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Title: Max's Desire
Category: Max/Mandy, Max/Gala, M/L, and L/S
Disclaimer:still don't own Roswell :(
Authors: kimmyc, Galita, and Liz Parker
Rating: PG
Summary: Max does anything to get Liz
Author's Note: This chapter is mainly written by Liz Parker. I only threw in a little bit of the last part. Ihope you enjoy!

Chapeter 1

Max dialed Mandy's number and soon found that she acceped his invitation.
After he told her when and where to "meet up" he hung up and dialed Gala's
number, her mom answered and said she was out but she would get her to call
back once she came in. He sighed "Guess I'll have to get her later....first
stop, find out where lil miss Parker is".

He looked through the window to see Liz's shadow waltzing around her room.
She seemed to be unaware of any audience. Max smiled broadly as he watched
her figure dance around the room then he heard her giggling. Max looked up
and frowned as he saw her all grins. "I've got to get her back", He said in
his head. But for now he had to keep his mind off of the beautiful Liz
Parker....and move on to his scheme to win her over with his charms.

The next day, Mandy was in the library while Gala was walking towards Max.
"So, I heard you called for me last night?", she asked all grins.
"Uh.....yeah, I needed to talk to you".

She waited with high anticipation and looked into his gorgeus amber eyes.

"Well?", Gala was not the person to hang around in one spot all day.
"Right....well, I know you've asked me like a million times, it's my turn to
ask you, will U go out with me?".

She squealed and ran to her friends but tried to hold it all in.

"What's with you?" asked one of the girls
" not dating Max Evans!"
They all gasped....never believing that Gala of all people would ever go out
with such a guy. Max? The perfect dreamy guy every girl wanted. But there
was something Gala didn't of the guys in her " group" was head
over heals for it....but kept him self quit.

Later on....Mandy was sitting in the corner of the library studying when Max
walked over and touched her arm making her jump.


"Hi", he said with as big as a grin as he could make.

Mandy looked down at her books and sighed. After all MAndy was the shy one, and even though she had always been in love with Max, she was just as shy with him, and he was with Liz. As Mandy was trying to figure out what to say her do, Max took the opportunity to grab Mandy up, and put her in his lap. Mandy gasped in suprise, but could not bring herself to move. It felt so right for her to be in his arms that she wouldn't care if a bomb was going to explode right beside her. He was the man of her dreams, keyword dreams,
he was perfect to her. Anyways, as she was in her own little world, Liz /Parker was heading to the bookshelves in the library, and Max noticed this and decided to execute his plan. When he noticed that she was in a place where she would be able to see him, he drew Mandy into a long, heart throbbing kiss, and as she gasps he decided to shove his tongue in her mouth and experiment on his newly developed kissing skills. The bad thing was though is that he was actually starting to enjoy it, and when Max figured out what was going on, he jumped up and ran from the library. He could not believe that he just did that. There was some kind of new feeling coming to his senses, and it scred him. Max Evans was starting to have feelings for someone else.

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Max's Desire Chapter 2

Max ran down the hall. All his emotions were on fire. He hadn't felt
like this since the day he met Liz Parker. And now something else inside of
him was waking up. But he had to keep his mind on the task at hand, getting
Liz back. Or at least that's what he kept telling himself.

Mandy was in shock with all this. He had kissed her, passionantly in
fact, and in one moment, he got up and ran out. Maybe he didn't like her
after all. Maybe it was just some big scheme to boost her self esteem, and
then leave her all alone. Little did she know what was going on with Max's
body and soul. He was starting to feel the same way for her as she had felt
for him for years.

Liz watched all this play out. "Wow", was all she could think. Max hadn't
ever had an outburst like that. He was always one of those "good boys", who
mom's would love their daughter to have and someday marry. But to Liz, he
was just another boy wanting her affections. Besides, she was engaged to
Sean, she didn't need Max, right?

Later on, Max was sitting up in his room as the phone rang, he groaned and
answered it.

