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Title: Not Anymore
Author: StormyBear30
E-mail: StormyBear29⊕
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Maria…Kyle…Michael…Rath…and Zan.
Summary: This is a challenge thrown out to me by Faith Evans…for she knows of my obsession with smut. :p

The Challenge:
1) Kyle is a virgin who is turning twenty-one and his buddies get him a call girl
2) She shows up and he is clumsy at first but he's a fast learner.
3) His buddies are in the next room to make sure he does the deed.
4) Then they all decide to take her to and she's all too happy to take them on.
5) Mike and Rath twins take her next cause of some strange twin fetish between them.
6) Zan takes her last; cause the boy likes it dirty and kinky.
7) One guy at a time except for Mike and Rath. Though they can watch if they like except for Kyle's first time.
8) If you want to add another girl later, fine.
9) You pick the girl it's either Maria or Liz.
10) No male on male *happy*
11) Kyle takes her again and this time he rocks her world.
12) You can add what ever else you want.

Kyle was pissed. No…that was an understatement…he was more then just pissed…for he was about to explode from the amount of anger and resentment he felt towards his three best friends in the whole world. Here was his twenty-first birthday…the day that he the last in his small group of friends became legal and they were nowhere to be found. They had promised him a night of raunchy fun and drinking…but as the clock on the wall ticked closer to the hour of ten o’clock…he had yet to have one once of the fun they had promised him. “Not hanging out with the hooligans tonight” he heard his father speak to him as he walked through the living room of the home they shared…shoving yet another piece of the birthday cake his father’s girlfriend had baked for him earlier that night into his mouth.
“Guess not” he mumbled as he angrily jerked himself off the couch he had been pouting on…grabbing the half eaten piece of cake from his fathers hand…before walking into his room and slamming the door loudly behind him. Throwing himself backwards onto the bed…he inhaled the small bit of cake in one bite…tossing the plate onto the floor as he rooted through the mound of clothes for his formerly discarded remote. Finding it he channel surfed until he could no longer keep his eyes focused on the crap that blared out at him from the television as sleep over came him. Out cold…he never heard the shattering of broken glass as an unwanted intruder slipped into his room…followed by a band of less then quiet men. So into his realm of sleep he never heard their cries of anger…never felt them hovering over him with masks of fright above him…only felt the reality of the unknown come into focus in the form of a gag shoved quickly into his mouth to muffle his cries of fear as well as a blindfold across his eyes to hinder his sight.
He could feel his heart beating wildly in his chest as they tossed him brutally out the broken window…gashing his arm on a shared of broken glass as they did. He tried to cry out in pain and fright…but the gag captured his fear as they placed him roughly in the back of what he assessed to be a trunk of a car…binding his hands and his feet together as they slammed the lid closed…bathing him in complete and utter darkness. He was going to die…he just knew that he was. His life had been threatened before…but he never took it too seriously for being the son of the most hated sheriff in Roswell…it just came along with the territory…but as he rattled in the back of a smelly and cramped trunk heading off to god knew where…he knew that his time had come and he prayed to Buddha that they made it quick and painless.
“Jesus Christ” Zan yelled as he yanked the scary mask off his face…throwing it at the twins bickering in the back seat behind him. “Could you have been anymore loud back there. Your fucking lucky that Kyle’s father didn’t come in there and arrest us for breaking and entering”
“Hey…don’t start your shit with us Zan” Rath spit back as he threw the plastic mask back into the front seat. “If you recall we just wanted to take him out for his birthday like normal people do…but NO. You had to make it this huge dramatic production and kidnap his ass. Besides…if you hadn’t been in such a rush to get in there…the glass would have never been broken”
“Of course it has nothing to do with your fat ass weighing over three hundred pounds” Zan sneered…trying to suppress his laughter as he tried to keep his eye on the road before him.
“I don’t fucking weigh three hundred pounds” Rath retorted…lunging forward in an attempt to punch the friend that knew how to push every single on of his buttons for as long as he could remember…but he was quickly pulled back by his twin…who was trying to contain his own laughter as well.
“Look you two…knock this shit off” Michael spoke…still trying to control his laughter. “We have more important things to worry about then Rath’s weight problem” he chuckled…ducking as Rath turned the tables on him and took a swing at him. “We have to worry about wither or not Kyle has enough air to breath in that trunk…and who is going to clean up the shit that I know is now coating his underpants”
The three friends all burst out laughing…knowing that Kyle was so going to kill all of them for kidnapping him in the middle of the night on his twenty-first birthday…but also safe in the knowledge that once he found out just where and what the dramatic kidnapping was for…that he would then not want to kick each of their asses…but kiss them instead. “Yeah…so how far is this place anyway” Rath questioned as he leaned his head against the back seat in an attempt to hear any movement or sound from their captive…growing worried when he heard none. “Maybe Michael is right…maybe he doesn’t have enough air back there to breath. He is overly quiet back there. I mean if it was me I would be kicking and screaming as I tried to escape”
“Kinda hard to scream when your hands and feet are tied and you have a dirty sweat sock shoved into your mouth” Zan growled as he swung the car off onto the side of the road…heading down a dirt road into the darkened forest of Frazier woods. “Don’t worry…Kyle is fine and besides we will be there in less then five minutes and then the fun can begin”

TBC...Oh and just what kind of fun do these three have in mind...hee hee!!! All will be reveled soon...Stormy!!!

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Fear coated him as the car came to an abrupt stop. He could hear bickering voices outside and it made him think of the bickering twin of Michael and Rath Guerin. They had been his best friends for as along as he could remember and it made his heart squeeze sadly that he would not hear the constant bickering of those two any longer…but more importantly he would miss the brother he had found in his closet friend Zan Evans. Zan had come into the little group later when his parents had moved to Roswell. Right off the bat Kyle and Zan had hit it off. They were total opposites in everyway. Where Zan was outgoing and wild…Kyle was more reserved and conservative…but somehow they bonded and a great friendship was born.

Thoughts of his friends quickly disappeared as the cool night airbrushed against his heated skin as the trunk was lifted and he was jerked painfully out of the cramped space. He tried to speak…tried to converse with his captures in hopes that he could make them understand that he would do anything that he wanted as long as they let him live…but his muffled words fell on deaf ears as he was jerked up what appeared to be stairs and then harshly thrown onto some sort of furniture.

