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I'm very aware that most people on this board don't give a shit about Isabel, but give this a chance alright? *wink* You might be pleasantly surprised.

Title: Seven Letters

Author: sugarplum17

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, I’m just borrowing them.

Summary: Tess has completely given up on Max, and has developed a human side for herself. Max and Liz (who wouldn't give in until Tess gave a blessing) are together and blissfully happy, the whole FMax story is now off her chest. Michael is a rich man, and forever fighting with Maria. Kyle has a steady stream of girls coming in and going out through his own personal revolving door. And our poor Isabel is feeling doomed in the relationship department, with no one to call her own.

Spoilers: Anything up to HTOHL.

Author’s Note: From a challenge on Ditch the Logical’s ez board, given by FUTURE IN THE STARS. CC for now, but will be UC later.


She leaned her head against the wall as she absently stirred her cherry coke laced with Tabasco. Her eyes wandered from booth to booth, watching as boyfriends ate breakfast with their girlfriends. Her eyes shifted to the other side of her own booth, and found it empty. Not much of a surprise there. She thought.

Her gaze shifted to where Max had perched himself on a stool at the counter, and she watched as he gave Liz a sickeningly sweet kiss. He had a habit of doing that. Pulling her from her duties to kiss her lips every few minutes. It almost made you want to puke. She caught movement through the service window, and saw Michael leaning into Maria, holding his palms up defensively. She couldn’t hear what they were saying over the chitter chatter and clinking silverware against plates, but she could tell from the lips of her fellow alien and from both of their stances that they were fighting once again. She shifted her gaze to across the diner, where Kyle sat with his new girlfriend. Sherry or Shannon, she couldn’t be sure of the name. He had so many these days, it was as if they were coming in through a revolving door. Even her ex-boyfriend was currently seeing someone new. He had taken her by surprise when he had told her. She hadn’t expected Alex to get over her so fast, but he had just the same. Or at least, he was trying to pretend like he had. Isabel wasn’t sure which held more truth. Tess had gotten over Max and had been dating a lot recently, boys from school who had kept asking her out but whom she had always turned down because of her destiny with Max.

Destiny. Isabel thought as her gaze traveled back through the service window once more. That was a seven-letter word she didn’t want to think about.

Instead, she tried to focus on why she was the only one in the restaurant who was currently eating breakfast alone and why she was the only one out of all her friends who didn’t have someone to distract from duties, or to fight with in the kitchen, or to feed pancakes too in Kyle and his girlfriend’s case. She tried to figure out why out of the four of them who had been sent to Earth, why she was the only one who had been cursed. Perhaps, her bad luck in love was a result of Karma? Maybe because of what she had done in her past life, how she had betrayed her brother for Khivar’s love, she had doomed herself in her current life? It sort of made sense when she looked at what happened to Grant. She had hoped something great would happen there, and instead, she had to suffer through guilt and grief over his death. A death that was caused by some alien parasite she had brought from home. Although, it wasn’t exactly like she had packed it in her suitcase mind you, but he had died because of her and because of what she was just the same.

She sighed audibly as she let go of her straw and picked up its discarded wrapper. She was sure that she was doomed to be alone for the rest of her life, forever on the outside and always looking in. She began to tear up her straw’s wrapper, making a pile of white paper on her table.

“What’s the matter with you?” Michael asked moodily as he sat down directly across from her in the booth.

“Huh?” She asked, startled by his masculine and moody voice. His ever-changing moods were never of any surprise to Isabel, and she knew they seldom had anything to do with her, so she didn’t take it personally. She just hadn’t expected him to pop up in her booth like that.

He pointed to her growing pile. “You always do that when there’s something wrong with you, or when you’re thinking about something.”

She looked down at her ripped up wrapper. “Oh. Do I really?”

He nodded his head and reached across the table for her cherry coke. “Cherry coke in the morning?” He asked her, his tone surprised. “Must be something serious.”

