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Title: Love When No One Is Around
Author: Jeremiah
Category: Max/Alex/Liz
Rating: Anything
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: Max and Alex discover that they have something in common.

Part One Rating R

Hi. My name Is Alex Whitman and I have a problem. Yeah you might think, I Know what it is. It probably has to do with Isabel Evans. But to shock all of you, It is not. And you want to know why? Because I finally saw her for what she Really is. A Cold frosty bitch.

Plus, That I am in love with her brother. That also puts a crink into my relationship with her. Yeah I know I shocked all of you. I am in Love with Max Evans. My Ex- Girlfriends brother. He also happens to be my best Friends boyfriend. And the last thing that I want to do is to hurt Liz. She and I have been best friends for the longest time. It kills me to know that I am in love with her man. Now you are all wondering why I am telling you this. And I bet your wondering when I Turned Gay. And to tell you the truth. Is I am still attracted to Girls, But I am also attracted to Guys as well making me Bi sexual. Now some people in this fair country of ours have a problem with it. They get scared of the fact that some people dont like to live in the box. That some people were meant to be outsiders. And to tell you the truth. I was made to be out side of the box. I am an Individual. Now You are going, Alex? Why are you doing this? Why are you making things hard on yourself? And to tell you the truth?

I Dont think I can take anymore dreams of Max shoving his delicois and big Cock up my Ass with out Realising it. I have to admit that I am attracted to guys. I have to be true to myself and Not let anyone judge me just because they have a problem with being Deffrent. It also took more then my wet dreams of max to know that I am what I am. I guess I had always known. I mean Liz and Maria are my Best Friends. That should tell you Right there alone. Now back to the problem at hand.

My needing to be Max Evans lover. I know it is wrong. I would never do anything to jepordise my Friendship with Liz. I just cant help it. Max is a nice guy. he has more then just a Great body. He is the total oppisite of Isabitch. He cares and worries about other people besides himself. He just is a wonderful person all the round. Plus his body isnt too bad to look at. I mean I had the chance to look at it in Gym class one day.

Well Lets say that I had a Hard On the size of texas, That body is pure delectable. We were changing from playing soccer, It was only me and max in the locker Room. The other Guys had left. We were going to use the showers.

"After you Alex." Max said being the gentleman that he is.

"No, thats alright Max, you need it more than I do. I will use it after you." I Reply with a smirk.

"Thanks." Max says with a smirk that makes me melt in the knees.

Well as I here the showers Run, I Realised that I left my bag in the car. I went to go get it. as I came back to the locker Room. The water was turned off, and the showere door was open so I figured that Max was done, so I walked in. Then I saw Max for the Adonis that he was. His Rippling chest. The bulging biceps. I loved his chest, It was a lightly suntowned color. His nipples were hard and pink.Dont even get me started on His Ass. I never seen such a thighter and lean ass as his. His cock that was hanging oh so carefully dwn my his balls. I was so hard right there I thought I was going to cum. Max was drying himself off. I was speechless. as He turned around I left. I didnt want him to catch me watching him dry off his hard body. As he finished he came out with the towel around his chest.

"It is alll yours my man." Max says.

I spend my shower time jacking off thinking what it would be like for Max to Fuck me.

Now you know my problem.

AN: Ok. This is My First time writing slash. I am making it a Max/Alex story maybe with Liz in it as well. Let me know if you just want Max/Alex or Max/Alex/Liz, Please leave feedback.

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Part 2

Dont look at me like that! I know how it sounds. Like I am going after my best friends boyfriend. But I am not. I love Liz she is my best friend and I rather die than to let any Harm come to her. But I cant just deny my feelings now can I?

No I cant.

But does that mean I am going to do what ever it takes to get Max Evans into my bed. I Alex Whitman have a bit more class than that!

I Mean please what I have in mind dosent include a bed. I was thinking along the lines of The shower, The table in the corner of the libary.

I was just kidding! I swear you guys need to lighten up. I mean I am not that bold.

But Max makes me want to be. What can I say? I am still a guy, I think about sex. Just not the way a typical guy does. But like what I said before I am Not going to go after him.