“About fucking time you get here” he heard a female voice call out in anger to what he assumed was his captures. “Look I agreed to come out here because you paid me good money…but what I didn’t agree to was waiting for two fucking hours…losing good money from my regulars”

*WTF* Kyle thought to himself as he struggled to break free of his binds. He didn’t know what was going on…but he had a good hunch that he wasn’t going to like what was about to happen to him one little bit.

“Look Bitch” he heard a voice reply nastily as he tried like hell to figure out where he had heard it before. “But his sleuthing was hindered as he was jerked off from where he was sitting by two pairs of hands as they lead him into another room…throwing him on the bed…leaving him along with his thoughts and his fears yet again.

“I paid you more for tonight then you would make in a whole night of fucking…but don’t get your undies in a bunch…besides there is more from where that came from” Zan continued his ranting once Kyle had been removed from the room. “I’ve heard good things about you…and as long as you make my friend here happy and burst his fucking cherry then you will be more then compensated for your wait. Now…stop jacking your jaws and get your cute little ass into that room and make my friend a man”

He heard a door open and close in the background…felt the bed shift on either side of him as an unseen force straddled his hips. Fear encroached him for he knew what was about to happen as small hands ran their way over his chest…slowly unbuttoning his western shirt until he was open and bare chested before his unknown assailant. He was about to be raped…about to lose the virginity that he unintentionally been saving for the last twenty-one years. “MMMPPPHHH” he cried out as he felt soft lips suckle his nipple into a hot cavern of a mouth. He tried to move…tried to get away…but his body had other ideas as it arched forward towards where he felt her mouth might be…only to be quickly disappointed as the person removed herself from his warming frame.

“Don’t be in such a rush baby” he heard the beautiful voice of a women whisper huskily against his ear. “We have all night to get to the good stuff”

TBC...WTF is right. Just what will happen next...stay tuned to find out. Stormy!!!
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Slowly the gag was removed from his mouth…as he sputtered and gasped trying like hell to get the nasty taste of the gag out of his mouth. “Please…help me” He gasped as he tried to sit up…his frustration growing as a hand placed upon his chest pushed him back down into a laying position. “Please…I will do anything that you want. My pop will give you anything that you need as long as you don’t kill me” he continued to plead with this unseen person…as he once again tried to remove himself from the bed.

“Honey…I may be a bit rough…but I have never killed anyone with my deeds before” the voice chuckled as he once again felt hips straddling his ever growing manhood. *Traitor* he cursed his body as the heat from her body soaked into his…causing the beginning of a fire deep within in him. “Just sit back…relax and let me do all the work. I hear that this is your first time and Maria can make it real nice for you. So…tell me Kyle what is your fantasy”

*Kyle* he thinks to himself…confused as to how this person now licking her way down his chest knew his name…and also the embarrassing fact that he was still a virgin. “Who…who are you” he stammered…between clenched teeth as he nipped playfully at his navel.

“I am anyone that you want me to be sugar” she sang in sugary sweetness against his ear before tugging it with her teeth. “I’ve been bought and paid for…and tonight just for you I will do everything and anything that your little heart desires…all you have to do is tell me what you want me to do to you”

“I will ⊕#%$ kill you mother fuckers” he screamed madly as he began trashing crazed…knocking a stunned Maria to the floor below. “Get in here…get the ⊕#%$ in here now” his rantings continued. “Zan…Michael and Rath…I know that you are behind this ⊕#%$…now get you asses in here now”

“Jesus Christ Valenti” Zan laughed as he made his way into the room…jerking the blindfold from his friends eyes. “You know you get all bent out of shape over the littlest things” his laughter continued as he quickly moved away from the bed before he had a chance to clobber him. “We went though all this trouble to kidnap your virgin ass. We pay this beautiful call girl our hard earned money so you can lose your so-called virginity and this is the thanks we get. I don’t think that Kyle appreciates the amount of trouble that we went through to make tonight perfect” he drawled at the snickering twins standing behind him.

“Yeah no ⊕#%$ Valenti” Rath cut in…keeping his distance from the laser beams of death shooting from his best friends eyes. “It’s about time that you become a man and Maria here is just the women to do it. Besides…if you ain’t gonna ⊕#%$ her then I am” he spoke lustfully as he gaped at her…almost drooling with his want of her.

“For that I require a larger deposit” Maria answered smugly…as he pulled herself off the floor…once again straddling the still thrashing soon to be man. “Now…if you will excuse me…I have a job to do”

“WTF” Rath screamed trying hard to figure out just what it was that the call girl was trying to say.

“Nothing” Michael cut him off before he had a chance to stew on her comment any longer. “Come on bro. I brought some sweet porno’s for you to watch. Just as long as you keep you’re ⊕#%$ in your pants”

“I make no promises” Rath countered…fully grabbing his crotch for emphasis as he left the room.

“Great ⊕#%$ job Mike” Zan snarled. “Now we are going to have to watch him choke his chicken in front of us”

“Hey…what else did you want me to do. You know that he has a two-track mind…sex and food. It was all that I could think of to get him out of the room”

“I know” Zan said sympathetically. “But damn…couldn’t you have tempted him with food instead of the porn” He chuckled…as he followed Michael out of the room…closing the door behind him as he did.

“You have some very strange friends there honey” Maria spoke pointedly as she continued to straddle his hips.

