Title: Max's Desire
Category: M/Mandy, M/Gala, M/L, L/S
Authors: kimmyc, Galita, and Liz Parker
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Rating: PG
Summary: Max will do whatever he can do to get Liz Parker
Author's Note:This is a collabarated story, and it is my first time doing one so I hope u guys enjoy. Also, again feedback is a must to for me to continue this story, because without feedback, I would not have the enthusiasm to go on.


Max Evans was a man on a mission. You see, Max Evans was literally in love with the girl next door. Liz Parker was the one that made is heart soar. She was the one that was on his mind 24/7 no matter what happened in the world around him. Nothing seemed important but Liz to him because nothing could compare to her, and believe me there was not a thing that he didn't. The problem was that Liz had barely even noticed him. It wasn't because he was a nerd or anything, it is just that whenever Max got around her he would totally freeze up and not know what to say. He had tried several times to talk to her, but whenever she would look at him, allhe could think about was how beautiful, and intelligent she was, and therefore he would go into his own little dreamworld, and Liz would try to get his attention but he wouldn't even acknowledge her, so she would leave. Then when Max would finally be able to shake himself out of it, she would be gone, and he figured that she did not like him, and did not want to talk to him.

Anyways, one day when Max reaaly did start talking to her, she confessed that she had just recently got engaged to a man by the name of Sean Deluca. That's when Max Evans' world came crashing down. It felt like someone had just come up and knocked the breath out of him. Liz Parker getting married to someone else was not going to happen, and Max was going to do everything in his power to stop that from happening. He was not going to ruin everything that he had worked for his entire life, just because Sean had the nerve to ask her out before he did. He just had to figure out a plan that would work so that Liz Parker would be marrying him not Sean Deluca.

Max did not sleep for days for he was trying to come up with something, when all of a sudden an idea popped in his head that he thought was the answer to his prayers. Max Evans' had never once been on a date with anyone because he was always waiting for her, and everybody had always thought that he just did not like girls and that was partly true because he did not like girls, he just liked, no I mean loved, just one girl. Almost every girl in Roswell had asked Max out before, and he would always politely turn them down. There was even two girls that would always try, and try again to get him to go out with them, and would never take no for an answer, and just keep on bugging him till he got to point of ignoring them. Well since these girls were so persistent Max decided to finally give in and go out with them, but he also had alterior motives behind going out with them. He knew he had to get Liz back, and theonly way he could do that is to get her to notice him. These two girls, Gala and Mandy, was the perfect solution to his problem. You see Gala was always a rebel girl, when Mandy was always the shy one, and them two put together would show that Max Evans' was the dating , and lovable type all at the same time. He was going to make Liz Parker jealous, and make her realize that he was the one for him., but he did not have much time to do that because she was getting married in one more month. So, Max pulled out his school phone book, and grabbed the phone, thinking "It begins".


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