I Love Liz.

We known each other since like forever. me,her and Maria are the three muskateers. I couldnt do something that could cause permant damage to that. No that is to precious to me. You know what? I am going to forget this. Me and Max are just friends. And to prove it to you, I am going to go over to his house so We can finish the project that we have due in History class.

Yeah that sounds like a good idea. Lets go.


I am going to enter through his bedroom. The front door Is locked and I really dont want to deal with the Ice bitch so this is why. It has no reason what so ever to do with the fact that I might get to see max with very little clothing.

I saw that look!

We are going to just study.

Do you hear that noise?

It sounds like.....

OH MY GOD! Max is fucking Liz! I Mean they are having sex! A part of me is grossed out by this fact but another of me is turned on.

I Know that is sick uh?

Yeah I know. Welcome to my life. The only thing wrong is that I wished I was the one that Max was fucking.

AN: I know this is short but please feedback.

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AN: I want to Thank Everyone for all the wonderful feedback! Here is the Long Awaited New Part.

Part 3

Has there Ever Been A time you have been so turned on That You thought you were going to die? Well Ladies and Gents, That was my situation Over an Hour ago. When I saw Max and Liz playing Mattress Tag, I nearly came right there. I Know you Guys Might think I am alittle bit of a perve for looking, But You would too If you saw what I saw.

Max Evans In the nude. I should say a Sweaty Max Evans in the Nude. I am telling you, The man looks good when He gives His Body a work out.The way The drops of sweat were moving down his delicous strong back to his strong and tight buttocks that were going up and Down, Up and Down.

You had No Idea How Much Restraint I had Of Not going in ther And having my way with his wonderful Ass. Liz didnt look to bad either. She was truly enjoying herself. But Who wouldnt? With Having Max's penis being pounded into them?

I surely Would Not complain.

Nope. Not one Single word.

Damn! Here comes the tent In My pants again. I thought I Thought I Already took care of that! That means another trip to the bathroom! I Just hope No one Hears my moaning.

Talk about being caught with your Pants down! What am I going to do? I mean I Feel toatally guilty thinking Impure thoughts about Liz's man. But I cant help it. I am Just your typical average guy, That wants a piece Of Ass. But You also want to know something scary. This fixation I have on Max.

Yes. You can call It that. I Think I want more than Just his body. Yeah I know. I am sad! Having more than just a wham bam thank you mam! Or In This case sir, But It is true.

NAH! I am Just your typical average horny Guy. I am Just about the hormones! No Need for that emotional crap, Right?

I Think I have been hanging around Michael too long. Ok I Guess I should get ready For bed, So I can look forward to another day of Undressing max with My eyes.


**************NEXT DAY...................

Max and Liz were walking their way through the school Arm In arm. They were still coming down from the high of thier lovemaking. They were the perfect lovers, Always knowing the perfect way to touch each other. Max just smiled at hils little sex pistol. Liz was tiny, But man she knew How to ride His dick. Max hardens at the thought of Liz's sweet little pussy Giving his Dick A Ride It sure isnt going to forget. But Yesterday as He and Liz were going at it, He saw Alex standing outside his Room. At First He thought Alex would go away after seeing what was taking place, But He didnt. He stood there. Watching. But The strangest part was that Max didnt stop. He usually is a pretty shy guy, He wouldnt even think about letting people watch him and Liz express their love in a physical way. But Alex did, And Max didn't do anything about it. In fact It encouraged Max. He drove into Liz even harder , To Give a show to Alex. Which Max thought was curious. That was why he was going to have a talk with Alex today.

"Well babe this is my stop. I am gioing to Miss you." Liz said as she batted her eyes at him sarcastically.

"Well we will see each other next period, Then Maybe we can go to the Eraser Room." Max said as He moved his eyebrows on a suggestive way.

"We Will See." Liz said as she gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Then Liz went inside to Her class , Max walked down the hall were he had English. a Class that he shares with Alex.

"It is a time we have a talk Alex." max said to himself as He entered the Classroom.