“Don’t I know it” he chuckled…his former anger replaced with laughter and friendship at the lengths that his best friends went to make his twenty-first birthday one that he would never forget. “They may be strange…but they are the best friends that a guy could ever have”

“If you say so sugar” she drawled…rubbing her warming ⊕#%$ over his ever-hardening dick. “So Kyle…where were we”

TBC...hee hee!!! You just knew that I had to stop there. Stormy!!!
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“I…I think that you were about to make me a man” he replied lustfully…a small moan escaping from his lips as she continued to assault his senses with her writhing body above his. “Please…just untie my hands first. I don’t have any circulation in my hands any longer”

“Do you promise me that you’re not going to run away if I do” she cooed…shoving herself downward as a large hiss erupted from his clenched teeth. “Because if you try to run Kyle…I will make you pay in ways that you can never imagine” her taunting continued as she scraped her nails down his heaving chest…as thin lines of blood began to appear. “But if you stay like a good little boy…Maria can teach you things that you have only thought about in your wildest dreams” Intent on learning all that Maria had to teach him…Kyle made every promise to ensure that she would do to him all the things that she had promised. “Good boy…now lets get started”

His breath caught in his throat as she reached over and slowly undid the binds at his hands and his feet…her hot pussy never leaving its place atop his penis…but with each movement he could feel the pressure that her supple hips were applying upon him until he was gasping and jerking for quick release. He knew that he was close as she tossed the once hindering binds over her head…slightly losing her balance as she used her hand to steady herself right on his aching crouch. It was all over in matter of seconds as he arched up hard into her hand…cumming all over the inside of his jeans.

“Oh Kyle…you were such a naughty boy. Did I tell you that you could cum” she growled…hovering mere inches from his face. “You will not cum unless I tell you to do you understand that” As if to prove her point she pinched his somewhat tender nipple between her fingers…smiling as he cried out in shock and pain.

“Yes…yes” he panted as he tried to get some control over his whacked out body as well as get some feeling into his numb fingers and toes. “What ever…what ever you want Maria”

“Good boy” she countered as she removed herself from his frame…now standing menacingly before the bed. “Now…get your ass up and undress from me. I want you to do it slow…in fact I want you to do a strip tease for me. I want you to get me so hot that I am the one that is begging to fuck your cherry ass”

One just one moment he hesitated…but it quickly faded in the form of another pain stabbing twist to his already tender nipples. Jumping off the bed he watched as Maria arranged the pillows of the bed along the back of the wall…settling in with her legs spread wide open before him…exposing a bit of her womanhood to the wild eyed man. He could feel himself growing with leaps and bounds with each glimpse…but he knew that there would be hell to pay if he did not listen to his mistress and as much as he liked the idea of kinky play…he knew that he had to master normal sexual play before hand. Pulling his eyes from her mound…he focused on her eyes as he nervously began to remove his already unbuttoned shirt.

“I am not feeling this Kyle” she indicated with her finger as he attempted to undo the snaps of his jeans. “Make it sexier…shake your hips…grind that ass. Make me believe that you want to fuck me” Moving passed his nervousness for nothing was more important then fucking the beauty before him…he began to gyrate his hips seductively as he slowly undid the snaps of his pants until he was hanging freely before her. “Oh baby…you are making Maria feel things…keep it up” Encouraged…he began to swing his hips back and forth as his loose pants rode down his hips…pooling in a bundle at his grooving feet. “Commando…very impressive” she moaned as she widened her open legs…exposing more of her bare pussy. Fully into the groove…he jumped out of the puddle of clothes…standing fully nude before her as he struck a Saturday night fever pose.

“Oh sexy…you are turning Maria on so much” she groaned as she traced the outline of her clean-shaven snatch. “But I want more. I want to see you touch yourself. Touch yourself Kyle…but don’t you dare cum until I say so” Swallowing nervously he placed his hand gently around his quickly growing cock and began to set a motion that if continued would bring him to a quick and surely painful release. He fought hard to control his need to cum…but he found it was a losing battle as a moan of pleasure wafted from his bloody lips…bloody from the teeth marks as he tried to regain some control over his body.

“You need some help there sweety” Maria purred as she lifted herself off the bed…standing fully before him. “Yes…PLEASE” he panted madly arching forward towards the heat of her luscious body. “Help me Maria”

So much more to stay tuned and I will post more soon. Stormy!!! :p

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“Close your eyes” he heard her say as he quickly did as he was told and closed his eyes tightly. He knew what was coming next…knew that he was going to get a blow job of his life from a real live call girl…but what he got instead both scared and shocked him beyond belief.

“WTF” he cried out in shock and pain as a tiny silver cock ring was placed at the base of his ragingly hard penis. He could feel his eyes begin to water with his need to relieve himself…but Maria was having none of it as she tightned the ring even tighter.

“Now you won’t have any problems cumming. I can torture you all night long and you won’t be able to cum until I release you. Oh Kyle…you are so in for a night of pure unadulterated sex and torture. So saddle up partner for by the time this evening ends you will be one hell of a fucking machine” she whooped as she smacked him playfully on the ass…before attaching her hot mouth to his fuck tool.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT” he cried out…almost falling to the floor from the wondrous sensations that her mouth was causing him. He couldn’t remember the last time that he had a blowjob like the one that he was receiving…but then again he had never had a blowjob so he really didn’t have one to compare it to. He felt as if his nuts were going explode from the amount of pressure that was building in his cock…pressure that due to the cock ring was unable to release its self and he found that with each swipe of her scorching tongue the pressure only continued to build until he was panting and moaning with wanton need. “Jesus Christ I am going to explode” he cried out painfully…as she removed her mouth from his fully erect dick…blowing warm air lightly upon the wettened surface. “Please…I need to fuck you” he growled as he yanked her up from her crouching position before his dick…with only one thought in mind…but he was quickly rebuffed as she just as quickly turned the tables and threw him backwards across the bed.

“Oh there will be fucking tonight my dear” she cooed in his ear as before she straddled his chest…pinning him to the softness below him. “But first you need to learn a thing or two about pleasing a woman”

“Please…oh god” he howled…arching his dick forward in an attempt to come into contact with any part of her womanly body. “If I don’t cum soon I am going to die”

“Trust me babe…you won’t die from this. It may feel as if your balls are about to fall to the floor from all the pressure…but trust me when I tell you this…when I do allow you to cum for me it will be the best fucking thing that you have ever felt in the world. So…just relax and let Maria teach you how to pleasure a woman…and once you get that part right…then and only then will I allow you to cum”

He felt as if he was going to die…felt as if the very life of him was about to end as she scooted her strongly scented core over his chest and closer to his shocked mouth. “So Kyle tell me…have you ever tasted a woman’s pussy before”

Not wanting to sound like anymore of a wuss due to his embarrassing virginity he did the only thing he could think of…he lied. “Yes…yes…of course I have eaten a woman’s pussy” he lied defensively…quickly regretting it…almost as Maria locked her knees around his head in a vice like grip. He could feel the sticky warmth of her juices on his already heated face…couldn’t breath without inhaling the pungent scent of her womanhood and although he found it almost impossible to breath…he could think of no better way for his life to end.