"Hello?", Max said
"Hey Max, it's me!", Gala squealed
"Oh......what's up?", he asked
"Well....I was wondering, one of my friends's bands is having a concert
over at the old factory,wanna come?", she answered
"Sure....when is it?", already planning to put his plan into action
there.....sure that Sean would of heard about it and would bring Liz there.
"It's Friday!", Gala responded.
"Ok, see you then", then he hung up....keeping his mind off of Mandy as
much as possible. He was going crazy, he laughed in his head, Max Evans of
all people, falling in love with the most unlikely girl when he could have
anyone he pleased.

The next day, Mandy was trying to ignore Max, she thought that he didn't
like her anymore, so she thought she was doing him a favor by staying out of
his way. While she was at her locker, Max walked over and wrapped his arms
around her waist.

"I thought you didn't like me anymore?", Mandy asked
"Hm?, What gave you that idea?", He asked nervously

She just sighed and shoved his hands away and started to walk away, but
then he did the unexpected again and swung her around and pinned her up
against the lockers, all Mandy could do was stand there in shock. Max Evans
had surprised her.....again. Max grinned and leaned down to kiss her when Liz was stepping out of a classroom, and Max could hear Liz gasp. "So, maybe this work after all", Max thought while he kept on kissing Mandy.

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Chapter 3

Liz couldn't believe what she just saw, and what was weird about it is that she felt somewhat jealous and she didn't know where the jealousy came from. I mean she knew Max but she was engaged, and in love with Sean. Liz felt so confused. As she was about to go to lunch she felt two big arms come around her, :Hey sweetheart " Sean said and he kissed Liz's neck. Liz turned around and looked into sean's eyes and then looked down. Sean noticed this and lifted her chin up so he could see in her eyes. "What's wrong Liz?" Liz looked up at Sean and took a deep breath, "Nothing. Just a long day that's all, plus I am hungry and want to go eat" lis sighed and then kissed Sean which he graciously returned. Sean then lead Liz to the cafeteria.

Max started to feel weird while kissing Mandy. it was almost as if he really liked it, which confused him because he was in love with Liz.As Max was lost in the kiss, Mandy finally realized what was going on and started to push Max away. Max stumbled back and looked at Mandy with a frown. Mandy saw this and paniced and ran towards the bathroom. Max stood there for a moment trying to figure out what just happened. Max then realized what a jerk he was by attacking her like that and went to the Jeep and drove home. When he got home he headed towards his bedroom and sat on the bed. Max then started to wonder if this was really going to work to win Liz over, or if he should quit now before he got I it any deeper. Max's head started to hurt from all the worry so he decided to take a nap. When he finally started to enter intothe dreamworld there was one thing that struck him as odd. There was a girl in the dream, but... it was NOT Liz.

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Mandy was depressed. She did not know what to think about Max. She really liked him but was afraid of Gala taking him away from her.

She knew that Gala was the wild one, and she herself, was the peaceful one. Mandy just wished that she could attract Max's attention. She was so depressed.

Gala and Max were having a good time at the mosh pit when Max all of a sudden spotted Sean and Liz kissing. Inside his heart he felt a pain that noone else could compare anything to.

There was the one he loved, kissing and being with another guy right in front of him. It killed Max to see that and to take his hurt out he decided to get revenge. The best kind of revenge that he could think of, making her jealous. So, he grabbed Gala up and moved further to where Sean and Liz were and began kissing her.

Gala couldn't believe how good that Max felt, and started to rub up against him. Max went with the flow and ran his hands down Gala's back and started suckling on her neck.

As Liz and Sean were kissing she noticed that Max was over there with some girl and that they were all over each other. Deep inside Liz did have feelings for Max but was scared to admit it. She knew that she loved Sean but was having feelings for Max. What was wrong with her! She was soo confused and didn't know what to do.

Max noticed Liz staring at him, and for some unknown reason felt guilty about it and decided to take Gala home. the thing is is that, what was Max going to do next?

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