AN: Please let me know what you think? Any one want nookie?

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Part 4

Alex was jumpy. This was the period that He would be seeing Max. The first time since spying on Him and Liz making love. He still could not get the image of Max's naked body out of his head. Alex could still see the way his stomach was toned to Perfection. The bulging biceps and those strong powerful legs that He used to dug Liz into the Bed. But What really got his attention was the look on Max's face. The look that He was not about To forget anytime soon. His strong and chiseled face was twisted in a bout Of Prue passion. Just by seeing the look In Max's eye's, Alex felt Max's orgasim Rippped through him, Which nearly made Alex came Right There. As Alex was lost In thought he didnt see that max entered the Classroom. Max saw Alex sitting at his desk, It looked like Alex was in thought. Max was curious to see If It had to do with Him and Liz Or If it was something other then that. As Max made his way to Alex, Alex finally Realised that Max was here and headed his way. As Alex was about to open his mouth The Teacher came In telling thme to take thier seats. Max was beyond pissed. He wanted to talk to Alex Right away, To take care of what happened. He was curious to why Alex would watch him and Liz make love? What was the point in that? Max made His way to his seat But not without giving alex a pointed glare.

Alex couldn't help buy feel shy when Max looked at him. It seemed that Max Knew that he had watched the enconter between Max and Liz. Which made Alex nervous That was the Last Thing that He wanted to happen. As Much as He wanted to,Max was His best friends boyfriend and He couldnt do something like that. Plus Max would think he is a disgusting pig for having such thought. Max was straight. There was no way In hell that Max would want to be with a guy and Not with Him at least.

The class seemed to be longer than usual. It was probably that Max was feeling pretty anxious. He wanted to Get this over with. Alex was His friend, And he wanted to see that This was one Big Misunderstanding. it probably was, But max needed to find out for himself. The bell finally rang signally the end of the class period. It was time. Max Knew that Alex had study hall next period and Max had biologhy but he could skip that Liz would take notes for him. He couldnt put this off much longer. As Max was in thought he noticed that Alex was headed out the door.

"Alex!" Max called out to his friend, Trying to make him stop so they could talk.

"Hey Max, What is going on, I have to Go To study hall Now so I will see you later." Alex said as he gave Max a smile trying to get the hell out of Max's glare. There was No doubt In Alex's mind that Max Knew that he had watched him. Alex wasnt Ready to face him just yet.

"Actuallly Alex We need to have a talk. can we go some were?" Max was not about to let Alex out of this.

Seeing No point in trying to escape Alex just nodded His head and the both of them headed to the bleachers By the far football field At the north side of the school.

"So what Do you want to talk about?" Alex said as his voice made a squeaking sound. Way to Go Whitman! Show him that Your Guilty. Alex berated Himself mentally.

"I Think You Know why I want to talk to you. Last Night Alex I saw you." Max said it. He got it out.

"Look Max.." Alex was about to finish but Max cut Him off.

"Why? Why were you there?" Max asked.

"It was an accident Max look I Know You saw Me, I didnt mean to pry like that I only came over so we could work on our project. I guess I was too shocked to move By what I saw. I apologise I didnt mean to intrude On your time with Liz." Alex said as he tried to cover his tracks. there was no way In hell that he could admit to Max that He had feelings for Him and that He wanted Him In a Non friends type way.

"Oh. I Can understand. Phew! That is a load of my mind man! I thought.. Never mind! I Hope you can forgive me and Not kick my ass!" Max said with a smile. How could he think that about his friend Alex? Max never felt more Like a Dumbass then Right Now.

"Dont Worry about It. Mistakes happen." Alex said as he was relieved that Max Believed him, because technically It was the truth, He just left Out the part that he is Horny for Max's body.

"I Guess we should Go. I mean we can't get caught." Max said.

"Yeah, I Guess your right." Alex said as He got Up. As he walked he tripped over something and fell knocking Max over with Alex landing on top. Alex was in heaven, he was always wondering what it would be like to feel Max's Body up against his.

Oh Yeah!