“Now Kyle…” she taunted…shoving herself forward yet again as she grabbed two fist full of hair…jerking him painfully forward…his nose embedding itself against her simmering folds. “Don’t lie to Maria. I know that you have never been with a woman before tonight and if you want me to continue with our little session you have to be perfectly honest with me. Do I make myself clear”

“Mmmphh” he mumbled as he tried to speak…only to get a mouth full of her essence across his tongue.

“What was that” she giggled…jerking his head away from her snatch…her giggles erupting heartily around her at the look of pure and outright lust for her. “You know what don’t answer that for I have a better idea. Now…listen to me and from this night forward you will be able to pleasure any woman in a way that will blow them away” Unable to speak a word he finds that he can only nod as he once again comes in contact with the wetness that is Maria. “Good Boy…now lets begin. First and most important is you need to know exactly where the pleasure points are…but that is not enough because you also need to know just how to use them. First…I want you to get a good look at my pussy Kyle. See how beautiful a woman’s pussy is…smell it…taste…get to know it for once you know the secrets of pleasuring a women there is no greater reward”

Taking her advice he nervously reaches his tongue forward…coming in contact with the gooey tartness of her juices. At first he finds the taste disturbing…but as he continues to test the texture he finds that it is an accustomed taste and he finds that he likes it. More confidants he begins to jerk his tongue up and down in a way ward motion…recalling the hundreds of porno’s he had watched in his adolescent lifetime. He was a man…he was a god…he knew that he was going to be the pussy eating champion of the world and that all the women were going to fall at his feet…at least that is what he thinks until Maria jerks his head painfully away from her core once again. “You are not a dog and this is not your dog dish” he hears her scold him as he cries out painfully from the hold that she has on his head.

TBC...hee hee!!!
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“What the hell is your problem” he cries out as he jerks the handfuls of hair out of her hands…rubbing his tender head as his anger level begins to increase.

“I want you to do it right” she barks…locking her knees around his throat as she glares down at him evilly. “I am the mistress…I am the one in charge and if you can’t do what I tell you to do then you will die a ⊕#%$ virgin…you hear me”

“Yes…yes…whatever you want”

“Good…now lets start again” she speaks calmer as she releases the lock that she has on him. “Using your hands…open the lips of my ⊕#%$ until you see a little nub right on top of my hole. Now…when you are trying to please a women you must start out slow and gentle. Explore the region around it…lick it…suck it…blow hot air on it…anything as long as you don’t actually touch Mecca yet”

Doing as he is told he begins to explore the out region of her ⊕#%$ gently at first…but as she begins to squirm atop his face…he increases the pressure…careful not to touch the inflamed nub located directly under his nose. “Harder…” he hears her muffled cries as he shoves his face even further into her heat…paying extra special attention to the area around the forbidden section. “Yes…yes…that’s it right there” her cries continue as she humps his face even harder. “NOW…NOW…SUCK IT…N…O…W” her screams echo loudly around him as he suckles the nub into his mouth with full suction as he wraps his hands around her small waist…forcing downward so he can receive the full effect of her orgasm. Closing his eyes he drinks of her essence…knowing that he will forever crave the taste of a woman.

“You are a fast learner Kyle…but there are other ways of pleasuring a women. Most women don’t go for the wham bam thank you maam approach like we just did. However…each woman is different and it is up to you to learn what she like and how she responds. I want you to remove my clothes now…do it slow and as you remove each piece run your hands gently over the exposed flesh”

With somewhat nervous hands he begins to remove the sexy sequined top of his call girl. As gently as possible he pulls it over her head…tossing it on the floor besides the bed as he runs his hands over the supple softness of her womanly body. “That’s good…” he hears her moan as she arches herself forward as he trails his hands over her ample breasts. “Now…make love to my body Kyle. Use your hands…use your mouth…but take it nice and slow until I give you the signal. With small…wet kisses he works his way down her collarbone as he nips and suckles the pinked flesh. “Good…now touch my breasts Kyle” he hears her pant as she latches once again onto the back of his head…leading him to her hardened peaks. Not having any idea what to do next…he throws caution to the wind as he sucks a pebbled point into his mouth…quickly releasing it as she cries out in what he assumes to be anger. “Don’t stop…don’t stop” she cries out as she shoves his face once again into her cleavage. “Bite them Kyle…bite them for Maria” Taking his cue…he nips the tender flesh…grinning to him self as she cries out with each bite. Back and forth he alternates…until she is writhing crazily beneath him.

“Are you ready to ⊕#%$ me Kyle” she teases as she pushes him backwards…pinning him to the bed behind him. “Yes…yes…” he stammers as she rubs her dripping ⊕#%$ over his quivering stomach. “Good…cause I am ready to be ⊕#%$ by you” her taunting continues as she removes herself fully from his body…only to return seconds later with a shiny wrapped package within her hand. “But not without this” he says as she opens the package with her teeth…discarding the wrapper on the floor with her shirt. With quick movements he is wrapped and ready for ⊕#%$ as she eases backwards until her ⊕#%$ is burning right above his raging dick. “Now comes the fun part Kyle…at this very moment you are about to become a man. Anyway last words before I take your virginity”

“The…the…ring” he blurts out finding it hard to breath…much less concentrate on her words as she continues to rub her warmth over his penis.

“Patients my dear” she giggles as she takes his dick into her hand…running her hands over the latexed smoothness. “Not just yet. Maria is not done having fun with you…but you have been a good boy so I won’t make you suffer for long”

“HOLY ⊕#%$” he screams out in utter abandonment as she plunges his dick so far up her ⊕#%$ that he feels he may tear her in half from the brunt of it all…but it is nothing compared to the way that her walls curve their way about him causing yet another loud outburst to echo around them. He knows that he is going to go crazy if she doesn’t release the internal pressure that is still escalating deep inside his balls…and he prays to Buddha that she keeps her promise and allows him to cum soon.