She watched him take a drink and his face immediately puckered. He should know by now. She thought to herself as she slid the bottle of Tabasco across the table.

“I should know by now.” He scolded himself, unknowingly echoing her thoughts as he poured even more Tabasco in and stirred it with the straw before taking another sip. “Much better.”

The silence stretched out between them, and Isabel sighed nervously. She was never sure what to say or do around him anymore. She hadn’t been since that day in the pod chamber. The day she had found out that he was her seven-letter-word-she-didn’t-want-to-think-about. After the dreams had started last year, she had tried her hardest to fight against it. She had tried to make herself stop thinking about him by starting something with Alex, because she knew that he liked her and because he knew what she was and didn’t care. She had tried to make herself believe that it was love. And then, she just couldn’t do it anymore. Especially after hearing what the hologram of her mother had told her.

She squirmed under Michael’s gaze. “So, I see you and Maria are at it again.”

He sighed and rolled his head back. “She’s always bustin my balls about somethin.” He commented. “We’d have a much better relationship if she’d just shut up every once in a while.”

Isabel shook her head and looked away from him. No wonder Maria calls him a pig. She thought.

“So you gonna tell me why you destroyed your wrapper?” He asked her.

“I’m bored.” She told him evasively. He would just roll his eyes and tell her not to worry about it so much if she were to tell him the truth. He would tell her that she wasn’t cursed and tell her not to complain so much, that her life could be worse.

He rolled his eyes at her anyway. “Right.”

“Don’t you have work to do?” She asked him snottily, taking her coke out of his hand.

Without another word to her, he pushed himself out of the booth and disappeared into the kitchen. A moment later, Maria stormed out in a dramatic Maria-like way and walked briskly over to Isabel’s booth. “Michael is impossible!”

Isabel nodded her head in agreement. Believe me I know.

“He demanded that I come out here and give you your check, like he’s the one who signs my pay check every week!” She exclaimed shrilly. “Sometimes I just wanna slip arsenic into his coke, ya know?”

Isabel nodded her head again, well aware of the sudden urge to slip Michael Guerin some poison. She had felt that urge many times in all the years she had known him. She watched as Maria pulled out her neon green-colored pen and scribbled furiously on her order pad before slapping the check down onto Isabel’s table. “Agnes will take care of you at the register.”

“Thanks Maria.” Isabel said sincerely as picked up the check.

She never could hide things from Michael, so it was no surprise to her that he had sent Maria out to give her the check. She looked through the service window once more and wondered how long it would take him to figure out why she had torn up the wrapper.


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Part Two

Saturday 2001
Roswell, NM

Outside the restaurant, she stood motionless contemplating her next move. She could always go home, but her dad had gone out of town on business and had taken her mother with him. Normally, they would have been back by Friday, but they had decided to extend their trip and make a mini vacation out of the trip to Dallas. They weren't coming home until late Sunday night. She had just left Max at the Crashdown, and that meant that the house was empty. She had an inkling of how her mother felt now. Although Isabel had always felt sympathetic toward her clingy mother when her dad was out of town, she could say now that she knew how the woman felt and why she hated being left alone. The house was too quiet and you were just too . . . alone. It was nice for a day or two, not having anyone there to tell you what to do and what to pick up, but after a while it became unnerving.

Sighing, she tucked a strand of her long blonde hair behind her ear and looked to her left. Seeing that it was clear, she quickly looked to her right before jogging across the street. An empty house was out of the question. She didn't have the slightest clue where Tess was, Kyle was on a date, Max was otherwise occupied, her friendship with Alex wasn't exactly a solid one given their past-tense titles for one another, and Michael was at work. The UFO Museum and its ridiculous exhibits would have to keep her company for the time being.


Do I really look like that? She wondered as she inspected a picture at the Alien Autopsy exhibit. Unconsciously, she raised her hand and touched the corner of her eye. She couldn't possibly look like that. Not really. She was an alien sure, but she was human too. She didn't look like that.