Alex could definetly feel the Buldge that was in Max's pants. Alex was correct. Max was pretty big. Max on the other hand tried to get up But he couldnt help the feeling that was there.

"What the hell is this!" Max thought to himself But Not for Long, he just shrugged It off and pushed Alex off of Him.

"Let's get to class." Max said as he turned around Leaving Alex to admire the view of Max's tight Buttocks fitting his Jeans.

"Nice view." Alex smirked.

AN: Please Let me know what you think, I decided to Go back and forth with the Pov's. Feedback is crucial this Is New to me, So I need constructive feedback please!
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AN: I will update this later on tonight when I get home from work. Now I have a question for you, How would you guys like Max to find out that Alex has feelings for him? Let me know.
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Part 5

Liz Pov

Hi It's me. You Know Liz Parker. And about five days ago, Something stranged happened. I was In Max's room making love to my wonderfully sexy boyfriend, when I noticed Alex watching us. Turns out he was there to help Max with their project that they have going, Well That is what Max told me anyway, but I have a strange feeling that there is something more to it.

Call It womans Intuition or Not, but there is More then meets the eye. I Guess I should let it pass Right? I mean after all I am dating Max Evans after all, I mean that should keep me happy Right?

But Then Why do I feel like something is Missing?

Please dont look at me Like I am crazy Or like that! I Love Max, And he loves me. I am Not sure If it is the same kind of Love though. And everytime I think that I confuse Myself even more.

I Love Max. I Love Max. I Love Max.

I Keep telling myself that, But I cant help but wonder If I am missing anything else that Might be out there because I am tied down to Max. I mean I am only eighteen years old, I should be sowing my oats Or something like to that saying.

Sometimes I admit to myself if I am over my head In this relationship That I have with Max.


I need to stop doing this, I am with Max I Do Love Him and he is on His way to pick me up to Go to this party. We are going to be fine, I mean everyone has Doubts Right? I hear the doorbell, That must be him, Please dont sayanything to him, I am sure It will pass.

Max Pov

I Just picked Liz up to go to pam troy's party. She looks amazing. Liz that is, Not Pam. I love the way her hair blows across her face with a gentle breeze. I love the way Her hair smells like strawberrys. With a slight scent of vanilla.

I Just love Liz period.

Then Why do I have these doubts? Like maybe there is something missing.

I Know I shouldnt be thinking these thoughts, But I am. And you know something else I am thinking. That I shouldnt be thinking.

Last night I was dreaming a dream about Liz, which is not a suprise even though these doubts I am having, But anyway back to the dream. I was making love to Liz, It was totally amazing Like It is always. As I thrust into her, I Look Into her face and it is beautful. But That is when the Next part happens.

Liz morphs Into Alex.

I Know! I know! this thoughts are completely wrong, Alex Is Liz's best friend! I wouldnt hurt her like that, Even as I am feeling a little bit of attraction towards Alex.

And that is the other thing. I am straight! I mean I never felt any feelings towards a guy. I mean.... I mean...

Till Now. GOD! What Am I going to do? I am not sure If I am ready to explore this other side of me yet. I dont know If I am going to be ready at all, But I cant help but feel the pull.

I Just dont know what I am going to do.

AN: Next part will be the party. Things happens. Feedback as always please!

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Part 6

Hi It's me again. And I have news to tell you.BIG News! I mean this is what people would call a shock beyond belief! I guess I should tell you the whole story before I get to the ending. I hate it when people do that. it ruins the whole dramatic effect of the story. it feels like It Is not even worth It If you dont know everything. so Let's go back to the night of the party.

Alex was waiting by the puch bowl. he couldnt believe that he bother coming. it was a complete and utter drag. Pam was off getting it on with one of her lackies. Maria and Michael were off in the corner fighting yet again. Isabel was acting the part of the ice princess to the tilt. Alex still couldnt believe that he ever saw anything in her. It was just an act. Alex was about to pur another cup of punch when he heard a voice talking to him.

"Hey Alex, I didnt know that you were going to be here?"

"The same can be the same for you. I thought you hated Pam."