“Oh god Kyle…” he hears her cry out as she continues to ride him as if there is no tomorrow. “I’m going to cum…are you ready to cum with me Kyle”

“Yes…oh god yes” he cries out…sending a grateful thank you to Buddha for answering his prayer. He thinks that he may faint when she removes her molten core…leaving him waving in the wind so to speak. He watches as she leans over him…placing a tiny kiss upon his dick before removing the ⊕#%$ ring. Turning…she now kneels before him…ass in hear like a bitch in heat. “Take me now Kyle…”

He doesn’t waste a second and in truth he knows that his dick wouldn’t allow it as he scrambles before his Mecca…grasping her hips as he plunges head long into her heated depths. Her cries of passion echo loudly around him…matching his own as he continues to thrust into her like there is no tomorrow. Unable to deal with the still building pressure…he pounds into her one last time before screaming like holy hell as the most intense non self afflicted orgasm shoots though him. Unable to hold himself upright…he falls to the bed like a sack of potatoes…trying to recoup his failing breath as well as get his wits about him. “Are you ok” he hears Maria giggle beside him as he lifts his tired head…with a ⊕#%$-eating grin upon his face. “I haven’t felt this good in like…ever” he answers truthfully…laying his head back down from lack of energy. “Maria…” he speaks…forcing his head back up to look into her eyes. “Was…was I any good’

“You were awesome Kyle” she replies with a smile as she kisses him upon his cheek. “The next woman that has the pleasure of making love to you is in for one hell of a ride. Now…get some sleep…you deserve it” He watches as she quietly dresses…but never sees her leave as he falls into an exhausted state of slumber.

“Your friend has now be de-virgininzed” She boasts proudly as she walks into the living room where the three remaining men are playing poker and watching porn. “So…if you will just pay me what I am owed…I am outta here”

“Hey…what’s your rush sweetness” Rath leers at her…as he jumps off the couch…circling around her like a buzzard. “Have a drink…stay for awhile. I…we…can make it worth your while” He continues to drool over the blonde…pointing from his brother to himself.

“You got money big boy” she growls against his ear as she grabs his raging boner within her hands. “Because Maria doesn’t stay unless you pay”

“Of course I got money” he roared…smacking her playfully on the ass. “Bro…pay her the money”

“Get the ⊕#%$ out of here…you want to ⊕#%$ her you pay for it” Michael yells back…ignoring his brother as he continues to play poker with a losing Zan. “Besides…the money that I am winning from this loser over here will go to fix the bike that you destroyed with you fat ass”

He knows what he has to do…knows exactly what it will take to make Mike pay and maybe even have some fun in the process. It was something that they had done before…quite a few times before and despite the fact that he doesn’t understand his brother’s fetish…he doesn’t care as long as he gets to ⊕#%$ the luscious Maria. “I’ll let you ⊕#%$ her up the ass when I am done with her” he speaks…laughing as Michael nearly knocks the table over grabbing the money off of it as well as the money that Zan is holding in his hand…before running up to Maria placing the wad of cash in her hands.

“Well…well…boys looks like we are in business. So where…” she doesn’t have time to finish her sentence as Rath picks her up off the floor…throwing her across the couch as he strips off all his clothes…oblivious to the fact that there are others still in the room.

“Suck my dick bitch” he growls…shoving his dick into her face. “Oh yeah bitch that’s right…suck it good” his growls continue as she does as she is told and begins to suck the full length of his bulging manhood. “Oh ⊕#%$ that’s right…suck it harder” Grabbing onto her head he quickens her movements as he begins to wildly ⊕#%$ the hotness that is her mouth. His groans of pleasure are loud and long as he comes hard with a screeching wail that would wake the dead as he falls exhausted to the couch besides her. “Oh no you don’t” he pants as he watches Maria attempt to remove herself from the couch. “We paid good money and we are so far from done” he continues rudely as he rips her clothing from her body…leaving her stark raving naked.

“What do you have in mind big boy” she teases…as she reaches over and takes his limp ⊕#%$ into her warm hand…stroking it back into its previous thickness. “Get your fine ass over here and find out” she hears him order as she quickly straddles his hips…screeching in shock as he grabs her by the tender cheeks of her ass until she is fully straddling his face. “This is what I had in mind” he mumbles against her ⊕#%$ as he begins to slobber all over it like a drooling animal…causing her to think about teaching him a thing or two about eating a woman’s ⊕#%$…but decides against it. She knew his kind…the kind that thought that they were kings of the world and only interested in their own pleasure. Unlike Kyle whom she hopes took her ⊕#%$ advice to heart…for she knows that with practice he will be one hell of a ⊕#%$ machine. “How you like that bitch” she hears him continue as talks against her spit covered womanhood. “Oh baby…you are the king…you are such a ⊕#%$ eating machine” she mocks tiredly already growing bored with his games. “You know it” he grins snugly before diving back into his tasty treat.

Michael and Zan can only stare blindly…shocked at the actions of their brother and friend as he continues to devour the clearly bored call girls core. However…despite the fact that it was quite gruesome to see his head jerking wildly within her…neither could deny the growing erections quickly developing between their legs. For Michael it was really nothing new to see Rath ⊕#%$ one of his bitches…hell they had shared women in the past before and would do so again it seemed as he waits for him to finish doing whatever it was he was doing to her ⊕#%$. Zan however did not feel comfortable with the scene that was playing out before him. He wasn’t a prude by any means…he even had a few strange fetishes or two…but none that even his closest friends would ever know about. “I am going for a smoke” he spoke up quickly…allowing the twins to have their little ⊕#%$ fest with the beautiful Maria for he knew that his time was to be soon and oh what a time he was going to have.

“Get over here Mikey” he hears his twin holler once finished with his fun. “Now comes the fun part baby…you get to be ⊕#%$ by the best of the best. You get to be ⊕#%$ by the Guerin brothers”

“Oh my excitement builds” she coos as Rath pushes her off of the couch and into a standing position before him. She watches over his shoulder as the one known as Michael makes his way to stand behind her…a look of pure wanton lust easily readable in his beautiful eyes. She knew that it was against client protocol…but she was human and there was no denying that she was physically attracted to the clean cut and much more handsome version of his grubby twin.

