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Title: Cold
Disclaimer:I don't own any Roswell Characters. Only the plot.
Summary: Liz has lived for 394 years as a immortal witch. She has grown cold and wise. Roman is sees Liz one night and is immediately enthralled by her and wants to know the story of her life. Liz sees something in him and writes the story of how she became what she is today.
A/N: This is a idea that popped into my head one night when I was really depressed so this is a little dark.

Liz's POV.

I'm sitting here in a half empty cafe. I've just been thinking. What would I be thinking of your probably wondering? Well its pretty obvious, Roman. About you. You and your request. You told me when you where here, that you wanted to know about me. You would love to hear the story of what I am. What I would love to know is, what do you think I am? You said that you'd been watching me. 'Not in a way in which you'd be frightened' You had said trying not to scare me away. You're a very odd man, you know that? You said that you've been observing me. 'Do you find something amusing or entertaining about me?' I had asked you. You said that what you saw was more intriguing and cunning than anything else. When I'd asked you how long you had been watching me, you said for about a week or so. You lied. I've had much experience with an old love to know when someone is watching me. You had been doing it for about a month. Don't be alarmed, though, I'm not scared, actually very intrigued.

So okay, I'll tell you. The Tale of Elizabeth Parker. Kinda has a ring to it doesn't it? But anyway, as I was saying. I' ll tell you the tale of my childhood, my love, my loss, my life, and how I became the woman I am today. I was wondering why I am here telling a complete stranger things I haven't told my psychologist. But there was just something in your eyes. Mixed in with the ash-gray orbs that carried such consideration. Or maybe it was how your every jester mirrored a perfect gentleman asking to speak.

I'm no longer the same as I was timid little daughter of Jeff and Nancy Parker who owned the Crashdown Cafe. Or the willing loveslave of a destined king who was far to trusting to rule peacefully. Nor the loyal sidekick of a bubbly blond and a loving guy friend. These people will always hold a special part of my heart though my heart is not as loving or warm as it once was. It has been plagued with loss and heart break. How? I'll get to that later. But first let me start by introduce myself. My full name is Elizabeth Evalyn Parker. I went through most of my life by Liz, but not anymore. It's Eve now.

But before I start this story, you have to know what I am in order to know what I was and how I became what I am. I am 394 years old. I am nor woman or man. I am dead. I was once alive. I am powerful. I am dark . I am callus. I am dangerous. I am Eve. And most of all, I am a witch.


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Alright, Heres Part two of the story. Please let me know rather I should stop writing or Keep on with the story. So Post feedback please.


Up until I was a teenager, my Life was pretty much as normal as any other girl in 1999. I was the only child of two restaurant owners in Roswell, New Mexico. I went to West Roswell High with my two best friends, Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman. I loved them. We were all like brother and sisters. Maria was a little taller than I, with strawberry blond hair. She had the most spunkiest personality I knew and will ever know. She was one of those friends you could call on when you're depressed and cry with. One of those friends when if you were ever being picked on by someone, she'd always be by your side to defend you. She was so full of joy and love. Her heart was all on her sleeve. But then again, at that time so was mine.
Alex was more the protector on us girls. He was very intelligent without being a brain. Very laid back and always there for me when I needed him. He was about 6'0" with raven black hair and ocean blue eyes. Tall and lanky but I still thought he was always the most handsome boy at the party. I sit here and sigh just wondering why I couldn't take them with me. Why I couldn't take them through this long, lonely eternity with me. But I'll get back to that later. Right now I want you to know the start of the paranormal events that shaped the future when I was only sixteen.

I remember it very vividly as I remember all other events back then. I was working at my parents restaurant called the Crashdown with Maria, gossiping about how this boy, Max Evans was staring at me.

"OMG Liz, Max is totally staring at you!" Maria squeaked, realizing exactly how loud she was. I glanced over to him to see him quickly look away when he saw me look. Yep he was staring.
"No he's not" I lied trying to pretend I didn't know. I was very flattered considering Max was one sexy man. But it was like he had no idea he was that good looking. Boy was he blind.
"What! Liz, how can you say he isn't staring at you. He so wants you." Maria objected lowing her voice. I had to laugh at her for that. She was being just plain goofy now.
I looked back over to Max to see him talking to Michael, the boy sitting across from him. They seemed to be a little annoyed with each other. Then Max looked back at me and I quickly looked back two Maria who saw it and only grinned.
"Look, Maria, what does it matter if he is staring at me. I'm with Kyle now." Kyle. Nice guy a little on the protective side. Once you get to know him, you could be best friends.

