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This Story is a take on THE CROW so I hope you like
Author: LrdDane
Rating: R-NC-17
Disclaimer: Roswell characters do not belong to me, all others will.
Category: As much of the gang as I can, none are Aliens.


“My God no!” Michael screamed as he watched the man put the gun to Maria’s head and pull the trigger, he watched his wife fall over her dying eyes looking at him.
Michael Guerin closed his eyes trying to fight back tears, he slowly opened them and looked at the man holding the gun “Got something to say before you join her?” the man asked in a calm tone, the others with him giggled, Michael looked at each then looked at the gun men “Yeah I do” Michael started “I want to know your Name” he finished and looked straight into the mans eyes “That’s it? That’s all?” the gunman asked, Michael nodded “Max” he said as he pulled the trigger and Michael felt the bullet rip into his stomach.
“Remember that when you get to hell” Max’s says as he shots Michael in the head as well and watches the man fall over bleeding from the wound.
Kyle Valent walked to Max “Got to get rid of the bodies Maxie boy” Kyle said with a smile, “yeah take them out to the desert and bury them bugs got to eat to” Max said with a smirk on his face “You got it Boss” Kyle punched Alex in the arm “well grab him man” Kyle said laughing “Standing there like you got your thumb up your ass” Kyle said shaking his head then started again, “hey Alex maybe you can get a piece on the way out.” Kyle laughed again, “Shut up asshole” Alex Whitman said pushing Kyle.
“That’s enough you too a female voice yelled out, move the bodies, Christ!” Tess Harding shock her head as she wrapped her arms around Max “Nice shooting baby” she whispers “you think lover” he says kissing her deeply.
Kyle and Alex threw the bodies in the van and drive off towards the desert, Max stood and watched the lights fade “Damn those two, they could screw up a wet dream” Tess laughed “If they had them” Max busted out laughing as they headed back to town to tell there employer it was done.

ok I know its a short part but let me know what you think and I hope im posting this in the right place"giggles"
Feed back please


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Sorry I havent posted been rather sick lately and thank you for the wonderful post.
Im working on the new part now so I hope to post it soon.*wink*
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I am so sorry its taking so long, have some personal stuff going on in my life and I lost the second part to this story when my puter crashed im glad last year is over and I hope to start fresh and new this one.
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Alex and Kyle roughly tossed Maria’s lifeless body into the shallow grave that they had dug.
“Man she was hot!” Alex says looking at Maria, Kyle slapped him in the back of the head “Hey!!” Alex said turning “Get your mind on the job Alex not the dead woman, Christ.” Kyle said pulling Michael from the van and letting him hit the ground.
They both picked up his lifeless body and threw it in on top of Maria’s “Damn we should have checked him money” Alex said laughing as he started to jump in the grave, Kyle caught him by his collar “Don’t steal from the dead you ass, I swear your dumb as dirt.” Kyle said shaking his head, “get in the damn van and lets go!” Alex looked at Kyle with hate in his eyes, “What!” Kyle says looking at him “Want to try me on? Alex.” He said stepping closer to Alex, Alex didn’t move knowing that Kyle would kill him and not even think twice about it.
Alex went to the passenger side of the van as Kyle threw what sand and dirt was left on the bodies and then prayed silently over the grave.
Kyle climbed in to the driver seat and cranked the van and drove off Alex looked out the window at the night, not saying anything.

I guess a short part is better than no part.

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