“Hi Maria” he blushes as he stands behind the beautiful women. “Hey Michael” he hears her reply as she turns to face him…running her hands over his chiseled chest. “What can Maria do for you” He can’t control the excitement that begins to sizzle deep within his manhood as she reaches down and gives his raging boner a playful squeeze. “I…I…like…”

“He wants to ⊕#%$ you up that ass bitch…so turn around and let him get his groove on” Rath counters impatiently as he spins her back around towards him. “And I get to ⊕#%$ that gorgeous ⊕#%$ ⊕#%$ of yours” he leers as he runs his hand over her pubic area.

“Show some ⊕#%$ manners” Michael growls…shoving his brother away from the girl that he finds he has developed quite a crush on…despite what it is that she does for a living. “What…she is a ⊕#%$ whore and she should be used to ⊕#%$ like this by now” he hears his brother curse evilly. “She isn’t a ⊕#%$ whore you ⊕#%$” he felt the need to defend her honor…only to stop short as the insistence of Maria.

“Look you two…I didn’t come here to listen to you two bicker all night. You want to ⊕#%$ me…then ⊕#%$ me or I am leaving for the night” she cries out…trying to control the urge to cry at the way Michael had jumped to her defense. Turing to face him…she places a tiny kiss upon his lips. “Thank you” she whispers as she turns back to his grinning twin. “But not before you both put these on” she adds…handing the two of them colorful condoms.

“Hell no” Rath hollers…knocking the condom to the floor at their feet. “Not just no…but hell no. I paid good money to ⊕#%$ you and their ain’t no way that I am covering my Johnson with a piece of rubber”

“Well…” Maria leers already fed up with the ⊕#%$ standing before her. “No protection on your Johnson and no ⊕#%$ me…it is that easy. Now what about you Michael” she questions…turning to find a blushing Michael with his dick already sleeved up and ready to go. “Good boy…now you may ⊕#%$ Maria. So Michael do you want to ⊕#%$ me up my ass”

“Yes…yes…please” he stammers…not knowing why he feels so damn nervous…but wanting nothing more in life then to feel his dick up her forbidden hole. He watches as she moves her way backwards until she is leaning against his body. Taking his hands into her own…she wraps them around her waist making sure to bump into his raging hard on with each movement. “Just take it slow tiger” she warns him tenderly. “At first”

“Right…” is his reply as he takes his fully loaded dick into his hands and begins to slowly penetrate the place that he has been dying to feel from the first moment that he laid eyes on her. “Are you ok” he asks concerned as he feels her breath suck in her throat and her body constricting with the action.

“I’m ok love…keep going” she spoke through clenched teeth as he begins to inch his way forward once again. She hated this part of the job…hated it when men wanted to shove their dicks so far up her ass that she would hurt and bleed for days and usually she would require an extra fee for such deeds. However…with mike it was different. She wanted to make him happy and if that meant losing an extra fee then so be it.

“Oh Maria” he moans as he fully encases himself with in the tightness of her walls. Trying to catch his breath for fear of the dizziness that is surrounding him will over take and hinder the act he is about to perform. She is so tight…so ⊕#%$ tight and he longs to stay here for an eternity as he shakes off the cob webs and begins to set a motion that causes his blood to boil…his heart to race for he knows that his orgasm is eminent.

Not one to be outdone by his twin…Rath reaches down and snatches the shiny wrapper off the floor…ripping it open before he places the hated rubber upon his oozing dick. “Happy now…” he growls as he stands before her…his coated boner swaying before her. He watches as she nods her head in response and needing no more invitation rams head first into her hot core. “Damn bitch….you are so ⊕#%$ hot” he cries out as he places his hands upon her waist right above that of his brother…also setting a rhythm that will bring him much needed release.

She feels as if she is going to be split in two as they continue to pound into her from both sides…feels as if her knees will give out from the sheer pleasure of having two delicious cocks deep within her. She feels hands upon her body…hands everywhere and she can’t help but arch into them as they knead…explore…burn every square inch of her naked body. Their were many times when she was with a client or clients as the case may be that she never orgasmed…but as the fire within her erupted into steamy molten lust…she knows that this will not be one of those times. She is close and she wants release now as she grabs the chunky one known as Rath and shoves him even deeper into her core. The force of the thrust causes her to fall back against the sweaty body of Michael…urging him even deeper as well. She could hear their grunts…could feel their sweat as it flew around her coating her with their energies and it only caused her to want them more. She knows that they have some sort of pissing contest going on as they both quicken their ⊕#%$…but she doesn’t care for she is close and at this point in time there is nothing more important then finding her needed release and with a final thrust…she comes hard and she comes undone as they two hold her up as they continue with their ⊕#%$ games.

He was close…real close as he continues to pummel her dick-hugging hole. The dizziness from before begins to invade him once again as he slams into her with an all fired passion…before losing his load within the confines of the rubber protection. He pulls her quickly against his body…holding her upright as he leans his forehead upon her heaving shoulders as he tries to gain his wits about him…still embedded deep within her. He knows that he should pull out…but he wants to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible for he know once he does that he will never feel the gloriousness that is Maria ever again.

“You bitch…you is the bomb” Rath screams loudly as he continues to ⊕#%$ her like a man on a mission…and he was on a mission…a mission to shoot his load. Wrapping his arms around the back of her chest…pulling Michael in as well…he tightens the hold that he has on them as he pistons crazily over and over again…wailing in relief as he explodes with release. To exhausted to stand any longer…he pulls himself from her heated moistness…falling backwards onto the couch behind him. “Damn…you were so worth the money we paid for you” he shouts happily…jerking a blanket off the back of the couch as he lays back…covering his naked body before slumber overtakes him.