After hearing my comment, Maria just raised her eyebrow in the most skeptic way she could. "Right, right, Kyle." I looked at her and we both convulsed in giggles. "All right love bird, whateva you say" She said patting my shoulder and walking away. Maria went to go serve a table with two men who didn't look very happy at all. In fact, they looked very pissed. When she asked their orders they yelled some vulgar comment about leaving them alone. Maria turned to walk back to me when the noise got louder and one got up and pulled out a gun. The other man jumped up trying to grab the gun and it went off.

Suddenly, I was on the ground. A sharp pain went through me and I felt the hot sticky blood on my stomach. All I could hear was the sound of my heart. As the thumping got louder, so did the feel of the pain. 'This is the end. I'm dying.' I remember thinking. Then there was nothing. No pain, no thumping heart slowing down, only a cool feeling and a soft male voice telling to open my eyes and look at him. It was hard to find the strength to do so, but when I did, I found myself staring into the most soulful and beautiful hazel eyes I'd ever seen.
I came back to reality and saw that he had broken a bottle of ketchup over me and that everyone was screaming.
"You're okay now." he said to me in that soft calm voice. "Max! Lets Go!!" I heard Michael yell from over the counter throwing Max some car keys. He gave me one last looked before he said, " Please don't tell anyone." Then ran out the door.

As I stood up, it had clicked to me, ' Max Evans just saved my life. But how?' I barely felt Maria wrap her arms around me crying. I was still on Max. ' This guy is Defiantly not human' I thought after that.

Things were never normal after that.


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Hi!! I'm back with another post to my story.


After that day at the Crashdown, I soon found out that Max Evans, Michael Gurin, and Max 's sister, Isabel were aliens. Soon after that, I told Maria then Alex. We had became a sort of team. The six of us. We all had even got together relationship wise. It was Max and me, Maria and Michael, and Isabel and Alex. We were all somewhat happy. Until Some thing came to Roswell one day that basically Fucked everything over. Tess Harding. She had arrived in Roswell six months after the whole shooting incident with her 'father' Nasado. She was a alien too and claimed to be Max 's wife. Well You could imagine how they reacted to this. Well if you can't, I'll tell you. Michael and Isabel basically shunned Maria and Alex to the side because they were convinced by Tess that they are suppose to be together. But not Max. He wasn't as easy to trap in her seductive web as the other two. She had done everything in her power to make him love her and forget about me. Mindwarps, dreams all types of shit. But it never got him. I think Tess knew that the only thing that could make Max hers was me. So she made a vision in the cave where they were born (so to speak) that Max and Isabel's mother was there saying that they had to follow there destiny. That basically meant 'Forget your stupid humans lives including those loved ones of yours and get with the program!' Well me being the naive young girl I was, I didn't want to stand in the way of his destiny as the king of Antar. So I started to push him away. I left him on the mountain that day with intentions of never looking back.

After that little incident, I really had to get out of Roswell. Just for a little while. So I was very happy when my parents sent me to spend the summer with my godmother, Flora that lived on a small town right outside Venice, Italy. She was about 43 at the time,but still very lively and didn't look a day over 30. That was the summer that changed my life for the second time in one year.

It was absolutely beautiful there. We lived in a castle-like mason off a coast. I loved it there. My grandmother was more like a sister to me. She had long chocolate brown hair with thin streaks of gray. She was a little taller than me with big clever brown eyes. I looked just like her actually, only much more younger. She was one of the most charming ladies I would ever meet. And also the most strange. Flora was one of those people who was constantly wondering what everyone else was always carrying on about. She was a body shop owner. I began to forget about all my troubles back in Roswell. But some very strange events started happening to me there that were the main reasons why I forgot Roswell.

The most abundant and frightening of the strange events was the fact that from the moment I had arrived there, I had been receiving some very weird dreams. Dreams of what was to happen. All most like omens. I never paid them any attention because I was simply to happy.

The second of the events, almost killed me.

I was walking to food market for Flora around maybe 8 o'clock at night. You see, Venice is very lit up at night so its not at all creepy. But anyway, I was about to cross a walkway onto another, when a woman's scream caught my attention. I looked up and there was a lady getting stabbed repeatedly by a man. I looked around and it seemed that no one saw them. Everyone just walked right past as if nothing was happening. I also noticed something else very strange about the two people; There clothes. They wore what looked like old 14th century styles. They looked totally not of this time.
I don't really know what made me do so, be I started to run over there. Somehow I was gonna save that woman.

But when I got within 8 feet from them, a man who was walking across the street , had walked right through them. And when he did, They went transparent for a second.
This stopped me dead in my tracks. And I realized they weren't real, they were ghosts. The two people must have knew this because they stopped their struggle with each other, and looked right at me! Then in a movement to fast for me to see, The male ghost was right in front of me. His menace flowing off his rough face. The quickness of his movements frightened me, so I screamed and stumbled back and when I did, I fell and my head smacked against the side of the road. Before I blacked out, I remembered the man and woman ghosts standing over me then vanishing from sight.


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