle…eat Dr. Maria’s pussy like a good patient” she moaned greedily as she forced his head deeper into her neither region. Her moans increased as he increased the suctions that he had upon her tender nub…turning to out right screams of passion as he wrapped his large and manly hands around her ass urging her even further. She knew that they could hear her screams of pleasure in the next room…but she didn’t care for nothing mattered more then Kyle’s expert tongue as he nipped her tender flesh until she was humping his face like she had never done so before. She didn’t think that it could get any better as he switched options and began to fuck her swarming hole with his tongue…sending her over the edge with animalistic screams of wanton lust. “I…I…I just have one question for you. Where did you learn to use your tongue like that” she panted as she tried to stay up right…failing miserably as her legs went out on her…but Kyle was quick as lightening as he caught her in his strong arms…capturing her mouth in a searing kiss before she could utter a word.

“Pornography is an awesome learning tool” he chuckled as he released the honey soft lips of Maria…as he easily flipped her onto her back so she was laying against the hardness of his body…his fuck tool poking her tauntingly in the ass. “Wanna know what else I have learned from porn” he growled against her ear as she ran his slicked up hands over her quivering stomach.

“What…what” she gasped…all ideas of roll play gone from her sex starved mind as he kneaded two extremely tender globes within his hot hands…paying particular attention to her nipples as he rolled them painfully between his thumb and index finger. Cries of anguish could be heard around them as he silently removed his hands…only to be replaced with grunts of extreme pleasure as he laid one hand over her water clad pussy…and the other he used to guide his rock hard cock into the once forbidden entrance of her ass. “JESUS CHRIST” she cried out as he continued to edge his largeness inch my agonizing inch. “Kyle…please” she cried out needing to feel his full girth deep with in her as she began to wiggle her hips need fully in an attempt to get his fuck tool exactly where she needed it to be.

Not needing to be told twice he quickly grabbed onto her tiny waist…plunging himself upwards until he was completely submerged within her rigid walls. “Holy fuck” he whispered through clenched teeth as he tried drastically to get his wits about him as the walls of her ass clenched painfully around his dick. “You are so fucking tight Maria…so fucking tight”

“Stop talking and start fucking” she commanded as took his large hands into her own…placing them over her achingly hard tits. With each thrust of his penis…she would clasp her hand over his own breast filled hands setting the pace that she needed to feel upon them.

Straining his neck over the edge of the tub…he continued to fuck her ass with an all fired passion that was only surpassed by the feel of ample tits within the confines of his hands. He was in heaven as he sent a silent prayer out to Buddha for allowing him the privilege to be part of this tight knit group…but most importantly for Maria and Liz to allow him to love and worship them the way that he did. He knew that there was no denying it that with each bout of love making that they would share between the three of them that he was going to fall deeper and deeper in love with them…it was just the type of man that he was and even though he was not one to express his emotions freely…he knew that in a small way that they knew. He was close…so close and he wanted to make sure that Maria got just as much from this as he was so he reluctantly removed a hand from one of her mounds and send it plunging head first into her snatch. With a smile inhabiting his face he began to fuck her even harder…water splashing crazily every which way as it coated the tiled floor below. Her screams were his momentum as her body rocked to his rhythm…bringing the two of them to a quick and hardy release. “Thank you” he huffed against her ear as she fell back against his chest…burrowing her face into the crevice of his neck.

“Thank you for what” she questioned sleepily as she once again grasped his hands under her own…pulling them around her waist as she laid them on her stomach in a big Behr hug.

“Just thank you” he whispered as he reached out with his foot and turned on the warming effects of the facet. He longed to declare his love for Maria…but this would have to wait. This was all so new to him…to all of them and he knew that they would have to see where this strange relationship was going to go before he would be able to let them know just what they meant to him…and deep down he was fine with that…for the moment. “Just thank you” he repeated again as he quickly turned off the heated water…pulling her snoozing form tighter into his embrace as he allowed his own exhaustion to over take him.

“So just what were you and Kyle doing in the bathroom last night” Liz teased Maria as they made their way into their favorite clothing store in the mall…a frowning Max in tow. “Not like I really have to ask due to the amount of moaning and screaming echoing down the hallway”

“I don’t fuck and tell” Maria countered playfully as she smacked Liz on her ass…before running off and hiding behind Max. “And just what was it that you and Max were doing before we got there…because I know that the two of you weren’t passed out due to Kyle’s ministrations” she giggled…already knowing the answer at the crimson blush spreading over Max’s chiseled cheeks. “God I am getting turned on just thinking about all the different things you did to our sexy Liz over there” she continued with her taunting as she ran her hands along the manly hips of her lover…giving his dick a playful squeeze once she came in contact with it.