“You have to forgive my brother” Michael speaks…embarrassed. “He has no manner what so ever”

“It’s ok sweetie…looks like you got enough for the two of you” she winks…allowing him to hold her for just a few moments more. Disappointment coats her as he slowly removes himself from her ass…but she can’t help the smile that covers her face as she watches him reach over…removing the blanket the was covering his twin as he places it over her shoulders. “Thank you” she whispers over her shoulder as she pulls it tighter over her body to ward off the shivers now blazing throughout her frenzied body. She finds that she longs to kiss him so badly that she can’t barely breath…but she knows that she can’t for kissing is too personal and when you are a women of the night…personal was something that you just could not do. Thankfully Zan walks into the cabin at that exact time and before she has a chance to consider what she was about to do…she is being lead away from Michael and into the confines of the bathroom. “So what are you into” she ask tiredly.

“I want to bath you and have you ⊕#%$ me with your feet” he speaks under his breath…having no intentions of having his friends find out about his obsession with cleanliness and feet.

“So let me get this straight” she repeats…wanting to make sure that she has heard him right. “You want to wash me and then you want me to jerk you off with my feet”

“Yes…” he speaks a bit to quickly…for he was dying to get his hands lathered and all over her beautiful body.

“Your wish is my command” she growls…as she leans over and turns of the facet of the large two-person bathtub. For the next several minutes they stand in awkward silence as the tub fills with the warming waters. “Care to join me” she giggles lightly as she steps into the tub…reaching out her hand to assist Zan after he tugs off his useless clothing. “Just tell me what you want me to do”

Taking the lead…he sits down in the steamy water…tugging her into his lap as he reaches behind him and locates a washcloth and a bottle of peach scented body wash. Wetting the washcloth he pours a generous amount of the wash upon it as he begins to run it over her tremendously tender tits. Instantly his dick begins to twitch as he continues to explore the pinkened skin of Maria’s chest region. He doesn’t know what it is about soap coated breasts…but for as long as he could get a hard on it was something that would drive him mad as he would jerk himself off as he gaped at the beauty of it all. “Your such a dirty little girl Maria” he growls against her ear…as he moves the cloth tenderly over her shoulders and neckline.

“What are you going to do about it” she replies…shifting her ass forward…making sure to apply extra pressure to his rapidly increasing penis.

“Zan’s gonna clean you real good baby…real good” moans as he reaches backwards yet again…once again taking the bottle of body wash as he squirts it down the supple skin of her chest and stomach…stopping just short of her womanhood. Pulling his frame from under her body…he now sits besides her forgoing the washcloth as he runs his hands over the silky smoothness of her perfect body. Grouping…kneading…washing…it is almost to much for him to take as the slippery feel of the soap and the tenderness of her skin continue to flow under his fluid like touch…but as he glanced down at her perfect feet…he knows that release must wait until her has feasted upon her bounty. Pulling the plug…. he watches as the water drains from the tub…then with the detachable shower handle he rinses off her shimmering body. “Stay here” he groans…as he pulls himself out of the rapidly cooling water…wrapping a towel around his waist as he does the same to Maria’s lower half. With tender measures he dries the cascading droplets of water from her breasts with his tongue as his dick continues to pulse crazily between his legs. “Sit” he indicates with his hand as helps her sit upon the side of the tub…kneeling besides her as he does.

She thinks that she has seen just about everything…but she finds that she is so wrong as she watches him tenderly pick up her right foot and begin to massage it with his strong and yet gentle hands. Her whole body relaxes as he soothes away the day’s troubles with his healing touch. Peaceful calm coats her as she fights the urge to close her eyes and allow slumber to consume her. Giving up the good fight she closes her eyes and allows herself to relax fully…only to have them fly open quickly as soothing hands are replaced with a wet mouth. It is the strangest fetish that she has every experienced…but she finds that she likes it as he places gentle kisses upon each toe…before starting the whole process over again but this time…sucking them into his hot mouth.

His penis is raging as he continues to explore the contours of her tiny foot and yet he continues to prolong his torture as he begins to nibble the tasty skin located between each toe. Her feet were perfect…soft and scented from their earlier bath and it causes him to moan lustfully as he quickly changes tactics by laying her glorious foot over his weeping dick. “⊕#%$ me with your foot” he begs…as he places his hands behind him…leaning back on them for support. “Please…⊕#%$ me”

She has no clue what she should do…but she doesn’t let that stop her as she begins to rub her toes over his ample hardness. She finds that she must be doing something right as his moans of want echo loudly around her. Picking up his boner with her big and second toe she begins to stroke him…building the pressure with each pass using the tightening grip that he now has upon her foot as her guide. She knows that he is close as the wettened feel of his pre cum leak across her arch as she increases the pressure yet again and she adds the other foot for support. “Oh ⊕#%$…oh ⊕#%$…oh ⊕#%$” is his mantra as she kneads his precious sacks with one foot while stroking him from top to bottom with the other and within minutes of this process…he explodes his load all over her once clean feet.

She is exhausted as she exits the bathroom…leaving Zan content and snoring on the bathroom floor. She knows that she should leave…knows that she has been bought and paid for and yet all she can think about it laying down and taking a short nap before she does. Against her better judgment she silently enters the bedroom of Kyle in hopes that the others won’t see her and allow this to happen. Sounds of light snoring waft around her as she tiptoes over to the sleeping man…lying down besides him as quietly as possible. She just needs a few minutes to catch her breath she tells herself as she snuggles into a discarded pillow…falling asleep instantly as her head hits the pillow.

“Hey…” he whispers as the beauty besides him opens her eyes. “Good morning Maria”

“Good morning Kyle” she answers embarrassed as she attempts to crawl out of the bed that she had only meant to rest upon for a few minutes. “I am sorry to just show back up in your bed after I left last night…but your friends just wore me out and I…”

“Hey…its ok” he cuts her off…tracing his finger over the softness of her ample lips. “It isn’t everyday that I get to wake up besides an extremely beautiful women” he teases…throwing a thousand-watt smile her way.

“Are you always this sweet” she asks seriously…smiling back at the extremely sweet freshly made man.

“Well…if you were to ask my ex…no”

“Ex…why ex” she continues with her questioning…truly interested in his reply.

