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Title : To Chance
Disclaimer: no I own nothing
Author: thsnl
Category: A/L/AU
Rating: R for themes
Summary: its years later and liz and alex have seperate lives....until a chance encounter brings them closer then ever.
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Chapter 1

Laura Harvey tightened the scarf around her neck and continued on her way to the café. It was turning out to be a bitter fall. Winter was going to come to New York City quickly. She had lived here for about 7 years, going to college and getting a higher degree. It was early October, and Laura took notice to the young kids walking home from a school nearby. As they passed by, she heard them talking about Halloween, and this made her smile. Memories of her childhood came flooding back. She distinctly remembered her grade school Halloween parties. She could reach into her memories and pull out going out trick or treating with her two best friends. As she smiled, she realized what this reminded her of, and she frowned. As quickly as she had brought the happy memory up, she buried it away. She held back tears and shoved her happiness far back. It was now unreachable. Just like her past.
Laura reached the café. It was a quiet and old place. There were paper skeletons and ghosts around the door. Inside, the small tables were filled with art students, much like herself. If you inhaled, you could smell the permanent smoky smell. Quiet music was playing in the backround. Laura looked around and found Judy. She was hunched over her sketchbook, engrossed in her own world. This was typical of Judy. She was the first person that Laura met when she came to New York and was her closest friend.
“Earth to Judy” Laura said and sat down. Her friend looked up with a big grin. “LAURA! How was your week?”
And so began the weekly meeting between the two. This had been the tradition for many months. The talk turned to Laura’s boyfriend, Jeff.
“Laura, have you got him to go to counseling yet?” Judy, asked in a concerned voice.
Laura looked else where. “No. He got really angry and …”
“And what? You always do that! You just trail off. You better tell me, Laur. I have to know if something is going on again. Did he hit you again?”
“NO!” Laura said, defensivly.
Judy sighed. There was nothing she could do. When Laura got in these moods, it was hard to get her out of them. She was not going to get anything out of her today. She brightened up when she remembered her news. “Laur! I forgot to tell you! I set you up with someone!”
“Excuuuse me? What are you talking about?”
“He’s my friend. He’s a great guy. You have a date on Thursday.”
“Judy!!! I have a boyfriend! Besides, who even knows if I’m gonna like him!?!? Who says I even wanted to go out with him?!?!”
“C’mon. I can’t tell him no. you’ll love him. I promise. Besides, Jeff doesn’t count as a boyfriend. He counts as a jerk. And you should dump him. Will you please please go on this date? Just one. That’s all I ask.”
“What will you do for me?”
“Fine. We can do this again. I will…hm…take you shopping for something to wear?” Judy had her. Shopping happened to be Laura’s weekness.
“Ok. I agree to this ridiculous date only if you buy me a new coat!”
“Whatever! Oh yes! This is going to be PERFECT!”

Alex Whitman had been working nonstop for almost the whole day in the ER section of the hospital. He couldn’t shake off his stress. Even worse, he realized that he was supposed to go on a blind date tonight. Blind dates were definitely not his thing, but he had agreed to go on one because he owed Judy. She had totally saved his ass and stayed up all night to help him study for one of his exams.
Alex had spent his last few years in New York looking for love in all the wrong places. He couldn’t commit himself to someone and hadn’t found the right girl. They had been too clingy, or too selfish or not caring enough or wanted other things. Alex had pretty much given up on love, so what was one more date going to do?
There was a knock on the door and in came one of the nurses.
“Dr. Whitman, I’m very sorry to interrupt you and your break, but there is a case that we need your help on immediately.”
“Alright.” He got up and followed her out into the hallway. “What’s the case?”
“Domestic abuse. She was brought in by
her friend. She’s waiting in the hallway.”
Alex got worried immediately. Abuse was always so scary to him. He hated dealing with them. They were the cases that really dug deep. He picked up the pace and went into the small room. “ What does it look like?” He shouted over the beeping and noise.
“ Severe concussion. Deep Cuts. Looks like rape, too. She is slipping in and out of consciousness.” One of the nurses said.
It looked terrible. There were bruises already forming and blood everywhere. The young women on the bed was tossing and turning, screaming. All of a sudden, she got quiet really fast. It was then Alex got a good look at her.

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