“Jesus Maria” Max groaned through clenched teeth as he gripped onto the clothes rack for support as she went in for another grope. “Not here…people will see” he blushed even more…but not at Maria’s blatantness…but at the raging boner poking so largely for everyone to witness though his to tight jeans.

“Oh Max…look at what I have done to you” she chirped happily…an evil look crossing her face as she copped another feel. “Let me help you with that”

“What…how” he asked pained as he shifted from foot to foot in an attempt to shift himself into a more comfortable position. He watched as she picked up a shirt off the rack…dropping it to the floor as she knelt down…quickly disappearing under the shielding of clothes. His breath caught in his throat as the confining zipper of his jeans splayed apart allowing his hardened dick to fall forward. “OMFG” he cried out as her hot mouth devoured his hardness. He felt as if his eyes were gonna bug out of his head as he looked frantically around the small shop…making sure that no one had heard his earlier profanity…only to blush even more at the gaping looks he was receiving from a group of young girls standing two aisles over. “Liz…would you look at how hot this blouse is” he gasped…straining to talk in somewhat coherent sentences as Maria continued to give him the blowjob of a lifetime. “It…it would look great on you”

Taking the hint…Liz walked beside Max…pretending to look at the extremely ugly shirt that he gripped white knuckled before her. However her own breath caught in her throat as a warm hand trailed a blazing trail up her exposed thigh…stopping just short of her thong clad pussy. “Maria no” Liz whispered as she too worked her gaze over the almost empty store…thanking god that their was no one to witness their sex play except for a nerdy looking cashier who was more intent on the book before her then what was happening on the sales floor.

“Sorry baby…I can’t help myself when your delicious pussy is just inches away from my mouth” she mumbled as she quickly pushed away the thin material of her thong…inhaling the swollen nub of her best friend and lover. Laughter was eminent at the large outburst she heard from above as she continued with her pussy eating…and hand job on a clearly ready to explode Max. Back and forth she exchanged her greedy mouth for the love muscle of her male lover and the gorgeous pussy of her female counterpart…back and forth until they were both wiggling with want of release…but she was having none of it as she quietly emerged from under the rack…standing before the stunned faces of her two lovers. Stifling her giggles she grabbed the shirt off the floor and headed in the direction of the changing room. “I’d like to try this on” she spoke to the clearly bored associate who barely acknowledged her as she waved her into the back rooms. With an evil grin upon her face she turned to face her still stunned fuck mates…urging them on with a lick of her lips and a flick of her finger. A small pout covered her face as they continued to stand there with looks of shock upon their face and so she took out the big guns so to speak as she quickly jerked off the tight knit shirt…exposing her braless breasts. Squeals of excitement could be heard loudly around them as both Max and Liz rushed the tiny dressing rooms…pinning a grinning Maria to the wall behind her. “What took you so long” she panted as Max kneaded one sensitive breast with one hand and suckled like a newborn babe the other. Liz had her own ideas as she wrapped her hand through the softness of Maria’s flowing locks…jerking her face forward as she attacked her tender lips with her own.

Not one to stand idly by as her two best friends ravished her body…Maria with expert hands removed the hindering clothing of Liz…not once ever breaking the searing French kiss that the two were sharing. With gentle insistence she began to explore the exquisiteness of Liz’s body. She loved the way that her skin felt beneath her hands…loved the way that she could provoke such responses from her with just the slightest of touches. “Fuck me Max…now” she growled as he continued to nip and suck her aching flesh. Once again squeals could be heard wafting around the tiny room as Max with lightening quick reflexes whipped off his hindering pants…sitting heavily on the bench as he picked up off the floor with no effort at all…sitting her in his lap. “OH Jesus” she cried out in sheer wonderment as he quickly guided his rock hard cock onto the heated moistness of her folds. “Oh Max…that’s it…right there” her moans continued as he placed his hands upon her slender hips…bracing his feet upon the floor for better fucking action.