"You think they really look like that?" A deep voice asked her from behind. She quickly dropped her hand and whirled around on the voice.

She covertly looked him over, before turning back toward the exhibit. She had never seen him before, but there had been talk about a new guy coming to Roswell. She remembered because Michael had started freaking out about it. Saying that it could be one of their enemies; a skin. From what she had seen of him, he didn't look like a skin. She shrugged as she looked at the picture. "I don't know."

"So you believe in this stuff huh?" He asked, coming around to her side, his hands clasped behind his back.

She shrugged again, a secretive smile jerking the corners of her lips. "Sort of."

"Yeah me too." He told her as he examined the picture infront of them. "I mean, it's kind of hard to believe that we're the only living breathing life form, ya know? I mean out of the vast universe, Earth is the only planet that has life?" He shook his head. "I don't buy it."

Looking sideways at him, she smiled. "Yeah, I don't buy it either." He was kinda cute. His clothes were kinda retro with a modern twist. They reminded her of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, right down to his faded blue jeans and his black boots. If it weren't for their setting, she would have said that he screamed the words, ‘dangerous' and ‘rebel'. But he was in an alien museum, unknowingly talking with one of the aliens that he so believed in. Granted, there weren't many places in Roswell where those words would apply, but it was all the same to Isabel.

He turned to her then, and offered her his hand. He could be a Brad Pitt impersonator. She mused as she reached her hand out to take his. "I'm David."

"Isabel." She answered, shaking his hand.

"So Isabel, what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?" He asked light-heartedly.


Michael sat on the Evans' comfortable beige sofa as he held the remote in his hands, flicking through the channels. He couldn't for the life of him understand why ESPN had to take commercial breaks. The station should have been all sports all the time as far as he was concerned! Changing it back to ESPN, he rolled his eyes at the cartoon bear that looked overjoyed to see a roll of toilet paper out in the woods, and lifted his can of cherry coke laced with Tabasco to his mouth.

It was at that moment that Isabel came waltzing through the front door, looking happier than Michael had seen her in months. He swallowed the sweet and spicy caffeinated liquid quickly. "What's up with you?"

She turned toward him, momentarily startled. She hadn't expected him to be sitting in her living room, although she had seen his bike parked in the driveway. She had half-expected him to be in Max's room or something. He rarely ever took a load off in her living room. Then again, it seemed as though Michael was popping up in a lot of places she'd never expected him too lately. "Hmm?" She asked him, trying to compose herself.

"One minute, you're ripping up your wrapper in the Crashdown and the next you look like you're about to burst into song." He observed, resting the butt of the can on the armrest.

She pointed to him, but more specifically to his can, arching one of her perfectly tweezed eyebrows in warning. "You better move that."

He rolled his eyes at her, and she continued on her path to the kitchen. After a few moments, he pushed himself up off of the plush beige sofa and followed her. "So?"

She was bent at the waist, peering into the open refrigerator. "So?" She asked him as she straightened, holding a bottled water in her hand.

"Why are you in such a good mood?" He asked, leaning against the frame of the entrance.

Her shoulders tensed visibly as she twisted off the cap of the bottle. "What? I can't be happy all of a sudden?" She asked her face scrunching up with anger. "I always have to have a problem? I'm the only one out of the four of us who has to sit around and take all the shit that comes my way? I have to suffer all the time now?"

He was completely and utterly bewildered. "What are you talking about?"

Taking a sip of her water, she pushed past him and headed toward the stairs. "Nothing Michael. Just nevermind."

He followed close behind. "No Isabel. Tell me what's wrong." He told her as he reached out and grabbed her elbow.

"What's wrong?" Max tentatively asked from the top of the stairs.

"I smiled and Michael needs a reason why." Isabel retorted sarcastically as she yanked her elbow out of his grasp. "Apparently, I'm not allowed to be happy anymore."

Angrily, she stalked up the stairs and down the hall to her room, slamming the door behind her. In her wake, she left a confused Max and a slightly angry Michael on the stairs staring at one another.
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