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Title: She's Mine!
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Category: M/L/Mi
Rating: R to NC-17
Disclaimer: I still do not own Roswell
Summary: Max, and Michael wake up feeling strange
Author's note: Check out my other story on the Dreamer's fan fiction board. I just put Chapter 2 up! As always, feedback is always appreciated

Chapter 1

As Max, and Michael headed towards Liz Parker, Liz started to have these weird feelings. Feelings that she had never felt so strong before. She looked up to see what could be causing these feelings when she caught Max, and Michael heading straight towards her. Normally she would not think anything of it, but this time was different. She looked them both in the eyes, and could not believe what she saw. They were both looking straight at her with lust, and possessiveness in their eyes that it made Liz's legs go weak, and if it weren't for her leaning up against her looker, she would have probably sank straight to the floor. Even though her new feelings, and the looks from them were scaring here, and the same time it was deeply arrousing her. Max, and Michael finally made their way up to her both trying to grab an arm, and trying to pull her in different directions, both claiming that they need to talk to her. Neither one was relenting, and heck, if Liz had her way she would split in two and follow them whereever they wanted her to go, but since that was not the case, she looked up at them and said the first thing that came to her mind, "What's going on guys?" When she asked that, both Max, and Michael stopped trying to pull on her arms,and they both said at the same time " I want you Liz!" Liz could not believe what she just heard. I mean yeah she was in love with MAx, and he was her soulmate and all, but why would Michael say somehting like that, especially with MAria standing right there. "What do you mean that you want Liz, Michael?" Maria stated as she stepped between Michael and Liz. "exactly what I said Maria. I want Liz, and noone is going to stand in my way of having her," Michael said as he once again turned his attention towards Liz. "Ok, hold up. You mean to tell me that your breaking up with me so that you could be with Liz, even thought there is only one guy for liz, and that is Max?" "You can't have her Michael," Max said as he stepped in front of Michael to prove his point. " Get out of my way MAxwell," Michael said as he started to push Max out of the way, which only caused Max to push him right back. "She's mine Michael, do not have me to go through desperate measures to show you so," Max said as he once again got in Michael's face. " Liz , and MAria looked on at Max and Michael, and decided it was their cue to get Liz as far away from them as possible. MAria had saw their looks in their eyes kind of like Liz had seen, but her view was different. All she saw in their eyes was pure evil, and it scared Maria to death. Something was going on with them, and she was bound and determined to be the one that finds out, because just as she had seen that look in Max, and Michaels eyes, she had also seen that look in Liz's eyes as well. But right now all Maria could do is get Liz as far away from Max, and Michael. What she did not notice though, was the two men that she was trying to get Liz away from, were following right behind her!

tbc-hope ya'll like it so far. thank you for the feedback, and if you have any suggestions on where you want this story to go let me know*bounce**bounce**bounce*

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