Liz was not about to sit idly by and watch the sex show before her. She had other ideas as she climbed the nearly to small bench…quickly situating herself as she placed her bare leg before the jerking body of Maria…bracing her foot against the wall…making sure that her thoroughly drenched pussy was right at her eye level. “You know what you need to do” she teased as leaned forward…assuring that with each bounce upon Max’s glorious dick that Maria would have no choice but to dive her face deep into her achingly hot heat. She couldn’t help but freely giggle as Maria did as she was told and with each trust upward she would fuck Liz with the wetness of her pleasure providing tongue. She couldn’t believe how happy and how free she felt with everyone. Not long before she was simple Lizzy Parker…wonder bore and now she was a lovemaking machine. She loved the fact that she was free to love each one of them as her own…and that none of them judged her…nor them when it came to experimenting with sex. She knew that sex was now her addiction…but not just sex with anyone…sex with the only four people that she knew deep in her soul would be the only ones that she was ever going to make love to and she was ok with that. So deep in her thoughts of happily every after…she never felt Max reach out to her until he had two fingers deep within her core. “Oh Max” she sighed as she tightened the hold that she held on the wall for she knew the rocking rhythm of his wondrous hand and the insistent urgings of Maria’s tongue that orgasm was going to be eminent. “I love you guys” she whispered through clenched teeth as she tried to control the urge to scream at the top of her lungs just how fucking fantastic their ministrations were making her feel…but she knew that it was not the proper place for such things. “Love you so much” her pants continued as the fire deep within her fully consumed her…causing her to no longer care as one hell of an earth shattering orgasm washed over her shivering body. Drained she released the lock that she had one the walls…sliding down until she was sitting besides the bucking teens as they continued to fight for their own release. Laying her head upon his shoulders…Liz captured Max’s mouth with her own as she ran her hands over the supple and swollen breasts of her female lover…tweaking a tender nipple between her fingers. “Harder…” she heard Maria scream out wantonly…oblivious to the fact that there were in a sense in public. She had no idea who she was coxing forward and in truth she didn’t care as she increased the pressure of her grip….squeezing the tender globes until Maria was screaming out from the force of it…and yet when she tried to remove her hands…her process was hindered. “No…don’t stop” she cried out as she clasped Liz’s hands within her own…placing them over the reddened skin…urging her to continued with her ministrations.

Max felt as if he had died and gone to heaven as Maria continued to ride his nearly ready to explode dick. Nothing mattered anymore…no more thoughts of Tess and her lies. No more thoughts of finding his way to get back to a planet that they had never seen. Nothing…not one thing mattered more then being with the people that had not only become his greatest friends…but his only family. He knew that Liz would always hold the key to his heart…that she would be the one that he would love with an undying love until the end of his life…and yet each day he found that he was growing to love each and every one of the people that had given of themselves mind…body and soul. He couldn’t wait till graduation…couldn’t wait until they were free of the shackles of Roswell New Mexico…for he knew that very soon it was going to be nearly impossible to not proclaim the love that he felt for each and everyone of them to whomever would listen. “I’m ready Max…” he heard Maria cry out need fully…as he quickly took the hint given and began to thrust into her molten core with an unadulterated vigor. Her walls coated him with the warmth of her juices as he with one final thrust he brought them over the edge…cries of ecstasy unintentionally escaping both of their bodies.

“I love you guys” Maria panted as she tried to get her wits about her.

“We love you too Maria” Max quickly countered as he gave Liz a very through kiss…before doing the same to her. “We love you too”

Chapter Thirteen

“What the hell are you doing here Valenti” Michael questioned rudely as he watched his former foe and new found friend enter through the back entrance of the Crash Down.

“The same thing that you doing here” he replied just as briskly as he flopped down on the couch besides the frowning Michael. “Because I have been getting the same flashes of Max…Liz and Maria fucking like crazy for the last hour. Where the hell do you think that they are” he questioned as he turned to face the still frowning man. “And more so where the hell are they doing this”

“I don’t know…but if they don’t knock it off I may not be able to control myself. So…you better watch you ass Kyle” he chuckled as he punched him playfully on the arm. “Come on Kyle…I don’t know about you but maybe eating something extremely greasy will take our minds off those damn flashes” Together the two made their way to the kitchen where Michael proceeded to cook up a feast of burgers and fries. “Good lord man who you feeding…an army” he heard Kyle chuckle as he grabbed a French fry from where it hung above the boiling oil of the fryer. “Look either I eat or I fuck your cherry ass…you have a choice”

“Eat…” was his instant reply as he grabbed the plate he held out before him as he made his way into the restaurant…sitting down at his normal booth. “So what is it about these flashes” he questioned as Michael sat down across from him…Tabasco sauce in hand. “I never had any before today”

“I don’t really know how they work…but you have basically connected with everyone and when things get intense you can feel exactly what the other is feeling as well as get a flash” he replied a bit to abruptly…causing Kyle to flinch from the harshness.