“Well…Liz…that’s my ex-girlfriend broke up with my because I couldn’t pleasure her in the way that she wanted to be pleasured. I tried…really I did…but you saw me last night and well I just get so nervous that nothing happens” he sighs…down casting his eyes so she won’t see the hurtful tears welling up in them. “I tried…I really tried…but…”

“You really love her don’t you”

“I do” he replies instantly. “I have loved her for as long as I can remember. “I would do anything to get her back…anything”

“Make love to me Kyle” she speaks softly as she leans in and places a tiny kiss upon his saddened lips. “Make love to me…but pretend that it is Liz. Think of this as a practice run for when you leave here I want you to go over to her place…take her into your arms and kiss her until her head is spinning from the shock of it all. Then I want you to make love to her…bring her to heights that she never even dreamed about”

“I…I can’t” he blushes. “I don’t know how to do that for her”

“Non sense” she scoffs as she lies back against the pillow. “Last night you became a man. Use the tools that I taught you and you will pleasure her in ways that you never knew that you could. Now…Kyle get your ass over here and make love to me”

The huge smile that covered his face before returns as he moves his quickly heating frame over to where she lays in wait. “You are so beautiful Maria” he whispers as he gently lifts her tiny frame forward until she is sitting before him. “Don’t you ever let anyone else tell you otherwise” Lightly he traces his fingers over the porcline skin of her neck line…following his unmarked pattern with tiny kisses until her reaches her tiny shoulders. With gentle caresses he kneads her delicate breasts with his bare hands…relishing the way that they feel upon his skin. All signs of nervousness gone…he takes a tender bud into his mouth…urging tiny moans of pleasure from Maria as he moves between one to the other. “Make love to me Kyle” he hears her pants against his ear as she arches her body against his own heaving one as she switches tactics by pushing him backwards until he is laying on his backside.

With fast strides she straddles his body…ass in his face as she greedily devours his engorged penis into her hot mouth. He feels as if he may pass out for the sheer pleasure that her heated depths are causing him…but he quickly forces this aside at the sight of her steaming ⊕#%$ just mere inches from his lips. Leaning forward he places miniscule kisses upon her moist interior…before parting her inner lips with his newly dampened fingers. Slowly he inserts one…then two…then three until she is writhing and wiggling from complete need of release. “Kyle…please” her moaning continues as she begins to hump his juice dripping fingers. “Please I need you inside me” Not needing to be told more then once…he pushes her need fully off his body…quickly positioning himself above her as he fumbles with the condom that she holds in front of him. Fully protected and with dick in hand as he traces the outer edge of her core making sure to stay clear of the one place that they both long to be more then they can breath. Round and round he goes and when he stops no one knows…until Maria wraps her legs around his waist in a vice like grip impaling her self upon him.

“Jesus…” he cries out as the heat of her walls surround him. Pulling himself into a kneeling position…he begins to piston into her like a speeding freight train. Orgasm eminent…he once again places his gooey fingers over her clit as he begins to run frantic circles around the screamingly red nub…making sure to avoid its center. “Stop teasing me and make me cum” he hears her cry out as he heeds her words…flicking his thick fingers over her hyper sensitive nub. Screams of extreme pleasure echo around them as well as throughout the whole house as he falls atop her…trying to recover from their ⊕#%$. Sweaty and breathless…he rolls off the equally winded Maria as he tries to get his senses about him. “How…how was I” he asks once he is semi in control.

“You were absolutely wonderful” she pants…trying like hell to catch her own breath after the ⊕#%$ of a lifetime. “You were amazing Kyle and I want to thank you”

“Thank me” he repeats confused.

“Thank you for making me feel like a real women…instead of the whore that most men make me feel like” she answers honestly…tears misting in her green eyes. “This has been one hell of a strange couple of hours I have to admit”

“You are a real women Maria…Maria. What is your last name anyway” he asks…as he pulls her against his rapidly cooling body.


“You are a real…sexy…beautiful women Maria DeLucca and any man that doesn’t see that is not worth the dirt on the bottom of your shoes”

“You really are a sweet guy Kyle” she sighs…tracing his jutted jaw with her fingertips. “And I know that you are going to make your Liz fall head over heels back in love with you. However…” she continues as she slides away from the gorgeous body of Kyle…quickly dressing as she finds her discarded clothing. “I have to get out of here. Happy Birthday Kyle…may all your dreams come true”

“Thank you…and thank you for teaching me to be a man”

“Honey…you were already a man before I even met you. I just taught you the finer points of sex…the rest comes naturally” With a wink and a smile she makes her way out of the bedroom…past the passed out twins as she takes one last needful look at the one they call Michael and heads out the door.

The Next Day…

He can’t believe how nervous he is…but he is determined to do this as he pushes his fear aside and knocks on the door before him. “Kyle…what are you doing here” the shocked voice of his ex-girlfriend questions him. For a moment he considers running…leaving her there as he momentarily allows his fear to once again consume him...but as Maria’s words come back to him he knows what he has to do.

“Liz…I love you” he speaks confidently as he continues to stand before her. “And I want you back”

“Kyle…” she states sadly…slumping back against the door frame. “I love you too…but we have been over and over this. You and I don’t…we don’t…”

“We don’t have to play games anymore” he answers for her as he pulls her need fully against his body…kissing her with such passion that when he finally releases her from lack of air she almost falls to the floor below. “I know that I could never please you in the way that you needed to be pleased before…but I have changed Liz. I’ve overcome my issues and…and if I want to make love to your so bad that I can barely stand it. I want to express to you just how much you mean to me…just how much you always will”

“Kyle…” she sighs happily as she wraps her arms around his neck for support but also in order to feel the heat of his body against her own. “I am so sorry for being as selfish as I was in the past. I was stupid for allowing sex to come between us and…”

“No you weren’t” he cuts her off yet again. “Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship and I was just to stupid to care about anything but myself. I never once took into consideration that you had needs as well. But I know now Liz and I plan to make up for lost time…plan to take you to heights that you never knew existed” he grins…playfully nibbling on her bottom lip. “If you’ll let me”

“Oh Kyle…” she cries. “I’ll let you…I’ll let you always. I love you Kyle. I love you so much”

“I love you to Liz…forever” he returns truthfully as he allows her to lead him into the sanctuary of her apartment…but not before sending a silent thank you to the women that in more ways then one…made him the man that he is today.

The End