"I do. but Pam throws the best party, And I just want to cut loose tonight. No inhibitions. Just for one night, to be free from me." Liz said a little loudly as the music started to rise in volume.

"Same here. Same here." Alex said. he couldnt help but take a look at max. And How good he looked in his navy blue button down shirt. those back jeans that he was wearing showed off alll the right places. was it hot in here Or was it just him?

"Come On Max! I want to dance!" Liz said as she dragged Max off to the dance foor. Alex wasnt sure But He thought he saw max give him a look before he went off with Liz. Nah probably just his Overactive over horny imagination.

"What's wrong Max?" Liz asked. She wasn't sure about what it was, but she knew that something was on his mind. he was acting that something was weighing heavily on His mind. liz hoped that He didnt pick up any vibes off her.

"Nothing babe. Let's dance." max said trying to get off the subject at hand. Max didnt want liz to find out that he was starting to feel something for her best friend.

Alex looked on. the sight made him gag. which made him feel even worse. Liz was his best friend. the first person to make him feel welcome when He moved to Roswell. the only thing she was doing was dance with her boyfriend. Alex turned his head. he couldnt watch anymore without the urge to throw up. This wasnt fair. Not to either of them. Liz deserved to be with her boyfriend without having her best friend lusting after him. And Alex deserved to find someone that wasnt attached. at that moment Alex decided to let go. Let Go of the feelings that he had for Max. it wasn tmeant to be. So Alex decided to make this party to his advantage. he was going to forget about Max Evans and the way he makes Alex feel. Alex was about to drink the rest of his punch when he felt someone touch His shoulder. he turned to see who It was only to be suprise that It was Isabel.

"What do you want Isabel?"

"I wanted to talk to you. Alex. I just want to talk." isabel said giving her best look that made all the men fall to thier knees.

"You can stop. I am not going to fall for it, Not anymore. if you havent noticed Isabel, I am done being the lackie that followed you around. What Can I say? Been there, Done That. Not intrested." Alex said to a shocked Isabel.

"Fine! I dont need you anymore! you were just a waste of my time." Isabel said coldly.

"That is Enough! Apologise to him NOW! Isabel. I cant believe you are such a Bitch!" Max said coming over as soon as he Heard the way isabel was talking to alex. he wasnt going to let Isabel walk all over him again. Alex deserved better than that.

"Why are you sticking up for Him! I am your sister!" Isabel wailed in her whiny little voice.

"Because right Now I am ashamed to be Your brother! That's why!" Max replied back. He was not going to let Isabel keep on acting that everything should be going to be her way.

"Fine!" Isabel stormed off, Leaving a shocked Alex behind. he didnt know what To say. Max stood up for him.

"Thanks. I mean you didnt have to do that. but thank you." Alex said as he looked In Max's eyes. they were drawing him in.

"No problem. I am sorry about that. Isabel is beyond a bitch, she has to know that she can't treat people that way." Max said. He was having trouble concentrating On this conversation with the way Alex was looking at him. It was like something was waking up inside of him.

"Thanks anyways."

"You want to go somewere. Liz is off with Maria and I really need to talk to someone...To you." Max said softly.

"Lead the way." There goes Letting Go.

Max lead Alex to the spot by the pool on the side of the estate. No one was around.

"So what do you have to say." Alex said wanting to know what max needed to say.

"I have been feeling somethings. things that io shouldnt be feeling.It is wrong, But God help me, it feels Right at the same time."

"What is it?" Alex said softly. Alex couldnt help the feelings that were crawling through his body. It felt more like an Eletric shock to his core. he could feel max's soft breaths coming closer to him. Max wasnt going to kiss Him right? Now He couldnt be right?"

Max was moving His head slowly to Alex's. he couldnt help himself. the feelings that he was feeling were so damn good. It made Him want so much more. as he moved an inch closer, lips almost touching....

"Max, Were are you?"

AN: Please leave feedback. Good Or bad, thanks.

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Authors Note:I am working on a new part now. Hopefully I should have it posted soon.Thanks for all the wonderful feedback.