“And that bothers you…doesn’t it” he asked…shocked at the response that he received instead of the one that he expected to receive.

“It did at the beginning…but not anymore” he spoke truthfully. “I mean at first it was just Maria…Liz and myself and then Max got involved…which I expected…but you…you were a shock. But I knew that once Maria and Liz got their claws into you that you were going to be part of this…this…whatever this is forever”

“Are you ok with that” he asked…fearful at the possible response.

“I am ok with it Kyle. If I really stopped to think about it I guess that you being who you are and being saved by Max and all would give you all access into our little strange group of friends…but don’t think that I like you or anything” he grinned…throwing a French fry at the stunned boy before him.

“Yeah…I don’t like you either” he countered playfully…throwing the same French fry back at him. “So when do you think that our little vixens will back because I don’t think that stuffing my face has helped at all. If anything it has given me increased strength…if you get my drift”
“Just keep you happy ass over there Valenti and…” he cut himself off as the doors of the Crash Down flew open presenting two very energetic women…with a nearly sleep walking Max in tow. “No time for talk…must fuck” he spoke quickly as he jerked himself from his chair…knocking it over and he made he bee line for the chattering girls.

“Oh no you don’t” everyone heard Kyle holler as he did as Michael…running in the direction of his intended targets. Max…to tired to put up much of a fight after the fucking of a life time and then an hours worth of shopping allows himself to fall back onto the softness of the padded bench…laughing at the impending chase going on between the four lively teenagers.

“Geez Maria…you think that they missed us” Liz squealed over Michaels shoulder as he dragged her willingly into the back room…as Kyle followed suit with an equally squealing Maria. Clothes were shed before the two ever had a chance to remove them themselves as they were tossed carefully onto the worn leather couch each male forgetting about the other as the only thing on their minds was fucking their beauties senseless. Either really didn’t need much encouragement with their fucking…but they knew that they had to ensure that Liz and Maria were as they both fell to their knees…opening legs wide as they dove in for a round of extreme pussy eating.

“Man…I will never get tired of this” Liz moaned lustfully as she glanced over at her friend sitting beside her as Michael continued to go down on her as if for dear life. “Oh Michael” her moans continued as she jerked her head away from Maria and Kyle’s fuck fest…focusing on the beautiful head of hair still located between her legs. She was in heaven…was in utter contentment as he tortured and teased her with the exquisite skills of his tongue. Back and forth…up and down and every which way in between he explored her…making sure to avoid the throbbing nub…screamingly red and ready for release.

“Stop teasing me dammit” he heard Liz speak in irritated tones as she grabbed two tufts of hair painfully within her hands…jerking his face even further into her heat. “That’s it big boy…right there” she screeched loudly as he finally gave into her demands…sucking the tender flesh deep into the hottest recesses of his mouth. Liz thought that she was going to fly through the roof as she released Michael’s hair and grabbed onto Maria’s hand for support as he continued to fondle her bundle of nerves with his glorious mouth and tongue. She tried to speak…tried to scream her compliments for the wondrous job that he was doing…but she was rendered mute as Maria jerked her face forward and clamped her moist lips over her own. Tongues explored soft feminine mouths as manly men continued to eat of their essence…until both women were screaming wantonly from the intense orgasms each partner had initiated.

She tried to move…but found that she couldn’t as Kyle slinked his way up her sated body…capturing her lips under his own. She could taste her juices upon his lips and it only caused her to increase the scorching lip lock that they were sharing. She loved the way that Kyle kissed her. Not that she didn’t love the way that they all kissed her…but Kyle was different for with him you could feel the amount of love and want that he held for her. Michael was always going to be her true love…but she knew that Kyle and Max were always going to be a special part of her live as well and that thought alone made her smile. “Penny for you thoughts” Kyle whispered…as he ran his hand tenderly over her cheek. “I was just thinking about how lucky we were when you joined us Kyle. I am really so very happy that you did. I…I…”

“I know…” he cut her off…noticing how difficult it was for Maria to speak her true feelings for he was having the same problem. “I feel the same way” Placing a soft kiss upon her lips he gently pulled her off the couch and into his embrace. “I feel the same way” With non-hurried movement he began to explore the temping skin of the women he held in his arms. However non hurried turned into that of extreme need for both of them as Maria quickly turned the tables on a unsuspecting Kyle…pushing him backwards onto the place she had been sitting moments before. He didn’t have a chance to react…before she had him depanted…straddling his raging penis with her molten core. “Holy shit” he cried out as she took him in hand…leading him into her deepest depths. Her walls were so tight…so warm that he knew that he would not last long with the way that she was riding him. Sweat poured from both their bodies as she increased her movements until she was a blur of a fucking machine. Looking over his shoulder he found Liz lying besides him receiving a tremendous fucking from Michael. Their eyes met…and without words they both reached over and began to explore heated mouths. His hand had an idea if its own as he found it quickly nestled between the dark curls of Liz’s pussy…eagerly searching out the tender shock wave sender. He couldn’t help but smirk as her eyes nearly bulged out of her head as he finally came in contact with it…but the smirk quickly faded as she reached out and tweaked Maria’s exposed vaginal flesh…causing her walls to clamp down on his pulsing dick. A scream of lust radiated around them…as he removed his hands from Liz…grabbing onto the slender hips of his fuck mate as together they increased their fucking rate. One…two…three…with one final thrust they both came hard and loud…as they urged Michael and Liz toward their own impending orgasms.

Michael was close…real close as he pulled his eyes away from the beauty he was fucking like mad and onto the exhausted forms of his other lovers. He knew that she should have been jealous at the way that Maria and Kyle were whispering and kissing after their release…but he found that it only seemed to turn him on even more. He knew that Maria loved him…knew that he would always love her and despite the fact that they were sharing of each others life mates…and it made all the sense in the world to him. “I love you guys” he choked out…trying to control the tears that threatened to escape down his usually stonewall face. Both Kyle and Liz looked to Michael with looks of shock plastered upon their faces as Maria leaned over and placed a kiss upon his sweat sheened lips. “I love you too baby” she pronounced loudly…before pulling back as she laid her head upon the still heaving chest of Kyle. Without anymore urging…Michael spilled his seed deep within Liz…as she quickly followed suit with wails of pleasure rolling all around them.

“Got room for one more” Max chuckled as he made his way into the back room…a look of pure exhaustion so readable upon his face as he squeezed his way in between the two sets of lovers. “I don’t know about you but I am exhausted”

“I second that” Kyle agreed…laying his head upon Max’s shoulder as he pulled Maria even tighter across his rapidly cooling body.

“Here here” Liz remarked…doing as Kyle had done as she laid her head upon his other shoulder. “This has been a glorious day”

“This has been a glorious couple of months” Michael countered with a smile upon his face…causing the four of them to all look in his direction with looks of absolute shock once again upon their faces. “What…like you all can’t say the same. It was great before…but it has only gotten better since we have become closer”

“Yeah…but who the hell ever expected you to be the one to admit it” Kyle laughed…ducking the fist headed his way. “I just want to let you all know that it means more to me then you can ever know that you accepted me into your group. I mean it isn’t just the sex…because that part is great…more then great…but…”

“Just spit it out Kyle” Max assured…looking his deep in the eyes as he gave him a reassuring smile.

“It’s just that I have grown to think of you guys as more then just my friends…you have become my family and I…I love you all” he stammered…looking away in embarrassment…afraid at the reaction he will receive from any of them.

“And we love you too” Liz countered truthfully.

Looking around the group of friends he found truth from her words radiating upon each and every one of their faces and it caused him to smile. They loved him…they accepted him and he loved and accepted them in return. “So where the hell do we go from here” he asked. “Graduation is just weeks away and…”

“We will just take it as it comes” Max replied tiredly. “I think that we all know that we will forever be linked and no matter where we go or what we do we will always be together”

“Praise Buddha” Kyle proclaimed happily.

“Praise Buddha” a course of lover’s voices surrounded him as they burst into laughter…each thinking of all the many adventures awaiting them once they graduated West Roswell High…adventures taken together forever.

The End